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Air Date: Nov. 9, 2006
2159 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Thursday, the ninth day of November, 2006.
We're going to be here live for the next two hours and 59 minutes.
Congressman Ron Paul will be joining us early in this hour to give us his analysis on what the Democratic sweep of the House and Senate means.
I guess you could call it a sweep of the House, their narrow victory in the Senate.
In Virginia.
Then at the bottom of the second hour, we're going to have a brief guest on, whose 10-year-old son visited Infowars.com and was written up saying that it is a
This is the new Soviet America!
Slash Nazi America.
They're not playing games.
With a straight face, they believe that it is illegal to give police videotapes of Ron Paul.
They believe it's illegal to protest and demonstrate.
They believe it is illegal to know your Bill of Rights and Constitution.
FBI handbooks say those that make frequent references to the Constitution or that sue public officials are terrorists.
I think we're good to go.
Director DCI.
And he was dead bang on, as my British writer Steve Watson said, with the analysis.
So we're working on getting Wayne Madsen on right now.
In the third hour, we'll also have open phones today.
I got a bunch of emails concerning it.
We're trying to find the actual video of it.
But we've got enough separate emails to pretty much prove it did occur.
Horrible news.
We're good to go.
They could see the evil of Bush, but now suddenly people I personally know are completely blind, like brainwashed zombies, literally bowing down to Nancy Pelosi.
The really bad news, someone we didn't think would do this, but we shouldn't be surprised, I guess.
Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic Party, went on, according to a bunch of emails we got and comments we've gotten here, Howard Dean, because it was in my email box, it was in Kevin's email box today,
That Howard Dean went on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and said, no impeachment, we're going to leave Bush alone.
And I have Pelosi here saying Democrats are not out for revenge, going to be in a partnership with Bush.
She's having lunch with him right now.
That disgusting meeting with her and her deputies just began with the front man for those that carried out 9-11.
It's not called revenge, Pelosi.
It's called justice.
That's what it's called.
So it's always the same.
The one-party system protecting themselves.
Will liberals revolt?
Or will they do what they always do, like Republicans did with Bush?
Just start worshipping, and nothing seems to matter after that.
All right.
Congresswoman Ron Paul, scheduled straight ahead.
A ton of news.
Your call.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we've got on the line with us the man who is rated the most conservative, the most libertarian.
He's given the best rating by CNET News on Internet freedom.
He has given the best rating even by Normal for the decriminalization of marijuana.
I mean, he's basically everybody's favorite congressman.
He wins by landslides every time.
His enemies were basically out propagandizing against him this time more than ever, but that, of course, backfired because the truth got out and they failed.
And here, too, give us his inside view from the Congress on what this rejection of the neocons means.
Now, what will Nancy Pelosi do in partnership meeting with Bush right now?
Saying total blanket amnesty, guest worker program.
The Democrats are saying they actually want to increase troops in Iraq.
The Iraq Commission appointed by Bush with James Baker, showing the oil companies are coming back into full control, kind of removing the neocons.
Basically, to give us his view in the next 20 minutes, is Congressman Ron Paul just re-elected to his gerrymandered district.
They rewrote the district trying to defeat him.
That blew up in their face.
Congressman, thank you for coming on.
Thank you.
Good to be with you.
A lot's happened.
You bet.
Please give us your take on what these midterms mean to the economy, the war, the borders, everything.
Well, I think there was a healthy message sent.
I think the clear message was that the people in this country were pretty unhappy with the current administration and the current Congress, and they had every reason to be.
But in the same sense, not a whole lot will change because...
You know, the leadership on the Democratic side, even if they had their way, they don't have a different foreign policy.
They have been supportive of an interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East, and they're not about to back away from that.
They're willing to criticize the policy of our president, and they'll use it to get power.
But foreign policy stays the same.
The policy on the monetary issue stays the same.
They all believe in the Federal Reserve.
I think so.
In one way, getting rid of Rumsfeld has been beneficial.
You know, that means they're paying attention to people who are getting a little restless.
So at least they're trying to position themselves to look like they're listening to people.
It also sends a good message internationally because we have...
The world's view of America and Americans and our government has never in modern history been lower.
And now, even if it is just a shell, at least the world is seeing this as a rejection of the neo-fascist imperialism.
Yeah, and I think this will confirm the beliefs, and we hear stories frequently about individuals in other countries.
We've even had some contacts with some people in Iran.
And they do like Americans.
And there's no reason for us to hate the people in Iran.
So I think this sort of confirms to a lot of people over there that the people of America are trying to speak out, too, against some of their government's policies.
And it will confirm to them that, you know, there's probably some very decent people in America.
It's not all Americans that are bad.
But it's this policy that they complain about, both on the receiving end and overseas, is
Now, the bad news...
And even Limbaugh saying that he was covering up for the Republicans, and Mr. Snardley, his call screener, was going, well, then you're a liar.
And Limbaugh saying, yeah, he carried the water for them.
Bortz is now having to say that.
They're kind of retreating, because conservatives now see that the leadership of the Republican Party are anything but conservative.
They're New World Order, global government.
I think that's right.
Although I complain about the two parties being exactly alike, I would say on this amnesty issue and what happened with the election...
There probably was a difference between the two.
And it is more likely with the Democrats in charge and judiciary and the other major committees and with the President not really fighting for our national borders.
He's always argued for some type of a worker program and amnesty.
Yes, I think there's a much greater danger that that's going to be coming in the next session.
Now, Republicans would have held on, no question, even with the 70% of the public not liking the war.
The Republicans would have held on if Bush would have at least given lip service about not having a guest worker amnesty program, but he doesn't care.
Why do you think there was so much hubris out of the...
I don't know, the neocon Republicans to not even give lip service to conservative issues.
You know, a lot of times we complain that they're not principled, but in some ways they're very principled.
When push comes to shove, they stand firm on their principles.
And they do sincerely believe that internationalism is the best policy for the world.
They believe there's more peace and all these things.
So some are in for it for the big bucks and the commercialism that they benefit by.
But there are others who just think this is the way the world should run.
We live in a modern world, and they believe in internationalism just like we believe in national sovereignty.
So they actually promote this in sincere belief, and that's why they'll stand their guns and they won't cave in, even for political reasons.
So when they do stand on their principles, unfortunately their principles aren't ours.
I want to get into any issues that you think are central or important to impart to our listeners, Congressman.
I can't tell you how overjoyed we all are with your huge victory yet again, which is really an endorsement of libertarian slash constitutional core values of what is Americana.
But I want to get into some of the other bad news, and that is, as you know, in the last period...
The real estate market has had a 17.4% plunge.
It looks like that is now accelerating just in the last two weeks since that announcement was made by the different federal agencies that released those numbers.
We have major currency buyers in China, Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, moving away at an even faster clip from the dollar.
And Stiglitz said that?
Yes, we have the transcript and the audio up on that.
Wow, that's pretty strong.
And he's been very strong on how deceptive the administration's been on the cost of this war.
And he's actually reassessed his own figures, and he probably talked about this, but he said at one time it was going to be a trillion dollars, and now he's re-estimating that this could be two trillion dollars, and nobody knows because we don't know how long we're going to be there.
Well, it's already been $450 billion.
Yeah, and it keeps going up.
So I think the dollar is going to keep sliding, which means prices are going to rise.
When currencies self-destruct, which all paper currencies do eventually, the end goes quickly.
We all can remember some of the peso crisis just south of the border here.
It goes along, goes along, it's incremental, and all of a sudden people realize, aha, it's over with, so they dump them.
So at the end they dump them, and then there is a crash of the currency, and something else has to be done.
We almost had that in 1979 and 1980 when gold went up over $800, which was probably more like $5,000 in today's dollars.
So there was a panic out of the dollar.
But 21% interest rates rescued the dollar.
But to predict when that's going to happen, whether the housing bubble crash is going to start the ball rolling, I think it's impossible to predict other than the fact that there's no signs that there's anything being done in Washington to correct the problem.
The spending is going to continue and probably get worse.
The deficits are going to stay high and this foreign policy is not going to change.
It's just a matter of perceptions and when these foreigners, although they are buying less dollars, they still are propping up the dollar and they're still loaning these dollars back to us and we get the benefit of printing them and buying goods from overseas and those dollars come back and we borrow them.
But that won't last forever.
That's not going to last forever.
That's the thing.
I mean, we're much more inflated.
The bubble's hundreds of times bigger than what it was in the 70s and the 80s.
And what you just said is basically exactly what Stiglitz was saying.
What's the mood by the elite in Washington, the globalists, and their congressional minions?
I mean, Stiglitz had to say that at a certain level, the elite may not care because if they blow out the global economy, they can then come back and buy it up very, very cheaply.
And that's also part of the foreign policy, to be in position to hold on to natural resources, and that's one of the major reasons why we're in the Middle East.
So, yes, if there is a financial crisis, they're going to have the guns, and they have the control of the government, and they're going to have control of natural resources.
And for that matter, even though they in many ways hate gold, I'm sure they're very much involved in gold, you know, the big sums of gold.
So they do protect themselves, and...
And some of these prices of certain stocks and other will crash.
The little people will lose and they'll go in and gobble them back up again.
So it's not a good scenario and I feel badly that usually what happens with the wiping out of a currency is you wipe out the middle class.
And we already see this happening because this is why people, even though the unemployment rate is not so high,
The average person is very disgruntled, and even though they have a job... Everybody I know is working... Their standard of living is going down.
Everybody I know is working 12, 14 hours a day.
I mean, I know professionals that are working harder than ever.
I know doctors who are taking second jobs at different hospitals working on the weekends.
It's the beginning and how fast it goes is another question.
We don't know.
I mean, when professionals are having trouble, we're in a lot of trouble.
Congressman Ron Paul, stay right there.
I want to talk about strategies to defeat the open border plan.
The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
We're good to go.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Welcome back.
Appreciate you joining us, Ron Paul.
We've just got five minutes left with the Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul.
Congressman, in a nutshell, how do we defeat the North American Union, which they're just operating in plain view?
How do we defeat the trans-Texas corridor toll roads?
How do we defeat Nancy Pelosi and Bush teaming up to give us blanket amnesty under the guest worker program?
How do we do it?
Well, you have to continue to do what you're doing.
You're reaching a lot of people, and you've educated a lot of people, and they have to get to their members of Congress.
And in many ways, the current House has been pretty good at this.
With the new House...
We don't know exactly what would happen, but I had something very encouraging come to my attention just this week.
I had a call from a young lady that won in Kansas as a Democrat, and in her literature, she put my whole article of the NAFTA Super Court in there, and she beat a long-time incumbent Republican on this issue.
She is not going to vote with Nancy Pelosi.
She's already called me, so she was very excited.
She wanted to be an ally of mine.
And she said, I had a lot of supporters up there that helped her in the campaign.
