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Air Date: Sept. 6, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, welcome.
It is September 6, 2006.
I'm so honored that you have decided to join us today.
We have two amazing guests joining us later in the broadcast.
We have Bill Christensen, who is a former government official who will be exposing corruption here on air with us.
And we also have Sean Dilley, who is a national radio broadcaster in the United Kingdom, and he'll be talking about a whole host of issues, 9-11, the murder of Princess Diana, the murder of Dr. David Kelly, and so much more.
But that is coming up later in the broadcast.
Right now, wave of resignations hit Blair as he warns of electoral defeat.
Another defeat for the neocons.
Blair tells aides he will quit May 31st.
That is still a long way away, and he may be forced out of office before then.
I wonder if he'll stage another terror attack.
I wonder if he'll blow up some more trains and buses, like his criminal government did on 7-7 over a year ago.
Wouldn't put it past these cold-blooded murderers.
Six members of Parliament quit to protest Blair's departure date.
That's right.
This is exactly where the government wants us.
A bunch of ninnying, shaking, cowardly pieces of filth.
A bunch of domesticated, braying, buying sheep.
Meanwhile, Chicago plans voluntary evacuation drill downtown.
Exercise to test emergency preparedness.
Associated Press, the real exercise is in
Practicing a federal takeover of the city, terrorizing the public, and creating the subconscious illusion that there really is a terrorist threat.
We'll go into drills as well and why and how they are using them.
Yesterday I covered a Register article where Google is announcing they're going to use the microphones that are standard on most new computers and on many old ones.
To use NSA-style programs to record everything you say and do, and record what you're watching on television off the audio, and with keywords, assess that, and then put it into your master file, of course, for sale to different advertising agencies.
That's one level.
And then, of course, the real level is the government collating all of that data as well.
Yes, it is the equivalent...
Of catching your neighbor sneaking in your house and planting a camera.
You would freak out.
You would scream.
You would yell.
You would call the police.
You would be in your front yard probably waving a gun around.
That would be the normal response.
You would be angry.
But they're telling you Google and the government and the cable boxes are doing it.
This is okay.
Even last night we had a great event.
Sellout crowd.
Had to turn away a lot of folks unfortunately.
I hope they'll come to tonight's showing.
It hasn't yet sold out.
Or tomorrow's showing.
They're getting close to selling out.
The Alamo Draft House in South Lamar.
Of my new film, Terror Storm.
But I would bring it up to people just in the hallway.
Even folks that are on board fighting the New World Order.
I'd say, you know, Google's going to use the microphones of your computers to listen to you.
And they would smile at me or go, Oh, yeah, really, Alex?
Now, come on.
Yeah, it's in the newspaper, okay?
I know it's hard to believe.
Stuff this bad is hard to absorb.
I'm sure there's police listening right now.
I think it's great.
I probably think Soviet Union is good, too.
And I know all the cops aren't bad.
I'm just so sad about where this country's gone.
Oh, my gosh.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Bill Christensen is a former high-level CIA analyst.
A few years ago, he basically stopped belittling 9-11 conspiracy theories in his own mind after starting to research them, and he wrote an article a few months ago, and I believe this is going to be his first big radio interview.
We've been trying to get him for a while.
He's agreed to come on.
Stop belittling the theories about September 11th
It was a story he wrote, again, a few months ago, and now he's written several more concerning September 11th.
He'll be joining us.
And then again, Sean Dilley, national radio broadcaster out of the United Kingdom, to talk about the police state, the RFID chips, the murder of political dissidents, and a lot more.
That is coming up.
Guess what's on the cover of the Austin American Statesman today?
The Daily Paper here in Austin.
Being watched becoming a part of life.
That's the caption above a huge front page color photograph of the City of Austin Situation Center, the FEMA command bunker.
That's what it really is.
And here they are introducing the people of Austin to how they're now being surveilled.
You see, we're now in the preparatory phase where they're announcing, hey, Google's going to listen to you over the microphone on your computer and
We're good to go.
And they lie in here.
They say that it's only 165, quote, places that are surveilled.
That is a complete lie.
And we know that it is well over 500 cameras.
The last time I saw it in a City of Austin press release, what was that, in 2003?
And, of course, that's a whole nest of cameras that scan around and are now even being put up on the edges of our neighborhoods.
And, of course, you can pull up the headlines.
Billion-dollar federal grant to put surveillance into Boston.
Billion-two grant to put surveillance system in New York.
I mean, every day it's the reports of 600-plus million federal cameras in Chicago.
Tens of millions in Austin.
I remember in 1999, Kay Bailey Hutchinson said,
We got a bill passed for all over the country, but gave the plum to Austin in Texas, don't worry, to put up hundreds, and they've done it each year since, I don't know the full number, we know it's in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds now, it's hundreds each year, of microphones.
We don't just have... We don't just have...
We don't just have cameras here.
My gosh, they've got little shotgun mics that rotate around and telescopically listen to you from hundreds of yards away.
And there's also big microphones up now that even have the fluffies on them.
They're waterproof, but somehow I guess having the wind shields on it makes it better.
But the average Austinite is now, the average Central Texan, is being introduced to this.
They're putting it out in a comfortable way.
Hey, this is a good thing.
Of course, you're not going to put this technology on the border.
No, no, no.
This is for us, the slaves.
Land of the cowards, home of the pathetic jellyfish.
Not land of the free, home of the brave.
It says the city of Austin uses cameras in 165 places to keep track of traffic and respond to problems.
Ali Mozabar, the city's lead traffic engineer, says the workers who monitor the 25 screens in the traffic management center are watching the cars, not the people.
And that's a true statement by Ali Mosdabarb.
I remember when I interviewed in 1998, John Hurt, the public spokesman, I think he still is, for the entire state of Texas, for TxDOT, Texas Department of Transportation, and we got a video interview with this.
We ought to go dig out all those old shows and put them on the web.
We've been putting some of them up, but it's important to see this evolution.
And I said, so there's hundreds of cameras in Austin.
He said, no, Alex, there's thousands.
And I said, but these are being used for law enforcement and surveillance.
He said, nope, we don't engage in law enforcement at TxDOT.
And I said, ah, but these feeds are hooked into your sister agency, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the state police.
He said, Alex, you ought to be a lawyer.
He laughed, because here I am, I'm not that smart, I just know their elementary trick of compartmentalizing things in their statements.
And it is a lie, but it's a lawyerly lie that you can technically claim isn't a lie.
They've got little peep cameras that are fiber optic, thousands of them.
There are, again, I don't know, let's count it up.
It started in 99, and it said 200-plus microphones each year.
And the grant, I know the grant's been reauthorized each year, so let me see.
99, 2,000.
What is 7 times 200?
So well over 1,000 microphones.
We don't have the exact number.
But, hey, forget that.
Let's just take the town of Austin where I live.
This is a very high-tech, tech-savvy city.
75% of Americans are now on the Internet.
Let's imagine that Austin is probably even higher, one of the wealthiest per capita cities and highest income in the country.
It's in the top ten.
So let's just guesstimate.
Let's keep a low number.
Let's just say 75% of Austinites have computers and are on the Internet.
So that's a million people metro.
So 750,000 people have microphones in their houses.
And they have the Orwellian Crime Stop built into their heads.
Crime Stop is whenever you think about something bad Big Brother's doing, you don't let yourself focus on it and you deny it to yourself because thinking bad things about Big Brother is a crime, so hence Crime Stop.
And last night we had a great event showing Terror Storm at the Alamo Draft House South Lamar.
We have another event tonight and another one tomorrow and the next week on Wednesday and Thursday.
Get your tickets quick because they're all selling out right now.
Last night did sell out.
We turned away a lot of folks.
It was sad.
They even stuck some folding chairs in there for people.
But that's a separate issue.
The point is I'm there last night and I was doing a test.
I would be behind the merchandise table and I'd say, Hey, did you hear the show today?
Microphones in your computers listening to you.
And people, even my listeners, some of them were glazing over or laughing and saying, Oh, come on, Alex.
I know.
It's hard for me to even believe.
But it's true.
You know, we covered yesterday that big poll they did where 51% of Americans think that the NSA surveillance is good now.
They didn't before all the fake bust and the announcements that NSA spying stopped the liquid bombers and the evil Miami people and the rest of it.
It's all come out later to be provocateur on stage, but that doesn't matter.
That's back in the paper.
We're even lucky now.
And so now they've announced the spying and people are saying, well, I guess it's good.
Has nothing to do with terrorism, but they're breaking the ice.
And it's the same thing here in Austin.
This is by Ben Ware.
So you want to be in pictures, huh?
This is a little sarcastic statement at us.
Well, congratulations.
Every day at work, on the street, in retail stores, in schools, at cash machines, in the parking garage, in your car, and soon, if the Austin City Council approves using cameras to police traffic signals at selected traffic intersections...
You already are.
You, of course, will be ticketed with that.
Security experts say the rapidly improving digital video technology and terrorism concerns, see, they're going to use it, they are using it for terror, quote, crime, all crimes terror in their definition, according by an influx of money from the federal security grants.
I'm going to read that again.
Security experts say that rapidly improving digital video technology and terrorism concerns accompanied by an influx of money from federal security grants, quote,
...have combined to foster an explosion of cameras in public places.
In Britain, which reportedly has 1.5 million surveillance cameras on the job.
Hey, statesmen, been weird.
Learn how to be a real reporter.
As of last year, there were 4.5 million surveillance cameras in London alone.
15 million in the whole country.
There are over 40 million that came out last month in the U.S.
So get it straight!
In Britain, which reportedly has 1.5 million surveillance cameras on the job, and in certain large American cities, officials have moved towards having blanket camera coverage in core downtown areas to, in theory, determine crime, deter crime, and provide video surveillance and evidence for catching and prosecuting miscreants.
Depending on where you live and what you're doing, video forensics experts Grant Fredericks of Spokane, Washington, said you may be filmed dozens of times a day or more.
In Britain, in cities, the average person is captured 300 times a day by a surveillance camera.
And the article goes on.
So the story starts out with, oh, it's just traffic.
And it's the same story.
It's almost identical to hundreds of others we've seen in other cities.
It's just like with Disneyland or Disney World.
They say, we don't take your fingerprints.
We just take zeros and ones.
It's numbers.
Don't worry.
Google isn't listening to you.
I mean, we're recording you, but then the computer just turns it into text, and so it's zeros and ones.
Well, see, that's the weird little mental illness spin they put on it.
You see, they always broach it like it isn't surveillance.
Oh, because we turn it into zeros and ones.
Oh, when we face scan you, it isn't your face.
It's zeros and ones, but it's reconfigured to your face now.
And they say that it's not a face print.
And they say it's for traffic.
But in the article, it says that, well, yes, part of the use is traffic, but it's also to surveil you.
And by the way, we're going to give you tickets with it.
And all of them.
That's going to go the way of the Goomy Bird.
