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Air Date: Aug. 1, 2006
2122 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've decided to go directly to calls in the second segment of this broadcast coming up in eight minutes.
Israel has announced they're going to go further into Lebanon as we predicted they would do.
The talk of a ceasefire, the talk of cessation of hostilities was a fraud from the beginning.
They clearly want to bring Syria into the mix and now the Syrian leader is telling his military to mobilize.
They think Israel may be planning to attack Syria.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
...has transferred power to his brother.
He's pretty tough, though.
He may rebound, but the way Cuban government's acting, it's probably even worse than what we're hearing, and they're admitting that it's extremely, extremely serious.
So we'll be getting into that report as well.
Coming up in the second hour, we're scheduled... I interviewed him Sunday on my KLBJ program here in Central Texas.
Former Texas Ranger, retired Texas Ranger Ray Martinez, who was in Austin...
Police officer.
Forty years ago today, when Charles Whitman went up on the tower...
And killed 14 people.
Of course, he killed his wife and mother.
So 16 total and wounded 33.
And Ray Martinez, an Austin police officer, was the main individual to get the first shots in and the final shots in to the crazed sniper.
So I thought, why not have him in studio?
So he's downtown in some ceremonies with the city right now.
We're good to go.
The people of Austin who got out their deer rifles with scopes and with open sights and kept Charles Whitman pinned down so that he couldn't continue killing.
In the first few minutes, he killed most of the 14 people because he was able to get beads and the police were badly coordinated and didn't really know what to do.
And it was citizens, literally dozens and dozens of them.
No one knows the exact numbers, but many, many cars, pickup trucks, people on the hoods of their cars shooting at Whitman
So another example of the population defending themselves, and of course another citizen, or as the police call us, civilian, went up into the tower with Officer Ray Martinez and helped pump a few of the shots into Mr. Whitman.
So that is coming up in the second hour.
But I do want to give everybody a chance to respond, either to what's happening in Cuba right now, where you think this is going, tell you about some of the things the White House is saying and planning,
But the really big news is Israel plans deeper push into Lebanon.
This is out of the Associated Press from Jerusalem.
In a major expansion of its ground defense, Israel has decided to send troops deeper into Lebanon to clear out Hezbollah fighters and secure the territory until a multinational force is deployed there, senior officials said Tuesday.
But there is no plan for a multi-quote national UN force.
Israel hopes to complete the new push.
To the major river, nearly 20 miles from the Israeli border in the next two weeks, Cabinet ministers said following a late Monday meeting.
So when they claimed last week that they were going to back off for a while and not go any further...
I predicted, it wasn't hard to predict, that they were just simply calling up more reserve troops because Olmert had said they only needed 15,000 ground troops and 10,000 support troops, and the military had said they needed 30,000 more, and now they called up that exact number and have been mobilizing them for the last week for the big push coming up in the next week.
The meeting came amid a 48-hour...
Suspension of most airstrikes by Israel, which was imposed after an airstrike over the weekend in the southern Lebanese town, killing 56 Lebanese.
Now it's over 60, I would add.
Over half of them children.
We'll come back, get more into this, and take your calls at 800-25-99231.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Israeli generals, when the attacks started on Southern Lebanon three weeks ago, told the Israeli leader, Olmert,
That they needed 30,000 additional troops that he was giving them.
Then late last week they announced they were going to slow down their invasion and basically stop it.
They were just securing the first 10 miles of Lebanon.
And then at the same time, they called up an additional 30,000 troops and began massing armored vehicles, tanks, and aircraft and calling in the National Reserves.
And it wasn't hard to predict that this was simply a lie they were telling the world.
They were backing off.
They were just gearing up for a much larger movement into Lebanon.
And official Israeli war plans written up in the last year
Now, openly discuss taking over the entire country and occupying Beirut as they've done in the past.
Of course, Bush told Iran, gave them an ultimatum,
Just about a month and a half ago that by late July they didn't go along with the program of shutting down their peaceful nuclear energy system that they would be confronted, that they would face airstrikes, that they would face some type of limited invasion on their western flank up against Iraq.
And that indeed is happening right now.
All of this is about escalating it.
All of this is about creating more tensions in the Middle East.
This is now empowered Hamas and Hezbollah, which is exactly what the New World Order planners want, is continued strife.
If there's continued warfare and military attacks on both sides of the Middle East, that gives the establishment a pretext to move greater and greater forces into the region.
And now Israel has announced a major expansion of its ground forces
Offensive, and they're saying the next week to two weeks, they may go all the way into central Lebanon.
And if they follow past patterns, they could go all the way up to the border of Syria and strike Syria, as they have done in the past as well.
At the very same time, we have the leader, the dictator of Syria,
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Don brought quieter reactions as a question in both Miami's Little Havana and the actual Havana.
Would the announcement Monday night that Castro's 79 was temporarily stepping down from his presidential powers because of health concerns truly mean the end of his nearly 47-year reign?
I don't think it'll matter because his brother is, what, four years younger than him and in a lot better health, so that looks like many more years of him being in control, even if Castro is in worse shape than we're even being told.
Answers were slow in coming.
Radio Havana offered no new information or commentary in its 7 a.m.
broadcast, merely a re-reading of Monday's announcement that the Cuban leader had undergone surgery to correct a sharp intestinal crisis with sustained bleeding.
And he's a pretty tough guy, but we don't know.
The Cuban government lies incessantly, as most governments do.
And so it could be a stroke, it could be a heart attack, we don't know.
Or they could be telling the truth, it could be some type of intestinal crisis.
In Miami, the news of Castro, who will turn 80 in two weeks, would turn over power, even temporarily, to his brother Raul Castro, 75, had sparked a party atmosphere and immediately speculation that the widely despised Cuban leader was gravely ill or dead.
By this morning, though, many in Little Havana had grown more wary in their observation.
Spanish-language radio station WQBA, which had been carrying continuous coverage of the power transfer since Monday night, reported things were calm in Havana, Cuba as well.
It's still not clear what is happening over there, said Daniel Torres, news director at the station, which he said has five human rights activists working as journalists across the island.
So we'll see what happens with that as it continues to develop.
And then at the same time, we have the Bush administration, I guess hinting at how they would try to capitalize on this if Castro dies or if power is transferred to his brother.
The big thing is, Raul is not as much a messianic leader in the island communist fortress state
As his brother is, and so there's discussions and hopeful machinations going on that it could be easier to overthrow his brother or to have some type of peaceful political change in the island country.
Hey, I wish the communists weren't in power there.
I wish they were removed.
I'd like to go see Cuba sometime.
It's pretty close.
It's just a four-hour flight from Texas, about an hour flight or less.
From areas of Florida, and clearly he's tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of people, and is an absolute murdering piece of filth, but again, most governments are throughout history.
The U.S.
has plans to aid post-Castro Cuba.
The Bush administration, which has made no secret of its desire to see the end of Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba, said it had a plan in place to help transition the island nation to democracy after Castro.
I speculate that let's say the government fell or there was some new election or an upheaval there that you would see our government move in there, put the elements of the communist government back into place, and basically set up a fascist system and go back to building casinos there.
I mean, before the fall of the Cuban government back in the late 1950s, 1960, before all of that happened,
The place was completely corrupt.
Secret police.
Secret arrests.
The same stuff you saw under Fidel Castro.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
As the Who song goes, won't get fooled again.
Quote, We can't speculate on Castro's health, but we continue to work for the day of Cuba's freedoms, said White House spokesman Peter Watkins.
He also said the U.S.
is closely monitoring the situation.
If Fidel Castro were to move...
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to some of your phone calls right now and get everybody's response to Israel.
Could I shift gears and talk about the military tribunal bill that was just mentioned on Derry Brownfield?
It's a very two-page bill.
I basically did a little bit of analysis.
It seems like the First Amendment is struck down by it, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Eighth, the ban on ex post facto.
Categorization of people.
Well, let me just stop you for just a minute.
For those that just joined us, I have a tendency, too, to preach to the choir and use all these technical terms.
Under Patriot Act I and the expansion, the Semi-Patriot Act II passed last year, the government claims it has the power to secretly arrest citizens, try them in secret tribunals, and execute us.
And under Section 802 of the First Patriot Act, in force of law right now,
I think we're good to go.
You're absolutely right.
It is a nightmare piece of legislation, and we are writing an analysis on this new piece of legislation right now that even appears to be worse than some of the provisions in Patriot Act II.
Go ahead.
You're very good at writing those analyses, Alex.
You had one in Global Outlook for Patriot II, and it was the best that I've seen on Patriot II.
It really, this piece of legislation guts the primary reason for judiciary, because it's given up on saying that we govern ourselves.
Yeah, not only is the government saying that they're going to have troops on the streets of America, but now they're saying that they will secretly arrest you, and then in Patriot Act, it says that if you see your neighbor get arrested, or you're a librarian and see somebody get arrested, or a business owner, and you tell anybody about what you saw, you've intercharged with terrorism.
Yeah, and also it mixes the subject of establishing military, I'm against establishing the military tribunals, but it mixes that subject, which I would be against and I think is illegal, but it mixes that with all these criminal, well, these illegal procedures that wipe out the power of the courts to decide how they handle trials.
Well, I'm glad you brought this up, because it is a huge story, and it's not gotten the attention it deserves, and we'll be covering it more this week.
Fred, I appreciate your call.
When we get back, we'll talk to Mick, Jimmy, Tony, and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
I don't have the article in front of me, because I cleaned my desk off this morning.
We've got a guest coming in the studio.
We have to have it look tidy.
But I can go out there and dig it out of the stack outside the studio.
But I think if you type into Google something like Bush Bill Detainees Bush Bill Detainees and a bunch of articles on it come up for you.
Then you can link through and read the draft piece of legislation for yourself.
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economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've got former Texas Ranger Ray Martinez sitting right out there in the green room.
Just talking to him during the break.
Him and his lovely wife.
We're good to go.
May go even into Syria.
This is getting very serious.
Fidel Castro, of course, is in critical condition in Havana in Cuba.
And we're talking about a bunch of other news items as well.
Let's talk to Mike in Idaho.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, congratulations on your 9-1-1 symposium.
Getting it re-airing tonight?
Is that correct?
Yes, sir.
We need everybody's help to email, to post, to call all their friends and family at around 5.15 today on C-SPAN 1.
And that's Central, 6.15 Eastern.
Now they're having a lot of press conferences and unannounced things today on CNN on C-SPAN.
So they'll probably back it off to 6 or 7 Central.
But it'll be airing tonight.
But that's how C-SPAN works.
Whenever they have other live breaking events, they then push back the programs, but it'll be on this evening.
Hey, a question.
Would you agree with Joel Skalvin's analysis that Israel's atrocities are actually calculated to incite the violence and thereby suck in the U.S.
military to finally destroy it?
Well, yes, I would agree to that to a great extent.
I don't know about destroying our military, but it's all about big business.
That's why we weren't allowed to win Vietnam, according to Pentagon's own documents, because they wanted it to be a decades-plus, which it was, long war, because the weapons manufacturers...
And their hardware suppliers were making over $100 billion a year in 1960s, early 1970s money.
So that was over a trillion and a half dollars in the 15 years of that war, only 10 years of it being a public war.
Imagine, over a trillion dollars in 1960s money.
Well, they've already spent over $400 billion in Iraq, and that's why top generals would go over there and say, we're trying to turn the water on, we're trying to get the power back on, and they were told to basically not do that, and that's why they've removed so many generals.
