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Air Date: July 14, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Fridays are always big, always informative.
Three important guests for you.
We have Clara Halpert joining us.
They're having their family farm and business taken by the city government in her area.
We'll tell you all about it coming up in 30 minutes.
Because they, quote, want an open green space.
They want a good view shed.
The government is taking in and of course not giving them proper just compensation.
Setting the trend, expanding the trend of open land grabbing by the government and the private criminal interest that have grown up around it.
So that's coming up in 30 minutes.
Then we're going to have Tommy Pallotta, the producer of A Scanner Darkly, the Philip K. Dick adaptation.
That is getting rave reviews from the Cannes Film Festival to right here in the United States.
He'll be joining us to talk about this near-future police state dystopic film that opens in most major cities this weekend and then in hundreds of theaters in the next few weeks and then over a thousand screens by the time it is fully released in the next month.
Tommy Pallotta will be joining us coming up in 30 minutes in the next hour.
Richard Linkletter joins us on the 11th, coming up early next week.
The director of the film.
He also has Fast Food Nation coming out, exposing that travesty.
And so he'll be on the air with us talking about both of those films.
The double barrel approach, as one critic called it, from the Texan.
Richard Linkletter coming up next week.
Well, what is the 11th?
I guess that will be on Tuesday.
Of course, today is 7-7.
7-7, the one-year anniversary of the British government carrying out terror attacks in London.
They then had another dud attack two weeks later on 7-21.
And my new film, Terror Storm, spends, I guess, about 40 minutes of the just shy of two hours on the London bombing, on the ground in London.
We were there just a week and a half after 7-7 in the middle of the government operation.
We were there exposing it and we have made a new film, Terror Storm, and the centerpiece of the film is 7-7 London bombing.
So it is apropos, it is fitting that we are releasing Terror Storm in the month of July.
The official film with the extras won't be out until next month, but we have a limited run.
We're good to go.
And start making copies and getting them out to people.
We just can't wait a month until the extras are done and the official DVD is all printed up with the pretty color cover.
We're putting it out now.
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Terror Storm.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, deep behind enemy lines, we interrupt this rebroadcast for a live radio talk show.
We're good to go.
I think?
Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter will be joining us.
We'll get his viewpoints on what's going on in the Middle East.
Of course, as a weapons inspector, Mr. Ritter knows exactly what he's talking about.
And I guess if we were to spend a little bit more time listening to Scott Ritter...
Rather than slandering him and lambasting him and calling him a liberal, we might have been able to avoid the entire mess in Iraq.
But he'll have a unique perspective.
Scott Riddle will be joining us in the second hour of today's broadcast.
And then Wayne Madsen will be joining us as well on the program today.
He's coming fresh out of the new Valerie Plain hearings.
We'll give us updated information on Valerie Plame.
As you know, Robert Novak recently, after all was said and done, went ahead and outed, well, he is called Turd Blossom.
You might know him as Karl Rove.
Regarding the ultimate source of the leak for the Valerie Plame affair.
Also, Wayne Mattson will be talking about the USS Cole TWA-800, which is now, of course, being blamed on the Iranians.
Folks, I want to make this very clear.
If you stub your toe, if you hit your finger with a hammer, it is no doubt because of the Iranians.
We'll be talking about TWA 800, Nicole and Valerie Plame, with Wayne Madsen, who, by the way, was a former communications security analyst with the NSA in the 1980s, and an intelligence officer in the U.S.
He's testified numerous times for Congress and is syndicated in many, many newspapers.
Wayne Madsen joining us in the third hour of today's broadcast.
If you've been paying attention, if you've been trying to follow the news, either on the Fox News channel or on any of these neocon screaming head radio talk shows, you will have heard the ultimate wargasm going on collectively all throughout the airwaves.
That's right, folks!
Israel has a right to kill all those dirty ragheads, all those dirty Muslims, all those dirty Shias out there.
And war is not only begun, but it is escalating so fast that we can hardly keep track of it.
I understand that this audience, being highly intelligent, highly educated, who have done their homework...
Understand all of the implications involved and understand that before we get up and get up on our soapboxes and start screaming about the head of Hamas living in Syria, which gives us the ultimate right to start bombing Syria or Iran or Palestine or any of these locales near the country of Israel, we better take a good look in the mirror.
Because as we understand, I'll give you one example of terrorists, a terrorist that we actually guard, that we keep.
I mean, look, if they're harboring terrorists, we must go in and immediately start bombing them.
Is that right, or is that wrong?
That is a rhetorical question, by the way.
If we're harboring terrorists like Luis Posada and the entire gang of terrorists that helped us throughout Iran-Contra, or if we're working with MEK, or we're working with any number of terrorist organizations around the world, let's not forget how all of this begun, working with, funding, and training the very terrorists we're now fighting, whether they be Hezbollah, Hamas, or Al-Syayida, then we really don't have the opportunity to call the kettle black.
Judge as you will be judged.
Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.
Now, there have been a number of developments.
We've been watching this very closely now for the last 12 to 24 hours.
In fact, I was out in front of this story many weeks ago.
We've finally gotten the world to open its eyes and see what is really happening now in the Middle East and why it's happening.
But a few recent developments I want to share with you
Today, the Ahmadinejad came out from Iran and warned very sternly against attack against Syria that there would be hell to pay if Israel and her allies started bombing Syria.
Immediately afterwards...
Saudi Arabia came out and warned Iran that if anything happens, they will have hell to pay, and sternly judging them.
The Vatican has finally come out, warned Israel and admonished and condemned Israel for the attacks on Lebanon.
And the Vatican and the United Nations both come out.
Now, of course, if you're a neocon in the middle of a massive wargasm, bloodlust...
You will, of course, attach the United Nations condemnation of Israel to every so-called liberal in the United States.
Well, anywhere in the world, that be.
Now, that doesn't include some of the more well-known liberals, like Michael Savage, like Sean Vanity, like George W. Bush.
And the rest of these so-called neocons, who, as we know, have an extensive neoliberal background.
No, no, they're not liberals at all.
They are chicken hawks, and let's be very, very clear of that.
But this tension is really, really building.
You can feel it in the air.
It is palatable.
Everybody waiting to see what will happen next.
Last night, in a war of words, I believe, rhetoric that will sponsor even more violence to come down the road,
The United States faced off with China at the UN Security Council.
And what was behind all of that?
Well, the United States wanted China to admonish North Korea for their war apparatus and their saber-rattling.
And, of course, China declined and vetoed that.
China wanted the United States to admonish and to condemn Israel for its strikes on the civilians in Lebanon.
Of course, we vetoed that.
In the middle of all this is the one and only John Bolton, head neocon.
Isn't it... I mean, I have to say, folks, isn't it comforting to know that the only thing that stands...
In front of war, world war, between China, Russia, the United States, and the powers that be, is a guy, Mr. Walrus, himself, I am the Walrus, coo-coo-ka-choo, John Bolton.
A JINSA member.
That's right, folks.
So we understand that these people are extremely biased.
Now here's the unusual part about all this, because if some of you are listening to this, you're going, Jack, I hope that you're not
I hope you're not endorsing United Nations.
No, in fact, that's the only thing we agree with these neocons on, except for we want to completely repeal and step off of the United Nations and begin to eliminate the tentacles which reach throughout our education and social...
Apparatus here in the United States.
These are tentacles, of course, with the United Nations that aren't quite as weak as the political authority of the United Nations, which are extremely embedded and strong throughout every facet of our culture.
So we believe even more strongly than your favorite liberal... I mean, neocons out there, including Laura Ingres and others, who believe that the United Nations should be abolished altogether.
Well, they want to abolish the United Nations, much in the way...
The League of Nations was abolished.
In other words, we changed the name.
Same business, different day.
But again, just quite a lot of developments in this.
Vatican has come out.
Condemning Israel for attacks on Lebanon, the Vatican on Friday strongly deplored Israel's strikes on Lebanon, saying that they were, quote-unquote, an attack on the sovereign and free nation.
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sedano said Pope Benedict and his aides were very worried that the developments in the Middle East risk degenerating into a conflict with international repercussions.
No kidding.
In particular, the Holy See deplores right now the attack on Lebanon, the free and sovereign nation, and assures its closeness to these people who have already suffered so much to defend their independence, he told Vatican Radio.
Israel struck Beirut airport again on Friday and bombed Lebanese roads, power supplies, and communication networks in a widening campaign after Hezbollah guerrillas seized two Israeli soldiers and killed eight.
Sedano said the Vatican condemned both terrorist attacks, terrorist attacks are in quotes, and military reprisals.
Hezbollah, which wants to trade its captives for prisoners held in Israel, has showered rocks across the frontier, allegedly in its fiercest bombardment since 1996 when Israel launched a 17-day blitz against southern Lebanon and Hezbollah.
But Saldana reserved his harshest words for Israel.
Quote, the right for defense on the part of a state does not exempt it from its responsibility to respect international law, particularly regarding the safeguarding of civilian populations.
He said, even Condoleezza Rice, who was immediately, along with George W.,
Saying that Israel had a right to defend herself against these evil terrorists is now starting to backtrack in the sea of reprisals.
Reprisals coming from the people.
The people who, by the way, have enough common sense to know that strikes on civilians killing innocent 10-month-old babies and 4-year-old girls, alleged terrorists,
Does not stop terrorism.
In fact, it creates more terrorism.
Any egghead... Well, I don't know.
Sometimes I think that uneducated people, people who haven't finished high school, are more intelligent than some of these think tank types.
