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Air Date: Dec. 3, 2006
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
I'm glad that you have joined us on this December 3rd, 2006 Sunday edition.
We'll be live here for the next two hours, coming to you from the geographical heart of Texas, Austin, Texas, from the studios of NewsRadio 590, KOBJ, to all the great affiliates picking up the broadcast across the country.
I salute you.
I thank you to all the listeners.
Welcome aboard.
All right.
Very important show for you this evening, this afternoon.
Extremely important.
The dollar is continuing its slide.
And the White House is trying to spin this and tell us that it's okay.
We'll talk about what it's really doing to our economy.
They promised that the new change in policy four years ago to have a, quote, weakening dollar or a devalued dollar would be good for manufacturing has proven to be the opposite.
In fact, U.S.
manufacturing activity weakens.
This is from the BBC today.
manufacturing has weakened sharply in the fresh sign
We're good to go.
I think?
The Washington Post has a story today.
Cure for the sinking dollar, a new name.
And MSNBC, three days ago, I have the video clip, I almost fell out of my seat, came out and said, oh, we need to go ahead and go to the North American Union and the Amero, it will save us.
The average American has no idea what that is.
The country died last year.
We are now the North American Union, and they're getting ready to start telling you about the new currency.
But to do that, they've got to kill the old one, and that's what's happening.
I can't believe the country is dying right in front of our eyes.
It makes me sick.
So we'll go over these reports for you in great detail and take your calls on the subject.
I see the phones are already loading up here.
Total free number to join us, 877-590-KLBJ.
That translates to 877-590-5525.
Or locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
And we'll get you up and on the air.
The other reports here, it's a cluster of police state reports that came out in the last two days, and I'm not tooting my horn.
Last week I talked about this.
A month ago I talked about this.
I've been talking about this for five years because I was tracking the Total Information Awareness Network.
Oh, now the AP, they deserve a Pulitzer.
They're breaking something big for you.
Feds rate travelers for terrorism.
Without notifying the public, federal agents have been tracking the American people with computer-generated scores rating the risk they pose for being terrorists or criminals.
That's a key word, criminals.
And it says the program exists and existence was quietly disclosed earlier in November when the government put an announcement detailing the automated targeting system and tracking system, or the ATS, for the first time in the Federal Register.
Remember in 2002, the convicted five-time felon, Admiral Poindexter, was bragging that every credit card purchase, every phone call, every web address, it was all being tracked by the Total Information Awareness Network, and its symbol was an all-seeing eye radiating the Earth.
Can't get any more New World Order than that, a pyramid staring at the planet Earth.
We're good to go.
The Associated Press has broken the news of the private facility in Virginia.
We'll be going over that for you.
Oh, thank you, AP.
You're so incredible.
And again, I do respect AP.
They do a lot better than a lot of newspapers and mainstream television and radio.
But I'm just so tired of knowing what's going on, warning the people.
Again, North American Union, been talking about it for over ten years.
Oh, I'm crazy.
Now Lou Dobbs, Washington Post, but...
The Washington Post says it's a good idea.
Lou Dobbs, to his credit, says it's a bad idea.
Even Glenn Beck now is talking about it.
government terror ratings draw outrage.
The AP, a day after they, quote, broke the news of how we're all being rated as terrorists in the system, came out and talked about the incredible outrage over this.
We'll be covering that report.
Another report here out of CNET News, Declan McCullough breaking the big story.
They've been doing this with regular telephones for over 40 years, even G. Gordon Liddy.
I think I learned about that from G. Gordon Liddy about 10 years ago on the radio, and I went and looked it up, and lo and behold, it was true.
They use the receiver in your house.
They dial in, not when you're on the phone, but they have a way of clicking in and listening to it when it's in the cradle.
Well, it's the same thing with shell phones.
Remember two, three years ago when Bush did that surprise visit to Baghdad airport and had the fake plastic turkey and they reported that he was bringing them succulent turkeys and they were really eating MREs and it was just a totally staged event?
Well, they met at Crawford, the reporters got on board and they confiscated their cell phones and took the batteries off.
And they said because they could be tracked and used as audio listening devices.
And that's absolutely true.
Here it is, FBI taps cell phone mics as eavesdropping tool.
Two years after I reported it, they admitted they used the OnStar system to listen to you.
And by the way, they used computers to do it for keywords.
Then, three months ago, Google, and this is their own press release, they're very proud of it, and they made their stock go up.
He said they're going to use the cameras and microphones that are being put on all new computers.
And they're on most existing computers for at least the last four years to use computers to listen to what you're saying and sell psychological algorithm and marketing database information on you.
So we'll be getting into that.
Oh, and the new passport rules.
I remember growing up hearing about the Soviet Union.
And I had family and government and military.
Talking about how horrible they were, how their people in the Eastern Bloc had to have a passport to leave their country.
That's right.
It's easy for illegals to get in.
It was in the AP, what, three weeks ago, that over 500, just type in top lending, it was some headline, I read it on there, what was the headline?
It was
It was top lenders, target immigrants, and then it had the big bank head saying, oh, we don't even ask for ID now for housing loans for the illegals.
And, of course, I've been in the bank and witnessed it.
I mean, they're like gods.
We're just total slaves here.
Well, guess what?
They can come in now, but if you want to leave to go to Canada, Mexico, anywhere, you now have to have a passport.
But wait!
There's more!
Normally, if you had a criminal indictment or an arrest warrant out or they wanted to question you or an APB,
Then you couldn't leave.
Now Homeland Security, with the Trusted Traveler Program, will decide if you can leave the country.
No judge, no jury, no court.
This is Nazi Germany.
This is the Soviet Union.
So I thought we would go over that report for you as well.
So the plunging dollar, total surveillance, total slavery, total Big Brother.
We'll go over that.
And then Hillary is now saying basically that she's going to run for president.
I am just... When you think things can't get any lower, they do.
The warmongering, big brother, police state, liberal.
She's for everything Bush is for, and she's anti-gun, and she wants an even more open border, if that's possible, than Bush.
In fact, her voting record is almost identical to his policies.
It's just that she's a Democrat, and she's a very distasteful person, and I hate her guts.
It's unbelievable.
Also, Fury is genetically modified potatoes given go-ahead in the UK.
We'll go over all of that as well.
I want to talk about Apocalypto.
I know the Gibson family, and I don't know why that matters.
The point is I just want to comment on Mel Gibson, his new film Apocalypto coming out, and some of the things that are developing there here on this transmission.
So as you can see, it's quite a broadcast we've got lined up for you.
Dirk in Vegas disagrees with me about the dollar and gold, whatever that means.
So we'll talk to him first when we get back, and then I'll detail the dollar, police state, and all the rest of it.
Stay with us, my friends, as we defend the republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
This is the new syndicated broadcast out of the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ in Austin, Texas, InfoWars.com.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Yes, thank you so much for joining us on this Sunday evening, I guess Sunday afternoon, and sometimes on Sunday morning.
