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Air Date: Dec. 1, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, he needs no introduction to this audience, but I will introduce him.
Nevertheless, Jeff Renz will be riding shotgun with us on this live Friday edition in the second and third hour.
It is December 1st, 2006, and we'll be here live for the next three hours.
Hard to believe.
I wanted to get Jeff on because once a month I join him on his broadcast and he never does radio interviews.
In fact, he hasn't done them in years other than one other interview on this broadcast.
I wanted to get him on just to talk about the cultural mind control and how people put themselves in little boxes.
How the population is controlled and manipulated.
We had a really good discussion Monday night when I was on with him, and I wanted to try to duplicate it and expand on it here.
So we'll be doing that and covering the news and taking your phone calls.
There's some new never-before-seen photos, because I've been all over the web.
I've seen a lot of them.
Maybe you've seen them, but for me they're never-before-seen.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, men dressed up, hugging on each other in fawning and braces.
That's their religion.
It's a bizarre cult of homosexual devil worshippers, at least this Republican branch of it.
So that's up on JonesReport.com.
Only place you'll find it right now, JonesReport.com.
The Pope has been hailed for praying towards Mecca like Muslims.
Boy, that's just amazing.
And he's now leaving Turkey after reaching out to Muslims and Orthodox Christians.
And I have a transcript of some of the things he said.
He didn't call for a New World Order again, like he's done twice in the last, well, less than a year since Pope John Paul II passed.
But he did say some similar things about regional government and one world religion.
But when we get back, I've scribbled a few notes here.
I want to talk about the nanny state, which is really the control freak state.
And I also want to talk about the plunge of the dollar.
And then we will get into AP, Feds Rate Travelers for Terrorism.
I've been telling you this on average every week since I saw Governor Ridge say that all Americans through the National ID card, everything you do, will be on a database and they will give you the color coding for what freedoms you have.
I mean, you talk about the whole country, the whole world being turned into a prison.
This is it, and people just keep asking, how do you know what's going to happen?
How do you always predict?
I'm not predicting.
They tell you what they're going to do in the policy reports, in the planning documents.
And so I'll give you a bird's eye view of what life's going to be like, but it integrates with this AP article.
You'll have to have permission starting January 16th to leave the country.
And they don't have to have a criminal charge or even an investigation.
They just put you on the list.
Super Soviet America.
Driver's license charges will cost you time and money.
I want to get into that.
Got another report here where they're going to go ahead and most of the airports in the country make everybody walk through a system which scans you and your naked body.
Total humiliation.
Total enslavement.
Meanwhile, the illegal aliens don't have to have ID cards to get bank accounts or home loans.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House programmed to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jeff Rents joins us in the second and third hour today.
He'll be riding shotgun with us.
We really look forward to that.
We'll have open phones for the entire transmission on this live Friday edition, December 1st, 2006.
The dollar has continued its slide.
The dollar suffered sharp falls yesterday and is continuing to drop today, hit by reports of weak U.S.
business activity and a
Benign inflation picture, whatever that means.
The euro rose 0.7% against the dollar to $1.3247 by late afternoon in New York after data from Chicago purchasing managers indicated that business activity in the Midwest unexpectedly fell last month.
Sterling rose to its highest level against the dollar.
That's the pound, folks.
Since its ejection from the European exchange rate mechanism in September 1992, as UK house prices continue to show rapid growth,
The pound rose to $1.9699 to the dollar before edging back to $1.9658, almost 1% up on the day.
The yen also gained up 0.5% against the dollar.
I'll tell you what all this means.
I'm sure most of you already know and probably have your own points you'd like to add in a little while.
Also, for the last four years, only five airports that I know of
Put in the scanning systems where they make you walk through or stand, depending on which company is modeled.
And they can turn the x-ray up.
I don't know why they call it an x-ray.
It's really kind of a sonar.
And they fire out these radio waves in a beam and scan your body.
And they can go below the clothes.
They can tune it to below the skin.
They can tune it right into your intestines.
They can tune it right into your bones.
And we've written articles about it.
We've posted links to the company's demos online.
And they record, when you walk through these airport systems, they record you digitally onto databanks.
And they save it.
They admit they're saving it.
Now, as we told you, because it's the same with every project the globalists launch, at first it was just selected travelers.
We're good to go.
Where you can see the intricacies of her breast and other appendages.
But if you go to the companies on websites, I mean, completely naked.
They show a bunch of people and the different things this system can do.
And it is a crisper image of the naked body, of the bare body, than what the human eye can even see.
Again, it's more human than human.
Literally, it shows the pores on your skin.
It shows every blemish.
I'm sure a lot of you have seen these photos and videos on television.
It looks kind of like a photo that's in negative.
It's orange and white and yellow and blue, depending on the heat signatures of the body.
And this is unbelievable.
And they will herd your sons, your daughters, your wife, you, your husbands, grandma, and they will videotape, they will record your naked body.
And they will show it to you on the news, and they'll admit they're doing it, and they'll say, what you going to do about it?
Also, at the, quote, borders, to leave the country, it's more stringent.
They have huge x-ray machines you drive through.
I've seen major medical reports showing it is very dangerous.
I mean, these x-rays shoot through metal and show people's skeletons in the trunk.
You see the bodies of people of their, quote, illegals coming across.
That's how they advertise it.
I mean, believe me, boys and girls, a high-powered x-ray shooting through, you know, car aluminum or steel...
Right through your body.
I mean, that is not good for you.
They just don't care.
DU isn't good for the troops.
It's deadly.
They use it.
They use it in proving grounds near major U.S.
The radiation from these different systems aren't good.
They're just going to keep using it and make them even more powerful.
Cell phone towers aren't good for children.
They stick them right by every school in the country I've seen because the school makes money off leasing them.
Leasing them the property space for the tower.
Sodium and stannous fluoride are deadly poison.
Thousands of top medical studies, Nobel Prize winners, they've increased the fluoride on average in this country.
Mercury's bad and has caused autism to go from 1 in 124,000 20 years ago to now more than 1 in 168.
That was numbers from two years ago.
New numbers came out, it's even worse.
Looks like it's more than 1 in 100.
AP's reporting again today that they have actually increased the mercury in the vaccines, especially the flu shot.
Doesn't seem to matter.
Mass brain damaging is occurring.
One of the main causes, causal effects of Alzheimer's.
I mean, we're living in a twilight zone, insane asylum.
But don't worry, the control freaks are going to ban smoking in whole towns.
In your own house, even if it's, you know, first it was a townhouse.
Well, it goes into the house next door.
Now it's, well, it could blow across the street to the other house.
Whether smoking is good or bad, it's obviously bad.
They set the precedent with that.
Now they're banning trans fats in the foods in Chicago, New York.
Now you're going to swipe your national ID card at the point of sale.
This is the official Commerce Department plan.
They'll mark then what you're eating, what you're doing.
That will go to the insurance companies.
Total control freak management.
Folks, you want to be control freak.
You want to live under control freak's thumb with the high-tech tools they've got.
You're going to get a front row seat.
In fact, you're going to be in the arena.
It's getting worse and worse and worse.
And worse and worse by the day.
Everything is accelerating exponentially.
Technology was doubling every two years.
Now they're saying it's doubling every nine months.
And within five years, they're saying it'll be doubling every month.
And this is exponential.
And then doubling every day.
And then doubling every hour.
And then doubling every minute.
And then doubling every second.
And that's exponential.
Of course, 90 plus percent of that will be kept totally secret from you and the public.
I remember reading five years ago when DARPA was in the Baltimore Sun, DARPA, the big defense research labs for the government,
It's got over 80% of college engineering research funding now.
It's funded by them.
They control everything, basically.
Just as Eisenhower told you in his farewell speech in 1961.
He thought it was bad then.
Oh boy, it's 2006.
That they're going to put up towers to, quote, relax the public.
They admit they have these technologies.
And you know full well they're using them right now.
Yes, you're in the twilight zone, ladies and gentlemen.
We're here.
Hope you enjoy it.
And if you're out there driving along, snickering, laughing at me, why don't you just go pull up the Baltimore Sun?
And that's what they admit to.
That's what they're, out in the open, admitting that they have set up.
And so I ask all of you, how much worse do you really think it is?
Now, I...
I want to calmly go over this subject, because it's of the utmost importance, and that is the control freak grid.
And I just mentioned feds are rating all travelers for terrorism.
That was really not a secret.
I have mentioned...
That they're going to have fat police and then they're going to lower the gauge of what is obesity down to rail skinniness and have social workers involved in all your lives.
It's already happening with their CPSing overweight kids all over the country.
They set the precedent by grabbing an extremely obese child, showing it on television, and then now, what, in Arkansas and other states, if you're just five pounds overweight, they give you a year to correct it or then they take action to take your children.
I was listening to local radio this morning and they announced that if you're seen smoking in your car with your child, you'll be arrested and CPS will come and take your child.
It's probably not good to be smoking in the car with your children, but what's the greater danger?
Having a state that comes and takes them to give them to a CPS that's five times more likely to abuse your children?
I mean, where does it end?
See, then it's feeding your children fattening foods.
Or it's grandma forgets and the kids are getting in and she's smoking a cigarette before she puts it out.
The neighbor sees it.
I mean, every day in the town where I live, they call CPS on people because the parent locks the car, runs into the house to get something they forgot because they don't want to get the children out of the child safety seats, and the neighbor calls the CPS because they tell them to call CPS if you see that.
I mean, we're under an incredible tyranny.
Seven million people plus now in the criminal justice system and growing.
It was only one million twelve years ago.
And there's so many...
So many facets to all of this that I can't even begin to go over every piece of it.
But to have the feds come out and say, guess what?
All your personal data, the data mining we've been doing under the Total Information Awareness Network, we're putting that into a database that we're using
All the American people, whenever you travel, we're scoring you.
Well, AP is acting like they've broken some big story.
Governor Ridge, in a two-hour program I saw on C-SPAN about four years ago, before Homeland Security even got funding, said that we're all going to have national ID cards, and they did pass them in 2005, now going in.
Now the news is telling you about it, a year after it happens.
And you're going to have green, yellow, orange, and red coding.
That's how it's already coded in the computers.
If you've got bad credit, my friends, you're going to have a yellow rating.
According to what you buy and read, you're going to have a yellow or orange coding.
Okay, so they just haven't fully told you about it yet.
Alright, we'll be right back.
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Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
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I hate to even talk about the police state because, I mean, if I just mention it,
We're good to go.
I think?
In fact, it wasn't a secret.
It was in the New York Times.
Remember Admiral Poindexter?
Every credit card purchase you make, every phone call you make, everything you say, everything you do.
I mean, when Google comes out three, four months ago and says, hey, we've developed a program that uses the microphone and video cameras built into most of the new computers on most computers to watch you and listen to you and use keyword computers to file your habits for marketing purposes...
I mean, we've reached the ninth circle of hell.
And the government is involved in all of this, and Google, Yahoo, they're all, it's just the whole system.
Now, they're announcing this now as a chilling effect.
We have to have courage and point out that they are the criminals, that they are the people that are shameful.
And it is the people running our government that have carried out 9-11, and that are bringing in this whole one-world government system.
I mean, I have another Lou Dobbs clip last night where he's admitting we're going into one world government.