But let's just call a spade a spade.
Let's just put everything where it needs to be here.
And that is, this isn't happening by accident.
Israel is not stupid.
The United States is not stupid.
They don't continually do things that cause quote-unquote blowback.
Without knowing that that is going to be the result, in fact, the desired result.
But now we have Condoleezza Rice backpedaling, saying that it is not okay to hit targets which will kill civilians, being very careful and very measured as this particular conflict escalates.
So here we have Saudi Arabia on the side of Israel.
Did you ever think you were going to see that day come?
Well, we've already seen this with Jordan and Egypt and others running these torture camps in order to torture American suspects or enemy combatants.
We've seen the lead-up to this.
I wonder if Saudi Arabia knows that they're on the hit list.
I wonder if Egypt knows they're on the hit list.
If they're listening, we'd like you to know that, and we could show you the documents to prove it.
We'll be right back.
More information, more news you're not getting anywhere else.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex Jones.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Stay tuned.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome to another live original broadcast of the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood again sitting in for Alex today who is on assignment.
He should be calling in to check in on the program live here in just about seven or eight minutes at the bottom half of this hour.
Scott Ritter joining us in the second hour.
Wayne Madsen joining us in the third hour.
We've got a ton of news, investigative reporting, and on the ground news.
Analysis coming through on the program today on this three hour broadcast.
We're going to take some calls in the first hour.
That might be the best time to call in if you want to get on the air today.
We are really right now on the brink of the cremation of care ceremony in Bohemian Grove.
We're going to talk about that some today as well.
This just came in.
Palestinian group denies holding Israeli soldier.
A Palestinian militant group on the Gaza Strip on Monday denied media reports that it was holding an Israeli soldier who was captured in a raid into Israel on Sunday.
Spokesperson for the Popular Resistance Committee is one of the groups which carried out the incursion, says it had no information about the soldier.
So again, a lot of the alleged quote-unquote kidnappings, hey look, if they're on the wrong side of the border and
We're good to go.
I think?
India saying Pakistan elements back the bombers, which we initially figured out right away regarding the massive train bombing in India, which is of course called the 7-11 bombing.
We have 9-11, 3-11, and 7-11.
Start looking for dates of the 11th and probably stay away from trains at that point.
We are going to go to your calls, 800-259-9231.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Jim from Oklahoma City, thank you for calling, and you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you, Jack.
How are you?
I'm very good.
What's on your mind?
Well, I've got a small piece of information here.
You can take it for what it's worth.
Some time ago, I got a hold of some information by a Detroit attorney by the name of Constance Comby.
Who's had a small cadre of investigators in Europe for some time.
I imagine it was prior to 1995.
But she did at one time write a book called The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow way back when in the early 80s.
I haven't heard much of it.
What's the information?
The information was that her investigators reported to her that there was a meeting back in November 27th
And what was the basis of the meeting?
The meeting was to strike a treaty called a Treaty of Association between the European Union and Israel.
And it involved the bringing in
Of the Palestinians into some of the real estate there in Israel.
I imagine that turned out to be the... That was probably part of the withdrawal plan that we saw earlier this year, which upset so many people in Israel, who, by the way, are out on the streets today protesting some of this violence.
You know, why do you think then... So you've kind of put that into that compartment.
Why do you think the EU came out and condemned Israel today for their recent acts of violence?
I am not sure about that, but...
In May of 2005, there was a meeting in the White House between a small organization from the EU and George Bush's organization, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, and several others, and they wanted to strike another treaty called the Barcelona Agreement, which is the war we have in Iraq.
And the thing of it is that in order for
In order for them, the EU, to come to our assistance, because they have targets on the Mediterranean area over there.
They want to set up a Mediterranean free trade area involving all those countries surrounding that Mediterranean Sea over there.
And there was a certain deference that the United States would have to make to the EU.
Whatever you're seeing over there now must be within the constraints of the... Well, sure.
I mean, look, what you're talking about, and all of this makes sense, and I can confirm most of everything that you're saying, okay, Jim?
What you're talking about is order out of chaos.
I mean, in order to keep the centralization moving forward, you need to have this violence and this chaos.
You know, I look at the Middle East very much like I look at South America right now, where...
We're gearing up to have our American Union, our regional government for North America.
But the ultimate goal, or at least on the way to global governance, which is the ultimate goal, what we do have in play here is the Pan-American Union.
I look at the Middle East as part of the Pan-Asian Union, and they can very much be compared, if you want to get a situation going here, figure this all out.
They can very much be compared to what we have in Central and South America now.
Thanks for the call, Jim.
Alex Jones should be coming up right after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thanks for joining us, folks.
You have got us.
This is the Alex Jones Show GCN Radio Network.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
We'll be taking your calls at 800-259-9231.
Scott Ritter, former U.N.
weapons inspector, joining us at the top of the next hour.
And then Wayne Madsen joining us with a new report on the Valerie Plame affair, joining us in the third hour of today's program.
Alex Jones is with us now, calling in from an undisclosed location.
Alex, thanks for calling in.
That's right, Jack.
Once or twice a year I try to come down to the funky Texas coast to a little fishing, build sand castles with my wife and children, and driving down to the beach yesterday afternoon, I almost turned around to come home to just cancel it because of this war provocation.
You know, all the experts told us, Ray McGovern inside CIA people told us, that in the next three or four months, that was about a month ago, that they would have provocations, that Israel would create provocations,
To attack Iran and Syria, and then it would probably start somewhere in Palestine.
So I wanted to just spend a few minutes here, and then I'll get off the air and let you get back to your great analysis that I was listening to on the beach via shortwave just a few minutes ago before I came into the hotel.
And you're absolutely on target, and so were the callers.
But anything the globalists do has a cost-benefit analysis.
They look at a whole spectrum of
I think one of the biggest here is about domestic diversions in Israel with Olmert in a lot of trouble.
We also have Bush in a lot of trouble.
This really is the build-up to the October surprise.
It will probably be some type of limited strike on Iran or even worse.
And then, of course, Israel's own documents going back to the early 80s, the Pentagon's own documents.
This is not our opinion, by the way, listeners, for neocons, followers that are tuning in, neocon zombies.
This is their own admissions.
That Israel is going to break up Iraq in three to four parts using the U.S.
They want to break Syria up into two to three parts.
They want to break Iran up into as many as six to eight parts.
They want to break Afghanistan up into four parts.
They want to even try to break Egypt up into two parts.
So this is the official plan, and they do this by escalating, by provocateuring these provocations.
And, I mean, every few months Israeli soldiers get killed or get captured, sometimes every day.
They're just basically hyping this and turning this
Uh, into a big deal, and when the Israelis drop a thousand pound bomb on a neighborhood and kill 65 people in a pop, it's loving and sweet and good, and, because those are subhuman, uh, eras.
But when a suicide bomber blows themselves up, the few times it's real and not a Mossad or Shembet operation, by the way, that's Israeli newspapers admitting their government creates fake al-Qaeda groups, Hamas groups, others, uh, then it's, oh, the evil terrorists, the greatest evil in the world.
And I just refuse to be part of this hypocritical
Propaganda any longer.
So, this is a clear provocation.
Last week we heard, actually two weeks ago we heard, when the first Israeli soldier got grabbed, that Syria was running it all.
Syria has been lifting our boots, rolling over, arresting whoever Israel and the U.S.
It's really pretty pathetic.
So now they're trying to claim that they're behind it.
Total fraud.
Then, as you know, yesterday it's on Infowars.com.
Continual total coverage on Infowars.com.
That's the site that's going to cover this the most right now of my eight sites.
And so, expanding out from there, now the Israeli military says, oh, Iran has the two newest captured Israeli soldiers, or Hezbollah is trying to transfer them over there.
Now, this is the same Israeli government, through the ADL out of Canada, that put out the propaganda a few months ago that all Jews were going to have to wear yellow insignias on their coats.
And that Christians would have to wear blue ones and Zoroastrians green ones.
Turns out, no connection to reality.
Total, complete lie.
Reuters AP had to retract.
It was totally made up.
It was a national law encouraging the government to fund textile mills, period.
So, you know, just like our government has farm subsidies at a textile thing.
There was nothing in it about Jews, nothing in it about Christians.
And it said that they should try to fund the companies that were encouraging Islamic dress.
So the companies over there, there was going to be a subsidy for Islamic dress and not Levi's.
Okay, boom.
That's translated into Jewish stars that have to be worn by Jews.
Total lie, just like the PR company in 1990 hired the daughter of the PR owner, never been to Kuwait, claimed she saw babies being thrown out.
Turns out it was total lie.
We're lied to over and over and over again.
Now, expanding on this, and Jack, jump in any time, I'm just running through it.
No, you're doing good on your own.
It's about Israel being able to dominate that region with U.S.
control and help.
It's about turning off the spigots of oil.
Webster Tarpley agrees with that analysis.
So does even Greg Pallis.
That's just the facts.
We have the oil company documents.
It's about turning off the oil.
It's about getting permanent bases there.
It's about taking over the whole region in the next 10-year plan, as they call it.
And then domestically, it's about a political distraction and a political football because, oh, if we're in a war, we've got to get behind them.
Israel's already saying they may go all the way into southern Syria.
Then there could be some convenient attacks over here.
The government can claim that that was carried out by Hezbollah or Hamas.
All of this stuff, CIA-controlled.
And let me say this.
On the off chance that Ahmedinejad does produce two Israeli soldiers...
We know that he is a government agent.