Hell, over in Australia, it's Monday.
That call is all over the planet.
We're going to go to Dirk, and then we're going to talk to Paul, Rebecca, many others.
The dollar is plunging.
The average yuppie in America doesn't know what that means, but some poor immigrant from Mexico does because they've lived through it.
The dollar, the world benchmark since the 1940s and...
Then that was codified with the Bretton Woods Agreement, has been the world reserve currency.
It's why we can live, in many cases, beyond our means.
It's why we can run giant trade deficits.
We have this fiat currency the world accepts.
It's not happening now, my friends.
And I'll detail this more in the next segment.
But right now, good old Dirk in Las Vegas...
Says that he disagrees with me, so he goes to the head of the line.
That's right.
Unlike a lot of these other national shows who censor your calls, the call screeners won't let go to people who disagree through.
And believe me, I've been behind the scenes.
I've witnessed it.
No, no, no.
We can defend our ideas.
You go to the head of the line here, you see, because I'm a real conservative.
And I truly believe in the Republic and the Bill of Rights.
And I hate Hillary Clinton and I hate George Bush, but I tell you what, I hate the New World Order puppeteers, the people that control the marionettes a lot more.
I don't get distracted by the puppets like George Bush and Hillary who are all in business together.
So, Dirk, you're on the air.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
You know, Friday you had that Ted Anderson character on your show and you're talking about gold and all that.
And while I agree that people should invest in gold...
Yeah, I think so.
78% versus 44%.
Okay, so you're not really debating the dollar.
You're not really here discussing things.
You're here basically making stuff up because that's a collector coin.
I mean, you might be able to find somebody on the planet.
I believe what you just mentioned was that melt.
But see, collector coins have a collector value.
Like I've got a couple of little silver doubloons.
In a safety deposit box, Spanish doubloons that are worth more than, say, a brand new American gold coin of the same weight, and it's silver, it's not gold.
So, boy, that's really interesting.
It said here that you disagree with me about the dollar and gold, sir.
So, that's a little confusing.
A nice try there, sir, inventing things.
More straw men.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rebecca.
And that is another call.
Oh, she just hung up right as I was about to go to her.
Okay, well, let's go ahead and talk to Paul, then.
Paul, thanks for holding your on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Can you hear me okay here?
I can hear you great.
How are you doing in Vancouver?
It's a little bit snow here.
Very good.
It's very disgusting.
But, yeah, no, I just had a couple questions.
Okay, I've been digging here, and I need to know, what's...
China, Communist China, funded by the elite to basically... Publicly.
To quell the people, to make slaves, to... Yes.
You know.
Yes, our government with the British.
Our government with the British.
I mean, I knew this 10, 15 years ago.
The old timers were writing books about it in the mid-1950s, a few years after it happened.
But I have seen on the History Channel, on a special about the CIA, the former CIA section chief admit that the USA put Mao Zedong into power and the official communist Chinese numbers.
What they say is they killed 60 million of their own people.
Okay, so basically it's all been planned out.
They got all the slaves ready.
And then they use it as an economic engine to destroy the middle class in the West and destroy our industrial base.
And only select global corporations can do the big deals in China and then leverage out all their competition.
It is business warfare against the free peoples and independent corporations and sole proprietorships in the world.
Okay, thank you for clearing that up.
It's called Mega Global Monopoly Men Creating Monopolies.
The people that run our country are not for free markets.
They're about knocking out any competition, putting in police stations and control countries they've dominated.
Okay, thank you for that.
That's what the New World Order is.
Quick comment about the NAU here.
Is there anything good that could actually come from that?
Because I know there's a whole lot of bad.
That will come from it if they set it up.
But is there anything possibly good that could come from that?
Well, first off, we have to have a real debate about the North American Union.
And I appreciate your comments and your question.
First, we have to be honest with the American people and the Canadians and the Mexicans people that we are now in a North American Union.
It isn't over the hill.
It isn't almost here.
They have been quietly setting it up.
Take an article out of the Asian Times a few weeks ago.
They had this organization.
I forget the exact name of the ten trading partners in Asia.
Something like the Association of Asian Countries and Leaders.
You can Google it.
The point is, it was all over the foreign news a little over a month ago, I guess.
More than three weeks ago.
And they came out and they said, we're now forming the Asian Union.
And they said, ten years ago, between the ten nations began setting up the preliminaries, but now we're announcing it's official, we're going to vote, we're going to make the decisions between the ten of us.
And it's the same thing with the European Union.
At the end of World War II and then in the early 1950s, and now the Bilderberg Group, this big global management body, has even bragged to the BBC about this.
Just type Bilderberg into Google and click News or click Web.
It's one of the top links as BBC reports on it.
And they bragged that at their first meeting in 1954, they set out to form the European Union.
And they bragged and admitted that they couldn't come right out and get rid of sovereignty, get rid of the French franc, get rid of the Deutsche Mark,
We're good to go.
I think?
Voted against it, and now EU expansion has failed.
But then the bureaucracies, right after the vote failed, said, we don't care.
We're going to go ahead through the bureaucracies of the central governments of France and Germany and the other 15 members.
I guess it would be the other 13 or 15 members currently.
They're trying to include Turkey right now and eight more Eastern Bloc nations, bringing it well into the high 20s.
So all of this is happening.
And they can't...
They can't just come right out and say it.
They just do it.
And, of course, the American people don't even want, quote, more trade deals, which merge our governments.
And so now, under the Security and Prosperity Partnership, they clearly say in their own documents, as CNN has covered, you can go read it for yourself, spp.gov, that they are merging the bureaucracies, merging Social Security, merging police, military.
troops are going to secure Mexico's southern border with Guatemala.
So, no, there's nothing good about it for the people.
You see, the reason they want to set up...
...is that when they set up new institutions, they set it up with no due process, no liberties, no freedom.
And you go read the charters of all these organizations, there is no liberty.
The people are slaves.
We'll be right back with more calls.
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Alex Jones is deep in the heart of Texas, and he wants to talk to you.
Toll free at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
We got calls here from California, Georgia, Vegas.
And right here in Central Texas, we'll be taking your calls.
Coming up here in a few minutes.
But let me first get into the dollar.
Most Americans, though this is starting to change, don't know that a private bank took over the United States in 1913.
They came in, they bought off a bunch of politicians, it's all on the record.
On December 23rd, 1913,
Just a few senators voted it through like they've done so many times, and they then also voted through an income tax, which they then had a false ratification of in the states.
That's now been documented that the 16th Amendment was never ratified to have that taxing mechanism.
You see, these central bankers, only a handful of families own the private IMF,
The private World Bank, the private XM Bank, these are admittedly private, and the Federal Reserve only has about ten families that own the majority of its privately held secret stock.
I mean, the Federal Reserve is as private as, say, Federal Express or Federal Cleaners or Federal Vacuums or Federal Papers.
There is nothing federal about it.
1.5% actual paper for the zeros and ones on the ballot sheet in the Federal Reserve's banking system.
