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Air Date: July 17, 2006
2116 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Deep behind enemy lines, Austin, Texas, you are listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It is Monday, the 17th day of July 2006.
I'm Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones today.
For the next three hours, we're going to be taking a lot of calls, covering a lot of news.
Webster Tarpley will be joining us in the second hour of today's broadcast with his brilliant analysis as to what is going on in the Middle East.
All of us very carefully watching the
Can I say news report?
News probably wouldn't be the correct word.
Well, let's just use that for the sake of communication.
The news reports coming out ad nauseum about the Middle East, and of course, every channel, doesn't matter what you watch, if it's PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC...
We're good to go.
We'll take your pulse on our program today.
We'll also cover a ton of news and taking your calls here in about 20 minutes.
This is recently in from MSNBC.com.
Bush caught on tape swearing about Syria.
That's right.
The mic was supposed to be turned off, but it was turned on.
The microphone also picked up other comments from the Middle East to Diet Coke.
That's right.
Our president is on aspartame.
He's on a heavy diet of aspartame.
Shouldn't surprise you when you listen to the president's syntax.
Couple of brain cells left there fighting amongst each other.
In St.
Petersburg, Russia, it wasn't meant to be overheard.
A private luncheon conversation among world leaders picked up by a microphone provided a rare window into both banter and substance, including President Bush cursing Hezbollah's attack against Israel.
Bush expressed his frustration with the United Nations and his disgust with the militant Islamic group and its backers in Syria as he talked to Prime Minister Tony Blair during the closing lunch at the Group of Eight summit.
See, the irony is, what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this blankety-blank, and it's over.
Bush told Blair as he chewed on a butter roll.
Yes, in other words, the president has absolutely no problem using four-letter words, and the good Christian that he is when he's
Allegedly off the air.
He told Blair he felt like telling United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, who visited the gathered leaders, to get on the phone with Syrian President Bashar Assad and, quote, make something happen, unquote.
He suggested Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice might visit the region soon.
Couple of things there.
All Blair has to do is get on the phone with Kofi Annan and quote-unquote tell him to make something happen and something will happen.
And this, I believe, is what is behind the general calling for international peacekeeping troops to be set loose in Beirut, in Lebanon.
And we've seen what these peacekeeping troops do around the world, don't we?
Every time there are refugees, every time there are UN peacekeeping troops
We have a lot of ill behavior, elite behavior going on, and for the sake of our young audience, I won't go into any of the details, but I'm sure you can fill in the blank.
Also, this particular copy suggesting Condoleezza Rice is more of a war Secretary of State than we probably ever had before.
A lot of saber-rattling coming out of the State Department, a lot of stern warnings, and a lot of rhetoric.
If this is our arm of diplomacy, folks, we are in big, big trouble.
And you thought Colin Powell was bad.
We'll take a quick break.
We'll come back, cover more news, including recent developments on North Korea and a lot of other news broadcast on our program today.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
GCN Radio Network, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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I think?
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
They are out to win your heart and your mind.
And you know what that means?
There has to be a loser.
I don't want to call any of you losers out there, but there are a number of Americans.
In fact...
Tens of millions, if not a hundred million Americans plus, that have given up their heart and their mind already to the collective, to the propagandists.
And this is exactly what we are setting out to do in the Middle East, to quote-unquote win the hearts and minds of the Middle Eastern terrorists out there, no matter what the cost, even if we have to kill them to do it.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex is recharging his batteries and we all need Alex Jones at full capacity, full potential as we are headlong running into what is called World War III.
In fact, your friend and mine, Newt Gingrich, on Meet the Press said exactly that.
This is World War III and there's little to nothing we can do to stop it at this point.
More killing, more death.
Collective necrophilia spiraling out of control, teetering on the brink.
And that certainly takes our mind off what's going on in Iraq.
A lot of kidnappings, a lot more death, a lot more destruction, and more quote-unquote terrorist attacks.
Now we're starting to hear that Hezbollah could be coming to the United States.
That's right, folks.
But you knew that was coming, didn't you?
Easier to say than Iran is coming to the United States.
And the connections put out by the frothing, screaming heads in the mainstream media just automatically answering the question for you, who is behind Hezbollah, who is behind Hamas?
Of course, we all know!
Let me just connect the dots here for you, you dumbed-down Americans, you dumbed-down sheeple out there.
Let me just connect the dots, if you didn't already know.
Everything that is wrong with the world has to do with Iran, or whoever our enemy might be for the day.
So as the mainstream media, lamestream media, call them what you might, construct these quote-unquote conspiracy theories, what is the truth?
Of course, if you listen to this show long enough, you'll understand exactly what the truth is, and the fact is...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I feel that if we are held to the high standards of having to back up everything we say with documentation, with verification, with good sources, and with a little logic and common sense, why shouldn't the lamestream media be doing that?
Or as Lush Limbaugh calls them, the drive-by media.
Going back to the story quickly about Bush being caught off of a microphone, and if you haven't heard this, it's all over the web, pretty easy to find.
It came during these unscripted comments during a photo opportunity at a lunch, and these leaders certainly did not realize they had a live microphone.
You get to find out how George W. Bush has a preference for Diet Coke.
He talks about some of the gifts he's received by certain leaders.
He chats with Vladimir Putin, Poodie Poot, as he's known.
I wonder if Bush calls him that to his face.
Expressing amazement that will...
Take Putin and an unidentified leader as long to fly home.
What the flying time is from Moscow.
I mean, a lot of small talk.
One of the funny moments of this is Bush thanking Tony Blair for a gift of a sweater.
And he joked how Blair might have picked that out personally just for him.
They have a very interesting relationship.
I think that's about enough said about that.
Going back to Israel and going back to the end game here, or at least the middle part of the end game.
The end game certainly in this case will be Iran.
But the middle game possibly being Syria.
We're getting closer and closer and closer to that particular end.
And we're going to again have Webster Tarpley on.
He's going to comment on all this.
We saw over the weekend, I believe it was Friday night, there was a story about a Hezbollah drone hitting an Israeli warship.
It had to be tweaked and spiked slightly because initially they had come out and said there was a drone.
In fact, some of you may have seen Shamity and Combs, or Vanity and Combs, call him any name you like on this particular program.
I'm sure he'll do the same for us.
Oliver North holding up an actual propeller from one of these drones, talking about how the drones could launch several bombs, and how they could literally just be launched from the street anywhere a terrorist might be able to get their hands on a drone, and any street wide enough you might be able to launch it on.
Absolutely preposterous, and of course prop takes on a double meaning here, because this was a prop for Oliver North,
Why would an organization with small rockets, rubber bands, and rocks...
Start something with a big nuclear country, knowing that the weight of the world would come down on them.
Why would they do it?
Because, of course, the answer you'll get from Fox News is that they're just all suicidal, and this is a mass suicide, a Jim Jones-style suicide on behalf of Hezbollah and the people of Beirut and Lebanon.
But, of course, common sense would tell us something a little bit different.
Of course, they wouldn't start this.
Well, later, this drone story, which is reminiscent quite a bit of the Iraqi drones.
We were told that Saddam Hussein had drones that could hit London.
I mean, you know, they laid it on pretty thick.
And this is really nothing different.
This is really quite from the same playbook.
You wonder if they're going to get a new playbook.
Because we know the playbook, we can almost assume what is going to happen next.
Well, of course, this drone story had to be corrected and it was blamed on
They actually, even initially in this particular story, if you catch this minute by minute, the story changes second by second, minute by minute, as they throw out this propaganda, hope that people will bite on it, almost test it on the American people whose hearts and minds they have won.
But initially, they even tried to pass this off as not an Israeli warship, but an Egyptian cruise liner or some type of Egyptian pleasure craft.
That didn't float.
But it did, of course, evoke the emotions from the American people and the people of the West at large, which is why, again, the CNN poll reflects the fact that 55% of us, maybe I shouldn't say us, 55% of America, again, saying that Israel is justified in everything that they're doing.
And you'd think that just about now, the people of the United States, in particular, would have to understand the implications of war.
Before we so foolishly, so half-heartedly go in and absolutely support Israel in everything that they do, do we understand the ramifications?
Do we understand what the end game is?
Are we ready to back Israel in a war with Syria, which will immediately bring in all of the troops from Iran?
Iran will know at that point they're about done.
And if they don't start fighting back then, I don't know when they will.
But are the American people ready to back this type of a global war?
A World War III?
Do we love war that much?
It's pretty easy for us here, safe stateside, to, say, kill them all, nuke them.
But do we understand that that war has already come home in ways that would probably take about two hours to describe?
From the economy spending trillions of dollars in foreign intervention...
From the... Look, there are real threats to security at this point.
Security being what it is.
Control and illusion.
But there are real threats.
With wide open borders, more enemies of this country coming up than ever before.
Is there a possibility that we're about to become the front line in the war on terror?
Well, certainly if you read some of the copy from many of the sources I get, that's exactly what you're going to hear.
It's time.
We've had it too easy.
This is what the meddling gets us.
I'll recall what George W. Bush said as he was running for president.
Every time I say president, I want to say somehow lord or ruler or fuhrer, but let's just call it president for now.
Running for president in 2000, saying we're going to have a big mess coming down the road if we don't stop meddling in foreign affairs.
This was right from, paraphrased, right from President Bush running for election selection in 2000.
And what did we do?
Well, of course, we had the new Pearl Harbor.
We had 9-11.
And the world has changed since 9-11.
We understand that, right?
Do we understand what we're getting into?
And are we using any kind of common sense?
We're going to be taking your calls in the next segment at 800-259-9231.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Do we understand what we're getting into by backing Israel?
Is there any way we can get through to our fellow Americans about the history of the situation in the Middle East?
Is that possible at this point?
Because again, people get very white-knuckled, very red-faced.
This is an obvious example of controlled belief systems.
When you get upset, when you get angry, when your back gets up,
And you're ready to go start fighting without even thinking about the consequences.
This goes to the old quote about beating the drums of war and getting people to fall into this phony patriotism.
And it doesn't matter what you say at that point, they're off and running.
And if we don't understand the horror of war alone by looking at Afghanistan and Iraq, then I guess we're never going to learn.
Maybe what it's going to take is foreign troops kicking down your door in order for you to figure it out.
Maybe it's going to take bombs going off constantly in our cities, whether they be real or imagined, whether they be false flag or rogue.
Maybe that's what it's going to take for us to wake up a little bit and understand what we were getting ourselves into when we back people like George W. Bush and the State of Israel.
Yeah, yeah, we're picking on Israel.
Oh, well, somebody's got to do it.
It's a dirty job.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
We'll take your calls right after this break.
Stay tuned.
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As if to confirm Israel's impending invasion of Syria, Foreign Minister Arikai, let me try this, Tomija of Finland said that the European Union considers the situation to be very bad, there's still a possibility it could get worse, and that the conflict could spread, especially to Syria.
This is in no way desirable.
Again, these are the talking points of the European Union.
The consequences could really be uncontrollable.
Foreign Minister of Finland told Reuters.
Going back to the last question I'm asking here, and again, I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Yes, you have the right program and the right network, GCN Radio Network.
What is Israel's prime export here?
How do they make their money?
How do they fund their war machine?
Well, that of course is by arming...
People around the world, countries around the world, third world, second world, first world countries with their technology and their war apparatus, but generally the way Israel supports itself is through contributions and funding through people like the United States of America, Britain, France, you name them, they fund them.
And this is exactly what they're going to be doing with their money.
It's quite a jump, isn't it?
From, is Israel allowed to exist?
