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Air Date: Nov. 26, 2006
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome listeners out there across the country on this 26th day of November 2006.
It is Sunday.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend listening here in Texas and around the country.
This is, of course, a syndicated broadcast from the studios of Ms.
Radio 590 KLBJ.
A lot of affiliates have signed on.
The show is about a month and a half old.
And a lot of other stations piling on.
To carry the broadcast Sundays from 4 to 6 p.m.
or to rebroadcast it later in the evening.
We'll have open phones for the full two hours as we customarily do.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-590-5525, 877-590-KLBJ, and we'll get you up and on the air.
I've already been planning in the last few months to do a show or part of a broadcast on the police state in America and worldwide.
Of course, always, that's a staple here, one of the big issues we cover.
We're good to go.
I know there are state police out there listening.
I do speed occasionally.
A few of them have pulled me over.
Frankly, I've even in my first film, Made in 97, America Destroyed by Design, talked about how professional the Texas state police are.
I'm friends with a lot of state police, a lot of people high level in the state police.
Of course, this being Austin, I'm involved in politics.
I'm good friends with the Capitol Police from dozens and dozens of rallies and demonstrations over the years, and they're big fans of the show.
I like the Texas state police.
We're good to go.
I think?
And I do speed sometimes, but not with my children in the car, not with my wife.
And when I do speed, it's usually six, seven miles.
That's probably why I usually get a warning, because I'm not going ten miles over.
I'm told that's customary.
Most of the time you get a warning.
Well, number one, I got a ticket that was incorrect.
That's because I had cruise control, ladies and gentlemen.
My wife sits there and makes sure it's exact.
Okay, I drive in the slow lane with all the cars passing me.
Everybody else going 15 miles over the speed limit.
Banditos driving 90 miles an hour.
In fact, literally, after we got pulled over, here come five banditos going about 90 miles an hour.
I'm sure the state police won't pull them over.
It's easier to pick on a family with an SUV.
And what they did to my children is outrageous.
And I don't have time to make it a personal vendetta and sue people and go after people.
I've done that in the past.
I've won every time, but it's a big asshole.
I'm not a litigious person, by the way.
I want that to be on record.
But with a... Well, I mean, there's people here in town right now behind bars.
From my latest foray, my latest... I guess you could call it...
I think?
We're good to go.
A police state is Vietnam today.
A police state is much of America today.
It's when you don't have due process.
It's when the government is God.
It's when the people can be secretly arrested, have their property seized.
It's when due process is erased.
So we'll be discussing a police state today here on the transmission.
Some of the other news we'll be going over.
Iraq war has now lasted longer than World War II.
This is out of the Associated Press.
We'll be going over that.
There are more riots and more Mexican cities burning right now.
There was election fraud down there.
Frankly, I've got to hand it to the Mexican people.
They don't like being slaves as much as Americans do.
But see, they've never really had freedom, so they're not as naive.
We're very naive because you don't know what you've lost until it's gone.
Imagine when Americans find out what peons they are.
I think we're good to go.
...had written it.
It sounds like one of our headlines.
In fact, I think I've written headlines similar to this.
But I clicked on it, and it was the Chicago Sun-Times.
You know, we have links, and we'll have the title, and I have no idea what paper or publication it's going to be.
So I clicked on it, and it wasn't a subpage of PrisonPlanet.com.
It was the Chicago Sun-Times.
Headline, Charles Rangel thinks he owns you.
I think?
We're good to go.
Says that Bush wants to merge U.S.
with Mexico and Canada.
Excuse me, Congressman, it's already been done.
They're just now announcing it to you.
We'll continue with that report as well.
And he goes on to say that Bush doesn't think America should be an actual place.
That's an actual quote.
And Steve Watson, one of my U.K.
writers in the U.K.
Bureau that we have in London, England,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The big one I'll go ahead and give away now, but more later.
Oh my gosh, the CIA almost stopped 9-11 because of the insider trading, but it was too late and they weren't able to.
Ladies and gentlemen, it was in the major British and German and even in a few U.S.
papers, then it got shut down.
It was the CIA doing the insider trading!
And FBI agents went to jail over it, because they were involved, too.
I mean, people said they couldn't hide something that big if the government was involved.
They didn't hide it.
We do know.
Eighty-four percent of the American people in scientific polls believe there's a cover-up.
A majority of that majority believe it's a total inside job, and you're not going to stop the truth from getting out.
Oh, by the way, last week, Planet Man Cow debuted on Fox, and their producers called this
Wednesday before we all left town and said, hey, this thing got such good ratings, we're going to unprecedented, Fox doesn't do this, re-air it next Sunday.
So that little hit, I couldn't go to Fox Studios.
I sent my radio producer, Kevin Smith, he did an out-of-the-ballpark job.
And I guess they like getting beat so bad that they're going to re-air it.
It was a big 10-minute-plus segment, and William Shatner's on the show, too.
That's coming up tonight at 8 o'clock Central, 9 o'clock Eastern on Fox.
They're on the Fox Propaganda Channel.
That'll be there for you.
Oh, by the way, I'm excited.
I don't know when TalkFest is going to be this year yet, but George Norrie gave me a call and told me that I'm going to be in studio with him again here.
The only problem is I schedule vacation in the middle of January.
I never used to take vacation.
I do it now.
Family's the most important thing.
So I need to find out when TalkFest is.
In fact, if Mark calls back in to talk to you about something, please ask him, because I've been wanting to know that.
Mark's the head honcho, kind of the Darth Vader around here.
I'm joking.
I'm joking.
I'm having fun.
I know he's listening.
That's why I said it.
If he's Darth Vader, I'm the emperor, okay?
What does that make you, Viceroy Gunray, Trey?
That's right.
Oh, man, I tell you, taking off three days of radio like I did this week, it's just unreal to take off three days.
I just am so rejuvenated, refreshed, effervescent.
I am feeling good.
And you know what?
I'm going to blow my top today.
Yeah, it's coming up.
Okay, that's some of the news that we'll be going over.
The big police state extravaganza, what happened to me.
But not just what happened to Alex Jones.
What's going on in this country?
You want me to run through it for you in machine gun fashion?
I'll do it all.
On the other side of this quick break, stay with us on this worldwide transmission on Sunday evening.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Back when I was introducing some of the stories and topics I wanted to go over on this live Sunday broadcast, I knew I was forgetting something.
The big jewel in the crown today is a story that broke over the week, and that was the fact that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is lobbying the car manufacturers, the federal government, the state governments, to make it mandatory that breathalyzers be built in not to drunk drivers' cars, not to first offenders' cars, but into everyone's cars, and that we be guilty until proven innocent.
And I heard one caller to talk radio this week say that's like making all men register as sex offenders.
Just, okay, it's a baby, it's a baby boy, he's an hour old, let's register him as a sex offender.
And then a lot of police state toadies.
We'll argue that, well, you know, it's a privilege to drive.
