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Air Date: Dec. 5, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us on this December 5th, 2006 edition.
We'll be here live for the next three hours.
We have Mr. Steele, the former clandestine CIA case officer who joined us a few weeks ago and made big headlines all over the web and even in some newspapers today.
We're good to go.
And it stunk to high heaven from the first days, but I reserved judgment on it, though most of the listeners thought it was staged.
I thought it was staged.
Now we have massive evidence that I would say conclusively proves that it was a staged event.
So we'll be talking about that.
Also, I want to comment on NASA.
Wants to have a moon base by 2020.
The word I've got is there's been all sorts of secret missions to the moon.
A lot of the stuff people see that they think are little green men's craft are really clandestine operations.
But very interesting.
In fact, we'll even ask Robert Steele about that, former high-level clandestine case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, coming up later.
When I walked into the office this morning, I saw George Bush Sr., Herbert Walker, breaking down and crying.
Well, with the audio down on the television...
We just record channels basically 16, 18 hours a day while we're here.
I saw this demonic face he was making.
He looked like he was... But then I turned the sound up and it was him breaking down.
You've got to love it.
What was it, about four years ago, Mommy Bush, the former First Lady, said that anybody that criticizes her sons is dead and flipped out and looked like a complete psychopath.
We're good to go.
I didn't spend enough time on this yesterday, but I will today.
London stock trader urges mood with the Ameros.
Many unaware of a plan to replace dollar with North American currency, but says, hey, what's the big deal?
Let's go ahead and do it.
And the headlines today and last night is pretty much unanimous.
It's dollar rebounds.
Dollar comes back.
Dollar surges.
I've got a bunch of stories here.
One of them is out of Reuters.
Dollar rebounds from 20-month lows.
And then you read that it went from
1.3367 to 1.3667 and then it went back down by just a few percentage points of a point of a percent.
I'll just read over these numbers later.
But basically, it's like you fall down into a thousand foot deep pit and you climb back out two feet and they say you've gotten out of the pit
But if you look at the overall two-year, five-year, six-year trend, the dollar's going straight down, and they constantly... I mean, on the Sunday show I do now, and I said, watch!
You know, it'll go up a few... in just a few points, and they'll just run around hailing how it's back and everything's okay.
The basic psychological warfare here is amazing.
And there's a bunch of other news...
From around the world and Iraq, we'll be traveling.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
To find out more about this, call for a free report on the coming dollar collapse.
Call Whitehurst International at 1-888-892-6238.
That's 1-888-8XANADU or 1-888-8XANADU and ask for George.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up, we're going to get into this new moon base idea.
There's nothing new about it.
They want to establish the base by...
Sounds like a long way off, but really it's only 13 years away and some change.
What, 13 years and 20-something days.
And, well, I'll comment on it when we cross that bridge.
I also want to get into Kramer, the big headline up on PrisonPlanet.com.
Let's now move down the page.
Was Kramer Richards' racist rant staged?
Seinfeld DVD sales soar as once-forgotten actor becomes hot property.
Was public tirade staged for profit and notoriety while simultaneously pleasing the hate crimes advocates?
And there's no...
Doubt of it.
We've now discovered that back in the 80s he staged another outburst with the famous Andy Kaufman on live television.
And the outburst had little comments about Jews in it.
They screamed at each other.
They threw things on each other.
They screamed at the audience.
It was another staged event.
Very similar.
In fact, the mannerisms, the body language, all of it, to what we saw a couple weeks ago.
Instead of talking about the dead in Iraq, instead of talking about the police state here at home, there's just been a big discussion about how there's all this horrible racism and we need to arrest people that talk like that.
So we'll get into that report.
Really, the coup de grace here, the most important thing,
That we're seeing in the pieces of evidence that show us that this is staged, well, there's a lot of pieces, and it all goes together, is that Kramer, we'll just use his popular stage name, Mr. Richards...
Coincided this with the DVD release that's been the biggest ever.
This is season seven.
Bigger than all the other releases before it.
Dwarfing them.
More than tripling the sales compared to many of the other releases.
Doubling some of the others.
So it dwarfs all of the releases.
And of course, Jerry Seinfeld was scheduled weeks in advance to coincide just days after the story broke at its peak.
To then be able to satellite in Mr. Richards, Mr. Kramer.
But the key here is that now we see him go embrace Jesse Jackson, embrace these other leaders so that he wants to be punished.
He's very sorry that nothing he did was illegal or, quote, civil.
That means they can't really sue him for it.
It would be frivolous and would fail on its face.
Just looking at the basic case precedents that are there,
So he himself comes up with the idea to enjoin himself in a contract with the four individuals he offended.
This is all his idea, to then put himself under the power of a judge to adjudicate, and that he, quote, wants there to be a ruling of monetary substantive payment.
Now, when I heard this on Fox Radio...
Sunday night, and then when I heard it again on another news radio station yesterday, it was reported that he's going to court before a judge.
Now, remember, the average person's talking on the cell phone, drinking coffee, thinking about how they want to play golf or how to act cool or how to act stylish in their own delusional world.
Very self-centered, and that's not where they want you because then you're not outward looking.
And people in their mesmerized state just hear court.
They just hear.
In fact, I was at the TV station last night.
I do a show at Mondays, and there were dozens and dozens of people walking around up there because they have Monday orientation every week, so people come in up there.
And I even heard somebody as I was walking going, Did you hear about Kramer?
He's in trouble in court!
And I knew I would hear that in chatter on the street, and sure enough, I heard it key indicator.
See, I don't want to do my analysis and think, Well, the public's so stupid that they're going to hear court
And then just believe it's now illegal to say the N-word.
And I said, well, let me confirm that.
Will I hear others say it, or will I hear it on talk radio with the callers?
Sure enough, I heard it last night in the halls, and there were probably, when I was there for the three hours I was there doing two different shows, I probably walked past and listened to about 20 different people in the hallways and coming in and out.
Of course, people in America discuss, by and large, what the television tells them to, whatever the new fad is.
And whether it's O.J.
or the Aruba Girl or the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, none of it matters a month after it's in the news, but it consumes all discussion and all talk.
No discussion of how cell phones are frying our brains, major scientific medical studies, no discussion of fluoride in the water, no discussion of mercury in the flu shot brain damaging you, no discussion of the North American Union signed, no discussion of the dollar plunging, no discussion of all-time debt at record highs, even higher than the peak of the depression in late 1933, no discussion of any of that, just a discussion of Kramer.
And so you notice there was almost zero discussion of this on this broadcast, except a few callers saying they thought it was staged by me in the last two weeks, a week and a half, two weeks, because I'm not going to talk about something until I've had time to look at it.
And yes, your instincts were correct.
My instincts were correct.
It's not very hard.
I wouldn't pat each other on the back here.
This is pretty obvious.
That this person who was looking in the press, he was making like $5 million per episode the last season, so who knows how much money he has.
But still, he's a nobody now.
Obviously, Jerry Seinfeld's out directing things and doing shows and very talented.
And I would say Kramer's a funny guy, too.
Mr. Richards is a funny guy.
But the point is, his career's gone down the toilet.
So to coincide with the DVD release, he pulls another Andy Kaufman event, and it went off like a charm.
And people like Jesse Jackson, who care less about black people, and was there when Martin Luther King was killed, went along with the official story and looks like he's an inside man.
Not involved in the killing, but involved in being handled by the FBI.
A lot of evidence.
We know he's compromised all his mistresses and other corruption they use to blackmail him.
That's come out.
He goes around shaking down corporate America.
That's really all Jesse Jackson does.
He isn't involved in real issues like exposing the government shipping in cocaine into black communities or the Planned Parenthoods, the death mills set up in their communities.
He's not really involved.
Or I haven't heard Jesse Jackson.
Boy, can you imagine the tension he'd get if he went to New York where they grab little black kids and test drugs on them and pesticides until they die?
You're not going to hear a word out of Jesse Jackson on that.
He'll go piggyback on some big case where some hoodlums pushed cops and got beat up at a football game.
See, he knows which things to pick, things where it isn't clear who's in the right or the wrong.
He's something else.
So they're all together, and this is right when the new hate crimes legislation is coming up.
In January, they're introducing it, and they're saying it's one of their first orders of business to restrict free speech in America.
Police already all over the country are arresting people that they hear say the N-word.
They think it's already illegal.
In England, it is illegal.
To use that term or other terms like log, which is similar, or coffer, things like that.
I mean, who cares?
They're words.
But see, they give special power to those.
It's okay to make a little black kid drink pesticide until they die.
That's all right.
Just don't call him the N-word while you're doing it.
You see, so they attach all this power to it.
I'll just go ahead and cover this now, and I'll get into the other news.
I meant to get to it later, but I'm already talking about it.
Let's just talk about it.
In fact, I have a video clip up on prisonplanet.com with this story.
It's moved off the main page.
You'll have to click on yesterday's news to get it.
To make it easy, we'll post it up on thetopofjonesreport.com in the next few minutes.
Was Kramer Richards' racist rant staged by Paul Watson and Alex Jones?
Seinfeld DVD sales soar as once-forgotten actor becomes hot property.
Was public tirade staged for profit and notoriety while simultaneously pleasing hate crimes advocates?
And again, the final cherry on top that sealed it, well, it was really a double dose, that he staged something like this before, and it got press attention,
And that he enjoined himself, total ADL folks, total, this is so obvious, enjoined himself to go into court so they could say he was in court.
And see, by the time the news reports it as well, Kramer has agreed to go to court.
And then I went and pulled up the actual story and it was, no, it was his idea.
It isn't even a court.
He just, again, it's like asking a judge to be at your private corporate signing.
And then adjudicating and, you know, to have them, you know,
Make the decision.
But see, that's how this works.
And so the average person now thinks that Mr. Richards, Michael Richards, is going to court.
And it's the big story.
And everybody's hearing, he's got to go to court now.
Oh, he's going to jail maybe.
Man, the judge is going to get him.
And they're talking about videotaping it for an even bigger hurrah.
Him in court standing at the podium groveling and apologizing to the people he said that to who don't even have any idea what they're playing a part in.
They just know they're about to get a bunch of money.
And the American people are going to see this, and this un-American piece of filth,
Michael Richards is going to sit up there and get even richer off this and help his buddies in the government and Chertoff sit there and butcher our Bill of Rights.
Oh, by the way, that's a segue here into... He's back after less than a week.
Newt Gingrich has given another speech saying we've got to restrict the First Amendment.
As you can see, that is a big issue for the elite.
And they're going to go for the free speech.
They have to, because we're kicking their hind ends.
You're not going to stop us, traitors.
You'll never stop the American people.
Ted Anderson from Midas.