From, is Israel allowed to attack all of her neighbors?
And I've got to tell you, I don't know if I'll do this in this program today or in the next, but there's interesting information in Armed Madhouse by Greg Pallas, which really gets into the whole effort by Saudi Arabia, what their angle is in all of this.
Saudi Arabia condemning Iran.
Because there is definitely a war between the Persians and the Arabs.
And there is definitely an agenda, an agenda I think pursued simultaneously by the Bush administration, by the Cheney administration, and by guys like Osama bin Laden.
Of course, we know why that's simultaneous and why they seem to be sharing each other's memos.
But the overall look that you get from someone like Osama Bin Laden is that he wants to conquer the Middle East oil fields.
This is why he said, and he put out many messages saying, don't destroy the oil fields, no matter what you do.
Yeah, blow things up, but don't destroy the oil fields.
Well, whoever said that and put those words in Osama Bin Laden's mouth, or if Osama Bin Laden said it himself, I don't think it really matters.
And then, of course, more rhetoric where...
The cable news networks are trying to blame the high price of gas on Iran right now.
You see, everything is Iran's fault.
I want you just to get used to that.
You stub your toe, it's Iran's fault.
Your car breaks down, must have been Iran.
Are you seeing how this works now, folks?
That way, it will be very easy for us to justify this war.
A war that we didn't start, by the way.
A war that we got sucked into.
A war that we are going to help contribute to for peace.
More bombing for peace.
Anything you want to talk about, I've got a ton of news here to go over, including news about the Federal Reserve saying the United States is headed for bankruptcy.
This is out of World Net Daily, which is extremely conservative, or even neoconservative.
Seems like everybody is coming along for the ride.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex today.
Let's go to Zach in New York.
Zach, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
I was wondering what you would anticipate the reaction domestically if there was some sort of terrorist attack or something like that you're talking about or if the draft was reinstated out of necessity due to a conflict.
Well, to answer your first question,
I would have to say that the reaction would be panic, and it would be very close to what we saw after 9-11, though again, there would be a lot of dissenters.
We're trying to gauge how many.
We're looking at potentially 70 million people not buying that the terrorist attack will be from the accused terrorist.
So that could be really quite a divide.
But I think in general, the average person will probably become panicked and scared and do whatever the government tells them to do.
As far as the draft goes, I'm skeptical that there will need to be a draft just because there are a lot of people signing up.
The majority of the people that are needed now in the modern military have to have some type of technical background.
I'm not sure they can get away with that, but of course if that did happen and kids off the street were being ripped out of their homes and drafted and sent to the front lines, I would assume you would see millions of people on the street within hours.
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
Go to Chase in Chicago.
I mean, you ask me questions, I'm going to answer them.
Chase in Chicago, hold on.
We'll take you right when we come back.
Also, Ben and Thomas and everyone else patiently holding.
The Alex Jones Show, Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Everybody else getting their people out, coordinating, flying out their people.
We have over 25,000 Americans working currently in Lebanon, and apparently they're still waiting to be airlifted or vacced out of there.
What's taking so long?
I mean, is the Bush administration asleep at the wheel again?
I'm sure you don't believe that.
Or are these meant to be targets for a coming false flag operation?
You see, it's very difficult to trust anything that goes on with Israel in the Middle East because of the history of false flag attacks, the history of funding terrorism themselves and then pointing the finger at their own pre-factory-made boogeyman, Emanuel Goldstein, as it were, all taking on different names.
It's very difficult to believe any of this.
So, of course, we're left on our own, really struggling for the truth.
One thing we do know for sure...
Talking about Syria, talking about Israel, talking about Lebanon, is that there have been targets hit, Syrian military assets, places very close, very near to Syria, and we're really waiting any second now for the bombing to begin and for the ante to be upped here quite significantly.
Also, over the weekend, China had signed on to a UN Security Council agreement
Oh, well, a wrist-slapping of North Korea.
China was really hesitant to sign into that, and Bolton came out and said, well, he's very convincing, and I think the question has to be, what did China get in return?
Because obviously they're not giving us something for nothing here.
What did they get in return?
For signing on to this rather weak resolution, of course, North Korea coming out immediately, rejecting the call to remove all their missiles.
I mean...
It doesn't make any sense.
That's the problem.
We're trying to make sense here.
Maybe you'll help me do that.
Let's go back to Chase in Chicago.
Chase, you're up.
Thank you for holding.
Jack, have you heard of the title of this book, AWOL, How the Upper Classes Are Absent from Military Service, authored by Frank Schaefer and Kathy Hayes?
No, I haven't, but I've read a lot of information just like that.
Talking about the chicken hawks.
Uh-huh, yes, that's exactly what it is.
Oh, yes, this is a segue to what the other prior callers to me have had.
You had mentioned some regard like Oliver North or so.
Wasn't Michael Levine, the VA officer, said if he had his way back in, Oliver North would be underneath the jail?
Well, I would think, and Mike Levine should know.
Former DEA agent Sully Castile, they know.
Obviously, everybody seems to know.
And he got away with lying to Congress over and over again, and I ran contrary.
Yeah, he should be in jail.
All of a sudden, he reinvents himself by appearing on Fox and the Bushes Network.
Well, I mean, regarding it, I think it's pretty easy for all of us to see.
Maybe we're preaching to the choir a little bit here, Chase.
I mean, we all know that these people are chicken hawks, that they avoided war at every cost, because, of course, they're too good to go.
They can't give their lives to fight in war, and at least George Herbert Walker Bush and at least the Kennedys made some type of an attempt, John Kerry made some type of an attempt to put something on their war resumes.
Someone said Tom Cancredo is the same way.
You know, a lot of this is just putting something on your war resume and at least going to try to fight.
I mean, we've got records of George Herbert Walker Bush literally almost killing or did kill a bunch of his men to save himself.
He got a medal for that.
Same thing for John Kerry, I think.
So their war records are suspect, but at least they went.
Also, Jack, how is it that here, once again, the entertainment, mass, cultural, spectator event is not in the world, but here's all people, George Mitchell, the same George Mitchell that's going to investigate steroids, but don't investigate, does any owner own stock in a pharmaceutical company?
Does any owner own stock in, like, we found out, like, the Eli Lilly Corporation, like, Dick Gregg did some research some years ago, like, George,
This is the St.
Eli Lilly company that Jim Jones was on the board of directors and the Bushes on Stockton that too.
Here's this George Mitchell all of a sudden who has CFR connections.
Well, he's supposed to attempt to curb steroids in sports and baseball.
He actually owned a baseball team.
He's a baseball team owner.
I mean, obviously, that's a big can of worms though, Chase.
We're just going to go ahead and drop that right there.
Hey, Jack.
How you doing?
My pleasure to talk to you.
I was just wanting to ask something, I guess.
Hearing people like Newt Gingrich and all the conservative talking heads this weekend and today talking well gung-ho about going to war with, well, Iran, they're saying it's the head of the snake and all that.
I guess I was going to touch on something a caller or two beforehand did.
The only way I see that working is a draft.
Do you see that?
Well, someone just asked this, and I've got to tell you, I'm really skeptical about the draft.
But then again, if we have World War III, and we're fighting in Iran, and we're fighting in North Korea, and God knows where else we might be fighting, then of course you probably are going to see a draft.
You're going to see a world divided nearly 50-50, right down the middle, going at each other, as we've seen in the past.
But what have we learned from the other world wars?
Primarily, I think what we've learned is that those wars were engineered for profit.
And control.
But, hey, it just could be, Ben.
We've done such good work.
Their backs are to the wall to such a capacity that there's nothing left.
The only way to save themselves is by doing something like this.
Now, I'm going to take the position of what's going on in the Middle East now is more of a distraction than a lead-up to World War III.
We're going to have to wait and see about that.
This could go either way.
I have feelings on both sides of the issue, but I think that because, again, we have a midterm election here, because, again, the power brokers are running a little bit scared, nothing like a major distraction such as we're seeing now in the Middle East to take people's minds off their problems.
That's what I'm hoping it is, is just distraction.
I wonder, though, because it seems like everybody's just...
Well, I mean, look, and I mentioned this, this is the third time I'm going to mention this, 55% in just one poll saying they're behind Israel here in this country.
If that's the test, then it appears that there's a blank check written to the powers that be to keep going with more war.
I hope that's not the case.
Nothing like putting Israel out front.
We all remember the Holocaust and what they had to deal with with Hitler and 5,000 years of slavery and subterfuge.
If anybody's a victim, it's always Israel.
Always, but, I mean, it really doesn't matter what they are.
If they're starting something just to get something going there, that's not right.
They're bullies, in my opinion.
You have two kids, and this is alleged.
This is alleged.
We don't even really know at this point.
And I think that Syria and even Hezbollah has declined to even confirm that they did kidnap these two Israeli soldiers.
And then again, there's the debate on where did they kidnap them, and are they...
Hi Jack, how are you?
I'm okay.
Long-time listener from Appleton, Wisconsin.
I'm here vacationing in Austin.
And where's Alex at?
I wanted to meet him.
I wanted to hang out with him.
Well, okay.
Alex is spending a little time away from the microphone in order to recharge his batteries and should be back on the program this Wednesday.
All right.
Well, you've got a nice website, jackblood.com.
My question for you is, what can we do, just kind of general, what can we do other than
I think the best answer I can give you is to pick out something that you're really passionate about because it's going to take a lot of work.
Pick out something that you're really against, whether it be cameras up on the street corners, whether it be databasing, whether it be no knocking or the evisceration of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, or maybe you want to go ahead and back the Second Amendment, your right to keep and bear arms.
But pick something out that you're really passionate about.
Learn everything you can about it.
Get information out.
Organize meetings and rallies.
You can do this.
Start in your own neighborhood.
Go knock on your door and meet your neighbors and have neighborhood and community meetings.
If you like, if all of that is too complex, simply make a flyer or take a newsletter or take some information, print up mass copies of it, as many as you can afford, as cheaply as you can, and put them out on the parking lots at concerts or at sports arenas or downtown while people are shopping or at shopping malls.
But pick something out that you are really passionate about.
Whatever your line in the sand is, maybe it's not taking microchips.
Maybe it's to stop regional government and the Pan American or the American Union.
Find something that you really believe in and are passionate about and go at it with 100%.
Not 110% because that doesn't exist.
We often hear it does.
It does not.
100% all the time you have.
Get behind it.
Get the information out.
And you'll see that just waking people up, just getting the information to people, they're not getting anywhere else.
We'll do a lot of the work for you.
I appreciate the call, Paul.
Enjoy your stay here in Austin.
Speaking of Wisconsin, we have Joe in Wisconsin.
Joe, thank you for joining us.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Jack.
Follow me for a little bit, but I think we're attacking the war issues on long terms.
I was trying to think, what would our founding fathers say about the war?
Unfortunately, we're stuck in it.
But if you get on a neocon radio show, they're just going to shut you down.
So I thought, okay, well, how would...
George Washington handled it.
He would say, well, I'm all for the separation of powers.
The congressmen have to sign in under this war.
Have they been doing that?
Well, why haven't they?
Instead of saying, I'm not for this war, just start poking at what's behind the smoke screen instead of attacking the smoke screen itself.
Bring up the point that some of those congressmen may be stealth infiltrators or something.
Yeah, but we do mention that.
Oh, yeah.
We've talked extensively about AIPAC and other lobbying groups, especially Israeli lobbying groups, as, again, we're talking about this Middle East war today.
I'm talking about the 26th PAC that's been sitting on the couch and saying, yeah, war, war, war.
