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Air Date: Nov. 29, 2006
2333 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The news is out of control wild every day, but today particularly so.
There's been a brawl and a standoff in the Mexican Congress as there is an open revolt on the floor of their house against the inauguration of the politician who clearly stole the election.
Multiple cities right now in Mexico have large sections on fire.
Months of ongoing rioting, police shooting the population, machine gunning crowds, killing American reporters.
And it is a minor footnote on the nightly news, if even that, and buried in the back of the newswire.
We'll get a little bit into that story later.
Also, Security Council extends Iraq mandate.
You've got to love this.
The puppet government has asked the coalition 160,000 troop plus 100,000 plus contractors to stay another year.
So, what, over 40 people can die each day.
Another report here, U.S.
Sees dollar plunge to 15-year low.
The dollar dropped to its all-time low.
I don't know why they're saying 15-year low.
Because this is the all-time low against the euro.
The euro didn't even exist 15 years ago.
And it is not a pretty picture.
We'll be going over that report.
It dropped to $1.3194.
Almost $1.32 is what the euro is trading at.
The Euro, of course, launched in 2000 at about 82 cents to the dollar, now at 131.94.
And last time I checked this morning in foreign trading, continuing to climb the Euro, the dollar continuing to drop, but we'll see what happens.
But again, the dollar will go down for a few weeks, go up for a few weeks, but overall the trend is downward.
Dollar dynamics seen are an economic danger to the world.
We'll be getting into that Financial Times report.
Another report here, another day, another fall in the dollar.
And on CNBC, they had a big global strategist saying, well, the answer is we need to go to the Amero.
Only the American Union can save us.
Now, for over a decade, I've been breaking down what would happen.
Because I don't have a crystal ball.
The Trilateral Commission said they would form the European Union, launch the Euro, the dollar would then fall, the central banks would set up an economic atmosphere that would do this, and then they would say, oh, it's not the fault of globalism, there's not enough globalism, so an American Union will fix it, and then as soon as the American Union is openly set up and announced, which is now being done,
They will then plunge the Euro and there will be lots of spikes and fits on both sides and they'll say because of instability we need to globalize the currency at a benchmark instead of dollarizing, globalizing it and then you have your world currency.
And we're about six years away on current track.
They meant to already have it in place next year.
They're about six to seven years behind.
But it's happening right now.
And Americans, even when we're under a global currency, won't even be aware of it because it'll be regionalized.
It'll all be pegged with serial numbers and RFID, half-cent tracker chips in every bill.
This has all been announced.
It's all been standardized.
It's all official.
But Americans won't know because it'll still be a greenback.
Well, it may be a pinkback or a yellowback, but it'll still have American El Presidentes on it.
Kind of like your driver's license is an official national ID card.
It's a federal card, but it has your local state region on it.
So, Texas, Illinois, whatever, there's no national ID card.
Oh, they just passed a law and it now is one, but don't tell the general public that.
Okay, they're going to ban all file sharing on the internet.
That's official.
They're trying that now.
We'll just wait until you hear the news.
It's quite interesting.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The dollar is continuing its slide.
I went back and pulled out some articles from CBS News and Wall Street Journal earlier this year.
What, five months ago, where it came out that Dick Cheney and much of the White House had moved large portions of their portfolios into euros against the American dollar...
Meanwhile, they're on the news talking about, oh, how they believe in a strong dollar and they want a strong dollar.
I remember in 2003 being in Kansas City for a function, sitting in the Sheraton Hotel, watching the then Treasury Secretary Snow, who had just come in, saying they wanted a weak dollar, and that it was no big deal to see the slide beginning.
And now here we are with it devalued by almost half.
Against what the Euro was trading at when it first launched almost six years ago.
It'll be six years in January.
It's so amazing.
And meanwhile, you tune into mainstream talk radio, you're not going to hear anything about the slide of the dollar.
You're not going to hear anything about the borders being dissolved.
You're not going to hear anything... Well, you'll hear something about the borders being dissolved, but not any real solutions.
They're all running defense for the Republicans and the Democrats.
But all you'll hear about is how the Islamofascists are going to kill us any minute and how they're going to take over Europe and the U.S.
and how they're going to kill us and how they're going to take our women.
I mean, it's gotten down to base psychology.
Well, let's just say that's true.
Let's just say it's true for the sake of argument.
Devil's advocate here.
Why then are the neocons bringing in record levels of foreign immigrants?
You see, that's something they don't want you to use logic.
Europe, unlimited immigration.
You get a politician, looks like they're going to get elected to parliament or to government.
Somebody walks up and blows their head off over and over again in Europe.
This is a global agenda.
They're going to break down the West.
They're going to bring us down, and they're going to use third world hordes to get that job done.
Until we wake up that whether it's in England with three parties or most of Europe with two to three parties in the parliamentary system or here in the U.S.
with the congressional system.
Until we realize there are a pack of criminals working against us, and until the Democrats out there, who know that Bush is evil, but support him with blanket amnesty, hey, is anything Bush is for good?
Why are you then for open borders?
Well, the truth is, they're really not for open borders.
Most Democrats, 70 plus percent in major polls, are against open borders and the policy.
That's why you average conservatives and liberals together.
I'm really wrong to sit here and yell at the public and get mad and call them stupid liberals.
Actually, they're not stupid liberals.
Most conservatives aren't stupid.
They just don't know what to do.
People know both parties are a bunch of political prostitutes bought and paid for by foreign interest.
What approval rating does Congress have in two separate scientific polls?
They have an 84% negative approval rating.
That's a 16% approval rating.
Hillary's got a 24.
Dick Cheney's got a 12.
Bush has got a 30, if you even believe it's that high.
So, really, we've won the fight for the hearts and minds.
So I should be more positive.
But now, what do we do?
They're just hiring more and more police, twisting their minds, militarizing them, federalizing them against us, putting up control grids everywhere, knowing that we're going to start rioting like the Mexicans.
So before I get into what's happening with the dollar, there's been a federal court ruling and the White House agrees with it, and I've got this whole conference call between the government lawyers and the recording industry, and they are moving to ban all file sharing of audio and video, period.
Unless it is on a very few controlled platforms.
Licensed, government licensed platforms like the iTunes and iVideos.
Oh yeah!
They're not playing games.
Because we're hurting them.
We're beating them.
We've got them on the ropes, hitting them in the body, hitting them in the face.
They're stumbling around.
They're going for the internet shutdown lever.
They're stumbling towards it.
And the question is, are we going to go ahead and just fight dirty and grapple them and just throw them to the ground and start stomping the New Old Order's head?
Because this is mortal combat, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's analogous.
I'm not saying we're actually in a boxing ring.
They'll probably come arrest me today saying I was calling for grappling the government.
No, I don't think I'm Atlas.
Brawl standoff in Mexican Congress.
This is the Associated Press.
Lawmakers wrestled, slapped each other, and tumbled across the floor of Mexico's Congress after opposition...
Legislation threatened to block the inauguration of the incoming president whom they accuse of stealing the election.
Well, there's no accusing.
They have thousands of precincts in the country.
They have a better system, frankly, than we do.
They didn't in the past.
People demanded it there.
Where each precinct reports, and those are collated publicly and announced, and he was losing at 2 a.m.,
Mexico City time, this was all caught on tape, this was all viewed, this was all on television.
And then magically, hundreds of precincts started saying, well, we had the opposition candidate winning by 65 plus percent nationwide.
That's even with ballot box stuffing.
He was wildly popular in polls.
Some polls showed 80 plus percent.
And then magically, Precinct started reporting a thousand to one for the neocon Bush-backed candidate.
The, quote, right-wing candidate.
And the people know about it, and there were hundreds of stories of election fraud, and it came out, and election officials went public, and so they've been rioting all over the country, and
And they call in the military.
Many of you saw those images on television of the big federal jumbo jets landing and thousands of troops in black Darth Vader outfits disgorging onto the tarmacs.
And then they just went in and opened fire, not with rubber bullets and tear gas, but with lead, with full metal jackets.
Killed quite a few Americans in the process.
We're good to go.
This is what revolt looks like.
This is people who don't have anything to lose.
Like Janis Joplin would say, freedom is another name for nothing else to lose.
And the globalists know they're going to put you in a position where you have nothing else to lose, Americans.
They've got a problem, though.
The U.S.
is a little bit different than old Mexico.
There are 150 plus million firearms of, quote, new manufacture that's sold in the last 50 years.
And if 1% decide to not go to the FEMA camp or give their house up, 1% of those gun owners, that's 1,500,000.
And I think you're going to see more like 5% decide to not go along with you.
And I feel real sorry.
For whoever goes on those errands.
So I tell the errand boys, you've already got a dangerous job.
This takes it up about a thousand percent.
And I don't want that to happen.
Because the globalists intend for you to get chewed up.
They've stated it.
Northcom has stated it.
The cops, the paramilitary police, the National Guard, if it comes to this...
If they decide to do this.
So my message to the police and the military is don't be part of the first wave.
Stay home.
And the globalists will then terminate the depression and will not try to go all the way.
They want the rioting.
They want us to go crazy.
See, that's the... We had Joseph Stiklitz, Nobel Prize winner, on a few weeks ago.
We have the thousand plus pages of IMF World Bank documents released in 2002.
The BBC reported on it.
The transcript of that interview that I did with Greg Palast is in my book, Ascent into Tyranny.
Where they said they go into countries and they blow out their economies by design to then cause people to starve and riot, and then they have the police crackdown and the people even blow up bigger, and then the whole economy completely implodes, what was left of it, and then they come in and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.
You think they care if cops bleed to death in the streets and the citizens do?
No, they love it!
They've done major scientific studies in the last 75 years, and around 4% of the population are pure sociopaths, genetically.
1% are psychopaths.
See, a sociopath doesn't care if you die, doesn't care if you stick your baby in the microwave like women are starting to do in this country.
They don't care anything about you.
They just care about themselves.
A psychopath is the added goody of enjoying it.
And many of our leaders, ladies and gentlemen...
As I've told you, I'm part of this predatory class.
Then others are weird academic types who are zealots who think they're saving the world by all this carnage because humans are a disease and a scourge.
The Pionkians, the Peter Singers of the world, the Prince Phillips, the Ted Turners, the Jacques Cousteaus, the David Rockefellers.
Doing research last night for a new film I'm making.
Came across the actual New York Times articles from the 30s where it was saying Hitler was good, by the way, and how wonderful John D. Rockefeller was because before he died he gave all his money to this Nazi German institute and just how great it was.
I have those articles now.
And how the F├╝hrer is a man of leadership.
How the Rockefellers are consulting with him.
How much they care about him.
How are they ever going to bring this plan to Germany that they formulated here?
We'll be right back.
We'll get into the dollar.
We'll get into it all.
We'll take your goals.
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Well, the unions are big businessmen And they're going out like dinosaurs Well, they used to grow food in Kansas And they want a road on the moon to eat it raw I can see the day coming when even your home town Is gonna be in the law
Welcome back.
This world is ruled by violence and you better get that through your head.
Welcome back.
And the violence is increasing.
The very same families, the exact same organizations, we can track every one of them, are the very same people that put Mao into power, that put Lenin into power, that supported Stalin,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In the force relocation program with FEMA.
We told you that years ago.
Now it's been in the news.
They're going to be involved in the force inoculation programs.
They're going to use Walmart distribution centers as camps.
And again, that's all started to come out in the news.
They're helping, and the FBI has officers at their distribution center in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
And they're, with the Pentagon, demanding RFID be put in all the products and then force all the manufacturers to do it, to force global adoption of this.
They have 35% of all retail sales globally.
Then you've got Target over there, you see.
Target runs the biggest private forensics lab in the world.
