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Air Date: Dec. 24, 2006
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He stands for what's right.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
I am very glad that you have joined me today on this Sunday, the 17th of December 2006.
Everybody's saying this, but it's true.
This year has gone by faster than any... any...
Year in recent memory or any year period in my life.
It has exploded past us.
It's almost 2007.
By the way, I will be here doing a live show on Christmas Eve.
Coming up next week, so be sure and join us.
We're here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
We've syndicated this broadcast now for the last two months out of the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ, quite a few stations already picking the show up, and a whole bunch lined up to pick it up in the new year when they can change their programming all over the country, not just on the AM and FM dial, but also on global shortwave, the Internet, and, of course, via satellite.
We have a special guest coming up in the next hour.
She's going to be in studio.
I guess we're really lucky or blessed to have her here in Austin, Texas.
And she's Barbara McLeod.
She, of course, has a Ph.D.
in anthropology from the University of Texas, 1990, specializing in Mayan languages and hieroglyphic writing.
She speaks the ancient language of Mayan.
We're good to go.
We're a UT art assistant professor.
Oh, the art teachers now know everything, saying that the film was inaccurate, but then they couldn't give any real reasons, just saying, oh, it's so violent, oh, this is terrible.
Yes, there was human sacrifice in the Mayan culture, but it wasn't a pious act.
It was a valid act.
These are exact quotes.
And that it's evil to talk bad about the human sacrifice.
I have the Statesman article here in front of me, and so that's how politically correct and crazy things have gotten, is that you're not supposed to make a historical film.
Now, they never set about to make a historical film, but it's extremely accurate.
Of course, there's some things that aren't completely accurate, like the anthropologist we have joining us has pointed out, that eclipses don't last five minutes for the scene, but
The point is, Mel Gibson actually scaled back the true violence of the entire Mayan culture, particularly there at the end, the last hundred years or so, I guess, with the Aztecs.
Well, some estimates are 20,000 people sacrificed in a holiday weekend.
More conservative estimates are around 5,000, 6,000.
And I'm somewhat of a novice buff, you could say.
I've read a few books about it, been to some of the pyramids, watched the History Channel shows.
I don't claim to be some expert, but it was very accurate from what I knew.
And, of course, my mom took a lot of Mesoamerican studies.
She's got a history degree.
And so growing up, I got drug around to some of these places.
So I thought it was pretty darn accurate.
But the liberals, and, of course, that term's interchangeable.
I really wouldn't call them liberals.
They call themselves politically correct liberals, are just freaking out, saying, don't show our dear Mayan culture in this way.
So we're going to bring you an anthropologist expert.
An academic who's been all over the Mesoamerican world for many years studying this, and of course, who's also one of the leading experts on reading these hieroglyphs.
She will be joining us in studio.
She's going to speak some in the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of the case.
Boyle is a leading American professor.
I've got him on my syndicated weekday show tomorrow.
Practitioner and advocate of international law.
He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.
He's also served on the board of directors of Amnesty International, and it just goes on and on.
He's a Ph.D.
in political science, both from Harvard University and a bunch of others, and I'd
Magna cum laude.
I just can't go on with all the positions.
He's gone public, got about 185 IQ, and knows what he's talking about when it comes to terrorism, and he's going to tell you where that anthrax came from.
Of course, we told you before the attacks, I said on September 11th, and of all places, the ADL picked it up and said, oh, look how evil Jones is.
He says there's going to be a terror attack with bioweapons in the next month.
That was what I was getting from sources in government.
And, oh, lo and behold, the anthrax attacks popped up.
Kind of like I said they're going to attack the World Trade Center two months before and blame it on their CIA asset bin Laden.
And then that happened as well.
And it's all on record.
In fact, I can even thank people that have attacked me in the press and the watchdog groups for their help.
In documenting that I've said these things.
If they like to attack me, then it comes true.
Alex is insane.
He believes in a thing called the Bilderberg Group, a thing called the CFR, a place called Bohemian Grove.
He's crazy.
He believes there's a North American Union, a plan to seize all the major interstate highways and use them as a taxation system.
And now it's all happening.
I mean, all we do is read their own documents.
It is not that hard.
MI5 Chief, that's the British equivalent of FBI, quits its full story of July 7th.
The bombings a year and a half ago is coming out.
This is covered in Terror Storm.
It's now emerging the government was involved intimately.
We'll be getting into that report for you.
Also, there is a FAA air traffic controller.
Who is speaking out now, and after the break we'll get into that report for you.
And he's talking about the people that were actually inside the control towers when this was happening on 9-11, that there were clear orders to stand down and that regular procedures were blocked.
And he goes through the evidence of the 9-11 drills, going siding with it, and how 9-11, again, has to be an inside job, an inside job at the bare minimum.
Elements within the government knew it was happening and allowed it to take place.
And then you look at more and more of the evidence.
The only thing that fits is total inside job.
But the really big news, normally I don't pay attention to Time Magazine man or woman, person of the year.
But this time it makes sense and they're finally getting it.
Person of the Year.
I'm sure you've already heard.
Oh, it's big fanfare.
You know, who's the Person of the Year?
Sometimes it's Newt Gingrich.
Sometimes it's Adolf Hitler or Mohamed Mosaddegh or Jimmy Carter or the Queen of England.
Who was the Person of the Year?
We will get into that for you as well after the break.
And we'll integrate that with – there's a hint –
Study of Americans' Media Use Finds Web Finally Passing Newspapers.
And Americans are now watching or viewing or reading nine and a half hours of media a day, totally plugged into the system.
In the last decade, it has increased from four and a half hours a day total media.
I mean, so it's an exponential increase.
And the largest slice of that isn't TV, isn't even radio, isn't newspapers.
It's the Internet.
And internet news is starting to surpass porn.
So, alternative news is now numero uno.
Number one.
And it's only going to get more and more serious.
We'll be right back.
Massive transmission lined up for you.
Stay with us.
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The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
You must understand how recession and depression are driven by outstanding debt.
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It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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Exposing corruption.
Dismantling a false left-right paradigm.
He's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
All right.
Person of the Year.
Well, this is the first time that it hasn't been a human being.
That is an individual person.
Person of the Year is you.
And it's got a little...
Reflective plastic tinfoil mirror on the cover and the plastic tinfoil mirror is affixed in what is a picture of a computer screen and it's saying because of YouTube and Google Video we're now all able to put ourselves out there and that it's fracturing the mainstream media and basically taking over most of the viewers that television had left and that is indeed true.
Hundreds of millions of people
Just in North America, every single week, go online and watch videos.
Millions are now producing videos.
I saw an ad over the weekend when I was in Los Angeles for the new AOL.
It's brand new.
It's all about your own videos, posting your own videos.
And these videos need to be seen.
Come see them.
So now you see the mainstream media starting to panic, but a little bit too late.
In fact, newspaper circulation is down by over 60% in the last decade.
You'll see a press report saying, newspapers are down 9% in the last year.
And this particular newspaper was down even more.
Or the LA Times fared better.
It's only down by 6%.
But overall, newspaper circulation...
That is, how many newspapers they sell, how many subscribers they have, is down by 60-plus percent.
And that's with major papers in the last few years getting caught inflating their list, combining old lists of subscribers that they had that they no longer have in a desperate attempt.