Because they're going right to RFID in your inspection stickers.
I know I started the show with this yesterday and I'm starting it again today because even I have become conditioned to basically become acclimated and accepting of this.
I mean, we're all under mass mind control.
We're all being conditioned, including this reporter, Ben Weir.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let me say it again so it sinks in real good.
And we did put a report together up on PrisonPlanet.com indexing a lot of these different news stories together so you can wake up your friends and family.
Scientific Atlantic digital cable boxes.
Most of them have microphones.
TiVo tracks everything you watch and do and uploads the data.
When you call and order pizzas from the Big 3 pizza chains.
It is instantly your location, your name is instantly uploaded through a private company to the federal government, and instead of getting a pizza, you get a SWAT team if you're wanted.
Again, we're all being treated as criminals.
No Fourth Amendment, no Fifth Amendment.
Total control!
Total control!
Cameras going in everywhere.
Microphones going in everywhere.
The microphones in your computers, built into them,
The government can dial in and have NSA computers or that type of software that private industry has, i.e.
Google, and record all of the voice, all of the conversations.
It is transcribed instantly.
Your entire conversations you'll ever have in your home are then recorded.
The old days of the government needing to dial into your phone and then you ever pick up your phone and it's not connected?
There's not a dial tone?
Sometimes that's a malfunction, but more often than not, that's an NSA tab.
And, folks, you can be the biggest New Order servant.
You can just be an auto mechanic.
It randomly is done to everyone.
The NSA dials in on phones and just listens for a few hours and records that in the databanks.
And as their storage systems get bigger and bigger, they're doing it to everybody.
And a lot of evidence shows those phones are going to be recording everyone all the time.
That's the power of computers with their computing power and their memory power doubling every year exponentially.
Do you understand?
Face scanning cameras, scan your faces, put it to the software.
Almost all the digital cameras put up by the feds with these grants are then wired back into the federal government.
I remember about five years ago, right before 9-11, my dad called me one morning at about 7 and said, turn on C-SPAN, I'm having breakfast.
And they had
One of the head scientists at the Federal Department of Transportation on, and they were bragging, showing different cities, and they'd just shown Austin punching up the traffic cameras and the neighborhood cameras.
The feds pay for it because the military designed it.
And has bragged in major newspapers that it is considered an occupational control grid.
We are literally under NORTHCOM control.
This is being put into place so these bastards can literally rape our society!
The cage is all around us and it makes me angry!
And then we read statesman articles about, Oh, this is Mr. Suss and Suss.
He only watches your cars.
He doesn't watch you.
Oh, we only listen to phone calls from Bin Laden to America.
Isn't that reasonable?
Aren't you for it?
This is sick!
This is sick!
Again, many of us read 1984.
It's been out since 1949.
It's one of the all-time best-selling books.
Have you read it?
You sit there.
I remember reading that in high school and again in college and again a few years ago.
I've read it three times.
I remember sitting there in my bed late at night reading it the last time and thinking how scary it was.
Cameras in the bathrooms.
Now hundreds of school districts have cameras in the stalls.
And it's hooked into the police department.
That was in the Sacramento Bee.
That's right.
Cameras in the bathrooms hooked into the police department in Sacramento.
It's going on everywhere.
And see, there's still normalcy.
Remember a few years ago in Tennessee, the visiting girls' basketball team, eighth graders, go into the showers, and a girl sees a camera in the shower, and she ran out screaming, and that's a normal response.
And the principal and the school police came and said, Hey, what's the big... This was in the news.
Said, hey, what's the big deal?
Of course we have cameras in there for your safety in the showers.
In the big communals.
And the parents all freaked out.
But see, they weren't brainwashed.
At this other school, the parents knew and were, and were actually arguing for it.
Going, what's wrong with you?
You're weirdos.
You don't want cameras in the showers.
They're scum.
There's these weak-minded people everywhere.
And then, of course, the principal got in trouble because it turned out that it was being sent all over the country over secure Internet connections from Tennessee to North Carolina to Texas to Ohio.
Oh, yes.
And then it comes out that the principals then even put in their own little private cameras in there and they're accessing them from home.
You see, you read 1984 where they're in the park whispering, and it turns out there was a microphone in the park picking them all up.
Then I read articles how they're putting microphones up all over the parks in the U.S.
But forget all of that.
I'm sure you'll accept it and laugh at, oh, it's for your safety.
But now Google's going to record you inside your home, off the microphone on your computer and the video camera saying that as well.
And they say, don't worry, we just turn it all into zeros and ones and put it in your file so we can advertise to you.
It's no problem having us listen.
Think about it.
Cameras and microphones in your home.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Google Research Incorporated Mountain View, California
I'm grieving for this country.
I'm grieving for humanity.
You understand this doubles every two years.
You understand what they can do to us with this.
This is why they're so arrogant.
I turned to page two of this huge report.
And it says personal broadcast content.
And you flip to it and it says real-time popularity ratings and TV broadcast bookmarks.
And it goes on to describe how this works.
It says, this community allows members... Let me find the actual page.
It's a big report here.
Oh, I lost the part.
I thought I marked the right part.
I was just reading this during the break.
It said exactly what was in the Register News article.
And it said that... It says...
It talks about Google, and it talks, oh, here it is.
It says, the viewer's acoustic privacy.
This is microphones in your computer listening to you, okay?
Listen to this spin.
The viewer's acoustic, that's audio, privacy is maintained by the irreversibility of the mapping from the audio summary statistics.
Did you hear that?
It's the same thing they say, oh, don't worry, when we thumb scan you at the grocery store, it isn't really a fingerprint, it's just some numbers.
But it's measurements between the unique spirals on the index finger or the palm or the thumb, and then they reconstitute it with that digital map with the, what, 14, 16, 20 different indicators depending on what system, and then it gives them your exact thumbprint.
It is a thumbprint.
Again, it's like saying a digital photo you take with your...
Canon camera isn't a picture of you.
It's zeros and ones, but it reconstitutes in... My dad, last night, I had dinner with my parents, and he tried to give it to me.
It was some science magazine.
I think I left it in the house.
He was going, look at this, look at this.
It says that 7 billion images of people's faces have been uploaded, and then the government could never get these digital photos from everybody.
They tried to encourage it,
We're good to go.
Flummoxed here because this is so bad I can't even describe how bad it is.
But again, the viewer's acoustic privacy is maintained by the irreversibility of the mapping from audio to summary statistics.
Unlike the speech-enabled proactive agent by Hong Kong ETAL 2001...
That's the system to listen over your microphones.
Our approach will not overhear conversations.
Furthermore, no one receiving or intercepting these statistics is able to eavesdrop on such conversations since the original audio does not leave the viewer's computer and the summer statistics are insufficient for recognition.
It's the same lie which the register, to their credit, their tech people exposed.
See, they're saying that Google has the only key...
To unencrypt your voice.
And they say in this report, okay, they say in this report that we're going to post on prisonplanet.com, go read it.
Go read scientific reports, okay?
Go read what we read.
Go look at what we look at.
Go read this.
Hear what they're going to do to you.
I just feel like just smashing this equipment, just rampaging through the door.
I am just angry right now.
And let me tell you something, that is a normal response to these type of insults.
And they're going to be announcing now in the next few years how the microphone listens to you, but then telling you, oh, it's just digital data.
Of course it's all digital zeros and ones.
But Google has the key.
The government has the key.
They found Microsoft and other Google keys when the software's been released.
We talked about it yesterday, where it even has keys in it called NSA Decryption Key.
Google is the government, but they've moved in their main headquarters into a NASA research facility.
They've just taken NSA technology, and they're integrating it in with the population and the public.
You notice how Google's allowed to get away with a bunch of stuff nobody else is?
You notice how far ahead they are of Yahoo and everyone else?
I'm calling Google out.
They just make me sick.
They make me so sick.
And the argument is, if they don't do it, somebody else will.
Folks, you're... And they get you addicted to the computers.
They get you addicted to digital cable.
They get you addicted to DVR, TiVo, and all the rest of it.
What's it called in England?
Sky Plus.
And it's just everything you're doing is being tracked.
Everything you're doing is being traced.
And when you walk out on the street, your face is being scanned, your walk's being scanned.
A bunch of airports have put in passive MRIs that scan your brain.
I mean, this is thousands of times past 1984.
And of course, all these systems picked up the hijackers on 9-11 in the months before.
FBI that was compartmentalized in defense intelligence and ample danger, they tried to stop them, and the government would tell them, hey, these are government agents, back off, this is a secret program.
That all came out in the news.
But the general public is still in denial.
You understand we have murdering killers in control.
We're good to go.
Identify the molecule's connections to the feces or the urine and coming and arresting you.
Automatic drug testing in the sewer lines.
And I'm not making that up either.
That's mainstream news.
And they're putting it in in L.A.
and New York.
And a couple other cities.
I forget which one.
Just type in government to test sewers for drugs.
I just can't handle it anymore.
Drugs these pieces of filth ship in.
And I'm sitting here and I'm reading this article, this document, this PDF file from Google's researchers.
This is what they're telling you.
The viewer's acoustic privacy is maintained by the irreversibility of the mapping from the audio to summary statistics.
See, it all goes into big graphs.
Mass graphs, different statistical breakdowns, and then, of course, your personal file and graph.
Unlike the speech-enabled...
Proactive agent by Hong Kong ETAL 2001.
Our approach will not overhear conversations.
That is pure bull.
Furthermore, no one receiving or intercepting these statistics is able to eavesdrop on such conversations since the original audio does not leave a viewer's computer and the summary statistics are insufficient for reconstruction.
So they seize control of your computer, they use the microphone, and then what they're saying is they encode it when it leaves and it goes into a statistical bucket.
Further, the system can easily be designed to use an explicit mute-unmute button to give the viewer full control of when acoustic statistics are collected for transmission.
They always say that about cookies, about everything, and then there's no amount of software that will block it or stop it.
We're good to go.
I think?
The TV in your home and your speech in your home, and transcribing it all, and they brag in here how they can take four or five sources, a party of chattering people, and they can separate all those out and create data lines on it.
They know who you are by your speech patterns, your voice print.
I mean, this isn't just like a big brother microphone in your house.
This is AI computers.
And let me now take you to Business Week.
This is Business Week today.
Okay, this is on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Attention shoplifters!
See, you're all guilty.
You all deserve this.
See how they spend that?
With $30 billion in theft, there's a revolution in surveillance systems.
There are 6 million video cameras mounted in stores across the U.S., according to market research J.P.
Freeman Co.
Their unblinking eyes are everywhere.
We're good to go.
I think?
Or open a case that's normally kept closed or locked and the system alerts guards sitting in the back.
Or pacing the sales floor with a shimmy or flashing screen.
The system can predict where a shoplifter is likely to hide at the ends of aisles or behind floor displays.
A search function spots sudden movement that might indicate a large spill prompting workers to clean it up before it leads to a slip and a fall in an accident.
