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Air Date: July 24, 2006
2236 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Welcome, my friends.
Huge broadcast lined up for you today on this 24th day of July 2006, this Monday edition.
Clifford Carnicombe, who's been one of the leading experts exposing chemical spraying in our skies, will be joining us coming up in the second hour today.
We'll be talking about chemtrails, biological, chemical, radiological testing going on in the United States and worldwide.
So that's coming up later.
We'll also get into all of the national, international news, a lot of police state news today.
We'll have open phones here in the first hour at 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're dedicated to defending liberty, resisting tyranny, standing up against enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's not about left and right.
It's about right and wrong and exposing the New World Order that's attempting to dismantle the sovereignty of the United States and use the United States, what's left of it, as an engine of world government.
Israelis signal it may accept foreign forces on its border, except UN, US, European Union, NATO-led troops.
We'll be getting into that.
And they're saying, we're not stopping now, says defiant Israeli generals.
Continuing, heavy fighting continues deeper into Lebanon.
Israeli forces moved in about a week ago, a week into the fighting.
We're now on day 14 today.
And there's really been some fighting in the weeks before that, but they're officially saying it's 14 days since this new war started, and now they're moving even deeper, seizing several more villages.
And I saw it in the Associated Press yesterday, but I couldn't believe it when I even heard it on Fox News Radio.
They admitted...
That the Israelis have told all these innocent people to flee these villages, but then when they flee in convoys, they bomb the convoys, and when the convoys get to areas nearby the villages to escape, the bridges themselves have been bombed.
So pretty cynical by Israel.
The Associated Press is dropping a huge bombshell on everybody.
Soldiers in Iraq say they were ordered to kill all adult males.
Individuals being charged with murdering entire families and engaging in mass murder are saying, hey, we were ordered to do this.
And guess what?
Remember the Ithaca Journal?
Remember back in 2002?
When one of the men from the military gave an interview to the Ithaca Journal, by the way, he was proud of it.
It wasn't a hit piece.
And said, yeah, we were ordered to go into villages and kill all men, women, and children.
I didn't have time this morning to dig that out of Google.
I even forget his name.
I think it was something like, I forget.
We'll find it.
And we wrote a story about this, and then the military, the Pentagon, came out in their, quote, clarification, not a correction, but a clarification, and said, well, in certain zones we say to kill everyone.
In certain villages, that was their clarification.
So we see this over and over and over again.
We know they're being ordered to go in and kill everybody, but in this report it's that they're being ordered to kill all adult males.
And we know from mainstream news reports,
We're good to go.
I think?
El Paso, four U.S.
soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq, so they were under orders to kill all military-age males, according to sworn statements obtained by the Associated Press.
Another scary article here domestically.
Federal marshals ordered to put innocent people on watch lists to meet quota.
Oh, yes.
So I'm going to run through all this in more detail that I just mentioned when we get back.
And we'll talk about gas prices being at all-time highs.
There's just so much here.
This is a... overwhelming amount of news.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Wide open phones today.
Masses of vital news and information.
It's clear that Israel and the United States are escalating the crisis in the Mideast right now in Lebanon as a pretext to go into Iran and Syria.
And it looks like it could be Syria first.
We have been getting these reports last Thursday and Friday, but over the weekend it broke in the Times of London and the Associated Press that the Israelis first cynically ordered a whole bunch of southern villages, what, five separate major villages and towns in southern Lebanon to evacuate.
And then the evacuating groups piled on top of vehicles.
Most families there don't have cars, so some vehicles in descriptions of trucks and minivans would have as many as 15 people riding in them and on them.
They would pull up to areas trying to escape on their escape routes, and the bridges had already been bombed.
And then here come the Israeli helicopters and the Israeli U.S.
made and paid for F-16 and F-15s dropping 500 and 1,000 pound bombs on them and launching missiles at them.
We did report on this Friday.
Sunday it broke in mainstream news.
I'd even gotten a few mean emails saying I was making this up and that the reporters that we had on from the Middle East and the reports we were covering from the Mideast were fabricated.
Well, here it is in the Times of London.
Fleeing civilian vehicles hit by Israeli missiles.
So they tell them to leave and put out these press releases about how humanitarian they are, and then they blow up the fleeing minivans.
It says, "...with an expression of utmost calm on her blood-masked face, the woman allowed herself to be gently lowered from the minibus into the waiting arms of two Lebanese Red Cross volunteers."
The narrow roads...
That meander through the valleys and undulating chalky hills east of Tyre were a place of terror and death yesterday as Israeli helicopters attacked civilian vehicles fleeing Israeli's 11-day onslaught in southern Lebanon.
Again, this came out a few days ago.
It's really 14 days now, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Ahmed Marou, director of the Jabal Amel Hospital in Tyre, said today is the day of the cars.
It has been very bad.
By early evening, Jabal Amel Hospital alone had received 41 wounded, most of them serious, according to hospital sources, all thought to be civilians injured.
Seeking refuge north of the river after heeding Israeli warnings to leave the area.
So let's take the numbers.
There's two people slumped dead in the truck.
One lady gets out alive.
It's 40 plus people at one southern hospital alone.
I mean, the numbers could be in the hundreds of dead.
We don't know.
The stricken minibus was hit along a road cut into the side of a steep valley beyond the Sidquin village where Israeli artillery shells exploded in thick, dirty white plumes of smoke and dust.
One man hit in the face, half torn off by a missile, sat in his seat, his yellowing hand hanging out of the window.
Beside him, covered in the dead man's blood, a woman moved
Slightly back and forth.
Can you stand, asked a Red Cross volunteer.
The woman mumbled an incoherent response a few yards away.
Some of the survivors lay on the ground, moaning and crying.
Red Cross medic said that 19 people had been in the vehicle.
Again, I said 15.
I read this earlier.
I'm sorry, it was 19.
All of them from Tyre, a small village seven miles to the southeast.
And it goes on.
I have other reports of the dead, splattered children all over the other roads.
I literally have a stack of seven articles similar to this in separate areas of southern Lebanon from the mainstream news.
I don't have time to read them.
I'm not going to.
We're posting them on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
We're beating our brains out as hard as we can to bring you all of this coverage and news.
So this is the type of information I have in front of me.
From Op-Ed News...
government sources confirm war with Iran is on.
government sources confirm that war with Iran is on.
In the last few days, I learned from a credible and informed source that a former senior labor government minister who continues to be well connected to the British military and security officials confirms that Britain and the United States will, quote, go to war with Iran before the end of the year.
That's what we're getting from all of our sources as well, and it goes on to say that all of the military escalations we've seen in the Middle East right now, U.S.
Special Forces and British Special Forces have been in areas of Iran for over a year.
That was almost a year ago in the Seymour-Hirsch, Sy-Hirsch,
Report in the New Yorker, and Cy Hersh has always been very accurate and credible.
In fact, a lot of people are reporting it's worse than what Cy Hersh is saying.
So all of this is happening.
They promised to go to war with Iran and Syria, and they've escalated it.
They'll send Israeli soldiers in across the border under orders.
They get captured.
Thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese have been captured, and there's all this hysteria and hype, and the massive bombardment begins.
The Lebanese respond with Katyusha rockets.
And Israel rolls in with their military, bombing right up to the border with Syria.
And I have another report here where Syria is saying that if Israel goes any deeper and continues their invasion, that they may be forced to attack Israel or to join the Lebanese.
Meanwhile, the Israelis tell Haratz that we're not stopping now.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Heavy fighting continues deeper into Lebanon.
Israeli ground forces push deeper into the country.
And heavy fighting with Hezbollah guerrillas.
On Monday, Secretary of State Connolly Soraya made a surprise visit to Lebanon to launch diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the 13 days of warfare.
That's total propaganda.
If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Lebanon I'll happily sell you.
I'm trying to find it here.
Where's my report on...
I've got a report here.
Here it is.
This is out of a French news agency.
Syria will enter conflict if Israel invades Lebanon.
This came out today, AFP, up on Infowars.com for you.
A Syrian minister warned Israel in an interview published Sunday that a major ground incursion to Lebanon would draw his country into a Middle East conflict.
If Israel makes a land entry into Lebanon, they can get to within 20 kilometers of Damascus, Information Minister Moshen Battelle told the Spanish newspaper ABC.
I don't really know what that statement means.
If Israel makes a land entry in Lebanon, they can get to within 20 kilometers of Damascus.
What will they do?
Stand by with their arms folded?
Absolutely not.
Without any doubt, Syria will intervene in the conflict.
Belal said Syria wanted...
But he added...
I repeat, if Israelis make a land invasion of Lebanon and get near us, Syria will not stand by with arms folded.
It will enter the conflict.
Israel has said it wants to push Hezbollah militias 20 kilometers north of its border.
Belal criticized the United States, saying that it was unjustified, that the superpower is not working for a rapid ceasefire.
He rejected claims by Washington that Damascus had armed Hezbollah, saying that it offered moral support, but added that we did not finance any resistance.
And I was on the Jerusalem Post this morning.
They had a light rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
A light RPG.
A tiny RPG on there.
It doesn't even show the grenade on the end of the launcher, and they call it a... Oh, I've got it in the stack here.
A high-powered missile or something.
Let me dig and find it here.
Literally, folks, it's a joke how many stories I have here in the stack.
But you can go look at it.
It's on Drudge, too.
And it's a tiny RPG.
They'll probably be calling it a...
Giant moon-sized enemy space alien command moon or something.
I mean, they'll probably call it Puff the Magic Dragon to Mars, say it's a nuclear bomb.
And they're saying, look, Iran!
This was Iranian-made!
It shows!
Iran's behind it!
That's basically what the article says.
The war drums are beating big time, and I've got a big British newspaper report here with a terrifying headline that they're claiming that in Bulgaria, that European Union security forces caught a British warrior, a British courier, trying to sneak in a bunch of dirty bomb material for Iran.
And if that doesn't sound staged, I don't know what is.
If Iran wants to make, quote, dirty bombs, they've got all the uranium they could ever want to do it.
They don't need to, quote, ship in dirty bomb fissile material.
It looks like they're now saying from x-ray machines.
This just sounds like it's staged.
But hey, we've got the White House memo where Bush and Blair say they can stage through a defector who, quote, claims they saw WMDs or get an American plane shot down, painted up like UN, flying low.
So we already have their own documents saying they'll try to stage stuff.
How many times have they planted WMDs?
Oh, mobile weapons trucks for anthrax!
Turns out they're British-made, sold to Saddam, a whole bunch of them for pumping up surveillance blimps.
Remember that?
But I still hear neocons on air going, Well, they found WMDs!
The anthrax trucks!
And they put out books.
Oh, books chronicling all the WMDs that were found.
I mean, it is just...
The moon is made of cheese-level baloney.
Oh my gosh.
I mean, I'm here looking at pictures of children blown up and women blown up with their faces blown off on the road.
I don't even know how my staff is supposed to post all this.
This is all head-spinning.
Head-spinning is the word.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, your calls are coming up early in the next segment.
Look at this story out of the Associated Press today.
Soldiers in Iraq say they were ordered to kill all adult males.
That was their clarification.
So when they go in and they massacre these villages, massacre everybody in a house except one little girl who's 10 years old and lays under her dead mother with her mother's intestines all over, the neocons get on talk radio and defend all of this.
Meanwhile, the soldiers have been ordered to do it.
