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Air Date: Oct. 4, 2006
2503 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, welcome.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Wednesday edition, the fourth day of October 2006.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, we're going to have Aaron Dykes and Kevin Smith, who both work for me here at InfoWars, in the studio with us.
They went down to the University of Texas Presidential Library, the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, and confronted one of the chief architects of the neocon stratagem, that being William Kristol.
We're good to go.
We're going to put the video up on the internet for everyone and put a report out on it.
It did show up in the Daily Texan newspaper.
There are photos of what happened there.
They basically threatened to arrest Aaron Dykes for bringing up serious points and serious issues and removed him.
There were a lot of other people there booing and hissing at Crystal and people standing up with huge banners that stated that 9-11 was an inside job.
And it's good.
Everywhere Crystal goes, everywhere Dick Cheney goes, everywhere these creatures go, the American people are facing them down.
And I like how Kevin got up and said, because he kept talking about how he was a conservative and we were fighting the commies and the Arabs.
And I mean, literally, the head of the Communist Fourth International.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Some liberal will throw that around.
I saw that in an editorial.
It was a good point.
You know, we're not like some professor when you talk about cutting welfare by 2%, and they say, oh, you're a fascist.
No, no, no.
We mean real, live fascists.
Secret arrests, tortures, secret executions, cameras, black uniforms.
I mean, this is the real deal Americana style, and we do it bigger and better here, don't we?
So it's really amazing, amazing what happened.
That audio is coming up.
About five minutes of audio is coming up a little bit later in the broadcast from the confrontation.
And then again, when we're done putting it together for you, it will be up on the web for everyone this evening.
Very historical, confronting this creature.
And the Daily Texan and Crystal and everybody kept trying in the paper today, and when he was on the dais going, Oh, you liberals!
Ha ha ha!
That's why I came to Austin to fight you liberals!
They called me a liberal talk show host.
Yeah, because I want to control the borders.
Pro-Second Amendment.
Yeah, I'm a populist.
I'm a freedom lover.
I'm a constitutionalist.
That's what I am.
That's what I do.
But they've got to put us in the left-right paradigm because then that separates us 50-50, basically, and then keeps us fighting with each other instead of enemies like Mr. Kristol.
We got Ed Asner talking about the World Can't Wait giant nationwide rally.
Worldwide rally that's going to be tomorrow.
Hope all of you participate in that.
He'll be joining us for about 30 minutes in the second hour.
But I want to, other than that, keep the phones open today and take a lot of calls.
We will take calls in this hour at 1-800-259-9231.
A ton of news.
It's all on the other side.
Infowars.net and jonesreport.com are the websites.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have a really important broadcast for you today.
The famous Hollywood actor and even more famous activist, Ed Asner, is going to be joining us to promote the World Can't Wait nationwide worldwide demonstration to oust the criminal...
Hitlerian Bush regime, and when I use those terms, I mean it.
They are Nazi agents.
They've always been Nazi agents.
George Herbert Walker Bush's father was the top Nazi agent in the Western Hemisphere.
It was all over New York, New Jersey, and Chicago papers.
And we have all those news articles in my film, Martial Law.
Mainstream news, top Nazi agent.
And these criminals are overthrowing our country right now.
They've teamed up with vicious Trotskyites, vicious individuals who helped overthrow Russia and who helped carry out the Stalinist purges.
It is a sick wedding of hardcore Stalinists with hardcore fascists.
And then a mix of weird, mecha, la reconquista people like Gonzalez and others.
Bush has got a bunch of those in his administration.
I mean, this is just like the Legion of Doom.
The most evil of every group you can imagine makes up this administration.
They've abolished the Bill of Rights last Friday.
Coming up in about 25 minutes, we're going to have Kevin Smith and Aaron Dykes confronted from this office.
Did a great job last night.
Because everybody needs a chance up at bat, folks.
I could have gone and done it, but they did a pretty good job.
An excellent job.
They went down there and confronted that demonic dwarf.
Nothing against people that are short.
I'm not that tall.
I'm like 5'10".
I used to be 5'11".
I'm like shrinking from hunching over a microphone all these years.
But the point is, he's like 4'9".
They said we had to bring in a special little podium for midgets.
I'm serious.
And the point is, he wants to warmonger and attack everybody, and he has this fake little demonic joker smile when he's on the dais.
That came up.
So we're playing some audio from that and getting a response of the guys that actually did it here in studio.
I want to thank all the other people that went down there last night.
I told them that a large portion of the giant hall packed with people were booing and hissing and screaming that 9-11's an inside job at them.
I just had a few minutes this morning to look at some of the footage.
They unfurled a giant banner saying that 9-11 was an inside job.
Some of the other activists did.
The folks from Project for a New American Citizen, kind of a spin-off term, a play on words against the Project for the New American Century, the brainchild of Mr. Crystal, who clearly was intimately involved in the stratagem for 9-11.
If not in the actual event itself, but we know he was involved in coming up with a strategy.
Very serious little individual.
But the really big news of the day, I wanted to get the illustrious Steve Watson on with us today.
And I don't think you need a degree to talk about politics and be informed.
You can go read the same textbooks and research history and be just as informed.
But we never toot Steve Horn.
He not only is the front man for a rock band, a pretty popular rock band, which he had to do today so he couldn't join us.
It's nighttime over in England.
But he also has a degree in political science and foreign affairs from a prestigious university in London.
So we're glad to have him on the payroll here.
He wrote a really great article that's at Infowars.net that we've got cloned over at Infowars.com that I wanted to go over, but I noticed I printed it here.
It's not in a printer-friendly version, so as soon as I get that, I'll cover it.
It's like a fire drill here trying to get me a copy of it.
But he did a great analysis of
Absolute, conclusive, 110% proof from about nine different angles.
Nine different points in this article.
Let me see.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.
About nine different key points.
There may be more.
Proving conclusively, one of the points proved conclusively, that the video that got released last Friday for the weekend news cycle of Muhammad out of the supposed lead hijacker is absolutely, totally, and completely fake.
It has been out for almost two years.
It was in a docudrama for national U.S.
And it is completely... Completely... I was banging on the wall screaming for the article.
Because again, I print them here and then they get cut off sometimes and then I can't really read an article and I have two words out of each line are cut off.
He's done a great job detailing that you have this docudrama where they have this footage.
They don't say where it comes from, just here's the footage of the terrorist, and then magically the government re-releases and says they don't know where it came from.
Now they're having to admit it came from the U.S.
I mean, this is totally staged and totally fake.
And so let me just try to read through this article.
It's extremely lengthy that Steve Watson put together.
He will be joining us for a full hour tomorrow.
Atta's father says video fake.
Actually, this is not a printer-friendly version again.
I don't know.
Steve, for some reason, formats some stories that are not printer-friendly.
We'll just read it later.
This is bumbling on air, something we like to do around here.
But it is a very, very important article, and I would like to see if the mainstream media will pick up on this.
You know, they didn't pick up on the fact that voice print analysis was done of the fake Fat Ben Laden videotape of 2002 as it's known.
You know how you have voice-activated phones, voice-activated front doors, voice-activated doors on cars.
VoicePrint was done.
A lot of the voicemail systems, you call up and it says, VoicePrint, voice recognition please.
And it's 100%.
If you have a real recording of someone's real voice, you can then take it and make a voice key out of it.
And then you take someone else's voice and you try to use it as a voice key.
It doesn't work.
And so they went and voice printed real bin Laden videotapes from 2000, 1999, 1998.
Universities in France, Canada, and the U.S.
And they voice printed it.
And it did not match.
It was not bin Laden.
Then they had linguists go in and listen to the voice patterns, and it wasn't even the same voice of bin Laden for those that speak Arabic.
And it was a different dialect, someone who had lived most of their life in the West.
And, of course, you could just look at it.
Had Bin Laden's nose suddenly grown by an inch?
Had Bin Laden suddenly gained 100 pounds?
And, of course, there they blurred the video.
They blurred the camera lens.
They darkened the room.
These spooks are not very good at crafting this stuff.
The government is not full of criminals at the mid and lower levels.
It is at the higher levels, and so it's a lot of high-level people doing this, and they can't just walk into CIA or NSA and say, make me a fake video of this.
Back in the Cold War, they could.
They'd claim it was to fight the Ruskies, but now a lot of their own operatives will go, no way!
And they can hire it out and have private firms do it, but it's still pretty dangerous.
So they just turn down the lights and blur the camera and put a fat guy in there, and it's not the same person, but it doesn't matter.
Well, this new video, everyone noticed off the bat that there was no audio.
Well, they got caught with voice print last time, and so they got smart this time, and they're saying Bin Laden made a mistake, and he didn't record audio.
The meeting.
It shows Alcott all lined up in different shots throughout the day, and just magically all day, the camera's audio was turned off.
Sure, sure.
And then they released this video.
We're good to go.
And the faces have some of that micro-jumpiness that the human eye can even recognize.
That's why Steve McQueen, last year pitching Mustangs, 24 years, 25 years from the grave, it wasn't really Steve McQueen.
They'd taken his voice, synthesized it, put it through the computer program that once you have somebody's voice recorded, you can then put it through available cheap programs now that will spit it back out.
But still, it's hard to mimic true body language and facial patterns.
And looking at this video, it looks fake on top of it.
Not just that it's someone else dressed up like Atta.
They probably got video of Atta as a young man in some type of recruitment interview for the CIA 15 years ago.
And this has probably been overlaid.
So it probably is Atta, but a younger man.
Now, again, here I'm speculating.
There is no speculation that the video had previously been released in an American and also aired in Britain television documentary.
And you can go read about all that.
This is a huge, huge, huge report.
And it's up on InfoWars.com.
It's up on PrisonPlanet.com.
You can go right to InfoWars.net and get the original article.
And get it out to everyone.
Yet again, it's totally fake.
This is so obvious.
It is admittedly a video the government released and the government had already been shopping around and giving to documentary filmmakers years ago.
And they bring it back out again as new.
They think we're so stupid.
They'll probably bring it back out in a year and say it's new again.
And it's like they claim they killed Zarqawi, what?
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Later in the broadcast, in fact in the third hour, I want to dedicate the whole third hour to covering this news report that Steve Watson really put together.
He went and did the original research for it.
It's been confirmed.
A lot of other people ferreted out the pieces of the puzzle.
We're like a giant, organic, populist intelligence agency.
We're all vetting each other's info, double-checking, finding pieces of information, putting it together.
The latest video they put out Friday has been completely debunked as of yesterday.
So that's in four and a half days, completely debunked.
You understand, there's no debating it.
This footage had already been in documentaries, in docudramas.
How dumb does the government think we are?
Well, pretty darn dumb.
You're going to have people five years from now arguing with you about this video.
But you saw the video of them admitting it!
You mean the video with no audio?
Well, the news told us what they were saying!
It's just like, I know neocon followers out there who argue with me, they found the WMDs.
Yes, they did.
I remember it on the news.
Because remember all the dozens and dozens and dozens.
It must have been like 50 times they'd go, we found WMDs again.
We found mobile weapons trucks.
We found rockets.
Then it would always turn out, oh, those were pumping up hot air balloons.
Oh, that's a fertilizer plant.
Oh, that was a bakery.
Oh, they don't remember the retraction in the back of the paper.
And neocons get on talk radio, I hear them all the time, and still say WMDs were found.
Which, Iraq was allowed to have WMDs.
I mean, let's say they really had them, which they didn't.
