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Air Date: July 19, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Well, well, well.
Back in the saddle again.
It is Wednesday, the 19th day of July 2006.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have a surprise guest in the third hour today.
In the second hour, we have the lawyer heads up the law firm that's been successfully suing Bayer over the Factor VIII blood-produced drug that supposedly helps with the clotting agent with hemophiliacs that Bayer knowingly for many, many years allowed HIV to be basically mixed in with it and knowingly knew that hundreds of thousands would become sick and die just in the Western world alone from Factor VIII.
And this chronicle goes way back to the 1980s when they first discovered this.
It runs right through Bill Clinton in Arkansas and other companies in England and in Australia and the Red Cross and, of course, a big pharmacological company that produces these drugs, Forbear and others, up in...
So we'll be giving you the back story and then of course the latest information where this goes in the future and how it ties into some other drugs and some other companies that are doing similar things right now coming up in the second hour today.
And yes, we'll talk about all of the Katusha Rockets and what's happening in Israel, what's happening in Lebanon.
We'll be going over all of that here in the first hour today.
I'd like to get your take on it.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get into the spiking oil prices.
Very uncomfortable.
OPEC, that's their statement on if you believe that.
Finally, it seems Iran has overplayed its hand.
That's what USA Today is saying, why Iran is behind it all.
They deserve to be attacked and attacked immediately.
Israeli troops battle Hezbollah guerrillas in the last two days, making incursions into southern Lebanon as the death toll climbs, coming up on 300 dead in Lebanon and what is it, 30-something now in Israel.
Another report here trying to demonize Iran.
The arming of Hezbollah reveals U.S.
and Israelis blind spots.
They're not blind spots.
We'll get into the history of who is really behind creating and financing and funding a lot of these groups.
A thousand Americans have just fled on a cruise ship.
Tens of thousands others stuck in the country.
As Israel talks about an all-out invasion.
They're even talking about now an invasion.
We have Israeli foreign ministers.
We have Newt Gingrich, other neocon wonks.
We're good to go.
I think?
I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this Bush making a fool of himself as usual at the G8 Summit.
He walked up to Merkel, the German Chancellor, and grabbed her.
He squeezed so hard that she was shocked and threw her hands up.
But that dovetails with the cussing, the bleeping this, bleeping that on camera.
And, folks, I believe Bush does all of this on purpose.
This is all part of his persona of a wild man to basically scare the rest of the world.
I've heard all the people on national TV, the apologists, well, that's just how Texans behave, and that's just what Texans do.
They hug on other people.
And Texans do do that.
Texans, real Texans, do that.
Number one, Bush is not a Texan.
He's as phony as a $3 bill.
Not that it matters that he's from Kennebunkport, Maine, and Connecticut.
But it's a costume.
But the important thing is you dovetail the cussing in public with having no decorum grabbing on a head of state.
It fits in as part of a pattern.
So it's a total diversion.
But if we look at it as a diversion, it can become informative and educational.
So I'll briefly comment on that, too.
Later in the summer.
Stay with us.
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Well, I took three days of broadcast off, spent almost five with my family.
Went down to Port Aransas, did some bay fishing, caught a bunch of redfish and trout with my father and my son.
It was wonderful.
You see God's creation cruising out onto the bay there and the sunrise at 6 a.m.
It's so beautiful and just reminded me how precious life is and how thankful I am for all of the Lord's blessings and what we're fighting for here against the New World Order.
Coming up in the next hour, we'll get into Bayer and the Factor VIII and letting conservatively hundreds of thousands of people become infected and die from the HIV virus, not to mention hepatitis.
We're good to go.
I think?
But Jack Blood filling in had really unexpectedly broken some really big news Friday, and then no one had picked up on it.
No one had written an article about it.
So we did a transcript late last night upon getting back, and we finished up the article this morning, and we're posting it on Infowars.com right now.
In fact, as we came back into the second segment about two minutes ago, I was walking back into the studio and they were updating it, posting it on Infowars.com.
And what is that major story?
Don't worry, we'll get into Israel and Lebanon and Bush grabbing on Merkel.
We'll get into all of it.
But before we do that, and oil prices at all-time highs of 78.40 on North Sea crude and even higher on OPEC,
Middle Eastern oil.
But an example of this is I had Richard Linkletter on, what was it, last Tuesday?
The acclaimed Hollywood movie director.
We talked about 9-11 being an inside job.
We talked about how he woke Bruce Willis up to it just about six months ago.
And I didn't ask Rick to go there.
I didn't know Rick would go there.
I didn't expect Rick to go there.
He's one of the many people I know in Hollywood who are well aware of 9-11 for years.
And he kind of dropped the dime on old Bruce Willis, Schwarzenegger's little buddy.
And that got really big play out there on the web, on the Internet.
And the same thing happened to Jack Blood when he was sitting in on Friday, but then he went over into his own show sitting here in the studios on his program, Deadline Live.
He had Daniel Ellsberg on, and he had him on about the attack in Lebanon, what's happening on both sides, the kidnapped soldiers, the captured soldiers, all of it.
And Jack brought up 9-11, and Ellsberg went off
...on it, basically saying the evidence points towards an inside job, and then he dropped several other big bombshells, and no one picked up on this.
Of course, everyone picked up on any mindless gossip that was out there in the patriot or truth community.
How many angels condemned from the head of a pen was endlessly discussed.
People's tantrums were discussed, but not the hardcore serious issues.
So, I hope everybody will go get this article that Kevin Smith and myself and
Nine slick guys and all threw in together and got out as quickly as possible.
I hope that you will get it out on all the message boards and all the sites that are out there.
Let me just read over the article for you right now, and we'll get into Israel and your phone calls and the rest of it.
Pentagon Papers author Daniel Ellsberg says government may have carried out 9-11.
Predicts Bush regime will stage terror attacks to provide pretext for Iran-Syria invasion and justify internment camps for American people.
I guess we should add for the American people.
We're kind of proofreading live here on air.
That's how fast we move.
Daniel Ellsberg is a former American military analyst employed by the Rand Corporation who precipitated a national firestorm in 71 when he released the Pentagon Papers, the U.S.
military's account of activities during the Vietnam War.
We might still be there if it wasn't for that.
I'm serious.
They said we'll be in Iraq for 100 years, by the way.
To the New York Times.
The release awakened the American people to the systematic program of organized deception carried out by the Pentagon against the population to continue the Vietnam War.
Daniel Ellsberg, speaking on air to GCN radio host Jack Blood, stated his concerns that criminal elements of the U.S.
government were psychologically capable to have carried out 9-11.
You know, they're those type of people, basically, is what he said.
He warned that within days after a U.S.
military strike on Iran...
Bush's handlers would probably stage some type of terror attack in the West to legitimize the new war.
Ellsberg went on to state that another major Reichstag-like state-sponsored attack would be followed by martial law scenario in the U.S., which might include detention camps for American dissenters.
Ellsberg said that he worked with individuals at the highest levels of government who staged war provocations several times to whip up pro-war sentiment in the U.S.,
Daniel Ellsberg now joins the ranks of hundreds of prominent engineers, physicists, economists, military officers, pilots, high-level intelligence analysts, and cabinet ministers who are exposing the 9-11 hoax.
Each day, more and more respected professionals
The section that gets into Ellsberg's comments on 9-11.
Daniel Ellsberg, highly respected across the political spectrum.
This article with the transcript is up on InfoWars.com right now.
And I got home yesterday afternoon and learned that no one had picked up on it.
I'm just as happy for somebody else to hear the show, pick up on it, do their own headline, get their own internet visitors.
It's very easy to do.
A lot of times World Net Daily and others do do this.
It did not happen with this story.
I wish it would have, and then we wouldn't have been up here until midnight last night.
But here is the story, here is the transcript for you.
Again, I'm not whining about having to work long hours on the day I get back from vacation.
My point is that this will be a lot easier if you help us get the word out and if you share in the good labor with us because it is extremely rewarding and together many hands do make light work as the old parable goes and it's true.
I mean, how many people?
We have the former head Marine Corps officer
Historian, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Admiral Moore, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, lawyer, very prominent conservative former Marine, going public saying the official 9-11 story is a fraud and it could be an inside job and the evidence points there.
We have the head of the 9-11 families group that represents 7,000 plus families.
The biggest group, the folks that sued Saudi Arabia and then Bush blocked them with James Baker, going public saying all the evidence points towards an inside job.
This is in the last week and a half.
We have the huge movie director, Richard Linklater, going public with all that he has to lose.
And then openly, without me even asking or knowing he was going to do it, start talking about other big stars like Bruce Willis.
And believe me, there are people a lot bigger than Bruce Willis who I have talked to.
Who I personally have talked to.
Who I've personally been contacted by.
In fact, let's just say the biggest.
And people have their own opinion on who the biggest is, but
Is it... I'm not going to say names.
I wish they'd go public.
It'd be so huge.
Or maybe the establishment media gets smart and ignore it.
But the point is the dam is breaking.
It's cracking.
And we've got to push harder than ever because 9-11 is the foundational event.
And the globalists are going to continue to use it to push other provocations.
So please go get the Ellsberg story off of
Infowars.com Right now, exclusive to Infowars.com Get it out to everybody right now, please.
Alright, let me shift gears into the Middle East's developments.
That cauldron that's boiling over right now and endangering the peace of the entire sphere, the entire planet.
But let's start off by going back to the neocon agenda.
The neocons told us what their agenda is.
Trillions in oil by shutting off the oil spigots in the Middle East, Iran, Syria, Iraq, even Saudi Arabia if they can, then jacking up the prices of all the other oil reserves they found.
It is part of expanding Israel's hegemony, hegemon, around the region.
This is their own state of documents going back to the 80s right through to 2000.
This is what they're saying, not us.
It's about hundreds of billions a year in unrestricted, no-bid weapons contracts and other contracts that have now cost over $400 billion.
I was saying $400 billion last week.
I'm wrong.
It's now almost $500 billion in the last three and a half years.
Excuse me.
So that means in another three and a half years it will be $1 trillion.
And the numbers were only spiraling upwards.
So it's about weapons sales.
It's about opium.
It's about shutting off oil and jacking up prices.
It's about expanding Israel's living space, a greater Israel.
It's about breaking up Arab countries into two to five parts, depending on which nation you're talking about.
This is all official.
We know where to look.
This is the stated battle plan.
And we know that Bush gave Iran the ultimatum, and he said, I will go in there by late July.
I could attack you, he said.
If you don't cease your peaceful nuclear program and let us in there to control things.
And they look at that, look at how Iraq made deals and agreed, and they still got a tax.
They said, no way, Jose.
And I'm not saying the Iranians are perfect.
Governments are evil, folks.
That's history.
It shows us that.
It's a bunch of evil people fighting with each other, and we're all caught in the middle.
And so we're sitting here looking at this unfolding.
And now Israel, the client state, is basically putting things on the front burner.
And as I said last week, they've now even got Fox News analysts coming out and admitting that every few weeks an Israeli soldier gets captured.
Every few days, Palestinian fighters get captured.
Lebanese soldiers get captured.
And they don't attack.
And so why did Israel choose now to hype this?
Now to make a big deal out of this?
And who's behind Hezbollah?
Who's behind Hamas?
Let's talk about the region.
Let's talk about its history.
Take me about 10-15 minutes to cover, and they'll give you the latest news on it.
Then we'll take your calls quickly.
