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Air Date: Dec. 26, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got David Shaler, former MI5 agent, joining us in the second hour on this Friday edition.
And coming up for part of the third hour, we have the documentary filmmaker who finally completed the documentary.
He was on this about eight, nine months ago.
Let's go ahead and jump straight into the news.
Top-level insiders selling their stock.
This out of the New York Post.
Scope of the Second Amendment is being questioned in a federal court case seeking to overturn the Second Amendment.
Don't put it past them.
They're not playing games.
Also, and you watch Hannity and others will call it liberal if you don't turn your guns in.
I mean, I'm not kidding when I say that.
High school in Irvine, California drops plan to scan fingerprints because the parents got angry.
Another victory.
You see, now the public's getting informed about this, and they know what it entails, or at least they know part of the story, and they don't like it.
You know, the last few days I've been talking about the Associated Press article concerning the fact that the vaccines have had the level of mercury increased.
We're good to go.
We've also talked about how everything we do in the U.S.
is done in Canada, is done in Australia, England, New Zealand, even with the same names.
Here's a story out of Canada.
Students who don't have up-to-date vaccinations will be suspended.
And I checked into Canadian law.
They have the very same waivers.
There is no law.
It's color of law, but then after they suspend or expel you, then they come to arrest you for truancy.
That'd be like a cop putting a gun to your head and telling you to walk out in traffic, and then when you did, they gave you a jaywalking ticket.
I mean, it's pretty amazing.
So we'll get into that report.
Also, Lou Rockwell's made a stab at getting into airport hustlers, how five major airports, I guess now six,
We're good to go.
They are recording it, so I guess we need to get a report out on this.
The fact is, everything that is run through the x-rays at this time is stored on 24-hour loop tape.
That was in the past, now digitally stored on hard drives, and these new systems they have met are directly hooked in to hard drives that are recording your entire 360 body image naked.
You might as well, I mean, if you got the body, go sign up with Playboy and make some money.
I'm being sarcastic here.
This is the humiliation, and you think it's bad now.
It's only going to get worse and worse.
In Illinois, they're doing home inspections unannounced, without warrants.
It's just a home inspection.
Everybody gets one.
We told you a long time ago this would happen.
This has been happening for a long time.
All right, that's just some of the news.
Details are all coming up.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got former MI5 agent David Shaler joining us.
He blew the whistle.
Back in the late 90s on MI6, funding Al-Qaeda to carry out terror operations.
He's now done more and more research and gone public on the fact that he believes 7-7 is an inside job.
9-11 total inside job.
He's in my film Terror Storm.
He's going to be joining us to give us his analysis on the affair with all the people that have been poisoned now by this particular radioactive isotope.
And he's coming up in the second hour.
He made it on National Sky Television for a lengthy, it's like a 30-minute interview.
And we're just going to play a short clip in the second hour where he's talking about false flag inside job concerning 9-11-77.
In fact, he talks about false flags three or four times in all these clips.
We can't play it all.
But that is coming up.
In the meantime, let me just briefly run through the top stories, and I've got a few audio clips I want to play.
I remember back after the First World Trade Center bombing, being up late at night, and the phone rang, and one of my friends said, it was actually Jeff Davis, said, you need to tune in to CBS, because on their overnight show, I think it was like in an hour, he said,
Why that detail matters, it doesn't.
The point is, I got a call from a friend saying, tune in, CBS News says they've got a report about what really happened on the First World Trade Center attack in 93.
Now, we already had the New York Times, we already had the LA Times, we already had local New York reports, and it was hidden in plain view, right there in the stories, that the FBI cooked the bombs.
Trained the drivers.
Gave them the detonators.
And when their informant, first the informant was hired because he spoke Arabic.
He was a slash Egyptian slash US CIA asset, agent.
And that's all admitted.
Ahmad Salam.
He was hired to come over and first build a dummy bomb.
Then they said, well, we want it to be a real bomb.
And then, oh, we wanted to have a real detonator.
And he protested that, but they encouraged him to and promised that they just wanted the convictions to stick.
And then he thought they were setting him up, because three days before the bombing, he went in and said, okay, it's built, let's go bust them.
And they said, no, we're pulling you off the case.
And he said, well, I'm going to call the police.
And they said, no, no, don't do that.
We're following orders from higher up.
Just stand down.
And there were over 11 hours in those three days of arguments with Ahmad Salam and the head of the FBI in New York and others.
And he knew he was being set up, so he recorded them.
And then after the bombing, he went and what did he get?
$1.3 million in a settlement that they gave him to shut up.
So, this is a classic provocateur action, and because it didn't work well for the feds, they just purely carried out the attacks on 9-11.
Now, I remember seeing that newscast right when it broke, and they were talking about the FBI cooking the bomb, training the drivers.
We have never been able to find that exact clip, though those issues were admitted in the New York Times and L.A.
Right at that same time.
But we did today discover...
On YouTube, who knows how long it'll be up there, a CBS nightly news piece that came out months and months after the attacks when the defense was trying to use this issue in the court case against Sheikh Abd al-Rahman and others.
And then the argument is by the prosecutors, well, you're not allowed to have these 11 hours of tapes.
You're not, which, by the way, the clips you're going to hear were made public because Salam did release some of them before they paid him off to shut up.
And then the media spins it like, well, just because the government could have stopped them doesn't mean they're not culpable.
Which would be reasonable on the surface, but this isn't a sting or entrapment.
This is a provocateur action where they cooked the bomb and trained the drivers and gave them the detonators and then let them go ahead with it.
And this thing was organized from the start.
They went and hired Salam and then had him go in and provocateur the entire action.
And they had other informants inside as well.
So this is like if I go out and find some
Mentally retarded individual like Forrest Gump and convince them to go rob a bank, and then later I end up being the government who arrests them, and then Forrest Gump's lawyers bring up in the trial, well, you went and told him to rob the bank and told him it was a game and told him it was going to be fun.
And I use the example of Forrest Gump.
One had an IQ of 75, the other of 80.
80 is a low-grade moron.
75 is retarded.
It's not deeply retarded, but 70 is seriously retarded.
60 is basically...
We're good to go.
So you go into it.
Instead of arresting him for terroristic threats and inciting violence and riot and rapine, instead of deporting him back to Egypt, instead of getting rid of these people, oh no, we've got a perfect group of crazies.
Let's cook a big old bomb and let's go park it right up against the main support column.
Thank God that the...
It was a catch-22.
They had to find people so dumb, so retarded, and I'm not attacking retarded people, folks.
I'm just saying they were retarded.
It's very sad.
In this politically correct world, you're not even supposed to say that word.
But it was a catch-22.
They were able to get the bombing to go forward because they were retarded, but because they were retarded, even though they had feds in there that day directing traffic, this came out in the news, by the way, trying to keep people from parking in the parking garage up against the main central spire column.
So the theory was if they blew that, it would structurally damage the entire building, and they'd have to tear the building down.
It might have even made it collapse.
But they didn't park it up against the column, and so when the explosion went off, it didn't have the pounds of pressure it needed to even damage the column, and then what, it killed nine people and several thousand, got smoke inhalation.
But I'm already digressing.
I've got to move quick here.
This is a open and shut, cut and dry, red-handed orgy of evidence where we have the government dead to rights.
So here's Dan Rather...
From the early 1990s during the trial, and this is a whitewash piece, but the truth is still hidden in plain view.
Here it is.
Last winter, the FBI was praised for its speed in cracking the case of the World Trade Center bombing and bringing four suspects to trial.
Now, there is some evidence that the FBI may have known of the plot in advance through an informant and might, might even have stopped the bombing that killed six people.
Correspondent Jacqueline Adams has the story.
FBI agents might have been able to prevent last February's deadly explosion at New York's World Trade Center.
They discussed secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives, but they didn't, according to the FBI's own informant, Imad Salem.
Unbeknownst to the FBI at the time, Salem recorded many of his conversations with his handlers.
I'm holding 903 pages of draft transcripts.
William Kunstler represents Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and several others charged with conspiring to blow up a series of New York City landmarks four months after the World Trade Center bombing.
That case has not yet gone to trial.
Kunstler confirmed newspaper reports of the Salem transcripts.
In one, Salem complains to an FBI agent, Since the bomb went off, I feel terrible.
I feel bad.
I feel here is people who don't listen.
The agent replied, Hey, I mean, it wasn't like you didn't try and I didn't try.
You can't force people to do the right thing.
There is material in here to show gross governmental misconduct.
Today, attorneys for the defendants in the ongoing World Trade Center bombing case formally asked for the transcripts of Salem's tapes.
Quite frankly, it's beyond me why now, the fourth week into the trial, we still don't have these materials.
Prosecutors have refused to comment publicly, but legal experts say the defense may have no right to those transcripts.
It's not a defense to a crime to say, if only the government had stopped me, I wouldn't have done it.
So this isn't material that ordinarily the defense would be entitled to.
In court today, a witness from the Ford Motor Company linked debris recovered from the explosion site to a Ford van where defendant Mohamed Salama was arrested less than a week after the bombing.
Jacqueline Adams, CBS News, New York.
And that's off an old VHS tape, and they wear out to where each time it loops, some areas have a good audio track, some don't.
That's why it went up and down.
And the media today says nine died.
That's the number I go off of.
I don't know why they said six back then.
Who knows what the truth is?
But that's an example of how they whitewash something.
We talk about a transcript and tapes he made in the days after the attack, not the tapes he made before, where it clearly came out that he cooked the bomb, he trained the drivers, they gave him the detonators, he didn't want to make a real bomb, the government said make a real bomb, he then complained and said, bust them, stop them, they're going to bomb it!
And they just said, stand down!
But by the time it gets on CBS News...
And the report I saw right after it happened was much more hardcore.
That slipped through the censors, I guess, that late evening.
But there's another example of it, and it's just forgotten in history.
Now, when we get back, I want to play a clip where you take your smallpox shot, and you get in serious trouble.
You start fighting for your life.
You start fighting to breathe.
Then we'll get into...
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, welcome back.
I want to get into what's happening with the Iraq Study Group and just comment on the ridiculous theatrical fraud we're all witnessing that Shakespeare would blush at.
The Goebbels would blush at.
Just the level of propaganda.
Also, top-level insiders are dumping their stock at the boldest pace in two decades.
This is not good.
Not good at all.
But first off, what we do here on this broadcast is we attempt to break the regional news monopoly.
There are so many stories that are in small towns or even big cities that never get outside the town, the region, that other Americans don't hear about.
But what we're able to do by giving you the big picture and then zooming in to the...
We're good to go.
Thousands and thousands, it's in the thousands, and you heard Dr. Doug Rockey on talking about this, of the troops from Gulf War I, Gulf War II, you hear the military people call in here going, yeah, they gave us shots and the whole barracks got sick and people broke out and had to go to the hospital and parents call in and say, yeah, my son took it and had a rapid autoimmune reaction and was dead in two weeks.
And so at the end of this newscast, when you hear, oh, this just happens to a few people in a million, that's a lie.
Remember almost four years ago they announced that 14 million first responders, all police, all firemen, all nurses, all doctors, all medical workers, most city employees, county employees, state employees, had to take the smallpox shot.
And Tommy Thompson said how great it was, Health and Human Services.
Just like he's out saying, and on the payroll of Applied Digital, saying take a microchip.
He's giving high school and middle school and elementary school speeches, saying every child needs a chip.
You're doubting me?
Type it in.
It's mainstream news.
Well, he said everybody needs a smallpox shot.
