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Air Date: Oct. 29, 2006
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Now, live from Austin, Texas, here's Alex Jones.
Hello folks, I'm glad that you were able to join us today on this Sunday, October 28, 2006.
We'll be here live for the next two hours coming to you live from the studios of KLBJ 590 AM right here in Austin, Texas.
And now we've got, I think, three or four affiliates that are turning us on in our third week of syndication.
A lot of news stations that are also saying they're going to be picking up the show.
We're really excited.
Here I am starting the broadcast with Rocco in Phoenix and
Will in Tennessee, Scott in upstate New York, and Anthony in Brooklyn.
So we're now starting the show with the phone lines pretty much loaded up.
Let me give you a rundown of some of the topics I'd like to talk about.
And that's the election that we're plunging towards in just about a week and a half.
We also have the election fraud associated with that, and then the last three elections that we've witnessed since...
The reality versus the propaganda.
The reality versus what we hear
On the nightly news, what we hear in the paid-for campaign commercials that I can't seem to escape.
I don't watch a lot of television, and even during the UT game last night, I was with family watching it, and it was constant Rick Perry ads, constant Rick Perry ads on every radio station, and including this one, it's a free country, people can buy advertising, but at the same time, I can sit here and respond to it, and it's just not true.
You know, when you see the governor's
Ads on television, hear them on radio.
He has these two Texas sheriffs talking.
It just so happens I've interviewed both those sheriffs in the last six months or so.
I've interviewed them back to back.
I guess it was about six, seven months ago.
They were talking about how there's no help, how his border plan's a fraud, how it's a huge scam, how there's rocket attacks, kidnappings, murders.
And yes, Rick Perry did run down and give a few million dollars to a couple of the sheriff's departments.
He did claim he'd put $100
DPS slash State Guard down there in rotations.
And it's basically the equivalent of trying to scoop out Niagara Falls with a teaspoon.
Or you could use the more common analogy of trying to scoop out the Atlantic Ocean with a teacup.
But let's not let the facts confuse anybody.
In fact it's admitted that there is to be no fence built on the southern border.
No expansion.
If you read the actual legislation Bush signed
A few weeks ago, it states that it is now authorized, but then the funding is not to go to that.
And I actually have the mainstream news articles here in front of me, but you'll never see it in the paper.
You'll never really hear about it on the nightly news.
Sure, it's on a news wire.
It's in the Associated Press.
In fact, I guess it is in a few papers.
It was in the Washington Post.
But if you talk to the average person on the street, which I've been doing, they seem to really believe wholeheartedly that...
Something's being done about the border, so I thought I would actually get down to brass tacks on this, because if we don't fix the border, if we don't deal with the 30 million illegal aliens in this country who are running around, on average, many of them, foaming at the mouth, claiming that this is actually Mexico, and if you don't know that's the case, you're not listening.
In fact, Lou Dobbs earlier, last Tuesday, had LULAC on.
That's a big mainstream group, and they said, this is Mexico, the Southwest is Mexico, and we are taking it.
In fact, I even have the clip up on prisonplanet.com, but what's the point of playing Lou Dobbs clips here?
What's the point of him telling the truth?
A lot of people just don't want to listen.
They don't care.
Into the country, it's already gone.
Basically, Washington wants to erase our borders.
Washington wants a North American Union.
It's officially in force in the general public.
Still not aware that it's happening.
It's a sad state of affairs.
I'd like to get your take on that.
Toll free 877-590-5525 or 877-590-KLBJ or you can simply call us here locally at 836-0590 and we'd love to take your calls.
And I shouldn't sound depressed.
I shouldn't sound like I'm disparaging taking action and getting involved.
I'm just so sick of the lies.
Every time I have to hear or see the Rick Perry ad, and I'm not even saying Chris Bell.
I mean, the Democratic candidate wants to blow our borders wide open and wants our guns.
I'm just sick of all of them.
I'm tired of it.
You know, 97% of Texans in major polls don't want these toll roads.
But they're opening.
They're opening next week.
They're foreign-owned.
TexDOT's own employees have valiantly leaked documents that have even been in a local paper here in Austin.
Stating that Texas Department of Transportation has plenty of money.
Has no need for any more money.
More gas tax money than ever.
We're driving bigger cars.
We're using more gas than ever.
So what if we were using 15 million barrels a day 10 years ago?
And we're using 20 plus million barrels a day.
And so what if the gas taxes have gone up?
And so what if a foreign company wants to come in and make a bunch of campaign contributions
I used to have a name for that.
And be handed over 8,000 miles of Texas roads, c'est la vie.
You know, if you're listening, one of our affiliates in Illinois or Ohio or somewhere else around the country today, oh, so what, that's Texas.
In Indiana, in Ohio, in California, in New York, in Florida, it's all the Florida trans highway.
The Trans-Florida Highway, the Trans-Ohio, the Trans-Oklahoman, the Trans-Illinois, the Trans-Utah.
It's all international.
They give it the same local name.
It's giant NAFTA highways, 82 of the major interstate highways, all to be handed over to private interest.
Oh, and by the way, guess who I interviewed just two days ago?
I do a show, Money Through Friday.
I interviewed Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist, number two at the World Bank, chief economist, World Bank.
Joseph Stiglitz, of course, is a Nobel Prize winner for economics in 2001.
And I interviewed the former chief economist for the World Bank.
For those that don't know, those are the folks that run things.
Okay, they're the boss.
More than Greenspan, more than Bernanke, more than puppet Bush, puppet Hillary, any of them.
And he said that, yeah, we're going to have a worldwide depression.
He said, most assuredly, in the next 12 to 24 months, it's the same thing the Financial Times of London says,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Elaborate on it and research and vet every point I make.
Not that I don't vet it myself, but they always double-check.
We throw it up there, so we're putting a transcript up and some of the stuff that he said.
It should be up there now at prisonplanet.com.
I've got another one here.
Former intelligence agent says Google is in bed with the CIA.
I interviewed Robert David Steele, former deputy of Marine Corps intelligence, former high-level clandestine field operative for the Central Intelligence Agency and a big GOP-er.
And he also talked about 9-11 being an inside job.
Said that we could, with the evidence we now have, indict Dick Cheney.
That's a quote for 9-11.
And he also talked about how he works with Google and he's very upset that they're now, in quote, in his words, in bed with the Central Intelligence Agency.
So we'll tell you more about that.
And then I interviewed the guy that made Trading Spaces with Eddie Murphy and brought Led Zeppelin and the Who to the U.S.
And the guy that made a bunch of other...
That's one of the highest grossing films in history.