That's a good point.
Excellent point, because as we've been covering, there's absolutely no way to transfer soldiers from Syria up to Iran in today's modern world.
No, the whole thing's full of AWACS fighter planes.
There's a control grid blanket.
I mean, countries that aren't authorized can't even get a Cessna above 2,000 feet.
But just going back to this, why do we say there is a chance, a good chance, 50-50 chance, that the whole Iran regime is a staged event?
Our government in 53 overthrew Mosaddegh by carrying out terror attacks.
They put the Shah in.
Then in 79, he gets overthrown.
The CIA admittedly was involved out of Paris, who they've been protecting for decades, flying the Ayatollah Khomeini in.
Suddenly, he grabs a bunch of hostages.
It's all blamed on Jimmy Carter.
This is admitted that Reagan signs a backroom deal.
It's admitted.
When we say Reagan, he was pretty much a good guy compared to Bush.
Bush was already running things.
Bush Sr.
signs a deal, former CIA director, signs a deal for hundreds of millions in missile launchers, weapons, guidance systems, and cash for them to hold them until the day of Reagan's inauguration.
Boom, as soon as Reagan comes in, they release him.
Oh, isn't Reagan a tough guy?
It was all staged.
We know Bill Clinton in 1998 sent $45 million to Iran.
They then funded al-Qaeda.
This is publicly sent report by the Republicans to attack the Serbs, blow up school buses, attack schools.
They then fight back.
The Serbs fight back.
Al-CIA, always starting fires, always doing the globalist bidding.
They then pull out.
And so now we see Ahmadinejad doing everything he's supposed to.
So when I first looked at this, I thought, well, they can't do it.
They can't transfer him.
That's ridiculous.
Why would Muslims do this?
Why would they?
Folks, we know that Israel controls Hamas.
We know they manipulate Hezbollah.
So, guaranteed, there's so many nexus points here.
This only benefits Israel and the globalist interest in the U.S.
Let's finish making the connection, because Ahmadinejad, as you have been widely acclaimed, was involved in holding those captives back in the Jimmy Carter era under the Ayatollah Khamenei.
And we know that was a CIA op.
Okay, there's no debating.
Our government staged that with them, made a deal to hold it off.
That's how sophisticated these people are.
So what do you make of Ahmadinejad's saber-rattling now against the warnings, the threats that have come out all over the news today against Israel, saying if they go into Syria, there's going to be a major backlash?
I mean, can he back that up?
Is that something to, again, just scare people around the world?
Or is that going to come to real violence?
This is what some of my sources have been saying, and I agree with it.
Three years ago, two and a half years ago, I had a family that's high-level special forces.
They've now gone out of special forces and are more in logistics.
And they said, look, we've been told it's not Iran.
If we do hit Iran, it'll be limited.
It's going to be Syria.
And I've said that many times on the show, that my family has said,
And then I've got other forces in the military, so do you, Jack.
But it's Syria, Syria, Syria.
Now, it could be both.
It could be, you know, they could... I mean, look, Saddam was admittedly CIA.
He was told to attack Iran.
He did it.
So the globals are always stabbing each other in the back.
Iran isn't always under CIA or globals or MI6 or Mossad control.
So it flip-flops.
Saddam was their boy from the time they hired him in 1954, trained him as an assassin, 1969 head of...
The head of a bath of security forces, the CIA made a deal to make him the head of security.
Intelligence, and we won't keep killing your leaders.
Then in 1979, they stage a coup.
They put Saddam in.
And then they set Saddam up and tell him to go ahead and invade Kuwait.
Again, this is on record.
Then they pull the rug out from under him.
Again, we know there's dealings between our government, Israel, and Iran.
We know they've been in bed together on attacking the Serbs, many other things.
It's just right now, we don't know what they're going to pull.
We just all have to be aware of these different ingredients.
And I'm asking my staff.
I'm tempted to get in the car and come home.
I have like one or two little three or four day vacations a year.
I just finished the film.
I've got black circles.
I'm totally burnt out.
But I'm tempted to just get down there in the little hotel computer area and write an article.
But perhaps Ryan Slickheisen and others who are listening right now can just listen to my last little ten minute analysis.
Or maybe Jack, before you leave, or maybe you can go in there and oversee during breaks.
This is how I live.
We can write up maybe a five paragraph analysis of what we just laid out of the different breaks that could happen here.
But this is so...
This is so important.
But first, key bono, who benefits, who stands to gain, then the historical context of Western intelligence being involved in all of this.
You put those two things together, you put the timeliness of this coming up in the elections here, how they need this politically on top of it, it just...
It's exactly what we said was going to happen.
In Iran, though again, I think what people need to understand logically, Alex, and you could speak to this, is that we might control, we might have a lot of influence in a place like Iran.
That doesn't mean we control every day-to-day operation that goes on in Iran.
Well, I mean, what it means is, and we know this from history,
The globalists make deals.
They're made.
They're broken.
There's lots of backstabbing going on.
We know the relationship's been there.
We know they've staged huge events in the past.
Then we know who has the motive here.
We know they're hyping this out of proportion.
We know there's the preposterous claims that these people are being taken or have been taken or they want to take them to Iran.
And just remember the fake yellow Jewish star story.
Remember the babies in the incubator story.
This whole thing, every indicator as we go down the line, shows that this is a manifest...
Huge sign-off.
And shifting gears, before we run out of time here, Jack, because I know you're going to be talking about Iraq in the next hour.
I've got one more question for you, too.
Sure, go ahead and drop it.
Because this is something else that's really boiling over.
Today, India came out, according to the Associated Press, and is blaming Pakistan for the recent bombing in India.
We know that Pakistan is extremely unstable right now.
Pakistan means U.S.
Thank you for that.
What does Saudi Arabia mean?
So here we have these Wahhabi-run, these Islamic countries that are barely just holding at the seams, and something like this, what we're seeing now going on in the front lines with Israel, could really bust those seams wide open.
Saudi Arabia came out today and threatened Iran.
Well, you're right, and that's because their government, put in by the British almost 90 years ago, is tottering.
And the globalists are confident that Musharraf can maintain control in Pakistan, but that is doubtful.
And it just shows the arrogance of the New World Order clan and what they're doing.
But bottom line, Israeli intelligence and U.S.
intelligence and British intelligence fingerprints are all over what's happening.
We know in the past that they have controlled these Arab fighters and radical Muslim groups.
And this whole thing is nothing but a perfect provocation to go into Iran
And Syria, either one or both.
But just shifting gears, Jack, I should have written an article about this too.
It's the 133rd anniversary of Bohemian Grove.
Google has a big headline that we have up on InfoWars.com right now about secret rituals and the elite.
Hey, it's all just good fun.
We need to really remind people that meeting right now in Northern California and then tomorrow they will have the 133rd time
This satanic ritual where they sacrifice care and in Mephistopheles, in that famous book written 500 years ago,
About the deal with the devil that's actually based on a true story.
In the book about Faust, the book's actually called Faust, the devil's trying to keep all these things in a box so that Faust can't find them.
And care is the conscience, or care about evil and corruption.
And care escapes.
And so they mix in a Babylonian ritual with all this other weird occultic druid stuff, and then they kill care.
I mean, this is so sick.
So everybody should remember, that's going on tomorrow.
And we got footage last year inside Bohemian Grove, and then again almost, it'll be six years ago tomorrow, in 2000.
On July 15th there at the Grove.
And so people really should get the order of death and get it out to people.
And people should contact Google and Yahoo and others that are doing articles on this and say, Hey, you guys need to report on what really goes on there, Jack.
Not to mention bombard some of these chicken hawk, neocon, screaming head radio talk shows.
And let's also not forget, let's add this in, because while they are getting rid of their care and doing mock sacrifices and wearing hoods, worshipping a 40-foot stone, They're born Palestinian children.
It's called loving and good.
That's right, and I'm sure that that's part of the ritual, the overall global ritual, but let's not also forget they're having little fireside chats and discussing policy right now as it pertains to world and geopolitics.
You're right, Jack, and I would just add to all of this.
When I get back on... You're going to be there Monday and Tuesday, and I really appreciate that.
And if we attack Iran or Syria, I'm going to be in the car, and I'll end up being there Monday.
But you can just call us when there's something.
But bottom line...
When we sit here and we look at all this unfolding, the globalists need a worldwide crisis to bring in their world government.
This is just one more step in this whole line towards that, and it is not in our interest to be attacking the Arabs and blowing them up and killing them.
So many people have bought in to just mindlessly supporting Israel, and others have bought in to mindlessly...
Attacking Israel, and my old comment on just attacking Israel itself, I'm tired of Europeans and I'm tired of liberals and others going, you Christians like George Bush, you're all nuts.
George Bush is not a Christian.
He doesn't speak for Christians.
And it isn't Christians that do things like this.
The things Bush does is diametrically opposed to what Christ did.
And the same thing goes for Israel.
You know, we shouldn't sit there and go, all Israelis are Zionist or all Jews are evil or bad.
They have a bad government just like China has a bad government.
And they're protesting.
They're in the streets today, Alex, the people of Israel, and they are against this violence and these military actions.
So what we're trying to do is bring people together here.
You know, this is the difference from us and some of the COINTELPRO hate-monger programs that want to kill our message.
We're against what Israel is doing.
We're against what our government is doing with China, with Germany.
Well, what England are doing, it's the people are good of the world.
It's these evil leaders, and Israel is evil, and their leaders are evil, and that cannot be denied.