But the interesting thing here is, we've been working with Democrats, and I talked to them that we don't have an actual member in our Liberty Caucus, but she sounds like that is exactly what she'd like to do.
So my message is, keep working with all the members, and don't write off these new members either, and put pressure on them.
Politicians like to be re-elected, so they need to hear a lot of noise and a lot of people calling.
Especially right now while everything's forming.
Could there be a challenge to Nancy Pelosi getting the speakership?
I don't think so.
I think if that happened, they would see this as just being anti-woman, and they're not going to do that.
That would be way, way too much.
And her image is going to change.
She's not going to talk like she's from San Francisco.
She's already toned it down, and that's generally what happens.
Their rhetoric will change, but their beliefs won't.
So if she wants amnesty and Bush wants it,
We have a big job on our hands, but it'll be undermining some of those Democrats, peeling them off, because I think the Republicans in the House are going to stand firm.
There's just less of us right now.
And we need to contact every freshman Democrat and let them know they will be defeated if they go for this amnesty.
It's wildly unpopular.
90% in major polls, Gallup polls earlier this year are against it.
And as you said, Democrats successfully beat Republicans by being real conservatives on key issues by using Liberty Committee material against the North American Union.
In fact, I was talking to you during the break about folks are calling for you to run for president, a lot of big money.
Yeah, I think this is the answer, because ultimately...
You know, it's what the people want.
If they're alert and know what's happening, they send a message.
Just like this district, although it was a Republican district up in Kansas, they sent a message and got rid of the Republican because he was wrong on that issue.
So in spite of all the problems we have in this country, it still works.
We still have enough freedom left that we can change things.
So I would say this is what we have to do.
We have to change attitudes.
Just having one or two members in Washington leading a charge won't happen.
The people have to agree with us before we can be successful up there.
Last question, Congressman.
The Patriot Act is wildly unpopular.
The Military Commissions Act that does affect U.S.
citizens, as legal scholars have looked at it.
The Defense Authorization Act abolishing posse commentatus.
How do we demand a repeal of these now that there's a new Congress?
I would say the same way, but in some sense...
We might even have to hope that our Supreme Court helps us out a little bit.
The court has been a little bit better than, obviously a lot better than the executive branch, and a heck of a lot better than the Congress, because we've given the president everything he's asked for, and the president's been begging for all this authority.
So immediately we have to sort of hope the courts will save us on some of these things.
But once again, ultimately it's only when the people wake up and say, you know, we don't like this.
And of course,
When the people wake up, sometimes it's a little bit late.
Right now, we don't have concentration camps, but like you point out, the authority has been given that the concentration camps can come without habeas corpus.
I've heard the argument there's nothing else left to the Bill of Rights.
If they can lock you up, what good is freedom of speech or what good is a gun if they have you locked up and you can't even talk to a judge?
And that is now part of the books.
Now part of the books, yes sir.
In the last ten seconds, do you think Hillary's going to run for president?
Oh, I think she's in the middle of running it, but I think some Democrats are getting unhappy with her, and that's why they're trying to undermine her.
I don't think she'll make it as the nominee.
Thank you, Congressman.
Take care.
We really congratulate you on your success.
We'll be right back with your calls, times, and news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Ask for George.
We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasms in the classrooms
The congressman didn't want to get into it on air, but I did talk to him.
We really did help.
This broadcast helped turn the lie around that he was anti-gun because a lot of people in his new district, very little of his own district, a few points of his old district, remained in his new district after Tom DeLay wrote the district up against Congressman Ron Paul and even conservative Democrats in the state as well.
It was all designed to just bring in globalists.
And in the last weeks of the campaign, it was very effective by his enemy to claim he was anti-gun with that fraudulent NRA report.
We got the truth out, and that story spread like wildfire, and the congressman said that it really did help.
He said he probably wasn't going to lose, but he was going to probably not win by one of his huge margins, but he did win, what was it, by 63 percentage points?
His biggest win has been by 66 points.
You better believe in two years in the new district it won't be so new and I bet he wins by 65-68% next time because he's a very important member of Congress because his legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve his legislation to get us out of Iraq his legislation to overturn the Patriot Act every session it gains more and more co-sponsors and his views are wildly popular with the entire public of this country
In fact, every member of Congress should be like Ron Paul.
But he was able to get in a long time ago.
They are able to slap down new candidates very, very effectively.
That's what's exciting about the race in Kansas with, I guess it's Nancy Boyda, if I'm pronouncing that right.
And she's saying she's going to team up with Ron Paul and vote similarly against that big NAFTA super port they're building up there in Kansas on the Missouri line and a lot of other issues.
So that is extremely, extremely exciting to see things like that happening.
Big things start small, but already the movement against the New World Order is huge.
We did confirm it.
Howard Dean on Jon Stewart last night did traitorously, lecherously
Say that they're not going to try to impeach Bush, and they're not going to try to repeal anything, and just the whole thing continues.
And I predicted yesterday morning, in fact I predicted while the election was raging in the middle of the day last Tuesday, that you would suddenly see all the big Democrat blogs that have been talking about 9-11, talking about corruption, talking about Downing Street, talking about
The White House memo talking about the FEMA camp.
Suddenly it's all conspiracy.
Everything's fine.
George Bush isn't that bad.
Because they're operatives, folks.
A lot of the big blogs, a lot of the big Democratic-Republican sites are bought and paid for.
And they're there to create the illusion of choice, but you can always tell once they have a real chance of doing something, they start stabbing us in the back.
So will Democrats out there, Democratic supporters...
And again, I said once they got in, they'd do this.
But I said at least it's better to break up, have a separation of powers, as Ron Paul was just saying, not let the neocons at least have the view worldwide by foreigners that we endorse this.
And now we do have a chance to get some type of oversight hearings going.
And people can revolt against that witch, Nancy Pelosi, who's having lunch with...
We're good to go.
But again, a lot of Democrats don't actually care about bringing Bush and his crime ring to justice.
They just want to feel good.
It's about associating their personal identity with the Democratic Party.
I remember when Bill Clinton was having people murdered, Bill Clinton was shipping in drugs, Bill Clinton had communist generals in the White House, missile secrets, attacking innocent countries like Serbia, lying, and they just wouldn't listen.
Just like Republicans wouldn't listen when Bush was for open borders, gun control, spending more than any Democrat ever had, attacking innocent countries, they were associating their personal identity with George Bush.
Now, the good news is, less people are fooled.
You still have 84% of the population in major polls that disapprove of the Congress.
That, by the way, still got a few weeks left in session before they come back into session with the new speaker, Nancy Pelosi.
Give me a break.
Literally, I'm actually nauseated right now.
During the break, my stomach is actually churning over this.
I'm just so angry.
I want to go to Tom, Ted, Robert, Mike, and many others that are patiently holding here.
Oh, I forgot to ask the network.
Scott, did you grab that clip I sent you of Bill Maher on Larry King Live last night?
Now, somebody shot this off their television set.
People that don't know how to hook up a TV set to a computer, they just shoot video off their camera because they know how to use a little wireless system or a little firewire off of that and put it on the web.
So it's not very good audio.
But we're going to play it, and it's up on prisonplanet.com.
Bill Maher, just out of the Republican Party, Chair Ken Melman.
Just yesterday morning, I was in the office with...
Melman was on TV and I said, look, there's another one of those Republican gay cult members.
And frankly, you know, Mars says they keep it secret because they hate themselves.
No, they keep it secret because a lot of them just aren't into things that aren't very popular with conservative voters.
And that's why, Marr, it's not popular with conservatives.
And he said what we've been saying for years, and I said on KLBJ 590 Sunday 4-6 with my new show, we're syndicating through Genesis, the new affiliates are signing on to, I hope, many more of our own affiliates that pick up this show will pick it up.
But he said what I said.
I said that the underpinnings, the majority, I said about half, but that's almost all the Republican leadership, aren't just homosexuals.
Well, when you're part of the power elite, I mean, it's what Nero, the Aztecs got into it, the Romans, the Greeks, a lot of them are into children.
And it's horrible.
It's abusive, it's sick, but this is how they compromise them.
And then you don't get into the committee chairman club unless you've gone to the party and done these type of things right in front of a bunch of people.
And we know they do this.
It's come out.
Police have arrested them.
They've been caught over and over again.
Barney Frank got caught with a bunch of 14 and 13-year-olds, and that's just the tip of the iceberg, in a male brothel he was running out of his Maryland three-story home.
And he openly said in a press conference, he said, if you bring me down, I'm going to start naming names of Republicans.
The police, everybody instantly just said, the police chief said, you're not investigating this.
I mean, they caught him.
There was a raid on the house.
I'm telling you, folks, they could be caught slitting a child's throat and drinking their blood out of a jeweled goblet, and nothing would be done, okay?
And by the way, when you get into the highest star chamber area of power, that's exactly what they do.
And just like you don't believe me on this, it's come out in foreign press.
I've made films about it.
It will be revealed too.
You're going to find out they don't just rape children.
They cut their heads off.
They blow their heads off.
They torture them.
And you see, this is revealed.
This comes out.
Psychopaths get more and more reckless subconsciously wanting to get caught.
This is basic criminology.
That's why the Attorney General and his designate John Yoo wrote that they can sexually torture children.
Because this is commonplace.
This is what's discussed in the Oval Office.
This is the ether in which these mud bugs swim.
Bill Maher, just out of Republican Party, Chair Ken Melman is gay on Larry King Live.
But the real headline here is, American blog, I guess, didn't catch it, is that most of the Republican leadership are into this.
And again, I don't know if Melman's into the underage.
He probably isn't.
But the point is, a lot of them are.
Let's go ahead and roll this Bill Maher clip, and we'll go to Coles.
Well, I mean, not to put too far of a point on it, but I do think
That when a party is so divided against itself, eventually that comes to the fore.
It's so ironic, Republicans, the anti-abortion party, always try to kill something inside of themselves.
And Frank Rich wrote about this a couple of weeks ago.
He said, yes, we've heard about Mark Foley, and then every week it seemed another congressman was outed.
But he said, that's just the beginning of it.
A lot
Of the Chiefs of Staff, the people who really run the underpinnings of the Republican Party are gay.
I don't want to mention names, but I will Friday night.
You will Friday night?
Well, there's a couple of big people who I think everyone in Washington knows who run the Republican... You will name them?
Well, I wouldn't be the first.
I'd get sued if I was the first, but, you know, Ken Millman.
Okay, there's one I think people have talked about.
I don't think he's denied it when he's been... People have suggested he doesn't say... I'm walking around in a bar.
I never... Ken Millman?
I never heard that.
But the question is... Maybe you don't go to the same bathroom.
Why would someone who is gay...
Take public anti-gay positions.
Why would you do that?
Because, Larry, hating yourself is the greatest love of all.
We're good.
Sounds lovely.
Great way to close out this segment.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, of course, I mean, literally, I know people in Washington.
I know the names in every one of them.
You know, it's just one after the other.
