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Air Date: Jan. 1, 2007
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Alex Jones, a radio broadcaster, discusses various conspiracy theories including government control over media and terrorism, chemtrails as a form of mind control, the poisoning of athletes in Canada, criticism of the tax system, and claims that Mao Zedong was put into power with U.S. government support. He receives calls from listeners who share their own beliefs on similar topics.


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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is January 1st, 2007!
Wide open phones in this third hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Coming up, U.S.
license to snoop on all air travelers' emails.
On all air trave... I mean, they're not just gonna... They're gonna go into your email account.
See, everything's hooked directly into them now, but they're selling it that it's just for foreign travelers from England to the U.S.
No, it's everybody.
We'll get into that.
We will also get into a bunch of news on the economy.
A lot of key news coming up this hour and I will play a clip of my September 11th radio show in the next segment.
I'll do that starting the next segment and set it up and tell you why I'm playing it.
First time it's been, well I played a little bit of it last time, I'm going to play more today.
You know, in fact, I was telling you, John, to play that 12 minutes in.
Why don't we start playing that... Why don't we start playing that, like, 8 minutes in, as a better setup, into Jimmy Wright, the engineer?
Or just maybe when the second segment starts, we'll go in... Or we may have skipped the break that day, because it was 9-11.
But that's coming up, and of course, your calls.
Back to the Saddam thing.
Everybody got confused.
They said, well, there's clearly a fake Saddam.
And Saddam admittedly had upwards of ten body doubles at any one time.
They admit many of our presidents do.
Like when Bush comes to town, a lot of times they'll have one guy that looks like him in a limo drive and then with a big convoy as a diversion and then a helicopter will land on the lawn of the person's house he's going to for a fundraiser.
You know, they do that.
Just a lot of the doubles aren't that good.
They only have to look like doubles at a distance.
A lot of times the Bush daughters, this has been picked up by the press, will go to a baseball game, they'll have a dark-haired and a blonde-haired girl with similar look, just similar, and sitting in front of them who are, quote, their friends.
They're always so stupid, they don't know they're being recruited for that.
And then they stick them right in front of them at these events.
Perfect case of
So we know Saddam has doubles.
And we know clearly from the measurements of the face, from the cleft of the chin, from the teeth, that the individual in the olive drab outfit with the effeminate face, doesn't have a fire in the eyes, the eyes have it, isn't Saddam Hussein.
The guy they hung
Was Saddam Hussein.
Now was it a superimposed video of him?
Was that all edited together?
It may be real video of Saddam somewhere else superimposed.
They can do that very easily with morphing and technologies of decades old.
But that had the fire in the eyes.
That was the real Saddam Hussein.
And I tend to believe it was real.
But there's so many facets to why I come to that conclusion.
And it doesn't mean I'm right.
But everybody got confused thinking the guy in the spider hole wasn't Saddam when it was, because they look at the other doubles, namely the last double we saw, who wasn't a very good double, and then they act like that Saddam, people do, and then compare it to the spider Saddam, the spider hole Saddam, and then say, well, then one of them's fake.
I'd seen a lot of old photos of Saddam, a lot of old video, but after they hung him and built up the hanging, I did watch hours of TV.
I don't normally, but I watched hours of TV at home and at the office, probably five hours of it.
It was riveting.
And they showed all this old footage I hadn't seen in years, and it showed the skinnier, younger Saddam, and it was the same guy they'd hung.
Getting to see all those old state TV stuff, it was the same guy.
The guy they found in the spider hole, the guy who lost all the weight.
See, he gained weight up until the war, then he lost a lot of weight after.
That was Saddam Hussein.
Now, I will briefly talk about the propaganda value of this video.
And then we'll go to this clip and back to your calls and the news.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right!
Number one, we have this illusion that Iraq is governing itself, that they have real elections and people with a stupid ink on their fingers.
And, uh, I mean, it's just, it's just a total joke.
And Saddam... Number one, there's this claim he got a free trial.
Whether you love him or hate him, he's just a New World Order thug who got set up.
Set up.
And now our government, run by these global criminals, is responsible and taking us along to be accomplices in the murder of three million people.
I hope you're proud of yourselves.
They've got the nerve to claim that Iraq is some free place run by the people.
Then they've got this total civil war by design.
Then they've got the nerve to claim that he had a fair trial.
Every major legal institution in the world that's looked at this said it's a complete travesty.
Well, he's obviously guilty.
He doesn't deserve a fair trial.
Regardless, folks, if you've got all that proof, let's see it.
Well, they couldn't let there be a fair trial.
They wouldn't let him talk, defend himself half the time.
Four of his lawyers were killed.
Two other aides.
Six people on his defense team killed.
I mean, they weren't messing around.
Every time they'd bring up how he was CIA hired, and how he was told to go into Iran, and they were trying to go after him for that.
They would blow the attorney's head off as soon as they left the building, in the green zone.
I mean, there was no trial.
It's like Slobodan Milošević never got a trial.
Every time he tried to bring up how the government hired Al-Qaeda to attack Serbia, they'd tell him, shut up.
They'd have him bound, and they'd drag him out of the room.
They wouldn't allow cameras in there.
He said, they're poisoning me, and then he did die, and they did find poison in him.
And the UN said, oh, he probably poisoned himself.
I mean, these guys were so bad, at least let them have a fair trial.
Oh, but you can't let the complicity come out.
So the complicity of the left, and the CIA, and Clark Clifford, and all of them, and the Bushes, you can't have all that coming out, and James Baker.
And so they claim that there was a fair trial.
I mean, just stop insulting our intelligence, okay?
I hear neocons all over talk radio having whole shows about how it was really a fair trial.
Just stop talking to us like we're... It wasn't even a trial!
It was a joke!
Then, quote, coalition forces hand over Saddam.
They had him the whole time.
You know, with Iraq's running the place, what, the Iraqi government couldn't hold him?
No, coalition forces hand him over,
And they march him out and scream at him and yell at him and call him names under Islamic law, whether you're Shiite or Sunni.
You never yell at somebody before you kill them.
It's done very solemnly.
You never do this, but of course they do.
They're wearing black masks.
Thugs wear black masks, folks.
They taunt him and yell at him, and they lead him up there, and then state-run TV cuts the camera off and doesn't show the hanging, and then, oh, they let somebody in plain view, very cramped quarters in there, shoot it with a camera phone.
So they can then claim that the government didn't release it.
They didn't release that on purpose, and it's meant to heighten Shiite-Sunni infighting.
Just like when our government went in and blew up the Golden Dome Mosque.
And it was on record.
troops went right in there in front of everybody with Iraqi National Guard.
They were in there for eight hours planting bombs, and they blew that thing sky high.
Because remember, the killing had stopped.
The bombings had... There was like one every couple weeks instead of five a day.
Well, that got things going again.
Ray McGovern,
Chief Briefer to Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr.
on this show said, clearly, our government's carrying out terror over there to keep things going.
That's the whole point.
Well, this is worth more than 50 bombings.
Having the Sunni leader humiliated, called names, and have them dance around the dead body.
Well, that's really impartial.
That's... That's gonna... I mean, just done in a gangland killing.
And they know that Americans who are into this killing, into this war, and who say kill all the Arabs, kill half of them, you know, just kill them all at God's sort amount.
I bet you wouldn't like it if it was your family.
They know they like hearing about cowardice, so they made up in the media that he was afraid.
Of course, now all the reports are he was laughing at them.
Again, they can't even let people hear that the guy had a lot of courage when they killed him.
No, because they know if we're cowardly Americans, we like to hear that he's afraid like we are.
Not that he went up there and went out like a man like Captain Kidd did when he was falsely accused in 1701 and hung in London.
A whole separate subject.
I'm not saying Saddam Hussein's a Captain Kidd.
I mean, this is a sick joke.
The execution video is meant to cause
Sunni conflict, the linking of the videotape of hanging Saddam and the dialogue that was exchanged between Saddam's executioners, handpicked by Americans and the subsequent planting of stories in mainstream media that Saddam's hanging will be seen as Shias as a welcome sacrifice on one of the holiest days of Islam was a deliberate act meant to create a backlash amongst Muslims and Sunni Shiite conflict in the Muslim world.
Yeah, they kill them on the high holy day of the year when you're not supposed to do executions and when violence is supposed to stop
As an insult, they give it to an ethnic gang of Shia, who make fun of him, and belittle him, and act like punks, and then they dance around his dead body, and make fun of his dead body, and then this is released, but the government couldn't release something like that, because people will point out it's meant to make things explode.
So somebody accidentally shoots it with a camera phone, with the 10 witnesses that were allowed in.
Come on!
Totally staged.
Americans have predicted the art of movies in which actors are out to pre-scripted scenarios and dialogues.
Scenarios and dialogues which have a certain impact on the minds of the audience.
Bruckheimer is admittedly consulting on Lynch and on a bunch of other cases over there and I bet you that Bruckheimer or somebody else wrote this baloney up.
By the way, the New York Times is saying it's so cinematic!
And it is, it's cinematic.
You bet it's cinematic!
They got just a light on him in a dark room.
These ringwraiths in black masks, taunting.
And it's meant to make the Sunnis go absolutely ape, and they are.
And the mission is completed.
So, our government hands him over directly to the people that will do this.
Saddam was in American custody for the moment.
He was caught, his trial was an American trial, and his execution was carried out under American supervision.
The puppet government had no say at all in this, and that's all puppets do.
He had to go along with whatever was directed by the Americans.
The selection of the day, Id Ulal Aldallah,
I hope I pronounced that right.
For hanging, the videoing, the prescripting taunts by the hired hangman and the release of the video have the goal of creating a division between Shia and Sunni and angering Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere.
Yeah, don't be stupid, Shia.
Don't be stupid, Shiite.
Americans want to get rid
of solder, who stands in their way of delivering Iraq's oil to the American oil companies.
This Iraqi News Report doesn't get it.
They don't want the oil flowing out.
That jacks up prices.
And what a better way to do it than to get the shooting resistance in Iraq to turn their guns on Seder, rather than fight the Americans.
And it goes on.
And yes, it was a cinematic, staged event in every way.
And of course here domestically, a lot of people got off on it, got off on the hanging, loved it.
I think it's really sad, it's pathetic.
He got a young man recruited by our government, hired, did all these horrible things, put into power, funded to do even more horrible things, set up, three million of his people are killed, and they march him out and hang him, and our media tries to lie the first day and claim he was begging and crying.
I mean, it's just you like being lied to?
You do, obviously!
Did Saddam Hussein devalue your dollar by half?
Did Saddam Hussein, is he trying to get rid of our borders?
I mean, our government was there advising him how to spray the gas on the Iranians.
And then the very same generals that were in the military at the time get up there on CNN and Fox's military correspondence and experts and talk about how he gasses on people like parrots that can only say one word.
Three words.
Gassed his people.
Gassed his own people.
I mean, just an insult to everyone's intelligence.
An insult to every one of you out there.
And of course, they are ready.
It's very mysterious that we're in Iraq right now.
And there's a long-term plan.
They brought in 5,000 plus Iraqi Republican Guard trained here in the 80s.
They brought them in at the end of the Gulf War under Bush and Clinton.
They were involved in Oklahoma City.
They're U.S.
government agents.
And they're in every major U.S.
They're in Austin.
They're in Dallas.
They're in Houston.
They're in Detroit.
They're in Chicago.
They're in San Francisco.
They're in L.A.
They're in Scranton.
They're in Fayetteville.
They're in every town, every city.
You know what 5,000 Special Forces troops can do?
