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Filename: 20061116_Thu_Alex.mp3
Air Date: Nov. 16, 2006
2850 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to this live Thursday edition, the 16th day already of November 2006.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We've got two guests joining us today, but each of them joined us for 30 minutes, so we have plenty of time to cover the news and take your calls.
Man Cal Muller, or Eric Muller,
We'll be joining us for 30 minutes in the next hour.
He enjoyed savaging this operation yesterday on Michael Savage's national program.
He has his own national radio show I frequent guests on.
He'll be joining us here.
He's promoting his new Fox TV show, Planet Man Cow.
And Kevin Smith, I dispatched Kevin up there a few weeks ago.
I had some family things I had to do.
So we sent the InfoWars probe up to Fox Center in New York to be on the Man Cow show, which is taped.
They did dozens of takes because we just kept defeating them.
And the interesting thing about this is William Shatner, of course, will also be on the show.
You'll see Saturday night.
Quite a program coming up on Fox Television.
But hey, they promote us, we promote them.
If the enemy wants to let us into their camp, we're confident that we can defeat them even with fancy editing and other magician-type tricks.
And Man Cow Muller will be joining us coming up in an hour.
I do appreciate him when he was savaging us and talking about how we're traitors according to all the calls and emails we got.
I do really appreciate it.
Him plugging PrisonPlanet.com.
That's really what it's all about.
Because we have the truth and it will stand up against whatever propaganda is put out.
As long as you send them to us, we will convert them.
We will wake them up.
With our little special tool called The Truth.
And then, in the last 30 minutes of the transmission, in the third hour today, we'll have John Connor, the author of the Resistance Manifesto, joining us to talk about some of his guerrilla information war tactics that are highly effective, that I don't want to say I pioneered.
Many people pioneered this, I guess, true gonzo journalism before I ever did.
But he certainly puts his own touch on it.
And he'll be joining us.
Oh, by the way, guess who I'm working on for the broadcast?
About three years ago, when Paris, the amazing hip-hop artist, put out his song, and I first played yesterday.
I've been listening to it for years.
We played it at events before.
He sent me an email saying that he'd been inspired to make the song, the great song, from Seeing Road to Tyranny.
He also posted that on his website.
And so I'm announcing this on air, so a lot of fire under my people's tails to get in touch with Paris and try to get him on the broadcast for you.
We've got some other interesting guests lined up this week and next week.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So brain dead, I didn't contact him.
It's kind of like Aaron Russo called me about five times saying, I want you to be in Freedom to Fascism.
I want you to be in Freedom to Fascism.
And I just never called him back, so I'm not in Freedom to Fascism.
But I don't care.
It's a great film.
The point is that a lot of you out there contact me, just average great Americans or folks around the world, and I don't contact you back, and you get mad at me.
It's because I can only do so much.
I could only work so hard.
And so it's always important every few weeks, I like to mention the fact that I'm sorry that I don't write back to you or contact many of you back.
I don't contact Aaron Russo back.
I don't contact people like Paris back.
Again, that song he told me was inspired, and he posted it on his website too, that he'd seen Road to Tyranny and that had woken him up.
So it's always important to just realize these chain reactions that happen, and you can cause those chain reactions as well.
We'll come back, plunge into all the news.
Big broadcast coming up.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Or watch it right now online at prisonplanet.tv.
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All right, Fox News Minion.
Slave of the New World Order, Mankell Muller, will be joining us coming up in the next hour.
His new maiden voyage with his primetime TV show Saturday nights.
He's on Fox and Friends in the morning.
Planet Mankell starts at 9 p.m.
Central, coming up on Saturday.
Eastern, 8 p.m.
And they wanted me for the grand finale program, their big fancy maiden voyage.
And I just...
I had a lot of family stuff going on, and I'd always promised that I would go on Fox News if ever offered, and I don't know, it's been five, six times I forget that they've set me up for live transmissions, you know, to go down to the satellite office here locally and go on satellite, or now they use T1.
It's even better than satellite, instant fiber optic cable, and they always cancel it.
We're good to go.
One of the only effective things that the neocons do, and their allied minions, is to say, we're hurting the feelings of the victim's families.
They don't like it.
Now, in truth, the majority of the victim's family groups, you've heard of the heads of the groups here on air, multiple groups, believe 9-11 is a total inside job, and the others believe there's a cover-up.
They all are mad and believe there's a cover-up.
I mean, all of them we've talked to.
Well, you heard Bill Doyle.
He sent out all his members, and he's the head of the biggest group, 7,000-plus families.
They're the folks that sued Saudi Arabia, and then James Baker of the Iran-Contra Cleaners went in and got that blocked under national security for, quote, Saudi involvement in 9-11.
It wasn't exactly hitting the mark, but it was getting close.
But I'm already digressing.
The point is that I've digressed so much, I don't remember what I was just saying before that.
That's the problem.
I've got too much going on in my head.
What was I just talking about before I... Oh, yeah.
One of the only effective things that they do is keep just claiming that firemen and police and victims are mad at us.
Well, two and a half years ago for the RNC, I'd have to say about half the cops didn't like us and about a third of the firemen didn't because I was down there with hundreds of them walking around.
Others walked up and shook our hands and said, thank you.
Well, I was there a few months ago, and we have video of all of this.
As I've said, 99% of the firemen said, oh, total inside job, bombs in the buildings, thank you so much.
They were there in their dress uniforms.
I mean, captains were saying it on video.
It was amazing.
Captains in the police department were saying, you know about Operation Northwood's inside job?
Yeah, we know.
Thank you.
Keep it up.
I mean, in their dress uniforms.
And then they were smiling.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Keep it up.
And I'd be black cops, white cops, smiling at us.
People would come over, get in our face, start yelling at us.
It was just like five or six neocons out there that were causing problems.
And I didn't want the police to defend us from them, but the cops would rush over and be mean to them.
So the police were down.
You could tell the total attitude had shifted.
Because they now know it's all true.
They've all looked at the evidence.
Well, I'd say 65-70% of the police...
Another 20% of those, 30% are neutral.
And I'd say about 10% of the cops were flipping us off and yelling at us and sticking their feet out to trip us.
And then they'd get in an argument with the cop beside them or their supervisor would run over and yell at them.
So stuff like that was going on.
And one fireman from New Jersey gave us the vulgar middle finger.
But the rest of them, we couldn't get anything done because the firemen would run over going, thank you, yes, it's all true, we know, blah, blah, blah, it was in there, the bombs.
Some of them would even say it on tape.
Again, I've got like, I think we shot 70 hours with four cameras there in three days.
I mean, it's just ridiculous what we've got.
But one of the few things that the globalists do that is effective is to say the families don't like it.
It is false, but they found a fireman to go on against Kevin.
And Kevin's the guy who just basically kept crying during the interview and was just totally befuddled.
But it doesn't matter.
Man Cal reportedly went on, that is Eric Muller, real name, went on Michael Savage's show yesterday and tried to savage us.
Oh, how he creamed Kevin.
Well, only if you did a little bit of creative editing, which I'm sure with
Three hours of shooting for an eight-minute segment or seven-minute segment, I'm sure.
I'm sure that that's the case.
But in the future when the show's live, if they invite me, I am coming.
I will be there.
They say they want me to be a regular on the show.
But who knows?
Fox Management, they've set me up five times at least, and then I've always been canceled.
That's another thing.
I went about to just fly up there and have it canceled.
And I told Kevin up front, I said, if you go, they might cancel it, or there's going to be hours of shooting until they get it right, until they get you to say something wrong, creative editing, and exactly what we thought was the case.
But again, I've spent too much time on this.
He'll be joining us supposedly, he's been on before, in 45 minutes.
And then the last 30 minutes, we've got John Connor, who is doing a great job, marching into huge 300, 500, I can't count.
I couldn't see the whole crowd.
It was a huge auditorium-style university lecture hall while they were having a live class.
And he just went in and took over and was exposing 9-11 as an inside job and handing out 1,000 free copies of
The film, Loose Change, second edition.
So that's what all of us need to be doing.
Handing out Terror Storm.
Handing out Loose Change.
Handing out America, Freedom to Fascism.
If you don't make the massive, sustained commitment... And folks, I've gone out and handed out Terror Storm.
I've handed out Road to Tyranny.
I've handed out Loose Change before.
I've done it in Austin.
I've done it in New York.
I've done it in Chicago.
I mean, I don't just sit up here as some general telling you what to do.
I am a private in this Army.
We're all walking side by side.
That's our strength.
So he'll be joining us the last 30 minutes.
In the balance of the broadcast, we'll have open phones, and we'll, of course, get into the news.
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 We were going to have Mr. McCormick, the emergency worker, but he had to go on a respirator that day.
And so he couldn't make it to be in studio.
Of course, he wasn't allowed to be on the show.
It's just Kevin was going to point out, oh, well, here's my emergency worker who's dying.
But Mr. McCormick was having big heart trouble and had to go on a respirator, so he was unable to attend that.
But don't worry, they had their hand-picked, weak-minded fireman, I guess the 1%.
I think?
We're good to go.
If it's like Fox normally does, even with a live show, where they just shout you down and let you maybe say two sentences in five minutes, ten minutes, it'll probably be that.
Kevin will just say nothing.
Poor guy's just there to be yelled at, probably.
But again, we'll find out.
All right, U.S.
plans, last big push in Iraq.
And Paul Watson's busy writing another article right now, so is Steve.
Perhaps I should do it, or maybe...
Good old Aaron Dyke should do it, or one of you as a listener should write articles and send them to us.
You know, we can't do it all here, and millions will read it.
It's like a letter to the editor that millions will read, but I want you to do the research, folks.
It's not hard with a search engine.
Every six months, they keep saying, we're building up for the pullout.
For two and a half years, they say, oh, we're going to go up from 130,000, and it's low.
Back up to $160,000 or $155,000, depending on which announcement it was, to then pull out.
It's a rear-guard action.
And they have five things on the table with the Iraq study group chaired by George Bush's handler, the guy that helped still the election in 2000, James Baker, the Pentagon cleaner, the State Department chief cleaner.
Very oily.
These are the actual high-level controllers, the Kissinger level, the George Shultz level operatives, and they're in there running this scam.
And so they give you five options.
They're not options you get to choose, it's just the illusion of an option.
Okay, we'll break it in three parts, we'll break it in four parts, or we will put the Bathurst back into power, or we'll leave troops there permanently and build it up, or we'll bring in a multinational force.
And there's several variants of those.
There's really more than five things.
And of course, the real plan is in the 83 Israeli plan, the 2002 Pentagon plan.
It's all stated.
We've written articles about it.
It's to break it into three parts.
And it is to put in permanent bases and put a multinational force in there.
And when the globalists decide, they'll stop staging terror attacks and the stir-up attacks
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
There's about 50,000 armed contractors and another 100-plus thousand unarmed contractors, but it's small cadres of that 50,000 armed that are out carrying out terror.
Most of you aren't if you're listening.
I'm not saying you're doing it, but they've all been caught doing it.
Groups from each subdivision have been caught.
And of course, the plan, the goal is stay there as long as possible, make as much profit as possible, create as much hatred as possible, as the Pentagon Plan P2OG states.
They want to kill people and create terror groups, actual real groups that resist, and then they call them terror.
I mean, kissing your girlfriend on an airplane and smiling is terror.
Fighting back against your family being killed is terror.
Not licking boots is terror.
Again, the war on terror is a war against humanity.
It's bringing in worldwide, heavily armed police state.
So they can grab your pension funds, take your property.
It's going to happen to the cops' families.
Just serve them.
You'll punish yourself.
That's how God works.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Just do what you're going to do.
Just go ahead.
You're going to be living in a rat hole within ten years.
Probably even sooner.
But you still have power.
People will stoop and bang on the streets to you.
That's all that really matters to you, you tattooed steroid heads.
All right, we'll get into all the news when we get back.
Stay with us.
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You know, I get a little maniacal there because I'm actually so distraught and upset, and I want to say it plainly.
The elite that run the planet openly sterilize, disease, and murder people on purpose.
Small children ruthlessly.
And I see these fools saying they're the good guys from the system.
They're trained attack dogs.
Steve Watson wrote an article yesterday for Infowars.net that just chronicled... In fact, I've got it here.
I want to go over it later.
But only if you're a terrorist!
We're good to go.
Where a student is sitting in the library and the police, it says, go in there.
It's in the local paper on random ID checks.
It's part of freedom.
Show us your IDs.
Line up.
And somebody said, no, I'm not going to show you my IDs.
So they tasered them.
And the person's on the ground.
And within 30 seconds of being tasered, they say, now get up.
And the person's saying, I can't.
So they tasered them again.
And from what I saw in the video, it's a total of six times that they're tasered.
I went back this morning and looked up some of the videos that I've seen in the past, like it's in Road to Tyranny, where Pharrell Montgomery, one of our listeners, they pull him over, they stick it out of the car, and they just decide to taser him.
And there was never any charges.
They just said they just did it to be safe.
And they got two tasers in him.
He's on the ground flopping.
And they're saying, get up.
So he won't get up while the tasers are in him, and he's flopping.
I mean, they're charging him at the time.
And then the police dog comes in and is chewing on his ankle, which was bleeding profusely.
I knew Farrell, by the way, before this even happened to him.
Very nice, well-spoken, quiet fellow.
But he had a Second Amendment sticker on his RV.
Folks, you don't do that.
They see that as a threat, a military threat to them.
I mean, they've been told, you're an enemy combatant, basically, because you may have guns, and if you're pro-gun, that means you're a threat to police officers.
That's what the federal training manuals say.
I have them in the films.