I'm going to go to your calls quickly, though, when we do.
Have your points ready, because I'm going to move on to the next person, so you all get a chance.
We'll break it down when we get back.
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We're good to go.
The Nationalist Times is a 20-page newspaper featuring outstanding writers and columnists.
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
It's not about left and right.
It's about right and wrong.
We're constitutionalists here.
Have you just joined us?
And George Bush is dismantling our Constitution, our sovereignty, just like the Democrats are.
They're all owned by people called the globalists, the New World Order.
And we're here fighting them for those that just joined us.
A little description of what we do here.
All right, so we know that Israel and the United States and England openly have stated that their goal is to shut off the oil supply, jacking up the prices, artificial scarcity.
We know the goal is to expand Israel and to break up the surrounding countries into vassal states of the West.
We know the goal is to have it be a continual war zone so that they can sell weapon systems basically to the American people at huge profits to the defense contractors.
All of this is their stated goal.
Now, how do they get us to war?
How do they bring us to war?
Well, they hire Saddam Hussein.
They train him as a young assassin in 1954.
They put him in as the head of Ba'athist security in 1969.
Ten years later, in 1979, they stage a coup and put Saddam into power.
Three, four years later, they convince Saddam to attack Iran.
We fund him over $33 billion to attack Iran.
Then he basically loses that war in a stalemate.
They then tell him to go ahead and invade Kuwait.
He follows orders and invades Kuwait.
He is set up.
US PR firms go on national TV and claim they saw babies being thrown out of incubators, now admitted to be a complete fabrication and lie.
Iraq is bombed from first world status to third world status.
Their population goes from 25 million to 22 million today, when it was exploding before that, as the rest of the Arab world was.
The New World Order, then for 13 years, 12 and a half years, has huge sanctions on Iraq.
Millions die.
They bombard the country continually, blowing up its water treatment and power stations.
This goes on and on.
Inspectors traverse the entire country, destroying the WMDs that Saddam legally and lawfully had as a U.S.
government agent.
Same thing with bin Laden.
It's always the same story.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Then we go in there three and a half years.
We're now a total of 15 years later since this all began.
It'll be going on 15 more, folks.
It's designed to.
That's how the contractors make money, and that's their pretext to stay in the region.
It's siege.
They're waging war against the populations of the Middle East.
They're exterminating them.
They want control of their governments to then foist the UN vaccines on the population.
One of their big initiatives with the special things that have been added to sterilize their women and give their populations HIV.
In fact, in the countries the UN takes over, watch the HIV level explode.
We have, again, their own documents on that.
So that's all that's going on is the extermination over there.
But domestically, as Bush also told...
This biographer, in 99, I'm going to be a war president because I can't be questioned domestically when we're at war.
Again, that's George Bush's words, not mine.
So we go from their own words.
So how are they going to escalate the war into Iran, into Syria, into surrounding areas?
They're even talking about Saudi Arabia.
They're talking about trying to destabilize that country so it falls to Muslim extremists that our own government has been caught red-handed hundreds of times funding, and then, oh...
Stab them in the back.
We've got to go clean them out.
Now, so Israel is routinely being hit by rockets every few weeks.
Israel is routinely having soldiers captured, just like they capture soldiers out of different militia groups in the surrounding nations.
So why did they start hyping this now?
It coincides with Bush's deadline.
It coincides with his deadline of, what, two days ago.
That is now coming past.
We have to have it look like there's some reason to have troops there and some reason for Israel to be attacking Lebanon who openly has been trying to hunt down and stop Hezbollah and Hamas.
The problem is Hezbollah and Hamas have been openly funded not just by Iran but the U.S.
and Israel.
Yes, mainstream Israeli papers even admit that.
Just go read your history.
And their leaders, our government uses Hezbollah and Hamas to destabilize those surrounding countries, and if they don't play ball, they get assassinated.
Remember what's happened to several leaders in that region?
They're routinely being killed by Hezbollah and Hamas.
That's why Israel admits that in 73, they founded Hamas.
You see?
That's Jerusalem Post, boys and girls.
That isn't a conspiracy theory.
For those that doubt me on this, remember the deal Ronald Reagan made with Bush Sr., who actually made the deal?
I'm going to break it down when we get back.
You know what?
I'm going to try to just get to the meat and potatoes of this when we get back.
We're not playing checkers here.
We're playing chess.
This is sophisticated, three-dimensional warfare, and you, the people, are the target.
We'll come back, finish up with this, then go to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hello, folks.
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All right, we're back live.
Gun, Zach, Steve, David, Jeff, others, your calls are coming up.
Let me just continue breaking down what's really going on over in Israel.
Now, we look at this as countries.
Iran, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, the United States.
How is it all playing together?
Israel's our ally.
They're our good little buddies.
They're as pure as the driven snow.
They're sweet, happy, little good people who only want to help children cross the street.
And then you go to Israel's own newspapers, and they admit that Israel founded...
So did UPI.
They had a big investigation on it.
Founded Hamas in 1973.
I'm just setting the table here.
The atmosphere.
The players.
And you can decide what's going on yourself.
Because at some levels, I don't even know.
Because it's an intelligence agency with an intelligence agency overlapping, backstabbing at every level.
So you try to figure it out.
I think I know where it's going, and my predictions have borne out to be accurate, so unfortunately it looks like we do know what's happening, and it isn't very pretty.
And we have Israel, what, four years ago, three and a half years ago, it comes out in Haratz and in the Jerusalem Post again, and in UPI again of all places, that Israel created hundreds of fake Al-Qaeda groups.
Not fake Al-Qaeda to infiltrate Al-Ciada.
Why infiltrate themselves?
But to, quote, stage terrorist attacks as a pretext to continue a military presence in the West Bank to, and then of course in the north on the border with Lebanon and the Golan Heights.
Now that isn't Alex Jones, folks.
That's Israel admitting that.
We're good to go.
I think?
And they grab the U.S.
hostages, and they won't give them up to Jimmy Carter, who the media, the establishment media owned by Big Pharma and the big defense contractors, they begin to demonize Jimmy Carter, and they begin to attack Jimmy Carter.
I'm not saying he's good or bad.
This is what they did, for whatever reason.
Blaming it all on him, and it turns out the whole thing was staged between RCIA and Iran, and they hold them for months and months and months.
And then right after Ronald Reagan's elected, they release him, and it turns out it was done for hundreds of millions of dollars, and thousands of pieces of weaponry, tow missiles, you name it.
And then what does Iran use those weapons on?
They use those on Iraq, and our government, meanwhile, has put the Iraqi dictator in, Saddam Hussein, and a year and a half, two years after Reagan is elected, there's a giant war launched by...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I listen to these talk show hosts.
I've even called in on shows.
I've been a guest on shows.
This is all publicly admitted, so they won't deny it.
They'll just make excuses for it and say, well, let's just talk about what's happening now.
Well, everything that happened in the past has a bearing on what's happening now.
I mean, let's go further.
You've got the Serbs.
Certainly not perfect, but our allies against the Nazis in World War II.
The UN even admits they were attacked by the Muslims.
They were attacked by the Croats.
They were attacked from two different sides.
And then the UN goes in there in the early 90s, and then they're back in the late 90s.
What happens?
You have the south of the country, one-third of the country, Kosovo.
It's capital Pristina.
And then all of a sudden...
For five months, there are over 55, 56 bombings, mainly of school buses, schools, courthouses, government buildings, government facilities, all over the South, and Kosovo Liberation Army Muslims, led by Osama bin Laden.
Are attacking the South.
The Serbs fight back and are called genocidal maniacs and fake videos put on national TV of concentration camps and all it is is the border of Albania and the border of Macedonia and our government not letting people through.
They're at barbed wire, all right, wanting to get in.
They pulled the same thing, what, in 94?
Or was it 93 there with them trying to get into a UN food station and called it a concentration camp?
I mean, these guys are slick.
So we've got bin Laden and the Iranians, by the way.
The money was sent via Clinton to Iran and then to northern Albania.
We've got the Iranians and bin Laden used yet again to go stir something up, to go destabilize something, and then when Serbia defends itself, they're invaded, they're attacked.
We have this staged event with the Iran hostage situation, Iran-Contra.
We have the staged event with putting Saddam in.
We have the staged event with the Israelis staging Al-Qaeda attacks against themselves as a pretext for domestic control and to expand their military operations.
It happens over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Were they provocateur of this stuff or were they outright staging?
So that's the reason I'm getting into all of this before we even get into what's happening in Israel right now.
And what's happening in Lebanon and surrounding areas?
Now, this was a Republican Senate report put out by Alphonse D'Amato in 1999 with their own documents where they brought forward the fact that Bill Clinton...
Fun to do some of Bin Laden.
Again, what has Bin Laden used to do?
His family builds all the U.S.
They build the big mosque, the air-conditioned Mecca.
They're multi, multi-billionaires.
They make billions a year.
They're number three owners of the Karloff Group with the Queen of England and others.
I mean, this is mainstream news.
London Guardian, Wall Street Journal.
The Bushes vacation with them.
We know Bin Laden was CIA trained in college.
Tim Osmond was his codename.
We know he fought the Russians for seven, eight years as the leader of the Mujahideen, the freedom fighters.
We know he's CIA.
And then in 99, he's busy attacking the Serbs with Iran.
Our government backs all that up.
Then he supposedly attacks us again on 9-11.
I mean, can we put two and two together here?
Who he works for, who he is, what's going on?
And again, I'm not even saying bin Laden actually physically attacked us on 9-11.
He took the fall for it.
He played the part of the patsy.
The decoy.
And so now, we don't even know what's going on.
We know our government makes backroom deals with Iran, and they could really be fighting with Iran right now, because the problem is they set up the Serbs, then stab them in the back.
The globalists set up the Iranians, then stab them in the back.
They set up Saddam, stab him in the back.
They set up everybody and stab them in the back.
And then they try to kill Qaddafi, now he's our best friend.
We've never been at war with East Asia, we've always been at war with East Asia.
Big Brother says 2 plus 2 equals 10.
So, we have this spinning cauldron going on.
What we do know is we cannot believe anything we're hearing on the news.
Or we can believe a ship got blown up in a harbor.
We can believe that this many rockets fell on the northern city in Israel.
We can believe that this many kids died at a school.
That type of information we know is accurate, but we don't know who did it, why it happened, who's really captured these Israeli soldiers.
We don't know if these Israeli soldiers are really on the beaches of Maui right now, smoking cigars and drinking Coronas.
We don't know if they're really dead.
We don't know if they were killed in cross-border fighting, so the Israelis are just claiming that they've been captured.
We don't know that, again, why haven't we seen videos of these guys?
Why hasn't Hezbollah been on television?
Why hasn't, we know Hezbollah's riddled with CIA, Shin Bet, MI6, Mossad.
But we know that the Israelis found and from these groups, wind them up, but sometimes then they stab each other in the back, and so we don't know.
There's all these other splinter groups.
But what we do know is that kidnappings, capture of soldiers, killings, Katyusha rockets being fired is a weekly, sometimes hourly occurrence.
And we know that it's being overly hyped at this time because Israel and the U.S., that is people who control our country, when we say U.S.
we don't mean the American people, the globalists, controlling our country as an engine of empire.
We're good to go.
So all of this is swirling around, and we know they're trying to escalate this into war psychosis, war hysteria, to kick off some type of larger event, and now the FBI and MI6 and MI5 and all of them are saying domestic attacks in the U.S.
or England could happen at any minute.
