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Air Date: Oct. 27, 2006
2570 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz will be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
He blew the whistle on how the IMF and World Bank are purposely trying to destroy economies, purposely bringing in a one-world government.
And right around the time he quit back in 2002, early 2002, thousands of pages backing up his claims mysteriously surfaced, of course.
We know Joseph Stiglitz had nothing to do with that.
He'll be joining us coming up again in the third hour.
A man of conviction.
A person who, at the highest levels of power in the global elite, at the highest levels of management for the global elite, had a conscience and didn't go along with what was being laid out in front of him.
Because once you get to that level, there's no putting a pretty face on it anymore.
It's about enslavement.
It's about control.
It's about domination.
A lot's made of John Perkins, who's a great person, very intelligent.
We've had on Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
But he was at the very low level of this mechanism.
He was more of a really a foot soldier, not even a sergeant in the ground war against the human populations.
But you talk about a four-star general.
You talk about a chairman, joint chief of staff in the banking system, that would be
Mr. Stiglitz joining us again coming up in the third hour.
And the documents are clear.
In fact, I was almost late getting on air.
I was in the next room printing off my famous interview with Greg Palast that got printed in over 400 newspapers for some reason, especially in Latin America to Italy to Japan.
Dealing, I think the headline was, World Bank Documents Consume Argentina.
Because we had Palast on right when all this was happening and the story we wrote about it went supernova, as they say.
Well, as I say.
It went viral, and it was just his quotes.
It was kind of a summation of what was in the documents, where they call it the IMF riot, World Bank riot.
It's interchangeable, where they actually go in and destroy the economy by design.
Then there's a bunch of rioting.
That makes it even worse.
Then they get to put in a dictator or a plutocracy, and then they just have literal rule by the bankers over the people.
And how this works is the bankers come in, the private interest, they buy up your politicians.
They have them call it a Federal Reserve or a Bank of England, some federal national name.
It's totally private.
They then begin printing the money or instructing the treasurer to print the money.
And then they buy up the entire globe with their money.
And then with simple zeros and ones in the cashless society, it's even easier.
They just loan zeros and ones, just computer ballot sheets out of third world nations.
The third world dictators are never meant to pay off the loans.
In fact, they're told not to.
They sign over the entire country into receivership in the fraud.
So it would be kind of like the bank covertly giving somebody a loan on a house and telling them, hey, we really just want the house.
Don't ever pay your monthly note.
But it's worse than that because at least there's a real house and supposedly the bank's going to have to pay off the note to whoever the original owner was.
Here, it's just all made up.
It's like if I went and paid off George Bush to call Alex Jones Federal Reserve, and I literally owned the money machines.
I'd take over pretty quick, wouldn't I?
Total false reality, like so much in our lives.
By the way, what film covers this in great detail?
Like no other, America, Freedom to Fascism, that we have available at Infowars.com via the Safe, Secure, Online video and bookstore shopping cart.
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It's all there.
I-N-F-O-W-A-R-S dot com.
Or simply, you can call toll free, 888-253-3139.
I will come back, jump into all the news, and take a bunch of calls in this first hour.
You'll want to stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Again, we have Nobel Prize winner in Economics 2001.
Joining us is book Globalization and its Disconnects, Joseph E. Stiglitz.
And he left the World Bank back in 2002.
And then all the documents began being leaked where they actually planned to go in and destroy economies.
Now, he is a big-time globalist, but...
It's going to be a very informative interview.
We've got 30 minutes with him.
We're trying to wrangle, beg, bootlick out an hour from him, because we can learn a lot.
So that's coming up in the third hour.
We actually bootlick here for you, ladies and gentlemen, to get these type of guests so we can expose the New World Order.
I'm just having some fun here.
We're also scheduled, as they say, to have...
Aaron Russo will pop in with us later to discuss some of the big developments with his film that's going gangbusters crazy right now on DVD, America Freedom to Fascism, available at InfoWars.com.
We have masses of news here.
Dobbs is saying the border fence will leave Texas size hole.
Another big report that just came out documenting they're not really even going to build much of the fence.
It's more smoke and mirrors.
Maybe those have a hologram of a fence there.
I shouldn't joke.
It'll give them an idea.
And just so much more, but right now I wanted to play this little CNN clip concerning Bush, and not just the internets, but the Google.
It's now known as the Googler.
Why not start the main broadcast with a little bit of fun here, making fun of our supreme dictator, our supreme dear leader, Lord W. Bush.
Here it is.
He can handle a power saw, but when it comes to the power of the internet... I hear there's rumors on the internets.
Not once, but at least twice, President Bush has inexplicably added an S. We can have filters on internets.
Leading young whippersnappers to mock him.
Everyone's on the internet.
That's our fearless leader.
And now the leader dubbed Googler-in-Chief by the Wall Street Journal has struck again.
During a CNBC interview, the president was asked if he ever Googled.
Occasionally, one of the things I've used on the Google is to pull up maps.
The Google?
It may be petty, but the Google had techno-geeks agog.
I wonder on which one of the internets he uses the Google-posted one.
He was just referring to it as the Google, like the Donald.
Forget the Donald.
But I'm the decider.
And when the decider says the Google, the editor who's working on a sixth edition of Bushisms is the man to call.
Jacob Weisberg emailed back that he was eating the lunch when we called for an interview.
It's a little bit the way my mom talks about technology.
It's sort of sweet, kind of endearing.
She calls to tell you that she got an email.
President Bush said he uses the Google to look at satellite maps of his ranch in Crawford, Texas.
Reminds me of where I want to be sometimes.
But who are we to talk?
I had to get my producer to help.
So we're downloading Google Earth.
We're not sure if the president did this or knows how to do this.
I don't know how to do this.
Next thing you know, we were zooming in on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
You practically can see him in there.
He's on the Internet.
Now, I'm no fan of the Internets.
Comedians and Internet wags have immortalized the Internets.
I hear there's rumors on the Internets.
As for the Google, the company says it's flattered.
He can call it whatever the heck he wants to call it.
Besides, he's technically correct.
There is more than one Internet.
Internet 2 is a better, faster network used by universities and others.
The President's not the only politician to get tripped up by the Internet.
It's a series of tubes.
The Internet is a series of tubes.
Better to have those tubes tied than the president's tongue.
Kinemos, the CNN, New York.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, so there you have it.
We're good to go.
Set it up along with the CIA and a bunch of other federal agencies back in the 60s and 70s.
Then Al Gore was involved in the vote to fund and expand the internets back in the 80s.
That's why he claims as a senator he invented it.
That's kind of like if I designed a new Ford Mustang and then claimed I'd invented the automobile.
It's pretty ridiculous.
Everyone's already gone over that.
We know the facts concerning it.
But here are the reports in front of me today.
Here's BBC.
Free speech online under threat.
Bloggers are being asked to show their support for freedom of expression by Amnesty International.
The Human Rights Group also wants weblog writers to highlight the plight of fellow bloggers jailed.
For what they wrote in their online journals, the organizations have fundamental rights such as free speech face graver threats than ever before.
The campaign coincides with the start of a week-long UN-organized conference that will debate the future of the net.
Yeah, they're meeting in Europe right now.
The EU's announcing you'll be arrested if you upload any video.
And I mean video of you mowing your lawn, video of a baseball game, video of anything.
You'll have to have special licenses and pay tens of thousands of dollars and have everything screened through internet to ports to then authorize being able to post it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So they're doing it to like gangbusters, and it's happening all over the place.
Freedom of expression online is a right, not a privilege, but it's a right that needs to be defended, said Steve Ballinger of Amnesty International.
We're asking bloggers worldwide to show their solidarity with web users in countries where they face jail for just criticizing the government.
But of Amnesty, I'm reading what Ballinger said wants to really fight censorship.
He wouldn't just talk about the UN debating its future.
The UN, the EU, our own government is openly talking about taxing it, regulating it, controlling it.
And they're just going to openly start shutting down net neutrality, where the basic Internet will fail.
And they are not going to upgrade the major hubs.
They've been saying this for a decade.
It's now starting.
And then they will quote, oh, there's one that really works, and oh, we have much better connectivity.
Basically, all the new big backbone they're putting in, which is TV quality streaming and downloading, that will only be available if you go onto Internet 2 that is not free, that is government-slash-private Internet,
A collusion between government and corporations, classic corporatism or fascism.
Then if you waive all your rights, then you may be able to have a subdomain with them.
So it's not enough they're just going to build their internet too, which they've now constructed and is now up and running and able to take millions of people on it each day.
It's not just that.
Now they're going to shut down the old highways and force you onto their surveilled, restricted toll roads.
In cyberspace, we see the same thing happening in the real world, where they're going to shut down, restrict, stop repairing the existing entire infrastructure of the United States and shift you over onto either existing roads that are turned into toll roads or onto the new roads that will all be toll roads.
And those are international toll roads funding the North American Union.
Everything is being seized, being looted, being grabbed.
They call it privatization, but if you pay with your taxes to build something, and then it's given to private interests, basically given to them, they just pay off a few politicians, and then they start raping you and taxing you, the lion's share of it going to private companies and a large portion of it going to different global government expansion programs.
Again, that's what's happening.
And it's happening right now.
Here is another article by Paul Watson from PrisonPlanet.com.
And again, the entire article is links to mainstream news admitting what's happening.
Now Europe targets bloggers as terrorists.
UK-EU crackdown on spreading propaganda mirrors US assault on the Internet.
The Bush administration efforts to infiltrate, misdirect, regulate, and pollute the internet with neocon propaganda, which they now, CENTCOM admits they're doing, the military is engaging in propaganda domestically on the internet, as well as their openly stated agenda to target American bloggers as terrorists,
That's Bush, that's Homeland Security Director Chertop, they're all saying it, is now being ate by the British government across the pond, as well as other major European countries.
House Secretary John Reid met with ministers from six largest European Union countries, and according to the BBC report, agreed to work together, if we work together, agreed to work together to make the Internet a more hostile place for terrorists.
How will they accomplish this?
By initiating a crackdown on people who use Internet to, quote, spread propaganda, was the quote.
The very website you are now reading would be considered propaganda and is being blocked by the military servers.
We have that confirmed.
It is being blocked by many companies.
It is being blocked by most city, county, and university libraries.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, ArnoldExposed.com, MartialLaw911.info,
We're good to go.
Approved indoctrination PR spin on how the war on terror is really not about imperial hegemony and crushing liberties at home.
Reid himself is no longer, and is no stranger to the strong-arm tactics of despots, a former hardcore Stalinist member of the Scottish Communist Party and an alcoholic bully with a penchant for thumping people in the face.
He's the guy the other day that said when they had a prison riot, just shoot and kill everyone, he could become the next prime minister.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We're going to have open phones and cover a massive important news coming up in the second hour today.
Then we have Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz joining us.
It's going to be very, very informative.
For the rest of this hour, we're going to be joined by Aaron Russo on this live Friday edition, the 27th day of October, 2006.
I tell you, it is a phenomenon.
America, freedom to fascism has been in theaters across the country, and still in some theaters, but it's been released now on DVD.
We are carrying it.
We've seen a phenomenal response, and that's encouraging.
Please go to Infowars.com.
We're good to go.
But for the general public in America, I remember beating my brains out 12, 13 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, doing hundreds of shows on the Federal Reserve and the income tax, and people didn't seem to get it.
They couldn't believe it.
Now everybody's talking about it on mainstream radio.
Now I hear people talking about it in grocery store lines.
Now people, again, it takes time.
It's like in the guns of Navarone.
Which is based on a true story where they blow up the dam, but the dam doesn't break right away.
The demolitions expert says be patient.
He's sitting there smoking his pipe.
Then all of a sudden it starts cracking, breaking, small pieces fall.
Then all of a sudden it just explodes and the water comes through.
And so we've been sitting here bombing away at the New World Order and the Infowar, blowing holes in their fraud.
Poking holes in this electronic Berlin Wall, and finally it's being ripped asunder and the sunlight is pouring through.
Aaron Russo, I commend you on your long haul making the film, the adversity you've gone through making it.
You're not just a top Hollywood producer with some of the biggest hits in U.S.
history, some of the biggest comedies.
You didn't just bring The Who and Led Zeppelin to the U.S.
You also, I was reading, you also invented bikini underwear.
You killed granny panties.
Yes, I did.
That's the truth.
I was just a kid then, but I created the first ladies' bikini underwear in America.
That's the truth.
Well, I want to thank you for that.
One of my many accomplishments, right?
I'm trying to have some fun.
I think a good way to start out is we've only got a few minutes in this segment.