El Paso, four U.S.
soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in Iraq said they were under orders to kill all military age males.
According to sworn statements obtained by the Associated Press, the soldiers first took some of the men into custody because they were using two women and a toddler as human shields.
Now, again, that sounds reasonable, but once you start down that road, what happens when our troops get captured?
They'll just make something up about them, the enemy will, and do the same thing, and then in court, there's nothing we can do.
You see, you can't become the bad guys.
They shot three of the men after the women and children were safe and say the men attacked them.
The ROE, Rule of Engagement, was to kill all military age males on military objective... That's what it says.
It's kind of a weird military document.
Again, the ROE, Rule of Engagement, was to kill all military age males on objective Murray.
Staff Sergeant Raymond L. Gerard told investigators, referring to the target by its code name.
It goes on.
The target, an island on a canal in the northern province, was believed to be an Al-Qaeda training camp.
The soldiers said officers in their chain of command gave them the order and explained that special forces had tried before to target the island and had come under fire from insurgents.
Let me just say something.
I've talked to people who've been in Iraq who I'm personal friends with, who I believe and who I trust.
And it is true that some of the Arab fighters really do use children as human shields.
And that is the most cowardly thing I have ever heard of in my life.
And in some cases, their own children.
Now, in some of the other cases, it's not insurgents, though, and it is families, and the families simply run out with their children, knowing that the house is being hit by mortar shells, hit by artillery, and that all they can do is run with their children and hope that the military sees them with their children so they don't all die.
That makes sense, but there are cases of insurgents that I personally have documented from people I know where they really do this, and it's the lowest of the low.
But again, that doesn't legitimize the war.
We shouldn't be over there to begin with.
Our government put Saddam in, set the whole stinking thing up, told him to go into Kuwait, told him we backed him up, shut him up, and now we've been waging 15 years of siege against the Iraqi people and their population's gone down by at least 2 million.
Hunsacker, Claggett, why aren't these troops have easy names to pronounce, are also charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly threatening to kill another soldier if he told authorities what happened.
See how the criminality grows?
They threatened to frag him.
In sworn testimonies and statements obtained by the Associated Press, the soldiers and a witness, Sergeant Lionel Lemus, told Army investigators they were ordered to attack an island in northern Salhundan province on May 9th and kill anti-Iraqi fighters with tithes to al-Qaeda.
All four soldiers charged are members of the Fort Campbell, Kentucky-based 3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.
They have been jailed in Kuwait since their June arrest.
The first hearing is on August 1st near Tikrit, Iraq.
Michael Waddington, the civilian lawyer for the men, said his clients followed orders and killed the detainees in self-defense after he and Cleggott were attacked.
They did their job honorably.
They did it admirably, said Paul Bergen, the civilian attorney.
If they did want to kill these men, they could have been within the rules of engagement.
Whatever that means.
Well, I don't know how these men can be charged with murder.
When Bush openly gave the orders to the military to torture people in custody, to death.
Gonzalez memos.
I mean, if you're going to charge these guys, you need to charge Bush and Gonzalez.
That's all I'm saying.
That's all I'm saying.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, we're going to go to your phone calls for part of this last 30 minutes we've got left in this hour.
Then I'm going to get into an incredible report here.
Innocent people placed on watch lists to meet quota.
Marshals say they must file one surveillance detection report, or SDR, per month.
That's what secret police do.
You create secret police, they go out and they find terrorists, folks.
And if they have to redefine terrorism, it's throwing bubble gum on the street like it is in certain Asian countries.
Because there are countries where if you throw bubble gum on the street, you get beaten and then put in jail for five years.
I'm not kidding.
And then this bizarre report I never covered Friday out of New York Daily News, where Hillary Clinton says that the corporations want to put brain chips in our children.
And she wasn't joking.
Of course, she's for it.
I have past statements of hers.
Yes, you've entered the Twilight Zone.
Another one here out of the New York Post.
Hillary gathers an army for her senatorial run, but it's designed and built to be a presidential run vehicle.
So I'm going to get into this.
Gas prices hit all-time highs.
All-time highs going right up close to $80 a barrel.
But in summation, in summation, I want to just finish up my statement as succinctly as possible about what's happening in the Middle East right now.
Israel, the United States, and England have been caught red-handed.
It's been in U.S., Israeli, and British papers.
Carrying out and staging terror attacks in the Middle East for the last 53 years.
Multiple times yearly.
So how do we believe anything that our governments say about anything they're doing ever concerning the Middle East or anything else for that matter?
Right on time, Bush says that he gives Iran an ultimatum.
On their nuclear program, their peaceful program.
They don't totally cave in to losing their sovereignty to the international inspectors and for their peaceful program.
And so normal, run-of-the-mill military incursions and captures that go on on both sides are suddenly hyped up to full-blown proportions.
Israel says they have a right to defend themselves.
They start bombarding the length and breadth of Lebanon.
We're good to go.
They say if you keep attacking and keep driving people up into Syria, or you get near our border, we may have to come in on the side of the Lebanese.
All of this is an escalation for war.
Imagine if the Iranians had special forces troops all over our country, targeting and preparing targets with on-the-ground intelligence for the people in the Air Force who are picking targets.
And the folks in the Navy targeting with their cruise missiles and the Air Force.
Imagine how you'd like that.
Well, U.S.
troops are admittedly in Iran for over a year now.
It had been in the alternative press a year and a half ago.
We knew that.
Broken the New Yorker magazine about a year ago.
And they're just taking it.
They're rolling over to it.
They've been trying to engage in detente.
They've been trying to go along.
But at a certain level, we don't even know if that's true, because Iran, we know, made deals with the CIA in 1979 to bring the Ayatollah Khomeini in.
We know our government made deals, the evidence shows, to be involved in the seizing of the embassy.
A group within the government to then demonize, for some reason, Jimmy Carter.
And then we know in the late 1990s,
Forty-five plus million dollars, Senate report put out by Republicans in 99 by Alphonse D'Amato.
They admitted that they were trying to sting Bill Clinton, but he was just following orders as a globalist.
I'm not defending him either.
It's just the point is Republicans tried to play politics with that when it was actually old Republican chiefs advising Clinton the entire time, James Baker, Bush Sr., and others.
The election of 93 was staged in this country.
They made a deal to send $45 million, and that's the part they know about, to the Iranians, who then gave it to Osama bin Laden, the known CIA asset, to attack the Serbs in the southern region of Kosovo and Pristina.
When the Serbs fought back, they were called evil terrorist demons, oppressing the wonderful Muslims, and now southern Serbia is now an Islamic regime, controlled by our government.
So all is not what it seems.
I'm here criticizing Israel for creating fake al-Qaeda groups and carrying out attacks against itself, but we know the Iranians have been knee-deep with our own government.
For all we know, Ahmedinejad could have made a deal with the CIA, and all of this could be staged saber-rattling coming up for the election.
We don't know.
I tend to think it's real, and why do I say that?
Because this is black world, black op.
This is black is white, white is black, up is down, down is up, always flipping sides, always stabbing different people in the back.
This is total subterfuge.
All we know is it's order out of chaos, as Bush slipped up and once said.
We're creating order out of chaos, he said.
We know the Pentagon documents say they want to stay in Iraq for decades.
Cheney said for a hundred years to get the hundreds of billions in weapons sales and no-bid contracts every year to secure that oil and not let it flow to then jack up prices via artificial scarcity.
It fits in with the oil company documents that admit they bought up hundreds of refineries, private refineries, to shut them down so they could reduce production.
And we know Dutch Roll Shell a decade ago created the peak oil myth and has funded the fake environmental groups and people out there pushing it.
And so this is the road to war period, whether it stops at Lebanon or goes into Iran or Syria, this is the orchestration of World War III.
And the globalists are sending up trial balloons.
They're seeing if the world's going to accept this.
They're seeing if we'll buy it.
They're seeing if their approval ratings will go up if they do it.
And if we do buy into it, it's over.
We're going into World War III.
The neocons actually call it World War IV in their public policy strategy documents and meetings we've even been at.
They had a meeting two years ago here in Austin at UT called the New World Order Symposium.
A group of three meetings.
We have cameras there.
We have that video.
We'll put that on the web.
Put it on the TV show.
Former director of the CIA calls it World War IV.
And Professor Lino Graglia says we should put all Arabs in the U.S.
in camps.
Oh my goodness.
This is the type of stuff we're dealing with, ladies and gentlemen, as a people.
Being pushed into a war for no good reason.
You better believe if we go into Iran, the deals have been made to let China go into Taiwan.
That's what the globalists do.
It's like World War II.
They let Stalin grab certain areas.
Even work with Hitler.
Then a few months later, he's our buddy and we work with him.
It was staged from the beginning.
They even set up Hitler.
Then they started stabbing each other in the backs.
That's how these people operate.
Alright, I've said my piece on it.
Dino in Oregon.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for all your work.
First of all, this thing going on in Lebanon.
Have you noticed the video coverage of the missile attacks on Israel are scant at best, and they keep repeating the same old, tired video of a rocket hitting a piece of pavement?
I mean, it's a pathetic, impotent, anemic counter-strike by Hezbollah
Hezbollah said they didn't fire one rocket.
In fact, the last live statement by the leader of Hezbollah, he said he did not fire a rocket.
I think the Mossad is in there doing this.
Well, again, if Mossad in Herat and Jerusalem Post, and we have these posted on InfoWars.com, these articles from years ago, if they admit they've staged attacks on themselves in the past, again, you can't believe anything they say, and yes, they stand to gain from all of this, and the whole thing could be staged.
How could you fire 2,200 rockets and only kill...
3,700 people.
That's the worst I've ever seen.
It's obvious that their government's doing it.
Israeli government is firing rockets to provoke whatever they want to provoke.
Well, you know, there's no way for one person to be aware of all the coverage.
I did not see the leader of Hezbollah saying they haven't fired rockets.
Where did you see this?
This was on CNN.
Well, we'll have to find a clip of that.
You know, I watch all the media just because I know I've got to watch the enemy to make sure.
Oh, I agree.
Did you see Cheney was in crutches the other day?
They let that slip.
I saw him in crutches standing behind the prince in the Oval Office, and they clipped it real quick, and they didn't show it again.
And he was in crutches a few months ago.
I don't think Lord Vader's in very good shape.
I think Lord Vader's in danger.
I believe so.
And also, I wanted to talk to you about, did you see the images of the Israeli children signing the
Rounds that are firing at Lebanon.
Oh yeah, the big artillery shells.
Yeah, we posted that last Thursday.
Thank you for posting that.
I mean, that is really sick.
Field trips with the little kids out there all signing the shells.
Terrorism is attacking civilians at its base route, and Israel is attacking civilians.
Even by their own numbers, if Hezbollah is firing the rockets, they are attacking and killing mostly 37, 20 of them were military.
Well, let's be clear here.
Israel tells those villages, those five villages, to evacuate.
And as they evacuate, helicopters and jets target vehicles with people sitting up on top of them.
Families, children.
I mean, you can see it.
They fly in.
They've got detailed imagery.
They blow them to bits.
It's a big joke.
And then when they get to the bridges where they're supposed to evacuate, those have been blown.
First they blow all the bridges so the people in the South can't escape, so there can be a big massacre, and then they even let slip quotes to stop insurgents from moving.