Gun owners, property rights groups.
Now, a lot of cops are still pro-Second Amendment, but not the SWAT team types.
They're pro-Second Amendment for themselves, but again, they see you as a military threat, you're in the military zone, America's a military zone, and it's a threat continuing for their safety, you must be tasered.
So he gets out of the car, hands up, they taser him.
We're good to go.
Off of causing the pain and the power that they feel.
So you can see the video.
We're going to write an article about it and post it.
With Farrell flopping on the ground, and then they're saying, get up.
Of course, this is from a chopper low.
You can't hear what they're saying, but I've interviewed Farrell, and it was on the local news later that they were saying, get up.
Well, he wouldn't get up, so we had to do this.
Now, understand, he's got a taser in him.
He's being charged.
And they're saying, get up.
Well, he doesn't get up, so they shoot another one into him.
And so now they're charging him.
And then they say, okay, and they send the dog in.
And it's chewing on Farrell Montgomery.
Well, it's the same thing at this California university.
And we're going to play it coming up.
And you can hear him screaming and begging.
This is how America operates now.
And so they're saying, get up.
Now he's flopping.
He can't get up.
And for those that I've talked to who have been tasered, and quite frankly, when they first came out 10 years ago, me and a friend were playing around with them, I've been tasered, folks.
But I just, I'm not going to get into the story.
The point is, and police in their training also get tasered, and they'll tell you, you hit the ground, depending on your nervous system and where you get hit and what nerve ganglia the electricity goes through, on average you're disabled for about 45 seconds to a minute.
Some people for 10 minutes.
If you hit the right spot, it can kill you.
Cause your heart to defibrillate, cause your heart to speed up, slow down, shut off.
There's been 160-something deaths just the last few years from it.
What is it, 168 last time I checked?
So the new thing is, this is public torture.
He wouldn't show the ID, and they're going to torture him.
It's like women in cars.
You've seen all the videos of the women going, well, why do I have to get out?
Or, I don't want the checkpoint.
So they start tasering, and they go, get out, while they're flopping.
And then they go ahead and taser again.
And it's just like an attack dog that can't help but bite somebody.
They want to bite somebody.
And so, this is public torture.
This is the precedent to torture us in public.
And it's just going to get worse and worse.
They'll probably propose that we all have to wear shock collars or something.
By the way, I'm not joking.
The way things are going five, ten years from now, we'll probably all be fitted with shock collars.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Or subscribe online at our website, www.anu.org.
By the way, I'm not here bashing police individually.
But you're not even police anymore, most of you.
You've been militarized.
You've been turned into the classical militarized thugs that you see in downtown Beijing or in...
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I went and looked at police training videos in Miami with the taser, and big, strong cops getting hit in the chest with these go down on... It was about 45 seconds I was timing it.
I mean, most police listening, you've been through the training, you've been hit with it.
Can you get up?
Now, on the video, you see them tasering him, and 20 seconds after they're tasering him, they're going, Get up!
Get up!
All I want you to do is get up!
And the person's... Because at first they kind of get knocked, and then they start screaming again when they wake up, and they hit him again.
And so every 25 seconds or so, they're shocking this guy.
He can't get up!
I'm reading some of the student reports.
It was in a big commons.
Right outside the library, he did, of course, go on himself.
So this is the new America.
Cops go into schools coast to coast, unannounced, have 8, 9, 10, 11-year-olds up against the wall.
They put guns to their heads.
They scream at them.
The kids soil themselves.
This is the terrorization.
This is crazy.
Can you imagine a... You know, they had the Captain Kirk episode in the old 60s...
Star Trek, Kevin was talking about during the break, I remember it with the collar of submission.
When they're not good, they shock them, you know, when he's a gladiator.
I mean, can you imagine a science fiction movie where in the future the cops run in and terrorize the kids in, quote, drills?
It's part of your drill!
And people kiss on an airplane, and so they're arrested and charged 20 years in prison, and Christians are arrested for praying in Philadelphia on the street corner.
I mean, we've got video of that!
They try to give him 47 years.
Kelly Rushing gives a Ron Paul video to a state policeman, and they arrest him.
It's in the paper.
I talk to the judge.
He goes, yes, we're trying to put him in prison.
That video's anti-police.
I mean, this is America, folks.
They're doing this.
This isn't coming.
This is here now.
And they're so brainwashed.
Oh, it's all for your safety.
Yeah, sure it is.
And understand, again, the government openly, coast to coast, coast to coast,
He's using children in medical experiments.
And I pick up the statesman, and they had a Dallas Morning News there, and I actually took these.
I actually tore them out and carried them home.
I'd probably be arrested for theft now.
I've admitted my thieving.
And one of them was about children having medical experiments done on them, and the other was in the statesman about, well, a bunch of kids died in CPS custody in 2004.
So in 2005, they decided to privatize it, and in one foster unit that has...
You know, 350 kids, two of them died.
That's a huge number.
And there was a bunch of deaths over here, so they're going to look at it again.
You see, they don't talk about how they beat them and how they drug them, because that never gets out.
But in a way, there's a silver lining that so many of them are dying, because they can't, you can't cover it up, you murderers.
We're going to get you.
We're going to expose you, murdering scum.
And then I had to read the medical experiments.
I can't even go get pancakes without seeing it.
And it's in the paper.
Can you imagine taking little black kids and feeding them pesticide until they die?
I'm sick of it!
And the police aren't coming to help.
They are the ones delivering them into the hands of evil.
They're testing them on the prisoners in the prisons.
They're sterilizing women right now.
They're testing chemical and biologicals on our troops.
It pops out in the news where a third of the people in a unit die after they get shot, so it's just kept real quiet.
I mean, it just... I just can't believe it!
And don't tell me, police listening, you don't believe me.
99.9% of you.
I don't know what the number was.
It said they ordered 14 million first responders, police, military, that is guard, firemen, doctors, nurses, in 2002 to take the smallpox, and it said that out of...
14 million, 4,000 took it.
So why don't you trust your government?
Why'd you refuse orders?
Because in your gut you know not to trust them.
What is your problem?
What is your malfunction?
And you know what?
I'm like a cow basically in a pen just ramming the gate.
If I sound upset, I am.
Because they're tasering this guy, and he's unconscious half the time, and he wakes up screaming, and they keep tasering, and they keep tasering.
They taser him at least six times.
And finally, he just passes out.
That's why so many people are dying, folks.
They taser you over and over and over again.
I don't know how police can go to the training and know it knocks them to the ground when they get tasered.
Big men, for close to a minute...
But you think you can just get up now?
Get up!
25 seconds later, get up!
That's all you've got to do.
Get up!
That's not all they've got to do.
And you know full well what you're doing.
You're there torturing us right in front of everyone because we didn't show your Nazi hind ends our ID card.
By the way, I'm going to digress right now before I even get to this tape.
Last night I'm listening to Genesis and Officer Jack McClanahan is on.
He's on from 7 to 8 before Butch.
By the way, I forgot.
Get Pastor Butch on.
He called last week about that subject with how the people taking the database thumbprints from the kids at the public schools in Virginia.
I did see that article, but he lives there.
I want to get him on.
And how it's being run by the federal government's human experimentation program.
Lord knows what they're doing there, boy.
Let me tell you.
But they hide it in plain view again.
Let's go.
I mean, we're under attack here.
How am I supposed to act?
And the people serving the system are going to get eaten up just as much?
All right.
I'm listening to Jack McClam last night, and he's reading an AP report.
And they were interviewing all these big bank heads about how, well, we give preference now to the illegal immigrants.
The federal government encourages us to.
This is what I already knew internally, what I've been telling you about for two and a half years, almost three, but now I was hearing it.
I meant to go pull that article out, but he was reading the whole article on air.
You heard it probably last night.
So I'm listening to this, getting madder and madder, driving back to the office, because I worked about three or four, and I go see the family, and I come back and work until like one or two in the morning.
So I'm driving back to the office at about 7.30, and I'm listening to all this, and about how the illegal aliens, coast to coast...
How they're given more tuition and how they're, you know, just all this stuff.
And I was thinking about all that, but how they go and they're given preferential treatment on loans and how no social security number or ID is needed.
Just, oh, you want a home loan?
Just nothing.
Here it is.
And Jack McClam said, you try as a citizen going in and doing that.
Listen, I first noticed this about five years ago.
I was opening a business bank account at a major bank.
And I noticed there was a big line of people, people sitting in chairs for like 30 minutes.
And I noticed the illegal aliens just kept walking in.
And they had two or three people there at this big branch bank just for them speaking Spanish.
And they went right over to a big area.
And I was watching, sitting there drinking coffee.
And I dare all of you, go do this yourselves.
And the illegal aliens, they're obviously illegal aliens, they have a cowboy hat, the whole nine yards, don't speak a lick of English, work boots on, concrete all over their feet.
They just go right over, and boom, they're out of there in like five minutes, and they've got bank accounts, and they shake hands, they leave, no paperwork's given to them other than a pay stub, they'll show them that, and they leave.
And then I was at a New Year's party with some of my parents' old family friends.
I've known this woman since I was three years old.
In fact, my wife's going to a concert with her tonight.
And she works for one of the biggest property management companies in the country.
And she managed at the time some of the biggest apartment complexes in Austin.
Well, the biggest actual property, and it was a middle class, you know, mid-grade, nice apartment complex.
I've been out there.
And they were told, this is all secret, don't tell the tenants, they were called to Dallas at a big corporate meeting, big hall full of all their managers.
They were told, listen, we have made a secret deal with the government.
They're going to be funding and financing us, but you can't tell the regular tenants.
And if a regular citizen tenant, and this is open, this is racketeering, folks.
They told them,
If they have somebody visiting for more than a week, kick them out, fine them, you know, according to their occupancy, but let the immigrants come in and let them get places without IDs and let them do all of this because the government wants us to help them.
Now, I'm hearing Jack McClam read the AP article last night saying the exact same thing.
Oh, we give them preferential because they're so hardworking and good and we don't need their social security numbers or IDs.
I mean, no, they just put it in the paper.
I didn't think you'd believe me when I told you that almost three years ago.
Because it's so unbelievable.
They were never going to build that fence.
They didn't pass a bill to build a fence.
They passed a bill to authorize if funding later came to build a fence.
And of course Chertoff's saying they're not going to build it.
They're going to have total blanket amnesty.
Rick Perry hasn't put any troops or police on the border.
He's given a few hundred thousand dollars to a few departments.
They put up six little cameras, does nothing.
There's more of those in my neighborhood watching me.
And so the cops are going to taser us and arrest us as terrorists.
If we catch on an airplane, they're going to shake our kids down and put guns to their heads.
And the godlike illegal aliens can run around.
I heard somebody call another Genesis Talk show yesterday.
He was going, well, immigrants work.
And immigrants, you know, work for almost nothing.
And they're good people.
And we need to give them an amnesty.
And they do jobs no one else will do.
10, 20 years ago, you could be a carpenter, whether you're Hispanic, black, white, purple, polka dot, I don't care, an American citizen, and you could live in a nice blue-collar house, have two cars, go on vacation, and if you saved right, put your children through college.
Not anymore.
You could work in agriculture and make a living.
But they use the illegals, Big Agri does, to put the small family farms out of business.
That's another big secret you don't hear about.
All of this happening, you see...
I'm so sick of hearing that.
Everything has been greased for these people.
They do.
Legal immigrants do get 7 to 10 years, depending on the program, tax-free incentive to start new businesses.
That's real.
This is real, folks.
Because it is absolutely essential to break this country down, and they're going to do it with the 30 million illegals, where the government can give one order, and through the different foundations, the illegals will burn down every city in this country.
I also wanted to tell that caller I heard, I wanted to tell that caller, Hey, buddy, you know something?
Why don't you talk about how the majority of these illegal aliens say this is La Reconquista reconquering the Southwest?
You know, it isn't just you're here to work, you're here saying this is your country.
And you're full of a bunch of arrogance.
And you're working for the New World Order.
Whether you know it or not, I'm sick of it!
You shouldn't get more tuition in California and Idaho.
Excuse me.
California, Colorado, and what's the other state?
It's the one by Idaho.
I'm drawing a lot of blanks today.
I'm so mad.
Where's the one?
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Remember when Hatch wanted it nationwide?
They get more tuition than out-of-state citizens?
All right, I'm done talking about that.
Here they are torturing this person.
He can't get up, and they're shocking him every 25 seconds, and they give him the warning, get up, he can't, they shock him again, and it goes on and on and on, and the audio tells it all.
You can watch the video at prisonplanet.com right now.
It goes on.
I'm not going to play all of it.
I'm going to play a few minutes of it.
Here it is.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, it goes on for several more minutes.
And you can watch on the tape.
They've already shocked him once, because the tape's out.
There's a newspaper report.
By the time they shocked him once, they get the camera on.
It's about 30 seconds more, they shock him again, and between those last ones, it's more like 15 seconds.
Did you hear how he's screaming?
And then they immediately start saying, Stand up!
Stand up!
And about 15 seconds later, and you hear the people around him yelling at the cops, going, He can't get up!
Look at him!
And the guy's on the ground, flopping around, and the cops are just sitting there going, Oh God, this feels good.
Do it again.
I've got to hurt him.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it's just like Saw or something.
It's like some movie with a psychopath going, Now it's okay.
Now I'm going to start cutting you.
I mean, this is what torture is.
I mean, the cops are... What a joke!
The guy can't get up, and they're sitting there with pleasure.
You're still going to live in a nothing house.
But don't worry.
You're going to drive a nothing car.
You're never going to have success.
Your children are going to be scum, because you're scum.