You know what?
We'll come back and get into the phenomenal success of the film on DVD just four days into its release, four and a half days right now.
Tell us a little bit about Aaron Russo for those that don't know about you.
I've been a very fortunate guy.
I've had a very, very successful career.
I've made some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Danny Aykroyd, The Rose with Bette Midler.
I won an Emmy, a Tony, Grammys, Academy Award nominations.
We've won Golden Globes.
I've been very blessed.
I've been very, very lucky, very fortunate.
I know how to make movies, and I made this movie because...
My conscience won't let me do anything but make this movie.
The truth is that America is heading in to complete totalitarianism, as you know, as your audience knows.
We know the Federal Reserve is a fraud, and the 16th Amendment was never ratified, and there's no law that makes you pay an income tax.
And I thought I would take my movie-making skills and my political knowledge and make a movie that the public could understand, that's something that
Patriots and people who went to the Freedom Movement could show other people.
Because it's very hard when people try to talk to other people about what's happening in this country.
People get glassy.
I don't really understand it.
When they see this movie, they really get it.
So I thought I'd make this movie so that people can comprehend the truth of what's happening.
Because people don't really read that much anymore.
So books don't work as well as a movie works.
And the movie's been incredibly successful.
Well, that's right.
I think only, what, 4% of Americans read one book a year?
If that much, yeah.
I mean, it's scary.
I think so.
You know, at a gas station getting gas this morning, just looking at these young people, they have no idea what's ahead for them.
Well, the truth is they have no future.
The government has unfunded liabilities of around $80 trillion.
That's right.
And, you know, the money has to be created out of thin air to pay for that.
And so it's going to destroy the currency of this country.
And that's why they want to chip us so they can just keep making, you know, money that they put into our chips through computed digits.
So there's no accountability for what they're doing.
And the fact is, I made this movie because it's time for American public to know the truth about what's happening.
And I figured that if I made a movie that was understandable, and the truth is that the movie gets standing ovations wherever it plays.
And the DVDs are flying out.
People are buying them like crazy.
We're having house parties.
And we're turning people on to the truth of what's happening in the country.
That's the first step in the movement.
Stay there.
Let's really talk about, let's chronicle the film.
Run the gamut, the gauntlet, with Aaron Russo.
We're very honored to have him for the rest of this hour.
Nobel Prize winner, former head of the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, joining us in the third hour.
Open phones in the second.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Ask for George.
You're living to see it!
You got front row seats to a bunch of wolves disemboweling the Republic right in front of you.
I have the Associated Press today.
Dick Cheney, in a televised interview, said that, yeah, we're waterboarding people.
It was a, quote, no-brainer for me.
Waterboarding simulates death over and over again.
It is one of the most brutal forms of torture.
It, of course, was the favorite used by the French and the Spanish during the Inquisition.
And we're going to go over that a little bit later.
I hope that you'll get angry at these people.
I hope you will explode in anger in the information war and join us.
And I'm telling you, call all your friends.
Have house parties.
Tell them to bring their friends.
Get out the pizza.
Get out the popcorn.
And get all your friends over there.
Watch America, Freedom from Fascism.
Another week, another Saturday or Sunday night or Friday night, whatever.
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The extras are 68 minutes, so it's three hours and two minutes long.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Aaron's cost a million to make, and then he said a lot more to promote.
National TV ads, radio ads.
And I saw it.
I got friends and family in Dallas and Houston who heard radio ads.
This guy's dumped a lot of his money into this.
He's a long way away from even making it back, and he's saying make copies of his DVD.
You want to have the original.
Buy the original.
You want to have the high-quality original.
You want to support people like Aaron Rizzo.
Go to Infowars.com and order Terror Storm.
Order America, Freedom to Fascism.
Order 9-11 Mysteries, Demolitions.
Get all of these important films, and get them out to everyone in your area now.
Get aggressive.
The toll-free number to order is 888-253-3139.
It seemed a lot of us in this kind of, not current wave, but the last wave, there were people fighting this new world war 50 years ago, 60 years ago, 100 years ago, but people in the last wave, the last big wave before this new one, all woke up about 95.
3-1, 3-9.
I woke up about 94, got involved in 95, started the TV show and radio show in 96.
And I guess the TV show before that and the radio in 96.
That's around the time Aaron Russo really got active.
And so many others started right at that time.
And now we're seeing it's exponential.
This new awakening dwarfs that, I'd say, a thousand to one.
And I see another wave starting even quicker.
So it's kind of like a drumbeat.
It's getting quicker and faster and closer together.
And the elite's getting scared.
They're openly saying they're going to start shutting the web down.
They're starting mass censorship everywhere.
Aaron's been through hell with censorship and harassment trying to make this film.
Aaron, tell us about some of that.
The most interesting one that happened was...
Now, having been a big movie producer in my life, when this movie came out, I got a call from CNBC, the business news channel, that asked me to come on this show called Power Lunch with Bill Griffith.
And I forget the girl's name who's on with him.
And they wanted to talk about my movie.
They called me up, you know, you're a big movie producer, come talk about your new movie.
I said, great, sure, I'd be happy to.
I was a little bit surprised.
So I sent them the movie, the disc, they wanted to see it.
And I FedExed them and the next day after that they called up and they cancelled the interview.
And they just don't want people on the mainstream media to not want you talking about the IRS and the fact there's no law.
They don't want you talking about the Federal Reserve being a private bank.
They want the Federal Reserve clothed in respectability.
You know, if Alan Greenspan speaks or Ben Bernanke talks now, you know, oh, let's listen to what they're saying.
They don't want you to know that it's right out of the Communist Manifesto, the central bank, you know.
And so they cancel my interview on the air.
None of the mainstream press will give me a good review, but the internet press is raving about the movie, standing ovations everywhere we go.
I mean, it's really amazing to see the dichotomy of what's happening, because the movie is really, really good.
And the movie turns people on.
I mean, whether you've been in this game for a long time, you know what's happening to this country.
People love the movie, particularly the interview with the IRS commissioner.
You know, when he says on camera that Supreme Court decisions are irrelevant to the IRS.
Tell him what some of the judges say in the film.
Ah, the judge, this is great.
There's a fellow named Erwin Schiff who's been fighting this battle for a long time, and he was in court, in federal court, fighting his battle, and he was talking to the jury, and he was trying to explain to the jury that there was no law that requires you to pay a tax on your labor.
And this is a direct quote right from the judge.
The judge says,
I will not allow the law in my courtroom.
Oh, man.
I will not allow the law in my courtroom.
Supreme Court decisions are irrelevant.
Supreme Court decisions don't matter.
You know?
The whole thing's a fake.
It's a fraud.
And that's the beauty of it, because, you know, when the public sees that, because everybody knows the Supreme Court is the final arbiter, you know, in this country.
And when they see the IRS Commission is saying Supreme Court decisions don't matter to the IRS...
People go, oh my god, that can't be possible!
You know, and so the movie really wakes people up.
And it's very, very effective.
It's the most effective weapon I've seen so far.
Or tool to wake up the sleeping masses.
You know, because it's just, it's enormous the way this thing is popping.
You know, the movie is going out the doors like crazy.
Well, you know you're selling them there.
And you know the kind of orders you're getting for them.
And because the movie really tells the truth.
And I'm telling you, you have house parties.
We can change things in 2008.
This movie is a great thing to send to juries who are sitting on cases.
Get it to all the jury members.
You know, seeing on tax cases or any kind of case.
If you want to be free, you're going to have to fight for it.
It's simple.
History, common sense has shown us, you know, the laws of human activity, is that if you aren't involved in fighting for your freedom, you will be enslaved.
And we had so much liberty, so much freedom in this country.
And now look, at every level, every indicator is we're going into full bore command and control.
There's no question.
Look, in America, we've had a small...
Throughout history, America was a small window of freedom.
We've had it, and we're blowing it.
We're giving it back.
Instead of preserving that window we had, that gift, that precious gift that we were given, instead of protecting it, we're losing it.
And it's time that we fight back and keep what we were given.
Do not allow this precious gift to be taken away from us.
And we've got to do everything in our power to do it.
And that's the bottom line.
Look, you know, it's really easy for me.
I know the Rockefeller people.
I've been...
I've been asked to join the Council on Foreign Relations.
I've been at the top of the game.
I know all the people.
I know how this thing is played.
And let me tell you something.
These guys are cowards.
They're evil.
And something better be done right now.
And the people better wake up and do something.
And that's why I made the movie.
That's why I've gone out of my way to get this movie out there.
That's what I'm telling you.
Buy a copy.
Make copies of it.
Get it out to everybody.
Go hand them out in the street corners.
Let people see the truth of what's happening in this country.
You said you were... It was Nick Rockefeller you were friends with, right?
And after he was done saying, hey, we created the feminist movement to make sure that the family got broken up and all the women had to pay taxes, we did this, we did that, we want population reduction.
I mean, what did you say back to him?
And what gave you the perspective that they're a bunch of cowards?
Well, you know, when you hang out with people like this and you see how they operate and how they function and the kind of glee they take in other people's misery, you know that...
They can't stand up on their own.
These people are not... They're not going to go to war and fight in Iraq.
You know what I'm telling you?
They're going to use other people to do their bidding for them.
They take control through the money.
And they don't have the courage of their own convictions.
They'll do anything they can do to manipulate.
But they'll never put themselves on the line.
They don't stand for anything.
Except trying to take control.
It's all a giant manipulation.
I guess when you live with them and you see them in an everyday basis, you begin to understand how they really operate and function.
And I can't give you any specific incidents other than to say that in my relationships with some of these people, I can tell you that
It's as evil as it really gets.
This is it.
This is the game.
So is it when you've been brought up to those high places, and I've been brought up to the high places not as many times, I'm sure, as you have been, and it's just like, come on, they don't want to be free anyways.
Look at them.
They're a bunch of idiots.
Look at them.
Just go ahead and join us.
Well, I've been offered, you know, businesses to run, and, you know, one of the things they said to me, what's wrong with the ID card?
You know, we'll make sure your chip says KMA on it.
I said, what does KMA mean?
He said, well, if you ever get stopped by a cop or something, they'll just say, kiss my ass.
They'll know you're part of us.
They'll leave you alone.
So basically, they're saying in this new World ID system, they'll be untouchable.
Yeah, exactly.
They're the elite.
They're the ones.
They're the ones that are running the show.
And we're just little peons, little serfs.
You know, and it's all about control.
It's all about power.
Does it frustrate you, Aaron Russo, again, we're talking to the producer and director of America, Freedom to Fascism, now out on DVD, available at Infowars.com.
Does it frustrate you, though, to then talk to police or talk to the general public who still believe in this corrupt system, who still think that we're the kooks for trying to warn them when we're doing them a favor when everything that they...
Their whole lives are in jeopardy here, and we're here desperately trying to get them out of a burning house, and they're just laughing at us.
I know you've run into that.
Does it make you feel sorry for them?
Does it enrage you?
How do you respond to that?
When I made my first video called Mad as Hell, I used to be enraged by it.
Now I sort of feel sorry for them, because when you know the truth, there's a sense of
There's a sense of, what's the word I'm looking for?
Not resignation, but it's a melancholy.
Yeah, it's just, I'm not sure what the exact right word is, but there's a sense that you know what the truth is.
Yeah, in a sense, that's right.
But what I find happening is more and more people are really waking up.
I find there's an awakening happening in this country, and I find that's why people are moving so quickly to change.
All the stuff you've done, all these 9-11 videos,
People are waking up.
They know that 9-11 was an inside job.
People know it.
You know, I heard a song some months back called There's Something in the Air, but It's Not on the Airwaves.
And that's the truth.
I think there's really a movement happening across this country, and it just has to be galvanized.
Well, I talked about that a few minutes ago, introducing you for this segment, that I see it exponentially, like waves, getting bigger, getting quicker, getting faster, and I see the hubris of the elite, but I also see them beginning to lose that hubris, which in a way I don't like, because now they may figure out how close they are to being defeated.
Well, I certainly sense that they know there's a problem.
They know the Internet is a real problem for them.
If there was no Internet, I think this game would have won a long time ago.
Well, yeah, they plan to use the Internet as a tracking system, a control system, and they're still going to do that.
It's a double-edged sword, but we have effectively seized the sword and used the good edge of it to really start rending and exposing their frauds.
There's no question about it, but that's why they're going to... You see the European Union now talking about
They need government permission to upload videos on the internet.
You see what they're trying to do.
They're trying to control this internet because it's the last bastion of freedom that we have.
