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Air Date: Oct. 5, 2006
2517 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Thursday, the fifth day of October 2006.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
Representative Virgil Goode of the 5th District of Virginia will be joining us.
He's introduced legislation to block NAFTA and North American Union highways, the taxing mechanism of this global government system.
Then, Steve Watson, it will be his second time on the broadcast, he was in studio last year,
Here in Texas, he'll be joining us from London.
He's done an incredible analysis and really broken the news, thanks to tips from listeners, about how fake the latest bin Laden al-Qaeda slash hijacker videotapes are, released last Friday.
Now on the heels of his report, the Times of London is reporting that this stuff is fake.
We're good to go.
I think?
Though I will point out that Drudge is in overdrive right now.
ABC News posted a bunch of text messages and emails to different pages, several of them 16, saying, I'm 16, I'm too young, I can't talk to you.
Drudge has found some instant message that they posted from an 18-year-old, and they're trying to spin that and claim it's all 18-year-olds.
There's just no end.
This is the neocons are calling in to talk radio going, the Democrats are perverts too.
Here's an example of Democrats, Barney Frank.
As if that makes it okay.
They're all bad.
Well, Bill Clinton was a traitor too.
Bill Clinton wanted to get rid of our borders too.
I mean, of course.
That's why we're in so much trouble.
So I do have some comments on that.
Really scary article here out of the Associated Press.
FBI worries about Al-Qaeda ties to the mob.
Oh yes, oh, you see, Al-Qaeda's involved with just normal criminals now.
And see, all crime is Al-Qaeda.
And remember a few months ago, the Houston police chief said he wants cameras in everybody's homes?
Well, they're back at it again.
And meanwhile, up in Milwaukee, they want to force cameras in all of the businesses and bars.
So again, forcing you to take cameras...
And hey, Google's announced they're going to use the microphones and cameras built in standard on most computers to watch you and listen to you in your home.
Oh, what's the big deal?
By the way, Google's been caught deleting our millions of viewers of Terror Storm again.
It's very frustrating.
Makes me mad.
They're not doing it to other great 9-11 films.
They're doing it to us, and they've admitted they've done it.
They say it's an accident.
Because once we go into the top 100, the most popular, then it's exponential.
That's what everybody who watches Google Video goes and looks at is the top 100.
Tens of millions a week peruse it, and we're being cheated in our fight against the New World Order.
But hey, just because the enemy has thrown sand in our eyes, just because the enemy has pieces of iron sewn into their gloves, it's just we've got to get even madder and gut up even stronger and totally KO them.
So I want you all to go to
Click video and type in Terror Storm.
And pick one of the high quality links there.
And I want you to go absolutely ape and email it out to your entire email list.
Post on every message board.
Keep it up.
We found out what they're doing.
Every time it hits over 200,000 on the counters, and there's like over 20 versions of it up there, every time it does that, suddenly it deletes it.
And then now, instead of taking a few weeks to get up to 200,000, in just a few days it gets to 200,000 and they delete it again.
There's some little algorithm, some little trigger built in.
But there have been, just on Google alone now, over 4 million views of Terror Storm.
But we're being cheated.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, second segment, first segment for some stations that are just now joining us.
It is Thursday, 5th day of October 2006.
Coming up in the next hour, Steve Watson, reporter from London, will be joining us.
He broke the news.
It's been confirmed that the supposed hijacker videos of last week have been released for two years and are staged.
This is huge.
The mainstream media has been ignoring it.
Finally, after five days of this story being out, or four days, the Times of London has weighed in saying, yeah, it looks like it's staged.
There's a lot of problems with it, so we'll be talking about that.
And then, of course, syndicated columnist Chris Floyd joins us in the third hour.
Right now, we're honored to be joined by someone who's strong on the Second Amendment, border security, national sovereignty.
Here's the World Net Daily headline.
North American Union threat gets attention of congressman.
Resolution aimed at blocking merger.
Funding of NAFTA superhighways.
Because they're going to tax us with toll roads with these and then pay for roads in Mexico.
That's in there.
This is the North American Union Taxation Grid, and roads are power.
And so we are honored to be joined by the Congressman from the 5th District of the great state of Virginia.
He's part of Congressman Ron Paul's Liberty Committee.
And this is another one of the unsung heroes in Congress that the media likes to ignore, because I know quite a bit about Congress, and I knew a little bit about...
Representative Virgil Goode, but I didn't know that much about him.
And so here he is for you, the audience.
Thank you, sir, for spending time with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's an honor to be on your show.
Well, thank you, sir.
You're stepping up to the plate with Ron Paul and others, with your leadership, to fight the wildly unconstitutional and wildly unpopular NAFTA superhighways.
First off, tell us about how you learned of it, what we're truly facing, and what you're doing to fight it, and how we can help you.
Well, first learned of it through some media statements and through conversations with persons who expressed a concern about, I believe they called it the Partnership for Prosperity among Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
And I saw that as a loss of our sovereignty.
I was not a supporter of NASA.
In fact, I have a bill in to repeal NASA.
We do not need a NASA superhighway.
The trucks from Mexico, in my opinion, are not as safe as most United States trucks.
Well, that's not your opinion.
That's admitted, and the state police are told to leave them alone.
We already have Mexican trucks driving in from Texas all the way to New York, and they're involved in a higher percentage of wrecks per capita.
Well, I haven't seen that exact statistic, but I've talked with persons in law enforcement, just as you've indicated, and others who say that is the case.
And I'm not for them coming all the way into the interior.
At one time, and you can know the exact mileage, they had like a 10 or 20-mile zone right near the border, and that's all they could go.
It was 10, then 20, then 50, and then nationwide, yeah.
Yes, and the safety of the traveling public is diminished by having all the Mexican trucks in this country and this area.
The highway would simply diminish further the safety of our traveling public.
Well, Congressman, in Texas we barely defeated, but they're still going ahead with it.
They don't care if they don't have a law.
Transponders and all the inspection stickers, they openly say, and they call it the Texas corridor, the Texas grouping, but in Florida it's the same name.
They're telling locals that pieces of the highway are local to deceive people, but really it is part of the larger national, international system.
And they're saying that they're going to Texas...
Oh, I'm totally opposed to paying for any road in Mexico.
We need the funds that are from the traditional sources like the gasoline tax
The paper highways in this country for use by United States citizens.
And I'm vigorously opposed this union among Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
It's a further derogation of our sovereignty.
And we are going to lose rights if we go down this road.
And it's part of the...
Globalized worldview of some, and I regret that President Bush felt compelled to deal with, I believe it was Mr. Howard at the time, and then Cindy Fox on this issue.
We need to be protecting our borders, securing our country, and not engaging in this conflict, which would only be expanding.
It's like NAFTA has expanded into CAFTA.
And more free trade agreements around the world which brings in
They're not negotiated fairly for us, in my opinion.
Well, you're right, Congressman.
We're again talking to the Congressman from the 5th District of Virginia, Virgil Goode, Jr.
Congressman, three weeks ago there was a secret meeting with the tops of the Mexican, U.S., and Canadian government, and there were also the heads of most major Fortune 500 companies.
Some of the minutes did get leaked out.
Well, I don't know the names of the companies that were in there with them, but it
Some of these major companies are more interested in their margins than they are in the future of the country.
And the owners and the large shareholders of these companies need to wake up.
If they globalize the United States and take away our constitutional rights, like the Second Amendment and others, who's going to stand up for freedom and capitalism in the world?
If we don't stand up for it, it's not going to happen.
And all of those large shareholders with billions of dollars may think they can go to an island somewhere in the United States, but all they'll have is a sheet of paper.
We need to stand fast for the sovereignty of this country, for preserving our borders, protecting this nation, which has been the champion for capitalism,
The individual initiative for years in the world.
And if we undermine and undercut this country for big margin and car profit, long range, they're going to be very sorry.
They will reap what they sow.
Well, you're absolutely right.
The problem is you've got global corporations that have colluded together who aren't operating like capitalistic interests, but they're operating like crime syndicates.
They're in there wanting the Supreme Court ruling where they can start grabbing private property for private interests.
This is more of a robber baron type strip mining situation.
Of the society.
You know, the feds say we've got 14 million illegals.
The real numbers from groups that have done the studies is over 30 million illegal aliens.
They're illegal aliens.
They want them in here.
Some of the large companies do.
I don't want to say all of them do, but some of them do.
Because cheap labor reduces labor costs.
But it's undermining the integrity of the United States.
And we need, for our president...
For a majority in Congress to say no amnesty for illegals, and if we said no amnesty and took a firm stand against amnesty, many of them would go back to their home countries, and I am glad a partial fence bill passed.
I wish the whole fence bill would have passed, but we are making a step, and many thought six months ago that that had no chance at all, but the general public
Alex is becoming aware of the situation, and the heat got turned up enough that the Senate and some of the Democrats had to cave in and vote for the fence.
Absolutely, but as you said, it's a 2,000-plus mile border, a 700-mile fence with giant gutters under it where people can go right up underneath it.
I mean, is this fence going to be more modern than the ones with the giant gutters where you can just walk right underneath it?
Oh, yeah, the fence will be...
That I envision is like the one between Mexico and San Diego, where it's not a fence.
It is a series of fences with roads in between.
So it's not just a fence put up.
Well, that's my final question for you, Congressman.
We have 6.5 billion people that want into this country.
There's 100-plus million new births every 16 to 18 months.
487 has passed.
Four co-sponsors.
Well, it's myself, Congressman Paul, Tom Tancredo of Colorado, and Walter Jones from North Carolina.
They should all be signing, and every person in Congress.
And it's important for the public to get accepted and generated on this issue and contact their representatives.
We got the bill back from Legislative Services right before the campaign recess break.
These roads really are the beachhead for a new world order, aren't they, Congressman?
This is a litmus test.
I mean, we have 90-plus percent of Americans in major polls against these NAFTA highways, these nation-killing roads.
When the recess ends and the Congress comes back into session, should everybody be demanding in person at meetings while the congressmen and women are at recess, and should they be demanding on the telephone when they get back in that they co-sponsor this now?
I think that would be a tremendous help to the legislation.
If as many people get energized about the fence as this, we have a chance of the entire.
Absolutely, folks.
You know what you need to do now to fight this.
Congressman, I hope to get you back up soon.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
There goes Representative Virgil Goode, 5th District, Virginia.
Take care.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back, my friends.
Welcome back.
All right.
I literally have about a four-inch stack here.
Actually, I have two stacks here of news.
And I could spend the next three hours on this one alone.
I get around 500 good emails a day, not just spam or news links, but actual emails, and it's always filled with things like this.
Now, let's be clear.
I was aware of programs like this, but I tend to forget about it, just like I've kind of forgotten about three weeks ago, Google announced they're going to use the microphones and video cameras built into many standard PCs now to openly watch you and listen to you and categorize what you say and do with AI software.
Huge, earth-shaking event.
It just goes and passes, no big deal.
What, a few months ago, the police chief of Houston said we want to make people put cameras in their homes.
Today, Milwaukee says they want to make businesses, restaurants, bars all take cameras, which they, of course, will tap into.
Same thing's happening in England.
Same thing's happening in Illinois.
They passed a new freedom initiative to start forced psychological testing for everyone ages 4 to 18.
It's begun.
It's all happening.
They're just marching forward.
And we cover the articles and we just move on to the next tragedy.