Why Hamas and Hezbollah could strike any second.
And that leaves the perfect cover while we're having this symbolic war through our surrogate, through our foil, our minion Israel, right now with Lebanon, that they're saying this could go as far north as Syria.
Israeli ministers are openly saying it.
Netanyahu's openly saying it, their banking minister.
We've got neocons, Crystal and Gingrich up there all saying this.
This whole thing, you can see it marching us towards a larger, widening conflagration and perfect timing for some type of false flag, government-sponsored terror attack somewhere in the Western world.
It could be Australia.
It could even be Germany, but it'll probably be the U.S.
or England or one of our interests.
The globalists keep getting caught carrying them out in major cities like 9-11 or 7-7 or Madrid, so they may blow up a ship or blow up a plane, as Bush says they could do, or put one in harm's way to get it shot down, like they did with the Gulf of Tonkin or in the White House memo.
So we're in very dangerous times, and this is the exact type of provocation that was predicted months ago on this broadcast by different analysts like Ray McGovern and others, and we're now seeing this exact type of a provocation unfolding, and we're hearing war psychosis, Jack Blood was calling it,
Friday, wargasm, and that's what it is.
I heard neocons this weekend on talk radio, kill all the Arabs, they're all terrorists, they're all scum, they're all murderers, they're all evil, kill them all, let God sort them out, blow up all those countries, blah, blah, blah.
Everything in the world is because of the Arabs.
When the sun doesn't shine through the clouds, the Arabs did it.
Everything is the Arabs.
If we could just kill more Arabs, everything would be fine.
It's disgusting.
In major polls, 94% of Arabs are neutral or pro-U.S.
6% are the foaming, want to kill us all type.
And in major polls, 30% of Americans are the kill all the Arab type.
So we're actually in many respects worse than they are.
And there are some real, quote, terrorists, that is fighters.
There are some people who target populations just like Israeli bombs or U.S.
bombs do.
This is the picture I'm trying to paint here.
And it isn't the Arabs that are getting rid of our borders and trying to create the American Union.
The Arabs haven't killed, conservatively, a hundred plus thousand Americans with Factor VIII in the Bayer blood supply.
In the Bayer Factor VIII drug.
And that's only one company that was doing it, making these drugs, these clotting agents.
Knowingly, over a hundred thousand Americans.
So like 15,000-something confirmed.
That number's a few years old.
Hemophilia action in Canada.
Hundreds of thousands in Europe.
Tens of thousands in Australia.
But I guess they're not wearing a turban, and so they don't have brown skin.
So what?
If the government... Oh, by the way, if the government knowingly knew and let it happen.
So now do you see what I'm saying?
It isn't the Arabs putting...
Cancer viruses in our vaccines, or hormones and tetanus shots to sterilize women.
By the way, that isn't just going on in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
It's going on here, we've got them.
It isn't the Arabs putting mercury in the vaccines.
Do you understand that, folks?
That they use this external enemy, which isn't perfect, folks.
The Arabs, some of them are a bunch of lunatics.
I mean, believe me, I've researched it, I've looked at it, but most of them aren't.
They're about as loony as we are.
I mean, we're a bunch of loons, too.
The average American can't find Iraq on a map, but they'll tell you how much they want to kill everybody there.
I mean, you know, we're pretty weird, too.
Pretty primitive and hyped up and bug-eyed.
And you're being diverted off into things that really aren't threats compared to the pure evil that lies and steals and kills that's running our country.
All right, I'll shut up and we'll go to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Gunn in Texas.
Gunn, thanks for holding.
Good afternoon, Alexander, the Battle for Garmer Jones.
I'm glad that you had a vacation because you work hard and you deserve it.
I heard that you're down on the coast.
I just don't know about fishing.
If you get yourself a guide when you're saltwater fishing, if you get yourself a guide, you catch a lot of fish, you'll have a good time.
That's what I did.
Oh, good.
That's vital information, sir.
I have a quick take, an observation, a question.
On Israel...
It looks like the neocons have really found a back way to Iran because Bolton was having trouble in the UN.
Just another note on Israel.
Woodrow Wilson had a 10-point plan, and the only two points that survived, well, one point was the formation of the League of Nations, which became the UN.
And the first thing that they did was give the land to the Jews from Europe.
And I read part of the Holocaust is a fair for the Rothschilds, I mean for the Rothschilds, for all you gamers out there.
Why does Western European royalty have Jew blood plus Israel's real name?
Just a quick note on homegrown terrorism.
A few days before the homegrown terrorists in Canada were caught, Dick Cheney was on Fox saying, we need to watch out for homegrown terrorists.
And since then, how many busts have we had?
So in case of a false flag attack, I guess he had his suspects already lined up.
When the next attack happened,
When the next attack hits, everybody out there should be detectives and watch closely.
No, I hear you and I appreciate the call, sir.
No, I'm getting back to what happened in World War II.
The major Zionist publications, the things that were in newspaper stands, the publications that were sold in Jewish bookstores, said, we support Hitler and we need Hitler to force the Jews out of Europe, and they made backroom deals with Hitler, and then when...
The Orthodox Jews were trying to get out.
The Zionists would not allow them to get out and had a deal with Hitler to not let them leave unless they agreed to go to Palestine and to pay them a ransom, by the way.
And if they didn't pay the Zionists a ransom, they were left behind to be killed.
And that's the same with all of these cultures.
Governments are evil.
Leadership is generally evil.
As the Founding Fathers told us.
As the Bible tells us.
And so, yes.
There were a lot of Zionist leaders who were complicit in the murder of the Jews.
And a lot of times, Jewish leaders throughout history have really been behind pushing a lot of anti-Semitism as a way to control the vast majority of Jews that they then suck dry.
A lot of the big anti-Semites you hear now on the web and stuff, they're really Jewish provocateur agents.
Just thought you might want to know that.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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Right now, let's go to the next caller.
And let's speak to Zach in New York.
Go ahead, Zach.
I was wondering if you'd seen the advertisements on CBS for the new show, Jericho.
It's about a nuke going off somewhere in the United States and the effect on a small Midwestern town.
No, I haven't seen it.
Is it how martial law saves us and how good it is?
Well, yeah, that's not so much what I've seen in the ads.
It's not out yet, but there are people cowering.
There's many sick and dying.
They're like the show Mushroom Cloud.
It's on during CSI and the advertisements on the evening program just about every commercial break.
And I thought that might tie in a bit with your predictions of an event here in the United States.
Well, they've had all these nightline dramatizations where we get attacked by a terrorist, and we have to give up all of our rights, and they have martial law drills, and then quietly at the end of the program they announce, oh, this was just a dramatization.
So there's all this ongoing fear-mongering.
I would have to agree with you.
What do you think about the whole Israel-Lebanon situation?
I'm just waiting for it to boil over.
In my mind, there's no real difference between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
There's no side that is morally above the other.
It's a bunch of tribal warfare.
I would agree with you on that as well.
What do you think about the history of Israel and the U.S.
and others actually funding the so-called terrorists?
That would not surprise me at all.
I'm not too informed on that topic.
I've been trying to tell as many people as I can, so thank you very much.
Well, thank you, sir.
Do not believe me.
Please, go to Haratz.
Go to UPI.
Go to Jerusalem Post.
Read where they tell you this.
I mean, every time, in hindsight, we learn our governments were staging all of this.
And again, they have the motive.
It makes sense they would.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, now into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast.
Coming up in 30 minutes, we'll continue with your phone calls and get more into Israel and the situation that's beginning to boil over.
With Lebanon right now.
We'll also get into Bush's bizarre behaviors at the G8.
We're now joined by co-host Mike Papantonio, who has a show on Air America with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
And I have to tell you, this is a subject that I'm extremely versed on, so I can tell you that our guest's information is absolutely correct and on target from what I've read when I had a chance to see him on Scarborough Country last week.
Mike Papantonio, of course, is a lawyer.
And he has been involved in the litigation against Bayer Pharmaceutical for over a decade, knowingly.
And now they've got the documents, knowing that in their factor VIII drugs, it was filled with the HIV virus, hepatitis, a lot of other horrible things.
And they knowingly took these drugs and were selling them on the open international market.
And this goes back even further into the past with other companies.
And it has just been a worldwide problem.
Worldwide scourge.
And so, sir, thank you for coming on with us today.
Sure, Alex.
Well, thank you for covering this issue.
I mean, it's amazing to me how mainstream media has missed this issue.
I just, you know, of course, the wisdom of your program, the reason people listen to Alex Jones, is because you do talk about the issues that mainstream media is suffering brain death on.
And this is one of them.
I mean, it's just an incredible, incredible issue.
You know, I'll tell you something that really struck my attention on this.
I was taking the deposition of an employee with Bayer, and I was asking him, you know, I said, during the deposition, have you ever heard of the Fritz Termeer Foundation?
And what it was, it was a grant program for German science students who were studying the biological sciences in Germany.
And the description of, if you go on the internet and you take a look at this, the description of the foundation refers to this Tremere character as a compassionate visionary.
So I asked this employee during the deposition, I said, well tell me about Fritz Tremere.
Well, he told me everything about Fritz Tremere, except that Fritz Tremere in 1947 was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal for war crimes.
Incredible, Alex.
This is the guy who ran Auschwitz.
And I know you know the story of I.G.
Farber, but he was the guy that ran Auschwitz.
Bayer owned Auschwitz with BASF and Host.
And so all of a sudden, now they have this warm, fuzzy image.
They're the Bayer Aspirin people.
But when you go back and look at this company's history, they're just one of the manufacturers, but I focused on them.
I think so.
And when you hear this story, and I know you've told this story before, Alex, but when you hear this story... But let's recap it for everybody.
Yeah, okay.
In mid-1980s, Bayer manufactured a drug called Factor VIII.
The drug was supposed to help hemophiliacs with potential fatal bleeding disease.
The point being, though, there were several alternatives already in place.
There were less risk to the alternatives.
The alternatives had worked for a long time.
But this was going to be sold as the miracle wonder drug.
And because of political corruption and because of corporate corruption, the point is it could have been a wonder drug, but money got involved, greed got involved, government got involved, and people at the very top of Bayer and other companies got involved.
But the point is this.
It was supposed to be able to be an injectable for hemophiliacs, mostly children, as you know, male children, and it was supposed not to cure hemophilia, but to stop severe bleeding.
Well, Mike Pavantonio, stay with us, because when we get back, I want to go through this Factor VIII, what it did, how they knew that it was killing people, and then basically our government helped cover it up, and they sold it in Europe.
People gone to jail in Europe, but not here in the United States, and how we bring these people to justice.
And this also speaks just to the psychology of these elite corporations and how they get away with open murder on a routine basis.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up in about 25 minutes, we'll shift gears back into the Israel-Lebanon crisis.
I also want to spend a little bit of time on Bush's bizarre behaviors.
Cussing, grabbing on heads of state.
Put it all together, it shows the man is mentally ill.
Our guest has one of the most popular talk shows on Air America nationally, and he co-hosts that with Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr., and he is our guest right now.
He is one of the main litigators who sued Bayer and in deposition got their own documents, Bayer Pharmaceutical, where they knowingly, knowingly knew that they were selling Factor VIII after it had been banned in this country, a blood clotting agent that's given to hemophiliacs, and that it was filled with HIV, filled with hepatitis and many other horrors.