But I'll tell you what mainstream media is still good at, that is, especially the newspapers and television, is selling people advertising at vastly inflated prices.
But then you get an alternative website that, say, has 100 times the viewers of some local newspaper readers.
But they can't even get money for advertising, but the mainstream media still can.
So that's the last part of the paradigm that hasn't been completely shattered yet, is take BELO.
Mailman Dallas Morning News, and I looked it up, the Dallas Morning News makes over $100 million a year, supposedly, in advertising.
Well, Prison Planet and most of their supposed newspaper readers or viewers are online.
Well, PrisonPlanet.com, if you go to Alexa.com, as I've said many times, you can go look it up right now, if you go to Alexa.com with the big rating services, you can see that PrisonPlanet.com is the same size right now and is starting in the trend to surpass DallasMorningNews.com.
But we basically make enough money to pay my employees, and that's about it.
And frankly, we're not aggressive with advertising.
I'm not out there even really looking for it.
But the point is that they know how to have an illusion and go out and make $100 million off of the visitors and readers that they have.
It's the same thing with RushLimbaugh.com.
It just makes masses of money.
That's been in the news.
The guy gets paid $280-something million in a nine-year contract.
Well, Rosenblatt.com is no bigger than RushLimbaugh.com.
You see?
But the people don't know that.
The advertisers don't know that.
And there's one more little part of the paradigm that hasn't been discovered yet.
I'm just as an alternative media person who kind of interfaces with mainstream media, trying to give you an idea of this from our own personal experience just here at the microscopic level.
Take what's happening with YouTube and Google Video.
They are, and again, those are quote, mainstream owned, but they are totally supplanting the old media order.
What are they going to do?
How are they going to try to reverse that?
But one of the few little parts of this paradigm that still hasn't been shattered is, though in major polls, 84%, that number's come up many times in the last few months in scientific polls,
84% don't approve of Congress.
84% don't believe the official story of 9-11.
Cheney only has a 12% approval rating, so it's even lower with some individuals.
But for the first time, you have people totally not trusting either party, the system being exposed, and being in a lot of trouble.
To the point of Time Magazine has to say, person of the year is you!
Come by our magazine with a tinfoil cover and look at yourself in it and feel important and powerful.
That gimmick is not going to work with people.
They've had a taste of freedom.
They've had a taste of the alternative, and now the establishment's moving to shut down the web, restrict it, tax it, regulate it.
That isn't going to work either.
You cannot stop this virtual migration.
You cannot stop this usurpation of your monopoly.
And it's being broken into a million different pieces.
I love it.
I saw a story a few months ago.
CNN was panicking, going...
In the past, we all had one cultural book we read from mainstream media, and we were all cohesive when everyone could basically be programmed by us.
I can't believe they were admitting it, and now that's not working anymore.
I mean, they were openly, hey, you control freaks, that's right, you're going to really have to compete now, and we'll see how you like it.
But let me get back to what I was saying.
The final piece of the paradigm that hasn't been shattered is this.
Number one, alternative media doesn't make the money anywhere near, one one-thousandth on average that I've looked at, what it should be versus these big giants, okay?
And that's because the belief is still there, the aura of mainstream media, the power of mainstream media, the fancy teleprompters and the info babes with the collagen-filled lips, you know, and the guys in the $3,000 suits wearing $500 ties.
And reading off a teleprompter, delivering every word perfectly crafted.
People still feel like that's the establishment, and that's the final word, and everybody thinks they're a bunch of liars and propagandists, but we still feel like we're alone.
People haven't figured out yet that the original old paradigm has been shattered, though the worm is now turning, and that's being discovered.
So it is extremely, extremely exciting.
Person of the Year is you, Time Magazine.
And that's exciting because, again, and they go into admitting that the mainstream media is in deep trouble.
All they can try to do now is basically set the trends, set the fads, and hope that everyone in the alternative starts parroting it and regurgitating it and repeating it, and that's not going to happen either.
But some scary numbers out of the Associated Press here at year-end, along the same lines, headline, Study of American Medium.
News finds web finally passing newspapers.
Americans spend more time watching TV, listening to the radio, serving the Internet, and reading newspapers, it seems, than anything else except breathing.
In fact, media use has risen every year since the start of the decade, helped by faster and easier ways to get information, entertainment, according to statistics in a new government report.
Next year, Americans are projected to spend more than nine and a half hours a day with the media.
Right now it's about nine hours.
Those hours spent doing two things at once, such as watching TV and using the Internet, are counted twice in the report.
Then it goes through the numbers that the Internet has now eclipsed print media, that is newspapers, and is fast eclipsing television, and is already the largest piece of the pie.
And then if you look at that piece of the pie, people on the internet, porn is number one.
You can go to Google.
They have tracker charts.
Statistics are very accurate to look at this.
And guess what is beginning some days to be porn and trending in the next six months to eclipse pornography?
Alternative media.
What you're listening to right now.
Yes, we are surpassing porn.
I love it.
We will defeat the globalists.
We've got our hands around their throats.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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Corruption never had a worse enemy.
You're locked in to the Alex Jones Show.
The first stage in winning the war against corruption is knowing exactly who the people are that are taking our liberties and freedoms.
And that's both political parties, bought off by big special interests, global corporations, that are dismantling our country's sovereignty right now.
It must be resisted.
Okay, we're going to take calls for the next half hour, get into some of the news as we take your calls.
But I'm really excited.
We have Barbara McLeod out there in the green room
And she was one of the main anthropologists working on the film Apocalypto.
And last week I got on the radio on the Sunday show and talked about what a great film it was.
And just from my novice research...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then I got sent a little article or a little piece that Barbara had put together and she talked about, you know, they would tie people up and roll them down the steps.
They would rip their jaws off and ritualize torture.
And just, of course, then this weekend I was in Los Angeles and I had some time to watch TV and I saw a History Channel special on the Aztecs with how they would
Skin people and wear their skins.
This is pretty interesting stuff, and she's an expert on it.
And so we will talk about Apocalypto and this UT assistant professor of art who said how horrible the film was and how evil Mel was and how he showed them like a bunch of heathen.
And I don't think he did that at all.
I think he held back.
Now, certainly all cultures have engaged in these types of behaviors.
When we talk about the Romans and their ritualized killing in the arena, we say it's bad.
Or when we talk about the things that Hitler did, we say it's bad, as well we should.
Or when we talk about the Druids, it's been a National Geographic, they're human sacrifices.
That wasn't on the scale of the Aztecs there at the end of the Mayan system, civilization, but...
I know.
And later, I will get into this before the hour ends.
Boston Air Traffic Controllers is 9-11 inside job.
Also, U.S.
Government Biological Weapons Legislator, top scientist and professor, says the 2001 anthrax attacks were part of government biowarfare program.
I'm interviewing him tomorrow on my weekday syndicated show.
And just a lot more.
Right now...
Let's go ahead and talk to Carl.
Carl didn't call in first, but it says he disagrees.
It goes ahead of the line.
Then we'll go to George, Joe, Juan, Paul in Canada, and others.
But Carl's calling from right here in central Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex, I love what you do.
I go to Brave New Books.
I think it's all very interesting, and I think what you say is true.