The next travesty of freedom and liberty.
We are in an incredibly abusive, sickening system.
But the average person, again, is not conscious of it.
And then when you get snared by it, you don't even recognize the tyranny for what it is.
You don't know how to fight back against it.
You don't know your constitutional rights.
You don't know history.
I'm talking about the average person.
But I remember about five years ago we started hearing, the schools are falling apart.
Let's get tough on parents that don't make their children finish their homework.
Let's arrest them.
And by the way, that started in Virginia, that started in D.C., that started in Houston, Texas, of all places.
And of course, you notice since the government federalized the schools and took them over 50 years ago,
We've gone from the smartest in the world, the highest test scores, to the lowest in the industrialized world.
And last time I checked, 30-something plus behind third world countries.
We're 50-something.
I keep saying 50 years.
Since 1953, so that'd be 53 years.
We were number one in the 50s, in the early 50s and late 40s.
Number one.
All the inventions, all the profits, all the money, all the ideas...
I mean, Americans walked tall.
They were smart.
They dressed sharp.
They knew what was going on.
They were informed.
And then they got decadent.
And here we are today.
And you're saying, well, Alex, what are you going to get to next?
This tears my guts out.
I mean, this is Shawshank Redemption.
This is corruption.
The bureaucracy is hungry.
They want more people, and they're going to get them.
I called the school this morning in Tell City, Indiana.
I called the City Junior High School.
I had the form.
I had the email.
But I wanted to confirm it.
And I asked, do they indeed do this?
And the secretary, whoever it was, answered the phone.
I didn't have much time.
I was running out of the office.
I said, yeah, we do that.
And it says right here in the letter, the parent makes the claim in the email, but then it says it in their little form letter, if the teacher says you haven't properly finished your email, there's no judge, no jury, no proceeding.
It's all court of law.
It's all totally criminal.
Totally criminal.
They then say, you've got to go to Friday school.
And when you go to Friday school, it's Friday night, if your parents don't pick you up exactly on time, you go into police custody.
It says right here, you go to the police station, and it says that Child Protective Services, they call it, we find their name for it in Indiana, it's CPS in Florida and Texas and most states, there they call it
We've got another name for it.
It's here in this form.
Where's the part?
Should be necessary.
Involve the Perry County Office of Family and Children.
So it's County Office of Family and Children there.
So it's the Office of Family and Children.
And CPS drops by and interrogates them.
So it's an illegal detainment at the police station.
It's an illegal interrogation by CPS.
And I've told you, I know lots of middle class, nice families.
Imagine how bad it is for poor people who don't know their rights.
The system really feeds on them.
But I know middle class people.
I mean folks living in $400,000 houses, you know, two nice cars.
Mommy makes $150,000 a year.
Daddy makes $200,000 a year.
Where the child in front of dozens of witnesses jumps off the merry-go-round and breaks their toe.
And when you go to the hospital, CPS says, Okay, parents, stay in there.
I'm going to talk to your child.
Do they touch you?
What did they do to you?
Did they break your toe?
Then I talked to another parent whose child jumped off of the jungle gym in front of witnesses, it didn't matter, and broke their hand.
CPS tried to take the child.
Because they've run out of poor kids now.
The hell is upon us.
But here it is.
Totally illegal.
Total color of law.
And we'll talk about it when we get back.
They're all criminals.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The entire nation, the entire world is being set up as a grid to get you into slavery.
But they have to do little games.
They know that they just come grab you and say, get in the back of the ox cart.
We're going to put a chain around your neck.
You're being taken to a plantation.
You're my slave.
You'll fight.
No, no, no, no.
They preface it with, it's for the children.
You violated the regulation.
We're doing this for education.
We're doing this to keep you safe.
Oh, you broke a law.
Oh, we caught you with some drugs that they shipped in to begin with.
So then when they catch you with their drugs, they put you in their camp.
Working in a slave factory for 20 cents an hour, displacing the rest of the population.
You see, they have these little games to trick you, like, oh, it's my fault I'm here!
Oh, it's my fault I'm in this system!
Meanwhile, the criminals running the system are immune from the laws that they pass.
So, let me go ahead and get into this now.
This is
Tell City Junior High, 3515 Mozari Street, Tell City, Indiana, 47586
And you can call the school at 812-547-3748 or fax them at 812-547-9737.
And again, you've got all these do-gooders, all these little idiots that mean well.
They're very self-righteous about it.
Of course CPS comes if you don't...
Pick your child up exactly on time.
Of course we put them in police custody.
Of course CPS interrogates them.
We've got to find out.
Well, how about we come interrogate you?
Well, no, I have rights.
We interrogate the parents.
We interrogate the children.
We take them.
It's good.
Well, CPS is five times more likely to abuse or kill children.
I never saw that, and I'm not going to look at those numbers.
I mean, how many months have I been telling you that police, CPS workers, truancy workers, people in government, principals are more apt to be engaged in every type of crime you can imagine?
Because criminals like to be in positions of power, evidenced by what you're now seeing in Congress.
Kell City Junior High School.
And this isn't a judge.
It's not a jury.
It's not a law.
It's not anything.
It's just the school says, and then you comply.
It's all color of law.
Dear parent and or guardian, we are writing to inform you that your child has been assigned Friday school as a result of missed homework assignments.
Now, in some areas, they just arrest you outright.
And it is, quote, law.
But I'll tell you how that trick's played in Texas.
The purpose of Friday school is to give students the opportunity to catch up with their classmates.
Each student will be instructed to complete the work they have missed.
See, it's all these words about... Listen to the words carefully.
We are writing to inform you that your child has been assigned Friday school as a result of missed homework assignments.
The purpose of Friday school is to give students the opportunity to catch up with their classmates.
To give them the opportunity.
See, it's no law.
It's no regulation.
We just say.
It's not even that.
Each student will be instructed to complete the work they have missed, to work on homework that is due, and to review material that is relevant to their classes.
See, it'll be more next time.
Friday school is supervised by two teachers and lasts from 3.15 to 6.15.
Please make arrangements to pick up your child before 6.30.
This is in bold.
Should your child not be picked up, arrangements have been made with the Tell City Police Department to have them housed at the police station.
We have also been informed that should it be necessary for the Tell City Police to intervene, it is their intention to also involve the Perry County Office of Family and Children.
You see, if the police have to intervene...
I've got the report now that when Dick Cheney ordered that high-level, middle-class, high-powered, non-profit consultant in Colorado, he walks by and says, the war is reprehensible.
And then they walk back about ten minutes back by the same place, and the Secret Service is waiting there and says, oh, your words were an assault.
We're going to arrest you and your kids going to CPS.
In fact, I was watching on cable last weekend.
Two meet the effers, and two, they meet the family, and Robert De Niro just barely questions a state police officer, and so they zap him and CPS takes the kid.
You see, and by the way, every time they do this, they interrogate him.
Imagine driving in the car, and usually you don't get your kid for about 24 hours.
Does mommy ever touch you?
Well, what three-year-old wasn't touched when they were being wiped, when they were being cleaned?
Yeah, mommy, mommy touches me.
Boom, baby!
Your kid is probably gone forever and is going to be held, in most cases, by CPS rape gangs.
They are, a large percentage of them, hardcore pedophiles.
Hardcore pedophiles get your children when you go to jail for warrants or whatever, and the perverts go, does mommy, does daddy ever touch you?
And the three-year-olds, well, yeah, they remember years before getting their diapers changed.
And then now when you come in, there's a judge's order there.
Oh, we've got to have hearings now.
You're not going to be getting your child back.
And then there's more intensive...
And then by the time your child then goes and gets the medical test, oh, now they have a medical exam if they've been molested, and most of the time CPS has already raped the living daylights out of them.
Oh, you didn't know that's how it works.
Oh, absolutely.
They rape your child, and then you go to prison for it.
Man, these are sick.
Oh, God, help us.
What have we turned into?
I can't handle it.
Oh, these criminals are everywhere!
And again, they lie, color of law, say it's the law, you've got to be vaccinated.
They lie, color of law, how do they take your kids in Houston if you haven't, quote, done the homework?
They suspend your child, and as the suspension notice is issued, it's considered being truant now, under that city ordinance they have.
I went and read it two, three years ago when they passed it.
And, of course, state law says 14 unexcused absences.
They may have changed.
The last time I read the state truancy law was years ago when we were fighting the ASAP program here in town, where, again, your child is late to class three times in Austin, but we got that program scaled back.
May have been beefed back up again.
I haven't been fighting local issues lately.
That constables come with CPS to your house unannounced and force their way in, and literally, dog hair, dirty plates, boom, your kids are gone again.
Anybody who lives in Austin who watches cable and the news knows we fought that for a year and finally got it suspended because it was illegal.
We went in, started to file suit, read the actual law, and we said, how is three late?
I mean, you're late to class three times.
And they started in the 6th and 7th grade where they start the periods.
And little kids aren't used to running across the school in five minutes and getting their classes, so a lot of them are late.
Again, it's designed to get normal, good children in the clutches of the criminal government.
And again, a large percentage of those people involved in children's custody systems, the CPS, the investigators, the truancy officers,
Just type truancy officer caught raping child, or truancy officer in sex scandal, or truancy officer... I mean, it's just thousands of links.
I mean, everywhere.
Feeding everywhere.
And if you're a truancy officer, and you're not one, and I don't know what percentage of them are, but it's an astronomically higher than the general public, that's admitted.
I'm sorry, you picked a profession, and maybe you didn't know, that is the profession of pedophiles.
You didn't know that.
You weren't aware of that.
You weren't conscious of that.
So get into the profession.
I'm sorry, you're in a profession known for dirtbags.
And dirtbag isn't a strong enough term.
And you know what, folks, again, we should all be enraged, in a white-hot rage over this.
Should your child be absent from school on Friday, he or her absence must be excused by a doctor, and your child will be scheduled for the following Friday school.
Should the absence be unexcused, your child will be suspended from school.
See, and I guarantee you, in Indiana, the law is multiple unexcused truancies.
Doesn't matter now.
They just decide to say it's one, you see.
Because the feds write up these programs, and the National Association of Counties, and city managers, and governors, they all go get the same talking points, the same legislation, the same... All over the country, three-inch grass gets your house seized.
They selectively enforce it.
The $2,000-a-day fines in Austin, Texas...
I've been to... For some reason, they go after old people.
They seem to know when you have a heart attack or cancer.
Because if you're 35 years old and you've got three-inch grass, they're not going to come after you.
It's always some 85-year-old World War II vet who's got some type of... I remember with Roland Ellingson, World War II vet.
Beautiful over there on 37th Street.
He had two houses.
He built after Korea.
He was a Korean vet, excuse me.
He was an arborist.
And he had colon cancer.
As soon as he got out of the hospital, man, cops were there.
We went out to his house the day after it happened.
They had arrested him, and they said for the three-inch grass.
And it was three-inch grass, no garbage, no junk, no nothing, two nice, well-kept homes.
He had renters in the front.
He lived in the two-story house in the back.
And, I mean, those two houses back then, what was it, valued at like half a mil over off 37th Street, which is downtown now.
And all these Mercedes men zoning yuppies all around him.
And then, of course, we found out it was a connected realtor that had been filing the complaints because they wanted the property.
I mean, these people are like carrying crows.
And he complained.
He went on the TV show.
We went and videotaped it.