It's December 5th, 2006.
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Welcome back.
Glad that you joined us today.
Coming up, we've got Robert Steele, former CIA clandestine case officer, joining us.
And we finally got in touch with him.
We tried to get in touch with him this weekend, had him on yesterday, but we did get in contact this morning.
He's got the Muckraker Report.
He's Ed Haas.
He's done some really good reports in the past that we've been watching and researching.
And he's not an Israel throttler, just a throttle Israel for the sake of beating him upside the head.
And so that gives the story more credibility.
And then he has the FBI agents' copies of their cards.
He's called the FBI agents.
And I still look at this story with a jaundiced eye.
I think he's good to report on.
I think it's important, but...
Still, you never know what the feds are doing or this is a honeypot.
But we'll break that down with him.
We're scheduling him into the third hour right now.
Looks like we're going to have Ed Haas on.
And what story am I talking about?
Well, we posted it Sunday, right when it came out.
Prior knowledge of 9-11 attacks overheard in Hebrew.
In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, a former Israeli Defense Force member and veteran of the Yom Kippur War, 73, was collecting English ivy cuttings at the Gomel Cemetery located at McSeeland and 245 Mount Olive Avenue in Newark, New Jersey.
The cemetery is a Jewish cemetery.
And while he was there, he heard two men over the little wall that couldn't see him
Talk about, well, when the towers get hit in September, then the Americans will understand what it's like to be under terror attack.
And the Arabs are so stupid, they don't even know.
And again, I've been reading Ed's stories for a while, and he's done a lot of good reporting.
But then I read on, and I went and looked at the cards.
I called the numbers, and it was, of course, Sunday.
But sure enough, it was FBI agents' offices.
And he says he talked to them, and I believe him, and this is pretty big.
And, of course, more has developed.
He's going to do a Freedom of Information Act request, because one FBI agent told him, and she's senior now, that she's not allowed to talk about it, that she'd get in trouble.
And the FBI said, we're not going to release that information because this American who fought in the Yom Kippur War, this Jewish American, he went to them.
And so it's on record he did indeed go to them.
He did indeed report this.
Now, I want to be careful about this story because this doesn't mean that Israel itself carried out the attacks.
But I want to be specific.
I believe...
I'm not being lawyerly here.
Everything we deal with is more complex than some two-dimensional picture.
There were Arabs in Egypt who sold thousands and thousands, and they were sold in Europe, of World Trade Centers with planes flying into them.
It was just all over the place.
And I'm not saying Arabs did it either.
Absolutely not.
There were no Arab nations involved.
The Arabs had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks other than the fact that our government recruited Arab nationals, trained them in spy training that's on record, and had them as decoys on board aircraft.
We know they were U.S.
government agents, in triplicate, from the heads of embassies, from mainstream news, from the Associated Press, from the Dean of the Defense Language School, reporting he was forced to train them in spy training out in Monterey, to the Pensacola News Journal, the Pensacola Naval Air Station, to MSNBC and Newsweek.
Now remember, Israel...
You've got to love, quote, the rumor that Jews were in the towers.
No, there were Jews in the towers.
And there were Germans in the towers.
There were black people in the towers.
But the, quote, rumor is not a rumor that Otago contacted thousands of employees that worked at their U.S.
headquarters in one of the towers and told them
What was it?
Six or seven hours before.
It was in Herat.
That's how we have this.
And that's a Jewish newspaper in Israel.
To get out of the building or don't go to work today.
And that was from their Tel Aviv headquarters right next door to Israeli intelligence.
See, people talk.
Folks always say, well, the government was involved in 9-11.
People talk.
We know.
FBI agents went to jail for insider trading, but they weren't the big insider traders.
See, FBI agents got word in New York, too, in the months before to the bunch of insider trading.
So everybody knew.
I mean, the towers were half empty that day for what they would normally, what capacity they'd be at that time.
Everybody knew.
This is just more evidence of that.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Come your masters of war Here they build the big guns Here they build the death planes Here they build all the bombs Here they hide behind walls Here they hide behind disks
I just don't want you to know I can see through your masks.
You that never done nothing.
All right, we're back live.
We're not taking any calls right now because I need to get through most of the news now in this hour because we've got former clandestine CIA officer, case officer.
Robert Steele, big expert on surveillance technologies, the overall New World Order operations, 9-11 inside job, Google involved with the Central Intelligence Agency.
We made big headlines about a month ago when he was on with us.
Got picked up by newspapers in the discussion we had, so this should be a newsmaker as well.
Very important information coming up.
But then in the third hour, we do have Ed Haas coming on.
Now, now, now...
Of course, I'll be taken out of context by those in the government and those in the media claiming I'm attacking Israel right now for simply reporting on a Jewish American who has reported this to the FBI, who has provided their ID cards of the FBI agents and talked to them.
And this is one more case example of people who heard about prior knowledge or others that were involved in it who then tried to speak out, who then tried to get involved, and who were basically just told to shut up.
Now when I say I don't believe Israel carried out the attacks, that does not mean that I believe Israel wasn't involved in the attacks.
Anything this big
If you look at MI6, you look at Mossad, you look at Shin Bet, you look at CIA, you look at other black op groups above those organizations, even mainstream books on the Interpol and the whole global surveillance system will tell you that there's double agents, triple agents, and that at the top of the Western world, it is one big intelligence agency.
They do joint ops together.
We're good to go.
That is attempting to limit the scope of the investigation and tailoring the evidence to what you want to believe, and that is that if there is a hurricane, Israel did it.
Or if you get a brain tumor, Israel did it.
Or if you slip on a banana peel, Israel did it.
The people that put this stuff out never really write any analysis, never warn you about anything, never put out any real detailed reports, never give you full spectrum data.
They just basically, it's kind of like in The Shining, where Jack Nicholson is typing, you know, red rum, red rum, over and over again on his typewriter.
They really just have one sentence they say over and over again, and it does nothing.
To hurt the globalists.
In fact, the labor Zionists, who are a big part of the New World Order power structure, have said that they love anti-Semitism.
I mean, these books they've written, these articles are public.
Because it makes good Jews, which are the vast majority of Jews, just like the vast majority of Africans are good people, or the vast majority of the British.
In fact, when I bash the British, I get emails going, how dare you, you yank.
You don't like the British.
No, the main power structure is based there.
I mean, that's who owns...
The majority of the stock in the oil companies and central banks.
It's not the British people we're talking about.
You know, when I say that Canada is a police state, sometimes I get an email from Canadians going, you know, I like your show.
Why are you bashing us?
Why do you associate yourself with the government?
Why do you associate yourself with the mafia?
As I've always said, it's organized crime.
It's crime networks that we're fighting here.
You know, is it anti-Italian to attack the Italian mafia, La Cosa Nostra?
But if you start... People have even written books on Bugsy Siegel and the Jewish mafia have been attacked, and, oh, that's anti-Semitism.
No, that's a criminal network trying to wrap itself in the mantle of the Jewish faith and the Jewish people, who are good people,
And you've used them long enough, just like you used 110,000 Jewish children in Israel that you radiated in your experimentation from 1951 to 1961.
And I've had mind-controlled Jews send me emails going, you know, I know that was in the Jewish papers over in Israel, the Israeli papers, but you still shouldn't really talk about it.
You're just using that to bash Israel.
Well, absolutely!
I'm bashing Israel.
That's wrong!
I want that to stop.
I'm bashing those in Israel that did that.
And when you defend the murder of Jewish children, and the brain-damaging and the maiming of Jewish children, you are no different than Adolf Hitler.
I don't care if your name's Kruger,
Or if your name is Schmidt.
I don't care if you're a Jew or a German.
So, number one, for those that just want to attack Israel all day, and that's all you do.
You don't warn people about biometrics.
You don't warn people about open borders.
You don't warn people about the North American Union.
You don't warn people about the Federal Reserve.
All you do is literally like a Hare Krishna member, but instead of saying, Hare, Hare, Hare Krishna, you say, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew.
You are doing exactly what the criminal networks want you to do.
We need to come together, whether you're Arab, and an Arab Christian, or an Arab Muslim, or whether you are a Jew, someone who follows...
The Old Testament or a Christian Jew follows the New.
Whether you are a Buddhist, it doesn't matter.
I mean, are you against the New World Order?
I mean, take India.
Incredibly corrupt.
Incredibly wicked government.
For thousands of years.
But I'm not attacking the people of India.
So the globalists are very good, and instead of us fighting the elite, they try to get us to attack whole populations and whole people.
Subsects of the human race.
Whole sections of the human race.
Whole derivations of the human race.
You see, racism and those terms are meant to divide us against each other.
They don't want us to get together and fight the criminal New World Order.
They don't want us to go out to the criminal networks, the organized crime syndicates.
And to call it organized crime, and to call it out, they want us to attack whole faiths, whole groups, whole races.
Now, I preface that.
Clearly, Israel had massive knowledge of 9-11 to the point of Otago, the instant message company,
To warn its New York-based employees to not go to work that day, or if you're in the building, get out.
And it shows that the management of Otago was not involved in the operation, in the conspiracy to commit the crime, or the CEO would have gone, yeah, we got a call here at the office telling our employees we got a tip to help them get out of the building.
Because, you know, they're seven, eight hours ahead, so it was daytime over there, middle of the work day, and they actually reported in the early morning hours in Tel Aviv they got the call.
They made it in the middle of the night over to the U.S., put it out on their instant message to their network of people in their company.
Get out of the building.
Do not go to the building.
And so many people knew that the buildings were half empty.
About half the number of people that would be in the buildings were there that day.
Now that said, clearly, you've got a group of zealots who will do whatever they're told, who will follow whatever order, if it is in the quote, name of supporting Israel.
So, a prime candidate, a prime group of people, with dual citizenship in the Pentagon,
In the White House, in the apparatus of intelligence, certainly there is a large Israeli contingent involved in the 9-11 attacks.
There is no getting around that.
The truth is the truth.
And the truth is British intelligence was teeming as well.
Our intelligence apparatus was involved massively.
And it's like if you've got three people robbing a bank, and the people that want to say it's just Israel, they go, how dare you, Alex, don't say three people robbed the bank.
It was only one.
And I go, but everybody reported three people, and it would take three people to do this and load all the money in the time they did it.
No, no, no, you're saying this person we caught is innocent by saying others were involved.
No, that's ridiculous.
And that's why those people clearly are feds.
They don't want us to have an effective strategy to reach out to everyone and to bring everybody together to expose the 9-11 attacks.
They want to pigeonhole it with false information and say it was one small group who didn't have the capacity to make NORAD stand down.
That didn't have the capacity to have these people trained at U.S.
military bases.