And he said, you have to take it.
Now, it's just like with the children in school.
There was no law, and we had sheriffs and police chiefs and fire chiefs on who were against it.
And they said no.
All they do is they come in and say, well, our insurance says we have to have it.
It's a policy.
You've got to take it or you're fired.
Well, the only group they could force to take it was the military.
And they did force them to take it.
And when they just vaccinated the first 100,000, hundreds died.
Hundreds had heart attacks.
Hundreds more had really bad side effects.
And that came out regionally in the news.
The word got out.
The police, the firemen, everybody said no.
So they were able to vaccinate 4,000 out of 14 million first responders in this country.
The headline in the LA Times was something like, Smallpox program fails.
We covered it on air.
It was a big victory for us.
I would talk to cops.
I remember talking to cops in gas stations, getting coffee, going...
Hey, you guys going to take the smallpox?
No, we heard about that.
We're not taking it.
And I'd say, do you know who I am?
No, who are you?
Oh, you don't know who I am.
I wanted to make sure you weren't fans of the show.
Yeah, the stuff's real deadly.
Go to Infowars.com.
Yeah, we already know.
We already said we're not taking it.
See, they tell you you have to.
You just say no!
When we get back, I'm going to play this clip of somebody in the military who couldn't say no.
And he still is so...
Well-meaning and so gullible and such a good person.
Our Crips are such good people on average that he doesn't even blame the government.
He can't walk.
Can't walk.
But that's okay.
Who was the big reporter that the smallpox shot and then that night had a heart attack and died?
That's one of the... Because there's a huge autoimmune response...
You basically go into shock and have a cardiac arrest.
And that's the lucky ones that go quick.
A lot of them swell up black pussies out of every orifice.
And then a bunch of other people get smallpox.
It's live smallpox.
It's just been weakened with a burst of radiation.
A lot of times they don't cook it enough.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We'll be right back and play this clip and get into all the other news.
It's all vital.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
Globalists are concerned with
We're good to go.
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Welcome back.
All right, let's go ahead and go to this clip.
And listen carefully to it, what happened to this young man.
And then at the end, they lied.
Of course, the reporter probably doesn't know that.
They get a little press release from the government telling them, oh, this only hurts a couple of people out of a million.
But we know what happened with the troops.
We know what happened with the 4,000 that took it.
There were here in the U.S.
who weren't in the military.
It was a huge disaster.
They had to suspend it.
But they now have brought it back in the last six months.
Experimental illegal.
It's already been ruled illegal by federal judges, even for the troops.
Anthrax and smallpox.
And by the way, they've got a huge history of testing all sorts of other things on you and not even telling you what it is.
So let's go ahead and play this clip.
A vaccine meant to protect military troops left one Ozarks Marine fighting for his life.
Good evening.
Thanks for joining us.
And I'm Paula Morehouse.
I'm Tim Fialdo.
A 20-year-old Springfield man is relearning how to walk after a smallpox vaccine left him paralyzed.
Joseph Lopez had only been serving Iraq for one week when he suddenly lost all ability to move.
Now he's in the hospital recovering.
But as KY3's Michelle Sherwood reports, his family has taken some hard falls along the way.
He's got the heart of a young man and the determination of a Marine.
I didn't know sit-ups would be so hard.
Every day I could feel myself getting a little bit better.
Joe Lopez is undergoing physical therapy at St.
John's Hospital in Springfield.
The things that used to be second nature to him now take serious concentration.
It doesn't really get straight.
You're thinking, I should be able to do this, but I can't.
Just seven weeks ago, Joe was a healthy young Marine serving in Iraq, but that quickly changed.
Overnight, I couldn't go to sleep, and things just got worse, and by the morning, I couldn't move my legs at all.
He was rushed to a hospital in Germany, where his mom couldn't believe her eyes.
I knew he was going to look pretty bad, and he did.
He did.
They told me the only reaction they'd gotten out of him was he had opened his eyes.
Doctors were baffled at first, but then they told him what had caused his sudden paralysis.
The smallpox shot.
So it was an immunization, and then it made my body attack itself.
That's it.
Right there.
As tough as this is for Joe, he believes it happened for a good reason.
To see his dad.
He was in the hospital the day I got here, so I got to see him that day.
And when I left for Iraq, I thought I'd never get to see him again.
So I did get to see him one last time.
And it's kind of weird how this smallpox thing brought me home.
Joe's dad died on Thanksgiving.
It's kind of hard.
Joe's lost a lot in a short amount of time.
It's made me realize how stupid little things are.
And he says he'll get some of that back, one step at a time.
Michelle Sherwood, KY3 News.
Now the CDC reports that out of 1 million people, less than 55 will have a serious reaction to the smallpox vaccine.
As for Joe, he hopes to be on crutches.
Okay, he hopes to be on crutches.
The guy can't walk.
He's swole up black with pustards squirting out everywhere.
That's the video.
That's what happens.
And most people die.
He's pretty tough.
Of course they knew in Rammstein what was doing it.
The troops come in every day.
Folks, sometimes entire companies can't get up after they take these shots.
And believe me, it may not even have been smallpox.
They are testing just, you name it, bioweapons, experimental drugs, aggression drugs, amnesia drugs, that's admitted on them.
And so how is this supporting the troops?
How do you support
The troops by supporting a government that illegally is doing human experimentation on them.
Because even if you've signed a military commitment form, you still do not waive your rights for human experimentation.
That's the federal and state law and it's common sense.
But they don't care.
The government violates its own laws every single millisecond.
And so they give experimental anthrax and experimental smallpox and a whole other cocktail to the troops.
And the reporters and the contractors who were over there, they roll their sleeves up and do it too, and they die en masse.
So how is it supporting our troops staging a war that is designed to break the country up, designed to create balkanization, designed to cause a civil war, and then to just keep our troops there?
It's disgusting.
The people who claim they support our troops really don't support our troops.
They just get to feel good and have the media pat them on the head to support the war and feeding our troops into a meat grinder.
Meanwhile, we always talk about the false left-right paradigm, but you could expand it to the false bipolar paradigm, where the globalists will have both people, both sides, both groups working for them, but then they will have those two groups have a perceived fight, a fake fight.
You know, it's the old classic scam where the good-looking woman, you know, this is how they do robberies, it happens all the time, she acts like she's fighting with her husband, or the boyfriend's beating her up, and then the guy with the Mercedes puts her in the car, and then she pulls a gun on him and says, pull over here, and the guy that was acting like he was beating her up is waiting, and they go ahead and carjack him and put him in the trunk or kill him, or if he's lucky, pistol whip him and throw him in the ditch.
Or, you know, the more popular watered-down type, good cop, bad cop.
I'm going to take you in.
You're going to prison, boy!
Better answer my questions about where the drugs are.
I'm going to throttle you.
And the other cop comes over and goes, Hey, hey, stop it, Bill.
Stop it.
Come on.
Stop it.
Come on.
Let's be reasonable.
Listen, listen.
He's had a bad day.
Just tell me if you've got any drugs, and we'll throw them out.
We'll just get rid of them.
Or if you're honest with him, he may not take you in.
Just come on.
Just go ahead and tell me.
Okay, this is how they do it.
Another example, a good cop, bad cop.
I've used the example the last few weeks because it's a good one.
We all know who have children.
You say, okay, you can read two more books or you can read one more book, but then you've got to go to bed.
Now, you know, the children may cry or get upset if they're apt to do that.
If you just say one more and that's it, or no more books, no, you just give them a fake choice.
One book or two books.
Or you can stay up and, or you can play outside the backyard for five more minutes or ten more minutes.
And your plan all along was to get them in within 15 minutes for dinner.
Or you can stay at your friend's house until 8 or 8.30.
Okay, this is just basic psychology.
And it's used on adults every day.
It's used in advertising.
And I, frankly, am sick of it.
I mean, they laugh at you, folks.
James Baker, George Bush, Jr., Henry Kissinger.
Henry Kissinger, it's turned out, for at least the last six years, was at the White House every month, secretly, coming in and blacked out in a limo or whatever.
Well, I don't know what's going on with all the gay prostitutes they bring in at night.
But side issue.
Oh, you didn't hear about that?
Why don't you go Google it?
It's mainstream news, but back of the paper.
I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
So, it's the same thing with the Iraq Study Group.
And I kept telling you what they do.
They came in and said Bush didn't have a good policy, he was wrong.
And they're going to pull the troops out, but they need to build them up first and train the 18 or 15, it fluctuates every few weeks, different...
Different divisions of Iraqi National Guard.
And last time I checked, they've only got two that are stand-alone now by themselves without U.S.
leadership or British leadership.
So for the last two and a half years, it's the same trick.
We're going to beef up before we build down.
Okay, we're going to start pulling people out.
That's our plan.
But first we've got to stabilize.
Meanwhile, British, U.S., and Israeli intelligence is running around blowing up mosques, machine-gunning people, dressed up like whatever group, whether it's Sunni attacking Shiite or vice versa, Kurd attacking Shia or Sunni.
It just goes on and on.
And it's not going to stop.
And we'll probably be there in 100 years.
And I'm not joking.
We've been in Korea for 50 years.
And we've been in Germany for 62 years, 61 years.
I say we, that is we the slaves of America, co-opted and brainwashed by high-tech propaganda, totally controlled as the Hessian military force of the private banks that own our country.
And so that's what's happened.
And so they have the New York Post, the Rupert Murdoch publication comes out and shows Hamilton and Baker, the two, you know, one of them was the former head of the whitewashed 9-11 Commission.
Again, these are the people Bush appointed before.
And Baker, you know, his daddy's lawyer, Secretary of State, the guy that blocks the victims' families from suing Saudi Arabia for involvement in 9-11.
This is the guy.
They show him with their heads on chimpanzees, calling him Surrender Monkeys.
And yes, I know chimpanzees and apes.
They call them surrender monkeys and have their heads on apes.
I get emails of the smallest things, but that's what they're doing.
Okay, so they're surrender monkeys!
No, they're not.
They've put it all into now a process.
Oh, now they've depoliticized it.
Okay, Democrats, you won.
We're listening to you.
We're going to end the war.
By putting in 30,000 extra troops and building even more permanent structure bases and...
And then maybe setting a timetable to later set a timetable.
But it won't be any clear numbers on the timetable.
We're setting a timetable to set a timetable.
And then the Democratic new committee chairman come out and say, and Pelosi come out and say, okay, well, yeah, we may have to increase the troops first.
The same thing we've been hearing for two and a half years.
A year into the war, they started saying, I mean, it's just the exact same thing, but Bush comes out and criticizes the committee,
The study group, the commission, the New York Post attacks them as surrender monkeys, and now the neocons are on top radio attacking the evil liberals, James Baker and the surrender monkeys.
I heard it this morning.
And they're taking their talking points right out of the New York Post.
And the liberals have now heard it.
Raw story's been totally fooled.
All the big liberal sites who were totally anti-war and having an effect are now running around cheerleading, talking about how good Baker is.
Hey, a few Time Magazine covers with Bush Sr.
all blown up big, and Bush looking diminutive down about an inch tall next to him, and a few articles calling him surrender monkeys.
They fooled the liberals to think they won, and that now everything's wonderful, and that now, see, the Democrats suddenly won't really care about the war, because it was really just about some weird kind of ball game, Coke vs. Pepsi, Ford vs. Chevy war,
You know, Toyota versus Chrysler.
Rah, rah.
Just like the Democrats love the attack on Serbia.