You're going to raise scum.
You're going to lead cursed lives, police.
You know, that's how you get punished in this world.
You don't have to wait until you die.
You want to be scum?
You like sitting there torturing some poor person on the ground?
Sitting there getting off on it?
I've seen so many videos where you see the cops up close while they're tasering, and they'll start, like, setting their jaw, get that creamy eye in their look, you know, setting their teeth, baring their teeth.
It's fun.
It's fun.
Oh, look, you can't get up.
I'll say get up, though.
That'll cover me.
And then he waits 15 seconds.
I told you, get up.
All you gotta do is get up.
So, in between 25 and 15 seconds between shocks, and it goes on and on and on, and finally, I guess there was no more fun because he totally passed out.
That's the only down with torture.
But don't worry, the CIA torture is more scientific.
They give people adrenaline to wake them back up.
Just think, cops...
All the TV shows promote torture and stuff.
Maybe you can carry out John Yoo memo type stuff soon.
But it's for the people's own good.
You gotta maintain order, don't you?
Yeah, cause you're good.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I don't want to say it's suspicious.
People in my own office and emails we've gotten say, you know, everything else moves.
We were watching it every hour.
It resets.
But Terror Storm would stay there.
Everything else would move around it, but it would stay at 17.
Very, very interesting.
Who knows?
I'm sure it's no big deal.
But actually, those lists are very, very important.
And we know there's a lot of, in that industry, I don't know about Amazon, a lot of payola and a lot of manipulation of rankings.
And all the Disney stuff, I guess, has to stay above me.
But good job, folks.
You can get Terror Storm at Amazon.com right now.
I know I've been out of control.
I said I'd take calls.
Mancow's coming up.
He's only here for a half hour with us.
Let's go to Mike and then Shing and then Barry and others.
Mike and KC are on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, I ordered your tape Terror Storm like six weeks ago and man,
Still haven't got it, and I've been directed to you because... Oh, really?
My office directed you to the show?
Yeah, well, I've emailed, I've left the messages, I've did all that, and I said, you know... Yeah, you know what happens is with a few orders, it might be one out of a hundred or something, we get an address wrong, something in the computer, we keep mailing it out, we call, miss people, but I really can't do customer service here on air.
How did you pay?
And I'll just refund your money.
By a debit card.
Okay, well, do this.
I'm going to put you on hold, and I'll give you my office back line, and you can call that number.
We endeavor to do good customer service.
Most people get their stuff in about a week.
Sometimes we ship even quicker than that.
Sometimes we ship the day.
But, yeah, stuff does happen.
We're not a big, slick, computerized operation.
So I really appreciate your help.
That's always a great call.
You're on air.
It's like I get those every few months.
Hey, I ordered something.
And a lot of times, though, we go check, and you might want to check more often than not.
I'm not saying this happened with you.
More often than not, if it is a debit card or credit card, it was declined, and then we just didn't send you your order.
In fact, about half the time somebody's saying, Hey, I didn't get my order.
We go check, and it's because your card didn't go through.
The other half the time probably happens, I don't know, every few weeks we get somebody who just has been waiting forever.
In fact, I wasn't going to do a video plug, but I am going to do a video plug now.
This is really how you support us, sir.
In fact, you can just go watch it for free on Google Video.
We did that, too.
It's on Google Video for free.
You can go to Google Video and watch it there for free.
I guess I'll give them my back line.
I think the network has my back line, but they've got so many numbers for me.
Let me make sure they know which is the back line.
You can call right now, sir, and I'm going to do an investigation to find out exactly why it was that long, because I don't usually hear of somebody having to wait that long.
That's pretty unusual.
I certainly hope it's that your card didn't go through.
Folks, if you want to support us, we don't beg for money.
We don't do things like that.
We ask you to support us, though.
Your donation is your purchase of the videos.
And I'd really appreciate it if you would call and get some of the videos and books.
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Also, we're never really backward more than two or three weeks, but occasionally...
We put an order in for, say, more t-shirts, and then for some reason it doesn't get here on time, or there's some problem.
That stuff does get backordered.
We do get backordered occasionally.
I'd say maybe one out of 20 orders or something is backordered.
But a lot of times, at our own expense, we just charge you for shipping once.
We ship you whatever we have, and you get a letter saying your other thing will come.
But TerraStorm is not backordered, so...
We'll give you that here on the other side.
Just so you know, though, I can't really do customer service on air.
We could call it the Customer Service Radio Show, though.
You can always call Clark Howard and tell him how bad I am, though, if you want.
But we do try our best, and thanks for bearing with us.
And you can get it from Amazon.com.
Don't have to deal with me.
You can just go to Amazon.com and make about 50 cents off of it.
Why don't you go buy from Amazon.com right now?
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
So, 70 plus percent of the troops now, four months ago they had a poll, 70 percent now it's 74 percent, want to leave Iraq, say it's a total disaster.
Well, that was the plan, was disaster.
You make more money off those, cleaning them up, get to stay forever.
That matter of your puppet voice takes the blame, the globalists make the money, get the control.
So the people want us out of Iraq.
One of the five-part plan, one of the options is to build up.
And they've been saying that over and over every six months.
Well, we've got to put more troops in to stabilize before we pull them out.
And so 20,000 more troops, Jay Rockefeller, you've got John McCain, Bush, the Baker Commission.
Yeah, we need to go from 155 to...
175,000 troops and 150,000 contractors.
So that's quite a force.
We've got to beef that up.
You'll just have more kidnappings of people in U.S.
military uniforms, totally protected in the middle of Baghdad.
I mean, who do you think is doing that?
They haven't lost control.
They're doing exactly...
What they want to do.
But now, U.S.
plans last big push on Iraq.
We'll talk about this more later.
Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have elected her speaker.
Let's go to Singh in California.
Thanks for holding, Singh.
Hey, good morning, Alex.
Pretty good.
How are you doing?
Alright, well, thanks for the work.
You've been doing first-time calling and all that.
I had a couple things I wanted to tell you.
I'll hit up Barnes & Noble.
They don't have terrorist forms.
I expected that and everything.
I'm on.
Oh, yes, sir.
You are on.
All right, cool, cool.
I didn't hear nothing.
Okay, anyway, what I wanted to tell you was I come from an Indian background.
I'm Punjabi.
You know, we have the Indian culture, and I've been trying to, you know, tell people around here.
I'm from California.
I'm trying to get the message out to a lot of people in my culture because they're, for some reason, they're the most narrow-minded of them all.
They don't even care.
I mean, I try to explain to them what's going on really nicely.
Like, I don't come at them like you do in a very, like,
I mean, like, when the first time I listened to your stuff, it scared the hell out of me.
So I try to be real, like, polite, cordial, and, you know, discuss it.
And, I mean, they just don't get it because for some reason they're racist.
They're like, oh, that doesn't apply to us.
Well, yeah.
I mean, you know, there's the illusion that whitey's on top, and that's not really true with the average person, but a lot of whiteys do think they're on top.
We saw this phenomenon with slavery.
Only about 3% of Southerners and Northerners before it was abolition up there, before it got phased out, owned slaves, but most whites supported it because they got to look down on somebody.
I mean, they were dirt poor sharecroppers, slaves themselves.
Their great granddaddy came in in 1680 as an indentured white slave.
But at least there were black slaves under them.
At least they could call that black names.
And that's how slaves works.
And then you had blacks above other blacks.
You had the house slaves, who were some of the most brutal enforcers against the other blacks, because they were higher than the slaves out in the barn.
So you got the slaves in the barn, the slaves in the house, and then the white slaves down the street living in a shack.
But it doesn't matter because they get to look down on the black and call them names.
And so, yeah.
But I wouldn't just say it's because you're Indian.
Just the general public, sir, wants to think everything's honky-dory.
It's not.
And it's just going to get worse.
And so that's just the way it's going to be.
But I've found letting people know how serious it is, not sugarcoating it, being sinister, because this is sinister.
You know, the things that are happening are sinister.
And we need to show it as sinister.
Do you see what I'm saying, Singh?
But I mean, it's hard to do, because when I do it in a sinister way, the response from them is sinister.
It's like, oh, how dare you say that?
You know, like, my analogy is like...
Okay, it's like I'm trying to, you know, it's like you know this girl, she's your friend, close friend of yours, and you know her boyfriend is cheating on her.
And you're trying to, you know, tell her, and I mean the first time you tell her, she gets angry, she gets outraged, oh, how dare you say that, or they wouldn't do that, or he wouldn't do that to me, and then later on down the line they find out it was all true.
Yeah, exactly.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
You just keep it up.
The best thing to do is make a copy of a DVD of a film and give it to them.
That's the most effective thing you can do.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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That's 888-803-4438 to order on the web or at BerkeyWater.com.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
That is, is the USA already bankrupt?
As the world's biggest debtor nation, we are borrowing in excess of 80% of the world's net savings.
That's $2 billion per day to finance the biggest deficit in history.
Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Manchel Muller.
A dangerous creature.
He's on the line with us.
Of course, he has the nationally syndicated radio show,
Through Talk Radio Network, number one show in Chicago over the years.
And I've been a guest frequently on his morning Madhouse program.
Man Cal, Planet Man Cal starts this Sunday.
This Saturday, I can't get the date right.
People are running in and out of the studio here.
This Saturday, what is it, 9 p.m.
Eastern, 8 p.m.
Central on Fox Television nationally.
And I couldn't go.
They had me set up, but something came up.
I couldn't go, so Kevin Smith, who does my radio producing one up there,
And also, there's going to be a guest on the show, like William Shatner, who's good friends with Mr. Muller.
He's going to be on the show.
I'm told it's pretty wild.
I will be tuning into it.
And we have the Prince of the Neocons, Mancow Muller, on with us now.
Prince-ling, thank you for coming on.
Alex, who in radio has been a bigger supporter of you than I have been?
Hey man, I know, I'm just having a little bit of fun with you.
I understand, but I tell everybody, now look, you may not agree with Rush, but he's a great talent.
You may not agree with Bill Maher, but he's a great talent.
I don't agree with you on a lot of stuff, but I think you're entertaining.
And I'm not a neocon at all.
And you know, you said a lot of things are wrong, and of course that's to set me off, and I do the same game you do.
But I'm not a neocon, I'm a libertarian, and I want to be left alone.
And on that, that's why we get along so well, because I want the government out of my life.
And the fact that the government is saying, and people in the government are saying now we're not going to get anything done, I'm fine with that.
I don't want anything to be done.
I want to be left alone.
So, on that, we agree.
I mean, you're against the cameras and the tracker chips and the toll roads and the open borders.
Well, absolutely.
We agree on about 95% of things.
And you do have me on every few weeks, and I really appreciate it.
And I get to reach millions of people.
And, of course, I am razzing you a bit.
I did get a bunch of emails, you know, talking about how you savaged me last night.
I'm savage.
But, hey, I appreciate it, as long as you get the name right.
And it's great to have you here.
Manchow, tell us about the new TV show on Fox.
Okay, now see, I know what's going to go on here.
He's going to be nice, and then we're going to fight.
It's okay.
We don't agree on 95%.
Well, let's go with 75%.
But look, we need people asking questions, and I think in a free society, everything has become, you know, we need unique voices, and I think everything has become so alike that I think you're an important guy.
Okay, let me also say that your producer accused me of something that you always accuse me of, and that is that there's some agenda.
And it's heartbreaking for guys like you to find out.
They're in an agenda.
I've been on the Fox News Channel for seven years.
They have never once told me what to say.
I did make some comments about Rosie O'Donnell being gay.
They called me and said, look, you can't say that stuff.
And two weeks later, she came out of the closet.
But other than that, so I have to laugh at these people that think there's some big script.
Are there talking points in radio?
I think when you're talking about some of these big left-wing shows or some of the big right-wing shows, I think there are talking points, although I've never seen them.
I think there are.
And I've never been given talking points.
But I do think there are certain topics that these people hit.
The TV show is Saturday night.
It's on the Fox News Channel.
It's called Planet Mad Cow.
And it's just a weird little TV show I thought up.
It's a special.
It's a one-time thing.
And we'll see how it does.
So basically this is kind of like a beta test?
You know, look, I've been on their morning show.
It's a popular little morning show, and they've given me a chance to do an hour of TV, and I'm doing it.
But your guy, you know, your guy came in, you don't really believe this, Fox is telling you to say this, and the fact is I don't believe that 9-11 was orchestrated by our president.
I don't believe that it was a controlled demolition.
I don't believe those were robot planes.
I don't believe that the voices that we hear
And you believe that Steve McQueen last year really was pitching the new Mustang?
ManCal, in fact, I've got Kevin here in studio.
He keeps bringing up this conversation that you guys had, and a couple days ago on the radio, ManCal said that I'm the one that was saying this.
No, it's more like ManCal, they pick somebody like you because you are dangerous, you are a loose cannon in some respects, but on the agenda of turning the Middle East into a parking lot, you agree with them, but you keep saying that Kevin said these things.
So here's Kevin Smith.
Hey, man, Kyle, how are you doing today?
Hi, Gavin.
Hey, I really appreciate the opportunity to come up there.
And, you know, the things I said to you off-camera, I'm sure we were still mic'd, but really it was a legitimate question from my part that, you know, I thought maybe you're just phrasing these things like this, playing a role, but you, deep down inside, believe what we're saying, and this is your way to get us exposure.
So I was thanking you for that, and then you honestly told me, no, I think you guys are crazy.
And I said, well, why do you have Alex on?
Why do you bring Alex on to ambush Alex?
Well, let me say a few things.
First of all, do you know who Midge Rapoli is?
That's my producer.