And by the way, I was talking to a concealed carry permit holder this weekend down at the coast, and he was telling me that he's very proud of the fact that it's a privilege to have his gun, and it's a privilege to have his concealed carry.
No, they've turned your right into a privilege and gotten you to contractually waive your rights.
We need Vermont concealed carry style laws that basically make violent crime non-existent.
What you have with the police in this country and those that control them, the social architects, is a military force that has its own domestic propaganda arms and its own lobbyists.
Who have basically indemnified themselves against liability and are God-men and women walking the face of the earth.
It's just right back to England where the lords could do whatever they wanted and the people are slaves.
Let me tell you how the totem pole works in America.
You've got the big bankers at the top, then you've got the politicians, then you've got the police, then you've got the illegal aliens, and then you've got the American people below that.
And I rest my case with this piece of evidence.
Two weeks ago, the Associated Press reported that over 500 major lenders in the United States don't ask for Social Security numbers or even IDs of illegal aliens, and they just give it to them.
They just give them the housing loans.
Just give them the apartments.
Just give them the bank accounts.
Of course, I already knew this a few years ago because I'd been in banks and watched it.
Citizens, black, white, Hispanic, it doesn't matter, are all sitting there in line for an hour, and I just kept watching illegal aliens walk in.
You know, hard-working folks, not saying they're bad people.
They're in little cowboy hats, and they go over, and there's a Spanish-speaking person, and boom, I kept watching.
I'm a very observant person.
Where's the ID?
Where's the information?
Well, you know what?
People couldn't believe me when I said I had observed that.
Then, good family friends of ours.
I've known this lady since I was three years of age.
Friends of my parents.
She manages the biggest apartment complex in Austin.
She managed multiple complexes, but she's cut back over the years.
And gee, about three years ago, was it a big, it was three or four, I forget.
Let me see, it was four Christmases ago.
They were at the big Dallas meeting in mid-December where this national company's based, and they said, the federal government is paying us incentives to help house these wonderful immigrants, and they say it's good for the economy, but it's a secret program, so don't tell anyone that, let as many as they want stay in the apartment, but if any other citizen does, go ahead and kick them out or fine them.
Okay, this is what's going on in America.
This is what's happening.
I'm sure you've heard the reports where illegal aliens and immigrants get more tuition than out-of-state U.S.
citizens at state colleges around this country.
It's designed to suck in the foreigners, to drive down the wages, to balkanize the nation, and to get ignorant third world populations in here to pull the lever, to push the buttons in the voting booths, to abolish the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
But how did I already digress off into this, off into this labyrinthine maze?
The police will tell you you've got to follow the letter of every law, cross every T, dot every I, lick boots properly, prostrate yourself before government, be a good slave, but the illegal aliens, the corrupt police, the corrupt politicians, they can basically get away with bloody murder in front of everyone because the establishment wants it that way.
And I'm...
Frankly, sick and tired.
In fact, I feel the rant coming on right now.
And I want to go to Mike and Lucas and Richard and many others.
The toll-free number to join us all over the country.
We get calls from Canada, Spain, Australia, you name it.
877-590-KLBJ, 877-590-5525.
Or here locally in Central Texas, 836-0590.
If you're listening to the Mothership Station, 590 a.m.
You are welcome to call in again at 512-836-0590.
But, again, I shrink almost from getting into the police state issue because I want to spend time on it.
I want to take my time on it.
I want to kind of do what Rush Limbaugh does sometimes when he talks for an hour and doesn't take a call.
Well, I'll do that on my weekday show sometimes two hours, folks.
I may do it once a month, but I could easily talk for two hours and never cover all the evidence.
So what I'm going to do is just hit some of the... No, I don't want to put my case on yet.
It's coming up towards the end of this hour, end of the next.
I mean, look at this news right here.
I'll do it.
Charles Rangel thinks he owns you.
Congressman backs a public service draft.
Now, I remember when Bill Clinton was in office and they set up AmeriCorps, and then Bush gets in, the same programs expanded, a subdivision, Secure Corps, was in mainstream newspapers five years ago.
It said they're going to train the high school students to carry machine guns and aid the police.
In warrantless searches of whole neighborhoods?
I mean, you talk about Hitler youth, folks.
When the black scheme-ass cops start recruiting the youth and they're stomping around, brother, you're in East Germany.
Brother, you're in Nazi Germany.
I mean, this is textbook.
I mean, this is the purebred real McCoy.
This is going to win the Westminster Dog Show.
If the police state was a dog show, baby, you're getting best in show.
You're talking, you the new champion here.
I mean, baby, that is the purebred.
That is the perfect to poise everything.
And I'm telling you, the government's just going right down the line.
Everything that's a police state.
Abolishing the Bill of Rights.
They did it.
Two months ago.
Middle October.
October 16th.
Abolishing the borders.
Abolishing the country itself.
It's gone.
Lou Dobbs, Congressman Tom Tecreo, Ron Paul tell you.
I mean, we're in the North American Union.
Does the average American know?
They don't know.
They're sucking their thumb driving down the road right now.
And I'm just that nut, man, who's freaked out about it.
Oh, sure, let's all have breathalyzers on our cars.
Again, I'm mixing it here.
I'm mixing apples and oranges.
It just makes me sick.
I'm like a... Let's just keep the dog analogy going.
I'm like a dog in a butcher shop.
I mean, it's just the cover.
It's just everything.
All these different cutlets hanging up everywhere.
There's an endless hallway of meats here.
In trails, I mean, I just, I can't, I don't know where to start here.
It's so bad.
It's like I'm on the deck of a ship that's exploding and sinking, and I'm the radio operator, and the shore is asking me, what's wrong with the ship?
And I go, what is it?
I mean, it's on fire going down.
There are people dancing around in black ski masks, having a good time, telling us what a great job they've done.
The government is shipping in narcotics faster than ever.
All right, Charles Rangel thinks he owns you.
And this bill is for men and women.
The government's setting it up.
They've got Rangel floating it.
But covertly, they've set up the draft boards, everything.
And this new draft, oh man, oh man, it's bad.
I'll briefly get into the new national draft, which they're going to spring just as soon as the Fed boys blow up something here in this country.
I can tell you some guy with a turbine did it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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We're good to go.
That's The Nationalist Times, PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
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It affects about 50 million Americans.
That's one in four adults.
We're good to go.
This is GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Agree or disagree?
Alex wants to hear from you right now at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen, on the 26th day of November 2006.
Ben in Georgetown, Patrick in Las Vegas, Richard in Phoenix, Lucas in Corpus Christi, Mike in Maryland.
We're going to get to everybody here in just a moment or two.
But when I talk about being like a dog in a butcher shop, turning this way and that, literally, it's like my Boston Terrier.
When I've got a little piece of meat in my hand and my wife does, he just gets all excited and starts looking from side to side.
I don't know what to cover today.
There's so much.
They are moving forward with a draft today.