Target develops surveillance and face scanning technology that's been sold.
They're the number one consultant to police departments in the U.S., even above the Anti-Defamation League, who's number two.
Oh yeah, it's Target teaching them that anti-UN is evil.
It's Target teaching the cops.
Of course, they have the spinoff firm that has its own name that does it.
From Fort Worth, Texas to New York City, New York, in the last week it came out that they bought all over the country these telescoping guard towers that are going up all over the place for the police.
You ever notice when you go into Target, it takes your credit card and doesn't give it back to you until you've done the transaction?
Then it spits it back out.
That's what the whole country's going to go to.
You're a bad little globalist in the future.
Your ID card's going to go in there and it ain't going to come back out if you're not a good.
They're going to have armed police come out and escort you to a holding facility.
You see, this is the new America.
And why do you think Target...
With the lion's share of its research and development and its new announcements this year is moving away from retail expansion into policing because that's the whole future of this country.
Okay, that's what the new scholarships are, the most prominent scholarships, the largest growth sector in scholarships is Homeland Security.
They train them in domestic spying, data mining,
Warrant service from policing to just spy behavior.
We're going spy high-tech.
High-tech surveillance, high-tech tyranny, high-tech deception.
I mean, America always does it bigger and better, baby.
And let me tell you, the control grid's going into place.
Because Target and Walmart and everybody else knows it's not going to be a free market.
You see, the bankers, they don't want a free market.
They instruct the central private banks to instruct the treasuries to print the money.
And only about 1.5% is actually printed.
It used to be 3%.
Please don't send me an email, you hear a show two years ago where I say 3%, you go, which is it?
The numbers change.
It's now about 1.5%, and that's a few months old.
It's probably going to be even worse.
Again, Greenspan doubled the money supply in his last six years, and then Bernanke got in this year and swore to double it in the next two, and then made the numbers secret.
You see the dollar plunging, it's pretty obvious.
But I'm already digressing.
The new economy is going to be you're assigned with what corporation you're going to work with, buy test scores in school.
And the TV, the movies are all going to worship the Nazis that run our country in their black uniforms.
They're going to make them the heroes.
It's going to be better.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
You can order everything you need on the web.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
At the end of every broadcast...
I get frustrated because I didn't cover all the news, but I still want to go to your calls.
Dr. Doug Rockey, former head of the DU weapons program for the Pentagon is coming on because a lot of big developments have come out there.
I want to integrate that with the British medical journal Lancet's report about 654,000 Iraqis dead in the last three and a half years.
But here's the type of news I've got in front of me.
Brawl standoff in Mexican Congress.
Security Council extends Iraq mandate.
The puppet.
It says, oh, stay another year.
The dollar plunges to all-time low.
Just unbelievable news.
And I have another report here.
London stock trader urges move to Amero.
Says many unaware of plan to replace dollar with North American currency.
So on CNBC, and I have the report right here.
The transcript of it.
They just came out and said, well, we're moving to the Amero in the next few years, but not fast enough.
Let's go ahead and move to it.
And, of course, the CNBC reporter already knows all about it.
Ah, yes, well, are we moving quick enough?
But you tell the average person that, they will laugh at you.
They don't know the country's already had its head chopped off, okay?
That's why I'm angry.
I actually love this country.
I'm not one of these phony conservatives that thinks loving the country just means chanting glass parking lot.
Glass parking lot.
Okay, then shut off the borders and start kicking the Muslims out.
No, no, because it isn't a real threat.
It's a threat they use to scare us.
So I've got that.
And then I've got the reports where Cheney and others have been, in the last five months, positioning against the dollar and their own private investments.
That's CBS.
Another one here, MSN, out of Money Central.
And then look at this article.
I could spend three hours on this.
This is earth-quaking.
RIAA legal ruling could shut down the Internet.
Now, when Paul wrote that today, he was not joking.
On this 29th of November 2006.
I say that because I'm getting emails going, you weren't live Monday or Tuesday.
Yes, folks, we're live right now, and it's Wednesday.
RIA legal ruling could shut down the Internet.
government supports legal case that would criminalize making any files available on the World Wide Web.
And, folks, you can go read the ruling.
You can go listen to their conference calls with the government.
You can go see it and hear it and everything on prisonplanet.com.
And no one else seemed to notice this.
We picked up on it thanks to an e-mailer who works in the industry.
That's how we get a lot of our tips.
And here it is.
Only a few big giants will allow file sharing, and you'll be paying for it.
It'll be on hubs.
So understand, I won't be able to shoot, say, video of myself in the studio interviewing someone and put it out on the web to be given away.
For us, it's a catch-22.
We need to give members something exclusive so that they will support us, so we can pay for the bandwidth and the cameras and the employees to do it.
But then we also, I'd say we give about half away of what we do.
Why are they doing this?
Newspaper circulation in the last decade is down over 65% and accelerating its plunge.
Network television is imploding.
Network TV is imploding.
Network news is imploding.
Cable news is imploding.
First there was the exodus away from broadcast TV to cable and satellite.
Now the exodus is leaving to the Internet.
And they do not like it, folks, that I can start a website and in six months it's bigger than a major city paper.
Believe me, they don't like it that PrisonPlanet.com is now as big.
Go look at the Alexa traffic ratings, other traffic ratings, than RushLimbaugh.com.
They do not like it.
They're very upset.
And again, there's thousands of websites, Patriot websites, that are as big as ours.
I mean, again, if you've got a good angle and got good analysis, there are 23-year-old young men and women, 25, 30, 19, starting...
Websites that overnight are bigger than major newspaper websites.
Because the people know you're a pack of twisting, spinning liars.
And so what are you going to do, you crooks?
You're going to waddle in with the government and try to shut it off.
And by the way, let's say the Internet's 20 switches on the wall.
They've already thrown 10 of them.
And every month they throw another.
Cutting the power.
Cutting it off right now.
At first they tried filters at libraries and colleges and businesses and firing employees for going to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You just make it more popular.
See, I just said I'd just run through the news and mention it, but how do I do that?
I have the article right here.
A landmark legal case on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America and other global trade organizations seeks to criminalize all Internet file sharing of any kind as copyright infringement, effectively shutting down the World Wide Web, and their argument is supported by the U.S.
You can go listen to the conference call, read the documents, read the court ruling.
We're going to get some guests on about this.
Here's another one.
Scientist Lovelock predicts planetary wipeout and that the majority of humans will die.
He said the Earth cannot support over 500 million.
Notice that's the exact number that the globalists say they're going to reduce us to.
By exact, they say 450 to 600 million.
You see, and they're going to claim global warming is the excuse to shut off our food supplies.
See, that's why the global corporations are consolidating.
It's not just about profits.
They say it's about getting control so they can kill us.
You know, I'm one of those old-fashioned people.
I read official CIA project documents about how they plan to kill 90% of us, and I get a little upset.
Especially when the plans were launched in 72, and they've now been implemented.
When I read a 70s document by the Club of Rome...
And they openly say the exact same thing, and we see them implementing it in a concerted, unified effort.
The top Fortune 500 under the control of the central banks moving and dotting every I, crossing every T. I get a little upset.
But again, we have the power of prediction here.
Some of you, we told you about American Union 12 years ago.
It's happened.
We told you about how the government would stage terror to bring us into global war.
It's happened.
We told you about how they try to make vaccines mandatory.
It's happened.
We told you they put up cameras and microphones everywhere.
It's happened.
We told you they grew out of the borders and claimed it was a guest worker program.
It's happened.
It's happened.
So, just keep laughing.
Laugh in your bureaucratic office.
Laugh in your squad car.
Just go ahead and laugh.
Just stick your head in the news.
So, here's that article.
I can talk about that for three hours.
That's Reuters.
I don't have time.
Atlanta shooting informant says he was asked to lie.
Turns out it was the wrong house.
Police chief lied.
Narcotic squad lied.
It was the wrong house.
The old woman was partially deaf.
No criminal record.
A pillar of the community.
And she just saw people kicking through the door and was scared and shot.
They gunned her down.
And it's the same story.
A drugged-out informant just wanted some more drug money and so just pointed out the house.
How many 65-year-old insurance salesmen have been killed in their houses?
How many old ladies?
It seems like it's always old people because they're in the poor neighborhoods.
Every week it's some person.
A lot of times here in Austin, too, the SWAT team guys will fall down and shoot their own people, Travis County, and then they'll just frame somebody.
It comes out later, but so what?
You know.
That's the sad thing.
You idiots shoot each other.
By the way, I've seen the federal statistics.
SWAT team members' number one cause of death in the line of duty, guess what?
It isn't a crack dealer.
It isn't some scumbag.
It's your own people.
Remember the case, what was it, in Lubbock?
The famous case because we got the radio chatter?
They had the SWAT teams enter on both sides of the house, converging against each other,
A cop accidentally pulled the trigger on his MP5, Heckler & Koch 9mm submachine gun, fired a round, and so the cops all went nuts and started spraying, and what, they shot three of their own officers, killing one.
It turned out the owner of the house in a safe did have a black powder flintlock.
He didn't have any modern, what you'd call a modern firearm.
It was locked.
But they went ahead, and they're so stupid, they went ahead on tape and started talking about how to frame him.
Not knowing there were good cops outside who weren't going to go along with it.
Why were you there in the first place?
The guy was throwing a fit, throwing his wife's stuff out on the lawn.
Hadn't touched her.
When they got there, he was sitting on the front lawn.
He got scared by the armored vehicles pulling up, so he ran inside.
And be honest, police, even if you've got a really good marriage, haven't you ever thrown a fit?
Haven't you ever had a fight once or twice?
Would you like a SWAT team to drop by for you?
But again, you ought to see when they shoot their own cops, they start crying going, APC!
I ought to find that audio file.
APC, save me!
And so they go gun down the 80-something-year-old woman.
Here's WBSTV.
Atlanta shooting informant says he was asked to lie.
There's a major fallout from the Atlanta police shootout that left an elderly woman dead.
Officers are put on leave.
And the state and the feds are investigating.
You know, the feds set the training parameters that have turned our police into mindless idiots.
Mindless goons.
And then the feds come in and federalize and take over even more.
You've got to love the system.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Atlanta's police chief announced that the FBI and GBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, are investigating the shootout.
Also, a narcotics team involved is now on paid leave and autopsy results of the 88-year-old Catherine Johnston, who was shot six times.
Chief Richard Pennington wrapped up a surprise press conference, and it goes on.
And now it's coming out that they lied.
It was the wrong house.
It was the wrong house.
So you can say mistakes are made when you're looking for drugs.
I mean, again, I almost laugh when the cops pull me over every few years and want to search for drugs.
I just laugh at them.
And I go, the only drug you're going to find is this pack of cigarettes back when I was a smoker.
The only, or maybe this coffee.
I don't use what your bosses ship in.
And what I bet you $100 your entire narcotics squad's on the take.
I have shot my mouth off and said that before.
And don't sit there and get mad.
You know full well who ships it in.
The lion's share of it is shipped in on government aircraft and government trains, government ships.
The rest of it is basically licensed.
There's a licensing fee.
And that's why in Colombia, in Nicaragua, and in El Salvador, in Mexico...
When our drug planes go in there, and I've interviewed pilots on air, and it's been in the news, it's been in Vanity Fair, it's been in Esquire, they have GPS grids, and they'll spray a field of coca plants right next to the other one, owned by the local general who pays his cut.
I mean, it's business!
So young people, drugs aren't cool.
Don't use the CIA's products.
Don't ever use them.
And of course the police then have this illusion.
They go, yeah, but there's scum involved in drugs.
The dirty houses full of drugs.
The kids walking around in unchanged diapers.
Yes, the criminal element is involved in it.
