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Air Date: Feb. 8, 2007
2315 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, welcome my friends.
Already the 8th day of February 2007 on this Thursday edition.
Soldiers court-martial ends in mistrial.
Aaron Lotada, we've interviewed his father, and we're going to be talking to his lawyer today.
It was the prosecution that went for the mistrial because they knew that it would be another black eye for the military-industrial complex that has captured our military and our country.
And his lawyer, Eric Seitz, will be joining us coming up in 30 minutes.
Then in the second hour,
We'll have him for about 20 minutes or so.
We're going to be joined by Dylan Avery because Dylan is in contact and has talked personally with a Ground Zero EMT worker.
Quote, we were told building 7 was to be pulled
Now, we have so much evidence of this.
It's more than in triplicate.
It's more than in quadruplicate.
We have so much evidence of this, it's mind-boggling.
So we'll play some clips before Dylan joins us, where the firefighters are saying, it's as if they had detonators.
Boom, boom, boom.
The floors were popping out.
Did you see the steel melting like a foundry?
Like the inside of a volcano?
Larry Silverstein saying we gave the order to pull building 7.
It was reported on local New York NPR radio that the building was going to be quote brought down.
Then you have the video of the building, classic control demolition, the fact they were running tripod 2 exercises and had pulled the CIA, FBI, and City, County, Federal, State, and Emergency Management out of the building.
That was their command base.
That was Giuliani's bunker.
We'll go through all of that and then give you
The latest eyewitness report.
Just last week we had one of the admitted survivors of the bus bombing in London on 7-7 detailing how the bus was taken out of all the other buses, directed by plainclothes secret police to
We're good to go.
The eyewitness put out.
He obviously is not going completely public yet, but you may hear him in the next few days, if not next few weeks, here on this transmission or on the new weekend show that, in a lot of the words, Loose Change production crew does right here on the GCN radio network.
So that is coming up, and we will detail that in the second hour.
In fact, I'm only going to have Watata's lawyer on for about 15 minutes, so by about 45 after, because his lawyer joins us at 30 after, we should be done with the Watata story.
And then moving on to more eyewitnesses going public on the controlled demolition of Building 7, that 47-story building that no plane hit, that imploded perfectly.
So we'll be going over that for you after we talk to Mr. Watada's lawyer.
Speaking of Watada, this is from the Associated Press.
Soldier's court-martial ends in mistrial.
The judge overseeing the court-martial of an army lieutenant who refused to deploy to Iraq declared a mistrial Wednesday, saying the soldier did not fully understand the document he signed admitting to elements of the charges.
Basically they coerced him into stuff and the prosecution wanted to drop it.
Military Judge Lieutenant Colonel John Head announced the decision after First Lieutenant Aaron Watata said he never intended to admit he had a duty to go to Iraq with his fellow soldiers, one element of the crime of missing troop movement.
So we'll break that down.
They didn't want to have a big public confrontation over the fact that he said Bush was a deceptive, which is now admitted
We have the White House's own internal documents on that.
We'll get into the continual global warming hype, target Iran, and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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Alright, as I mentioned in the first segment, we have Lieutenant Eric Wattadas,
Lawyer, mistrial, the government backs off trying to send him to the Huskal, to the Gulag, to the Breg for speaking up publicly and saying the President is dishonest and lied us into this war.
I'm not going to be redeployed to Iraq.
They have mistrialed it because they don't want to turn this young man into a martyr.
Same reason they haven't killed Alejandro Jones yet and so many other patriots.
Because they know that that's what makes the grass grow.
That's what makes the Liberty Tree get bigger and stronger.
As Thomas Jefferson said,
The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
And the tree of liberty has been watered with the blood of patriots.
And, of course, in the second hour, expose a new and just amazing Building 7 revelations, continuing.
As more and more eyewitnesses come forward on 7-7 bombings, 9-11, you name it, British terror ops training the insurgents to carry out bombings in Iraq.
It's just all coming out in the alternative and mainstream news.
The globalists can run, but they cannot hide.
Alright, you know about the case that's sent shockwaves across the country and the western world of two valiant border patrol agents pursuing an armed drug smuggler with several hundred pounds of drugs and he
In the report, it looked like he was trying to turn around and aim something at them, so they shot him, the drug dealer claims.
He went to Mexico, and then weeks later, a deal's made with the Justice Department and the FBI to prosecute the two Border Patrol agents.
During their appeal, they have been put in prison.
And President Bush has gone public and said they deserve to be there and that it's a good thing.
Well, one of them was put in general population Saturday in Louisiana, and according to the prison report, and I have it here in front of me, four to five illegal aliens who were in the jail attacked him, gave him a concussion, and broke several of his ribs.
They attacked him, of course, when he was sleeping.
They put him in general population, sleeping in his cubicle in a large room of over 50 people.
And no one found out about this until Monday.
It was his birthday and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was trying to secure that his family be able to come and see him that week.
And then he learned that he was in the infirmary and was unable to speak with the congressman.
and this is how this is how the world turns norquist bush advisors telling him to invade iran and everyone will see how smart we are we'll get to that
Later, but first, let's get to this CNS news story concerning the Border Patrol agents.
Border agents' death would spark impeachment talks, Republicans say, from CNS News.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Weeks after accusing President Bush of shameful behavior over the imprisonment of two Border Patrol agents who shot an unarmed, suspected drug smuggler along the U.S.-Mexico border, and again, weeks after he claimed he wasn't armed.
We don't know that.
A federal lawmaker turned up the heat further Wednesday, suggesting the president should be impeached if either of the two men is murdered in a prison.
And it's things like this that can change history and derail wars and derail tyrants.
Speaking after the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed that Agent Ignacio Ramos was assaulted by inmates in his Mississippi prison over the weekend, California Republican Representative Dana Rohrabacher had a warning for the White House, and I quote, I tell you, Mr. President, if these men, especially after this assault, are murdered in prison, if one of them loses their lives, there's going to be
Some sort of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill.
He told a press conference in D.C.
In fact, John, I didn't tell you to do this.
It's my fault.
Go up to PrisonPlanet.com and you'll see the CNS News story.
In the bottom of the third paragraph it says listen to audio.
Let's, in a few minutes, play.
You can just stream it.
You don't have to capture it.
It won't take too much time.
Just load it and stream it.
I want to play what Rohrabacher had to say.
We're working on getting him on the show.
When Ramos and colleague Jose Campeon began their sentences of 12 and 11 years in prison, respectively, last month, Rohrabacher said of the President, for not pardoning them, this is the worst betrayal of American defenders I have ever seen.
And the message is clear.
Don't molest the drug dealers coming across, the coyotes, the human smugglers.
Let the rocket attacks on newspapers continue in Laredo, the way of Laredo.
Let the mass kidnapping of 54 Americans continue in one day, two years ago.
Let the 800 deaths in 2006 continue.
Just let the end of the tourist industry, let the car bomb that went off in Dallas continue.
Let the murder from San Antonio to Austin to Houston continue.
Again, American citizens have to show three forms of ID to get a bank account or a housing loan.
Believe me, I've gone through it.
And the illegal aliens, Associated Press, don't have to show any ID for bank accounts, car loans, or housing loans.
They get more tuition than in-state citizens, U.S.
Again, they live by different rules.
It's designed as an incentive to maximize the number of immigrants to this nation, illegal aliens.
And we're always talking about Mexico, because that's the 100 million people to the south, 30 million of that 100 million living here.
And I've seen it at the hospital and my finger was chopped off, the illegal aliens, because the hospital knows they don't have insurance.
They've been told just give them care.
I had to show them my insurance.
They ran it.
I had to start yelling at them saying, look, this needs to be reattached and reattached now.
And I had to do something I never do, and that's pull strings.
I'm a radio talk show host.
And yes, we know who you are.
And I had to because I had to get the finger reattached.
Was flopping around by a piece of skin on one side.
And it may be because of their foot dragging that one side of my finger, I guess I could do parlor tricks with a lighter now if I wanted to, has no feeling in it.
I could show off like G. Gordon Liddy.
I'm being sarcastic and burn myself and it wouldn't really cause any pain because it's as dead as a doornail.
So, I've been in the bank, and I know I keep talking about this, but I mean, you're in the bank, setting up a bank account, the illegals have their own desk, everything's in Spanish, and they just boom, boom, boom.
That is the corporate state doing everything they can to destroy this country.
And, illegal aliens, racially, you can't even say racially, because this man's Hispanic American, but it was, they were racial, a racial group attacked him
Because he had one of the toughest jobs in, as they call it, law enforcement.
Absolutely off the charts.
It is shameful this was done by someone who is a Republican Party, Robacher added, saying Bush obviously thinks more about his agreements with Mexico than the lives of American people, and backing up his defenders.
The outrage has targeted both this administration, the U.S.
Attorney Johnny Sutton, who prosecuted the two and offered an immunity deal to the suspected drug smuggler.
They caught him with hundreds and hundreds of pounds of marijuana.
He escaped and then claimed he didn't have a gun.
Oh yeah, a drug dealer didn't have a gun.
And I'm a Chinese jet pilot.
Mr. Davila got total immunity in return for his testimony against the agents.
Sutton has noted that the agents not only shot an unarmed man while he was fleeing towards the Mexican border, but also tried to cover up the crime by disposing of their shell casings.
No, they admitted that they shot in the report, and they're told to pick up their casings.
After a two-week trial last year, the two were convicted by a jury on 11 to 12 counts, including assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with a serious bodily injury, discharge of a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence, willfully violating the illegal immigrant's constitutional rights, lying about the incident, and failing to report the truth.
All I know is when the cops go crazy and it's some rookie and they shoot some black kid in the back or they shoot some Hispanic kid in the back, and it's happened right here in Austin, nothing happens until lawsuits are filed and everyone goes completely insane.
And if the police chief does the right thing and fires the rookie female cop, then they tell him just get out of here and the police union forces out the police chief.
And you've seen the cases where, it doesn't matter, white kids, black kids, Arab kids, it doesn't matter, but it's worse for minorities, there's no doubt, get shot hundreds of times in some cases with no weapons, and the police don't get in trouble.
But in this case, the guy is fleeing, he's reckless driving, he's ramming into things, he drives into the desert, he jumps out, he's running, he turns, and that's what the ballistics show,
The officers fire, they don't even know if they've hit him, he escapes into the brush, and then two weeks later the FBI somehow contacts the drug dealer, give him immunity, and then they throw the book at the agents.
So, that message is clear.
You know, they make the Border Patrol park and they say you can look south, you can look north, you can look east, you can look west.
One direction, if they see illegals passing them, crossing the road on the other side, they're not even allowed to pursue.
The troops they put down there flee routinely from Mexican troops and drug dealers firing on them.
Cops have been killed, Border Patrol agents, we've interviewed sheriffs, we've had Mexican troops come at gunpoint and take drugs back from them.
We'll be right back.
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Welcome back.
We've got Lieutenant Luchada.
Basically the prosecution wanted to drop it.
They had no case.
Join us for about 10-15 minutes and I'm going to start getting into the new information on Building 7 and controlled demolition and Dylan Avery who's talked to the emergency EMT worker who was there, who's put out the statement, will be joining us for about 20-30 minutes in the second hour.
That's the great thing about films and the effect they have in the community, you just get more and more whistleblowers.
My Terror Storm,
Basically had someone contact us who had been an admitted victim on the bus that blew up on 7-7.
Now eyewitness to clear government involvement.
Same thing happens with loose change, getting whistleblowers to go public.
So we'll see what develops with this.
It should be quite informative.
Let me make it clear.
I understand that globalist policies are really making the third world an untenable place to live.
I don't blame third world populations from Africa.
Asia, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Latin America wanting to come here.
But the majority of these immigrants, these illegal immigrants, are Mexican and Mexico's had several wars with this country and does have a lot of beefs, that is the people do, with the folks that run our country.
But the same elites that run our country are the ones that have made deals with their corrupt elite
And our corrupt elite has then demonized the U.S.
and is using that false nationalism of the Mexicans to aggressively come in, and many of the Mexicans coming in say it is a military takeover.
And it's simple.
