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Air Date: July 20, 2006
2480 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wide open phones today on this live Thursday edition, the 20th day of July 2006.
Any news item, any issue, any story, any question, any comment, anything you wish to discuss with us, we will get you up and on the air.
No holds barred, wide open telephones.
All we ask is what state you're calling from.
It's about defending liberty, resisting tyranny.
We're here to defend the United States.
We're here to defend our heritage.
We're here to stop the private international crime syndicate takeover of our federal, state, and local governments that is ongoing.
And what level will tyranny grow to?
The exact level that you allow, that you put up with.
You understand, ladies and gentlemen, we're in a downward spiral of corruption.
It will only get worse until we stop its growth and then begin to reverse it.
You think the all-time highs of evil and wickedness and no-bid contracts and stealing and money-missing and corruption and land-grabbing and child-grabbing and government drug-dealing and government poisoning and killing the population, you think it's going to end or slow down?
It's only going to get worse!
And I guess the only thing that we see growing other than evil is people's ability to cope with it, to rationalize it, to accept it.
But the good news is people actually are waking up now in record levels as the tyranny grows.
Israel is hinting at full-scale invasion.
This was out in the last hour.
It's being posted right now on InfoWars.com.
It's from the Associated Press.
Israeli troops met fierce resistance from Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday as they crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for the second straight day.
And now the head of the Lebanese...
Military, their governmental force, is saying they will join forces with Hezbollah if there is any more incursions by the Israeli forces.
And the Israeli government now and neocons on U.S.
television and talk radio are openly talking about going into Syria.
So we told you they'd start a war in the Middle East.
They're hyping up a regular occurrence of the grabbing and capture of troops.
And they have now dropped several thousand bombs on Lebanon.
And they have killed, now it's up to close to 400 civilians, and that's their own numbers.
It's probably much higher.
They're blowing up lighthouses, ships, highways, bridges, government buildings, private TV and radio stations.
They're bombing apartment buildings.
They're having a great time and
When a 1,000-pound bomb goes into an apartment building full of men, women, and children, it's called loving and good.
And when fighters in southern Lebanon fire some junky toy rockets, basically, it's called super mega death weapons, the ultimate satanic devil power.
But when 1,000-pound bombs rain down on cities, it's called love and goodness.
So we'll be getting into that.
Again, Israel hints at full-scale invasion.
This is out of the Associated Press from Beirut, Lebanon.
The AP is also reporting a catastrophe looms in Lebanon as Israel pushes offensive.
Gingrich, the Third World War has begun.
Military analyst, also AP, questions Israeli bombing.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, thousands of Israeli bombs have fallen on Lebanese homes, roads, bridges, ports, broadcasting towers, and even a lighthouse.
And it goes on to say that hundreds and hundreds have died.
Many civilians have been killed.
Lebanese Prime Minister said.
We'll get into that report when we get back.
Lebanon has now been torn to shreds.
BBC headline.
Spanish leader is now criticizing Israel.
Toronto Star headline.
Wildly disproportionate attack on Lebanon.
Seems like pretext to confront Iran.
We'll get into all of it.
And there's new talk of a draft.
We'll tell you about that too.
What happens September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
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Thank you.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we will have wide open phones for the full three hours today.
The toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
My name is Alex Jones.
I am your host.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Israel is hinting at a full-scale invasion.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Israeli troops met fierce resistance from Hezbollah guerrillas Thursday as they crossed into Lebanon to seek tunnels and weapons for a second straight day, and Israel hinted at a full-scale invasion.
Meanwhile, U.N.
Secretary General Kofi Annan told the Security Council that hostilities must stop between Israel and Hezbollah.
Israeli warplanes also launched new airstrikes on Beirut's southern suburbs.
A Hezbollah stronghold shortly after daybreak, followed by strikes in the guerrillas' heartland in the south and the eastern Beqa Valley.
The strikes followed bombings Wednesday that killed as many as 70 people, according to Lebanese television, making it the deadliest day since the fighting began July 12th.
And I'm looking at photos and video here that I'm sure you've seen of apartment buildings that are completely leveled, apartment buildings that have had many floors blasted away.
Just the entire country is being blown to bits.
Thousands of bombs and artillery shells being dropped, being fired, being lobbed, being salvoed into Lebanon.
And the Israelis now, for four or five days, have been attacking the entire width and breadth of the country, and now have tens of thousands of Israeli troops pouring into southern areas of the tiny nation.
The strikes followed bombings Wednesday that killed as many as 70 people.
Again, Anand also condemned Israel's excessive use of force against Lebanon.
There are serious obstacles to reaching a ceasefire, or even to diminishing the violence quickly.
Anand said he added that the fighting had triggered a humanitarian crisis.
Now remember, this has now been going on for two weeks, and we have had water treatment bombed, we've had fuel tanks bombed, we've had the airport blown to bits so people cannot escape, including American citizens that are now evacuating via the Marines.
It's amazing.
Russia sharply criticized Israel over its onslaught against Lebanon, now in its ninth day, sparked when Hezbollah militants captured two Israeli soldiers.
The Russian foreign ministry said Israel's actions have gone far beyond the boundaries of an anti-terrorist operation and repeated calls for an immediate ceasefire.
At least 306 people have been killed in Lebanon.
The new number is up at 400.
Since the Israeli campaign began, according to the security forces control room that collates casualties in Israel, 29 people have been killed, including 14 soldiers.
The UN has said that at least half a million people have been displaced in Lebanon.
And I just want to report something here.
Do you know what one of the hottest destinations... First World, by the way...
In the 50s, 60s, and even into the early 1970s was, in the Mediterranean, it was the cons of the Middle East.
It was Lebanon.
Some of the best scuba diving, some of the best hotels, if you're into that type of thing, casinos, very western rock and roll music playing on the radio stations.
I know a lot of Lebanese people.
Very western, very mainstream.
Going back thousands of years, it's been a major trade city.
Not anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a blown to bits, pockmarked, militant, manipulated area.
In the last five years, the carnage of the 80s had been reversed, and they had a democratically elected government.
They were re-emerging into second world status.
Tourism had rebounded.
Lebanon does not want to fight with Israel.
They have tried to sign peace deals, just like Egypt has.
It means nothing.
And now they're being completely leveled.
But to the average American, they believe that Lebanese have huge 90-foot fangs, dripping blood and squirting acid, and that they basically look like something out of the movie Alien, and that they are all just running around screaming Allah Akbar and detonating explosives belts.
It isn't true.
The Lebanese were sharp-dressed, intelligent businessmen and women and scientists and doctors and very highly educated.
Again, they go back thousands of years as a trading and business group.
But not anymore.
That is not the case anymore, my friends.
And so they're trying to rebound.
And I'll repeat the facts that are in Israeli newspapers, that are admitted in Western papers as well.
Israel founded Hamas in 1973 as a religious, quote, counterbalance to radicalize the region.
This is what they do.
This is how they operate.
They went and they created Hezbollah because they didn't want mainstream elected, suit and tie wearing Palestinians who would just be non-violent like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.
No, no, no, no.
That's too effective.
They wanted it to be a hot war.
They didn't want it to be political.
It's like our government.
How many times has the FBI been caught red-handed carrying out terror attacks or provocateuring riots from Berkeley, California to New York City to Detroit to Dallas, Texas to then go in and arrest whole political organizations that have been effective against them?
It's simple.
You provocateur an action.
And in many cases, Israel, the U.S.
and the British have been caught financing terrorist groups and the young 16, 18 year old idiot
From some refugee camp who's never had any schooling, and all they know is hatred, and they've been bombed and strafed their entire life, full of nothing but hate, they don't even know that in many cases, in fact the majority, the evidence shows that when they sneak into Israel, and when they pull that cord, and when five pounds of plastic explosives detonate, blowing their body to bits on some bus, they don't even know that money came from Shin Bet or Mossad.
They don't read UPI.
They don't read Haratz.
They don't read Jerusalem Post.
Oh, it's even admitted, again, in the Israeli papers.
Hundreds of, quote, Al-Qaeda teams to create a fake Al-Qaeda threat.
That was in 2002 when the Israelis got caught doing it.
Every few months they catch Israeli settlers dressed up in beards, running around detonating bombs to blame it on Palestinians.
They'll blow up a few bombs in their neighborhood to then get the military in because there's some talk of making them move out of their settlement and the military will grab a few hundred more acres and just keep moving forward for the living space, as Hitler would call it.
Is it Labenstrau?
Is that right?
I'm not good with my German.
So look at who has the motive, Kibono.
And of course the Israeli government loves all of this because they get to have their control over the population.
They get to continue to get their tens of billions of dollars in military aid each year.
They get to continue to push their national security state.
The people of Israel are just as enslaved as many of their Arab neighbors are.
We're good to go.
But again, back of the paper, the incredibly evil and wicked things that go on in Israel, the selling of weapons systems that they've gotten from the U.S.
to China and to Pakistan and even Iran.
So while we're busy sitting there talking about how, quote, America needs to support Israel, we need to understand that the people...
We're good to go.
I think?
The war on terror, the long war, it's never going to end.
You can't question government.
You've got to give up all of your freedoms.
You've got to let the government take your private property and brainwash your children and give you national ID cards and force drug you.
You can't question any of that while they get rid of the borders and create an American Union because they're busy keeping you safe from the foggy Al-Qaeda.
I mean, come on, it's as plain as the nose on your face.
And people say, but there's real suicide bombers.
There's real terrorist attacks.
Again, there is some.
Real rage attacks where a Palestinian gets a gun, sneaks it in, and shoots eight Israelis, killing three.
Or a woman, a 50-year-old woman, is so enraged that her son and her grandson and granddaughters were all killed by Israelis who then stood over them laughing at the dead bodies of the little children taking snapshot trophy photos.
I'm talking about a real case.
She goes on a bus, and the woman is so enraged, she successfully, what was it, killed five Israelis and stabbed another 12?
A woman taking on a whole bunch of men?
So enraged, she's slashing and killing them?
With a butcher knife?
Oh, that's real, ladies and gentlemen.
That isn't shin-better-massage.
And you've got those real type of things going on.
But every time we track it,
When somebody blows up an oil tanker, or blows up a pipeline, or blows something up, gas prices go up, the oil companies make more money, Israel gets to get more control, we track back where the funding is coming from, and it's coming from our governments.
And you try to tell the average drooling neocon follower, can't follower this, they just can't compute it.
We're good to go.
And then I hear conservatives on talk radio who aren't neocons, but they're still confused, going, well, why is it Bush has signed on for the wetlands project to say a puddle in your yard means they can take your property?
I thought he's a conservative.
About as conservative as a bathhouse.
Well, why is it Bush is signing all these regulations that are anti-gun?
Well, why is it that... Why is it that...
Bush is doing all these things because he's a New World Order minion.
He's not conservative or liberal.
That's all fake.
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One of the biggest insurance companies in the United States has signed a deal to start implanting their insurance members
We're policyholders with chips.
And, again, I don't have a crystal ball.
It's not hard to predict that they would start giving people huge discounts if they take chips.
And then pretty soon, they won't give you a policy if you don't have one.
I predicted this eight years ago.
Here it is.
Six years ago, we got the Pentagon Battle Plan.
The Federation of American Scientists published it to force us all to take chips.
Listen, you can't make stuff up like this.
And people laughed at us, and they'd hear me on talk radio.
They wouldn't check out the website.
They would see me on the local TV show, showing the documents, and I'd get emails saying, you're making it up when I had direct links to the Federation of American Scientists.
Listen, we're not kidding.
The government plans to make you take a chip.
It isn't a joke.
It isn't a game.
So I'll get into that later.
There's just so much news here.
But right now, let's go to Tim in Nebraska, then we'll go to everybody else.
Tim, welcome to the Airwaves.
Thank you.
Did you mention the name of that insurance company?