Aaron Russo, I interviewed him, and he went ahead and decided, the famous Hollywood director and producer, decided to go public, also Friday, on the broadcast, and he talked about how he had a meeting with Nick Rockefeller before 9-11, and Nick Rockefeller talked about how there would be a big event to bring us into one world government and attack on Afghanistan and Iraq.
This is a pretty big interview.
We'll tell you a little bit about that.
I've got a text report we put out on that.
But the big topics today, the election, the vote, the economy, the toll roads.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Absolutely, I do.
In fact, I mentioned the news is coming up, the different articles, the different reports I'm going to be covering.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
And then I will get into McCain calls for the escalation in Iraq.
He wants 20,000 more troops on the ground, not less.
Also, we first reported this, what was it, two months ago, the bombardment of Lebanon while Hezbollah was busy lobbing its Katyusha rockets over the border.
That was about two months ago.
We broke that.
We actually had reporters on the ground in Lebanon
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we'll get into that.
Now it's in the Times of London, the London Independent, and a bunch of other publications that the major global institutions went, the UN, others went over there and tested, and certainly there's DU radiation wafting around.
And a lot of that stuff blows right over here.
In fact, after the first and second Gulf War, where tens of thousands of tons of it were used in different munitions, now it's proliferating even into small arms, even into the M-16 rounds, the .223s,
Higher levels of radiation are picked up by detectors here in the U.S.
and in England.
So breathe deeply.
It's so good for you.
Prove that you love the New World Order.
Breathe deeply.
And then we will get into Forbes reporting that housing leads dip in gross domestic product.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You won't need a fence anymore because all the illegal aliens and anyone who ever comes here in the future will be legalized instantly and made citizens within three years, okay?
So we're going to go over this a little later, too.
Right now, phones have been loaded since the start of the broadcast.
Let's go ahead and go to a call in Lakeway right out here in Central Texas and talk to Shane.
And you're on the air.
Thank you for calling.
How are you doing today?
Hey, Alex.
I'm not doing too well, sir.
I see the Republicans pulling the wool over everybody's eyes again, saying they're going to control the border.
At least the Democrats admit they're America-hating trash that want to get rid of our border.
I understand.
I've got two quick things for you.
Number one, Saturday night I was watching the news, and Rick Perry himself was on TV saying how no existing roads will become toll roads.
Yet five minutes later on the news, they showed roads that were existing that were going to become toll roads.
Sir, we are in the age of just total lying.
It's just all lies.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
And secondly, and I'm going to be a little critical of you here, though I respect you very much.
I've heard you tear into a couple of people for not buying some of the things that are going on here.
And you kind of need to look at it in a different way, I think.
Rather than get angry and upset at these people, for the most part,
You need to look at these people like you're kind of a father figure, because... Oh, please.
Heaven help us if I am.
I was a Republican.
I voted for George Bush twice.
I was in the Marine Corps.
When this thing started off, I was all for it.
I'm like, this is the right thing to do.
Hey, man, I used to go and put yard signs up for the Republican Party.
Well, okay, see, we're in the same boat, but my eyes have opened now.
And now it's shocking to people...
To see how tyrannical this government is.
Well, let me tell them.
If they think they're shocked now, this is all just setting the table.
Wait until the real feast begins.
I agree.
I think it would be better for these people to open their eyes if you'd be a little more gentle with them.
You know the old saying, get more flies with honey than you do vinegar.
You know my grandma.
I appreciate you, Sean, very much, Mr. Jones, and keep on doing what you're doing.
Hey, I appreciate you, sir.
Oh, you're not going in, are you, Sean?
No, sir.
No, sir.
Or Shane, I ought to be able to get your name right.
I'm a little bit flustered today.
I'm actually depressed right now.
I'm not going to lie to people, which is a rare thing for me to happen on the radio, but I'm just really upset right now.
But tell me, what finally, you know, I'm sure there was a point where you thought I was just some loony liar or somebody else woke you up.
I mean, what was the trigger?
What was the straw that broke the camel's back?
The straw that actually broke the camel's back was when I watched Loose Change.
And I'm a facts kind of guy.
And also, the way you'll tell people, you know, this is not something I'm making up.
You can go and research this yourself and find it.
And watching loose change and just being, you know, halfway intelligent and being able to put two and two together, I mean, it's simple when you get down to brass tacks.
But I think the majority of people are just so blinded.
I mean, you know, everything's perfect.
I've still got food to eat.
No, I agree.
It's literally like being in a matrix, as corny as that sounds.
No, no, you're right.
It is a matrix.
And just to try to deal with the lies is a matrix.
Take the toll roads.
First, the media and the government, who are in tandem together with the private corporations, said that there were going to be no existing roads that had toll roads on them.
Then their official maps got released.
And it's 8,000 miles of roads, almost all of it,
Existing roads.
Now, how they get away with it is they will build an expansion of a couple lanes, or they will put a double deck on.
Okay, they're doing that all over the state.
And then claim that, oh, we're just tolling you to go over this upper and lower deck now, and since we repaved it, it's not an existing road.
So a lot of it's legalese, and they're just playing games with things.
It's like Bush and the torture bill.
Well, we don't torture, they just change the definition.
It says they can beat someone until their organs fail and it's not torture.
And if they die and they didn't mean to kill them, it's not torture.
And Dick Cheney says waterboarding isn't torture.
That's dunking someone in water until they begin to drown, have the panic.
I mean, you try to... I can hold my breath even being out of shape for maybe two minutes underwater.
It's gruelingly hard.
I can swim from one end to the other of an Olympic pool one time, back when I was in shape, down to one end and back to the middle.
And you know what?
You have to control the panic while you're doing that.
And I just... I mean, it's just incredible.
And again, they say, well, them terrorists deserve it.
If they're such terrorists, then we need to see the evidence.
It's called due process.
And if that's gone, if due process is gone, none of us are safe.
Do you understand that the government can cause you a lot more harm and pain than any imaginary Al-Qaeda hiding in a cave?
Rocco, Will, Scott, Anton, Paul, everybody, your calls are coming up.
On the other side of the news and key information you need.
Blasting out worldwide from the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
I want to thank all our new affiliates signing on.
We'll come right back.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones is deep in the heart of Texas, and he wants to talk to you toll-free at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
All right, welcome back.
We're going to go to your calls in just a moment, but for stations out there around the country that didn't hear the local news, but I would imagine it's probably in your news, I'm sure that you've heard that one of the states in Mexico has been revolting against the clearly fraudulent results where the neocons, and our government was involved, yet again in stealing an election in Mexico.
And please, if you don't know history...
You don't know about Mexico and how they haven't had real elections down there, basically, in history.
It's always run by the King Rat, El Jefe, very, very corrupt nation, one of the most corrupt in the world.
