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Air Date: Oct. 17, 2006
2444 lines.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
It is Tuesday, the 17th day of October 2018.
And six, and we're going to be live here for the next three hours, and we're going to have wide open phones for the full three hours.
Whenever the news gets really hot and heavy and a lot's happening, I tend to cancel guests, and I've not had guests on in the last few broadcasts.
I've had, I guess, a few little mini-guests who popped in with some information, and we have one of those, an expert on torture, joining us just for about ten minutes at the bottom of the hour.
I have reported a few weeks ago that Bush had signed the Military Commissions Act to H.R.
But he hadn't signed it.
The news had reported that he was scheduled to sign it about a week and a half ago.
But then I learned last week that he hadn't.
Well, now he did sign it just a few hours ago from the White House.
And so we'll recap and go over what this bill does that is now...
But it's now law.
Of course, it's totally unconstitutional, completely criminal, and is treason against this country.
But in the meantime, let me run through some of the news that is coming up today.
North Korea sanctions our war declaration.
That's what the North Korean Stalinist state is saying.
With the soft United Nations resolution against the rogue state, and it truly is a rogue state, armed by our criminal government as usual.
But that is blasphemy and a no-no to talk about what is publicly admitted.
Kim Jong-il could suffer the same fate as Romania's Ceausescu, the press is reporting.
We can only dream.
International leaders propose Asian Union.
This happened over the weekend.
I barely mentioned this yesterday.
I want to spend a lot of time on this Korea Times story.
It was also in the major Japanese and Chinese publications.
Big news.
They voted and officially set it up.
International leaders propose Asian Union.
And really frightening news that broke yesterday and today.
Web could be terror training camp, Homeland Security Chairman Michael Chertoff says, needs to be regulated and controlled.
And that dovetails with the European Union declaring control over the web and saying they are going to ban hate speech on the web here in the U.S.
and in Europe under treaties.
They are going to arrest anyone who posts video blogs that are unlicensed of any type under EU control.
We're good to go.
The article starts with amateur video bloggers under threat from EU broadcast rules.
That's Times Online, but that's really not as important as the fact that hate will be punished by long prison sentences.
I have another report that I noticed isn't in my stack, didn't print.
I'll grab it during the break.
And that's in Europe.
They're banning trans fats.
They're moving to ban them here in Chicago and, of course, in New York.
Austin's now discussing banning it.
And it's not going to stop there.
It's just total regulation over what you eat and what you do.
A hell pit of micromanagement and control freak wonderland.
Marijuana consumption drops in the UK despite liberalization laws.
They're all shocked that as soon as they legalized it, basically, no one wanted to smoke it anymore.
The trendies don't do things if they're legal.
You didn't know that?
And, uh...
TSA screener faces theft charges.
Poll shows support for Iraq war at all-time low.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, again, it is October 17th on this Tuesday, 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I was thinking this morning, getting ready for the broadcast, that all of this stuff's really happening.
They've shut up the North American Union.
They're having official governmental meetings in secret.
It even comes out in the mainstream press that our new North American government is meeting in secret because we're not allowed to know.
They're making agreements on toll roads, the taxes for the North American Union in secret.
That's now even in the news here locally in Austin.
The grid is going in.
I saw them putting up more cameras and more face scanning, license plate scanning cameras about 200 yards from my house this morning.
I wanted to go home and get a video camera and pull up and videotape the inside guts of the control terminals because the technician had it open.
The cameras are going on, and in microphone standard on all the new computers.
I was computer shopping this weekend.
Everything has it now.
Built-in cameras, built-in microphones.
They're openly announcing the government and Google and everybody else is going to just listen to you and watch you in your home without asking.
They just calmly announce it.
It's no big deal.
All right, I'm already starting to rant.
Web could be terror training camp, Chertoff says.
This is in Reuters.
Disaffected people living in the United States may develop radical ideologies.
Can't have that.
And potentially violent skills over the Internet that could present the next major U.S.
security threat.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said yesterday.
Now, just think about that statement.
He was speaking to a group.
Think about that statement.
The Web could potentially teach people
How to be dangerous or radicalize them.
See, it could potentially.
It's posing the new terror threat.
And you're actually the terrorist, Mr. Chertoff.
People you work for carried out 9-11 and many other declassified terror attacks that are not debated.
And you are busy robbing the treasuries, robbing the Defense Department treasury and pension funds publicly.
Again, Associated Press.
Trillions missing.
Almost four trillion.
You are busy butchering the entire country.
And so, of course, terrorist criminals are going to set up a new secret police gestapo to try to make sure that the good people of this country can't stop them.
And, of course, they're going to call radical ideologies a new threat.
Oh, there's going to be a new threat emerging.
It's called the American people getting wise to you, you little pinheaded crook.
You slimebag lizard.
Web could be terror training camp, Chertop says.
Disaffected people living in the United States may develop radical ideologies and potentially violent skills.
See, now violent skills, like learning how to shoot guns, that's evil too.
We now have a capability of someone to radicalize themselves over the Internet.
Oh, they could get radicalized.
Kind of well that, Chertop said, on the sidelines of a meeting of international associations of the chiefs of police.
We're good to go.
I think?
All the spies that you really have out trying to provocateur idiots into blowing stuff up or shooting people.
And when you can't, your spies just go ahead and do it most of the time themselves.
Don't they?
Don't they, demon boy?
Chertoff, who in Russian literally translates... I thought it was an urban legend.
I went and looked it up in a German dictionary.
I mean, excuse me, Russian...
I think you changed your name if your name meant son of the devil or of the devil in Russian.
Chertoff pointed to the July 7, 2005 attacks on London's transit system, which killed 56 people and were carried out, of course, by...
MI6, but that doesn't matter.
We've just had former top commandos from the British military on, the heads of IRA operations, telling you that British MI6 and MI5 and Army commandos ran the IRA and literally went out and ordered their underlings to carry out attacks, and when they refused, they would kill them or kneecap them.
And that over 70% of all terror attacks in the last 30 years in England and in Ireland have been purely carried out by British intelligence.
It's all over major British news.
It's a public secret.
You are the killers and the terrorists.
You need to be arrested, scum!
And if you don't like me getting fired up and upset, I'm sorry, people.
I mean, we literally have terrorists running our government.
And I'm letting it hit me square in the eye.
I am consciously realizing it.
Just like I recognize the beauty of this world, and I have wonderment.
Again, I'm not just tuned into this evil.
I'm also tuned into the good stuff in this world.
But here on this broadcast, we fight evil.
And I'm tuned in to how real this is.
How wicked these people are.
And how much danger we're all in while these terrorists are in control.
And it takes desperate measures for desperate times to come right out with who they are.
None of you are safe.
Police, firemen, government workers, CIA, FBI, generals, all of you that serve this system.
That's why a lot of you are waking up and going public, and I commend you.
Chertoff pointed to the July 7th attacks in London.
Give me a break, you terrorist.
To help gather intelligence on possible homegrown attackers, Cherkoff said Homeland Security would apply 20 field agents this fiscal year into intelligence fusion centers where they would work with local police agencies.
It's more like tens of thousands.
And these fusion centers were the FEMA emergency centers put in in 99.
By the end of the next fiscal year, he said the department aims to have 35 staffers.
It's a lot more than that.
By the way, CENTCOM openly has announced they have hundreds and hundreds of troops, and we already knew this, on the blogs, on the internet, lying and posting and, quote, fighting the radicals that are against the war.
He actually says that there are these radical bloggers that are hurting the war effort, and so the general of CENTCOM, I have his press release.
Openly now!
It's just, yes, yes, the Army is fighting the evil people lying on the blogs inside the U.S.
That's totally criminal.
Congress has said it's totally illegal.
Repeatedly, governmental accounting office, GAO, governmental standards offices, it's all, it's illegal.
It violates a whole plethora, a string of laws, and here they are just openly throwing down the gauntlet going...
Chintcom is out engaging on the blogs, and they've got fake blogs, and they're on the blogs, and you can tell it's the same guys.
You can go to hundreds of sites that have Terror Storm posted on it, the message boards, and it's the same thing said, cut and paste everywhere, attacking me.
And it's un-American, Nazi traitors!
I mean, these people are literal black shirts, folks.
Literal SS scum!
But they're so stupid.
Again, the enemy can't get very good personnel.
We have the thinkers.
They have the stinkers, as Mark Kornke loved to say.
And it's true.
And he's now rotting in prison, of course, and setting him up up in Michigan.
But we've got the...
Thinkers, they've got the stinkers.
And so it's so stupid what they write.
And everyone catches them cutting and pasting.
And everyone already pointed out they're a bunch of feds.
I mean, our military folks isn't supposed to be running around on the web posing and posting and lying and doing all of this.
But they're doing it.
Domestic propaganda no longer hidden in your face.
And you know why they're having to do it?
Because we're exposing these terrorists.
And let me tell you, when somebody goes in there in our military and posts propaganda in newspapers and writes fake letters to the editor and attacks people like mine, I see these bastards all over the web.
They're saying I should be killed.
Go read it.
Go to the message boards.
They're saying, I need to go to prison.
Just like O'Reilly said, Fetzer needs to be grabbed and arrested before Limbaugh attacked him.
He said these fake liberals need to be, this media.
He said they need to be basic.
When I say liberal, I say fake liberal.
He said these liberal blogs and this new media, they need to be arrested as traitors.
See, that's a talking point now.
Show us who you are.
Go ahead and arrest me.
Go ahead, you bastards.
Go ahead and grease me out on the street.
That'll water the tree of liberty.
All I care about is taking you down.
And I mean taking you down in the Infowars, scum.
Showing everybody what you are.
We're going to win.
I smell blood.
I do.
I know we're going to win.
Let me tell you, I'm like an octopus and a million more of us are like octopus or a giant squid.
We've got you, man.
We've got our tentacles wrapped around your neck and all we care about is taking you down in the deep.
We don't care.
We go down with you.
Because other meek and weak little people need to go on and live in freedom.
And it's up to real men to stand in the gap and take you down no matter what!
And with this fighting spirit, we can't be beat, scum!
Amateur video bloggers under threat from EU broadcast rules.
The government is seeking to prevent EU directive that could extend broadcast regulations to the internet, hitting popular video sharing websites such as YouTube.
The European Commission proposed would require websites and mobile phone services that feature video images to conform the standards laid down in Brussels.
Ministers fear the directive could hit not only successful sites such as YouTube, but also amateur video bloggers who post material on their own sites.
Personal websites would have to be licensed on a television-like service.
And it says Vivian Redding, the media counselor and commissioner, argues that the purpose is simply to set...
Minimum standards on such areas as advertising, hate speech, and the protection of children.
And all speech against these criminals is hate speech.
And if you try to fight the pedophile rings running the government, then you're hurting the children.
But Sean Woodward of the Broadcasting Minister described the draft proposal as catastrophic.
He said, and he goes on to say in the instance sections, it is criminal to post any video on the web, period.
Brussels is announcing world government power right now over the entire Internet.
Justice Chertoff, the criminal, is saying they're going to have Homeland Security criminals over every command center in every major city, brainwashing the moron police and moron emergency workers.
Bunch of thumb-sucking fools.
All right, we'll be right back.
Man, I'm so sick of these terrorists.
We'll be right back.
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Call 325-572-3913.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You ought to go read this tons of London article.
It'll be criminal if you don't go through all the regulations and taxes and they're going to charge you to put video on the web because we're going to bring these terrorists to justice.
They're scared of us.