That didn't have the capacity to mass the 44,000 U.S.
troops in the surrounding countries around Afghanistan.
The CIA insider trading leading right back to the CIA.
No, this is a criminal group together.
This is the highest levels of intelligence with corporate backers using drills to bootleg and fund the operation, CIA-run drills, through the Pentagon of the exact same targets at the exact same time, being targeted, stand-down orders signed by Cheney, taking the shoot-down powers away two and a half months plus before, I don't know, what's June 1st to September 11th?
How many months is that?
Taking the power from the generals to be able to shoot down.
This was a well-orchestrated, concerted campaign.
The NSA, again, blocks of it that weren't part of the program, part of the attack.
They picked up the chatter of the coming attacks.
Blocks of Israeli intelligence that weren't part of the small criminal groups that networked together to do it.
They reported it.
The Egyptians reported it.
The British reported it.
The French reported it.
The Germans reported it.
The Russians reported it.
They all said, Dr. Tanya Kordoshenko, the chief economist for Putin, came out and said there was going to be an attack on America's financial center.
She didn't say world trade centers.
She said on America's financial center.
And it will be run by the Deadhead Group, and that was an improper translation in the American papers out of the Russian.
I went and had it looked at with a Russian dictionary, and you know what the Deadhead translates to?
Skull and bones.
I mean, she said that a few weeks after I launched Operation Expose the Government Terrorist.
I mean, there was so much chatter about attacks on New York.
The FBI had cooked the bomb, trained the driver.
We know the names.
We know who they hired to do it.
It was even in the New York Times in 1993.
And right as the story broke, they launched the Waco siege to smokescreen that.
Now, was Israel involved in the first World Trade Center attack?
Did they run the attack?
No, I'd say they were about 25% of the attack.
And agents, Israeli Mossad agents, like our Homeland Security Director, think about how scary that is, Benjamin... I always say Benjamin, that was his family member running the hit piece on me, in Popular Mechanics.
Michael Chertoff was involved, and an article's been written about this, in the cover-up of that.
But the FBI...
It was FBI agents, American agents with WASP names, who went and carried out the attack, who went and cooked the bomb, who hired the Egyptian security agent, Ahmad Salam, to do it.
And then Salam thought they were setting him up.
She went and recorded him, going, well, I built the bomb.
It wasn't supposed to be real.
You told me to build it real, and you gave me a detonator.
They don't know what a real bomb is.
We didn't need to do this.
Let's go bust them.
No, no, we're pulling you off the case.
We're letting this go forward.
Oklahoma City, who bombed that?
We know that it was Arabs on the ground.
But we know those Arabs were brought into the country by George Bush Sr.
And then by Bill Clinton, he brought in another 2,000.
brought in 3,000.
So see, this is cloak and dagger, folks.
All the fingerprints of intelligence agencies are all over it.
It's just like when they killed Kennedy.
This is how they operate.
They had mafia hitmen there.
They had Texas Dixie mafia hitmen there.
They had army snipers there.
They had CIA patsies there, like Oswald.
This is what they do.
And then people get confused and go, it was the mafia.
No, it was the army.
No, it was the Cubans.
And then you look at the actual historical evidence, they were all there.
And we have the widow...
Excuse me, the mistress of LBJ on this show years ago.
We have video over up on presentplanet.tv saying, you know, he came out of the meeting with the Rothschild representative, the Rockefeller representative, the Murchisons were there, the Hunts were there, and he said, well, I'm going to kill that SOB.
He's never going to embarrass me again tomorrow.
After tomorrow.
And then I've interviewed LBJ's lawyer.
Bar McClellan, father of the former White House Press Secretary.
Admittedly, LBJ's main lawyer for 15 years.
Then, yeah, they said they killed him.
But, I mean, that was LBJ bragging, taking credit for something he was just part of.
No, he was just their front man.
So, that's how the new war... And if you study intelligence operations, take World War II.
You know, the CIA, and it was OSS then, and its invasion of Italy, first Greece and then Italy,
If you look at that, they used the Mafia.
They used the Greek Mafia.
They used the Sicilian Mafia.
They used the Mainland Mafia.
When they went in, they used criminal networks.
And this is membranes of separation.
So they're all guilty.
Clearly British intelligence.
Clearly CIA.
Clearly private corporations in conjunction.
And clearly Israel.
And is that any surprise?
Who were allies?
The U.S., Israel, and England.
It's a triumvirate.
It's a triangle of power.
It's a nexus point of power.
It's criminals running our governments.
And because the feds don't care if you get one piece of the puzzle, but they don't like somebody who gives you the big picture.
Full spectrum analysis of what we're facing.
Now, I think Ed Haas is a good reporter.
And I'm still not going to completely trust this story.
We're going to vet it.
He's vetting it himself.
But we have the FBI agent's numbers.
We have their cards.
We have this witness that he's talked to who went to, and eight months before the attacks, reported this to the FBI.
And for months and months, up until the attacks, tried to get him to do something.
And then we have all the other FBI agents who are compartmentalized and not part of the attacks.
In Phoenix...
In Chicago, Minneapolis, St.
Paul, in Dallas, saying the same thing they knew and were told to back off?
You see?
This is part of a larger pattern of people that warned and knew being told to shut up.
Are you seeing what's happening here?
This is just one more piece of evidence.
But we've got to vet it.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Think about how infiltrated our country is.
That's what globalism is about.
It's about destroying national currencies, debasing the industries of free nations, leveraging them using the slave goods made by huge imprisoned populations in China and India.
And then you got Rick Perry, the governor, his head of border and Mexico affairs, is a Mexican citizen.
Dual citizen with the U.S., registered lobbyist of Mexico.
And it's the same thing with people like Chertoff, known asset of Israel.
Family involved in founding Israel on the Maasai.
And he's just up there butchering the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, right in front of everyone.
And he's got his family writing hit pieces on me.
It's scary, folks, how deep down the rat hole we've gone.
So Ed Haas will be joining us coming up.
I mean, I've got the letterhead from the FBI with letters to the man that warned them, the Jewish-American.
And we've got their business cards.
This is pretty powerful.
Again, I'm reserving judgment on this.
With the evidence we already have, clearly elements of Israel's crime syndicate.
Our world is ruled by different crime syndicates working in unison together.
There's no debating that.
But this, what he heard, the things that were said, we have it up on Infowars.com and JonesReport.com.
What was said, what he heard, is powerful.
We do have a former CIA high-level clandestine case officer joining us coming up
In just a few minutes.
Let's just get him on at the start of the next hour.
But right now, let's get him on at the five after.
Because I want to play that Oberman clip.
I said I was going to do that concerning what's happening in this country with the police state.
Newt Gingrich has struck again.
And he's such a despicable human being.
He's given another speech, this time in Massachusetts.
And he has... I'm trying to find it here.
It was in my stack.
And he is explaining why he wants censorship of the First Amendment websites.
And he said, well, we've got to be able to restrict free speech now because Ahmedinejad threatened to kill Americans in his last speech.
It's nowhere in the speech.
It's a lie.
But they know the average American is not going to go read Ahmadinejad's letter to the American people about how noble we are and how good we are and he knows a crime syndicate runs our country and not that they're not a crime syndicate over there, by the way.
That's what power is like.
Evil in high places.
Power corrupts.
The actual quote is, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It's that simple.
And that has happened.
But we'll get into Gingrich when I dig it out.
Actually, with Steele, because that's what he's into, is censorship and attacks on free speech and a lot more.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Robert David Steele.
He's a former high-level case in the field officer, and a real, the actual physical intelligence type spy.
Spy runner.
Intelligence Gatherer, really a great futurist and researcher.
He'll be joining us coming up in about five minutes.
Last time he was on with us, it made international headlines.
It was in major newspapers and publications, the stuff he broke here on air.
We'll get more into censorship, Google in bed with the CIA, government-sponsored terror, and a lot more with him.
Then Ed Haas joins us coming up with a huge story.
About 9-11 government involvement and evidence in the third hour.
Right now, I said I'd play this.
Here's part of Keith Elberman with Jonathan Turley, who he has almost every night now, talking about restrictions on free speech.
Well, that actually comes up in another clip I've got I'll talk about later.
This one is about
Just a police state.
It was in December of last year that we first learned the president had authorized domestic spying by the National Security Agency.
Here it is.
Tonight, at the start of this December, comes word that eavesdropping might be just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to the federal government's surveillance on its own citizens.
It seems not being on the no-fly list is no longer enough to keep someone out of the clutches of the Bush administration.
The Associated Press reporting that millions of American citizens entering or leaving the U.S.
in the past four years have been assigned a secret terror rating based on such bizarre factors as number of one-way trips taken, seating preferences, dining preferences.
It gets worse.
Travelers are not allowed to see nor challenge the computer-generated scores which the government plans to keep on file for up to 40 years.
The Democrat Patrick Leahy, the incoming chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today expressing outrage, promising scrutiny of the program in the new Congress.
One can only imagine how outraged Senator Leahy might be at seeing this other thing, the kind of image taken by a new federal screening system, x-raying a passenger's bodies to detect concealed explosives and other weapons.
That's apparently not all it can detect.
Here is your perfect excuse, or go greyhound, for a constitutionality x-ray.
I'm joined now by George Washington University law professor and constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley.
Thanks once more for your time tonight, sir.
Thanks, Keith.
Having now seen that photo, we can't not begin with the x-ray machine.
It would seem, Jonathan, to be not just intrusive, but actually indecent, so much so...
What is the difference between requiring passengers to subject themselves to that and simply asking them to strip off all their clothes before boarding?
Well, maybe this is a recruiting tool to get TSA applicants, which will now be called TNA or something.
I don't know.
But most of us are more afraid we'll be sent to something like Jenny Craig than Gitmo after this because it is a very revealing picture.
On the serious side, there is real problems with having strangers looking at an image, even one with parts covered up, that still is pretty accurate in terms of what you look like under your clothes.
And the Constitution recognizes that there are some unreasonable searches and seizures.
I would have to say that this seems pretty unreasonable.
I think most people would be horrified.
You know, we've all seen these people gathered around these screens looking at what's in your luggage.
Sometimes it looks like a coffee clutch.
I think people would be horrified to know that their actual physical image was on the machine.
Let's turn to this personal terror rating.
I mean, it sounds terrible, but I'm having trouble nailing down what's particularly terrible about this.
Is it the criteria?
You know, when you use things like meal preference, that might be a kind of hidden racial or religious... Back it up.
We'll play the rest when we get back.
No, the problem is that it shows that they've already got databases on non-criminals categorizing us all as criminals, and the database is a lot bigger than that from what Admiral Poindexter admitted they were doing four years ago.