Even if you fall back into the liberal position, well, they didn't have them, you lied.
Now the precedent's been set by your own argument that if they did have them, killing over a million Iraqis by the sanctions and killing over 300,000 by bombing and both wars together, it's suddenly okay.
Atta's father says video fake.
Now, to me, that's not the strongest piece of evidence Steve has here.
But his headline leads with that.
Credibility of hijacker tape crumbles.
Islamic terror expert.
Was this a video by Al-Qaeda or by a security agency?
New footage was previously used in docudrama.
Now, again, Steve's doing a fabulous job.
He wrote a wonderful article, but let me critique here.
The headline should be, new footage was previously used in docudrama.
That's the strongest evidence.
And in the body, you can have the father saying he doesn't think it's his son.
And then the comment about, was this a video of al-Qaeda or a security agency?
There's no question about it when you know that it was already on television in a docudrama.
The same footage, the same scenes.
Do you read me?
Great job, Steve.
This is an incredible article he put together.
So I'm going to get into that in more detail later.
I'd like a lot of you to go up to Infowars.net.
JonesSupport.com's got it, too.
I'd like you to read this, come back, and tell me what you think of it.
It's huge.
It's huge.
And we can force this.
We can push this story out there and try to force the mainstream media to talk about it.
This is the type of news I have in front of me, and this is why I get frustrated and overdriven and sped up on the air.
It's like I'm somebody in an eating contest or something.
I want to get into detail and savor each little giblet, but there's no way to cover all of it.
I want to get into detail on every facet, but you can't do it.
Lafayette student arrested for allegedly bringing gun to school.
It reports out of eyewitness KLFY CBS Lafayette, Louisiana, that the student brought a toy gun to school and showed it to friends.
He has been charged as a terrorist.
That is the actual article.
Here's another one.
Man arrested for criticizing Cheney's foul suit.
Rocky Mountain News.
We're going to get him on this week or next week.
It is admitted that Mr. Howard's Great America, no criminal record, with his young son.
Saw Dick Cheney walking along the street with some Secret Service.
He walked up three feet from him and said that the war was despicable and that he was against it.
He walked on.
Ten minutes later, Secret Service arrived and arrested him and asked the local police to charge him with assault, but told the police that his verbal comment was an assault.
And so now the grand jury has called for this to be dropped, and now the man is suing.
But that, folks...
If you go into these town halls they have on TV, they've stopped having most of them because remember it came out in the news, they were staged.
Just like the clapping for Bush Sr., Bush, when they go to a football game, when they went to the New Orleans Superdome and everybody clapped.
That was admittedly dubbed in by ESPN.
This is Soviet-style control.
This is Nazi-type propaganda.
You're living in it.
I think?
Oh, no.
The government's not evil.
Everything's fine.
Let's go back to sleep.
Oh, but it gets worse.
We'll tell you about a man who questioned the government, and he was arrested.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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All right, coming up in a few minutes in the studio, Kevin Smith and good old Aaron.
I tell you, they have now done a good job.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Chihuahuas attacking Tom Thumb.
And Tom Thumb was not pleased because when you're three inches tall like Tom Thumb, a Chihuahua is a terrifying, more vicious than a grizzly bear.
I joke around and try to have some fun.
This country is in deep, deep trouble.
They abolished the Bill of Rights last week, for those that didn't know.
We are under absolute official dictatorship.
Mainstream news is even saying that.
A lot of top political scientists and constitutional leaders.
That is the facts of the matter.
So we'll go to them in just a few minutes.
Then we'll air some audio from the confrontation.
That took place yesterday.
We've got a big guest coming up in about 30 minutes in the second hour.
We'll have open phones for the balance of the broadcast.
Again, huge news with Steve Watson doing great analysis and research and coming up with the fact that this is a totally and completely fake video.
And again, we get so used to it all being fake and catching all the other fakes, we just kind of go, okay, another fake.
No, no, no.
This is red-handed.
Not just where voice print shows it's fake or they claim they've killed the person 12 times.
This is fake where they'd already aired the video before in a docudrama.
I mean, we have them.
And Steve Watson does join us coming up tomorrow.
Will be joining us.
I'm starting to speak with ebonics.
He does join us.
He does be joining us.
No, he will be joining us, ladies and gentlemen, coming up.
I get all flustered when there's so much.
Oh my gosh.
And then we'll get into all of the sex stuff with Foley.
This could bring down the current crop of neocons.
This could be a gift from God that's coming out now.
Because you've got major Republican leadership now, not a year, but two years covering it up.
You've got Foley having cyber sex, masturbating while votes are going on.
We've got
It's just Fox, Washington Post, a bunch of other major outlets had these months ago and sat on them.
Of course they did!
They all go to the same parties, folks.
They go in the closet, a lot of them.
I don't mean that as a pun.
Of course, most of them haven't come out of that closet, but they go into actual closets at these parties.
And I guess once they've had 150 beauty queens, they just get sick of it, and they go, well, I think I'll try some of that.
And then they go, yeah, there was a video camera in there.
That's what you'll be trying from now on.
But this is how they compromise and control people and manipulate the entire system.
So there's all of that news.
I hope that all of you tuning in will go to Infowars.com and support us.
And how do you support us?
By getting the new book, Hacked!
High-Tech Election Theft in America, by...
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I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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You go after it.
You deal with it.
You resist it.
So please, my friends, take action.
Now is the time.
Now is the time to resist this tyranny.
Now is the time to get involved in the information war.
Alright, we're going to go to our guest here in just a moment.
And then we're going to go back into all that police state news I was mentioning.
Man arrested for criticizing Cheney.
Lafayette student arrested for allegedly bringing gun to school.
And folks, this was the BBC reported on it.
Annanova reported on it.
This is the actual headline.
Police hunt farting dissident.
And everyone knows that I don't get up here with potty humor and this is a serious adult show.
That's the serious headline.
I'm going to tell you about this.
There's a nationwide manhunt for someone who protested by passing gas.
It's stupid.
It's juvenile.
But he was at a checkpoint.
That's all I'm going to tell you.
And they thought it was disrespectful.
And we'll tell you about it.
This is the new freedom worldwide that we're witnessing.
But now, how do I set this up?
How do I preface this?
Something incredible happened last night.
I have been trying to spend more time with my family, and I've been working most nights, and I had promised my family that I'd be with them last night, so I told everybody on the radio on Monday, I said, hey, coming up Tuesday, Mr. Crystal, the little neocon chieftain, William Crystal, this guy is coming to Austin to speak in the big hall that seats thousands of people, and I'm not going to confront him.
I'd love to, but it's up to you.
I want to see Austin Knights and Central Texans go down there and confront him.
I can't do it all.
I'm going to have my guys go down there with cameras, but I'm not going to make my employees protest him.
I'm not going to make them stand up and say something to him.
We'll just see what they do.
Well, Aaron Dykes and Kevin Smith, like attack dogs in the Info War, literally grabbed onto each ankle of Tom Thumb, excuse me, William Crystal, and
His little fake smile, that little fake confidence, that all evaporated once he was offstage.
He was totally freaked out, sweating, frowned, cornered by the piranha of freedom.
And the two gentlemen that were there are in studio with us, and then after they speak for a few minutes, we're going to play this audio clip of the actual confrontation.
Let's go to Kevin first, then to Aaron, just in about a two-minute summation, guys.
Give us your individual views on what happened, what developed, and we'll talk about it some more.
But first off, I salute you.
I commend you.
That was well done.
Well, I can hardly wipe this smirk off my face, Alex.
I mean, I got such a rush from it.
And, you know, the new student group gave us a heads-up on Crystal coming in.
It seemed to be kind of under the radar.
There wasn't a lot of fanfare.
And they ended up downsizing it into the old...
We're good to go.
We stood our ground and they backed off and looked for someone else to pick on.
And I told you they do that because there'll be 20 people there with cameras in the crowd of thousands with seats like 3,000.
It wasn't a big one, right?
No, they moved it down to the smaller one.
So there wasn't enough people to worship Lord Crystal?
I guess not.
So was it the small one of like 600?
It's the one we've confronted the Warren Terry series at before.
So that's the smaller 400 one?
Yeah, about 400 or so.
Because they've got a bunch of different rooms.
And there'll be other people...
Well, initially they come up and they want to ask for press pass.
I said, here's my press pass.
This is a public university, tax-funded university.
This is an open event.
That's my permit.
And then they started pressing.
I said, look, we're a nationally syndicated radio show.
We've got millions of listeners.
And the cop said, well, okay.
He backed off, and he went to look for an easier target.
About that time, one of the School of Journalism people came in and introduced this guy in a suit to the law enforcement there and introduced him to Secret Service.
So Crystal apparently has a Secret Service detachment.
Crystal, who writes for a newspaper, has nothing to do with the government, but writes the policy that our government follows.
This all needs to be in the article.
Just a quick blurb of the facts you guys need to write with the video you're uploading right now.
I mean, that is just amazing.
Well, we split up and...
I would say the left was conspicuously absent there that day.
You know, the people that were there were people that have come through the window.
We're not going to protest a fellow Trotskyite.
Heck no.
But it was the people that you've woken up to see through the paradigm now that were there.
And the tension was palpable.
You could cut it with a knife and people were just chomping at the bit.
Was Tom Thumb nervous?
You never can tell.
He's got that idiotic laugh.
Aaron said he's like the Joker.
I think we do fixate on this guy, how neurotic he is.
It's an act.
It's some sort of a device that he uses.
The thing was, the guys from Project New American Citizens stood up.
They started unfurling vinyl banners.
They started yelling 9-11 was an inside job.
They started being escorted out.
But see, that's the way to do it.
Like I said, everybody break up in different waves, and then that's what happens.
Yeah, it was, and the tension just kept on mounting, and toward the end, they said no more questions, and I wasn't going to take it.
I tried to get a question in, but I had to go change the tape.
I got back down there, and I got my comments out.
I started getting shouted down by people, but... Neocon bootleggers.
Oh, they just... The cult of personality that they were addicted to.
And about that time, I got my stuff out, and that's when it started blowing up.
That's when it went crazy.
And I think when Mr. Steinberg, Bilderberg...
Started to rein in people and control people.
That's when Aaron's switch was flipped, I think.
Okay, Aaron, I want you to recap or any other facets that Kevin didn't cover about the beginning, the speech, what you saw, any thoughts you have.
And then tell us about this Bilderberg group member who was there and part of the ceremonies.
Sure, yeah.
First off, it was more than a wave of protest.
It was probably about 25% of the room scattered throughout.
They just had no way of stopping.
By wave, I meant just different people standing at different times so they can't get everybody.
Sure, yeah, yeah.
The room was packed full of those kind of people.
So, yeah, the confrontation started off for me with the police officers eyeing me, trying to get me to turn off my camera.
And they were literally watching me like, oh, he moved his arm, let's make sure the camera's still off.
So I had to be pretty sneaky in exercising my First Amendment right, of course.
I've been to dozens.
I've probably been to 50 of these over the years.
Everyone is allowed to videotape.
They selectively go after our people.
That's the new America.
Go ahead.
So moving on, the reason I call William Crystal the Joker, he went out of his way to talk about how he accidentally voted for communists
Well, they always have those folks in suits that work for them openly.
Did she openly work for him at the end?
Was she with him?
Looks like it to me.
Well, you know, they've got to act like that.
We've said our names.
We're proud.
They're the ones that are afraid.
They're the ones that don't want to do the video, but they've got that feeling like, oh, I'm hunting you.