They can bring this country to its knees in 60 minutes.
And if they decide to go with that plan, just talking about it may blow the whole operation.
This is the kind of stuff you get killed for, by the way.
What I'm talking about right now, I don't even care anymore.
And of course they'll blame it on the Arabs when they do it.
And they'll roll in with troops.
And I'm going to tell those Iraqis
But that's 5,000 they brought in.
They probably only got about 2,000 to really go along with it.
Pass muster.
Don't do it.
Don't be part of it.
Don't be part of it.
We'll be right back.
Ted Anderson for Mitus.
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Okay, I'm going to rush the calls right now.
I keep saying I'm going to play the clip, but I don't have time.
It's a short segment.
Then I'm going to play the 9-11, part of the 9-11 broadcast.
I'm going to play a little four-minute piece from mainstream news in Northern California on chemtrails.
Let's move quicker.
I'm going to move fast.
Let's go to Andrew.
Andrew, where are you calling from?
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was wondering, the days after 9-11,
Uh, I heard about this scientist.
I can't remember his name, but he was found in alleged suicide.
Do you know who I'm talking about?
Okay, and there's another question I have.
I don't mean no disrespect, but do you pay your taxes?
Oh no, why is it disrespect to ask that question?
Do I pay my taxes?
I don't want nobody busting down your door.
No, no, sure.
Most of my listeners know I've answered this question many times.
I choose my fights.
Okay, and so if I wanted to be, and I do have people on exposing the income taxes of fraud and being a scam, it's just a lot of the low-level people that do it don't usually go to prison.
But Joe Bannister, they tried to send to prison, the jury said not guilty.
Other people, like Aero Customs Plastics guy, Dick Simcannon went to prison.
So, that's not my issue.
Like, I don't personally protest by not paying the income tax.
And people say, well, then you're funding their whole operation.
That's how they control us with the tax.
No, no, no, no.
They print the money out of nothing.
They don't even need that tax money.
That's a way that they try to control inflation.
Uh, so there's sixty-plus million non-filers now in this country.
I'm not one of them.
And I know that when I sign that form, it violates my Fifth Amendment.
I know that ten different tax preparers will give you ten different answers.
I understand all that.
It's just I don't have time to mess with it, and quite frankly, I don't make that much money, so my taxes aren't that high.
So that's not my fight.
Alright, I was just wondering.
Anything else on your mind?
Thank you.
No, thanks.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Corey in Georgia.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was wondering what evidence there is that the U.S.
government put Mao into power?
I'd interviewed a bunch of former CIA individuals, a lot of other experts on communism.
Well, yeah.
I'd read a lot of documents.
That our government really didn't support the Nationalists and put Mao in.
And then I saw the CIA Section Chief on the History Channel about six years ago now, and I should have gotten, I should have ordered the tape, but it was a History Channel special about 1949, and it was a CIA saying, contrary to popular belief, we thought Mao would be a stabilizing force, so we actually supported him over the Nationalists.
And David Rockefeller in the 76,
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
I wish somebody had that History Channel clip and would send it to me.
That's just where they're admitting it themselves.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Paula in Canada.
You're on the air.
Hi Alex, how are you today?
Fine, thank you.
Alex, I'm glad I got a hold of you.
I spoke to you before in the past.
Listen, Alex, I was a former Canadian Olympic athlete for Canada.
I took my coaches to court.
It's been in the courts for eight years.
It's the longest historical trial ever going in Canada.
And I ended up two years ago getting poisoned after court, me and another girl.
We survived it.
I'm lucky to be alive today because the microbes in my body and the lesion in the spinal cord... So what happened to you?
What's the story?
Well, we're not quite sure yet if it relates to where I was living or if it relates to the criminal trial because... Okay, what's the criminal trial?
What's your case?
Well, the coaches were charged with sexual abuse while I was training for the Olympics and
You know, it's funny, Alex, like we're talking about, you know, Hussein and how you think the system's working.
I'll tell you that right now.
Well, it's not working.
Well, what was the name of your case?
Well, they have it under, well, it's up this month again in court.
It's under the defense again.
But I charged three coaches for sexual abuse in Taekwondo.
Three of these coaches, two of them were illegal immigrants at the time.
The government was aware of that situation.
You should see the crap that I've been through in Canada, going through a criminal trial.
I mean, it's not even set out to be the way it should.
I should have never started the thing, Alex, because of where it's going and how I've been... I know, ma'am, but I appreciate your call.
We really can't help you if you don't even tell us what the case is.
You say it's in the news, but you can't tell us.
But I'm sorry to hear about that.
There's a lot of corruption.
That's a whole other thing.
Abu Ghraib with actual rape rooms, with actual torture rooms, actually beating people to death, actually raping children.
They claim all that about Saddam, but could never prove it in court.
But it's admitted our government does it, but it's good when America does it.
Hell, the White House writes a memo saying they can do it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
Welcome back!
Alright, we'll jam in some calls from Johnny and Robert and a few others before we end this transmission, but right now I want to get to this clip of the morning of 9-11.
This is six minutes into the show.
Back then we came in at six in.
And I basically am introducing Jimmy Wright, who's a family friend, lives out in Fredericksburg, but part of the year in New York as an investment banker.
And Jimmy's got a degree in structural engineering and the two towers have just collapsed, you know, about an hour before, less than an hour before.
He's calling me via cell phone.
I then got him on later in the afternoon when they had gone across the water on a big barge and he saw building 7 collapse and said it was... We ought to dig that tape up when I was doing continual coverage on all the other shows.
I did like 15 hours that day.
You can go to PrisonPlanet.com.
Somebody was kind enough to post these all on YouTube.
Somebody has a director's account.
They used to offer those in the past.
All you can get now on YouTube, the sixth biggest website on the net.
Only a year old, by the way.
A hundred million viewers a week.
But somebody's got a... a person that uploaded this has a
Director's account which lets you put multi-hour long films up.
They don't offer those anymore.
They won't give us one.
But this nice person does have a director's account.
So they put in three different clips all three hours of the show up.
But I'm already digressing.
I'm just salivating after a director's account.
We have to break films up into 5-10 parts to upload them to YouTube.
And because I didn't have this show.
I didn't have this 9-11 broadcast.
I've tried to find it.
We didn't have a tape of it.
Back then they only kept tapes for like six months.
We keep them, I think, a year now.
And, uh, so here it is.
It has resurfaced.
I haven't had time to go listen to the whole three hours.
I listened to it about an hour, a few nights ago, and I talk about not just that there's a good chance the government's gonna launch a bio-attack on the heels of this, but I said it'll probably be anthrax.
Oh, man.
I was really sharp back then.
Now, I work so much and all the time, I just... I think I have that depth of perception.
In some ways, I have a deeper perception, but... The point is, listening to this is a blast from the past.
Now, it's not the best audio.
It's, you know, five-and-a-half-year-old, old audio off the Internet.
Converted, again, from video to audio here.
Off the video to here, but... Here, I'm talking to Jimmy Wright about bombs in the buildings.
And it's a pretty interesting three hours.
Folks ought to go listen to it.
Because there's these weirdos on the web.
I mean, I don't care who the first is to talk about something.
I don't care.
Again, I don't like being the leader or one of the leaders.
But it's weirdos who didn't get into the movement for six months or a year or two years or three years or four years.
And they come along and then suddenly they're giving me orders and telling me what to do and saying, I came up with controlled demolition.
Alex Jones has plagiarized me.
Saying, you know, that there were bombs in the buildings.
Why, we said that first.
The person wasn't on the scene for six months, a year, two years, three years.
It's just, it's just, anytime you hear that kind of stuff, just ignore it.
Because, would it even matter?
It's about getting the information out.
But I am the guy that warned of 9-11 two months before.
I'm the guy that came out on the air day one, and lost like half the radio stations I had.
I'd gotten quite a few at that time.
And those stations called in and said, that's it.
If he doesn't shut up and quit saying that, he's off.
And I didn't shut up.
Most of the stations came back and picked me up later.
And I've gotten more stations down than we had then.
But, you know, I mean, I've taken one for the team, folks.
I went on air with Inside Job the day it happened.
And I had even so-called patriots here locally in Austin march up to me and say, how dare you say it's the government?
I'm ashamed of you.
Literally spit on the ground in front of me.
And stomp off all self-righteous.
They're the very same ones that are self-righteous today, talking trash about me.
And again, it's not that I care about myself getting trash-talked about me.
It's that, what's wrong with you guys and gals?
It's about fighting the New World Order.
I don't know why you're jealous of me because I'm right, why because I'm smart, why because I'm cutting edge, why because I'm really committed, you see, and you're not.
This is life and death for me.
This is what I do.
I live this.
So here's six, seven minutes I'll play of the day of 9-11.
This is at about 11-06 or so, end of the show.
Here it is.
Now we have Chris McCarthy who is a Genesis broadcaster and who lives in New York.
Going back to Jim Wright, eyewitness.
Family, friends that I know personally.
Jim, tell us where you work, what you saw, and basically run down for this audience exactly what developed this morning at 8.50 a.m.
when the first plane slapped in, slammed into the South World Trade Center.
Go ahead, sir.
Sure, Alex.
I was at that time in the World Finance Center directly across the street from the World Trade Center, between the World Trade Center and the Hudson River.
We heard a shock, you know,
Ten till nine or so.
I actually saw walls vibrating in front of a neighboring building.
Heard a noise that sounded like cherry bombs followed by almost like a dump truck dumping gravel sound.
Looked out one side of our building where I thought the noise came from on the riverside.
That wasn't it.
We went back to the front and at that point there were a number of people lined up on the 15th floor.
Uh, watching One World Trade Center burn.
Uh, it was burning from about the hundredth floor up.
Uh, while we were watching it, you could actually see, uh, bodies coming out of the windows.
Some were obviously dead, others were flailing as they came down.
Uh, just smoke.
Were they on fire?
Just smoke.
Just smoke.
That's a little gruesome, but, uh... Uh... He's getting the details.
Yeah, uh, anyway, um...
We, we, after we, I don't know, after the third or fourth body we observed come out, uh, they were trying to set us assured in our building that we, you know, that it was another building that was affected.
We shouldn't be concerned.
Well, about that time, the second plane hit.
Uh, we were, we actually saw that, saw the plane shoot out hundreds of feet.
Uh, that plane looked like it hit maybe the 80th floor.
I don't think so.
The plane that we saw looked like a full-size passenger plane, not necessarily a big white body.
What color was the plane?
All I saw was like a flash of white, Alex.
Just barely caught the glimpse of, I'm not even sure if it was a thin section or the tip of the wing.
Watching the footage of a passenger plane,
A medium-sized passenger plane slamming into the World Trade Center and exploding out the other side.
That was so surreal.
What was it like to see it with your own two eyes, Jim?
It's like it was slow motion.
It's like a movie.
I mean, it's like reading a techno thriller.
You just can't believe something like this really
It truly can happen.
Jim, I guess the perfect word.
We appreciate you joining us and I know your family is very happy in Fredericksburg that you're alive and listening right now on 91.7 FM.
What exactly developed after the second plane slammed into the building?
Well, we got out and went to the riverside to catch a ferry.
We still saw several more bodies come out.
We got across the river.
We were watching the building.
Uh, suddenly at One World Trade Center, you could hear the shock.
It looked like an explosion or things blowing out from around the 70th or 80th floor all the way around the building.
Uh, and the building just dropped straight down.
It was, the building was literally gone within five seconds.
I mean, Alex, I, I used to be a structural engineer and I've watched buildings implode.
