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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2006
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Now live from Austin, Texas.
Here's Alex Jones.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
I'm glad that you have joined us on this live Sunday edition.
Every Sunday I'm here.
From 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time as we syndicate out across the land.
We'll be covering a lot of important news around the world and here in the United States as well as our home here in Central Texas where this broadcast originates from, the geographical heart of Texas.
Big developments this week in 9-11 truth.
For those that don't know what that is, that's the majority of the American people now not believing the official 9-11 story, and a majority of that majority believing it's a total inside job carried out by criminal elements of our own government.
The award-winning director and producer David Lynch.
Hundreds of major TV shows, Twin Peaks, films like The Elephant Man.
It just goes on and on.
He's gone public questioning the official 9-11 story.
We'll play about two minutes of that coming up in the next hour.
Also, actor James Brolin, who's been in hundreds of movies and television programs, on The View earlier this week on national television, questioned the official 9-11 story.
We'll be covering those developments for you as well.
A parting shot from Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
She introduced articles of impeachment.
On Friday, we'll be breaking that down.
A really scary story out of the New York Post.
Top-level insiders are dumping their stock at a record level, the highest level we've seen in the last 20-plus years.
We'll be breaking down what that has meant to the economy and the stock market in the past when we see this type of mass selling.
Also, the United Nations, this other London Telegraph, has downgraded...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Study group, a group of whitewashing liars.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
They're putting the whole debate, trying to depoliticize it into this process, which is meant to make you forget about the war.
It's not going to work.
And I'll also talk about comprehensive annual financial reports.
The fact that every county, city, state, federal government are running giant secret surpluses.
Well, that is an open secret.
The public doesn't know about it, but it's publicly available information.
Huge economic news there we'll be covering a little bit later.
Now, I don't normally get butterflies when I'm on the air.
I have been doing three hours a day, five days a week on the radio since 1998.
And at many points in my radio career, I've been doing dual shows per day.
Now I do a broadcast on Sundays.
I have done over 4,000 radio interviews in the last six years.
I'll be on Coast to Coast AM for three hours coming up Tuesday night.
Just a plug there for George Norrie's great program.
My point is I don't normally get butterflies.
I've got butterflies.
I'm nervous.
I'm overwhelmed because I don't think I can do a good enough job telling you how powerful Apocalypto is.
This is the best movie I have ever seen.
I'm somewhat of a historical...
I guess it's a hobby to study Mesoamerica because it's so interesting.
I have been all over Mesoamerica.
I have been to many of the big public sites and to many of the sites that haven't even really been dug up.
I was just down there earlier this year on the Guatemalan border in Yucatan in some very primitive areas in Costa Maya that haven't even been excavated entirely.
So with that in mind, my mother also, I guess she's got a degree in history and she's been a big buff on Mesoamerica.
And so I grew up being drug around in the jungles looking at things.
But that's not why it's the best film I've ever seen.
The history is so incredibly accurate.
The cinematography is unspeakably good.
A new standard.
In fact, I hardly ever write notes for a radio show.
I have
Three pages of notes here, because there's so many facets to this film.
Then there's a vicious, disgusting hit piece by Chris Garcia in the Austin American Statesman that makes me want to puke.
So we'll go over that as well.
And I see the phones are loading up.
Folks, you're going to hear plugs to call in.
We'll probably take calls by the end of the hour.
I don't know, though.
I mean, I've got to do some serious...
Some serious analysis and praise here for this film.
And let me say this.
There are very few things that make me... And I don't want this in the article.
I've got two of my writers listening right now.
They're going to write an article off of it.
I'm so busy I kind of rant on air.
Then they go vet all my facts and add more and then put it together.
Steve Watson and Paul Watson, the dynamic duo, two brothers in England, are listening right now.
We're going to have big reports out on this tomorrow.
And I want them to know this article is important.
Okay, I want it super good, and I know you guys can do it, because they're also going to, again, take notes off what I'm saying here and write some big reports here.
Please don't add the groveling part here.
I just want the listeners to know that.
And the issue I'm about to talk about right now is that there are a few regrets I have in my life.
We're good to go.
I'm good friends with Charlie Sheen.
I love Charlie Sheen because his incredible courage to go public on 9-11 first has now caused David Lynch to go public and others that I was just mentioning earlier.
But again, I'm not starstruck.
I mean, I'm into inventors and scientists and people who stand up against tyranny and lawyers who represent the downtrodden.
I mean, those are my rock stars.
But let me just tell you something.
I am starstruck by Mel Gibson.
I mean, I thought The Passion of the Christ was avant-garde and amazing, and I was a big fan of it.
But let me just tell you something.
I am like a schoolgirl here, folks.
I mean, I...
I'd be one of those people yelling and screaming at a line now to talk to Mel Gibson and just tell him how great this is so I'm going to write him a letter and I know how to get it right into his hands.
The family are fans of my work.
You know Mel Gibson knew about the New World Order before I was born.
He always talks about it and speaks about it and has made films that have that underlying message in it.
But I am frustrated that when he came to town...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I had a chance Friday night in the very same theater where he first screened it, first place he came to screen it, to a big public crowd, and I got a chance to sit there and watch it.
It totally blew me away.
It's going to go over a lot of people's heads.
It's got the violence for a certain level of folks, but that's just making it accurate.
And I just have to tell you, you've got to go see this movie.
But perhaps after you've heard me talk about it, then you'll understand why it's such a powerful film.
And I'm sure you'll find it entertaining, riveting, terrifying, frightening.
But if you have a background in Mesoamerica, if you've researched it, and then if you understand human societies, well, if you've ever heard the show, you know I talk about the Aztecs, the overall Mayan culture, the Toltecs.
You know I've discussed that here on Airquad a bit and paralleled it with our society today.
So this is near and dear to my heart, and it's Mel Gibson.
And all I can say is, I mean, I was a fan before, but now I am just gaga over Mel Gibson.
In fact, here are my notes.
Let me just read through this first page, then we'll come back and I'll go over them.
We now have the Mel Gibson standard.
He is Stanley Kubrick on steroids.
I'm also a big fan of Stanley Kubrick.
Stanley Kubrick on steroids.
He is the greatest living director.
This film is off the chart powerful.
Total immersion in the atmosphere.
You are there.
Suspended disbelief.
The standard of casting, cinematography, the research.
When we get back, I'll break down some of the film without giving away too much, and then tie it into modern day.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Yeah, Woody in Round Rock, Randy in Connecticut, Jeff's in Pennsylvania.
He says he disagrees with me about child kidnapping services.
I mean, child protective services.
We'll go to you first, Jeff, when I go to calls.
But I need to get into Apocalypto, and then we'll take calls, and I'll get back into all the other world and national news here for folks listening across the country and worldwide on the Internet.
Boy, I tell you, there is so much to cover here.
Basically, I mean, every angle of this film, the casting uses real indigenous populations, 90 plus percent.