Yes, it's here in the stack and I haven't gotten to it yet.
I believe it's Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Oh, great.
In fact, it is.
It's Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I just had a question.
What's the status on the C-SPAN recording at the conference?
I meant to do a rant on that yesterday, and I meant to do it today.
The problem is I haven't had time to call them.
I talked to them last Monday, and they said, Sir, I'm just a secretary, but it has not been removed.
It's going to air sometime.
They said they normally air within two weeks, but it could be as long as a month.
But I'm tired of waiting.
This does not fit their regular pattern.
And so I'm going to give out the C-SPAN numbers.
In fact, I meant to tell during the last break Ryan Slickheisen to call C-SPAN.
Kevin just got in.
He had car trouble.
Kevin Smith, please, I know you're listening right now, go call C-SPAN and find out if they're giving us a date.
If not, I'm going to give their number out.
But we haven't done this yet.
But more importantly, we're going to give you the show times of their live shows.
That's where you need to hit them.
And say, where is the InfoWars.com 9-11 Symposium?
You covered it.
Where is it?
Say, one other thing.
I don't get video streaming on my Internet.
My connection isn't good enough.
Are you going to come out with a DVD of the conference?
Yes, that is on the burner to do.
We're finishing up the official Terror Storm that should be ready in about two and a half weeks.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you for the call.
Yes, for those that don't know, three weeks ago, let me see, it's the 20th today, it was the 25th that they were there, so 26 days ago, C-SPAN sent a big three-camera, three-man team to Los Angeles, California to cover our event.
They said it was excellent.
They were excited.
We don't know.
And I am very upset about it.
They told us that we had roughly about two hours.
They said keep it below two hours.
So we taped in the live roundtable panel discussion for one hour, 48 minutes, 20-something seconds to be precise.
And they have not aired it.
I privately thought to myself that it'd be a snowball's chance in Hades for them to air it because it's so hardcore.
No one pulled punches.
Not Professor Fetzer, not myself, not Stephen Jones, not Webster Tarpley, not Dr. Bob Bowman.
I mean, you know, top physicists, former head of the Star Wars program, professors, terrorism experts.
I gave a little seven-minute intro to it where I laid 9-11 out.
And we told them what the panel discussion was.
We told them what would be covered.
They said, great.
You called them.
I never put the call out for C-SPAN to cover it.
Jack Blood was sitting in when I was in Bilderberg, and he, I guess, had the idea that, hey, how about C-SPAN?
They should call this.
Call them, folks.
Tell them to cover it.
Well, to be specific, we'd actually called C-SPAN.
They hadn't called us back.
Then there was a discussion of it.
Jack decided to say on air, why don't you call them?
You called them.
They decided to cover it.
And they have got an hour and 48-minute piece that they have not aired.
And it really lights a candle under my hind end just to show how controlled these people are that they haven't aired it.
They haven't scheduled it.
Now, I want a yay or nay from them.
They tell me it's going to air in two weeks.
Okay, but this doesn't fit their normal programming schedule for it to be 26 days and it hadn't even been scheduled yet.
So, we'll be right back.
We'll take more of your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
September 11th, 2001 changed the world, and the world is now realizing that the official story of that infamous day just doesn't make sense.
The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that there is a government cover-up, according to a CNN poll.
9-11 in plain sight.
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We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher, leave them kids alone.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Wide open telephones.
Let's move quickly through your calls.
Again, any issue you want to discuss, I'm actually getting the phone numbers for the switchboard at C-SPAN.
Please be nice to them.
It's just secretaries that answer the phone.
And I want you to call those numbers, but more importantly, Washington Journal, what is on from 6 to 9 Monday through, I believe it actually runs seven days a week.
And so hit them every morning.
Hit them every single morning.
They'll start screening calls.
Get through their screeners and just say, what is going on with C-SPAN?
They'll start hanging up on you.
But just get it out.
What is wrong with C-SPAN?
Why aren't you airing the 9-11 Symposium?
You came, you covered it at C-SPAN.
Why aren't you airing it?
Why won't you talk to us?
Why won't you tell us?
You know, when they decided to cover it, we could talk to their programming people.
Oh yeah, we're going to come cover it.
We're going to air it.
And then now they won't put us through to them.
They won't talk to us.
All right, I don't want to belabor that.
In the final segment of this hour, I'll have the phone numbers for Washington Journal.
They have other live shows, too, that are unannounced.
There'll be some Senate or House vote or some other event, and then for 10, 15, 20 minutes, 30 minutes sometimes, they will then just randomly start taking calls.
And those are easier shows to get in on.
But the key is get InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com in there when they allow you to get on.
And going back, Brian Lamb has done multiple...
We're good to go.
Why don't you have me on for 30 minutes?
I'll fly up there.
I'll come in the studio with Lamb.
And, oh no, Mr. Jones, no, no, that's not going to happen.
So I think we deserve equal time after all these years with the hit pieces on C-SPAN.
I've probably been sent, I don't know, 10, 15 tapes, I don't know, over the years with different guests he's had on who just decide to go ahead and go off on me.
And then all the time Lamb has gone off on me.
And then two interviews that I've got tapes of where they spent over an hour.
An hour plus where Lamb's bashing me for 30 minutes and then they put on somebody for an hour bashing me.
And then you finally come cover our event C-SPAN and you won't air it.
So now is the time.
The time has come.
The time is now for C-SPAN to air our piece.
I mean, they'll air...
Some neocons saying we need to attack Iran literally five, six times.
I've been looking at their schedule.
They'll air it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
Or some fake liberal from the nation enforcing the false left-right paradigm.
They'll do that forever.
But they will not put us on.
And, Kevin, you're talking to C-SPAN right now.
What are they telling you?
She's checking for me right now.
She's checking for you.
Notice it's not Republicans anymore.
It says support president.
Yeah, Kevin just walked in here and gave me the phone numbers.
In the past it was Democrat, Republican, Independent.
Now it's Democrats, support President Bush, others.
And so I will give you these numbers unless they come in here and give us some type of information.
Alright, I said open phones.
I'm now belaboring this issue and it's not as important as what's happening in Israel right now or what's happening to our economy or the devaluation of the dollar or a host of other issues.
Jeff in Vermont, thanks for holding.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
What do you think about the citizens in Lebanon being carried away on a private cruiser?
Could you say hallucinating again?
Well, I believe you're on an IP phone?
It's cutting up.
Are you talking about the evacuation of thousands of U.S.
citizens, of the 20,000 that are there roughly, by the Marines via the embassy?
And you're saying it would be perfect, the way this is being hyped, for our government or Israel to blow up one of the ships and then claim that the Lebanese or Hezbollah attacked it?
Like another Britannia drank us at the World War I. Well, that's one of their favorite things to do.
Thank you, Jeff, for the call.
I've got to let you go.
It sounds like you're talking to us from 100 feet underwater.
You're a great caller, but sometimes the IP phones don't cut it.
In fact, in official U.S.
government documents, they talk about blowing up a ship like they did in Havana Harbor in 1898.
They talk about staging Lusitania events.
There's different things they can do.
They can have a ship cruise up and down in a hot combat zone and hope somebody attacks it, or they can have a ship cruise up and down a hot combat zone and then no one attacks it and they just claim someone did.
That happened with the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Or they can actually blow up the ship themselves.
And this has been done over and over again.
It's one of their favorite tricks.
It was done, of course, in late June of...
1967 by the Israel and collusion with the United States government, and that's all declassified and on the record.
Let's talk to Steve in Utah.
Steve, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, congratulations on Terror Storm.
Just watched it the other day.
Awesome new documentary.
My comment is basically simple, you know.
It just seems so convenient, these coincidences that happen as far as
Us looking for an excuse to go into Iran.
That's right.
They say that there's this big collision coming up with Iran.
We're going to have to attack them.
And then Ahmedinejad is saying, hey, let's be friends.
Sending letters.
They're not even read.
Well, you know, this is not an isolated incident of hostages being taken.
I mean, this is...
This has happened 30 years ago when there was 100 or more hostages taken and they went in stealthily and extracted them and killed the terrorists.
But now all of a sudden we have to bomb the entire nation, or they have to bomb the entire nation to be able to find...
They're reporting thousands and thousands of artillery shells, bombs, and missiles that Israel has been dropping on the length and breadth of the country, blowing up civilian targets, and this is freedom.
You know, I just wonder what's going to happen as 2008 approaches.
What kind of weird coincidences are going to start happening?
So we can impose, or so they can impose, I'm sorry.
Well, this is all about the election.
This war will get some people to rally behind the Uber leader, the great Fuhrer, and Bush is actually getting a few approval rating points, Bush, right now.
So is Olbert.
So, again, it's not just about oil.
It's not just about region control.
It's not just about a greater Israel.
It's about domestic popularity.
Yeah, everybody, you know, likes to simplify it down as to it's all about oil, which, granted, it is about oil, but there's so much more that goes into it.
The New World Order Crime Syndicate does a cost-benefit analysis, and when something is good for the majority of their interests, they do it.
You bet.
Good talking to you, Alex.
Keep up the good work, my man.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
But, you know, just talking about how they could sink one of these ships, the globalists, the New World Order, Israel, the U.S., Britain, anybody could do it.
Anybody who has an interest in widening this.
The defense contractors, private agencies, private groups, quasi-governmental organizations.
Just by talking about how they could do it, and even putting a little article out about it, could stop them from pulling something like that.
I think Jeff was right on target.
That's the exact type of MO and signature we've seen in the past.
We know serial killers and sociopaths repeat the same thing, not just individually or as groups, but throughout history it's the same pathology.
Let's talk to Tyrone in Toronto, Canada.
Welcome, Tyrone.
Hi, Alex.
Good, sir.
How are you doing?
I just wanted to get your comment on something that's happening up here.
The emerging media monster, Bell Global Media and Chum City
Well, you're right, and
Ten years ago, there were roughly 200 plus companies that owned the newspapers and TV and radio in this country.
There are now two major companies that own 70 plus percent of the radio stations.
There are four companies that have interlocking directorates, so it's really two companies that own the cable channels and the cable news.
And they own a newspaper up here, too.
The Globe and Mail is a big paper up here, and they own that, too.
CTV does.
And there was one other thing.
MTV up here, which pretty much targets the young audience to do lifestyle shows.
That's Viacom.
Yeah, well, actually, MTV up here is owned by CTV.
It's actually separate.
The thing, though, is that they have their headquarters.
But actually, I actually looked that up.
It's a licensed name and is directed by Redstone, but Canadian laws basically force them to have quasi-ownership in Canada.
Well, the thing is that their headquarters up here is inside a Masonic temple.
It says it right in front of the building.
No, I knew that.
I've been a guest three times on MTV up there, and the first time they joked and said, was it the second?
By the way, we're inside a Masonic temple right now, Mr. Jones.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, so I just wanted to let you know about that, get your comments on that, that that's what's going on up here.
Our media is getting all merged together.
So, you know, let's...
Less non-biased sources of information for the general public.
Thank you for the call.
It's not good.
Let me try to run through that, though.
It is, as it seems, to a certain extent, but then it isn't.
Let me explain that.
There was a consolidation in the last 100 years of media, accelerating in the last, really, 12 years, up until now.
People will say, well, you just said 10, now it's 12.
I mean, I forget it's 2006.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
The free market then moved in with the Internet and alternative newspapers and publications, and now print has lost in the last 10 years around 60%, 61% a few weeks ago when I saw those numbers, of their readership, 60% plus.
We're good to go.
I think?
You go back 15 years ago, CNN on its top shows would have 15 million viewers.
CNN's top shows have 2 million.
Lou Dobbs, 2 million a night, one of their top shows.
O'Reilly, 2.3 million on average every evening.
He's down from 4 million a few years ago, then 3 million now.
2.3 million, 2.4 on a top night, maybe 2.5.