We went down and showed the city health department with like two foot grass, the very people filing this on him.
We showed it.
And the cops came to his house again, walked up to his door.
Roland had drunk earlier in his life, but he couldn't drink then with the colon cancer.
He could hardly walk.
We'd take him to the doctor and stuff.
They knocked on the door and came outside.
He said, listen, I'm really sick.
And they said, you're going with us.
You've been drinking.
Imagine, Austin cops knocking on your door.
You've been drinking.
So they took him to the jail.
He talked about how he pooped all over himself.
They took him in, slammed his head into the wall.
That's how old vets get treated in America, by the scum criminals.
You are scum criminals.
I want you to know, I hate you.
You're scum.
No one should respect you.
You're pieces of filth.
Stop respecting government.
Stop being nice.
Stop calling themselves authorities.
Call themselves officials.
They're a bunch of criminals.
And they're not criminals.
They're useful idiots.
Weak-minded, little piggy-eyed people who just exclude their children and follow their little orders, their little hive, beehive system.
You're America-killing trash.
Oh, I remember my now dead grandfather.
He had a heart attack a few months right after it.
Well, they said he had a heart attack right around that time, but he didn't know he had a heart attack, and then it caused a stroke, and they told him he'd had a heart attack by the enzymes and stuff they tested.
My, uh... What was he?
He was like 75, 76, I forget.
He died four years later, so, you know.
And they never wanted to tell me.
He didn't call me over to do it.
He didn't hire some lawn service to do it.
He was a penny pincher.
And, uh...
I come over there and he's always walking around happy, you know, in pretty good health.
Never even went to the doctor.
And he's sitting there in the chair and he's all mad and he's not feeling well.
He's having trouble walking.
He'd had the heart attack, we found out months later.
And he goes, yeah, did you see this letter?
I didn't want to call you over to do it.
I was like, I guess I was about 20 at the time.
I used to go over there every Sunday for dinner.
He goes, they made me go into the city drainage ditch, which isn't even their property.
Or they threaten us $2,000 a day fines and clean out all the debris and the limbs and big old limbs.
So he went and climbed over the fence because you couldn't get to it.
There was a green belt back there.
Cleaned out the city gutter.
And, of course, I went and checked it.
It wasn't their property.
It wasn't their responsibility to do it.
And I said, you want me to make a big stink out of it?
He said, no, I don't want to be on TV.
I don't want to be on your TV show.
This was about 22 then.
I'd actually been on the air a few years.
And that's what they do.
It's not even laws.
It's just scum in uniforms, swaggering around, ordering us, get to work, slaves.
And we, oh, yes, sir, we'll do it.
But here's a letter I got from the parent.
I guess it's okay to take a child to jail if their parents only have one car.
Fortunately, my wife was working third shift at the time, and she had not been, or our kid would have been taken to the police station.
The DCFS would have been called on us simply because we only have one car, and I would have not been able to get my child after being held hostage at the school.
By the school...
But again...
Homeschoolers, all the top test scores, all the big spelling bee championships.
They won, like, what, six years in a row now?
The International Geography Bee.
The corporations hungrily try to get them.
They consistently get the biggest grants.
I always have a mind blank on that.
It's not called a grant.
It's not called a tuition.
What's it called when the university system pays for your college?
What's that called, Scott, when the university pays for your tuition?
No, it's not called free ride.
It's called a... Okay, this is ridiculous.
The last few times I've tried to think of the word, it's a scholarship!
Gosh almighty.
They get the highest scholarships on average.
Go look at all the numbers.
Because they're not ruined.
It doesn't matter.
Type in state cracks down on homeschooling.
Type in governor seeks to outlaw homeschooling.
You'll get Illinois, California.
Man, the CPS is coming after them.
Neighbors think it's weird if the child isn't at school.
Call the police.
We're a sick tattletale.
It's not just the cops and the government and the CPS workers.
We're scum as a country.
I mean, a large portion of us.
We really are like demons or something.
I mean, really.
It goes on here.
But this is all color of law in Indiana.
It's color of law in Houston where they do it.
And it's color of law everywhere.
They tell you last minute, oh, by the way, you're not there in 15 minutes after they let out.
And I remember lots of times, my dad would get stuck in traffic or something would happen.
After football practice, my mom, I might have to wait, not all the time, but sometimes an hour.
And we'd play pass football, touch football.
God forbid, in sixth grade, walk down to the Easy Mart and get a Gatorade or something.
Oh, no.
A lot of kids I knew lived by the school.
Oh, that's another thing.
They'd walk home.
They got fences now, folks.
You don't get offered lunch.
You don't get to walk home if you live a block away.
Your parents will be here, or you're going to the police station, and CPS will be waiting to ask, why weren't you there to get your child?
And then a lot of parents don't know their rights, so they trick them.
We'll just sign this form.
The child goes under observation.
Everything will be all right.
We'll take them if you don't.
All right, I'll be reasonable.
And literally, when you sign that, sometimes they'll even laugh.
All right, that's it.
Your child is being taken into custody.
What do you mean?
You said if I signed it.
Just keep complying.
Everything will be all right.
Folks, you can't imagine how monstrous they are.
The Soviet Union wasn't this bad.
The Communist Chinese aren't like this.
You know, they'll kill you and take your organs, but as for just every day, it's all about spider webs.
Bureaucracies set up spider webs, nets to catch you.
It's not about your child.
It's not about education.
Of course, the idiots implementing it think that.
It's about control, getting you into the system, by hook or by crook.
Unbelievably criminal.
It is criminal!
There's no law.
Send your child to the police station.
There's no... It's just policy.
Get them in the system.
I've got a bunch of other news.
Masses of guests.
Unbelievable amounts of information.
I haven't even scratched the surface today.
It's unbelievable.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spy.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
They abolished the Bill of Rights Friday.
Of course, it doesn't mean that it isn't still in effect.
It's illegitimate.
These are criminals.
You see, all of this is crafted...
We're the white trash.
And if you're not a bad cop, I'm not against you.
The system is rotten and is bad.
And if you doubt that, I mean, look at Foley.
Missy and exploited children.
And he's a big fat perv.
Well, of course the people involved in all that stuff are the pervs.
That's criminology.
In fact, if you'd had any real law enforcement training, you'd know that.
It's not too late.
Go buy some textbooks.
You can school yourself in what you weren't taught at the academy.
FBI worries about Al-Qaeda ties to mob.
Look at this.
This is pure bull.
And notice it's always speculation.
The FBI's top counterterrorism official harbors lots of concerns.
Weapons of mass destruction, undetected, homegrown terrorists, and the possibility that old-fashioned mobsters will team up with Al-Qaeda for the right price.
And it goes on to say there's no evidence of this, but let's just have a press conference and say Al-Qaeda's everywhere and working with normal criminals, so normal crime is terror.
I want to get into that later.
Steve Watson's coming up with this huge report on the fake hijacker video.
And by fake, we know it was released by the government.
We know it had already been on TV before.
How dumb do they think we are?
Before we go any further...
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This is your Christian conservative pervert Republicans.
It gets into how they bust in the $2,000 an hour gay porn stars for themselves.
It's all in this film.
Bush kissing on Gannon.
Christian conservatism.
Men kissing men.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm living in the Twilight Zone.
The Houston Police Chief is out calling for cameras to be put in people's homes to keep them safe.
In Illinois, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they're calling to make businesses, put cameras in with the police watching everyone.
Google Video openly has come out, not Google Video, but Google itself, and said they're going to use the video cameras and audio systems that are built into many new PC standard and Macs to listen to you and watch you.
They've announced it, okay?
I'm living in some type of twilight zone.
I just covered a little...
Town run by a bunch of sickos in Tell City, Indiana, where if your child hasn't done all their homework, they make them stay after school, and if you're 15 minutes late picking them up, I would have been at the police station all the time with my parents when they were usually either on time or 20 minutes late.
It's over, folks.
You go to the police station and CPS begins interrogations and they try to take your child.
It's actually in the news.
We're talking 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th graders.
Right up until 12th.
You're not allowed to leave the school.
You're a prisoner.
To get in, you've got to have pass cards.
And your child is questioned by people who are five times conservatively more likely to be pedophiles.
That's your CPS.
Go look up those numbers.
Just like Mr. Head of the Missing and Exploded Children, Mr. Foley.
Oh, the government's good.
It's a pack of crooks with a bunch of useful idiots with low IQs around them just pulling paychecks, don't know what's going on right next to them.
North American Union's being set up.
Total tyranny's being set up.
Everything's being dismantled.
Trillions missing from the Pentagon.
Poison in the water.
Poison in the vaccines.
Our government's openly calling for one-shot policies and announcing sterilization of people on welfare's good and total police state and just open borders and 30 million illegals running all over us and brainwashed police and cameras and microphones everywhere.
I mean, we need to seriously freak out, folks.
We are in freak out mode.
I mean, we've already known the NSA's using the microphones on the cable boxes and using your phone to dial in as a microphone in your house to listen to you.
That's all declassified now.
But now Google and other major industry companies are bragging because Google brags in their own press release, well, we're not like the other companies that have keyword software that listens to the audio in your house off the microphone.
No, we do even better.
We have a super good system that listens to your voice and the TV and even how many pets you have.
I mean, this is big brother on steroids.
It's happening, folks.
They abolished the Bill of Rights last Friday.
In fact, worldwide, people listening on shortwave, internet, satellite.
The United States has been seized.
I'm Alex Jones.
Help us.
Behave like it's been seized.
Don't just, yeah, the tyranny's pretty bad.
No, I mean, this is like revolutionary been seized.
I mean, this is like we should be huddling and talking about what we can do to get the country back and constantly thinking about it and constantly getting the information out however we can every waking hour, freaked out, constantly dealing with this.
I mean, folks!
It is hitting us from every angle.
I mean, I want it to hit you full on.
I want people to know worldwide that we've been seized.
We have been completely grabbed.
They're openly talking about shutting down free speech.
The Ocons are talking about how I need to be arrested and how I shouldn't be on the radio, on national radio they're saying this.
They're calling for people to be shut up.
They're talking about when the next terror attack happens they're going to arrest everybody.
Our government is run by terrorists that carried out 9-11.
And people again can't deal with that.
What about the Tuskegee experiment?
What about the radiated soldiers and children?
What about the sterilizations?
What about all the other crimes this government's committed?
See, when somebody argues with you, mention all the admitted stuff.
That's why Google Video is so afraid of Terror Storm.
Because we give you the undisputed history first.
It is convincing almost everyone that sees it, and so they're knocking us out of the top 100, so you can't find out the truth.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spies,
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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I have an urgent message for all of our listeners.
The mass media keeps telling us that we are the richest, most powerful economy in the world, quote-unquote.
If this is true, why can't we pay our bills?
Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Hi, Steve Watson joins us in this hour.
We're good to go.
Not only have they put out fake Fat Bin Laden tapes before that have been voice printed and proven to be frauds, not only have they claimed that they killed Zarqawi over 12 times, all of the past fake videos coming out of Virginia and Houston from government servers, it had aired in a docudrama on television, the footage had aired before it, and now the Times of London is saying this footage didn't come from Al Qaeda.
So joining us is Steve Watson.
Steve, thank you for coming on.
It's good to be on, Alex.
Steve, your brother's been on here a lot, but you do almost as much work as he does behind the scenes at Infowars.net and PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
You're actually the older brother.