It just comes out.
It comes out.
It comes out.
And if you think Mark Foley and the underage page scandal is the bottom of the barrel, folks, that's not even the top of the barrel.
Even the Republican-controlled New York Post admits headline top gay porn stars service moguls at Bohemian Grove.
And I've got mainstream news articles from the 80s.
I mean, folks, there aren't many women being bussed into the town.
It's $1,000 and $2,000 an hour.
Male prostitutes.
I mean, the private jets are landing left and right.
A lot of the top grovers bring their boyfriends with them, bring their little sex toys with them.
And this is what they're into.
This is what they do.
But the thing is, it isn't just the Republicans...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, it is a, I don't know what it is, the same little piggy eyes, the same little weird smiles, the same little, you know, affected mannerisms.
And I was looking at Webb's crowd there, and I'm just like, folks, those aren't gays.
Those aren't homosexuals.
A bunch of them are something else.
And I just, you know, for those that haven't studied this, you just don't know.
I mean, the reports of Bohemian Grove, of them blowing little kids' heads off, they don't just do that kickoff with the mock human sacrifice of a child.
What came out in the mainstream news in the 80s with the Franklin cover-up, and the FBI came in and took it from the state police, thousands of videos.
I mean, Larry King, not Larry King Live, the black Larry King, who sang the national anthem at the Republican National Convention.
I mean, it talks about what the Republicans are doing out at South Fork and Dallas and
The stuff that's going on.
And then I went to college with people that told me stories before I even knew anything about this.
You know, who were going, yeah, you know, one time I was out at this ranch when I was 14 visiting with my older brother and such and such said, you know, I mean, this kind of stuff gets you killed, folks.
A lot of the stuff I know or have heard about or seen, and it's well known here in Texas.
I mean, it's just, it's so bad.
Heaven help us.
And again, the top preachers.
Why are the top preachers saying we're going to have a one world religion?
Praise Jesus.
That's what Haggard was teaching.
He was the head of the evangelical movement.
I've got the quotes.
I've got the video clips.
I've already done research on him.
Where he's up there saying one world government, one world religion.
The prophets and the prophetesses and all this stuff.
Of course he had weekly meetings with George Bush.
What do you think this is a
This is at the surface, it's a homosexual sex cult.
I remember Sherman Skolnick, six years ago, right before 9-11, breaking this, and you guys couldn't believe it.
I had stations threatening to dump us.
And, you know, Dick Cheney, I will say, likes women.
He likes to beat them half to death.
He likes to rape them, according to the sources, that if everything they've said has turned out to be true on every other issue, it's probably right, probably true.
And I'm not going to tell you what Dick Kenny likes to do to women, but it's pretty horrible.
But most of the others are homosexuals, and then that's only the surface level.
You've got to be that just to get in the door.
But if you want to move up, you've got to...
Go to these things.
Folks, if you don't think these people will carry out 9-11, you're nuts.
If you don't think these people will take your freedoms, and the Houston Chronicle is reporting they're building FEMA camps, you're living on another planet.
We're in a lot of trouble as a society.
I'm going to end this segment, come back and go straight to your calls.
There is a bunch of other news.
I want to stay with us the entire broadcast because there's so many facets and points and angles we're going to be covering here.
We do have Wayne Madsen joining us.
He predicted the Rumsfeld step down after the election.
He predicted it would be Robert Gates.
And he'll tell you how it's a pervert cult in Washington.
So we'll be talking about that with him in the third hour.
But you just heard Marr say it will come out.
And it's going to come out.
Now, not the full extent.
Not the throat-slitting and the blowing off of the heads and the snuff films.
And again, this has all come out in the foreign press.
It'll be on national Italian news television.
In Russia, they get caught in the video as little toddlers being lined up, raped, and having their heads blown off.
We're good to go.
You know, they dig up the dead bodies of women all the time at the big Rothschild castles in Europe, in Burgundy, because, you know, women looking like concentration camp victims escape running naked down the road.
I mean, this is hell on earth, folks.
And they want to build a huge worldwide prison system so they can do it to all of us.
They'll be doing it out in the open soon.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-2533-139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Who's up first in the calls here?
Ted in North Carolina.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I want to say thank you for everything that you're doing.
First off, I just want to say that for those people who don't believe in the pedophile activities
And the homosexual activities going on in the highest levels, I think the first thing they need to do is educate themselves with regards to the Federal Reserve and the income tax system.
I think it was last week you had a guy from West Virginia who basically debunked everything you said, but apparently he was somewhat ignorant.
And this information for a lot of people may be too much, but initially they first need to find that out, that the tax system is a fraud and the Federal Reserve is a fraud.
Then, once they realize that,
All the other truths begin to start coming out.
About two years ago, I found out about this, and I would go to people and tell them, and for the most part, people are like, yeah, I know, but hell, I can't do anything about it, or for the most part, they don't care.
I know here in Charlotte, there was a group that was educating people, just holding little seminars in their little office that they paid for,
Educating people about the tax system and stuff.
The feds came in and shut them down.
Churches don't get any mention of the end times at all.
It's just very frustrating.
I mean, on every darn corner, you see churches.
Well, that's because the seminaries got infiltrated 50 years ago by these people.
Oh, okay.
And just like Haggard, almost every major leader of the Christian church is a pervert.
I don't care whether it's Protestant or Catholic.
Yeah, oh yeah.
The Bohemian Grove scandals.
Stay there.
I'm going to let you finish up, Ted.
And then we'll get to everybody else.
I'm going to take calls until the bottom of the hour.
We've got a bunch of other election news coming up.
And then we've got the father of the young man.
I have the Discipline Report now here in Austin at Steiner Elementary.
They say it's an evil website.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
More than... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, on Larry King Live last night, another top Republican was outed as a closeted homosexual.
But it's a lot more serious than that, ladies and gentlemen.
That's, again, just the surface.
And, of course, that's Ken Melman, chairman of the Republican Party.
We've got wide-open phones right now for the next 30 minutes, and we've got a brief guest coming on who shunned, was singled out, told they were revisiting terrorist material.
We now have the websites listed by the principal, the assistant principal, Infowars.com, 911 Truth New York,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The story's up on InfoWars.com.
It's up with video on JonesReport.com.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
Ted in North Carolina, you were finishing up your comments?
Basically, we are making headway because I know there's one particular site that's very popular, ConspiracyPlanet.com.
You can't even get on that now.
I tried getting on it yesterday.
So we are making some headway.
But also, I just want to finish up with, I think...
The concentration camp situation, folks, that is real.
Hell, they are building them right now.
A lot of them are ready to go.
As soon as Bush or whoever decides to suspend the Constitution, that's it.
Families are going to be split up.
This is real.
This is real.
And I think I'm really interested to find out what...
Alex's plan is... Well, it's going to be a minority.
Now, think about it.
The majority of us are against the war, against the North American Union.
Again, it'll be a minority of brainwashed troops and police coming around telling us we've got to get... And it's in the mainstream news now.
Oh, yeah.
And see, that's why we've got to impeach Bush.
And defeat Pelosi, because they plan to just keep things going now, and it could be a bipartisan Democrat-Republican move against the people.
We've got to tell people that we're in worse shape than ever right now.
Yeah, I mean, it's just inches away from...
Did you hear Ron Paul in the last hour talking about the concentration camps?
No, no, no.
I heard towards the end... Well, he was just saying that they've declared the power to put us in concentration camps.
Oh, yeah.
And that this is a real threat.
Oh, yeah, and they already have foreign troops set up here, just waiting, just standing by, just for the moment that Bush or whoever says, go ahead, go get them.
Well, I think you should let them break your family up, and you should get on the truck and let them handcuff you and let them put them...
Let them put a bag over your head.
Yes, you've been bad.
Ted, you need to... In fact, when they come, give them your wife's jewelry and just say thank you for all you do and then kind of stick your chin out so they can hit you with a rifle butt.
Shut up!
And when they knock your teeth out and your lips are all split, just get on the ground and go thank you and start licking their boots.
Hey, they're going to have to take me.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
I don't want you to open fire on them.
No, I'm not going to do that.
No, I want you to go with them.
No, I...
I want you to submit to One World Government, okay?
Can't do it.
Can't do it.
I'm sorry.
Well, it's just horrible if you go out and buy a bunch of firearms.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, it's like Frank Morales said.
If they try it, it's the end.
If they're that arrogant, and you know what?
They may not be that arrogant.
They may not have that much chutzpah or gall or whatever term you want to use to do it.
But I sure know they're gearing up for it, and they don't gear up for stuff for nothing.
Who would have known that the bird flu was real and hit America?
In the winter of 2007, George Bush and Nancy Pelosi worked together to quarantine the states.
Rebellions broke out as citizens refused to go to the emergency centers for their safety.
Under international NATO agreements, multinational I-4 troops are here.
Don't worry.
The Southwest is being patrolled and protected by the gracious help of the new Mexican president.
I mean, you could see that happen.
You just heard Ron Paul last hour say that.
I mean, they're not building it for no reason.
They're not shutting it up for no reason.
So, submit to them if they try.
Go with the Mexican troops.
Give them your life.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
No, I think it's time to stop being so radical.
I think it's fine that our entire infrastructure, ports, roads...
Train yards are being handed over to foreign international corporations backed up by foreign nations.
I think it's really good that NORTHCOM, that Bush has bragged about, has announced that they will use Mexican, Canadian, and other foreign troops to, quote, deal with American terrorists.
I think it's great they've abolished Posse Comitatus.
I think it's great they've abolished the power of governors.
I mean, Nancy Pelosi thinks it's great.
She's not going to try to repeal any of it.
I think it's good the Bill of Rights has been abolished.
The government is God, and he is legitimate to do that.
It's their right to rule over us and to tell us how to live our lives and to tell us we need to take 44 vaccines a year now and to put as much mercury and other things in it as they want.
I believe CBS News nationally and locally, when they say mercury is good for my brain,
And I just think that Republicans are wonderful Christian good people.
The leadership is.
And I just think that we should be glad the BATF operates like the Sopranos.
But so what?
They need to be tough on us.
And I think it's fine that the dollar's been devalued down to one penny of its worth 80 plus years ago.
And much of that devaluing happening is the last few years.
And I think it's great that the middle class is disappearing and that illegitimacy is at all-time highs and that the family's falling apart and that we're at record public, private, and corporate debt.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You should submit to them.
All authority is God.
All authority is of the Lord, as the churches say that are run by perverts.
And that's just the way it is.
And we should just go quietly into the night.
And I think when we see officers on the streets, we should just run up and start worshipping, going, You are God!
You are God!
I worship you!
I am bad!
I am scum!
Take my rights!
You're better than me!
I should never question you!
And just... Start just worshipping over and over again.
Up and down.
Laying your hands and head on the ground.
Oh, you are a minion of the government.
Any minion of the Almighty is good.
Maybe we should just start being real sarcastic and just running around worshipping world government.