I look at these numbers every week.
There was a time when the nightly news had 30 plus million viewers.
ABC would be tops with 35 million.
NBC with 30 million.
CBS with 30 million.
They'd fight with each other for the second place.
Now you look at it, they might have 5, 6, 7, 10 million viewers on a big news cycle night.
They're falling apart.
CNN last Monday, remember, had that article about the death of mainstream media and how there's too many choices and all this niche marketing now.
And so everything's broken into a thousand, thousand pieces.
And so, oh, it's destroyed the quality.
Oh, boo-hoo.
Actually, you look at the big studies, people are more happy with their choices now.
They're very upset.
The establishment's very upset.
They've lost their monopoly.
So they're moving with Internet taxation, email taxation, Tier 1 and 2 with Internet 2 systems to shut down your choice.
They're moving quickly, but I really think it's too late because people now have a taste of real choice.
And so whereas you look at shows like this one's trend, and radio listenerships, and AM and FM affiliates, and you look at our Internet trends, it's going straight up.
If you look at a two-year graph, or a yearly graph, you look at mainstream media, they're going straight down.
Neocons are going straight down.
Fake liberals are going straight down.
They can try to brand themselves as alternative.
It isn't working.
And so to make a long story short, we saw a consolidation of media the last 12 years, continuing a 100-year trend,
Then, because of that consolidation, people demanded choice.
Alternative markets for freewheeling information opened up.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
A lot of it's garbage.
A lot of it's great.
A lot of it's middle of the road.
The point is the choice developed, and now it's hurting the mainstream media so bad that it's now accelerating a second wave of consolidations in an attempt to cut costs to maintain profitability.
So a lot of the consolidations you now see is an attempt to maintain profitability.
We're good to go.
I've talked to presidents and program directors and high-level individuals at top TV networks and stations, and they go, yeah, we know it's true.
Well, that's not true.
Yeah, we know about the New World Order.
Yeah, Alex, we know all about it.
Yeah, we know that's what the people want.
Yeah, well, someday in the future, if you could just play ball a little bit.
It's gone from, we want you to totally be our minion,
To, hey, with a little limited control.
And I'm like, nope, nope, nope.
We'll just make our own media.
We don't need you.
There's been a flurry of it.
The last year, I mean, I'm getting calls every day.
To the point that I don't even return them now.
And then now the calls are coming in.
Okay, we're going to pitch a TV show where you can do whatever you want.
And then, of course, I'm told, oh, I can't have it.
So all of this is going on.
All of this is happening.
As the establishment desperately tries to maintain their position and they're losing it rapidly.
Alright, now I'm ranting.
We'll come back.
I'm trying to even go to your calls a little bit faster.
Jason, Zach, and others, your calls are straight ahead.
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Major American insurers are going to give you discounts if you take microchips, and you better believe they're going to make it financially impossible for most people to not take chips.
It's here.
This is big news.
I've been conditioned to not really cover a lot of the microchipping stuff that we've been covering in so long.
There's literally 10, 15, 20, 30, it's ridiculous, articles every day about how wonderful it all is and how we all need it.
I've never seen such a bombardment.
To the point of I just kind of shut down and haven't been covering it.
Even when we have police chiefs on saying, I'll make you take chips, I can't wait.
Well, this is out of New Jersey where they've got a full court press on.
Anyways, that's coming up.
We're going to take your calls.
Kurt Nemo, the big blogger, is on the phone.
He just called in, so I'm going to skip ahead so he can comment here in just a moment.
Then we'll go to everybody else that's patiently holding.
But good news.
Now, it sounds kind of like a put-off to me.
But we'll see what happens.
American Perspectives, which is one of their premium programs, one of the most highly promoted on C-SPAN, but I haven't heard them promoting it yet, Saturday the 29th, so we're talking about nine days, eight and a half days from now, or two Saturdays from now, 8 p.m.
9 p.m.
Central on C-SPAN 1 or the week after August 5th.
They don't know.
They don't know.
So I really think they were hoping we would just ignore it and it would go away, and I still have real reservations on whether or not they're going to air the American Scholar Symposium 9-11 neocon agenda.
Incredibly powerful one-hour, 48-minute panel discussion.
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You've got to cut it, make it.
It takes more than that.
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I don't really think we should call the C-SPAN switchboard yet and hammer these poor ladies.
You can call and thank them because they think we've been giving the number out.
We haven't.
People call in and ask about it and they think with the hundreds of calls they've gotten that we're giving the number out.
No, we've not given their number out.
Believe me, they're going to know it when we do it.
I've gotten reports from the local newspaper that one time I gave their number out and they got over 2,000 phone calls and had to literally shut the Chronicle down for half a day and then the calls continued into the next day because every phone line in the place was jammed because they've got a general one number and then it directs you and it just shut their phone system down.
But you should call into Washington Journal and say, well, we hear that's airing next week.
Is that true?
We hear that's airing next Saturday at 8 p.m.
Can you tell us about that?
Is that true?
Washington Journal, Democrat's number, 202-737-002, or President Bush supporter line, 202-737-0001.
We'll be right back.
Just stay with us.
More calls, more news coming up.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've been covering the incredible headline, the announcement by the Israeli government they may have a full-scale invasion of Lebanon.
They're talking about going all the way into Syria.
Unbelievable provocation against an innocent country that has nothing to do with Hezbollah.
Israel, on record, has more to do with Hezbollah than anybody else, including Iran.
Well, thanks for that intro, Alex.
You know, it's kind of strange.
The corporate media tells us this whole thing in Lebanon about Hezbollah, but here we have today in the news that they're invading the Christian Maronite areas of Beirut.
Now, I don't think that there's any Hezbollah in the Christian Maronite areas of Beirut.
In fact, they're routinely killing each other.
As a matter of fact, the sections of the Christian Maronite Lebanese were set up by the Israelis as a counterbalance against the Shias in southern Lebanon.
But here we go.
I mean, you know, this is going to end in Damascus and Tehran.
Well, I have a couple Lebanese friends from college, and they are Christians.
In fact, what percentage, isn't it like 20-something percent of Lebanese are Christian, and they're really nice people?
I think it's about right.
I think it's about right.
I don't know what it is about Lebanese, but they just seem like really nice people.
What the Israelis did is they went in and found the more reactionary Christian Maronite people and they created the Falange in there, which is basically a takeoff on Franco's Falange in Spain.
They're fascists, and they used them as a wedge against the Muslims in that country.
And it's kind of strange now that we've got the Israelis bombing their old friends.
It leads me to believe they're going to take down that whole country, irrespective of
What faction is there?
Well, I mean, they got cruise ships going there.
They got happy people and presidents that wear neckties, and everybody's having a good time.
You can't have that.
Yeah, right.
I mean, folks, Lebanon was a wonderland in the 60s, and by the early 70s they destroyed it.
But, I mean, I've talked to people that have been there.
I've read the old reports.
I mean, it was a European and U.S.
Not anymore, Bubba.
Well, they called it Paris on the Mediterranean, Beirut in particular.
That's why I compared it to Cannes, yeah.
Right, it's flattened now.
They're in the process of flattening the whole place.
I'm not sure exactly what their overall objective is, except to just, you know, degrade the Arabs even more.
You know, the Lebanese were doing damn good after the last, you know, foray into that country.
Well, Kurt Nemo, it's all, as you know, P2OG.
The Pentagon says we're going to kill innocent people and elicit responses.
Right, right.
You know, they're insane to think that they can beat Hezbollah.
They've shown, they kicked Israel out of there in 2000.
There's no way that they're going to be able to take Hezbollah out, and I don't think they really want to, quite frankly.
No, they want to blow up the entire infrastructure like they did Serbia, like they did Iraq, like they're getting ready to do in other areas of the world.
They want to blow up the infrastructure.
Yeah, and there's reports now that they're using chemical weapons in there as well.
And, of course, they're using depleted uranium on those bunker busters they used the other day.
On the so-called Hezbollah bunker.
So, a fourth country.
I've got an article.
That's right.
I forgot to cover that.
They are using DU.
How wonderful.
And, of course, those jet streams come directly to the U.S.
Gets in the upper atmosphere.
Blows all over the whole planet, as a matter of fact.
So, here we are, you know.
They used, in the two Iraq wars, the equivalent of 44,000 Hiroshima A-bombs.
It's insane.
Totally insane.
Well, Kurt, I want to hold you over for just a minute or two on the other side and get your take on where you think all this is going in the next month.
The perfect timing, as they say, with the heat up, the war drums, the saber rattling for an attack on Iran, and then grabbing some of the western regions as a, quote, buffer zone to, of course, really secure trillions in oil, jack up prices even more by restricting its flow.
I want to get your take on where you think things are going, and we'll go to other callers.
Kurt Nemo calling in.
Always honored to have him with us.
We'll talk to him more on the other side.
Don't forget, we are really updating Infowars.net with original stories every day now that aren't on the other sites, as well as JonesReport.com.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Wide open phones today.
No guests.
Just covering the important news.
We're going to continue with a battery of calls and I'm going to jump back into some other news that's non-Israel related and get into some of the new stuff that just came out in the last few minutes about the two week plus long vicious bombarding of a democratically elected government that has been trying to comply with Israel.
But, of course, no avail now.
The neocons want to go into Syria.
Kurt Nemo, a very insightful Internet news reporter, also works in mainstream news as a side.
Kurt Nemo joins us.
He called in.
We're honored to have him.
Kurt, where do you see things going in the next few weeks, the next few months?
Well, I think in particular as far as the Israeli invasion goes, this is nothing new.
They've done this since the early 50s.
What they're going to do is they're going to go back in and set up another security zone like they had in the 80s, and they were forced to get out in 2000 because Hezbollah basically kicked them out of there.
So basically, yeah, and I agree with that analysis, and Israel's saying they're probably going to do this.
They grab 20%, 30% of the country, some of the key growing regions, and it's a tiny country as small as Israel, and basically use that to foam in even more attacks.
Well, in particular, they're interested in, there's a river up there called the Latani River.
And they've wanted that since the late 40s.
That's where all their fresh water comes from.
Israel is in dire straits when it comes to fresh water.
They've pretty much gotten rid of their aquifer.
They've welded all out.
Their desalinization plants are on overdrive.
And what they want to do is grab, in part, Lebanon's water coming out of the mountains there.
And so they've wanted to do that since the 50s.
That's part of the deal.
As well, they want to put the Lebanese under their thumb, just like everybody else in the area.
You know, there's a hegemonic move on their part, and it's going to end in Tehran and Damascus.
But how do you see that unfolding?
Because, I mean, obviously, this provocation, I actually looked it up, on a weekly basis, Israeli soldiers are killed or captured.
Why now is this being hyped, this so-called, you know, kidnapping, really a prisoner exchange?
These are two militaries.
One, guerrilla, and the other, of course, super high-tech military toe-to-toe.
Why now are they hyping this?
Clearly it coincides with Bush's ultimatum to Iran and Syria.
Well, as well, it has to do with American domestic politics.
I mean, take a look at, we've got this AIPAC trial coming up early next month, and as well, midterm elections are coming up.
I think the Israelis are scared that they're going to lose any kind of support they have in this country as far as military behavior goes.
That's basically it, I think, as well.
They've been for months, or actually for years, they've been harping on Iran.
They've been talking about the nukes.
Well, for six months, their prime ministers, their defense ministers have been demanding and saying how horrible the U.S.
is that we haven't attacked Iran for them.
And they can't do it.
I mean, they've got submarines.
These specialists, you know, they have these new F-16s with bunker buses on them, but they just don't have the resources to go all the way across.
They have...
I mean, think about it.
They have to go all the way across Syria.
They have to go across Iraq.
There's 214 sites that Israel has demanded we hit.
And you're right.
They don't have the manpower for a combined, you know, simultaneous bombardment.
