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Air Date: Jan. 22, 2007
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I really need Inventech.
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1-800-313-6868 One more time?
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas,
Alex Jones.
I have returned.
It is the 22nd day of January 2007.
We'll be transmitting worldwide live for the next three hours and we have absolutely no guest today.
By design, because I wish to be able to cover all the news that developed while I was gone for a week,
And the latest developments that are unfolding in the last couple days, including Hillary Clinton, new battle plans for Iran, much more expansive than we were originally told, and much, much more.
We do have Hutton Gibson joining us tomorrow.
He hasn't done an interview on the radio since the Passion of the Christ came out, what, in 2004?
So it's been about two and a half
Uh, years since Hutton Gibson has done an interview and, uh, he will be, uh, going back on the airwaves.
We're honored that he has chosen this program, uh, to go public on several different issues.
And that will be taking place tomorrow in the second hour.
I'm also working on getting Congressman Ron Paul, who graciously visited with Phil and host Jack Blood last week here on this broadcast, on for a full hour in the near future to talk more about his presidential run, his exploratory committee.
We have Aaron Russo undergoing cancer treatment in Houston, coming back on with us on Thursday for a full hour to talk about Ron Paul's presidential run, and a lot more.
So that's just some of what's coming up this week.
We're also working on getting Darja Maul on to cover the latest developments in Iraq.
So a lot of big guests coming up this week.
I gotta tell ya, it's like I live on an alien planet or something.
I love Austin, Texas.
This is where my mom's from.
My family, of course, here from Texas, going back almost eight generations.
And I don't think I'll ever leave Texas, but I'm tempted to because I left town for a week.
Zero allergies.
My brain worked.
My photographic memory came back.
I felt absolutely wonderful.
I felt like I could work 20 hours a day again.
And then being back, I got back Saturday, being back one day, one day the allergies returned.
So, we'll be doing shows on allergies and getting guests on about the subject.
And I'm going to have to, I've never been a person who, I mean I go to the doctor maybe every five years or something.
I'm somebody who hardly ever gets sick, and we're going to be talking about this phenomenon of people who never had them, now have them.
The entire city, I'd say 95% of people have them, and it's the same around the country.
Massive increase in allergies, and it's just incredible.
Of course it's cedar fever, mountain cedars, what they call it, is prime from December through February in Austin.
And I don't mean to start the show with that, it's just an interesting phenomenon.
To literally be robbed of much of your intellect, to be robbed of much of your self-control, to be robbed of... Frankly, I'm not an irritable person.
But when these stupid allergies hit me, I become angry.
And because it causes inflammation in the sinus and then inflammation in the brain, and it is not fun.
So enough whining.
Please don't call with your cures and, you know, telling me how to get better.
You're very sweet, and I appreciate that.
I'm not here talking about myself.
I'm just talking about this bizarre phenomenon.
And why is it getting worse and worse?
What's really behind it?
All right.
Huge transmission lined up for you today.
I always say I'm going to do this, and then I never really spend enough time on it, but I will today.
I will today.
And that is the Globalist Master Plan.
But this may take a couple shows to do.
So when we get back, I'm going to break down at the middle of the next hour what I'm going to be covering.
I'm going to cover news until then and take your calls.
But I want to cover the history of the Globalist and the Illuminati, just the basics, and then bring it up to about 1940.
And then later this week I'll go from 1940 up to 2007.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is great to be back after a well-deserved week-long vacation with my family.
I'm here.
It is the 22nd day of January 2007.
I did my syndicated show that I now do on Sunday nights as well from 4 to 6 p.m.
So we are back in the saddle and it is good to be here with you.
Just a side note, the Motor City madman Ted Nugent just said, if you don't speak English, you need to get out of America.
And now they're trying to call him a Nazi and a demon and go after him.
There's also a report where the ADL is calling basically all traditional Catholics Nazis.
And it looks like we're going to have Ted Nugent on sometime this week.
We've interviewed him several times in the past.
This just illustrates the new political correctness where
The most mild of pro-U.S.
sovereignty statements are construed as Nazi.
Meanwhile, these so-called minority groups can say and do whatever they want.
Black professors saying all whites should be killed.
White professors saying 90% of everybody should die.
Hispanic Chicanos, you know, head at UT Arlington saying all whites need to die and we have a tape of it.
Oh, that's okay!
But Ted Nugent
Gets up and says, this is America, you should speak English or get out.
They'll tell you the same thing in Germany or Mexico.
Speak Deutsch, speak Spanish or get out.
And oh my gosh, it's just terrible and it's horrible.
I'm kind of digressing here at the start of the show, but that's something I was working on during the last three-minute break.
We multitask here, so it was on my mind.
I thought I would share it with you again.
Hutton Gibson hadn't been on the radio in about two and a half years.
He'll be coming back
Tomorrow, here in the second hour, we'll talk about a bunch of really important and incendiary issues.
We really look forward to it, and very thankfully chose this broadcast to go public again.
That is, of course, the father of Mel Gibson.
In the meantime, let me give you some of the news that's here on the plate in front of me today.
death toll is 27 over the weekend.
24 died on Saturday, and another 3 died on Sunday.
But of course, that's troops that died there on the spot or in Iraq.
If you die in a C-130 being flown to Rammstein Air Base, a medical center in Germany, it is not counted.
Or if you die a month later in the U.S., it is not counted.
Or if you die two months later in Germany with your arms and legs blown off of a deadly staph infection, it is not counted.
Doesn't go on your tombstone that you died from injuries suffered in combat.
The real number is close to 11,000 U.S.
troops that have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001.
11,000 and rapidly climbing, the media will tell you 3,100.
So we'll go over that report for you.
Also, speaking of the troops, Wired Magazine set to report U.S.
unwittingly evolved super pathogen in Iraq in combat hospitals now spreading into Europe.
Because they've been using experimental drugs on the troops, and lo and behold, super staff flesh-eating bacteria spreading rapidly.
They first tried to say it was indigenous to Iraq.
That's now been proven to be a fraud.
Another report here out of the Courier Mail.
Cell phones as harmful as cigarettes.
But just keep on using and keep on drinking your fluoride water, your fluoride toothpaste, and keep taking your mercury-laced vaccines, because, you know, the news says it's good for you.
They really do say it's good for you.
You know, I would tell you, the scientific reports say it's deadly, but, you know, I'm an extremist saying mercury's bad.
Hillary's running for the White House.
She's got Rupert Murdoch and Fox News full support.
And conservatives, I'm sure, will be voting for her en masse, loving her.
Handing their guns in with wanton abandon.
Calling me a liberal because I'm against it.
New Mexico governor enters White House race.
Governor Bill Richardson is being hailed as the first Hispanic to run for president.
Total smoke and mirrors.
Again, everything's a gimmick.
Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Richardson.
I don't care if our next president was Mexican.
I'd love it if they were pro-gun, pro-U.S., pro-sovereignty, pro-family, anti-New World Order.
I'd be out campaigning.
I wouldn't care if they were Inuit, Native American from Alaska.
I wouldn't care if they were black.
You know, black is Stygian night.
I'd go campaign for them in ten seconds!
Give me a break.
I'm going to talk about that later.
3,200 U.S.
troops arrive in Baghdad as violence rages on.
Bloggers who criticize government may face prison time.
This is real.
We have the bill here in front of me, S-1.
This is deadly serious.
Also, the Associated Press reporting, New York Court, FBI might have violated First Amendment in effort to take down conspiracy film.
I remember in 2000, the report in the New York Daily News, and I remember seeing the clip online, but they kept taking it down wherever it was at.
And it was this narrator who was posing as a special forces commander, showing different sites in New York, talking about plans for martial law.
Now, I've been to real urban warfare drills, I've covered real U.S.
government documents that were declassified, saying just that.
Preparations for martial law.
I mean, that's been declassified a long time ago.
That came out in 86.
And then they admitted that the tape was just a fictional, you know, kind of science fiction piece.
FBI went and shut down
The individual intimidated him into shutting down.
I mean, that's how they operate.
And now, of course, the courts are ruling that you can't do that.
You can't go around shutting things like that down.
Coming up at the bottom of the next hour, I'll probably spend an hour on it.
I've got a bunch of notes here I wrote over the weekend.
I always say that I'm going to go on air and discuss the New World Order Master Plan.
And I always am discussing bits and pieces of it, but it's such a big thing, as George Bush Jr.
said, such a big idea, that it's hard to properly address it.
It's hard to spend the time to go over all the nuances.
It's hard for me to even grasp all of it myself, much less articulate it.
And all its different programs that nexus in and tie in together.
In this tapestry of dehumanization and control.
A control freak wonderland.
But I'm going to attempt to do that, at least the first part of it.
I want to go over some basics of the globalist history, where they spring from, how they operate.
Then I want to lead it up to
The last big wave of New World Order futurists, or projectors, people that projected forward and tried to come up with strategia of the next phase of globalist consolidation and expansion.
And that will lead us up to World War II.
So I'm going to attempt to spend an hour, starting at the bottom of the next hour,
Please get your recorders ready.
Please tune in.
Please email your email groups.
Go on your MySpace.
Go on your message boards because I want people to hear this.
Again, my frustration is there's so many areas I want to cover and so many proofs that I want to detail and I kind of go down rabbit trails.
I'm going to try to just give it to you in general basic terms and focus in on a few key individuals in programs and movements.
So, that is coming up.
Of course, H.G.
Wells is central to a lot of this.
We have a clip we're going to be playing from a film, Things to Come, that I had seen many years ago and forgotten about.
And then this weekend, I got back Saturday, I was perusing YouTube and came across it, a clip from it, and it just spurred me to remember a lot of lines of thinking and analysis I'd done
Just in private reflections that I had not properly articulated here to the mass and so that'll be coming up in one hour and 15 minutes roughly.
The toll-free number to join us, we'll have open phones in this first hour and to the bottom of the next hour 1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 we'll get you up and on the air
The websites are www.infowars.com, www.prisonplanet.com, www.prisonplanet.tv, www.jonesreport.com, www.infowars.net, and of course www.martiallaw911.info.
And several others.
And each site has its own independent original information and shares a lot of other information with the other sites.
That is our program of redundancy and also diversity in our information warfare capacity that we have been attempting to machine and improve and expand and learn as we go.
We believe in small and fast
And focused while at the same time wide spectrum info war using our most powerful weapon the truth to target enemy false information basically matrix
We're good to go.
Just everything is a war against individuality.
Everything is pumping us into a mass hive mind.
All right, I'll get into Hillary, get into the war on the other side, then we'll go to your calls and a lot more.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Back in the saddle, back in the cockpit.
Strap yourselves in.
I am fired up.
We're going in, through, and beyond.
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economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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Yes, sir.
That's right.
The New World Order thinks they're going to defeat humanity.
They think they control us.
They think they can engineer us.
We've got them in a stranglehold.
We've got a tiger by the tail.
Welcome back.
You know, if I just got up here and bashed Hillary Clinton as nothing but a sniveling pawn, a minion, a puppet, a marionette, it would be a diversion.
But if we break down how she's a puppet, it becomes extremely informative and educational as we chart the Global Crime Syndicate's activities.
Hillary Clinton is a New World Order minion.
She's never really even been married to Bill Clinton.
It was a political marriage.
They've both been intelligence officers.
They've both been involved in so many crimes, it's hard to even chronicle them all.
You as listeners to talk radio and alternative talk radio certainly know her crimes are legion against the Republic, against the country, and the many petty crimes like being paid off with cattle futures and Rose Law Firm scams and Vince Foster killings.
It literally goes on for hours, if we tried to cover it all.
But the key is, four years ago we began reporting that she was having weekly meetings with Rupert Murdoch, and that Rupert Murdoch was even behind her senatorial run and one of her biggest supporters.
And I noticed Fox News started positioning itself a few years ago in a neutral posture concerning Hillary Clinton with its viewers.
Roger Ailes, the big developer of Fox News itself, the head of Fox News, now along with Viet Dinh, the author of the Patriot Act, and others.
It's basically a government operation.