It's hundreds of times worse.
And they don't mention to you here that the government admits, and this is already now in six airports, this is the sixth, that they record your naked image.
And most of the machines go in a circle and do a 360.
So they have a recording of your naked body.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Ask for George.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I got a 20-paragraph bio here on Robert David Steele.
And I think it's best with our guest for him to just tell you the audience that don't know who he is some of the key things he's done.
And some of the things he's doing today.
Thanks for coming back on with us, Robert.
Well, I'm very glad to be with you.
Do you want me to just sum up my background in four sentences?
Lived overseas all my life as the son of an oil man, Marine Corps infantry officer, recovering spy.
Created the Marine Corps Intelligence Command and realized that the U.S.
government is spending $60 billion a year on the 5% it can steal.
And next to nothing on everything else.
So my job in life today is to bring the world, but particularly the U.S.
policy establishment and the citizens that vote for it
Back in touch with global reality.
And then after you were involved creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Command, you were then involved in clandestine on-the-ground operations with the CIA.
That was before.
I did six back-to-back overseas tours.
I chased terrorists in the 1980s.
And in fact, I wrote an unclassified letter to Charlie Allen, who was then the National Intelligence Officer for
Terrorism, and I said, Charlie, here are all the things we're doing wrong.
Well, I found that letter, which was written about 1985.
I found that letter in my files recently, and we're still doing everything wrong.
Let's get into the Middle East, your analysis on what's happening with the James Baker Bush Sr.
arm, the oil company arm coming in, and on the surface claiming they're putting the brakes on.
Well, I was very surprised because the news had come out earlier, but it's obvious that you have more pull than the Homeland Security Newsletter.
Because when it came out on your show 18 months afterwards, it really made news.
It did not make news when it was published in Washington.
And that may be because where it was published was part of the mainstream media that is captive.
Well, I have to say that I can go on a national TV show that supposedly, like, let's say, Good Morning America, supposedly with 8 million viewers at that time, and maybe get 100,000 visitors and 20 emails.
But I can go on somebody else's show, just a mom-and-pop show on some 5,000-watt AM.
I think?
We're good to go.
Who was Clinton's Secretary of State as interchangeable good old boys from Wall Street.
I consider the Iraq Study Group to be nothing less than extremely expensive lipstick on the pig.
Bob Gates is going to be absolutely impotent as Secretary of Defense unless Dick Cheney is fired.
And I realize an elected Vice President can't be fired, but I'm quite sure that he can get an offer he can't refuse.
The bottom line here, and I sent the press release out yesterday.
If you Google for OSS CEO on Google News, you'll get all my press releases.
I also sent it as a fax to Congress, and I basically said, Bob Gates, the Secretary of Defense, is lipstick on the pig unless Dick Cheney goes.
If Dick Cheney goes, Bob Gates could perhaps be one of the finest Secretaries of Defense in our recent history.
Now, as to Cheney's visit...
To Saudi Arabia, that tells me two things.
It tells me, one, Condi Rice really is just a poster child.
I mean, she's just a placeholder.
She's not really our Secretary of State.
And obviously, what had to be discussed with Saudi Arabia was way too important to relegate to Condi, whom I kindly say, if Bill Clinton was our first black president, then Condi Rice is our first valley girl bimbo as Secretary of State.
So by that you're saying a complete puppet?
I think George Bush is a good guy who means well, who is having his orders countermanded by Dick Cheney behind his back, who is having Dick Cheney pretend that Bush has authorized things that Dick Cheney is ordering in the president's name.
I believe that Dick Cheney is a major cancer in this government.
And if we're to do anything with these last two years, Dick Cheney has got to be kicked out of office.
But then we've got Dick Cheney supporters and he wouldn't be there if he didn't have a lot of power behind him.
He was brought along by the Bush 41 machine.
That's absolutely true, but I think that if you listen to some of the wise men, the Dick Cheney that we have in power today is not the Dick Cheney that they knew.
He is not the Dick Cheney that they brought along.
He has morphed into something vastly more evil and vastly more dangerous.
And everything that I am seeing and hearing through open source intelligence says that essentially even Dick Cheney's most ardent supporters
Now, before we get into what he was meaning in Saudi Arabia and what you and others think that concerns...
You have said that there's enough evidence to indict Dick Cheney for 9-11.
You said that in a press release.
You said that here.
So clearly you believe the evidence points towards him.
Of course, we know he was in the bunker saying the order still stands.
The plane's 50, 20, 10 miles out.
Have you heard anything to the contrary?
We have Minettas.
Well, I attended a 9-11 truth meeting, and I was very impressed by the quality of both the speakers, which included...
Wayne Madsen and Webster Kangley.
I'm also reviewing a series of videos on 911 Mysteries.
That's the series that has a tape on demolitions, a tape on hijackers, many of whom have been discovered, and airplanes, none of which parts, every part in an airplane is numbered.
There have been no parts of the airplanes actually found.
And then the whole war game thing where Cheney was controlling the government.
And finally, who benefits, namely Wall Street and the people who were able to insure themselves and evacuate their most precious possessions from the World Trade Center.
And of course, all the law files, all the files of securities investigations that were destroyed.
And basically inoculated white-collar criminals from ongoing investigations and prosecutions.
We even have two FBI agents that quietly went to prison for insider trading.
They were not responsible for the lion's share of it that led back to Alex Brown & Co.
and Buzzy Crongard.
Yes, Buzzy Crongard.
He will see justice one day.
Now, let me say to you, because I think we need to have a peaceful resolution.
I don't believe that we're going to be able to indict and convict people like Dick Cheney and George Tenet and Buzzy Krongard in such a manner as to put them in jail for life.
But I do believe that we can do what is now being done, has been done in South Africa, is now being done in Uruguay and Argentina and other countries, which is we can have truth and reconciliation commissions...
We can out these people, and clearly, tar and feather them in the public eye, and certainly Dick Cheney and Buzzy Krongard are two of my top targets.
So convict them in the court of public opinion.
And at the same time, using that as a virtual amnesty, state very, very clearly that anyone from this moment forward who betrays the public trust is going to be turned into dog meat and buried six feet deep.
Now, I want to get into why Cheney went to Saudi Arabia, and this is really important, but I want to... You know, you talk to a lot of former people in intelligence.
You talk to a lot of people who are currently in intelligence.
We interview a lot of them here on air, and they told us what their sense is.
They told us that the majority of people in intelligence...
I will give you a purely speculative take, based on my reading and my life experience.
My speculative take is that Al-Qaeda, with the help of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, which is generally controlled by radicals, that Al-Qaeda actually put into place a plan for hijacking airplanes and for doing attacks against major cultural icons in the United States, including not only the World Trade Center, but the Sears Building in Chicago, the Bank Building in San Francisco, and possibly even the Capitol.
And I believe that was ongoing.
And I believe that Pakistan told Cheney two things.
He said, number one, we can't stop this.
And number two, we can control it, and it may be in your best interest.
Because you know that the neocons have for a long time understood that the common sense of the American people can only be overridden by a cataclysmic event that causes everyone to just lose consciousness.
And I believe that Dick Cheney took over
This planned attack, I believe that the 100,000 from the Pakistani Intelligence Service to Mohammed Atta was part of a plan that had been approved at the last minute by the White House as a means of creating a major...
...event that would allow the White House to then go to war in Iraq without justification.
But then how do you mesh that?
We have British intelligence.
You've got a lot of control as well in Pakistan.
With the dean of the Defense Language School going, look, we trained some of these people here.
These are government agents.
I've talked to the embassy heads who say we were blocking them from getting visas back in.
And CIA insisted, oh, look...
I think this has been going on for a while.
I mean, remember, Bush has been in power and Cheney has been in power over Bush since the year 2000.
There, I think, was a last-minute adjustment
But I think that this was indeed put into place, and I also believe that it's entirely possible that the... And I really want to stress, I cannot draw firm conclusions that would send someone to jail or to death, but I can definitely say this needs to be investigated properly.
I think there is clear evidence that Boeing has created automated control mechanisms for airplanes,
Well, stay there.
Let's talk about that when we get back.
Yeah, yeah.
You get Arabs on board, then you hijack it by remote control.
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Robert David Steele is our guest veteran CIA intelligence officer running different ground operations around the planet.
One of the founders of the modern branch of Marine Corps Intelligence.
What do you think Dick Cheney is talking about when he was over in Saudi Arabia?
What was the agenda?
Well, Cheney's going to Saudi Arabia tells me two things.
The first is this was too important for our Valley Girl Secretary of State.
The second is that I think Dick Cheney is doing, my personal speculation, is that Dick Cheney is doing a last-minute bolstering of the Saudi regime.
And what really confounds me is that the Saudi regime, while it has oil,
is sponsoring this very virulent anti-American form of radical Islamic terrorism all over the world while Iran is trying to control it.
And so from my point of view, I think that the White House has given a wink and a nod to Israel to attack Iran before Christmas.
I believe that Dick Cheney went to Saudi Arabia to seek their approval for an Israeli attack on Iran.
And I believe that Dick Cheney right now is single-handedly running American foreign policy to the detriment of the American people.
Okay, but we know this.
We know this.
Single best thing we can do is demand that Dick Cheney leave office immediately before Christmas.
So many people are saying the same thing.
I've got sources in the military all over.
Members of Congress are saying it.
They're beating the war drums all over talk radio.
I mean, you think they're really going to have the nerve to go ahead and attack Iran and trigger the economic crises at the bare minimum that that's going to cause?
The short answer is yes.
Israel is divided itself.
I mean, I have many Israeli friends, especially scholars, Debka, Haratz.
There are sane parts of Israel.
There are also insane parts of Israel.
And unfortunately, you have this whole stockhold syndrome you have where genocide victims become the perpetrators, perpetrators.
I believe that at the highest levels, Israel has become a genocidal state.
It cannot understand reason.
It will not listen to reason.
It's violating its own policies right now by using cluster bombs against Lebanon.
And do you.
Isn't this what we see over and over again is just war mania?
I mean, let's talk about Cheney.
Five heart attacks.
He's literally Darth Vader.
No, he's actually busy hiding his illness.
Do you know that he had to insist that his debate with John Edwards be seated?
Because he couldn't stand up for more than 15 minutes at a time?
Well, I knew he had surgery on arteries in the backs of his legs, Jim.
Well, he has a problem.
Dick Cheney is a very sick man, and I hope that he either resigns or that his next heart attack is his last.
Well, my point is this.
He is running around trying to court the different elites, and we know Israel is supporting him.
And, you know, the Saudis, what a sick group.
The botched group, they're kidnapping starlets in the United States at $30,000 to $50,000 a head, delivered to their Learjets.