It was the most perfect implosion I've ever seen in my life.
It came straight down in one monolithic piece.
I don't believe it does, Alex.
I mean, looking at the way the building came down,
It looks like there was charges up around the 70th, but I've just got to believe there was also charges at the base of the building.
And to bring something down that path, I mean, one of two things have to happen.
The charges have to be so perfectly placed, I mean, engineered,
Or there has to be so much there that it just obliterates everything.
Jim Wright, this is like a bad nightmare.
I know you're familiar with what I do.
I have produced a film showing the feds removing unexploded bombs from the columns at the Oklahoma City building that was blown out.
Obviously not blown in.
This is government.
What you have just told us, sir, I saw those buildings collapse.
You were right there.
I was watching it on the news.
They wanted massive debt.
So you're saying, as a structural engineer, you are witnessing this.
It is collapsing.
And then both the structures, only place charges are so precise.
Is that what you're saying?
That's the way it appears to be, Alex.
And I'm not a P.E., a professional engineer, but I studied at the master's level, and I have degrees.
They were just perfect implosions, both of them.
The second building came down a little bit slower.
The first one took five seconds, the second building took ten.
The outside corner columns stayed up for a bit, but then just because of lack of stability, they came down also.
So you're telling me, sir, again, exactly what's your job there at the World Financial Center?
Well, I'm a financial analyst with one of the accounting firms, one of the big five accounting firms, and I've been out of engineering for close to 20 years.
So, again, I want to qualify.
That's probably what I'm saying.
No, I understand, but still, we've all seen buildings get blown up on the news in Las Vegas when they're getting rid of them, how they collapse symmetrically, and then this was one of the most symmetrical collapses I've ever seen, but then it was obscured by smoke.
What did you see there?
Where were you on the ground when the first tower collapsed, Jim?
I was across the river, across the Hudson River, about a block from the waterfront, but we had a perfect view.
Of everything.
I would say this is about a mile and a half away from the World Trade Center site.
Uh, now I'm sitting on the back of my boat in a marina at the Statue of Liberty Park and I'm about, still about a mile and a half from the site.
Now we have the top third, the top halves of these buildings burning and suddenly they just collapse so they're steel reinforced.
You would think that they would just lean over to the side or fall over, not completely collapse.
That's exactly what you would think, Alex.
You would have thought they would have come down somewhat slow, but they would have bent, they would have distorted.
Jim, you know I say the Fed blew up Oklahoma City.
Do you see how the government could stand to gain to bring us a police state from this happening?
Alex, I'm not even going to go there.
I have no opinion on that.
I'll just tell you the facts I see.
I'm not going to speculate who did this.
Anything like that, that's way beyond my knowledge base.
Certainly you heard about Hitler burning the Reichstag as a pretext to declare martial law.
I did.
Hitler burning the Reichstag as a pretext to declare martial law?
I've been predicting this for five years.
I'm just so glad that you're alive.
Have you had a chance to talk to your wife?
Yeah, I have, Alex.
As far as I know, all the people I know got out.
We're just, you know, we're very thankful we're not a victim.
Well, Jim, we've got to break again.
I want to ask you questions about what happened after the two buildings collapsed, the carnage, what authorities were doing.
Can you stay with us for ten more minutes?
Sure, Alex.
Alright, we're talking to Jim Wright.
My good buddy Kevin Booth, his sister, is Mr. Wright's wife.
And I've enjoyed many good dinners out there at Fredericksburg with him.
It's just amazing.
Then we'll go to Jerry Brownfield.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I wouldn't have believed it.
Alright, so, and it goes on.
There's three hours of it.
And I talk about how the government's probably going to launch an anthrax attack.
You talk about calling it like it is.
There I am, you know, talking about controlled demolition, an hour after the buildings collapsed.
In fact, I was on Derry Brownfield right after they collapsed, right before that show began.
Talking about how it was a controlled demolition.
Old Darry's let me call in a few times to the show, and I've had him on here a few times, but they point blank told me I was banned from that show after that day going on and talking about all that.
But that's the good part about it.
I get to be the first to talk about it, and then years later, I'm a Johnny-come-lately, everybody tells me.
I've jumped on the 9-11 bandwagon!
I don't do enough either.
That's what the locals say around here.
I don't do enough for them.
I don't do enough.
I really don't care.
In the final summation, I've done my job as best I could.
Lord knows it wasn't perfect.
I mean, look at the type of news we have in front of us now.
Military considers recruiting foreigners.
Expedited citizenship would be an incentive.
And then the article goes on to say, the armed forces already struggling to meet recruiting goals, are considering expanding the number of non-citizens in the ranks, including disputed proposals to open recruiting stations overseas.
So see, notice, they say, they're considering hiring foreigners, and they say, oh, we mean expanding, we're already doing it.
And no, we want to open recruiting stations overseas, and then, oh, we've already done that.
Twenty percent of the troops on the ground in Iraq, the ground forces, are illegal aliens.
Now legalized.
They want to make half of them by the end of this decade.
And these good old boys, folks, will turn their guns in in a minute.
To troops, to foreign troops, to whoever.
When it comes to bootlicking, these neocon followers don't love America, folks.
They love worshipping government and just saying they're conservative.
And hey, you get what you want.
The Democrats are in.
Hate crimes legislation.
Open borders.
Blanket amnesty.
It's now all upon us.
Reverend Ted Pikes reporting.
Federal hate law could be introduced this week.
Will Congress back in session on January 3rd?
The federal hate crimes bill could be reintroduced any time.
The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, or you can call it
Massad introduced the same legislation last January 6th, three days after the Congress convened.
This is the most dangerous legislation ever to come before Congress.
It leads directly to an end to free speech.
Once free speech is gone, there is little to prevent the loss of all of our freedoms.
The new Democratic-controlled Congress has all the votes it needs to quickly run this Orwellian bill through the committee, and Bush has said he's going to sign it.
And you know Limbaugh and all of them will get on air and they will say, good.
And you'll be called liberals because you're for the First Amendment.
And, uh, got this article right here, very, very dis... Well, we're going to break here in just a moment.
And when we come back, I'll hit on this and then take two final calls.
They're going to read your email for you to be able... We have to get into your email account before you're allowed to fly.
Yeah, that's freedom.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorists.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's what we're doing.
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!
Free Humanity is under attack by a global organized crime syndicate.
license to snoop on British Air Travelers.
Out of the London Evening Standard.
And it goes on to say, Britain's flying to America could have their credit card and email accounts inspected by the United States authorities following a deal struck by Brussels and Washington.
It's a UN deal.
By using credit card to look at the flight passengers' faces, having other transactions on the card inspected by the American authorities, providing an email address to an airline could also lead to scrutiny over the messages sent or received on the account.
Says the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security in a deal with the European Union.
You see, it's all globally standardized, and they go on to say they're going to read your email.
Then I can pull up articles, and I want Paul or somebody or Aaron to do a story on this, because we have the articles from just a few months ago where they admit that they're inspecting U.S.
citizens, too.
So whatever we hear is happening to foreigners, it's happening to us, too.
In fact, I have an article from yesterday about these databases.
Another story out of the Washington Post about these anti-terror fusion centers in every major town and city, which are really federal operations, but it says, oh, the feds are worried there's not enough federal control over them.
The whole thing's a federal operation.
Just unbelievable.
But they're going to legalize all the illegal aliens and the borders wide open.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
And then they were never going to build that fence.
We told you that.
They authorized the building of it.
And then Chertoff said no.
Of course he said no.
What do you think a foreign agent is going to do?
Destroy America.
They're doing a great job.
Great job!
I'm going to jam two final calls in here, but I didn't really plug this today.
If you believe in what we're doing, folks, get the videos.
I've got my first seven films, The Matrix of Evil, The Police State Films, all of them big discounts.
They're now on DVD.
Also, I've got a bunch of other great videos and books we carry at InfoWars.com.
Be of the safe, secure online shopping cart, and your purchase does make what we do here possible.
As well, so please get the videos.
Or call toll free 888-253-3139.
And until, for another two weeks, you can get five plus months free at PrisonPlanet.tv when you sign up.
Five plus months free at PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's a great activist tool, great films, it's all there.
Quickly, Johnny in Michigan, in Missouri, go ahead.
Hey Alex.
Go ahead.
Go quick, sir.
We're almost out of time.
Alright, I got a couple of things.
We had a roadblock incident here in Missouri this last part of December.
Don't you wish they'd run roadblocks on the border?
Oh, yeah, for sure.
Hey, I got a couple of websites, too, I'd like to push out there if I could.
Sure, go ahead.
Impeachforpeace.org I don't know if you've heard of them.
They're pushing the initiative to get some kind of truth out of this damn thing.
Yes, I have.
Uh, Lone Lantern Society.
Good folks out of Chicago.
Oh, man, it's fantastic, yeah.
Uh, thanks for the venue, man.
Thank you.
Call me back tomorrow.
I want to hear more about the checkpoint.
A freedom point.
Uh, Robert, in Tampa.
Hit us.
Go ahead.
Hi, I have a suggestion for your next movie.
I hope you'll take it in the spirit I intended.
Um, I think your movie would be more effective if you had a third person who's not in the movie do the narration.
We're already doing that.
That's right.
Okay, great.
Thank you very much.
Anything else?
That was my suggestion.
Have you ever heard Frontline, the guy that does that?
He's got that clear, neutral voice.
No, it's... And that's what the troops said.
No, no, man, I know, yeah, and that guy probably cost $50,000.
Well, someone along that line, you know, I love you, man, but I think your voice has too much emotion in it to do the narration.
I agree.
Everybody send me narrator ideas, contacts.
All right, God bless you all.
Great first show of the year.
Take care.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Are terrorist cells or prime terror targets located near you?
Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
How do you find the best area for solar, average rainfall, fish contamination advisories, and major transportation routes?
In the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA, you will find the information you want with over 50 interactive parameters that you control.
Find everything from housing prices and taxes to brewing environmental catastrophe.
We're good.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into our number two.
We are live.
It is January 1st, 2007.
That's going to take some getting used to.
And we have wide open phones today at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be getting into the execution of Saddam.
Was it real?
Was it staged?
If it is real, what does it mean?
What are the implications?
We'll be taking your calls.
Also, it has resurfaced, my 9-11 broadcast.
Now, would somebody please find my 7-7.
Not my 7-7, my July 25th, 2001, expose the government terrorist broadcast.
And pretty much any show in those two months leading up to it, I was warning people, call the White House, tell the government, don't carry out the attacks, don't blame it on your asset, Bin Laden.
We have the TV show where I did it.
And then I asked the network like a year after that to send it to me, and I'm not blaming the network, but they sent me the wrong show.
So obviously somebody out there has got my July 25, 2001 program.
The reason that one's important is I did three hours on how they were going to attack the World Trade Center.
And I really want it.
Well, I also really wanted my 9-11 broadcast, and it just popped up on YouTube.
So I want to thank the person that did that.
They put three hours up there.
Uh, in what?
Three different clips.
And it's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
I'm going to play... I haven't had time to listen to all of it.
I listened to like an hour of it a few nights ago.
And, uh, man, it's powerful stuff.
Very powerful.
So we're playing that at the bottom of this hour.
But we have a caller online.
He's still there, isn't he?
I was talking to Duval in Pennsylvania.
Yeah, Deval, for those who just joined us, go ahead and recap your question, or comment on what I was saying to your question, and then we'll move forward.
