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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2007
2423 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now reaching the waypoint, the midpoint, in this week's Transmissions Against Tyranny.
It is Wednesday, the 7th day of February, 2007.
And we're going to be live for the next three hours.
We have a guest, a Canadian, who's not even a Muslim, who just complained about racial profiling, and so they waited until we got on the plane, tackled him.
And then the story just gets worse from there.
He's coming up in the third hour for 30 minutes.
Then Kevin Smith will be in studio.
We've talked a lot about how there's comprehensive annual financial reports.
The fact that the tens of thousands of governmental institutions really run as private businesses and that major state-funded universities that were free just 20, 30 years ago now raise their tuition each and every year.
Take the University of Texas.
For the average student, it's something like $15,000 a year, and that's considered to be cheap.
UT has one fund with $36 billion just in cash.
Hundreds of other funds.
They finance Clear Channel.
They finance the Rangers purchase.
And now they're buying European sports teams.
So I thought we'd go through this.
Why you can't have parking lots.
Why everything costs so much money now.
Why the textbooks, instead of being $50, are $400 or $250, depending on the textbook.
We're good to go.
I think?
We'll just look at one little slice of this.
Oh, and if you think it's bad now, it's only going to get worse and worse until I predict they'll actually just shut universities entirely and they'll just be CIA training camps, which UT and A&M and others are now switching over to, and they'll be publicly funded but completely private, and it'll only be funded for those that can pay tens of millions.
I'm not kidding about this.
The massive raping will only intensify and get more and more insane as the months and years progress.
It's like our governor, publicly on the payroll of Merck Pharmaceutical, saying, I don't care, the legislature won't pass it, so I'm signing an executive order, and then lying and saying it's the law to take it.
Just lie on top of lie, on top of fraud, on top of hoax, wrapped up in scams.
Total tyranny is now upon us and it's just going to intensify every single day.
The news in front of me is just off the chart today, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why we don't have any guests for the first two hours.
I want to give you a chance to get involved on air.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 800-259-9231 and we'll get you up and on the air.
I want to go over two things in more detail today than I have previously.
Interspersed with all the other news and information that we're going to be covering.
And I don't know what term to use.
Maybe the zero term.
Tolerance, Police State Grid, maybe I should name one subject matter of that, or just simply the Police State, the Hyper Police State Society, and the other is the Neo-Futilist Society, and they both dovetail, as all these programs do, like a Lego set into the pyramidal power structure.
So we'll go over that first.
The hyper-police state, the hyper-control grid, where things that weren't even misdemeanors in the past will give you decades in prison.
And then we'll get into all the latest global warming, climate change, boogeyman news, and try to navigate that archipelago.
And we'll take your calls, and just, there's so much news here today.
It's a big transmission straight ahead on this Wednesday.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I screw around quite a bit during the breaks, you know, just to keep my spirits up and to have a little fun.
And John Harmon runs the show and really does the job of three people at the network.
He answers the phones and runs the board and gets the guests on and things like that.
And I heard Ted Anderson's voice in the background.
I was joking around with John, going, John the Great, John the Magnificent, the Wonderful, the Hardworking, the Studious.
And then I heard Ted's voice, and I went, Ted Anderson, the great, the meek, the defender, the man who fights the darkness, was being silly doing, I guess, kind of poetry.
And Ted goes, hey, I'm here with some Genesis listeners who wanted to pop by and see the operation.
Oh, man, I tell you, that really makes my day.
That is hilarious.
Oh, boy.
To be frank with you, my allergies are back.
The entire city of Austin is sick.
I'm going to get some experts on about this.
Because again, these things did not exist 10, 20, 30 years ago.
No one felt bad.
No one felt like this.
My grandmother's lived here her whole life.
She's got them now.
And I left town for a week.
Totally felt great.
Came back.
Felt great for a few weeks.
And then made the mistake of going to my parents' house.
Kind of like a mini farm here in town.
And I sat outside all day with my children.
And then I went to the radio show Sunday night, the syndicated one I do from 4 to 6 p.m.
And I came back, and they had a TV set outside watching the Super Bowl.
I did watch a couple quarters of it and went home.
And the loving, wondrous allergies throttled me as of Monday.
But please don't call in saying, Oh, Alex, I don't mean to sound like a hypochondriac whiner.
I just am trying to put a good face on it and bull through it.
Because it isn't like the allergies I first started getting 10 years ago, 12 years ago.
I guess longer than that.
When I started college is when they kicked off, so I guess that was 15, 16 years ago.
It was, you know, sniffles, runny eyes, no big deal.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The combination, and Austin is the capital in the U.S.
of allergies.
Just look it up.
Worst place in the U.S.
for allergies.
Highest levels of molds, mountains, cedars, oaks, everything.
There's just so many different types of topography and lush growth belts that come together.
Five regions.
Nexus N. I don't mean geographic regions.
I mean plant fauna regions.
Botanical regions, I guess you could say, come together here for a wondrous cocktail.
And it... Well, just try having a super intense headache, a sinus headache.
That causes your middle ear to make you basically dizzy when you stand up, so you stumble around like a drunken sailor with not a drop of rum in thine belly.
Still, you feel like you're a bad drunk.
It is not fun.
All right, nice way to start the broadcast.
Let me take a deep breath and lunge forward into the news.
This is the type of news I have here in front of me.
Ban proposed on walking while talking.
Yes, and listening to iPod.
And that is out of Australia.
Here's another one.
Bill banning iPods in crosswalks slated.
In New York.
So, I have stories from Australia, to Germany, to New York in the U.S.
banning it.
We'll get into that.
Who watches the Watchers and Surveillance Society?
This is information week about the new smart cameras.
Nothing new about them, but they're announcing them to you, so they're new to you, I guess, out there who may not have been tuned into the show or other broadcasts like it.
Some good news.
34 states align against national ID card.
In just a month, it's spread from one state to five states to 34 states and accelerating.
Deceit and betrayal.
Bush's plan to destroy the U.S.
That from Lou Dobbs.
We'll be playing that clip and analyzing it.
The two Border Patrol agents put in solitary confinement while they appeal their shooting of what they believe to be an armed, fleeing drug smuggler.
They are being crucified.
One of them has been assaulted, gotten a concussion, and ribs broken in the prison.
And nothing's going to be done to help him, of course.
Senator Hagel, White House originally wanted a 2002 Iraq War resolution to cover the entire Middle East.
We already knew that, but we'll break that down.
Packers bombard the internet backbone.
journalist spends record time in jail for his news report.
That's the new freedom.
A 9-1-1 government conspiracy, I wouldn't be surprised, says, took an editor, this out of the Jewish Daily Forward.
Also, we will cover some other important news here concerning war taxes and the death in Bozaro world, that by Kurt Nimmo.
Also, some new developments on the court-martial going forward against Lieutenant Aaron Watata.
By tomorrow night, we should know the ruling.
It's scheduled to come out tomorrow night.
The court-martialing is ongoing right now.
So we'll break that down for you.
But I'm going to get into global warming in a minute here, in a few segments here.
But first, I want to get into the acceleration of the police state.
I mean, that's really a simple umbrella term to go over it.
You can come up with any term you like, but they call it zero tolerance in the schools.
And this is how it starts.
It starts in corporations.
It starts in schools.
It spreads to the military.
Then it spreads into law.
And you've all heard of the cases, probably several hundred times, of the valedictorian, it always seems to be top of the class, or salutatorian, who brings the little plastic box with a pie or a cake for their teacher.
They're at the Honor Society.
In one case, we interviewed the girl.
She was valedictorian.
She had the plastic box of Dixie spoons, knives, and forks.
And she is walking into the school with the cake and a bag, and the security guard says, let me search that, because, you know, training is to be searched and controlled, and frisk is just what the government training camps are all about.
Federal documents even admit that going back to the 80s, and they've done a great job.
And so she says, sure, and the security guard pulls out the Dixie bag.
Knives and says, that's it, get up against the wall.
They put her in handcuffs.
They put her in the principal's office.
Oh, but they were kind to her.
They just expelled her, and she did not become the valedictorian, and she had to go to summer school because they erased all her credits for that semester.
There was another case of one of the top of the class.
This was like five years ago now.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Because we got very specific about it, and the AP did as well, if memory serves, that it was, you know, the type of butter knife that also doubles, has a slight serrated edge.
She was arrested, and they said zero tolerance.
Zero tolerance zone.
And then you heard about the zero tolerance of where the freshman art student is asked to draw a picture for this, or paint a picture of your parents and what they do.
I remember in art class having a similar... Paint your family.
So he paints his father a Marine Corps captain with an M16.
He is arrested.
He is suspended.
They demand psychological testing.
It was just his father with an M16.
Now, you've all heard about those cases.
There's hundreds of them.
And that's zero tolerance policy.
And now, if you're sitting there talking about, hey, did you hear about that bombing on the airplane?
Boom, they tackle you, they arrest you, they take you to jail.
Or you joke and say, oh man, what a police state.
And they say, just joking period, they now tell you there's no law, it's a regulation.
They go ahead and arrest you and charge you with different things, even though there's not really laws.
They do that a lot.
That's why this Rick Perry thing is so good, in a way, because it's really illustrating that people are finding out, wait, there is no law, but he's saying there is.
Oh, don't worry, you'll still go to jail without a law.
You didn't know that?
You didn't know people go to jail all the time without even breaking a law?
Oh, yeah, that's the freedom of the courts.
And so this is all zero-tolerance policy.
Or, you know, at work, you just say, man, you look good in that dress.
You know, that's sexual harassment.
You're suspended from work or you get kicked out.
Everything's zero policy.
Zero tolerance policy.
Then they say, you know, these people driving with their cell phones, it's really bad.
And you know what?
I don't usually like to do it.
It is bad.
But I see these people who are driving badly.
Well, that's called reckless driving.
The cops should pull you over for reckless driving.
See, there's always a way in the law to actually go after somebody.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Instead, they're going to go after everybody.
First, they start banning in the U.S.
and Europe and all over the European slash Commonwealth nations.
First, they ban talking on a regular cell phone.
Then they say you can do it hands-free.
Then they ban hands-free.
Now the police are watching you talk, and they have new reasons to get into your life and control you.
Then New York City, the new numbers just came out two days ago, went up from 97,000 random stops and searches to over 500,000 in one year.
500 plus thousand random frisk, random stops.
And oh, we're going to search your bags, get on the subway, not just the airplanes.
And don't joke about it.
Don't even talk back to us in any way.
Eventually anything is talking back to God.
This is a police state.
Oh, you talk back to me, you're going to jail.
And so now that's starting.
And then now it's banning you...
Walking and talking, now being on a cell phone or hands-free across a crosswalk, or having an iPod, and the laws being enacted everywhere, banning fast food, now you've got to have... We're going to break this down.
We're going to go through this.
Folks, if you accidentally drop a little battery in your backyard, 10 years in prison.
Oh, a lot of us are going to be going to prison.
You think $7 million in the system up from $1 million is bad?
Ha ha!
Dad, can we stop?
We need to go to the bathroom.
We just stopped two hours ago.
Honey, let's stop, because I gave the kids their spark-burking water bottles.
Why did you do that?
