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Air Date: Jan. 19, 2007
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Good morning, everyone.
Once again, this is Bob Dacey, substituting for Alex Jones, who is on vacation.
I understand he'll be back on Monday.
Today is January the 19th, 2007, and we've got a pretty good plate on our agenda today.
The first thing we're going to do, we're going to cover a bunch of news.
After that, we're going to have a guest, Hank Gilbert, who was running for Agriculture Commissioner in the state of Texas.
In the previous election, he did not win, but this man is a house on fire when it comes to the Trans-Texas Corridor and the NAFTA Superhighway.
So he's scheduled to come on from 12 to 12.30.
Then we're going to play about a 20-minute segment at 12.30 of a replay of Alex's show on Wednesday where Jack Blood was interviewing Congressman Ron Paul.
Then I'll be back live after that, and we're going to cover...
Some more about the North American Union and probably take some phone calls in the third hour.
Once again, my name is Bob Dacey.
I am the host of the local cable access television show here in Austin, Texas called Simple Truth.
And if you're in the Austin area, that show airs Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock on Channel 10.
And it's produced by Kelly Taylor and Jeff Kentoff.
And the three of us, we call ourselves sometimes the Three Amigos.
All right.
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And now we got, you know, what we do on our show in Austin, The Simple Truth, we have something that we've been running for years, which is called Police State Alert.
And what Police State Alert is, is we play some Nazis goose-stepping.
It's television, so you get to see some Nazis goose-stepping down the road to music.
And the music that we play is Rammstein's
We're all living in America.
I can't do that here on the radio because you don't have television in front of you, but we have the equivalent of a police state alert here on the Alex Jones Show right now.
The first story is from the Progress Report.
That's www.progress.org.
Bush seizes control over state militias.
The author here, Kevin Peterson, says,
Centralized paternalistic government was a bad Soviet communist idea.
So why does AWOL Bush favor it?
Here are portions of a news article appearing at Stateline.org.
To the dismay of the nation's governors, the White House now will be empowered to go over a governor's head and call up the National Guard troops to aid a state in time of natural disasters or other public emergencies.
Up to now, governors were the sole commanders-in-chief of citizen soldiers and local guard units during emergencies within the state.
Over objections from all 50 governors, Congress in October changed the 200-year-old Insurrection Act to empower the hand of the president in future stateside emergencies.
Isn't that exciting?
Think about that.
Our imperious leader has now seized the state militias.
When we get back from the first break, I'll have a little comment on that.
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Okay, Bob Basie back for Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, just before the break we were talking about the fact that President Bush has seized control over the state militias.
I want to make a comment about that.
Just think about it, ladies and gentlemen.
All the hippies and granola crunchers and liberals and do-gooders of the world all believe that the Second Amendment doesn't exist, the right to keep and bear arms.
A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
That's the Second Amendment, clear in its intent, the right of the people, that's you and me, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
The people who like to rearrange the Constitution say, oh no, what that really meant was the militia, which is a, that means a government-run organization, shall not be infringed.
So they think that the Second Amendment means that only government-regulated, that has taken the place of the people now.
You have to have a government-regulated militia in order to keep and bear arms.
That's the standard mantra of the anti-gunners.
Well, now that Bush already has control of the National Guard, right?
A lot of them over in Iraq.
Now he wants control over the state militias.
Well, then, who does that leave left to have the right to keep and bear arms?
You see, the Founding Fathers were right once again, and the hippies and the liberals and the anti-gunners were wrong again.
The Second Amendment is an individual right, not just a collective right.
Had to put that in there.
Again, we're talking about an Alex Jones Show version of our TV show, The Simple Truth, our little police state alert.
I have an article here up on Infowars.net from Steve Watson posted yesterday.
Bloggers who criticize the government may face prison.
You'd be forgiven for thinking that it was some new restriction on free speech in communist China.
But it isn't.
The U.S.
government wants to force bloggers and online grassroots activists to register and regularly report their activities to Congress in the latest astounding attack on the Internet and the First Amendment.
Richard A. Vigory, chairman of grassrootsfreedom.com, a website dedicated to fighting efforts to silence grassroots movements, states, now here's a quote from Richard Vigory,
Section 220 of S-1, the lobbying reform bill currently before the Senate, would require grassroots causes, even bloggers, who communicate to 500 or more members of the public on policy matters to register and report quarterly to Congress the same as the big K street lobbyists.
Section 220 would amend existing lobbying reporting law by creating the most expansive intrusion on First Amendment rights
For the first time in history, critics of Congress will need to register and report with Congress itself.
End quote.
Under current law, any lobbyist who knowingly and willingly fails to file a report quarterly to the government faces criminal charges including a possible jail term of up to one year.
Hey, man, we're all living in America with a K. I mean, this is ridiculous.
So, gee, if you talk to 500 more people in the public on policy matters, well, I do that on my TV show.
I wonder if I'm going to have to report to the Congress.
I wonder if I'm going to have to show them my papers.
Won't they have the permission to speak?
Talk about Nazi Germany.
This is disgusting.
But of course, hey, this is from the United States government.
Okay, there's another take on this same topic from Kurt Nemo.
Today, posted today, Anti-First Amendment S-1 Passes Congress.
And I'll excerpt from this article.
It was bad enough George Bush Sr.
found it necessary to blame bloggers for creating what he deems an adversarial and ugly climate, never mind his particular bit of ugliness in Iraq more than a decade ago, eventually resulting in the murder of more than a million people.
Last month we had the Manchurian candidate, John McCain, introducing legislation, quote,
That would find blogs up to $300,000 for offensive statements, photos, and videos posted by visitors on comment boards, effectively mixing the open exchange of ideas on the Internet, providing a lethal injection for unrestrained opinion, and acting as the latest attack tool to chill freedom of speech on the World Wide Web.
And that's a quote from Paul Joseph Watson, who was writing for PrisonPlanet.com.
Since Watson wrote his piece about McCain's anti-First Amendment bill, Richard A. Vigory has warned that Congress is attempting to silence bloggers and other critics of the government.
Again, they restate the quote that they're going to require these people to report quarterly to the Congress if you talk to 500 people or more.
I swear, you know, this is insane.
You know, why do we have to sit here and tell you about this stuff?
I guess it's because it's going on.
Alright, anyway, I wanted to let you know about that.
Now here's a, I guess we'll say our police state alert section is over here, but now we've got a bunch more news we want to cover here in the first hour.
This is an article from the American Statesman, dated today, January the 19th.
Washington Bureau Bob Deans is the fellow who wrote it.
CIA director warns U.S.
against failure in Iraq.
And they say U.S.
failure in Iraq would turn part of that country into a safe haven for Al-Qaeda, a foundation for the Muslim empire envisioned by the terrorist group's leaders, and, quote, a living hell for the Iraqi people, end quote.
CIA director Michael Hayden told the House Intelligence Committee Thursday.
Bush vowed last week that U.S.
forces would, quote, seek out and destroy, end quote, networks in Iran and Syria that were providing support to insurgents in neighboring Iraq.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that it can be accomplished chiefly by striking at targets inside Iraq.
Now I want to make a few comments about this article.
Okay, so we have Michael Hayden, the CIA director, telling us that if...
We failed in Iraq.
It's going to turn it into a living hell.
Well, guess what, Mr. Gates?
Mr. Hayden, I mean?
It is a living hell.
And we turned it into one already.
So you can't do it again.
It's already a living hell.
And it's at our hand.
It's at the hand of our elites.
So that's kind of a... I want to say that.
The other thing is to remind you that CIA Director Michael Hayden publicly stated
Several months ago that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution does not have a requirement of reasonable cause to get a warrant.
He stated that openly and publicly, that the Fourth Amendment does not require the government to show reasonable cause to get a warrant, even though the Fourth Amendment clearly says that it does.
So there you have, I don't know, you could say that's part of a police state alert right there, too.
The director of the CIA doesn't understand the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.
You know, that's pretty sick, isn't it?
The other thing I want to comment on here is that Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said that they're going to destroy these networks in Iran and Syria by chiefly striking at targets inside Iraq.
The key word there is chiefly by striking at targets inside Iraq.
Again, here's another indication of their intent to attack Syria.
And or Iran.
And you don't want that.
You really don't want that.
Now we have another article.
All right.
PrisonPlanet.com This is posted today.
It's from ABC, actually.
Pelosi won't block funding to stop Iraq troop surge, even though the situation is a tragedy.
She tells Diane Sawyer that Bush has to answer for this war.
Now, what's interesting here is two quotes from Pelosi.
Here's number one.
Here's one.
Democrats will never cut off funding for our troops when they're in harm's way.
Yeah, they kind of got you there, don't they?
You know, there they are.
They're sitting there in harm's way.
And what are you going to do?
You know?
Yeah, that's interesting.
And then the other quote she says, which is telling.
This is Nancy Pelosi.
The president knows that because the troops are in harm's way, we won't cut off the resources.
That's why he's moving so quickly to put them in harm's way.
End quote.
Ha ha ha.
There you go.
I mean, you know, he's kind of got the Congress by the short hairs there, doesn't he?
You know, we're going to shove 20,000 more troops in Iraq whether you like it or not and now you'll have to fund them.
You've got to feed them and everything, right?
So there you have another example of why ignoring the Constitution gets the United States people in so much trouble.
You know, the Constitution says that only Congress has the power to declare war.
They didn't declare this war
And here we are in the middle of it, and our imperious leader is forcing the Congress to fund these troops by putting them in there anyway because he thinks he's a dictator.
Isn't that nice?
That's just wonderful.
Speaking of this Iran-Iraq situation, we have an article from Reuters, January 16, 2007, by Richard Cowan.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The resolution makes it crystal clear that no previous resolution passed by Congress authorizes a U.S.
attack on Iran.
Jones told reporters, referring to the 2002 vote by Congress authorizing the invasion of Iraq.
It's got 11 sponsors, and Ron Paul is a co-sponsor of this thing.
So it must be good.
Ron Paul is a co-sponsor of this resolution.
We'll be back with more after this break on the Alex Jones Show.
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Well, the unions are big businessmen, and they're going out like dinosaurs.
Well, they used to grow food in Kansas, and then when it rolled on the moon, they'd eat it raw.
I can see the day coming when you and your whole family's gonna be in Kansas.
Okay, it's Bob Dacey back on the Alex Jones Show this January the 19th, 2007.
And we were talking about the Reuters article where Ron Paul is co-sponsoring a bill that seeks to bar a United States attack on Iran.
I think that's a pretty good idea myself.
One other comment about that story before I go on to the next one.
In this story, concerns about a U.S.
attack against Iran increased after the United States moved an additional aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf region and the Bush administration told Arab allies it would do more to contain Tehran.
What Arab allies is this guy talking about?
Who is that?
Oh, is that the Saudi Arabians that we do all that business with?
With all business?
Is that who he's talking about?
You know, where all the so-called hijackers, most of them, came from
Saudi Arabia?
Is that country?
Yeah, uh-huh.
Yeah, well, anyway, yeah, you kind of wonder what they're bringing, an aircraft carrier battle group, another one into the Persian Gulf War to fight a bunch of insurgents on the ground in Iraq.