They want to get us in there on a full-time basis.
I mean, you look at these, you know, what was it, William Christie the other day talking about we have to attack Iran.
He really is a sniveling demon.
By the way, Network, last night I instant messaged you that video clip.
Did you guys grab that thing with Crystal up there sniveling?
Okay, so we'll apply that later in the hour.
We've got Newt Gingrich as well in there, calling this World War III.
Actually, the neocons call it World War IV, but he called it World War III.
They're chomping at the bit to do it.
They see this as a perfect reason to go in and take out Syria and Iran.
I agree with you, Curt Nemo.
Anything else you need to add?
That's it.
All right.
Thank you so much for your call.
Always good to hear from you, Curt Nemo.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Jason in Maryland.
Thank you for holding, Jason.
Hello, Alex.
I spoke with you a few months back about Ezekiel 37 and 38.
I was wondering if you had read that.
I have read it in the past, but I can't place the particular scriptures.
Why don't you tell us about it?
I believe that it's what's playing out on our news today.
Damascus is taken away from being a city in those scriptures, and it lays it out well.
Today, for instance, Russia has a 20-year mutual defense pact with
Iran and Syria, and those are the three players in those chapters.
Well, I'll say this, and I appreciate your call.
There are a hundred times a hundred different interpretations of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelations, and I don't claim to be the grand poobah master of deciphering all of that.
I mean, clearly this is powerful information if you've really read it.
And just the amazing predictions that are made.
I don't know why so many people get into Nostradamus when it's a bunch of vague quackery, similar to what you'll get at a roadside psychic.
But you read what's in Revelation and Daniel and Ezekiel, the things that are in there are so precise that it really is frightening.
And never before...
We're good to go.
I think?
Acceleration of going down a road that could and most possibly can lead to nuclear conflagration.
I don't know what's going to happen.
Cooler heads may prevail, but the New World Order needs a global crisis, or a set of crises, to bring in their one world government.
They've said they need a world crisis, World War I, to bring in the League of Nations, and World War II to cement the United Nations.
They have openly said they need World War III to bring in their world government.
And it's happening.
It really is happening.
Major insurers are saying, you'll get a big discount if you take a microchip.
We'll give you a discount, and then they'll make it so expensive if you don't, you can't have insurance.
And then it's life or death to take the chip.
All of these things are happening.
The world is breaking into unions that then simultaneously sign agreements between the three unions.
We really, I mean, folks, when I started out and talked radio 12 years ago, on TV 12 years ago, radio 11 years ago, I was pretty much a mainstream paleo-conservative, kind of a Ron Paul type.
And I didn't know about Bohemian Grove.
I didn't really know about Skull and Bones.
When I first heard about it, I didn't believe it.
I looked into it.
It's true.
It really is true our leaders worship Satan.
It really is true they want world government.
It really is true they do things so wicked.
I mean, it's devilish to put AIDS virus knowingly in vaccines and in drugs.
It's devilish to knowingly put sodium and stannous fluoride and mercury and arsenic by design in the water.
It's devilish to...
Put young people, 15 million of them, on drugs that you know is going to brain damage them and kill them in many cases.
It is devilish to fund terrorist groups and to attack your own people.
It is devilish.
And again, even so many atheists, so many agnostics email me and they say, you know, we like your show on Bashing Bush and we like your show on a lot of other issues and the corporatism, but why do you cover devil worship?
You know, I don't believe in that.
Well, let's use some common sense here.
The Hillside Strangler, who murdered a bunch of women, and had a huge, or was he the Night Stalker, had a huge pentagram carved in his hand, and he'd go around doing the Diablo, and the guy looked like Beelzebub.
I mean, he looked like the guy in red pajamas caricature.
I mean, he was scary.
And he said he did it for Satan.
Now, even if you don't believe Satan exists, which I believe there is an evil force, a maniacal force.
I've studied this.
I've looked at it.
There is something behind it.
It really is going on.
I've had my own experiences in life, the good and the bad.
I believe in God.
I believe in goodness and evil.
I believe that there is... I mean, this is an incredible planet.
We haven't begun to even investigate the mysteries of our planet's physical nature.
Again, I don't want to digress off into philosophy.
The point here is, even if you don't believe in the devil, our leaders do, and they think the devil is God.
And the Bible says, they don't think the devil is the devil, the old serpent, Satan, Beelzebub, Ashtoreth, Baal, whatever name they affix to it.
They believe that is God.
They believe Lucifer is really God, and Jesus is the devil.
Jesus is bad.
They believe destruction is good.
And George Bush may go to a Methodist church for a photo op.
Bill Clinton may go.
German chancellors may go.
Tony Blair may go.
But then you look at mainstream articles that will admit that when Tony Blair is on vacation, folks, he goes to Mayan temples to engage in bizarre rituals and yells and screams and flops around on the ground.
That's BBC.
That's Times of London.
His wife, everything she does, is under the advice of a witch.
And Tony Blair, every morning, supposedly falls to his knees and is seized by what he calls the white light.
And he channels the white spirit.
And again, that's the highest level group is the, quote, white brotherhood.
That's what they believe they're part of.
But again, they are illumined.
They are burning bright.
We are in the dark.
That's why one of their symbols, their signets, their logos is an owl.
It can see in the dark.
It's a predator.
It's a harbinger of death.
Of great wisdom.
So they do believe in this.
They're into it.
And you read what the Bible says.
It says Israel will be taken over by Satan.
He will be the false Messiah.
He will have his false prophet.
And the people will worship him and he will say he is Christ.
And the way the Christian churches have been bought off by the globalists and bought off by the criminal interest in Israel...
Not the Jewish people or the Israeli people, but the criminal interests that control it.
The way they've been bought off and controlled, that's exactly what they're saying.
They're saying we've got to support Israel no matter what.
The Messiah will soon be there.
No, no, no.
The bad guy comes first.
The third temple comes.
Folks, these churches have been prepared.
I'm reading their doctrine now.
The neocon evangelicals.
They're going to think the devil is God.
They're going to think the devil is crushed.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here with an important question.
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Currency, devaluation, inflation.
One and the same.
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We're good to go.
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This is how war in modern Christianity has gotten with the false prophets.
The entire Bible is about the prophets criticizing the leaders of Israel.
Even before Israel existed after Exodus, it is the prophets criticizing the people and the corrupt leaders.
But that's not the case now.
A tenet of Christianity is now to worship Israel, worship the labor Zionists, worship whoever's in there, let Israel do all the horrible things it does.
Again, the majority of people in Israel are against what's happening.
Don't support them.
Support the leaders of Israel, because our great leader is about to appear there.
And as all this unfolds, and as people don't get raptured out, as they've falsely been told they will be, they're going to think that's Jesus that appears, folks.
This is all the big deception.
And the politicians and the preachers will keep telling them, they're going to be raptured, going to be raptured, going to be raptured.
And I've read Revelations.
I mean, it's not hard to see it.
Clearly, the dead...
In Christ are risen, and then others are risen after that.
I mean, it's all there.
It's after the angel comes and ties up the devil with a chain and takes him and puts him on display for a thousand years.
Then he gets let out again.
I mean, if you guys believe that, you really should go read the Bible.
I wanted to take calls.
I'm kind of digressing here now.
But Israel is anti-Christian.
It's schizophrenia.
All these big so-called Christian leaders, some cases have their own jets paid for by the Israeli government, they're agents of a foreign government, they fly over there, they propagandize, they come back here, and then meanwhile, if you stand on a street corner in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem and hand out tracts, say, for Catholicism or for the Baptists, anything, you are arrested.
That's not debatable, by the way.
And if you try to marry a Jewish girl or a Jewish man over there, you are arrested.
And I bring this up to my Christian friends who are Israel worshippers.
They don't worship Christ.
They worship Israel.
And they'll worship the man of sin, don't worry.
And you sit there and you tell them, hey, that's bad.
And they go, well, Israel has to do this.
Oh, so I guess Rome, when they would arrest you for preaching the gospel...
I guess Rome was doing what it had to do.
And you'll come back with Romans 13, which is out of context.
And why was Christ killed?
Why was Paul killed?
Why were all the prophets killed?
They were following all the orders of government.
But hey, you've got a great religion.
I mean, to lay down, feel like you're good, feel like you're saved, feel like everything's okay...
Everything's wonderful.
I mean, I talk to so-called Christians all the time.
Praise God they're about to make us take chips.
That means I'm going to be raptured.
Praise God things are getting bad.
Hey, 9 Corps is running child kidnapping rings.
Don't you want to protest it?
No, that's just part of the end, honey.
Praise the Lord!
It's all over now!
I mean, look, they'll start giggling at you.
And you're going, but there's evil.
It has to be fought.
Well, the Bible says, here, here, here, here, here.
Hundreds of places.
It's our job.
Who will stand up against the wicked ones for me?
That if you know evil's going on and you don't fight it, that the blood is on your hands.
That you're more damned than even the people that are openly evil.
You're lukewarm.
Okay, Alex, well, I've read the Scriptures.
We've had pastors on this show decrying the false whore of Babylon Church that runs the Western world today.
And people will call in and go, you're wrong.
We're supposed to lay down the government.
You're wrong.
We're supposed to do what they say.
You're wrong.
We're supposed to not do anything.
I mean, that is a total fraud.
And look, folks, I'm tired of so-called liberals criticizing Christians and going, you Christians, you're like George Bush.
You Christians...
You're bad.
You Christians are for war.
No, we're not.
George Bush and his followers aren't real Christians.
And I've been accused of being anti-Israel.
I've been accused of being pro-Israel when I just simply say Israel's diverse.
You've got different sects of the Orthodox, five or six of those.
You've got the liberals.
You've got the conservatives over there.
And the majority, but the problem is it's parliamentary, so it's wedge issues.
They all play them off against each other.
Four or five big parties over there.
That the majority can ever get the pro-war party out, or if they do, there's suddenly a couple hundred bombings, which re-escalates everything, and then it comes out in the back of the Israeli papers that the Israeli government actually carried out the bombings, but who cares?
Let's just believe they're propaganda.
So, I believe the Jewish people have a right to be in Palestine.
I believe they have a right to live in peace.
And they did live in peace before.
The labor Zionist who funded Hitler went in there and set that whole thing up.
And it's a bunch of terrorists running Israel.
The problem is the globalists are in control of Saudi Arabia.
We know they've been in control of Iran in the past and maybe manipulating things now.
It's just so sophisticated.
You know, it's not two-dimensional, it's three-dimensional.
And so, you know, it's the same thing.
People try to blame the Jews.
It's like those that blame Christians for George Bush.
The Zionists do not speak for the Jewish people.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
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The polls are coming up right now.
I'm done with my rant about the false church in the world today as Christ told us it would be.
Many would be deceived, and they are.
I mean, if you believe the Bible, you can go read it and see that what the churches are teaching is the opposite.
But, again, side issue.
If the church was doing its job, we wouldn't
We're good to go.
It's here, after a year in production and traveling to distant lands.
My new film, Terror Storm, is complete.
Shocking declassified government documents prove that Western governments are orchestrating terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.
Terror Storm proves that not only was 9-11 an inside job, but the attacks of 7-7 in London were carried out by British intelligence.
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All right, right now, let's go to... Who's up first here?
Bill in Maryland.
You're on the air.
I posted Terror Storm on my MySpace page.
And I got a comment this morning that somebody said they really liked it.
I got a couple comments about it.
But a couple weeks ago, I called about RFID and ISO 7816 biometrics.
And two days later, American Express Card sent me a sample card.
I didn't ask for it or anything.
They just sent it to me.
And my friend who kind of introduced me to RFID a couple years ago, and I'd been following it, said, you can use this in 22 restaurants.
And I thought, well, McDonald's will surely have it.
I'll mosey on down to McDonald's.