And you go on and it just says how wonderful it is for
Five pages.
It's just, oh, it's so positive.
This is called smart shelving technology.
And let me just give you the news.
They always announce it five years after it happened.
Every major chain, department store, you name it, have face scanning cameras integrated into their systems.
They're tracking everything you do.
They are recording everything you say.
AI computers are going through all of it.
It's the same system.
And that's in industry publications.
But here is Business Week for you doing that.
And of course, none of this is going to stop any shoplifting.
This is just a complete and total scam.
And it makes people even stupider.
You know, we are getting dumber and dumber.
It's like somebody 20 years ago, 30 years ago, before the Texas Instruments $150 calculator came out.
Now they're about a dollar.
People used to do math.
Now, the smartest people I know can't do math.
We just use calculators.
You see, all of this also has that effect of now the security guards just sit there lazily in the back doing nothing as if a security guard couldn't be taught the course how to watch the camera, how to look for people going behind structures, how to look for people doing suspicious things, how to do their job.
No, they don't do that.
And again, it's a moral decline.
You didn't used to have to have surveillance in stores because people didn't steal.
We had a depression in this country, and the crime rate went up a little bit, but not much.
But there have been major studies done by universities and the government.
You know what's going to happen if there's a depression?
These soccer moms and these Lexus-driving yuppies are going to turn into the most dangerous people you can imagine.
The inner cities are going to melt down.
Third world hordes are going to lay waste to entire cities.
And the government is going to stand by and let them do it.
Because they're going to bring this country down by hook or by crook.
Look, I'm not trying to be negative here, folks.
I'm here telling you the facts, laying out the information.
With a computer God gave me called my brain.
My gray matter.
And I've been watching these people, these globalists put in this grid.
I've been warning you.
I've been screaming about it.
I've been breaking down what would happen.
I've been telling you they're using your cable boxes to listen to you, using your computers to listen to you.
Frankly, your computers and your cable boxes really aren't even yours.
The government sets up these systems, develops these technologies, gives them to select corporations like Google and others, and they just implement it.
And then no one told you.
I mean, what would you do if a marketer came to your door and said, let me put a camera in your house to watch you, a microphone in your house to watch you, and I'm going to pay you $500 a month.
You'd say no.
If you caught your neighbor hiding a camera in your house, you would freak out.
But they announced, it's the same story.
Oh, we're good.
Taking your thumbprints, but we're not really taking your prints at the store or at the Disney World or at the tanning salon.
It's just numbers.
No, no, no.
It's the same PR.
The companies put out the PR.
They have big RFID and biometric conventions, and I remember six, seven years ago reading the minutes of their conventions, and they said, we will explain to the people that we're not really taking their prints, that it's all just numbers, and that will put them to ease, and then I have to watch their PR people in every case say the same thing, and it's the same thing with this.
Oh, we're not listening to your audio.
We're just recording the audio, and then transcribing it, and then digitizing it, and scrambling it, and encrypting it, and then, don't worry, no one can get it, and it's not audio.
But it is audio.
It's like in 1999, and this is in my film, Police Take 2000, we show this front page statement article, and it said, it said,
Gunshot detectors going in in Austin.
Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a grant.
We talked about it earlier.
So I typed into a search engine.
Was it Dogpile?
Whatever it was at the time.
Ask Jeeves?
And I went right to the company and bragging about the Austin contract and the other contracts they got with the federal grant.
And they called it their...
Long-range acoustic devices, and they bragged, and they had little audio clips.
Click here!
And it said, listen to two children.
This was recorded at 200 yards away with the system.
And it also serves as a gunshot detector to triangulate.
So they don't call it a microphone.
They call it a gunshot detector.
Seven years into these being put in in Austin and Chicago and New York, all over the country,
Seven years into these being put in, you ever heard of them using a gunshot triangulator to bust somebody?
It's a microphone.
And they're using it to listen to you.
And the microphones are listening for keywords.
And though the emergency management centers in every major city put in by FEMA in 1999, bigger cities even earlier,
The moron staff at those facilities, they aren't allowed to dial into those functions.
But those cameras and those microphones are hooked into the feds, and they are.
And so it's NSA microphones listening for key words.
I can't walk down the hike and bike trail with my wife and have a private discussion because there are microphones down there.
I can't walk down the city streets of Austin because there are microphones down there.
If I want to have a private discussion, I have to unplug the... physically turn off the computers, unplug them from the Internet.
If I want to have a private discussion, which I just never do, I would need to go in my bathroom and turn on the water real loud and whisper in my wife's ear, Okay, that's how bad it is.
You got a laptop in your bedroom?
The government is recording you having sex with your wife.
When you walk through the airports, they digitally scan right through your clothes and record 365 degree images of your naked body.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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We're good.
We've got Bill Christensen coming up in the next segment.
We'll get him here in just a moment for you.
Pretty horrible.
I mean, how do you...
I'm at a loss for words on all of this.
I have a huge stack of other NSA and private spying on you.
And there are literally hundreds of articles every day introducing the public to this, selling it.
They're all positive.
How good it is.
How wonderful it is to have microphones and cameras in your home watching you without them asking.
How wonderful it is to be tracked and traced.
How wonderful it is to have these new sonar slash radar cameras going up everywhere that scan your naked body.
Didn't they claim for your biometric signature?
Oh yeah, it's color images of you naked.
We're naked now, basically walking around like total cattle.
It's just sick.
I mean, it's sick.
And that's why the government's so arrogant.
I mean, it's hard, with all of my limited mental capacity, but it's above average, to even grasp the full depths of it.
Listen, I've made a new film, Terror Storm, and it's the best I've made, and you need to have it.
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That's the linchpin to their whole agenda of surveillance and control.
You need to get Terror Storm.
It documents that the New World Order carried out 9-11, the 7-7 bombings in London, the Madrid bombings, and it goes back through history.
It exposes the Iraq War for what it is.
It is such a powerful film.
It is such a powerful film.
MI5 agents, CIA agents are in it.
Chief Economist for the current Bush administration that have gone public.
It's just physics professors, documents, bullhorning parliament.
It's a great film.
It's fast moving.
I'm really proud of it.
It gets into Orwellian doublespeak and surveillance grids and NSA spying.
It's a terror to force.
Terror storm.
It deserves to be...
We're good to go.
Terror Storm.
Available at Infowars.com.
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We'll be right back with the second hour.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're extremely honored to be joined by our guest who came to our attention a few months ago when he wrote a great article titled Stop Belittling the Theories about September 11th, Bill Christensen.
And he joins us now.
We'll also take phone calls with our guest.
We have time today.
He's been a former member of Veterans for Intelligence Sanity.
Well, listen, thank you for having me very much.
I'm grieving for our country.
The police state is turning into how the war on terror is being used to dismantle our Constitution.
The drumbeat for war with Iran.
I want to get your take on all of that and why you've been questioning the official story of 9-11.
But first, tell us about Bill Christensen.
I did work for the CIA for, oh my goodness, 28 and a half years or so.
But I've been long retired.
Retired in 1979.
And I have to confess to something.
I'm a neophyte in this entire business of studying and comprehending, trying to comprehend better, what happened on September 11, 2001.
And I have to confess to you, and I know you are one of those who has worked his heart out on this issue a lot longer than I have, and you probably know a lot better
A lot more about it than I do.
But up to half a year ago, I just wasn't buying any of the concepts that you and a number of others have been urging and advocating because I just couldn't conceive that this country had any elements in its government that would contribute
To what happened on September 11 or caused it to happen or allow it to happen.
Use any words you want to use.
And ultimately, just about half a year ago, I decided, well, too many people are talking about this for me to sort of sit here
In my little ivory tower and say, I don't believe it.
And that's when I really began to study and read and it took me some mental agony and it took me probably the better part of the last half year to change my mind.
But I have, in fact, changed my mind.
There is simply so much evidence available today
That the official story that the government of the United States and the 9-11 commission that issued this 500-plus page report, almost the length of a Bible, I suppose, a couple of years ago, there is just so much evidence that many parts of this official story are simply wrong and don't match with the facts that...
You know, I'm not pleased or proud with my own activity over the last half dozen years, over the five years since September 11th, that it took me this long to wise up.
Well, it's... So here we are.
Exactly, but it's sad.
I mean, have you ever started...
Getting a few tears in your eyes when you really began to face this?
Oh my God, yes indeed.
How can you do otherwise?
I've broken down many times late at night doing research.
Because believe me, I wish it wasn't true either.
None of our families are safe.
Our whole country is basically gone.
Stay with us, sir.
We're going to come back and talk about your journey of awakening.
I think this is very important.
Stay with us, sir.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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Wherever you'd wish to.
Bill Christensen is our guest.
And for stations that just joined us, I want to recap some of the things that we just talked about.
Bill Christensen is a former senior official of the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency.
He was a national intelligence officer and the director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement in 1979.
I think we're good to go.
And this is the first time he's gone public on radio with the serious concerns that he has concerning an inside job, and we're extremely honored that he's chosen to do that here with us today, and we appreciate his patriotism and defense of this republic.
Sir, this is a longer segment, so we've got more time.
Can you go back through and then expand on your awakening process, where you began to research,
Well, listen, thanks a lot for the opportunity.
Anyway, though, I
I spent the first four and a half years after September 11th just not willing to believe in the possibility that the official stories we were being given about what happened on 9-11 could in any way be a fraud.
I just wasn't going to believe that about our own...
And ultimately, just about half a year ago, it dawned on me that not only was I trying to avoid an issue that might be extraordinarily important, more important than any other issue affecting U.S.
policies, but that I hadn't even been studying the issue because I just decided it couldn't be true, so therefore, don't waste your time on it, Bill.
So I started to spend my time on it about half a year ago, and a few people whom I knew encouraged me to do that.
A lot of people told me they thought I was ridiculous to be wasting my time on that.
But I have since decided that the... And this is after a good deal of heartache on my part and a good deal of...
I'm wondering how this country could have gone so badly wrong when I then came to see that at least some elements in this U.S.
government of ours had contributed in some way or other to causing 9-11 to happen or at least allowing it to happen, making it easier for it to happen.
Making sure it happened in a way that would be very, very impressive to the world at large and would in fact be seen as another Pearl Harbor type of event that changed everything about the United States 65 years ago.
Did your decision to really start researching 9-11 six months ago, Mr. Christensen, did that come as an epiphany or was it a process?
And can you describe that process?
Yeah, well, I guess when you use the word epiphany, you mean it's something that sort of happens instantly or overnight or something like that.
So I'm not using that word epiphany, but just simply the more that I read about and tried to understand everything that had happened on 9-11 and saw...
All the objections to the official story that people such as you and a number of others who had really been working sort of in the wilderness on this for the whole time since September 11, or shortly thereafter, the more I began to read and study, the more I discovered that I just had to conclude, yes, indeed, there were...
