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Air Date: Jan. 15, 2007
2205 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, deep behind enemy lines...
Fighting the info war, because there is a war on for your mind.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex Jones today and tomorrow, and potentially Wednesday as well.
Welcome to the broadcast.
We've got a great show for you today, folks.
As usual, every Monday there is so much news to cover.
The New World Order, the globalists are so busy over the weekend, our trusted government officials going over their talking points, that we have to spend nearly two days decoding, breaking it down,
And again, fighting the info war.
So we will have a lot to talk about on the program today.
Joining us in the second hour of the broadcast, Mohamed Daoud Meraki.
Dr. Meraki has written or photographed an amazing book.
Hard to look at, hard to read.
And that is like the truth, isn't it folks?
It is hard to look at.
Hard to sometimes look at yourself in the mirror.
The book is Afghanistan, After Democracy, The Untold Story Through Photographic Images.
And this really gets to the heart of the matter.
What really is going on in Afghanistan?
What's it like to live in Kabul or in the surrounding areas under the warlords?
And Dr. Meraki has done a fantastic job chronicling these with photographs, photographic evidence.
And as the old adage goes...
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Is the troop surge more about Iran than politics as usual and operations on the ground in Iraq?
So we'll ask that question today.
We'll talk also about the 60 Minutes interview, the softball, embarrassingly so softball, CBS cult of the eye interview with Junior last night.
And how Junior basically says, look,
I don't care if you Americans support me.
I don't need the support of Congress.
I believe in what I'm doing.
I'm a man of my principles.
Let me rephrase that.
I'm a man of my principles.
And I don't care.
Because I'm the decider.
I mean, we've heard this before.
Talking about the troop surge, defending his policies in Iraq, defending his presidency.
I think it's safe to say, folks...
You've heard the quote from Albert Einstein.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.
So if the Bush administration got us in this mess, if they admittedly now have mucked it up, then should we be letting them fix it?
No one seems to be asking that question in the mainstream media, of course we know, because the press corps, as I like to call them,
The establishment media is absolutely controlled and locked into this phony left-right paradigm.
So it was a softball interview.
We'll cover that a little bit.
airstrikes on Al-Qaeda in South Somalia kills nomads and herdsmen.
Speaking about Afghanistan, we're really just repeating the process there.
They're not terrorists.
And we'll ask the question, will there be anywhere left in the world where we haven't murdered a bunch of people or stolen their land or all their money?
Because, of course, we're being used as the engine for the New World Order.
Tons of information to go over with you on today's program.
All the news you're not supposed to know and more.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
We'll be right back after these messages.
Stay tuned.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are live.
I am alive.
But I am Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex is taking a much-needed break for some family time.
We'll be back next week.
We're going to be talking about Afghanistan in the second hour of the program today.
I've seen a lot of information coming out of Afghanistan, but I don't know if I've ever seen anything like this.
It is startling, it is shocking, and it will turn your stomach.
But it is good to face reality, folks.
As we like to say, you know...
You heard the quote, the truth will set you free.
Well, I think it's time to set the truth free, because the truth has been held hostage by the New World Order, by Big Brother, by the establishment.
No matter if you live in Russia, China, the United States, Great Britain, or I guess even Somalia, Iraq, or Afghanistan, it is the status quo, and no truth gets out.
The truth is probably likely in a detention center somewhere, being tortured 24-style,
By Jack Bauer, one of his allies.
So we have to set the truth free, and we have to be prepared to face the ugliness of it in order to repair and to start healing this country and this world.
We're going to be opening up the phone lines here at the bottom half of this first hour, 1-800-259-9231.
I'm going to make an effort to get to everybody really fast today so you don't have to hold too long and...
Well, I don't know how many of you watch 60 Minutes.
I usually don't!
It is pablum!
Every once in a while, they'll get to about half the truth.
And of course, use doublespeak and groupthink in order to co-opt the other half of the truth.
Well, last night, after the huge Patriots victory, that's right, another win for Patriots.
You know I'm not allowed to go there.
60 Minutes came on, and I had to, while I was taping 24, we're going to talk about 24 here on the program as well today, the first edition of 24.
I went ahead and watched the Bush Jr.
interview on 60 Minutes.
And it is absolutely astounding to me, I mean, we don't need to keep harping on the fact that 60 Minutes is a cover operation, that they're not going to ask George W. too many hard questions.
It's very much like the shill Tim Russert on Meet the Press.
They ask just enough of a hard question in order for the president or the person being interviewed on the program to give you the conditioned, automatic answer.
News speak, group think, memoed response.
So they are complicit, and I don't have a hard time believing anything else, but President Bush, with an amazing amount of gall, talking about the books he's reading, I mean, I don't know if I care about that.
I do have to ask the question, where does this guy have time to be reading fun history books?
I mean, he's got a pretty big job to do here, allegedly.
What, reading the weather, Jack?
Reading his scripts?
Learning his lines?
In either case, Bush, being the spokesperson for the American version of the New World Order, came out and said, basically, he just doesn't care.
He absolutely doesn't care that...
Oh, 84% of the American people don't support him, don't support his policies.
Roughly 67% to about 33% don't support the troop surge.
That's two out of every three people.
A majority of Congress, including some pretty heavyweight people, Republicans, Democrats alike, do not support the troop surge.
But he doesn't care.
He just doesn't care, because he's the decider, you know.
He was asked, you know, does he have the power in order to do this?
And he stumbled and bumbled a little bit, and of course said he does, because I'm the commander-in-chief.
At least that's what they tell him.
And he'll fight Congress tooth and nail in order to put the troops surge in.
But I think that we should be asking exactly why these people are going over there.
Now, we played an interview on my program, which follows this program, Daily Deadline Live, just a couple of days ago.
It was Oliver North, of all people.
Oliver North, who was one of the biggest hawks and warmongers, wanted to, chomping at the bit, drooling over the prospects of going into...
Into Iraq, and we interviewed Oliver North just shortly after the invasion, and he was pretty gung-ho, drooling at the thought of those tanks running around with 666 playing Iron Maiden.
No offense to you Iron Maiden fans out there on the ground in Iraq, drooling at the prospect of giving the troops anthrax shots, making excuses all the way down the line.
Now, not only very critical of the war, but against the troop surge.
And he says he talks to the troops on the ground.
They're against the troop surge.
Because they know, and this is what 60 Minutes isn't going to ask George W. Bush, and they're not going to put any of this on the record, but they know the troops on the ground, our troops that we're supposed to be supporting in Iraq right now, they know that more troops means more duty for them.
That means more rounds are being sent out in Humvees to be blown up!
Now, allegedly, the troop surge is to the additional troops, or escalation, as I think it should be called appropriately, drawing parallels from Vietnam to Iraq.
Allegedly, the troops are going to hold the cities that they conquer.
But I tell you, with the multitude of contractors, with the multitude of troops who have already fought there and died there and have been re-enlisted again and again and again and again in Iraq or Afghanistan, they've tried this already.
So to the troops on the ground, I could only think, and we talked to a lot of them here at the studio, I can only think that they see more troops as an extended force
War to which they are never coming home from.
And it has to really break down morale when you think you're going home, that your hitch is up, your third or your fourth hitch, you're finally going to go home and resume your life, spend time with your family, defend your country on its own soil, and the bad news comes.
There's no end in sight.
Again, the definition of insanity, going over it again and again and again.
I don't like to spend too much time on this.
Anytime Bush gets on the TV, because we just know it's complete and total propaganda, doublespeak.
Here's an example of doublespeak.
Quote, Our administration took care of a source of instability in Iraq.
Envision a world in which Saddam Hussein was rushing for a nuclear weapon to compete against Iran.
He was a significant source of instability.
So they've gotten rid of the instability which was Saddam Hussein.
Now that's doublespeak.
Remembering that we put him in here.
We put him in Iraq in the first place.
That he was a paid assassin.
That he was our man for decades.
Doesn't change the fact that Iraq was more stable.
And I don't think anyone in this audience believes that if Iraq goes to seed, which apparently it has already done, that we'll be fighting the terrorists over here.
I think a lot of people, and Bush mentioned this last night, my friends in Texas say, you know, we should just get out of there.
Well, his friends in Texas, whoever they might be, if that's even true, are right.
Bush hears voices sometimes, folks, so we don't know when he's actually talking to his friends in Texas or talking to God or hearing the voices inside his head.
But we saw this in Vietnam, didn't we?
Oh, we can't get out.
The dominoes will fall.
Communism will take over the world.
Some could argue that that actually happened covertly.
We could have that debate.
And all will be lost.
We'll lose face.
Our enemy will lose all respect for us.
Therefore, we have to stay and win the war and continue to escalate.
Man, for ten more years.
Well, I mean, is that the future of Iraq?
And I think that most people, most intelligent people, people like Ron Paul, the generals who have fought on the front lines that we've interviewed on our program in the past, not the think tank people, not the council on foreign relations people, but the learned war scholars will tell you,
That by letting them duke it out, they'll be preoccupied and busy enough not to come bother you in New Jersey.
Though don't tell Pat Robertson that, or Jack Bauer.
So you want to talk more about this, that's fine with me.
Hard for me to analyze some of this news.
I can hardly even watch the news anymore, folks.
It's gotten worse.
How many of you last night watched the season premiere of 24?
Admit it.
We watched it in our house.
Never a dull moment in 24.
That's at least something that you can say.
And I think that largely we're going to find a lot of people in this audience disagree on the overall results of a TV show like 24.
It is a classic case...
A perception versus reality.
I think it's safe to say the reality is that this show is paid for by Fox.
If you've read David Robb's book, Operation Hollywood, you'll understand that by using any of the military apparatus, the CIA, the Office of the President, the Pentagon, using any of their logos or tools or whatever,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When we come back, I'm going to break this down a little bit for those of you who couldn't bring yourself to watch it.
Interesting, the new president is a young black man, very reminiscent of Barack Obama.
Hmm, I wonder if they're trying to tell us something.
We'll come right back after this.
The Alex Jones Show, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm Jack Blood.
We'll be right back after this.
Please stay tuned.
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Perception versus reality.
We do our best here on the Alex Jones Show to point out what is perception, what is reality.
And we do that with your help.
Of course, this is the Alex Jones Show, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex Jones today.
We're going to go to your calls here in just about five or ten minutes.
Let's talk a little bit about the debut of 24, the second part of the premiere airing tonight against the Golden Globes.
I presume they're going to wipe them out in the ratings, wipe the floor with them.
A lot of people addicted to this program, and I think it's worth asking the question, why?
When we talk about perception versus reality, that means that we're going to perceive things in a different way depending on our perspective.
This actually is a scientific theory.
And you'll notice when you stand at a different point in an object, it's going to appear differently to you.
There could even be optical illusions, depending on what angle you view the object from.
In this case, the optical illusion is one of conditioning.