You're being used as a tool of the globalist.
You are helping to destroy one of the last free bastions of liberty and one of the last pools of middle-class wealth.
You're being used as part of the globalist military and economic program to bring down this nation.
And that's why we stand firmly against it.
We'll continue to track that as it develops.
Again, Lieutenant Wattada's lawyer, Victorious, joining us in the next segment.
Right now, I'm going to take a few minutes out to tell you, the listeners, that I am a documentary filmmaker, and I want you to remember that.
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Very scholarly but also a quick read.
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Welcome back!
Good old President Bush promises us peace and prosperity, but all he brings is degradation and war.
But that's all his friends on the left offer as well.
They're bought and paid for by the same international corporate interest.
Soldier's court-martial ends in mistrial.
Associated Press, the judge overseeing the court-martial of Army Lieutenant who refused to deploy to Iraq, declared a mistrial yesterday.
Joining us from outside Fort Washington,
Or a fort there in Washington, Fort Lewis, is his lawyer, Eric Seitz, and we appreciate his attorney joining us today.
Thanks for coming on.
My pleasure.
Just a thumbnail, if you can, about what happened in the trial, what they claimed he was doing, and what actually happened yesterday.
Well, he's charged with several counts of conduct unbecoming an officer for public statements he made.
In which he basically explained his position as to why he believes the war is illegal and he can't go.
And then he was charged with one count of missing movement for actually failing to get on the bus which would have taken him to the plane with his unit to deploy to Iraq.
At one point originally the charges totaled up to eight years.
Eventually it was dropped down to six years and then as at the time we started trial on Monday this week we were down to four years by virtue of an agreement that we had made
with the government to drop two additional charges in return for stipulating that certain evidence would not have to be presented.
We agreed to certain facts, including the fact that he didn't get on the bus and that he did so intentionally, that he didn't make the plane, also including the fact that the statements that he made were true and correct and were accurately reported and that the contents of those statements
Could be presented to the jury and we also agreed in this agreement that we had that basically that the videotapes that the government wanted to play to the jury
Could be played without having to call the people who made the video.
And that's because Lieutenant Watada, his father, and you and others just are in the right.
Bush did lie.
He was dishonest.
This war is illegal.
We have the White House memo, and I don't think the government wanted that being brought out in court.
But now we learn that in some of the procedures, they were a little dishonest with Lieutenant Watada, and that's why they claim that they're declaring this mistrial?
Well, no, that's not accurate.
Interestingly, the government and we were on the same side with respect to this stipulation.
We all agreed that what was in the stipulation was true and correct.
I understand, but what is not true?
There was nothing in the other one true.
And we are all mystified.
The government lawyer was somewhat exasperated because the judge kept saying that there was some sort of a contradiction.
Between what Lieutenant Watada and his lawyers were saying to the court and what was in the stipulation?
Well, I'm just reading the Associated Press here, but let me be clear.
There wasn't an issue over them having him sign some document without him knowing that would be used against him?
There was no such issue.
He signed the stipulation knowing full well that it was going to be read to the jury.
But then the judge brought that up.
The judge brought it up not from the standpoint that he didn't know what he was signing,
But from the standpoint that he said that he thought we were arguing matters that were inconsistent with what was in the stipulation.
Okay, so the judge isn't really making sense, but if you think about the government wanting this to just go away and stop being basically a martyr or a focus point, do you think that may be why they dropped it?
No, I don't.
I think the government was not prepared to do this.
They wanted to go forward with a case in which we could not defend ourselves
And they did want to make a martyr out of him.
They were going to ask for several years in prison.
So do you think the judge was secretly on the side of right, or what happened?
No, the judge was never on the side of right.
The judge made our lives miserable in that courtroom.
He ruled against us on virtually everything, and he was trying to help the government convict my client.
So then what happened?
Well, basically what happened was in three days of trial, the government called a number of witnesses who turned out to be more favorable to us than to them.
And we also had a panel of officers who seemed to be somewhat sympathetic.
So by the time we got to court yesterday, and we were preparing to put on our case... Ah, so I knew it had to be good guys involved.
So the panel, they're on the court-martial, but the presiding judge, I guess, was then realizing that he was going to lose this, so then he just kind of took his marbles and went home?
I think that's, in part, what happened here.
Well, good!
So what happened then, eventually, is we were getting ready to put Lt.
Wakata on the witness stand,
The judge raised these issues, which we think were just totally off the wall, and the government felt so as well.
We kept trying to ask the judge what he was talking about.
He really couldn't explain himself.
And he eventually set aside the stipulation, but the problem at that point was that it had already been read to the court members and the videotapes had already been shown.
So then he asked the government what they wanted to do, and the government at that point, probably because of inexperience, made a fatal error.
They moved for a mistrial.
And if we had moved for a mistrial, that's tantamount to consenting to a retrial.
But if the government does so, over our objections, after the trial has already begun, he cannot be retried again.
How many officers were convened for the court-martial?
Were they JAG officers?
And what indicators did you get that they were favorable towards Lt.
No, none of them were JAG officers.
They were basically line officers that, uh, and there were seven of them on the court-martial panel, like the military jury.
But it also consisted of two women, there were three blacks, there were a number of junior officers, there was one clinical psychologist who treats trauma victims coming back from Iraq.
These were people who, in the answers to the questions that I asked them at the beginning of the trial, seemed to be very forthright, very sympathetic,
Well, I think they did fail.
We had what I thought was a very sympathetic jury, which is why we would not have minded going forward and finishing this case, and why we objected
To a mistrial.
Well isn't this what the jury process, one of the final lines of defense against tyranny, and the grand jury process is all about?
Because it's drawn, supposedly, from the general population and your peers, and if you're in the right, then it's going to be hard for tyrannical judges or tyrannical officers above to persecute people.
That's the theory, but it doesn't often work in the military courts because the court members are hand-selected by the same person who refers the charges.
But I have had several experiences going back many years where military panels have turned out to be very sympathetic and very thoughtful and we were very optimistic about this group of people.
I think that's why with the Military Commissions Act they're going to use even on U.S.
citizens that the President or any of his designates, the Secretary of Defense or any other officer below him, can disregard the findings of the secret tribunals.
Because they know that even in secret tribunals they're having trouble hand-picking folks because the government, and I've tested this, and I've done many interviews and had people on my own show and talked to the public and talked to a lot of officers here in Central Texas with all these bases around,
They seem to all know this war is a fraud and a scam and a lie.
A very small minority now clinging to the fraud.
So I think that the government is going to have a big problem.
I think the government does have a problem and in this case really what was going on here was you had an officer who was very sincere, very conscientious, very courageous, even people who disagreed with him had enormous respect for him.
One of the problems with the government witnesses was when they got up on the witness stand they said yes he was a quality officer
Who was very sincere and had integrity.
Those kinds of statements coming from government witnesses created a very difficult situation for them to try the case.
And then what they were trying to do was charging him with making public statements that they didn't like, but then they were trying to keep out all the evidence as to why he made those statements and what they meant.
So there were a whole series of contradictions in this trial that made it virtually impossible for the government to be successful.
Well, it sounds like the jury came through.
Did the judge seem upset whenever they said we moved for a mistrial?
No, the judge basically invited the mistrial and then over our objections granted it.
And I don't think either government counsel or the judge really understood that the procedure that was followed now gives rise to a very serious double jeopardy problem.
I just don't think they understood that.
I think they thought that they could dismiss this case and retry it
And it would be like, you know, an easy process, but... Can they retry it now, or is it dead?
My belief is they cannot be retried.
Now, that doesn't mean, you know, that we will put it past them to try, but it's going to be an uphill battle for them.
If they bring the case back, we will file a motion to dismiss it on double jeopardy grounds.
Before the case goes to trial, we will appeal that issue if it's denied, and we believe that ultimately we will prevail on that issue.
Now obviously Aaron Watata doesn't want to make any public statements or even say he's going to make public statements until he's been discharged, but once that happens he will be then again free to speak?
One would hope so, but one never knows these days.
Any ballpark on how long until he can be discharged or how long until you know that he's clearly out of the woods?
Well we're wheeling and dealing now, we're making various proposals to the Army in the hope that they will understand the quagmire that they're in at this particular point.
I don't know if they will understand because all of our overtures over the past year or so have been rejected.
So we'll see what happens.
If we can get him out of there as soon as possible, that's what we want to do.
But it may drag on for a while.
And of course, meantime, he's already two or three months past his obligated term of service.
So I don't even think they have, potentially, they have jurisdiction over him any longer anyway.
Was his father, Robert Wattata, pleased?
Was Aaron Wattata, Lieutenant Aaron Wattata, was he buoyed?
What was his response when the mistrial took place?
Well, as far as Aaron was concerned, Aaron had been up most of the night preparing to testify on Wednesday, so he was very tired and very tense because he was expected to spend the day on the witness stand.
And I think probably was a little bewildered by the proceedings that unfolded, as were most of the people in the courtroom.
As I said, including the judge and the prosecutor.
I've had that happen to me before.
You're expecting something bad to happen, something you've got to go through, and then when you win, before it even happens, you're almost let down.
Didn't even realize what the consequences were.
But once we explained to Aaron essentially what the significance was, he certainly is as elated as we are and as optimistic that we can end this matter now and he can go on with the rest of his life.
Well hopefully as soon as he's discharged we can have you and his father and of course Aaron himself on the show.
Our prayers go with him and you and his father and the family and we appreciate you putting on such a brilliant defense and we appreciate the jury having a soul and vetoing this stage of the tyranny.
If they try to bring up a new trial as you said when the prosecution, when the government moves
For that, it's really hard to bring it back, but I wouldn't put anything past them, but it looks like it'll even be harder for them now, and even if they were able to get a new trial and get a conviction, then wouldn't that be utterly destroyed in some type of appeal?
That's my belief, yes.
All right, well, Attorney Eric Seitz, thank you so much for joining us from Washington State.
Thank you.
Take care.
Well, that turned out well, didn't it?
Thank you, Jesus.
Very excited to see that happen.
Shifting gears now, round zero EMT.
We were told building seven was to be pulled.
Now, my gut tells me this source is good.
Dylan Avery thinks it's a good source.
He's talked to him over the phone several times and by email many times.
They're trying, of course, to wrangle a video interview for him with, I guess, for the final cut of Loose Change.
Boy, that's really exciting to be on the inside of that a little bit.
I'm not going to say anything.
But you'll hear about it in due time.
I mean, what do I say about this?
You know, even if this isn't real, even if this is some type of disinfo bomb,
Even if this is some kind of honeypot, which I don't think it is, but we always look at everything like it could be, it doesn't really matter.
Because we have in quadruplicate upon quadruplicate that firefighters, fire captains, people who were in the wreckage of those buildings saw giant pools of molten
Steel that had to be above 2700 degrees.
It doesn't start melting till 2700.
When it is liquefied, it's as high as 3500 degrees.
Running like water down the channel rails.
Like a foundry.
For those who don't know what a foundry is, it's a steel mill.
It's the big smelting furnaces.
And we have the aerial photography five weeks later with 2,700 degree temperatures, two weeks after 3,100 degree temperatures.
These are NASA photos, these are university photos, these are indisputable.
Then we have local NPR, and I've probably talked to 50 people who heard NPR.
They've never given us the tape.
New York NPR, you know it's going to surface when they said in the afternoon, one hour before it collapsed, they may bring down Building 7 not to damage nearby buildings.
Many firefighters I've talked to at Ground Zero this year wouldn't go on tape, but they said, oh yeah, they said they were going to bring it down hours before.
Giuliani slipped up on ABC News that evening.
And said we were told to get out of building seven that morning that it was going to come down.
Giuliani, the day before, had moved the city, the state, and the federal emergency management command base, quote, the bunker, out of the building.
The entire building was a giant spook compound with Defense Intelligence, CIA, NSA, emergency management, FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission.
I mean, it went
I mean, I've never seen a quote private building where every floor is just riddled with spooks.
With tripod 2, a drill, they pulled out of the building the day before and moved it to the end of the pier with mobile emergency command centers.
Who were drilling for a slash bio slash conventional bomb attack on building 7 tower 1 and 2.
