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Air Date: Nov. 5, 2006
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Now, live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
I'm glad that you have decided to spend some time with us on this Sunday afternoon going into the evening.
Coming to you live from the studios of KLBJ 590 AM with quite a few new stations turning us on around the country.
Now about a month into syndication.
This is always exciting and it's great to be here with you.
I'm not going to get diverted or distracted by the Saddam Hussein death penalty sentencing that was just announced.
Earlier today, I mean, obviously I'm going to talk a little bit about it, but I also want to spend some time and not get completely distracted about the election coming up in just two days from now.
In just two days, we're going to have a huge national election and a very important gubernatorial election here in Texas, where I'm based, and all over the country.
And Tony Snow from...
I guess the Crawford Ranch where Lord Bush is ensconced right now.
Tony Snow is telling the world that it's ridiculous, it's crazy that they have any control over the Iraqi government and that this announcement was timed to be staged for the election to give some folks a distraction and some good news.
Even Bush supporters are not stupid enough to believe this.
A week ago they announced that they would release this Sunday the verdict just 48 hours, well really even less, before the election kicks off.
But Tony Snow thinks that we'll buy into this.
It's just the incredible lies that come out of this administration.
Dwarf what Bill Clinton did.
And listen, I hate Bill Clinton's guts.
Bill Clinton's an anti-American traitor to this country.
First thing George Bush did when he got in office was block Dan Burton's committee, Congressman Burton's committee, a good congressman, a good Republican, by the way.
They blocked his committee from going after Clinton.
They could have gotten the evidence for indictments of Clinton, because once you're not president, you're not protected anymore.
You cannot indict a sitting president.
You have to first impeach them.
And so it's the same story now with this Saddam Hussein news.
This trial's been going on for two years.
They captured Saddam just a few weeks short of three years ago.
Oh, oh, oh, by the way!
With the Saddam Hussein story, remember they said they found him in a hole?
They found him in a spider hole?
And then it came out in the BBC, and it came out in the French news, it came out in the Japanese news.
It was admitted that he had been captured three weeks before by the Kurds, handed over to the U.S.
military, and they had held him for three weeks and had staged that entire capture of Saddam.
In fact, they have the Marine Corps...
Colonel on video arrives.
He arrives and says on scene and video, got caught on tape.
Okay, here's the story.
He was found in that hole.
Do you get me?
Do you understand?
He was found in that hole.
And look, I'm no fan of Saddam, horrible person.
We're going to get into the history of Saddam Hussein today.
The point is they stage it.
They lie to us.
They engage in domestic propaganda against the American people.
In fact, two weeks ago we read the CENTCOM documents.
Where the military admitted they were engaging in domestic propaganda against the American people.
Well, this last week it was in BBC News, so it did break in mainstream news.
We gave you the documents two weeks ago, now it's broken in mainstream media.
And just in case you didn't know, that's not a free society.
That's a horrible signal when you have the government, not just the government, but the military engaging in domestic propaganda.
I see some of the calls coming in here and the toll free number to join us is 877-590-5525 or 877-590-KLBJ or locally here in Central Texas at 836-0590 or you can call us toll free.
But before I get into the rest of...
The comments here on my screen, I see that Gary in Tennessee says, Terror Storm!
And I guess that notes that he wants to talk about my new film.
And I'm very proud to announce this.
Again, I don't care about ranking, I don't care about how high the film is on some chart, just for the mere fact of being high on the charts.
The reason we care about this is because...
When you make it to number three on Amazon.com, as we have done this week, or when you make it into the top 50 of Google Video, more people come in contact with what you've done.
Everybody likes a winner.
There's a lot of people who just shop in the top 10, top 50, top 100 of Amazon.com.
There's a lot of people who just watch online video in the top 100.
Google video.
And so there is an exponential building effect, a chain reaction that takes place in all of this.
And I did take off the radio Friday.
I probably shouldn't have, but for months I've been planning to go deer hunting.
Went out and did some deer hunting.
I really wasn't after deer, though.
I was after wild hogs, Russian boars, and coyotes.
By the way, I have never missed hunting in all these years.
And ladies and gentlemen, I missed twice this weekend.
I mean, I must be getting... But each time, it was when I was walking to my stand.
So I'll drive the four-wheeler and then stop it and then walk a half mile or so to the stand.
I don't recommend doing that in some public hunting area, but if it's your own property, not bordering fences, it's pretty safe unless there's poachers.
It's pretty darn dangerous to be around other hunters if you walk around the woods.
And I walked up on game twice that was pretty far away and running from me.
And I am just a pathetic creature.
I missed both times.
So now I've got the hunting bug back, which I hadn't been hunting in years.
I've been too busy.
But now I just can't.
It's kind of like a gambler, I guess.
I've never been a gambler, but hunting's kind of like gambling.
It's the thrill of it, not really the gambling itself, where it's like watching little balls spin around.
I've been told by...
I'm burning time.
I said I would cover serious news and serious issues, and I am now descending into bumpkinism, talking about missing quarry.
And what was the quarry?
Total infestation of coyotes and little slinky things.
I may have hit one, but I couldn't.
He certainly jerked after I shot, but I couldn't find.
And he ran right in the woods, and trying to find blood in the woods is like, if you don't really hit them good, knock them over.
Usually I shoot at something 600 yards away, and it goes head over heels.
I mean, I can shoot deer routinely at 600 yards.
Okay, this is not a hunting show.
You did not tune in here to listen to me babble about primitive activities.
In fact, how did I get there?
I've already digressed.
How did I... Oh!
I took off Friday to go hunting Saturday on the first day of deer season here in Texas.
There in the ancestral lands in Freestone County.
The ancestral stomping grounds.
And so I wasn't here Friday to hype up the fact that we got into the top ten of Amazon.com and now we're in the sixties because well, it's number three for documentaries but sixty-something total and
So please visit InfoWars.com and PrisonPlant.com to find out more about that.
But when we get back, I want to go over just briefly the real history of Saddam Hussein and why his trial and why his conviction is a travesty.
Oh, Saddam Hussein deserves to hang high.
But I wanted to go over some admissions of the history of this guy, and then I want to get into the head of the National Association of Evangelicals.
Every time, I mean 90% of the time that these guys get caught in a sexual impropriety, it isn't women, folks.
And, you know, that's I guess his business.
But the point is, if it's a Christian conservative leader, or if it's a Republican leader,
I told you this back with the Foley thing a few weeks ago.
I've been keeping score here.
I mean, these guys just aren't into women.
So we'll talk about it.
I mean, I guess that's what these perverts are into.
They like to prance around and act like good family people.
And then meanwhile, they're pretty perverted, aren't they?
Wait until it starts unraveling.
I'd have to say about half the Republican Congress is into it.
And that's from sources on Capitol Hill.
We'll also get into the big election coming up.
We'll be getting into that.
We'll take your calls.
And we'll talk about school safety drills that are angering some parents.
Also thumb scanning to get your school lunches.
It's all in the news and it's all coming up.
Stay with us.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
I see the phone lines are loading up here.