They do.
And they do.
They have it.
It's kind of a half circle pad on top of the credit card reader where you can scan your RFID card.
And then we also have something the governor's been selling in Maryland called EasyPass.
And this is the transponder, as you mentioned on your show.
Where you have the RFID card and you just drive through the toll booth and they have one or two of them with a sign over it.
And they'll bill you through your RFID card.
And when I researched that, they have a website, easypass.com, and their main company is in New Jersey.
Like, New Jersey is next to Maryland and Pennsylvania.
And whenever you drive up there, they have like 500 gazillion toll booths.
It's like you can't drive five miles.
Without going through a toll booth.
This stuff isn't over the horizon.
It's being implemented nationwide right now, phased in over the next three years.
Tell us more about the E-ZPass.
Well, it's just, I don't want anything to do with it because it's, you know, as I understand it, it's the mark of the beast.
And the key word here is the word that you and everybody on GCN uses, incrementalism.
You know, they'll have one or two lanes and then four lanes and then maybe one person taking money probably eventually and nobody will want to use it.
But right now, from what I see, they used to have tokens.
So from what I see is that we'll probably take advantage mostly of working people.
You know, people have to go to work every day and wait in these lines.
They will probably break down and maybe get a discount, you know, where it's $30 a month or $50 a month.
Well, let me tell you exactly what they're doing, and I appreciate your call.
You make on-target points.
Your instincts are right.
We have their official plans.
In Illinois last year, they said, we're doubling the toll road cost.
Every toll, if it's $1, it's $2.
If it's $4, it's $8.
We're doubling it.
Unless you go into the DMV and get this transponder...
And then you put credits onto the transponder via your credit card, or at machines, and then it's the old price.
So it looks like you're getting half price, but really it's the old price instead of doubling it.
That then forces you to accept it.
Or you have the more modern model, that's just how they're phasing it in right now, where every inspection sticker in the country, this is all under federal guidelines, it's in legislation right now in Texas, we barely beat it last year, it's in special session right now,
Where every inspection sticker will have transponders in it, and almost every major road, well let me be precise, every major road will have tolls on it, but some stretches won't.
So every road will have tolls on it, it's just not every stretch on it.
And the state of Texas, through federal guidelines with the private companies, admits it will be the equivalent of $3.85 per gallon gas tax.
Effectively more than doubling the cost of driving.
Because what fuels $3 a gallon right now on average, we're talking $3.85, and that's to start.
They normally start these taxes low and then jack them up.
They're not even doing that.
They're starting with an exorbitant, wildly insane tax that then, of course, through global privatization that isn't free market, it's piracy, they just hand it over to the private interest that bought off your politicians.
So, and it's the same thing with RFID.
Visa announced last year that in the next year, all of their new Visa cards that are issued nationwide to tens of millions of cardholders will have RFID and you will not have a choice.
Now, major studies have been done even by private corporations, universities.
RFID makes you less secure.
It is very inexpensive, very easy for even private criminal interest to then passively scan you from many feet away or to walk up behind you and swipe and have a device.
And the universities have done this to grab all of your RFID information.
Now they can use that to access your accounts.
This is out of control, but the government doesn't care.
That will cause even more identity theft.
Then they'll bring in even more controls.
And they'll use the RFID to tax and trace everything you do.
They've openly announced it, caller.
They've openly admitted it, Bill.
You're on target.
So since you brought that up, let me just read this Wireless IQ mainstream news article.
This is up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Two-year pilot program of human RFID chip implant underway.
VeriChip Corporation announced that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the largest health insurer in the state, and by the way, Blue Cross Blue Shield is the consortium largest in the country, has agreed to a two-year pilot program of VeriChip's VeriMed patient identification system in conjunction with Hackensack University Medical Center and its physicians.
In this new test program, participating patients suffering from chronic diseases would be provided with the VeriChip implant microchip to provide emergency room staff easy access to those patients' medical information as well as to help avoid costly or serious medical errors.
And it goes on if you go to the actual VeriChip announcement to say that they've worked out a deal where you get a substantive discount.
See, it's the same thing.
Oh, the toll isn't doubled if you have the chip in your car.
Oh, you get a discount if you... And then, oh, you've got to do it.
See how this works?
Under the trial, participating Horizon BCBS New Jersey members with chronic illness will receive VeriChips, FDA-approved human implantable radio frequency identification microchips inserted just under the skin.
On their right tricep, each patient's unique 16-digit identifier found in the microchip will then tie into the identical electronic medical record stored in the Veramed patient registry accessible by Hackensack University Medical Center's positions.
Each record will contain vital information related to the patient's condition, family contacts, lab test data, pharmacy records, helping them to make the difference between life and death during an emergency.
They already know all that off the patient's number in their chart, off the room number.
It's already all entered.
You can have it in your wallet.
You can have it around your neck.
You can have a tattoo like a concentration camp member if you want.
This is even worse.
The two-year collateral collaboration is a milestone for Veramed and for our implantable identification technology marketing.
First time a health insured has sponsored such a program, stated Kevin McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Verachip Corporation.
And for more information on Veramed, please contact 1-800-970-CHIP or email info at verachipcorp.com.
There you go.
Now, they signed deals four years ago to forcibly implant prisoners in the state prison system of California.
That was in Reuters.
It caused such a furor, they canceled the contract.
The point is, the government signed the deal.
And the New Jersey Bergen County Sheriff of a county of over 2 million people we had on last year.
Remember that legendary interview?
You can type in, Police Chief says we should be made to take chips or something like that.
The Prison Planet or Infowars.com old article will pop up from, what was that, early in 2005.
And we have the audio clip.
You can go listen to it, not just read the article.
And I said, well, you've taken the chip.
You want your employees to take it, your deputies to take it.
But should we be made to take it?
He said, yes, I would love to make you take it and enforce it.
I said, but we can't trust the government.
He said, I am the government.
The government is nothing but good, and you will be made to take the chip.
And then, of course, it came out that he was in business with Verichip.
And that's the same thing.
They come in, throw money around, and get this stuff going.
And it's gotten to the point where there's so many reports of Mexican Attorney General makes employees take it.
You know, Latin American president makes employees take it.
Latin American president, I forget which country it was, said, we'll make our immigrants take it if they come to the U.S.
Was it Ecuador or something?
It was a couple of them a few months ago.
I can't remember.
My memory fails me more and more these days.
Too much going on in the old noggin.
Oh, deadlines and commitments.
What to leave in, what to leave out, as Willie Nelson says in the Highwayman song.
But, um,
It's just...
Every day, I'm not kidding.
Some days there might be 20, 30 of these articles that I see where they're pushing them, they're selling them.
The magazines they give public school children, Time Magazine for kids, Newsweek for kids, issues every few months, oh, take a chip, it's so good, it's so cool.
TV, radio, Sean Hannity saying every child needs a chip, oh, it's so good, buy stock in it on Fox News.
I mean, propagandizing for them.
Full court press how good it is until over and over and over again, we've all heard it 50 billion trillion times,
All right, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to, boy, Bill in Maryland got me off.
Let's talk to Phil in West Virginia.
Thanks for holding, Phil.
Hey, Alex, I've got some exciting news for you.
I know you know identification is keystone to the new world order.
Tracking and taxing and controlling, yes.
There you go.
And I was the science teacher that was fired for not enforcing barcoded IDs.
And that was a little speed bump for the folks here in West Virginia.
By the way, I remember seeing that in the newspaper.
Well, you interviewed me, yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
Tell us your full name.
Phil Hudock, H-U-D-O-K, in West Virginia.
Now, I'm going to go back before you tell your story.
There was an article in World Net Daily six years ago, it was also in the AP out of New Orleans, that in one of those school districts down there, it was one of the outlying areas, I interviewed some of the kids, first one sister and brother in high school, they gave them barcodes, you could read them, they pointed out that you could learn to read barcodes by eye, by their width, then they got expelled, ten kids said no, then fifty, then the whole school said no, they had to cancel it.
So that's why they tried to nip you in the bud in West Virginia.
Tell us what happened.
Okay, well, that's over with.
I won my case.
It was appealed to the state Supreme Court, and like I say, it was a speed bump for identification here in West Virginia for students.
But let me guess, now they won't cash your settlement check without a Social Security number.
Right, but here's what's going on right now.
A number of us that are associated with Call to Decision Ministries, we refuse to take the West Virginia driver's license.
So we've been driving for about six and seven years without the West Virginia driver's license, and we had a meeting with the head of the DMV, Mr. Joe Ciccarello, and we told him very politely that we could not take the biometric identification driver's license, which is the de facto national ID card.
Which, by the way, is then tied into the face scanning cameras and the license plate reading cameras to track everything you do, and for taxation and ticketing.
Now, he plans to recommend to the Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia not to participate in the Real ID program.
I did see that, yes.
And that's all because of you guys saying no.
Now, I want to go back to your settlement.
You sued the school district.
What happened?
I was fired, and I was first on leave without pay, and then I was fired.
And then I appealed that I had the Rutherford Institute represent me.
Describe what happened in that case.
That was like a year and a half ago, wasn't it?
No, that was 1999.
Okay, so it's been years and years.
I guess I interviewed you about a year and a half ago.
Well, the case went on for a couple of years, really, because they appealed it all the way to the court.
So what happened?
I mean, in the school, you were saying no, and what happened?
Well, basically I was told I was insubordinate, and at first the principal actually was going to allow me not to enforce the barcoded ID, but my peers didn't want someone to be outside the box.
Yeah, good little Nazis, good little bootlickers, leave the border wide open, let them put poison in the vaccines, but you've got to wear your prisoner ID card.
But I had a real conviction that I couldn't do it,
And I was very firm on it.
My wife supported me.
A lot of people called in.
Their faxes were jammed.
They got letters from all over the country.
And I really do thank all the people that helped me back then.
I was fired by the Board of Education.
There was one member of the board that voted in my favor.
Then I appealed it to what is called an administrative law judge who ruled in my favor.
The board appealed that to a circuit court, a county circuit court.
I won in county circuit court, and then the board appealed to the state Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court, in a decision of five to four, decided to let the circuit court ruling in my favor stand.
So I had to be reinstated with back pay, all benefits.
What about your court costs?
It cost them $50,000 just in court costs.
And they later fired their attorney.
So where is it now?
Does the school still have the barcodes?
Interestingly, other schools in the county adopted the barcodes after that, but then they all dropped them.
But this school, because it was an issue...
They've kept it even, you know, even though it's a dead horse now.
Pathetic scumbags training your children how to be prisoners.
That's an official federal document.
The schools are to train your children how to be slaves.
We'll be right back.
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That's right, folks.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, that's a great story.
And I was aware that he wanted the Supreme Court...
They're in West Virginia, so it's an example of what you can do out there.
The establishment criminals are scared to death of you taking action, listeners.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Texas and Chris, Adam, and others.
Mike, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Last night on C-SPAN, did you watch that?
No, I didn't.
What was it?
The House was hosting a debate as they passed the House Resolution 1559 to offer full support to Israelis used to force.
Oh, yes.
Oh, and there were members of Congress saying we're all Israelis today?
Yeah, they were all like, you know, they stood up and just like cartoon-like, wildly, they're weirdly like that, with righteous indignation that anyone would be against this bill.
And they were like just, with hostility.
And the man that authored it was this congressman from California, Lantos.
And he was the one, he was just, with every person he'd say, now my, Madam Speaker, I'd like to introduce my very good friend from,
And as the show went on, he just started smiling and practically frothing in the mouth.
He was just so pleased with us.
It wasn't like they were just passing a bill.
It was almost like they were getting ready to go to a lynch party or something.
You know what I'm saying?
Well, the Swiss bank accounts are about to flow.