I've got you now.
Hey, lady, we know who you are, okay?
Yeah, we operate in the latter days.
When we take this country back, all the criminals are going to be in trouble.
Well, it was quite a... Well, Aaron, tell us what you did with the CFR guy, though.
I mean, the Bilderberg guy.
Yeah, this is James Steinberg.
He is the dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs who put this event on.
And he was on the Bilderberg list this year.
He's been there since 1994 off and on.
And he was trying to be the intermediary, like, oh, let's not pick on Crystal too much.
This is a public discourse, you know.
Let's do things in a proper manner.
This is where he comes and shills his propaganda.
Absolutely, yeah.
So I started to call him on his paper.
I've got it right here in front of me that he wrote for the Brookings Institution, titled Preventive War, Useful Tool, where he talks about how Bush's preemptive strike policy shouldn't spoil preventative war for the rest of us.
And nuking people's good.
Oh, he's a good little Neon.
And it shocks them, because all the fake toadies that go lick their boats, most of these graduate students don't even actually read their papers.
It's all about walking around, and I was watching some of the video, and just acting smart, like, oh, I'm so smart!
Oh, I'm so smart!
Oh, we need to run the world government, because all these dummies don't know anything.
Well, Alex, if you read some of those quotes from Irving Kristol about what people need to know... He says we need to control information, we need to lie, we need to censor.
Some people need to know more information, more truth than other classes of people.
But when it started getting ugly right off the bat, I saw this gentleman that was sitting next to Steinberg stand up, and it was good old Philip Bobbitt, LBJ's nephew.
We're good to go.
Well, that's how they act.
And so we're being friendly with you.
Go along with us.
Never mind the FEMA camps we're building.
Never mind the black uniforms the police are wearing.
Never mind all the cameras.
Never mind we just abolished the Bill of Rights.
Why are you so upset?
Put your hands down.
Let us put handcuffs on you.
Get in the car with us.
Everything will be all right.
In closing, both of you have about 45 seconds left.
Aaron, what was it like to be there?
What was it like to see everybody stand up to him?
What were the faces like of the elitist scum as they realized that we're on to them?
Yeah, that's the thing.
I think they actually get off on... They expect questions about PNAC.
They're engaged and actually enjoying being asked about the new Pearl Harbor quote.
But when you mentioned that Steinberg was at the Bilderberg meeting, that's when he immediately says, Police, escort this man out.
I was the only one escorted out by police.
So as soon as you said...
As soon as you said Bilderberg, it was like in They Live.
He goes, we got one that can see.
Yeah, that's a bad word.
You can't say that in there.
But they were laughing.
They loved the questions about, you know, the insinuation.
But it was like a vampire who's laughing about to bite your neck and you show the cross.
He went, ah!
Yeah, well, Crystal's the joker, man.
He loves, he likes being attacked on 9-11.
He's obviously one who's going to take the fall because he was pretty out in the front about all this 9-11 stuff.
You know, founder of PNAC, one of the central members of
He's expecting this kind of stuff.
I get an idea that there might be a bonus incentive package for them, and every time they get challenged on it or screamed down about it, it's another little bit more money for them.
I mean, he seemed to really relish it.
Well, actually, that's a fake confidence.
Gangsters do that.
It's gangster psychology.
Crooks, really hardcore crooks, when the cops have got them, they'll be behind in the smoking room going, eh, whatever, didn't do nothing.
You ain't got nothing, coppa.
All right, gentlemen, good job.
When we get back, we're going to play the five minutes of audio.
I salute you.
More than that is going up later on the Internet.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's important to confront these arrogant slimebags, and that's what we did.
This is audio from the hall where William Crystal was schlepping his propaganda yesterday.
Here it is.
Mr. Crystal, my name is Kevin Smith.
I'm a producer of one of these new media outlets you're talking about.
I work for a nationally syndicated radio host on two different networks.
I am a conservative, sir, not a neoconservative.
I believe in the right to possess arms.
I believe in property rights.
I believe in a sovereign nation.
You've mentioned communism quite a few times, kind of tongue-in-cheek, which is strange for you because your father was a Trotskyite and one of the top communists in this country.
That's all you want.
I mean, I'll give you your father's quotes if you want.
There are freedom-destroying, liberty-gathering things.
I have a question.
I have a comment.
Kiss him on the wrist.
Sir, due to the fact that Israel recently got kicked out of Lebanon, the Syrian attack is not going on according to plan.
I recently saw Richard Holbrook rein you in on Charlie Rose.
He said, I'm on your side, don't get me wrong, but slow down, Bill.
He doesn't want to go into Iran right now.
What's your question?
He said we could ask questions after he was done speaking, so let him ask a question.
I would get there quicker.
You seem to be an avid proponent of war with Iran.
Why don't you get yourself a rifle and why don't you join?
Head over there.
Quit putting the sons and daughters in harm's way.
Yes, you can, sir.
But please, you are the new Joseph Goebbels, and there will be an accountability for what you guys do.
You're a traitor!
All your PNAC buddies, all traitors!
We're happy to see you and all your peanut guys doing the Perk Walk.
You're in discretion with 9-11.
We know that you all get it.
Excuse me, sir.
You just asked a question.
I told you you didn't have an opportunity to ask questions.
I'm not asking a question.
I'm making a statement.
I understand that.
And there's an opportunity for speeches and statements in various places.
Sure, we'll listen to the trader.
Go ahead.
Mr. Trader, go ahead.
It's always good to see civil discourses.
You're a conservative, not a neoconservative.
Some of my best friends are conservatives and aren't neoconservatives.
Some of my friends are paleoconservatives and certainly were against the war in Iraq.
Just to clarify the record here, my father was a Trotskyite at age 19.
He stopped when he went to the army in 1942 and decided communism was not really workable.
Many, many fine young people were Trotskyites and anti-Stalin, I would say, at the time.
He is not an influential communist in any way, and was an anti-communist from the get-go after 1945, 1946.
I do think we need to confront Iran.
Certainly, I don't think diplomacy or sanctions have much chance of working without the threat of force.
And I think we need to think seriously about what the world will look like with Ahmadinejad.
With nuclear weapons, providing a shelter for terror, and providing a threat to, not just to Israel, but stimulating... stimulating... stimulating... Y'all people talking about shh.
Y'all lock and step.
Y'all lock and step while the country's doing what it's doing right now.
You're a murderer!
You're a liar!
And the...
Mr. Steinberg, do you support a preventive war against Iran?
I believe you wrote a paper on the subject.
Do you want to answer the question yourself?
Tell you what, folks, we're going to come back, back that up in about a minute, play the rest of it, and we've got a big guest for you.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we've got Ed Asner joining us on this Wednesday edition, fourth day of October 2006, in the next segment.
We'll talk about 9-11, the New World Order, and national demonstrations against the overthrow of the Bill of Rights on Friday.
He's joining us in the next segment.
He'll be with us about 20-30 minutes and we'll go to your calls, I promise.
We've got news here where they're arresting young children for having toy guns and charging them with terrorism.
Mainstream news.
We have people that calmly tell Dick Cheney on the side of the street that they're against the war.
He has them arrested.
It's just masses of news.
And yeah, the big Foley scandal, it's really starting to blow up because of the cover-up.
And we'll be covering that today.
Huge broadcast.
Two more hours left.
Yesterday, we had William Crystal, the demon, one of the chief neocon strategists, an arrogant shyster.
This is a Joseph Goebbels would-be, as Kevin Smith confronted him.
And by far, Kevin and Aaron did great jobs there, but they were not the only people there.
We're good to go.
And then they escorted him out.
Now, they were saying leave him until he brings up Bilderberg Group.
When he brought up Bilderberg, it was like a vampire having holy water thrown on him.
Here it is.
Mr. Steinberg, do you support a preventive war against Iran?
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I believe you wrote a paper on the subject.
Excuse me.
We have a speaker who's answering the question, and we're going to have an answer.
Do you want to answer the question yourself?
I'd be happy to answer any question that you'd like.
Right now, the speaker's going to...
What was your opinion on having a war with Iran after the 2006 Bilderberg meeting where you colluded with Rockefeller?
I have to leave because of the First Amendment?
Why am I being kicked out?
What are we going to discuss?
Can you tell me now why I need to stand up and leave?
I'll talk to you outside.
Let's go up the aisle.
Let's go out into the lobby.
Are you coming with us, sir?
I've been escorted out as well.
You're leaving on your own.
I'm not escorting you.
Well, I'm leaving as well.
So there you have it.
And you can see photos and videos of that.
Already the Daily Texan had a big cover story on it.
You can read that at InfoWars.com right now.
No prison planet has gotten it up yet.
But we will be adding to that story later this afternoon some concise play-by-play chronology for everybody and a video report for everyone.
We'll upload it to YouTube or Google Video depending on how long the piece is.
But again, I can only commend Aaron and Kevin, everybody that went.
I like the headline, Protest Insults Disrupt Crystal 9-11 Speech.
And it happened wave after wave after wave.
I'm told there were about six different waves.
So we basically totally took over this event.
And we've had a lot of the other elitists, like Kissinger, set up meetings at UT, a key public affairs school.
And then have to cancel them.
And Crystal will think twice next time before he slithers back into town.
And folks stood up with huge banners multiple times saying 9-11 was an inside job and then being escorted out during the speech.
Doing this will back them off, if we do it enough, from carrying out another 9-11.
If everywhere they go, where they're saying, we know you did it, which is happening now, it'll back them off.
Or it may cause him to launch an even bigger attack.
Ed Asner, coming up.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spying.
Secret police torture.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, he's a trooper, and the neocon stereotype of him is a lie and a fraud.
I have to admit, I remember about ten years ago, I bought the fraud about Ed Asner.
But over the years, I learned what his real ideas were, and he's a great man.
We're honored to have him with us.
He's aware of vaccines.
He's aware of global corruption.
He's aware of so many issues, and it's always wonderful to have him with us.
He's here with us for about 22 minutes until the bottom of the hour.
Of course, really, he doesn't need an introduction.
He's won many of the top awards in television and film.
We're good to go.
I think?
And here he is today, recovering from hip surgery, still joining us, promoting the world can't wait global demonstrations against the regime.
And you know, old liberal professors, as one pundit said, if you try to cut their welfare funds by 2%, we'll call you a fascist.
We're not throwing that term around.
This is true fascism.
Secret arrest, secret torture for citizens.
We're good to go.
Now, they can claim black people are slaves again.
It doesn't make it so.
We have a right to fight the duty.
An organic, God-given right.
But I wanted to get Ed Asner's take on this.
Very dark days.
Mr. Ed Asner, thank you for joining us.
Well, after that glowing introduction, I think I'll go home now.
Thank you very much for those lovely words, and may I throw them back at you in terms of addressing you.
I think you've done a fantastic job.
You've really put the 9-11 issue on the map
And if anybody demonstrates an example of non-intimidation, it's you.
Well, I'm just trying to survive, Asner, just like you are, sir.
I mean, we have to do what we're doing, and I think people are finally... You've said that before, you know, we have a duty to do this, and getting involved is something we've got to do.
What did you think on Friday when they abolished the Bill of Rights?
Well, I stood in dumb amazement, or sat in, no, I collapsed in dumb amazement to watch, I believe, 12 Democrats, some who I've avidly supported in the past, feel that this bill was a continuation of democracy.
It is disgusting and revolting to me to see that members of the party I generally support
Well, we know Bush was twisting arms to get this done.