So you know this is a direct escalation towards war with Iran.
So we're, Ron Paul, sponsoring a bill, co-sponsoring a resolution to prohibit a U.S.
attack on Iran.
Related to that,
This is from PrisonPlanet.com by Paul Joseph Watson, posted today.
Reporter claims Israeli nuke strike on Iran averted by U.S.
Let me repeat that.
This story is very bizarre.
Reporter claims Israeli nuke strike on Iran averted by U.S.
Sources say F-16 suicide mission armed with 20 kiloton bomb recalled by Israelis under threat of U.S.
Sidewinder missile shoot down.
I want to point out that this is Paul Joseph Watson reporting the information of another reporter, William Thomas, who has done some work in the chemtrail field.
I myself would have to see a bunch more on this myself, but I'm going to go ahead and read this because if it's true, it's interesting, to say the least.
As escalation towards a war with Iran reaches fever pitch, an online journalist today breaks the astounding news that Israeli fighter jets have already attempted to bomb tactical locations in Iran with nuclear weapons nearly twice as powerful as the one dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, only to be turned back by U.S.
warplanes over Iraq.
William Thomas cites two sources with US and other military contacts who told him that on two recent occasions, Israeli fighter bombers armed with both conventional and nuclear weapons were turned back by US planes under threat of missile interception.
This followed reports on Wednesday that Iran had shot down a US drone on its border.
Republican Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
recently expressed his fear during a speech on the House floor that the Bush administration would contrive a staged Gulf of Tonkin-style incident to garner domestic and international support for an airstrike on Iran's nuclear facilities.
That reminds me to remind you that at 12.30 we are going to replay a segment of last Wednesday's Alex Jones Show
We're good to go.
Okay, we have another story here.
Another high-tech incident here.
This is from American Free Press, January the 19th, 2007.
This is about China shooting down a missile.
I mean, not a missile, using a missile to shoot down a satellite.
China's defense ministry refused to confirm Friday it conducted a test in space of a satellite-killing weapon
Following U.S.
claims that the controversial event occurred last week.
That's interesting.
When we get back from the break, I will have to tell you some more about this.
China knocking out satellites.
I bet you we don't like that too much.
This is Bob Dacey.
We'll be back on the Alex Jones Show after the break.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think.
We're good to go.
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In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act,
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
In Revelations 14, 9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, Bob Dacey back for Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.
And I would be remiss if I didn't remind you that on Alex Jones' InfoWars store, if you go to InfoWars.com and go to the shop, the shop at InfoWars.com, he's got another special.
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That's also 1995.
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Terror Storm, an excellent film by Alex Jones.
America, freedom to fascism.
An excellent film by the major film producer, Hollywood type, Aaron Russo.
All right.
And now for the rest of this half hour, I'm going to start talking about this North American Union thing again.
Hank Gilbert, former Agriculture Commissioner candidate in the state of Texas, has come out opposed to this, and I just want to kind of
I've got some two documents in front of me from the Texas Transportation Commission.
These are the guys.
They have two different agendas here.
These are draft papers published in January of this year.
They have a nationwide...
We're good to go.
Recommendations to reduce congestion, enhance safety, expand economic opportunity, and improve air quality.
Yada, yada, yada.
Fake reasons for doing this.
A report to the 110th Congress First Session.
Now, I just want to excerpt from some of this.
In the introduction, they say, A year ago, with the passage of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act, a legacy for users...
Safety, A-L-U.
The guiding principle of TxDOT's federal legislative activities was building on success.
And again, I will remind you that the state of Texas passed, well, it wasn't the state of Texas, the United States Congress in 2005 passed H.R. 3.
And in that NHR 3, in Section 1604, is the kernel, the start of the federal government starting to make it legal to toll the interstate system.
You know, the stuff you already paid for.
Existing roads, bridges, and tunnels.
That's 2005, HR 3, Section 1604.
Back to this paper.
The traditional modes of funding, operation, and thinking are no longer working for our state or nation.
TxDOT has worked hard during the course of SAFE TEALU to lay the groundwork for the use of new and innovative financing tools in transportation infrastructure delivery.
Now, you want to go to InnovativeFinance.org, and you'll see how they're planning to tattoo you all over the country.
But they say it's good because, you see, it's innovative.
You see?
It's innovative.
Contained in this report are brief synopses of our 2007 or post-Safety ALU federal priorities.
So here we have some of the federal priorities of Texas here in this.
New laws are creating important new opportunities in Texas.
I love the way they speak.
That's called taxing you some more.
See, that's an opportunity to fleece you some more.
But they call it, it sounds so good, an opportunity.
Isn't that neat?
Okay, and they say Congress must upend traditional thinking and embrace innovation.
There's another one of those watch words.
See, it's innovative to tax you again for roads you already paid for.
See, that's innovative.
Doesn't it sound neat?
Kind of flows right off the tongue there.
Flows right off the tongue better than fascism, you know, but it sounds better.
It's innovative.
With the passage of Safety EALU,
Congress expanded our ability to issue debt and eased a variety of associated restrictions allowing for greater private sector participation in transportation infrastructure.
There you have another one of these fuzzy little things.
Oh boy.
Private sector participation in screwing you around and making you pay again for roads you already paid for.
But doesn't it sound great?
Okay, we propose to work with Congress to amend the federal tax code
Let me get this straight.
That invest in toll roads where they take your money again and make you pay to travel, that when they make the profit from it, that they won't be taxed for it.
Isn't that lovely?
That's what Texas wants to do, the Texas Department of Transportation.
What's funny, though, about this is they actually want to toll the cops, though.
There was an article in the American Statesman on January 8th written by Ben Weir,
Should law officers get a pass on tolls?
It's a fuzzy situation.
He says the Texas Department of Transportation would like to waive the tolls only for marked police cars, fire vehicles, and ambulances in the act of responding to an incident.
So if you're a cop car and you're just driving along to get from point A to point B, they want you to pay the toll.
I mean, you got that?
Now this, in my opinion, is not a double tax toll.
It's a triple tax toll.
Because, okay, first you already paid for the road, right?
Okay, great.
Now they slap a toll road on it.
Okay, well, that's double taxation.
But now you also already paid for the cop cars, and you're paying for the cops and the ambulances.
But when they go cruising across the toll road, unless there are sirens blaring, well, they've got to pay again.
So that's a triple tax toll.
That is absolutely obscene.
It's like an obscenity mounted on top of an obscenity.
It's like a pimple within a pimple, if you know what I mean.
Tolling Authority Expansion Safety EALU recognized the importance of tolling and expanded the ability of state departments of transportation to utilize tolls on certain types of federally funded projects.
You see, it used to be illegal until the United States Congress fixed it in 2005.
It also created three new opportunities to utilize vehicle tolls as a means to finance interstate construction and or reconstruction
Now, you see the key watchword there is finance interstate reconstruction.
In other words, fixing what we already paid for.
See, to fix it, you've got to toll it.
Isn't it brilliant?
It's innovative.
It's new.
It's modern.
And it's all meant to take you to the cleaners.
We propose to.
What do they propose to do?
We propose to reduce restrictions on tolling programs and remove their pilot project status to give states such as Texas as many opportunities as possible for new funding alternatives.
You see, I reported many months ago that this bill had been passed.
I broke the story on Infowars.com about the Fed's
We're good to go.
I think?
Again, we have opportunities and funding alternatives, and it all means taxing you again.
It all means tattooing you again to build a North American Union superhighway.
That's all this is about, but they make it sound so exciting.
We propose to authorize states to implement interstate tolling options beyond current safety ALU power programs and allow toll revenues from toll finance facilities...
We're good to go.
Take from you for roads you already paid for and for new ones you haven't paid for to go to other critical system needs.
I wonder what those might be.
Whatever they are, they're not going to be good.
I'll guarantee you that.
They just want to be able to have a big money pot to draw from so they can build this North American Union infrastructure project of theirs.
That's what they're trying to do.
I can assure you that that's what they're trying to do because whatever they're trying to do stinks.
All right.
And I think it has a lot to do.
They want to use some of this money to build the railroad component of the Trans-Texas Corridor.
Now, that was some of their federal priorities.
Now I want to get into the Texas Transportation Proposed Issues for the 80th Texas Legislature.
So this is their statewide priorities, but I want to warn you, this is a draft and it's subject to change.
It says so right on the front.
Okay, let's see what they have in store here.
What they want passed at the state level.
Project Development.
Concurrent jurisdiction of courts in eminent domain proceedings.
Condemnation petitions must be filed with the county courts at law in counties that have them, thus precluding district courts from processing such cases.
Eminent domain cases could be processed more efficiently if petitions could be filed in any court with jurisdiction.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
English translation.
They want to make it easier and quicker to kick people off their land.
You don't want to move.
But it's warm and fuzzy.
You know, we need this.
We need concurrent jurisdiction.
And here's one that kind of goes along with that.
Right of entry.
Property owners sometimes don't allow TxDOT or its agents on property to conduct surveys and appraisals when developing certain transportation projects.
TxDOT has a right of entry for toll roads, but not for other state highway projects.
The Department can use this authority for all state highway projects.
Again, making it easier to kick you off your land.
You say, no, you get out of here.
I don't want you people on my property.
You have no right to trespass on my private property.
You leave and you get out of here.
Oh, no, we have the permission.
It's the law now.
We're going to be able to get on your property whether you want to or not.
And you know what?
This area right through the middle of your living room would make a great fast lane right here for the trucks.
Right here.
Right in the middle of your living room.
So now they want to force their way onto your property.
And what else they got here?
What else do we have here?
Use of available funds for rail projects.
Now we know what they want to do with this extra money.
Currently, TxDOT cannot use Texas Enterprise funds on rail projects without waiting for a line item appropriation from the legislature.
Additionally, the department cannot use surplus tolls or concession fees on rail projects.
These matters...
Could be remedied in statute.
So there you go.
I was right again.
Hey, how about that?
I was right again.
They want to use all this money for the rail project portion of the trans-Texas corridor or NAFTA superhighway.
Because trucks is not enough to bring up the cheap communist Chinese slave goods from the other side of the world through Mexico.
You see, they gotta use railroad cars too.
Okay, under the heading of safety.
It's always under the safety.
You know, it's either for the children or for safety or whatever.
You know, it's always warm and fuzzy.
Get this.
They want exclusive truck lanes.
They want to amend the statute to allow the commission to designate on or off the Trans-Texas Corridor exclusive truck lanes without a requirement for adjacent lanes for passenger vehicles.
Now, you get this now.
Here you have any road they feel like it.
It says on or off the trans-Texas corridor.
They want to come in and be able to say, okay, this lane that used to be for anybody is now just for Mexican trucks driving communist Chinese goods up from Rosario Cardenas and Manzanilla up through Texas without a border stop to go to Kansas City Smartport where the Mexican customs officials are going to make sure that it's okay.
And you guys who paid for these roads already, any road, on or off the Trans-Texas Quarter, you guys can't get in this lane anymore, you see?