Rangel is their front man.
They've got different bills introduced.
They're setting it up.
They need a national draft, but they're not going to call it a draft.
They're going to call it national conscription.
They're going to call it national service.
So I want to get into that.
Also, this country has spent more time in Iraq now than we've spent in World War II.
And we'll continue by getting into Mothers Against Drunk Driving, who wants everyone to be guilty until proven innocent.
We're good to go.
Decide to be parrots and repeat whatever the establishment says and that they'll move up the ranks of power.
Okay, this is how unofficial talking points work.
And then the government's just got to have a few key PR people in a few key positions, and then that's what the CIA called a declassified program that got declassified in the 70s, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Mockingbird.
They had a few thousand key reporters, key editors, key national newscasters who were in the employ of the government, who would put out propaganda, and then the Mockingbirds would just copy what, quote, the big shots do.
Well, I don't do that.
You can mockingbird all day that the police aren't out of control in this country.
You can mockingbird all day that open borders and unlimited illegal aliens is good.
The people know it isn't.
You can mockingbird all day that the toll roads on existing roads run by a foreign company aren't good and transponders to tax us down the road are good.
The people are against it, 97%.
You can mockingbird until the cows come home.
You're not going to sell your police state any longer.
You can mockingbird all day that 9-11 was carried out by people in a cave, that they could make NORAD stand down, that they could have CIA drills of flying planes in the buildings at the exact same time that morning, the exact same targets.
You can mockingbird all you want, but all the New World Order's horses and all the New World Order's men cannot put your stinking New World Order back together again.
Let's go ahead and go to calls here.
Listen, the lines are loaded every time we do this show, and so I'm going to run through them quickly so we have time to get to your calls.
I'm not trying to be mean to each caller.
I just want to have a chance to get to the next person and still have time to cover the news I've been mentioning and then get into my police state story that happened to me personally.
But right now, let's talk to Ben in Georgetown.
You're on the radio worldwide, my friend.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex?
Yes, go ahead, sir.
I disagree with you on several things, but I did want to thank you for standing up against what Sergeant Sam was saying earlier this week about having the breathalyzers in each car.
He didn't bring up at all what additional cost that would be to all of us who are innocent or guilty until proven innocent.
I just wanted to thank you for
Well, if you ain't got nothing to hide, what's wrong with you?
And then I said, well, why don't you then just put cameras in every home?
And he said, that's ridiculous.
And then one of the other hosts chimed in and said, wait a minute, last week you were saying that the helicopters should be able to look through our walls.
Listen, the Houston police chief six months ago at Houston Chronicle said that every home needs a camera in it.
These people, it's like invasion of the pod people.
They think we're weird because we don't want cameras in every home, because we don't want every man to have to be registered as a sex offender, every man in America, because we don't want cameras in our houses.
Google has announced they're going to use the built-in cameras on all the new Macs.
They're going to... My wife just bought one.
It's got a camera built into it.
They're going to... I'm so mad I can't even talk.
Oh, I don't blame you.
And Google just announced, we don't care what you want, we're going to watch you without asking.
I mean, that really happened.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, that's outrageous.
I've wondered about that myself when that would be coming on or coming into play.
Well, you heard the exchange with a local host here from the station we broadcast from.
What did you think of the exchange?
Oh, I was very glad you called in.
I mean, everybody's against that except he's so gung-ho for...
The police, and I've seen what some of the police have done around here.
There was a guy down on 6th Street who was kind of drunk once, and a cop raised a baton, and just a natural reflex, the guy put his arm up, you know, the block being hit on the head, and the cop said, oh, you're trying to hit an officer, huh?
No, I know.
In fact, I've seen that famous video.
That actually happened to a pretty big rock band.
In fact, I interviewed them.
I can't remember their name.
Is it Oza Motley?
Yeah, it's Oza Motley.
I actually went and interviewed them.
That was like two years ago.
And there's the video.
Listen, I've got film in my documentary, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, of a naval veteran, no criminal record, farming wife.
I mean, we're talking basically Amish, but not officially Amish.
And she's driving back to her place in Rockmount, Virginia, and the state police have a checkpoint.
And she says, and they're randomly searching cars.
She goes, violation of the Fourth Amendment.
You can't do this.
And how do we have the video?
Out of the squad car.
And they've got the little microphones.
It's a double-edged sword.
And they grab her.
She doesn't even touch him.
She's smart and goes limp, and they call going limp assault.
Look, it's like this guy out there at UCLA, and he's going to end up owning that university now.
They're tasering him.
We've timed it out every 15 seconds on average.
Well, police will tell you even a big strong man is disabled and can't walk or move usually for about 60 seconds.
And that's in police training manuals.
I went and pulled them up online and we wrote an article about it last week and it got millions of reads on the internet because it was a common sense article.
And we showed, they're saying, get up, get up, get up, and then zap, zap, zap, zap.
You can hear it ticking off the volts.
And then the guy will wake back up after a minute and start screaming again.
They go, now go ahead and get up.
Well, you can't get up 15 seconds after you've been tasered.
And finally, he just passes out after they're now admitting over six shocks, and they just drag him out of there.
And then the police...
Put out the manual of the university saying, well, we call it pain compliance.
Well, that's a fancy term for torture.
And I know that Jack Bauer and all the big TV shows propagandize you that the big hero tortures children and torturing children is good and this is what America's got to do.
But see, you're not going to run into any real terrorists.
But they're all amped up and a lot of them are on steroids.
So they're going to go ahead and torture your kid.
Now, the good news is it's getting so bad they're torturing cops' kids.
We're good to go.
Everybody knew the sheriff dealt the cocaine and the marijuana.
And I wasn't even a druggie, folks.
I didn't even like drugs.
I smoked marijuana a few times and didn't like the way it made me feel.
But everybody knew, oh, the sheriff, yeah, you go buy the drugs from the sheriff's deputies.
Well, guess what?
Jack McWhorter finally got caught and went to prison for that.
So, see, there's a reason.
Oh, by the way, I'm afraid I have the Justice Department's own numbers.
They don't like to publicize, but are public.
And that's that police are twice...
And I'm sorry, those are official numbers.
The numbers convict you.
It's like illegal aliens.
They're involved in more in the Southwest than half of the DWIs and car wrecks.
We'll be right back with the next segment and more of your calls.
Stay with me.
Shelly, you look exhausted.
What's wrong?
I am so tired.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
You're my only hope.
Okay, Trey added that.
It's pretty ridiculous.
So, uh... Stop it.
He says he's very bored.
Yeah, I bet you are.
You're having a good time.
All right, thank you so much for joining us today.
And I was just joking, Trey.
Good job there.
Okay, let's run through a whole bunch of calls.
I said I'd go quickly, and I didn't.
Let's go ahead and talk to another John here in the Austin area.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
Please make it quick, because I want to get to everybody else.