Where he admits that the North American Union's here.
Where he admits that he just can't believe they ever started it or that it's happening.
I mean, we're in it right now.
But still, I get emails from people and folks like Troy call in who just say we're liars, it isn't happening.
And they're serious, folks.
They're threatening us on air.
They're saying, you know, we want to attack you physically.
Because they want to live in this cocoon.
And they universally say, I'm living good.
I'm doing good.
You're doing good because your forefathers fought and died.
I heard Gary Brownfield talking this morning.
He was reading a News of Views article.
Could you imagine George Washington or Thomas Jefferson hammering a nail out on their own house and both of them worked on their own homes?
And if a building inspector walked up and said, hey, you, you're not allowed to add a room on to your house.
You're not allowed to even change the trim around your window without a permit.
I mean, that inspector wouldn't make it off the property alive.
That's how jealously they guarded their liberties.
And boy, we sure did well back then.
I mean, you told somebody back then, give your freedoms up so you'll be safe.
They would slug you.
They wouldn't laugh at you.
Because they knew that was the talk of tyrants.
That was the tyrant's swan song.
That was the tyrant's piper.
Pied piper's tune to lead you into bondage.
And look at all the police state.
Look at all the tyranny.
Does it keep you safe?
It's made us all dependent.
It has taken personal responsibility out of the equation.
The society is unraveling.
The government puts in programs.
We have their own manuals saying it's to break up society.
And then they come in with the next level of control as the name of fixing the breakdown in society when it's actually designed to make it even worse.
Then they come in with more control in a way of, quote, fixing it, and it makes it even worse.
On and on and on and on and on to consolidate that power to get total control over a society.
And now, AP, Feds Rate Travelers for Terrorism.
It says American Travelers.
Computer-generated scores rating the risk they pose of being terrorists or criminals.
See, criminals.
Remember two years ago, all over the country, check-cashing companies closed their doors?
And these were bigger companies saying, we're no longer going to do check-cashing or banking.
We're just closing.
Because they were subsidiaries of larger corporations.
And even banks said they were going to cut back on it.
Because why?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When the feds pass tens of thousands of pages of new laws a year, the state's untold amounts, the travelers are not allowed to see or directly challenge the risk assessment, which the government intends to keep on file for 40 years.
The scores are assigned to people entering and leaving the United States after computers assess their travel records, including where they are from, how they pay for tickets, their motor vehicle records, one-way pass travel, seating preference, and what kind of meal they ordered.
Now, remember about four months ago, a head air marshal with a group in Denver went public saying, look, there are no terrorists on the plains.
We're told every month to put innocent people on list because they take photos out the window or they talk or where they sit.
We're putting people on list that will affect them for life.
We're being told to pop up the terror threat.
The terror threat, the people running the government blew up the buildings.
I mean, come on.
There is so much news coming up.
Your calls, there's so much important stuff.
The dollar slide, you name it.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
We're good to go.
The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, I'm going to get, when Jeff joins us, I'm going to get more into the whole police state control, surveillance, taxation grid that's going in all around us.
And I hope the police and the bureaucrats and the people that help enforce and put this in know you're totally destroying your children's future, the country.
And again, the very people putting this grid in are the ones getting rid of the borders, getting rid of the sovereignty, openly announcing the end of this country, and that means the end of the liberties and freedoms.
Under the FTAA, it clearly states we will follow all of the UN Charter.
And the UN Declaration of Human Rights in Section 30 states you have absolutely no rights.
Just wanted to point that out to everybody.
Go read it for yourself.
Dollar slides as U.S.
businesses slow.
And the dollar has now gotten close to 133.
That is, the euro has went 133, very close to 133.
It's 132.47.
The pound went up even more, 196.99 against the dollar.
Meanwhile, you see housing sales accelerating, but the price is plunging.
If you add the 17.4% drop in home sales...
We're good to go.
With a doubling of the money supply by the last Fed Chief, now the new Fed Chief says he'll double it yet again, but then made the M3 money supply secret, you're going to have to have a dollar sink.
And if the housing market can't be the dollar sink, a place to put all these inflated dollars, then it's going to chase the stock market, which, if you look at the devaluation of the dollar, is really at about $6,000, not $12,000.
And four years ago, the Treasury Secretary, about three and a half years ago, I saw him on CNN when I was in a Kansas City Sheraton for an event we were having.
I talked about this a few weeks ago.
I saw him say, oh, no, we actually want a weakening dollar.
This is good for us.
This is good for America.
This is good for manufacturing.
Oh, yeah?
Trade deficits with Japan, China, India, Mexico, all-time highs.
What, it topped $100 billion a month earlier this year?
With China!
$100 billion!
They hold over a trillion in our debt, and everybody in the global currency system, the central banks, the governments, they're all trying to creep towards the door, and they say this in big financial publications.
Everybody's trying to creep towards the door to get out of the dollar.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It looks like it may have just begun.
At first, one guy got up and tried to creep out, then another, then now five or six are getting up in a room of 100.
Now about 50 people just stood up, are all looking at each other, and are starting to move to the door, and the panic could ensue at any minute.
Now, the dollar may go back up four or five cents, probably will, and oh, see, it's okay, and then it'll drop seven or eight cents.
Because if you look at the five-year to six-year graphs,
It's going straight down.
But the news always shows you the graph of the week or the month of the day.
Well, look, it went down this week in trading, but it went back up.
But they don't show you in the year graph, the two-year graph, the three-year graph, the four-year graph, the ten-year graph.
It's going straight down in the last six years.
And then gold, by the way, is going straight up.
Now, I've been buying gold since it was at $300 an ounce.
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Right now it's climbing at $640, something last time I checked.
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Ted, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, I'm really glad to have you up here, too, Alex.
And you know, the thing is that since I've been doing this in the precious metals business, there's been a few other gold companies that have come, but they've also gone, and I've seen them take...
We're good to go.
Just because they picked up the gold and they've held for the long run, and now you've got Alex Jones going from, what was it, what was it, KLBJ, what was the name of the radio station?
KJFK, one little small radio station down in Austin, Texas, and now you're just, you're conquering the entire world.
We've got people calling in from London, we've got them calling in from all across the European continent.
We've had calls come all the way down from
From as far south as the South Pole.
And that's the difference that we're making out here in society.
And really, it's due to the support, not only for Midas Resources, but for all the advertisers that have taken the risk to stand up and say, I'm not going to let this country fail.
I'm going to put my money and my support into this type of talk programming.
And let me tell you, Coca-Cola...
General Electric, name some big-name advertisers that you hear on mainstream radio.
They won't touch us.
They won't even put a penny towards us, first of all, because we're screwing up their plans for the future, and the second thing is that they're afraid to get involved because of the fact that they don't want to mess with the elite.
We're the ones in their face, and we're the ones that are making the difference.
Alex Jones, obviously, is a great mouthpiece for that, and we can't let that be silenced, so that's why I'm here.
Ted, tell them about the deal, because you're right.
Gold has doubled from what it was back in 2000.
And then you look at how it's performed versus the stock market.
Even if you believe the stage Dow Jones Industrial 30, still, it's up 4, 5, 6%.
From 2000, but gold's doubled?
I mean, this is insane.
Why would people not get involved in gold?
You know, you can see, even Bernanke is talking right now, we're going to be down to $2 against the sterling.
The market is crashing.
They're talking about a full-out 8.3% crash.
Hey, Ted, I bought gold from you at $320-something an ounce.
When it hit $700-something, did I call you up trying to sell that gold?
No, of course not, Alex, because you know that there's more problems in the future.
The economics has not changed.
We're about ready to hit the brick wall.
I mean...
The type of devaluation I see in the United States is going to be similar to Mexico, where you go to bed, you hit your pillow, and the next morning you're going to wake up, your money is going to be worth about 40 cents on the dollar.
That fast.
I mean, it just goes down that quickly because it accelerates this blossoming... Well, it's a little over one cent value to what it was in 1913 already.
Yeah, but the thing is, if you roast a frog slowly, he stays in the pan.
No, I know.
You're saying we can lose a half cent of the one cent value we've got overnight now, and that's what's happening.
Yeah, your penny could be worth a half a penny just from going to bed and waking up the next morning.
It's happened in all the third world countries.
We certainly have seen it in Mexico.
And I want to make clear, we have the IMF World Bank documents.
We have the Nobel Prize winner on who witnessed it.
They are doing it by design.
And Joseph Stiklitz said a month and a half ago here on air, if they don't manage it correctly, it could be a global depression.
I said, are they managing it correctly?
He said, absolutely not.
But they are managing it correctly to consolidate wealth and control people.
And, folks, I just don't want to see you get hurt.
I try to put you in the way of good things, high-quality water filters, good films.
You know, things I really believe in.
And this is a good deal that Ted has for you.
Ted, tell them about this coin.
Let's go ahead and do it.
What it is, it's a $10 Olympic coin that was issued back in 1984.
First coin out of the West Point mint.
They're in MS66 plus condition.
They're in perfect shape.
They're encapsulized still in the original holders when the government issued them.
They're private because they're collector coins because the U.S.
Mint issued them that way.
They're trading for $455 a coin or $4,550 per roll of 10.
I really suggest that you get involved with these because... I'm just going to say, I don't know if you want me to do this.
We never talked about this.
I didn't ask permission to do this.
Is it okay if I tell them what your markup is?
So folks, again, we're capitalists, but you're getting a very good deal on these coins.
You will have a lot of trouble.
Ted is doing this deal where you're going to have a lot of trouble finding this coin anywhere near this.
Well, anyways, just to make it real clear to people, it's a good coin to be getting in.
It's certainly a coin that the United States has described as a collector piece.
It's exempt from all the confiscation ruling, all the 1099 reporting, the W-9 forms, all the stuff that have to do with their bullion rules, and it's just a great way to be getting involved, and I really suggest that you get this, and I suppose we should give out the 800 number.
Which is 1-800-686-2237.
I think everybody's got it memorized by now, but I'll give it out again.
The coin is $455 per coin.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
And I just, I can't say it enough.
Now's the time to be getting into the precious metals.
We all can see the problems.
Take advantage of this offer.
In addition to this, obviously, you're helping carry the Genesis Network.
And I don't know, I feel like that's such an important task at this particular time.
Well, it certainly is.
What about folks that want to go online?
They can go to MidasResources.com.
We do have this coin pictured on MidasResources.com.
You can catch the spot prices, this kind of thing.
But if you do want to place the order, we do need to get the people in here.
We've only got, I think, in this particular case, I think I've got about 112 coins, and then I'm done.
I don't have any more than that.
Oh, really?
So, you know, it was just a special deal that I got.
Now, what about when that sells out?
Is there any other deal?
Well, yeah, we'll make offers on other things as well, but this is really a good offer right here for this particular coin.
There's only about 70, what was it, 74,000 of these things that are out there in circulation, so there's not a lot of quantity out there.
There's not enough to go around for every citizen just in the city of Austin, Texas.
So, obviously, more people are getting involved in the precious metals business.
The quantities available for coins like these are shrinking.
Give that number again, Ted.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
All right, Ted, I appreciate you coming on with us, and have a great weekend.
Yeah, you too, Alex.
God bless.
All right.
I know we've got a lot of phone lines.