But I think that there's a whole other angle to this, because people that are on the fence, that are beginning to, excuse the expression, wake up,
People that understand the dire condition of this country and of the world indeed are going to look at this and look at it a little bit different than, say, a Bill O'Leilly fan or a Sean Vanity fan.
So you understand there are different perceptions here really leading to different realities.
And I guess you could even say different truths.
But very, very interesting.
Here's what Drudge Report is reporting today with its headline.
Is Fox set to blow the nukes on 24?
As Washington continues to raise concerns about terror threats on the homeland, a recent CIA report outlined a scenario of possible series of explosions using low-charge nuclear weapons.
Hollywood and Fox TV are set to up the ante with the new season of 24.
And let's just be very clear here.
Osama bin Laden and the so-called al-Qaeda, al-CIA, al-CIADA, al-MI6TA, al-MASADDA, they might have low-charge nukes, but the actual terrorists, the suicide bombers, the what-have-yous, aren't very likely to get their hands on low-charge, low-yield nuclear weapons, or suitcase nukes, for that matter.
We have done extensive, exhaustive analysis on this.
So again, perception versus reality.
The story continues on Drudge Report.
Few outside of the 24 set know the exact details of the new season unfolding.
But studio sources claim producers are pushing hard to take it radioactive this time and keep it there.
And this is what I believe, breaking down this copy here.
I believe that the...
Story that unfolds on 24 every year evolves to parallel what's going on in the world.
So I think they might have a script and I think they might have a pattern that they're going to be following.
The producers, again, have a wish list here of things they want to indoctrinate you with and condition you with and shock you with and scare you with.
But as we saw last year, if you remember last year's program, I mean, we had the President of the United States
The White House and the country itself being controlled by what?
A cabal, a group of men in a boardroom, nefariously on the telephone.
You could have read anything, again, perception versus reality, you could have read anything into this you wanted.
It looked to me like they were a bunch of bankers in a boardroom, controlling the president.
And the president, using state-sponsored terrorism and sanctioned assassinations...
Sought to gain power for himself and consolidate power under the presidency.
It was a means to an end.
It was an ideological battle of collateral damage.
Torture, terrorism, martial law, sting operation gone bad reminiscent of World Trade Center 1993.
And that's what you missed.
Last year.
The story continues.
I love this.
Time to wake the country up.
You understand why that euphemism?
It's like patriotism.
It's newspeak and doublespeak.
What we think wakes the country up, and what we think the country should be woken up to, is diametrically opposed to what the Fox producers believe the country should wake up to.
A top Fox source told the Drudge Report over the weekend, I don't think there's ever been a TV done like this.
The viewer is going to be completely riveted.
The source claims executives are prepared for any fallout that may occur from the program.
We'll cover more of this if you want to talk about it.
We'll take your calls after this.
Stay tuned.
The Alex Jones Show, Infowars.com.
I'm Jack Blood.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Thank you for joining us today, folks, for the Alex Jones Show.
It is an info war, and we are locked and loaded, as we like to say.
Loaded phone lines, and we're going to go right to your calls.
Just a couple of quick program notes.
Yes, we are going to get to the escalation, the alleged escalation in Iran.
We're going to talk a little bit about Somalia.
We've got to talk about Martin Luther King on the program today.
It is, of course, Martin Luther King Day.
All around the country, though, most of the country is iced over as we are here in Austin, Texas and all throughout Texas.
We want you people to be careful out there.
Our guest in the second hour is Mohammad Daoud Meraki.
Dr. Meraki has written a great photojournalist book, Afghanistan After Democracy.
The proceeds of this book are going to be used to build a new hospital, a much-needed new hospital in Afghanistan.
He's also, by the way, the son of a former Afghani intelligence agent who worked covertly against the government.
So it should be a great guest and a great second hour.
Just very quickly here, I need to remind you that the New Year's special for prisonplanet.tv, prisonplanet.tv, New Year's special, is just about to end.
I think you have a couple of more days left.
They've really cut the price on this.
It is an amazing resource where you can watch all of the Alex Jones material.
You can watch the material of others.
You can get special reports that you really can't get anywhere else.
We're good to go.
In the library.
Everything now that is being offered by Infowars.com is now on DVD.
I think it's probably an expensive transition for InfoWars, and a lot of us really got caught holding our VHS tapes.
But everything now is on DVD, and there are specials like you wouldn't believe.
If you go to InfoWars.com, you can find those as well.
We're going to go to the phones now and let you put something on the record.
Again, this is the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
The phone number to call in is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Jack Blood.
We are live today, this Martin Luther King Day.
2007, 1-800-259-9231.
Let's go to Andrew in New York.
Andrew, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Well, thank you, Jack.
You know, I just wanted to say very quickly, thanks for kind of pointing out in one of Alex's videos there about the difference between a republic and a democracy.
Thank you.
I like that.
Well, we didn't used to say that in school.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the democracy for which it stands...
I love using that.
I have a public access show, and I regularly pride people on that one.
But getting back to it now, remember how you were saying earlier about people are starting to wake up?
Now you know with this 24 show, I could only watch it once for a couple minutes.
It's just disturbing on too many levels.
But here's the point.
Fox has another show, if you'll recall, called America's Most Wanted.
Now, number two, this is the same guy on summer press tour last summer was talking about chipping people in the backside and having it explode in case they violated their...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You will never see people work there more than two or three shifts before they give up because most of these times I'm actually talking to these people and telling them about, well, you know, why doesn't he cover DynCorp?
They go home on their fancy little computer, tippity-tap, oh my gosh, look at this, look at that.
Well, I see where you're going with this, Andrew.
I mean, here's a guy who started his show because his little boy was kidnapped, molested, and dumped in a ditch somewhere.
And I can understand his passion to get back and to try to make the world a better place, to give back in the name of his son Adam.
It's easier to catch the running man if he has a GPS tracker that you can push a button and he can fall paralyzed at any time.
I guess that's the future, man.
Well, here's the thing, too.
He's like, he wants it so that they violate their parole.
I'm thinking to myself, yeah, well, who's going to make that decision?
You know what I'm saying?
They're chipping people in the backside and have it explode if they violate the law.
Well, like I said, it's perception versus reality.
So I guarantee you a good chunk of America sees that show in an entirely different way.
I mean, we have people addicted to cops.
There's eight different versions of cops at any given day on cable TV here in Austin, Texas.
You can literally watch it almost 24 hours a day, like Seinfeld.
And you'll never see one episode of cops where somebody just doesn't admit what they've done, spill the beans, don't challenge their violation of Fourth Amendment rights or Fifth Amendment rights, the right to incriminate themselves.
They just spill the beans and are intimidated by the police.
No one ever gets away on cops.
They catch everybody.
But it's a complete illusion.
I think people are catching on, like I said, because it used to be you could never get through to that show.
Now they're just sitting there in the dead air quite a bit, I noticed, especially this last week's.
All right, brother, so you're not going to be watching 24 then?
I will only to use clips of it to show on my public access show to show people this is what they're trying to indoctrinate you into.
I tell you, I watch it with my teeth grinding the entire time.
Very, very stressful, but it's part of the job.
Hey, Andrew, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
You keep the faith up there in New York.
Kevin is calling from Connecticut, skull and bones country.
Kevin, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, thank you for filling in.
Thanks for calling.
You always do a great job.
Thank you.
Hey, I want to go back to the very beginning of your program here where you talked about how people create problems and they can't solve them, and you used a quote from Albert Einstein.
And you had said that, you know, the definition of insanity.
But there's also another great quote from Albert Einstein that goes, we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
These are the people that have killed at least minimum 3,000 of our boys, injured 10,000 more.
The post-traumatic stress that these people are going to be carrying for the rest of their lives is insurmountable, incalculable.
And they've meant now that they mucked it all up, and they want us to trust them again?
They're not getting my trust, because I turned off network TV and everything a long time ago.
And I also produce a cable access show up here in Connecticut, and...
I'll tell you, there's a whole big stink that went down with the governor's inaugural here where they tackled a photographer and kind of roughed him up and arrested him for doing nothing more than taking a picture of the governor.
So apparently, you know, they can turn cameras on us, but God forbid if we turn them on men.
We've talked about that a long time, and there's a word for this, a term for this.
We are the, and people may not like this, the video jihad.
I mean, literally, we are turning the cameras back on these people, and they can't get us all, Kevin.
No, they can't.
We're right now involved in the biggest game of chicken in the world with the world population in one car going 95 miles an hour and the New World Order in the other car going just as fast.
Who's going to swerve off first?
Who's going to swerve off first, man?
Those swerves, my friend, are enough of us going to wake up in time to make them swerve or are they going to put in the...
Prison Planet, the lockdown, quick enough to make us swerve.
My man, I think they're already swerving.
Yeah, well, you know, we've got to be... I can see the panicked look in their eyes as my headlights penetrate their windshield.
Yeah, and I just think we should be turning on as many lights as possible, man.
They cannot operate with the light of day.
That's right.
Put them under the hot lights.
Thanks for the call, Kevin.
This is really the core of the InfoWar.
First two calls today are cable access shows, show hosts.
Let's see about Dave in California.
There you go.
Dave, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Jack.
This is Dave Short.
Nice to talk to you again.
Very good to talk to you as always.
I got an answer to the last guy's comment.
We're going to drive the New World Order over the cliff, and we're going to drag them out of the car, beat them for a while, and take them out of jail and have them tried and hung, probably.
No, I mean, there's three cars playing chicken here, I guess, all going to a central point, and somebody's going to have to occupy that space.
And you've got the Democrats, allegedly, the liberals, who will take you over the cliff at 80 miles an hour, or be driven off the cliff as they swerve away from...
Well, I've got three fast things for you.
First, the first good news I've heard in a long time was Ron Paul declaring for president on the Alex Jones Show.
We should have Ron Paul on the program with us this Wednesday.
And so I'll be sending him $50 in hard currency, not the debased greenback, so go Ron!
Secondly, a great 9-11 truth resource for you folks out there that don't have time to burn all the time, the 911dbdproject.com.
We're good to go.
They do it right away, and they do it right by checking with the producers to make sure it's okay with them before they burn.
And they want more business, so I really encourage people to go to 911DVDProject.com and give them some business.
Well, glad to have you in the game, Dave.
Keep on fighting the New World Order and keep the faith, okay?
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go to Omar in Toronto.
Omar, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, how you doing?
Sorry, Jack.
Yeah, um...
Just wanted to, I hate to be a pessimist, but do you really think those criminals in the CFR and so on will let Ron Paul get into the White House?
Well, I call them the selections.
I think that we have to understand governors, congressmen, senators, presidents, judges are selected.
So much for the alleged democracy, right?
But, you know, the thing is, isn't so much, normally I don't back campaigns I don't think can win.
In this case, I'm going to make an exception and I'm going to remain optimistic because what I'm thinking here, and you have to read this great letter of Aaron Russo from Freedom to Fascism supporting Ron Paul and the way he lays it out
I think watching Ron Paul in the earlier primaries...
