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Air Date: Oct. 2, 2006
2472 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Last Wednesday, the Congressman...
Mark Foley scandal began to break.
And then it was released, finally, Thursday night, Friday morning.
And that's when the Senate finally passed the conference committee bill.
They had already passed it Thursday night, the draconian end of the Bill of Rights Constitution legislation.
Two different packages we'll go over today.
But then it went back to the full House in the conference between the House and the Senate version.
And on Friday, the Senate passed it 100 to zip.
Their previous vote had been, what, 65 to 30-something, with a few abstentions.
And notice how the Foley scandal came out right at the proper time.
Hey, if you don't vote like you're supposed to, all of the skeletons are going to come out of the closet.
Remember in the months before 9-11, there was the big scandal on the Hill and the missing intern, and they found her bones in the park and had the congressman killed her?
This is how they get people in line.
And they've got dirt on almost every one of them, I guess, other than Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo.
Maybe two or three others.
This is how they operate.
Of course, it turns out that for at least three years he'd been doing all sorts of things to the interns, the staffers.
It was well known on the Hill, don't go to work for Foley unless you like to have sex with men, if you're a man.
And they would tell the underage pages, don't go there.
Now, some parents knowingly would place their children, of course, in this position, wanting them to get into the higher realms of power.
This is how the elite recruit.
It's pretty sick.
It's extremely disturbing.
And I have no doubt, listeners started putting this out over the weekend to me, and I have no doubt, I've looked at the different pieces of evidence, and it is a very high probability that
This was used to steamroller this through Congress.
They couldn't get Congress to pass all of Patriot Act II last year.
They've been trying for three years.
They couldn't get Congress to pass a lot of things.
Bush's amnesty.
Total, complete amnesty.
You will probably now see that passed.
Because they are taken off the gloves right now.
And that's just one of the indicators that in the past they wouldn't vote for this, but now they are, despite the fact that Bush's approval ratings are at all-time lows.
Notice that, too.
Even back when he had more support.
Back when he had 80%, 70% approval ratings, he couldn't get Patriot 2 passed.
Now, with a 35% approval rating, it's gone up five points for the election season, from the low of 30, he can't.
See, that's another indicator.
There's a whole bunch of indices here, and I won't go over all of them, I don't have the time, but a very high order of probability, I'd have to say over 90%, that they fried Foley, who they admit they knew about.
Hastert, of course, got caught lying last week to the Post saying, Oh, we've heard of no investigations of him, and it turns out there's been a giant investigation for a year.
His activities have been known of for three years.
Now there's a bunch of emails to different young men.
Any parent that allows their daughter or son to be a page or staffer at the Capitol is either completely stupid or a sicko.
And now there's no excuse.
If you just type into Google Republican sex scandals, there are several hundred of them in the last five years alone.
I mean governors and state reps and congressmen and senators raping children.
Two heads of Homeland Security, two deputy heads in the last six months caught raping
Trying to pick up 12-year-olds.
But it fits into the past pattern.
And Paul Watson has knocked it out of the park yet again up on PrisonPlanet.com, chronicling some of the disgusting activities that are going on.
So, they plan this to be an intimidation tactic on the Congress and a diversion, but if we go deeper down the rabbit hole, it becomes very enlightening, informative, and educational.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House broken to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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Just a quick program note, and I'll plunge into all of the news.
We did a syndication test of my new Sunday show from 4 to 6 p.m.
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We did a test.
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During this prime time slot of 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m., but we're up against Limbaugh and some of the biggest names in talk radio who'd already gobbled up and basically dominated most of the talk stations.
I mean, it's just amazing that we've gotten this many affiliates to begin with.
We're good to go.
We've got the Congressman, the Republican, Mark Foley scandal raging right now.
And I want to go over the different facets and different angles of this that the mainstream media are not getting into.
I do believe, after looking at the different indicators, that they did start burning him on Wednesday as a way to intimidate and finally get a 100-zip vote in the Senate.
A caller several hours into the show Friday called in and said, Alex, they voted 100 to zip in the Senate.
And I said, no, they didn't.
They voted 65 to 30-something.
But it was most of the Republicans and a lot of the Democrats.
We're good to go.
And the caller from New Jersey was right.
They did, in the final vote, 100 to zip.
The caller sounded confident and sounded truthful.
I didn't want to call him out, but I thought, oh, he's wrong.
No, no, no, he was correct.
The final vote, 100 to zip.
I have the official congressional roll call here in front of me.
You don't get votes like that unless there's blackmail.
And we know that with a lot of them it isn't young boys, it's strippers, it's hookers, it's drugs, it's money, payoffs, it's that type of stuff.
And every year or so they fry a few members of Congress right in front of everyone, they throw them into the little mosquito zapper, they're all a bunch of mosquitoes, a bunch of parasites, but they throw their own into the furnace in front of everyone and they sputter and zap and cook and smoke and finally pop and everybody gets into line.
There was a lot of blackmail going on in October of 2001, and the anthrax attacks on the Capitol to get Patriot Act I passed, and we saw a 99-to-1 vote there as well.
You only see these type of votes when massive arm-twisting is being applied.
Before I get into this article that Paul Watson wrote and that I contributed to...
It's an excellent six-page article.
Before I do that and then get into the full scope, I've now had time to spend the weekend really reading H.R.
6616 is the House bill.
Then there's another number for the Senate version.
And before I lay all of that out and tell you about the guests we've got coming up today, we've got Jerome Corsi coming on, dealing with all the new American Union developments.
The CFR has now attacked Lou Dobbs, calling him a conspiracy theorist.
We're going to play that clip later, too, and get Corsi's take on it.
A lot of clips today.
But before we get into Foley, I thought I'd just play this clip from last year.
America's Most Wanted, the super police state running man, big brother type show.
With a very suspicious host, I would just leave it there.
Very suspicious history there.
But, you know, these people are so sick.
But you have to remember that Foley was the head of exploited and missing children in the House.
He was the man who got a bunch of legislation passed, police state legislation.
He's the guy who got federal legislation passed that's now been mirrored by the states where they throw the book at 18-year-old men who have a 17-year-old girlfriend.
By the way, the largest group of new prosecutions in the last three years for sex crimes, pedophilia, are people with less than two years separation.
It's statutory rape, folks.
And I want to ask you something.
How many of you listening out there would be sexual predators or go to prison today for that 16-year-old girlfriend you had when you were 18?
Started dating her when she was 14, you were 16.
You know, you guys got married.
You're probably married.
A lot of you are probably married to the girl you were dating in high school, aren't you?
I've got a bunch of friends who are married to the woman they met in high school.
A lot of friends.
And how many of you would be sexual predators today?
Well, it's sickos, it's perverts like Foley that are doing this.
And just last week, before all this broke, I was explaining how the highest levels of predators, of every type of predatory activity, is in government.
Five times more likely for CPS or foster care to abuse children.
And that's all types of abuse.
That's an index of the different types of abuse.
It's even higher with truancy officers.
They are the most dangerous group.
I don't want to say the majority, but a huge minority of them are pedophiles.
School teachers, principals, that's why so many times when you hear them getting busted, in fact, the majority of the time it's a school teacher or a principal.
Why is that?
It's not that most school teachers or principals are, it's that there's a higher percentage.
Again, the founding fathers said, don't trust government, you can't trust government.
When we get back from break, I'm going to play Foley on America's Most Wanted.
And by the way, other clips have now been dug up.
In fact, I talked yesterday before I knew this clip existed on the new Syndicated Sunday show we're doing about how I remember being here at the office about a year ago.
Foley was on Fox.
We're all standing around with the TV on in the background.
We just taped television randomly.
We're good to go.
And you can just look at them.
It's like that car guy.
Sure, and I said day one, I don't think he'd really done anything to JonBenet, but he's into that stuff.
He lived in Thailand.
He pled guilty to it.
He's definitely into it.
That's what they all look like.
They've got these little glistening, little effeminate eyes, these little soft faces.
They look real weak.
They always kind of look up.
They're like little maggots.
I mean, I just see their spirit almost.
I don't want to get into mumbo-jumbo, but it's just instinct.
It's like when you see a dog walking up to you on the street, you know if it's an attack dog, it is going to try to bite you.
You just learn these things.
But, you know, I can't ever shoot my mouth off on air about the level of discernment I've got, but I was like, look at that little scum sucker.
See, again, we know from history that the very people that are in these missing and exploited children, and boy, the vet group's really been for years coming up on my radar, that's where you look for them.
That's where the big spiders hide.
And so, listen, and I'm just going to say, America's Most Wanted, boy, it really is something else, too.
I'm just going to leave it there.
Just word of the wise is sufficient.
And investigations have been done.
Go out on the web and look at it for yourself.
This is how they operate.
But why is the media focusing in on this instead of mainstream, back-of-the-paper news reports...
What happened to the UN officials identified as using a ship chartered for peacekeepers to bring young girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes?
In 2005, Halliburton subsidiary KBR and DynCorp lobbyists worked in tandem with the Pentagon to stall legislation that would specifically ban trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S.
What happened to all that?
What happened to Bush and Jeff Gannon?
We're going to cover it all.
Stay with us.
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If you just type in Republican sex crime, there are like 15 news stories in the last two days in mainstream press with top Republicans all over the country being caught.
I mean, remember in the last six months, two high-level members of Homeland Security, one of them a deputy director, caught trying to rape children?
Here's the latest one.
It says, flamed-out GOP star arrested for child sex assault.
And it says, Randall D. Randi
Ann Curry, the convicted sex offender who just a few short years ago was a rising GOP star in Colorado, is being held on one million bond in Larimer County.
And it says the Republican 35 who was arrested Wednesday is facing five counts of sexual assault on a child, three counts of sexual enticement of a child, and one count of sexual exploitation of a child.
The felonies if he is convicted could send him to prison for life.
And it just goes on.
The charges come less than 15 months after the former attorney, head of Governor Bill Owens' Economic Development Office in Colorado Springs, and graduate of the Republican Leadership Program, was released from prison after serving a two-year sentence for attempted sexual assault on a child.
It just goes on and on.
Folks, I can't cover it all, okay?
And people are asking, how does this work?
Yesterday on the radio I was calling a Republican homosexual cult, but it isn't even just homosexual.
A lot of it's pedophile.
And this is how they test people.
This is how you get into it.
This is what they do at Bohemian Grove.
And that was in mainstream news in the 80s, that there aren't many female prostitutes, folks.
It's like 80% males.
Two years ago, New York Post, a Republican paper headline, Top Republicans Serviced by Male Porn Star at Bohemian Grove.
This is what they do.
They're total fakes.
Go ahead and play scumbag Foley on America's Most Wanted last year, saying we should all lose our rights, you see.
If you're accused of something, you should lose your rights, which is what Bush has done nationwide to the American people with his new legislation.
This is the pervert, the admitted pervert, trying to have sex with underage youth.
This is the pervert, well-known on the Hill, the whole time he was posing as the savior of the children.
Here it is.
We track library books better than we track pedophiles and kids that are missing.
We've got to force states to incorporate technology, share information, because we can't take another loss of life of a child.
I believe that every convicted felon should be mandated nationwide
To give his DNA.
It solves crimes, it gets innocent people out of prison, and it will eliminate the ability of these people to roam state to state in this country and rape people.
From my view, when you rape a person, when you violate a child, you lose your civil liberties.
So anybody that says we shouldn't take DNA samples, absolutely wrong.
You commit the crime, you will supply the sample, and we'll be able to track you, and hopefully solve a lot of crimes.
Well, good luck with your piece of legislation, because you're right, it will put some teeth into these registries.
Well, if I were one of these sickos, I'd be nervous with America's Most Wanted on my trail.
I wish I could catch all of those.
That's Foley.
If I was one of these sickos, I'd be nervous with America's Most Wanted on my tail.
Think about the magnitude of this.
And they're outside, outside the Capitol.
You hear all the road noise there.