Okay, well, we're going for the war, but we have to make sure that, you know, God forbid that,
There's a cabinet fascination, and we have to put new people into power.
Well, we have to make sure that...
They aren't misusing this power, so how are we going to keep them checked and balanced?
And just have them come up with the reasoning.
What you're mentioning is a Socratesian method of questioning.
Instead of providing the answers for people, getting them to answer in the way that you would normally speak to them.
So, in other words, instead of dumping a whole lot of information on them, let's just take 9-11, for instance.
Ask them, you know, do you think the government's story about 9-11 checks out?
Do you think they're telling the truth?
And then you can, again, get them to do that.
But now we're going into a number of circles, and it's probably my fault here.
Because what I wanted to say in the beginning is, what would George Washington think about war?
He would say, hey, don't go fight other people's wars.
We don't have an obligation to go overthrow the head of Iraq.
We don't have an obligation to get involved or entangled there.
All of our founding fathers believed that, and we do have an obligation to protect ourselves, though not in a linear fashion where we're fighting on the front lines in Iraq.
Do you understand?
Well, it would be more of an approval, but okay, now that we're in this thing, we're going to have to fight it to win it, so how do we do that?
Okay, well, once that's won, you're going to have to give back all your war powers, and we're going to have to enforce it just to make sure that if the wrong people do get in, that we can pull it all the way back.
I can't really disagree with that, though.
Unfortunately, one thing we always have to remember is we've been in a number of entanglements in the past where we were told we had to have an outright win.
Let's just use Vietnam for an example.
And when we jumped out of Vietnam, the world didn't fall to communism, or some might argue it did covertly.
But ultimately, we didn't lose everything that the pundits and the think tankers and the counts on foreign relations lost.
We're good to go.
I think?
Many different wars in multiple theaters.
This is coming right after the PNAC document.
This is exactly what they said they wanted to do.
And yet we are considering and possibly leading up to fighting even more wars.
At this point, I've got to think it's pretty easy to get through to Joe's six-pack.
You're not going to be able to afford that six-pack or the gas to go drive to get it if we don't quit fighting these wars.
I don't know.
Again, this is going in a little bit of a circle, but I think that all of those points are valid.
It's such a huge, momentous, monolithic job to try to save what's left of the United States government at this point.
And I think the best thing we could do is empower the people to understand what power that they do have, what information really is, how to discern information for themselves and think for themselves and protect their minds from this war that is generally...
So, if we can do that, then the rest of it, I think, all comes naturally.
If we can teach people, in general, that there is no difference between left and right, that there is no difference between the republicrats or the demopublicans, that we have a one-party system, that most, if not everybody in Congress, is bought and paid for, and that we need to have full disclosure from our representatives who are doing all of this through proxy programs,
Using you, the people, as an excuse.
They're protecting you, the people.
They have your authority to go do all of this.
But if we have full disclosure from them, if we're able to monitor everything that these people do in public service, and we again put the power back to the people as trite as a statement as that might be, then certainly we'll begin to see more and more changes.
But I'm pretty proud, Joe, of what we've accomplished today.
I'd say over the last four or five years.
We have really come to almost a critical mass, and I'd hedge to say we are at a point now where we're at the end of the beginning.
Not the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning, anyway, as far as separation of powers and corruption goes in this country, and even the puppet masters of the New World Order, the globalists, the internationalists.
We're good to go.
Wargasm, as I like to call it, an orgy of death in the Middle East is because we need this distraction.
Because again, we're putting their backs to the wall.
And how are we doing that?
Simply by just putting out information.
Simply by showing people that what they believe and what they believe most of their lives, what they've been taught as phony history, ain't true.
Where do you go from there?
I mean, we're almost like little children learning how to walk again.
Sorry for that rant.
I'll be right back after this.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Stay tuned.
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This is Jack Blood.
I'm sitting in for Alex Jones today.
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What works out in the world today.
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Makes it very easy for you.
We talked in that last segment briefly about what can I do.
And I've got to tell you folks, if I had a nickel for every time I was asked that question over the last five years, I'd be pretty well off at this point.
I wouldn't have to go fight in a war.
I'd have enough money to buy my way out of it.
Kidding, of course.
And that's a common question, and I think that what we have to do is follow success.
What has worked over the last few years?
And what has worked is getting people information, working with people on that information, organizing and getting out and being a leader in your community.
One way to do this, one way to make it all very easy...
Is to go to the websites, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, jonesreport.com, even jackblood.com and get information and get the analysis that goes with the information because as these stories break in the news every day and we're able to decode them almost instantly, you can go to your loved ones and say, hey, here's a documented report about how North Korea actually got their missiles.
And it will change the entire perspective
On what really is going on in the world.
And by the way, where did North Korea get their missiles?
Well, they generally got them from Pakistan.
Yes, so, we know that Donald Rumsfeld was in there brokering low-water nuclear reactors as well, so you can attach something worthy to the missiles, but a lot of the technology, a lot of the nuclear technology even, how to take the low-water nuclear reactors, how to make actual plutonium out of those, you know, came through Pakistan, at least my belief, and how did Pakistan get their secrets, how did Dr.
Well, it was funded by Saudi Arabia.
You start seeing the full picture come together, but you need to get that information out to people.
Just about everything I told you is in TerrorStorm.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Second hour of this global transmission coming forth.
Thanks for tuning in.
You are listening to the Alex Jones Show.
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All the news fit to suppress.
I'm Jack Blood, your radio gun, sitting in for Alex Jones today and potentially tomorrow.
Alex should be back well-rested and ready to take on the entire New World Order by himself, single-handedly, on Wednesday.
We all have to get away from this every once in a while, and I'm sure you understand that.
Well, I guess I'll be scheduling my vacation sometime next year or the year after.
Going to ground zero, though, going around the country, speaking, doing what I can, literally for free, sometimes even paying, to get out there and get the message out.
We have accomplished so much, and that always means to me that we have to redouble our efforts.
And if we can get people energized, get people excited, get people motivated to get out there, to get some notches in your gun, to get some... That's a metaphor, folks.
Don't freak out on me.
To get some victories under your belt, it is addictive.
Oh, let's face it.
All of us out here who oppose the system, who question authority...
We're good to go.
Thousands, millions of years before us.
It's on us.
It's on our shoulders.
And it's exciting to get out there and get active and start fighting.
Webster Tarpley joining us here in just a few minutes and we'll pick his rather generous brain, his large brain on exactly what is going on in the Middle East, what's going on around the world.
Great analysis always coming from Webster Tarpley.
He'll join us in just a few minutes.
Let's go back to the phones quickly here.
Mike in Texas, thanks for joining us.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, Jack.
Earlier, I believe you were discussing what percentage of the public would be skeptical of the government's boogeyman version of yet another government-sponsored act of terrorism.
Yeah, 45% skeptical.
Well, I believe that, let's see, five years ago, the government, the people in general weren't as Internet-savvy as they are now, and what I think would happen would be somehow the government would find a way to cripple and sabotage the Internet in some way so we'd all be forced to cower around a little lantern and listen to ABC or one...
Are you familiar with the net neutrality bills currently in the Senate right now?
They're going to hijack the Internet and they're going to price us out of it.
So I don't know if they're going to crash it per se, but one way to do this is to tax it and price people out of it so that it's hard to get real information so that you're again at the mercy of the talking heads.
Go ahead.
They could easily just sabotage, jam it somehow.
They've got to, you know,
I guess they're able to do it.
But they're benefiting off of it, too.
That's why this poll, I think, leans in the wrong direction.
Oh, actually.
All I know is I don't think you'd have any situations with what Dan Rathers is saying.
Well, it looks like one of those controlled demolitions we're so used to seeing.
You know, you wouldn't have any of those flip-ups like that.
Hey, we're watching this.
Save the Internet, by the way.
Savetheinternet.com is a petition I would sign.
I've signed it, and it makes it really easy for you to help fight the Senate for net neutrality, something we want.
We are pro-net neutrality.
We are against the COPE law.
Hey, Mike, thanks for your call.
I appreciate it.
I've got to keep moving here.
George in Indiana, thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, Jack, you and Alex do a great job.
I listen to this show an awful lot.
I have degenerative disc disease, so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.
There's a couple of things I want to mention, though.
Ninety-five percent of you guys bring out the truth.
I've seen every movie, everything you guys have, and I totally agree with it.
I have a problem with you.
Well, we better start getting into semantics and figuring out what he meant by Israel.
I'm not sure if he meant the Balfour Rothschild Israel or another Israel, and that is something that we could talk about.
Stay tuned, folks.
We'll be right back with Webster Tarpley right after this.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I think it's fair to say...
The last gentleman calling.
And I understand you people have questions, and you're reading from the Bible, and you're trying to figure all this out.
I'm just going to tell you my words, not Alex Jones's, no one else's, but hate is hate is hate is hate.
Violence is violence is violence is violence.
And I don't think the Bible would condone the violence from modern day Israel, the state of Israel, the government of Israel.
And of course, the cause of Zionism.
And we just have to do a little homework and find out how all of this began, and we would probably be a little less supportive of the biblical version of Israel.
But we'll go right out of that and right into Webster Tarpley.
Webster Tarpley's great book, 9-11 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA, is a must-read for everybody.
It covers both the World Trade Center 93 book,
9-11 and the terrorist cause, as we should know it.
It is available at Infowars.com.
Webster Tarpley joins us now.
Webster, always great to talk to you, sir.
Thank you, Jack.
How are you?
You know, when this whole thing brewed up in the Middle East, I thought, well, the first person I want to get the opinion of is Webster Tarpley.
I've got to know what Webster's thinking about all of this.
So where do you want to start with this, Webster?
Recent developments, how this all got started?
You go ahead and take it away.
Why don't we start with recent developments and then we can get to some causes going back to 1975 or 1982.
And I think we also have to talk about the Geneva Accords, which is, I think, the universally recognized means of getting out of this.
In other words, ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied territories.
But I think the immediate background is something like this.
We have a meeting in Beaver Creek, Colorado.
In the middle of June, just about a month ago now, which was attended by Cheney, by Rumsfeld, and by Netanyahu, the prominent extreme right-wing or neo-fascist Israeli politician.
And out of this apparently came the notion of starting a war on the lines of what we've seen so far,
But with the very strong option of turning this into a general Middle East war by means of an attack on Syria and or Iran, and I guess the preferred option is Syria and Iran.
You will have noticed the litany, the propaganda brainwashing litany that's coming from all of the controlled corporate media, from the Israeli government, from Condoleezza Rice, from Bush and so forth, as he reads his lines.
Is that Syria and Iran support Hezbollah, and therefore they have got to be in the bullseye.
So the idea is we had Netanyahu at the American Enterprise Institute conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado, mid-June.
We also had Olmert here in Washington, the prime minister, at the end of May, and around that same time, Tony Blair also in Washington.
And it was clear at that time that some, as Bush said in his press conference with Blair, they talked about Iran
The entire time.
And it seems to be something like this.
That what we're going to be treated to now over the next several weeks is continuous Israeli bombing.
And this is bombing of the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon.
This is bombing electrical power plants, water treatment facilities.
The Israelis have destroyed about 50 bridges inside Lebanon.
They have targeted civilian areas.
They have targeted the Lebanese army, which makes no sense in terms of what they say that they're doing.
They've got a sea blockade going, which has cut off the arrival of fuel in the form of fuel oil and gasoline.
They've got the airport destroyed, as you've seen.
They've got the fuel dumps at the airport destroyed and burning.
And basically an interdiction of all of the highways that lead out of this
So it is a war against the civilian population.