We'll be taking your calls at 877-590-5525 or here locally in Texas, 836-0590.
And Gary and Tony and Adam and Jenny, everybody, we're going to be getting to your calls.
All right, let me just run through some of the news I have here in front of me.
Tony Snow, a few hours ago, the White House propagandist, the fake conservative, they're always ensuring that conservatives are neutralized and the New World Order moves forward.
That's what Fox News and the neocons and all of them are doing.
And then, number two...
That they didn't order them to have the sentencing of Saddam less than 48 hours before the elections were going to have the absolute maximum effect.
So we'll be breaking this down.
You say, well, how does it help?
Oh, look, the evil man has been punished.
The good guys are winning.
Iraq, you know, it's a bright spot in an otherwise very bleak picture.
So I wanted to go over admissions.
Of who's really behind Saddam, the history of Saddam Hussein, how this guy really operates.
And why I'm for him getting the death penalty, but I think that the trial itself is a travesty and a travesty of justice, basically.
And then I have this little story here.
Three Santa Barbara elementary schools to fingerprint students.
Three Santa Barbara elementary schools to fingerprint students.
And this has gotten big news in the Associated Press.
There are hundreds and hundreds of school districts, and I've been covering this for at least seven years, that have put thumb scanners in.
No cash allowed.
You've got to do this.
And I remember covering the documents many years ago that it was a federal grant to do this.
The article admits it.
Everything you eat, everything you do being tracked by the federal government.
And it doesn't matter if you've got cash and want to use it.
They say, we're leaving cash.
We're going to get rid of cash.
Well, what does that mean as a country getting rid of cash?
I want to discuss that later.
And it coincides with a nightmare report.
Here's our headline with a story we wrote about it.
Armed men terrorize school.
When the AP wrote about it, they said this.
School safety drill upsets some parents.
Without warning, all over the country, again under federal grants,
Police storm schools as young as eight years of age and put guns to children's heads screaming at them.
By the way, we have video of this.
And the children wet themselves.
They begin convulsing.
Some of them pass out.
And one teacher, it was in Minnesota, I interviewed her a few years ago, they didn't tell her it was a drill, and they had cops playing the part of hostage takers, and she literally passed out.
And neighbors across the street thought it was real hostage takers.
I mean, imagine.
Not telling them.
You know, it's one thing for the schools to be set up to be prisons and train us how to be slaves and to put guns to the children's heads.
I mean, that's America.
That's pro-freedom.
You know, land of the coward, home of the slaves.
Okay, I'm being sarcastic.
But it's even worse to then not even tell them.
And we have all the video of it, police dogs grabbing bags, ripping off children's backs, children crying.
We'll be going over, oh, you're against the police.
You bet I am.
I'm against it when they take federal grants to condition our children how to be prisoners.
This is worse than shakedowns in maximum security supermaxes.
And I've got the federal documents.
This is to condition our children, and we'll break it down later.
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
Anybody else put a gun to a child's head and started threatening them, they go to prison and they should.
But these warped police do it and it's okay.
I'm all for the police.
But when they do wrong, I am absolutely against them.
So we'll talk about this sickening... And this is just one case of it.
So that's coming up too.
And I did mention that I will get into the outset.
Evangelicist, I tell you we can't talk, confesses to followers his drug-fueled
Homosexual tryst with male prostitutes.
And, again, every time they get in trouble.
I mean, at least Jimmy Swagger 20 years ago was a woman.
And, boy, did you see pictures of her?
I happened to see her many years later.
I had a chance of doing some research on it to actually see those hustler photos.
She looked like roadkill.
But, you know, the point is, well, maybe it is a greater crime what Jimmy did.
We'll be getting into that report.
I'm having a little too much fun here.
I shouldn't.
Things are very serious.
I would imagine you want to talk about the election coming up.
But, oh, we won't be talking about that in the next 48 hours.
Oh, no, not Iraq imploding, not half the roads in the Baghdad cut off, not three or four major cities in the last week falling to the insurgency, the resistance, whatever you want to call them, depending on which side you're on.
Oh, no, no discussion of what's happening to the economy.
Notice gas prices fell magically, and they always fall a little bit during the winter, but never to this level.
In fact, I went back and looked at last year.
At this very same time, gas was $2.82 on average.
What is it now?
It's dropping below $2 a gallon average for 87 octane?
Who called in first?
I'll just go to calls and order here.
We'll go ahead and talk to Gary in Tennessee.
Gary, it is good to speak with you.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Thanks for calling.
First off, I wanted to say that Tennessee, 12...
The cards for the electronic voting machines just went missing.
Oh, yeah, it'll be all an accident.
It won't matter if the exit polls show that anti-establishment candidates and anti-New World Order and real conservatives or even real mainline liberals who are actually against corruption, it won't matter that the polls show they're all going to win but magically they lose.
Just trust the secret machines.
Yeah, it's going to be a creepy Tuesday, I suspect.
Secondly, I just wanted to say the same thing I said last week when I called.
Anybody who needs a copy of Terror Storm, Loose Change, or Outfoxed on DVD and can afford it, go to myspace.com slash soulismissing, all one word, and I will send you a copy for free.
All right.
Well, I appreciate your call, sir.
Really good to hear from you.
Yeah, you can go to Amazon.com right now and get Terror Storm for $11 and, what is it, 19 cents.
And you're not going to beat that price.
And we discounted it immediately, and it has again gone and stayed in the single digits for a whole day.
And it's now moved back, but it's now going back up the charts.
And it's been the number one documentary for four days, and now that's dropped back to number three place.
It's been beating Al Gore's little world tax panic, you know, fake global warming video campaign.
Which I really shouldn't attack.
I read the synopsis and a transcript of the film.
I didn't go see it.
I meant to go see it when it was shown here locally.
I never got around to it.
But that's another issue.
Another issue.
Let's go ahead and... Well, we don't have time.
Well, you know what?
Do I have time to take one more?
Yeah, we're going to go to break.
It'd be a good idea doing a new syndicated show with a new clock to have a clock in here.
I know you guys have given it to me about five times.
I need to tape it to the front of my face and then I would know when the breaks are.
When we get back...
I'm going to run through some calls, Tony and Adam and Jenny and many others that are holding.
Toll free number 877-590-KLBJ or 877-590-5525.
Or here locally in Central Texas, where we are originating from, 836-0590.
And we will get more into the history of Saddam after the calls and then into the interesting sexual taste of most conservative leaders.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Here's Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
Welcome back.
Thank you again for joining us.
We're here every Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
I want to thank all the affiliates that have signed on and are carrying the broadcast from Tennessee up to Ohio and all the stations that are in the process of
Starting to carry the new Sunday show, and I want to thank the great studios of KLBJ 590 here in Austin, Texas, from which this transmission originates, and Mark Caesar, Ted Anderson at Genesis Communications, everybody.
Okay, here's the deal.
This is happening.
It's only a two-hour show.
I guess it makes it better that everything is jam-packed into two hours.