Jack, I'm going to get out of here and let you take care of the show, and you're doing a great job, and I appreciate you.
Sitting in for me, of course.
This has to happen when I take a few days off.
And, folks, I will see you back next Wednesday, I hope.
I hope I don't have to come back because they've already started blasting Syria.
But we'll see what happens.
So God bless you, folks.
And please continue to watch InfoWars.com.
We're going to have continual coverage throughout the weekend.
My webmasters agreed to be updating throughout the weekend as the latest information develops.
And let's get a report out, a good professional report, guys, who are listening in the office with the bullet points we made about Syria.
Thanks for calling in and weighing in, Alex.
I hope you can enjoy your vacation as the world seems to be going up in flames.
But, look, I understand.
I'll take one when you get back.
How's that sound?
Sounds good.
All right.
Thanks, buddy.
We're holding down the bunker here at InfoWars Studio for Alex Jones.
I'm Jack Blood filling in.
GCN Radio Network, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Go there now.
We'll be right back after this.
We're good to go.
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Well, just about everything Alex just covered in that last 20 minute segment
We're good to go.
And that goes for the order of death as well.
Of course, we are again on the brink of another cremation of terror, another anniversary of our wonderful Christian leaders and captains of industry and major publishing media heads all wearing gowns and hoods and doing mock sacrifices in front of 40-foot stone owls as they discuss geopolitical, national, and world policy.
All of that is contained in the order of death.
There are also limited copies of order of death.
Might be a while if you don't order them now.
And of course, on this anniversary, this is really a great time to get these videos.
With everything going on in the world, you want to explain to your loved ones the mutual admiration society going on in the Middle East.
How this is, all in all, WWF wrestling, where you own both the wrestlers, pit them against each other in a mock fight in order to obtain multiple benefits on multiple levels.
Again, cost-benefit analysis.
All of this information is in TerrorStorm.
So I would order Terror Storm, because again, we're at the anniversary of Cremation of Care.
This is actually getting more coverage.
Bohemian Grub is getting more coverage in the mainstream media now than it ever has any year before.
So you understand how this is all starting to get revealed.
So Order of Death, Terror Storm, both limited copies.
Alex Jones is signing the last copies of Terror Storm, the first edition that are coming out, and there's going to be a reworking of the film, I know, and it'll be put back out again.
Or you can simply go to Infowars.com.
Again, 888-253-3139.
If you want an autographed copy of Terror Storm, you better get them while they last, because obviously Alex won't be autographing millions of copies as they go out through the next year or two.
Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
The Order of Death.
Two films in one in Terror Storm.
If you've not seen this yet,
Not that all of Alex Jones' films aren't fantastic, but this one just blows you away.
The history involved in this particular video are bar none.
There's just nothing like this out on the market.
And in this day and age, where we're at right now, to have people understand that is imperative.
And this will do all the talking for you.
Scott Ritter coming up here very shortly, and then Wayne Madsen joining us in the second hour of today's program.
And we're going to continue to talk about what's going on in the Middle East, and we're going to tie that into a number of other pertinent issues that are being reported by these two great whistleblowers.
We have time to take Jason in Maryland.
Jason, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, thanks.
Jack, I was wondering if you're familiar with...
It states that they have just a very short, small window of opportunity to attack Iran.
Because they're nuclear facilities, and I was just calling to... That's what Ray McGovern had been saying just a few months ago on this program.
And there's a lot in play in this, and I'm not exactly familiar with the precise element you're talking about and sharing with us, but we just have to use our common sense.
We have an election coming up here.
This is going to help the election.
It's going to help the Republicans and the neocons continue to hold their trifecta of power here in the United States.
But there is a very short window.
You're right.
So, I see the Israeli government working in concert with Washington, at least in as much as Cheney wrote the PNAC document, and it seems to be going down the same road.
Cheney, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, Scooter Libby, and the gang, they call them the Vulcans...
So somewhere there's a memo coming out of the rogue department that talks about all of this happening.
Wrote this all out.
I've got to tell you, it's just all lining up too perfectly for the neocons.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back after this, folks.
Quick break.
We'll come back with Scott Ritter.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
I want to go right to Scott Ritter.
He has a limited amount of time with us, and we just got him for about 15 minutes here at the last minute to weigh in on this impossible situation we face.
If you're not familiar with Scott Ritter, he was for 12 years an intelligence officer in the United States Marine Corps.
He served as lead analyst in the Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force concerning the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the Iraq and Iran War.
During Desert Storm, he served as ballistic missile advisor to General Norman Schwarzkopf.
And later worked as security and military consultant for Fox News Network.
He joins us now on the Alex Jones Show.
Scott, always good to talk to you, man.
Hey, thanks.
Pleasure to be here.
Let's just get right to it here.
Obviously, one of the things I really learned from you, Scott, is that we completely underestimate what war really is, and a lot of people now regretting that they gave Bush, or allegedly gave Bush, the authority to go to war in Iraq.
But do the American sheeple, do the Stepford Republicans know what we're about to get into with this whole conflict in the Middle East?
Most Americans today got up and didn't even turn on the television, didn't read the newspaper, and went about their daily activities.
When they turn on the TV, when they do read the newspaper, they either are looking for cheap entertainment, reality TV, sports, you name it.
The last thing they do is dive into the extremely complicated...
You know, a sequence of events that's playing itself out in the Middle East.
And even if they do read that, they don't have the depth to read beyond the headlines.
Well, look at the cheerleaders for both the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, and even what's going on now on two fronts on Israel.
These are all chicken hawks, people that didn't actually serve in war, weren't on the front lines in war, and probably have little to no understanding what actually happens in war.
If they do, then of course they're selling death to the American people.
I mean, plain and simple.
Yeah, they're not just selling death to the American people.
They're selling power for themselves.
They use the war as a vehicle of empowerment, and they play upon the fear and ignorance of the American people.
They say, look, there's a huge threat out there.
It's constant.
It's ever-present, and you need to empower us to do things.
The American people, as long as it doesn't impact them here at home,
They'll let the government do whatever they want, including infringing on their individual civil liberties in the name of security.
Which is always at the bottom line of all of this.
Scott Ritter, what were you thinking as you watched this develop?
First in Palestine, now in Lebanon and Syria, with the threats and the saber-rattling going on from, you know, Redia up to Tehran.
What are you thinking?
What are you seeing through all this?
Well, I'm seeing conflict being forced.
I mean, we know that there was an element of Israeli government...
The Israeli government that was looking to exploit the pro-war tendencies here in America to solve their problems with Iran, with Syria, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, with Hamas through military action.
I see this being forced.
I'm not saying that there's not bad guys out there that need to be dealt with, but
It seems that diplomacy has been given little or no chance.
The only time people mention diplomacy is when it's a smoke screen to, again, confuse the general populace.
Well, and then here you go again with the mainstream media coercion, where if you even mention something like diplomacy or cease fires or talking rather than killing, you are perceived as weak and coddling the terrorists.
Yeah, a week in coddling the terrorists.
What terrorists?
I mean, you know, there are terrorists out there.
There's bad guys out there.
There's no doubt about it.
But, you know, this global war on terror, as you dig into it, you find out that the reality is most of the terror faced by Americans is created in the minds of policymakers who exploit this color-coded fear charge that the Homeland Security has put out there.
We're going to get to that on the other side of this break.
Scott, you're staying with us for about ten more minutes.
Okay, Scott Ritter folks, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back after this.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Yes, it is the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones.
Our guest today, Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector, getting his analysis on the world on the brink.
And as Scott, you just said, I couldn't agree with you more that this is really some type of color-coded...
Terror warning, fear selling in the end.
I mean, we've just talked to Alex Jones and we did, I think, a very good analysis for about 20 minutes how these global chieftains seem to back both sides of any military conflict.
And when we got together last time and we did an event together, you and I, Scott, and we talked about that extensively, how...
I mean, we're seeing events unfold.
Again, as I said, it's a matter of the ignorance of the American people being exploited by those who have ulterior motives, whether it be oil, whether it be
Domestic political power, etc.
You work with the United Nations.
There's been a lot of chatter going back and forth, whereas yesterday we tried to get China to rebuke North Korea.
They vetoed that.
They tried to get us to rebuke Israel.
We vetoed that.
Comment on that.
What's going on in the Security Council right now between China, Russia, the United States, and some of the major players as this all plays out?
Well, I mean, remember the Security Council is composed of nations, especially the five permanent members who wield the vetoes, who use the Security Council as a vehicle to promote more or less their own national interest.
Is there a conflict?
I mean, do you see this boiling over to a conflict?
Because this is what a lot of people are talking about, Scott, and I think a lot of people are... I don't see global conflict.
I see...
The Security Council as a tool that could have meaningful impact on resolving conflict if the individual member states would let it.
The number one transgressor is the United States.
We're the ones that, through our new ambassador, John Bolton, have basically said, we don't respect the UN, we don't respect international law, and we will only abide by it when it suits our interests
Specific national interest.
It doesn't speak much to the air of cooperation.
Well, that's right.
So, therefore, we pressure the Chinese to go after North Korea while we do nothing on Israel.
China says, to heck with you.
We're going to move forward as we see fit.
China doesn't want a conflict on its own borders.
The North Korean thing can be dealt with diplomatically.
The Iranian thing can be dealt with diplomatically.
Israel can be dealt with diplomatically if the United States is willing to stand up to Israel.
But again, this is more about people that we liken to chicken hawks who have never been to war, never worn a uniform, but use the language of war because war is one of the things that's most easily sold to an ignorant population.