The average head general in Iraq only spends four months over there, because a lot of them are actually trying to do their job, and they've gotten very disillusioned.
The plan, according to the Pentagon, is to have controlled chaos, to stay there as long as possible.
Well, it's working.
The attacks in Baghdad have increased significantly so much where they're pulling the troops out of Mosul and sending new troops there and stopping the guys from coming back.
Well, each new crisis also serves as a new diversion.
Notice we're not talking about how they're actually increasing troop levels from 23,000 up to over 35,000 in Iraq right now, rebuilding the troops.
And we're not hearing about all the other things that are going on now.
All we're hearing about is Lebanon.
And more guys are dying, too.
I appreciate your call.
That's it.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Jimmy.
Jimmy, where are you calling us from today?
Bridgewater, Michigan.
Hey, I caught your show on Sunday, and excellent.
The guy that told you to make a new tinfoil hat, I get that all the time.
But what I wanted to say was, I give away your videos, and I wear your t-shirts everywhere I go, and I get people to come up to me and talk to me and ask me what's going on.
There are more and more people out there that are awakening to these facts.
You know, the New World Order can't hide from us anymore.
There was a news article yesterday, I've got it in the stack here, where a news reporter went into a restaurant and decided to tell two tables to tune into C-SPAN tomorrow, which is today now,
And both tables said, oh, we already know about 9-11 being an inside job.
Then he decided to celebrate, it said, so we went to the liquor store to buy some beer.
And he told the guy behind the counter to tune in.
And both people behind the counter said, tell us something we don't know.
And the headline, I think, is, the worm is turning on 9-11.
Everybody knows.
In fact, that's the headline.
And so that's the experience I'm having.
Yeah, it's fabulous.
Once in a while you get a couple of people that laugh at you, but big deal.
Some people like to be sheep, you know.
But there's more and more people that, once that veil is gone, they see things for what it really is, and they realize that they're not the only one that thinks the same way.
Well, I mean, we just had the Assistant Secretary of Defense on, and former Marine Corps Chief Historian, very conservative, defendant Michael New,
Also, of course, was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's lawyer.
And he came on the broadcast and said 9-11 is a dog that doesn't hunt.
The official story is a fraud.
An inside job is a good possibility.
When you've got people like that going public, I mean, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?
Yes, it sure is.
And you are the man.
Just keep up the good work.
And I sent you a picture, the five of us, with our Journey Response Team t-shirts on.
Hopefully it makes it onto your image gallery, but if it doesn't, it's no big deal.
Thank you so much for what you're doing, Jim.
Keep it up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I was out there with a retired Texas Ranger, Ray Martinez, who killed Charles Whitman.
He was the main officer that took him down 40 years ago today here in Austin, just a mile or two from where I sit.
And Kevin Smith, who sets up a lot of the guests, asked him to bring a box of some stuff, because we're also videotaping this for the TV show and for PrisonPlanet.tv members.
And they're out there in the foyer, out there in the green room.
He brought the shirt that day that he was wearing with blood all over it.
And so they're out there taking photos of it.
And just this weekend, they had an auction here in Austin.
I believe for charity.
And guess how much one of the bullets that was on Whitman went for.
One of the bullets that got the end of it knocked off when one of Martina's and one of the other officers' bullets went into him.
Over $200,000.
Can you imagine?
And Mr. Martini didn't even know about that.
He just heard about it.
Imagine how much that blood-stained Austin police shirt is worth.
By the way, I like that Austin police shirt.
It looks a lot better than what they wear now.
It's like gray and got black...
You know, the black loops up at the top on the shoulders, whatever those are called.
A lot sharper than the ridiculous blue and black outfits they prance around in today that also bake you in the sun.
But it's high authority, so we've got to wear it.
All right, side issue.
We've got World War III brewing in the Middle East.
Israel's saying they may go all the way up to Syria.
They're saying they're going to go further into Lebanon.
Their real plan, obviously, is to push us into World War III.
Castro has collapsed in critical condition.
In the capital of Cuba right now, and there's all this other police state news, but we're going to go back to your calls, Tony and Yusuf and JP and everybody else that's patiently holding right now.
Before I go any further, I'm going to be showing my new film Terror Storm, the most powerful film I've ever made about the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
It also gets into the latest developments on 9-11.
We travel to London and cover the 7-7 bombing.
It has Professor Stephen Jones.
It has Morgan Reynolds, the chief economist for Bush's last administration, exposing it as an inside job.
Two MI5 agents getting into 7-7 and 9-11 being inside jobs.
They just spell it out.
Ray McGovern, chief CIA analyst for Ronald Reagan and George Bush, senior going public.
And of course, then we have Charlie Sheen in it.
It's such an important film.
You can get hard copies of that right now at InfoWars.com via the safe, secure online video and bookstore shopping cart, or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Or you can see all 15 of my films, my weekly TV reports, almost the entire 20-hour 9-11 symposium.
That C-SPAN just covered about an hour and 50 minutes of.
We've got 20 hours of it.
I think 18 are up there now.
There's one more interview, one more presentation we're putting up.
Tar police right now.
And we may even put some of the questions and answers up later to put the whole thing up.
But to make a long story short, we are going to be showing Terror Storm in Dallas on the 26th of August.
And the way this is going, it looks like the tickets may be gone in a week unless it slows down.
Okay, I mean, the tickets are almost half gone right now.
There was an explosion over Friday in the weekend, and now it's slowed down a bit, but they're going fast, and people every time don't listen to me, and every event sells out.
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And then on the 13th and 14th, and then that's it.
And I'll be at all those events and give a speech and take questions and comments afterwards.
So we've got six showings coming up.
One in Dallas, the first big premiere at the Lakewood Theater in central Dallas.
Jim Mars is going to be there giving a presentation on JFK to 9-11.
I'll also show about 35 minutes of some of the rough cuts of a new film I'm making on the Bilderberg Group meeting that we covered in early June.
And we'll also have the Lounge Act great music from midnight until 2 a.m.
with Shanghai Five.
So we're really excited they've agreed to come.
Tickets are $10 or $10.50 to come to that event.
They're $8 at the Alamo Draft House to see Terror Storm.
So don't wait.
Get your tickets at Infowars.com.
We're good to go.
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Prison Planet.
That's prisonplanet.tv.
Let's go ahead and go to Tony in Toronto, Canada.
Tony, thanks for holding.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
Yeah, it looks like all hell is breaking loose out here.
The globalists need to.
It's a Ponzi scheme.
They've always got to keep expanding the crises to cover up the last crime they were involved in.
Yeah, well, they just seem to be exponential right now.
I know you like to stick to the meat and potatoes of the issues, and I really like that about you, but I can't underscore the importance of the religious or the aspect, the mythology of the Israelites and how this plays into it.
I mean, we've got a committee hearing right now with our foreign policy or
Well, uh...
It is not biblical to go along with whatever an Israeli leader does and to mindlessly follow everything that Israel says that we should do.
I mean, that's really simple.
The Bible says that the Antichrist will rule from Jerusalem, and will say that he is Christ, and that it will be the religion to follow what he says.
He will be a counterfeit, or Antichrist, and I see it being set up for that now.
If a leader, I ask Christians this, especially the phony, neoconic version of evangelicals, that I've always seen myself allied to, true evangelicals, I mean, I'm a Christian,
And I was brought up Baptist slash Evangelical, so most of my friends are that way, but they see what's happening.
And I asked them, if a leader now rose in Israel and brought peace and was this great world leader, you would be told that you've got to follow everything Israel says, and the Israel lobby manipulates a lot of our politics and policies through AIPAC.
So we're already positioned...
To see Antichrist being worshipped openly.
And so I look at how the churches were deceived.
We know the devil is slick and here it is in plain view now being set up and happening and these churches just can't figure it out because their leaders are bought and paid for and they've been given false doctrines.
So people all the time blame Christians for George Bush and they blame Christians and you Christians and Bush is a crazy Christian.
That's why I resent when people say all Jews are evil or bad or doing things.
No, it's the leadership.
Just like people say, well, look at the Jews.
Well, no, that's the Israeli leadership that is bad.
It's the same thing with Christians.
Just because Bush says he's a Christian and has Christian interests at heart, look at the fruits.
He's really doing the opposite.
I think, you know, they're all guilty, Muslims included.
You know, there's fanatics and fundamentalists.
Oh, I agree.
I mean, the Muslims have got some really bad sects and some really bad leaders.
And what does this Israeli aggression do?
It empowers those groups, which Israeli documents say and state is what they want.
They want continued crises.
A lot of the Christians in Lebanon, I have a friend who's actually, his father was born there.
They're Maronite Christians.
They're really opposed to the...
Well, it's really disturbing because now even supposedly moderate and pro-U.S.
nations like Jordan and Egypt and
Even Christians in Lebanon are now supporting Hezbollah.
That's right.
You get people's heads blown off in front of you.
You quickly change your tune about this sort of stuff.
They have no other option than to go with Hezbollah.
They've been forced into an impossible position.
They're just going to get slaughtered.
They know the world community is not coming to their aid.
And it just breaks my heart.
Well, if you look at what Israel's doing, and I appreciate your call, first they bomb with airstrikes, then they move troops and artillery in, and they blast grids in front of them, wedges.
They then move the artillery forward and then start bombarding the next grid.
They are moving straight for Beirut, and now Syria's on alert and saying, get ready for military action.
Here's the escalation, and it's admitted that the Israeli troops, mainstream news, but back of the papers,
And then on the nightly news, the talking heads say that they came across and grabbed the Israelis.
That is not true.
It is admitted that the Israeli government sent them over, and that they even had them on infrared scopes, the Israeli commanders, and when the Israeli troops wanted to kill the Hezbollah that was coming to grab them, they said no, and let them capture.
So they sent the troops in to get them captured, and by the time they're done spinning in Armenia, the general public doesn't even know that.
And obviously, Hezbollah is a big part of this, too.
It takes two to tango.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes I can.
Yes, I've been listening since about winter of 2001, and you're great, and I got a subscription this past spring to PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's, like, overwhelming.
All the information, your analysis is always very good.
And, let's see, I've handed out your videos and audio files all over the world, from Japan to Hawaii, all over.
So all of the listeners are doing this, and it's just picking up, so I just wanted to say, you know...
All the listeners are doing it as well.
It's just great.
It's exponential.
Anything else, Yusuf?
Well, I got the Cal Bend year supply of soap, and I urge everybody to try the Cal Bend soap.
It's amazing.
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It's great.
So those are great.
I urge everybody to try those out.
Thank you, Yusuf.
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I haven't averaged it out, but I turned down two sponsors yesterday.
I saw a sponsor that slipped through on the website that I'm going to cancel as soon as their month is up.
Again, I've gotten criticism from other people that want to keep hocking their snake oil that I should shut up and not sit there and say that if you don't hear me endorsing something, it means I don't endorse it.
I'm allowed to keep my credibility.
I'm allowed to keep my morals and my conscience and to only push and promote what I believe in, that I believe is a good product and a good deal for you.
And I'm sorry.
I could make a million dollars selling magic products that are going to heal all your ailments.
I mean, I could go out and urinate in a jar and probably sell it and tell people that.
But I'm just not going to do it.
And it's that simple.
And then you hear the testaments then from the listeners of how good these products are.
Calvin Peirceau is absolutely amazing.
Let's talk to JP in Tennessee.
JP, you're on the air.
Alex Jones, I want to thank you for having me on your show.