Okay, well, when you were talking about police corruption, you being in Austin, could you explain to everyone out there in Austin, Texas, how many police officers in the past 20 years who have been convicted of child molesting, prostitution running, and also major criminal activity?
Well, I would say that's a testament that Austin isn't completely corrupt, but so many of them have gone to prison.
And this is very delicate.
I want to be clear here.
I'm not against the individual police.
I'm against the system.
And whereas in the past, all over the country they would prosecute bad cops to try to have a clean organization, now nationwide and worldwide we see the opposite happening where the corrupt are protected and then you end up with a big city corrupt mafia type system where the government basically is taken over by the mafia.
But yes, Austin is very well known for the fact that
Well, Alex, you remember that.
That most of the whores are run, or at least having to pay payoffs to their pimps, which are the detective squad, yes.
Yes, the vice squad, the vice squad.
You remember 20, 25 years ago, Alex, you used to actually trust a cop.
Now you can't, because it would rather bust you for water to your lawn on the wrong day than bust a crack house across the street.
Well, sir, for those that are ignorant, you see, I'm kind of getting ahead of myself.
It's wrong for me to talk about this without taking my time.
I actually wrote this weekend four pages.
Four pages right here of just notes, okay?
Let me give people some meat and potatoes.
Tulia, Texas.
56 black people, no criminal records, no drugs found.
One racist cop who went from town to town, who would then double as the informant, getting these big cash reward payoffs for sending innocent people to prison.
Take Houston two years ago.
Police chief had to step down.
Thousands of cases.
The drug lab wouldn't even do tests.
The crime lab wouldn't even do tests.
Everyone was found guilty.
They would just always certify it.
We're good to go.
Without due process.
Asset forfeiture seizure.
Totally unconstitutional.
Totally un-American.
It's like something an African dictator would do.
In fact, it's come out in the Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Seattle Weekly.
Big reports I've had city council members on, ACLU on.
In some areas of the city, the majority of bars are owned by the police.
Because only cops are allowed in an unofficial rule to own bars.
Why is that?
And why is that?
Cops sell cops cocaine in the bar bathroom.
They don't even have an informant trip somebody up now and sell it to somebody.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Again, the Founding Fathers said it over and over and over again.
You cannot trust the government.
You've got to keep it small.
You've got to keep control of it.
Because there are so many criminals in society.
Smart criminals aren't out breaking into your window at night to steal your stereo.
Smart criminals go to college.
I think?
But most of those numbers are driven up because of drug dealing, prostitution, things they come in contact with.
It's hard for an immoral society.
And we're turning into scum, folks.
Our police are going to be scum, too.
But the problem is, you see, they are able to get away with more and more and more and more because they have that officialdom, because they investigate themselves.
It's like mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.
Well, government is stagnant water.
Crime breeds where it can't be rooted out, where there's no sunshine that is the best disinfectant, okay?
CPS, and this was on the cover of Time Magazine, what, six years ago?
And since the number's even gone up higher, Child Protective Services nationally are five times more likely to abuse and rape children.
Just type it into Google.
Don't believe me?
You'll get mainstream news, okay?
But again, back of the paper, average of five times.
Now, there's a group even higher for molestation.
Truancy officers, and if you don't like it, clean up your industry.
I mean, that's just a fact.
It's just a fact.
Also, it's the psychology.
There are different types who join the police force, okay?
And get into government positions of power, period.
You got the individual who really wants to help somebody.
And that's the majority of police.
Then you've got another group that is a large portion who got out of the military, don't want to work with the Postal Service, don't want to work as a jail guard.
Their daddy was a cop.
To them, it's just a job, and it's a culture, and they try to help people, but really they're just thinking about the weekend, living for the weekend, to go out to the country bar and pick up a jelly.
They're going to go be a cop.
All right?
That group I can deal with.
And then you've got the criminals.
And that's a small group, but still, that's...
I mean, depending on the numbers, we're talking 6%, 7%, 8%.
Some areas of the country much higher that are just criminals who want to be able to carry out crime operations.
Then you've got the really bad group.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, I've had one of these guys pull over one of my good friends who's a manager at Home Depot.
He is paralyzed, chest down.
And one of these cops in a roid rage, and he has arms the size of my thigh, and I've got pretty big thighs.
He goes, these are hand controls.
And he goes, what are these?
Get out of the car.
I can't.
My wife's got to get my chair out.
You liar.
He drags him out, beats him up.
That guy gets promoted.
And they even in the trial even got the tape of it.
And they said, well, he's a god.
In tyranny, you're a slave.
In tyranny, you have no recourse.
You have no due process.
How does the IRS take your house, take your bank account?
There was no trial.
There was no judge.
There was no jury.
How does CPS take your child without due process?
No trial.
Nothing's being alleged.
They just do it themselves.
It's called tyranny.
Do they just take your boat, take your home?
No drugs found.
You know, the famous case up in Waco, state police.
Remember that a few years ago?
Pull over an 80-something-year-old woman who had five grand in her purse.
They just took it.
They just took it from her, and of course, they got in trouble.
You hear about a few of the cases.
Well, you just shouldn't have cash in your purse.
You see?
Well, that's how old-timers are, because they're not as stupid as the young generation.
They don't trust credit cards.
When they go on a trip, they carry some money with them.
All right.
I'm already digressing.
I'm totally out of control here.
Let's go ahead and jam one call in.
Let's talk to Judy in Bastrop.
Judy, you're on the air calling in to KLBJ 590.
Go ahead.
Okay, Alex.
Move quick.
I've got a break here in a second.
Grateful you're back.
I haven't known where you were.
I want to know how to succeed Texas from the Union.
Yes, I understand.
Well, Texas truly opted into the union.
It's known as the Lone Star State because it has a contract to opt out.
But really, that designation is false because New Hampshire has Article 10.
Just type New Hampshire Constitution into Google.
Look at Article 10, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes, I even know other states' constitutions.
Hey, it's good to hear from you.
I appreciate it.
You know what?
I'll answer that question when we get back on the other side.
And I am for secession.
But not some Johnny Reb shout will rise again.
I'm talking about... Well, I'll tell you what I'm talking about when we get back.
We'll get through all your calls when we start the next hour.
Then I'll rant about what happened to me this weekend.
The police state.
Stay with us.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Part of a larger national police state move by the federal government has turned our states into little puppet dictatorships.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants justice.
We're good to go.
I wanted to talk about...
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
The statement that the Chancellor of UCLA made about the incident, he actually said that, okay, guys, let's not jump to conclusions about what happened.
The video that you see is...
It doesn't really show everything.
And this is kind of like, you know, strange to me.
Now, for those that have been hiding under a rock, let's be clear.
Somebody with a camera phone shot video that went on for many, many minutes, longer than what national news showed you, but it is online at YouTube.
We have it on prisonplanet.com.
We're good to go.
I think?
That they kept shocking him, even when he couldn't get up 15 to 20 seconds, depending on which shock.