The cinematography shot in this new super digital format has a look I've never seen.
The handheld look of some of it is the best I've ever seen it pulled off.
I mean, this is avant-garde, or meaning totally new, state of the art, at every step of the film.
So I mean it.
When I say that Mel Gibson is a greater director than Stanley Kubrick.
There is no debating it in my mind, and I think that I had thought previously that that was Stanley Kubrick, and it was Stanley Kubrick because Mel Gibson hadn't made this film yet.
I mean, Braveheart's excellent, so is The Passion of the Christ, but they're A-plus films, but they weren't at Kubrick level.
This is off the charts.
Off the charts.
And there's a total immersion in the atmosphere.
I have never seen a film be able to basically take me there like this film did.
Just a whole new level.
And there's so many levels to the film.
So many different messages.
And they're all good.
It is a positive, buoying film.
But that's in my notes later.
I'll get to it.
Number one, Gibson knows what we all really want, and we want the truth.
And that's why the Patriot is the state, an out-of-control tyranny against the family, against ragtag forces, and it's historical.
It's the same thing with William Wallace and his battle against the British in Braveheart.
And it's what we witness in Apocalypto is the truth.
The government isn't some good, loving, sweet thing that's going to take care of you in almost every case in history.
It is oppressive.
It is brutal.
It is murdering.
And all you can count on is your family.
Your family comes first.
Your tribe.
We're good to go.
Again, that's just a tiny part of the film.
And then the scene with the tribal elders around the fire early on in the film, I've seen them try to capture this in 50 other movies.
And they've never captured something like this.
I mean, you feel the ancestral memories of all human beings.
You'll come from this.
And whether you're Germanic or Asiatic or African, it doesn't matter.
It stirs instinctively.
I'm not talking... I don't believe in reincarnation, folks.
I mean, instinctive family memories, tribal memories, genetic race memories.
This whole film stirs race memories.
Because they were doing human sacrifice in Gaul, and in what is Germany today.
And they were doing human sacrifice in ancient Greece.
And there was human sacrifice in Asia.
What is China today?
I mean, the things you see in this film, the same...
This thing has happened over and over again, and I'm going to explain when we get back from break why.
And it details the horrors of unrestrained government and how sickos always get into control, and they always want to press on the nerve of power and abuse and dominate and terrorize populations.
And so this is why this type of behavior is the norm, not the exception, in human society.
Just the control freak exercise of power.
The cult of power.
And then the spectacles.
How the people of the city feed on the people from the country and the Britney Spears of their day all in their garb and all so arrogant and haughty.
We're good to go.
And it shows, just like the Roman Colosseum, which was a form of human sacrifice, more stylized, ritualized hunting that the population would view.
So the Romans, again, that was human sacrifice, just done in a different way.
Delivered, executed in a different format.
You see the exact same Roman Colosseum-type human sacrifice.
And, you know, Gibson isn't hardcore enough.
He gets criticized by liberal anthropologists saying, well, it's just their culture.
You can't say it's bad.
You can't make a decision and say a culture's bad when the Nazi culture isn't bad.
I happen to think it is.
You know, a mass culture of death and destruction and murder and killing innocent people.
No, that's a culture gone bad.
It's the same thing with the Aztecs that dominated and brought down, basically, those cultures.
So he did hold back in that they show a big pile of dead bodies of people they've sacrificed, and according to the guides and the books I've read and what's carved on the walls down there, that most of the people they would sacrifice were cut up and eaten in...
A ritualized activity.
The heart was burned in ashes.
So he held back with the crowds at the feet of the pyramids when they kicked the decapitated corpse down them.
He held back because the crowds don't eat their flesh, which according to most of the anthropologists and archaeologists and folks that have gone over the different primitive languages, it's actually complex, but by primitive I mean ancient languages, that that is what they did.
Just unbelievably accurate.
And, you know, this UT half-baked professor, assistant professor, this art professor who's in the States been criticizing it, says, well, when they're walking through a tunnel by one of the pyramids, it shows a head being severed.
And blood spreading out carved on the wall.
Well, that was from an earlier period.
Just mindless nitpicking here, but doesn't deny that it was mass sacrifice.
Just shows their moral relativism.
For many years, I'll get on the radio and use the example of a culture gone bad to show Mesoamerica dominated by the Aztecs near the time of its collapse, which this film shows.
We're good to go.
I think?
People would email me or call and say, How dare you talk bad about their culture?
You're just a racist!
And I'd go, Oh, well, I criticize the Druid-sacrificing people.
Oh, I criticize the Romans.
I guess I'm against white people.
No, I'm saying this is an evil culture.
Well, you can't judge a culture!
Okay, so Pol Pot wasn't bad.
Stalin wasn't bad.
Hitler wasn't bad.
The Romans weren't bad.
Feeding children to the lions.
That's okay, because it's just a culture.
We need to make a moral difference.
We need to discern.
We need to say what's wrong and what's evil.
And so we'll go over what this professor said later and I'll finish up going through this film.
But if they take your capacity to recognize evil away, then the evil can take over.
Evil always seeks to remove the definition of evil.
Evil always wants to take standards away so it can control you.
We'll be right back after this news break.
We'll get into your calls too as well.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Yes, callers, and I know you're there.
We'll be taking calls at the end of this hour and into the next hour, but right now I'm continuing with my treatise on Apocalypto, the most powerful film I've ever seen, the best produced film, the best...
We're good to go.
...to capture and enslave neighbors, mainly so they could force them to supply human sacrifices.
And this debates the population down by hundreds of thousands of people from what it had previously been by the time 500 years ago when the Spanish conquistadors arrived.
And when they got there, it was already just in complete squalor.
I mean, the descriptions.
Imagine the different tribes would take glass on a rope and draw it through their tongues for pain-induced hallucinations while taking hallucinogenic compounds.
They would put ropes through their male genitals and pull glass across them to have
Pain-induced hallucinations.
And, of course, this UT assistant professor says, well, it also shows women involved in the rituals from what we know they weren't.
Oh, really?
Quite a few of the other scholars that actually live down there and study it say women were involved.
Let me tell you how they were involved.
They would, every morning, at different cenotes, that's those caved-in, underground rivers, and I've swum in them,
I think?
And for thousands of years being thrown in, it's now petrified in a gravel.
Okay, you can go to the cenotes.
You can walk in the human bones, ladies and gentlemen, that have become calcified.
So, oh, I'm sorry, UT professor, you're wrong.
The women were involved in the rituals, and they were sacrificed.
Now, the amazing accuracy of this film is it shows the number one thing they like to sacrifice is the warriors.
The taller you were, the tougher you were.
The meaner you were, and a lot of times even nobility would get sacrificed if things did get bad.
They would go out and capture, and the leaders of the enemy, the strongest warriors, they were the ones that they would torture.
They didn't just cut hearts out.
They would peel the skin off.
Now, when a noble was being sacrificed, and sometimes they would be, they would be happy.