And what they do is, the Treasury, when we were taken over, America was taken over by private banking cartel,
The deal was, and it's mainly owned by the British Royal Family, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, also on a large portion of it.
There's also some German and Dutch royalty involved, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
And this is even in major publications.
Now it's pretty mainstream.
10, 15, 20 years ago it was a big shaker.
Maybe 1 in 50 knew it.
Now more like 5 out of 10 know about it.
So I'm kind of preaching to the choir here.
And for a dollar...
We're good to go.
I'm not debating that.
Have you ever noticed...
That when you're in college and totally broke and eating ramen noodle, that you get credit cards.
Sometimes in college, I mean, I was dirt poor every day, but usually four or five a week.
Well, now that I am fiscally responsible and out of debt, I had a credit card a few years ago.
It was a few years ago, like eight years ago with Bank One.
And they said, well, you're not really using it, and when you do and you pay it right down, we're canceling your card.
I called up and they said, well, you just don't fit the profile of who we want.
Okay, I just had it for emergencies, or I just had it, you know, to rent a car.
You've got to have a credit card.
I mean, I've got American Express now, and they've called up asking, well, and then one time I wanted to pay a big bill that was renting a hotel in L.A.
for thousands of people, and it was like $20-something thousand dollars.
And I had a limit that big, and I called them up, and they go, well, but you never used money.
You never paid anything back because you never use it.
So I had to wire money there.
So they don't want people like me because I'm not in debt other than my house.
They do not like it.
They have trained us how to get into debt.
No, no, no.
The debtors' prisons are back, folks.
And this is the system we're going into.
So all we had left as a country was just a few things.
We had our houses.
And so people double and triple mortgaged them, living on those.
And now the housing bubble has begun to drop.
And what's even scarier is home sales have sped up.
People are having to sell their houses now to live on the money.
But at the same time, the housing prices are dropping.
Now it's over 24% in the last year.
Two weeks ago it was 17% and some change.
So now, there is a plunging, and it's starting in Texas, in Florida, in Massachusetts, in key bellwether states where you always see a real estate market serious contraction.
And I still think real estate's good.
Because there's no inherent value in your fiat dollar.
They can devalue it down to nothing.
It's worth 1.5 cents what it was worth in the 1913s.
And so, even if the housing market's double overvalued in some places like Manhattan, triple, quadruple, San Francisco, places like that, certain areas of Miami, so what?
At least you've got some tangible, real value in it if you're not indebted in leverage.
If you're in leverage, you're in trouble in most of these little...
Overnight millionaires are really in millions of dollars of debt if the market tanks.
And ladies and gentlemen, it's happening right now.
And I've been warning you for years.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out while you can if you're leveraged.
If you're not leveraged, sure, stay in.
I mean, I've been buying gold, just a coin or two here and there, and burying it or putting it in the safety deposit box over the years.
And I was buying it with $300 an ounce.
And you know what?
When it went over $750,000, I didn't sell any of it.
It went back down to $500,000 or something, now it's going over $650,000.
You see?
Because to me, it is a hedge.
And I have kept a little bit of money in the bank because I'm so busy, I don't have time to mess with it or buy something with it because I'm not really into possessions.
I'm not even into this stuff.
To me, money is like fuel in my gas tank to fund the operation against the globalists or I guess fill my belly up full of food.
I'm not into all the pomp and signets of power and the pettiness.
But at the same time, it is angering to know that we've had over a 45% devaluation in the dollar since the euro launched in 2000, with the euro trading at 83 cents to the dollar.
Now, what is it, 133 against the dollar.
So you average that together, that is a huge 40-plus percent drop against the euro.
It's even worse with the pound.
The pound is now $2 to the dollar.
And I have two British employees who are great employees, Steve Watson and Paul Watson, two brothers over there in England, one in Sheffield, one in London.
It isn't pretty, folks.
I mean, I can barely pay them now, and I've had to pay them more because I'm paying them in pesos.
So, I mean, basically that's what's happened here.
And so now I have the Washington Post here, here for a sinking dollar.
If it were not bad enough that the aura of the American military has been diminished by the war in Iraq, now the flagship of American economic power, the USS Dollar, is sinking.
And the article goes on to say the government's claims are trying to help it, but then they admit here in the article, which I appreciate by this author, who's the author here?
Actually, something true.
Oh, that's weird.
That's from the editorial staff.
It doesn't even say who wrote it.
That's weird.
Well, you know it's scary stuff when they don't want to put their name on it.
It says, in reality, the Bush administration, like the Clinton administration, hasn't done much to substance the strength of the dollar.
Treasury officials, Democrat and Republican, have moved towards the laissez-faire monetary policy that economists like.
Actually, we wrote an article last week, Paul Watson and I,
I was in a Kansas City hotel room, I'll never forget it, in 2003, early 2003.
I was going to give a big speech to a crowd there.
And I was watching CNN, and I saw Snow say that, well, we're glad the dollar's dropping, we think it's good.
And I almost fell out of my seat.
He went on to say it was good for manufacturing.
If you have manufacturing, it might be, but our manufacturing has been debased over 80%.
And then I got the BBC right here.
manufacturing activity weakens.
I mean, we got the perfect storm.
When we get back, I'll tell you why they did it.
It's been done by design, why the globalists did this, and what the master plan is.
And then in five years, you'll tune in and say, oh, I heard you say that.
We'll be right back.
We'll also talk about... Shelly, you look exhausted.
What's wrong?
I am so tired.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, welcome back.
Now I'm one of these weird people.
When I learned that there was a plan for a world government, a plan to get rid of my country, a plan to take my firearms, a plan to have national compulsory service for at least four years of my life and my children's lives when I plan to have them in the future, which I now have.
I said, I'm going to fight these people.
I read trilateralist commission publications.
I read the UN Charter, the Declaration of Human Rights, that actually says you have no rights.
I found out about their plan.
So for all these years, many of you have been listening to me when I was on that other station 10 plus years ago, I told you this would be the operation.
Set up the European Union, then it would rise when the Euro launched in 2000.
We're good to go.
That we need to have something called the Amero that will then counter it.
And then they'll have currency spikes, devaluation, inflation.
Then they'll have these wars.
They'll have the Asian Union, and they'll play the currencies off against each other.
And then after a decade of that, they'll say, oh, this is just too terrible.
We've got to go ahead and globalize and peg the number to a certain set value that's set by the private central bank's
We're good to go.
I think?
And I'm sure it'll go back up again a little bit and go back down a little bit, but over time, they've got to kill the dollar.
And if we didn't trust what David Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission promised to do back in the 70s when they founded it, and it has the elite banking and economists of the world as members of it today,
If we didn't trust these evil men and their promises, well, now it's confirmed.
MSNBC, I have the transcript up on prisonplanet.com.
World Net Daily wrote a report about it as well.
And they're up there saying, oh, the answer is the Amero.
It will come in and it will help buoy us against the Euro.
We've got to join forces with Latin America.