Boy, that was convenient to have the management command center on the building.
So they had everybody out of there by 10 a.m.
Then fires magically start.
Burned on several of the floors, small contained fires.
Then, at a little past five o'clock, the penthouse falls perfectly in on itself.
That's a controlled, classical demolition.
You blow the central column, so when you blow the outer columns, it falls in on itself.
I've interviewed engineers the day it happened, and many after it happened, people who were eyewitnesses to it happening, who were there physically, saying it was the most beautiful, controlled demolition they had ever seen.
By the way, we haven't opened the phones up yet.
I have been told that this individual, this EMT, is a listener of the show.
I suggest you go public.
You're in a dangerous position.
I suggest you come on today.
I know Dylan's trying to get in contact.
I just found out about this in contact with Dylan this morning.
He's coming on in 10 minutes.
I suggest you call in 1-800-259-9231 right now and then you just go ahead and get on air.
But we'll go over this, we'll play clips to remind you to recap, and then we'll go through this with Dylan Avery coming up in the next hour.
And then we'll open the phones up, and then we do have that guest that we cancelled yesterday concerning being set up on an airplane.
It's all very important, very important transmission for you today.
JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net, and PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Welcome back.
Let me just get into this report, then we'll get Dylan on, then we'll play some of the clips in the next hour.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Paul Watson with a detailed report.
This story's big.
Get it.
Get it out to everybody.
Ground Zero EMT.
We were told building 7 was going to be pulled.
Now, I've already gotten my film, Firefighters and Emergency Workers, from 2004.
Martial law that I made in 2005 saying we were told to get out of the building, we were told to get out of the air, that it was going to come down.
So, I mean, we already have people, but they're always, I don't want to get by name, I'm scared.
I mean, I had so many firefighters and police in uniform.
I'd be like bullhorning, and the cops would be like, keep it up, Alex, like the show.
I mean, police captains.
I got a lot of it on video.
I'd have cameras aimed at them, and I'd be like, you know, it's an inside job, you know, they blew it up, and they're like, yep, we know, keep it up.
I'd say 70% of the cops were on our side and 99% of the firemen.
There was one fireman who flipped us off from New Jersey.
I mean, it was incredible.
You ought to go up there and experience it for yourself.
You ought to really experience it for yourself.
I mean, then you know polls like the Angus and Reed scientific poll of 84% believing they're being lied to about 9-11.
You know those numbers are accurate when you experience it for yourself.
The illusion.
The only illusion that is there is that everybody isn't awake and doesn't know.
See, we all feel like we're still alone.
We all still feel like we're the only people that know this.
No, it's because you haven't talked to people yet.
And there are still some idiots out there.
Ground Zero EMT.
We were told building 7 was to be pulled.
New Jersey Emergency Medical Technician asked, how could someone have rigged all these explosives before towers collapsed, support columns had been blown out?
A New Jersey EMT has gone public, and by the way, they've done internet email traces.
He is in New Jersey, is where he says he's at.
A New Jersey EMT has gone public on how emergency workers were told that Building 7 was going to be pulled before a 20-second demolition countdown broadcast over radio preceded its collapse.
The Ground Zero rescue worker also blows the whistle on how he witnessed multiple underground support columns of the WTC towers that had been severed before the buildings imploded.
In a letter to the Loose Change producer Dylan Avery, the individual who wishes to remain anonymous, referred to himself only as Mike, 30, New Jersey, describes how he was repeatedly tried to alert numerous authorities to what he saw on 9-11 but was ignored or told to shut up on one occasion and ultimately fired for disorderly conduct.
The EMT now dismisses the official government explanation of events and slams the 9-11 Commission as a whitewash.
Having been in his profession for six years, the individual states that he was at Ground Zero before, during, and after the collapse.
He was forced to flee from the falling towers and take cover under a bus.
Sheltered, a debris rain down around him, leaving his lungs poisoned today with the toxic dust that 9-11 heroes were exposed to as a result of the cover-up on behalf of Conner Lisa Rice, the EPA that assured workers Ground Zero air was safe to breathe.
Then he goes through what he witnessed, what he saw.
We'll walk through this with Dylan Avery.
And this guy has nothing to lose.
It's called freedom.
But he is in danger while he's not public.
He is in danger.
Believe me, they have ways of finding out who you are.
They probably already know.
And you need to go public ASAP.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, really important things have now happened considering, uh,
The success of Loose Change 2nd Edition that we do have available on DVD at InfoWars.com.
Have the original directly from the source.
Get it at InfoWars.com.
And just I have been honored enough and lucky enough and blessed enough to be let's just say in the catbird seat to be able to see a lot of the stuff behind the scenes going on with the final cut.
It's just going to be so big folks and I don't have him on to talk about that today but maybe we'll spend a few minutes on it later as much as he can tell us.
It's terrible to know all this stuff and not be able to share it with you, but we want to keep it quiet until things totally flesh out.
But that's not why Dylan Avery joins us.
He joined us a few weeks ago with an update on where the final cut of Loose Change 2nd Edition, the international phenomenon and the beacon of the truth that's woken up tens of millions and opened up so many doors in my fight.
Again, I believe a rising tide raises all ships and my work feeds into theirs, their work feeds into mine.
I just love it.
To all the scum jealous of Dylan Avery and Jason Burmiss and Corey Rowe,
Shame on you!
We're fighting tooth and nail to literally save our civilization from the clutches of the dehumanizing New World Order slave grid.
And we just all need to get Loose Change 2nd Edition out to everybody.
We need to get Terror Storm out to everybody.
We need to aggressively do it.
And for all of you that have been selflessly getting it out, I salute you and commend you.
And for the 30,000 plus free DVDs Loose Change has handed out, I salute them.
Alright, we're going to break here in just a moment, but Dylan, I've got a bunch of clips backing up what this guy is saying.
It's already proven that there were bombs in the buildings and thermites, something melting, giant steel columns.
We're going to go through all that.
But if this flushes out, and you've talked to him via email, and it looks pretty credible, this is just another witness.
There's quite a few already, and we're going to play some of those witnesses.
But this is still big, and we've got a story up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Give us your take on it.
Well, you know, Alex, it'd be one thing if somebody just kind of emailed me out of nowhere and was like,
I was an EMT.
I was there.
I think it was a controlled demolition.
I just want to thank you.
And didn't give me any personal details whatsoever.
Then, yeah, I'd be skeptical.
But, I mean, I got this email.
He gave me his name, his age, his location.
I mean, he went into all this background information.
And when I first posted it, I redacted his personal information.
Uh, just because I didn't want anyone causing trouble for him.
And, uh, when I posted that, people thought it was fake.
They're like, oh, you know, Dylan wrote this letter himself.
He should be ashamed of himself.
Yada, yada, yada.
So, um, I then got a reply back from Mike and he was like, oh, you can put the Mike 30 New Jersey out there.
I don't care.
It's anonymous enough.
So then after I posted that Mike's second letter to me, now they're saying that he's a liar.
So he went from a person that never existed to a person that's lying.
I mean, that is, that is how low these people are.
But I mean, in martial law, I have people going, oh yeah, you know, I was working here as an EMT on that way, and the cops said, get back, they're bringing down seven.
I mean, we got all these newscasts, and all these firefighter tapes, and all this video, there's a bunch of them saying it.
I mean, this is just one more, and again, they're really going to look bad when he goes public.
Yeah, absolutely.
Or, you know, when anyone like him goes public, I mean, they'll go to such ridiculous lengths to discredit people just because it doesn't agree with what they say.
Well, I mean, you were there at Ground Zero.
I was there with you guys with the silent march and all of it and the bullhorning.
I mean, we couldn't do our work because the firefighters were slapping us on the back.
I mean, my back literally got sore.
Yeah, we got actually footage right when we showed up at Ground Zero that morning.
There was, I believe it was an ambulance that was just right on the street next to the sidewalk and they were like, hey, can we get some shirts for you guys?
There was like three or four
Firefighters and they all wanted like sweatshirts and stuff.
And they were like, oh, you know, we're big fans.
It was really cool.
We can't really talk about it.
You know, because they were in uniform.
I felt bad because everywhere the firefighters recognized me.
I couldn't go in a restaurant because they were all down there, you know, for the remembrance.
I couldn't even do interviews because, hey, man, I want to tell you, you're right about this.
Hey, guys, I love you.
Thank you.
I got to move on.
Will you say it on tape?
No, no, no.
We're scared.
It's incredible, isn't it Dylan?
Yeah, it's really incredible.
But, you know, you got to you got to sympathize with these people because they got families to protect.
Well, as more and more of them go public, it's going to be a chain reaction.
I wonder what the government will do with that when you've got thousands of them.
I mean, they're in so much trouble.
Globalists, you bit off more than you can chew.
Stay there, Dylan Avery.
We'll break it down, play some clips, and talk about the final cut.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Thursday, the eighth day of February, 2007.
And we've got about an hour and 51 minutes left in this transmission.
There's so much to cover with Dylan Avery, the man who first made Loose Change First Edition.
Teamed up then with Corey Rowe and of course Jason Burmisson made the second cut.
Final cut coming soon.
Headline, Ground Zero EMT.
We were told Building 7 was to be pulled.
And he goes through just amazing information.
We're going to read through some of that.
But Dylan, and now you've talked to him via email several times, and he's given you his full info, but he doesn't want to totally go public yet, but he may soon.
But he just backs up what so many others, firemen and EMT and police and others, are saying.
Before I read through it, break down some of what he's going public with, what he saw.
Well, he's going public with a lot of things that we've already heard about.
He talks about how he was inside one of the buildings,
And, uh, saw, you know, chunks of the support columns blown out, um, all kinds of different things.
Uh, basically how they were thinking of themselves when they were inside the building, how could they have wired this with explosives, et cetera, et cetera.
Um, yeah, it's, it was just a really interesting email and just after, I mean, and then also he goes through all the things that he went through after the fact.
I mean, the fact that he got charged for the damage to his suit, you know, things like that.
Let me read some of his testimony.
There were explosives, there were flashes, there was molten metal running down the I-beams of the basement levels like lava flows.
I've never seen anything like it.
Yes, planes hit the buildings.
Anybody who says otherwise is a moron.
But the explosions, the rapid, symmetrical, sequential explosions, they happened, states Mike.
He explains how he and others were in the basement of one of the towers helping injured victims when he saw one of the huge steel and concrete support pillars with an eight-foot section blown out of the center of it.
Looking around, Mike saw other support columns that were in the same condition, prompting rescue personnel to ask, how could someone have rigged all these explosions?
We stood outside listening to the explosions, states Mike, one after the other, every minute or so.
At one point, about 10 minutes before the first collapse, a 30 foot or so section of the courtyard exploded straight up in the air.
And that's what everybody reported.
The newscast, you can hear the explosions going off.
Just before the collapse, a series of deep, below-ground explosions, then numerous explosions, that's what the janitor has said, the chief janitor has said, William Rodriguez, continuing, then numerous explosions in the building's upper floors, then we ran.
We felt the same deep explosions before the second collapse.
This was not just the planes.
The rescue worker concludes emphatically, the buildings were rigged, there is no question about it.
And it goes on and on.
Dylan, let's play some clips.
I want to get your take on them.
Here, of course, is New York Fireman on television saying that it was like a foundry, like a volcano, molten steel running down the channel rails.
Here it is.
You'd get down below and you'd see molten steel.
Molten steel running down the channel rails.
Like you're in a foundry.
Like Bob.
Like Bob in a volcano.
There's one clip, and then of course we have another ABC clip that's up on our WTC7 section.
He said it on ABC Nightly News, Giuliani said we were told to get out of Building 7 that it was going to be coming down.
Your take on that clip of the firefighters talking about the molten steel.
How does jet fuel at 1,800 degrees that won't even melt people in the gashes begging for help shatter four foot around steel reinforced beams?
Well, not only that, but you would think that a majority of the fuel and the molten material would have dissipated during the collapse, and yet there was somehow this molten material that was found at some point exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the fires weren't actually extinguished until December 13, 2001.