But what you indicate that you're somehow that,
Whether YouTube or the people quote-unquote waking up is going to somehow make the New World Order back off and our country is going to opt out of it, you don't believe that really deep down inside.
With all that you know about the New World Order and the malevolent forces behind it,
You're naive enough to believe that they're going to say, okay, you woke too many people up, so we're going to leave the biggest economy in the world out of our deal.
Well, let me first ask you a question.
For people that just tuned in for the first time, tell them what the New World Order is first.
Okay, it's the international bankers, it's the Illuminati, the CFR, all the groups that are going to ultimately, with your own words... The groups who now are on C-SPAN saying they're creating a North American Union, one world government.
It's now admitted.
As you say, with a high-tech overlay, eventually to the point where if you don't play the game, you don't play the game.
You won't be able to buy or sell or do banking.
They'll want to chip you the whole nine yards.
The Antichrist, and here comes the end of the world.
But do you really think these guys... Okay, well, see, that's where I stop right there.
Listen, I'm a Christian, but I'm a secular broadcaster.
I'm covering the news.
They thought it was the end of the world with Hitler and said don't fight him.
They thought it was the end of the world in 1776 and told the founders don't fight.
Number one, I have a duty to fight corruption.
Number two...
I wouldn't be here doing this if I didn't think we had a chance to save this country, keep us out of these global wars for empire, and at least scale back the corruption.
History shows over and over again that tyranny gets worse and worse until people finally stand up against it, or until the government itself, the system collapses, we're about to be talking about that in the next hour, as Rome did, as the Aztecs did in Mesoamerica, as...
You know, all these cultures have.
It's the same thing we're talking about right now.
So I know, sir, I've seen right here in Texas where we've beaten, you know, bills to put transponders and all the inspection stickers to give us tickets as we drive down the road and track us.
Or we've beaten gun legislation against the Second Amendment.
Or we've beaten, you know, all this other legislation.
I've seen us beat stuff at the federal level.
We've also had a lot of defeats.
But I haven't... Listen, I have an attitude of...
I love this country.
I love my family.
And I would call myself a real paleo-conservative.
And I'm going to go down swinging even if we don't have a chance of winning.
And maybe the Antichrist is about to pop up like a jack-in-the-box.
Maybe all this is about to happen.
But I'm still going to fight it.
Okay, I think that's wonderful that you do that.
And everybody should do that.
I agree with that.
I'm right there with you for that.
But if these people have the power they have, they're not... One is you talk about the high-tech overlay.
The Gestapo didn't have high tech.
And neither did what other group, but George III of England.
And these people are not just going to go, well, they're fighting, so we're going to give up the biggest economy in the world.
Alex, mark it down.
They're going to get the United States.
That's good.
But I guarantee you they're going to get the United States.
Well, I'll tell you what Thomas Jefferson said, and I appreciate your call.
And I gave you a lot of time, but just the defeatist talk really gets me mad.
And number one, you've got to believe you can win a fight.
I mean, if you go into a fight and you're not going forward, and this is in business or a physical fight or anything, and if you don't have the momentum and you don't go into it 110%, I'll guarantee you you're going to lose if you're fighting a serious foe.
But just this talk about how we can't do a damn thing and how they're too big and they're too tough and the corruption's too serious, the only thing that may sink us is that we ourselves have become decadent.
We took the milk and honey, the incredible success of our forefathers and mothers, our forebearers, and we have squandered it and we have become decadent.
And that's the biggest thing we have working against us.
But listen, 97% of Americans are against these no toll road, trackership toll roads.
99% are against the Supreme Court rulings about private property grabbing by private interest.
How are you doing, Alex?
Yes, last night I got arrested at a sobriety checkpoint coming from work.
Do me a huge favor and turn the radio off.
Sorry, it's a TV.
Yes, I was coming home from work and a cop showed me a policy thing that all vehicles would be checked and you're going to be subject to a field sobriety test.
I just flat out refused.
I just said I don't have to by court.
I'll tell you what, I'm going to put you on hold.
I want to hear what happened to you when we get back from break.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online.
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Thank you for listening to GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
But I'm not trying to be mean.
We're just going to talk about it and go over it because it is the number one film still, and I think it was an incredible film, shot in the high def, the casting, all of it.
I don't normally spend this much time on a movie, but it gets into moral relativism, too, and the political correctness crowd that just, I mean, I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell because she's anti-gun.
But she got on TV and just joked around.
Everybody jokes around like everything's politically incorrect now.
I mean, believe me, I watch Asian TV sometimes.
They make fun of people in the West.
They make fun of themselves.
Everybody should just get a little bit thicker skin.
Oh, but we need to go after her now, and it's all over for her.
She said, okay, I'm sorry if it offends you, but I'm probably going to do it again.
But I like what she said.
You know, just acting stupid.
I mean, that's all it is.
It's her acting dumb because she's talking gibberish.
It's not making fun of some other group.
But this is how they want to control free speech.
Newt Gingrich came out this weekend in another speech and said we need to restrict free speech, shut down websites.
Oh, the evil people in America are taking over and fighting our wonderful New World Order.
They have to because the alternative media is kicking their hind end.
Let's go back to Georgia and Florida.
I've got to move quicker because I want to go through a bunch of your calls.
Let's go ahead.
Well, I had George here, but it doesn't show which line he's on.
Oh, there he is.
He's on toll-free, too.
George, go ahead.
Okay, so you're at this checkpoint.
What happened?
Well, I gave him my license, let him run my license.
I know I ain't got no warrants or anything like that, but when it came to searching the car, I basically said no.
Now, by checkpoint, they had a lot of cars pulled over.
They were stopping one out of three, all of them, some of them.
What was happening?
It was random.
It was like a random thing, and I just said, no, you cannot search my car without a warrant.
And they showed me a piece of paper and said, we've got all the authority we need.
No, I know, because their policy says, no, the Fourth Amendment is still in force, and it's totally criminal what's happening.
The state police were trying it in Texas a few years ago until they got sued, and then now they're trying to pass legislation to where they can violate the Fourth Amendment.
They still can't.
You can't just randomly pull cars over and demand to search them.
Well, there's a Florida statute passed back in 1855 which says any executive officer under a sworn affirmation violates someone's constitutional right is considered a felony.
So what happened to you?
Quickly, what happened to you?
You're at the Nazi checkpoint, which that's what the Nazis did.
Papers, please.
What happened?
Well, one of the people that was retired right across the street where this checkpoint was was a retired Texas Ranger.
And the Ranger sits there and told him, I said, have you taken the jail yet?
You're going to, uh... I said, I'm going to be there as a witness.
Oh, good.
So he knew it was bad.
Well, he was... He said... He even said, these cops are punks today.
And, uh... Basically, when he came down, the police chief apologized.
And I just told him, I said, you ain't got no authority to override someone's... So... But on the board, it says you got arrested.
You told the folks when you called in that you got arrested.
When I went down, I got booked.
And, uh...
Like I said, it wasn't a rain to rain thing.
I was relieved.
Good, we should all say no, and I appreciate your call.
I've had them get real mad.
Well, why can't I search?
Because I want my children growing up in a free country?
Well, what do you have to hide?
I said, hey, you want somebody coming to search your house?