I think it's great.
Well, I don't think he cares about that so much, and that's why, of course, one of the first things he's going to do is come on the Alex Jones program and on my show, because he knows where his support is.
You know, here's something really interesting.
Most people look at a president and support a president through name recognition only.
It doesn't matter how bad of a guy you are, but if they know who you are, they're going to just support you because, of course, people are on cruise control.
And you'll take a look at a guy like Ron Paul, and most Americans will say, I've never really heard of the guy.
But he is so well known in the circles that we travel in, which encompasses millions and millions of people, and these people are going to help him in a capacity that no other candidate is going to get, no matter how much they beg, no matter how much they ask, no matter how much they pay, that he is in a very unusual position to be almost a frontrunner.
Will the Council on Foreign Relations, will the powers that be allow him to be president?
I think they'd probably kill him first, and I think he knows that, which is another reason why we have to compliment the cojones of Ron Paul and his people to even take this on, but they're doing it for you, not for themselves.
I'll make an honorary American elbow for him.
Well, we'll have voter fraud on a positive level if we can have voter fraud, right?
Yeah, I mean, it's about the message, and I'm really inspired, and I think the message is going to be great for the Ron Paul candidacy, and I want everybody to jump on board.
We're going to be talking about that really ad nauseum.
Anything else, Omar?
Oh, it would just be nice to see someone sane in the White House and hope that Bush doesn't get his way with what looks like a deliberate provocation here in Iran.
How are you doing, Jack?
I have a few statements I want to say.
I think your talk show is pretty good.
I've listened to other talk shows.
They talk about pretty much the same type of information as far as New World Order and everything.
But at the same time, I seem more pessimistic as to people talking about this.
But at the same time, talk doesn't get things done.
We could talk about this until... What does that mean?
You just heard the first two callers that called in are doing cable access shows.
Yeah, I understand that.
We have an event here in Austin almost every day, and we're really taking these people on, and so are people all around the country.
They're still doing what they want to do.
Look what's happening in this country.
The middle class is just about gone.
Do you think this is all going to change overnight?
It took almost a century to slip this far.
I don't know if we're saying this is going to change overnight.
Well, I think the longer we take the people, the longer we take about doing something about it, the further they're going to do what they want with their agenda.
What are you doing, Joe?
I'm just listening to you guys.
I don't have the power to...
I don't believe that, because we see the phenomenon that Loose Change 2 caused.
I think it's responsible for potentially waking up, again, if I could use that term, millions of people.
This is a paradigm-shifting video made by two kids who, like you, I guess, could have said, well, I'm just one person.
I don't know what I can do.
Well, like I said, you opened my mind with other programs that did the same, but
Like I said, unless we get people that are really powerful in this country and this world that can actually stand up and say, okay, you know, you guys got to stop what you got to do.
Do you understand what I'm saying, Joe?
It starts with you.
I understand that.
I mean, we could get three-quarters of this country to say we disagree.
But this country, you know, wasn't...
We didn't take over the British because we were talking about, hey, you guys are doing this and this.
And the British didn't have spy satellite grids and nuclear weapons at the time.
I mean, obviously, we live in a different world now, and I think that's why we call this an information war, because what happens is when you wake people up and they see what's going on around them enough, long enough, and maybe it's a generation until things really begin to change, then you do have the change.
But it's got to start somewhere, Joe.
And maybe we waited too long.
I guess we're all responsible and culpable for this.
We don't live in a more... There's never been a more important generation than the one we live in.
With the technology, with the superseding powers, the consolidation of powers and multinational corporations.
We've got to do it.
It's up to us.
It starts with us, Joe.
We'll come right back after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
This is InfoWars.com.
Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood.
We'll be right back.
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I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex Jones today, tomorrow, and I believe the next day.
I think Bob Dacey will be filling in on Thursday and Friday, and Alex will be back next week.
We'll try to hold down the bunker.
I'm going to take the... We've got a bunch more calls.
So to speak.
I'm going to take as many as we can in this segment.
We'll come back at the top of the hour.
I've got about another five minutes to take your calls.
And then we're going to go to our guest who is working to expose what's really going on in Afghanistan with this photojournalistic work.
Trying to raise money for a hospital there, which is really badly needed.
Unless the collateral damage, the bodies are going to pile as high as the Taj Mahal.
We need to do something about that.
So a very interesting gentleman joining us here in the second hour of the broadcast today.
And I've got to tell you, I just don't have a lot of patience for people that sit and go, well, we can't really do anything, and we need to take our country back today, and we're suffering, and why even bother?
I just don't have any patience for you.
I have long dedicated my life to this struggle.
We're raising our children to fight, to continue to fight this struggle, and we know a lot of people that are.
And I've got to tell you, it's a lot of fun.
I'm much happier knowing, I don't like using the word the truth, but knowing what's going on around me and attempting to do something about it.
And I don't have to save the world, okay, Joe?
I don't have to save the world.
I only have to save my neighborhood and my community.
And if I have some time left over, I'll try to save my state, my country, and then the world.
And we do what we can.
I mean, we're spread pretty thin.
That's why we need your help.
So don't sit there and say, I'm only one person.
I don't know what I can do.
Find something that you love.
Find something you're passionate about.
Figure out what your line in the sand is.
Something that you're not going to get bored doing after a week.
Jump in with both feet.
Roll up your arms and your legs and your sleeves.
And you put on your helmet and go.
If time's running out, then there's no excuse for you to sit and do nothing.
And we're not just talking.
We're talking to accomplish something.
We're trying to give you information that you can get out and fight with and take to your neighbors, your friends, your family, your co-workers, and people on the street.
Mike in Texas, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
I understand what you're saying.
Yeah, right on.
I think the thing that we can do, and I figure out what mine is, I've been talking to people about the upcoming couple of years we're going to have first the ID card and then the microchip implantation in each of us.
And I said,
I used to mention that to people.
Some people, I'm not going to put a chip in me.
Well, that's what we're going to do.
My stand is going to be, I don't care what you do to me.
If I can't get a job or I can't get food, fine.
I'll starve myself to death and I'll drop down on the Capitol steps.
And then I'll make it such a stink that they'll have to come and film me rotting.
And then if we all did that, at least 10 of us went down on the Texas Capitol steps and said, look, we can't get anything to eat, but we're good, hardworking people.
We don't want a damn chip put in us.
And everybody saw that.
I think that's the line right there.
No, we're not going to take chips stuck in our bodies.
Yeah, listen, man.
We have doctors who have read classified reports that say the plan's already underway, a covert plan to microchip newborns in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
You have a camera on every corner.
Here's the thing.
We can't wait, and you know this.
I don't have to tell you this.
But for those out there listening who might doubt this, might be waiting until the microchip comes and knocks on your door, kicks your door in, and you're being forced to be implanted with it, or you don't have any option, much like a credit card today, you just don't have an option.
If you don't take the chip, you can't work.
If you don't take the national ID card, you can't work.
You can't support your family.
You'll be on the street.
You can't function in the established society, the status quo.
It'll be too late then.
Well, that's okay.
You're making me very upset.
Now I'm really upset, Mike.
You had to bring up the microchips and the national ID card.
This woman, the previous caller was saying, what can we do but talk?
This is not talk.
This is actually what I'm going to do.
I've already made my decision.
I've had a good life.
It's easy for me to say, I've already had a good life.
Listen, and you build and they'll come.
You put together an organization to stop the Real ID Act and to expose that, biometric internal passports, internal microchips, subdermal microchips, and they will come.
A lot more on the other side of this break.
Stay tuned, folks.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Second hour of the Alex Jones Show coming your way.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
My program is Deadline Live.
It follows this program.
Monday through Friday, right on this very network.
We've been on the air now for two years, in syndication for two years, and doing that program for five years.
Charlotte Iserby, our guest today on the program, so we hope you'll tune in.
I want to go back to your calls.
We'll take as many calls as we can here in this few minutes, and then we'll come back with Dr. Muhammad Daoud Meraki.
The book is Afghanistan After, quote-unquote.
He puts this in quotes.
Democracy, the untold story through photographic images.
Very interesting guy.
We'll have him for the hour.
Going back to the phones, 1-800-259-9231.
You're next.
Amy in Arkansas.
Thank you for calling in, Amy.
Hi, how are you?
I'm okay.
I'm the one who's been sending you information on Wayne Fincher.
Oh, I'm so glad you called.
I heard there was a big development in the case.
Yeah, they went ahead and found him guilty on both counts.
Have you ever seen a trial go through this fast?
No, that's what I said.
I think November 8th was whenever he was picked up.
They did expedite it pretty quickly.
I believe it was postponed slightly from the 8th.
He literally, within a matter of a few days, was tried and convicted.
If you don't know who Wayne Fincher is, Amy, why don't you give us a quick breakdown?
The trial started on Tuesday.
It was going to start on Monday, but he has health problems.
He's 60 years old and he has health problems.
It started on Tuesday.
It took two days, I think, to just go over, or I think it took two days to have two witnesses on the stand because there were so many objections from the government side, and I'll get into that.
And then Thursday, I think, was the final closing argument, and then Friday, I went to the courthouse on Friday, and on Friday...
The judge just kind of instructed the jury.
If anybody's been to court, they know what I'm talking about.
Can you back up for me for one second?
Because there might be people listening who don't know what happened to Wayne.
He was raided by multiple alphabet agencies because he had been out protesting and educating people not only about the Constitution, but about Agenda 21, eminent domain.
There are massive land grabs going on in Arkansas.
We're good to go.
High bail, of course, offending his Eighth Amendment.
Just an extremely high bail of a quarter of a million dollars.
Fast-tracked into this trial, and as you say, the trial lasted a few days.
Can you tell us, you went there to the courtroom in Arkansas, I believe it was in Fayetteville.
How was the turnout?
Did you have a lot of court watchers?
I would say every day, from what I understand, I talked to some people who were there that were friends of mine.
I think it's going to take, you know, between 30 to 60 days before they give in his sentence.
The one thing that I wanted everybody to know, actually there's a few things, but one of the things was that Wayne was not allowed to testify in front of a jury.
Which is huge.
Basically, the government would not allow, and the judge ruled this, they needed to prove that it was a militia that was sanctioned by the government, and since the judge felt it was not sanctioned by the Arkansas governor... Couldn't testify on his own behalf.
They wouldn't allow anything that had to do with militia to be entered into defense.
They wouldn't let him testify on his own behalf in front of a jury.
In the beginning, they weren't even going to allow him to make constitutional arguments.
Right, and they basically didn't.
Anytime in the closing statements, anytime that Oscar Stille, who is his judge, if he started talking about the law, the government would stand up, the prosecuting, she would stand up and object.
Real quick, do you know if he's going to appeal this, or can he appeal it?
Yeah, I think he's going to try to take it to the Supreme Court.