God bless you, Alex.
I don't know where we would be without you, sir.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Listen, I'm just doing my duty, just like you're doing.
You guys are all doing the same thing I'm doing.
I've been trying to get in ever since last week when you were talking about JFK.
I've got to say, since I was 11 years old, JFK has been my favorite movie.
When I was little, I wasn't scared of the boogeyman or Freddy Krueger or anything like that.
I was scared of guys in suits busting in and getting me because I knew too much.
That was honest.
But it wasn't until a year ago I actually started listening to you, Alex.
And my question to you, which also involves my favorite line out of the JFK movie, let justice be done or the heavens fall.
Do you actually think that at any time, if we do win this war on the New World Order, which you always said they've already lost,
Do you think justice will ever be done in the murder of JFK, or justice will ever be done for the people who did 9-11 and perpetrated this heinous attack on us?
Well, most of the individuals that orchestrated the murder of JFK have been dead for decades, though we know George Bush Sr.
was a CIA operative and was photographed by major newspapers there on the scene that morning.
Well, that's actually who I meant, Mr. George Sr.,
Well, you know what, I don't know if justice will ever be done, but we can expose them to where they cannot continue to carry out more assassinations and more terror attacks, and we may get them on something smaller, like buying fake news or no-bid contracts and payoffs.
It's like getting Al Capone on tax evasion instead of the St.
Valentine's Day massacre.
I hear you, Alex.
Once again, thank you.
God bless you, Alex Jones, and down with the New World Order!
Well, thank you.
I really appreciate that.
Let's take another call here.
Who's up next?
Cliff in Idaho.
You're on the air, Cliff.
How you doing there, Alex?
Good, sir.
I talked to Congressman Simpson and also Senator Mike Craple this morning.
They appeared on Probing America at 1260 a.m.
here in Idaho.
And Congressman Simpson, boy, he knows what's going on, but he's backtracking where I can't go.
You know, he said he was over in England and he'd seen some people, you know, they were saying it was an inside job and all this kind of stuff, and their reputation's real bad.
So I said, well, you know, I'll tell you what, a lot of these people have appeared at this symposium in L.A., you know, like Dr. Stephen Jones and, you know, the rest of them, all important people like William Rodriguez, Ray McGovern.
I said, these people have a more prestige reputation than you or I will ever have, and he didn't have no comment on that.
See, notice how they try to guilt by association.
They try to pick some imaginary group out of another country and claim that they're not credible, so we're not supposed to investigate 9-11.
That's correct.
And also, Mr. Simpson's the one who voted for his own race, you know.
Heck with the race and minimum wage.
Did you get a plug-in for the C-SPAN rebroadcast, final broadcast?
I did with both people.
I put it on, and when I talked to Senator Mike Crapo, you know, he knew nothing about it.
But he said he's going to try to watch it or whatever.
Well, that C-SPAN, I guess you're mountain out there, so that would be 4 o'clock your time?
So at 4.15, mountain.
5.15 Central, 6.15 Eastern, 3.15 Pacific is when it's scheduled, but they are having some emergency U.N.
and U.S.
press conferences, so I would look forward to air about an hour or two late.
Anywhere between 5.15 and 7.15 is when you'll probably see at the final airing, they're saying, on C-SPAN 1 today.
That's right.
Now, I have flyers out exactly to that effect saying be sure and check, and...
All right, thank you so much.
I really do appreciate your call.
We'll come back and talk to Dan and others, and then we're going to have retired Texas Ranger, Austin police officer at the time, 40 years ago today, when he killed Charles Whitman on the tower.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
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Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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Terror Storm is the definitive guide to the history of government-sponsored terrorism.
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We're good to go.
I think?
I think so too.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We're getting Ranger Ray Martinez squared away with his lovely bride here with us.
And he'll be joining us in the next hour to go back 40 years and talk about the tower shooting.
And then we'll get back into Israel, saying they're going to expand the war.
Israel plans to keep pushing to Lebanon.
We'll get into Fidel Castro, hopefully about to die.
But before we go any further, let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to... I got these out of order here.
Dan in New York.
You're on the air, Dan.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Good, sir.
I just had to let you know this.
I've been handing out your DVDs and videos as much as I can, and I gave them to one of my employees, who in turn gave it to his friend, and his friend owns a barbershop and has been playing them in the barbershop throughout the day.
He's telling me it is hysterical.
He's telling me...
You know, I got guys getting haircuts and then sitting back down watching these videos.
You know, honestly, I can't make them fast enough, you know, burn copies, and I try to give out your order forms as well, just to help support you.
Well, see, everybody, you know, keeps talking about the great job I'm doing.
I'm not.
I make the documentary films, and it's you guys and gals out there that are getting them, making copies, getting them out to people, and that's how we're exposing all the things that are happening.
You know, the loss of freedoms, the American Union, they're shutting up.
And this weekend I went to see Freedom to Fascism as well, the Aaron Rooster documentary.
It's excellent, isn't it?
Oh, what a great job.
And I think it's so important that he did this because
Even though we know a lot of the stuff we talk about is truth, people like to call us conspiracy nuts.
But his documentary is just basic facts.
Nothing that you can argue against what he wrote about and what he made the video about, you can argue.
Well, I agree with you, and I appreciate your call.
Take care, my friend.
Let's talk to Kenneth in Louisiana.
Kenneth, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
I find that George W. Bush, he's kind of like Arthur Fiedler, though he's not a conductor of music, he's a conductor of war.
I think we ought to give him a nickname and call him Green Light George.
Anyway, but it wasn't that funny.
But anyway, James Chapter 5, God doesn't condemn the downtrodden poor class or the rock-throwing people of maybe the Middle East, but he condemns the super-rich.
Well, we do have these really cold-blooded corporations that are not free market, that really operate as mafia organizations.
And throughout history, we see these cycles where societies get very, very corrupt.
Alex Jones Show!
We're good to go.
Of all the three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, who do you think is intellectually the most stupidest?
Like, you know, not knowing what's going on.
I would have to say Christians.
I have to agree with you.
They need to wake up.
Well, I mean, as a Christian, it's just sad to see how the church is asleep in this country, but that's because of the 501c3 that started 50-something years ago.
The feds have come in and told preachers what they can and can't say when the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
All right, we'll be right back with the second hour with Ranger Ray Martinez on the 40-year anniversary of the UT snipers.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got another two hours left in this worldwide broadcast today as we blast out on the AM and FM dial from Illinois to Southern California to right here in Austin, Texas to areas of Florida and upstate New York.
We also are on the internet at infowars.com and jonesreport.com and on global shortwave WWCR from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
And the rebroadcast is also on shortwave from 9 to midnight.
Those frequencies are posted in the listener section of infowars.com.
Well, I really can't do justice to the bio of this individual, but he's from right here in Texas.
He's Ray Martinez.
He was an Austin police officer.
And on the day 40 years ago today, here in Austin, Texas, when Charles Whitman,
We're good to go.
It's a story of also the citizens taking action and supporting the police and taking this individual down.
So we're honored to have him in studio with us today.
A very busy day here in Austin, speaking to different groups and being honored by the city.
And Ranger Ray, thank you for coming into the studio with us.
Well, it's my pleasure.
You bet.
We've just got a few minutes before we break, but just tell us a little bit about yourself before we then come back and get into what happened 40 years ago here in Austin, Texas.
Well, all I can say is that I'm from a little town of Rotan, Texas, in West Texas, and I came to Austin in 1956 to attend the University of Texas.
Of course, my career as a student took a downturn, joined the Army, and I returned back to Austin.
And then from there, of course, I went job hunting, and I ended up in the Austin Police Department.
And, of course, so to speak, the rest is history.
What is it like to be back in Austin, 40 years after, getting pretty close to the time all this happened?
Well, I just love Austin, because it's always been a part of me, and I'm always happy to come back to Austin because I still have family here.
And, of course, today is the 40th, and right now, with this time 40 years ago, I was at home preparing something to eat when I saw the news bulletin come out about the incident that was occurring at the University of Texas.
What time did the shooting start?
Right around this time?
Well, it was going on right now because I understand it started about four minutes, four or five minutes before 12.
And I didn't get to hear it until a little after 12.
So we are literally at the very 40th anniversary, right at the minute this stuff was kicking off, right now.
That is correct.
Right now I was at home.
I saw you looking at your watch and I was looking at my notes and I was going, wow, it started right now and here you are in studio 40 years later talking about it.
That's correct.
That's amazing.
So you're at home, you're fixing something to eat.
Go ahead and start the story and then we're going to break in just a moment.
Okay, well...
I'm a creature of habit, and of course I listen to the news every time at high noon, because I was on the 3 to 11 shift.
I was not supposed to go to work until 3 that afternoon.
So I was preparing my uniform, because I always like to polish my boots, my brass, my everything.
I wanted to look very professional.
And I turned the television on to listen to the news, and I saw a note being handed to Joe Roddy, who was the anchor at the time.
And he advised the public that there was a person, I don't remember if he said a sniper, but he said somebody, a man or a person, on the top of the University of Texas Tower shooting at people, and there had been a number of people already injured and possibly some dead.
After that, of course, I watched a little longer, and he was handing another note, and of course, from what I heard, the situation was getting worse.
There were some dead people already.
All right, we're going to break, and when we come back, we will continue with a story with the eyewitness, with the guy that took out the scumbag.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Or watch it right now online at prisonplanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Right now, 40 years ago, in downtown Austin, in the University area,
The famous tower shooting was taking place, and Ray Martinez was just now seeing the second bulletin on the news about someone on the tower shooting.
And of course, many Austinites have heard the famous Neal Spells report coming in about there's a sniper on the tower.
So you weren't scheduled to go into work for about two and a half hours at this point.
You get the second bulletin, Ray.
You're there, I guess, getting your uniform on right at that time.
What did you do next?
Well, I didn't get my uniform on, but I felt that they might need some assistance, so I got on the telephone and called the police station.
And the PBX operator hooked me up to Lieutenant Thomas.
I asked Lieutenant Thomas if he needed some assistance, and he said, yes, we need assistance.
I said, where do you want me to report, police station or the university area?
He said...
Go to the university area, find an intersection, and work traffic and divert it away from the campus.
Where did you live at the time?
I lived in South Austin on Margaret Street, which is close to Barton Springs.
All right, so right over kind of in this area then.
That's correct.
So you, I would guess, got over there pretty quick then.
Were you burning rubber?
No, no, no, no.
I had a little 54 Chevrolet.
I got dressed and I took off.
Of course, I obeyed the traffic laws because I wasn't...
Speeding, per se.
I mean, red lights and whatever.
If you're in a personal car, you're not going to be able to hurry.
You've got to go along with the traffic.
I was listening to Neil Spells on the radio, but back in those days, the radios were tube type, and I had a faulty tube, and so the voice would drift in and out.
And so I wasn't getting a whole blow-by-blow account of what was happening.
I was disturbed that when I got to Lamar in Barton Springs, I saw a detective lieutenant and a detective sergeant going south on Lamar.
Why were they going the wrong direction?
That I don't know.
And then when I got to Riverside in Lamar, I came up to a red light and there was a forgery investigator, a sergeant,
And at the traffic light, I roll down my window and I ask him how it was going on.
He says, well, I think we've got a person up there on top of the tower shooting people, and I think one of the victims is Bobby Sides.
That was a policeman.
And I was pretty well disturbed because Bobby Sides was a friend of mine, and he had gotten shot back in 1964 by a burglar, but survived.