They were so brainwashed in the culture, they would be happy to be sacrificed.
They would take a...
We're good to go.
There was a population and a group of people known as the Mayan.
You had all the different tribes and kingdoms and groups that came and went, but it was a Mayan culture where this was done, where this developed over the thousands of years.
This is what the governments developed.
Now, if you were to be teleported back in time today, if you could do that and you told them, oh, don't sacrifice me or don't kill your people, it's crazy.
They would look at you like it's crazy.
Just like Americans think it's normal to have SWAT teams kicking down our doors and cameras everywhere and CPS grabbing 1.4 million kids a year and forcing vaccines on people full of mercury.
You see, that's normal because we're brainwashed.
Just like for Nazis, it was normal to torture people and kill people and do medical experiments and engage in eugenics, which is now being brought back under the bioethicist movement in this country.
So the film has a very good message.
And it shows you how rough being a human has been in the past.
It shows you what enslavement and insane government is like.
And it also has a message of not having fear and getting over fear, because fear is a sickness, and the government today uses fear to control you.
After seeing the film, I felt buoyed.
I felt uplifted.
This was substantial.
You know, you go see something like Barat, you laugh at it, but after you leave, you feel dirty.
And it's a shorter film.
This is a long film.
You come out of this, you feel buoyed.
And there's very few films that make me feel enlightened, like I have just partaken in something that is very well done and has a very good message.
And you've just got to see it to pick up on it.
The message of perseverance, the message of courage.
It's just amazing.
And then there's the view that an anthropologist would have of this.
Northern Native Americans versus Southern Native Americans.
The average North American Asian that came across the Bering Strait ice bridge, they can debate how long ago, but between 10 and 20,000 years ago,
The average Asian, and if you blood type them, they have the Mongolian spots on their backs.
It looks like bruises.
A lot of times CPS grab Hispanics' children or other people's because they don't know.
They're so ignorant that until they're about five, they have purple spots on their back.
Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese have that.
So do all of your Native Americans.
And, of course, the Mexican population is Native American and Spanish predominantly.
There's also some other European, but predominantly Spanish.
But my point is that you look at when Westerners got here 500 years ago, Plains Indians, Coastal Indians were about 6'1 on average.
The average European male was about 5'4".
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, if you were an albino, look out.
Anything different got killed, too, because they thought you were some kind of god, so you had to be tortured particularly long and painfully so the gods could get your blood and get your power and be fed again so the gods wouldn't wake up from the dream they were having and destroy the world because the world was just the gods' dreams, and in 2012 it all ends.
Well, no, it actually ended about 500 years ago.
So that's amazing in the film.
And again, this started thousands of years before because they thought that a brain was basically useless.
But they thought your heart was your mind and your strength.
So they thought if you ate a warrior's heart, you got strength.
And for primitive Asian tribes believing that, primitive cannibalism, ritualized cannibalism, it grew into this.
The only...
Central North American tribe that engaged in human sacrifice and cannibalism that wasn't Mesoamerican was the Caroncalaj of the Texas Gulf Coast today.
And they did eat humans.
They did sacrifice people.
But it was because they were, anthropologists believe and archaeologists believe, an offshoot of a southern North American tribe that did migrate into Texas.
That's about the only anthropological evidence.
...of a Aslan type, because it's a myth, and they've been polled with most indigenous Mexican populations that have come up here.
This is truly an Aztec kingdom, and that in between Texas and New Mexico, there was the mythical home place of the Aztecs.
And there may be a little bit of truth in that, anthropologists say, because it may not have just been Caracolas coming back up north, but that after the societies broke down and fell apart because of massive human sacrifice and other activities...
In Central South America up into Southern North America that then tribes that hadn't destroyed their bloodlines then came back down into the South and that the Aztecs may have actually come from this region.
I've got a little bit more to say about this film when we get back and then we will...
Go to your calls.
I want to talk about this UT assistant professor who shoots her mouth off about Mel Gibson.
I mean, just, it's unbelievable.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Yes, and your calls are coming up.
I'll get into David Lynch, the legendary director and, of course, producer, going public on 9-11, inside job, questioning the official story.
Dr. James Brolin has done the same thing this week.
Then we'll get into impeachment against Bush introduced in the House.
Also, top-level insiders cashing in their stocks at a level that hadn't happened in 20 years.
Also, we'll get into FDA rejects new limits on mercury in vaccines.
That's right.
They didn't take the mercury out.
They actually increased the levels of it.
And we'll tell you why they did that.
I'll also comment on the Iraq study group.
It's total fraud.
It's smoke and mirrors.
You're being conned.
Good cop, bad cop.
But first, we'll get to those calls.
In fact, I've got somebody that disagrees with me.
Jeff, I'm going to get to you, but I've got to finish up with Apocalypto.
You don't hear me come on the air and talk about movies for 45 minutes, but this is the most powerful film I've ever seen.
And just in closing...
It shows the priest class.
If you study anthropology, study human history, you know, all over the world, certain guilds, you know, the scientists of the day, but they'd mix it in with a lot of religious mumbo-jumbo, would learn to track the stars and would know when there would be a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse.
And they would tell the people, well, you've got to bring me food, you've got to take care of me, you have to build me the biggest hut, you've got to give me all the best women.
And it was little guilds.
Even when you had small bands of a few hundred people,
Or the snake god won't spit out the sun when he eats it next year.
And the people would learn that, boy, the high priest, because he was keeping track of things, could make the snake god or the monster.
The Greeks thought it was a kraken, and the Aztecs thought it was a snake, the winged serpent, on and on and on.
And then, boy, if you submitted to the priest class, they would make the sun or the moon come back.
And that's what government does today.
They con you, they manipulate you, they make you think that they basically made the planet and everything good flows from the government when we're living in a false reality, basically.
So it covers that.
It also shows how the government goes after and kills the strong, snatches people's children.
Same thing they do today.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And expend them on defending your family or making war in business or being strong and being a father figure.
The media and the culture wants to destroy the father figure.
That's why every sitcom and every drama shows the male as a driveling idiot.
We have the U.S.
government documents showing they're destroying the image of a male.
The CIA created Miss Magazine.
They admit that to break up the family, to turn women against men.
This is because the state doesn't want coherent families that will defend each other.
They don't want a middle class that is independent.
This is broken down in the film.
It's very sophisticated.
Mel Gibson is what filmmaking should be, regardless of what you think of his politics or things he said.
And bottom line, the world is not a safe place
And history shows that the most dangerous force is government and the crime syndicates that grow up around it.
But today the threat is camouflaged.
The elites are very good at controlling PR firms and basically selling you on your enslavement like never before.
And for the general public, again, the biggest threat in their life is not being able to look cool or act cool or having to stand in a line when you're paying for something.
That's the stress we're under today.
You need to see Apocalypto to see the stress that humans have been under under the tyranny of governments and the sick priest class.