Tell us just in a nutshell about Steve Watson and your education and what you do there in London, and then we'll get into your report.
Yeah, well, after 9-11, I sort of felt that I needed to know more about the way the world works, really.
So I took a course, a master's degree in international relations.
I went back to university in Nottingham and basically they tried to teach us that Mao is good and NAFTA is good, GATT is good and things just didn't add up for me and I don't really think they sort of liked the work that I was producing for them.
I didn't get an astounding mark but I passed and now I'm
I'm working for you.
Everything's good.
By the way, Nottingham, you hail from where old Robin Hood's from?
Robin Hood country, yeah.
You and your brother.
All right, but you live in London now.
Get into this report.
Break it down for people because I don't think some of the listeners realize...
How big this story is.
You've done one report, the original report, very lengthy.
Your brother has done two supplementary reports that are up on all the websites right now.
Everybody should get these, and again, get them out to everybody.
And we should force the media, hey, this isn't real.
Hey, they're lying about this.
Hey, you guys have done this again.
Break it down for us.
Yeah, well...
Basically, this broke over the weekend.
It was released to the London Times, the Sunday Times, to a journalist called UC Fowder.
And basically it shows Bin Laden addressing a rally in Kandahar in Afghanistan in January 2000.
The first thing I think we should talk about is the lack of sound.
Because basically I...
I was on the London Times website trying to play this through and there's no sound.
I thought there was something wrong with my computer.
I'm trying to turn the volume up.
But basically, we're told that there's no sound because Al-Qaeda's forgot to add the soundtrack rather conveniently.
In the same... In fact, ABC did a report with the Times journalist who said all throughout the report that Al-Qaeda have become very technologically...
...competent, yet they can't add a soundtrack to a video that they produce.
I mean, it's quite simple, really.
But basically, we're told that Atta and Jarrah, the two 9-11 hijackers, are reading the Last Will and Testament, but I don't know how we're supposed to know this, because there's no sound.
We're simply told that on the scrap of paper Muhammad Atta's looking at, it says, The Will, in Arabic.
Well, I can't read Arabic, but it's very hard to decipher anything on the paper that he's looking at.
Then we're told that lip readers analysed the video, but they couldn't decipher anything that the two of them were saying.
Why they couldn't is not explained, because the lips are clearly visible, and obviously the Pentagon has got Arabic-speaking lip readers.
But basically, to break it all down, this means that
The lack of sound, it prevents voice analysis.
And we know that in 2002 there was a tape released, a Bin Laden tape, which was proven to be a total fake, because basically it was analysed by an institute in Switzerland, which always analysed Bin Laden tapes.
And basically they said this one was not Bin Laden, it was a complete fraud.
And then a linguist in other countries, what France and Canada studied it too, it wasn't just not the same voice print, it was a totally different dialect.
But again, all of this propaganda is very shoddy, almost by design, so the general public just hears the news, then later it gets retracted, but deep in the paper.
And then we can have arguments with the average person out on the street who will tell you they found WMDs, these are real Bin Laden tapes, George Bush isn't lying to us.
But all of that I think is really a side issue.
Paul, let's get into the fact that this supposed video, parts of this video, had already been shown on television before.
Yeah, you just called me Paul, by the way, Alex.
Well, I've had him on a million times.
Okay, that's right.
This is Steve Watson.
From now on, you're going to be known as Paul.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, if we get over the issue that there's no sound on the video, basically, if you watch the unedited version of it, it's totally strange.
It's a sort of weird snapshot effect where it's panning around the crowd of people that are listening to Bin Laden speaking, and it sort of freezes and frames
...different faces, as if it's sort of cataloguing them.
And there's even a large section of it that primarily focuses on children, and it freezes on different children, as if it's sort of creating a surveillance catalogue of them.
And it's this aspect of it that's sort of baffled experts as well, terrorism experts.
There was an Egyptian expert on Islamic terrorism...
Called Dia Rashwan, who described to the Associated Press, described the video so out of character for Al-Qaeda that it could have been taken by a security agency.
And not only this, we've got the father of Mohammed Atta as well who's come out.
This has only been reported in a couple of foreign papers.
One of them was in Saudi Arabia, told them that the tape's totally fake and
He said that it's, quote, not my boy.
He said the Americans have tampered with and falsified that video.
They want to change the truth in order to achieve their goals in the Middle East.
And you'd think that would be quite a major story in the media, but I've not seen it in any American papers or any British papers.
The only place I've seen it is in a German publication and this Saudi Arabian one.
The AP piece also highlights how the appearance of the hijackers is strangely different from the mug shots that the FBI released after 9-11.
And linking in, I pointed out in the article I did that Zayad Gerard, who's the pilot, the supposed pilot of Flight 93 that crashed into the field in Pennsylvania, it's been confirmed that he...
He was not a 9-11 hijacker or the man in this latest video who's said to be Gerard is not a 9-11 hijacker.
If you check the article I wrote there are five different pictures that are supposedly the same man and clearly there are up to three different people in those pictures but the key one is the passport photo that was miraculously found in the wreckage and
If you compare that picture, which is basically the whole story that he was on that flight hinges on that picture, which is ridiculous in itself, but if you compare that to the man in this video, they're certainly not the same person.
Gerard's family also came out a week after 9-11 and provided proof to CNN that he wasn't on the plane.
BBC have reported since then that at least seven hijackers are alive.
Others have reported it through LA Times.
Then there were two other people with the exact same names as one of the hijackers who looked the same that in the month after 9-11 crashed and died at the Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, there's sort of doubles of these patsies all over the place.
I mean, there was a video released last month which seems to have been forgotten.
But it was only last month, but it was Bin Laden with two of the hijackers, two of the supposed hijackers, Wal Ashiri and Hasma Al Ghamdi.
Now, Al Shiri was reported alive by the BBC after 9-11.
They did a full piece on this, which I linked in my article.
And the other one, Al Ghamdi, was interviewed by the London Telegraph after 9-11.
So they're both still alive, yet we've got them in a video...
With Bin Laden.
But again, this is not even complex.
It's just somewhat... It takes a little bit of focus to keep track of it.
No, we'll just show you a brown person and say he's admitting to it and here's your proof and there's no sound.
By the way, we've released these videos before, but we're saying these are brand new.
This time, I think that's the strongest evidence.
Well, exactly.
Basically, they're going for the lowest common denominator.
They're aiming it at people who just
Look at it.
Won't even watch the whole thing and just go, yeah, that proves it for me.
But basically, the important thing about the tape is they're saying it's a missing link that completes a jigsaw of where Mohammed Atta was in the time leading up to 9-11.
The Times said that American and German investigators have struggled to find evidence of where Atta was in January 2000.
Stay there, Steve Watson.
We're going to come back and go through the other key points of the story that, when they're taken together, proves this latest footage is a complete fraud.
The entire story is a scam.
This is being done to bolster the sagging and collapsing official fable
Of September 11th attacks, five years and a month ago.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hello, friends.
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Coming up in the next segment, we'll play an ABC News clip that Steve was talking about.
Paul Watson's brother, another one of the InfoWars team members over on the Prison Planet side.
All right, now getting to the real meat and potatoes.
You've set the table here where they've had fake bin Laden tapes.
There's all these other weird inconsistencies, the way the video zooms in, what the family's saying, what terrorist experts are saying.
Now the Times of London is saying that Al-Qaeda didn't release this videotape.
Yeah, well, basically, the quote was, it was officially obtained via a tested channel by the London Times.
But the Times itself in its article refers to U.S.
sources that have already analyzed it.
So what they mean by that, I mean, it's unexplained.
Yeah, the CIA or whatever federal agency is a tested channel.
A tested sewer line.
Yeah, exactly.
So on the one hand, they're saying the Al-Qaeda's released this.
But then on the other, they're sort of intimating that
It's been released to them via an American intelligence agency.
Yeah, these liars cover themselves.
It's always real vague, so that now that we've caught them, it's incredible.
Well, exactly.
I mean, NBC said it had exclusive U.S.
intelligence analysis of every frame, and this was sort of moments after the Times had received it.
They admitted in their own report the video was found in Afghanistan in 2001.
And another interesting thing is, in an article NBC wrote to accompany the report, they said that they'd filed a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this year for the same tape.
But all over national news, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, Al-Qaeda releases a sweeper cell tape meant to trigger assassins, mass bombers, something bigger than 9-11 could hit us by the end of the month.
Al-Qaeda releases a tape boldly.
That is a lie right there.
Well, exactly.
NBC basically openly admitted that, without saying it outright, that the government has released it.
And they did it via the London Times to basically distance themselves away from it.
That's all basically a smokescreen.
But getting to the fact that it's been seen before, there's basically a listener to the show who alerted me to this and should thank him.
His name's James Dorman.
He pointed out that the footage of the rally, not the footage of Muhammad Atta and Gerard, but the footage of the rally...
It's featured in a docudrama that was made called The Road to Guantanamo.
And it was first broadcast in this country seven months ago, in March.
And that kind of ties in with the NBC Freedom of Information request as well, which was made around the same time for the same tape.
The docudrama basically follows three British detainees at Guantanamo, who were later released because they were
Like everybody else, they're totally unconnected to Al-Qaeda.
It had nothing to do with 9-11.
Yeah, real Al-Qaeda is U.S.
intelligence, but they have to have this illusion and set the precedent to torture people.
That's what these camps are all about.
Well, exactly, yeah.
And the relevance of the fact that it was in that docudrama is that in The Road to Guantanamo, it's being shown to inmates as an intelligence surveillance tape
The context of the clip portrays doctored, they're basically showing doctored footage to the detainees where they've put the detainees' faces into the video, edited in with CGI.
To try and get them to confess that they were there at that time.
So in the documentary, they're admitting it's a doctored tape.
Well, that ought to be the headline.
Government caught red-handed doctoring tape.
And then they spin it on us and release it again when it's well-known it's already been on television.
How stupid do they think we are, Paul?
I keep calling you Paul!
Steve Watson!
But this is getting me really, really mad.
Well, yeah, I mean, it's like they're throwing it in our faces.
It's like they're sort of throwing out the challenge for us to pick up on.
It's like they know, Steve, how dumb the general public is.
It doesn't matter what happens or what goes on.
Bush can kiss Gannon in public.
It doesn't matter.
They can just do whatever they want, Steve.
Moving on from that.
We've got a break.
Well, stay there.
I'm back with... It just keeps going and going and going.
Did you hear what he just said?
What Steve Watson just said?
And Paul's got reports on this, too.
And we're breaking this.
Thanks to you, the listeners, for pointing it out.
The video, they admit, has been doctored and is used against detainees.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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You can stand me up.
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We got into the top 100 briefly.
If you added up all the different versions that were on there, it was well over 2 million.
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Most of those two million.
It happened in a few days.
It took a month for it to build up to that.
And suddenly Google wiped us out.
Wiped out all our numbers.
And why is that important?
Most of the Google video visitors.
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And again, I figured out why I think they're not doing it to loose change.
Loose change is already too big.
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Well, actually, Google did wipe off a bunch of their earlier versions, and then they had to put up new versions.
And then those have already gotten out.
I looked it up the other day.
It was already like six, seven million.
People said 10 million downloads.
That was three or four months ago.
Loose Changes had over 30 million downloads.
I've been watching it.
It's awesome.
I hope it gets a billion.