And look, I know a lot of police are patriots and love this show and I know a lot of emergency people do too.
But when I talk about the scum...
I mean, the people that just are totally blind to what's going on.
I mean, this is real.
The country is being dismantled.
They've abolished the Bill of Rights.
That terrorist, phony president who was never even elected both times just signed this unbelievable Enabling Act today.
They are openly talking about restricting and shutting down areas of the web.
They are getting rid of our borders and our sovereignty.
It's all happening!
Listen, I'm one of the saps who gets tears in his eyes when you're at a football game and they have the star-spangled banner.
I love this country.
And believe me, it's dying right now.
It's all happening right now.
You understand, ladies and gentlemen.
On a hundred fronts, we're getting hit.
Now, the good news is the enemy's made their move, so they're revealing themselves right now.
And our credibility's gone out of the stratosphere here.
It's rocketed because everything we told you is now happening.
And let me tell you, you're not going to like the stuff that comes after this.
It's going to get real bad, ladies and gentlemen, unless we exert our muscles right now in the information war like savage berserkers.
I mean, you've got to be ready for whatever comes to fight these people at every level.
You've got to put your life on the line.
You've got to put your treasure on the line.
You've got to do it all.
Look at the other news I've got.
It has been admitted...
By the Pentagon, that the anthrax shots they've given the troops in the last 10 years have really killed and maimed a lot of them.
It's very poisonous and still experimental.
And I have the Washington Post.
They're going to give the troops the anthrax shot again.
200,000 of them.
And my friends, I've interviewed top scientists, top doctors, top vaccine developers, epidemiologists.
Weaponized anthrax that the Russians would use or that foreign enemies would have has between 100 and 300 different types of spores.
This shot covers seven spores and does nothing.
You know why the police and firemen and emergency workers, who I guess really aren't complete idiots, they're smarter than the general public, remember three years ago when they ordered them all with no law, they just said you must take the smallpox?
And then all these top doctors and others said, I'm not going to take it.
It doesn't even protect you from weaponized smallpox.
And it will actually spread real smallpox and will kill thousands of people if millions take it.
And literally no one took it.
I remember talking to police at gas stations and places.
I'd see them on the street and I'd go, are you going to take that?
No, we heard about it.
We're all refusing.
The union's saying no.
That's Austin cops right here.
So I guess you're not as stupid as some people, but you still need to realize that you're under attack, just like I am.
This stuff's real.
I mean, go read what they're making the troops take.
They shut the anthrax plant down three separate times up there, and they have millions and millions of ampules of it, and they're going to go ahead and make people take it.
My head is spinning right now.
I just can't believe how bad it's gotten.
Raw Story reporting.
Look, I have it here.
They have the press release and the public emails released by the CENTCOM general.
Raw obtained CENTCOM email, the bloggers.
And CENTCOM openly says that they are out there fighting the American people.
Your military is not supposed to fight you.
They're not supposed to go out and propagandize in the United States media.
And they've been caught criminally doing it under the $1.6 billion fake news plan.
Congress told Bush it was all illegal.
He increased the funding.
And one small part of that is CENTCOM's gotten so morally warped that they openly think they can announce they're engaging in this criminal behavior.
Digressing and getting into another subject here.
Marijuana consumption drops in the UK despite liberalized laws.
This is being reported in all the major British papers.
We've got a whole bunch of them here.
The use of marijuana in England and Wales has fallen.
The three years since, penalties on the drug use were eased.
I've been in front of Parliament while people were smoking marijuana when I was there, in front of the police.
It's basically legal.
The Independent reported October 14th the trend defined predictions, defied predictions, that the use of the drug would rise as a result of the charge.
The three other European countries basically decriminalized it over the last decade and marijuana use plunged.
Because when you make the stuff legal, most of the people out there smoking it do it to be trendy.
They quit smoking it!
They made booze illegal.
They made whiskey illegal.
They made beer illegal.
About, what, two and a half percent?
Because you could have near beer.
For nine years during the prohibition, and alcoholism more than tripled.
And the crime syndicates grew by tenfold, and the police became corrupted.
And that's exactly why the government criminalized it.
Just like they criminalized heroin and cocaine that you could buy by the ounce at every drugstore in this country.
And when they criminalized it, drug use increased.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's a dark day for the Republic.
The country is on its knees, bleeding to death.
Got an arm chopped off, got a leg chopped off.
I'm just here begging the country to wake up and tie a tourniquet around the leg, the arm.
The country's going into shock, turning white, passing out.
I mean, if I have to give you an analogy, that's really what we're facing.
Much of the Bill of Rights was abolished.
You know, I wrote that article the day that the Congress passed it two Fridays ago, now almost three Fridays ago, coming up this Friday.
And I was heartened that a week and a half later, Oberman did the exact same analysis and showed that nine of the ten Bill of Rights, completely and totally abolished.
It does affect U.S.
Top legal scholars at Harvard, at Princeton, at UT have all done an analysis that mirrors my analysis.
And again, a lot of people saw my analysis and said, oh, that's a little harsh.
Well, you didn't go read the U.S.
Code and how it connects into Patriot Act I, the reauthorization.
You see, the President, the Defense Secretary, or their designates decree you an enemy combatant, and then you are not a citizen.
So it's a little play on words, a little lawyer-type behavior.
And I'm freaked out, folks.
John Yoo writes memos, and he gets confronted at a CFR meeting.
He writes memos for the White House as their counsel.
Assistant Counsel to Gonzales when he was head counsel and says we can torture children in front of their parents.
And for a while there's denial by the neocons and now Limbaugh and others just say, yeah, okay, we can torture people.
And they change the definition of torture to pressure in this bill.
And they're using the Patriot Act, thousands of cases and non-terror related cases domestically.
The federal and state courts are ruling they can't.
This new legislation gives the president basically a pre-final days of the office.
This is now a pre-pardon for himself and all of his cronies and pomps.
Even Bob Woodward was saying it.
We're going into a dictatorship.
There's no putting perfume on a pig.
I'm totally upset.
Things are happening faster than even I thought they would.
They're doing it right out in front of everyone.
Chertoff's running around talking about regulating the web, the EU's calling for it to shut down all hate speech if it's anything that criticizes them.
It's just so upsetting.
We're going to go to our guest here in just a moment.
I hope that you will visit Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now and JonesReport.com because Google, three separate times, we've now confirmed and they've press released and admitted that we've entered the top 100 of Google Video.
My new film, Terror Storm, that I again spent... I kept saying $85,000.
It's more like $95,000 making this film.
Then paying for the mastering even more, printing up 10,000 copies even more, so it's well over, actually.
It's almost $110,000.
We've exhausted much of our treasury.
We hope that you will support us by buying the DVD at Infowars.com with the 68 minutes of extras from the historic 9-11 Neocon agenda symposium, two hours of which was covered by C-SPAN, but we got 68 minutes of the highlight of the two-day event and put it on the film.
I hope you'll go get the DVD, but regardless, frankly, it doesn't even matter.
It's good to have an original copy and make good copies from that to give people in the fight against the criminals.
The Hitlerians that have taken control, and are taking more control by the millisecond,
But if you go to Google Video and link through, they have now, in the past, low-res versions that others uploaded made it into the top 100.
The high-res version that we uploaded has made it into the top 100.
Google Video has erased our millions of views to knock us out of the top 100 at least three separate times, we've now confirmed.
They've done it for a third time.
And now, finally, a high-res version that people link to has made it into the top 100.
It is rapidly climbing.
I'm sure they'll delete it any day now, but we need to rush the gates, and everyone needs to go to every message board, every website, everyone, please post it, call into every talk show.
We now have a high-res, so even more people will watch it and enjoy it and be informed by it.
In the top 100, it's like 87 right now.
And why does that matter?
Why do we care about the ratings?
Because tens of millions a day, over 100 million, I actually went and pulled the numbers, it's every 14 days, over 100 million in this little video,
We're good to go.
Exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
I want to thank our guests for holding while I went through that.
All right.
This is very exciting news, though.
Helfer W. McCoy is a historian and current professor of history at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, Ph.D.
from Southeastern Asian Studies.
I think we're good.
Thank you for joining us, Alfred W. McCoy.
Thank you, Jim.
You heard my little rant and diatribe about the republic on its knees, bleeding to death.
I just want to get your take on where you think we are right now, sir, geopolitically and with the police state unfolding.
Give us your analysis, and I'd like to get into the bill that Bush finally signed today, what they're calling the torture bill.
Of course, it's much bigger.
But first, please just give us your overview of a historian watching this and studying other societies, where you think the republic is.
We're unfortunately mired in a situation, actually two situations, rather akin to the 1960s with Vietnam.
We blundered into two wars that were poorly planned, devised largely for ideological reasons, with the preparation being done rather poorly, blundering in, responding in a kind of ad hoc basis...
Yes, we're good to go.
To break the Viet Cong communist underground with counter-terror.
Counter their terror with our counter-terror.
And the Phoenix program tortured countless tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese.
According to the CIA's official statistics given by the director before the U.S.
Congress, the CIA Phoenix program was responsible for over 20,000 extraditional executions.
It was comprehensive, brutal, and it, I think, alienated the Vietnamese people and ultimately contributed to the defeat of the United States in Vietnam and the discouraging of the war among the American people.
Well, of course, in Iraq, right from the outset, we began using those tactics, and I suspect that as we learn more and more about the kind of netherworld of dirty warfare in Iraq,
We're going to find out that they are using Phoenix-like tactics, particularly militia squads, death squads.
It took us basically 30 years to discover the full depths of U.S.
behavior in Vietnam.
And we found people like Senator Kerry, not the former presidential candidate folks, the other Kerry, were actually Phoenix operatives, and look at how they were rewarded.
Well, one of the interesting things about the Kerry revelation, there was revelations that he, as a young lieutenant in the Navy SEALs, went into a village in the Mekong Delta, and he admitted to being involved in the slaughter of probably 20 women and children.
At the time those revelations came out, nobody said it was Phoenix program, but it probably was Phoenix program.
It was the only such program operating like that in Vietnam.
More recently,
The Toledo Blade, a family newspaper in Toledo, Ohio, won the Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for its investigations of the cover-up surrounding something called Tiger Force.
And this was a unit of the 101st Airborne that, for a period of six months, under the orders of its superiors, field-level officers, lieutenant colonels and colonels, slaughtered literally hundreds of South Vietnamese civilians, mainly unarmed women and children.
As again, an attempt to use counter-terror.
You see, when Americans hear the term counter-terror, we think of guys running around in black uniforms saving us from terrorists, but it is kind of like a little lawyer doublespeak.
Our government knows exactly what it means.
Let's fast forward.
I mean, I specifically want to get your expertise on the Black World camps in Eastern and Central Europe, because, I mean, as bad as Abu Ghraib and the other 30-something camps in Iraq and the two camps at Camp X-Ray, both the outer and the internal CIA base,
First of all, those camps were exposed by the Washington Post.
They didn't name them.
They deleted the sites at the request of the U.S.
But there were two camps, approximately eight camps, who were operating worldwide from Europe to Southeast Asia.
And one was located in Romania, and the other, which has a more specific designation, was operating in a place near Sismani, Poland.
And actually the German news magazine Stern sent correspondence to Poland and through contacts in Polish Secret Service they specifically identified and described the camp.
So it's pretty clear that there was this camp in Poland.
The camp shifted and it seems that the personnel, the captives, were held in bunches and moved around from camp to camp.
We don't know the precise details, but they were... Now, you talk about a rogue government, folks, a government so criminal that they have to move their torture camps around because they're so illegal they can't let the press cover it.