I know you already paid for it.
I know, I know, I know.
But you can't get in this lane anymore because we have to make room for the Mexican trucks, you see.
And it says you don't have to have adjacent lanes for passenger vehicles.
So just to heck with you, commuters.
So how is that going to relieve congestion?
How in the world is designating lanes for Mexican trucks only, well, and other trucks, but you know what they really want here is Mexican trucks with their cocaine-induced drivers driving them, you know, 14 hours a day.
How is that going to relieve congestion?
These liars, Rick Perry, chief among them, told, oh, no, we're going to build a trans-Texas corridor, and it's going to relieve traffic congestion.
How are you going to relieve traffic congestion by taking existing lanes and turning them into truck lanes only?
Must not be the purpose.
The purpose must be the NAFTA superhighway, huh?
Oh, here's another good one.
This almost belongs in police state alert.
Again, we're talking about the Texas Department of Transportation and what they want passed in the Texas legislature this year with old Mike Kruse leading the charge, the chairman of the Transportation Committee.
Sobriety checkpoints.
Amend the statute to allow for implementation of sobriety checkpoints by local jurisdictions in the Texas DPS.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
They want the authority to pull you over without probable cause.
Well, that's warm and fuzzy.
Yes, we must see our papers to make sure you are sober.
I mean, give me a break.
Is this the United States of America?
People's Republic of China?
I'm getting a little confused.
Okay, here's another one.
Automated camera enforcement.
In the event the Attorney General finds the use of automated enforcement illegal in Texas... Apparently they're worried about that.
In the event the AG finds the use of automated enforcement illegal in Texas...
Modify the statute to allow local jurisdictions and Texas DPS to utilize automated enforcement technology for traffic offenses.
That's interesting.
We have an article from the Statesman about that.
American Statesman here in Austin back on the 4th of January.
Third way to pay toll.
Drive on, get a bill.
So you don't have a toll tag?
But you still don't want to stop at the toll booths?
Video tolling, you see, is going to solve that.
It will be more expensive than paying cash or using a toll tag.
And cameras will shoot pictures of the license plates of such drivers.
And the registered owner of the car will be billed.
And the total charges will be about 33% higher than the normal cash rate of about 12 cents a mile.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
They want to make sure that they can send you a bill whether you want one or not.
Isn't that great?
That is wonderful.
That is absolutely wonderful.
And there's another one on toll roads.
Specifically, they want TxDOT to assume the debt of a developer and issue bonds in order to terminate a comprehensive development agreement.
I don't want to bog down in terms here, but why would the state of Texas want to assume the debt of a developer?
I mean, if he gets the money, I mean, there's something nefarious about that
The developer gets in trouble so the people of Texas are stuck with a bill?
Maybe that's what that is.
I'm going to continue with this after the break, and then at the top of the hour, we're going to have Hank Gilbert.
This is Bob Dacey for Alex Jones on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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All right, Bob Dacey, back once again on the Alex Jones Show on this 19th of January, 2007.
And we were talking about the legislative agenda of the Texas Department of Transportation about what they want to get accomplished so they can tattoo you some more, take more of your money for roads you already paid for, and funnel it into the Trans-Texas Corridor, which is, of course, the Texas portion of the NAFTA Superhighway, which is the hub of a bunch of high-priority corridors designated at the federal level to go all through the United States, Canada, and Mexico to...
Okay, so we're talking about the legislative agenda.
Of the state of Texas here.
Now here's some more.
I was talking about they want the Department of Transportation to assume the debt of the developer.
Now that's troubling.
I'm not a developer type, and I don't know all the ins and outs of this, but it smells like the people of Texas get stuck with a bill if the thing falls apart.
Then you have state acquisition of toll roads.
State law should ensure that the entity most capable of operating and improving toll roads has the authority to acquire existing systems.
Again, why would a developer give up a money-making deal?
Someone's going to say, well, you're not capable of running this anymore because you're not making any money, so we're going to take it over from you and absolve you of all your debt, and we're going to make the taxpayers of Texas pay for it.
I think that's what that says in English, I think.
Here's another one.
State law may not be sufficient to authorize TxDOT to lease or license a state highway right-of-way to an RMA, that's Regional Mobility Authority, so that the RMA can construct a toll project on their property.
So the law is not sufficient enough for them to come along and say, hey, look, a nice paid-for state highway.
We want to grab that sucker and lease it
To a regional mobility authority so that they can construct a toll project on that property.
You understand this obscenity?
And you people all over the United States, you think this is Texas only?
No, no, no, no, no.
This is for you.
Texas is the laboratory that they're doing all this in.
Just because of our geography.
You know, everything from Mexico has got to come up through Texas.
It's the best route.
And this is what they're planning for you too, everybody.
This isn't a state issue.
Never was.
David Rockefeller and his friends at the Council on Foreign Relations are behind all of this.
All of it.
Because they want this North American Union.
They want to merge three countries into one and destroy the United States of America as an independent nation.
That's what it's all about.
Okay, now, I want to talk a little bit in this last part of this hour about this...
The fact that they also want to suspend your driver's license and deny your vehicle registration renewal if you don't pay their crooked tolls.
If you run through one of their toll booths and don't pay.
That's in their legislative agenda, too.
They also want the developers that run the toll roads, the private people, to have the same enforcement power as the police.
Ooh, private cops.
Ooh, cool.
A little private army there.
Little mercenaries.
And I...
I just wonder about some of this stuff.
Are there any lawyers out there listening who have some degree of background in proximate cause and culpability of crimes?
When we get back from this short little break, I want to ask a few questions.
And any of you legal egos out there, we'd like some opinions on this.
This is Bob Basie for Alex Jones on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, once again, this is Bob Dacey from Austin, Texas, substituting for Alex Jones on this Friday, January the 19th, 2007.
I am the host of The Simple Truth, a local TV talk show here in Austin.
I've been on the air for eight years, and I'm pretty much parallel with Alex Jones.
We agree on a lot more than we disagree on.
Before the break, we were talking about TxDOT's illustrious desires for the state legislature next year.
Before I continue with one little comment on that,
I want to let you know that Alex Jones and his InfoWars store has a deal where he has put his older VHS videos onto DVD, and he has the Police State Trilogy, which includes a copy of each of three of his films, Police State 2000, Police State 2, The Takeover, and Police State 3, Total Enslavement, for a special price of only $34.95 for the DVDs.
Or if you're old-fashioned, you can get them for $45.95 for the VHS tapes.
So go to alexjonesinfowars.com, go to the store, and get these things.
Okay, before we bring on Hank Gilbert, candidate for last election Democrat for Texas Agriculture Commission, I want to finish this thought.
I know Hank's listening.
I might want to ask his opinion about this when he comes on.
Listen, they've got a proposal to make sure that the driver of a car going through one of these toll booths without paying is responsible for paying the bill.
Now, what happens, for example, if you loan your car to your nephew, and you don't know it, but he goes driving through a toll booth and he doesn't pay?
Now, you weren't even there, right?
So why do you have to pay the toll?
I don't understand that.
And what if this same nephew borrows your car without your permission and goes through the toll booth?
You know, he didn't steal it, but you know, you're kind of irritated that he took it, but you didn't really tell him he could.
You're not going to press charges against him or anything like that, but he's the guy who runs the toll, and he's the one that's quote-unquote violated the crooked law.
So why are you responsible in America for a crime you didn't even commit?
You weren't even there.
What if your nephew borrows your car and does a hit-and-run on somebody and messes them up?
Do they arrest you?
So are you responsible for fixing the neighbor's window because the rock came from your rock garden even though you didn't throw it?
See, I'm trying to figure out the legal justification of this tolling you when you're not even there.
You know, what if you were going hunting with a friend and you were going bow hunting, say.
Let's make it kind of innocuous.
Let's go bow hunting with a friend and your friend doesn't have a bow.
So you lend him one of yours.
Okay, so he doesn't see too good.
You know, you didn't know that.
And you're out there in the middle of the woods, and he shoots a cow in the rear end with an arrow.
Now, since it's your bow, are you responsible for the cow that got shot in the rear end with the arrow?
You see, I'm trying to figure this out here.
I'm trying to understand how they can justify...
Passing a law that says you're responsible for doing something, for paying something that you didn't even do.
You didn't even commit.
What if somebody kills somebody with your gun?
Does that mean that you are responsible?
You are the person responsible?
See, I want to know if there's any lawyers out there who have a...
A deal with proximate cause and precedent and things like that.
I think you could attack this whole thing on this basis because I think it's totally illegal.
Anyway, as soon as we get back from this break, we're going to bring on Hank Gilbert and we're going to go with him for the next up to the half hour.
This is Bob Dacey.
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Okay, Bob Dacey, back on the Alex Jones Show on January 19, 2007, and we have Hank Gilbert, former Democratic candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, joining us right now.
Hank, are you there?
Yeah, I'm here, Bob.
Say, I understand I heard a lot of good things about you.
They seem to like you around here.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you ran for Texas Agriculture Commissioner?
Yeah, but first I have to answer two points that you just did on that last segment.
Oh, go right ahead.
Number one, if it's my cow that gets shot in the butt, I'm going to go after both of them.
The shooter and the owner of the boat.
All right.
And the second thing, you know, we have a new loop that they're putting in up here around us in Tyler.
And it's a tow loop, and they have a five-mile section open.
She's in big trouble now isn't she?
Well, can you imagine if these tech stop people get their way and they get Mike Kruse to pass their little laws when nobody's looking like he did in 2003, that they're going to have private contractors going after this grandma?
I know, but it wasn't just Kruse that got it done.
You've got to give my opponent, Todd Staples, a big hand in that, too.
Well, I've been picking on Kruse because he's so obviously visible.
Now, tell us about this Todd Staples guy.
What did he do?
Oh, he helped get it pushed through with Kruse.
He was the one that orchestrated the redistricting, but he also helped get all that legislation pushed through.
He was also one of the ones that got the bill passed to allow Texas Diet to toll existing roadways that we've already paid for.
So there's a lot of crap.
But anyway, a little bit about me.
I grew up up here in northeast Texas.
I grew up on a working cattle ranch in
That's what I currently do.
I've done that all my life.
I taught high school agriculture for about 13 years.
I've been self-employed in several small businesses for about the last 15 or 16 years.
But my primary objective is taking care of cattle all day.
So you basically have a background in agriculture, to say the least, and you actually tried to run for agriculture commissioner, right?
The only difference was, you know, I just didn't have the resources to put any kind of TV ads together.
You know, my opponent, about three or four weeks out from the election, dropped almost $2 million on about 12 days worth of little cheesy TV ads where it actually showed him out in a pasture with cows, but nothing that's going to put on his head to mess up his hair.
You know, he portrayed himself as being a cow man.
No, and I really doubt that he knows which hand of cow he eats out of.
But, you know, he spent about $2.5 million in this race, and we spent about $100,000 and came up, you know, about 350,000, 400,000 votes short.
You know, I just kind of wonder if the people of Texas knew about the toll road situation, the trans-Texas corridor and all that, if you would have lost.
He would have lost.