But I noticed the local news and the national news didn't give people the name of the journalist that was killed.
In fact, I have this in my stack to cover today, but I have such a big stack, I decided not to get into it.
But I guess we'll talk about it.
Brad Will, New York documentary filmmaker, local talk show host in New York, went down there to specifically show how Western media was covering up the fact that there are massacres on a monthly basis in Mexico of anyone protesting or demonstrating violence
We're good to go.
Hundreds and hundreds of deaths, U.S.
citizens being kidnapped, but it's watered down in our news.
Can you imagine if Al-Qaeda, the imaginary Al-Qaeda group, did something, how they would hype it up, how the media would talk about it forever and tell you give up all your rights and accept toll roads and lots of cameras, that will stop Al-Qaeda.
But there's a real attack going on in our southern border, a lawless criminal nation.
I think we're good to go.
At the barricades there outside the town, because they were trying to remove the local leaders who are not going along with the fraudulent election results, and there's been ample coverage that it is a fraud, even by the BBC.
And so they opened fire at Point Blake Range through the barricades, shooting Mr. Will in the chest, shooting, of course, some other members of the Mexican media that were independent.
And so they're just slaughtering people, machine gunning them en masse.
What was it, about eight years ago, there was all that dust in the sky, and they said, oh, it's fires in Mexico, agricultural fires.
But it was actually in the alternative press, and it was in the Guatemalan press, that that was in southern and central areas of Mexico, where the military was burning out all the farmers right before the harvest to bankrupt them so they couldn't resist.
And they did that several years in a row, just that year the wind was blowing this way.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All men 60 and older who are white must die.
Plan of San Diego.
Oh, don't believe me?
Just type the Plan of San Diego.
The number one link is the University of Texas.
I checked it a few days ago.
Just type in the Plan of San Diego.
And then you can read UT, both their history department about the plan to kill all whites, and then you can listen to the actual head of Chicano Studies saying all whites will be killed.
Now, I'm somebody who's protested the Ku Klux Klan.
I mean, I'm against racist groups.
And I just don't get why I'll be called bad because I don't want to die and to have my children killed and my wife, I guess, will be strung up now.
And I just don't understand why I must die.
I don't understand how I'm the racist.
You see, so our government openly controls and manipulates Mexico.
They have more billionaires per capita than any other country in the world.
We're good to go.
And when Guatemalans try to sneak into Mexico, they put them in open-air shacks and don't feed them and export money out of their families.
But when they come up here, they say, hey, this is our country.
The Southwest belongs to Mexico.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
No, it doesn't.
The French had this.
The Russians had California.
I mean, everybody.
The Native Americans had this.
The Apache, the Arapaho, the Blackfoot, the Cherokee.
Certainly not people from Mesoamerica.
But guess who wrote up those documents?
Fifty years ago, the federal government, in collusion with the Ford Foundation, $20-plus billion foundation,
We're good to go.
By the way, that's mainstream news too.
Why would our government want that?
Because the big corporations that own our government and run our media predominantly have openly said they want to break down the United States into regions and merge us into a North American union.
And to do that, they'll play any group off against the other.
It's a long-term strategic plan.
Let's take a call from Rocco in Phoenix, Arizona.
Rocco, thank you for holding.
I can't even tell which line is line five, because these are all so wild.
Why don't you just air that call for me?
This has changed.
Go ahead, Rocco.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I have a quick side note before I get to my question.
There's a show on CNBC, the stock channel.
It's called Big Brother.
You might want to TiVo that for your new film.
What program is it?
It's called Big Brother Big Business, and...
That's on Wednesday at 9 p.m.
Thank you.
Now, my question is, it kind of gets into a contradiction between, I guess it's between Aaron Russo and you.
Okay, you're welcome.
I'm sure you remember when Aaron Russo said that Nick Rockefeller told him that the Women's Live Movement was financed by the Rockefellers so the government would have more taxes coming in because women would be working.
And that makes sense because the more people that work,
The more taxes the government gets.
Let me just stop you, and I'll hold you over if need be, okay?
Rocco, Aaron Russo's made some of the biggest films in Hollywood history, and he's a very successful director and producer.
He's made the new film, America, Freedom of Fascism, that we carry at InfoWars.com.
I bet he bought it.
Sure, sure.
And I've been interviewing him a lot.
And he talked about how he met with Nick Rockefeller, good friends with him in New York.
Nick Rockefeller, one of the Rockefeller clan, talked about how the Women's Live movement was pushed and controlled by the government.
Go ahead.
But you, Alex Jones, seem to be saying that the government wants to kill off up to 90% of our population.
And I've heard you use the term population reduction.
You know, you're confused, sir.
If I wanted to domesticate cows, to then slaughter cows... Mm-hmm.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
I think?
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Alex Jones is deep in the heart of Texas, and he wants to talk to you.
Toll free 877-590-5525.
Yeah, I've got to hurry up here.
It's always a catch-22.
I have stacks of important news.
I have unlimited phone calls.
I want to talk to everybody.
I've only got two hours to do it all in here.
Sundays from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, emanating out of the studios of KLBJ 590 AM and now being picked up by quite a few stations across the country and a bunch of others signing on to pick it up here in the next few months as soon as almighty football ends.
And I am flattered.
This is the first show that's been syndicated out of these studios here in the 60-plus year history of this fine station.
And again, that was a sarcastic, arrogant, aggressive comment I made to Rockos who were going out to break.
I looked at the clock and saw I had five seconds.
And I am frustrated because, you know, he's saying...
He's saying, well, I have trouble with my friends because Aaron Russo is over here saying he met with a Rockefeller who bragged to him that they're controlling populations and they want all the women working out of the homes so the state can have the children.
By the way, I've interviewed the number two person at the Department of Education.
I have the documents from the 60s, 70s, and 80s where they planned all this.
I mean, this is domestication.
You read how they raised Roman slaves.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
I'm trying to explain this to people, okay?
People say, well, if the government wants to kill us, then why do they want to break up our families so they can tax both of the parents?
Well, it's a process.
It's steps.
We've gone from land of the free, home of the brave, to land of the dumbed down, home of the surveilled.
It's a process of getting us dependent on the state, getting control of us, getting us hopped up on drugs, breaking up our families, training us not to have courage, training us to care about things that don't matter.
Training us to get excited about things that don't matter.
You know, so what, the CPS is dragging off your neighbor's kids for no reason.
So what, they're putting toll roads on existing roads and telling you they're not existing roads.
You know, UT barely won last night.
Oh my gosh, we're in trouble.
And I'm not saying liking UT is bad.
I'm saying like UT, but get mad about being raped with toll roads owned by foreign companies.
And so people always say, well wait, the government doesn't want to kill us.