Can't be helped.
But this is the head of the caucus on missing and exploited children.
This is the guy who gets all the laws passed.
He's being real deceptive there.
Well, if you've been convicted, we need to be able to have your DNA.
They've always done that to convicted people.
No, no, no, no.
The laws he's trying to get passed are for DNA databases for any crime.
Everybody in the system, now they've started federal programs to get DNA of all the children in the public schools.
Retina scans are in the name of if you get kidnapped.
Remember two and a half years ago, the 3,000 plus missing children in Florida?
3,000 plus.
And that story never ended.
It just left the papers.
And it turned out the three heads, the three top people, not the head and then just the next guy down, but the top three were all convicted pedophiles.
And I mean the real deal.
Not some 18-year-old who dated a 17-year-old beauty queen.
No, no, no.
I'm talking about men who had raped children.
It came out in the paper, Miami Papers.
Oh yeah, they're, you know, top pedophiles running things.
Missing children, they found some dead, decapitated.
We're just going to shut down the investigation now.
Remember Janet Reno caught with a 12-year-old girl, and she was so drunk in the mall parking lot, stumbling around, the cops came over and she vomited all over herself and the 12-year-old, with the 12-year-old's clothes off.
So drunk, and on so many pills.
That she thought she could just, because she was the district attorney, she could just have her way in a pool of vomit.
Reno, by the way, would go down, this came out in mainstream news, would go down to the convicted sex offenders and have her enjoyments with them in the jail cells.
That's government!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to open the phones up now.
When we do go to your calls, we're going to move to them quickly, so be ready.
Paul Watson's written a great article, Rabbit Hole of Elitist Perversion Far Deeper Than Foley.
Media obsessed with emails of sicko Republican congressmen overshadowed by ignored White House child prostitution scandal, Halliburton sex slavery evil.
There's a few things Paul needs to add to this.
The problem is there's so many hundreds.
He needs to add the Barney Frank scandal showing this is non-partisan.
Barney Frank is allowed to run an underage slave brothel.
We're talking, it was 14-year-old boys.
Out of his three-story Maryland home.
That came out, what, ten years ago?
Nine years ago?
Nothing happened.
And that's because he is such an insider.
And I mean, hell, he's a madam of slaves, and he gets to be a congressman.
It's just like George Bush.
With all the male prostitutes at the White House there.
Now, is he using them?
We don't know.
The intel is he is.
But we know a lot of the leadership is.
And we have the Washington Times headline that mentions George Bush Sr.
and others, homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan and Bush.
Cowboys took midnight tour of White House.
And then you read the article, it includes underage.
And they have the credit card receipts.
This was a huge story.
For a day or two before they shut it down back in 89.
And of course, we can add into there, there were all those Times of London articles.
Remember, it was about six years ago in Burgundy.
A woman escaped from a castle.
And it was a Rothschild castle.
That was in the news.
They owned most of the property there.
They overthrew the royals and then Napoleon, who they set up.
And then they basically got everything.
And she escaped from the castle, and she weighed like 85 pounds.
She looked like a concentration camp victim.
She ran to the police station.
The local police wouldn't help her.
She said, they've got a subterranean dungeon.
There's women.
Then she went to the state police.
They swooped in before they could clean it out, and there were dead women in there.
I guess they'd gotten the other living ones she'd seen out and killed them.
And they dug up, I think it was 15 bodies, out in the garden.
We're good to go.
I mean, that's who... Oh, don't believe me, Times of London.
You think I'm joking about this?
You think these people are playing games?
I'm risking my life to be fighting these people.
Of course they carried out 9-11.
We're a bunch of devil-worshipping pedophiles, you idiots.
You realize how much danger we're in.
I can't just sit here and calmly talk about this.
This is insane!
You think movies like Hostel aren't based on real things?
That's what's really going on.
Go rent it.
Go watch it.
Let me tell you.
Let me tell you something.
I'm sure Foley's into a lot worse things.
But going after 16-year-olds is mild compared to what a lot of these people do.
They blow small children's heads off with high-caliber handguns.
They rip people's teeth out.
They cut people's tongues out.
Do you understand?
All this torture, and writing torture memos from the White House about how they can torture children sexually, they're just legitimizing what they do.
They do this so much.
Like you pop the cap on Sprite, they pop the cap on somebody they kill.
Crews missiling innocent population, cluster bombing, nuking Iran.
That's nothing to them because they're killers.
They're into death and destruction.
Man, I know it's scary.
I know it's hard to deal with.
But truth is stranger than fiction, and we have a guild of criminals.
Some of them, like the Vice President, according to reports that have come from multiple sources, like women.
He likes full-grown women.
He likes to rape them and then beat the living daylights out of them.
Some of them just like full-grown men.
A lot of them like children.
But the point is, they're all a bunch of deviants.
And if you really look at it, and you really study the admissions, do you understand that the Chicago Tribune reported that Halliburton and Dyncor, and I've been threatened, by the way, by the people that have a local office here.
I've been told to shut up.
No, you shut up.
I'm going to stand up for the children, you pieces of trash.
Dine Corps can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned.
You're not going to stop us.
We're going to bring you to justice.
Think of how arrogant they are.
Think of how arrogant and sick they are.
That they openly can be in the Chicago Tribune.
With lobbyists lobbying the government not to enforce federal law against sex slave trafficking, slavery, and pedophilia.
And that's exactly what's going on at these bases all over Central Europe, all over Eastern Europe, all over the Middle East, all over Central Asia.
It's admitted in that article, in that group of articles.
You can go read them right now in our story.
We have hyperlinks to it.
I mean, how horrifying is that?
To have the White House writing memos...
Saying they can torture children.
Well, of course they're writing memos.
They got it legalized.
Bush is going to sign it today.
Doesn't mean it's legal.
Again, I use the analogy.
They said blacks weren't humans.
Doesn't mean it's legal to say they're not humans.
And to put a chain around their neck and have them pull a plow.
And put them out in a dirt floor shed to sleep with the pigs.
We've been so naive and we're so stupid and gullible.
Stop being gullible.
Let me tell you something.
We literally have a collection of Ted Bundys and John Wayne Gacy's literally running the country with nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, x-ray lasers, space-based, mind-control systems, microwave guns.
They're all ready for us, building giant prisons everywhere.
Do you understand that cop's listening right now?
Don't you smirk or laugh or say this.
I know this is hard to believe.
I know you're not bad.
So because you're not bad, you're a good person, you think none of this is true, because you judge people by how you are.
Stop being naive.
I demand and I command you to go research every claim I've made.
Because if 10% of it is true, we're going to hell in a handbasket.
Well, let me tell you something.
It's a lot worse than I'm even saying on air.
I know stuff about this government I won't even say on air.
Because you can't handle it!
These people literally eat the brains out of children's heads.
These people make Nosferatu look like a choir boy.
These people are straight out of the pit of hell!
And this is a normal response.
Having a bunch of psychopathic perverts and killers running our country who are hurtling us towards World War III, who just abolished the Bill of Rights, the normal response is, Ah!
My God!
We're living in Nazi Germany!
They've taken over the whole planet!
There's no way to run!
We've got to fight!
Get mobilized!
Get mobilized!
Get mobilized now!
Get ready!
Come on!
I'm not going to get on my knees and go down to their level and serve them.
I'm going to fight them!
Come hell or high water.
I had these Republicans calling in yesterday going, You're a liar.
There's no such thing as Northwoods.
This bill doesn't affect U.S.
You're a liar!
You're a liar!
And some people calling in who just couldn't even go another.
I can't believe he's saying that about Republicans.
They told the call guy.
Guy answering the phones.
Call screener.
You can't call them a call screener if you don't screen calls.
I don't want to go home.
This man's a devil.
No, lady.
Your government's a devil.
And I know what's going on.
I'm not naive and stupid like you, you fool.
I don't walk out in front of 18 wheelers on I-35.
I got common sense.
I know history, so I know how evil elites are, you stupid twit, you naive piece of trash.
People tell you to be nice when you talk to people and try to convince them slowly and let them sit there and smirk at you.
No, I'm not going to let them sit there and smirk at me.
They're slaves.
They like being slaves.
They want to pull me down with them, and I don't like them.
I don't like a pack of lemmings trying to run me over a cliff.
Get out of my way, you cowardly scum!
Stick the George Bush stickers on your car, drive around like a bunch of idiots, and just enjoy yourselves.
And that goes for you two Democrats thinking the Democrats are going to save you.
All right, I'm getting really angry.
It just freaks me out.
It does.
My weekend was totally ruined.
Not that I really had much of one.
I just cannot quit thinking about how they wholesale.
And by the way, the phony left, Media Matters, and The Nation, well, The Nation's contradicting itself.
In two articles, they say it affects U.S.
In another, it says it allows them to go after legal immigrants and legal residents, and it hurts our precious immigrant community.
And Media Matters says it doesn't affect citizens, but it affects our precious illegals, knowing that conservatives will read that and go, good, get them illegalers.
You can go read the bill.
It affects citizens.
It affects all crimes.
Property damage.
Not having total allegiance to Bush.
It's all in there.
Subsection by subsection.
I wrote up the analysis with Watson Friday.
When we make a claim, we do what none of these other writers do.
We give you the subsection, the number, and a link to the thing.
So see, the left's there whitewashing it too.
You make me so sick.
Let me tell you, most of these left gatekeepers are the CIA assets, folks.
Most of the right-wing fake phonies that you get up there, they're just little pundits and ideologues.
They don't even need to be paid off.
They just believe all this.
They think Bush spending more money than all presidents before him combined or tripling.
Yes, it's not doubling.
They've now tripled the size of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Ownership.
They think Supreme Court rulings 8 of the 9 appointed by Republicans saying they can take private property for private interest is conservative.
They think all these new taxes are conservative.
They think world government and open borders and amnesty and North American Union is conservative.
And I'm just so sick of you.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I do.
I'm going to be honest with you.
I hate you.
I hate you.
You've helped bring down this country.
I hate all the stupid Democrats who just believe that that party is going to save them and believe all the lies.
I hate the Republicans more than anything.
You are just a bunch of idiots following a weird pedophile death cult.
I mean, it just...
It figures it'd be something like this.
It's like he says in They Live when he puts the sunglasses on.
He's like, what?
It figures it'd be something like this.
That's exactly how I am.
I put them on, I'm like, what is this?
When does it end?
It's always worse than I thought it could be.
I mean, it's so sick.
It's so sick to sit here and to know
To know that we are ruled over by a bunch of perverts and murderers and sickos.
I mean, we literally have John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer ruling over us.
Power mad nuts who want nothing more than to, well, depending on what their taste is,
You know, some of them, it's pretty run-of-the-mill.
I just like to knock women's teeth out and, you know, break their collarbones and stomp on them and do a bunch of other stuff I can't mention on air.
And then it goes right down to... Oh, my God.
I mean, I literally get saddened now that I close the door on a lizard.
It's all those little geckos coming in the house.
You know, some of us, as we get older, get softer and softer hearts.
Doesn't mean we're weak, by the way.
It makes us that much more vicious.
I just want to advise people.
But we like little, innocent things.
We want to protect it.
That instinct is there.
But other people in life just get worse and worse and more callous and more dark and more evil until they have no feelings.
You see, I've talked to top criminologists and psychologists and award-winning researchers and psychiatrists.
You're on the show.
You've heard them.
They've studied serial killers.
And it gets to the point where their life is so dark, only during the murder, the torture, the killing do they feel alive.
It's like a bright light is how they describe it.
That's what people under mind control say it's like.
It's like suddenly things get brighter and it feels good when they're following their programming.
And so it's like a bright burning light when they do the evil.
It's like they're totally given over to it.
They're demon possessed is what they are.
We're good to go.
I think?
And that's why they like wars.
The wars are waged against the people.
In fact, let's play that 1984 clip right now.
This is from the movie.
It's online.