Parts, at least parts, of the official story issued by the U.S.
government and issued by the long, over 500-page report of the 9-11 Commission, there were parts of those official stories.
That simply did not jive with the facts.
Well, you're right.
If you study the official story, they constantly change their story.
They lie.
I mean, there's hundreds of points.
The FBI grabbing the flight recorders and telling the firemen that found it to shut up.
Ordering the FAA to shred tapes.
Public officials warned not to fly.
Clearly standing down.
Cheney in control two months before taking the shoot-down powers away from NORAD for the first time since NORAD was set up.
CIA-connected insider trading.
All the Bin Laden connections.
The bizarre collapses of Tower 1, 2, and 7.
I mean, there's this whole field of questions.
Then we have the PNAC documents where Cheney and others are writing that we need a helpful Pearl Harbor event, a catalyzing event.
Brzezinski's saying it.
We've now discovered...
An Air Force document from 97, Gulliver's Travails, where they're saying we need a massive terror attack in 2002 to unify the U.S.
for global empire.
I mean, what was it out of that field?
And, of course, there's hundreds of other points.
I guess my question is, first...
You've been denying it, avoiding it, not looking at it.
What did you first see, or when did you finally say, okay, I'll look at it, and then what was that process like, and what were the points that were really most important to you?
You know, I guess the very first thing that made me really wonder was, and this is, I suppose, kind of elementary to you, but the size of the hole that was made in the Pentagon.
And there was a picture in the New York Times the very next day, September 12 of 2001.
And so I guess that was point number one with me.
Now, this is just sort of coincidence, I suppose.
Which issue do you look at first?
And then when you begin to read all of the details, and by the way, I...
I have to tell you that David Bray Griffin's books have been an immense help to me because he has done a very careful job of writing this up and his views have gradually gone stronger from his first book to the current one.
Which I have just completed.
Yeah, he's now saying clearly an inside job.
Yeah, I know.
I know he is.
His views have become stronger, and you just have to look at that guy, and you know he is not a fly-by-night analyst by any stretch of the imagination.
He probably has the kind of personality which does everything with great care and caution.
That's kind of my reading of him.
And so, in any case, his stuff has had some influence on me.
But, you know, after what happened at the Pentagon, you begin to read up on the evidence behind the belief that the reason the
Two towers in New York actually collapsed and fell all the way to the ground.
Was controlled explosions rather than just being hit by two airplanes and that there's a third building that the 9-11 Commission apparently never even mentioned that also collapsed all the way to ground.
And all of the characteristics of these explosions
Show that they almost had to be controlled explosions rather than something that happened because they're hit by an airplane and here you have one of the three buildings that collapsed not hit by any airplane.
So that was number two.
And then you start looking at all the NORAD stuff and the way the 9-11...
Commission handled the hour and 45 minutes or so when not a single one of these planes, according to the official story, was ever intercepted.
Maybe Flight 93 was intercepted in western Pennsylvania, but this kind of evidence just builds and builds and builds.
I think some of the strongest, Mr. Christensen, is that we know that U.S.
Embassy heads were told to let some of the supposed hijackers, including Atta, back in, and when they wouldn't let them in, they got calls from the State Department saying that their terror listings were covers for covert operations.
They were involved in anti-terror operations.
Then we have all these news articles with them being trained in covert operations at U.S.
military bases.
I mean, that is really strong.
You're absolutely right, and there are, as I started this off by saying, I was a neophyte compared to you and a number of other people, and that's absolutely true.
I know out there, because I've heard of it, that there are a lot of things I haven't even studied yet.
Well, let me be clear on this, Bill.
You're here because you're a great former CIA analyst, and it's a story of your courage now going public, and another example, another prominent...
We're going to come right back.
I want to talk about how 9-11 was used for foreign policy.
Do you know where the 78 potentially active volcanoes in the U.S.
are located?
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We're good to go.
He was National Intelligence Officer and the Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis before his retirement.
And he wouldn't look at 9-11 for four years.
And then six, seven months ago, he began to research it and didn't like what he found.
Believe me, I don't like it either.
I try to war game against myself in our research.
I try to disprove it.
Believe me, I don't want to think this is true.
I love our country.
I don't want to think a bunch of psychopathic killers are in control.
But when you look at Operation Northwoods and PNAC documents and then you look at all the evidence, physical on 9-11, there's no other.
I mean, if you really rationally study it, which I've done for thousands of hours over the years, it is horrifying.
I've made three films on the subject and I've written a book on the subject and it's just terrible.
Mr. Christensen, also, I want to get your take on... We've been lied to about WMDs.
The documents have come out.
White House memo that they premeditatedly lied.
Not just Downing Street memo.
We know that over $3 trillion is missing from the Pentagon in the last seven years.
And I've seen congressional testimony where Rumsfeld says we're not going to tell you where it is.
There is mass no-bid contract looting going on.
There are all sorts of scandals going on, but...
I mean, really, I see a dictatorship forming here.
But we've been lied to so many times in the past by these people, and they've done so many horrible things, and they've lied us into war that's killed 3,000 U.S.
troops now, more than died on 9-11.
I mean, it's not much of a stretch from the get-go to believe that criminal elements of our government wouldn't be involved in 9-11.
No, and you simply have to ask yourself, where did all this come from?
You almost have to answer your own question now.
Well, it came from the events of 9-11.
And even if there is only a 10% chance that elements of the U.S.
government were involved in contributing to 9-11, making sure that those events worked more effectively than they might have otherwise done,
It is just appalling the conclusion you come to that elements within our own government are responsible not only for the deaths that occurred on September 11, but responsible for terribly bad policies throughout the entire Middle East, and those policies are still being pursued.
And all of this is going to hurt the United States of America very badly and not just...
A few years to come, but in decades to come.
Yeah, it's destroying our good name, our economy, but it's good for the oil companies and the arms manufacturers, and they're international.
They don't care about this country.
They're the ones signing on to the North American Union right now, trying to get rid of the country itself.
Mr. Christensen, before we go to break, I want to get your personal view, though.
Clearly, you've done the research.
You've said on air the official story is a fraud.
Give us your view with a...
You know, I think the odds are that Griffin is right and that it is a total inside job.
I can conceive of a situation and this is where we need we just need
More evidence, but it's going to come up.
I can conceive of a situation where we, the U.S.
government, learned in advance that September 11 was going to take place.
And instead of instigating the whole thing, the U.S.
government, or elements in the U.S.
government, who are nameless at this point,
Was going to happen and made sure by their own actions that it happened in the most effective way possible.
So greasing the skids and ordering the FBI and Army Intelligence and the CIA to back off and leave the people alone.
And ordering the Air Force somehow to not go after these planes and...
The whole business of the $3 billion, I'm sorry, the $3 trillion... Stay there, stay there.
Let's talk about it.
Hard break.
We've got a break.
Network break.
We'll be right back, sir.
Please continue when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're calling specifically for Bill Christensen.
Our coming up, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
And if you want to learn the truth about September 11th, the Madrid bombing,
7-7 in London, you need to get my new documentary, Terror Storm, and you need to get a DVD burner and start making copies of it aggressively and getting it out to everyone you know.
You can get Terror Storm via Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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We videotape those and post that on the site for you for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
The reason it's so important...
To spread the word about 9-11 is because when you consciously realize that cold-blooded killers are in control and have seized control, have hijacked our government, elements of our government, and are using it to domestically set up a police state, to internationally turn us into an empire and invade foreign countries, and then hand over the seized assets to multinational corporations.
When you realize that, you understand that we're trying to save lives here.
The lives of our troops,
The bodies of our troops, you know, countless others being wounded and maimed and triple and double and quad amputees.
At the same time, justice for those that have been killed.
The media loves to... I had the BBC here last week and they're like, what about the victims' families?
They don't like what you're saying.
And I say to them, I've interviewed many of the victims' families, members here.
I've interviewed the heads of the biggest groups like Bill Doyle of the biggest groups, 7,000 plus family members.
We're good to go.
And we're not safe, folks.
The same people that will carry out a terror attack will take your pension funds.
The same people that will carry out a terror attack will stage other terror attacks to expand their control.
Bush is openly talking about dictatorship.
He's openly talking about FEMA camps and the Houston Chronicle.
They're openly talking about total control.
We are literally...
Going down the road towards Hitler's Germany or the East Germans or Stalin.
And that is the norm in human history.
Freedom and liberty is a precious, precious, rare commodity.
Now I'm up here preaching.
I want to go back to our guest, Bill Christensen.
But Bill, and of course you were a former big-time analyst for the CIA heading up one of their entire research divisions.
But putting your analytical skills and your analysis skills to work here,
Not just internationally, but the domestic police state we see unfolding and the announcements by the mouthpieces on Fox News that people who criticize the government are really traitors and should be arrested.
I'm a traitor.
I should be arrested and shot.
I'm probably Al-Qaeda.
Stuff like this.
I mean, can you comment just on the overall atmosphere and what our country's turned into?
Yeah, you know, you just have to sometimes stick your neck out.
And that's what you have done and
Others have done a lot longer than I have, and I admire you for doing it, and I'm sorry I've been so slow in doing it.
The fact is, as we were talking a little bit earlier, David Griffin believes it's more or less totally an inside job.
I got to say, I think that is the most likely possibility, too.
I would say some of the people involved obviously
May have had some subsidiary motives, like the man in New York who owned Building 7 and had a lease on the other two and had a great big new insurance policy that he had bought just a little bit before what happened on September 11th.
Seven plus billion, yeah.
Yeah, and then there at the Pentagon, $2.3 trillion somehow...
And very conveniently, all of the evidence of that seems to have been...
Have been damaged or totally ruined?
I mean, let's talk about those numbers.
It was a trillion-something when Bush got into office.
Now it's a couple more trillion.
The Pentagon argues about whether it's 2.5 or 3.5.
And now some reports, but I have AP reports saying over 2 trillion from last year, reports from five years, six years ago, Oregonian reporting on it.
And I've watched the congressional hearings.
I mean, when we're talking about trillions missing,
Again, they're not even getting in trouble for that.
Can you speak to that?
This is just an appalling amount that really ought to be unbelievable.
But you have to say there is evidence that that is indeed the case.
And this is what I meant by a subsidiary motive that some of these guys...
Must have had.
Well, you know that was breaking the week before and there was a huge scandal and then 9-11 took place.
It was starting to break and I think somebody simply decided to capitalize knowing that 9-11 was going to happen and maybe was already being instigated by the U.S.
or maybe the U.S.
just taking advantage of it.
I'm not sure on this.
I think probably the total inside job
It's the most likely possibility, but I'm just holding my judgment on that.
And by U.S., let's be clear here, and of course you've studied this as well, compartmentalized black ops contracting out to private agencies?
Yeah, indeed.
There's obviously a whale of a lot of that going on, and that never happened in my time when I was officially working there.