We saw that with the Germans as they sold global conflict on the German people during the 1930s.
And we've seen this today with the new American empire run by Bush and Cheney and how the Republicans, and indeed many Democrats,
Have basically painted the picture of a world out of control that requires unilateral military intervention, that we can only resolve this by the sword, that anything less than the sword is weakness, and that we can't go down the path of being weaker.
Our enemies will exploit this.
I mean, this is stuff that plays well on TV, and it's tough to debate against because they just look at you and go, oh, you're a wimp.
The problem is there's a lot of people like me who aren't wimps,
I think?
We're good to go.
Their own domestic political interests.
And what you've said before, and you've gone on the record many times, we should not be surprised that innocent civilians and children are being killed in a war.
That's what happens in war, isn't it, Scott?
It does happen.
I mean, we'd like to minimize it, but it's a tragic reality of war.
The innocents always pay the price.
And so we shouldn't be surprised when, unfortunately, it used to be more collateral damage.
Now they seem to be the first people who are getting it, Scott.
That's because there's no target out there that's legitimate.
I mean, we're not going after the factory that produces missiles or the tank division.
We're going after so-called non-state targets.
Is this part of a plan of psychological warfare against the people, or is this just wrong-headedness?
It's wrong-headedness.
It's... Again, it's...
Part of not only bad policy, but bad people who are making this policy.
People who truly don't care about human beings.
You know, you came out, I think it was about a year and a half ago, and you were speaking out very strongly against an attack on Iran and reading the, not the tea leaves, not looking at your crystal ball, but looking at intelligence that you had with your connections around the world, seeing things really escalating into Iran, nearly predicting...
Well, it depends who you ask.
There are certain political powers that
That believe that forcing this to the size of conflict prior to the November elections would be foolhardy.
There are others who say, look, the Democrats don't have their act together at all, and as long as this scene is being forced on us, not by us, we can get away with that.
And in a way, that's what's happening now, is Israel's forcing the issue.
If this was an issue that was just left to the United States, I don't believe that we could see this kind of action taking place until after the November elections.
But because this is being forced upon us, the Bush administration will be seen as being in reactive mode instead of being preventive, instead of being proactive.
And the Bush administration can say, we had no choice but to go forward.
Right, and using Israel as a proxy to actually make that happen.
You think it's a go that far, Scott?
Are we in the heads of the Israeli government?
Are we in the heads of guys like Shimon Peres or Olmert?
Are we directing them?
Is the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail here?
Well, I think it's a combination of the two.
I think the Israelis definitely have a game plan, but they need the United States to do certain things with that game plan.
It all works when America does it willingly.
When America doesn't do it willingly...
The Israelis will exploit the tremendous influence they have in the policymaking circles of the United States to get us to do things.
It's very difficult to take on the Israeli lobby.
It's a very difficult thing to do if you're an American politician because it's all based upon money and influence.
It's based upon the control of the media.
The second you speak out against the Israeli lobby, you're labeled anti-Semitic.
And, you know, now you're fighting a fight.
You're no longer dealing with the issue you wanted to talk about, which might be irresponsible Israeli policy or, you know, too much Israeli influence in American policymaking.
You're now fighting that, oh, I'm not an anti-Semite.
And, of course, they just won.
The second that you have to shift gears and start addressing that issue, they win.
Yeah, I often find we have to put disclaimers on shows like this just because, again, this is exactly the
No, I haven't.
I have a picture of it on my website for anybody who wants to go look at it.
But, I mean, here we have a military installation, a military building, much like the Pentagon, shaped in the form of a swastika.
I mean, who's anti-Semitic here?
I'm trying to figure that out.
Yeah, I'd have to know more about it to understand what the symbolism there is.
We'd also have to actually digest and throw down some semantics on the word Semite, because we know that means actually Arabs and Jews as well.
How do you see this playing out, Scott?
Give me your analysis.
Look forward for the next couple of days or the next week or the next month, if you would.
Well, I don't see the United States ready to make a decisive move on Iran.
We don't have that game book in play yet.
And so I do see that we will give Israel enough reign to take on Hezbollah.
Israel couldn't decisively take on Hezbollah in Lebanon unless they engage Syria.
And if you engage Syria, you bring the Iranians in.
And so we're going to see Israel just pounding the heck out of Lebanon.
You'll see the United States moving in and trying to resolve this thing.
Because I still believe that
The most influential political thinkers in Washington, D.C.
feel that taking America down the path towards military conflict prior to the November elections is not wise.
There is a possibility people will say, look, it's early enough in the political game that if we act decisively now, we might have this thing all wrapped up before November.
But I think that voice is in the minority.
So I believe the United States is going to do its best to rein Israel in.
I've noticed that the rhetoric coming out of the State Department, Condoleezza Rice at this point, is now starting to admonish and kind of warn Israel about hitting civilians, and they seem to be backing off from the carte blanche that was originally given to Israel, though George W. Bush is not pressuring Israel for any type of a ceasefire.
Is it even possible, with all of our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq...
Currently, that we can just stand back and do nothing while these people go at each other.
Well, we're not doing nothing.
We're not going to act militarily, if that's what people are looking for.
But, I mean, we are engaged diplomatically.
What I'm getting at here is if this turns out that, you know, Syria or Damascus is actually attacked tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, I mean, can we just stand back and go, oh, well, this isn't us.
It's Israel doing this and watch the fireworks.
I mean, being there on the ground, being on the border of Iran, being caught in the middle of all this, I mean, we have to do something.
Well, if Israel attacks Syria and it escalates and Israel refuses to back down, then pretty much America's been sucked into a war.
I mean, Israel really is in the driver's seat here, because if Israel makes a move on Syria and Iran retaliates against Israel, we now have a regional conflict that will involve... Scott, thanks for joining us.
Scott Ritter, folks.
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Just going back to the Scott Ritter interview we just finished with.
I mean, the key there, just as we were finishing up the interview, is if we get suckered into a war.
That's the question.
I mean, you can have a conservative analysis here.
You can hope for the best.
You can hope that cooler heads will prevail.
But in the end, what do you do when you're suckered into a war?
I don't really believe we can be suckered into a war.
I think...
Obviously, having done a lot of research into globalism, globalist control of these various powers and countries and leaders around the world, I'm not sure if it's even possible to get suckered into a war.
I think what is possible...
What is possible is to make it look like we were suckered into a war, which I think is entirely predictable almost at this point.
I mean, how desperate are the neocons?
How desperate are the global controllers at this point?
Because the reason that they're getting desperate, the reason that they've run out of time with Iran and Syria and some of these ultimate objectives is because you've backed them up.
Let's not forget that.
The same thing with the free trade area of the Americas, the American Union, the Pan-American Union.
We were talking about that earlier.
We've backed them up.
We've backed them into a corner, and when you're looking at all the information now coming out and the populist mindset, the overall collective getting in their faces about 9-11 and them having to answer to the big questions about 9-11, you really get a picture of a rat backed into a corner, baring its teeth.
So could we get suckered into this war?
Are things going to continue to escalate?
Or can we look at the recent statements coming out of France, the Vatican, the United Nations, even the State Department, beginning to kind of backtrack here and rein this whole thing?
I just certainly hope so at this point.
But again, hoping isn't one of my better aspects or traits, honestly.
Because we have to almost expect the worst knowing what these people have already done.
Hey, Jack.
Well, I really enjoyed Alexander the Great's astute, adroit, and concise analysis of world events earlier.
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It was kind of weird calling into his own talk show, but he did.
You know, we got, as your guest, Scott Ritter mentioned, and the Bible mentions, too,
Wars and rumors of wars.
Now, at some point, Jack, with all this chaos and disorder, people are going to, in desperation, you know they're going to clamor for a savior or a leader.
Well, it's either skull or bones.
Take your pick.
Or Bill or Berg.
Well, again, we're given very few options and very few choices.
You know, I had a guest on the other day, and he said, you know, Jack, who do you want to be president?
And it didn't take long for me to arrive at someone like Ron Paul, but look, I mean, what is the reality of something like that happening?
I mean, we've got to prepare for the worst, don't you think, Jim?
Yes, I do, Jack.
Are we being pessimistic here, or do we have to prepare for the worst?
Well, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Look, I mean, I'm seeing them ramping up bird flu in a way that... I mean, at this point, I thought they had dropped it.
I thought that we had revealed, ultimately, this hoax and this scam and another point and purchase of fear-mongering.
But here we are again, now seeing the funeral directors here in Texas and around the country preparing for a lot of dead bodies.
The Red Cross in Peoria, Illinois, saying that the mutation of the bird flu is going to arrive there, and more fear-mongering on bird flu.
So I guess at this point, if you're not prepared, and I want to emphasize the word prepared, if you're not prepared, and prepared for the worst, you've got to be really living in a segment of non-reality, some type of a matrix.
Well, Jack, I'm terrified of the terrorists, and I'm living in fear of them.
But it's a fear that I know they will try to hurt me.
That's why I am preparing.
Well, good.
I'm concerned.
I'm never afraid.
Thank you for the call, Jim.
We'll come back.
Go to Jeff in California, Charles in Rhode Island, John in Ohio.
Stay tuned.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Infowars.com.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
New information coming out about the Valerie Plame affair.
Wayne Madsen is on the ground and will be reporting into this broadcast in the next half hour at the third hour of the broadcast today.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones at the Alex Jones Show.
And we're just taking calls here for the next half hour.