Because they can't drink and talk at the same time, and that way we don't have to listen to them singing, Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
For the entire trip.
I didn't think about that.
Great idea.
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You're terrific!
Oh, honey, so are you.
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Now can we stop?
I need to go, too.
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So continuing with making petty misdemeanors and things that aren't even misdemeanors punishable by long prison sentences.
And again, the exact same laws or regulations are being put in all over the globe simultaneously.
Here in Texas and many other states, it started in New York a few years ago, and they didn't tell anybody this.
Now they give you a little form letting you know when it happens.
This started two years ago here in Texas.
If you get three tickets in three years, moving violations, speeding, anything else, three tickets in three years, and by the way,
And this is a law.
It says that they will randomly decide, the computer will just randomly suspend your license.
And then you go in and find out it's suspended, and you've got to pay between $500 and $4,000 as a fine on top of the fine that you got for speeding.
It's the point system.
And I looked it up.
Between $500 and over $4,000.
Three tickets, one a year, or three in one year over three years.
It automatically activates.
And now they're talking about, well, we may make it four years in three stops.
And almost everybody I know gets pulled over at least once a year.
I mean, there's speed traps everywhere where it goes from 55 down to 40.
Boom, the cop's right there.
And, you know, whatever.
You see, they're just ratcheting it all up.
Well, in England they've now announced that, and this came out over the weekend, we covered it on Monday, that if you are seen on your cell phone one time, they give you a multi-thousand pound fine.
We're talking the equivalent of $2,000 to $4,000.
The second time ever you're seen on a cell phone in your car,
They take the automobile.
See, it starts with, oh, you got caught picking up a hooker.
In a lot of cases, this has happened in the U.S., you know, some good-looking woman comes walking up to the guy's car, you just start talking to them, and they grab your car.
Okay, so let's take the whoremongers' cars.
I mean, this is sick.
But now it's, oh, and by the way, they're talking about in New York and Chicago, taking cars.
But here it's going to be more lenient.
The third time you're caught on the shelf.
Of course, it's dangerous.
It's all for your own good.
And then remember, all those years we told you they were going to start restricting fast food and trans fatty acids, and now they're talking about other things?
I mean, certainly those trans fats aren't good.
You should be smart enough to know that.
Instead, oh no, now we're going to have federal laws they're trying to pass.
They've already passed city and state laws from New York to Chicago.
It's happening in Europe.
All simultaneously.
Where they go in and check all restaurants and have actual bureaucrats that show up without warrants because it's all regulatory and demand to check your grease.
Demand to check what type of chicken fried steak you're buying and they take pieces of the batter and they go test it.
You see?
That's now here.
They do the body mass index, which is set to where you're not basically as skinny as a heroin head runway model.
You're considered fat.
I know people obese, overweight.
I know people who are 6'2", weigh 200 pounds.
They've got the stocky bill.
They've got a tiny belly.
And they're considered obese.
I know people who I would consider skinny.
They tell skinny women you're 10-15 pounds overweight.
And it started in Arkansas and Ohio and a few other places.
And now they take your kids if after one year they haven't lost weight.
See, this is the nanny state.
And of course they kicked it off five years ago, remember, with 400-pound 12-year-olds who look like Jabba the Hutt.
Oh, well, see, it sounds reasonable.
But no!
If you're over the body mass index by one pound, they will take your children from you.
And they're implementing it everywhere.
I could go on for hours, folks.
There's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
And now the UN and the EU, and it looks like the federal government is going to adopt it, is coming out with eco-crime laws.
We're not talking about taking your toxic waste from a factory.
Oh, they're allowed to do it.
And dump it in the water.
The Army can dump 3 million gallons of nerve gas in the Delaware River.
Don't believe me?
Just go pull it up.
Did it two years ago.
It kills everything.
They're allowed to do it.
No, no, no, no.
One battery that fell out in your backyard.
How many times have my children broke toys that have batteries in them and there's a battery outside or a battery falls out of the trash onto the street when the dump... when the dump...
Trash truck comes.
Ten years in prison.
I have the articles.
Just everything.
Ten years in prison.
Grabbing your houses.
Grabbing your homes.
Grabbing your children.
Just the colleges.
Everything's shifting to police.
ITT Tech.
It's the only job you'll be able to get.
Just hordes of them everywhere.
Telling you what to do.
Running your life.
Monthly inspections of your home by social workers.
Hell is coming!
And I want you to know they did it to you.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's the nanny state.
Every aspect of your life, tracked, surveilled, chronicled, reviewed, tested, scored.
And they're quietly setting it all up right now.
Maximum penalties.
Forced inoculations.
Totally open borders.
Tens of millions of illegal aliens pouring in.
And none of them have to follow any of the rules.
The government doesn't have to follow any of the rules.
Universities take your money and buy professional sports teams, have private CEOs being paid tens of millions.
It's unbelievable.
Look at this.
Band proposed on Walking While Talking, listening to iPod.
A state senator from Brooklyn on Tuesday says he plans to introduce legislation that would ban MP3 players, cell phone, Blackberry, any other electronic device while crossing the street in Buffalo.
News Channel 4 reported, and it goes on.
And here's another one out of CBS.
Bill banning iPods and crosswalks slated for Albany.
Now the same thing out of Australia.
New York's...
First it was cell phones and cars, then trans fats.
Now a new plan is on the table to ban gadgets while using and crossing city streets.
And it goes on.
And it'll probably pass.
What's for your safety?
First it's you've got to wear a helmet while you're riding a motorcycle.
Sounds reasonable.
Then it's you've got to wear a helmet while you're on a bicycle.
Sounds reasonable.
Then it's criminal penalties.
You'll be arrested if you don't.
But the biggest thing is for psychological testing, the new Freedom Initiative now unfolding in all 50 states.
The new bylaws written by the drug companies.
They bragged.
One of their members of their board went public three years ago, a year before it passed, saying, I was in the meetings.
They say they're going to go from 10% of Americans on these drugs, and just in two and a half, three years, it's now almost 20%, to half on psychotropics or amphetamine-type drugs.
And remember the Associated Press four months ago?
The headline, Lenders Helping Immigrants, or something like that.
We read it on air like three times.
Just go pull it up.
Oh, 800 big lenders want to help.
It had CEOs of big banks going, well, we know a lot of the American people want to get the immigrants out of the U.S., and we know they're really vital for our economy and our country, so we want them to grow roots that can't be reversed.
Well, that's why we don't use... They don't have to have any ID to get housing loans, bank accounts, or car loans.
I'd already told you that, because I've been in banks sitting there for an hour to get service.
And watching illegals show nothing being given instantly.
I mean, within five minutes being given bank accounts.
Pulling out huge wads of $100 bills.
They'll have three, four identities beyond four different types of welfare.
And the federal government enforces none of it on them.
Oh, but you don't worry.
Your son draws a picture of an M16.
Your daughter has a plastic knife in her lunchbox.
It's over.
And you're going to show three forms of ID to get a bank account.
Go try it.
Go experience it.
I told you about a family friend I've known since I was three years old, my parents' friend, who manages the biggest apartment complex in Austin.
And several others.
For the biggest property management company in the nation.
She told me this three Christmases ago.
She went to the big meeting in Dallas with all their managers there, thousands of them, in a huge hall.
And they said, we have made a deal that is secret and not for disclosure.
The federal government is giving us tax exemption as government housing.
But this deal is for immigrants and to support them.
They are allowed to have as many people as they want in their apartment, but only have the apartment slated for one to two people.
Do you understand?
And then they went on to tell her and others that the old rules apply, though, and they wanted to intensify them, that if any of the old renters, and these are middle class, lower middle class apartments, two, three bedrooms,
That families live in.
That if Grandma visits more than a week, kick them out!
Fine them!
They don't have to have IDs for bank accounts.
They can have as many as they want in the apartments.
And then people started coming to her a few months after it happened.
And they were going, what's happening?
What's happening here?
We, uh...
You know, there's all these illegal aliens and crime and all these things pouring in, and they've got ten people in an apartment, but I had family visiting for a few weeks, and you're telling me I've got to move out.
I mean, every incentive.
You've seen the report from California to Utah, where the illegal aliens get more tuition than in-state and out-of-state U.S.
The welfare, the bank accounts, the housing loans, the tuition...
The 10 to 7 years tax exemption to start a business.
All happening.
Everything the globalists can do to bring in the 6 plus billion immigrants, possible immigrants that live around the world.
They all want to come here.
6 plus billion.
It's not enough that the borders are wide open.
They incentivize it.
A literal gold rush.
A $97 trillion deficit.
We currently owe almost $5 trillion.
Currently now owed.
But the obligations last year had hit $97 trillion.
Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Congressional Budget Office numbers released in December.
Official numbers.
Excuse me, General Accounting Office.
Excuse me, not Congressional.
But please hear a lot of the other Patriot shows talking about that.
That's a serious issue.
$97 trillion!
And Bush brings in a $2.9 trillion budget.
Bill Clinton's biggest was what, $1.7?
An off-budget...
There is at least $600 billion in last year's budget and they're slated to up that to $900 billion off budget.
With just the Iraq operation off budget...
You have the John Warner Defense Authorization Act that was the biggest ever.
On top of the current Iraq budget, what was it?
$240-something billion extra just there.
Almost $4 trillion missing from the Pentagon.
Congressmen and women, bring it up.
Year after year, we get the tapes off C-SPAN.
It's $2.5.
It's $3 trillion.
It's $3.9.
Where's the money?
We can't tell you.
We won't tell you.
And then I have an article like this that is a microcosm, is a drop in the bucket in a Pacific Ocean of theft and corruption.
The U.S.
sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq.
The Federal Reserve sent over $4 billion in cash to Iraq in 2003 and early 2004.
Cash weighing 363 tons.
Loaded on pallets and flown on military aircraft funds.
Those were frozen Saddam assets, and the military said they kept, now get ready for this, this is Reuters, no record of its dispersal.
You want to talk about an orgy of corruption and evil.
There are photos of the troops just grabbing huge 50-pound sub-bails for themselves, generals sitting on piles of it.
They just shipped it in, and this is the stuff on budget.
This is the stuff they admitted.
Let me say that again.
No record of its dispersal.
363 tons!
Or $4 billion in cash!
363 tons!
That wasn't even for the contractors.
There's the photos of the military and the generals standing by while they went into museums that had stuff that made the British Museum of Antiquities look like a joke.
We're talking about carvings and gold crowns and statues worth hundreds of millions apiece gone.
And three years later, popping up on international market, being sold in New York and Brussels and London and Paris.
I mean, they aren't even hiding it.
363 tons of $100 bills.
And then I have a friend who sells military legal flak vests that he buys from the manufacturer
At the gun show.
He has the receipts, everything.
And a guy came in and said, I want to buy one from him.
And he got him out in the parking lot.
This is somebody I know.
Not known for 12 years.
And the APD shows up and they arrest him for it.
And then the military DOD guy just disappears.
And isn't going to testify, but the charges are there.
For some $400 vest that he there had the receipts from the manual and the DOD saying he bought stolen material.
See, it's a joke.
That's what they're out doing.
They're out...
Indicting one of the colonels in Able Danger who blew the whistle on government involvement in prior knowledge of 9-11.