We're going to bring you more information on Wayne Fincher on our program.
If you go to jackblood.com, you'll find a link there, and you can get updated on this.
He really needs our help.
Thank you, Amy, for all you've done to get people on board with this, okay?
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Emily, Jeffrey, and Goat in Ohio, you're going to have to hold on.
We have our guests coming up right after this.
We'll try to get to everybody in a timely manner.
Stay tuned.
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Thank you for joining us on the program today, folks.
Jack Blood again sitting in for Alex Jones.
Our guest today is author, photographer, and activist, Dr. Mohamed Daoud Meraki.
His book is Afghanistan After Democracy, and they also share a website with the same title, AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com.
The proceeds of this book are going to be used to build a hospital in Afghanistan, and after you get done looking at the pictures in this book or on their website, you're going to understand that that is probably one of the most important things that somehow Reconstruction has forgotten about.
Dr. Meraki is also the son of a former Afghani intelligence agent who worked covertly against the government, against the Russians, and in a way I guess could have been seen as an ally to our country, some payback.
He joins us now, Dr. Mohammad Daoud Meraki.
Good to have you on the Alex Jones Show, sir.
I appreciate it.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and let's talk about the book.
Actually, I came to the United States for my family and I, back in September of 84, and I went to school here.
I did my undergrad in Chicago and both of my masters and PhD from two schools, University of Chicago and University of Illinois.
I taught here at the university and some schools.
I was quite vocal after 9-11.
That cost me all employment prospects, permanent employment prospects at the universities and colleges here.
Because I, you know, I was trying to say that the official explanation didn't add up.
I, you know, ethnically, I'm Pashtun, Afghan, you know, one of the largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan, constitute about 65% of the population, and have throughout actually aimed that if I would get an education and
And in fact, tailored my education to one day return and help the common folks there in Afghanistan.
But of course, that's now a wishful thinking, but I will try a wishful thinking in the sense that it has the use of massive uranium weapons in Afghanistan, you know, made life unsustainable and uninhabitable in many areas.
I produced this book, essentially, I went to Afghanistan first in June of 2005 and then followed the next year in March of 2006.
And I heard a lot about reconstruction and democracy and all the various jargons being thrown around by CNN and Fox and others.
And I said to myself, I need to find out if that really is the case.
Of course, I knew ahead of time, but I had to document what I was claiming.
Finally, I went there, and in the book, it's basically a photographic book, but as you know, the first chapter is an extended introduction.
I established that life is quite miserable for the common people, and the billions of dollars that went there
Went into the pockets of Halliburton and associated firms and consulting firms and NGOs.
The common Afghan ended up stranded on the streets, dying from cold, hunger and disease.
But, you know, the case was also evident.
The last chapter of the book has, you know, are photos of congenital deformities.
Photos I took in the
Yes, yes, it is indeed due to that.
And suddenly after the bombing various illnesses and conditions emerged and incidentally
The case of deformities suddenly increased, as well as unheard or unseen deformities, bizarre deformities, as well as those that are common in every society, so there was an accelerated rate in that too.
So, you know, life is truly, truly miserable and there is absolutely no hope for the common people.
You know, women are dying in childbirth, becoming pregnant becomes really a death sentence because there is absolutely no health care.
They spend more on this rubbish of war on drugs, which is really nothing but...
Well, absolutely.
Now, you look at the pictures in this book, folks, and it's a big full-color book.
You can see these full-color pictures.
That Dr. Meraki took firsthand.
And it's shocking.
You'll well up.
I mean, it is really hard to look at.
And obviously, we haven't seen these pictures.
We haven't seen the evidence of what we've paid for, what we've sponsored in Afghanistan, a war that largely seems to be forgotten in the Middle East, if I may add.
You know, we just don't see this stuff.
And do you think, Dr. Meraki, that if Americans see the damage that's really done to little children in Afghanistan, that they might be a little more virulent in opposing this occupation?
Yes, you know, it's somewhat unfortunate, because when I look at my website, AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com,
The number of people visited stands around 5,000 or so because it has been opened recently.
And among those 5,000 people visited, you know, I have the articles, their truth for them to at least first hand see the photos.
I got some lip service and a few good people, very few, ordered the book and the rest, you know, even were, you know, quite upset about what I had written and sent me emails being quite opinionated.
And so, you know, initially someone told me, look, you're doing this book trying to raise money for the hospital and research facility.
I'm not even saying the hospital, just paying for the land.
Because you have kept the land, you know, been on hold and I was able to extend it and we're going to lose that land end of January.
And, you know, my calculation or miscalculation in this case was the book will raise the funds and we will pay for the land and then that will become a tangible factor and we can build a hospital by raising more funds and at least getting people's attention or companies who could help us.
It would be nice if, you know, through our alleged reconstruction efforts, that we can aid you in this, as you write in your book, 86 cents out of every dollar of American aid is phantom aid.
Yes, indeed.
That is very, very true.
Can you explain that to our listeners, please, Doctor?
What happens is this.
Initially, you know, all the billions of dollars are getting claimed that supposedly goes to reconstruction and so forth.
Primarily, the majority of that money does not even leave the country.
It tells the recipient country that, oh, we have reconstruction for you, but company XYZ and so forth is going to evaluate your situation, is going to look at what's necessary and what's not.
And in the process, company X gets the money, company X gets a small percentage to another company Y that supposedly does the subcontracting, and then the company Y gives it to company Z for subcontracting.
In the process, everybody steals the money, which is, you know, already known by the US government.
It's their money, their company.
And by the time the money gets to the Afghans, or to any recipient for that matter, is really peanuts.
And in that, peanuts is not even spent on what's needed, but rather what is perceived to be needed in that country.
You know, the high-priced consultants, you know, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, supposed to simply express their opinions, when in fact, what's needed is absolutely ignored.
I'm sure you're aware, Dr. Meraki, that the initial plans to go into Afghanistan had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda, and this was pre-9-11.
The UNICAL wanted to build a pipeline through there to connect the Caspian Sea with some of the more oil-producing countries.
I'm sure you're aware of this.
Yes, yes.
Are you asking, are the people of Afghanistan asking, where's the money from the pipeline that we're building here and why can't we use that to put in our own treasury to rebuild our country?
The problem is this, that initially when Unicom was trying to build a pipeline, was trying to pull a fast one on the government of Taliban, telling them, oh, we'll pay you $50 million a year, which is really pocket change.
We're good to go.
You know, warn the Taliban or the government of Afghanistan and then in Berlin in 2001, 2000 I believe it was, they offered him, you see, accept our offer or we will bomb it to, you know, to the Stone Age, if you will.
And so, yeah, it's all economics, and it's all geostrategic.
You're allegedly now a sovereign country.
They try to tell us that you're not being occupied, that Karzai, who's a former Chevron employee himself, is running the government.
In that case, I mean, I guess it would stand to reason that you could, you know, reap the benefits of your own resources, and as you say, I guess the occupation is standing in the way.
Well, if Karzai was really a leader of Afghanistan, this was not an occupied country, why don't we ask Karzai to go just one mile outside Kabul?
Forget about Kabul.
Outside Kabul.
Outside downtown Kabul.
How does Karzai live?
Because I've looked at your pictures of downtown Kabul, and it is absolutely outrageous.
I don't think that we could show you anything in this country in the worst ghetto or barrio here, even in North America, that would compare to the situation of living in Kabul.
What does he live in?
A big palace?
He lives in a big palace, yes.
I was in Kabul and I saw he just decided to do a photo op and walking from his palace to the center of Kabul.
And while he was walking, half the military force was following him.
Sounds like George Bush or Dick Cheney in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina a little bit.
We'll come back.
Dr. Meraki is our guest at the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned, folks.
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I think?
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Thank you for tuning in, folks.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Our guest today is Dr. Mohamed Daoud Meraki.
His book is Afghanistan After Democracy.
His website, you can get the book there, AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com.
And, you know, I mentioned this earlier on the program, and we've just got to face the truth.
We can't hide from what's being done in our name.
So we as Americans have a responsibility at this point.
Dr. Meraki is sharing with us what's really going on inside of Afghanistan, and we just heard him in the last segment say, I challenge the so-called president, Hamed Karzai, former Chevron employee, just like Condoleezza Rice, I challenge him to go one mile outside of Kabul.
Because, of course, the illusion is that the United States has done a good job.
The war is over in Afghanistan.
We've completely occupied the country.
There's peace.
Women there don't have to wear burqas anymore.
Children are going to school.
And isn't it all wonderful?
Of course, the truth is nowhere near that.
And we know what it is.
It's propaganda.
Dr. Meraki, thank you for joining us on the program today.
And thank you for chronicling this.
I think it's important for us all to know about it.
Thank you.
No problem.
A pleasure to be here.
The thing that I wanted to point out was another factor that, you know, usually the corporate media had taken the issue of burqa and blown it out of proportion and said, oh, we could go there to liberate women.
That was the biggest insult the Afghan people ever got from anybody.
Not realizing that this is part of the culture, you know, nobody really forced them to wear burqas.
And those very women who are actually begging on, as you see in the book, begging on the streets of Kabul with their ill children laying in front of them and trying to survive, actually are dying as we speak.
And hundreds of women, you know, widows and orphans, thousands of them, are roaming around the streets of Kabul just to have a loaf of bread.
Not to sound insensitive here, but are you telling me that the women of Afghanistan don't want to dress like Britney Spears or Madonna?
No, actually they'd be tremendously insulted if you told them to remove your burqa.
They're worried about things like food and feeding their families.
That's their priority, to have food, not to die before the age of 44, which is really the life expectancy of women in Afghanistan.
45, the life expectancy for men in Afghanistan.
One in five children don't reach their fifth birthday.
Women die in childbirth in the hundreds.
In some areas of Afghanistan, the worst rate of women dead in childbirth ever really recorded.
The thing that's really bothering me, before I got on your show, a lot of people told me that since you'll be on the Alex Jones Show, a lot of people hear that and they will render their support by
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I tell the folks that look, you know, whether they like it or not, some people don't like to hear it.
You know, when it comes down to it, you know, willingly or unwillingly, this government gets your taxes and those taxes are killing and making our land, my ancestral land, uninhabitable forever.
So there's got to be some degree of responsibility and, you know, people like to look at things freely and have it freely, but, you know,
We haven't gotten the hell that we're experiencing in Afghanistan for free, actually got paid by your tax dollars.
Well, I mean, this is the thing, and you mentioned this, and look, I mean, we're not here to force people to buy this book.
Not at all.
That's not how we act, but let me finish, because...
There are enough listeners in this audience who could buy your book today and buy the land for that hospital, and you can put a plaque on it thanks to the Alex Jones listeners, because that could really happen.
We have the power in this audience to do that and to help you build this hospital literally in one day if we can get people to put out $20 and get this great book, by the way.
It's very informative, full of amazing pictures, something you'd share with your family.
