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Air Date: Aug. 14, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
I think?
Coming up in the second hour, we have one of the main progenitors of the movement afoot telling us that Iran plans to nuke the whole world and that Ahmadinejad is basically the Antichrist.
And that it is basically a Christian tenet to worship Israel with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul.
So this should be an interesting interview coming up in the second hour.
So, that again is coming up in the second hour.
We're good to go.
I think?
Of course, we already knew this, that this was the start, because they know the average American doesn't even know where the Middle East is, literally.
And so they just hear there's a war going on, and this is a curtain raiser.
And all of the fake terror alerts and people being busted with cell phones and alerts on bridges in Michigan and...
The latest shampoo bombing plot, and they're making mothers literally drink their own milk when it's in bottles.
It's all part of the humiliation.
This is all to create hysteria and fear, leading us into World War III.
Meanwhile, the skull and bones Satanists that are Bush and his controllers have all of these...
Interesting front people out prancing around saying that the end is near and that we will destroy the Antichrist, Achmed Denejad.
I thought the Antichrist would rule from Israel, but it doesn't seem to matter.
The Bible doesn't seem to even enter into this, does it?
No, it doesn't.
No, it doesn't, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, you can't even get mainstream neocon zombie followers to admit that
They've signed away the borders, and it is in official legislation and executive orders to build roads with U.S.
money in Mexico to bring the illegal aliens up here at a quicker clip and actually give them entire railroad facilities and dub them ports under Mexico's ownership.
They don't know that we're being totally subdivided right now.
And if you tell them and show them mainstream news, they'll just laugh at you and begin giggling mindlessly.
Because they have wantonly been given a great delusion.
They want to be blinded.
And believe me, they are.
It happened again yesterday.
I got a few emails when I was on KLBJ doing my weekend show.
People wouldn't call in.
I guess they emailed.
That is, the lines were loaded the whole time, but people wouldn't call in to disagree yesterday.
So I got a few emails saying, I'm a liar.
Bush didn't try to sign and pass the assault offense ban.
Now, it's totally admitted.
He lobbied for it and said he'd sign it.
But they don't care.
They'll just say it's not true.
I know I talk a lot about that, because if you can't get baseline conservatives to admit Bush is anti-gun, then you can't get them to do anything.
I mean, they just wantonly are ignorant.
It is they are willfully ignorant.
All right, I'm digressing.
When we get back, I'm going to launch into the staged terror attacks that are imminent.
Stage terror attacks that are imminent.
And we are going to be a ruled and totally oppressed people with foreign masters.
And most of the yuppies and good old boys out there are going to love it.
Because they play little mind tricks on themselves.
They decide to go along with whatever happens to them.
Because they're called scum.
They're called slaves.
They're called pathetic.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight, we're here, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, I'm going to get into Bush viewed war in Lebanon as curtain raiser for attack on Iran.
That's what all of this is.
It's a warm-up.
It's opening the door.
It's preparing.
It's putting the war on the front burner.
Those are the descriptions we use.
I think Bush's description of it was better.
A curtain raiser.
And of course, this is all a curtain raiser.
These fake terror busts.
And now, five days after this hysteria began, we are learning the same M.O.
We always do.
That it is completely and totally staged.
And we have headlines.
Terror alert staged.
23 intel experts say terror alert staged.
Terror alert a hoax.
Sky Television.
That's Fox of England.
So I want to go over some of that.
And they intend to go to war with Iran and they have basically bought off, paid off, or placed their operatives over every major Christian church in this country.
And they are saying that it is a holy duty to nuke and kill all Muslims and that being a Christian means that you worship the leaders of Israel.
It doesn't matter if they're atheist or not even Christian.
And it's scary, ladies and gentlemen.
It is really frightening to see the world being moved towards World War III and to see a lot of Americans thinking that it is basically going to usher in the rapture.
Of course, if we go into World War III and your kids are being drafted and over there dying, and you're going to keep wondering why you're not being raptured, it's because Ahmadinejad, folks, is not the Antichrist.
They've got their, quote, scholars out there saying he's the Antichrist for sure, and we're fighting the devil.
Okay, well, fine.
And the crazy thing about these preachers and these writers, no matter what baloney they put out, two, three, four years later, no one ever calls them on it.
No one ever calls them on making stuff up.
We're gonna be raptured in 88.
We're gonna be raptured in 95.
We're gonna be raptured in 2001.
We're gonna be raptured...
On and on and on.
And it's a total cop-out, too.
All these millions of Americans, who probably really are Christians in many cases, they're good people, most of them.
I'm like, hey, they're trying to make people take microchips.
Hey, they're putting in face-scanning cameras.
Hey, they're putting poisons in the vaccines.
I know they are, Alex.
Praise the Lord.
That has to happen.
It's the end.
I'm like, don't you want to warn people?
I mean, let's say it is the end.
Don't you have a job to warn people?
Oh, no, it's predestination.
They're not supposed to be warned, Alex.
Well, yes, you are.
It's all over the Bible that you're supposed to warn people and be a watchman and ring the alarm bell.
The question is then, will they hear as God laid it on their heart to hear?
So America really is run by a cult.
The left gets up on...
Radio and TV and the newspaper and says, Oh, George Bush is a right-wing Christian.
He's a Christian cultist.
He's a nut.
He wants Armageddon.
No, he doesn't.
He's a cold-blooded puppet of a military-industrial complex that for 40 years, even longer than that, but in earnest for 40 years, has bought off and paid off and taken over the Christian churches in this country and now written it into the Bibles themselves, that is in the comment sections, and into the doctrine,
All of this baloney, the doctrine of devils and demons, basically, to boil it down.
And they know exactly what they're doing, and so they have a giant Jim Jones-type cult of people who were led by Mossad agents and CIA operatives.
I mean, you know Bush spent $1.6 billion on fake news the last two years.
And that's just one of the programs we learned of.
Hundreds of millions, 118 million on fake letters to the editor.
A lot of that money, folks, is being spent and has been spent on these big televangelist evangelical channels.
I mean, I grew up in Dallas around these people.
I knew these people.
And everybody knew even back then that most of your big televangelists and, quote, missions to Latin America were really CIA.
I mean, I've been riding around in the car with preachers, going to the mall with their kids and had them sitting there on their cell phone back when nobody had them, talking about government stuff.
Basically, government operatives, when they're taking us to the shopping mall when we're 12 years old, to drop us off.
I mean, this is the way it is, and it's a sick joke, and this is why we've been taken down.
If those big national preachers for one day talked about the American Union, if they one day talked about the plan for implantable chips, if they one day... But instead, Pat Robertson gets up and openly says, Oh, well, go ahead and...
You know, taking a chip isn't the mark of the beast.
He's actually said that.
And, you know, face scanning, biometrics is good.
We need this.
And China's doing what it has to do over in China with the forced abortion and infanticide.
And then he came out with a clarification and said, well, they've got a big population.
Yeah, I said what I said.
And they said, the followers said, praise the Lord, abortion is good.
And then I even got calls on air when I was reading the CNN interview with him on air.
What was that, five years ago?
Saying, look what Pat Robertson said about almost six years ago.
People were calling up going, I'm not listening to you anymore, and I'm calling the Christian station you're on, and I'm trying to get you off.
And I said, but he did make the abortion comment.
Well, he's still a good man.
So, again, I'm against abortion.
I'm a liberal.
You're for abortion and gun control and open borders.
You're a conservative.
Okay, I'm going to get into the news here.
It's just getting crazier and crazier.
And then the left can point at all these fake Christians and say, you don't want to be a part of that, and it causes a huge falling away as people go, warmongering crazies, those are Christians, and I don't want any part of it.
Meanwhile, Bush, on his spare time, is running around at a place where they bus in...
Literally hundreds of male prostitutes and quote, top porn stars to quote, service them.
That's even the New York Post and San Francisco Chronicle.
I mean literally, Bush goes to a place where members admit that the men run around naked and there's male prostitutes everywhere.
And again, German chancellors can write autobiographies about how much they love the satanic rituals they do.
And I've had national Christian radio shows call me a liar and say prayers against me on air.
Because I will get on air and I will tell you what's going on at the Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones.
Four or five years ago they'd get on air and say they didn't exist.
In later shows they say, I'm twisting it and I'm a devil and I've been sent to deceive.
Well, just go check out the information.
Don't believe these fake televangelists.
Don't believe me.
Just go look at the information for yourself.
And you'll find out who the big fat demons are real fast.
I got David Gergen on tape.
White House advisor for four administrations.
The Karl Rove of four administrations.
And he told the Washington Times... He said, I don't run around naked like the rest of them do.
When he got caught being a member of the Grove.
And I brought that up to him and he blew up.
And I said, what about the rituals?
He said, it's none of your business.
And got in my face and almost got physical.
Started using my old profanities.
And that's for free on the web.
You can go watch that.
This is real, ladies and gentlemen.
They got our churches.
They're bringing them down.
Now they've promised them $10 billion a year in federal payoffs.
That'll be open payoffs with the faith-based initiative.
They got major denominations saying, Praise the Lord, we're going to be under government pay.
Oh, it's so good.
And they've got their operatives, government agents, all over the media posing as Christian preachers, posing and writing all these books, up there spewing this stuff.
This is dangerous.
This is a big fat joke on all of us.
I made a prediction before 9-11, the only prediction I've made, that the CIA asset bin Laden would be given the blame for an attack on the World Trade Center conducted by elements of the military-industrial complex.
And I said, call the White House, call Congress, tell them don't do it.
Well, for the first time in over five years, I launched Operation Expose the Government Terrorist in July.
In July.
July 25th of 2001, that is a year and what about 17, 18 days ago.
So five years and 17, 18 days ago.
Now I'm issuing another alert.
I see all of the lines merging, all the different points, all the different key propaganda being used by the media, all of their operatives coming out of the woodwork now for the big push to legitimize a war with Iran, and it isn't going to happen without a major terrorist attack in the West.
It is.
They are just not going to be able to pull it off.
These drills don't hold water anymore.
They've been caught so many times issuing fake terror alerts.
It came out again that an MI5 agent was leading this group of Muslims, and it was Pakistani CIA money funding it, and it's the same MO.
You've either got it where the government busts its own agents...
And then releases them a month later, and it's in the back of the paper after everybody forgets, and it was a totally staged terror alert.
And then they'll say, well, we busted our agent to bring them in off the streets and went ahead and issued the alert so we wouldn't compromise our network.
Or they go out and provocateur a group of mentally retarded street kids.
That's the most common thing they do.
Or they go actually create a group and provocateur it and try to get them to carry out an attack, and occasionally they're able to basically fund and command them to carry it out.
You know, so there's different variants of this.
Or they just issue completely fake terror alerts without arresting anyone, just saying, we've gotten shattered.
And then, of course, it turns out it's politically motivated and comes out in the mainstream news.
But again, back of the paper, not a big national story, so the average person doesn't know about it.
We've got 50-plus, I counted them up this weekend, 50-plus mainstream news articles admitting the terror alerts are completely fake, including the White House press secretary having to admit it in 2002.
So, we are on the verge of these murdering terrorists killing more of us and then sitting up there posing as our saviors and the pundits talking about what great leaders they are.
We're on the verge of it yet again.
And so I'll go over the latest developments.
There's been a lot of them.
And the big news, it's now admitted that Lebanon is meant to kick off World War III with Iran and Syria.
As we told you, now here it is, mainstream news.
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We don't have a choice, folks.
We can't back down.
There are cold-hearted, predatory elites that see you as lower than amoebas.
They coldly calculate.
They coldly, for over 100 years, have had top psychiatrists and psychologists studying human activities and psychology.