We're good to go.
So that's basically what I have to say about Apocalypto.
I salute Mel Gibson.
It is just such an amazing film.
And then now, let me get into the statesman viciously attacking him.
Chris Garcia just never ceases to amaze me with the type of dribble and dribble that he writes.
Apocalypto is an insult to Mayan culture.
One expert says...
I knew this would happen.
A history professor explains why Mel Gibson got it very, very wrong, and then goes on to nitpick.
Oh, one of the cave drawings they show shows a head getting cut off from a different period.
And, well, you know, women weren't involved in the rituals.
Yes, they were.
I don't know what you're talking about, but they were in the rituals.
They were being killed in the rituals.
Mel Gibson holds back.
It doesn't show the cannibalism.
The main meat source was the sacrificed dead bodies.
Didn't get into how the winner in the ball playing court and the sports event, the winner got to be killed.
That's how brainwashed they were.
Oh good, I get to be killed.
I mean, that's how sick this is.
And here's the most telling thing.
Because she goes on, this junior professor of art goes on to say,
And I remember being in art class in school and being on a field trip from high school to UT, and they had this thing about Aztecs and how wonderful they were.
And I said, well, they killed tens of thousands.
Well, yes, they did.
I go, well, that's evil.
Oh, no, that's racist.
This is their culture.
And I said back then, when I was 17 years old, I said, well, I think the Nazis had an evil culture.
And they went, oh, you've got a point.
You've got to be able to make moral judgments.
Listen to this.
You just hate this movie, Garcia said.
I hate it.
I despise it.
I think it's despicable.
Never giving any evidence.
It's offensive to Mayan people.
Really, I've been down there with the Mayan tour guides with degrees in archaeology.
I'm very proud of the human sacrifice.
In fact, I videotaped one just a few months ago when I was down there admitting it.
I hate it.
I despise it.
I think it's despicable.
It's offensive to Mayan people.
It's offensive to those of us who try to teach cultural sensitivity and alternative worldviews that might not match our 21st century.
Western ones, but are nonetheless valid.
And then she goes on to talk about human sacrifice.
So it just shows too much of that.
It doesn't put it into context.
She goes on to say, she says it was a very, let me find the thing she says here.
It's very pious.
It's very, you know, this is revered.
Well, it's in the article.
I got it up on, I got links to it up on Infowars.com and PrisonPundit.com.
I'm writing a big article about this right now, as the Watson brothers are.
And, again, this is what they do.
Whenever the government and its minions are doing something, they tell us, oh, well, what are you to say America going bye-bye and the North American Union being set up?
You know, that's just the next step.
It's just diversity.
We're not allowed to have a cultural view on abortion or anything else.
It's only the higher-ups, the modern priest class, the professors and psychiatrists and psychologists and law enforcement specialists.
They're the new priest guild.
They know everything.
We know nothing.
And it just goes on to tax Mel Gibson with this type of drivel.
I'm sorry, bounding small children every morning and throwing them into cenotes for the water gods, for the fertility gods, is wrong.
Cutting somebody's heart out every morning at sunrise and sunset is wrong.
It's a culture gone crazy.
It's sick.
Well, crazy is from your particular point of view.
Hitler's good.
Well, then fine!
I don't think he is, because I'm able to make a moral determination.
All right, um...
I'm done talking about it.
It's just, what a shameful piece.
I'm going to try to get this Julia Guernsey on, this assistant professor, if she wants to come on and debate me.
Let's go ahead and go to somebody who disagrees, been holding since the start of the show.
Let's talk to Jeff in Pennsylvania.
And Jeff, he says he disagrees with me about the child destroying services, I mean CPS.
Go ahead, you're on the air from Pennsylvania, Jeff.
I had the pleasure of being over at Buddy's house and he was listening to your show and I heard you celebrating about something and going, ooh, I was thinking it couldn't get much kookier, but I tried to look into some of the claims that you had made on Google and tried to do some searches for some articles and the only websites I came across were
Supposed victims, ones of CPS.
What do you work for, CPS?
Sir, sir, sir, sir, the cover of Time Magazine was six years ago said the shame of foster care.
Okay, and it had the federal statistics five times more likely...
Well, there's a big scandal in Texas and Florida right now where they're having to shut down all these homes because here in Texas it's six times more likely.
Over two-thirds of the children are put on psychotropic drugs by you guys, and you're just calling in claiming I'm making that up.
Well, you know statistics can... Let me guess.
You were going to say that next.
You were going to say my statistic was wrong.
And then I preempted you because I know how your brain works.
Go ahead.
Try it.
Well, um...
There's... It doesn't show that... Okay, I'll tell you what.
Stay there.
Hold again because you've been holding a long time.
Hit me with your best shot.
All right, buddy.
We'll be right back after the news with the second hour.
We'll talk to this guy and many others.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Glad that you have joined us today.
Top-level insiders are dumping their stock at record levels.
The last time this happened 20 years ago, it was a serious recession.
We'll cover that also.
Famous director David Lynch goes public, questioning official story of 9-11.
Could be an inside job, as well as actor James Brolin on national television on The View four days ago as well.
We'll be detailing that.
I know we haven't taken a lot of calls.
I always do take calls in the first hour, and I really haven't because I was talking about Apocalypto earlier and the crazy worship of government and what it turns into, mass brainwashing.
But let me give you my problem with Child Protective Services because we've got a CPS worker on the phone calling us from Pennsylvania.
I'm going to go to you, Jeff, and give you the floor for a few minutes because I want to be fair to you.
But let me explain something.
I actually study history, okay?
I was up late last night studying history.
I'll be up late tonight.
I have been making a film right now about the Nazis and about eugenics and about who funded them and about who that modern elite is today.
And I have film from the Senate hearings where they discovered that a group of Nazis, headed up by the Bush family, tried to overthrow the U.S.
And, I mean, I have footage from inside the congressional hearings.
I have John D. Rockefeller film...
Of John D. Rockefeller, I have the New York Times headlines where he funded the Nazi eugenics studies and where they funded the attempted overthrow of the U.S.
through the main bank agents for the Nazis.
And, of course, that was the Fritz Thyssen group and Prescott Bush.
And this is all mainstream news.
I'm making a film about the modern group, the Bilderberg group, who also fund eugenics today under the whole world move for bioethics.
And you're going, what does this have to do with CPS?
Well, let me tell you, sir.
We didn't have family courts until the 20s.
And I'm sure most of you have heard of these different type courts they've set up now, administrative law courts.
What government does is it just creates new courts that really aren't constitutional in the way they operate.
They just tell us they're official and authoritative.
And the first CPS workers in this country...
I have this footage!
I think I should be able to have a child, though.
I'm not retarded.
And the judge says, no, you have bad genetic hygiene, and if you ever had any kids, we would take them, and we're ordering you to go be sterilized.
450 plus thousand women.
And by the way, Bob, you put this into Google, you will get BBC, you will get AP.