Yes, I was just saying that if the 9-11 Truth Movement might suffer the same fate as the JFK assassination movement suffered, where after decades of research and questioning, most of the American public believes there was
A conspiracy or government involvement, but nothing really happens.
Well, what did you think of my answer?
That in five years, the majority know it's an inside job, and 84% think they're being lied to, and now, because we've done this, it's hard for the globalists to stage more attacks, because it doesn't work as well as it did in the past.
The people don't rally around them as much, saying they're the saviors.
The people go, wait a minute, you've been behind this in the past, you're probably behind it now.
So, no, I don't think we're going to suffer the same thing.
We better not.
Because if we do, our goose is cooked!
Yeah, it seems to be an extremely uphill climb because even on, let's say, O'Reilly or even on CNN, somebody from the truth movement, they can't even get five minutes of debate in there.
They just get shot down and ignored and it just seems like they can't even get a few minutes of time to express
Well, I mean, national television has actually been covering it, but only to try to counter it and spin it.
I'm now seeing a pattern of putting people up that do say kooky things, and it gets pretty obvious when these people are on there 10-15 times, and then Fox won't put me on with a 10-foot pole.
Uh, once they did, they wanted me to fly for some taped thing.
I didn't bite on that, but Kevin Smith did a great job.
I mean, contrast what Kevin Smith out of my office did, my radio producer, versus what other people do on Fox News.
So, have you seen Kevin on Fox?
You ever see that?
Um, Planet Man Cow?
Oh, I saw that.
Uh, yeah, that was, uh, that guy did a great job.
Because, uh, the guy from Planet Man Cow just was being ridiculous.
Yeah, he didn't look like a fool.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
We will come back and talk to Steve, Joe, Rob and many others.
It is the first day of 2007.
We just broke up on a brand new year.
We're breaking her in right now.
Keep it locked in.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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So why should you, the hard-working American, be harassed for yours?
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back!
Now 8 minutes 25 seconds into the second hour of worldwide transmission against tyranny.
I am your wartime broadcaster Alex Jones from Austin, Texas.
It's important to introduce who I am, I guess, every once in a while, and it is a new year, so I'll do that, and we'll go to calls, and then into the Saddam News, and then into a vintage clip of my 9-11 morning broadcast on September 11th, five-plus years ago.
I am a 32-year-old native Texan of seven generations, and I got into broadcasting 12 years ago.
I guess really more than that, but I've had my own show for 12 years.
And I really woke up after a wake-up, and then got involved, got on air right after Oklahoma City.
I was already assisting behind the scenes before OKC.
And I learned there was a plan to bring in a one-world government.
It was stated, it was published, it was admitted.
It was being carried out by the think tanks, implemented through our government.
And I swore to fight it.
And I asked God for help.
And that God used me as a vessel in the fight, and I think God's done that, and I think you should ask God to do that with you.
And we've had great effect.
The enemy had the great weight, though, just of their years of planning and their financing, and they keep moving forward, but not without opposition.
Before, it was a smooth highway.
Now they're getting into bumpier and bumpier territory, bigger and bigger rocks.
They're blowing tires.
Their engine's smoking.
And, uh, we're gonna beat them, folks.
Tyrants always tell you you don't have any power and you can't affect change, and there's nothing you can do, and everything's relative, and go back to sleep.
And, uh, that's because they're scared to death of highly motivated individuals and populations.
We are going to bring them down.
So that's who I am.
I am, uh, because I get emails about this every day still.
I am not a 70-something-year-old Canadian tycoon.
Alex E. Jones.
I'm Alex E. Jones too.
I'm Alex Emmerich Jones.
I don't know what his E is.
I'm not the 15, what is it, 8 year old now, head of public relations for Scientology, named Alex Jones.
I'm not him.
I'm 32.
I'm not a NPR Pulitzer Prize winning radio and print journalist for the New York Times, Alex S. Jones.
I'm not some Englishman, some big landowner named Alex Jones.
I'm Alex Emmerich Jones.
I just need to do that every few months.
Really, no matter how many times I do it, it doesn't seem to matter.
And, uh, that's basically it.
That's who I am.
And I'm dedicated to defending liberty, resisting tyranny.
I am in the info war, and I do my best I can with our weapon, the truth, to smash their mountains of lies.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Ohio.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Uh, it's Chicago, Alex.
I thought you were John Paul Jones for a minute there.
I think you're the hardest working man at GCN.
We have a certain charge nurse and guitarist who have a morning show and they don't show up for work lately.
What I want to get to is, contrary to the vino bellicose lickspittles, these khaki brown noses, when they announce a war that says we're not winning, we're not losing, that means stalemate.
That means a war of attrition.
Well, I mean, obviously, sir, I'm sure you know this.
The Israeli plan of 1983 was the plan implemented by the Pentagon.
It's a strategy of tension, of Balkanization.
Brzezinski's now called it the Global Balkans.
They want civil war.
They want it to spread into Iran and Syria.
They want three ethnic and subgroups killing each other.
They want the war.
Does a defense contractor make more money if they're a year or 20, 30 years?
They're building permanent bases.
They never had an intention of leaving.
The Democrats would tell you they'd leave to get in.
As soon as they get in, they say, we're increasing troops.
We're going nowhere.
We'll be there in 10 years.
So all the people that are pro-war should be happy.
The will of the people.
The Constitution doesn't matter.
Don't worry, your masters run things.
And don't worry, more soldiers will continue to die.
And it'll stay at 3,000 forever.
Doesn't matter if it's well over 10,000.
And the thing is, they never really had a case of Spelley to begin with.
They went in there and it is false pretexts, and it's never been proven that they had anything behind their reasons at all.
Absolutely, it's been proven that not that they screwed up about WMDs and thought they were there, but they weren't.
They premeditatedly
We have the White House, the Downing Street memos.
The White House admits they're accurate, talking about how they were going to claim they were WMDs when they weren't.
I mean, we have them forging Niger Yellow Cake uranium.
I mean, we have them.
We have them buying $1.6 billion in fake news in 2003 and 2004 alone, every purchase illegal.
Buying off reporters.
We have sitcom
Out of Tampa, admitting they're buying fake news and got their disinfo people all over the web!
I mean, this isn't a free society!
That is scary!
No, it's more plutocracy than it is a democracy.
It's dangerous.
What do you see happening in the new year?
What do you see happening in the next few months?
I go to that job site, USA Jobs, at the OPM Office of Personnel Management, a federal government official site.
They're putting on all these Selective Service clerks.
There are a lot of job vacancies.
To me, that's an indicator that something's in the wind, and these people, you know, they get that jingoistic, chauvinistic type of propaganda going, and tell these atrocity tales, and the people are not energized, but emotionalized, and they buy into this stuff, and it's just going to
Eventually, I think the thing is just gonna, uh, they're dancing on the edge of a volcano.
I think the thing's gonna explode.
Steve in Chicago, thanks for calling in.
I hear you.
Look, let me just try to condense it down to simple, to something very simple.
Rupert Murdoch newspapers in Europe and England demonize America and demonize the war.
And that guy runs things with an iron fist.
They give him talking points.
Here in the U.S., they tell you how good the war is and how great it is and how patriotic it is.
Now, what's going on there?
You know, I mean, everybody thinks America's tromping off and engaging in this evil war and doing these bad things, and we're getting a bad name like we've never had globally.
From the most loved to the most hated in the last ten years.
With Clinton in Serbia and now this.
All of it.
It's done by design.
The war is launched to demonize America worldwide, to weaken the Republic, to weaken civil liberties, God-given rights, the Bill of Rights, here domestically.
And to also create large cadres of troops that have been kicking down doors and running checkpoints for years, coming home to do it.
I mean, this is happening.
So, if anyone wants proof, look at how Fox-owned, News Corp-owned entities
We'll go along with the war all day long, here dimensionally, but demonize it overseas.
That's because America is meant to go do the dirty work of the European shareholders of our fellow reserve, then the EU comes out smelling like a rose, and America is now damaged and no longer the lone superpower, and totally bankrupt.
And you're running around waving plastic desecrated American flags made by Chinese slaves and got the nerve... You guys are so unoriginal.
Every person that disagrees with me when I'm walking down the street, literally a hundred people stop and shake my hand and say thank you for the one person that drives by.
They're always on a big hog or they're in some big fancy truck with hunting stickers and pro-bush stickers all over it.
They probably don't know which end of a gun fires the bullets.
And, uh, they go, hey, punk, where's your black helicopters?
It happened this weekend to me.
Happened about a week ago.
That's all they've got intellectually.
Hey, fools!
Do you understand very sophisticated people have seized this country and are using it up?
Do you understand the very people that are getting rid of our sovereignty and are going for amnesty and hate crimes bill and all this stuff are the very ones that run the war?
Can you compute that?
McCaller's right.
There's this macho-ness.
There's this macho-ness that, oh, my son's in Iraq, or I'm in, I'm for the war.
We gotta be for the troops.
If somebody was throwing our troops off a cliff, and they said that was supporting them, you go, OK, keep throwing them off, I support them!
Well, we can't leave without victory.
Victory is tens of thousands of dead troops for the New World Order, trillions of profits in the defense contractors, dead Iraqis, they were 25 million, they're now 22 million,
In the last 16 years.
Genocide, and widening wars, and dead children, and cholera flowing through the streets.
In a place that was industrialized with 60% of the college graduates being women, 60% of the doctors being women.
There weren't any women wearing burkas over there, boys and girls.
Big universities, rock and roll music, and Playboy on the shelves.
And I'm not saying that's the sign of success, but the point is, that was the one place where they had some freedom.
Not anymore!
Same thing with Serbia and Eastern Europe.
You think you're going to build cars and airplanes?
You think you're going to have mines?
Think you're going to have a good middle class without the globalists running you?
We'll have Al-Qaeda attack you.
When you defend yourself, we'll swoop in on you.
Shawty, you like being a fool.
You like being conned.
Hey, just don't let me get in the way of your wonderful life you've got ready for yourself.
The people you love have destroyed your dollar.
They've taken any money you've got in the bank and devalued it now by about 50%.
It's right at 49%.
If you like that, then good.
It was a policy.
Just at least know what your masters did to you.
If you don't know Fox News is there to destroy this country, and Fox TV is the most degenerate, family-destroying stuff out there, and if you don't know they're demonizing America with their TV and radio and print over in Europe, then just fine!
You like being played like a sucker?
You like having the New World Order run game on you?
Then go ahead!
Don't let me get in the way of it, okay?
Don't worry, you're going to kill America!
It's probably no going back, okay?
We'll be right back.
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I think so.
Welcome back!
Alright, let me get to three calls right now, and I'm going to come back in to Saddam, play the clip of my radio show back on the morning of 9-11, where we're interviewing structural engineer Jimmy Ridens on the ground by the tower saying total control demolition.
This is resurfaced, so we're going to play it.
Right now, though, let's go to Joe in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Hi Alex, Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you!
07, hard to believe!
Yeah, it's arrived another year.
I've been listening for a long time and I hear you talk about the dialectic and if I were to whip that in conversation, people would just say, what, what, what?
So I decided to break things down as a dialectic for layman and I renamed it the ARC principle.
Imagine a globe of the earth and the lines going from the top to the bottom are problems in everyday life.
Around the middle, or the equator, is where the politicians or whoever promises you the world.
And that's where I got the idea from.
You've got all these parallel problems, but they don't connect any direct point until you go to the top of the bottom.
On the top of the world, you have the people that key bono, the ones that actually benefit.
At the bottom, you have, you mean, the real world effects, the unintended consequences.
And so I was thinking, okay, well, if you take any problem, for instance, you got Bush on illegal immigration.