Okay, well, I don't want to have to bleep out what you're saying.
This is baloney.
In fact, let's talk about that.
I mean, it's well known that they were just kidnapping people from all over Central Europe because of their penchant for blondes.
And this is admitted, and children's snuff films, all of it.
But what's your evidence of grabbing American starlets?
Well, we cover other atrocities.
We actually cover the ten threats identified by General Brett Scowcroft, one of the few American adults in the power circle.
And among all the threats from poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, right below genocide you have other atrocities.
Other atrocities largely covers two major crime areas.
One is trade in body parts.
This is where prisoners are required to give up body parts or where people are kidnapped and murdered for body parts.
And this is happening everywhere.
And the other major crime is the kidnapping of people for the sex trade.
And this includes basically three levels.
It includes, at the lowest level, kidnapping children for child molestation and exploitation purposes.
It includes raiding Russian orphanages for girls at a young age who are then raised like cattle for sex slavery.
It includes persuading foolish young girls from Connecticut to come to an audition in New York, and the ones that are stupid enough to show up by themselves get kidnapped and are never seen again.
And then finally, at the very, very high end, for those who don't want to pay $1,000 to $5,000... Stay there.
Stay there.
Let's talk about it on the show.
We've got to break.
This is real.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
We got Ed Haas joining us in the next hour.
He's got the letters from the FBI, their business cards.
This Jewish-American was in the cemetery working on some stuff behind a wall, the classic story, and heard two people in the cemetery talking about when the towers get hit in September, they'll learn what it's like to be hit by terrorists, how the stupid Arabs don't know we're manipulating them.
And he's called the FBI.
I've made a phone call.
These letters are real.
These cards are real.
This person did warn them.
And it fits in with the FBI agents who were compartmentalized, who weren't part of the attacks.
Obviously, 99% of them weren't involved.
Who were out in Phoenix and in Chicago and saying, well, these people want to take planes off and not land them.
They're saying they're going to do this.
And the FBI had so much info, they were saying, they've got a plan to probably hit the World Trade Center.
Shut up!
You'll be fired if you tell anybody.
I'm not giving you a wiretap order.
I mean, it's just... But this new info is pretty powerful, and we'll vet it coming up in the next hour.
I want to finish up with the child kidnapping rings, the slave trade, with you, Mr. Steele.
But then I want to talk about how we stop an attack on Iran, which...
People in the know, big talk show hosts nationally who are tied in the Republican Party, are saying before Christmas, we're talking in the next 20 days, boys and girls, is there a way to avert that, but first finish up with the... I mean, because it has come out in the news here and there, but it's kept very quiet about how big...
That from 2000 to 2002, 1.2 million women and children were kidnapped out of Central and Eastern Europe alone.
I mean, that is huge.
But go back to what you were saying about the girls, the teenage girls getting tricked for modeling up to New York, and then, oh, come for a drink on the jet.
Tell us about it.
Well, you know, all I can say is this stuff happens all around us.
I mean, people don't realize how many people disappear, including from cruise lines.
You know, it's just there is this enormous lack of accountability and lack of attention.
And I would just say to you, if you are ever invited to anything like this, make sure you not only take someone with you and have your cell phone with you, but also make sure they know that there are at least six different people that know that you're right there
I think crime.
In fact, it's a documented fact.
Moises Naim's book, Illicit.
Crime is now a $2 trillion a year industry.
And just to put this in the context of the legal economy of the world, the legal economy of the world is no more than $7 trillion.
Crime is now $2 trillion.
Legal economy is $7 trillion.
And it's gradually moving where crime is going to become $3 trillion and then half.
We're losing control of the legal economy, and what that means is we're losing the taxes that support Social Security and all that.
Well, that's what I've always said.
And the crime has an advantage, not just being sociopathic or psychopathic, but they have the advantage of not having the taxes, so it puts everything else at a disadvantage.
And you could almost call it crime world.
And that's what I've likened it to, where, you know, I mean, take the Aztecs and the Mayan culture, Apocalypto coming out in a few days,
Absolutely right.
Absolutely right.
Is there any way to stop it?
Yes, I think there is a way to stop it.
And I believe that every one of your listeners and every American, every actual person is a person of generally goodwill, and all they're lacking is the knowledge and the connectivity.
And what the Internet has provided all of us is with a chance to not only come together but to share knowledge.
For example...
The President's Daily Brief, which is a top-secret briefing for the President of the United States, costs the taxpayer $1.2 billion a week to produce.
That's the $60 billion cost of the secret intelligence world divided by 52 weeks.
$1.2 billion a week.
For $500 a week, I am publishing free to the public.
A review, generally an eight to nine page review of global reality, the Week in Review, where we cover the 10 threats from poverty, infectious disease, all the way down to terrorism, genocide, transnational crime.
We cover the 12 policies that the United States should be pursuing in a coherent fashion, and we cover the eight challengers from Brazil and China through Russia, Venezuela, and then wild cards like radical Islam.
The bottom line here is there is no lack of knowledge.
Our problem right now is that Washington decisions are made based on who's paid what, not on what the people need.
And they're not made long term.
It's just crony networks in their cloistered ivory towers.
And I'll tell you the big difference here, Alex, is that these people, including Dick Cheney, have not realized, not only that the public is now awake...
That's right.
But unless they have a spaceship ready to go to Mars there is no place on this planet where they can hide in the next 10 years
And I anticipate the public taking back a great deal of their ill-gotten gains in the next 10 years.
Well, that's what I see happening.
Either the parasite, a smart parasite, feeds, doesn't overproduce, hides itself under the back of the ear on the dog.
This is now like a 100-pound dog dragging around a 100-pound tick, and the tick's getting fatter and fatter.
It's going to bleed out the dog, and it's so stupid it doesn't know to stop.
I mean...
We're good to go.
That they are waking everybody up doing that.
I mean, I don't think they realize that what you just said is true.
Listen, I do interviews every day on other talk shows.
Every caller, I mean, we're talking one out of 20 might disagree.
On the streets, everywhere.
I mean, let's say I get pulled over.
I tend to speed and whatever.
So I'll say I get pulled over twice a year.
The police, nine times out of ten, let me go because they're fans.
I mean, it's either got bad cops or good cops.
My point is, there is a huge awakening.
Well, I think there is, and in fact, I did my first graduate thesis on predicting revolution, and concentration of wealth, excessive concentration of wealth, is the number one producer of violent revolutions around the world.
And I believe today in America, we have not only an extraordinary concentration of wealth, but the average American, including myself, is back to the 1970s with respect to their earning power.
We're killing not only middle class jobs, we're killing honest blue-collar jobs.
Walmart is killing honest blue-collar jobs.
And that's because it's a predatory system.
It doesn't know how to build.
It is a predatory system.
And it is also a predatory system that has forgotten the whole concept of community morality.
And social justice and being right with one another.
I mean, you have to ask yourself every day, am I right with God, am I right with my family, and am I right with my community?
And I think the answer for most of us these days is no.
Getting back to Iran, what do you see?
I mean, you and others are saying an attack by Christmas.
Could it be after?
I mean, how soon could it be?
I'll say it's while Congress is not in session, but I believe it will be before Christmas.
And I think that Congress is seriously irresponsible if it does not declare in writing, in public, that Israel will be absolutely cut off, will receive zero from the American taxpayer for the next four years if they attack Iran.
Nothing that's uncanny notwithstanding.
Contrary to that, though, AIPAC's been running around making sure everybody's in line, blackmailing, paying off.
I mean, that's... Oh, absolutely right.
And AIPAC is very, very good at blackmail.
I mean, there are many people who think that Bobby Inman had to withdraw as a candidate for Secretary of Defense because of their blackmail.
We're now getting, and I want to be clear here, because it's not just radical Jews and radical Islamists, but they're also radical Christians.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And that's something we have to put a stop to.
Who is Benjamin Chertoff?
Doesn't ring a bell.
You know, I have this slip in my mind because Benjamin Chertoff wrote a big hit piece on me for Popular Mechanics.
He's the first cousin of Michael Chertoff, excuse me.
Oh, the Homeland Security guy.
Yes, well, I mean, who is he on that map?
I don't know.
But, you know, it really comes down to common sense.
I don't know.
Any American standing outside a 7-Eleven can probably tell you it's not a good idea to allow Israel to bomb Iran and to have four U.S.
carriers right up against Iran where they can be taken out by supersonic sunburned missiles.
The day that Iran sinks, a U.S.
carrier and a U.S.
amphibious vehicle carrying a thousand Marines is the day that U.S.
superpower is over.
It is the day that the big stick is splintered and burned.
Well, I think they want to get us into a fight, because they know Americans, once we've been hit hard and are on the ground, we will go into mindless groupthink, and it'll be like Pearl Harbor, which they engineered, and we'll jump up, and the nuking will start, which Cheney and others have already called for.
So I think that if Iran, let's say they bomb Iran, Iran fires back, blows up a few of these big ships, sinks them, damages them, the images of that, even normal-thinking Americans will go into a red rage and say, nuke, nuke, nuke,
Yeah, well, let's take this in two parts.
First off, Iran is in very, very strong position, because if there is an attack by Israel or by the Americans, and I wouldn't even put it past the Americans to very stupidly put Israeli colors on some of the airplanes launched from carriers.
If there is an attack, Iran is in a self-defense mode.
There is no question, but that such an attack will be a violation of international law,
Kofi Amman, the Secretary General, has said that the United States was in violation of international law in invading and occupying Iraq.
We are not on the right side of God here.
We're not on the right side of man.
Now, Iran has also said that if we nuke them, there are roughly 70 million people.
If we nuke them, it will catalyze the other billion Muslims in the world.
With the larger populations being in Indonesia, in Malaysia, and in India.
So, we knew Quran.
That is going to be the beginning of the end of Western Christianity.
Well, yeah, that lights the fuse.
They want to push us into this final World War III scenario.
That's the whole plan.
Get us into a war we can't get out of.
I will tell you that I personally, as a nominally educated American who reads a lot and posts a lot of reviews on Amazon, I will tell you I believe three things.
I believe that Iran has a much sounder grasp of reality in the Middle East than does the United States government.
I believe that Dick Cheney is a man of great evil.
We're good to go.
And somebody needs to light a fire under them, because if Congress doesn't come out and publicly warn off the Israelis, I think we may have a very, very ugly new year.
Now, it is true that three mainline carriers are there, and then... Four, I think.
Well, there's three big ones, and there's a giant, kind of one of the huge troop-carrying... Yeah, but who in their right mind would put four carriers within range...
You know, it's funny because Howard Bloom is a friend of mine.
He's the author of Global Brain and also The Lucifer's Principle.