We've got Jeff Rents coming up.
Man, I've got this dollar slide story here.
It's just to see what these bankers have done to us, to see how they get you into a fiat currency, then they devalue it over 80 years.
Now it's worth about 1.5 cents to what it was worth previously.
That's an official number.
It changes every day.
I guess it's lower than that now with the further slide of the last week.
And it's just...
And the little bit of cash I've got in the bank.
You know, I've got two little bank accounts, a little bit of college money for my kids.
And it's just, I'm so busy working, I haven't had time to reposition that money.
It's literally just turning into nothing.
And I just, we're being raped by these people.
And meanwhile, you read the Financial Times of London, BBC, you read Der Spiegel.
You read the Japanese, you know, Tokyo Times, and they're telling you we're in deep trouble.
They're all panicking.
They don't want us to be.
They're all tied to us.
They're all freaking out.
You see the average American, man, they're driving around feeling good.
Boy, they heard the economy was good on TV that morning.
And George W. loves America.
He's a conservative.
I just, again, the bankers cannot pull the plug on us unless they think they can get away with it.
And they're doing it right now because they know they can use their controlled media as they pull the plug in an incremental fashion to blame somebody else or to divert attention and then they'll just rotate new politicians in and they'll blame the last politicians and the New World Order runs away with the bag.
They run away with the loot.
But if you're in real estate or if you're in gold
Or if you're in other real tangible assets, they can't do that.
Now, again, real estate is extremely dangerous.
I'm not giving you advice here financially.
You do what you do, but I'm just saying, again, notice what I was telling you two years ago.
The real estate is overvalued.
It's bad.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
Get out of it.
And they were also saying, go ahead and devalue the dollar.
It's good.
They're trying to rob us.
See, they're mad because real estate is overvalued, but at least there's some real tangible asset.
There is the plot of land, there's the house, the barn.
That's real wealth.
Land is the total generator.
It is the progenitor of all wealth.
That coupled with your labor.
And so I will just tell you, and I don't have time to go out with my meager funds and try to get some land.
I'm just advising you on, for those of you that have time, I mean, I'm so busy finding new and older folks, I don't even have my house in order.
Because I'm so busy warning people, literally working.
Well, I won't work 18 hours a day.
I'm going to go out with my wife and hear some live music.
I'm going to go see Jimmy Vaughn tonight.
I appreciate them inviting us to that.
But most days, I mean, I'm up here at 10, 12, 1, 2 in the morning.
I was up last night at 2 in the morning working.
And I'm doing it because we've got to... Listen, the very people that are engineering this are now going to pose as your saviors.
And it makes me very, very angry.
So there's a lot of things you can do.
Just a word to the wise is sufficient.
We'll come back, go to your calls, get Jeff Rents on at the 5 after.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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We're good to go.
I hurt myself today To see if I still feel I focus on the pain The only thing that's real The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away But I remember everything What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Welcome back.
About to go to your calls.
On the whole issue of gold, I just want to remind you that they're devaluing the dollar into nothing.
We're good to go.
I think?
Let's go to Alan in New York, who I'm told disagrees, so he goes ahead of the line.
Go ahead, Alan, you're on the air.
It's Adam, Alex.
How are you?
Go ahead.
Adam, I'm sorry.
That's right.
I listened to, last week I think you were interviewing Bill Christensen, and I admire him a lot for coming out and telling the truth and being intelligent and having the guts to stand up.
But your focus was basically on Israel and what's going on there, and there's a few points that I wanted to check with you and clarify and that I disagree with.
First of all, you seem to refer a lot to Palestine.
I think you were calling Israel Palestine.
Is that what you were doing?
Well, that region for 2,000 plus years has been called Palestine.
I'm talking about all the way up into the edge of Syria and all the way down south past that.
Okay, because I was misunderstood that you were referring to Israel as Palestine.
Just to clarify, you know, sure the region was called Palestine.
No, Israel's been known as Israel since King David's time.
Okay, because, you know, Palestine is kind of like saying North America.
It's a region.
People didn't really have it.
But that's when you just said that without you stating your definition.
That's what I said.
Yeah, no, I just wanted to clarify what you were saying, and now you did.
Thank you.
There's a few facts also.
He said that his view was like 6% of the Palestinians wanted to see the Jews pushed to the sea or something like that.
No, no, no.
I was saying in a big BBC poll earlier this year, they polled, I forget how many Arab nations, it was a whole bunch, I think it was eight or nine.
Go poll the poll, and it was 6% said push them into the sea.
Okay, because I did see, I believe it was in the documentary Relentless.
I could be off on that.
I'm not an idiot savant like you who can pull facts and memorize everything, but...
But I believe there were two surveys done, which I think it was just among the Palestinians in that area.
Yeah, like 80-something percent.
Yeah, it was insane, the percentages.
Well, yeah.
Look, I get heat from everybody because I give my real view.
I'm not against Israel.
I'm not against the Jews.
I'm not against the Palestinians.
I'm not against anybody.
I don't like the global crime syndicate that plays us all off against each other.
I agree with you, and I'm out for truth.
I don't care about taking a side or whatever.
I just think some of the facts that were discussed there seem slightly biased to me.
If I may bring up just a couple other points, Alex?
Sure, stay there, and then we'll get to the other callers, and we've got Jeff Rents coming up.
Everybody stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Veteran journalist, former news producer.
The man that runs Rents.com, Jeff Rents, will be joining us for the balance of the next two hours in the next segment.
We'll get into the plunging dollar.
We'll get into the police state.
We'll talk about the mentality of the poser society and so much more.
He's a great political mind.
We're always honored to have him.
He's coming up in just a few minutes.
He doesn't talk radio interviews.
He's done one with me about a year ago.
He's doing a second here.
You can't find where he's done other interviews, so we're very honored.
Let's go ahead and go back to Adam.
In New York, who said he had more he wanted to talk about or disagree about or raise.
Go ahead.
This is continuing on with the Middle East and stuff.
Just like the globalists are playing everyone off and doing a lot of manipulation, I mean, there are terrorists in the Middle East who are doing just as much playing and stuff.
There was a documentary, I think it was about, they called it Pollywood or something like that, the Palestinian television and other things, where they would set up mock protests
Gun battles in the ground.
There was one clip I saw where they were having a funeral procession.
The guy falls off the procession, gets up, stands up, and climbs back on the thing.
They're holding some guy.
They do a lot of manipulation as well in order to create a bias.
I talked to an Israeli soldier who said that she interrogated, because she speaks both Arabic and Hebrew, a terrorist or supposed person who was captured, and he acknowledged after interrogation that they particularly shoot...
Rockets and things out of communities and areas around schools.
They store stuff in order to... Let me ask you a question.
Let me ask you a question.
Have you seen the Haratz and Jerusalem Post articles where Israel admits that Shin Bet was setting up fake al-Qaeda groups and staging attacks as a pretext to expand the war?
Alex, I'm not in disagreement that there's a lot of manipulation going on on both sides.
Yeah, I mean, I agree with Barry Hamish, who's lived there, Jewish, written for major publications, that he'll tell you that the Palestinian Authority is controlled by the Bilderberg Group, and so is the Jewish leadership there.
And Egypt wants the war to continue.
They get $4 billion a year like Israel.
I mean, that's the point.
And I appreciate your call.
Again, this is where I'm different, okay?
And that's where Jeff Rents is different.
We're not here saying we're for Israel, we're against Israel.
We're not here saying we're for the Palestinians, we're against them.
We're against the Israelis running over Rachel Corey with an armored bulldozer.
We're against, you know, when Hezbollah's firing rockets, that plays right into what Israel wants to do, and then all those civilians getting killed.
Okay, we're against the globalist orchestra.
Look, the Pentagon's plan P2OG, AP, UPI, it's admitted.
It says, a $6.2 billion a year program to go attack Arabs, kill their families, all over the Middle East, to stimulate, quote, terror attacks, so then the globalists have an excuse to expand the war.
So I'm saying, instead of two-dimensional thinking of picking sides here, that's how the New World Order wins.
It's like picking Democrat or Republican.
We have to realize that it's a controlled game where they manipulate this and just say no to war, say no to these groups, say no to what's happening.
And then it will stop.
But, again, we'll get Jeff Rents' take on this entire thing.
I mean, take Israel.
They've been using DU since the 60s in wars over there.
Dr. Rocky told you that two days ago here on air.
It's on the record.
This year, they used it all over Lebanon.
And if you look at how the main winds blow, they normally blow north to south.
They also blow, of course, east to west there.
Those winds are blowing directly into Israel.
I mean, take Israel, with $3 billion in U.S.
funding, from 1951 to 1961, irradiated 110,000-plus Sephardic Jewish children.
That's the Arabic dark-skinned, dark-haired Jews.
Now, why would Israel do that?
I mean, and this is a confirmed Holocaust.
Most of them died.
That's on Israeli television.
I mean, this is not debatable.
It's a secret here in this country.
These people, it's just pure evil.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Hmm, I didn't think about that.
Great idea.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Weeknights, 9 to midnight.
Jeff Rents is right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Veteran radio broadcaster of, what, 13, 14, 15 years.
And, of course, before that, TV news producer.
We are very honored to have him with us for the next hour and 51 and a half minutes.
I know we've got loaded phones from the last hour.
We'll get to your calls.
Jeff doesn't take calls normally on his program.
It's an interview driven show.
He interviews me once a month.
We're having such a good interview Monday night.
I'm on with him once a month on that fourth Monday.
It was such a great interview.
I said, Jeff, I'm pushing your arm.
You've got to come on.
He doesn't do other radio interviews.
He doesn't take calls.
So this is a double blue moon here for everybody today.
His website is Rents.com.
We have a big fat link to it up on Infowars.com right now.
Jeff, great to have you here with us.
Thank you.
I've got my arm in the sling.
You did twist it, but I'm here.
There's so much to talk about, but your view on what the New World Order is, what this elite society is doing, what their master plan is, basically the climate of the world today from your unique perspective.
You know, thanks for the kind words, by the way.
Yes, I did spend 12 years as a television news producer, news anchorman, news director.
I saw back then, and this is in the 80s, where it was going.
Where it was going was into the pocket of the controllers.
News became product.
It wasn't news anymore.
Celebrity and fame and notoriety became the driving force between, I'd say,
That and a little bit of journalism.
But it drove most everyone who was in the news business to get into the news business.
It used to be in the old days, you'd go to Hollywood and want to become a star in the films and then television.
But that became almost an unreachable goal for most people.
So they found a shortcut, and the shortcut was to get on the nightly news, on your local news channel.
Stand up close in the field as a reporter or even an anchorman or anchorwoman in time.
And that was it.
And I'd bring many, many people into the business.
And almost invariably within a month or two, they would be sending out behind my back, not that I cared, videotapes to stations in larger cities trying to climb the ladder of stardom.
They were never happy.
And there are some who are, but the idea is to get in and go as high as you can.
And it just got to be ridiculous.
We've talked about this before, Alex, and I just one day decided I had enough and walked away from it after a very successful career and some very nice offers.
I just said, this is not for me.
It's a lie.
So I walked away and stayed away for a couple of years and then decided that talk radio was really the last chance to reach people and to reach them at a level on a basis that they could really react to, and that's the mental basis, the mind, theater of the mind, so to speak.