The kingmaker of Rush Limbaugh is behind her and been strategizing with her, also in monthly meetings.
And over the weekend, the Times of London, a News Corp company, a Fox company, a Murdoch-owned company,
As well as the New York Daily News and other papers he owned, endorsed this witch and talked about how wonderful she is.
So, to the mainstream dumbbell Republicans out there listening, when I say a stupid Republican or a stupid Liberal, I mean people who are still mainline, who still believe the Dog and Pony Show.
That's who I'm talking about there.
I mean, do you like being taken?
Do you like being conned?
Do you like being taken for a ride?
Do you like being played?
Do you like game being run on you?
Because, me personally, I don't like being conned.
I don't like being stupid.
I don't like being ill-informed.
I don't like being misinformed.
I don't like being ignorant.
I like knowing what's going on.
I think that's important in life.
We're only here one time.
You might as well know how the world really works.
And so, understand, with Limbaugh and Neil Bortz and Sean Hannity and the Clintons, and just all of these people, Biden and Newt Gingrich and Hillary and all of them,
Lieberman, they're all part of the same crew.
They're the elite, posing as if there's a fissure in the power structure, acting like you have a choice, giving you a false choice.
And I know most of us understand this.
Most of us don't.
As many of you know it better than I. We have to educate the general public.
The general public now distrusts government.
New poll out.
It was 84%.
87% detest the government.
In fact, there's three new polls that all came out 87.
87% want an impeachment of Bush, MSNBC.
There's two other polls, 87% disagree with Congress.
So for the first time in history, in the U.S., finally the general public hates both parties.
So I keep griping, saying the public doesn't get it.
The public actually does get it!
But what they don't fully understand yet is that still they think they're alone.
That's the only, that's the last domino to fall here, okay, before this house of cards comes down.
We're the majority, we're mainstream, and the mainstream media still has the fancy teleprompters and the fancy suits and the good-looking faces who literally are scored and queued for their believability.
They sit up there making us feel like we're still a minority.
That's the only illusion they've got left.
That's all they've got left, and that is crumbling, so we must, we must dissolve that fraud, and then we can start taking this country back.
All right, I'll get more into Hillary more in the latest developments in Iraq, and your calls on the other side.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we'll get more into Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Bill Richardson, this whole crew, the big national distraction, the media giving a constant coverage, all to give you the illusion that these people are actually going to be the president, that if they were the president they would actually run something, that the buck stops with them.
Continuing that fraud, we'll be discussing that and what's happening over in Iraq, some big new developments there.
Then we'll talk to Nathaniel and many others that are patiently holding right now.
But first off, this started up last week.
I've just learned about it today.
It's Ed Brown in New Hampshire.
And more and more people just had this attitude.
And I'm not even claiming that I have this courage.
I mean, I've counted the costs and decided it's better just to fight in the Info War and move forward, but more people doing things like this would certainly bring them to a standstill.
This is what Alexander Sholtson Itza said.
He said, what would happen in Russia when Stalin was coming for people every night, grabbing different people, different families, taking them away to be executed or sent to slave camps, if people would have fought back?
Pretty soon, the secret agents wouldn't come out anymore to engage in their criminal behavior.
Well, Ed Brown's done the same thing.
He's drawn his line in the sand.
There are over 150 million gun owners, and of 1% stand up, that's 1,500,000 guerrilla force.
Absolutely invincible, even with all the high-tech toys and baubles.
Most of the troops I talk to know the Federal Reserve's private.
The IRS is a scam.
They know it's all New World Order.
We ship videos every day into the different camps, Halliburton Camps, Bechtel Camps, Blackwater Camps, Military Camps, Army Camps, Mercenary Camps, Marine Camps, in Iraq.
Did you know that?
Hell, the UN orders my videos.
My point is that this is a straw man we're fighting.
It's got more bark than bite.
And, if more people do what Ed Brown's doing, and they go in and kill Ed Brown, and his wife, it'll be a new Waco, and more people will get mad and wake up.
You know how many people woke up after Waco?
I was aware of the New World Order, but vaguely, and I really woke up with Waco, and then really with Oklahoma City, and then went public.
Now, 12 years ago.
Think about this.
How many people will wake up if there are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Ed Browns?
That's why they've got to shut down the web, because then you wouldn't nationally, internationally know about stories like this.
Let's play this piece.
Here it is.
A New Hampshire man holed up in this house in anticipation of a tax stand-up.
He and his wife have refused to pay any income tax for more than a decade.
And now they claim that supporters from across the country are on their way to New Hampshire.
The standoff is happening in the town of Plainfield, New Hampshire.
That's where we find Fox 25's Sharmin Sikheti tonight.
Sharmin, what's the latest?
Well, just a few hours ago, Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted of owing three quarters of a million dollars in back federal taxes for not paying their taxes for about ten years.
Now, Ed Brown is refusing to leave his home here in Plainfield, and he is preparing for an armed standoff.
They're just trying to steal the money.
I don't owe them anything.
I don't care what they say.
Moments after he and his wife were found guilty on federal tax evasion charges, Ed Brown is defiant.
He's holed up inside his concrete home here in Plainfield, New Hampshire, waiting for what he calls a fascist American government to make its next move.
And he says he has weapons.
I expect a war this time to magnitude like this world has never seen before.
Whether I survive this initial onslaught or not makes no difference.
Prosecutors say Brown and his wife Elaine, a dentist, owe $750,000 in back federal and payroll taxes.
But Brown, who refused to appear in court for the verdict, says the laws do not apply to him or his wife.
Right in courtroom, I said, show me the law where I have to pay the tax and I'll write you a check right now.
The driveway leading to Brown's home is blocked off by trucks.
At the other end, supporters have hung flags and signs.
Some of them read, Don't Tread On Me.
A self-described millionaire, Brown says he can live inside this home for as long as it takes.
He has battery power and water, and now he's waiting for what he believes are many more who feel the same, ready to confront authority.
I don't think you understand just how many are coming and what's going to happen here.
Now, the judge in this case has banned Elaine Brown from staying here at her home in Plainfield.
She's actually staying at a home in Worcester with a relative.
We understand the U.S.
Marshals, they tell us they have no plans to come to the house.
They have established an open line of communication, however, with Ed Brown, sentencing in this case set for April.
They could get three to five years.
We're live here in Plainfield, New Hampshire.
Sean Mazzucchetti, Fox 25 News.
And I remember back in, what was it, 2000?
The gray family in East Texas.
I mean I was there when the DPS trucks were driving around.
They had the video cameras out front mounted.
They were going to go in and the public rallied thousands.
They sent over 10,000 phone calls to Governor Perry.
Hard to believe he's been our governor since then.
And the whole thing shut down and all these years later nothing's happened.
So, this is an example of the government not wanting Lexington and Concord.
They want to do it quietly, they want to do it when the public isn't aware of it, they want to come in with their brainwashed police who don't know they're working for a private banking syndicate that had a hostile takeover of the U.S.
A private banking syndicate had a hostile takeover of the United States in 1913.
Alan Greenspan even wrote a book about it.
Yeah, did you know Alan Greenspan was anti-New World Order?
In the 60s and in 68 wrote a book with Ayn Rand about it.
Then they came and paid him off and made him Fed Chairman to shut up about it in 84.
He was so effective as a prominent economist.
He was kind of like a Milton Friedman who also has exposed the Federal Reserve.
He just died, didn't he?
So, I mean, that's my point.
It's just, it's a fact.
I'm not even saying police are bad out there listening.
I'm telling you the system you work for is illegal, out of control, and bad.
Who can deny the government's out of control?
Who can deny it's paid off by foreign lobbyists?
Everybody knows that.
Who do those lobbyists work for?
You know, I said I'd get into Hillary and the war.
I mean, what can I say about Hillary?
She's wildly unpopular.
You know, this will be, if Hillary's elected, it will be 36 years under the Bushes, who are really just fronts for Henry Kissinger and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
36 years!
Ronald Reagan was not CFR.
Ronald Reagan hated George Herbert Walker Bush.
He publicly gave speeches about the New World Order in 1979 and 1976.
Any Republican who was around then knows this.
You can go get the speeches.
I've even got some video of it.
And Ronald Reagan got in there, and he was told, you will have him as your running mate, or we're not going to support you.
He was told that at the convention.
Bush got on the ticket, the former CIA director, former ambassador to China, former CIA officer, Skull and Bones member.
Reagan got shot, clearly by the Secret Service.
Taken to a hospital, was never the same after.
Bush, and even mainstream biographers have said, really was the president from 81 on.
From 88 to 1993, he was the president.
Bill Clinton, who he now calls his surrogate son.
We know he met 11 times with Bill Clinton in 1991 alone.
We know Clinton went to Bilderberg Group meetings with him.
They staged that whole event.
Everybody pointed out Bush didn't really run against Clinton.
Kind of laid down, didn't really campaign.
Clinton got in.
Now it's come out that George Shultz and Kissinger and others were advising the administration as they're advising this administration.
On a weekly basis.
You see, they know Republicans can only carry the ball so far, then Democrats carry the ball, and they just pass the baton between each other.
So we got eight years of the Clintons.
Now we've had almost seven.
We're about to have eight years of George Bush.
Then we're gonna get Hillary, or Barack Obama, or Richardson, or... It won't matter.
Bilderberg Group member, Hagel.
And then that'll be 36 years under the Bushes or the Clintons.
Pretty soon it'll be Clinton the 9th, Bush the 12th, Imperial Ruler.
I mean, it's ridiculous!
It's absolutely amazing.
And you know, we told you this before it came out in the news, that Tony Blair was known MI5.
We've had MI5 agents, MI6 agents on this show breaking that down.
Three years ago.
Then it came out last year in two major British papers confirming, his file was released, that he was MI5 out of high school, recruited in his freshman year in college, posing as a communist, spying on everyone, and leading the Communist Party there at his college.
It's like Putin, former KGB.
There's no such thing as former KGB.
It's like former mafia.
Former Hell's Angels.
I mean, this is a joke!
These are intelligence agencies that work for the private crime syndicate, the Allied Banking Pharmacological Defense Complex.
Meanwhile, Bush announces 21,600 additional troops to be phased in over the next two months
3,000 something.
Let me find the actual number.
I have the report right here.
It's 3,400.
No, it's 3,600 are injected in in the last week and a half and 24 were killed on Saturday.
3 were killed on Sunday.
And if it follows rule of thumb, it's much higher than that.
They don't count those again that die being flown out of the country to Germany, to England.
To the hospitals.
You gotta die in country.
You gotta die within a day.
They don't count it as a combat death.
They count it as complications.
Think about that deception.
Well over 10,000.
Not 3,000.
They lie about everything.
And the new plan is in Baghdad alone, and in one other city, to have 16 to 21 additional substations
Undefended, they're getting them outside the green zone, outside the armored walls, because they can't even hold the roads now to those armored compounds, in their fortress medieval defense strategy, their bunkered mentality, and now they've stuck the troops, they've started sticking in Baghdad, the troops in those substations.
We don't know the real number, they say 16 and 21.
First it was 16, now it's 21 substations.
Every former general, even those that are pro-war neocons, have said this is an insane strategy.
It's nuts.
You stick troops in undefended facilities all over the city and make them do patrols in the most dangerous areas, you're going to get more troops killed.
And it's going to do absolutely nothing.
But escalate.
That's what they want.
They want to escalate it into civil war, and then expand the civil war into Iran and Syria, and get us into World War III.
And now the Korean Times is reporting, and top State Department officials have gone public saying, that they plan to hit hundreds of sites in Iran, go into the west of Iran, and have a full-scale war to destabilize the region even further.
It's off the charts.
And for all those that are still pro-war, that 22%, even if you're for this war, stop thinking that just because you're for it, that continues it, and quit thinking you're part of the power process, and realize that the majority of Americans don't want the war.
It wasn't declared properly.
It's illegal.
We were taken there with premeditated lies, showing if this is a supposed free country, how can we then be there if the people don't want it?
How is that a good thing?
Oh, you know best.
So now you say lies are good.