Sounds like Ramadi a little bit.
Well, we've forgotten that happened a few weeks ago, but it sounds a lot like what happened in Ramadi.
It is a crime against humanity.
It is a violation of international law.
These are actually Nuremberg crimes.
These are high crimes against humanity in the sense of the Nuremberg precedent.
And this, I think, was invoked by the Prime Minister of Lebanon
But this is only the beginning.
Now, the idea would be that at a certain point, we see that the Hamas has been able to supply itself with certain kinds of rockets.
These are short-range rockets with no particular accuracy, but they have had some effect.
In the process, they have shown that the policy of unilateralism, as pursued by Sharon and Olmert, is absolutely untenable, because these were people who told the Israelis...
Don't make peace.
Forget about a political solution.
All you need to do is build that wall around Israel and actually far into the Palestinian territory.
Not at all on the Green Line, but well in advance of it, well forward of what would ever go to Israel under any kind of a political settlement.
So they're told that they can hunker down behind that wall and simply ignore everybody on the outside.
And this has turned out to be as illusory as the Maginot Line.
The Maginot Line, of course, you could go around it.
In the case of this wall, the rockets go over it.
And this shows that without a political solution, there will simply be endless war, and there will be zero security for the people in Lebanon.
But that's just by the by.
The main issue now is that at a certain point, we can imagine Olmert throwing his hands up and saying, that's it, I've had enough, we've had missiles coming down in Haifa or Tel Aviv or some other place.
And now we're going to have a massive air attack against Syria.
This is widely speculated through intelligence reports that the Israeli Defense Force is preparing a sneak attack on the Syrian radar and air force facilities, such as they are.
They're not modern, but they do have some weight, and they're there.
That this would then be an attack against Syria.
And it might also include some kind of mad adventure whereby the Israelis...
Launch an attack on Iran.
Now, they do not have the logistical depth to do a serious job on Iran, certainly, but this would then be a general war.
It would be expected that the Syrians and the Iranians would retaliate against Israel with such means as they have, which could turn out to be fairly substantial.
And at that point, the U.S.
would be dragged into the war.
But you see the defect with this scenario from the point of view of Cheney and Co.,
Is that this would be the U.S.
dragged into war as the tail on the Israeli kite, as the tail on the Israeli dog, if you will.
And therefore, what I've been concerned about during the weekend is the potential for false flag operations done by the Israelis using the fact that we've got 25,000 American citizens, people carrying American passports inside Lebanon.
They have not been helped.
We're now in the sixth day of the crisis.
And the great U.S.
military establishment and our wonderful State Department under Condoleezza Rice have been able, according to the figures that I've seen, they've been able to get 21 people out.
Now this means, this is a scandal of super Katrina proportions.
Six days into the crisis, no Americans have been helped out.
But everybody else, every other country has managed to get their people out.
That is correct, and let's go through them.
We've got Spain, Greece, Austria, South Africa...
Switzerland, France, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the Emirates, all of those have been able to get substantial numbers of their nationals out of the country.
According to some cable reports, Italians and South Africans began leaving with the help of their embassy on Thursday.
Americans complaining on cable television.
The U.S.
Embassy and the consulates don't give a damn about us.
They have no plan, no approach.
They're not doing anything.
They're not even giving them any advice, really.
They're not even communicating with them.
And it's contradictory advice.
They're being told, stay where you are.
Now, suppose you're an American living in South Lebanon.
You pick up a leaflet from the Israeli Defense Force saying, if you don't leave your home, you will be bombed.
To smithereens, but the U.S.
consulate is saying, stay where you are, don't make a move.
Now, the suspicion therefore grows that these Americans are being held hostage for some kind of atrocity or provocation, which would be masterminded by intelligence agencies and the obvious suspects, U.S., Britain, Israel, this is no mystery who would be doing this, in order to
To get some Americans killed and then pin that on Hezbollah, and there you have a one-way ticket into World War III.
And again, the non-feasance and malfeasance of the State Department and the Pentagon is overwhelming.
Imagine what kind of assets Poland has in the Mediterranean compared to the U.S.
Now, the U.S.
numbers are greater.
That is true.
On the other hand, the assets are incomparably greater.
Aircraft carriers, the fleet is based over there in Naples.
They should be there already.
Although we're fighting two wars over there right now with most of our infrastructure in place.
I mean, I guess we have a pretty good shot at rescuing people from there.
And if there were any serious demand to do this, the Italians did an exemplary operation.
They got people into Syria by land.
Now, of course, the U.S.
doesn't want to show...
Syria as a humanitarian power in the way.
They want to demonize them.
But you can also simply fly from British sovereign bases on Cyprus.
There are these places like Lanarka, which the British have had.
It's basically British territory.
There's no government that tells them what to do with it.
You could simply have helicopters flying from Cyprus over to Lebanon.
You could get a lot of these people out.
Basically, they could all be out already.
Now, I also have to point to the absolute non-feasance of Bush.
A real president of the United States would demand a ceasefire, and he would demand a ceasefire for general reasons, because this is an Israeli aggression, and it's unprovoked, and we'll show how it's unprovoked.
But also, he would say, I'm demanding a ceasefire, among other things, because I have 25,000 American citizens in the country, and I'm also concerned about our Canadian friends.
The Canadians have...
We're good to go.
And of course the racism that we saw with Katrina comes back to haunt us because they will say, well, those are hyphenated Americans, those are Arab Americans, those people are, you know, they're somehow connected to Lebanon.
Well, I'm sorry, an American citizen is an American citizen and deserves what we used to call the full protection of the laws, but obviously this means nothing to Bush, nothing to Condoleezza Rice.
Hang on, Webster.
We've got to take a quick break.
I know you're on a roll.
We're going to come back more with Webster, Griffin, Tarpley right after this.
We're also going to go to your calls in this next hour as well.
Stay tuned.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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You've got the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex today.
Our guest is Webster Griffin Tarpley.
Synthetic Terror, made in the USA.
Great, great book.
We're good to go.
Where we left off, and Webster, you sent me this, hold Mossad, Shin Bet, Israeli Defense Forces responsible for the safety of these 25,000 Americans in Lebanon now.
It is absolutely preposterous that those people are left there by our president.
Our president that should have some control over a country like Israel who should be able to say, cease fire until I get my people out, and then if you've got to keep bombing, bomb away.
But again, this really reveals how close
Our government is with Israel, and as you say, has false flag terror, mass casualties, American casualties, written all over it.
I think it would be reasonable for an American president worthy of the name, first of all, to demand a ceasefire for the sake of the peace of the world, and to stop these humanitarian monstrosities that are going on.
But with a special eye towards the 25,000 Americans who are there,
I think?
We're good to go.
The $10 billion of loan guarantees that were conceded in the first half of this decade also should be abrogated.
I would add to that, from our point of view inside this country, we should put Ms.
Rice on notice that she better not be shopping on Fifth Avenue for more Gucci shoes because her job is to protect Americans in a place like Lebanon.
Anybody gets killed in Lebanon among the U.S.
community, the State Department also has to be held accountable
responsible for their massive failure.
Again, it's the sixth day.
Just about every nationality in the world has received some help.
The exceptions are the U.S.
The British have also had a similar policy.
above all.
It's very interesting.
We look at some of the British tabloids.
We find that Britons are protesting that the British Embassy in Beirut is ignoring them completely, and they're calling the BBC to complain.
Why doesn't the Foreign Office and the British Embassy...
We're good to go.
If you've seen the State Department spokesman, he goes on the air at the end of last week saying, well, you're on your own.
We're not going to help you out.
We urge you to leave.
But that was at the time when there was a sea blockade, the airport destroyed, and all the roads under bombardment.
And if we look at the State Department Communicator, it reminds everybody that it won't be free.
You're going to have to be billed for the cost of getting you out.
I don't know what we have a government for.
This is a bit of a pattern, though.
Of course, obviously, Katrina comes to mind first and foremost.
But what about in the World Trade Center towers in 2001?
I mean, weren't people told to stay at their desk?
And, of course, this is how we ended up with so many casualties.
Again, we're in the sixth day of the crisis.
It started last Wednesday.
The day is ending now.
It's 9 o'clock at night in the Middle East.
We've had six full days with a great U.S.
military establishment, again, based right over there at Naples, right?
The day of steaming away at most has done nothing.
The French have been able to mobilize a ferry boat, which is now going back and forth from Lebanon to Cyprus.
Maybe Bush is afraid of seeming to break the Israeli sea blockade, which is also a violation of international law.
Anyway, this is now a scandal.
Now, again, let's look beyond it, however.
In addition to this question of how the U.S.
might be embroiled, we have to think about the strategic implications.
If we had some atrocity, some massacre...
Committed against the Americans who have been hung out to dry and left dangling in Lebanon.
This would then become grist for the mill for the hysterical media operation that we've seen with Fox, but we've also seen CNN, MSNBC, all joining in.
All of the U.S.
networks pretty much are on a full war footing, a full propaganda regime, that they would blame that on Hezbollah and Iran.
And let's see now what happens if the U.S.
bombs Syria and or Iran.
Let's look at Syria.
It ought to be known to people that Russia, the Russian Federation, a considerable power with many, many ICBMs still left in good order, have a naval base at Tartus in Syria.
If that base were bombed, that would begin the slide towards World War III.
Let's come back with that when we get back.
You're also talking about U.N.
peacekeepers and who is Hezbollah, something we need to clear up.
Webster Tarpley with us.
Folks, stay tuned.
The Alex Jones Show.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Mr. Tarpley with us today.
You are tuned into the Alex Jones Show.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
There is so much to all of this.
I think the best thing we can do is just try to absorb it all.
See what meets with our common sense.
See what is fact and what is fiction.
One of the things that's fiction, at least in my mind, watching the conspiracy theories being woven
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All the pieces of the puzzle link up through a variety of actions that we, as news people and pundits, try to interpret.
Let's look at what the facts and what the history here is.
Webster Tarpley, before we went to break, you were talking about a Russian naval base in Syria.
I wanted to let you finish with that.
And let's get into who is Hezbollah.
The Russian naval base at Tartus has been maintained at a low level of activity, but it's there.
And it has been there ever since the end of the Cold War.
The Russians never...
Never went home.
So you bomb that, you're killing significant numbers of Russians.
The other thing is, over the past weeks, I had picked up stories that a Russian surface-to-air missile battalion, SAM batteries, had been transferred by Russia into Syria.
Now that means that if the Israelis try to attack Syria, they're going to start to lose significant numbers of planes, and that goes for anybody else trying to make such an attack.
This obviously complicates it.
It means that if the United States does do anything vis-a-vis Syria and or Iran, you're going to get World War III.
In Iran, you've got Russians working in the nuclear facilities that they're helping to build.
You've got Chinese in the oil fields because of their large oil purchases.
It doesn't take many dead to send both of those countries into a tailspin of war enthusiasm.
There's a newspaper in Germany called Junger Welt, and they quote some papers in Germany
Lebanon, Al-Manar, a Lebanese news agency, that in the course of June in particular, the Lebanese army had discovered a Mossad cell operating in Lebanon.
This had been set up by a guy called Meir Dagan.
Meir Dagan is one of the bosses of the Mossad.
He is the chief of the Mossad.
It's D-A-G-A-N.
He had created teams to go inside Lebanon
To conduct car bombings and assassinations.
Now, these people don't look like Israelis.
They are Lebanese, but they've been recruited by the Israelis.
Some of them can be Druzes.
Some of them can be Christian Maronites.
Some of them can be of other ethnic origin.