They love every other war.
Just as long as it isn't a Republican.
It's a religion of hating the Republicans who to them in their... in their...
Pantheistic view is the devil is Loki, Beelzebub, Baphomet, the black dragon, and the Democrats are the angels and then the saints, and Hillary Clinton is Jesus.
I mean, that's basically how it works.
So great!
It's really over 10,000 troops that have officially died, but they don't count if you're out of country when you die from the wounds.
It'll never go over 3,000.
It's been at 2,800 and something for two years.
Have you noticed that?
I mean, it's just sick.
It's mind control being practiced against the American people.
And if you like being mind controlled, if you like being brainwashed, if you like Propaganda 101, then enjoy yourselves.
Another example of the propaganda we witness and we labor under
In this country, is the fact that versus Euro lows of 2000 when it was launched, 82 to 83 cents against the dollar, now at 133 against the dollar, they will say the dollar has rebounded.
Yes, less than one half of one point.
It slides another three cents, and then it goes back up a half cent, and they call that a rallying bull market in the dollar.
So, again, that's like you fall off a 100-story building, but once you hit the bottom, somehow you're able to climb a foot back up.
I mean, you're at the bottom, folks.
You're dead.
Meanwhile, the stock market's been devalued by close to half because of dollar devaluation.
And so it's at $12,000.
Oh, it's such a bull market.
And, really, it's a horrible market.
And the Dow Jones Industrial 30 is staged as well because they pick the Dow 30 and take out the losers there.
I mean, the NASDAQ index is a fraud.
Standard & Poor's is a fraud on its face!
But the media tells you what the good investments are, and you're happy to get 4%, 5%, 6% increase in your average stock values, even on the winners in staged indexes.
Meanwhile, you've truly had it devalued conservatively by about 45%.
Then we have this out of the New York Post, which it's clear they're trying to drive an implosion.
I don't know why they're ratting on themselves here.
They pushed an implosion of the starting of the real estate market.
Because it's a money sink that they don't want you to be able to run to.
So they want to go ahead and destroy that so when they plunge the market and everybody goes bankrupt, they can go in and buy up the real assets very cheaply.
I'm not saying real estate isn't overvalued.
It is, but at least there's some tangible value
Well, here's the New York Post.
Top-level insiders selling their stock.
America's corporate chiefs are unloading their own stocks at one of the boldest paces in 20 years.
In the case of the very rich, which is Microsoft's Bill Gates and Google's top brass, the executives are selling a whopping $63 for each one of the stock they bought, says a report by Bloomberg.
In November alone, leaders of public companies dumped $8.4 billion worth of stock they owned as insiders, most of it awarded as compensation bonuses or other management incentives.
Of course, they focus in on a tiny little manager group.
It's the shareholders, which is the big central private banks, defense contractors, and the mafia dons.
And they're dumping so fast it makes my head spin.
And what are they grabbing?
Raw material.
Military stocks.
Grids you're going to have to have.
They're divesting so fast it makes my head spin.
And when they rape us financially even more, they'll pose as our saviors and have a commission on the Depression by the very people that ran the Depression.
And we'll learn to love them and thank them.
And people will sit around watching their TVs doing whatever the government says and it'll just end the Depression.
And you'll just dig your hole deeper, won't you?
Just believe them.
Don't listen to me.
It's what you deserve, America.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
You fed the troops into a meat grinder.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House programmed to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The same criminal elite that funded Stalin and Hitler and Mao that killed over 200 million people are now in control and are trying to set up a final control grid to have an orderly extermination of 90% of the population.
I know a lot of you won't listen now,
But when you're in the compact cities, forced drug, being face scanned, being forcibly sterilized, all the names of stopping the deadly bioplegs that have been released in the future, you will remember everything I said, some of you will remember, and then we can really start the business of resistance.
Of course, we could overt all of that if we actually woke up and took action, but who knows?
I do see people waking up, but I don't know if it's quick enough.
We'll continue to cover news.
David Shaler is coming up at about 10 after in the next hour.
We're going to play a TV clip of him this week.
Riveting stuff on Sky Television.
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Former MI5 agent whistleblower David Shaler will join us to give us a global overview on the still continuing gear up for war with Iran.
Four aircraft carrier task force groups.
That's unprecedented.
They've never done that before.
It's normally two or three, even in Gulf War I and II.
Masked in the Persian Gulf, right up against the coastline.
Sitting ducks.
Who knows what's going to happen?
He'll be joining us to talk about the Litvinenko case that's spiraling and getting bigger and bigger
And so much more coming up in the next segment.
Some of the news that I was covering the last hour, top-level insiders are selling their stock.
It's a record in the last 20 years, and this type of dumping has always happened by the CEOs right before a serious recession or depression or, quote, correction.
It says here in the New York Post, Wall Street investors are displaying fresh worries that the Federal Reserve might pull the trigger too quickly on hiking rates again.
And that's to try to boost the dollar.
That's why they're not doing it.
Possibly plunging the U.S.
into a recession as the Fed did in 2000.
But if they don't do that, the dollar plunges.
People will have to buy the dollar.
It's fiat.
Just before the worst of the 2000 recession, insider sales...
We're also at a near record.
This new record is even above that.
So there's the rest of the story, as they say.
Really scary article here in the Associated Press.
Scope of Second Amendment questioned in a case that could shape firearms laws nationwide.
Did you hear me?
Attorneys for the District of Columbia argued Thursday.
That's yesterday.
That the Second Amendment right to bear arms applies only to militias, not individuals.
So in the past, they argued that they could regulate and restrict individuals.
Now they're arguing, you have no right to own a gun.
This is your government.
This is the criminals.
The mafia doesn't want armed slaves, because slaves aren't armed.
The city defended a constitutional, its long-standing ban on handguns.
I love it.
Some gun opponents have advocated elsewhere.
Civil liberties groups and pro-gun organizations say the ban is unconstitutional.
Oh, no.
America isn't all about being ambled on guns.
The war didn't start when the British came to confiscate the guns from the British.
Oh, no.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
There's no... It's like these lying professors.
Oh, no!
One of them got defrocked and lost his tenure for lying and claiming that 1% of the colonials owned guns and we were anti-gun.
They went and actually looked at the numbers.
He made them up.
They didn't exist.
Of course, we know from the record that it was almost 100% gun ownership.
At issue in the case before a federal appeals court is whether the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms applies to all people or only to a well-regulated militia.
Now, it talks about a well-regulated militia common and the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
And they have the constitutional debates, Congress debates, and the ratification debates later.
The Bush administration...
Has endorsed individual gun ownership rights, but the Supreme Court has never settled the issue.
There have been hundreds of Supreme Court and state court rulings saying it's an individual right.
But they don't ever want you to know about those rulings.
So that's a lie right there.
If the dispute makes its way to the high court, it would be the first case in 70 years.
Wait, I thought you said it's never been addressed.
To address the amendment scope, the court disappointed gun owner groups in 2003 when it refused to take up a challenge...
The California's ban on assault weapons.
When you've got eight of the nine members appointed by Republicans, they're going to be anti-gun.
Look at Governor Pataki.
Look at all this scum.
Bunch of gun-grabbing demons.
They're coming for your guns.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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Central Standard Time, we're here on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Often imitated, never duplicated.
I wish they would duplicate.
I don't even think I have that good of a show, but it is effective against the New World Order.
We're going to go to David Shaler, who's a good friend of mine and done a great job exposing false flag, government-sponsored and criminal network-sponsored terror.
We can't air the entire 30-minute interview, but he exposed 7-7, 9-11, how he discovered that MI6 was funding Al-Qaeda.
That's what he originally blew the whistle on in the late 90s.
And he got on Rupert Murdoch's own Sky Television News.
We're going to air about four minutes of it right now and then go to him.
Here it is.
Everybody is saying in this country that this is the Russian government.
And I don't believe that's the case.
I believe it's much more likely to be the oligarchs who are connected to this kind of new world order of high finance, the oil industry and the arms industry who assassinated Litvinenko.
Because Litvinenko was not a simple dissident.
He was actually playing the whistle on false flag terrorism.
It's the same thing that I blew the whistle on.
And of course these people in the New World Order don't want this to come out because there are many other examples of this and I include among them 9-11 and possibly 7-7 and they're trying to keep a lid on it.
And the reason they're carrying out these false flag operations and blaming Islamic extremists for example is so that they can invade countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and of course that's all very good for the arms industry, the oil industry and the finance industry.
Okay, hey, slow down.
I think you're going to... I've just got to join the dots up here.
Bear with us Jonathan a minute.
I will come to you in a second.
You're saying the oligarchs would want him dead because he's about to tell us what?
Well, he's actually a whistleblower on false flag terrorism.
The false flag terrorism he blows the whistle on is in September 1999, we're calling this 999 now,
There were a series of explosions at tower blocks in Moscow, and these were blamed on Islamic Chechens, basically.
Now, we have heard this story.
The allegation is that the Russian government did this, or the FSB.
Well, certainly the FSB, the Russian Intelligence Service... As a mean to justify the invasion of Chechnya.
Absolutely, yes.
They were caught doing it.
It's not clear whether these were rogue elements of that service, or whether it was being done on behalf of the Russian government, I have to say that.
But Litvinenko was using his own personal experience to bear on other issues and start to investigate perhaps other examples of false flag terrorism.
He was about to write a book and so on.
And they didn't want this stuff coming out from somebody who already had a reputation for blowing the whistle and somebody who looked to be very, very reliable.
There's no comparison, is there, that even if Russian authorities or rogue Russian elements did that to justify an invasion of Chechnya, are you saying there's a parallel with what happened on 9-11 to justify an invasion of Iraq?
I am saying that, yes, and if you actually look at the documents called... Well, there's a document written by the neocons, this includes people like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeldt and Pearl and even Jeb Bush, the brother of the President.
And this dates from September 2000, before the current Republican administration.
And they say in that, quite barefaced, that America needs fuel, needs energy, so they say we've got to secure a gas pipeline across Afghanistan, we've got to secure the oil supply from Iraq and Iran.
But, we can only do this through an invasion and the people of America won't accept this in the absence of a catastrophic and cataclysmic event like a new Pearl Harbor.
Of course, Pearl Harbor was what inflamed American public opinion to get the Americans into the Second World War.
So, you're asking us to believe that an American administration
Or elements within an American administration deliberately set around to murder 3,000 of its own citizens to justify invading Iraq?
I am, because the profit's involved and look what's happened as a result of it.
Halliburton got a no-bid contract for billions of dollars.
Dick Cheney, of course, is associated with Halliburton.
When you look at the physical evidence for 9-11, to prove the official story, it's simply not there.
And I know from working on the Lockerbie issue, for example, that every time a plane goes down, it is a requirement of international law that there is an air crash investigation carried out.
And that's quite separate from any investigation of terrorism.
So on that day, we should have four air crash investigations, we have none.
So we can hand on heart say there is no evidence that Flight 11 went to the North Tower and Flight 175 went to the South Tower because they didn't do that painstaking forensic work.
And similarly... Well, what is the video we know and show?
We're getting a bit off topic here, but I mean... Well, I would say to anybody, slow that video down and make your own conclusion about what is going on there.
But what I must also mention as well, which I find very suspicious as a former counter-terrorist officer, is that less than 1% of the steel taken from Ground Zero was forensicated.
The rest of it was shipped off to China where it was melted down.
Now that again is a criminal offence to interfere in a crime scene.