He predicted the Sunni Shiite World War back in the early 1990s.
And he was talking about it as early as the 1980s.
Like Steve Emerson, he's a man who sees the future.
Emerson understood all of this with his PBS broadcast in 1994 when he taped Iman's on U.S.
soil calling for the murder of Americans.
Howard tells me that he believes that Iran has been playing a strategic game from long before their destruction of Khobar Towers, and the FBI director has said conclusively that it was Iran that blew up Khobar Towers.
Essentially, Iran doesn't have the long-haul capability to attack the United States on its own shores.
Howard believes that for the last four years or more, Iran has been playing a strategic master game
To lure the United States land forces into Iraq and to lure the United States naval forces into range of a Russian sunburned RISL with a nuclear warhead so that at one stroke, Iran can decapitate our land and naval forces.
We don't have an Air Force worth mentioning.
I think there is enough substance to that to where I really have to question the sanity of any government
That actually is allowing this to come to this kind of brink.
Now, we know that the big marine troop carriers there, we know the three big mainline carriers are there.
They never build up a force like that unless they're going to attack somebody.
And the last three times we've seen this, they have gone into areas of the Middle East and Central Asia.
What intel are you getting, or is it just the carriers being there is why you think they're going to attack before Congress comes back in?
No, I've been getting all sorts of stuff, and if anyone really wonders about the plan, there's a book called The End Game by General McInerney and somebody else.
This book, The End Game, was published a couple of years ago.
It lays it out.
It lays out the neocon plan to do Iraq and then Iran and then Syria and then Egypt and finally Jordan.
Well, sure, the neocons themselves said that.
Yeah, but what you don't understand is that Hitler took over Germany with 25,000 people, okay?
And what has happened here is the neocons have been put into a position of power, and even though they've frittered off, Wolfowitz is gone, Feitz is gone, I predicted Cambon would be fired two weeks ago, and he's gone.
What is happening here is they have got the single most powerful position in
In our structure.
They have Vice President Cheney.
He's the last man standing.
And I am absolutely persuaded that Cheney is being treasonous to the United States.
So rather than lose power, you think they're going to do a Hail Mary and launch World War III?
Yes, they've done Hail Marys before.
And I will tell you something.
It would not at all surprise me for Dick Cheney to do something as evil as tempting the President into getting drunk.
He's a recovering alcoholic, like some of us around the country.
It's attempting the president to get drunk and then either taking over power or usurping power.
Well, the president has already been seen getting off a few weeks ago at Crawford, stumbling around drunk.
It was on the news.
And he's been seen at press conferences, obviously drunk.
Well, I think, I don't know if I would say that the president has been drinking or has been drunk.
I believe the president is under enormous stress.
And I believe that the Vice President is a big part of that.
And I think the quickest way to relieve stress on the President and to move back from the brink with a run is to fire the Vice President.
Now, I understand you're beating that drum to fire Dick Cheney, but as you said, the neocons are still in the power positions.
But you get rid of Dick Cheney, and then you have more reasonable guys like Baker and Scowcroft and Bob Gates.
I happen to like Bob Gates.
I think Bob Gates needs to learn not to confuse loyalty with integrity, which was his problem in the Iran-Contra Bank, but that's a common problem at the higher ranks.
I have nothing against Bob Gates.
He's an extremely smart individual.
But the bottom line here is we need to insulate the president.
I know Karen Hughes has been warned about this.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
We've got a break again.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
There was an Israeli plan in 1983, a Pentagon plan in 2002, to go into Iraq, to break it in three pieces, to have civil war as a pretext to stay there and build permanent bases and make over $100 billion a year just in weapons procurements and sales for that theater and for the feeding and fiddling of the troops.
And so there's really a chaos principle here.
As people think, they've fallen on their face in Iraq.
They were trying to bake a cake.
They were trying to create a crisis.
They may have burned the cake.
It looks like it went even worse than they wanted it to.
So certainly there is some bumbling there.
But that's the method to their madness.
The worse it gets, they're still in the power position.
The people have a...
We're good to go.
And it's horrible.
And a lot of these soft Americans who are having their dollar devalued, it's by the very same crew, the very same globalists.
So, you know, the globalists allowed the neocons to get in, the globalists allowed them to run with the ball, and then if they get burned, hey, they take the blame in history, and this global elite moves forward.
I mean, OPEC and a lot of other people wanted to go into Iraq and shut off that oil to jack up prices.
A lot of people let the neocons run with the ball here, and so I don't think the buck can entirely stop with them.
Mr. Steele, do you agree or disagree?
I agree.
I think you've got a very good, common-sense perspective on all of this.
I agree.
Well, where does it go from here?
I mean, you really think that... I mean, when does the new Congress start?
Sometime in January.
Probably mid-January, I'm not sure.
Yeah, I think it's right after... I mean, it's usually mid-January.
Well, so you think they're... I mean, everybody's saying this.
You think they're going to... I mean, the carriers aren't there for no reason, but I hope you're wrong.
I hope they don't attack us.
Look, the United States has never put forward carriers like that.
They didn't do it in Vietnam.
They have never done this before.
This is either an incredibly stupid bluff...
Or an incredibly stupid plan.
A lot of people have said they may use a false flag and maybe blow up one of the carriers or an auxiliary ship and claim that the Iranians did it.
Kind of like a USS Maine or Gulf of Tonkin redo.
Look, we have a history of doing stuff like this.
My biggest concern right now is I know and respect the flag officers we have, but one of the problems that we have in the U.S.
power structure is people confusing loyalty with integrity.
Not the best interests of the corporations.
Not the best interests of the corporations, not the best interests of the neocons.
Well, uh, now...
Let me hold you a few minutes over, then we'll get Ed Haas on, because I want to, if you've got time, maybe just five minutes, because I want to ask a few other questions here of our guests.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We have a big link over to Mr. Steele's news service and website as well, OSS.net.
And please remember, it's the holiday season.
The Infowar is key.
Big Brother Big Brother
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
He was a CIA case officer in the field that helped found the founder of the Modern Marine Corps Intelligence
And he is an author, lecturer, reviews books for Amazon, and he is a big speaker at the large hacking conferences and technology conferences.
He is, of course, Robert David Steele.
The website is oss.net.
Links to it are up on infowars.com.
We've got another guest coming up with a huge breaking news for you concerning 9-11.
But in the last few minutes we've got with you, last time it made big headlines.
I mean, literally dozens of major technology publications, headlines, you know, that former CIA agent, you know, expert on these systems comes out and says that Google's in bed with the CIA.
Now, of course, we know other organizations and groups are as well.
Can you elaborate on that or comment on that?
And then, the addendum, I don't know if you're aware of this, but I'm sure you are.
Google has come out and said they're going to use the microphones and cameras that are on most computers to have passive...
Well, I'll try and do this very concisely.
I'm also concerned about the fact that the FBI is now turning cell phones on.
Unless you remove the battery from your cell phone, it can now be activated by the FBI and they can listen to whatever your cell phone can hear.
Now, they've been doing that since 1996.
Well, it's a very, very disturbing trend.
First off, I think Google took money from the CIA when it was poor and it was starting up.
And unfortunately, our system right now floods money into spying and other illegal and largely unethical activities.
And it doesn't fund what I call the open source world, which is both intelligence and software.
I'm working to change that.
In fact, I'm starting a new non-profit.
I mean, just how in bed is Google with the CIA?
Right now, I would say it's a small but significant relationship.
It is by no means dominating Google.
In fact, Google has been embarrassed because everything that the CIA asked it to do, they couldn't do.
So Google is kind of off there.
However, I think it's also very, very wrong of Google to have this relationship.
Well, what do you think about them censoring videos and erasing my hit counts?
Well, I think they're not only censoring videos, they're censoring press releases.
I think that I've seen some press releases that are very critical of Dick Cheney and others
That somehow don't make it to Google News even though they're released by PR Newswire.
Listen, we're exactly, which is a normal affiliate.
I've been an affiliate of Google News, but they selectively do not add most of what I put in.
And then months later, suddenly hundreds of our stories then show up.
Well, I think that you have to recognize... I mean, I always say when choosing between incompetence and conspiracy, go with incompetence every time.
I think Google has gotten way too big for itself.
Google answers just self-destructed because Google wouldn't listen to all of us that were trying to help it.
I think Google is long overdue for a public audit.
And one of the problems with privatized power is that it's not subject to public audit.
I believe that there is a marketplace for a handheld...
So, do you think all that coverage your interview got concerning their involvement with the CIA, do you think that concerned them?
It concerned them enough to lie to the public.
They denied it.
But you have sources in the CIA that are involved?
Let me say very explicitly, their contact at CIA is named Dr. Rick Steinhiser.
He's in the Office of Research and Development.
And you've got evidence that they took money, seed money, at Google?
I don't have the receipts, Alex.
I just know this from trusted individuals.
So you have sources saying they're at the inception or shortly after?
They've been together for quite a while.
Thank you, Mr. Steele.
All right.
Oh, it's always a pleasure.
Take care.
God bless.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
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Ed Haas is our guest.
We'll be going to him in just a moment.
This story has been partially vetted.
If it continues to pan out, which unfortunately it is, it's very sad, very scary, it is one of the biggest developments in the history of 9-11 truth that I, again, unfortunately am the progenitor of.
I don't like having that position, and I don't like the fact 9-11 happened, and I wish the world wasn't so dark and so serious.
But you just heard the former founder of Marine Corps Intelligence, and of course...
Before that, a high-powered, on-the-ground spy, actually tracking people going up against him, saying clearly there's enough to indict Dick Cheney for being involved in the attacks.
This is very real.
That's why it's important that you get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
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And we have woken up the majority of the people.
Now we've got to wake up the other half of the population.
Eighty-four percent in scientific polls believe they're being lied to about 9-11.
36% of the scientific polls believe total inside job, with 68% believing massive cover-up.
So now let's take the country back.
If government-sponsored terror fails, if we are able to expose it, which we are now about to have victory, that will just derail many New World Order operations.
It doesn't mean we've beaten them, but it means we're winning a major battle, and we're bloodying them, and I want to go on bloodying them.
And understand, you have the power.
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I get so wound up in all this news, I forget to...
I forget to plug the videos and the books, which are key in the info war.
All right.
Ed Haas has just a lengthy list of great articles he's written in the last few years.
I found them to be very accurate, very informative, and very even-handed.
And he's done some real journalistic work in the last few months.
I am here looking in front of me of two FBI agent business cards.
I'm looking at a letter from the U.S.
Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, March 28, 2001, months before 9-11, to the individual that tried to go to them.
I have a June 20, 2001 letter here, with his name blacked out, saying that they couldn't help him.
