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Air Date: Aug. 9, 2006
2403 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Wednesday, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
The ninth day of August, 2006.
We're going to be live for the next three hours.
We have the individual that runs the False Flag News website joining us in the third hour.
And riding shotgun with him will be Webster Tarpley.
I'm glad that both these guys have recognized out there in the field of 9-11 research that tracking these government drills, which are always used as covers,
For self-inflicted government-sponsored terror attacks is key to neutralizing their operations against the American people and the people of the world.
So everyone listening from Africa to Asia to Europe to right here in North America and the United States on shortwave and the Internet, and to all of our AM and FM listeners and satellite listeners, I welcome you all aboard.
Thank you for joining us.
Paul Watson will be with us just for about ten minutes at the bottom of this hour.
He's written a great article about the just incredibly shoddy and mindless...
Hit pieces that have been written about myself and many others in the 9-11 Truth Movement in the last few weeks by some of the biggest publications in this country.
The most intensified volleys, most intense volleys we've ever seen.
They don't even get our names right, the names of our films right.
They don't even get what radio networks we're on right.
They don't get really anything right.
And I experienced the same thing this morning.
I was on WRKO, the biggest station in Boston, for an hour, and I would say there's an official U.S.
government document, Operation Northwoods, calling for carrying out the attacks, and the host would say, you're a liar, it doesn't exist.
And I would say, some of the hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases, MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal, on and on and on, he'd say, you're a liar, it's not true.
I'd say, firefighters reported there were bombs in the buildings.
You're a liar, it's not true.
Bush stayed for 20 minutes after he knew the second plane had gone into the towers on 9-11, and normally the Secret Service would come grab you out.
You're a liar.
It's not true.
Our government carried out terror attacks in 1953 in Iran to blame it on their government.
It's not true.
You're a liar.
The Gulf of Tonkin was staged.
You're a liar.
It's not true.
I mean, most of the stuff I just mentioned is public record, totally documented information,
What's the term you use?
Public domain.
It is just everywhere for anyone who's even read a newspaper maybe once a week in their lives.
But I run into host after host after host that calls me a pinko commie liberal when I'm the exact opposite and tells me I just want to besmirch.
Those that died on 9-11, and I'm making the families mad.
And I go, oh really?
Mr. Doyle, the head of the biggest 9-11 victims group, says it's clearly an inside job, and the majority of his members do.
Yeah, you're a liar!
Reality doesn't matter to these people.
And I know we talk a lot about 9-11, especially lately on this show, because it is breaking big time.
We really have turned the corner.
But when we get back from break, there's a lot of police state news today.
This is out of the Cincinnati News Channel.
Jerk line lets stadium patrons report obnoxious fans.
And it says anything loud or obnoxious, you can be arrested.
So now, don't go to the ball game and yell and scream and get drunk and act stupid.
Not that I support that, but that's really the historical, cultural place for that type of behavior.
And not anymore.
Lou Dobbs has got a big editorial out about Bush's incessant lying.
The guy is not just a kleptomaniac, stealing the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and flushing it into a shredder, but he also is a compulsive liar.
sailor spied for Israel is the headline, Jerusalem Post.
That guy they're holding without charges.
Lieberman defiant in defeat.
That's good news that he lost.
I'm sure they'll just rig the election, though.
He's running as an independent.
There's a bunch of new news in Israel and Lebanon and a bunch of others.
It's an important broadcast.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we've got the head honcho over at False Flag News, tracking government-sponsored terror joining us in the third hour, and then 30 minutes into that hour, we've got Webster Tarpley.
Joining into the discussion, really an expert on government false flag terror ops and the drills that surround them, the drills that are used as cover stories.
In the middle of the second hour for 30 minutes, we're joined by BBC News reporter, best-selling author, investigative journalist Greg Palast, who was down in Mexico City for the staged election they just had last month.
Now the people are starting to...
Take over toll roads, shut down the roads, taking over government buildings.
They know that the election has been stolen.
That's boiling over.
Greg Palast has also done in-depth research on British Petroleum up in Alaska that gets all of the oil.
We're not allowed to have any of it.
And it has shipped 80% of it to Asia, to China and Japan.
But we don't get any of it.
companies don't.
That's how the world is.
It's all divided up into sectors.
And there's a whole history behind that, and so Palast is saying this is a setup with the pipeline.
And he's got some really scary history on it about how they use the CIA to break into BP employees' homes, harass them, set them up.
I wasn't aware of all this.
I was reading one of his stories today and saw this, so we appreciate him joining us on short notice, middle of the next hour, on the pipeline, shutting down 8% to 10% of our oil supply.
And jacking up prices globally to record levels now.
What is it, like $78 a barrel last time I checked?
All-time record highs.
And we will also talk to Paul Watson coming up in 20 minutes.
Now with a brief discussion of a great article he's written about all these flimsy hit pieces being written by the controlled corporate press against the 9-11 truth movement and how ineffective it is.
The globalists might as well be pouring gasoline on themselves right now.
All they're doing in their attempt to discredit us is making more people put their ears up and go look at the research we put forward.
So build strong men.
Tell lies about us.
Focus on your disinfo agents inside our movement that are putting out ridiculous stories that can easily be discredited.
People are going to learn about all of that.
Find the truth.
Find the meat and potatoes.
You're going down.
People thought I was nuts years ago saying we're going to expose 9-11, we're going to bring them to justice.
But having the evidence, having the faith, prosecuting the war against the enemy, this is World War III, the people of the planet against the New World Order, we're going to win.
With God's help.
Israel has shuffled its command and is removing its top northern command ground general.
He's very upset about it, but says he's going to continue until his full replacement has taken place because Israelis are dying.
So that's, I guess, big of him not to throw a fit being removed, and they're putting in a new hard charger.
The Israeli cabinet has approved a wider offensive.
Notice, oh, we're going to be there ten days.
We're going to be there three weeks.
We're going to be there four weeks.
Now going into week five here in a couple days.
And, oh, now it'll be another month at least, and maybe we'll need to go all the way to Syria.
And that's all Israel's doing is moving in with its tanks, its armored vehicles, its self-propelled guns.
As the aircraft bomb grids from above, they blast grids and level entire towns and villages as they roll forward digging out anyone that...
That is basically there.
Anyone they come in contact with is being killed in Israel.
The first few weeks was denying this.
Now they admit that, yes, anyone left in the villages and southern areas is considered combatants, including small children.
There have been big national pronouncements in the newspapers that everyone can and will be killed, including UN observers, including ambulances.
And Fox News and others have totally abandoned trying to cover up the massacres, and they've just shifted into the mode of, yes, line them all up and kill them.
In fact, that's Fox military analyst's quote from two nights ago.
I have it right here in front of me, the quotes and even the audio of it, saying anyone who's there we can kill.
Line them up and, quote, shoot them all, kill them all.
So it doesn't matter, I guess, if 35-40% of Lebanon is Christian.
It doesn't matter if before this bombardment, most even Arabs and Muslims there were anti-Hezbollah, because it's seen as an outside force being manipulated out of Iran.
Now they're loved almost universally, which is what Israel wants.
That's the strategy.
Balkanize Israel.
We're good to go.
Founded Hamas, 1973, that's Haratz, Jerusalem Post, so that they would kill Jews, and so the military dictatorship in Israel can maintain control and run things and do whatever they want, and continue to do all the horrible things they do.
Going back to the late 50s and even late 40s, when the U.S.
government said, we don't want mainstream governments in the Middle East, we'll go kill their leaders and put in radical mullahs and extremists.
Again, you have to finance the best enemies that money can buy, and it's done over and over again.
So when people say, well, whose side am I on?
Well, I'm not on the Israeli side, and I'm not on the Arab side.
I'm on the side of humanity.
And that means the women and children being bombed indiscriminately, 100 to 1, while Israel is suffering.
Okay, that's enough.
I've spent too long on it.
The point is...
Israel's cabinet approves wider offensive.
Israel's security cabinet on Wednesday approved a wider ground offensive in south Lebanon that was expected to take 30 days as part of a new push to badly damage Hezbollah, you mean the country, a cabinet minister said.
The decision came as fierce fighting was reported overnight with Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon and Arab broadcaster Al Jazeera reporting that 11 Israeli soldiers had been killed.
We're good to go.
So now they're calling up more troops.
Now it's 40,000 more.
The proposed operation was expected to take 30 days.
Cabinet Minister Elie Yassir said, however, an international-backed ceasefire was expected to be imposed well before then.
Yeah, don't hold your breath.
I mean, Bush was out in the news yesterday saying, hold on!
The headline was, Bush says, patience on ceasefire.
Don't have one right now.
We've got to rout out the terrorists.
You're not routing any, quote, terrorist out that has below resistance, whatever name you want to give them.
The insurgency.
You're not.
You're energizing them, and you know it.
What do you think runs Israel?
People that make those jets and make those tanks, those scary-looking sci-fi tanks?
I mean, the military runs that country.
You don't have free speech over there?
It's the same thing here.
We're going to be just like Israel, folks.
No free speech.
Rested for what we say.
I guess we won't have racial purity laws like Israel has, but other than that, we'll be just like Israel.
Every time I mention the racial purity laws of Israel, they really have those.
You get arrested if you marry, if you're not Jewish, and you marry a Jewish girl or a Jewish boy.
You get arrested.
That's mainstream news.
Over there it's announced and they're proud of it, but you mention it, you get weird death threats and screaming calls.
I mean, let's just stop being hypocritical, Israel.
Stop it.
Okay, and again, I've been criticized by the other side, who it's a religion to hate Israel.
And see, you have that religion of hating Israel, and then you have the inverse of that, then Israel gets the attitude that they can do whatever they want, and engage in all these crimes, and it's just, it's more of the same.
Okay, let me now get into the police state news, and there is a lot of it today.
Imagine you go to a football game and someone is yelling and screaming next to you.
And I spent some time researching this story today when I learned of it.
And if you're being too loud or, quote, being obnoxious, there's a tattletale line advertised, and this is going to start NFL-wide.
It started in Cincinnati with the Bengals.
Then what you do is you call, and the security guards and the police will come, and they immediately zoom in on your quadrant.
You tell them where you are and what seat.
Then they zoom in with these cameras, and, of course, that's going to cause big problems, and people are there cheating on their wife or doing whatever else they're doing, or Christian conservatives that are there with their boyfriends or whatever, Christian conservative men, the Bush types, are there with their boyfriends.
It's going to cause a big problem, but that doesn't seem to matter.
And they come and they will arrest you, or they will throw you out, or you will lose your season tickets.
Not only do you get searched by the military if it's the Super Bowl, or the police, or maybe the state guard.
It's happened in a lot of football games.
Now you get to be thrown out and get in trouble, not for criminal acts or not for throwing a bottle into the field or something.
No, now they're encouraging... See, this is the Tattletail Society.
Which is why I will not go to a football game.
Jerk Line lets stadium patrons report obnoxious fans.
Paul Brown Stadium has a new measure in place to keep fans' behavior in check.
Again, the Tattletail Society.
Anyone who spots boorish behavior during a Bengals game can call 513-381-JERK.
A police officer will answer the phone, use a camera to zoom into the section, and send security guards.
You'll get a lot of people fighting, people who are threatening other fans.
Stadium Development Director Bob Ben-Hans said, it's not just crimes that can be reported over the line.
Bad behavior is investigated too, see?
And I actually went and watched some of the newscast on this this morning, and it's like, is someone yelling too loud?
Well, just call the police on them.
We'll throw them out.
You should be aware of your surroundings, and there's a family atmosphere around you, said fan Kurt Kaufman.
Said, officers can give the unruly fans a warning, toss them out of the stadium, invoke...
Even revoke the season tickets?
That's what it's really about.
It'll be about stealing tickets and reselling them.
What we're trying to get rid of is somebody that just stands up there for the entire game and continues to yell curse words.
And you know what?
We are turning into animals more than we were in the past, and you can see this at a certain level, but the TV, the media condones, pushes this.
It gets worse and worse, and then their answer is a total police state.
But that's nothing.
That's nothing.
When we get back...
The Census Bureau will be at your house yearly.
You'll have to file huge reports on yourself.
And they're going to get a transponder digital number for your front door.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
You want to be a slave?
Well, you're going to get to be one.
Big time.
They're fitting your shackles right now.
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Citizens would be required to turn in their guns guaranteed to them by the Second Amendment.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
Welcome back.
I'm glad you have joined us today.
We're just facing the ugly truths because it's healthier and safer and better for our society if we stop living in denial and admit how corrupt it's actually gotten.
How corrupt will government get?
Our founding fathers told us over and over again that history doth show the level of tyranny you will live under is the exact amount you put up with.