And this goes back to Arkansas with the prisons, knowingly, years after it was banned, taking the blood, not even testing it, knowing they were taking it, people that had HIV, and then it's taken and mixed with thousands of other samples of blood together to then make these blood clotting agent drugs.
There are several companies involved, several companies involved in actually producing the different drugs,
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Well, I've got to tell you something on this, Alex.
I've handled pharmaceutical cases for a long time.
You probably know our firm handled the tobacco case.
We're the ones that initiated the national tobacco case.
So I'm used to seeing corruption.
I mean, I'm used to seeing bad corruption, evil kind of corruption.
But I've got to tell you something.
I don't think I've ever seen the caliber of corruption that I've seen here.
And, you know, it all flows from the top, Alex.
I wish most journalists had the insight and the instinct that you've had on this story before anybody was paying attention to it.
Mainstream media never has been able to understand that what we have is murder.
I mean, you have a corporation committing murder, and it all flows from the top.
Anytime you take a guy who was in charge of Auschwitz... Now, this is a true story.
The guy in charge of Auschwitz...
And you name an award after him, the Tremere Award, that's handed out by Bayer.
And here you have Tremere, who is their poster boy for what they say is compassion and decency.
But this is the guy that ran Auschwitz in 1944.
So I tell you that because...
People can't understand how upside down corporate America is right now.
Right now you have a president who loves to see corporate America in charge.
Unfortunately, the type of corporate America that's in charge here is a company that knowingly had their product factorate that was for children hemophiliacs.
We're good to go.
They know that that infection that runs from the child that takes the product is also going to run to the child's brothers and sisters and mothers.
I have represented entire families that have been wiped out by AIDS because Bayer and Armour and Baxter and Cutter Biologically
You've got a young 18-year-old man.
There's a bunch of these cases, but focusing in on individual.
I remember one Canadian hemophiliac I talked to about five years ago.
He was 18 at the time.
He got the Factor VIII.
He then got married.
He gave it to his wife.
I mean, this is incredible.
Yeah, I mean, entire family's wife.
That scenario is not only where they give it to the wives.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
30% of the people that received this factor VIII after it was very clear that it was infected, 30% of those people today are dead from AIDS.
They're dead from hepatitis C. And so this wasn't a mistake.
You know why they shipped it overseas, Alex?
Well, Mike, I want to expand on this because...
This goes to the mentality of the drug companies, period.
They're able to go in, buy off politicians, and when you were on national television, you broke down the fact that people have gone to jail in France over this.
But here, no one has been prosecuted when you were able, in depositions, to get their own documents and discovery.
Can I tell you something?
I was also a prosecutor before I started working as a plaintiff's lawyer.
And to make a case out against any one of these companies, I'm not talking about just, you know, ten guys down the road.
I'm talking about the top guys with the company.
To make a criminal manslaughter case out was a no-brainer.
As a matter of fact, in France, as you pointed out, people did go to prison because they had killed so many French children with AIDS.
But you know what?
In America, not one corporate representative has even been indicted for that.
Alex, they haven't even been asked to go to Congress and testify.
Well, listen, I'm glad Ken Lay got indicted and got 13 counts and got convicted, but Ken Lay wasn't actually, at least that we know, murdering children.
And the numbers I've seen from the BBC and from the big papers in Australia run between 200,000 and a million people that were infected and that died or that spread this.
I mean, we're talking about Holocaust-type numbers here.
And here's a company that you... I mean, one of the companies at least is used to the Holocaust mentality because, as I said, they had Fritz Tamir in charge of their Auschwitz operation.
Oh, absolutely.
And I want to expand on that, Mike, if we can, because you were the lead lawyer on this case and have successfully exposed all of this.
I think.
You know, and the interesting thing about that issue is that in 1952, this guy's sentence was commuted because of pure political, powerful influences.
And so what happens is you say, they move into mainstream American corporate world.
And we don't even ask questions anymore, Alex.
We don't even ask questions.
If you have a morally corrupt corporation, here's what people don't understand.
A corporation, if you listen to people that have really analyzed the way a corporation works in America nowadays, the best analysis I've heard is you've got a psychopathic mentality.
And when you analyze what a psychopath is, and you take step by step, item by item, the way corporate America operates in America, it fits into the... If you have a psychological manifestation of psychopath, it's right there.
There's a complete disregard for how their conduct affects people.
Well, for those that don't know, when you've got an LLC or one of these other type of corporations...
The individuals running it insulate themselves, and then the corporation is seen as a political and legal person, and so a lot of these crooks get away with it.
Yeah, you know what?
I'm often criticized because I'm a lawyer and I go after these corporations, and yes, in tobacco, it was a $250 billion settlement, and yes, our law firm did make a lot of money, but I've got to tell you something.
I would much prefer to see these people go to prison and not have a civil justice process that's only about money.
I'd rather see them tried as criminals that they are and go to prison rather than have the option of taking them to a civil court and simply taking their money away from them.
There are countries all over the world where that happens.
France is one of them.
No, they didn't have to pay money to the claimants in France as much as they should have, but they sent their people to prison.
Well, Mike, where is it right now?
How do we get prosecutions?
How do we get judgments?
How do we punish Bayer and other allied companies?
Well, unfortunately, with this administration, it'll never happen.
This administration is absolutely an arm of corporate America.
Look, what used to be the Republican Party, Alex, is no longer the Republican Party.
It's a corporatist party.
People that used to be proud of what republicanism stood for.
It stood for individual rights and individual freedom, and it stood for, no, we're not an aggressive nation.
It stood for fiscal responsibility.
All that's history, Alex.
That doesn't exist anymore.
Now you have corporatism, and it's driven by people like Bayer.
And unfortunately, in this atmosphere, until something changes in Congress, until you get these Republican corporate thugs out of Congress and change things, you're never going to have an effect on corporate America.
Well, I mean, if corporations can get away with killing tens of thousands just in Canada alone, where we have had media coverage of this, if they can get away with murdering tens of thousands of children, they can get away with anything.
Well, that's right.
And the truth is, it used to be... We'll pick up with corporate media, I guess.
And we've only got about five minutes on the other side, so cram it all in, and let's go over where your suits are going, what's going to happen in the final equation here.
And I hope this is a wake-up call to everybody, because this is the tip of the iceberg.
This is only one of the big cases that are out there, but unfortunately, there are dozens and dozens of other cases of this that are just as bad or worse with other companies, and it's getting worse, it's not getting better.
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We're good to go.
Currency devaluation, inflation, one and the same.
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Mike Papantonio led the case against Bayer successfully here in the United States up until 2001.
Got something like a $600 million settlement.
That's chicken feed when you talk about hundreds of thousands of people that have been killed by this or maimed by this and the others that have also been infected.
When you're in these depositions, sir, talking to Bayer executives, what's it like to sit across the table from these psychopaths?
And you talked about
Yeah, that's exactly it.
Noam Chomsky really nails these guys.
He says, look, the only way the corporate American can operate in this atmosphere is to be run by a lot of these, not all the corporations, but the corporations that you read about time and time again, being indicted that are the worst corporations in the U.S.
by everybody's advocacy list.
If you look at them, I mean, if you're sitting across the table, you see that they have this kind of grandiose sense of worth of who they are.
They're the CEO of a corporation.
They could give a damn less that they've killed, you know, a thousand children in order to make a profit.
Most of them, I mean, when you really cross-examine, they almost look like pathological liars.
There's no remorse or there's no guilt.
It's a callousness and a lack of empathy.
It's almost this parasitic kind of vision of what their role is against the rest of the world.
You know what's interesting about it, Alex?
There's always a failure to accept responsibility for their actions.
It's this criminal versatility that you see.
I sit across.
As a matter of fact, I'm getting ready to do a deposition here in about two weeks.
And I know I'm going to see the same thing.
I can't talk to you about the facts.
But I'm going to see the same thing.
It's going to be CEO of a corporation.
He came up with a Harvard MBA.
He's always been the top gun for the company.
He thinks he's above the law.
And he could care less that the product that they're making has potential and already has killed thousands of people.
It's all about a bottom line.
And if people out there don't understand, first of all, it's not all corporations.
It's what I call the renegade corporations.
Unfortunately, the renegade corporations is what's running American politics right now.
George Bush identifies with renegade corporations.
Cheney and all of his henchmen, those are people... They went to Ken Lay's funeral.
Yes, absolutely.
Went to Ken Lay's funeral.
And then called him Jesus.
Yes, you know that story well then.
So it's this vision about what we should be as an American, and unfortunately, corporate CEOs are now involved in shaping that vision in its real, real level.
So when you're across the table with our own documents where they knowingly knew this was killing children, and you bring it up to them, what do they say?
Well, it's always a denial.
Like I say, I call it criminal versatility.
It is to be able to move in and out of what's real and what's not real.
But I can make you a promise if it makes you feel any better, Alex.
By the time they leave a deposition with me, I've usually hammered them pretty good.
Unfortunately, after I hammer them, the criminal justice department is unwilling to prosecute these guys.
You called it right.
The Criminal Justice Department.
Describe Gonzalez.
Describe Ashcroft for us.
Yeah, they came up with... These are the people who were their benefactors.
These are people, as they came up through politics, these are the guys that had them appointed as judges.
Gonzalez worked for Halliburton.
I mean, excuse me, Enron.
Enron, yeah, Enron.
So they all come up with that corporate mentality, and it hasn't always been like that, Alex.
It hasn't always been where republicanism has turned into corporate thuggery.
But right now, we've reached a peak of corruption.
A complete peak, and I've got to tell you something.
I've been doing mass tort, product liability cases, pharmaceutical cases for 22 years, and I have never seen a worse environment.
It's not just politics.
It's corporate America that's drugged.
So in foreign countries, subsidiaries of people have gone to prison, but the real ringleaders in the U.S., England, and Germany haven't.
Hell, they haven't even been indicted.
They haven't even been... It's like it's an acceptable way of doing business.
It came out on MSNBC, even the host admitted it, he has the documents, that the Congress knows, the FDA knows, and nothing's going to be done.
Nothing will be done, and because, and I've got to tell you something, most of the time it's unusual for media to get involved, because media wants Bayer to advertise on their show.
How did you get Scarborough to cover it?
Well, Joe's been a friend of mine a long time.
I mean, you know, I appear on Scarborough from time to time with all different kinds of issues.
And Scarborough really is pretty middle of the road.
I mean, sometimes it doesn't come out like that on the show, but he really is.
I mean, when you really listen to what he has to say, he's somewhat of a populist.
And so the one time they asked me not to come back on the show was a time that I went after a corporation.
It had to do with arsenic wood.
So I attacked arsenic wood, the manufacturer of this company, and so they said, well, Pat, maybe you shouldn't come back on the show for a while.
But you know what?
It doesn't make any difference.
We're still going after them.
Well, I want these individuals to go to prison.
How do we help, or is there anything the American people can do?
Tell us about your website.
Well, the only thing they can do, I think that, unfortunately, to go after these guys is a pretty lonely job sometimes, because it has to be.
It takes, for example, the deposition, I'll be taking two weeks in a case.
You know, that's probably three years worth of manpower just to get ready for that deposition.
So it's something that we kind of have to do.
The only thing that's going to change all this, though, Alex, and I know you preach about it all the time, is you've got to change Congress.
We do.
Well, listen, Mike, I want to thank you for joining us.