But the idea is that a whole series of assassinations inside Lebanon had been done by the Israelis using these groups.
For example, you may know the name Jabril.
Ahmed Jibril was the head of the PFLP, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
His son was killed in May of 2002.
And other politicians in Lebanon, above all Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, who was killed under very mysterious circumstances.
This was blamed on Syria.
There's some indication that it was done
From the air by a bomb that might have been dropped by the Israeli Air Force, let's say.
It was blamed on Syria, but let's be very clear to the listeners, Webster, if they had any actual proof of Assad being part of this assassination attempt on Hariri, we would have heard about it.
Well, we had the Mellis report at the United Nations, and the Mellis report simply said, nothing can happen in Lebanon without Syria approving of it.
We're good to go.
I think?
So the evidence points to the fact that the Israelis now become the prime suspect in the Hariri killing, which was the basis of the big U.S.
hysterical campaign last year that the Syrians had to leave, that the Syrians were bad, and so forth.
And ironically, it was the success of that campaign, forcing the Syrians out, that led to the creation of the current government under Signora.
So Signora, the guy you see on television, is basically...
An asset of the U.S., and he's being destroyed by the Israelis.
So the notion that the U.S.
has a Middle East policy is out the window.
The Israelis don't care about any of that.
The Israelis do whatever they want, and this pathetic little twerp that we have in the White House feels that it's up to him to come out and announce his emphatic approval of whatever Olmert does.
It was already a deep humiliation for the United States.
When General Scowcroft pointed out that Bush was in Sharon's pocket, but now we have Bush in Olmert's pocket, and this is even more humiliating for a country of our type.
We should add, Scowcroft being an employee, or a former employee of Kissinger Associates, who was an employee of the Rockefeller Consultation Group.
We can kind of see that these guys... And it's nice to see Zbigniew Brzezinski and others condemning war that we know they would have very well undertaken themselves if given the opportunity.
Just to make that very clear, don't believe a word coming out of Zbigniew.
Zbigniew's argument with the neocons is this.
Zbigniew ridicules the neocons.
He says, Ha ha, you Straussian neocons, you're obsessed with the Middle East because you think the world revolves around Israel.
Zbigniew says...
Don't waste time in the Middle East.
Attack Moscow directly.
March directly to Moscow.
He says he's more concerned about the collapse of the US puppet regime in Ukraine, which has now collapsed and been replaced by Yanukovych, the pro-Russian politician on the scene.
Zbigniew would have had color revolution, CIA people power coup in Belarus.
Followed by an attempt to do the same thing.
No, we know this.
This is just a slower path to try to make all of that happen.
This is a somewhat meandering path to World War III.
Now, you were asking about Hamas Hezbollah.
Let's do Hamas.
Hamas is easy.
Hamas was created by Sharon.
No problem at all.
Sharon didn't like the PLO.
He saw that they were westernized, that they were conciliatory, that they wanted to
Have a negotiated settlement.
And he found that was embarrassing for the Israelis because it was always the Israelis saying, no, no, no, no talks, no political solution, there are no Palestinians.
So he created Hamas using his concessions that he was able to give when he was housing minister and similar things to build up Hamas as a kind of a social welfare agency in the occupied territories.
And he wanted them to be as radical and as irresponsible in their rhetoric and as anti-Israeli
The problem was then, of course, that they won the election after the PLO had been brutalized and humiliated and attacked and bombed and arrested and assassinated.
Hamas then won the election earlier this year.
The interesting thing is...
We're good to go.
We just want reciprocity.
Wonderful thing in international law.
You want to recognize me?
I'll recognize you.
You recognize me.
Which makes sense.
Which makes sense.
So this is a very reasonable position.
So Israel would be called upon, recognize Hamas as the government of the independent Palestinian state.
Let's exchange ambassadors.
Let's do all the things that governments do.
And we will recognize Israel on the spot.
Now this was intolerable for the demagogy of somebody like Olmert.
And therefore they had to begin...
With this process, which has led now to the arrest of many members of the Palestinian parliament, in effect, even members of the Hamas cabinet, and a tremendous series of turbulent scenes between the PLO... Which happened a few weeks ago, is long forgotten in this newest conflict.
Right, so that was Hamas.
So then somehow, this is, of course, Gaza.
Gaza is not independent.
Gaza has been...
Momentarily vacated, or had been momentarily vacated by the Israelis, but it's a bantu stand.
It's simply a kind of concentration camp, if you will.
It's about 200 square miles, right?
It's got a million and a half people in it, and they have no jobs, and they can't cross into Israel.
Let's move to Hezbollah because, as you say, Hamas is pretty easy to decode.
There's a lot of information coming out of mainstream media.
We're pretty clear on how Hamas was begun.
We obviously can put two and two together and see the infiltration of Hamas and know when we see Hamas, we're likely looking pretty close at Mossad or Shin Bet or Israel.
But let's talk about Hezbollah because this is the thing.
I would not say that Hamas is controlled by the Mossad today.
They're no longer controlled.
They have no assets in Hamas now.
I'm sure the Israelis infiltrate everything, and there's no doubt about it.
I'll give you an example in a couple of minutes.
But I would say Hamas has to be viewed with the election victory.
I just thought it was rather convenient, Webster.
I mean, excuse my naivete.
I just thought it was extremely convenient to have Hamas win that election in Palestine.
And you can almost look into the crystal ball and see all of this coming down the road.
But this was virtually inevitable.
The PLO kept saying, we want a negotiated peace.
And the Israelis kept bombing and strafing and arresting.
And eventually people got fed up, and they found that they got more bang for the buck with the Hamas vote, and I think that's absolutely understandable to anybody.
That was the protest vote at the moment.
Now let's look at Hezbollah.
In order to understand this, you have to realize Lebanon has been wrecked by the Israelis many times, not even four times, five times, six times.
We have to go back to 1975.
Lebanon, in some ways, was an exemplary country for the Middle East because they were operating under the Constitution of 1943.
Which meant that Shiites, Sunnis, Maronites, Melkites, Maronite Christians, Melkite Christians, all different kinds of people had a position in the government, right?
The president had to be one thing, the prime minister another, the speaker of the lower house one thing, the speaker of the upper house, the president of the Supreme Court.
All of this was assigned according to ethnic appartments.
And you may say that's not the American way, but this worked for them.
So this was an interesting,
Example of how these groups could get along in an obviously multi-ethnic country with a weak state.
In 1975, Kissinger, Henry Kissinger, personally, deliberately provoked a civil war among these groups.
And he did it with the goal of destroying Lebanon.
And this succeeded.
So he was able to play the Maronites, the Christian side.
Some of them, of course, are fascists.
That would be the Falange that were active at the time.
And I think they're still there.
They're also available for dirty activities.
This then led to the Tell al-Zatar Massacre in 1976.
The Israelis went into southern Lebanon.
The Syrians came into parts of northern Lebanon.
And the Tell al-Zatar Massacre was a Palestinian camp that was surrounded by the Israeli Defense Force.
And then the Maronites, the Falangists, the so-called Christian Falange, went in and actually did the killing.
And this is one of the things that Sharon has been accused of war crimes in connection with in various...
In various actions in the European legal system.
So that's the first step, that Lebanon was essentially smashed deliberately by Kissinger, with a significant part of it being he did not want the peaceful coexistence among these groups sitting in the middle of the Middle East.
You've got to remember, Beirut is a real cosmopolitan city, probably the biggest publishing center in the Arab world.
Most books come out of there.
Then in 1982, we get Sharon, and this is Sharon's big invasion.
Of Lebanon, which leads to an Israeli occupation of much of Lebanon that really only ends in the year 2000.
But as a result of the second one in 1982, Hezbollah is founded.
I would regard Hezbollah as a response, a desperate response of the Lebanese Shiite community in particular, in extremis, having been invaded, subjected to civil war, bombed, starved, blockaded and all that,
Hezbollah is simply a very effective self-defense force that they have come up with.
Well, they're being funded by somebody, and I guess what we're trying to get to here, Webster, is the fact of the matter.
Here's what we're told.
They are directly controlled by Iran and by Syria.
Obviously, any organization like this has to have some type of upper-tier funding or upper-tier help in order to even exist to begin with.
Don't you believe that?
Well, the main thing about them is that they have a very, very strong mass base, and they have very, very dedicated people, again, in the Lebanese Shiite community.
Now, if we say they get money, I'm sure they get money from lots of people.
I would say they get money from Syria, most likely.
When the Syrians were there, it's clear that they did.
And from Iran, also, they have a close relationship.
Sure, they probably have people in America sending them money.
They probably got money.
The Saudis are famous for paying everybody.
The Saudis want to have everybody like them, so the Saudis pay them.
Who's calling the shots here?
I guess we want to know.
I would say the leadership that you see on television is close enough.
In other words, the Hezbollah guy that we see on television, the Sheikh, and he's got a rear echelon that probably sits in Damascus.
On the other hand, what kind of an argument is this?
They say the U.S.
says these bombs come from...
Syria and Iran.
Yeah, the Israeli F-16s and tanks and bombs all come from the US.
So what's the point?
What is the issue?
This is the sort of Manichaean nonsense that one side represents absolute evil, the other side absolute good, and once you touch absolute evil, you're totally tainted.
This is childish.
This has nothing to do with reality.
But you're saying that Hezbollah, as we know it today, is generally autonomous, is responsible for their own actions.
You wouldn't necessarily go as far to say, again, as the pundits on mainstream media, that this is Syria and Iran.
In fact, let's just cut the middleman out.
This is Iran, plain and simple.
They've threatened to do this.
This is them trying to wipe Israel off the face of the earth with minor weapons, rubber bands, and rocks.
I think that is all nonsensical.
You also have to look at the fact there was an election.
As a result of this U.S.
agitation against Syria, there was an election in Lebanon, and at that point Hezbollah won about, what, one-sixth of the seats, 25 out of 125, or something like that.
So that indicates that they have a strong mass base in the 40% or so of the Lebanese
Who are Shiites, and naturally since they're Shiites, they look to Iran to protect them in the same way that an Orthodox Serb would look to Russia.
And I don't see anything surprising about this, and I don't see anything so surprising.
It is interesting.
Hezbollah is the one force in the Middle East which unquestionably defeated the Israelis.
The Israelis wanted to stay in southern Lebanon.
The Israelis had created a puppet force called the South Lebanese Army.
Under this guy called Major Haddad, a fascist, obviously.
And they kept the area south of the Litani River as a kind of buffer zone, precisely because of these rockets.
But the Hezbollah guerrilla activity was so effective in that area that the Israelis were forced to retreat in 2000.
And that had an electrifying effect on the Arab and Islamic world, because this was the first time the Israelis had actually been driven out, like forced out,
...of territory, and Hezbollah was able to book that to their own credit.
Webster Griffin Tarpley giving us quite a history lesson here today, and I think this is all important to understand, so I hope that everybody is paying attention.
We're going to come back, briefly talk about where Pakistan fits into all of this.
We're going to open up the phone lines for Webster Tarpley today on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us, folks.
This is Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're good to go.
As long as you need, Jack.
I know that there's probably some confusion on some of these issues, so I want to give the listeners a chance to clear all that up.
Let's do that in the second and the third hour of the broadcast today.
Folks, again, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Talk about Pakistan with me in the few minutes we have left in this statement.
Jack, maybe before we go to Pakistan, just a few other things that are essential on the specific stuff in the Middle East.
Because we could get to Pakistan, India.
It's a very different situation.
I'm handing you the steering wheel.
There's a false flag common denominator.