But I've got to get into the Saddam situation, the death penalty he was given today, the two other trials, one of them that's about to conclude and another one they want to start.
Will they kill him?
Why should Saddam Hussein be kept alive?
Well, because the people that actually gave him the orders to do the things he did need to be brought to justice as well, or frankly, it's a fraud.
We'll go over that.
I want to get into...
What's happening with federal grants coast to coast?
Putting thumb scanners in to get school lunches, to get library books, biometrics, cameras in the school lunchrooms, cameras in the classrooms, cameras in the bathrooms.
But even worse, federal grants...
They have police, multi-jurisdictional task forces under most of the federal grants, that's county, city, state, coming in, pointing guns at 4th and 5th graders, 6th and 7th graders' heads, while they literally release their bowels on themselves.
I mean, I have the AP here in front of me, okay?
In fact, let me just read one little passage of this.
Police in Western Michigan community of Wyoming entered two classrooms at Lee Middle School...
On Thursday and announced that there was a threat to the school, the Grand Rapids Press reported.
Students were unaware police were conducting a drill, were taken from the classroom into the halls, patted down by officers and asked what they had in their pockets.
The newspaper said, and it goes on with interviews with the teachers and parents.
We're good to go.
Principal David Britton said students weren't told ahead of time.
Again, weren't told ahead of time to make the drill as realistic as possible.
And by the way, this is happening coast to coast, so we'll be going over that in more detail later as well.
But right now, I'm going to run through your calls quickly.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tony in Virginia.
He wants to talk about the World Bank interview I did a week ago with the Nobel Prize winner, former chief economist, number two at the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz.
And he again announced the next 12 to 24 months, unless they have massive crisis management globally of the financial markets and the currency markets, we will have a worldwide depression.
That's not Alex Jones predicting that.
That's Nobel Prize winner, former chief economist, World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz.
I would imagine that's what Tony's calling in about.
Tony, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
What's on your mind?
Good, sir.
Yeah, I just listened to that whole interview.
And, you know, the only thing that seemed kind of funny to me was just the fact that every time you sort of pressed him about whether these people were doing this stuff on purpose, he sort of just kind of dodged it, it seemed like.
Well, he agreed.
He said, yeah, I guess they are doing it on purpose, but we're trying to help.
You know, some of us in the World Bank and IMF aren't bad.
Well, you know, I'm just sort of suspicious of this whole, you know, because I mean, I saw a podcast, I get other podcasts for public radio, and I saw this, you know, it seems like they're starting to put this thing out of, you know, making globalization work, you know?
Well, that's the name of his new book.
Yeah, well listen, this is what they do with bad cop, good cop, or good cop, bad cop.
They are engineering by design a world consolidation, their own statements, their own policy reports, their own IMF World Bank documents that were released in 2002 state this, and so now that they're going to plunge the economy very soon if they have their way, they have their good cops out saying, well, they didn't manage it right, we should still run things.
So do you see how they're hedging their bet?
Yeah, I see that.
I can see that.
They're making themselves look like, oh yeah, they're kind of stupid when actually they're sort of engineering it all along.
And maybe they're using that guy, maybe he really thinks he's doing something good.
Yeah, I'm a pretty good gauge of people.
I'm not always right, but I normally am.
And I would say that he's a very intelligent person.
I mean, that's not hard to say.
He's a Nobel Prize winner.
And that he means well and does believe in global government and globalism.
He's one of the useful tools that they're using as a front man.
But regardless, the news is very scary, and it is being engineered by the World Banking Cartel that owns and controls our private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Mark in Las Vegas.
Mark, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
It is a pleasure to speak with you.
First, I just want to make an appeal to your listeners.
I want to strongly encourage them.
To buy Terror Storm, to buy your DVDs.
There's a reason why Alex sells these.
It's really hard to get corporate sponsorship when all these people with money and power and wealth are tied into the very apparatus that we're trying to expose right now.
And so that kind of forces Alex to become his own biggest sponsor.
And that's what Alex is doing.
He's not a charlatan.
He's his own biggest sponsor.
And so he's able to remain independent and autonomous
Well, listen, I appreciate what you're saying, Mark, but I did put it out for free on Google Video, and if folks want the DVD, that's great, too.
It did go into the top ten of Amazon.com for the last three days.
Yeah, and I know you put your stuff out for free because you want people to access this information, but at the same time, I think that we should do what we can to help out.
Listen, I watched it, and I still bought it.
A copy.
And I think everybody should try to do the same thing.
Well, thank you.
I really appreciate your support.
I see you called in about Saddam verdict.
You know, I tell you, this whole thing, I tell you, it just makes me so sick to my stomach, Alex, to see this.
Now this place is...
Basically, everything is narrowed down to the so-called verdict.
This is the October surprise on November 5th.
And I said over and over again, don't look for an October surprise.
Look for a November one.
That's how arrogant and bold they are.
And Tony Snow claims that this government doesn't control Iraq.
I mean, it's admitted they're running it from these command bases.
It's admitted they've installed the government.
Yeah, like there's no nexus between the Bush administration, the U.S.
government, and this puppet regime at all.
And this whole thing is a coincidence.
Even conservative legal scholars have looked at this trial and said it's a kangaroo court.
Yeah, I mean, in fact, from what I remember, I believe they rehearsed the whole thing before they even did it.
That's right.
And they replaced two of the judges.
What, four of his defense team, three of his lawyers, and one of the paralegals were gunned down?
Oh, that's a real fair... And listen, the guy's totally guilty.
That's not the problem here.
The problem is that they have been... I mean, think about it.
A two-year trial that ends two days before the election.
How obvious do things have to get?
Let's try to jam one more call in here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Matt in Illinois.
Matt, welcome to the Airwaves.
Hey, how are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to make the statement that here in Illinois, none of our congresspeople that are running for Congress are running out of the anti-war.
Yeah, that's right.
In major polls, every major poll, look, you can say one or two polls are wrong, when they're all saying over 70%.
Depending on the poll, the lowest are 70%, the highest are 82%.
Every poll saying over 70%, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens...
Easter Bunny Party, they all want us out of there.
The generals want us out of there.
The troops were polled and 71% want out of there.
But no, the Democrats won't run anti-war.
We don't have a second party.
No, we don't.
I usually vote for it on third party candidates, but I don't even have one of those to vote for in this election.
It's disgusting.
Both the Republican and the Democrat, they're both for the war.
Great point.
Appreciate your call.
When we get back, I'm going to, in a little info blitzkrieg, run through the real history of Saddam, why this trial's a fraud, and why he should be kept alive.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
And remember, if you disagree with me, if you want to challenge me on some facts or argue, you go to the head of the line, unlike me.
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I can defend my ideas, and you go to the head of the line when you call 877-595-525, or locally, 836-0590.
Okay, let me get into Saddam, then we'll go to Galina, and John, and Debbie, and Jeanne, and Adam, and everybody else that is patiently holding.
Well, Saddam Hussein...
Has been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.
But there's a problem.
For those of us that remember history, we have these little news stories.