And, you know, again, they were constantly pouring fires on both the rubble from the Twin Towers and Building 7, and the fires were still stubborn.
I mean, you really have to think about that.
Well, huge pool.
Some of them almost were at 3,000.
But, I mean, this is off the charts.
And then we have the video of molten steel pouring out of the buildings.
Yeah, well, it might not be molten steel.
It might be molten metal of some kind.
But, I'm just saying, Steven Jones has made that clarification.
I gotta repeat on that.
Sure, well, he said because of the color, it looks like steel.
It doesn't look like aluminum or other metals.
Oh, it's certainly not aluminum from the planes.
I mean, that's definitely not true.
It's amazing.
Let's play Silverstein saying that they gave the order to pull the building.
This is from a PBS documentary, America Rebuilds.
Here it is.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull, and then we watched the building.
Bullitt is the demolition term for bringing down a building.
In the same documentary, they talk about a month later, destroying the remnants of 5 and 6 and other structures.
And it shows them, because the superstructures were all still there, just that they'd been burned out husk.
By mid-December, the Department of Design and Construction had leveled World Trade Center buildings 4 and 5.
Oh, we're getting ready to pull Building 6.
We have to be very careful how we demolish Building 6.
We worry about the Building 6 coming down and then damaging the story wall, so we wanted that particular building to fall within a certain area.
So there they are saying they demolished it.
We're getting ready to pull it.
Shows video of them destroying the building.
Building 6.
Then shows the chief engineer of the demolition project saying we demolished it.
I mean, there's no debate what pull it means, Dylan.
Well, I mean, it's definitely an issue that's been torn apart by both sides.
There's definitely no dispute about that.
You know, there are some people that say that he was referring to the contingency of firefighters inside the building.
Uh, you know, my problem with that is... The firefighters have been out all day!
Oh, I know, but let me finish.
The problem is, as far as I know, we don't have a time frame on when Silverstein said, pull it, do we?
Do we have an actual time on when Silverstein uttered those words to the fire commander?
No, he doesn't.
He doesn't tell us.
He doesn't specify, so we have no way of knowing.
But he makes it seem like it was at 520 because he was like... Well, he said we gave the order and watched it come down.
So he infers that the two actions happened one after another.
We made the decision to pull and watched the building collapse.
So that would mean...
But then the government-funded debunkers come out and say, you know, Pullit doesn't mean that.
It's clear in the film, in triplicate, what they're saying.
Well, regardless of PULIT, the fact is, Chief General Nigro had set up a collapse zone at 3 p.m.
So if he had set up a collapse zone at 3 p.m., why was anybody inside the building at 520?
No one was in there but one Secret Service agent who mysteriously died.
And of course, in the federal reports, they said no one died.
They later had to change that.
But they had pulled firefighters out in the early morning.
There were not firefighters in the building, so how could he give the order to pull the firefighters?
He says, we gave the order and watched the building come down.
So, I mean, it's clear English.
But, I mean, how are they going to argue with firefighters on tape and others saying, you know, I've got them on... I was an EMT and the police said, get back, the building's going to come down.
Well, they're obviously all liars and they have an agenda.
Come on, Alex.
Well, I mean, why was Giuliani running a drill?
Sure, running tripod 2.
Where they had their command center out of the building the day before.
And then they tried to lie about it.
FEMA director, the local FEMA director, went on ABC and said, yeah, we were there the night before for a terror drill and already gotten out.
Then he said, oh no, I messed that up.
But then Giuliani testifies and said, no, we were having a drill and we're out of the building.
And it seems like stories are always changing.
Well, and also, NIST has given five different reasons the building fell, and now they've had to admit it could have been some type of explosions.
I know you're going to be talking to this individual soon.
We need to, I mean, you certainly agree with me that it's safer for him to go public now than to remain in the shadows with the fact that he is a witness to this.
Like I told you, Alex, I will do my best.
When did you first start speaking to him via email?
I think yesterday.
Pretty sure I got the email yesterday morning.
And it's already blown up everywhere.
Yeah, and people are already saying it's fake and that he doesn't exist.
You know, people say whatever they want.
But the fact is, as far as I can tell, he's legitimate.
Well, my point is, even if it's not, that's exactly the type of thing, I don't think it is, but that's the exact thing the feds would do, would put out some fake witness because you've got all these other witnesses, firefighters and police and others, saying it.
It's amazing.
Are you surprised at how big the story got just in a few hours?
Um, not really.
I'm not really surprised people reposted it and I'm not really surprised about the response either.
But, um, you know, it'll be even bigger if we actually get him to go public.
But, you know, like I said, I can't blame the guy for being secretive.
Especially what he's already had to go through with his higher-ups.
Tell folks about the weekend show, Louder Than Words, your production company's doing.
Well, you know, it's 10 a.m.
every Saturday, Eastern Time.
Uh, it's Burmese's show and I'm usually co-hosting it with him.
Uh, sometimes he has guests on.
And, uh, you know, it's pretty much just another radio show, man.
It's just us doing our thing.
And, you know, people call in.
Uh, the haters mostly don't call in.
And, uh, we have a good time.
Well, the haters are getting more and more desperate.
I mean, look at the poll numbers.
Look at the American people waking up, and now it's come out that British intelligence has been caught training the Iraqi insurgents to carry out terror attacks.
They've caught MI6 armed forces, SAS, dressed up like Arabs, running around shooting people with bombs, posing as Arabs.
I mean, I had a guy that was on the bus on last week confirmed with them shepherding the bus in and then having operatives around it when it blew up.
I mean, they're in trouble.
Yeah, I agree with you, Alex.
It's really only a matter of time at this point, you know, at least that's what I hope.
Well, I mean, there's no doubt that some of the people that spend their time attacking you and myself and others are gotta be on the payroll.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
You know, speaking personally, I'm pretty hesitant to point the agent's finger at anybody, but, you know, the way with which some people go about this, yeah, you know, some people, it would make sense if they are making money doing it.
Stay there.
Let's do one more segment, Dylan.
I want to talk about the final cut, as much as you can, on the other side, and when we might be seeing that in movie theaters and on DVD on store shelves across the country.
Alright, I'm Alex Jones.
Dylan Abrams, our guest.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Dylan Avery is with us for one more segment.
Dylan, let's shift gears into... I'm not even going to say anything because I know all about it.
I've been blessed to be involved a little bit on the inside of it.
I don't know how much you want to say about the final cut and some of the exciting developments, but tell us whatever you can.
It's going to be huge.
That's all I can tell you, Alex.
Trust me, I'd love to sit here and give things away, but I just can't.
All I can tell you guys is that things are looking great from all parties that are involved.
Everyone's excited.
Everyone's thumbs up.
Everyone's excited to get on board.
Everybody's happy with the way things are working out.
We've got a very good percentage going to charity.
I don't want to give a number, but we've definitely got a good number going to it.
My people are probably listening to this show right now, so I don't want to get in trouble later today.
But, um, things are definitely looking out good, man.
They're looking really good, as far as we can tell.
Everything is 100% go.
Um, as it's probably public knowledge by this point, uh, David Ray Griffin is, uh, basically, he's not writing the script with us, but he's definitely contributed a very, very substantial portion of it.
He's vetting and contributing and is a consultant.
Exactly, yeah.
It's like we write a draft of the script, we send it to him, he fires back with all his comments, and then we send him another draft in like two weeks.
And, I'm sorry, little horse,
The script has come such a long way, man.
In like the two and three months that we started working on it, it went from this really rough skeleton to now it just covers everything.
It covers everything, and it does it so well.
I'm really proud of how it's turning out.
Well, I'm excited, and I definitely want to carry it as soon as it is out on DVD, but let's not get into that, how it's going to hit the theaters and everything else, but any ballpark time frame for people?
Well, I want to have a rough cut done by March because, well, we all want to have a rough cut somewhat done by March so we can submit it to Khan.
But, you know, that's just one of those things where if it happens, it happens.
We also don't want to have to compete with Spider-Man 3.
No one wants to do that.
So, you know, we want to get out as soon as possible.
It's not even about competing with anything.
We want to get it done.
And we want to get it out to the people as soon as possible so we can get the ball rolling and let people know what's really going on.
Well, this has got big backers.
It's big time.
And some of the people involved, it's just really, really exciting.
And I just want to tell you guys that I'm glad that I've been here watching your development and watching all the success in the fight against the New World Order.
The story of Louder Than Words Productions and what you guys have done is a testament
To the, you know, guerrilla, revolutionary spirit of the American people and an example of what we can all do in the fight.
You know, I'm sorry to have to tell you this.
I've got some stuff coming up in a few weeks.
I'm unable now.
I was tentatively going to go to the Phoenix 9-11 conference, but I'm going to be unable to make that, Dylan.
And I was telling you about that, and you were saying that you've had just too much stuff wrong with production now.
You're not going to be able to make it out there either.
Well, there's a variety of reasons we might not be able to make the conference, but one of the main things is we might not be able to... The main reason we were going to be able to attend the Arizona conference is because we were going to be in California at the time.
And it was really just a hop, skip, and a jump over.
You know, we could drive our car over there, we could bring our camera equipment and everything.
You know, at this point, it looks like we might not even be in California at that point.
So, I mean, that means we would have to get on a plane, we'd have to grab all of our camera equipment, our lighting and everything.
You know, apart from that, it just doesn't look like we can attend.
And it sucks.
It definitely sucks for all parties involved.
But, I mean, we just can't do it.
Yeah, I've cancelled today as well.
I was never really officially set up, and then I just, just too much is going on, too much is happening.
I've got to focus on making my One World Government expose, the Master Plan expose, and you guys are making a major motion picture right now, and it's just, you know, I wish I could go to all the conferences, I wish I could, you know, make it to all of them, and I miss not getting to see you guys, but I'll see you guys out in Los Angeles sometime in early to mid-March.
Well, if you want to check out our website, it's loosechange.111.com.
If you want to see our movie for free, you can go directly to seeloosechange.com.
I just want to give a plug to you out.
Thanks for having me on the show.
Thanks to all of our fans.
Thanks to all the family members who support us.
People like Mike, whether or not people believe he's real or not.
But, you know, I'm just grateful, man.
Things are really working out so far.
Well, the operatives are really stupid.
They're just out of hand.
Unless they know something we don't.
Always just saying nothing's real, everything's fake.
Because people go and they find out it's real over and over again.
We've got so many firefighters and police from Lucatchioli right down the line saying there were bombs in those buildings.
And saying it was molten steel.
And all the king's horses and all the king's men can't put the New World Order 9-11 fraud back together again.
Well, that's what we're hoping, Alex.
Alright, we'll talk to you soon, Dylan.
And, uh, again, Godspeed, my friend.
Yeah, you too, Alex.
We'll see you soon.
Take care.
Vaya con Dios.
Alright, we're gonna come back.
Open the phones up.
Then for about 30 minutes to the next hour, we have another guest joining us with a police state horror story.
We're on the march.
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We've got a bunch of news coming up in the third hour and a guest.
Very important story for you to understand how they operate the tyranny in these airports and these aircraft.
This is a Canadian.
I appreciate him rescheduling to today.
Right now, let's go to Rob in Australia, then Steve, Putney, Greg, Paula, and others.
Go ahead, Rob.
Hi, Alex.
Just a few quick questions here.
First of all, do you think that there's an unusual amount of presidential candidates running for president this year?
I know it's a bit... Are you an American living in Australia?
Yeah, I'm an American living in Australia.
What are you, a teacher over there?
No, no, my wife was from here, so... Oh, cool.
You like it?
This is serious America.
It's great, yeah.
It doesn't seem like as much of a police state over here, I guess.
Yeah, it's more of a soft police state.
I'll believe it's there.
Yes, definitely.
The real Crocodile Dundee wouldn't hand his guns in, so they came over and gunned him down.
Well, yeah, you have the whole Martin Bryant thing.
He took two of them with him.
Yes, there's an unusual amount running right now and the media is totally ignoring Ron Paul for president.
Yes, I've seen that and it's frustrating.
But why do you think so many are running?
I think it's because they think it's a weak Republican field because so many established Republicans that could run have such low approval ratings.