It says if you don't give total allegiance to the, quote, government, i.e.
Bush, that you can be arrested as an enemy combatant.
They can designate citizens as enemy combatants.
It literally eviscerates the linchpin habeas corpus.
Of course.
It is the same process by which they threw the Patriot Act of
What about a repeal?
Three years ago, Bush got blanket vaccine maker...
Liability protection passed, and then when people found out about it, they had to repeal it.
The media lied or bought Bush's lies and said it doesn't affect U.S.
Now all the legal scholars have looked at it.
It states it four times in the legislation.
Do you think it's a good idea, Mr. Asner, to call for a repeal of this legislation?
Oh, absolutely.
And my fear is, referring to this,
Yeah, they'll put some perfume on it to make their constituents go home and shut up while using it.
Yeah, yeah.
It's a constant etching away at our Bill of Rights and our freedoms in this country.
And I am amazed and shocked at the apologists, the bright people.
I hear them on the radio talking in support of, well, this truly makes the President strong and he will do right.
This is horrendous.
Well, it's very dangerous, and it's exactly what the founders warned us of.
During a crisis, the man on the white horse, give me dictatorial power.
Did you see Gonzales' strategy?
Literally shake, physically shook his finger, and said, judges, you don't get involved in this.
And there's a subsection of executive power in the bill saying judges aren't allowed to hear cases related to the president's activities.
I wasn't aware of this.
I didn't read any fine print.
But it doesn't surprise me, coming from Gonzalez, who has been the pit bull for this administration ever since he got in, ever since he served the president when he was governor.
Well, he also served with Enron.
I mean, this guy has quite a pedigree.
Well, he is about as enlightened and as democratic as Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.
Well, there's no excuses now.
They have eight of the nine members of the court.
Everybody thought, oh, the Supreme Court has thrown out Bush as saying he's dictator.
And I said, watch out, folks.
They're saying he's got to go to the House.
He's got to go to the Senate.
He's got to go to the Legislative.
And Bush went there and did that.
Some are saying that he did this so that when the Democrats get in, they can't...
I think they want to use this against the American people, but give me your take on the President giving himself retroactive immunity in this bill as well.
You know, I'm aghast.
You asked before my opinion, and I'm busy retching in the background.
No, it's horrible, and he was in town last night, by the way, and the west side of Los Angeles was totally paralyzed in traffic because of the security this guy needs.
Oh, by the way, he was here to give an award to a high school student
Whose great merit in achieving this award is in promoting joining the military.
So, I must admit that these people are brilliant in the fact that they take the average, normal goodwill of Americans and they twist it around their crotch so that they become supine and immobile.
And cannot reverse the process immediately, cannot react immediately.
This is the way the Democrats in Congress have reacted.
And above all, the genius of having the three big veterans on the Republican side opposing this president and acting like they will not let that law be passed as he wishes it.
And then in the end, to create a smoke screen for passage of essentially what he wanted.
I think the diabolical cleverness of this, I feel that we gullible innocents cannot possibly, until we get down and scrape the slime and cover ourselves in camouflage and perform exactly the same way, are we going to be able to convince and defame them
And expose them.
Well, you just said it, Ed Asner.
You literally stole my thunder.
That was my next question.
Is the slickness of McCain, the Keating Five, the phony up there saying, I'm going to get you, Bush, in the media last week on the eve of the vote, going, Bush has been defeated, and then they hand him.
Folks, we're not joking here.
Literal dictator power, and then media calls it a defeat for Bush.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, we are alive constantly in this form of fashion.
And what people don't even realize about John McCain, who is somehow being pushed forward as the great neglected hero of the Republican Party, this man at last count had the third most conservative record among Republicans in the Senate.
Now, what kind of man on a white horse is that?
And by that you mean the whole modern neo-fascist phony conservatism, because I think it's too kind to even let them call themselves conservatives.
My statement always used to be, conservatives are necessary because they are needed to conserve the advances that liberals make.
Well, all I know is this.
Bush spending more money than all presidents before him combined.
Bush rampaging around, butchering the Bill of Rights.
There's nothing conservative about it.
And a true Republican would say that.
They stand in amazement.
The fiscal conservative Republicans stand in amazement at what this man has done.
Ed Asner, where do you see it going?
I mean, I was telling you during the break that I'm having to consider, for my family at least, evacuation.
I mean...
They're arresting people that calmly say, I don't like the war to Dick Cheney, and he tells the Secret Service to arrest him.
They're arresting... I mean, this country is going to hell in a handbasket.
Do you think we could end up with Bush having everybody arrested?
Why not?
Why not?
No democracy in the world has ever been safe.
It has always been eroded from within.
And if only people would concentrate...
That, first of all, nobody wins a war on terror.
You may diminish it, but you don't win it.
And secondly, I think that the greatest terrorism, putting aside the fact that we did lose 3,000 in 9-11, but the greatest terrorism has come from our government itself.
It has.
Ed Asner, we've got to break.
Final segment with the legendary actor and activist Ed Asner.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
I have an urgent message for all of our listeners.
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When the bubble bursts, will you be able to feed your family?
When the inevitable crash occurs, will you be ready?
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All right, Ed Asner, our guest.
I want to be clear about this.
Just because Bush announced he's dictator and announces he's had dictator powers, which he's done if you've been paying attention, doesn't mean it's the case.
It's key for us to come out in force.
To come out, conservative, liberal, populist, it doesn't matter, freedom lovers, and say no.
And that's why Ed Asner joins us today, because he cares.
He's trying to get people mobilized to speak out and get involved with The World Can't Wait Tomorrow.
Tell us about it, sir.
It is a simple declaratory statement designed to drive out the Bush regime, if that is all possible.
It seems to be imploding on itself with this latest...
Did we lose Mr. Asner there, guys?
Yeah, your phone cut off for a moment.
I'm sorry about that.
You said it seems to be imploding.
No, it's okay.
Go ahead.
With this latest PageGate.
But here we are gaining constant rumors about the potential of an air attack on Iran.
And by the way, sir, I think this whole Page story coming out will accelerate the chances that Bush will attack Iran to smokescreen it.
Yes, they need a distraction.
And that's what's driving this country nuts, is because their perfidy and their stumbling commission of sin...
Constantly needs this constant feed of distraction.
Why is it 90% of the time there's a pervert scandal, it's a Republican?
I mean, I'm not even a Democrat.
I'm wondering why so many of them are perverts.
There must be some secret honey that attracts them into this group.
Because it certainly sounds, from what I've been reading, that there's an enormous cabal of these guys who are tolerating each other.
I mean, it's like a club, and you've got to be one of the sickos to join it.
I agree.
And I wonder if the Republicans are feeling a little twitchy with their constant stress on family values.
I just think it's disgusting.
Where do you see things going?
Do you think some scandal could bring down Bush?
Do you think the Democrats will win control?
Do you think they'll have the nerve to actually start impeachment?
What do you see happening?
The ground drive towards impeachment certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere now, but I think he will indeed create an act now being empowered by this passage of the bill last Friday, by the Patriot Act in general, by the terrible descent into anarchy of what's happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.
I think he is truly a cornered rat and will have to resort to some flaming distraction.
And Iran seems to be a better and better result.
But on the road to that, and I agree Iran is probably what they're going to do, on the road to that, do you think that Bush could have his minions or one of the private corporations that are allied with him stage some event?
Well, I mean, we have been so tricked before and are aware of the trick.
I mean, even if you want to call Pearl Harbor a staged event, but from that point on, the Grenada invasion, the Panama, the Iraq invasion, Vietnam, for God's sake, the Tonkin Gulf invasion,
If sufficient of our people aren't aware of the capability of duplicity on the part of government in staging this crap...
Then we deserve the government we get.
Well, you know, Jesse Ventura, former Navy SEAL, former governor, pretty colorful guy, he told me he's left the country.
He thinks it's gone.
He says fascism's taking over.
This is last Monday.
And he went further on 9-11, bringing up Northwoods and saying it could be an inside job.
Do you think that's at least a good sign that more people are going public?
Well, from what I hear, Alex, there's an enormous swell of people
Who have watched loose change, who listen to you, who certainly are convinced that something is terribly unkosher there.
I mean, look at what Kaine himself did, former Governor Kaine, in participating in that travesty that ABC put on.
Now, where is the man's shame?
And if that doesn't discredit him and his work on the 9-11 Commission, I don't know what should.
No, you're right.
I mean, certainly Bill Clinton is no lamb here.
But, I mean, compared to Bush, he has zero connection to 9-11 compared to Bush.
Of course.
Of course.
I mean, you've got Bush actually pulling the levers, and then Clinton... I mean, it's ridiculous.
I mean, we're not even talking about the...
Horrendous concern about the voting machines come November 7th.
Well, Mr. Ed Asner, I know that you're very busy.
Would you like to stay two or three more minutes and talk about the voting machines?
Or if you need to leave, I'll let you go.
I'll take two or three minutes.
Okay, we'll go to break.
We'll come back and let Mr. Asner comment on the voting machines.
We're honored to have him.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're fighting the globalists turning this planet into a prison planet.
Ed Asner with us just for a few more minutes.
We're, again, very honored to have him with us today.
Protests all over the country and the world tomorrow to drive out the criminal Bush regime.
Listen, either drive them out or we're going to have to leave the country.
I mean, it's gotten down to that.
But I wanted to get your comment on the electronic voting machines, Mr. Asner.
But first, since you brought up Foley, Foley had emails that Fox News had, the Washington Post had, a bunch of other publications had them, and they decided not to run with them.
Turns out Hastert didn't know a year ago.
He knew two years ago.
There were Republicans that would send pages over late night to have dinner with Foley as some type of weird, sick gift.
Again, it's like Nixon.
It's not even the crime.
But the stuff these guys are doing makes Nixon look like a choir boy.
It's the cover-up.
Can you comment on the magnitude of the cover-up?
Well, I can only, you know, what I read.
And, of course, the Internet is filled with potential involvement by many people.
Many congressmen and peripheral politicians in this web of good old boyism.
I'm really going to wait and see what the press, which has been so supine in the past, will do to uncover the scandal.
Look how long it took to get Abramoff.
Well, I agree, but the mainstream news is having to admit that they did have the emails months ago.
The mainstream news is having to admit that Hastert did lie.
I mean, last week Hastert said, it's ridiculous, no one's ever heard of this, to the Washington Post.
I mean, he's a congenital liar, and even the Washington Times is calling for him to step down.
It's like Condoleezza Rice said that she never heard that from George Tenet.
And then all the memos come out.
And they're not getting in trouble either.
Woodward's new book should sink every one of them.
Of course.
I just want to stress the two things, because I do have to go.
But tomorrow is October 5th, and there is a World Can't Wait demonstration in about 150 cities in L.A.
It will begin at Pershing Square and end up at the Federal Building.
And its strict purpose is to at least we will gather and know that we're not alone, that there are thousands of us who wish to drive out
This bunch of bandits.
It will also force the press to report on the fact that there were demonstrations nationwide demanding that he leave office or be impeached.
In closing, you wanted to comment on the electronic voting machines.
I wanted to get your take on these frauds.
Well, Barbara Boxer and Chris Dodd, I believe, have put forward a bill in the Senate, and God knows it probably will get nowhere, but it's calling for paper ballots for the elections.
And I don't think we're going to get a clean vote in this country, a guarantee of a vote.
I don't know how much infamy it takes for Diebold to be discounted as an accurate operator for voting machines.