Let me just quickly share this with you.
As I mentioned earlier, Bohemian Grove never getting bigger coverage than it has this year.
Same thing with the Bilderberg Group.
Do you get the feeling that we're having an effect?
Finally, we have people in the mainstream media, Lou Dobbs and many, many others now, coming to the realization that we are about to lose our sovereignty, that there is an American Union at foot, and that something needs to be done about it.
We've got Scott Ritter on the air.
I mean, as I mentioned earlier, years ago, we're reporting there'll be no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
This is a big plot and a plan to do any number of things on a cost-benefit analysis basis.
And yes, because we didn't attack Scott Ritter, we listened to him, we were able to have that information.
I want to go over with you, regarding Bohemian Grove, just some of the editorial that's floating around in mainstream media today.
This is at Yahoo!
Bohemian Grove, a 2,700-acre redwood forest in Sonoma County, California, owned by the Bohemian Club, is apparently set up for camping, but that's where things start to get a little fuzzy.
The Bohemian Club is an exclusive all-male club founded in the late 1800s.
The story goes that writers like Jack London, Mark Twain, and Bret Hart were looking for an excuse to drink together, and they invited a few local businessmen to foot the bill for the boozing.
The club grew.
It gentrified from there.
Every July, the club holds a two-week-long private event at the Grove, rumored to be a summer camp of sorts for up to 2,500 rich and powerful men, including CEOs and U.S.
But it is a creepy concentration of world powers holding bizarre rituals and setting agendas, or is it just an innocuous bunch of guys getting soused and exercising their right to relieve themselves on the Redwoods?
Depends on who you talk to.
Again, Yahoo!
obviously has not seen the order of death.
We are curious about the legend or the alleged lakeside talks where government, business, and entertainment big shots meet for some intellectual stimulation, but the annual gathering is famously difficult to get into.
The reliable documentation is hard to find.
Not if you look.
And since we haven't been invited, we're sure it's merely due to a clerical error.
We can only speculate.
Well, again, at least they're openly speculating, which I believe has got to be some advancement.
Here is a story from FAIR.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.
And they go on to talk about Inside Bohemian Grove, the story People Magazine won't let you read.
I will spare you the editorial.
And this is generally...
I'm not going to say.
It's a very libertarian-oriented website, if you haven't been to counterpunch.com.
Alexander Cockberg, Jeffrey St.
Clair, writing a story.
Back in 2001, Meet the Rulers of the World, The Truth About Bohemian Grove.
And they go on to talk about the Bilderberg Group, Nelson, David Rockefeller, the people that rule the world with the world's secret government, even mentioning the term Illuminati.
So again, more and more information coming out through various forces over the last...
A couple of years and really now coming to a head.
The pinnacle really starting to come out to the mainstream public.
And again, we can only thank the Internet and the great research by our own Alex Jones to make that happen.
Go back to your calls, 800-259-9231.
We'll go to Jeff in California.
Jeff, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm just sitting back here taking in the sights.
Oh, yeah, Jack.
I don't know.
I just noticed a lot of vehicles around here.
I just saw one.
It's a dark rescue team.
I guess it may be part of the fire department.
Where are you located so people know?
Oh, I'm not in California.
Where about?
Okay, Sacramento.
Yeah, Sacramento's in Northern California.
I hope people know that.
Yeah, yeah.
And over here, I was just noticing, I guess it must be the fire department.
A big truck pulled up.
Dark rescue team.
And then right above it had a drowning accident.
You know, I've never seen a fire truck like that before.
But in any event, I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of things, Jack.
About FEMA.
Fear the train of coming.
I mean, do people realize that there are over 600 FEMA camps within the United States?
And basically, I guess what they're calling future concentration camps.
And, of course, they're all there by executive order.
And, you know, some, like the ones in Alaska...
Only accessible by air and rail transportation.
Well, here's the thing about that, though, Jeff.
Let me interrupt you because for years we were talking about the quote-unquote FEMA camps and had an interesting exchange with Oliver North once about this.
But now we're seeing, because of the international war on terror, global war on terror, we're seeing people brought to...
We're good to go.
I think?
So what are those camps really for?
So this isn't a big, dark conspiracy now where we've got to try to get some shots of the double-decker trains with the handcuffs in them, which I've seen before, or we've got to get some pinnacle location of these quote-unquote FEMA camps.
Now we know that anything could be a FEMA camp, and of course, again, it's admitted, Halliburton even building more camps.
Oh, exactly, Jack, and I think that, well, for the most part, the FEMA camps...
You know, if Bush declares martial law, let me go back to Katrina first.
I mean, I think that that was just a training exercise.
A lot of the things that, you know, a lot of the actions or inactions by the government were, to me, directed toward a training exercise to see how, you know, what response would be given.
And, you know, if Bush declares martial law...
FEMA's infamous red and blue list, and according to CIA sources and other government officials, they have over 6 million Americans' names marked for priority arrest.
And that would be activists, war protesters.
Talking about the red and blue list?
Exactly, the red and blue list.
And I'm sure my name's on it.
And, you know, basically to determine, you know, I guess, where they're going to send...
Do you think it's feasible?
I mean, do you think it's feasible that they can round up so many dissenters?
I mean, we've heard about 5 million people last time I checked being on some type of a terrorist watch list here in the United States of America.
I mean, who's going to be able to round up all those people if they stand up?
Now, I understand that a lot of the people that might listen to this show that consider themselves
Well, you know, let me tell you, the government, as far as them considering who is a terrorist, you know, you may have been a peaceful protester at the Republican National Convention, or perhaps an individual who had an interest in the wrong book at the library.
I mean, it's that simple.
But the bottom line is, here we talk about martial law, and we get these warnings coming from Tommy Franks and others that this Constitution will be suspended if we get another attack here on U.S.
soil, and that martial law could be invoked, and we could have a militarized police rounding people up.
But let's look at this logically, because what I'm trying to get at here, Jeff, is that a lot of this is fear tactics, scare tactics, because they honestly can't monitor all of us and do something about it.
They honestly can't.
Round us all up and throw us into camps.
A lot of this is going to have to be voluntary.
Oh, well, you know, I know with me it's not going to be voluntary.
If they try to round me up, there's going to be a fight.
I guarantee you that.
Well, if we all stand up to him, I mean, let's not forget this.
The bottom of the pyramid holds up the top of the pyramid, and that's where most of the bricks are, Jeff.
So if we remember that and we all stand together and lock arms and lock hands, they can't drag us all off at once.
I just want people to know that.
Yes, they're monitoring you.
Yes, they're databasing you.
Yes, they've got Carnivore and Echelon and...
Certain spider bots and programs watching what you do and reporting what you read from the library.
But what can they actually do about it?
It's called freedom of speech under the First Amendment.
And, you know, under the executive order, this FEMA deal, the government, in case of Marshall Walk, they can take over the railroads, they can take over the inland waterways.
They can take your property, they can take your car, they can use your house as a command base.
And, you know, Jack, I think that
You know, there's a railroad company called Gundersen Railroad Company.
They received a contract to build over 400 boxcars.
Now, these boxcars were ordered and paid for by the U.N.
And these boxcars had, what, I think it was 135 human shackles in each car.
Now, I don't know how they can put that many people in there.
Maybe, you know, but having said that...
We're just going to rescue you.
We're here to help you, but we do have to chain you up for your own safety.
Just get on the train and be quiet.
Now, you know, it makes me think, Jack, what does the New World Order have planned?
Bush Cheney, you know, they've been known to have ties to these railroad companies, Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, Trinity Railcar, Chamberlain Group, and Greenbrier Companies.
And, I mean, if anybody does Google search on any of that, you know, the board of directors and all of that stuff, but, you know, now some of these boss cars, Jack, have been cited to have such labels as Kansas City Southern on the side to make them appear more inconspicuous.
But boss cars typically have numbers like CSXT with a number on the side, which actually reporting the mark indicating who owns the car and the number being how to route them.
But it's just, you know, that's why I said fear the train of coming, because if they institute martial law, there's six million people that are on these red and blue lists, and of course the CIA knows about this.
They can't deny it.
We're good to go.
Maybe Dick Cheney or somebody is involved in this type of behavior, but if they think they're safe from the globalist controllers, all they have to do is look at some of the rats who were sacrificed, who outlived their usefulness, and we can run right down and start at Noriega, go to Saddam Hussein, and even Kenny Boyle.
Jack, we need to tell you, thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
You're crackling pretty good there.
Anyways, Jack, I want to bring it.
Yeah, sorry, Charles.
You can stay on board.
We'll try to get a better connection, but your connection is unlistenable, unaudible.
Let's go to John in Ohio.
John, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, I wanted to mention that I think we've really got to break out of the media's hype and the whitewashing Israeli terrorism, the neocon military-industrial complex terrorism of the United States, and realize that
As you said earlier, and I really appreciate you mentioning the fact that this government is harboring terrorists who have bombed, assassinated, blown up a Cuban airliner right down there in Miami, Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada.
And these guys are held up as heroes rather than being put into the dock for absolute capital crimes.
And back a few years ago, all the media was in Cuba saying,
And they completely covered up a well-documented tribunal that went on for a couple of weeks with foreign people, leaders, witnesses, and victims of US terrorism that went on for 40 years against Cuba.
That included blowing up Cuban airliners, bombing hotels, germ warfare, assassinations.
That can all be justified because Cuba is bad, right?
Yes, the demonization of whoever is being set up for attack and the whitewash of these neocon military industrial madmen.