You've agreed to come on for a full hour next week to talk about a whole smattering of other incredible issues you've been covering, including electronic voting machines.
So you'll be on with us next week?
I'll be glad to join you, Alex.
I love your show.
And we'll take some calls.
Take care, Mike.
We'll talk to you next week, sir.
We'll see you.
There goes Mike Papantonio.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I know off and on, for a decade, I've been covering...
Different companies, different prisons, different states.
Mayor, one of the chief perpetrators, criminals, knowingly killing children.
And it's their attitude.
Hey, we know this has got HIV in it.
Almost every dose has it in it.
Because they're mixing in thousands of pints of blood together from hundreds and hundreds of different donors.
And so it infects the entire lot.
But the reason I've covered that in such depth over the years, as more and more comes out on it, is because it shows the mentality.
And when I get Mr. Papantonio on next week, I'll also bring up, okay, you say it's the Republicans.
What about Bill Clinton being involved?
Because obviously he's a big Democrat.
We'll see what he has to say.
But truly, under Bush, but Bush is just the puppet of the day, things have reached a crescendo of evil.
And these CEOs will sit around and make excuses and laugh or joke about killing hundreds of thousands of people.
Hundreds of thousands of people.
Oh, but they wouldn't be involved in a 9-11 attack that killed 3,000.
Oh, yeah, they would.
They'd make excuses how it was for America and how it was to maintain our defenses in the 21st century and how a few have to die for the better of the good.
And it's this social Darwinistic view of we have to be strong, we have to be ruthless, we have to be more evil than our enemies to protect good.
Kind of a twist on what Churchill said about the truth being guarded by a bodyguard of lies.
Well, freedom and happiness being guarded by a bodyguard of evil.
This is the psychopathic rationale these people engage in.
And so now we have the admissions that Israel controls and found that Hamas manipulates and funds Hezbollah, that our government's been in bed with Iran on attacks on the Serbs, in bed with Iraq on attacks on Iran, busy stabbing each other in the back, backroom deals.
And all of this is going on again as they heat things up, as they escalate us into a new world war that they call World War IV.
The globalists believe World War III was the Cold War.
As they escalate us into this newest staged war, notice all of this is happening right on time when Bush gives Iran the ultimatum.
Will there be massive terror attacks in the United States?
Will it be in England or Western Europe or the Middle East?
Will the globalists blow up an American ship
And then, oh, we've got to go to war.
We have evidence Iran's behind it, or Syria is behind it.
What do you think is going to happen?
I just know this whole story we're hearing with Lebanon stinks to high heaven.
Lebanon has bent over backwards to lick Israel's boots.
Israel has openly said they want to take Lebanon.
Syria has been licking boots, trying to go along, really cowering.
Looks like they may be invaded.
Top Israeli and U.S.
politicians and pundits and wonks are pushing it.
And coming up in 25 minutes, we've got a surprise guest for you.
Oh, you don't want to miss it.
David, Jeff, and Cal and others, your calls are coming up here in just a moment.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls.
Before I go to your calls, number one, I've made the most powerful statement
Government-sponsored terrorism video ever.
I've seen them all, and I'm proud of the other films that have been made by others.
I'm proud of the films I've made.
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I think Road to Tyranny is excellent.
I think a lot of other videos are really good out there.
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We cover the lies of the Iraq War.
We cover Buddhist soldiers caught carrying out terror attacks.
We cover Israel involved in the USS Liberty with our own government.
We tried to cause World War III at the time, back in the late 60s.
We get into the latest 9-11 information.
We get into the overthrow of Iran with Mosaddegh in 1953 and where they're going in the future.
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By going to Infowars.com and ordering off the secure online shopping cart.
All right.
Let's go ahead now and go back to your calls.
David Mass, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you today?
Good, sir.
And I hope you had a nice respite away from all the madness in our world.
I was so energized to be gone.
I mean, after two or three days, I finally relaxed, and it was great.
But I'm back in the saddle again.
Listen, I wanted to ask you whether you were able to catch on Erskine Overnight's interview with Lindsay Williams on July 9th.
Good to hear it.
No, but I've interviewed Lindsay and I'm fully aware of his good work.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, let's just discuss a little bit about the financial aspects of this.
I mean, just as a quick little history lesson, everybody knows about right before the gold standard,
Got taken off by Nixon.
Kissinger went to all the oil-producing nations, mainly the Middle Eastern countries, Venezuela and the like.
And they made an agreement that we would make oil the world reserve currency.
And not only that, but in addition to pricing the oil in dollars, the agreement was also you have to take our treasury instruments also and hide it.
You have to hide our debt and that's where the crux of the whole thing is.
Now, Lindsay Williams was talking on Erskine that he still has some connections into BP.
BP, British Petroleum, obviously people know, bought Atlantic Richfield, which was the other oil firm, about three years ago.
And supposedly this memo contains some unbelievable buzzword situations about how it's connected to the fiasco in the Middle East right now.
Essentially what you have over there is, like, I'm not sure how to peg Ahmadinejad.
I don't know whether he's an intelligence operative or what.
That's the Iranian president, for those who don't know.
So the point is that BP had in this memo, according to Lindsay Williams, about
Let me just say this.
Let me just say this.
Everything that Lindsey says is verifiable from official documents.
We have official oil company documents.
Associated Press got them in 2001.
Broke again last year.
That going back, now this is important, going back to 95-96, we have Exxon, Mobil, BP, Texaco documents.
Where they openly talk about buying up the 200-plus North American private refineries to close them because there's too much oil and they've got to artificially create a bottleneck.
Then we have, going back a decade ago, the CEO's own documents, we had Greg Palast, BBC on about this, where they openly say there's too much oil, we've got to fund the whole peak oil fraud and the whole global warming fraud.
Yes, that's actually the oil companies, folks.
This is how they're going to jack up the prices and convince you there's no oil.
We already know from other sources, from congressional testimony, from Nick Begich, his father, the congressman, the late congressman, who they clearly killed, that there's enough oil to run the U.S.
for hundreds and hundreds of years in Alaska.
But, sir, we have 1978 documents where the U.S.
laid off 600 and something square miles off the coast of New Orleans, there in the Gulf of Mexico, that's got even more oil than Alaska, sir.
And then they just gave the Russians and the Mexicans most of the oil supply south of the United States there in the Gulf of Mexico.
So it's the same story over and over again.
Exactly the same, absolutely.
And the question is, is that we all know also by the president of the GAO, David Walker, who's also the comptroller general, says that unless the U.S.
...can do one of three things.
Essentially, they're not going to be able to pay the interest on the deficits that they've created past the third quarter of 2009.
Yes, and that's either double the money supply again, as Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve, is saying he's doing, or continuing to keep the dollar pegged to the oil, but now because the dollar's been devalued, you've got to then increase the price of oil, and then what was the supposed third thing?
Well, there's three things.
That's right.
That would have to happen.
And this is according to Paul O'Neill's book also.
Two things, three things would have to happen.
One is that there would have to be a 65% increase in domestic taxation, which that would be unbelievable.
The second thing would be that they would have to dramatically cheapen the dollar to make the debt easier to service.
And three, they'd have to declare a force majeure, which of course is, we're not going to pay our debt, and there goes the dollar, there goes the economy, total collapse.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
What the New World Order is counting on is a slow decline of the dollar, and they're counting on the fact that these countries will not want to completely dump all of the notes that they've bought in our treasury bonds, because that would cause the world economy to crash.
So we're just seeing the slow slide of the United States in the third world status.
Yeah, I haven't had Lindsey on in years, and Lindsey's a nice fella.
But, well, there's just a lot of other really good sources, aren't there?
We have the official documents from so many other quarters that there's just quite a few places to get that information.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in Canada.
Jeff, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Just calling in, want to say excellent documentaries you have out there and everything.
But I wanted to tell you, like the one with Bohemian Grove and stuff like that, like I thought about, started thinking, okay, what can I do, you know, I want to do something.
So I started making phone calls and I put them up on the internet.
And the one guy I talked to at Bohemian Grove, he's saying it's all nonsense and it's all fake and none of this stuff's real or anything.
And I thought that was hilarious because, you know, like I've seen it with my own eyes.
I've seen it documented.
Well, so the Bohemian Grove officially of San Francisco, that's where its main office is, told international television, Channel 4 out of England, then aired here in the U.S.
on Trio, that I did indeed sneak in and that I did indeed shoot video of the ritual.
I call both places.
Well, I mean, we have them officially on record saying that I indeed did get that video.
Major newspapers have also reported it.
I'm just saying, what some guy on the telephone says doesn't really matter, but go ahead.
But I just wanted you to check them out if you wanted to.
You might get a laugh out of it.
No, no, no.
Yeah, yeah.
It's pumpitout.com.
Check them out on that website.
I got them in the phone calls.
I call it controlled demolitions.
I ask them what pull it means and, you know, all kinds of stuff.
And it just
Like, you know, ever since... PumpItOut.com is your website?
Yeah, PumpItOut.com.
Now... Ever since, like, 9-1-1 and everything, like, wow, it's just... I've heard, like, you and, like, been exposed to all this stuff, and, like, even today what's going on, you know, you just watch the TV, even with the Lebanon and Israel and all that stuff, like, you get a whole different perspective on everything.
Let me just ask you a question.
When you call them, do you tell them you're recording it?
No, I don't tell them, but I was told that I'm allowed to do that if I wanted to.
I have that straight from the police themselves.
No, no, no, I'm trying to figure out if I can play these on air.
There's different laws in different states, different countries.
Well, I'm in Canada, and I asked them what it would be in Canada.
But whatever, I don't know.
To call people?
Yeah, I called FEMA.
You can call the government, recorded.
Oh, no, no.
I'm talking about calling organizations or individuals.
Who specifically, when you called Control Demolition Incorporated, for those that don't know, they blew up the evidence.
Yeah, it was called the Lodursky Company or something like that.
Will you hold on just a second for me?
Just for the listeners, I just want to tell them something real fast.
The Losex Company or something.
All right.
Go ahead and finish up, and then later I'll just do it.
Go ahead.
Oh, but yeah, it's just, I just, whatever, I don't know, I just started making calls.
I got strange calls coming from a Texas area code after I started making those calls, too.
Okay, let me just stop you and ask you a few questions.
Can I do that?
Now, you say you call Control Demolition, Inc.
For those that don't know, Control Demolition, Inc.
are the guys that got rid of the evidence at Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center, and their job is blowing up buildings.
And you're saying you called them specifically?
Yeah, and asked them what Pullet means.
Okay, who did you talk to there?
I just talked to the lady that answered the phone, but she got me to hold on a second.
It seemed like she went and asked.
I said, what would...
What would the term pull it mean in demolition terms, I asked her.
And then what did they come back and say?
She's like, hmm, I don't know, let me check.
And it seemed like she went away.
I understand she went away.
And then she came back and she said, basically it means to pull it down.
So I'm like, okay, to pull the building down.
You know, to pull it down.
But, sir, we have the encyclopedia definition.
We have in the PBS documentary where they say they blew it up.
In the same film, they say pull it means destroy it.
They tell us on the TV show what it means.
Yeah, that's where I got it from was the PBS documentary with Larry Silverstein.
He's sitting there saying, well, we decided to pull it, so we pulled it and watched the building fall.
So I said, well, okay, what does pull it mean?
Because there's a controversy over saying, well, he meant pull the fireman from the building.
But there was no fireman in the building and all that stuff.