The government wants to tax us and regulate us and make money off of us.
The government is controlled by international corporations that control the central banks of the world who print the money.
And they have set up an economic structure to fleece the population, to get control of the population.
They print the money out of nothing.
The banks issue credit out of nothing.
It's fractional reserve banking.
It's zeros and ones.
Everything is about gaining control.
And if you can't get that through your heads, that's what elites have done throughout history.
And so it isn't my opinion that the World Bank and the IMF and the Club of Rome and the Club of 300 and the Bilderberg Group documents and Henry Kissinger's documents and what Prince Philip says and what the World Wildlife Fund states and what Dr. Peter Singer says and what Dr. Pianca here at UT says in Austin.
All these people have said 80 to 95 percent of us need to die.
The dying needs to start now.
Dr. Pianca right here at UT.
One of their top climatologists came right out at UT and at other speeches around the state and said 90% is an ideal reduction.
We need a police state like China has so we can have the orderly reduction of the population.
He said we need a police state in place to force one-child policies and to force policies of population reduction.
What do you think black men being given syphilis and allowed to die and spread it to hundreds of thousands over 45 years was about with Tuskegee?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And why did they do it?
Because the United States government paid Israel $3 billion to do radiation tests.
And where do you get an attitude by governments that will do things that callous?
They did something that callous because in the bigger scheme, quote, were overpopulated.
Now, the ringworm children are real, folks.
They told them, well, you're going to get tested for fungus.
You're going to get a dental appointment.
Many of them died on the gurneys.
Okay, they tested radiation from super high levels down to low levels.
Okay, tens of thousands died within months of it being irradiated.
Most of them died within years.
A few are still alive today.
They have no hair.
So don't ask me.
Again, I'm sorry I have a declassified document available written in 1971 by Dr. Henry Kissinger instructing the IMF and World Bank to have policies in secret deals ordering third world countries that got aid to forcibly sterilize their women.
Okay, I mean, this is real, ladies and gentlemen, and it's a perfect excuse for despots to reduce our population.
So they use the taxes, the regulation, the social lady, this whole grid to get us under their control, clamped down, herded onto reservations, onto plantations.
Then the extermination starts.
And I don't want to just throw ideas out here and then not back them up.
I read a manual for controlling black slaves that was published, republished, by the University of Chicago.
And there was a piece in the Chicago Tribune, speaking of it briefly, I guess it was about seven years ago, and I actually wrote for a copy of it and got a copy of the slave manual.
And it was the same thing I read in the Battle for Gaul, written by Julius Caesar.
Just go to the library, or go to Barnes and Nobles, and just say, I want the Battle for Gaul.
And they'll take you over to the history section.
It's written by Julius Caesar.
Okay, he was 2,040-something years ago.
He was the first Roman emperor.
All right?
And it's the same stuff in there.
Okay, and what they do is they pull a black slave ship into Boston, or they pull it into Rhode Island, or they pull it into Jamaica.
And half the people already died on average on the trip over.
And they pull off the men and the boys and put them in one area, and the women and the girls in another.
We're good to go.
And so you keep control of the men, and we're putting you ahead of the men to report and to spy on them, or we're going to start beating your children to death.
And that's where you get the image of the big black woman in the house telling the black men what to do.
That's why the women were the ones that were brought into the house.
And with the New World Order, it's the exact same thing that I read from the sugar plantation owners.
It's the exact same thing I read from Julius Caesar.
Caesar, Gaul is France.
I don't know why it's called the Battle for Gaul, because he subdued them, and most of his fight was with the Germans.
Their main ally was the Austrians.
And so in come the Roman legions, and it's this big nine-year fight with them.
And the whole thing is how they would do the exact same thing.
They would tell them, give up, join us, and we won't kill you, and they wouldn't.
But a lot of times they would still trump up reasons to grab all the big males and then they'd beat and kill them and they'd beat and kill a few kids in front of the mothers and they'd set the mothers up as the bosses over their own tribe telling the mother, you're doing this to keep your men and children safe.
So that's all modern, feminine.
You ever watch Fox TV?
You ever watch ABC where the male's always a stupid idiot?
The male is always dumb, can't manage money.
The male is always a fool.
The woman's always telling him what to do.
All that is is slave training, ladies and gentlemen.
So it is, in my opinion, that the Department of Education and the Women's Live Movement and all of this is meant to destroy families and destroy men being strong.
And if you don't believe me, go read The Battle for Gaul or go pull up the...
I forget the exact name of the plantation manual so long ago.
It was something like the art and the instruction and control of black slaves, something like that.
And it was written, and of course he harkens back to the Roman manuals.
It was an owner of sugar plantations.
I know, was it in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic?
I can't remember.
I read like pages of it on air.
It was years ago.
It totally freaked people out.
Okay, so that's all any of this is.
How long do I have until break?
I don't have my break list here in front of me.
Yeah, we're going to go to break, and I hope that answers your question, Rocco.
I'm going to calls here slower than Christmas, and I'll let you briefly comment when we start the next hour, and then I've got to go to Will, Scott, Anton, and others.
Full free number to join us, 877-590-5525, or locally, 836-0590.
And coming up, I will get into Forbes reporting that housing is down 17.4%.
That is the housing crisis, 17.4%.
We'll also get into Rockefeller predicted event to trigger war 11 months before 9-11.
Former intelligence agent says Google is in bed with the CIA.
We'll tell you more about these toll roads opening in Central Texas.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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And now, let's begin the story of Susan B. Anthony, Woman on the March.
Well, daughter, we'll be back to the mill in the house in just a few minutes.
Was it a good trip?
Is he glad we went?
Oh, Papa, he knows I am.
To be at the yearly meeting of the Society of Friends in Philadelphia, I almost feel like a grown-up.
And I...
I felt like a young man.
He is a young man, Papa.
No, Susan.
I'm old.
Older now than ever.
This trip was my last luxury.
When I get home, the house and the mill will soon belong to someone else.
I knew that business was slow.
I went...
That's the name, the call letters, the station this broadcast originates from right here in Central Texas.
You know, I can't just glaze over, though, what I mentioned earlier about actual manuals concerning the control of the family, the breakup of the family, and how to set women up as the masters of men.
And empires have done this a lot throughout history.
And they tell the women, you tattle on your men, you keep them in line, you're going to be the boss.
And that's why in slave gangs...
We're good to go.
What to do.
And, you know, these poor women have been raised like this.
They have been taught that it was their job to oppress the black male, that the black male didn't know anything, that the black male was an idiot.
And black males, many times, were kept in chains with animals in the barns.
We're good to go.
And so this is how they've always operated.
So modern feminism, and again, just watch.
The worst is Fox.