This one's out of the London Guardian.
helped as Saddam plotted chemical attacks.
Another one.
Rumsfeld offered to help Saddam.
Another one.
Saddam could call CIA in his defense.
He tried.
He wasn't allowed to.
Saddam silenced for fingering U.S.
and Iraq bombings.
Quote, how the CIA found and groomed Saddam.
Oh, that's a great article right there.
And by the way, up on Infowars.com, we just have a whole page of links to the history.
All mainstream news, all admissions, all publicly admitted.
April Gillespie, U.S.
Ambassador's mission to allow Saddam to invade Kuwait.
That's the type of stuff that we have up there for you.
So, who is Saddam Hussein?
In 1954...
He came from a well-to-do family into Crete, and he was hired and recruited.
He was a young Iraqi army officer, and the CIA publicly recruited him and took him to Egypt, where for two years he was trained in assassination, in bombing, in sniper.
You can go read all the documents, not just the news articles.
We have links to them here.
And he was sent back, and he assassinated leaders, wounded a president, car-bombed,
Tortured, did all this, he was secular.
And they told the Bathurst, look, put Saddam in as the head of security in 69, who's still a young man, and we'll quit trying to overthrow you.
So they said, okay, and they made a deal with the devil, with the people that control the U.S.
I wouldn't say the U.S., it's people that hijack and control our country, the globalists, the crime syndicate.
And then 10 years later in 79, they staged a coup and put Saddam into power.
We're good to go.
And he attacked Iran and killed over a million of them, and he lost hundreds of thousands of his own people.
And he was a big hero on the news, and our government gave him the helicopters, the spray nozzles, the nerve gas, gave him satellite trajectories of where to spray, weather reports, had CIA advisors there how to do it.
And so when they go, he needs to be killed for what he did with the nerve gas, sir.
You need to understand, it is admitted historical fact that our government gave him the weapons and used him as a pawn and literally was commanding his military in those operations.
And by the way, the Iranians were using a more primitive type of nerve gas, cyanide nerve gas,
We're good to go.
...backing for his 82 slaughter, which he's now been convicted of.
He had U.S.
backing for the 82 slaughter when they tried to overthrow the U.S.-controlled puppet.
So he's now been convicted for a slaughter of 142 people, which he did engage in, which was backed by our government.
So if a capo of a mob goes out and orders his soldiers...
To go kill somebody in New Jersey or in Massachusetts or in New York or in Illinois.
And then the FBI goes and busts them and finds all the evidence that the Capo did it, and he ordered the soldiers to do it, but they know who the Don is who gave the orders to the Capo, and the Don is us, folks.
We let these global crime syndicates, these bankers, this oligarchy seize control of our country and use it as an engine, and so we take responsibility, and so the Don is yourself.
We are the Don.
Look in the mirror.
So when you're all feeling good, sitting there by the fire tonight, oh, we got the bad man.
We're the good man.
We're the good people.
We're high and mighty.
Our hands are clean.
Just remember that the very same criminals that run this government today, it was the very same crew, Rumsfeld and others,
They are the very same individuals who funded and gave him the strategia and the intelligence and the weapons and everything.
And it's not debatable.
Not debatable.
Oh, and then, of course, the biggest crime.
Forget the war against Iran.
It was bad.
But the incredible aplomb, the hypocrisy, the gall of the U.S.
ambassador going to Saddam, and he says on video, because it was on record, he said, I'm going to invade Kuwait.
I want it on record that I'm allowed to.
And she says on tape, we ought to dig that tape up.
I've got the video somewhere in my archives.
It's been all over national television.
And the U.S.
Ambassador, April Gillespie, he says, well, they're slant drilling, taking my oil, and I want to go in there and take those oil fields back.
And she said, we don't get involved in inter-Arab affairs.
We're allies with you.
We don't have a defense treaty with them.
We don't get involved.
And he smiled and said okay, and six days later rolled in with those tanks.
And then U.S.
PR firms claimed they were throwing babies out of incubators.
Turned out that was a lie.
Just like the rape rooms were a lie.
Now don't worry, our government runs real live rape rooms.
That came out in the Associated Press earlier this week.
Federal judge orders the video and photos of children being raped in front of their parents.
In these death camps that our government runs over there to be released.
Now, we'll see.
It's being appealed by the Bush White House.
Of course, they don't call it torture.
They call it pressure.
Beating people until they have organ failure is not called torture now.
In fact, I was listening to the BBC today, driving back into town, listening on XM, and I'm sitting there listening, and they had a White House official on admitting all of this.
I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
So Saddam Hussein is a CIA operative.
Saddam Hussein's country is totally run by the people that run this country.
But then he's now going to be given the death penalty for following orders and intelligence given to him by the very same crowd that's in power today over this country.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Is there any culpability there?
I'm sure in neocon logic you will tell me that no, there's no culpability.
Kind of like Bush is a conservative, but he's for open borders and total amnesty and the North American Union and the trans-NAFTA highways and all the rest of it.
So that's the bottom line with that issue.
I'm going to jam a few calls in, and then when we get back I want to get into police going into schools all over the country, unannounced, elementary, middle schools,
We're good to go.
And all over the country, similar things have happened.
Just go Google it.
I have a big article we wrote that has a compilation of all the mainstream admissions.
In another school, they sprayed fake blood all over them and told they were being murdered by homeschoolers.
The children always begin urinating on themselves and panicking.
I mean, this is trauma-based violence.
These are re-education centers.
Mind control.
The fences are going up.
They're thumb scanning to get school lunches.
And the cops are being brainwashed under federal funds that it's normal to put guns to people's heads and have them yell and scream and beg.
You think I'm joking?
I got all the video of this up on my site.
In the article I wrote with Paul Watson, I didn't just make the claims and show you the AP excerpts.
I have video of it.
And I know a lot of you are brainwashed.
You'll say, well, that's what America's about.
Children wetting themselves with MP5s in their heads, and the officer accidentally pops them in the chest.
Well, that's just how it is.
Again, these are drills.
These are drills, unannounced drills.
Trauma-based mind control.
Let's go ahead.
I'm so mixed up here.
I want to go to calls in order, but they're all loaded continually, and I can't tell who the next caller is or who I should go to here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Adam.
Adam, thank you for calling, my friend.
How's it going, Alex?
Doing a national radio show.
Go ahead.
All right, excellent.
I have a lot I want to talk about.
I'm going to try to make it fast.
All right, this Friday, I went to the Missouri Victory Rally in Joplin, Missouri.
Susan Bush was speaking to reelect talent for Senate.
Oh, his lordship.
Yeah, and...
After he gave his speech, which was typical, you know, if the Democrats take power, we're going to get nuked by terrorists.
But he came around shaking hands afterwards, and I was right up front.
I got there hours early, right up front.
Wait a minute, we're out of time.
I want to hear this story when we get back.
Will you hold to the break?
Will you hold to the break?
Okay, good.
Okay, he says he will.
We'll be right back, second hour straight ahead.
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Now, live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
That's right.
Literally from the geographic heart of the great state of Texas.