Go ahead.
That presence of the Israelis in Lebanon from 1982 to 2000 was a disaster for them in every way.
They lost more soldiers in that process, especially in the last years with Hezbollah coming against them, than they lost in all their other wars.
And the other thing is, they were driven to the verge of absolute national bankruptcy.
Israel has been impoverished.
It has turned into a very poor country.
With Netanyahu as finance minister in these Sharon governments,
I think the figure is something like one-third of all Israeli children live in poverty.
Now, what kind of a policy is that?
A country that has to rely on its mental capital, its qualified labor force, doesn't have oil, doesn't have natural resources, has to depend on producing things.
And the Israelis could do very well in that, but not with Netanyahu.
After the bankruptcy virtually became clear in 2000, they're getting $4 to $5 billion a year from the U.S.
or something in that ballpark.
They had to request an additional $10 billion in loan guarantees from the United States.
So one of the things you have to realize is that the pressure cooker of Israeli politics is also fueled by the fact that people have seen their living standards collapse, in particular as Netanyahu brought in his wild schemes of deregulation, privatization, vulture capitalism, and the rest of this stuff.
Now, the other thing to say is, what's the answer?
We've got to at least begin to put this on the table.
I go with people in Israel like Yuri Avnery.
I want to recommend this to people.
If you want to follow week by week what's going on in Israel, you can read Yuri Avnery's columns.
The organization is called the Gush Shalom.
So G-U-S-H-S-H-A-L-O-M.
That's in Hebrew.
It's called the Other Israel.
This is the Israeli Peace Movement.
If you want to go a little bit more towards the established parties, I suppose the Meret Yahad Party is probably the most interested in a peaceful solution.
But what's the peaceful solution?
In November 2003, we had Yossi Beilin, an Israeli politician, had been a minister in various governments, Yasser Abed Rabo, for the Palestinian side, come out with a plan, which is simply this.
That the Israelis have to pull back all of their settlements to the 1967 borders.
All of them go back.
At that point, we get a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as it was, as the borders were in 1967.
And these two recognize each other.
So the settlements have to disappear.
And on the Palestinian side, they have got... There's your solution.
What's the likelihood of that happening?
The Palestinians, one other thing, the Palestinians have to give up the right of return because it's going to have to be two separate states and the Palestinians will be able to return to a Palestinian state.
They've got to give up.
And then we have Jerusalem.
Stay tuned with us.
Webster Griffin Tarpley coming back and your call.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up right after this.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming up.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Just happy to watch it about 50 more times and really absorb what's in it.
So go to Infowars.com, get Webster Griffin Tarpley's book, Synthetic Terror, made in the USA.
I highly recommend this book and I've interviewed Webster several times now on some of the content of the book and it is just absolutely amazing.
Go get the remaining copies of Terror Storm.
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Go get The Order of Death so that you can see what is behind all this, what's driving this, what is the prime motivation as these monsters put together a global governance, again, while they last.
There are limited copies of...
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There are limited copies of the autographed Alex Jones, the first edition of Terror Storm, available.
And again, Webster Tarpley's book is there as well, 888-253-3139, or go to InfoWars.com.
And what is your website again, Webster?
It's WebsterTarpley.net?
You can go to Tarpley.net and read the Bush book for free, but if you want to buy the book, I would urge you to buy it through Alex's website.
And that's the unauthorized Bush biography.
That's right.
It's been up there for ten years.
And people need to understand, Webster, that people like myself, Alex Jones, like yourself, I mean, we're not funded by big multinational corporations.
We're not part of an umbrella of major network news where we're making a lot of money doing this.
Generally, we're holding on sometimes by the skin of our teeth, and we use the funds by the money you spend on the materials
To sink in and go further and do more investigations and to expand our investigation, expand our message so it's vitally important that not only you have these books and these materials because of the information, but that you support something such as this.
And that's something that we always try to put across to people.
Very, very important.
Webster, there's so much to talk about here.
I kind of want to move into some of the other regions in the Middle East, which is why I was asking you about Pakistan.
One or two more things before we hurry away.
In terms of 9-11, we've gotten used to the idea that it's all done under the cover of a drill, right?
An exercise is used to cover what they do.
If we look in the Israeli left-wing newspaper Haaretz from the 13th of July, the Haaretz has an article about a drill scenario, a drill plan, an exercise plan of the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force, and the scenario involved is...
An Israeli soldier is kidnapped by Hezbollah, and the IDF responds with massive air and land attacks on south Lebanon to break up Hezbollah.
So that is the drill.
So what you're saying is they already had a drill to basically guard against what's happening right now.
Exactly, and then they flipped it live.
And maybe there's another drill somewhere in somebody's drawer.
That says, get some Americans and have something bad happen to them, blame that on Hezbollah, and then you can essentially stampede the U.S.
into World War III.
Well, that's why it's really important that you put out the information that you did, that we're leaving these 25,000-odd Americans in Lebanon today.
It's important that you get this information out as well, folks, because then we know if something does happen to them, we know that we had the opportunity to get them out.
We know that it isn't an accident, it isn't a coincidence.
If Italy and South Africa can get people out starting on Thursday after about 24 hours, we're now six days into the crisis.
The U.S.
has managed to do nothing.
We'll come back, Webster.
Quickly put something else on the record if you need to.
I want to just talk about Pakistan very briefly and India as it pertains to this conflict in the Middle East.
And then we'll go right to calls.
Folks, please be patient.
We're just about to go to you.
Alex Jones is out.
Jack Blood is in.
This is the Alex Jones Show, prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Like an info-drone, an info-cruise missile blasting out around the world in this global transmission, thank you for tuning in to the Alex Jones Show, and thank you for...
Staying tuned in for Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
My website quickly is jackblood.com.
You can always go check that out.
Alex's website is infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, quickly becoming the biggest alternative news website in the business today.
Webster Tarpley with us, tarpley.net.
Tarpley.net is his website.
Webster, I want to take these calls, so I'll tell you what.
I'll skip my question on Pakistan, India, and even North Korea.
You can work that into the conversation if you like.
Finish up anything that has to be on the record before we go to these calls.
The economic potential of Israel, Palestine, all of these areas is enormous.
If you look at this, it is where Europe, Asia, and Africa come together.
It ought to be the crossroads of the world.
It ought to be the biggest...
Rail junction of modern railroads in the world.
It ought to be a place of trans-shipment, warehouses, naval transportation coming through the Suez Canal.
It ought to be essentially the commercial hub of the world.
That's why everybody's fighting over it, isn't it?
Partly to prevent that.
Again, we need a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders.
The Israelis go back to their 1967 borders.
Part of East Jerusalem has got to become the capital of the Palestinian state.
The one thing the United States could do is, in the small sense, we should be able to indemnify, pay off those Israeli settlers.
A lot of them are poor Russians who have been hustled in there as a means of buying a house, the only way they could get a roof over their heads.
Similarly, for the Palestinians, those are people who lost everything in the 1940s.
They could be indemnified.
Above all, we ought to promote
The idea of a Marshall Plan for the area.
One of the main things you need is water.
Water can be produced through modern desalinization methods, but then you've got to have modern technology for your energy grid.
It should be one energy grid for the entire area.
That would solve the water question.
It's no coincidence that the Israelis always seem to want to go back to the Litani River, because that's one of the few rivers that you have within easy reach of Israel, and of course that water all gets grabbed.
The idea is there's a tremendous economic potential if we could just get through the insanity of racial politics and racial ideology and the constant manipulation of the U.S.
and the British.
Well, we know one thing for sure.
I mean, I don't think it takes even a college graduate, let alone somebody at Think Tank, to understand that bombing civilians on a regular basis is not going to stop terrorism.
I don't care how you define terrorism.
Hey, Jack.
I'm excited about the prospect of hearing you for five hours for the next three days.
That's cool.
And I especially appreciate what's there.
Both of you guys are my rebel heroes.
Your phone is terrible, so go ahead and ask a question.
I appreciate the compliment.
Here we go.
Oh, okay.
I'm addressing the gentleman that talked earlier about he's on a vacation.
He wanted to know what to do.
What can we do now?
Tonto, man, you can't move closer to your receiver or something.
Your phone is almost illegible at this point.
You're cutting out constantly.
How about right now?
That's so much better.
Why didn't you do that in the first place?
And then he dropped.
That's why he didn't do it.
Webster, I'm going to let that dog lay where he is.
Let's go to Mark in Chicago.
Mark, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you, Jack and Webster.
Pleasure to be with both you gentlemen.
I think there's so many complex issues here that we have to focus, and as Webster always says, I'm a devotee of Webster, and a lot of his terminology is MIHOP and the 9-11 criminals and the crimes that are involved.
And I built a website, 911essentials.com, E-S-S-E-N-T-I-L-S.
It features videos of everybody that you can think of, from Webster to David Ray Griffin, Morgan Reynolds, Jeff King, Dr. Stephen Jones, Alex, Ron Paul.
I mean, I've got everybody on there.
Kevin Ryan, David Shaler.
And by that, by this, you're talking about MyHop in general.
My op in general, in this situation that's going on now... Folks, for those of you listening for the first time, that means made it happen on purpose as pertaining to 9-11, whereas some people might say that they let it happen or they didn't do anything at all.
I just wanted to clear up the terminology for people.
Mark, go ahead.
As Webster would say, you're leading the lambs for the slaughter, if you believe in Lyop.
It's just absolutely ludicrous to think of those things.
It's a farce, and I think the hardest thing is getting people to understand that their media that they turn on every night is a bunch of bull, and it's not the facts of what's going on.
I get on the radio here a lot, and I start talking to reporters and people with pop shows, and I start talking about things like the Iranian Boris and the Russian RTS, and the fact that Putin's going to be
We're good to go.
Unless it's somebody like you guys, they look at you and go, thank you, that's a call.
They literally don't know what you're talking about.
Well, of course they don't.
Well, no, because, I mean, look, if you're... Webster knows this good and well.
If you are a talking head for a mainstream media outlet, you're generally somebody who gets a script, you read the script, you don't even really have to know much about it.
Now, there are...
Well, I think right now the thing that you have to bear in mind is if there are any massacres...
Of Americans in Lebanon.
And indeed, if weapons of mass destruction go off anywhere in the world, it's not Hezbollah, it's not Iran, it's not Syria, it's not bin Laden in the famous cave.
It is Cheney.
Cheney's office, Cheney's backers, Cheney's controllers.
And again, this proves to be the case.
We've proven it again this time.
The Beaver Creek, Colorado meeting of the American Enterprise Institute with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Netanyahu,
And I forgot, Nathan Sharansky, former Russian, remember him?
Obviously a U.S.
agent in Russia, but now in Israel, leader of one of the main warmonger parties.
He was there, too, and they cooked up, obviously, what you're now seeing.
Let me ask you another question, because you mentioned American Enterprise Institute, one of the leading think tanks here in the country, and I've interviewed a lot of people from that particular think tank, and they all seem to point to David Rockefeller being the prime controller of American Enterprise Institute.
Do you believe that?
No, I don't think so.
I think it's Lord Conrad Black, and this is embarrassing for them.
They would like it to be David Rockefeller, because he has not been criminally indicted yet.
But Lord Conrad Black has.
The head of Hollinger Corporation.
Now, this was a guy, he's alleged to have stolen $90 million from Hollinger.
Hollinger means the London Daily Telegraph, London Sunday Telegraph, Chicago Sun-Times, a whole press empire around the world.
Conrad Black was robbing the company blind with the help of his wife, Barbara Amiel, and she went around calling herself, this is not me saying it, she called herself the fascist bitch, Barbara Amiel.