It will only get worse.
That is the nature of evil.
You could have some wicked tyrant who's not that bad.
And then you're going to have people under them that overthrow them, and then those that overthrow them.
It's a synthesis of evil, until you end up with Beelzebub himself sitting on the world throne.
Do you want to live under that?
Well, if you lick boots and lay around and blot yourselves, you will.
Until there's no denying what you're facing.
It'll be like North Korea where the elite doesn't care that you're starving and that literally you're engaging in cannibalism.
They'll be in their armored compact cities eating Kobe beef steaks, living in lavish high-rise apartments with their private helicopters and mistresses.
They just don't care.
Alright, I'm digressing.
I remember reading about this five years ago.
And mentioning it, that every car will have transponders in it taxing you.
We've talked a lot about that.
And they're now running TV ads from Texas to California where, oh, the little cartoon cars can't get through the toll roads.
And they're coughing and saying, what's the problem?
And the answer is the Texas Pass or the Easy Scan or the Cal Scan.
And, oh, the chip's going to save us and it's going to be so good.
This was all integrated in with the fact that the Census Bureau will actually be integrated in with your local health departments and are going to be the secret police, or a part and parcel of them, a large division of these legions, these burgeoning legions, or legions we should call them, on our freedom.
And remember back in 2000 when the Census Bureau would come to your house and the stories of them grabbing women and trying to arrest them and hog-tying them and putting them in their private cars and they weren't even cops?
That's what tyranny does.
Little local zit-faced thugs were told that it was the law, there was no law, that you had to answer on the average census form 49 questions.
There were four different census forms.
One had 7, one had 49, the next had 100 and something questions.
And I remember the guy coming to my door and saying, you've got to answer all these questions.
How many gallons your toilet holds?
And you've got to answer the question about how many bank accounts you've got.
Do you have renters?
Is there someone else living on your property?
And I said, no, I don't.
It's the Fifth Amendment.
And I had this guy shout and yell at me, and he came back again about a month later.
He was parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic.
I pull in.
He's yelling at my wife.
And there's this big argument in Susan.
I had to tell him.
I actually got in his face.
I said, go call the police then, scumbag.
There is no law.
Get off my property.
And he finally left.
And I remember then reading in federal documents that businesses will have a monthly census, and you'll have to file and answer all the questions.
It's hundreds of them.
It's, again, the end of the Fifth Amendment.
It's a monthly interrogation.
General citizens by 2010, they're going to phase it in, they were saying, will have a yearly census and they're going to have home inspections inside your house.
I know, laugh at me now when they knock on your door, because you won't read about this, some of you out there.
When they knock on your door, you'll just rationalize and make excuses and let them in.
Because they have to inspect to make sure there aren't really renters in there.
The Census Bureau is now going to check your water intake and your power usage to see if you're lying about how many are in the house.
The SWAT teams already get your Austin energy numbers, depending on what city you live in, to see if two people live here, they're using more power than they should.
Let's go SWAT team them, and then they find out that people have got 15 fish tanks.
Doesn't matter.
It's freedom.
It's America.
Totally surveilled.
So here's NPR on this, the latest thing.
Census Bureau adopts GPS to find American homes.
From all things considered, two and a half years from now, in early 2009...
The Census Bureau plans to send an army of 100,000 temporary workers down every street in Dusty Dirt Road, and they'll tell them it's color of law.
That's why they'll scream at you and say it's the law.
It's not.
It's like the vaccines, but most of you will submit.
They will be armed with handheld GPS devices, it says.
Robert LaMachia, head of the Census Bureau's Geography Division, says they'll capture the latitude and longitude of the front door of every house, apartment, and improvised shelter they find.
They will actually knock on doors and look for hidden housing units in your backyard.
We will find converted garages from the outside.
It goes on.
It may not look like anybody lives there.
By the way, remember the article about how cities all over the country now come to your door and go knock, knock, and say, Oh, we're going to take blood right now.
We're with the Health Department.
You need to go ahead and let us.
And again, it's color of law.
In Seattle, they're trying to claim you have to, and people are breaking down.
And basically wetting themselves.
Okay, okay.
Just get ready.
Hordes of bureaucrats eating out our substance.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up in one moment, we'll talk a few minutes with Paul Watson about a great article he's written for PrisonPlanet.com titled, 9-11 Hit Pieces Get Just Plain Stupid, Part 1.
I want to go over some of these hit pieces I have and quasi-hit pieces I have here in front of me.
Before we do that, listen, we've got several big 9-11 events coming up, really a string of them, coming up on the 26th.
I guess that's about...
18 days from now, 17 days from now, up in Dallas, Texas, on the 26th of August, that's a Saturday, from 7 to 2 in the morning.
I'm going to show my new film Terror Storm at about 7.30.
Then I'll give a speech and take questions and comments for about an hour afterwards.
Then we're going to have Jim Mars for an hour giving a speech and taking questions on a speech titled JFK to 9-11.
He's the guy that wrote the Oliver Stone film and the book it's based on.
He's got a new novel coming out, The Terror Conspiracy, that's released in September.
By the way, it's not even offered yet.
We're going to have it a few weeks early.
I already have it here in my office.
I just can't sell it yet.
I've got 400 of them sitting on a pallet out there.
It's an incredible book.
I was scanning through it last night trying to read it.
It's excellent.
Anyway, side issue.
The point is, he'll be there, and then we're going to show about 35-40 minutes of footage that won't be out for 6-7 months, the official film, of what we shot up at the Bilderberg Group in Ottawa.
We're good to go.
We're probably going to have the Arab League there.
The tickets are $10.50 apiece.
That's about as low as we can go and be able to pay everybody and pay for the space and pay Jim Mars to come and pay for his expenses and pay for all the hotel rooms and the rest of it for my staff.
But if you live in Dallas or surrounding areas and you want to go to a great 9-11 event, one night and one night only...
They've got snacks and drinks there.
It's a nice Art Deco classic theater.
It holds about 900 people.
We're going to cut it off at 700 so everybody gets a good seat.
I asked the guy that owns it, I said, how many seats, you've got 900, but I said, how many are really good views and comfortable and aren't obstructed?
He said, about 750.
I said, well, I probably have 50 guests, so we'll sell 700 tickets.
There are still a few hundred tickets left.
We're good to go.
Or you can simply call toll-free 1-888-253-3139, 888-253-3139.
And also, if you want to get Terror Storm, we've only got a few copies left of the American Scholars Symposium special DVD edition that is different than the official DVD that will be out in the next two weeks.
I've probably got about a week of these left.
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So if you want to get them, each copy is signed.
If you want to get the American Scholar Symposium version, it even has that in the menu.
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But seriously, they're almost all sold out.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Shifting gears now to Paul Watson.
Paul, I thought I'd just get you on for five, ten minutes to run over the... Well, I mean, here's the Rocky Mountain News headline.
Disturbing trend of 9-11 skeptics.
No longer the nutty fringe.
I mean, there are so many 9-11 hit pieces a day now, Paul, that I haven't even read all of them.
I mean, literally, I haven't counted them up.
It's probably 15 a day that are hit pieces, another 10 that are neutral, three or four that are positive.
I think we're good to go.
Well, yeah, they're on the defensive.
And I called the article I wrote this morning, 9-11 hit pieces get just plain stupid, part one, because I couldn't include in one article the sheer amount of stupidity betrayed by the amount of hit pieces that have come out in just the past couple of days.
But I started out with my favourite of all time, favourite 9-11 hit piece of all time,
Which is by the Wisconsin Sheboygan Press.
And it's maturely titled, We've Had Enough of 9-11 Conspiracy Theory.
And one of their most brazen and proud arguments goes like this, quote, Our opinion remains steadfast that it was a terrorist attack that brought the towers down.
So as I wrote,
I can't think back to my high school education, and I can't remember seeing terrorist attack appearing on the periodic table.
As I wrote, I don't think, even if you do an extensive Google search, you'll find any results about a noun melting steel.
They just pass it off as a terrorist attack that brought down the towers.
Well, explain that.
I mean, they're making an announcement of faith as if it is a religious...
A dogma that they hold, and as if they believe, and they are steadfast, that somehow is their proof.
That's right.
It's the orthodoxy of the official story.
But then it gets worse.
They say, quote, the conspiracy theorists claim that the towers collapsed because of internal explosions and not as a result of the hijacked airliners plowing into them.
To back this contention, they say the government deliberately reacted slowly to the reports of hijacked planes.
So what they've done is slapped together two different arguments which bear no direct relation to each other whatsoever.
The NORAD stand-down and the implosion of the towers, saying that the NORAD stand-down somehow caused the implosion of the towers and then attributing that argument to 9-11 skeptics.
So again, they've set up a straw man argument, which no one I've ever read in the 9-11 skeptics movement embodies that whatsoever.
Well, it's not even connected to each other.
Listen, I was on a talk radio show this morning on WRKO, the biggest station in Boston, covers all of New England, 50,000 watt AM, and the host, I would say, hijackers were trained at bases.
I'd list the article, he'd go, you're a liar.
I'd say Operation Northwoods, U.S.
government plan to attack U.S.
cities to blame it on enemies.
He'd go, you're a liar.
I'd say there was CIA insider trading.
You're a liar.
Building 7 firefighters reported bombs going off.
Larry Silverstein said they pulled it.
You're a liar.
It was just, you're a liar, you're a liar.
And then he'd ask a question and wouldn't even let me answer it and would scream that I couldn't and that I was stupid and that I was P.T.
Yeah, and that's the similar tactic employed in this article, which is why I've encouraged readers to email the editorial board of this newspaper and inform them as to the fact that typing nonsense and giving it a paragraph of its own is not a satisfactory rebuttal to people saying that the government's version 9-11 is a lie.
They just put nonsense in a paragraph and think that that's proof that that somehow rebuts the arguments.
Well, that's the crazy thing, is that I'm reading all these articles, and they're all nonsense.
I mean, take the LA Times article that's an attempt at a hit piece, making us look like a bunch of confused people arguing with each other.
And Jack Blood is on a network called PrisonPlanet.com, and then I'm just an internet radio broadcaster that works for PrisonPlanet.com.
And, you know, God bless him, the Village Voice, you know, at least said my films are good, but called them Terror Storm.
I mean, Terror War, called Terror Storm Terror War, and we've asked them to fix it and they haven't.
I mean, it's just like, it's just cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
Well, these claims are always leveled to us that we fudge the facts and get basic facts wrong, yet they can't even get the fundamental, you know, names, date, places that everybody should know.
They can't even get them right, and those are the most balanced pieces, the Village Voice, the LA Times.
The Malaysia Sun's got one out which says,
It's about David Ray Griffin's new book.
It says that jihadists believe in 9-11 conspiracies.
So now we're all jihadists.
So by that logic, jihadists by definition would advocate and carry out terror attacks on the West.
By the way, Newt Gingrich has now come out.
And he is calling everyone that disagrees with the war insurgents and insurgency.
And Fox is openly calling to start arresting people.
So we always knew Patriot 2 and that provision about insurgency.
Folks, that's anyone that doesn't give up your property, your life, your children to a draft that's coming.
I mean, this isn't a joke, folks.
They're really trying to set it up.
And I tell them good luck because they're not going to get away with it.
They've got so much chutzpah, they're so arrogant, so much hubris, so much bravado, that they're going to fail, Paul.
I think they really don't get it.
These guys are really on power trips.
Well, yeah, but they're on the defensive, obviously.
The context in which it's used in the Malaysia Sun article is that they say jihadists believe in 9-11 conspiracies, yet
You know, jihadists, by their very definition, advocate and carry out terror attacks, yet they're saying at the same time they believe that Western governments are doing it.
That's right.
The jihadists did 9-11, but they believe the government did it.
That's right.
Here's the Malaysian Sun, and it sounds like a panicked article.
Presbyterian Church publishes 9-1-1 conspiracy theory.
The Presbyterian Church USA publishing arm has released a book.
This is President Bush organized New York September 11th attacks.
And it says the decision by the 160-year-old Westminster John Knox Press, the trade and academic publishing imprint of the Presbyterian Publishing Group, is attributed to the attacks of the World Trade Center buildings to the U.S.
religious mainstream, a conspiracy theory long held by the world's jihadists.
Well, it's held by a lot of people who've got two brain cells.
And they also say the book concludes that Bush organized the entire attack.
Again, just basically...
I think.
I think.
Well, see, that's what they're saying.
They want to pass hate laws where they designate what's hateful, and so we can't talk about 9-11 because the families don't like it.
And then every time I talk to the victims' families, they go, of course the government did it.