Then they tell people, you better flee, and when they flee, they line up their vehicles on the roads and blow them up like the highway of death.
I want to tell you also that thanks for the current news, and also I've been telling as many people as I can about 9-11.
I stopped a whole restaurant and told them about 9-11, and
Just real concise, saying 9-11 is an inside job.
Look up loose change.
Research Professor Jones at BYU Physics.
Buildings cannot collapse like that.
And then I leave them with at least enough information.
I think people are waking up.
Well, I want you to keep plugging loose change, and we carry loose change second edition on DVD.
Everybody should get it.
But I would appreciate an occasional plug for Terror Storm.
I'm so proud of this film.
Nobody's going to know about it unless you guys promote it.
Thanks for the call, Dino.
Let's talk to Zach in New York.
Zach, you're on the air.
I've got a question for you.
I was wondering, how do you imagine a true anti-war movement, like a Cindy Sheehan thing, beginning to coalesce?
And I was wondering what kind of COINTELPRO interference and infiltration would have to be dealt with?
Well, anything that's massive and nationwide and uncoordinated, they can't infiltrate with provocateurs or troublemakers.
That's why I'm always saying leaderless resistance, small groups, you being a leader in your area.
What's happened in the last five years, so many anti-New World Order groups have popped up, so many truth groups have popped up, so many patriot groups, that now the globalists have totally lost control.
We're not seeing, even myself personally,
A lot of provocateurs and government minions.
Also, we've won the hearts and minds of many government agents now, and so the globalists are having, and their own statements admit this, are having trouble recruiting and getting people to come out and do illegal things.
Most little federal minions that try to set people up in a sick way have convinced themselves that they're on the good guy side.
So we've now got the moral authority, and even their minions are now waking up, sir.
My one other comment was, I was wondering when the Terror Storm DVDs will have shipped.
Well, you know what?
We still haven't even gotten it off to the manufacturer, yet we have had... We've been busy doing ten other jobs while we're trying to do this.
I'm talking about the one you signed, so I'll be waiting patiently.
About three or four years ago, we normally shipped in about a week, and then you got it in another week, so it might take two weeks to get a package.
Up until before our 9-11 Neocon agenda symposium, we had gotten to where we were shipping Monday through Friday, the day after we got the order, or the day of.
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It's just insane.
We need your support now more than ever.
You know, I've never gotten on air and really asked for donations, and I don't ask for them.
But you know I work hard.
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We'll come back and take more calls from Bradley, Tim, Wilson, and others.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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All right, welcome back.
Let's go to Bradley in Tennessee.
Bradley, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I'd like to...
Shed a little philosophic light on the human condition today for the listeners, and hopefully it'll make sense.
Whenever you look at the human condition from a higher perspective, in my opinion, you can kind of realize and see that these kingmakers and the wicked in the world, they exist for a reason.
They exist to...
They exist to help us flex our muscles and fulfill our potential that we were created with.
I'd like to say to them that they need to come to the light.
They need to change their ways.
I'd also like to say that those who persist in their ways, what they're doing is they're being our dumbbell that we exercise with.
They're being humanity's dumbbell.
Well, what it is, is they're greedy, they are temporal, they are only focused on themselves, they are controlling, they are hateful, and that's why throughout history it is almost always the case, 99% of the time, that you have evil, wicked, intelligent, abusive, sadistic controllers that are in power.
Because good people, number one, don't have the taste for power.
Number two, aren't willing to do the things it takes to maintain power.
And number three, have a moral compass.
And so, with our own conscience, couldn't live with ourselves doing those bad things.
And the globalists make fun of us and laugh at us publicly about how weak-minded we are.
No, we're not weak because we don't get off on killing kids.
We're not weak because we're not willing to put AIDS virus in millions of vaccine ampoules.
We're not weak because we just go, ah, so what if there's AIDS in this drug?
Give it to all the kids.
No, no, we're not weak.
You are cancers.
You are malfunctioning trash.
You are the scourge of humanity holding back our unbelievable potential.
So I see your view that in a way they actually empower our potential.
And I think to a certain extent they do.
But overall, I think especially...
Once evil blooms and blossoms and spreads to this level, that it actually holds back our potential.
Well, we have to resist it.
We have to resist it with everything that we have.
And that is what causes us to grow.
But the second that we relinquish, the second that we put down our will to resist, they rise up very quickly.
I agree.
They're encouraged by that.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Elaborating on what he just said.
Think of McDonald's.
Think of not purifying your water.
Think of not eating organic food as letting the enemy shoot arrows into you.
When you sit down and you mindlessly watch four or five hours of TV, think of that as an enemy device literally attacking your psyche and your future and your life.
You're not on the green belt.
You're not hiking around the mountains.
You're not in the swimming pool with your children.
You're not spending time with your grandmother who's dying of bed sores right now 100 miles away in a nursing home you never visit.
You are literally being zombified, being mesmerized.
You're not living your life.
We're good to go.
Literally, they're killing us with kindness.
They're killing us with domestication.
We're like a bunch of big, fat, stupid pigs at a huge trough just gobbling and enjoying ourselves.
But really, it's laced with a time-activated poison.
And the globalists know that we're so mesmerized by their false media reality they project that they can write best-selling books.
I mean, it's just incredible.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Clifford Carnicum will join us for an hour plus to talk about chemtrails, aerial spraying.
What's really going on, the latest developments there, and going back over his six, seven years of research on this.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Tim Williamson, or Wilson and others.
Tim in West Virginia, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
This is Tim.
I'm back in West Virginia there.
What I wanted to call you about, I received a call from a survey, a presidential survey.
They was wanting the ratings on Bush.
They want to know if maybe Bush's rating was a little bit higher than what the vast media was reporting it to be.
So it was a fake neocon call.
Right, right.
So I said, okay, do you care to participate in the survey?
I said, sure.
So then he put someone on there and gave this drum roll about giving comfort and aid to the enemy and all that stuff.
So Dr. Ray says, how do you rate that?
I said, well, I say his rating is lower than what they were reporting.
And they say, well, why do you think that?
I said, well, okay, I'll give you one word, William Rodriguez.
He didn't know what that was.
I said, okay, 9-11, inside job, Bush did it, should be charged for treason and executed.
And he said, what?
I said, yeah.
He said, no, Clinton done that, and he hung up on me.
So you've got some neocon polling agency calling.
That's called a push poll, by the way.
Should our leader be able to protect us from terrorists?
And then the headline, the people support Bush in the war on terror.
I mean, I've gotten calls like that before, and then they'll put out the little fake neocon report.
Yeah, that's what I thought was kind of funny.
They were saying the past leader...
Are you kidding?
The so-called liberal media is busy spinning and lying and acting like Bush actually runs something.
The guy's a puppet to begin with.
Hey, good job, Tim.
I appreciate your call.
The only thing I disagree with is I'm not going to come on here and say I think Bush should be executed.
He's a puppet.
I think he deserves a jury by his peers.
He needs to be brought to trial for treason, and then the sentence needs to be carried out.
Let's talk to, and I would just advise our listeners never to really talk like that,
Because you can get in a lot of trouble for saying that.
And I'm not condescending against the caller.
Sounds like a great person.
I just don't want our good people to get in trouble.
Let's talk to Wilson in Arkansas.
Wilson, welcome.
Thank you for taking my call.
I've got a quick comment and an unrelated question.
Sure, go ahead.
My comment is to Christians, and this is as a Christian, to those who support Israel no matter what Israel does.
Evil is evil, and no one has the right to do it.
Tribulation and anguish comes upon every man that does evil, to the Jew first and also the Gentile first.
Glory and honor and peace to every man that works good to the Jew first and also to the Gentiles and Romans if anyone wants to check it out.
Nobody has a right to do evil.
Just because you're called Israel, whatever.
Evil is evil, period.
My question was, what's your take on the Leo Wanta $4.5 trillion settlement articles that are floating around the internet?
And I'll take your comment off of you.
Thank you.
I don't know what to say about that.
I don't know if that's accurate or if that's real or what's going on.
I haven't had time to
Properly research it, and that's basically where I'll leave it.
There's a lot of stuff on the web that you can't confirm one way or the other, so I just move away from it.
For those that just joined us, Israel admits they're targeting civilian convoys that they told to flee, and the convoys in southern Lebanon out of five major towns and villages run up against the bridges that have been bombed out, and then here come the helicopters and jets firing hellfire missiles and dropping 500-pound bombs and scraping them.
And there are photos and video, and it's all over the foreign press of dead families splattered all over the road, but you're not really seeing that.
You're seeing a censored version, a watered-down version on our news.
So in part of the third hour today, I'll get more into that.
I mentioned a bunch of news in the last hour I was going to get into, and I haven't yet.
I will cover it.
It's up on Infowars.com right now.
Marshals, innocent people placed on watch lists to meet quota.
This is out of Denver.
Oh my gosh.
This is out of TV Channel 7.
And it is admitted that they are putting innocent people's names on terrorist watch lists.
We'll get to that later.
Stay with us.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
Terror Storm chronicles the lies that took us to war in Iran.
A White House program to disseminate fake news.
NSA spies.
Or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Before we get into this next subject of the government and private agencies, groups, organizations, black ops,
Black world, corporations, syndicates carrying out aerial spraying against the American people.
I want to just set the table here.
And I hope to keep Clifford Carnicom at least halfway into the next hour so we have plenty of time to take your calls.
I remember long before we even heard of chemtrails instead of contrails, condensation trails.
Reading in declassified government documents in 77, that there have been over 3,000 declassified instances of aerial spraying of chemical, biological, and radiological materials, and then a whole other section of particulates that didn't fit into those four, being sprayed on the American people.
And I like to go back to really famous cases of the few that have been actually heard of.
Aircraft and Navy ships sprayed biological agents that did cause deaths.
That's mainstream news.
Details remain classified.
That's what was declassified in 77 in the ship channel, you know, the Golden Gate Bridge area of San Francisco in 1949.
In 1968, time-released bio-agents were released from the New York subway at 9 a.m.
in the morning.
In 1968.
Death resulted.
Army doctors were at nearby hospitals, quote, in residency in the months before so that they could chronicle for themselves what the effects were.
They had never told us what the biological agent was.
Only that it was a bacterium.
Okay, there's two famous examples.
I've interviewed a bunch of sailors and Air Force officers, and I've interviewed British soldiers and whistleblowers, and it's been in the BBC and AP, and it's been everywhere, that from the 1940s until 1985, Project Shad, from Hawaii to Germany, would have troops stand out in a field, say, in Wales, and jets would fly over it 500 feet and spray a chemical weapon on them, and troops would die on the spot, and troops would die a week later, and troops would die five years later, and some are still alive.
Or they tell a young officer, you get an extra three-day leave if you sign in for a flu test.
We're going to spray you with flu and see, you know, it's for the country.
Then the guy signs it and they walk him in the chamber, hit him with VX nerve gas.
He dies.
They dissect the body.
Folks, there are thousands of these.
Literally, listen, I've read hundreds and hundreds and hundreds myself, okay?
And then I've looked at lists of thousands.
I cannot cover it all.
I would be here talking for eternity.
Two years ago, let's use a newer example.
It's in the Daily Oklahoma.
It's in the Oklahoma papers that 5,000 pounds of Subtilis Globogy, a bacteria that can cause spontaneous abortions in all mammal mammalian species, and is listed by the federal government and the army as dangerous,
Was sprayed on every town and city over a one-year period.