And so they start criminal charges against him for $63 of unauthorized phone calls on his government cell phone to his wife when in the protocol it's listed as you being able to call your wife on your cell phone.
Oh, and they say some pencils and pens came up missing and paper totaling, what was it, $12.00.
That's how this corrupt system works.
Almost 4 trillion missing from the Pentagon.
363,000 tons of $100 bills delivered and gone.
The major police forces openly now are the mafia running.
Murder for hire hits.
Every major crime lab's been caught framing everyone.
Giant drug cartels openly buying the private prisons where your young people that are dumb enough to use drugs work for 20 cents an hour.
I talked to the realtors out on the lake who are selling 1 million to 15 million dollar homes.
Almost all of them are state senators and legislators and bureaucrats and former mayors who, if you go look at their financials, because the real estate people see these, who 5-10 years ago had nothing and suddenly just have tens of millions.
They're allowed to steal, do whatever they want, robbing everything.
I mean, it's just robbing and stealing.
And what are they doing?
They know we're waking up, so they're putting
We're good to go.
We are in literal hell.
Total criminals are now in control.
They're going to take your kids when they're overweight.
They're going to force you on drugs.
They're going to force inoculate you.
There's no doubt they'll launch bio-attacks as they're saying are going to hit us.
There's no doubt they'll detonate nukes in our cities.
There's no... God help us!
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable how they've just been setting it up and setting it up and while they set it up, funding their own system.
The overkill of what they're setting up.
Just off the charts.
I mean, I don't even have words.
I don't even have words anymore to describe how bad it's gotten.
And this is only the start.
They've changed.
They've had a Supreme Court ruling.
They can take your private property of any private interest.
It says in the Supreme Court ruling, private interests are allowed to pay city and county officials and state officials.
It says it!
To then take your land and then not even pay you!
And Bush signed an executive order in the state of Texas and many other states passed laws saying you're given three months.
They give you one offer.
On average, it's 10% of the tax value when land is considered to be two to three times its value many times off the tax rolls, and you don't even have a redress.
Folks, I hear everybody talk about the Trans-Nafta Highway, and they keep talking about 35.
It's publicly 83 highways.
It's 8,000 miles of roads in Texas alone.
It's 10 miles on each side of any road.
They can just take it there.
So you don't listen to me now.
You watch.
They're going to take your land.
They're going to inject you with live cancer viruses.
They're going to grab your kids for being three pounds overweight.
They're going to jack up your property taxes.
They're going to run illegal aliens all over you.
They're going to do whatever they want.
And if you give them a problem, they'll have militarized police mow you down the street.
They'll roll out microwave guns and they'll burn your skin off.
They'll fly over us with helicopters and knock us out.
And the good news is the military won't follow those orders after the first few waves of it.
They'll come to their senses.
All the major think tank studies show it won't matter.
By 2011, half of the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps aerial fleets will be drone operated and command and control.
It can be pre-programmed and piloted purely by computers.
And that's why they're going to it.
You're talking about a few thousand globalists that will control a mechanized Air Force
That is computerized and robotic, and you will have ground forces that are at least one half foreign-born.
Total crisis!
The minute they've got those forces in place and tested, and believe me, the overseas stuff is just a war game of this, they're going to use them on us.
Now, I know a lot of you checked out my claims, and you've seen everything we've said come true.
Unfortunately, I wish I was wrong.
And a lot of people, you have your six cents, you've got your nose, you've got your hunch.
I know there's police detectives out there listening.
I know there's government people listening.
I know there's military officers listening.
I know there's elected representatives listening.
I know there's people listening in Japan.
I know they're listening all over the world.
You don't even need to check out what I've said.
I want you to to find out it's true.
But you know in your gut right now, your survival instinct tells you everything I just said is true.
Everything I just warned you about is real.
And if your guts aren't twisting right now, if your blood isn't pumping right now, if the hair on the back of your neck isn't standing up right now, you need to do a gut check.
You need to go check out my claims and find out their truth.
But I know a lot of you out there know right now in your gut, in your spirit, that I'm telling you the truth.
Now what are we going to do about it?
Are we men or are we mice?
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
One reason they've really gotten more out of control is because there's no real voting in most parts of the country now with these CIA-controlled Big Three voting machine companies, and that's now on record.
I mean, there's no real voting in many areas.
Folks, this is tyranny.
This is what happens normally in societies.
I know we've got Michelle, Dirk, Andrew, Sam, many, many others that are patiently holding.
Let's go to Andrew first, because he's calling from Australia.
And then I'll get into the fake global warming stuff after we take this bunch of calls.
I've just got tons of news here.
But I had to go through that rant of information for you.
Andrew in Australia, go ahead.
Yes, g'day Alex.
Great to talk to you again, mate.
Good to talk to you.
I wanted to let you know, and especially your Australian listeners, about a news forum site we've had opened here in the last month.
It's a tribute to yourself called infowars.com.au.
Now, the webmaster's doing some really good work by distributing copies of your DVD for just the postage.
So for $4 Australian, any Australian can grab a copy of Terror Storm or Martial Law.
Only on my show, and we'd be advertising other people selling my stuff when I make nothing.
But no, that's fine.
This is why I get the word out.
Hey, no, no, no, no.
I just want to point that out.
Because some say I shouldn't even charge for films.
Of course, I couldn't make films, and basically to the point where I may not be able to make the next one unless I get a lot of capital in.
But yeah, I'm glad that's happening.
I have seen the site.
Good to hear.
Oh, good.
All right, mate.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
Thank you, man.
Yeah, that stuff is happening.
In fact, I wasn't going to plug my videos this hour.
You know what?
I've gotten to the point where I plug them maybe once a show now on the air.
But I've made 15 films, and it's expensive to make them, to fly around and fly people here.
I mean, I'm flying all over the country for the film I'm making right now on the Global Master Plan.
We don't have a title yet.
I think I have a title, but I'm not going to announce it.
It'll be out in the summer, probably, because I'm taking my time on this.
It's my best work.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into the second hour of this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
The last hour I got into just the ultra-police state.
Taking your kids if they're a couple pounds overweight, forced drugging, taking your car, suspending your license depending on the state if you get three tickets in three years, banning trans fats, secret police types just everywhere in our business.
Now we're opening the phones up, then I'm going to really do an expose on the global warming fraud, how it ties into the ultra-police state, and so much more.
And then there's a ton of news.
North American Union news out today I'm going to be going over.
But right now, let's go to Michelle.
Michelle, thanks for holding.
Where are you calling from?
Hello, Alex.
This is Michelle calling from Colorado.
I am so happy to be talking to you.
I really, really am.
I want to tell you that I think that you're doing such a good job
Standing up for courage and saying things that they won't normally say, like on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC.
It means a lot to me.
Via did and wrote the Patriot Acts on the Fox News board.
It's come out in mainstream news that CNN is CIA.
It's all completely staged.
Yeah, and to me it's just as clear as day.
I'm a young person straight out of college and I've actually known about a lot of this information for about two years since about March 2005 and I would basically talk about it with my mom and nobody else believed us and I just think that you are a godsend for
You know, just willing to have the courage to come out and say that this is... Hey, I don't have a choice.
I want to make something clear.
The globalists have declared war on humanity.
They're doing horrible things to innocent people.
They're totally sick.
They must be fought.
I mean, I can't stop myself.
I completely agree.
I can't control myself.
I must fight them.
It's not some decision I make.
Well, I'm glad that you're doing it.
It was a long time ago a decision I made, but I've gone way past the point of no return.
I'm not even in control of myself.
It's great that you're doing it because it allows other people to have the freedom to not buy into that and to have the courage ourselves to do the same thing.
I appreciate that.
I just want to also let you know that I am a former veteran and I completely agree with everything that you say about
I've been in Iraq.
We were in Iraq.
I've known other people who this is their third time going over there and they have had access to money and things like that.
It's just so much corruption.
That's what they do.
They throw wads of like $10,000 just down to the lowest person.
It's the soldiers.
Me being in the military, and I'm free to say it now because before they said these are certain things you can say on TV.
I told them I didn't want the anthrax shot and it was like all hell broke out.
It was like I was being, you know, like... How many of the groups have died of an accelerated autoimmune disease after taking that?
I've had their fathers on the show.
A lot.
And I just think that it's great that this is a platform.
This is a worldwide thing.
I listen to you on my iPod and I'm just glad that other people can hear it and that me, just like you, are able to speak the truth because this is going on and I'm living proof and evidence of that because I... Did they make you take the shot?
No, I refused to take it.
And it's kind of like they blacklisted me.
They made me do like grunt work.
It's better than that bioweapon getting into you, but let's go back to the cash.
You know, earlier I read the Reuters headline about $4 billion or $363,000 tons.
It's true.
You read deeper in, it was $14 billion just disappeared.
It's true.
Tell me about it.
Tell me about the cash.
I personally didn't take it, but other people took it, and I just felt, I was like, this is not right.
That's the way to blackmail.
I mean, I saw it, and I was like, it would be great to have some extra money, but people are taking it home in their...
And their bags, and it was just like, I'm just like, wow, I can't believe, I can't believe this, because I come home, and I get on, and I watch on TV, and I sing, and they tell the soldiers to say, hey, everything's great, and we're building, and it's a lie, because we can't really say how we feel, and what we're thinking, and it's going on, and my thing is, I'm all for the military doing the right thing, and I was... Tell you what, stay there, we got a break.
Stay there.
I want to come back to you.
I want people to hear the specifics.
And of course, in these big hangers with the cash when the generals and colonels are handing it out, they're videotaping all of it.
It's for blackmail later.
We'll be right back.
We'll let you hear about it firsthand.
Stay there, Michelle.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Chemical attacks.
Dirty bombs.
Biological attack.
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Alarming words for our time.
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Again, that's 800-681-1909.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In one delivery of $4 billion in cash in 2003, 363 tons...
Of cash was delivered.
No records were kept of its dispersal.
$4 billion.
And then in the next three years, ladies and gentlemen, it was $14 billion.
So I guess four times the 363 tons of $100 bills.
Now, small portions of that, we're not sure how much,
Was just handed out to the troops.
I've talked to troops who said, look, man, they'd come in and the unit commander would come in and he would have huge dollies just loaded with boxes of $100 bills and they would just start giving us $1,000, $10,000, $5,000 a piece just handing it out.
People go, good, pay the troops!
This is done by design.
In these big hangars, they had, of course, video cameras, because they were videoing it and photoing it, and now they're releasing it, of them just handing it out, and handing it out to Iraqi officials, and handing it out to the police, and handing it out to the former Republican Guard.
I remember seeing, before the war, this happened after, before the war, one week before the invasion kicked off, and I have it on tape somewhere, I taped it, Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary, giving a press conference, saying,
That, don't worry, we've already, there's three Iraqi major army groups, we've paid off all three to their generals with cash payments.
And that special forces had already gone in with helicopters all over the country and given diamonds, gold, euros, and greenbacks to them.
And they also paid off most of the Iraqi Republican Guard.
That's why you didn't see resistance, folks.
It was a staged war, just like they paid off the Taliban before the invasion and during the invasion of Afghanistan.