They're continually surprised at the errors that can be committed, the skullduggery that can be... In San Diego, they found that...
That poll workers took the machines home overnight, for God's sake.
So unless we get paper ballots in this country, I would want to challenge every election, every municipality that votes in terms of the skullduggery that can be performed in terms of those machines.
Well, in closing, think of the train of events we've seen.
Clear election stolen in 2000, clearly stolen, appointed president again back in 2000, then stolen in 2004, declaring himself dictator, overturning the Bill of Rights.
These guys are going for broke, folks.
We've got to stop them.
And now the neocons have come out and said, oh, we had problems in 2000.
Problems, yes, stealing.
Well, I just want to say that
All of the people who doubt this, who cannot believe that anything untoward happened in 9-11, that there was no failure of duty, that the voting machines cannot be possibly, they can't do these things.
These people are living in the America of the past.
And hopefully all of this will wake them up and say that we are dealing with a new America and we must be alert and vigilant and aggressive.
Well, you're right, Mr. Asner.
On my Sunday syndicated show I do, I had a couple callers call in who were supposedly conservatives and said that I was a liar that 6166 did not...
I think it's because it goes against the myth.
I know.
Thank you for having me.
Keep up the great work.
In fact, where did my little printout go?
I could have my callers up on the computer screen in here on Instant Messenger.
They're up in Minnesota.
I'm down in Texas.
But if I ever put a computer in here, which I tried again, I start surfing and looking at it and reading things, and I never get anything done.
So I write down who the callers are, and I did find it.
Bill and Johnny and Cliff and James and James and others.
The toll-free number to get involved on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We're going to go to your calls right now.
And then I'm going to get into Foley, the latest on that, because normally we don't talk about sex scandals or diversion or distraction when it's some Hollywood person or some bull.
But when it's part of the pervert ring that runs Washington, we do focus on it because these people run child kidnapping rings.
I mean, it was in mainstream news in the 80s that they found huge CIA bases in the suburbs, you know, with all the snuff films and the rest of it.
I mean, it's just so much... It's so horrible, though.
I mean, folks, if you think Foley hitting on 16-year-olds, which is perverted and illegal, is bad.
It's light years worse, folks.
It's Detrox-type stuff in Belgium.
It's starving toddlers to death.
It's blowing their heads off.
I just can't believe it either, but it's true.
I mean, normal people, it doesn't compute.
You go, what?
I just... Well, who else would carry out 9-11?
Psychopathic killers are in control!
When you go to these events and you're around these people, and you're around people like Crystal and others, I mean, you're literally next to Hitler.
You're next to Stalin.
And if you've studied history, you know elites are always in a really weird, sick stuff.
And then I've got all these other articles here.
I mentioned this in the first hour.
And I'm going to get to it in the third, and I will spend some time on it.
I don't say this for potty humor.
I don't say this as a little snicker, a little joke.
I got over flatulence jokes when I was about 10.
But this is BBC, AP, Ananova, Police Hunt, Farting Dissonant.
Folks, I'm not kidding about this.
And it goes right along with Cheney ordered a man arrested for saying he didn't like the war to him.
It goes right along with young students being charged with terrorism for having plastic toy guns.
Just having them.
Now it's terrorism, see?
This is in the stack today.
And Steve Watson's unbelievable report, totally shattering, total proof, the video released last Friday of Muhammad Adda, one of the other supposed hijackers, totally fake, ironclad, documented.
And Paul Watson putting out a supplement on what his brother wrote yesterday.
The idiots, the government, had already played this on TV before.
Two years ago.
And they thought we wouldn't notice.
They thought we wouldn't pick up that it had been in a docudrama.
It's fake.
I mean, it's just so bold.
They're so bold.
All right, I said I'd go to calls.
Let's do it.
Bill in Texas, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
No problem, and I'll try to make it quick.
I do a lot of traveling in my servicing, and I noticed in Austin people going by and taking down license plate numbers who work for the city at parking meters.
So I said, oh, okay, and then I noticed them doing it to non-parking meters and
And I confronted them and asked them about privacy, and they basically said, there's no privacy in Austin.
And I spent about four hours on the phone.
So we have hundreds of microphones, thousands of cameras, total surveillance.
Yeah, it's a hellhole.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, anyway, so they said, well, you know, it's part of the court, so I spent about four hours getting different people, and they're all saying, oh, no, we don't keep track of that.
And then I was working in San Antonio at a private business,
And the people were running late, so I couldn't do my job, so I'm outside waiting, and I noticed this guy writing down license plate numbers, so I went up and asked him, and he goes, oh yeah, that's what I do.
I get paid to walk back and forth here and write down the license plate number every 15 minutes.
We're good to go.
They just announced, oh, we're listening to you now.
Random computer keyword.
I mean, see, it's worse than 1984.
And the general public's going, well, Rush Limbaugh told me everything's all right.
And the last thing I had is I was doing some work for LCRA.
Oh, boy, they're evil.
And so I like to check out the paperwork that's in the trash can.
Lower Colorado River Authority.
It should be land and water grabbing syndicate, but go ahead.
Well, they showed maps where they would like to, I don't know if it's law or not, but they would like to confiscate all of the land that people own along the Colorado River.
Oh, well, they'd publicly been announcing that, but I wish you would have free-dealed, as they say, that they'd already thrown it away.
That map would have been a succulent addition to the web.
Well, I tried, but unfortunately my escort came back after going to the job.
Oh, yes, your escorts.
The mafia always has escorts around their facilities.
Yeah, every major road, every major state road.
Farm road, interstate, federal highways, state highways.
Ten miles on each side, all the land, if they wish, can be taken and given to their buddies.
And the Lower Colorado River Authority has their own SWAT teams now.
And I didn't even know who they were until I found out they were trying to get me off the air in 98.
You ever heard me tell that story?
Yeah, I was at KJFK, and the general manager comes in, who liked me, liked the show.
He goes, it's really weird.
This has never happened before.
He said, LCRA called.
They're buying a big ad package.
They don't ever buy ad packages anywhere.
And they said they just don't want an errand in your show.
And they don't want you talking about them.
And I said, well, who are they?
He goes, Lower Colorado River Corps.
He goes, oh, yeah.
So he didn't know who they were, really.
I go, aren't they just the water?
I know it was a private group doing all this.
That's how...
I didn't say that to Mark Keister, but Keister, that's his name, walks up to me a month later and goes, you know, they dropped their ad and they said that you talked about them and they're kind of mad and I go, yeah, I didn't talk about them.
But I said, now I know.
I was right.
So they were just trying to get some influence.
I mean, these are serious people, folks.
They're not playing games.
They've got men with machine guns that work for them.
They're mafia.
They also have a whole bunch of mobile command centers.
Oh, they're taking over, sir.
Listen, the new world is private interests calling themselves government, going and buying politicians and taking over our country.
It's the mafia that got smart and took over the government.
Thanks for the call.
And again, I wouldn't know who these swine bags were until I found out they were trying to get me off the air.
They're worth tens of billions.
They've got so much power.
The city council for two years had their city council meetings when they were building the new giant facility.
And I didn't know who they were until they tried that.
And they have bought up most of the water in Texas.
They buy it up.
They do weird deals.
They even get taxpayer money to do it.
It's all incredible.
And then they jack up prices afterwards.
And just enjoy it.
Enjoy paying more than what your water really costs and enjoy having men with machine guns run around the parks and aim them at you.
And just enjoy hell.
All right.
Enjoy your property being taken, too.
Johnny in Vancouver, Canada.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Basically, what I'm calling to tell you is...
Oh, good.
We had the majority of firefighters and even pose and take pictures with us.
The majority, the vast majority, totally agreed with us and the majority of police as well.
I'd say 99% of the firefighters, 65%, 70% of the police.
In New York.
What me and this member are trying to do is we want to stage a demonstration around the same time Rudolph Giuliani is in town for a little forum of some sort.
Kind of the same thing that Crystal did.
And we want to make his stay as unpleasant as possible.
But the thing is, we need to get as many firefighters involved and we want them in uniform because we want the public to see that
Well, I think it's okay for firefighters to do that if they want, but they need to know, unless like 30 or 40 of them do it, and then they can really sue, they're going to get fired.
Oh, you think so?
Oh, they fire.
Oh, yeah.
The government's scared.
They're criminals.
They're mafia.
And they know if their own people start stepping across the line and going public, that it's going to explode on them, and they're going to all go to prison.
I mean, these crooks are going for broke, but just let the firefighters know there's a good chance that if it's a bunch of them, they won't fire them.
But they will mark down their names and try to demote them later.
So I don't know if we need people on the inside.
I mean, I think they should go public, but just be ready to be fired.
What are the chances if we get enough members involved that we would have raised funds to bring you here for a 24-hour period to actually be there?
Yeah, I'm not going to be doing a lot of traveling.
I mean, I got invited out to L.A.
to talk to a couple thousand people in the show Terror Storm, and I'm not doing it properly.
Here's the big deal, sir.
I'm not going to be screamed at and cussed at and grabbed on and told I'm filth.
Well, our plan is to basically influence all the other...
No, no, I understand.
Keep it up, man.
You're doing an excellent job.
But, I mean, you're the leader.
They didn't need me last night to confront Crystal.
You don't need me to confront that snake.
Hey, they can kill me.
They can kill you.
But they can't kill us all.
Ideas are bulletproof.
Johnny, keep it up.
Cliff, James, Billy Bob.
You're all up next.
Tons of news as well.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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until 2 p.m., we're here live back from 9 to midnight.
Often imitated.
Never duplicate it.
I wish people would duplicate what we're doing.
More and more they are, actually.
There's a lot of you out there a lot smarter, a lot quicker, a lot better than I am.
Don't count on me to do it.
Get out there and confront the scum.
Get out there and take action.
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They've overturned the Bill of Rights.
It's still in force, but they claim it's gone.
They're getting rid of the borders.
They're destroying our sovereignty.
They're going after your Second Amendment.
Are you going to fight them?
The foundation, the excuse they use for all of this, is the war on terror.
You've got to expose that the people waging a war on terror are the terrorists.
Do it, or be enslaved.
And the videos are the tools.
Please get them.
Cliff in Idaho.
Cliff, thanks for holding.
How you doing there, Alex?
Good, sir.
I'm the guy that didn't get on the other day, and he said to call back, and I could have about five minutes.
Sure, go ahead, sir.
Okay, anyhow, I was down at the Veterans College seeing him years ago, and I jumped John McCain about Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin, and I called him a liar right straight to his face.
And that's, you know, after McNamara admitted that it was all a stage deal.
And he admitted it, and then all the cars, you know.
But anyhow, after that, that's when I filed that deal.
You remember when the Patriot Act, they first passed the number one Patriot Act and I filed a petition in a little town in Arizona to repeal it.
And then I got outside and they wouldn't let me on.
And I was leaving and I made it about a block and I got stopped by the FBI and an off-duty retired policeman
They tried to throw me and my partner in jail.
No, I remember.
In fact, wasn't there even a blurb in the news about that?
That was two years ago.
That was in Arizona.
You got it right.
Again, folks, a man walked up with his six-year-old son to Cheney.
He was walking down the street with Secret Service and just said, I think the war is reprehensible and I'm against it.
And they never arrest you right there because they don't want to have the scene.
They waited until he went down the street and arrested him and said, your words were an assault.
And they tried to throw the book at him for assault and the county refused.
I mean, these people hate America.