What do you have to hide?
And I always said to me, hey, let me search your house now.
You know, first, let me search your car.
What do you have to hide?
Well, now in Dallas and Phoenix and other areas, it's called knock and talk.
Federal grants, the cops show up and go, we'd like to search your house.
And you go, why?
Is something happening in the neighborhood?
No, it's just we'd like to do an inventory of your guns.
They normally do it when the man's gone during the day, and then they find something illegal.
I mean, folks, this is the end of this country.
But the border's wide open, but we need to do knock-and-talk all over the country.
Let's go ahead and talk to Juan in California.
You're on the air, Juan.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Oh, yeah, I've got a question for you.
How is it possible that actors like James Brolin start to know about the September 11 truth?
How is it possible?
How is what possible?
You know, James Brolin told us that September 11 was inside jail.
How did he get the information, actually?
Well, actor James Brolin and legendary director...
David Lynch have gone public saying they question the official story because it doesn't make sense and it looks like a fraud to them.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Aurora, Colorado.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex Jones.
How are you?
Long time no hear.
Thanks for taking my call.
How's it going?
You bet.
What's going on?
Good news.
I had dinner with a good friend last night at a restaurant in the Aurora area, and I showed him 30 minutes of loose change.
He really liked it.
Took it home, and we met after church today and had a long talk about it.
He, his mother, and myself, and his eyebrows were raised.
He had questions about the plane going into the Pentagon and so forth.
Well, I'll tell you, I was in L.A.
This is a consulting side issue.
That was one of the things.
They are.
They are.
Another question.
He didn't know anything about Building 7, he being my friend.
And that made me think, what happened to Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?
Were they damaged, or what happened to those?
Yes, they had Tower 1 and 2 fall on them and burn for days and nothing collapse, because buildings don't collapse.
Normal fires don't even weaken the steel, much less melt it.
Hi, Alex.
I've got a problem lately with trying to buy over-the-counter cold medicines for my children.
Yeah, it's everything.
There's whole classes of drugs that were over-the-counter where you sign your name, your driver's license number, they check it, and this is preparing you for the national ID card.
Now I've been in grocery store lines where they make 75-year-old women scan IDs.
You notice they swipe them.
To get cigarettes, to get alcohol.
What they're going to do is they have fake conservatives pushing a national sales tax as a fair tax.
They're going to keep the income tax and rename it.
Then they're going to have a national sales tax, but it's going to be graduated depending on your income.
Some people under $15,000 a year, some say $17,000 will pay no sales tax.
So there isn't fraud, i.e.
people who are in a higher bracket getting somebody else to buy something to save sales tax at 23%.
You'll have to swipe your card every time you buy something.
That's why it's all been integrated into the Real ID Act, the national ID card law they passed last year.
I've been wondering about this because they started out saying you have to do it for Sudafed because you can make meth out of it.
And now it's everything, and now it's cigarettes, and now it's beer.
I can't buy cough syrup, normal over-the-counter cough syrup with no ingredients that you can do anything interesting with.
Well, see, and it starts before most states have passed laws now.
Where they do this.
But before that happened, it was a policy to have you do this.
And about a year ago, I had a Diamond Shamrock, and now it's a Valero.
And I got to know the guy behind the counter, buying gas there, getting milk there.
I was in there every other day, and he doesn't work there anymore.
And there was this old lady in front of me.
This is the story I'm telling.
And she was probably 65, but I've seen other stories where a 75-year-old man, 75-year-old woman.
And she was buying...
A six-pack of beer.
And he said, I need your ID.
And he swiped it.
And I said, what did you just do?
And he said, look, it's ridiculous.
We've been told it's the new policy.
It doesn't matter how old you are.
We have to do this.
It's 100%.
See, first it's if you're under 35, we card.
Or, you know, we card everyone.
Now they do card everybody and they swipe it.
This was already in back in the early 90s.
Now it's just been standardized nationwide.
Texas was the beta test.
Remember in 93, we got thumb scanners to get driver's license, digital face scan photo they take.
We've had a national ID card in Texas as a pilot state along with Florida and California.
Since the early and mid-90s, and I made my first film, America Destroyed by Design, on that issue.
And you see the film I made in 97, it's all come true.
Because we had the federal documents, the executive orders.
And to make a long story short, what they do is, they have that strip on the back.
And he said, step around the counter.
Because people filed out, and I was talking to him about five minutes.
He goes, step back and look at this.
And I looked and he said, let me see your card, your driver's license.
He scanned it and it showed my age, if I had warrants, everything.
And he said, oh yeah, this goes into some system.
It was in the USA Today three years ago.
What was the headline?
Scoff laws nabbed by ordering pizzas.
Just Google scoff laws ordering pizzas or police track pizza purchases.
And in the article it says the big three national pizza places.
And they didn't name them, but you can fill in the blank.
They talked to the CEO of the company that integrates this, private corporation in Dallas.
The feds paid for the money.
It's basically an NSA hub, just like Total Information Awareness Network was ruled illegal two years ago, so now they just put it in a private company in Virginia.
Every pizza, when you order it, it's incredible.
From the big three.
That's why they ask your address, where you're at, and instead of getting a pizza, you get a SWAT team.
And it runs it.
It runs your background through this computer in Dallas and then flags the police, the feds.
That'll catch the bad people.
Well, good.
The point is, you know, that's what some will say.
The point is, this is a total control grid.
We'll be right back.
Big guest in studio.
Stay with us.
For more information, that's 877-996-4327, extension 101.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Prepare yourself for a talk radio experience like no other.
Strap yourselves in and hold on.
He stands for truth.
He stands for justice.
He stands for what's right.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Call Alex now, toll free at 877-590-5525.
Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, on this Sunday afternoon.
I'm glad that you've decided to spend some time with us as we get closer here to Christmas.
I will be live next Christmas Eve, next Sunday, here in studios.
I hope you will join us as we defend the republic, as we expose corruption, and occasionally get into history and movies as well.
You know, I know the Gibson family had a chance to meet quite a bit of the family, and from afar have admired Mel Gibson's films.
I like The Passion of the Christ.
I like him way back in Road Warrior, which he didn't make, but he was the star of.
And I went and saw Apocalypto, and it was shot in high definition.
Just absolutely amazing.
I talked about it last week.
The cinematic experience really put me there.
And I'd read a few books about the overall Mayan culture, and then about the Aztecs, and
I'd been to some of the pyramids.
My mom had taken some of that stuff in college.
So I guess that's why the books were laying around and I'd read them.
And so, you know, being a novice, I guess I knew more of the general public.
So I knew that down there they did have human sacrifices depending on which tribe it was.
You know, the Aztecs killing thousands and then other tribes and parts of history at the same time killing less.
And then I saw a story in the Statesman.
Really attacking Mel Gibson.
Like he's trying to make them all look like a bunch of barbarous killers, and he makes them look bad.
And there was this UT assistant professor who made some interesting statements.
In fact, I have them here in a story we put together.
She said that the Osberger-Statesman story excused human sacrifice as valid, a pious act, and done with solemnity.
And regardless of how you view human sacrifice, I think Mel Gibson's allowed to make a movie about it and depict it.
And people are always wanting attention to Mesoamerica.
This is what the second big movie that's ever been made about it.