Maybe that's the answer.
All right, I'm being real tongue-in-cheek here right now.
There's a lot of election news.
Pelosi, Howard Dean, that's really the big news.
Howard Dean to John Stewart.
We won't impeach Bush.
There won't be any repeal of Patriot Act.
There won't be any repeal of Military Commissions Act.
There won't be any repeal of nothing!
In fact, there's going to be amnesty now.
And already the big Democrat blogs are saying, don't listen to conspiracy theorists.
The Democrats have saved us.
Bush isn't that bad.
Let's work together.
And a lot of them are on Democratic Party payroll.
And a lot of conservatives are disenfranchised with Bush.
Big news coming up later.
Rush Limbaugh, I think I have the quotes here, has said that he's not going to carry the water, that is, lie for the Republican Party anymore about how they're not conservative.
Rush, you get paid hundreds of millions of dollars.
What, your contract's $289 million alone?
More than a show brings in.
I wonder how they swing that one.
Oh yeah, a big media analyst, a mainstream analyst, has done that analysis.
Yeah, can you put two and two together?
But Rush is pretty slick.
He knows now that most conservatives know that the Republicans are a pervert cult of gun-grabbing Trotskyites.
And so they're all the same.
Bortz, Hannity, they're all kind of deserting right now, knowing the jig is up, and now they can point at the Democrats and go, oh, look at the horror, but they see Bush saying he's going to be in a lip lock with the Democrats.
And the more I think about it, I think the globalists just allowed all this to happen.
They could have blocked most of it with the machines.
They did try in some areas.
But it was just to keep good Democrats out.
Really people who would go for impeachment.
People who would go for indictment.
People who wanted to pull the troops out now.
The Democrats who wanted to keep the war going and wanted unpopular things all magically won.
And the establishment who controls Bush and the Democrats will now have Bush teamed up with the Democrats to finish killing America.
Now, I would tell Rush Limbaugh listeners and others, if you would have forced them early on to admit the Republicans were reprobate and traitorous, we could have turned things around and defeated the Patriot Act and defeated the Military Commissions Act and defeated the already open borders policies we have, but you didn't.
For six years, you sucked your thumb and defended George Bush, and you listened to the junior high level psychology of these Republicans
We're good to go.
I think?
And John Stewart will be legitimate if they come out and say, okay, now repeal Military Commissions Act.
And I don't mean just once, but night after night, month after month.
Or if they come out and point out, well, where's the impeachment?
And so, we're going to have the test now here, out in front of everyone.
We know Howard Dean's a piece of trash traitor.
He's saying no impeachment, no investigations, no nothing.
Which, by the way, would totally bring down the Republicans and would give the Democrats massive majorities.
I mean, whoever did the right thing would totally run this country.
But they're not.
They're bought and paid for by the same people.
I mean, you know, if Pelosi isn't into women, she probably isn't.
Well, they've got her somewhere else.
You know, a contribution she took ten years ago or some consultancy she's got.
I mean, they've got them all except for a handful.
Just a few people.
They've got them all.
Listen to this.
Man, I tell you what, folks.
I have an office line in here, one I just put in a few months ago, and I wanted you to hear the type of junk I get.
It's already on some type of... And I'm able to air calls from this phone.
That's why I just did that.
That's the type of junk that comes into this office.
No one knows this number, but the telemarketers have it.
Do I want to mortgage my house?
Do I want to go on a cruise?
Do I want to buy a new car?
Do I want a credit card?
I have to unplug the phone and plug it back in whenever I want to use it in my office.
Anyways, I digress.
What was the point I'd gotten into?
Let's just go to some calls.
It's just sick.
It's so disgusting.
Robert in California, welcome.
How you doing, sir?
You know, if this doesn't pan out for you, you can always be the New World Order comic.
Two points.
On the night of the election, they had, I believe it was on Channel 7, Obama doing a segment on him.
And I sort of noticed this little keyword that came out, common ground.
And then lately, I've been listening to the news and after the election, Nancy Pelosi and a few others all saying common ground, common ground.
And that's what Bush is saying.
And common ground is this little Delphi technique corporate term where we're going to tell you we're doing what you want, but we really do the opposite.
And it's kind of sad that, you know...
You know, I was in a ministry for a while that had no ties to any real organization.
In fact, there started about 62, and the leader passed away in a plane crash down in Bolivia doing some ministry work.
And they've been talking about what's been going on for a long time, and I sort of fell asleep a couple years before 9-11.
Because you get overwhelmed.
I know you felt it, assimilating all this information that they had.
You know, first you have the disinformation, then you have the real information, then you have to sort through the disinformation and where they're trying to lead us or not lead us or...
Put us down some rabbit holes.
Yeah, it's cloak and dagger.
We've got an elite using high-tech psychological warfare systems, propaganda, spin, PR, and you've got a general public that in the past could defeat it because Americans were reading, were informed, cared.
Now in the last 50, 60 years, people don't even know where major continents are on the map.
So how are they going to fight back against sophisticated 21st century propaganda?
But they also overwhelm us.
Like you said, some people have to work two or three jobs just to keep a certain standard of living what they're used to.
Well, just know this.
Government needs to be smaller.
It's run by international criminals.
They're dividing and subdividing the country right now.
Get out of debt.
Buy guns.
Get to know your neighbors.
Don't trust the system.
Stop buying into its propaganda.
We don't need more police.
Just shut down the border.
On and on and on.
And it's sad that during the election that the people didn't really read.
Like I was looking at Bob Bowman's website, and he put down every issue that he was standing on.
You know, he didn't hide what he was about.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
We'll be back with Tom, Mike, and many others on the other side.
Then we've got a special guest joining us, continual election coverage, and your take on the playing field now.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
We'll get fooled again.
Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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We're good to go.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
Globalists are concerned with what's good for big business.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Just massive human embryos splicing, top scientists worrying it could give rise to super viruses or bacteria.
I mean, there's so many huge environmental crises, but the media's not worried about that.
Let's have a global tax on fuels, which has nothing to do with global warming, whether it's real or not.
It's just sick.
The elite are just totally nuts.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom Pennsylvania, then Michael and others.
Go ahead, Tom.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today?
I'd like to first say Godspeed to you and all you do.
Thank you.
What's on your mind?
I just wanted to know if you saw the American Israel pro lobbies already latched on to the congressmen and sent them all their greeting.
I didn't know if you saw that or not.
Well, I know Israel has opened fire on German patrol boats two weeks ago.
Now, yesterday, they were dive-bombing French, and the French came within two seconds of launching missiles.
Now the French said they're going to send missiles into Lebanon, so that is a big escalation there.
It says that after the campaign ended Tuesday, nearly every viable candidate met with AIPAC.
Well, you've got to meet with AIPAC and the Chinese and the British lobbyists and others, but you've got to meet with AIPAC to get your orders immediately.
Well, I'm a first-time listener, actually.
I just started listening to you about a week ago, and I found your show.
I was doing some research on anti-Zionism, and it brought me into your show, and I'm so grateful for it because...
I was one of those people that was misled for years.
I was born Catholic and I was a good Christian for many years and this movement that they have going on pulled me away from my religion for a long time and I wanted answers and I couldn't find them so I started to write a book and while writing that book I started to do some research and found out that there's more to this and it just came wide open to me like I opened the book and it was all right there
Sure, that's good news and I appreciate your call.
It's good to have you on board, sir, listening.
Please tell your friends and neighbors about the broadcast.
That's how we grow.
Whether you're listening on AM or FM, shortwave, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, I'm not anti-Israel.
I'm not anti-Jew.
Just like I'm not anti-British.
But I am against the mafia that runs Israel.
I'm against the mafia that runs England.
I'm against the mafia in this country.
And I am against the Zionists who are a Jewish mafia.
But I'm against the Chinese Mafia, for that matter.
And then I get criticized on both ends.
Oh, you're anti-Israel.
And then, you don't hate Israel enough.
You know, it's sick.
Pastor Butch Paul just called in.
Got a talk show right here on Genesis.
Pastor, what's on your mind?
Well, sir, Alex, I'm just listening to your program, as always, when I get a chance.
And you're talking about the human-cow embryo mix and different things you're experimenting with people right now.
And I have just received my hand within the past hour, about 200 pages of documentation here,
What they're doing on this, as a matter of fact, here in West Virginia, they're doing what's called AMBERview alert type program in the public schools, having children sign up with their thumbprints and, of course, retina scans, all that.
Yeah, the feds are paying for that, yeah.
And the heading of the paper is, West Virginia University Institute for the Protection of Human Test Research Subjects.
Now, in my hand right now, this is a May 4th, 1989, written by John C. Fletcher.
They're finding out who all the children are so they can do testing on them, or if Rockefeller needs an organ, your little girl gets run over by the next guy in the street.
And this is a paper in my hand I just received by John C. Fletcher, written back in May 4th, 1989.
It's issue typing.
Start over.
Tell us about it.
This letter here was written on May 4th, 1989, by John C. Fletcher, Ph.D.,
In names, names, and quotes, it says, Do not quote or cite this paper without permission.
Well, sorry about that.
I'm doing it anyway.
This letter is written to Harold Shapiro, November 14, 1998.
President Clinton also requested NBAC to include implications of a reported attempt to fuse a human cell with a cow egg.
Researchers claim embryonic cell mix of human and cow.
It goes on to talk about chimeras and what could happen if this would come about.
And how to kind of cover their tail in case they come up with a human-animal mix type thing.
And now they have humans mixed with chimpanzees living in cages, Associated Press.
All this information I'm going to have available on MP3.
If anybody wants it within the next couple of weeks, there's hundreds of pages of documentation here from the
Well, Butch, why don't you do this?
Why don't you highlight it?
Because I heard you on your own show mentioning this.
Why don't you highlight it, and why don't you just come on the show in the next few days?
Why don't we just set you up and talk about it?
You give me a holler, we'll be glad to do it, Alex.
Okay, but the point is, though, the group running the retina scanning and the thumb printing and the DNA testing of the kids will let them in the schools.
Is the same group behind all of this, and I've seen the news article on it.
The FDA is also behind it.
Let them experiment on our children.
You know what?
It's good.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
Let's ask the question that the Bush regime hopes you will never ask.
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Our creditors are becoming increasingly concerned that the debt can never be repaid.
Japan and China, two of the largest holders of U.S.
debt, are looking to greatly reduce their exposure to dollars.
In fact, China has privately hinted that a U.S.
attack on Iran could result in China dumping massive amounts of U.S.
Treasury bonds.
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Thank you.
See, my pussy don't rule the world You better get that in your head This world is ruled by violence But I guess that's better left unto me
Thank you, Bob Dylan.
Thank you, Bob Dylan.
We're back live here.
I know we have Michael in Wisconsin and others that have been patiently holding.
I should have told the network to cue up a little video clip.
It's in the headline story on prisonplanet.com and jonesreport.com.