Coming to you nationwide.
Very thankful for all our great affiliates out there.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Now into the second hour.
We're going to get into the election, hopefully, with some of the callers.
They're all over the map.
It's less than 48 hours away.
We've seen Karl Rove's October surprise completely staged.
Not only have they...
We're good to go.
That's 877-590-5525, or locally here in Central Texas at 836-0590.
Also, the head of the National Association of Evangelicals, some of the biggest supporters of the neocon movement to destroy America in this country.
Now, their followers are well-meaning people.
I myself am a Christian.
I guess you could even say I'm from, I guess, Baptist-slash-evangelical roots.
But most of them don't understand that the Republicans, that is the leadership, is the complete opposite of what they put out publicly.
So we'll be discussing that a little bit later, not judging a book by its cover, but what's actually in it, judge a tree by its fruits, and how they're turning the schools, the public schools, into police state maximum security brainwashing camps.
But right now, let's go back to your calls.
In fact, I'm going to try to get through all the calls in this segment if we can.
We got caught by the end of the last hour.
Adam in Missouri said that he went to one of these town hall meetings with Bush, one of these big rallies, had a chance to, I guess, have some FaceTime with El Presidente a few days ago.
So go ahead and finish your story for us, Adam, please.
That's right, Alex.
He was coming around shaking hands.
And I shook hands with him.
I was looking at him face to face.
And I said, we know you were behind the September 11th attacks.
We know you're setting up the North American Union.
And I point my finger right in his face.
I said, you will be held accountable.
And it was crazy.
He just looked at me and he called me an idiot and then just kept on shaking other neocon fans and stuff.
I mean, what was the look in his eyes?
It was a combination.
I mean, he looked shocked.
He looked scared.
He looked arrogant.
Like, you know, you really think you can do anything against me?
And you know what?
I do.
I mean, there's a movement going on.
I myself am a Christian.
I go to Ozark Christian College here in Joplin.
And I'm waking Christians up, man.
And if we wanted to defeat the New World Order...
We have got to spread the truth to Christians.
Well, I mean, it's just now come out that they had a 15% Christian evangelical base of that 30% base that's rock hard for them, and that's now defecting for the first time because they're now waking up.
I mean, how many scandals with underage pages and gay lovers is it going to take for people to see these people are frauds?
Yep, absolutely, Alex.
So, I mean, now, if you say that to Cheney, he'll have you arrested.
He's had a bunch of people arrested for just saying this war is despicable or this war is reprehensible.
Nothing happened to you?
Or, I guess, what did the Secret Service do?
Oh, my gosh.
There's some scary in Secret Service.
There's this one guy who's the most intimidating, scary-looking guy I've ever seen.
I mean, he just...
He shot me just like he wanted to just, like, break my head.
But I tell you what, you went into the lion's den, you went into the furnace, my friend, and I commend you.
I salute you.
Thank you, Alex.
But let me tell you why.
I think that the reason why I wasn't arrested and I wasn't assaulted by these neocons that were foaming up and down around me was because I prayed to God before I went to give me strength and to protect me for telling the truth.
And he did just that.
Now, of course, back in 1998 when he was governor at the DuPont Photo Masking Lab, and I was even Mr. Super Conservative, I mean, even, quote, on the surface, mainstream conservative, back in 1998, leaning towards the Republicans.
And I went at the end of the press conference.
Well, at the end, he was supposed to give a press conference.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think.
Yep, I think I remember seeing the video of that.
Just type in Alex Jones arrested by George Bush.
Yeah, it's on the web.
I wish that you would have gotten some video of that, but listen, beggars can't be choosers.
Good job there, my friend.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Janine in Tyler, Texas.
Janine, welcome to the airwaves.
Hey, Alex.
I'm calling to see if you'd heard about the... There was a forward-based Falcon near Baghdad.
There was a... Ammo dump blew up a few weeks ago.
Yeah, and 300 American servicemen died.
Well, that was the... They won't tell... I sent you the casualty list.
Okay, well, let me just tell you something.
I never reported that 300 were killed because day one it looked fraudulent.
Plus, I know the web sources.
I know which sources are accurate, which sources aren't.
It is not true.
No one died.
A whole bunch of people got injured because they build those dumps inside the bases away from the quarters.
And thank God no one was killed.
Is that right?
Oh, well, I knew it was an ammo dump, but I knew there were 3,000 soldiers stationed there, too.
Okay, because that's what the Arab TV and BBC were reporting that they were killed.
Oh, you saw a list of 300 dead in the BBC?
Yeah, well, I sent you the list from that Hal Turner show.
Yeah, ma'am.
I have no idea who he is.
I mean, that just came up on the internet.
No, it's not an accurate report.
Sure, sure, yeah.
But don't feel bad.
I mean, you called in on the subject, and I've had to answer hundreds of questions online and on air about that in the last three weeks, and it's not the case.
Hey, Alex.
Hello, sir.
With the...
Beth Harris showing that most of the electronic voting machines have basically been corrupted.
I didn't see the HBO special Friday night.
I was out at a campfire.
I didn't see it either.
I heard it was really good.
Yeah, it'll be on YouTube, I'm sure.
But knowing that electronic voting is basically fraudulent, and with what all the neocons have been saying about, yes, we're going to win the election, there's no doubt.
It doesn't matter what all the polls say, we're going to win, yeah.
What I'm wondering is the John Kerry statement of a couple weeks ago and how he's had to back off and everything.
Could that not be a false flag?
That is deliberately staged by Kerry, who is totally in the New World Order, to come out and then apologize for something he didn't even say.
Because if you watch the video, he's talking about Bush not having an education, getting stuck in Iraq.
He was making a joke about Bush.
It was kind of a double entendre because it was a pun of sorts.
But again, that's how they do it.
And yes, folks, Kerry took a dive.
Yes, he's Bush's cousin.
Yes, he's a Skull and Bones member.
Yes, it's staged.
Yes, Hillary's in league with the Bushes.
Yes, Rupert Murdoch funds them.
Yes, it's all staged.
So would it be likely that his statements are being utilized that could be...
Yes, they'll claim, oh, the Saddam announcement and the Kerry thing.
You know, the polls were showing they were going to lose by 10 to 15 points, but magically this happened, and so that's why they've... But listen, the Democrats are controlled as well.
Again, they don't just stage the elections.
They also control both parties.
Nancy Pelosi said they're not going to have impeachment hearings.
She's going to block the independent Democrats and the independent Republicans.
And, of course, Bush should be impeached.
I supported Clinton's impeachment.
I support Bush's impeachment.
But there are puppets, too.
You know, I mean, people say Bush did 9-11.
Well, certainly he knows about it.
The people that control him were involved.
But presidents come and go.
The New World Order owns them like so many pieces of silver.
In their pockets.
It's that simple.
When I come back, I'll get into what's happening in the schools, armed men putting guns in children's heads, and the police are doing nothing.
Your children are being tortured.
We'll be right back.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
You know, I'm a little bit disappointed right now.