And it's been number one at the box office for two weeks.
So I think it's an important subject.
And just vicious attacks on Mel Gibson, saying he's attacked the Jews, now he's going after the Mayan.
And I don't think that's what Mel Gibson was really trying to do here.
I think he was trying to make an action adventure movie.
But joining us in studio for the rest of the hour...
There's a lady who worked prominently on the film, and she's Barbara McLeod, and she is an academic Ph.D.
in anthropology from the University of Texas, 1990, specializing in Mayan languages and hieroglyphic writing, and she can speak the Mayan language and is one of the leading experts on it and was hired to work on the film and work closely with Mel Gibson.
And I was pleased last Tuesday, or was it Wednesday?
I got an e-mail saying,
...to our website in a defense of Mel Gibson, talking about some of the things that aren't accurate, some of the things that are accurate, and talking about certainly there was violence going on with the Mayan and the Aztecs.
But enough of that.
She is in studio with us.
Thank you for coming in.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
It's a pleasure to be here.
You bet.
Tell us just a little bit about yourself.
You're also a pretty interesting person, not just studying this.
You also are a stunt flyer, stunt pilot.
I am, uh-huh.
That's where the planes go spinning down towards the ground.
Right, yes, I do.
Actually, I specialize in teaching basic aerobatics and spin training, and I'm based out of Bergstrom.
And I've been a flying instructor for coming up on nine years now.
Well, I've got to come out sometime and see you do the aerobatics.
That's a whole other radio interview.
I'll tell you exactly where to park if you want to watch.
I was reading on one side about you flying.
You've done 52 or 54 continual spins.
I did one spin with 52 and a half turns.
And I've just recently had it digitized, so I could send it to you, and you could run it if you want to.
So that's quite a few.
That's one of the planes that dive-bombed out going, It's something most pilots wouldn't think of doing.
And I always like to tell people I did it in my reckless youth back in 1995.
Wow, amazing.
Listen, you're impressive.
How did you get into anthropology, just in a nutshell, and then how did you find yourself working on Apocalypto?
Well, in a nutshell, I grew up in Missouri.
I was very interested in cave exploring as a junior high school student and started getting really active in caving all the way through high school and on into college.
Well, cavers call it caving.
You know, other people call it spelunking.
In any case, I mean, long story short, this led me to Belize, where there are lots and lots of caves.
And at the time I went there in the early 70s, they were largely unexplored.
You can go through those on the inner tubes.
Some of them.
Some of them.
As a matter of fact, I'm the person who pioneered that cave that's now a big tourist.
Wow, I'm going to be going through that here soon.
I'll tell you all about it.
Ian Anderson's a friend of mine, and actually I'm one of the very first people that ever went through there.
That's amazing.
And I was part of the party that first pioneered it.
So you're into caving.
Into caving, and the caves are full of Maya artifacts.
And not just any old Maya artifacts, not just pots lying around.
All of you have this, but when you think about what these artifacts are telling us, it looks like it's a collection of sacred water.
That's why they put these pots under dripping stalactites.
And there's a sacrificial complex that we're still trying to understand.
But I think they may have marched sacrificial victims down into the caves and then, in a ritual context, dispatched them and often decapitated them.
I've, again, been the first person to find this stuff.
I found walled-off corners of cavern chambers with piles and piles of skulls all covered over with flowstones.
In closer examination, you find the first vertebra indicating that it was decapitation, and then you find headless bodies lying around in the rest of the cave, so...
There's a large sacrificial complex that took place in caves.
Now, we know that those cultures, I mean, I've read this, you're the expert, they also bound women and children and throw them into cenotes.
Wasn't that a form of sacrifice?
Well, it was, yeah.
There were times when they did make offerings of women and children, but generally speaking, it was males, and generally speaking, it was, at least from the picture they tell us...
It was warriors.
It was captives taken on the battlefield, for the most part.
But toward the end of the classic period, we're talking about 750 to 800 A.D., somewhere in there, there was wide-scale warfare among the Maya.
And in that case, I don't think it was simple ritual warfare.
It was competition for vital resources, which is land, water, and labor.
And so they were at each other's throats.
Suddenly you see lots and lots of evidence of very quickly installed fortifications and just general evidence of destruction of buildings.
Were these different kings escalating the sacrificing as a way to also intimidate their rivals?
Well, there's no clear evidence that they were escalating the sacrificing.
It's at least nowhere near on the scale that you see in Apocalypto.
In Apocalypto, the story that we're being told is that they're escalating the sacrificing because they're being beset by drought and several kinds of plagues.
And I don't have any, I can't provide any archaeological evidence for this kind of thing.
But it's clear that they made sacrifices about both animals and humans to propitiate the gods to have favorable weather.
And to have the God's support in warfare.
Now, in the movie, they bend the people over kind of like a round pole.
But then I've seen these shock mules, you know, the person sitting with their knees up on their elbows.
And then the tour guides were saying that that's where they bent them over and cut their hearts out.
What would the difference be in those different sacrificial altars?
Well, the sacrificial altars that they bent them over, I mean, there's archaeological evidence of that.
It's probably very much like what you see depicted in the movie.
In fact, there are Maya monuments that show sacrificial victims lying on their backs, raped, dead, over these monuments with a heart sitting right on top of the chest, indicating that it's just been excised.
And, you know, it's a central theme on a Maya monument.
And there are, in archaeological context, stones that appear to have been used for this.
The chalk moles are...
Thought to be receptacles for hearts after they were extracted.
So they didn't use them to actually support the victim during the event.
They would, because they've got this little shallow bowl in them, that they would place the hearts.
We don't know for sure.
I mean, we don't have any observers from that time.
I read the Mexican flag isn't really an eagle grabbing a snake and some cactus, but grabbing hearts, and that goes back to Aztec symbols.
Is that accurate?
It does, yeah, although, you know, it's kind of a recent myth, the whole story of how the Aztecs founded their...
Their homeland.
That symbol on the flag has really grown out of a lot of, I think, misconstruction.
Well, it's the symbol itself of Aslan, and I don't really want to get into the whole idea of Aslan.
I'd like to stay on.
Yeah, let's talk about Apocalypto.
We'll be back in just three minutes, and we'll go straight into it.
Stay with us.
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All right.
The Mayanists, or whatever you want to call them, the local Aztec groups,
They like to say that there either was a human sacrifice going on, or if it was, it was extremely limited, and it was loving and sweet, and it wasn't bad.
And my question is, is skinning people, is cutting their hearts out, is ritual torture loving and good, and are we worthy to talk about it?
I mean, that's kind of the attitude, like, oh, it's so wonderful and good.
You're not worthy.
You're not even worthy to discuss it.
I've got an email.
So we're talking to a really serious academic and researcher.
She's got a Ph.D.
in anthropology, and she's Barbara McLeod.
She worked big time on the film, number one in the country, second week in a row, Apocalypto.
Let's jump right into it.
You've got the floor.
Let's run down what really happened and what's real in the film, what isn't, what's used for part of the story.
Got to condense it down to two hours.
Okay, well, I mean, starting off with a little bit of science.
The eclipse happens way faster than a real eclipse would happen.
You see the scene in the movie of the shadow of the moon moving across the sun much faster than that would ever take place.