Lie to the American people premeditatively about WMDs.
Talk about staging their discovery.
White House and Downing Street memos.
So you're now for lying.
Lying about how long they'd be there.
They meant to be there for at least 30 years all along.
Permanent bases that hold 3,000 people in each base.
That was planned all along.
They told the troops you'll be home by Christmas.
That was just eight months.
They've now been there almost four years.
It'll be four years in March, just a few months away.
They lied about that.
And Bush said, oh, we don't want war, we want detente, we want diplomacy, we are not going to attack them.
And all along, they planned day one from the day he got elected, the first meetings at the White House were about how they were going to attack Iraq.
It was all lies.
Lying to us.
You think that's good?
It's despicable.
27 dead in two days and I guarantee you it's a lot higher than that.
Let me see, they claim it's 3,100 and it's admittedly close to 11,000.
That's a conservative estimate.
654,000 dead Iraqis.
That was three months ago since the invasion.
Three and a half plus years ago.
So, if it's at least triple that in dead troops in the past, then we can surmise that it's really triple 27 dead.
So we're talking about close to 90 dead in two days.
Let's just say it's 27.
For nothing!
But so defense contractors can stay there and keep making a hundred plus billion a year off the war alone, and so they can expand their scam.
Pretty sick.
Alright, we're going to go to break, come back and talk to Nathaniel, Emily, Joe, Jeff, Jonas, and others until the bottom of the next hour.
Then I'm going to break down the Globalist Master Plan Part 1.
Before I do that, before we go to break, folks, I've made 15 films.
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It is the 22nd day of January, 2007.
Your calls, a ton of news, an in-depth analysis of the architecture of the New World Order is straight ahead.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Well, you were sleeping, they came and took it all away.
Just like it always is!
Welcome back.
Going back to Ed Brown in New Hampshire in a standoff with the feds, who would go armored SWAT teaming if he wasn't being public and calling for support.
They want to do it in the dark.
They want to have their way with us when nobody can see it and no one can stand up.
And that's really the secret to all of this.
If we expose the fact that it's the private banks and the New World Order that are devaluing the dollar and trying to bring down our sovereignty, they can't completely drop the hammer on us because they'll get the blame, and rightly so.
Just by informing people, we hold them back.
Let's go to your calls.
Nathaniel in Texas, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.
Hi, thanks for holding.
I just got through taking a Calvin bath, and I want to thank you for introducing me to that Pure Soap.
It's great stuff.
I look forward to getting me a Berkey if IRS lets me and my wife have any of our money back.
They're nice folks, aren't they?
They really are.
Hey, I just called to let the residents of Bastrop County to know to oppose the new FEMA shelter that they're proposing.
The Bastrop County official.
That's right, they're building emergency FEMA centers everywhere to hold families, right around Austin, Texas, and right out there by the old German concentration camp that they used to hold Germans.
The prisoner of war camp, I should call it.
They're building that facility.
Well, this is a brand new one, actually.
I'm saying near there, though, according to the map I saw.
No, I know.
Well, according to every site I've been to about concentration camps, there's already one at the federal prison, and no telling what Camp Swift has on it.
I've seen a couple of grayish-blue Chinooks flying around Bastrop County and numerous other military aircraft.
Well, remember, I don't know if you were listening eight years ago,
Now more than eight.
About eight years ago, remember out there at the Bastrop Prison and the FEMA trucks and all that?
That big story that got picked up by World Net Daily we did?
I mean, we've known all these years that Bastrop's a major center of this stuff.
I didn't hear that, sir.
Yes, sir.
Well, I also just wanted to say, I got your last two DVDs.
I eagerly look forward to the next one you got coming out.
I finally managed to wake up a family member.
And with Loose Change 2nd Edition, I finally got a cousin to wake up.
So keep up the good work, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
And we do carry Loose Change 2nd Edition on DVD.
It won't be available much longer because the final edition is coming out.
I think 2nd Edition is bombshell.
We have it on DVD.
You need to get it.
Get the historical film and have it as part of your library and digital quality at InfoWars.com.
Emily in Ohio, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, what's up?
Transmitting worldwide.
That's right.
Um, I don't know if Jack Blood told you about me.
I'm 15 years old from Stockton, Ohio, and I'm starting an InfoWars club at my school, and it's underway.
And, um, last, uh, Friday, they had a, uh, soldier.
They come, like, every two months.
And brainwash you and tell you to join the military.
Oh, yeah, and I think it's ridiculous.
Yeah, they turn the schools under federal law into recruiting centers.
Yeah, and I was telling him, I was like, do you know that there's a draft coming?
Do you know that
The Doomsday Clock was moved up five minutes.
You know that Bush is going to go nuke Iran.
He's like, that's not true.
Whatever, you know.
Join the military.
You'll sit on white beaches and drink out of coconuts.
It's wonderful.
Oh yeah, so wonderful.
Well, if you join the military now, they'll make you serve longer than your commitment and keep you in combat four years.
Never before done in history.
I know.
Let us shoot you up with experimental vaccines.
Let us, like Project Shad, put you in a chamber and kill you.
That's what they do to our troops, okay?
This is not our government, and it's not our military.
Anyone who joins the military is insane.
This is not our military.
It is a New World Order military.
Stay there, Emily.
We didn't have enough time to let you finish up.
We'll come back.
I want to hear more about these recruiters.
Also, most middle schools now have BATF-licensed
Sheriff's deputies who are BATF certified auxiliary officers who have the children write dossiers on their parents.
That's in my film The Takeover.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
For stations just joining us in the second and third hour, quite a few of our stations carry the second and third, not the first, I want to thank you for carrying the broadcast, all of our sponsors, affiliates, listeners, Jack Blood for sitting in last week, Bob Daisy for sitting in last week, when I was out of town on a well-deserved and rejuvenating, energizing vacation.
I have returned.
Coming up in 30 minutes, I'm going to break down some of the history of the New World Order, its program, its philosophy,
It's going to be very informative, so please stay with us for that.
We've got a bunch of news we'll be covering in the next 30 minutes, and we have open phones taking your calls.
The websites are InfoWars.com, InfoWars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv, and JonesReport.com.
Right now, let's go back to Emily, who I kind of cut short in the last hour.
She set up an InfoWars club at her high school.
She's just now setting it up.
She's talking about, though, how the military recruiters are in there every few months brainwashing some
High schools have set up full-time recruiting offices in the schools.
This is under federal law, passed a year and a half ago in 2005.
Emily, continue with anything else you wanted to add.
I talk to my teachers all the time, debating with them constantly about vaccines, FEMA, 9-11, and they don't believe me.
But I have 36 students who are joining this group and they believe me.
It'll be the hottest, coolest thing, and this is the answer.
I've never really pushed for it, but in Louisiana six years ago, they tried to give everybody ID cards they had to wear at a high school around their necks, and one student learned how to read barcodes.
It's quite easy.
You can learn what each band's width, what number it signifies.
It was a girl.
I interviewed her, I forget, it was in WorldNetDaily, and they suspended her, then six other students did it, then it was twenty-something students, then the whole school said no and refused to wear them, and so they removed them.
This is the answer.
Saying, I'm not your slave, no, I'm not going to be part of this, I'm not going to thumbprint to get my school lunch, whether you pay for your lunch or not.
That's right!
You know, I'm not going to be your slave.
So you just started this a few weeks ago?
You've got thirty-six members.
In a school, how big?
Oh, I don't know.
Probably about maybe 500, 600 students.
Well, this is what's going to take this country back.
And you guys need to have meetings.
I need to be, you know... Yeah.
Well, see, the teachers have to vote on it first.
And see if they like it or not.
And if we don't pass it, then I don't know what we're going to do.
Oh, they decide if you can have a group?
Yeah, they decide it.
You know what?
You have a group that meets off school grounds, at a pizza parlor, and then do it professionally.
Have some of the parents there who are anti-New World Order or chaperones.
You know, go to amusement parks together.
Make it fun!
I don't know.
And I just want a lot of people to join, you know, it's going to be fun.
Because we're going to protest about some of our rights and some of the things that we all fight for.
Well, also what you do is, when they say you can't have the group, you call the local newspaper, you protest, and you talk about lawsuits for discrimination against your free speech.
Because all you're setting up is an anti-corruption, anti-New World Order, pro-civil rights, human rights, God-given rights, whatever you want to call it, organization.
And that's how you do it.
That's right.
In fact, if I had the time, that's what I'd be doing, would be writing articles, step-by-step, how to set up student groups at colleges, high schools, middle schools, how to do it right.
I mean, it's so exciting what you're doing.
So you started this a few weeks ago.
36 people are joining, but you have to wait for the approval of the teachers.
Yeah, because they're retarded.
That's what I think of the school system, because it's run like a government.
Well, it isn't.
It's a government brainwashing re-education camp.
Hey, me and my mom, we call it the government training camps, and they come get us on their buses and take us to the learning facilities.
Well, you know, you're resisting inside the camp.
And, uh, I would expect for them... When will you hear if you're allowed to have your group?
Hopefully soon.
I already have a teacher as an advisor, so it's gotta be like a group leader.
And I have to have a teacher to be the leader of the group, so... I finally found one that was interested in it.
Well, try to do it right.
Try to do it very conservatively.
And, uh, if they ban it, it'll be ten times bigger.
Keep me abreast of the situation.
Good to hear from you, Emily.
You're an info warrior.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It energizes me, it warms my heart to hear a 15-year-old young lady in Ohio, like Emily, who starts an InfoWars.com group at her school and gets 36 members instantly.
But see, the teachers have to vote now and decide if they're allowed to have it, if it's not a thought crime to investigate corruption and to stand up for our liberties and freedoms.
And, uh, I predict 70 plus percent chance they will ban the group.
And then they can just have the group off school grounds and then it'll be the cool group and everyone will want to join.
But you heard me advise her to do it very conservative, to jump through all the hoops, to not try to get them to, uh, say no to her group.
No, try to, you know, try to do it their way.
And then show everyone the tyranny.
Let everyone see
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Yeah, it's good to have you back.
I just want to say, over this past weekend here,
I tried deciphering this S-1 bill on the Library of Congress website.
And, uh, well, it's called a bill to provide greater transparency in the legislative process.
But, uh, I mean, you gotta go through all the U.S.
Code, and you gotta go back and forth and try to put two and two together to make five.
And, um, I was just kind of worried.
It occurred to me, uh, with the precedent that they established with the Patriot Act and then the MCA from last October, that, uh,
You know, this bill is directly aimed at the American people, and what if this is the way that they can get the public en masse into the system for violating a crime?
Finish up your comments, because I meant to get into this, and I'm going to do it for a few minutes now.
Any other comments you have on this, and I'm going to make some statements.
Nothing about that.
I'd also like to say, though, that if you check out any of the mainstream media websites, you can't find anything about Ron Paul announcing his bid for presidency, but up until Hillary announced on Sunday that she was running, you know, for that whole week, will Hillary throw her head into the race?
They definitely changed teams from the Republicans to the Democrats.
They just passed the baton.
They're all on the same team.
I hear you and I appreciate your call.
And that brings up an issue I forgot about Hillary.
Four years ago she swore she'd never run for President.
She said it six years ago when she ran for Senate and won in New York.
She said it a year ago.
She said it a few months ago.
She said, I'm not going to run.
I'm never going to run.
It was all a lie.
Of course it was a lie.
So right there, no one should vote for her.
Forgetting all the past crimes.
But no, that's just what politicians do.
They just lie.
See, they just trained us to accept all this.
Of course Hillary was positioning in 2000 when she became Senator of New York.
Junior Senator.
Of course she was planning all along to run for President.
She was co-President with Bill Clinton.
So just think about that.
We cannot accept lying.
White Bush premeditatedly lying about WMDs, or lying and saying he wasn't planning to attack Iraq, when now their own documents have been released, they were going to attack them all along.
Or lying about how they were going to leave in 8 months, when they planned to stay there 30 years.
Declassified public!
Lying, lying, lying, lying, lying!