That's the only thing that gives it any legitimacy.
Because criminals are going to be involved in the drug trade.
But all it does is then corrupt our police.
That's why they made booze illegal for nine years.
Was to federalize the police.
I'm already digressing.
So see, here's the type of news I have in front of me.
We're all standoff in Mexico.
Another year in Iraq.
We'll be there 20 years from now the other way.
They're going to ban all file sharing.
Steve Watson in London wrote an article.
Big brother watching, listening, and shouting.
Now there are 4.5 million cameras in London, and now they shout at you and give you orders.
And it says that the microphones tune into all of your conversations and use keyword software to listen to what you're saying and doing to then flag you and report you to the government.
And that's, by the way, already happening here.
They're just being quiet about it.
They're sort of putting cameras in in Austin in 98.
Draft incompatible with free society.
Ron Paul's written an article.
94% say Bush misled the nation into war.
MSNBC poll.
Do you believe President Bush misled the nation in order to go to war?
Judge strikes down Bush on terror groups.
Los Angeles, a federal judge, this is AP, struck down President Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists, saying his post-September 11th executive order was unconstitutional and vague according to the ruling released last Tuesday.
But here's the deal.
The Supreme Court's been striking down previous court rulings and saying it's got to go to Congress, and then Congress has declared that Bush does have this power now.
And it does affect U.S.
The humanitarian law project has challenged Bush's order, and I want to get them on, which blocked all the assets of groups and individuals he named as specifically designated global terrorists after the 2001 terror attacks.
The law gave the president an unfettered authority to create blacklists, said David Cole, a lawyer for the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Constitutional Rights, who represented the group.
That's a complex issue.
You'll hear David Cole or others here in the next week.
On this broadcast.
Democrats seek Republican backing to limit Bush's surveillance.
And again, this is the same trick they pulled, claiming that the torture bill, the Military Commissions Act, restricted him.
The Democratic bill that I've looked at actually codifies it into law on surveillance, and they run this spin, claiming that it actually restricts it.
Boy, they're slick.
Democrats about to take control of Congress say they will forge a bipartisan compromise.
The headline lies and says it restricts, then the key phrase is compromise, to limit on President Bush's program of domestic eavesdropping and suspected terrorists.
Because, see, it's totally illegal right now.
Now they're going to codify an end of the Fourth Amendment into law.
Here's one.
Daytona mother charging baby's death.
It talks about how there's been a rise of cases in the country where they're microwaving the babies, allegedly, and I believe it.
This country's just gone to hell in a handbasket.
I mean, hell, we warehouse our old people.
We abort our babies.
And liberals that tune in here and get mad that I'm against abortion, get your head screwed on straight.
It's part of eugenics.
John D. Rockefeller helped push its legalization decades before he died.
Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, no Nazi.
I just... get your head screwed on straight.
I got a Limbaugh clip, I'm not going to play it, where he just said, let's just blow the whole Middle East up, and he was serious.
That's real cute.
Neocon Gingrich calls for trashing the First Amendment.
I never read the full text of what he said.
And he just came right out and... Kurt Nemo has written a great article up on prisonplanet.com.
You ought to go read.
Neocon Gingrich calls for trashing the First Amendment.
Few notice or seem to care.
Actually, people do care.
I make the same mistake Kurt makes, or he makes the same mistake I do.
You know, we get mad about this, but people actually are waking up.
It's just the government says, we don't care.
I got a bunch of other news here.
When we get back, I'll get to Andrew, Ian, Kurt, Steve, others, a little bit later in the next hour.
We'll get him on about 10 after, so I want to have time to take calls.
Kurt Nemo, my Kurt Nemo, I was just telling Kevin to get Kurt Nemo on.
We're going to have Doug Rocky, not Doug Rocky on.
And, uh,
A lot more.
So, Steve Watson, by the way.
Well, I'll tell you about it later.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House probing to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
I just knew too much
Does that make me crazy?
Yeah, possibly.
Maybe it is crazy to be able to admit the horrors that are going on, to care about other people, to be involved, to not be a bunch of sociopathic scum.
Maybe we should just eat, drink, and be merry and watch humanity go into the dustbin of history, into a high-tech prison.
We're going to go to Andrew Ian Kurtzdy before...
We're joined by Doug Rocky.
I'll hold him until we get to all your calls, because I want to get to at least the first few that came in at the start of the broadcast.
We'll have open phones throughout the day.
The last 30 minutes of the show today, we've got Paul Watson joining us to talk about a report that he and his brother put together concerning the banning of all file sharing.
They're not playing games.
It's actually happening.
They're going to try it, because they have to, or we'll beat them.
They have to cheat.
I'm not talking about sharing somebody else's music or video.
I mean period.
Because the growth curve is we will supplant them completely within five years.
Maybe even quicker.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into hour number two.
Dr. Doug Rockey, the former head of the Pentagon's DU Weapons Program and Research Program, wrote the book, literally on DU, their training manuals.
He'll be joining us coming up later in the hour.
Paul Watson...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we'll talk about that too, what's happening with the dollar a lot more.
Andrew in St.
Louis, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering if there's any Bill O'Reilly interviews in the future?
Bill O'Reilly?
I've never been invited on the O'Reilly Factor.
Oh, I'd pay to see that.
I was invited to fly for a taping of Planet Man Cow, but I couldn't make it, so we sent my radio producer, Kevin Smith, who did a great job.
Is there any more mainstream interviews coming up?
You know, I've been contacted five, six times by Fox, and they always canceled interviews with me in the past, so I mean... It's a shame.
What about Keith Olbermann?
No, I haven't gotten any calls from MSNBC.
All right.
Just wondering.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
You're on the air.
Ian in New York.
I know how you promote the water system.
And I just want to say it's important for people to eat really healthy because you have a clear mind.
And I came across, it's called Goji Berry.
And I take the supplement.
And I sleep better.
I think better.
I don't get depressed anymore, and I just wanted to tell people about that.
I take the supplements, but I never took Zoloft or Prozac or any of that junk, but this stuff really works.
If you ever heard of David Wolf, he's all about raw foods and stuff.
It's really important to eat healthy because they put junk in our food.
Well, yeah, the preservatives are most of the time based on petrochemicals, and they're totally poisonous, and it's in almost all processed foods.
And I have gotten almost completely away from processed foods, unless when I'm on the road.
And if I eat processed food, I immediately feel bad.
But I really would like you to look into the goji berry if you need more energy, because I know you're up all hours and stuff, and it really, like,
I go to sleep like dead tired, and I'll wake up four hours later and be fine.
And I used to sleep like, you know, 12, 13 hours a day.
You still, I don't know anything about that, Barry, but you've got to watch stimulants, though.
Over time, it can get you.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Utah.
Steve, go ahead.
Hey, what's up?
How are you doing today?
Pretty good, sir.
Hey, I had someone talk about some FEMA camps.
Back in the 90s where I lived, they built a big computer facility up on the mountain in Utah County, and they haven't really filled it up and used it to its full potential.
And I've been talking to people, and they said with a few modifications, that place could be turned into a prison, and it's only like a mile or two away from the state prison here in Utah County.
And I was wondering, you know, do other people in other states have these kind of
Facilities built that they don't know about, and they just think there's some kind of legitimate place of business, or, you know, what's going to happen, you know, are they going to swing into and turn it full into a prison one of these days?
Anything else?
Because I can answer that question when we get back.
Okay, and then, yeah, just on that guy that just called about the Barry, I stopped eating fast food and stopped drinking soft drinks, and
I stick a lot better.
I don't have headaches.
I feel a lot better.
I encourage people to get off the preservative.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
I heartily agree.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
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NSA spies.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I have this studio phone in here that, for some reason, the one they put in here doesn't have a turn-off-the-ringer switch, and somebody keeps calling me.
Over and over and over again, right as I get in here on air.
You've always got to love these moments when that happens.
All right, we are back in the saddle.
Dr. Doug Rocky will be joining us here in just a minute or two to talk about DU.
I'll explain why I think this is so important.
Obviously, many of you know it's important here in just a moment.
But to answer the fellow's question from the last segment,
I think?
We hear about portable jails with bolts and chains in the floors, and federal vehicles positioned around the country, and armored vehicle caches around the nation, and how different water treatment facilities have had extra barbed wire fences and holding facilities built, and how their secret camps in every
Major U.S.
city and how they're just waiting for us and there's all these dual use facilities and they plan to use the soccer stadiums and the football stadiums and the baseball stadiums to hold people during emergencies and they've got federal relocation hubs and of course people don't know where because they haven't done the research they're in Denver and then Oklahoma City and Terre Haute, Indiana and
All of that is not a rumor.
That happened because in the declassified portions of Rex 84 that came out in 1986, the government planned to use immigration riots as a pretext to then also arrest political dissidents in America and put them in FEMA camps.
And in my film, Police State 2, The Takeover,
I have a clip of the House-Senate bipartisan committee hearing where they openly talk about these camps, and they say we can't discuss them, they're secret, but yes, that is the plan.
And we have the Miami Herald News articles from 86 about it.
And then they've had top-off one, top-off two, and other drills where the feds now admit that they're going to use sports stadiums and they're going to confiscate our guns during emergencies.
Well, you saw it in New Orleans.
And they've had the drills and they've drilled the police all over the country and they've drilled the military and they've sent the military to Bosnia and they've sent the military to Kosovo and they've sent the military to Macedonia and they've sent them to Afghanistan and Iraq and 120 plus other countries where actual police slash combat operations are going on.
We're good to go.
Excuse me, $385 million in other camps, particularly in the southwest in Texas, and then Halliburton's division of Kellogg, Brown, and Root, who runs the camps in Afghanistan and Central Asia, and of course in the Middle East and in Iraq, and some of the secret prisons in Eastern Europe.
And so all of this is admitted.
So yes, you have real live... The Manazar prison camp in the desert of California has been reopened and is manned, but just waiting...
We're good to go.
There's a camp in Austin at the old airport.
I go, where'd you hear that?
They go, I don't know.
My neighbor says he talked to a cop who told him.
But don't tell anybody.
And I go, well, they heard about it because I made a film about it in 2000 called The Takeover.
And I got video inside.
And then after I got video, the local news admitted that if there was ever any riots in Austin, they could hold 3,000 people at it and then land there on the old tarmac and fly people out to larger facilities.
So see, the rumor you heard was a Fox News cast here locally.
That was spurred by myself going out there interviewing people and getting video of it.
Bolts, chains on the floors, barbed wire inside to tie you down.
And then remember Pier 57 run by Bechtel privately in New York, a giant derelict bus terminal holding upwards of 2,000 people at any one time could hold five times that number with barbed wire inside in communal areas.
Troublemakers get chained to the floor.
Exact same layout.
Port-a-potties everywhere.
The whole nine yards.
Exactly what we have in the takeover is then in martial law that I made in 2005.
Every major city has them.
But let me tell you what the Sunshine Project... We're going to go to Dr. Rocky here in just a moment.
I appreciate him holding.
But I've got to finish answering this question.
Reported four years ago, and this is public, they have the Pentagon documents, that every major city has a military warehouse with helicopters ready, and then in an armored bunker in each facility, there are opiate knockout gases and other classified gases, I'm told lethal, but the document doesn't say that, ready to knock out whole cities.
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!
But see, that turns into a rumor.
No, that's not a rumor.
And it's not a rumor they have microwave guns.
Six years ago, before 9-11, they announced that every major city would be given a federal grant for Humvees with giant microwave guns on top.
And then years after I saw the federal grants, it was in the news.
But they said they're, quote, testing them.
Then the head of the Air Force came out this year.
And by the way, whenever they have Fiesta or some big thing in San Antonio, the Air Force military police are on the streets of San Antonio giving tickets, helping cops.