That's now all mainstream news.
Then, a month after the invasion, Rumsfeld got on air and said, and back then I had like three employees, folks.
I was just taping this myself.
It's in big stacks in a portable building.
I don't even have the staff now.
Go look it up.
You've got the time.
I mention stuff every day now.
People go find it.
We've got listeners who are like in the CBS and ABC and CNN archives, and I see you sneak it out.
And then post it because it's got the internal watermark.
It's just a record of the broadcast with the time code.
We're seeing that happen, so go do this.
Go find it.
You'll find it.
One week before the invasion and about a month after, you'll get the two different statements.
And what did they do?
They then disbanded the entire military, and they disbanded the Bathurst, who could have instantly put things back in order and gotten the power on,
That was never the goal.
It was to break it down and balkanize it.
Now, they report $14 billion in cash delivered in pallets over the last three and a half years, $4 billion worth, or 363,000 tons, 363, not thousand, 363 tons, of cash, of $100 bills,
And it was just handed out.
Now that's to compromise them.
And I've talked to the troops.
They did this all on camera.
Just like the CIA and others videotaped Abu Ghraib.
Which was then meant to be released to inflame the Arabs even further.
That's all in the P2OG documents.
Type in P2OG.
You'll get it all.
This is so sick.
Now, let's go back to Michelle and then to other calls.
Michelle, you said that you were in the military.
Tell us what branch, and you said that you witnessed all the cash being handed out, but you didn't take part.
You also said no to the anthrax shot.
Specifically, give us the specifics without giving away too much about yourself.
Tell us.
Well, I... Hello?
Yes, I was in the Army, and without giving away too many specifics.
Well, I will say, when I refused to take the anthrax shot again, I mean, it was like...
I was the outcast.
I was one of the few people in the line who said, something doesn't feel right in my spirit.
I just don't see why.
It was almost like in 2003 because we knew what was going on.
We had a sense of what was going on.
Let me just add, by the way,
Yeah, I was just going to say that in 2002 we kind of suspected that something was going on because we were always having to do more.
We did more work than normal.
I would say when we weren't at war, things were a little bit more relaxed, more calm.
In 2002, right before everybody started to go to Iraq, especially the Army units, there was just so much going on.
And I remember right before everybody had to leave, and they were giving everybody, they made us attend meetings saying, this is what you're supposed to say if you get confronted with media people.
This is what you're supposed to do if your family asks.
And we all knew where we were going.
Yeah, all had a lie.
And it was all very suspicious.
Tell us about the cash.
I was the main voice of dissent.
About the cash, I just felt it wasn't right in my face.
But describe where you were, how they were handing it out.
Well, some of the...
It wasn't really the top brass.
It was mainly because I think that they didn't want the responsibility of it.
It was broken up at the higher level.
Yeah, you were there.
That's the stories I've heard from other troops and I know personally is that they come into the unit and hand it out there.
But go ahead.
It was mainly the NCOs, E-5, E-6 and above.
They kind of stopped it at the EA because I guess that...
They worked more so with the top brass.
And again, go over the cash.
Tell us about it.
So when they were dispersing it, especially when you were out in our rec, either they did it discreetly or they did it out in the open, but it was kind of hush-hush.
Like, don't tell anybody.
This is amongst us fives.
I've been told between $1,000 and $10,000 would be handed out within a month.
How much cash were you seeing being handed out?
Oh, more than that.
It was more than that.
I'm talking about per soldier.
Well, it depended because there weren't buckets per se, but there were, I would say, more like bags.
Bags of just money.
And then they would say, okay, we would go up to them.
Yeah, the report I've got is those big dollies that are flat-bottomed with boxes.
And they would literally go, two grand for you.
Good job, five grand for you.
Yeah, and don't say anything.
Go hide it and don't say anything.
And then we had to come back over to the states.
We kind of had to be very discreet in how, and not me personally, but how they had to do it.
And they've done the same thing.
Now, understand, the big guys have stolen almost four trillion.
Then they just hand out a few billion to you guys to then get you under their thumb.
It's kind of like, you know, the soldiers complain about, we complain amongst ourselves like how we don't get enough, so it's kind of like an insensible saying, well, here, we know that the Army doesn't pay you enough, so this would be to offset those costs.
Yeah, but that's not what it is.
It's a corrupt deal.
It's a complete lie.
It's just, to me, I just want to say to all the people who facilitated that and the person who called you a few days ago, cuckoo, just shame on you for thinking that this is not true and it's not happening.
I'm living proof that this is corruption to the highest.
How long were you in Iraq?
In what year?
One term, and I was only there for a year, so it was one term.
The unit I used to be in is now on their third term over there.
So, it's just like, it's mind-boggling.
How often did they hand the cash out?
It depended.
It depended.
Usually, it depended on what missions, because we would have to go off on missions.
So, it depended on what missions, where we were going to, who we were meeting with.
If we were meeting with top people, it was kind of like all undercover.
Nobody pretended like anything was going on.
It was kind of like, mom is the word.
It just...
This is also a way to introduce mainline troops into black ops.
Taking masses of cash.
Man, this is... And it's kind of a guilt thing.
And so that's why I said I can't do it because it's a snowball effect.
If you do it and if you're a soldier and you have any conscience... And I wasn't the only one who refused to take it.
What percentage refused the cash?
A small percentage.
5, 10%, 20%?
I would say maybe about 10%.
I mean, because what can you do if you're being told and you're being brainwashed to say this is what you're supposed to tell to the media, this is how you're supposed to act, what are you supposed to do?
Sure, sure, they get you in groups of eight, and then what, they just reach in bags and like, on average, hand out how much?
Just big, big, big, big stacks of hundreds?
Um, yeah, pretty much.
Pretty much.
I mean, you take what you can get and you fill it up and you don't say anything about it.
I mean, it's just as simple as that.
Did they tell you don't send this home to family or don't talk about this?
Don't send it.
Oh, yeah.
You don't.
Mom is the word.
I couldn't stress that enough.
Mom was the word.
And it was just mind-boggling because I said, this is not right.
This is not how I was raised to be, and this is not part of my belief.
Now, what about the foreign soldiers?
What about the illegal aliens that are now 20% of the Army Ground Force?
Or do they keep those in separate units, or were they in your units?
Well, when we first went over there, we were at, well, I won't say the place where we were at because there are still other soldiers and Marines over there now, but we did work and live with some of the Iraqi soldiers
Yeah, when I was over there I didn't really encounter them so they were probably in another part of Iraq or somewhere on the border.
I really didn't encounter them at all, not me personally.
I just mainly heard about the Iraqi soldiers working with them.
So were they handing the cash out every week, every month?
It wasn't a routine thing.
It was a random thing.
How many times in the year you were there did you watch cash being served out?
Me personally, I would say about 15.
So every month or so?
You can average it like that, but sometimes it could have been two times a month or three times or one time.
So it was really random, but it went on.
How much cash each time on average?
Ballpark, thousands?
I would say maybe one soldier the first time probably about between $2,000 and $3,000, $4,000.
But I didn't take it.
I didn't take it.
So I just saw it, and I was tempted.
I can't lie, but it just wasn't right.
You know, I'd like to get your name off air.
I promise we'll never use your name in a story, but I'd like to be able to get you in contact with one of my writers.
Can we do that?
All right.
Stay there, Michelle.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
are located?
And do you know the locations of the top 300 prime terrorist targets?
You can find these answers and more in the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA.
With the more than 50 interactive parameters, you can pinpoint natural and man-made disaster areas.
We're good to go.
That's 888-803-4438 to order on the web or at BerkeyWater.com.
I think?
I think so.
Midas has Nick Bereshev's report covering the loss of purchasing power, fat tail events, bull market economic vulnerabilities, and gold-oil relationship.
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That's 800-686-2237.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to do a story with that lady.
But here it is in Reuters.
$14 billion, one delivery, 363 tons of $100 bills, just handed out to everybody.
Generals taking huge boxes for themselves, of course.
This is how you bring down a nation.
Hitler did the exact same type of stuff.
Man, and any soldier that blows the whistle or speaks up, they will selectively prosecute them for theft of that money.
Oh man, we're in so much trouble, folks.
This is so dark and so bad.
And then our heroes are Jack Bauer torturing people on 24th.
From Andy Griffin to Jack Bauer.
I've got a lot of clips and news I want to cover, but I want to get through your calls for those who have been holding.
Dirk in Las Vegas and Sam, Mike, Mike, and others.
Go ahead, Dirk.
You know, I just read yesterday that Bauer was the last name of the Rockefellers.
Hey, Alex.
The Rothschilds.
Rothschilds, you're right, right.
Anyway, the reason why I called is I'm hosting some movie screenings in Las Vegas.
The first one is this Friday.
I'm showing Loose Change, Russo's movie, Freedom of Fascism, and, of course, Terror Storm.
Okay, tell us when it is.
The movie starts at 2 o'clock from 2 p.m.
to 10 p.m.
at the West Charleston Public Library, and I want to invite all your Vegas listeners to come show up.
Admission is free, and also I have a dedicated website for the movie screenings that shows the maps and show times.
It's conspiracynight.com, and if other people across the nation want to hold their own Conspiracy Night events, they can contact me through the website, and I'll dedicate space to them.
That'll show...
That's networking.
That's awesome.
What else is on your mind?
Great job.
That's about it.
Thank you, sir.
Let's talk to Sam in Virginia.
Go ahead.
Good evening, Alex.
I just wanted to ask you a question.
I met a man that works for, I'll just say, an alternative news type show, both locally here in Virginia and nationally.
And he had heard about the lady that you had on in Texas with, what was it, the Women's Eagle Forum or something like that?
Yeah, it's the virus, the live virus.
They're claiming it's the law and it's not the law to take it.
Well, he knows what's been going on in Texas, but could you give me some information I can pass on to him?
He's given me his
It's been all over national, international news.
All 50 states have been lobbied.
A bunch of states are simultaneously, from New York to California, right now, trying to pass laws to, quote, make it on the list of recommended vaccines, but then they lie and say it's the law, but you have to take it when it isn't.
So it's a hoax, in a fraud, in a scam, and it's hard for the average person to realize that governors and people just lie so purely.
The government's completely criminal, okay?
It's gone, folks.
And yes, I happen to know they are lobbying in Virginia, big time in the District of Columbia, the District of Criminals, the Congress Critters, and heaven help us.
Who wants to have that lady on?
Do you have any information about her?
Yeah, she's the chairman of the Texas branch of the Eagle Forum.
And my brain is having a burp right now.
But she's been in the AP.
Just go do a search.
You'll be able to find it.
My God, it's Google, man.
That's how you do it.
You can find everything.
Oh, Google?
I mean, you just type in Governor Perry Vaccine Eagle Forum.
She's one of their national chairs.
Her name's everywhere.
It'll pop in my head in a second.
Eagle Forum.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's take another call.
Let's talk to Michael in New York.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
Great show, Alex.
Thanks for all your effort.
Anybody that calls up and doesn't understand what's going on here, I mean, my God, how can they not catch on by now?
Alex, what we're dealing with, as you well know, it's commie infiltration, commie nazi, fascist communism infiltrating.
It's command and control.