These people knowingly put sodium and stannous fluoride in your water when it is in mainstream, Pulitzer Prize winning, World War II history books that the Germans put fluoride in the labor camp's water!
I have University of Texas studies from 1936 saying it is a toxic, calmative, sedative.
Think about it!
We have a criminal government
That puts a toxic sedative in our water!
No wonder you can't get mad, a bunch of you!
Screws up your thyroid, screws up your hormones, makes us all a bunch of... By the way, they're now spraying the crops with it as a, quote, pesticide.
And it goes right through the membranes of the tomatoes, it goes right into the carrots, right into the soil.
It's just... We're just doomed.
I mean, we really are.
This is just insane.
You know, I...
I want to go to your calls, but I just want to get back to the thing he just brought up.
What was the first thing he brought up?
He got me into Hillary, and I wanted to comment on the first thing he brought up.
What was the first thing the caller brought up, John?
Oh, man.
It drives me up the wall.
I should have written a note.
The first thing was more important than the second.
My caller later will remind me.
Totally annoying.
Actually, it's Michigan, Alex.
I thought he said something about Congress passing S-1, wasn't it?
Oh yeah, it's the free speech attack.
Okay, go ahead.
Make your comments and then I'll get to his thing.
Well, I was curious if you could help me out.
I've been to a couple different gun shows and I've gotten into a couple good debates with guys representing the NRA.
Yeah, let me guess.
They say Bush wasn't for the assault weapons ban.
Oh, and then they criticize, you know, how they play the fear tactic on how with Pelosi in office, you know, they're going to take all of our rights away.
And I had told them, I'm like,
You know, the Republican Party had control for all of Clinton, and we still were losing gun rights.
For six years, Bush had the House, the Senate, so the total control of the legislative, he had the Supreme Court, and he had the executive, and he had the majority of governors.
Did you see any repeal of gun laws?
Only the assault weapons ban, which Bush lobbied for, and said he would sign.
Yeah, exactly.
phased out because it was grandfathered it was uh... it had a sunset on it and he tried to grandfather it so that didn't get repealed that just elapsed we just ran the clock out on them with a stalemate they could have repealed everything!
They didn't!
Look, look, look, the average NRA member who's out there on his own time getting memberships at the gun show is a good person who means well he doesn't know the NRA is actually pro-gun control totally controlled
At least it was until a few years ago.
It's been somewhat of a shake-up.
It's a little bit better.
I've had the NRA lobby against me.
Attack me and the Dallas Morning News saying we're extreme and that they're neutral on a gun bill we barely beat that would ban Junior Olympics and not let anyone under 18 touch a gun.
Your grandfather or father couldn't even give you a rifle.
They were, quote, neutral on a thing that would shut down the gun shows' private sales.
Oh, they're sick!
That was the thing.
I was jumping online trying to find something where I could take two NRAs.
We've interviewed Larry Pratt about it.
Look, two years ago, the District of Columbia, the NRA in the pro-gun argument, this is how they do it, they control both sides.
And so one side's a little bit of gun control, the other's total gun control, and you think they're defending you when they're for just one step.
You know, the anti-gunners want five steps, the NRA goes, no, you just get one.
They never push them back, but over time they get a hundred steps on us.
And the NRA came in there and they said, oh, we agree, all guns should be registered.
Yeah, it's typical.
I had heard Aaron Zellman from JPFO
Uh, with the one that enlightened me on it where he was saying how BATF and NRA are basically like your Democrats and Republicans where...
You know, they're working with each other.
The VATS, the Democrats, open about wanting your guns.
The Republicans act like they're good, but exactly.
Yeah, and the simple fact is you can't compromise an inalienable right.
Hey, look, it isn't a compromise.
If we had a compromise, it'd be a stalemate.
They're always moving forward.
We're always moving backwards.
I appreciate your call.
Let me go back to the free speech issue.
They're publicly moving, and they say in press releases, these 40 corporations and 50 universities, they say that they're going to, quote, shut down the old web, and make you register, and make you sign an agreement to not have free speech be under their control, and shut down the old web.
Just type, the internet is dead, into Google, you'll get their own statements, because they put out press releases saying it's dead.
That's their term!
They're already saying it's dead!
It isn't really dead, but see, that's how they win victory.
It's already dead, just forget it.
Okay, Internet 2, they're trying to shut it down that way.
They also don't want to go after ISPs, regulate them, make them keep all the data, make them, without even a law, just regulate you and your free speech and shut you down.
They also want to tax emails and tax bail and a bunch of other stuff to jack up the price of the free flow of information.
Okay, so there's those facets of attacks on free speech.
Then you see all this new demonization, where they're telling police and handbooks, arrest somebody, they've got a rebel flag.
It's code word for Nazism when it isn't.
Uh, and, oh, traditional Catholics are Nazis, they're evil.
You know, that's now ADL just said that.
You know, it's just, it's a full-blown attack on mainstream groups.
We have the FBI training manuals from West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, South Carolina saying gun owners, constitutional groups, property rights activists are all terrorists.
I don't say this.
They say it.
We have the actual memos, the actual manuals with phone numbers and FBI agents' names on the website.
I mean, you can go click them, read them, phone the number, FBI answers.
I mean, this is incredible.
I mean, you talk about criminal, that's criminal!
That's treason against the Constitution!
That's enemy combatant!
That, I mean, that's what terrorists would do!
They took over!
The Constitution is evil!
America is bad!
I got FEMA on video saying Christians are all terrorists!
Christians are bad!
You can't make stuff up like this!
If you got cell phones and wear Levi's and have children with you, you're a terrorist!
So we've got all that swirling around,
Meanwhile, remember the Fairness Doctrine until 1988?
You couldn't have a talk show about politics.
It wasn't allowed.
The Feds passed a law saying we don't allow on talk radio any political discussion.
When we get back, I'm going to tell you about this.
Well, now they're not stopping there.
They're bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.
It's right here in S1.
And now, anyone who has a website or blog that has over 500 visitors a year, the smallest website has that.
You have to register as a lobbyist, and if you don't register, or if you don't file, you can spend as long as 20 years in federal prison.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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I'm going to continue with a few phone calls and I'm going to do an analysis of the New World Order Master Plan.
The bottom of the next hour, Dylan Avery just called in, but I didn't want to shortchange him.
He wanted to give you an update on Lou Shane's final edition.
He'll be doing that at the bottom of the next hour.
They're now on the Genesis team doing their weekend radio show here on the GCN Radio Network.
We'll also tell you a little bit about that and take some calls while he's on.
For the last 30 minutes.
Finishing up Joe's question, then we'll try to go to Jonas and Larry and Andrew and a few others before we get into the New World Order analysis.
Bloggers who criticize government may face prison.
Bill would allow rounding up and imprisoning of non-registered political writers.
So all they're doing in this bill is adding all blogs, and basically it is all blogs, Wired and others, CNET's done an analysis now,
There are very few blogs or MySpace accounts.
Even if you've got a tiny MySpace account with maybe 20 friends, in a year you're going to get 500 visitors.
And if there's any pictures of George Bush or Bill Clinton or any political statements, they're claiming that you're under their regulatory control.
And this is S-1.
This is their first big agenda.
Already out of committee.
Already in the Senate.
Already trying to pass it.
And Richard A. Vigary, big on direct mail, has done an analysis.
We've interviewed him, the chairman of grassrootsfreedom.com, and he's done an analysis of Section 220 of S.1.
I looked it up in U.S.
Code, and it sure enough is the campaign finance reform, which says that if you don't register, this is for big lobbyists, and you don't do all the proper filings, you can go to jail like Jack Abramoff.
And we're talking about decades in prison, hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of fines.
Now, if they pass this, I'm going to ignore it.
Because it's criminal.
You know, this is amazing.
I'll interview whoever I want, whenever I want.
It's free speech.
And this Fairness Doctrine will also affect radio shows.
So they're just bringing back the 1988, you know, pre-1988 Fairness Doctrine, but they're bringing it into all alternative media.
And it's just off the charts, but they're really doing it.
And this story is up on InfoWars.net.
They're on the sidebar.
Lawyers who criticize government and they face prison.
You need to get this out to everyone.
Jonas in Canada.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
How's it going, Alex?
Pretty good, sir.
I met you in Ottawa at the Bilderberg convention there on Saturday.
I was the guy with the orange jacket.
Hey, man, how you doing?
Pretty good, how you doing?
Good, sir.
Anyways, I just wanted to continue our discussion that we were having when I called you after just to sort everything out there when we met.
It was kind of weird, you know?
But I wanted to continue that discussion, what we were having about being violent against, you know, Freemasons and stuff like that.
Basically, I just want to make my point is I think they should be an enemy of the people.
You know, they shouldn't be able to drive around with their stickers on their cars.
They shouldn't be able to have their lodges in every city in North America.
They shouldn't be able to just flaunt their disgusting ways in front of us.
It's their biggest organizational tool, just like the Federal Reserve is their biggest financial tool in America to wield their power.
I think it's something we all need to discredit.
We all need to destroy them.
We can't let them
Just be themselves in society.
They have to be beneath us.
I would just like to say, on behalf of every Scottish person out there, that I'm giving my life to kill the Scottish Rite of all Freemasonry in this world.
I curse Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, and people like that from the past are absolute fools.
Everybody in the Scottish Rite is a joke to me.
And my name is Jonas White and I pledge their death on my soul.
But I would just like to say, Alex, you sound so confused and upset all the time.
How come you tell me not to be militant?
Everybody's dying, everybody's being poisoned, and I can't go out there and find an enemy?
I can't attack a police station or an army station, Alex, but I can get 20 of my friends and we can go kill 60 old men sitting in a room laughing at both their strings.
Sorry, I'll let you go on.
Jonas, I appreciate your call.
What I told you on the ground out there, what I told you in a phone conversation,
Is that the New World Order has to stage terror attacks against their own people, and then blame it on anti-New World Order movements, and that they want violence, and they want a bunch of predominantly innocent old men to be killed.
Sir, it's more complex, and I understand your anger, but I would caution you and tell you not to engage in offensive violence.
Defensive, defend yourself.
Most Masons, in fact I meant to talk about this coming up in my analysis.
Such a big subject though.
Don't know how much time I can dedicate to it.
That most Masons don't know what they're part of.
Just like most people at the CIA or the FBI think they're working for a good organization.
The New World Order symbol is a pyramid for a reason.
It's a symbol of compartmentalization.
Only the very tip knows what's going on.
I'm gonna explain this on the other side.
It's perfect that you called just now.
That was fortuitous, synchronicity, serendipity, whatever you call it.
Because it really fits into everything I'm about to say.
We'll get to all your calls, key analysis, tons of news, Dylan Avery, it's all coming up.
We've reached the waypoint, stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And when the band plays, hell to the chief Lord knows, they point the cannon at you.
It's out there!
God, it ain't me.
It ain't me, no.
I ain't no sinner, that's fine.
It ain't me, love.
It ain't me.
I ain't the fortunate one.
Let's go.
Some folks are born filled with spoons in their hands.
Love knows they help themselves.
The taxman gives them the key to the land.
It was a party, nothing left but school and hell.
Check it.
It ain't me, no.
It ain't me, no.
I ain't no millionaire son.
It ain't me, no.
It ain't me, no.
I ain't no fortunate one.
Some folks I know, inherit from Bangalore.
And more and more sacrifice of our troops.
Alright, my friends, thank you for joining us.
I will now get into some basic analysis and basic history of the New World Order, of the Illuminati.
Understand that in any look at history, history is so complex, so wide, so many different versions and views of it, that it's impossible to, you know, give you a complete picture.
But I'm just going to give some of the basics.
Knowledge is power.
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
And whether it was the ancient Mayan cultures in Mesoamerica, or the ancient Babylonian or Roman cultures, and before that even the Egyptian, on through to modern times, there were mystery schools.
And there was a lot of mumbo-jumbo and occultism, that just means hidden, associated with it, because they believed mathematics was magical, and they believed numbers and information was power, because it was.
And if you look at the technology of today, you show somebody that a hundred years ago they would think it was magic.
The technology we have today is indistinguishable from magic.