See, in the posse commentatus.
But I don't know why the head of the Air Force said this.
Remember a few months ago?
He came out with ABC News and said, Oh, we need to go ahead and test these on the American people first before we use them overseas.
We need to use these in crowd control.
Then we can use them overseas saying, Hey, we use them on our own people.
So the urban legends of the camps, you've got the real federal camps that are public.
Then you've got the emergency relocation centers that then distribute you to the larger centers.
Then you've got, yes, where the feds go out and just set up barbed wire fences and barracks and facilities and build guard towers in the middle of nowhere.
Those are the secret ones.
So let the rumors end.
Let the documentation begin.
There was a checkpoint on the highway in 98 on the day before Thanksgiving.
Mike Hanson does camera work for me.
Driving down the road there at Belton, just south of Temple.
And he sees U.S.
Army out searching people, dragging stuff out of cars.
He goes up.
They walk over, tell him, turn his cameras off.
Then we find out it's a drill, but it's real.
They're pulling real people over, but then the police and the military are saying it's a drill.
Then an FBI agent pulls up and tells Mike, here's a press release.
This is totally legal.
Gave him a secret document on accident that's on Infowars.com saying that police in 77 Texas counties are serving search warrants in police uniforms.
Are kicking down doors, are doing everything.
Alright, I'm going to shut up now about it.
The point is, this is going on everywhere.
Now, Dr. Doug Rockey, whose bio is so lengthy there's no way to even go over all of it, but I'd like him in a nutshell to tell us about himself, his amazing service to the country, his pedigree.
He's the guy that wrote the book for the Pentagon on DU.
He's the guy that did investigations for them.
He's the guy that made the training videos for them.
Dr. Doug Rockey, thank you for coming on with us.
Do you want to comment on the camp stuff I was just talking about?
I've heard this stuff over and over again, and back in the 90s when we started working with the non-lethal weapons research at the U.S.
Army Chemical School, we actually tested this stuff and did this stuff at what's called Mout Villages, M-O-U-T-E, but Villages.
I still get the videos.
It's astonishing, and then we'll go on to the other stuff, but if anybody wants to know anything, all they have to do is go to the Thomas Register, and again, that's where federal documents are, pull up Presidential Decision Directives number 39...
And number 62, written by Clinton, Gore, and Janet Reno.
And read.
And then cry.
Why are they gearing up to do this, sir?
Well, you know, before what Clinton had planned on doing was suspend the elections and impose martial law, and then all that fell apart.
And it's just a whole combination of everything.
But it's real scary.
It's just real, real scary.
And then all of the, you know, chemical biological emissions tests, the Project Shad tests that were done extensively and continue to this day.
The most recent ones, again, Baxillus cobagi, which is a biological weapon.
And then also the same thing with all of the pesticides and nerve agents.
What, three tons of that?
I'm going from memory.
The Daily Oklahoman, two years ago, three tons of that was released over cities.
Yeah, one of the big problems that I got involved with, the EPA ordered, you know, as an Army officer, when I was asked to clean it up, was when they used it down at Pelham Range in Fort McClellan, Alabama, and it affected all the surrounding communities and the residents there.
News stories hit it, and even the reporters that covered it ended up getting contaminated and taking it back to their families.
Now, let's be clear, though, Doctor.
I want to come back and recap exactly who you are, and I apologize for making you whole while I went through all that info, and we're honored to have you.
I want to be clear here.
In some cases in Project Shad, they would order a serviceman to walk into a chamber, kill him with nerve gas, and then lie to his family.
So the government running this system will kill troops just to test something.
I mean, that's how cold-blooded we're talking about.
That's correct.
And Project Shad has been done all over back in 1987.
Our team had to clean up a Project Shad mess that was left where chemical munitions were buried out behind the U.S.
Army Reserve Center on East Main in Urbana, Illinois.
It's unbelievable, sir.
Again, it's all admitted.
So for police and military listening, they, for some reason, abuse you more than even the general public.
They think you're so stupid.
Dr. Doug Rocky on the other side.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
The reason it depleted uranium, the Shad Project, all of it is so important is because it's admittedly radioactive, deadly poison.
It's admittedly salted in the earth for 4.5 billion years.
It shows the mindset of the elite that they use this.
They've had this since the 50s, but they just started using it in the last 15 years or so.
The question is why?
Dr. Doug Rocky, we got right into concentration camps and secret programs, but out of the gates, let's restart and tell folks who you are, your training.
You've got quite a record, so folks know who they're listening to.
I came in the military in 1967, so that's what, 39 years ago.
And I was originally trained as an avionics technician in bomb nap hard hat.
Flew combat missions and dropped bombs in Vietnam.
Maintained the systems.
Got out.
Went to college.
Did a whole bunch of things.
Went back and got recalled to active duty in 74 for a summer.
Then the Vietnam War ended and I said, I'm out of here.
1980, went back into the National Guard as a combat medic, medical team leader, teaching emergency medicine, emergency rescue, hazard materials and everything.
83, I was transferred over as an instructor for the U.S.
Army to teach all of this.
86, got a direct commission after I'd rewritten the Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare training program for the U.S.
And we just kept doing it, and Gulf War I started.
We had put together all the training, operations, emergency response, cleanup procedures for all chemical, biological, as of materials, environmental exposures.
The whole shebang.
And specifically, your doctorate is in?
I'm a teacher.
I'm a science teacher.
But incredible background in emergency medicine, you know, as a paramedic EMT type.
Emergency rescue has materials.
So you've been at every level of it.
When did DU enter the picture?
When did you become the guy that wrote the book on DU?
Well, with the completion of the ground war, they had not put any plans together for the response to the U.C.
uranium emissions.
And all of a sudden I got called over to the command headquarters in Escan Village, which is where the medical command headquarters was.
Got a written directive that by name assignment from the Pentagon.
And, you know, they don't give this very often.
But they reached and bypassed all the active duty people, bypassed all of the active duty people, and came down and picked me out as a reservist.
Of course, you know, by that time I'd had a lot of experience.
And gave me the very specific task to go clean up the D.U.
mess following Gulf War I.
And took us three months to clean up 24 vehicles for shipment back to the United States.
Shipped 15 Abrams tanks that were destroyed by DU-friendly fire.
Nine Bradley fighting vehicles were destroyed by DU-friendly fire back to the United States.
We buried a lot in the desert, you know, with the body parts and everything like that.
Came back, we wrote all our reports.
Eventually, the United States General Accounting Office got involved in February of 1992.
The Secretariat got involved because there was all kinds of warnings and we did a special conference on this at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
I was recalled to active duty to do the briefing before the Secretariat and gave them all the warnings and said what we needed to do.
December of 1992, we started the U.S.
Army Environmental Policy Institute study.
It was real interesting because...
When we started that in December of 1992, Assistant Secretary of the Army Walker, one of the very specific directives for us to do was figure out ways to reduce the toxicity of uranium emissions, put together all the education and training, and develop all the environmental remediation procedures.
Lo and behold, in 1994, they bypassed all of the active duty people, everybody else, all of their full-time government scientists, and recalled me as Director of the Depleted Uranium Project.
What I learned as a director, putting all the education and training together, writing the U.S.
Army Regulation 700-48, the U.S.
Army Pamphlet 700-48, that it's the hands-on procedures, step-by-step procedures for response for uranium and other radioactive materials contamination use.
We've modified the U.S.
Army Technical Bulletin.
And what I learned scared me, because by this time we were all sick.
We had been denied medical care.
To this day, this is now, what are we, November 28th?
Army, as of today, has never provided me or my staff the mandatory radio bioassay to test for uranium exposures in 15 years.
Of 2006, the U.S.
It's unbelievable.
Now, we've talked before.
You then started discovering that they knew back in the 50s, the 60s, the 70s.
In the 40s.
In the 40s.
And then, you know, one of the things, when we do the research as director...
I uncovered all the reports that had been put together identifying all the health and environmental hazards as a result of the Israeli use of uranium munitions in the Sinai against the Egyptians in 1973 and 1974.
And then slowly we got the medical records and the exposure records and talked with the people that were sick and it just scared us.
Long segment coming up.
Stay there.
Plenty of time to break this down.
We'll stay with this into the next hour as well.
At the bottom of the next hour, Paul Watson joins us.
They're going to ban all file sharing on the Internet.
We're not kidding.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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How and why do people that work for this government mindlessly trust them?
It's like you have a nice dog who you can beat upside the head with a baseball bat and he still loves you.
I mean, I want police to know that run the warrantless checkpoints and break up the families and grab the kids with CPS.
The people in the military that did gun confiscations in New Orleans.
The FBI agents, all of you, you work for a government.
And I mean, Project Shad's been in BBC, AP, you name it, went until the late 80s.
They would just mark somebody into a chamber, nerve gas them, and kill them.
Just a, quote, volunteer.
Oh, we're going to test the flu on you.
Sign this waiver.
They'd kill them.
I mean, this is your government.
Okay, folks.
I've interviewed people that were in the units that witnessed all of this.
This is admitted.
It doesn't just stop with black men and syphilis and Tuskegee.
The globalists have a eugenics mindset.
And they believe they're saving the earth by killing us off.
But then they're schizophrenic in that.
Or I guess you could say it's an oxymoron because they're salting the earth, including proving grounds all over the world, with DU, with a four and a half billion year half-life.
Dr. Doug Rockey, again, had already written high-level manuals for the government.
He was commissioned to go to the big cleanup and write a big manual.
And then while he did his research, he discovered at the end of World War II, they had papers on using these weapons to basically dirty bomb whole cities,
Not at all.
I mean, it's complete, total arrogance.
I mean, that was one of the things as a career military officer, scientist, teacher, medic, whatever you want to have.
I just got fed up with it.
I mean, we have to look at this whole thing.
We have to look at the true casualties.
You know, Gulf War I basically lasted 100 hours, okay?
This was back in 90 and 91, and you had about 100 hours of real active combat.
Out of that period, and we'll say the period is actually from April and May of 1990.
You have to understand, April and May of 1990, when we started doing the insertions and operations over there.
You know, baiting and switching Iraq to go into Kuwait.
Through the fall of 1991, that's what we consider Gulf War I. The U.S.
Department of Veteran Affairs, in their Compensation and Pension Statistics Report, the most recent one, which was a summary of data through August 30th of 2006,
...has thoroughly acknowledged that out of the 696,842 of us that served in the Persian Gulf War I Desert Storm, there's only 613,526 left alive.
That's 80,000 have died.
And that 271,192 of our sons and daughters, including myself and my team, applied for permanent disability with the U.S.
Department of Veteran Affairs.
So that's 40-plus percent?
That's correct.
And that's in the VA's own documents.
They don't want the public to know any of this.
And what's astonishing, you know, at the completion of the Gulf War I, you have to understand most of the deaths in Gulf War I were due to friendly fire, okay, or we shot our own.
And I'm the officer that scraped them up with a putty knife and did the confirmation and cleaned up the equipment.
Our team did.
But as of August 30th of 2006, for all the individuals that served in the Persian Gulf, Gulf War I, there's 12,580 that are dead.
And I had a little over, I had about not even 500 dead during the actual conflict.
From all sources.
And that, you know, and going to Encyclopedia Britannica, World Almanac, any of them, you'll find all those numbers.
Yeah, it says 300 and something.
Last time I checked.
But it's now at 12,580 for Gulf War I alone as of August 30th of 2006.
And 80,000 total are dead.
But you've got to remember, the ones where they got to 12,580 are the guys who are awarded permanent, you know, what's called C&P, service connection.
Now, let's go back for those who just joined us.
Because I even talked to troops who were in the first Gulf War and who are now in the second.