I mean, that is just unbelievable.
Initially, they were of dubious legality.
President Bush, in early 2002, gave the CIA executive authority for...
Thank you very much.
Of waterboarding.
Sir, they actually have a graphic at the Tower of London.
I was just there last year.
That was called in 1541 in a French interrogation manual for the French Inquisition, Torture Galicae Ordinariae, Standard French Torture.
In March 2005, the director of the CIA, Porter Goss, came before the U.S.
Congress and he called that exact same technique a professional interrogation technique.
So in 1541, it's Standard French Torture.
In 2005, the Bush administration rebrands it into a professional interrogation technique.
I would submit that in the 16th century, they knew what was torture and what wasn't torture.
Well, exactly.
So 400 plus years ago, they're calling it torture.
Now we're calling it professional interrogation technique.
That actually goes right to the core.
The question of what is torture and what is not torture in this government has really revolved around definitions.
Most notoriously, in August 2005, when an Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department, Jay Bybee, now a federal judge, wrote a famous memo in which he allowed, he said that basically he parsed some obscure and irrelevant laws and administrative codes, actually relating to Medicare,
Thank you.
Yes, and that's exactly what then Alberto Gonzalez wrote, that it isn't torture if it doesn't kill them, but if they accidentally die, it still isn't torture.
That's in the memo.
And then you, why do you think you wrote a memo, and then even publicly at a CFR meeting stood up for his memo, saying that they can even torture little children with pliers on their genitalia?
What's wrong with these people to go,
Well, it really comes down to, in a certain sense, the foundational law in the United States.
Let me explain.
If you look at the law, the military commission's law signed by President Bush today in Washington, D.C., okay, you look there, okay, there's two aspects.
The law clearly bans brutal physical torture, all right?
We've always done that, okay?
But the distinctively American doctrine of torture developed by the CIA during the 1950s and propagated throughout the U.S.
intelligence community and among our allies in the Third World throughout the Cold War is a
Very different, distinctively American techniques, psychological torture.
Well, I've interviewed former Special Forces Green Beret commandos, colonels who would openly on the show admitted, you know, hooking electrodes to women, electrocuting them, doing all of this, and then he even got sued for going public, and then he beat the Special Forces Association in court, and it was all documented.
So, I mean, it's incredible.
But, no...
If you look at that law, the Military Commissions Law, signed by President Bush, okay, when it comes to this paragraph called definitions, and it says, you know, the definition of severe mental pain under this law is as prescribed in Section 2340 of the U.S.
Federal Code, okay?
And that's the one that says... Sure, go ahead.
That was actually adopted back in 1995, okay?
In 1994, the United States ratified the UN Convention Against Torture, abolishing all practices that inflict severe mental and physical pain upon a detainee, okay?
Then the United States, that same year, said, we ratify this convention, but we also did so subject to four detailed paragraphs of diplomatic reservation, saying, in effect, we ratify this treaty except...
Basically signing statements by the State Department.
Well, it's by the U.S.
I mean, it's a standard diplomatic practice.
Now, if you look at those four paragraphs of the diplomatic reservation, what they do is basically they're all focused on a single word in the 26 printed pages of the U.N.
That word is mental.
And basically what we did is we said, look, we accept that severe physical pain is outlawed, but we are going to redefine severe mental pain in order to protect
The CIA psychological torture paradigm.
If you look at that definition, among the dozens of very sophisticated CIA psychological torture techniques, including waterboarding, there are only four techniques, four practices that are banned.
Under Section 2340, everything else is permissible.
Those practices are, for example, forcible injection of drugs.
Well, the CIA hasn't done that since the 1950s.
Severe threats against a third person.
Severe physical pain.
We don't do any of those things.
So, in effect, Section 2340 bans four practices that we don't use.
And everything else.
Well, see, I don't even agree with the definition that dunking somebody's head in water or putting the bag over their head and pouring water into it doesn't cause pain.
The panic, the sucking the water down the nose, that's extremely painful.
Right, it is.
I mean, the water torture simulates death.
There is nothing more painful to the body than nearly dying, okay?
And it's perfectly legal under this law signed by President Bush.
But it's... I mean...
Professor, one time I'll segment with you.
I want to go through some more of these forms of torture.
But folks, torturing children's good, it's of the Lord.
All the TV shows, well, they do it on 24.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shockingly classified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have about a two minute clip of Lord Bush's signing statement today on top of the legislation basically making him God Emperor of the United States and the rest of the planet.
But again, they can pass laws saying black people aren't human beings as they've done before.
It doesn't mean it's a real law.
Okay, first of all, what's going on right now?
Look, at the start of the war on terror, the Bush administration gave orders for these enhanced techniques.
The Defense Department under Donald Rumsfeld simultaneously in late 2002 issued parallel orders that turned Guantanamo basically into an ad hoc behavioral laboratory for the perfection of the CIA's psychological torture paradigm.
These techniques and the general signal that the gloves were off ramified around the globe
And reached even conventional U.S.
combat units in Afghanistan, units like the 82nd Airborne in Iraq, and so that the abuse became really widespread.
Ordinary soldiers were doing brutal tactical interrogations using basically CIA-sophisticated techniques with sensory deprivation and self-inflicted pain, hootings, dress positions, short shackling, long shackling, all of that.
This is all part of a comprehensive doctrine.
Now what's happened is that actually the yield was, despite what President Bush has said in September 6th when he introduced this current legislation, the Military Commission Law 2006 into Congress, despite his claims that it works, the yield has been very low and the revelations about the torture has been politically disastrous.
So we're basically pulling back.
Thank you.
Less controlled interrogation.
Basically, we've had the same batch.
But my point is, you can't believe any of these people now who go to trial and say they did it because some of them have been in torture camps for four to five years.
Yeah, but right now what's going to happen is that under the Military Commission's law, 2006, that this coerced testimony, particularly old testimony... It's allowed.
It's allowed, okay?
They have to assess...
The probative value, but basically it's allowed.
And here's another thing that's truly appalling.
So we've got kangaroo courts with people that were publicly tortured, and that was the point of these all along, as they admitted, for a laboratory of torture and to get fake confessions.
Go ahead.
No, the other thing is that under the military commission's law, that when somebody is convicted before the military commission's in Guantanamo, whose regulations, by the way, have yet to be defined,
Then they can appeal upon the conviction to the US Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.
Court of Appeals, we'll then be asked to evaluate the probative value of coerced or tortured testimony.
In the U.S.
In other words, for the first time in the 200-year history of the American Republic... We're going to be entering torture evidence into evidence.
Right, which is absolutely barred, for example, under the Fifth Amendment, which bans self-incrimination.
In 1791...
We're good to go.
Ban on self-incrimination in the U.S.
Well, because of this, Professor, we can't believe any testimony ever coming out of these dungeons.
And the courts to begin with are kangaroo courts, and even if the court finds them not guilty, the President can still keep them.
Professor, it sounds like you've got a little more to add.
Let me talk to you during the break for just one moment, because I want you to be able to finish this thought.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Thank you.
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Big Brother Big Brother
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into the second hour.
Just got five minutes left for Professor Albert W. McCoy.
Best-selling author, professor, researcher.
And he was just going over the Military Commissions Act that Bush finally signed today.
It has been signed.
Coming up after the break, I'm going to play a clip of Bush and a disgusting signing statement by him.
And we were just covering the key fact that it's codified in the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.
Torture, of course, is banned in criminal law because common sense and history shows that torture doesn't work for really getting answers out of people that are really, quote, criminals or
Whatever super criminal term they use like terrorist.
It's only good for terror by the state against the population and to get fake confessions.
And that is what all the scholars, we've interviewed scores of them, have come to that opinion.
Former JAG officers, special forces commanders, you name it.
And Mr. McCoy was getting into some of the final facets of this, but think about it.
This Military Commissions Act allows them to use torture evidence in court.
It's just unbelievable.
So you can believe nothing that comes out of these people's mouths.
Let's go back to Mr. McCoy.
Professor, please finish up your statement.
The implications of tortured evidence, not just for the U.S.
courts, but more broadly for the U.S.
intelligence community, is really quite upsetting.
Look, 1,800 years ago, a Roman jurist named Opinion, who dealt with torture as a daily event in his practice, said, torture is a difficult, delicate...
And everything we've learned in the 1,800 years about torture, your sources as well, tell us that that's really true.
The strong, men like John McCain, when tortured, he resisted.
And the weak, people like Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi, he cracked and he started saying anything.
Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi was picked up by U.S.
forces in Afghanistan.
During our invasion in late 2001, he was initially interrogated by the FBI.
The CIA took him over.
They rendered him to Egypt where he was brutally tortured.
And he began giving evidence saying that Saddam Hussein's government had trained al-Qaeda in weapons of mass destruction.
This evidence worked its way through the intelligence community, wound up in Colin Powell's desk, and standing up in front of the United Nations, speaking as Secretary of State in early 2003, February 2003, Colin Powell said that we had verified intelligence
That Saddam Hussein had trained al-Qaeda in weapons of mass destruction.
Colin Powell's source was Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi.
Well, Colin Powell now repudiates that statement.
A year later, the CIA branded him a fabricator and retracted formally all statements made by al-Libi.
Okay, now let's expand on this.
Let me just make one point here.
We've only got one minute left.
Sure, go ahead.
Here's the serious point, okay?
Why did he make those particular statements at a time when forces inside the U.S.
intelligence community
We're basically looking for just that evidence, okay?
Because that's what they wanted.
Was he tortured to say what they wanted so they could type it up in a report, stamp it classified, and put it up through the...
The intelligence community.
In other words, when you allow torture inside your intelligence process, you're polluting the entire integrity of the intelligence process.
Nothing is credible.
And it's very dangerous for a country, and at the same time, now when our troops get captured, how are we going to complain when they get tortured?
There are four senior judge advocate general officers, admirals and generals, who appeared before the U.S.
Congress when this bill was
The Military Commission's Law 2006 was being debated and saying, don't do it.
Don't pass this law.
And in closing, Professor, we're out of time.
This has now sanctioned it, though, worldwide.
A new dark age has begun because land of the free, home of the brave is now land of the torture dungeon.
This is going to be one of the worst acts of the U.S.
This is going to be something we're going to look back on like the Korematsu decision, the incarceration of the Japanese Americans during World War II.
This is a decredit to the United States.
And the sooner it's undone, the better.
Well, I really appreciate you joining us today, Professor Alfred W. McCoy.
And folks can just type your name into Google and find out about your books and websites and writings.
We have links to it at Infowars.com.
Take care.
All right.
We appreciate his time.
We're going to come back and get into the news.
The Asian Union has been announced.
Net censorship.
Big time.
Bush's signing statement on the new torture bill.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we're going to open the phones up in the second and third hour.
Wide open phones today, and with heavy news, it's all of the highest level of importance.
Just things, it's a quickening.
It just gets wilder every day.
North Korea sanctions are a declaration of war, North Korea is saying, and they have threatened to nuke the United States and Japan yet again.
And the sanctions are somewhat weak.
The answer by the Bush administration is, let's leave North Korea alone, let's attack Iran, who has no nukes and no missiles, and has done nothing to us, and the neocons are all screaming with joy.
Begging for gun control, running around worshipping Rush Limbaugh.
North Korea sanctions our war declaration.
North Korea said today it considered UN sanctions aimed at punishing the country for its nuclear test declaration of war.
Japan and South Korea reported the communist nation might be preparing a second nuclear test.