I'm really pretty much of a
Of an old geezer these days, but this privatization of so much of the intelligence establishment, so much of the military establishment, just opens up greater possibilities for fraud, and I don't see how we're saving any money by going that route, frankly.
We're not.
We're spending more money than ever.
I think that is probably...
Correct on that.
Bill Christensen, where do you think this incredible hubris, this unbelievable arrogance comes from by these people running this system?
And do you think that that is basically their Achilles heel?
Do you think they've overplayed their hand?
Oh, I sure do accept that.
They're gambling that they're going to win.
And the next step is very likely to be
An attack on Iraq, either nuclear or non-nuclear, and we, you and I, can't sit here and say for sure.
We know they've overextended themselves.
They can't win this.
We don't, you and I, at least I, don't really have a good deal if we have a group of people willing to use nuclear weapons on Iran.
Introducing an entire new element into the situation, crossing as this massive threshold of using nuclear weapons.
Super Rubicon!
Super, super, super duper Rubicon.
And neither you nor I can sit here and say we know for sure that the arrogant guys who are doing this are sure to lose.
You and I, at least I,
Can't say that.
I hope they're going to lose, and I think they're going to lose, and they're going to create a world of such chaos that in the end, yes, they will lose.
But the thing is, if they lose only over a long period of time and kill thousands upon thousands of people in the process because they think shock and awe is the way to go...
All shock and awe is the U.S.
form of terrorism.
Let's face it.
Sir, let me bring up another point here.
There are some encouraging things happening.
We have a whole bunch of top generals, even former Republicans, going public saying this is sheer madness.
We have large sections of the elite, even at globalist meetings like the Bilderberg Group, yelling at each other across the tables.
For the first time in history, there's a major split, even in the Anglo-American power axis.
And take Cy Hirsch and even the Times of London.
We have so many whistleblowers that within days...
Of Cheney having a meeting with the top Israeli brass saying, Bush wants this to be a curtain raiser for war with Iran within days.
It's kicked out.
So that shows that people at the highest levels are leaking right now to great danger to themselves with the NSA snooping arms aimed at them.
I mean, can you speak to that?
I think that is another Achilles heel that there are so many people...
Unnamed, who aren't going public like yourself, who were in the mechanisms, in the machinery of power that are going to blow the whistle.
Yeah, listen, it's a big weakness.
Absolutely right.
But you know what the biggest problem we face is?
It's what seems to be just plain apathy of most of the American people who have to get out there and vote.
And we have not yet
...broken through and been able to affect this apathy very much.
And I don't know if you have actually read it yet, but if you haven't, get a hold of it.
The text of the speech that Bush just gave yesterday, I mean, he is talking about widening this war right in this speech that he gave yesterday.
Well, isn't it a Ponzi scheme, sir?
Because we see this with Hitler.
He starts losing in England, losing in North Africa.
He ups the ante.
He ups the ante and turns east, taking the path of Operation Barbarossa.
Well, it's the same thing here.
In fact, their own strategy papers have leaked out, even from the RNC, who I guess now is planning war.
They have no expertise, but they're doing it, saying we need to go ahead and go into Iran, escalate things into national conscription.
They're spinning it and calling it national service, changing the name, saying it's not a draft.
I mean, absolutely.
They've got their back against the wall again, so in the Ponzi scheme, they've got to blow it up even larger.
They've got their back against the wall, and they're already starting to blow it up larger.
And we ought to, right now, today and every single day, be out there in the streets and just raising holy hell
About this, because, you know, you can say, okay, Hitler actually had to lose once he started the invasion of the Soviet Union.
But the fact is, millions and millions of people died in the process of that, and one of the things we ought to be doing is out there trying to stop the same thing from happening.
We are going to have another world war, very likely,
If the United States and or Israel, or the two of them combined, start a bigger war, even if it's not nuclear, it's going to be a bigger war.
Iran, as I'm sure you know, has a population of 70 million people.
It's not like Iraq.
It's not like Syria.
And they've been building up their weapons for the last...
15, 16 years since the Iran-Iraq war ended.
They weren't bombed into Stone Age as Iraq was in 1991.
I hope people realize we literally stand at the crossroads, at the threshold of history right now, the next two months to the next year, but sooner rather than later, many analysts believe.
We are literally on the precipice.
You have a chance to stop World War III.
That's exactly what we have a chance to do, and we better work on it.
With so many analysts, the majority of analysts globally, not just in the U.S., and people inside the administration saying, back off, don't do it.
I mean, even if they just do a conventional bombardment of the 214 sites in Iran, all of the mainstream oil analysts are saying that we're going to see $6 a gallon gas for at least four or five months.
If that happens, it is the mainstream analysis that we're going to go into a violent recession that could spiral into stagflation and possible depression.
And you know as well as I do,
The oil companies of this country and the world really don't want that.
That is, all of these people who go around saying, we're doing this for oil, well, in a very indirect sense, we're doing it to get more control of the world's energy supplies.
I understand that.
Everybody understands that.
But the oil companies don't want war with Iran any more than...
You and I want it.
In fact, Baker and Bush Sr.
have even gone over and I believe this information has come out and told them, back off, but the neocons aren't.
I mean, they are... Well, I've talked to a lot of people who've worked with them, Ray McGovern and many others.
I don't know how much you've worked with them, but these people really are nutcases.
They're not backing off at all.
And we cannot sit here, you and I, and say, we know that
By the way, Israel has ordered the missiles with the bunker-busting tips.
That are designed to have many nukes put in their warheads.
That is mainstream news.
And Bush has put out an open study and says they are considering the thermal nuclear bombardment of Iran.
And the Israelis have some submarines that can handle at least some types of nuclear weapons that they probably have.
A cruise missile launch from those German subs.
What is Israel thinking?
I mean, this is crazy.
Well, look, I'm dead sure that there are people both in our own military-industrial complex and people in the smaller but still very powerful and large Israeli military-industrial complex who work closely together day after day, month after month.
This right now is joint work.
That's right.
If they start World War III, the Allied...
Defense contractors, hardware manufacturers are going to be able to steer even more of the economy through their coffers and then use the domestic police state in the name of security to then also service all those contracts.
So they enslave us, they enslave the world, and then they make the profits off of the domestic police state as well.
And eventually they lose because no empire is going to last long in this day and age in the world today
When the world is so much smaller than it used to be in terms of communications, the way you can spend money... Why do you think the government... Well, I agree.
Why do you think the government is spending more money than all presidents before it combined?
I mean, it's as if they know the economy's going to implode, the bubble's going to pop, and they're trying to get all they can now.
God knows.
As you say, in some ways these guys are crazy.
We... I can't say this, and I know I'm repeating myself, I can't say it more than that we've got to get out there and somehow turn aside this apathy that most people in this country seem to have on us.
So we've had it too good too long, and decadent, fat countries always get taken over by dictators, and people always pay for their apathy.
We'll come back and take some calls for our guest, an incredible interview.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
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They railed against the crown.
Another ragtag band.
The problem is, the analysts are telling the Black Ops squads that they're not going to get away with this.
But just like Hitler's generals told him he shouldn't go east, the neocons are in control, and they're going forward.
And we have got to put our full weight against the machine to stop this.
We're going to keep our esteemed guests for five minutes into the next hour.
We'll try to get all your calls right now.
Andrew in Canada, then Rob, Robert, Josh, and others.
Go ahead, Andrew.
You're on the air with Bill Christensen, retired senior CIA analyst.
I first want to commend Mr. Christensen for coming out and having the courage to talk about this.
I would just like to know if he talked about this with others and what were their response to him and also what would he say to the CIA or NSA that are listening right now to this radio show and also if he could talk about what would happen to the CIA that might have been involved and if they talk about classified missions and I'll let you guys answer.
Sure, thank you.
Yeah, listen, I appreciate your comments.
And first thing you've got to understand is I've been retired for a lot of years.
I've been out of Washington since 1979 and don't really want to go back there either.
But all I can really say is that there is so much money now sloshing around
Throughout not only the CIA, but the intelligence components of the Defense Department, which are actually bigger than the CIA.
The CIA is quite small.
Well, in comparison with the amount of money spent, yes, it is really amazingly small.
But the fact is there's so much money around that these guys can do anything.
Almost anything they want these days.
Now, this is, again, I haven't been there for a lot of years.
This is my speculation, my belief, no more than that.
Well, yeah, when you've got trillions missing, I mean, that's a lot of power.
But let me be clear on this.
We have talked to a lot of CIA people.
I interview a lot of them on separate subjects, people who have just gotten out in the last few years, and they will tell you they believe 9-11 is an inside job, but say they can't go public.
They say, well, I'm going to fight this system on other issues.
I can't go public on this because we would be discredited.
And I know, Bill, I would imagine some of the groups you've been involved in, I'm sure you've heard that.
Of course I have.
But the fact is, we have got to be willing to be discredited.
We have got to be willing to stick our necks out.
This is just plain too important.
Yeah, somebody's got to hit the barbed wire.
And I'll tell you one thing more.
Probably the reason I'm willing right now to stick my neck out is one, I've been retired for a long time.
I got no more kids to go through college.
I got no more big expenses in my life.
I have no desire to go any higher in my status in life or be any richer than I am right now.
It's easy.
It's easy for me at my age
To stick my neck out.
I think it's easier, but let's be clear here.
The path we're going down is certain wreck and ruin if we don't go public.
And I want people inside government who rationalize, who make excuses to themselves, who have seen things that deep down you know it's an inside job.
I want to ask you something.
I mean, do you really think you're safe and this culture is safe when you're part of a system that's doing this?
Really, the safe course is to fight this, isn't it, Bill?
Well, I think that's the truth today, but it's very hard to persuade people of that.
And all you can do is try like hell to make your own mind up what you have to do to change the government in our own country.
We've got murderers in control.
They must be resisted.
Come hell or high water, we'll be right back.
One minute.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I did not hear C. Bush's speech yesterday, but I've just been given a transcript of it.
Saying that terrorists exploit misinformation and conspiracy theorists.
Terrorists exploit political alienation.
Because all the big polls are coming in that 80-plus percent of the American people don't trust the government, Republicans or Democrats.
Cheney's got like a 14% approval rating.
And so here it is.
The neocon talks you host have been saying it's Al-Qaeda to say 9-11's an inside job.
And now here is Bush in a speech.
We know...
Right after 9-11 in October, Bush said we should never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of 9-11.
So basically he's doing it again now, but I guess saying you're a terrorist if you do.
I'm going to get the full transcript and cover this after the break.
Bill Christensen, former high-level CIA analyst, what do you think of them apples?
Oh, listen, this speech of yesterday by Bush tells me he's getting more desperate.
By the day, by the weekend.
Yeah, Blair is sinking right now.
There's been a bunch of resignations and they're trying to force him out right now.
But the danger is, you know, what happened in Lebanon where we and the Israelis really didn't win, that just makes more likely that there'll be a reaction by the neocons, by Bush himself.