I've talked to multiple heads, the head of the biggest group,
Okay, and they believe it's an inside job.
And, of course, that's where it's going.
Oh, we're really violent.
Listen, I confirmed one of our listeners.
His girlfriend had a PrisonPlanet.com homemade shirt.
He didn't even know what it was.
It was a shirt somebody had given her.
He put it on because it was bigger.
And the cop pulled him over, saw it, and went ahead and arrested him and brought him into the station.
And I have police training books that say if you see anti-UN stickers, go ahead and arrest people.
It's all geared towards identifying the subversives and linking them with questioning the government so the roundups can later begin.
Well, there's your evidence that we're in tyranny, folks.
I mean, even if the government didn't carry these attacks out, which they did, that's all the evidence.
I mean, it's impossible any other way.
It doesn't matter.
They're still engaging in classical tyranny.
I mean, they're on TV saying they can torture people to death.
I mean, come on!
And another one for this second part of this article that I'm going to write was
James Meggs' appearance, popular mechanic James Meggs on O'Reilly last night, the O'Reilly factor.
Yeah, we have that audio.
In fact, we're going to play that later.
Go ahead.
He said that the buildings, not only was the collapse not suspicious and expected, but he said the buildings should have fell faster than they did.
He was surprised that they fell faster than in one minute.
Oh, yeah.
No modern steel building ever fell.
Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane, but they should have fallen faster.
And Frank DeMartini, the head of construction management, said they were designed to take multiple impacts of airlines.
Well, Paul, do a story on that with a rehash of the Building 7 stuff.
Get a big Building 7 article out and throw it in Megs, who was obviously hired by Homeland Security.
The guy that ran it was Benjamin Chertoff, what the nephew of Homeland Security Director wrote the story.
And I'm just sick of them.
Right, but it's this term, scientific fact.
O'Reilly, that's scientific fact.
Yes, this is scientific fact.
Over and over again, and they don't even go into any science.
In fact, Megs has got this warped circular logic mentality argument where he says that 9-11 conspiracy theorists believe what they want because they want to believe that someone evil is in control.
Now, how does that address any of the evidence?
It's like the Scripps-Howard article a few months back, Betsy Hart said that 9-11...
Skeptics believe what they do because they fear Muslims.
Again, completely Twilight Zone logic doesn't address any of the evidence.
Yeah, I mean, we have the Vice President writing a document months before 9-11 saying we need a big terror attack to get the people behind a war invading Iraq.
We've got official U.S.
government documents like Northwood saying the government wants to carry out a terror attack.
Paul, you should do a story about Megs and the new hit piece in there and give it a simple headline like Government 9-11 Cover-Up Goes Into High Gear and just run through maybe afterwards ten of the big smoking guns and say, why don't you bastards, you people on government payroll...
Why don't you respond?
And they are.
Popular Mechanics now, I looked at back issues before they bought them out two years ago.
Megs is now in there.
It's like half Army and Air Force recruiting ads.
I mean, that whole thing now is publicly bankrolled by the government.
And they have just jumped off a cliff into building strongmen and attacking everyone.
Again, they attributed in Popular Mechanics, maybe to a recap of that, articles I didn't write that weren't from our website.
That we simply linked to and then would call me up and I would tell them that and they didn't care.
And it was so bad, I thought it was a fake interview.
Chertop sounded like such a bumbling moron that I actually called the paper and talked to Megs and was saying, is this real?
Oh, sir, yes, sir.
And I said, is this a hit piece?
Oh, I promise you it's not.
Number one, they're a bunch of liars.
All right, Paul Watson, you keep it up.
We'll look for those articles out there.
I don't know what's wrong with the government, though.
If they just ignored us, they might have a chance.
They are fools for engaging us, because we have the facts.
We're saying the world is round.
They're saying it's flat, and we're going to win.
Paul, thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll look for your more reports at prisonplanet.com.
You bet.
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
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Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm here Monday through Friday.
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until 2 p.m.
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Again, 11 to 2 Central, 9 to midnight Central.
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And we've got podcasting of limited, some of our best interviews a few times a week.
You can go subscribe to that.
So you'll be able to do that.
Heading back to what I was talking about 25 minutes ago, NPR, Census Bureau, adopts GPS to find American's homes, and they'll be teaming up with the health department to come out and demand medical examinations of you and your family.
That's part of the larger program.
They admit in this article that they'll be going on your property, searching for illegal residences, it says garage apartments, and reporting that to the tax authorities, of course.
And it goes on and on.
But then they try to spin it and say, but the Census Bureau can't by law share that list with anyone, even local governments, which is a total lie.
People would not tell us about hidden housing units.
They said people would not respond to the questionnaire if they believed that the information would be turned over to law enforcement or code enforcement and become public information.
Mapping might save lives, they go on and say, and then admit that it will be given to the local police department.
So, total deception here.
Let me explain to you again.
If the police catch you with 20 kilos of cocaine, they cannot compel you to incriminate yourself.
It is called the Fifth Amendment.
You do not have to flap your lips.
A judge cannot put you in jail for contempt of court for not answering their questions.
Though I read the minutes of court cases all the time where the judge screams at someone to answer the question and threatens to arrest them if they don't.
That judge is a criminal!
But again, the whole government's criminal.
I've got hundreds of cases the last year or two where judges say there's no Constitution, the Constitution is not in my court, you cannot argue the law in my court.
I mean, it's just gone criminal, folks.
Which, again, is the norm in history.
This is normal.
Freedom is a rare, precious thing.
And it's going down the... You know what, right now, it just makes me so angry.
And you read this article, and it says, census workers will add each dwelling, legal or not, to the Census Bureau's master address file and create GPS numbers for it, and they will demand to know how many people live there, how much water your toilet holds, how many bank accounts you have, do you own firearms, that's on some of the questionnaires, and they will threaten to arrest you if you don't.
There's only been one conviction in, what, the 1969-1970 census,
There was some Kentucky case where, of course, it was Kentucky, real police state there, great folks there, but it is a police state, where someone supposedly lied on a census, and the foolish jury didn't understand the Fifth Amendment, so convicted them.
They have one conviction for census, and a federal judge in Houston during the last census debacle said you don't have to answer all those questions.
Some higher-up judge said you did.
Folks, it is not true.
I don't care what they say.
You don't have to answer bureaucrats' questions.
We're good to go.
I guess you're in the danger of the cop going, No!
That's government!
That's God!
I'm arresting you!
Just like a mindless monkey.
Alright, we'll be right back with the second hour masses of news and your phone calls.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, I got into how they're GPSing your front door with the...
New commissariat, political police, the Census Bureau, you'll have a yearly census.
They will threaten you with laws that don't exist to answer hundreds of questions about yourself and your family, your firearms, your bank accounts, and sneak onto your property, do whatever they want.
We got into how the National Football League is searching everyone when they go into football games.
Judges have said they can't, but they keep doing it, and now if you just yell too loud, they're going to have you arrested.
They have tattletale lines for everyone.
Israel's saying they're going to expand the war.
It may just go ahead and take over Lebanon itself, and it may go for months and months.
Pretty serious news there.
A lot of 9-11 news breaking.
Whatever issue you want to discuss, but I really want first-time callers today.
I do this occasionally.
And I'll let you slip through if you haven't called in the last few weeks, but really a lot of people try to call the show and say they never can because either we're not taking calls or the regulars, the folks that call every month, which we love, but we just want to give today other people a chance.
First-time callers.
For folks that haven't called in months, who want to get straight on air after this break, I will go straight to your calls.
We are on the verge of World War III.
The Newt Gingrichs, the Bill O'Reillys, the Crystals of the World, the Neocons, are calling it World War III, saying line up the Muslims, kill them.
Gingrich is saying all Americans that criticize the war are insurgency, that we're under the Patriot Act,
Just like the Deputy Attorney General years ago under Bill Lockyer in California.
A Democrat said, anyone protesting the war is aiding the terrorist because the war is fighting terrorists and we are going to arrest anti-war protesters.
That was in the Oakland Tribune and it went over like a lead balloon.
And he had to back off real quick, but I mean, that's what they like to do.
That's what Hillary and...
I haven't talked about Lieberman yet.
I'll talk about Lieberman, that little sniveling demon, when we get back on the other side of this break just briefly.
But 1-800-259-9231.
Well, why do it on the other side?
I'll do it right now.
Then we'll go to your calls immediately.
Lieberman is a sickening creature just like George Bush.
A pro-war, anti-America, gun-grabbing on top of it, open-border promoting globalist,
And a real Democrat who wants our troops out of Iraq, we'll see if he continues that.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I'm sure they're going to try something big.
He is a darling of the New World Order, being positioned for a presidential run, and since when does the people hating someone have anything to do with it?
He is not out.
So they're going to try to get Republicans to come over and vote for Scammerman, and so he'll probably end up being an independent senator.
From, what was he, from Delaware?
So we'll see what happens with this with Hare Lieberman coming up.
I'm drawing a blank.
I don't have an article in front of me.
It's Delaware, isn't it?
Somehow I think that's wrong.
I'll look it up in a minute.
I don't know where Lieberman's from.
There's something wrong with me.
I've got too much going on in my head.
But it does show the Democrats are starting to get it.
I mean, I listened to Hare America like a year ago.
It was pretty namby-pamby.
Man, they're talking about government-sponsored terror.
They're talking about American unions being bad.
It's not globalist liberal.
It's more populist liberal.
And that's encouraging.
We've got to encourage their hosts to go even further down the rabbit hole.
This is why we've got Mike Malloy, one of their better hosts, joining us for an hour tomorrow.
I'm trying to get this neocon on that was just savaging me this morning from WRKO.
We'll see if he's got the brass.
Come on here with me.
I just want to let you hear this guy.
I mean, it just, no information, no facts, no info, just, I'm a liar, I'm a traitor.
Basically, Alex Jones is evil.
We're going to get this guy on too.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, I knew I had my wires crossed.
It's Lieberman of Connecticut, the Democratic Senator, the Senior Senator from Connecticut.
As soon as I said Delaware, I said, why did I just say that?
I knew it was Connecticut.
Yes, Team Connecticut.
He lost the primary in the Democratic primary last night, but he'll run as an independent.
And again, they haven't moved Sequoia, E&SS.
They haven't moved the Diebold fraud machines.
Totally run by the government.
Openly caught scamming coast to coast.
I mean, again, you'll have people like Senator Hagel from Nebraska in his virgin run, 15 points behind in major respected multiple index polls, between, what, 14 and 15 points, depending on the poll, and then magically winning by 14 points.
Again, suddenly when these machines go in, the polls that had always been right are suddenly all wrong.
People will win during a primary by a landslide and suddenly go up against unpopular opposition and lose.
It's like Howard Dean.
Wildly popular.
And then suddenly, Diebold comes in in New Hampshire and totally scams him.
I forget the numbers.
It was like he lost by 20-something points.
It was something like that in places that had Diebold.
Like half the state had it.
But in the other areas, he was winning by some huge percentage.
It's just the same thing with Schwarzenegger in California.
And their own employees go public and say, we're scamming everyone!
And then nothing happens.
Okay, that's enough.
The good news is that Lieberman has now been forced to claim a conspiracy that he thinks his website was hacked.
As if during the final day of the election, while he is going down in flames, that his website was hacked.
And who knows, it might have happened, some small chance of it.
I sincerely doubt it, because the Republicans love him.
The Republican crime machine, the big city crime machine that runs our country, loves Harry Lieberman, the warmonger.
So, I really don't see that happening.
Plus, hacking the website the day of the event does really nothing.
By the way, you know when your site's hacked.
I mean, a classical hack, they'll go post, you know, an elephant using the bathroom or some kind of stuff they do.
You know, if a real hacker does it.
Or they'll denial of service or they'll bring down your website or stuff like that.
You can tell pretty quick.
I'm always kind of honored when that happens because it's just the government hackers that do it.
And every time they do it, we have a rule.
We start a new website.
It has happened once lately, so I have to keep my promise of starting a whole new website with a whole new servers and give them more targets to try to attack.
We're like the type of superhero where you attack them and they just get stronger.
That's what we do.
Randy in Oregon.
Randy, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I was calling in yesterday, but couldn't get in about your comment about your shipping issue.
To your products to England and Australia and Canada and the problem you're having.
Yeah, I was saying that suddenly, I mean, just all these foreign countries, and we always ship it back out.
We don't have a problem here in the U.S.
It gets there quickly, but overseas, and now our own Homeland Security.
It's not just singling out our packages.
They're just randomly sending them to, quote, x-ray centers and anthrax centers where they're checking everything and reading everybody's mail.
This is the land of the free, home of the brave.