Of course, the neocons for a week said it wasn't a real nuke test.
Now, Japan, the U.S., and other countries have picked up the radiation.
It was a successful A-bomb test.
The North broke two days of silence about the UN resolution adopted after its October 9th nuclear test with a statement on the official state news agency as China warned the capital against stoking tensions.
Of course, over the weekend, the North also threatened to test a hydrogen bomb now.
They had tested an A-bomb.
I guess they've been emboldened now and want to test the more complex weapon.
The resolution cannot be construed otherwise on a declaration of war against the North.
The statement said the North is known officially as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Yeah, it's real democratic.
The Chief U.S.
Nuclear Envoy, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said the North's response was not very helpful.
So you read this AP article and it's, oh, they're saying declaration of war.
You go read the actual statements.
They're threatening to hit the U.S., Japan, South Korea with nuclear weapons as they threatened last week.
They said, we will attack you and hit you if you put sanctions on us.
That was the headline.
Their statement was, their official newspaper, we will nuke you if you do these sanctions.
Well, they've done the sanctions, and they're out there... I mean, the minute the North... The problem is you can't trust our government.
Maybe the Japanese could confirm it with a spy plane flight.
The minute they start fueling missiles, they need to be hit.
North Korea needs to be hit immediately.
The minute those bastards, that little psychopathic slug, starts fueling missiles again, they need to be hit.
Those missile sites need to be targeted.
You see, when this country's really threatened, I'm ready to go to war.
That's what you neocon followers don't get, you fools.
And who are the traitors
That armed North Korea and armed China.
Our own filthy, traitorous, New World Order, David Rockefeller, Saxe-Coburg, Gotha government.
That's who.
They arm everybody.
They set it up to bring in world crisis to give you the world government.
That's not a radical statement.
Their official North Korean news agency has said, last week, we put links to it.
We put links to AP and Reuters and BBC.
They did have the nuke threat headline.
RAP didn't.
They tried to play it down here.
Because, hey, we can't go to war with Iran if somebody's threatening to nuke us.
If somebody else is threatening to nuke us and has the weapons, but, oh, we're going to go after this country.
Because Islamofascism is so deadly.
When you go research who started Islamofascism, it's our own government, as usual, that radicalized and spent over $4 billion.
$4 billion.
Just in the 50s and 60s, and then tens of billions after that, radicalizing, overthrowing governments, using radical Islam.
That's mainstream historical fact, but it's like telling a neocon follower the moon comes up a couple times a month.
There's a full moon every month.
You can show them the moon in the sky, they'll deny it.
They'll deny anything.
They have simple little minds.
And they don't care if we lose our borders and our sovereignty.
They don't care if Bush comes after our guys.
They'll even deny he signed the insolvency ban.
They don't care if it's our government arming everybody.
They want to go after the Muslims because they've been tribally at a primitive level told that's the enemy.
And that's not the enemy.
The Iranians tried to be our friends and their leader was man of the year, anti-communist.
Mohammad Mosaddegh.
And what did our filthy criminal government do?
They went in there and blew up buildings and blamed it on him.
They took his entire cabinet and cut their heads off and put him on house arrest for his life.
That's why you need to go to Google Video right now.
In fact, you need to go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com right now because you know what's at the top of each page?
We're good to go.
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And we believe they did it before that because it was a listener who had pointed out that things were being erased a few days before I then noticed it again who pointed it out to me so I could then go discover it and see it happen real time.
And now they've been freezing counters and doing other things.
But they haven't been able to, I guess, watch every new version that gets uploaded.
There's a high-quality version up there, which I was upset before because the low-res versions were the ones at the top of Google Video.
What most people were watching, what millions were watching, and the high-res ones that were about twice as clear to watch, really enjoyable viewing experience.
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Well, now we finally got a high-res up in the top 100.
That's the one people need to see, and we need to drive that sucker all the way to the top.
All right, North Korea sanctions our war declaration.
You know, I said we should go to war with Mexico.
It fits all the prerogatives, all the reasons to go to war.
They openly say our country belongs to them.
They openly say they hate this country.
They're openly importing drugs here.
They're openly shooting our police and military and kidnapping our citizens and attacking our newspapers.
Oh yeah, it's a war here.
The State Department says it's more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel.
But it's kept very quiet, back of the paper, on national news, here and there, maybe Lou Dobbs.
War Zone.
Remember I was calling it a War Zone for two years before the news started calling it that about six months ago.
And we ought to go down there.
We've had two wars with them.
And if Mexico wants to take pot shots across our border, wants to fire mortars at our embassy, or wants to say this is their country, we ought to go down there and kick the criminals out of Mexico City and have a real election.
You want to talk about bringing regime change, but you see we can't do that because it's not really Mexico's fault.
It's the criminals that run D.C.
are actually running Mexico and are using it as a weapon to break down our door.
Now, they control Mexico.
They don't control North Korea.
They just gave them the nukes and the delivery systems.
The same crooks that control Mexico and are using it to batter down our borders and destroy our culture and drive down our wages and bring in this race war.
They're the very ones that arm North Korea.
And the very ones that armed Pakistan, and the very ones that armed India, and the very ones that kicked out the Nationalists and had them sign a disarmament agreement, and the CIA admits in their official history department that our government put Mao Zedong in.
They're real proud of that.
Those murdering criminals that run our criminal government caused a madman to get in control who killed 60 million people.
Everything the New World Order does is about getting dictators in,
Letting them kill people en masse while the bankers never get the blame.
To cull the population.
By the way, that's official Chinese numbers.
That's the government.
They say 60 mil.
Some say it's higher in the cultural leap forward.
The cultural revolution, the great leap forward.
With Marshall and the rest of them.
My friends, this is the type of people we're talking about.
These are cold-blooded sickos.
They don't just torture to get fake confessions.
They don't just write memos saying they can torture kids because they want to scare people.
They do it because they like it.
Do you realize our country is run by serial killers with 180 IQs?
We'll be right back.
Admit it, the moral rot in America runs deep.
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1-800-400-8498 1-800-400-8498 That's 1-800-400-8498 If you ever think about this, the criminals running our government could set off a nuke or fire their own missile from the Pacific.
And claim North Korea did it.
You see, you can't trust the criminals running our government who armed North Korea and did all this, that if they did even start fueling missiles, if they fueled missiles and fired one, they'd probably let it hit us.
They'd love it.
They'd really take our freedoms then, and no one would ever point out that it was our government that armed North Korea.
We'd thank Rumsfeld.
Oh, thank you, Rumsfeld!
Thank you for fighting North Korea for us!
Here's Bush in his signing statement.
We'll come back and go to your calls and get into a bunch of other news.
A ton of it here today.
There's a
CENTCOM admitting they're propagandizing on the web against the American people.
Here's Bush signing the Bill of Rights butchering bill that I thought he'd signed weeks ago and I learned he hadn't.
He now signed it today.
Here it is.
The bill I signed today helps secure this country.
And it sends a clear message.
This nation is patient and decent and fair and we will never back down from the threats to our freedom.
One of the terrorists believed to have planned the 9-11 attack said he hoped the attacks would be the beginning of the end of America.
He didn't get his wish.
We are as determined today as we were on the morning of September 12, 2001.
We will meet our obligation to protect our people, and no matter how long it takes, justice will be done.
When I proposed this legislation, I explained that I would have one test for the bill Congress produced.
Will it allow the CIA program to continue?
This bill meets that test.
It allows for the clarity our intelligence professionals need to continue questioning terrorists and saving lives.
This bill provides legal protections that ensure our military and intelligence personnel will not have to fear lawsuits filed by terrorists simply for doing their jobs.
This bill spells out specific, recognizable offenses that would be considered crimes in the handling of detainees, so that our men and women who question captured terrorists can perform their duties to the fullest extent of the law.
And this bill complies with both the spirit and the letter of our international obligations.
As I've said before, the United States does not torture.
It's against our laws and it's against our values.
By allowing the CIA program to go forward, this bill is preserving a tool that has saved American lives.
We will fight this war with confidence and with clear purpose.
We will protect our country and our people.
We will work with our friends and allies across the world to defend our way of life.
We will leave behind a freer, safer, and more peaceful world for those who follow us.
And now in memory of the victims of September the 11th, it is my honor to sign the Military Commissions Act of 2006 into law.
Oh, yeah!
All right!
Well, let's walk through the kleptomaniac liar.
I mean, let's walk through it.
He said that the terrorists want the end of America.
You're the one who signed the North American Union, the official North American Union government, met three and a half weeks ago, openly getting rid of our borders, merging our military and police, our laws, getting rid of due process and trade.
Oh, yeah, end of America.
You're the one with the blanket amnesty program.
You're the one that just butchered nine of the ten amendments to the Bill of Rights.
Oh, yeah.
End of America.
He's talking about no matter how long it will take.
She said before, it's a hundred year war, it'll never end.
And they're going to have this great victory, no matter how long it takes.
He kept calling the torture sickos, the former federal prison guards they hire who have been fired because of abuse, that's who they hire, people that like this.
You've got to like it, folks.
The power of it.
Kicking somebody down and torturing them.
Professionals, kept calling them professionals.
Like you guys are at Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones.
You're some dark people, let me tell you that.
And he talked about protecting our people from lawsuits that are filed by terrorists.
And he said, when we capture terrorists, see, you're guilty until proven innocent.
It's the new freedom!
You're all terrorists when they arrest you, American citizens, and it's in there.
It's all, you're all terrorists, and after we're done torturing you for four or five years, you're going to stay here a terrorist, aren't you?
That's right, but don't worry.
Just like they... Remember, he kept saying that he hadn't been involved in the hijacking plans, but shall we, the one conviction they got.
Also, he disappeared for a few months, and he came out and said, I did it, I did it.
He had a big shock belt on him.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did it.
And then he pled guilty for something the trial wasn't even about.
Remember that?
That wasn't proper procedure, but it didn't matter.
It wasn't even a real trial.
Just, oh, he did it, he did it.
Yeah, you know, five years in custody.
Admittedly, he's been tortured.
That's now admitted by the government.
But we trust torture.
Well, well, well.
If you're ever strapped down getting tortured, just go ahead and say you did it.
They can trot you out.
They'll have that big stun belt on you in case you shoot your mouth off and say, I was tortured!
They're ready.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
Eric, Alan, Tony, John, Brian.
We're going to get to all your calls and have wide open phones throughout the rest of the show.
Coming up, more on North Korea, more on Bush signing the terror interrogation law.
And it's... Well, he is about terror.
It is about terrorizing the people.
I want to go over more of what he just said and how ridiculous it all was.
International leaders propose Asian Union and officially have an agreement between the ICAPP setting up the Asian Union.
Massive moves to restrict free speech and internet video and quote, hate on the web, which is anything criticizing world government.
Marijuana consumption drops in the UK despite liberalized laws.
TSA screener faces theft charge.
I see something like this every week.
I mean, people are a pack of crooks.
Again, who watches the watchers?
Poll, support for Iraq war at all-time low, machine gun the rioters, blanket shriek, this is out of Reuters, he just said kill everyone.
That's the British government for you.
Rape charges recommended for Israeli president.
You know, I had this, this came out Sunday, and I had this yesterday, and I barely mentioned it.
I don't even know what to say about this.
I mean, if he was doing what the New World Order wanted, I bet you wouldn't be, even if he raped ten people on national television, it'd be okay.
But maybe he wasn't telling the line.
I don't know.
I mean, I've studied Israel quite a bit.
It's pretty important, but I don't know about this guy.