They hate freedom.
They tried everything they could do to find something on me and my partner to throw us in jail.
And that, you know, but lucky I got out of it, you know, because they didn't have nothing on me, but something like to express to all the military and the policemen out there, you know, I was in special ops, and I think that what we ought to do, we're being destroyed from within.
I'm going to have to let you finish on the other side.
Well, stay there.
We'll be back in 70 seconds.
We'll let Cliff finish, and we'll go to James.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
It is now the third and final hour.
Masses of news.
All the developments on Foley.
Big Iran war developments.
There is just so much we're going to be going over.
And a bunch of incredible police state that I'm going to get to first after we finish up with the callers that have been holding the longest.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231 on this Wednesday edition.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to Cliff in Idaho.
Cliff, go ahead.
I know Jack McLam.
I knew him before he even knew what was going on, you know, and I know what turned him around.
I'm just saying to all your listeners out there, the police and the military, think about what I'm saying.
They're destroying us from within.
They're pulling all these black flag operations, and they're running scared now.
You know that as well as I do, Alex.
What we need to do is plan something like a black flag operation and say, hey, we'll give immunity.
They'll start turning around just like they've been doing stuff to us.
I don't know what type of operation you're talking about by black flag.
What I'm talking about is, is like, say, like even infiltrating another group and say, learn stuff and then just turn around and get them.
Well, you know, the operatives these criminals have...
They've been vetted and used for years.
So piercing their networks.
They recruit people right out of college, right out of the military.
Oh, yeah.
So piercing their networks hard.
But listen, I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
James in Indiana.
James, you're on the air.
Hello, James.
I'm the one that sent a tip in about that Alta docudrama.
And there's a lot more.
I mean, I can tell you directly where they're coming from.
If you want to do that.
Okay, I'm ignorant.
Fill me in.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Okay, there's a docudrama called Road to Guantanamo.
Yes, and that's where they... No, no, no.
That's what I said in the first hour.
It is you, the listeners, that notice all these things, make all these points, and that's why I was saying I wasn't giving Steve or InfoWars or Prison Planet... Oh, no, no, man, no.
He won't... No, I just said, look at this, and you guys are the rest.
No, no, no.
I'm not doing that, sir.
What I'm doing is pointing out how important you are.
You sent us the tip, and then now we confirmed it.
We have conclusively proven that the video they released last Friday of Ada and the other supposed hijacker is admittedly totally fake.
Go ahead.
It's huge.
Okay, but wait.
We have to get something clear about what these tips really are so we can save our credibility.
Because this is a lot bigger, man.
You're about to blow something really big right here.
I'm telling you, you can trace them back to Donald Rumsfeld's office.
But we have to understand what this tape here is first so we can save our credibility.
Do you understand?
Because this tape here, what it shows is the government released this latest tape.
That's what it proves.
No, I know.
But, I'm not saying, I personally don't believe that what's in the docudrama of Roach and Guantanamo is necessarily the exact same tape.
I guess.
Because I don't know how we could have gotten that tape.
What it shows is what the tape is, what they used it for, which is very important
And that they've had it for years.
Because this is a documentary based on three real guys that were actually there.
This is what they saw.
They saw a January 8, 2000 videotape of a rally at Bin Laden.
That was just released just now.
I know, and they've gone public, and they're saying that... Now they're backtracking, right.
They're saying things have been implanted.
They're saying they didn't even shoot the... They're saying something's been manipulated.
Right, but see what that is, it's a surveillance video.
So the government's had this for years.
That's why there's no sound.
It explains everything.
It's a surveillance video.
Who would do surveillance on Al-Qaeda?
It wouldn't be Al-Qaeda.
Al-CIA, though, would.
That's where the tapes are coming from.
Sir, I need you to write down your observations and send them to... Send it to Aaron at InfoWars.com and send it to Paul Watson, too.
Yeah, you want to add... Two A's.
You want to add more after the break?
Well, I can tell you... I'll give you a name, man.
I mean, it's really easy to prove what they're coming from, actually.
You can give me a name.
Stay there.
I'll talk to you during the breaks.
Stay with us.
This is really important.
We're going to talk about it later in the shower.
Very important.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's right.
When I cut that liner, had that liner cut many years ago, I guess eight years ago now, I was serious.
We are behind enemy lines.
We are in occupied, New World Order-captured United States.
We are in occupied United States, the former United States of America.
We are in the former United States.
We need to start thinking like that.
We're not going to get it back.
Until we start thinking about that.
We've been subdivided.
They've pumped in 30 million illegal aliens.
They're using them to break down the country right now.
They are federalizing our cities, our counties, our states.
They are getting rid of our borders.
They're creating the North American Union.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Look, for fun hadn't started.
You think stuff's wild now.
You think stuff's crazy now.
I tell you, every year it's going to get worse, and it does.
It gets crazier and crazier and more and more corrupt and more and more wild.
It's going to get to a point where it'll come out that they're all a bunch of pedophiles on Capitol Hill.
You know, half of them.
The rest of them drug dealers and whatever else.
And nothing will happen.
It's all going to come out the machines or CIA run.
Nothing's going to happen until we start hitting the streets, getting involved, suing people.
Other more serious things are going to start happening.
And then it's going to be a shooting war.
Unless we turn it around now.
The problem is I don't think the elite can back off.
They're so corrupt now.
They're so out of control.
Criminals always do this.
They just get wilder and wilder.
And what's holding them up is all these police and government workers who are naive, because, well, I'm a good officer, and I'm a good person, and I love America, and they're saying my America's bad, and they're saying that Alex Jones, he ought to leave the country, and he tells all these lies.
Hey, officer, listener, I'm not lying about this, okay?
I wish it wasn't true, buddy.
I'm all freaked out.
I'm losing sleep.
I mean, believe me, I wish it wasn't true.
Stop being so naive.
You're not stupid.
You're willfully in denial.
Let me tell you something.
It's a lot worse than even I say.
You poor fools.
And government bureaucrats and all the petty elites.
There's only people who think they're part of the elite.
I mean, secretaries to minions of the elite think they're part of the elite.
You know, you're part of the system.
You know best.
You're on a power trip.
Hey, you drink the same fluoridated chlorine poison water.
You take the same vaccines full of mercury and cancer viruses.
Your kids get dumbed down at the same schools.
You eat the same GMO food.
You breathe the same air.
You do all the same things.
You get sent off to these wars and wars.
Oh, it's so patriotic.
You know, I know it's painful.
You went and served in the military, and well, my service wasn't for nothing.
I worked for the U.S.
I'm sorry you don't.
The U.S.
has been hijacked.
I mean, if a 14-foot-tall green alien became our president tomorrow, landed with flying saucers, this is an analogy.
It's a metaphor.
It's a question.
I don't really believe that's going to happen.
And announced itself king, and everyone started serving it, would that mean our government was then the 14-foot green alien?
I used a better analogy of the Russians, you know, came and landed troops in D.C.
and took over a TV station and said they were our government.
Would that make them the government?
Well, George Bush and his corporate controllers getting up there and saying there's no Bill of Rights and
And they staged terror attacks to get you to buy into all this.
Look how they were already taking over the voting machines with the Democrats.
Look at how they were already getting rid of the borders.
Look at how they stole the election.
Look at what happened on 9-11.
Look at how they used the terror.
Look at where we are now.
And I guarantee you, if I'd have told you about Foley a month ago, or any of these other congressmen,
You would have told me, oh, that's not true, oh, none of them are like that, oh, it's all crazy, oh, no, that's just Alex Jones again.
Well, I'm here to tell you that they're doing things a lot worse than sending 16-year-olds dirty emails.
Pervert emails.
I mean, it's confirmed that Dyncor and Halliburton snatch little kids, okay, and sell them.
I mean...
Mainstream news.
But again, back of the paper, nothing's done.
BBC, AP, Reuters, I mean, I remember reading back in 2000, when they admitted that in, it was in 2001, but it was the numbers from 2000, in 2001 being reported on,
We're good to go.
Many of them.
1.2 million strapped, I mean literally chained to sewing machines and to factories.
And the men, they take men and use them.
Halliburton's got them.
I know you don't care about them.
Not just Arabs.
They've got white people.
Yeah, maybe they're with Al-Qaeda too.
You'd say they're with Al-Qaeda.
Strapped into these prisons at night.
They come out and have them laying bricks and they fly them around.
That's public.
Kellogg, Brown, and Root.
It's a small percent of that 1.2 million from that year that are actually in rape rooms.
You know, it's just tens of thousands.
Oh, God help us.
Oh, but the government wouldn't carry out 9-11.
You know, I was on ManCow, a nationally syndicated radio show this morning, and he lets me get on and say some things.
He gets away with some of it.
He's a pretty nice guy.
I've talked to him in private.
He's like, you're saying the government did 9-11.
I agree with a lot of the corruption and the things they're doing, but I just can't.
And I said, oh, yeah, they couldn't keep it secret.
And I said, they kept Tuskegee secret for 45 years.
They kept Manhattan Project secret for four years until they decided to go public.
They kept the irradiation of our children secret.
And he was going, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And he goes, oh, I guess you made your point.
You see, you start hitting people with that.
There's thousands of examples.
We ought to all be terrified.
We have just the most evil people ever have been in control of this country for 30 plus years.
They were in major control, but not total control 40, 50 years ago.
I mean, these people are, well, they see themselves as strong, as willful.
They see it as focused power, focused will.
Right out of Hearts of Darkness, which was made, of course, and converted, adapted into Apocalypse Now, that great performance by, I'm losing my mind, Marlon Brando.
And he's talking about the power.
He was a special forces commander.
That's based not just on Hearts of Darkness, but then on two true stories that happened in Vietnam.
It was a composite.
And he's a special forces colonel.
I mean, grim to go all the way up to the top.
And he's out there, and he can't beat the VC.
And he sees how they go into the village and chop off all the arms of the children they'd vaccinated to punish them.
And he said it wasn't cruel, it wasn't barbarous, it wasn't done for those reasons.
It was cruel, but it was done in just cold, hard will.
He said he was hit like a diamond bullet and it pierced him.
And he said, if I had just so many companies of these men, this war would be over very quickly.
Well, that's totally evil, folks.
But that's actually what our military has adopted in the Special Forces.
They have them read Machiavelli and give a test on it.
And if you test and say you don't agree with it, you're not promoted.
If you say you do agree with it, it injustifies the means you are.
And they believe...
That murdering 3,000 people on 9-11, they believe giving black men syphilis and letting them die and spread it.
They believe radiating little children's brains and killing them.
Tens of thousands.
Well, actually, over 150,000 if you count Israel and the U.S.
They see that as a sacrament.
They revel.
They don't just live with it.
They like it.
And they look at you and they laugh at you.
Look at these idiots putting flags all over their cars.
Look at them buying into what we do.
There's nothing they won't buy.
Hey, we'll use a video from a docudrama that had already been released.
And again, whether it's a real surveillance tape or not, that's not what we're saying.
And clearly it looks like it's fake.
The point is, they had it two years ago.
Then they re-release it and call it new.
Like everything else, they kill Zarqawi over 12 times.
Again, they just... They just... Because they know.
You're out there mowing your yard and feeling official and feel, I'm a good person and I make $100,000 a year and I go on my vacations and I'll just keep my head down.
That's how you get ahead.
No, that's how you live a life of no substance where no one remembers you, where you don't leave anything good for people that come after you.
People, our founding fathers, you read their writings.
They were obsessed with what came after them.