Well, going back for just a second, because I'm intrigued by what you're doing, who did you talk to at Bohemian Grove?
You called San Francisco?
He said, yeah.
No, no, I called the actual Bohemian Grove in Montreal, and I talked to a security guy there.
This was probably like 2 or 3 in the morning.
And most of the time I got hung up on it and stuff, but sometimes I've had people sit there and talk to me, and I just ask them.
And he said, he goes, first he says he doesn't know who you are.
And then I ask him about Molec and the 50-foot owl and stuff like that.
And then he goes, oh, well, you're just as wacky as Alex Jones is.
And I'm like, okay, whatever.
And then we're talking and he says, it's all propaganda.
And I say, well, you know, what I see on TV is propaganda and stuff like that.
This, I think, is real.
I looked at it myself.
And he just, you'd have a laugh if you heard some of these things.
Well, hey, good job, man.
I'm going to check your site out, okay?
Keep it up.
Thank you.
I was trying to ascertain if I could air clips of it, but c'est la vie.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Cal in California, then Joe, Denise, Richard, and others.
Go ahead, Cal.
Hey there, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
It looks like I've got a theater for the last two weeks of August in San Francisco that holds 500 people that would be willing to play Terror Storm.
Well, I need to give you the number to my office, and we need to work out some type of agreement to do that.
Thank you very much, because I sent an email last week I hadn't heard back.
The problem is we don't have enough money to have enough employees, so it's turned into an insane, insane asylum here.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, I'm on your side.
I'm helping.
No, no, no, no.
That's why I'm saying we need support because I need to really organize things a little bit better so we can actually respond.
I'm just letting you know.
I mean, I've got like BBC and 60 Minutes and people I haven't even called back.
I mean, it's just turned into, it's crazy.
Well, this is why I'm calling.
I have on MySpace Terror Storm SF as in San Francisco.
If anyone's out there in the area can help, especially in the promotion part, please get on there.
I've learned that with my films, I've got to actually retain some of the copyright and some of the control or bad stuff can happen.
You need to talk to my office before we do anything like that, but it sounds good to me.
I trust you.
So let's figure something out, my friend.
Should I stay on hold?
Well, this isn't my office.
You're talking to Minnesota right now, hooked into me in Austin, Texas.
You need to call my office.
I'm in Texas.
And it's on the Internet, the number?
Yes, it is, sir.
It's in the contact area, and it's in the media area.
Thank you so much.
Yes, we need people to sponsor Showing Terror Storm in theaters across the country.
It's the only way it will happen, but we need to work that out and how that's going to be done.
I just say air it if you want.
Here's an example.
Well, we've had theaters air my films off of downloads off the Internet.
And then newspapers go and do reviews of my film blown up from the Internet as some big blob you can't even see.
So it needs to be, hey, you get the master from us.
Hey, be smart about it.
Buy a bunch of originals from us so you can sell them there.
We'll sell them to you wholesale.
That way I get some money back because I can't make films anymore if I don't make some money.
I'm going to be quite honest with you.
Instead of spending $25,000, you spend $80,000 on a movie.
You actually go get the music produced and fly around the world and make these films.
I have got to focus more on making money.
I focus on fighting the New World Order constantly, and it just doesn't cut it.
So we need your support right now.
And so if you want to show the films, we need to work up agreements.
I need to make a standard agreement for everybody because I keep having to reinvent the wheel every time I authorize somebody to do this.
And then we'll post it on the site.
We'll promote it for you.
It'll be good for everybody.
All right, let's try to jam another call in.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have a sensitive topic for you.
I was listening to talk radio, and it sounded like the talk host got a death threat.
He was insistent that Bin Laden did it.
He's been having anti-Arab, pro-Israel guests.
That isn't so odd, but he said, well, yes, maybe the government was complicit, but it was not a MIHOP operation.
My spin on that is that they're going to leak, and they're going to burn an official.
I don't know who it is, but they're going to probably throw the masses a bone, and they're going to sell this person as sold out, and that's supposed to pass.
I understand.
Yeah, claim, we had government officials under al-Qaeda control.
Well, I don't think he's compromised.
I think it's a cry for help.
I'm not talking about your talk show.
I'm talking about something I've been saying for years.
Oh, yeah.
Let me just say it real quick.
That as the globalists get exposed on 9-11, well, it's like FBI agents who said, it was in the AP, they said, it's as if Al-Qaeda has moles in the FBI.
No, you got it backwards.
The FBI and CIA are Al-Qaeda.
We'll be right back.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we're extremely honored to have the guest that's joining us today in the shower.
I know we have a lot of callers we're holding, including Joe, we'll get to later.
So everybody stay there.
We'll get to your calls later in the shower.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
But I'm honored to be joined by the guest who is joining us right now.
He's Sam Danner, and he, of course, is an electrician engineer who also has been a pilot for a long time.
And on 9-11, he was driving past the Pentagon and saw what can only be described as a Global Hawk cruise missile
I'm flying at high speed into the building and of course a lot of other people who claim they saw big jets, small jets, missiles I mean whatever version you want you can find a witness that saw it and there have been a lot of questions about the size of the hole and how it penetrated three rings of the Pentagon and how or four rings and how there was lack of physical evidence left there at the site
Where's the luggage?
Where are the people?
And where did this huge plane go?
And then we have to look at the bizarre coincidence that one of the U.S.
government pilots who'd taken part a year before in government drills of flying hijacked jets into the Pentagon just so happened to be the supposed pilot piloting that flight that day that hit the Pentagon, Flight 77.
So joining us is Sam Danner, who
I guess a few months ago, saw Loose Change 2nd Edition, and then tried to contact them.
They've been so busy, I know the feeling they missed it, but now I know they're in contact.
And then he went out and did a few other interviews with some other individuals.
And so now we're able to interview him here.
So, Mr. Danner, thank you for coming on with us.
Well, thank you for having me.
It's a joy to be here on this nice hot day.
You bet.
And also I might add that you've been a little bit ill, too.
You're battling cancer right now, aren't you?
Yeah, I have type B lymphoma cancer as well.
When I say Type B, I'm just giving you the directive of what the physicians call it.
It's a low-grade indolent cancer and it doesn't run off like a raging wildfire.
So this cancer is more or less what they call slow indolent cancer and it can take its good old time or it can accelerate and
I don't know how to word it.
They can accelerate and rapidly deteriorate.
A person can last for 53 years.
I can last 30 years and I can live to be 83.
And you're going through treatment right now, aren't you?
Well, I just wrapped up a round of treatment.
It's called Rituxan.
It's not a conventional chemotherapy as we know it.
It's a production of cells.
Based on the use of mouse cells, like a mouse and an animal, and they take your cells, and it's not a brainstem thing, any of this kind of stuff.
Somehow they have developed this process somewhere in Europe, and anyway, it's not a goofball thing.
It works.
And it helps to boister and boost your own immune system to kill the cancer itself.
Is this some type of basically genetic treatment?
Yeah, I would call it.
Well, when you say genetic, I think about my own DNA or my own genetics.
But, you know, I mean, it's along that sort of thing.
Well, great.
Well, we're glad that you're starting to do better.
We'll all pray for you.
We're going to break.
You bet, sir.
When we come back, Mr. Danner, I want to just have you spend a few minutes telling us about yourself a little bit.
You know, you've been...
Someone of a fan of aircraft and so you know what different types of aircraft look like.
You've studied military aircraft.
When we get back, I want you to tell us basically blow by blow what happened that day, what you witnessed, what you saw when you were there at the Pentagon.
Because we have all these other suspicious characters, USA Today editors and others, who clearly saw the plane and clearly saw the people and all of this stuff that's impossible compared to your story.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Sam Danner was born in 1953 in Washington, D.C.
And he got married at the age of 22 and he's raised three children.
And of course, at 16, Mr. Danner started taking his first plane ride.
He then took flying lessons at a very young age.
He took pilot training for many years, but never took the exam, the reason being that his wife wanted him at home to be with the family, which he enjoyed, and to promise her he would not die from an airplane accident.
The same thing with my dad.
He took helicopter lessons and years and years of small plane training,
I guess private aviation lessons.
He would have a license for a while, then he would let it lapse because my mom didn't like it, and then he would go back and get it again and then get rid of it.
And then when you're not keeping your pilot's license up, then you can't have people basically flying with you is the rule.
But the point is that Mr. Danner knows aircraft, has flown for years, and he also was an engineer for Boeing.
Amtrak doing engineering work and electrical work for them.
He's been married to his wife for 30 years.
And again, he worked for a number of years for the National Passenger Rail Institute, or Amtrak.
He was an electrician on the electric AM7 locomotives.
Today, he was an electrician and engineer for a large Fortune 500 company.
And we appreciate his courage coming on the show.
He has a large interest in military aircraft, as well as commercial aircraft.
He is a Christian man who was at the Pentagon on September 11, 2006, driving his 1995 Saturn.
And he who would never trust the government as he did then, his life has changed now by what he saw.
These are some of the things that he wrote to us.
We asked him for a small bio today, and this is posted up on InfoWars.com right now.
And again, Sam Danner joins us.
Sam, please go over a little bit about yourself and then what you saw that day versus what the media has been telling us supposedly hit the Pentagon.
Well, first of all, Alex, I want to thank you for that fine intro.
That was the best one I've heard.
Thank you.
You did a real good job with that.
Well, I'll tell you.
I guess I'll just tell you the story straight off the bat, and since I've repeated it up now, I'm pretty much got down to a science.
But, you know, I'll tell you.
I mean, I'm 53 years old, and...
And how many of you in the listening audience, I wish I could see a show of hands, but in your listening audience, if I would say how many of you can remember the old Superman series with George Reeves in it?
And George Reeves used to stand at the end of the show behind or in front of a blowing American flag.
And, of course, it was in black and white in those days.
I remember that.
And he stood for truth, justice, and the American way.
Well, I grew up... You remember that, Alex.
I mean, you're somewhere in my age category.
And you grew up with that, or at least you grew up with the reruns of it.
Yeah, the reruns.
Yeah, the reruns.
Well, I remember the real deal.
And I came up with that mentality that that's the way it was.
You know, America was the great nation on Earth.
And like a boy scout, I was a boy scout.
I mean, I'm not saying I was...
The true blue... The point is, you believe in America.
You didn't believe we had evil people in government.
You didn't believe we were lied to.
There you go.
There you go.
You hit the nail on the head.
I believe what the man said, whatever the president said, you believed it.
Nothing was second-guessed.
You turn the news on, and the news said this happened, that happened.
Now, in today's generation, with all this spin, cable news network, internet, and all this stuff, you don't know what to believe.
So when I'm down at Amtrak, I'm down physically down at the Amtrak coach yard.
Well, coaches would keep passenger cars.
I'm down there on the day of September 11th, that faithful day.
And I'm seeing, I'm currently not, I'm not employed there.
I enjoyed my job there very much.
I was employed there.
I'd be there today if it wasn't for that long grind between there and home.
It was a two-hour-and-a-half ride.
But I'm a train bluff, too, besides an airplane guy, so you can see some of that in me, maybe.
But I was, at that day, visiting with all my former work peers when the first plane struck.
I forget which tower I hit first.
But anyway, when that happened, and they had the television set inside of a facility which had...
It was a weight room, you know, and you went near and you lifted weights and all that stuff, nutritional kind of places.
Amtrak had all those benefits.