Some of them were 30 seconds average, but the average was about 15 seconds.
I mean, obviously, he was incapacitated.
They were still shocking him for their central power trip.
These are weak people who always wanted power, were bullies.
You know, they beat up smaller children.
Then the smaller children's brother would come beat them up.
They swore to defeat the actual strong people, and now they get to be in that position to do it.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and it's just like, you know, now that you see that the school's administration is trying to spin the story, just like, you know, a police chief would try to spin the story of, you know... Well, they tried to spin Padilla being raped for two hours with a broomstick.
With blood pouring out everywhere.
I mean, blood pouring out, raping some innocent, totally innocent it turned out.
Just all its routine.
And then finally, out of hundreds of police that saw it, this was in the middle of the New York City substation, hundreds of cops were in there screaming for hours.
Folks, it was admitted.
I mean, how do you torture someone for hours with a broken broomstick?
And they tried to spin that.
You cannot spin raping someone with a broomstick.
Yeah, it's just, you know, I don't think that we can even trust the administration of these schools to even protect the students now.
There's actually a video on YouTube as well showing a rally in Santa Monica College, and the cops basically told one of the students that was filming, you can't film us and you can't fill the rally going.
Even though, I mean, it's a public college.
And again, that's all color of law.
And then they never arrest you for saying no to the filming and going ahead and filming.
They then assault you.
In the old days, you just got beat up.
Then they charge you on top of it.
But the good news is they're getting caught over and over and over again framing people.
And they think it's so normal to frame somebody, they even turn in the squad car videos that are then shown in court to prove it.
Now again, the corrupt establishment that owns this country
The foreign banks that own this country want thugs in power.
So they encourage it.
They don't support good cops.
They promote bad cops.
And so, whereas you've got bad people in society, when they get into government, they cannot be restrained.
That's called tyranny.
Tyranny always happens.
We always had tyranny in this country.
It was just against blacks or somebody else.
A limited group had a limited freedom.
And look at all the freedom and all of the wealth that was produced because of that.
Now that's disappearing.
Now that's being erased.
And then, again, you've got the Dudley Do-Right cops that think it's their right to do this, and some of them are the worst because they think they're making you get in line.
They're showing you who's in boss.
They were drill sergeants in the military, and now you're a young recruit, and you're going to be shown.
You're going to be made to pay.
And by the way, I've had police tell me to turn cameras off when I'm... And I don't get 20 feet up when they're searching some car.
I'll be 50 yards, 60 yards away.
I don't get in their area.
I don't interfere with what they're doing.
And I'll have them come over and go, turn that off.
And I say, no.
And they say, turn it off.
And they start pulling their gun out.
And I go, listen.
I know the law, and you can beat the rat, but you won't beat the ride.
I will sue you, and I won't stop, and you're not immune when you step outside the Constitution, and you want to go ahead and engage in official arrest.
And I don't get mad.
I say it very coldly.
A lot of you have seen the video of when I do this.
And I got cold with this female state trooper.
And boy, her partner was just, he walked off, and they were arguing back there.
I could hear it.
Saying, leave this guy alone, because he was older than what, it was some stupid, looked like a rookie state trooper.
And I tell you, you did the best thing in your life.
The best thing in your life, leaving my family alone, you witch.
Because I'll own you, okay?
I'll own you.
Because I am the type of vindictive person that will take you to court.
Okay, that we'll take out ads in the newspaper.
You mess with my family.
You see, I don't worship the state like you do.
I love my family.
And it was sick, folks.
It was sick.
And again, words can't even describe just the insanity of it.
But I will be telling you about that a little bit later.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Mike in Maryland, holding like a trooper.
Mike, welcome.
Thank you very much for taking my call.
I sensibly wanted to ask you about helping the best way to spread the truth about 9-11.
We have a 9-11 truth movement here, if I may plug it, in the D.C.
area, dc911truth.org.
I hand out videos to people.
The attack of the police state and our attack on civil liberties is multitudinous.
I try to tell people about the American Community Survey, about Kodak's elementarius,
I mean, I have the official laws signed.
America is dead.
And still, the general public is so cowardly and so pathetic that they deny the reality when it's in their face.
I walk up to total strangers, and we've got a guy here that...
Oil storm.
That almost mirrored exactly what happened.
Well, Negan, the mayor, was even in it.
You know, I don't know.
There are coincidences in this world, but so many times it's really scary.
I mean, take the Fox TV special where the government hijacks a jet with people on it by remote control to crash it in the World Trade Center to blame it on Afghanistan to invade.
That aired, what, five and a half months before 9-11.
And in the Fox TV show, Lone Gum, and it was the pilot episode, spent off of the X-Files, in that program, the government runs a drill of hijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center to confuse the rest of the government so they can get away with it.
The exact thing happened on the morning of 9-11.
Associated Press, USA Today, two months after I reported on it, broke the story.
Quote, broke it.
That's the kind of Pentagon sources I have.
We're going to break here in a moment.
When we get back, Lucas, Richard, Juan, and many others, I'm going to get to you, but I need to spend a segment and a half or so getting into the police state, telling the story of what happened to me with the state police.
It was actually on Thanksgiving afternoon, end of the evening, driving down to Port Aransas to, well, let my children build sandcastles.
And it was just indicative of what this country's turned into.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com are the websites.
We'll be right back from deep in the heart of Texas going out worldwide.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
All right, let me go over the police state.
Again, I could have spent hours on this, but we just don't have time.
We'll go to break, come back, and get into more of your calls.
I think.
I think.
We're good to go.
Let's go back to Rome 2,000 years ago.
Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon with his legions, goes into Rome, destroys the Republic, and then puts in his puppet dictatorship.
Now, fast forward several hundred years to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire in 410.
Basically, what happened is, you would have the Praetorian Guard that guarded Caesar.
You would have basically the legion that was in Rome that enforced for him.
Well, rather quickly, the police chief, that's why police wear blue today.
The Victorian Guard wore blue.
The police chief started figuring out, hey, if I just kill Caesar, or if I just exile him, I'll just claim he did something, or I'll just go kill him, or I'll just take over, and I'll say I'm Caesar, and I'll make bribes to my lieutenants not to kill me.
Well, pretty soon, in some cases you had a new Caesar every week, okay?
I think?
We're good to go.
Rome didn't have the gladiators and the mass executions and all that stuff in its first years when it was built up and strong.
I mean, they had laws.
If the police did one thing wrong, they were the ones getting hung.
And the magistrates, even though it was, quote, centralized and tyrannical, it was well-oiled and people to have businesses and to join the military and to be citizens was encouraged.
And man, they were the Roman Empire and they took over the known world.
Against, in many cases, armies ten times their size.
But they became corrupt, and no amount of gold and treasure could buy off their enemies.
And the Germans, the German barbarians, and the Austrians, and the Gauls, the French, just came in and looted the place in 410, led by Alrick.