Maybe you can fill me in on it.
There's a bunch of other news I've got here, too.
We're going to go to Eric and Alan and Tony and John and everybody else here in just a minute.
But first, I always like to have her up at least once a week.
She's Debbie Morrow.
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Well, yes.
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Oh, everybody's great.
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God bless.
You bet.
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Excuse me, Yahoo shopping cart.
I've got Google on my brain today.
Let's go to the calls.
You've been holding long enough.
Eric in Australia.
Welcome, sir.
Alex Jones, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
Thanks for having me on your show.
Listen, mate, I just want to say you're doing a great job.
I've only been listening to you for about a month now, and I don't know that the world would be a different place without you, mate.
Well, you know, I'm just an average person and I think the world would be a different place if it wasn't for all of us fighting this tyranny.
Yeah, excellent.
Now, I've just got a few comments and questions for you.
Firstly, the torture bill, I work with an online community of gamers and I play with a lot of American people and I've been talking to some of them about the issues.
I'm just trying to wake people up.
I've got my own website.
I've posted a lot of your articles and links to your website there.
And I have some people that are in the military or used to be in the military, and they actually are telling me that a lot of the military, as you mentioned just before, are very angry with the torture bill because they're saying that if America does it to everyone else, that they're going to do it to the Americans when they get caught because there's going to be no safeguards.
Oh, they're not just going to do it to Americans.
Everything we adopt is adopted by Australia, is adopted by England.
It's just horrible.
Yeah, exactly.
A lot of people say to me, why do you care?
You live in Australia.
And I say, well, you know, we're a rubber stamp of America.
Everything they do, we do.
And I'm actually scared right now what's happening.
It's petrifying.
Well, you know what?
I am scared too.
And so I've always decided to fight instead of to run.
I mean, I know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.
I mean, sometimes I'll run, rarely though.
But I just instinctively tend to get up on my hind legs.
And believe me, I'm totally freaked out.
That's why I'm getting more and more aggressive, more and more focused.
I'm working more and more than I ever have.
I've got more energy than I ever had because we're in combat.
I mean, listen, actual Hitler types have seized control of the lone superpower and
They're destroying the Bill of Rights.
Our country, sir, we're in the North American Union.
Believe me, if you're freaked out, I'm freaked out.
They actually killed my country.
Now, it's like somebody who's had a heart attack and has been dead for two minutes.
You've got a couple more minutes to put the paddles to their chest and defibrillate them and wake them up.
But in the scale of things, a few years, a few months, that's the scale of a few minutes.
With the life of a country.
And we don't have long to defibrillate.
I mean, literally, folks, we're turning green here.
We're going down.
I mean, I want folks in Australia to know, the U.S.
has fallen.
We have been hijacked.
Listen, it's like when an American Airlines jet gets hijacked, for real, not like 9-11.
That isn't now an American Airlines jet.
It's not American Airlines pilots.
It's been grabbed.
It's been seized.
And that's what's happened.
You know, I really didn't know much about your Constitution.
You know, everyone talked about the American freedoms and why people loved America.
I didn't really, I never really had a need to study it.
And it's only in the last few weeks that I've been looking up the Bill of Rights, your Constitution, and I've got to tell you, they were so spot on when they did it.
And to see it getting destroyed, even as an Australian citizen, to see that, it's disgraceful.
Well, as you said, Robert Stamp, they're dismantling your freedoms, too.
Yeah, well, you know, a lot of people here don't know about it.
It was passed a while back about capturing terrorists and detaining them indefinitely.
Well, I mean, just the gun control alone.
Yeah, well, that's been happening for a long time.
In fact, there was an incident in Tasmania that triggered a lot of that.
And there's even reports that that could have been staged as well.
That was a total government op.
Yeah, that's what the rumors are.
That's more of a reason to have guns that these nuts go around doing this.
Never did it in the past when we had guns.
Just do it now, always in the care of Tavistock Institute British intelligence officers.
I mean, give me a break.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, you can't even have any kind of defensive weapon, a knife or a...
Or even some chili spray is a prohibited weapon.
You could go to jail for it here.
You can have a slingshot, sir, now into your country.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
They've been illegal for many years.
Trust me.
Since I was a kid.
Yeah, your government is enslaving you.
Some of the most rugged people in the world, the Australians, just being totally disarmed, and it's just going to get worse now.
You know, they killed Crocodile Dundee, but not the guy on the movie.
The real guy who looked just like him, he wouldn't turn his guns in.
I'm sure you heard about that.
It happened about nine years ago, and they came out to his house, and just the SWAT teams just opened fire.
I mean, literally just opened fire like a Dirty Harry movie, just fired hundreds of rounds into that house.
He killed two of them, though.
Yeah, I'll have to look that one up.
Listen, I just have a question.
It's a topic that I haven't heard you talk about.
Since I've been listening, which has only been about a month now.
But have you heard of the Disclosure Project?
Yes, I have.
Okay, what's your opinion of the Disclosure Project?
What's your angle on that?
Well, last time I checked, it's got Bill Clinton's former chief of staff working with it.
It's got a known Rothschild working on it.
And I think it's part of a very large-scale SIOP program, and I think it's bringing in legitimate, for those who don't know, now two astronauts have gone public saying they've seen UFOs, they're warcraft out there.
There's a big push by the government to claim that we're going to be
You know, basically invaded by this.
We've got to give up all our rights to fight that.
That could be a hoax with holograms or other advanced technologies.
I don't doubt there's not life out in the universe, but the point is the stuff we talk about is so hardcore and so hard to believe, even when it's in the legislation, even when it's in the Houston Chronicle, they're building concentration camps.
Here in America, it's so hardcore that I shy away from things I can't prove and things that are entertaining and people like.
I'd be on more stations if I'd cover it, but I just won't do it.
I see your point.
I understand the separation between your topics and the Disclosure Project.
But they do cover a lot of the industrial military complex issues.
The coercion of the government.
No, I know, but I see.
But see, when you mix that together, the media has always tried to mix people that report on, say, the North American Union in with the UFO stuff.
And I'm not knocking people who do.
I'm just saying here on this broadcast, I mean, callers can always call in about it.
I think I'm going to have George Norrie on soon.
He knows what he'll talk about.
But, you know, we occasionally get into it just looking at the movement itself.
But I don't know.
Hey, listen, good to hear from you from Australia, Eric.
Keep it up, my friend.
Let's talk to Alan.
And, Alan, where are you calling us from?
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Great, thank you for calling.
Where are you calling from?
Okay, what's going on?
Okay, well first I have a comment and then a question.
First I want to say, let's say for example that you're a blind neocon follower, and let's pretend it's 2008, and let's say Hillary Clinton wins.
What people don't realize is that all of these acts, the military commissions, banning habeas corpus, torture bills,
These are all going to apply to all those neocons that supported George Bush.
Oh, they're still going to see that you're right, but they're still going to like it, because it'll be against the Islamofascist and others.
They'll love Hillary.
Rupert Murdoch has dinner with her every week.
Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, head of Limbaugh's op.
And it's hilarious when, right now, when
They all say, yeah, but that's for terrorists.
I'm an American.
That's right.
I love Hillary now.
She's got some problems.
She did take our guns.
But at least she's whooping up on Arabs.
I have a question for you, too, if I could.
I'm 27, and the first of the year, I wanted to start a basic retirement account.
I did want to invest in gold and silver.
And in your opinion, would you recommend...
Dashing a bunch of cash and gold coins or going for a retirement account that invests in gold and silver.
I mean, because with the economy, it seems to me the economy is very shaky right now.
Well, let me just give you my advice, and you can take it for what it's worth.
I'm not giving you financial advice.
This is what I would do.
I would diversify.
I'd have a little bit of cash in this bank, a little bit of cash in that bank.
I'd have a little bit of money in a local bank, a little bit of money in a big bank.
I don't have a great deal of capital, so this isn't something I really need to worry about.
I have a business account that a little bit of money I've got I keep for the business.
Most of my money is just there to be spent on this operation.
But the other money, I would take physical possession.
Of gold coins.
Now, again, I would be diverse, but I would certainly... I would not... I mean, it's much better to physically hold gold than it would be to have gold in an IRA or in a savings account.
But, again, I would hedge it.
If you were going to put money in gold, let's say you were going to put 20% of your assets, your liquid assets, your portfolio in metals.
I would put...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then I'd keep a little bit of money in the back.
You don't want to be sitting on one leg or two legs or three legs.
You want to have four or five legs.
I'll tell you the best thing you can have, the best asset you can have when we get back, and I appreciate your call, sir.
I'll tell you the most important asset you can have when we return.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at prisonplanet.tv
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We're good to go.
The most important asset you can have is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Knowing God, having a sense of wonderment, having a will to do unto others as you've had them do unto you, being willing to lay down your life for your brother or even for your neighbor or someone you don't know.
And the truth is, that's not a sacrifice.
When you have a culture where people are ready to lay down their lives and you have courage, you literally drown in milk and honey.
Because everybody's cool, they're smart, they're strong.
Criminals are almost non-existent.
There's dynamic ideas and an upward-lifting spirit.
Instead, we're entering a dark age of ninnying and baubles and just bestial-level garbage.
And it's all being fed to us through our sensory perceptions by top mind-control experts who've literally woven this modern system.
And the other big asset more important than gold or real estate or anything is friends.
I've said it before and people picked up the quote.
Good friends and family, good friends and community are more important and more valuable than all the gold in the hills.
And that's true.
Having neighbors and friends and good people you can trust and
Having people that will come to your aid, people that will give you the shirt off their back, that's the most important thing.
We need communities locally of people we can trust and people we can work with.
And another great asset is courage.
And, of course, I cannot stress enough the importance of the Second Amendment.
You know, I bought quite a few guns over the years.
One time I had a bunch of my uncle's house, I think about ten guns, and it got struck by lightning and burned down.
Lost those preciouses, but a lot of the guns I bought, well, all of them have gone up in value, but some of them have doubled, more than doubled in value.
Guns are a great investment for resale, and it's a very important investment for your safety and your future.
So I hope everybody gets out there and
Get yourself some more guns.
Shotguns, handguns, long-range bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic battle rifles, M1s, things of that nature.
I'm sorry, but I really don't like M16s and AR-15 variants.
But I'm sure a lot of you love them, and that's great for you.
But, I mean, you need weapons, and you need to be willing to use them, too, against criminals of every type.
Just be prepared.
You don't want to use them, but they're there, and if you ever have to use them, do not hesitate.
Do not hesitate, or you will be dead!
If you ever pick up a gun, use it.
If you pick up a gun in self-defense, use it.
Instinctively kill.
Somebody comes in your house, and they're rummaging around, and they're there to do harm, fire at them.
Fire into their center of mass until they're a bucket of jello on the ground.
Alright, I'm now digressing.
Do whatever you have to to defend your family.
And just harden your heart against the enemy.
But soften.
You know, we harden our hearts against the enemy because our hearts are soft and tender.
We do this because of love.
Our hearts are soft for our tribe.
Our hearts are soft for our loved ones.
Our hearts are soft for our communities.
But they're as hard as you can imagine.
Start the next hour.
I told you I'd get into all that news.
We've got Tony, John, and Brian first.
They've been holding for about 20-30 minutes.
And then we'll continue with calls for the broadcast, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
Please go to InfoWars.com and order Terror Storm.
Please give it out to everybody.
Please spread the free Google link to it far and wide as well.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Under European Union law, the Times of London is reporting, under EU system, and the US will somehow be under this by treaty, that British law already covers material that might incite hate.