So I did peel out.
From that location when the light turned green.
You were getting mad because you saw cops going the wrong direction, standing around.
This sergeant was very nonchalant about it, you know, and so that kind of disturbed me, so I did kind of peel out as much as I could with a .54 Chevrolet.
I went on to 19th and La Vaca, I mean Lamar, took a right, went up the hill, and when I could see...
Towards the campus or to the university area, I could see that all the intersections had already been manned by officers.
Most of them were from the motorcycle bunch.
And so I said, well, I don't have any use.
There's no intersection for me.
So I parked my car behind St.
Austin's Church.
And once I got out of the car and started going through the church property towards the campus,
I could hear all of the shooting, and I could hear sirens, and I knew it was very bad because sirens were the ambulances.
Back in those days, the Austin Police Department did not have sirens in their cars, and so only the ambulances had sirens.
In fact, my good friend Mike Hanson, his dad was one of the ambulance drivers.
Did you...
Do you remember that?
One of the ambulance drivers, he also got some awards because he was out dragging people into the ambulances and getting shot at.
I guess it must be Otto Hanson?
Otto, yeah, I knew Otto.
And like I said, they all had... Back in those days, we did not have EMS, per se.
The funeral homes were the ones that operated the ambulances, and of course, they did not have medical technicians.
All you did was drive to the scene, pick up the person, throw him inside, and race him to the hospital.
But like I said, it was the sirens were all ambulances, and so I knew it was very seriously because of the volume of sirens.
And the shooting, it was all high-powered rifles that I was hearing.
So we've got the ambulance folks doing their job, and then you see kind of, I'm not trying to bash here, but you brought it up, police kind of standing around nonchalant.
How often were the reports?
Were they regular, or did they go in spurts?
Well, it was sporadic at times, and sometimes they would kick off.
It's just like if somebody fired, then somebody else would take a clue and open fire.
The police, of course, like I said, they were working the intersection, which was about two blocks away from the campus because that was 19th.
People that were firing, I could not recognize because I would see people from behind trees, from inside buildings, from behind cars with rifles aiming up at the tower.
And you later learned that was mainly citizens.
Well, they were all citizens.
I didn't recognize a single police officer because I knew them all.
What an interesting event.
So the police are all doing traffic or going the other direction, but the citizens are all out blasting.
Now, you talked Sunday on my Sunday radio program on KLBJ about how important that was because keeping him pinned down, that then kept him from killing a lot more people, didn't it?
That is correct.
But let me say this in the defense of the police department, that the timing was very good as far as Charles Whitman's planning, I guess, if he planned it, because at 12 noon, most of your detectives were going to go out for lunch, or would be out for lunch.
Sure, he was running a military operation.
He probably chose to do that.
And then, once they checked out, remember they did not have radios like they have, or pagers, or any type of communications.
They were completely isolated from the police department.
So, it was difficult for the police department to call
Those officers, wherever they were... I'm not bashing the police.
I'm saying this is a great illustration of how important armed citizens are.
But I understand that a lot of those officers, when they got wind of it, they went home and got their own rifles and came back, too, and started shooting.
A lot of the detectives did.
But the citizens were the main bulk of the people that were shooting.
So you saw folks all over shooting?
Yes, I did.
I saw quite a number of them.
And like I said, I have it in my book that I am...
Still mad because a lot of those people never got any credit because they saved a lot of lives by keeping the sniper pin down.
Now, your book is in stores because I have actually seen it in stores and didn't know what it was about.
I should have got it at the time, but they call me Ranger Ray and I can't wait to read this book.
Yes, well, Barnes & Noble carries it here because it's a self-published book.
I think that's where I saw it.
Normally, I have a website where people can get autographed copies.
Can folks get it at the Texas Ranger website, TexasRanger.org?
I just see a big write-up on it here.
You can get it at the Former Texas Ranger Foundation.org.
That's in Kerrville.
We'll put a link to that up on Infowars.com right now.
Also, I'm sure Amazon.com carries it.
I do not know.
I bet it does.
They carry everything.
We'll talk more about the book.
So you're there downtown.
There's all these people behind cars, behind trees, shooting at the tower.
Well, I proceed to the South Mall.
And I can see dead and wounded people out there, especially the pregnant women.
Oh my gosh.
You could see her suffering because she was baking in that concrete.
It was so hot.
So it must have been real bad for her, the pregnant lady.
But I was standing right there by Jeff Davis' statue, not realizing that the blood that I was looking at was where Billy Spreed, an officer, a friend of mine, had been killed.
And it was a heck of a shot for him to put through there, you know, to hit Billy.
So that's when I made up my mind that I was going to get into the tower.
How many yards was that, Sean? 400?
I really don't know.
I thought it was a good distance.
That's horrible.
I'm sorry, so you made up your mind to go into the tower then?
That is correct.
I felt that there would be an assault squad inside of the tower, so what I did, I ran fast, zigzagging,
And ran by the dead, the wounded, you know, getting to the building.
Was he shooting at you at that time?
I do not know if he ever shot at me or if he even saw me.
But you heard the rifle going off.
I heard rifles going on.
I heard a lot of shooting, but I don't know if he shot at me or not, or if he even saw me.
I made it to the west side of the building and went inside because I had been at the UT Tower ten years previously in 1956 when I first came to Austin as a student.
I think.
I tried to use a telephone to call a police station, but when I dialed the first number, and it was a rotary dial back in those days, the lines were jammed.
Everybody was calling everybody.
And I wanted them to see if they could bring some bank trucks, armored trucks to get the wounded.
That's right.
Failing to do that, I saw a campus police officer.
I took his handheld radio.
They had handheld radios.
And I used a couple of channels trying to contact the station, but I could not reach the station because those channels were not compatible.
So I decided, well, I'm going to go into the tower and see what's happening up there.
So I walked down that hallway, and before I got on the elevator, there was a young man there with a clipboard.
And he asked me what my name was and so I told him and he wrote it down.
And I don't know what his function was.
Talk about bureaucracy.
I mean, they're just still operating like it's a... No, but this was a young man.
I don't know who he was or who... He might have been the devil himself.
Because I haven't seen him to this day, you know.
But, you know, he was doing something.
At least somebody was doing something.
So I got on the elevator and I pushed the button to the 27th floor and I was going up.
I could see the little lights flickering as the floors passed by.
I could still hear the rifle report, so I decided I better say a prayer, and I said an act of contrition.
Since I'm a Catholic, and if you are in a death, you say an act of contrition, and supposedly, you know, their sins might be forgiven.
Stay right there, Ranger Ray Martinez.
We'll finish up with your act of contrition on the other side of this quick break, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we're back live, and this is just...
That amazing interview going on 40 years ago in Austin right now.
Went on for what, like an hour and a half?
Charles Whitman is up there right now at this time blasting people.
He had, again, shot and killed 14, injured 33, and of course had killed his mother and wife hours before.
I want to try to talk a little bit about him later.
Obviously, Ranger Ray only met him for about five seconds before he killed him, so I didn't get a chance to know him.
But maybe he can give us some inside knowledge on people that he did talk to who did know him.
But Ray Martinez, again, who later became a Texas Ranger.
I was reading through a synopsis of the book, fighting corruption in South Texas, vote rigging, fighting the kingpins down there.
I mean, you're a man after my own heart, sir.
That's just absolutely amazing.
Please continue.
So you've gone into the tower and you say a prayer.
Please go from there.
Well, I had completed my prayer when the elevator got to the 27th floor when the door opened.
Of course, I had my gun out because I didn't know what to expect.
And I was hoping to see a lot of officers in there.
But when the door opened, I was looking at a rifle and a pistol.
And the pistol belonged to Jerry Day, a police officer.
And the rifle was a person in civilian clothes.
And I figured that he was from another police agency.
So it was kind of like a king's axe, you know, and I came out of the... You guys were pointed at each other.
Came out of the elevator, and there was a little table, and at the little table was a telephone.
And there was Dub Cowan, who was with EPS Intelligence.
He was in civilian clothing.
And he appeared to be trying to establish communications because he kept dialing the rotary phone.
I immediately found out that this was it.
There was no assault force...
I mean, I was shocked because I had come all the way from my house, and here I was inside of the tower.
So my military training took over, and of course, you secure the ground that you're on, and then from there you proceed.
So I said, okay, let's check the offices here so that we can make sure that the sniper is not here.
Of course, I could hear shooting upstairs, and I could still hear it from the outside.
And we started checking the offices, and I found one that was locked.
And I couldn't open it, and I tried to force it, and somebody said from the inside, says, who is it?
And I said, it's the police.
He said, just a minute.
So I waited, and I could hear the furniture being unstacked from the door because they had barricaded themselves in there.
Once the furniture was removed, the door opened, and a stream of people came out.
I remember two nuns, because they still wore their habits, their black and white habits, and you should have seen the terror in the face of those people as they came out
We put them on the elevator, sent them down, but there was one man that came out who was later identified as Mr. Cabor, and he had a pair of white women's shoes in his hand, and he said, my whole family has been killed.
He says, give me the gun, I'll kill that SOB.
He tried to get my gun.
I wrestled with him, restraining him, and he tried to get Jerry Day's gun.
You might have even let him help if he hadn't been hysterical grabbing your guns.
That's right.
But anyway, Jerry Day and I maneuvered him to the elevator, and Jerry restrained him while I pushed the button, and we sent him down because we couldn't have that distraction.
So that left the civilian, who I'm going to identify as Alan Crum at this time,
And, of course, I did not know who he was at the time.
And I ended up counting on the phone.
So I started going up the steps and opened the door and I started going up the metal stairs.
And I could see bloody footprints.
So Alan Crum came to me and he says, where are you going?
And I said, I'm going to go up there and look for the person.
And so he said, you're not going by yourself.
He says, I'll go with you.
We'll do it service style.
I said, come on.
So we started up.
I led the way going up the steps.
And of course it was very scary because for many going up, we were very well exposed inside of there.
He could have popped around from any corner and shot us.
Both of us.
But at least I felt that by being two of us, one could get a shot off at him.
So anyway, went up the first flight of stairs and then took a right and then the next flight of stairs and I could see the first landing.
And I was looking at the face of a young boy who was the little Gabor boy that had been killed.
His tongue was protruding out of his mouth and his eyes were riveted on me.
Oh my gosh.
Of course, he was dead.
I walked towards him and it took an eternity.
It felt like an eternity to get to him.
When I got to him, of course, I peeked around the corner and there was a dead woman who was his aunt.
Another woman who was his mother.
She was wounded and she was face down choking in her own blood.
And at the end was another young man, the deceased boy's brother, who was an Air Force Academy cadet.
Oh my gosh.
He was wounded, but he was conscious, and he pointed upward and said, he's out there.
Stay right there.
We'll get back.
Your confrontation with the psychopathic killer, Charles Whitman, the Marine Corps sniper up there killing people.
On the other side of this quick break, right here on the GCN Radio Network, the hero of that day, one of the great heroes of that day, Ray Martinez is our guest, the Austin police officer who was the first to fire on the mad gunman.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Ray Martinez is also the director of the former Texas Rangers Association, and he is the author.
Of a great book that I'm going to definitely read as soon as I get a chance.
They call me Ranger Ray from the UT Tower Sniper to Corruption in South Texas.
I've got to have you on some other time via the telephone.
You're going to have to come in from New Braunfels, South Austin, to talk about South Texas.