We've got to merge our currencies with them.
And then as a bigger trading bloc, we can fight with Europe.
When meanwhile, the central banks that run Mexico, that run the U.S.
and run Canada, the very same shareholders control those same central banks.
It's a Ponzi scheme.
They are manipulating the currency against the people.
We're good to go.
Does not reflect the true devaluation.
You know, I said that the dollar's worth 1.5 cents, and that was a few months ago.
I'm told the numbers are worse.
I haven't had time to look them up.
I'm told it's more like 1.3 right now, but I heard that from a caller.
I have to go look it up.
I know it's 1.5.
Now, outgoing Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said when he left earlier this year, and he handed it over to Bernanke, that yes, they doubled the money supply in the last six years.
Because back then, remember, it was worth three cinch.
It was actually three cents of its original value, and they had about actually 3% actual paper currency out there compared to actual zeros and ones on ballot sheets.
Well, Nen Bernanke said when he got into his new 10-year term about, what, nine, ten months ago, he started a little bit late, he said that they were going to double it again, but not in six years, in two years.
Then they made the M3 money supply number secret.
I think.
I think.
We're good to go.
And the very people that are orchestrating the destruction of our borders, the destruction of our sovereignty, they are the very people that will pose as our saviors.
You see, that's the great thing for the New World Order.
These global private banking families.
It's a global crime syndicate.
They orchestrate the crises.
They admit they do it in their own publications, knowing you and I never read them.
And then, they then pose as your savior, and their next solution is just something that actually makes it worse in the next five to ten year phase of the program.
And then again, they pose as the Savior and blame scapegoats for some young stock trader on some mercantile exchange in Malaysia.
Oh, that's why there was a crash.
I mean, they are so slick.
In 1929, there were fortunes made and made again and made again.
That was a consolidation.
Winston Churchill wrote in his memoirs that he was taken into the New York Stock Exchange.
By the Secretary of State.
And this is in his book.
I ought to pull the quote up and read it.
And said, watch our power!
And they showed him the crash, ladies and gentlemen, when he was just a member of Parliament.
So this is how they operate.
This is what they do.
But oh, I know, all the experts told you invest in Enron, Global Crossing.
Don't invest in gold!
Why, the stock market's up 5% in the last six years, and gold's doubled.
Oh, don't listen to people.
Oh, but now the mainstream says, okay, invest in gold, but don't take physical possession of it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Take a receipt from the old gold merchants.
Yes, yes, the original fractional reserve banking scam.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in North Carolina.
Steve, you are on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I was just going to let you know that...
I was in the bank yesterday, Navy Federal Credit Union, cashing a check, and they had signs up that said, thumb scan necessary to cash check.
And I asked to tell her when I got up there about it.
Yeah, now they don't take an ink print.
Now it's a biometric scan, and they're putting those in all the DMVs under the National ID card line.
Yeah, I asked her, I said, what's up with the thumb scan?
She said...
Well, if I was to write a check to someone else and they wanted to cash a Navy Federal check, they would have to provide a thumb scan and two forms of ID.
Oh, you say a Navy Federal check.
You're in the military?
Now, let me add the caveat.
Now, I reported on this five years ago when I first saw it happen.
I talked about our family friend who manages the biggest apartment complex in Austin.
She was told at the corporate meeting in Dallas, we're here to let the immigrants stay, let them stay ten to a house, but if any American has anybody extra staying, kick them out.
We're being paid by the feds to do this.
Did you know then that the AP reported three weeks ago that illegal aliens don't have to show any ID whatsoever
At over 500 banking institutions to get a bank account or to even get a housing loan.
But you, as a United States Marine, because that's what it says here on my board, you're a Marine, you told us that, that you can't do it.
You've got to give more and more ID, and guess what, brother?
You're not going to be able to leave the country, not just without a passport, but if the feds want to block you leaving.
In the past, they had to claim some criminal thing or go to a judge and get an order.
Now, any executive branch officer can go into the computer and block you from leaving.
Does that sound like land of the free, home of the brave?
No, it doesn't.
But they already have my thumb scan on file.
But if anyone, say I wrote a check to my father and he wanted to cash my check, he would also have to provide that.
Well, you know, people always say, well, they've already got my thumbprint.
Look, in 93 executive order, the real national ID card system went in.
They just announced it to you now.
In fact, local ABC News here was going, your national ID card just two days ago on the local news.
Sir, they've had thumb scanners in Texas since 93.
And I talk to Texans, and I go, did you know we were the pilot state for the National ID Card, now law, under the Real ID Act of 2005?
And they go, I didn't thumb scan.
I go, you don't remember?
The little black box?
The red light?
They go, oh, is that what that was?
And I talk to DMV employees.
Guess what it says on the other side of the screen?
It says National ID number, and it said that for at least four years.
On the computer inlay before it was even law.
Let me ask you a question.
What is it like to know that the illegals don't have to show ID to get houses, but you have to thumbprint, sir, to cash your check?
I think it's a little outrageous.
Personally, they've got all my fingers scanned already, but I don't believe my father's thumb should have to go into a database just for him to cash a check, because in the future, he could be a criminal.
Sir, with the new national sales tax, Neil Bortz and others are pushing, you'll always thumbscan.
For more information, that's 877-996-4327, extension 101.
That's 1-800-686-2237.
For you.
Diamond is more diamond.
Prepare yourself for a talk radio experience like no other.
Strap yourselves in and hold on.
He stands for truth.
Defending our borders.
He stands for justice.
Fighting the American Union.
He stands for what's right.
This is explosive talk radio.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Call Alex now, toll free at 877-590-5525.
Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Now into our number two final hour of this live Sunday transmission against tyranny going out across the country.
Syndicated via ABC Star Guide, via MS Communications and Genesis Communications and Association.
I am glad to be here, glad that you're tuning us in.
A lot of great stations picking up the broadcast, a lot of other stations signing on to be picking it up in the first of the year.
And as we speak, in fact, I believe KTOP right now, or not, next week will be picking up the show in Salt Lake City.
That is really exciting.
I've been a frequent guest on that station, a lot of listeners.
All right.
In the last hour, I predominantly got into how the dollar has been devalued.
The private banks that own America, that own and control our fiscal policy have made a conscious decision to devalue it.
In fact, I have a CBS News article from five months ago, as well as an MSNBC one, where a bunch of people, including Dick Cheney, are actually betting against the dollar.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That was reported by the Associated Press missing from the Pentagon in the last four years of Clinton and now the last six years of Bush.
Oh, they all steal together their good assets of the private banking cartel.
Uh-oh, you think I'm joking?
Just type in trillions missing from the Pentagon and you can find all the articles leading up to today.
It's $3.9 trillion.
And some change last time.
But it's not a big story.
It's just newswire.
Gotta be a newswire creature like myself who haunts the different AFP, the French News Agency, UPI, United Press International, AP, the big one, Reuters, BBC.
You can just learn about the great criminal thieving.
You see, the thumb scanners going in at all the DMVs around the country to get your driver's license.