Of course, it's government-subsidized, so your tax dollars are in there, too, paying for these frills.
And I was looking at this and wondering about, you know, what's taken back by all this stuff?
You know, planes are running into the World Trade Center.
I don't think the second one had hit yet.
So, I went ahead and I decided that if this was a rogue nation attack in every hidden places in New York, you know, I'm one block away, I'm at Union Station, Washington, D.C., I'm one block away from the capital, capital of this great nation.
So I thought, well, something's going to happen here.
If they can ram these things down that way, I don't know.
I assumed, I trusted that the Air National Guard or somebody was protecting the city, or what may it be.
But I got in my car and proceeded to go out of the city of Washington.
So you East Coast listeners, you people here from Washington, D.C., I went out what they call Interstate 395, and I live in Western Maryland up in the
So you decided to go home?
I decided to go home.
I wanted to get out of Dodge before something bad happened.
Like, I didn't know if they were going to light one off of me, light off a nuclear weapon here, or what they were going to do.
Oh, there could be panic.
You were smart to go home with your family.
So you began driving home.
Tell us what road you were on and what you witnessed.
Well, I went on this 395, and what I thought was 395, trying to actually be Route 27...
And the 395 turns into 95.
So actually, it's a real road, 395, but Alex is only like 10 miles long, and that's the end of that interstate.
And that's just some convenience interstate they built as one of these bypass things.
So you got turned around.
Yeah, I got turned around.
Well, wait a minute.
I'm headed south, and I missed the George Washington Parkway.
I wanted to go west to where I live, and I missed that.
And so I continued...
To go south, and I'm coming up on the Pentagon now.
So here we come up on the Pentagon, and I'm listening to the current events with the Trade Center thing.
Okay, so you're driving along, listening to the radio.
What road are you on at this time?
I'm on Route 27.
That's on the west-hand side of the...
The Pentagon with Interstate 95.
The big, long interstate.
It goes from Boston all the way down to Florida.
That's our main East Coast highway.
So you're driving along, listening.
Tell us what happened next.
All right, so now I've looked to my left, and I saw, I'll just tell you what fly-by thought.
I thought I was looking at a UFO.
It is very rapid, just very rapid flying.
It looked in that distance, in this distance,
It looked like a disc.
I mean, because it's moving real fast and it's going real fast and I don't want to hit the guy's bumper in front of me so I pulled the car off the road because
I thought this was something a little weird.
I wanted to see and get a better look at this, but it didn't come out.
Now, that's how planes look, because according to articles I read about your description, Mr. Danner, it's coming basically straight at you, towards you.
That's how you were able to get a longer look than those who just saw it briefly from the side.
So you're looking at it from the front.
Please continue.
Well, she called me a samurai, so you can knock off that Mr. Danner thing.
All right.
This thing, which I didn't know was a plane, coming around the bend.
Actually, it was this plane that was in this 270-degree turn to come around, as I thus later found out.
And it was coming from what direction?
It was coming, okay, so I'm going south.
It's headed southwest, and it's making an arc around towards me.
So it's this thing.
I saw it bank, and then I saw wings.
I thought, okay, it's not a UFO.
But why is this plane moving at such a rapid speed and flying so low?
And it never dawned on me that it was a cruise missile or anything like that.
With all the terrorism stuff and everything we currently were experiencing on the radio, live, right there on that road, it never occurred to me that this was an attack vessel of some sort.
So as this thing bore approach to me then,
I got a real good head-on shot of it.
I mean, I got a really good look.
I stopped the car, got out of the car, and stood and leaned my hands, my arms on the window, and stared at this thing.
So you're on the side of the road at this time?
Yes, I'm all the way over in the grass.
I didn't want to get hit by anybody.
So you see it banking around, you pull over, now it's coming straight at you.
What did it look like?
Well, what it looked like, it had the funniest looking front I ever saw in my life.
It didn't have a module, or it didn't have a nose, as I knew aircraft to have.
There was no windshield, no nothing.
It had this big humpback wheel kind of a thing.
It was like a radar dome, as I later saw pictures of this aircraft.
I'm pretty sure it probably had some kind of guidance system inside this dome.
And you described that it had a V-tail and, what, one engine up on the back?
Yeah, it had a V-tail, which reminded me of the old Beastcraft Bonanza.
I call it the Bonanza tail.
That was the first thing somebody recognized that one.
Somebody else did an interview with me.
And how many engines?
It had one engine, and it reminded me of the 727.
Did it have the straighter wings or swept wings?
It had... The wings were... They were very slightly swept.
It wasn't... Well, I'm looking at a picture of a global hawk, and I know since then you've had a chance to look at pictures of global hawks.
Did what you see resemble a global hawk?
Well, yeah.
I've looked at that global hawk many times.
That's what I saw.
I mean, that front, I gave it that front, and that one engine and the V-tail, that's what gave it away.
Okay, stay there.
At this point, you're pulled over.
It's coming straight at you.
When we get back, we'll continue with what you saw in the next few seconds.
We'll talk about what color it was, how fast you think it was moving, and then what you did from there.
Sam Danner is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Sam Danner is our guest.
Picking up where we left off.
He sees an aircraft coming at high speed at a distance.
He pulls over.
It gets closer.
It's coming head on.
And it looks identical to a Global Honk heavy cruise missile slash drone.
Please continue, Sam.
Well, this thing, I guess I got about a three...
Second head-on look.
I think about this all the time now.
And as it headed towards me, I thought, for some crazy reason, I thought it was going to hit me.
I mean, it's down low, and I hear a noise like a low rumble, but not a thunderous noise.
So you don't hear that F-18 afterburner type.
You know, it's moving fast.
It's moving really fast.
But you don't hear that thunderous jet engine noise.
And I heard, as it began to make a turn, it made a real sharp, and then it dipped down.
I get this now.
It's making a sharp 180-degree turn into the Pentagon, but it's not going straight into the Pentagon, like straight from the westerly side.
It goes in at an angle perpendicular to the helicopter pad, which is out in the back.
And as it makes that turn, it kind of dipped down over the road.
As a maneuver, only a pilot of military skill or some way that was programmed into this thing or somebody... So with incredible precision, it flies down, and then as soon as it goes over the crest of the raised highway, it then drops down.
Yeah, it dropped down.
So it's hugging the terrain.
There's no word for it.
I don't know how else to describe it.
I mean, it was like a magnet.
And no, I mean, you know, I found out later, you know, this allegedly was, when I was out there looking for this thing with these other feds or these other federal people, you know, what kind of plane on the news is spreading around and leaking, it was a 757.
The more time I spent there, the angrier I got.
Because I realized something was terribly out of place.
Well, describe in a nutshell what else happened that day.
So it flies, it dips down.
What type of explosion did you see?
What did you witness?
Well, that all happened so fast.
What caught me, I was taken aback by multiple things.
Of course, that explosion, I mean, I didn't expect that to be quite, it had a lot of bang to it.
It was a brilliant white explosion.
Brilliant white light.
It was really fast.
So it's so sudden.
It just suddenly turns.
It's coming straight at you.
It turns.
It dips down.
Hugs the ground.
You see a huge white explosion.
In fact, I was still overwhelmed by that turn thing.
When the explosion went off, I wasn't... I was phased and, you know, startled by that.
But I was still stunned by the turn thing.
I hadn't gotten over that because my mind's thinking the whole time about this.
The explosion was extremely brilliant, White, and then we had, we didn't have that, we had a fireball, but you didn't have that super fireball like when, of course, all your fuel and those in your audience I know, or I hope most of them understand the principles of aviation, but
Fuel on aircraft are held in the wings.
And, you know, my mother didn't know that for years.
But anyway, the wings hold the majority of AP-4, this refined grade kerosene.
And, you know, if this had been a substantial aircraft like the 757 Boeing, and I hit that with I don't know how many thousand pounds of fuel it would have had just coming from Dulles, it would have been a catastrophic fireball.
So this fireball was big, but it didn't remind me of some classic crashes I've seen that were staged, you know, with a full load of fuel.
I don't know how much.
Of course, it went out.
It flew out from Dulles from what I was told and then went out somewhere in Ohio where there was a swap or something went wrong or something changed.
And then we have this
This other thing comes back.
And, of course, that's another part of the story.
Well, when we get back, I want to go over for a few minutes what you did after you saw the explosion.
You say you went and you helped.
Oh, it's very interesting.
What you witnessed there on the grounds, what happened, and...
We will then get a little bit into why you decided over the next few years what you were thinking while you were watching the news, while you were hearing the official story, and then how you finally decided to go public in the last few months.
Somebody had to be staged in these stories.
I know what I saw, and it wasn't a 757.
It wasn't a commuter jet.
I don't know.
I just don't know.
Unless you have multiple aircraft, and I missed it.
I don't know what else to say, sir.
Well, stay there, sir.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
We're on the march.
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We're going to go back to Sam Danner here in just a few minutes, and then we'll take some calls for Sam Danner at 1-800-25-99231 after he has a chance to finish up the story about what he witnessed in the crash aftermath there and then why he decided to go public after seeing the film Wish Change 2nd Edition.
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Some more good work that they've done over at the Loose Change bunker, basically, up in upstate New York.
But Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts.
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Now, let's go back to
Sam Danner.
Sam, we left off with this white-hot explosion.
You're on the side of the highway, right up above the Pentagon.
Tell us what you did next.
Go through it for us.
My first reaction was to run, to run towards the accident scene.
I was looking at some pictures that a friend of mine sent me that were taken down there, trying to pick my car out, and they were in there.
But Eric Huffschmidt, he's a friend of mine.
And anyway, I saw where my car was positioned on the highway, and I jumped over these concrete dividers and all that stuff.
But it wasn't Finston where I was at, and I had direct access right to this thing.
I ran up to it, and it seemed like people on the road were all jumping out and running.
So we were all running together.
And I went in the...
Sincere help, even though I knew in the back of my mind I wasn't supposed to survive this thing, as an emergency medical technician.
Now, for those of you that are investigating me, I was formerly an emergency medical technician in the state of Maryland.
So you go ahead and continue your licensed research, as I know I'm being checked out, okay?
But that's the story.
So I'll go out, and I'm still keep up.
I understand, sir.
You have the training.
You've done this in your career, and so it's the instinctive thing to try to go help people when you see a crisis happen, so please continue.
So that's what I was doing.
So anyway, I went down there, and all of a sudden, just everything changed.
Just everything changed.
All these people, just before the airport fire department equipment showed up, these white-shirted
Full-dress suited men just came out of nowhere, and well-dressed employees, men and women, they were coming out.
Some of them were crying.
Some of them looked confused.
The whole thing was nothing but a mass confusion, because nobody seemed to be in charge of what was going on, except for one gentleman, who I'll mention here in a minute.
What about the light poles?
Whenever Bush's Learjet was coming back in fog, it hit a pole, it didn't knock the pole over, and it tore the wing off.
This is what always happens, but in this case, and I've said this, it looks like the light poles are like blasted up from stumps.
You can't even see damage on the poles themselves.
What did you see?
I saw one pole that looked like it had been struck.
Somebody took a sledgehammer and beat it and it was bent sideways and something hit it.
But I don't think it was... I think it was staged.
A light pole.
Somebody had damaged somewhere and dropped that off.
That was later on.
I happened to notice it was in the road.
It's kind of weird, isn't it?
I noticed it was in the road after the fact.
But what I did see, I heard this bang, bang.