It's a little bit hazy, but this is Winston reading from the government's documents of why they use war to control the population.
The war is not meant to be won.
Go ahead and roll that.
We're good to go.
All right, that's a hard clip from online.
I think we have 1984 actually here in the office.
We ought to get that off the DVD ourselves and play it.
I don't even know if that was audible.
War is waged by the elite against the people.
And again, they found during the War of the Roses, they found letters, however many hundreds of years ago that was, what, 350, 400, I forget.
It's almost 500.
My memory's gone.
Letters from the French and the British cousins saying,
Talking to each other, and of course the British claimed Brittany, and because the British royalty was Norman, or French, they would claim rulership over France.
They were always having wars, but it was every time they had uprisings or problems, or economic problems, they would just have a war.
And to watch the general public, you know, the good old boys, I like the war, let's kill them Arabs.
Oh, they're not Arabs, they're Persians.
Commie, shut up!
Well, war isn't really manly, and it's not cool when it's being waged against you.
You with the Muslims?
You want the Muslims to get us?
And I'm like, no, sir, the Muslims aren't getting rid of our sovereignty, our borders, or our guns.
The radical Muslims were actually funded by the CIA.
Here, it's admitted.
Shut up!
I like George W. You're a liar about everything.
Northwoods don't exist.
There ain't no homosexual Republicans.
And I like George W. Bush.
My president.
I will come back, jam a few calls in.
Drum course is coming up.
Wait till you hear this American Union clip.
Latest from CNN.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Coming up right after in the second segment of the next hour, we've got Jerome Corsi, all these huge new developments in the North American Union, the documents they got, the meeting almost three weeks ago, secretly in Canada.
We've got a CNN clip.
Lou Dobbs is now being called a conspiracy terrorist on the CFR website.
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There's so much other news, folks.
The news I've got, we've got the Carolinas wanting to pass a law, South Carolina, to sterilize bad parents.
I'm not kidding.
If your children are involved in crime, they claim it's bad genetics, they're going to sterilize you.
This is eugenics.
This is the Hitler system.
And then, of course, it came out last year in Texas in the AP at the Statehouse that
Over two-thirds of Texas foster children are on more than seven drugs, or the average is seven.
And the top state psychiatrist got up and said, well, they're genetically, they come from bad gene pools.
No blood tests, no check, no science behind it.
Just, oh, well, we're wiping out their brains because they come from bad gene pools.
So here's the brave new world, boys and girls.
This is the type of stuff I have.
I have three stacks.
Each stack is two inches high.
Okay, that's how much news we've got.
Let's go ahead and take a few calls here.
Andrew in Australia, welcome.
Yes, Alex.
G'day, mate.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
Mate, two things.
Just wanted to give you a plug for putting your cover art for Terror Storm up on your website.
And I've bought the originals.
I've actually bought three copies.
So I want to urge all of your listeners to go out there and get the originals and then distribute as many as they can.
Is it having an effect in Australia?
Have you shown it to people yet?
I certainly have, mate.
I've managed to get out about 100 copies.
I'm on to my second 100 stack of DVDs.
Good, thank you.
Oh, look, mate, it's a pleasure.
It's a real pleasure to be disseminating this information.
And I just wanted to bring up Republican Mark Foley.
We in Australia, I think, have it worse here in some ways because of centralised government.
And basically we've had high... A few years ago, I'm sure, in fact, I found it through your website, a link to... I mentioned it last time I was on here, guyguys.net, and you have a link once upon a time on your website linking to the Freemasonry and the OCO cover-up
Which involved police and media and high governments all in a pedophile ring.
Well, it's like the case that they had over in the Netherlands where the police came to his house and the children were screaming and banging and the police still left.
And it turned out he had dozens of these kids and the judges and police were doing all this to him.
I mean, that's confirmed.
All right, we'll be back.
Thank you, sir, for the call.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
So the media is focusing in on Pervert Foley, the congressman, to get everybody in line to vote for legislation or the government will selectively burn him.
And I've been just mentioning some of the admitted mainstream cases of government involvement.
In the mid-1990s, convicted child rapist Mark Detrux built a secret prison cell in his...
Basement in Belgium, where he kept abducted young girls hostage at the behest of what he called a big crime ring, which in a 2004 court case was thought to encompass some of Belgium's top politicians, judges, and policemen.
The reason why it took so long to apprehend him was he was being legally protected by these same individuals.
They had like 3 million people march in Belgium, and they threatened to get violent.
The government said, okay, we'll bust a few people.
Material witnesses at the trial described child sex parties involving judges, politicians, bankers, and members of the royal family.
And of course, after they were done with them, they'd kill the children.
Can you imagine having three, four-year-olds, that's all these girls were, children, who were kept in a pit, and then the royalty comes and rapes them, and then after a while they kill them.
I mean, can you imagine being so callous towards humanity, so perverted, so evil, that this is what you do?
This is admitted, by the way.
This is who wants your guns.
This is who wants to have SWAT teams ready to bust in your house and take you to FEMA camps.
This is who's legalizing torture because this is what your government is into.
The leadership.
At the behest of what was called Big Crime Ring, which a 2004 case was thought to have encompassed many of some of Belgium's top politicians, judges, and policemen, the reason why it took so long to apprehend him was he was being legally protected by these same individuals.
Material witnesses at the trial described child sex parties involving judges, politicians, bankers, and members of the royal family.
Victims that managed to survive, most were butchered, snuff-styled, after being raped, verified the claims.
Police actually visited Dutruc's home and heard the cries of help from the children concealed in his basement, yet believed his story that the sounds were coming from kids playing in the street.
He was eventually convicted for his role in the pedophile ring, but the involvement of the elite of the country was never investigated.
And it goes on.
And the dying corps in Halliburton admittedly have lobbyists to have the government not enforce against their open slave ships, slave ring.
They have cruise ships with all these slaves on them.
Mainstream news, folks.
Actual cruise ships with slaves.
Remember, that came out in World Net Daily in like 99 about top Clinton administration officials were in the South China Sea on a slave ship, sex slave ship.
And this is who wants your guns.
This is who's going to keep you safe from Al-Qaeda.
These are the people that want to track everything you do, but want everything they do to be secret.
Homeland Security is about allowing them to get away with all they've done and to expand it.
Let's talk to Steve in Colorado, then Brendan, Fred, and others.
Go ahead, Steve.
Yeah, hey there, Alex.
Hey, you were mentioning about 1984 and war and all that kind of garbage.
And I just want to mention, which I'm sure you've probably talked about before, the book Report from Iron Mountain.
It talks about using war as an organizing force in society.
And it's a hard book to find.
It was printed up back in 67, I believe it was.
Yeah, I read it.
Yeah, just for the benefit of your listeners.
This is unconfirmed, and there are a thousand books, official Rand Corporation books and documents where they say the same things, so I always refer to those.
Okay, yeah, so if people can get a hold of the report from Iron Mountain out there, and of course it's been debunked.
They've put out things telling about how it's a big fraud and everything, but I would encourage people to read it for themselves.
But see, that's what I'm saying, is that we have their official documents.
That say the same thing.
We have P2OG saying that war is an organizing force and we're going to stage terror attacks and get people to attack us.
I see.
Then also, you were talking about, let's see, well, anyway, Joyce Riley was on Coast to Coast the other night
And she had mentioned, it's been a few weeks ago, she was mentioned about how she got paid a visit from the FBI talking about how she might be considered a domestic terrorist.
Well, that's the new freedom in America.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
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And ask for George.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Dr. Jerome Corsi is our guest.
He's on the line right now.
I want to play this clip first before we go to him so we can get his analysis of it.
We're good to go.
We know what is happening.
This is the North American Union.
This is openly being bragged about.
But now they try to keep it secret, so now they're trying to spin it and lie about it, which just shows how dirty they are, both Republicans and Democrats, unified against the people in this nation.
We're going under the waves right now, folks.
The country is actually disappearing under the waves.
We don't have long to turn this around and start the deportations and militarize the borders.
Drum course, he wrote this last week.
Top U.S.
official chaired North American CONFAB panel.
Agency says he attended secretive meeting in official capacity as assistant secretary.
They're having these weird joint congresses where they openly call for the end of our borders.
They're brainwashing the students that it is a North American union.
It's all happening.
Documents disclose shadow government in operation.
Meanwhile, though, every time we fight it, we're called conspiracy theorists.
But the good news is, their secret meeting a few weeks ago in Canada has now been exposed.
Again, secret, tri-government, tri-lateral meetings between the North American bloc.
Canada, Mexico, the U.S.
Let's go ahead and roll this three-minute clip.
From CNN, it starts with a CFR snibbler attacking Lou Dobbs.
Here it is.
We need to deepen economic integration by moving towards a customs union with a common external tariff.
I think we need to enhance our security by beefing up both our borders and beefing up
But critics fear an attack on American sovereignty, a super NAFTA with borders erased between three very different countries with no public oversight.
Texas Congressman Ron Paul is a rare voice of concern on Capitol Hill.
We're not supposed to give this to the executive branch, devising quasi-type of treaties that the Congress seems to not have any control of.
And then it turns out to be managed trade for big corporations and not to benefit to our workers and to our people.
The House International Relations Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have not held hearings on this.
And a high-level conference this month in Banff was closed to the press.
Critics raise concerns about secrecy, but the plan has a website, SPP.gov, highlighting myths and facts.
Without explaining how, it says the Canadian-Mexican-U.S.
partnership does not attempt to modify our sovereignty or currency, nor undermines the U.S.
Constitution, but would create jobs by reducing transaction costs and unnecessary burdens for U.S.
Robert Pastner says a more open public discussion would quiet what he calls conspiracy theorists.
A North American Union is impossible.
None of the three governments or countries are interested in unifying into one country.
He says the goal is more cooperation.
But that doesn't quiet the concerns about this cooperation or what it's going to look like.
Just yesterday, Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia introduced a resolution opposing a NAFTA, Superhighway and various elements of a North American Union, as the critics call it.
And Robert Pastorloo, he says you're one of those critics.
You're part of a conspiracy theory that just is not founded.
That I'm a conspiracy theorist?
Well, I...
That's very flattering on the part of Mr. Pastor.
What he is, is an out-of-control elitist who hasn't been elected or in any way nominated by this government to do a darn thing that he's doing.
And the fact that this administration and some of this country's largest corporations
Are pushing ahead with this with some of Canada's leading elites and Mexico's.
There is not a single thing in this that even remotely has legitimacy.
And the fact that this Congress, thank goodness that Virgil Good stepped up here, the fact that this Congress is not demanding an investigation into this right now is sickening.
This is elitism run rampant.
To me, it's just inexplicable why it's being tolerated.
What's his qualification?
He's studied North America and its institutions for 30 years.
Ah, good.
And this is his conclusion after all that study at the Council of Foreign Relations.
Thank you very much, Christine Romans.
That brings us to the subject of our poll tonight, and Mr. Pastor, listen up, because what we're going to do here is we're going to talk to somebody who signs the head of a U.S.
multinational or one of your little Bush administration friends or any of those other elitists in Canada or Mexico.
Here we go.
Let's see what people have to say about your little idea.
Do you believe there should be a federal investigation of U.S.
government efforts to support a North American union?
Please cast your vote at ludops.com.
Yes or no?
We'll have the results later here in the broadcast.
Up next, Stan will rock Capitol Hill.
I'll be talking about what that could mean for the midterm.
All right, folks.
And then the vast majority, I've got the poll numbers here somewhere.
That was 87% were against it.
I'm sure Corsi saw the full broadcast.
He can fill us in.
But before we go to Dr. Corsi, I appreciate holding patiently.
Let me just go over the lies and let him go over the lies you just heard.
A continental border.
This was called for by the head of UN Peacekeeping a week and one day after 9-11 on Nightline.
They said a continental security border.
So there won't be a border at Texas with Mexico or at California with Mexico or up in New York with Canada.