Because they were a bunch of corrupt, perfumed twits prancing around in their blue uniforms.
And the Caesar would wear blue.
I wear blue!
I'm the head cop!
That's your police state.
They take over in every country.
They set themselves up as gods.
And they shove machine guns down your throat.
That's what's now happened.
But again, they've gotten more sophisticated in society today.
And believe me, the system is very afraid of their people.
So when I say cops today, it's CIA, FBI.
It's Congress.
It's these politicians.
They set themselves up as the kings, as the masters.
They've abolished much of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and they got all this endless PR with our tax money.
It's an armed military.
The local police have been militarized.
They've been federalized through the grants, through the agreements, through the training.
They brainwashed the police.
And I've got to be careful about this.
In fact, I've heard things in the last hour.
I frankly have hurt the country.
Oh, they got handbooks on it.
They know the public gets madder and madder as police become corrupt.
They've done it over and over again.
Hitler did this.
So then they go back to the SS, back to the SA in Germany's case, and go, see, they hate you.
You've got to stick together even more.
It's like the mafia.
It's mob psychology.
The mafia lives together, vacations together.
They intermarry.
This is how organized crime works.
You see, they're all against you.
They're really bad out there.
And you're not with them.
The thin blue line.
Then it's the thin black ski mask line.
Again, the inquisitors, the executioners, all throughout history, they were the ones that covered their faces.
They start covering their badges.
This lady who pulled me over wouldn't give me her name or badge number.
And then everything on the ticket's readable but her name.
Just notice that she just couldn't seem to get that.
But it didn't matter.
We had a video camera on her.
It took her a while to figure it out.
She panicked.
Once she did.
And so you can do wonders with the old video camera.
I'm pausing it.
In fact, I just got back from the beach a few hours ago.
I haven't had time to put the video on the web.
We did get some of it, the latter part.
It'll be up on the web in the next few days.
I'm going to write a report about it.
And I haven't gotten to that story yet.
I will after the break.
But there's so much history.
See, that's the problem.
Am I against the low-level Roman centurion?
If Rome goes bad, you've got as much to lose as I do.
Okay, I mean, I go deer hunting with cops, a bunch of my family are police, but I'm not naive, and you're not naive either.
And all this propaganda about how you're perfect, and the TV shows where you're all perfect, and oh, you're so good, and you're... No, that's hurting the image of police, because when bad cops are protected and promoted, it then lets the system get worse and worse for the good police officers.
When you get punished for reporting a bad cop...
That isn't that you're being a little snitch.
You deserve it.
You were reporting something bad to keep a good image, and now you're being punished for it.
That's gang mentality.
You know, S.A., he went and he ratted out what you were doing.
It's the exact same thing.
It's a gang mentality.
Go read your own gang psychology.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are used.
But why do I talk about police?
To see how serious all of this has gotten.
And so, number one, police, you're totally brainwashed, okay?
You need to understand that.
Number two, the beat cop and the traffic cop is separate.
I see them changing tires a little old lady.
Not as much as when I was a kid, but I still see it.
I know a lot of you are good.
Frankly, state police, others, I probably get pulled over twice a year.
I forget and go off cruise control because some car pulls in front of me and I've got to slow down and then I forget to put it on.
I have bad luck.
I'm usually going seven, eight miles over the speed limit and they get me and they go, oh...
And I think I've had other state police tell me, oh yeah, I talked to my buddy who pulled you over in Temple and you were so nice, he thought you'd be mean, he just let you go.
I am nice.
I don't have anything against you.
In fact, I'll tell you a story I don't think I've ever told before.
When I was 19 years old, going to college, I didn't know what I wanted to do.
Okay, I had this instinctive need to protect people.
I don't like bullies, beat up my fair share of them growing up.
I didn't know what to be.
I wasn't that good at the studies.
Some classes I had a 95, and others I was making a C-.
And so I said to my dad, I said, Dad, maybe I should become a police officer.
And he said, you know what?
I've got a good friend who is about to graduate.
He was like the head federal marshal for a whole region.
And he set up a meeting a week later with that guy.
And he walked right in, and guess what he told me?
I'll tell you what he told me when we get back.
Stay with us.
And I'll tell you the actual story of what developed as well.
We'll be right back.
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Now live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
All right, I want to get into some more news and finish up with all your great phone calls here.
We've only got about 25 minutes left here on the Sunday edition.
But to make a long story short here, Americans have gone from the most intelligent, most informed, wealthiest people to really the most ignorant.
I mean, folks in Germany and Russia and Mexico, they know police are corrupt.
They know common sense.
But here we believe our own propaganda and all of the media just constantly worshipping police when in reality they have the highest instances of drug abuse, alcoholism,
On average, more than double.
And that's when they get caught.
The system protects them of being involved in crimes.
I mean, this is the group of civil servants that statistically is totally untrustworthy, but then everybody else is a criminal.
None of us can be trusted.
All of the American people are bad and have to lose our freedoms.
But illegal aliens and police and people in government, they're first-class citizens and they've got all their rights.
I frankly am tired of it.
But just to tell you the story and to do it as briefly as possible.
You've heard me on air many times at MetaSpeed.
And there are police out there listening over the years who pulled me over.
And if I've been speeding, I don't argue about it.
But I'm driving along.
And I've got my cruise control set on.
It might have been 71.
It's just right above 70.
And yeah, nighttime, 65.
And I'm sitting there in the fast lane.
There's no cars around me.
And I'm just driving along.
And all of a sudden, there's this wide median.
And normally the state police will sit off behind some trees or where it's narrow in a spot parked.
No, no, no.
This car, it appeared, was driving on the other side of the highway.
Its cherries come on.
It comes just accelerating through some type of gully.
Fish tailing wildly with its cherries on them.
My wife says, are they coming after us?
And I said, oh no.
Somebody drove off with gas or...
We're good to go.
Again, it's hard to get the name.
It's G-A-L-V-O-N or V-A-N, Galvan or Gal... I mean, she wrote it where you can't even hardly read it, but we do have the name tag, but that, too, is a little bit blurry.
ID number 9883.
I'm talking about a god here on Earth.
Again, they've got to put cameras up and watch us and announce all our names, but don't put a camera on them.
Don't announce who they are.
This is blasphemy here, folks.
We've got to learn to worship our Praetorian Guard.
I was in Region 3, District 13, Area 4, G-A-L-W-A-N, Galvin, and I asked her name.
She said you can get it off the ticket, but you can't really read it on here, and we're trying to piece it together with what's on her shirt.
And I'm supposed to go visit with Judge Bodden.
So not only did she give me 77 miles an hour when I wasn't, then she walks up and I go, yes, good evening.
License and insurance.
And then there's another one looking constantly as they do with the spotlight.
It didn't happen 20, 30 years ago, but now it's a new America.
Again, got to leave the borders open, have illegals running around.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, small children.
And they're both, you know, the most expensive, best seats.