He would have lost big.
And he will next time.
And he will next time.
We're sitting over here on the edge of TTC-69, which is the next roadway that they have planned.
All right, now, now.
Stop right there.
Stop right there.
I want you to emphasize that point right there.
This IH-35 Trans-Texas Corridor thing that goes up through parallel to IH-35 isn't the only one, everybody.
There's a bunch of them, and right here... No, there's eight of them on the books for Texas.
Yeah, and 80 of them on the books for the United States of America.
The United States, yeah.
Over 4,000 miles in Texas.
But the next one that they're going to start doing the environmental hearings on is TTC-69, which is going to run from Brownsville parallel to the coast to about Wharton north of Houston to somewhere around the Cleveland area and then mirror Highway 59 all the way to
They've narrowed it down mainly to two alternates, one going out at Marshall and the other one going out at Texas Canada.
It has to go to Texas Canada to be in line to go all the way to Duluth, Minnesota.
I'm for doing anything possible to stop the trans-Texas corridor because of its international implications.
Why don't they get some cave spiders or some salamanders or something and sprinkle them along the path of that thing and then have the environmentalists come in and say, stop, you can't build here.
Yeah, but you know, they're going to eventually pass laws just like something I was reading the other day.
Oh, on the border fence, where they have basically said that the border fence is going to supersede all environmental laws.
It's going to supersede all endangered species acts, the whole nine yards.
They'll eventually try to do that with these roadways also.
Well, they're not going to build that border fence.
No, I don't think so either.
They've already said it.
They're not going to do it.
I don't think so either.
They didn't fund it.
But, you know, the problem was in this election cycle, and I grew up over here in East Texas, but you talk about this trans-Texas corridor over here, and no one knows what you're talking about.
The only people that were actually in tune statewide to what the trans-Texas corridor was was the people that were in the direct path of TTC-35 only because
It got so much publicity during those environmental hearings up and down that corridor.
But when you get over here in deep east Texas, north of Beaumont, over here in the real rural areas of deep east Texas, even parts of the coast in the Wharton area and down around Victoria, they have no idea what you're talking about.
Had those people had that knowledge and had
We and other candidates had the money to put that message out statewide to those people.
I think the results of this last election would have been tremendously different.
It's a tremendous thing.
You're talking about an issue that cuts across all party lines.
It cuts across liberal, conservative.
It doesn't matter.
I've said this many times myself here in Austin.
I'm a local TV talk show host here in Austin.
I've said I don't care whether you're a beer-guzzling
And Bob, that's one thing that has really, in my opinion, like we've seen in the U.S.
Senate, we've seen it coming together of people from different political parties to try to
Congress and the U.S.
I think you've seen that in this TTC effort across the state of Texas.
I've become good friends with David and Linda Stahl with Four Door Watch, who are confessed Republicans.
Linda Curtis with Independent Texas, Terry Hall with the San Antonio Toll Party, Judith McGarrity with National Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance over this NAIS issue.
And we've made great strides together.
You know, Independent Texas is having a conference Sunday at noon at the Crown Hotel there in Austin talking about these toll roads and informing people about the toll roads.
And I'm one of the speakers on the panel along with Paul Berka and
And David Stahl and a host of other people.
I'm going to be glad to meet you then because I'm going to be there too.
In order to go to this thing, you have to actually register for it online.
Go to indytexans.org and register and let them know you're coming.
Yeah, indytexans.org.
That's right.
Indytexans, I-N-D-Y, texans.org.
That's right.
But, you know, I put together an event also, and I've incorporated these groups as well as other groups around the state
On March 2nd, Texas Independence Day, I said during my campaign, all along the campaign trail, win, lose, or draw, that I was going to have a march on Austin, on the Capitol, and make these legislators understand how important and how concerned the citizens of this state are about the Trans-Texas Corridor and about the National Animal ID System.
Well, this thing is going to come to fruition.
It's going to be on March 2nd, Texas Independence Day.
We're going to have a march up Congress Avenue.
We've got to change the time, and we haven't confirmed this with the city yet.
We had a march scheduled from 1130 to noon up Congress.
We're going to have to get that changed from 2 to 230.
And then we have the south steps of the Capitol grounds from 230 until 530 that evening, in which we're going to have several speakers.
My goal is to have...
At least a quarter of a million people show up and converge on Austin that day for this rally.
And let Governor Perry then, you know, when 14,000 people showed up at these 55 environmental hearings along TTC 35, which I made 21 of those meetings, 14,000 people showed up collectively at those meetings and Perry said, well, that's nothing.
That's a lot.
And let that boisterous SOB say he's got 50 million people in the state of Texas that are for it.
Because, number one, there aren't that many people.
There's not that many highway contractors in Texas.
You know.
But the representative, not representative, Senator John Corona, who's a Republican senator out of Plano, has contacted me and asked if he could hold a policy forum hearing
In conjunction with our rally.
So he's going to invite every member of the legislature and every member of the Senate to attend this hearing and auditorium there in the Capitol on Thursday, March the 1st.
And he is inviting and has asked us to invite people to attend and voice their concerns on these toll roads to the legislature, to whoever he can get to show up at this meeting.
And then he's
In turn, it's going to be at our rally.
So there's bipartisan support.
This is a total bipartisan issue, and everybody needs to get involved.
We're going to be back here in a few minutes with Hank Gilbert, and we're going to continue this conversation.
This is Bob Dacey for Alex Jones on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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Okay, Bob Dacey back on the Alex Jones Show.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I know what a skunk smells like in the barn, and we got a big skunk in the barn.
What do you mean by that?
Well, I mean, when you grow up on a farm, you learn all kinds of little sayings and things, and they're all rich in meaning.
You know, and we have a skunk in the barn in Texas.
We have several.
The biggest skunk we have is, of course, Rick Perry.
You know, if it looks like a skunk, it smells like a skunk, it probably is.
And a lot of things that, you know, we still had a handful, a large handful of people in this state in this last election cycle that voted party rather than issues, where the rest of the country voted issues rather than party.
I think you're going to see that change.
Maybe in 2008, but most certainly by 2010.
So you're telling me that... Because these issues like the trans-Texas corridor and the national animal ID system in Texas are going to be known all over the state by then.
So you're telling me you're not a yellow dog Democrat?
I vote on issues.
I vote on people.
You know, one of the things when I first went down to the state party to sign up to run for this, the reason I ran as a Democrat...
Because I was born and raised in a Democratic household.
My parents are yellow dog Democrats.
Had I not run as a Democrat, they wouldn't even have voted for me.
Just in case you people out there in the world don't know what a yellow dog Democrat is, it's a person who's going to vote Democrat even if they ran a yellow dog for the office.
They just don't think.
They just go vote Democrat.
Some of the Republicans do, and some of the Republicans do in Texas.
They just don't think about the issues.
They just go vote Republican without...
Yeah, they need to stop doing that.
I mean, if we don't start looking at issues and vote on an issue-per-issue basis, you know, like I told the people at the state party when I first went down there, and they didn't know who I was, they asked me, do I vote straight Democrat?
I said no, and every one of them's jaws dropped.
But I am a Democrat, and I believe in democratic values, but I'm also conservative.
You know, I'm a rancher, and I'm a small businessman.
I have to be conservative.
I can't afford not to be, or I'm out of business.
But, you know, issues like the trans-Texas corridor that are going to affect everybody, like you said a while ago, whether it's the
Yeah, you say here in one of these issues on your website, that's HankGilbert.com, www.HankGilbert.com, quote,
TTC is the NAFTA superhighway from Mexico all the way to Canada.
And if that is allowed to happen, we will kill our entire vegetable industry in the United States.
Every vegetable you eat will come from Mexico or Central America.
And that's right off your website.
That's your words.
That's right.
And this highway system is just another move to help facilitate NAFTA and CAPTA and all these foreign trade agreements that we've gotten into that go against everything that we as Americans stand for.
And we're going to allow the Chinese and we're going to allow Taiwan and we're going to allow the Walmarts and the GMs and all these big corporations that are shipping all their manufacturing jobs to these foreign countries for cheap labor to import those products through Mexico and through Central America through this NAFTA agreement into our country cheaper than we can make them and just force us into becoming a service economy.
No country in the history of this planet has ever survived as a service economy.
That's true.
Without manufacturing, without industrialization, we're nothing.
And we're on the fast track to becoming the richest third world country in the history of this world.
You're absolutely right.
What they're trying to do with this NAFTA superhighway is benefit the communist Chinese manufacturers along with Walmart.
That's what they're doing.
They're trying to turn Mexico into a garden hose, basically.
You know, and what just really...
Infuriates me, or puzzles me, I guess, is that you have this segment of the country.
And I go to church every Sunday.
I believe in what the Bible has to say.
My kids and my family are all Christian people.
But you have this big contingency of evangelicals who believe that...
We have to do this to stay on the path of righteousness, yet we're going to bed with communist China every day, and that seems to be acceptable.
Well, Hank, I tell you what, I want to thank you very much for coming on the Alex Jones Show.
I look forward to meeting you this Sunday at the Road to Texas Independence Confab here in Austin.
We're going to have a replay of the Jack Blood section of the Alex Jones Show on Wednesday right after the break.
Hank, thanks again.
I'll look you up when we get there.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, we are still waiting for Congressman Paul to join us, hopefully here any minute.
I want to cover this editorial that he published yesterday.
The irrelevance of military victory.
In other words, it's not even relevant if we have a military victory, depending on how you define victory.
He goes on to say, a military victory in Iraq is unattainable, just as it was in the Vietnam War.
At the close of the Vietnam War in 1975, a telling conversation took place between an NVA colonel named Tu and an American colonel named Harry Summers.
Colonel Summers reportedly said, quote, you never beat us on the battlefield.
Tu replied, that may be so, but it's also irrelevant.
It is likewise irrelevant to seek a military victory in Iraq.
As conditions deteriorate in Iraq, the American people are told more blood must be spilled to achieve just such a military victory.
20,000 additional troops and another $100 billion are needed for a quote-unquote surge, yet the people remained rightfully skeptical.
Though we've been in Iraq nearly four years, the meager goal today simply is to secure Baghdad.
This hardly shows that the mission is even partly accomplished.
Astonishingly, American taxpayers now will be forced to finance a multi-billion dollar jobs program in Iraq, which, I've got to say, is probably the best idea yet, maybe the only good idea, though I'm sure it is insult to injury, folks, when we've been paying all this money so far and getting nothing in the way of results.
He goes on to say, Suddenly the war is about jobs.
We export our manufacturing jobs to Asia.
Now we plan to export our welfare jobs to Iraq.
Good point.
All at the expense of the poor and the middle class here at home.
Plans are being made to become more ruthless in achieving stability in Iraq.
It appears Matata al-Sadr will be on the receiving end of our military efforts, despite his overwhelming support among large segments of the Iraqi people.
It's interesting to note that one excuse given for our failure is leveled at the Iraqis themselves.
They have not done enough, we're told, and they're difficult to train.
Yet no one complains that Mahdi or Kurdish militias or the Baader Brigade, the real Iraqi government, not our appointed government, are not well trained.