Ten-year-old disciplined for visiting 911 website.
You can hear how well-spoken and nice this young man is.
He's never really been in trouble.
He got written up once for running in the hall, running, and they said that that was mental illness.
And he needed to be psychologically evaluated.
Now he was in the computer lab that they routinely go do research on whatever the topic is.
They were told to research different functions in the government.
I have the write-up here now.
So he really wasn't in trouble for being off-task.
They say in the write-up, he's in trouble for visiting InfoWars.com and Alex Jones material.
Alex Jones martial law, 9-11 material, 9-11 cover-ups, what it says, Skull and Bones info, InfoWars, MySpace, Google.
Oh, my gosh, he visited Google.
And it says 9-1-1 New York Truth.
Oh my gosh.
But she told him this is conspiracy stuff and that she's shocked that the filters didn't block it.
So school is about learning how to be a thought criminal, learning how to be a prisoner, learning how to have the police come in unannounced drills and put guns to your head and scream at you.
This all goes together.
This story's a big deal.
And I wanted to get a lot of attention.
Please go to jonesreport.com.
It has had the Leander Independent School District Discipline Report Elementary added from the Leander Independent School District.
Yeah, the Leander Federalized Slave Grid Indoctrination Brainwashing Laboratory Center.
And we're not going to give you the family's name, but they're happy to do it.
But I just want to shield them as much as possible.
Mark's the 10-year-old, just turned 11.
Mark is also the father.
And just an amazing young man.
And she started telling him, don't you ever visit that again.
That is, you know, conspiracy.
And he said, no, it's the truth.
And she said, don't you argue with me.
So she put him out in the hall.
I have what he was punished with here.
He had his lunch recess taken away.
He went to detention on that.
And they're calling for complete assessment.
Of his psychological makeup, because it's mentally ill, you see, to go to 9-11 sites.
See, Soviet Union, folks, they want a student conference and a parent contact conference, time out in office.
This is all the things they did to him.
Administrative action.
They want a
A complete psychological evaluation.
That's an X. They're asking for that.
They got a check, though, for student conference, parent contact, time out in office, lunch recess detention, and they go on to say here that this is improper information.
He visited...
And in the handbook, it says terrorism, crime, hacking, porn.
And so, just like you get fired at Dell Computer, whether you're in Tennessee or Texas, I know eight separate people, five of them that I know personally, who on their lunch hour, they're allowed to visit sites.
You can't visit hacking, porn, gambling, or hate.
And I'm considered hate because we post AP articles where they run into schools and put guns to children's heads, screaming at them, and the children freak out, and parents are mad.
Again, that's supposed to stay regional.
That's supposed to just be heard about in Michigan.
We break that control.
Not heard about here.
You're not supposed to hear about how pervert cults run D.C.
You're not supposed to hear about how they're running CIA drills and flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
You heard about it here almost two years before it broke in the front page of USA Today.
You're not supposed to have this type of information.
So joining us is Mark, the father.
I'm not going to keep you on long, Mark.
I know you're at work and very busy right now.
This is unbelievable.
I hope this teacher will issue an apology.
I hope the principal will issue an apology.
Your son was denounced by a good member of the Thought Police.
Just like out of 1984, yelled.
He's looking at terrorist sites.
Ran yelling to the front.
Your son was unceremoniously taken to the principal.
Mark, how has it been dealing with the fact that your son is a thought criminal?
Well, it's...
You know, it's pretty shocking that they would even write a discipline report for something like this.
I mean, let's say if he was fighting, maybe spitting on somebody or threatening another student, I could see a discipline report
You know, being wrote over stuff like that.
Oh, no, they don't write them up on those.
No, no, no.
It's now the thought criminal.
Because they're very... And I've had the former head of the Department of Education, number two, head of policy, number one, on here to say they are targeting young, aggressive, intelligent males.
He's basically not going along with the program, and so he had to be made an example of.
And, you know...
Not to mention the fact, even in the discipline report here, it says that the kids were researching whitehouse.gov slash kids.
And, you know, anybody in the world can go to whitehouse.gov, and they can go read all about, you know, H.R.
6166, and, you know, how the president just signed a bill.
And I...
And by the way, Mark, that's what he told her.
He said, I'm just going to the government websites.
And she said, don't you talk back to me!
And, you know, he was, you know, I know most of, you have a lot of links on your website directly to the government's website that, you know, back up everything you're saying here.
And, you know, when the president signed H.R.
6166, at the end of his, you know,
A little speech, if I can quote here, it says, And now, in memory of the victims of September 11th, it is my honor to sign the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law.
Everybody applauses.
The bill is signed.
So, you know, in my view, if they're going to learn about the government and all the branches and what it's about, I think they should learn about how the government is actually –
Taking those rights, the Bill of Rights, and throwing it in the trash, the Constitution is basically null and void.
So, I mean, you know, if they're going to learn about the branches of government, they need to learn about the whole thing, not just whatever this teacher was trying to teach, which, you know, I couldn't even really get a clear story on what that was.
So, you know, not to mention the penmanship on this discipline report, it's hardly legible.
But I would also add that there are two other discipline reports, and they cite those in here, and running in the hall, and again, you're not allowed to run at recess either, no dodgeball, no tag, you've got to be a little jellyfish.
That's terrorist activity.
Yes, and then once he did what all 10-year-olds do, he...
He made that noise.
I remember school, right before each class would start, that's all you'd hear the little boys doing was... That's what young kids do.
They basically have to...
And if I did it three times, they'd just send me out to the coach, and he'd have me run eight laps, yelling at me until I threw up, and I wouldn't do it again.
Kevin, we were speaking yesterday, and he asked me, how many recesses does my son have?
He has one recess.
Back when I was in school, we had at least two or three of them.
Sir, most schools have one recess a week now.
One PE a week.
Yeah, it's pretty shocking, you know.
I can't understand how this country got to this point.
Well, they have the in-teacher and service training where they tell them, if they touch each other, if they run, you will be liable.
You will go to jail if they fall down and hurt their knee.
You will not let them talk loud.
You will not let them, you know, it's total domestication.
So what are you going to do about this situation?
This assistant principal doing this to your son.
I mean, I personally, I know it's hard in this economy.
I would get your son, Mark, out of a government training camp.
Yes, you know, I wish I had enough money to stay at home and homeschool him.
You know, we actually did that for a year, but, you know, most people out there listening can understand it.
With two incomes, it's very hard.
Well, that's why the CIA funded Miss Magazine to break up the family.
Not that women shouldn't be able to work if they want to, folks.
I'm all for it.
The point is they made it to where you have to.
That's pretty much it.
It wasn't too long ago.
If the husband or the father had a decent job, he could take care of the whole family and everybody was happy.
But it doesn't seem to be that way nowadays.
The old days of the blue-collar worker living in the three-bedroom house with the two cars and going on vacations two weeks a year is gone, buddy.
It is, and it's pretty sad that most people just don't understand why we have got to this point.
Oh, it's going to get worse, too.
Globalism is designed to destroy the middle class.
Have you talked to this P-Brain teacher?
I mean, this P-Brain principal?
No, I've had meetings with her.
And when the psych evaluation came up, I basically told her, I mean, you ought to read the questions on this form.
It's junk science is what it is.
And I told her I'm not going to subject my son to this because...
Well, they also trick you.
They get you to sign off on it.
Then that form was written by the drug companies.
That's the new Freedom Initiative form.
Does your 10-year-old get anxious?
Do they ever cry?
Do they ever run?
Do they ever have trouble being restless?
What does every mammal...
You know, I think a parent's main job is to protect their children, first and foremost, until they're old enough to take care of themselves.
And I'm just not going to subject my son to something like this, because, you know...
My mother, I love her, but she really believes in those drugs, and she had me on them when I was a kid.
And, you know, I got to say, I used to skateboard, play guitar, and, you know, when I started taking those drugs, I was just a zombie.
I was a walking zombie.
I could hardly skate.
I could hardly think.
I was just walking around in a daze all the time.
And thank God, she finally realized what they were doing to me and took me off of them.
And, you know, I'm not going to subject my son to this.
Well, I'll tell you, Mark is really smart, but I would challenge him to not be haughty about it, to not be rebellious, to not be arrogant.
Just keep his head down.
They're going to be after him now.
He's going to win, as he does, dressing conservatively, being very quiet, and not letting that scum win.
Yes, he's a very active child, and, you know, he's not perfect.
He does have some
I'm not claiming that.
Oh my God, I didn't know that.
No, it was just a horrible event for everybody.
It really affected all of us.
Ever since then, and I'm not making excuses, but ever since then, I've seen a lot of rage built up in my son.
I try to channel it as best I can.
He's very curious.
He's not a follower.
No, he's real smart.
I talked to him for ten minutes on TV, as you know.
Oh, he is.
Everybody that meets him loves him.
He's a great young man.
Well, look, he's going to beat... The French say the best revenge is living well.
He just doesn't want to be angry, forgive these poor slaves.
Maybe he should even bring the assistant principal by a terror storm, you know, a...
I mean, listen, they've got to have a major problem.
To be disciplining a 10-year-old for visiting, again, and they made it clear, it isn't just being off task, it was that he was visiting evil info wars.
And, you know, that's one best website in the city in the Reader's Poll.
And whether these people want to say I'm not mainstream, hey, I am mainstream.
I'm on mainstream radio.
We're taking this country back.
It's people that think there's no free speech or the right to visit websites that are the weirdos in America.
It's not us, lady.
Look in the mirror.
That's right.
And, you know, I think they should have handled it a lot differently.
They should have pulled him aside and said, look, Mark, you need to finish, you know, finish what we've given you here and just, you know, try to, try to, you know, just get the work done.
But no, instead they write a discipline report, which is going into his file, which, you know,
It's basically his government file that anybody can pull up and hold it against him.
Mark, what does this mean?
Well, it's a prison.
It's a prison file.
What does this mean to you to see that, I mean, not just hear it on the show or see it on the TV show, but to actually inaction a school principal that thinks it's bad to visit Infowars.com?
I was really shocked.
I really couldn't believe that they would actually...
I hear you.
Mark, I look forward to seeing you at the church event tomorrow when I show Terror Storm.
And I really appreciate you and your son's courage.
God bless.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Take care.
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break, and we'll continue with your calls.
And Wayne Madsen's coming up as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Next hour, we're going to do a big rundown of the election with Wayne Madsen.
We're going to talk about what it means to have Rumsfeld out and Robert Gates in.
He predicted this about three weeks ago on his news website.
And we'll go over Nancy Pelosi, the horrible news.
Howard Dean saying, no, they're not going to call for impeachment.
There's not going to be repeals of anything.
They're saying the big agenda will be open borders, total amnesty.
And, of course, actually beefing up the troops in Iraq in the name of a build-down.
A build-up build-down.
We're in a lot of trouble.
So we knew it.
It's just so sick.