They were obsessed with leaving things for their great-great-grandchildren and society.
They were obsessed with new inventions and ideas and thought and how many languages they spoke.
Not because they were pompous or on a power trip, but because they wanted knowledge.
And they were ready to fight and die because they realized how transient life was and they wanted to live it to its fullest.
I mean, I'm not saying I'm even a good person, but that's my whole life.
I never understood envy or jealousy or any of that.
I see people with nice things.
Oh, that's nice.
I'm glad for them.
I didn't know most people were driven by the opposite.
I just organically always think about people 10,000 years from now.
Literally, I serve the species.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know I'm going to die, but I will live on through humanity.
I think about people on Mars colonies, 500 years from now, out kicking a soccer ball in a green field, being happy and free.
And folks, that isn't going to happen if this elite takes control.
They're going to suboid, brave new world, dumb us down, get rid of most of us, a bunch of little dwarf chicken-neck inbred elites running everything.
They don't deserve that.
And they shouldn't be able to do this to humanity.
So when I put it all in perspective, I don't care if they kill me.
It's the species and our full potential that matters.
And boy, when you tap into that instinct, you are alive.
Folks, I want you to tap into this.
This is what God wants you to do.
You are so good.
According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 18 million people in the US have diabetes.
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All right, I know I had James Indiana holding all the way back from the first segment of this hour.
I went into that rant.
And we're going to go to...
James, Art, Adam, and Eric.
Maybe one more call.
That's going to be it because I want to get into this new Bin Laden garbage.
These supposed hijackers with Bin Laden and the fake nature of the whole thing.
And that's what James is speaking to.
He's the guy that sent us the tip that this was in a docudrama.
Footage they've shown before.
Whether it's real or not, the point is it's not new.
Showing the whole thing staged.
Staged is the word.
Just briefly, back to different ways of looking at the world.
In the past, everything that made America America was people thinking about others, people thinking about society, people thinking about their country.
Now it's all about me, me, me.
When you have that attitude, folks, you get destroyed.
You get enslaved.
And the globalists want to do horrible things to our species to control us and dominate us.
They openly say they're going to change us radically.
Artificially, in ways that I think are destructive, and it's not going to be done in a free-will way.
We need to move now to protect.
It isn't some hundred years away.
We need to move now to protect the genome.
Move now to protect Homo sapiens sapiens.
I need to do whole shows on this.
We're under such incredible threat, folks.
Technology doubling every two years.
Let's go ahead and go back to James in Indiana.
James, finish up what you were saying about how in Virginia they upload these videos instantly right as it breaks on the news.
Yeah, I was just trying to send you the links to it.
Well, the question is how do they get those videotapes so quickly?
Because there's been times when this videotape was released and I was online when it happened.
Brand new news breaking news.
We're good to go.
Well, yeah, you've got the Jewish leader of it totally staged.
Yeah, it's obviously fake.
And this site, evidently, is probably a CIA front.
That's right.
It's in Virginia, and it has the video for sale instantly.
Yeah, at outrageous prices.
If you want to buy the outdated videos, I think that's the place to go.
In fact, it's the only place to go, which proves that company, anyway, every time you see an outdated video, cha-ching, they make money.
Who are they?
Oh, yeah.
Sounds wonderful.
Well, we appreciate your contributions.
Go to the website.
Go to Infowars.net and email Steve Watson your findings and send it to me, too.
I appreciate you, brother.
You keep it up.
Yeah, earlier, I just wanted to single him out and others for helping us with research.
It's just thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Art in Kansas.
Art, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
You realize this Foley incident and the weekly school shooting have covered up any mention of our strike force on the way to the Persian Gulf.
Well, that's right.
They've already massed two carrier groups.
Now they've got another one on the way there.
They're openly saying they may strike in late October, which I guess will be their big... They rendezvous on the 21st.
Yeah, I said there'd be a big terror attack by the end of the month, and...
I guess this will be their terror attack unless we get the word out.
And then it won't matter how much foley stuff comes out because they'll be nuking.
Of course.
And with Congress out of town, if we have another attack in this country and we're destroyed in the Gulf, that may be all they need for martial law right before the election.
Well, I mean, we're already under martial law.
The question is, will they try to implement it?
And will we let them?
They overturned the Bill of Rights Friday.
I know, but I mean a true declaration if they have to do that.
No, no, I understand.
But think about it.
1776 is when this country was born.
And last Friday, what was last Friday?
I guess it would have been September 29th?
I don't have a calendar in front of me.
That's the day America died.
Oh, yeah.
Folks, that's not a play on... I mean, I'm not trying to beef things up or spin it or give it some sensational... Really.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm glad to see a lot of mainstream newspapers are saying America died.
Because that's exactly what happened.
I've heard in the last couple of days there are 100,000 plus foreign troops in Canada for some kind of war gains.
I did confirm.
There are all sorts of foreign troops.
And mostly Russian.
I've heard that.
Well, they're our friends.
Of course.
Heard it on television.
Of course.
If you want to get any late-breaking news at night, listen to Radio Havana at 12 midnight central at 6,000.
They have it before anybody else.
Yeah, it'll be a totally different angle.
I'm not saying it's all true.
It'll be true.
I've listened to Radio Havana.
It's more true than our media.
Which is sad to say, but there's some spin in there, too.
Thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it, Art.
We have to understand, on a larger scale, 9-11, to a certain extent, is meant to come out.
The neocon behavior is meant to come out.
We've gone from the most loved to the most hated in six years.
Bush is meant to attack Iran, make us the new pariah to make the EU and Russia and China look like the good guys to then take control of the new world order.
So see, this is all being set up.
Bob Bush races to give all the ports to the Arabs and the Chinese.
All he races to devalue the dollar.
All they race.
Meanwhile, there's all these fake Republicans with stickers all over their cars.
Going, I love George Bush, he's conservative.
Uh-huh, sure.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Admit it.
The moral rot in America runs deep.
Massive debt.
Rampant materialism.
Pedophilia by clergy.
Endless war.
And yes, the sin of religious cannibalism.
Communion was practiced by the Aztecs, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Gnostics of the mystery schools long before the Messiah was born.
Due to carefully placed forgeries within the New Covenant texts,
We're good to go.
Yes, Gnostics did hijack the M.T.
to fulfill their devious plan to make abomination look holy.
Gnostic conspiracy exposed in Communion, the Bloodfest of Babylon.
Call 325-572-3913.
Hello, folks.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, here's the deal.
I'm going to take three quick final calls.
I'm just going to rampage through news.
It's all so important, but I also love taking your calls.
One day this week, we're supposedly not going to have any guests, but there's so much happening.
We've got to get them on here to give you the information.
Let's go ahead and talk to Adam in New York.
Hi, I'm...
I've been listening to you just for a little bit.
I've watched most of your documentaries, if not all.
Preaching to you is something you already know, but I sent you an email about this psychological game, how to play that, in that obviously you can present true facts to a lot of people, and a lot of people just immediately, whether it's science or not, turn off because they just can't believe it.
So I think we really need to put an effort into, whether it's hiring psychologists, psychiatrists, really playing with how to break down through some of the walls
That people put up.
Well, I have found the best way is just to forget the maneuvers, go straight at them, just state the facts confidently and beg them to go check it.
But, I mean, there are ways to psychologically phrase things, but that's what the establishment does.
We have the truth, and the truth will smash through the lies in the end.
Somebody may laugh at you today, but down the road, they're going to get run over by the New World Order, and a lot of them are going to remember what we told them.
But I think there's lots of different avenues and ways to deal with this.
Well, one thing also for a suggestion for you, when you talk about the possibility of them going after you,
Sure, I appreciate your call.
The reason that I'm not dead is because God's in control.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The American Legion to Popular Mechanics to a score of books written, building straw men, lying about me, twisting disinfo agents all over the web, posing as patriots, not posing as patriots.
But that doesn't work either.
So I'm glad they used that other tactic.
It shows they're not, you know, decided to use the other one.
They've done their assessment.
And they've assessed me.
They know I can't control myself.
I can't shut up.
There's nothing they can do.
I won't shut up.
I'm not going to shut up.
The day may come where there's big purges where they kill lots of us, but when they do that, they've lost.
I've really looked at it.
And I think if they go too quick, it's going to blow up in their face.
I've studied it.
And it already is.
They're so corrupt that they're not even listening to their own statisticians, their own think tank experts, and their whole system.
Yeah, they're in the pole position.
They're like a NASCAR.
They've got about ten laps to go.
Their tank's almost empty.
Their tires are bald.
Their engine's smoking and rattling.
A piston went out.
They're about to throw a rod.
And we've already had a pit stop, folks, and we're about three cars behind them.
We've got a full tank of gas.
Now, they may be able to make the ten laps.
But if we just stay in the race and are confident and know we can win...
They might even flip, exploding across the finish line, but we're going to survive this thing.
And so, you know, when I talk about, the reason I talk about them killing me, some people ask me, well, haven't you heard the callers?
I do radio interviews every single day.
On my own show, it's why aren't you dead yet every day or two.
On other shows, it's the first question out of the box.
Well, why are you still alive?
And if this was so big, they couldn't keep it secret.
Number one, they haven't kept it secret, the New World Order, if you know where to look and if you want to see.
And number two, I just get asked that all the time.
And I've seen them kill other patriots and set them up and do all these things to them, and I've been threatened before and had stuff happen.
So, you know, it's on my mind.
But it doesn't affect what I do or how I live my life.
So that's why I refer to it a couple times a week, because it's the people on the street.
People will walk up to me in restaurants or at the grocery store and say, Yeah, I kind of like your show.
I don't believe it all, though.
That's pretty standard.
Yeah, and, you know, if this is true, why aren't you dead yet?
Or, it's even worse, it's, Hey, man, I believe a lot of what you're saying, but they're going to kill you.
I'm like, Hey, man, you're talking about my life here.
I'm a serious person.
This is a serious thing I'm doing.
But again, they're TV watchers, folks.
Even though they've kind of tuned in, they're kind of aware of what we're doing, it's still kind of, oh yeah, it's over there in that drawer.
It's kind of like it's a channel or something.
Oh, I watch the Alex channel sometimes.
I tune into it.
I see what they're saying.
Yeah, they make some good points, but you see, you then compartmentalize it.
Hey, this isn't a compartment.
This is the real world.
This isn't a joke.
This isn't a dress rehearsal.
You're only alive one time.
And you got a chance to fight the most evil people this planet has ever produced.
And by the way, if you're not rising to the challenge to fight a bunch of inbred murdering scum, you got a problem.
Number two, they're coming for you.
So people think about my courage.
I'm up on my hind legs, folks.
People have announced eternal war against free humanity.
They are enslaving us.
They are poisoning us.
They are waging war against us.
And the enemy has declared war on me.
The enemy has declared war on you.
They've declared war on our country.
They're openly moving forward against us, and I'm fighting them.
I mean, it's not exceptional, folks, that in my life, when somebody punched me in the face, I punched them back.
I don't know what... This is the normal response.
When someone comes at you, you fight them.
And I've even said, hey, I'm not, you know, I can separate about how brave I was.
I've said there was some new free country, some place like America was 50 years ago, some new place I could escape to.
Man, I'd be gone in a New York minute.
There's nowhere to go.
Do you understand that?
And I got into this a long time ago, kind of by accident.
Now I'm in it.
We're all in it, folks, but I'm really in it.
And I'm going for broke.
Hey man, I put all my chips in, all my cards, everything.