And the only defending voices, of course, and what I turned on and caught my eye was Dennis Kucinich was up, and he was stating his concern that we look at both sides, the Lebanon side as well as the Israeli side,
And people were referring back to him obliquely saying, oh, I can't believe that somebody was even there to dispute the integrity of this bill and the necessity to pass this through now.
And also Barbara Lee of Oakland got up and she said she voted present.
I guess that means she was voting against it.
And she said she was just concerned about a possible backdoor in the resolution that would allow us support for action in Syria and Iran, not just
Oh yeah, that's what all of this is leading to.
Thank you for the call.
Great points, Mike.
Chris in Arizona, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just had a quick thing I wanted to throw out.
The Seattle Times is reporting today that the state is to check on residents' health.
I don't know if you've heard about this, but the most interesting aspects to the article are the
The procedures that will take place when they go to your door, if I can just read from the article.
What newspaper is this?
Seattle Times.
Wow, you've got, what's the headline?
I want to find it.
State to check on residents' health.
And it says, Washington state health officials will soon start asking detailed questions about the health of some state residents and even give them brief physical exams.
And it says a nurse on each survey team will measure blood pressure.
Wow, where's the Fourth and Fifth Amendment?
And it goes on, and I guess it says participants will be given a $45 gift card for the help in their survey, but it says that they're going to take blood samples and measure levels of mercury as well.
Does it say they're going to try to force it?
No, just that you'll be given a $45 gift card.
But that's how Knockin' Talk started in Dallas and in Tucson six, seven years ago.
Now it's nationwide.
Oh, we're just dropping by.
Ma'am, do you mind if we come and look at your husband's guns?
It's always the middle of the day.
They target houses where they know there's a woman at home.
Then they come in without a warrant.
Oh, we found something illegal.
You're all going to jail.
And I know that under the new Freedom Initiative, in Illinois now, it's all women who are pregnant, not just 4 to 18, with the young people, forced, psychological and physicals.
It's all part of the total manipulation and control of this country.
Yeah, they said that they'll be taking a hair sample to measure mercury levels.
And it says, we'll be taken from women of childbearing age and participants 60 and older.
So anyway, I just wanted to throw that out.
They do that in San Francisco, and then they sell it to big biocompanies, and then there was a court ruling that they then own your genetic code.
Thank you, sir.
I'll get that posted immediately.
Very interesting.
It's all part of freedom, the government dropping by.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wow, time flies when you're bashing the New World Order's brains up.
We are now into hour number three on this live Thursday, July 20, 2006 edition.
I've taken about 20 calls so far, but now I want to go absolutely wild.
I've done a pretty good job.
I'm going to take a lot of your calls.
I'm going to go to them in rapid succession.
Adam in California, you're on the air.
Yes, I was wondering if you are aware of any of the AIDS research done by Peter Duesberg?
He believes in a quote-unquote chemical AIDS theory.
Where there is not an actual AIDS virus.
It is simply a misdiagnosis.
Well, I believe some of his findings, I've interviewed him, are accurate.
But that's because the UN and others use chemical poisoning and other modes of killing people in the third world.
Then we have blowback in the western world.
And then the AIDS virus is then found in those individuals.
And then it is...
Basically used as the reason for their death, but I think it's more sophisticated than that.
Well, the HIV virus is found, and only the antibodies are found, not the actual virus itself.
He argues that the HIV virus itself is just a passenger virus and does not actually cause disease within the human cells.
Yes, that's true.
Yeah, let me bring this up to you.
Hundreds of thousands of hemophiliacs have died after taking Factor VIII.
What do you think is killing them?
Well, I'm not sure.
I don't know myself.
But his hypothesis is that it's mostly lifestyle drug users and the AZT, which is a chemotherapy drug that they use to treat AIDS.
Now, that is true.
That accelerates death.
That's been admitted in mainstream studies.
But, sir, what about five-year-old African children who've never had sexual intercourse?
Their parents don't have HIV virus in the blood, but they get a U.N.
vaccine and die.
First of all, I'm not arguing for him.
I'm simply trying to sift through the information myself.
But he believes that a lot of the cases in Africa have to do with malnutrition.
And it's simply immunodeficiency misdiagnosed.
Well, sir, I'll tell you this.
They've done studies with blacks that are as sexually promiscuous as whites.
In the case studies, they pick from groups that report a similar number of sexual partners, and they find that blacks particularly have higher rates of HIV, and it looks as if from genetic studies of the virus, and India's put this out, their government has, that it's an engineered bioweapon, race-specific.
It's very hard for Scandinavians and people of Northern European descent to contract AIDS unless they've already taken a lot of bad street drugs with Grignard and heavy metal agents that then actually kills the T lymphocyte, program white blood cells, and then you die of basically the common cold or cancer sprout up.
Well, I'm thinking what they could be doing is spreading HIV.
And then once they're diagnosed with HIV, they're immediately put onto AIDS-fighting drugs.
Yes, which then Bill and Linda Gage lovingly pay for because they care.
And now, of course, Buffett and Ted Turner openly talks about how he wants to kill 80% of us in national televised speeches.
Also, suddenly, though, wants to keep people alive and pays for it.
He says, I want to kill the third world, calls them useless feeders, but then he cares and wants to save them.
Can we put two and two together?
Yeah, well, they put up a pretty convincing argument, and that's all I wanted to say.
Thank you.
We know that AIDS in individuals that already have lowered immune systems, they admit that there are a lot of people who cannot get AIDS.
And then they admit that there are thousands of gay men who have contracted it 10, 15, 20 years ago who never got sick because they didn't take the medication.
But also those guys were not snorting giant lines of methamphetamine every day and drinking bottles of Jack Daniels.
So what happens is, is a Northern European can get HIV if they've already debilitated their immune system or they're a hemophiliac and are debilitated.
But if you're Asian or you're black or you're aboriginal, you're Asiatic or African, you're dead.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, implanable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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I think.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
Continuing with wide-open phones today, let's talk to David in Illinois.
David, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
Sounds like you had a couple of days off there, and after a couple of days, you began to relax, you said.
Well, ignorance is bliss, isn't it?
It is, yes.
Okay, well, that demonstrates that after a couple of days being off, you were kind of sliding into that state of ignorance that most people are in.
And when they're in that state, they're separated from the scale and scope of the problems that you discuss every day.
So we really can't hold those people, we can't judge them necessarily saying that because they're not aware of these things.
That they're the cause of the problem.
No, they're mesmerized or they're just totally ignorant.
We have to figure out how to reach them.
On another issue, the technology, it's not necessarily bad when you're talking about the easy pass and the pre-pass.
We have to be practical about technology and the uses and ways it can benefit us, but we also have to be aware and protect ourselves through law and regulation as to how that technology and that data is
Sir, if it can be abused, it will be abused.
And out of the gates, it's been set up to give you tickets, to track you, to tax you.
It is hellish.
It must be defeated.
And it's bad technology, because the very way it operates is it's not encrypted, and it is designed... I mean, this is the official British government came out and said it will actually cause more identity theft.
Okay, but how that is used is regulated by law.
And as your guest, Alex?
Yes, sir.
As your guest yesterday, the attorney, I forgot his name.
Pat Antonia.
Yes, at the end of the program, he was saying, okay, the solution here is Congress.
Well, the solution is the law.
We don't want to be sitting in traffic jams for hours burning gas waiting for our time at the toll booth or the... That's right.
We need these toll roads out of there.
We've already paid for these roads.
Toll roads aren't like they were in the past, sir, where a private company builds it and charges it for 10 years and then it goes to the state.
These things are private pirate groups basically hijacking our infrastructure.
And so Congress is the key to that, too.
Now, look,
We've got a Congress, and we've got the Interstate Highlights, and yet,
The interstate highways are getting ready to be privatized and outsourced.
97% of Texans... Let me finish.
97% of Texans are against it.
They're still doing it.
They've bought off our politicians.
We have got to kill these transponders.
They are bad, bad, bad.
The people that integrated it, the people that are pushing the system, the very design of the grid that's going in, and they didn't ask us, and when we said we didn't want it, they said they didn't care.
The very design of it is bad.
We've got to get rid of it.
Now, the highways are not the problem.
Would you agree?
I mean, the highway is technology.
It's a hard surface over which we roll our automobiles, our trucks, our transportation.
But the technology of the highway is not bad.
Well, sir, toll roads are not the problem with traffic.
Take Texas, where this is the main front battle line.
Most roads of any state, Texas, second biggest state, geographically second largest state in population, state of Texas, ladies and gentlemen.
The state of Texas, the great state of Texas, own documents show they have a surplus of money.
If people are using up from 15 million barrels, 20-something million barrels...
Already in Texas and Florida and New Jersey and other states that are heavy on these toll roads with transponders,
They're being used in divorces, the police are using them, corporations are using them, they're using them to track people.
Here's a new element to this thought, though, that you need to consider.
I think you need to consider this.
What you just discussed there are the rules and regulations and the laws applying to the use and regulation of those highways.
My founding fathers told us that if we give government a leg up on us, we will be enslaved.
This technology is a leg up.
The way this technology is being implemented is bad.
Through the National ID Card, Real ID Act, you're going to have to have this to go into your building to work.
You're going to have to swipe this every day.
It's going to be an American Union ID card.
It's got to be defeated.
I'm not saying, sir, sir.
Sir, put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
I'm not saying that we can't have transponders.
And I'm not saying transponders can't be used in your house or in your corporation or in your company if you choose to use them and then you choose to work there.
I'm talking about a grid where we can't opt out of it, where we're forced to use it.
Let me just elaborate on something for you here.
Because people get one thought in their head, they look at this two-dimensionally,
And I bet this guy's an engineer or a highway designer or a transponder designer.
I'm going to ask him in a minute.
He's probably an honest fellow.
He'll probably tell us the truth.
I'm not a troglodyte who's afraid of technology.
I like technology.
But I am not for the system is being laid out to tax us, track us, control us, enslave us.
And I said I was going to get off into something else.
What was I saying, Scott?
There was an example I was going to use.
I don't remember what it was, and then I got off into talking about this guy.
They're not asking your opinion, sir.
They're putting it in to control you.
The grid is being designed to flush all of your rights down the toilet.
The government is totally illegitimate at state and federal level.
It has been completely hijacked by international foreign interests that are now using the government as a tool of criminal looting and criminal consolidation.
We're being rolled right now.
We're being mugged right now.
We are being absolutely conquered and usurped and dominated and shackled and brought into slavery
All right?
Now, I don't mean to go off into a rant.
I've got to take more calls.
But, sir, you can go ahead and make whatever point it is.
I mean, what are you getting at, sir?
We should just accept the transponders?
Because I'm telling you, the people have spoken and said, we don't want these transponders, and they say we don't care.
And so if the people speak and say, don't use that to track and trace us, they're going to break the law and violate it.
Go ahead and make your point.
Well, Alex, I've been calling in to your show for years, and I ran for Congress in 2002.
I called you especially during that year.
So, sir, I'm asking, are you an engineer?
I mean, give me your view on this.
No, I'm not an engineer, but I have traveled quite a bit, and driving the highways, and I know that rather than sitting in two hours of traffic in South Chicago...
I would rather have a pre-pass or a... Sir, Chicago's run by a giant mafia.
I've got the numbers on it.
You don't even need toll roads.
You're bathing in money.
Thanks for the call.
I just can't handle it anymore.
Do you understand, sir, that we could never pay taxes again and be paid giant $45,000 plus dividends by the government?
Did you know that 74% and growing every year of the stock market and all of it is owned now by the government?
The government takes your tax money and then invests it with private corporations that turn around and give tax...
The turnaround... I've gotten too angry here.
Excuse me.
They turn around and give campaign contributions to the politicians, and that's a delayed kickback.
When they get out of office, they then become minions on the boards of those corporations, working one day a month, getting $500,000 a year salaries or more.
You're not listening.
You're not listening to me.