So we were doing that and started the program and I went into it.
And for those of you wondering how you get into this business, how I did it, just so you'll know, and there are always ways for people who want to achieve.
I don't care what venue of life you're involved in or where you want to go.
If you want it, you'll get it.
It's that simple.
No one will come knocking on your door as Alex will be the first to tell you and say, here, here's this nice career.
Would you like it?
No, I went to a local radio station in Santa Barbara and found that they had some time available to rent, so to speak, or to buy.
So I purchased a Sunday night three-hour slot and did my own program.
Just started doing it, and that's how it worked.
And then from there, one thing led to another, and here I am, talking direct to the underground.
Is it underground, your bunker, or is it above ground?
That's right.
Here in the Central Texas Command Center.
That's right.
It sounds like Giuliani's Command Center and WTC7, but I know it's not anything as luxurious as that.
Listen, I got a question.
When we first connected about seven or eight minutes ago on the phone, your theme music at the top of the hour, I'm going to guess, was that Shostakovich?
You know, I don't know.
I hear classical music.
I hear...
I hear stuff I like and I just say, stick that in the show.
And I think it was a piece from a Shostakovich symphony.
And that's an interesting story in and of itself.
Dmitri Shostakovich was... He was Russian, right?
I grew up at the... And then he was persecuted and had to... Yeah, actually it is.
Now you're spurring my memory, sure.
Yeah, he grew up at the foot of the Lenin-Stalin machine and was writing his music actually reflective of the spirit and dignity...
And freedom of the human soul.
But he couched it in terms that the Soviet proletariat, the communists, never really figured it out.
He was very shrewd and very smart.
His music sounded patriotic, but what he was really doing was mocking them and putting them down for their hideous, deadly genocidal policies of control and mental subjugation.
But some great music, Shostakovich.
Anyway, I just thought I'd toss that out.
Jeff, the other night when I was on your broadcast, we were talking about the young people, how they wear a mask.
And I think this is really a key to understanding things, because I remember being three, four years old and consciously realizing that I was make-believing.
You know, when you have a make-believe friend, or you're acting like Superman or a pirate in the backyard with your friends, and you're playing a role.
And then I figured out that most adults today are literally playing out roles.
As you said, everything is like a...
Mask they put over their face.
Madison Avenue...
And again, this is the key to the shallowness that has pervaded and taken over our once great society.
Americans were known for being authentic and real and informed, and now we're known as the opposite, as being a bunch of hollow zombies.
But they tell the women they're inadequate when they're 10 years old.
Well, that's a very important point.
And now kids, rather than pretending to be pirates and so forth, pretend they're Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.
Well, not him.
Excuse me.
We're good to go.
I think?
Our children are literally being bombarded with images all the time.
To make them feel inadequate because once they do that, then they're able to sell you what will make you adequate.
It's a setup.
It's a complete setup.
Self-esteem is completely destroyed in children and what they're left with is this hollow emptiness.
And what do they fill it with?
They fill it with
We're good to go.
The simple fact that they have no knowledge of who they are.
They've never been allowed to grow as individuals.
They've never been allowed to grow as unique beings.
They also, and I want you to elaborate on this because I've heard you speak to it, they don't have any real mission in life.
People say they have this big God-shaped vacuum in their life, and I agree it's there, but you're not going to find it at the big megachurch out on the highway telling you to worship George Bush or worship world government and render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and submit.
We're good to go.
It is the fight against the New World Order.
It is the real adventure.
It is empowering to go up against this tyranny.
And at the base of human psyche is survival.
And they've really taken the survival mechanism away from people.
Folks just don't even have any idea what it is to be human.
You know, they've done that.
They've taken away accountability.
When little Johnny or little Mary falls down or screws up, oh, it's not your fault.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
There's no accountability, basically.
Now, there are exceptions.
There are some wonderful parents out there.
But most families don't hold their children accountable for their behavior anymore.
They give up and they give in because the children are taught to defy authority and ally themselves with their peers.
We're good to go.
And that's exactly the slave training manuals from Rome and then later in the Caribbean of bringing the women into the house, making them the servant of the system.
And it isn't any surprise now that Gloria Steinem admits that Miss Magazine and her whole operation was CIA.
It's hard for people to accept the fact that this has not happened before.
We're good to go.
Every conference, every key agreement, every... Well, all the people involved with the reconstitution of the American government school system to produce not individuals, not to encourage individual achievement and uniqueness, but to encourage groupthink and hive mentality.
And folks, some of you who listen to me, and I think Alex and I may have talked about this the last time I was on the program,
We're good to go.
I think?
To the beat of a 100 to 110 decibel minimum DJ up on stage playing song after song, track after track for three hours non-stop with no timeouts to get to talk to each other, never mind the fact that at least half the kids at the dances I went to, and this is an upper middle class area I live in, were on drugs, obviously.
In fact, I saw one girl came over to me, and I'm a chaperone sitting on the side watching what's going on,
But it's just like the parable in Pinocchio.
They get them over on the island, get them partying, get them drunk, and then load them on the slave ships.
You got it.
They're slaves, of course, and they'll never realize it.
They'll be the last to know.
Well, that's really the key.
You submit to the government and then you rebel against everyone else.
We'll be right back with Jeff Rentsch.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Jeff, I want to get into the Iraq War, get your take on that.
I want to talk about the surveillance crew going into place.
I've got a Lou Dobbs clip about three minutes long about the North American Union, which you've been covering for over a decade.
And, of course, take calls.
But getting back to the central issue of the dumbing down,
We're good to go.
And then meanwhile, you've got all these individuals out there who just think they go through life never being involved in their government, never being informed about their government.
I mean, how do they think they're going to be free or even have any semblance of liberty if they're not involved?
They're not thinking.
They're just not thinking.
This is a reactive society, not a proactive society.
People now, and you know, I remember years ago when I first saw people using remote controls in television.
Television scared me enough when I was in college, and then when the remote controls came out, I said, this is really the beginning of the end.
This is mass hypnosis of a culture, of a society, and a world, in fact, because the Chinese, as you know, the communist Chinese, had as a goal
It is beyond belief.
And that's the key.
It is a psychological warfare weapon.
You know, the UT Psychology Department, much of it is classified and restricted, but I've been allowed into the unrestricted areas by one of the people high level there.
And the whole thing is DARPA funded.
They have whole departments publicly testing a flicker rate to mesmerize the population.
I mean, do listeners out there understand it is a weapon?
It's a total weapons system.
Even our best... Well, and here's an example of how it works so well.
50% dropout rate at most American high schools now.
By the time someone gets to the 12th grade, they're either gone... 50 plus percent illegitimacy now in births.
Now, the results are all over the map.
All you have to do is look and honestly evaluate what's going on.
You can see why.
A kid is born, and as I've said so many times, the very first time a family, a mother or a father or both, put their child, and they do it at the age of six, eight months, in front of a flickering television screen.
That is the beginning of the programming of that child away from whatever values the parents hope to instill within that child.
And that takes us back to what you were saying earlier, Jeff, and that is that everything is about turning the man against the woman, the black against the white.
Everything is about turning the north against the south.
Everything is about... It's divide and rule, Alex.
We've talked about this forever.
It's the oldest tactic of all.
Divide and separate.
And, you know, there was a program... I've got to do this one, too.
There was a program, I can't remember the name of it now.
I haven't watched television literally, or even quasi-routinely, or regularly, or even infrequently for 20 years.
It was a program, a sitcom, a primetime sitcom.
It might have been on Fox.
I don't remember what it was.
But the man came home from work, and the woman, a dominant woman, dominant mother, which is a typical scenario in these soap operas, had the guy literally, and it was supposed to be funny, right?
Had him get down on the floor like a dog.
Okay, you're home from work.
Now get down on the floor.
And she put a leash on him, a collar on him.
That's married with children.
Thank you.
I guess that was it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You saw it too?
I mean, every show on Fox does that.
The man is a criminal.
The man is crazy.
The man is bad.
He's a dog.
He was a dog.
And she led him up the stairs, made him jump up into the bed like a dog.
Roll over, roll over.
I swear this is true.
The guy rolls over on his back.
She then ties his hands and feet together.
Now, Hitler said, first you get the women, then you've got the children, so follow the men.
What, 80 plus percent of network advertising targets women because they're the main buyers?
And again...
We're social animals.
We learn by watching other members of the pack, the tribe, the truth.
Especially if it's repeated a hundred, a thousand times, over and over.
And I challenge folks, within several minutes, the brain rate, and this is mainstream news, the brain rate lowers to a mesmerized sleep wavelength.
You're literally hypnotized because of the flicker alone.
Now, video games... The flicker alone.
Now, the flicker... It does not leave TV quite yet.
The flicker alone.
The brain operates at four basic levels.
Beta, alpha, theta, delta.
Delta is absolute out of a deep sleep.
Theta is napping, light sleep.
Barely conscious.
The TV will take you down to...
Alpha, beta.
Right in between number two and number three.
And that's where it's got you, folks.
Because you can no longer exercise intellectual evaluation or judgment on the material going into your subconscious mind.
Stay there.
Stay there.
This is absolutely key.
We'll come back.
That's why I wanted to get Jeff here.
He's an expert on this.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Rob, Dwayne, Dave, Greg, Ed, and everybody, we'll get to your calls here coming up in a little while.
I want to play a Lou Dobbs clip and get Jeff Renz's take on it, but let's continue with television.
Now, understand, I mean, I took some RTF in school, in college, and even the textbook admitted that the television's flicker mesmerizes.
You can read mainstream medical reports, psychological reports.
That the flicker brings you right down to the mesmerized state in between sleep and waking.
Now, that is the exact area what Jeff Rentsch was just mentioning.
Now, they found that video games, when youngsters, or anybody for that matter, plays a complex video game for more than 30 minutes...
That most people go into an unnatural state that is below sleep.
Lower brainwaves than ever existed.
Now, that was in big Tokyo papers.
It was all over the news a few years ago.
Remember the children all over the world were having seizures by the thousands every time the monster's eyes flashed red?
That was a beta test, by the way.
I'm convinced.
To see the response.
That happened.
That was seven years ago.
You want to tell folks about that?
Oh, yeah.
Television puts you into that state, as Alex was saying.
Beta, alpha, theta, delta.
It will put you right down into deep theta, almost delta.
Video games will take you below delta, apparently, into a new uncharted territory of brainwave control and manipulation.
But beyond that, now that...
I think?
Rationally understand, process, judge, evaluate the material going into your senses.
It goes right into your subconscious mind with no alteration, no filtration whatsoever.
Okay, that's called programming.
That is perfect.
American television is the boob tube and it controls our masses with very carefully filtered information.
But beyond that, and Alex and I have talked about this, you've heard him talk about it, there is other technology
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
On that kind of audio and video amphetamine, and that's what it is.
It's a meth speed addiction.
Well, they also admit that the average Westerner's attention span, everybody you've read this, has gone now down from decades ago it was an hour plus, now it's a few minutes.
And so I was yesterday, or actually two days ago, I was at the gym on the stair stepper,
And they've got all these big plasma screen TVs where I work out, and I'm watching ESPN, and everything's with timers now of 20 seconds.