I recall that it was Ray McGovern who said the present gang of neocons in this government, as bad as other governments in this country have been,
We're considered even by those other
I appreciate what you're saying, and one thing that we have to make clear to everybody here is we don't hate this country.
I'm speaking for myself, John, maybe not you.
We don't hate the country.
We love this country.
That's why we're trying to point out the obvious, because until we understand the history, until we understand what's really going on, that yes, we are sheltering terrorists, we're training and funding terrorism all around the world, we're not going to be able to stop this merry-go-round.
If you're listening to this program maybe for the first time and it sounds like, oh wow, these are a bunch of lefty kooks that hate their country.
No, we love this country.
That's why we speak out.
That's why we pass along the information we do.
It's because if we don't let people know what the history is, if we don't let people understand the deep analysis of what's going on right now as we're broadcasting, we'll never be able to fix it.
The old adage, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
That's exactly what I believe as well.
Are you there?
I'm here, John.
Final comment, please.
I think people do have to get other sources, like a workers' org, who bring some of this out.
But we've got to realize, I think, that even countries like that, you were talking about the police state measures that are threatening us.
And whether we're going to go peacefully into the night, there's a lot of evidence that the founders of Israel actually collaborated with that, with the Nazis.
The Zionist organizations actually collaborated with the Nazis.
Highly documented.
Yes, books like Zionism in the Age of the Dictator, where the Zionist organizations collaborated with Himmler
To exterminate millions of Hungarian Jews, telling them they were going to bucolic work camps, and they knew totally that they were going to their death.
And some of these people were the founders of Israel.
This idea that Zionism is the protector of the Jews is one of the biggest lies and hoaxes of the century.
And I think a lot of people in Israel actually know that.
John, I've got to keep rolling.
I appreciate your contribution.
Keep the faith.
Cliff is up from Idaho.
Cliff, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
You're doing a fine job, Jack.
Thank you.
Yeah, all this problems we're having is really escalating over there, you know, and a lot of people don't know that Israel is the one that attacked the USS Liberty and blamed it on Egypt.
Well, look, I'm going to bring up, let me just interrupt you for one quick second, because I'm going to bring up Wayne Mattson, who alleges that the USS Cole was actually attacked by Israel, and that is some breaking news that we haven't really discussed before, so that could be some new information we haven't heard.
And yes, I mean, there is a pretext, isn't there, behind every war, behind every conflict in history,
General Smedley Butler was exactly correct when he said, war is a racket.
Go ahead.
Well, one of the main reasons I called you up was to talk to you was that, you know, before 9-11 happened, I kept seeing a couple planes run into a building, but I didn't know where it was at.
Well, now, you know, about the last couple weeks, I've seen a couple missiles flying over a certain type of hill.
And the astronauts, you know, left on Independence Day.
Let me stop you there.
What do you mean you've seen missiles flying over a hill?
I'm in Idaho.
You're in Idaho.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I've seen planes flying into the buildings like in a dream.
Oh, okay.
Before 9-11, and about the last two weeks, I've seen two missiles flying over.
Well, I wanted you to clarify that.
So in your dream, you're seeing missiles.
Where are you seeing the missiles fly?
Well, I'm just seeing them come over a certain type hill, and the one that I found looks like it's in Idaho, and that's what really gets me.
So you had a precognitive dream that 9-11 would happen?
Yes, I did.
But, you know, that's something people are forgetting because it's left on Independence Day.
You know, it's supposed to come back, and they blame it on North Korea, the midget edges over there.
Well, keep us abreast of your dreams.
We're looking at a lot of documentation here, and that's exactly how we arrive at our analysis on the program.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Infowars.com.
Stay tuned.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today, possibly Monday and Tuesday.
We'll see how it goes.
Wayne Madsen coming up here in the next hour, talking about some new developments in the Valerie Plain case.
TWA 800, the anniversary was just recently.
Now we're seeing that this is being blamed on the Iranians.
And some possible new information on the coal...
...strike the coal bombing, which was the initial Al-Qaeda offense, which could have been pulled off by Israeli forces.
And a lot of this kind of makes sense, because we have watched as the terrorists that are involved in the coal bombing are constantly escaping from their captive quarters around the world, Qatar particularly.
But folks, stay tuned for that.
That should be an amazing, groundbreaking interview.
I want to just quickly again mention that there are limited copies available of The Order of Death, which couldn't be more timely now with the anniversary of Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care starting again tomorrow.
And our limited copies of that, you can order that at Infowars.com.
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If you haven't seen this movie, it is absolutely amazing.
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It's all very succinct.
It's not really an information dump or overload.
It's just what you need to know about history and about current events in order to pass information along to your friends, family, co-workers, and people on the street.
It is waking people up like never before.
Get your autographed copy of Terror Storm.
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I say this as an unbiased person.
These are the films that woke me up.
These are the films that I've used to help get through to my friends and my family.
And they are extremely effective as long as, of course, you're being a good example as well.
You can't give someone a film and then go worship the United Nations or hate the United States or fall into leftist-rightist dogma.
So there's a lot that goes to this, but these are great instruments to wake people up.
All of the films by Alex Jones, but again, limited copies of Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, coupled with The Order of Death, and then again, Terror Storm.
Autograph copies going very quickly.
I have time to sneak in Jeff in Canada.
Jeff, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Jack.
Thanks a lot for taking my call.
I really appreciate it.
How are you?
I've just been sending some emails around.
I was just looking at Wingnut TV.
No, no, no.
We're not going there.
We're not going there.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go to William in... Is it Canada?
William, you're up.
It's Georgia.
William in Georgia.
Can't read my own writing.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to bring up the Egyptian mysteries and what you know about that.
Talk to your audience about that.
The thing that's a real big part of this entire conspiracy.
Well, we know that...
Look, our leaders, this is one of, I think, we're talking about cost-benefit analysis and all the different levels that these controllers benefit in going into Iraq.
One of the first things we notice is that the museums were being raided and all of the trinkets and all of the powerful occultist
Treasures were being gobbled up and raided.
And look, this is the same thing with Egypt.
This is why I believe when I read white papers that say Egypt is on the board, that we want to go take over Egypt, we want to stabilize Egypt with a project for a new American century, or Saudi Arabia, we see these people really coveting their homeland.
And if you don't believe me, folks, look around you.
You will see nothing but the eye of Horus and pyramids all throughout the infrastructure and architecture in the new United States of America.
Oh, yeah.
And William Cooper, that's what he covered, and he definitely got taken out because he was not allowed to live in a post-9-11 world.
Yeah, well, if we could have used William Cooper right about now, but we carry the torch for William Cooper.
We'll be right back, folks.
Wayne Matta coming up in the third hour of our broadcast.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is out today.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones, deep behind Enemy Alliance, Austin, Texas.
GCN Radio Network, this program is on five days a week, Monday through Friday, 11 o'clock till 2 o'clock Central Time, and at various time zones throughout the world.
The program also runs repeatedly on InfoWars.com, so if you miss the program, you can catch it on a continuous loop by going to InfoWars.com.
We're looking to be joined here by Wayne Mattson here, coming up very briefly, but I'll give you kind of a synopsis on what they've been reporting at the Wayne Mattson Report.
Following on the Patrick Fitzgerald's free pass to Robert Novak, who recently just came out, as of yesterday, the day before, admitting fully that, yes, Karl Rove was the source of the leak for Valerie Plain.
They wrote, quote, By gaming and judicial processes...
To favor the White House, Fitzgerald, who has reportedly been pressured by Cheney's Uber counsel and Chief of Staff David Addington and the Attorney General, is giving the Bush administration a number of escape routes to the CIA leak case, postponing the Libby trial until after the elections and after the expected Bush pardon of Libby.
That's right, expected Bush pardon of Libby, quote-unquote, at the end of December.
Running out the clock on the three-year statute of limitations on a potential civil lawsuit by Ambassador Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plain Wilson, starting from the dates of the original wrongful actions by the Bush White House in July of 2003.
Although there are indications that the workup on Wilson and his wife may have commenced as early as March 2003, which again would be a technicality to run out the statute of limitations.
Today, in anticipation of tomorrow's third anniversary of the column by Novak that revealed the name and covert CIA job of Valerie Plain Wilson, among with other CIA non-official cover firms, Brewster, Jennings & Associates, Joseph and Valerie Wilson filed a civil lawsuit in the U.S.
District Court in Washington, D.C.
against Vice President Dick Cheney, Karl Rove,
Scooter Libby and ten other White House officials in the conspiracy to leak her name and ruin her career.
That's exactly one of the things we're going to be talking about with Wayne Madsen when he joins us here very, very briefly.
We have time to take a couple of calls until we have Mr. Madsen with us.
This is the Alex Jones Show GCN Radio Network.
Tom in New York, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, Jack.
It's great to talk to you.
I have a question for...
Wayne Madsen, if you could comment on an article that he wrote in early June.
Well, he's not with us, but I'll relay the question.
I have the excerpt, the two-sentence excerpt from the article.
Go ahead.
It says, It seems that Dobbs has a whole new set of friends in the southwest branch of the Ku Klux Klan, also known as the Minutemen.
Maybe their wives came up with that name for them.
With Nazi Glenn Beck and Dobbs on CNN, perhaps it's time to call them the Cracker News Network.
I'm offended by that.
Why are you offended by that?
I guess I could say I'm offended by that as well.
Here's the thing.
I mean, look, there are a lot of groups that we work with.
I was just talking about this on the last break with one of the guys here at InfoWars.com.