It is amazing.
And so because knowledge is power, secret organizations of witch doctors, of shaman, of priest class formed in every society separate from each other.
This is the way humans interact and behave.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
There's nothing new under the sun.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
All of that pertains to this.
So, using basically different tricks, they would manipulate the general public.
They would be able to astrologically calculate mathematically when a solar or lunar eclipse was coming.
They would tell the people, give us offerings, let us run the society, let us run the city, let us run the tribe, or the titan is going to eat the sun and we will all live in darkness.
Yes, and then they would know the date of the Titan eating the Sun, or the Snake God eating the Sun, in the case of the Aztecs, and the people would all be out there around the pyramid, or around the temple, and the Titan, or the Snake God, or whatever God they were worshipping, would attack the Sun.
The priests would do some incantations, and the people would believe that the Sun was regurgitated.
It's the same in every society.
So this is how
The scam really began of the Illuminati using mysticism, mumbo-jumbo, you know, the whole knock-on-wood mentality on the public with superstition to control them.
Meanwhile, they had real technologies of architecture, of agriculture, and Egypt really formed some of the first mystery schools
The West loves to only look at itself.
China really predates that.
But looking at Western cultures and the Mediterranean area, in the Middle East, and they had a priest class
Who kept the building technologies and the agricultural technologies, but also the social architecture technologies, the social engineering technologies of how to manipulate and control and how to tax and how to regulate and basically a cash society, we see the first more sophisticated civilizations and governments forming.
And they don't want the general public learning this, so they formed the first intelligence agencies.
What we call our CIA, or FSB, KGB, Shin Bet, Mossad, MI6, of today.
But surrounding that was all this occult mumbo-jumbo, because they had to keep secret how to plant crops, and when to plant crops.
And they had to keep secret how to build pyramids, and how to build ziggurats, and how to build obelisks.
And they had to keep secret when there was going to be an eclipse.
And the priest class even manipulated most of the royalty to where they just became titular figureheads, because they believed the mumbo-jumbo.
Then the priest class, of course, they didn't know what was
And that is the Illuminati.
It predates Christianity, it predates every major religion that we know today, Islam, Judaism, all the stuff in the Talmud, all the stuff in the Zohar,
All of that is just regurgitations, and all these mystery religions and the whole Kabbalic system are just regurgitations of the mystery schools that also flourished and worked together between Babylon and Egypt and Greece, and then of course Rome.
And so these secret guilds and societies were always there.
It was the Masons who were the Stone Mason Guild, or the Stone Mason Union, who built the cathedrals in the Dark Ages and into the Remaissance all over Europe, from Germany to England to France, to Spain, and of course right there in Rome.
And so they were very powerful, they had a lot of wealth,
And going back to the 1700s, they were able to then get more political and reach for more power because a renaissance had developed just because of the printing press and more international travel and shipping.
And so new middle classes had developed and people wanted revolution and people wanted liberty and freedom.
And so the Illuminati came along and they really wanted to be the aristocrats.
They wanted to supplant the royalty and just set themselves up as kings, but in their pyramidal structure they went out and recruited the best and brightest revolutionaries, the best and brightest musicians, writers, the wealthiest independent people, the merchant class, the ultra-rich merchant class, the shipping class, the banking class, and they teamed up and using that secret
We're good to go.
But in reality, they actually made some deals with royalty to knock off other royalty, and they made deals when they ran out of France, in Scotland and England, with the royalty there, to then move against the royalty in the continent, and to overthrow them.
But then there was the French Revolution.
Then there was blowback with that same movement.
It's true that a lot of our founding fathers were Illuminati.
To set that up here.
But understand, it's pyramidal.
They would go out and recruit people who were already wanting revolution, who were already revolting, all over Europe and in the colonies.
And they would tell them, oh, peace on earth, no more wars, the industries and the mechanics and the builders, we'll create a new society, no more war, freedom, liberty, it's going to be great.
But in reality,
Meet the new boss same as the old boss.
They actually just wanted to set up a world dictatorship, a world empire that was so sadistic and so cold-blooded it would knock out all opposition totally and completely.
And that is indeed what they were able to do.
And they did do that to great effect.
They had a problem though.
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington,
It's not hard to find.
This is mainstream history.
They weren't masons.
Discovered what they called black masonry.
That had nothing to do with black people.
That a, quote, evil force was, quote, taking it over.
No, it had always been in control.
But they had broken through the compartments and had discovered that really they wanted to take people's freedoms, make George Washington a king, and then make this the center of the empire, and then take over, basically, and use us to knock out the British.
So immediately, as soon as the Illuminati got the U.S., they said, OK, now we're going to build this up, and it was a long-term plan, it was like a hundred-year plan, and it's going to be the goddess Columbia.
So we're called Columbia.
And then they worship over in that other branch, the goddess Diana.
And then that gets off into all their occult stuff.
You spend hours on it.
They've got more gods than the Indians over in India.
It's just unbelievable.
And so all of that started unfolding.
And George Washington wrote letters.
He said, an evil group's taken over.
I'm not going to be part of it.
I'm not going to be king.
I'm not going to be part of this whole order.
You know, an evil group out of France and Germany has taken our lodges over.
In Europe, they're now taking over here.
He then discovered that Benjamin Franklin was a double agent with the British and working for the dark side.
So you have to understand, I mean, Davy Crockett, let's fast forward, Davy Crockett was a Mason.
Sam Houston was a Mason.
My family, the Ayers,
You know, they raised Colonel Travis's son.
You see him in the movie The Alamo, the new one.
It's a big scene in the film.
My family on the other side, the Joneses, the Johnsons, they were all involved in the Revolutionary War.
They were involved in Spanish land grants before that.
All nations, all high level.
And undoubtedly into the occult.
I mean, undoubtedly.
But still, they believed that it was about something good.
But then, you know, you follow things down through history, and my dad's 10 years old on a hunting trip with his great-uncle, who was a, what was he, a 33rd degree mason.
And, you know, of course, been involved in prohibition, all sorts of stuff with, you know, what went on in Houston, and just Al Capone, all that stuff.
Killed people, and gone in and flashed the Masonic sign, and gotten off.
And he told my dad, don't ever join the Masons.
It's bad.
You know, as an old man with heart trouble, you know, he's telling my dad, don't get involved in this.
So, we get on air and start bashing Masons.
Ninety-seven percent of them or more, they get them in.
It's brotherhood.
It's about Jesus.
It's about God.
We're standing up for liberty, the Constitution.
The Founding Fathers were almost sixty-something percent were Masons.
Sam Houston was.
We're for liberty.
We're for freedom.
And they really believe that.
You know, a lot of cops are Masons.
A lot of firemen are Masons.
They hear us bash Masons, they're like, well that's a lie, I'm a Mason!
So we do damage.
When we get on air, and we say that all Masons are bad.
No, they're definitely involved in something that is bad.
And they're definitely involved in something that at it's top is run by good ol' Beelzebub.
But, you know, Andrew Jackson was a Mason.
An incredible individual.
He was not bad.
I've studied him.
So you have to understand that.
You have to realize that.
Then you can get a wider perspective.
They infiltrate the Catholic Church.
They infiltrate the Protestant Church.
They infiltrate every major movement that's got any power behind it.
They take the groups over.
So we can argue and debate all day about who runs the New World Order, who's in control of it, who the masters of it are.
And then people all want to finger this group or that group.
No, no, no.
It's every group is run by these
Four-plus thousand-year-old private intelligence agencies that the old name of them was Secret Society.
So people say, well who runs it?
You know, is it the Illuminati?
Is it Skull and Bones?
Is it Bohemian Grove?
Is it the CFR?
You know, the mainstream reporters always say, who is it?
Who is it?
Those are all just chapters and subgroups of different management groups and think tanks of the same idea.
Like George Bush Sr.
said in 1991, it's a big idea.
A new world order.
It's an idea.
It's a process.
It's a program.
That's why they put their symbol, the All-Seeing Eye, on everything.
It's a gang sign.
It's a tag.
It's to let all the brotherhood know, we're in control.
It's their flag.
Their flag.
There's more Illuminati All-Seeing Eyes on buildings, and on TV, and on the money, and on the credit cards.
Our American flag's flying over used car dealerships.
It's everywhere!
It's their language, their hidden language that's hidden in plain view.
But let me just go back.
Let me just go back.
The mystery schools always believed that you progress spiritually through these different levels up into Godhood.
And so they took Darwin, who just repackaged ideas they already had, and he came up with the theory of evolution.
And we're not here debating that today, we're just stating the facts.
And they were married in, and only married in, to a couple families.
The Huxleys, later the Wells, and others.
And we're going to get into that in a few minutes.
And you had futurist families who developed and codified these Babylon Ministry School religious ideas into scientific
Sales pitches.
And so you go back about a hundred and thirty, forty years ago, you've got Cecil Rhodes, you've got HG Wells, you've got all these different individuals.
Cecil Rhodes controlled the world.
Diamond Monopoly out of Rhodesia.
Rhodesia, north of South Africa, named after him.
And that's power.
And he was advisor to the Queen.
Order of the Garter, all these laurels, H.G.
Wells became the advisor, was that about a hundred years ago, to the Queen, her futurist, and basically you already had a world empire, and it was Illuminati controlled, and the British
Figured out that it was really hard to hold India, really hard to hold areas of Africa, really hard to hold areas in the Caribbean, and areas in Asia and China, if they had an open white guy sitting there at a palace as a Viceroy, or as a Duke, or as a Viscount, running things.
Or the East India Company running things.
The British East India.
So they learned how to put puppets in.
And they began to develop a plan
When we get back, I'll break it down for you.
And this is how they operate, and then they wedded it with the ideas of the father of science fiction.
It's unbelievable.
Wait until I go over this with you.
Just wait.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Welcome back!
Alright, continuing with the history of these individuals.
So, by the year 1900, a large majority of the world's countries were either completely dominated and occupied by the British alone, or they were heavily influenced and puppeteered.
And then most of the other countries of the world
That is, in what we call the Third World today, were dominated, or completely controlled, by the Dutch, or the French, or the Germans, or the Spanish, or the Italians.
It was a colonial world.
It was under several different empires.
But the royalty of England had intermarried with all of them.
And they had intermarried with them.
And since then, you had a merger and a deal
With the Illuminati, and the British Royalty, and an intermarrying there.
The Rothschilds and some of the other big rich families married in to the British, slash predominantly, they were already Saxon, Norman, but then they had married in right before the Revolutionary War, fully with the Germans, but all of that gets into pedigree, who we're exactly talking about here.
They had knocked off then, of course, later in 1917, their cousins, their first cousins, the Czars.
You could put the two kings side by side, the Czar and the British King.
They were identical.
There's famous photos of them.
You couldn't tell the difference.
That's how bred they were.
Of course, they had tons of health problems, like any purebred does.
But again, I'm digressing.
This is such a big subject.
But still, there was a revolution all over the world.
The Renaissance was continuing against these people.
They were doing everything they could to pose and claim, through the Illuminati, through the Masons, through their secret societies, now being called intelligence agencies, this is going back a hundred years, to claim that they were for the brotherhood of man.
They were for an end to war.
But what we needed was a global government to deal with that and to stop all of this.
And to stop, quote, rogue nations and rogue dictators, and that they were there to help the free market, and that they wanted global trade.
When in reality, they were fostering war, and stirring up war, and arming dictators to attack their neighbors, and funding civil wars, and doing everything they could through neo-mercantilism.
To use slave countries they controlled to manufacture goods so cheaply to then knock out any free market corporations or companies or nations that had formed against them.
There's some homework here.
Go look up mercantilism.
Know that's what we're under now.
Know that's their system.
Go look up neo-feudalism.
And along comes H.G.
Wells and there's a lot of other players in all of this.
Meanwhile, Cecil Rhodes,
Who runs a country for the British, controls the diamonds.
He sets up the Rhodes Scholarship to get the best and brightest from England and the U.S.
to be the Presidents and Prime Ministers.
And those Presidents and Prime Ministers then turn out to be part of that or to go through skull and bones.