And now the Democratic sites are circling the wagons going, Don't you talk bad about Dean and Pelosi.
Let them do it.
Now suddenly that Patriot Act is looking pretty darn good.
Maybe you can arrest some conservatives under it, kind of like the old Clinton days.
Let's go ahead and go to Michael in Wisconsin.
Go ahead, Michael.
First time caller.
Glad to make your acquaintance.
Nice to talk to you.
Well, let me say I'm in my 50s.
I first became aware of this one world government freak house as a teenager back in the 70s.
Yes, sir.
I've been at this a long time.
I've spent a lot of time educating myself.
Well, give us some specifics.
What's your comment today?
Well, actually, I could talk with you for hours, Alex, but I'd really just like to suggest some tactics to your many listeners.
It would be terrible if Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House, but they do have to put it to a vote.
And while the House is Democratic, it's just barely.
As Congressman Paul had expressed earlier, the members of the House are very sensitive to input from their constituency, which is much smaller than their counterparts in the Senate.
If your Congressman is a Republican, email them.
Say that you do not want them to vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker on the grounds that she's too liberal.
Exactly, and to show that the fix is in, there's not even a discussion of a fight taking place.
They're just saying she's the anointed one because she's a woman, and I don't know if we should buy into that.
I think we need to go up against her.
We need to get Democrats to go up against her.
We need to push this now, or this election means nothing.
And if your representative is Republican, say that you do not want her to be Speaker of the House because... Well, excuse me, if she's Republican, if you're...
Representative is Republican on the grounds that she's too liberal.
If your representative is a Democrat on the grounds that she is against impeachment, even though she stated that she wanted to drain the swamp.
Yeah, she doesn't want to drain the swamp.
She's a big old cotton-mouthed woman swimming around in the swamp.
There's no doubt about it.
However, her main...
Excuse for not wanting to impeach the president is that it would tie up the government.
Press for impeachment of the vice president.
That's a good idea.
We're out of time.
I appreciate your call.
Thanks for calling.
Folks, Terror Storm is available right now at InfoWars.com.
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The third hour is straight ahead.
More calls and Wayne Madsen.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wayne Madsen, formerly with the National Security Agency, a lot of inside contacts there in D.C.
where he lives, is joining us in the next segment.
He accurately predicted back in late October, about two and a half, three weeks before the election yesterday, election results yesterday, that they were going to be kicking out Rumsfeld and putting in
Hi Alex, thank you for your fearless coverage of the Bohemian Grove Club Evil.
I was on the show when you interviewed Ann Coulter and this came up and it was great.
But this is a real key to waking folks up, especially folks like that man from West Virginia who's called in twice over the past week and a half or so.
He's a guy that everyone's calling in saying, why doesn't he get it?
You're wasting too much time on folks like him.
But he's watched your films.
He's obviously listening because he's called in a couple of times.
Evil and Satanism and this Bohemian Grove stuff is a key because it's incomprehensible that this, as he said, it's illogical.
Well, it is illogical, but so is evil is illogical.
Yeah, I mean, kidnapping children and torturing them and murdering them is illogical, but there's a lot of people that like doing it, and they get in control of government so they can do it and get away with it.
They want a worldwide tyranny to turn it into their own private Hellraiser club.
They love war and death and DU and genetically engineered creatures and raping and murdering and torturing with pliers.
I mean, this is what they do.
It's just...
They killed the state of Nebraska's lead investigator, Gary Cadore.
You've got Paul Wellstone.
Yeah, blew his plane up with his son in it.
Yep, and you've got some of these people we feel bad for.
They're really a house of cards.
As much as they're bravado and hubris, Jeff Gannon, Johnny Ducker, and Johnny Gorsh is the same person.
He's really a victim.
I feel bad for him because he wouldn't be where he is today if he wasn't kidnapped back then, and they've done this to him.
We can win, and that's what the film director from Freedom from Fascism, Mr. Russo, had to say.
People have to believe that.
We can win.
They've got to get active.
We've got a first-heavy attitude.
I agree.
We can win.
We can!
Yes, we will.
I mean, we have a tiny group of cockroaches ruling over us.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nathan in Iowa.
Nathan, welcome.
I'm just going to...
On the Daily Iowan today, I wanted to go over quickly this article.
I don't know if this has already happened in other states or not, but DOT, to use facial recognition system, they're implementing it at the beginning of this year in January, and this article goes to say how it's going to be used
To, you know, help against identity theft.
And coast to coast, the feds are paying from Austin to West Virginia to New York to face scan and thumb scan all the kids for their safety.
It goes right in the same federal database.
Digital face scan photos are used in all 50 states now under the REAL ID Act.
The total grid's going into place.
Yeah, they even say here how originally Iowa officers were concerned that the software would lead to false positives.
Where innocent drivers are pegged to someone else trying to use the ID, and they don't explain why that's no longer an issue, and then they just talk randomly about identity theft being the reason that they want to implement this.
Yeah, which computers and the system they built caused this, and most identity theft, 80 plus percent, is bank to bank, Bank of America and others, every few months losing millions of names.
This is all being done by design folks to bring this in, and they're setting up the prison grid right now.
Yeah, exactly.
I don't think that has anything to do with someone driving around using my ID with my face on.
It has to do with name fraud and stuff like that.
It's completely ridiculous.
Yeah, and again, they caused all that.
No, no, this is so the sicko killers that run things know everywhere you go, everywhere you walk, everything you do with face scanning cameras going up everywhere.
This is a small group ruling over us.
Nervous that we're going to take it back from them so they're putting in the control grid real fast so they can then have their fun.
It's basically like a serial killer when he ties a woman down.
He gets her back to the place and gets her fully tied down so he can then take his time and enjoy himself.
They're going to be enjoying themselves with the American people.
And we're going to open fire on them with automatic weapons.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We wrote an article for Infowars.net.
Steve Watson did yesterday.
The headline, Sacrificing Figureheads.
And we took quotes from a story about three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago, written by Wayne Madsen, a Wayne Madsen report, where he predicted that the neocon arm was losing power.
Same thing Rick Powell has been saying, but he had this from Inside Sources in D.C.
where he lives.
District of Criminals, District of Columbia, and that they were going to put in Robert Gates, the big CIA commander south, there at the big current CIA base, and it's a current operation, folks, brainwashing the youth, militarizing them to be the new rulers of our society, gun confiscation, end of posse commentatus, NORTHCOM rule.
I'm not kidding, this is the new kind of Soviet college for our gods.
And I'm not against folks at A&M.
I have a lot of family that went there, friends that went there.
It's what's happened with the George Bush Library and all of it up there.
And it was Robert Gates who helped pull George Sr.'
's bacon out of the fire, lying to Congress back in the 90s, doing a lot of key things for him.
And Wayne Madsen has written about this, so has Greg Palast.
They've both been dead on.
But he predicted that Rumsfeld was just being basically used as a lightning rod and would be removed soon, and that after the election we would see being put into place Robert Gates.
So here to talk about that, and also the outing now of the Republican Party chairman, which we've openly discussed here on air, but it's the outing by Bill Maher.
On CNN, and you better believe that was staged.
They knew that they'd been given authorization to do that.
So these things are starting to unravel.
Wayne Madsen, thanks for coming on.
Hi, Alex.
Good to be with you again.
I don't want to go over, because it was a pretty good-sized article you wrote, but you word-for-word predicted, people can read it if they want to see it, up on Infowars.net, you predicted they would do this from your sources.
Specifically, go over why they removed Rumsfeld and what this means.
Well, the first indication was a very odd op-ed piece in the Washington Post.
This was about three weeks ago by Sally Quinn, who was a former journalist for Newsweek, married to Ben Bradley, the former editor of the Post.
And she almost sounded like she was channeling Donald Rumsfeld.
She had all this inside information about Rumsfeld stating he's been the scapegoat for this administration up till now, but after he resigned after the election, he would be no longer the scapegoat.
And she's stating, then there'll be two scapegoats left.
There'll be George Bush and Dick Cheney, and which one is going to be the designated scapegoat for this failed Iraq thing and all the other imbroglios we've been in.
And so she basically... Oh, and then she also said that Rumsfeld would then try to atone for his sins by becoming involved in some international humanitarian work, which I thought was pretty rich.
But anyway, Gates has been part of this Iraq study group headed up by...
His daddy's Secretary of State and Major Conciliore James Baker.
So it wasn't any big surprise that they were positioning Gates into this job.
As a matter of fact, I saw Gates in Washington about a month and a half ago, and he was with a group of...
Affio, it's the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, and he was like sort of drinking with them and rubbing elbows.
And it was clear that, you know, well, what's this guy, the president of Texas A&M, doing with this old guard from the agency?
And it's clear now that, you know, he was up here being groomed for this job at the Pentagon.
Now, clearly the neocons were put into power to attack these countries, to grab oil for weapon sales, but the old guard always had the intention, if things went south, to be able to blame them and remove the old birdcage liner, as I always say.
What do you think this means for policy on Iran, on the domestic police state that Bush has now put in place?
What does this mean that they're putting in the old Iran ContraGard?
Well, in one respect, it's rather troubling because these guys, I mean, before there was lying about intelligence about...
In fact, at first they tried to prop up Gorbachev.
Oh yeah, they tried everything.
The whole Gates tenure resulted in the successor to Bill Casey, Judge Webster, opening up an investigation of both Bill Casey and his deputy, Bob Gates, politicizing the CIA for George H.W.
Bush, who was sitting there as Reagan's vice president and engaging in all this Iran-Contra and all these other surreptitious programs.
So, you know, in one respect it's rather troubling because Gates has a history of lying to Congress.
Now, as I pointed out on my website today, I said it's going to be interesting to see how many Democrats who voted against confirming in the Senate, voted against confirming Gates to be CIA director, will vote against confirming him for defense secretary because
CIA director is not in line for the succession to the presidency, whereas I point out the defense secretary is pretty high up on the list in the presidential line of succession.
So if he was no good, in their opinion, for a CIA director, why in the world would they want to confirm him for a cabinet constitutional position now?
I know what the analysts are saying, but I want to get your angle on it.
What does this mean for war policy in Iraq?
We know that this commission on Iraq, they call it independent, run by Baker.
And one of the 9-11 whitewashers is about as independent as Al Capone being his own judge in his court case, or Saddam Hussein being his own judge.
This is a complete farce.
And we know they just want to put it into this, quote, collegiate debate for another few years and kind of just act like they're doing something on Iraq and depoliticize it as it just rolls on into eternity.
Is that what you see happening?
Well, I do, but I think what we've seen this Iraq group do is they're sort of like the anti-neocons.
They have been negotiating with the insurgents.
They've been negotiating with Iran and Syria.
Now, these are all, you know, Axis of Evil and Al-Qaeda people, according to the neocons, so they're not buying that kind of line.
So is this Israel being removed just a little bit?
Well, yeah, I think the days of...