Google admits that they keep deleting our page views for Terror Storm.
Oh, they do?
They admitted it?
Oh, they said it's an accident over and over again.
They just keep deleting our ranking.
Because, again, if we get up in the top rankings, which we've done now three times in the top 100, what they do is then millions of people go there for their viewing pleasure.
They're in that top 100.
So, yeah, they're trying to abscond.
They're messing with the counters.
Yeah, I know.
We just cracked into the top 100 there.
We were number 60 yesterday.
And I'm getting some emails saying that we were at over 200,000 views yesterday.
Yeah, no, that's what they do.
You see...
And again, folks, you can go watch it at Google Video, and we have a link to it there if you wish, but you need to buy the DVD, because they can shut the web down tomorrow and you won't have a copy.
Plus, it looks a lot better to have the DVD, and you want to support what Aaron's doing.
The DVD's much better than the Google, for sure.
Yeah, absolutely, and of course, there's an earlier version that got put up on the web that you sent out as a promotion months before the movie even came out that was on the web.
That's not the real film.
Well, they know that people are watching us.
They know that there's a real demand.
People have a thirst for the truth, and they want to get it spread out there.
The fact is that this video explains it in a way that I don't think any other video has ever done before.
And I really urge everybody to buy this video, to have house parties, to show it to other people, to make copies, spread them out in the streets, give them to people.
Because we have to win this battle.
I don't know, I mean...
We have to win this battle.
I mean, the first step for me was making this movie.
The next step for me is to get thousands and millions of people to sign on to become part of this movement.
And the third step we have to do is start taking actions.
You know, we have to stop boycotting the government.
We have to shut it down.
We got to do what Gandhi did and what Martin Luther King did for the freedom movement.
Well, and let me just say what Gandhi faced in India was a tyranny, but nothing this high-tech.
What Martin Luther King faced was a tyranny, but nothing like it is now.
This is the sophisticated apparatchik of very cold-blooded people.
Who openly said they want to bring in a one-world government to straitjacket us, tie us down, so they can eliminate us.
And that's not a joke.
These very same banking elite funded Hitler and Stalin and Mao, who together killed 200 million people.
Okay, this is... Look what they did here in America.
Look at 9-11.
Look what they did.
They killed all these thousands of Americans in that building.
People jumping out of windows from 100 floors up.
They don't care.
Come on.
I mean...
I mean, look what they're doing right here in this country.
They're killing people.
Look what they did at Waco with Randy Weaver.
I mean, that's how I got started in all this when I saw that going on.
This is happening right here, right now.
Come on.
It has to be stopped.
Well, that's the good news.
As they attack us, as they... Waco... I say, why did everybody wake up at 94, 95?
Because then it came out that Delta Force killed them.
And again, now they carried out 9-11.
That totally blew it for them.
I think they thought they'd get away with it, Aaron, and they haven't.
Well, they can't get away with 9-11 because there's no way that Building 7 came down, you know, without a controlled demolition.
It takes weeks to do the controlled demolition.
They couldn't have done it in a few hours, like Larry Silverstein said.
It blows their whole game.
Concrete doesn't turn to powder unless it's exploded.
We all know that 9-11 was a fraud, an inside job, as you've said many times.
And the people of America know it.
They know there's something wrong here.
But we have to do is just galvanize.
People know it's wrong.
It's not a question anymore.
Everybody knows it.
Just galvanizing.
Creating a new movement in this country.
We have to create a movement.
That's what has to happen here.
We just can't sit back on our butts.
We've got to ask God for guidance, too, in all of this.
I know God's with us, Sharon.
And you know what?
I know that, too.
I know that's what's brought me here.
Believe me.
I believe I'm working with the hand of God.
I really do.
You know, I just know that we have to save this country.
You know, knowing the elite, Aaron, knowing people who are very successful, who are good people, they're very happy.
But all these billionaires and people who are evil, they're very unhappy.
I mean, at least in my limited interactions.
Have you found that?
Well, I find that most wealthy people don't make a change because they're living off the system.
And they don't want to change the system.
So with us, the people, you know, I sort of feel like we have to be like Spartacus and get all the slaves together.
And fight back.
Aaron Russo, stay there.
We'll be right back, and calls are coming up.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Monday through Friday, 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Next Tuesday night.
We're good to go.
We've got a list of hundreds of them up there on the website.
There's hundreds more.
Basically everywhere but Walmart and Best Buy and stuff like that.
Almost every video and bookstore in the country will have Terror Storm.
You want to buy it with anonymity?
You want to give it as gifts?
You want to also make sure that it gets bought off the shelves so more gets stocked, so more mainline people walk by and see it and buy it?
Be sure, starting November 1st, to hit the stores and buy Terror Storm off the shelves.
And I'll be at the Waterloo Records and Music, Records and Video at the corner of Lamar and 6th Street in downtown Austin from 5 to 6 p.m.
next Tuesday.
And coming up the next week, we've got a free showing of Terror Storm at a local church.
We'll tell you about that later.
We're going to start the next hour.
Aaron Russo is going to stay with us for about 30 minutes.
We have time to take your calls.
Troy and Patrick and Josh and Pam and many others.
But before we end this hour, Aaron, I again want to encourage listeners to go to Infowars.com.
To get Terror Storm, to get America, Freedom of Fascism, or to call toll free to get both the films, 888-253-3139.
And when you buy America, Freedom of Fascism for $19.95, the thing's worth $50.
You support Aaron Russo, you also get my new film Terror Storm if you want it for $9.95.
For a limited time, because I want you to have both these films.
Aaron, more on 9-11.
I haven't heard you talk a lot about that, I guess because I haven't asked you.
Give us your take on it and some of the other reasons you know it's an inside job and where you think that's going, because they did overreach and why they thought we'd be stupid and wouldn't see through it.
Well, here's what I do know, firsthand.
I know that about 11 months to a year before 9-11 ever happened, I was talking to my Rockefeller friend,
And he said to me, Aaron, there's going to be an event.
And he never told me what the event was going to be.
I'm not sure that he knew what the event was going to be.
I don't know that he knew that.
He just said there's going to be an event.
And out of that event, we're going to invade Afghanistan.
So we're going to run pipelines from the Caspian Sea.
We're going to go into Iraq to take the oil and establish bases in the Middle East and to be in bed with... We're going to make the Middle East part of the New World Order.
And we're going to go after Venezuela.
That's what's going to come out of this event.
And 11 months, a year later, it's what happened.
And I don't know that he knew what the event was going to be, but he certainly knew that something was going to happen.
Did you talk to him after?
So that freaked you out.
Now, you're saying this is Nick Rockefeller.
You think he's going to get mad when he finds out you talked about it?
I guess you don't care.
Well, you know, I know how they operate.
They wait for their moments to strike back, and I'm sure that...
At some point, they'll strike back at me for whatever I'm saying.
You know, they don't do it in the evening.
But you're going for broke.
I can tell you.
I mean, I can tell more than ever.
You've got the eye of the tiger here.
You've gone past the point of no return, haven't you?
Well, there is nothing left to do except to fight back.
And I'm willing to take the bullet, you know.
That's what it's about.
Me too.
And if we all stand up, or even a big group of us are willing to take it, then we're going to beat these chicken-neck cowards.
I believe that.
I mean, there's nothing left.
You know, I mean, the truth is,
Patrick, you know, give me liberty, give me death.
It's a slogan, but it's the truth.
I'm not interested in living any other way.
I'm not going to live with a chip in me and being told how I have to live my life and my children living that way.
I'm just not going to do it.
And I know that these guys are very vengeful, and I know they exact revenge.
And I'm sure at some point, for my speaking out like this, they'll take their toll on me.
But the truth of the matter is that unless we speak out, there's no way to win this game.
And they can't get us all.
You know, I don't know to get us all.
They're not going to get us all.
All I know is that people like you and I, Alex, we have to stand up, and hopefully other people will stand with us so we can lead a revolt across this country.
I agree.
Hey, my friend, the die is cast.
I rolled those dice a long time ago, and I'll just say they didn't come up snake eyes.
We'll be right back with Aaron Russo and your call.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The die is cast.
We've reached the point of no return a long time ago.
Nobody told you that.
I am.
We're going in... through...
We're good to go.
I just want to say I just watched Terror Storm yesterday.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
I think it was just a bunch of hooey, to be honest with you.
There's a lot of blatant lies, a lot of facts distorted, a lot of relevant information was ignored, and several quotes taken out of context.
Well, I'd like you to give me specifics, sir.
Well, the blatant lies was the USS Liberty.
That was a very unfortunate situation.
You know, I'm going to stop you right there, because I have interviewed...
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I've interviewed, what, four of the other admirals, two of them that took the call from LBJ, on the ships.
I've interviewed the first mate, the doctor of the ship.
I've probably interviewed, it's got to be more than 20 people that were on that ship.
And everything we said in there was what they said happened.
They were told they'd be killed if they talked about it.
Are they still alive?
You said they'd be killed if they talked about it.
Are they still alive?
That's what they said on the air.
So after they said it, did somebody kill him the next day?
So you're saying Captain William McGonagall, now rest his soul, and all of them, how dare you, sir?
How dare you call me a liar?
When all I know is telling the show, you're a liar.
You're a punk.
Well, I mean, you're... I mean, this is the old 9-11 thing.
You just...
It wasn't an inside job, and you keep trying to convince people it is, and trying to get some... You know something?
You know something?
You know something?
Hold on a minute!
You saw Terror Storm, and you're saying the government doesn't admit they staged terror attacks in 53 to overthrow Mosaddegh.
You're saying the Gulf of Tonkin isn't admitted to be staged.
You're saying I'm lying about all that.
Well, I know you talked about the Northwoods thing, which there's no correlation between Northwoods and 9-11.
Everything they've done is in Northwoods.
Hijacking jets by remote control.
Blowing up ships.
Blaming it on... Aaron Russo, you want to come in and respond to this guy?
Well, sure.
I mean, let me ask you a question, sir.
If you don't believe 9-11 was an inside job... I know it wasn't an inside job.
I can go to Screw Loose Change and they'll... Okay.
They build straw men.
It's pure bull.
I'm asking you a question.
Okay, go ahead.
How did Building 7 come down?
From the 18th floor to the bottom, there was major structural damage along with...
From what?
The huge fire, either the south side or north side, I'm saying major fires.
Excuse me, there were no major fires, and the owner of the building admitted... Yes, there were major fires.
Excuse me, excuse me, the owner of the building admitted it was brought down by controlled demolition.
No, he didn't.
He certainly did, it's on tape.
He's talking about pulling the fireman, not pulling the building down.
There were never firemen in the building.
Are you going to tell me a man that owns a building has the authority to tell somebody to blow a building?
Sir, we just got fireman tape and police tape, brand new that no one had noticed on CNN.
He slipped up.
We now have you.
You know what just surfaced two days ago?
Two different videos of firemen and police saying get back.
We're about to bring the building down.
The building's coming down.
In fact, I forgot to send those to the network to play them.
That's the case you're taking quotes out of context once again.
No, we're not.
Oh, why didn't the Madrid building that had 100-foot white-hot flames shooting up for a day and a half not collapse?
Why had no modern steel building ever collapsed?
Well, that building didn't have a couple of 767s fly into it and it was built differently.
Building 7 didn't have a plane fly into it.
Stay there, stay there.
I'm going to let Aaron Russo respond to what you're saying.
I want to hear more of this, how I'm a liar.
I'm a liar.
The government's good.
There weren't black men in Tuskegee.
There weren't atomic soldiers.
There weren't the ringworm children.
There weren't all the sterilizations.
They didn't release biologicals on the New York subway.
I'm a liar.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
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Or subscribe online at our website, www.anu.org.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
For some stations that just joined us, let me recap.
We have the famous Hollywood director and producer Aaron Russo joining us.
Also a famous rock and roll promoter with Led Zeppelin and of course The Who bringing him to this country.
He also invented many other things and brought many other things to this country.
He woke up to the New World Order after Waco.
He's now, he's been fighting them for years, running for governor, running for president of the Libertarian Party.
Made a TV show, Mad as Hell, which we aired here locally.
Excellent exposing an asset forfeiture seizure and raiding people and killing them to grab their property.
He's a great American.
I guess none of that happened either.
And we got a caller, Troy, in West Virginia.
Who is saying that I'm a liar about Terror Storm.
He says the USS Liberty didn't happen like I say.
I guess none of the other things, all the admissions, the staging of attacks, Operation Ajax, Tonkin.
All of it.
Northwoods, he says, doesn't have any bearing on 9-11.