One of their other schools where it's the exact same curriculum, you know, we've had triple PhDs on who, you know, where they only give out like one every few years from Harvard.
Remember a few weeks ago, we went to the same school, the same specialized school that Kissinger went and they tried to recruit him.
And so they develop the intelligentsia to man all the nations and they create duplicates of the shadow government systems in all the countries.
So we'll start the next hour, I'll spend another 30 minutes going over some of the history of these people and break down what the world they want to build on the other side.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'll spend 30 more minutes on the history of the Global Crime Syndicate and who they are and how they operate.
Okay, so we've established you have these ancient construction guilds, mathematic guilds, secret knowledge guilds.
Knowledge is power, they've got to keep that secret.
And the most elite colleges were literally secret.
And they had great power, and so they basically supplanted much of the royalty, intermarried with the royalty, as of about 200 years ago, accelerating through into the 20th century and now the 21st century.
And their plan had always been, up until 100 years ago, roughly, it's really about 110 years ago, to set up a world government empire run out of London, England.
But they learned there was massive resistance if the empire was out in the open, so they created financial institutions, private banking syndicates that already existed, but they created international bodies where they would quote give loans to third world countries at loan-sharking prices, pay off the dictators or controlled governments not to pay it off, then to sign over the country's infrastructures to them, then it's just private business, because you know, you defaulted, now we own you,
But added to all of this was H.G.
Wells, one of the chief architects.
I mean, someone who literally has charted so much of what we live under today.
And H.G.
Wells wrote more books of non-fiction than he wrote books of fiction.
He's known for The Time Machine, and he's known for War of the Worlds, and The Island of Dr. Maru about genetic engineering.
Undoubtedly a very brilliant individual.
But he wrote other books.
He wrote one of them, what, like 90 years ago, called The New World Order by H.G.
You can see it in the library.
It's online for free.
Just type H.G.
Wells, The New World Order in and we have the book on Infowars.com.
I think five years ago we found it online and put a link to it.
Who knows if that link is still there.
But the point is you can find it online.
And it's a non-fiction book.
There's going to be a world government.
There'll be no private property.
It'll be run by a high priesthood of globalists.
We will order your life.
We will break up the family.
Basically, and his other books cover forced vaccinations, forced drugging to make us behave.
This is where Aldous Huxley, in what, 1934, wrote Brave New World.
I mean, genetic engineering, drugging the population to control them.
Now you see all that, and Huxley in 1962 gave a speech saying, right before he died by the way, let me tell you, this is all real.
We're already putting wires into people's brains to control them.
I've been in the facilities in England.
My brother, you know, ran UNESCO at the U.N.
He said, Julian Huxley, United Nations Cultural Educational
United Nations Cultural and Educational Organization.
This is the plan by 2000.
This is a long-term strategy for a global empire to control you.
He gave that at Berkeley.
You can find that online.
In fact, somebody's taken the audio and put it on YouTube with images.
I played it, I think, eight years ago on the radio, an hour of it.
I'm planning to do that in the future.
I'm really going to start focusing on this more on the history and who they are, because we've had requests, and I know it's important, I tend to get caught up in the latest news, but we need to know who we're dealing with first to be able to understand and deal with all this.
So, H.G.
Wells, who is the progenitor of this, he goes and literally sells the intelligentsia, and sells the royal family, and he was again, futurist to the Queen.
He's like a rock star.
By turn of the century before last.
By 1900.
Already one of the best known men in the world.
One of the most read men in the world.
You know, writing literally dozens and dozens of bestsellers.
It was all science fiction though.
His other books weren't bestsellers.
So when we get back, we'll break down what he says they're going to do.
And you're going to be stunned to see that almost everything H.G.
Wells said they would do, they have done.
We'll tell you about a couple of things he said they would do that haven't been done yet but that are on the drawing board and being implemented.
It's all coming up on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
InfoWars.com is the website.
Stay with us.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
It's here.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the REAL ID Act.
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included.
Which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13-17.
In Revelations 14-9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Your call's coming up in the final 30 minutes.
Update with Dylan Avery as well, and we've changed final edition, and it's multi-million dollar funding.
We'll be discussing that.
Alright, getting back to the globalists and how they operate, who they are, and then what their plan is, what they plan to set up.
You've got this ongoing program of setting up a covert shadow world empire, with the existing British Empire teaming up with some of the other fragmented and shrinking empires controlled by other European nations, with a secret core of secret societies, which again is interchangeable with secret services,
Intelligence agencies.
That's just the old name.
The Secret Society or Secret Service.
What they called our first private intelligence agency that was public or government intelligence agency that was public.
The Secret Service.
That's what it was called in England as well.
The Queen's Service.
So, they've got this global mercantilism.
They've got this banking system.
They've got the way they control nations.
And then these futurists come along with ways to control society.
Pharmacological systems have developed, ways to drug populations.
They'd already discovered a lot of things, could dumb down the public, could sedate the public.
And H.G.
Wells starts writing non-fiction books about how they could force drug the public, have one-child policies, invade every sovereign nation, bring down sovereign nations, and bring it under this international order.
That would remain somewhat secret, that they would break the world into three regions, that each region would have ten sub-regions.
That's exactly how many regions we have.
There's ten regions in the US, ten then sub-regions to the North American Union, then ten larger sub-regions to the Pan-American Union.
Same thing with the EU.
I mean, literally, when these guys start a plan, they stick to it.
They follow through.
And people say, well, how can it go generation after generation?
The families, the power structures, the money, the interest, the corporations don't die.
It's like a university.
University heads come and go, but the organization grows.
And people want to build the organization's prestige and power because in the seats they sit in, from the lowest to the highest, they get more money and power and prestige and control out of the institution's prestige, power, and control.
This is how bureaucracies operate.
But there was a wedding of pseudo-science and futuristic ideas, which again, these secret societies that are into science and technology, they worship science and technology, had always been into.
Wells and a few others came up with the idea
And H.G.
Of world population reductions, of non-lethal weapons.
If a city didn't submit to the world government, they would come in with knockout gas and knock them all out.
And then he would simultaneously put it in fiction books, in his science fiction, to revelation of the method, convince the public and sell them on it through his books.
And through the plays and the movies that were made out of it.
And that's why you can pick up a 1937
New York Times, and it's got the U.S.
with the 10 regions now, the 10 FEMA regions.
This has been pushed.
That's why when George Bush got up, senior, and said, New World Order in 91, everybody's mouth dropped open who knew any history.
Because the Romans had talked about a new world order, the British Empire talked about it, Hitler had talked about it, Stalin had talked about it, Mao had talked about it just last year, the Pope said we need a new world order, the Communist Chinese and the Russians said we're going to have a new world order, but we're going to control it.
When you hear new world order, that means world empire.
Then, as they did hundreds of years ago, selling people in Europe to revolt against the royalty, but not to supplant it and give the people power, but to just make themselves the new invisible royalty.
Which is even more effective!
Today, with a model UN at all the high schools, most of the private schools, they take the best and brightest.
They go practice being UN delegates, UN ambassadors, secretary generals.
They tell them, we're going to have world government to stop war.
We're going to have world government to feed the hungry.
We're going to have world government to stop global warming.
All these great... and to fight abuse.
We're going to have world government to fight rogue America.
Why, America's bad.
It's out taking over and blowing up countries and invading.
And if we have a world government, it can stop these rogues from doing this.
Meanwhile, America is really controlled by the New World Order, and they're using us to go take over nations, while at the same time blaming us for it, and then later demonizing the U.S.
and bringing down our sovereignty.
They're very sophisticated.
This is a formula.
And they've written about it.
They've said it.
It's out in the open.
So that's why I wanted to play a three-minute clip from things to come based on a
This is a book written decades before by H.G.
Now, he wrote this almost 20 years before.
Understand that.
He wrote it, what, right at the end of World War I. And in it, there is a second world war that devastates things so badly that they finally get their world government.
But then they use doublespeak and say, but it isn't really a world government.
But if you don't do what we say, we're going to come drop gas on you that knocks you all out.
We're going to make you submit.
We're going to have war, because we're against war.
Because you're a Timbot dictator.
And we're running our operation out of Iraq.
This was written in, what, 1919, and then made into a movie in 1937.
This is so bizarre.
It's like Albert Pike, the Supreme Grand Mason, in 1876, writing a book saying there's going to be three wars, the final one in the Middle East, bringing in world government.
See, their League of Nations failed after World War I that the British engineered.
That's not mainstream history.
And so,
They're now saying, again this is a 1937 movie, we need another war to finally bring in the one world government and end all war.
So they're always claiming it's to end war, it's to end hunger, it's to end famine, when they're the prime engines, the progenitors, the prime movers in all of this problem, reaction, solution.
And now, in this film, Things to Come, which is a propaganda film made prior to World War II, the movie shows the utopia vision after an apocalyptic war, where the saviors of mankind come dressed as Nazi stormtroopers and stealth bombers.
Looks just like a stealth bomber.
Dropping peace gas and taking over the world from sovereign nations to bring a freemasonry of science.
This is a sick vision, which is promoted by many groups today, hoping for their New World Order.
The Nazis tried this out, and many others have come to do the same.
Ironically, the future seat of the sick New World Order in the movie is Basra, Iraq, where the white men of the New World Order developed their technology to subdue rogue nations.
I have a link up on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com to this clip that's on YouTube.
Uh, by the, uh, one of the best, uh, posters I think on there, really proud of his work, and that, or her work, I don't know who they are, uh, wrote that blurb about it, and it's totally accurate, and, uh, that is the Gatekeeper Invasion, that's, that's his name.
He's exposing the gatekeepers.
So that's up there on YouTube, we have a link to it.
I saw the film years ago and have forgotten about it.
I've since ordered a copy.
We're going to play more lengthy clips, because in the film they drop the gas to knock everybody out.
Again, non-lethal weapons.
I mean, think of it.
This was written in 1919.
In a movie in 1937.
Their New World Order.
Everything this guy wrote about in his non-fiction books, they have implemented.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to Things to Come, 1937, based on an H.G.
Wells film.
Here it is.
So that's the sort of man you're about to hit.
Not an unusual sight.
Everywhere we find these little semi-military upstarts robbing and fighting.
That's what endless warfare is led to.
What else could happen?
But we, who are all of the left of the old engineers and mechanics, have pledged ourselves to salvage the world.
We have the airways, all that's left of them.
We have the seas.
And we have ideas in common.
The Brotherhood of Efficiencies.
The Freemasonry of Science.
We're the last trustees of civilization when everything else has failed.
Where do you come from?
Who are you?
Wings over the world.
Hey, you know you can't come into a country like this in this fashion.
I'm here.
Do you mind if I sit down?
And now, for the fourth time, who are you?
I tell you, wings over the world.
That's nothing.
What government do you under?
Common sense.
I belong to World Communications.
We just run ourselves.
You run into trouble every time I'm here in wartime!
What's the game?
Order and trade.
Trade, eh?
Now look here, Mr. Aviator, let's see how we stand.
Come down to actuality.
The way you swagger, you don't seem to realize you're under arrest!
You and your machine!
You'll find other planes looking for me if I happen to be delayed.
We'll deal with them later.
I even started a trading agency here.
They're right.
I have no objection.
The first thing we shall want is to get our planes in the air again.
Quite a laudable ambition.
But our new order has an objection to private aeroplanes.
Be impudent!
I'm not talking about private aeroplanes.
Our aeroplanes are public aeroplanes.
It is an independent sovereign state at war.
I know nothing about any old order.
I'm the chief here, and I'm not taking any orders old or new from you.
I thought I walked into trouble.
Yeah, you can take that as right.
Where'd you come from?
I flew from my headquarters in Tarzana this morning.
We have some hundreds of new type planes and we're building more, fast.
The factories are working again.
We're gradually restoring order and trade in the whole Mediterranean area.
We're scouting this region now to see how things are.
You'll find out.
This is an independent sovereign state.
Now, they then come, and because they've grabbed him, this is a sovereign country, and they come and bomb them with knockout gas.