Natan Sharansky coming over here and briefing Bush.
Those days are pretty much over.
That whole gang, including this other Lieberman, the Israeli Lieberman, who's a real right-wing fascist over there, I don't think the red carpet will be rolled out for them anymore.
And we already see Richard Perle and Ken Adleman now saying, oh, this was never our idea, this Iraq thing.
But these are typical Trotskyites.
That's their background.
That's their family's background.
Trotskyites are political chameleons that will do anything.
They're like a fiddler crab.
They put different shells on.
Well, that's right.
I mean, their patron, St.
That's right.
Leon Trotsky, of course, was over in Mexico when Stalin ordered him the ice pick in his forehead.
He was on his way to Washington to meet with J. Edgar Hoover and the House Un-American Activities Committee to turn over lists of Soviet agents around the world.
So these are the Trotskyites.
They're the true political chameleons of the modern era.
Oh, exactly.
Similar ilk, Madeline Albright, her father running the Czechoslovakian commie purges, and then she runs to Serbia, and then they turn around and stab them in the back.
I mean, it just never ends.
These people are just everywhere.
So, I mean...
Break it down, though.
What do you see them doing in Iraq?
Just going into some type of weird detente that just puts it into an endless debate?
They're going to try... Yeah, I think what's going to happen is they're going to try to make some arrangement with the insurgency.
I think we'll see a redeployment of our troops into Kurdistan, which is basically pretty friendly to us.
That may irritate the Turks, who will see that as like a...
A de facto declaration of independence for the Kurds.
But I think what we'll see is negotiating with Tehran to keep their people in Iraq somewhat pacified.
And I'd be really surprised to see them carry out this death penalty execution of Saddam Hussein because that's just going to trigger off a huge... They're going to make him a martyr.
We'll see the Saddam Hussein brigades pop up in Iraq and probably other areas
So how will they not eat Crow and have that as a defeat?
Just kind of keep the other trials endlessly going on until we forget about it two or three years from now?
Yeah, they'll hope that he winds up like Milosevic and he dies in a prison cell, either of natural causes or otherwise, as we know he can do.
Okay, I want to take calls later in the hour, but I want to get into, I'm just guessing, have you seen the video from CNN with Bill Maher outing the chairman of the Republican Party?
I've heard about it, I didn't see it, but look, I mean, look, everybody knew about Melman early on, with this whole Foley matter.
Well, I want to hold off, I want to hold off on that, because right now, I want to get your take on that later, but I wanted to go back, because you've been on the front lines of reporting about the Republican underpinnings being run by these people, and that's what Marr said word for word, but I see you're right on that again, but I wanted to... Well, he's reading my website.
Probably is.
Yeah, maybe.
But I wanted to talk about 9-11.
Obviously, Nancy Pelosi and Al Howard Dean are saying no investigations, no impeachment, no nothing, partnership, partnership, common ground.
I'm really getting sick at my stomach here.
The Democratic grassroots, though, wants him impeached.
I obviously want him impeached, and I'm...
So I want to get your take on that.
And then also, where does it go with false flag terror?
Do you think we're at a greater or lesser danger now of trying to get the agenda back online?
Or are the oil companies telling the neocons that their carrying out of 9-11 really has lost credibility for the entire elite structure itself?
Well, I think what we're going to see... With the Democrats, I think, watch what they do rather than what they say.
I mean, this is kind of typical pablum you get after a win like this.
But the work's going to be done by those committees, those oversight committees.
And I don't see them silencing...
John Conyers, House Judiciary Chairman.
I don't see them silencing Dennis Kucinich, who's going to be chairing a subcommittee on national security.
There's where it could really come home to roost.
I wonder if he'll have a plane crash or something.
I want them all to stay out of planes.
I want all the Democrats to start taking trains or drive their car and stay out of, especially small planes.
Wayne Madsen, WayneMadsenReport.com.
Stay with us.
We'll get into the pervert scandal.
We'll get into the Iraq war.
We'll take your calls, analyze the election.
Stay with us, jonesreport.com.
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Ed Bradley, dead at 65.
I guess this song's for him.
Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died Thursday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.
Complications from leukemia.
Go ahead and crank it up for him.
Seasons don't feel very good.
No to the wind, the sun, or the rain.
We can be like they are.
Come on, baby, we can.
Just remember, none of us get out of this alive, so make it count.
Do the right thing while you're here.
Biggest fraud in the world is the man that dies with the most toys wins.
It's the person that builds the best things, that helps the most people, that does the right thing.
That's who wins.
That's who's fulfilled.
Wayne Madsen joins us from D.C., former NSA.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, I think the power of the subpoena, the power to put people under oath, is really going to put the brakes on a lot of this.
I agree that we're not out of the woods entirely.
There's some bad parts of the Democrats taking over.
For example, the chairman of the House International Relations Committee is going to be Tom Lantos from California.
Remember, Lantos was the guy who chaired that
Unbelievable phony thing about where the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador said she witnessed Iraqi troops pulling babies out of incubators and smashing them on the floor.
Oh, it's just a total line.
And so he's winding up as the chairman, and he was initially very supportive of the Iraq war, and he's, you know, basically he's a democratic neocon.
But I would keep focused on people like Conyers,
Dennis Kucinich taking over this National Security Subcommittee.
We're going to see John Dingell from Michigan taking over the powerful House Commerce Committee.
Now, their responsibilities are kind of cross-jurisdictional, and we're going to see a lot of investigations, and we need to because basically they're not only doing
The investigations for the president, they've got to make up for six years of a rubber-stamped Congress that Bush just basically got away with.
But the Democratic leadership are a bunch of neocons, and Pelosi is literally on the same page with Bush with talking points right now.
Do you think she'll be able to successfully ride a herd over them?
Well, she's not going to be able to control these chairmen.
Like, Conyers is a veteran of two previous impeachment panels of the Judiciary Committee, Nixon and Clinton.
He's not going to be rolled over.
He's gone on record to say, look... And even she has.
Even Pelosi has said, look, we're going to let the investigations run their course, but she said, look, we'll see what happens.
Now, if they come up with impeachable offenses committed by this administration, I don't think they're going to hesitate for a minute to pursue impeachment and also start referring these charges to the criminal division of the Department of Justice.
But if you come up with one, we have the White House memo...
Bush would be instantly impeached for that.
That's hands down the actual transcript, which the White House was dumb enough to admit was real.
You know, the other thing that's part of this is the corporate right-wing media, and that's all the big 324x7 news channels.
They blame Fox, but look, CNN and MSNBC have been in there just as bad as Fox has.
They're going to be forced now to pay attention to the Democratic Congress, because the Republicans have gotten all the limelight.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're seeing, you know, the Fox and these others starting to become chameleons, too.
Well, that's right.
And I guess, Alex, you and I will just have to wait for our phone calls from Murdoch to get our own shows on Fox.
That's not going to happen.
Oh, I tell you, it's sick.
But they see the handwriting on the wall, so they're trying to jump ship right now.
As you said, political chameleons.
Let's talk about the pervert activity up there in more and more outings.
By these hypocrites on the other side.
And then we will go right to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
30 minutes left.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I wanted to go to Ron in Arizona, but he's trumped by Bill in Iowa.
He disagrees.
Noel, Jay, others.
I'm going to get to everybody.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
I'll tell you, really a great source of info.
He really is one of the best sources.
And that's Wayne Madsen up there in D.C., formerly with the NSA.
Just gives you good information.
We're always honored to have him with us.
Before we go back to him,
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Seriously, just support us.
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Just finishing up a recap on the election, and I'll get Wayne Madsen's take on it.
The Democrats are a pack of whores.
They're a pack of criminals at the leadership position level.
You don't get that high unless you're compromised.
But the virulent neocon strain had incredible chutzpah, incredible bravada, and they were going all the way.
And so now at least the world sees that the American people have rejected preemptive war, killing 654,000 innocent Iraqis in the last three and a half years, a million plus before that.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
We need to go out against them now, demand a hardcore revolution.
We need to bring the criminals.
Let's not forget, they carried out 9-11.
Let's not forget that they're teaming up with the Democrats now to erase the border and do a lot of other bad things and to keep the spending going unbridled.
So that's basically what I see happening with this election.
Wayne Madsen, do you agree or disagree with that statement?
Yeah, I think that we need to have a repeal of these Patriot Act provisions, these unconstitutional provisions.
I agree that they're on the left side of cyberspace.
There's been a lot of information gatekeepers.
I haven't been shy about attacking them for what they really are, and I get attacked back, but that's the nature of...
This new media.
So, you know, the water's warm.
Everybody is welcome to jump in.
But the thing about people like Conyers, I don't expect him to be rolled over too easy.
I'm a little more concerned about the Senate side, only because Senators, that's a very exclusive club, and they're always busy congratulating the esteemed gentlemen from whatever state.
That gets a little old after a while.
But I'm more...
I'm more enthusiastic about the House side, about people like Conyers and Kucinich, because, let's face it, Kucinich was one of the early anti-war people, and he made no bones about the fact that he didn't like these... He's been validated and vindicated.
And I want to go to some calls after the issue of the coming out of more and more Republicans getting exposed.
But before we do that, briefly, I wanted to get your take on your analysis...
Do you think the cornered neocons will now take their lumps and go quietly into the night, kind of just accepting the gains they got for the police state, the New World Order?
Or do you see them, as some analysts see them, trying to go into turbo here, hitting the afterburners?
Now in the last two years, trying to get as much done as they can.
Well, there's an old saying, you know, if you've dug yourself in a hole, the easy way to get out of it is to stop digging.
And I see that with Pearl and Edelman now.
You know, there's going to be a lot of attention on them now.
There's a very hostile Congress coming in that has the power to bring them before these committees and put them under oath.
This Congress, this rubber stamp Congress, has never put anybody with this administration or this support under oath.
And Cheney's saying he won't testify.
Sorry, go ahead.
Cheney said that.
Well, he may have some constitutional ground to stand on that, but I see another big thing.
I see the Independent Special Counsel coming back with this Congress, and no longer will there be a lickspittle like Patrick Fitzgerald, who's going to basically talk about carrying water.
He's carried the water for this administration on his outing of the CIA network of Valerie Plame.
I see a lot of these people, these neocons, I don't think they're going to try any more false flags.
I think the one thing they're interested in now is keeping their butts out of prison.
Well, I agree with you, but if they do stage a false flag, that could get people to rally back around them.
A lot of intelligence people now in the agencies, you know, they were afraid to come forward before because they couldn't trust the Congress.
The Congress was in the hands of the Republicans.
Oh, we're going to see an acceleration of leakers.
Yeah, you're going to see, and they're going to be given congressional immunity, and we're going to see a lot more come forward.
Nobody can touch them.
They were worried about their jobs or retirement.
They got kids in college, mortgage payments.
If they're given congressional immunity, they have nothing to worry about.