He's saying Building 7 died from structural damage from the North Tower hitting it.
NIST and FEMA had to withdraw that.
They've given five different reasons.
Fuel oil tank, they had to admit that didn't happen.
Then they said the North Tower fell on it, knocking out its central support pillar.
Only dust from the building hit and a few windows got knocked out.
That's admitted, officially, on the NIST site.
Then they claimed it was structurally built incorrectly.
They had to withdraw that.
Well, I think this man has a lot of courage to get on the air and say this nonsense, but I mean...
The truth is that Larry Silverstein said the fire department decided to pull the building.
Have you ever talked to Larry Silverstein in person?
Yeah, we've attempted to.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Did you see the building fall down?
Did you see the video of the building falling?
Okay, and you can tell me that came down from a fire?
Yeah, I have.
Structural damage and fire, both, yeah.
Well, I don't know what to say to you.
It's obvious that you came down from a demolition.
Everybody knows it.
Have you ever seen a demolition?
Do you know how demolitions work?
Yes, I have.
Yes, I have.
I've seen them.
I've seen a number of them in Las Vegas.
And the fact of the matter happens to be that Building 7 came down from a controlled demolition.
And Larry admitted that it came down from a controlled demolition.
The fire department decided to pull it.
And you and I both know it takes weeks to set a controlled demolition.
They didn't do it in three hours.
It didn't come down from some fire in the building.
And how did the concrete of the Twin Towers turn to dust?
Why was there nothing left inside the buildings?
If the plane hit the top of the building, why were there no phones left?
Why was there nothing left?
Because there were explosions.
And by the way, if the fires were so hot when it collapsed, why did the fire tapes report that the fires were knocked down in both buildings to very small pockets, and the people were standing there for 15, 20 minutes, waving, where the hottest fires supposedly were, waving for help?
It could melt giant four-foot-around 47 huge steel beams in the center alone.
Meanwhile, the Homeland Security propaganda claims that there were no central columns in Tower 1 or 2.
And why was the steel sent off to China immediately?
You know, come on.
I mean, I don't know who you are, sir.
You're never going to convince Mainstream America it was an inside job.
You could just...
Pretty much everything you say, you can go to websites that disprove everything you say.
Let me tell you something.
Let me say something now.
Sure, they build straw men.
Let me give you an example of what Popular Mechanics did with Homeland Security Director's nephew, who then lied about it and later had to admit he was a nephew, and they are friends.
So they first tried to claim he wasn't the nephew of the Homeland Security Director.
Benjamin Chertoff calls me and keeps bringing up things I never said.
So I'm on the phone.
This is three months before the story comes out.
And they've got this whole team calling me for days and I'm talking to them on the phone
And I'm sitting there, and they go, well, we called this university that you claim you called and interviewed, and they say you never interviewed them about the seismic data.
And I said, what article are you talking about?
And they said, well, this one here written by this person.
I said, that's a link I put on my site.
Did you ask if that person interviewed him?
So they build a straw man.
They call up and say, did Alex interview you when I've just linked to a story?
And of course they say, no, he didn't.
That's a straw man.
Then they have the captain, or excuse me, the major,
They're at NORAD saying, we've never intercepted a plane in the year before 9-11.
Then we go pull a Reuters article where he gives a press conference saying they intercepted hundreds.
I mean, they build straw men.
They say that the North Tower fell and hit it.
Megs, the guy that runs Popular Mechanics on national TV, keeps saying the North Tower fell into it when NIST has withdrawn that because it's not true.
Let me ask you a question, sir.
Do you believe that there's any law that makes you pay an income tax?
Would you say that again?
I'm sorry.
Do you believe there's any law that makes you pay an income tax?
I don't know if there's a law, but I know you have to do it.
I don't know why.
Why do you have to do it?
I mean, you don't know why.
Why do you have to do it?
Just to... Huh?
Just for, I guess, government funding, just so they can... You see, you have to educate yourself who the truth is.
There is no law.
Is the Supreme Court the ultimate arbiter of law in this country?
I reckon I don't know.
You don't know?
I see.
Well, you should find out.
I mean, does anybody make law above the Supreme Court?
You tell me I don't know.
Well, they don't.
So if the Supreme Court said eight times that they can't tax your labor...
In Supreme Court decisions, how do they tax it?
Well, finally, they don't tax your labor.
If you go buy a bag of potato chips, they'll charge you $7 for it.
Excuse me?
If there's no income taxes, they'll charge you $6 for a bag of potato chips.
Who's going to charge you?
What are you talking about?
I'm asking you a simple question.
Hey, they didn't do that before we got the income tax in 1913 with the 16th Amendment.
And let me say something to you right now.
Do you know that the Federal Reserve is publicly private, or I bet you think that's a conspiracy too?
I don't know.
Let me ask you a question, sir.
They were calling me a conspiracy theorist 13 years ago when I was reading North American Union documents on the air.
Do you believe that Bush signed us into full North American Union last year?
There's never going to be a North American Union.
Yeah, we just got our business ID numbers here in Texas that say North American Community on them.
It's all over the news, sir.
It's in the Wall Street Journal.
It's on CNN.
Alex, listen to me, Alex.
You're wasting your time talking to an uneducated person.
That's all.
He just needs to learn.
He just has his belief system can't accept what's happening in this country.
That's all it is.
You know, his belief system doesn't allow him to accept the truth.
So you're saying this country gets worse each and every day.
That's pretty much what you're saying.
Yeah, it's going to hell in a handbasket.
Did you know that H.R.
6166 overthrew nine of the amendments in the Bill of Rights?
No, they didn't.
I read the bill four times.
I wrote an analysis before anybody else did, and it's been seconded by every major law scholar.
They're just trying to protect us from terrorists.
They're not trying to take your rights away.
You can do what you want when you want, as long as you're abiding by the law.
Actually, that's not true.
Every day I see reports.
Oh, yeah, you know what?
A young man just burned an American flag, which I find to be despicable, but I'll fight to the death for his right to burn it, and they just arrested him.
Good they should.
Oh, you think that's freedom, huh?
Burn an American... You don't know what the Bill of Rights is, do you?
If they can take his right, they can take your right to do something.
Alex, why are you wasting your time with this guy?
Well, I want to illustrate, Aaron, what we're up against.
Why are you all wasting your time with this 9-11 inside job when, A, it wasn't, and, B, you're never going to convince anybody it is in your whole movement.
Did you hear, Aaron, 84% in a scientific poll believe it was an inside job?
Yeah, they don't believe it was an inside job.
That's where you mislead people.
No, 36% believe total inside job.
I doubt that.
Scripps Howard News Service, Ohio Poll.
So 36% of 300 million people know what you're saying.
36% of 300 million.
Hey, let me stop you for a minute.
Most of the people that responded to that are people who believe it wasn't inside jobs.
Okay, my show is on KLBJ 590, which has won Marconi Awards and got nominated this year.
It was in the top five talk stations in the country this year.
Now, on that mainline station, and we're on a bunch of them right now,
On that mainline station, do you know how many calls I get in a month disagreeing with me?
Probably not many.
Two or three.
How many do you hear to this show?
I have done over 4,000 interviews when I quit counting a year ago on 9-11 since 9-11, and I'm on shows where the host is attacking me.
In Houston, in San Diego, on Lars Larson on 200 radio stations last week, he took about 10 calls and one of them disagreed with me.
And he was incoherent and didn't know any facts or information, just like you.
So there's your proof right there, buddy, that we have won, and we're going to defeat you!
No, you're not.
You're never going to win.
Well, if that's the case, buddy, you're going to lose your private property, you're going to have one child policy... I'm 30 years old, I'll be 80, and I'll own everything I have.
Nothing's ever going to be taken away from me, and I guarantee that.
Try not paying your property taxes.
No, I will pay my property taxes.
Oh, even as they go up on average 10% a year, you will?
Yeah, I pay $1,800 on my house a year.
And in 10 years... Alex, what are you doing, Alex?
What are you talking to this guy for?
Well, I'm illustrating, Aaron.
When it goes up to $2,200 in the year 2010?
This guy let the government walk all over him, step on his face.
The government's not walking all over me.
Of course they are.
How much money do you make a year?
Me and my wife, about $60,000, $65,000.
And how much money do they take from you?
I got a whole slew of kids.
The federal government takes nothing.
They take nothing from you?
Nothing, because I have five kids.
Oh, okay.
Well, you don't know what unfunded entitlements are in the state?
I don't agree with entitlements.
Oh, but those don't exist.
They're a conspiracy theory.
I don't know what you're talking about there.
Hey, listen to me.
The VATF's been tripled in size.
They're rating people that have my films.
It's been in the news.
They arrested a man in Lyon County, Kentucky.
It was in the newspaper.
Upstanding family, upstanding business owner.
Kelly rushing because he gave the state police a Ron Paul video in one of my videos.
I talked to the judge.
It went to court.
They tried to put him in prison for four years on each count for giving him a video.
Well, let me say one more thing, anyways.
Hey, let me ask you a question.
Do you think I should be arrested for what I say and do?
Well, Sean Hannity does.
Well, I usually agree with Sean, but if he says that, I don't agree with that.
But let me say, if it truly was an inside job, and you're exposing this, the United States government would have you killed and make it look like an accident.
They have killed a lot of us, and you know what?
But they let you live, and that makes a lot of sense.
They could kill you and make it look like an accident.
Yeah, if they killed me, it would turn me into a Malcolm X or a Martin Luther King, you twit.
No, it wouldn't.
And I'm so sick of people... They can make it look like an accident.
You know how many patriots have been killed?
You know how many patriots have been killed?
And I'm sick of people like you making jokes about it.
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This song is dedicated to Troy from West Virginia.
Let it roll for a few more seconds for him.
This is for you.
Yeah, Troy, you're not here on Earth, buddy.
You're out there flying around on the Milky Way.
Let me assure you that the Federal Reserve is run by private banks.
Let me assure you they've openly stated they're going to enslave you.
Let me assure you the North Americans here, let me assure you we're losing our union.
I've got to let you go.
I've got too many calls to get to.
We're going to keep airing the whole hour now.
We appreciate him spending time with us, but...
I would hope you don't have to spend the money to get America freedom to fascism.
Will you at least go up to Google Video?
We have a link to it up on Infowars.com.
Will you at least go watch the two-hour film, a little shorter than two hours?
Will you at least go watch it and research the facts there?
Will you please find out that you're becoming a slave, or is it just a conspiracy?
I'll watch it.
I'll watch your movie.
Oh, you watched Terror Storm, but you said it's not true when it is.
How do you say the USS Liberty wasn't a deal worked out between Israel and, of course, the President at the time as a pretext to go to war with the rest of the Middle East?
Because they didn't go to war with the Middle East.
Because they couldn't sink the ship, sir.
Because McGonagall tied his guts in and stayed at the helm and they battened down the hatches when the torpedo blew a 35-foot hole in it.
Speak up.
All right.
We can't hear you.
You know what?
Are you going to get mad when you learn the truth, or is it just impossible?
It's so sad.
Do you just decide to deny the facts in front of your face?
I live a pretty good life, and I don't see it getting any worse in the next 50 years.
Well, enjoy those cancer viruses they put in your vaccines.
I'll enjoy those chips they put in, too.
Oh, the official plan to do that?
Yeah, I'm sure they got the phone bug, too, right?
Well, he always laughed at us about NSA.
Now they admit they're listening to everything.
Whole floors of every phone company are run by the NSA.
I told you that 10 years ago.
It's now mainstream news.
A thousand people listening to 300 million people's phone calls.
No, no, no.
It's keyword software.
It's AI computers.
It's admitted.
Do you understand it's admitted?
Yeah, I'm sure.
It was admitted two months ago that every phone call is registered and recorded.
You didn't hear that?
Probably is.
It doesn't mean they're listening to it.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
I'm a kook because I said they are, but now it's okay because they are.
Just, you know what, just get out.
Fine, sir, believe whatever you... Aaron Russo, I mean, I'm telling you, that guy was for real.
Those people were real.
Well, you know, it's like this.
You know, there are people in life, if there wasn't opposition to the way you think, then we wouldn't have a problem doing what we're doing.
You understand?
I mean, that's how the new world, the way it gets by, because there are people like this who refuse to look at the truthful facts, who don't understand what happened on 9-11, who think it's okay for the government to tax you, and because he may not pay because he's got five kids, it's okay to be a slave.
He doesn't care if there's no law or what the Supreme Court has ruled, because it doesn't affect him.
You know, it doesn't matter how it may affect other people.