But let's spend a few minutes on that before this hour ends, Officer Martinez, or Ranger Martinez.
Please continue.
Now, so the young boy is wounded, but he points and he says he's up there, he's out there, and you continue to move forward?
Well, we had to move him out of the way because the possibility that the sniper could shoot down the stairway and he'd get hit as we were going up.
So we moved him out.
We turned his mother over to keep her from drowning in her own blood.
And that's where I got the blood on my shirt because when I handled him and her.
In fact, that shirt is just right over there.
Yes, it is.
Later we'll pull that out.
Anyway, after we had moved him out of the way, I proceeded up at the last flight of stairs, which was blocked by a desk.
And before we got to the desk, my companion, Ellen Crum, looked at me and he said, Are we playing for keeps?
And I looked at him and I went, Well, we had been through the dead and the wounded and the shooting was still going on.
And I said, You're damn right we are.
He said, Well, I guess you better deputize me.
So I told him, Consider yourself deputized.
And that was the formality of it right there.
So once he was deputized, he felt real good.
He looked like.
The expression on his face looked real good.
So we proceeded on up and we pushed that desk around to use it as a barrier as we secured the top floor.
We found the receptionist behind the couch.
She was dying.
But we couldn't do anything for her.
The next thing I had to do was there was only one way to get out onto the observation deck and that is on the south, almost on the southeast corner, there's a glass door.
And Whitman had propped his dolly that he used to transport all of his equipment up there against the door to keep it from being open.
I pushed and I pushed and I pushed until I finally pushed the door open and the dolly went over backwards, clanging as it went.
Now, all of this time you could really hear a lot of the shooting because he was really amplified up there on the very top.
And I guess he didn't hear it because of all of the shooting.
And again, that goes back to the citizens and police around there with their rifles shooting up there.
And you described for me Sunday on the radio that there was limestone, the towers built out of, just exploding fragments all around you.
Yes, there were quite fragments of the limestone and dust coming down.
And of course, I got out onto the observation deck and I looked to the west.
And I couldn't see anything, so I then went to the next corner, and I looked down on the east side all the way down to the northeast corner, and I couldn't see anything.
So I got Alan Crum out, and I faced him in the direction of the southwest corner, and I told him, I said, I'm going to go around and look for him.
If he comes around that corner, shoot him.
Okay, so he said okay.
So I took off on the east side going towards the northeast corner.
Before I got to the northeast corner, I turned around and Houston McCoy, another police officer, came out and he had a shotgun.
And that shotgun looked like a beautiful thing.
And so anyway, I proceeded on to the corner and McCoy was advancing towards me, behind me.
When I got to the corner, I looked around, but I couldn't see all the way to the other corner because there's protrusions or extensions where the clocks are built.
So I had to really move out, and then, of course, you have all those big old lights back in those days that would light up the tower.
So they were kind of an obstruction, too.
So I had to really move out, and when I finally got out as far as I could, I could see the sniper.
He was sitting in the...
We're good to go.
And he was trying to bring that M1 carbine down, but I kept advancing.
It was kind of like a duck walk because I had to stay down so that I wouldn't get hit from below.
And I advanced at him, firing my gun, and McCoy was behind me.
I hollered at McCoy to shoot the shotgun, which he did.
At that time, my gun was empty, so I reached up and I took the shotgun from McCoy and fired one more blast.
And then there he was dead.
So you unloaded into him.
How many of your six shots from your revolver hit him?
I have never seen a copy of the autopsy.
I do not know.
I don't know.
I've seen reports on the encyclopedia online.
Supposedly he was just blown to bits.
Well, he had a few bullet holes, all right.
I mean, he had a few holes in him.
But anyway, he was dead.
And I started waving the shotgun, hollering at them below to stop shooting, but they couldn't hear.
So I threw the shotgun down.
It's a huge tower.
Yeah, and I picked up my gun, put it in my holster.
At that time, Houston was kneeling or kind of squatting in front of the body, and he was going through the pockets.
I guess he was trying to find identification.
And I told Houston, I'm getting the hell out of here.
And that's when Alan Crum found the towel, and he started waving the towel to get the people to stop shooting.
Later, I heard that people were complaining and saying, why did they have to kill him if he gave up?
They didn't realize that he was Helen Crum that was waving the towel.
But anyway, I got the hell out of there, and when I went down, they had already removed the dead and the wounded.
I got to the bottom floor.
I was met by Lieutenant Merle Wells and Lieutenant Morgan, Lyndon Morgan.
And they both each grabbed me by the arm because they thought I was wounded because of the blood on my shirt.
And they was trying to put me in an ambulance, and I tell them, no, there's other people in the ambulance.
I said, I'm all right.
And at that time, Lieutenant Wells said, you need to go to the police station and write a report.
So there was a detective sergeant there from forgery, Johnny Pope,
Johnny said, I'll take you.
And he started opening the crowd because it was a big crowd.
And I followed John, and my legs couldn't support me because the adrenaline stopped pumping.
And so, anyway, he helped me, and he took me into the car, and we went to the police station.
The police station, I was met by the chief and Hub Bachtel, who was a city council person, and they wanted to know what happened.
So I kind of told them what had transpired as best as I could.
I was having the dry heaves, and I didn't realize it, but reading on Texas Monthly a couple of days ago that a person that witnessed me come out of the tower said that I was covered with perspiration, which was an extremely hot day, so I feel that I was probably dehydrated to the extreme that I was possibly going to pass out, you know, because the heat struck probably.
Well, there's also just the incredible stress of the entire build-up and that archetypal image of marching up the stairs of the tower going up to face this evil creature and the stress of it.
And then also the relief, of course, of being successful in doing that.
In hindsight, what's it like for you to be here being honored in the city of Austin today downtown?
What's it like for you to be here 40 years later?
In fact, I mean, right now, I guess, you would be, going back 40 years ago, you were in your car on your way down there, or do you think you'd already gotten down to that vicinity by now?
What time did you get there?
Well, right now, I'd probably be getting close to the tower.
I mean, I'd be somewhere right there, not exactly pinpointed, but I'd be somewhere in the general vicinity of the South Mall.
What time did you, how long did it take from the time you got to the South Mall to the time you, what time did you kill him?
Well, it was over about 1.30, and so I can't say specifically where I was at what time, but I'm pretty sure I was working my way up to the tower at the time.
Because you've got to remember that when Alan Crum and I went up those last two flight of stairs, it was slow because we had to use a lot of caution.
We just didn't rush in there.
We had to use caution, move very cautiously.
What do we know about Charles Whitman?
A lot has been written, a lot has been said, from talking to other officers, from talking to the police here locally, from talking to the FBI who came in.
What was going on with this individual?
What was the motivation?
Some say it was a brain tumor.
You seem to believe that might not be yet.
Ranger Ray, tell us what you think really went on there.
Well, I assume it was possibly...
Mental, for one thing.
Allegedly, he had some swing moods, and he complained of severe headaches.
He had family problems with his father.
I believe that he was on amphetamines.
And also, too, there's a debate about the tumor, you know, the size of the tumor.
I've talked to a doctor that was, Dr. Pape, who was the emergency room doctor.
At the time, he said what he saw, he thought he was the size of a peanut, you know.
The pathologist said he was the size of a pecan.
And of course there was a debate as to how it affected the brain.
Dr. Papay told me that he didn't think much of the autopsy because there was a lot of questions about Dr. Chouinard.
He supposedly came from Hungary and they could not question his documents because at the time Hungary was behind the Iron Curtain.
So they had a lot of doubts about him.
So there's a debate, not from me because I'm not a medical professional, but from some of the medical officers.
Things like this really hadn't happened in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter.
Mad gunmen, which later became a more common unfortunate phenomenon.
But what was this like in 1966 in a little sleepy college town like Austin, Texas?
What was the effect on the public?
Well, the effect of the popular was shocked, and also on the police department.
Because, you know, the day of innocence was gone.
Because nowadays, people will question, well, why didn't they stop him when he came over there with that dolly full of equipment, you know, his guns and all of that?
Well, back in those days, of course, he had the guns wrapped up in blankets.
Nowadays, of course, he would have been challenged.
But back in those days, we were a very trusting nation.
And we wouldn't question him.
So that's why he took advantage of the innocence of the people and went on up there to the tower.
They've reopened the tower now.
They've put some precautions in.
What did you think about that decision?
Well, I'm glad that they did.
I'm glad that they reopened it because I felt as long as the tower was closed, that Charles Whitman had won.
And I'm glad to see that it's open and they are conducting tours.
Of course, it's limited, but still it's open.
And I'm glad that people, the citizens of the state of Texas can get up there and see the views from their beautiful tower.
You can see the mountains off to the west, and the hills, and you can see the plains off, and the whole skyline from there.
Shifting gears, I want to get back a little bit into this, but you're here in Austin today.
What are you here in Austin for today?
Well, primarily just for this.
I have a speaking engagement this evening in Lago Vista.
I'm not here to reminisce about it.
I mean, I'm not going to go to the tower.
I'm not going to go anywhere else other than be here.
Have you been back to the tower since then, 40 years ago?
I mean, have you been back up in it?
Oh, yes, I've been for just about every...
Anniversary, the 5th anniversary, the 0th anniversary, 10th, 15th, 20th anniversary.
You know, there's the news media that's interested in it.
I get a call, I go up there with them, and we do a piece.
And it's because it is history.
And there's a lot of people, especially a person that was born 40 years ago, are not aware of it.
Now they're 40 years old and they said, hey, I wasn't even born.
So it is a historical incident that happened and so people like to know about it.
Well, I think about it quite often when I look at it, especially when it's all lit up, burnt orange at night.
The tower kind of looks evil.
But I'm not saying it's evil itself.
I just think about that.
Tell us now, spend a few minutes about after that happened, what you did, how you got into the Texas Rangers, some of the things you did in South Texas rooting out corruption.
Well, after this incident happened, of course, I stayed two more years in the
Austin Police Department.
I was promoted to sergeant in November.
And I was already on the list to be promoted.
I was on the eligibility list.
So an opening came up in November and I was promoted to sergeant, investigator.
I stayed for another two years.
And I started looking for better greener pastures because I had a family to feed.
And at that time, the Austin Police Department pay was kind of very low.
The retirement system was terrible.
We're good to go.
So, before the year was up, I had applied and I went with the Department of Public Safety as a narcotic agent stationed in Houston.
That was the beginning of the Department of Public Safety was just hiring people because the drug problem was beginning to escalate.
As a matter of fact, in 1966, when this incident happened, the Austin Police Department, as I have the annual report for Austin in 1966 here,
There was only one pound and a half.
Well, after being on the state narcotics for a couple of years, I got a personal invitation letter, a letter from Captain
We're good to go.
Went to have coffee with Captain Eddie Oliver, who was the Ranger Captain Commanding Company there in Houston.
And we were shooting the breeze, and he said, well, he said the DPS Commission wants to have another Hispanic Ranger.
And that turned me off because I wasn't going to be a token.
I wanted to make it on my own.
So I wrote a nice letter to Captain Peoples declining to take the test.
The following year,
The advertisements about ranger testing came through normal channels, and that's when I applied.
I took the test.
I made the interview board.
I ended up on the algebra list, but not high enough to make it.
The following year, again, I competed, and this time I made it.
So I felt like I earned my badge, and my badge was not given to me.
And so that's shooting and criminology.
It's a pretty hard test, isn't it?
Well, yes, it is.
And so, anyway, I'm... Well, that's another incredible thing.