No, I don't.
Oh yeah, I've talked to Midge, sure.
Right, but the reason I say Alex Jones is because you've been on the show a lot and people know who that is.
So that's why I mentioned you and mentioned Prison Planet, because our listeners know who that is, and they may not know who your assistant is there.
The fact is, I do have core values, and I have a core belief system that I stick to, and I really look crazy.
I think you guys are asking questions.
I think it's always good to ask questions.
And in a free America, look, it's even the most basic stuff.
Forget a biggie like 9-11.
It's the most simplistic questions cannot be asked.
When President Bush says to a reporter jokingly, hey, you're not on the script.
If you ask a tough question, you never get invited back to the White House.
I mean, I do find these things scary.
But when you talk about 9-11 being a controlled demolition to collect insurance, is it crazy?
I just don't believe it.
Well, man, Cal, that's not exactly what we said.
That was one small part.
Also, what Poplar Mechanics and others who try to debunk us, they go out and find wild things that kooks have said, or people saying it on purpose to discredit us, or they make up things we never said and then attribute it to us.
Well, look, I got a stupid little radio show, and 80% of what's said on the World Wide Web of Disinformation is wrong.
So you have to be very careful.
And I do believe that when a story gets out...
Because I've had it on a very small level in my own life.
When a story gets out, you know, a big corporation, I used to work for a big corporation, and they put me under a I can't talk order, a gag order, under contract, you can't talk, and then they said a lot of lies.
Well, you can't talk.
So what the government does and big corporations do is when a little bit of information gets out, they bombard the market.
They bombard the internet.
There may be some truth to what you're saying, that if you are hitting on something, well, the government then has rooms filled with people putting out more ridiculous stuff.
Well, that's been admitted.
I mean, that's now admitted that they have $1.6 billion in fake news, and the Pentagon admits they're on the Internet planning fake stories domestically in the U.S.
And we know now, rather than buy a radio ad or a TV ad, they pay a bunch of people to sit on the Internet and say, wow, hey, this lousy new movie is great.
Do you think Dane Cook would have a career?
I mean, that guy isn't funny.
In fact, I was watching HBO a few weeks ago, and I said, this is the guy everybody's talking about?
Oh, he's not.
I watched 30 minutes, and it was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.
It's absolutely calculated.
And, you know, look, there was a band called Insane... Look, I've got tons of stories like this, but there was a band called Insane Clown Posse.
And they came and did my show, and I realized it's a producer.
And they got two goofs, and they put makeup on them.
And Singap... You know, or Limp Bizkit, remember...
They wanted to sell music to 15-year-old boys.
Break stuff!
And they sang a song called Break Stuff.
Well, 15-year-old boys like to break things.
This stuff, fewer and fewer corporations are owning everything.
And look, it's a market.
So yeah, a lot of what we... Unfortunately, a lot of what we see... And it's getting worse.
A lot of what we see on the Internet is...
But I want to point out that most of that disinfo is being pumped out by corporations.
I saw a front line five years ago that showed huge office buildings filled with teenagers out doing what you said, blogging and plugging for horrible Sumner Redstone Viacom trash on MTV.
But let's get back to the TV show.
Tell us some of what we'll see coming up Saturday night.
Alex, do you remember the name of that show?
Because it was one of the most brilliant hours of TV I've ever seen.
And they showed the people at MTV and they sat around and they said, okay, here's our agenda.
And every year they have an agenda.
And the agenda that year was homosexuality.
And they said it right on camera.
We want to promote homosexuality.
And that's what MTV became that year.
And then they hired a bunch of attractive people to go out on the streets, remember?
I don't know.
I like white women.
I like women.
I like women, I was about to say.
I like my wife.
Since I've been 13, my agenda has been like that, too.
But it is interesting to see how these... You know that's been the agenda.
You're not stupid.
The agenda is black guys with white women?
I think everyone's agenda is with women, though, Alex.
I agree.
I think every heterosexual man...
I know, but you just talked about the Frontline special where they said the agenda is gay, and that's what they've been doing.
The question is, what does that sell?
Well, I think maybe they were trying to do something different, and the fact is, and this is, look, I was cornered by a guy who told me his number one thing in the world is the most important thing that I've got to talk about and you've got to talk about and I've got to talk about is gay marriage.
And I don't care.
And a black guy or two guys or whatever going on in the bedroom, that's my libertarian view.
I want to be left alone.
But what if it's a warthog?
It doesn't have a choice, and that's wrong.
But there are big things going on in the world, bigger than all of this stuff.
It's all a smokescreen.
And I'd rather get to the big issues.
None of these things, except for 9-11, do we talk about on my silly little TV show Saturday night.
Well, I want to hear about the silly little TV show.
Now, I hear Lord Shatner's going to be on there.
William Shatner, the greatest living human being.
I do like him.
He's, you know, look, he's got a great, he's 75 years old, he's got a great sense of humor about himself.
I hear he's the nicest person, too.
He is, he is, we must all obey the chat.
He is, there it is, he is so cool, and it's going to be the most amazing interview you've ever seen.
Not because I did it, but we got kicked off the set of Boston Legal.
And so that's coming up on the CIA Network Fox News this Saturday.
Stay there, Mangal.
Final segment with you on the other side is Mangal Muller.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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All right, we're talking to Man Cal, and he's got Planet Man Cal starting this Saturday night on the Fox News channel.
Well, first of all, Alex, you called it the CIA network or something as we went to break?
You know what you said?
Yeah, that's what I said.
And you talk about big media and big radio.
You have a radio career.
You look like you're eating good.
I put you, you know, you show a picture of yourself, you know, from 1985.
That used to be some push-up king or something.
I have a radio show.
I put you on my radio show.
I put you on this show Saturday Night on the Fox News Channel.
So where's the big conspiracy?
Man, Cal, I don't believe that you're part of a conspiracy, but I will tell you this.
People like Tony Snow, and now the White House... Come on.
I know Tony.
He's a fantastic guy.
Oh, yeah.
You know, that's what Albert Speer said whenever he had Hitler putting his hand on his shoulder.
Oh, stop it.
He said, when the devil's got his hand on your shoulder, you don't notice.
Stop it.
Listen, Tony's a good man, and...
From what I know of him, but, you know, he may have a Ouija board somewhere.
Come on.
It's craziness.
You know, some people don't like Mel Gibson.
You like him and I like him.
Charlie Sheen is one of the coolest cats I've ever met, but he's insane.
No, I know him really well.
I spend a lot of time with him.
He's a gentleman, really smart.
No, he's satanic.
Oh, yeah, sure.
See, but that's what you do.
How does it feel when I turn it around on you?
I understand.
You throw Molotov cocktails and then run away.
I'm not running away.
Tony Snow is a good man.
I understand.
And so is George Bush, right?
Look, Alex, you know I didn't vote for Bush.
And this word bipartisan is sickening to me.
Now, we do agree on that.
We need separation of powers.
We need gridlock.
This is WWE.
As a little kid, I got to go backstage, and I saw Hulk Hogan having a cigarette and hanging out with the Iron Sheik.
They hated each other.
Well, wait a minute.
And it is the same deal in Washington.
Does anyone find it interesting that Bill Clinton...
And the original Bush, our best friends?
Well, they call him the surrogate son, but wait a minute, everybody knows wrestling's real.
You're a conspiracy theorist now.
Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik really are enemies.
I'm saying that they help each other out.
They help each other out.
Unlike radio, where we're always trying to beat each other down.
I'm not doing that, man, Cal.
I appreciate you having me on the broadcast.
But, I mean, obviously, Fox News has been caught in a lot of talking points.
I'm not saying you have, but I'm going to pull the news articles out.
Alex, let me talk about something I actually know about, okay?
A little bit.
I do find it interesting that Troy Dunn
Who's, you know, the number one genealogist on the planet Earth.
He's, you know, an Alex Haley type guy that traces roots of people.
Do you know who he is?
Have you heard of him?
And Bush and Kerry are basically like a breed of dog.
They're so interrelated.
And the fact is that if you want to pick every election... Now, this is what I find interesting.
This is a fact.
This isn't you and your buddy there smoking a doobie and making stuff up for your radio show.
They all come from the same genealogy.
No, I know.
It is interesting that if you want to pick the president, find out who has the most royal blood.
The other thing I find interesting... I mean, you've shown me a few things that are very interesting.
The Bushes changed their names.
They were there at the founding of Pennzoil.
It's interesting that there's so much talk about oil and gas when...
Oh, yeah, the Bushes do hide their wealth.
They own triple-hole super-tanker fleets.
I mean, these people are opulently wealthy, and it is true that Prescott Bush was brought into custody and then got out on bail, and that he was the top U.S.
Nazi agent in the U.S.
That was in the New York Times back in the late 40s and in 51.
Did you know that?
That I didn't know, but listen.
Okay, I grew up in Harrisonville, Missouri, all right?
My nearest neighbor was a half mile away.
When I'm doing interviews for whatever...
I don't go stand on a pile of logs with an axe and my best old dog that's never seen me before.
So, you know, look, this is the President of the United States.
Well, that is a Hollywood set out there.
I mean, do we believe this guy is really clearing brush?
He's the President.
He's our leader.
So that kind of stuff is interesting.
But when you talk about 9-11 being a phony deal, that's when you turn anti-American to me.
Well, we're going to talk about that on the other side, man-cow.
We're going to get down and dirty on the other side.
The show starts this Saturday night on Fox.
Planet Possum.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, here's the email I got this morning.
I got several of these.
Quote, I was listening in on the enemy's radio communications tonight, this is last night, and tuned in to Michael Savage's show.
He had a fellow named Douglas Urbanski filling in for him.
Douglas had Lord Manco on, and they were attacking 9-11 Truth.
I wish I would have been able to record it, but unfortunately I was not prepared at the time.
Basically it went like this.
They said that anyone that thinks 9-11 was an inside job is evil and or anti-American.
They said that we are all crazy, liars, etc.
Mancow then went on to say that he got one of these 9-11 nuts on and put him in front of a fireman who lost some of his men in the WTC.
He did not say what happened, but he implied that the fireman tore into the 9-11 truther, then he went on with his slander of the 9-11 truth movement, and then, to my surprise, Urbanski asked Mancow where he got the 9-11 truther for his confrontation with the fireman, and he actually said he got it from the guys at PrisonPlanet.com.
So, is that an accurate email, Mancow?
You know, it's hard to record on any cassette or an 8-track when you're living in a cave, when you're in some shack out in Pahrump.
Yeah, wow.
I'm glad somebody was reporting what I said on one of the biggest radio shows in America, like it's some inside information.
It is.
That's secret.
Yes, thank God someone revealed to you that I was on a radio show.
It's not broadcast for free.
Good reporting there.
You don't want to tell me the emailer's name?
Sure, it's Hoddikin.
Okay, well, now I know never to take an email from that idiot.
God, I didn't know how to record.
I couldn't.
But here's, you know, like a tattletale.
Good God, it's like a four-year-old.
That's good.
It's American.
Well, here's the thing.
I didn't do the interview.
My radio show isn't about me.
This TV show isn't about me.
Man, Cal, we don't care.
We just want to hear about how 9-11 truth is evil from you.
Why are we wrong?
Tell me.
I'm going to tell you, but I want to make this clear.
I have to give, look, I have to admit, the cojones on your sidekick there, who is a liar, to look into the eye of a firefighter, to look into the eyes of a firefighter.
You just called Kevin a liar?
This firefighter pulled dead firefighters out of the rubble on 9-11, and your man stood next to the hero, looked at this guy in the eyes on my TV show, and really it was disgraceful.
I mean, I'm looking at this devil liar right now.
What did Kevin say?
Well, you may have brainwashed him, but he's definitely been drinking the Kool-Aid, the Alex Jones Kool-Aid.
The prison planet Kool-Aid.
I think it's easy to hide behind a website where you can't be challenged.
And when you were invited to be on a national TV show, all of a sudden you had a cough.
I've gotten better phone calls from little kids.
Now, man, Cal, that's a lie.
I didn't say I was sick.
I can't come in.
What are you afraid of, Jones?
Come out to the line today.
Well, have me live on your show and I'll clean your clock.
Well, I've done it before.
I'm on here.
You haven't yet.
Oh, you're going to... Okay.
Go for it.
And here's what you do.
You're going to give me a bunch of obscure articles and quote from them.
And, of course, I don't have the Houston Sun from 1994.
Hey, Mankell, let's stop and go back here.
Yeah, Jarwaski's article from the L.A.
Bugle, 2003!
Okay, let's go back.
What did Kevin say that was a lie to the firemen?
9-11 was done by President Bush.
Okay, now let me respond to that.
Do you know about Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11-style attacks?
I've read all of it.
I've heard you babble about it.
Yes, I know all about it.
Are you saying it's not true?
Clean your clock.
No, wait a minute.
Do I think on 9-11 our government did it?
That's the question.
Criminal elements within our government.
Hey, well, I mean, let's continue.
They now have declassified.
I remember getting called a cook for many years saying Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
Now totally declassified, totally staged.
Associated Press, CIA.gov.
Good God, please.
Please, I'd rather paint the ceiling with my brain than put a gun in my mouth.
And next you're going to go to blankets that we gave the Indians and the Tuskegee experiment.
Well, I did say that last time on your show.
And then you're going to ask me, because I know you, Jones.
I know you, Jones!
Was it a radical Muslim on dialysis?
That's right.
That's right.
Did bin Laden in a cave make NORAD stand down, have the CIA run drills of flying hijacked jets into the exact same buildings at the exact same time?
Did bin Laden engage in CIA insider trading?