On every show, the male is an idiot, the male is a moron.
Every sitcom, he's a complete idiot.
The women are focused, they're smart, they're the bosses, they know everything.
And notice now, 60% of your college graduates in this country are women.
The CIA set up Miss Magazine.
We're good to go.
We now have more people in foster care and it's good for the state and it's good for these control systems.
And it's all towards this Malthusian, social Darwinistic plan that we have in the future.
Okay, let's go to call.
Some of the other things coming up.
I will detail the fact that Forbes is reporting a 17.4% slump in home sales.
This is very serious for the economy.
Also, Bush's border fence doesn't actually create a fence.
It's more smoke and mirrors.
But, again, just believe Rick Perry and Bush.
Oh, they're building a fence.
Oh, the toll roads aren't on existing roads.
Everything's wonderful.
Let's go ahead and just go right down the line.
Will in Tennessee, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Will.
Thank you, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller, and I appreciate what you're doing.
Well, thanks for holding for an hour.
Oh, no problem.
If I could, I'd like to give you my testimony of how I found out about you and got into the whole truth movement.
A buddy of mine was just driving down the street and decided to stop off at this old military base where they had this tank parked.
At the foot of the tank, on the step, he found a Ziploc bag with a videotape in it and he swiped it.
When we took it to his house and put it in the VCR, thinking it was going to be a porn or some kind of
Well, we've got people all over the world who are putting free videos out.
I mean, I get calls from New Zealand.
I get calls from Canada going, Mr. Jones, is it you that put out a thousand copies on car windows at all the churches?
And I'm like, I'm in Austin, Texas.
You think I did that in New Zealand or Canada?
I actually really got into it.
I liked how you compared everything to history and how it all made sense when you compare it to history.
I guess my question for you is, what do you think is more effective for change?
Voting in the system we live in, the two-party system, or actually spreading the truth yourself and spreading these videos and talking to people?
Since I've seen that video, Masters of Terror,
I've been going on to see all your videos, and I've made copies and spread them around, told people at work about it.
I mean, everybody at work thinks I'm a kook now, but still, at least I'm... Well, 84% in now two major polls, both came up 84 in the last month, disagree with Congress.
They give both parties a bad approval rating.
Cheney has a 12%.
Hillary has an 18%.
But overall, government has about a 16% approval rating.
Bush has a 30%.
And 84% of Americans, and another side, that number just keeps coming up, 84% because it's scientific, that was in a Reed Allen poll we covered, Angus and Reed poll we covered, that was for the New York Times, CBS News, that was last week.
Only 16% believe the official 9-11 story now.
So, again, there's a lot of people, and I appreciate your call, who even feel the way you do, but in public they'll say they don't because they're so weak-minded.
You know what?
You should do both.
You should vote, but at the same time you should fight for paper ballots.
And you should get involved in waking other people.
Do everything.
Don't just do one thing.
35% of the country have these questionable electronic machines, and we've had the engineers from the companies go public and say they were hired to design it for fraud.
It might be in one or two national papers, but then it's never heard of again.
I mean, you understand Diebold engineers.
Other engineers have gone public for major companies saying, I was hired to engage in fraud.
Diebold has, what, at last count, nine felons were working for it?
Vice presidents running whole elections in California who were computer crimes convicted?
I mean, they have wireless cards in them.
You know, right now the feds are freaking out because, what is it, Sequoia Systems, now some Venezuelan company bought a controlling interest in it.
The government should be freaking out over that.
And you know what?
But not because Venezuela just bought in.
Sequoia was in trouble before that.
That's in the New York Times today.
Sequoia was in trouble long before that happened.
I mean, what about the company that the chairman of the company, and he owns a lot of it, was Senator Hagel?
When he first got in the Senate a few years back, Senator Hagel was 15 points behind in all the major polls.
Maybe one or two polls, you can believe it, but no, all of them.
I mean, he was very unpopular.
A Republican had never been elected there in modern history to a senatorial position.
Okay, but it turned out he owned the company he was voting on.
See, that's another thing.
I mean, you bring up voting.
I could talk for two hours and not take a single call, and it'd be a hell of a radio show, but at the same time, I want to take your calls.
We've got to break again, don't we?
I need to jam one more caller in here.
Quickly, let's go ahead and talk to Anton in Brooklyn.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
My name is Antoine from Brooklyn.
Thank you very much.
You've taught me a lot.
In the spirit of questioning our teachers, please respond to criticism my friends and I have had about your taboos that you've not gone far enough for truth.
In light of Aaron Russo's work regarding laws and courts, how do you feel about the ideas of Jordan Maxwell, who you've also interviewed, and his ideas of a commercial person versus a sovereign person and the core idea behind citizenship and maritime law?
Where do you draw the line?
Like, you know, are you keeping any gates closed from us?
Or is there something... Sir, I've been talking about admiralty law and the commercial courts for years.
So, I appreciate your call.
I mean, I don't... How am I keeping doors shut?
Just go type new order into a search engine and go crazy.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com is the website.
More calls, more news straight ahead.
I'll tell you about the economy when we get back.
It's here.
After a year in production and traveling to distant lands, my new film Terror Storm is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Now, here's Alex Jones.
Yes, yes, we're back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Okay, the last caller, I was up against the break, he says, you know, are you hiding something from us?
Are you keeping the doors shut on us?
There's a lot of patriot mythology out there, you know, that you sign some form and mail it into the government and you're magically out of the system.
This government is completely and totally criminal.
There are trillions missing from the Pentagon.
There's hundreds of billions in no-bid contracts.
There was a story in a local paper the other day about a $20 billion contract, and they said, open your books up, and they said, no, we don't have to.
You know, the private company Centra, owned by Spain, controlled by King Juan Carlos, grabbing all our roads.
They've told the state of Texas, you don't get to see our books and our deal with TxDOT.
The state legislature's been told to take a hike.
I mean, so...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But then there have been lawsuits over that and they're not allowed to do that.
Again, it's all tricks.
It's all sleight of hand.
I don't know what to say to you.
It's color of law.
It's contract fraud.
I've got a whole bunch of Supreme Court rulings that you've got a right to travel.
But they started back in 1918 going, look at these cars.
They're tearing up our roads.
Make them of their hauling materials and their commercial get a driver's license and pay a tax.
And New Yorkers said, yeah, make them rich truck drivers pay taxes.
And so they started a tax on people involved in commerce.
If you were driving your Model T down the road and weren't involved in hauling something, you didn't have to pay the tax.
Then they started the licensing.
Then everybody got it.
But there's still court rulings.
You don't have to have a license.
But you try telling that to a police officer who can't find Iraq on a map, doesn't know what the Fourth or Fifth Amendment is, doesn't even know who their grandparents were.