And so even for adults, everything is like that.
It's all pace.
It's cadence.
It's an amphetamine-based society, and I don't mean the kind you swallow down your throat.
You're being bombarded with it all the time.
No wonder kids can't sit still in classroom, okay?
Well, let's explain that.
The eyes basically are stalks that in embryo development grow out of the brain.
The eyes are literally windows of the soul because they're literally a brain nerve that has grown out of your face.
And it is literally accepting this as real information.
And in the natural world and in all of human development and how God designed us,
We're good to go.
I think?
In the mind, and it is a drug, it also then conditions you to not be able to respond to real threats in the real world.
You're right.
Can't do it.
No, it's total control.
It's brilliant.
These people are not stupid.
And the technology involved in television and video games is, again, unregulated.
It's, in fact, not even known by most people, except the people who are embedding it and enfolding it in the signals.
Oh, well, they taught, you know, 14 years ago or whatever in college, it was in the textbook that billboards have subliminals, that everything... Everything does.
I mean, folks, it's all over the place, and major studies have come out, and I'm not tooting our horn, it's true.
Radio and reading increases your IQ, increases your knowledge, because it exercises your brain.
Let's explain why it does that, Jeff.
Well, because it forces you to be proactive.
You're not getting everything served on a plate.
When we say to you, a tiger, you must visually, in your mind, create the image of a tiger.
You do it instantaneously.
When you're watching television, you see the tiger.
There's no challenge.
Your brain does nothing.
It simply reacts.
And that's why it puts you, one of the reasons, not just the flickering, exactly in the dream state.
So, when I talk about an image...
All the data, all the purchases being collated, the Google software accessing your microphone listening to you, you image that, and so it's developing the mind.
Reading is even better than radio because you have to actually form it as you're visually reading it, and it's a whole other... So you're exercising your brain muscle.
Now here's another one.
Scientists have now proven
The greater the vocabulary that the individual holds and has developed, the greater that person enjoys life, is able to interact with life, and define life as a fabulous, wonderful, incredible experience.
If you have a vocabulary of 500 to 1,000 words, your world is very myopic.
There's nothing much going on.
You've got tunnel vision.
If you have a vocabulary of 10,000 words,
The amount of definition you can lay on the images and perceptions you're taking in is almost limitless.
It's extraordinary.
So vocabulary is crucial.
That is essential.
You have just given them the key.
Folks, they do autopsies on 100-year-old composers whose brain is shriveled down to nothing.
Your brain starts dying at age 30.
But they were total geniuses when they died and totally fulfilled, bouncing off the walls.
There's now major scientific studies, mainstream studies,
I mean, this is not debated.
This is admitted that one of the things causing Alzheimer's isn't just the toxins.
They've also found, even if you've been taking the flu shots full of mercury, that it compounds by old people watching on average six hours plus of TV a day.
So it's literally killing your brain.
They're medicated, too, of course, are old people.
And then when we talk about content, few understand that in 1983, President Reagan signed one of those national security decision directives.
It's number 77, and that formally began the process of our government taking control of the news media with the help of the friendly folks at the CIA.
So they've been at this a long time.
We go back to Northwoods.
We're good to go.
I think?
That tens of millions will see and read.
It's easy to do.
It's not a problem for these people.
And I've met these people.
They're on power trips.
They say, well, the public doesn't need to know this.
You know, we're the guardians of the system.
They're deciding for us what our lives should have and have not.
Now, I want to get more into television because I want people to realize that now they're going into these, and I've talked to Microsoft executives and others,
The plan is, and it's already come out now on the PlayStation 3 and the new Xbox.
You saw the riots for PlayStation 3, didn't you, to give you an idea of the addiction that our young people have to video escapism?
The riots for PlayStation 3?
Oh, people being shot, stabbed, people running over the police, foaming at the mouth?
That's right.
That's how severe, folks, and ingrained and insidious the addiction to this kind of, quote, entertainment this society is now enslaved to.
Well, I've talked to full-grown adults that run successful businesses, and they tell me, I played the game Hitman for two years.
It's like I'm him.
It's my accomplishment in my life.
No, it's not real.
It's a virtual reality.
You're plugging yourself incrementally into the matrix.
We're good to go.
Well, they're dying intellectually, if nothing else.
But again, if the intellect is never properly allowed to grow, how do you kill it?
And that brings us to the point we brought up Monday, Alex, which is crucial.
There's nothing there.
Our young people now are literally not only existing and growing and thriving in a virtual world, but they are virtual people.
The mask that we used to put together for our personalities was at least predicated upon reality, real people, real events.
The mask that our young people, in many cases, have assembled for themselves is derived strictly from MTV, from music videos, from video games, from video game heroes.
And the mask that we were...
The mass that we were appropriating as we were young that then grew into something real, they were in an endless line stretching back into humanity, developed from our actual trials and tribulations.
What we're dealing with now is a virtual populace living in a virtual reality.
These are not real people.
We're good.
I think so.
And even if they don't get on those, now, what, 15% of the kids in this country, 8% globally, are on the psychotropics.
The New Freedom Initiative just got its funding.
The feds are pushing for psychological testing and drugging everywhere.
Ah, they are.
And the trick questions, of course, the profiling of our elementary school children will follow them all the way through their lives.
They're building dossiers on everybody.
Jeff, I want to go back.
I want to again go back to what these video games are doing.
You know, Philip K. Dick wrote, you know, the futurist sci-fi writer in San Francisco that so many films are based on.
He wrote about wireheads.
Well, really, then Aldous Huxley wrote about wireheads too because his brother was working on it.
Quote, where they could plug your head in to the pleasure centers and you'd never even want to get up and you'd just starve to death.
Well, people are now dying.
They're already doing that.
Dying playing the video games for three, four days at a time, bringing them into such a mind control.
And I remember playing Mario Brothers when I was a teenager, and two hours would go by, and I would wake up like I was mesmerized with my hands sweating.
And I still only played a few hours a week.
And all my friends who I'd grown up with, that's right when video games were getting big, didn't go play in the woods, didn't go play baseball anymore.
They just sat there in their rooms playing.
Drinking Coca-Cola, playing video games 15 hours a day.
But I remember when I'd come visit my grandparents here in Austin, I would walk down to the local 7-Eleven store and play video games there until my money ran out.
And I remember being so mesmerized because it takes... This is how they do it.
It takes concentration to win the game and to get to level after level.
So there's total concentration.
What a thing to build self-esteem on, for God's sakes.
While the screen's flashing in a mesmerized point, and now in the video games it's all, confiscate the guns, you're a U.N.
soldier, America's under martial law, torture people, rape women.
Oh, and don't forget about, yeah, hiring hookers and then killing them.
And getting bonus cash.
Oh, yeah, bonus cash.
Can't forget that.
No, this is all playing out perfectly for these people.
It is the matrix, though.
I mean, this is how they're tricking us.
It's fashionable, it's cool, you get tied into it.
The parents, I mean, look...
I think.
You know, a middle-class neighborhood.
You drive by at night.
All the windows glow blue.
Oh, yeah.
If you're up in a high-rise visiting somebody, you look across the street.
I talked to a guy.
He said, back when I grew up in New York 30 years ago, you saw people fighting, talking, eating, living, and you'd see a TV on in the background.
Now, everyone sits and watches the television and doesn't.
Folks, they've already got us in the matrix.
In the Matrix, and most people actually sit in a subordinate position physically to the TV.
The TV's a little higher than they are off into the room.
They're looking up to it.
So get the imagery.
Understand that the aggression amongst our children today, I'm talking about six, seven-year-olds, is the hostility.
It's incredible.
And what happens to the kids who are sensitive?
Where do they go?
They go into the world of virtual reality.
They go into the video games, they go into TV, they go into music video, or they put the headset on and escape into a cadence-laden protocol of what they call music.
And remember, in the cadence of the music, the mind is taken to a state which it can no longer effectively and reasonably intellectually evaluate what's going on.
It puts you into a mesmerized state where it keeps hitting you so fast.
It flows right into your subconscious.
That's right.
And here's another little trick.
Deep bass hertz frequencies actually stimulate the reproductive hormones in the body.
Those deep bass notes in rock music will stimulate hormones among young kids.
They know this.
And they get high on it.
It's high to be, I guess the word is horny, but that's what it does.
It makes them want to have sex.
And there's no restraint anymore, as you know.
They can get condoms by simply walking into any Planned Parenthood center.
So, yeah, kids are having sex at 12, 13, 10, 9.
We know that.
Yeah, the control is incredible.
The battle is for you good parents out there to somehow cut your kids off from this terrible monstrosity of virtual control and let them learn what it is to think again.
But the churches say, oh, let them watch the good programs.
And, you know, I have to admit...
My children probably get an hour of TV a week.
They shouldn't even get that.
And in the past, they got nothing.
I don't know how it like snuck in.
I guess other children come over.
Things like that happen.
We've got to remove these things.
Well, and once I've had, and I'm sure you have, many parents tell me, you know, geez, we pulled the plug on the TV and after a couple days, my kids stopped screaming and complaining and throwing fits and began drawing, began reading, began talking to friends again.
Having a life.
Getting out of the matrix.
A real life.
You're only here once.
This is the real world.
A beautiful planet.
Third planet orbiting a standard sun.
On the spiral arm of a galaxy, the sun sets.
I mean, we live in a thin atmosphere on a huge asteroid.
I mean, there's huge plants and birds and creatures and humans walking around us.
God's given us all this.
And instead, you're playing some video game where you simulate millions of murders.
That's the Matrix.
That's where they want the people to be.
It's called Total Control, and they're doing it brilliantly.
One of the other aspects of it is how it is self-replicating and self-enforcing through peer pressure.
Well that's right.
Then they take the programming they get in TV land and video game land and come out and manifest it in the real world and then demand we join them in the brainwash system.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
We're the watchmen on the wall.
We see the riders approaching, the four horsemen.
Yes, the great illusion, the great illusion is upon us.
Tell them, Jimmy.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
All right.
I know we've got loaded phones.
I'm going to go to you right now.
I've got the Lou Dobbs clip coming up.
I'm going to talk about North American Union, everything with Jeff Renz.
But I don't talk enough about it because I've tuned out of it.
Now, I do watch clips on the web people send me.
I do sit there and watch it, but it's always scientific.
I'm serious.
Here at the office, let me see the clip.
And I watch it, and I look at it, and I analyze it.
And even if I'm watching something a few minutes, I catch myself slipping to relaxation into suspended disbelief.
That is a dream state.
This is admitted.
Again, this is not our opinion.
And you've got to be very careful.
That's why our films are so powerful.
We're using this medium with the truth.
And it's devastating them.
Please, go to Google Video, watch Terror Storm for free.
Get a DVD of it at InfoAwards.com.
Give it as a Christmas present.
Because you're not going to go to your friends and family and tell them, quit watching TV.
Off the bat, get them to quit.
You teach them about the New World Order, they will reduce, reduce, reduce, reduce, reduce.
Every couple weeks I go see an actual film.
I know it's for suspended disbelief.
I know it's dangerous and it's a crutch.
I should quit it.
But again, I phased back to almost nothing myself.
It's funny.
I'm on TV.
I make films.