Well, I was calling in because I have a business also that I deal with the... It's not just the terrorist angle and that sort of thing.
I deal with the other really large conspiracy topic, and that's UFOs.
And I can't even ship... We had to take our business name off the packages in hopes to try to get it through, and still that wasn't successful because they are filtering out... I was told this by the Postmaster also, that they're filtering out
The UFO subject matter as well as the terrorist angles and putting them, you know, destroying them, putting them in a hold bin, whatever happens.
But I just want to let you know I'm here to confirm exactly what you're saying.
Well, I remember, and people, you shouldn't let them stop you.
If you live in Canada, we're going to keep trying to get it to you.
We're going to switch.
It's going to cost a lot more.
We're going to switch, I think, to DHL or FedEx for foreign shipments by next week.
We're good to go.
That's why it's so important to get a PrisonPlanet.tv 15-show-a-day membership, because you can sit there in Canada burning the high-bandwidth quality DVDs.
It's not as good as TV, but it's a lot better than some of the stuff you see on the web.
It's high quality.
It's very watchable.
And so if you're in Canada, know your government is fighting for this to not get out.
Get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership and just sit there at night.
And, you know, three or four copies.
It takes like, I don't know, 10, 15 minutes to burn a DVD or onto a disc.
I don't know.
The packages disappear.
It changes.
When Paul Watson wrote his book, Order Out of Chaos, I would try to ship him 40 at a time to give to his family.
It took four shipments.
And I finally quit using the U.S.
mail and used FedEx and we sent it to his aunt and they got it.
He couldn't even get FedEx to his house.
And that's because it was big, they looked in it, they saw a book order out of chaos, they open it up, they see it talks about British intelligence carrying out terror attacks, and again, you think you're in a free country?
You're not, folks.
By the way, stuff from outside the U.S.
coming into the U.S.
now, they're taking it here too.
They're all working together.
You see, you thought you lived in a... This is such an illustration of not living in a free society.
We're still free because we're standing up and fighting.
But they're operating...
As if it isn't.
I mean, I remember when my family, my uncle, my aunt, my cousins, all lived in Guatemala during the late 70s, early 80s.
And my mother would explain that when their mail came, they would send us mail all the time and packages and pick a pepper sauce when you couldn't get that in the U.S.
And, you know, just little letters.
It didn't matter what it was.
Or, you know, little Mayan beads, whatever.
And it was all ripped open, always open.
If there was anything in it, they'd steal it.
And my mother and father said, well, in countries that are police states that aren't free, like America, they get into your mail.
And I was like, oh, isn't it good to live in America?
Hey, not anymore, folks.
So you've got to pay a premium where it's a business, where it's DHL or FedEx, and they still will grab a percentage of those.
Not anymore.
But then we'll see, we then force FedEx to pay us back for that, which then has its own cost.
Of then having to go through the bureaucracy.
So bear with us, foreign orders.
If it takes three times, we're going to keep shipping to you.
Until the point you tell us, refund your money, boom, it's refunded.
As soon as we get to it in order.
This all started about a month ago.
It has been devastating.
So if you live in the U.S., you can get them easy, no problem.
They haven't started opening all of that yet.
But I'm sure that will start, too.
And we can, I guess, just roll over and say, well, that's it.
We'll go off the radio.
We won't make films anymore because they won't let us ship these to you.
No, we'll just start having distributors in different parts of the country.
Okay, I'm going to shut up.
I said I'd take calls, but here we go.
Chris in Quebec, speaking of Canada, the worst country in the world for shipping things.
Hello, Chris.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
No, really, I can ship to communist China.
No problem.
That seems pretty shocking to me, but I believe you 100%.
It is funky, but go ahead.
I just want to first applaud you and thank you for the time and effort you're taking to spread the truth and make people wake up and realize what's really going on in America and the rest of the world.
Well, I've got a duty just like you, my friend.
I appreciate the compliment.
What's on your mind?
I'm just wondering, in your refeeds on your website, when we stream the shows,
The past few days, it has been always the same show, and I'm just wondering why this is, or if you're aware of it.
Because I'd like to hear your shows, because I'm at work, and I don't always get a chance to hear them, but I'd like to hear them when I get home.
What do you mean, the same shows you're streaming?
Oh, the past few days, since the beginning of the week, it's always been the show where you're talking about vaccines and all that.
I don't know, maybe it's... You know, I've asked my IT people to look into this.
What stream are you listening to?
I try to switch between the five or six that are given, and it always seems to be the same one.
Yep, I actually heard this.
I heard this myself, and it's a real crisis.
And, you know, again, we're a small operation.
We're trying to figure out what's going on, sir.
I apologize.
Oh, no problem.
Do you know...
When this would be fixed, because I just really want to listen to you.
Probably, it could be weeks, who knows.
I will just tell you that you can go to InfoWars.com, and I'm sure it's my, I don't think you're listening to the network stream.
I'm listening, I'm going right from InfoWars.com, and I click on live stream from there.
Yeah, you need to click on the Genesis stream.
And you'll be able to listen to the Genesis stream.
I have my own, and it's been having some problems.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
This is really customer service radio.
This is what it's turned into.
Let's talk to Jerry in Washington.
Jerry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Alex, I have a question about Cynthia McKinney.
I read earlier this morning on the news that she lost.
She lost.
And I remember hearing her on your show, and I told my wife, I said, you know what?
She's going to have trouble getting re-elected.
Yeah, well, I mean, exactly.
They continued to grab her, harass her, grab on her.
She finally pushed back.
The media hyped it up, and they hyped up her saying, you know, my employee's an idiot or something.
They hyped it up, no big deal, and deep-sixed her and engaged in a bunch of election fraud because she exposed the dying core sex slave rings and the trillions missing from the Pentagon.
And, yes, that's what happened.
One other question.
November, election time, you were speaking earlier about Diebold.
Do you really think that we're going to have a big turnover in the...
You would have a total landslide victory, 70 plus percent now in the polls against it.
You would have almost every major Republican lose, unless they're a good conservative.
And that's not going to happen.
You're going to have massive election fraud.
But still, they don't have their machines in everywhere, so the Democrats will probably win the Senate, but not the House.
But it's a toss-up.
Got more questions, Jerry?
No, thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.
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We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Let's move quickly into your calls here on the Genesis Network.
Ian in New York.
Ian, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to call.
I have two comments and then a quick question, and I'll take it out there.
There's a...
A video on Google, a video that Penn and Teller did, it's labeled Stupid 9-11 Conspiracy.
Yeah, where they talk about if you see 9-11 conspiracy theorists, violently attack them, throw them downstairs.
Yeah, and they like... And that's basically what Newt Gingrich, the arch-destroyer of America, the American Union mastermind, he says, the fake conservative, that we are enemy combatants now.
Yeah, and they swear in it, and it just, you know, I used to like them, now I don't.
And then there's now, like, some kind of grassroots movement with all these, like, crappy websites that are popping up, like, debunking, like, loose change and other... But they're not, they're not.
They build straw men.
They don't attack real things in the film.
Well, there's this one that goes through it all, and, like, I don't know.
Yeah, I know.
I've looked at it, and 99% of it's pure bull.
Well, yeah, I don't believe in it.
I'm just saying that.
Well, no, you shouldn't believe what I just said.
I'm just telling you I know the evidence of 9-11.
I know the facts, and it's straw man attacks.
I appreciate the call, Jim.
It's good to hear from you.
Jim in Iowa, you're up next.
Go ahead, Jim.
Yeah, I sure can.
Can you hear me?
We're moving the calls quick, Bubba.
All right, two things real fast.
One, I've never heard you discuss the Valentine's Day fiasco in Afghanistan where George W. Bush ordered the military to load three aircrafts full of $100 bills and pictures of him.
Oh, they did that more days than that.
The first few months they were there, candy bars, food packs, $100 bills, $20 bills, yeah, and pictures of George W. Bush, total propaganda.
Yeah, I've never heard you discuss that.
I was curious about that.
The other thing... Yeah, we talked about it four and a half years ago.
Oh, okay.
The other thing, a friend of mine holds a high position in the local schools here, and he's a pagan.
And he's told me point blank that our children do not attend school, they attend prison camps.
They just installed 64 video cameras
In our East High School and our West High School.
Yeah, and they have locking doors where the children can't get out.
That's exactly right.
They have drug dogs.
They search them.
They thumb scan to get school lunch.
No cash allowed.
And the official federal documents from the number two person at the Department of Education published a book on it in the 80s was to train everyone how to be prisoners.
America will be a giant prison with shaved head thugs in black uniforms ruling us.
I just wanted to let you know that even the pagans are admitting straight up that this is a prison camp, this is not a school that the children are going to daily.
So you know this principal?
No, it's not a principal.
It's the man in charge of all the surveillance equipment.
I mean, does he like it?
No, he doesn't appreciate it.
Well, you know, most major schools now have cameras in the bathrooms.
And five years ago, they'd get caught and get in trouble.
Now they just don't apologize, and they say, we're going to do it, and we're going to, and then they catch the principles, having it on the web, selling it, and now they don't even get in trouble for that.
They just do whatever they want.
This guy, he's in charge of all the computer stuff, and he's in charge of all the surveillance and everything else, and even he's disgusted with it.
Well, that's good.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
And the reason I'm moving quick is so everybody gets a chance to be on.
Thomas in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing?
Hey, listen, the NASA Superhighway started right near in Houston, right?
Well, actually, I mean, they're building a hub for it, what they call a port east of Austin, but it actually has already been started construction down in southwestern, southern area of Mexico.
When do they say, I know I read something on Sex March that it should be completed, now correct me if I'm wrong, completed in 2010?
Yes, sir.
That's going to be an amazing feat.
Well, there's a bunch of stuff, sir.
They're seizing every existing interstate highway and every existing major state arterial that connects into a larger artery.
And so it's a grid.
It's seizing all the major roads, seizing 83.
We just learned of 82 more major highways.
And then the super grid...
The main artery, there's going to be several, but the first they want to complete will be complete from Mexico up into Minnesota by 2010.
But you know when they're doing local stuff, it takes them 10 years to get something done when they're just doing something on the beltway or something.
That's because they're scamming.
But this is meant to divide the country in half, give foreign governments control of it, split the country militarily.
That's what this is.
This is economic warfare.
Are you still working on trying to get Barry Chambers on your show?
Yes, I intend to get Barry on in the near future.
I appreciate your call.
We'll be back with Greg Palast.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That toll-free number again?
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Last time we had him on about a month ago, he was down in the middle of Mexico City as the neocons and a bunch of Bush's handlers who openly, Rob Allen and co.
put George Bush into governor's office, presidential office out of Dallas, Texas.
They ran the illegal alien demonstrations all over the country.
Well, they helped get Fox in as governor and then as president.
And now they've helped get the new guy in, openly caught stealing the election.
Hands down, evidence is overwhelming.
Well, now we've had time to see it develop.
Protesters all over the country took over toll roads, took over highways.
They're really starting to get angry.
Something we don't see Americans doing.
We should have been doing this here in 2004, 2000.
And again, I didn't even support Al Gore or the guy that took a dive.
Because you're going to steal an election, you've got to have somebody take a dive.
John Kerry, Bush's cousin and fraternity brother from Skull and Bones.
But they're clearly stealing elections now.
It's the same group running it down there.
We're good to go.
It was a straight-up steal in Mexico.
I mean, the same games played in Florida and Ohio were played south of the border.
In fact, even some of the same characters, I mean, you had Dickie Morris down there advising the
The ruling clique of Mexico.
And so what happened is that supposedly the ruling clique won by less than a quarter million votes out of 41 million.
There it's whoever has the most votes, period.
Yet there were nearly one million ballots uncounted.
And when I say uncounted, they supposedly were not readable ballots.
The Mexican ballot was a big paper ballot with big giant boxes to put an X through to the party.
I mean, it's bogus.
Every time they opened up one of these supposedly unreadable ballots, it was for the challenger, a guy named Obrador.
Now, so there was that game.
We saw the same game where the exit poll showed that Obrador, the challenger, had won, but then the official party somehow came through.
We got these miraculous results where...
Every precinct, there are 130,000 precincts in Mexico which all report randomly to the Capitol, so you would expect pretty much the numbers not to change all night because it's random, right?
Well, anyway, at the last hour, like just before dawn, suddenly, the ruling party, which was losing, every single 10-minute report showed them losing by 2%, 2%, every single 10 minutes, 2%.
The last couple of hours, suddenly...
The ruling party is winning in precincts by 10 to 1, then 50 to 1, then by 100 to 1, until golly gee, minutes before the bell rang, they'd won.