So, I mean, obviously, you'd make a great Ranger, what you did at the Tower, your military skills, all of it.
You've done a good job in the DPS.
So they wanted you, but because there was some politicking above that,
You wanted to make it totally on your own merit, and you did.
That's what I wanted.
I wanted to earn the badge, not have it handed to me.
When I got it in 1973, I was very proud.
I was sent to Laredo.
Laredo is a different country, so to speak, a different world.
I really enjoyed it.
The people were great, but it wasn't very long before the following year that I was involved in the...
Stay there.
You fought corruption big time.
Some of the kingpins down there.
Final segment coming up with our guest.
I want to also for the TV viewers show them the shirt from that fateful day.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Ranger Ray Martinez is our guest.
Final segment with him.
Boy, this hour went by incredibly fast.
You've actually got the shirt there, and we're going to show that to the TV viewers.
If you could hold that up for the camera, Ranger.
That's just amazing.
There is the actual shirt that you were wearing that day.
That is history.
Did you hear that one of the bullets that was on Whitman went for over $200,000?
Did you hear about that, Ranger?
Yes, I did.
Yes, I did.
We were just talking about during the break, you're trying to set up some type of ranger organization or historical organization, and I tell you, that shirt might just be able to fund doing that.
Sure would be great if I could utilize it for that purpose.
Well, who knows?
A lot of folks are listening to this radio show.
How would an organization or group get a hold of you?
Do you have an email address or a website people can get to you through?
Perhaps the Texas Ranger website that has a whole section on you, the TexasRanger.org?
How could they do that?
They can get with my email.
I have a website, and it is...
rangerray.net rangerray.net.
We'll get a link to that up on my website, infowars.com.
Just in a nutshell, you've had quite a career.
I mean, the tower is one small part of it.
You really spearheaded and rooted out a bunch of corruption in South Texas, didn't you?
Well, it was a team.
It was a team effort.
It was the Attorney General's Office and other rangers and I that... Boss hog types.
...that went into Duval County, which was...
Where Lyndon Johnson got his start in 1948 with the landslide victory.
Ballot Box 13.
Ballot Box 13.
And we got to, and there's the task force, and we investigated.
And I was one of them.
Well, another ranger, Rudy Rodriguez from San Antonio and I, we were the ones who were the mainstays that stayed there.
But, of course, we had the attorney general's office there.
So a lot of them had their snout in the trough?
What kind of stuff was going on?
Well, they were misdirecting county funds, city funds, school funds, water district funds.
They were all using it for their own benefit, and the poor people there are very poor, but their taxes were very high, and they were just stealing them right and left.
Boy, I bet the Texas Rangers could have a lot of work to do today.
There's lots of that going on now, Ranger Ray.
Well, there's just very few Rangers.
Now, there's corruption everywhere, but my book says South Texas because that's where I worked.
Now, I know there are some in East Texas, North Texas, West Texas, wherever.
But South Texas, that area was legendary.
Yes, it is.
And, you know, I always bring up a little story about when I was stationed in Laredo because I did the street department investigation in Laredo where we indicted 26 people, city employees, because they were diverting money from the street funds to their own pockets.
But anyway, there was a...
A little article in one of the newspapers there in Laredo that has so many years ago in history, and this one was about so many years ago there in Webb County or Laredo, and it said X number of years ago the county judge was running for re-election, and he had a challenger, a young man.
The young man got up and talked to the crowd and said...
Ladies and gentlemen of Webb County, the judge here has had a road, a county road, paved all the way from the Zapata Highway to the front of his ranch, and he had the audacity to not just pave it to the front of his ranch, but he also had it paved all the way down to his house.
Oh, boy.
And so the people cheered, and the young man sat down, and the old judge got up there and said, Ladies and gentlemen of Webb County, what the young man has told you is... Stay there.
Stay there.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
An extra segment with our guest, Ranger Ray Martinez.
So honored to have him in studio today.
And what, rangerray.net, you said, sir?
That's right.
Finishing up your story, so the young man running against the judge says he paved this road all the way to his house, obviously, you know, very corrupt, and then everybody claps for stations that just joined us.
This is in South Texas.
The young man sits down, the judge stands up and says... So ladies and gentlemen of Webb County, what the young man has told you is true.
I did pave the road.
I had the road paved to my ranch.
Now, do you want to elect this young man and pave his ranch road?
And he sat down and he got re-elected.
You're kidding.
But that's the way it was, you know, over there.
But there was a lot of corruption and, of course, voter fraud.
I was involved in a lot of it, investigating a lot of those elections.
I always voted absentee because I was never going to be in my home precinct during election day.
I was going to be somewhere in South Texas supervising elections or investigating elections.
Do the reports of nationwide election fraud today concern you?
They sure do.
I don't know why, but ever since man first came on this earth and they started voting, there's been somebody that has always been around trying to figure out a way how to
Yeah, there were cases 3,000 years ago with the Greeks where they would put the stones in the bowls and people would be trying to put extra stones in there, have them in their sleeve.
I wish we had more police officers like you today, more people who've really led a life of service and you're a great...
Well, Ranger Ray, thank you so much for joining us today.
And I appreciate you letting us take so much of your time and your lovely wife being here, who I've told is a Fredericksburg girl.
I've got some family that lives out in Fredericksburg.
All right, well, we're almost out of time here, Ranger Ray.
Just in closing, in the last minute or two we've got left, anything else you'd like to add out there to police and to society in general about standing up against corruption?
Well, it is an ongoing problem, and we have a battle...
That we have to wage against corruption.
We have to vote.
By all means, vote.
Because that is the thing that has bothered me the most.
That people don't get out and vote.
And we're electing people with a very, very small percentage of voters.
I would like to see about 50-60% of the population get out there and vote.
At least we could have some good representation.
There is corruption in South Texas, but I'll tell you one thing.
Let me say this.
They know how to get the voters out.
And that is the sad part.
Because they really bring those people out in Duval County, Laredo.
They really bring the voters out.
You guys have now settled in beautiful New Braunfels.
That is correct.
Why'd you choose New Braunfels?
Nice folks, pretty landscape?
It's a beautiful country.
And my family is in Austin.
Hers is in Fredericksburg, so we're just about an hour away from both sides.
So you're right between family.
Well, that's why I live in Texas, because all my family lives right here in Austin.
Now, did you hear that this has been named Officer Ray Martinez Day in Austin today?
That is correct.
The proclamation was made last Thursday.
Well, that's fantastic.
That's fantastic.
Well, it's been, again, a great honor to have you with us here.
And also the testament about citizens and the Second Amendment defending the population and helping police do their job.
It's good to hear an officer talk about that and say that because we see so many political pressures now against the Second Amendment that really try to turn police against it.
It's good to know that most police are still, even today, pro-Second Amendment.
Well, I'm happy to say that again about those citizens.
And they never, never got their just award or recognition.
And I think they did a tremendous job in saving a lot of lives from that day.
Thank you again for joining us.
All right, that is Ray Martinez.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House probing to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, we had that scheduled for a few weeks.
Obviously, the Israeli war is going on.
Over in the Middle East, the attack on Lebanon.
We've got the situation with Fidel Castro.
It's so historical that C-SPAN has aired it three times, our big 9-11 Scholar Symposium panel roundtable discussion.
One final airing, we're told, coming up in, well, four hours and five minutes on C-SPAN 1.
So please tell everyone to tune into that.
That's 515 Central, 615 Eastern.
And we'll talk more about that.
I mean, I've read a lot about him in the past, or some about him, and I knew that he really fought corruption in South Texas, went up against the Texas Mafia down there that originally sent Lyndon Johnson to Congress.
These are the folks that basically put the people in power that killed Kennedy.
And then at the same time, you know, killing Charles Whitman and so many other things that Ray Martinez did.
And I wish police were like that today.
But even going back then, they weren't perfect.
In fact, you heard him criticizing and privately criticizing even more that most of the police were standing around either running out of the area or sucking their thumbs or screwing around and nonchalantly talking about there's somebody up there shooting.
And I don't claim to be some big hero or a tough guy.
But I know with total certainty, I guess there's fight or flight.
Fight or flight.
That if I knew somebody was up on a tower shooting people, that I would get a gun and I would go and kill them.
And, of course, I might get killed because I probably wouldn't clear a building.
I'd just go charging in.
I mean, that's how I am.
You can call me stupid if you want, but that's how men are supposed to behave.
And, again, I'm not here, you know, well, I could do something like that.
No, no, no.
Most people today aren't like that.
I don't understand it.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've had people pull guns on me and I've taken them away and beaten them out of the head with it.
And yes, I've had people attack me with knives.
I can't believe how sweet and nice Austin is compared to growing up in Dallas.
And I just don't understand how it isn't instinctive
How it is an instinctive that when somebody's up on a tower shooting people, for an hour no one was doing anything, and Ray Martinez shows up an hour plus into it, and that he goes in there and there is one other police officer there and a citizen.
And this happens over and over again.
I don't know how citizens aren't involved.
How people don't feel like they have a compulsion to be involved.
I mean, I know it's instinct.
Fight or flight.
I tend to fight.
I mean, it's instinctive.
It's automatic.
It's instant that when I see a psychopath, a criminal, a scumbag...
And it's the same thing with what we do every day.
We have to have the moral courage, the moral courage that many of you had to expose 9-11 as an inside job on day one.
Moral courage, many times, takes greater courage than physical actions.
But, again, there was a case, what, three or four years ago, an Austin police officer got run over at the corner of William Cannon and I-35 on the Access Road.
And for, what was it, 45 minutes, nobody helped him.
Nobody called the police until a cop car drove by and they helped him.
I see cases all the time.
There was one up in Canada.
What was it, Toronto?
The young girl beaten and raped with a pipe and beaten in the head on a major street, on a major sidewalk.
People walking around her.
And the CEO, the big telecom giant, got in trouble because he was looking out the window and everybody was looking.
He laughed at her and said, Oh, nobody cares.
Everybody go back to work.
Don't call the police.
That will distract work.
I read these all the time where some old lady gets mugged out in the street and nobody helps her.
Again, I don't even think that's courage, ladies and gentlemen, if you see people mugging somebody to go beat their brains out.
I've never understood it.
I don't understand it.
I told the story.
Everybody thanked me when I did a Heimlich maneuver a few years ago at La Madeline restaurant in North Austin.
It's kind of a
Fast food, French place.
Not really, but you know what I mean.
And I'm in there, and I go to the bathroom, and I come back, and everybody's freaking out.
This woman's choking, turning purple, falling all over the table.
And I say, somebody do the Heimlich, and people are like, be quiet, call 911, call 911.
And I sit there about 20 seconds watching these people, men and women, probably 15, 20 of them standing around are going...
9-1-1, 9-1-1, she would have died.
And then I tried to go in to help her, and I had these women pushing on me, going, what, wait, wait, wait, and then I shoved them out of the way, grabbed her, did the Heimlich, a big wad of bread came out of her mouth, and everybody was telling me how great I was, and I just basically fled the scene because I didn't want to hear it.
Now, to me, that is normal.
Something else will happen like that.
I was at one of these... My children like to go to these... They've got these places where it's like indoor gymnasiums.
And this girl, they have like the... It's like a...
It's like a ladder laying on its side and they do things on it.
She got in it and got stuck in it.
She was panicking and I sat there about two minutes while everybody stood around while she was panicking with her head stuck in it.
She was starting to jerk and cry and freak out.