But I probably watch myself, and this is at work, two, three hours of TV a week analyzing small clips.
And then for pleasure, I don't watch TV anymore.
I mean, I might.
I've got cable to monitor it maybe once a month.
I might watch a movie on HBO with my wife, but it's in a locked cabinet.
We open up, and if my children do watch something, it's an adult documentary on blue whales.
But still, they're bad after they're allowed to watch 30 minutes of television.
And your neighbors will look at you like you're crazy, but they don't understand this is a scientific tool.
So use the tool, America, Freedom to Fascism.
You can get it for $19.95 at Infowars.com.
I'm going to get Terror Storm for $9.95 with it.
Do your Christmas shopping, folks, at InfoWars.com and make this broadcast possible.
Give the gift of truth this holiday season.
Or call toll-free to get the films, 888-253-3139.
Our guest website is Rents.com.
And you can listen to his show, 9 to Midnight Central Standard Time.
It's an excellent news site.
I get a lot of news and information from it daily.
Let's cram Rob in Tennessee on, who's been holding patiently.
You're on the air with Jeff Rents.
Go ahead.
Hi, Rob.
I was just wondering, I have ADD, and I was wondering if that's a direct cause from this.
Well, ADD is itself made up.
The psychiatrists don't have any evidence.
But it is true that there's something underlying it, that the society has attention deficit disorder by the very neural pathways programmed in at young age.
And studies show even moderate television watching by small children under the age of five during brain growth and neural pathway development that is set for life is massively retarded by television.
Television brain damages small children.
Jeff Rentsch.
And watch what happens.
Stop the sugar, stop the caffeine, stop the booze, stop whatever.
Hey, listen, a food should stay organic, and there shouldn't be more than 10, 15 ingredients.
You look at this stuff with 50, 20, 30 ingredients, you can't pronounce it.
It's petrochemicals, right, Jeff?
Leave it on the shelf.
I mean, listen, I've gotten to the point now, and I'm not even Mr. Health, that if I eat something processed, I feel horrible.
I get hangovers.
You do.
You're becoming toxic.
You're poisoned.
Yeah, folks.
So, good to hear from you, Calder.
We'll come back and take more calls.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com.
Or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We really do have a rare treat for you.
He does a handful of radio interviews in his, what is it, 14 plus years?
More on talk radio.
Former news TV producer, researcher, journalist, Jeff Rentsch, Rentsch.com.
And we've got a big fat link to it up on Infowars.com.
I know we've been holding callers for about an hour, so we're going to go to your calls now, get some of the oldest calls out of the way, hear what you have to say.
Then we're going to get into the North American Union, play this little three-minute Lou Dobbs clip, very informative, play a few other clips on other key issues and get Jeff Rentsch's take on that.
And then we're going to talk about the war, the casualties.
This is going to be a jam-packed third hour on this Friday edition.
Right now, let's talk to Dwayne in New Mexico.
Go ahead, Dwayne.
Hey, Alex, thanks for taking my call, man.
Thanks for calling.
Love the show.
Love Rents.com, too.
Thank you for everything you guys do.
I just had a quick... I wanted to get your guys' take on something.
I was talking to a buddy of mine yesterday, and we've been hearing all this stuff about the Democrats and their hate crime legislation that they want to get through with hate speech, so on and so forth, and people are talking about banning words now after we just had this...
Well, the neocons are all over radio saying, ban our speech.
They're naming me by name.
Callers are now calling in saying, they want to beat me up.
I shouldn't have free speech.
So, yes, we're starting to hurt them, so they're moving in now.
I think it's going to wake more folks up.
You want to comment on this, Jeff?
I'll tell you this.
If the hate law is passed, this country is going to be shaken right down to the core.
I think you'll see...
Legal action filed by all kinds of groups and individuals against the full spectrum of talk radio and talk television.
I think O'Reilly will be nailed with a suit by the Muslim community in this country, and rightly so.
I don't think it can stand because those on the controlling edge of the spectrum are going to get hit with it just as hard as us.
But they're going to selectively enforce it.
Well, you've got corrupt judges.
Yeah, it could happen.
I don't know.
It's going to be interesting to see.
I don't know.
But I think first and foremost, we have to prevent it from being passed.
And that means get on the phone to all those phonies in Congress and tell them personally, you vote for this and you're out.
They'll listen.
And is the fact that Michael Richards happens to be a 32nd degree Freemason from New York right?
Is that coincidence?
Well, I said day one, I said, I bet they just released something new.
And they just released a new box set of Seinfeld.
And the AP report was, I've got it here in the stack, it's some headline like,
Despite comments by Richards, Seinfeld rockets to number one on the charts.
And they just so happen to have Jerry Seinfeld queued up that night for Letterman, but weeks before, it's all staged.
And then they'll use it doubly to, oh yeah, we've got to have a hate crimes law.
Pretty slick.
Pretty slick.
Well, thanks, guys.
Can you mind if I plug my site real quick?
I do a weekly radio show on Sundays.
I know people are going to be listening to you, so they can actually listen to the podcast at revolution2008.net.
Appreciate your call.
All right.
Yeah, I do a Sunday show from 4 to 6 p.m.
on KLBJ.
A lot of our weekday affiliates have picked it up, and we're very thankful for that.
Jeff, what do you see happening next?
The old line media, meaning what exactly?
You know, cable, television, newspapers.
I don't know.
When you've got six corporations controlling 90% of America's media, I don't really hold out a lot of optimism for any major change.
You've seen Lou Dobbs.
You've seen, certainly, Keith Olbermann.
Those two guys, I think, are carrying the torch for a lot of us.
And I hope that Olbermann is being supported at the highest levels of MSNBC with respect to all the text he's been putting out there.
That would give me some cause, I think, to be optimistic that there is potential change within the old-line media.
That in and of itself is a light to me.
Well, let me get back, though.
I'm going to go over a few of the positive facets of this and take more calls because I want to get your take on the fact that mainstream media is losing market share.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I always love taking your calls because it takes us in so many different directions.
Jeff Rents, riding shotgun with us on this live Friday edition, the first day of December 2006.
We'll be getting into the American Union, a Lou Dobbs clip.
We've got a bunch of other news.
What's happening with our currency, the dollar, and so much more.
But let's continue to go through your phone calls right now.
Let's talk to Dave in New York.
Dave, welcome.
Alex, phenomenal show.
Thank you.
In the beginning you started talking about smoking.
And the thing, my take on it, I ended up with a trach and everybody thinks that I had cancer, but it had something else to do with a totally different thing.
But anyway, the doctor said you don't smoke.
I said, you know, step out on Main Street USA.
Don't complain to me about smoking.
Because I don't smoke that much anyway.
But, you know, they use this big propaganda about smoke.
It's unbelievable.
Compared to the exhaust fumes that come out of vehicles and everything else, but they won't shut them down.
The other thing is the tax on the cigarettes.
Cigarette smokers pay more tax than most people anyway.
And another thing is, when they sued the
Tobacco companies.
What do they do with all that money?
Hospitals are closing down all over the place.
Oh, no, they've used it for, quote, education, which they then use to brainwash the public.
I'm going to let you go because your phone's real bad, but I appreciate your call.
And to recap what I was saying in the first hour, smoking is very bad for you.
And what's even worse than tobacco and the tar and the rest of it is all the other chemicals they add.
There's over 100 of them in the paper.
But what I'm getting at here is the government doesn't care about you and wants you to quit smoking because they love you.
They're cornering the market to tax and control something.
They're exporting it to China, India.
These are the big growth markets.
They're setting the precedent for the control freak nanny state where they're going to tell you what you can eat, what you can do, what you can do in your own house.
So this is the road to hell.
You want to comment, Jeff?
Yeah, well, beside that, there's big money in cancer.
$1.2 million is generated by the average cancer patient in this country.
And smoking, whether it be first-hand or second-hand, is a prime contributor to building the body into a diseased condition.
Well, that's right.
They know what they're doing.
They take the person's life savings, and they always get it at the end.
And it's documented.
And by documented, I mean I've read the medical reports, the studies.
Back in the 20s and 30s, all the big research facilities in the country were being funded by John D. Rockefeller.
He funded the big eugenics programs in Nazi Germany.
I have the New York Times articles from the 20s about how great he is and how good the Fuhrer is and how great the Nazis are going to be going right up into the 40s.
And they literally have engineered a society that is, and the cancer virus is all of it.
This is part of the larger eugenics program.
Jeff, can you speak to that?
Well, interesting you'd mention Adolf Hitler, because it's been recently admitted, and I knew this a long time ago, that Nazi Germany under Hitler was literally decades ahead of all other countries in the world in promoting health reforms that we today regard as generally progressive or socially responsible, including a massive anti-smoking campaign in Nazi Germany, restrictions on asbestos, pesticides, and food coloring.
Now, this is in Nazi Germany in the 30s.
You don't hear about that, do you?
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
It's called The Global Elite, Who Are They?
And I would urge all of you to read it.
It's up in my featured stories.
Just scan down there and read who's in the Trilateral Commission.
Read it.
Just understand.
This is the Congress of the Global Elite Controllers, basically.
And they meet and they talk and they decide what's going to happen.
It's right out there in front, hiding it in plain sight.
In fact, speaking of that, I played this yesterday.
Here's Dick Cheney at a CFR meeting on national television bragging
That he kept it secret from his constituents that he was the director of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Here it is.
It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.
As Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time.
I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming.
Now, there's a more lengthy clip, and the post under it
What do you call that type of willful ignorance, Jeff?
There are many words you can lay on that, but let me say one quick thing about the Council on Foreign Relations, Alex, not to change the subject.
This goes back to the 1950s.
The CFR was explicit about the need for a world government.
This is nothing new.
And when Dick Cheney says it's good to be back, he's been a member for a long time,
This is literally a control mechanism along with the Trilateral Commission.
David Rockefeller, all these people.
Read who's in it.
Understand what the agenda is and why we are in the state of affairs we are now.
But they don't even attempt to hide it now.
No, no.
But the public was preconditioned that it didn't exist.
So when they're saying world government's here... It doesn't register.
People attack us and say it's not real video of Dick Cheney.
That's right.
Well, yeah.
It's true.
We're going to go to more calls in a moment, but here's a little clip, Jeff, of Lou Dobbs.
It's true.
I don't know if you caught this.
I don't watch TV, so I missed it.
You missed it, but they're on the web.
That's where I seem to watch TVs, on the web.
Here it is, talking about the North American Union.
Now, remember, this is watered down.
We'll give you the facts after you hear this clip.
When Mexican President Vicente Fox leaves office this week and Philippe Calderon takes his place, President Bush will be the last of the so-called three amigos.
Bush, Fox, and of course Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin were the originators of the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership, which critics call nothing more than a North American union.
It means open borders, commerce at all costs, and by the way, without the approval of either American voters or the U.S.
Christine Romans reports.
Waco, Texas, 2005.
Under these three men, the Security and Prosperity Partnership was born.
An effort, the government say, to harmonize regulations and increase cooperation between three very different countries.
The Mexican president in Cancun this spring.
We need to elevate the competitiveness of our economies.
And a new Canadian Prime Minister joining the discussions as this North American partnership barrels ahead, with departments and ministries of all three governments working quickly to integrate North America by 2010.