So don't tell me you can't find this stuff.
And it wasn't called CPS at the time, but that's the group.
It was like Family Protective Services.
They had a bunch of different names at different states.
They would go take the children and sterilize them.
They would take the women and sterilize them.
If a woman from a single parent family, a child made under a B plus in school,
That was criteria to be sterilized.
And so, in the Nuremberg trials, and I'm afraid I have the footage of this too, and I'm going to make a film, I'm going to cram it down your throat, because I've got the proof.
The Nazis rightfully, they were evil folks, but rightfully used that as their defense for...
The extermination centers that, by the way, started killing, first sterilizing, then killing the mentally ill people, retarded, all of this.
And now Dr. Bianca at UT, all over national TV, says 90% of us need to die.
They need to start with all these infirm.
He says he's happy for his family to go, too.
Dr. Peter Singer heads up Princeton.
He says all this, says the humans are a scourge.
And I have the Calhoun Reader that they use at the University of Texas for CPS workers, for social workers, that says the family is a disease belonging to the Dark Ages, and this glistening state is going to fix it.
And then you claim that I'm manipulating statistics to say that CPS and foster care and the whole system is five times more likely to abuse children.
Those numbers are out there.
I believe the numbers are even higher.
Now, your courts don't have due process in them.
You see dirty dishes.
You tricked your way into a house when you didn't have due process, you didn't have probable cause.
The fools who weren't taught the Bill of Rights
He invites you in.
You're looking for dirt.
Then you get them into a system.
A judge threatens them under color of law to sign an agreement, which then gets them deeper into the system.
Then you're on your power trip.
You observe.
Most CPS workers were abused as children, so they think everybody else is an abuser.
They're like paying back the abuser.
Now, that's on the good side.
Then a lot of the others are pedophiles.
That's come out in the news.
They like to be around children, just like truancy workers.
It's well known that at much higher levels...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A few months ago on talk radio on a news broadcast, I went and pulled the actual study and it was a report in Texas how 50 plus percent of the CPS workers quit after one year because they were good people and they can't do it.
Then I went and pulled national numbers and it's close to half.
And people can go pull that.
So now I will go back to Jeff in Pennsylvania and we'll see what he has to say.
Go ahead.
Is it not true that there's a super high turnover in CPS workers?
Are you denying that?
The turnover is high, but there's some people that get into our agency and they work for a couple weeks.
And it is a stressful job because you're dealing with parents who don't know how to raise their children.
And the state needs to do that by warehousing them and putting them on a bunch of psychotropic drugs.
Well, the drugs help the children out.
There's drugs to help them pay attention.
Yeah, sure, though.
They cause heart attacks, heart palpitations, brain shrinkage, actual size of the brain.
It's an amphetamine.
Let me bring this up to you.
Did you hear about CPS workers in New York grabbing little black children?
They would threaten the mother, we'll take your two-year-old.
This was in the New York Post.
This was in the New York Daily News.
If you don't give us your eight-year-old and sign them over, we'll take all the kids, and then they go test pesticides on the kids until they die.
Did you ever hear about that?
Oh, I bet you deny that.
Well, I have to look into that, but last week... No, you will look into that now.
You see, I know more about your business than you do.
I know that most of the people quit because they are good, and they can't go along with it.
Did you hear about the 3,000-plus missing children in Florida?
CPS doesn't know where they are.
Children you took disappear.
You're telling me you don't know about that national scandal.
I tried to search for it, and I couldn't find the article.
But about two weeks ago, I was attending a Strengthening Families seminar where some of our directors were, and after the meeting, I was speaking with the one director, and I was asking him about that document that you claimed was about the size of a phone book that talks about...
The family being a disease, he didn't know what I was talking about.
He lasted me.
Sir, I have the actual UT textbook.
It's used all over the country, and I've shown it on my TV show.
It's called the Calhoun.
It's put out by Calhoun.
Okay, I'm going to ask you, sir, is there due process in the system you use?
Because it should be criminal.
If somebody's hurting their child, there should be evidence, enough evidence for the police to go arrest you and a grand jury to indict you.
You guys don't do that.
You grab 1.4 million children a year.
You get federal funds to always expand the children you grab.
You grab a lot of innocent children.
Then you don't go respond to the incredible abuse inside the foster care system, but there's a light in the tunnel.
There's always a silver lining.
When you kill the kids, then it can't be covered up, and that's why they're getting busted and shut down all over the country.
It was in our local newspaper two weeks ago.
The foster care system can watch over itself.
It takes resources off of us when we're
Out in the neighborhoods and out in the communities.
Oh, okay.
I'm sick of talking to you.
You make me sick.
Folks, go check it out.
Don't believe me?
Find out the truth.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com are the websites.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Your call straight ahead.
I'll just blitz through calls when we get back and then tons of news!
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
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Our mothership is KLBJ 590, though we have great AM and FM affiliates popping up all over the country, and it covers the state from southern Oklahoma down to the coastline.
Until it powers down at night, then it covers five counties or more, but that's what it covers good.
We're powering down in about ten minutes, so I want to play these two quick clips, then I promise I'm going to get to Randy, Carrie, Robert, Mark, Woody.
I want to hear everything you have to say, your comments here about what you want to talk about, all look riveting.
Stay with us.
I'm going to get to you, in fact, in this segment.
But I wanted to play this clip.
Now, this is from the Council on Foreign Relations.
This is from a JBS documentary where they have the clip.
And we posted this up on the web, on YouTube, and people posted under it that they didn't believe Dick Cheney was saying he was a secret member of the CFR.
They said it wasn't real video.
That's like when I showed Marines training to take our guns and admitting it on tape, and they had the Coronado troop ship and thousands of troops.
I was accused of spending $50 million and hiring them.
Folks, I don't have a million dollars.
I don't have $200,000.
People just can't believe it when it's happening.
Yes, I had Marines training to take your guns in 1999 in my film Police Day 2000.
And yes, this is Dick Cheney talking to David Rockefeller about how he's part of the CFR.
And who are they?
They're the folks getting rid of our country.
Now, I talk about them five, six years ago, and the New York Times said I was crazy and didn't exist.
Now they're out in the open laughing at how they kept it secret.
Here they are, national television.
Here's a clip of it.
A special televised meeting of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations provides a window to the real story.
The speaker, Vice President Dick Cheney, takes a question from David Rockefeller.
Vice President, I just enjoyed so much your whole speech, but I was particularly pleased that you gave such a strong endorsement for the free trade agreement for all the Americans, a subject that has been of great concern to me for many years, and particularly recently.
And I think it's absolutely essential for the strength of our economy.
Rockefeller's role in the drive for an FTAA was a lot more central than he portrays.
Rockefeller cultivated Latin American leaders who could be counted on to support such a proposal.
Both the 1994 Miami summit and the FTAA proposal were conceived and nurtured by a Rockefeller created network.