It will be around the physical border from Alaska down to Guatemala and Yucatan.
That's official.
And of course, Mr. Pastor actually wrote in a document, he contributed to a document titled, Towards a North American Union.
And they openly call it a North American Union, and they merge our police, our military, our toll roads, our tariffs.
It's all happening.
Alex, always a pleasure to be with you.
Thank you.
You bet.
You got the floor.
Break down what really happened at this meeting in Canada and what you think of the lies of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Well, Pastor is just amazing to me.
You know, for ten years he's written not that the union of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is impossible, but that it's inevitable.
He's outlined, I can give you documents that he's given to the Foreign Relations Committee, the Senate, Trilateral Commission, books he's published.
Over and over and over again he keeps writing
Thank you.
But it needs to be done incrementally.
It needs to be done so it can be denied.
It needs to be kept below the radar screen.
Well, it's like he just said, nobody's ever going to get rid of our countries.
It'll still be in three blocks, but it's three states of a super state.
Well, that's exactly right, Alex.
And, you know, the idea is, in all pastors' writings, that this North American Union will have its own court, its own parliament, its own executive, its own president.
And they'll supersede Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
We'll all be beholding, just like in Europe, to the European Union, not to Italy, not to France, to the European Union.
And that's what Dr. Pastor wants done.
And Pastor has written this over and over and over again.
I've got a file that's ten inches thick of his writings going back a decade, and I quote them in the book I wrote and
Minute Man, The Battle to Secure America's Borders, and the Human Events Online articles.
Which is an excellent book, by the way.
It's right in front of me.
Thank you.
And the WorldNetDaily.com articles I've been writing.
Just read those, and you can see linked.
Dozens of quotes from Robert Pastor that make a lie out of what he just said on the Lou Dobbs Show.
Now, we've got a problem.
There are a lot of Republicans who are still delusional that think that Bush is a conservative.
A, they think his amnesty plan is an amnesty.
B, they don't believe there's a North American Union, even when Lou Dobbs reads the documents on air.
Well, you know, Alex, there always was, even when I was a kid, a wing of the Republican Party, which was the Rockefeller wing.
They were millionaires and billionaires from New York.
They didn't care anything about conservatism.
It's a bad mistake to identify conservatives with the Republican Party.
The Republican Party was never conservative, not since I was a child.
Ronald Reagan was going to form his own party, and they convinced him to support Goldwater in the 60s to try to reform the Republican Party from within and make it a conservative party.
It's a dramatic total failure.
The Republican Party is still dominated by a group of
All they care about is profit.
They're people like Foley running it.
Yeah, they have more in common with George Soros, quite frankly, than they do have in common with Ronald Reagan.
They believe that borders should be erased because they want to use slave labor from Red China.
They want to transport it into the United States on NAFTA superhighways that other globalists like Juan Carlos in Spain and Cintra pay for and get all the money for.
They want to let Red China run the ports like Red China is going to run the ports in Mexico, open up Mexican customs offices in Kansas City.
Yeah, they're running them here.
The CHICOMs are running them all over this country.
Yeah, they just don't care, Alex.
They're taking over Corpus Christi.
They've got Long Beach.
And it's in their writings constantly.
I mean, Robert Pastor...
I can read you the paragraphs about the apparel.
Has written.
Believe me, Jerome, I've read them.
He's written documents called Towards the North American Union.
That's right.
And he's argued for this incremental approach, which now he thinks the American people are so stupid, so asleep, you know, that they can just pass this stuff off.
Well, he may be right.
I mean, he doesn't fool Dr. Jerome Corsi or Lou Dobbs or Alex Jones, but, I mean, I'm telling you, folks, sometimes I wonder.
Well, you know, Alex, you've got to look at this.
$200 billion is going to be put into Texas to build this trans-Texas corridor.
Which is really going to be a taxing mechanism for the North American Union.
No question.
And the $200 billion certainly leaves $200 million for bribes or campaign contributions.
That's not even 1%.
That's one-tenth of 1%.
It's such a little amount of money in terms of the total being spent.
Because $200 billion is such a large amount of money.
There's plenty of money to pay all the politicians to get them all on board.
Well, that's what's happened.
You get 97% of Texans against it, and almost all the politicians are for it.
Look at Zachary, the construction company, and Perry's campaign contributions.
You'll see the connection.
I want to talk about strategies to beat this, where it's at, are we stopping it, are we slowing it down.
Well, stay there.
Dr. Jerome Corsi joins us.
He's got a new book out today.
He'll tell you about that, too.
Stay with us.
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Our economy gets its currency from a private banking cartel.
We the people labor to create the money, only to turn it over to this institution for its seal of approval.
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Alright, Dr. Jerome Corsi joins us.
It's always great to have him on with us.
We are covering the
Breakdown of the United States.
And Lou Dobbs said, this is the end of the U.S.
We are actually going into the North American Union.
They're having secret governmental meetings in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, multiple times yearly.
It is official.
It is by executive fiat, like everything else this executive branch is doing.
And when we catch them, it's like when you catch a thief walking out of your house with your big screen TV.
He says, oh, I was just moving it for you.
Or, no, I'm not stealing your TV.
And you're like, you've got a big TV.
You two guys are carrying it out.
Drum Corsi, where is this going?
How is the fight going?
It does seem that people are beginning to get roused and awakened to this.
Is it shocking to the one-worlders that we're awake to them?
Basically, give us a status report, if you can, of where we stand right now.
Well, I actually think we're making great progress, Alex.
I mean, your show continues to get the word out.
I heard you on George Norrie on Friday.
That was an excellent opportunity to get the word out again.
Today, actually on Thursday, four congressmen, led by Congressman Good of Virginia, including Tom Tancredo of Colorado and Ron Paul of Texas, they introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives that calls for no spending on NAFTA superhighways and for the United States not to form a North American union and for President Bush to come out and be required to speak out against these subjects.
That's the first time a resolution like that has been introduced into Congress.
So the gauntlet has been thrown down, and they're going to have trouble denying this is happening.
If it doesn't exist, they can just pass the bill then.
You've got four congressmen who say it exists.
That's a whole new threshold.
Four congressmen who have introduced a resolution demanding that the President of the United States stop it on the NAFTA superhighways.
Think about the magnitude of these liars.
Every time it takes us years just to prove they're lying.
I mean, they're out there bald-faced lying to everybody.
That's exactly right, and calling us the conspiracy theorists.
But that's okay, because I think what's happening is that in Texas, for instance, Alex, you're there.
I mean, right now people are realizing that Governor Perry is going to build...
It's going to cost $8.8 million according to the Dallas Morning News.
We pay for it and then give it to the private corporations.
That's right.
All the money goes to Spain.
And I think Texans are getting angry about this, and rightfully so.
You're seeing, finally, they had to release, the Texas Department of Transportation had to release the last part of this contract with Sintra that's been secret.
That shows additional pressure.
But I think there should be constant pressure on Perry through this next month.
He's got to think he could lose.
Well, that's a big deal you just brought up.
That's a big victory.
For two years, Texas Department of Transportation has been telling the legislature, the elected officials, our representatives, that it's a secret agreement and we can't see it.
We finally forced a release of most of it, proving that they can't set the precedent where their agreements are secret.
That's exactly right, Alex.
And now you've got some websites, this CorridorWatch.com and this TexasTollParty.com and
They're really making an impact.
There are meetings being held all throughout Texas.
I think October, you're going to see a lot of Texans understand that their land is going to be taken by Governor Perry to give to Spain.
Go out and look at your land in Texas.
Take a look at it.
Kiss it goodbye.
Put a postage stamp on it.
It's going to Spain.
Because we're talking about 8,000 plus miles of roads where they grab whatever they want, wherever they want.
This is incredible.
And if you don't believe it, just go out and look at SH-130.
That's the spur that they're building right now, the beginning of what's going to be this trans-Texas corridor.
Right outside Austin.
Right outside Austin.
That's being prepared for this superhighway.
It's going to start in Laredo, Texas on KeepTexasMoving.com.
You can go take a look at the actual route and see if your house is on it.
If your house is on it, it's gone, and you're not going to get paid for it.
Not anywhere near what it's worth.
Forget it.
A big facet of this, because they say they can grab stuff for 10 miles around every road, is part of the land grab.
Then the politicians get it for pennies on the dollar and they can give it to their friends or do land deals.
That's why a lot of the real estate councils are for it.
Go look at Zachary and the amount of campaign contributions that construction company, which is going to be the construction company in partnership with Centra, look at how much they put into Perry's campaign.
With $200 billion going to be put by Spain, ultimately to build 4,000 miles of these highways in Texas, you have $200 million for bribes or campaign contributions, you call them whatever you want, that's not even 1%.
It's one-tenth of 1%.
Now, let me be clear.
The local paper said total with the Texas corridors that it would be 8,000 miles.
Where do you get the 4,000 number?
Well, maybe it's 8,000 total miles because that's the full build-out.
Right now, they're saying $4,000.
Well, yeah, they're saying $4,000, but it could well be $8,000.
Take a look on KeepTexasMoving.com.
It's not just parallel to the State 35.
It's a network throughout Texas.
No, I know.
Listen, it's going to endanger property we've got in East Texas.
I mean, I'm actually facing land grab, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Welcome back to Dr. Jerome Corsi.
We've got two new books out right now.
One of them I've actually read.
It's excellent.
A minute, man.
We'll tell you about it.
Before we go back to Dr. Corsi and before this hour ends, we'll talk to Fred, Jason, Eric, Aurelio, and others that are patiently holding.
But before we do that, I've got the new film, 9-11 Mysteries, Part 1, Demolitions.
It's got never-before footage.
Footage has just now come out.
They've got an archive that shows the bombs going off, the squibs.
It's got all these eyewitnesses, these engineers, firefighters, policemen.
It just focuses on the bombs in the buildings, which the federal government, NIST, and FEMA are now having to throw out the five reasons they claim it collapsed.
They're having to look at bombs.
That's because bombs were in there.
They're saying it could have been bombs.
Al-Qaeda snuck them in.
Sure, Al-CIA did.
So please get...
9-11 Mysteries, part one demolitions we have on DVD, 90 minutes long.
My new film, Terror Storm, the history of government-sponsored terror, 7-7, 9-11.
How the New World Order is getting rid of our sovereignty, how they're spying on us, how they're taking our freedoms, the torture, all of it, it's in my new film, Terror Storm.
It's almost two hours long.
The extras are 68 minutes, so over three hours on one DVD, available at Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
And for liberals out there that are for open borders, you hate George Bush so much, but you want those open borders.
And I've noticed that the nation and now...
Media matters and others are saying it's horrible, the detainee bill that was signed or passed last week that Bush is signing today.
It could stop legal residents.
They could be secretly arrested.
The liberals won't even come out and cover the fact that it affects U.S.
citizens because they don't care about us.
But my whole point here is, the same people that are getting rid of our borders are the same people that are behind the terror, and the same people that funded Al-Qaeda.
By the way, Perez Musharraf has gone public that it was MI6 that killed Daniel Pearl, the CIA officer.
We knew that years ago.
We told you that.
He found out something he wasn't supposed to know, namely that bin Laden was being protected.
Just like a lot of evidence points towards Pat Tillman had been griping and complaining about how they weren't able to do their job and was going to be leaving and going public.
Friendly fire, baby.
And at the very same time,
With Private Lynch, five of her team that survived said that she didn't defend anybody.
They all started dying, getting shot, getting killed.
So she went public and said it was a fable.
That's a whole other issue.
The point here I'm making is we're being lied to, and criminal elements of world government are using terrorism as a pretext to destroy our sovereignty while doing nothing to stop terrorism, even if you believe the official story.
Before we go any further, for all the liberals out there who hate terrorism
We're good to go.
The truth is, the Democrats are involved with the very small groups that want to bring down the borders of this country.
Jerome Corsi, tell us about your new book, Minutemen, The Battle to Secure America's Borders.