Now, you
See this in other films that have now come out, where they're throwing it in our face.
I'll talk about that after the break.
The point is, order and trade.
See, it's all order and trade, but they use trade, which they fix, to knock out their competition.
It's not free market.
They talk about the new order.
No one can have planes.
No one in the state, none of the people can, but this shadowy wings over the world.
This global government, but it's not a government.
They have all the power and they're the Freemasons and they're going to be running things.
And then they come with non-lethal weapons and make you submit.
And then he wrote non-fiction books about forced drugs in the public to submit, and he said that there's gonna be a lot of wonderful and beautiful, I'll get his quote, it's in my book, a lot of wonderful and beautiful, valiant people that fight world order, but that we're just gonna have to die.
Wells wrote that in his book, The New World Order.
This guy talks about how he's gonna kill us all if we don't break up our families and submit.
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I think so.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Take the film that came out a year or so ago, Serenity, showing how smart the writers of that piece are, obviously anti-New World Order.
They discover that the government, the galactic government,
A bunch of control freaks claiming they're trying to create a wonderful utopia with all these social workers micromanaging you.
They kill you if you don't submit immediately, but it's all for the greater good.
They find out there's a planet, which Serenity's the name of the planet, that's off the charts because they killed everybody on it with this Prozac gas and they even give the name
Of the molecule that is Prozac in the film, that they had this plan to make it a utopia, and it actually killed everybody!
Or 90-something percent, and created the Reavers, a bunch of psychopaths that did survive.
Well, in reality, that's what they're doing!
15% of the public on serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
10% of the kids on amphetamine type drugs that burn out their brains.
Aldous Huxley, whose brother ran the entire UN Department on eugenics, openly said that they were going to legitimize eugenics, even though Hitler had given it a bad name, said they would force drug the public.
And they just passed a new freedom initiative a year and a half ago for forced psychological testing and drugging.
The drug companies say they'll now go from 15% on drugs to half.
They're talking about making you take these?
The fluoride does it in the water?
I mean, major hundreds and hundreds of university studies I've read.
There's no debating it.
Again, Pulitzer Prize winning books on World War II admit Hitler used it in his labor camps.
His forced labor camps.
And so, H.G.
Wells and a few others came up with these ideas, wrote non-fiction books titled The New World Order and others, saying they were going to do this.
Then they made fiction movies like Things to Come,
In 1937, where they go in and dominate and take everybody over with their advanced technologies.
And then after that, there's a utopia, and they set up their world government, and then we go to the stars.
You know, it's like looking at 500 years of human development.
And after the Second World War, they form their world government, and they fix the planet.
Well, what did the U.N.
say when it failed the League of Nations at the end of World War I?
They said, well, now call it the United Nations.
It was John D. Rockefeller involved in the founding of the League of Nations.
They've had it on C-SPAN where David Rockefeller goes to the U.N.
and gets awards.
And I've got it on video from just a few years ago.
What was it, in 2000?
Where they give him an award at the U.N.
Business Council.
Well, your grandfather helped found what became the U.N.
and you've been the greatest friend of the U.N.
And Prince Charles and his father, Prince Philip, all push it, and they're doing it!
And they've got all these well-meaning saps, like they did in, you know, the French Revolution in the 1700s, and like they did in other places, they get the general public, we're revolutionaries for freedom!
We're gonna take down the rich!
We're gonna bring liberty!
But what they bring is total tyranny!
Except in one case, the US, where for over a hundred years, they helped foment the revolution, but it got away from them, and the framers got away from them, and turned against them, and did do more good than others.
And one nation, with 4% of the population, ended up with half the wealth of the world, because there was liberty.
And where there is liberty, there is plenty.
And there is freedom.
So that's what happened.
And it was because America was predominantly a Christian nation and those morals and those ideals created a tree with a lot of fruit.
And so they've come back in, they've taken over since 1913, they've turned us as an engine against the world to do their dirty work, to take down nation after nation, then the U.S.
gets demonized globally and gets the blame.
says we've got to come in with a liberal world government to counter the evil right-wing U.S.
The U.N.
Anglo-American British version of it.
And then of course I told you this ten years ago because I read mainstream documents which were available and later even Australian papers picked it up saying world government, which way?
The liberal loving one or the evil right wing one?
See now they don't deny there's a world government, they say well we need the loving people to get control of it.
That's a false choice.
They're not saying you can or can't have world government.
They're saying don't worry there's now a world government but there's a struggle now between who will control it.
Oh, it's controlled, just like both political parties are controlled.
And they create a Royal Institute of International Affairs, a Council on Foreign Relations.
Every European or Western government, the U.S.
Canadian government, has these councils with the heads of the banking, the heads of media, the heads of academia, the heads of science, all the key heads, the key lawyers,
All the heads of the major guilds, the head of the National Association of Governors, National Association of Lawyers, you know, they're all members.
There's 4,200 and something in the U.S., over 100 members in Canada, several hundred members in England, in the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they manage and guide it, and they tell them in these meetings, their minutes are public now, a lot of them have been brought forward, we're going to set up rule government to love the people, for global hunger, to help,
Meanwhile, they're putting sterilization pathogens and chemicals in the vaccines, they're involved in genetic engineering, all of it.
They're waging war against us!
But they have this sick excuse that it's all for the people, and they're doing a great job, and they're bringing this utopia!
And look what they brought us!
War and destruction!
200 million dead last century.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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January 22, 2007.
Ted Anderson for Midas.
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1971, Nissan closes the gold window.
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1997, gold increases 82% over the Indonesian rupee.
1998, gold jumps two-thirds over the Russian ruble.
2002, the Argentine peso loses a fifth of its value to gold.
2006, the last superpower, the USA's mighty dollar, loses over half to gold and other raw goods.
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So basically, we have 4,000-year-old universities, which are intelligence agencies, whose symbol is the all-seeing eye of the pyramid, dominating the mass of slaves beneath them, that sell the outer court members who serve them that they're building a grand utopia.
They speak to people's personal power trips, their control-freak natures.
And they openly, in the major textbooks for social workers, say the family's a disease, it's a threat to the state, their plan is to break up the family, as I said, one-child policies, forced drugging, every move, every purchase you make under surveillance, it's basically already here.
A nightmare world is what they built.
And if you read in Council on Foreign Relations, bi-monthly report,
Foreign Affairs, they openly say the House of World Order will be built on blood.
They openly say, H.G.
Wells said, they're going to have to kill a lot of valiant, beautiful people.
He knows a lot of valiant revolutionaries who will find out what they're building and fight against them.
He uses that term.
And it's just this arrogant, elitist attitude of, fine, you will die.
And you look at what these people have built, it's horrible.
But it's a sick religion of total control.
It is a disgusting religion of dehumanization!
And I am begging all of you out there...
To research the New World Order.
I'm begging all of you out there to find out what these individuals are doing.
I'm begging you to go online and for free, it's all over the web, read just one of H.G.
Wells' twenty-something non-fiction books.
Read the New World Order.
Then go read the encyclopedia about him, how he was an advisor to the government, an advisor to the Queen, how they took many of his futuristic ideas
And literally wedded them into... I mean, that's why you read Brave New World, which Huxley points towards his brother, again, who worked for the UN, and he points towards HG Wells.
But near his death in 62, he went public and said, it's horrible, it's bad, and it's wrong, and this is all real, and they plan to put electronics in your brains, they plan to force-drug you, and see, that sounded crazy in 62!
It sounded crazy in 33 when he wrote it!
In A Brave New World.
What does Hillary Clinton say her two favorite books are?
A Brave New World and 1984.
She said that in many speeches.
Type it into Google.
Hillary Clinton's favorite books.
People say, oh, that's because she wants to fight that.
That's what she wants.
You know, universal health care sounds good!
But they're going to use that for control!
It sounds good to have animal IDs and track all the farms, but it's meant to shut down independent farms.
They're there to shut down anything independent, anything strong,
Anything that is outside their monopoly of power.
They are monopolying it.
They have a monopoly of the banking system and the issuance of credit and currencies.
They have now a monopoly through their World Council of Churches.
Over 90% of the churches are having their curricula, having their ideology, having everything they push and sell packaged by these people.
They control now, what is it, five companies own over 90% of the media.
And so they're threatened now by the alternative media.
They thought they'd use the internet as the worldwide wiretap instead of a worldwide system to overturn them.
They're now panicking to regulate and restrict and shut that down.
The battle is joined and we're giving them a bigger run for their money.
They're six years behind in forming their new world order.
They admit that.
They're having a lot of problems.
They're also having a lot of successes.
So they constantly tell you, you can't fight City Hall.
You can't fight the globalists.
There's nothing you can do.
You can't resist us.
Resistance is futile.
Like they're the Borg!
And I'm here to tell you resistance is not futile.
A small group of them took over.
A small group of us, and we are the majority by the way, but a small group taking action can overturn them and try to get our republic back and our Bill of Rights and Constitution and decentralized power and stop the new emperors of the earth.
Because look at the works of these people.
They're all evil.
They're all corrupt.
They're extremely disgusting and destructive.
They're threatened.
They claim they're for the free human spirit and ideas and science and development.
Everything they do is about destroying development.
Destroying ideas.
Destroying independence.
Destroying creativity.
Destroying any free groups that are operating in solidarity.
Who are collaborating.
They are there for a monopoly of the mind, a monopoly of the soul.
This is a tyranny unlike anything we've ever seen.
They traffic in the souls of men.
And they brag about it.
And they're ultra-corrupt, power corrupts.
You know, Lord Acton actually, people always say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Lord Acton's actual quote was, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And this is what we face.
So I want the police, the military, everybody out there listening to me today.
Everybody, bureaucrats who serve this system.
You've all been told the good reasons for what you do.
You've all been told you're part of something good.
But you really think about what's happening.
You know the government and corporations are out of control.
You know society's unraveling.
You know we're being lied to on a daily basis.
You know a lot of bad things are happening.
You know Ritalin and Prozac type drugs are screwing people up.
You know it's predatory.
You know it's about raising capital.
You know it's about controlling.
And you know it's wrong.
So decide which side you're on.
Decide who you stand with.
Decide what you're going to do.
And you know, Hollywood and the media has this image of you've got to save the world by yourselves.
You've got to overturn things overnight.
You've got to do it all yourself.
And that's not how it works.
It's everybody waking a few people up.
Everybody starting a website.
Calling in to talk radio.
You know, you might make a film like Loose Change 2nd Edition that 40-something plus million people download on the web.
You might make films like I've made that tens of millions have downloaded on the web, conservatively.
But so what if you're not that successful?
I never started this, never thought I'd be that successful.
I just thought I'd do an Axis TV show locally.
Never intended to have a radio show.
Never intended to have websites with 5 million plus readers a week.
Never intended to have as big an effect as I had.
But I know many of you out there are more articulate, will be greater leaders than I ever was.
I'm calling for you to get involved.
Many hands make light work.
So please, join me in this fight against the New World Order.
Join me in this fight against this worldwide tyranny.
Stand up for the dynamic human spirit.
Stand up for decency.
Stand up for all the innocent, meek, weak people that are out there who are being abused by this system.
I'm so sick of seeing weak
Individuals are being terrorized, the horror, the control they're under.
I'm so tired of seeing this predatory system feed on individuals and societies.
I'm so sad about the millions that the globalists have killed.
Over 3 million in the last 16 years in Iraq.
654,000 according to Lancet in the last three and a half years.
I don't want that in my name and I want that to stop and I know you want the same thing.
So please join me
Join humanity in this fight against tyranny, please.
Now in Part 2 of this, I will break down more of what the actual nuts and bolts are of the control grid, how they nexus together, how they're working, and what the world will be like if they win, and how I believe we can defeat them.
So be sure and stay tuned on the web, and on this radio show, and on the local television show where I'm going to air this for Part 2 of Overthrowing the New World Order.
That's the title of this broadcast.
Thank you for joining us.
All right, now let's shift gears to Dylan Avery, and then try to jam a few of your calls in.