The official progress report boasting, quote, implementation is on track.
And now Mexico's new president, Felipe Calderon, widely expected to keep the progress moving.
Critics, though, say there's too little transparency and no congressional oversight.
There's nothing wrong with neighboring governments talking to each other, synchronizing their watches to make sure they're all on the same page in the cases of emergency or on trade issues or even on the flows of goods and people.
But if policies are being made that the American people might oppose or that are contrary to the law, especially as it relates to immigration, they're doing something a bit more nefarious.
He points to SPP documents urging the free flow of goods and people across borders and a wish list from business interests that borders remain open during a flu pandemic.
Worse, critics say foreign policy elites are promoting a European-style union, erasing borders between the three countries and eventually moving to a single North American currency called the Amaro.
A Commerce Department spokesman, however, denies this.
Quote, there is absolutely no plan for a common currency.
Speculation about that erupted again this week after some in the Canadian business contingent included it on a list of their long-term goals for the SPP.
But people involved with the partnership between the three countries are very quick to distance themselves, Lou, from that very, very unpopular idea.
The fact is, and everyone watching you and that report tonight, for any American to think
That it is acceptable for the President of the United States and this Executive Department of his government, his administration, our government, to proceed without the approval of Congress or a dialogue and a debate and a public voice from the people of this country.
is absolutely unconscionable.
The defense of those folks who are saying that they're involved with the SPP is that they're not doing anything that would require congressional approval or voter approval.
They're just harmonizing the regulations between the three countries.
What they're doing is creating a brave new world, an Orwellian world, in which the will of the people is absolutely irrelevant.
And I think we've had a sampling of what's going to happen to people who do that in the future.
I can't imagine this standing.
But then again, I couldn't imagine its beginning, nor the fact that it's gotten this far.
Christine, thank you.
Okay, so... Bravo, Lou Dobbs.
Well done.
And so what's happening here is, Bush and Martin and Fox didn't start this.
It was being built decades ago.
Now they're announcing it to everyone.
And under this, you have no Bill of Rights, you have no free speech, and it's not even a, quote, free trade deal.
It's merging the continent right now.
No, excuse me, harmonizing it.
They're just harmonizing it, Alex.
They're just integrating it.
Just a little harmony, just comparing notes in case of a disaster.
And did you get the part about that borders remain open during flu pandemics?
Look out, gang.
And by the way, Mr. Calderon, of course, the fraudulently elected successor to Fox in that stolen election that outraged Mexicans, is going to carry on the same agenda.
And if any of you know anything about the upper levels of Mexican government, you'll know that most of it is Zionist with Latin surnames.
If you've ever studied it, those are the facts.
Same people, those are neocon Zionists down there.
We'll be right back.
Got a break.
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We're good to go.
All right, let's continue with calls, and then we're going to get back into the war, back into what's happening in Iraq, what's happening here in the United States.
But before we did that, yeah, Mexico.
I learned this long before I saw this in some of the Mexican publications here in this country.
I was looking at the Mexican Congress probably about seven, eight years ago, and I noticed they all had, not all, actually about half, didn't even have names like Gonzales or...
I think?
We're good to go.
And, you know, I'm a little short guy, 5'10", but the point is, you know, I'm a giant compared to a lot of the folks in southern Mexico at 5 feet tall.
I mean, who is this foreign elite?
Well, the Mexicans down there know it, and they've been burning a bunch of cities this last month, Jeff.
Well, they had their presidential election stolen like we did, probably even more outrageously, and they know it.
Yes, they have taken to the streets in the hundreds of thousands, and so far they haven't been successful.
The globalists just keep pushing forward.
They just ignore it and deal with it if they have to.
But it's a tough situation for them.
But they got their wake-up call.
They know.
They know who's controlling their country now.
But don't the Aslan take over the Southwest people?
Because I've read their publications.
They admit the New World Order is doing this.
Don't they know the New World Order is behind getting rid of the borders and using them to break down the U.S.?
They say, yeah, we know that.
Well, I've talked to them.
They do know that.
But we're going to double-cross them and we're going to get both of you.
That's what they think.
Good luck.
I think they're going to ride the coattails of us and regain their homeland.
They're in shackles just as much as the rest of their people.
All they're doing is knocking down the one last free country where they had a chance to have freedom.
That's exactly right.
Let's take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Greg in Illinois.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Glad to talk to you.
Nice to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
Well, what's on my mind, and I don't mean to rub salt into a wound, but what Troy from West Virginia was talking about, not only did he insult you
But he insulted your listeners, which I'm one of them.
And everything that you were saying is exactly true about the problem with the child prostitution and the White House.
If this Troy guy is listening...
He can... Let me tell you something else.
He doesn't care.
He doesn't think there's a North American Union.
He said Dick Cheney should sue me, which I hope he would.
It's been in the Washington Post.
It's been in the Washington Times.
The male prostitutes, the underage children back in the late 80s.
Gannon, the male prostitute.
Bohemian Grove.
The Franklin cover-up.
I mean, I'm just... And these people can't... But I mean, if he doesn't know there's a North American Union, when Lou Dobbs is talking about it, you can't help him.
But go ahead, caller.
I'm sorry.
But everything you're saying is true.
No, no.
I, like you, heard some rumors about this, and I investigated these rumors myself.
I have met Larry King, the real Larry King from the credit union.
I have actually met the man, talked to him.
This was before all this came out.
I talked to John DeCamp in person.
Oh, you did?
Oh, yeah.
I have read the Franklin cover-up.
I have... Troy in West Virginia...
Look up Ted Gunderson on, just Google him.
Hey, listen, when you say anything to Troy, he goes, there's no FEMA camps.
And I said, Houston Chronicle, he goes, yeah, oh, sure.
I mean, he was literally like somebody in the movie Idiocracy going, look, I got one that can read.
I mean, it's just they don't, look, it's invincible ignorance, Jeff.
That's the perfect term, yeah.
Invincible ignorance.
He can look up Jim Rothstein.
These people don't want to do the research.
They don't want to be bothered with the facts because their mind is made up.
Yeah, I've interviewed Mr. Rothstein.
He was a high-level New York detective.
And Ted Gunderson was the...
Head of the L.A.
Division of the FBI.
Yep, he sure was.
Ran the whole L.A.
And you've known Ted, I'm sure, Alex, for years.
Look, it runs the gamut from, you know, 14-year-old underage ones to blowing kids' heads off.
I mean, okay, that's what the globalists do on a fun weekend.
They're all into different stuff.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
We'll be right back with more calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I see a woman in the night!
Welcome back.
We have the highest rate of disease.
The most pathetic families.
We're the most physically ill.
The New World Order has poisoned us, taken the strongest, most loved, most admired people in the world, and used all of our weaknesses against us to turn us into a pack of fools, a pack of drooling, gibbering idiots.
Now, you've got a huge mass of people getting back into nature, away from the television sets, getting into health, but you see the globalists moving to try to block all that.
You see a huge awakening of the New World Order.
You see newspaper circulation down by 60 plus percent in the last decade, 10 percent in the last year.
I think so.
This banning of file sharing is the latest, I think, first-class effort that they've made to try to scare people.
They're flooding the Internet, as we all know, with disinformation people, with psychotics that they nudge in certain directions to do their kind of character assassination in dirt.
I don't know.
There's an astonishing level of actually...
We're good to go.
It's utter fiction, and it does turn some people's heads.
So, yeah, disinformation on the Internet.
It's called poisoning the well, yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Disinformation, that's what it is.
It poisons the whole medium.
That's what their number one line of defense is, if you're thinking in their shoes.
But these threats of banning files, that's amazing.
They've talked about taxing emails for years and years, and people have even put trial balloons on the internet.
We'll see.
Alleged House of Representatives pieces of legislation, they've even named numbers that would tax internet email.
The legislation doesn't exist.
It's a complete fraud.
But it has been proposed by the EU.
That was in the BBC.
That's right.
Now, what they're doing over here, just to go back to the NAU, the North American Union, is the same thing that they did to Europe.
And I'm still appalled, Alex.
That's exactly right.
That's right.
Here you have a country, Germany, France, whatever, Sweden, with hundreds and hundreds, if not a thousand years of history, tradition, culture, scientific, intellectual achievement.
They rolled over, and they allowed this civilization
But it's the same thing here.
The virus come in.
Lou Dobbs has had a poll.
99% in a CNN poll against the North American Union.
What do the politicians say?
We're going to instruct the bureaucracy to just do it.
Oh, 97% don't want no toll road taxation grids?
Well, we're just going to do it anyways.
91% don't want open borders.
We'll just do it.
Oh, 90-plus percent don't like electronic voting machines.
We're just going to do it.
Is that not the biggest indicator for these sheep out there?
And I call them sheep.
At one point, they don't like what's happening, but on the other side, they won't just go berserk to stop it.
Well, they've had the berserk bred out of them by the media, by the control.
The last 30, 35 years of this has paid off big dividends for the controllers themselves.
Well, what's wrong with us then?
Because I feel it's not because I'm even a goody-two-shoes or some special person.
I have an instinct when my people, my country, my world are under attack by a group of criminals.
I know we're all in danger from them.
I know they're always doing evil stuff.
They're openly saying they want to reduce our population forcibly after, quote, the global police state is in.
I just want to survive.
I just want to fight a threat.
How have they bred out of people the will to resist, Jeff?
Through the media.
The whole counterculture media of virtual reality.
It's now dominant.
We have virtual people walking around, especially our younger people and our older people, who have adopted from the media their own lifestyle, their ethos, their ethics, and everything else.
It's just an incredible achievement.
I hate to use the term, but that's what it is.
It's costumes.
It's costumes, like you said, like a mask.
People literally go look at a hundred different subcultures and they pick that and that's who they are.
And folks, I'm not saying it's bad to look some way or be into something.
My point is that you better be deeper than just that.
The last gasp was when over 30 million people worldwide took to the streets to protest Bush's pending invasion of Iraq to throw out Saddam Hussein.
You know how they played that down?
30 million people worldwide went to the biggest peace demonstration in the history of the planet.
The media just brushed it aside.
Didn't happen.
Doesn't matter.
Don't worry about it.
Now, who are these people, these men and women in Washington and the Congress, who have sold this country out?
Every single one of them who voted for the Patriot Act should be put on trial for treason.
And they all voted for it without even having read it.
I've said this before.
We talked about it last Monday on my program.
If this new Congress, after it's sworn in, within the first four weeks, I'll give them four weeks, doesn't introduce at least eight or ten rock-solid abrogations of these incredibly unconstitutional laws that have been passed and executive orders that have been signed,
I'm going to be the first to say, I told you so, and you'll be right there with me.
These people are phonies.
I don't know what happened to them.
The entire leadership has said that they're going to do nothing.
One senator says he's going to introduce a bill.
And it'll end up in committee.
It'll get stuck in committee.
And so meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
In fact, even worse, Bush has now said, well, at least I can work with the Democrats on amnesty.
Well, I wonder why.
Yeah, it's amazing.
Also, by letting the Democrats get in, it then fooled a lot of liberals.
It's misdirection.
That the voting machines really work.
It's all misdirection.
How many people do you folks out there listening know who have actually picked up the phone and called your congressman or woman, either at the home office or in D.C.,
How many?