They don't need toll roads!
I've seen the numbers in Oregon, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas.
They don't need more money.
They don't need these toll roads on existing roads.
There shouldn't be any traffic.
Problem, reaction, solution.
That's what they do.
They put toll roads in with dollars and quarters.
You go through, it gets jammed.
Then they go from six lanes, say, at a toll road,
With three of them with change and three of them with transponders.
Then they shut it down to five of them with transponders.
One of them with change.
Then the one with change has got a two football field long line.
You pull up to that and you don't see the social engineering that you're being put through, sir.
You don't see how you're being manipulated, sir.
Take Illinois.
They say, we're going to double your toll if you don't take a transponder.
Then they force you to do it.
We're going to increase your insurance rate if you don't take a microchip.
This is social engineering.
You're being manipulated.
Now I remember the thing I want to talk about.
I read official RFID journal documents five years ago.
No, it was like seven now.
Where they openly said...
The corporations have big, speak of the devil, Chicago three years ago.
They had thousands of representatives there for an RFID national conference, what do they call them, convention, and we got the minutes of it and read them on air.
It was nightmarish and they were calling us idiot slaves and things like that and saying that we will submit even though we don't like it and ha ha ha and the Pentagon was there giggling and snickering how this is a control grid and it was published in major newspapers and it's a prison.
And they said in there,
Oh, you know what we're going to do?
First we'll say if it's Home Depot, but they just said a mass market store, discount store, and then I told you this would happen and I watched it happen.
Let's say you've got 12 lanes in Home Depot, the one over by my house in southwest Austin.
And you go in there one year, and there are 12 lanes, and five of them are instant checkout.
And I say, a couple months, it'll be seven will be instant checkout, or self-serve checkout.
It's not instant.
They use that deceptive term.
And then all of a sudden, it's 10.
And all of a sudden, there's two checkout lanes.
And nobody likes them, but everybody says big lines at the service ones.
And then suddenly, at 10 o'clock at night, the thing's open 24 hours.
You don't have a choice.
Now you've got to use the self-checkout.
You're going, well, that's just technology.
That's the future.
No, you've just agreed to lower service quality across industry standards.
But it's a bigger system than that.
They're doing it because they're going to come in with a national sales tax that they're going to swipe your card at the point of purchase, and that's going to track everything you buy, sell, and do.
Then they're going to manage your behavior according to the purchases you make.
Oh, my gosh, you have no idea.
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I was out in the studio during the break with Kevin Smith in there and shipping.
I told the story a few days ago.
He was in one of the Albertson stores and no checkers.
You've got to use the self-serve checkout.
Folks, when you read the official federal international plans to totally enslave you and totally control you with all of this, it isn't just that it's technology and it makes it easier.
It's not just about cutting costs.
It's about control.
And go back to 30, 40, 50 years ago.
Everything was service.
It gave entry-level jobs.
You got your car checked.
You got your oil checked.
You got your water checked, if you chose.
Then they made it the choice, you can do self-serve.
Then they just got rid of it entirely.
You've got to pay some huge premium for it if you can find a place that has service.
It's like McDonald's 30 years ago, sort of putting the thank you up there to throw the food away.
Oh, you'll get a 5 cent cheaper hamburger if you do.
No, what you get is dirty tables and no service, and across the whole industry, that then happens.
This doesn't make your life better, and it destroys jobs, but then on top of it, it's a huge control grid.
Kevin, tell us what you saw at Albertsons.
And again...
Seven years ago, I read the official industry plan where they said we're going to phase it in until there's no checkers.
And so I get up there.
I see that there's no checker.
So I start to put on the theatrics and throw my hands in the air and say, I'm helpless.
I don't understand.
I need a checker.
Someone needs to do this for me.
And then the little security guard that has that little podium, manager type person, comes over and says, oh, well, here, just do it like this.
I said, well, I feel like I need a checker.
Do it for me.
She says, oh, and she starts to do it.
We're good to go.
And then
And then I started just ranting and raving.
I did my best Alex Jones, and I said, I'm just going to go to HEB from now on where they actually have people in the check aisle.
But HEB's facing it out, too.
Well, they're a local company, and I think they're responding a little bit more to their customers, because remember they were going to do the thumb printing, and they kind of backed off on that for a while.
And they had newscasts coming, it's wonderful, it's good, oh, do it.
And then we said no, so they didn't put it in.
Yeah, like I said, they're local in San Antonio, so I guess they're a little more sensitive, but ultimately they will.
You know, I didn't mean to start screaming at David earlier.
It's just that people make excuses or, oh, I don't want to be in traffic lanes.
It's all a scam.
In fact, the toll roads, they admit they're going to be able to block up regular roads to, quote, force you to use toll roads.
You know, here in Austin, when they started saying, oh, we need these toll roads because of the traffic congestion, you're like, well, the two major east-west thoroughfare highways in this city are under major construction and have been for 15 years.
They block all these exit and entrance ramps all over.
You're always having to drive through one lane with cones and construction.
If they would just finish up and get their ramps and everything built, then we'd be able to assess...
What the traffic situation really is.
Every time there's an earthquake and they have to fix something in California, it's done in like 5% of the time.
I mean, they build them overnight.
Again, that's the old scam of the good old boy networks and all these no-bid contracts.
Kevin, it just never ends.
You know, earlier when I said that I want my discount, you know, you study economics in college and, you know, the price of a good is the results of raw goods and research and development and the cost of transportation.
And then I think, well, the last Levi's factory in the United States was in San Antonio, Texas.
And they pay probably $10 an hour.
And by the way, when they were still making them in the U.S.
five, six, seven years ago, they didn't break.
I still do because I'm addicted to them.
I buy Levi's.
I try to buy American stuff.
Now every pair I get, the first time I put a belt on, one of the loops breaks.
Yeah, it's not triple stitched anymore.
The denim is like this real thin...
Well, I mean, take the beef industry.
I've studied that.
I've got family that own cattle.
And the big three packers just got together, and they set the price, and they rip everybody off, and now everybody's going out of business cattle-wise, which is their official plan.
We've gotten their documents on that, what they lobbied for, to drive everybody out of it, so it's just big beef producers, so they own the whole equation.
You'll end up paying more for beef there.
This is not free market.
You know, always these big, whether they're airlines or giant beef producers, they can buy their fuel or whatever in contracts.
They can spread their cost out.
The little guy can't do that.
They get pinched between feed prices, fuel costs, and they're being squeezed out.
That's right.
You've got a little ranchette, don't you?
I'm trying, man.
They're trying to take it away from me, but yeah, I've got it.
That's right.
You've got cattle.
How many eggers?
About 110 now.
Alcoa took about 75 acres.
And then you don't even really get paid for it.
So, again, people that work at my office are having their land stolen and can't even operate.
It's just all part of the freedom, ladies and gentlemen.
Just the freedom is everywhere.
We'll come back and race through your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Sure, John.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got about 26 and a half minutes left.
Let's just blast through your calls.
Let's go to Adam in England first.
Adam, you're on the air.
Hey there, Alex.
I listen to your show quite often and it's really, really interesting.
I've been doing quite a lot of research on the identity card that's coming over here in England.
And the government...
It's been defeated eight times to actually go through to get it compulsory.
And the people of the UK, they're just not interested in having it.
And it just seems like the government are forcing on us now.
It's got 15 billion dollars, sorry, yeah, 15 billion pounds so far.
And I just wanted to know, you know, God calls us to be in the world, but not of the world, you know.
And with all this stuff happening,
You know, what can we do to fight against it, kind of thing?
Well, our founding father, George Washington, said, consequences, you know, belong to God.
Duty is ours.
And that's backwards.
It's just that he said, duty is ours, consequence belongs to God.
And, again, it's instincts with myself.
If I see four thugs beating an old lady to death, I'm not going to sit there and think, oh, are they going to beat me up, oh, they're dangerous, oh, they're scary.
It enrages me so much, I mean, my basic operating system, that I am going to savagely attack them and smash their heads.
And if they beat me, so what?
I'm going to go up against them.
And so, duty is mine, consequence belongs to God.
And I trust in God that if I do the right thing and charge into battle, that His will will be done.
I don't tell God what to do.
I don't even try to.
And, you know, we are here to fight the corruption.
We're here to stand up against evil.
The best civilizations, the happiest people, the milk and honey has flowed when people stand up for goodness and righteousness and decency.
And everything goes to hell in a handbasket when societies quit caring and go along to get along.
Have you heard much about, like, the government has actually said themselves that the process that they're taking might take another 20 years, and other governments around the world are looking to the UK for this thing, like Canada are looking to the UK to see if it's going to happen or whatever.
But the government themselves have said, oh, you know, this is taking longer than we thought, and, you know, like, what do you think about that?
They wanted to have the control grid in place by 2000.
It's six years behind, but they're moving forward.
It's causing them, as they force the issue on a thousand fronts, it's causing more resistance, but they have the monolithic...
How about Canada?
I've got friends in Canada.
Do you know much about, like,
Racing ahead.
The UK, the US, and England are all neck and neck.
The US is worse on some police state issues than England.
England is worse on other issues.
I would say England is the leader.
Trying to ban knives in your house, or a license for a butcher knife.
Arresting people for their political speech.
Arresting people for cussing.
You know, face-scanning...
Like the actual police cameras ever.
We've got like 4 million cameras.
Well, now it's 5 million.
In Terror Storm, we say 4.5 million.
I saw the real number.
It's now over actually 5 million.
In London.
It's terrible.
I don't like living here.
Well, it's going to get worse everywhere.
And the Pentagon...
I forget what major newspaper.
My memory fails me, but then I saw it again.
I was at the Cypress Bar and Grill eating dinner late one night, coming home from work at 10 o'clock.
I don't know why I'm telling that part of the story.
And there was some magazines laying on a magazine rack, and I went and pulled it.
It was MIT Magazine.
It was this year, but it was from last year, the magazine.
And it had the very same stuff about a Pentagon control grid and how the cameras and the systems were set up by the Pentagon to control occupied countries.
And that very grid has been tested in the U.S., and it's all Pentagon designed.
So I've seen it two separate places where they're bragging.
Thanks for the call.
So actually, what you're implementing in England was developed in England and the U.S.
as a joint process, and it is a control grid.
It is turning our countries into virtual prisons.
It's hardcore serious.
Jerry in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
If a law can be abused, it will be abused.
Thank God that guy did not win his election.
We don't need any more compromisers.
A Scanner Darkly.
It's here in the Pittsburgh area.
In two theaters.
I encourage everybody to go to see it.
It's gotten a lot of press.
Some not too good.
But a lot of press.
The local papers have carried a full-page article on it.
Well, if you're seeing negative press, you're... I mean, this morning I spent ten minutes scanning...
I mean, it's probably 50 articles a day.
There are just so many I can't read them.
I'm not kidding.
I found one article that was in a big paper, I forget where, where it just said, well, it's a really good movie, but it's hard to understand and complex and depressing.
Right, that's what this one said.
But there's been a lot of articles.
It's getting a lot of press.
I'd like to run through a few magazines that I picked up.
Sci-Fi Magazine has an article on it.
Movie Maker Magazine has a rotoscoped picture of Richie Linkletter on the cover.
And a pretty good article.
Scanner Darkly has made the cover of Film Comment magazine.
Pretty good article on it.
American Cinematographer magazine had an article on it.
I would encourage everybody to go to see this.
They have to show that there's public support for message movies concerning freedom.
For those in the freedom movement, you just can't sit back and not do anything.
Well, I agree.
Rick Linklater joined us last Tuesday.
I heard that.
Without prompting, he was talking about 9-11 being an inside job, how he just woke up with his willis.
And I already knew about that, but I wasn't going to talk about it because it was secret.
I mean, Rick didn't tell me it was secret months ago, and he told me about it when we were having lunch.