Well, you know, Alex, I wrote it with Jim Gilchrist, who is the founder of the Minutemen Project.
And you're right, the Democrats and the Republicans can't race fast enough to see who's going to be the first to erase the borders.
But you've got a bill, a Kennedy-McCain bill, supported by Bush,
It's just an amnesty bill under a different name.
It's ridiculous.
And what we do in this book, when you read it, you're going to see we document the drugs coming across the border, the terrorists coming across the border, the crime.
The book is filled with interviews.
We interview the FBI.
They tell us that the MS-13 is in 3,000 American communities.
We interview the people who can keep the data on the illegal immigration cases.
And we demonstrate in the book that they are lying.
They are intentionally understating the number.
We estimate the number of illegal aliens that are in the United States today is 30 million.
We interview cities and communities all over the country.
There's 400-plus thousand on record in Houston, a city of six million alone, and they are literally above the law.
The police chief admits there's a total crime spree down there.
And, you know, we talk about the fact, like, towns like Laredo, which is a drug war coming across from Nuevo Laredo,
People being killed, incursions of Mexican military, transporting drugs across the border.
Rocket attacks, kidnappings, State Department travel warnings.
You've got the whole works.
It's really a drug-controlled country.
And we document that Mexico does not want their borders closed.
It's a great business.
The drug business has become Mexico's number one business.
And the second business is...
All the money being sent back home by the illegal aliens who are working here, some $30 billion a year, going back to Mexico, and our U.S.
banks are facilitating it.
Describe for me what this is that we see on the back cover.
It's you and Gilchrist standing there, and there's openings right underneath the fence.
That is the fence.
You're looking right there.
That picture is on the border.
That's right down by California, by Campo, California.
And that drainage...
...area that Jim Gilchrist is standing down into.
You can see him up to his chest.
Are really doors the feds built into it?
Yes, that's right.
You go right underneath that, you know, you get an army across in those drainage ditches.
You don't even... You've only got to bend down a half foot, barely bend your head down, and you just walk right out.
Even two old guys like us could get across that border.
It'd be nothing to it at all.
Just take a look at both Gilchrist would be right there.
Just standing in that big hole, the drainage ditch right underneath that.
And they don't need that.
They could have little gutters.
This is ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
It's obviously meant to make that easy to get through.
I had somebody call in, and again, open borders, folks.
He's like, you know, right hand, left hand.
It's part and parcel of the North American Union.
In this system, we're all going to have a North American ID card.
When you hear guest worker program, that is a North American ID card for the illegal aliens.
We're going to have one.
It's going to track everything we do.
And I had a guy call in yesterday and go, how dare you lie about Bush on my new Sunday show.
How dare you lie and say he's getting tough, 6,000 troops and a 700-mile border.
Dr. Corsi, tell us the truth on that.
Well, you never see any.
I've been down that border any number of times, Alex.
There's no National Guard down there.
It's all a lie.
Well, they admit that 1,000 of the 6,000 have been put down there, but 80% are in logistics and never leave the base.
So, folks, we're talking about 200 at any one time, and the 700-mile fence is to be part and parcel and have these big drainage ditches.
Take a look at the book.
We show that everything Bush has done is public relations.
This whole idea of building a 700-mile fence on a 2,000-mile border?
Give me a break.
It's a joke.
And they know it's a joke.
Let's see if Congress even puts the money in to fund that fence that they just voted for.
All they did is vote to build the fence.
They didn't vote any money to build the fence.
Let's see if they do that, Alex.
What we did in this book is interview the people who are down there with us on the border, the Minutemen, so you can see that all it takes...
Civilian patrol, observation, binoculars and lawn chairs.
That's all it takes to stop the invasion, because they won't come across if they're observed and apprehended.
They come across when our border patrol, wink, wink, doesn't apprehend them because it's just too much bother.
Also, there's this attempt to claim that the Minutemen are all racists wearing giant swastikas, but in truth, 20 plus percent of the Minutemen are black or Hispanic.
Oh, that's right.
I've spent a lot of time, I joined the Minutemen, I've spent a lot of time with the Minutemen.
It is a multiracial group.
The racists are... You should take a look at these people who are coming across... The head of Chicano Studies at UT Arlington says all whites must be killed now.
La Raza.
Take a look at La Raza or Mecca.
These organizations which are teaching that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo should be erased and two-thirds of the southwestern United States, including most of California, ought to be given back to Mexico because we stole it from Mexico.
Now, this is not immigration.
This is invasion.
This is Vincenti Fox sending across an army that intends to reclaim Mexico for Mexico on our land.
They want to refight the Mexican War of 1848.
It's ridiculous, Alex.
Well, I mean, why do they want to be slaves here like they're slaves in Mexico?
Well, that's the whole point.
You know, what is coming across the border is an uneducated underclass that Vincenti Fox does not want to deal with.
Yeah, he's dumping his criminals on us.
He's dumping his criminals.
And when they get over here...
Sure, the Democratic Party thinks, hey, this is a new underclass.
We can put these guys in unions and we'll be okay for another 50 years.
Dump our current union members.
They're too much middle class for the current unions of the Democratic Party.
And the Republicans, well, you know, the Rockefeller billionaires running businesses, they found a new 21st century slave trade.
They have no intention of improving the law to these Mexicans.
They just want to underemploy them and depress wages at the middle class of the United States.
We're good to go.
All the rest of them.
Kmart, Target, Home Depot is also zero.
Well, I'm looking here in your book.
You've got the Mexican police helping the illegal aliens across.
With the Border Patrol, we've had Mexican troops come up and take drug shipments back at Machine Gun Point from sheriffs.
You've also got a photo here of a literally almost melted...
Poor Mexican immigrant, illegal alien, who was fed on by the coyotes.
They're the real people out there killing and robbing and feeding off these people.
And then take a look at the protesters.
That's right.
We filmed, Will and I took pictures of these pro-illegal immigration marches.
Look at the Che Guevara, the communists, the organizations that are supporting these.
Look at them holding up swastikas, throwing the finger at everybody.
These are angry racists who are protesting.
Let me ask you a question.
You know, it came out in the Dallas Morning News that Rob Allen and co., Bush's top political strategist, actually went and funded and got the month-long protest going.
It backfired because they had Mexican flags.
But that was confirmed that Bush is trying to use a foreign mass inside the U.S.
to bully the American people.
Isn't that called treason?
Well, a lot of what Bush is doing should be called treason.
This whole North American union...
And SPP.gov.
We're going to post the thousand pages of the Freedom of Information Act that I got on SPP.gov.
We're going to post it on MinutemanProject.com.
And Alex, it clearly shows the shadow government's already been formed.
Our entire bureaucracy... That's right.
That's a key.
The shadow government is in place.
Go ahead and tell us about it.
Well, all of our bureaucracy, every department you can mention, transportation, energy, health and human services, Department of State, every single department...
It's integrated, meeting with their comparable departments in Canada and Mexico.
We've got emails that go out from our Department of Energy, and there's 100 people in these emails, and two-thirds of them are Canadian or Mexican.
They're sharing all of our policy, and they're rewriting our laws by calling it integrating and harmonizing.
If you look at SPP.gov, just take a look at that report to leaders over there on the bars on the left-hand side of that site, and you're going to see all kinds of memorandum of understanding
We're good to go.
They'll be North American Trusted Travelers under SPP.gov.
And you got a copy of the document.
I would like to get a copy of that myself, but I've talked to local business people that have gotten them as well.
Right now, in areas of the Southwest, business owners are being told with their state IDs, their tax IDs, that they're now considered North American ID numbers.
Can you tell us about that?
Well, yes, I have a copy of the letters that were sent out.
The Texas departments are going to require North American business classifications for tax purposes for every business in Texas.
So forget about the U.S.
job classifications and business classifications.
We can't do anything in our business.
We're officially in this now.
We're in it now.
Our regulations and laws at the administrative level, everything from air transport...
Through steel, through energy, have already been changed.
And then they keep stonewalling, saying it doesn't exist.
Dr. Corsi, I want to take some calls.
They'll be all over the map, but that's fine, because you can speak to it.
But before we do that, I wanted to bring up one other issue.
We got a call here at the office.
We heard that you were on G. Gordon Liddy's show, and you said that you were shocked...
Oh, I think this bill is out of control.
I mean, this whole idea, you know, that I'm beginning to agree with you, Alex, that you've got this whole threat of terrorism.
To strip down every freedom we've got and to be able to attack.
This is part of imposing Canada and Mexico's hate speech on you and me, Alex.
And pretty soon we'll be committing crimes just to speak out against Bush.
Yeah, it says if you don't have allegiance to the government, you can be secretly arrested, secretly tried.
It is in there.
And the ability to take people away without habeas corpus,
Yeah, that's right.
I think so.
Even in the worst wars we've had in the United States of America, we've never given away freedoms like this.
And they're claiming it's, quote, for terrorists, but if they've got the evidence that somebody's done something, they can try them and give them the death penalty?
It's nonsense.
Bush does not have a war on terror going when our border is wide open with Mexico.
We know Hezbollah agents have come across that border.
A group that were in Dearborn, Michigan, that came and bribed Mexican officials in Beirut.
Well, we know Bush signed W1999, extended it after Clinton first signed it, ordering them to back off Hamas and Hezbollah.
We've got Hezbollah and Hamas agents all through the United States.
There's at least a dozen Hezbollah cells operating, and they came in through Mexico.
There are thousands of other than Mexicans, many of whom are Middle Easterners, that all we've done for years under both Clinton and Bush...
...is capture and release.
We don't have any clue where they are or what they're doing.
There was a Houston Chronicle story last year that over 350,000 illegal aliens were caught in Texas and released just in South Texas alone, many of them violent felons.
Bush is going to get no traction at all arguing this war in Iraq.
It's why the American people are not believing him.
I don't care if he gives a speech today.
Until he secures our border with Mexico, we do not have a war going on.
And those photo ops that him and Perry have pulled are ridiculous.
They're just ridiculous.
Bush going down to the border, riding around in a dune buggy, and saying we're going to build 700 miles of a fence...
They're not going to build that fence.
He doesn't have any intention of funding.
And I want to see it built across 2,000 miles.
700 is totally worthless, especially if it has... Folks, if you haven't seen the photo on the back of his book, he's in it.
And I've read about these and seen these myself in other videos.
These big metal fences, every half mile, have giant drainage ditches under them that you can fit five people through at a time.
You just bend down and walk right out of it.
You can put an army through that.
That's right.
Jim Gilchrist and I got down into that drainage ditch so you could see exactly the proportions.
We're on the U.S.
You see the sunlight over there.
That's Mexico.
It takes nothing to come across that fence, and Bush knows it.
As long as that fence is like that, we do not have a war on terror.
All we've got is a depression.
Repression and giving up our freedoms for no reason at all.
Well, Bach ran the agency, the INS, back when that fence was built, and he was the former head of the Ford Foundation, sworn to get rid of our borders.
Well, you know what those corrugated steel there, you know what those are, Alex?
Those are from Vietnam.
Those were the ex-landing strips that we used to lay down in Vietnam.
They brought those back and slapped them up on the border.
They're worthless.
They have holes all the way through them.
You can climb over them or under them easily, as you see on the picture.
We're going to come back and talk to Fred, Jason, Eric, and Aurelio on the other side of this break.
And everybody stay there.
We're going to cover news in the third hour.
And one of the whistleblowers on dust at the World Trade Center site, he got arrested again after speaking out.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Myself, Dr. Jerome Corsi, the people that want to control our borders.
I want to assure you, it isn't because we hate Russians or Chinese or Mexicans.
It's that predominantly the illegal aliens coming in here say they're going to take this country over.
They hate this country.
They're real arrogant.
They're not domesticated immigrants.
You know, politically correct twits like Americans are, folks.
They're hardcore nationalists, and they're being used by our own government to break down our country because they want one world government.