And yet this less than 1% that was forensicated showed traces of sulphur, which is consistent with a by-product of thermate, an explosive used in controlled demolition.
Clearly implying the towers were brought down by controlled demolition.
And I tell you, anybody else, look at building 7.
Do you know about building 7?
Tell me.
That day at 5.20, building 7 came down.
A 47-storey building comes down in 6.5 seconds.
The central column goes first, it falls in its own footprint.
That is entirely consistent with controlled demolition.
And the leaseholder site, Larry Silverstein, said a year later on PBS, the decision was made to have it pulled.
And it goes on and on.
This is incredible.
Why on earth, because normally they shout you down, just like they do here on Fox Television, why did he let you go on and on?
This is groundbreaking, David.
I'm not quite sure what happened.
It is, yeah.
I think he just got genuinely interested.
I mean, some people said he knew about it.
I don't think he did, because he didn't know anything about Building 7.
I had to explain that to him, for example, as you heard in the clip.
So I think he was genuinely interested, not really knowing the kind of can of worms he was opening.
And what was interesting was when they started reading out the email response in the middle of the program, I could see him flicking through them, looking for ones criticizing me.
There were lots in favor, even one from a controlled demolition expert, but very few against.
He must have found one.
By the end of the program, he was saying it was about evenly split in favor against me.
We don't know, obviously, if that's true or not.
We don't know whether the kind of stooges of the intelligence services got their people to email the program.
Well, we know from scientific polls, 84% believe there's a cover-up and 36% believe total inside job, 68% believing they could be involved.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, when you look at the public opinion polls, I know the public are on my side.
It's just normally when I do telephone interviews in Britain, I know I'm very closely monitored by the intelligence services and the New World Order when I do that.
And sometimes I get quite personal calls coming in and the phone-ins and so on just attacking me personally as an attempt to try and destabilise me, attempt to try and get me angry and so on.
Normally I manage to keep, you know, play quite a straight back to that and just keep focusing on the facts, basically, which is what we've all got to do.
But it's a great sign when they do personally attack you, because it means that they can't actually attack your information.
And that should show the people that we're winning the argument.
Well, exactly.
That's what Charlie Sheen said.
All they could do was make stuff up about him and make personal attacks.
None of the media could even talk about any of the claims he made.
Yeah, and I think we've got to look long and hard at these people in the media who are allowing themselves to be used in this way.
I mean, that to me is pretty clear evidence these people are agents of the New World Order.
I mean, one thing I did blow the whistle on that appears in Annie's book, Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers,
Is that there are two MI6 agents of influence working on the Sunday Telegraph, a very prestigious British newspaper.
And so I was actually briefed on a story which was completely made up about Colonel Gaddafi's son in an attempt to discredit him.
And that, of course, went to a journalist who was an MI6 agent of influence, so he puts it in the paper.
But, of course, because the editor of the paper was also an MI6 agent of influence, he makes sure it gets a good showing.
Now, when anybody comes to research this in the future, this is all set in stone in the archives as if a proper journalistic investigation has gone on.
You know, people on the outside would not know, if I hadn't blown the whistle, that that was just information invented by MI6.
Well, people wouldn't know that Hearst Publishing, unless they looked in the encyclopedia, has been part of US intelligence since before 1900.
And that members of Homeland Security Director's family wrote the hit piece in Popular Mechanics against myself and others, and it is a government op.
Once you start to scratch the surface, that is the case.
Well, this is it.
And I say we've got to wonder why the mainstream media are not following up on these things and not exposing this kind of thing.
I mean, fortunately, after our book came out, the two people involved, Dominic Lawson and Conn Coughlin, these two journalists on the Sunday Telegraph,
Okay, I want to go back here to the Litvinenko case, but before we do that,
Going from the wilderness in, what, 97 or so, when you were first speaking out, to now, you talk about government false flag terror, then they'd look at you like you had six heads.
Now, I mean, listen, I've been on talk radio shows where the host attacks me for two hours, and he takes 30 calls, and one of them disagrees, and they panic and say everybody's gone crazy.
I've seen a total flip where almost everybody now knows the truth.
How is this going to affect...
The global oligarchs who are orchestrating terror attacks through their compartments in intelligence.
I think that's the best way to say it.
It's not the whole government.
Criminal elements.
I mean, how is this affecting one of their favorite tricks of false flag terror that exponentially it's being exposed and now accepted to be common knowledge?
You know, the three stages of truth.
First it is ignored, then it's ridiculed, then it's accepted.
I mean, give me your take on that.
The problem is, of course, is they can't actually... I mean, they'd love to go into Iran.
We've had Bush going on about this again just recently.
But, of course, they can't.
And they can't even have a false flag operation because the 9-11 truth movement in the States, in the UK particularly, are now so well organised and get information out so quickly.
And I think some people will recall that there was talk of going into Iran around about August, September 2005.
And somebody spotted that there was actually one of these counter-terrorist training exercises going on, which is always a sign that something might happen, like on 9-11 and 7-7.
And this one involves smuggling a suitcase nuke into an American city.
Now, it's possible they were going to use that as cover for really doing that, but when people saw details of this posted on the net, people shared the information as widely as possible.
So even before they'd done anything, everybody was primed for it.
And that, uh, that counter-terrorist training exercise was actually cancelled, would you believe?
So, I think that the 9-11 truth movement across the world may well have stopped that false flag operation.
Well, we know we've stopped events.
They kept saying it's going to happen, going to happen, but they haven't been able to because this stuff doesn't work if you're looking.
If you're watching, you know, they can't rob your house if you're home sitting there with a shotgun across your knees.
Well, that's it.
Now we've raised the profile.
It's that much more difficult for them to do it, isn't it, basically?
And that should act as a deterrent.
The problem is, of course, the very fact that 9-11's coming out and 7-7's coming out and you say all the other stuff about the false flag operations...
Makes them more desperate to start either another Cold War or World War III so they can, you know, perhaps declare a state of emergency and take control of the media and so on.
I agree with you.
Let's talk about Litvinenko because I'm no fan of Putin.
He may be involved, but I think what you're saying about it being New World Order has a lot of credibility.
Let's find out who you believe is involved.
Is it the oligarchs?
Hi, folks.
Jack Browning from Midas Resources.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Waging war on corruption Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 p.m.
Also do a new Sunday show.
We know we're fighting for this country's life, the world's life here.
Private global interests have seized control of the United States and England and are using it as their own personal mercenary force.
And they use the illusion of patriotism to sell us on actually destroying our countries.
David Shaler joins us, a real hero.
Went public when he found out that the government was hiring Al-Qaeda to commit murders.
Al-CIA to...
And since then has just been spot on on so many issues, so I respect his opinion.
Litvinenko, okay.
And then now this particular isotope showing up in Italy, bars all over London, businesses, Russia, five airplanes.
Did Litvinenko really say he thinks Russian intelligence killed him on his deathbed?
Or is that made up?
Or, you know, was he blowing the whistle on the Israeli oligarchs?
I mean, what's really going on here with your investigative skills?
Well, you've always got to ask the question, of course, who benefits, and of course the Russians don't.
The Russian state doesn't benefit from this.
This is putting Putin in the spotlight.
There's a lot of accusations, obviously, that Putin is behind it.
I mean, someone called Dame Pauline Neville Jones here, who's a former MI6, very senior MI6 officer, has been going around saying all the evidence points to the Russians.
So you can be pretty sure that's misinformation coming out of MI6, of course.
The people who stand to benefit are the oligarchs and the New World Order.
If the Russian services wanted to bump this man off, they'd use the usual technique.
They've actually got a thing, a spray they can blow through a rolled-up newspaper that hits you on the nose, you breathe it in, you die of a heart attack in seconds.
That is the normal method to use by intelligence services who want a clean kill, basically.
And of course they can then say, if anybody says, oh, the Russians bumped him off, then they can say, conspiracy theory, he died of a heart attack.
This has been done for two reasons.
Well, it looks just like...
Well, I agree.
I mean, it looks just like the anthrax, which is timed out over a month, which creates fear everywhere of the mail, which clearly was sent by the White House, but then they blame it on Arabs.
The White House is on Cipro, the drug that fights it, September 10th, three and a half weeks.
Only Bush enemies get it in Boca Raton.
I think so.
We know that FSB was caught by the police planting bombs in the 4th building.
We know at that time he stood to gain by being able to blame it on Chechnya as vice president and then during the election, during a war, be catapulted in a popular...
I think so.
We're good to go.
Well, that's it.
You can never know in this situation because the whole situation about life, and I've got to live this day in, day out as well.
I've got to worry about people who come and befriend me.
Are they really my friends?
Are they reporting back to me on the intelligence service?
It's cloak and dagger.
I always say it's a world of smoke and mirrors and you end up not trusting your own shadow, basically.
But what we do know from press reports, there haven't been, not press reports in this country, reports on the internet,
And then...
You've got to look at the cause in the background and so on.
There's trouble with trying to evaluate evidence in this, and it's virtually impossible because these people are experts at planting evidence.
I mean, it may well be that we're getting all these traces of Polonium-210 all over the place to cover up the fact that the first findings of Polonium-210 were in the offices of Boris Berezovsky, one of the oligarchs, and of an intelligence, a private intelligence company called Erinis, based in London.
There's only been two traces there.
People would point the finger at them and say, well, they've had... But then suddenly, suddenly they find it on a bunch of airplanes in Italy and all over the globe, and, you know, they'll probably find it in Antarctica tomorrow morning.
Stay there.
Let's talk about it more.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good.
Because do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Welcome back!
Glad that you joined us today.
We're going to go back to David Shaler here in just a moment.
We are offering a new group of items that we're very, very excited about to you, the listeners.
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One of the biggest problems are the publishers of this book.
I mean, to start with, the government sat on it for 15 months because if we'd published it, we would have been put in prison again.
And then, of course, once you got it out, the publishers wouldn't put any money into it.
They wouldn't even go into paperback.
The hardback first run of 3,000 went quite quick in about six weeks, but then they didn't go into paperback.
They didn't go into paperback again.
And we've tried to contact them because surely by now they must owe us money or they must have stopped selling it, in which case it's gone out of print and the rights revert to us.
Well let me be clear on how this works.
They first, under the Official Secrets Act, you spent six months in prison for going public about government-sponsored terror.
That was in addition to the four months in France when they tried to extradite me as well.
So a total of ten months.
So we have that going on.
Then they openly, it was in the papers, blocked the publishing yearbook.
You had to go to court to fight it.
Then the company that came to you, Prince 3000, they sell out quickly and they don't print more.
Let me tell you what's happened with Terror Storm.
It went to number eight on Amazon.
Then, when we knew they had it in stock, because it's all computerized, when we knew they had thousands, over 4,000 in stock, they said, no, we're out, and said four to six weeks for delivery, for two weeks to drive it out of the top 100.
Then, Barnes & Nobles, everybody, and this has been confirmed,
They would have them, and then keep them behind in the store warehouse, and people would have to come ask for them, and they sold out, and then now they've said, we're not going to carry it anymore.
And I've had Colonel Craig Roberts, who's had, what, three best-selling books, one sold millions of copies.
He writes books about the New World Order.
He's had New York publishers tell him, look, the CIA runs New York and London Publishing, and that's come out in the Senate hearings in 1977.
And we're not going to let your book get out.
You've got to sell publish.
So, folks, it is just unbelievably frustrating to deal with this.
On that subject, Alex, what I'm doing, though, is I'm going to rewrite the book.
I'm planning to produce something in January next year.