His promise at the middle, he says he's going to stop illegal immigration.
The action he takes is the American Union.
Well, the problem that it sets up is that at the bottom,
It indeed stops illegal immigration, which is not legal, but... Well, yeah, that's like saying there's no more murder because we've legalized it, I mean, you know.
Well, yeah, but the side effect is we have further job erosion to the Mexicans and Mexico, we have declining American wage, and we have American job loss.
That would be at the very bottom point.
And by the way, NAFTA and GATT have not been good for Mexico either, by the way.
It doesn't really help them.
Oh, they're screaming that the Chinese are stealing their jobs that they stole from us.
But, well, I'll tell somebody who cares.
Anyway, we have the actually who benefits at the very top.
It's all about consolidating.
These corporations wage war to create monopolies.
It's economic warfare.
Well, you can use that for any problem that they throw out.
For instance, you could do this really easily for the war.
The promise is that this guy Saddam has all of these scary weapons of mass destruction.
That's the middle that we're going to take care of you.
The action that they take is that we're going to start a war and we're going to liberate the people and all these promise after promise.
But if you take a look at the top, who really benefits from this war?
I'd say that, you know, 600,000, 655,000 dead Iraqis would beg to differ that this war is good for them.
At the bottom, where it affects you, me, and anybody else... We pay for it, and oil prices go up.
We're out of time.
I appreciate your call.
But, they tell American men, you're manly when you're for it.
You wear pink when you're against it, and they go, well by gosh, I'm manly, I'm for it.
I mean, it's just base psychology.
But I want to explain to those guys who think they're part of the power system, if none of you were for it, the war would continue.
Again, the 78% of Americans are against the war, 70% of the troops, scientific polls.
The people all wanted the troops to come home, and what do the Democrats do?
Oh no, we're going to increase, it's never going to end.
We'll put it into some political process that just drags on forever.
So, isn't it the will of the people, isn't it?
No, it's the Commander-in-Chief.
Good then, it'll just continue.
Great, have it your way.
But just know, you know, being for it, again, they think because they're for the war, like it's their war.
You don't have any power.
I'm talking about neocon followers.
Stop being delusional.
Let's talk to Peter in California.
Go ahead, Peter.
Yes, go ahead.
Yes, it's great to talk to you.
Did you ever hear the rumor that David Rockefeller shot his brother Nelson in the head with a handgun?
Because when I was working in 1979, that came over the radio and I just couldn't believe it.
And when I got home, of course, you know, he had died of a heart attack.
No, I have never heard that.
I heard that there was foul play involved.
I know they threw a couple of secretaries off the tall buildings.
The guy that was suing Karl Rove and having a big effect, just started a new business and had a bunch of stuff, just flew off a nine-story building into the concrete.
Yeah, no, I heard about that too, but also a year later I was
Stay there, stay there.
I want to hear what you heard about Governor Rockefeller, what happened with Nelson Rockefeller.
Briefly on the other side.
I'm going to get into Saddam, I'm going to play this clip, get into some of the national, international news.
Continue with the calls.
We have reached that waypoint, the halfway point, the point of no return, into the transmission.
InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, JonesReport.com are the websites.
Check them all out today.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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That toll-free number again?
Come, you masters of war.
Yeah, they build the big guns.
Yeah, they build the airplanes.
Yeah, they build all the bombs.
Yeah, they hide behind walls.
Yeah, they hide behind desks.
I just want you to know I can see through your masks.
You that never done nothing But build to destroy You play with my world Like it's your little toy You put a gun in my hand And you hide from my eyes
You turn and run farther when the fast bullets fly Like Judas of old You lie and deceive A world war can be won You want me to believe But I see through your eyes
Welcome back.
We were talking to Peter, weren't we?
Who was the next caller I held over?
Okay, Peter, finish up what you were saying.
Well, that was the end of the story.
A year later, I worked for someone whose son was one of the four police officers.
Let me recap it.
I mean, describe what you heard on the radio when Nelson Rockefeller died.
I was listening to KNX Radio News in 1979 in Northridge.
I remembered exactly, you know, when you remember a certain something comes over the air.
It's like when you hear Kennedy got killed or Reagan got shot.
Anyway, it came over the air that David Rockefeller had shot Nelson Rockefeller in the head at some estate, and there was an African-American butler that was a witness, and I heard that he was in
I institutionalized somewhere as a crazy man or whatever.
But a year later I worked for someone, and other people, I talked to other people, they heard the same thing too, but it was never, never repeated.
It was on KNX, it was a news station, still on Los Angeles here.
Anyway, the real story is a year later I was working for someone whose son was one of four New York police officers and two men in black that found Nelson Rockefeller supposedly
Uh, at Radio City Music Hall, uh, actually it was on Rockefeller Center.
There's a tunnel that connects them.
And what I think happened is, they docked up the head wound, and, uh, who knows what they did to the Manchurian candidate, uh, the Roquette, and she woke up and, you know, there he is, uh, dead.
But I can give you the name of the police officer, and I almost feel, I don't want to do it over the air, but, you know, if he mysteriously had an accident,
Or some of his buddies all disappeared.
I can give you the name of a man who was there, okay?
So, I just, you know, reading the obituaries of his soldiers dying, I just decided, I'm not, you know, I'm going to come forward and I'm just not going to sit here and... Well, why hasn't this police officer gone forward?
I don't, maybe he's not around.
His father, I'm sure, has passed on.
So, uh...
Maybe I'll give you the name and you can check it out.
He was a New York City police officer and there were four of them there.
So anyway, that's one of the little things.
There are other things I could tell you, but it's too unbelievable.
But anyway, I could be willing to tell your screener and then you could actually check this out for yourself.
Well, just since you're already going there, what else did they tell you about it?
Well, it's just, uh, there were, I guess, two guys in black, I don't know who they were, but there were four officers, and they were kind of like, I don't know how they were called there, but the, uh, he was, he'd already expired, and, uh, the girl was supposedly traumatized, and that's basically all they told me, because, you know, uh, apparently, uh, the officer wasn't going public with it, and he told his dad, it was kind of hush-hush,
And that's basically what he told me.
It was just a casual conversation.
I mean, this is 25, 26 years ago.
But how did they cover it up, is the question?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe, you know, I'll be really upset if all four of those police officers, you know, seriously died somehow or are no longer with us.
You know, this was 1979.
And, you know, just a matter of fact, I mean, I talked to one other person who he heard on the radio, too.
And he was part of the John Birch Society.
He said, that was our first sign of an inward struggle.
So there were many people, I don't know how about many, but there were, you know, there were people who heard this.
So, you know, I'm not making, I just, I'm not making this up.
Okay, well, we'll give the name and information to John.
John, get that.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
All right, we'll get to Rob and Tom and Andrew and everybody else a little bit later.
We'll have open phones, of course, in the third hour.
Let me write down.
Get into Saddam Hussein.
Now, just out of the gates, whenever you're telling somebody about this, you can go pull this up and look at this for yourself.
I don't want you to believe me.
Go research it.
If you're explaining this to somebody, I mean, I always tell them clearly, hey, I'm no fan of Saddam Hussein.
Okay, we're just reporting the facts here.
And, you know, it's analogous to, you know, parallel or
An analogy would be there is, say, a mafia captain.
High level in a crime family, but still mid-level in the overall national structure.
And he's been involved in dozens of murders and carjackings of cargo and stealing and prostitution and gaming and everything.
And he finally gets caught.
And he goes to the lethal injection.
But the judge is the Mafia Don, who gave him all the orders over the years.
And we know it's the Mafia Don.
And then the Mafia Don gets up on TV and talks about how justice has been served, and this is a really evil Mafia captain that went to the lethal injection chair.
You'd go, what hypocrisy!
What royal flush hypocrisy!
This is ridiculous!
The Don that gave the orders, and made the money out of all this, and got the power out of all this, they're more guilty than the Capo who followed the orders!
And that's how it works in law.
And in common law.
So, it's the same thing with Saddam.
It is not debatable that at the age of 18, in the late 1950s, he was sent for four years for intensive CIA training in Egypt, in Jordan, and even in the U.S.
He was sent back.
He assassinated leaders.
He wounded the president, the Ba'ath president.
Finally, he'd had such a reign of terror as a guerrilla, using the Sunni minority,
against the Ba'athist majority that the U.S.
signed a deal covert operations agreement with the Ba'athists to work with them but they had to put Saddam in as the head of Ba'athist security so in 69 he becomes the head of Ba'athist security well ten years later he stages a coup in 1979 and becomes president becomes dictator and the U.S.
had a different policy then it wasn't total balkanization it was actually
Bring the country along.
So, they had huge reforms.
Christians, Jews lived in peace.
He used the oil money to open all sorts of, well, you know the story.
Museums, libraries, schools, water plants, power plants.
First world country.
Of course, a few years after they get him into power, really just about a year, they give him 30 plus billion dollars over the next seven years.
That's what's on the record.
Plus billions in aid with advisers.
And it's on record that hundreds of CIA, former Vietnam and Korea commandos were sent in and they were on the front lines in many cases with Saddam's Republican Guard fighting the Iranians.
Now Iranians kept launching primitive nerve gas attacks.
They kept launching cyanide gas attacks.
It was really wiping out Saddam's forces.
So the U.S.
came in with the advice and how to spray and with the meteorological information.
And even with some of the spray chemistry to be retrofitted to Russian helicopters.
And I mean, our government was there, commanding, with the satellites, with the frontline people, nerve gas counterattacks with sarin against the Iranians when the Iraqis were about to lose.
They were going to lose.
They were being overrun.
Because the Iranians were using cyanide nerve gas.
So the Iraqis hit back with U.S.
help with nerve gas.
And then later he did have the stuff.
He did spray it on some Kurds.
We always hear, on his own people.
And I'm not defending that.
It's terrible.
But the point is, our government was literally running it.
And I've got to watch them on news.
He used nerve gas.
He gassed his own people.
It's like a mantra.
He gassed his own people.
He gassed his own people.
He gassed his own people.
He gassed his own people.
He gassed his own... It's like a chant or something.
A Vedic chant.
Over and over and over again.
It's on the record he's CIA.
It's on the record they put him in power.
It's on the record he does all this.
And then finally in 1990...
He's trying to pay BCCI back.
He's trying to do all this stuff.
He makes the mistake that Noriega does.
He starts kind of blackmailing the West because they were threatening him.
He's going, look, I'm your friend.
You put me in here and I've done everything you told me to do.
And now I'm trying to pay back twenty-something billion of the Europeans.
Tens of billions of BCCI.
Was it thirty-three plus billion to the US?
He owed money to everybody, and he was trying to pay it back, and he was pumping a bunch of oil, and remember, go pull it, in the news in 1990, OPEC's mad, prices at record low, 90-something cents a gallon, Saddam overproducing, remember?
So they sent April Gillespie over to make a deal with him to reduce it, but the U.S.
is going to put pressure on Kuwait to stop taking their oil and overselling too.
And they're making a deal on paying the debts out over a longer period of time, and Saddam's really happy.
Charismatic U.S.
Now, you know, on his own.
You know, he got too big for his britches.
But he's sitting there, okay, fine.
And, uh... He says, well, I'm gonna invade if they don't stop.
She goes, hey, we don't get involved in inter-Arab affairs.
If diplomacy doesn't work, you do what you need to.
And he said, well, thank you.
So he rolls into Kuwait.
And then they have PR firms claiming they're throwing babies out of incubators.
All admitted to be lies now.
It meant it to be lost.