They used our tax money to fund the corporations to get bigger than government.
Then they funded the government to hand over governmental power to them and make laws to catch everybody in their web.
And they're only at the starting line now.
It's hell on earth.
Yeah, it's all UN activity.
It's all done under international treaty.
We're already under global government.
It's all global law.
They get us caught up with these foreign conflicts to get our boys over there to shed their blood for no cause except to advance the UN agenda with undeclared wars like the Korean War, the Vietnam War, now the Iraq-Nam War.
Alex, let me tell you what's going on here locally in this little village here in New York.
We've got artesian well water.
We've got plenty of good supply.
I was a water commissioner for five years.
They want to triple your price to get the water and then make you fluoridate it.
More than that, Alex.
They're telling us now, we don't have the water.
They want us to use another town's water coming out of the Hudson, which is pure slap, and now they've added... Yeah, stay there.
It's the same thing.
It's Dutch, German, and British companies, predominantly, buying up almost all the water supplies.
They then shut off most of the other supplies, only give you one supply, and double and triple prices.
It's the IMF documents released in 2002.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Pinch me, Bill.
I can't believe it.
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The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
We're good to go.
The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
That's The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
Or subscribe online at our website, www.anu.org.
I have a guest my producer set up who got set up with Homeland Security going on an airplane just because he complained about racial profiling.
His mom's white, his dad's black and Asian, he's not a Muslim.
They've taken his bags and searched him.
Well, you'll hear the story, but I may try to back him up for the last 30 minutes because there's just so much here I want to cover.
We had the Nobel Prize winner on a few months ago, former chief economist, World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz on, and the documents got released right around the time he quit and discussed in 2002.
BBC covered it.
We had Greg Pallast on.
And once the global banks start bankrupting their nation by design in the final phases, they buy up the water supplies for pennies on the dollar through sweetheart deals with politicians, and then they double or triple the prices overnight, claiming that there's scarcity.
The whole phony environmental movement is about that.
The fake global warming, and there is climate change, by the way, but the whole thing you're hearing is just to have global taxes on fossil fuels, wellhead, money transfers.
And all around Austin, the small towns, all over the country, Missouri, California, anywhere you look, it's almost always Dutch, Swiss, German, it seems to be Italian, it seems to be their specialty.
Just look at it, it'll be them.
And they come in, and let's say the water district had been running and operating for
You know, let's say you were paying $50 a month for it.
You'll be paying, in some cases, $400, $500 for water when they're done.
You've got big trash compacting companies who come in and buy after politicians.
You'll go from paying, you know, from two trash pickups a week and paying $20 a month to paying $60 a month to one trash pickup.
It's just all mafia takeover.
And it's the same thing with water districts everywhere.
They're selling the Michigan lottery, the Illinois lottery that basically most of the lotteries are selling.
They set them up in the last 10 to 15 years, depending on the state, and the government running the gambling, saying, oh, 20% will go to education.
Then there's massive mafia fraud.
It turns out a fraction of that goes there.
Oh, the schools are all still bankrupt.
They're really not.
They're all buying stocks and bonds and sports teams and investments, and the money managers and city managers get massive payoffs from them.
It's just wallowing in corruption.
It's unspeakable.
And Governor Perry just announced that they're going to sell the lottery for what it makes in one year.
Now, you know that's a bad business decision.
And guess what?
It's not going to be... A fraction will now go to education on what it was, but they say maybe it'll be for a cancer endowment.
Now they just say maybe.
Oh, it's for cancer.
Hell, we're for it.
Maybe they'll have Lance Armstrong walk around when he's not pitching slave-made tennis shoes or deadly cancer drugs.
He'll come out for it, and I'm sure it's fine.
I mean, this is just sick.
And here it is.
I'll go back to your calls in a moment.
Governor proposes selling Texas Lottery.
Governor Rick Perry.
By the way, it's always foreign.
It's an Italian company buying most of them.
Governor Rick Perry on Tuesday proposed selling the state lottery for at least $14 billion to create an endowment for Texans without health insurance and a trust fund for cancer research.
That money could be used to be worth $2.7 billion endowment for the uninsured.
Hey, why not just take the profits from it and do that?
Oh, no, no, no.
That money could be used to form a 2.7, could be, endowment for the uninsured and to create a $3 billion fund for the fight against cancer, Perry said in the State of the State address.
Why would you sell it to do that?
Instead of just take the money from one sale.
Both funds would generate ongoing payments, he said.
This moment in time is a unique opportunity to address the great challenges and build the foundation of the future.
And it just goes on from there.
And if you think you're going to get a cancer endowment, oh, they'll have some little building and a few hundred million funding and it'll all go into scams.
The tens of billions, you'll never see it.
And this is just the mafia families that already set it up and run it, just probably taking ownership of it.
Your water districts, your roads, the lotteries, the colleges that were once free, everything.
Alright, let's go back to Michael.
In New York.
Michael, finish up briefly, because I want to go to some clips and other calls here.
Okay, tell me what they're doing with your water.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
So, yes, now we have an outsource, and it's coming from the Hudson.
In addition to being slop water, now they're adding chloramines, okay?
There's your poison, and of course they're saying, well... No, no, they come into aquifer water that's got plenty of water, no problem, and they turn that off, and then they make you drink poison water and charge you triple for it.
Now, what you have here, Alex, is clearly the U.N.
agenda, 21 activity, regionalism.
Yeah, they have U.N.
summits and say water and food's a weapon, and they're transferring into the globalist hands.
We're seeing it right here.
So the county, we know from, they're not admitting this, but we're putting it together on our own investigative work.
It's the county plan to control it all, but of course the county's really got the downward... Hey, I have a videotape out of southern Florida where the county commissioner admits that the U.N.
brought it in to him with a proposal to hand over the water.
Alex, I've seen already at local board meetings where we've got representatives coming in and it's clearly they're representing FEMA and UN activity, Agenda 21.
They want to control your water supply because they're jacking it full of stuff.
Oh, don't believe us.
Just trust them.
Just drink it, okay?
Just don't believe us.
Just enjoy it.
Now, Alex, at the meetings, when I tried to show that this is a bigger agenda here, people, this is what's going on, and I circulated a photograph of that nice swastika building at the Coronado Navy Base off San Diego.
That's right.
I circulated it around everybody so they could see it.
And how some of them didn't even react was stunning to me.
You know, only one cop was like, holy S, you know, I can't believe that.
But everybody else, and I had one village board guy say, I like that.
And he's almost a relative of mine, and I wanted to strangle him.
So I'm running on the Republican ticket to become a trustee to try to turn this water thing around with some other people.
Well, the way to attack it is to show how they do it everywhere and they jack your prices up, and that's how you defeat it.
Thank you.
I don't know if I'd go in and start showing them the esoteric stuff right off the bat, but thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in PA.
Mike, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, I'm calling in for your benefit.
Your allergies.
You can go to a health food store or something.
Find some honey that's producing... I'm eating local honey.
It's right here in my hands.
It's right here on the desk.
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It's not helping me right now.
I've got the honey right here, and I've eaten half of it.
Well, you know, winter honey from your region will help you in the allergies that
You're coming in too bright now.
Here's what I've got.
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The nectars are dehydrated into honey by the bees fanning their wings.
It is stored in a hexagonal wax cell and sealed capped with wax by the bees when it's antennized with proper moisture content.
When you think that flowers secrete nectar to entice honey bees and other insects to help them cross-pollinate by carrying pollen grains from one plant to another as they forage, you realize that honey is part of a wonderful, almost magical process.
Nectar is the reward.
The bees in a step further and concentrated into honey is awesome.
We hope you enjoy this unique natural blend.
All right, man.
Take care.
Hey, I love you.
Hey, I appreciate your advice.
We'll see if it works.
People around here claim it is.
In fact, here, I got a spoon right here.
Let me reach over here and get it.
Ah, a honey-encrusted spoon.
Hmm, let me take a nice bite of it.
Let me see here.
Okay, I'm eating honey right now.
I'm going to do whatever it takes.
I don't like it.
I don't like sweets, folks.
Very few sweets I like.
My dessert would just be to eat more regular food.
All right.
Isn't this just riveting radio?
I don't even know what to say anymore.
Things are so corrupt.
I just can't believe it.
I cannot articulate how out of control every branch of government is.
I just can't believe it.
Let's play Lou Dobbs, and this is really a whitewash if you ask me, compared to really how bad it is.
So we'll play this clip of Lou Dobbs, then I'm going to comment on it, then I've got several other chilling globalist quotes, and the clips, here it is.
The Bush administration tonight is pushing, rather publicly now, its security and prosperity partnership, a plan to quote-unquote integrate the economies of the United States, Mexico, and Canada by the year 2010.
You're thinking, you didn't vote for that.
Your congressman didn't vote for that.
Your senator didn't vote for that.
You're correct.
It is a very ambitious plan for three very different economies and nations.
It's moving forward without congressional oversight, in many cases congressional knowledge, and certainly not the approval of the American people, nor, for that matter, the Canadian people, nor the Mexican people.
Christine Romans has our report.
In Mexico City, from the Bush administration, a rare acknowledgement of concerns about its security and prosperity partnership.
We have three different countries.
They are three different sovereign nations.
They have their own laws, their own culture, their own history, their own governments.
And within that framework, we can build a stronger Western Hemisphere without tampering with local national sovereignty.
The Commerce Secretary denies an outright plan for a single currency or a European-style American Union.
Instead, the goal is, quote, harmonizing hundreds of rules and regulations from health care to trucking to energy to cut red tape and make companies more competitive within the three nations.
But critics see stealthy changes taking place deep within government bureaucracies with input from business and academia, but away from lawmakers and voters.
All this is about is open borders.
Open borders between Mexico and America, America and Canada.
Open borders without any controls and there's no telling what could happen to this country that would be detrimental to the future of America.
But Gutierrez says security comes first.
The priority must be to keep those out who want to do harm, but to ensure that we can continue the flow of more goods.
And the flow of job creation across our borders.
Numerous SPP documents reveal a goal of moving people and goods more easily among the three countries.
According to SPP documents released through Freedom of Information Request, architects of the SPP are aware that they've got a little bit of an image problem.
Congressman Jones says he thinks that there's an image problem for a reason.
He's written to the White House now twice about detailed questions about the SPP.
He says he's been ignored on this.
Well, this White House is ignoring and has ignored Congress in nearly every instance in which it doesn't get a rubber stamp.
The idea that Carlos Gutierrez, the Commerce Secretary, is talking about this in Mexico City and not addressing it publicly before Congress.
The fact that all of these things are happening behind closed doors.
I mean, why is there not
Some greater sense of what's going on on the part of this government.
Congressman Jones points out that there's a website at the Congress Department.
He doesn't want a website.
He wants to sit down and find out what this is all about.
These things belong in the arena of Congress and he'd like to see some oversight there.
I have to say that what we're watching here and what you've reported and all of our colleagues have been reporting on with the so-called North American Union
And in a few other quarters, the American people have every reason to be very concerned.
The suggestion that these corporate and business elites, and now we can include some of the luminaries of geopolitics, George Shultz and others,
Now, again, you'd think that's hardcore.
It's not.
They didn't call Gutierrez on any of his lies.