They know how to manipulate you.
And they write giant textbooks admitting they do this to you, knowing the general public is watching sitcoms and movies
Watching football, and it's just so sad to see this happen.
Or if you're tuned out of that fake system, they know people are tuned in to the fake churches who are there leading their people right into hell.
Hell on earth, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh boy.
Well, we're here.
We're here at the edge of World War III, and it really is World War III.
Not because even the Russians or the Chinese are going to strike again,
If our military in Israel hit Iran and Syria and invade them, but because our government, the corrupt people that have hijacked it, wrote in the PNAC document, which is being followed to the word, to the dot, every jot and tittle, it's the plan.
They admit it's their blueprint.
They've invaded three countries on their list, and there are 60...
I think?
You know, 60-plus countries, hundreds of regions and subsects, because a lot of those 60-plus countries are really two or three countries merged together, different ethnic groups and populations.
That's why I say hundreds of countries.
And our troops are in, what, 123 countries, have major military forces in 123, have small presences, what, in 30 or 40 more.
It's 160-something.
Last time I checked, it's always changing.
But 120-plus main countries, and they want to go into 60-plus more,
And again, those are divided into different regions.
You wonder, how are they going to do that?
Well, you see, when a big nuke goes off here in the U.S., they're going to totally clamp down.
We're going to ramp up for about two years into a total war economy.
They've brainwashed us and turned us into dumbed-down, bestial killing machines, basically.
And we are going to be the demon spawn that mans the world extermination force.
And it's not going to be pretty.
And while that's happening, we'll be losing our private property.
Big, huge foreign corporations are openly already taking over our major roads and ports, and it's in the legislation right now.
The U.S.
will build all the major highways in Mexico, and the toll roads will pay for it.
We read that in the documents.
Now it's in actual legislation.
I was pleased to hear Brownfield covering that today on Genesis Communications.
Gary Brownfield was actually reading the bill.
So this is America.
And you'll be a total slave.
CPS will, I would say, quadruple the amount of children they grab each year.
There will be forced vaccinations.
They'll be just... You want hell on earth, folks, you're going to get it.
I mean, these people are going to make Nazi Germany literally look like a shadow of the full manifestation that we're going to see here.
I mean, the depths of...
Sadistic, cold-hearted savagery that beats in the heart of this elite, this collection of inbred trash.
Well, that's why they say they have a right to rule us.
They see us as all stupid and dumb, which to a certain extent is true because they've dumbed us down even more.
And they just think it's their right to do it.
They're social Darwinists.
And they openly say they're going to usher in hell?
Hell on earth, ladies and gentlemen.
What do you think Nazi Germany was?
What do you think Soviet Russia was under Stalin?
What do you think it was under the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution under Mao?
Hell on earth.
Millions dying a month.
That has happened all over the world over and over again.
Can you imagine?
60 million murdered over 25 years in China.
How many football stadiums of 100,000 is 60 million?
How many 100,000s go into a million?
And then 60 times that.
60 times that.
So 10, do the math for yourselves.
10 football stadiums of 100,000 go into a million.
And then 60 times that.
Think about how many football stadiums you're talking about.
That is the amount they killed in China alone, and they declassified it.
And I couldn't believe it when it was on History Channel, when the CIA section chief from that time said, Oh, we actually didn't want the Nationalists in.
We actually put Mao in.
Mao admitted our government put them in.
And then they ended the staged event in the 70s with the opening up of China.
And now they've leveraged all of our industry there.
So the globalists could militarily use the slave goods to destroy any manufacturing or any retail that wasn't centralized under their control.
It's all military.
It's all done with military precision.
Buying off your city councils.
Your state reps was done with military precision.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The New World Order Crime Syndicate has openly declared war on humanity for the last hundred years.
They now have more power than they've ever had.
They lust for war.
They lust for
For war, well, the biggest reason is because under wartime conditions, you can shut down the thinking process in the general public.
You can suspend human rights, civil rights, God-given rights is the proper term.
And you can focus and funnel and conduit more and more of the economy through fewer and fewer hands for an even greater centralization of power.
That's why the globalists funded the communists.
They go into third world countries, wipe out in some cases a third of the entire population in places like the Ukraine, and they just take the property.
This is what they do.
And they're just so evil.
And I just look at the spoiled, rotten Americans.
Why do you think we've had it so good?
Because we weren't perfect in history, but we were better than all the other countries when it came to having the biggest group of free people.
We're good to go.
And Americans don't think it can happen here.
Americans think that they're on the top of the heat.
Americans see these elites on television and associate themselves with those that have hijacked our government, and they think, oh yeah, we're going to go whoop some Arab.
We're going to go whoop some Iranians.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know we're in trouble.
And I just sit here and I look at this facade, this teetering facade of the Walmarts and the shopping malls and the people running around decadently in the streets who are living off of what our forefathers and mothers, our forebearers, built.
It wasn't easy to build this.
People were jealous of their liberties.
They were mistrustful of government.
Our government was tiny.
The people were aggressive.
They would ride politicians out on a rail for one one-thousandth of the type of stuff we see the government doing today.
And I look at the progeny of our forebears.
We are a joke.
We have to admit to ourselves how far we've fallen, what we have turned into.
Let me just tell the yuppies and the good old boys and all the people that think they're part of the system.
Let me just tell you something.
You're not part of the system.
You're not powerful.
You're not in control.
You're not in control of your environment.
That's what civilization is.
It's an attempt to control your environment.
And when the people control the civilization you do control the environment to a great extent and you have milk and honey.
When the elites control the environment you always have enslavement and degradation and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
And now, boys and girls, we're going into bondage.
And it's so sad to sit here and to say the things that whistleblowers and town criers have said in so many other civilizations, in Rome, in Israel, in so many places where things went bad, to sit here and see the home of the Magna Carta, the home of the Bill of Rights, the home of jurisprudence, the home of the Mosaic Law, the home of all of it, going down the toilet bowl is painful.
What makes the U.S.
the U.S.?
What made us different?
We were free.
We were involved.
We were informed.
We weren't perfect, but we weren't like all those other shackled people.
And to now see a classical grid of control being placed over us with high-tech systems overlaying it
I mean, they brag about how we are a model of sheep.
We're a model of slaves.
The only thing they haven't gotten is our guns, and they're moving forward and building up their mechanisms, their enforcement arms, their agents to do that.
They're officers.
And I just see the final cogs going into place, the final linchpins locking.
The dials switching and humming and buzzing and the buttons being pushed and levers being pulled and I see the arrogant enemies of humanity up there fat like giant bloated ticks on the blood of the innocents and it makes me angry.
Now I know that
A lot of you choose to deny what I'm saying and, oh, Alex exaggerates and Alex gets too upset.
No, no, no, no.
My feeble mind, my little limited intellect cannot describe for you the full, black, monolithic, gargantuan, colossal,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The ongoing horrors that are taking place right now, legion upon legion of verified, documented cases of systematic, cold-blooded butchery and murder and maiming that is going on against our people.
And to sit here and to know that we're going into the eye of the storm right now, that the winds are getting much greater.
I'm not taking calls this hour.
I'm going to continue to talk and cover this information.
And we've got an interesting individual.
I'm going to save it.
Joining us coming up in the next hour.
And in the third hour, we'll open the phones up.
We may even open the phones up if the guest stays with us in the next hour.
There are so many people that for a handful of silver, for 20 pieces, 40 pieces, whatever it is, they'll sell out their own mothers.
Everything is about status.
Everything is about posing like a bunch of gamecocks dressed up in their fancy regalia.
I don't even hate the servants of evil now.
I just see them as pathetic zombies.
They are.
They may have intellects and eyes that sparkle with genius and motivation and hunger.
But they are possessed with avarice.
They are possessed with pettiness.
They are possessed with the disease of peacocks.
And they don't have any view of the larger human experience and the human destiny.
They are so robbed of the beauty and the dynamic engine that is love and goodness and they are so sad and pathetic to behold.
And then there's the dark generals of the New World Order that do know the final designs and the full plan, who aren't deluded by their own propaganda, who I just see as black holes of anti-matter, of anti-good, literal forces, titan-like daggers slicing through the very sinew of everything that is life.
What do I say?
What do I do when faced with the engineering of World War III?
When faced with an escalation and human calamity and the murder of millions to come, many of them our own countrymen?
What do I do when we have a public that willfully is ignorant?
That willfully will not see reality when it's two inches in front of them?
Who won't even preserve their own flesh!
They're so into the moment, they're so nihilistic in the moment, they can't even see the ongoing ravaging that we're all under.
And the intensifying of it every day, every moment, every millisecond, every fraction of an instant.
So here is what we face.
Fake terror alerts, staged provocateur bust as usual.
It's now come out.
This group, Paul Watson's doing a big article on it right now.
It's led by an MI5 agent, the latest in England.
Americans carrying out the ritual of enslavement, the ritual of shackling.
Mothers being forced to drink their own milk out of bottles that they'd pump for the airplane.
Humiliations untold.
Two-year-old toddlers being searched by...
We're good to go.
I think?
And then still they accelerate it.
Still they throw more wood on the fire.
And look closely, that wood is human beings and human lives and everyday instances of police framing innocent people and happily going home and sleeping at night after framing innocent people and lying on the stand and stealing people's children and doing every other form of wickedness you can imagine.
All part of a fascistic tragedy playing out in front of everyone.
And we have Bush viewed war in Lebanon as a curtain raiser for attack on Iran.
This is out of the New Yorker magazine.
It's out of publications like the New Yorker.
Bush viewed war in Lebanon as curtain raiser for attack on Iran.
This is the Independent.
Andrew Buncombe in Washington.
The Bush administration was informed in advance and gave the green light to Israel's military strikes against Hezbollah with plans drawn up months before two Israeli soldiers were seized.
We're good to go.
Started their inquiries with Vice President Dick Cheney, knowing that if they secured his support, obtaining the backing of President Bush and Condoleezza Rice would be easier.
The report by Cy Hirsch quotes an unidentified U.S.
government consultant with close ties to the Israelis who says, The Israelis told us that it would be a cheap war with many benefits.
Why oppose it?
We'll be able to hunt down and bomb missile tunnels and bunkers from the air.
It would be a demo for Iran.
Close quote.
A former intelligence officer also quoted says, We told Israel, look, if you guys have to go, we're behind you all the way, but we think it should be sooner rather than later.
The longer you wait, the less time we have to evaluate the plan for Iran before Bush gets out of office.
And as I said Thursday, there's two windows.
There's the window up until late October, then if they don't go then, they will probably go coming up the next year leading into that major presidential election.
I mean, folks, if Bush wants to stay in office, if the elite decide that's what they want, all they've got to do is pull off something really big in a U.S.
city, and it's over, folks.
Total martial law.
I mean, it'll get so bad, they probably won't even arrest me or trump something up.
They'll just send a hit squad out to gun me down right in the street.
And if you see that happen, you know that's the major balloon.
A whole bunch of us get hit at once, a big night of the long knives, a crystal night.
So, we're doing everything we can right now to fight these people for this country.
If you're fighting the New World Order, folks, you are real soldiers in the fight for this republic.
You're defending the last vestiges of the United States, which could regenerate and turn back into our country.
But corruption has gone so far to seed, the hubris, the unbelievable arrogance is just so massive right now.
The good news is there are some sections of the highest level elites that think this is too dangerous now.
But the majority of the elite, especially in the Anglo-American axis, that's the U.S.
and England, believe they need a major escalation now of World War III proportions to bring in their new world order.
They believe it's stalling and will fail if they don't.
And Rockefeller's, what, almost 90 years old, and others want to see it happen in their lifetimes, and so we're up against the wall right now.