And it's part and parcel.
It isn't just this one report.
It's all these other people, FBI agents,
Flight school trainers who said, embassy heads, the head of the defense language school in Monterey, California, saying they're going to hijack jets, they're going to attack America, they're terrorists, and being told, shut up, back off, stand down.
And then they get fired or reprimanded or demoted.
The people that blocked them got record cash bonuses in 2002.
All right.
And we know the so-called hijackers were U.S.
government agents.
We know they were taking part in a drill, decoys.
You heard Steele, a high-level CIA analyst and field officer and a founder of what is modern Marine Corps intelligence, telling you that he thought that, yeah, they were set up, they were on board the aircraft, remote control, took control.
That's what the evidence fits the closest.
The official story is a complete lie.
The truth is we don't know specifically right down to the fine details what they did on 9-11.
We just know they blew up the buildings.
It's an inside job.
Those hijackers were U.S.
government agents.
We know that the PNAC boys called for a new Pearl Harbor.
I've prefaced this enough.
This Ed Haas story is huge.
We've got it up on Infowars.com right now.
And it's a story out of the Muck Raker Report.
Prior knowledge of 9-11 attacks overheard in Hebrew.
And I guess what we should do, Ed, is in the next five minutes we've got kind of nutshell it, and then in the next 40 minutes that we've got together after that break, we'll walk through the history of this and the phone calls you've made and the things you've done.
Thanks for coming on, and thanks for your courage, because this is the type of story that will get you killed.
I hope you know that.
I'm well aware of that.
I really appreciate the opportunity to come on your show and talk about it.
In a nutshell, a reader of the Muckraker Report.
First off, tell us about Ed Hosch, and then we'll do that.
I'm the editor of the Muckraker Report.
I started the Muckraker Report in 2002.
It started out pretty much as a libertarian-type news commentary website.
It's kind of evolved over the years.
This past year, our readership has grown.
We had a few articles that...
You know, it kind of spread around the Internet pretty quickly.
The FBI no hard evidence connecting Osama bin Laden to 9-11 was one back in June that, you know, really got a lot of attention because I had an FBI spokesman explain to me that the reason why 9-11 isn't mentioned on bin Laden's most wanted posters is because the FBI had no hard evidence connecting him to 9-11, which, you know, that's just another small piece in this entire,
So your name got out there.
Your name got out there.
You got contacted six months ago.
Tell us what happened.
I was contacted by a reader who said that she knew an Israeli that lived in New Jersey who had a lot of information that nobody had been listening to him.
I try to follow all them through.
If somebody tells me of somebody that nobody's listening to, I usually follow through.
It took me a little bit of time.
I finally did contact the individual.
Spoke to him on the phone on numerous occasions.
Had him hard copy some documentation to me.
I approached this individual as if his story was BS.
That's how I kind of had to approach it.
This guy might be a nutcase.
Let's follow through though and see if his story starts to have merit.
I reached a point where I felt as though this guy has some information based on his documentation, and it smells like more cover-up to me.
And once I had received copies of the letters he had received from the FBI, basically this individual overheard a conversation in a cemetery in New Jersey, and it was spoken in Hebrew.
He lives near the cemetery.
He went to the cemetery to clip ivy for his garden.
English ivy.
He puts it in water.
He clips it.
Yeah, you can root it by just sticking it in the ground.
So he was just out casually going about his business.
This individual is a former member of the Israeli Defense Force.
He's a veteran of the Yom Kippur War.
He's in this cemetery.
He overhears a conversation he believes to be spoken in Hebrew.
That gets his attention.
He's curious.
He walks towards the conversation.
He is getting close enough to confirm it's being spoken in Hebrew.
He moves a little closer.
The way the cemetery's set up, and I did research on the cemetery to confirm it.
I mean, this is sort of the stuff I did, is confirm the cemetery.
Fix it.
Stay there.
Got a break, Ed.
We're going to come back and go over what he heard.
And then he contacted the FBI, and we've got the evidence that he did indeed do that.
And you've vetted at least that far.
This is amazing.
And I want to tell him, now that he's talked to you...
And now that you've contacted the FBI, the globalists know who this guy is.
He better go public right now.
He is in grave danger.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, he moves closer, and you're right, they don't know he's here, and he confirms the conversations being spoken in Hebrew, and he overhears the Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the Twins in September.
That's his quote.
This is in October of 2000.
He hears this conversation.
So that's many months before 9-11.
11 months.
11 months.
Okay, and did they say anything else after that, or did he hear anything else?
He said that actually it was two men leaning against the wall.
He sees a third.
They're speaking in Hebrew.
He sees a third pull up in a town car.
When the third shows up, that's when they get into the conversation where the quote is, the Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.
One of the two men that had been at the meeting before the town car showed up, he had asked the individual in the town car,
expressed some doubts about whether the upcoming election in November of 2000 between Bush, Cheney, Gore, Lieberman could have any impact on their plans.
And the individual on the town card is quoted as saying, don't worry, we have people in high places.
No matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything.
This is what the individual heard.
And there was another quote in there about they can't believe how stupid the Arabs are.
That's right.
That's right.
That they don't realize they're being used, which is, you know, this individual, the individual who overheard this, you know, as a former Israeli Defense Force member, I've spoken to him on numerous different occasions, and he definitely has an insight about how intelligence communities work
How governments work.
He knew that he overheard something that was very, very dangerous.
So you approached him how many months ago and developed a relationship with him?
I probably made my first contact with him about three months ago.
I had received some email information from him.
The first thing, he doesn't write English well.
And he doesn't speak English great.
So I took some time.
The truth is when I first got his stuff via email and I read it, I kind of had a hard time understanding it because of his broken English.
Reading his writing, it sounded uneducated or kind of nutty, and I had to kind of work through all that.
In my mind.
When did you get the FBI agent's cards and letters from the Justice Department?
I received that stuff.
I actually got copies of this stuff from the individual a week and a half ago.
These were the pieces of information that he said he had that I...
Well, I have to see that stuff.
Okay, so now you get them, and then you start making phone calls.
That's where this gets scary.
Bring us to the next, because I'm looking.
We've got these up on Infowars.com.
They're up on themuckrecordreport.com.
Yeah, what made it so fascinating is, I mean, on November 22nd, I decide, okay, I'm going to start trying to confirm this guy's story.
Once I confirmed that the agents existed, I mean, some of this stuff, you know, if you think about somebody making up a story,
You know, identifying FBI agents isn't... You know, it's not like when you go on your local police force website, they'll have pictures of all the police officers.
You know, identity of agents is something that, you know, he would have had to have went to great lengths to fabricate.
So I thought, well, I'm going to confirm the agent.
So I contacted the FBI NORC division, and I was able to confirm...
Agent Gritz, who is one of the agents that the source says met with him on June 26, 2001.
Robin L. Gritz.
Robin L. Gritz.
And I was told by the FBI NORC division, they transferred me to the legal unit.
And she asked if I could submit a request.
In writing, which I did.
I wrote a letter, you know, just basically saying, I want to confirm whether Agent Gritz and Agent Stengel met with this individual on June 26, 2001.
This individual says he had overheard a conversation.
You know, I kind of brought him up to date about what I'm trying to do here.
This guy says he overheard something in October 2000, which is pretty compelling.
I faxed the letter to the legal unit.
Stay there.
We've got to break again.
When we come back, we'll tell the rest of the story and then give you some new details, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Glad that you joined us today.
Welcome back!
Ed Haas, founder and editor of the Monk Record Report, found in 2002, we've been watching his work and posting a lot of it, done a lot of great work, has enjoyed a steady increase in readership over the years, with exponential growth occurring in 2006, and he is a great writer and done a lot of good journalistic work in this report, and he's here with us today.
Okay, so you're vetting, you're vetting, you're vetting, and so you send the letter that legal asks you to at the FBI,
There in New Jersey, to tell you indeed if these two FBI agents met with this unnamed individual who you know now, this Israeli-American who was in the Yom Kippur War, who heard these people talking about in Hebrew in September when the twins get hit, they'll know what it's like to live with terrorism.
And then the ensuing discussion about that.
Please continue.
You're still vetting the story.
What's so amazing about it is on Wednesday, November 22nd, I contact FBI NORC Division.
On Friday, November 24th, I receive a phone call from the NORC Division confirming receipt of my letter.
On Tuesday, November 28th,
I receive a phone call from Kathy at FBI National Press Office.
So it jumped from Newark Division Legal Unit to FBI Press Office National.
Oh, yeah, they're not ignoring this like it was just some crazy that they talked to a year ago.
No, no, this is serious.
She said, Kathy informs me.
So a six-plus-year-old case is being taken very serious.
She says I have to file a Freedom of Information Act request, and I let her know what I thought of that because, I mean, that's a joke.
So, on Wednesday, November 29th, this was the piece that made me say I'm writing this story.
The day later, I call directly to Agent Robin Gritz, who allegedly met with the source on June 26th, 2001, who left her business card,
With him at the meeting, who he had copies of.
He kept the business cards, made me copies, which you have in your hand.
I get her on the phone.
I introduce myself and immediately explain.
When I talk to these folks, I don't see all around.
I said, I'm trying to confirm this meeting that you had.
She immediately, immediately said, I believe the press office is handling this for you.
She was aware.
They've been having meetings about this.
This is big medicine.
She was aware.
I said, look, I just want to confirm the meeting.
I decided to call you directly.
She said to me, I'm not allowed to discuss this with you.
I would get in trouble.
And that right there, where there's smoke, there's fire.
They just said that, you know, this case is inconsequential, or no, I did not meet with him, or no, no, no.
She said, I would get in trouble.
What was her tone like when she said that?
She was very, you know, she wasn't rude or anything like that.
She was like, I will get in trouble.
I'm not allowed to talk to this person.
Did she say that with any passion?
Like, I will get in trouble.
I mean, was she emotional, or was it just real dry?
No, it wasn't very dry.
In fact, she...
If I recall, she might have even had somewhat of a laugh in the tone, kind of like, what are you, crazy?
I'm not telling you anything.
Well, you know, if she was in Texas or 42 other states, you could have recorded her, but you can't in the District of Columbia or in Maryland or Connecticut, so you couldn't record her.
But it would be nice to have a recording of that.
Right, and I tried to explain to them, look, this isn't really about the FBI, and it really isn't about any more evidence.
Yeah, did you meet with this guy?
He says he met with you.
He's given us your cards with handwritten notes on them.
You ought to have that.
I get a copy of her handwriting.
And then more, we have letters here from the Justice Department to this unnamed...
Is he an Israeli living in America, or is he a Jewish American who was originally in Israel?
Is he a citizen?