We're not going to survive if we don't wake up and get involved.
But it makes me mad.
That I put this film out for free.
I want to stop the terrorists.
I think Terror Storm has a different perspective.
They're all excellent.
9-11 Mysteries hits one thing and just the demolitions.
Loose Change is from a young, hip view.
Great job.
Great film.
Second edition.
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We all make mistakes.
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They're afraid of this film for some reason.
I don't know why in their grand calculations they're so scared of it.
But they are scared of it.
All right, I'm going to shut up.
Steve, thanks for holding.
Steve Watson.
Now, recapping.
Run through for us.
This is such a huge story you've broken.
Recap the basics, and then let's get back into... I want to repeat that with more detail like you did in the article.
The video that they're showing now...
...is of the supposed hijackers admitting to everything, but there's no audio.
They just say it shows them admitting to it, and there's no audio, and it's fake.
Again, they say, here's the plane hitting the Pentagon, and then they don't show you a plane.
It's just more of the same mind control.
It's like Americans can't recognize the semantic symbols for what they really represent.
This is so huge.
State that again for people that may have missed it.
Well, it was released to the London Times.
It was a video showing Bin Laden at a rally giving a speech and tagged onto it, not filmed on the same day or necessarily in the same location, which is an important point, is the statements of Mohammed Atta and the supposed pilot of Flight 93, Zayed Jarrah, giving their last testament without any sound.
The fact that it was tagged on to the Bin Laden footage is more like really a crude attempt to associate the two.
And the NBC analysis of it is really where the propaganda lies.
I think you've got a two-and-a-half-minute clip.
Yeah, we have several clips.
We've got an ABC and an NBC.
Which one do you want?
It's the NBC.
Okay, go ahead and roll that clip, and he wants to comment on this.
Here it is.
NBC has obtained exclusive US analysis.
But why is this tape coming out now?
And how might it have helped the US in the war on terror?
What is its significance?
We're going to get to all that right now.
NBC News has obtained an exclusive US analysis of this tape.
It shows ringleader Mohammad Atta recording his last will and testament this just months before the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
From MSNBC terrorism analyst Evan Coleman.
Evan, a good morning to you.
And first off, where did the U.S.
get this tape and when?
Well, the video was recovered actually in Afghanistan by U.S.
forces in approximately late 2001 or the beginning of 2002.
It's been in the custody of the U.S.
government since then and various different U.S.
government agencies.
And it's not clear exactly why it's coming out now or who provided it to the Times.
But, you know, it is obviously a very interesting and relevant video.
And if this tape was recovered by the U.S.
military in 2001, why is it you think we're only learning of its existence now?
Hey, Evan, do you think it's a mistake that this tape is out there right now?
Was it accidentally leaked, or do you think it was intentionally so?
And if so, for what purpose?
I doubt it was intentionally leaked.
The video has been floating around for a while.
I know it's in a bunch of different courts now.
And frankly speaking, I think there may be future use for it at the upcoming military tribunals down in Guantanamo Bay.
So I think, generally speaking, I think probably the U.S.
government would have preferred that this video remain under wraps for now.
Now that it's out, I mean, it's a piece of history.
It's a documentation of history.
I think it's important that...
You know, people watch this video and understand that this is more or less conclusive proof that 9-11 was the work of Al Qaeda.
It was not inspired by Al Qaeda.
It was directed, it was orchestrated by Al Qaeda at the most senior levels.
And I think this is the kind of video proof
That is going to put a lot of 9-11 conspiracy theorists out in the cold, and for good reason.
And what do you think is the most frustrating part of this tape?
I know, probably not having the audio, right?
That's got to be trouble.
Yeah, and I think that may be the very reason why this video was never released publicly by Al-Qaeda, at least until now.
I think it was a bit embarrassing that they forgot to turn the sound on.
And you have Martin and Will read by Muhammad Atta, read by Zia Jara, and there's simply no sound.
And I'm sure by the time they realized that mistake, it was too late.
It's an embarrassing mistake by Al-Qaeda's multimedia folks, but it's certainly not the first.
Okay, let me comment, Stephen.
I want to get your take on this.
I hope you write an article about it.
You probably already have.
Notice he keeps going back and forth.
That guy's a total shell.
I mean, boy, when you hear about news stories about people being on the government payroll, that guy needs to be investigated.
I know what I was hearing there.
I've heard that kind of stuff before.
Classic M.O.
I'm a propagandist.
Maybe he's not, though maybe he's a good person.
Notice he then by the end is saying Al-Qaeda released the tape again, and that they made the mistake.
It's why they never released it until now.
And then he says it's been floating around for years.
This is the same mainstream media that said Al-Qaeda had released this back on Friday.
And then he's saying this is conclusive proof that puts the conspiracy theorists out in the cold, like they said with the fat bin Laden.
Back in 2002.
Then they're saying they're going to use it in the tribunals.
Then he says the government accidentally leaked it.
Steve Watson, I mean, this is just total bull.
Well, exactly.
His name is Evan Coleman.
He's the terrorist expert for NBC.
He contradicts himself in his own report.
He contradicts himself several times within two minutes.
He says that the U.S.
had recovered this video
In late 2001, early 2002, and then it's been floating around several different intelligence agencies.
And then he goes on to say that he's still towing the line that Al-Qaeda's released this video this week.
I know, but it doesn't matter to a general public that's totally brain dead.
Well, exactly.
I mean, how you can watch this report and not realize that that just doesn't add up, I just...
It's just baffling.
It's the most pathetic piece of journalism.
Well, yeah, Steve, we've been put out in the cold, though, now.
It's over for us.
Well, exactly.
I mean, that is basically a direct attack on the 9-11 truth movement, isn't it?
Saying conspiracy theorists have been put out in the cold for good reason.
I mean, we have not been put out in the cold by this.
We've been given heat by this, because it's such a shoddy job.
Well, that's the thing.
I think the arrogant intelligence agents and people in government are fighting the war of 20, 30 years ago when they were the only ones putting baloney out.
Okay, now they're not getting away with it.
And every time they attack us, we just get stronger.
And I just don't think these little arrogant cusses have figured it out yet, Steve, that we are cleaning their terrorist clocks.
Well, yeah, exactly.
With stuff like that to work with, it's not very hard either.
Well, but there's those of us that are informed and involved and seeking for the truth.
They're playing to an audience that just can't find Afghanistan on a map, doesn't know who the vice president is, and thinks gun control and open borders is conservative.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Road to Guantanamo, which I watched, by the way.
When this all came up, I go, I remember that footage.
Again, hidden in plain view.
I didn't make all the connections.
A listener did.
He did this.
That's why you help us, folks.
That's why I tried to read, tried to scan through with my wife 500 emails this morning.
I literally have like 100 printed out.
I'd love to read them all on air.
They're all excellent.
I have other staff trying to read all these.
Just keep them coming, though, because you're the folks that point all this out.
And we did go and confirm it.
You did help Steve.
Understand... Go over that again, Paul, Steve, and elaborate on it.
I know Paul's written another article on this today.
But Steve, go over this.
Well, yeah, the docudrama Road to Guantanamo follows three British inmates who were detained and were later proven to be totally innocent.
And the context of it is they're showing the tape as an intelligence surveillance tape to the detainees
And they've edited in their appearances.
They've adopted the footage to make it appear that they are, they were there.
At this rally in Afghanistan in January 2000.
Now there's a documentary how the government's using this edited footage to trick people into confessing.
So on national television, international, it's an admittedly fake Dr. Tate.
Now it's on television!
They're announcing Al-Qaeda's released it.
I mean, this is insane!
Yeah, and then NBC comes out and basically does exactly the same thing.
Shows a crowd of people
...pauses on a face, and the analysis is this might be Muhammad Atta in the crowd.
It's basically exactly the same as it is in the... And then they cut to this jumpy video that has the same look as when Forrest Gump shakes hands with Kennedy, not real, or the stuff where Steve McQueen last year pitching Mustangs 20-plus years in the grave.
It's hard to mimic the real movement of a face.
It can look like it, but there's still a jumpiness, still a plasticky look.
This video looks totally fake to begin with, Steve.
Yeah, I mean, you have to basically go to the Times website and watch the unedited clip.
It lasts 50 minutes.
Yeah, I've gone and watched them.
It's as fake as the day is long.
But we've proven it's fake from every other angle.
Oh, my gosh.
Steve Watson, the brother of Paul Watson, joins us.
Great analysis.
We'll be right back on the other side.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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We got Chris Floyd, maybe I'll call him Paul Floyd, joining us, writes for a bunch of big international newspapers, with his great analysis of the Constitution-Killing Enabling Act, signed, well, coming up...
We're good to go.
Scott, when he called him up in England to get him on the show, said, that sounds like Paul.
But it is Steve Watson.
You see a lot of his great work on Infowars.net.
That's the main site that he runs.
But he also contributes to PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Steve, let's go ahead and take some calls.
But before we do that, any other little tidbits or caveats or addendums or supplementals that you would like to add to your wonderful analysis of this fraud?
Yeah, well, I've written another article today, which is now up on all the websites, basically highlighting the fact that the tape was released to the London Times, but that was a total smokescreen because the journalist, UC Fowler, is the guy who works for Al Jazeera in London.
He also works for the Times.
So basically, he gets all the videos all the time anyway.
So the fact that it was put in the London Times and not Al Jazeera is a total smokescreen.
And basically the videos are provided to him, all the evidence points, by a company called Intel Center.
And basically, whenever an Al-Qaeda tape is released, it goes onto their website, IntelCenter.com, which you can go and look at, and it goes on immediately, and it's immediately for sale.
And they've even predicted before when they're going to get one, before it's actually released, as they did with
I wonder who they are.
The London Bomber Tape.
The second London Bomber Tape.
But basically, Intel Center is run by a guy called Ben Venk.
And if you do a simple Google search on his name, you realize that he used to be the director of an intelligence company called iDefense, which is basically made up of several ex-military officials, long-serving ex-military officials,
It's directly tied into... And it's in Virginia, and it's yellow, and it quacks, and it's got little pink feet.
But it's not a duck, Steve.
And basically, I mean, the director of Eye Defense is called Jim Melnick, and this is on their own website.
Yeah, exactly.
He worked 16 years in the U.S.
military in psychological operations.
Well, don't worry.
So what if they're psychological operations?
This is good.
You can trust all these tapes, Steve.
It's all real.
We've been thoroughly discredited yet again.
Basically, he worked.
He was assigned directly to the office of, guess who?
Donald Rumsfeld.
Donald Rumsfeld!
The videos are coming from Don Rumsfeld's deputy.
I think you said yesterday on the show that he keeps popping up like the devil.
He's connected to everything.
He's everywhere.
It takes about five minutes to connect him to where these tapes are coming from.
It takes five minutes to connect him to everything on Earth that's bad.
I mean, I'm serious, folks.
Every time I finally get to the final deep crevice of the rat hole, it's Donald Rumsfeld.
He literally is a demon.
I mean, the guy... Sorry, folks.
Steve, when is it going to end?
I mean, just how incredible does it have to get before people wake up?
Well, I don't know.
I don't know what's going to happen next.
I mean, to me, this is the most ridiculous tape that's been released.
You can see through it from a mile off.
Every angle!
No matter how you look at it, it's a fraud.
It's not like we're trying to go prove it a fraud, folks.
It's a joke fraud.