Global ID card.
They set the standards over a decade ago.
You can find the mainstream news articles on that, where the UN set the standards for the numbers, the biometrics, the digits.
So what's been federalized here isn't really federalized.
It's the same thing in Australia, England, Germany.
I mean, they've got cameras going up, microphones going up in Germany, just like we have them going in here in Austin, Texas, where they've got the exact same number sequences, exact same computers, exact same... This is the global crime syndicate, the private banks, taking ownership of you, their slaves.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And you'll just tune into phony conservatives and phony liberals who really all work together behind the scenes in a controlled political paradigm playing good cop, bad cop.
But after things get real bad, a lot of you will finally listen.
I know some of you listen now.
I hate tyranny.
I love liberty.
I hate these bullies, what they've done.
They've wrecked our entire future.
And some will say, oh, just be positive.
Put perfume on a pig.
Say everything's great.
Okay, everything's great.
$100 billion a month trade deficit with China.
Everything's great.
The dollar devalued.
Everything's great.
Illegitimacy at over 50%.
Everything's great.
The sperm count plummeting.
The flu shots full of mercury.
And the more you take up, the more brain damage you get.
And autism from 1 in 24,000 25 years ago to now below 1 in 168.
You've never heard of autism.
Now every big school has a whole room full of the poor children.
Again, I shouldn't talk bad about it.
A CPS takes children and gives them to private medical firms to do medical experiments on them with pesticides.
Many of them died.
New York Daily News, but back of the paper.
Chicago Tribune reports Dinecourt and Halliburton are running child kidnapping slave rings, but I shouldn't be upset about it.
You know, I should just be happy about everything that's happening and trust my government because they love me and they care about me.
AP, feds rate travelers for terrorism.
That was three days ago.
Then yesterday, U.S.
government terror ratings draw outrage.
Also AP.
And then here's another one out of CNET News.
Declan McCullough, FBI, and that's a division of the Washington Post, by the way.
FBI taps cell phone mics as eavesdropping tools.
And here's another one that continues.
New passport rules.
But it isn't just new passport rules.
You're not allowed to leave the country unless the government says it's okay.
In the past, they had to indict you or have an active investigation.
And if they had that order to stop you, they would detain you because they had to have some charges.
No, now you think no-fly lists are bad?
How about no-leave-the-country list?
But again, the roaches can come in, the roaches can't get out.
A big sign of tyranny when you have an internal passport.
That's what Ron Paul said all this legislation was.
And baby, that's what it is.
But the illegal aliens?
In mainstream news three weeks ago, we already knew this.
People couldn't believe it.
But I'd been in the bank and I'd seen the illegals walk up.
I'd be watching them.
Instant service.
Tellers for them.
I'd be sitting there waiting for service.
And these are big banks.
I've seen this multiple times.
And boy, I've seen no ID laid down.
I don't even ask.
And man, they're over there talking in Spanish, and that person just walks right out.
Well, now it's mainstream news.
And in the articles I read, it had these different bank chairmen saying, well, we know there's a big push to get these immigrants out of here, but we need them for our economy, so we're thinking by doing this and giving them homes, it will root them here.
So you have the banks saying that they are doing this, and the feds let them do it.
It's totally illegal, but again, in this new system, everything is selectively enforced.
All right, let's take a quick call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Juan in California.
I mean, we've had loaded lines since the show began.
I'm going to try to hurry through your calls in the next segment.
Juan in California, you're on the air.
How are you doing?
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
I just want to tell you something.
I recently posted a September 11 article on the IMTV.com, the message board.
Yeah, that's the big independent movie database.
No, no, no, you just...
Very, very funny call.
I mean, folks, you can always tell when it's a joke call.
I can tell it instantly, and it's funny.
They always come in waves.
You won't get them for months, and then you start getting them.
Let's go ahead.
Do we have time to take one more here, guys?
Do we have time?
You think I know the clock by now.
I'm so used to my other clock during the week that I can't ever get used to this one.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rebecca out in Las Vegas.
You're on the air.
How are you doing?
I'm fine.
Hey, I've got a few comments to make on the dollar.
I firmly believe that we're going to go into a hyperinflation, just like they had in Germany.
We're already in serious inflation, but yeah, it's clearly going to go hyper.
Former chief economist, Nobel Prize winner, said, if they continue with these policies, global depression.
And I said, are they continuing?
He said, yes, with abandoned gusto.
That's right.
I firmly believe that.
Here's maybe some motivation to get people to buy some silver and gold and protect themselves and their family.
During the Wehrmacht, which is when the Germans had their hyperinflation, you could take $500 of real money and buy one commercial block in downtown Berlin.
Well, by real money, you're talking about actual gold?
Yeah, silver and gold.
Yeah, well, that is true, and that's why the global bankers do this.
Everything is about setting the dominoes up, getting it all planned.
I mean, I have the U.S.
Association of Bankers,
1898 documents.
There's a book out there that's got them in it called The Coming Battle.
I sell it on our online video and bookstore at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Stay there.
I want to talk to you when we get back because you've got some key points and I've got to cut you off there, Rebecca.
You've been holding a while.
And they say that we need to create a climate to then get everybody overextended and bankrupt them.
That's how they get real assets.
They set these things up, booms and busts.
Cutting the corn!
We'll be right back.
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My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House frozen to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
All right, let's move quick.
Let's let Rebecca finish up from Vegas, and I'm going to just blitz through your calls as fast as I can.
Rebecca, go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, the last thing I would say, and as bad as it could get, is the French Revolution, because that's what started that when they started China.
Which, again, was the very same globalists.
They even got their planning documents.
The Germans did when a post writer got struck by lightning.
And that was the whole plan, how they engineer fake revolutions.
Their motto is order out of chaos.
That's correct, yes.
Okay, thank you.
You bet.
Now, when I was a kid, I'd hear about the stories about wheelbarrows and money to buy bread.
Those are true stories in Germany.
Okay, and it was done to devalue them, to debase them, and that's what happens with runaway currencies, and they do this every time.
And if you like somebody robbing your life savings, you like the Federal Reserve, enjoy yourselves.
Go ahead and enjoy yourselves.
Let's talk to Corey in California.
Welcome to the Airwaves, Corey.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I just wanted to bring up Alexander Cockburn.
Okay, he's a progressive, liberal writer, written for some of the biggest publications in the country.
What's your point?
Did you get a chance to see his article?
What, did he write a hit piece against me?
Well, not against you.
I mean, against an Ireland truth movement, pretty much.
I don't care.
I mean, there's people who are legends in their own mind.
Look, I'm not bragging, okay?
Because it actually freaks me out.
I don't like to talk about it, but I have to.
Go to Alexa.com, the number one rating service.
The other two big ones say the same thing.
PrisonPlanet.com, one of my websites, is now bigger than RushLimbaugh.com.
Bigger than the Dallas Morning News, okay?
So you have these liberals with their websites who are legends in their own minds.
We've won the fight!