But if somebody doesn't tell me, talk about it, I don't.
But, I mean, there's so much other news I can tell you, but I can't tell you.
Also, his movie, Slacker, that's carried by Criterion Film.
They have it on the DVD.
And Criterion, they only carry films which they consider high points of the filmmaking art.
So for them to carry his movie, one of his movies, and it's on a two-disc set, so there's a lot of commentary.
Oh, Rick is incredibly... They're recognizing him.
He's getting a lot of recognition.
And this is what you need.
If we have somebody who's freedom-oriented, who's getting a lot of recognition within the film industry, don't let those movies that these people make bomb at the box office.
We have to support them.
We have to show, because if investors see this, then there'll be more freedom-oriented message movies.
Two more things.
I'd encourage you, you might want to have an interview with the actor Richard Dreyfuss.
I saw he hit on C-SPAN recently.
He did a speech for the National Press Club.
It was on February 16th of this year, and it was mainly about the accumulation of power in the hands of the government and how it's the duty of the news media to expose this and keep us freedom-oriented.
I appreciate your call.
I want to get Richard Dreyfuss on.
I also want to get Gore Vidal on.
He signed the 9-11 statement saying it's an inside job, but he hasn't really given any big speeches on it.
Four days after 9-11, I did have a video clip somewhere.
I remember taping that live because I was told he was going on, but it was about something else.
And then he talked about it.
He said, this is ridiculous.
This is surreal.
The government's behind this.
And then after he said, oh, we've got to cut the commercial like a minute in.
And when they came back, Gore Vidal wasn't there.
So, I want to get Gore Vidal on.
We're very close to getting the only... He's credited with being the only living legend.
Literary legend.
And I was sent a very sweet personal gift yesterday by this individual who listens to the radio program, has the films without... They contacted us.
And if we could get this individual to go public, unbelievable.
I actually left here yesterday and went by Michael's art shop and got a little frame and put it in and I don't know where I'm going to hang it.
It is about Alex Jones getting some little handwritten picture and signature from the individual and thanking me.
It's the fact that they're awake.
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, just every few days there's a new defection to reality, a defection to decency, people coming over to our side.
It is amazing.
The globalists have got to really be scared.
That's why they'll probably pull something real big real quick.
But that may backfire on them too.
So just pray to God to give us guidance and to pull us out of this.
Maybe as a society we don't deserve that.
But who knows?
We're pretty evil, folks.
Let's talk to Phil in West Virginia.
He's the guy that beat the National ID Card barcode system there at his school as a school teacher got fired and got reinstated.
He wasn't able to finish up what he said, what he was saying, so he called back in.
Phil, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, we're close to beating the Real ID Act in West Virginia.
The DMV, head of the DMV, is in our corner.
And either via religious exemption or a constitutional halting of the REAL ID Act in West Virginia here is real possible.
So is Vermont and, oh, what's the other one, New Hampshire.
And a PA legislator has stuck his neck out, and he's going to be on Pastor Butch's program Monday at 9 o'clock.
Oh, there's a state rep coming on?
Yeah, a PA state rep.
Well, I want to get that number from Butch so I can get him on after he does.
He is involved in a criminal case against one of his constituents, and here's the letter he wrote to the judge after the man was found guilty.
The crux, I'll just read two paragraphs.
The crux of the issue is whether Title 75 can properly be applied to an individual with an individual's right to property as the inherent right to travel.
If one's movement can be restrained, such restraint is intrinsically a restraint of his movement.
Well, sir, we know the precedent, the courts, the rulings are on our side, the Bill of Rights.
And again, that gets into the, and I appreciate your call, that's how they ran the whole scam.
Is that, what was it, 1918, still the main mode of conveyance was horse and buggy, or horseback.
And so the Supreme Court and the state courts ruled, and these are famous rulings, there's a whole slew of them, a whole gaggle of them, that you cannot restrict travel on the highways, byways, and tollways.
You cannot restrict travel...
On the open roads for the general conveyance.
The general and accepted conveyance.
It's called the legalese term.
Well, automobiles were these smoking, belching rarities in most areas of the country.
There hadn't even been cross-country drives done until right around that time.
There were dirt roads over most of the nation.
Mud roads.
You were lucky if you had a dirt road.
But most people just drove over grass.
It was very dangerous.
And so they said, oh, there's got to be...
You need to get a license, but not until the 30s and then 40s and 50s for the general public, a license with these big, dangerous trucks.
And they said, these big, rich truck drivers are making all this money, and then they're messing up the roads that you've all got to pay for.
This happened by the mid-20s.
And so, we're going to put a tax on them.
Doesn't that sound... Get those rich truck drivers, and people say, yeah, yeah, let's get them.
And so...
And so that started, and then now look at us today.
Transponders, face scans, thumbprints on the license, total control grid, hell on earth, but the Mexican truck drivers are exempt from it all.
Let's talk to Paula in Florida, then Tim in Florida.
Paula, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have been sending people to your website.
I cannot believe how many people don't know what's happening.
And I'm filling them in, and I tell them to go to your website.
As a matter of fact, I did today when Mom had to go up to the doctor's office.
I told everybody up there about it.
Yeah, good job.
Yeah, but anyway, I'm getting a copy of some of the papers that has to do with this union.
Corrine Brown had some papers.
She's going to send them to me.
I'm going to send them to you.
Well, thank you.
And also about this thing with Israel, I talked to the Weissenthal Jewish Center about this, and I said, there's got to be a way of stopping it.
This is family killing family, and this is sick.
And so he said, well, I'll meet you.
I said, well, I'd like to go there for myself and talk to them family to family.
And they said, everybody thinks it's a good idea.
Even the congressmen do.
But anyway, if I can get something done, he says, please try to talk some sense into them.
And I said, if I can get there, I will.
Hey, Paul, I forgot.
What was the first thing you brought up?
Oh, about your websites and all.
But anyway, I also wanted to bring up about, you want to talk about the AIDS virus?
It's not a virus.
It was made at Fort Detrick.
It's a mutated bacteria.
The doctors were called to a meeting in the 60s to get this stopped, and nobody showed up.
There is a medication to pull it out of your system, and they're not telling anybody.
Okay, well, thank you for the call.
I knew about Fort Detrick developing, and we have those documents.
At some point, I was going to make it by what you were talking about.
Then you went to the next point, and I forgot it.
But it doesn't matter.
Tim in Florida, you're on the air.
Tim, go ahead.
It's been a long time since I called.
Hi, Alex.
You're talking about the transponders.
Every time I'd go through the toll plaza and I hadn't renewed my fees and the transponder, a light would blink.
Anyway, I'd get a thing in the mail a couple days later saying I need to pay to replenish my transponder.
Anyway, I contacted this thing called phantomplate.com and I got this spray and I put it on my tag.
That was six months ago.
I've traveled the turnpike free.
Since I've cleared that spray on my day.
Listen, there are good ways to get around things, and I think that's all wonderful.
You know, like putting super glue on your thumb when you go in to thumb scan so they don't get a real thumb print.
The problem is, then, when you try to go in and thumb scan with a new national ID card sales tax that they're bringing into the stores very soon.
Then they'll say, well, that isn't your thumbprint.
There's a malfunction.
They've also tried to put laws in where if you tamper with a transponder or try to block its transmission, it's a felony.
That's in the state legislation here in Texas.
So they're moving to block all of that.
We need to defeat the system itself.
Yeah, well, I do not understand.
When I went to the plaza in West Virginia, from Princeton, West Virginia, to Boothill, West Virginia...
I asked the lady, I said, what about this toll plaza?
This is unconstitutional.
This is extortion.
And I said, what will happen if I don't pay?
She says, we got six state troopers that patrol this turnpike, and they're looking for people who don't pay.
And I said, well, I'll pay it this time, but when I come back through, I'm not paying it.
Anyway, she says, you'll get pulled over and you'll lose your license.
I said, I don't need a license because I'm not driving in commerce and I'm not driving a vehicle.
When I said all that, she gave me this clown look like she didn't know what I was talking about.
Listen, when I went to Kansas City, and I appreciate your call, I guess it's three and a half years ago now with Colonel Craig Roberts and others to give a speech.
It was a great event.
We're driving through, and we come up to a toll road, and there's a big line, I don't know, 10, 15 cars, and we just start videotaping through the glass.
And this woman runs over and says, We'll arrest you.
Quit videotaping.
And I just said, It's a free country.
Go ahead and call the police.
She started yelling at me, and I said, Scum!
We've got that tape somewhere.
I ought to dig that out and play that.
I said, Listen, scum, you want to go ahead and get me arrested?
I called her scum.
I'm going to sue you.
Go ahead.
Boy, she ran off real quick.
I mean, I'm just sick of you.
You're scum.
You don't own us government.
We're not your slaves.
You've screwed up this country.
You're owned by a bunch of psychopathic criminals that carry out terror attacks.
And it's time for you to stop being a bunch of Nazi pig worms.
I mean, I'm really tired of you.
Totally evil criminals that want to do nothing but kill us are in control of this government.
They're a bunch of propagandizing filth.
Take a few final calls in the final segment straight ahead.
I'll also briefly tell you how to get my new film, Terror Storm.
Terror Storm has been released.
You need to get your copy of Terror Storm right now and make a whole bunch of copies and crush the New World Order!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Just a program note, two of them.
I got offered...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You can listen again off Infowars.com on the weekend, and we're going to try to build that into a syndicated broadcast and maybe try to get MS to pick up the Genesis syndicated feed.
So we're working on all that.
I've had their head people calling me up and stuff, and I haven't even called them back.
It's always kind of good to do that.
So this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, you can tune in on Infowars.com or anywhere from Dallas down to San Antonio, out to the suburbs of Houston.
I mean, it's got a huge footprint during the day.
We're good to go.
But they said, boy, it might be August 5th.
So call in to C-SPAN Journal and just say, hey, I heard it's coming up next Saturday.
Is that right?
You know, go ahead and put a little pressure on them, but in a friendly way.
I hope you'll get Terror Storm.
It's available at Infowars.com.
I know you filmed it by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Melissa in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
The thing that bothers me about the toll roads is they're going to take my road that I've been driving on for 20 years and make me pay to drive on it.
Which federally and at the state was illegal, but Bush signed an executive order saying they can take existing roads and slap tolls on them.
I won't be able to drive unless I pay.
I mean, there aren't any other roads to go a certain place.
Their own map shows 14 roads in Austin that are going to have them.
I can't go a mile without getting on one from my house.
I think the fellow who was running for senator, I guess it was.
Congress, yeah.
Yeah, Congress.
I think he's been hanging around politician types too much.
I think he's caught that virus.
Of compromise and being reasonable.
Thank you, Alex.
Melissa, good to hear from you.
I can take one more call.
Who was that next caller from Texas?
Katrina in Texas.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I love your show.
But I wanted to get clarification on what you meant when you said that the self-checkout lines at the grocery stores are used to control your spending habits or track your spending habits.
They're going to implement thumb scanners.
And a national ID card through your driver's license for a national sales tax with those.
It's the official plan.
They're going to phase out all service checkout, and it's part of the grid.
Okay, so you're just saying they're going to phase out the checkers or the clerk, but they basically accept the same kind of information the clerk does it.
Yes, it's all intrusive.
I'm just saying it's part of this widening grid.
Okay, and it's basically squeezing out the human element.
All right.
That's what I wanted to know because I just wanted clarification on that.
Love you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you for the call.
I'm sorry we're out of time.
I've got to do this more often.
You know, this was the old format years ago.
Maybe one or two guests a week and the rest of the time calls and me yelling and screaming and covering news.
I've enjoyed it.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow at 11 to 2.
Be sure and join us and call in to C-SPAN.
Call into Washington Journal at 202-628-0205 tomorrow morning and say, Hey, when are you going to air that 9-11 piece?
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.