Daddy wasn't there when he was growing up.
You know, I mean, the public is stupid!
And that's how Rick Perry can get up on television, and yes, I saw it.
The caller called in earlier and said, you know, he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.
He saw Rick Perry said, we're not putting toll roads on existing roads, and the next newscast shows existing roads with toll roads on them.
They treat you like idiots, because frankly, a lot of us are idiots.
This is complex stuff.
Look, I'm going to go to your calls, but let me just tell you about what Forbes is saying.
Housing leads...
To dip in GDP.
That's gross domestic product.
America's third quarter economic growth rate seemed shockingly low on Friday when the Commerce Department reported a 1.6 expansion in the third quarter, but the data seemed to reflect air coming out of the housing bubble more than a widespread economic slowdown.
Boy, that is spin.
Analysts have been expecting growth of 2% down from 2.6 in the second quarter, with 5.6 for the first three months of the year, but the contribution of residential housing plunge 17.4 during the latest period.
Now, you want to talk about basic economics, okay?
And by the way, I interviewed Nobel Prize winner,
We're good to go.
And he said, if there's good management, it'll just be that.
If it's bad management, worldwide total implosion.
Super hyper global depression.
And that interview's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now, by the way.
An article about it.
So this is the type of stuff that I have to deal with every day.
And I actually studied this.
I mean, I interviewed him for 45 minutes.
And I'm not tooting my horn, but I didn't take any calls.
What a talk show like this one.
And I held my own, and I made my points, and I knew my facts.
And I'm not saying I'm even that smart.
I am not an expert on UT football, folks, because that doesn't matter for my children's future.
I am somewhat of an expert on what's happening globally with the economy.
But let me just give you the basics.
In the last six years of his tenure in his, what, was it 20-year tenure at the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, Fed Chairman of the Private Federal Reserve System,
Alan Greenspan doubled the money supply from
1999 to 2006, early 2006.
Then Edward Bernanke came in, the new Fed chair, and he said, he's known as Helicopter Bernanke.
He's known as that for printing so much money.
He said, I'm going to double it in the next two years over the last doubling, and then he made the M3 money supply secret.
So now the money supply secret.
And, of course, only 2% of the actual digits in the computer banks are actual paper money.
And that was as of a year ago.
Now it looks like, who knows?
The dollar's worth one cent what it was in 1913 when the Federal Reserve took over.
And again, a poor immigrant from Mexico knows what it means to have a weak currency.
I've talked to yuppies and had them give me that dead-eyed stare and that little smirk giggle because anything that threatens their little bubble of superiority, they just deny.
Let me tell you something.
I'm moving my assets around.
I'm freaked out.
I'm losing sleep.
Just like Joseph Stiglitz is.
And just like the Financial Times of London editorial staff are.
Because in Stiglitz's own words, the elite have so inflated world currencies, they're worried even about keeping their wealth, ladies and gentlemen.
Normally the elite run these scams and use consolidations and implosions to be prepositioned to buy things up cheap.
Let's say, you know, average person.
Let's say you've got $500,000 in the bank.
You're not going to buy real estate.
Now you're going to wait until it corrects, and then you're going to buy when it's low.
Well, the elite does that too.
They're so panicked.
The bubble is so big right now.
It's so huge right now that all the world's financial experts are scrambling just to protect elite capital holdings, okay?
And why has this happened?
Because knowingly,
Since the private banks took over, and since 1913, and then in the early 70s they took us off the gold and silver standards.
No connection to real metals, no connection.
They started inflating.
And so it felt real good for you, hadn't it?
As they doubled the money supply.
Some of you are probably saying, probably public school educated like myself, Oh good, more money!
When they print more of it, it's worth less.
That means those of us that save, those of us that own property, those of us that have tried to invest, that means we've been robbed royally.
Let's say you've got $100,000 in the bank.
It was worth half as much after six years of what Greenspan did in his last six years of tenure, and now it's going to be worth half that again.
By a year and three months from now.
A year and two months, excuse me.
That is their official admissions.
And so you would think the stock market would go up.
You're going, well, why would it go up?
More dollars chasing the same amount of stocks.
And the Dow Jones, by the way, is a fraud.
The Dow Jones Industrial 30.
How many of you that own stock even know how that thing works?
It's real simple.
They put the 30 top industrial stocks in there and they take the losers out.
So it's not even a real index to begin with.
Then you take...
A doubling in the money supply and have it chasing those stocks, of course, is at $12,000.
That means its real number is $6,100 right now.
Put it in your pipe and smoke it.
It's not hard.
You want a depression?
People won't be well behaved in America like they were in the 30s.
We're in deep trouble.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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Here's Alex Jones.
Okay, let's do this.
Let's run through your calls, and then I want to get more into the economy, and then Rick Perry and the toll roads, and Bush with the fence.
It's just, I could do a whole show just on Rick Perry the liar.
And Bell's just as bad.
I mean, that's all this global mafia does is they buy off both horses and, oh, better not be for Genki Friedman.
He said something that might have been a joke 30 years ago.
And then you've got Strayhorn, Rylander, whatever her name is this week.
And again, as goes Texas, so goes the rest of the country.
And the things that are happening here are just a travesty.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls here.
Let's talk to Scott in upstate New York.
Thanks for holding.
Welcome, sir.
Hi, Alex.
You're my brother in liberty, I'll tell you that.
Hey, I recognize your voice.
I saw you at Bilderberg up in Ottawa in Canada when the World Elite were meeting.
That is correct.
We were there together, and then I saw you out in L.A., and we had dinner together in L.A.
That's right, with Charlie Sheen hanging out.
That was great.
Yeah, it was great.
Thank you for having me, by the way.
You know, just for Rocco's sake, you know, Rocco, you're on the right track.
Just remember, a house divided cannot stand.
They got the women out of the house.
They made it so the family was broken up.
They had less children because of it.
Now the women are out of the house, the family's broken up, and now they'll be able to reduce the population.
And we're being overrun by third world populations foaming at the mouth, screaming, death to America.
And then the government says, give your rights up so we'll stop the terrorists, but then leave the borders wide open so the hordes can invade.
You know, it makes me so angry, but people have to get it through their minds.
They want cameras on every one of the street corners in this country to watch the American people.
The cameras belong in the House of Representative offices and in the offices of the Senators, so we the people can watch our representatives, our servants.
They got it completely backwards.
And if the American people can put it in their mind, we own the country, the people of Washington work for us, the cameras should be in their offices so we can see what they're doing.
Instead of going coast to coast in the school bathrooms.
It isn't enough to train our children to have cameras and microphones on them and police searching them and barbed wire fences and all the rest of this stuff in the brainwashing education camps.