Our problem obviously has nothing to do with training Iraqis to fight, but instead with loyalties and motivations.
We claim to be spreading democracy in Iraq, but Sadr has far more democratic support with the majority of Shiites than our troops enjoy.
The problem is not lack of democratic consensus.
It's the antipathy towards our presence among the most, I would consider this almost all Iraqis.
In real estate, the three important considerations are location, location, location.
In Iraq, the three conditions are occupation, occupation, occupation.
Nothing can improve in Iraq until we understand that our occupation is the primary source of the chaos and the killing.
We are a foreign occupying force strongly resented by the majority.
It's a democracy.
By the majority of Iraq citizens.
Our inability to adapt to the tactics of the fourth-generation warfare compounds our military failure.
Unless we understand this, even doubting or doubling our true strength will not solve the problems created by our occupation.
The talk of a troop surge and jobs program in Iraq only distracts Americans from the real possibility of an attack on Iran.
Our growing naval presence in the region and our harsh rhetoric toward Iran are unsettling.
Securing the Horn of Africa and sending Ethiopian troops into Somalia do not bode well for world peace.
Yet these developments are almost totally ignored by Congress.
Rumors are flying about when, not if, Iran will be bombed by either Israel or the United States, possibly with nuclear weapons.
Our CIA says Iran is 10 years away from producing a nuclear bomb and has no delivery system, but this does not impede our plans to keep everything on the table, quote-unquote, when dealing with Iran.
We should remember that Iran, like Iraq, is a third world nation without significant military.
Nothing in history hints that she is likely to invade a neighboring country, let alone do anything to America or Israel.
I am concerned, however, that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin type incident might occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran.
Even if such an attack is carried out by Israel over U.S.
objections, we will be politically and morally culpable since we provided the weapons and dollars to make it possible.
Let's hope I'm wrong about this.
And I think, you know, I think it would be safe to say we all hope you're wrong about this, Congressman Paul.
I would also like to say that I hope I'm wrong about the majority of my research over the many, many years we've been out researching and fighting the Infowar regarding 9-11, domestic spying, and all of the rest.
The coming North American Union, which is now being taught to professors at ASU and to students at ASU, they're being conditioned that we're North Americans, we're not Americans, we're international citizens and not citizens of the United States.
That we don't have rights, we have privileges, and we do have to have some kind of blessing by the government in order to even enjoy the God-given inalienable rights that we should have.
Say that word three times fast.
It's hard, folks, especially in the middle of a sentence when you're ad-libbing on a talk radio program.
So, yes, I hope you're wrong about an attack on Iran.
I think that will be, if we're not already there already, it will be the beginning of the end.
And I hope we're wrong about all this.
Unfortunately, the record shows we've been right the majority of the time.
We do have Congressman Paul with us.
Needs no introduction.
Ron Paul, Dr. Paul, thank you for joining us on the program today.
I know we're limited on time, but a lot of people really wanting to pat you on the back for throwing your hat in the ring for the 08 elections.
Welcome to the program.
Well, thank you.
It's nice to be with you.
And is that official?
I know you're doing an exploratory committee, but we assume that this is going out in a full-fledged presidential campaign.
It's official that the exploratory committee has been filed.
The information was put into the public a little sooner than we thought.
We thought that we would have a little time to prepare and make a formal announcement, but it got out there last week and...
Are you surprised at the overwhelming support you already have and how excited people are to have you in these debates and have you part of this process?
To tell you the truth, I am.
There are others who are more optimistic than myself and therefore it's very encouraging.
Because running a campaign like ours will be, you don't get the tens of millions of dollars that the establishment politicians will get.
But in this day and age with the internet and radio programs and
And shortwave, you know, there's a lot of people out there that we don't know about.
Hopefully the surprises will keep coming.
Dr. Paul, I think that your Internet campaign, your grassroots efforts, which we've already had just tons and tons of people write in and call in to say that they're going to support, will eclipse what Howard Dean did in the last election.
And obviously you're coming from the position of being an honest broker.
And I think this is something that can really be contagious to America.
Why did you decide ultimately to jump in the ring here?
I think the election had something to do with it, because it, to me, looked like the Republicans have awakened to a degree and said, enough is enough.
Doesn't mean they've had a conversion yet, but at least they're getting pretty annoyed.
Of course, I've been annoyed all along with our foreign policy, as well as the Republican acceptance of increasing entitlement programs and not caring about the deficits of
Republicans have lost their way, so I think there are people waking up in this country.
I don't know how much we can do to save the Republican Party, but at least that's the vehicle that I'm using right now, and hopefully enough people will consider the Republican...
Yeah, I think there are obviously going to be people out there that automatically see the word or the title Republican and they're going to run with their pants on fire as far away as they can get.
And obviously we're not going to be targeting those people.
But I think as your campaign unfolds and people start hearing this, we're going to start tapping in, Dr. Paul, to the 100 million or so people who don't vote in this country, who have no interest in the political process, and who have potentially given up altogether.
And there's a ton of them, and a lot of people just call them apathetic.
But, you know, if it's in the calculated person who has analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that, you know, there is no difference and they make a deliberate choice not to vote,
I would say it is a vote.
It's a vote of non-acceptance of what they've been offered.
There are some people who are apathetic and they don't know what's going on, but I think there's a lot of people like you described.
They're just sick of the mess and they don't participate.
Maybe if we can energize them, they will.
Now, Dr. Paul, are you a member of Skull and Bones?
No, I've been waiting on my invitation.
Are you a member of the Bilderberg Group?
No, maybe now that I've announced, I'll get an invitation.
Or a bilateral agreement, or CRP, CRS, and all that.
I haven't joined any of those yet.
We just covered your story, the irrelevance of military victory, which also segues into the speech you gave, I believe, in front of Congress, which was aired on C-SPAN, talking about the fact that Iran can bring about the next Gulf of Tonkin incident.
I'd like you just to comment on that briefly, if you could.
Well, this is what I fear, is that although the American people have spoken out in the election, they're tired of Iraq, and they certainly wouldn't endorse spreading the war.
At the same time, when we listened to the President the other night saying, yeah, we've made mistakes, we need to change things, but he's changed things by sending more troops.
At the same time, you know, he was pretty sharp against the Syrians and the Iranians in his comments.
Which means that they would like to spread the war, and yet the people won't accept this unless there's justification.
You know, there has to be a reason.
And that's why we should be leery of any kind of an incident that pops up and some Americans get killed and say, See, we told you it was all due to the Iranians, and therefore we have to, you know, go and attack.
And they're probably not planning because they've run out of troops and run out of...
Not a lot of military equipment.
We're not even strong enough anymore to invade another third world country.
That tells you how much it's drained us.
But we still have this high tech stuff and missiles and bombs and airplanes and all these things.
And they're liable to use that, but that's going to just infuriate another group of people, you know, and just make us more vulnerable than ever.
Yeah, as General Tony McPeak once told me, he ran the air campaign from the Gulf War.
We're creating terrorists faster than we can kill them.
That was two years ago, and I don't think we've done anything to alleviate that.
How was that speech received in Congress?
It was pretty well ignored.
But, you know, my friends listen and they pay attention.
And we have a small little group on our side.
And there's a small group of Democrats who are honest with this issue.
And I get encouragement.
But the biggest response comes from, you know, outside of Washington, the people who happen to catch it on the Internet or on C-SPAN.
And that, of course, is what we need.
We need encouragement.
I don't think there's much chance of us really converting Washington, D.C.,
We just need to get the American people activated and willing to send a message up here so that
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, hi Jack, hi Dr. Paul.
It's an honor to talk to you.
I would like to plug a website that I know Alex and Jack knows about.
It's called voter-smart.org.
And I'm using this website to contact all of the members of the 110th Congress, including all the 50 senators.
And Dr. Paul, I sent you a letter today.
I'm going to read you one sentence from it.
And it says that I want a complete, impartial,
And totally independent investigation on the events of September 11, 2001.
I'm tired of this bogus garbage about terrorism.
Ask Michael Meacher about how he feels about this bogus war on terrorism.
Can you comment on that, please?
Well, that would be nice to have.
Unfortunately, we don't have that in place.
It'll be a little bit better with the Democrats now in charge of oversight.
But, you know, for top-level policy, there's not a whole lot of difference between the two policies.
So a real investigation isn't going to happen.
But I think we have to keep pushing for it.
And like you and others, we see the investigations that have been done so far is just more or less cover-up.
How you doing there, Mr. Paul?
Thank God for you.
Now I have somebody I can vote for.
You ought to stay in touch with Lou Dobbs in a way, too.
He could put some good words out about you, I think.
I've been on his show a couple times.
Yes, I know that.
But you need to stay in contact with him.
Something else, too, this black box voting and stuff, I mean, I don't trust the votes at all anymore.
And something else I want to get in real quick, and then I'll let somebody else get on, is that
I'm going to be coming in this few million dollars here pretty quick, and as soon as I do, I'm going to get in contact with you and help you out.
Sounds good.
Thank you for the call, Cliff.
I think people will give you their last dime to try to push your campaign forward and rub their hands to the bone to work for you, and that's what's so exciting that we finally...
Dr. Paul, and I know this is embarrassing for you here, but we really finally have someone we believe in jumping into the process here, and I speak for millions and millions of people around the country.
I'm going to go to Mark in Florida, but real quick, let's get in a website.
Is there a website where people can track the progress of your campaign?
Yes, go to ronpaul.org and it will immediately refer you to another website.
ronpaul.org is the easiest thing to remember.
Mark in Florida, final word for Ron Paul.
Go ahead, make it quick, please.
Yeah, Dr. Paul, I was just calling and so many people, you know, they run on a campaign, they say they're going to change this and they're going to change that.
What's going to take you and set you aside?
From these guys, after they get in, they're like Bush and all these people, and they don't do what they say.
What can you tell the American people?
Well, I guess all you can do is look at my record and see if I do what I've said that I would do, and I think pretty much I've stuck to that, and get credit for it.
But to tell you the truth, I, as an individual, can't change the country.
We can lead, we can suggest, we can get it, but only the people can accept it.
So if the people still want to go to war and they still want big government socialism, one individual can't do it.
So we have two jobs.
One, getting the political leadership that we need.
Then, of course, doing what this radio station does so well, is get the information out and get our supporters animated and get involved in bringing about these changes.
Well said.
Dr. Paul, I appreciate you making time.
I believe that this is the first interview you've done since you've announced.
We're going to be tracking and working with you throughout this process.
And, of course, you know, if you need anything, just give us a call.
Dr. Ron Paul, thank you so much for joining us.
We'll come back, wrap this up, big finish on the Alex Jones Show coming up right after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alright, this is Bob Basie back live again on January the 19th on the Alex Jones Show after that interesting pre-recorded segment with Dr. Ron Paul and Jack Blood from the Wednesday show.
I think it's fantastic that Dr. Ron Paul is running for president.
That's going to make it a lot more interesting because you're finally going to have somebody up there that tells the truth
So that's going to make it a lot of fun, and we're certainly going to be backing Dr. Ron Paul's candidacy for president.