So it's not just hate now, it could incite it.
Incite thought crime or cause harm to children.
The new rules have nothing to do with that.
I mean, that's added into it.
It's amateur video bloggers under threat from EU broadcast rules, period.
The government is seeking to prevent the EU directive that could extend broadcasting regulations to the Internet, hitting popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube.
And they go on to say, making it criminal for any type of hate.
But it's not just the hate.
Without licensing and going to the proper companies and having everything confirmed and double-checked and triple-checked, basically no more YouTube, no more Google Video, no more nothing.
We've got CENTCOM openly announcing they've got troops on the web attacking patriots, those that criticize the war.
Guaranteed, it's a lot of the people.
You'll see it on a hundred blogs.
I mean, I go around looking at these late at night, just seeing what the enemy's doing with Terror Storm.
And it's the same guys.
Same post, exact same post, same thing on hundreds of sites.
They're just there cutting and pasting, putting it.
They're paid, ladies and gentlemen.
And here it is, openly announced.
We'll get into that.
Bush has signed the Military Commissions Act.
I want to go back over some of the points in his little speech he gave.
But let's take a lot of calls this hour.
Let's get rolling with those.
Never know which direction it will take us.
Tony in Arkansas to John, Brian, Brian, David, and others.
Go ahead, Tony.
Hey, Alex.
God bless you for what you do.
God bless you.
You take care and your family.
Listen, I just had a comment, if I could, a quick comment, and then just kind of a call to action, word of advice to any voters out there.
First of all, if you notice, the manipulation continues, of course, in the media, and the administration wants to keep the focus as much as possible on terrorism and off of Iraq and off of Folly Gate and these various things, and the manipulation of the stock market.
I mean, now they're talking $12,000, and
We're good to go.
Right, and excellent points.
My main thrust, though, is...
They fear, then, the election.
They don't control everything, or they wouldn't fear losing power in the House and the Senate.
That's because they only have the CIA-controlled machines in 35% of the country.
You're absolutely right.
And that's what I wanted to talk about real fast.
There is a way around that, and it's kind of a call to action to anyone who's registered to vote and going to vote.
We did it just this week already.
We get our ballots.
We voted.
And I'm a lifelong Republican, pro-life Christian.
You know, the whole Ronald Reagan died in the wolf.
I've never voted, but one time in my entire vote, I'm 39, one time have I voted for a Democrat, and I'm telling you, we about went down the ticket.
And I'm in touch with two Democrats.
I'm about in touch with two representatives from our state.
And they have said, and again, we know what we've got with what we've got, and we know, I don't know much... We know the Democrats are evil.
You're forced to vote for them if there's not a good third-party candidate, because we've got to break up the monopoly of power in all three branches.
And they are also, though, going to call for, I've talked to two representatives, impeachment hearings on the president within a month after they get the House.
Hopefully they'll get the Senate as well.
This could, and that's why we need to pray, because I believe God raised up Hugo Chavez to stop the free trade for the Americas and the Pan-American Union.
This could stop.
They've already got three aircraft carrier divisions in the Gulf, and they want this spring of 2007 to be the spring of Iran.
They're going for the war with Iran.
This vote could stop that.
And that's why I ask people to please pray.
Get your absentee ballots.
Turn them in.
We went right down to our courthouse.
Turn them in directly to the courthouse.
And then you know your vote is counted.
And that was just my word of advice and call to action for anybody voting.
I hear you.
Don't let the machines rob you.
Thank you.
I agree.
But they still are cheating with the absentees.
It's just they get caught by police loading vans with them.
It's a lot harder to do with that.
Because they have to make the absentee match the fraud on the computer.
So make them cheat out in the open.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Or watch it right now online at prisonplanet.tv.
Are terrorist cells or prime terror targets located near you?
Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
How do you find the best area for solar, average rainfall, fish contamination advisories, and major transportation routes?
In the new interactive CD book, Prudent Places USA, you will find the information you want with over 50 interactive parameters that you control.
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Locate billion-dollar disaster-prone areas, the safest cities, ideal solar locations, and much, much more.
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This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
I have an urgent message for all of our listeners.
The mass media keeps telling us that we are the richest, most powerful economy in the world.
If this is true, why can't we pay our bills?
Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
The truth is, is that we are in the worst debt bubble in our nation's history.
When the bubble bursts, will you be able to feed your family?
When the inevitable crash occurs, will you be ready?
Call Whitehurst International at 1-888-892-6238.
That's 1-888-892-6238 for the following two free reports.
You know what Hitler did?
We know he staged terror attacks against his own buildings and against his own military bases as a pretext for enslavement and war.
First he had to enslave his own people, then he needed to go to war.
But the whole time it was, don't you support the troops?
I mean, I've actually read Nazi propaganda and Nazi war posters.
Don't you support them?
Oh, you don't support the war.
You're a terrorist.
You're a traitor.
Oh, the glorious troops.
No, the troops...
Even though, again, many of them bought into the propaganda, thought they were fighting for the Reich.
They were actually fighting for something that would later kill 20 million Germans and basically destroy the Reich.
It's the same thing today.
I support the troops.
I've got stickers all over my car that darn commie Alex.
The people using our troops, who are flushing them down the international toilet of death,
Are the very people dismantling the country's sovereignty?
You cannot debate it.
I had that lady on in my new syndicated Sunday show.
Let's hear it on Genesis from 4 to 6 p.m.
Out of the studios of KLBJ 590.
And I said, well, he's for open borders.
He's for the North American Union.
He tripled the size of the BATF.
He signed on to UN treaties.
He did this.
He did that.
She said, well, yeah, he did do that, but he's still good.
He's still fighting the Islamic fascists.
The crooks that run our government put Mao in.
They helped put North Korea in.
They gave them the weapons.
They helped put the Soviets in.
Every time you turn over a rock, man, it isn't just our government helping a little.
I mean, they're doing it.
And that whole time we were these well-meaning, good people who were just so naive.
It was mainly our government, the British government, that put Hitler in, knowing full well what he was going to do.
I mean, they built Hitler.
Of course they built Saddam Hussein.
Of course they, who was a known CIA from the time he was 18 years old, that's public.
But again, you don't want to face that, do you?
Okay, you're going to lose everything you've got.
Let me just tell you, the dollar's already been completely debased.
I mean, it's still got some value right now.
I mean, it shouldn't be down by 40-something percent.
Now it's only down by about 42%.
It went down as far as 47%.
It's gone back up in strength a little bit for now.
But if you've got a doubling of the money supply from, what, 1999 to 2005, and then in the next two years they said they would double it again, so see, it's exponentially growing.
We're good to go.
I think?
The dollar is worth about one cent.
You'll hear people using the old number of a year ago of three cents to the dollar, what it was in 1913.
You'll hear that number, oh, it's worth three cents.
It's worth one cent now, what it was.
And you're like, well, I don't care what it's worth.
I'll just, you know, we'll get paid more.
What you get in yearly wage increases, what most people get on average, is nothing near that.
But still they tell you how good the economy is, how endless troop of experts.
While the stock market's about to hit 12,000, God bless George Bush.
Man, he does.
It hit its last peak in 2000 of 11,600 and something, and now it's well above that.
The money supply has more...
Then doubled since then.
That's right.
It doubled from late 99 until 2005.
And then Bernanke came in and said, I'm going to double it in the next two years.
But then he's helicopter Bernanke.
He calls it dropping money out of helicopters.
And then he said, I'm going to make the money supply now secret for the first time since the Federal Reserve private banking system took over in 1913.
Now it's secret!
The last thing we were told is they were doubling it.
Now, Japan's starting to dump the dollar.
It started three years ago with China.
They're now accelerating.
In the last eight months, they've dumped a trillion into a basket of foreign currencies.
The Euro and the Ruble and the Yen.
We're in a lot of trouble, folks.
And the globalists are masters.
They'll blow up something and then that day plunge the stock market, you know, when it's at 13,000-something.
And you're running around giddily gibbering to yourself and giggling and nattering.
By the way, do you like a stock market, a Dow Jones Industrial close to $12,000 right now today that has had a money supply doubled since it was at that level before?
That means it's really closer to $6,000.
And that's what real financial publications read by elites say.
The stuff you read in Money and Fortune and Wall Street Journal, man, you think that's highbrow.
You're real smart reading that.
Uh-uh, folks.
You read the Financial Times of London, it's almost into a real elite journal, which is almost telling the truth.
The elite's actually scared going, we've pumped this bubble up so big, we may not survive it, and they're all trying to position things right now while they try to print money faster than ever in England, in Europe, here, just trying to keep the bubble inflated while they get into raw materials and real estate and a whole lot of other things.
So with everything I see in them devaluing the dollar down to almost nothing, again, you think 40-something percent devaluation, they've held it.
The dollar is worth one cent to what a dollar was.
One cent!
Not 40-something percent.
Now it's trading at 40-plus percent right now, below what it was when they launched the euro in 2000.
And the globalists have backed off for now with this election.
It's more than just the election.
They don't care about whether it's George Bush or the Democrats or the Easter Bunny or who gets control of the House or Senate.
They care a little bit, but not that much.
They use elections and the polls as a gauge that, man, this pot is about to, the lid's about to pop off.
So they open the steam valve and let some steam shoot out the side.
I know we need to get madder and madder and distrust them more and more and hate them more and more.
We need to hate both parties.
We need to realize what criminals they are.
A bunch of pedophile scum, most of them.
They're all compromised one way or the other in the compartmentalized system.
That's one of the most common.
It's so disgusting.
I mean, yeah, of course they're sickos.
Destroying America?
Oh, you've got to be a sicko to get off on that.
They get off on doing bad.
They like it.
Oh, look, we're killing America.
And the Bill of Rights with it.
They want a North American Union because they can create new governmental bodies, which they have, and then under the new charters, you don't have any due process or rights, which you don't!
And they teach the numbskull police that you don't have any rights.
Well, it's a new policy, you know.
You police?
This police state so they can take what you got, too.
And your little police unions aren't going to be able to save you once we go to full-bore, third-world status.
You don't know it, but I'm the best friend you've got.
People like me will talk straight to you and tell you how pathetic your system is and how you work for a bunch of criminals.
I know we don't smile at you and massage you and tell you how you're in a brotherhood and how we're doing all this to keep you safe and it's all about you.
Lots of little seminars where you walk around like a bunch of little twits being conned.
I mean, it's pathetic!
You were going to be forced to take those smallpox shots, experimental shots that they admitted were going to kill tens of thousands of the millions that were going to take it.
14 million emergency workers, responders,
There was 14 million they were going to make take it, and the LA Times reported that less than 4,000 did by the end of it.
And I had police chiefs, and I had sheriffs, and I had, you know, from Florida and Arkansas, I had fire department chiefs going, I don't know what I'm going to do.
They've said I'm fired, and the whole department's fired, and we don't take it.
There's no local law.
They just say the insurance demands it, but I haven't seen a letter.
So, Mr. Jones, we heard your show.
We know you're telling the truth.
We read what those scientists are saying, and
And this was before Tommy Thompson came out and said he was against it when he first said you had to take it.
This was before all the science, you know, we're on the news saying it and the doctors.
They said, we're not going to do it.
Again, I'm talking about that first hour.
You see, I'm your friend.
I'll tell you, hey, don't be a moron.
Stop playing in traffic.
I use the analogy of it would be like being firefighters and this house is on fire.
It's a four-alarm fire.
There's fire shooting out of this big house.