And I'm mad about it, I'm angry about it, and I'm not going to go along with it.
Let's go ahead and go to some of the calls.
Who's up first here, John?
Fred and Philly, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Jerome?
I'm right here.
Okay, can you tell me...
That you know that Mary Anastasia O'Grady attended the Banff Conference?
I don't have that list right in front of me of who attended it.
Wait a minute, maybe I do.
Well, for those who just joined us, we're talking about the secret meeting a few weeks ago in Canada.
Who attended it?
What's her name?
Mary Anastasia O'Grady.
She's on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.
Oh, yes, she did attend it.
She did attend it.
Well, Jerome, I've got... Let me just stop you.
No, no, let...
Well, hold on.
This is how these globalists operate.
They have all the big CEOs, the media people there at the government meeting to keep them quiet and make them part of it.
Go ahead.
Okay, I actually spoke to her.
And what'd she say?
I confronted her on the 27th.
Well, I didn't record the call, but I'll try to piece it together.
She was very uncomfortable about talking about the North American Union.
I said that I was going to write an article about it, and I wanted to know what she knew about it or...
What firm information sources she could refer to me.
Because she's written nothing about it that I can find.
They go there to be told to shut up.
They never do.
I confronted her.
I said, didn't you attend that?
And she would not deny it.
She would not confirm it.
But she was extremely...
Of course.
She came after me saying that I wasn't making any sense.
But I was making sense in how I... How dare you ask if a reporter was at a secret government meeting?
How dare you as an American think that you have a right to any information?
I called up this Thomas Shannon for the Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, and I talked to his... I wrote about this in World Dead Daily.
Eric Watnick, who is his press secretary...
That Shannon attended the meeting.
He did it on his official capacity.
He was paid for by the government.
And he held a session in which Robert Pastor, who I call the father of the North American Union, gave a speech.
Now, Watnick would not confirm to me why Shannon did that.
And he wouldn't confirm whether that was endorsing Pastor's views, which is to create a North American Union or not.
He said he attended it.
He said he did chair the panel.
And then he wouldn't tell me anything about it.
Well, let me add two things.
There are several reasons that government loves world government so much.
When you create it, you get to set up a new system of government with no checks and balances, no liberties, no freedoms.
And on top of it, the bureaucrats love it, because look at how you have an undersecretary of state for the Western Hemisphere.
He suddenly becomes basically like the president of the North American Union.
I mean, they get incredible power off of
And they get to be paid to go to these meetings, which are completely private, and they're talking about creating a North American Union, but there's no reporters, and they can't tell the American people anything about it.
That's a good call, Fred.
I know, but I want to say that I asked her, I said, this meeting is not secret, and she said, no, it's not secret, but it's not on the record.
And then she said something really ludicrous, which was that she said that if I wanted to get information about what happened at the meeting...
That I should directly contact the organizers of it, as if not being an invitee, I could feasibly do that.
Well, George Schultz isn't going to give anybody information, I can guarantee you.
It's just like Bilderberg.
It's just like CFR.
This is how they operate.
I know you've got another interview coming up, Dr. Corsi, but I want to do five more minutes, 70-second break.
Will you stay with us for five more minutes?
Sure, I will.
And then we'll come back and talk to Anthony, Jason, a few others, Krim, those guys in here.
And then I'll get into a bunch of other news, more on the end of the Bill of Rights, the end of the Constitution.
And we're not just saying that.
I mean, that's what they've done.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
That's coming up as well.
We'll be right back.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Final segment with Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., Minutemen, The Battle to Secure America's Borders, his new book.
Another book he'll tell you about right before he leaves us here in a moment.
Right now, let's go to Anthony in New York.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hi, Mr. Corsi.
It's a great pleasure to speak to you.
Thank you, sir.
I applaud your efforts in exposing the North American issue, but I'm worried that you seem to be one of the voices pushing us towards nuclear exchange with Iran.
And let me very quickly just explain.
I know that Professor Juan Cole has a very different view.
You seem to be implying on Coast to Coast AM on several visits that Iran may be a nuclear threat to the United States.
But as Professor Cole explains, Iran is the signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and can you correct me if this is wrong, they're permitted under that treaty to do research in nuclear fuels.
Also, he points out, they have only about 164 centrifuges that they're working with for uranium enrichment, and you need more than 16,000 that have to be especially cascaded, which they don't have.
You got me into the next subject.
I just wrote a book with Michael Evans.
It's out today.
It's a showdown with nuclear Iran.
It's my second book on Iran.
I do not want a war with Iran.
I wish we would not have one.
I've created the Iran Freedom Foundation and walked 200 miles in 2005 to try to prevent war.
I'd like there to be peaceful change.
As to what Iran is doing, I consistently say that if Iran...
Does want only peaceful purposes, then they should allow Russia to enrich their uranium for them.
They rejected that offer.
They have not been transparent with their program.
Even the IEAE says they're not transparent.
So you don't believe the National Intelligence Assessment last year saying 10 years?
No, I think, and I've talked directly to Israel, I think they're more like six months.
They don't need 54,000 centrifuges.
They've got advanced, better than the P-2 centrifuges.
They need about 3,000 of those.
They're very actively putting them into the ton.
But they're only enriching it up to 8%.
Do they need 90-plus percent enrichment?
Yes, but if they've got 8% or 4% right now, Alex, they could quit.
That's all they need.
They've already done that.
They don't need to continue pushing.
If they continue pushing, they'll get...
Well, look, Mr. Corsi, you even just said last hour that you're starting to realize our view, the evidence that terrorism is being used to take our freedoms.
I don't disagree with that.
I mean, regardless of where you think it's coming from, and I think you're a genuine person.
I don't think you're like a neocon operative.
Doctor, I just think you fully don't get the full picture.
How can you say we've got a...
Get Iran while North Korea is threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis.
I think we've got to deal with both Iran and North Korea.
They're both rogue states.
And look, Alex, I've spent lots of time in the Middle East.
I've dealt with the threats that Israel is facing.
We may see Israel different, but between Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran, there is a group of countries here and terrorist organizations that are forming that do want to destroy Israel.
We're almost out of time.
Real quick, finish up, Anthony.
The science of the issue, you say that they may have 3,000 centrifuges and enriching to 8%, but Professor Cole says you need 16,000 centrifuges and an 80% enrichment.
Speak about the science of nuclear bombs.
You said it was 90%.
You don't need... If you get 3,000 advanced centrifuges, the science...
No, no.
They've reported it out of Iran.
Iran has stated this.
They've openly stated that that's what they're doing.
Let me ask this in closing.
Listen, I appreciate your call, Anthony.
Why do you think Iran, and I'm not defending Iran, and I'm not supporting Iran, but at the same time, they are rattling sabers?
They are.
If they want everybody to relax, stop it.
Have Ahmadinejad quit talking about destroying Israel.
I'll relax.
Okay, Dr. Corsi, thanks for joining us.
Appreciate the time.
Keep up the work on the North American Union.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
You bet.
We'll come right back.
We'll straight to your calls and get to more news.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, a White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Aurelio, Jason, Eric, Brendan, Cliff, we're going to get to all of you right now.
Let me just add that look at the...
Obsessive compulsive lying that comes out of the government at every level.
They tell you that they have proof of WMDs.
There is no proof of WMDs.
They tell you that the new legislation does not affect US citizens.
The whole thing is written for US citizens.
They tell you that the blanket amnesty plan is not an amnesty plan.
You actually read it.
It is a total, complete capitulation, total amnesty, the end of the country, North American Union ID cards.
They lie over and over and over and over again.
Locally, in every town and city, right before school starts, they say, it's the law, you've got to take vaccines.
Total hoax, total lie.
Be like if I said, it's the law, you've got to come buy hamburgers at my hamburger business.
That's hypothetical.
Every time I say something like that, I get emails.
Andy owns a hamburger business.
No, I don't own a hamburger business.
I've got to watch it.
A few years ago, I said, it's like being a carnival barker.
If I was a carnival barker, I'd run scams on people.
Anton LaVey was a carnival barker, and he wrote about how that's how we learn to manipulate people.
Next, it's on the web that I grew up with.
At a circus.
On the trapeze.
Not true.
I've been to two circuses in my life, but it doesn't matter now.
I am a 67 or 68 year old NPR broadcaster.
I am a billionaire from Canada.
And I'm also the head of Scientology.
And there's a lot of Alex Joneses out there.
I've just digressed insanely, but it doesn't matter.
I just say things now and I go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's hypothetical.
I don't own a hamburger place, okay?
But it would be like if I owned a hamburger place and I said, It's the law!
You must come in and buy my hamburgers!
It's just not true!
It's a giant hoax!
And I'm sick of the hoaxes.
Hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax after hoax.
But if they run a hoax long enough, they actually start arresting people under the hoaxes.
It's like a marriage license orb.
A license for a church.
A 501c3.
Never needed them before.
They just phase it in and suddenly then start trying to enforce it.
How do they arrest you for not taking vaccines?
They suspend you for wrongly not telling you that you don't have to take it.
Then they claim you're truant when they are the ones that executed the action that caused the truancy.
Then they come arrest you.
Alright, I'm already digressing and I said I'd go to calls.
We've got the pervert
Story with Congressman Mark Foley.
Only the tip of the proverbial ice cube.
We will also get more into the new draconian legislation that Bush has set to sign today.
Oh, by the way, I keep forgetting.
Tape CNN and Fox for me for an upcoming documentary.
I need the signing ceremony.
And he's sure to have one.
He may have already had it.
So will you guys please go check the WhiteHouse.gov to see when he's set to do it.
If he hasn't already done it, we need to record that.
I need that on tape.
If my guys missed it, somebody out there, please mail it to us.
Let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Aurelio in Texas.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to comment about the...
The wave of school shootings that have happened over the weekend.
Yeah, it's like somebody flips a switch, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Every few years, a switch gets flipped and boom, boom, boom.
I mean, someone starts asking questions about whether or not we should be in Iraq, and Mr. Bush's popularity goes down, and all of a sudden we have a rush of shootings.
And the last one is the real interesting one.
It's on the news right now.
They're talking about copycat killings, and the latest one is in Pennsylvania, and it's an Amish community.
And I thought Amish didn't watch TV, listen to the radio, or have telephones, but apparently they're copycatting something that's happening outside of their existence.
A one-room schoolhouse, 25 families, and someone just started shooting everyone, and they're calling it a copycat.
Well, we better ban the Amish communities.
I'm being sarcastic.
Every time we've looked at this, whether it was the...
Native American youth last year in Minnesota, or Harrison Kleibold at what happened at Columbine.
This had a new shooting out in Colorado, by the way.
Or whether it was Kip Kinkle killing his grandparents and parents and a bunch of other people.
The woman who chopped the baby's arms off in Dallas, or the woman that drowned the four kids.
In every case, it's never, never not been
Okay, never!
I have looked at these new ones, but I'm seeing the past.
And every time it always comes out.
We've never seen it where they weren't on Prozac or one of the other serotonin reuptake inhibitors and usually comboed with a Ritalin, an amphetamine type drug, which caused psychotic breaks.
And they're always under some weird former government psychiatrist who had public mind control contracts.
I'm not kidding.
And most of the time, it's the weird former government psychiatrist that happens to work out of a military base and run a private clinic.
And the FBI's always got some son who founded the group, but then they don't get investigated.
Trenchcoat Mafia.
Same thing with one of his latest shootings was Trenchcoat Mafia.
Same thing with the kid up in Minnesota.
Connected him with a government psychiatrist.
But just like in Iraq, you'll have the government blow up a mosque, then that gets the Shias killing Sunnis.
You then do have copycats that roll after that, but it's still drugged out, highly suggestible.
Weirdos that are involved in it, and it's always the death, grunge, goth kids, which they found, I guess, are easier because of the genre they're already into, embracing death for programming.
Listen, the guy that shot John Lennon was trained by World Vision, admit it.