But it's bad enough now on top of it they're putting them in bathrooms.
It's incredible, but there's a million things.
You know, I was on Drudge Report about a month ago.
I was able to get in.
I promoted Terror Storm three times that night in about a five-minute conversation with him, which was good.
Oh, you got on the Drudge Report?
I got on the Drudge, and three times with Terror Storm.
I mentioned your name.
I told him you were a colleague of his out of the KGLB.
KGLB, which is... KJFK, yeah, yeah.
And so he allowed me to talk.
He gave me about five, maybe seven minutes.
Another thing is people can go on the Internet.
They can pick out a city, whether it's Boston or L.A., wherever it is.
You don't have to be there.
Go find the radio station.
Call in at night.
Promote Terror Storm.
Explain to people what's happening with the borders.
Explain to people what's happening.
They want the phone calls at night.
No one calls these local...
And then you can get in by using their 800 number.
And you can promote Terror Storm.
You can promote the truth movement in that way.
Well, let me do this, Scott, because people just joined us.
Terror Storm is my new film that I put out for free on Google Video.
And it cost me about $100,000 to make, but I put it out for free on Google Video.
It's had millions of views.
We've got a link up on Infowars.com where you can watch my new film for free.
When you're done, please send it out to your email list, post it on your MySpace.
Show it to your co-workers.
That's how we're going to win this fight.
It's the history of government-sponsored terror.
It shows all the admissions where criminal elements of our government admit they stage terror attacks to blame it on foreign enemies.
Then we get into 9-11-77 and what's happening in modern day.
Such an important film.
And by the way, it's going to be in stores nationwide.
Scott, good to hear from you, brother.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Take care.
God bless you.
Good to hear from you.
It's going to be in stores nationwide starting October 31st.
Next Tuesday it hits stores.
I'm talking Barnes & Noble's, an end cap.
Not just in the store, an end cap.
My distributor's going hog wild.
Believes in this film.
The same books put out, outfoxed.
Big distributor.
It's going to be in all of the Borders books.
It's going to be in Virgin Atlantic.
It's going to be...
In thousands of outlets around the country.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a great gift to give people.
Please go out to the stores and get Terror Storm.
And speaking of locally, here in Austin, Texas, for all the KLBJ 590 listeners, on the corner of 6th and Lamar, there at the Waterloo Records and Video, right next to Waterloo Ice House, nice restaurant next door.
Eat there all the time.
I'm going to be there from 5 to 6.30.
Coming up,
This Halloween night, Tuesday night out there on Samhain, Samhain, Devil's Night.
We're going to be out there giving the devil a black eye, as Robert Tilton used to say.
We're going to be there, and I'm going to be signing Terror Storm, and it's going to be in stores nationwide starting next Tuesday.
And I want to see you down there from 530 to 630.
We'll be there.
I'll give a speech, take some questions, and sign Terror Storm.
That's the corner of 6 and Lamar coming up this Tuesday.
Let's try to jam some more calls in.
This is an impossible task.
The line's been loaded since before the show started, and I've been trying to cover the news here.
It's impossible.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nacho in San Antonio.
Nacho, welcome.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
What's on your mind?
Doing a radio show.
I'm a big fan, big fan of yours.
I've been listening, been a member of Prison Planet for quite a long time now.
Thank you.
I'd like to ask you if you know anything about a camp falcon that was supposedly hit by mortar fire on 10 August.
Yeah, I've actually now talked to people who have children who were there fighting, and it was just an ammo dump blowing up.
Some disinfo got put out that a nuke went off.
Well, I saw the video.
That's not a nuke.
That's an ammo dump.
Yeah, it's an ammo dump.
I was hearing that 300 to 500 U.S.
forces were killed there.
Not true.
My intel is, for once, the media, our government's being truthful, a bunch of people got wounded, nobody died.
Because, you know, they stick those ammo dumps usually a few hundred yards away from people, and they did, and people got concussions, they got blasted, some buildings collapsed, but they sleep underground, so they had to dig some people out.
Well, I appreciate that information.
I didn't hear any good scoop on that.
I'm behind you all the way.
I don't think this thing's going to end pretty.
I think our big problems are DU, the Federal Reserve, and basically our two-party system.
Why would Israel use DU just a few miles north of their border, knowing it would blow back on their own people?
It doesn't make too much sense.
Why does our government use it?
The United States uses the EU and its own people, and our people keep on joining the services, and our servicemen keep coming back here and acting like there's no problem.
I don't know, but it's serious.
I guess supporting the troops is kind of like Pat Tillman's brother said, just sticking a sticker on your car and waving them goodbye.
Let's talk to Brock in Knoxville, Tennessee.
And I appreciate Brock calling into the broadcast.
Go ahead, Brock.
Yeah, Alex, I've been listening to you for almost 10 years now.
And I just watched Aaron Russo's film last night.
And anybody who's out there listening right now, I'm here to tell you that this is, and along with Terror Storm, is the absolute best truth films.
You will ever see.
Well, I wasn't going to plug it, but yes, it just came out this week.
I have 3,000 of these little beauties, and available at my online video and bookstore at Infowars.com.
You can't get it in stores yet, but we have America, Freedom from Fascism by Aaron Russo available.
It's awesome.
And as I was watching this, I've been studying this ever since, basically, I was in the military in the early 90s.
But since I got in there, I realized something wasn't right.
Because they were being lied to constantly by officers who had been trained and schooled in how to lie to people.
And it goes all the way up to the top, from the top down.
But ever since I've gotten born again, I just like to tell people, you know, if you don't believe in Jesus Christ...
We are hearing what Alex is saying.
Go and get yourself a Bible, because it's all in there.
I hear you, and I agree with you, and good to have you on board.
Ten years listening.
Oh, I should have brought up he was listening on, I guess, WBCR.
They're in Knoxville.
Great affiliate for about eight years.
Now I've got to pick up this show.
All right, we'll be right back after this quick break.
And there's no way.
I mean, I've got five news stories to cover and eight phone calls.
We'll try.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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Alex Jones is deep in the heart of Texas, and he wants to talk to you toll-free at 877-590-5525.
Now, here's Alex Jones.
I interviewed a legendary historian and novelist, Gore Vidal, today for the TV show, but I interviewed him earlier this week on my syndicated weekday show.
We do syndicated radio six days a week now, right here every Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
on the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ.
He said clearly the 9-11's a cover-up, could be an inside job.
Went over some of the evidence of that.
I, this week, also had a chance to interview on the text reports up on PrisonPlanet.com Robert David Steele, who was high-level Marine Corps intelligence, and then, of course, with the CIA, high-level, and he's been a big Republican, and he's now done an analysis of 9-11 and is saying there's enough evidence to indict Dick Cheney for involvement in the attacks.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Office of Research and Development, Steele said.