Prominent among the organizations sponsoring the Miami event
We're the Council of the Americas, founder and honorary chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Americas Society, chairman, David Rockefeller.
The Forum of the Americas, founder, David Rockefeller.
The Institute for International Economics, financial backer and board member, David Rockefeller.
The Trilateral Commission, founder and honorary chairman, David Rockefeller.
Rockefeller's influence also extends to the current administration.
He was chairman emeritus of the CFR when Vice President Dick Cheney once served as a director, a relationship that Cheney concealed during his congressional career.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Oh, so there you have it.
Now, the story isn't that they're CFR.
The CFR has written documents saying, towards the North American Union, get rid of our sovereignty, take our liberties.
I mean, these people write this down.
They just know the general public's watching football and doesn't care.
They're going to take your dollar.
Now MSNBC's calling for an Amero.
It's already been designed.
Atlanta's going to be the new capital for the North American Union.
All official!
But again, you're not into that.
You're not into the real world, some of you.
You're into acting cool.
You know, acting manly.
Well, a man protects his family and his country.
You know, the very people telling us our troops are fighting terror are the ones feeding them into a meat grinder.
They're the very ones getting rid of our sovereignty.
The very ones killing America.
Getting rid of our borders.
But the point is that we're message after message with neocons going, it isn't real, he fights the CFR.
Because see, now they know the CFR is real.
So conservatives can't compute.
They go, wait, he was CFR director?
Wait, he's for all this?
Well, wait, Dick Cheney, he's my conservative.
No, he isn't!
No, he isn't!
I actually support the Second Amendment.
I actually support the United States.
I love this country.
And you don't because you're ignorant.
If you really love this country, rally!
Rally to me!
Wake up to the New World Order!
Rally yourselves!
Stand up and get involved!
The country's already been destroyed.
We're trying to get it back.
We're in the North American Union now.
Now here's the good news.
David Lynch, hundreds of top movies, TV shows, Twin Peaks, all of it, talking to national Dutch television.
Amazing clip here.
He is talking to him about the film Loose Change and about 9-11, and these are the questions he has concerning the attacks.
And when Hollywood folks go public of this caliber, it shows the courage.
And yeah, when scientists and defense ministers and members of Congress go public, the people ignore it.
But when they go public, it's a big deal.
That's why this clip's important.
Go ahead and roll it.
What do you think?
Do you think it's convincing, what they tell in the film?
It's not so much what they say.
It's the things that, you know, make you look at what you thought you saw in a different light.
And those things for me that bother me is the hole in the Pentagon being too small for a plane, the lawn isn't messed up,
And the government's not showing the plane hitting when many cameras photographed it.
At the World Trade Center, three buildings came down like demolition, and two of them were hit by a plane, but the third one, they said, do you want us to pull it?
And they pulled it, and it looked just like the other two.
Those things bother me.
In Pennsylvania, the plane that went down, it was just a hole in the ground.
There wasn't any wreckage.
There wasn't any skid marks.
There wasn't any tear in the earth.
And no one's ever really found out about that.
So every place, there's questions coming from this documentary.
And you don't have to believe everything in the documentary to still have questions come up.
And you look back and you remember what you saw and what you were told and now you have questions.
And the event itself, did it change your life or did it change your view?
Now it's just an event that has many questions and no answers.
And the suggestion that the American government is behind it?
That's too big for people to think about.
It's too big.
What do you mean?
It's just, you know, it's like something no one wants to think about.
By the way, the preeminent film on government-sponsored terror, All the Admissions, where it's declassified as my new film, Terror Storm, available at InfoWars.com or at Barnes & Noble's nationwide, Hundreds of Virgin, you name it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it's not just David Lynch.
It's also actor James Brolin, hundreds of TV shows, movies.
He was on The View and brings up 9-11 being an inside job and plugs a website.
More and more are going public.
It's exponential right now.
Okay, I'm going to go to Randy first, then Robert, then Mark, then Woody, then Kerry.
From New Mexico to Red Rock.
We're going to talk to everybody on the other side immediately.
Coming out of break.
And a lot more.
The statistics are heart-wrenching.
According to the CWC, of the 43 million people who have served in the major wars, from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War, 3 million never made it home alive.
Most likely, each one of us can say we either knew someone who served, or know a brave soul who is currently serving our country.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, the final segment.
I'm going to blitz through a bunch of news.
Right now, let's just get through all these great calls.
We've been holding patiently.
I've been on a roll today here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Leander, Texas.
Welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Alex, I'm a friend of Galen Ross's.
He says hello.
Well, I say hi to him.
You know, it's more dangerous right now for us than it was just a few months ago.
In a way, you know, we had the robber plunderers, and now we've got...
We've got the real big brother in charge at this point.
People think they voted for change.
Well, they're going to get it.
Well, that's how they double-team us, and then in a few years we'll vote for Republicans, and it'll be meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
The Democrats are now swearing to pass their hate crimes bill that restricts free speech.
They're swearing to vote with Bush and abolish the borders completely with the total amnesty plan and to continue the North American Union.
And they've had, now again, Lee Hamilton and others...
We're good to go.
The Iraq Study Group that says that they actually want to stay in Iraq, build up troops first, and then build down.
Then Bush and the neocons attack them.
The liberals start praising them.
Conservatives think, oh, they must be bad.
See, that's how they fool everybody.
But really, the Iraq Study Group is the very group appointed by Bush, and they're recommending to just keep it in a process to keep the war going on.
And now the Democrats have all been neutralized.
Thinking they've won some victory, and by having the neocons attack them, Democrats get fooled, that is, Democratic constituents, and think that the Iraq Study Group's plans are actually good, but they haven't actually read the fine print.
Am I being articulate there, or does that make sense?
Well, you know, that's absolutely correct, and it's Tiffany Oxberg.
I mean, that's only one little thing.
People, there's so much.
It's called good cop, bad cop.
It's overwhelming.
It's overwhelming.
Now, did you hear Harry Reid...
The day after it was official that they were going to have the Senate and the House, that they were going to make mandatory flu shots.
Yes, I did hear him say mandatory flu shots.
No vaccine in America is mandatory.
And because masses of people, around 25%, are now refusing them all, they're panicking and trying to... Hey, look, they tried to make police, firemen, and EMS workers, remember in 2002, take smallpox?
Almost all of them refused.
So go ahead, go ahead and try to make us take what's full of all this mercury.
And by the way, folks, they didn't take the mercury out.
In fact...
I actually have the article right here, Associated Press, from three days ago.
And I'll pull it out in a moment and read it.
Anything else, my friend?
Well, no.
I'm just curious.
Do you think that that's to enrich Big Pharma?
Or are they just going to plunder us a little bit more?
All of it.
No, no, no.
They make money while they damage us.
And I appreciate your call.
And for those that don't know, for those that don't know, my friends...
Mercury has been connected to going from 1 in 24,000 having autism 25 years ago to below 1 in 168 now.