Oh, this won't affect your local...
Communities, you'll still have your power.
In every state in the union, they've already taken almost all control over the cities and counties to unelected regional boards.
The cities sign agreements to hand over their authority.
Hundreds and hundreds of laws being merged, and it doesn't get rid of red tape, it creates more of it.
And, quote, those goods is more slave goods flowing in and giving Mexico a major, quote, inland port facility in Kansas City and then U.S.
Customs down at the port of Mexico?
I mean, this is just...
And they had the North American Union Summit last year in September.
They have it coming up again this September.
It was governmental agreements with the executive branches, and Congress isn't even allowed to know, and the President says you can't see any of it.
It's called high treason!
These are people that ship $14 billion and hand it out to everybody in Iraq as a way to get them on the take and get them compromised.
These are people that $3.9 trillion has come up missing from the Pentagon.
$3.9 trillion!
They're looting, they're handing the lotteries over to their friends, they're handing the water districts over to their friends.
Again, colleges that were free...
The people that lived in the States are now incredibly expensive, and all that money is being taken and put into investments.
They're buying sports teams, movie theater chains, newspapers.
The toll road companies get investment from our universities, and they come in foreign-owned and buy up the newspapers and then spew propaganda.
This is being done with military precision.
Every check and balance.
Every form of due process.
The courts are being turned into total kangaroo systems.
I mean, this is systematic.
The social workers ruling over you.
Talk on a cell phone walking down the street.
Talk on a cell phone in your car.
They'll take your car.
Get three tickets in three years.
They'll suspend your license, charge you as high as $4,000.
Take a plastic knife to school.
Meanwhile, illegal aliens get bank accounts with no IDs.
Again, it is just lawless mafia criminals running everything.
We're good to go.
And the sick thing is, once they sew this thing up, they're going to pay the cops almost nothing, the firemen, the bureaucrats.
It's going to get so bad.
And all of you helping bring this in, 99% of you are going to get nothing out of this.
All the big new scholarships at every major college are homeland security, how to spy, how to tattle, how to run data mining databases.
Again, ITT technical.
I said it last hour.
You don't see ads for computer technology or software anymore or electronics.
It's all come be a cop, come be a security guard, come be a... That's the new America, folks.
It's their plan.
And just more... Oh, a reporter arrested for not giving their source.
Oh, a reporter shot and killed.
You know, blah, blah, blah.
Website's being shut down.
We've got to restrict these people online.
Attacks on free speech.
Just more and more.
More and more.
Just racing and racing.
Getting worse and worse.
I'm going to cover news.
Then I'm going to go back to your calls.
I've got a bunch of clips I want to play.
There's just so much.
Oh, it's just, I mean, when you see this thing clearly for what it is, these aren't just run-of-the-mill criminals.
They're also into eugenics and killing people.
I mean, this is the worst possible scenario.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Super tyranny is upon us.
The globalists that we face have wrecked so many nations, have killed hundreds of millions.
And the writing's on the wall.
They're setting it up here.
Ah, just roll part of this song.
At least there's something pretty in this world.
And then the man steps right up to the microphone And says at last it's just a time bell ring Good night, now it's time to go home Then he says fast, one more thing
Welcome back.
I mean, I'm here, reading their own documents, tracking their different programs, seeing it all come together, and it's like Brave New World.
Keep that guitar rolling, I like it.
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's unspeakable.
That our beautiful country, our world, that humanity isn't just going to be under a tyranny, but a high-tech one run by a bunch of bloodthirsty scum.
And to see the compartmentalized servants and minions of this system enforcing it when you're destroying yourselves, you're destroying your families, you're taking part in something that's hurting so many innocents.
It's committing so many crimes against humanity.
I just, I mean, some days I come in and I look at all of it.
I look at the information.
It's just, it's off the charts.
What kind of people would knowingly kill our troops and buy a weapons test and give black men syphilis?
What kind of government would sterilize...
400 plus thousand women forcibly in this country.
What type of government would fund vaccines filled with cancer viruses and sterilization compounds all over the world?
What type of people would do their best to have an educational system that dumbs down and ruins minds and destroys critical thinking capabilities?
Just greedy, hateful individuals.
You know how they sell you on evil?
A lot of people say, yeah, just nuke Iraq, nuke Iran, kill them all, that's war.
That's what war is.
Don't you understand the people doing that over there have adopted that very attitude you have, that you've adopted for foreigners, that that attitude's been adopted for you?
That attitude's been adopted for the Congress!
The Congress has told, sit down and shut up!
We're merging the countries!
We're going to jack up the taxes!
We're going to turn loose federally controlled under international treaties under UNESCO bureaucrats and social workers to nanny state and micromanage the entire planet.
This is what's happening.
And they mean business.
And the only reason they haven't gone further faster is because we've still got hundreds of millions of guns.
There's a few percentage points out of the hundreds of millions of gun owners that are willing to fight.
And so they're doing everything they can to twist and propagandize and drug us in the water.
Oh, and Lord knows it's in there.
We've already caught them.
1930 studies.
Award-winning World War II books.
Talk about how Hitler put it in the water in the forced labor camps.
It's all happening.
I mean, we're just in... They're doing all kinds of stuff to us.
It's just horrible.
And you've got to clearly see it for what it is.
I mean, things are just so bad.
The normal response to this would be running down the street screaming, waving your arms, frankly.
I mean, that's the only response that's halfway normal to a criminal psychopath's in control.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
After this break, I'm going to walk through...
How the globalists are going to use the environmental movement as a whole new layer of tyranny and oppression.
Here's a three-minute clip.
This is just when you go to the... I went to the Drugs Report and this popped up as an ad.
About the global regions working together to save the Earth.
The climate and logical change.
The global government saving us.
I mean, this is going on right now.
When we come back, I'll break it down.
Let's go ahead and play the...
Clip with a creepy British chick.
Here it is.
Emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, are causing global warming and posing grave threats to our planet.
What's more, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing rapidly.
If we continue on the current path, the long-term average temperature could increase by somewhere between 3 to 6 degrees Celsius.
Which would be absolutely devastating for our planet.
The European Union's long-term climate goal is maximum 2 degrees Celsius rise in global average temperature.
To get on the right track, emissions have to be substantially reduced, starting now.
Which means the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have to be stabilized at a maximum of 450 parts per million to reach the EU goal and start curbing climate change by 2030.
Emissions must be reduced by 27 gigaton per year compared to business as usual.
It is necessary, but also quite possible.
At a calculated marginal cost of 40 euro per tonne, a major new study from Vattenfall now presents a global mapping of the world's total reduction potential, analysed by six major commercial sectors.
Power, transport, industry, forestry,
Buildings and agriculture.
Reduction potential has also been analyzed by six major world regions.
Europe OECD, North America, China, other industrials, transition and the rest of the world.
We invite you to explore the details of the global abatement map, showing that curbing climate change is not only necessary, it is also possible.
And then you can go to the site and learn all the propaganda.
Oh, the six major global sectors of economics, the six major world regions, which in the trilateral map then break down into two sub-regions each for three.
I mean, it's just, we're in the global government.
This is an announcement by the EU.
And Jacques Chirac said yesterday, he said, if you don't adopt the global carbon tax, we'll tax you here on your goods coming in.
And even if you believe their reports, this global climate change can't be reversed now.
You can't reverse it.
It's already caused the chain reaction.
You go off their studies.
It's just such a fraud.
And again, I know it's religious for a lot of you out there to think global warming is real.
Climate change is real, and it's constant.
And the sun is heating up.
That is a real, measurable indices.
It's not debatable.
And even if you believe their frauds, the reasons they're claiming we're having global warming and climate change, even if you believe that, you have to understand that their solution does nothing.
I'm going to try to break it down when we get back.
And then we'll take your calls and get to more news.
And I've got a bunch of other clips as well.
They've got a global problem, global warming.
They've got a global solution.
Only global law, global courts, global armies can enforce it.
Ah, yes.
A wonderful planet.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
TerrorStorm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
TerrorStorm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
TerrorStorm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
TerrorStorm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, the problem I have is there's too much proof of this.
It's totally out in the open.
It's publicly admitted.
And it's so draconian that a lot of people just won't have the will to do the research so they can verify it for themselves.
They'll just deny it.
The elites that run our planet, and I have the official UN agreements and documents stated by the 60s, and this is in my film, Road to Tyranny, at the end, that they're going to go back to a feudal state.
They call it neo-serfdom.
Both terms are used.
They use those terms.
They're going to use neo-mercantilism to de-industrialize the West and
And shift control away from the spoiled free countries that have too much power.
But that doesn't mean too much power over the third world.
It means too much power and wealth for the elites to be able to totally control us.
So it's a process of economically destroying us.
You have 160 plus countries.
Over 130 are exempt from the Kyoto Protocol.
China, who has now surpassed the U.S.
last year in greenhouse gas emissions, is totally and completely exempt.
India, number four in total greenhouse emissions, exempt.
Bangladesh, Mexico, go look it up for yourself.
Totally exempt.
I mean, let's look at what's being pushed first before we get into global warming.
What's being pushed is a UN-controlled banking exchange where you continue to use fossil fuels, but you pay as high as a 10% tax on your fossil fuel-derived power sources.
Natural gas, oil, coal burning, power plants...
The list goes on and on.
Plastic productions, anything that uses petrochemicals and that burns any petrochemicals in the development.
You then go to the United Nations and to the private banking institution at the center of it, and you buy credits from them.
The credits are a tax.
So, then when people actually look at it, they say, well, this will encourage cleaner burning systems.
Then they also put on this dog and pony show where they claim the oil companies are against it.
The oil companies are owned by the large private central banking cartels.
The Rockefellers and Rothschilds own the majority of the stock in the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.
That's public.
I think.
You always hear about the Arab cartel predominantly, Venezuela also involved with OPEC.
The Arabs only get 20%.
The rest goes into the Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, the Rockefellers, the Gothas, and a handful of other families.
They control the paper currency.
They control the issuance of credit.
They control the central treasuries of the nations.
They control the petrochemical chain.
They control it from wellhead to store shelf.
Almost everything's got petrochemicals in it now.
From your shampoo to your hot dogs.
To the inks used to print on the Campbell's soup can.
To the RFID chip on the bottom of the can.
So they are now just creating a world government.
They need a world crisis to set up world regulations and laws.
That crisis is terrorism.
Another crisis is global warming.
Another crisis is global disease.
All of which, when you speak of the global disease pandemics and you speak of terrorism, is being orchestrated by the very same people.
Meanwhile, true environmental degradation is accelerating.
It is totally legal under international law.
To dump any amount of any deadly chemical or genetically engineered organism into the ocean as long as it is 12 to 15 miles out, depending on the region.
Thousands of laboratories from China to New York to Galveston, Texas are running the equivalent of level 4 bio...
Weapons and other genetic engineering operations in level 2 surroundings.
They have robotically controlled giant assembly lines, some of them the size of major auto plant manufacturing facilities, randomly splicing DNA between the animal and plant kingdom, bacterial, viral, doing pure research.
Thousands of other laboratories doing specific research and developments.
They are open-air testing on tens of thousands of plots.
There are over 175 plots within 100 miles of where I sit.
