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Air Date: Dec. 14, 2006
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Okay, well, to understand the latest terror alert scam in Britain, we need to look at it from the perspective of the fact that the British government has been totally and immensely discredited in faking terror alerts for the past five years.
Every major terror sweep or supposed averted terrorist atrocity, in every major case, not one or two, in every case,
Um, a supposed plot melts away and turns out to be manufactured fiction in a matter of days.
And in Britain especially, we've seen it over and over again.
Shouldn't we categorise this?
We're good to go.
I think?
The suspect's brother, first they claim his own brother shot him.
They let the police later admit that the police officer himself did shoot him.
And then, two months later, the investigation, they conduct the investigation, people are trying to charge the police officer on health and safety violations, shooting somebody at point-blank ranges violates health and safety.
But then, about a week ago, the police got absolved of all charges of that anyway.
Dangerous chemicals were found at this address in Forest Gate, London.
Again, you look back to the Domenico shooting and the explanations for what happened.
The intelligence was, I don't know, the same intelligence behind the Iraq War, probably.
Before the ID card bill was introduced in the Queen's Speech, I believe it was in 2003 again, there was an alleged plot to fly planes into London landmarks like Canary Wharf and Heathrow Airport.
Again, all over the TV news for days.
Turned out, as the Independent of London reported it, that it was cooked up by government lobbyists in a line
We're good to go.
The British government said they had found the poison riacin in a flat in Wood Green in London.
Immediately afterwards, Blair's ministers went out on a PR campaign to push this great new threat that they'd averted by finding this riacin in London.
The British government sent these samples they'd got from the flat to Portdown, which is a bioweapons government research facility.
They did the analysis and there was no trace of riacin, the actual completed poison.
There was no trace of it whatsoever.
There was no plan to use it.
And the biggest charge the so-called terrorists got after that all melted away were public nuisance orders.
The British government didn't admit that the Ryerson plot was non-existent until two years after.
And in fact, two years after, the director of The Power of Nightmares was given a BAFTA speech.
The BBC excised it from the TV broadcast that went out one hour later because it was, quote, too sensitive.
It touched a nerve.
In that speech he outlined how the Ryerson plot was completely fabricated and how people should be aware that the government's fabricating terror alerts in Britain.
Then the government went round British newspapers like the Guardian and directly told them to remove the articles from their website to retroactively remove all the reports about it being a hoax.
So that was Ryerson in 2003, the British government still used it as PR until 2005 and then they censored anybody from talking about it on the BBC and in British newspapers.
Yeah and it's admitted that
We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good to go.
The timing was in place and it was dedicated, focused timing.
So, I mean, that delay tells me that they were so concerned about the fact that they'd been discredited with all these previous terror plots because they concocted the evidence and there's no tangible plot.
So, to understand that perspective, every single major terror alert has been politicised and faked in Britain, so why should we believe that this latest one is any different?
I mean, it just mirrors what's going on in Russia, with basically the return of command and control communism, where Putin's trying to do exactly the same thing, stay in power.
Yeah, and I mean, it's not necessarily going to look like Nazi Germany, although it is fascism.
The definition of totalitarianism is absolute power.
So when you've got Bush doing something like signing away 750 executive orders against legislation that's already passed, that's absolute power, that's fascism, it's the very definition of it.
So just because they don't walk around, you know, doing funny hand salutes saying, see Kyle, doesn't mean that it's not fascism.
So just because they don't walk around, you know, doing funny hand salutes saying, see Kyle, doesn't mean that it's not fascism.
No, just because they don't walk around.
You know, doing funny hand salutes saying, see Kyle, doesn't mean that it's not fascism.