Basically, I'm on the case now rewriting it so that they can't claim copyright because it's going to be in my name rather than Annie's.
And I've got a new website.
There's not much up there, but I've started the website.
It's DaveShaylor.com.
And people can contact me about how they can get this new book, because really what it is, is a witness statement of all the aspects of false flag terrorism I witnessed in the service.
And when I say sort of false flag terrorism, I also mean letting terrorism happen.
Now, I've argued against the LIHOP in 9-11, because you can't trust people, even if you've got intelligence saying they're going to fly planes into buildings, and they don't put the plane down on the nuclear reactor outside New York.
That was very different.
But with the IRA in London, or IRA in Britain, they always used to give code-worded warnings.
Well, we've had...
About how they failed to stop the IRA.
For example, when MI5 took over this responsibility, the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, who'd been responsible beforehand, didn't hand over a single reliable, taskable agent.
Now, the only way you stop terrorism is by having agents.
That's how the RUC did it in Northern Ireland.
So there were no reliable agents.
Doesn't look like they were trying to stop it at all.
But even then...
MI5 was forced to take on, the offices of MI5 were forced by MI5 management to take on telephone taps which were out of date and based on inaccuracies at the expense of more current targets.
And MI5 also failed to incorporate the Met's data into its own records.
Every investigation, every time somebody came up as a potential terrorist, you had to write to the Met to find out what they knew about them, slowing down the whole investigation.
Okay, let me stop you.
Let me stop you right there.
I've interviewed a bunch of the bomb makers and the people involved with Stake 9, and they said point blank, 70 plus percent of the bombings were purely orchestrated
By British Special Forces Commandos, Infiltrators, MI6, and that literally you'd be at a high-level IRA meeting, and that the entire leadership would really be agents and not even know it, and that they were out, in many cases, carrying out the attacks themselves.
Well, this is it.
We know now from the State Knife book and from various inquiries like the Stevens Inquiry that there was clearly collusion between the British intelligence services and loyalist terrorists to assassinate innocent Catholics.
And of course, in the case of State Night, because he was head of the interrogation squad, or the nutting squad, he was actually torturing and killing other British agents who were reporting back on the IRA, therefore making the conflict last longer.
And when you start to look at all of this stuff, you realise that terrorism has been created.
In the first place, in Northern Ireland, terrorism was created because loyalists were going into Catholic areas, they were attacking Catholics,
But they don't want that.
It's just like Israel.
Because the propagandists can't deal with people up front in suits, speaking well and exposing the oppression, so they have to make it violent.
That's how they would like to neutralize Gandhi, would just go out and do violence in his name.
And this is what they did with...
When people wanted to have a civil rights march, it was banned, but they said, look, we're going to march anyway to have civil rights.
And, of course, what happened that day?
In 1972, the British Army gunned down 13 innocent unarmed Catholics.
And it's now emerged at the inquiry into Bloody Sunday that one soldier, who luckily has been given anonymity, is admitted to shooting in the back a man waving a white handkerchief who was going to the aid of a dying man.
Now, it's clearly an attempt to inflame Catholic opinion.
Of course, the contract of democracy broke down at that point, because the state was no longer protecting innocent people, it was killing them.
And they said, well look, we've got to take up arms.
But of course, they started interning people, and as anybody who works in the intelligence services knows, once they interned people, those people were not members of the IRA.
When they came out four years later, they were, because they were saying, why should I support a state which imprisons me for nothing, without a trial,
You know, we've got to defend our rights, and the only way we can do that is by bearing arms, basically.
Now, let's be clear.
The exact same thing is happening in Iraq.
The 83 Israeli plan, the 2002 U.S.
plan, was to break it in three parts, stimulate sectarian and religious strife.
And then to build permanent bases and oversee it to make sure it stays third world, and then to make sure the oil isn't pumped out to then artificially inflate the prices.
And so Bush hasn't screwed up in Iraq.
They've done exactly what the original plans called for.
Now they put it into this, quote, process debate, when really the Iraq Study Commission is just saying, oh, we need to build up troops before we take them out.
And the Democrats are saying the same thing.
It's the exact same thing.
Well, this is the problem with current politics, is when it comes to these kind of issues, the New World Order is so powerful that there's no opposition to them.
Every journalist and politician knows in Britain and America, if they start standing up and talking about 9-11 being an inside job, or the fact they're going to build permanent bases in Iraq or whatever, they know that the money's going to be cut off, they will have their personal life raked through, and they'll be discredited in the media, basically.
But despite all that intimidation, it's starting to break down.
Let's go back to Litvinenko if we can, because that's important, but it all ties together.
Now, again, I'm not saying it's Putin.
I'm not saying it's not.
I'm not saying it isn't the oligarchs.
I know this is cloak and dagger.
And certainly the way this looks is it was meant to be a big spectacle.
So we ask, who wants a big spectacle?
Well, we know that Boris Berezovsky has financed a film, has talked about how Putin staged attacks.
Then you talk about Litvinenko was writing a book, had been one of the main sources.
Other FSB have gone public.
Exposing this as well.
So it seemed like in a way, and those guys were supposedly friends, and so now we find it at his office, but you say they can plan it, so we don't know.
And then Putin might want to send a big message to all the whistleblowers to shut up about how he carries out terror attacks.
I mean, explain to me why you come to the analysis that you don't think it's Putin.
Because if it was the Russian services, they would use the usual method of administering heart attack drugs that are very difficult to trace.
If they wanted to get rid of a difficult dissident or whatever, that's what they would do.
And that would also send a message out to other intelligence officers because they know about these things, like I do.
You know, when people die of heart attacks in strange circumstances or commit suicide, as David Kelly is supposed to have done...
You know, I'm always suspicious because I know these are the methods of the intelligence services.
So that could send out a message to other whistleblowers in a sense.
But what they've done is, you know, is taken it a stage beyond that.
It's a horrific slow death with this stuff.
You know, people's internal organs all failing and everything.
That sends out a much stronger message.
And of course it keeps the whole thing in the papers day in, day out.
Intelligence services just don't like publicity at all.
If it was the Russians, they wouldn't have done it in that way, basically.
And of course, what we have now is Putin's on the back foot because people are pointing the finger at him.
It's in some ways a slightly compromised position on the world stage.
So he hasn't gained from it at all, whereas the New World Order has.
So, what do you see Putin's geopolitical position in the whole gallery or in the whole panopticon of world figures?
Well, I mean, I'm not sure how far in the... I mean, what we can... What's very difficult to say is after Litvinenko's whistleblowing about the FSP planting these bombs is how far that was actually an official operation, how far it was rogue elements...
I think so.
In many ways, it's better to keep people like Putin and Blair and Bush out of the loop, so when they are put on television, they can sound very honest and very sincere.
Well, I do agree that Bush and Blair and Putin, to a great extent, are puppets.
Probably Putin less than any of the other two.
I mean, certainly these big power networks, the institutions that couple in in the revolving door with the global corporations and the banks, that's who's calling the shots in these commission committee rooms between the different elite men who meet and codify strategy and policy.
We know that's how the world works.
They brag about it, but I just...
I mean, certainly Putin stood to gain from the 1999 bombings.
And I think his, I mean, he was a KGB guy.
I mean, I certainly think he was involved in that from all the evidence.
Bush came from 9-11, but that doesn't mean to say he knew what was going on, does it?
Bush was a lame duck president before 9-11.
Afterwards, he became one of the most popular presidents for a short period.
And I don't believe that Bush was in on the operation.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Come you masters of war Here they build the big guns
Welcome back.
Final segment with David Shaler.
We've been coming up about eight after.
We've got another great guest coming on.
Discuss what really happened in New Orleans, a new film they've made, how it ties into gun confiscation, the police state, the lies in the media.
David, I mean, let's try here in the final segment to navigate this.
Certainly Putin became guilty for helping cover up what the Federal Security Bureau, the KGB's new name at that time, had done bombing the buildings.
Clearly when the police arrested them doing it and then more FSB came in and ordered them released...
And these were higher-level FSB, and we had mid-level FSB saying it was the government defecting, leaving the country.
It's the same thing with Bush.
Clearly, Cheney was involved in there with the stand-down that morning.
I mean, yeah, Bush doesn't run anything.
We know that.
But certainly he knows he was gifted this, and then how to go follow the script.
I mean, certainly shortly after Bush had to know the score, David.
Same thing with Putin.
I think so, but they then find themselves in a difficult position.
I suppose any honourable person would, in those circumstances, resign.
But there's always a danger, of course, that if you do resign, you'll get some genuine puppet in place who will do everything the New World Order wants.
I mean, at least Putin is saying no to invading Iran.
And we should respect him for that, really, because that would be a disaster.
We've seen the disaster in Iraq, 650,000 people.
Well, they were saying no to Iraq, too, but then they went along with it once it happened.
Well, this is true, yeah, but I mean the very fact he's drawn the line in the sand now and said no about Iran, I think is very interesting in the fact that he has actually done that.
Why are they saying no to Iran?
Because NATO's trying to take over Georgia and a few other places, and because Iran will link up with Afghanistan, and of course then with Iraq on the other side, you'll have encirclement?
Well, I think he'll obviously do it for his own reasons of geopolitics as well, but nevertheless, as I say, he's standing up for them.
He is not going along with this whole crazy idea to go into Iran, and we should, in a sense, no matter what his motive is, we should respect him for doing that, for making it more difficult for them to launch another disastrous invasion in which lots of innocent people die, and only encourage people to join terrorist organisations.
Well, I certainly get the point that you're driving home there.
What do the people in Britain think?
Who do they think was involved in poisoning Litvinenko and now the other guy that's in a coma about to die?
A lot of people are saying it was the oligarchs here.
I mean, I got that message out very, very quickly on mainstream British television, not just in Sky.
I was also on ITV, which is the main commercial channel here, on a very popular breakfast program, and I said the same thing then.
Although you should have seen the look on the interviewer's face when I started mentioning the New World Order.
Clearly, you're not allowed to do that on mainstream television, but I did.
And therefore, you know, people are getting wiser in this country just simply because they can see the mess in Iraq.
And they can see that this stuff to do with Iran is all being invented and everything else in the same way.
And then we know that they... And then we know they staged it.
I think it's absolutely great.
Actually, I was doing a talk at a festival in this country about false flag terrorism.
David, good having you with us.
Take care.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Filmmaker James L. Bills was in New Orleans from the start to the finish.
We had him on, really, just a few months after the disaster.
Last year, to talk about what he witnessed there, the gun confiscations, the dead bodies, the prisoners with the water rising.
Now the video's out, and we have, if you go to Infowars.com, you can link through and watch some of the incredible clips.
He's even got a page called the Alex Jones page.
And we're going to do an interview with him here in the next 30, 45 minutes or so.
Then in the last 15 minutes, I'm going to cover some news we haven't gotten to.
Then we're going to take the...
Season to let us use a few of the video clips out of the film.
We're going to take that and lay that down over this audio interview and put it out on the web to get the word out to the people.
But we can't forget this.
We just had the one-year anniversary a few months ago, but the reason we're here talking about it is it shows you what FEMA and the government is going to do if they ever get the chance.
There is a new article out about how Congress has voted to keep all the old camps open.
Well, that's deceptive.
Keep them open?
They have been closed, and now, starting in the late 90s, they've been going back into Manazar and the high desert of California.
I've been there and other places.
They put new federal prison camp signs up.
They put water back in.
They put electricity back in.
They repair the fences.