You know, it was just, these guys are really, really cool.
And then the government crooks get up on TV in Mexico, I've seen it, and say, oh, that was normal, it's normal to be 100 to 1, and that's what they always do.
All the ones when they look like their man was losing, the only precincts that came in 100 to 1,
For the ruling clique.
We're all the ones reporting in the last half hour.
They saw their guy losing and suddenly there's these miracle precincts.
And all Obrador, all the challengers asking for is to open up those ballot boxes and look at those ballots.
It's paper ballots.
It's very easy.
They haven't yet figured out how to go to computers so it can't be recounted.
So now...
They've got a vote that they can actually look at.
A third of the nation doesn't have any real poll workers.
We have pictures of people literally stuffing ballots in the ballot box.
There's only one race on the presidential ballot, the ballot for president.
And if you don't want to vote, you throw them away, and unused votes are not accounted for.
So the ruling clique literally just takes handfuls of ballots and stuffs them in these weird cardboard boxes.
It's a complete joke, the elections in Mexico.
They always have been.
And in the one place where the challenger was winning, he was a huge leader in the area around Acapulco.
Suddenly, there's almost no votes coming out of there.
Everywhere else in the nation you have two-thirds of the people voting, over 60%.
But in one place, in Acapulco, it's only 40%, which is where the challenger gets all his votes.
Now, what happened to those votes?
They're clearly cherry-picking.
It was so raw.
So in your face, and of course the New York Times and the powers that be are talking about how
Wow, the challenger is challenging Mexico's fragile new democracy.
Well, I was down in Mexico.
I said, so are you challenging Mexico's new fragile democracy?
They've never had a democracy.
It's always been... I mean, when the Aztecs were there, it was bloody rule.
When the conquistadors came, it was bloody rule.
It's always been the slave peons with a tiny one-tenth of one percent.
I mean, Mexico produces more billionaires than any other country in the world.
Not just per capita, folks.
I mean, period.
They have the richest elite per capita in the world.
It is a disgusting joke.
Yeah, and what happened was this time is that these guys just steal it straight up.
They use violence.
One of the reasons why there's a low vote around Acapulco is that they murdered two poll workers as the polls opened.
Well, that'll kind of put you off showing up.
You know, so it's like it is an open store.
And when I asked the challenger, how could you challenge the fragile new democracies, what kind of democracy is when you don't count the ballots?
He says, is that democracy?
Greg Palast, where do you see, author of the new book out, bestseller already, New York Times bestseller list, Armed Madhouse, where do you see this going?
I mean, I know you don't go after crystal ball or tea leaves, but talking to experts, you've been there, you're studying it, people are now really starting to get angry, really starting to take over.
I don't know how many listeners saw the video on TV last night of the people storming the highways, taking over toll roads, letting the people go through, and the police said they were powerless.
See, this shows these governments are powerless, and I say if our government keeps acting like this, we should do the same thing and take our country back.
So what's happening is people are jumping, literally running onto the highways, stopping all the traffic and saying, count the votes, or nothing moved.
And, you know, I mean, people are...
People are really outraged.
Unfortunately, I think it's going to end up in violence because last time there was a huge election theft in 1988.
They gunned down 500 people, the ruling clique.
500 people were shot down dead for protests.
That's right.
They come out and protest.
What's going to happen the next time they mow down women and children if the people do like they do in China and just keep fighting?
Well, that's going to be one of the real questions.
I think at this time, in fact, even the Financial Times wrote an editorial saying that the rulers of Mexico...
We're good to go.
And all he's saying is, he's not even saying, make me president.
He's saying, count the vote, count the vote, count the vote.
That's pretty, you know, so how can you say, don't count the vote?
He's already congratulated the punitive, the ruling class winner, even though, technically, even the winner, so-called winner, has not claimed victory.
Well, Bush is.
And he was actually embarrassed to get this call from Bush, like, ha, ha, ha.
We got it.
It's all about the oil, because people have to understand... Mexico has tripled the resources we do.
And beyond that, they are the number two source of our imported oil, way above Saudi Arabia.
And Pemex is state-owned, and the ruling clique... And by the way, the guy that supposedly the ruling clique has put up that's going to try to take office...
He was their energy minister, and he's the oil minister.
He was the guy who said that they need American oil companies in there to get a piece of the action so they can pump more oil.
And the challenger's saying, we're happy to sell America all the oil America wants, but we have to own the oil, and that's what they cannot permit.
It's the oil.
I mean, the elite in Mexico, that's why they're the richest people in the world, they are getting a cut.
The challengers are saying the people are going to get a little bit of a cut for universities and things like that.
But no, they want to keep the people in third world dirt floor squalor.
This is something elites have done going back to the dark ages.
This is a tool of control.
Why did the British or the French or the Japanese keep their people on tiny subsistence plots
I mean, the people are learning and facing the horror that there is systematic election fraud.
Thirty-five percent of the country now has the scam machines in.
It's another five, ten percent every few months.
They are taking over.
They're heading us off with the pass.
Not that the Democrats would even save us, but they're even trying to block that or some other independent or some good conservative.
Well, you know, look at that.
You've got to tell you.
Well, that's my question, Greg.
Hold on, Greg.
What's going on with this stuff?
I mean, Greg, that's my question.
What's going to happen when it just becomes too obvious?
Go ahead.
Well, even the Democratic Secretaries of State are getting the magic machines, the democracy in a box machine.
It is really gone.
Well, we probably shouldn't complain because, you know, it's convenient.
We've already voted.
They just haven't told us who's won yet.
So what you're saying is they're sharing power.
They're saying, go along with this and you get to control the magic box.
Everyone gets to control their little duchy.
It is.
And so, you know, in New Mexico, the Democrats will be allowed to keep their little patch.
And in Illinois, they'll keep their little patch.
But the big places will go to Republicans.
So it will keep incumbents and corrupt, paid-off individuals in, and we'll end up being like medieval Italy with all these city-states.
Well, it's oil.
It's one party.
It's the party of oil.
I mean, when you look at a Democrat like Bill Richardson, he was the partner of Henry Kissinger and Kissinger Associates.
He was the guy pushing deregulation.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes, there's different, they call one flavor Democrat and one flavor Republican.
So what's going to happen?
It's just going to get more and more obvious when we protest.
It'll be just like Mexico or China.
The cops will just walk out and kill a thousand of us at a pop.
Well, you know, I have a feeling that in America that the cops are not going to kill us because they're us.
And, you know, it's amazing when Americans do stand up on our hind legs, we often accomplish a great deal.
Well, I'll say this, too.
We're not like the Mexicans who don't own guns.
Let the police try a bunch of Tiananmen Square stuff here, and they're not going to like what happens, Greg.
Yeah, well, it's very interesting to realize that America is not as far from civil war as we think.
Oh, I think we're in danger of it.
Yeah, and the problem is that you could also get goofballs who just, you know, blame black people.
You could always have people who are going to jump up and... Oh, no, it's a powder keg.
It's going to be a loony bin.
Yeah, and so, I mean, one of the things that... And that's why in our manhunt, I talk about the prior uprisings, like in 1927, after New Orleans was flooded in 1927...
You had millions of people stand up and say, enough is enough.
We're getting shafted.
They're taking away, you know, we have no old age pensions.
The veterans are getting shafted.
We have no public protection, no public services.
The oil companies are running us into Richmond Wars, as Huey Long called it at 27.
And there was a huge public reaction, and it led to the New Deal.
Now, some people might say, well, that wasn't radical enough or whatever, but it was... The point is, it was the establishment trying to pay the people off and at least responding.
They had to.
If FDR didn't create the New Deal, you would have had a revolution in this country, a very violent one.
And so what happened was that was only the reaction to a public, to basically the public jumping up and saying, we've had enough.
And, you know, there's not much of that story told from the period of 1927 to 1933.
That was as much a revolutionary period as... But I'm asking you, I mean, obviously looking at the past, Greg, we can see the future.
What do you see happening?
Your best estimation, your approximation, your dead reckoning on... We know they're going to keep stealing elections.
It's going to get more and more obvious.
It's already totally proven.
And what's going to happen?
We're just going to take it?
Unfortunately, what we have to do is get beyond hoping that we'll have something like a Democratic Party stand-up.
If you read my... In our madhouse, I have a chapter called Carry One.
Now get over it.
And there's a reason for that.
Because, see, if you wait for the parties to stand up to protect you, remember the current party leadership is elected by the current voting system.
And if you change the voting system, not only will a lot of Republicans in the office lose power, but so will a lot of Democrats who could not stand up in primaries.
And we just saw this, for example, with Joe Lieberman.
But, you know, that was an unusual state, Connecticut.
It's not, you know... Boy, that's good news, isn't it?
Yeah, well, you know, it just shows what happens when people just get angry.
Now, you know, and of course, it is very interesting to see the way politicians are now attacking and pulling so that they can, you know, move away from... You know what?
I can't figure out.
As far as I can tell by listening to the news, I can't find a single politician that voted for the war.
It's all about you.
It's do one thing, say another.
Greg, let's get into BP.
What is really going on up there with them shutting off upwards of 10% of our oil with that pipeline?
Well, that's a good one.
July 2006, you couldn't have picked a worse, or from BP's view, a better time.
The issue is that they found corrosion on the Alaska pipeline.
Oh, my.
Let me tell you, I was investigating the Alaska pipeline officially after the Exxon Valdez breakup, and we're talking 16 years ago.
That's when we were screaming about corrosion then.
There's an inspector up there that BP keeps trying to get rid of.
His name is Dan Long.
He's issued something like 25 corrosion warnings.
Against this pipeline.
And the last big one was in March 2nd of this year when they actually had the pipe burst at one point and was leaking oil.
Now, you said they had a CIA former agent break into his house?
Yeah, well, that was another one of the guys that he was working with.
They beat British Petroleum hiring a CIA agent to set up a whole surveillance operation using, by the way, guys from former members of the Guatemalan Death Squad.
They broke into this guy's house.
And, by the way, they got caught.
It was a weird story by the FBI.
And when British Petroleum's U.S.
president was called before the court, I mean, the U.S.
federal judge says, you know, British Petroleum's action, to remind you, is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
This is how these guys operate.
And so they have decided.
They knew that for years that they've had to do some...
Short-term shutdowns to begin replacing pipe because of corrosion.
And in March, it was crucial and critical.
It could have burst, the whole thing could have burst at any second from March 2nd on.
Why did they wait until July?
Well, golly gee, there's two reasons.
It is.
It is absolutely the worst possible time from the consumer's view.
British Petroleum sells 4 million barrels of oil a day worldwide.
They don't care about the Alaska line, so what happens is the rest of their oil popped up by over $2 a barrel.
That's once they make $10 million a day bonus for shutting down the pipe, and that's the wholesale.
At the retail end,
That oil was destined for California and for the Arco refineries and Arco gas stations.
So what's happening is Arco is owned completely by British Petroleum.
And they also are one of the biggest retail sellers at the pump in California.
So they have made it.
That's right.
This has been the biggest bonus for these guys, shutting it down, and it's a con.
Well, stay there.
We've got a few more minutes with Greg Palast, who I'm really honored to have with us.
Very insightful individual.
We'll talk to him on the other side.
His website's gregpalast.com.
We have a link to it on infowars.com.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iraq, the White House program to disseminate fake news, NSA spying, secret police torture, the latest 9-11 information, and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
Get your copy today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139 or watch it right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We've been moving fast.
Greg Palast joins us.
We've got Webster Tarpley joining us at the bottom of the next hour.
We have another individual coming on, Daniel Abramson, who's got a great new website, getting a lot of attention, doing great work.
FalseFlagNews.com, that's coming up.
Don't forget, I'll be showing my new film, Terror Storm, coming up in Dallas on the 26th of this month at the historic, beautiful Art Deco.
Lakewood Theatre.
Tickets are available at Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
I'll also show video that I shot, a sneak peek of a film I'm making from the Bilderberg footage that we got up in Canada a few months ago.
Jim Mars will be speaking and a lot more.
So I hope to see you in Dallas on the 26th.
Or just call toll-free and get a copy of my new film, Terror Storm, by dialing 1-888-253-3139 or visiting InfoWars.com.
Going back to Greg Palast, Greg, we're almost out of time, and I've got to get you back up for a full hour to talk more about Armad House, which I've now had a chance to read, and it's your best work yet.
But folks can learn more at GregPalast.com.
But right now, in the time we have left, finishing up with British Petroleum, finishing up with the robbing,
For anybody that doubts that, we have the energy documents from the Big Four in the mid-90s where they said they'd buy up all the refineries that were private to restrict the flow because there's too much oil.
Where do you see this whole crime syndicate going?