Do you think we're in danger of them staging another terror attack?
God, I don't even want to think of that.
Of course, anything you want to think of, there is more danger of as a result of what happened in Lebanon and the failure of that to be a clear-cut victory for the United States and Israel.
And Lieberman being shot down?
Boy, they totally panicked over that.
I'm sure they did, and they ought to have.
But nevertheless, it is so likely that in the next couple of months,
This administration can somehow turn things around.
Pull a rabbit out of a hat.
Yes, they have done it before, and they can do it again, and that's why we've got to get out there and talk just as loudly as we can.
Let's take a final call here real quick.
Let's talk.
Rob in Canada.
A lot of calls from Canada.
Rob, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Boy, Alex, I hardly know where to begin.
First of all, I started this journey when I attended your conference in L.A.
on the 25th and 26th of June, and I've been intently studying this since then.
Alex, I wouldn't get your show except for the Internet, and so my first question is,
What happens if they do something with the Internet?
Oh, they're openly announcing they're going to shut down net neutrality and start blocking access net-wide to not just my site, but sites in period, just period.
Well, okay.
Listen, we're going to get around that.
The people are going to demand it.
The market's there.
So they're going to have big trouble.
But they are openly moving to block the net, which is another sign of how dictatorial they are.
Listen, you're dead right, and you know more about this than I do, but boy, they are going to try to quash us and squelch us as best they can, and they are going to be perfectly willing, I think, to take whatever steps they feel are necessary, including starting a new war against Iran before this upcoming congressional election, in order to
Maintain their power.
So, Bill, you do see that prime confluence of different things saying that in the next few months are the key?
Hey, yes.
I don't see how anybody can look.
At the situation and not come away feeling that the next couple of months are a very dangerous time for all of us.
Bill Christensen, I want to thank you for spending so much time with us and your courage going public.
And I hope to get you back up with us in the near future, my friend.
Listen, thanks a lot for having me.
God bless you.
And after the break, I'm going to come back and tell folks about some of the best websites to read your writings.
But again, sir, thank you for joining us.
Let me just talk to you off air for one moment.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Get your copy today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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The Berkey Security Pack, a retail value of $518 for only $399.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, I've been talking to Sean Dilley for years when he's booked me on some of the biggest radio programs in England.
Well, Alex, it's a great pleasure to be on your fine radio show, broadcasting right across the United States.
Well, we're always honored to have like-minded folks from across the pond, our cousins on.
There's so much to discuss.
My producer was talking to you earlier this week, and you were talking about a story that didn't get much attention about RFID chips to be put in all the trash cans and stories of clearly how Diana was killed or how Dr. David Kelly was murdered or the inside job evidence on 9-11.
There are so many things to discuss, but we were talking during the break
And since you brought it up, I'm always happy to talk about it.
My new film, Terror Storm, is out.
Much of it is set in England, covering the 7-7 bombings and the Big Brother mentality.
What did you think of Terror Storm?
Well, I have to tell you, Alex, there are some very searching questions that I would invite your listeners to get a hold of Terror Storm, have a watch and think, okay, well, you add this fact, you add that fact.
Two and two do make four, they don't make five, sadly.
Over here in the United Kingdom, as well as, you know, much of the United States as well, too many people are willing to make to and to add five in order to placate themselves to unpalatable facts.
And sadly, I'll tell you what, I'm sure you've spoken about this on your show.
I was listening a little bit to Christian last hour.
And I think that the most shocking thing about Terror Storm, I hope I'm not giving too much away.
No, talk about it.
Well, you have to watch this, I'm telling you.
There's a woman at Stockwell Tube Station in London, which, as I'm sure your listeners will know, is the site of the John Charles de Menezes shooting back in July, I believe the 21st of last year.
And she worked in a fruit stall, didn't she, Alex?
And she was explaining to you that, you know, she thought that shoot to kill, there's no problem with shoot to kill, you know, mistakes happen.
But specifically, the poignant line, as far as I'm concerned...
Now, you've heard this, I'm sure, if you listen to Alex regularly, but I want you to listen up if you haven't.
I am willing to give up my liberty for freedom.
Now, do you know, I shouted at the television as I was watching your Terror Storm DVD, Alex, and I just shouted at the top of my voice, what you stupid, and I shan't repeat the word, that's the same thing.
She didn't seem to get it, but sadly, do you know what I have to say, Alex, and this is hand on heart,
I'd like to say she was a bit dippy.
I'd like to say that that doesn't reflect the average person in the United Kingdom.
Doesn't reflect a lot of people in the United Kingdom, but sadly it reflects an awful lot of people, I'm afraid.
Well, last night after I aired my film Terror Storm at the Alamo Draft House, I snuck into Mike Judge's new film.
It's a weird name.
I can't place it right now.
I'll go check it in a minute.
It was unmemorable.
Well, no, it was a great film, but I just kind of went in after it had partly started.
And Kevin will run in a second and tell me the name of it.
But the point is, in the movie, there's nothing but mountains of garbage everywhere.
It's like 400 years in the future.
They water the crops with Gatorade.
Everyone is totally stupid and totally mindless.
And I was watching that film, and of course I know Mike Judge is a listener to this show and aware of the New World Order, and I've talked to him.
But his film is really good, and the distributors refuse to distribute his film, and it's only opening...
Are you sure this isn't the future, not now, Alex?
Well, exactly.
No, no, it's a base in the future, but exactly.
It's a commentary on what's happening today, and it's so politically incorrect that it's called... What's the name of it?
Okay, great.
Idiocracy, that's the name of it.
My point is, you can't do justice to it unless you see it.
And I know for a fact that they're spiking his film, even though he's had major hit films in the theaters.
They're spiking his film, because in the film, Gatorade buys up the FDA and then replaces the entire water supply with Gatorade.
That's just one little point.
Well, Jim, that doesn't surprise me.
It's why people like another guest of your show, who I know very well, David Shaler...
...is also suppressed in his points because people point to it and make out that it's in some way crazy as opposed to just unpalatable.
None of us like unpalatable facts, do we?
But the fact of the matter is if we don't face up to them, well, we all know what the consequences are.
And I have to relay an analogy to you now, Alex.
Something I want to get onto a bit later, if you're happy to do so, are the chips in the bins.
I won't say too much more at the moment, but essentially the government have admitted espionage against the British people.
I was speaking to somebody about this on a bus, a London bus from Kings Cross Station.
That's the site of one of the 7-7 bombs.
It was just outside of Kings Cross.
And I was going to Blackfriars Bridge, which coincidentally is where Roberto Calvi was hanged in 1982, I'm sure you'll remember.
I was chatting with her about, you know, the fact that it really is a surveillance government gone absolutely crazy and bonkers.
And she was explaining to me that, no, see, they're doing this to protect us.
So that's what I thought she's having me on.
So I explored it a bit further and I said, OK, supposing the government said tomorrow what we're going to do is introduce a microphone into 1% of people's homes just randomly.
She thought for a second.
She replied to me.
She said, well, I'd want to know why they're doing it.
And, you know, the obvious question there, I'm sure, on top of your mind is,
That they would say to protect us against assholes and to monitor criminal activity.
Even a single cell amoeba would be able to work that one out.
And she said, well, yeah, I wouldn't have a problem with that.
And when I said to her, it's a bit Orwellian, isn't it?
It's a bit like telescreens in your house.
You don't really want to be spied on that much.
And she said, well, I've got nothing tied, but what you have to remember about 1984, and nobody makes this point whenever they talk about the book...
The majority of people were happy, it was just the rebels who were unhappy, and I wasn't happy with that.
Oh my God!
So people... This isn't an analogy for the radio.
This is something I remember because I was going, I do a multitude of jobs within the media, one of which is producing one of the UK's largest radio shows in the UK as well.
And I was going, it's a morning show, and I said to my colleague and presenter, I said, look, that's it, I'm emigrating.
I'm leaving.
But the question is, where do you go in this day and age?
Well, I mean, let me be clear.
I don't want to just glaze over that.
That is so important, and I've actually had people say similar things to me.
Now the public has become so brainwashed, at least a section of them, a large majority of them, that when they read 1984, they think Winston's bad.
They think he's a subvert.
Again, that is Orwellian Crimestop.
These aren't even so much stupid people.
They read this frightening book.
They see it paralleled by the real world, so they Crimestop.
Instead of facing the fact that they're in a crisis, that we're all under the gun, they accept Big Brother and become converts to Big Brother, and then see Winston as bad.
Folks, that is incredible, Sean.
So let me ask you this, and let me ask the very many...
People listening to you now.
If that's the case, and this is a question I'd never have asked this except it occurred to me, and I'll tell you in a second why it occurred to me the other week.
If we're prepared to stand for that, do we deserve it?
Well, I'll leave you to ponder on that as I tell you exactly why that crops up.
On another show on the station, there was a fellow called Sean Gabb, who was director of the Libertarian Alliance.
I've absolutely no link with that whatsoever.
He was just a guest.
You can check his site out at libertarian.co.uk, I believe.
And he was saying, because the script for his introduction was along the lines of, Sean Gabb joins me now, tell me, Sean, are we literally sleepwalking into an Orwellian superstate?
And his response was, no, you see, if we were sleepwalking into an Orwellian superstate,
I could potentially, you know, have some hope that I could wake people up to it, but what you're actually getting at the moment is a situation where these people come sheep cross-breeds, at least mentally speaking, who he calls sheeple, seem quite openly to know what's going on, but they say, well, if I can't change it, I really don't care.
Yeah, that's it.
They've had their human spirit somehow burned out of them.
But that is so important.
I read a story about Hillary Clinton giving a speech and saying 1984 was her favorite book, and then it was pointed out that Hillary likes it because it's a model of control and power.
Well, if she ever does become the first female president, Alex, and I can't say I wish that on you.
I definitely cannot wish that on you.
Well, you never know if that's her favourite book, and that's exactly why... Actually, sorry, I have to tell myself off here, because I'm thinking, how much worse could it be?
In the United States of the Patriots Act, we have something very similar called the Terrorism Act 2005.
Certainly in the case of the latter there, there are arguably more protections under Adolf Hitler's 1933 Enabling Act.
That might be a wild claim if you're listening in, but if you go and search for an English translation of that... Yeah, go read it and compare it.
I've done that.
Yeah, now if you do that, you can do that with both.
I mean, you guys, I know that it's going very bad there in many ways in the United States, but at least you have a written constitution.
They might be changing it, but you do have that written constitution.
Ours is unwritten.
And therefore, absolutely ignored.
Well, that's the thing, though.
I mean, these sheeple, as you were calling them... I mean, I go back to this, because I have to.
This is too incredible.
You're sitting there talking to someone, and you go, well, should we put microphones in people's houses?
And then you ring up 1984, and she says, yeah, but in 1984, most of the people liked it.
They were in a hellish system.
The government staged terror attacks daily on them just to keep the fear going.