5,000 pounds!
You can read in the Daily Oklahoma.
5,000 pounds of Subtilis Globogy will be sprayed in hundreds of different operations by small fixed-wing aircraft over the next year by the Department of Homeland Security in a test of the wind patterns of a biological release.
It is completely safe.
Then you go read what Subtilis Globogy is.
It causes upper respiratory problems, abortions, blood infections, everything.
Just go look it up.
That's one more case of thousands.
White Rock, New Mexico sprang.
On and on and on and on.
Black men.
It first came out over 45 years that they just let them die of syphilis and spread it.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Now it's come out they gave it to them.
They had caught the UN in over 100 countries with over 10 different manufacturers putting a pathogen hormone attached to the tetanus pathogen to sterilize women.
On and on and on.
Bayer, for over 10 years, knowingly knew their factor rate, every dose had AIDS in it and hepatitis C, and that everyone was going to get it who took it.
And their own documents are now public, MSNBC.
It's all public that they knowingly said, so what, let them die.
So I don't want to hear that the government wouldn't spray us with something because I cannot even chronicle how many instances there are.
Now, let me add this.
I'm going to flip a card to comment.
Who I am just so proud of.
He made a documentary.
He put it out for free.
He didn't even sell it for $2 a piece for shipping.
We've got a link to it on Infowars.com.
They stream it for free.
That's when you care, folks.
I think you ought to charge a little more so you can have more funds to fund his operation.
But he's done some of the best research out there.
But C'est La Vie, he just gives it out for free.
Free stream of it.
And then you can also get it for the cost of shipping.
But before I go any further, there are nuts everywhere who point at every condensation trail and discredit all of us and say, that's a chemical trail, that's a chemical... No, no.
If they're spraying at 30,000 feet, all the evidence shows they're either hitting somebody 5,000, 10,000 miles away where the jet stream comes down to ground...
We're good to go.
I think?
I have people I know personally who saw it, and then other witnesses, separate that didn't know it, saw it the same day.
Black helicopter flies over.
Mike Hanson and Steve Lane saw it while they were building a house out in Belton.
Flies over to school, sprays it.
Everybody gets sick, vomiting, diarrhea.
It was on national TV.
Remember that?
We have all seen this type of stuff go on.
This has been reported on.
There's a bunch of declassified instances of it.
So if they're going to spray your town, it's going to be from 2,000 feet or lower.
Normally 1,500 feet.
Helicopter and fixed wing.
And there is chemtrail spraying.
I remember in 97, 98 it started.
Before anybody even had talked about it, I said, why do trails, and I never knew the answer, that used to disappear in a few seconds to a minute, why are they there four hours later?
Why do they all form a haze?
Now NASA admits the Earth is 20% darker than it was 30 years ago.
Now it's in mainstream government textbooks that they are spraying.
Joining us is Clifford Carnicom.
Sir, thank you for holding during that introduction.
We are so honored to have you.
Let me just give folks your bio.
Clifford Carnicombe, who has been actively involved in bringing attention to the chemtrail phenomenon, has been a self-employed professional computer consultant for the past three years and now resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Carol.
He was previously a research scientist and federal employee for 15 years with three different agencies, including the United States Department of Defense, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S.
Forest Service.
His technical background is extensive in the fields of...
I guess that's geodietic, if I'm pronouncing that right.
Science, advanced mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences.
And that's the bio from Coast to Coast AM.
Clifford Carnacom again, thanks for joining us.
Alex, thanks very much for the opportunity to be here.
I truly appreciate it.
And I also thank you for establishing that precedent, as you did in that opening segment, which is very, very true.
And, you know, you referred to 1977, and I have a document that was given to me
Shortly after I started this research, that is very clear documentation of the long history and litany of open-air testing.
This particular document concerns congressional hearings that were held in 1977 that basically raised a question.
It's an acknowledgment that the U.S.
population has been openly tested and or experimented or operated upon.
And U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 36?
Code Chapter 50... I've got to say this code real fast to be able to get it out right.
That's how my memory works.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1520A, Paragraph B says they're allowed to use lethal chemical, biological, or radiological agents on the American people for research.
And, you know, this is 30 years later, but the opening line of these hearings is just amazing to me because it's basically...
Unfortunate, but it appears that after 30 years there's been really no progress made.
I'd like to read just one sentence, if I can, in the opening line to these hearings.
It says, Recent revelations of open-air testing in civilian areas have alarmed many people.
Their concern extends beyond the safety or hazards presented by the test organisms.
However, it goes to the heart of what a free society is all about.
Should a democratic people cede to its government the full responsibility of determining when secret tests on unwitting subjects are necessary to protect the nation's security?
That was Kennedy, back when Kennedy actually did some work in 1977.
And I really give him credit because he raised the fundamental issue, which is really the very same issue now.
And that is, what limit is there?
What threshold is there to the claim or guise
Of national security as a domain that is untouchable, no matter what the circumstances are.
And this is the world that we're in now.
National security is used as a defense, a hidden defense, as to any and all of these operations that the public has an obvious right to know, but are put under the cloak of supposedly protecting us.
And Kennedy nailed it.
Well, it's a blank check for total tyranny.
Oh, we're having no-bid contracts.
National Security, oh, we're secretly arresting you.
National Security, we're going to spray bioweapons on you.
National Security, I mean, it's a perfect pretext for dictatorship.
It is, and I thank you for establishing precedent, because that's a good ground plane to start on, is for people to realize...
You know, this is not something that needs to be imagined or constructed.
This is very real, has a long history.
What is different about this operation that I became involved in researching at the beginning of 1999... Is that it's so huge.
...is the scale and magnitude of the operation, and also the arrogance, the scale and the arrogance of the operation.
And that is, we are now in a state of affairs where we have open-air testing on a global scale
Direct lying about it from top officials, United States Air Force, lied early in the game, a direct lie to the American public, calling this a hoax without any real documentation of any kind to support their claim.
And the scale and arrogance and magnitude of the effect is what's different.
And that is important.
It's not the same as conducting some localized test for some defensive project.
This is open-air evidence.
It's not a test.
This thing is in place.
Our atmosphere has been changed.
This world has been changed.
It's not a matter of some little test pilot.
You are breathing an altered atmosphere now.
We all are.
I don't even know where to start, Clever Carnicom.
Let's go through how you woke up and the different projects that are rolled in.
You mentioned the main project.
Do you know the truth about breast cancer?
Do you realize that the race for the cure is over?
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no thought control.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Clifford Carnicom is our guest talking about chemtrails.
Chemtrails is only one part of the chemical biological testing going on against us.
I would say that it's kind of a dual axis.
We've got
Everything happening in the air, in the water.
They poison the water, they poison the air.
They've been caught red-handed doing it.
They institutionalize what they're doing right in front of our faces many times.
It's the arrogance, the sodium fluoride, the stannous fluoride, and the rest of it, documented to be deadly poison.
But then you have the vaccines.
They're also poisoning you through those.
If they're admitted to have done all this horrible stuff in the past, how do you then now trust them to take your vaccines?
If one of the biggest pharmacological companies in the world, Bayer, would knowingly put AIDS virus in your drugs, knowingly, knowingly, and hepatitis C, knowingly, knowing it was in there,
My work started at the very beginning of 1999, Alex, in February.
We go outside quite a bit.
My wife and I go camping quite a bit, and I have a background that's outdoors quite a bit.
And I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is a high desert region.
Certainly one of the classic regions for high desert, blue skies, just beautiful vistas.
Many artists live here because of that.
And so it's actually an ideal laboratory if a person wants to be in a certain place to examine this issue.
And February 14th, it was Valentine's Day, was the day that I actually started to work.
And it had been preceded by several weeks of noticing a pattern
That we would head out on our trips for the morning and the weekend.
It would look absolutely beautiful when we would wake up.
Very typical weather conditions for the high desert southwest.
And then we'd have breakfast and about an hour and a half later we'd go out and the weather had completely changed.
And that was acting really at a subconscious level for two to three weeks.
And then on February 14th, I was out the door.
At the time it was still perfectly blue and this aircraft went directly overhead.
And what was different this time is I just watched.
I'm sure it was being triggered at a subconscious level.
But this time I just stood and I just watched.
And I watched the transition take place for the first time.
And the amazing thing is that a major transition can actually take place in about a half hour of time if the operation is large enough.
So you can completely transform.
The atmosphere in a regional area in a fairly short period of time.
You can watch a clear sky be totally filled with these trails that just stay there.
A couple times I have counted over 100 passes.
You can't say individual aircraft, but over 100 passes within a two-hour period.
They just blanket the sky and completely alter it.
So I started taking photographs and showed that progression for the very first time.
That you had an unnatural situation that was taking place.
And I simply opened the door by posting the photographs on the website and really just raised the issue.
I mean, that's sort of my style.
I wasn't trying to.
I knew it was wrong.
At a gut level, I knew it was wrong.
At the very least, you would call this a question of pollution.
And the website started.
And at that point, it was fairly clear very soon that there was an interest in my work.
By military, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical complex.
It was very shortly after you would find out.
I was just an individual, really a pretty low-key person.
I was a quiet and conservative federal employee.
They were living on your website.
But I was drawing attention very early in the game because my work is more of an analytical nature, that's for sure.
It's observation and analysis.
That's my background.
And then it started from there.
And from that point on, I started my work and ended up... I've spent probably a good six years.
The past year, I have not been actively involved in research because I've reached really thresholds of what I can do.
It does look like there's another subject I'm going to be getting involved in.
But there are literally thousands of pages, I would assume, that I have written now over six years and devoted pretty much my entire life
To this issue to basically call alarm.
That was my purpose, to call alarm.
This is not something that is solved by a person.
This is not something... Certainly, you're just alerting people to something strange going on.
When did this start?
For me, about 97, 98, I began to notice that trails that disappeared within a minute maximum would be there four or five hours later.
Clear skies would be turned into these trails that just expanded and merged.
And then NASA comes out and says suddenly the Earth is 20% darker.
Just on the weather control angle of this, what's going on?
Well, I did want to mention, as you said, there's a lot of things to this, and it's very true.
And people do have a tendency to, I would say, either simplify it or avoid it because it's too complex, either or.
And it is a complex issue, and over a period of six, seven years, I have evolved to where there's about seven areas that I think are involved in this project.
Well, let's run through the gamut, run the gauntlet, with you on the other side, Clipper Carnicom.
The website's Carnicom.com.
We have a link to it up on Infowars.com.
Just vital information that this man has done.
So many other great researchers, but he was the trailblazer.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Bottom line, we know that condensation trails, growing up my entire life, my father's life, I've talked to grandparents when jet travel first began.
Trails always disappear within a minute.
My entire life.
And then suddenly, the late 90s, they began to just hang there, expand, grow.
So, is the government blocking out the evil radiation from the sun?
Or are they engaging in mass inoculation?
All these things have been said.
Are they poisoning us?
Well, we know in the past they have killed American citizens on purpose with admitted biological testing.
And then we have all the admissions of low-altitude spraying.
Clifford Carnicom, walk through the seven different areas of your research and what you know, what you've tested.
Break it down for us, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
This list was five up to about a year ago, and there's been two added that I haven't really written up, but I've added them to the list.
Some of these can be shown to exist, at least with the best evidence we can.