I mean, all you have to do is pay some attention to it.
And I think it's the fact that a lot of people don't pay any attention to it.
Yeah, it's just all that Nubin Laden tape.
I've had people email me, they're on TV admitting they did it, Alex!
They're on television admitting it, Alex.
What's wrong with you?
I'm going to give all my rights up so Muhammad Abba doesn't get me.
We'll take a couple calls.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I gotta tell ya...
My whole crew keeps knocking them out of the park, and Steve Watson's at a grand slam here, proving from every angle that this new footage of the supposed hijackers taking credit is a fraud.
Well, their statement that it's them admitting to it has no audio.
That's a fraud.
There's nothing.
Then it links back to one of Donald Rumsfeld's deputies, the people that are always putting it out.
It's been out for a year or so in this docudrama on television, admitted, edited, fake government footage.
It's insane.
Let's talk to Deanne in Illinois and Chris in Canada.
Go ahead, Deanne.
You're on the air with Steve Watson.
Hi, Eric.
I'm sorry, Alex.
I'm sorry.
You came out here.
I'm sorry I missed you.
I'm a radio host as well.
Well, don't be so sorry.
I am.
I'm sorry because you've been doing an excellent job, and I commend you.
Alex, I'm sorry, Alex, I was trying to talk to your host and I got Alex in my mind.
That's okay, my name's Alex and you're talking to Steve.
He likes to be called Stevie, though.
Yeah, I'm getting flustered.
So anyway, what I want to say about Muhammad Atta, I was in a business in Palos Heights, Illinois, where in 2000 Atta called into my business because there was a flight school
There, within my business.
I reported to the FBI and they did absolutely nothing.
And I'm under the impression from what I've done and looking into different things and I do a lot of background checking and investigation that this man is still alive and it was just totally a hoax.
The 9-11 issue had to do with insurance fraud, manipulation of money through real estate and everything else tied right back into this government and CIA.
There were operatives that I've talked to.
They have told me that they use various names like Mohammed.
That was like a code word for these ops to go and perpetrate these criminal activities so that we would point... Well, we know that everybody else was trained in every type of spy training under the sun.
They're total government agents.
There's no debating that.
Yeah, and it's a nightmare, but the thing is,
I just want to ask both of you for the listening audience.
I put together a petition.
One is by Alfred Weber, which is for treason against George Bush's White House, and the other one is I'm trying to get the low-end government officials that are okaying and allowing these things from each state
To be impeached and removed out of government offices.
Okay, is there a website or something?
Yeah, I'm putting it together.
You can call on my site, which is d-a-n-n-e-s-g-u-s-t dot c-o-n dot n-r, and I will be putting that up tomorrow.
Okay, great.
I've actually heard your radio show.
You called in a couple of times, too, and you're wonderful.
I want to support everything you're doing.
We've got to collectively work.
On this, and I think you're doing a wonderful job.
Well, you are too.
Good to hear from you.
Let's take one call here from Chris in Canada.
Welcome, Chris.
Hey, you guys.
Thanks for what you're doing.
You know, what puzzles me is, since I figured this out, or this became clear to me, everything about 9-11, et cetera, I just can't stop spreading the word.
And when someone that I speak to finally does see the facts and their mind is changed, nobody really cares.
I've never found anybody who gets really lit up by this.
Oh, well, you found me, buddy.
I found you, yeah.
Steve gets lit up, don't you, Steve?
Yeah, well, I've found now that I don't need, well, I still go to people, but now more so, especially this year, people are now coming to me, people that I know that I haven't, you know, I've sown seeds with them before, but they're now coming to me to find out more.
I think all you've got to do really is keep sowing the seed, and as more information comes out, people will start coming to you for more.
And before you let me go, I just wanted to... About getting your videos out... Well, stay there.
Stay there, because we've got Chris Floyd, an amazing writer and researcher, coming up.
But I'll keep you both two minutes on the other side.
I know Steve has a hot date tonight.
We've got to let him go.
It's nighttime over there.
And... Oh, it's true.
That's what you told me.
And then we're going to go to break, and we're going to come back, and we're going to have Chris Floyd on with us.
But stay there.
Caller, you stay there too.
I'm going to let you both finish up on the other side.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
I think?
Watson also joining us from England, and he is an Englander, and we were talking to Chris in Canada.
Chris, you had one more point you wanted to make to Steve Watson.
Go ahead.
Actually, this is just for you, Alex.
As far as getting your videos out into Canada, because we need them here, and you were saying that you're having difficulty getting them across customs.
I can get videos into Russia, China, anywhere, South Africa.
Canada is like Nazi Germany.
It was hard for me to fly in.
I was detained for 15 hours last time I flew in there.
Yeah, I know.
Why not have somebody in Canada and just have them distributed from Canada?
We've heard a lot of that.
A lot of people have said that, and we're probably going to end up having to do that, and I appreciate your call.
God bless you.
Steve Watson, in closing, you have written two huge articles your brother's written to.
This new development, tracking back the fake hijacker tape that was released last week to a former deputy of Donald Rumsfeld.
This is massive, and the fact that the very video was shown two years ago, or a year ago, in a docudrama,
We have caught them with their pants completely down, Steve, and you have knocked it out of the park.
A final statement?
Well, yeah, just to say that, I mean, things like this tape, as they've shown, they don't need to make them complex or, you know, sophisticated.
They just throw them out there.
And it's really like they're firing cannonballs off a warship, and we've just got to just counter-strike and strike back, because...
They don't need to be sophisticated.
They're just using them as distractions from, as we've seen, from basically destruction of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
Well, that is one of their strong points, is it is just mindless lies.
In fact, they make them stupid.
We killed Zarqawi 12 times!
You know, we killed... I mean, it's ridiculous.
How dumb do they think we are?
I don't know.
Maybe they think we'll just get so bored of how dumb they are that we'll stop trying to counter-strike, but we're not going to.
No, no, we're having a lot of success right now.
You keep it up, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care.
You bet.
There goes Steve Watson.
Always great to have him with us.
Okay, let me just read a few paragraphs of this, and we'll go to our guest.
Fatal vision, the deeper evil behind the detainee bill.
And Chris Floyd has written for international newspapers in England, Russia, the U.S.
He writes, his stuff gets posted everywhere.
He's very prolific.
I probably don't even have to introduce him to this audience.
Fatal vision, the deeper evil behind the detainee bill.
And it begins, it was a dark hour indeed last Thursday when the United States Senate voted to end the Constitutional Republic and transform the country into a leader state, giving the President and his agents the power to capture, torture, and imprison forever anyone, American citizens included, whom they arbitrarily decided is an enemy combatant.
This also includes those who merely give terrorism some kind of support,
Defined so vaguely that many experts say it could encompass legal advice, innocent gifts to charities, or even political opposition to U.S.
government policy within its draconian structures.
And I read most of the bill, most of the sections on enemy combatant designations or alien and enemy combatant designations.
Not giving total allegiance to Bush, damaging property, trespassing, seizing something that isn't yours.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
All of this is bad enough.
A sickening and cowardly surrender to liberty not seen in a major Western democracy since the Enabling Act passed by a German Reichstag in March of 33, a month after Hitler firebombed it, I would add.
But it is by no means the full extent of our degradation.
In reality, the darkness is deeper and more foul than most people imagine.
For in addition to the dictatorial powers of seizure and torment given by Congress on Thursday to George W. Bush, powers he had already seized and exercised for five years anyway, even without this fig leaf of sham legality, there is a far more sinister imperial right that Bush has claimed and used openly without any demur or debate from Congress at all.
Ordering the extra...
Judicial killing of anyone on earth that he and his deputies decide arbitrarily, without charges, court hearing, formal evidence, or appeal.
It is an enemy combatant.
And the article goes on for ten pages jam-packed.
I mean, you want to really learn what they're doing.
You go read this.
And we don't have time to read all of it.
But we are honored, again, to have Chris Floyd with us.
Thank you, sir, for joining us.
Well, thank you, Alex.
The article sure sounds better when you read it, I must say.
Babble through it.
No, no, excellent job.
First, tell us a little bit about Chris Floyd.
This is your maiden visit with us.
And then get into, because you've been chronicling this and unfortunately tolling the bell that all this would happen.
Your analysis has been in the top ten I've seen out there.
Unfortunately, you're spot on yet again.
Tell us about yourself and break down what's really happening for us and what you see happening in the future.
Well, Alex, like you said, I'm an American.
I do live in England at the moment, but I'm an American.
I worked over in the Moscow Times for many years, and that's where I really started writing about Bush.
I had a column for the Moscow Times for about 11 years.
I began writing about this power grab with George Bush.
Actually, my first article about Bush's power grab, imperial power grab, was September 19, 2001.
You know, I mean, from the very first days we've been writing about this, I've been writing about this extrajudicial killing program since November the 2nd, 2001.
And as I pointed out, I don't know if I pointed out in this article, I pointed out elsewhere, all these facts, as you said, it's a long article and it's full of facts, all these facts about these extrajudicial powers, unconstitutional powers, these tyrannical powers that Bush has seized over the years, all these facts,
Or in the mainstream press.
I didn't get them from any inside whistleblower.
You know, I didn't have Daniel Ellsberg come around and tell me about it.
You just read it in the paper.
Would they brag about it?
Would they talk openly about it?
Especially in the early days when they were, you know, when Cheney was going on television saying, yeah, we're going to the dark side and saying it openly.
You know, now they've pulled back from that a little bit.
But it's all out there in the open.
All this information is out there for anyone to see.
And as I say, it's been going on for about five years.
And so to me, in some ways, what happened last Thursday, and I know it is to you too,
I mean, it was horrible, it was heartbreaking, but it really wasn't a surprise, was it?
You know, to see the Congress vocal like that, to see the Democrats not even... No, it wasn't, but still when it happened, everybody I've talked to said it was still... Like, we didn't think we'd be staggered by it, but everybody I've talked to, including Ed Asner yesterday, said that it was literally like I lost something.
I'm like, my God, everything we said about them is true.
They really did it.
Still, even though we knew it was going to happen, to see them do it... Oh, yes.
Well, it's like in any other situation.
When you're there and you're expecting the worst, say you have some fatal illness or you suspect you have a fatal illness, right?
And you prepare for it and you think, well, it's part of the worst.
But when the doctor finally tells you, you know, that's it, man, you're going.
It's a big shock, even no matter how much you prepared for it, how much you think it's going to happen.
That's what's happened here.
As you say, you know, you've been writing about it and talking about it and filming about it and I've been writing about it for five years now.
But, you know,
And I guess there was an element, especially in the early years when I wrote about it, it was an element of this is what could happen.
This was coming.
This could happen if it's followed to its logical conclusion.
Sort of a prophylactic kind of thing, trying to warn people.
This is what could happen.
But then it turned out to be just, it has happened.
It's like saying the Redcoats are going to land.
We say it for years.
And finally, the ships are landing.
The troops are disembarking.
It's here.
Yeah, I know.
It's here.
Well, I mean, there's nothing to...
Once it's been approved this way, I guess at some point, in some ways, as long as it was all hidden, as long as we could see it happening and Bush was claiming his powers in secret with executive orders.
But, I mean, this is really, yes, it's, I know I've used this expression myself many times, crossing the Rubicon.
Each time we think this is it, but this is it.