This is a time that tries men's souls.
This is a time that takes unbelievable courage.
This is a time that, that's really an illusion.
You know, it seems it takes unbelievable courage on the surface level to fight this and put yourselves against it.
But if you don't, it's going to come in, it's going to happen, it's going to develop, it's going to unfold, and then we're all in a world of hurt, folks.
We're all at a whole other level here, and I just don't want to see that happen.
I don't want to see that.
I don't want to see this happen.
Because this thing is just going to spiral completely out of control.
And there have been a lot of other instances where the elite wanted to start World War III, where they wanted to have a hot war, and cooler minds prevailed even in the system.
This article goes on to report other documents and information that have come out in the San Francisco Chronicle and other places.
Yeah, this is all just a demo because they know...
That the average American doesn't know where Iraq is, doesn't know where Lebanon is, doesn't know what year 9-11 happened, doesn't know any basics.
They just hear there's a war, people are shooting rockets.
They don't even know who started it.
Or if they think they do, they'll argue with you.
They don't know it's in major Israeli papers that the capture of those troops was staged and they sent them across to be captured.
They don't know it's admitted that Israeli Special Forces could have saved them and had their infrared sights trained on Hezbollah when they grabbed them.
They don't have any connection.
They don't know the government, the criminal elements that own it and run it, won a major war so they can put in their American Union, so they can grab your ranches and farms, so they can put in their NAFTA highways, so they can take your money and your bank accounts.
Do you understand, folks?
They've already sucked trillions out of the Pentagon.
I mean, again, mainstream news.
Trillion's missing.
No one is investigated.
No one gets in trouble.
Congress brings it up to Brumsheld.
He says, I'm not going to tell you.
We don't know.
I mean, that's the type of evil.
Folks, people go, why would they want tyranny?
Why would the elite want to do bad things?
Why would they want to hurt this country?
Why do dictators always want to seize nations?
Why do elites always... Why do oligarchies or plutocracies want to do this?
Because they get to run everything.
Because they're greedy, folks.
And your little middle class life doesn't factor into that.
You understand?
Well, there'll be a lot of you who serve the system and I guess get wealthy off of serving it.
And I've talked to a lot of elitist or want to be elitist, mid-level people, millionaires, people who work in the system.
And they're just like, Alex, I know it's evil and I decided to join it.
I mean, I've had them.
I know well-to-do people who told me point blank.
I know big lobbyists.
I know former speakers of the House here in Texas.
And they've stopped me on the hiking bike trail.
I'm like, oh, I know who you are, yeah.
I know we know who you are, Alex.
You know you're not going to beat us.
And you know you could join us.
I mean, it's just sick.
It's like in They Live when the guy's going, come on, join them.
You know you want to.
You deserve a little.
What if a man gained the whole world and lost his soul?
What's wrong with you people?
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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We're good to go.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective, natural alternatives and education.
We'll see if he shows up.
Joel C. Rosenberg.
Written a bunch of books about how it's the last days and we're going to have a big holy war with the Arabs, how that's Jesus' plan.
Worked for the Israeli government.
The highest levels, and now he goes around all the Christian churches explaining how things supposedly really work for us.
So I look forward to having him on.
Coming up in just a few minutes.
This is the type of stuff, this is the type of propaganda selling our country down the road to hell.
Back to the fake terror alerts.
We've got a big report coming out, but it's in mainstream news.
We have it all on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
It's the same MO as always.
MI5 had a mole.
In the Pakistani group in London, which just so happened to be the leader of the group.
It's always the same.
And the money from Pakistan is tied in to the same crowd that wired money to Mohammed Adda, which is Pakistani ISI, which is CIA.
And they hadn't gotten the explosives, and they hadn't made the explosives yet, and they're all just trying to spin that right now.
It's the same MO it always is.
Meanwhile, they are running around fear-mongering here in the U.S.
that we're going to be hit any millisecond by terrorists.
And Mr. Chertoff, the foreign government agent, is running Homeland Security along with his little buddy, Alberto Gonzalez, the La Reconquista Mecha member, who openly calls for the end of the United States.
I'm not kidding.
Go look it up.
You couldn't make this stuff up.
It's so crazy.
Imagine writing a science fiction book.
Philip K. Dick books aren't this weird.
Aren't this ridiculous.
This out in the open.
Chertoff says that we need to pass the bill Bush has introduced for the secret arrest and trial and execution of any American citizen they wish.
And he's saying we need to pass it right now.
They've got legislation in Congress.
Notice they've got all the legislation lined up right now, everything in the pike.
All these things converging into a nexus, into a convergence point, into a huge crossroads, a huge collision.
All of it focusing in the next two months.
In the next two months.
Every day gets more dangerous as we get deeper into mid-October.
I would say by mid-October the danger will start going down and be basically reduced by...
We're good to go.
I think?
But I can see the manifestation of the meetings and the decisions made at the highest levels of the roundtable groups, as they're called by the globalists, by the actions on the ground.
By full spectrum analysis of the information, we can see what's happening.
And my prediction stands.
It's very exciting to see a lot of you going absolutely ape right now.
All over.
Radio, TV, the web.
We've never seen a response this big.
You're listening this time.
I appreciate that.
You're warning everyone of the stage terror that's looming.
Other people are doing their own analysis.
It's the same as mine.
We've been posting it.
Excellent articles being written by Op-Ed News, by Mr. Chin, and others.
And they're all seeing the same pattern.
You'd have to be blind as a pig to not see it.
Be a blind pig not to see it.
But I guess occasionally people find acorns.
But will the American people find it?
Will they see it?
Yeah, I'm a blind pig, folks, and I can see it.
All right, we'll be back with our illustrious guest, a wonderful individual, let me tell you.
We'll see if he shows up for the interview.
And I hope you'll visit Infowars.com, get my new film Terror Storm, and get it out to people before it's too late.
We'll be right back.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, he's scheduled to be joining us right now.
He's Joel Rosenberg.
He's written a bunch of books.
The Last Jihad, The Last Days.
He writes for major publications.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And that doctrine is now preached by Hagee and others.
I saw Hagee a few months ago.
I've seen him.
I was down at the Texas beach watching TBN and Hagee actually said that Christians are junior to Jews and that they have a separate covenant.
I thought Christ said something else.
We're good to go.
Ahmed Dinejad, according to the neocons out there, may blow everything up here very soon.
I mean, I wanted to hear it directly from this guy's mouth about how the Muslims plan to kill everybody.
I wanted to ask him some other questions, too.
But we will definitely talk about this individual and some of the things he's done, some of the things he's saying, without him being here if he doesn't show up.
Were you able to get him?
We did get our guest.
Well, this is very, very exciting.
We really appreciate Joel Rosenberg coming on with us.
The website is joelrosenberg.com.
I'll just be honest, out of the gates, I don't agree with a lot of the stuff Mr. Rosenberg is saying, but he's an influential person with an influential popular view, and so I thought we'd have him on.
Mr. Rosenberg, thanks for spending time with us.
How are you?
Hey, Alex.
I'm not doing too well.
We're about to have World War III, and my country's turning into a police state, and a lot of things are happening.
But tell us about yourself, sir, and some of your background, and then I want to get into what you think is going to happen here in the next few months.
Well, I certainly share your concerns that we've got a very serious situation going on, not only in the Middle East, but coming out of the Middle East towards those of us here in the United States.
There's a tremendous victory there.
By British intelligence, American intelligence, apparently even perhaps Pakistani intelligence on Thursday, but it reminds us of what a serious battle that we are in, in terms of radical Islam.
Now, my background, I'm an evangelical Christian, I'm from an Orthodox Jewish heritage, my family escaped out of Russia as Orthodox Jews, got into politics, worked for about
Twelve years for a number of U.S.
and Israeli political leaders, including the former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the former Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, Nathan Sharansky.
Sharansky, of course, famous more recently for writing the book, The Case for Democracy, that has been very influential at the White House and other places.
But for the last five years, I've been writing political thrillers based in the Middle East, focused on the Middle East,
And kind of drawing people into what I thought was a coming war with radical Islam.
What's been strange, eerie, say some, is that my novels have had a way of seeming to foreshadow actual coming events.
Yeah, kind of like Tom Clancy.
Well, in a sense, that's right.
My first novel, The Last Jihad, the first page puts you inside the cockpit of a hijacked jet, hijacked by radical Islamic terrorists, coming in on a kamikaze,
...attack mission into an American city, except that I wrote it nine months before September 11, 2001.
I thought Bush had never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings, but then it turned out Clancy, you, many others wrote about it.
Do you ever see that Lone Gunman episode on Fox?
I didn't see that episode, but you're right.
People have talked about possibilities like this.
Stay there, sir.
Stay there.
This is very interesting.
I want to get into this on the other side of the break.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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That's 1-800-686-2237.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Joel C. Rosenberg, a one-time aide to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky, is a New York Times best-selling author of Middle East-based political thrillers.
I was talking to him during the break while he was being shuttled off to CNN today.
He's all over TV and radio routinely with political thrillers, which...
And then now he and a lot of his associates have got all these articles out in the Wall Street Journal and other publications about how on the 22nd, Ahmadinejad may start World War III and destroy the planet.
Sir, can you tell us basically what you think we're facing with Iran and what's happening in Lebanon and how this all ties into you being a Christian in your faith?
Well, let me start with the August 22nd date.
I don't know
What's going to happen on August 22nd?
But, of course, the famed Princeton historian on the Middle East, Bernard Lewis, has raised concerns that when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives his response that day to international concerns over Iran's nuclear program, that that response could come in the form of a cataclysmic attack against Israel or the United States or somewhere else in the world.
Because of that connection to Islam and the date that the Prophet Muhammad... Now, he's busy giving interviews for 60 Minutes, and people said, you know, the left falls for Hitler.
Was that you that said that?
Well, I do think that Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler.
He is saying that he is going to destroy not only Israel, but in the same speech in which he said that he would wipe Israel off the map, he urged...
The Muslim world to envision a world without the United States.
And he said, is that possible?
And then he said, yes, it is.
And he is laying out a plan bit by bit, step by step, building an international alliance
But actually, in his letter to Bush... Sure.
I mean, what happens is Cheney and others say, we're going to knock you off the map, we're going to cause you great pain and suffering, and then Ahmadinejad says back, okay, we'll knock you guys off the map.
You never said that we're going to knock Iran off the map.
Oh, yes, they've openly talked about overthrowing that government and breaking it up into three parts, three to six parts.
That's the official Pentagon plan.
What are you talking about?
Well, obviously, we don't want...
A genocidal dictator that really approximates
Are you saying there's not a plan to break Iran up?
But in terms of wiping the country off the planet, that has never been said, nor is it intended.
Now, wait a minute.
There are plans being pushed by the Israelis and elements of the U.S.
government to break up Iran, to break up Iraq in three parts.
Are you saying those aren't official war doctrines and plans being looked at by the global strategists?
What I'm saying is that Iran poses a threat.
Do you think they have nukes?
Do you think they have nukes right now?
Do you think they have nukes?
I don't think they do yet, but God forbid that we're wrong.
I don't know.
Well, I mean, let's get down to brass tacks here, okay?
I'm a Christian, but I see this type of Christianity now...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Who's been proven to be extremely accurate, and now other foreign publications in England reporting that they've confirmed and seen documents, this is out today, that Bush told Israel, go ahead and start this up as a curtain raiser.
We want to go ahead and attack Iran.
We know they want to attack Iran.
And so again, that shows how dishonest all of this is.
We don't want to attack Iran.
Not the United States.
We don't want to.
Israel doesn't want to.