Well, here's an example.
I'll get on the radio, and all over the country at the start of school, they'll say it's the law, you've got to take vaccines.
There is no law.
It's admitted there's no law.
But I'll have people like him call in and say, well, so what?
We need to make people take them, so let them say it's a law.
I mean, it's just... I don't know why you waste your time with guys like this.
I mean, there are people out there who have a belief system a certain way, and they want to believe it, and that's all there is to it.
And they're mentally incapable of thinking any other way.
No, you're right.
That guy is incompetent.
I mean, he doesn't know autism's gone from 1 in 25,000 20-something years ago to now 1 in less than 168.
It was that a few years ago.
I mean, now they have warehouses at every school of the autistic kids.
But what does the local news say in the national news?
That mercury's nutritious.
In fact, find the mercury's nutritious clip, please.
Have you heard the latest?
They're now saying mercury's good for your brain, Aaron.
I didn't hear that.
Are you serious?
I didn't hear that one.
When did this happen?
Last year, there was a big furor locally we made.
All over the country, they had similar newscasts saying, Mercury is now good for your brain.
So is fluoridation.
Well, hey, man, to these guys, it's true.
Oh, God.
What does this guy think?
When Rockefeller called me up and told me what was going to happen after this event,
But that was just a lucky guess.
And by the way, you are a high-powered movie producer.
You've been a huge rock promoter.
I mean, you've got a lot to lose here.
You're not making this stuff up.
He doesn't even know who you are.
He doesn't even know.
He knows nothing.
We'll come back and go right to your call.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And we were talking to that guy earlier, and you notice, I should have brought up Kevin Ryan, Underwriting Laboratory, with their internal year-long study with models, saying those couldn't have been brought down by fire, especially seven.
I could have brought that up.
That guy would have just laughed at me.
You know, Popular Mechanics says we have no real engineers, no experts.
It's all lies!
There's something like 300 engineers now have gone public.
I mean, mining college heads, you name it.
It's just ridiculous!
But Aaron, since we mentioned that, here is the local KI piece.
When I saw this a year ago, I said, you know what?
I know that this was sent out all over the country from the CBS Broadcast Center.
By the way, three networks are based at the CBS Broadcast Center and pool their resources.
It's basically government-run.
Fox, CBS, and ABC are all in one building.
And they send out the video feeds, and then the local reads a New York written teleprompter read.
So this is a New York written teleprompter read, and I typed this into Google last year when it happened, I guess it was two years ago now, and I found hundreds of CBS reports.
And ABC and Fox reports saying the exact same words.
People wonder why it's the same four newscasts in the same order with the same headlines.
It's all written in one place, except NBC's separate for some reason, but they're owned by defense contractor GE.
So here they are saying, in the little medical blurb part, that mercury's actually good for your brain.
Here it is.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses?
A new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
That's unbelievable.
I mean, that's like going to a steakhouse.
That's unbelievable.
Alex, do me a favor.
Say to me, two and two is four.
Two and two is four.
No, it's not.
That's what the guy's saying.
It's not.
Two and two is four.
No, it's not four.
That's what the guy's saying.
Well, we also told him the Federal Reserve was private, and he was laughing at us.
Well, I'm just trying to... You know, the whole point is there are people out there who just refused...
I look at facts, who are living a life, you know, he's getting by, he watches his football games, whatever he's doing, he thinks life is okay, and that's the way it is, and we're going after these terrorists because they really brought down 9-11, you know, and we're doing the right thing, we're torturing them because they're protecting human life, and that's what he thinks, you know, and he buys the story of the neocons, and that's the game, and there are people who buy those stories, and that's what it is, and there are people who say,
Who understand what we're saying and understand what the truth is, who see beyond the facade.
And some people don't.
But the facade's getting more and more ridiculous.
It's like going to a steakhouse and you order a New York strip and they bring out horse droppings.
And they say, no, it's a steak.
It's really good for you, too.
This is fine.
It's really good for you.
I mean, come on.
If there weren't people out there like that, they wouldn't be getting away with what they're getting away with.
And that's the point.
And that's what our job is, to have people understand what the truth is.
Well, let me have a call to action here.
You heard how ignorant that guy is.
You heard how willfully in denial he is.
Don't let him win.
Reach out to the people that do care.
I know lots of listeners go, well, my neighbor, my wife, my cousin, they laugh at me, they won't listen.
It's like Jesus said, knock the dust off your feet, let the dead bury the dead.
They're dead mentally.
We're good to go.
This is why we need to get America Freedom to Fascism.
This is why you need to get Terror Storm.
This is why you need to get them and make copies of them and get them out to people.
Go to Infowars.com.
Have house parties.
Go crazy.
Never stop.
Tell people about Terror Storm online.
Email it out to everybody.
Email out the link to America Freedom to Fascism to everybody we got up on Infowars.com.
Do it now because we cannot let this horde of miscreant fools like this guy, controlled by these devils, rule us.
Well, I couldn't have said it any better.
I mean, people just have certain beliefs of him.
He likes what Sean Hannity says.
I mean, come on, we all know what Sean Hannity is.
He's bought and paid for by the neocons.
And, you know, the war in Iraq was a legitimate war, and it's okay to go over there and kill all these people, and it's okay to torture people, and that's what we're living with.
We have people in America who feel that way, and it's unfortunate, but that's the reality, and that's what we have to overcome.
And that's what it is.
That's what the opposition is.
But you notice they've gone from denying a lot of what we say to now admitting it and saying, so what, you know, first... Exactly.
Now it's okay.
Yeah, yeah.
First, they're not torturing.
And Cheney comes out and goes, yeah, we're dunking people's heads underwater until they pass out.
And it simulates panic and death.
It is death.
And you basically take them to the edge of death.
But that's not torture.
You know, they're telling us that's not torture.
I know.
Believe me, you go grab your neighbor and start grounding them, folks.
You're going to go to prison for life.
And it's okay because they're protecting Americans.
And it's okay to put a chip in people, because they're doing it for our benefit.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
He said we're liars.
He said there's not a move.
Sean Hannity, I have on tape, in my film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, no, no, it's in Masters of Terror, saying everybody needs a chip, and I have Andy Rooney on CBS saying everyone should be forced to take a chip to prove we're, quote, good people.
But it doesn't exist.
There you go, there you go.
I mean, in my movie, you have Biden telling the Supreme Court Justice Roberts, you're going to have to rule that we can do this to people to track them.
I mean, it's right in the movie.
But people, they want to deny it all.
They're just in denial.
Did you hear him say the North American Union hadn't been signed and isn't operating?
Yeah, it's not going to happen, yes.
It's in hundreds of papers.
It's on the nightly news.
And he's saying it doesn't exist, Aaron.
Well, I personally don't think it's in the news enough.
I don't think it's out there enough.
I can understand why the guy might not believe that.
I don't think it really is out there very strongly.
Well, you're right.
It's been in a lot of the Canadian papers.
There's been some big ones here, but people don't read the paper.
I guess Lou Dobbs talked about it.
Yeah, well, Lou Dobbs talked about it, but not much more than Lou Dobbs talked about it.
I mean, who else is really talking about it?
I can understand why the guy wouldn't believe that, but yet, on the other hand, we all know it's true, and that's the problem.
You know, we know what the truth is.
Isn't it frustrating, though?
That's why you made this movie.
That's why I made the movie.
If this guy's listening, I hope he just goes and gets the movie and watches the movie.
Maybe he'll learn something.
Maybe he'll understand the truth.
You know, I shouldn't make fun of him.
I shouldn't get mad at him.
I do feel sorry for him, but part of me wants to slap him.
I mean, sir, believe me, I lose sleep at night.
I'm freaking out over my family.
We're all in danger.
You make jokes about how we're not dead.
They've killed a lot of us.
They've imprisoned a lot of us.
I mean, they've taken congressmen like Hanson, who was fighting the IRS, and they tortured him for months until his feet popped.
Yeah, what about Padilla?
What about Erwin Schiffengel for 13 years for nothing?
The guy says he doesn't know if the Supreme Court is the one who makes the final decision.
He doesn't even know that.
They went and gunned down William Cooper.
They've attacked me in a parking lot.
I've had death threats all the time.
Stalkers going, I'm looking at your little dog, it's on the back porch, and the little dog is on the back porch.
I don't appreciate people like you who've never lived, who don't know how we're fighting for you, you idiot!
A lot of us aren't probably going to die, you stupid moron!
Calm down, Alex.
Calm down.
Well, I mean, it makes me mad.
Calm down.
The Houston Chronicles report they're building concentration camps, you idiot!
He's just like the Germans.
He's just like the Russians.
He's just like everybody else who denies this stuff.
Yeah, that's the truth.
That's the truth.
He doesn't know.
He doesn't know.
He just doesn't know.
He's ignorant.
But that's what we're here for.
We're not here to yell.
We're here to teach them.
And that's what we have to do.
That's why I made the movie.
That's why you make the movies you make.
And we're here to teach people.
And the guy fought for the propaganda.
I mean, Aaron, you could be making big movies and making tens of millions like you did in the past.
You could be doing all the things you did in the past.
You've decided now, for what, the last 12 years, you've been out there nonstop, 24 hours a day, spending all your money fighting this.
And then he's got the nerve to sit here and tell us we're bad.
Well, you know, he doesn't know, Alex.
He doesn't know.
He's ignorant.
He doesn't know.
I mean, what can you do?
You can't pound it into his brain.
You can't lead a horse to water.
You can't make him drink.
And that's it.
Don't get so excited over this one guy.
Let's move on to other callers.
Yeah, I'm going to do that.
It just freaks me out, Aaron.
Just move on.
People have belief systems, and it's very hard to change a person's belief system.
Patrick in Kentucky.
Go ahead, sir.
He's around.
No, he's flat like your head.
You know.
It's terrible.
These people that live in their belief systems, you can tell them over and over and over and show them what the truth is.
If you showed them videos like In Plain Sight and Martial Law, you think you might get it?
I don't know.
I don't know if you've mentioned, but can you make sure that you guys hit books a million really hard?
He's saying he wants me to put my DVDs and books a million, Terror Storm hitting store shelves nationwide next Tuesday.
That's a good question.
Aaron, when is America's Freedom of Fascism going to be in stores?
I haven't made that decision yet.
Right now, I'm just putting it out on DVD with you and a few other people and on my website, and that's it.
And I'll put it in stores soon enough, but I haven't made that decision quite yet.
I understand.
Everything's moving so quick.
Anything else, Patrick?
I'm going to move quick here now.
Well, I just wanted to ask if you can counter this.
I'm just saying that the controlled electronic voting machinery is pretty much set in place.
The more people that show up to vote, the more numbers the computer hackers have to play with.
But what would be your counter-argument to what I'm saying?
Well, I appreciate the call.
Let me comment on it briefly because I want to go to more calls.
Only 35% of the country has had the CIA-controlled big three companies put in their systems under the Help America Vote Act of 2002.
So, number one, if the numbers are so overwhelming, it doesn't matter how many votes there are, what they do is normally flip it.
And I would even call it hacking.
Hacking means it's somebody going into your computer, your website, that doesn't own it.
I mean, this is like me driving my car.
I haven't stolen my car.
The government paid the people to make these.
They put them in.
They steal them.
And we have to make them steal it in front of everybody.
If they steal this one, people are now looking.
I agree with you.
Nothing I can add to that.
Okay, let's go to Josh in Ontario, Canada.
Thanks for holding, Josh.
No problem.
I bet that first caller is an avid Bruckheimer fan, you know, lazy, self-serving, and un-American.
Mr. Russo, it's a pleasure, and thank you, Alex.
I owe you a thanks and a paycheck, and if I win the lottery, I'd owe you that, too.
It's because of you, actually, that I read a book a week and have written three screenplays.
But nonetheless, my boss is...
Completely for the bombing of Iran.
I tell him, you know, to go against, you know, that we should be against North Korea, if anything.
But nonetheless, he cited the Iranian Operation Judgment Day.
So my questions are, can you tell me the verity of that operation?
Secondly, how much should I trust Quigley's tragedy and hope?
And also, is the old Inquisition, you know, with the Dominicans and the Franciscans,
Similar to today's Gitmo.
And I'll take your answers out there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's an encyclopedia of questions.
I don't even know where to start.
Look, the Iranians are almost no threat compared to other countries.
In fact, I want to play this little clip here.
It's the one about Is Ann Coulter on drugs.
She looked totally out of her gourd on TV.
But I'm not going to play that part because you can't see it on the radio.