Trey and they're doing a great job running the broadcast told me that he's gotten quite a few calls.
How many would you say?
Four or five.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the crime rate's incredibly high this year, but the huge gang war of last year has subsided.
So when he claims it's gone down 60% in that county there, I've interviewed that very sheriff you just heard for who criticized the governor six months ago.
So he criticized him all over talk radio, so Perry threw him a little bit of money.
Bush wants total blanket amnesty.
He is supporting the bill that was written by Mr. Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy, give me a break.
I'm so sick of the propaganda.
But I've got callers here on the line that disagree with me.
But I'm not going to them right now.
I'm going to go to you after the break.
I want to leave some lines open.
In fact, we have a couple open for the first time on the show for people that think I'm lying about anything.
I mean, they ought to get on here in the air and risk my name and my fortune and my life.
Believe me, I'm risking my life here to do this because I just want to lie about the President.
The President's a puppet.
So again, the number locally, 836-0590, or all over the country, 877-590-5525.
All right.
Let me get into this article now, though, before we go to break, and we'll come back and take calls.
Oh, and one little program note.
Terror Storm, last Tuesday, launched nationwide.
Barnes & Noble's, Virgin, Borders, and it sold out of the stores almost everywhere.
That's what my distributor said.
It went to, at the highest, number three on Amazon.com total,
Now it's fallen back down on the charts, but going back up again.
And this is very, very exciting.
And so please, go to Amazon.com, link through at InfoWars.com, and get your copy of my new film, Terror Storm, detailing the history of government-sponsored terror.
That is where governments stage terror attacks to blame it on their political enemies.
Now, who can disagree with this?
I mean, who says I'm lying about this?
Who says this is okay?
Imagine if Iran, or China, or Cuba, or Venezuela, with their embattled president, was doing things like this.
Or if Hitler did things like this, you'd be against it.
But because it happens here in the U.S., coast to coast, border to border, north, south, east, and west, and because you can't face up to the horror of it,
You are now allowing the government to set the precedent to torture our children and to condition them to be slaves.
This is the Associated Press last week.
I have talked to and interviewed both of the parents in this article.
This is the Associated Press.
School safety drill upsets some parents.
Wyoming, Michigan.
I think.
I think.
Students who were unaware police were conducting a drill were taken from their classrooms into the halls, patted down by officers, and asked what they had in their pockets.
The newspaper reported, some of the kids were so scared they just about wet their pants, said Margie Bradshaw.
She said they did wet their pants.
I interviewed her.
Her son was in the school.
He wet his pants.
A parent with four children in Godfrey Lee schools.
I think it's pure wrong that the students and the parents were not informed of this.
Well, it's pure wrong to do it.
Officers wore protective gear, including vests and helmets, and carried rifles, MP5s, 9mm Heckler & Koch submachine guns, that were unloaded, and it goes on to report...
Diane Sylvia, a parent of the 8th grade students, said the drill went too far.
My child, with his face to the wall in the hallway of the high school, Sylvia said, I certainly don't want anything like this happening to my child.
Principal David Britton, we talked to him.
He won't come on, but he says he's very proud of this.
He says it's good.
We should be taught how to have this happen to us.
Principal David Britton said students weren't told ahead of time, weren't told ahead of time, to make the drill as realistic as possible.
Teachers were informed moments before it took place, he said.
But then teachers go on to say they were not informed.
And, folks, this is not just in Michigan.
This is coast to coast, and it admits, under a federal grant, they were paid with the county and city police to go in unannounced.
And, by the way, I had video of this happening five years ago, two years ago, a month ago.
I put it in my film Road to Tyranny that I made in 2002 with elementary students crying as men with guns scream at them in a drill.
Now, the Geneva Convention says that torture...
Is anything that terrorizes, anything that scares, anything that causes emotional distress or physical harm, I mean, is that not terrorism?
If some neighbor just grabbed your child randomly unannounced, stuck a gun to their head, yelled at them, frisked them, would that not be traumatizing?
I'm a grown man.
This would be just traumatizing.
Imagine a door busting open, men running in.
We have video of them.
In Goose Creek, North Carolina, with the dogs, the whole school had to line up, and the dogs were grabbing and biting the bags.
Why are they doing this?
Well, the feds pay with the grants to condition the police to do whatever they're told.
Number one, to set the precedent that they can abuse our children in this fashion.
To condition them to accept total tyranny.
Now, it gets worse.
In Michigan, again, Michigan keeps popping up, but it happens all over the country.
Two years ago it was in the Associated Press that they went into a school, elementary and middle school, had the children all go out in the parking lot saying it was a fire drill, practiced smoke bombs claiming they were blowing up buses, and then put fake blood on them and said, we are the homeschoolers, quote, against public education, dressed up as terrorists, as if homeschoolers ever did anything wrong, and told the children they were going to kill them.
Okay, under a federal grant.
Now, I know some of you will engage in double-think.
You will twist whatever happens.
You will say it's okay.
Police can do no wrong.
No, the police are doing wrong.
I don't even blame them.
They're being brainwashed.
They're being conditioned.
Now, under what you see in the airports, being frisked, being searched, being humiliated, now they're going to put it on the streets of America with Viper teams randomly searching you at the mall.
I mean, are you ready for them to run up and have you light up against the wall randomly, quote, for your safety while the border stays wide open?
Again, I've interviewed No.
2 Department of Education, Cheryl Iserby.
We're good to go.
And here is an article today, Associated Press.
Three Santa Barbara elementary schools to fingerprint students.
No cash allowed buying food.
And they say in here that this is the future, that cash won't be allowed.
And it admits here that annual reports are sent to state and federal governments, which reimburse the school districts.
They're brainwashing camps.
We'll come back with the final 30 minutes.
I'm told we have callers that disagree with me.
We'll go to your calls and get into some other key news.
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Here's Alex Jones.
Alright, welcome back.
I was looking here at the computer with the callers, and I guess I missed a red one and thought somebody was calling in who disagrees.
Four or five people called here yelling and screaming, saying I'm evil, saying I'm a liar.
Why don't you call in and tell me what specifically I'm lying about?
Do you think it's good that there are federal grants to put up fences and make everybody thumb-scan to get school lunches?
The Washington Post reported under a terror attack anywhere in the country, they'll lock the schools down, take your children to FEMA camps, and make you there, then go to the camps where your families are split up?
Do you think it's good that the police are being trained to fire on the American people?
Do you think it's good they're giving them federal grants for huge microwave cannons mounted on top Humvees to fry populations?
We're going into tyranny, boys and girls.
You didn't think it could happen here.
It's starting to happen here.
And the sleeping giant that is America is starting to wake up to that point.
So all the people who worship at the altar of licking the boots of the establishment and licking the boots of police in riot gear dressed up in Darth Vader outfits like it's Halloween, the party's over!
Okay, I love police who change old ladies' tires and, you know, go and stop drunks off the road, but I don't like police taking federal grants and cities taking federal grants and putting guns to cry in children's heads during, quote, drills for their safety.
And by the way, the police have been shooting kids in the heads, shooting their own officers, shooting them in the chest, in these drills.