Some of them exist strictly through analysis.
Basically, in my case, I have to look at the data and then ask, what would you do if this set of data exists?
What does that data portend, basically?
I wouldn't call it conjecture by any means, but it's definitely a process of analysis.
The seven areas would be as follows.
The first would be, and I would say that all of these, I would call them areas of operation that are consistent with all of the data that has been collected over seven years.
They do not exist individually.
They exist simultaneously.
They are.
First one would be environmental modification and control, actually modifying our world in terms of its environment and weather.
This would be the simplest and the easiest probably to understand and demonstrate.
The second would be the conduct of biological operations, using particulates as a transport medium for biological materials.
The third would be the application and use of electromagnetic operations, the transmission and propagation and manipulation of energy, electromagnetic energy within a modified atmospheric environment.
Let's see, the easiest analogy there would be the ionosphere.
Think of the conditions of
Of the ionosphere at altitude, which... Some type of conductivity for HAARP or something.
Yeah, that's right.
That medium, think of that medium of the ionosphere being brought to a lower level around the Earth, basically.
We can talk about each of these in more detail.
The fourth would be military operations.
Defense, military, offensive, defense, and military operations.
HAARP is certainly a main player.
If you look at the
At the thesis and patent of the HAARP facility, it fits like a glove with the actual data that exists for us now.
The fifth is a little bit more esoteric, but still quite feasible to me.
This would be one based on analysis, and that is a geophysical modification.
Actually, the consideration of whether the planet itself, I'm not talking about just the atmosphere, but the geophysics of the Earth,
You would be talking about rotation, rotation of the Earth, geophysical processes, tectonic, these type of things.
And that may sound a little bit stretched for some folks, but the data actually suggests that such things could indeed be feasible to do.
The last two are additions over the last year, which have not been written up.
Number six would be surveillance, a surveillance operation.
The idea there being, you know, most of us are familiar with radar.
And radar is when you send a radio wave out and it bounces off and something comes back and tells you something's there.
Well, what's interesting is radar works because the objects that you're detecting are of a certain size.
It has to do with the wavelength of what you're sending out.
It has to match what it is you're looking for.
So radio works with radar for airplanes and big objects.
But there is an alternative way
method of detection that involves light waves.
And the wavelength of light waves is extremely small, very small.
And in fact, it's at the same size as the particles that we're speaking of that compose these operations that are being introduced.
So it's quite feasible that you actually could develop a surveillance system that would, instead of being able to track large objects, such as planes and boats and this type of thing,
Could track literally down to the microscopic level.
Well, in the public admissions about HAARP, they say that it was designed to see tiny objects over the horizon.
Exactly true.
Exactly true.
The HAARP patent is just full.
I've spent some time with that patent.
And didn't really know a lot about it when I started, but I sort of dug into that on a technical side, and I'll tell you, the overlap is just tremendous.
Now, that's all the science on the end of it.
Studying this, looking at it, though, you know, just speaking on your opinion, what do you think they're doing?
Well, number one, what is this doing to the atmosphere?
What changes have we seen that can then point us towards what their goals may be?
The actual materials that are being identified over and over and over are what you would call ionizing salts.
It's a very specific category of physics and yet extremely important.
The best explanation for what can physically transform the atmosphere in the way that they have is through the introduction of ionizable metallic salt.
Now, what does that mean?
And also of an extremely small size down at the submicron level.
Isn't that similar to the nuclei they use to weather control?
You mean for cloud seeding?
Yes, yes.
Well, I would suspect, you know, if we looked into the cloud seeding, and I could be mistaken, but I suspect the particles that we're dealing with would be a magnitude.
Those are crystals we're talking about, you know, in a conventional sense.
The size of these is so incredibly small.
A human hair is 60 to 100 microns.
Bacteria are on the order of 10 microns.
What I'm speaking of is on the order of a submicron, most likely.
So the size of what you're talking about is truly a unique, let's say represents a truly unique opportunity for physical change in terms of how clouds form and this type of thing.
Okay, please continue.
But this business of ionization appears to be extremely important.
The materials that are being found, specific ones would be calcium, magnesium, and barium.
My tests have repeatedly shown these.
Barium is a tremendous concern here because it is a highly toxic element in soluble form.
It's quite on par with arsenic in terms of toxicity in soluble form.
And what I'm speaking of would be in soluble form because you're thinking about clouds and moisture.
These particular elements, calcium, barium, and magnesium, with special emphasis upon calcium and barium,
These materials have a really unique property in that if you subject them to the energy that is available in sunlight, both visible light and ultraviolet light, particularly the ultraviolet light portion of the spectrum, basically the energy within sunlight, is sufficient to cause these materials to become electrically charged.
That's what ionized means.
An ion is an electrically charged material.
If you can ionize a material and throw electrons
Into a gas, namely the air.
Now, we're talking about a very open door in terms of the physics of what you have created.
There is a word called plasma, and many of us are familiar with a neon light tube, this type of thing.
A neon light tube is filled with gas, and yet what happens?
You send energy from point A to point B. You create light.
That same idea is what I'm talking about here.
It is quite conceivable and appears to be the end goal.
It's certainly what HAARP explicitly describes.
If you can increase the electron density in the atmosphere, you can create what is called a plasma.
A plasma is an electrically conductive gas.
If you create an electrically conductive gas, in my mind, it's literally an open door towards the transmission and control
And manipulation of energy in that environment.
We're talking about electromagnetic energy, ELF energy.
The wavelength that our bodies work upon is 0 to 100 hertz, ELF energy.
Over and over and over, I have detected the presence of... It appears clearly artificial.
There's no explanation I can come for it in a natural sense at all.
This is stepped intervals of 4 hertz.
Artificial energy at the ELF...
These are the waves that our bodies work at, our brains work at, our minds work at.
So everything to me says that a grand design behind this project is to and has been to create an altered atmosphere that is now...
Usable for the transmission, let's say enhanced transmission and propagation of electromagnetic energy, a component of which includes ELF energy.
ELF energy can be used to store, if you pump it like a Tesla would deal with its resonance factor, if you pulse ELF energy, you can store tremendous amounts of energy
Thank you.
To the types of things you would see with an atomic bomb, with the advantage that you don't actually detonate anything.
I mean, it's really pretty astounding.
So it's an invisible weapon where you can basically kill all the life in an entire region if you wish.
You know, this is not something I'm making up.
This is something I study.
That's what my work is.
No, I understand.
I've seen those federal documents.
And going back to tectonic weapons that you mentioned earlier, we have Secretary of Defense Cohen.
Back in 97, giving a speech about tectonic earthquake type, volcanic type weapons, and then expanding on that to just show the craziness of people running things.
They've used tens of thousands of tons of depleted uranium,
All over the world, knowing that the radiation detectors are picking up higher levels and that the particulates are very bad for all of us.
We know they tested hundreds.
Our own government did a high-altitude test on nuclear weapons back in the 60s.
So we know that they do things that are very bad for the environment on a routine basis.
Publicly, I've read that these different salts, these different chemicals that are in the air are also very bad for human tissues.
In numerous ways.
I mean, you can just take it on a physical level first, just the mechanical side.
There is a direct link between increased mortality and increased particulate count.
You can get this from the American Lung Association, whatever.
This is all over the place.
John Hopkins, if you breathe more particles, more of you will die.
That's just the mechanics of it.
Then you have to raise the question of, well, what exactly are these particles?
What are they composed of, and what might they carry?
Well, certainly if the compounds are a soluble barium compound, those guys are toxic, highly toxic.
And then if you extend this on to the piggyback or transport mechanism, which is also exemplified in HAARP,
Then you open up another hole.
What's the main way of distribution?
I mean, a lot of times it's these unmarked white airplanes that have been photographed at weird U.S.
bases out in Arizona and Indiana and all over the country.
We know that's going on, but sometimes it's the passenger jets.
Is this being mixed with fuel?
What's the main delivery mode for this?
Yeah, these are good questions.
You know, I once did a talk up here at Taos, New Mexico, and I started right at the beginning.
I said, folks, sorry.
But the main questions you want, the five W's, who, what, when, where, why, whatever, you're not going to get a simple direct answer.
We don't have it, unfortunately.
You're dealing with observations that have to be taken by citizens on the ground because there is no forthcoming information on this whatsoever.
Now, that being said, I will say this.
There are many individuals that have stated that these planes are a certain type of plane, say a military tank or this type of thing.
There are people that have said commercial aircraft, it's a joke to think that they are even remotely involved in this.
What I do is I just collect the data, and if you look at my early work, the early work for the first year or two was nothing more than collecting photographs, almost entirely.
I focused on getting images.
And I would post these images the best that I could get with telescopic images, telephoto images, and post them and ask the question, what type of plane is this?
What are we dealing with?
And all I will say, if you look at the photographs that I have taken, some of them which are truly remarkable in that they clearly show emissions from the entire wingspan.
I have five of these, very good examples.
They show emissions across the entire wingspan, a continuous stream.
It doesn't come from the engines in that case.
I'm not saying in all cases at all.
But I do believe there have been different methods that have been used and experimented upon or tried.
But in that case, it doesn't even come from the engines.
If you look at those aircraft and you identify them, all I can say is they are commercial-type aircraft.
I'm not saying they're commercial aircraft because I can't see.
I can't see the people.
I can't see the markings with my equipment.
But they are commercial-type equipment.
And I will clearly say that the evidence actually strongly, more than strongly, implicates the involvement and collusion and incorporation of the commercial airline industry within this operation.
Let me add something here.
I have seen one jet flying at the same altitude just a few miles away here in Austin, not leaving trails that stay there for an hour or two, or leaving no trail at all, and right next to it a jet leaving a trail that's there three hours later.
Now, what does that say?
Yeah, you know, the classic arguments against these, and I'm familiar with most of them, but, you know, people will say, oh, you know, the planes are operating two different altitudes and the atmospheric conditions are different.
Sorry, folks, it just doesn't hold.
Anybody that digs into this seriously will see that the conditions that you're describing there are not a variance enough to describe the tremendous difference in what Alex is speaking of right now.
Well, I know what happened.
I mean, in the late 90s,
Now, what happens, to the best of my knowledge, Alex, is this.
In terms of the physics of what's going on.
When you ask the question, how could you have a, I can't call them clouds because they're not really clouds anymore, but let's use that term for right now.
Let's say you have a bank, a bank or a layer at 35,000 to 40,000 feet.
The region that was traditionally home to thin, high cirrus clouds, wispy clouds, and they would subsequently develop into fuller cloud forms that would descend to lower altitudes.
But the high altitudes, 35,000 feet, were reserved primarily for thin, wispy clouds and not a whole lot more.
You have to ask the question, how at 35,000 to 40,000 feet could you have a continuous thick layer start to develop?
And it is with the introduction of the salt, a certain type of salt, not just any salt.
But if you introduced a salt that can absorb moisture when the humidity is roughly 30, 35%, which there are certain salts that do that, the type that I'm speaking of, now you change things, because now you're able to collect and absorb moisture on extremely small particles.
And let's talk about clouds for a second, because let's talk about a difference between two things.
If you look at what a contrail is, contrails form.
It's, you know, what happens when you breathe on a cold winter day, right?
Stay there.
We'll have to talk about it when we get back.
We're up against a break.
Clifford Carnicom is our guest.
This is such an important subject because things have changed in our atmosphere.