The following night, you see a full moon rising.
Which would also never happen because eclipses take place at conjunction, the dark and the moon.
She can nitpick things like that all day.
Well, but a lot of other people can too, but I don't use it as evidence.
I'm not saying you're nitpicking, I'm saying they nitpick.
Yeah, well, but just suspend disbelief.
You know, it's done as a poetic device.
It's visual poetry.
Let it happen.
It's also, you know, it's a necessary collapsing of time because the movie is already two and a half hours long.
They were scrambling to find ways to make it shorter.
It should be 31 to have a whole month's time.
I mean, if you're going to tell the whole story of the ancient Maya, especially if you're going to try to do it and placate the people who want all of their positive accomplishments given equal time, you'd have a 10-hour movie.
Well, exactly.
And there's no way... You can't put that out there.
You can't sell that to the American people.
Here's my question.
Why do these people have a problem...
With the film.
It didn't show ritual skinning or tying people up in a ball and rolling them down the steps.
It didn't show ripping the jaws off, as you mentioned in your email.
Well, I think it's because it did show a level of violence that the Maya were not, as far as we know, engaged in.
But the Aztecs were, at least from the reports of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who was a main chronicler of the conquest of Central Mexico.
He reported in great detail that the Aztecs did things like that in vast numbers of people, or too vast numbers of people.
He was saying 20,000, but people are now estimating it was probably thousands.
Well, we don't know.
I mean, yeah, I see it just kind of gets reduced down to smaller numbers.
But in any case, it was still a very large-scale sacrifice.
We don't have any evidence that the Maya did that kind of thing.
But as far as whether the Maya did public human sacrifice, I think we have every bit of evidence to suggest.
Well, it's carved all over their temples.
It was spectacle.
It was a spectacle.
Sometimes it was private, but sometimes it was public.
And I don't think there's any excuse for sanitizing it.
Well, the Romans did ritualize sacrifice.
It was just done in a more sporting way, you know, out there in the arena.
I mean, if that isn't human sacrifice, I don't know what is, letting lions tear up women and children.
We who are about to die salute you, right?
Well, it starts with the gladiators, but by the time they were done, yeah.
Bears and elephants running around and running over people and burning them and just nuts.
Well, I would say, and the crowd apparently went nuts from everything we know about that phase of history.
I really think that our species has on some deep down level a fascination with this kind of thing.
We have a fascination with death.
We have a fascination with blood and gore.
And I think we need to find some way to channel that in a positive way.
We can't deny it.
And we are predators.
We are predators, that's right.
Other primates eat meat.
We thought for a long time that chimpanzees only pluck leaves off trees and fruit and so on, but they eat meat.
No, they kill other animals, even rocks.
That's right, they do.
So we do have a bloodlust issue somewhere deep down, and a lot of human culture has been focused on containing that or channeling it, and it gets channeled into warfare, that's where it mostly goes, or occasionally it gets channeled into religion.
And a lot of ancient peoples and some modern peoples
Have rights of animal sacrifice or human sacrifice.
And I think that one of the burdens upon us, or at least one of the directives that we have to address is how do we spiritualize that?
How do we get past that primeval bloodlust?
How do we channel it into something that is worthwhile and loving and good?
Now, you worked closely with Mel on the film.
I did.
Tell us about that process.
Well, he was a fascinating guy to watch.
There was one week where we had something like 10 to 12 hour days and he was there almost all the time.
And he is on top of every nuance of that film.
And he's a guy that just doesn't seem to be able to sit still.
He'd sit down for about 15 seconds and then he'd be up and walking all around and
You know, when we were actually engaged in the ADR in the sound studio, which is, you know, there's a very sensitive set of microphones and the actors are up there at the microphones and they've got cues to overdub what they see on the screen with the lines.
And you're there trying to make sure it's as accurate as possible.
I'm there to help them make it as accurate as possible, to correct any errors that may have been in the original script, and also to add off-camera lines.
And I was working with a young man named Nicholas Pott, and it's important to acknowledge him.
He's a native speaker who lives in Los Angeles, but he doesn't speak much English at all.
And so I kind of helped build a bridge.
He and I were conferring constantly about the best way to say something, and so we really were a team in this project.
And there were times when we were up on the computer upstairs, you know, writing dialogue as well, which then they could choose from in some of their off-camera lines.
But Bell is just, I mean, I'm really impressed with him as a director.
He's on top of every emotional nuance of that film.
Everything you see in there has passed muster with him.
And especially the character development.
And I think the character development in this film is just absolutely superb.
Both the good guys and the bad guys.
You really care about them.
Especially Jaguar Paw.
And then you've got the head warrior guy that's chasing him.
Zero Wolf.
Zero Wolf.
He's got human skulls hanging off under his own chin and hanging off his shoulders.
That's fairly realistic because the ancient Maya did sometimes...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, I do feel compassion for him, and some have likened it to watching some anthropology film on the Discovery Channel.
I mean, that was so realistic, just from what I've seen in footage of people in Brazil and places.
Now, it was not quite realistic in the sense that during the period just before the Spanish arrived...
Most of the people who were not actually in the urban centers were still attached to, affiliated with, and engaged in trade, commerce, and paying tribute.
There weren't that many people who were living in purely tribal lands.
No, but there could have been some.
In remote areas, there could have been people who were out, just totally isolated.
I wouldn't deny that.
From what I've read, though, the Aztecs, and we're talking about the Aztecs now,
...would march out to get captives for sacrifice.
Well, then the Mayas did it too.
But the Mayas, from their own stories that they tell us, suggest that it was done primarily in a battlefield context where they go out and meet warriors from other cities.
We're going to break again.
We've got plenty of time on the other side to get through.
You've got some neat stuff.
You're going to actually speak in Mayan here on the air or...
I guess a different derivation, a more ancient form of it.
When we get back, stay with us.
We're good to go.
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Welcome back, my friends.
We're here today talking with Barbara McLeod, Ph.D.
She's in studio with us.
She worked intimately on the film Apocalypto.
With the director, Mel Gibson.
I mean, he obviously cared in every other movie that just even mentions the Aztecs or the Mayans or that old Mesoamerican culture.
It would be in English.
They probably even have English accents.
And, I mean, he attempts to really immerse you with the original language.
He went and hired you to try to make sure it was really accurate.
There's so much to talk about.
I have to interview you during the week, during the weekday show to...
We were talking during the break, maybe Thursday, but let's now try to condense all the key areas we haven't covered yet.
During the break, you were making a point about how he's basically collapsing these different cultures that had some of the same foundations and history into two and a half hours.
I mean, you have to do that.
You have to do that.
I mean, as a storyteller, and you're trying to set a backdrop of a vast culture that spanned thousands of years,
You're going to have to collapse time, and you're going to have to make a kind of cultural mosaic.
You have no choice.
Either that, or you set your story completely accurately within one small time frame.
And, you know, he chose, as a narrator, to create characters that are larger than life, and a backdrop that was spectacular visually, and it is.
It's sumptuous visually.
And he did it by collapsing a little bit of the pre-classic Maya culture into a chunk of the classic culture into a chunk of the post-classic culture and created something which didn't exist.
As far as we know, we have no evidence that it was anything like that.
But it was made up of pieces that were accurate.