We just need to.
Well, if Ahmadinejad is able to get the type of weaponry to accomplish his genocidal objectives, to destroy Israel, whom he describes as the little Satan, and to destroy the United States, whom he describes as the great Satan, then obviously that's an existential threat to us.
But, that being said, there's a lot of ways we'd love to go before...
Nobody wants another war in the Middle East.
Any type of war.
And nobody wants to have to go to war with Iran.
The question becomes, when a man like Ahmadinejad, who holds radical Shiite views, he is saying publicly that the end of the world is rapidly approaching.
And that the way to accomplish the bringing of the coming of the Messiah is to destroy Israel and the United States.
Sure, you guys write books.
Hold on, Mr. Rosenberg.
I've got to finish this.
This is important.
It's hard to negotiate with a man who wants to bring about the end of the world.
That's what concerns me.
I understand.
You're staying on script.
Let me finish something here.
Our government carried out terror attacks in 1953 to overthrow the elected government of Iran.
It's declassified.
It's public.
And they did it hundreds of other times.
And I have the newspapers right in front of me.
This is Sky News.
That's Fox in England.
terror alert, a hoax.
World Net Daily, who you write for.
Terror alerts, manufactured FBI agency, White House scripting hysterics for political effect.
Some U.S.
attack threats fabricated.
Here's another one.
Red alert for staged government terror.
Here's CBS News saying the same thing.
Here's AFP.
Politics drove decision to raise a terror alert.
Your point being what?
Oh, I'm not done.
I have the Washington Times when Ari Fleischer admitted they were staging it.
My point is, Rashid Swat...
A large portion of these events, Mr. Rosenberg,
You don't think, you're saying that you don't think that the threat from radical Islam really is trying to destroy Western civilization?
Our government gave $6 billion to bin Laden.
Well, let me see.
You don't talk about that, do you?
No, it's a yes or no question.
Are you saying that radical Islam is not an existential threat to the United States?
It has been exaggerated about 50-fold compared to the elite we have running our nation that are running it into the ground.
Meanwhile, after World War II, radicalizing the Muslims, and that's mainstream history, to try to overthrow moderate governments, putting, quote, radicals in, building the best enemies money can buy.
That's what I'm talking about.
So you're saying that our government is the real threat?
We don't have a real government, sir.
You're saying that the Bush administration and Congress
Is the threat to the world not radical Islam?
Well, that's what the majority worldwide believe in polls, including Europeans.
I'm asking you.
I'm asking you.
It's certainly not what the majority of Americans believe.
Well, I have the evidence of that.
Well, actually, that's changing now.
No matter how many fake terror alerts or how many patches we have.
Do you think this is all fake?
That's a difference of a divergence.
I would say America is going through a degree of what I call cultural schizophrenia.
Roughly 40% of the country is looking, 40 to 45, is looking at the other...
Let's be honest, Mr. Rosenberg.
Let's be honest.
Your website is joelrosenberg.com.
We have links to it up on infoawars.com.
Christians can live, Jews can live in Iran.
Now, in Israel, and you're a Christian, and I've got the newspaper articles, so we're going to take your quotes and put them right next to Haratz and Jerusalem Post.
You're not allowed to preach anywhere on the streets.
Of course you are.
No, you're not.
I've been there.
I've seen it happen.
Been there, seen it.
There are more Jewish people turning to faith in Jesus Christ today than at any other time since the first century.
There's over 10,000 Messianic Jews.
Are you telling me there's a law against proselytizing in Israel?
You can share your faith openly in Israel.
Boy, I'll tell you, you're something else.
What about laws where they tell... I'm telling you the truth, sir.
What about when they told 9,000...
Are you saying that doesn't exist?
I have never seen that.
Come on, you're not stupid.
You know this.
When would you, quote, become a Christian to lead the Christians?
What's your point?
Is your point that you agree with Ahmadinejad that Israel shouldn't exist?
No, I'm saying that Israel does a lot of hypocritical stuff that they claim the Arabs are doing.
Well, look, I'm not telling you that Israel is a perfect country.
I just don't think they should be threatened with genocide, and that's what Iran is threatening.
That's the point here.
Let me ask you a question.
Are there official Israeli maps?
Are there official Israeli maps?
Are there official Israeli maps from the founding of the state right to today and editorials in the newspapers in Israel right now saying that Israel wants to take part of Egypt, part of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, you name it.
Why do you think the Arabs are so freaked out?
Israel has said over and over again they're going to take most of the region.
They're not going to take most of the region.
They have given back most of what they captured.
It is Israel that was attacked in 1948.
They accepted...
The 1947 United Nations Partition Plan, they said, we'll take our half a loaf, and they got attacked by five Arab countries.
They were attacked in 1967.
They have now given back Gaza.
They gave back southern Lebanon.
Olmert was about to give back the West Bank, but what are they getting for their initiative?
What they're getting is attacks by 4,000 missiles
So you're denying that Israel's government openly has announced many times in published reports they want a greater Israel?
Ariel Sharon was the leader.
Ariel Sharon, however...
Turned on that idea and said, you know what?
I would love to have a greater Israel, but it's never going to happen.
Let's give back Gaza.
Let's give back the West Bank.
Do you agree with Pat Robertson that he was struck down by God?
For that position, Israel just got hit with 4,000 missiles.
I understand.
But what I'm asking is, do you agree with the statements that all these Jewish leaders that get killed or that they have strokes, it's because God is cursing them?
I don't believe that, no.
Look, I just don't want World War III, bro.
And I certainly know that there are plenty of Arabs over there that want to blow Israel off the map.
I'm not denying that.
I'm just telling you, we are not going to beat 1.3 billion Muslims, and we need to get in there and negotiate.
Now, you can call that being a coward.
I'm just telling you, I know a lot of Arabs.
Stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
Look, I'm not one of these Israel haters.
You can go look it up, Rosenberg.
I get attacked all the time.
But I don't want World War III.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Joel C. Rosenberg, one-time aide to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, writes these political thriller books.
We've got links to them up on Infowars.com.
I told him during the break, the neocons are advocating World War III.
Newt Gingrich and others are up there saying, this is World War III.
We've got to go into Iran.
They're all over the place beating the drum.
He told me during the break that he's not doing that.
Well, putting out rhetoric that Ahmedinejad is going to, as soon as he can, basically attack us, and I was talking to him during the break, that's what he basically believes.
Is that what you believe, or is that an improper assessment of what you told me during the break?
I don't believe that I or anyone else is advocating World War III on the, quote, the neocon side.
I assume you mean being Jewish.
No, I don't mean Dick Cheney's a neocon.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Rush Limbaugh tries that.
Hold on.
Those guys in the White House, that current crew, they wrote books calling themselves neocons, okay?
And a bunch of them happen to be Jewish.
A bunch of them happen to be old white guys.
And then Limbaugh tries to spin it, saying it's code for racism.
Do the neocons call themselves neocons?
Yes, they do.
Okay, well then, no, I'm not talking about Jewish people.
Go ahead.
All right, well, my point is, I'm not advocating World War III, and nor is Newt Gingrich or anyone else of that caliber.
What we're saying is, World War III is upon us.
Radical Islam is attacking us and trying to attack us from multiple centers all over the world.
And you've got in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man who is being very clear.
I mean, we should at least thank him for his honesty.
He wants to commit genocide.
He wants to destroy Israel, wipe her off the map, killing six million Jews in the process.
And he wants the Muslim world to prepare to wipe the United States off the map, to envision a world...
Without the United States, and he says it's possible.
He's building an alliance to do that.
What do you say to the rhetoric where he writes George Bush letters and says he wants to be friends?
What do you say to all that?
No, what he said in that letter was, repent and become a Muslim or you're going to face judgment.
That's exactly what he said in the final paragraph of that letter.
Look, here's my point.
My point is we face a real threat, a threat from radical Islam.
We don't have a perfect government, but we do have to defend ourselves against those who would destroy our way of life.
It may have seemed like fantasy or rhetoric prior to September 11th, but now we have seen how capable these jihadists are.
And in the president of Iran, we have a person who, if he is able to get nuclear weapons, will be able to do in about six minutes
What it took Adolf Hitler six years to do, and that is to kill six million Jews, and Israel's only the first objective.
One nuclear weapon would kill all Jews?
In Israel, one nuclear weapon would kill all Jews?
Hey, Mr. Rosenberg, what do you think about all the polls where Americans are questioning the official 9-11 story?
I mean, you really believe that fable?
I think that's ridiculous.
We were attacked.
It's ridiculous.
Do you know about NORAD standing there?
Do you know about the CIA insider trading?
It's lunacy to say there's some government conspiracy on our side.
We were hit.
We were attacked.
We're defending ourselves.
Have you ever read Operation Northwoods?
No, this is lunacy.
This is... Official U.S.
government plan that says we'll hijack jets, we'll blow them up, we'll kill young people, we'll bomb D.C., we'll attack other U.S.
cities and blame it on the Soviets.
You've never heard of that?
Sir, you're really... When you talk like that, you're out so far on the fringe.
At your other point, which I may disagree with, but they're credible, legitimate points.
They're just...
Not quite as credible when you say so.
Did you hear me read all the articles where they admit the terror alerts are fake and manufactured?
Nobody believes.
I mean, to create a headline because somebody says it is not the same thing as saying the Washington Times or Ari Fleischer or anybody else.
I have all the mainstream articles posted.
It's actually creating fake terror alerts.
No, I was reading mainstream news headlines.
Well, sir, you're undermining your own credibility when you say that this is a hoax.
When you say that the government... You've never heard of provocateurs?
You've never heard of set-ups?
You don't even... Oh, are you denying our government staged terror attacks in 1953 in Iran?
Sir, there's a moral blindness that you are describing right now.
I'm under a great delusion.
Where you're unable to see the threat that's coming.
I'm asking you a question.
Are you aware of Kermit Roosevelt in 1953?
Yeah, of course I am.
But we're talking about a half a century ago.
You're talking about 9-11.
You're trying to say that because we staged a coup in Iran 53 years ago, that somehow Ahmadinejad is not the new Hitler.
And unfortunately, that was the type of thinking that Neville Chamberlain had.
It wasn't illegitimate.
It was just wrong.
No, a bunch of Brits were Nazis and wanted Hitler to actually do what he did.
That's why Chamberlain did what he did.
Not because Chamberlain was stupid.
It's because a bunch of them were pro-Nazi.
Well, he and most of his advisors were morally blind to the threat.
I mean, come on.
The prince was a Nazi.
We'll be right back with the final segment with our guest.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
It's now totally declassified, the Gulf of Tonkin was staged, resulting in the death of 58,000 Americans and over a million Vietnamese.
Submitted that they overthrew Mosaddegh by blowing up mosque and blaming it on him.
And we've got top CIA analysts that have gone public.
They caught British SAS out shooting people dressed up like Arabs and running around bombs, BBC.
And I've got 50 plus mainstream news articles about stage terror alerts.
That's all my point is.
I have Haraj in Jerusalem Post about Israel, quote, creating fake Al-Qaeda groups to attack themselves, made up of young Palestinians.
Joel Rosenberg, did you hear about those articles in the Israeli papers?
Sir, you know, you really... When you make good points, then you undermine yourself by going into this absolute fringe thinking that the United States and Israel don't have enough problems with true radical jihadists to go start creating them.
I mean, to just...
I'm sorry.
But I just gave facts.
Tell me where I'm lying.
Tell me where I'm making something up.
No, it's just... We've got more than enough trouble with people like Ahmadinejad, Al-Qaeda...
No, I'm not saying there aren't Muslims who want to destroy Israel.