None of it happened.
And they roll in, and then the Iraqis try to retreat, and they kill a bunch of them, and that's real manly.
Highway of death, and everybody feels real good.
The warthogs got to kill thousands of people at one time.
Ha ha ha, as they retreated.
It's real cool.
And, uh, most of them, you know, pressed into service on the front lines, just poor people.
And so all that, and then they send our troops in to clean up all the DU, and they die from it.
But, you know, that's supporting them.
That's how you do it.
And so all of this takes place.
Then they have 12 plus years of sanctions, and 2 plus million Iraqis die.
It was 1 million by 97.
And on NBC, Madeleine Albright didn't deny over 1 million, 700,000 of them children, and she said 700,000 dead Iraqi children is a good price to pay.
I'll pull the transcript.
I've got the tape somewhere around here.
Somebody's got it.
Mail it to me, because we can't find it in our stacks.
I want to play that.
But you've seen it.
You've heard it.
It's on record.
She goes, it's a good price to pay.
700,000 dead kids for security in the Gulf.
Security was never meant.
This was to start the destabilization.
So, for 12 years they have sanctions and all these PR pieces about Saddam just takes all the money for himself and keeps it.
Saddam Hussein was a smart tyrant.
He never cared about a bunch of opulent wealth.
When you hear about palaces, those are government buildings, folks.
He cared, he actually tried to pay the people and build churches and fund people and leave things alone and have them pay for tuition and for the youth and do all this.
I mean, he could go stand in a group of 5,000 people with machine guns and nobody'd shoot him.
Yeah, you see our president doing that.
Off and on for 12 plus years, they bomb them on a monthly basis, they blow up the water treatment plants, they blow up the energy systems, they won't ship them anything that could be used in any even conventional weapons program to repair anything.
They're under total siege.
You know, 60 Minutes would show... The Iraqis would invite 60 Minutes in and go, look, we've got all these dentist chairs, thousands of them, but no tubing or no electrical systems for them.
Or none of the brackets?
Well, you ever see the footage online of the Iraqi camera showing this?
They're telling 60 Minutes that?
60 Minutes comes back and goes, look at all the equipment they've got, but he won't give it to his people.
The Iraqis brought them in to show them how they weren't being allowed to have all the things they needed.
Basic things like medicine.
Because that could be used for the military.
And then the media spun it!
It's the same media like ITN and BBC showing people in Bosnia.
Remember the cover of Time Magazine showed the video still?
A guy's dying of... He's real sick from some disease.
And he's up against a barbed wire fence trying to break in to get food.
Then they claim he was in a camp.
When he was actually trying to get in.
And then right next to him are two fat guys.
They just show that one image and say there's camps.
It's the same thing.
And so, Iraqis go from 25 plus million.
Their census in 1990 was 25.2 million, if memory serves.
And I was over 25.2.
Memory serves.
Just go look it up for yourself.
And now it's 22 mil.
And I was over 25 mil.
And 654,000 of those were in the first three years.
We don't have the numbers yet on the last eight months of the next fourth year.
We'll be getting those next year if Lancet's allowed to do it again.
British Medical Journal.
With doctors in the field, that's a conservative estimate.
The high in estimates, 900 plus thou.
And what is the stated plan?
It is genocide.
It is total control.
It is get the groups killing each other and have endless killing.
And have it never stop.
Have it never end.
And widen it into conflict into the north to destabilize even an ally Turkey, to destabilize Iran, to destabilize Syria.
And have those countries fall and link up with Afghanistan to the east.
And that's the stated plan.
And they're doing an excellent job.
You think the war on drugs is a failure?
It's a great success.
More drugs than ever on the streets.
From 1 million in prison to over 7 million.
You see, that's a success.
They call it a failure?
It's not a failure.
It's just what you and I are told it's for is what it's really for.
You're told, let's go turn the power on, get them all happy, help them, give them freedom.
It's about accentuate sectarian violence, and balkanize that country, and make sure it never rises to be a leadership position in the Middle East again.
Same thing with overthrowing Moses in 53.
Pro-America, a poet, anti-communist.
You think they want that guy in there for one minute who wears a suit and a tie?
And got a shaved head, and didn't run around screaming, Allah Akbar!
No way, Jose!
They got to get him out and fast!
You think they want Slobo with big factories?
So they bomb Belgrade into a radioactive slag heap.
They're doing the same thing here economically to the U.S.
They want you dependent, poor, and stupid.
And, both of us are.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back!
I said I'd play the 9-11 stuff this hour.
I'll play it next hour.
Early next hour.
We'll get to Tom and Andrew and everybody else that's holding.
Line up at phones.
It is the first day of 2007.
We're live.
So, uh, they tell you it's about WMDs.
We have the memos where they admittedly were lying to us on purpose.
We knew that, of course, but now it's admitted.
And then they go in, they swear we're going to leave in just a few months.
The plan was to stay forever.
It's like they're in Germany 60 years later.
There is no leaving.
There is no plan to leave.
They're building permanent bases.
And by the way, they could have stabilized it within weeks of being there.
It's meant to kill our troops and keep the war going, because then there wouldn't be an excuse to stay.
That's why they've got British and Israeli and U.S.
troops staging terror attacks in Iraq to stir it up between sides.
Now, first off, was that Saddam last night?
We know, and it came out in British papers, we reported on this of course months before it broke, because we could see it with the colonel on video, the Marine Corps colonel saying, you found Saddam in that spider hole.
Do you understand?
That's where he was.
Repeat, where did you find him?
We found him in there.
That's all you say.
Now repeat, where did you find him?
In that hole.
Very suspicious, they screwed up and let that get out.
The guy had already been beat to a pulp, whoever this hairy creature was.
And then it came out that the Kurds had captured whoever that individual was, three and a half weeks before, and had handed him over to Coalition a week before, and that they had gone and staged that whole event.
Now, that's admitted now.
I mean, that came out in the Times of London, that came out in French papers.
It's on record, the Kurds had him, that whole event was staged.
It's the same with Private Lynch.
The Iraqis come out and say, the Republican Guard has left.
We've got her at the hospital along with some other people and some bodies.
Please come.
And they had to wait three days to get Jerry Bruckheimer.
This was BBC reported.
The big Hollywood director told him how to shoot the video, how to do it, and he directed it.
Via sat-telephone and satellite link-ups.
There at Cutter.
And then of course it came out the whole thing was a lie and staged.
Pat Tillman, it's the same story over and over again.
But before, five people in her unit started shooting their mouths off saying it was all lies, that she was a coward.
They all died.
We're talking double taps to the head, you name it.
We're talking at their houses in Denver and Phoenix.
Imagine you're cooking hamburgers in the backyard, somebody in a black uniform pops up over the privacy fence and double taps you in the head.
Precision killings.
I mean, the Pentagon's killing their own troops and they shoot their mouth off.
They wanted a little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl up there to sell women in the military.
So, so, so, so let's, and until she saved her own life, because I guarantee you she wasn't going to be around long with that stuff leaking, she said, it's all a fable, it's all a lie, they told me to lie, I don't know why.
So, so, just so you have an example of propaganda, there it is.
The Saddam thing's staged, she's staged, it's all staged, okay?
It's despicable.
This is the type of fiascos they come up with.
And they don't care if they get caught, they just keep moving forward with new lies for old.
So we know that that Saddam capture was staged.
Now, people got confused with the Saddam they captured in that hole, with the Saddam
Two and a half months before, during the invasion, with the chubby face, with the different teeth, with the glasses, to hide that it wasn't Saddam, definitely one of his doubles, giving speeches.
People get confused between the guy in the hole and the clearly fake Saddam, and that's where this, it's not Saddam stuff comes from.
I did a lot of research this weekend.
Well, I'll tell you what I saw, when we get back.
It's very important.
Stay with me.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
And the kickoff is complete!
Starting the 2007 broadcast year.
It is Monday, the first day of January 2007.
Six was a flash in the pan.
Here we are.
We are going to have wide open phones today.
By the time I finally got around to calls on my Sunday show I did yesterday, we took about 20 in the last 30 minutes.
We will take a lot of calls today.
I want to look back at 2006, the good things that happened, the bad things that happened, the ugly things that developed, and then look forward into 2007.
Are we going to have a total implosion of the dollar and the housing market?
Will we see a massive recession, which most economists say we're already entering?
Or could it go nuclear in the economic realm, and could we see a complete worldwide depression or meltdown?
Joseph Stiglitz and other top economists are saying we have a very good possibility of that happening in 2007.
2007 also will be heralded by the traitorous Congress going back into session in two days.
They're saying they're going to reintroduce the First Amendment-destroying legislation, the Hate Crimes Bill.
They're saying they're going to push for total, complete, absolute blanket amnesty.
They are, of course, the Democrats, going to give an extra $100 billion, or let's be technical, $99.6 billion.
I don't want to get nitpicked on that.
I rounded up there.
$99.6 billion in additional off-budget spending.
You don't want a war?
78% of Americans in major polls don't want the war?
You're going to see an escalation!
I mean, that's your corrupt government.
Also, yesterday, I did that syndicated Sunday show now from 4 to 6 p.m.
I wanted to play a segment, but I got behind and only played about two minutes of my 9-11 broadcast.
By the time I wanted to re-air my 9-11 broadcast a few years after 9-11, I couldn't find it.
The network didn't have it.
They keep shows back about six months.
I guess now we keep them back about a year, but at the time about six months.
And so it was lost.
Well, somebody had it.
And they've uploaded it up in three one-hour parts to YouTube.
They have a director's account.
If you don't, you just get a ten-minute clip.
We need to get a director's account, but they won't give us one.
But to make a long story short, I'm already digressing into technical issues.
You can go up to PrisonPlanet.com, whatever you like, there's a big fat link to hear the three hours up there.
Where I say they're probably going to launch an anthrax attack.
You know, I'd forgotten, when the ADL attacked me September 15th, saying Alex Jones says they're going to launch a bio-attack, and I appreciate them attacking me because it's an enemy, actually, admitting on record that I made the prediction.
I didn't know how specific the predictions were.
So I listened to about an hour of this the other night.
But that's not the clip I'm going to play today.
The clip I want to play today, later in the second hour, is a clip where I interview Jimmy Wright, a family friend, a degreed structural engineer, who was working 200 yards from the towers of the World Financial Center, when they fell, saying that it was a perfect controlled demolitions.
It was even before 7 fell, many hours later.
So we're going to play... I don't know, I'm tempted to just play the first 15 minutes of the show or something.
And obviously it's internet audio, it's uh... So we recorded it like we were, you know, 8-bit all streams five and a half years ago.
But uh... The audio's not the best, but we'll play it later.
Alright, massive news.
I haven't even gotten into the news yet.
We'll hit all the news that's happening right now.
In 2007,
And then we'll take your calls and review last year and then look forward into the new year.
We just kicked off.
PrisonPlanet.com, JonesReport.com, InfoWars.net.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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There is a war on for your mind.
And that's all I ask you listeners.
Don't believe the government.
Don't believe the media.
Do not believe me.
Do not believe anyone until you've researched it for yourself.
I want you to do that so you'll be more effective in fighting the globalists.
So you won't get driven down a bunch of rabbit trails that lead nowhere but tyranny.
And I also want you to do that because I want you to find out just how honest I am.
Just how hard-working we are.
I want you to know that we're a good source of information.
The best there is out there.
Which is scary because we're not perfect and we're pretty ragtag and we make mistakes but compared to everything else out there, this is it!
This is the penultimate!
Boy, we're in a lot of trouble!