So you're getting something for your money, but at the same time, you have the peace of mind that you've done something to try to correct the situation that your government is responsible for.
We'll come back more with Dr. Meraki right after this.
Afghanistan After Democracy.
Go order this book.
We'll come right back after this.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm Jack Blood.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I hope the situation that we're facing doesn't include a total apathy towards the once sovereign nation of Afghanistan, because you get the feeling when you watch American news, or even global news to some extent, or Western news, that we've completely forgotten about Afghanistan.
I mean, Colin Powell was famous for saying, you know, you broke the dishes, now you own it.
You've got to clean it up.
And the American people are so preoccupied with whatever they're doing, and I'll speak on behalf of my fellow Americans, that, you know, they've been told we won the war in Afghanistan.
Oh, there are some pesky Taliban running around.
Those are probably the same Taliban that we flew out to ISI and the United States flew out in C-130s before the invasion began or right during the invasion.
No, they didn't escape.
They were escorted out of the country, folks.
But I feel that, you know, like talking about taxes or electronic vote fraud, the toll roads being put up everywhere, the NAFTA highway, and to some extent the North American Union consolidation of power, I feel like we've forgotten all about Afghanistan.
I feel like we've been so desensitized and we're so numb about Afghanistan that we're not realizing what is really our responsibility at this point.
And you may say, well, Jack, it's not my responsibility.
I didn't invade Afghanistan.
But we have a responsibility as a country and as a people.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, of course.
After the invasion, many organized crime organizations, local as well as foreign, entered Afghanistan and various, you know, the gruesome crimes that really is quite appalling is those targeting orphans.
Many organized crimes that have connection to international crime syndicate
Kidnap children.
Ransom for their bodily organs and for trafficking.
Yes, yes, for their bodily organs.
And the hundreds, they do that.
And then other, you know, there were cases I interviewed in a local doctor.
He was on his way to Pakistan and stopped on his way and saw a bunch of kids and they went there.
And, you know, the bellies were opened surgically and the organs were removed surgically.
I mean, this is really disgusting.
At that time, in the Taliban period, this could not have been because they would hang him right away.
And that would have been, you know, impossible.
There was complete law in order.
I know they were strict.
They were, you know, narrow-minded and whatever they were.
But this could not have happened.
And then...
You know, as I said, there are more than 50,000 orphans roaming around Kabul in its vicinity.
And many of these kids are also kidnapped for slave labor, as well as for sexual purposes, rotten purposes, for overseas, as well as sold to U.S.
contractors and U.S.
For a few hundred dollars, they've been used for whatever purpose.
And United Nations workers as well, who notoriously have taken advantage of refugees all around the world.
Yes, indeed.
And the result is really a disaster.
People are afraid and their kids disappear.
And, you know, American forces, you know, there are a lot of pedophiles and
And then they stopped, as I documented those cases, they take little boys and rape them.
They have entered houses and while the husband is not there, they have gotten the wife and have taken her under the guise of questioning her and gang raped her and then committed suicide and so on.
A lot of this, you know, people say, well, our boys.
Well, our boys are our boys.
You know, George Bush doesn't go in person.
This is what war is, Dr. Meraki.
I try to have my audience face this, no matter what I'm doing.
This is war.
We need to understand, before we go invade a country, that this is always what you're mentioning here, these grotesque acts in our name and in the name of others.
And you mentioned contractors, probably, in the United Nations, maybe being at the tip of the spear.
But I...
We wouldn't stand for this in our country.
Certainly not.
But this is war.
This is what war is.
When are we going to understand that?
And the tragedy is this, that, you know, so people are really common people that I spoke with.
They said, you know, people that really oppose the Taliban government for being too strict.
They said, well, it's okay, you know, it was strict, it was crazy, it was this, it was that.
But at least people didn't violate our dignity.
With Americans here, our dignity is violated.
We'd rather join the Taliban than having our dignity violated day in, day out.
I mean, it's unbelievable that we have to talk about the Taliban, and we all know who they are, or Saddam Hussein is the lesser of two evils in this case.
It's almost embarrassing.
Tony Blair had boasted that he's going to bomb those poppy fields.
Right now, the estimate this year is that Afghanistan is producing enough heroin for the entire world, plus another 70%.
I've got to ask you the same question I've asked a lot of other people.
Sully Castile, former DEA agent, joining us on tomorrow's show.
We talk about this.
How are they getting all of this opium out of a militarized, controlled country such as Afghanistan?
Well, you know, logic dictates that they have posed it very nicely.
How are they getting it out?
You know, as they have done it always in the past, the U.S.
military provides the planes, the CIA and so forth, and before the invasion, many characters who were active in Cambodia and Vietnam in the late 60s actually were shipped to Afghanistan and surrounding areas with the expectation there's going to be a high...
You know, surge in opium production and so forth, and they do it, you know, and the millions, billions of dollars are being made for black ops and whatever else they have.
And the world is getting into really rotten shape.
Well, I mean, I have it on authority that they're shipping it out, of course, as you say, with escorts from the coalition-engaged military there on the ground in Afghanistan, sending it over for a refinement in Pakistan, our wonderful friends over in Pakistan, and then it goes out to the rest of the world as heroin or whatever else.
I'm sure some of this ends up in our pharmaceuticals here in the United States.
Yes, it certainly does, because, you know, I spoke to an individual who's a warlord near Kandahar, and I told him, look, how come, you know, how do you guys operate?
Do you guys directly move it to Iran or Central Asia?
That's usually the previous route of drug smuggling.
He started laughing at me.
I told him, what's so funny?
He said, look, man, we don't have to do it.
Americans do it for us.
And I said, wow, isn't that entrepreneurial?
Do you think that in some ways the war in Afghanistan was as much about that poppy production as it was about oil or control or anything else?
Very much, because poppy was completely eradicated by Taliban's government.
There were absolutely no poppy cultivated in the land that they controlled.
And that was one of the reasons it was also pissed off the ISI, the Pakistan's intelligence, that are heavily involved in drug smuggling, which is really an offshoot of CIA.
Our government tells us there's nothing they can do about it, it's out of control, and their priorities, in fact this is what they just come out and said, Dr. Meraki, their priorities are elsewhere, and though they'd like to stop the production of poppies and opium in Afghanistan, they're too busy trying to fight the terrorists.
Indeed, and I'll share a quick story with you that I came across.
When we got this land near Kabul, a lot of people were up to me.
Initially when I went in 2005,
I told them that, look, I'm going to go back to the US.
There are great people.
They're going to help you guys.
And there are very concerned people all over that country.
So in 2006, when I returned, and many people to whom that I promised and talked about the prospects of help, they started laughing at me and said, oh, what happened?
The good people helped us?
And I told them, look, just wait and see.
When we had the land, because the land was, we didn't buy it or anything, we just put it on hold until the end of January.
A young kid came to me and said, look, I saw this movie, American movie one time in which a rich man was watching TV and there was a little kid that needed surgery and the kid needed, I don't know, $40,000 or $50,000 to do surgery and the rich man paid for it.
Maybe if you talk to Americans, they might be a rich person who could do the same.
And I smiled and I told the kid, you've been watching too many movies.
So, similar experience happened to me when I was on the Hal Turner Show.
A person emailed me and said, okay, I have $5,000 for you.
And I was really, you know, extremely happy.
That's a significant shift toward aiming our goal, I mean, acquiring the goal.
But when I, he said, email me back and send me your contact.
Man, I sent that guy...
You know, five or six or ten emails, and you know, I just got this enchantment.
I said, look, you know, if you think this is funny, I don't find it amusing.
Don't have to send me, don't have to insult me by sending me, oh, well, we have X amount for you.
We heard you on Alex Jones or Hal Turner's show.
Well, look, we do the same thing.
I mean, look, my listeners and Alex's listeners, I mean, we're trying to, you know, we're trying to save our own country here, obviously, so we have a lot of priorities and I think that, you know, at some point, again, we do need to be responsible and maybe that person will be in this audience.
Dr. Meraki, and I certainly hope so.
And I'd like to think that this show can accomplish things like this on a large level, on a global scale.
But we're literally fighting for ourselves here in our own communities so that we don't turn into Afghanistan.
There's a show here called 24, where there's sectarian violence in the streets, and martial law, and we're all being sent to camps.
I mean, we see the future of Afghanistan happening right here in our own backyard.
No, I've seen Alex's documentaries, and I'm aware of the efforts of the federal government trying to militarize everything, trying to subjugate us by eradicating the civil liberties and putting the Constitution in the garbage.
And that has been the aim of Patriot Act and this whole notion of how 9-11 occurred.
We're aimed actually to have a police state.
And we see the signs of police state all around us.
We've been, you know, the police now can come to your house without any warrant and do whatever they want.
They don't have to knock and just kick you on your door?
No, they can just kick the door and so forth.
So what the heck is going on?
And then they have to
They have to scrutinize those who are in militias and say, oh, we don't want these militias.
Well, we need the militias or whomever.
We have the constitutional right to have weapons, you know, guns.
And if the federal government eliminates that, then they can kick our door and they can do whatever they please.
I've got to ask you, too, about gun grabbing, martial law, these types of things in Afghanistan.
Let's go to the phones, because we have a couple of callers here that did want to talk to you, Dr. Meraki.
So let's talk to Jeffrey in Connecticut, and then we'll go to Skip in California.
Jeffrey, thank you for joining us.
You're on the air with Dr. Muhammad Dawood Meraki.
How are you doing, sir?
Hey, Doctor, it's good to finally talk to somebody from over there.
I mean, I was in the Army.
Good for you.
That's a good start, Jeffrey.
Thank you.
If all of you out there haven't heard anything about Samara, you can look up the Gold Moss explosion, and we're probably behind that one, because I used to guard it.
And the Black Cross incident.
And I went into Fallujah for two weeks, and I saw what happened there.
Oh, it was a disaster.
Yeah, and that's one of the reasons why I'm out of the Army right now.
Besides the fact that I was wounded in Iraq, I was, uh... I probably got fed up with what I was seeing, and besides that, I had a son born to me two weeks before I did go to Iraq.
And July 8th, when I did get wounded, it kind of...
There are victims on all sides of this war.
And I would like to say that these people will have to atone for...
What's happened.
I mean, I tune for what I did every night.
Jeffrey, I hope you get the book if you can afford it.
And, you know, even if it just seems like a little bit of money to you, you're going to get a great book.
And, you know, your apology is wonderful, but these guys need some financing.
So we can all pitch in on that.
But I appreciate the call, Jeffrey, and that apology.
That's pretty heartfelt there, Dr. Muraki.
Indeed, indeed, indeed.
Skip in California, thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, I just wanted to say I was looking at the Afghanistan After Democracy website and I saw some of the photographs of the babies there.
If you go to YouTube and you type in alien baby, you can actually see one of those babies being fed with a bottle.
And I would give it an NC-17 rating.
It's pretty disturbing.