And I've been out at Crawford and they walked up and said, You're a traitor, D.U.
isn't bad.
And I say, well, did you clean it up?
No, but I fired it out of my tank.
And I'm just like, listen, this is the Army's own manual, sir.
I mean, even mining this stuff, when it's not anywhere as strong, back in the 70s, the mining manuals, the government mining manuals said it was deadly.
I mean, you are a doctor.
You wrote the book on this.
Will you tell them what it is?
Because they seem to think, because they tell them it's good for them now that it is.
Yeah, they lie to them because they want to sustain the use of uranium munitions.
You have to understand, I received a direct written order that General Franks and General Brown handed to me in March of 1991 to lie in all our reports in order to sustain the use of uranium munitions and avoid all liability for known, anticipated, and verified crimes.
Adverse Health and Environmental Effects.
And that's the famed Los Alamos Memorandum written by Colonel Michael Zeme, United States Marine Corps of Los Alamos, New Mexico.
And that was dated March 1st of 1991.
The same thing happened with the AEPI Directive written by Assistant Secretary of the Army Walker in December of 1992.
They all have this idea, you have to understand, these are solid radioactive materials that have chemical toxicity, particulate irritation, radiological toxicity.
When you inhale, ingest, absorb, or get any of this contamination into your body, you're going to get sick.
When you fire a gun, you get contamination all over, you're going to breathe it in.
We've thoroughly confirmed that with U.S.
Navy troops that have got sick from firing the 20mm on the Navy phalanx and, you know, being around the gun after it's been fired, all the way through to everybody else, continuously.
It's that.
But we have to understand they lie to our troops.
They lie to the American public about the number of casualties that we have as a result of Gulf War I and Gulf War II.
I mean, we just went over the casualty figures from Gulf War I.
Hardcore data.
You can go to www.va.gov and then type in GWBIS, which is the code word for all this stuff.
And let's give folks, Dr. Rocky, also how much was used in these wars.
Okay, well, you know, the amount that was used by Israel, I don't know.
It was there and it was used and we wouldn't work with all that stuff.
In Gulf War I, we used about 375 tons of solid uranium incorporated into munitions.
That's in Gulf War I.
That figure comes from the guy that issued the ammo who was on my team and other of my team members.
Okay, he's sick also, denied medical care, never got medical care.
They flatly refused to give it to him.
Okay, we know in the Balkans in 94 and 95, because I wrote the emergency response procedures for that while I was at the University of Illinois in the chemistry department, we used approximately 30 tons.
And then we went back into the bog.
And then what we did in Okinawa in 95 and 96, we don't know how much was used there.
They just trashed Okinawa, some islands over there.
Then we come up to the Balkans in 99, and that's about 40 tons.
Then we get into Afghanistan, which estimates are 1,000 tons.
And this is all medically confirmed.
The exposures are medically confirmed.
The on-site measurements have confirmed the use.
And then we get into Gulf War II within Iraq.
And the U.S.
Army back within a couple months thoroughly confirmed that they'd used 500 tons of uranium munitions within just a couple of months.
Of the initial start, and they continue to do it daily.
And now, Doctor, now, and of course you've got all these specific numbers in front of you, but I've got the reports here as well.
Now it's not just served up in the Vulcan cannon and the ATN War Dog.
It's not just served up in the Sabo rounds and the Abrams tank and its variants.
It's not just in the Bradley fighting vehicle or the Warriors cannons.
Now they're serving it into small arms.
Yeah, 7.62, the old M60 machine gun, the .50 cal machine gun.
Barrett manufactures the .50 cal sniper rifle.
On his literature for his website, he brags about how well the DU round works in his rifle.
That's one of the selling points.
We lost an Abrams tank due to a .50 cal rifle round, DU round, because we did the investigations on that.
That was right after Gulf War II started, Operation Iraqi Freedom started.
Some idiot Marine with a .50 cal took out an Abrams tank.
Well, you know, there it goes.
Then we've got the 20mm in the Navy failings.
Then we've got the 30mm in the A-10 Warthog aircraft.
Then we have the 25 millimeter in the Bradley Friday vehicle.
I did all the research on that at the Nevada test site and put the safety procedures and all that stuff together.
Then we've got the 105 millimeter.
We've got the 120 millimeter, the 125 millimeter.
Those are all kinetic energy rounds.
Those are gigantic rods of uranium, solid uranium.
That's what makes these things so dangerous.
They're not coated.
They're not tipped.
They're gigantic, solid rods.
For example, the A-10 fires a DU round, 30 millimeters.
Every single round is three-quarters of a pound of solid uranium, and it fires at a rate of 4,000 rounds per minute.
That's a ton and a half of uranium on target per minute.
It's incredible.
The Abrams tank round is over 10 pounds of solid uranium.
And then up and beyond that, we have the cluster bombs.
Now, the cluster bombs are used extraordinarily effectively in the Balkans and at Marketplace.
They've used all over Iraq.
And then they used them extremely effectively throughout Lebanon now, where the U.S.
gave Israel all of this stuff to use.
Well, I had another guy call on the show, a local who I haven't even met before.
He's always getting in my face at events and stuff telling me I'm wrong.
And he said, I've got a cousin who's an Abrams commander and he's got a radiation badge and it isn't showing anything.
It won't.
And you and that rock, you're a liar!
It won't show anything.
Because it's alpha and beta.
It's primarily alpha and beta.
You can wear all the badges all day long and you'll never detect it.
One thing that we learned when we did the work is a standard Geiger counter won't even measure it.
So what our team did is working with the U.S.
Department of Energy and the people in the U.S.
Army research staff is we designed new modified existing RADIAC equipment, which was U.S.
Army PDR-77 with an RPO kit, modified the electronics, and we taught very specific procedures in order to measure it.
I could have a room full of uranium dust, and I'll never measure radioactivity.
I have to have the alpha meter, the alpha detector, it's a simulation probe.
That specifically measures that type of radiation.
And you can't have it more than a finger's thickness away from the material or you'll never find it.
See, that's why it's so deadly is that it, again, I'm just repeating what you and others in the manuals I've read, because it just sits in there up against the cells, and it's so small it pierces the cell wall.
Well, yeah, it tears the cells apart.
Remember, these are 4.15 million electron volts.
A cell operates on 10 electron volts.
So, I mean, this is like standing in a puddle of water and sticking your fingers into a 440 outlet of 50 amps.
I mean, it's so nasty.
And then the beta you won't measure either unless you're maybe four to six inches away with specialized probes.
Now, when we finished the project, there were only 50 of these sets in existence in the whole Department of Defense, and then two broke.
There were only 48, and I don't know what they've had since.
But there's no measurement.
So what we have to look, we have the radioactive munitions, okay, which are horrible, thoroughly used all over.
But I mean, let's be clear, though, for those that are in denial, they can't believe their government would do something bad.
Project Shad, all this stuff, the atomic soldiers, they knew.
They knew, I mean, back in the 40s and 50s, they took little kids and told them they were getting x-rays and killed them with radiation at bases.
So stop denying, folks, the pre-documents that Dr. Rocky got a chance to see once he was the head of the program.
They knew then, too.
So what do you say to those that are in such denial?
You're fools.
It's that simple.
And let's look at what's really happened, okay?
Now, in Gulf War I, we had a whole host of exposures.
We had all of the chemical agents that...
You know, the United States had given to Iraq.
All the anthrax the United States had given to Iraq.
You have to understand, the U.S.
Army gave anthrax to Iraq.
Okay, that's why we had to go to do the shots.
The U.S.
Army used Samrid for Dietrich, Maryland, and I know the guys that sent it there, okay?
They're friends of mine.
I don't know how you define that anymore.
Well, there was a Senate report that even after the war in 1994, more shipments were made by the CDC to Saddam.
That's correct.
That's the Regal Commission report, and we did a movie for Showtime called Thanks for a Grateful Nation.
That was all incredible work.
So we had a whole host of stuff.
We blew the stuff up over there so Iraq had nothing left because we deliberately made the decision to blow it up.
And Schwarzkopf, that's in his autobiography on page 390.
So what we have today, now we've gone to Gulf War II, okay?
And in the most recent casual report, and I just got this on Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving Day has not been good for me.
I went to my second tour of Vietnam on Thanksgiving Day in 1969.
My grandma died that day.
And then I went back to war for Gulf War I, Operation Desert Storm, on Thanksgiving Day of 1990.
And then I got off active duty for the last time after I did all of this work for the government on Thanksgiving Day of 1995.
And then on Thanksgiving Day just the other day, I got the new casualty report from the Department of Veteran Affairs giving me the numbers of what has really happened.
The casualty data, ladies and gentlemen, for Gulf War II is not what you see on TV.
The United States Army, and this is all published in Army Times, specifically states the Operation Iraqi Freedom Casualties for March 19, 2003 through November 16, 2003 is the number of killed in action, KIA, is 2,846.
The number of wounded in action, WIA, is 21,678.
However, when we go to the Griffiths Report, that's the VA actual report on casualties, it's now over 5,000 dead.
Because thousands more come back under what's called disease and non-battle injury and then die.
Yeah, they don't count those that die out of country.
No, they don't count those.
And I mean, even when you look at the VA report, the new VA report says, you know, we don't count them.
So what we have today...
And this is in the brand new report just released.
I just got it on Thanksgiving Day.
So Thanksgiving Day is not a good day for me in the military.
You have to understand that.
The number of casualties as of September 30th of 2006 for individuals that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, that's in Iraq and Afghanistan, is 205,097.
21,000 have parasitic diseases.
6,500 have benign cancer.
1,584 have cancer.
36,000 have metabolic and endocrine problems.
3,500 have serious blood problems.
73,157 are mental disorders, PTSD, and all this other stuff.
61,000 have neurological problems.
Now the neurological problems are primarily due to uranium emissions exposures and also the thorough misuse of pesticides and the fact that our idiot kids, the soldiers, were wearing flea collars on their bodies in Iraq.
Circulatory systems is 29,249.
Respiratory problems.
You have to understand, the DU, what we saw... Let me just stop you.
I work for two vets, and I don't claim to be an expert on this, but dogs don't sweat like humans do.
It's on their fur, and it's still highly toxic for them.
Humans are not meant to wear pesticide collars because the poisons interact differently, and we have massive absorption at hundreds of times.
This is what vets have told me.
One on top of his class from A&M, Jess Adkins, you absorb it through your skin.
Absolutely correct.
And we put all the warnings out and we tried to stop it.
And Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, who's in charge of employment medicine, all these guys, they just ignored us.
The respiratory problems, you have to understand, with DU exposures, and that happened to myself and my team, the very first thing we see within 24 hours is serious respiratory problems.
We're at 36,190.
The gastrointestinal GI problems, and again, we're getting in the pesticides through our food and our water.
We're getting in the DU into our system.
The whole digestive system is at 63,002.
One of my colonels just a couple weeks ago was at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
He was madder than hell because he had the kids coming back and their whole gastrointestinal system, the esophagus through the stomach and everything, the intestines are just literally turning to mush.
It's like jello.
And they break down and collapse and they bleed out and die.
We've had that at Fort Bragg.
We've had it happen right here over at the local VA hospital.
Well, that's been all over the news that these healthy people come back and their guts just dissolve.
Stay there, doctor.
I want to talk about why the elite are doing this, why they don't care, and how we turn this around, how we stop the use instead of proliferating its use.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This goes to the heart of everything.
They knew back in the 40s it was a deadly weapon.
They said we can't use it, it's too deadly, it's too poisonous, the particulate and then the radiation.
And then they started, the Israelis started using it 20, 30 years ago.
Then we started using it in the last 16 years.