I mean, it's kind of like a Special Olympics and I've got one leg and everybody else has no legs and I'm bragging because I'm beating people.
I do not have a high view of what we do here.
That is, I wish we could do so much more.
There's so many things I want to do that I'm unable to do, and so there's a lot of frustration.
But what we do have in my office is dedication.
And a passion for fighting corruption.
And so my team just does an absolutely wonderful job.
But I want you to know that when I sit up here and say that I'm the best there is, it's no brag just fact as John Wayne was saying.
At the same time, it's scary because I'm not that good.
So that ought to really concern all of us in this fight against the New World Order that we're the best there is.
You get what I'm saying?
Do you see where I'm coming from?
Do you get the point I'm trying to make to you?
Alright, you're in review.
You know, I've written down a few things here of what I think are some of the most important stories of 2006.
Now, when I say most important stories, I don't mean the most hype stories.
Anna Nicole Smith's son dies of a drug overdose.
Or O.J.
Simpson tries to sell a book through Fox News Corp.
You know, if I did it.
Or things like that.
Or Michael Jackson wants to make a comeback tour in Las Vegas.
Or UT football fell flat on their face this year.
None of that matters to your bank account.
None of that matters to your liberty and your freedom.
None of that matters to your children's future.
So we don't talk about it here unless it's to point out how inane and mindless it is.
So I'm going to go through some of the things that happened this year.
Obviously, we're going to talk about the Saddam execution.
Big story out today, U.S.
licensed a snoop on British air travelers.
They're going to read their emails and everything else.
Of course, this is how they always introduce it in the U.S.
Oh, we're going to do it to the foreigners.
No, it's happening to U.S.
citizens right now.
You can pull up other articles admitting this and then integrate it with this one and see how they're trying to condition us.
So we'll get into that as well.
But last night I was up here at the studio watching some video we taped this week off of MSNBC and CNN and FOX.
So I'm up here watching different reports that I had taped of illegal immigration and North American Union reports.
There was a flurry of them this week, and we didn't have time to watch them live.
So I was up here last night while other people were running around drunkenly.
We just taped them.
That's fine.
It's just that we know how serious things are, you see.
We know how right up to the wire they are.
So on New Year's, we're working.
I didn't have to ask my video editor to do that either.
He wanted to work.
He understands.
We're in here literally with chills up our spines, focused.
Because we understand what we're up against.
We know we're in a war, folks.
We're on the front lines.
So we're here in the foxhole.
And I'm watching these clips, and it was the same talking points.
They would have two people supposedly from different sides, and in some of the reports it was the same two individuals.
I mean, I could make films just about how they propagandize, you know, just how they push their deception.
And if you weren't an expert on the guest worker blanket amnesty legislation, two different variants of it, you would believe that the legislation they're going to try to pass in the next month with the new Congress would control the borders and end the illegal alien problem and restrict illegal aliens and arrest them.
And again, they would have two people supposedly fighting with each other, both putting out the false info that the new program would control illegal aliens, when what it'll do is give them total, complete amnesty.
And I'm starting the broadcast really with that first piece of information, just because the average person will sit there
And we'll watch the news, and we'll think that George Bush is about to fix the border problem with the Democrats.
And I've heard the same thing through Sean Hannity.
Well, one day, a few months ago, I told the story.
I was sitting there in my car, listening to him, and he talked for 15 minutes about how
We've got to do something about the border.
It's a total crisis.
La Reconquista.
Our sovereignty is eroding.
On and on and on and on.
And I just knew what was coming.
I knew he was going to give all this good information and then give a bad solution.
And sure enough, he dropped the hammer and said, that's why we need to pass the guest worker program.
Anyone who's here
Unlimited can sign up to begin the citizenship process.
They will be given national ID cards just as U.S.
citizens already have them.
It allows corporations to bring in unlimited, skilled, and unskilled.
And the legislation just goes from bad to worse at that point.
But, the, well it's like campaign finance reform.
They pushed it that it would restrict big corporations from lobbying and giving money and buying politicians.
What it did was actually double the amount of money that PACs could give, but then restricted individual contributions.
It actually helped the lobbyists, but doesn't matter!
They called it reform, it must be good.
I remember a few years ago they said, oh, they're passing a law to protect your
personal data when you go and get a prescription really what it did was under federal law made it to where every prescription you get whether it's for some prosthesis or painkillers or acne medicine it doesn't matter it's all instantly uploaded to the federal government that's how they protect your information see it's it's there's just so much outright lying and spinning
And then other times they admit the truth but say, oh, isn't it a great idea?
Oh, yes, we're putting cameras under federal grants and thousands of school bathrooms around the country.
Isn't it good?
Or, oh, isn't it great there's federally funded grants for police to unannounced run into elementary schools and run into classes and put guns in children's heads and scream at them and traumatize them.
Oh, it's so good for their security.
Well, no, that's not good for their security.
It's trauma-based mind control.
So this is the type of stuff I deal with every day.
Here's some of the things that happened last year.
The Democrats took control.
The relief pitchers came in.
The dollar imploded more than it has in any one year in our history.
Personal debt six months ago eclipsed the former high of the depth of late 1933 at the deepest point of the Depression.
The North American Union had its first full year in operation, and according to the SPP.gov reports, is on track and ahead of schedule.
6166, abolishing 9 of the first 10 amendments to the Bill of Rights, was passed, as well as the 2007 Defense Authorization Act, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, abolishing all 50 governors during times of emergency, and allowing total federalization of even State Guard, National Guard,
Quote, against the American people in insurrection, deals were also signed for Mexican, Canadian, and other foreign assets to be used domestically inside the United States.
Formerly, memorandums had already been signed four years ago, but now they've been codified in the Army Times, heralded it as a wonderful point.
In 2006, the mainstream media finally announced that they are gearing up for a draft, and announced that 20% of the troops in Iraq are illegal aliens, legalized, and that by the end of this decade, half of army ground forces will be illegal aliens, legalized, that is foreign mercenaries.
So they announced that this year.
Notice all year it's been right at 3,000 dead troops.
They never allow it to go over 3,000.
I guess they will here in the next few weeks.
It's really over 10,000 dead troops.
They just don't count troops that die outside the country.
Saddam Hussein was supposedly executed and I tend to think it may have been him.
I'll tell you why later.
Also, cloning was approved for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration last year.
The Animal ID Act was passed last year at many state levels, including Texas, to track and trace and shut down the family farmer ranch.
Net neutrality was defeated narrowly, but the government did move to openly shut down the internet.
That's what it would do.
9-11 Truth became mainstream in 2006.
In 2006, in a Angus and Reed scientific poll, 84% of Americans believed they were being lied to about the official story.
In a Scripps Howard News Service poll, and several others, in the high 30s, I believe that 9-11 is a total inside job.
And in 2006, for the first time in modern polling history in the last 80 years, we have 84%, again that number, 84% disagreeing with Congress in both parties and believing both parties are in collusion and corrupt.
So the good cop, bad cop scam was pretty much blown in 2006.
So that's just some of what happened.
There's a lot more and I'd like to get your take on anything we forgot.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
Federal hate law could be introduced this week.
We'll tell you about that when we get back.
And we'll go to your phone calls.
This is the first transmission of 2007.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Have we witnessed these wars of liberation since the 1920s and then World War I and World War II?
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I don't know.
Welcome back.
Let's do this.
Before I get into Saddam's execution, play some audio clips.
Let's just go to your calls.
Jay and Matt disagrees.
He goes to the front of the line.
Jay, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
First caller of the New Year for my broadcast.
Go ahead.
I hate to be the first caller disagreeing, but I think this is something so important that it really should be... Well, you're not the first caller that's disagreed to the show.
I mean, you're the first caller on my show of the year.
Oh, okay.
To go back to something you said last week, well, a question.
Do you confirm or deny that Christmas is based in pagan customs?
Well, it depends what facet of Christmas.
Certainly the tannin bombs and all that stuff is admittedly Germanic, occultic stuff.
So then, therefore, do you think that it's something that we should be promoting or exposing for the same
To me, and I'm sure to many people, it's the same as the Bohemian Grove and the occult activities.
This is the same type of pagan customs and rituals that they put into our everyday lives and deceive us into thinking that it's something pure.
Well, I mean, Christmas didn't get totally replaced with all that stuff until the 20s with a decade-long Coca-Cola promotion with the fat Saint Nick, you know, the big elf in the red outfit with the black belt and black boots.
So, I mean, I think for a lot of people,
They're not taking it as that.
I'm not a Pharisee, man.
I don't sit up here and claim to be holier than everyone, but I'm also confused.
Christmas is over, and I'm here talking about
You know, what the New World Order is up to, so what do you disagree with?
I mean, I'm not arguing with your point that a lot of what has replaced Christmas, the birth of Christ, is Germanic and European folklore.
I mean, what do you disagree with?
Well, I think that's another part of the deception.
He wasn't born on December 25th, so that's another part of the deception.
Yeah, clearly it's the winter solstice.
Correct, exactly.
It's based on the Solstice, so if we're just promoting that and saying that we should be celebrating Christmas and not really telling the people that it's part of the New World Order plan to get us to fall into these satanic pagan customs and then go in it to our regular ritual of life... Well, sir, sir, in the past I've had Associated Press writers on, I've had professors on who were secular just to report on the history of it and to agree with you
Christmas was banned for about a hundred years in England because of the rioting and murdering and Santa Claus was like a satanic mascot like Freddy Krueger.
He wore a striped suit and he was like a horned monkey who, and I'm not saying this is real folks, this is the folklore, who would run around murdering people and so the murdering and burning of London went on so bad they banned it.
I think it was like 70 plus years.
And so yes sir, I know all about it and so what's the point?
Well, the point is you give so much great information about Skull and Bones and the Bohemian Grove and all the other occult and satanic things... Those are people going to that, knowingly doing it, world leaders.
I mean, I don't think you're going to go to hell, my friend, if you've got a... I mean, you know, it's the dark of winter, it's nice to have a nice smelling tree in your house.
I understand the Bible even says, you know, don't go with those that worship under the trees, but if you're not worshiping under the tree, and the intent isn't that it's something that's satanic, I mean, you know, my whole point is, sir, that
There's all these preachers out there who will just constantly, you know, tell you how to live and tell you to do this and do that.
I don't know, man.
I'm just here doing a news show.
I mean, I don't know what you're saying you disagree with me about.
I'm just disagreeing in the whole point that Christmas isn't something that we should be promoting.
And I heard last week, I tried to call it a bunch of times, I heard Christmas being promoted and looked at in a good light, holly jolly Christmas.
And I know that's what most people have
I wouldn't say that
Maybe it is.
And maybe we should look into that.
And I know that there's listeners out there that do want to research that type of thing and do hear about that.
And I know there's a lot of things going on.
We've lost 3,000 dead Americans, and I haven't heard that barely on any news.
And there is other things going on, but I think that... Well, you've heard all that here, brother.
But the Religious Deception also, I think in 2007, needs to be a greater focal point for everyone.
And if people do want to get more into the Religious Deception, they can check out a broadcast over on the Revere Radio Network.
Thanks for the call.
We're out of time, man.
I really appreciate it.
All right.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
We're on the march, the empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Are they going to attack Iran?
They're still beating the war drums to do it.
They've got four carrier task force groups over there right now in the Persian Gulf, cruising back and forth right off the coast of Iran, asking for it.
Will they pull some Gulf of Tonkin event or some USS Liberty style false flag attack like the Maine?