But I think if a picture is worth a thousand words, I don't know how many words a video clip would be, but it's
Well, that's the new thing, Dr. Meraki.
Everybody's making short videos, putting them on YouTube.
They're very, very powerful.
A lot of people don't write books anymore, because I guess people don't read too much anymore.
Yeah, I was contacted, and I had published these photos.
A lot of people contacted, oh, these are, you know, they look like alien babies.
I told them, look, fella, there were no alien, quote-unquote, babies in Afghanistan before the ISIS invasion.
Right after the invasion, suddenly these deformities started.
You talk about silent genocide.
Silent genocide indeed.
With, you know, 15, 20 pound tumors on them, little infants.
I mean, that could be your child, folks.
That's the thing.
That's the thing.
People don't seem to realize.
And my question is to them this.
How would you feel if your baby was born like that?
It doesn't matter until it happens to you.
You're never going to have a fire.
Your house is never going to burn down.
You're going to lose everything that you ever worked for and owned until it happens to you.
And then now you're an advocate for fire safety.
Everything always happens too late.
We're going to come right back.
We'll take at least one more call.
Mohamed Doad Meraki, AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com.
This is InfoWars.com.
Stay tuned, folks.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House probed to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's not my place to say it.
I'm sitting in for Alex Jones today.
My name's Jack Blood.
If this is my show, I'd guilt you into getting this book.
I'd guilt you into supporting this cause.
It's the least you can do.
We have a lot of priorities, okay?
But really, I mean, we still are the richest nation on earth.
I know that some of you might want to go to a movie this weekend.
Maybe you'll skip the movie and get this book.
It's a real eye-opener.
You're going to learn a lot by reading it.
It'll be a great collection to your library.
I don't know if Dr. Meraki will autograph it for you.
You can ask him.
AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com And in some small way, a very small way, you'll have helped the people of Afghanistan above and beyond what our country, what our military, what our diplomats are allegedly doing.
Dr. Meraki, thank you again for joining us.
I'm going to take one more call and then I have to ask you some exit questions here.
Steve in Ohio.
A quick comment for Dr. Meraki.
Thank you for holding.
Hello Jack and Dr. Markey.
I'm really interested in some of Jack's comments today about media being used really as a predictive programming tool.
So I went and looked on the BBC and there's some really interesting stuff up there.
Not least, if you do a search on the news site there for black torso, you'll find a disturbing series of articles on the BBC about a
Torsions of little boys floating down the Thames, presumably past the Commons.
And that happened in 2003.
Hundreds of children going missing, vanishing in London.
And we see this destruction all over the Middle East.
And in September, the flagship political program, Panorama, did a story on the chapter of Gordon Brown supposedly replacing Tony Blair and the opening
scene of the program was of Brian coming down out of Dining Street and presenting what was happening in Iran, the attack on Iran.
You know, you can see fingerprints of this all throughout the media.
They used this to program us, to get us ready for what's coming on.
And we saw it, too, before the invasion of Afghanistan.
It's tragic, really, and it's happening all over the place, not just in the places we attacked, but indeed
You know, the places where we live.
And we need to do something about this.
And our brothers and sisters across the world are behind this.
You know, we should be together on this.
They're waiting for us to do something.
They're counting, and a lot of them are becoming very discouraged because they're counting on people like you and me and the people out here who know what's going on to do something about this and to come to their rescue.
That's right.
And we can do it.
We can do it.
Well, it doesn't take much.
We can get on and do it.
It doesn't take much.
Thank you for the call.
I've got to move on here.
Mohammed, at this point, I mean, what do you want?
More troops?
Will that help you out?
More troops in Afghanistan?
No, thank you.
No, thank you.
He's even polite about it.
We don't want any more occupying forces raping our children, harvesting their organs and selling drugs in Afghanistan.
No, thank you.
What is the answer, then?
The answer is simple.
Let Afghans decide their own future.
We know how to live.
We are human beings.
We have a 5,000 years old history.
Our land, unfortunately, has been turned into poison land now because depleted uranium has a half-life of 0.5 billion years.
So until Earth exists, the Afghan people will be dying from this.
No one will be able to pay enough to make up for the perpetual debt that our people will be dying for.
If we pull out of Afghanistan, are you guys going to be putting up a bunch of LCIA terror camps over there?
No, we never had, actually.
The LCIA was very active in doing it itself, and in fact, blaming it on Afghanistan.
Why don't you stay with me for five more minutes?
Can you do that, Dr. Meraki?
Let's make sure we finish this off on a good note.
We'll come right back after this, folks.
Seventy seconds.
Stay tuned.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I am not Alex Jones, nor is there any hope that I ever will be Alex Jones.
But as one individual, we're fighting the info war together.
As individuals.
Not as a collective, but as a group of individuals who use our free will.
To take back what's gone wrong with this world, your city, your neighborhood, your state in this country.
I am Jack Blood, your narrator in Radio Gun, sitting in for Alex Jones today.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
A final segment with our guest today, Mohamed Daoud Meraki.
Again, his book, and it is well worth the price of admission, Afghanistan After Democracy.
You can get that by going to AfghanistanAfterDemocracy.com.
Not sure if they're carrying it to Amazon.com, and they probably won't.
This is the book...
We're good to go.
He's an Afghanistan-born American who was made special envoy to Afghanistan before the war, and he stalled his fellow Unocal employee Hamid Karzai as leader.
Kalizad authored a book on Saddam with Paul Wolfowitz, now head of the World Bank, a former neocon, well, still a neocon, called Overthrow Him, regarding Saddam Hussein.
He encouraged his close friend, George...
Illuminati, Schultz, the former Reagan-Bush Secretary of State, to use Iran to bring down Saddam.
He used to work for the RAND Corporation.
He was ambassador to Afghanistan in the beginning.
He's ambassador to Iraq, and currently he is now going to be the ambassador of the United States to the United Nations.
Give me your opinion on your fellow compatriot.
Is he a traitor or a patriot?
He's a traitor by all accounts.
He's a pig.
And the guy has absolutely no morality.
A dog has more morality than he does.
The point is this, that if I, without my education, I'm sitting at home and living below poverty line, you know, if I wanted to sell myself, I would be a millionaire like he himself is today.
Let me emphasize that point for you, Dr. Meraki, because you come from a family that had some means.
You weren't in a deplorable state of poverty like a lot of Afghanis.
You could have climbed the corporate ladder.
You could have been an analyst on Fox News, the new Ahmad Chalabi, but instead you've chosen to throw yourself under the bus for your fellow countrymen.
Yes, indeed.
You know, I come from a...
I have an aristocratic family background in Afghanistan, and we have land, we have a lot of influence, but the point is this, I was a little boy, I fought against the Russian forces and they invaded our homeland, and I'll be damned if I just sat here and said, oh yeah, this is liberation.
I don't care for this liberation, I spit at it, and it's people like Khalilzad who's nothing.
Khalilzad is the worst of the worst, you know?
I think you've said that as succinctly as I could ever put it, or Alex Jones could put it.
Well, I want you to know, Dr. Meraki, that you do have friends, that not everybody here in America or in the West has abandoned you, that we feel for your position, we want to try to help you in your position.
I appreciate it.
And we're here, just a phone call away, or just an email away, if we can do something to help you.
I hope that this listening audience takes this interview extremely seriously.
You break down, you listen to it again, you break it down.
You hear about little children getting their organs harvested, or being sold to a military contractor at DynCorp, or at the United Nations for the peacekeepers, alleged peacekeepers.
Thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
And indeed, I consider you my friend, no doubt.
We're with you.
Thank you very much.
Keep the faith, all right?
We'll be right back, folks.
We'll start going to phone calls.
We'll uncover a lot of backed-up news here on the program.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
You stay tuned.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Chemical attacks.
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Biological attack.
And to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time.
But how do you protect your family during such a crisis?
The video sheltering in place surviving acts of terrorism from biological, chemical, and radioactive fallout was developed by Wayne LeBaron, a health physicist who has served as a specialist in environmental health, communicable diseases, and has worked as a nuclear specialist for the U.S.
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We at The Bible Says want to alert the world to the topic of the Mark of the Beast.
Soon it will be upon us as an overwhelming surprise.
The world is pressing toward a forced one-world religion.
The real issue behind this is the union of church and state nullifying our First Amendment.
Americans will have to give up their peculiar beliefs and accept what the new world religious leaders prescribe.
In 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act,
Which goes into effect May 11, 2008.
Many people believe that this will be the mark of the beast because of the restrictive measures included, which seems to parallel the no buying and selling of Revelations 13, 17.
In Revelations 14, 9, speaking of the mark of the beast, it says, If any man worship the beast, take notice.
It says, worship the beast.
This issue is about worship, not economics.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
I was reading my Radio 101 handbook, How to Host a Radio Show in 10 Easy Steps.
I've only been doing radio for, I don't know, 11 straight years every day for 11 years, but I have to remind myself what the principles of doing a talk radio show are, because I was very tempted to go over about 30 minutes worth of Iran material right now, but we have loaded phone lines, and I need to take your pulse.
I need you to have a chance to react to that last message,
We're good to go.
Millions and millions of listeners to this program, and this is a chance for you to put something on the record.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Let's go right back to the phones and go to Greg in Missouri.
Greg, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Afternoon, Jack.
I have a couple of points to make.
I turned the show on late, and you were talking about the babies.
And I assumed it was depleted uranium, and then you all answered my questions while I was waiting.
The author of this book has about 10, 12, 13, 14 pages of babies born due to the depleted uranium munitions.
I've seen some of the videos and pictures of the babies.
It's a terrible thing.
But the only thing I can suggest for that is probably exactly what our government wants.
That is, they'll have to move out there, out of the Middle East, if they want to save themselves.
We could send in the Mexicans.
Yeah, there you go.
Because they'll be the Mexicans who will go to Afghanistan and do the jobs that Afghanistan's don't want to do.
One of the things that disturbed me, being a Vietnam vet, one of the things that disturbed me of the people being so disjointed in this country is my own son has told me the
The Constitution is antiquated and needs to be replaced.
It's a living document.
They're not the founders.
They're the framers.
So what do you do about that?
What do you tell your son?
Well, I try to show him all the videos.
Actually, it flabbergasts me.
I don't know what to say to him other than what I've said.
But one of the things that I think...
Our government has the people so disjointed and at each other's throat that I think, as far as you mentioned, people waiting on our country to do something, I think in order for our people to do something, they have to unite.
And one of the things I thought of is that the government is always playing the race card or something to keep people at each other's throat.
Yeah, divide and conquer.
So I thought if somebody with an established website or radio show could do more than I could do if I started a website, is fight this race thing by trying to get people to do away with the ethnic American and see themselves as American first.
So nationalism over, you know, loyalty to your race, in other words.
Right, just see yourself as American.
You're going to have a problem with that, and I'm not criticizing what you're saying, because what you're saying is basically true.