And you're trying to make it sound like it was the President's fault.
It's just not credible.
I am addressing it.
I am.
I'm saying that what you're saying...
Well, I was asking you a question...
I was asking you a question.
You can just keep saying, not credible, not credible, not credible.
It's not.
And that may work on the people who don't know what year 9-11 happened, but I'm bringing up real instances, sir.
We have people like John Loftus, high-level Justice Department anti-terror expert, retired, going on air saying it looks like MI6 is involved in London bombings.
I mean, this is serious, sir.
No, it's not serious.
Unfortunately, you are...
What your good points are, and when you try to make a point that our government is ineffective, that we're too much in debt, that we're not effective necessarily in winning the war on terror, that there's threats to our civil liberties, all those points are fine, and they are excellent, and they should be debated.
But this type of stuff, that we don't have enough threats to deal with without having the CIA and MI6 and whomever else, the Israelis, create threats to us,
You're just sidetracking yourself.
Let me just ask you a few final questions.
What I can't imagine is that this is your point that you're making every day.
Well, this is the point I'm bringing up to you, sir.
I'm curious, were you an American first or an Israeli first?
I'm not an Israeli citizen.
I'm an American citizen born in the United States, faithful, patriotic American.
I got hired to work in the United States for some Israeli leaders after working for years for American leaders.
So you never worked for an Israeli leader while they were prime minister?
I did not.
Because, I mean, one thing Americans do get concerned about is that there are so many people in them, in the government, who are dual citizens, and all the spying Israel's done, that kind of makes a lot of Americans mad.
But then there's kind of the view in Washington that Israel's our buddy, so they can spy on us, but, you know, the law's the law.
And you know Israel keeps giving China weapons systems.
Are you going to deny that to them?
Yeah, I'm opposed to that.
I'm opposed to anyone who's spying for Israel.
Why does Israel give weapons systems to China knowing they give it to Iran?
I never figured that one out.
That's wrong.
You've got businessmen in every country.
That's what you started with, the whole multinational.
You've got companies who want to make money wherever they can find it, and that's where policy sometimes has to override commercial transactions.
You're not more worried about Pakistan, who's got a bunch of nukes?
I'm very worried about Pakistan, but right now they're helping us
Not trying to fight against us.
They helped us stop this terrorist attack.
What about North Korea threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis?
Yes, this is a tremendous threat.
But we've got to go to Iran, though.
Iran is in that same category.
Look, you know Israel's been saying, and leaders have been saying, we've got to hit Iran, and the U.S.
needs to hit them for us.
I mean, are you denying that our government and the Israeli government aren't saying we need to go ahead and attack Iran?
I'm denying your original point, which was that we have said and that we want to wipe Iran out off the map.
Yeah, there are some nuts that go on television and say we want to turn Iran into a parking lot.
Yeah, there are, but both as an American and as a Christian, I don't want to destroy people.
What I do need to do as an American citizen is protect our country from the type of genocidal maniacs that are running Iran right now.
The Iranian people, many of them disagree with their own government.
I know that.
And they want... But if we attack Iran, it's going to really make Muslim extremism explode.
What is?
The Pentagon's own P2OG plan, Joel, says that we'll go kill... The Iranian people have no capacity to affect their future.
You've got the president of Iran...
With a stranglehold on the country, buying a billion dollars worth of arms from Russia, sending $100 million a year to Hezbollah, and preparing genocide.
And that's the threat that we face.
That's what I write about in my novel.
They have not said they want to kill all the Jews.
They've said they're against the particular crop of Zionists.
They say we're going to wipe Israel off the map.
That's killing 6 million Jews.
There's no other way to read that.
It's the political lines of Israel, which isn't going to happen.
No, no, sir, sir, really.
You act like Israel's this little wimp.
Israel's got 400 nukes.
That's the type of moral blindness that made people say, well, Hitler doesn't really mean we're going to kill 60,000 nukes.
Now I'm with Hitler?
No, I'm just saying, it's the same moral blindness...
But you are saying that.
You're saying that I'm basically a tacit Hitler supporter.
He was unable to see the threat that Hitler posed.
George Bush's grandfather was Hitler's main banker in the U.S.?
Let me hear you deny that.
That doesn't mean that Chamberlain was.
My point... Oh, man.
Oh, man.
Oh, boy, this is getting rich.
Look, all I see is... It's sad, sir, that you've got such a blindness to the actual threat against us.
I'm saying we've got real live Nazis like Schwarzenegger that Republicans love.
That you're fixated...
On threats that don't exist and unable to see the threats that do.
Hey, man, the government is taking my liberties and my freedoms while leaving the border wide open.
Bush signed the American Union.
You're on the air now.
Pardon me?
You're on the air now.
You seem to have quite a bit of freedom.
Even to say things that, you know, just don't bear out in history.
Well, let me tell you something.
We've been through a lot to be doing what we're doing right now, sir.
So the claim that, you know, what I'm saying isn't true because I'm on the air.
I mean, I'm sorry.
It's not.
You know, Iran is a threat.
We don't want them to be a threat.
We don't want war with them.
And Saddam was a threat, right.
I mean, you're glad we went into Iraq, too, right?
I am glad that we went into Iraq.
We had to go stop Saddam Hussein.
As well as his terrorism.
Sir, I'm not sure how much further we can go with a conversation in which you're so fixated on threats that don't exist.
The president of Iran is saying publicly that he wants the Muslim world to prepare to cause a world in which the United States does not exist to wipe Israel off the map.
Where's that particular quote about where the U.S.
doesn't exist?
Go to the October speech, the same speech in which Ahmadinejad said we're going to wipe Israel off the map.
He said...
We need to envision a world without the United States.
Is it possible, he asked.
Well, he's got to be happy because the U.S.
doesn't exist.
Bush signed the American Union deal.
Well, see, I don't see the President or Congress as the same type of threat that you do as worse.
You see Bush as worse than Ahmadinejad, don't you?
No, I see Bush.
I see Bush as a puppet.
No, no, I see the elite.
I see Bush as a puppet.
I see the elite behind Bush.
I see the elite behind Bush being more dangerous.
Well, I know that they're staging terror attacks, and I'm going to prove it to everybody, and you guys can't stop us.
Because you know what?
Oh, good luck then.
You've made all these claims, sir, and we're going to take all of your claims.
If we have time, we probably won't.
And take each one of your quotes and put three mainstream news articles, many times out of Israel, underneath it.
I mean, you're saying our government in modern times hasn't staged or provocateur terror, and I can prove you wrong, sir.
I'm saying that you are so fixated on most of these threats that don't exist that you can't see accurately...
The very threats that are... I know governments use foreign threats and boogeymen as pretext to control their populations, just like Ahmadinejad shoots off the same rhetoric... We've got more of real threats out there right now.
I'm not a supporter of Ahmadinejad.
I'm not a supporter of him.
I believe government is bad.
I believe government is bad.
If you can't see them...
You know, that's sad, but unfortunately... Oh, it's sad?
I can't see the threats?
You obviously can't.
I can see threats, sir.
I predicted 9-11 two months before it happened.
You think that Bush is a bigger threat than Ahmadinejad?
No, no, no.
I believe Bush is a puppet.
He doesn't run anything.
Well, then why are you so upset with them?
So basically, when you travel around speaking to churches all over America, what do you tell them?
Look, people can read my novel.
I don't think we can go a whole lot further in a fruitful way in this conversation.
People can read the novels.
They can read the website.
They can make their own decisions.
But, you know, unfortunately...
You've put yourself, by your own choice, on the fringe of society.
That doesn't work anymore.
My listeners aren't stupid, sir.
You're just claiming I'm extreme.
You're claiming I'm wrong.
But I've been laying out facts and you haven't.
I'm just saying that you're not seeing clearly the threat that we actually face.
That's what I'm saying.
Yeah, just like Iraq, just like everything else.
We need to go in there, right?
Is Iran a threat?
Iran is a threat because we overthrew their government.
Yes or no?
No, Iran is not as big a threat as our government.
That's the moral blindness I'm talking about.
Our government overthrew their good government and caused all of this, and a lot of evidence shows that our government actually flew in the Ayatollah Khomeini... You're talking about 53 years ago, since then, the Ayatollah and radical Islam took over, not only that government, but then took our hostages, our citizens...
We're talking about an entirely different society there, half a century and an entire generation away.
From mistakes the United States made back in 1953.
Mistakes, huh?
Those weren't mistakes.
But they're over 53 years old, and we're talking about a guy who's trying to commit suicide.
No, sir, that's the root of it.
He wrote the after-action reports, Kermit Roosevelt did.
You're an educated person.
I'm sure you've probably even read them, probably studied them.
And he wrote it to Tim Downing Street, and he wrote it to Eisenhower, and he said, this terrorism works real good.
Let's start carrying out attacks and blaming on whoever we want.
And they did.
Well, sir, I would love to continue to debate your misguided view of history, but as you know, we are now five minutes over the time that I said I would be happy to do this show.
And at 140.
I wish I could debate all day.
You can go ahead.
Sir, sir, listen.
I appreciate you being honest and talking to us and telling us what you think.
We disagree profoundly with each other.
I think we're all going to be safer if we try to work this out and get past all of the demonization that both sides are engaged in.
I don't think Ahmed Dinejad's a great guy.
I know that most governments are corrupt and evil.
I know we've got problems in the world.
I just don't think Iran is the top of that chart.
Well, I appreciate your perspective, but when you talk about demonizing, it is the Iranian president who's calling us the great Satan.
Can you imagine when those people watch our television?
I've got to end on that point, but when you say that we are demonizing them, actually, they're actually calling us demons.
I mean, literally.
I think America's gone from being the best country in the world to putting all the Hollywood stuff.
Can you imagine Muslims watching our television?
I love the United States of America.
I think it's the greatest country in the world.
I think we are the bastion for freedom and democracy.
I love America.
And I'm sorry that you see us as a evil country.
I love the United States.
That's not.
That was another false statement.
You're trying to win an argument.
I'm sorry.
You lost.
I'm defending what's left of America, sir.
What has taken America over is the great Satan.
I wish that were the case.
Well, take care, my friend.
Take care.
Back in the US.
No, what has seized America is the great Satan.
Who can deny it?
The Iranians haven't aborted 47 to 50 million babies.
No one knows how many.
Last time I read it was over 50 million, but I don't know the actual number.
I'll just say 47.
We know it's over 47 million.
Iran hasn't killed 47 million American babies.
There aren't abortions in Iran.
Iran doesn't put Pleasure Island where prostitutes try to get husbands to cheat on their wives on Fox TV and where every TV show denigrates the male role model to destroy the family.
Iran doesn't put cancer viruses and mercury in their vaccines to sterilize their population.
Iran doesn't put AIDS virus and hundreds of thousands of hemophiliacs medicine to kill them.
Iran is a country where they use political rhetoric to control their populations, and it's corrupt and out of control.
I know Iranians who live here in Austin who don't like their own government.
That's one of the few things that Mr. Rosenberg said that is true.
But I would have taken your calls for that.
I just wanted you to hear it.
He's real friendly.
He's real nice.
And he goes all over this country, into the churches.
And, you know, basically we're getting geared up for our own holy war with the Muslims.
And don't worry, they're just as red-butted as we are.
They'll get into a holy war with us, and the elite will organize and run the whole thing.
He didn't deny the Bushes were tied into Hitler.
He didn't deny the Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
He didn't deny what happened in 1953.
He couldn't deny any of it.
Well, John Loftus says this.
Well, this is Associated Press.
Well, this is BBC.
Well, you can just make all that up.
I didn't make any of it up.
I'm aware of it.
I know about it.