And rewrote history, and indeed, you know, certainly might seem to the impartial observer that that seems to be happening now to an extent.
You know, WMDs in Iraq, yeah, they said that they didn't have any WMDs in Iraq now that they made a mistake.
It's completely understandable.
Anybody could do it.
Did it twice last Thursday myself.
But, you know, the fact of the matter is, people, there they are.
They are absolutely lying to us
And they're getting away with it, because whenever people like myself and my colleagues in the United Kingdom press and colleagues over the seas there in the United States pull them up on it, they ignore it.
They just say, well, yeah, but we make mistakes, we learn, we move on.
And the sheeple in this country and the sheeple in the United States just stand for it.
Well, the sheeple are going to get sheared right down to their bones, so I hope they enjoy themselves.
Let's come back and talk about those transmitters.
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Speaking of not backing down, I had the transcript of Bush's speech yesterday.
He says, we will never back down, we will never give in, and we will never accept anything less than complete victory.
We will defeat the terrorists and their hateful ideology by spreading the hope of freedom across the world.
You mean you're going to defeat yourself, President Bush?
And then we have the bullet points, the new White House strategy they released.
And after the break, I'll get into this.
They talk about the evil terrorists using conspiracy theories.
Sean Dilley, of course, is a national news producer in the UK, and we're honored to have him with us.
Sean, you mentioned microphones being put in British houses, hypothetically.
Google has announced they're going to use the microphones on the computers to listen for keywords, and then collate that and use that for marketing data.
So it's official.
Microphones, and they said, next cameras...
Listening to what you listen to, to get your habits, listening to you.
Sounds like freedom, doesn't it?
Absolutely, Alex, and what's more, I'll tell you what, at least somebody has got the guts to come out and say, this is what we're planning to do, probably, as opposed to it already happening without us knowing.
And you better believe it does happen.
We all walk around with cell phones, or as we would, in a rather limey way, call them here, mobile telephones.
And if you don't think that they can be dialed into...
Well, I know something you don't.
They can.
People can listen to it.
And the fact that a company like Google are talking about doing this, and they don't think that it's going to affect their business, and let's face it, it probably won't really, will it?
That's a sad thing.
Oh, no, we'll be called crazy.
I'm sure I'll be on the radio in a year from now when the general public learns of it, and they'll go, what's wrong with them listening off the microphone?
It's freedom.
It's good.
Isn't it sad?
And, you know, it's one of those things that,
Right, I'll tell you what, I would like to claim, and I can tell you I am for this work, this story with the chips in the bins, I wasn't the one who uncovered the fact the government were doing it.
The Daily Mail on August the 27th, which is a national publication here in the United Kingdom, they uncovered the story, but their angle on it was that they're considering charging us more for our rubbish collections.
I'll extremely briefly...
Address that angle to it, because there is an angle there, but I think it perishes into being completely unimportant compared to the bigger issue.
Oh, it always has dual use.
In fact, go ahead and tell us about it.
No, I certainly will.
In terms of the recycling issue, in the first place, we pay a thing called council tax.
I think you guys have city tax, is that right?
I know because my very knowledgeable neighbor next door used to live in Florida and he does not shut up about it.
It's a lovely state, I'm sure, but it doesn't make it sound attractive, frankly.
But the fact of the matter is, we pay, I mean, I pay around about £1,200 or £1,300 council tax a year.
Now, I don't know what that would be, about $2,000?
I'm quite sure, you know, you guys pay an awful lot less than that.
And now they're talking about, for that, really, that's a bin collection every week.
It doesn't include water rates or anything like once it would have done.
It's literally that and, you know, an amount of that money goes to the police, the ambulance, etc.
But the fact of the matter is now they're on about charging us for the amount of bins we put out, reducing collections twice a week.
I worked out, Alex, I sat there with a calculator a couple of months ago.
And I worked out it would actually be cheaper for me to call a taxi cab up and send my rubbish to the dump every other week to pay council tax.
Well, they do the same thing here.
They don't let us use our own trash cans now.
They issue us city trash cans.
Well, that's what we've got now, you see.
Well, I say that's what we've got.
We haven't officially got that.
Half a million people in England alone, and the population they tell us are here is 60 million.
I mean, I have to say it's probably more like 80 or 90 million, but...
You know, the fact of the matter is, as a trial basis, they thought they'd sneak them into various bins and sort of phase them in slowly.
And this isn't me, you know, coming up with some nuts, you know, theory on this.
They have actually admitted doing that.
And you can check out, you can probably go to dailymail.co.uk and search for the story.
No, we covered it about a week ago.
We saw the report.
Well, I mean, so you all know that it's not a wild accusation.
They've admitted doing it.
And nobody seems to care about it.
Absolutely nobody seems to care about it.
There are a couple of media outlets who followed our lead and, you know, did the angle that we did, but it doesn't work as a phone-in topic here in the United Kingdom very well because people, sheeple rather, don't seem to appreciate how serious it is.
And it's a very small step, isn't it?
From chips in your bin to check for the weight, to check the type of rubbish you're throwing away, to check to count the amount of rubbish you're throwing away and extrapolate the figures over what you actually earn, etc.,
So they can effectively link every database into one.
And maybe, just maybe, these will be on these desired compulsory ID cards that the government hoped to get through, only since the government is absolutely collapsing like a house of cards.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
We're going to be back after a quick break with Sean Dilley, national news producer, on the other side.
We'll talk about Blair.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's www.ultimatesecurehome.com.
Sean Dilley, national news producer for Syndicated Radio in the United Kingdom.
He also does a lot of other work.
He is our guest.
He's talking about the state of all things Orwellian in our society.
And during the break, I was just thinking about how far things have come, how fast.
We're good to go.
But, Sean, Blair.
Blair is wildly unpopular.
But, again, the establishment owns both the Tories and Labour.
There's been a bunch of resignations today.
You're right there in London.
What's really going on?
Can you give us some of the tidbits that aren't in the news?
I think I probably can, actually, because I've been involved in a number of unofficial conversations with one, two, three, four members of the great British Parliament.
Two of those are fairly senior, actually.
The others were backbenchers.
And there's all sorts of speculation going on at the second as to how long Tony Blair will last.
We're good to go.
But he made the mistake of saying, OK, I'm not going to serve this full term.
I'm going to hand over the reins to someone else after that who's widely been expected to be a fellow called Gordon Brown, who's the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
And I'm sure you'll know there's an alleged deal the two men came to with the formation of New Labour that Tony Blair would hand over power to him.
But absolute power corrupts, absolutely, and he's clinging on like a man possessed to power.
He probably lost any popularity, I'm told some people saw in him about five years ago, really.
But it quite literally is collapsing because he gave an interview to the Times of London a few days ago now, in which he asked people to stop obsessing about his departure date.
Well, you know, you can't help but obsess about it when he's the one that kicked it off in the first place.
So we've got a situation where the Prime Minister of Great Britain has said, well, yeah, OK, I'm not going to bother staying until the next election.
I'll leave at some point, but I'm not going to tell you when.
Now, a few months ago...
Quite a few Labour members of Parliament and Labour obviously in power here in the United Kingdom said, look, you have got to tell us when you are going to leave at the conference this year, which is in October and it's up in Manchester.
Now, he, in this interview in the Times, said that he wasn't going to set out a schedule for his departure, which, unbelievably, would have been a year or so.
People would have been quite content with him leaving in a year had he announced it later on.
But he's got greedy, like many of them often do.
Of course, we don't have the 22nd Amendment here in the UK.
I don't know whether that's a good thing or not.
So, obviously, at the second, the country's in disarray.
The party's in, and I'm going to use a word that all these members of Parliament I spoke with earlier today used, and it would be my assessment as well.
The Labour Party, or the inner party, let's say, they are in meltdown at the second.
There are all sorts of rumours as to how long Tony Blair can last.
The Sun newspaper today claimed that it was going to be until May 31st.
I think we're good to go.
He'll be doing quite well if he's still there by the time of the conference in, I think it's October, I think September the 23rd actually.
So at the moment we've got one minister in the government, he'll be a junior minister, and six ministerial aides.
And they're quite senior, they work very closely in various departments.
They've resigned today, sending what's been referred to as a round-robin letter to the Prime Minister, saying that we'd like to thank you for what you've done, because, of course, they're all in on that little game, I suppose.
And the country, they said, owes you an incalculable debt.
Well, that wouldn't be how I'd put it, but that's their terminology.
But we think it's time for you to step down.
Now, the Prime Minister, he'd asked for Tom Watson, who was the actual Minister in the Department of Defence,
To come and see him.
And apparently he was going to sack him.
That's what they said afterwards anyway.
But he resigned in the first place.
And now at the moment, I'll tell you what, there are two elements that will decide how long Tony Blair will remain in power.
And that's whether Gordon Brown has the
How do we say backbone to force him out of power?
Because all he needs to do is wink his eyebrow and Tony Blair would be out of office.
And also it depends what Rupert Murdoch has decided.
And he runs News International, who own the Sun newspaper, the News of the World, many, many media organisations in the United Kingdom.
And it's my view that News International and that mob have decided that it's time for a change of government.
And the sad fact of the matter is, Alex, I'm sure you know, what does David Cameron mean to you?
Other than the fact you would have researched it, but what does it mean to the average American?
Absolutely nothing.
And it means absolutely nothing here in the United Kingdom.
Do you know, I have spent many hours trawling over David Cameron's policies, and I can't actually tell you what they are, because he doesn't have any.
He's a Tony Blair clone, and it seems that both the parties, and let's face it, it is a two-party system, represent exactly the same point of view.
And a representative democracy only works, surely, when the various parties...
Well, the reason this Blair thing is important is that his forced departure will be a serious blow to the overall neocon agenda.
It will be a roundly public discrediting of the things he's done.
It shows the people in Parliament aren't buying it, but then it doesn't matter because it's like shark teeth.
He leaves and a whole other set of criminals roll forward into place.
Well, I think it was Michael Dobbs, and again, he was a member of Parliament, wrote a series of books.
I recommend it to everyone called House of Cards and to Play the King.
And the comment there, Alex, I would say is, you might think that, you might very well think that.
Of course, I couldn't possibly comment.
You know, very much to say that, backing your point up, that
You know, I think whether Blair stays or does not stay, if anything, I think what's happened is he has outstayed his welcome in terms of the organisers of his party, of the government, so on and so forth.
And because he's done that, he's actually going to get forced out.
He did a tremendous thing for the Labour Party, who stopped being Labour when he came to power in 1994 after the sad death
We're good to go.
Sure, sure.
What about war with Iran?
I mean, I know that's wildly unpopular in England just because it is here, but at the same time, Blair keeps beating the war drum right along with the U.S.
and Israel.
Well, they want it.
It's quite clear they want war with Iran, but I think they're going to get more than they bargained for because it was quite clear with Iraq that they didn't have any WMDs,
With Iran, I don't know, I'm not quite so sure.