Well, I'm used to acting, but I'm looking at Rumsfeld, looking at Gates, looking at Bush, looking at them even on camera when they don't think they're on camera.
They look really freaked out right now.
Oh, I heard George Allen, by the way, is going to concede this afternoon.
He's in a total state of denial.
He's in an emotional meltdown over his loss.
These people, they can't believe it still.
And by the way, Hastert is now stepping down from leadership because his sexual preference is now coming to the fore.
That's right, and the word is that he'll probably, like all other speakers who have lost their speakership, he'll likely resign his House seat.
They'll put that district back in play.
John Lace, who only got 40% because Hastert had all the money, will go for that seat again in a special election.
May win.
In fact, let me just play this one-minute clip, then we'll get your take on it, and we'll go right to calls.
This is Larry King Live.
This is bad audio that somebody just shot off the TV, but if you listen carefully, you can hear Larry King and Bill Maher talking about how there's going to be a bunch of outings.
He goes ahead and throws one on the table, and then he says basically the Republicans are run by these people, and yes, it is a prerequisite.
It is a guild of, well, you've got to be gay just to get in, but a lot of them are pedophiles.
Let's go ahead and roll it.
Well, I mean, not to put too far of a point on it, but I do think that when a party is so divided against itself, eventually that comes to the fore.
It's so ironic, Republicans, the anti-abortion party, always trying to kill something inside of themselves.
And Frank Rich wrote about this a couple of weeks ago.
He said, yes, we've heard about Mark Foley, and then every week it seemed another congressman was outed.
But he said, that's just the beginning of it.
A lot of the chiefs of staff, the people who really run the underpinnings of the Republican Party, are gay.
I don't want to mention names, but I will.
You will Friday night?
Well, there's a couple of big people who I think everyone in Washington knows who run the Republican... You will name them?
Well, I wouldn't be the first.
I'd get sued if I was the first.
But, you know, Ken Millman.
Okay, there's one I think people have talked about.
I don't think he's denied it when he's been... People have suggested he doesn't say... I'm walking around in a bar.
I never... Well, Ken Millman, I never heard that.
But the question is... Maybe you don't go to the same bathhouse as I do, Larry.
Why would someone who is gay...
Take public anti-gay positions.
Why would you do that?
Because, Larry, hating yourself is the greatest love of all.
So, I've been saying for months, this thing is starting to unravel.
Of course, it's not just the Republicans.
A bunch of the Democrats, too.
But they haven't been as hypocritical.
But the problem is, there's the seedy underbelly.
There's the underage stuff.
What do you see happening?
Well, you know, you've got to love Larry King.
He said he never heard of that.
I guess Larry's still waiting for the Titanic to pull into Port New York, too.
But, you know, I mean, the fact is...
We all knew about this thing called the Velvet Mafia.
It's also known as the Pink Panzers.
They're these fascist, self-hating, closeted gays who are all throughout the Republican leadership, in the Congress, in the White House, and I'm afraid we may have
At least one on the Supreme Court.
And we've got quite a few here in Texas.
Oh, you do.
You have one as governor.
And look at Charlie Criss getting elected in Florida.
I didn't say that.
I didn't say that.
Well, yeah, but what's he going to do as Jim McGreevey?
He may resign before he's sworn in.
But, yeah, no, it's a big problem because I think Bill Maher is right.
When you're like Mark Foley and you're ranting and raving about exploited and
I didn't say that about Rick Perry.
You did, but did I hear you correct say that maybe
Coming out soon?
Well, I think Rick Perry and Charlie Crist and a few other Republicans are now going to face the same issues that Jim McGreevey, the Democratic governor of New Jersey, was forced to deal with when he had to admit he was gay, and now he's marrying his gay partner, but he had to resign from office.
So we've got at least a couple of Republican governors who are in the same position as
As Jim McGreevey.
Boy, that's dangerous down here in Texas.
I hope he doesn't send a hipster out over there.
I remember an old joke about steers and queers, and the guy says, I don't see any horns on you.
There was even a book called The Gay Place about the Texas legislature.
Well, look, it's no surprise here that, you know, I mean, Bill Maher's right about the chairman of the RNC.
They're already talking.
He's going to lose his job.
It looks like Michael Steele, the defeated Senate candidate from Maryland, may be angling for that position.
And then you got Webb.
I mean, that stuff he wrote in that book, that is sick.
We're in trouble.
Well, Webb, you know, the thing is, Webb, of course, being in Vietnam and Bangkok, I mean, this is what people saw over there.
That stuff really goes on over there?
Oh, absolutely.
And look, John Mark Carr, that guy in Bangkok, he wasn't over there because he liked going to Buddhist monasteries.
You know, this is a huge tree.
You know, a lot of people just can't believe this show and what you're talking about because we're normal, and it just never even enters our mind.
It's so alien.
I just can't believe it.
Yeah, well, how about Scooter Libby's novel where he's talking about a 10-year-old girl in a cage, you know,
These people...
These people, especially the ones in the Republican Party, I mean, there may be one or two closeted ones in the Democrats in the House, and who knows, they may have to come out soon.
But nobody's going to care in the Democratic Party, but it's the Republicans where they've got all these people that rant and rave about gays.
You know, I remember Ted Haggard was ranting and raving about gays, and look what happened to him.
That's how they control them.
Let's go to Bill in Iowa.
Bill, you disagree.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
I got to move quick, Bill.
Yeah, I'm highly disappointed in you about a comment that you made Tuesday on Election Day.
First, let me ask you, Alex, did you vote?
No, I didn't.
You said that on your show...
And keep in mind, Alex, you have a very following, okay?
I said in Travis County there's no real voting.
We know there's total election fraud.
And listen, I was busy doing radio interviews about the election reaching millions of people, sir, and I've openly caught the county clerk engaging in election fraud in 98, sir.
It's been in the paper.
I agree with you on the election fraud and all of that, but...
You got, let's say you have 10,000 listeners out there that are voters.
Well, at least I'm honest.
I didn't get here to tell you I did.
I admire your honesty.
Listen, I shoot straight, man.
Yes, you do, and I'm with you, man.
I'm ordering all your videos and all of this stuff.
But the thing is, do you think we should have not voted in this election?
No, I know in my county there's no voting.
Okay, I know for a fact, and I've been saying that since 1998, and I want to remove these machines, and I know the county clerk does it, and I fingered her to her face during election certification proceedings on TV.
So, I mean, it's not like it's a secret here.
I agree with you, but whenever you sit there on your show, Alex Jones, and say, well, I don't think I'm going to go vote today, it's a waste of time.
Everybody else listening to you might say, well, hell, if Alex Jones thinks it's a waste of time to go vote... No, people need to learn about what they have in their area.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I said I should probably go vote, even if it's futile here locally, just to observe.
I was honest.
People love to take my honest statements, and they link them together on the Internet and take them out of context.
I'm not going to think about what I say before I say it.
Do you have any comments to that statement?
Well, I mean, look, you know, there's been reports of voting fraud around the country.
I think what Carl Rove was faced with here, and I've talked to a couple of insiders who agree, that he was just overwhelmed with the numbers.
Remember, he said something about my math shows something different, but what he didn't count on was the numbers were going to increase where
He just couldn't deal with all the elections where the Republicans were in trouble.
Yeah, we knew they couldn't block a total landslide.
Stay there, Wayne Madsen.
We'll be right back with our guest and some more of your calls.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Let's move quick in our final segment with Wayne Madsen.
Links to it up on InfoWars.com.
Ron in Arizona, thanks for holding.
You're a trooper.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex and Wayne.
Two quick things.
Alex, please urge your listeners and team up with Mike Malloy and have him urge his listeners to...
Contact, email, phone, write their Congress critters to not vote for Pelosi.
And bottom line, where's the outrage?
Everybody's going, victory, victory.
They're saying Military Commissions Act stays.
Everything stays!
And the second thing, Alex, is every single listener of yours who goes to church, urge them to get a copy of Terror Storm or one of your other DVDs.
Go to their pastor, give it to their pastor,
Ask the pastor, please watch this.
Then get back to them, and then after the pastor has watched it, say, have a movie night, Friday night, Saturday night, whatever.
Play it for the people in the church.
Speaking of that, tomorrow night, First Unitarian Church here in Austin, we're going to be showing Terror Storm.
We're going to do that.
I'll be speaking.
It's free, so we hope to see everybody out there tomorrow night.
Everyone out there who goes to church,
Get a copy.
Go to your pastor and demand that he watches it and plays it for the whole church.
Thank you for the call, Ron.
Got to jump.
Noel in New York.
Go ahead.
Alex, wonderful show.
I'm going to ask a question to Wayne.
Since you used to be an NSA, the thing with the Treasury Department, the last three administrations, that includes Poppy, Bush, and then Clinton, and then Bush, the trillions of dollars that disappear from the Treasury, are these guys ever going to go to court for that?
And the story with Leon Wanta.
I want to see 4.53 so you can pay out.
Well, that's two separate things.
The AP admits that now upwards of $4 trillion is missing just from the Pentagon coffers in the last 8 to 10 years alone.
But, Wayne Madsen?
Well, let me tell you what two incoming chairmen intend to do.
Henry Waxman, who's going to take over chairman of the Government Reform Committee, and Ike Felton, the incoming chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, I mean, that one Congressman Duke out of California, it was $800 million?
I mean, it's just incredible.
Well, that's right, and remember what Everett Dirksen used to say, a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money, but...
And he said that in the 60s.
But look, I think, you know, it doesn't matter.
Pelosi's going to be the speaker.
That's a figurehead position.
My God, look, they had Astrid in there and nobody ever hardly saw him around.
But it's really the work that's going to be done in the committees and by the chairman, by the investigators, by the staff.
There's going to be new staff brought in.
But we've got to push for that.
Listen, I appreciate your call, Noel.
Jay in California, last caller, go ahead.
Before I start, I just want to let you know I'm an African-American actor here in Hollywood.
I've been to some of these mansion parties and I'm well connected in the industry.
I'm just going to name some names real quick that your shill friend here on the phone will never name.
Bill Maher, Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise.
Spielberg likes black guys.
He's into black guys.
There are people on the left.
That are just as weird and kinky as the people on the right.
And it does matter because they will lose their money.
But that's not what I wanted to call in about originally.
What I want to say is that these liberals on the talk show radios, the Mike Molloys of the world, the Randy Rhoads of the world, they've been using black people as their poster child to get these people in power since the 60s.
And when they get in the power, they forget about us.
Now, they've done this to the whole nation.
Right now.
And so we're just kicking back.
I'll tell you what, you've been holding for 30 minutes to say this.
Let me put you on hold.
I want to talk to you briefly off there when the show ends, and I'll let you call in tomorrow with more time.
Put him on hold.
I want to say bye to our friend, Wayne Madsen.
Wayne, thanks for coming on.
Hey, good to be with you again, Alex.
You bet.
We'll be back tomorrow.
God bless you all.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.