Dylan Avery was listening to the show, and he heard me talking about Better Get Second Edition Now, because I think it's one of the greatest 9-11 films out there, maybe one of the greatest truth films, period.
And it is not going to be available on DVD anymore when the final edition comes out here in a while.
And so I hope you'll go to Infowars.com.
I haven't really plugged yet.
Plug in the first hour.
I hope you will get the DVD from us and support them and support us and make copies from the high-quality digital DVD.
And I hope that you'll also get Terrorist Storm and America's Freedom from Fascism at Infowars.com.
But let's go ahead and go to Dylan Avery.
Dylan, you've got an exciting report for people on where Loose Change Final Edition is right now.
Yeah, I do.
First of all, though, I hate to correct you on a couple things, but I have to.
One, I don't really know what our plans are for the second edition, but I plan on, you know, keeping it in circulation.
I don't want to cut off you and the other people who have gotten us where we are.
I didn't know that.
Oh, good!
I thought earlier that that was going to be gone, like the first edition, and then... Oh, no.
I mean, well, yeah, the difference between the first and the second is obviously because, you know, the first just isn't as good as the second one.
But, I mean, the second edition, a lot of people are still going to want it.
People are still going to want to watch it.
And, I mean, it just would be wrong for us to let people watch it.
Well, I'm encouraging people to get it then.
Yeah, that's great, man.
And the other thing is, we don't have a multi-million dollar budget.
Well, you know, I saw that in the newspaper.
Yeah, well, I mean... And I haven't talked to you in a few weeks, I've been out of town.
Well, I know the deal you guys are doing is big, though.
Yeah, it's definitely big, but we don't have a $20 million budget per se.
What we have is we have a potential print and advertising budget of $20 million.
And again, that was just a number that was thrown out and a journalist ran with it.
And the number I heard from other sources behind the scenes was $2 million.
It's probably going to be closer to one, and I mean that's just because clearing footage and music rights and we've got some really insane 3D work being done over in Germany.
But other than that, yeah, things are going great.
We're finalizing the script.
We're working with a bunch of luminaries within the movement that I think might surprise people.
It's coming along good, man.
It's coming along really good.
Tell folks how Final Edition is going to be different from the first edition.
It's going to be monumentally different.
I mean, we're literally almost triple-checking every sentence, you know, making sure every word counts.
We're really trying to stick to, you know, the absolute facts about 9-11.
And what we hope is that people come out and it's really undeniable.
I mean, whether or not you agree it was an inside job, you still have to agree that there's something fishy with the official story.
I mean, we're bringing up all the hard stuff.
You know, we're bringing up Minetta, ISI, I mean, all kinds of stuff.
I think people are really going to be impressed with what we come up with.
Now, what's the section you're going to have where it's showing the controlled mainstream media?
You're even going to use the Michael Moore piece from Martial Law where I confront Moore.
Tell us about some of the other facets.
I can't get too much away, but I can tell you that right now we're planning on having a clothing montage with a bunch of faces, both
People from the movement and 9-11 family members, just a whole wide range of people.
Basically, both of our experiences with the mainstream media and naturally other people's experiences with the mainstream media in regards to this information.
You know, the way the American media marginalized the numbers of the silent march, you know, the way they said it was a handful of people as opposed to the thousands that were actually present.
We really want to mention everything.
We want to mention what happened before 9-11, what happened on 9-11,
And we want to close with the response to the truth movement and show people how we've been treated and how we've been demonized.
I just can't wait.
What's the time frame?
I mean, I know it's, believe me, I've made films.
I know it's hard.
I've been working now for seven months on the film that I'm going to probably have done in six months if I beat my brains out here working 18 hours a day on the total New World Order plan.
But what's the ballpark estimate on when we're going to see this in theaters nationwide?
Well, I can't give an estimate on that.
If I had to guess, I would like for the film to be done by March, because the rough deadline for Cannes Festival, I believe, is March.
Right now, we're trying to take our time, but at the same time, we would like it to be done as soon as possible.
So right now, I'm kind of pushing myself and everyone else that we can hopefully have some kind of a rough cut done by March, and hopefully have it in theaters in the next following month.
I don't want to compete with Spider-Man 3.
I don't think that's going to matter.
There's going to be a huge grassroots surge.
Oh, I know.
I'm just saying, nobody wants to go up against Spider-Man 3.
With great power comes great responsibility, Dylan.
Yeah, you're telling me.
How about you, Alex?
How are you doing?
Enough about me.
I got back Saturday, and I've already done my other radio show on Sunday, and I worked on the film last night, and I'm going to do eight hours of broadcast today, two more hours of TV, two hours of The Rents, and another show, so I've got my work cut out for me.
I'm doing alright.
I'm not bragging when I say I worked that hard.
It's just insane.
But I can't turn down opportunities to fight the globalists.
You only live once.
And I'm just really excited about the film I'm making.
This thing is just going to... It's unbelievable.
Yeah, where are you going with this next one, Alex, if you don't mind my asking?
Well, it's, you know... Because I know you had a couple projects in mind.
Yeah, basically, you know, how I make a film... How I've made the last two, you know.
Before, it was literally on a three-quarter inch deck by myself.
Boycing it with a mr. Microphone and you know they're still pretty good films the first seven though or shoestring just me and Then with martial law order of death
And Terror Storm, you know, I brought in professional symphony, paid a lot of money, you know how it is, professional graphics people, and I've got an even bigger team on it.
But basically, I have to put the raw film together and the pieces I want.
We're bringing in another voice person, I've got to write the... And once I have it all laid out, and I know what footage I'm using, I already know the basic voiceover, but I've got to then write it all.
Thank you.
Is about the Bilderberg Group meeting last year, but that's only going to be about 30% of it.
You know, here's the elite, they're real, here they are, here's the history of the globalists, here's what their plan is, here's what the new world order is.
Oh, okay, so kind of like how you deal with the RNC and martial law.
Yeah, but I'm going to start the film just going into here's the globalists, here's their history, here's how they operate, and here's what their plan is.
And I'm going to look at like three different areas of it.
I'm going to look at the North American Union, how it ties into the other unions, how they're going to use roads to wall off and shut down areas and track and trace and tax everybody.
We're also going to look at some other facets of global government, how it's going to affect people.
and uh... the whole eugenics angle and then uh... basically just show how the public is pretty much unaware of this and uh... the type of society they're building so basically it's the master plan and uh... that's the problem is I've got too much and this time I shot it all in high definition I mean I like went up in airplanes to shoot video of the trans-texas corridor routes the uh... superhighway they're already building and it's just nuts
I mean, I've got like, no exaggeration, we've probably shot 300 hours of footage, and we're just trying to boil, and I've got to make the decision, so I've had to watch 300 hours a couple times.
Yeah, I hear you.
So you know how it is.
Yeah, I do.
Hey, Dylan, try doing radio eight hours a day.
Oh man, I couldn't.
But hey, you brought up radio.
I'm going to have to self-promote and plug in louder than words radio Saturday night.
Oh, I meant to do that.
Yeah, tell folks about that.
Well, you know, Burmus just moved over from RBN Network, which, you know, gratuitously, I don't mean gratuitously, graciously gave Burmus a start in radio, and he just recently moved over to GCN.
So, me and him are now doing the radio, 10 in the morning Eastern, Saturday mornings.
Well that's fabulous and we've got False Flag News coming over to Genesis and a bunch of other folks just from all over Radio Land joining up on the team.
They're opening up a whole other bird to be super hardcore Patriot and of course the rest of it is Truth and Patriot but we're trying to really move
I'm here trying to get everybody else on board because I want to build up the best people out there in this fight.
We're all together.
When I was out of town, I said, get Ron Paul on with this presidential announcement.
We talked to his office when I was leaving town Friday, and folks were like, don't you want to interview him when you get back?
Don't you want that?
And I said, of course not!
I want him on the air, period!
You know, we're in this together.
And that's what I like about you guys, is that we're all supporting each other, we're all promoting each other, there's safety in numbers, and I've got something big on that whole front in the future.
That's very important.
We can all shield each other by standing up, by being bold.
This Ed Brown up in New Hampshire, we've got to support him.
He's saying go ahead and have another Waco.
They want to come take his house for income taxes.
The Feds have had to back off SWAT teaming him because of that.
It just shows we can win this fight, Dylan.
Yeah, I agree Alex.
I think we are winning day to day.
It's just a matter of sticking with it.
Well, give the website out for folks that want to check up on updates on loose change final cut.
Well, you can go to loosechange911.com.
We've got a blog, we've got a forum.
Pretty active on both.
Basically, stay tuned.
I think 2007 is going to be a good year for all of us.
It is.
We're going to expose false flag terror so they can't continue to carry it out and enslave us using the fear.
Dylan Avery, good to hear from you.
Likewise, Alex.
Good being on the show.
Jamming a few calls.
Final segment.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect us all and move us forward against this enemy, and remember who to trust in.
Yes, Alex.
I thought there was some information you should know.
It's quite a conversation around town here in Deming and Lordsburg, New Mexico.
Last Friday, the 19th, the police department found some semi that one of the axles collapsed on it and it caused an accident.
Anyway, they opened it up and all the police radios went to scramblers and everything else.
There's a couple people who say they saw it.
And it was an entire semi loaded full of Chinese ordnance weapons.
Well I'd like to confirm that, but this isn't the first time.
We know that in 1996 a huge truck full of LAWS rockets, Chinese RPGs, rocket propelled grenades, plastic explosives, and another truck full of 3,000
AK-47s full auto to be sold in the black market or for pre-positioning.
We know there's 6,000 communist Chinese military front companies.
Any major company there is Chinese government run.
But they're not worried about that.
They're worried about having checkpoints and treating us like slaves.
Just like there's 5,000 Iraqi Republican Guard brought here by our government, trained by the CIA, ready to blow up every city and the government gives the order.
It'll all be blamed, of course, on Al-Qaeda.
We're good to hear from you.
I appreciate you holding and telling us that, Larry.
Susan in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, um, Alex, I want to say something else about China.
The latest Nexus magazine reports that our spy satellites have been hit several times in recent years by lasers by China.
They have an actual particle beam attack.
Yes, whereas the New York Times has been playing us down with saying they, you know, just reporting that they exploded their weather satellite, and then calling this crude
Kinetic weapons like they don't have something better.
And my prediction is that if we attack Iran, China will be who will retaliate against us.
Which is what the new order wants to bring us into World War 3 out of the ashes will rise the final world government.
It's all lining up.
Yeah, but don't worry, the cops will run some checkpoints and kick down some doors and force kids to take Ritalin and drink fluoride.
That's what's important.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, police, go ahead and serve the new order.
See what happens to your pension fund.
You work for evil.
Let's go ahead and talk to a final caller.
Who is the final caller?
Shirley, where are you calling us from?
State of Washington, Alex.
I had a couple of literary aides about the hundreds of years of the ancient Egyptian Kabbalah.
One would be John Coleman's Conspirator's Hierarchy, Committee of 300, in the hardbound book.
Which put out public reports about reducing population to 450 mil.
Again, public group, public plan to kill us.
In the back of the book, there is the hierarchy of the secret societies.
It's not in the paperback, it's only in the hardbound.
There are visual aids in the back that show you the various levels of the hierarchy.
Yeah, it's pretty accurate, too.
I've interviewed the doctor many times over the years until his health began to fail, and you see how he's doing.
Out of time.
Thank you for the call.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
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It's a very exciting function we've had up for a few months.
Tens of thousands now using it a day.
All right.
You know the truth.
You know the score.
You are the warriors on the front line.
You control the destiny.
God bless you all.
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Good morning, honey.
Wow, the weather is beautiful, the cabin is terrific, and it's the first day of our vacation!
Honey, is there something wrong?
Yeah, I just realized we forgot to pack the travel berkey system.
I can't drink this cabin water.
And what am I going to do when I'm out on the lake?
Now the whole vacation is ruined.
Honey, cheer up!
I brought our Spark Berkey Purifiers!
Yeah, I know you're picky about not having pathogenic bacteria, organic chemicals, heavy metals, or foul taste.