Oh, you couldn't be more right.
I mean, this one's almost as big as the popular mechanical.
I mean, he wrote, I mean, I just printed it out, it's like nine pages long.
And then Manuel Garcia Jr., he writes, he did one, Thermodynamics 9-11, Dark Fire, which was for World Trade Center 7, and then he did one, the Physics 9-11.
I mean, who cares?
I mean, it's just so the great lengths are going to try and describe it.
No, no, I agree.
Listen, it isn't going to work.
I mean, they can have the Homeland Security Director's cousin, who they didn't lie about him being a member of the family, being involved with the government, being hired, but it all came out.
Popular Mechanics built a straw man, okay?
They'll go find kooky people saying ridiculous things about 9-11 being an inside job, most of them operatives, and then give them attention.
Or they'll make up straw men.
They'll claim we said things we didn't say, and then attribute it, or they'll outright lie.
Like they said, NORAD never tracked a plane...
And then they use this Pentagon spokesman.
We type the Pentagon spokesman's name into Google and we get Reuters and AP where right before 9-11 he's going, we've done a great job intercepting 167 planes this year.
I mean, it's just...
The Tower 1 and 2 had no central beams in them when they had the biggest in the world, 47 of them.
Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane.
You know, they give five different reasons it's fell.
It doesn't work anymore.
We have Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government document, planning to carry out the attacks, the same type of attacks.
Let me ask you this question.
To those out there.
They don't ever want to tackle in these hit pieces the hijackers, the people that were the dummies, the decoys, thought they were taking part in a drill, how they were trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, MSNBC.
What else was it in?
It was in the Pensacola News Journal and Newsweek.
AP reported, as well as San Jose Mercury News, about the...
The training at the Monterey, California Defense Language School.
Or did they talk about the embassy heads I interviewed who were told to let the hijackers back in because they were U.S.
government agents?
And now that was in the Canadian papers.
Toronto Star.
Or Albin Laden's known CIA.
Do not discuss it.
Do not talk about it.
Go straight past go and get out a jail-free card.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Atlanta.
You are on the air, sir.
Hey, Bob.
You're ever in our prayers.
Listen, I guess you've heard about C-SPAN struck again with 9-11 and American Empire.
I did a video capture on it, and I imagine you'd like that, if you don't already have it, along with the pictures of the Georgia Guidestones, right?
Oh, absolutely.
Sure, please send me all of that, sir.
Lavish me, please.
Anything else I can do to help?
One thing, though, I do want to request.
I'm hoping to find some place to hide when basically the proverbial sewage hits the fan.
If anyone would care to cut with me, doyoulovejesus.org, and it doesn't matter what you put to the left of the at sign, and that's the letter U, doyoulovejesus.org, and God bless, bro.
I'll have this DVD that will have the digital pictures of Georgia Guidestones on its way to you in the post tomorrow.
Without fail.
Sir, you are the man.
Be sure to put a letter in there saying I can use them.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
God bless you.
Anything that's sent to me, send me a letter.
If you take it yourself, if it's your material, authorize me to use it, and I really appreciate that.
Yeah, it's all over the foreign press.
It's all over C-SPAN.
I mean, there are a bunch of former Reagan and Bush, current Bush officials going public.
I mean, the heads of departments going public saying total inside job.
German defense ministers, you name it.
I mean, if you look at the evidence, it's an inside job, period.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Henry in Del Valle, Central Texas.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, how you doing?
Good, good to talk to you.
Hey, nice talking to you.
You're a true prophet.
Well, it's not hard to be a prophet when you see Governor Ridge on C-SPAN, the head of Homeland Security, say that they're putting everybody in a database off what you buy, sell, and do illegally, and then it's in the AP, you know, yesterday.
It's not a prophet.
Yeah, well, it's good to see a true one when you've got so many false ones around.
And I just wanted to see what your take is on this Bush wanted to privatize Social Security.
None of that even matters now, sir.
They've devalued the dollar so bad.
They've trashed the economy.
They looted things.
You see, the government in the past...
We're good to go.
I mean, I would be for true privatization.
It's socialism to begin with, but they got us into this system.
They ripped us off.
If somebody would have had a normal 3% yield investment on their average Social Security, they'd have had three, four times the amount of money you get from Social Security, but they steal it from you.
They loot it.
They use it.
And yeah, now the government's talking about they tell you what funds to put it in, and it's putting perfume on a pig because by the time you ever even get that money, it's going to be so devalued it won't even matter.
You look good on paper now, but then they'll break the Dear John letter to you.
Well, that's it.
They have just raped the daylights out of us.
Well, they smile at us and spend our tax money on fancy PR firms, you know, with rooms full of geniuses figuring out the right word, the right way to spin, how to lie to you.
And then they took down the freest, greatest country in the world.
This is not even the U.S.
We're officially under North American Union.
Finally, mainstream media admits it, but says, well, maybe it's good.
Maybe it's the answer to the devalued dollar.
It's total global government.
Let's just get rid of it.
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It's about right versus wrong.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
I mean, the phone lines are always jammed and packed here, but as soon as somebody hangs up, they light back up.
I'm going to try to get to all of you.
We ought to expand the show to three hours.
My wife doesn't like that idea, because I do a syndicated show weekdays.
Three hours a day and make films and write books and do thousands of interviews.
By the way, I'll be on Coast to Coast AM the 12th.
You'll be able to hear it here on KLBJ 590 and on many other stations around the country and even some of our other affiliates.
And I'm also going to be in studio, they told me, when he comes here for TalkFest.
That's tentative, but that's in late January.
So look for that on Coast to Coast AM.
Always a big fan of what George Norrie's doing and giving me a platform to talk to 16 million of his listeners.
All right.
Hillary is saying she's probably going to go ahead and run for president.
Remember, she swore a year ago she'd never run.
I'm so sick of being lied to, and they think we're so dumb.
And we let them get away with it.
We forgive them.
So we'll talk about this monster.
We'll get into some other news about GMO foods, what it really does.
But right now, let's just go straight back to your calls.
Let's talk to Robert.
And Robert is calling us from Tampa, Florida.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Good evening.
Good evening, sir.
My biggest thing is, if money is devalued so much, I own quite a bit of real estate now and rental properties.
Would I be better off paying those properties off and not having much money in the bank or just keeping money in the bank or selling the properties?
What would you do in my situation?
Well, see, I don't know your balance sheet.
I mean, I don't know how much debt you have versus real assets.
Are you leveraged in those places?
No, not at all.
I bought a long time ago, and I have a lot of equity in all properties.
But what is your balance?
I mean, if you had to pay those... If the banks called in those loans, which they can call in all loans...
Most people don't know that.
If they were to call on those loans tomorrow, are you 50-50 or 60-40?
I mean, where are you?
I could take my savings and pay those houses off at any time, right now.
Okay, the other question is then, I mean, obviously diversification, diversification, diversification.
I'm not giving you advice here.
I'm telling you what I would do.