I want you to hear this ad they're running against a Democrat where they claim that Iran's about to hit us with nukes and is on the verge of having them.
Just roll about a minute of that, guys.
North Korea, close to a nuclear missile to reach America, yet Casey opposes deploying a missile defense system now.
Iran, also close, yet Casey opposes creating the bunker-busting bombs that may be needed to stop them.
China, drilling oil just 50 miles off our coast, yet Casey opposes us doing the same, putting our energy at risk.
Terrorists trying to enter our country, yet Casey comes out for amnesty for illegals.
We just can't take a chance on Bob Casey.
Okay, but meanwhile, it's our government that let China do that.
It's our government that gave Mexico the rights to the oil.
It's our government that's letting Cuba do whatever they want.
They want nuclear bunker busters.
But notice they claim Iran is close to having missiles to nuke us and a bomb.
That's not even true.
So, see, they lie, Aaron.
Again, Alex, you're covering it.
There's nothing for me to say.
I agree with you 100%.
And then meanwhile, we get all this talk about
I don't know how prolific the torture was.
We know that there was a lot of abuse of power, a lot of bad things the Catholic Church did in Europe.
I mean, nobody argues with that.
But I don't know.
Comparing it to Gitmo, there's this big debate.
Should they release the real photos and videos of the raping children and women that Congress has been allowed to see from the camps in Iraq?
Is he having fun?
Is that what Limbaugh said?
What a sick, perverted...
Are you joking?
I never heard that before.
No, no, no.
He says, okay, dig it up.
Dig up the Limbaugh having fun clip, please.
You're joking with me.
Aaron, did you think I was joking about Mercury being good for your brain?
I can't tell you enough.
It's just so hard to conceive these things are being said and getting away with.
It's just so impossible.
It is.
While we're finding that clip, let's go to Pam in Texas.
Pam, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air with Aaron Russo.
Hi, Alex and Aaron.
First, I want to commend you both for what you're doing.
Absolutely fantastic work.
And then I have three observations, and I'll try to make them fairly quick.
The first is just a passing comment and not very relevant, but I wanted to point out to Austin listeners, Alex, that last Sunday, Austin was chemtrailed very heavily, and I was the last caller holding when your show ended Sunday.
I was trying to call to say... Chemtrailed, and it's precious.
Eyes on the skies, Austin.
Yeah, I'm sure they are.
The barium is really good for you.
Right, right.
And for listeners that don't know about it, go to your health food store and ask them about chlorella.
And that's about all I want to remark about on the chemtrails.
Listen, I'm going to have to put you on hold, and Pam, you're going to have to move quick on the other side, okay?
It's our final segment with our guest.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Feeling alone and you're all alone.
Flesh and bone.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz coming up.
I want to keep going to your calls, but this is our last five minutes with Aaron Russo.
Here's Limbaugh when they bring up Abu Ghraib, and he just calls it blowing off steam, just a fraternity prank.
People were beaten to death there.
They were raped with acid.
That's the Army's own report from three years ago now, two years ago.
Here it is.
What's psychologically wrong with that?
It's not the act so much.
It was like a college fraternity prank to stack up naked... Exactly!
Exactly my point!
This is no different to what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation, and we're going to ruin people's lives over it, and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time.
You know, these people are being fired at every day.
I'm talking about people having a good time.
These people... You ever heard of emotional release?
You ever heard of me to blow some steam off?
And then he sells Club Gitmo shirts and says it's a wonderful place to be, Aaron.
That's unbelievable.
I never heard that clip before, Alex.
I'm glad you have that clip.
Oh, I had stuff much worse than that.
That just shows... I mean, how much more disgusting can we be in this country than what's happening here?
I mean, blowing... I mean, to say something like that on the air...
Just having fun?
Well, I made the point that the Nazis knew to keep it secret.
We don't even know that here anymore.
Yeah, Pam, real fast, finish up, because I want to go to Joe and Ron.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'm going to skip to my third point, actually, because this one relates to Aaron's movie.
Okay, the Liberty Dollar.
For those, libertydollar.org, for those that aren't familiar, the gold coin that came out in about 1998, and it's not legal tender money,
It's just recently getting hit by the U.S.
News with statements on their website, and police have actually started arresting people.
Oh, I know.
Listen, I have a friend who at UT was out talking about it to somebody, and they arrested him saying it was counterfeit.
It's totally legal silver coins.
Thank you for the call.
Aaron, that's another example of the craziness in this country.
Well, it's another example of a complete police state.
I mean, the Constitution defines the dollar.
X amount of grams of silver.
Did you hear about the story last year where a scout leader had a contest?
We had a bunch of $2 bills looking for from it, and he was well-known in the community.
He went to Best Buy and bought some CDs with some $2 bills.
They thought it was fake and arrested him.
The cops and the store people were so dumb, all of them collectively, didn't know $2 bills were real.
I heard that story, yeah.
I was aware of that.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
Last caller.
We'll go to others later.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hi, gentlemen.
I just wanted to cover some pre-election strangeness things.
For anybody who is concerned, as I am and everybody else sounds, about the elections and the results, what they need to do is they need to go to their election commission and pick up an actual training manual.
They should have some lying around.
I've got ours right in front of me right now.
The thickest chunk of the packet
Is what to do with all the forms at the end of the day.
And it gives procedures for everything.
Okay, well listen, this is what I'm going to do.
I'm going to put you on hold if you want to hold.
Atmer Stiglitz is on.
We'll get to all your calls.
I want to be able to say bye to Aaron Russo.
Folks, he's done a yeoman's work.
Please get his new film, America, Freedom to Fascism, at InfoWars.com.
And Aaron, so I don't lose you here, can I have you on for an hour on my new syndicated Sunday show this Sunday?
Yeah, you can do whatever you want, Alex.
Well, I'm on from 4 to 6 p.m.
I'm always here to help.
Can I get you on in the second hour, say, 5 to 6 Central?
What time is that here?
I'm in Arizona.
That'd be 3 to 4 your time.
Yeah, I think so.
Do me a favor.
When you get off the air, call me, and let's come up with a plan.
Sure, you want to talk about that other thing too, right?
Yeah, exactly.
Okay, I really appreciate you, and I... Listen, I've got to tell you, I have more respect for you than I've ever had before.
You're a great man, you're doing the right thing, and just keep, don't ever stop what we're doing.
Well, same to you, my friend.
We'll talk to you soon.
You got it.
Joseph Stiklitz, former chief economist.
Take care.
World Bank.
Coming up, Nobel Prize winner.
I'm Alex Jones.
You're listening to the GCN.
Broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
And people are in denial.
They just cannot interface with reality.
They are in abject, willful denial.
I remember back, oh, I guess it was in 2002.
In fact, I have the article here.
March 4, 2002.
The World Bank and Secret Argentine Plan.
Transcript of Greg Pallast.
Journalist for BBC and Observer in London.
And you go through the transcript of the interview with Greg Palast going over what those documents meant that were released soon after Joseph Stiglitz left the World Bank.
And here's part of that transcript with Greg Palast.
Well, I'll tell you two things.
One, I spoke with the former chief economist, Joe Stiglitz, who was fired by the World Bank.
So I, on BBC with The Guardian, basically spent some time debriefing him.
It was like one of the scenes out of A Mission Impossible, you know, where the guy comes over from the other side and you spend hours debriefing him.
So I got the inside of what was happening at the World Bank.
In addition, he did...
I was supposed to be on CNN with the head of the World Bank, Jim Wilkinson.
It's now...
Paul Wolfowitz.
I guess you could have Wolf in your name to be there.
And he said he would not appear on CNN even if they put me on.
And so CNN did the craziest thing and pulled me off.
So now they're threatening total boycott.
Yeah, right.
So what we found was this.
We found inside these documents that basically they required nations to sign secret agreements in which they agreed to sell off their key assets in which they agreed to take economic steps which are really devastating to the nations involved.
And if they didn't agree to these steps...
There was an average for each nation that signed 100 to 11 items, 111 items that they are required to sign off on.
If they didn't follow these steps, they would be cut off from all international borrowing.
You can't borrow any money in the international marketplace.
Now, no one could survive without borrowing.
And he goes on in the next, what, 10 pages, and the transcript's even longer than that, to break down what these documents entail.
And he put a lot of them on BBC.
But there was a news blackout with this
We've always wanted to get Joseph Stiglitz on the show.
We're trying to get him on right now.
Have you had any luck yet?
Just rings and rings and rings and rings.
Of course, more often than somebody just not coming on, more often we get our times on a scramble.
But I was at the office an hour before airtime when Kevin Smith was on the phone with Stiglitz talking about the interview.
So he was scheduled, we'll...
We'll continue to try to get him on.
If not, we'll have open phones in this third hour.
Get into Bush's smoke and mirrors so-called border fence.
And a lot more.
Right here on the GCN radio network.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, MarshallLaw911.info, ArnoldExposed.com.
There's a bunch of others I didn't list.
But the two big ones are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Updated multiple times daily.
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break.
Start going to your calls.
And hopefully getting Joseph Stiglitz on.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're trying to hook up with Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist, World Bank.
Either got our time zone scrambled or I've talked about it.
Whenever I have a big guest in the past, I've learned to keep my mouth shut until they just suddenly appear.
And I think if I would have done that, he'd been there.
But a lot of times they find out who I am and freak out and don't come on.
But we'll see what happens.
If not, there's no telling.
We get about 95% of the guests on that we do shut up, but we'll see.
It's always best when sending them up is to give them no information.
But we try our best to do that without being dishonest with people.
Let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Joe had called in.
We ran out of time last hour.
I said, behold, we let him finish.
He's calling in about some manual about voting or something.
Go ahead, Joe.
Yeah, I've got the manual right in front of me, and it has procedures for everything.
Okay, what manual?
Whose manual?
The state of Wisconsin.
It's pretty much state standardized, but for each city it will be a little different.
For people that can take time off on Tuesday.
Our polls are going to be open from 7 until 8 o'clock.
I understand.
What does the manual do?
Just tell us.
It's the Election Commission Poll Worker Training Manual.
For this year, it's have us certified or whatever.
So we've got those.
But poll workers have no control over the wireless connections and hookups.
Actually, we don't have those kind of machines.
We just have the Scantron ones.
We still have the paper ballots.
Because they're just as bad, you feed them in, and it's then put on a computer that can be manipulated.
Well, the thing is, if anybody wants a recount, we've got those ballots on hand, but they have to re-feed because we are... And re-feed them with the same county clerk stealing the election.
Well, that's why we also have the observers.
And if somebody wants to be an observer, they cannot keep you out.
Now, if you have like 20 or 30 of them, that's why it's good to become an observer early on so that they don't say, well, we've already got 20 people.
So you have to document everything.
If you read through the manual, it'll say step-by-step.
And if somebody...
It goes beyond that.
If they add something they're not supposed to, if they take something out that they're not supposed to, make sure you catch it on tape.
And you can demand to have a police officer come and arrest them for election fraud, or at least give them a warning.
Look, you've been caught doing this.
And it'll look horrible on the news for anybody if somebody sees ballots going someplace they're not supposed to.
I mean, this is just to protect your rights.
Sure, sure.
And I appreciate your call.
People should get involved in the election process to see it for themselves.
I volunteered in, what was it, 1998 and 1988.
And I was there.
And I saw in the Republican primary, it was at the Austin Convention Center, I saw cases, I mean, I was there stacking the Scantrons to make sure they were being stacked correctly or in the right order, facing the right direction, and then be fed into the automated readers.
It looks just like a college or high school exam system, A, B, or C, or whatever.
And then it's fed through and read by a computer.
Optical scanner is the proper term.
And then put into a computer.
And I mean, Pat Buchanan had more than half.
I mean, it was, because I have to admit, I was stacking them, I was looking, I was asking other people, I was saying, what are you seeing, Pat Buchanan?
And you're sitting there, and then I'd take them and cram them in the machine, and then it came out that night, he got 8% of the vote in Travis County.
And then they caught him in Arizona and other places where he'd really won.
They stole it from him.
I mean, Pat Buchanan won the Republican primary.
He should have been the Republican candidate running against Bill Clinton, not the corpse they ran Bob Dole, the consummate insider.
And it was all over the country they stole it from Pat Buchanan because he has the popular ideas.
And that didn't happen.
He's a populist.
He's what the people want.
He's predominantly anti-war, anti-fellow reserve, anti-open borders, anti-globalist.
He's what Republicans want.
They don't want Bob Dole.
So it's been going on forever.
And I'm told we've got another number for Stiglitz.
Did you have any luck?