Before you never saw autistic children.
Now every public school has whole rooms full of these poor children.
It normally pops up at the third round of shots at 18 months, at a year and a half.
That's when it builds up to super toxic levels.
And I actually have the Associated Press here.
Where is my AP article?
Where they come right out and admit that it's causing just incredible brain damage, but say that they're not going to reduce it.
Remember, they told you they took it out.
AP, FDA rejects new limits on mercury in vaccines.
Group petitioned government to restrict use of controversial preservatives.
Federal health officials won't put new restrictions on the use of mercury-based preservatives in vaccines and other medicines, denying a petition that sought the limits for health concerns.
We're good to go.
Okay, but normally the onset comes a few years later when they're four or five because it has to build up.
There's a gene that if you don't have it, then the intestines don't block the mercury.
So you have naturally occurring out there, which is very rare, mercury poisoning.
But even if you have the gene, which most of us have, to block the mercury, it doesn't matter if they inject it into you because it goes into your brain.
Let's go ahead now and take another call here.
Let's talk...
My phone list is changing here in front of me.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy.
But then it shows, oh, on toll-free one.
That's how I get confused.
You have toll-free one and then the other line one.
I get confused.
Randy from Connecticut, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller.
I'm calling in on this report that I saw a few days ago.
New Haven police are giving away gift cards.
For your guns.
Yes, and again, all over the world, they did it first in Canada and Germany, and England's doing it.
Everywhere, before they ban them, they have gift cards and pay you $50, $200, you know, it depends, but between $50 and $200.
We're good to go.
I mean, this is insane.
It's ridiculous, and it's like... Oh, I've seen it on the news.
A bunch of old ladies, they're giving away... It's just horrible.
Hey, fools!
You can take them into a gun shop and get tens of thousands!
Oh, but they're evil!
I better not do that!
Yeah, they have this person in the article talking about how, basically, oh, guns kill people.
So this is...
Yeah, they're bad.
We're doing something good.
We're taking them.
It's all a drill.
Get everybody ready for it.
It's Pavlovian Psychological Conditioning.
Right, yeah, and wrapping this whole innocent thing, like trying to get violence off the streets.
Come on, Second Amendment, we all deserve to have guns to protect us.
Well, I hear you, and there's a federal case right now, which looks like it, and the Supreme Court's saying they may rule, of course, because eight of them are reported by Republicans, a bunch of gun grabbers like Pataki and Bush, who was for the assault offense ban, and they're about to say it is not an individual right.
And a lot of these so-called conservatives will line up and go, I'm turning my gun in, and the neocon I listen to told me it's patriotic, and I'm turning my gun in for America.
You're a liberal if you don't turn your gun in!
You're a liberal if you don't like Dick Cheney and the CFR!
You're a liberal if you ain't forgetting about our borders!
I'm sick of you people, you America-killing trash!
The Democrats and Republicans are a bunch of scum!
I want this country back!
I want my children to go up free!
Bush has tripled the size of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
And I was in a big local gun shop.
This happened.
It's a great gun shop.
It was in McBride.
And I'm in there to buy the similar shotgun to what Chaney had to do my ballistics test to show that he had to shoot that fella a lot closer for it to penetrate into the heart.
So we went out and did a test with some police and others.
And I was in there to get it, and a guy walks over behind the counter, and he goes, Let me tell you something, Alex.
I don't appreciate you on the radio saying Bush was for the assaultman's ban.
He was not.
And I go, No, he was.
And all of a sudden, the manager walks over and goes...
No, he's right.
Whatever the guy's name was.
And two other guys walked over and told him, no, he's right, he was.
And the guy was like, huh?
That's right.
Listen, we do our homework.
I'll be up at one this morning studying.
You don't study.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You're not conservatives.
You're scum.
I have people on message boards saying, and isn't Dick Cheney saying it when he's saying get rid of America?
I'm tired of it!
When he's saying he's CFR?
When he's saying he kept it secret?
Okay, I've got to settle down now.
I'm just sick of it.
I want to defend this country!
You get excited about football.
I get excited about defending the country.
See, my instincts to get excited are about defending my family.
It's not about squirting it off into some simulated tribal stuff.
Okay, they're manipulating you.
It's brainwashing.
Ah, you don't get it, some of you out there.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kerry in New Mexico.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air worldwide.
Yeah, Alex, how you doing?
Fired up, brother.
What's on your mind?
I'm doing great.
I'm a new member of Prison Planet.
Ordered some books, videos, and trying to get up to speed with what you're talking about.
You know what?
I wasn't watching the clock right.
I'm sorry.
Stay there.
I'll come right back to you.
I dropped him.
I hit the wrong button.
Call right back in.
He goes to the front of the line.
I am so sorry.
Call us right back, Kerry.
Try to keep one open for him.
And then we'll get to Woody, Mark, and others, and I'll blitz through a bunch of news.
Look, you'd be mad, too, if you knew the truth, you knew about the tyranny, and there's all these dumbbells out there who won't wake up or see it.
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Thanks for having me.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Yeah, you might want to hold those calls.
We can take the calls we've got left.
We can jam them all in, and I want to hit some final news as well, as promised.
But let's go back to Kerry, calling from New Mexico.
Go ahead.
Sorry for cutting you off.
Hey, out of here, sir.
What I was wondering is, has anybody looked into filing a legal complaint against these people for treason and submitted it to a judge?
Yes, it's been tried, and the courts are so corrupt, nothing happens.
I mean, imagine, the CFR is an organization of 3,000-plus of America's elite, meeting, openly pushing to get rid of our borders and our sovereignty, total treason, and they get up there publicly and admit it, and nothing happens to them, because they know the public isn't watching C-SPAN or reading their own public documents.
They know the public's sucking their thumbs, becoming slaves.
But the good news is, more and more people are starting to listen.
The problem is, the courts are just so incredibly corrupt.
We should impeach Bush, the Democratic Congress, any of these traitors that are involved in the North American Union or amnesty or any of it.
I appreciate your comment.
All right.
I appreciate you, sir, holding to ask those questions.
You bet.
Let's talk to Mark in Austin.
You're on the air, sir.
Hey, Alex.
The must-arrest laws with the domestic violence,
I'm sure you're familiar with that.
Yeah, let me break it down for folks that don't know.
When the police go to a house for any call by a neighbor or anything else, even if no one's hurt, someone must be arrested, and that's been done because they get federal money every time somebody is arrested.
It's literally a bounty to get people into the system.
Go ahead.
It happened to me, and people think it just happens in poor neighborhoods.
No, I live in a nice neighborhood, trust me.
And absolutely, virtually nothing happened.
The cops came out.
We were having an argument.
I went to jail.
But it's not just getting arrested.
It's the way you get railroaded through the system.
It becomes between you and the state.
It's totally criminal.
Well, let me stop you.
They give you a yellow form personal recognizance bond for people even arrested for no seatbelts or domestic violence.