And Lord Conrad Black, and on the board, with fiduciary responsibilities, was Richard Pearl, somebody who is sure to undergo a long period of... So the head of the American Enterprise Institute, in your opinion, is a Canadian?
Pardon me?
Isn't Conrad Black a Canadian?
He's a lord of the British Empire, but originally, this is something called Argus Corporation that turned into Hollinger.
It's a British Empire...
Intelligence proprietary going back to World War II.
So that's who he is.
He was also the leading figure, by the way, in the impeachment of Clinton.
An interesting story.
His papers were the flagship for the anti-Clinton movement.
An interesting sideline on the whole thing.
In any case, Conrad Black was their big money bag, and it turns out a lot of that money had to have been stolen.
So very embarrassing for the American Enterprise Institute.
I would also point out that Michael Ledeen over there, that's where he operates,
He has taken it on the chin in the past month or so.
A lot of his pals in Italy, some of these people in the CSMI, the Italian Military Intelligence, have now been indicted for their role in CIA kidnappings in Italy, and about 25 members of the CIA station have been subjected to arrest warrants.
So it looks like the Ledeen networks in Italy are being rolled up
By the new government of Prodi, which is a big improvement over Berlusconi.
Yeah, I just actually did a whole show on Berlusconi the other day, and that's like a whole other show here, so we'll try not to get too sidetracked.
Hey, thanks for holding, everybody.
Let's go to Tony in Toronto.
Tony, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, hi, Jack.
Hi, Webster.
Thanks for taking my call.
I just want to talk about this thing that people want to just jump to Israel's defense.
They have to understand the history is not as cut and dried as you'd like to think,
There's a difference between Hebrews, Semitic, Jews, Israelites.
You know, Kessler, the author of The Thirteenth Tribe, he said himself in the book that the Jews, anyone in Israel right now would be hard-pressed to really prove that they're descendants from the ancient Israelites.
You know, it's obvious they don't care about us.
They just killed eight of our citizens, and I don't think we... Yeah, that came up earlier, Tony.
I don't know if you heard the caller call in earlier and said that
You know, we need to lighten up on Israel because they're the chosen people, and anyone that goes against Israel will be destroyed, according to God.
Then again, we had to get into what is an Israelite, and certainly I don't believe it's the people involved in the State Project of 1948.
Webster, do you want to address any of that?
I think we have to look at the real world and deal with the real world that we have in front of us right now.
The imperative is a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders...
Israel in the 1967 borders, recognized by everybody in the region, no more settlements, no right of return, but a massive Marshall Plan for the entire area.
The problem with the Israeli policy is its futility and ultimately it's suicidal.
If you look at Samuel Huntington's scenario book, The Clash of Civilizations, you will see that in his Third World War scenario, Israel is annihilated.
The current leaders of Israel are leading Israel into annihilation.
We'll be right back.
More on your call, folks.
Stay tuned.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
We are terrorists.
We attempt to document everything we say, like the Fox or faux news networks.
And let me tell you, I know a lot of people don't like Fox News for their obvious points of propaganda, but let's remember, all of the networks do it.
Some do it worse than others.
You know, something else I've noticed that...
When you're talking about Abu Masab Zakawi, you're looking at probably about 90% of what you're hearing on network news being wrong.
When you're talking about this Israeli-Lebanon conflict, the coming conflict with Syria and potentially Iran and all of the implications, about 90% of what they're telling you is wrong.
It's almost unwatchable at this point.
Most of the time, I'd probably put it at about 40% right, maybe 60% wrong, and you can glean out some information out of it, but
We're good to go.
Even though they have had some defections.
If you watched Fox yesterday, there was a guy called Bevi Lacqua from the Special Forces who had it up to here.
He said he thought the Israelis ought to stop bombing bridges, stop killing civilians.
He said they're schizophrenic.
They never understand.
They think they can bomb people into liking them and opposing their enemies.
So the level of insanity is very, very high.
And there are some people, I think, who are not so happy about
To go along with it.
No, I saw a couple of instances like that.
In fact, they brought on, I forget his name, he wrote the book on confronting Iran, I believe.
That was the third case in the afternoon of that guy.
And they were trying to get him to pin everything on Iran.
He's like, no, I don't think we can.
As our dear friend President Putin says, there is no proof that says that whatever Hezbollah does is dictated from Tehran and Damascus.
That is a fairy tale.
Money, sure.
You're a good friend, not mine.
Moral support, sure.
Propaganda support.
But orders, there's no proof.
So you can't start World War III based on assumptions.
Well, you can and you will.
That's what we're here to try to stop, of course.
Let's go back to Tony.
We cut you off there at the end.
I just wanted to give you a chance to finish up.
Tony in Toronto, anything else?
A couple of key points that people need to know.
The Koran actually does recognize that Christ is the Messiah and that the Israelites are God's chosen people.
So all this stuff you see on TV and all the spoon-fed version of the Bible you've been given and prophecy, it's all just nonsense.
It's just so twisted.
Thanks, Tony.
I appreciate your comments.
Thanks for calling in today.
Tonto in Texas is back on a better phone, I'm told.
Tonto, we're going to give you another crack at it.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me now?
Kind of.
Go ahead.
You're cutting out a little bit again.
Yeah, it's not going to work, Tonto.
Look, folks, this is the thing.
We're going very fast here.
We've got a limited amount of time.
I want everybody to get in, especially those of you who have held for so long, but there's just no way we can put you on the radio if your phone doesn't work.
Don't even attempt to call in to a radio show on a substandard phone.
Check it out first.
Make sure it works, and then we'll save you a lot of time holding.
Sorry for that, Tonto.
We gave you two cracks, and you're out.
Scott in Ohio, thank you for calling.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi Jack, doing a great job as usual.
Okay, thanks.
Greetings Mr. Tarpley.
The previous caller kind of stole a little bit of my thunder, but I'd like to get your take on the following.
I really take issue with the caller talking about blessing Israel.
This whole issue of the unquestioning American support for Israel is based on the Judeo-Christian neocon assumption
That the Israelis or Jews in general are actually the lineal descendants of the biblical Israelites.
This is an incredibly powerful and controlling assumption which actually directs our Middle East foreign policy.
Due to Judeo-Christian neocon influence in our... Hold on a second, Scott.
Do you believe that, Webster, that they're doing all of this for some type of prophecy reason, or do you believe they're just using that for an excuse?
If you read the writings of Leo Strauss, he basically says, we're all atheists here, but we color ourselves with some kind of a religion because it's convenient for us.
That's the guru of the neocons, an atheist.
So the bottom line here is, Scott, I mean, you know, this is the excuse.
In fact, if you read a lot of the liberal writings, you'll hear a lot about this.
They're possessed with the end times, they're possessed with the Bible, and that's why they're doing all of this.
Except when you actually look into who these people are, and you see a movie like Alex Jones' Order of Death, you see that not only are they atheists, they're occultists, they're Babylonians, and they worship some Egyptian deity somewhere.
But that doesn't really matter when the neocons themselves, the Judeo-Christian mindset is that... They're not, though.
That's what I'm telling you.
They're not of that mindset.
This is all a ruse.
We'll be right back after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band
That's 312-224-2710.
Thanks to the renegades.
What would George Washington do?
That question was asked earlier.
I don't mind a question like that.
I think that's a...
That's a good question, a good way to beat this into philosophy.
And I'm happy to do that.
Webster Griffin Tarpley with us today.
I'm going to go back to the phones, but let me ask you a polite question.
Can you call in with questions?
Correct me if I'm wrong here, Webster.
Do we have you on the show today to talk about the geopolitical aspects of this, or do we have you on today to talk about the religious aspects?
If so, go ahead and make a statement pertaining to religion, if you like.
I think the questions of religion have got to take second or third place to the urgent humanitarian need of finding solutions
A peaceful solution.
Remember that inside Israel you have a multi-ethnic state with a million or more Arabs who live in Israel and are citizens of a certain kind and do vote in elections and so forth.
So the notions of an ethnic or racial or religious analysis, I think they all lead us in the wrong directions because one guy comes with his holy book and says this land has to be one thing and the other guy comes with his holy book that says
The opposite, and then that leads to a bloodbath.
The one thing we can say is, under Christianity, we have essentially two commandments, love God, love your neighbor.
Love your neighbor is the area of cooperation, economic development, doing positive things to improve the lot of people.
There's a similar concept in Islam.
Social solidarity.
There's a similar concept in Confucianism.
It's benevolence and the need to make people prosperous and then to educate them.
So this is the basis of human survival.
Again, what we've got to have is that political solution with a development program.
You can say there's no common interest between the Palestinians and the Israelis.
Let us use economic development to create a common interest.
And then we have to have a Palestinian state
We're good to go.
To patrol that, to make sure that neither side crosses it.
I absolutely agree with this.
This is the common sense solution here.
And until we see that we're edging in that type of a direction, the rest of it will be more war, more bloodshed, more, as I call it, collective necrophilia in the Middle East.
And let me say this.
You know, I'm a spiritual person.
I'm sure there are better places to go to get better spiritual or Christian analysis than what we have today and the remaining...
Hey, how's God bless you, Lee?
Good to have you aboard, Mark.
I'm under the impression that the unstated purpose for the State of Israel was to foment friction between the Jewish people.
And the Muslim nations.
And I believe, you know, that in spite of the fact that unstated goals in modern politics generally succeed wildly.
Just as the UN's unstated goal is to form a one world government.
And they've been incredibly successful in that end.
And my buddies at the JBS, the John Burke Society, have told me that basically the thing is don't be deceived by what the claim the purpose is to give the Jewish people a homeland.
Because from what I've heard, the government of the state of Israel are primarily secular humanists.
They claim to be Israelis, but they don't really practice Judaism proper.
Do you want to comment on that, Webster?
I can't disagree with much of that.
Israelis, just like everybody else, have the right to practice whatever religion they want or no religion at all.
This one world government, what I see is City of London financiers, Wall Street financiers,
And the Israelis as a kind of appendage of this.
Naturally, modern Zionism goes back to Lord Palmerston.
This was the British being concerned with the smaller peoples of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Empire at that time.
They were interested in cultivating Druzes, Kurds, Copts, Greeks, Armenians, Jews also.
Palmerston got the idea of colonizing the Middle East with Jewish emigrants from various other parts of the world.
This has been
I think Jack mentioned the Balfour Declaration and similar things.
Notice in World War I, the British and the French were able to promise the same territory to three different people, to themselves, to the Arabs, and then also to the Jews.
So this was obviously done with a tremendous bad faith.
But whatever the history is,
You're now confronted with those millions of Israelis there and these four million Palestinians here.
The only possible solution is a two-state solution with a strong economic development program that would also be a key to beginning economic recovery in this country, because naturally our economy is collapsing.
We've just lost one-third of General Motors and about one-third of our remaining industrial jobs, if you look across the auto industry, just in the past decade.
The Federal Reserve itself says the U.S.
is heading for bankruptcy, and I'm going to cover that probably on my program following this show.
Mark, quickly, anything else?
I thought you made some good points, and I happen to also believe that part of establishing the Israeli state in the Middle East was to eventually create chaos and then order out of chaos, and it seems to be working wonderfully over the last 60 years.
Let's go to David in Michigan.
Dave, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, sir.
Your guest there made the point in the last hour that one-third of Israeli children live in extreme poverty.
I think the great majority of them are the children of the Orthodox, the Lubavitchers, the Hesedim, that don't work, that don't serve in the Army, they don't shave, they don't bathe, but they all got seven or eight kids.