So I'd like to hear your take on that.
I'd like to hear people who defend this system and defend what's happening call into this show.
Here's the number slowly.
836-0590 here locally.
But again, you know the number.
You called in earlier.
Why are you afraid to come on air?
Why are you afraid to face me?
Why are you afraid?
Hey, I'm right here!
Okay, my name's Alex Jones.
I can back up what I say.
I want you to back up what you're saying.
I bet a bunch of you are sniveling fake conservatives.
You wouldn't know conservatism if it bit you.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up first here?
Let's go ahead and go to line one.
I believe it's Glevina in Idaho.
You're on the air.
I just want to make a statement, Alex.
It's funny that America can concentrate on Saddam Hussein and the 130,000.
George Bush, so far in Iraq, the last I heard according to CNN, has murdered 650,000.
Also, I want to report...
The patent is literally a U.S.
government-held patent by Dr. Chai King Lo, who happens to be head investigator of the Gulf War illness of Walter Reed Army Medical Institute.
The patent number is 524- But tell people specifically what you're talking about.
Sure, a patent to what, ma'am?
To the Army, to the non-existent
Golf War Vet Syndrome.
On page 20, there is an absolute description of the Golf War Vet Syndrome.
Well, everybody knows they test bioweapons on the tribs.
It's declassified.
They take our tribs and kill them on a routine basis.
I'm not true.
Also, there is a doctor in Pendleton, Oregon, a psychiatrist, because the Nazis are murdering the mentally ill, and they pay humongous...
All right, I appreciate your call.
Let me just say what I can prove.
Tens of thousands of black men were given syphilis over 45 years and allowed to spread it.
Under the Tuskegee Experiment.
110,000 Jewish children.
Our government paid.
The Israeli government.
It's now Harach, Jerusalem Post, National TV in Israel.
Our government, the secret program from 51 to 61, irradiated 110,000 children.
Most died within just a few years.
Just type in ringworm children.
They told them they were going to get dental appointments or to get checked for fungus.
And then they would irradiate them in a test.
And Project Shad, they take our troops, nerve gas them, put them in chambers, kill them, tell them it was just a test, murder them.
They take little children, they give pregnant women of GIs, uranium, plutonium pills to see what it'd do to them.
Yeah, that's right.
It's not our government.
It's criminals that control it.
They brought 10,000 Nazis back to this country at the end of the Second World War.
They brought 5,000 Iraqis back at the end of the first Gulf War.
They have them here ready to carry out terror attacks.
They worked for the CIA.
They were trained in the 80s when Saddam was a CIA officer.
This is all L.A.
Times, Washington Post, but again, hidden in plain view.
It's total terrorists control the government, and they use crises to enslave us.
It's incredible.
Let's go ahead now.
And take another call.
Let's talk to Bill in Iowa.
Bill, you're on the air.
Hello again, Alex.
I want to just comment about these people that are calling you a liar, but they don't have the strength to get on the show and talk to you and debate their issues.
I have a story about that.
I'm a welder.
I was working on a project in Nebraska about three years ago,
A guy comes up to me in my little work area.
Real nice guy.
He's a structural engineer.
We get to chit-chatting.
Where are you from?
Well, I'm from so-and-so.
He's from the state of Georgia.
I said, oh, Georgia?
He said, yeah.
I said, well, are you familiar with Georgia's politics?
He says, well, of course.
I said, what do you think of Cynthia McKinney?
Oh, well, she's a...
Well, she said that this and that about they had prior knowledge of 9-11 and this and that and the other.
I said, well, you know, I believe that was an inside job.
She laughed.
I said, well, you know, I can prove it to you.
We went on with the conversation.
I had two DVDs.
One was the in plain sight one that I've made copies of.
I had another one called Painful Deceptions or something like that.
Anyway, I said, look, man, watch this.
We're traveling, you know.
We're all staying in hotels.
I said, do you have a DVD player with you?
He said, yes.
So I gave him these two documentaries.
He watched the first one.
He didn't.
I think he was scared to watch, afraid to watch the second.
So what happened?
I mean, make a long story short.
He denied.
He said, you know, there's no way.
In other words, he, and I believe, nice guy, I believe he was sincere.
He was probably a neocon or whatever you want to call him, but he still believes their story, their version of what happened on 9-11.
My point is, Alex, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them think, and I think that is the mentality of
The majority of the people in this country.
I agree with you, and that's why they're going to get in deep trouble.
A people that are mindless, a people that are gullible, a people that go along, will be enslaved.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Joseph in Austin.
I would imagine listening on NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
Go ahead, Joseph.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Good to talk to you, long-time listener.
Let me begin by telling you that, first of all, I am a Freemason, and I guess...
I would be the porch variety, but let me just also tell you that a lot of the brothers that I've talked to recently and over the past several years are furious with the government and the way things are going.
It's not what our founding fathers intended this country.
They didn't want this to be going on at all.
Land of the tortured, home of the slaves?
Yeah, that's not what it was set up to be, you know, and... Tell you what, I'm not going to cut you short.
Stay there.
When we get back, I'll let you finish.
We'll run through more of these loaded phone lines, and I'll get into these fake conservatives.
The president... And that wasn't my main topic.
I just wanted... I understand.
I understand.
I'll put you on hold.
We'll come back to you, and then we'll get to the president of the National Association of Evangelicals and his boyfriend.
We'll be right back.
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This is GCN, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Alex Jones is deep in the heart of Texas, and he wants to talk to you toll-free at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
That's right.
I'm going to blitz through your calls in this final segment.
All over the country, 877-590-5525.
Locally, 836-0590.
We are coming to you from the geographical heart of Texas.
Beautiful Austin, Texas.
I do have one final news story I want to hit, but let me just say this on the election.
Vote for whoever's anti-war.
Vote for whoever's pro-Second Amendment.
Vote for whoever will shut down the borders.
Know what your congressional candidates are standing for.
I know to the south of us, vote for Ron Paul.
The Republicans and Democrats have ganged up against him.
The NRA endorsed the Democrat running against him and gave Paul a B on the Second Amendment.
And it's a big furor because it's a lie.
I mean, no one.
Gun owners of America and Jews of Preservation of Firearms ownership.
Local Texas gun groups gave him an A+.
He's got the best gun record ever, but they're giving him a B, and his opponent's saying he's anti-gun.
I mean, that's insane.
That's like saying I'm anti-gun or something.
I mean, it's sick.
He's a Republican.
He's a real conservative.
I would vote for Libertarians here locally against people like Michael McCaul.
I would definitely vote for Bagnaric.
I'd vote for people like Rock Howard.
At the state elections, I would vote for constitutional parties, libertarians.
It is important that you vote.
It's important that you... We're already having voting machine quote problems in Austin and San Antonio.
It's an absolute fraud.
And they were calling us kooks three years ago saying it was a fraud.
Now it's on HBO.
Now it's on the nightly news.
Now engineers are going public saying I was hired to steal elections and design this.
I mean, they cannot cover up the truth.