And now it's being served up into every weapon you can imagine.
And the troops are coming back and dying.
And people just laugh at us and say, I've got a sticker saying I support the troops and that's all I've got to do.
And it's so insulting to the troops I talk to that do know what's happening.
And by the way, the secret is out.
Most of the military is now waking up to this.
So the military is now having to go below the test standards they ever had.
Something like 16% are now below standard.
Literally, low-grade morons.
And so this is just... Dr. Doug Rocky, why?
I mean, you've worked inside this.
Why does the establishment not care about it?
I mean, I know you're going to say, well, it's a good weapon.
But yeah, I mean, if it's a good rifle that shoots your enemy but fires a bullet back into you, I mean, I understand why the guys on the ground go ahead and use it, because they don't know the full ramifications, but why did the establishment decide to do this?
I guess they just think they've got such media control, and they'll just say, be patriotic, it's good for you.
I mean, how are they able to continue this?
How are they able to do the Tuskegee experiment?
How are they able to nerve gas their own troops and murder them?
And how do they find doctors that'll do that?
How do they, I mean, what is this?
It's blind following the leader.
I mean, you know, one thing that I had to come to grips with was the fact that once I started learning and seeing what was happening, I put programs together to do this, and then I said, no more.
You've got so many individuals.
First off, you're absolutely correct.
We've got less than 80% have a high school degree that have gone in the Army recently.
And when you go into the enlistment, you have what's called the enlistment test.
It's an ASVAB.
The proportion that score less than 50% at the bottom two quartiles is incredibly high.
And so, you know, most of the time, you know, 75% and below on the ASVAB would be considered a moron.
Well, the majority of enlistees are at 50% and lower.
So, I mean, you know, we had a, what, a congress, a senator or somebody got in all the trouble because he stated the truth.
Well, these guys don't have the knowledge, then they're lied to.
Then these commanders lie to them, and it's hard to sustain the use of this stuff and avoid all liability.
They don't teach them.
I mean, the casualty rate is astronomical.
Look at the fundamentals.
You know, when we were in Vietnam and all the stuff in the military, what we learned is when you're going to do an insertion or attack, you get dispersal, okay?
You don't run up in a cluster of ducks and get blown up all together where you're so close you got your head up the other guy's butt.
You're seeing that all over the place.
Well, that's the other thing.
Why are they using SWAT tactics?
Because they saw it on TV.
Well, the military uses... They picked up the SWAT tactics because you've got to watch it on TV and play the games.
And then the police have picked this up, and the police are getting killed on drug rates because they're using these stupid tactics.
And we keep doing training and education, trying to train the SWATs, because I have to understand.
I know I train the military.
I've been training the police.
It's like our team gets called to do everything.
It's like, hey, guys, you know what you're doing.
Help us.
But then they don't do it.
It's real simple.
Well, who started that thing where they stack up and go in a building?
Because it's ridiculous.
I don't know.
It started with this nonsense in Gulf War II and the other ones and everything.
Then the SWAT picked it up.
It makes me sad.
We had a discussion today about that with another individual in our community who was sick of it, seeing the whole thing happen, too.
I guess the whole thing would have to come back.
First off, we have gone into all these wars without justification, where neither Afghanistan or Iraq posed any offensive military threat whatsoever.
They did not have weapons of mass destruction.
The battle plans were put together in the Clinton administration.
Gulf War II, we started planning that in 1995, and Afghanistan came from a congressional directive from February 12, 1998.
And so what's happening, we're getting all this stuff, and it's happening.
So we've got over half a million casualties.
Thousands are dead for no reason whatsoever.
You've got the bumper stickers out there, Support the Truth, Love America.
But when I ask those individuals to take a sick or injured vet to the VA hospital or a hospital for medical care, they walk away.
When you ask them to call their congressman and yell and scream about medical care... Stay there.
We've got to break.
We've got to start the third hour.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, there's been a ruling that the government's moving to ban all file sharing on the Internet.
This will be the death knell to much of the Internet.
We'll be discussing it in 30 minutes with Paul Watson.
I know we've had loaded phones, and I apologize to all of you that have been holding.
But I'm only taking calls in this next 20-30 minutes while Doug Rockey can stay with us.
Dr. Rockey, on the subject of the pleaded uranium, Project Shad, the police state, all of it, you know, those subjects, 1-800-259-9231.
So I just cleared the lines.
We're good to go.
Caught red-handed example of where the elite thinks so little of us that they know it's a deadly weapon since the 40s.
They implement its use in 1991.
They use it all over the globe on three continents.
Well, I guess five continents, actually.
But heavy wartime use in three continents.
They know it's killing the troops.
They're coming back and dying en masse.
And, again, it just goes to the fact of why do people serve this government?
This is not our government.
And for people that can't believe the government would be involved in 9-11, 3,000 lives means nothing to these cold-blooded sociopaths that are these multinational corporations that control our government.
Dr. Rocky, you want to speak to that?
It's scary.
You have to understand there are a lot of individuals in the military and special operations that kill and destroy without a heartbeat.
The fact that some Air Force pilot that's nutty will go out there and shoot one of our airliners out of the sky is irrelevant.
The fact that we'll go out over and do everything we're doing is irrelevant.
Because they take this mindset, in the military we call it hoo-ha, okay?
And it's really hard to describe.
But what it means is we're just going to go do it no matter what, and I'm going to disregard all the health and environmental effects.
I'm going to disregard what's right and what's wrong.
For example, it was on the news this morning, it was on the news last night.
In Iraq and Baghdad, they're showing U.S.
troops literally going and storming and breaking down a house with machine guns ready or whatever and going after families.
I mean, Jesus, that's just totally wrong.
It's absolutely wrong.
And then the snipers, they break about the snipers, well, we're going to be out here at 3,000 feet and we'll pick this guy off, you know, just because they can and they want to.
And then we have, as a consequence, all of a sudden these kids realize, because most of them, you know, they're raised, we have to understand, they have the right half of the brain, which in the movie we talked about in the military medicine and all the responses, the right half of the brain says this is what's right.
The left half of the brain is where they're operating at.
And then all of a sudden it crashes together, and that's why we've got probably close to 100,000.
You know, there are nutcases today.
These kids are destroyed for life.
When you go to the war...
And you get involved with all the materials we use, the munitions we use, and the destruction we wrought.
You don't come back.
Monday, yesterday, yeah, today, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I've lost all track of time.
Monday, I had a father call.
We were working with him.
His son was a cannon packer, Fort Seal Artillery, okay?
The kid's having four or five seizures a day.
There's nothing left of him.
He can't get medical care.
One of the things we find at the VA is you have to wait months and months and months to get an appointment.
Was he firing DU munitions?
We're still trying to figure out what it was, but basically it looks like it's a whole combination.
Some of the chemical munitions, some of the biological munitions.
Oh, they're using chemical munitions.
They're using chemicals?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Why not?
I mean, you know, that's thoroughly confirmed.
The Army thoroughly confirmed that at Fallujah, and the Israelis have acknowledged that they did it in Lebanon.
It's thoroughly confirmed.
You know, again, why would Israel use all that DU right by their border, knowing the winds blow right into their country?
I mean, you know, when all this started happening, building up, we contacted Omar, who's the prime minister, and said, you better take care of this, stop this, and do this.
Well, it's stupidity.
But it didn't matter.
They did it.
We have to understand the arrogance today, the total disregard for health and the environment, the destruction we wrought, has turned into a nightmare, and the casualties are just astronomical.
They're not just KIA and WIA, they're DNBI, disease and non-battle injury.
We've got to break.
Way over 200,000.
We've got to break again.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Doug Rocky will be with us for another 22 minutes, and we've got Paul Watson joining us with some incredible news.
Dr. Doug Rocky, before we go to these calls...
What percentage of the troops do you think now who literally aren't the offspring of crack babies, and I'm sorry to have to say that, it's the truth, who just can't really even comprehend, what percentage of the military that you talk to now, or military families, are they starting to finally read the literature from the Pentagon itself?
And are they starting to discover that they've been totally lied to and totally betrayed?
I mean, this makes Agent Orange look like orange juice.
I mean, this makes it look nutritious.
I mean, it's more and more every day.
Yeah, it does.
The phone calls never cease to stop getting stopped at school, get stopped on a street, get stopped in church.
It doesn't matter where I am.
My kids get stopped and they're asked to, you know, through them to get me to intervene to help.
Emails, phone calls, it never stops.
More and more are becoming awake.
But you have to understand, the leaders in the military and the commanders have deliberately and willfully withheld knowledge of the Army regulation and all the training materials, the common task training, all the technical manuals, all the medical orders, deliberately withheld those from the troops, deliberately withheld them from the families.
And as far as the physicians at the VA or in the Army medical community, even though we have all the directives and the training out there, and I helped put this together,
You know, with the other individuals and disseminated it on and out through other individuals specifically responsible for the medical.
They don't do it.
They just thoroughly disregard it.
When we get to the, you know, the exposure to uranium munitions in combat in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the technical bulletin very specifically tells you exactly how to decon and how to do medical care.
The orders from the Surgeon General give you specific directives.
And it doesn't happen.
It absolutely doesn't happen.
So bottom line, they shouldn't be using the munition, but even if they did, they could then do the proper decon procedures and massively reduce the danger?
Well, you know, if you do the cleanup and the decon procedures, you can reduce some of the danger, mitigate it, but you're never going to resolve it.
As far as the medical care and treatment, the reason why the U.S.
Army orders mandates the radiobioassay within 24 hours of exposure, not months or years later or never,
But within 24 hours of exposure, and this is the written directive from October of 1993 when I got the medical directive out because we were going to use uranium emissions in a place called Somalia.
And I worked like mad.
We got the medical directive out then.
So what they do is they don't do it, and they deliberately delay the testing so there's no correlation between a verified exposure and adverse health effects.
What's happened is medical personnel all over, with the contamination, they get exposed to all this cross-transfer contamination because they don't follow... Yeah, these guys are covered with the DU dust when they bring them in.
And hazmat and pesticides and everything else, and then it gets transferred, and then the troops go down, and what's happened, I've had so many doctors and nurses had to quit medicine because they could no longer function.
You know, their brain waves just quit functioning.
Their memory goes where their fine motor control goes.
I mean, I have no fine motor control in my fingers anymore.
That's gone.
I mean, I want to talk a little bit about Project Shad and then take some calls.
A whole other subject, but it's along the same lines, same parallels, same cancer.
What specifically from the medical literature does DU cause?
Well, what we have is the respiratory problems, the first thing we saw.
Then we have all the rashes.
Now, I got open sores and bleeding right now as I've had from 24 hours after we started this in 91.
I mean, they're open and bleeding right now.
Okay, then we start seeing the calcified granulomas, the destruction of the lungs due to the particulates, but primarily the radiation.
Then we start seeing all the kidney problems.
Then we start seeing the neurological problems.
And then we have the internal respiration because the cells can no longer carry oxygen.
They're all destroyed.
So basically, it hits delicate tissues first.
It hits everything.
And then what happened, you know, the cancers were the least of the worries.
It hits everything.
I mean, we had incredible numbers of cancers.
You know, on my team, the cancers were within nine months.
And then what's scary for Gulf War II, another guy came back out of the famed 442nd out of New York.
This was the cream of the crop in New York.
Police and fire that got activated for Gulf War II.
You know, within the same incubation period, same time, same location, same tumor in the throat is one of my guys.
Absolutely, everything identical.
In fact, then several big newspapers paid to have prestigious medical institutions do the scans of the lungs.
Again, I'm not telling the doctor anything.
I'm just bringing this up for listeners.
And what did they find?
They found all of the problems, but the U.S.