I know one thing, that if they intended any bad, they would have done whatever by now.
The fact of the matter is, they're wanting to flex their international muscles.
We have, you might remember actually, because it was a big story there in the United States, Colonel Tim Collins, who's now retired, gave a great Shakespearean speech to the troops in Iraq, American troops, British troops.
Now, he's come out and obviously he's retired.
He said at the moment, particularly British troops, because I think we only have about 100,000 of them, which is pathetic.
He's said that we are completely stretched to breaking point.
We absolutely cannot deploy any more people than we already deploy.
We already have what you guys call reservists, and effectively it's territorial army volunteer reserve here, sent out, deployed with minimal army training.
You're talking about National Guard, right?
Well, effectively, it's a similar system.
I mean, again, they're very, very, very properly trained.
They're good guys.
But at the end of the day, they're having to leave their wives, leave their families.
Yeah, they didn't sign on for that.
Let's take some calls.
But, I mean, overall, is that good news, though, that Tony Blair is being forced out?
Well, do you know, that's a very, very, very good question, Alex.
And I'll tell you why it's a difficult one to answer.
I dislike Tony Blair and I'd never trust him from the beginning, but the fact of the matter is the two alternatives we have are this Gordon Brown fella and David Cameron.
And to quote, I'll tell you what, the only person with a radio show in the United Kingdom like you is a fella called George Galloway you'll be very familiar with every Saturday and Sunday night.
He does that on TalkSport.net.
Yeah, we've interviewed him.
We've interviewed him.
Well, he's a good guy and I'll tell you what, again, I wish I could say that he's representative of
Very many UK members of Parliament, but he's in an upper league.
He could teach any of them a lesson, absolutely anything.
Unfortunately, he is one of the few literate members of Parliament.
It's sad.
Let's take some calls.
Robert in California, thanks for holding her on the air.
Yeah, Alex, your guest, Bill, was awesome.
And I really wanted to ask this question, too.
I don't see how this administration can afford to let the reins of power go to anybody else.
You also think Bush needs to escalate us into World War III and dictatorship because their crimes are so huge there's no way they'll ever get away with it unless they do.
In the old times, the elite would play their part on the stage and then step down and let the next guy take over.
But these guys, they're hubris.
Their arrogance is so over the top.
They want all the power right now, right this second.
They don't want to step down off the stage.
And like you just said, their crimes are so huge.
How could they possibly let
You know, the power go into somebody else's hands who could impeach them, investigate them.
And then I had one other point.
Sure, go ahead.
I wanted your guest's opinion on that.
Oh, sure.
Oh, well, certainly.
I would say to you on this one, yes, you are completely right.
And that's more of a problem for us here because, again, I refer once again to the 22nd Amendment.
And I think it was FDR Roosevelt who outstayed his welcome.
Unfortunately, you guys have, albeit the minimal protection, but you nevertheless have protection of the Constitution.
By the way, Bush has reintroduced legislation to have the 22nd Amendment abolished.
Well, that doesn't surprise me, actually.
I wasn't aware of that, and I'll tell you what, later on this evening I intend to look into that, because that fascinates me completely.
But, you know, regardless of whether he has, God forbid, unless they actually do declare World War III, which I wouldn't put past them at the moment...
Wittingly or unwittingly, I don't think there's any chance he's going to return as president.
It's something that many presidents, including Bill Clinton, have kind of toiled with but never have gone through with.
Sadly, however, we're not talking about individuals here.
We're talking about regimes, aren't we?
We're talking about, I mean, look, how likely is it that the son, and you'll forgive the dog there in the background barking, how likely is it that the son of a president is also going to be the best man to be a president term after that?
What was your other question, Robert?
Yeah, the President was just on, making another speech for about 40 minutes, describing exactly why we need secret police, secret rendition bases in foreign countries, why we must torture, and why we must kill all the Islamofascists first before they kill us all.
And that's it.
I'll listen to this.
You bring up an excellent point there.
Thank you for making that.
I tell you what, particularly given the group of Muslims, and don't get me wrong because I'm no spokesman for any group whatsoever, however, you're seeing a situation now where Muslims by the UK and US governments alike are being vilified, they're being dehumanised.
I'm not Jewish myself, but very much in the same way as...
Adolf Hitler was dehumanizing the Jews post-Treaty of Versailles in World War I. And Hitler didn't just persecute Jews, by the way.
That was kind of the hors d'oeuvre.
And actually, I have to say, it's only years after that people have really focused on the fact that they were persecuting Jews.
Of course he didn't.
That's one of the things that... Don't get me wrong, because I'll tell you what, I'm very pleased that that was uncovered.
But at the time, we didn't know the scale of any of that.
But, you know, obviously Jews were one of the groups he was persecuting and dehumanising and he was blaming for all sorts of reparations and so on and so forth and effectively we've got that now with British government have recently said that the Muslim community are not doing enough to condemn the 7-7 bombers and I appreciate you might want to come back to that in a second but what more do you want Muslims to do in this country?
Do you want them to hang themselves?
Well, I mean, come on.
Also, notice both our governments bring in record levels of Arabs and Muslims and Middle Easterners, but then at the very same time talk about how they're under every table about to chew our feet off.
So it's total propaganda.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Fred.
Fred, where are you calling us from today?
I'm calling from Philadelphia.
Welcome, sir.
You have a great guest on, and the question I want to ask is,
What is the state of privacy in the United Kingdom, including the privacy of the mail?
Well, stay with me for a second.
Don't disappear like the previous caller, because, Fred, when you say privacy, obviously, as pointed out in Terror Storm, Alex, this wonderful DVD, which I can't recommend enough, there are very, very many CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras,
Most police cars now, if not all of them, it certainly will be all of them very soon, have a thing called automatic number plate recognition.
That scans your plates.
Yes, that's right.
Exactly right.
And it scans people's cars.
It's wrong 40% of the time.
Yet, we don't have probable cause here.
There is, in theory, supposed to be justification.
So, no, there is a serious problem with privacy generally.
Let me bring up another issue here that dovetails with that.
Not just when I was bullhorning, but when I was at major tube stations outside, out on the street, the police would walk over and ask why I was filming and ask for my ID and tell me I really needed permission.
And I would say, what's the law?
And they wouldn't say there was any law.
They'd bug their eyes out and go, I'm just talking to you.
I'm just talking to you.
I mean, it was really weird because I'd always thought England was free.
And now your police are so thuggish, they think that cameras aren't allowed on the streets?
No, and let me try... But then they want to aim cameras at all of us, though.
Well, no, exactly right.
They don't want to do it with themselves.
And I'll tell you what, there are two points on this, talking about privacy.
And, you know, you've just reminded me, actually.
Thank you, Fred, for doing that.
We've got two issues at the second, one of which is where the government say they want to introduce, by 2008, a national database, a register of every child in the UK except the children of celebrities.
Of course, you get into the definition of what a celebrity is now with the world of reality TV.
And they want all the DNA.
Yep, they do want all the DNA, they want absolutely everything, which links into what you'd know who I meant if I said Tony Benn, Alex, yeah?
Anti-war campaigner, former British MP.
Now, he's described this as eugenics, or genetic engineering that will potentially lead on to eugenics, because effectively, Tony Blair is suggesting that the government intervene before children are born to identify problem families,
And to intervene before they're born and have a chance to step off the rails.
I mean, are we talking about breeding licenses here, Mr. Blair, are we?
In fact, the governor of Oregon six years ago came out, he's a psychiatrist, and said they want to screen families and start drug... I'm not kidding, this is not a joke... start drug treatments in utero of the fetuses.
Oh, we are.
Oh, I know, but see, the thing is, to answer your question, there is no privacy...
Within the United Kingdom, and certainly, you know, it's one of those things that... And can you go into the phenomena of mail opening, and are you getting the tapes and discs?
Oh, yeah, well, I'll tell you who's bad about going through mail is Canada.
They are.
They are the absolute king daddies.
Thanks for the call.
All right, we're going to come back and talk to Ira, and one other caller after that.
We'll take two final calls with our guest, Sean Dilley.
Stay with us.
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Let's try to take two final calls for Sean Dilley.
That's all we have time for.
Ira in Indiana, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
And Sasha.
Ira, go ahead.
Hi there, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I wanted to say you're a wonderful American.
Thanks for everything that you do.
I just do my job, my friend.
But what's on your mind?
Well, I wanted to make a comment, actually, somewhat regarding the microphone within the computer components.
Yes, Google's saying they're going to use those to listen to you.
Yeah, well, there's actually another issue that I wanted to bring up, and I didn't know if you'd heard anything about anything like this or not.
I know someone who bought a laptop that was brand name.
And he wanted to upgrade some of the things on the motherboard.
So we popped it open, took a look inside.
And it's separated.
There's a whole other area in there, a separate computing system.
Well, yeah.
And what it is, is it's hooked up to the network card.
And it is a 128 meg keyboard logging chip that's connected to the network card.
We contacted customer service about it and trying to find out what exactly this is there for.
And they said that for reasons of national security, they couldn't discuss it.
Yeah, I've read about that online.
Sean, what do you think of them at this?
Do you know, again, I'd like to say I'm shocked, but I'm not, because that happens all the time here.
Everybody's internet conversations are monitored frequently,
Firstly, unofficially, and now really quite officially, they say they monitor for terror activity.
But the NSA only listens to Bin Laden's calls.
They're not spying on us.
Thank you, Ira.
We're out of time.
Call me back tomorrow when we have more time.
Sasha in Missouri.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Really quickly, I wanted to dive a little bit deep into...
Some of the historical references about empire, and it's references specifically in the Bible, in Daniel 11.36.
This was something that they were going through in their time, a fear of an antichrist and an overlord-style empire.
It starts out, The king will do as he pleases.
He will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will say unheard of things against the gods.
He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place.
Doesn't this sound familiar?
A god of fortress, huh?
That's right.
Total police state for the elite.
Thank you for the call.
That's interesting.
By every yardstick, by every measurement, we're going into serious, hardcore tyranny.
Sean Dilley, you were telling us about a talk sports show that George Galloway does.
Tell us that website.
I certainly will.
Every Saturday and Sunday night, 8pm to 10pm UK time, www.talksport.net.
Do us a favour, go to his website, georgegalloway.com.
Ted, have you heard it on the Alex Jones Show?
And I hope to do this again very soon, Alex.
Thank you so much for having me.
Yeah, it was great, Sean Dilley.
Thanks for giving us a report from the UK.
Take care, my friend.
And thank you for Peristorm.
You bet.
Thank you.
There goes Sean Dilley, a big news producer for several national shows in the UK on the radio, and we're always honored to have him on with us.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Stand up against tyranny.
No, we can't have an effect.
We can say no to this evil.
And I'll see you tonight at the Alan McGrath House on South Lamar at 7 p.m.
for the premiere of Terror Storm.
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