The fact of the matter is, all our leaders have sold us out.
And when you say the government does this or that, I don't believe that.
I don't think the government does anything.
I think the people that finance the government pull these strings, and they do all of this.
And we have to identify, I guess, where the root problem is here.
Otherwise, we'll continue to have these symptoms.
But ultimately, you're going to have a real problem with this because you've got people out there who have been told to play the part, the role of the victim.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This cancer that we're all a bunch of victims and we have to just sit and wait and shiver in our houses and hope that they don't get us.
Until we change that paradigm, we're not going to change anything!
He's changing it.
I show people, well, I'm disabled.
I can only walk a quarter mile and I can't see to drive anymore, so there's not a wide audience for me to appeal to.
I disagree.
Well, if I could figure out how to do it, I would do more.
But the only thing I could say is if we could find some way to try to see people as Americans of ethnic descent instead of ethnic Americans, that would... I have to tell you, I'm not an American.
I'm an Irish American.
Well, I'm 57.
I don't know which ethnic group to...
I can't work with you because you don't have the right priorities for Ireland.
That's basically what we're saying here.
You don't support America because you're supporting Latin America.
You're supporting African America.
I'm an African American.
I'm a European American.
I'm a white American.
I'm an Irish American.
I'm a Polish American.
I'm an Asian American.
You're Americans, and the fight starts here.
If you can't fight for your country, you can't fight for anything, and you might as well just go ahead and admit you're a victim and just wait for them to come chip you, put a collar around your neck, and put cameras in the bathroom.
Well, I know exactly what you're saying, but still...
We have to try or we'll never accomplish anything.
I just think if somebody out there would run with the ball and get people to see themselves as Americans of ethnic descent instead of ethnic first, it might do something.
That's not going to wash with Jesse Jackson because he has his own agenda.
Thank you for the call, Greg, and I appreciate you being part of the audience, but don't ever forget there is something you can do.
There's a unique...
Yeah, I'm 15.
I'm probably one of the youngest listeners.
I'm a sophomore at Riverview High School.
And I talk to all my teachers about you and Alex.
Um, chemtrails for the past week have just been spraying like crazy, like 20 jets or so, and it's just blowing my mind away.
Correct term is aerosol spraying.
You like it?
No, I think it's terrible.
I tell everyone what it is and it scares them, or they just think I'm crazy.
Well, I'll tell you, that's one of the truths.
Oh, yeah.
But look, I mean, one of the most important things that can be revealed is aerosol spraying.
We just don't know why they're doing it.
We have so many points of record and documented articles, etc., that will tell us what they say they're doing it for, and they do admit it.
And I think that's the first thing that we have to realize.
The first thing that we can bring to people is that they admit they do this.
Now let's ask why they're doing it.
I mean, I've heard that they do it just to lower the population because of the new world order, you know, and I was just like, it's crazy.
Well, look, that's a whole other show, Emily, but I suggest that when you're walking around in Ohio and the skies are full of crisscrosses and X's and everyone, you know, you'll see people staring up at that, you tell them what you know and
Yeah, I tell everyone...
Well, keep doing it.
I can't believe you're 15 years old.
Are you in public school?
Are you in a public school?
Yes, I'm in a public school, and I want to make sure to say stuff about Alex and you, and, like, Nyla being an inside job, and I plan on wearing them, because I want to express how I feel about this.
You know what you should do, Emily, and this is just a suggestion, you don't have to, you know, do this, but I'm just going to throw this out there, you should start an InfoWars club.
I'd love to.
In your high school and get people on board and have meetings and go out and protest in front of the high school against military recruiters or whatever the issues that everybody agrees on.
And you can have a real effect on the people in your school and that will carry on into your adult life.
You'll continue to do this.
Well, Emily, we're really honored to have you aboard and keep spreading the word, okay?
You know, my mom's a big fan.
We have a local radio station, and my mom calls in and talks to them.
She's kind of like a little helper, like Alex, you know?
She calls in and talks to him about Alex and tells him what she knows.
Emily, you didn't have to tell me that because at 15 years old you've obviously had some great parents to get you where you're at.
I wish I could go back in time 60 years, because I am 70 years old, and be an activist like you at 15 years old.
I completely admire you and I'm honored that you call into the program today.
Keep calling in.
We'll go to Kevin in Ohio, Bill in Texas, and maybe we'll even get to this Iran news.
We'll come back.
We'll come right back after this, folks.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
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The U.S.
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Way up north to Alaska.
Way up north to Alaska.
Go north, the rest is home.
North to Alaska.
North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on.
Big Sam left Seattle in the year of ninety-two.
I left Seattle in 92.
How about that for a coincidence?
I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.
Born and raised in a village as a collectivist.
And I had to make a huge, huge paradigm shift in order to get where I am today.
I had to basically take everything I've learned, and I'm college educated with master's degrees, or I studied on master's degrees.
I didn't get them, actually.
But in my mind, I got them.
Well, I was charged for them, anyway.
And I had to do a lot of reversing of my philosophy.
I'm a bibliophile by nature.
I've read every major work of philosophy.
I've read the Greeks.
I've read the Russians.
I've read history.
And I thought I really knew what I was talking about.
And then five years ago, I met a guy named Alex Jones.
And it was hard for me.
It was really hard for me.
I had to really adjust myself.
And folks, you have to be patient.
It doesn't happen overnight.
The Patriot and the Truth Movement is no longer in utero.
It's now a teenager.
It's grown up.
Let's look at it in dog years.
So if you're listening to this show, and you're out there, and you're a part of this, and you're an InfoWarrior,
First of all, you're a part of something, and let's go back to 24.
There was an interesting quote as Jack Bauer is about to throw himself on his sword and die for his country.
He says, well, he was released from a Chinese prison where he was tortured for, we don't know how long, maybe two years from the last episode.
It's TV time, folks, like dog years.
And he said, and this is his quote, I want to die for something and not for nothing.
We're good to go.
And relearn and re-educate yourself.
You're not ready.
You don't have the tools.
You don't have the armor.
You don't have the fully operational, loaded .60 caliber machine gun.
You just don't have what you're going to need in order to face this problem.
And I've got to suggest, you get on this right away.
Because they're coming for you.
You're Al-Qaeda.
You're the terrorists.
You have affiliations with people like our last guest, the guest that we have in this program today.
Or somebody who sympathizes with Iraqis who are being killed with the depleted uranium, or being occupied, or people who have given up all of their resources.
Countries, formerly sovereign countries, have given up all of their resources for some contract with the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.
We can go around and around like this.
You know, we can keep dancing.
We can keep putting on a show.
We can tap dance.
We can learn to tap dance really good, can't we?
Because we're adaptable, and the human condition cannot be dominated.
Cannot be dominated.
That's a matter of fact.
That's the real history.
You can read about state-sponsored terrorism going back thousands of years.
You can read about the elites, and this is what they're born into.
I have a divine right.
I have a right from God to rule over you,
Man, there are people who are in the game and people out in the stands watching the game.
Which one are you?
You should ask yourself that question.
Are you ready?
Are you ready to reanalyze everything you've ever learned in your life to get yourself to a point where you can understand what freedom even means?
I mean, we can't fight for freedom if we don't even know the definition of it.
Can we?
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 We're going to take a quick break here.
And please patronize the sponsors of this show.
Take a quick break here.
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We'll come right back with your calls right after this.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
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His new film about the Bilderberg Group and his Bilderberg experience up in Canada just recently is one I know everybody's going to want to get.
Terror Storm, still one of the best films I've ever seen about state-sponsored terrorism, about the history that backs up what we say.
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Normally, you can't even get one, okay, depending on where you live.
But you can get multiple community radio stations.
You can get multiple shortwave stations.
They're extremely inexpensive.
They are extremely effective.
That might be the last thing you listen to as they shut us all down.
I really have to give you, I just have to give the Cato Radio my full bill of endorsement.
It is an amazing piece of equipment, and it's just under $100.
You can get those at InfoWars.com as well.
My site is UncoverTheNews.com.
That's the dial-up site.
And, of course, JackBlood.com, which is a site we've been running for years.
And my show, of course, airs right after this.
I owe it to my parents.
Yes, sir.
When I was in high school as the young lady that called in, I always questioned...
What the government did, I was always the one on the opposite side of the argument from whatever you're discussing in government class and the like.
I thought at first, when I first heard this program, yeah, right.
I've been able to verify things, and it scares the hell out of me.
I'll be honest.
There were two points for you that are things I picked up in one of my trips over to a classified Southwest Asia location.
We were paying approximately $1,000 a barrel for refined oil for equipment.
And the contrails that people say, oh, how come they wouldn't let us see MSDSs?
We're not allowed to know what's in it.
All it said was trade secrets.
National security.
Talk to the guys that work on the aircraft engines.
We don't really see where it does anything.
We can't figure out why we've got to put it in the fuel because it doesn't do anything.
The people scoffed.
You've seen this firsthand?
You can't tell with this.
Have you written about it, or have you taken the documents that you've seen and tried to move those out to the populace?
And people wanted it.
So far, I've only run into a few people that will even listen.
They said, wow.
That's all you've got to say is wow?
Well, send me your stuff.
I'll start with wow, and then we'll keep going from there.
I will see if I can relocate them.
I had copies of them one time.
We'll see what we can come up with.
I'm not afraid of NASA.
I'm not afraid of NASA.
I'm not afraid of Zalmay Khalized, who, as our guest said earlier, is a pig.
I'm not afraid to say that on American radio or global radio.
We're not afraid.
And because we're not afraid, they don't come after us, really.
I'd like to see whatever you've got on aerosol spraying, Kevin.
I've never lost interest in the subject, and the fact that everyone tried to shut me up when I talked about it made me even more interested in it.
It's just an additive that we had to put in the fuel.
You didn't want to mix it back into the tank, into the massive storage tanks, for whatever reason.
And we've heard it's supposed to stop global warming, and we've heard all the excuses.
We've heard that if Al-Qaeda comes and they spray us, that we have the defenses like this in order to combat it.
We've heard every excuse.
Nothing is actually added up.
So if we continue to ask questions and pursue it, eventually I think we'll start getting the beginnings of what really is going on with aerosol spraying.
Thank you.
I appreciate the call, Kevin.
You keep the faith.
I'm jackblood at hotmail.com.
If you have any information to send me, I try to look at everything.
Bill in Texas, thank you for holding all this time.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, Jack.
Got a couple of quick things here.
You added some thoughts to me from what your last two or three different call-ins were.
And a little girl up there in Ohio needs to start a mask pass-out.
Go to her pharmacy and ask the pharmacy to give him face masks.
And the kids go all over town when these sprays are going on, passing out face masks to the people.
That's a great idea.
This will start a movement that will bring some attention from the news media and from the papers.
You're talking about going around and wearing surgical masks and passing out information about the aerosol spraying?
And passing masks out to everybody that wants them.
Go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacy to support the mask cost.