And they're clearly censoring a lot of news stories, a lot of videos.
They've been caught doing that with Terror Storm.
So don't let them stop you from getting the info.
Go to InfoWars.com and watch it for free.
It says watch it for free and pass that link on.
The power of you taking action is incredible.
And then Aaron Russo, the legendary movie director and, of course, producer.
Rockefeller predicted a vent to trigger war 11 months before 9-11.
Hollywood director Russo recalls remarks forecasting of an attack.
Here's what I know firsthand.
I know that about 11 months to a year before 9-11 even happened, I was talking to my Rockefeller friend, Nicholas Rockefeller, and he said to me, Aaron, there's going to be an event.
He went on to say he just said there's going to be an event, and out of that event we're going to invade Afghanistan so we can run pipelines to the Caspian Sea, so we can go into Iraq and take the oil and establish bases in the Middle East and make the Middle East part of the New World Order, and we're going to go out to Venezuela.
That's what's going to happen after this event.
Eleven months to a year later, that's what happened.
He certainly knew that that was going to happen.
And he goes on to talk about how the guy said they're going to make all of us take chips.
That's now in the documents.
Let's blast through your calls.
Alex Jones is calling us from Sydney, Australia.
Welcome to the airwaves.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead, Eric.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
We've got to go quick.
Okay, quick.
Listen, the other day someone called you and said, Terror Storm's not real and the government will kill you.
And I was thinking, how can the public or health members of the public think that a government is a good government that wouldn't do the things you mentioned in Terror Storm, and yet at the same time
It's okay to kill you, because that's what governments do, and that's fine.
Oh, yeah, people all the time will say to me, oh, well, you're a coot, but you better shut up, they're going to get you.
And listen, the government's full of good people.
It's criminal compartments, and if they kill me, they'll make this information that much more powerful.
Number two, it isn't decided by the fact, is it real, am I alive or am I dead?
Go vet the things I claim in the film.
I mean, go check out the claims.
Go check out... You know, I say CIA.gov admits that the government stages terror attacks.
Here's the document.
Go pull it up.
But they don't know how, man.
They know how to suck their thumbs, and that's about it.
It's like they have a typical double-think scenario where they think, it can't be happening, but, you know...
But we'll kill them anyway.
It's just disgusting, especially how they can just flippantly say to you, you have children, a family, you know, and it's just disgusting.
Well, they have killed a lot of patriots, and I appreciate your calling.
These are all such great callers.
I wish I had more time with all of you.
Ian's calling from Dallas.
And, Ian, thanks for calling.
Welcome to the airwaves.
Yes, Ian, from Dallas, Texas.
Ivan, yes.
Hi, how are you doing?
Quick thing.
Great support for your show over here.
I had a quick question.
I'm originally from Venezuela, too.
I've been hearing a lot about what's happening.
I've been here for about six years.
My wife is a U.S.
Next year I can apply for citizenship and all that.
What do you think, what are the risks of getting involved on anything, any kind of movement before
You know, having legal documentation.
I understand.
You're saying under H.R.
6166 you're not a citizen.
Sir, H.R.
6166 clearly says citizens too.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And the answer to tyranny is fight it as hard as you can because it's a greater danger not to fight it.
And, you know, it's your God-given duty to stand up against tyranny.
And, you know, I mean, look, neocons have called for my arrest on national radio.
Yeah, exactly.
So what would be your opinion if I decide to go to... I mean, next year I can apply for citizenship.
I would say that that would be my first step before engaging in something more delicate, I would say.
Yes, no, I think it's great what you're doing and become a citizen, the type of citizen we need.
We need citizens like those Chinese over in China who will take on the police with bats and hoes when the police are taking their land and the police are firing at them with machine guns, mowing them down.
But in every case, the Chinese farmers win.
I tell you, I don't know what we've turned into in this country.
Now let's go ahead and talk to Rob in Las Vegas.
Welcome, Rob.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Rob.
Lovely show.
Long-time listener.
First time caller.
Something I've heard about throughout the years, but I've never known it was true.
I just wanted to ask you, is it true that the CIA started the Nation of Islam?
Well, I know the Nation of Islam was clearly involved, let's say elements affiliated with it, have been fingered by serious scholars and the news for being, well, the movie, you know, which is very accurate about Malcolm X, who I have a lot of respect for, if you actually listen to what he had to say.
And, you know, he finally turned away from being a racist.
He finally figured out that it was controlled, that the black Muslim movement was lying to him.
And, you know, the whites were all devils.
You know, the Nazis say Jews are devils.
The black Muslims say whites are devils.
Anybody that says any group of people are devils is wrong.
Are there evil people in each group?
And so, yes, there's a lot of evidence that if it wasn't controlled by the government, the government got control of it.
Okay, and one other quick thing.
You were talking about it on your weekday show.
You talked at length about how...
Yeah, the BBC and others reported this week that major studies in the U.S.
and England came out just this week that it does reduce the sperm count massively.
And the male sperm count worldwide in every industrialized country is plummeting.
Go to a smartgrowth.com website.
Welcome, Tom.
I need you to cut that radio off, Tom.
Put him on hold and see if he comes back.
Let's go ahead and talk to Aaron in Indiana.
Aaron, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Yes, you're worldwide.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'll make this quick.
I was at a party last night, and I was speaking with a mutual friend of the group that I'm with, and he had served in Iraq shortly after 9-11 had happened.
And, you know, the invasion and everything, the occupation, he...
He was telling us a lot of the shady things that have been going on there.
The fact that construction was going on definitely was military.
Like our troops protecting all the poppy fields?
Oh, absolutely.
He was doing a lot of convoy services, taking money and supplies to these groups that were supposed to be building up the nation.
But in all reality, he firmly believed that they were groups eventually going back and attacking them.
Sure, sure.
Katrina, Iraq, all of it are black holes meant to pump hundreds of billions of unrestricted no-booth contract cash into neocons' hands.
I'm out of time.
I apologize.
We're just flat out of time.
Let me try to jam in a couple here.
Let's talk to Greg in New Jersey.
Now we've got 20 seconds.
We're out of time.
I'm sorry to Greg.
I'm sorry to...
Everybody else here, it's sad to end the show with loaded phone lines.
But I'll be back next Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., out of the studios of NewsRadio 590 KLBJ, on all those great affiliates out there that are signing on.
Very excited about it.
God bless you all.
Get out there and fight these toll roads.
Fight the trans-Texas corridor.
Are your Federal Reserve notes looking for a safe haven?
Mine found it in precious metals.
Not paper promises, but actual gold in my possession.
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Hello, Tedder.