Did bin Laden mass 44,000 and 18,000 British troops into Tajikistan and Tajikistan in the two weeks before to attack Afghanistan?
It's your... Hold on, hold on, hold on, man.
You wanted facts.
Oswald killed JFK, too, brother.
Well, hey, here's the problem.
You're out looking for Bigfoot and Nessie.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, that's an old tire.
That doesn't work.
84% of Americans believe 9-11 is a lie and don't trust the official story.
Okay, and a majority of that majority believe it's a total inside job now.
Dancing with the Stars was a huge hit.
I don't care.
So this is what's happening, you see.
Hey, I just want you to know something, man, Cal.
We're winning.
We can't be stopped.
What are you winning?
We're going to defend the republic.
We're going to stop the terrorists that run our government.
But you're mixing things.
You're mixing.
I'm not a Bush fan.
I'm not a Nancy Pelosi fan.
I want freedom.
I'm a libertarian.
But you're mixing your message.
Okay, are you saying that Bush hasn't used the terrorist attack to take our liberties?
It has nothing to do with terrorists, no matter who's behind it?
Whether it's Al-CIA or Al-Qaeda?
I think that all governments take as much power as they can at all times.
That's what I think.
But you're mixing it.
But you know what?
Let's go back.
You called Kevin a liar.
That guy who sent the email.
Listen, if Kevin thought... It's not stupid, but I'm not, Jones.
You're not going to do rope-a-dope to me.
You know what?
I'm not rope-a-dope, but I'm bringing out real evidence here.
I'm going to go back to... The Fonz.
I'm going to go back to your original statement.
You see?
Well, there you go.
Henry Winkler was the pawn, and so that's the truth.
And so if you don't agree with me, you're wrong, and you don't want a free America.
No, no, that's not what I'm saying.
Oh, you're connected, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot.
You're not doing it, buddy.
Yes, I am.
You said Kevin lied.
If Kevin believes 9-11 is an inside job, whether it's true or not, which of course it is, then that doesn't make him a liar.
I think you've done a Patty Hearst of the man.
It makes him believe... No, Kevin's been well aware of this stuff for a long time.
I think he has a... Because his dad worked at the Skunk Works and was British and a lot of other stuff.
I don't know what Skunk Works is.
I don't know what Skunk Works is.
But it sounds like a smelly job.
Look, here's what I think.
Hey, man, Cal, hold up a second now.
In that filming, when we're doing... This is Kevin.
Why do I have to talk to the second banana?
I didn't call this guy's show.
Here's the thing.
Now, look, you attack me and let me defend myself a little bit.
Alex, you have a man of limits in the...
Brainwash this man.
Okay, let's say I'm brainwashed.
Let me say this.
You tried to set this.
You asked.
You tried to set this.
You said, Mr. Fireman, Mr. Victim, look in his eyes and call him crazy.
Tell him he's crazy.
And Mr. Harvey said, no.
He's not crazy.
He's passionate.
And when I left out of there, I gave him 9-11 demolitions.
I gave him TerraStorm.
And by now he believes us.
By now he knows.
Hold on, Kevin.
Hold on, Kevin.
Let me bring this up.
Saturday night, Fox News Channel.
You let your viewers decide.
And Alex, I think you sent your toddler into war.
You always talk about how you don't want women in the military.
Well, I wouldn't send... I have a 14-month-old daughter.
I wouldn't send her with a gun into military training, and that's what you did to this guy.
Oh, my skirt's flipping my face, huh?
Come on.
Yeah, Kevin actually is very intelligent.
You sent this guy to New York City to stand toe-to-toe with a firefighter who was there?
At Ground Zero?
Well, let me just finish something here, because what you're doing is you're changing subjects.
Let's go, let's talk about, hold on, let's talk about firefighters.
Okay, when I was there in New York just a few weeks ago on 9-11, the majority of firefighters, we have it all on video, ran up and said, we agree with you, it's an inside job.
It's not true.
You use actors.
Let me finish.
You use actors.
Okay, let me finish.
On top of that, Mancow, we had Bill Doyle, the head of the Biggest Victims 9-11 group, the folks that sued Saudi Arabia and James Baker blocked it.
He said the majority of their group believes it's a total inside job, and he now believes it's an inside job.
Why don't you have Bill Doyle on, who lost his son, in the towers.
No, I had him on about a month ago.
He wrote a little article, and I got it, and by God... No, I'm telling you... No, I've interviewed a bunch of these victims.
The sky is falling, Chicken Little.
Well, actually, I'm the one saying that global warming isn't real and that it's a scam for global taxation, so I'm not saying the sky is falling.
Alex, for God's sakes, man, it's not too late.
The glass is half full.
We're going to be fine.
The world is great.
So if I drink the man-cow Kool-Aid and start worshipping Lord Bush, can I come have a Fox TV show, too?
I've already said a thousand times I didn't vote for Bush.
I'm not a fan.
But that's what Neil Bortz says, but then really does support him.
I know that's a radio host.
Is that supposed to upset me?
Okay, I don't care about Neil Bortz.
I'm talking to you right now.
Listen, if you want to know what I think politically, watch the Goldwater documentary, Goldwater on Goldwater.
That's what I believe.
I understand.
This Republican Party is not conservative.
They're not libertarian.
They're not anything.
Man, Cal, you're going on this 9-11 subject from your faith, from your belief.
I give you facts and you can't dispute them.
Oh, God, you're throwing out random articles from ten years ago.
No, our government admits they've staged terror attacks before.
You're like the guy at the end of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
I am.
You're coming to look for your lives.
You're insane.
We're in danger.
The glass is half full.
That mad cow is pointing me out like Peter Sutherland and squealing.
Brother, look.
I feel like I've hurt the feelings of your sidekick.
I had a cocker spaniel with the same look in his eyes.
The dog was happy.
His name was Happy.
A very nice, very nice dog.
You're very cruel.
Well, and I feel like I've just kicked your little puppy.
He's crying right now.
But the fact is, Jones, you sent a man of limited intellect...
Get to do your battle.
Now, now.
That's exactly what Osama Bin Laden did on 9-11.
So the interview, that's why it took you three hours to shoot the eight minutes?
Three hours!
It's an hour, hour and a half, somewhere in there.
You've doubled it.
It took a while.
That's not true.
How many takes, Lordship?
There was three things done.
We had one lighting problem, and that happens.
Give me a break.
And what about those two generals that were standing behind you giving orders?
Yes, it's true.
I had... What are you talking... See?
That's a joke, okay?
It's obvious when I tell a joke.
They weren't generals.
All right.
My website is notaprisonplanet.com, okay?
My name is Jeff Jones.
I'm just going to do the anti-Alex Jones website.
No, look.
Listen, I appreciate those.
Those actually send us viewers.
You ask questions, and I appreciate that.
And in a free society, everyone, you should be able to say whatever you want.
If America's free, forget the FCC, forget everything.
You should be able to say whatever you want, and you do that.
Let me ask you a question, Mankow.
Do you really believe that Oswald got three shots off in six seconds, threw a tree, and hit Kennedy?
I have done that exact shot.
Wow, that Marine Corps snipers and top FBI snipers and others can do.
I mean, you know this about me.
I'm sure you read my bio.
I'm sure your zombie, your brainwashed flunky gave you my bio.
You know that I was a Marine Corps sniper.
Yes, I also know that you were an astronaut.
Not for America, but yes, for China.
Well, I consulted on their program.
Actually, I didn't know that.
I might as well be part of it.
I have your Wikipedia bio here in front of me.
Listen, if people want truth, they've got to see Planet Man Cow Saturday night on the Fox News channel.
And I want people to see the firefighter versus your zombie.
And I want them to search their heart, search their soul, and you tell me if the glass is half full or empty.
Now listen, man, Cal, when we were trying to get Alex up there and he couldn't do it, I offered William Rodriguez, I offered experts, I offered other victims who were dying from the same thing that were there.
You offered firemen and emergency workers.
No, wait a minute.
One of them couldn't do it.
It was on a respirator.
I don't doubt that the firefighters were exposed to some bad stuff.
We weren't debating that.
Yeah, but we offered you firefighters and people.
We could have had a firefighter against a firefighter.
I mean, this office didn't even want to send our own people.
We're not here looking to get on TV.
We gave you a whole bunch of people.
And they didn't want it.
We knew what they wanted.
They wanted this lowbrow, computational thing.
Hold on a second.
You're telling me we could have done better than what we got?
Much, much better.
Coming from the zombie.
Kevin's articulate and stuff.
That's why you had to shoot so many takes.
I heard you were throwing fits.
Well, I wouldn't say fits, but lots of cuts.
Alex, I don't throw fits.
Talk to the control rooms.
I don't throw fits.
I heard you had to call for Pepto-Bismol.
Yeah, okay.
Look, this is a one-time TV special.
You know that I'm a radio guy.
I haven't done TV.
I do quick little hits on the Fox News Channel.
I'm not saying I'm great or any of that.
Hey, I think you are very talented, and I'm going to be tuned in Saturday night at 8 o'clock Central.
What I'm asking you is that you're saying that a lot of the firemen and police now don't believe it's an inside job.
You're saying that you believed that Oswald acted alone.
I mean, 90% of Americans now believe the government killed or elements of it killed Kennedy.
80 plus percent don't believe the official 9-11 story.
I mean, those are real scientific public polls.
You're saying those don't matter?
Well, who is it?
Zogby, who I've interviewed, who is always wrong?
No, it was Mason Dixon, Angus and Reed.
Whatever line he's taking, I'm on.
Listen, here's the thing.
Dick Morris.
If you want to know what's going to happen politically, and he's wrong.
Well, Zogby has found the majority do believe it too, but I'm sorry, go ahead.
Dick Morris is who I go to.
Forget the polls.
Dick Morris, I think, is right on.
But he looks like a demonic goblin.
Well, hey, man, you are throwing stones in glass houses.
Do you have carnival mirrors in your house, Jones?
It's called a pizza.
I know.
Hey, come on.
Dick Morris did the slime ball behind Bill Clinton?
I mean, everybody says he's a slime.
I'm throwing rocks and glass houses with Dick Morris?
You made fun of his looks!
Alex, you've let yourself go!
I know.
Actually, I'm going to quit the show after today because of this man, Kyle.
Oh, stop it.
Are you kidding?
You've got skin a lot thicker than me, and I'm no beauty here either.
You know, I can't believe they're putting me on TV with this face.
I've got a face for radio, as they say.
No, you look like a sweet little hedgehog or something.
Look, you're zombie, you're brainwashed guy there.
Why do you keep attacking Kevin?
Kevin likes you.
Don't forget Kool-Aid drinkers.
Kevin is nice.
Look, Alex, had Jim Jones not died, this guy would have been following Jim Jones.
Had those people not committed suicide and jumped on the comet's tail, how about all those people in Waco when they decided to take their life and burn themselves to death?
That was a government op.
Now, I totally believe the government could have waited.
Could have waited.
They burned the place down.
Hey, Manco, you're about to leave us.
I may have to try to get you to hold over.
I've got a few other questions.
Look, I feel sorry for your guy here.
But I'm trying to have a real discussion here with you.
Tell me... Anakin, Anakin, the Emperor has you.
So, so... You don't have to be Darth Vader.
Do what must be wanted, old man.
Walk off the show right now.
Let me just tell you something, man.
Sean Hannity has said, O'Reilly has said, that 9-11 truthers should be arrested, that we're terrorist traitors.
Do you believe that?
No, come on.
I can't believe they said that.
Well, they have said that.
Yes, they have said it.
In a free society, you know, come on.
I got Sean Hannity on tape saying every child needs a microchip.
I got Sean Hannity sitting there saying that we're traitors.
Sean Hannity is a fine human being.
He is a sycophantic little toady spouting nothing but disinformation.
Well, look, in a free society, you should be able to say that.
He's a liberal in sheep's clothing.
He's something else.
What are you talking about?
You're talking about Alan Combs.
You've got your people mixed up here.
No, I know Alan Combs.
No, he acts like a conservative while they get their whole agenda through to fool everybody.
Wow, man.
What's your sidekick's name there?
His name's Mantel Muller.
No, you're psychic.
Yeah, the retarded one you're talking about, the zombie?
Yeah, he's not retarded.
What's his name?
His name's Kevin Smith.
Kevin, run.
Run, run fast.
You know what?
One quick break, and I want to just keep you a minute on the other side, just finish up plugging the show, and a few other little key tidbits with Mantel Muller with the Fox News Show.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Dylan Avery has called in, and I got so engrossed in my argument with Mantell, I forgot.
Dylan called in the Loose Change men.
I like to call them the Loose Change boys, but they're not boys, they're men.
They've got FBI harassment going on against them now, which shows we're really cleaning their clocks.
In closing, Mantell, you know, I was talking about the North American Union 12 years ago.
I was called a kook.
Now it's national news and major papers and Lou Dobbs and Fox News.
I was talking about all this stuff, and we're talking about real issues, and my children, your children, aren't going to have a future if we don't defeat this thing.
Are you ever going to cover issues like the North American Union and stuff like that on Planet Mantel on Fox?
Look, this is a one-time special.
I don't know what the future holds.
But I will say this.
I'm against it.
I'm against our borders being open.
It seems like a lot of common sense.
But that's a conspiracy.
The borders aren't open.
See, that's what you do!
Kool-Aid drinker!
They're not open!
Here's what I do believe.
No, no, come on.
I do believe that corporations fund emissions.
And they want the cheap labor, so they want to keep the borders open.
I just find it ridiculous that you and I have to be hassled at the airport.
We're good to go.
I think?
Definition, full-fledged relation.