What percentage of your assets is in real estate?
Probably 75%.
And then what's the other 25%?
Stock investments.
I would have to then look at the housing market in your area, which I've seen some numbers on the Tampa area and the St.
Petersburg area, but I just cannot advise you.
I mean, I'll tell you this.
Having real estate is a million times better than sitting where I'm sitting because I'm so busy fighting the New World Order, the little bit of cash and stuff I've got is just sitting there, just wilting away because I don't have time to go cherry-picking property.
Plus, I can probably only get one or two.
Right now, the market in Tampa is diving big time.
Yeah, I mean, I knew that Florida generally, as I mentioned in the last hour, I was talking about Florida diving, Texas starting to dive.
We're the big leaders, and that's always a bellwether for the other real estate crashes.
Remember the 80s started in Texas and Florida?
Oh, absolutely.
And I'm just wondering, I might as well just hang out on my cash and pick up some properties at pennies on the dollar.
Frankly, yeah, I have a little bit of money, and I can't afford any good property now, but that's what I'm planning.
But I'm going, wait a minute, they're devaluing my dollar.
The problem is your dollar may be devalued even faster when they get around to announcing it to people than even what the real estate has.
Yeah, it's kind of a catch-22 right here.
I really think it's diversification, sir, and it sounds like you're sitting pretty.
Well, I'm trying.
I'm trying to always live within my means and not dig any big holes so you can ride out anything.
I mean, how many pieces of property you got?
Well, you're going to do quite nicely, and if you've got 25% in cash...
I mean, I would have 10% in gold.
The problem is I would get near bullion.
I would get semi-numismatic, which has some collector value, some markup, because that's non-traceable and there's no record when you purchase that under federal law.
If you buy pure bullion, you know, Krugerrands or American Eagles with no collector value, it's a big target on your back.
But I personally, sir, have been investing in gold and it's almost doubled in value.
Yeah, gold has always been a hedge against everything.
Hey, listen, good talking to you, and it sounds to me like you know as much or more than I do.
I just talk to the experts.
I look at what the experts say, not what the nightly news told me.
What they've done on the news and these investor shows and most of this other stuff is designed to separate you from your money, ladies and gentlemen.
Notice these shows say, don't buy gold, don't buy gold, don't buy gold.
Oh, yeah, it doubled.
What is it, like 45% up?
I mean, it's incredible.
Let's, or no, almost 100%.
Let me see if it was 300 six, seven years ago, and it's gone as high as 700 and something.
That's more than doubling.
But right now it's like six something, so it's just about doubled right now in the last six years.
Let's go ahead and, but then even if it goes up, what are you going to do, cash it in for dollars that are devaluing?
I mean, I have gold that was at $300.
Did I cash it when it hit $750 something?
Because I'm not going to get toilet paper for gold.
I mean, it's simple.
I said I take a lot of calls, but this is an important caller.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Let's go ahead and talk to... I get confused with this phone system because the numbers aren't in sequential order.
Let's go ahead... I'm bumbling here.
The whole phone list just... I'll just randomly go to calls then.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Oh, that's it.
My computer screen hasn't refreshed, folks, like yours has.
Let's talk to Rick.
Rick is calling us from Salado, Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I've got a short story, a very short story, about a financial institute in London that was hiring here in the United States.
And this was back around late 2003.
They were trying to get me to go overseas.
I work in IT.
And they wanted somebody to do the telecom stuff for their overseas financial transfers.
And I got pretty far into the interview, and one thing, I asked how much it was going to be, and they said about 65,000 pounds a year.
And I was in my mid-20s.
I thought, wow, this is going to be great.
I'm going to get to travel all over Europe, be able to live relatively decently in the financial sector.
Yeah, even back then, that was about $100,000 a year.
Right, and I'm sure you've heard from Paul and Steve how far that goes in the financial sector.
I wouldn't be doing well, but I'd be overseas having a great time.
Got later into the interview, and I double-checked them what they were going to pay, and they said, well, it'll be the equivalent of 65,000 pounds that they would pay me in dollars.
And that would, at that time, have been $35,000.
Well, that would have actually been pretty decent back then.
That was mid-late 2003, but I've got the British pound to U.S.
dollar chart, five-year chart up on my computer.
And it's 198 to 100.
Well, the interesting thing is that, again, the financial company, they would be in a position to know this sort of thing.
Not a month after that was when that gigantic devaluation of the dollar was in late 2003 that just goes to show how heartless these people are.
I know, it's totally sick.
And they openly write it in publications, they talk about it, but only the insiders are reading this stuff and they're laughing at us.
While we're busy worried about Islamofascists, which our government, by the way, brings in at record levels, and the illegal aliens are running around, there are people we should watch.
I'm going to say it again.
Illegal aliens...
At any major bank in America, get bank accounts and housing loans without ID, but look at what we have to do.
We are the slaves.
We're the fat, dumb cattle.
They hate us.
And this was back when, if you'll remember, everybody's favorite neoconservative talk show host was saying, the deficit is over.
The recession is over.
We're going into economic recovery.
And again, they're not real conservatives.
They're there to neutralize and ensure the New World Order's enemy, real conservative Americans, stay neutralized until they bring their program in.
That's what they're there for, to keep you in place, to ensure you don't wake up to their operation.
Both parties are controlled.
Again, Rupert Murdoch every week has dinner with Hillary, Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News.
It's sick.
They're sick.
It is just sick.
These people are sick.
Clinton constantly vacations with them.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex in... Okay, yeah, we've got to go to break.
We'll get back from break.
We'll do that.
I'm all over the map here, ladies and gentlemen.
It just makes me so mad to listen to these phony neocons.
I mean, I read eight years ago, nine years ago, how the feds were going to give us a national sales tax.
They're going to keep the income tax.
We're just going to lower it, change the name, and then jack it up later.
You'll have to swipe a national ID card, i.e.
your driver's license, now federally standardized.
When you do it, it'll be graduated.
They'll track everything you do.
Send social workers over if you're buying too much beer, eating too much red meat.
That's in the documents.
Total micromanagement.
It's just...
Land of the slaves, home of the cowards.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Whether you're listening in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, California, the Internet all over the planet, satellite, however you're listening...
We're good to go.
I found out, really in high school, because I was somewhat of a history buff, there were always global elites always trying to dominate, always somebody trying to set up an empire, a Hitler, a Napoleon, the British Empire, the British East India Company.
And I discovered that they'd done it here, and they'd written books about it, and they were fleecing us and enslaving us, and they were into eugenics and doing bad things to us through the vaccines and the water.
And it's all documented, and we've got a good track record here.
You know, I get upset on air.
How do you not get upset about this?
I mean, I know that they're destroying my beloved country.
I know that they're butchering our Bill of Rights and Constitution.
Long before Al-Qaeda, L-C-I-A-D-A, attacked on 9-11.
And it makes me mad.
And let's go ahead and talk to Rick in Salado, Texas.
He wants to talk about Gingrich.