While he was talking to Jack Blood, one of the callers brought up September 11th and an investigation, and that leads me to want to remind you of a story that was in the New American magazine, which is the mouthpiece of the John Birch Society on December 25, 2006.
This was an article written by William F. Jasper, the senior editor of the New American magazine,
And I want to quote from this article.
This is his review of 9-1-1 Press for Truth, a documentary about the Jersey Girls and their pursuit of truth and what really happened on 9-1-1.
So here's Bill Jasper.
Within the limits of its 85 minute time frame, 9-1-1 Press for Truth does an admirable job of effectively presenting some of the most glaring discrepancies, lies, and cover-ups concerning the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil.
And then
Mr. Jasper takes three different points of the video and talks about them.
Number one, 911 Press for Truth asked, for instance, why NORAD fighter jets weren't scrambled on that fateful morning.
Fighters are sent up on average more than twice a week to check on planes that have strayed off course or are not responding to the FAA or local air towers.
This happens routinely, more than 100 times per year, and without any major signals that a hijacking or terrorist attack is underway.
Why, on September 11, 2001, did this air defense system uniquely, repeatedly fail even after the first plane hit the World Trade Center and it was blindingly apparent that we were under attack?
The 9-1-1 Commission's report explanation, which contradicts four previous explanations by federal officials on the matter, all four of which also contradict each other, is fraught with discrepancies, errors, omissions,
And contradictions.
Then second, Mr. Jasper goes into the repeated escapes of Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders in Afghanistan, apparently courtesy of the governments of Pakistan and the United States.
911 Press for Truth presents interviews with Gary Bernstein, the CIA's field commander in charge of Operation Jawbreaker, the agency's hunt for bin Laden in the caves of Tora Bora,
Bernson and others have charged that bin Laden and large convoys of his followers were repeatedly allowed to get away when they were about to be taken by U.S.
When the Taliban and Al-Qaeda legions were trapped by U.S.
forces in Kunduz, Afghanistan in November 2001, the Pakistani government sent in planes to airlift the terrorists to safety in Pakistan with the apparent blessing of the United States government.
And the third thing he gets into in this article is a press conference asking, where Condoleezza Rice was asked about the visit of ISI Chief General Mahmood Ahmad to Washington.
That's the Pakistani head of security.
She evades the question.
State Department's official transcript of the press conference conveniently erases the inconvenient question by saying it was inaudible.
It was clearly audible on the video.
General Ahmad convincing evidence shows that
They actually have been the paymaster for 9-1-1 hijacker leader Mohammed Adda.
So there you have the John Birch Society discussing the NORAD stand-down, helping the Taliban escape, the ISI as paymaster to Mohammed Adda.
And they were earlier talked about the Northwoods documentary.
Staging terrorist attacks in the early 60s.
And, of course, the president of the society has talked about Billing 7.
So, hey, things are going along pretty good.
After the break, we're going to go cover one more story, and then we're going to take phone calls for the rest of the hour.
This is Bob Dacey on the Alex Jones Show.
Be back after the break.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Okay, it's Bob Dacey, a local TV talk show host who does The Simple Truth here in Austin.
Tuesday nights at 8 o'clock on Time Warner Cable.
Been on the air for 8 years.
My show was produced by Kelly Taylor and Jeff Kentoff.
And that's why I'm sitting here because I am in the Alex Jones wing of the John Birch Society.
Actually, there is no such thing, but I kind of bridge the two.
I'm a bircher, but I'm kind of a maverick bircher.
And Alex Jones and I are on the same page on almost every topic.
And so here I sit...
Because Alex Jones apparently trusts me.
So here I am.
Now, I'm going to cover one more article or two, and then we're going to take callers.
We have Rib in Colorado up in a few minutes.
But the number, by the way, if you want to get involved in this, is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
Okay, I want to talk a little bit about the Burt Society again.
What you need to do, I'm going to cover one of their articles, a new article.
You need to go to www.jbs.org That's www.jbs.org See, what I want to happen is I want their little internet hits counter to go way up because of me.
See, that would be great.
So if you do that, just do me a favor.
www.jbs.org I want that sucker to surge if y'all would be kind enough to go to the John Birch Society website and check it out.
That way I get brownie points.
I like brownie points.
So go to www.jbs.org and this is one of the stories you're going to run into off the JBS News Feed.
Utah legislator opposes North American Union Security Prosperity Partnership.
This is by Mary Benoit.
It was published yesterday, the 18th.
Freshman State Representative Stephen Sandstrom, Republican of Provo, Utah, has introduced legislation opposing the Security and Prosperity Partnership in North America and
SPP and the development of the North American Union, NAU.
The general description of HJR 7, that's HJR 7, reads, quote, This resolution of the legislature urges the United States to withdraw from the security and prosperity partnership with North America and any other activity which seeks to create a North American Union.
The SPP and NAU would merge the United States, Mexico, and Canada into one European Union-like nation.
Back to the article.
Although the Bush administration is denying that the NAU would threaten the sovereignty of the United States by consolidating power both economically and politically with the participating countries, the steps bringing about such an agreement have already been taken and are being implemented via a piecemeal approach.
The John Birch Society is out in front exposing the threat that the North American Union would pose on our country.
In fact, we have been actively campaigning against the NAU
The SPP and other free trade agreements for some time now.
Visit the NAU Issues page for information on how you can help prevent the advancement of the North American Union.
And, of course, I would like to point out that some of the weapons that the John Burke Society has been using to expose the North American Union and the SPP is yours truly as a writer for the New American and the producer of the TV show, The Simple Truths,
Kelly Taylor, who has written a couple of articles and made a few speeches in regard to stopping the North American Union, specifically concentrating on the infrastructure part of that, which is, of course, the Trans-Texas Corridor, NAFTA, Superhighway.
So, anyway, go to JBS.org and make me look good, okay?
I'm looking for some brownie points, alright?
Okay, we're going to, for the rest of the show, we may do a few news articles or whatever, but we're going to take some calls
Up right now we have Reb in Colorado.
Reb, are you there?
Hello, this is Reb, Colorado.
I represent Reb Bubba Scout.
Three of us will be racketeered by Lakewood, Colorado PD.
We disagree with Mr. Jones and Mr. Blood that they can't understand the evidence we sent them in the emails.
Mr. Jones says he doesn't read them, but Mr. Blood did, but he couldn't figure it out.
Do you have something playing in the background?
You've got some music playing in the background.
Can you turn that off?
We're going to go to break.
Okay, tell you what, Reb, when we come back to you, we're going to break right now.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
Thank you.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, this is the third hour of the Alex Jones Show on January 19, 2007.
And before I stumbled over the last break, I was talking to Reb in Colorado.
Reb, you had some area of disagreement with Alex and Jack Blood.
Spit it out.
Okay, so we started on this.
OSD.mil linked, secured link to the Pentagon.
They understood what we wrote.
They saw our fake tape evidence that was synthesized conversation with planet transmitters, radio transmitters, and they synthesized it
In regard to what issue?
What are they obstructing justice about?
The listeners don't know what you're talking about.
It's called racketeering and eavesdropping.
That's the main issue.
The phone we're on now is secured by Quest Executive Offices.
So the enemy can't break in.
It's called telephone electronic surveillance systems.
It's things they can do with your telephone that you don't want them to do.
Okay, so they listen in our conversations, and what's your area of disagreement with Alex?
I think he would agree with you on that.
One of the things he said, he was too stupid to understand, but he didn't read email, so he couldn't send them any.
So we sent it to Jack Blood, and he said we can't write in a way that he would understand.
We were bad at writing or something.
Yet the OSD.mil link that we sent them, they understand it, and so we're...
Why is it that the people of the truth movement can't understand something that the Pentagon can?
That's what we want to know.
It's a fake tape.
Isn't that self-explanatory, or do you need more clarification?
Okay, Rip, tell you what, I want to thank you for the call.
I got thrown in the middle of this.
I have no idea what he's talking about at all.
And if I don't have any idea what he's talking about, I'm sure the listeners don't either, so I had to let the guy go.
You're going to have to be more clear next time you call.
Sorry about that, Rev.
That was like, you know, out there.
Okay, James in Texas is up.
James, are you still there?
Hello, yes, sir.
Yeah, what's up?
What's on your mind, James?
Hey, I just wanted to go on the record real quick.
You know, you hear about the New World Order, and I think it...
It might give some people the wrong idea.
They're not just totally sitting around pulling strings like a puppet master.
We're basically a decadent culture as a whole.
Why do you think that is?
Well, that goes back to the conditioning and the quote-unquote independent media.
Yeah, because when I was a little kid, you know, we used to watch Leave it to Beaver and, you know, Father Knows Best and Andy of Mayberry and all this nice, healthy stuff when I was a little kid.
Now it's all a bunch of garbage on the media.
Who do you think is responsible for that?
Complete garbage?
Well, I do believe that... Well, for one thing is itself.
It's unfortunate, but it's true that...
It really does.
I mean, it's the bottom line, you know?
And I do think it's unfortunate that it is to the detriment of the people.
Who's shoveling the garbage at the people?
Who in the media is shoveling all this garbage at the people?
What's that?
That stuff would have sold back in the 50s and the early 60s, too, but it wasn't on the air.
What happened?
Yeah, yeah.
Now, listen, I totally agree that this group, I mean, they have the worst intentions.
But now we're at a point to where, you know, they don't really need, you know, to stick a gun in somebody's face.
All they really got to do is give somebody a little shove and give somebody else a little shove this way and that.
Because, like I said, the
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
To sit back and act like we, you know, eat myself, I don't have any problems, and to externalize it and to blame it all on somebody else.
Yeah, it makes it real simple to do.
You can sit there and say, hey, you know, I'm going to make it real simple.
I don't want to think.
I don't want to analyze.
I don't want to study exactly what the New World Order is.
I don't want to look at the facts.
I don't want to look at the history.
I just want to blame it on them Jews because they've done it.
It's a very shallow argument.
It is very shallow, and I just wanted to really stress the fact that it's... You know, you've got to... It comes from inside as well.
I mean, even me myself, you know, I have some things to battle with.
Everybody does.
Yeah, absolutely.
And though it would be nice to externalize it like that, you just can't do it like you said.
Because, you know, before...
Norman Rockefeller or whatever was a twinkle in his father's eye.
Bad things were going on.
Bad things have always gone on.
Yeah, this struggle is a long-term struggle.
This particular New World Order struggle started back in 1776.
I mean, this has been going on forever.
I have done some cursory research on it.
Yeah, people that are new to this topic and they get into it new and they're all in a panic because they think that this is like
We're good to go.
I think?
With this puppet Bush as the President of the United States, having his puppet strings yanked by his daddy and Dick Cheney, and having Henry Kissinger yank their puppet strings, and having his buddies at the CFR yank his puppet strings, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, and the Bilderberg Group yanking their puppet strings, this is the way it works right now.
They've cranked it up, unfortunately.
That's just the way it is.
They have cranked up
Their desire, their energy for this to push for world government.
It's more intense now than it was in the past.