And it was not done in ignorance.
It was done absolutely deliberately.
Well, I am a buff on the Revolutionary War, and I went and saw the Patriot.
It's extremely accurate in many areas.
In other areas, it is a mosaic.
In fact, he took three different, or the writers of that, took three different historical figures there in that area of the Carolinas and kind of put them together, because in two hours, you've got to.
You can't go show every character everything that happened.
But it was all based on real things that happened.
I think that the objection that arises about Apocalypto versus The Patriot or other things, like I mentioned in my email to the firm, which creates a rather distorted view of the legal profession in the United States, is that we assume that most of the audience, when they see a film like The Patriot or The Firm, know a little bit more about the background, the real background, and so they can contextualize what they see as a cultural mosaic or a mosaic of it.
Of the sort you mentioned.
Whereas a lot of people that see this film, Apocalypto, don't know anything about the Maya.
And so the objection, which I don't share, is that the first time that people who are naive and innocent about the Maya see something about the Maya, then they should get something that's fair and balanced.
It should be culturally accurate.
It should be historically accurate.
And I say, well, why should it be?
It's a work of fiction.
It's not presented as a work of history.
You call them a Maya...
I mean, who are the groups that just think they're the best things than sliced bread, and that you can almost worship the whole Mayan system, and these other academics who get really mad and almost act like that you're not even holy enough, I don't know about myself, to even try to discuss it?
Well, first of all, a lot of these people are my friends.
I've been in the field long enough that I know an awful lot of people in the field.
And they aren't monolithic in their views about Apocalypto.
I mean, looking at the debate that went on on this online list that I mentioned to you during the break, there are a lot of diverse views, and there are some that support.
As I do, Mel Gibson's right to tell a story and to use whatever narrative devices he chooses to tell that story.
As you mentioned at the beginning of the show, the core premise of the story is an action-adventure with a foot chase in it.
That's what it was conceived as originally, before the Maya were even part of it.
That was the story he wanted to tell.
In fact, it was going to be more of a Central or Northern North America, right?
That's right.
It was going to be more of Northern North America.
And I'm not quite sure what led him to the Maya, but when he did decide on the Maya, then he recruited Richard Hansen, who is a Maya archaeologist living in... He's affiliated with a project in Washington, D.C.
He works...
For long periods of the year in Guatemala.
And he's tremendously knowledgeable about my archaeology.
So he was the primary resource on the archaeology and ancient culture.
And then you were the primary resource on getting the language correct.
Actually, I was not.
I was not involved during the production phase in Mexico.
Now, it occurred to me while they were down there to contact them and sign on, and I might have been able to do it, but I was just not able to leave Austin for such a long period of time.
I was just reading press reports.
You were the primary and the post-production.
That's right.
In the post-production phase.
That's what I meant, making sure that it was all correct.
And I was working with a young Yucatec man named Nicolas Pott.
And he lives in Los Angeles along with a couple of his brothers, and there's a lot of other Yucatec speakers living in LA as well.
And he and I collaborated together.
I would say that he and I were the team that gave them what they needed, their post-production support.
Now, when you're down in Mexico, you see the Mayan folks.
They look just like the folks in the movie, because Mel went and got a lot of the actual people that are indigenous down there to be in the film.
He did.
The language they speak today, I mean, is that the same Mayan that was being spoken 500 years ago?
Pretty close.
It depends where you are, but in Yucatan, the language that was spoken 500 years ago was probably no more different from
Modern Maya than the English that was spoken 500 years ago is from modern English.
It would differ primarily in terms of the vocabulary.
There would be a lot of vocabulary that we have in modern English, which would not have been in English of 500 years ago.
Like gun.
Well, or computer.
Well, for them, I meant like the Maya wouldn't have a word for gun or sailing ship or...
That's right.
But they borrowed words they did have, and they adapted them to new things.
So it's kind of like English grows.
Yeah, exactly.
Languages all grow the same way.
There's a lot of universals across.
It has to do with the way we're hardwired as human beings, the way in which language evolves.
How much evidence is there that there was trading between Asia and the Mayan culture?
Because, you know, when you're down there, a lot of the places their archaeologists, tour guides will say, we have jade that's only in Asia.
And, you know, here at Tulum, the ships came in.
Is that fanciful?
It's not entirely.
It's certainly not impossible.
And there are people that are very interested in trans-oceanic contact.
As far as regular trade back and forth, I don't think there's much evidence of it.
But, I mean, that's a whole other story, too.
It's just when other ancient people made landfall in the Americas, and there certainly is some evidence that a Chinese expedition got to the west coast of the U.S.
before Columbus got to...
We know Leif Erikson was there at 1100 and something.
So, yeah, I mean, there is this kind of definitely a lot of evidence of pre-Columbian contact.
But as far as the Maya and other ancient people being regularly engaged in trans-oceanic trade, I don't think it's really, you know, we don't have any significant evidence of that.
Nor any evidence that they interbred with Chinese people.
I mean, they have Mongolian-type features because the best evidence suggests that they came all across the Bering Strait exactly over thousands of years.
Well, they have the Mongolian spots, too.
The children.
That you see in Asians, the purple spots that CPS think the children have been beaten, but no, Asians get purple spots on their backs when they're babies.
I'm telling CPS workers out there, stop grabbing the Asian people and the Mexicans' kids, because those are there until they're about five.
And here's an interesting little sideline that might be worth chasing at some point.
There are a lot of people of Germanic origin who also have Mongol spot and the shovel-shaped incisors.
And the Epicanthic Eiffels because of the invasions of the Mongol hordes that made contact with and conquered Germanic people.
Sure, sure.
So, you know, we're all mixed up.
We've been mixed up forever.
Well, take Russia.
You know, the Slavic folks, very Asian.
But anyway, I mean, one point I wanted to make is that Mel Gibson deliberately collapsed time and cultures to create a backdrop.
A very rich and sumptuous visual backdrop and cultural backdrop to tell his story.
He did it on the scale of the warlike urbanites, and he did it down there on the scale of the peaceful hunter-gatherers.
And both of those are characters that are larger than life.
They've been written larger than life in order to create empathy with and interest in those people to tell his story.
Final segment.
I want to read through a translation in English and then to Mayan
From the film, it's powerful stuff about fear being a sickness, which you've certainly conquered flying your airplanes and stunt flying.
That was my favorite scene in the film.
We'll be right back.
Final segment with our guest.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back.
We've kind of gone down another path this week, getting into a little bit of history.
But it illustrates what elites, what ideas can do.
What the Romans did, what the Aztecs, what the Mayans were doing.
This bloodlust comes up over and over again.
And that's really the danger of an all-powerful state because anybody's whim can then become the norm.
And I really want to thank now, before the show ends, Barbara McLeod, Ph.D., anthropologist who worked on Apocalypto, for joining us.
During the break we were talking, it's been more interesting than, frankly, on air.
It's always that way, but this whole broadcast has been amazingly important and at the same time entertaining.
In the film, big spikes with human heads and skulls on them.
I've been down to Chichen Itza, the ball playing court, hundreds of skulls carved into the sides.
They say that the winners and the losers were killed.
What's the truth?
Are the skulls on poles real, the heads?
Did they kill the winner or the loser?