Oh, he had his head in the... I've read the report.
He had his head in her lap.
Right, right, right.
But, you know, come on.
Should a guy go to jail for 20 years for that?
No, you're... Look, Alex, you and I are in agreement on this.
But I want to say something.
The Loose Change people are flat-out scared to death of me because I can punch holes in their argument.
Well, hey, let's bring Dylan Avery up right now.
Bring Dylan Avery up.
I had a guy come to me, okay?
I met a guy in San Francisco.
You know who he was?
No, I don't know who he was.
Johnny Wise Muller, Jr.,
So Tarzan said it wasn't him.
No, no.
Tarzan's son.
Yes, I understand.
Now... What was his name in the Tarzan movies?
That's about as exciting as meeting Kevin Smith.
Meeting Johnny Weissmuller Jr.
I didn't mean to bash him, but the point is, Alex, I wanted you there.
Not your flunky.
No offense to him.
Okay, man-cow.
Next time you do the show, if you do, I'll be there.
But I had something come up in the family.
Planet Man-Cow, Saturday night, Fox News Channel.
And if there is some big conspiracy, why were you invited?
Why did I invite you?
Why do I have an hour?
You can't answer those questions.
Yes, I can answer those questions, and I will after you're gone.
Don't worry.
See, that's not fair.
But, man, Cal, let's bring up Dylan Avery, who happens to be in the wings.
Dylan, thanks for holding.
Dylan, they're getting FBI harassment now, and I believe it.
These guys don't make stuff up.
And good friends of mine, Dylan, the man behind the phenomenon, you're on the air with Lord Possum.
Go ahead.
Lord Possum, huh?
Well, hey, Mankow, I don't know if you remember meeting us.
We were actually in your studio a while back, back in June, I believe.
Of course.
I wanted to actually get your thoughts.
You said that, you know, Oswald killed Kennedy and that you actually redid his very exact shots.
I wanted to know your thoughts on the document that was released that basically said that the FBI and the CIA had employed Oswald.
Look, first of all, this is a young guy who decided to make some money in college.
That's not true.
I wasn't... Hey, Mankow, get your facts right.
I never even went to college.
Was he your college agent who decided to make a film?
No, he decided to fight the New World Order and join the team and come in for the big win.
Well, how old are you?
Man, don't distract from the real issue.
I think he's as old as Thomas Jefferson was when he signed the Declaration of Independence.
What does it have to do with how old he is?
Oh, my God.
You were doing a national radio show when you were, what, like 21?
He has no response.
Mancow, you want to hold over or are you afraid?
Alex, I wasn't a sniper.
I was kidding.
Okay, and this guy did loose change to make money.
It's fantasy.
Mancow, stay there.
We've got a one-minute break.
No, it's not fantasy.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've got Mancow Muller on.
Big Fox News special coming up.
This Saturday night, 9 o'clock Eastern, 8 o'clock Central, I'll be watching it, taping it, analyzing it, dissecting it, mincing it.
And he just so happened to, he was attacking the loose change guys, and we just so happened to have one of them on hold, about to come on as our next guest because of FBI harassment.
Well, that's his other two partners.
Oh, okay.
So the Loose Change guys, and I said they were college... One of them is an Iraq and Afghanistan combat veteran.
And that's Corey Rowe.
And then the other is Jason Berman, who was in college.
Alex, the show is called Planet Mancow.
It's Saturday night on the Fox News channel.
Now, what is the question?
Well, no, you were just saying that there are a bunch of profiteers there.
Let me give you one, okay?
I have talked with many people, Iraq veterans, some of them,
He trumps me!
No, but when you say it, it's a fact.
When your guests say it, well, then all of a sudden... Well, Corey Rowe was a combat veteran.
Okay, great.
So, he's right, but yet all the people I talked to, a hundred of them at the Pentagon that saw the plane, that was a tomahawk missile.
You know, I don't debate the plane situation.
I cover all the things I can totally agree, but it is suspicious.
Dylan, go ahead.
Well, here's Dylan Avery.
Did you talk to him, man?
Go ahead, Dylan.
Hey, I already asked you a question, Manko.
I just wanted your thought on that document I brought up.
And apart from that, I think it's ridiculous.
People like Craig Bartmer and David Miller are actors.
I think it's ridiculous.
I mean, there's one man breathing out of a respirator who ran away from Building 7.
Him and Craig Bartmer have both confided in us and the truth.
And I think it's a little interesting that you had on Kevin Smith as opposed to these people.
Well, look, I invited the Loose Change people.
Yeah, I know.
Well, I find it interesting that you wouldn't be in front of our camera.
One day before the shoot, we put you in contact when they were in L.A.
working on the super plan, and they couldn't come out there.
Alex, here's what they're working on, is making money.
And I'm an American.
I don't have a problem with it.
And they can exploit whoever they want.
Strip club owners do it to girls.
Man, Cal, stop throwing baseless accusations like that because it's simply not true.
We're going to get the truth out to the American people, man, Cal.
But, Alex... Man, Cal, look into what we did on the weekend of 9-11.
We spent over $30,000 of our own money just to educate people.
Well, you know what?
I spent money in my career, too, but you did it to make money.
We did it to educate.
No, that's not true.
And see, that is the problem.
Well, let's get something straight.
Are you going to make money?
The government puts out its stuff, and its people make money off lies.
You know what?
Of course we have to make money to continue what we do.
But the point is, we have the courage to tell the truth, man, Cal.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Do you know all of these people that got messages from loved ones on 9-11?
Hey, Mom, this is your son.
You believe me, don't you?
And then she talks to him.
Do you know that this man is out there saying they're robot voices?
No, I never said that.
Hey, let me ask you a question, ManCal.
Let me ask you a question, ManCal.
Do you believe cell phones work when they're non-airphones at 30,000 feet?
Because some of those calls were made from 25,000 to 30,000 feet.
And the mother of one of them said it was like it wasn't him.
He was just talking at me.
He wouldn't respond.
So all the phone calls we've heard, and I've listened to hours of them, on 9-11... There aren't hours.
Forrest Gump...
Forrest Gump didn't shake hands with JFK, and as I said earlier, Steve McQueen, they computer-generated him, and you couldn't tell to pitch Mustangs last year.
Saturday night, Robin, not Batman, but Robin goes against the Joker, I guess.
I don't know what it would be.
At least we're the good guys.
You know what?
I said it wrong.
It should have been, I don't know.
No, that was a Freudian slip.
But that's your new nickname, the Mustached Joker.
A evil clone of the Joker, kind of like a Bizarro.
I just find it sad that you didn't have the guts to come out, Jones.
I... Okay.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, a total insanity just having conversations with Mancow off-air there.
Let's go back to Dylan Avery.
We will be opening the phones up.
I didn't mean to have him on that long.
It went completely insane.
The Internet numbers are going off the chart.
People are interested to hear that debate.
Notice when I said Northwoods, he got quiet for about 10 seconds because he has nothing.
And, you know, he's good on most issues.
He does rail against the open borders and the microchips and the Big Brother and the New World Order and the North American Union, but then 9-11 is not an inside job.
And who knows?
Deep down, he probably knows the truth.
Let's go back to Dylan Avery.
We've got a lot more serious issues to talk about, Dylan.
Now, you guys have never told me anything like this.
You guys aren't drama queens.
You're serious, focused individuals who've gone through a lot.
And now you were telling me that you've got some FBI stalking that looks like it may be going on, Dylan?
Yeah, I mean, what we can prove for a fact, Alex, is that the Department of Justice at least four times visited the forums of Iota Tau Kappa, which is a fraternity the Burmese used to be a member of, like, you know, four or five years ago.
I mean...
He's still in contact with some of the members, but he no longer, he's not even a member of the forum.
So, the possibilities are, A, that an employee for the Department of Justice, you know, is a member of ITK and is still logging in at work, or B, you know, the Department of Justice is watching ITK for some criminal activity, or C, they're watching ITK because people are talking about Burmese on there.
And again, I can't prove anything, A, B, or C. I'm just saying, I think it's interesting that the DOJ is visiting ITK's forum.
My gosh, my friend, you ought to see who every government agency in the world visits PrisonPlanet.com every day.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
Yeah, of course, but you're saying it's weird that they're visiting that little forum, huh?
Same here.
They're visiting a little forum in the corner of the Internet that shouldn't have anything to do with the war on terror.
Yeah, the war on the American people, the war on the people of the planet.
What did you think of that whole man-cow discussion?
Man, that was interesting.
I mean, I just put the phone on speakerphone and just listened for an hour.
I mean, that was...
I don't think we're going to be back in the studio anytime soon.
You know how mean he was being to Kevin?
Oh, yeah, I can tell.
I mean, I could just hear the hate right over the phone line.
Well, whatever.
You know, he goes on Fox News and plugs PrisonPlanet.com.
We win in the end.
I think it's interesting.
He says that all the firefighters are actors.
Or, you know, when I brought up the Oswald document, he's like, well, how old are you?
You know, he brings up peripheral issues or just makes things up.
Well, that's because he doesn't have the facts and the information.
But that's why when somebody calls in disagreeing or on for 20 minutes instead of a regular caller who's on for an average of about two and a half minutes.
I've let the average callers on about two and a half minutes and half the time I'm talking.
When somebody calls in who disagrees or somebody like him is on, we are illustrating...
Hell, they don't have any real information.
That's what we're doing on air.
And then we let them claim we're lying about all these admitted things that the general audience already knows about or can verify.
And that's why we're winning, Dylan, as you know.
Yeah, well, all you've got to do, man, is stick to the facts.
Stick to the things you can prove and, you know, just keep your cool.
And, I mean, listen to Mancow, man.
I mean, just listen.
Like, Kevin was trying to really talk to him and be like, listen, Mancow, this and that.
And Mancow would just start insulting him and screaming at him.
I mean...
All you have to do is listen to the entire conversation to figure out what's what.
Well, sure.
About four or five days before they were going to film this, they asked me to go.
And I said yes initially, because I said yes to everything.
And then all of a sudden, hey, you didn't know we were going out of town this weekend.
You didn't know this family member was going to have a medical procedure.
Two things were coming up, and I said, uh-oh, yeah.
And I called them back, and I said, look, get somebody else.
We'll help you.
And they didn't want firemen.
They didn't want police.
We had them all.
They didn't want you guys.
Well, they did want you guys, but you guys were in L.A., and that was one day notice.
So Verma's couldn't go.
You shouldn't be talking to us.
We don't want to be on TV.
You should put on the people who are actually affected by 9-11.
You should put on Craig Bartmer, David Miller, Willie Rodriguez.
The list of people who are affected goes on and on.
That's because you knew what the attack pattern was, was to have a fireman on and then claim that all the firemen disagree with us.
Well, you know, it's like how we were supposed to be on Glenn Beck, and then, you know, one hour before showtime, they tell us not to come in, and they call in James Baker.
Well, that's another reason, you know, I had the trip coming up in a family matter, and I just, they've canceled on me at least five times I can remember.
Yeah, you know, they're guilty of the same thing, and I think it's interesting he attacks you for it.
Well, I've said on air I would never turn down a live Fox program, but a taped one, and I've known, I've been going on Man Cal's show for three years, we got a big response.
And we do it.
He gets there in a taxi.
We give the website out.
And every time I do these interviews, small show, thousands, big show, millions of people come to the websites.
And that's the goal here is the war, folks.
I will go on enemy transmissions anytime, anywhere.
But if I can send Kevin, which I call the InfoWars Imperial Probe Droid, now he did a good job, by the way.
Kevin's very smart.
He's not stupid.
He's not a Kool-Aid drinker.
He's not Alex Jr.
Yeah, I love Kevin.
And by the way, Kevin is a pilot.
His brother is a commercial pilot.
Their whole family is in aviation.
He said it was the worst flight he was ever on back.
They almost had to land the plane.
They were in those huge storms, remember, three weeks ago?
The plane almost basically crashed.
People were vomiting all over the plane.
So I'm glad I didn't go.
I appreciate Kevin going.
Yeah, absolutely.
And like I said, I heard that the performance went really well.
I guess we've got to wait until Saturday to see it for ourselves.
Yeah, Kevin said they shot for several hours.
And you heard him say an hour and a half earlier.
But he said they just kept reshooting, reshooting, getting mad.
I don't know what it was.
I wonder why.
Because we put out sound bites.
We know how they operate.
And Kevin was one of the only people I knew who could go on there and actually do the sound bites.
Most people get sucked into the insults you're throwing.
You just ignore the insults and fire information downrange.
Just don't stoop to their level.
That's really all it comes down to.
Well, it's like if you're at two tree lines and you're shooting back and forth at each other, say, with sniper rifles, the person that wins is the one who's calm, focuses, ignores the enemy, and opens fire.
And that's how we're going to win this fight.
I couldn't agree more, Alex.
I know you guys can't talk too much about the very exciting things that are happening, but I'm in the unique position to kind of be on the inside of that from another perspective.
And it is very exciting, some of the things that are developing with Loose Change Final Edition, which I greedily want to get out to the American people.
I mean, I am just greedy to defeat the New World Order.
I want to get as much truth out as I can.
I'm very excited about it, and you guys have got a great opportunity
I can't go too much into detail, but the way things are looking right now, we're going to be in theaters in 2007, really, no matter what.
If I had to put an estimate on it, it's probably going to be spring.
We told people for the longest time it was going to come out on 9-11-06.
That obviously didn't happen.
I mean, some people just really don't realize how much work goes into a movie, and we're really trying to make this the best we can.
Can you imagine trying to do that?
We're bringing up things like the ISI connection, Norman Mineta's testimony.