You run up there, and you kick down the door, and there's flames shooting out of different rooms, and you walk in, and there's a lady sitting there watching her favorite game show, and there's smoke billowing around her, and you say, Get up, man!
The house is on fire!
Are you okay?
And you think she's passed out from the smoke.
She goes, No, no, there's no fire.
There's no fire.
And you're like, Yeah, there's a fire.
And frankly, when they won't get up, you just grab them by the hair and drag them out of there.
You've got to control yourself not to slap them upside the head outside.
I mean, seriously, the country's going down here.
Don't you get it?
Don't you understand?
I mean, I'm totally freaked out.
This is all I think about.
This is real, folks.
This isn't phony candy butt liberals gibbering on television.
This isn't phony Republican peanut head type behavior.
This isn't a false political paradigm.
You've been fed.
Okay, this is the end of the country.
Serious people launching a last-ditch effort to save it.
The Bill of Rights being overturned.
An elite poisoning the water and the vaccines and the food.
Totally psychopathically writing public journals how they're doing it to you.
Wall-to-wall craziness.
Microphones and video cameras on all the new computer standards.
Watching and listening to you.
Pill-mill insanity.
Just running in the streets.
Sodom and Gomorrah.
Dogs and cats living together.
That's a line from Ghostbusters.
I mean, it's just end of world type stuff.
End of America.
But again, end of our world.
End of our freedom.
End of real liberty.
I mean, this is so sick.
It's because Al-Qaeda might get us.
What a load of baloney.
Al-Qaeda is CIA-da.
Al-Qaeda is Al-CIA-da.
Maybe you didn't get me.
Al-Qaeda is Al-C-I-A-da.
And the few people they march out with beards to say they're terrorists have been tortured within inches of their lives.
Or they're real terrorists who were funded by Mossad, Shin Bet, MI6, MI5, CIA, Defense Intelligence, CENTCOM.
You're criminals!
You're not our government!
You're criminals!
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Believe it or not, this is true.
Our economy gets its currency from a private banking cartel.
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Hi, Alex.
May I start off by saying I'm a long time watcher of your films.
A friend turned me on about an hour ago, about a year ago, and ever since then I've become one of the kooks that South Park refers to.
Yesterday I got an email through Myspace about something devastating that happened over the weekend in my hometown.
I would like to read some of that letter for you if I could.
Sure, what happened?
Let me start off about the letter by saying, set it straight as a band.
Half of Set It Straight was arrested today for protesting the Reading Police Department shutting down the show in the middle of our set.
We were playing a skate demo at the Reading Skate Park when six cop cars showed up and demanded everyone to vacate, including the kids skating, who had nothing to do with anything.
They shut down the park as well.
May I point out that the skate park is a
Caldwell Park, a community park where police just can't go in and just shut stuff down.
No, it's all about shutting everything down.
It's about coordinating and telling us to line up.
It's like Nazi Germany.
Line up, show your papers.
There's always some excuse.
This was a sponsored event.
With permits, the Redding Parks and Recreation Committee came out and unlocked... See, a permit is to do something that would be illegal, you see.
Once you get them, they treat you even worse.
It means this scum follows orders.
Abuse them!
Sorry, go ahead.
The Redding Parks and Recreation Committee came out and unlocked the power box and set up trash cans around the area we were playing.
The show was 100% legit, so we didn't stop playing.
Finished our set and took our sweet time breaking down.
But when they surrounded our friend who was riding the park and hit his bike with their batons, things got lame.
He was arrested, no explanation.
Harry, Ben, John, and Tim.
We're good.
Later, they also arrested Brittany and Sarah for standing too close.
Well, sir, they try to go to national parks and have the rainbow gathering, and I had the police aiming machine guns at peaceful hippies, threatening to shoot them for no reason, just for sitting there in the woods.
I mean, it's getting, it's just, it's just, it's so pathetic.
Land of the slave bootlickers.
Not land of the free, home of the brave.
Land of the pathetic jellyfish.
And that's exactly how I feel.
It's really upsetting me.
So what's the news saying?
That's what I'm getting ready to get to.
Are they claiming you're Al Qaeda?
Harry's dad...
Got most of it on video mode of his digital camera, which is below.
You can find that at YouTube by typing in YouTube, set it straight, gets arrested.
Well, do me a favor.
Post it right now.
Are you a friend of my site?
On MySpace?
I have one that's Alex Jones.
Oh, wow, I just went back.
I have two sites that claim to be... Well, sir, just email it to us instead of trying to give us some 100-foot-long address, and we'll do a story on it or something, okay?
All right.
Finish up, man.
I've got a load of phones here.
I'm almost done.
If you think that's bad, sir, they're going to conscript you and send you off to fight in foreign lands.
They're going to have one-child policies.
All the heroes on TV are going to be cops in black masks.
It's just the country's gone.
My favorite part is where one of the officers jokes that Harry's taxes pay his salary.
What a... I'm not going to say that word.
After the arrest, the multiple threats from RPD cops, Harry's dad, myself, and a few others went to Redding's Channel 7 News, which I might add is ABC News.
We're good to go.
Awesome, when one of the sponsors, the owner of Johnny Rad... Hey, listen, I've got to let you go, bro.
I've got to get to the other callers.
And again, this is a frustration point for me, because I'm almost to the point of just not having calls most shows.
Because I want to hear all this, and I want to hear all the different angles, but then everybody else gets frustrated because we can't get them on to then tell their stories.
I would just put it down to a bunch of bad stuff.
And again, it's crime stuff.
It's like Chertoff saying we've got to regulate and control the web because people might become radical on it.
Or we've got to tax and regulate the web because it's creating hate.
And so you all, you know, oh, we had a stabbing at one of these things, and so now we're going to just ban them even when you have a permit.
It's we're going to keep you safe.
Now, we don't need to be kept safe anymore from you.
Somebody does commit a crime, then you throw the book at them.
Thank you, sir, for the info.
But just send us the info if you want, because it's a long story, obviously.
I just gave you four minutes.
All right, we're going to come back and try to get this.
I wanted to take a bunch of calls, but...
Try to keep it short, folks.
We'll get to the next person.
Brian, John, Johnny, Ed, and others.
And I do want to get into all the other news I've mentioned but haven't detailed yet.
We've got 30 minutes left.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com is the website.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The BioSolutions frequency instrument
...using pictures are easy to follow.
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents...
Because there's a war on for your mind.
On Google Video.
Now, cruddy, low-bandwidth copies have already been in the top 100 three times.
We know they've erased us out of it twice.
We believe three times.
This time we've got a high-res one in the top 100.
We need to push it all the way up to the top.
Because tens of millions of people every single day go to Google Video and most of them peruse and find their viewing selections in the top 100.
It's like going to their cable box and flipping through the channels.
They go and look like the TV guide there.
This is basically like getting our book in stores or something on the end cap by the register.
We are now up at the front of the end cap, but not right in front of the register.
And we want to, in the marketplace of ideas, have a chance to be seen.
Now, it's because millions of people have seen it that it's up there.
I've counted it up.
It's over 5 million views as of a few days ago.
That isn't enough, folks.
If we get up in the top, we could have 20 million, 30 million views.
It will stick in the top.
Again, they keep cheating and knocking us out.
We're going to make them do it again in front of everybody.
It's been a major issue out there on the web.
A lot of tech people have been tracking it.
It's been picked up by some tech journals.
It is a big controversy right now that Google has done this.
And they admit they have.
They claim it's an accident.
They weren't doing it to any other Patriot videos until two weeks ago when I pointed that out.
Now they're doing it to a bunch of the others.
Why did Terror Storm scare them so bad?
Go to PrisonPlanet.com and look for the link to the particular high res one.
Because people are hitting 20 different versions of it, and so they're all, you know, got hundreds of thousands of views apiece.
But we need to hit one of the videos, one place, one address, to drive it to the roof.
Again, go repost it on all the message boards everywhere.
Help us.
This is the link.
Before, I would just get whatever link you can, because now we're focusing on this one link.
And it's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com as well as jonesreport.com.
Go get that link that says high-res.
It's a call to action.
Email your email list.
Tell them to tell two people to go watch it, that Google's been cheating it, knocking it out of the top 100 because they're afraid of it.
And again, explain to people why.
I think we do that on a little post we've got.
People go, well, why do you want to be in the top 100?
I mean, so what?
You want a trophy?
That's where the people are!
The general dumbbells that are going onto the Google 100 to look at girls in bikinis.
That's normally the top thing, you know.
Girl volleyball players or stuff like that.
Nothing wrong with liking that kind of stuff.
I mean, the point is, this is life and death that we're talking about here.
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Brian and Teos, go ahead.
I'm in Austin, Texas, man.
How's it going?
Hello, my friend.
Real quick comment and one short question.
I'd just kind of like to put it into context for the listeners, the new pecking order of Life in America with more of the citizens staying on the new totem pole.
You're familiar with Austin, you live here.
We have these salamanders that live here and
Well, that's just because they use the salamander to claim they're protecting them to steal our property and then hand it over to themselves.
They've been caught now in triplicate.
Yeah, but the salamander's first, then the bureaucrat, then the illegal aliens, then the police, then citizens.
Okay, quick question I'll let you get off.
What do you think about the military using
The illegal aliens has...
20 plus percent of the troops in Iraq are illegal aliens who have been legalized the day they sign up.
That's mainstream news.
And the government actually looks for aggravated felons.
Yes, aggravated felons who are also foreigners to be our military and they're going to be our domestic gods.
They're going to break off part of the U.S.
as the Southwest.
That's part of the Ford Foundation plan, North American Union.
America is going to be a complete joke.
It's going to be a racial state in the Southwest.
You think that they can use that for a door opener for green cards to be issued?
Well, I mean, that's the guest worker program.
It's a super national ID card for North American Union.
You hear it's a guest worker program.
The actual plan, the bill, the document.
Even Lou Dobbs is covered.
This is what it says, is that it's for Americans too.
Our standardized new real ID card, national ID they passed last year, through the state level, is the same identifiers, the same computer system as the guest worker program.
We're all getting our new North American card.
Our toll roads in Texas are going to pay for the new roads in Mexico.
That's in the plan.
And they're again giving you a $10 discount if you get your smart text pay tracker chip, which they tried to put in all the inspection stickers, but we shot down.
Now all these idiots are lining up to go drive down the filthy toll roads.
Ah, it makes me mad!
Toll roads going in everywhere.
To pay for the North American Union and the death of my country!
Stupid, stupid, stupid Austinites don't even know what it means.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Are you dropped?
I mean, I am just really mad.
I mean, I am mad, folks.
They're putting a prison grid around me.
The North American Union's here.
I'm going to be paying taxes to drive on it.
I've got to pay for my destruction.
I've got to pay for the death of my state.
The death of my country!
And I've got to put up with stupid police at checkpoints to keep us safe.
Give me a break.
The schools are prisons of brainwashing camps.
Here in Austin, they give them all over the country little cards with $200 credit card dividends on them.
They tattle on people outside school and in school.
I mean, that's not America.
We're a joke!
We're a joke!
Until we hate the government, until we hate the criminals that run it, until we realize it's totally illegitimate, until we stop trusting them, as the Founding Fathers said, what I'm saying is not radical unless you're a radical idiot.
I'm out of control today.
This is how we should be.
I'm mad, okay?
I'm letting you know how I really feel.
John in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
A co-worker of mine ran into some trouble this past weekend trying to plug your Terror Storm DVD and the Loose Chains DVD.