What's the truth?
Well, I think the evidence really strongly points to the fact that they killed the losers.
The idea of killing the winners and people playing to win so that they can be nobly sacrificed is kind of a fascinating idea, but I don't really think it's very realistic.
But nonetheless, there's a lot of evidence of human sacrifice at Chichen Itza.
Both sacrifice of ballplayers.
You may have seen the scenes on the sides of the ball court where a ballplayer is kneeling and his head is being chopped off.
In fact, his head has just been chopped off.
And then the other ballplayer, the winner, is holding the decapitated head and out of the cut neck spurt seven serpents and a vine.
So there's a lot of real mystical, magical, rebirth stuff going on there.
What about 2012?
I mean, the nuts are getting ready to go crazy on that date.
Oh, it's the end of the world.
But you're able to actually read the real calendar.
You can read the original language.
What does it actually say?
Well, what I have access to, and I've actually been involved in deciphering it, and one of the people who deciphered this phrase, is the last time this came around, which was back in 3113 B.C.,
And the cycle is roughly 5,200 years.
It's closer to 5,129 years because the core unit is not 365, it's 360.
Now, they had a solar year of 365 days, but what we're talking about is the great cycle of what they call the long count.
It's their day tally.
And in that phrase, for the last time this event happened, it says, "...will be changed the hearth at the mouth of the sky."
And I think that what I write into that and read into that is that the sky was seen as a house and the hearth is the core of culture within that house.
And that's going to change.
Now, they're not telling us a whole lot about what really happened there, but we get a lot of history from before that event.
A lot of these monumental texts tell us about the actions of deities before this event took place.
So they clearly believe that there was a before and after.
And I see no reason to think there's not going to be a before and after in this situation.
So even if people believe in their religion today or have got some New Age concoction from it,
It doesn't really say the planet blows up.
No, nothing like that.
Nothing like that.
In fact, there are ancient Maya monuments that cast forward into our times and beyond.
And they make it clear that they expect things to carry on.
The only thing they really say about it, and again, I've been very much involved in deciphering this, is that they expect to be able to keep the gods happy.
How many of the professors and academics you work with are into this now and believe it?
Into what stuff?
The 2012 stuff?
The New Age stuff?
Yeah, I mean... No, for the most part, everybody disbelieves it.
But I think that I'm one of the few who's really explored it.
I have tried to build a bridge between the straight academic world and...
And the myth-makers, the people who are millennialists, who really want something to happen.
We're going to have to have you back before we run out of time.
Go through that.
I would like to read something.
This is actually from the script of Apocalypto, and it's one of the most powerful parts.
I'm going to read it in Native Yucatec Maya and translate it.
This is the speech of Flint's guy to his son, Jaguar Paw, after they meet the terrified people in the forest.
Te chet kap el chahanatukul.
You are troubled again.
Those people in the forest, what did you see on them?
Deep, rotting fear.
They were infected by it, did you see?
Fear is a sickness.
It will crawl into the soul.
It has tainted your peace already.
I did not raise you to see you with fear.
Strike it from your heart.
Do not bring it into the village.
At first light, we will gather with the elders at the sacred hill of our fathers.
There, we will call on our spirits to guide us.
You know, that's a pretty language.
How similar is it to some of the tribes that were in Central North America?
Because it sounds, just to my ear, somewhat similar in its cadence to
To some of the other Native American groups in what is the U.S.
Well, there's really no strong evidence of affiliation with any Native North American groups, but there are some linguists who have attempted to create what they call...
Macro families in which they've put some of the languages of the Northwest Coast, some of the languages of California that are now extinct, with the Mayans.
And there are a lot of other people that don't agree with that.
And I have to kind of sit on the fence with that.
How old is Mesoamerica?
Or how long ago?
Some say 30,000, 20,000, 12,000.
From the evidence you've got, how many thousands of years ago did these Asian nomadic tribes come out of Russia down into...
What is Alaska today and then down into Chile?
Well, there are some people who claim it's as old as 50,000 or greater.
So it could be two or three ice ages ago.
Based upon the types of tools that they find.
I would take a somewhat more conservative view, but it's also territory that I don't command very well and say, well, 10,000 years.
Well, what do the majority of the quote experts say?
The last one, 12,000, or even before that?
Probably in that range of 12,000.
It's amazing.
It's so interesting.
I mean, I wish I could go study stuff like this.
And I tell you, to you, is that a pretty language?
I mean, that was nice to the ears.
It's a beautiful language.
I love this language.
And I'm just absolutely delighted that people all over the planet are going to get to hear it.
I think that's one of the sweetest things about this movie is that it's going to expose people.
To the Mayan language and to the Mayan people, and anybody who's really interested in finding out more about the Maya, if they really want the fair and balanced view, they're going to go get it.
It's easy to get.
There's just so many sources out there.
How would you say prison planet in Mayan?
Let me think about that.
Who am I?
Like jail and planet.
I ought to know how to say jail.
I've known that in the past.
Is it kalom chet?
Kalom chet?
Prison Planet.
So, just so I know, and I'll listen to it later.
How do you think?
It's like...
It's a tied-up palisade.
Palisade Earth.
Okay, so how do you say that and then company.com?
I don't know that I can come up with that right now.
Let's work on that for Thursday.
Well, listen, if you want to come into the studio on Thursday down at my office where I do the weekday show, that's great.
Or telephone is just as good.
Whatever is good for you, you're welcome.
Thank you.
In closing, I wanted to just... Do you think the film is starting to win over some of the academics that at first were angry about it?
I haven't had enough opportunity to talk to them about it.
I only saw the final theater production a few days ago.
But you said when Gibson was here a few months ago, you saw it without sound.
No, it had sound.
I mean music.
It actually had a score that was borrowed from some other source.
It didn't have James Horner's score.
And I saw it with David Stewart, who is a professor of art history here at the University of Texas.
Was that back in October when Mel came to the Alamo Draft House?
Yeah, you saw that at that time too, didn't you?
No, I was trying to go, but then I had a family engagement I didn't get to.
So I'm very angry about that.
Well, I did see it then, and then Dave Stewart and I... I'm saying I saw it again when it just came out there.
Same place, yeah.
So anyway, Dave Stewart and I talked about it for about 20 minutes afterwards.
And we both agreed that we both really liked it.
You know, that it just really, you know, I remember using the phrase, it kicked ass.
It just really got me involved.
No, I thought it was a powerful film, total immersion.
I felt like I was teleported there.
Talking about getting past fear, you were afraid of flying, and now you're a stunt pilot.
That's right.
And that's another whole story.
It was just one of the most remarkable things that's ever happened to me.
I just decided that...
I discovered I had a passion for flying that was buried underneath all that fear.
But to tell that story properly would... But you know, fear really is a sickness.
It's a sickness, and it's also an illusion.
It's an illusion.
Well, I mean, in my job, you've just got to get past fear.
Fear what people think about you first, and then physical fear.
Well, Professor Barbara McLeod, Ph.D., worked big time on Apocalypto.
We really want to thank you for coming in.
This has been an amazing interview.
We're going to put it up on the web at prisonplanet.tv.
I want to thank you out there for watching, and thank all of you out there for listening.
Until next time, vaya con Dios!
Call today.
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