My wife doesn't even trust me to put them in.
Goes to the fire department, and she says, Who installed these car seats?
And I said, Professionals did.
And she goes, Oh!
And she starts interrogating, What do you mean Professionals installed them?
And I said, well, I said, who was it, the dealer earlier?
Was it the fireman?
She said, oh, yeah, somebody else installed them.
And I started looking back.
My kids were asleep.
They're both in the crash harnesses.
And I'm sitting there, and I look back at her.
Because every once in a while, my daughter will try to wiggle out and slip out of one.
And I look at her, and I said, you just asked me, and I just told you.
Now, see, up until the point, and this went on for about five minutes, her griping at us, she wasn't saying anything was wrong, and then she just kept heavy breathing.
I mean, it was like a, my wife said, it was like a wolf was at our window.
Heavy breathing, standing there with a flashlight going, sitting there off and on, baring her teeth, looking at my kids.
And then my instincts are just, I mean, if a dog would have done it, a crazy homeless person would have done it.
But no, this is somebody in a uniform with a gun, and now the other one's gone back and is just standing back there.
And she goes back, and I can hear him saying, no, no.
And they're sitting there having a conversation, and she comes back, and she goes, and I'm just going, what's going on with these car seats?
And I said, listen, you're basically being rude to us.
You drove recklessly coming across the median there.
And I said, I want your name, and I want your badge number.
And she said, no, you can get it off the ticket.
And then she came back and gave me a ticket.
And again, big spectacular story.
It's not spectacular.
It's that...
I've been pulled over by state police, and they're nice.
Or they're just like a robot.
That's fine with me, okay?
And I'm usually, quote, so nice, I've been told by state police, I'm letting you go.
This was hyperventilating.
This was... You know, I mean, if I saw this woman in plain clothes on a street corner, I would think that she was some type of crazed homeless person.
You know, literally...
And I'm sorry that maybe daddy wasn't nice to you.
I'm not your daddy, lady.
I mean, this is psychology.
This is why a lot of them get into it.
I'm sorry that things in your life weren't perfect.
I'm sorry you're broke.
I mean, I don't know.
I'm just speculating here.
I'm sorry that...
Your neighbor was rude to you, or you got out of the wrong side of the bed one morning, but you're not God.
I pray to Jesus every night, and I'm never going to pray to you.
And, you know, the point here is that she was hyped up,
Hopped up on power, whatever, literally breathing hard, bugging your eyes out at us, aggressively.
I mean, if I came up to you, looking at you the way she was looking at me, you'd probably put your fist up.
You know, it's body language.
And this is the thing she was saying.
And she didn't say, it was just crazy.
It was crazy.
And I don't know how many black SUVs are out there.
I was later going, well, maybe we fit a description or something, but it seemed like the other one didn't want any part in it.
But just having this woman breathing hard, and I would look back and she was staring at my kids, and I mean, she looked like she was out of her gourd.
I mean, and I'm sorry, I can't worship you.
I know statistically you're involved in more crime than the general public.
I know statistically.
I grew up with Sheriff Jack McWhorter.
The sheriff was the cocaine and marijuana dealer, and he went to prison for it.
I know criminology.
So I can't get down and lick your boots.
I know they've told you we're all criminals, so none of us can be trusted.
No, statistically, you can't be trusted.
You're either mentally, and about police in general, unstable and on a power trip, or you're a good cop in with a bunch of bad ones who can't do anything and just goes along with it, which makes you a bad cop.
Or, you're a criminal.
And that's history, and that's the facts, ladies and gentlemen, and that's what nobody has the will and the nerve to say.
What happened to Americans?
Who are we as a people?
But to finish my story from earlier.
So, I'm 19, and I'm handsome, athletic, smart, and I'm thinking, well, I want to go to the military, do I want to go be a school teacher, do I want to be a police officer, do I want to... I don't think I'm smart enough to do an engineering degree, so I was trying to look at the...
I'm out of time again.
And I promise, I'm not doing this on purpose.
I'll tell you on the other side.
And we'll go to Lucas, Richard, Juan, Emily.
Oh, I've just been out of control today.
But I'll finish the story on the other side.
Stay with me.
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Agree or disagree?
Alex wants to hear from you right now at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
The United States was different and was loved because we didn't have a police state.
Everywhere else does.
And it allows elites to be very corrupt.
They're being used police.
The system is almost terminal right now.
And I didn't know this when I was
18, 19 years old.
And so here's this big 6'4", handsome, older gentleman about to retire.
He was just about to retire.
And he called me in my dad's office.
My dad was his physician.
And my dad set this meeting up, and he came in to talk to me.
And I'm sitting there, and he goes, well, why do you want to be a police officer?
And I said, well, I've never liked bullies, and I like sports and stuff, and I just think it would be good to help people.
And my dad always stops to help people change tires.
It was almost annoying when I was a kid.
And I like to help people.
And, I mean, I really do.
And there's that instinct.
Most cops get into it for that.
I'm not saying you're all bad, but the system's bad.
He goes, let me just tell you something.
He said, he goes, well, let me ask you a question.
He goes, police, especially at the federal level, are a lot like criminals today.
Would you be willing, and I didn't know later, this is an old cop question.
We're good to go.
And he said, don't do it.
And he goes, I'm friends with your father.
I know you.
I can tell you're a good young man.
He goes, pick something else.
Okay, now, I mean, I even knew the sheriff where I grew up was a dope dealer.
But I guess I hadn't put total two and two together yet.
So my only point is, you don't give us a benefit of the doubt.
You don't treat me and my wife and my family with respect.
I'm not going to give you any respect!
And you're lucky that other state police officer kept you from making a big mistake.
Because I would let you do whatever you were going to do.
But I would sue you and expose you until hell freezes over.
And more people need... You know, I don't have time to go down there and fight this ticket.
But I think I need to.
I think I'm going to take cameras, make a big issue out of it.
I'm going to be there with cameras when she comes in to give her testimony.
I'm going to...
But I've got to weigh it.
I've got so many other things I need to do.
And listen, Trey, really nice young man, runs the show, about to graduate from UT this year.
High in his class.
Great guy.
I've got him doing some work for me on the side.
He never told me this story.
He just popped up with his story because they now have roving SWAT teams in Austin.
And I said, well, where did this happen?
He said, Austin, tell the story and I'm going to take some final calls.
I was just right in front of St.
Edward's University doing about maybe 42 and a 35 and...
They pulled me over.
I just had a smile on my face.
Just wanted to be, you know, just wanted to get out of there.
Submit to your ruler.
Submit to God.
I had them in my face telling me, oh, you think this is so funny?
I bet you think it was funny if we pulled you out of this car and threw you on the ground.
Smiling's bad.
Frowning's bad.
Because these are mental patients.
And it was just all out from there.
There were four of them.
But let me guess.
The commander was a woman.
And I'm not, listen.
I don't know what it is about woman cops.