And also maybe to muddy the waters, just to
So many choices out there, people.
Yeah, and that actually strengthens Hillary in the final endgame.
Now, no one should vote for her because she lied repeatedly, swearing she would never run.
But, I mean, I don't know who's worse, Hillary Clinton or the Penguin, Rudolph Giuliani, Mr. 9-11.
Yeah, running on the strength of 9-11 and... I mean, that guy just, just, just radiates mobster.
We might as well dig up old Mayor Mob Boss Daley and run him for President.
My second question is, do you think that it's harmful to the truth movement when people like David Shaler claim that there were no planes that hit the towers?
I do think it's harmful, and I think he just mentioned that offhand at the end of an interview.
Yeah, I think that's the interview.
I probably read that.
Did you say Pentagon or towers?
Yeah, clearly something's going on with the Pentagon, but I mean, I've talked to people I know personally.
I've talked to distant cousins who saw at least the second plane hit.
I've talked to people who saw both hit.
And it's all... They can't fake that many videos.
No, they can't fake 70 plus videos.
Yeah, no, it's off the charts.
And there's a... and I appreciate your call.
I'm getting an echo back from your phone, so I'm going to let you go.
I have tried to not engage this.
Because it will just put so much attention onto it and I've been hoping the mainstream media would and the establishment would ignore this major chink in our underbelly.
I think a lot of people pushing it are just nodding to intense pressure.
I mean some of these people that push the no planes hit the towers or the space beams did it will throttle you.
I mean they will go online and they will basically say the worst things you can imagine about you
I don't know.
And you can tell there's a payroll for like three years.
There are literally thousands of people that run around posting this just on every message board.
It could be about any issue.
Hey, we don't want to take the new live cancer virus.
No planes!
No planes!
Hey, you know, the borders are wide open and it's a problem.
No planes!
No planes!
Hey, Building 7 was clearly blown up.
That's ridiculous!
How dare you even say Building 7 was blown up?
No, it was Krypton beams from planet Kwokon.
And it's just unbelievable.
And it's all extremely suspect.
And I think some of the people are mentally unstable that are pushing it.
Still others, look at their pedigrees, look at where they come from.
And it's the old poison pill.
But it's not going to work.
Again, all the king's horses and all the king's men
Cannot put the New World Order hoax back together again.
It doesn't matter.
They can put people on TV saying green aliens did it with purple spots.
They can say space beams did it.
They can say no planes hit it.
It's 70 plus cameras that caught the second one.
It's just ridiculous.
They can say that until the cows come home.
I, if we need to write an article about this, it's time to just go ahead and level the main InfoWars canons at this.
It's grown to disgustingly and mustesticize.
I hoped it wouldn't.
And I guess it's time to wheel the howitzers out and point them at point-blank range at people and just devastate them.
We're able to do that because of you, the listeners, the power of tens of millions of people that tune in over the week, millions every single day, conservatively 2 million, 5 million visitors conservatively to the group of websites indexed.
It's incredible.
And when you take action, I mean, you need to know others are taking action with you.
You can just feel the group societal
We're good to go.
Devastate the operatives.
Devastate their mental patient followers by attacking the idea without giving them any attention is the way to do it.
If you want to take a cue, I know what I'm doing folks.
That's how you do it.
And then lay out maybe the 10 smoking guns that are irrefutable.
Number one.
Maybe I should do a countdown on video or something if I had time.
Number one, the hijackers were trained at U.S.
military bases.
I just talked to a fellow the other night, and I'm about to cover confirmed cases of this, but I talked to a fellow after I spoke to almost a thousand people at UT last Thursday, I guess seven days ago today, and he said, yeah, my sister
You know, she works down at the big Air Force Base, what is it, Patterson, down in San Antonio, and she swears in 2000, she trained Muhammad Ata at their spy school down there.
Well, let's just forget that, because we can't confirm that, and she's too scared to go public.
This was a credible gentleman.
Let's just talk about what we know.
I gotta dig up their phone numbers again and get them all on.
I should do a whole show on the 9-11 smoking guns that are irrefutable.
Just focus in on maybe ten of them, because there's 600 of them, but the ten top ones.
And I haven't really figured out which ones would be the top ten, because they're all so important.
You know, they don't want to have a debate on CNN or Hannity.
Also, notice who Hannity and others keep having on over and over again.
Either those that say it's all the Jews or those that say it's space beams.
It's pretty obvious.
Or those that say no planes.
It's just incredible.
But it doesn't work anymore.
It just doesn't work.
People know exactly what it is.
So you failed again.
And I'm afraid you'll continue to fail.
We will defend this republic and we will save this country with God's grace and help.
So just put that in your pipe and smoke it.
But I interviewed two embassy heads.
One of them's name was Springman, and this was in the big Canadian papers.
That's where it first broke.
It was up in Ottawa.
And they were coming through Saudi Arabia, through Riyadh, and then through Canada to the U.S.
And they wanted, and this is Mohammed Adda and six others, the Malaysian Terror Summit in 2000.
The headline is something like, you know, FBI blocked, it's in my films, but FBI blocked Embassy.
Another headline was FBI let Al Qaeda come back in after Malaysian terror summit.
Those are almost exact headlines from memory.
You Google those, you'll get them.
But I, we've got to find that interview.
I mean, this was like two months after 9-11.
I interviewed
Mr. Springman and one other embassy employee, but he was the head of an embassy, and they come in with their Saudi Arabian passports, and it says, these are Al-Qaeda terrorists in the State Department computer.
Do not let them in.
So, he doesn't let them in, and all of a sudden the State Department Chief calls him out of DC,
And says, let them back in.
This is just a cover story.
They're not really Al Qaeda.
He says, no.
I need some type of direct order in writing.
I can't do this.
Then the CIA section chief calls and says, let them in.
They let them in.
Six of them.
Was it six or seven?
It was him and six.
I think it was seven.
So that happens.
Then, right around the same time, what about a month and a half after 9-11, the headline, Associated Press, similar headline, originally originated in the San Jose Mercury News, headline, Dean of Defense Language School says Bush did it.
AP had something like, Dean who blamed Bush for attacks as being court-martialed, or head of school.
Again, I've done PowerPoints with it, and it's in my films.
You can go find it.
You've seen it.
And what does he say in the few paragraphs they quoted him from?
What did the colonel say?
The colonel said, hey man, three of these people were trained here at the base, including Muhammad Atta.
In high-level training.
In classified, top secret training.
Something's going on here.
Then you got MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal, and Newsweek reporting that three of five of the hijackers were trained in a secret flight school program at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
And then one of the guys who looked identical and had the same name two weeks after 9-11 crashed his jet on takeoff and died.
Now, you bring that up, and then you've got the San Diego terror cell, San Francisco terror cells, Miami terror cells, where the FBI is paying for their houses, cars, credit cards, where they've got FBI informants living with them, you've got 200 plus Mossad shadowing them.
You've got FBI agents who pick up on the hijackers who are creating their ledger, their history all over again.
We want to get their computers.
We want to boss them.
They're planning to plot planes in the World Trade Center.
You're off the case.
You're not allowed to.
And if you do anything, you'll be arrested.
Then after they try to go public, they're told you'll be arrested.
They get up on C-SPAN and hold up the letters saying, I'll be arrested if I tell you what I know and break down crying.
That one story of them clearly being operatives, there's more evidence.
It goes on for hour, after hour, after hour, after hour.
You just open and shut the crown of exposing how they did it.
I know that's number one.
44,000 US troops, 18,000 British troops, for four months before 9-11, massing in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and several other countries, and circling Afghanistan, massing in Pakistan, launch order Pentagon battle plans ready three months before.
Bush, two days before, Source Newsweek, Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, had the launch orders on his desk.
To attack Afghanistan.
Just out of the clear blue sky.
No one heard about that.
There was no discussion of that.
Just masses of troops massing quietly.
Aircraft carrier strike forces arriving three days before.
Two of them.
In the Persian Gulf.
Huge military operations set up.
Mega smoking gun.
Then you've got the head of Pakistani intelligence wiring $100,000, source New York Times, Washington Post, a bunch of other Times of India, wiring $100,000, confirmed and admitted to Mohammed Ada, the lead hijacker, months before the attacks.
In the second trip of his life to the U.S., he's there the day the attack happens.
In the five days before, he meets with members of the Security Council, with the CIA chief, with the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, Porter Goss and Senator Bob Graham.
On the morning of the attack, he's having breakfast with Bob Graham and the other intelligence chief in the house, Porter Gosch, and the aide walks in and says, the towers have been hit, and they turn, smile, and say, we know.
You better believe they know.
Then you've got NORAD standing down, Cheney in the White House bunker saying the order still stands, two months before the attacks in June, destroying standard operating procedures since 1957, not allowing generals and admirals or their designates to shoot down errant hijacked aircraft.
And it just goes on and on and on and on and on.
And I said I'd go to your calls, but you bring up a question like that, I've got to answer it.
Did you think the New World Order was just going to let us waltz in here and expose 9-11 without infiltrators?
Without operatives?
Folks, if I've been offered money before to join the New World Order, you better believe other people are offered it, and that's their God, folks, and they will take it.
Now I don't know about all the individuals, and there's a few of them I'm sure of, but they need to be shunned.
They don't need to be promoted by attacking them.
You promote them.
Don't ever say their names.
Just lay out the facts on them.
And then move forward more importantly talking about the real issues and we don't have the thousands of operatives paid to sit there on message boards.
You have to go do it and get the articles and push the facts about them trained at our bases and being agents.
And push the facts that are there.
And building seven and the thermite and all the key things.
It's gotta be done.
And you are doing that.
Listen, I want you to go to every message board, your entire email list.
I want you to go on the MySpace accounts.
I want you to tell them this show for free streams 24-7.
The three-hour live show ends at 2 Central.
It just re-airs.
We have a free three-hour podcast.
We serve out for free.
Just tell everybody about the free podcast.
Go subscribe to it.
Give it to people.
Put it on a little disc and give it to people.
Spread the word aggressively.
Go write your own articles.
We've got thousands of journalists writing
Stories out there about stuff that doesn't matter, who listen to this show, why don't you go, do stories!
Put it in your name, do it in the pen name!
Just fight!
Fight them!
You know, first they deny there's a North American Union, then they try to say it's okay and it's no big deal, and then... It's the same thing with 9-11, it's just, it's not gonna work.
But to see some of these stinkers,
In motion, and then to see weak-minded people or others just kind of give it a little bit of credence.
It's got to be dealt with.
Alright, more calls straight ahead.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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And pick a side, because you're going to be a run over in the middle of the road.
Stop having fear.
Go through your fear, and you'll only become stronger.
Let's go to Chris in New Zealand and Steve Putney, Greg Paula and others.
Steven, or Chris in New Zealand, you're on the air, go ahead.
G'day Alex, how are you mate?
Good sir.
Alright, I've got a couple of documents here that are actually going to blow you away, I think.
One, you can find at the Reserve Bank of this country, and the other you can find at the Treasury, the Treasury website of this country.
Well let me guess, it says you've got private bankers that issue your money and run your nation.
It's better than that.
We're going to use it to prosecute the international banksters.
Oh good!
Now before they rip these things off the websites, we want to get them out there.
We want you and others to get copies of them.
Because what we've actually got is the crown financial statement and we've got information pertaining exactly how much money they've printed out of thin air and recursively loaned.
That's right.
They print it out of nothing, and then the private institutions loan it to you and get real assets.
Break it down for folks.
Well, it's a big report, so what I'll do is I'll give you the websites.
It's treasury.gov.nz.
Say that again.
It's... Hold on.
Hold on.
Now, we want you to grab copies of this, and your readers to grab copies of this, before it disappears.
What was that last part of the address?
Treasury dot G-O-V-T dot N-Z.
Alright, gotcha.
Now that's the Treasury website of this jurisdiction.
Now on there, you'll find an awful lot of rubbish about the budget.
We all know what budgets are.
But then they've got the comprehension... Then they've got another report, don't they?
The Crown Financial Statement.
And it's one hell of a read.
On about page, what is it, page 22 of 38 within the Crown Financial Statement, you'll find a thing called Statement of Borrowings.