It's going to come out!
Let's go to your calls, and then I'll get to these pervert preachers.
Let's go ahead and talk to Michael.
Michael, where are you calling us from today?
We're calling from somewhere south of Austin.
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I was listening to you.
You told me that you've got a videotape of the police officers who have been shooting at children in schools.
Is this yes or no?
Well, you obviously don't listen to the English language very clearly, and I'm not trying to be mean, but this is a very serious accusation you just made.
I stated that I have mainstream news video, because they think it's normal and they're proud of it, of police sticking guns in elementary and middle school students' faces in drills unannounced and then screaming and crying, and then I have AP...
And Detroit Free Press and other articles and Fort Worth Star Telegram articles of where they, during a drill, they shot the cop of the year a few years ago because the idiots didn't have their guns unloaded in an unannounced terror drill terrorizing the children.
These guys are using fake bullets.
They're using real bullets in these drills.
You're not listening to me.
The Fort Worth Star Telegram is real.
You're still questioning me like you can't believe it.
Do you know how to use a search engine?
I'm on the road.
It's not possible.
No, I know, but I'm saying, you use a computer, right?
Sure, as much as anybody.
Okay, well, let me just tell you.
Two years ago in Detroit, they shot a kid in the chest doing it.
In another area of Michigan, in a drill, unannounced drill, they shot a kid in the head.
In Fort Worth, they shot Cop of the Year in the head because one of the idiots hadn't removed his 9mm rounds from his MP5.
So I'm telling you that, number one, even if the guns are unloaded,
Okay, with safety cues and the tips of them, they shouldn't be unannounced in their doing drills.
They shouldn't be doing these drills when they're announced.
I'm telling you... You're doing these drills.
I'm agreeing with you, so you don't need to attack me.
Listen, I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm attacking you.
I'm frustrated that we're almost out of time.
Yeah, I get it.
It's a very serious subject, and no, I'm not saying the police on purpose are shooting the children.
I'm saying they're so mindless, they're so dumbed down, they're doing drills they shouldn't be doing to begin with, and nobody better put a gun to my child's head and make them urinate all over themselves!
In front of your face to lower your brain waves down to a mesmerized, hypnotized state.
And every major university from MIT to Princeton is doing this, okay?
So that's the mind control test going on now.
In the schools, they're doing this to condition the children, to traumatize them.
In some of these drills, they load them on buses and take them to FEMA camps.
That was in Missouri.
I mean, I made the film The Takeover about this.
Go watch two hours of it.
I mean, newscasts, documents, articles, interviews.
I mean, I know, this sounds crazy.
Folks, it's true, and it's real, and I'm mad about it!
They're training us.
Look, it's how you domesticate someone.
We're being trained that when the coyote grabs us like we're a rabbit, we're supposed to just lay there and take it.
Well, I'm not going to take it.
This is mind control.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joseph in Austin.
Joseph, welcome.
Hello, are you there?
Yes, sir.
How are you listening to us?
From Austin, Texas.
Sounds great.
Long-time listener.
I called in.
I know it's off-subject, but I totally agree.
This whole thing in the schools is ridiculous.
It's criminal.
It shouldn't be done.
But they're going to do it and set the precedent.
They're telling parents, we don't care, we're going to come in unannounced, and we're going to put guns up against their heads and let German shepherds grab their bags in a drill!
They're going to do whatever they want at this point.
That's right.
They're going to open the borders, North American Union, Perry's going to lie, I'm just sick of them!
Well, I'm sick of them too, and a lot of people are.
It disgusts me that Bush backs up
Israel, with what they did to Lebanon over them kidnapping a couple or three... And by the way, that was stage two.
They were admittedly over the line, and then they didn't shoot the Hezbollah when they were about to grab the soldiers.
That came out in Israeli papers.
The Jews are mad about it in Israel.
Well, what wasn't staged was the kidnapping and murder of, I don't know if it's 500 or 800 U.S.
citizens, civilians, a lot of them women,
In Mexico, or on the border towns.
Oh, that's right.
In fact, in Matamoros alone, a couple years ago, they dug up over a hundred dead women.
Well, and nothing's being done about it.
Listen, Mexico, if you go over the line, they grab you, steal your truck, the police do.
It's a narco-terrorist state, and we're being merged with them.
I agree, Mexico's a much bigger threat than Iran.
Completely, you know, and, you know, it's...
I don't know.
Hey, you want to hear this?
I support an invasion of Mexico.
We should take another 50 miles into that country.
We've had two wars with them.
They're an enemy of this country.
They literally are.
They are.
Hey, for those that don't know, I've interviewed the sheriff's rocket attacks.
We're under rocket attacks.
Car bombings in Texas.
Los Angeles paramilitary troops running all over the place, killing FBI.
And it's in the back of the paper because they don't want you to know about it.
The State Department issued three travel advisories last year saying the South Texas border is more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
Yeah, and it's ridiculous.
Their answer to the problem...
Instead of making these people face justice is telling us to stay away from the border towns.
That's right.
I appreciate your call.
I'm going to take one more call and we're out of here.
Maybe two.
Ron in Arizona.
Welcome to the Airwaves.
Good afternoon, Alex.
What would you think of a benevolent dictatorship where there's total...
Surveillance of everyone at home, on the streets, at work, etc.
It would never happen because it's criminals that are in control of the system throughout history.
You give them the tools to abuse, it will be used.
Even if there's a benevolent dictator, he or she will be removed and criminals will get into place.
I understand that.
But what I'm trying to get at is, in the future, when the Antichrist comes on the scene...
He will appear to be a benevolent dictator.
He comes as a man of peace.
They'll say he's Jesus.
Meanwhile, the preachers are worshipping whoever the government says.
And speaking of that, did you know that most of the big churches are on government payroll?
They tell their practitioners, not practitioners, their parishioners, don't talk about politics even in the pews.
This is America.
Here's the Associated Press.
Alcee Evangelist confesses to followers the Reverend Ted Haggard...
And, again, Foley, all of them.
And, folks, I'm telling you, I never looked for this.
I didn't believe it when I started hearing it 12 years ago.
I got into politics.
I got into news.
I met a lot of people in powerful circles.
And I'm telling you, folks, this is what the Republican leadership is into.
And it's such a sick joke to them that a large portion of them, a lot of Austinites know because we're by this legislature, and it is just, it is, again, they don't let them get in unless they're compromised.
And it isn't bad enough nowadays to just have some congressman or some state rep cheating on their wife.
So those kind of people don't get into the power.
No, no, it's a gang right.
Why do gangs throughout history, let's take the East Side Locos or whatever, why do they make their members go commit a horrible crime?
It's so they have dirt on them.
Well, it's the same thing in politics.
And every week it's some new Republican.
You ought to see the websites that list all this and show what they're into.
And they're compromised.
And a lot of foreign governments are blackmailing top preachers in this country.
And so they say the new religion is worshiping government.
The new religion is FEMA.
Just God bless you all.
Get Terrorist Forum on Amazon.com.
See you next week.
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