He met a friend, his brother, and two lifelong friends in Louisiana for a little hunting excursion this weekend.
And he wanted to try to plug both of the DVDs, so one of his friends, we'll call him Bobby, he picks up a loose-chain DVD and puts it in the computer, and ten minutes went by, and he freaked out.
He jumped up and he said, this is BS.
And they almost got into a fight.
And these guys are like lifelong friends for 40 years.
Yeah, because it shows Operation Northwoods when the film starts.
It shows the information.
And they'll just say it's a lie.
They'll just say it's not true.
Yeah, it is true, okay?
It's true like everything else.
And then the thing that really kicked it in was Bobby's sister is an FBI agent.
And then my co-worker told him about the FBI agents taking the pictures when whatever hit the Pentagon, taking the film from the Sheraton and the gas station.
He totally freaked out after that.
You're saying it was all lies when it's all... Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, see, you got them living in these little bubbles, you see.
These little bubbles.
And they're like five-year-olds, man.
They're not adults.
Most Americans aren't adults.
So what do you do, Alex?
They're these cowardly little pieces of trash.
What do you do, Alex?
I don't know.
Move on?
I'd let that person slug me and I'd break his jaw.
That'll teach that scum.
I bet that cop a punk would get in my face.
They're punks!
They're killing this country!
Hey, punks!
They really did form the North American Union!
Hey, punks!
They really are putting foreign Spanish-owned toll roads in everywhere!
Hey, scum!
They really did give black men syphilis and kill them!
Hey, scum!
They really do plan to kill you, you little cowardly piece of trash!
That's what I'm telling!
God bless, Alex.
God bless you.
I mean, thank you.
I mean, I'm mad, man.
I'm sick of these little people that think they're good and think they got all the answers, and they call us traitors.
Let me tell you something.
You're the traitors.
You're the traitors.
All right.
Let's go ahead.
I mean, I'm mad, folks.
This is a normal response, okay?
I'm letting you know how I really feel today.
I'm sick of naive... They're like these little soft little do-gooders and they have little American flags and little Chinese-made caps and they kind of waddle around.
You know how they are.
And just everything's good in their life and everything's fine.
You see them.
They need to be slapped upside their smiling, beady-eyed little faces.
They need to grow up and face the truth!
Let's go ahead and talk to Johnny in Vancouver.
Go ahead, Johnny.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
I don't know.
What's the show sound like today?
Sounds like yourself.
What size t-shirt are you?
Because I'd like to send you my... Just an extra large.
Extra large?
Okay, good.
I'm going to send you my 9-11 Inside Job t-shirt that I've produced.
Oh, good.
Yeah, and I wanted to ask you, I've heard that you have problems sending stuff into Canada.
And I'm wondering, I'm looking basically into distributing them for you.
What do I need to do in order to distribute your films through Canada so people do not have to go through you anymore?
They can go through me.
Yeah, I need to get some distributors up there.
I just haven't gotten around with it.
I haven't vetted.
I've got one group I'm probably going to end up using.
That's Global Outlook, but we could have more than one person up there that
Wanted to do it, but people have to be set up with a shopping cart, with a toll-free number, with the whole thing.
Okay, because I can do like Western Canada, and if somebody wants to take over Eastern Canada... Sure, let me ask you a question.
Do they search your stuff internally?
No matter what I get from the States, it always comes back opened and ripped up.
We don't search.
If I send something to Toronto, it's not opened.
There's no such thing as internal...
No, but I'm asking you.
Do you have a website?
Do you have a toll-free number?
Are you set up to deliver to people there?
Not right now.
That's the thing.
I've got a blog, and I can set that up so I can have a shopping cart.
You're welcome to plug your blog, but I don't know who we're going to use to distribute in Canada.
It is a good idea.
But you can plug your blog.
Go ahead.
It's www.info-warriors.com.
Oh, I've seen that before.
That's a good site.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I don't get up here and yell and scream to put on an act, folks.
I really don't like doing this radio show, I'm going to be honest with you.
I don't like having to focus on this stuff.
I really do get mad.
And I just image.
You know, I should actually say that I'm happy that your friend's friend got upset and got mad.
Because, you see, if what we're saying is a lie, people should get mad at us.
And the things we're talking about are such a big deal that it is something you should get upset about.
Imagine how mad your friend would get because it sounds like he's somebody who really cares.
Imagine how mad somebody like that would get when they find out we're telling the truth.
Not some nitpick debunking.
I mean, they build straw men.
They go, Alex Jones says the CIA was running drills of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center.
When it was really the Pentagon Protective Services.
Well, there were about eight different drills, and on that day, two different ones, and we learned of it from the CIA officer who told the Chicago Papers at a symposium that the CIA ran the drill.
The CIA ran the drill, and it was run out of the offices of the Pentagon.
Oh, look, it was the Pentagon that ran the drills of flying the planes into buildings, not CIA, like he says.
You see, that's called a straw man, ladies and gentlemen.
Or they'll claim I'm wrong about something I'm not really wrong about.
Or they will nitpick at something.
Or they'll go to their own operatives who they've got out saying ridiculous things that can't be proven to then disprove those.
Then there's mockingbirds who pick up on it.
But I mean, if you go read the 9-11 official report, just a year after it got released, already the whole thing's been proven to be a lie.
From the government's own position.
I mean, they're lying about everything.
And Northwoods is real, and Tonkin, and Ajax, and all of it.
I mean, this stuff's real.
Our government admits, no debating, that they staged terror attacks all over Europe, all over the Middle East, all over Asia, all over Latin America.
I mean, that is admitted.
They do this stuff all the time.
I mean, the old stuff's admitted.
So then, of course, our prime suspect is criminal elements in the government who stood to gain from trillions in oil.
Yes, trillions in oil.
Who stood to gain in hundreds of billions in weapons sales and domestic police state and control.
I mean, on and on and on.
The opium, the hundreds of billions in opium.
All of it.
They've done it in the past.
They've got the means to do it.
They've got the motive.
And then, my gosh, you look at the evidence, they're all over it.
We're good to go.
Paper stand.
Well, by the time I wrote it into writing, I said, you bought a paper, a Metro.
People go, well, the very picture of a Metro paper you put up says it's free.
You're wrong.
He didn't pay for it.
It's in the police report.
He stopped and bought a paper at the Metro paper stand.
But, oh, I said free Metro.
It all must not be true.
Or I say in the film, Tony Blair was sure to lose the election, really unpopular, and then right on time, 7-7.
And sure, I know the election was a month before 7-7, but he almost lost the parliament.
He lost most of the seats.
He was hanging on.
They were talking about making him step down, like Margaret Thatcher or John Major.
And so the full statement will be, and then he did fail, and then here are ten articles saying that 7-7 saved him for another year.
Now he has to step down again.
I mean, it's admitted that 7-7 boosted him.
That's the point of what I'm making.
But there is an endless nitpicking operation.
And then I saw a bunch of other stuff that wasn't even true.
False claims.
See, people make false claims that are just made up.
So, there is no length and no depth and no breadth to which people won't go to to deny this.
Hell, let's say I'm wrong about 90%, and let me tell you, I'm right about 98%.
I'm wrong about 2% of the time, and that's why I check out what I say.
I want you to go vet everything I say, and when I'm wrong every once in a while, tell me.
Keep me on my toes.
You help me.
Lord knows when I make a film, I don't ever expect it all to be absolutely perfect.
That's why we usually have a second edition.
Do you know Road to Tyranny actually had three editions?
You never knew about it.
But within a few months of releasing Road to Tyranny, I'd already had two other editions out.
You didn't know.
You just got a new VHS or a new DVD.
Until I got it all exactly right.
And it'd be stuff like... Well, there's even one thing where I get something off by a year.
You know, a date or something.
It doesn't matter.
We're trying to tell the truth.
That's the difference between us and ShempCom.
Who I guess is trying to tell the truth.
Now they go, oh yeah, we're propagandizing on the web domestically in the U.S.
We're going out and fighting with the anti-war people on the blogs.
I mean, we already knew you were doing it, you criminal.
But now you admit it?
It's been ruled to be criminal, you criminal.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
We don't need no education.
Ed and Pia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hey, how you doing?
Hey, I got an idea which I think would really help to get the word out.
If you could record, like, little five-minute audio clips.
Like an introduction about each topic.
And then people could, like, put them on the top of their blog space.
You know, like if they write an article about 9-11, for instance.
It's a good idea.
You know, I do lots of little five-minute rants.
We're so busy, we barely have time to wipe our noses.
A lot of people are doing this now.
They are grabbing little clips and putting them on YouTube and stuff.
That's cool.
Well, you know, I was thinking, like, you know, maybe even sometime during a broadcast, if you could just run through and just kind of start it off with saying, like, you know, hello, this is Alex Jones, and then just go for five minutes and, like, you know, maybe about each of the topics, you know.
Yeah, that's smart.
There's a lot of stuff I should do.
Well, you know, it could be good because then every time someone writes a blog article about 9-11 or something, they could just have that right on the top.
You know, it could be a good way of just getting the word out.
That's a great idea.
We'll try to do it.
Okay, thank you, sir.
We'll also try to promote the micros and everything else we're supposed to do, but thank you.
That's a good idea.
Let's go ahead and take another call from Fred in Philadelphia.
Final caller.
Go ahead, Fred.
Hi, Alex.
You heard about the woman that was held illegally in Florida that was a cousin of an online journalist.
Joyce and Dave had a story about that.
No, I didn't hear what Joyce and Dave were saying.
The woman's name is Larissa Alexandrovna.
Was this on the news?
Yeah, she had a hearing yesterday and she was released without being charged.
So what happened to her?
What's the long and short?
She was released, but she was required to put up a lot of bail money and there was no discussion in court.
The prosecutor kept his mouth shut.
What was it about?
It was about this ICE program under, I believe that's in the DOJ, but ICE is doing a lot of different things and it's not
It's very ill-defined, so it had to do with returning a resident of the United States to their original country, the return to sender program.
But she was not charged.
She wasn't in trouble.
She was basically almost like a... Yeah, what they're doing... I hear you.
I'm out of time.
I really appreciate it.
What they're doing is they're just arresting innocent people to say, oh, we grabbed 10,000 illegals this month, which is nothing to the 30 million that are here.
And then, oh, they're even taking innocent people.
They're really getting tough.
Just like they have the torture camps where you think you're getting tough on Muslims and it's innocent people just grabbed.
That's admitted.
In fact, the Taliban would just go and grab innocent people and get sometimes $24,000 apiece for them, and then it's an admitted torture laboratory where they test how to torture people.
I'm out of time.
I can't believe that CENTCOM admits they're engaging in domestic propaganda.
That is so criminal.
And all this other stuff is happening.
Just be sure and visit prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, and I'll be back tomorrow.
Got a lot of other news I haven't gotten to.
I'm going to just do three hours.
Just no guests, no calls, no nothing.
Who knows what you're going to get?
Because I'm mad about what's happening to this republic.
And if you want to support us in any way, please go to Infowars.com.
And please get my new film, Terror Storm, a two-hour film with 68 minutes of extras on it for $19.95 and support us.
It makes this broadcast possible.
Get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership.
A great place to download super high-quality versions of Terror Storm and burn them to CD.
It's almost as good as TV quality.
Just get it and give it out to people.
Use it as an activist tool.
Fifteen cents a day pays for the bandwidth for us so we don't go broke.
Or call toll-free 888-
I'm out of time.
Get mad.
Get serious.
Get focused.
Get informed.
Get in their face.
Take action.
God bless you all.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.