Now within that, it'll expose how many bonds, how many treasury notes, and how many foreign exchange contracts it actually borrowed.
In your currency, the European currency and others.
Now what's interesting is it adds up to $42 billion plus bucks going on $43 billion bucks.
And of course they've borrowed it out against our birth certificates.
Not bad when there's only a population here of 3 million, 4 million people.
Now the other document that you've got to marry that against is on the Reserve Bank website.
Okay, move quick, we're almost out of time.
Right, okay.
Now on there, have a look at a thing called money and credit aggregates.
And what that says is that the bank, the central bank, only owes 3 billion bucks.
Whoops, there's a missing 40 billion bucks.
But further, that exposes the fact that the people of this jurisdiction owe 252 billion dollars.
And only 3.5 billion dollars has ever been issued or printed.
That's right.
There's a whole other financial world.
I mean, the University of Texas has done more thieving than your whole country has, if you look at their books.
And the water districts, the school districts, they all do it.
Literally, the financial world is like the matrix.
What you see has nothing to do with reality.
Sir, I appreciate your call.
Very informative.
We'll look into it.
Thank you.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today, or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into hour number three, we have a guest with an incredible airport horror story that
Follows the M.O.
of these individuals you'll need to hear about.
Then we'll continue with the news and your calls.
But right now let's go to Steve Putney, Greg and others.
Steve in L.A., thanks for holding, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
Yeah, I have a, I got a question for you.
Have you ever heard of a name Indira Singh?
The name Indira Singh, she was an emergency worker at Ground Zero on 9-11?
No, I haven't.
It rings some dim bell, but fill me in.
Let me tell you, I've been looking into 9-11 for a couple of years now.
I gotta tell you, the longer I look into it, the more I find it stinks.
The whole story stinks.
Yeah, we know the story is a lie.
We know who had the motive.
Well, I came upon this interview that she gave in April of 2005 on Pacifica Radio.
She was a
She was an emergency worker at Ground Zero and she worked for JPMorgan Chase in the Information Technology and Risk Management Department there.
And when 9-11 happened, she went down to help out and her triage site was set up right next to Building 7 and according to her testimony, she was told by people identifying themselves as FDNY that they were going to bring the building down on purpose.
I've talked to over 50 people who have even heard it on NPR, but they won't give us the tape.
They were phased.
You know what?
Send that right now.
Do you have the link to that?
And we'll find the clip and play it.
Send it to Kevin at Infowars.com and he'll grab it and send it to the network.
Or I can put you on hold.
You can email the link to the interview to John Harmon right now.
That would, yeah, please put me on hold because, you know, I have it queued up right now.
Oh, please, let us hear it right now.
Absolutely, it's probably 30 seconds long.
Okay, just make sure you put your telephone right up by the speaker, okay?
I will do, here it is.
Well, to the east of Building 7, where Building 7 came down, and what we were expecting, as an EMT, you're trained for live survivors, and there were people
So what we were doing was setting up different kinds of stations, IV stations, cardiac stations, wound stations, burn stations, just trying to have an organized space.
What happened with that particular triage site is that pretty soon afternoon, after midday on 9-11, we had to evacuate that because they told us Building 7 was coming down.
If you had been there, not being able to see very much, just flames everywhere and dark smoke, it is entirely possible.
I do believe that they brought the links up and down because I heard that they were going to bring it down because it was unstable because of the collateral damage.
That I don't know.
I can't attest to the validity of that.
All I can attest to is that by noon or one o'clock, they told us we had to move from that triage site up to Pace University, a little further away.
Building 7 was going to come down or be brought down.
Did they actually use the word brought down?
And who was it that was telling you that?
The fire department.
The fire department.
And they did use the word we're going to have to bring it down.
That's pretty much it right there.
Okay, what's the name of the Pacifica show and what's her name again?
The name of the show is Guns and Butter.
And it's on Pacifica Radio.
It's hosted by Bonnie Faulkner.
You can reach that website at gunsandbutter.net.
And click on the archives.
The archives to the show is April 27, 2005 and the lady's name is Indira Singh.
Stay there.
I want you to send us that link right now and tell us when in the interview it comes to that point, okay?
Really good call there.
Steve, next time you got info like that, you tell the folks answering the phone to put you on immediately.
I want to talk to Steve right now.
We've got another guest coming up.
Let's talk to him right now.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The show, Guns and Butter, is a very respected program.
I believe I've been on there as a guest.
I've been on Pacifica many times.
I had heard the name Indira Singh.
I had heard the name of some of the other firefighters and emergency workers who've been on the show.
I'm so busy I'll be driving along at midnight listening to, you know, local NPR and hear some firefighters saying there were bombs.
I mean, there's so many folks.
Here at Ground Zero they're all telling you this.
There's very few that will go public.
The Loose Change guys got in contact with a fellow who's about to go public who said they saw the bombs going off and the molten steel and all the rest of it.
But this Indira Singh thing, we are now confirming on the Guns and Butter site.
We're getting those clips.
We'll get the host on.
We'll get their names.
We'll get them back on.
In fact, a few months ago, I actually told my producer, who gets very busy, about, and I guess I didn't give him all the details, but we need to get, just send it to kevininfowars.com, all the firefighters, all the police, all the emergency workers that you've heard on the radio, there's so many of them is the problem!
We need to get them all in one big article where you can just say, here's 25 of them!
You know, we got video clips of them, we got audio clips of them, we got them in People Magazine saying it, but still the disinfo individuals run around saying it's not true, none of it's real.
This is really big, and you know, it is... Aaron James has an incredible story, and I feel sorry for him.
He's left two days, the news has been so hot and furious.
We've been following so many things.
I mean, I even forgot to call the lady back yesterday who was in the Army who saw him handing out upwards of $2,000 every few weeks to him in Baghdad off the giant pallets of $14 billion, one delivery of $4 billion, weighing 363 tons.
That was in Reuters.
But then I have eyewitnesses calling in.
I write down her number.
I put it in the pile.
I don't give it to my writers.
Paul Watson, Steve Watson, Aaron Dykes.
They need to be writing articles about this.
It's just news breaking continually.
And it's stuff that we overlook.
I mean, NPR in New York did announce they were going to blow that building up.
Okay, I've talked to over 50 people.
I've talked to cops who heard it.
You call NPR.
There is no archive of it.
They won't give it to you.
Okay, I've got cops on tape, I've got firemen on tape, I've got all these people on tape saying it.
They all heard it, they all saw it.
And we just start talking about some new whistleblower, and here a caller calls in and goes, hey man, for two years, this has been on the web.
At a major syndicated news program.
And this happens all the time, I get emails about this stuff, I get leads, I mean there's not that many of us here, it's just
There's so many stories, so many things we want to talk about.
So in about 20 minutes we'll get into this.
And the caller who brought this up and gave us his info is on hold.
We're going to be getting clips of it, playing it.
John Harmon does the job of ten people up there at the network.
I want to commend him.
Answering the phone in front of the show and doing clips.
It's insane.
Support Genesis more so we can get more people in there to help him.
Aaron James
Was a mixed race.
He's not a Muslim.
I believe he said his mother is white.
His dad was black and Asian.
So I guess that was one big thing against him.
Basically, let me just put the story in a nutshell.
Well, let's just have him put it in a nutshell, and he's got a website.
We've had it up there for two days on InfoWars.
And this is the exact same stuff we see over and over again.
Visit it.
If you argue in any way, they go ahead and taser you, beat you.
If you say, I don't like to be racially profiled, or you complain, they stand around you and make fun of you.
I've had it happen to me.
Just out of the blue, for no reason, in LA, they just said, oh, you've got stinky feet.
Ha ha.
You want something you want to say, Mr. Stinky Feet?
I mean, I guess these were racist black guys who don't like white guys, you know, they're just having a little fun with a white guy.
Well, it's really, that's the problem with racism, people just do it back to each other.
But, Aaron James is our guest and he was charged with felony first degree.
Sir, thank you for holding, I'm sorry we moved you today, and I'm sorry there's so much other stuff breaking around you coming on, but thank you for joining us.
In a nutshell, tell folks what happened to you.
Thank you for having me here.
You bet.
To caption it quickly, an overview, we were profiled on our way down due to race issues of ethnicity and we arrived at our hotel without our baggage because the airline had confiscated it at the locks and had rummaged through our baggage looking for whatever you look for when you're profiling someone.
We were told, the airline had told us that they had simply misplaced our baggage that it would be delivered to our hotel immediately upon discovery.
It arrived at our hotel with a note appended to it indicating this bag has been searched, seized, searched, locks cut due to issues of national security.
And so they were not very, they were not very shy about telling us that we had been profiled.
We made a complaint
On account of this, and on our return trip, we complained at the Northwest Airlines desk.
Someone said that we went down to the Mayo Clinic as a surgical consult over an injury that I had sustained to my arm.
I should back up.
And so when I was attacked and left in a pool of blood on the middle of the aisle of an aircraft on my way back, they were attacking a man who had the use of one arm and who had done nothing in order to instigate this attack or warrant this attack.
We complained on our return flight.
They were very aggressive.
They ripped the complaint form from my hand when I indicated, when I used the words profiling, and said, well, you won't be needing this complaint form, then will you?
We noticed that.
Well, let's just make it clear.
You flew down from Canada to the US.
Your bags don't come.
They say they searched them.
You went to the airport and said, I want a complaint form for being racially profiled.
That's when it all started.
He ripped the complaint form from my hand and said,
Go through it.
I said I may be following this up from a legal perspective because this is profiling.
He said, well, if you're going to go that route, you won't be needing this then.
And he ripped a complaint form from my hand.
There were three of them at the desk while we were speaking.
I looked back and I noticed that seven of them had gathered and convened about the desk just before we took the elevator up to the main level.
And they were giving us very hostile looks and gestures.
Then took our return flight.
It was the trip from Rochester on a return flight to Minneapolis took place without incident.
We had complained on a return trip at Rochester.
However, our trip from Rochester from Minneapolis to Winnipeg ended in disaster.
We're attacked by all appearances.
This attack was very much premeditated.
It was flight 1628 Northwest Airlines, 7.15 p.m.
at Minneapolis Airport, Bloomingdale.
And what happened is that within 30 seconds of having boarded the aircraft, Northwest Airlines stewardess Sherry Cardell began harassing, accosting the mother verbally on account of an issue with a bag.
She stated, is there a problem here?
Twice, and loud enough to draw the attention of the entire set of 150 passengers.
I'd just like to say here I've never been addressed like that by an airline attendant before in my life.
Yeah, let's be clear.
Tell us who we're speaking with just for the audience.
I'm Aaron's mother.
I was with him.
We went down together because we were expecting to have surgery on Aaron's arm.
Okay, and then what did the flight attendant say to you?
Just out of the blue, tell us the story.
Just out of the blue, I'm just sitting there minding my own business and all of a sudden this woman is standing at the edge of my aisle and she says to me in a very loud and aggressive, hostile tone, is there a problem here?
I have no idea that... Now again, how this happens is you stand up and say you're going to file complaints with the goons outside, and that's how they do it.
They wait then until they get you on the plane, then they've got you in the national security zone, and can use the marshals and everybody else on you.
They targeted us, but good.
Okay, so you're there, what happens next?
So she says... Is there a problem here?
And folks, I've already read the report, that's why I'm going through the story with them, and you can link to it up on InfoWars.com.
So just, is there a problem here?
What happened next?
Well, I told her I didn't know what she was talking about, and she indicated the bag that Aaron had left on our seats when he went to the bathroom, and she, very hostile, said, does this belong to you or somebody else?
I explained it was Aaron's.
I was shocked.
I have to admit, I was thinking at the time, if you were an airline attendant in Canada, you would not have a job.
Nobody talks to a customer like that.
That's what I was thinking at the time.
I knew nothing about the fact that they had all taken Homeland Security Training Program.
Oh yeah, they're all little Jack Bowers.
They're totally paranoid!
So what happened next?
I understand.
Okay, Aaron, you take it from there.
Okay, just to clarify, you can look on my website, AaronJamesStory.com.