There have been atmospheric changes to the planet.
The laws that we knew before, it seems, have been suspended.
And I've seen these trails down low.
We'll be right back.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Coming up in the next hour, we're going to open the phones up specifically on chemical, biological, radiological testing on the American people, namely the chemtrails, the Clifford Carnicombe,
You'll be with us for a half hour taking calls, and in the last half hour I'll get into some of the new news coming out over in Israel and some of the domestic police state issues.
Before we go back to Clifford Carnicom, let me give you the number.
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We get into the London bombings.
We travel to London.
The latest 9-11 information.
Professor Stephen Jones, Morgan Reynolds.
Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan on the war, on the lies involving the Iraq war, on British soldiers caught staging terror attacks over there.
This is such an important film, Terror Storm.
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All right, let's go back to Clifford Carnacom.
Clifford, we don't have a lot of time left.
It's going by so fast, and I appreciate you joining us.
Not only is there the harp effects of weapons or manipulation or conductivity of so many different things, anti-personnel on multiple levels, but what about...
It seems to be associated with weather modification.
When big storms are coming in for sure, you see these jets coming in even lower.
I've seen trails getting laid down at 10, 15, 5,000 feet, which I never saw before in the past, in front of the storms, knocking them out, stopping them.
A lot of researchers have pointed that out.
Can you comment on some of the other aspects of this?
I'd say that's absolutely true, what you're saying there.
Did you want me to elaborate on that part or go on to the other areas?
Any area you think is important, I'm going to elaborate.
First would be to corroborate and confirm what it is you're saying there.
There clearly is a very definite association with weather fronts in terms of these operations.
Moisture is absolutely being altered, moisture patterns.
You know, the claim that these are benevolent operations has just never worked from the data side.
If I could see that in the data, I would raise that scenario, but it doesn't fit.
Everything here shows a covert operation, which has a malevolent effect on both the planet as well as those who live upon it.
Moisture is being altered.
Storm systems are being affected and manipulated.
And, you know, it's a real curious thing, but if you actually look at these explanations, they don't make any sense at all in terms of what's offered here.
They'll say that these things are being conducted during times of high humidity.
I've looked at the humidity here, and I've looked at it up high with all the balloons.
I've looked at it all the way up to 50,000, even 100,000, whatever those balloons go up 65,000 feet.
We do not have high humidity up there, and the lies that are being put forth about supposedly this is happening in a high humidity environment, it doesn't hold water at all.
And as a matter of fact, talking about association with storms, I did quite a bit of work to actually try and determine what is the pattern?
When are these planes coming in?
And something happened that I didn't even expect, actually.
Well, stay right there.
We've got a break.
Tell us about that.
When we get back, because this is important.
And I want to talk about Ben Livingston's research, the father of modern weather weapons.
Oh yeah, he's got some comments.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He made a very powerful film, Aerosol Crimes and Cover-Up.
Put it out for free on chemtrails.
One large part of the manipulation of our environment, the poisoning of the population...
Your calls are coming up in the next segment at 1-800-259-9231.
Clifford Carnicombe, Ben Livingston flew into hurricanes.
He flew into the even bigger storms they have in the Pacific, the typhoons.
Stanford Research Facility certified his work for the Navy.
He was the head of their big weapons research facility that they were able to kill and knock down hurricanes in the late 60s.
But then our government says, oh, they know nothing about it, and there's nothing they can do about hurricanes.
So we know they're being secretive.
If they can knock down hurricanes...
We also know that they can empower and increase the power of hurricanes.
Livingston over Vietnam, with just a few planes, would take tiny clouds and cause 10 feet of rain to fall, flooding people on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
So we know they can manipulate the weather even with seeding technologies.
You add into this other technologies, it's powerful.
What do they appear to be doing with these chemical sprays with the weather?
What does their goal appear to be?
Well, I think from a military perspective, certainly if one has the ability to control or manipulate the weather, that's a huge military advantage.
And you said that you were shocked.
You said that you were shocked when you did some observations of when the planes came in.
Well, I think this would come to a surprise to many people.
Tell us about that.
But if you actually look at the data, if you find a paper I wrote called Ions and Humidity,
The big surprise to me here is that the timing of these operations actually occurs, appears to occur most likely, when the humidity is at, and I have to use the word, a local minimum.
What this means is low relative to before and after.
It doesn't mean in absolute sense low.
It means relative to what's happening before and to what's to transpire afterwards.
If you find these points, what you call a local minimum of humidity, this appears to be the most likely time that these operations are coming in.
That actually makes sense if you look at what's going on and with what you're talking about.
That is the most advantageous time to come in is right before the storm, not during the storm, but right before it comes in.
And I'm talking, my work will show periods of several hours, basically a window of two to three hours.
You can see that it is timed to get in there right at this absolute maximum advantage point of getting these particles in before the moisture comes in.
And I believe that would be so you would have maximum absorption, basically.
In your six, seven years studying this, is it getting more frequent?
Are the operations intensifying globally, nationally?
I would say the operation is full in effect.
This thing is in effect.
The change has been made.
And whether you want to call it a maintenance or a status quo, it would appear to me that we have a certain concentration level.
That needs to be maintained at this point.
Certainly, and there also appears to be something seasonal that goes on.
The BBC, and I know you saw it, had a big photograph from space of England completely covered with what it called condensation trails, and then in the article it went on to say that NASA says the Earth is 20% darker, and then just put that there, didn't make any connection to condensation trails, just had that in the space photograph.
Absolutely, and one of the tests that I did was that straightforward.
I made what's called a photometer,
I think so.
20 cent per reduction.
I mean, it's a straight physical thing.
You are affecting the energy and light that's affecting the Earth.
But you did see the NASA report that the Earth is now 20% darker than it was 30 years ago.
That's right, I have.
That's right.
And look at the photograph that NASA touts there as being what they call clutter.
They call it contrail clutter.
It's absolutely hilarious to think that these things would be forced upon us.
Yeah, they show the U.S., and it's a spider web, and they didn't do that until six, seven years ago.
Something has changed.
Call's coming up.
Stay with us.
It's here after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
I will repeat, the government has declassified the fact that they, over 3,000 times from the 40s to the 70s, spread chemical, biological, and radiological weapons and other mixes on the American people.
They do it all the time now.
AIDS virus, hepatitis C, knowingly on purpose in the drugs.
Hundreds and hundreds of other examples I don't have time to get into.
Black men and syphilis, sterilizing 400,000 American women for no reason.
On and on and on.
So you've got these Malthusian, Dr. Pionkian.
Remember the UT scientist who gets the 95% standing ovation saying he wants to kill everybody?
Dr. Peter Singer, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Prince Charles, the Club of Rome.
These are Henry Kissinger documents.
All public.
I've got to make a film about this, population reduction.
In fact, that's on the burner to do.
I just am so crazy busy all the time.
We're going to try to do it, though, in my Bilderberg film that's coming out whenever I get that done.
But this is the reality.
And so they are drying out the planet.
They are darkening the planet.
They are manipulating a whole bunch of stuff, a whole bunch of key areas of our biosphere.
And then you've got all the low-altitude spraying.
It's a whole other separate area.
Now, Clifford Carnicom is with us for another 20 minutes.
30 seconds to be precise.
So let's go to your calls.
Please have your questions, your comments to be brief so the next person gets time.
Dave in California.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air with Clifford Garnacom.
Thanks Alex.
Hi Mr. Garnacom and thank you for everything you do.
I have two data points for you.
I live in the Pacific Northwest and especially this last year I've been watching very closely.
What we're seeing here is off the coast at low level
Seeing multiple lay downs just in front of the marine layer when it comes on shore in the afternoon and evening.
Always in front of wet weather storms and just this last year was happening in front of every storm that we had and we had 150% of rainfall this year.
That's number one.
And number two, and this is really disturbing to me, I've noticed that we don't see any insects around here anymore at all.
There was white light on all night last night outside, and I went and looked this morning.
There were two little moths and a couple bugs circling the light.
This is an area that's a wilderness.
There's almost nobody living here.
This place should be swarming with bugs.
There are reports that in industrialized nations, insect levels are way down.
Yeah, it's good.
Let me get a comment from Clifford Carnicone.
I think good observations and exactly on mark, very much the case.
These operations are destroying these storms.
They are coming ahead of them and they are destroying the storms.
Are they trying to cause them to dump all their moisture before they get inland to the areas like Idaho and other areas?
I personally think that what you're actually doing is absorbing the energy from the storms
What's the goal?
Why would they want to do this?
Energy is powerful.
Energy makes things happen.
If you can control energy, you can do things.
This is how weapons are created.
Directed energy weapons, ion weapons, plasma weapons.
Dave, I appreciate your call.
We're going to have to move on.
Great points.
Global warming.
We know that we're not really having global warming.
We're having global, very dangerous, fast-moving change.
Well, you know, what I can say is they are happening.
You know, it's hard for me to determine intent, but what I can say is what's happening.
And it is happening.
For a long time, you still find people.
They're out there saying, this stuff is protecting the Earth, and this is cooling the Earth, and this is counteracting global warming.
My work shows exactly the opposite.
If you look at the effects of these materials, the physics of these materials, it is expected that they heat up the Earth.
Well, this is what I expect.
They dry it out and they heat it up.
They don't cool anything down.
They dry it up and they heat it up.
But if I had the power to manipulate the weather, I would have a federal bureau of it.
I would be announcing it.
I would be admitting it.
They have these technologies.
That's declassified.
But they cover them up and deny them.
That shows they don't want people looking at this.
Our government right now could have killed Hurricane Katrina and Rita.
Our government didn't.
The question is, why?
Yeah, you know, it's a combination of both of these things, both as well as covering it out, as well as manipulating how it is released to the public.
You know, we're now at the point where you have a bill, and apparently this thing is just, you know, in position.
Yeah, the Weather Control Board, yeah.
Yeah, you have a bill on board to basically legalize that which is already being done upon us, which is the way this situation commonly works.
My senator, Kay Bailey, is pushing it.
So, I mean, that's there.
But then you tell the general public still they can control the weather, and they're going, oh, little green man, too.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Indiana.
George, you're on the air.
Yeah, I live in central Indiana, and they seem to do all their spraying at night, because when I get up to about daybreak, I see them all in the air.
I mean, like...
Grand Central Station in the skies.
You see streams everywhere.
And it wasn't there seven, eight years ago, was it, George?
Oh, no.
I'm 57.
I do know it's not all just in my imagination, but it seems like the sun is a whole lot brighter than it was when I was a kid.
Well, that could be a lensing effect because of the atmospheric differential.
That's why the sun looks bigger on the horizon because you're looking through the atmosphere at its thickest point over hundreds of miles, not just through the 20 miles straight up.
But what you just said is true.
NASA just announced that they thought the last 11-and-a-half-year cycle was the biggest ever.
Now they're reporting the sun is online to be 50% brighter in the next cycle.
Go ahead, Clifford.
Well, the UV, the ultraviolet indices, are up.
It's so interesting.
You can actually look at a lot of the popular claims that are out there, and you can actually gauge that, indeed, it may be an intentional disinformation mode to do so, because they'll claim that this material is somehow there.
It's always somehow.
The mechanics and physics are never really explained.
It's just somehow this has to be helping.
Clifford, before I forget, did you see the big write-up on the federally written textbook where they tell the kids that the government's putting a sunscreen up there to keep us safe?