I had to walk over and push the people aside again and turn her head and get her and pull her out of there.
She wasn't hurt.
She was about to get hurt.
It's like an animal gets caught in a trap and rips its own leg off.
Again, people ask why I do what I do.
Why I fight the New World Order.
Why I stand up at police checkpoints.
Why I go protest thumb scanning biometrics and get arrested.
Why I go and sneak into Bohemian Grove.
Or why I go and bullhorn the Bilderberg Group.
I mean, there's a good chance they're going to kill me.
And I understand that.
My only sadness is after they kill me, I'm ready to die to stand up against evil.
I'm not even worried about it.
I'm committed.
I think it's an honor to stand up and to be sacrificed in the jaws of this if need be.
My only sadness is I won't be able to continue my work, continue to hopefully...
I inspire people to fight the globalists in a better fashion than I do because I'm not perfect.
I've got a lot of problems.
And I know that after they kill me, if they do kill me, and if that's God's will, it will happen.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
There's a good chance of it.
Then all the hit pieces and all the moles and all the COINTELPRO are going to attack me and slander me and try to destroy me because if they kill me, then they'll have to destroy me even further in the public view so that I won't be some type of martyr.
So I also know that.
I'll probably, if I am killed, go down in history as a scumbag and a crazy man like Jim Garrison or somebody.
And that's just too bad.
But you know what?
The people that really know, the people that are involved, the people that are informed, they will know the truth about what we've done.
But yeah, Otto Hansen.
It was the citizens that were shooting at Whitman, because he killed most of the 14 just in the first 10-15 minutes.
And once they pinned him down, he only wounded a few other people, because there were over 50, according to the numbers I've seen.
They don't even know the full numbers of citizens.
And then police showed up, finally shooting at Charles Whitman up on the tower.
And it was Otto Hansen who would drive out his ambulance while it was being shot.
And was loading police officers and other people that had been shot, pregnant women, into it.
And so he got a bunch of awards for that, one of the few, quote, civilians that did.
And you notice that Texas Ranger Ray Martinez talked about how the media and the government and the police didn't give any credit to the citizens that were shooting at Whitman.
It's because it had already started.
The anti-gun mentality had already started, and they don't want to send the message that citizens with guns are a good thing.
Again, you're never going to stop Lone Nuts from going out and shooting people.
All you can hope is there's going to be armed citizens that have got guns there to stop them.
So, you know, people like Otto Hanson.
I've talked to people that knew Otto Hanson, not just Mike Hanson, his son, who fights the New World Order with me and done a lot of great work and snuck into Bohemian Grove with me.
And Otto Hanson was there trying to get police to help him drive out and drag people while Otto Hanson was being shot at.
In fact, I think...
I think it was in the news.
Mike told me he even had fragments of semen in him because the bullets were impacting around him.
And he was trying to get police to help him load even officers and, as I mentioned, a pregnant woman in the car, and they wouldn't even help.
I mean, again, what is wrong with people that, I mean, I've talked to other auto mechanics who will be getting their car fixed, and aren't you Alex Jones works with Mike Hanson?
Oh, I used to race hot rods with...
With Otto Hansen.
I mean, Otto Hansen was a nice, you know, beer drinking, you know, race car driving, slash ambulance driving, just good old boy.
And it wasn't even an issue of courage.
You got people bleeding to death.
You're an ambulance driver.
Back then the ambulance driver was the paramedic as well.
And they were private.
And so you go out there and you help people.
And so we've gone from 1966 with most of the police sucking their thumbs and sitting there, to Columbine in 1999 for 4 hours and 15 minutes.
Four hours and 15 minutes outside, afraid to go into the school.
While most of the, what, 14 then again that died, of 14 that died, bled to death from wounds that were treatable.
So, it's just amazing.
And it's the same mentality that there are a bunch of yuppies and middle class people listening right now.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I've got to be honest with you.
I'm actually attracted to charging up into a tower and killing a sniper.
I guess it's a warrior mentality.
I just don't understand.
And again, it's just normal to me.
I don't understand people being completely and totally cowardly.
Again, it's moral cowardice.
It's even worse than physical cowardice.
You know, in the face of physical adversity.
I don't know how police see corruption all around them and do nothing about it.
I don't know how Austin cops can go to somebody's house without a warrant and watch CPS for some crying blue-collar mother with her auto mechanic husband to sign over their baby because there were dirty dishes in the sink and it's all color of law and the cop sits there.
I've been there when this stuff's happened.
I've covered this.
Hospitals and houses and, you know, back when I had time to...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Did I disappoint you?
Or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
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Well, we hurt each other and we're doing it again.
You say love is a temple Love the higher law Love is a temple Love the higher law You ask me to enter But then you make me crawl And I can't be holding on To what you've got When all you've got is hurt One love One love
All right.
That's Johnny Cash doing a cover from that band U2 that's always out worshiping the United Nations.
But a great song.
When you live in a society where you don't care about other people, where you're not involved against corruption, when you're not standing up for the weak, when you only care about yourself, things go downhill very, very fast.
I know there's a sinister, wicked, corrupt, sadistic, cold group of globalists turning the world into a prison and laughing at us with total hubris and arrogance, believing that we don't have a snowball's chance in Hades of defending them, of defending the people that are there that need to be defended.
Well, we do have a chance to defeat them.
We do have a chance to defend the weak and the meek.
We do have a chance to bring down the globalists.
Look, corruption is always going to be here until God comes and sorts it all out.
But we have a job.
We have a job to build a better world.
We have a job to have faith, to believe that we can affect change, and to stand up and defend the innocent.
I look at all these dead children in Lebanon, and I know that Israel staged all of this, and I know that it's only going to empower the radicals like Hamas.
And I know this is all part of the wartime escalation they need for the election coming up here and the ongoing weapon sales in the region.
And I've got to go public.
I've got to criticize what Israel's doing.
I've got to say that it's wrong.
And, you know, it's not in my Bible to worship Israel and do what the wicked leaders of Israel do any more than it's in my Bible to worship George Bush or Bill Clinton or any of these people.
I go off the fruits of what they've done and what they're creating.
And we have a job, ladies and gentlemen, to stand up for the weak and to resist tyranny and to stand up against tyranny.
And we're going to do it.
And you can see people waking up.
You can see it bearing fruit right now.
All right, we'll come back and go straight to your calls to balance the broadcast at 1-800-259-9231.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back.
I'm going to play a short clip from 40 years ago.
Today, going on, it was going on at this time, right now, a compilation of a newscast while Charles Whitman was on the tower shooting and killing 14 people, injuring 33.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip, and we'll go right to your calls.
A Marine veteran who was an expert marksman shot and killed 10 unsuspecting noontime strollers on the University of Texas campus today, and then he was cut down an hour and a half later by an Austin policeman.
When the shooting ended, 30 others were seriously injured.
And then the bodies of the alleged sniper's mother and wife were found in his apartment, both dead.
The tally at this hour is 13 dead, 30 wounded, and that figure includes the death of the man police say did the shooting.
The sniper identified as 24-year-old Charles J. Whitman started shooting from the observation deck of the 27-story tall University Tower.
He fell moving targets blocks away.
A terror-filled 90 minutes started at 5 minutes before 12, Austin time, and it was 1.22 when policeman Ramiro Martinez shot Whitman.
Victims were cut down on the west and south sides of the campus as the sniper zeroed in on his targets with unerring accuracy.
Those who were felled with bullets from the high-caliber rifle were pulled to safety as soon as possible by officials and passers-by.
Others crouched in terror.
Heavily armed Austin police, sheriff's deputies, highway patrolmen and Texas Rangers converged on the campus and began returning the sniper's fire.
But he was well entrenched and he had a fantastic vantage point of the entire area.
Reporter Charles Ward was on the scene as the gun battle raged.
He described what was happening and then interviewed a Vietnam veteran who risked his life to pull the victims to safety.
Ambulances screaming all over the city and more shots being fired up the tower and from the tower.
On the Mall.
One of those who is out of breath now after running out onto the mall rescuing those who have been shot is Brian Ellison of Austin, who's been in Vietnam and has been back for two years.
Brian, how many have you gone out to rescue?
Today, two.
Run hard and keep low.
What did you have to do?
Did you have any trouble getting them up, or did any shots come close to you while you were out there?
No shots came close to me.
Just the last one, he was dead.
He was a dead weight.
He was a little hard to pick up.
Too limp.
Not like someone was knocked out.
How many have you seen that are dead today?
Just one.
I hope not anymore.
But many of the victims could not be moved until after the sniper was gunned down.
And then the university students moved in to see what had happened.
One ambulance driver was shot and critically injured trying to haul the wounded to safety.
A policeman was killed as he moved in armed to try to get a sight on the sniper.
A University of Texas professor was killed as he walked to class.
The campus at one time looked like a battlefield.
Dead people were lying on the sidewalks, under 100 degree temperature, with police and others occasionally darting from cover to cover.
The sniper was well-armed and apparently planned a long siege.
After he was cut down, police hauled out of the barricaded observation deck two .30-06 rifles with telescopic sights, a .357 Magnum pistol, and a shotgun.
He had two large jugs of water and a footlocker containing food and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
What caused the man to take the lives of so many and wound so many others on a hot summer day may be found in a letter discovered by the bodies of the alleged sniper's mother and wife late this afternoon.
The typed letter related Whitman's headaches and his plans to kill his mother and wife, and a grim notation on the message read, Mother and wife now dead, 3 a.m.
His wife was a biology teacher at an Austin high school.
The letter was typed last night.
This is Neil Spelz reporting from Austin.
And again, talking to eyewitnesses, people who were there, you heard Ranger Ray earlier.
Most of the police were running in the other direction, leaving detectives and others, getting out of the university area.
And then that's when Ranger Ray got angry and decided to, then an Austin police officer, go down there and do something about it himself.
Then he was shocked to not find an assault team an hour plus into it, not already being in the building.
Clearing it.
And the whole moral to this is the government can't and will not protect you.
They cannot do it.
They will not do it.
And you notice statistically that it's the ambulance drivers and men who worked at UT who were out there helping police officers and citizens that had been shot.
Not the police.
That is on the record.
Just like Columbine.
And there was a case, remember, three weeks ago?
Where in a grocery store, one of the employees, what was it?
Stabbed and killed.
One person stabbed like ten others.
I forget.
It was horrible.
And it was in the Associated Press that one of the managers was coming.
He had a gun in his car.
And he drew down on the guy with the knife.
I would have just blown him away.
And he dropped the knife and stopped it.
Though he was charging up about chasing out one of the employees still stabbing him.
I would have just blown him away.
Because he's a threat.
And then the police actually chastised him in the news saying he shouldn't have done that.
He put himself in danger.
It's one thing for citizens not to put themselves in danger.
That's cowardly.
It's even more cowardly to go get a paycheck and a pension and all of this stuff and to not go into harm's way.
It's the same thing.
The military and the police didn't come to help in New Orleans, did they?
They came to take the guns.
And when thousands of firemen and police from around the country went there to go help people, they were told by FEMA, no, you can't help.
So that's the moral to this story.
All right, let's go ahead and go to the calls.
I've said enough on this subject, but it was a timely 40-year anniversary going on at this very same time.
I'll come out in a few minutes.
In fact, we're right around the time that Ray Martinez killed him.
All right, let's go ahead and take calls.
Vince in Chicago, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
I haven't spoken to you in a while.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening since about 1997, and I want to say God bless you for your work.