Okay, I don't know what the point of that question is.
Can you figure that out?
Judge not lest you be judged would be my...
My version, whoever they are, nobody deserves to live in poverty.
He says they're bringing them on themselves, in a way, even compared to... If you don't work and you have seven or eight kids, you should be poor.
But if there's no work, where are you going to work?
Yeah, I'm here.
The problem here is that the Israeli economy, under Netanyahu's misleadership, is a caricature of wild capitalism, deregulation, free market insanity, domination by cartels.
An extreme oligarchical economy for a few plutocrats and everybody else takes it on the chin.
And this is important to understand because it explains the obvious irrationalism of the Israeli political leaders.
They're sitting on top of a pressure cooker which is about to explode for them and that's one of the reasons they do what they do.
Let's go to Mike in Texas.
Mike, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show with Webster Tarpley.
Jack, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Okay, great.
It's a pleasure to be on the program, Webster.
I appreciate all the work that you do.
Thank you.
Here's a geopolitical question.
In the past year, and I've been doing a lot of work calling AM and FM stations trying to get our message out on constitutionalism, and on this Israeli question, there's a lot of talk by the Zionists and those supporters of them saying that
The Arab countries in the region want to do away with Israel, whereas Israel has not put out any kind of policy statement wanting to do away with any of the Arab countries.
And I did pick up in the last year somewhere where there was a plan to divide Iraq into five provinces.
And my question is, do you have any concrete information where Israel may have been floating out
plans to recreate boundaries of any of the Arab countries and I did see it floated out on the mainstream media before this latest escalation of turmoil in Iraq where NBC and others were saying well perhaps the thing to do is divide Iraq into several pieces.
If we can have some concrete evidence that Israel is behind that it will help us to neutralize this argument
By the Zionists saying that, hey, we're just friendly people over here, and it's the Arabs that want to do away with Israel.
Yeah, go ahead.
All right, good question.
If you look on the Internet, and actually, Jack, I can send this to you.
I have in front of me the Bernard Lewis plan map for the Middle East.
Naturally, this plan is to dismember and balkanize every existing country in the Middle East.
And, of course, it's made in London.
It's made by the past masters of the Middle East, the people who created all of these countries, after all, including Israel, the British Arab Bureau,
And the British Foreign Office.
Now, Bernard Lewis, you know, he operates out of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.
When he just had his 80th birthday, he had Cheney there, Kissinger there for him.
Bernard Lewis is the guy.
It means that Iraq is divided into three parts.
Kurds, Sunni desert state in the middle, Shia-stan in the south.
We get a Kurdistan, which is carved out of Turkey, out of Iran, out of Syria, out of Iraq.
Lebanon gets divided, a Druze entity, a Maronite entity.
Sudan gets cut into two parts.
Pakistan gets cut into Pashtunistan and Balochistan.
Iran fares the worst.
They get divided six ways.
Balochistan, Arabistan, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and sitting in the middle, a landlocked, oil-less Iranistan.
That is the goal.
It is the balkanization of all of these countries.
Jack, this is a very crude map that I put together, but if you're interested in it, I'd be glad to send you one.
If you would, and I'll compare it.
You can put it up on your website, if you give me a good email address to send it to.
JackBlood at Hotmail.com Okay.
And concerning the other part of it, concerning who feels threatened, I've been on Israeli national radio a couple of times, and people call in and say, look, we feel threatened by Iran.
Because they may soon have a nuclear weapon, and I have to say, well, imagine how the Iranians feel because you already have 400 nuclear weapons.
What are they to feel?
If we have a situation where people feel threatened, then go to the table, the negotiating table.
What we need is obviously an international conference for the Middle East that would attempt to solve everything all at once.
Israel-Palestine, the question of the Kurds, the question of Lebanon, the question of what happens with Iraq.
The situation of Iran.
What's with Sudan?
What's with all these other places?
But as you say, the balkanization there runs pretty deep through decades, if not centuries.
How do you get people to come to the table, number one, and then to agree on anything, number two?
This would be the role of an American president, if we can remember what this might be.
If you are the leading state in the world, you ought to take the responsibility.
We had, I can remember, a U.S.-Soviet statement in the early 80s that called for the
Convocation of a Middle East peace conference.
Secretary Rogers, under the Nixon regime, tried to move in this direction.
We need a general peace conference for the Middle East.
It should be devoted to peace and economic reconstruction, because every one of these places has now been destroyed by war.
Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, all of them destroyed by war or internal conflict.
And let's not forget Afghanistan.
We seem to always forget them.
Throw them into the Middle East, too, and have everybody come to the table.
And then let them say, those who feel threatened should speak, and the others will say, well...
We feel threatened, too.
So what's the answer?
Well, I mean, look, the fact is, making that all happen, this is a proper solution, and I credit you, Webster, for bringing this to the table.
Unfortunately, let's be realistic here.
Let's use some common sense.
George W. Bush isn't likely to do that.
George Bush's successor isn't likely to do any of this.
And then we've got, again, more hostilities and more animosity than ever before throughout the Middle East.
So what happens next?
Barring this wonderful table where we all sit around and have a few cocktails together and hammer out the solutions and then abide by those treaties and those solutions, what happens next?
Total chaos?
Total turmoil?
Total world war?
Is that the other side of it?
Is that the only other answer?
According to some of the Lebanese papers, the Israelis have in effect issued a 72-hour ultimatum to Damascus, to Syria, saying either you Syrians...
Bring Hezbollah to the point of surrendering, dissolving, laying down their arms, which is obviously absurd, or we Israelis will attack Syria.
Now, I think it's important, if people have any political ability at all in terms of being in the peace movement or being in a religious group or something like this, obviously let's use the democratic apparatus that we still have, the free speech that we still have,
We will not go into World War III as the tail on the Israeli kite.
The Israeli attacks on Lebanon have got to stop.
There's got to be an immediate ceasefire.
We're also concerned about our 25,000 fellow citizens, the 40,000 Canadians and untold others.
But for all of them, for everybody in Lebanon, the bombing has to end.
has got to threaten Israel with the immediate cessation of all payments of that
The U.S.
Four billion to five billion dollar yearly allowance that they get paid for all of these weapons.
And people's congressmen, you know, we're in the middle of an election campaign right now, should hear about this.
And the people coming out, I saw George Allen, an unfortunate senator from Virginia who's fighting for his life against a very interesting challenger here in Virginia across the river.
He's on the straight Israeli line.
People like that should be voted out.
Out of office.
And, of course, the primary in Connecticut, right, with Senator Lieberman, an extreme warmonger position on all of these things would be another possibility.
So there are all kinds of elections where you can make your voice heard, go to candidates' forums, speak up,
Call into radio talk shows.
Call into C-SPAN and some of these others.
You know, that's a really good idea because the mainstream media has given us the illusion here that 99% of Americans are behind Israel and they can just do whatever they want.
And if they start hearing from you and you have your facts straight and you have an organized message, then I believe people will be able to at least gauge that not everyone is on board with whatever Israel wants to do.
The other big thing is 9-11 truth.
Ultimately, we have been lurching along the brink of the abyss here for about 24 months, according to my count.
In order to pull back from the abyss, we've got to have the neocons rolled up, the invisible government people rolled up, and the financiers behind them also rolled up.
And 9-11 is a great way to do that.
And 9-11 is what... And, you know, you just kind of gave me a good segue, because I wanted to ask you, on my show on Friday, we meant to put this on the Alex Jones Show, and they helped me book the interview for...
With, oh my God, you know this always happens to me, right?
Going right to a break, Daniel Ellsberg, anyway, is the name I was looking for.
So we had Daniel Ellsberg on our program, and I asked him about 9-11, and he said he's starting to lean towards 9-11 being an inside job, and what he said is the sequel to 9-11, the next terrorist event here on our soil, will definitely, without a doubt, be our Reichstag.
That coming from Daniel Ellsberg, who brought down the Nixon administration with the Pentagon Papers,
What do you think the weight is of someone like that coming out now and seemingly joining us with 9-11 Truth?
Well, Daniel Ellsberg would represent the left liberal or radical liberal community, and generally I have to say that this stratum as a group, if we look at Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, and so forth, these have been the worst enemies of 9-11 Truth, parroting the Bush version, attacking anybody who challenged it.
If Ellsberg is breaking in the direction of 9-11 Truth, which I would love to see...
But I'll believe it when I see it.
That would be a sea change.
I think so, and you probably should read my analysis coming out tonight on that, and you might be shocked at what he said.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Final moments today on the Alex Jones Program.
Again, Jack Blood sitting in for Alex most likely tomorrow as well.
Alex should be back, recharged, ready to go on Wednesday's edition of the Alex Jones Show.
My program, Deadline Live, following this show Monday through Friday, 2 p.m.
to 4 p.m.
Central Time on this very network.
I believe we are on the one and three streams.
If you're listening to GCNlive.com, just go to jackblood.com for more information.
And we will be continuing a lot of this discussion.
I'm going to carry over
Any callers into our program, so if you've been holding, you want to stay aboard, we'll get you on at least the first half hour of our program deadline live following this show.
Remaining moments with Webster Tarpley.
Webster, we had a tip in here at Infowars.com, and this was put in front of me by one of the producers.
They wanted me to ask you about the Aspen Institute.
They've been very active, a number of senators, policymakers, congressmen, Madeleine Albright, these types, all working at the Aspen Institute, which, by the way, is where Ken Lay died.
What do you know about this organization, and what might they be getting ready for?
This is a very nefarious think tank.
It's always on the wrong side of every issue, and it's up there with the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Enterprise Institute, and a number of others.
Brookings is bad enough in its own way, and that's the Aspen Institute, and they have all kinds of conferences, and...
You can look for them to be involved.
By looking at some of the people involved in the conference, it seems like a lot of medical people, the former Deputy Administrator for USAID was involved in this, people heading superintendents of public schools.
It looks to me, I mean, if I'm reading this right, it looks to me like they're getting ready for something.
You know, Webster, we also noticed that the Funeral Directors Association here in Texas
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Weapons of mass destruction, atomic, biological, chemical warfare.
There's a tremendous number of them.
There are some going on in Maryland.
There are some going on at NASCAR sites in Tennessee.
I try to keep up with this, but if you go to False Flag News, you get a compendium of them.
And I just wanted to mention one other thing.
People in the Washington, D.C.
area, I'm giving a lecture on 9-11 in Tacoma Park City Hall Sunday at 2 p.m.
Tacoma Park is a suburb of Washington, D.C., just outside the district line.
Tacoma Park Metro.
Walk to Tacoma Park City Hall and I'll be there at 2 o'clock on Sunday.
2 o'clock Eastern Time on Sunday.
Is there more information about that at tarpley.net?
Well, go to dc911truth.org.
When are you coming down here to Austin, Texas to give a speech?
Whenever I'm invited, I guess.
I'm sure you're going to have a lot of people show up to see you down here and I'd like to pitch in if I can to make that possible.
I'd be delighted.
What a great two hours it's been, Webster.
We've learned so much.
My head is still actually spinning from so many of the things you've passed along to us today, but always great to have you on the Alex Jones Show.
Best of luck to you, and we'll talk to you again real soon, okay?
Thank you, Jack.
Thank you so much.
Folks, a lot of information.
Make of it what you can.
We'll be back in just about six minutes for Deadline Live, and I'll be back again tomorrow in this very chair, the big man's chair, the Alex Jones Show.
PrisonPlanet.com, InfoWars.com.
Now get out there and fight the New World Order!
We're good to go.