We already got an interview with Ray McGovern.
I mean, so many things are happening, Alex.
I mean, it's going to be miles and miles and miles apart from the second edition.
That's why, you know, when I get all these attack pages or people attacking us for what we say in the second edition, it doesn't even bother me, because the things that I suggest in the second edition are merely that.
They're just suggestions.
And, you know, when the final cut drops in theaters, these people are going to have nothing to say to us because we're sticking to all the things that we can prove.
That's right.
And you guys have also got some real experts on 9-11, not just yourselves, helping to vet everything.
Yeah, absolutely.
We've got experts vetting the script.
We've got some star power behind us, hopefully.
So it's going to be good.
I think things are going to work out in the end.
And, yeah, we really just got to play it by ear at this point.
But right now things are looking really good.
It's exciting.
It's very, very exciting, because if we don't expose government-sponsored terror, we're going to lose this thing.
It is the key, the fulcrum, to everything the New World Order is doing.
Yep, absolutely.
9-11 is the key to understanding everything, at least I think.
Well, government-sponsored terror is, yeah.
I feel like I'm kind of hogging the line.
Oh, no, Dylan.
It's just you called in, and we're always glad to have you on board with us, and I just can't wait to sit down with a popcorn...
And a bottle of water and watch the final edition.
Last thing I wanted to bring up is the Michael Moore stuff and our confrontation with Chairman Keene.
Is that going to make the final cut?
I've said it before, I've said it every time, and I'll say it again, Alex.
The confrontation will make the final cut.
Well, anything else you guys need, you know it's yours.
Absolutely, man.
We'll definitely let you know.
We didn't just use the Michael Moore stuff.
We're going to use Agent Smith confronting Thomas Kane.
We're probably going to use that, too, because that's just pure gold.
And before rumors start, we joke around the guy in the Matrix, you know, Agent Smith fighting Neo.
We went and saw Matrix years ago and started calling him that.
It's his last name, Smith.
Yeah, that is really, really exciting.
And, again, God bless you.
Godspeed, my friend.
I might be out in California in December.
I need to talk to you about that, by the way.
You having another event?
You know, it's...
Business, gotcha.
Yeah, backside stuff, fighting the New World Order, brother.
Yeah, I got you, man.
Take care, man.
Yeah, you too, Alex.
It was good being on the show.
You bet, Vicendios.
I didn't plug it last hour because I was too busy fighting with Mancalis Maximus, but they have...
Let's just say this.
Terror Storm has not risen above 17.
It sat on 17 for 10 hours yesterday.
Number 17 on the video bestseller list.
And I show other videos around it moving every hour.
It's an hour by hour.
It moves every hour.
Not Terror Storm.
It just sat there glued.
Then this morning it was 19, then 22.
And who knows what's going on.
There's a lot of politics surrounding these lists.
We know that Barnes & Noble took delivery and then refused to put them on shelves.
We know that Borders did the same thing.
We know that they have had massive orders at Netflix and then just refused to order more.
Netflix customers have even reported that to us.
There's a lot of politics going on with Terror Storm right now.
That's why you can't trust the Internet.
You can't trust the distributors.
I don't mean my distributor, but the people that are distributing it out, the stores, to you.
You've got to trust yourself, and that means making copies of Terror Storm on DVD or VHS.
That means downloading them on prisonplanet.tv, where there's a super high-quality version, and for members, much better than Google Video.
Burning it to death, giving it to everyone.
I'm asking you to take action, and remember every day to make copies of Terror Storm and other films, and get it out to the people, because this is how we're going to win the fight.
And Man Cal was like a vampire confronted with holy water and a cross.
Crucifix, when I brought up that 84% believe there's a cover-up,
That 90% believe the government killed Kennedy.
They're losing.
And they don't like it.
And they're trying to hang on by their fingernails.
That's why they have people like me on the air.
So they can get the audience.
We're going to win, folks.
It's a dangerous job, but it's also a lot of fun.
Take a few calls for those that are holding.
We'll get to our next guest.
Stay with me.
Hello, Ted Anderson.
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Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
Just called in here with the Genesis Network.
They'll be joining us for about five minutes at the bottom of the hour and about ten.
I did know, I saw it last night, AP's reporting that Clear Channel has been bought by an investment group.
The name, I'd heard the name before, and sure enough, he just called in, and it's the Carlyle Group, basically.
The Saudis, the... That's just wonderful.
The Saudis, the Bin Ladens, the Bushes, the Queen owning the radio stations.
I mean, you thought it was bad with Roger Ailes and them running it.
Boy, get ready.
Let's try to get to Barry.
Who's up first?
Is Barry here?
Barry and then Leo and Joe and George and Jay.
Barry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for all you guys are doing.
Thank you.
Yeah, just a quick something before I get to my point.
I don't know if you're aware of it.
I've been listening to Dave and Joyce on 5850 out of WWRB, so you might check it out.
We could get you, because otherwise I can't pick you up on 9985.
All right, I appreciate your call.
Take care.
Let's go ahead and talk to Leo in Colorado.
Leo, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Yeah, I wanted to bring up a couple things that you talked about earlier about corruption in law enforcement.
First, I want to talk about that mad cow guy.
I mean, are people that are that smart that stupid?
It's actually pig cow, but... Yeah, well, that guy, I mean, he's a scumbag.
He's actually a gatekeeper.
That's why Fox has him on.
He's actually a leech to the truth movement.
He poses like he's part of the truth movement and he's for truth, but he's actually a truth filter.
I can get into that later.
You know what?
It doesn't matter because if they let us in, we take them over.
But because in their ivory towers they think they're so powerful they can't see it.
He's an egomaniac and it's because he has some big TV show, radio show.
He thinks everything he says is right and if an opinion crashes his paradigm, he doesn't want to hear it.
Well, let me just say this.
He's a lot better than some of them.
I'm sure he is.
I mean, he does speak some truth on some issues, but for some reason, he just can't grasp 9-11 when all the evidence is right there in front of your face.
You know, like, you mean, ask him about Building 7.
I bet he can't answer that.
And anyways, I wanted to talk about, I guess, law enforcement corruption and some personal stories I've had with, I give, I guess, prison guards as an example.
I've actually dated a few girlfriends that had
Yeah, I know prison guards.
They sit around while you're eating dinner with them talking about how they beat somebody for no reason, and they're a bunch of animal pigs.
And folks, again, I mean, growing up, working on the summers at the ranch, there were some neighbors down the street, a supposedly nice, upstanding family.
And a couple of the sons had gotten out of the Marine Corps.
The only job they could have was at prisons.
And I was friends with their younger brother, and I'd go do little rodeo stuff with him.
And I quit going over to their house.
Because all they'd do was sit around and talk about how they'd beat the animals for fun.
They were a bunch of scum.
First let me tell you, my ex-girlfriend, her dad was a sergeant here in California.
It was a Folsom prison.
He ran the shoe program there, and he guarded Charles Manson and those type of characters.
But he's been back and forth in different prison facilities, and he told me,
That they have a code of ethics where, you know, another CO, you know, beats somebody up or whatever he does, they'll just turn a cold shoulder, you know, and they back up the guy no matter what.
Yeah, that's the code.
It's a thin blue line, and we've got to do it even if it's bad or they'll overrun us.
No, you punish bad guards, then you get respect, then you're in a less dangerous situation.
The actual, you know, science of prisons, which I've studied a little bit, shows.
It's pure bull.
Now, my current girlfriend's brother actually brags about it.
We were having a conversation one night.
We're good to go.
And this is the majority.
I've talked to a lot of CEOs.
I have friends, you know, and family that are involved in law enforcement.
Yeah, there are a lot of good cops, but when you talk about jail guards, about half of them are psychopathic scum, and the other half are, you know, were mailmen, and they decided... I mean, I've had family who, you know, are military veterans, then they drive a post route for 10 years, and then they go be a prison guard, and they're good people, and they're like, oh, it's horrible, I had to quit, or...
You know, because they don't like it, and they say they beat them up for no reason, and that makes it dangerous.
And these aren't wimps, though.
These are real men, see?
A real man doesn't need to beat somebody up to feel tough.
It's these little candy behind people who've never lived, who've never... It's just that they're cowards.
They think it's tough to beat up a restrained person.
And that isn't tough, okay?
Well, you know, basically, you know, every once in a while, they're burned with their own, you know, to put it on the media.
Well, look, you know, we...
We caught some corruption going on.
Now this guy's in trouble.
Later on you find out, you know, a year later when the story... Well, there's that Texas video that I played some of the audio here.
And it was a BBC special where they videotaped the guards would beat them, make them grovel, and then rape them for fun.
And then they tried to defend it saying, well, this is how we keep order.
No, you're perverts who like to rape men.
There's so much going on.
We have no clue about having a girlfriend that works on the inside, you know, in the office environment.
She sees all the reports.
Her brother's a C.O.
Her dad was a C.O.,
And she tells me all the stuff that's happening in the prison that most people have no clue.
Every once in a while they'll catch a story and they need it.
Oh, look, they busted a guy in prison.
At least they got rid of that guy.
Most of the prisons just around Austin have had the management shut down because of mass raping.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's CTSafeGas.com.
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You catch like me and you
Somebody else's music's gotten into my show lineup here.
Sounds like my wife's music or something.
All right.
Really serious news here for you.
Then we're going to John Connor, TheResistanceManifesto.com.
Really doing some effective things right now.
We will get to Joe and...
We're good to go.
Halliburton and people, of course, like the Carlyle Group.
And Jack, what have you discovered?
Thanks, Alex, for having me on.
You know, I've been following these major media buyouts for the last year.
Yeah, Universal Studios.
We've got major theater chains, TV networks.
And Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
From there, Tax-Exempt Foundation funded the buyout of the San Jose Mercury News.
Are you kidding?
They're buying the local public schools to control the curriculum.
You know, here in Austin!
Lowe's Cinemas bought by the Carlisle Group.
So they are really looking to control all media information.
Rather than just pressure people, and I wanted to talk about memos at Fox, but I don't think we're going to have time.
Rather than just pressure reporters and pressure people, pressure editors, they're just buying whole swaths.
We're good to go.
Radio chains are all in play all of a sudden.
Well, this just happened, as you said, last night.
Clear Channel agreed to an $18.7 billion buyout.
The winners were Thomas H. Lee Partners Limited Partners and Bain Capital Partners LLC.
They're the investor group that's leading a number of other investors.
They've had, in fact, they bought Dunkin' Donuts with the Carlyle Group.
So they basically are the front company for the Carlyle Group.
And I'll tell you this...
Also, Alex, Henry Kravitz of the big Kravitz law firm, who are really good friends with Bush, Poppy Bush, he's bragged that he's personal friends with Bush.
He's given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the RNC.
He was the financial co-chair for the Bush-Quayle 92 campaign.
He was also bidding for Clear Channel.
He lost, of course, because the Carlyle Group superseded them.
So, Thomas H. Lee Partners, Bain Capital, is the Carlyle Group.
The Carlyle Group, I believe, has just bought
Clear Channel and, of course, Lowry Mays' sons will be running it temporarily until they can have an effective turnover.
And then, of course, it's been all over the news, the talking points.
When you were up in New York for the RNC with Fox Passes that you got because you were a program director at a radio station that carried Fox News, you were able to get us into that whole thing.
Talk about how they walked by giving you the talking points every day just thinking you were an employee.
Well, you work in the editing room.
This is where all the reporters work in the Fox trailers in the back lot at something like that convention.
And they come by.
They have a...
A robot that comes by and puts talking points and memos on your desk.
Now, everybody knows.
There's no actual written rule that if you don't follow the talking points, you'll be fired.
But everybody knows that you have to follow the talking points.
You have to report what they want you to report, or you will be fired, or maybe worse.
Now, this just came out on Huffington Post.
I have this at jackblood.com.
This is an intercepted inter-office memo from the vice president of Fox, talking about how... Let's play up the Democrats.
Al Qaeda's saying they love the Democrats.
They're going to continue to work the Hamas threat to the U.S.
to go after the Democrats.
And, of course, this is fear-mongering, and this is why we're in such a sad state of affairs in this country.
They're going to use this fear-mongering in order for a political effect.
This sounds like terrorism to me.
I mean, you define terrorists using fear for a political end.
This sounds like Fox News or a bunch of terrorists.
But, Jack, it's okay.
I mean, we need to have the Queen of England and the Bin Ladens, the two biggest owners, along with the Bushes of the Carlisle Group, owning all the radio stations.
It's freedom!
You know, Alex, if you told me years ago that George Bush and the Queen of England and the Bin Ladens would be owning the Chicago Tribune and all these other newspapers and movie theaters and now Clear Channel, I would have said you're a nutty conspiracy theorist, but here it is, and I think it's something that's extremely dangerous.
Oh, it's freedom.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
Thanks for coming on, Jack.
Hey, I love John Connor, man.
All the power to you, brother.
And thanks to all the info warriors out there and for all their support.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Let's go to John Connor.
We'll have to get him on later for a little bit longer.
In fact, did you guys grab that audio clip of the video of him running around handing out DVDs?
Let's just play a minute of that.
Did you pick a good spot kind of in the middle where he's yelling at everybody?
Now, this is John Connor, theater of the mind here.
You can watch the video at prisonplanet.com.
He just goes in to this huge, you know, giant...
Lecture Hall, looks like 300 to 500 students, and starts handing out DVDs, talking about 9-11 being an inside job.
The professor tells him he can't, he keeps doing it, then threatens to arrest him, and he leaves.
But it's very effective.
I've done similar things, but I think I'm going to do this again.