It's on the table.
This isn't some genre or some clique or some idea or some group.
This is humanity against tyranny.
Mechanized, scientifically focused, calculating enemy, moving to seize humanity, engineer us into a bunch of suboid jerks, a bunch of worker bees.
They're openly saying it.
And every ounce of me, every ounce of my ancestors, every ounce of the spirit God's given me, every ounce of my guts, my fiber says, let me at them.
But I don't run out like some idiot and go slaughter a bunch of their stupid minions.
No, I look at history and I go, the info war.
The enemy says nine-tenths of their operations is info and it's lies.
Well, my operation is the truth, and I use info.
And so I literally am waging war as best I can.
I mean, I set out 12 years ago, 12 plus years ago.
I set out, I guess longer than that, but I've been on air over 12 years.
I set out to fight corruption, to get my country back, to protect my country.
And I went wherever the truth led me, and I've done whatever I can.
I do the best job I can.
That's all I do.
That's who I am.
And folks, if you don't realize you are under attack, if you don't realize your family is under attack, if you don't realize that some really gruesome, cold-blooded people are in control, then let me give you the news.
Let me give you the news.
They are.
You're in danger.
Grave danger.
Many of us have sacrificed our lives.
Many of us have endangered our lives.
Many of us have sacrificed our treasure.
We're good to go.
I don't smell no fire.
It's just a little warm in here.
You're so delusional in your false reality.
We got the sunglasses on, folks.
We can see them.
We're going, no, listen, it's bad.
Get out now.
Listen to us.
Come on.
Get motivated.
Wake up.
They're lying to you.
And you're like, I like Bush.
He's good.
You're a liberal.
I like Bill Clinton.
He's a right winner.
And we're just like, get up.
I said I'd go to the news very quickly.
Get up.
Let's go to Eric in West Virginia, and then one other caller, and I've got to hurry.
Go ahead, Eric.
Hello, Alex.
Yeah, I was a police officer.
I spoke to you and Colonel Craig Roberts some time ago in reference to this pedophile ring.
Back around 1988, I was a police officer in Baltimore, and I stopped a blue Toyota with an Andrews Air Force sticker on it.
And the reason I stopped him is because I was sitting there watching cars pick up young boys.
I knew that that area was a pedophile area.
Long story short, I ended up arresting him.
And in the back of his car, I found all these composition books, dozens of them.
And in the composition books were names of boys.
Their full names, addresses, telephone numbers, physical descriptions of them down the moles, the acts which they would perform.
And on the page across from it was a code.
And I didn't know what the code was.
So I took him back to the district house, and a bunch of us went through him, and there were hundreds of names in there.
And let me guess, then the chief came in, and you got in trouble.
Not quite.
What I did with it is that I called some friends of mine down in Montgomery County Police, and these two detectives picked it up.
They were real excited about it.
And, you know, after that, I forgot about it pretty much, because he was charged with a misdemeanor.
And about two weeks after that, they called me up.
And they told me that they had written a paper search and seizure warrant on his house.
And he lived in a very exclusive section of Montgomery County and he was a master sergeant in the Air Force.
And the place where he lived was far above his means.
And his wife and three daughters knew nothing of this.
And back then PCs were just starting to come in.
And they had seized one of his PCs and they had gone through that and there were thousands upon thousands of names
These young boys, and they had the code broken, and the code corresponded to congressmen, judges, lawyers, doctors, police, military, on and on and on.
And then sometime after that, I received another phone call from these detectives, and they told me that their investigation had been taken from them and squashed.
But they did tell me this, is that they had ended up going to a warehouse
So you're the former officer who triggered the Finders case?
Well, I don't know if I was the one who triggered it or not.
Well, I got triggered from Florida, too.
They caught him, the police did, with a van with Secret Service types who had government credentials with three kids and a dirty mattress, little boys.
They were like five and four.
This guy, what was interesting about him was that from the point that I stopped him, he looked like Clark Kent from Superman, but from the time that I stopped him,
Until the time that I had booked him and I was done with him.
He never said a word to me.
He wouldn't answer me.
He just stared straight ahead.
It was almost like he was an Autobahn or something.
A zombie.
Well, when Foley says he was basically raped, it's usually true.
It's a cult.
They rape the kids and the kids become the rapists later.
And they're all in it.
It works perfect for intelligence because they're all compromised.
And from my intel, about half of them are pedophiles.
So what did those detectives think when their investigation got shut down?
Well, they got scared, and they told me on the phone the last time I spoke with them that they were backing out of it because they had read the Riot Act, and the whole thing was squashed, and they had better just stay away from it.
Yep, that's your government.
All right, sir, I appreciate your call.
I'm looking for it.
I mean, I have like two copies of it.
Where's that Rocky Mountain News?
Where is my Rocky Mountain news?
I had a Rocky Mountain news about this father with a six-year-old son walking along.
And there is Dick Chang with the Secret Service.
The father walks up three feet away and says, I think the Iraq war is despicable.
I disagree with it.
And he keeps walking.
And they came and they arrested him.
And then the county dropped the charges.
But the Secret Service went to him and said, we consider...
There's several reports you can read about this.
We consider it assault to speak meanly to the Vice President.
And I've got a bunch of other ones here, too.
The problem is I've got too many of these.
I mentioned this earlier.
Lafayette student arrested for allegedly bringing gun to school.
Lafayette police say a student at L.J.
Alderman Middle School has been arrested yesterday for allegedly bringing a toy gun to school.
According to Corporal Mark Francis, someone on campus reported seeing what was, at the time, believed to be a real gun.
After authorities confronted the student, it was learned it was a toy.
Regardless, the student is being charged with terrorizing or an act of terrorism.
And I found another article where they've charged several students there with toy guns for that.
Foley had cyber sex in House Chamber as others prepared for war funding vote.
He's... You know what he's doing.
You can read it.
He's sitting there talking to the youth.
I'm going to read this.
At least it's not a three-year-old, folks.
At least Foley doesn't blow their heads off that we know.
They see Foley as kind of a wimp if he doesn't.
The real hot muckety-mucks like to blow their heads off.
I'm not going to tell you what they do to them when they blow their head off.
They see us as weak, folks, that we can't do things like that, that we wouldn't want to do things like that.
Just turn your guns in.
The government will be very nice to you.
And here's another one.
Man arrested for criticizing Cheney.
Oh, here I found it.
Files lawsuit.
And we're going to get him on the show, I believe, tomorrow.
We've just gotten in contact with him.
I was told during the last break.
A Denver man filed a lawsuit today.
Well, we're out of time.
You can go read the article if you want to.
With his six-year-old son.
Seven-year-old son.
My memory failed.
They were going to piano practice when they saw Cheney surrounded by a group of several people in an outdoor mall area, shaking hands and posing for pictures with several other people.
According to the lawsuit filed with the U.S.
District Court in Denver, Howards and his son walked to about two or three feet from where Dick Cheney was standing and said to the Vice President, I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible.
Or words to that effect, and walked on.
Ten minutes later, the Secret Service, to paraphrase, you can go read it, shows up and says to him,
That was assault.
You are under arrest.
And then the Secret Service went to the county and said, charge him.
They did charge him.
Then they dropped it, and the county said, well, you're allowed to say it's reprehensible.
Not in Dick Cheney's world, folks.
It's like the king in the old movies where somebody says, I don't like the king.
And the king goes, seize that mud!
I mean, they just overturned the Bill of Rights and Constitution last week.
And I told everybody I'd cover this.
I'm going to cover it.
This is not a joke.
This is not a game.
It's all over the European press.
Police hunt farting dissonant.
Try to jam a final call in.
I'll cover this.
Try to mention.
I said I'd spend more time.
We've got Steve Watson coming on tomorrow, Paul's brother, who wrote the great article about the fake hijacker video last week.
It's huge.
Join us tomorrow.
It's huge.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Thank you.
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And don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
This is a serious article.
It's all over the European press.
This is how it is in Poland.
They don't have freedom, folks.
Police hunt...
Farting Dissident.
It's a serious news article.
I'm reading it.
I don't like to be silly and stupid, but it's a serious article.
Police in Poland have launched a nationwide hunt for a man who farted loudly when asked what he thought of the president.
Hubert Hoffman, 45, was charged with contempt for the office of the head of state.
For his actions after he was stopped by police at a routine check.
These checkpoints in the former Soviet block, see, it's routine, like it is here now.
Oh, it's routine for your safety.
For his actions after he was stopped by police at a routine check in a Warsaw railway station, he complained that under President Lech Karmensky, or Kazakai, I can't pronounce it, and his twin brother, the country was returning to a communist-style dictatorship.
When told to show more respect for the country's rulers...
He flatulated loudly and was promptly arrested.
Hoffman was arrested and released on bail, but failed to turn up at a Warsaw court early this week to be tried, and the judge in the case rejected an appeal by defense lawyers to throw the charges out.
A court spokesman said such a case of disrespect is taken very seriously.
Instead, the court ordered the police to start a nationwide hunt for the man, and Interpol has been alerted.
Hey, it's the same thing here.
You say, hey, the war is reprehensible walking by with your son.
Go arrest him.
Yes, sir.
Hal Cheney.
Death to America.
We're crushing the country.
That's what they're doing.
I'm not kidding.
They're just savaging, stabbing the country.
Blood spurting.
Oh, yes.
And the average person's like, we're going to attack on Ryan O'Connor again.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cameron in Canada.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
How are you?
Um, it's just, I'm living in the twilight zone, that's all I'm doing.
I actually called you last Friday and I went against you.
I just wanted to apologize about that.
I don't know if you remember, you guys... Well, you're allowed to go against me.
You don't have to apologize.
No, no, no.
I was just joking around.
I mean, to tell you the truth, I have a lot of your DVDs.
I got a Tyranny Response Team t-shirt over the summer.
And then I started thinking, you know, I'm not a celebrity.
You know, what if the CIA is listening or tracking orders?
Who's anti the government?
Which I am.
Well, what if a meteorite kills you?
What if you die in a car wreck?
What if you get cancer tomorrow?
Just live, man.
I know, and I just want to say I fully support you.
And actually, can I play a clip for your movie?
Do you believe me?
I believe you, man.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
He called in last week and I guess was saying he loved the New World Order and all the rest of it.
And I said he might be serious.
Now he told us that he isn't serious.
And I just think that's enough of a discussion on that.
Our little intramural discussions really aren't that important at the end of the day, are they?
We'll be back this evening.
I want to thank all of you for tuning in.
We have a huge program tomorrow.
We have the writer Chris Floyd joining us.
We have Steve Watson joining us on the huge Bin Laden story.
He's broken.
Please help us get that out to everybody.
Don't forget we have the Jesse Ventura video interview that's up there on the site for you.
Terror Storm is free on Google Video.
Tell everybody about that.
Coming up this afternoon for free.
I will put up, again, we have to pay to have the camera, send the people, do this, put it together, put it up.
We're going to put it up for free, our confrontation with William Crystal yesterday.
So support us a little bit.
Buy a few of my documentary films like Terror Storm or the other books and videos we carry so we can continue on.
I don't plug heavily when we're getting a lot of material out, but the last two weeks have been kind of slow and I want to get the information out to people.
I hope you're out there with Terror Storm and other videos making copies of them.
So effective.
So take action.
Infowars.com or 888-253-3139.
Get out there.
Take on the New World Order.
The most effective thing there is out there is making copies of the films.
God bless you.
Thank you.