And then they say, oh, now it's an open park for you to come see what these camps are like.
Meanwhile, we have the Houston Chronicle admitting...
We're good to go.
I think?
He didn't even know that I had already predicted, and already been there, and already seen, that they had just refurbished them, built them, and set them up.
And didn't have them open to the public.
It was just, there they are, fresh coat of paint, waiting happily.
Where they kept the Japanese, where they kept Germans, where they kept POWs, where they kept Italian-Americans.
And we always talk about Japanese.
What happened to them was terrible.
But Germans and Italians got thrown in the hooscow
As well, and now Glenn Beck and all these big neocons are calling for putting the Arabs in camps.
Well, the Arabs first to break the good old ice.
But then it will expand out from there.
So it is all coming up after this quick break that we're about to slide into with James L. Bills and the film
Refuge of Last Resort.
And it is powerful.
By the way, he took it to the... It's also a story of media control and manipulation and censorship.
He took this riveting, I mean bombshell footage, just hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of it, to the media.
And they said, we don't want any of that.
No, we're not going to show that.
No, no, no.
BBC showed some of it.
And some other foreign stations did, but still watered it down.
But we're not going to hold any punches.
Some of the most hardcore clips are up on the web right now.
And, you know, as I said, he's gracious enough to let us.
And I guess we're pretty gracious, too, because we're not going to make any money off this.
But we'll put it together and put it out on the web.
Take a few clips and put it over the interview that is coming up.
Don't forget the websites.
They're Infowars.com, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
And, of course, we have sites like Marshall Law, 911.info, which is a bibliography of my film, Marshall Law, which some listeners think is my best film.
I think Terror Storm is, but Marshall Law is different.
It's good.
Every claim, every document, everything we show is bibliographed.
And a listener, by the way, put the site together and put it up.
It's very professional.
We're very thankful to that listener for doing that.
We'll come back and plunge in, lest we forget, to what happened in New Orleans with some new tidbits.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, we now have 51 and a half minutes left in this broadcast, my final broadcast of this week.
I'll be back, though, this Sunday to kick off the new week.
Yeah, most people kick it off on Monday.
I kick it off on Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Got to get my ox out of the ditch here, folks.
The country's in a crisis, working extra hard.
Back from 4 to 6 p.m.
out of the studios of News Radio 590 KLBJ where Texans can listen from southern Oklahoma right down to the coast of this great state down to Brownsville and now syndicated quite a few of our great affiliates picking it up and a lot more signing on to do that every single week so we're really
That has some particular clips that aren't even in the film, some that are, of what they witnessed while they were there.
And the reason I'm going back to New Orleans right now, a year plus after the tragedy, is because, well, there's a lot of different reasons.
The way the media handled it, the propaganda, the cover-up of just how bad it really was.
You think it's bad, folks.
No, it's even worse than you thought if you talked to the eyewitnesses or if you went through it.
And we know that FEMA sabotaged the power.
We know FEMA jammed police communications as the storm hit.
We know that FEMA cut the communications lines.
We know that the armed police had to go guard police installations and police relay towers to stop FEMA from cutting them.
We know that for four to five days they blocked aid coming into the city, and then afterwards went into the high and dry wealthy areas with huge flatback trucks full of armed FBI, U.S.
military, National Guard, and police to confiscate guns.
In fact, I forgot.
Why don't you pull that ABC clip up
Of the reporter that got blown to bits, who we don't hear from anymore, there in Iraq, where they're doing the gun confiscation.
I think that dovetails in a horrific way with what we're about to talk about.
But the film is Refuge of Last Resort, the true Hurricane Katrina story.
No holds barred documentary chronicles the days before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina told from the viewpoint of several families stuck in New Orleans.
This moving and unflinching story says so much by saying so little.
Most of the footage has never been seen by the public, and there is absolutely no stock footage used in the film.
And there's even more that's on the web now, and he's going to be sending us some raw photos to put on the web.
We're very thankful to that.
And so now we are joined by James L. Bills.
James, thanks for coming back on with us.
Thank you for having us, Alex, and as always, excellent show.
I was trying to explain to a lot of friends of mine, because people listen to your show a bit, and for some weird reason, you've probably heard this before, people think, wow, he's really left-wing.
And I say, no, he's not at all left-wing.
So now when I explain your political affiliation, I just say Alex Jones is a patriot.
Well, thank you.
I know you're a listener to the show, and we're flattered by that.
That's how we originally got in contact.
But I'm a constitutionalist.
So the Democrats and Republicans are teamed up, bought off by foreign interests, destroying our liberty, our country, our economy.
We're good to go.
Compared to some things out there, relatively tame, even though it's horrific, opens up so many eyes, and people see it, they walk away saying, I had no idea that was what was going on.
Now, you shot most of this footage, but also you got footage from jail guards, policemen.
I mean, you got some amazing stuff.
Tell us about the film, and let's talk about, you were in New Orleans the entire time before it started through it.
I want to break that down, and then let's discuss from an eyewitness account, and then you have the video to back it up, what you really saw.
Well, if I can start, the video that we released nationwide only contains the video that I shot.
The jail guard footage we ended up pulling out of this cut, and we let another company make a full documentary on the jail, just so you know.
So the final cut that we went with, the hour-long cut, we only show what we went through.
We show the military moving in and taking over the city, detaining people and putting them basically in pens.
But to start from the beginning, again, the film starts out with us kind of almost whimsical.
We're like, we're stuck in the city.
Traffic is literally backed up from Baton Rouge into downtown New Orleans.
We can't get out.
Saturday morning I watched the news, first thing before Katrina, and they're saying the same thing they've been saying a few days.
It looks like it's going to hook into Florida like every other hurricane does.
And, of course, at lunchtime that was not what had happened.
Of course, by then it was too late.
If you were in New Orleans at lunchtime on Saturday, August 27th, and you were going to ride Katrina out, no ifs, ands, or buts.
So our house was a 100-year-old house.
About a month earlier, Hurricane Cindy, a Category 1, had blown through.
We were without power for five full days.
So we were kind of extremely worried.
Luckily, my friend Gabriel Black, who you see in the trailer talking about the atrocities of Katrina, his wife worked at a hotel downtown, a hurricane-proof hotel, which it indeed was.
And so we rode up the hurricane in complete safety.
We were fine after the storm.
After the storm was over, we were fine.
And I'm sure you've heard the argument, people saying, well, you shouldn't have stayed there then.
We were out walking around, you know, at 4 o'clock on Monday, walking around looking at things.
Well, why?
Things were fine.
But the police basically stood down.
I mean, let's go through.
The police disappeared, Alex.
They didn't stand down.
They disappeared.
Let me jump right into a horror story.
This is, again, imagine you're in Anywhere USA and you see a guy get beat almost to death on the street in front of you.
We're, of course, up on the second floor with the concrete balcony.
Here's a guy beat almost to death.
Beat to death.
Literally for his money, which had no function at all.
There was no reason to have any money at all for his watch and for his shirt.
You know, beat a guy.
That's it.
So, on the radio, this is Tuesday, on the radio we're hearing, go to the convention center.
Go to the convention center.
There's EMTs.
There's food at the convention center.
We're hearing this on the radio.
You know?
On the battery-powered radio, we're hearing that there's food, EMTs, water there.
We get there.
We literally take this guy in the back of a truck and drive him the three and a half blocks to the convention center.
There are one, two, three police officers at the convention center, period.
Three police officers.
They're in civilian clothes.
They have their police belts on.
They have hunting rifles with scopes on them because they don't have any gear.
They have no communication.
And the way we found them in the 10,000 plus people that were there, I don't know where they get that there are only a few hundred people at the convention.
There are thousands of people there.
A police car would pull up and chit-chat with them through the window, then drive off.
Then another minute later, another car would pull up, chit-chat, and drive off.
So we took this guy over there to them, and we said, this guy's been attacked, he's going to die, he needs medical help.
And the first words out of the police officer's mouth were, he's just going to have to die.
And this is important for people to understand throughout history.
The government can't, won't, is not going to help you in a major emergency.
In fact, they're not going to come with food.
They're going to come with guns to take your guns.
That's another thing.
Okay, that's another thing.
They came with guns.
People tell me, and again, this is Texas.
We're living in Texas now.
People say, if they came to my gun, they'd have a fight.
Well, you know what?
Those 50 airborne rangers would win that fight.
They didn't come to your house nice and knock your door saying, may we please see your gun.
They came in force.
They came with a full little contingency of troops to go in and take your weapon, and they entered houses with their guns drawn.
That's why I put that ABC News story up, because people forgot about that story, and I was told that that story had actually been pulled before it even got to run.
I don't know if that's true or not, but it was that to me.
When you see armed troops in your country, not
Not to police officers, even if police officers are doing this, but when you see armed troops in your country go into houses unannounced with their guns drawn to search through your goods as if you have firearms, and if you do, or if you make the wrong move, you're either arrested or shot, that's a major red flag.
That should have been the number one story worldwide, and it didn't even make a whisper.
The news kind of ignored it.
Now, things didn't degenerate immediately.
There were some problems, but it got worse and worse because no help
Did come.
That's right.
No help did come whatsoever.
Go ahead and make your point.
I'm sorry.
It's just in past hurricanes.
The military would swoop in with food, directing traffic, helping.
It was an automatic default position.
The police didn't leave.
And the crises were dealt with.
Why was it different here?
Why was there the big stand-down?
They let things break down for four or five days.
I have yet to hear a reason why.
And I've asked, let me tell you, I've asked everyone until I was blue in the face why.
How come afterwards it's so few families?
There's an article that I pulled off your site from MSNBC where less than one quarter of one percent of the actual number of families who are supposed to have gotten the help from Katrina got it.
Well, we know what happened.
And people say, well, it was an embarrassment for Bush.
Bush is a puppet.
Over $100-plus million has been paid out.
Even more will be paid out.
Much of it in no-bid contracts.
By it being a disaster...
Now FEMA gets to say we need more powers, more funding, because we screwed up.
It's order out of chaos.
By screwing up, and that's why they blocked the tens of thousands of police and firemen that swarmed in from Texas.
And the Red Cross who wanted to go in with food, who were not allowed to enter the city.
And even Walmart and even the Coast Guard, they said no!
And they even made emergency managers sit there for four or five days while their mother died.
Now, if I'd have been that emergency... And because he got the dates wrong, because Aaron Broussard got the dates wrong and that woman died, ABC News or NBC News busted his chops over it at calling him a liar because he got the date wrong of her death.
But it's admitted that she did die from days of being left there.
That's a fact.
That's an absolute fact.
And he even...
Well, then they even went in and busted a few people who'd left folks at nursing homes, but nobody in the government that orchestrated all this got in trouble.
Alex, here's something sicker.
Now, I want people to look this up, because I've been trying to look it up, and again, I'm not an attorney.
Maybe an attorney can look this up.
In Louisiana, the legislature passed a law so that no city, parish, or state employer or public official can get in legal trouble or be sued in court for civil damages resulting from Hurricane Katrina.
Stay there.
I want to talk about what you saw, what's in the film.
Let's talk about it when we get back.
I have seen a lot of the raw footage.
I've seen the film, and I've seen some of the clips on the web.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The film is Refuge of Last Resort.
We've got links to where you can get it.
We're joined by filmmaker James L. Bills, who lived through it.
When we come back in the next segment, I'll play that ABC News clip.
What about some of the clubs we've got a link to up on Infowars.com over to your site?
What will people see if they go to the site there?