Army had refused to do the testing, and the guys had Walter Reed and Walter Wonderful, which is a forget it.
They just refused to do it, and we got involved with the arguments of them, and we call all the time.
I mean, I usually call the Secretary of Defense office, Dr. Michael, two or three times a week.
They never return phone calls.
They don't help anybody.
I just, you know, okay, here's what we're doing.
But meanwhile, they're off living in big fancy townhouses.
They're playing golf.
They got all their fancy prostitutes in D.C.
I mean, it seems like the elite's always been corrupt and evil, but it seems like they just don't.
They've just gone wild.
Almost, when we see this in criminology, where psychopaths start getting more and more reckless trying to get caught.
Yeah, but even the unit commanders that are pools that are using all these weapons and send the troops out without the proper training and equipment and education...
And then medical care afterward, they're fools.
I mean, you know, I have to understand.
I'm, you know, retired now, but it's like 39, 40 years ago.
Anybody that listened to military today, you're crazy.
You need to do, seem to be a psychological evaluation because you're going to be abandoned.
You're going to be one of these half million casualties we already have.
What's going to happen as the people, and they are learning about this, and they can't even get the poor kids to get involved anymore, they're going to have to have a draft, which it didn't just wrangle pushing this.
The Republicans have a bill.
They've set up the draft boards again.
Clinton, when he left office, had a study put together saying they needed a draft.
What do you see happening with the national conscription?
Well, it's a given.
But the thing that's more scary, they upped the basic enlistment age to 42.
So the Army doctors, you know, the generals that I work with and the colonels, the top docs in the military, they're no longer practicing pediatric medicine and basic training.
They're practicing geriatric medicine and basic training.
It's incredible.
And then you look at the thing they've got to have, you know, pay all these guys incredible enlistment bonuses and they go over and they get this money and they come back and they find out their life has ended.
They're one of these casualties.
You have to understand, if you get a 40% disability like I got from the VA, that's a grand total of $536 a month.
Try living on that.
By the way, I want to say this.
You know, here on this show, I sell videos, I sell books, I have to pay my employees, we have to fund ourselves.
I always ask you for years, hey, do you got a book?
Can we donate to you?
Can we help you?
And you're like, no, no, no.
Just call Congress, get people involved, and then here you are after decades of service in the military, basically kicked to the curb and you're asking for nothing.
I just want to commend you, doctor.
Shifting gears again to Project Shad.
For those that don't know what it is, just in a brief nutshell, tell folks about it.
You said you were involved in some of the cleanup of this.
This is admitted, declassified.
This is not debatable.
This is what the government does to our trips.
I've interviewed some of those that survived.
I've talked to the family members of those that have friends that died.
This is the mindset of the government.
Tell folks.
Well, Project Shad that I know of goes back to the 1950s, and in the 1950s and throughout and continued on, Project Shad is the deliberate use of chemical and biological and radiological munitions on U.S.
military personnel, but it's also deliberate use on civilian personnel to find out what the effects are of the chemical, biological, and radiological munitions.
For example, I mean, extensive use with nerve agents all over the place.
It continued.
I talked to individuals that were involved in this up at Edgewood in Maryland.
That's Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, that they're sick and abandoned.
You know, both military and civilians, and that continues to continue on.
We've had all this use throughout all over.
Port Greeley in Alaska was a horrible thing.
They used teluremia.
That's horrible biological.
They used...
Okay, let's go to Plum Island.
When you go to the Regal Commission Report, one of the last items on the Regal Commission Report that was put out came from Plum Island.
That's West Nile virus.
Westphal virus was an accidental release at Plum Island.
It got into Central Park and then spread across the nation.
Now, according to the BBC, projects between the U.S.
and England went from the early 50s through 87.
It continues.
It included releasing an unknown, they won't tell us, biological agent in the New York subway.
Deaths resulted, but they say details are classified.
I mean, we've got a government, folks, that kills people on the New York subway, and then they're telling you...
Give up all your rights, shadowy Al-Qaeda is going to get you any minute, and there are thousands of examples of partially and totally declassified admissions of where... I mean, I want to be specific.
It isn't like they accidentally tested some nerve gas on people and it killed them.
They would take young British and military troops, tell them you're going to get a three-day leave if you go in this chamber and sign this waiver.
They sign it, they walk in, they murder them.
Other cases, they don't sign any waiver.
You put them on a ship...
They fly over and spray the ship, everybody gets sick, some people die a week later, some five years later.
I mean, what is going on here?
Well, one of the, you know, with all of the casualties filed a class action lawsuit, and the federal court just ruled that the military did not have to release the information.
In preparation for Gulf War II, Operation Iraqi Freedom,
Our medical command was working at Camp Tracy, California.
It's about 90 miles to the straight east of San Francisco, just over the valley past where all the windmills are.
And they deliberately sprayed them with pesticides, with nerve agents.
And they're sick and dying.
So many got sick out of the unit.
They didn't have the capability with military medicine.
They had to transport them to San Francisco for medical care.
And they're all down.
It was a deliberate act, a deliberate willful act,
And we're still fighting with it.
But again, who thinks this stuff up?
We know there's U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B, where they say for experimental reasons they can use any chemical, biological weapon they want on the American people, not just the military.
Yeah, and again, both President Bush I, Bill Clinton, and President Bush II all signed executive orders, presidential decision directives, absolving everybody of responsibility.
I mean, it's just, it's scary because this is reality.
And when you run into reality when you've been involved in the programs and you see what it is, it shakes you up.
And most people don't want to acknowledge it because all of the beliefs, the foundations, what they believed in their life is rested on, goes back to the government leaders will take care of you, they won't harm you, they won't do this to you.
And if you go to combat, you'll get medical care.
And guess what, ladies and gentlemen, it's a thorough lie.
We'll be right back.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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Federal agents!
We are armed!
Hey, I'll tell you what.
Let's play that song in its entirety on the other side.
That's a good song.
By good old Paris.
Let's go to John in Georgia.
You're on the air with Dr. Doug Rocky, who we commend for joining us today and his great courage exposing all this from the inside.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, Alex.
I just want to say everything I've heard your guest say is true.
I'm a disabled veteran.
I have a number of spinal cord injuries.
I joined September 17, 2001, and they've got me at 20%, which is $219 a month to support my family on it.
I've had numerous civilian doctors say I should already be paralyzed.
But what concerns me the most other than that and a number of guys from my unit, we all have intestinal problems.
I've just been hospitalized for about a week and nobody knows what
What's wrong?
Our intestines are shutting down.
We're passing blood in our stool.
And I've had other guests on with the numbers, and even the mainstream media has admitted the VA has plenty of money.
As a course of action, they just decide to not give it to the troops.
Dr. Rocky?
I've got to be brutally frank.
One thing that we've learned with all of this stuff and all of our work all years and environmental exposures and exposures, there ain't no effective treatment.
The only thing we can do is stabilize.
And stabilize and optimize the remaining function.
And diet, no more caffeine.
It's that simple.
We have learned from our work and our research, working with the Dallas, down in Dallas, the super experts on this stuff, and all this stuff, your diet can absolutely help.
I mean, when you make the idea of all these prepared foods with all these preservatives, those are gone.
So he's telling you that by the...
Does what he's having happen to him, because you talked about bones fusing, you talked about the stomach problems, does that sound like DU or something else?
It's a whole combination of everything.
You have to remember, even with DU, we don't just have DU.
We have all the other stuff there.
We have all the unexplored arms, byproducts.
We've got the biologicals from blowing up people and everything else.
We've got the hazardous materials from what we blew up.
War is a toxic nightmare.
Now, we know from our direct work, certain things happen directly with DU.
We know certain things happen with pesticides.
And what you're doing, you've got a synergistic cocktail that's absolutely trashed a half a million of our sons and daughters.
Sir, how many of your friends or people that you were in with, your war buddies, how many of them are sick?
I keep in contact with about five of them, and I know of two of them right now are having the exact same symptoms I have, which are pretty much...
Our spines are developing spurs and fusing together and herniating and we're just, our intestines are shutting down.
And then on top of that, you know, memory loss is just weird.
The memory loss happens from a whole combination.
What's happened is the poor perfusion of the oxygen, the poor nutrition, and then the inability of the cells to remove all of the toxic byproducts that happen, you know, in the cells during the metabolic process.
Where were you deployed?
I mean, what did you work in and around?
I was never deployed.
I was just in infantry school as a machine gunner.
Fort Benning?
No, I was in the Marine Corps in Lejeune.
Camp Lejeune has got so much misuse of pesticides to make your head spin.
Yeah, I mean, even our NCOs told us we had options to get...
What are they spraying on you?
Primarily a permethrin spray.
That's what they spray on the uniforms.
It's a common thing.
Now, that's a South African plant.
Is that bad?
No, no.
This is a horrible, horrible pesticide.
Again, the same thing.
You know, we're coming there, and then we have all the immunizations that have been given multiple immunizations simultaneously.
I mean, the anthrax.
I'm sorry, sir.
Go ahead.
We had to be quarantined.
Our whole barracks had to be quarantined because people would break it out like a scarlet fever, fleshing bacteria.
And it all happened like a week after we were immunized.
But it's all just crazy stuff.
And again, they admit they're testing experimental vaccines on them, aren't they, doctor?
After they gave us shots, they made us sign waivers to say we wouldn't do them because we had any medical things happen because of these shots.
I saw guys, I was throwing up blood and coughing up blood and couldn't breathe, just crazy stuff.
And it all happened after the shots.
And I was wondering, how can you get the VA's attention about this?
Good luck.
I mean, I can work on it day to day.
I mean, you can call the numbers.
I mean, call Phil Patrick's hotline.
I'll tell you what, I've got Paul Watson coming up, but I've got two other calls.
Let's real fast, Dr. Rocky, answer his question, hit two final calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The Biosolutions Frequency Instrument.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I wish that I could fly, into the sky, so very high, just like a dragonfly.
I'd fly above the trees, over the seas, in all degrees, to anywhere I please.
Oh, I want to get away.
I want to fly.
Sorry, you can't do that.
You can't get away.
You can't fly away.
And the thing is, the elite is getting more and more evil, more and more out of control.
They're brainwashing the public at a greater and greater level, but the people are starting to wake up.
I've got to move quicker because I promised to play that song.
Plus, we've got Paul Watson with an incredible development.
So please pay attention.
But I wanted to let John answer and Steve, at least these three callers, sorry to all the others, have a chance.
John, real fast, Dr. Rocky finishing up.
I mean, the whole point of this last two hours or hour and a half is the VA isn't going to help you, doesn't want to help you.
Their job is there to make sure that a cover-up continues, correct?
Pretty much.
We have...
Three phone numbers.
I want to give these out that everybody needs to call and yank their change, plus go to their congressman or senator in their office.
The first number is the Secretary of Defense.
That's for medical care from the Secretary of Defense.
The other two are direct VA numbers.
That's 1-877-222-8387.
And another one is 1-800-749-8387.
And what do you say when you call?
Well, what you've got to do is you demand medical care and help.
You've got to submit a claim.
The one thing we have found out, and I'm working with the National Archives Inspector General,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Tell everybody you know not to join the military.
Say no to the draft when they stage another terror attack and try to bring that forward.
And take the audio file of this show and pass it around on the Internet, and we're going to make it available for free for everybody.
You, the listeners, can warn the people.
And the word is getting out, thanks to the work of Dr. Doug Rocky and others.
John, I'm sorry to hear you're so sick.
Take care.
Call back in and tell us more another time.
But it's the same story we always hear.
Hey, John.
John, thank you for your service to our nation.
And I'm sorry they abandoned you.
Yes, I'm sorry too, and we're trying to not abandon you here, but it sounds to me like it's part of the same story.