Hand out Cliff Carnicum's CD, which you can download for free on the air and make copies of.
But pass out the mask.
That way everybody will be wearing masks in the town and some of them will know what the hell is going on.
Well, that's how they scare us with the bird flu.
Okay, now, also getting back to the... The phono bird flu, go ahead.
Getting back to the stuff there in Afghanistan, J.I.
Rodell, the garden man, did a big article on the African people in the 1960s about how healthy they were.
And there was a bunch of people that were over 100 years old in that article.
And today the people are all destroyed.
Okay, now, getting back to... It's for freedom, you know.
It's because they love you that they're destroying you.
All right, getting back to... You keep pushing people, and everybody keeps pushing people, and nobody anymore knows how to do anything.
They're used to the push-button world.
Okay, that's the reason why I suggested... Good point, yeah.
Okay, people are waiting for Robin Hood to show them how to stop the neocons.
They're waiting for Martin Luther King.
They're waiting for Gandhi.
And Gandhi.
And the illusion of John F. Kennedy.
They're waiting for their leaders who are all being... Go ahead, man.
I keep interrupting.
Go ahead.
Okay, now, getting back to the Gandhi approach.
Treat all government employees like they were lepers.
Overcharge government employees wherever possible for repairs and do stalls on parts or... I'm sorry, I can't get that part.
You just have to leave your car.
Strike force slowdowns.
Park too close to government employees if there's one parked in front of you.
Park so close they can't get out of the parking spot.
A painter runs out of paint halfway around the house and cannot be able to match it.
All this stuff will get on their nerves.
And as you start this stuff, more stuff will be added to it because people will come up with more ideas.
They'll turn their garbage over in the alley.
Just any kind of harassment to them because that's what they're doing to us.
Okay, now, a constitutional convention organized at a grassroots level, and don't allow no party to take control of it, can override all the neocons' actions.
We need to do something about that Supreme Court.
You understand that the neocons want nothing more than a constitutional convention.
That's their biggest dream.
And so does Arnold Schwarzenegger, who's appearing on the Gold Globes tonight.
They want a constitutional convention to ramrod and railroad the Constitution.
No, we don't want to ramrod it.
We just want to add to it one thing.
We want to add some way to control the Supreme Court where they can't say, well, we're just not going to listen to that.
We've got to come up with some way to disband that Supreme Court or kick those members off that won't listen to the people.
Majority members are Opus Dei.
Did you know that?
Majority members of the Supreme Court are followers of Opus Dei or Opus Dei.
Five to four.
So we've got to be able to draw them back under the power of the people.
We've got to come up with a constitutional amendment.
How about if we just don't recognize their authority at this point?
How about if we just say, look, you have no authority over us.
We don't recognize your judgments.
If you say eminent domain is constitutional and legal, we don't recognize it.
But see, you've got the federal government that's going to come in and take your property away from you and doze your house down.
Had a house dozed down and pushed out in a pile.
I've been through that.
It's a big job.
It's a big job, isn't it, Bill?
They charged me for hauling the house off.
It's a big job, and it's easy to get confused when we're talking about all these things that we can do and all the things that should be done.
It gets very confusing to people listening to this show who maybe haven't even listened for years, let alone listened for a few days.
It's a big job.
You've got to start somewhere.
So I like to put it like this.
I'll have to throw it back on you, Bill.
These are the things we should do.
You need to get out there and do those things.
And I'll help you.
You start it.
I will help you.
You build it.
I'll help promote it.
Jack, I've been fighting that system since I was a kid and I'm 70 years old.
I can hear it in your voice.
But the thing about it is, I started out as a little old garage mechanic in the backyard of my daddy's place when I was a kid and the city tried to shut us down.
And that was in the 1940s.
So I had to fight him from the very first.
I've got to tell you, man, if it wasn't for people like you, Bill, we wouldn't be here today doing what we're doing.
And the only thing I want to do is, I don't know if we're going to take back our country tomorrow or next week.
All I know is I'm going to hold the ground and try to gain a little ground that you guys have held all these years so that the next generation can come, and maybe that's all we have.
Okay, Jack, I had a little bookstore in Ozark, Arkansas, and I ran Willie Nelson against...
Bill Clinton for president.
And I made the Fort Smith front Sunday papers back in the 90s.
And my theory was that Willie Nelson knew all about the IRS.
So I got a lot of free advertisement out of that one anyhow.
And I got run out of town because of it.
I got run out of my bookstore because of code enforcement.
But that's all what I hate.
That's part of the system.
Hey, man, Ron Paul and Willie Nelson for president in 08.
I like the sound of that.
Run Willie Nelson as vice president.
They're going to go, oh, you're Texans.
We can't give you guys any power.
Hey, thanks for the call, Bill.
Keep the faith.
Like I said, because of people like you, we're still around today, and we're able to do this, and I never forget that.
We have about four minutes left in this segment, so let me try this.
Let's see.
Stay on the line.
We'll try to clean up the calls here when we come back, but...
This is Martin Luther King Day, and I was sent this today.
Evolution or de-evolution of rhetoric.
Bill O'Reilly versus Martin Luther King Jr., the American Maxim.
And I want to roll this for you here.
It's about a two-minute video clip.
It'll probably take us out.
Well, a shut-up line has happened only once in six years.
Shut up.
Shut up.
No, no, no.
Shut up.
Now you shut up.
And it is our duty as loyal Americans to shut up and shut up publicly.
We expect every American to support our military, and if they can't do that, to shut up.
So you keep your mouth shut.
The time has come for America to hear the truth about this tragic war.
I agree with Dante that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.
There comes a time when silence
Is betrayal.
Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war.
There are those who are seeking to equate dissent with disloyalty.
It's a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use every method to silence dissent.
Something is happening and people are not going to be silent.
The truth must be told.
And I say that those who are seeking to make it appear that anyone who opposes the war
Is a fool or a traitor or an enemy of our soldiers?
Is a person who has taken a stand against the best in our tradition?
There's something strangely inconsistent about a nation and a press.
That will praise you when you say be non-violent toward Jim Clark, but will curse and damn you when you say be non-violent toward little brown Vietnamese children.
There's something wrong with that press.
In a democracy, you don't have to shut up.
Speak up.
That's right.
Speak up.
Carry on the tradition of people like Martin Luther King.
I've done this show for many years.
I've done exhaustive research into Martin Luther King.
I was put in the position to defend him and his viewpoints as opposed to communism.
He's a communist.
He's a socialist.
I happen to believe, after many, many years of research, that he was nothing more than somebody who was trying to protect his community and speak out.
We're good to go.
But ultimately, we have no more leaders.
There are no more people speaking out like this.
And on a Martin Luther King Day, instead of bashing him, instead of jumping on the patriotic collective, let's just listen to what he just said.
We can't speak out.
That was 40 years ago.
More than 40 years ago.
We can't speak out anymore.
There's no difference between the dissension and the way that COINTELPRO reacted to the dissension.
During the Vietnam War than today.
If we haven't learned from history, we're doomed to repeat it.
Let's stand up and be leaders.
Not for Martin Luther King's sake.
Not for Alex Jones' sake.
But for your sake.
We'll come right back.
Big finish on the Alex Jones Show coming up right after this.
Stay tuned.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at prisonplanet.tv
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Security equals control.
Security is a massive illusion.
They'll tell you that it's for your security.
And really, you can just plant the word control in there.
And you'll pretty much have it.
You'll crash through that paradigm.
It's for your security that you have to give up all your rights as an American, that you can't speak out against the multitude of corporate wars.
That you can't defend yourself against the massive intrusions in privacy, the evisceration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
You speak out against that and, well, you're diametrically opposed to Rush Limbaugh, who comes right out and says, the Bill of Rights aid the terrorists.
He calls it the terrorist Bill of Rights.
So don't be ashamed to listen to a program like this.
Be ashamed to listen to Rush Limbaugh.
All we're doing here is all we can do.
Don't be an enabler.
If nothing else, don't enable the New World Order.
Don't enable the globalists.
Don't enable the consolidation of power.
And don't enable security over freedom.
And you can start there, and then you can move on.
We're going to be covering... We've got a ton of news here left over, and this is the great thing about hosting the Alex Jones Show for three hours, because I have two hours after this to do my own program, and we're going to try to fit in as much of this news as possible.
Charlotte Iserby, former Deputy Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan, will be joining us to talk about the...
The Devil's Fork.
And I think you're going to be very interested in her article at newswithviews.com.
The great Charlotte Izzerby joining us on our program.
Just a few minutes left.
I'll take the time to give you your voice.
Jeff in Kentucky.
Got about a minute for you.
Go ahead, Jeff.
How you doing, sir?
Hey, that guy Joe on earlier, he was talking about, well, what can we do or what are we supposed to do?
Well, the first thing you need to do, Joe... Sounded like you saying give up, but go ahead.
First thing you need to do, Joe, is get yourself
Secure on your premises.
I mean, get your house off the grid, off the power, off everything.
Get to the guy next to you, your neighbor.
Make sure your neighbor's taken care of.
Make sure he's got food.
Make sure he's got water.
Get your amendments.
Get your Bill of Rights and use them.
Your First Amendment.
Go out there and talk to people.
Walk down the street.
Your Second Amendment.
Start buying weapons.
Exercise those rights.
That way they can't take away from them.
And when they come...
Exercise the Boy Scouts motto.
Be prepared.
Well said, Jeff.
Thank you for the call.
Don't hold your rights and your liberties in a lockbox underneath your bed or in your attic somewhere.
Take it out, break the lock, shave off the rust, and start exercising those rights.
Let's go to Paul in Pennsylvania.
Paul, I've got about 30 seconds, a minute for you.
Go ahead.
Put something on the record.
All right.
I'm here to tell you, first of all, thank you for letting me on here.
There's a website called pilotsfor911truth.org.
You've probably heard of it.
I love those guys, yeah.
Yeah, Rob.
He's an airline pilot.
He's a chief pilot for 135 Operation.
He wanted me to put it out here, and I'm putting it out here.
What he has done is he has made a documentary about the NTSB data.
Flight 77.
I'll tell you what, I'll cut you off right here, Paul, and say that I'd like to have Rob on the program here on the Alex Jones Show before we get done here in three days, and we'll like to get that promotion out for you.
Tex, you're the tail gunner.
Tex, final comment, 30 seconds, Tex.
Okay, what I'd like to say is that we all hang together or we hang separate.
If you don't help people because they're Afghanis, it'll be coming to a theater near you.
That's exactly right.
The chickens are coming home to roost.
Thank you for tuning in to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Another amazing guest, Selly Castile, our guest, former DEA agent, always a good guest.
I'll be back in about six minutes with Deadline Live.
I'm Jack Blood, Charlie Iserby, our guest.
I hope you tune in to that.
Otherwise, we'll see you tomorrow.
And get out there and fight the New World Order and be bold.
Thank you for listening.
We're good to go.