I'm informed on the subject.
And a lot of evidence shows the Iranians are actually under globalist control.
That's how evil these people are.
They'll have fights with each other and stage it.
In fact, I made the claim.
Let me just go through the evidence.
There was about to be a true revolution in 79, and then out of Paris comes the Ayatollah Khomeini on a flight, a heavily announced flight, as if our government wouldn't shoot that plane down if they didn't want it to get there.
He shows up, and then they immediately make a deal.
We know he's in contact with the RNC.
The same guys that made deals with the Chinese.
Remember all that?
These people run things because they're slick, folks.
They're real slick.
George Shultz, Kissinger, that's why they're so famous.
These are the guys that made all these deals.
George Bush Jr., ambassador to China.
Anyways, they go in there.
And suddenly there's this big $100-plus million deal, and all these tow missiles are given to them, and they grab all these hostages.
You understand, it's admitted that the RNC, through the CIA, is making deals with Ayatollah Khomeini.
That is admitted.
He grabs them.
They blame it on Jimmy Carter.
Carter gets removed, and the day Reagan is about to take office, they release him.
Everybody goes, man, he's tough.
Then fast forward to 1998.
Forty-five million dollars is given to the Iranians by Bill Clinton.
This is a Senate report to be given to some of bin Laden to attack the Serbs out of Albania in southern Serbia, Kosovo, Pristina area.
That's all admitted.
Bin Laden strikes again.
Bin Laden drives the Soviets out before that.
His family's known British intelligence.
Going back when the British set up Saudi Arabia in 1918.
It's the same story over and over and over again.
And I'm telling you, it's staged.
That's why they're in control, because they stage it all.
And this is just my opinion.
We have the evidence.
Now, they're always busy stabbing each other in the back.
Iran may have gone rogue.
Ahmadinejad may have gone rogue.
There may be a real fight coming up.
But, oh, we've got to have World War III and give up all our rights and let the police search all of us and treat us like slaves, or Ahmadinejad's going to nuke us.
I'd rather be nuked than be a slave.
See, that's terrorism, to give up your liberty for security.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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Tony, Alex, Al, Linda, Paula, everybody, your calls are coming up as soon as I start the next hour.
Then at the bottom of the next hour, I'm going to do a calm, detailed analysis of what I see happening in the next few months.
The new developments would only add weight to my arguments of last week about a huge staged terror attack coming up in the next two months unless we get the word out and stop it.
And a lot of great sites like 911 Blogger and others have really taken the bull by the horns and are really organizing and moving forward, and I appreciate them doing that.
I think I forgot to tell Paul Watson and my crew to link to that on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I want to link to this big activist section they've built concerning the warning I put out.
I want to thank them for doing that.
But getting back to the fellow we had on, yeah, he works for Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-level people.
He travels America teaching us.
I mean, I'm not saying he's a Mossad agent, but we know there are foreign agents of influence of Israel running around our government trying to basically push this line.
And you notice that Joel Rosenberg wouldn't ever...
Get any facts I brought up.
He would just say, non-credible, not real.
And I'd say, well, Israel has racial purity laws.
Not true.
Israel doesn't let Christians preach.
Not true.
It's all lies.
They let little bitty, you know, for tourist money, let the Christians come in and go to certain sites.
But you hand out tracts, you do anything, you will be arrested, you will be deported.
And I can't believe he was trying to deny all that.
He tried to deny greater Israel.
He tried to deny it all.
And look, I mean, I'm...
I just don't know what to say about the whole thing.
I am not against Israel.
I'm not against the Jewish people.
They're good people.
But I am tired of these corrupt governments.
I'm tired of Ahmed Dinejad.
I'm tired of corrupt Israel.
I'm tired of our corrupt leadership.
They're a bunch of crooks.
And Joel Rosenberg may be just this little independent guy out there who used to work for the former prime ministers.
He just really believes all this.
But all he did was stay on a script
Of Ahmed Dinejad's going to kill us.
Ahmed Dinejad's going to get us.
Ahmed Dinejad wants to commit genocide.
Ahmed Dinejad.
Ahmed Dinejad.
And I just don't know what to say to the whole thing.
You're going to lose your freedoms.
You're going to lose a lot in a war with Iran and Syria.
And I know the people running our government are a bunch of criminals, and I don't believe a word they say or what they do.
In closing for this hour...
I want everyone to visit InfoWars.com and get your copy of Terror Storm today.
I want everyone to go to InfoWars.com and get your copy of Terror Storm today.
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And really no one ever knew it.
It was really a third edition that came out six months after 9-11 under the same name.
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Dylan Avery on the back had this to say.
Terror Storm sets a new standard in documentary filmmaking.
Alex Jones knocks it out of the park yet again.
Well, thank you, Dylan.
And what has good old Kurt Nemo called it?
And I'm thankful for his review.
He calls Terror Storm the DVD of the Resistance.
I wish I'd have gotten that earlier, I'd have put that on the cover.
That is absolutely fabulous.
Kurt Nemo, the DVD of the Resistance.
So that is ultra, ultra, ultra exciting, all the great reviews we're getting.
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Take advantage of it.
We're going to end this segment.
All right.
I promise we'll go right to Tony, Alex, Al, Paula, Jay, and many, many others on the other side of this quick break.
Then later I'm going to get more into the big announcement.
Bush viewed war in Lebanon as a curtain laser for attack on Iran, World War III.
We'll cover it all on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So stay with us.
In the next 55 minutes we've got left, it's all vitally important, here as we are on the eve of what could possibly be World War III.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, now we're going to rampage through your calls and continue to cover all the news and information as the globalists attempt to bring us into...
World War III, there's no doubting it.
New London Independent reports, reports out of the New Yorker magazine that they are planning this whole escalation in Lebanon under any pretext they could get as a kickoff, as a curtain raiser.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tony in Toronto, Canada.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Just wondering, did that guy mention what denomination of Christianity he converted to?
I never got to that.
That's interesting because he seemed pretty occupied with the welfare of the Israeli state as a Christian.
I wonder how he felt about Benjamin Netanyahu's comment in 1989 to expel all the Arabs when he was at Bar-Ilan University.
It would have been interesting to hear what he had to say about that.
Well, all I know is either the guy's really ignorant, which I don't believe, or he was doing something else when I would bring up admitted facts about what Israel does, and he would just say it's ridiculous, it's ridiculous, it's ridiculous.
Well, I don't think people are taking it as ridiculous, and I can tell you firsthand knowledge of people, high government officials in Canada here who are probably watching your show or at least reading the information that's going through your show.
I know that.
I know they are.
I've talked to some of them.
Yeah, yeah.
So, you know, his points he was making were just really diversionary.
I was wondering if you saw a thing on CNN the other day about that woman that got shot in the head with a rubber bullet and that they had the videotape of the Broward County Sheriff's Department just sort of standing around laughing about it.
No, I didn't, but I've been getting emails about that.
Maybe somebody should send it to me and I'll post it.
Of course, I don't know everything.
It's even on my own sites.
There's so many hundreds of articles sometimes a day.
Tell us what happened.
Well, she was a lawyer.
She was protesting, I guess, sort of the rise of the police state situation at some kind of demonstration.
Didn't catch the whole thing, but first they shot her in the leg or something.
And then after she was kneeling down, she had the placard in front of her face, and they shot her in the head.
And she said she was afraid to come forward about this.
What does that tell you when a lawyer is afraid to come forward with this sort of thing?
And then somebody got a clip, a video of a big gathering of the Sheriff's Department in Broward County, and they're all just sort of laughing about it.
That was a big joke.
So people think, you know, we've got to be afraid of Islamic fascism.
I think we have enough in our own countries that we need to worry about.
Well, anybody who doubts that the government's going bad is hiding under a rock.
Thanks for the call, Tony.
I mean, they really are hiding under a rock.
I got a call from a big Hollywood star who I know, and I know quite a few, so don't automatically think it's who you think it is who's been on this show, but his wife was flying out to Hawaii with some of his children, and one of the two-year-olds said,
They went through her breast milk that had been pumped and they made the two-year-old take its shoes off.
And sure enough, today the British are saying baby bombs.
Don't even trust women with babies.
The babies really have bombs on them.
And then they admit in the article there's no evidence of that.
They're just saying it'd be perfect to sneak through with a baby with a bomb.
Just widening the net as much as they can.
And then I was talking to another friend and then
It's not just that prominent people count.
That's just who I've talked to over the weekend for some reason.
We had a really nice lady over, and I'm friends with her and her husband.
Her husband's a very well-known musician.
And she was talking about how she wants to fly around the country with the children to see him while he's on tour with another very prominent musician.
I wish I could tell you who.
It's a wild story.
And she was telling us the story at our house Saturday night about how she'll go to the airport, and in one case, they took her over to the side pin, were searching her, had her sitting there for a long time with her children, everybody staring at her, and she just shook her head and kind of breathed out, took a deep breath, and didn't even say anything.
And this is before the latest alert.
And a National Guardsman with his M16 ran over and said, You got a problem?
And she said, Yeah, I got a problem.
This is America.
And her husband, who they hadn't pulled out, ran over and said, Yeah, this is America with a K. And the guy backed off.
But, I mean, I've had them do that to me.
I've seen them do it to other people.
I mean, where I'm not even huffing or puffing, and it's just like, Hmm.
So, how long have you been gone?
Or, how long have you been going to this certain place in one case?
And I'm like, I think two, three days.
Well, you don't know how many days?
It's just, they've told them to act like this, okay?
I mean, they had it out in the news three years ago.
They were making women, remember all the headlines?
Just type it into Google.
Mother has to drink breast milk.
Women pump their milk before they...
Go on planes and just type that in.
You'll get a bunch of headlines.
And they'll sit there and make women drink their own body fluids, laughing at them.
And listen, I used to hear these stories.
It hadn't been that bad to myself personally.
This summer, earlier this summer, I was flying out of L.A.
I told the story.
And I'm going through the security checkpoint.
And they say, take your shoes off.
And they were...
And I took my shoes off.
And by the way, I'd just been at the hotel.
I'd just taken a shower.
I had brand new shoes.
My feet don't stink, folks.
I mean, every once in a while I might go on a 10-mile hike.
My point is I'm a very cleanly person.
I'm into cleanliness.
And I ignore it, and I'm walking across the floor.
And then they go, sit down here.
We're going to search you.
And they walk over in front of a bunch of people, and they go, boy, he's got some stinky feet.
And I decided to ignore it, and they started waving their hands in front of their faces and laughing, and other people looked horrified.
And I said, why are you saying that?
And he goes, well, you heard me.
You've got stinky feet.
And it was like I had signed up for the Marine Corps, and I was going through boot camp, folks.
It was about, I'm a slave.
I'm going to be taught I'm a slave.
I'm going to be put down.
All the famous cases of the pregnant woman, and they think her belly's fake.
So they make her lift her dress up in front of hundreds of people in San Francisco.
Remember that case?
Lawsuits got filed over that.
And so she lifts her dress up and she's crying.
Her husband starts going, what's happening?
So they arrest him.
He just said, why are you doing this?
So they go, arrest him!
In the cases of, for some reason, San Francisco again, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter, remember we interviewed him?
No, no, no.
It was in San Francisco it happened.
It was an Oakland Tribune writer.
And he got out his little bitty camera on the plane, took a picture out of the window, and when he got off the plane, they arrested him.
Now there's no law.
Everybody takes pictures on planes.
And then now even the air marshals have gone public three weeks ago and said, look, we're ordered to arrest innocent people.
We're ordered to put people in databases.
We're ordered to put families in them.
I mean, this is all about getting everybody in the system.