Tell me that a few minutes ago.
You're getting him right now.
I'm sitting here salivating.
Well, we have him.
Well, better late than never.
We're so honored to have him.
Well, it's great to be here.
Sorry about the confusion.
Well, that happens sometimes, probably on our end.
Just in a nutshell, sir, tell us about yourself.
Well, I'm an economist.
My theoretical work, for which I got the Nobel Prize, was called The Economics of Asymmetric Information or Imperfect Information.
It's about how markets work when some people know more than others, which is the case in all markets.
And what was so remarkable is that for 200 years, economic theory had been developed on the assumption of perfect information, and it was just hoped that a world with imperfect information would be almost like a world with perfect information, and I showed that that was obviously not the case.
But then the other thing I did is I was asked by President Clinton to serve on his Council of Economic Advisors, and eventually...
I served as the chairman of the council, which is his chief economic advisor for economic policy and a whole range of issues I dealt with.
And then after leaving that in 1997, I went on to work at the World Bank as their chief economist and senior vice president, which is where I got really very deeply involved in the issues of globalization, which I wrote about in my book, Globalization is Discontent, and my more recent book, Making Globalization Work.
And rather than get into complex theorems and the unified theory of economics and all of that, because even for myself it's hard to understand, but for our general listening audience, some probably know as much as you do, but most probably don't have even an idea.
Can you boil down why you left the World Bank, why you were critical, your term coining the IMF riot?
What's wrong with the way that the global system is being administered?
Can you crystallize it in maybe a two-minute statement?
Well, the most important thesis that I bring out in my new book is that we've become more economically integrated, more interdependent, more dependent on each other, but we don't have the political institutions that can help us address the needs that we have to act cooperatively.
We have to act cooperatively as we are one integrated world, world economy.
And the result of that is that quite often there are big losers, and we haven't paid enough attention to those losers.
Aren't we really, Dr. Stiglitz, aren't we really seeing modern neo-mercantilism?
Well, we are seeing it in many places around the world.
We talk a lot about exports.
We want to promote our exports.
We don't think about it from a systemic point of view.
Our exports are some other country's imports.
So if every country just promotes exports, then of course the whole trading system doesn't work.
Sure, sure.
I know you're not here to dish dirt, but you did back in 2002 when you left as their chief economist at the World Bank.
What was your major... I mean, I have transcripts here and things you've written, but in your words, why did you...
Why did you leave the World Bank?
What do you think they're doing that's wrong?
I mean, the predatory practices, the IMF World Bank documents that came out shortly after you left and the BBC, your meeting with Greg Palast, where it's just this predatory system of going in and blowing out economies so global financial corporations can come in and just take over.
Yeah, that's one way of putting it.
The more fundamental thing was that the whole system was rigged against the poor countries.
...rigged for the advanced industrial countries, and that the result of that is that there were an awful lot of losers.
To give you one example, the last round of trade agreements were so unfair that the poorest countries in the world were actually left worse off.
So that while the advanced industrial countries, the big multinational corporations, came out as big winners, there were unfortunately a lot of people who were losers.
But the documents that were released, I mean, the premeditated nature of this, who were the players that are behind, you know, not just rigging it where the industrialized corporations that control industrialized first world systems, I mean, really it's a type of weight, you know, the IMF riot, bringing in conditions that cause even greater collapses for greater consolidation.
Well, that's right.
Part of the problem is they had an agenda that they talked about called privatization and liberalization.
Privatization meant selling off government assets, assets that had been invested in over decades to foreign companies, often at a fraction of their true market value.
So while the citizens of the country had worked hard, saved, invested that money over a period of 20, 30 years,
When they sold the assets, the citizens of that country got almost nothing for those assets.
Other cases were water, a basic necessity of life.
They were crippling in a week, as you wrote.
I mean, the private corporation pays off the politician, basically, pays off the government, and then seizes the infrastructure and then jacks up prices.
That's right.
I mean, what happened with many of these cases, they had privatization before regulation.
At least we understand that if you're going to have a natural monopoly, a company running electricity, selling electricity, if you have only one company doing it, you need to regulate it.
And what happened in the IMF didn't understand what we do here in the United States and what every other advanced industrial country does.
If you're going to have a monopoly, you have to make sure that it doesn't overcharge.
So they privatized these government enterprises, didn't put in the regulation,
And sometimes the result of that is the prices increased enormously.
And then the predatory nature was so great it would even then debase the economy to the point of where the privatization went belly up.
There were many cases of that kind, but the example in Mexico next door, they privatized the roads.
And then, of course, they weren't able to maintain those roads, and the government had to, again, take over the roads after the company had collapsed.
Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist, World Bank.
Incredible information.
Quick break.
You brought us into roads.
That was the next question I had.
We're on the same page.
Please stay with us.
You're very gracious to join us.
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Do you ever wonder why deficit spending never goes away?
Would you believe me if I told you that fiscal responsibility would lead to a second Great Depression?
Believe it or not, this is true.
Our economy gets its currency from a private banking cartel.
We, the people, labor to create the money, only to turn it over to this institution for its seal of approval.
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Welcome back.
Dr. Joseph Stiglitz is our guest.
He's got a new book out.
We'll tell you about it before he leaves us.
He'll be here with us until about 40, 45 after the show.
And we are honored to have him again.
You mentioned roads.
You were telling a story about Mexico, quote, privatizing roads.
Please continue, Doctor.
Well, the point was a very simple one.
They sold the roads to the private enterprise, and the hope was that they would be more efficient.
Of course, what happens is that they didn't maintain the roads.
They couldn't generate enough revenue, and they eventually...
We're good to go.
Chase Manhattan Citibank.
It's really one of the greatest robberies that have ever occurred.
Exactly, and that was well publicized.
Now, speaking of roads, I was going to bring that up, but not Mexico.
Here, the Spanish company Centrum does sweetheart deals, and they've done the calculations even Mainstream News has.
For about 5% of the true value of existing roads, they're being seeded them.
Well, this is a movement that's gone all over the world.
It's a movement trying to turn over
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Left to future administrations.
Isn't it also that 70-plus percent of the stock market ownership is by institutional purchasers in government?
I don't know the exact numbers, but increasingly a large fraction of our stock is owned by our pension funds, institutions of that kind.
Well, I looked at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Texas a few years ago, and the lion's share was owned by companies.
I mean, not companies, but by government.
It could be.
I don't know.
I haven't looked at that particular set of data.
That's such a huge field in economics, I understand.
But can you speak directly to... So you agree there is a massive move now, not just in the third world, with this so-called privatization that I call hijacking and looting, but now in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Canada?
Yeah, it is, although...
Some of the failures have put a dampener on this movement.
In the UK, they privatized the railroads, and everybody today recognizes what a failure that has been.
The railroads weren't maintained.
The roadbags weren't maintained.
There were a number of accidents.
People were killed.
And so a number of people, on the basis of that experience, are rethinking this policy of privatization.
What has caused predatory globalization?
What has caused it to shift into such a predatory stance?
Well, I think, of course, everybody's always wanted to take advantage of others to the extent that they could.
I think the fundamental difference is a free market ideology that is being used or more accurately abused by those who have seen how to take advantage of that rhetoric.
So it sounds good to say
Oh, private enterprises are more efficient than government.
But take the Social Security Administration.
A couple years ago there was an attempt to try to privatize Social Security.
The fact is the Social Security Administration is more efficient than any private insurance company because they don't have to spend all the money in advertising and trying to cream-skim to figure out who's the best risk, who's the worst risk.
In the UK they did privatize the...
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Alright, I've got three or four final questions for Joseph Stiglitz.
We'll also tell you about his new book.
He's coming to Austin this weekend.
You can come here and speak at the Texas Book Festival.
And we're coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Texas.
The websites are Infowars.com and JonesReport.com.
Dr. Joseph E. Stiglitz, of course, has written Globalization and its Disconnects.
A new book is out, Making Globalization Work.
He was the chief economist at the World Bank and the vice president of the World Bank.
What do you think of the difference between the last head, Wolftonson, and the new head that we see here from the United States, Paul Wolfowitz?
I worked with Wolfensohn very closely, and we tried to actually redirect the World Bank to focus more on poor people, reduce poverty, a comprehensive approach to development, to try to cut back a little bit on the privatization, the liberalization.
It was called the Washington Consensus, a consensus between the World Bank and the IMF and the U.S.
About how to run development, but actually an agenda that really failed almost everywhere that it tried.
So that was what we were trying.
The current administration has not, Wolfowitz has unfortunately not really been able to put together a comprehensive approach to development.
It's only emphasized corruption.
But it hasn't even put forward a kind of an agenda for dealing with corruption.
For instance, there are these secret bank accounts.
There was an agreement among advanced industrial countries to do something about the secret bank accounts that play such an important role in facilitating corruption.
But the Bush administration vetoed that in August of 2001.
Of course, in September 2001, we realized that these secret bank accounts not only facilitate corruption, they also facilitate terrorism.
But the focus was on increasing the profits of those who engage in tax evasion, all those who use these kinds of bank accounts for nefarious purposes.
Those were
But that would take a global authority to do that, so I think on the surface it sounds good, but that would be dangerous.
But then it does show that Bush doesn't want to stop all of these other secret bank accounts.
What do you think about things like John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman?
Have you read that book?
I haven't read all of it.
I mean, what he's raising, the basic point that he's raising is that a lot of the aid doesn't,
Do what exposed to do.
Much of it seems to be motivated by the interest of contractors.
And I think, unfortunately, there's a certain element of truth in that.
There's an overtone in this book, a little bit of a conspiracy.
I'm not sure it's as conspiratorial.
But the effects are much the same as if they were a conspiracy.
And the effects are, we've got super powerful global corporations basically buying off even Western governments and using the IMF and World Bank monies to basically go in and blow out economies and buy them up.
Well, in fact, that was one of my main criticisms that they pushed these policies called capital market liberalization that led money to, speculative money to come in, come out.
You can't build factories of money that can come in and out overnight.
But what you can do
That kind of volatility destroyed the economy.
The financial markets made money when the money was coming in.
Then they made money when they had to restructure the devastation that they left behind.
What about the North American Union?
They've signed it.
It's officially now being set up.
The Asian Union has been officially announced.
But it seems like it's the same corporations that are in there writing up all of the basic laws and tenets of these new global structures, and the people, by and large, aren't even aware of it.
I think that is a problem.
Part of the thing is, there's something called the North American Pre-Trade Agreement.
If it were a real pre-trade agreement, it would just be a couple pages.
We eliminate our tariffs, they eliminate theirs.
We eliminate our non-tariff subsidy in our subsidies, they eliminate theirs.
But these agreements are thousands of pages.
Of course no citizen can read that.
Dr. Stiglitz, whenever we hear North American Union or any of this, this is really just powerful interest groups getting together, rewriting the laws under a new framework that suits them.
Well, you know, I think one of my concerns that I raise is that there is not the kind of democratic accountability and transparency that we've come to demand within our own governments.
We don't always get it.
But these international institutions, for instance, don't have a Freedom of Information Act.
Some of the basic protections that we put in place, transparency,
To make sure that citizens can know what is going on.
And that's one of the points that I emphasize very strongly, both in my old book, Globalization Discontents, and in my new book, Making Globalization Work.
Let me ask you, I've got two final questions, and I want to plug the book and let you get out of here.
Global government, I mean, it's here, it's being set up, the three unions are being slowly merged together, but still the mainstream media will call that a conspiracy theory when all the official documents say that this is really being set up.
Number one, I mean, what do you say about global government or how it's forming and why do you think there's so much denial by people that it's happening?
Well, I mean, first, the fact that we are economically interdependent does mean that we have to undertake certain actions together.
I think we're good to go.
Specific agreement only.
It doesn't run in the whole world.
It just says you can't produce those ozone-destroying gases that lead in... But if you've got a global authority that knocks out secret bank accounts, and then, of course, that global power can selectively do that, that is the ultimate tenet of global government.
Well, no.
What you need are just very limited regulations that restrict certain kinds of bad behavior.
But then that's unified... Doctor, that's unified regulations.
Well, no, they're not.
They're just minimal.
Let me give you an example.
I used to see these old cowboy movies when we were growing up, and there would be different stakes, and the bandit would always ride on his horse across the state line, and the sheriff couldn't stop him.
Well, if you're going to have safe havens for criminals going across state lines, it's not going to be good for our global economic system.
So unfortunately, we are interdependent.
Whether you like it or not, we have become interdependent.
And that means you have to address some of these problems that go across the borders.