I mean, when the Congress comes out and embraces this unitary executive theory, embraces torture, embraces this ability of the President to seek, you know,
As you were talking about, this enemy combatant designation is just wide open.
It could be anybody they want to, for anything they want to.
When the Congress has embraced that and enshrined it in law, not only is it shocking, but it means that the Supreme Court is almost certain to go along with it.
I mean, of course, this court might be willing to go anyway, but, you know, just in our system, in our legal system, the courts usually defer to if both the executive and the legislative decide something.
You know, well, this is heavy...
We're going to make too much of these comparisons, although I do hear between what happened in Germany, but why not?
I mean, it is a lot like that.
This is what the Nazis did, too.
They took the legal structure, you know, the formal legal legislative structure in Germany at that time, and they used it, you know, to seize power illegally, and that's what we've seen here, you see.
It's really... No, you're right.
I mean, it's a horrible thing, and I agree with Ed Asner, you know.
It's like someone has died.
Someone has died, you know.
Our country has died, so...
I just, they really threw down the gauntlet here.
Do you think, some people hope that, well, Congress did this because they knew that Bush could be indicted or he could be impeached and then indicted for torture, for war crimes, for illegal spying, that this was them trying to buttress him.
But it doesn't matter because he's already declared these powers.
He's sworn to use them.
Well, he openly declared he was going to use them.
And that's the part of the bill that I actually didn't get into, but you're right to bring it up.
Because, as you say, my article was long, and I didn't even have room to get all of the horrors in this bill into this article.
Is this immunity provision?
Yes, that was a big part of it.
I mean, that's probably the main part to Bush, because, as you say, he's already claimed and used these powers, but what he wanted was this immunity provision.
But, you know, it's hard to... You know, of course, these are war crimes that he's committed openly, and this warrantless surveillance program is an open, in-your-face, brazen, I'm-bragging-about-it...
We're going to break.
Chris Floyd's our guest for the rest of the hour.
He joins us from Oxford, England.
We're extremely honored to have him.
I want to get into the Iran war.
Where do you see this going next?
I mean, they just keep marching down the road to tyranny.
They keep moving forward at every level, dismantling the United States.
The United States is an idea.
It's law.
It's the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
And it has been overturned.
It still lives in our hearts and minds, but it has been overturned.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, and don't think the Democrats will save you.
This is both parties, but this particular brand with the Bushies is deadly dangerous.
Chris Floyd, you've been covering politics for decades.
You've really been watching these neocons for a long time.
You've made a lot of good predictions and analysis in the past.
Projecting forward with your dead reckoning, what do you see happening with Iran?
What do you see happening with the neocon hubris?
I mean, are we just going off the end of the cliff here?
Well, actually, that's the question of the day, isn't it?
I mean, I think one thing we might be seeing, I mean, it comes down to if the American establishment, you know, sort of the old line of American establishment, where the power really is, you know, if they go along with it, and we are going off the deep end, and they've gone along with everything so far.
I think some, you know, I wrote recently about this Bob Woodward book.
It's sort of like what I see the Bible... There's a great article.
You called it War in Heaven.
Tell us about that.
Well, it's the elite.
You know, this whole thing is a scramble between the elite, you see.
Now, you've got the Bush faction elite.
That's your old, you know, your oil guys, your right-wing Christian cranks and all these people.
And you've got your old line of establishment that George Bush's father sort of represents.
You know, it's these guys that go back decades, generations of old money and old rapacious elites, you know, going back generations.
I think Woodward has always sort of spoken for that establishment, you know, that faction of the establishment.
I think this book is sort of a way to sort of rattle Junior Bush a little bit.
It's like a little squabble between the elite, you see.
And I think the Iran thing is sort of scaring them.
To me, that's where the sort of... As I mentioned in this article, I'm sorry, I'm not making much sense.
As I mentioned in this article, this is what's really sort of bad about it.
It's not up to us.
It's not up to we, the people.
It's how these elite factions, and some of it even within one family, the Bush family, how they resolve their differences is going to depend on whether or not we attack Iran.
So you believe that fissure is real?
I mean, I wasn't sure if it was real until this year at Bilderberg in Ottawa.
We confirmed they were having screaming, cussing matches, and that the neocons are now in the minority but in control of the U.S.
war engines.
Well, I think that's right.
The point is how far they will go with it.
As I mentioned in the... No, I think you're exactly right about that.
And they were a little bit worried about the Iraq War.
Before Iraq, there were these articles from Scowcroft and all these people and sort of little shots across the bow from daddy to junior there.
But in the end, they buckled under with it.
Where do you think Rockefeller is in people like that?
Well, I think all these sort of O-line people, they found that Junior Bush and the Bush faction had been so sweet to them.
Tax cuts, no regulations, all this kind of stuff.
Just open the treasury to them, war profits.
It's been too sweet for them to give up the goods, you know, but I think what they're worried about now is it's getting a little too far, and you might just kill the whole, you know, you might kill the whole golden goose.
But, again, it's just a matter of them making that decision, you know.
Do we think, well, maybe we can weather this Iran thing and come out better?
Do we go with this?
Or maybe not.
But in any case, as I mentioned in this article, you know, they're not going to bring George W. Bush down all the way.
They might rattle his cage a little bit.
They might try to pull him back, and like you say, they might wrap a few of the neocons a little bit,
But it also depends on whether these forces that they've unleashed, the neocons and the right-wing Christians, you know, they may be stronger than, too strong to pull back on the reins now, you know.
I mean, you know, they sort of use these people, you know, sort of mutual benefit for everyone around.
And Chris, when you say right-wing Christians, I mean, these aren't real right-wing Christians.
You mean the cult-like, nuke the world, end the planet, bring Jesus back, George Bush's Jesus crowd.
Yes, of course, that's what I mean.
I don't mean people that actually would
It doesn't have any resemblance whatsoever to someone who followed any of the teachings of Jesus or Nazareth.
We're talking about these politicized cult figures, absolutely.
But I don't know.
That's just the big question to me, is if the establishment is going to go along with Iran.
But I think that the Bush people, the Cheney faction, the Rumsfeld faction, they will attack Iran.
This is what they come in to do.
This is what they're there for.
And as you say, it's like a Ponzi scheme.
You have to keep upping the ante and upping the ante because, again, as you said,
So much stuff is coming out now.
Sex scandals, corruption scandals.
Bush has been rumbled on all... You've got, what, 65% of the people believe now that Bush lied about Iraq, which is pretty good since he obviously lied from day one.
But, I mean, we've got that going on.
As you say, they've got to keep upping the ante.
They've got to keep getting worse and worse to stay ahead of all that.
And so that's what makes me think.
More and more that there'll be some sort of attack on around them, because, you know, they're putting everything in place.
They've got some battle groups in the ocean over there.
They've got at least two battle groups.
Let's talk about that as we get back and take calls.
Chris Floyd, internationally syndicated columnist.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Chris Lloyd's our guest.
We're going to open the phones up.
Later in this segment, 1-800-259-9231, we're talking about the official abolishment of the Bill of Rights.
And again, hundreds of different editorialists, political scientists, PhDs in political science, constitutional scholars, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, they've all read the bill and they're all saying it killed the republic.
My article said they killed the republic.
Chris Floyd's article said they killed the Republic.
Everyone unanimously, without looking at each other within a day, had written the same thing.
Because we went and read the bill.
Go read this horror for yourself!
HR 6166.
If you don't have total allegiance to Bush's government, you're a terrorist.
And you don't get due process.
You can be tortured, or what they call it, pressure.
Before we go back to Chris Floyd and your calls, give them that number, 1-800-259-9231.
I said that a little quick, didn't I?
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And this is a 90-minute documentary.
It just focuses on how they blew the buildings up.
The inside job.
It's got photos never before seen, interviews never before seen.
It is a Cracker Jack film.
This focuses in on just one area of 9-11 in great detail.
It's a great tactic.
Great voiceover.
A woman voices it.
Very professional.
Very well done out in Hollywood.
We have it for you on Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
We're carrying it.
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The history of government-sponsored terror.
9-11, 7-7, proving it was an inside job.
The Madrid bombing.
We get into the lies that took us to war in Iraq, how they premeditatedly in the White House and Downing Street memos said they'd lie.
We get into the warrantless spying, the torture of children, John Yoo's own memos.
Believe me, it's a film you need to have terror storm almost two hours long.
The extras are 68 minutes, so it's over three hours total.
The 9-11 Neocon Symposium that was historical, we had that over 1,200 people attended in Los Angeles in June.
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They're going to take over even worse than they already have.
They're going to get real abusive.
The electronic voting machine frauds, the land grabbing, all of it.
I mean, we're in trouble, folks.
And I'm not going to give up and roll over and die.
So join me in this fight.
You can also go to Google Video...
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Seriously, folks, I don't want to have to evacuate the U.S.
And I've said I'm going to stay here if there's any chance of saving the country.
I may evacuate my family.
I'm seriously looking at evacuating the United States.
I mean, it's that bad, folks.
I've said it.
If it was some new country that was free like America was to some extent in the 50s, habeas corpus,
Free market, Bill of Rights.
And I was like a German or a Jew.
I'd leave Germany.
There's nowhere to go.
It's a global government.
All right, I'm going to shut up and go back to our guest, Chris Floyd, prolific syndicated columnist, writes for some of the biggest papers in the world.
Chris Floyd, tell us about your new book, Empire Burlesque.
Oh, well, that's a... Yes, Empire Burlesque, High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperial.
It's basically...
Sort of a history of how we got to where we are today, a real-time history on the ground as it's happening, because it's taken from these weekly columns that I wrote for, again, mostly for the Moscow Times and also for Counterpunch, a couple of pieces for The Nation, things like that, mostly Moscow Times and Counterpunch, and other pieces are on the web, and now, of course, for my blog, which got started last year, and it's called Empire Burlesque also.
And what it gives you is just, it sort of lays it out step by step, how we got to this, what was going on,
You can just see... One of the things is, as you read, you can see the patterns forming, and you see how they just repeat over and over again.
If you read this... And everybody should get Empire Burlesque.
Here's the problem.
If you follow the trend, and it's not stopping, I see where it leads, Chris.
I know you see where it leads.
Tell folks where it leads.
Well, I mean, you just look at it.
It leads to what we've just practically got right now.
It leads to an authoritarian, militarized...
But it's now coming to its scrofulous head.
Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
You know, the apotheosis of all this sort of stuff.
And the book will just sort of show you how that has happened, you know, step by step.
It brings up right up to probably about three months ago.
So, you know, it just gets you right into where we are.
The whole thing, you know, Fallujah.
I mean, one good thing about all these things you may have forgotten as new outrages come along.
You know, it's, oh, right, what about Fallujah?
When they did this, what about this?
What about that?
What about that?
But as you get back to Iran, one...
One salient point that might be gotten from the book is if you watch, because I was tracking this build-up to the war, to Iraq, long before they started ruling it out in September 2002, but even before that, I was tracking their statements, tracking their actions, tracking their troop movements, and you can just see it was coming, and there was no way it was not going to come, the war against Iraq.
That's right, and do you see that same pattern now, that they've already committed, point of no return, whatever they say is window dressing, they're going to strike Iran?
I see that pattern happening.
I don't have the same sense of absolute certainty that it's going to happen just because the sort of meta-situation around it, you know, the political situation around it.
That's right.
The tide has turned against them.
Because of people like you, because of all the people that are, you know, because the polls are against them.