Well, I will agree that this beast needs slaying.
There's no argument on that.
I just want to point out that, you know, say it was slaying.
I've heard a lot of people, you know, it's kind of, I am kind of new to this and I hear a lot of stuff
That quote-unquote America is a Christian nation, and a lot of people, it seems to me, would prefer to see the abolishment of separation of church and state.
Well, you talk about the abolishment of separation of church and state.
I mean, I want to comment on that.
Yes, sir.
The Founding Fathers...
...had no such intention to have separation of church and state.
It's nowhere written anywhere in the Constitution.
As a matter of fact, if you read the First Amendment, in fact, I'll quote it.
Congress shall make no law with respect to an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
It says that the federal government, Congress, can't make any laws with respect to religion.
That's what it says.
It means they have no jurisdiction in religion.
And they cannot...
I don't think that religious people shouldn't be allowed to be in the government.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't think that.
I'm just talking about
A one state-sanctioned religion.
And that's exactly what they were talking about.
They didn't want any kind of a state-sanctioned religion.
They wanted the federal government to completely and totally butt out of the topic.
And yet here we have this strange situation where a few years ago, the Supreme Court, who has no jurisdiction in the matter according to the Constitution, it says it, Congress shall make no law.
I think so.
Even though it's not true, they've been into it.
Then the Supreme Court can tell the Judge Roy Moore that he can't have the Ten Commandments monument in his courthouse.
Okay, great.
You know, they just don't have the jurisdiction.
But they took it anyway.
And by the way, here in Texas, those hypocrites at the Supreme Court, there is a stone monument on the north lawn of the state capitol in Texas called
Which is the Ten Commandments.
It's been there a long time.
And there it is on state property, state of Texas, right there.
Yet in Alabama, they say Judge Roy Moore can't have it.
Yet in Texas, they say we can.
I say they need to butt out of both instances.
It's a state matter.
Let me just point out something.
That's a bunch of horse hockey.
I mean, all of the basic tenets of the major religions...
The Ten Commandments is pretty well universal.
That's right.
That's ridiculous, obviously.
I guess I just misunderstood.
It's just another form of totalitarianism, really.
Nothing exists outside of the realm of the state.
That's just kind of what I pictured.
Separation of church and state, protecting us from... Okay, listen, I want to move on to another caller.
I appreciate your call on the Alex Jones Show.
It was a good call.
I appreciate it.
You take care now.
Okay, up next, we have Janice, also in Texas.
Janice, are you there?
Yes, sir, and I want to thank you for rerunning that interview that Jack Blood had with Ron Paul, and I'm for him all the way.
I'm going to put a billboard sign up on 183 just south...
Of Austin.
Well, actually, just north of Gonzales.
And I hope other people will help support him.
And I know he's well-known all over the United States, so I think he's got a good chance.
All right.
Do you have anything else you want to add to that?
Do you want me to hold you over after the break?
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'll be back with Janice after the break.
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Federal agents, we are armed!
What would you do if you knew all the things in you?
Would you stand up for truth?
Or would you turn away too?
And then what if you saw all of the things that's wrong?
Would you stand tall and strong?
Or would you turn it off?
Alright, Bob Dacey back on the Alex Jones Show this January the 19th, 2007.
And we were talking with Janice.
She was saying that she was really glad that Ron Paul was going to be running for president.
And Janice, what else do you have to add to the show today?
I am a maverick, John Bircher, too.
And I want to meet you at this coming Sunday meeting for the Independent Voters Conference.
That's right.
That's going to be it.
And I have met Hank Gilbert at the National Animal Identification System meeting in Lockhart, and he is very good.
I wish he would have won his campaign.
Well, you know, at first you don't succeed, you know.
We're going to hurt him.
We're going to help him next time.
If we can get the people of Texas to wake up to this trans-Texas corridor and after Superhighway thing,
And realize what it is.
Realize the big picture.
Realize what they're doing to us.
You know, just slap them out of their vote democratic at all costs thing that they're in.
And the same thing with the Republicans.
Say, listen, y'all, this is affecting everybody.
We're tired of what's in there, especially in the governor's seat right now.
What's in the governor's seat right now is something you don't want to step on.
I know.
Let's face that.
The guy wins 39% and he's the governor.
I just kind of wonder how in the world... There were so many other candidates in that race.
You kind of wonder if some of them were in there for shills.
I think so.
To draw the opposition vote away from this guy.
Because this guy... I hope to meet you Sunday.
I'll be there.
I will be giving out John Birch, the new American magazine, with a picture of how the...
CFR and Robert Pastor and Dick Cheney have plans for the building of the North American community.
I really look forward to seeing you there.
Well, great, Janice.
Because I'm definitely going to be there.
That's at 1230 this Sunday at this hotel at 290 and I-35.
It used to be the Red Line.
I think it's called the Crown Plaza or something like that.
I've got to find that article here somewhere.
But anyway, thank you for calling me to the show, Janice, and I look forward to seeing you there.
You take care.
Okay, next up, we have Lee in Arkansas, the home of Bill Clinton.
Lee, you're up on InfoWars.
You're up on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, sir, it's the home of Bill Clinton, but I'm not a great supporter of it.
I have something that I haven't heard anyone talk about, about this NAFTA highway through Texas.
What most people don't know, all land in the United States, there is a land patent title issued to that.
Now, the state of Texas is different from others because, you know, it was once an independent country of its own.
That's right.
It was a nation.
It was the Republic of Texas which decided to become one of the United States.
Now, I don't know how this come about, but I know people living in Texas, and I have looked at land patent titles issued by the state of Texas.
But it really won't matter if it's issued by the state of Texas or by the United States.
Or if it's issued by the United States.
Bottom line, what are you saying?
What does that mean?
I mean, this is titled to their land.
And now it
In other words, if the state of Texas goes to interfere with these patent titles, they are infringing on that patent and they're criminally trespassing on the land.
Yeah, but you've got to realize, take this and see what you think about this.
Look, we are one of the states of the United States.
The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, so we're under it, right?
That's the Supreme Law.
It trumps everything.
Now, the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution says very plainly that you cannot take private land except for a public purpose and with just compensation to the owner.
Now, that was intended to protect people's land.
However, the globalists at the Supreme Court in 2005, for what apparently was an inexplicable reason...
We're good to go.
They stuck a little asterisk in there and they said private land taken for public or private purpose, comma, if you can generate more revenue out of it.
What the Supreme Court said to get around what you're saying, and what you're saying is valid, but what the Supreme Court said was, okay, gee, we need to build the Trans-Texas Corridor.
We need to build the NAFTA Superhighway.
We need to build these 80 priority corridors, which we have on the books.
We're good to go.
I think?
And to get around what you're trying to say.
That's exactly what they're doing.
Title 43, United States Code, under public lands.
It's a whole section in there dealing with land patent titles.
All right.
Well, tell you what.
Hang on.
After the break, we'll come back with you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're back on the Alex Jones Show.
And before the break, we were talking with Lee in Arkansas.
And we were discussing whether or not you can use land title patents to stop this land grab.
And tell me again, you were talking about Title 43 of the U.S.
Is that correct?
That's Title 43, U.S.
Look under the, I don't know the chapter, but it's under Public Lands.
And there's a section, Section 2, deals with land patent titles.
You're going to be amazed at what's in there.
Patent titles were issued by the United States government land office, and that land office was a judicial tribunal.
Patents are the decision of the federal court, and they are immune from collateral attack.
The United States, when they issued that patent, it was signed by the President of the United States.
He did cause these letters to be made patent and the seal of the general land office to be affixed.
So what you're saying is it's your opinion that because of this that if somebody has one of these things that they cannot seize it for a public purpose?
No sir, that's not my opinion.
That's how the federal Supreme Court has ruled that even the federal government cannot have any claim to this land because
Okay, well, we need...
And claim some right that they had already given up.
Okay, so what we need to do there, because I am not an attorney.
I'm not a patent attorney.
I'm not either, sir.
I'm just telling you what the court is, what's written in it.
Well, I hope, what I'm saying is, what we ought to do is, if there's any lawyers listening that are interested in this that are on our side, they need to look this up and publicize this and get it out and use this, because we need every weapon we can.
I am for throwing every bit of stuff and junk and garbage and good stuff and whatever in the path of this case
This is not junk and this is not gorgeous.
Under Title 43, you'll find all judges are on judicial notice about the decision of the land office.
The land patent title is that decision they're talking about.
Okay, so what we need to do... Okay, tell you what, Lee, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
This is what we're going to do then.
Any of you guys out there that are into this kind of stuff, patent law, land title law, attorneys out there, get off your seat and go look this up and let's publicize it if it's true.
And we'll use this as another weapon to destroy the NAFTA Superhighway.
Hey, Lee from Arkansas, thank you for the call.
It's a good heads up.
We need to look into it.
I'm not an attorney.
I'm not a patent attorney.
But man, if this is good, if this is valid, then we need to use it.
Every weapon at our disposal.
Okay, up next we have Lucas in Texas.
Lucas, are you there?
What's up, Bob?
Not a whole lot.
I'm just sitting here in the Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, holding down the fork while Alex isn't here.
Well, you're doing a good job.
Well, thank you.
Some very important people have warned us of this as long as 25 years ago.
Have you ever listened to the lyrics to David Bowie's China Girl?
Yeah, but... Take a look at the lyrics to it.
It pretty much tells you about the New World Order, you know, plain as day.
How China takes over America.
Basically, there's a push for blonde hair, blue eyes.
I mean, it's just, it's all there in the song.
Is that right?
He put it in words 25 years ago.
I mean, it's brilliant.
China girl, huh?
Yeah, take a look at it.
It's pretty amazing, actually.
And, you know, people of his stature...
I've been trying to warn us of this for 25 years.
People don't even see it.
They just look right through it, stay about in their little matrix.
Well, I'll tell you what, you've given me an inroad to say this.
People in the John Birch Society have been warning us about this since the late 50s when the society was founded.
The John Birch Society, again, JBS.org, was founded to fight the New World Order.
Everybody else that's in this battle in this modern day that we're in comes after the John Birch Society.
So if you really want to get a grounding in what it's all about, the history, the documentation that everyone uses constantly to attack the New World Order with their own words and deeds and documents and pronouncements,
The best place to go is the John Birch Society if you want to find out the big picture and you want to be able to do something organized about it.
It's a tremendous resource and it's a tremendous organization to be a member of.
I try to do my part.
I did the little Hank Hill video, the one that talks about Bush.
I don't know if you got a chance to see that or not.
Oh, yeah, I think I did see that.
That was you?
Yeah, congratulations.
Yep, that was me.
That was a good one.
I do a lot of little YouTube videos, little sniper videos that pop up when people click on Uma Thurman or something.
You know, it basically gets 9-11 truth in their face.
If people want to see your Hank Hill video, what do they need to do?
Just go to YouTube and type in Hank Hill.
Okay, go to YouTube and type in Hank Hill.
Okay, well, that'll work.
Lucas, what else you got on your mind?
Well, basically, I feel that these people aren't going to give up that easy.