I've never had problems in my life with cops.
But with women cops.
I had four guys assault me.
This was political, telling me to shove about 9-11.
This was in 1998.
And these two male cops show up real nice, and a woman shows up, starts threatening to arrest me as blood's pouring out of my face.
It was three males in the group, and all the males were big, you know, swole up, they looked like ex-football players.
But they were following the Queen Bee.
Oh, they let the woman do the talking.
I mean, she was the one telling me that she wanted to yank me out of the car and
When they found out I worked in radio, I said, well, I'm just on my way to work, you know, I'm just trying to catch up.
They started just telling me, oh, I suppose you're just going to tell about how horrible the police department is.
But you never did, but now you are.
Well, I wasn't going to, you know what I mean, but I just got harassed.
I mean, I had my mouth shut.
You shouldn't talk about your God that way.
I had my mouth shut the entire time, and this was all coming from me and not from them.
What they do is they randomly run around looking for drugs.
And by the way, I'm so sick of it.
I've interviewed, what, five or six former top CIA people.
I've interviewed DEA, FBI, all on record, who were there unloading and shipping the cocaine back and forth between these countries.
The government ships in the majority of the narcotics, and any cartel they bust wasn't paying its cut.
They ship it in so they have an excuse to raid our houses and set up a police state.
And I don't use your filthy drugs.
In fact, young people never use them.
Don't drink, because that's their excuse to get you in their system there.
Don't smoke their cigarettes, because then they want to charge you for taxes.
MTV and the culture tells you drugs are cool, so you'll go and rebel and use them.
Don't use them.
Don't let these people get you in their clutches.
Never touch them.
Oh, it makes me sick!
I guess the cops in Dallas were good framing all those hundreds of people throwing bags of chalk in their car just randomly.
You know, it starts out framing drug dealers.
Well, they're bad, so we framed them.
Next, it's families.
And then the cops end up driving their cars.
Anything else, Craig?
No, I mean, it was just a horrifying experience.
I mean, I just, you know, I just, I don't even know what to do next time I get pulled over just because I don't know what kind of attitude I'm going to be met with, you know?
Uh, I don't know.
I haven't gotten a ticket since.
I've got to tell you, the state police have always been the most professional at events and protests, and I'm friends with the Capitol Police, and, you know, genuinely, they know all about the show and tell me about it.
And I've been, frankly, it's probably not fair.
I mean, I've had, I had a really bad wreck out in Fredericksburg, and it was like they had the red carpet for me, and we're like, that is not the case with women cops.
I mean, and listen...
You know, it's like saying pit bulls bite people.
Oh, you're being prejudiced against pit bulls.
I've heard pit bull owners say that.
Well, I mean, it's always pit bulls attacking kids.
Well, it's always these crazy women cops.
I mean, they're crazy to me, sitting there, you know, bugging their eyes out and baring their teeth and acting all weird to my kids.
I mean, you know.
I wanted to treat you with respect.
I respect women in jobs like that, you know, who have a bad, you know, with a bad... But see, what type of woman wants to go be especially a SWAT cop?
One that's got something to prove.
One that's got something to prove.
Wants to shove men around.
Daddy wasn't nice to her.
You got a chance.
Yeah, it's sick.
Let's take a few final calls.
I apologize to the callers.
Got to a lot of you today, but not as many as I should.
Lucas, make it quick, Commander, from Corpus Christi, Texas.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
I want to thank you for all your hard work and for having the hoo-hahs to stand up like nobody else does, actually.
But I had a quick statement I wanted to make.
I want to say friends, brothers, people of all genders, colors, and walks of life,
This is a call to action.
A call for everyone who knows the real truth about 9-11 to come forth.
Come forth and be heard in a singular, deafening voice.
Band together with me to crush the lies and expose the truth.
It's time we stop whispering to each other about the truth and start waking up.
9-11's an inside job, baby!
Go watch Terror going for free at Google Video!
I implore you, if you have even the smallest shred of decency as an American, you will look for the statement I put out on January 1st on 911blogger.com
Where I will issue instructions on how to get involved in this amazing idea.
My name is Lucas.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me, and meet me at 911blogger.com.
All right, lavish plug for yourself, but it is a great website, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
We routinely link to that fine site.
Let's talk to Richard.
Welcome, sir.
You're calling from Phoenix.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call, and I just want to let you know all my family and friends are getting terror stormed.
I ordered them last week, and they're on the way.
Yes, sir, and it's been three weeks on the top 100, going as high as number eight on Amazon.com.
Yeah, maybe we can get that up to number one, huh?
Who knows?
It goes back and forth like a pogo stick.
Yeah, absolutely.
Hey, I have a question for you, and I don't know a lot about this, but I'm wondering if you could talk a little bit about the Brandon Corey story.
I guess Brandon Corey was reporting on Dick Cheney and...
He's vanished, and I think his report had something to do... Yeah, you know, I've seen the story, and I can't confirm it.
Again, I'm going to have to do more research on that.
It's David Icke-type stuff.
Let's talk to Jared.
Jared, welcome.
You're on... I guess you're calling into KLBJ here in Austin.
Go ahead, Jared.
Thank you, Alex.
I just want to say, get to the point real quick, because I don't have a lot of time.
People seem to have forgotten about Serpico.
He was a real person.
No, no, no, no.
Cops that are against drug dealing are evil.
They need to learn to enjoy the drug cash and roll in it.
Again, the average American doesn't even know the most.
Listen, beat cops are good, by and large, unless they're nutcases or weird or having a bad day or think you're somebody else other than you are.
But when you get up in high levels, folks, most of them are gangsters.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh, no, it's okay.
I'm from Houston originally, and cops are a lot more corrupt overall in Houston.
Oh, yeah, baby.
Oh, yeah.
It's like most big cities.
And I just want to tell people that Sepico was based on a real story.
It wasn't a movie based on fiction.
It was based on real life.
They kill cops all the time?
Cops kill cops all the time?
That's right.
So people have to realize police corruption is real, no matter if they experience it or not.
And it doesn't...
They don't get this stuff out of fiction.
The best stuff comes from real life.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
So people need to realize and keep their minds open that police corruption is very real like government corruption is.
Listen, the Mafia, that's a true story, by the way, but they changed the name so they wouldn't get sued.
Because I read it in the mainstream newspapers six, seven, eight years ago when it first started breaking in Boston.
You know, the new film with Jack Nicholson in it?
And Matt Damon, excellent film.
That's a true story where the mafia gets their people into the highest levels of the detectives.
I mean, oh, yeah.
Well, yeah, the film's named Departed.
I was just thinking about whether I should tell the stories when I work for a carpet cleaning company.
And you're like, cops' houses are like $2 million houses?
I mean, come on, man.
That's right here in Austin.
God bless you.
See you next week.
I've broken another taboo.
I've talked about our God.
I've thrown down an idol.
No king but King Jesus.
God bless you.
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