I looked that up this weekend.
Here's one example.
Remember six years ago it came out?
Big scares.
96 locations from Texas to Nebraska.
The Texas Space Company had live corn with live AIDS virus and they planted it open air and suddenly there were men in white suits everywhere in white containment suits running around burning the fields and burning nearby fields because it began jumping into other plant species.
That's going on everywhere right now.
Stuff ten times more scary
The environmental groups say nothing.
It's not in your national anti-human eugenics magazine, National Geographic.
It's nowhere.
There's all sorts of horrible things happening.
But the Nature Conservatives and Sierra Club, they're just receivership arms for...
We're good to go.
Then they build luxury homes, five-star hotels, five-star spas, and the smallest homes are worth a million dollars.
Helicopter pads, the rich stumbling around, literally building their houses because they're part of the real estate council off the stolen land they got and then profited from.
Private security firms, men with machine guns guarding them, just laughing.
It's just wonderful.
That'll save the earth.
Oh, yes.
It's so good.
This is what they're doing.
They're snatching up the lakes, the aquifers, the water supplies, and telling you there's no water over and over again.
Going in and shutting down whole reservoirs to then over pump a reservoir and stick their cameras on the reservoir and show you that it's going down to tell you there's no water to create again the same crisis.
Meanwhile, the UN's own report, and they tell you it's all man, but their own report says 3% greenhouse emissions,
6% impervious cover, heat sinks, blacktop, and the vast majority is the sun and volcanic activity.
Actual metered numbers.
The sun, as I've been telling you, went into its hottest 12-year cycle ever.
They thought that is the most
Emanations from it and all bandwidths and the entire wavelength of radiation from visible light down to infrared to gamma rays, x-rays.
It's on track in the next 11 years, we're already one year into the new cycle, to double in its radiance.
Heaven help us if it continues to increase emissions
And it is.
In fact, it looks like it's actually accelerating its emissions faster than what they predicted.
And NASA stated it as well as the European Space Agency and private institutions.
This was so important.
I went and looked at universities.
They're getting the same readings.
It's growing even faster in its emissions than they previously thought.
Your SUV has nothing to do with that.
And having a global tax on you will do absolutely nothing.
But they have stunts.
They have people getting up in France at the climate summit doing chimpanzee calls and saying, let's save the chimpanzees.
You have the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower turning off their lights for five minutes.
You have all these stunts.
You have big Hollywood movies like The Day After Tomorrow.
And then you have movies coming out
That poses documentaries by Al Gore.
Showing what's happening with the emissions.
And his book written, what, 17 years ago, whatever, Earth on the Balance, calls for the NAFTA highways, the regions, all of it.
Agenda 21.
And again, he was just writing what they gave him and told him to write.
It's the written, documented UN global government agenda.
And it has nothing to do with it.
It will simply transfer emissions from here to other Third World nations where there are zero emissions controls.
I have the Financial Times of London.
Criminal code raises fear over EU powers.
Criminal... Just wait until I get to it.
Global warming debate spurs the governor to move to try to fire a professor.
Oh yes, we're going to be locking you up if you deny it.
It'll be like Holocaust denial.
You deny global warming, you go to jail.
We'll cover it when we get back.
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These laws are already being used in Canada, Britain, Australia, and Sweden against Christians for reading certain Bible passages.
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Excellent, Jane.
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I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting Tried to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away in the end And you could have it all, my empire of dirt
Welcome back.
It is appointed to a man to live only once and to die.
Death is a hundred percent.
It is the great equalizer.
What would it profit a man?
To gain the whole world.
To lose his eternal soul.
All right.
It's really simple.
Just as many of you listening have decided to dehumanize the Iraqis and the Iranians and the Vietnamese and the Africans and anyone else they tell you is your enemy, the elite made the decision
A long time ago to designate you subhuman.
They made a decision a long time ago to do everything they can to enslave you and control you and if they can get away with it, even kill you.
It's the ultimate selfishness.
And they're setting up a worldwide tyranny to destroy any independent industry.
A worldwide tyranny to tax any middle classes and any mobility or freedom or any privacy.
It's all being destroyed.
It's all being ripped to pieces right now in front of us.
The world beast system is unfolding, and your phony churches are telling you, don't worry, you'll be raptured out of it, you don't have to deal with it, you don't have to face it.
Just unbelievable wickedness.
I mean, you know, $14 billion, 363 tons in one delivery, $100 bills to be handed out, and corruption in Iraq.
That's nothing compared to Dyncor kidnapping little children.
The unspeakable things they do to them.
They just operate with impunity.
Halliburton, same thing.
My God.
My God, what have we become?
What have we turned into?
What has happened to us?
How can we out here that care and are upset about this and who love decency and honor and beauty just to see the evil grow, to see it locally, to see people who I know personally who can't even recognize evil anymore.
To see them.
To see it all around us.
To see this black sun rising.
The good news is, is that
The resistance is forming, it's surging, it's growing.
But I see it as a race, and I see that no one wins in this.
There's only a collision.
But if we do not collide and throw ourselves against the machinery of the New World Order, they will prevail and have their black feast of stench.
If we collide and we throw ourselves against it, we can bring it down with a mighty crash.
A crash that will destroy many of us.
But honor and beauty and decency will prevail.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Times are tough right now, but there are a lot of different ways to get ourselves out of this mess.
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That's 877-327-0365.
In California, Ted in Las Vegas, Mark in New York, and others.
We're going to get to your calls here in just a few minutes.
I haven't played this song in about a year.
Here it is, Krista Berg, Revolution.
We'll go to your calls, and Kevin Smith with a quick five-minute report on the criminal consolidation that's going on.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window I can hear someone knocking on the door
There are voices in the street And the sound of running feet And they whisper the word There are men coming down from the valley There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight It's been so many years
So many tears we have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar Revolution!
We're good.
I think?
I'm Alex Jones in the final battle for the Republic, the last ditch defense against the mechanized forces of the New World Order, their allied propaganda arms, and their allied crime syndicates.
We're going to go to Wyatt and a few other callers, then get Kevin in here for some important updates, but we are living at the crossroads.
The most important point in human development is now upon us.
Will we be dehumanized?
Will we be dominated and controlled?
Will we allow our borders to be run down?
The globalists are doing everything they can to destroy our dollar, to destroy our borders, to destroy our sovereignty, to flood us with the tens of millions of foreigners, to destroy the wages.
We're under mega attack.
And I am just here begging all of you to wake up and get involved.
And there are many here among us who do not yet know the score.
There are many here among us who have not yet seen the light.
So go to every hill and mountain and let them know that the time is now at hand!
It is a revolution of the mind, a revolution of the soul.
It is a physical revolution against this tyranny.
It is a counter-revolution.
Let's go to Wyatt in Maryland.
Wyatt, thanks for holding her on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good to see you.
This is Wyatt, who hadn't called in about two years, and Wyatt, in 1998, went with friends to Hebron, Maryland, where the U.S.
Marine Corps was practicing taking over City Hall and putting citizens in FEMA camps.
They then attempted to arrest one of the cameramen.
It's all on videotape.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, it's been a while.
I've just been working, and I haven't been able to stay in touch with your program.
Everything you said is extremely true.
I'm finding it harder and harder for people to fathom the depth of this crisis.
They're actually putting it off.
They have put their brains in neutral.
The country is going down.
Every indicator, every system, every pillar is being smashed.
Right now.
It really is.
And Maryland just got the former mayor of Baltimore City, who is an extreme communist socialist, socialist communist, however you want to slash it.
He's now been elected governor.
And I can't even fathom what's going to happen here.
I may have to move out of the state.
I don't know.
But anyway, there's nowhere to go.
It's something to contemplate.
But his big goal is homeland security for Maryland.
And so we know where that's going to go.
Which, again, is non-existent, no real threat.
The borders are wide open.
When you're Homeland Security, it means oppressing you.
That's one thing I pose to people when I talk to them about things.
I say, listen, if there was a terrorist around every corner, if there was a terrorist threat everywhere, like they're saying, terror, terror, terror, why haven't they closed the borders?
You know, and then it clicks to them a little bit.
Makes them kind of think a little bit.
Yeah, well, maybe you're right.
But I'll tell you, these sheeple that don't want to wake up or don't want to get involved, a lot of them are awake.
They just don't think they have any power to stand up against it.
Folks, I mean, everything I said in the last hour, one-child policies, bureaucrats in your life, they're now saying with Head Start you get three CPS visits a year.
Everybody does.
Arrested for any reason, the pettiest of things.
I mean, it's just, it's hellish.
Well, yeah, it is.
And one of the things in larger cities that they keep everybody focused on is crime, crime, crime, crime, crime, crime.
And that seems to be the... Meanwhile, they keep non-violence in prison longer than violence.
Alex, this...
Human papillomavirus.
I heard that down in Austin.
You may have covered it.
I'm sure you did.
Where they were trying to, I think in Austin.
They just lied and other mad folks, like everything they say.
They said it's the law.
You've got to take it.
There is no law.
It was a recommendation from the state health department to make it on the list of recommended.
But there's the mass hoax saying it's the law.
Then the debate is, well, should he have done this instead of there is no law?
See, that's how their mass hoaxes work.
Well, this is going all over.
I mean, this is even in Maryland.
No, no, it's all 50.
Yeah, it's all 50.
And Merck.
Hey, look, they got a vaccine.
They're trying to make the law, quote, here in England, that attacks the live brain cells.
No, no, no, I'm not kidding.
This is three years old.
That receive any type of endorphin molecule chain.
So you want him to be happy.
It literally attacks the brain.
A live virus eats the key receptors, mainstream news, trying to recommend it for all British school children.
I mean, again, that is Twilight Zone.
I mean, imagine a science fiction movie where aliens land, and they make you take a shot where viruses attack your brain.
I mean, it's just off the charts.
It's Twilight Zone every second.
One final thing, and then we'll hang up.
In the...
Loose change video.
Loose change two.
And there's a guy who's standing in front of the Pentagon.
He's being interviewed.
And he says, he's got dark hair, kind of receding hairline.
He says, oh yeah, I saw it.
It was an American Airlines passenger jet.
Flew right into the Pentagon.
I was riding up the road.
And that's what he says.
Well, in Aaron Russo's film, Freedom of Fascism,
There's a split screen of security people watching the demonstration in Washington by Bob Schultz, and one of the guys standing there with the suit on is the same guy who said, I saw that American Airlines jet go into the... We'll have to check into that.
Wyatt, we've got to jump.
Don't be a stranger.
Good to hear from you.
I got more calls and a bunch of news and more clips I want to play.
We'll see if we can jam it all in.
Earlier, we talked about all over the country, they're taking lotteries and selling them for close to the price of what they make in a year, just handing them over.
No more money for education or reducing it.
They're handing over the water districts.
They're handing over the roads.
We talked about how one UT permanent fund has $36 billion in it.
They have a bunch of other funds.
It was used in the money to start Clear Channel.
It's used in voting machines.
It's used in sports teams, the Rangers.
And this is just one institution.
Okay, this quote, public, where it used to be free, now they gouge you.
Now they charge you for all the parking exorbitant prices.
They're all doing it.