I certainly hope not, but you can see the media gearing up for a draft, beating the war drums,
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Just for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
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We've got... The Romans called her Diana, I guess, in the
And the Greeks call her Athena, but we show all that.
That's going to be about a 45 minute report coming out this week.
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Okay, I'm done talking about it.
Let's go back to your calls.
And no matter how good your calls are, I gotta move quick.
I always say that.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
John in Texas, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
A little while ago you played a clip from the Walt Disney cartoon talking about the New World Order.
So I got an idea to, I went back, I got your Road to Tyranny tape, and I took off all the comments, the politicians' comments about the New World Order, and I went and researched my World War II era war movies, and got all the Nazi and Japanese villains
I'm quoting the New World Order, and I intercut them on an audio tape.
Okay, I'm begging you, sir, because I happen to be making a film right now, and literally last night I was scouring different research databases looking for war movies where they say New World Order, and I'm having a lot of trouble.
I've only got like four instances of it.
I know it was in hundreds of things.
Is there any way, I'm begging you, that you can send me copies of those videos?
Alright, well, I can play it.
I can play it.
I've got it all set up.
I can play it on my hot set.
Well, China.
China with who?
With Alan Ladd and William Bendix.
Wait a minute, you sent me that, didn't you?
I sent it, and I don't know, it disappeared.
I never heard anything more about it.
No, no, no, that came in, I watched it, but in that, in the clip I got off of it, you played, they were talking about standing up against evil or something.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, well I didn't know that, listen, I promise you, sir, we get what you send, okay?
Because I recognize your voice, you sent that a year ago, right?
Okay, and I remember you sending it.
Listen, send it all to me again, brother.
I need your help.
Can you send it quick?
Yes, but I'd have to... I want a phone number or... When I'm done, can you... You know what?
I'll do you one better.
I'll give you our UPS number so the shipping's even paid for.
Yeah, that'd be fine.
So, John, when he's done, put him on hold and give him my cell number and give him my office number, okay?
And then get me his number.
You want to hear this?
Go ahead.
Yeah, I want to hear it.
Alright, hang on.
This is the type of listeners we like right here.
...one small country.
It is a big idea.
A new world order.
We're divided.
We dare oppose the imperial Japanese government.
Because we and our allies, for the ultimate good of all nations concerned, are determined to establish a new world order.
In troubled times, our attempt to get a new world order can emerge.
I'm in the name of the New World Order!
I believe that the New Order extends a cordial welcome to an honored guest.
You mean, the League of the New Order?
Yes, sir.
A group of men, all of them dishonored like yourself.
And it forces our people in the United States to make way for the New Order.
An order that would bring about the liberation of the enslaved people of America.
Each of these men dishonored by your corrupt form of government is a specialist.
We're having this discussion right now with the political leaders and we're probably going to be asked to do some things that many people might not like because it's going to call into question some of the freedoms that we have had.
You are far too beautiful to act like a child.
A new day has dawned, my dear.
A new year.
Accept it and you will share in its glory.
Reject it and... That's all I got, but when I played it... Yeah, did you record those onto a tape recorder?
They sound horrible.
Okay, but uh... I played people... It sort of floors them, Alex.
They don't know what... No, no, I understand, but you recorded that off a tape recorder off TV audio, right?
Okay, listen, it'll be so good, sir, if you can send me the actual, original videos.
You have my word, we will take the stuff off your videos, and we will ship them back to you with a bunch of my films.
But, uh, tell me the name of the, uh, because I heard three separate ones I hadn't heard.
Uh, I was hearing some Chinese, I think, or some Asian.
I was hearing some, uh, German accents.
What were those from?
Okay, first of all, from a movie, China.
The second one was from Three Stooges Short called Doughboy.
I'd have to go back and look at it again, Alex.
The Batman cereal was the other one I got with Lewis Wilson that was in it.
Well, that's the thing, is that Hitler called for it, the Bushes were their main agents in the U.S., and then Bush Sr.'
's calling for a new world order.
Stalin called for it, Mao called for it.
It means a worldwide dictatorship, boys and girls.
Well, like I said, I took this around and played it to people, and they usually just sit there dumbfounded.
They said, man, that's really scary.
I said, yeah, you should be scared.
But I researched that, and I'll get it to you.
Have your screener, give me the number and I'll... Sure, and I mean give us your number too, John, but listen... I mean, don't you have the videos there with you?
Yeah, I got them in my collection.
Okay, well if you want to dub them off, or you can trust me, you can send me the original... I'll send them to you.
Just tell me where to send them before I make sure you get them.
Okay, and then also... Also, do me a favor, cue the tapes right up to the spots.
What's that?
Will you cue the tapes up to the... Oh yeah, yeah.
For when you get them out of the box, will you go right to them then?
Okay, I'm going to put you on hold.
Get his number, please, John, and give me... Give him my number and then get his number for me.
For consolidating over clips on the air.
Because I just want to warn people.
I mean, it's just... These guys are openly announcing war on us.
And when they say new war, boys and girls, that means war on you.
War on your freedom.
War on your bank account.
War on your family.
And that's what's so frustrating.
I mean, the New World Order has destroyed the U.S.
is no more.
The U.S.
We are in the North American Union.
Now we've got to get America back.
But we can't even admit when the country's in a union.
I mean, that's bigger than 1776 and the average person still doesn't know!
This is the magnitude.
Jeff in Oklahoma, where it's freezing cold.
Oh, by the way, 12 dead from Colorado to Kansas.
Really dangerous out there.
We pray for all those in these blizzards.
I don't know.
Some people are still on their way out to the ski slopes.
Completely insane.
I have personal friends who are on their way there right now.
But go ahead, Jeff, in Oklahoma.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having my call.
I'm a first-time caller.
And a first-time listener.
I recently, a few weeks ago, got to watch the entire 9-11 Road to Tyranny video on Google.
It was very interesting to see how the towers in Building 7 collapsed.
And I noticed that on there, you were saying that it looked like a controlled demolition job.
And as on it, it showed the plane crashing into one of the World Trade Center towers.
I looked at how it collapsed, and it
I was asking myself, okay, how could a plane cause a tower to collapse like that?
You know, it just... And I'm kind of getting to thinking maybe there is something to what you're trying to warn people about.
Well, they could debate Tower 1 and 2, which is impossible, but let's just say the planes did it, which it didn't.
But look at 7.
Lay down the street, not hit by a plane.
Yeah, I know.
You showed that, and I was like,
Wait a minute.
It wasn't attacked.
How did it collapse?
You know, it's a perfect demolition signature.
Yeah, it was.
Textbook job.
Also, I got to see part on YouTube, the Dark Secrets in the Bohemian Grove series.
I don't think it was all uploaded, so I didn't get to see all of it.
There was part of the ritual that was taped that was uploaded on YouTube.
We got to watch that.
And got to see the 40 foot owl, Moloch.
He's a very Christian.
Yeah, right.
He'll probably start having those in our houses for Christmas.
No, not me.
Being sarcastic.
Anyway, that got me to thinking, have you ever heard of a cartoon series that's on Cartoon Network right now called Yu-Gi-Oh GX?
It's on the second season.
I have heard of it.
Okay, there is a villain character in the second season called Sartorius.
And he runs a secret society called the Society of Light.
But if you look at his face... Which means Illuminati.
If you look at his face and his hair and his eyes, it resembles an owl.
I mean, facially, an owl.
Well, you know what the Society of Light means.
That's what the Illuminati means.
It's the Society of the Illuminated Ones.
Look, Gerald Ford, they all went.
It's very Christian.
Of course, not according to Nixon, who told Harper's Magazine that it's a homosexual cult.
But, you know, again, don't look for Pat Robertson to criticize the organization.
Anything else?
No, I just want to say
God bless you, and keep up the good work, and... I'll try.
I appreciate it.
Glad to have you on board.
We'll be right back.
More calls, more news.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police fortune, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
These are the types of mainstream news headlines we saw in 2006.
Microchip implants versus cash.
The race is on.
There were hundreds of articles about how good it is to get a chip.
We're going to play a clip for about, I don't know, ten minutes or so.
Maybe even more.
Next hour, from back in 2001, on the day of 9-11, this audio was resurfaced.
I didn't have it.
It's on YouTube.
Very interesting information, and we'll also get into the Saddam execution a lot more.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
We're going to go to, is it Dival?
And Steve and Joe and Peter and others, but first I'm going to go to George in Arizona, because he says he disagrees with something, and so you go to the head of the line when you disagree.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was watching the execution hanging of Saddam Hussein on Google, on Drudge.
It's up on InfoWars.com, by the way.
And his hands are not tied behind his back.
He's holding a Qur'an.
The fact that his hands are not tied behind his back means that he's not dead.
And also you don't get to see the hanging.
Right before the trap door drops, they cut it off.
So no one sees the hanging itself.
Oh no, you've seen an exercised video, sir.
Oh, okay.
Somebody does have the actual hanging then, huh?
Yes, it's a complex issue.
I'm going to try to walk through it in the next hour.
And again, we don't know what the truth is, but I have my
I'll tell you what I think about it.
You can take it for what it's worth.
I'm certainly not the last, uh, you know, the buck doesn't stop here.
So, uh, but, but, what, you don't think it's Saddam or you think it's fake?
Well, the fact that he doesn't have his hands tied behind his back, uh, you know, tells me that he didn't lie because any, any human being will use his hands to climb the rope so his neck doesn't get stretched.
Well, actually, if you hang somebody right, it breaks.
When you hit the end of it, you're not going to be doing any grabbing at the rope.
You torture somebody, listen, listen, you know, you see in the movies where they got the rope behind your neck and you fall down and the person jerks around and flops and fights.
They hang somebody right, the rope sticking out from the side and it breaks your neck, almost severing your head if you're a big man.
And it almost severed his head, by the way.
Okay, well that's my comment.
A lot of times when you really hang somebody, the body snaps off.
Okay, but I'm just saying, if it's hands, to me that's very suspicious.
Oh no, they say that his hands were not bound.
You are correct.
Anything else, sir?
That's it, thank you.
Thank you, I appreciate the call.
That's why I hate to even say, I think it may have been Saddam, and then not give evidence, because, again, I'm not saying I know that.
They lie so much.
I want to go over the history of Saddam briefly, and then how they captured him,
That's an admitted fraud.
Admitted fraud.
And then, was it Saddam?
I tend... Well, I'll tell you what I think later.
Uh, let's go ahead and talk to Dival, is it, in Pennsylvania?
Go ahead.
Uh, Deval.
Oh, Deval.
Okay, go ahead.
Yes, I wanted to ask you if the... if you feel that the 9-11 Truth Movement might fate... might, uh, suffer the same fate as the people who tried to seek the truth in the Kennedy assassination, where, uh,
Years later, most of the American public believes that there was government involvement or there was a conspiracy, but nothing really happens.
There seems to be a standstill.
Okay, let me answer that question.
It's a very good question.
We've already eclipsed the Kennedy assassination movement.
It took 30 plus years for a majority of Americans to believe that was an inside job.
Within five years of 9-11, 84% of Americans believe they've been lied to, 36% believe total inside job, 68% believe that it could be an inside job.
All right?
And it's not just the scientific polls.
I've done thousands of radio interviews, hundreds where I'm being attacked by the host, and almost every caller calls in agreeing with me, even while I'm under attack.
So, already, we have exponentially proven the case even faster, and we... Stay there.
Stay there.
Put you on hold.
I'm gonna come back and finish this question when we start the next hour in 70 seconds after the break.
Alright, this is a very important, central issue.
This is a victory we've had.
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