That is A-A-R-O-N-J-A-M-E-S-S-T-O-R-Y dot com.
You'll see a link regarding the Homeland Security Training as well as links to much of the material we're about to discuss.
In any case, yesterday I just finished this training, which was a training in order to promote extremism and hostility in general.
She asked my mother twice if there was a problem regarding the bag my mother had.
Well look, that's an old bad cop trick.
You're just calm and they want you out of an area or something and they say, you got a problem?
What's the problem?
And then at that point I just put my hands at my side and then they start moving forward and you just lay down.
And that's how you get them, because they're still going to attack you, and then you get to send them to prison.
But go ahead.
I was in the washroom at this time, because within 30 seconds of having boarded the aircraft, my mother was getting seated, I went to use the washroom, and even in this brief span of time, she's already being profiled and verbally accosted.
On my way back from the washroom, as I'm walking down the aisle, Sherry Cardella, the same stewardess, accosted me in the aisle.
I walked past and she had said something that was very soft and indiscernible.
I didn't respond.
We'd already been profiled.
That wasn't exactly on the best of terms with Northwest Airlines to begin with after this point, but I heard a voice yelling at me from behind me.
And she, again, the same response, is there a problem here?
In fact, she said, do you have a problem this time?
And I wasn't sure that she was speaking to me.
I hadn't done anything to mitigate that kind of response.
And she stated it twice.
Again, do you have a problem?
And I turned.
I was walking away.
I noticed the voice didn't get it.
It wasn't any further away than it was the first time I turned.
And she was standing right in front of me, invading my personal space.
And I said, no.
She said, well, are you sure?
And I said, yes.
And she said, oh, really?
I said, well, no, I have just no problem here.
And every time that she spoke, her voice raised just a little bit more to try to grab attention.
She was attempting to villainize us in front of the audience.
They gotta do that before they beat you down with pleasure.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Let's go through what happened from that point on.
Not only do you get a good beating now in the Nazi America, you get to get a charge on top of it.
In the old days, they'd just beat you up.
Now you get a charge with it.
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That's 877-327-0365.
Huge audio clip from the show Guns N' Butter.
I'm going to get the host on and the people, the emergency workers.
Kevin McFadden, I believe firefighter and other emergency responder.
Indra Singh.
About the bombs and the buildings being brought down.
We're going to put a big article together.
We'll have to really put our thinking caps on to remember all the people that have gone public.
We'll try to stick them all in there for you.
This is the type of work that needs to be done.
Okay, going back to Aaron James and his mother, who I didn't know was going to be on with us today, or perhaps my producer didn't tell me, so I apologize for not suddenly going, hey, what's going on?
Let's accelerate through what happened next on the plane, then what happened after when they followed you to Canada, and what subsequently has happened.
Aaron James, please continue.
Very quickly then, there were five counts of harassment aboard the aircraft.
One, the first was the issue over the bag.
The second, the blatant harassment in the aisle.
Third, the same stewardess came back and asked us about customs forms again, yet she had already... Okay, let's stop right there.
So this is ongoing.
When did you get jumped on?
Well, after we were announced lunatics over the open PA system by the stewardess, who would later say we're trained to kill before we were killed.
They rerouted the aircraft to the main port.
Five officers came on board.
A false report of an irate passenger had been released.
Yet, the senior stewardess reiterates, James remained calm and composed at all times.
So a response team, basically a prison tackle gang.
Anybody that's seen the video of that, okay, so describe what happened.
All with pistols, with guns, and two with taser weapons as well, locked onto the aircraft.
We were pointed out.
They walked over to my seat.
I asked these officers, Sean Hort, number 54, Sergeant Milton, 14, Brad Wingate, 89, Stephen Swaggart, 46, Sergeant Elton Cooper, number 15.
Five of them.
Yet they'll only claim that there were four officers on board.
I'll get into that in just a moment.
We were pointed out, and I asked them three questions.
Am I under arrest?
Have I committed any crime?
Am I being charged?
Their response was emphatically, no sir, you are not, to all three questions.
They asked me then to get up out of my seat, I capitulated, and then they demanded, now get off the plane.
I asked, well, if I'm not under arrest, I've committed no crime, and I'm not being charged, under what authority are you asking me to leave the aircraft?
And there was no answer to this question.
Their response was an attack.
Uh, upon an injured man who had come back from the Mayo Clinic, leaving me in a pool of blood with my mother looking on in horror, who was later, was thereafter, threatened herself.
What did they do to you?
Hazard me incessantly with 50,000 volts to the chest.
In writing, they have it, uh, they elbowed me in the head.
I received the 12-stage laceration to my brow, and I had to be rushed to the hospital.
Uh, I was, uh, left in a, literally, in a pool of blood in the middle of the aisle of the aircraft.
They tried to kill me.
And the thing is, in writing, they have it stipulated in writing.
That they had this taser over my left chest, which of course is the heart, for over 10 seconds, in writing.
Why when they tasered you would they beat you on the head and give you 12 stitches?
They elbowed me.
I stopped.
I began by blocking the taser, trying to block the taser.
At no point did I lay any hands on them, however I... Yeah, but not just exactly, like you just gotta like take your shirt off and go, please hit me.
I mean, if you do anything, I mean, like, was it assault on a taser dart?
They'll probably start having burials for taser darts.
They already have that for police dogs.
You kick a police dog that's attacking you, 44 years.
One guy yelled in Newcastle, PA six years ago at a police dog, Associated Press.
He was walking through a mall parking lot.
The dog, the window was down.
Jumped out and scared him.
The guy went, AHHHHH!
And yelled back.
That's happened to me before with other people's dogs.
And yelling was assault and he got two years in prison.
I mean, pretty soon they'll probably have ceremonies for taser darts and we'll have to bow down and, oh, the officer, the taser dart!
So you're lucky.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate where you're coming from on that.
Dad Wingate, and to make this even clearer,
In the hospital, on stand, and there was a trial, there were FBI, CIA, NSA, military, Northwest Airlines employees, and Minneapolis police on the jury pool itself, which is illegal of course, because the jury pool is randomly selected, quote-unquote.
But off of the stand, in private, they admit everything to you.
And what he said was, while I was receiving my trial stitches to my head, well, you really, you were cooperating all times, and you really, you really, you just, we know you're just a good guy.
But of course, you're a big guy, so we weren't sure what you were going to do, and so we had to act.
Yeah, they get them in such a position of fear that they're just a bunch of savage animals.
Well, this is where the profiling aspect comes to it.
You're a big black guy!
They see a large minority, they associate, and they've been trained to by these profiling programs that are going on, and as my website will indicate on that link, their Minneapolis profiling program was one of the pioneer projects, and so probably one of the more severe.
But let's go through briefly when we get back, and we'll have to have you on as this develops, but let's go through what they charge you with, what happened when they came to Canada for you, the threats you got,
And then you're at the trial, and they're like, yeah, we know you didn't do anything, but ha, ha, ha, ha, you know.
You're, you know, you're not cop, you're little people.
And this happens all the time on these planes.
I mean, a pregnant woman doesn't want to be strip-searched in front of people in crowds, they beat her down.
You won't drink your breast milk, you're beaten down.
I take it when they stood around laughing at me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the Mark of the Beast because of the restrictive measures included.
Which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13-17.
In Revelations 14-9, speaking of the Mark of the Beast, it says, If any man worship the Beast, take notice.
It says, Worship the Beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
For a better understanding of this very important topic, and to receive your three free books and a free DVD, call 1-888-211-1715.
That's 1-888-211-1715.
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Day after day
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.
But nobody wants to know him.
They can see that he's just a fool.
And he never gives an answer.
What's the fool under him?
About four months ago it came out in the Denver Post and the Associated Press that head air marshals and a bunch of their deputies went public saying look we're told to put people on terror list every month we have to have quotas to keep the illusion that there's this big threat going and we put innocent people on there for no reason and this is on their permanent record forever.
And I've looked at this case.
I've looked at the reports.
He's got masses of documentation on his website.
Aaron James does.
And he got the beat down.
He got his head split.
He got tasered.
He went to the hospital.
And they don't stop there now because they've got to protect themselves now.
That's the problem.
When they wrongfully attack you, then they've got to make sure to put you under, into the system, to protect themselves.
Boy, that's really bad karma.
I don't believe in karma itself, but you reap what you sow, I do believe in.
Man, I wouldn't want to be in God's crosshairs.
All the bad stuff is going to happen to them in their lives.
There isn't going to be any man that does it.
It's going to be God.
And I just hope evil people understand that you do bad stuff.
You've got really bad stuff coming up.
And it's real.
You need to know that.
It's real.
You need to understand that.
I'm scared to do wrong, folks, because I know.
I've experienced it.
You do good, you get rewarded.
You do bad, you get punished.
And it isn't man that does it most of the time.
Just finishing up, Aaron James, with just the whole saga, what happened, and then how we can help you.
Well, there was a massive cover-up that followed.
The first thing I would state is that Northwest Airlines claims that there was no camera aboard the aircraft, which is absolute nonsense.
This is ludicrous.
There's always a camera aboard a flight, no less an international flight, between nations.
And so, in order to falsely implicate and cover up for their crimes, and avoid culpability, they tried to confine my mother to the plane, insisted that she couldn't come off, and I've been instructed that if they had been successful in this, that I might be dead at this point.
They then falsified the reports.
They then withheld their badge numbers.
They then rearranged the positions on the aircrafts, as reported in their falsified reports.
Only four of the five badge numbers were given, in the end.
And, once this was complete,
They followed suit with a massive media villainization to spread a false message throughout the masses and indoctrinate the people.
Oh yeah, all the time you hear, they were beating Al-Qaeda again today, they took him down.
Of course.
Another deadly Al-Qaeda defeated.
And so on the internet, radio, television, and newspaper,
Over 100 counts, over 40 counts found on the internet alone of independent media reporting on this.
And what gets worse is that I've now recently found no less than five government and FBI sites up on the internet with my name under major crimes.
Well, they use you for statistics.
Look at the Al-Qaeda we're defeating.
And of course, they're told, put innocent people in the system.
It's all part of the meat machine.
Go through the trial, but go through how they sent FBI up to Canada, how you got threatened.
Go through that.
The evening before this happened, there was a nightmare in jail.
No Miranda rights.
Beaten down, left in a pool of blood.
I was then jailed.
Nine days.
With bail denied and FBI interrogation in one FBI agent, Mark Wrench.
Who would later appear at my home.
But in his cell in Minneapolis, the FBI were admitted in conjunction with access to outside communication being illegally cut off via making my calling card... Yeah, no lawyers, no nothing, just being interrogated.
That's all freedom.
No, and they also cut off... They made my calling card defunct so that it wouldn't work.
So that the standard issue calling card was no longer functional.
I could not call a Canadian consulate.
No one knew where I was.
How did you finally get out?
My mother had been in attendance, and again, I was instructed that if she wasn't there, I may not be where I am today.
But they finally waited for the pool of blood to pool out of my eyes, so that I'd be more presentable.
And nine days gave them the sufficient time to concoct a story, try desperately to find any links perhaps to Al-Qaeda or terrorist threats.
During the time I was interrogated, there were threats in the elevator shaft.
All medical attention that was ordered by the doctor was denied.
The Canadian Consulate refused intervention despite emphasizing that I was in severe danger.
And again, this bail hearing came the very day after one of the guards walked into my cell and instructed me, Oh, that's very interesting.
Your eye seems to be much better today.
And so at that point, they felt it was safe to release me because most of the evidence of what they had done had been washed away.
The blood had pooled out of my eye.
Okay, we've only got a minute or two left.
Then just finish up the story.
There was a bail hearing, an unprecedented three-day bail hearing.
We were then put on a no-fly list, a 14-hour bus ride back to Winnipeg.
We were then threatened at the border by Chris Neeson, U.S.
Customs personnel, and that he said that you were going to have major problems when you come back to the border for your trial.
And once the day after this, another barrage, I saw FBI agent Mark Rensch, the same agent outside my home at 11pm, all the way up from the United States, and apparently there are over 135 cases of this on record.
We've fast become a North American union.