By the way, I was in New York City watching New York One, and they openly came out and admitted the U.S.
government had John Lennon killed.
It was like 8 o'clock in the morning.
I'm getting dressed to go out when I'm in New York to demonstrate and protest in video and document, and I'm sitting there, and I turn it on.
I'm sitting there drinking coffee, and I watch a 20-minute news report.
They're banging on the door going, come on, let's go, and I'm like, hold on.
And they had the Strom Thurmond letters saying we need to go ahead and kill John Lennon to the president.
But side issue.
Then you've got the guy that shot Ronald Reagan.
His father was the head of World Vision, and he'd been involved.
And this is a, quote, Christian group.
What they are is CIA programming operations at weird camps all over Africa, Latin America.
And it's always the same thing.
But good point, sir.
Anything else?
No, it's just funny that they always blame this on MTV and movies and television, and this is an Amish kid.
You know, it's just ridiculous.
It is ridiculous.
Thanks for the call.
I shouldn't try to eat when I'm on air.
Let's go ahead and take another call from Jason in Maryland and Eric and others.
Go ahead, Jason.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you.
I'd like to...
Make two comments, and then I have an important question for you.
The first comment I'd like to make, unfettered by your apparent sense of humility, which I've heard you voice many times, I want to thank you and the people who are standing up against the things that are going on in the world, and specifically our country, the Charlie Sheens.
I care for you.
I love you like I do my Constitution.
I think you're going to go down in, if not history, at least the minds of good Americans as, you know, up there with the writers of our Constitution.
I thank you.
That's all I wanted to say about that.
Listen, I'm just trying to survive here.
Well, thank you, sir.
I'm not a perfect person.
I look to you guys to save this country and I really, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate the great job that you're doing.
The reason that I specifically wanted to thank you is because I've been studying the David Ikes and the Jordan Maxwells and I want to tell your listeners that anyone who stands against Yahushua as Messiah
Who the world calls Jesus, his name is Yahushua, which means Yahweh is salvation.
Anyone who stands against him is not for me.
He works for the enemy.
Regardless of if he's defending the Constitution or our country, he works for the enemy.
So I want to thank you in Messiah, Alex, for the job that you're doing and for remaining loyal to me.
To our master.
And now I'd like to ask you if you're familiar with a Kathy O'Brien and a Mark Phillips.
Yeah, I'm familiar with them.
What do you think of them?
I watched their video and I was blown away.
Do you believe their... Ten years ago I didn't believe it, but it fits in with everything we've seen now.
And she supposedly, of course, has been brutally raped by Dick Cheney, who then broke her jaw.
And that fits in with other things I've been told by people that are...
In Washington, I'll leave it there.
And just a few other issues.
This is a pack of sickos.
Well, anybody who wants to see that can go to YouTube and go to Mind Control Out of Control and watch that video.
And in closing, I just want to tell this country to repent.
It's time for you to repent.
The game is over.
You better stop football and beer and start looking at your constitution and specifically your scriptures and pray in the name of Yahushua and repent.
Alright, I appreciate your call and your kind words.
Speaking of people getting involved, I was asked to go to this tomorrow night and I'm going to have to do a TV show tonight.
Two different TV shows.
And I'm just making time for my family.
I'll barely see my children today.
I've got to spend time with my family tomorrow.
So I'm only working until about 5 or 6 tomorrow.
I am not going to this.
But you don't need me to go to it.
You do not need me to do it.
Unfortunately, a lot of times when I don't go, people just aren't aggressive enough.
I'll tell you about it when we get back.
It's happening here in Austin, Texas.
One of the top neocons is coming into town.
And there's a way to do this, and it needs to be done.
We'll be right back.
So stay with us.
And we'll continue with your calls.
Eric and
Brendan and Cliff and others, and we've got a guest coming on.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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I just love this song.
Alright, the sniveling dwarf demon, William Crystal, is going to be in town tomorrow.
And I'm going to be frank with you, I just don't even want to be in his presence.
I'm so sick of being around these sniveling people.
You get around them, they're like little black holes of weakness.
Instead of having strength and honor and radiating power, they radiate weakness.
And I...
Listen, I've confronted plenty of them, and if I wasn't doing a TV show today, and Jeff Rents Tonight, I forgot about that.
Tomorrow, I've just got to spend time with family at night.
I've just gotten to the point where I've got to make myself do this.
Because UT is here in town, there's always some new scumbag coming in.
But William Crystal is a particular nugget.
That we really need to confront, peaceably and friendly fashion.
And they say it's open to the public and it's open for video cameras, but as soon as they see that patriots and freedom lovers are there, they'll selectively claim you can't have cameras on.
So have a little video camera, have it in your purse, or have it in your coat or whatever.
Get in, get seated, and then once everybody's seated, they'll stop paying attention.
Get your camera on ready.
After a speech, when they go to question and answer, because we need the video of this.
That's the point.
That's what will have the effect on the web.
Get video.
We'll do the work of putting it on the web.
Bring it to us.
A lot of times folks locally go out and shoot some video and they don't bring it to us.
They like hold on to it.
Oh, we're going to do something with it.
You never do.
I don't care what you do.
Just do something with it.
Don't wait around.
If you bring it to us, we'll put it on.
I'm going to send some of my guys down there too.
And the project for a new American citizen is going to be meeting at Brave New Books at around 5 p.m.
But I suggest everybody split up once you get there.
Go inside and just sit in different areas.
Because UT does have a side of them, a Homeland Security Division.
There's these little shaved head Army intelligence guys who always bump into you and try to stop you from doing stuff.
There's no rules or no laws.
It's all color law.
It's the new America.
But it's nothing scary.
It's fun.
I've been to dozens of these.
And just go to it.
And when Crystal is done speaking, don't get up and go, Mr. Crystal, why did you lie about WMDs?
Or why did you say in the PNAC documents we needed a new Pearl Harbor?
Mr. Crystal.
Get up and say, Mr. Crystal.
Following in your father's footsteps, the head Trotskyite in the United States, you said that we needed a huge terrorist attack or a new Pearl Harbor for your invasion of Iraq and the world.
What do you think of the American people becoming aware of the fact that PNAC was involved in the 9-11 attacks?
Okay, and he'll get that little arrogant little smirk.
He'll... He doesn't matter.
But then if he gets hit with three or four more real questions, he'll start throwing a fit.
And the point is, you go do this, you can then put it on YouTube or Google Video, and hundreds of thousands of people will see it.
Because if you just put up a video, you sit in a room talking about PNAC, nobody's going to watch it.
It's the dynamic.
You have to put entertainment into it.
The whole goal is to get people to go read PNAC and find out what they really did do.
So the whole reason to go down there is not the action of being there and being around it.
That does almost nothing other than letting the criminal know that we're aware of their activities.
So it is important.
Everywhere he goes, by the way, he's hounded.
They need to be hounded everywhere.
So please, do not count on me.
And please, I don't want my guys to come back with video of just some wimpy thing.
When it gets time for questions, and by the way, they're not going to go to you.
That's why we've got to all be spread out.
Just at a point, just stand up and start yelling at him.
War criminal, how dare you?
We know you're the terrorist!
Stuff like that.
And it may make the Associated Press.
I remember it got picked up after that.
The Associated Press, Fox News, Reuters, back in, what was it, 1999, the butcher of Waco, Janet Reno, came to Austin, Texas.
They were in this giant hall at UT.
It was like 4,000 people in their biggest hall in there.
My wife's parents were even there.
Because they're UT alumni, they go see the big speeches.
And they saw me do it.
And I got up.
Because I sat right where the microphone was at the front, so I could be the first in line.
And I brought up the murder of the Davidians at Waco and the documents.
It totally flummoxed her.
And it made the news wires.
But it is not going to make the news wires...
Just getting up and going, No more war!
No more war!
That's all little fake left stuff that Crystal's people control, and he'll just laugh at you.
Another one of our controlled opposition.
You hit him with, we know you were involved in the architecture of state-sponsored terror.
It'll freak him out.
Somebody ought to go buy a dog whistle tonight.
You shouldn't wait.
You shouldn't procrastinate.
Y'all do what that gypsy girl does.
Gypsy tab.
Out on the West Coast?
Because what she does is she blows the whistle first and goes, 9-11 was an inside job, a false plant terror attack!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Jack Blood with the Genesis Radio Network.
I have an urgent message for all of our listeners.
The mass media keeps telling us that we are the richest, most powerful economy in the world, quote-unquote.
If this is true, why can't we pay our bills?
Why is the United States the world's largest debtor nation?
The truth is that we are in the worst debt bubble in our nation's history.
When the bubble bursts, will you be able to feed your family?
When the inevitable crash occurs, will you be ready?
Call Whitehurst International at 1-888-892-6238.
That's 1-888-892-6238.
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We're good to go.
Be patient.
Well, I won't back down.
Eric in Alaska, Brendan in North Carolina, Cliff in Utah, and Chris in Kentucky.
That's all the calls we can take today, because I've got a guest coming on for about ten minutes.
Tomorrow, William Crystal will be speaking from 6 to 7 p.m.
And where does it say?
You can go to UT Texas, EDU, LBJ News.
Please go to the LBJ Presidential Library.
Website, you can find it in Events Calendar.
I'm trying to find out which room it's in.
Just go to the LBJ Presidential Library and it's all right there.
You can't miss it.
But that's coming up tomorrow.
We'll try to put a link to this up on Infowars.com for you.
And I want to commend those two young men at UT with their group exposing 9-11 and activism almost every day.
That's the type of dynamism, dynamo activity we need to save this country.
If you all started doing this, we'd take this country back in about a week.
All right, so that's coming up.
Oh, here it is.
It's Bass Lecture Hall, William Scumbag Crystal, 6 to 7 p.m.
And it says, open to the public, it's free.
And he'll be talking about the September 11th attack, shilling for that, telling you how great slavery is.
So go down there and confront this maggot.
Confront him with the information.
It's your right as an American.
Now, I'm just going to have him on for about 10 minutes or so.
I want you to support him.
He, of course, is Mike McCormick, and he's an emergency worker, trained emergency workers for 30 years, EMT.
Whole nine yards, worked big famous crash sites, rescue worker.
He was there at 9-11 that day for the week after.
He's got major respiratory problems.
And he's one of the people that helped bring out the information that Christina Todd Whitman and Condoleezza Rice and others covered up what really happened with the asbestos and the mercury and the concrete.
And he decided to go fully public on September 9th in New York.
We videotaped it.
We interviewed him.
And he had feds following him around while we were there.
We had feds threatening us out in the parking lot.
I did.
He later pointed them out separately.
He didn't even know.
I already knew who they were.
But those guys had been following him around.
We had them walk up to us and go, How long do you think you're going to be able to continue doing this?
Putting out your conspiracy theories.
I mean, they were just like when somebody tries to radiate violent hatred at you.
And I just said, Get out of my face!
Get away from me!
That's the way to handle demons like that.
Dismiss them from whence they came.
But right after he did that, he has a home in Pennsylvania.
He was driving back in shield carry.
I guess they knew that.
They show up and they say, why don't we search and look at your renter?
We think one of your renters may have chemicals.
And he goes, sure, go ahead.
Without a warrant, he signs off.
Three minutes later, a federal SWAT team hits, puts guns to his head, all that stuff.
They find his unloaded gun, take him to jail for that.
Well then, last week, to make a long story short, they pull him over, they claim he's drunk, he blows, 0-0-0.
Then they claim they think he's on other drugs.
They take him in, blood test him, he's fine.
But he's a diabetic, very ill, breathing problems.
He was there for 24 hours.
They said, we don't care if you die in your jail cell.
Ha ha ha.
So he's really got them doing the old New York style corrupt Serpico stuff to him.
And this is what happens to Major Mike McCormick.
So we basically told what happened in a nutshell.
Mike, anything I left out?
Do we have Mike?
Mike, can you hear me?
Call him back.
I think his cell phone probably cut out or got a bad cell.