Here's the problem.
Here's the problem.
I know you've said this before.
Them having their backs against the wall, them having their poll numbers drop even makes it more dangerous.
Because then what else?
They have nothing else to do.
That's what I was going to say, Chris Floyd.
That's what I was going to say, Chris Floyd, author of Empire Burlesque, is that it's a catch-22.
If we let them do what they want, they're going to stage attacks and stage provocations and attack Iran.
But if we do press them all the way to the wall, they may do something even bigger, like government-sponsored terror.
Well, absolutely.
As you've noted before, all the elements are in place for them to do anything they want to.
All the elements are in place.
We're good to go.
The MEK terrorist group stationed in Iraq.
They're Iranian terrorists.
You've probably heard of them.
Sort of a cult-like Iranian terrorist group that Saddam Hussein took in.
And they acted as assassins and enforcers for Saddam Hussein.
And now Bush has adopted them.
And he's getting ready to unleash them on Iran.
We've got the naval battle groups that we've talked about.
We've got all these things ready.
Whatever they want to do for Iran, they can do.
And also, as you've covered in all your writings and movies, the infrastructure for
Outright fascist state is already in place.
Rounding up people.
Halliburton's got their country.
I don't think Iran and Iraq are even the big targets.
They're hors d'oeuvres.
The real target is totally capturing us.
Well, that's true.
The war on terror is a war of terror.
And one of the main targets is the homeland.
This word that they've used is sort of an awful word they've adopted for our country.
Well, that's the thing, Chris Floyd.
I mean, it seems like they're trying to adopt Nazi terminology.
It seems like they're trying to be as thuggish and gangsterish.
I mean, Homeland?
Protect the Homeland?
I mean, this is right out of 1984.
No, absolutely.
I mean, I couldn't believe it when they first started using it.
And it popped out right after 9-11.
Oh, and they...
As you say, they began adopting this terminology as if we always used it.
Had you ever heard an American politician talk about the homeland?
I mean, we didn't talk about that.
They didn't have homeland security, homeland defense during World War II.
There was nothing like that.
You know, we talked about domestic defense.
We talked about the country.
I mean, but yes, they're adopting all these things because they're doing the same sort of thing because they want unrestricted power.
And if you want unrestricted power in a country, you will obviously do the same sort of thing.
You know, it's like a
No matter what your ideology is, if your ideology is Nazism or if it's Communism or if it's whatever there is, there's a rapacious crony capitalism, whatever you want to call it, you're going to see the same sort of patterns emerging because that's just how you seize unrestrained power, you know, and the same sort of...
The same sort of lies, the same sort of subterfuge.
And of course the Founding Fathers told us that the point of tyranny we'll live under is the exact point and level that we put up with.
I guess if we weren't here resisting them to some extent, they'd already have a big black throne out and maybe triumphant arches built to Bush.
He'd crown himself Supreme Emperor.
I mean, I really think they would go that far.
How far do you think they'll get?
Because you talk about the tides turned against them, but because of their massive...
Well, again, Alex, this is the great question.
I've said it before many times when people talk about, oh, well, the Iraq War is a quagmire and all this kind of thing.
But what the Iraq War has done, you see, is transferred billions and billions and billions of dollars.
Out of the public treasury and out of Iraq.
It was designed to be a quagmire.
The longer it runs, the more money they get.
That's right.
And so you take all that money and it goes to the Bush faction and their cronies.
I mean, that permanently alters, as you said, you know, the power balance in America for decades.
No matter what happens in the next election, whatever happens in 2000, 2006, 2008, these people have massive amounts more money than they have.
This is a huge Nazi war chest.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, it will go on.
You know, it will run for generations.
So, I mean, yeah, that's a good question.
I mean, whether they will...
You know, take it all the way or not.
I don't see... At this point, I don't really see, but we'll stop there.
Basically, it's like a big octopus that's come out from under the rock, eaten a couple big meals, gotten even fatter, and it may run up underneath the rock again if we drive it in there, but it's still going to be sneaking out, grabbing people forever.
Well, of course, because if you go back, you know, I go back to, like, tracking politics a long way.
I mean, I was a young man then, but back in the Nixon days.
And, you know, we felt like, at that time, Watergate...
Nixon's impeachment and resignation, we sort of killed the snake, right?
We sort of killed the octopus.
Wow, now we're free of all this stuff.
But you have to maintain that vigilance because it comes back.
These people in power now, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, for God's sake, being the main advisor to these people, it all has come back.
You can't ever relax.
You can't ever...
Mr. Floyd, Alex.
I did a personal analysis of dictatorships of Bush and Hussein.
And everything that Bush was accusing Hussein of doing, he is now doing.
Yeah, rape rooms, secret police, death hounds.
The whole nine yards.
What I wanted to do is, since everybody's chomping at the bit, saying, what can I do, what can I do, what can I do?
I just wanted to say this.
We should have a Constitution Action Day.
And if anything happens before we get that off, we should have a Constitution Reaction Day.
And I wanted to be the point man for it.
I wanted to...
Get all the materials.
People just download it.
Don't even say who you are.
Just set things up in your own community.
At the end of the evening, pull out one of Alex's videos, pop it in the VCR, DVD, whatever, and just make a potluck night out of it and just discuss the Constitution, Bill of Rights, everything.
Because I think they're able to... But the government would call that Terror Day because in a bunch of their federally written manuals they say those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution are terrorists.
Well, that's too bad.
No, I mean, they really do say that, but who cares what these terrorists... They're really the terrorists.
And listen, send me some info on that.
We might work on something like that.
I appreciate the call.
Going back to Chris Floyd on that issue, two issues he brought up there.
Everything they've accused Saddam of, which our government helped put him in power to do, they've now done in spades, whether it's death squads, torture camps, rape rooms.
And then the second thing that the caller was bringing up there,
It made me think of the fact that the real terrorists are the people that overthrew our Constitution.
They're really the usurpers.
This administration, they're the revolutionary aliens to our form of government.
Chris Floyd?
Well, absolutely.
I mean, that sort of goes without question.
The real terrorists, you have a few freelance terrorists out there who can take pot shots now and then and, yeah, do some damage, hurt some people.
That's bad, but...
Throughout history, the real terrorism has been state terrorism.
And now we have the most powerful state in the world, the most powerful military, and it's run by people who have a terrorist mentality.
And as the caller said, I mean, of course, Hussein and Bush have done the same things.
And Bush, having more power and more money, has done, you know, at a different level of magnitude.
Because that's what we were talking about.
Because they want the same thing.
They want an unrestricted power to do what they want and to bloat their cronies, you know, gorge their cronies with goods and wield dominion over other people.
So they do the same sort of things.
And Bush...
Having more power does it at a greater magnitude.
I mean, we know that Bush in the last three years has killed at least 250,000 Iraqi civilians.
I mean, sometimes I myself, you know, we throw these numbers around and we just don't let them sink in.
But I mean, it's just staggering.
It's just, you know, it's... And so the level of crime is just staggering like that.
You're right.
And we're talking about very cold-blooded people.
I mean, so many Americans think we're getting power in Iraq.
We're part of the fun.
We're part of the empire.
The very people that think nothing of Iraqi women and children do not care about you, America.
I mean, they could care less about you.
And every ruling, every action, every law, everything that's being done is about raping the living daylights out of you financially.
That's just so sick.
Final segment with Chris Floyd.
Final segment, period.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Final segment, two final calls.
Jonathan in Texas, you're on the air with Chris Floyd.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling from University of Texas, San Antonio, down here.
Yes, sir.
We started a student organization down here, Students for 9-11 Truth.
We started this Monday, and we've had really good support down here.
We have about, I don't know, about 120 people on our mailing list, about 60 members so far.
And next week, we're going to be handing out TerraStorm DVDs.
Thank you.
No problem.
Just doing whatever we can to get the word out.
But we've been educating people.
We've been
Putting posters up and telling people about HR 6166.
It's amazing how many people don't know about it.
Well, we need to repeal it.
You know, Bush got total blanket liability protection passed for the vaccine makers.
We made them repeal that.
Once people find out, they spun it that it was a defeat of Bush.
And in truth, it was a total empowerment.
Chris Floyd, what did you think of that smoke and mirrors trick?
Well, he's absolutely right.
People don't know anything about it.
It wasn't reported.
As you said, it wasn't reported for what it was.
It was reported as the tail end of this sham negotiation between McCain and Warner and Bush.
Again, even if that was real, we'd have a small sliver of the elite trying to decide how much liberty we can have.
But that was just a sham in the first place.
And so, no, no one knows about it.
But as you say, if it somehow could be made to know what's going on, I don't know if the Democrats would just...
If the Democrats in the Senate would stage a one-day strike and say, look, we're not doing any business today, of course the Senate is now closed, it would have called attention to this sort of thing, but they wouldn't do that.
They just stood up on the day of the bill and they made a few fine speeches that they should have been making for the last five years and they wouldn't even filibuster the bill.
No one knows what the import of the bill is because, of course, the next day...
And he's right.
It happened on Thursday.
The next day was Friday Night Football, and that was the weekend.
Jonathan, keep it up.
I want to know more about 9-11 Truth in San Antonio.
We want to get you down here sometime.
Help us out down here.
Well, I'd love to try to do that, but just get a website, get some organization together, and you can certainly plug it here.
Thank you.
And thanks for handing out TerraStorm.
I need people's help getting it out.
Evan in Florida, last caller.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
I got two things to say.
The first one is, so if you were to leave America, where would you go?
Well, no, that's my point.
There's nowhere to run.
It's that serious, folks.
That's how bad this is.
So we're all sort of stuck here.
I don't even think we could leave if we tried.
Well, no, for now, but after Bush nukes the city and blames it on Iran or releases smallpox or something, Lord knows what they'll do, then things can get real serious.
That's the whole point.
Chris Floyd, I mean, do you think I'm exaggerating, or do you think we're in danger of going into a total Nazi-type state?
Well, I think that's a genuine risk.
I mean, absolutely, it's a risk, as we said before, the sort of structures in place if they want to push it that far.
And you're right about... I live in England right now for family reasons, but...
Yes, it's even worse over here in some degrees.
I mean, they have incredible draconian powers over here.
And they basically outlawed protests over here if they want to outlaw it.
You can't get three people together.
And if you press, like I said, a leaflet on someone twice, they can arrest you for harassment over here.
So, yeah, I mean, that's the real trouble.
Well, now they're banning leaflets saying they're bad for the environment.
Yeah, that's right.
I mean, you know, whatever trick, you know, whatever trick they can pull, that's what they'll do.
Hey, I was all over London, and cops would walk over and go, turn your cameras off, you're not allowed to videotape.
There were cameras everywhere watching me.
Well, absolutely.
Well, I was in the Soviet Union in early 1980s for a visit, and it's the same sort of thing now.
Don't take pictures here, don't take pictures there, don't do this, don't do that, you know.
That's the same sort of thing that's coming, so...
Alright, thank you for the call, Evan.
Sorry we're out of time.
Chris Floyd, I want to have you back on again.
The book is Empire Burlesque, available.
And the blog is Empire Burlesque.
Just type Chris Floyd into Google, you'll find it.
We have links to his sites and places he contributes to on Infowars.com.
Godspeed, my friend.
Thanks for spending time with us.
Alright, thank you, Alex.
Thanks very much.
Have a great evening.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
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