I absolutely did.
I absolutely did.
Give us your take on that.
Manipulation, indoctrination, influencing the population to accept a state of affairs as being normal.
That's a textbook being used nationwide, written by the government, that is used by 8th graders.
You know, I was at the bookstore just a couple weeks ago, and I go through meteorology books occasionally and such.
You have a meteorology book out there now, which has a whole new generation.
I'm not going to call them clouds.
I use contrails, clouds, and aerosols.
I use three words.
I actually don't use the word chemtrails.
In this meteorology book, you will find now an entire new generation of constructed forms.
And I won't even call them clouds, because they don't qualify.
They don't qualify.
That did not exist.
Go pick up the aviation charts pre-'90 and look at the cloud forms that are there in the textbooks, aviation books, meteorology books.
Go look at what's being described now to the kids in popular literature in terms of cloud types and infinite variations of things that have no physical basis and lust.
Unless you introduce a water-loving salt material that completely changes the dynamics... Changing our atmosphere.
They're terraforming Earth to make it a desert planet, sir?
Well, it is what's happening.
We're being reversed terraformed.
Are you saying that's a good term?
All I can say is this material is locking up the moisture that would be going into our water table.
It is locking that moisture up, and there is energy that is being held within those.
So is this the opposite of, say, taking Mars and making it green?
I'm saying, is this a type of terraforming?
Well, it fits, Alex.
I'll say that.
It fits.
It fits if you're changing the climate of the Earth on a global level, and the water levels are being altered.
Then what is that other than a, you know, I'm not going to say again that's an intent.
I can only go on data, but what's the result?
The result is yes.
Terraforming means changing the Earth, right?
All right, let's take another call.
Thank you, George.
Tom in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Tom.
Yes, this is Tom in Texas, and I'd like to say I've been watching these since 99.
I've made some personal observations over long periods of time.
I can tell you some of the places these planes fly in and out of.
As a matter of fact, I can tell you the fuel companies who contract the fuel of them.
In Wichita, Kansas, I watched 44.
Modified KC-135s that have the, used to be a four-engine aircraft modified, but the two engines on the wing, a more powerful engine, come in and refueled by Grondyke aircraft.
I've seen them at the Tinker Air Force Base, come in there as many as a dozen of them in three groups.
They seem to run in groups of 40.
Also in Lincoln, Nebraska, I've collected also the spider web residual after these things,
Two years ago.
Are you a truck driver?
No, I'm not a truck driver.
This is Tom.
I'm just an observer, you might say.
Tom is wondering how you've been all these places, you know.
Oh, well, I was at a funeral in Kansas when I observed these things, first of all.
And like I said, I've been watching them.
So I did a little traveling to follow the ones that were going north and south.
They ended up in Lincoln, Nebraska.
And they ended up in Tinker Air Force Base, the ones that were flying over Kansas.
Also, I've collected the residual aftermath of spider web stuff they speak of.
Two years ago here in Rockport, it snowed, and the day after,
We had more of these spiderwebs dangling.
I've collected some.
I've put them in vials.
Well, here's an example.
I was out at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport about five years ago, and I wasn't poo-pooing chemtrails, but I was poo-pooing the spiderweb.
And I'm there, and under the streetlights, these giant, 20-foot-wide, I was with Mike Hanson, spiderwebs are hitting us in the face, and it was coming off from the planes.
Clifford Carnicombe, what are these spiderwebs?
Man, that's another whole story we could do another whole show on, but let's just say they're not spiderwebs.
They appear to be, well, there's big questions here, I'll tell you.
I can say that they are associated with biological operations and the research I've done there.
They are definitely not spider webs.
Well, I know that coming out three years ago, DARPA told the Baltimore Sun that they may put up towers with electromagnetic fields to make us behave better.
Did you see that?
No, I didn't see that one, Alex.
Baltimore Sun, we're going to mind control you.
I'm sorry.
Okay, thank you, caller.
We'll come back in the final segment with Leverkarner.com and talk to Eleanor and others that are patiently holding.
I mean, this is bizarre stuff going on, but everything's bizarre.
I mean, everything's crazy.
Hillary Clinton talking about them making us take brain chips.
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Clifford Carnicom of Carnicom.com has graciously agreed to stay with us about 5-10 minutes into the next segment so we have plenty of time to take more calls.
Right now, before we go to Eleanor and of course Jack Blood, we're going to go to him as well here in just a moment.
I heard he's going to be calling in.
Let's talk to Danny in Florida who says he's an airline pilot.
Danny, welcome to the Airwaves.
You're on the air right now with Clifford Carnicom.
I have two questions.
The first one is, is it possible for normal aircraft
Airplane contrails to stay small and not dissipate, because I've observed that phenomenon for over 30 years.
And the second question is, if they're using commercial airplanes, what would be the chemical they're adding to the jet fuel?
Is it possible for a contrail to stay?
As a matter of fact, if you look at a paper I did related to humidity,
If the humidity is high enough, indeed, it's possible to linger essentially indefinitely.
Unfortunately, those conditions don't actually exist or occur too often.
Well, I just want to say, I had never seen it until the late 90s, and I know that if it's really, you know, a lot of humidity, it's cold, you can just get ice crystal trails up there, as you know well, but you're a pilot.
And again, I'm not saying everything is a trail, every plane's doing it.
I'm saying there is some type of weird program going on from all the evidence we have.
I mean...
I mean, you're a pilot, Danny.
Do you ever walk outside and just see days where it's nothing but trails and they're below 10,000 feet?
Because believe me, brother, I've taken photos of it.
No, I agree.
I've seen where they're spraying and the trails spread and cover the whole sky.
But I've also seen days that are not very frequent where you'll have a small trail created and it'll just not dissipate.
But it remains small.
Well, I mean, what do other airline pilots think about it?
What do you think about it?
I agree with you 100%.
There's a biological component to it, and there's a weather modification component to it.
In terms of the second question, in terms of the chemicals, I never use the word chemtrail because there's no real basis for that at this point.
What can be accurately assessed is that they are aerosols.
Certain elements have been repeatedly identified at ground level.
But it's really not quite fair to extrapolate that to the direct source until that's done properly.
But nevertheless, in terms of what compounds are there, it appears as though it would be feasible if the materials are small enough.
Again, we need the information here, but from my side, it appears as though it would be feasible if materials are small enough, and we are speaking at the submicron level, that a fuel system could be developed.
There is certainly strong evidence of delivery systems
That have existed.
But in terms of the grand scale operation, we don't have a bird's eye view of the source, but it is feasible to me that to some micron level you could be dealing with a fuel modification.
What about the photos on the web?
We've seen how long they have spray nozzles on them.
Are those real photos?
Are you speaking of my photos?
Well, I've just seen them on the web over the years.
Anybody that claims any photographs showing nozzles and such, to me at this point,
They are totally inadequate until they are documented properly.
And to me, I can't say I've seen that yet.
I'm not saying they're not.
I'm just saying, to me, there is no sufficient evidence of direct eye-to-eye photography of source material.
All right.
Danny, have you ever seen anything really weird where you're flying right next to a plane and you're not leaving the trail, but they are?
No, I can't say that I have seen that.
But I have seen, as you have, Alex, the trails that start out small and spread and then cover the whole sky.
So they're definitely doing this.
Had you seen that before the late 90s?
No, I mean, that's all I'm saying, folks.
Something changed.
I don't know what it is.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go to Jack Blood.
Jack Blood hosts a show right after this one every day.
Jack, what's on your mind?
Hey, Alex, thanks for having Clifford on the program with you today.
And this really shows how brave you are, how brave Clifford is.
I wanted to ask a question about provocateurs, because Clifford...
I don't want to mention any names.
I've actually had, you know, violence threats.
I've had arson at my home for talking about this chemtrail situation, and specifically using your work.
So, I'd like to hear you, if you could, speak about the real movement to just shut us up, no matter what they have to do.
Anything happen to you like that, Jack Webber?
How would we say this?
I have never been physically attacked, I would say that.
What he speaks of is very true, very accurate.
There are organized efforts at both containing this information so that it only flows through certain channels in certain ways.
There are organized efforts to ridicule and discredit those who are attempting to pursue or promote an investigation on this issue.
The efforts to control this are very real.
I'll simply say I have not been physically attacked.
All right, Jack, anything else?
Proof that we're really on to something here.
They're trying to shut us up.
Hey, thank you guys for the work, and Clifford, I'd love to have you on my show sometime.
All right, we'll be right back.
Final segment, Clifford Carnicom.
More calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We've just got time for three more calls.
We've got to let our guests go.
Then I'm going to hit some other important news.
But before he leaves us, get your pens and paper ready, because in a few minutes he'll give you a toll-free number to get one of his documentary films at cost.
Or you can also watch it online for free.
It's all over the place.
We've got a link to it up on Infowars.com right now.
Great guy.
Clever Carnicom, what about the different weathermen?
There have been several meteorologists, aggrieved meteorologists,
Well, the physics of the atmosphere have been changed.
They've been altered.
So the game is not really the same as we know it.
And, you know, the fascinating thing is that a child growing up now, you know, the question of what is normal comes up.
It's quite interesting, but a child growing up now would never even know or have the memories that we have as adults.
And this is now their frame of reference.
And, you know, history is written by the victors, that statement.
You can pretty much...
Create whatever world you want.
My last question for you before we take three final calls is getting outside the science, getting outside just your research, what do you, bottom line, think it's really all about?
What do you think the government is doing?
If I'm pressed to offer a single word that encapsulates and describes what I see happening here, I have to use the word control.
It's the best I can do.
Well, for those that don't know, we are really a spaceship.
People go, a spaceship?
We are a third planet from the sun orbiting a standard sun two-thirds of the way out of a spiral arm in the Milky Way galaxy.
Life lives in a very thin little layer.
Really, the first 10,000 feet of the atmosphere, above that you have major oxygen narcosis problems.
Life lives in the first 10,000 feet, a very thin veneer around the globe, and weather manipulation is admitted, patented, documented.
government totally admits it.
The U.S.
And then there's all these other programs going on, so people need to stop denying this.
Yeah, you have it exactly right, Alex.
And I really don't, you know, Al Gore in his film, at least to his credit, he did make a point of it.
And that is, I don't think people have any idea how fragile this atmosphere is.
It's an eggshell that's around us.
And we have changed it.
I see it as a threat to the viability of this planet as a whole.
Well, the way I heard one biologist put it that we interviewed was, I heard my dad put it the same way, we're basically like fish.
I mean, we're swimming in a gas.
We live in a gas.
The ocean is just a thicker body.
Are you willing, this is a general question to everyone, are you willing to have your atmosphere sacrificed?
Exactly right.
I remember watching a Discovery Channel program, I think it was called Trinity, out there at the Trinity grounds where they tested the nukes.
And they had a line in there where they were shooting in one night something like 20 huge hydrogen bombs into the upper atmosphere and detonating them.
And they said that they thought it might ignite the world's atmosphere, but they were still going to do it.
That's right.
You know, there may come a time, the way we're headed, where you won't have the opportunity to even address the question or answer the problem if you're not willing to act now.
I'm not willing to make that sacrifice.
Do you think these... I'm sure you heard of the UT professor that says we all need to die, including his family.
Dr. Bianca, I mean, do you think this fits into the whole population control agenda?