Well, the first thing they'll see, again, let me go ahead so I know I'm talking about it.
The first thing they'll see, of course, is that important ABC News story.
I try to go and find, because in my documentary I only make it a point to show what I saw so I can say firsthand, yep, I saw that.
I can prove that happened.
Call me a liar.
Here it is.
But the ABC News and the other news stories that are on there are basically to show the American people like,
That one of them is a gentleman who's an attorney, a wealthy attorney, who's screaming, saying, why is the military invading my neighborhood?
Why are there armed troops taking me out of my house?
Get out, leave me alone.
It's not just the poor who they took this over.
They, for some reason, put the kibosh on all of New Orleans.
The other picture they'll see is the police literally looting the Walmart.
And Gabriel and I were...
Some of the first civilians in Walmart that the police let in, and when the police let us in the Walmart, just so everyone knows, they saved our lives by letting us go get food and supplies.
They were very nice at first.
Apparently, all hell broke loose once we got out of there because they had gunfights and they were tasering people, but probably for taking all the Xboxes like we saw them taking.
And again, I hate to say this because so many New Orleans police officers did do the right thing, but so many did not.
We did see a lot of New Orleans police officers taking things they shouldn't have taken.
Well, that's the point.
The society's degenerated, and so the police have degenerated as well.
Well, Alex, we live in a nation where the overly wealthy are starving to death, and the overly poor are morbidly obese.
So, we live in a very topsy-turvy nation right now, but the biggest thing about Katrina to me, and the reason I'm trying to get the word out the way I am, is because of the media's ultimate failure to get any real stories out.
One of the stories, and again, people, if anyone knows any, you can email me on my site, the site is refugeoflastresort.net.
If anyone knows
Any guardsman who really was there, because when Al Gomez and I were there doing the interviews of Gabriel and his friends that were still in the Park St.
Charles on September 11th of 2005, we were told that on that day the National Guard had shot and killed 90-plus people who were looting in New Orleans.
In the outside world, did that ever make the news?
Well, we know that there were huge gunfights, people being shot, cops would be shooting at an alligator, people would freak out and start shooting, you know, rescue workers or workers.
That's a fact, that's a fact, yeah.
Yeah, so we know a lot of people got killed, I don't know, about 90 plus, but we know that they also cordoned off a lot of houses.
They did, they actually put the fences up around things, they actually put a fence up around the bus station and made that into a temporary jail where people were stuck in for months with no jurisprudence whatsoever.
You know, and...
Again, society broke down, and when people say it was Mad Max, it was Mad Max all the way, but the press really seemed not to press it.
For some reason, they really didn't want to show how bad it was.
And so when it's Mad Max, if you're high and driving your family and plenty of food, in a week, troops are going to show up, they're going to kick your door down.
And arrest you, right?
And arrest you, take your guns, and then stick your kid on a plane that flies off, and then put you in some camp.
And this is the drill.
Look, my belief from all the evidence is that this was a laboratory.
They tried to frustrate it and make it as bad as possible to test out their population management systems.
And they saw an opportunity, and they did just that.
This was for some reason because no sane government would respond this way.
No rational person sitting in public office would say, yes, let's do that.
Let's not send food in for four days.
Then when we do send food, first let's send armed troops to round people up.
They waited until people were so weak they couldn't fight back at all, then sent the troops in.
That's what it appeared like to me.
And again, in the preview, Gabriel makes the point, if our military did this in any country in the world, it would be an atrocity.
It would be a war crime.
But because it's happened on an American soil, it makes it that much more of an atrocity.
And when he said that,
I was sitting there ready to cry my eyes out because he nailed it on the head.
I mean, in the history of the United States, this has never happened before.
And people try to say, oh, there were never any armed troops there.
There were nothing but armed troops there.
And people say, well, they didn't have their finger on the trigger.
They rolled in with their finger on the trigger.
They rolled in waving to you with one hand while their finger was on the trigger with the other hand.
And it blew my mind.
And again...
One thing to say, when you're dealing with troops, stay rational.
Don't lose your composure when they talk to you.
Al Gomez was detained in front of my house by armed National Guardsmen aiming their weapons at him.
And when I came out, of course, with my camera, I had to shut it off immediately.
So in the film you see there are nine frames of a National Guard truck with a guy hanging at the top with a machine gun, another guy walking towards Al with a machine gun, and they basically interrogated us, wanted to see where we were from,
The good news is after they talked to us for probably 20 minutes or so, they mellowed out.
They're like, well, we're under orders.
We'd love to let you go back to your house and take your goods.
We're under orders.
You're not allowed to get anything out of your house.
You must leave now.
Thank you.
And my thing is, don't go after the troops.
Go after who laid down the orders.
Someone had to give that troop an order.
And then they tried to deny there was gun confiscation going on, but then the mayor bragged, yeah, we're taking your guns.
I tell you, it's amazing.
Stay there.
We're going to talk more about what you actually witnessed and what eyewitnesses told you when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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This is ABC News.
And we've got Fox News.
And O'Reilly says it's great.
Where they go into an old lady's house.
They grab her gun.
They tackle her.
They take her gun away.
Now this is in the wealthiest area.
In fact, I've got an architecture book that even has in this video clip one of these houses.
It was built by one of the richest people.
I forget his name there in New Orleans.
A hundred and something years ago.
They're in the wealthiest area.
High and dry.
They've got power.
They've got everything.
Their own generators.
We're not bringing you food five, six days after.
We're coming to take your guns.
The troops need to be prepared to do this.
And all over the country, I got video of our military going back eight, nine years ago, training to take our guns and admitting it.
So here it is, and we'll go back to our guest.
That includes New Orleans, where today authorities stepped up their efforts to empty the city.
Bob Woodruff is there again tonight with an extraordinary human drama unfolding.
That's true, Elizabeth, and good evening from New Orleans.
Here, the police and the National Guard find themselves in a very difficult position tonight to try to carry out an order to force people from the city without actually using force.
Today in New Orleans, they got a lot tougher on the holdouts.
Police, fire at your home!
Not only the flooded areas, but New Orleans' driest and wealthiest neighborhoods, too.
Police, fire at...
The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house.
They say there are no orders to use force, just strong persuasion.
Sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.
You say guns will be taken?
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
That happened today in this wealthy neighborhood where homeowners had armed themselves to protect their mansions.
Residents were handcuffed on the ground.
In the end, police took their weapons but let them stay in their homes.
They were a little bit threatened because our weapons were bigger than their weapons.
For many of the police and guard troops, it is an uncomfortable job to do this in an American city.
This guard unit occupied a church, using it as a base camp.
They had to leave a note because they could not get hold of the pastor to get permission.
It is, it is surreal.
You just never, you never expect to do this in your own country.
Chris Montgomery says he'd rather be in Iraq than patrolling American neighborhoods.
Walking up and down these streets, you don't want to think about the stuff you're going to have to do.
Somebody pops around the corner.
Let me shoot an American.
Claim in the piece, good propaganda.
That's why they send Mr. Woodruff over to Iraq to get his face blown off.
See how the New World Order treated you there, buddy?
He sits there for some gun confiscation over there.
He sits there and says they, you know, went in and didn't use force and they were nice.
And it shows them slamming people down on the ground, their faces on the ground, taking their guns.
But that's how propaganda works.
They say one thing verbally, showing you another.
You've got to see the video.
And we've got links to it up on Infowars.com right now.
Going back to our guest, the filmmaker of Refuge of Last Resort, a film you've got to get, James L. Bills.
James, your comments on that piece and what you saw and what others witnessed and what eyewitnesses told you went on with the gun confiscation.
Again, with my own eyes.
Myself, okay, on Saturday, Saturday after the hurricane, they had finally cleared out the convention center and they put up those pretty little port-a-potties
Even though no one was there now, that was a media sense as well, they had stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes of MREs.
Well, I still didn't know if we were going to be able to get out of there, so I said, man, please have a box of MREs.
And they argued with me for a second, you can only have one single MRE to sustain yourself, that's it, the rest of these are for us, you can't have any.
And they noticed that I had basically a buck pocket knife.
And they frisked me, patted me down, took my buck knife away from me.
And that was...
Again, hands-on, and that's when I realized that things were happening that way.
Yeah, you're literally an escape from New York, hearts of darkness, road warrior with Mel Gibson, apocalypto.
You're in the middle of this hell, and you're obviously not a threat.
There's no assessment, no proper police work being done.
It's just, we're going to take care of you.
For basically a week, we were the law on that square block city of New Orleans.
Hey, listen, they trained the police and the military that an armed citizen is the enemy, and we're all enemies of the government.
Well, you saw those masked men with Bushmasters were set up in front of our hotel the next day.
And we, again, by that time, the owner of the hotel had already brought generators in, he brought in air movers to blow air to the hotel.
There were military troops everywhere.
But on the corner of our hotel, they drop off two guys with black masks on, Bushmasters,
Hey, who was the, I forget his name, the black general who two weeks later finally showed up?
General Honore.
Yeah, a good guy it seemed like, because there he is on TV going, Stop aiming guns at people!
What's your problem?
They credit that as happening on September 2nd, but that could not have possibly happened on September 2nd, because on September 2nd there were still armed troops moving into the city everywhere.
They had to get the date wrong on that, because every report I see says, that happened September 2nd.
No way did that happen.
I was physically on the ground when he supposedly said that to happen, and there were troops of guns everywhere.
There were armed Army Airborne Rangers there on the ground, Alex.
And that was one of the creepiest things.
When we finally got out of that city, when it was finally, it was Sunday, we had finally got a hold of a vehicle, of a relative, we were able to get out.
We had to go down to St.
Charles at night, and it was probably midnight.
There are no lights anywhere.
The city is black as it can be.
The only light lighting up as we're driving literally on the streetcar track because the streets have too much debris in them.
And we see military vehicles everywhere and there's soldiers walking around with the night vision goggles on like in Iraq.
I almost, again, messed my pants when I saw that.
Now, let's be clear.
Tens of thousands of firemen and police from all over the U.S.
showed up within days, and they said, you can't go in.
People with boats came to help.
You can't go in.
And instead, we have gang member cops inside telling good-looking women, you've got to show me your breasts, you've got to give me some honey, if you want us to help you, and old people dying and starving everywhere and shooting.
Getting no help, too.
Yeah, getting no help.
That's right.
I mean, let's be clear.
So then they come five, six, seven days later, hey, we're here to help you, we're here to put a gun to your head.
And again, our military is a phenomenal military, but if someone orders them to go and to do it, you know what, they're going to do what they're ordered to do.
What about all the video of the police, though, you know, out there looting and lawless and demanding favors?
Again, we saw that firsthand.
Again, we saw that firsthand.
Here's what the video of the police that is not out there...
If you go to my site, there's a link to the actual National Professional Photojournalist Association.
Describing in detail how the police would surround the press vehicles to take their cameras and their chips away from them, their cards from their cameras away.
Oh, there was AP reporters who reported a captain walking up with troops with handguns and said, if you report on the things you've just seen, we're going to kill you.
We kill reporters in Iraq and we will kill you.
And they had to be given orders to be talking like that.
We actually were told we would be relocated if we told anything or were seen taking any more video.
We were told we would be relocated.
Oh, to one of the special areas, yeah.
But in your own country, I always thought in America you could walk around with a videotape, with a video camera.
If you saw something happen, you could videotape it, but apparently you cannot.
No, the government looks at us with cameras and puts them in school bathrooms, hooked into the police department, but we're not to film God.