And so again, why is he here?
He just simply wanted to make sure that we're fine, that we're defined beyond any plausible doubt because of the fact that they intended to come to me.
Basically the Feds just spend all their time protecting themselves from bad deeds they've done.
What about the threat you then got?
Well, again, the threat was that there was a trial.
Again, I mentioned there were secret government agents, FBI, NSA, CIA, Minneapolis Police, Northwest Airlines employees, the airline which I was attacked, as well as prosecuting attorneys themselves.
And then following this trial, if you want to call it, it's actually a tribunal,
The judge, Judge David S. Doty, who's been on charges against him can be seen at CLR.org under federal judges.
He's a charged ex-U.S.
Marine, therefore a judge, threatened that he would have the U.S.
Marshals come and get us.
And literally, he compared it and likened it to Hollywood, indicating that Hollywood exaggerates the FBI, but not the U.S.
He said that they're every bit the bloodhounds that are portrayed to be, and this is all in the middle of a courtroom.
You might say this is preposterous, but who's there to hear it when the jury pool is the government itself?
Threats on the answering machine.
Threat of nine years imprisonment.
Registered legal mail sabotage.
Voicemail deletion.
My friends were threatened.
The threat of a full jury trial.
And it's all because they got scared and beat you down and they want to protect themselves.
And so, amidst all of this, I get five plea bargain attempts in conjunction with this torrent of illegal threats and intimidation.
So how did it all end?
Because I've got to end it now.
How did it all end?
Well, there's currently, uh, currently there's this outstanding warrant for my arrest.
They've villainized us through the media.
Uh, I have my, uh, we've been, I've been hospitalized six times due to heart palpitations and heart attack-like symptoms.
Uh, friends and family have been terrorized.
And, uh, and again, on the impetus of this threat that the U.S.
Marshals will get, will get me and get us, I currently sleep with my door barricaded.
I'm so sorry, and this could happen to anybody flying.
It's worse if you're black, it's worse if you're a big guy, but it's bad for everybody.
Like the stewardess says, we are trained to kill before we are killed.
This is the stewardess speaking.
It's insanity.
Look, they got mad at you filing a complaint, they called up, they do it all the time.
They do it on the plane because they have even more powers there.
Well, again,
We are not guilty of any federal, any felony assault.
In fact, the assault that they have me down on is a minor assault, and they have me on an FBI slate under major crimes.
The point is that we're in fact completely innocent of all of these things, and yet government has abandoned us.
We've been to Amnesty International, Foreign Affairs, ACLU... Oh no, they're really there to cover it all up!
ACLU tried to deny that any civil rights or violations to humanitarian liberties were made on board that aircraft, which when I asked
Being left in a pool of blood is then not a violation.
So again, I gotta go because I got another story coming up and we'll follow this as it develops.
What are you, how can we help you?
We would like to try to create a greater sense of urgency and responsibility amidst the groups and organizations amongst activism and government especially in being responsible in responding to these kind of incidents in particular.
So to make a long story short, you've been convicted or you've been charged with first degree felony assault?
A pack left in the pool of blood, terrorized, convicted, and wrongly violated, yes.
Not guilty of felony assault.
Not guilty of felony assault.
What are they saying you're guilty of?
Well, they're falsely accusing of minor assault, and they have me on an FBI site under major crimes.
Again, this is a simply deliberate violation.
So are you going back to court, or is this done?
Well, no, this is...
There's currently this warrant out for my arrest.
If I come across the border, then I'll be attacked again.
And this judge has said that he has sent the U.S.
Marshals to get us and follow us like bloodhounds.
And so this is where this is at the present time.
So we're trying to... I know.
You're in a lot of... Listen, we're going to follow this.
We'll talk to you soon.
We'll get you back on the show.
We'll all pray for you.
God bless you.
And this is just an example of a cornered family going through hell.
We'll follow your case and talk to you soon.
Thank you very much, Tim.
We could talk hours about this.
Thank you.
And folks, we get hundreds of calls every couple days with similar things.
And then later we even get squad car video.
People tell us these types of stories and we get the video where they don't touch the cops, they're beaten to a pool of blood, and they end up going to prison for assaulting cops.
I mean, America is a cesspool.
We are an evil, decadent cesspool.
It's only going to get worse.
I've got like 10 minutes of broadcast time left.
This is huge news.
Earlier we reported on a gentleman who's about to go public, hopefully.
Ground zero, EMT.
We were told to get out of the building.
The building 7 was going to be demolished.
We've got that report, but a new one's going up.
There's so many of these people.
Lou Cacioli and the firefighters talking about bombs going off and molten steel like lava.
This is from the program Guns and Butter.
Big program, nationally syndicated, out of New York.
And this is where they are interviewing Kevin McPadden, we'll tell you about him, emergency worker, and Indra Singh, emergency worker, where they're talking about the bombs and being told to get back, they're going to bring Building 7 down.
So here are real people on the record, more of them, and what do the Feds do on their websites?
They just say none of it's real.
Yeah, well it is real.
I couldn't literally do my work because of the firefighters slapping me on the back and saying we know they blew up set and we were told to get back.
At the remembrance, at ground zero.
Let's go ahead and roll this first clip from Guns and Butter, the nationally syndicated program with Indra Singh.
Here it is.
What we were expecting as an EMT or trained for life survivors
Thank you.
Different kinds of stations, IV stations, cardiac stations, just wound stations, burn stations, just trying to have an organized space.
What happened with that particular triage site is that pretty soon afternoon, after midday on 9-11, we had to evacuate that because they told us Building 7 was coming down.
If you had been there, not being able to see very much, just flames everywhere and dark smoke...
It is entirely possible.
I do believe that they brought Building 7 down because I heard that they were going to bring it down because it was unstable because of the collateral damage.
That I don't know.
I can't attest to the validity of that.
All I can attest to is that by noon or one o'clock, they told us we had to move from that triage site up to Pace University, a little further away, because Building 7 was going to come down or being brought down.
Did they actually use the word brought down?
And who was it that was telling you this?
The fire department.
The fire department.
And they did use the word, we're going to have to bring it down.
And for us, there, observing the nature of the devastation, it made total sense to us that this was indeed a possibility.
Given the subsequent controversy over it, I don't know.
You know, I'm not an engineer.
I don't know.
All I know is, you know, that was my experience.
We backed off a little bit to Pace University.
There was another panic around four o'clock because they were bringing the building down and people seemed to know this ahead of time so people were panicking again and running.
I went back to One Liberty which was further south of where I was before and there were triage sites set up in there.
We were treating basically people who were on the pile digging for survivors, if there were any, and it was basically chaos.
I asked who was in charge, for instance, because I'm supposed to check in with whoever's in charge and no one seemed to know.
It was complete and utter chaos there, if there was someone in charge.
The normal response units around for a multi-casualty incident, they didn't know.
One of the big problems is that so many people in the fire department and the police department at a high level... And we're going to go through all this and play more of it tomorrow.
We're going to get the host and these individuals on very soon.
That's the main priority, Kevin.
Get on it.
I know you're already on it.
Let's be clear.
Now when they fall back and say, OK, maybe we did blow it up, then there's no discussion of how it takes weeks to set a building to be imploded.
And I remember ABC News when I was in the car that afternoon when it fell.
Then I got home and saw the replays.
They were announcing Building 7 was on fire.
It could fall and damage other buildings.
So they want to bring it down.
They may bring it down to save other buildings.
The firemen all heard it.
Everybody heard it.
It's hidden in plain view.
And it's still denied.
People still try to deny it.
I've talked to countless firefighters and there have been firefighters in newspapers and magazines that have said it.
Bombs going off.
They were told to get back.
It was going to be brought down.
No modern steel building had ever fallen from fire.
Three of them did that day.
Building 7 not hit by a plane.
Play one more time the firefighters talking about the molten steel running down the channel rails like a foundry in Tower 1 and 2.
You got that?
Because this is so important.
Here it is.
You'd get down below and you'd see molten steel.
Molten steel running down the channel rails.
Like you're in a foundry.
Like lava.
Like lava.
Like a volcano.
There was a lot of screaming.
Now that's Tower 1 and 2 brought down by unconventional demolitions, cutter charges, and blast charges.
But then you have Building 7.
And when we get back, Kevin McFadden, emergency worker, and what he saw and what he witnessed,
So, you want names?
There are names right there.
And the names go on and on and on.
Do you have the clip where they're talking about it looked like it was a controlled demolition as if they had detonators?
Boom, boom, boom?
Yeah, we'll get that clip too.
We'll play that coming out, then we'll play the new clip for you.
How's that sound?
A fire department situation room filled with firefighters talking about it.
We got two in the computer.
Make sure it's the one that's got the cussing cut out, please.
Sometimes we have the raw clip in there too.
John working like an octopus with 18 arms.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
Final segment in the InfoWars Zone.
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We made it outside.
We made it about a block.
We made it at least two blocks.
And we started running.
Floor by floor, instead of popping out.
It was like, it was just, it had to detonate.
Yeah, it detonated.
We had a plan to take down a building.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
All the way down.
I was watching it, and we're on it.
We just ran up with it.
And then you just sort of, this cloud of...
We've got other clips of Dan Rather and Peter Jennings saying it looks like controlled demolition.
But here is emergency worker Kevin McFadden on National Radio.
Two years ago, we just learned of this, there's so many witnesses talking about the controlled demolition of the buildings.
Here it is.
It was surreal.
It was surreal from the start, like immediately.
I went to local stores.
I got equipment that I could procure, tools, anything that I could put together, food, and I just ran over the Williamsburg Bridge and ran downtown.
Actually, I ran to Bessie Street, Bessie and Church, I believe it was, where I was staging with the Red Cross, and that wound up being like a lot of bureaucracy and nonsense.
But even then, they said, hey, you know, you got to stay behind this line because they're thinking about taking this building down.
They're not sure if it's stable or not.
So they were holding a line off because they had knowledge that something was going to happen.
Well, you know, they pushed us back a little bit.
About 15 minutes later, they, you know, actually a couple minutes later, they started calming down.
They let the border through.
People started coming back out into the street.
We watched like five New York City buses jam-packed with people wanting to do search and rescue head down there towards Building 7.
People walked out into the middle of the street to see these people off like Bon Voyage.
Right then building 7 came down and it was a stampede and people were just mowing people over just trampling I picked a woman up off the ground and I thought I maybe touched her the wrong way and she turned around and took a swing at me and I said no no no you got to run that way like run like you never did before I actually gave her a little kick in the rear
It was like about 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon on the 11th.
I'm not sure exactly about the time because I was there for four and a half days and all I could really attest to with time is that I woke up three times.
And everything else was just... And we're going to continue to research these and get these individuals on.
Let's be clear now.
Let's be crystal clear here.
The Feds and Silverstein have tried to implicate the firefighters because they took orders.
They told the fire department, i.e.
Silverstein and the Feds were running that drill, oh, we don't know if this thing's safe so we're going to go ahead and bring it down so it falls cleanly.
And then when you talk about how the fire department said get back, we're going to bring the building down, then the Feds will say, the attack dogs, oh, you're blaming the firefighters for blowing it up.
No, they were told get back, they're going to bring it down for safety reasons.
So that's Silverstein knowing the stories out there, trying to plant that as an out for himself.
As I said four years ago, and this story broke, as I'm still saying today.
And, you know, now we need to do this for a long time, because we've interviewed so many, talked to so many, gotten so many clips.
It's in Martial Law.
It's in Terror Storm.
We just have to go get all the clips and all the people and all the news articles and all the audio clips.
There's probably 75 of them.
And post them all in one big motherload story on PrisonPlanet.com.
And then you've got to get it and just take it out there and, you know, headline.
There can be no doubt.
Scores of eyewitnesses told to get back that Building 7 was going to be brought down.
Controlled demo.
No debating it.
Open and shut case.
New world order operation.
Grand jury should be calling people over for testimonies.
Indictments should be zipping out everywhere.
And again, people have a mind
Conditioning where immediately when they hear they go, okay, well they had to bring it down.
Well the point is they lied about it.
And they couldn't plant bombs in a few hours.
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