And everything they do in the airports, they're going to do on the streets of the United States.
But under the new amnesty plan and under the American Free Trade Group and under the SPP, Security Prosperity Partnership, the government is openly
Openly announcing all illegal aliens will be legalized.
We're going to have an American Union ID card.
American Border Patrol will be on the border of Guatemala.
Mexican troops and police will have huge bases here in the U.S.
This is official.
And as I told you, it's now in the legislation.
They're doing it by executive power through the bureaucracy, but now they've got accompanying bills.
In the bill, I heard Gary Brownfield reading the bill today on air, and it said that they will take our tax money, our toll road money, and that will pay for, quote, building roads in Mexico to, quote, as a welfare project for the Mexican people.
If you believe that, I got something I'll sell you.
You know, a bridge I'll sell you.
No, it's to build the roads to bring in all the slave goods from China.
Let's go to Alex in Connecticut.
Alex, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Good, sir.
Just a few things.
They're not really related, but you actually said something that actually I want to talk about, about flying.
I just want to know, have they issued that RFID tag stuff where you have to have it on your passport and everything?
Yes, all the new passports have tracker chips in them now being issued.
Under federal guidelines, the states are all now coming out with RFID and thumbprint face scan biometric integrated slave cards, and that's what they are.
And it's all happening.
And I know probably in Texas a lot, but I don't know.
I haven't been flying a lot yet.
I haven't flew in a long time out here in Connecticut, so I don't know if they're doing that here yet.
But I don't know if I should not get my passport or if there's no way around it.
I guess I'm going to have to if I want to fly.
So I don't know what to say about that.
The other thing I want to talk to you about, Thursday evening, I went outside late, late, late, like 2 in the morning,
I looked up in the sky and there we go.
Planes with the chemtrails.
I guess they're starting to do it over here.
I was wondering if you were going to ever do a film on that.
I know there's a film on your website about that, but...
I was just wondering if you were going to ever talk about that, because it seems like no one ever talks about it.
We had a guest on for two hours a few weeks ago, and every trail you see is not a chemical trail or a particulate trail.
A lot of them are just condensation crystals.
But there is real weather modification, mass project going on.
And no, we've just linked to free films on the website that are online, free for you to watch.
I don't intend on making a film on chemtrails.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate your call, sir.
When we get back, we'll go to Al, Paula, and others that are holding the toll-free number to join us.
We will get you up and on the air.
But I will take about five, ten minutes out before the end of the show and recap and cover some other news I haven't gotten to.
It's been leaked now.
It's come out.
Cy Hirsch, best source I've found on this type of information.
Seymour Hirsch.
It's in other publications as well.
British diplomats have said they've got the same info.
That Israel came to the U.S.
Bush said, we want you to go ahead and launch a war as a way to raise the curtain on attacking Iran and Syria.
Go ahead and get the party started.
You integrate that with all these terror alerts to get everybody behind the war.
Oh, well, they're trying to attack us.
We better attack them.
Walking us right into World War III.
The National Draft, the police state, the whole Kit Kat and caboodle.
Hello, folks.
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We're good to go.
Let's talk to Al in Louisiana.
Al, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead, Al.
Hi, how you doing?
Good, sir.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, two points I wanted to make.
One is kind of not so relevant, but it was kind of a curiosity to me.
Is Boris Yeltsin still living?
Yes, Boris Yeltsin, last time I checked, is still around.
All right.
I haven't seen much of him.
Just curious.
Yeah, by 1999, he couldn't even walk and looked like he was completely drugged.
He'd had a stroke.
Yeah, I was wondering if that's what Castro hits for.
Anyways, second point.
You know that guy, the way you set up your interview, it seems like all he's going to do is just deny the things he thinks.
I mean, just think about this.
You put on your website, you know, so-and-so, you know, so-and-so said this, and then he responded this way.
That guy's just going to say, well, he never showed me the documentation.
I don't mean to be overly critical or anything, but I just would have pre-faxed him the documentation and then came up with questions, and before I even had the documentation, I would have called him up, said,
Ask him to read the documentation back to me, or at least the titles, to make sure that he had it.
Well, let me just tell you, have you ever scheduled guests?
Have you ever done a radio show?
No, I haven't.
But that's something that I'm just throwing out there as a suggestion.
I don't mean, like I said, please don't get overly offended.
No, I'm not even offended, so I couldn't be overly offended.
Let me be clear, Al.
We're good to go.
And then number two, a lot of the things I mentioned he historically admitted were true.
Like, I don't need to prove the Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
It's publicly admitted.
The NSA, the CIA admit it was staged.
Everyone knows who's informed that the overthrow of Mosaddegh was staged.
He had to admit that.
And then I brought up other issues, and he just said, well, it's not true.
So I had him on just to illustrate what's going on out there in the country.
Yeah, I hear you.
I was just thinking maybe like, you know, mention Operation Northwood and then ask him poignantly, would you like to do the documentation right now?
You know, do you have access to a computer and then show him the website?
And he would have said, oh man, you really discredited yourself.
Wow, this is wild.
This is crazy.
No, I don't need to look at that nut.
That's what he was doing anyway, sir.
I mean, I was reading him BBC headlines, and he'd just go, oh, that's not true.
Oh, no, no.
No, it's easy just to say headlines and not have any proof.
Listen, thanks for the call, though, Al.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, listen, we could do a lot better job on this show.
I'm the first person that knows that, but some of the stuff Al was mentioning just wouldn't work.
People wouldn't do that.
I mean, I couldn't even get in contact with Mr. Rosenberg.
I went through his publicist.
Okay, that's how this works.
It's the same way with me when I do radio interviews.
90% of the time, the hosts want to talk to me.
Beforehand, they can't.
My wife, who sets up interviews, or Kevin Smith, who sets up interviews, they flood in here, go look at my calendar and ask me what I'm doing and say, can you do this interview?
And I've barely got time to even see my family.
So it's the same thing.
I mean, it's easy on the outside of not doing this radio show to go, man, you ought to do this or you ought to do that.
And believe me, I agree with you.
Hi, Alex.
I'll tell you what, people need to wake up, and I'll tell you, I'm just as angry as you are about all this.
And you know, I even sent a note to the U.N.
where they were having this voting on this peace deal, and I told them, I said, you know, I said, family killing family is no way to settle anything.
And I said, this is going to stop now.
And I said, God would not even approve of this.
And I told him to read it to the whole U.N.
Okay, well, thank you.
Thank you so much, Paula.
You need to really... Linda calls a lot, and she's always got a radio on in the background.
I just can't deal with it.
But, Linda, I understand.
I mean, it is family killing family.
We're all related, but especially the people of the Middle East.
That's why Israel looked at race-specific bioweapons back in the 80s, 90s, and even today.
And they said, well, we can't really use these because...
We're so closely related to these Palestinians.
To the Arabs.
If they released it, it would kill a lot of their people.
A lot of them are so European that they would survive.
Not all of them.
They've done the test.
And that's been in mainstream news.
James Weapons Quarterly.
More calls straight ahead.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let's go ahead and blitz through your calls.
Jay in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Hi, I was listening last hour, Alex, and when you had your guest on, he was talking about the Ahmadinejad letter to Bush and how in the final paragraph he makes reference to how Bush needs to convert to Islam and all of this, but I went and got the letter and I'm looking at it now and there's no claim like this whatsoever.
In fact, the entire last page is only talking about how the divide between the haves and the have-nots is increasing and how
History only tells us that repressive and cool governments do not survive.
Yeah, I didn't have it in front of me, but so much of what that guest was saying I knew to not be true, and so much of it taken out of context, so much of it twisted.
But these guys know that the general public literally doesn't have any information.
Again, most Americans don't know when 9-11 even happened, or a large portion don't.
So they're counting on that.
And I read his whole letter, and I was thinking, I don't remember him saying that.
In fact, he keeps saying that Christians and Muslims are together, that they recognize Christianity, which I know they do, and Judaism, for that matter.
It's revered.
And that he needs to follow his Christian faith.
And that's how he starts the letter.
It's in the middle of the letter.
And doesn't he end the letter with that?
Never yet.
He finished up the letter by saying that we need to place our faith in a higher power and in justice if we need to overcome our problems as a world.
Nothing about needing to convert to Islam or anything like that.
The average person isn't going to read Ahmadinejad's letter.
And again, I've read it several times and didn't even remember what you were just saying.
I'll have to go read it.
But while he was saying that, my memory was going, it doesn't say that.
The media would have gone crazy with that.
Bush, you know, Ahmadinejad to Bush.
That would have been the headline.
He just said, oh, your Christian faith is so wonderful.
You know, we follow the same God.
Even if you debate that as a Christian, the point is, the Muslims see it as that.
They go back to Abraham.
They go back to Moses.
That's who they think they're following.
And again, this claim that Muslims kill all Christians, only in the Sudan is that the truth.
And back when it was just blacks killing blacks, they were killing each other.
Anything else there, Jay?
No, that was it.
I just wanted to point that out because it's just indicative of all these lies and the spin that's put out there by all these people.
So you went and read it, and it's nowhere in there.
No, nowhere at all.
I read it months ago, but I just went back and quickly scanned over the last two pages, in fact, because I thought, okay, it might not be the last paragraph, but it might be in there, but no, I didn't see any of it.
Nothing like that.
Well, it's incredible.
I don't know what to say.
Thanks for the call.
I'll have to look at that on my shelf.
Ron in New Jersey.
You're on the air, Ron.
Yes, hi, Alex.
Alex, first of all, I'm calling to let you know that I support you 100%.
You're a good guy.
Good man.
And I can't believe the ignorance of Joel.
I can't believe he's ignorant.
I believe the guy's very smart.
He knows what's going on.
He just skirted the issue big time, okay?
You're talking about Joel?
Joel, yes.
Another thing I wanted to tell you was out of Revelation chapter 2, there's three points in there.
One point is about apostles that Christ talks about who found themselves to be liars and evil-doers.
Another was about, which I believe is the New World Order crowd, the Nicolaitans, the evil deeds of them, which Christ said, I also hate.
And the other is about the Jews who call themselves Jews, but are not Jews, but of the synagogue of Satan.
But Jesus said that, and as Christians, we can't listen to what Jesus says.
We have to listen to what Jerry Falwell says.
Well, yeah.
I'm looking for these neocon Christians to start saying Jesus is bad.
I mean, they've basically said everything else.
They will be, because they're not Christians.
It's plainly stated.
They call themselves apostles, and they've been tried, and they're not.
They've been tried, and they found them to be liars.
So, that's my whole thing, you know.
I don't understand, like, I mean, it's clear as day in scripture, who is who and who's where, you know.
Another thing I wanted to tell you is I sent you a song called The New World Order that I wrote and composed.
It's on InfoWars, Alex at InfoWars.
Check it out when you get a chance.
Thank you so much.
Folks, Alex at InfoWars doesn't get checked enough.
It's all screwed up.
That's not the best email to send things to me.
Send them to tips at InfoWars.com.
Send them to Kevin at InfoWars.com.
Send them to Aaron at InfoWars.com.
Send them to Mike at InfoWars.com.
Those all get checked.
The Alex one, I try to download it, and I get some of the stuff.
I ought to just shut that down.
Because every spam on the planet has that address, and it's like...
Oh, I don't want to exaggerate.
2,500, 3,000 emails a day.
It's always crashing our email.
I wish I could just shut down that email.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Rico in Toronto, Canada.
Rico, go ahead.
How are you, Alex?
Fine, sir.
Two things.
First of all, I think that guy that called earlier was a moron.
I mean...
Intelligent or not, I think he was a complete idiot.
Are you talking about the guest I had on?