Nobody calls.
Hardly anyone.
If we got 10,000 calls to be directed to the Congress, if we put a big drive together, I'd be shocked.
And they'll laugh.
10,000 people.
It means nothing.
They've got the media.
They've got the control of the airwaves.
And that's pretty much all they need.
What do we say to, though, the average police officer driving along or a bureaucrat, somebody who in the past snickered at us, but now they know that everything we've been talking about is starting to happen?
I mean, what's our message to them?
Because if the police, if the military are educated, which a lot of them are now, by the way,
If they're educated to the facts and if they don't follow these criminal orders to put people in FEMA camps or go gun confiscate, which they said would never happen, you saw it in New Orleans, what would you say to them, Jeff?
I say it's wonderful.
I see no evidence at all.
When I see these jackbooted black combat-wearing cops, a lot of know-better out there beating people, pushing people, gassing people, tasering people.
You sit those people down one-on-one, Alex, and many of them would agree with us.
But they're just doing their job.
They've got a wife and family.
They've got a mortgage or whatever.
And then there's this whole ethic of following orders, of following orders.
There's some fear.
It's all fear-based ultimately anyhow.
Jeff, what do you think is going to happen with the economy?
I mean, the dollar continues to slide.
15-year low.
And then meanwhile, they tell us in our news, the economy's never been better when every real indice shows it's in the toilet.
Total book.
Again, it's all lies, and repeat the lie often enough, and people begin to accept it.
Well, they told us that.
Would NBC lie to me?
Would our government lie to us?
I hear that too often still to this day.
People look at the television, they think they're informed.
They pick up the newspaper, they think they're informed.
They read Time magazine, they think they're informed.
They're not informed.
It isn't happening.
Let's take some calls.
Let's go ahead and go to... Who's up next here?
Ed and P.A., then James, Tom, Paul.
I've got to hurry here.
Ed, go ahead.
Alex, fantastic show.
You've got to start talking down to Troy, because he doesn't understand half the words you're talking, you're pronouncing.
And I want to throw a little jab at the yuppies out there, because I live in the trailer out in the boonies here, and I've got a doe hanging up outside.
I'm butchering up right now.
And I know the yuppies will probably be snickering, you know.
The only thing you have to worry about is mad deer disease, and that's a real deal.
She's a big, healthy one.
She's about 180 pounds.
And I stopped and talked to the cops about six months ago, Alex.
There were six cops in the BP, and I walked in at 3 o'clock in the morning, and they look at you like this guy's coming up to us to talk to us.
They can't believe it.
Oh, I know.
You're not supposed to do that anymore.
That's a threat.
That's a threatening behavior.
I look him straight in the eye and I hand him a bunch of papers with the police and military against the New World Order.
And I got your papers in there too, Alex.
And they took them.
And then a couple months later, I was stopped at a DUI checkpoint.
And the one cop goes, you're the guy to hand me them papers.
Because I still got them on my desk.
He goes, you know, he's super nice and everything.
And they, you know...
But don't be afraid to get out there and confront people.
Well, no, that's the thing.
I do hurt the situation sometimes because at a primitive, instinctive level, I get so mad when a cop treats me like a slave or wants to search my car or I see him treating other people like slaves.
But I know that that's what they're trying to ingrain into them.
We're good to go.
And our police, you can reach out to them.
In fact, I got real mad at the state police cop because she was nuts and was really mean to me last weekend, and so I went wild on air.
But, you know, all the other times the state police have actually every time have been fans and have let me go.
And they're still doing their job, though, Alex.
They're still wearing black, and the SWAT teams are still running out, knocking down doors.
Well, see, that's certain brainwashed cadres.
That was my next point, yeah.
All I'm saying is we can reach out to them.
We must reach out to them.
We must keep the dialogue going.
Let's go back ten years ago.
You and I would talk about North American Union, and people would look at us like we had five heads.
Now, people go, yeah, there's a North American Union.
Unless they're a neocon follower, then they'll say, well, George Bush couldn't... I mean, imagine having video of Dick Cheney saying he covered up his CFR membership, and then people send me emails saying it isn't real.
He couldn't be.
He's against the CFR.
Yeah, well, good luck to them.
Facts are facts, you know?
Well, I mean, the CFR is publicly sworn to destroy our country.
I know.
And every person that is in a position of power in the government, almost every one of them is a member.
Read the article at Rents.com.
Read the material on Infowars.com.
We've got that story up and featured stories at the top.
Global elite, the global elite, who are they?
Read the list.
Read the list of members of the Trilateral Commission.
And you'll see it.
It's right there in black and white.
It certainly is.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to James in Texas.
James, welcome.
Alex, wonderful show.
I've spoken to you before.
This is James Bills, the director of Refuge of Last Resort, and you guys are right on the target.
Thank you, James.
In New Orleans, when Katrina hit, no one believed our stories when we came out, even though we had videos, still photographs, everything.
We were told we were liars.
We'd even take news stories, put them on our website.
We were told we manufactured them.
I don't know how Alex can stand up and do it day-to-day.
Oh yeah, I had you on the show, didn't I?
Yes, you did.
Yes, you did.
We were talking about our film.
Are you ever going to send me some more of the videos so I can post it?
I've actually got 12 DVDs ready for you.
We're planning on going to Austin.
Our films are being released nationwide next week.
I told you, you have carte blanche all over footage.
Anything you want, you can use.
Oh my gosh, I don't want that.
I might want to use 30 seconds of the film.
I just want to be able to put a few clips on the web and show people.
Tell folks the video you got in New Orleans, because you have the proof.
One good one that the American press wouldn't touch was of the prisoners in the prison, in the OPP jail, who were abandoned.
It was actually handed to me by a prison guard that we put up.
We tried to get out everywhere.
When the press was saying there were rumors, the prisoners were abandoned, but apparently that didn't happen.
I had the footage, and they didn't care.
The BBC ended up making a documentary about it,
We gave them use of all the footage, but the American press wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.
And it really happened.
That was real.
I mean, the footage, you can look, you can see the guards' faces saying, you know, yelling the sheriff's name.
You could see a lot of the prisoners.
The water was rising and rising.
You could hear the prisoners rioting.
They were setting fires.
Press didn't care.
The American press did not care.
We also got videos of all the dead, bloated bodies.
We got lots of that, Roy.
We have tons of that.
In the final version of our film, we actually kind of took some out because a lot of the Katrina refugees were going into convulsions when they saw it, but we still have a few in there.
People who don't believe in FEMA camps live through a Katrina.
People who don't believe in FEMA... You can go to the government's website.
They're proud.
They have these
In case of another disaster, we have these wonderful FEMA camps.
Well, they said in the major papers they're going to put political dissonance in them.
Well, they also said, right, they said if an emergency doesn't happen, they can use them on potential terrorists.
Potential terrorists.
What is that about?
Terrorist suspects.
Well, I mean, Newt Gingrich is on television saying we need to restrict and shut down websites and free speech isn't good.
I mean... That tells you the story.
By the way, I said that to this Troy caller.
And he's serious, and he said, no, it's not true.
When I heard him on your show yesterday, I came unglued, and I was trying to get a hold of you since I could not believe the nerve of that guy.
But then he went on to say that I shouldn't be on air, though.
See, it's double things.
Newt Gingrich didn't say get rid of the free speech, but you don't deserve free speech.
I love how four major press agencies can say a story no one watches, and you repeat it in your show so you're the bad guy.
Of course, that's the way.
Listen to this real quick, Alex.
Trilateral Commission members related to the media, just a few of them.
David G. Bradley, chairman of Atlantic Media Company, Washington, D.C.
Your buddy David Gergen is a member, of course.
Donald E. Graham, chairman, chief executive officer, Washington Post Company.
Karen Elliott House, Senior VP, Dow Jones & Company, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal of New York, Gerald M. Levin, Chief Executive Officer of Mayor's AOL Time Warner, New York, Fareed Zakaria, Editor, Newsweek International, New York, Mort Zuckerman, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief, U.S.
News & World Report, New York, etc.
James, stay there.
I want to get your number again off air.
We'll talk to you in just a moment.
We'll come back and talk to Tom and Paul in the final segment with Jeff Rents and Rents.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Jeff, before we run out of time, I want to thank you for coming on today.
It's been amazing.
Let's take a call here from Tom in Arizona.
You're on the air, Tom.
Thanks so much for everything you do.
Hey, guys.
And believe me, people are definitely waking up.
I see it all the time.
I've been handing out videos, turning over everything.
It's thousands of times better than it was just five years ago.
Oh, my gosh.
Hey, Jeff, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do, too.
I'm really bummed that you and Dr.
Lorraine Day of Gone in a Separate Direction because she was such a good guest on your show.
Hopefully you guys can work it out.
Jeff always turns the other cheek, and you notice Jeff never gets into stuff like that.
He just continues to get the info out.
Yeah, and I really appreciate that.
Aaron Russo had a great idea on your show that I heard the other day.
I think this was Jeff's show I heard where he said, let's take over the Republican Party.
It's an interesting concept.
It is.
Why fight the system?
Go with the flow.
Well, you can certainly get a lot of attention and expose real issues.
That's right.
And you know the other thing?
I wanted to know if either of you have ever tried to have any of the family... It's a hot topic here in the Phoenix area.
Any of the family members of Pat Tillman on?
Because, boy, they would... Yes, I've talked... We've talked to Mr. Tillman's brother.
We've talked to Pat Tillman's brother.
Was it Kevin Tillman?
And he's not ready to come on the air at this time.
But, boy, this... We read his letter on my program.
What a great letter.
In fact, that reminds me... I've got to let you go.
We've got to take one final call.
Paul in Texas.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yes, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Jeff, great show.
I really had a good time listening to it.
Thank you.
I want to say thanks a lot for both your websites.
I think that they actually have helped me to actually gain a lot of mental stability in the last several years because it's helped me to understand the way that things are going on because, you know, reality was presented in school and on television.
It didn't make sense.
That's a great compliment.
We thank you for that because we are trying to create equilibrium in intelligent people.
It's hard to do nowadays.
It's tough.
It's something that all people, Lyndon LaRouche had said, coined a term, I don't know if he coined it, but he used a term of, I'm sorry, I can't remember, middle, not discordance, but something like that.
Dissonance, middle dissonance.
You know, when different concepts don't meet.
Cognitive dissonance.
Cognitive dissonance, thank you very much, yes.
And I've had a lot of that in my life.
Anyway, I was just calling about a tiny point.
Which was, I read something a couple weeks ago, and this is relevant to Mr. Rents' comments about television, and that they have invented a tiny, you know, the white LCDs that they put in telephones and things like that.
You've got 20 seconds.
Okay, just that they've got them so that now they can cycle them at 60 hertz.
And they're going to be putting them on all of the flat screen LCD panels soon, and that's the 60 hertz is the perfect rate for mind control.
There you go.
That's right.
It's just getting worse and worse.
Jeff Rents, thank you for joining us.
My friend, it's my pleasure.
Glad to do it.
Thank you.
And we'll see you all back in 23 hours.
Just joking, Jeff.
21 hours.
Thanks for coming on with us.
You bet.
Have a great weekend, folks.
God bless.
Or call 877-300-7645.