I don't know his citizen status right now, but I believe at one time his citizen status, he was here not as a citizen.
I believe he's an Israeli living in America.
This is the thing.
He was asking for protection.
He got the information.
Oh, yeah, that's the key.
Go over that.
These two letters that he received, he initially contacted the FBI.
They told him, if you have any information, take it to your local NORC division, because he's in New Jersey.
That's how he ended up in contact with those folks.
He contacted them, and I have the dates in the article, and they said, we'll send some agents out to you.
They never came.
So he wrote back to the FBI, and he said, look, I have some compelling information I want to share with you, but I need protection.
And I'm thinking, okay, this guy, IDF, has some inner workings of knowing how things really go down behind the scenes in government.
His request for protection, I thought, was prudent.
And he was asking for that guarantee.
And so he has two letters that he provided me that basically are coming from Arthur Radford Baker, Unit Chief, Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, the FBI, saying, you know, we can't guarantee you anything.
In his letter he said, if you're still concerned about your safety and believe that your local police are unable to help you, you may report your concerns to the New Jersey State Police.
This guy's worried about
The Mossad, you know, and the FBI is telling him, call your local cop.
So this really is powerful evidence.
Not just the phone call you made to the agent and she said I'd get in trouble.
You have the letters where he was seeking protection.
You've now made those available to the world.
And they say any concerns you have for your safety should be brought to the attention of your local or state law enforcement authorities.
Since the FBI does not have the legal authority to provide you with personal protection.
And it says, Again, this is dated before 9-11, March 28, 2001.
If you become aware of information which you believe would be of investigative interest to the FBI, you may wish to contact our Newark office at the address below since that office is responsible for overseeing FBI operations in your area.
The next letter, there's another letter here, this time from June 20th.
Now we're getting up within a few months of the attacks.
And he received, what's interesting is the June 20th letter, he received on June 26th,
The day that Agent Gritz and Stengel allegedly came to see him.
They come to see him.
He presents them with these letters and says, look, I got some information.
I can't tell you the details unless you can guarantee me protection.
He describes Agent Gritz and Stengel as being kind of outraged by this rejection of any information
Protection for this individual coming from the higher echelons of the FBI.
And we know that, again, from Texas to Phoenix, Arizona, to Chicago, Illinois, to Minneapolis, St.
Paul, Minnesota, all over the country, FBI agents weren't allowed.
They were blocked from investigating all these red flags that were popping up.
But he didn't stop there, did he?
Well, what happened was they...
First thing is, he spoke highly of those two agents, and he said that they spent two to three hours with him, and they tried to gain the information.
He said, look, what I can tell you, I can't tell you everything, but I will tell you.
The information I have involves a terror strike in New York City, and it involves airplanes.
If you want more information, I need to guarantee a protection.
He didn't tell them what he heard in that cemetery.
Now, let's be clear here.
We know that other people made warnings.
Flight school chiefs said, look, these guys don't want to know how to land.
FBI agents are takeoff.
FBI agents said in reports they may want to fly planes into the World Trade Center.
This was out in the few months before 9-11 because they were getting in from so many different sectors.
I've gotten so much chatter on it.
I went on TV and said they'll probably attack the World Trade Centers and blame it on bin Laden.
So, I mean, old Alex Jones, folks, was getting this shatter and hearing a big event's about to happen.
Where have they hit before, Alex, is what my sources were saying.
Well, I knew where they hit before.
The FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver in New York in 93 with the first attack.
And then you have Otago, the Israeli instant message company.
That's mainstream Israeli news, folks, where it comes from.
Admitting, yeah, we got a call, told our people to not go to work or get out of the building.
You have the Arab kids on record saying those buildings won't be there next week.
You have printed calendars showing it.
I mean, everybody knew that this was going on.
Now, any other tidbits that have come out since you wrote this over the weekend, any other little developments that people need to know about?
Well, what I'm working on right now is I'm going to do the Freedom of Information Act request just for the formality of it.
I'm going to try to get this individual to come public.
What's interesting is that after the event, after 9-11, nobody from the FBI came back to this guy.
Nobody came back to him to say, hey,
Maybe we missed something.
Can you tell us what you knew?
Which, in his mind, just confirms that this thing, you know...
Isn't the way the government's told us.
When you talk to him from what he heard and what he's seen, who does he think did the attacks?
I mean, does this show Israeli support and Israeli total involvement?
I mean, to him, what did that mean?
And that weird thing, that cryptic statement about the Arabs don't know that we're using them, that they're being set up, they're so stupid.
What was the exact quote?
Let me see.
Yeah, that they don't realize that they're being used, that they're so stupid.
I think this, based on what I've gained from this individual, he definitely believes that it was a, maybe not just Israeli intelligence, but like you said at the beginning of the show, it's a conglomeration of intelligence agencies that come together.
Israelis obviously knew about it.
He thinks that there is a relationship between
Yeah, how close to all of that right across the water is the cemetery?
I didn't do exact distances yet.
I looked at, from New York to the cemetery, it was 13 miles.
So it's right there.
Yeah, I mean, it's pretty feasible.
Newark is only about 12 miles.
Well, I guess the outskirts are, because I've been on trains there, but...
One of the quotes at the end of the article is that, you know, they talk about, I go back to the urban moving systems and one of the employees who's on record from the system saying, you know, he's in tears on the morning of 9-11 and his Israeli co-workers are laughing and joking.
And he's on record, this former Urban Moving Systems employee is saying, you know, one of the Israelis said, you know, now you know what it's like to live with terrorism.
And I thought, well, when I found that quote and tying it in with what this individual said he overheard in October of 2000, I said, well, that's striking.
You know, to get America to understand what it's like.
You might go dig this up.
The bizarre Bergen County police chief, they have a police chief in the county there, who I had on, what, two years ago, who said we should all be made to take tips.
Remember that?
I don't know if you ever saw that.
I didn't even know.
And then one of my people ran and said, do you know that's the same county?
He's the guy that arrested the van full of the Israelis for jumping up and down.
And I brought that up, and he didn't want to talk about it.
Yeah, he said, yeah, it was weird.
Yeah, we did arrest him.
Yeah, they were celebrating.
Yeah, this did happen.
And then, boy, they all moved out of there.
They all moved out of there real, real quick.
And that ties in with the camera and the jumping up and down.
I tell you, this story turns out, we know he contacted them.
We know they admit that these letters were sent.
They won't say about what.
We know from his side.
There's a rule in this.
If you've told your story and you've gone public and you're out in the open, they normally won't kill you.
It makes you a lot safer because dead men tell no tales.
But once you put your story out, a dead man becomes a martyr and truly certifies.
And that's the story.
And I talked to you.
You said he knows he's in great danger, and that he was approached out of the blue with someone that, you know, he's all secretive about this, who was bringing this up to him last week.
And that was before there was even a story, meaning that your phone calls to the FBI had already spurred something, obviously, back into the intelligence apparatchik.
Tell us about that.
We had a conversation maybe an hour and a half long, maybe a week and a half ago, and then I called him two days later because I had a follow-up question that I needed to get an answer to, and he had said that between those two conversations,
That he was approached by an individual in his neighborhood who he never saw before, well-dressed, well-spoken, and very friendly.
And this individual comes up to him and starts talking to him about specific information that isn't the type of information you would bring up in a conversation you meet with a stranger on the street.
He felt convinced that, you know, he said in a very matter-of-fact way, our conversations are being listened to.
Which, you know, he lives with that.
One of the pieces, Alex, is what Senator Graham...
Tell you what, stay there, stay there.
Final segment with Ed Haas.
Let's talk about it when we get back.
Folks, stay with us, Infowars.com.
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A final segment here with Ed Haas.
Welcome back.
We've got to get him back up later this week, and we're working on getting the individual.
He knows his name.
He's interviewed him.
He's talked to him.
He's vetted it.
It's really scary.
I hope that it turns out to be some elaborate hoax.
Even if it is, it's some government-opted discredit.
And it doesn't look like that at this time.
It fits in with all the same MO, the prior knowledge, everybody locally hearing about it.
This is where those stories started.
Somebody like this locally who actually overheard the source of it.
In the last four minutes we've got left, any other key areas we haven't covered, Ed Haas?
Well, I think one of the most intriguing things is quotes from Senator Graham from Florida in intelligence reports, and his quotes were printed in some magazines.
He said, I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing, although that was part of it, by a sovereign government.
It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now.
You know, as an American citizen, I don't like that.
If that information shouldn't be held from the public, I want to know who that sovereign government is.
Well, this individual at Haas obviously isn't stupid.
He has to know now you've contacted the FBI.
They've had high-level meetings.
You've gotten calls.
All this stuff is going on.
He needs to go public.
I'll be here in the studio.
We can do a taped interview with you and he whenever you want.
I'd rather do it live.
We need to stay in contact when the show ends.
I'll give you my cell phone number.
We need to get him on the air.
I need to talk to him today, tomorrow, at the latest.
We need to get him out in public.
And, I mean, that will protect him to a much greater extent.
That's what every analyst, every person who's been in covert ops has told us is what history shows.
I mean, he's got to understand that now he's gone public, he better make a big splash and do it now.
Yeah, and I'm going to contact him tonight.
I'm going to give him your contact information.
We're going to see if we can get this done.
I'm concerned for him.
Well, he's got to know it's dangerous now that you wrote the article.
I mean, what does he think of the story?
He does.
He does know it's dangerous.
And so this was somebody that knew him locally that contacted you, and that's how it happened?
Actually, yeah, a friend of his is a reader of the Muckraker Report, and she had emailed me saying, I really need you to talk to this individual.
And that's how the whole thing started.
Well, that's what's great about the alternative media.
I can't follow every story I hear about.
I can't call every lead.
You can't.
But with thousands of alternative sites and reporters and people out there, we're really giving the globalists a run for their money.
Are you concerned, Ed, because this is pretty dangerous what you're doing?
I don't care.
I mean, truth is truth.
I really don't.
Live free or die?
That's me, baby.
I mean, the truth is the truth.
Well, I'll tell you, I agree.
You were in more danger, though, before you got this out.
Man, when you were calling the FBI last week and having all these conversations, this is serious business.
All right, well, I'll talk to you when we end here in about 45 seconds.
Ed Haas, anything else you want to add?
Just thanks so much for getting this story out, Alex.
Oh, no, thank you.
And the muckrakerreport.com.
We've got it all mirrored up on infowars.com.
We'll have a big report on this tonight at prisonplanet.com and jonesreport.com.
A lot of big stories up on jonesreport.com.
There's a lot of stuff there every day.
You won't see any other sites, so be sure and check it out, as well as infowars.net.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
This is the Genesis Network.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at gcnlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.