They're testing bioweapons on the troops.
Let's talk to Ansher in Indiana.
You're on the air with Dr. Doug Rocky.
Go ahead.
My humanity goes out to the good doctor and the last caller.
But to change the subject here, it's about the Middle East going on right now.
You have all the leaders, Bush, Malachi, the
President, the Prime Minister... The Pope, they're all over there.
They're all over there.
What's going down?
Say a prayer.
I don't know.
Say a prayer.
Right now, my concern is stopping the war, stopping the exposures, getting medical care for not only the U.S.
troops, but all of the coalition troops.
All of the contractors, all of the Afghanis, Iraqis, and all the civilians, and most important, the children.
The children.
This nonsense has to stop now.
This is my fifth day from waking up, and I'm still floored.
I'm still trying to pick myself up, but I'm not afraid.
How did you wake up?
I saw Kevin Smith on ManCal.
Your producer, I believe.
You saw my radio producer on Fox News, and how did that wake you up?
Well, I've always been curious about questions about 9-11 in particular, and so I took his name, I got online, I found all these sites, and I just started reading, and I read, and I took my skepticism and laid back and read more and thought, and I just looked over a lot of articles I read, and I
Even as a little kid, growing up as a teenager, I always said to myself and my mom that this is not how it's supposed to be.
This is not how we're supposed to live.
We're supposed to live as human beings.
Answer, I appreciate your call, and I understand you, and it's good to have you on board.
So many former commanders and high-level people say nothing ever made sense until they heard this radio show or broadcast somewhere to it or read what Dr. Rocky had to say.
I mean, we all know something's wrong, and then once you break through and have the courage to admit the facts, it's scary.
But, you know, it's better to know the truth than to not know the truth, because not knowing the truth doesn't mean reality changes, does it, Dr.?
No, let's hit reality real hard right now.
I ask everybody to go to the actual 9-1-1 commission report, okay, on that day, in the formal report.
Go to page 313 up in the upper right-hand corner.
Look at the photograph published in the 9-1-1 commission report of the Pentagon, supposedly after an aircraft hit it, and you will see that their own photograph verifies it did not occur.
It's that simple.
How dumb do they think we are?
They think that, you know, this is what happened.
This is where I had to hit the wall.
What happened is that they think because they tell us and they demand us and that we're loyal military personnel, you have to understand, I'm an Army officer finishing my job.
That's what I am.
You have to understand that.
I'm an old NCO, an Army officer, finishing my job.
It's that simple.
I'm not an activist.
I'm not a whatever you want to call them, anti.
I'm just finishing the job.
They think because they are the leaders, they make the statement that we'll follow them blindly.
And look what happened in Germany in the 30s and 40s.
No, I agree.
Final call, quickly, because we've got Paul Watson with very important news waiting.
We've got to have Dr. Rocky back up.
It's so amazing.
We appreciate his time.
Steve in Kansas, quickly, go ahead.
Yes, thank you for taking my call.
I was thinking about going to work for Halliburton.
I can't find a job here.
You want to die?
I can pay my bills.
You can pay your bills, but after you pay your bills and after you're trashed with the stuff down in New Orleans where the Halliburton guys are all sick down there from work they did, or you get over to Iraq and you get blown up or shot or ill or sick and you don't have any medical care, you don't have any insurance left, yeah, you'll pay your bills, yeah, you'll make $1,000 a month or $1,500 a day, whatever it happens to be.
But what's your life worth?
What's your children's future worth?
What is your future worth?
If you're a young kid and you're trash and you've got nothing left and you have no income, what good is that money that you made for a year until you got blowed up, trashed, or sick?
And if you don't get blowed up, you get trashed, you're going to come back sick like a half a million others.
And then you can't get medical care... And forget the money!
What about morals?
I mean, Halliburton, Chicago Tribune, runs white slavery rings.
Did you see that, doctor?
You live up in Illinois.
No, I'm way, way... I'm nowhere near Chicago, so... Yeah, I mean, it was in the paper they run.
I mean, that... Sir, is this a sarcastic call?
I mean, what's the point of saying you're going to go to work for Halliburton?
Well, it was just an idea that was brought up to me through some friends and...
Make some money, go over to Iraq or overseas or something like that.
I'm not being sarcastic.
Okay, well, I understand.
If an IUD doesn't kill you, the DU or something else is.
I mean, so please, sir, I mean, but listen, you can lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink, and, well, word to the wise is sufficient.
I mean, after hearing this show, you're thinking about going over there?
Well, you want to give me a job, Alex?
You know, I was at one time, you know, as director of the Bradley Labs and director of all these projects and senior military officer, I made good money.
It's not worth it.
It's absolutely not worth it.
Because you have to have insurance.
Once you get sick or dead and you come back and you do get private insurance at an employer, anything that happened to you in combat or service-like that worked for Halliburton is exempt from medical care by law.
All laws that exist in our country.
Dr. Rocky, this is such a central subject.
Let me get you back up in the next few weeks for two hours and we can do it.
And I want to thank you for joining us.
And folks can just type your name, Dr. Doug Rocky, into Google.
We have links to papers you've written and documents on InfoWars.com.
I salute you and thanks for coming on with us.
And everybody, you need to pull up the Army regulations, the orders, the directives, and read them yourself.
You're going to see it's all there.
And they're disregarded.
That's what's scary.
They admit they just killed troops just to test chemical weapons on them.
Thank you for coming on and we salute you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
God bless.
Have a good day.
Paul is waiting.
He can cover this news in ten minutes.
It's very important, but I promise to play this.
We'll play part of it.
We'll play about three minutes and then go to Paul.
It's a five-minute song.
This is Paris.
He came up with this song about three years ago.
He sent me an email saying 9-11 helped wake him up.
I never got him on.
I need to tell my producer to get him on the show, but this song really, really says it all.
We've had requests to play it again, so here it is.
Good evening.
I would like to report on the state of our war against the American people.
We're mounting a sustained campaign to crack down on every American and every person of every faith and every nation and to bring them to justice.
All missions are being executed according to plan without warning or provocation.
Americans are being swept up in an international dragnet.
Thousands of FBI agents are on the trail of other citizens here and abroad.
It has everything to do with hate and evil and murder and prejudice.
America's strong.
Federal agents!
We are armed!
What would you do if you knew who all the things were new?
Would you stand up for truth?
What would you turn away to?
And then what if you saw all of the things that's wrong?
Would you stand tall and strong?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now ask yourself, who's the one with the most to gain?
Before 9-11, most people couldn't stand his name.
Now even now, he's waving flags like they lost their mind.
Everybody got opinions, but don't know the time.
Cause America's been took, it's plain to see.
The oldest trick in the book is make an enemy.
A phony evil so the government can do its dirt.
And take away your freedom, lock and load, get in search.
Ain't nothing changed but more colored people locked in prison.
These pigs still beat us, but it seems we forget.
But I remember 4 September, how these devils do it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So now you askin' why my records always come the same?
Keep it real, ain't no feelin' as I keep it slingin'.
Mine eyes seen the gory of the comin' of the beast.
So every story, every word I'm sayin' from the beast.
See, you could witness the Illuminati body count.
Don't be surprised, these is devils that I'm talkin' bout.
You think a couple thousand lies mean shit to killers?
Nigga, I swear to God, we the ones.
Ain't no villains, or any other word they think to demonize a country.
Ain't no terror threat unless approval ratings slumpin'.
So I'ma say it for the record, we the ones that planned it.
Ain't no other country to
We're good to go.
That is such a great song.
Alright, let's go to Paul Watson.
Thanks for holding, Paul.
We got caught up on several things.
Huge news.
We could talk for the entire show about this alone.
An article up on PrisonPlanet.com that everybody needs to get out to the four corners.
RIAA legal ruling could shut down the Internet.
government supports legal case that would criminalize making any files available on the World Wide Web.
Hello, Alex.
Good to be back.
Good to have you here.
Well, as everybody knows, I mean, the Internet is the last...
Outpost of freedom of speech.
The mainstream media is controlled.
We've got protests confined to free speech zones.
So the internet is the last forum where you can actually go out there and say what you want to say.
And a lot of people in the establishment don't like that.
Which is why they're using this method, which is not the only method.
That was interesting.
We just lost Paul from the UK.
We'll get him back on.
Yeah, we'll get him right back on.
And there's a lot of things.
They're going to Internet, too, to force you onto it.
Then you sign contracts, be able to be on the web.
You're ID'd.
They're moving into text, the internet, they're moving into text emails, they're moving into restrict free speech on the web, but this says that you'll have to be licensed, and that's what they've been calling for, to be able to share files.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, there's 19,000 cases that have been motioned by the RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America.
Basically, the way in which they target their victims for these lawsuits is
No is no bounds.
We've got no time to get into that now, but the case that's got... McCain said he wants to send out a virus to, quote, blow your computer up if it just shows you have any files on your computer.
They target people who, for example, UMG versus Lindor, a computer-illiterate Brooklyn mother who'd never used a computer, but merely was cleaning and dusted near one.
She was a home health aide.
She went from house to house cleaning.
She got hit by a lawsuit for distributing copyrighted music.
What they do is they use parents because parents aren't very computer literate.
They don't know.
They get befuddled by the details of it all.
They use the parents to get to the children.
And they've done that in numerous cases.
Well, let's talk about this new ruling where they're saying file sharing, period.
They're going to come after you.
This is so important.
The answer is share more files.
Final segment, key info, straight ahead.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
I think?
You just support us by getting the films, plus they're great films, so we do need your support to support us.
Paul, we've got about four minutes left.
Finish up with this incredible article you've put together, because they're openly coming out saying now they're going to target people who just show that their computers have file-sharing software.
I mean, they're saying they're arbitrarily going to decide what you can do.
Right, and that case is Elektra vs. Barker in Manhattan, where this woman downloaded music legally, she paid for it,
We're good to go.
If the ruling is to be accepted, it would lead to the entire internet being shut down because the internet is nothing more than a giant network of hyperlinks making files available.
And I did some research.
That's exactly what the European Union is saying.
That's what corporations are here saying is that they want you to have to go get a license or share files on an approved network and those licenses are going to cost more than radio licenses.
They're not going to shut down the internet completely because the transnational corporations that are in bed with the US government who have filed briefings supporting this motion, by the way, would scream bloody murder.
But as you said, what they're going to do if it sails through is grease the skids for internet too, the increased regulation, surveillance, control of the internet that these control freaks have been yearning for for years.
So you would have to get government permission to set up a blog where that blog or website rested on a subdomain and the owners of that domain can censor, stifle, delete anything they disagree with.
So it would be like having a subdomain on MySpace or YouTube
We've had personal experience almost every week, YouTube and Google Video, anything they don't like, anything sensitive, political, you know, troops beating Iraqi kids, things like that, they'll just delete it straight away.
They've been deleting all our Bilderberg stuff.
Oh, our own?
Yeah, they delete material which we put up there in the first place.
You made it.
And the filtering, the logging is getting so sophisticated that they can target specific files immediately and delete them.
So that's what it will be like under Internet 2.
You won't own your own website.
It will be subject to the whim of a corporation or the government.
And you told me you're going to have a part two on this in the next few days.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
Everybody get the story.
Get it out to everyone you know.
The headline, RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down the Internet.
This is amazing information.
They're hitting it from a hundred different angles.
This is one of the biggest assaults.
A huge battering ram at our main citadel in the fight against the globalists.
But it shows we're hurting them badly.
We're going to go on hurting them.
We're not going to stop.
The key is don't let this intimidation work.
Intensify your file sharing.
Intensify the news sharing.
Intensify the info war and never surrender.
Paul, thanks for coming on.
Cheers, Alex.
Take care.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.