It doesn't matter.
And it says, and they trick you, Americans are so dumbed down, they hand you a yellow form and it says that you're being convicted of drug dealing, family violence, you agree to take nine classes, $3,000 plus worth, and then you don't know you signed a probation form and they've tricked you.
That's how criminal this system is.
Right, I can never own a gun for the rest of my life.
Well, why were you tricked into signing that form?
I don't know.
You thought you got a judge.
You thought you got a jury.
They just walk up and say, here, sign this.
We'll let you out.
You didn't know.
We got CBS News six years ago, seven years ago, to do a report on this.
And they go, you thought you were innocent until proven guilty.
Not in Travis County.
Folks, it's nationwide.
It's a total fraud.
It's a total and complete fraud.
Oh, man, I wish I could warn you about that.
I wish I could warn you about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
C-A... Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
Just type it into Google.
Comprehensive Annual... It's a double set of books for every city, organization, county, state, federal.
And the truth is the private corporations in the 50s took over and the lion's share of your taxes are paid into private corporations.
They own over 70% of the stock market.
And now they control the government to such a point they're ordering the government to sign over all public works...
And assets to them.
They don't even need a free market economy now.
That's why now you see ITT ads on TV.
It's not Technical Institute.
It's Law Enforcement Institute.
And UT and A&M offer all these scholarships and Homeland Security.
That's the new economy.
The jailers and the jailed.
Oh, man.
I wish I could warn you about it all.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Woody is calling from Round Rock.
Go ahead.
Red Rock.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
I was going to tell you, I think, you know, an effective thing for you to do is to run with Aaron Russo on the ticket on 2008.
How'd you hear about that?
I thought that's still private.
Well, I didn't.
I just must have picked it up, because I'm thinking this would be a smart thing to do.
At minimum, you could get the message out.
Sure, sure.
Sir, your phone's just too bad.
And I apologize.
You heard it.
It was almost unintelligible.
I appreciate you holding for an hour to tell me that.
I've had folks talk to me about running for president.
Russo got the Libertarian nomination for president and there was a parliamentary thing and another guy got it.
Another friend of mine.
And people have reproached me about running for president.
And here's a little problem.
Number one, I don't want to run for president.
Number two, I'm 32 years old.
About to be 33.
It should be 35 years old to run for president.
I know I look old.
I know you've heard me forever.
12 years on the air.
But I'm 32...
He's saying more time to campaign.
The only reason to be good would be a publicity stunt for the Bill of Rights Constitution.
We would run.
I think Russo will probably well if he's well enough to do it.
He's still a little ill, but beating it.
I mean, he's a serious guy, a big Hollywood producer and a good friend of mine.
I need to call him, too.
He's been calling me.
I'm so busy.
Let's go ahead and take a couple more calls here.
I guess my call list.
I might use this phone system in here.
So you guys pop in here and tell me, what's the name of these callers here?
Because I'm all over the place.
Okay, well, I just talked to Woody.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chuck.
Chuck, you're on the air calling from Houston.
Yes, sir.
Alex, this is Chuck.
Hello, Chuck.
I'm from Houston, Texas, and I've got an idea.
I've been watching your videos and everything on 9-11 Towers.
I don't know.
You've been saying that there was some kind of a construction work that the security was set down.
They would evacuate whole floors for weeks and do special construction with special teams in there.
Is there any way of possible finding out maybe there's somebody in... Yeah, I've interviewed security guards.
I've interviewed a port authority.
Yeah, like a video, ATM video, security cameras.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Great question.
The government seized all of that.
Thousands of tapes declared national security on all of it.
On all the security camera tapes, surrounding security camera tapes.
Then Building 7, of course, was CIA headquarters in New York.
That building blew up.
Paul in Bastrop, you're on the air.
Final caller.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, Paul, you deal in uncovering all this stuff.
A lot of it I believe, some of it I think you're a little off base, but that's not what I called on.
I called on solutions.
I'd like to deal more on solutions, what we could possibly do as regular citizens across the United States.
I think what we're going to have to do is first we need a figurehead to call a national citizens convention.
That's exactly what Aaron Russo is talking about.
We have to get a champion.
I mean, I saw firsthand Waco.
I was an investigated reporter and broadcaster, and those people were murdered by the ATF and FBI, no question about it.
Well, the Delta Force documents have come out now.
That alone...
Should scare people.
None of those people have ever been brought to trial.
We have to have a national citizens convention.
Well, listen, six days a week, Koresh jogged into town.
They could have picked him up any time they wanted.
BATF funding by killing a bunch of cultists, what they called them.
And whether you love them or hate them, what happened there was wrong.
But I want to hear from you what you think I'm off base on.
On the planes, I haven't done a lot of investigation.
But I think it's negligence on the government.
I think they saw what was going down.
Well, I wish you were right, sir, but I have done a bunch of investigation.
The only thing that fits is total inside job.
I mean, I can have former FBI agents on.
I can have former heads of intelligence agencies from Germany on, defense ministers, members of British Parliament.
I can have the former head of the U.S.
Star Wars program, Dr. Stephen Jones, all these people, and they say only total inside job fits.
Believe me, I wish it wasn't true.
Well, you know, when I look at Waco, I have to say to myself, well, gosh, if they can murder people just like that, it is possible.
Yeah, yeah.
Take black men and the government giving them syphilis, letting them die of it.
The atomic soldiers.
400-plus thousand women sterilized in this country.
You take the... Our government paid Israel to radiate 110,000 of their children, telling them they were getting dental appointments or medical checkups.
Killed most of them.
I mean, ringworm children.
Type it into Google.
Mainstream, you know, Haratz...
Jerusalem Post.
I mean, I'm so against killing those poor children.
But you're anti-Israel if you talk about it.
I mean, this is the type of stuff we deal with every day.
Imagine, I know all this stuff.
I'm not even that smart.
I just research it.
It's there.
You can go find out.
And you're going to be freaked out, folks, when you realize there's an elite that openly say they want to build a worldwide government for a worldwide police state so they can orderly have one-shot policy, force population reductions, control bio-releases.
I mean, everything you do, Tract and Trace, hell on earth, folks, you think the Aztecs were bad, you think the Romans were bad, take that and put a high-tech overlay, a high-tech grid over that with a government and an elite gone bad.
I mean, take, again, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
Google it.
Find out.
Find out that Austin's got billions.
I mean, I saw a thing in the Daily Texan, what, Monday?
Was it Tuesday?
Where was I?
Let's see.
What night was that?
It was Monday.
And there it is, saying, oh, we have to raise tuition.
UT doesn't have any money.
In one slush fund, this isn't even pensions.
In one slush fund, $26 billion now.
And they got another one with over $10 billion.
I mean, they got in private investments.
It's a total scam.
And that's one university.
We pay all this tax money and they rip everybody off.
We're out of time.
God bless you all.
See you back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
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