He's on cell phone right now.
So we're going to get him on for a few minutes just to recap the story that happened to him.
And this has happened to a lot of the emergency workers.
The police and firemen have been threatened that have gone public.
Now it's all been admitted, though.
And this is what these crooks do.
The cops don't care if people like Mike McCormick was trying to save them that day.
They don't care if a lot of them don't.
They don't care if he's dying.
They just got crooks on the payroll that will go out and do this kind of stuff.
So he's never been arrested.
Now he's been arrested twice in the last couple weeks.
And it'll continue.
The arresting will continue.
Over and over again, I'm sure.
And of course these police are flushing their children's future down the toilet.
And no, I don't mean we're going to do something to your children.
I mean you're destroying the country they live in.
You're destroying their future.
Did you get Mike back on now?
Hey Mike, your phone cut out.
Good to have you on with us.
Good to have you on.
Two things before we get into anything.
I brought up with Kevin yesterday something that you're going to find of urgent necessity.
This is listed as covert documents.
Terrorism panel...
Is faulted for exaggerations.
Well, stop there.
Before you get into that information you were telling me about Saturday when we talked on the phone... All right.
Saturday when we talked on the phone... Hold on a second.
Hold on, Mike.
I can get you back on later this week, but I'm almost out of time.
I promised to go to some calls.
We just got a few minutes, and I've really got you here for people to support you and give you support in New York or in Pennsylvania, in both your residences.
We're here to really try to get you some help, Mike.
So just briefly...
Tell us what happened to you with the police, and then you can read that document.
What had happened to me was, as you know, when you were in New York previously for 9-11, there was a collection made up for me because I was not having all the medications I needed in order to have any type of quality of life.
And not be incredibly sick most of the time.
And luckily for me that I was able to get some drugs that I need, but not the drugs that I needed the most, like my blood pressure medication and so forth.
And what had transpired was I got pulled over by a policeman stating that I might have been driving under the influence.
I said, there's no way on God's green earth that I'd be driving under the influence.
I don't drink myself.
Just as a choice of habit.
Yeah, we invited you out for drinks and you said you didn't drink.
No, exactly.
I said, I'll come out and I'll have a club soda and lime with you.
Or a Coke and a Coke and a lime.
But that was it.
And the fact of the matter is, he took out his little gauge meter.
Put a little probe in it, and he said, take a deep breath and blow into it.
He looked at it.
He got a little annoyed.
He took another probe out into it, maybe blow into it a second time, which it blew zero, zero, zero, zero.
Basically... Oh, by the way, they claim they pulled you over because you were in the slow lane going too slow.
And the thing was, I was going slow because I was nervous that I might be getting sick because I'm not having medication.
Going into it, your heart was beating weird.
You said you were pretty freaked out.
The thing is, you've got to remember, when guys come to your house and they're looking for your neighbor or whatever, and all of a sudden, after you give them carte blanche,
Thinking that they're there to save your life, and all of a sudden, 9mm MP5s with laser sights are pointed all over your chest.
Anybody without heart condition would develop a heart condition.
Now, the key to the discussion we had was you told me, and I want to be specific about this, that when you said, look, I need medication, when you were being locked up in the jail, they said, go ahead and die in the cell.
That's the exact type of stuff I hear from everybody.
They said, are you sick right now?
And I said, no.
And he goes, good.
He goes, then we don't got to take you for medication.
And I says, well, what if I get sick?
If you get sick, that's your problem.
See, they're training them to have a callousness against other citizens.
How do they think their wives and children or neighbors or grandparents will be treated by the same system?
You fools!
Now, you clearly think that they've put your name in, that somehow you're on a watch list now?
Oh, you know, like I said jokingly, that you are my wingman, I am your wingman, and we are both on the poop list.
Because we are both strong enough to stand up for what's right, and we stand for the Constitution and what our forefathers standed for hundreds of years ago.
Now, you told me on the phone, Mike.
Well, I appreciate that.
I think you do.
I don't know about it.
But the point is, when I talked to you, too, they all knew who you were again.
But it doesn't matter that you're this champion helping expose how the police and emergency workers and firemen breathed all this.
I just don't understand how they can be so stupid.
You know, the funny thing is, two of the detectives that came to the house to make the arrest on the supposedly criminal, which I still don't think is a criminal, said that both of them seen me in the media.
One seen me in New York Newsday, one seen me in the New York Daily News.
A lot of them knew me for recovering the Ground Zero flag.
As a matter of fact, the arresting officer for the DWI happened to be an arresting officer where not only have I stopped at car accidents where he was alone by himself with no EMS help whatsoever,
I got out of the trunk of my car, all my EMS gear.
I crawled into a car that could have blew up and died.
And I told the patients that were sick and bleeding and broken legs and cut up heads and God knows what.
And I had told these guys, I said, listen, my jacket is off.
I'm covering you.
I'm doing what I can to save you.
And I am not going to leave you.
I am not leaving you.
Hook or crook.
And as a matter of fact, the one cop, his first name is Roger, he was handing me in gear from the trunk of my car
Into the car in order to help this individual.
How does this work, though?
They say, oh, that Mike McCormick's a troublemaker.
Start anytime you see him, arrest him, pull him over.
Listen, Mike, we're going to get you back on soon to cover this as it develops, but right now, give people your phone number, give them an email address, how they get in contact with you, how folks in New York can support you and help you and go with you to trial for your evil weapons charges coming up.
What I've done is I've changed an email site just for the fact that I don't want to get too many hits on my main station.
Well, that's okay.
The hit that I would like the country to use is no way N-O-W-A-Y
The number two, treat a hero.
No way to treat a hero at AOL.
Okay, no way to treat a hero at AOL.
What about a phone number if folks want to get in contact with you?
Phone number is 631-886-1622.
Okay, listen, Mike, that's 631-886-1622.
That's correct.
Listen, I'll talk to you soon as this develops, and we definitely want to know what happens when you go to trial.
Mike, God bless you, and take care.
You know, there's just two things.
It'll take less than a minute to read, but I think... Okay, what are these specifically?
Because I've just promised to take these final calls, but it's okay.
But what are these specifically?
This is specific.
This is a letter from Congress from...
March 24, 1997, Congress, United States House of Representatives... Okay, you were saying this was... What was the classified thing?
It's Mr. Zell, Salsa, P.O.
Box 4198... Hold on, hold on, hold on.
I need to hear an address.
I'm asking what this is.
It says, encloses information you requested pertaining to the Army's policy and guidelines for establishing...
Oh, yeah, I've got that.
Yeah, that was accidentally... Declassified.
Yeah, no, I have that document.
Now, the second one is covert document.
Terrorism panel faulted for exaggeration.
More Americans have died from scorpion bites from foreign terrorist attacks over the last five years, and that did not stop the National Commission on Terrorism from describing terrorist threats in vastly exaggerated terms used earlier this month.
So says Larry C. Johnson, a former State Department counterterrorism official and senior analyst at the CIA who now works as managing director of Berg Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in money laundering cases.
We need a little more mature approach to this, Johnson said to this in an interview yesterday.
This is the potential for mass casualties.
Yes, we do not have to reinvent the wheel in counterterrorism policy.
One that makes the attacks is internal cooperation against states and groups that will commit terrorist acts.
While a commission concluded it is in recent report that international terrorists
...are increasingly intent on inflicting mass casualties.
Johnson said, as the number of Americans killed by foreign terrorists has dropped from more than 400 in 1983 to 58 in the past five years, and within the lack of mass casualty attacks since the bombing of the two embassies in East Africa...
Almost two years ago, Johnson suggests that the global counter-terrorist campaign has proven effective as disrupting activities and terrorist groups.
Mike, listen, the segment's about to end.
The show's about to be over, Mike.
So we're up against the gun.
I've got to, in the final segment, take a few calls here.
What is the point of what you've been reading?
It says the group links that Exile Sortie...
Osama bin Laden, who has been indicted as the mastermind of the embassy attacks, Johnson says that he overly agrees in the commission's conclusion that the CIA officers abroad believe the agency has become overly a risk adverse in counterist operations and said the CIA counter-terrorist center, once used as a dumping ground,
Has now become a choice assignment within recent years.
All right, Mike, we'll talk to you soon.
God bless.
We'll appreciate your call.
We're out of time.
We're going to come back and jam Eric and Brendan and Cliff and try to get Chris in.
He's personally got about a minute.
I'm just going to write to your calls the other Saturday, ready with what you want to say, what you want to cover.
I just thought we needed to have Mike McCormick on because he's going through a lot right now.
There's so much news we didn't get to.
It's all posted on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey, thanks for taking my call Alex.
What's on your mind?
I want to talk about the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.
I know school shootings that happened over the week were brought up with a recent caller.
And I just want to say, recently, or in the past, you have asserted in the road to tyranny that half the students at Columbine were actually killed by police, and I just want to know what your facts about that was, because actually several coroner inquests proved that the students were killed by Harris and Klebold, and the ballistics reports as well, so I just want to know your factual basis for this.
Well, I show news articles right there.
Admitting that the SWAT teams shot multiple children, some estimates were as many as seven of them, which would be more than half, because, what, 12?
The Arizona Cloud Bowl killed 12 and supposedly shot themselves, making the number 14.
Okay, what about Daniel Roarbrough?
Does that name come to mind?
Yes, it does.
Yeah, that was one of the major controversies that people are saying.
He was shot by the police.
Well, the police told teachers and others that they'd shot him, and then they tried to backtrack.
Right, but right after Rachel Scott.
Rachel Scott was the first one having lunch out there with her boyfriend, Richard Costello.
But as a matter of fact, he was the second one to get killed, and what I want to know is how police were on the scene right after that to kill him.
I mean, doesn't that seem impossible?
No, they were there within minutes.
They had school police there, and the sheriff's department was there within minutes, and they waited four hours and 15 minutes before going in finally.
They were shooting people with rifles as they came out, thinking they were... Something weird went on there, sir.
We know police shot students.
Is that probably why maybe the videos aren't being released from the library?
They release like 10 seconds of it.
They're in the cafeteria footage, right?
But there has actually been reports of them saying, like, his friends Lampkirk and everything saying, like, Cleveland and Harris shot him.
I mean, what's your position on that?
Well, there's other students saying they saw four men in black uniforms shooting people.
There was a lot of stuff going on there.
Also, are you aware that the founder of the French Coat Mafia was the son of a prominent FBI agent?
Is that a factual statement?
That is a factual statement.
Well, of course it is.
What does that mean?
I mean, a lot of the stuff you say... No, that's been in the news, sir.
No, not a lot of the stuff.
All the stuff I say is what?
All the stuff you say is not factual, okay?
And let me tell you something.
You keep pronouncing it Kleibold, which is driving me out of my freaking mind, okay?
It's Kleibold.
It's Kleibold.
That's fine, sir.
I appreciate your call.
You can call me back tomorrow.
If you'd like.
I'll keep calling him Clybold if I want.
I know it's Klebold.
Clybold, Klebold.
We got, again, streets around here named Manchaca.
We call them Manchac.
I'll do what I want, okay?
I'm a hayseed.
And you say all the things you say are not factual.
I never claim to be 100%, sir.
I try to tell the truth.
And so I don't understand.
You're trying to debunk me just by saying everything I say isn't true.
No, I know.
The school shootings are all completely normal.
And there's nothing going on.
And just, you can trust it all.
And the guy that shot Ronald Reagan, he wasn't having dinner with the Bushes nights before, wasn't planning another dinner.
You see, that guy disagreed, so I kept him on, and I apologize to Brendan and Cliff.
If you call me in the first hour, gentlemen, I will go to you and give you each five minutes apiece.
I apologize.
I'm telling you I'd get to you, and I didn't.
But that guy was too busy.
About 22 years old.
Thinks he knows it all.
Believes in the system.
Probably thinks Bush is conservative.
Alright, back tonight, 9 to midnight.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.