See, the state is God, we're the slaves.
But don't let me cut you off.
You said that they would, of course this has been in the press, they would surround the press.
You were the enemy too.
Tell us about that.
I'll quote it to you exactly.
This is a professional press photographer.
These are his own words.
He said,
And he said, since the car was still in motion, I saw them drawing and raising their guns, afraid they would shoot us, I slammed on the brakes.
That happened in America.
Oh, then they would have.
They would have and claimed you were another looter.
That did not happen in Baghdad.
That happened in the United States of America.
And that's another thing.
I felt if President Bush knew this would happen... Well, see, the answer is guns.
If criminals open fire on you for no reason, you've got to defend yourself.
And there was so much shooting going on.
And there were snipers.
There were police snipers.
There were military snipers across the street from the hotel we were in.
Well, this is chances for guys that have never been in the military to really go, quote, fight an enemy.
And the enemy was starving people.
So it's a power trip.
It's true.
They might have sold hunting licenses.
Go kill some Americans.
The Blackwater Mercenaries, when they showed up, and they were real Blackwater Mercenaries, complete with the bear claws.
It's fine.
And I had no idea what a bear claw patch meant.
I was like, what is that?
And these guys were very well armed.
Running around in black masks.
And it was black, and I was like, why are there mercenaries on the ground?
And then we heard they weren't armed.
What really happened?
That's another thing.
I kept getting told by so many people, yeah, but they weren't armed.
We've seen the news.
Yeah, but they weren't armed.
They weren't armed.
I challenge anyone in any frame of photography we took or video we took to show me an unarmed soldier.
I mean, and again, when the fire, in my film, we saw a hotel bookstore catches on fire.
The whole building ends up burning down right about two blocks away from us.
A few men from the fire department show up trying to put it out, but there's no real fire department there.
The building burns to the ground.
We tried to walk the block there, and out of nowhere, men in black masks and hoods and high-powered rifles hop up and stop us dead in our tracks.
Out of nowhere.
And, like, where are these guys hiding?
I mean, God forbid, you know, we'd be actual, you know, we'd be actual, I guess,
What did they say to you?
They actually said, get the F back where you were.
Get the F down, that kind of stuff.
Now, let's be clear.
They block the highways, won't let people walk out, put them for five, six days in an excrement-laden facility full of dead bodies and other detritus and raping going on.
And again,
Let's be clear.
They have huge piles of food in MREs for at least two days.
Won't give it to people.
Won't share it with anybody.
That's right.
Just huge.
The more helicopters bring it, just a few greedy troops.
It's ours!
None of it for you!
Literally sitting on huge piles of it.
Just a feeling of hatred for America.
Hatred of the people.
The slaves don't deserve anything.
So you can't get out.
You can't get food.
If you're walking around, mercenary scum comes up and cusses at you.
Now, at our hotel, that's another thing.
When Melissa, who is Gabriel's wife, tried to go out and talk to a police officer, when we finally, this was Tuesday evening, finally saw police officers come up, they drew their guns on her.
A little skinny white woman, couldn't weigh more than 90 pounds, unarmed, wearing a tank top because it's 103 degrees outside, yelled at her, get the F on the ground or we will shoot you.
Just like that.
Just like that.
No, how can we help you?
Yes, you know, nothing pleasant in any way, shape, or form.
Well, you know how to not get in trouble in any emergency.
Just have a black mask and a bunch of gear and stick some official patch on it, and they'll go, oh, fellow God, fellow God, fellow God.
Oh, my gosh, it's a fellow God.
We're going to be self-sufficient.
We learned that you will be self-sufficient.
You will hide.
But, I mean, you've got to dress like an Inquisitor, Ringwraith, Nazgul, Nazi, you know, executioner, and you'll be fine now.
I would have never guessed in a thousand years when FEMA was on the radio saying that we've already pre-positioned troops and our help and help is coming in, that the help would come in the form of masked and heavily armored...
And again, even at the airport, they were everywhere.
Now, they were also being led by FBI and the big flatback trucks in their black masks.
I mean, was this a great time of manliness and enjoyment?
This seemed to me like basically a bunch of guys who wanted to play war games, like you said, are finally getting the chance to play war games, and they only have to fly overseas.
They can do it right here.
And again, I love our military.
Oh yeah, a lot of these pro-gun, fake conservative cops in the military, they'd love to take your guns.
They'd love to put you in a FEMA camp, folks.
They love it.
It's being manly.
A man isn't helping weak people.
Now listen, I had family on the helicopters doing the insertions and the saving people, and there was some of that going on.
But the security people on the ground were a pack of criminals.
Well, you know who was very polite, shockingly, and I think they were so polite because they felt so awkward...
Were, in fact, the Airborne Army Rangers.
They were horrendously polite.
The actual trained military, not Cobra Commander, goon, scum, nobodies.
Plus, the Airborne Rangers aren't used to just shoving civilians around, period.
So the cops had had the enjoyment, and it was an enjoyment-feeding frenzy, so the troops weren't.
I mean, real troops weren't.
No, the Airborne Rangers were very polite, because, again, we actually had to go.
The owner of the hotel we were in owned another hotel called the Le Cirque,
We had to go steal diesel fuel for the generator because, again, we had basically one light socket per floor, and that's what we'd plug everything into was that light socket because we had to have power to recharge batteries to basically function, and it came in very handy.
But we had to go steal diesel fuel from another hotel that was a part of the family, and when the Airborne Rangers came up, they could have just shot us as looters, but they didn't.
Instead, they...
What are you guys doing?
Talk to us.
Well, number one, in a total breakdown society, if people are getting subsistence materials, it's in the handbooks not to shoot them.
You shoot violent looters.
You shoot, you know, you sit there quietly in your position and you wait for somebody to be running around waving a gun or beating people and then you shoot them.
You don't just run around shooting people because you want to kill because you're a real man.
No, by Wednesday evening, I'd say that the trucks full of armed civilians who are going around robbing people kind of disappeared and they were, they were, again,
Imagine walking out in your street and right by you goes a red pickup truck with about four guys with shotguns looking around for people to rob.
I'd open fire.
You know what I'd do?
I'd kill so many of those people.
I mean, I'm not sitting here saying I'm a tough guy, but come on, folks.
It'd be just like shooting a herd of hogs running around.
That's why I was glad we had Gabriel with us who had his guns with us.
Unfortunately, Gabriel brought his guns to keep them safe in case his house floated.
We had very few rounds of ammunition.
In fact, what I read about...
Yeah, I'd worry about my life.
I'd take two, and it's tons of ammo.
Again, a lot of the accounts are, though, that what stopped the total looting before the military and police came in was that a lot of neighborhoods were armed.
On the Wednesday after the storm, we went down St.
Charles to, again, go to the other hotel to get more provisions, and we actually found the freezer with breakfast pastries that weren't entirely melted, so we had a treat.
Basically, every group we passed had guns.
We'd all just kind of nod to each other, like, yeah, that's your group, here's our group, and there was no animosity at all.
But it was odd, again, it was cowboys and Indians.
Everyone in the street had their own guns, had their own weapons, because you had to out of necessity.
If you did not, again, you'd be beaten like that poor guy who died at the convention center who we took over there.
And there was actually, when we went to Walmart, I thought we were going to die because we didn't have any guns whatsoever.
Like retards, we had a lot of cash on us because we figured we'd have to pay for stuff at the Walmart.
And when the first big truckload of guys unloaded right near us to see what we had in our cars, we thought they were going to kill us.
But as soon as we said, no, it's at Walmart, they're giving things away for free, they piled back in their vehicle and drove to Walmart.
Were these gang member types?
Who was mainly in the trucks?
The worst gang member types are the worst gang member types you can imagine.
Gang members on the prowl.
And, uh,
And Gabriel picked up a couple of rocks and was like, if these guys go after us, they're just going to shoot us to death.
And of course, those guys all disappeared the minute the troops and police got there, who should have been there from minute one, as they have been in past problems, and that's why we haven't had problems.
But of course, no, no, no, no.
Then they have to just go after everybody, the little families, and got to aim guns at little kids with mommy.
And they did.
They aimed weapons at my children.
I have a two-year-old daughter who had a military man aim a gun at her.
A two-year-old
Little girl with the most beautiful eyes.
And when I saw the alleged Katrina hearings and a congressman yell at a woman because she said a National Guardsman aimed his gun at my child, calling her a liar, that guy's a piece of garbage.
Oh, they're a bunch of criminal filth.
You know, that guy's a piece... Because that happened in America on our soil.
American soldiers aimed their weapons at American children for no reason whatsoever.
That happened... And actually, going down in history...
People should, and this is another thing, Alex, if I said, if I left my car at the mall, and I said, Alex, my car is at the mall right now, and my kids are in it, would you go get them?
Instead of going to get them, you sent a couple of your buddies over with guns to keep them in the car until you got there, and in the four days they died, you'd go to prison, wouldn't you?
Who's going to prison over Katrina for abandoning these people?
Oh no, they're going to get more FEMA funding, more control, and be our gods.
People need to go to prison, Alex.
That's my opinion.
They do.
Final segment.
Stay there.
We'll just run it to the end here because it's so important.
And we're going to take this interview and put a few video clips over it and put it up on the web.
This is just unbelievable what this country's turned into.
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We're good to go.
We all need no education.
Mr. Bills is going to send me about four hours of raw footage he's got.
We're going to take some clips out and some clips out of Refuge Last Resort and put it over this interview in the next few weeks and put it up on the web for people that are out there so you can see and hear the truth and learn the reality.
You can get Refuge Last Resort at Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, even some HEBs in Texas.
I think?
It was so much worse.
Again, we had reporters who were fresh from Baghdad comparing it to Baghdad.
That's how bad it was.
And when the helicopters are landing, when I showed the video of the helicopters first coming in, it looks like I'm videotaping Baghdad.
Looks like I have a camera pointed out over downtown Baghdad, and there's military helicopters moving in.
That's exactly what it looks like.
So do you feel confident that if there's ever a big crisis where you live in South Texas, the government will come save you?
Any city this happens to will suffer the same fate as New Orleans, unfortunately.
The government does not learn lessons, apparently.
Again, if this accidentally happened...
Shame on everyone involved.
But how do we change?
How do we change?
Because there have been some looting, some problems in South Florida or in Puerto Rico, but it's never been even one-tenth of this.
And in the past, they came in, they got ordered, they assessed things, they were friendly to some extent.
I mean, what was different?
I mean, is this just that our military, our police have changed, or what happened?
I think that the people in charge took the wrong steps.
On the local level, they didn't plan correctly.
Again, for days beforehand, they're telling us, this is coming, this is coming, get ready, it's coming, it's coming.
When it finally came, they're like, holy cow, that came here?
You know, that's the first step.
Step two was, again, the military and FEMA moving in.
And like you said, Harry Lee had to send his SWAT teams to get the Jefferson Parish water back because FEMA took their water from them.
You know, FEMA moved in, and what few supplies people did have, the government took away from them.
But see, that's all standard.
Still left them abandoned.
That's been what FEMA put in place when it was set up in 79.
So I don't think they screwed up in Iraq.
They meant to destroy it and make it as bad as possible.
I don't think they screwed up in New Orleans.
They wanted to make it a disaster to then call for new powers and get more funding.
Mr. Mills, thank you for making the film.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
We appreciate your courage, and we'll talk to you soon.
Very good.
God bless.
All right, we'll be putting together something special for you folks on the Internet because our goal is to get the truth out.
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