I did this back during a UN brainwashing camp at UT.
I went in and covered it.
And that's in America, destroyed by design, but here it is.
Hey, first we're going to have a quick announcement for the main show.
I don't know if you guys want to bring it.
We're going to bring free DVDs of Loose Games, that commission.
So again, who here has seen or heard of Loose Games, the film?
Well, that's good, but not good enough.
By the way, there's a defiled government document in the National Archives.
In that document, it shows that our government wins against their own conciliatory show of property and claims that it's looting and hazing.
It's a lot more powerful with the video.
He's got a camera guy, which is always smart to do, to split up because they don't notice your camera.
He's up at the front.
He walks up on the stage and starts talking to the professor.
Oh, can I give these out?
That's his end.
Then he goes, okay, I'm going to be giving these out.
So he's up in front of the whole class.
Then he starts handing them out with a smile on his face.
You can control the situation by being smiling, being happy.
If you frown, boy, they'll really go nuts.
He's doing a great job.
Then he goes outside and hands them out.
John, it's good to have you on with us.
You know, after that stunt, I'm lucky probably to be on the air.
Now, I haven't gotten hauled off to a FEMA camp.
I'm sure I violated some subsection of the Patriot Act.
But if you watch the video, the audio is a little bit hard to hear because it was such a large lecture hall.
But we did put subtitles on there.
And yeah, I just...
I thought it would be a fantastic way to get the word out, and I just have to thank the Loose Change guys for providing 1,000 free DVDs of Loose Change for us to hand out.
So yeah, we just walked into a lecture hall, the largest lecture hall on San Diego State's campus, unannounced.
And I asked the professor if I could hand out some free DVDs, and I tried to just grab the microphone, and I was going to just start making announcements, and the mic was turned off.
You know what?
In watching this, I need a sponsor.
I'm not as high-rolling to hand out tens of thousands of free DVDs, but they've done really a great job.
I need somebody out there in the community, a doctor, a lawyer, a business owner, who wants to make 50,000 copies of Terror Storm,
If they'll ship them to my office, I will pay the shipping to ship them out to people.
I will give 50,000 of these suckers away if I had them.
Yeah, this is one of the most effective tools.
I really have to thank the Loose Change guys.
I know that they gave 5,000 DVDs to LoneLantern.org to hand out in the Chicago Marathon.
And they handed out over 10,000.
I personally handed out several thousand of them in New York.
And it's such a small world, Alex.
I've been getting emails on MySpace from people who know people that were in that lecture, people who had found the video on the web.
A lot of them were walking up saying they'd already seen it.
Yeah, people were giving it rave reviews, saying it was hot.
You know, we were there for three hours handing out these DVDs, and I can't tell you how many people have actually been aware, how many people know, how many people have questions.
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, if you're arguing with your family or your weirdo coworkers, they'll tell you you're a kook even if they know the truth.
But when you actually get out and talk to the people, the majority of them know.
And it's a big difference between emailing your friends and family a link to Google Video and going over to their house on a Friday night, watching a film on the big screen, have a few beers, make that your Friday night.
And then you can have a nice long discussion, you can answer all the questions.
There's a major difference between watching a Google Video and having a perfect quality DVD of Terror Storm.
Speaking of Terror Storm...
I did pick up a couple extra copies.
It's going to be stocking stuffers this year for Christmas for all the friends and family of the resistance.
And we do need to get that up to number one.
Well, I don't want to say it's staged, but Google knocked our numbers out repeatedly and admitted it.
It went to 17 and stayed there for 10 hours when I quit watching.
And then overnight it went back to like 22 or something.
But it's weird that the films around it were moving their places, but it wouldn't move off 17.
Normally it moves every hour.
Very strange, John.
It is very strange, and the Google video, we know that it reaches millions and millions of people, and if it did reach one of the top five spots, then hundreds of thousands of people would have seen it in a matter of days.
And yeah, I mean, we can speculate that there's some behind-the-scenes shenanigans going on, and it wouldn't surprise us.
Well, Google admits it.
I don't know about Amazon, because just nothing else was staying at one spot for more than an hour, but for ten hours, it was in one spot.
Yeah, you know, and I hate to make the comparison between Michael Moore and you, Alex Jones, but folks, Alex has the credibility.
He has the track record.
And Michael Moore had sort of a cult following with Bowling for Columbine, with his previous videos, The Awful Truth, and then with his crowning achievement, he was a household name.
And that's what we need to do with Alex Jones.
So Alex is making a big sacrifice here, and I always tell people,
Don't take advantage of people like the Loose Change guys.
Don't take advantage of Alex.
Yes, you can watch the videos for free on Google Video.
Support the man.
Support what he does.
If this broadcast is a part of your life, that's the least that you can do is to help feed the pot so that he can put out more and keep the fight going because not everybody has the time and the dedication to set their life and make this a number one priority.
Most people have jobs.
Well, I appreciate that, John, but once you get in this war, it's addicting.
For me, it isn't about monetary success.
It isn't about people saying, oh, good job on the street.
It's about hearing other people call into radio talk shows, talking about 9-11 being an inside job.
It's seeing the poll numbers show we're the majority.
It's seeing the globalists in trouble.
I'm here to defeat the North American Union.
I'm here to reaffirm the Second Amendment and shut down our borders.
I'm here to try to defend my family.
This is life and death now.
I've gotten so far into this, folks, this is life and death.
For John Conner now, I'll tell you, this is life and death.
And it's exciting.
You only live once.
Get out on the field.
Get out in the arena.
Get out of the bleachers.
Take action and go all the way.
And I'm serious, folks.
When I say if somebody will print out 50,000 copies of Terror Storm, I will mail the suckers out in 5,000, 10,000, 2,000 increments to people here.
I mean, I need your help.
I'll do these type of things, too.
Loose Change is wonderful, and I support it.
We need to make sure Terror Storm, which is starting to happen, has the same effect.
But, John, let's get off what I'm doing right now for just a second.
You, yourself, in the last, what, two years, you've written a book, excellent book.
You have got a website that millions of people have visited.
You call into national talk shows every day with guerrilla warfare.
You're one person.
If everybody started doing 10% of what you've done, spending a few hours a day doing this, and I guess 10% of that would be 20 minutes a day, we could bring them to their knees right now.
Tell us what you do.
I just followed Alex's lead is what I've done.
Instead of calling in and asking Alex to cover things or to talk about this, do it yourself.
And I even get emails.
People email me, oh, call into this show.
Say this, say this.
Well, folks, you do it.
I'm only one guy.
And if we all do this, we can make a difference.
And it's people that are getting active.
Well, that's one reason I'll send my guys now to go confront William Crystal.
I'll send my guys to confront Chairman Keene.
I'll send my guy to Fox News.
It's not that I don't really even want to do it.
It's just that it doesn't need to be about Alex Jones.
No, and it's people that constantly email and call and ask questions that get people like Lou Dobbs now to talk about the North American Union, that are getting these issues into the mainstream news.
We're good to go.
Folks, somebody else, we need to just keep doing this.
Whenever you've got a little bit of time, call into the show.
Like we said before, the issues are so hot that you'll have to just feed the screener a call or feed the screener a line.
Then as soon as you're on the air, just ask some serious questions.
I'm no different than anybody else.
I love this country.
I'm angry with the way that things are going.
I just am doing what I feel is right.
It doesn't take any real courage to just stand up and do what you feel is right.
Well, I mean, exactly.
But getting in front of a lecture hall, how many were in that lecture hall?
I would say 400 or 500 people.
It's the largest lecture hall at San Diego State.
That's what it looked like to me.
And everybody needs to do what you did.
I mean, I'm in the next few months.
I'm going to go down to UT and do that, too.
Everybody needs to do that.
And, you know, you couldn't see the full auditorium when I had them raise a show of hands of who had seen Lou's change, but there were dozens and dozens of people who had seen the film.
And out of those hundreds of people that are in that auditorium now, they're going to be talking, they're going to be telling friends.
It's a chain reaction.
It's called viral attack pattern.
And we have to go in with our information, the truth, inject it into the cell structure of the lie, and then reprogram with the truth the cell to produce more viruses.
The cell then bursts and floods the system with the truth.
This is how we're going to take over the enemy.
And that's why we use the term viral.
Now there was also that day, the day that we did that, was a screening of 9-11 Mysteries at the San Diego State Theater.
You know, I also want to thank Codename Kyle.
He was the individual that worked in the Bohemian Grove and got some of the video footage, daytime shots of Moloch, some of the photographs of the effigy.
That's in my new film, Order of Death.
Yeah, and he was the cameraman for that escapade over there, so I just want to thank him.
He's a great guy, isn't he?
He is a great guy, and these are people, this is an individual who set aside an entire summer to go and work in the Bohemian Grove to gather evidence, to gather programs, the official, authentic... And the great part is, it's organic.
I never talked to the guy.
It's organic infiltration.
We are infiltrating system-wide.
We are viral.
We will not be stopped.
And I think the globalists are just now losing their hubris, which I don't like.
I wish they would have stayed arrogant, and realizing we're actually going to defeat them, John.
We're making some tremendous headway, and they know that they're scared.
They're launching cyber warfare against us.
My site actually has received threats from a hacking group which claims to have ties to the Department of Defense, and they're monitoring my site to see if it's an anti-American site.
And if that's the case, they said that they're going to bring it down.
So we are making waves, and we just have to keep speaking out.
I remember there was a time where I would have been afraid to speak to strangers about these issues for fear that they would have thought I was insane.
It's a muscle.
Once you do it enough, you don't care.
If they laugh at you, you don't care.
It means nothing.
It means nothing what scum thinks of us.
We're not there for the scum.
We're there for the good people that can be reached.
Take a few final calls with John Connor on the resistancemanifesto.com on the other side.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
I knew too much.
All right, we're almost out of time.
I've got to have John Connor back on.
Real fast, we'll start blitzing through calls.
This is radio graffiti, as Alan Combs says.
Real quick, each person, and then John Connor can pop in if he likes.
Joe in California, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
A couple of points.
I'm really furious about the footage on the UCLA student who gets tasered.
I encourage everybody to write to the regents of UCLA.
And condemn that kind of behavior.
And for those of you who didn't hear the first hour, once they shock you and you're down, they keep shocking you while you're flopping, claiming you refuse to get up.
It's just a way to torture you and it's sick.
You can't move, bottom line.
The other thing that it triggers also, and I was very upset once I saw it, was I want to know what you think about the pedophilia and the torturing and the electrocution and basically the opening of the borders along with other issues that is documented in the book called Transformation of America.
Written by Kathy O'Brien, which I strongly recommend everybody read.
Well, I mean, I know the Franklin cover-up's documented.
I just can't prove the stuff that's in that other book, but it's pretty darn scary.
Thanks for the call.
You want to comment, John Connor?
Yeah, well, it just keeps getting worse and worse.
And I saw that there was a YouTube video of some police punching a man in the face, saying he couldn't breathe, and the FBI was going to investigate into it.
And they said the police were doing nothing wrong.
So we just need to be our own watchdogs.
We need to keep the heat on and
Let's just keep speaking out.
Like I said before, there was a time when I was afraid to speak out about these kind of issues, where I thought people would look at me funny, and now I hear people talking about it in the gym, in the grocery store, almost everywhere I go.
So we are the norm now.
That's right.
We're going to win.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Indiana.
George, you're on the air worldwide.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I'll tell you, that mad Sal, I can't stand Fox News.
I don't even like to see their logo anymore.
How anybody could believe that those buildings fell into the path of most... I mean, my God, man, it was like peeling a banana.
And buildings don't fall that way.
What is wrong with those people's brains?
They like the government that kills them.
They like slavery.
Oh, he's got to.
His head must be... They must have done too much waterboarding to it.
I'm in Bloomington, Indiana.
I want you to know that they killed a boy with a taser in our jail here.
And in the news this morning, they gave the guy a year and a half probation.
Well, that's the thing.
They keep shocking you and shocking you and then saying, get up, when you can't even move.
Thanks for the call.
Mr. Conard, have you seen the new video of them just shocking him while he's down, he can't move?
And they keep shocking him, saying, get up?
No, I haven't seen that.
But on Mancow Muller, I just think Mancow needs to spend a little less time in the strip clubs and spend more time investigating history and
Investigating the facts about 9-11.
There was a time, like I said, that before I knew anything about you, Alex, I saw little bits and pieces of the Bohemian Grove video and I thought that that was a hoax.
I thought that you had hired actors for that.
I thought it was a Fox News... Oh, no, did you hear him say we hired actors?
I mean, it just never ends.
I thought that the Fox News alien autopsy was... The Bohemian Grove was exactly like that.
I thought that was a hoax, and I started investigating.
You know, you can't fault the man for being ignorant.
Jay, where are you calling from, Jay?
Los Angeles, Alex.
Go ahead.
You've got 30 seconds.
God bless you, man, for having these people on your show and, you know, laughing at the enemy.
It takes a lot of strength to do that.
And I just think that this is a part of the establishment's pushback to try to take back some of the people from the truth.
And it's not going to work.
It's never going to work.
And he attacked Kevin today because he was just trying to separate the base.
That's all.
That's it.
I appreciate it.
I'm sorry to Nick and Jim and others.
John Connor, resistancemanifesto.com.
The book is Resistance Manifesto.
We've got a link to it on infowars.com.
Thanks for coming on.
Not a problem.
Look for more college campus crashes in the future.
Well done.
All right.
Help us drive Terror Storm to number one unless they fix the numbers.
Went to number 17, sat there yesterday.
Help us get Terror Storm out to everyone and get America free from the fascism at Infowars.com.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.