Because it seems like they're being exposed more than ever, but they're still not getting in trouble.
Well, when you say exposed, I mean I'm putting it out.
I put it out on BBC television.
I put it out on The Guardian papers, on the Internet, on your show.
But it sure isn't on National Petroleum Radio, which won't talk to me, or the Petroleum Broadcast System, or any of the other characters that we've got out there.
Forget the networks.
So this is one of the problems that we're running into, is that the info is really not getting out there.
And one thing I should add, when I talk about British Petroleum knocking down the pipeline, they are the 46% owner of it.
And they actually, they cannot shut down the pipeline unless they have meetings with the other co-owners.
It's an exception to the rules for executives of competing oil companies to get together.
They're allowed to get together to discuss the so-called, you know, operations issues of the pipeline.
So you had Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Condi's old company, Chevron.
You've got, and of course, British Petroleum and its ARCO subsidiary.
They're all in a meeting together, and they decided that they've had a 10-year-old problem, which went critical in March, and they decided, when are we going to shut it down?
And not even parts of it, which they could do.
We're going to shut the whole thing down in July.
And they're saying they're going to take their time, too.
It may take two, six months.
They're just going to do the whole thing now.
Yeah, they're going to do the whole thing.
Again, we've got a more than a decade-old problem.
We've got a minute and a half left.
What do you see happening in the Middle East?
Is Israel in the U.S.?
Clearly you're trying to stir the Arabs up into World War III.
Oh, man, to me.
Well, you know, my thing is oil.
I keep going back to the oil.
Because you've got the problem that tomorrow morning, you know, you've got age-old entities, literally thousands of years.
This is even before Islam was born.
You're talking about when Canaanites and Philistines were thrown into Iraq.
They're sacrificing Jewish children now.
So what's happening is, now, but the question is, why doesn't this stuff end?
And again, you have to look at why they shut down the pipeline in July.
Every single week that this war crisis goes on in Lebanon,
You've got... I figured out that Saudi Arabia earns over $600 million a week extra.
So it's just too much money to be made in conflict.
It's just too much money in the oil industry.
Not to mention the weapons sales, which the oil companies own predominantly, too.
Carlisle Group.
You know, it's like, it's the same characters, man.
And they've got an oil hedge fund now.
Well, Greg Pallas, thank you for coming on on short notice.
We'll talk to you soon, my friend.
Okay, you got it, Alex.
Tell the truth.
Well, thank you, too.
God bless.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're going to take a couple calls right now in this little five-minute segment.
Then we've got the man who runs falseflagnews.com joining us, Daniel Abramson.
And we've also got Webster Griffin Tarpley joining us in about 30 minutes.
This is important information.
Will the globalists stage another false terror attack in the next few months?
This will be the perfect time for them to do it.
We've exposed them in the past and backed them off from doing it, so this could save some lives, what we're about to do on the other side with Daniel and Webster.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
Brad in Kentucky.
Brad, welcome.
Oh, hi, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller.
Just wanted to say I appreciate what you're doing.
The first time I heard you was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noy.
And I noticed that you hadn't been on there in a while.
And most of the guests that you have now seem like they're all at the neocon point of view.
Well, I haven't been on in about two months, but I was on three times in the month before that, and I think I'm going to be back on in the near future.
They just called me yesterday and said, look for a phone call to be on sometime soon.
I'm not asking listeners to call Coast to Coast and tell them to have me on, because it's the second biggest radio show in the country.
I don't want to bug them.
But obviously, listeners saying they want to hear me on there more does have an effect.
Yeah, and...
Anyway, but that, you know, I heard you for the first time on that show.
That got me to go to your website.
And when I saw 9-11 rise of the police state, that just totally, you know, woke me up.
And so...
I just want to thank you for that.
Well, I want to thank George Norrie for all the times he's had me on, and I want to thank you for listening to me and believing me but checking out what I had to say.
So thank you, Brad.
Good to hear from you.
It's people like Brad that make this show possible.
Listen, if you don't order Martial Law or Order of Death or my new film Terror Storm, which you do, do, but if it wasn't for you doing that, we would not be here.
So remember, your support is vital.
Glenn, Glenn, where are you calling us from today?
Shelby Township, Michigan.
Well, thank you.
Alex, I just want to say God bless you and thank you for being a voice in the news wilderness.
I'd like to ask you, though, we seem...
To not have any real organizations for fighting the New World Order here.
Organizations are easy to infiltrate and destroy.
What we need is an idea, which is bulletproof.
It's called liberty and freedom and crushing tyranny and resisting and boycotting at every level.
We need packs of lone wolves out there engaging the enemy.
It's unstoppable.
You try to centralize, it's very easy to infiltrate.
Thanks, Alex.
We have your stickers on our mailbox, and we have Terror Storm.
You're doing a great job.
Well, listen, I don't want to run over you.
What else do you want to say?
I was just wondering if there's any organizations or something that we can hook up with.
It seems like everybody doesn't seem to really care.
Well, I mean, there's no big national group.
And you're right.
The globalists own the money machines.
They print the money.
They're the ones getting rid of the sovereignty, the borders, the American Union.
They're the ones doing all this.
I mean, there's a few good Second Amendment groups.
There's land rights groups.
You have to pick an issue group, a pressure group, and then you join it and try to make it stronger.
Or you can start your own group.
When I say lone wolf, there are not enough good organizations out there.
And we have the good organizations on here and try to promote them.
It's just that anybody who gets up on the air and says, I am the leader, everyone's got to follow me, we've got to all come together, look out.
Because the reason the globalists can't counter us is there's too many of us, and we're hitting them with guerrilla tactics from every angle and every level.
Well, that's excellent, Alex.
Thank you so much.
You bet.
Just keep exposing the governments behind the terror.
They're illegitimate.
Big government's bad.
They've taken over our local governments.
We've got to take them back.
Defend the borders, defend the sovereignty, defend the Second Amendment, defend the unborn, defend those type of basic issues, defend private property rights, stop the toll roads.
You do that, you beat them.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It's an anthology of government crimes.
Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to stand up boldly and resist this system.
I'm going to go to our guest, Daniel Abramson, here in just a second.
And Mr. Abramson is really doing great work, writing great editorials, great articles, great analysis, with his website, falseblacknews.com.
Be sure and check it out.
Before we go to him, and then Webster Tarpley in about 22 minutes will be on with us for the second half of this hour, I want to encourage all of you to aggressively...
Go to Infowars.com and to not wait and to get a copy of my new film, Terror Storm.
It is the best video I've ever made.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terror, from the USS Liberty, the Gulf of Tonkin, to Hitler staging an attack on his own people to then invade Poland.
Then we get into, we spend a lot of time, like 30 minutes on the London bombing.
I'm in London.
Then we spend a bunch of time on the Madrid bombing, on the lies that brought us to war in Iraq, the premeditated lies.
Then we get into September 11th with the latest information there.
So many experts, so hard-hitting.
Then we get into Edward Bernays and propaganda and advertising and their own quotes about how we're stupid slaves.
You need to get Terror Storm.
I am so proud of it.
I spent a year making it, almost a year making it, like 11 and a half months.
I spent three or four times what I've spent on any film producing it.
It is so good.
Get Terror Storm.
Make DVD copies.
Go to prisonplanet.tv where there's a super high quality bandwidth copy that's great to burn to disc.
Great activist tool.
15 cents a day for a membership at prisonplanet.tv that makes this show possible.
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And I got an event coming up in Dallas, and we can only sell 700 tickets, and if past actions or any indication, it'll sell out.
I want to see you there today.
I'm going to be there.
Premier Terror Storm.
I'm then going to give a speech and take questions for an hour.
And then I'm going to have another hour-long speech and questions from Jim Mars, who wrote the JFK novel that the movie's based on, wrote the screenplay with Oliver Stone, expert on, he's a professor of journalism.
He's going to be there with a speech, JFK to 9-11.
Then I'll show 35 minutes or so of footage never before seen that we shot at the Bilderberg Group a couple months ago.
And then we're going to have live music from midnight to 2.
But it's going to be fantastic.
It's $10.50.
That's as low as we could go, and that's cheap for all of these things that are going to be there and renting the place and the rest of it.
So go to InfoWars.com, get your tickets, or call toll-free to get tickets, 1-888-
Don't wait.
Get your tickets today to the August event.
And then in September, I'm going to have five screenings of Terror Storm at the Alamo Draft House on South Lamar at 7 p.m.
On the 5th, 6th, and 7th.
And then on the 13th and the 14th, I will be in New York on the Saturday evening.
Let's go ahead and take calls.
All right.
Well, you know what?
I'm not going to go to the calls yet.
I'm getting so flustered here with so much news and information.
I'm going to go to Dwayne and others here before we end with these guests.
But let's go ahead and go to Daniel Abramson.
And Daniel, it's great to have you on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's an honor to be on your show.
I've been a PrisonPlanet.tv subscriber for a long time.
You've been a great hero to me in waking me up not just to 9-11, but to...
We're good to go.
We're on the march.
The empire is on the run.
That is in large part due to your efforts.
It's a great honor to be on your show, and thank you for everything you do.
Oh, no, please.
Listen, again, I'm trying to survive.
These people are devaluing my dollar.
They're trying to poison my family.
They're trying to engage us in wars, trying to promote a draft.
I mean, look, again, I want to state, everything I'm doing is about survival, just like you are, and I'm always encouraged to see young men like yourself taking action in a very quick area of time, really garnering a lot of attention.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then let's get right into falseblacknews.com.
Okay, I'm 23 years old.
I woke up to the facts about 9-11 in 2003, about the middle of 2003, and then quickly stumbled down the rabbit hole into discovering that
This was a much bigger plan than just 9-11.
The things about the Federal Reserve and the plans for a one world, new world order and the destruction of the Constitution in this country.
For a long time, I started to make music.
A lot of the samples, actually, you will have Alex Jones samples inside the music.
But then I realized I needed to do more.
About a month and a half ago, I was listening to your show, and a woman called up, and she was saying, Alex, you do such wonderful things.
Thank you.
And you said, you know what?
Stop telling me how good I am.
Why don't you get out and make a website?
And I thought, you know what?
It's about time I go and do something.
So I went to your conference in Los Angeles, which was absolutely amazing.
And I had the pleasure of meeting Webster Tarpley, and we discussed the need for
For monitoring these drills, because as many of your listeners probably know, on 9-11 and on 7-7, they were running drills where the exact same events happened.
On 9-11, they were running hijacking, quote, simulations, which were then flipped live.
And on 7-7, Visor Consultants and Scotland Yard just happened to be running drills, and this is discussed in your brilliant new movie, Terror Storm, how they were running drills of the exact same buses and trains getting blown up at the exact same times.
Now, this is not a coincidence.
We're good to go.
Well, you know there's a lot of infiltrators that want to turn us all against each other and turn us into a bunch of ninnying hand-ringers.
And that's why I like what you're doing, just taking action.
Look at how the 9-11 Truth Movement has exploded right now.
And it's a chain reaction.
Each explosion gets bigger.
And it's going to explode again and explode again.
And if it explodes two more times...
That is, if it exponentially ratchets two more times, it is over.
The government will be totally bankrupt in everyone's eyes, and it's time to take them down.
Well, you know, Jack Blood, when he posted my article the other day, asked a very good question.
He said, what we never thought about is, what if we started to win the info war?
And, you know, there was that Zogby poll a couple of months back, and it said 42% of questions about 9-11.
I read that, and I thought, Zogby must have been smoking something when he crunched those numbers.
I wasn't that optimistic, but when we see the Scripps News poll saying 36% suspect government involvement... I didn't let you go.
Your phone just blipped out there.
Okay, Daniel's phone cut out.
He's gone.
Was it our phone system or his?
It's his.
Call Daniel right back.
Actually, everybody keeps getting these numbers skewed.
There have been a couple different Zogby polls.
The latest one was 48% believe the government was involved in the attacks...
The old poll of two years ago was 42%.
So that's really exciting.
But now we have the Scripps Howard Ohio University poll conducted by their research institute, and it is...
36% believe the government was involved in it.
An even larger percent think there's a cover-up.
And it was almost 60% don't trust anything the government says.
So, yeah, I mean, they've blown it.
Again, we've caught them in lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.
But we're supposed to now just trust whatever new thing they say.
But I don't just out of hand not believe the government.
I go research each new event, and it's always the same thing.
But again, back to drills.
The BATF was running a drill of Oklahoma City being bombed when it got bombed.
They were running drills, of course, in Russia when the Moscow police caught FSB planning bombs a fourth time.
They claimed it was part of the drill.
In London they were running drills.