Again, I may not be able to ascribe intent, but what I can say is that it is expected that there will be increased mortality as well as the potential of a huge host of unknown pathogens that we are subject to, and this is not based on speculation.
There's a whole
The whole arena of biological research that we haven't even begun to touch on, which is very real.
I forget.
There are links to the NASA website off the sites.
I've seen so much.
It may have been carnicom.com.
We've got to hurry here, folks.
I'm going over.
Where it'll show NASA photos 20 years ago, 10 years ago, there's no spiderwebs, and then you look now at Africa, Europe, England, and it's cobwebs of trails, and they say, oh, it'll say increased jet travel has caused this.
Yes, and I have to dismiss that phrase because, unfortunately, the debunkers have their little methods and their little phrases.
And the spider web thing, it doesn't apply.
And it appears as though we're dealing with a polymer as the best that I can come up with right now.
No, no, I meant the satellite photos where there's these webs of trails.
Oh, just the webs of the planes, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, very true.
Yeah, NASA, again, I believe the processes of indoctrination are very much in place.
All right, I know you've got to go in just a moment.
Let's just rampage through these calls.
Eleanor in Tennessee, thanks for holding her on the air.
Well, Alex, in the late 90s, I lay on the ground outside and observed fixed-wing aircraft, two of them, one going back and forth one way in one area of the sky, another going back and forth in another area of the sky.
They were long enough that I could see they had a canister on either side of the aircraft behind the front wings.
From those canisters came these clouds of whatever.
You know, whatever was being spewed out, the planes were going back and forth over an area, expressing substance, till the sky is full of trails.
Within four or five hours, the trails spread out.
They come together to form what I call a blanket over the sky.
I had read where the Russians used such during World War II to keep the Germans from
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
You want to comment on what you just said?
Just in my case, in my particular area here, all of my work, I've measured it over and over, and I'm a pretty good judge of altitude.
I was a surveyor in the past.
All of my work here is at high altitude.
There are no planes that fly low here.
If there were, you can bet that I would have some photographs of what's happening.
So those folks that are at advantageous
And some of it's real.
Some of it, you know, is legitimate, though we've caught them doing biological, chemical, radiological tests with this as a cover.
But two months ago, I'm listening to the radio, Southwest Austin today, don't be alarmed if you see small aircraft spraying.
They're trying to kill, I believe it was the Chinese something, boar beetle or something.
And then, oh, there's a deadly mosquito in Corpus Christi when I was down there fishing, and so you'll see planes spraying.
So there are other planes out spraying legitimately.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, how long have we been living with
Crop dusters and agricultural control, sure.
But I'm not saying that's what she saw.
I mean, I'm not poo-pooing her.
Sure, I mean, I'm not poo-pooing her either.
I'm just, sometimes there's real stuff going on.
Very fast, let's talk to Mike in Texas and then Liam, and that's it.
Mike, go ahead.
Oh, thanks a lot, Alex.
God bless y'all for the work that you're doing.
I just want to say, a couple of years ago, I was looking at what you call a chemtrail in the sky.
It was only spring where there was currently cloud cover.
You know, so a lot of people look up and they're like, okay, that's just the contrail from the plane.
But in this case, it was just on, then you turn it off for a little bit, get up to another cloud.
Well, maybe that was the cloud he put there.
The spring again.
Oh, yeah.
What about this phenomenon in the photos and video that have been shot where they're just turning them on and off?
I have a classic photo of that, one of the early ones that was taken, which is used to make this point.
And that is, in some cases, it's clearly, let's say, artificially controlled and distributed.
And that particular photo I'm talking about, let me say there was a great deal of interest by certain parties to try and identify the location, source, and timing of that photograph.
And I know that there was a clear effort to want to identify that particular pilot of that particular plane at that time because it's a rather incriminating photograph if you look at it taken up in Colorado.
And the explanations of variation in meteorological conditions don't... Well, you'll see stuff, too, when they're flying these grid patterns is when they get to the end and they're ready to make their turn, they turn off.
Then when they turn back around to go back, it turns back on.
These are systematic operations.
Now, they're very complex, extremely complex.
And nobody has a complete handle on exactly the logistics of it.
All right, last caller.
But they are systematic.
Last caller, Lee in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air, Lee.
Hi, Alex.
Clifford, I have a news release I just sent over to Alex's website.
It's about oily gunk on homes.
Oily substances on Saturday were showered upon their homes and cars, and it's an oily residue that all the neighborhoods, the whole township,
Well, that happens all the time, and they try to claim that it's sewage matter from malfunctioning planes, but what do you do when a whole town gets covered with green or black goo?
Clifford, we've seen hundreds of these cases.
What is that?
I can't speak for an oily residue, but what I can speak for is a failure.
No matter what the material is, if you have airborne materials that are unexplained and pose a potential health risk or a potential pollution risk,
It seems quite reasonable that those involvement agencies should be responsible for analyzing them.
EPA has failed us tremendously on this regard.
Fish and Wildlife comes out and tests every week for the fish and all these other groups running around, but why won't they test this?
Well, exactly.
The EPA refuses to test this filament material, fibrous material that I'm speaking of.
They refuse to test it.
What do they say when you talk to them?
Pardon me, Alex?
What do they say when you talk to them?
Boy, folks should look into their correspondence.
I have it all on the website.
Their classic line was, we refuse to analyze any unsolicited material, basically saying if they didn't ask for it,
They don't have any obligation to identify.
Now, you've done some tests, haven't you?
I've done quite a bit of tests, and that's a big part of my work over here.
What have you found the spider webs are?
Well, first would be they're not spider webs.
They are a most unique filament.
They don't satisfy any natural explanation whatsoever.
They are at the submicron level.
Asbestos fibers are two microns or less.
Are you still there, Alex?
I'm not going to.
Yeah, okay, so I may have been cut off there, but there's been quite a body of research that's been done there to analyze it from the perspective that I can.
A private lab was consulted at one point at paid cost, and they issued a report which could clearly be shown to be false.
They were addressed in person for the failure of that report, and they terminated that meeting at the very early part of it.
They said this meeting is now over as soon as I raise the objections as to why that report was false.
So I'm assuming we were cut off then?
Ladies and gentlemen, we're here back live, and that never happens unless we're getting into really key information.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas.
They're up in Minnesota.
Clifford Carnacom, I guess I need to go ahead and say bye to you now.
I am back, though.
I'm here with you.
Are you there?
Thanks very much, Alex.
I'll get out of the way for you.
They're not feeding me your audio right now.
If I can list an 800 number where people can get a copy of the documentary.
We're going to go ahead and go back to music, and thank you for joining us.
Hey, baby There ain't no easy way out Hey, I will stand my ground
And I won't back down Well, I know what's right I got just one life In a world that keeps on pushing me around But I'll stand my ground And I won't back down I won't back down
Alex Jones here via telephone.
We'll try to
Better work this out.
This only happens when we have key guests on, but I'm sure it's us.
I'm sure it's all a technical thing.
Clifford, in closing here, I want to thank you for coming on and joining us today.
I really appreciate you spending time with us.
Go ahead and give out that toll-free number so people can get a copy of your film.
Alex, thanks very much for all that you've done today.
I appreciate it very much.
This phone number is for Harriet Fell.
She is helping to get this documentary out at cost.
There is no profit to be made with this.
The phone number is 1-800-335-7226.
And I appreciate that very much.
Where do you see things going in the future, Clifford?
You bet.
You say you're working on something new.
In closing here, give us an idea what it is.
This issue of this disease that has emerged over the past several years, the popular term being given is Mergelin's disease.
There's a serious topic of research here that needs a lot of help, and I may be contributing to that.
Do you think the two are connected?
Because we have the reports of these tiny fibers, and that's what's reported to be coming out of skin, and then we have real serious doctors...
Talking to people and, you know, removing it where clearly there's been no incision.
It's just somehow in them.
It's possible they're connected, and I guess that's the very question.
I'm not trying to draw a connection before it's there, but I think it's valid to raise that question.
And what we can say is that that issue is being managed.
Mergelin's issue is being managed exactly in the same way that this issue has been managed.
Basically calling people delusional.
All right, Clifford Carnacom, thank you so much for joining us.
Thanks a whole lot, Alex.
You bet.
It is not delusional that they knowingly for 10 years put AIDS virus and HIV in hundreds of thousands of hemophiliacs, blood supply here in the U.S., tens of thousands in Canada, and hundreds of thousands worldwide.
It is not a conspiracy theory that they gave black men syphilis.
It is not a conspiracy theory they nerve-gassed U.S.
It is not a conspiracy theory, so...
All of this is open for discussion.
And anybody that tells you you shouldn't look into something has got a serious problem.
We'll be back with the final segment.
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Well, there's no real terrorist threat outside what criminal elements of the government are carrying out.
Here's a story out of News 7 out of Denver, Colorado.
Marshals, innocent people placed on watch lists to meet quota.
Marshals say they must file one surveillance detection report, or SDR, per month.
And you're putting a terrorist database.
You could be on a senior government database on which list for simply taking a picture on an airplane.
Some federal air marshals say they're reporting your actions to meet a quota, even though some top officials deny it.
The air marshals' identities are being concealed, told 7 News.
They go risk their careers, everything to tell this, and the feds say, oh, it's not true, because they're so trustworthy.
The air marshals' identities are being concealed, told 7 News.
They were required to submit at least one report a month.
If they don't, there's no raise, no bonus, no awards, and no special assignments.
Innocent passengers are being entered into an international intelligence database of suspicious persons.
By the way, they've told me I'm on this.
Acting in a suspicious manner or on an aircraft, and they did nothing wrong, said one federal air marshal.
Well, that's the whole plan in a secret police society.
It isn't about stopping terror.
It's about getting us all in databases.
And by the way, we're going to be writing a big article on this.
I've sent it to Paul Watson, Jerome Corsi broke it on my show yesterday.
We've since, on the federal government's own website, found their PDF file.
You will have an American Union ID card.
As Ridge said, I told you four years ago, I saw Homeland Security at Ridge.
Then head, say that there'll be four levels of how you're trusted.
Green, yellow, orange, red.
Bad credit, you get a yellow, and you have no rights.
Oh, you have rights if you're green, but no rights for things that are non-criminal.
This will be the new America.
All the illegal aliens will be instantly legalized.
Yes, it's actually happening, my friends.
It just boggles the mind.
But they still haven't posted it on the schedule.
And the reason I'm concerned is they said, or it might be the next week.
So they're trying to make us basically forget about all this or the war in Iran is going to kick off and this isn't going to happen.
Who knows?
It's just normally they air something within two weeks.
So call in to C-SPAN Washington Journal every morning and say, hey, when is that going on the schedule?
Hey, when is that?
And I'm asking you, the listeners, to call into all the mainstream radio talk shows, the truth talk shows, the patriot talk shows, and tell them about Terror Storm.
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I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
More big guests throughout the week.
Vital information as we chronicle the New World Order's criminal activities here Monday through Friday, 11 to 2.
And you heard it, back from 9 to midnight.
Now get out there, expose the terrorists, be bold, be strong.
They're doing a lot of crazy, bizarre stuff.
The sky's the limit, literally.
If you can think of it, and it's horrible, it's worse, what they're doing.
That's what I've found.
And so we've just got to expose them, we've got to fight them.
There are more of us than there are of them.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.