Thank you.
A lot of people have heard links of George Pappy Bush, our first Bush president, to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I'm sure.
And I believe that that is the main reason why Pappy Bush was named CIA director in 1975 to follow William Colby at that time.
Yeah, he was involved in the bad pigs, everything.
Bush was a big CIA operative right out of World War II.
Yeah, well, he allegedly never worked a day in his life for the CIA, yet he's named a director in 1975 to replace the very patriotic William Colby, who was murdered right after Oklahoma City.
But do you remember that speech that
George Bush made on September 11, 1990, exactly 11 years before the World Trade Center was destroyed.
We can see a new world order coming into view.
Yeah, a thousand points of light.
A thousand points of light.
A new world order.
Well, I always thought that was very esoteric, and I really didn't understand what the heck he was talking about.
That is in Luciferian Bibles.
That is extremely satanic.
Well, you know, I heard an audio link of John F. Kennedy about three or four days before he was assassinated that he made the quote, I believe it was exactly something to the effect that he was going to break or smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.
And I always kind of thought that that statement by George Pappy Bush was kind of a symbolic mockery of JFK's remarks.
I don't know, because I never quite understood it, but
Did you know that a year after World Trade Center was destroyed, on September 11, 2002, there was a certain memorial that they recreated in New York City to recreate the Twin Towers that were destroyed.
And you know what that memorial was?
Yes, they shot the light up and they said it was the Thousand Points of Light.
Yeah, it was a thousand spotlights to recreate the...
The World Trade Center.
I just think that's another one of your esoteric fingerprints that these... Oh, they love it.
They love it.
I appreciate your call.
You look at criminology, psychopaths, serial killers always leave little totems, little signals, little logos, little death cards.
And it's part of the psychology of these type of individuals.
Let's talk to Jason in Texas.
Jason, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to say that I have tickets to see your premiere.
I guess coming up in a couple weeks to see Terror Storm.
Yes, are you going to the Dallas or the Austin premieres?
Yeah, to Dallas.
Can't wait to see you there.
And also, I wanted to comment.
I used to attend Ben Edwards University in Austin, and I was in a class called Math Media Communications.
And in that class, we actually watched Loose Change and a few other documentaries.
And I have to say, the whole class was really into it, and I was pretty amazed once I learned more about it.
It's all because of people like you out there making copies of the videos.
It's everywhere.
Road to Tyranny, Martial Law, Loose Change 1 and 2.
I hope Terror Storm.
It's my best film.
I think it's the best film out there.
I hope everybody will get it and make copies and make sure that it becomes an important film.
All right, man.
Well, I just want to say good job.
So I guess I'll see you at the premiere.
I appreciate it.
Yes, coming up on the 26th of August at the Lakewood Theater in Central Dallas right by White Rock Lake.
We will premiere the final official Terror Storm.
I will then give a speech and take questions.
Then for an hour, Jim Mars will speak from JFK to 9-11.
Then we'll show about 35-40 minutes from the best footage we got at the Bilderberg Group.
The up-close video of David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix.
And others, the interviews with Jim Tucker, Daniel Estelon, and others.
And then for two hours, we'll have some live music from 7.
Door's open at 7.
It starts at 7.30, and it goes until 2 a.m.
But you can come and just stay until midnight if you'd like, or stay the entire time.
It's going to be fantastic.
Tickets are going quick at Infowars.com.
You can call toll-free to get them.
And lest I not forget...
In this last push, there's been a huge push all over the web on hundreds of radio talk shows, people calling in, telling them to tune in to C-SPAN this afternoon, 515 Central, 615 Eastern, 415 Mountain, 315 Pacific, and to tune in to the final airing of the 9-11 Neocon Agenda.
I think we're good to go.
It may be a little too late to go email everybody in your email list.
They may not read it the next few hours, but go to the message boards one more time.
Visit three or four message boards.
Post on them to tell everybody to tune in to C-SPAN tonight, to tell doubters and people that don't know about 9-11 or haven't heard all these experts speak on it.
It was a powerful, compelling panel.
And again, you can go to c-span.org right now and watch the panel via the Internet, but it's never as good.
It's low bandwidth, what they've got.
It's never as good as actually watching it on television.
Soon it will be, though, with increased bandwidth power, with the connectivity of the web growing.
So that is coming up.
Please tell everyone.
Continue to call into radio talk shows on Patriot Radio Networks, on Truth Networks.
I'm calling from Mississippi.
I just want to say it's an honor to talk to you, sir.
I woke up a couple years ago and stumbled across your website, and I want to tell you I appreciate the documentation and the reference sources that you've given me to do my own research.
I have two questions for you.
One of the questions is, is there any way that we can get a copy of the petition you used for your
City Council to revoke the Patriot Act that you did there in Austin.
Well, you know, I developed that idea and it got picked up by a lot of great minds.
And last time I checked, it was 500, 600-something cities.
The media still says 400-something, but I've seen the list.
I think it's around 600.
Five states have done it.
Several others are considering it.
But, yeah, you can type in, repeal the Patriot Act resolution, Alex Jones into Google, or you'll get other resolutions.
My resolution was only passed...
We're good to go.
I think?
Also, I watched the C-SPAN the other night.
I watched it both Saturday night and Sunday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I had one question, and I'll let you go, of course.
Webster Tarpley talked about Bush having a high state of alert for the United States on a nuclear alert before the buildings were done.
Is there any way where I can find that?
See, everybody that I talk to, they always say, well, are you just repeating what somebody's telling you, or have you personally seen this documentation?
Yes, we know that the country was on a high state of alert, had the nuclear strategic air command in the air, and the submarines on alert.
I don't have the news articles in front of me, but you can find that with the searches, and it's on all the big 9-11 sites.
You can find it.
I mean, there are 9-11 sites with tens of thousands of documents and articles and research analysis.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
And then it's also well known that we're running all those drills that day.
That's been everywhere from USA Today to... I mean, if you watch my films, Martial Law or Terror Storm or Road to Tyranny, we show all these news articles and documents in the films.
And so you can sit there with it on your television set, pausing the DVD or the VHS tape, then type in the headline names into the search engine and pull them up as you go.
Take Martial Law 911.info.
That a listener built, a beautiful site they built that I don't promote properly.
If you go to that site, every single document and article in the film, he went through, a great fellow from Michigan, went through and found every document and every article and put them according to time code in the exact second and area they appear in the film.
Thank you for the call.
If you missed that web address, you go to AmericanScholarSymposium.org.
There's a big link to it on the left-hand side, and there's links on InfoWars.com.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to William in Georgia.
You're on the air, William.
Hey, it's good talking to you, buddy.
I just want to bring up the Egyptian mysteries and see what you have to say about that, because in my opinion, that's the biggest driving force of this entire agenda.
Well, yes, our ruling elite.
I mean, it's mainstream news that Tony Blair, everywhere he goes, engages in bizarre occultic rituals from Asia to Latin America.
He was in Northern California sneaking around the last few days.
Now he's in L.A.
The reports are he was at Bohemian Grove meeting with George Shultz.
I don't even know.
It's so big.
The Egyptian mysteries are the entire thing.
It's not just corruption.
It's a driving force.
And what they want is a 500 million population on this planet.
Georgia Guidestones.
You're right there by them.
I mean, that's the R.C.
It's the Rose Cross.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's right in your face.
In your face is the key.
Bayer putting HIV in the blood knowingly and killing hundreds of thousands conservatively in your face.
Sterilizing people.
Giving people syphilis in your face.
Radioactive testing on the troops and nerve-gassing troops and killing them in your face.
Leaving POWs behind and not even carrying in your face.
Carrying out 9-11 in your face.
American Union being set up in your face.
Writing autobiographies saying that they worship the devil in your face, knowing the general public doesn't read autobiographies by German chancellors.
Thanks for the call.
Jeff in Tennessee and others.
Final calls on the other side of this quick break.
Go to InfoWars.com, write down, secure your copy of my new film, Terror Storm.
It is powerful.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
The White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
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We're right here in Austin, Texas, the Alamo Draft House South, Lamar.
And Terror Storm will not have a big effect, will not expose the New World Order, will not be seen by those that need to see it unless you get it and make copies of it.
So again, I'm asking you to help save this country and use Terror Storm.
And I beat my brains out making it.
To wake people up.
Let's talk to Jeff in Tennessee.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Alex, first time caller.
Thank you.
I work at a great company where we have the privilege of having a speaker come in every Wednesday for a devotional or a musician.
And last week, a gentleman came in who is the National Senior Advisor to the Presidential Prayer Committee.
And he gave a great message, and that was great.
But then, you know, we had the Bush lovers.
Asked questions at the end.
And one gentleman asked, well, what's it like to pray with the President?
And what's his spiritual life like?
And this guy pretty much paused for about what seemed like forever, shook his head and said, well, I can't talk about a lot of things, but let's just say that if things aren't changed quickly, America is in big, big trouble.
And that was just interesting to hear that.
And then I went up to him afterwards and
And asked him about the FEMA plan with the pastors and Romans 13 and what he thought about that.
And once again, he shook his head and just pretty much said pacifist.
And so he knows what's going on.
It was just interesting to hear what he had to say.
That's amazing.
Anything else?
No, that's all I got.
Thank you, first-time caller Jeff from Tennessee.
Good to have you on board.
Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is.
We should also call C-SPAN.
And thank them for the airings that they have had and ask them to air it again maybe this weekend or ask them to have myself or Webster Tarpley or Professor Jones or somebody else on Washington Journal.
That needs to happen, so everybody call them.
I meant to say that earlier.
Let's talk to Linda in New York.
Linda, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to thank you, and I also am a new listener.
I just had two comments, main comments.
One is about the Internet.
I have noticed that AOL has been removing posts when we have been talking about the real stuff that's happening.
MySpace Bulletin is down currently where I have put bulletins for watching C-SPANN.
So I know that there's something definitely going on, and some people who may well have told me that.
Oh, there are a lot of even, quote, liberal and, quote, patriotic libertarian sites that do not allow 9-11 posting.
They'll allow anything else, but don't post about 9-11.
That's because they know the truth's coming out, so intensify your efforts.
I definitely am trying.
Another thing I have a comment about is the Patriot Act II.
Of all the things that are really, really scary that are going on in the world right now,
I think for us Americans, the scariest thing is this Patriot Act II.
And considering that these people go to the Bohemian Grove, I know Ralph Nader said that there's definitely a big conflict of interest why these people are going there.
And also, anyone that has any type of celebrity status that do listen to your show, I urge them, I urge them to speak out.
One day... Yeah, right now, right now... And listen, I appreciate your call.
We're out of time.
Sorry to Jim and others.
Yeah, one day they're going to be in deep trouble if they don't.
I'll just say it.
The Dixie Chicks know all about 9-11.
The Dixie Chicks have seen my films.
The Dixie Chicks have already gone public and even sold more records after they did.
And I think they really should go public.
And I know so many other people that know all about 9-11.
I mean, we know who they are.
Mel Gibson's one of them.
Not going to say any more.
And they just need to, of course, look at that whole setup with him.
Now the police are saying he wasn't rude and didn't do all that.
I smell a big, fat, stinking rat in that whole thing.
All right, I'm out of time.
I'm sorry, Linda.
I'm sorry, Jim.
Everybody else holding.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Time.
Tell everybody about the broadcast.
It's up to you to get the truth out, and you're doing a great job.
That's why the worm is turning.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
Or call 877-300-7645.