In Madrid they were running drills.
On 9-11 they were running drills.
Drills at Building 7.
Drills at NORAD.
Drills at CIA.
Drills at the Pentagon.
The exact same thing is happening.
And they do that to cover the op right in front of everybody's eyes.
Do we have a Daniel back?
Okay, we'll just figure out what's going on with us.
But again, it is exciting to see what Daniel and others are doing.
It buoys me, it emboldens me to realize that he's got a nice sight, good analysis, good information, good brain, and he's doing great work.
And all of you can do that.
You know, when I got up last week to introduce freedom to fascism here in Austin, Texas, Aaron Russo asked me to, and I just got up and said, well, my message to you is all of you are leaders, pick an issue, Second Amendment, borders, property rights, IRS, the war, and just go out and be a leader and get others to be leaders.
We need a nation of leaders.
It isn't too many chiefs and too few Indians.
No, it's all of us being independent leaders, educating others, and then telling them to go out and lead others.
And then they, in turn, lead others.
That's what the military special forces does, is they parachute in behind lines or get dropped off, inserted by helicopter, and then they train the indigenous population to carry out military operations and also just maintenance and farming and subsistence, and then to spread that technology and that use onto the next group, and then to train them to be leaders, and then they just move it forward.
And then they can blow my head off tomorrow, and I know I've already beat them.
Long as we take them, I mean, I'm here to be sacrificed, folks.
I mean, really.
I talk about this a lot because I've really made the decision, gone totally over to being at peace with this, and as long as I take them down with me, I'm happy.
And everybody else can just go on and live and enjoy themselves.
That's what this is all about.
Some of us have to be men and have to decide to just step in there and take it.
All right?
And you know what?
We may end up being heroes and being rewarded for it.
Or we may get put in prison.
We may have big guys standing over us with cattle prods.
So what?
You only live once.
Do the right thing.
Do what you should.
In the words of Johnny Cash.
We'll be right back.
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We have to first have the facts, know we're following the truth, know we're getting the reality out to the people, know our information so we don't sound like idiots.
We then have to know who our enemy is, and we have to believe that we can defeat them.
And I know we can defeat them.
I know tyranny always falls, and they always overreach.
In fact, that's the most common reason they fall.
Let's go ahead and go back to our guest we did get back on with us, Daniel Abramson.
Daniel, please continue with talking about how you woke up and what you're doing and why these false flag events coincide with drills.
Okay, well, and I'd like to say, just based on the fact, I wasn't on a cell phone there.
I've been under constant surveillance, I believe, from the NSA.
I get plenty of Air Force and Military, Navy, Joint Task Force hits on my website.
So the fact that my call was just cut out as I was about to go into these drills, I don't think is suspicious.
I don't think it's a coincidence, rather.
We're good to go.
I think?
Good analysts, people like James Bamford, Nafiz Ahmed, even Pakistani ISI generals are saying we are going into the point where we're looking at a potential nuclear strike on Iran and a strike on Syria.
These globalists right now, Alex, as you say, they're like heroin junkies.
They need a bigger and bigger hit.
And what they're going to have to do is create a false flag event, either a new Gulf of Tonkin or a new terror attack in this country to get more people on board, to get people along with this agenda of total enslavement and total world war because at this point they can't win.
They're extremely afraid of the victories we're having right now.
The point of this website is to say you cannot bootleg your false flag attacks for these drills anymore.
On 9-11, they ran 15 drills.
On 7-7, they ran the same exact drills.
So what I would like to do now, if possible, is to alert people to some of the drills that are going on, and these and more can be found at falseflagnews.com.
Now, I want to add, though, drills also do something else.
The public drills are to condition the people and get local newscasts with images of burning cars and fake blood on children to traumatize the public school children, to train them that men in black uniforms take them away to FEMA centers on buses.
They have these all over the country.
I'm not kidding.
It's also used for the perception of real terror and to federally test the takeover of local governments.
You are mainly focusing on how they also use the drills as cover stories.
Go ahead.
Well, Alex, you just brought up a great point because I often get e-mails from people and I say, well, the drill didn't go live.
This proves you're wrong.
And I say to them, no, because what it's doing is conditioning the rescue workers for mass vaccinations.
If you actually look into these drills, they often say we take people to the shelters and we're preparing them with national vaccine stockpiles.
This is how they're going to force vaccinate people.
They're getting the good people in government.
Everything the globalists do is multifaceted, multivariate.
Now, let me, I want to, you know what?
Go through it.
I was going to go with the war games.
Let's go with some disaster drills really quick, because I think you just brought up a great point, Alex.
We are coming to the end today of a disaster drill, a five-day disaster drill in Illinois.
Today they're doing a nuclear blast drill, okay?
Now it says, on Friday, the events will trigger a mock evacuation and sheltering situation.
Evacuees will be picked up from the site and transported to a mock shelter.
During the five-day event, there will also be intelligence gathering in response to terrorist attacks, distribution of materials from the national vaccine stockpile, victim searches, rescues, and field hospital establishments.
Wilson said residents should know they are in no harm during the event.
And by the way, I've been to these events.
They practice breaking up your families, taking your guns, same stuff you saw in New Orleans.
It's all a federal takeover drill.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and it's like the old urban warfare drills.
Listen to this that you did in your old movies.
It says military vehicles, military personnel, and emergency officers are all part of the drill, and there's no harm to any part of the city.
Getting rid of posse comitatus.
This is mass re-education on a city-wide level.
This is Soviet re-education.
And this is also expensive.
This particular one drill I'm mentioning here costs $3 million.
It's a tremendous waste of taxpayer money.
This money is then leached off by FEMA and by these corporations like Titan and Cubic and Raytheon that help run these, quote, simulations.
So it's conditioning the public.
It's getting the rescue workers to get ready to think.
Yeah, Raytheon will get paid $20,000 to put up a blue tent, folks.
I'm not kidding.
Now, I want to alert people to another one.
Simulated nuclear explosion plan.
This is August 14th through the 16th, okay?
Now, people might remember sudden response 05 last year with General Burns getting fired where they were going to detonate a 10 kiloton nuke.
Listen to this.
This is in Hawaii, 14th through the 16th of this month.
The state plans to hold an exercise in mid-August simulating the explosion of a half kiloton nuclear device at Honolulu Harbor, a mock blast that would theoretically result in 10,000 casualties.
Now, here's the part that's very interesting.
The exercise will help the state develop a nuclear explosion evacuation plan.
Officials said there is a terrorism response plan calling for collective state and federal response using the powers of president to declare a disaster.
A presidential disaster declaration would allow FEMA and the military to work with the state.
If they couldn't be obtained right away, U.S.
Pacific Command would be able to assist the state until a declaration was made.
So again, you have this preparation for a FEMA takeover for the execution of martial law.
For a takeover by the military of this country.
There's also a bunch of exercises coming up.
By the way, we have their own documents.
I've interviewed city managers, police chiefs who've been briefed on this.
These are drills to take over and take your guns.
Now, we've also got Vigilant Guardian coming up on August 17th to the 26th.
Stay there.
We're going to let you go through more of the drills with Webster Tarbley.
He'll be hooking up with us on the other side as we enter attack formation.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Daniel Abramson is our guest.
He's taking action for falseblacknews.com.
We've got links to it right now up on infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
And he just chronicles all the drills that are happening.
We know this makes them hopping mad when attention is drawn to the fact that they use drills as cover.
And this is done so that when criminal elements of the government, many times private corporations with governmental contracts, are carrying out or planning terror attacks, this is so other compartments and other intelligence agencies that are not part of Black World or are part of a group that isn't involved in criminal activities cannot stop them.
It's plausible deniability, so if they get caught, oh, it's just a drill, and it's also a smokescreen to confuse first responders while the perpetrators escape.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
I think for sure we have raised the political price enormously.
Thanks to your conference and all these other things you've mentioned, we've now broken through on cable television.
You can now turn on MSNBC or CNBC radio.
We're good to go.
In some form or other.
What remains to be done is probably just network television because we've gotten into the New York Times, we got on Reuters.
It's basically a question now of network television plus forcing politicians to talk about it.
And I would say if we take, for example, this news from last week that the Kane-Hamilton-Zellickow Commission blatantly lied to the public in their final report that they knew about perjury by NORAD generals, by Pentagon generals,
I'm thinking in particular of General Larry Arnold and probably General Myers.
They knew that they had perjury on their hands.
They refused to go for criminal indictments.
Instead, they gave it to the inspectors general of the Pentagon and the Department of Transportation, who promptly covered it up, as we found out this past weekend.
There was a report from the Pentagon last May that had been kept secret, which was a cover-up, so a secret cover-up.
An amazing thing that there had been no perjury, of course, and no lying involved.
We now have a situation where the Kane, Hamilton, Zelikow Commission is... Starting to point fingers.
What does that signal to you?
Well, I think it's the following.
I think there's a faction in the ruling class that sees that if they try to go for World War III...
Right now, they have every chance of losing it.
They're losing in Afghanistan, they're losing in Iraq, and the Israelis are losing in a spectacular way.
But I think more than just some faction of the elite now allowing some of this to dribble out, I think the system is losing control, and so many of their own producers and writers who aren't directly on Pentagon fake news payroll are just demanding it be covered.
I think that's very important.
That is a real spontaneous sociological phenomenon.
That goes with the top-down stuff.
I mean, we know ourselves that without the tireless agitation, you never get to this point, no matter what the elite does, because then there's nothing for them to turn to, nothing for them to work with.
If you look at the division, I think you see it on the one hand, Newt Gingrich is raving as a psychotic neocon.
He's calling for World War III.
World War III.
Again, World War III.
Think what that means.
I mean, even Hitler didn't couch his wars of aggression as World War II.
I mean, he called it defensive.
But now, I mean, it's just out in the open.
We want Armageddon.
They have out-Hitlered Hitler in their rhetoric.
You've got William Crystal and the Weekly Standard, which is the Bible here of the
Washington Beltway neocons, you've got Daniel Pipes, a whole tribe of neocon lunatics who are demanding World War III.
And then you see General Abizaid and General Pace come into the Congress list.
We can say, you know, we're in a civil war in Iraq, and that's not good.
And this is, in effect, if you read between the lines, what they're saying to those congressmen is, don't try to send us into the Iranian meat grinder as well.
Then you've got somebody like Senator Hagel, who's obviously a very ambitious man,
Operative who's got all kinds of ties to invisible government factions and everything else.
But he comes out and says, Cease fire in Lebanon.
Stop this madness right now before it goes any further.
So I think you do see a factional divide.
And we can call the other faction the lesser evil or the I don't want to die faction or the moderate imperialists or... You're endangering our whole apple cart.
Save the system.
Look at you.
That's another great slogan for them.
And then you see Lieberman go down to defeat.
And his opponent is a guy from...
The J.P.
Morgan families, the Lamonts, of course, are all partners in the J.P.
Morgan Investment Bank going back 100 years.
Basically, Thomas Lamont is one of the guys who put Theodore... I want to get back into the drills.
This is key analysis you've given us, and I agree with Mr. Tarbley.
So how do you see this power struggle working itself out?
Well, the faction that doesn't want World War III has got to promote, they've got to at least keep the door open.
They've got to at least lift the usual...
Mind control and censorship and mass brainwashing a little bit to let this through.
Now, you and I, of course, have been fighting for this for a long time.
It is the question that if there's going to be state-sponsored false flag synthetic terrorism, it's likely to be bootlegged or conduited through a drill, because the resources that are used are so huge that only the government has them in the specialized form, and therefore what you do is you design...
A drill that looks very much like the terror event.
Now, that's another facet I didn't mention.
I talked about if they get caught, they can say it was part of the drill.
But another facet is they need to conduit resources through the drill that's siphoned off of the actual attack.
On 9-11, you've got the National Reconnaissance Office holding a drill about crashing planes into buildings.
Now, the National Reconnaissance Office has assets that nobody else has.
They've got these imaging satellites flying around in Earth orbit.
So nobody has that but them, and that's something you need if you want to make sure that the planes hit the targets that you have in mind.
I have to assume that there's a very strong prima facie case that the National Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly with its satellites is part of flying these planes into the building.
Clearly, they probably had then the beacons or backup radio systems in Building 7.
The German Defense Minister believes that and many others.
The evidence shows it.
Yes, I'm sure they have redundancies, right?
Probably have four systems like NASA.
They have backup systems.
They've got to have three or four systems to make sure that one of them is going to work.
Similarly, Amalgam Virgo, which is one of the few that did come up in the Kane-Hamilton hearings, that's got to do with firing a cruise missile or some other unmanned aerial vehicle from a barge or a freighter in the Atlantic or the Gulf Coast, hitting a land target,
Okay, cool.