I think they'd probably rather nuke the whole joint and start over again before they come out in the open.
Well, you know, they have to breathe the air, too, so they'll be selective about it.
That's one of the good things about this.
These New World Order types, they're interested in saving their own hides, and so some of the stuff that they do might come back and bite them, and so I hope that's going to be one of the things that's going to
I think my worst fear would be that they would pull something in Washington when there's a large congressional hearing.
Our government is totally wiped out.
The UN has to march on in.
I think a more likely scenario would be if you could have this giant computer and you could research where all these people own property.
Take all the CFR members and all their relatives and map on the United States where they own property.
That any nuke attack would occur not there.
Oh, yeah, most definitely.
Somewhere else.
There's a reason why the FBI and FEMA moved their operations out of Washington, D.C., you know, out of the so-called blast zone.
Yeah, I don't know.
I would imagine, you know, you've got so many CFR members living in Washington, D.C., I don't think that that would be a good place for them to nuke.
I don't know.
They might get mad at each other or something like that.
Well, Lucas, anything else you got to say?
Well, I appreciate you calling the Alex Jones Show, and we'll check you later.
Take care.
Okay, up next we have David in Canada, another Canuck calling in.
We had the Canadian yesterday.
David, are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
How are you doing?
I'm doing just fine.
How are you guys doing up there in Canada?
We're under a lot of snow.
Do you want to remain a Canadian?
Oh, yeah.
Don't you want to become part of the North American Union?
No, no.
Why not?
I've researched all of the pros and cons on that one, and there are no pros.
Where are the pros?
I was wondering how long it took you to research the pros.
Oh, there aren't any.
Oh, yeah, there sure are.
There definitely are.
If you're in the highway construction industry, man, you can make so much money building these stupid roads.
And if you're in the leasing business, if you're a foreign company, you can convince the state to lease you this chunk of road and then you can charge the American people and the Canadian people
I guess you can charge the Mexican people, although they can't afford it, to drive on these roads, and then you can take your money and you can get it tax-free if the Texas Department of Transportation gets their way.
They want the federal legislation so that if you make money on toll roads, you don't have to pay income tax on it.
And then you can take it to Australia, where you live, or the Marquari Corporation, or you can take it to Spain, that's Sintra, or you can take it to wherever and have a good old time.
So there are advantages here.
Also, there's another advantage to the NAFTA Super Corridor.
Because if you're a communist Chinese slave driver and you're trying to get American manufacturing jobs over to China, well then, if you can have the NAFTA Super Corridor, that means Chinese slave goods are going to be even cheaper to get into this country because they're not going to have to use American dock workers and they're not going to have to use American truckers because they're going to go down to...
To Lazaro Cardenas, where Walmart's helping the Chinese build that monster port.
And then they're going to be able to get the Chinese Communist slave goods from the ships on the docks with Mexican workers who work for nothing, and then they're going to have Mexican truck drivers driving up to Kansas City without a border check.
So that's going to make the Communist Chinese goods even cheaper, which is going to encourage more production to leave the United States.
See, there are advantages to this if you look at it, but the problem is,
There are not any advantages to anybody who's interested in the national sovereignty and safety and independence of the United States of America.
There you go.
And the only economic benefits will be going to Mexico, that's for sure.
Well, really, really, all Mexico is going to be is a garden hose.
Mexican workers aren't going to get anything out of it.
Okay, so some of the truck drivers who are all on cocaine, by the way, look it up, you know.
We're good to go.
Yeah, welcome to the new world order.
Speaking of which, are you familiar with...
Someone who came out with a set of Illuminati trading cards back in 1995.
That was, I think... Steve Jackson.
There was a New World Order deck of playing cards.
Yes, that's correct.
I have one of those decks.
Isn't that amazing?
The fact that it is six years before the 9-1-1 events...
Here's this deck of playing cards that shows the Twin Towers, a plane hitting the, I believe it was the North Tower first.
Okay, that's a different deck of cards than the one I'm familiar with.
It's by a company, the inventor was Steve Jackson.
The card game is called I-N-W-O, Illuminati New World Order.
And the second card is,
It comes up as the Pentagon with a fire emanating from the hit where it took the hit.
Those two cards in themselves are like a smoking gun showing that the New World Order was behind the planning
I'd like to get a copy of that deck, because that's not the same deck of New World Order playing cards that I'm familiar with.
The one I'm talking about has people on it, and it divides them into categories of how they fit in the New World Order.
Oh, I see.
This is tremendous.
This is a person who had a great deal of inside knowledge.
What's the guy's name again?
The inventor's name is Steve Jackson.
So if you type in Steve Jackson... And then type in I-N-W-O, that would represent Illuminati New World Order.
Well, I'm going to have to look that up after the show, because I'd like to get a copy of these playing cards.
I've got a website that just came up here.
http://www.sigames.com SIGames.com?
I have to verify that.
Yeah, also, I got part of this from a website called cuttingedge.org.
You might be able to... You'll probably get into it through there.
Well, we'll check that out because I can't confirm or deny that right now.
I don't know whether somebody did that before 2001 or didn't, but I'm sure it's going to be interesting to look it up.
David in Canada, thank you very much for the call.
Appreciate you calling me, Alex Jones.
Now, we've got Robert in New York up next.
Robert, are you there?
Am I on the air?
Yeah, you are on the air.
There's 16 billion people listening to you right now, so don't be nervous.
Well, I've been wanting to call in for so long.
Thank you for having me on the air.
What's on your mind?
I just had a couple of questions and one comment.
I just wanted to make a quick comment.
First, you were talking about Illuminati symbols.
And I just noticed I was working out at the gym the other day on any given Sunday on the TV, and definitely there was this one park during a football game where they quickly panned to all these different areas, and right on the back of a player's helmet, very prominently, was an Illuminati symbol.
It was really weird how it showed up in a Hollywood movie like that.
I just remembered that.
Which symbol was it, if I may ask?
The all-seeing eye.
Oh, that one.
You mean the one that's on the dollar bill?
The one that's on the dollar bill.
You mean that Osiris or whatever, whoever that's supposed to be?
Just completely out of place in that movie.
I just remember that just now.
Well, they throw those things in every once in a while.
You know, that's what they do.
But my question was about, there was someone a few weeks ago who was on that Alex was concerned about who heard a discussion in a graveyard between two Israeli people about 9-11.
And he was just kind of concerned for his safety.
I just never heard about that guy.
I wondered if he did go public and if he's okay or what happened with that.
Yeah, I don't know the answer to that question.
I remember that story and I remember vaguely that there was some other follow-up on it on the Internet.
But frankly, I don't... I'm not competent to talk about it because I don't remember the details.
I remember somebody went out there and looked at the site and photographed it and said, yeah, okay, this is where it could have happened, but I don't...
Don't know.
Do not know.
Maybe somebody else needs to look into that if they've got some time, but I'm not competent to talk about it because I'm not up on it.
Well, Robert, anything else?
Well, one quick question.
I just wanted to maybe... It's just something that's been on my mind.
I don't want to distract from the controlled demolitions of 9-11, but...
I just think it's really weird that the tips of the wings on both planes didn't break off upon impact with the building.
I just wondered if there was any kind of a dialogue about that in the Truth Movement, or if it's... I don't know.
I think the thing hits so fast that it's just a split second that everything smacks into the building.
I know that if you measure the damage track of the plane that hit the North Tower and you do a little geometry...
You find out that from wingtip to wingtip, that plane exactly matched the Boeing 767.
Okay, I have friends that heard them.
Some of these kooky theories that are out there that the planes were actually switched and that they were magically turned into 737s, which have been... These theories have been promulgated by some kind of kooky people out there.
The math just blows them away, and they just can't stand it.
The most likely explanation of what hit those towers is what got hijacked.
Switching a plane and hiding a plane and substituting a plane and painting up a new plane and all that, it violates the Occam's razor theory that the most likely explanation for something is the simplest.
If you were going to hijack a plane,
Why not crash the plane you hijacked into your target, rather than trying to get rid of the thing somehow, and disposing of the passengers somehow, and flying it out over the Atlantic and blowing it up at 25,000 feet, which some kooks have said has happened with no evidence.
You know, it's ridiculous.
If you're going to hijack a plane, you hijack the plane, you gas everybody in the plane, and you remote control it into a building.
It's the easiest thing to do.
Technology's old, and that's the most likely scenario of what happened.
Okay, thanks for having me on.
Okay, I appreciate it.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, we're going to get into that topic again.
I'm going to get in all kinds of trouble shooting my mouth off on that.
Okay, we've got Frank in Montana.
We're going to have you after the break.
So, Frank, if you want to hold on, we're going to get to you after the break.
We've got one more segment here on the Alex Jones Show.
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We're good to go.
Okay, enough of that 1814 took a little trip there stuff.
We've got a bunch of stuff to cover here and not much time to do it in.
This is Bob Dacey for Alex Jones on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Before I go to Frank, I must remind you that if you go to Alex Jones' InfoWars store, do you know that he's put all of his old VHS documentaries on DVD?
Yeah, Masters of Terror, Matrix of Evil, America Destroyed by Design,
Hello, Bob.
I'm talking about international baccalaureate high school courses.
Are you familiar with them?
I've heard of them.
Well, not every high school has them.
Montana has one.
And anyway, one of the... how it works, like, international, multinational companies who have employees all throughout the world who may have to travel to other cities...
Yeah, I think so.
What are they teaching?
New World Order 101?
Beyond that, yes.
My daughter took the course last year and for the last couple of years and she's out in college now so I feel free to speak.
During the history course they focused on the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis and they stated in this book that
What Kennedy did by taking a hard stance against Khrushchev and Castro, that was far worse than what Hitler did to the Jews.
How do you figure?
I kid you not.
That's what they said?
How bizarre is that?
It's extremely bizarre.
And there was a lot of students that were upset when they heard this.
Well, you know, they've got to teach New World Order 101.
I know.
This is what's coming down the pike.
Not everyone gets to take these courses, only the advanced students, and they have to pay extra dollars to take these classes.
But it's going to be an elite minority ruling the world someday.
All right.
Well, Frank from Montana, thank you very much for the call.
I appreciate it.
We've got one more call.
Jerry from Idaho.
Jerry, are you up?
You better make it quick.
You've got about a minute.
Yeah, Bob, why were Jews kicked out of 100 countries in history?
Oh, I guess because somebody said the Jews done it, I guess.
Jerry, thank you for the call.
We're out of time on InfoWars.com or the Alex Jones Show.
Go to InfoWars.com.
Again, my name is Bob Dacey.
I've been hosting the show for the last couple of days.
I appreciate the opportunity to sit here in front of I don't know how many people holding the fort down for Alex Jones while he takes a much-deserved vacation.
All the people I've ever met in my life.
Alex Jones is the biggest workaholic I have ever, ever met.
So he deserves whatever vacation he gets.
He is going to be back here Monday, as I understand.
And I'm sure he's going to be stoked up and ready to go.
Anyway, for Alex Jones, this is Bob Dacey signing off.
And Alex will be back on Monday.
Take care.
We're good to go.