It's scam on top of scam.
And Kevin found some news on this today.
Kevin Smith, my radio producer.
Tell folks about it.
Yeah, this kind of stems back to your speech at UT last Thursday night where the people at the Student Union were so gracious and so great to work with, their security, everyone.
But in your speech, you know, you went after UT and their money funds, and I thought, oh boy, you know, we're standing on their territory.
But no, the cops were nodding their heads and smiling because the employees all know.
I mean, they're cutting their wages while literally the regents sit in gold thrones and just lavish with billions just dripping everywhere off-budget.
Well, yeah, as I said, they were great.
In your speech, you did go right after their, you know, Pianca and the money funds.
And last night I saw that the football club in England, the soccer team Liverpool, has been bought by American investors.
And immediately I see Tom Hicks' name flash, and I went, oh boy, here we go.
That's the guy that started Capstar.
That was his brother was Capstar.
And then they grew into Clear Channel.
They merged into Clear Channel, of course.
And I can go over that in a minute.
But the Brits right now are celebrating the fact that this American company got the team versus the Dubai International Capital Group.
But we've got headlines like, you know, Yanks buy another chunk of King Arthur's Court, you know, please.
And that's your UT tuition.
Part of the arrangement is also that Hicks agrees to build a new 60,000-seat stadium.
And let me just take people back there a little bit.
This is the same group that came into Arlington, created a quasi-public-private partnership with Condon Nation Powers, and started grabbing people's lands.
And what Hicks likes to do, so let's say he owns AmeriQuest, you know, where the Stars and the Mavericks play basketball in Dallas.
Well, he's also developing that whole area around there.
So he builds this infrastructure on the taxpayer's back, buys up all the surrounding adjacent property around it, which immediately skyrockets in value.
So he owns Mesquite Road, he owns the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Stars Hockey Club.
And this is UT money.
Yeah, the original money, UT, baby.
And where this comes from, while Bush was governor, Hicks lobbied the legislature to create the University of Texas Investment Management Company.
Now let's be clear, that's all completely off budget.
None of it goes to the school, none of it goes to the people.
You have this university that literally is buying everything everywhere.
The city of Austin with our tax money is buying private land everywhere, and then they hand it in reverse payoffs to developers who then give them money.
I mean, it's just looting.
Way back in the founding of Texas, UT owned some property that the state wanted.
So they traded them the land they wanted for land, worthless land out in West Texas.
I mean, you know, millions of acres.
Turns out there's oil on it.
So they have all this money, and they've always kept it invested in bonds and real estate.
And listen, folks.
Literally, it's been looked at.
About 7% of the money that goes into UT goes to the school.
It isn't for you.
It's a giant fraud organization.
It isn't even real.
They give you Bevo in the football game and you go feel good about it.
That's all just propaganda window dressing.
You pay exorbitant prices.
It's not free anymore.
Again, this is like everything else.
Yeah, well, so, you know, Bush comes in in 94.
Hicks starts lobbying the legislature, so they create the UTEMCO Fund, and it's a private enterprise controlling the school's public funds.
And guess what?
Hicks is named the chairman of it.
And so he starts to change the way they invest.
Let's get into equity investments.
Let's do more of this into stocks and companies and acquisitions.
So while he served as chairman until 99,
About a third of their $1.7 billion that he had access to between 1995 and 1998 was invested in firms either controlled by him or influenced with his family or Bush's connections.
So, this guy goes on, you know, Bush says, well, I got a $600,000 investment in the Rangers.
Well, this gentleman bought the Rangers and paid Bush $15 million.
Now, of course, the Bushes have a lot more than that, but he has to have something on the books to show you how he lives so well.
They really own, literally, controlling stock in hundreds of banks, triple hole super tankers, whole oil companies, just opulent.
So, we had the deregulation of the airways in 1996.
So here comes Stephen Hicks, Tom's brother.
He starts up Capstar Broadcasting in 96.
He gets $700 million from Hicks, Muse, Tate, and First, which is where the UT money goes into.
And three years later, he sells out Capstar to Chancellor Media for $4.1 billion.
And then at that time, Tom and Steve join up and create AMFM Incorporated.
And now they're selling out to a group that is mainly Carlaw Group Investments.
Clear Channel is.
Well, in 2000, AMFM Incorporated sold to Clear Channel for $23.5 billion.
That's a pretty nice little increase.
But we get into this...
Tom Hicks made Bush a millionaire 15 times over when he bought the Texas Rangers in 1999.
Just as local taxpayers enhanced the value of Bush's Rangers by paying $135 million for their stadium, Hicks and Ross Perot Jr.
got Dallas taxpayers to spend $125 million on a stadium for their Dallas Stars in 1998.
Let's just stop right there, Kevin, because the point here is...
That this is just a tiny little microcosm, little bitty corner of all this.
Your water districts, your school districts, they're all investing.
It's all a huge joke.
This isn't free market.
You see, there's small pools left of private money.
Now the tax system is going to be brought in to destroy any middle class, transfer that wealth finally to them.
These are anti-free market people.
So I want you to remember this when you're paying $15,000 a year for your kid to go to UT and you're born in Texas.
I want you to remember.
I just want you to know that.
The rule on hostile takeovers is he who can get the cheapest money wins.
And America has had a hostile takeover.
So you've got narco dollars flooding into Enron.
This money from UT is unleveraged free and clear money.
You know how the banking system works.
There's no lien on this money.
So they've got this gravy train of capital that's been saved up for 100 years.
That's totally separate from the schools.
This doesn't have anything to do with the school.
And they're using that money to bludgeon and beat down people and do hostile takeovers that are always combinations of private-public partnerships where the taxpayers foot the bill.
And they're so greedy that they're literally raping Texans.
Oh, but then all of these free scholarships if you're from India or China.
I mean, it is an engine of globalization.
And they've got Bilderberg Group members at the UT school there.
I mean, it's just all globalist General Megs.
It's just Viet Den in there.
Torture is good.
Put all the Arabs in camps.
You've been there, Kevin.
I mean, it is a nest of evil.
Well, how I got started on my dislike of Bush Jr.
was from the Rangers.
Was from the land grab and the...
We're good to go.
These guys will reap all the benefits in the world.
They have no liability.
That's on the taxpayer.
But now they've moved on to bigger things.
We're talking about $14 billion.
This is Reuters.
363 tons of $100 bills, and it's being handed out to everybody, just getting everybody compromised, wallowing in cash.
I mean, Kevin, it's all off the charts.
This is just, this is mafia.
This is like Al Capone running the country.
And Al Capone's putting in face-scanning cameras and helicopters and militarizing the police and Fox News is financing TV shows where they torture children every episode.
Martial law is good.
And Tommy Price is on secret CIA funding, now Associated Press reported, running around giving speeches saying martial law is next.
I mean, can you see it?
Yeah, it used to be if it wasn't nailed down, they'd take it.
But hey, they got their pry bars out.
They're taking it all.
I mean, they're lifting the streets up.
And the number one enemy is free market.
Number one enemy is private capital.
These are monopoly men.
So I want you all to know who you work for.
Just, you know, all people in government, bureaucrats, these private corporations.
That's what we've turned into.
That's what this country is.
And they're not going to stop.
They're just getting ready.
They're taking everything.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I wanted to get to this, and I'll jam in three final calls.
Criminal code raises fear over EU powers.
Financial Times of London.
England is under this, and now under international law, the U.S.
That was in the New York Times yesterday.
Excuse me, Monday.
Criminal code raises fears over EU powers.
And it goes on to say, the Commission's decision this week to create common criminal rules for environmental crimes is seen as some as a sign that Brussels will take full advantage of the court ruling to stealthily advance EU powers.
Listen to this.
This is so important right here.
But what is to stop zealous Brussels officials fulfilling the Napoleonic, that's tyranny, folks, tendencies often ascribed to them by Euroskeptics and laying down a law to member states?
And it goes on.
Basically, we're all going to get big records, folks.
Speeding, one time, we'll be jailed.
Two pounds, overweight, CPS, kids are gone.
Just watch.
Listening to an iPod when you walk across the street, jail.
Talking on the phone once, they take your car.
It's all going to happen.
Just like it is in the schools.
Drop a picture of your dad as a Marine, picture of a gun, go to jail.
Have a plastic knife, go to jail.
Just watch.
It's all happening.
Same laws in England, Australia, U.S., Canada.
Same thing.
Same thing in Europe.
And it has nothing to do with global warming or saving the earth.
It's all about total control and global government.
And private interest can have your land with no just compensation.
Supreme Court ruling.
The media announced that private interests can take your land.
They didn't tell you.
They don't have to give you a red cent for it.
And they'll send by some nice guys that like to kill people.
They think that's manly.
And they'll gun you and your whole family down, and they'll go out and have a big steak dinner afterwards.
That's what's going to happen.
What's going on right now?
This is going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
It's called tyranny.
It happens all the time.
And boy, we do it bigger and better here in the USA.
So, hey, enjoy yourselves.
All of you sickos out there who like it.
You like to go, it's a war.
Kill all of them Arabs.
That same attitude is what the elite has on us.
You just remember it.
I haven't really plugged my videos all day.
I did it briefly in the first hour.
I don't really spend time on it anymore.
I'm so busy.
They're one of the most powerful tools we've got.
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Go to InfoWars.com or call toll-free 888-253-3139 and support us.
Really simple.
And just get the word out to everybody about the show.
Free podcast all three hours every day, served out to you for free.
24 hours a day we re-air the show, transmitted out over the internet.
I want to thank all our affiliates, everybody.
You know, I don't like having a bunch of callers at the end of the show and not being able to do them justice.
It frustrates me they're all such good callers and I don't have time to even take them.
Let's just try to get to him.
Robert in California, go ahead.
Three quick points, Alex.
I sent you the Marine Corps terrorist manual.
Did you ever receive it or have you been able to get through that pile yet?
You called last week.
How did you mail it?
Mail it to the regular postal service.
It's probably in the mail.
I'll get it.
No, I haven't seen it yet.
For those who don't know, it's the same thing as all the other training manuals for police.
It says property rights activists, everybody's terrorists, we're all terrorists, and the Marines have got to get us.
Okay, second thing is, real quick, have you tried fasting to help you alleviate your allergies?
Well, it only happened during cedar fever season a couple months out of the year.
Well, same thing.
I mean, I fasted for an extended period of time, and I had allergies really bad, and so far they haven't came back.
Well, here's the thing.
I literally work 18 hours a day, and I can't fast.
And I'd love to fast.
I've done it before years ago.
I'd love to just lay around at my house, but the problem is I can't operate without food.
But it's a good idea.
Anything else?
Who should we elect for get president?
Let's get focused on that.
Ron Paul.
Thank you.
And I appreciate you sending us that manual.
We'll get it and do an article on it.
I'm just going off what you told us was in it.
I'm sorry to Ted.
I'm sorry to Mark.
You call me back tomorrow.
You will be first in line.
I just... Literally, folks, I'm like a forward observer, and I just see 10 million enemies coming at us.
They're right there.
They admit they're doing it.
And I'm just going, I've got the alarm bell.
I'm just like, ladies and gentlemen, we're under attack!
God bless you all!
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.