And I have the audio clip saying, We've got a shutdown website for strict free speech.
I mean, this is disgusting.
Absolutely disgusting to see these type of things.
But they're out there pushing it, and the Democrats that are in power now will be more than happy to do it.
Don't you worry.
You're on the air, sir.
Yes, you already know about that.
That's good.
I'm glad.
Well, no, I was just introducing it.
Tell us about it.
Well, Newt Gingrich said that during a time of war like this, it's okay to restrict the freedom of speech.
And under Homeland Security, it's okay to keep the Securities and Exchange Commission's numbers secret on big corporations and the no-bid contracts and all the corruption and the trillions missing from the Pentagon.
It's for your safety.
And also, before I let you go...
Every time you fly on an airplane, if you're an American, they track where you go and what you're doing, and they're not just looking for terrorists.
What meals you order.
Oh, yes, criminals.
Oh, they have the new criminal databases run by the criminals.
Oh, no, listen, it's total surveillance, total control, so that when they pull the rug out from under the population, we can't squirm out of it.
And it gets worse.
Don't ever say anything in an email you don't want put in a court of law because now they're telling businesses to keep
Records of all the emails for such purposes as spying on the American people.
Yes, and it's all color of law.
It's all color of law.
But all the crimes of the corporations that have bought and sold this nation, that's all going to stay secret for national security reasons.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Robert in Phoenix, Arizona.
You're on the air worldwide.
How are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I know you've probably heard that a hundred times, but
My wife was deported back to Eastern Europe here about nine months ago.
We were married for 15 years.
My American daughter's with her.
She can't live with Eric because I'm a cross-country trucker.
There's no way I could take care of her.
My daughter lost all kinds of educational opportunities because she's a couple years advanced in school.
She went to John Hopkins University programs before she was 12.
So what happened?
Well, he's a violation and
You know, I believe you're a cross-country drugger because your cell phone's cutting out.
Just real fast, make your point.
Well, what it is is that I have to send money over to Europe to my family to support them.
And if I send them $500, you could only get about $360 a year.
And not only that, Alex, the fact is...
That if I get on some kind of list where I can't fly because they don't like the fact that I bought lamb instead of pork chops on an airplane, that I lose my family for life.
Well, that's right.
Americans are finally getting it.
Admiral Poindexter, the convicted felon who runs the program, so when I say criminals run it, I mean that, says every bank transfer, every money order, everything you buy, I mean, spying on us, everything we do is uploaded and looked at by computers, and it has nothing to do with terrorists.
When the NSA flagged the so-called terrorists...
They were ordered to back off and leave them alone.
That's what able danger is all about.
9-11 was an inside job just like Hitler firebombed his own capital as a pretext for a police state.
We hit ourselves because we aren't we.
Private corporations have bought off our government and are staging terror attacks to get us behind a global war to use the American people as their slaves, as their Hessian mercs, mercenaries to go take over the planet.
Let's go ahead and talk to Alex.
And Alex is calling from California, IA.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, go ahead.
Thank you for finally getting to me.
Well, I'm going in order here.
Go ahead.
Yes, thanks.
I'm one of your younger listeners, and I called to ask you about selective service registration.
Yes, I wouldn't do it in a million years, and my children will never register for that.
They're not slaves owned by the private corporation that's taken over this government.
Yes, well I just got that in the mail and I was wondering if that is a real federal law and has anyone been punished for that?
No, no one's been punished for selective service, but in 1968, there was, of course, during the Vietnam War, a lot of charges for, quote, dodging the draft.
Of course, Bush got the silver spoon deal with the Texas Air Guard, and Clinton got to get out of his.
But now, I mean, this country's fully owned by foreign corporations.
You will fully be serving them, breathing depleted uranium, being given experimental shots.
When your arms and legs are blown off, they make you pay for your own flight back from Germany.
We're good to go.
So, again, I would not serve in this military.
I've got a lot of family in the military.
They're good people.
They go volunteer multiple terms in Iraq.
They just love it.
One of them, Special Forces, was told he's getting a chip.
He says he's happy to get a chip.
He'll do whatever they say.
He doesn't care how bad they treat him.
He thinks he's serving America.
And you're not serving America.
You're serving... I'm not even asking to join the Army.
I'm just saying... No, I understand.
I understand.
I'm talking to those that...
Those that don't know.
Thank you for the call, sir.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Laura.
Laura, you're on the air worldwide.
You're calling from Colorado Springs.
Yeah, thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I really appreciate you having your show on Sunday, even though I realize you're probably giving up family time to do it.
There's a lot of us that can't listen during the week.
Because of work or whatever.
Well, Emmis was offering me a radio show, and I really couldn't do it weeknights.
I was already doing syndicated shows.
I said, let's do a Sunday syndicator.
That's what we're doing.
That's wonderful.
I think that you're going to have an audience that you wouldn't have otherwise had, because people can't listen at work.
No, that's why we're doing it now, yeah.
That's great.
Anyway, many years ago, I decided to drop off the grid, because my dad, he's gone now.
You've only got about a minute.
That's okay.
When you drop off the grid, you don't have an easy life.
You can't rent a car.
You don't have bank accounts.
You don't have any of that kind of stuff.
You just do cash business.
And it's pretty tough.
But I think a lot more people need to drop off the grid, Alex.
I really do.
Oh, I agree.
It's a lot better if you can be in a farming community near a Mennonite or Amish community.
A lot of people are getting into that.
I know a lot of folks.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to tell you, I think you mentioned that your wife had got a new iMac.
Yes, it has a built-in camera and audio, and all new Macs do, and Google admits they're using it to watch and listen to everything everyone does.
Well, that's right, and if you look, you'll notice like Safari and the new Internet Explorer and Firefox, they all have that little search bar, that little search window in the upper right-hand corner.
And if you tick that, that enables the software for it.
Right, it's already built in.
With the IPFW, the IP firewall that's built into the iMacs, you can actually filter the
Any connection that the web browser may take to try to connect to Google, or that Google might try to come into your computer.
That's right, but see, they know most of us are lazy.
Even though we know cell phones are bad for our heads, we still use them.
With the radiation, even though we know Google's watching and listening to us.
Folks, admittedly, they say they're listening and watching you right now with AI computers and selling the data.
Oh yeah, well actually, I just went to one of my websites, the one that I usually go to, umb.com, which is...
My bank that I use, and every time I connect to it, just umb.com, it tries to make a secure connection at port 443, a secure socket layer connection.
I know, I know.
Double track and double control.
It's all over the place.
I mean, folks, folks, understand.
I mean, you think the AP comes out and says the FBI is using your cell phone as a bug to tune in?
How many times did I tell you that?
Most of you have got AI computers listening right now, okay?
This is land of the slaves, home of the cowards.
Now, I'm not saying we're all cowards or slaves.
I'm saying we have to consciously figure out they're trying to do that.
This government is not your government.
It's totally bankrupt, run by a bunch of perverts and criminals.
We'll be back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., and we'll see you on the web at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
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