I thought it was a sonic boom.
I didn't know what it was.
And this...
I turned behind me and saw light poles, two light poles, that were airborne going backwards.
I mean... When did this happen?
This happened right when this explosion took place.
It was like a coordinated thing or something.
So the plane's already flown past the poles.
It already flown past the poles, and then the poles all of a sudden pop off the ground.
Did the explosions with the poles or the poles popping, did that happen right after the big explosion with the Pentagon, or did it happen after?
That happened almost simultaneously right afterwards.
And there were four bolts.
There were L-shaped bolts.
I put these things in before, and the concrete was just pulverized dust, and it just flew everywhere, and these four bolts just separated.
I don't know how.
I can't account for it.
I don't know.
I can't tell you how it happened.
Who was this individual who you said seemed like he knew what was going on?
Well, that's this gentleman.
If you look at the helicopter shot, the helicopter shot from Fox News, okay?
I'm about the fifth or sixth guy.
As you look at the picture from the left-hand side, I'm bent over.
I'm wearing an ambulance jacket, and I'm picking up trash.
And this gentleman that's well-dressed is standing behind me.
Well, he's the one I'm asking all these questions to.
And I'm picking up all these pictures, pieces of little shrapnel of aluminum.
You've already heard this story, okay?
And little pieces of resins and fiber, like fiberglass and this sort of stuff.
The type of things that Airbus 318s are made out of, the stuff that unstabilizers are made out of, it's a composite type thing.
I'm trying to explain this to your listeners.
I mean, it's a resonance manufactured part, and it's very lightweight and very, very strong.
This stuff that was melted and exploded, it was kind of like molten kind of stuff.
But you see the nice, fine shape to it, and all this stuff was painted black.
It looked like space shuttle tiles.
Well, that's an important question.
What color was the aircraft you saw?
Part of it was black, and part of it was white.
But then I saw in a picture almost a duplicate of that.
We have a photo of a global hawk where it's black and white.
Yeah, it was like that.
It followed that line of thinking.
Well, anyway, when I asked this gentleman, why were we spending time picking up this nickel-and-dime waste?
I said, aren't you going to get the...
There's little orange flags that we use.
The National Safety Transportation Board supplies all this stuff for special stuff, special damaged material, bodies, all that.
I had a million questions, and I was starting to get, I was irritated.
I mean, this sounds stupid.
Maybe I wasn't, I don't know.
My emotions were focusing on being irritated.
And he just told me straight up, and I'll say it again because I've already said it on the radio, it's none of your damn business.
That's just what he told me, this gentleman.
His name was Eckstein because I saw his badge.
He had a badge that was not like a police officer's badge, but it was like a rectangular type of badge.
What did his badge say again?
What did the man say to me?
No, no.
What did the badge say?
Oh, the badge just gave his name.
It would be like something Erkstein.
It's middle initial Erkstein.
And that was it, as if he held some kind of a position.
I guess he was some kind of officer.
Can we have the photos of these people in white shirts and ties and running around picking up pieces?
Well, that guy behind me, if you're looking at it, I don't have it in front of me.
I have it on my computer.
If you're looking at it, at that picture, I mean, it's the most public picture.
If Spock shot that from a helicopter, he's behind me, and he's getting annoyed with me, and I'm getting annoyed with him.
And I'm trying to think of some of these other odd things.
What else did you see?
Well, I forgot to tell you before the instinct to run.
Well, when I got kind of like towed off by this guy, I immediately lost interest in picking this stuff up.
So I had a strategy.
I saw what looked to be a jet engine.
It looked to be a jet engine from my distance.
So I just
Pick up as much of this stuff as I can pick up.
It's real thin, beer can style is what I call it.
Real thin aluminum.
Maybe not quite that thin, but it's pretty thin.
Pretty wobbly.
And these guys are out here in dress shirts and ties.
Nobody concerned about anybody alive.
No drop of blood.
Not any bodies.
No nothing.
Nothing gory or ghoulish about this.
And they're just going about their business picking up things.
And they're picking them up real fast.
What's the point behind all this, I'm thinking?
They're not worried about people inside the burning building.
They didn't seem worried about anybody.
No, they weren't.
And that lit me off even more.
The fire department was concerned.
And so this is something else.
After 20 minutes goes by, Alex, after 20 minutes goes by, we were told, stand back, stand back, stand back, everybody stand back.
Well, you know, you didn't dare ask why.
Why did the fire trucks dump all that sand out there?
I'm not sure what the function of that whole thing was.
I'm not really sure.
I had too much going on in my mind.
I wondered this myself, and I thought if I say anything else, they're going to have me in jail or put me in jail.
So they're saying stand back.
Well, they're saying stand back, so we stood back, and lo and behold, as soon as we got within distance, within the thing collapsed.
They knew it was going to fall.
I mean, I didn't hear any thud or bump or anything like an explosion.
How big was the hole that you saw before the Pentagon collapsed?
Without being biased by all these figures I've been tossed to, I'd say 9 to 16 feet.
9 to 16 feet, and I got within 3 feet of that engine.
I could feel it.
It had bounced off the wall.
How big was it?
The turbine with the blades, they were all broken off.
But if the blades had been on it, I'd say the turbine might have made, it might have almost made the height.
I'm 5'11", so it would have made over 5'6", where the turbine's fully intact.
But the height of it, it was badly damaged.
And the rotor shaft, the turbine blades were all broken off of it, and the rotor shaft was bent.
Well, I believe a Global Hawk turbine isn't 5 feet.
Well, I'm sure, I'm guessing that the turbine, face turbine of the suction, where the air goes in the first fan, the fan jet, you know, the first fan that you encounter, I would think it would be between four and a half and five feet in diameter, but the blades were all broken off.
So I only had like three feet to deal with.
So I'm, as I'm looking, I have about a three foot damaged turbine blade, okay, with a bent blade.
We're good to go.
It made sense to me.
It could have possibly been an engine impact, and that's where I tore this engine up.
Because this Pentagon was really very thick walls, just very thick.
This thing, there's no way it could have made it through all those sections.
They had them either put there or planned ahead, or I don't know.
Nothing made any sense.
And the more things that make sense, the more nervous I got.
Because when I got one, I finally gave up my mission.
And I quit asking questions about bodies, seats, stuff like that.
Because people were getting squirmy.
And even the Pentagon employees.
I could tell somebody was going to know about something.
And the majority of them, which were regular men and women like myself, they were weeping.
They were crying.
You know, and there were people obviously were killed that they knew were in these places.
They kept calling out different names and stuff.
But when I got back to my car...
I got my binoculars out, and then when I looked back down at the scene, which wasn't really that far away, I saw a bunch of guys.
I say a bunch of guys.
I'm saying three or four, okay?
Binocular people that have binoculars looking back at me.
So this made me even more upset.
Sam, why did you decide to wait so many years before you went public?
Well, because it was so obvious to me that the thing...
was fake that I thought for sure with all those people there's somebody was bound to come forth and I thought and my children were small and I didn't want to go through the hassle of being harassed by the federal government or whatever God help whatever else might have happened to me or my life being you know I'm getting out on this and I had children but I tell you those children have grown now and
And on their way into college, and the last one just turned 18.
When I saw those five clips, those five stationary pictures come out, and April, that's what kicked it off.
I thought I've waited long enough.
I've been down there.
My whole family knew I was down there.
My confidants, my friends knew I was down there.
And we would talk about it and talk about it.
You talked about Loose Chains 2nd Edition.
How did that affect you?
Well, my son, he said, you want to watch this thing?
And I'm not into conspiracy theories.
But boy, I never thought I would have anything shake me up like that thing did.
And then when I saw it, it made...
It made perfect sense from a geometry point of view, from working with structural engineers.
Sam, stay there.
Final segment.
I thought we'd have time for calls.
We don't.
I want to do this last five minutes with you.
I apologize to the callers.
I miscalculated, so we don't have time for calls.
I apologize, everybody.
But you stay there, Sam.
The last five minutes, we'll talk about many other key areas that you haven't had a chance to get into and talk about where things go from here.
Sam Danner is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
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They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Well, Sam Danner's story fits in with others.
They were there and said they saw a small airplane, some type of drone, a missile.
And of course, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has slipped up and said that when the missile hit the Pentagon, he's also slipped up twice and said when we shot down Flight 93 over Shanksville.
So they can't get their story straight.
But finally, Mr. Danner has decided to go public just because of what he witnessed that day, and he's been worried about his family.
You've heard his answer.
It makes a lot of sense.
We understand that.
A lot of us that have fought the New World Order have had to go through this.
Sam, now in hindsight...
Looking at everything else that's happening in the world, how has this changed your political view, your political paradigm, knowing that, from your own eyewitness account, that the official story is a fraud?
I'm heartbroken.
As I used that Superman analogy when I first started this interview, I have been naive all these years.
I knew our government...
You know, with doing crooked stuff, I don't know if that's an appropriate term or not, but that's what it amounts to.
And I knew, you know, we weren't always so sweet and congenial towards countries, and I just knew there was a lot.
But I wanted to overlook all that, because we were the great United States of America.
When this thing took place,
I didn't want to believe it.
I don't even want to believe it now that all those thousands that were killed were purposely taken out for some other greater agenda that you may obviously know more about than I do and I'm off to learn more and more.
But this total disillusionment with our federal government, with our country, I don't know.
Some people would say this was Vietnam, you know, love it or leave it.
There's nowhere else to go.
I mean, we've got to take back America.
Well, I agree.
It makes it even more suspicious that they grabbed 80-plus surveillance cameras and then only give us these little foggy images that raise more questions than they answer.
They give us these little grainy images that look like they were taken by one 10-size camera film from years ago.
I mean, nothing's clear-looking.
What's his name?
Dylan Avery pointed out that Ben Laden thing.
I mean, he's right.
That official thing with Ben Laden on it, it doesn't look like Ben Laden.
Well, that's admitted to be a fraud.
And we look at all this Hollywood stuff.
Those explosions at the Pentagon looked like they were computer enhanced.
Now, this is my opinion, and I share this with one of your peers.
I said, they looked like they were computerly graphic enhanced.
You're saying what you saw on the parking lot cameras didn't look like what you saw?
Yeah, that's what I'm saying exactly.
Those parking lot cameras, that's what made me the angriest.
When I saw that, I said, it's time to speak up.
Well, Sam, I know that you're working full time right now.
It's very hard for you to take off and do the show.
I know that...
You're also just completed some cancer therapy, and so I know you're a really busy man, but I'd like to have you back up to cover some of the other facets of this.
Well, I'd like to come out, or whatever.
I'm not really familiar a whole lot with this.
Somebody ought to tell me about your whole setup there, but I would like to come out and speak about this.
All right, well, we'd like to have you back on in the near future so we can also have time to take some calls.
Very interesting story, Sam, and I believe that you believe that you saw what you saw.
You sound credible, and I really appreciate you spending time with us, Mr. Danner.
Thank you, sir.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you again real soon.
May the Lord be with you also.
Thank you.
We need to pray for Mr. Danner and his family, and please pray for us as well.
Please visit Infowars.com as well, and
Get the new film Terror Storm.
Expose the murderers that carried out 9-11.
Expose the murderers that have carried out so many other terror attacks.
People have trouble believing 9-11 was an inside job, but they don't with all the other instances of government-sponsored terror that we've proven conclusively.
So again, Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.tv.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Thank you.