Yes, yes, that gentleman.
Because it seems like, I look at the net here and there, you can't get a break.
Either you're anti-Semitic or you're pro-Israel.
Like, you can't get a break.
Because you're exposing the truth, you're always getting...
Nonsense on both sides.
The whole Nazi crowd that's totally controlled and paid off, we've proven that, hates me because I'm a Christian and I love the Jewish people and I have Jewish friends and, you know, it's well known I have Jewish friends and I've worked with Jews.
Well, that's right.
And at the same time, I expose how both sides are controlled and so then I have some of the crowds out there trying to say, well, I'm anti-Semitic.
But that doesn't work anymore.
I mean, they called Colin Powell anti-Semitic because he disagreed with Israel on something.
They called Jews in Israel anti-Semitic
They have websites demonizing Jews who aren't for war, saying they're traitors and all this.
Look, Israel has been caught staging terror attacks against itself.
They've been caught doing all this bad stuff.
I'm not against Israel, I'm just against it when they do bad things.
On the other side of the coin, the globalists want white supremacists to attack Israel, because then if normal people are against what Israel is doing, they can then lump us in with them.
This is very sophisticated.
I agree.
And my last question for you.
My friend, I have a friend, he was basically saying that he thinks the president of Iran is kind of, you know, it's a theater.
It's all theater.
I tend to agree that, well, we know in the past it has been theater.
We know our government, the Antola Khomeini, this is mainstream, folks.
I know you're not going to believe it.
You can go look it up.
Staged events with Reagan.
I don't, and I know they staged events in 99 with the Serbs, against the Serbs.
I don't know if this is staged now, but it stinks to high heaven.
Yeah, I agree with you.
Keep doing your thing, and thanks.
I mean, the globalists go set up Saddam, then they set him up, stab him in the back.
Thank you.
They set the Iranians up, they stab him in the back.
You don't know.
I don't know.
I just know the globalists are for this war.
The war is bad.
If the New World Order is for something, folks, it's bad.
I mean, it really gets down to that.
They're for open borders?
It's bad.
They're for gun control?
It's bad.
They're for abortion?
It's bad.
They're for attacking Iran and Syria?
It's bad.
They're for attacking Lebanon?
It's bad.
They're for a global tax?
It's bad.
They're for Hillary Clinton?
She's bad.
I mean, if the New World Order is for it, folks, and I mean really for it in action, it's bad.
I mean, it really isn't that much.
And then you can analyze and extrapolate and break down each one of those points.
But it's simple.
Let's go ahead.
We talked to Cal in San Francisco.
The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.
Go ahead.
It's nice today, Alex.
I bet it is.
What's going on?
Two things about this airline thing with the searches and the biometrics.
The searches.
What about private planes?
What kind of security does someone who owns a private jet have to go through?
Basically none at most airports.
And private aviation is still wide open.
They're trying to...
They're trying to control it, but the private airfields and the private terminals are really bucking it because wealthy people and well-to-do folks aren't going to put up with it.
No, it's for the general public.
It's sort of the same or similar to having open borders while we're fighting terrorism.
We're fighting bottles of water on commercial airliners, but anything can go on a private jet.
So logically, if you're a terrorist, you'd rent a private jet.
Or you would simply know when one was taking off and just drive through the security gate, you know, steal a pass card from somebody, drive through, and then run on board with your machine guns.
That part's wide open, so it's not a true, you know, it's obviously control.
Well, the government knows that.
Listen, they're telling, Steve Watson pointed this out, day one on Thursday.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Extending it, not just throwing it in a trash can.
We've got to watch you do something.
There's absolutely no reason to do that.
In fact, if you think they've got chemicals you're going to mix to blow up, the last thing you want is for them to be mixed.
I mean, now two Islamic fascists, as they like to call them, they were real, could show up, go to the airport, they'll say, dump them right there, and they could dump their ammonia and their bleach, which would create chlorine gas and kill a bunch of people.
The government has known about that forever.
This is all... Look, they've been making people drink their water.
I remember four years ago...
They'll drink your water.
Try to walk through an airport checkpoint.
They make you drink it.
They've always done that.
They've just reintroduced it and made it 100% enforced and had red alerts at select airports and an orange alert nationwide.
Yeah, all good points, Alex.
The biometrics, that's got to be some sort of violation of your personal space and thoughts.
I mean, I don't know if the Constitution says the government can't invade your thoughts, but that's what they're trying to do with that.
Oh, yeah, I appreciate your call.
I've got it here in the stack.
At four airports in 2002, CBS reported they put brain scanners in, passive MRIs that scan your brain.
They find agitation in the lumps of cells in the brain and a higher heat signature.
That's their probable cause to detain you as a terrorist.
I'm not kidding.
And I have the Associated Press.
It's here in the stack.
And it says that they're going to put these biometrics in all the airports and make you be brain scanned, also do your biometric scan, and if you have hotter skin, it shows you may be a terrorist.
I'm not kidding.
Now, of course, all this is designed to not really catch terrorists.
It's meant to put us all through machines, then the quack of machines give them an excuse to create the illusion that more people need to be searched and traumatized and interrogated.
See, it's going to get worse and worse in the airports.
That'll train you for the streets.
They've announced this.
I make this point a lot because it's so key to their plan.
First take your shoes off.
Now dump your liquids out.
Now we're going to search you.
Now we're going to strip search you.
Now we're going to make you walk through a machine that scans you down to your skin and creates a 360 digital color image of your naked body.
Your eyes don't see people's pores up close, unless you're really close.
These biometric systems that they have in dozens of airports, last time I checked, actually record your entire family's naked bodies.
And they are stored in a biometric database.
Mainstream News.
And they just say, for now though, they don't put everyone through them.
Every tenth person or so, and I've seen this at New York airports, they say, through here please, and they walk you in and it goes, spins around you and scans your body and creates a 360 biometric number for your entire body.
By the way, several chains of elite clothing stores, three years ago, I can't remember the names of them,
I think it was Abercrombie & Finch in New York, Prada, a couple others.
The point is, you go in, and for fitting, it's a whole new fitting system where the same machine spins around you and does a body scan biometrically to, quote, then decide your exact size.
And then you can order your clothes, computerized, prepared.
But the point is...
What I'm trying to get at here, my friends, is that this is going in all over.
A bunch of airports have put in quack software that analyzes your walk to decide if you're being sneaky.
And it goes back to the lie detector test.
They knew 50 years ago that lie detector tests were a fraud.
A lie detector test is a way to trick somebody and go, well, this shows you're lying.
Then the liar thinks they've been caught and confesses.
It's been 15 years that in real cases in court, if the lawyers know what they're doing, you cannot use a lie detector as admissible.
Both because real criminals know how to fool them, number one.
Number two, you get a lot of false positives.
And number three, government's been caught claiming people were lying when they weren't.
So lie detector tests are a complete fraud, but people go to jail every single day on lie detector tests.
And companies force their employees to take lie detector tests.
Well, they've moved away from something that picks up blood pressure and your breathing rate and all of this.
They've moved on to just some fancy black box and why it just says you're a terrorist!
And they're going to put them in nationwide.
In England, they're putting the body scanners in trucks in London, and they drive around and randomly pull up and have citizens just walk through them.
So this is what they're doing.
Jeff in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, I just wanted to make a few comments, you know, talking about the New World Order and global domination and a one-world government.
I think that, well, the...
The PNAC players, or the members, I think have played a major role in this.
Talking about Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, our dictator, President Bush.
I think a lot of factors play into all of this.
Of course, my personal view can be more explained in detail if you'll visit a website at www.freewebs.com.
Hey, Jeff, you're a great caller.
Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, go ahead and let him go.
Jeff, listen to me.
You're a great caller.
You've been calling for about five years, but the last three months you call about twice a week, and you don't plug, you don't talk about information, you don't bring anything to the table.
You just plug your websites.
Now, I mean, if you sent me an email with a link to it and some good article you wrote, I'd probably be happy to post it and send you 100,000 readers, conservatively.
But it's not good radio, and I'm not going to have callers, and you can get mad at me if you want, who call up every single time and just give a website out.
That is boring, with a capital B.
Now, I don't mind if you swarm the mainstream shows where they try to cover up the truth and hit them with websites right up front, but let me give you a little tip.
If you can try to put something a little interesting in before you plug, then that will actually drive people to your website.
I mean, I'm here, folks.
I let people promote websites, and I have guests on, and I link to them all the time.
You can send us comments to the tips box, and we post a lot of it.
They're on the site.
And I'm more than happy to let you plug a website.
I mean, if you get it every call after a minute of information,
I'd be more than happy to have you on and let you do that, but he tried to get it out there real quick.
That's probably about the 30th time this year he's opened a call with the website, and I'm just done.
I'm done with bad calls.
I've had a lot of good calls today, but last week I did a thing where I only had new callers, and it was great.
It's like on C-SPAN.
We tried to take questions at the end of it, and every person basically just got up there and plugged and plugged, and it was just horrible.
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Final segment, ladies and gentlemen.
The big news is that it's now confirmed by the New Yorker and other major publications.
They've got the documents.
We're good to go.
Basically leading, that is British internal intelligence, was leading this latest group out provocateuring them.
It's always the same.
We can stop a government-sponsored terror attack here in the next few months.
The most dangerous sector of time, most dangerous waters we've been in since 9-11, if everyone gets the word out.
And there are people out there listening to my warning.
I appreciate that.
You are taking action, but not because you just believe me.
You're smart.
I've seen your analysis.
A lot of people are writing their own articles.
And you're seeing the same points I've seen and points I didn't see in my equation, which only add to it.
A lot of great analysis going on out there.
So, again, really good job, everybody.
We may be able to turn it around.
It looks doubtful right now.
We can put all our energies into it and they'll probably still do it, but...
We have to do the right thing morally.
We have to try to expose it.
And we may be able to.
We may be able to because the American people are a lot more perceptive now to reality and to the truth than they've been in the past.
There's been some confusion.
I'm very proud of the emergency release collector's edition of Terror Storm that I put out a month ago because we couldn't wait until the final DVD was done and the extras were produced and put on it.
We had to get it out then.
We're good to go.
Until midnight tonight, everybody that orders a free copy of the emergency release Terror Storm with the new official Terror Storm.
I'm just doing something promotional here to try to kick off the official Terror Storm release.
I would give everybody a free DVD and mail it to you.
I don't have the money to do that, though.
I'm doing it today.
I'm giving you a free DVD when you order the official Terror Storm by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139, 888-253-3139, or infowars.com.
And then after that, you can get the official DVD, and then you won't ever be able to get the original one again.
Okay, so it's that simple.
But I want to thank all of you that did get the emergency release terror storm.
Gayla in Missouri, last caller, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I've got a question for you.
I have a son that just turned 18, and the day after his 18th birthday, I get a postcard from the Selective Service System for him to sign up.
And in one place, of course, it says this is the law, but then in another place it says don't lose benefits.
And it reads like if you don't sign up, you won't get benefits to go to college.
Yeah, that's what they're claiming.
You know, that really isn't enforced.
But if there's ever a time to not get on the selective service list, believe me, they've already got your son's name.
They've got all the high school records.
If there was ever a time not to sign that, now is the time.
Because they're going to have a draft after the next big terror attack.
That's guaranteed.
They've got the legislation lined up.
They've admitted they're getting ready for it.
The Pentagon has.
But that's up to you and your son what you're going to do.
But I'm not going to have my children fill out those dirty cards.
We're not indentured slaves.
The draft is slavery.
Yeah, I know.
It's a criminal threat.
It's all color of law.
They can't force a murderer to sign something.
We'll be right back tomorrow.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.