And Alex, I want to tell you...
I have something called an RSS feed on falseflagnews.com.
If you want to put this on your website or other people with blogs and websites want to add this information, if you take my RSS feed, it'll take all the drills and then it'll be on your website.
So as I update, it'll get updated on your site as well.
Let's go through the drills.
In your state of Texas, Alex, they have mass disaster and pandemic drills in 26 counties in the Texas panhandle from yesterday and today.
And they're testing an outbreak of a pandemic that breaks out from livestock and goes into humans.
And it says, quote, the drill is part of an ongoing effort to prepare for the worst.
One more disaster drill here tomorrow.
Let me stop you again.
Stuff like that with the livestock is a war game drill, again, to test the locales for preparedness for the federal takeover when it does indeed happen and to model human response.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and then we've got another one.
Listen to this headline.
2,000 more, quote,
We're good to go.
So this is what they do.
They prepare people.
They condition the individuals to get ready for it.
They condition the first responders that martial law is good.
They get the system in order.
And we actually rehearse how to go into martial law.
That's a good headline.
We're now rehearsing martial law.
Now let me go into the war games because this is the most important part.
As we get closer to a false flag attack or the invasion of Iran, this brings up what Philip Giraldi, former CIA agent, said.
That Cheney is talking about using STRATCOM's CONPLAN 8022 strategy
For the immediate nuclear strike on Iran following the aftermath of a new 9-11 WMD attack.
And this is a massive 200-plus targets being hit by many nukes.
Right, and this is what you have, these strange love generals at Stratcom.
So we have the biggest NORAD exercises of the year coming up, the U.S.-Canadian Joint Exercise 9-11.
Vigilant Guardian, from August 17th through 26th.
Now, Vigilant Guardian, for a lot of you, might bring up a little buzzword in your head.
Now, that same drill is being run on 9-11, so we should all look closely at Vigilant Guardian.
Boy, the minute I put this one up, I had every Air Force base in the country hitting my website.
And again, another reason they're doing that
Is so that resources that could be used at the time to protect us will be drawn away.
So there's a lot of reasons they run these drills.
And the good news is most of the people at those Air Force bases hitting you aren't going to be the operatives themselves.
This means there will be people inside all those bases watching their superiors, meaning that if they do carry out an attack, we've got a better chance of catching them with their pants down this time.
Sorry, go ahead.
I was going to say, most of the people inside these agencies I don't think are evil, and that's why they need to run these drills, because it's moles.
It's like the people who would be moles for the Soviet Union, you know?
They are paid operatives who are loyal to a rogue network.
One more drill I want to throw out there before you go to Webster.
STRATCOM is running a global strike nuclear exercise called Global Lightning, okay?
It's part of
The Global Strike Drills, the Global Storm Drills, rather.
The Global Storm is their big series of drills.
This is being run from October 24th to November 8th.
This is a nuclear drill where they go into full warm mode, full Armageddon mode.
This is all part of Complan 8022.
It's available on False Flag News, Stratcom.
And that ties into Northcom.
Stratcom and Northcom.
If you want to look into who's doing it, Northcom is the martial law takeover wing of Homeland Security.
It has made the U.S., for the first time since the Civil War, an actual designated theater of operations, designated war zone.
So when you turn on the TV and they say it's martial law, we're here to save you, you're going to see Admiral Timothy Keating and the Northcom people.
Now, I want to say again...
Most of the people in these agencies are not evil.
They are not part of the rogue network, and I do not have any problem with them.
But most of them are useful idiots who will follow orders and, frankly, blow Americans' heads off.
I do have problems.
Right, so that's why these STRATCOM Global Lightning 07, October 24th to November 8th, we have to be vigilant.
We have to monitor these drills because they can easily bootleg this.
They say, oh, we're just wargaming an attack.
This could be used to do an attack.
Now, again, explain bootlegging, because we're using nomenclature here some people won't get.
Okay, well, bootlegging is...
We have things like the Echelon Network in the NSA, so you'll have different chatter that will happen.
For example, people looked at Mohammed Atta and said, who the hell is this guy?
And then they were told, back off, he's part of the Able Danger program.
Able Danger was being run by SOCOM, Special Operations Command Forces, okay?
And they're also testing responses to make sure that the first responders aren't able to defend against it.
What we just mentioned, with that, it ties into the embassy heads being told to let him back in, heads of defense language schools going public and saying we were forced to train him.
I mean, Tarpley, isn't that the absolute key right there?
We have it just dead to rights.
The hijackers were U.S.
government patsies.
That's obviously very important.
Just in terms of this idea that many people who are taking part in these drills
We're good to go.
Which are the tapes of the Northeastern Air Defense Center.
It's just the media is spinning it to their angle, though.
Well, if you look at it, look at it carefully and see what you find.
They're all talking about exercises, and one of them says... They say, I've never seen this much real-world stuff during an exercise.
One of them says, the exercise started early.
The hijacking is not supposed to be for another hour.
Think what that means.
They're told that there's going to be a drill of a hijacking, and then somehow it turns into a, quote, real hijacking.
And that's exactly how you do it.
And then you hear NORAD talking to the military, the Air Force and the Army, saying, shoot these down.
Where is the order?
I'm going to strangle you.
Some of them wanted to defend the country.
Another one says, I think this thing on my radar screen is a damn input, meaning a fake blip inserted as part of a drill.
But then, of course, you've got Colonel Maher, who's told launch fighters to save Washington.
He says, I won't launch my fighters.
I don't want them running out of gas at the wrong time.
And when he does launch them, they go out over the Atlantic Ocean instead of the obvious... So we need to look at this Colonel Maher.
Yeah, I think Colonel Maher looks like a rotten apple.
Looks like he marred the whole thing.
The Langley fighters go out over the Atlantic, whereas any honest officer would put his assets in the air over Washington, D.C.
to defend the national... Hovering, so they'd just be a few miles out once the blip was isolated.
Yes, precisely.
So you can see that this is how they bootleg it, and I think it's very advantageous for people on military bases to know about this so that they won't become...
The instruments, the unwilling instruments of the dupes of a treasonous faction, as Colonel Bowman said in that wonderful tape that we have to thank you for, Alex, that was on C-SPAN, he said, I'm talking to people, if somebody comes to you and says, nuke Iran, you refuse the order and arrest the person who's giving you the order, because it's a Nuremberg offense.
And it's simple.
If George Bush said, cut this baby's heart out, you know that you're not supposed to cut the baby's heart out.
You're supposed to arrest him.
Well, if George Bush says preemptively start nuking countries, you cannot follow that order, boys and girls.
So it's basically a tremendous effort in public education and in education of the military, how they have been hijacked and hornswoggled.
By this invisible government crew, whom a lot of them hate.
Well, I'll tell you what's great.
Well, I agree with you, Webster.
I'll tell you what's great, though.
It's that Daniel and others are specializing now, and then with the larger sites, we can grid it all together, and really we've become a giant organic intelligence agency that cross-checks each other.
We're always synthesizing information, getting errors out of the system quicker and quicker.
Isn't the 9-11 truth movement, it's got moles in it, too.
Isn't it a giant organic intelligence agency?
I would call it the people's counterintelligence or something like this.
We're trying to let people know how these things actually happen.
The moment where the average American knows that terrorism comes from the government networks, the putschist or illegal treasonous networks, that is the moment when terrorism will cease to exist because it won't have a political payoff.
If you remove the political payoff, if you can't stampede people and brainwash them and manipulate them, then the whole thing will tend to die off, and this whole terrorist... Well, it's the same thing with global warming.
I mean, even if global warming's real, which it's a fraud, folks, we have climate change, there's solutions to global tax.
So, again, that's terrorism.
They're stampeding us into false solutions.
You know, everything is a stampede, a giant hoax.
When WMD go off,
Don't think Hezbollah or Afghanistan.
Think Cheney and Cheney's Controllers.
Yeah, don't think cave in Central Asia.
Think cave in Eastern U.S.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I think.
Yeah, stay there.
I'm talking about CIDAR and the White House.
Stay there, both of you.
I want to get more information from Daniel about his work and how we can help him.
And Webster Tarpley as well.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House probing to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
The latest 9-11 information and much, much more.
Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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Terror Storm is a film that everyone who wants to be truly informed must see.
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Final segment.
It always goes too quick.
We've run out of time to take calls.
I'm sorry.
I hope everybody will visit Infowars.com.
We have Webster Griffin Tarbley's latest edition of 9-11 synthetic terror made in the USA.
We'll understand how they carried out the attacks in 9-11.
This will detail it for you.
I've really been researching 9-11.
More than most people out there, probably more than anybody other than just a few people, and I've come to the same conclusions and the same analysis as Webster.
There's so many rabbit trails, so many distractions, so many diversions, so many disinfo pieces out there about planes not hitting the World Trade Centers, meant to discredit everything on purpose.
We need to stay away from all that and stick to the things we can prove, and that is government fingerprints, black-op fingerprints all over this, and the motive and the evidence.
So please go to InfoWars.com and get 9-11 Synthetic Terror from us and get my new film Terror Storm while you're at it.
And be sure and join myself and Jim Mars in Dallas for a big 9-11 event coming up the 26th of this month.
Details at InfoWars.com.
Okay, going back to Daniel Abramson and Webster Tarpley.
Daniel, any other key drills we should know about?
I'm just going to run off a few, and Alex, that's how you can help me.
You know what?
Why don't you go ahead and put up an RSS feed, and then your InfoWars site could have all these drills, and I update them every day constantly, often three times a day.
Let me go through a few more of these.
Now, remember, North Korea, that's a country that does have nukes.
There's a big U.S.-South Korean joint drill called Ulchi Focus.
This is running August 21st to September 1st, involving 8,000 American troops.
This is very frightening.
At the same time, August 10th to the 25th, joint U.S.-Mongolian forces, Conquest 06, that's obviously with China as an observer to that drill.
U.S.-Filipino Joint Terror Exercises from August 14th to the 21st with some naval war games set in there as well.
And we just came off a U.S.
bombing exercise in Australia where, again, they're using B-1 and B-52 bombers.
And the general who was running it says, I don't think we should read too much into the timing of the bombing with regard to Iran.
The exercise was planned a long time ago.
I mean, we have to look at the ComPlan 8022.
I also want to tell people, don't just sit there.
I sat there for a long time on the sidelines.
Support Alex Jones.
Get a Prison Planet TV membership.
Buy his DVDs and then hand them out.
Buy Webster Tarpley's book.
Make your own websites.
Make music.
Alert people.
Because we can't be defeatists.
And I want to say to the sectarians who continue to say Stephen Jones is an agent, this one's a Zionist, this one's shilling for Israel.
You want to look to who are the agents in this movement or who are the people who are provocateuring.
It's those who say, everyone's an agent, you're an agent, everyone but them.
We should support the people who are actually trying to get the truth out there, the people who supported the C-SPAN program, the people who are on this every day doing radio programs, doing the books.
I think we need to stay away from the dangerous guys because they want to destroy this movement.
Well, I totally agree with you.
And you can see they're pulling their hair out that we're becoming effective.
They can't stand it that we're beginning to reach out and actually have an effect.
Look, we're trying to save lives here, folks.
And everybody's got to get involved in this fight.
Right now on Infowars.com, we have for free the roundtable discussion, four-camera shoot we did.
The C-SPAN air, but it's even better.
We have a lot of other free stuff up there, so please help us.
We spend time and money to shoot this and put it up and fly around and make this, so help us get it out to everybody.
Thank you so much, Daniel, for coming on.
We'll have you back on soon.
Webster Tarbley, in closing, final comments.
Well, I think we have two things.
One is that the September 11th 5th anniversary is coming up, and it's good that we have these events like the one you just mentioned.
That you have there with Jim Mars.
I'm going to be in New York.
Are you going to be there?
I've got to be at one in southern Germany, in Switzerland, actually.
So I've got to go to that one.
I committed.
We have another one in Ireland, in Dublin.
So I'm basically doing those two.
But everybody has them.
Go to those.
And the other thing you can do is go now into the election campaign, 100 days to the congressional election.
Go in there and say, based on the fact that the Pentagon generals lied, Payne Hamilton covered up.
That whole thing is out the window.
Make that a campaign issue.
And then blow it all open.
To the election.
Yeah, exactly.
You can even sound mainstream about it and then get everybody looking.
It's the Washington Post and the New York Times and Congressman Weldon have pointed these things out.
So use that as a wedge to pry open this rat's nest.
All right.
Well, both of you, I salute you.
Keep up the good work.
We'll talk to you soon.
Take care.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
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