You've got to go in a minute, but what I'm trying to say is this.
It's all the mechanisms, the apparatus of the IMF, World Bank, Ex-Im Bank, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, NATO.
All of these are controlled by the same institutions or the same money powers.
And they're all causing the major problems.
And then they always have a good cop.
And I don't doubt you're probably a nice person, very intelligent.
A good cop who comes out and says, Oh, we need a loving global framework and a good one.
And, you know, you've got...
So we're given the false choice of a loving global government or an evil, nasty, fascistic, George Bushian global government.
And at the end of the day, those of us that don't want interdependence, those of us that want to be sovereign, I don't think globalization has been good for the U.S.
We've gone from the powerhouse to the, you know, to the crap house.
Excuse me, I mean, it's destroying us.
Well, in fact, I think, you know, if we hadn't...
Take advantage of globalization.
We would actually be much poorer than we are now.
Unfortunately, we haven't managed it as well as we should.
Now, maybe I'm coming from the Midwest.
I have a certain Midwest optimism that we can do better, and it's clear that we've made some very, very big mistakes, and you've repeatedly talked about the fact that we've been borrowing
We're borrowing $3 billion from countries elsewhere.
But I don't think it's a mistake.
He gives these corporations, they're always left with the bag.
The taxpayers pick up the tab.
Well, I think that's right.
And that's why we need more transparency.
We need to have more accountability of what our government is doing.
We need to know more about what it is doing.
But that won't be solved if we walk away from globalization.
Well, I mean, regardless, the leaders of globalization, the people, the prime movers, they're always grab the money and run, and it's just a revolving door, and it just keeps happening.
I say, you know, go back to the way it was previous, or the Bretton Woods Agreement.
I mean, look at what's happening to the dollar.
In fact, let me ask you, where do you think the dollar's going?
The debt bubble, the real estate market?
I mean, I saw the Financial Times of London, what, three months ago, saying that the elite is saying we've got to position our money to survive during a crash.
They're not even saying they can pull us out of it.
Now there's only a discussion of them surviving the crash landing.
Well, I am increasingly worried.
I've been worried about it for some time.
Real estate prices last month, new real estate, went down 10%.
So do you see a huge correction, global recession or depression?
I see a correction, and if it's well-managed,
It will only be a slowdown.
If it's not well managed, it could be a recession.
Okay, last question.
We know there are now the biggest splits in the ruling intelligentsia and the main owners of the wealth inside the elite.
We see this in publications.
We see this in splits.
I've talked to people inside the last Bilderberg Group meeting.
It was in the Canadian press, screaming at each other.
Have you ever attended Bilderberg, and have you seen a split in the past?
Well, no, I haven't attended that meeting, but there are lots of disagreements among the elites.
One of the things that makes me more optimistic, though, is that they're beginning to realize that we are facing some serious problems.
That we can't go on as we have.
But I'm saying the same institutions that have always done the same thing in the past feather their own nest at the expense of the third world and the first world.
It doesn't seem like they're the people to continue.
Every time they put us in harm's way, then they come back with a new solution.
I mean, take debt forgiveness.
I mean, you take, say, Nigeria borrows $5 billion, they end up paying $33 billion, and then now we call it debt forgiveness to cut back some of what they owe.
If they paid $30-something billion off of an initial $4 or $5 billion, then they don't owe anything.
I agree with you on that.
And, in fact, it's worse than what you described, because accompanying that debt forgiveness is a whole set of conditions that make them give up their sovereignty.
And in some countries, the loans in the first place were...
We're made for arms payments to go to arms dealers.
The money didn't even go to help the people of the country.
What elite do you think is preeminent right now in global politics?
That is outside countries.
44 of the biggest hundred economies are private corporations.
What corporations?
Is it Defense?
Is it Energy?
Is it the people at the Bilderberg Group?
The CFR?
I mean, who's the most powerful?
Who has the most influence right now?
Well, I wouldn't try to parse it that way.
I wouldn't put it quite that way.
All of these groups are powerful and influential.
I think, unfortunately, in this current administration, the defense industries and the energy industries have really been running the show, and it has been disastrous.
I don't think there's ever been a time in recent history where two groups, two industries like that, have exerted so much influence on policies to such disastrous effect.
So there's not enough separation of powers?
Well, we still have our different groups in Congress.
We have the Executive Branch.
What do you think of H.R.
6166, the Enemy Combatants Military Commissions Act?
I'm not sure I know all the details of that.
Well, it abolished 9 of the 10 Bill of Rights.
I know what bill you're talking about.
It's the bill I think we're talking about.
I don't know the bills by all these numbers.
But if it's what I think you're talking about, I think it's a disaster.
Yeah, the one past three weeks ago dealing with torture.
I grew up under the idea that there were certain basic things that defined us as Americans.
Innocent until proven guilty.
Due process, yeah.
Due process, rid of habeas corpus, you can't be put in prison without...
You know, government bringing charges against you.
I think that almost defined us as Americans.
Do you think that we are in danger of ending up having what you call the IMF riots someday here in America?
I don't think we're in danger of those kinds of riots, but I do think that we ought to be thinking a lot more about our basic rights and principles.
And that bill, as far as I can understand, really did compromise some of our basic rights.
And we thought of it as only compromising the rights of some people who were not Americans.
But once you start breaking down these principles, you know, there's a basic golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Well, that's what's scary.
They said it didn't affect citizens, but it does say in there, it does, sir.
Well, and not only that, other countries are going to reciprocate.
And Americans are traveling all over the time, you know, doing business in other countries.
So, in fact, it does put Americans at jeopardy, and no matter how you look at it.
Do you ever talk to David Rockefeller?
Not very often.
What's on his mind when you talk to him?
I haven't talked to him recently enough to be able to answer that question.
I mean, the last time you talked to him, what was he talking about?
I can't remember, actually.
Okay, well, you're going to be here in Austin this weekend at the Texas Book Festival.
Just type Texas Book Festival into Google, folks.
You'll find out all about it.
You're speaking Sunday at the Capitol, aren't you?
That's right.
On my book, Making Globalization Work.
Well, maybe we'll pop in with the news crew and get a five-minute interview with you for the local TV show.
Making globalization work, I think it's a dead horse.
I don't think you can make something that's fundamentally been flawed and compromised work, but we are globalized now, so who knows where we're going.
We can make it work better.
Yeah, I guess so.
That's what we're talking about.
Well, you're going to be there speaking about the new book?
That's right, and trying to explain how we can make, why it hasn't been working, the ways in which it hasn't been working.
And so ideas about how we can make it work better.
But they did get mad at you.
I mean, some say you left, some say you were fired.
What really happened at the World Bank to you?
Oh, well, it was a mixture.
What they said is that I could stay as long as I didn't say anything and didn't talk to the press, didn't talk on radio.
I had originally come there and said, you know, if I'm going to go and accept this kind of job, I want to be able to speak my mind, talk about what I think is what ought to be done for
Making the world a better place, helping the developing countries, helping the poor in the United States and other advanced industrial countries.
They weren't interested in that, and so we amicably parted ways.
Did they get mad when all those documents magically were released?
Well, the people at the IMF were not very happy when I criticized them.
I think they were particularly unhappy
Because I predicted that certain things would happen as a result of their policies.
I turned out to be right.
If I'd been wrong, I think they could have forgiven me, but the fact that I was right made them particularly upset.
And when you say correction, again, the Financial Times and others are saying they see massive upheaval.
I mean, when you say correction, are you talking about, I mean, openly the financial leader talking about just trying to survive what's coming?
I mean, do you think the debt bubble will pop, or what's going to happen?
Well, I think it all depends on how well this whole thing is managed.
There is absolutely no doubt that there is a misalignment, is the euphemism that people use, and that there will be a correction.
I think if it's handled well, there'll be a slowdown.
We already see a slowdown.
The numbers that came out today on the quarterly growth figures show the slowdown.
If it's well managed, it will go from the slowdown into a recovery.
How is the management right now?
It's going to be difficult.
Are they doing the right thing?
No, this has been perhaps the worst six years of mismanagement of the macroeconomy.
I think there's a broad consensus on both parties about the mismanagement of the economy.
When do you see it imploding then?
Well, as I say, I think that we can avoid an implosion if we manage this very carefully, but it's going to be very risky.
Okay, and you're talking the next 12 months, 24 months?
I think we're going to go through some very difficult times in the next 12 months, the next 24 months.
Okay, thank you, sir, for joining us.
Take care.
Okay, thank you.
You bet.
Oh, boy.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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We're good to go.
I'm not bragging.
But I want police and military and government people listening who don't study wide-spectrum data to realize that I can have an engineer in about the collapse of buildings.
I can have a Nobel Prize winner in economics on.
We can have somebody on about ranch management.
We can have somebody on about any issue.
If I'm going to speak on something, I know what I'm talking about.
World government's real.
They're planning to take everything you've got.
All the elite experts in economics and banking are saying that we are going to have a massive correction.
And most of them are saying we're not going to make it out of it.
You heard him say really bad.
Global depression.
Ron Paul's saying it.
And I talk to stockbrokers, business advisors.
They don't know anything.
They play within the false paradigm that they're projected, that they're given by the global corporations that own the financial media.
And you try to talk to somebody who's a stockbroker, what do you know about stocks, Alex?
Well, I know the Dow's rigged with only winners, and I know the money supply's been devalued by 44%, so the Dow's really at 6,200 and something.
Oh, what's that?
Money devalued?
What's that mean?
And again, I don't even claim to be that smart.
I just study this stuff.
And let me tell you, I see bad, bad, bad, bad all over the place.
And so we know what we're talking about on 9-11.
North American Union.
The economy, the dollar, everything.
Okay, this show needs to be on every talk station in the country.
It isn't.
If we had real information getting out there, we could save this country.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
I'll try to take calls here at the end quickly, each caller.
It's just... I'll be on the radio this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
We're going to have Aaron Russo on again.
Be sure and join us.
A bunch of news, and you can listen via Infowars.com.
Or hopefully stations out there that are picking up this show will pick it up.
Or if you can't carry it live, re-air the new show I'm doing.
A lot of new stations turning it on.
I want to thank them.
And please get Aaron Russo's new film, America, Freedom from Fascism, available, showing the Federal Reserve, showing who these scoundrels are.
There's a reason they ran Joseph Siglitz out of there, because he wouldn't play ball with them.
He's a globalist, but he doesn't believe in hurting all the people.
Well, you're gone, buddy.
Nobel Prize winner.
And this is how it works.
He's got a soul.
He's got a conscience.
I don't think he's just playing good cop.
He is a good cop.
But he doesn't understand the full paradigm.
And he understands his limited spectrum of analysis, which is understandable.
He can go to higher levels than any of us when he studies one small sliver.
I study the full spectrum.
And I mainly go to history because humans tend to do the same things over and over again so I can see a condensed version of what's happening today in any aspect I wish.
That's what I've done.
Please give America freedom to fascism.
It exposes the banking system, what's really happening.
Available at InfoWars.com and you get Terror Storm for $10 when you... $9.95 when you do order that.
When you do get American Freedom of Fascism at InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139.
Ron in Georgia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I just had a comment about the gentleman that called in earlier.
If he doesn't believe anything that's going on and he believes that everything is just fine, why is he listening to your show?
And why is he calling in?
I think it's our own fears...
The chains of our captivity are not bound so tight as to deprive the mind of free thought.
They lay rather on the foundation of the ever-shifting sands of lies and iniquity, shielded from the light of truth by the shadow of our own fears.
Well, I mean, I just had a 45-minute discussion with a Nobel Prize winner, former head of economics at the World Bank, and he agreed with everything I said.
And I said neo-mercantilism.
He didn't write that in his book.
I studied history.
It's mercantilism.
Globalism is mercantilism.
And I'm not tooting my horn, folks.
I know what I'm talking about.
Thank you for the call, Ron.
Tom in California.
Sorry about Margaret and Eric and others.
Tom, go ahead.
Take us out.
Alex, uh...
I was wondering if you could give somebody some advice on starting a newsletter that basically copies all the headlines off Prison Planet from my local area here.
For people that don't read the Internet, maybe would pick up a newsletter instead, read the same headline.
Do you have any advice?
I take the articles we write every week.
They're the best.
And I take four or five of those every week or every month or ten, whatever, and do it that way.
And to get freedom to fascism in my local theater, we'll be the best way to go about doing that.
Call Aaron Russo.
I'm out of time.
Vaya con Dios.
Have a good, safe weekend.
Ask God for guidance.
Love your family.
God bless you all.
See you Sunday on the radio.