There are a lot of groups we work with that have a common enemy, such as us.
We want to protect the border, so we've supported the Minutemen over the years, but
At the same time, if you look at some of the affiliations with the Minutemen, and certainly I'm not talking about racism as much as I'm talking about affiliating with known neocons and praising people like Ann Coulter, I think we have to be, I hate to use this term with you, but we have to be fair and balanced.
We have to know who we're affiliating with and who we're promoting.
And though I would certainly not agree with this very radical statement, and I will take that up with Mr. Madsen, I do think that we have to keep our eyes open.
Does that sound okay to you?
Sounds great, Jack.
Appreciate the call.
Charles in Louisiana.
Tom in New York.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, Charles.
You're up.
I'm up?
We're in a break now, so we'll be bringing you back after the break.
Okay, Charles?
Yes, sir.
Hang with us.
Folks, you hang with us.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
We will be back right after this.
We're good to go.
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The casual society control grid, implantable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now starting to really question largely what they're doing and what orders they're being given, but also really scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to fill the quotas needed to keep the military moving, keep the military together, and to keep us fighting on multiple fronts.
So we've got a lot of news to cover.
I did want to go to Charles in Louisiana, Gil in Texas, while we're waiting for Wayne Madsen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, GCN Radio Network 800-259-9231.
Charles, thank you, sir, for holding.
You're on the air.
If you're taking my call, I'm trying not to call as much, but I've got so much news down here.
Look, in Coe Yell, it's in Livingston Parish.
It's a little parish there.
The school board's taking the mineral rights of the people there.
They say they have titles to it from 1871, I believe.
They're taking the mineral rights away.
The school board.
How does a school board have the right to take mineral... Well, they say in so many tracks, I don't understand it.
The courthouse burned down in 1928, and the people who've got the titles don't have the real titles.
So, are they going to take the mineral rights?
It was on WBRZ Channel 2.
Is it possible to take the mineral rights without taking the land that the mineral is on?
Where is it?
I mean, that's the question.
I don't know.
Well, here's the thing about it, though.
See, people won't realize the seriousness of all this until it happens to them.
Then they want help.
Now, most of our listeners, they do listen, and they're good people.
But until they get into a position like New Orleans, into the Dome Stadium,
Where they see their child is abused, or their wife slapped around, or be robbed, right in the Dome Stadium, the police standing outside, and then you go to report your abuse, and they tell you, you better get back inside, they're threatening to shoot you.
One boy asked for water and he was on television.
They put a dog on him and asked him for a glass of water.
These people think, well, it's going to happen to me.
A storm can come tomorrow and they'll do it to them.
Well, related to that story, Charles, I mean, the Senate just voted to bar emergency gun confiscation.
Of course, they're talking about legal guns, and the only way for them to find out, because this, again, relates to the situation with Hurricane Katrina, the only way for them to find out if the gun's legal or not is to actually break down your door, go in, start checking the guns, and then even confiscate them for further checks with registry to make sure that the guns are legal and database.
So, not saying much.
Here's what New Orleans is saying.
If you've got a gun and it's not sealed and a policeman walks up to you to take the gun and you don't resist...
You won't go to jail, but you'll get your gun back later.
Now, this is on a police radio.
I've talked to a lot of people who are still waiting to get their legal firearms returned to them in illegal confiscation.
So, again, I mean, here is largely a symbolic or euphemistic vote by the Senate barring emergency gun confiscation, addressing the concerns of the nation, largely who enjoy their Second Amendment right and are gun owners, firearms owners.
We won't take your guns, your legal guns, but how are they going to know if they're legal?
Well, here, Jack, I'm from New Orleans.
Go ahead.
I understand that.
How would you like to be in New Orleans?
Right now, the shootings are so bad around there, they've got the National Guard to say that's what's wrong, but I don't believe it.
How would you like to be there sitting with no gun?
You have a couple of children, your wife, and you've got 10,000 idiots running around with guns shooting people, and they tell you, you better not have a gun, but they don't go confiscate their guns in a knife war.
How would you like that?
I don't know, man.
I lived in the Maronies, so I probably don't know much about New Orleans, but I did live in the Maronies for a year.
Right on the edge of a ghetto, and believe me, I always protected myself.
My house was used during Katrina as a command center, taken over and used as a command center by the local police.
Tell me quickly, before we let you go, what is the situation with the so-called Posse Comitatus, the National Guard being moved into New Orleans?
Do you have an update on that?
Have you seen anything about that?
Yes, I've seen them in action.
All they're doing right now is checking seatbelts and driver's licenses.
And now they're using the state trooper to go to Slidell.
So no crime has been committed since they've been there?
No, nothing, nothing.
Not one mugging, not one rape, not one burglary.
They've stopped all crime going down there now.
No, they didn't stop anything.
They're not in the low-crime areas, Jack.
Yes, sir.
They're not in the low crime areas.
They're not going to go into the 9th Ward, the lower 9th Ward.
They're up there worried about driver's licenses and seatbelts.
That's what they've got to do.
They're controlling crime on Magazine Street.
Charles and all that.
That's right, and St.
And Elysian Fields.
They ain't there for nothing.
They're there to get the people used to.
They're going to evacuate if it's Category 3.
So they're going to evacuate again if it's just a threat.
We're seeing this happen all over the country, Charles.
I mean, I reported a while back, just a few days ago, on something called the Beast being unleashed in Dearborn, Michigan, and they have a bad crime there, so they took one of these Carlisle Group robot soldiers armed with shotguns and cameras and microphones, and they're unleashing that on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, to control...
We're good to go.
I think?
Okay, quite a ways to see, and that are armed again with microphones in order to catch any shotguns going off, any gunshots going off, because we know the police are going to be right there whenever there's a gunshot going off.
No, they're there to listen to us, they're there to monitor us, they're there to condition us.
Well, they're going to evacuate again.
They're getting ready to evacuate again.
I want to see what's going to happen this time.
It's going to be terrible.
We're all holding our breath through hurricane season for you guys down there in Louisiana.
It's going to be terrible this time.
Charles, you're a great info warrior.
Always good to hear from you on any of our programs.
Gil in Texas, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hello, Jack.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Jack.
What's going on?
It's Gil here in Texas.
I appreciate you and Alex.
Hey, man.
Just doing a radio show.
What's up with you?
Hey, my wife works for FEMA.
And she kind of gives me some of the insight that what FEMA's all about and what they're up to.
Of course, they're all sworn in where they can't say anything and disclose information.
She told me something that disturbed me and said I figured I'd call and let these people know.
But what she told me is that they're going to have some kind of disaster in Portland in October.
They're going to have a disaster or they're going to have a drill for a disaster?
No, no, no, a disaster.
Because I don't know... Everybody knows how FEMA works.
They get dispatched to where disasters happen.
How do they know ahead of time there's going to be a disaster in Portland?
You got me.
I'll play along.
What kind of a disaster did she say?
I'm being serious.
No, I am too.
Obviously, I don't have any evidence other than you calling in.
What kind of a disaster is FEMA predicting for Portland?
I'm curious.
Well, it's a man-made disaster.
It's nothing natural.
And that's all she could tell me and that's all she wanted to tell me.
And the reason she doesn't tell me much is because I listen to the show.
I try to convince her and to open up to the truth.
But, you know, she's 50-50 on everything.
Are you guys head-butting in your house?
Is she working for FEMA?
Are you an Alex Jones listener?
No, I'm an Alex Jones.
I listen to everybody.
I start at 7 in the morning until you guys get done.
All day long.
And, you know, I explain to her, she doesn't want to hear, but, you know, some of these things, she has to listen.
And she has to open up her mind to what's going on.
You know, and I get stuffed in the mail and things like that, the movie.
Well, I'll tell you what, Gil, if she has any more information or you have any more information and you can help us predict an attack in Portland or anywhere, we'd sure like to see some evidence of that and sure like to help the people in advance before the coming disaster.
How's that sound?
I've been trying to call sometimes.
You know, I work and it's hard just to hold on the phone.
But I wish I could call somewhere and get a number where I could speak to somebody.
Well, we're all easy to get a hold of.
You can always get me at my contact information at jackblood.com, and we're happy to look over any information you guys have.
I get right to all the information almost immediately.
All right, Gil, I appreciate the call.
Your phone is terrible, so I am going to let you go.
We are waiting for Wayne Madsen to join us.
Wayne wanted to come on and talk about this recent hearing.
I believe this has to do with the civil suit being brought by Joe Wilson and Valerie Plain in order to protect the statute of limitations regarding any indictments that eventually may or could
...be handed down against people involved high up in the Bush administration, including Grove and Chase.
I mean, here's the thing.
We've watched this now for quite some time, haven't we?
How many predictions have there been?
Some pretty legitimate alternative news sources reporting over and over again that this was the day we were going to see the indictments, and then we saw everybody let off the hook, which couldn't be a big surprise if you knew anything about Patty Fitzgerald.
Who has always been a cover artist for people ranging from the mob to people high in government.
In fact, working very closely with Rudy Giuliani on some of this.
So it can't be a big surprise, and I think that if we're waiting and hoping for something, some kind of justice to visit upon the White House, I think it might just be a cold day in hell.
Not that we don't deserve it, not that we shouldn't push for it, but I think getting our expectations up is sometimes very dangerous, and this is why...
We try to get out to you demopublicans out there, you Democrats out there, that getting your hopes up, sitting back and waiting for your party to enter into Congress and take control of Congress, create, hopefully, gridlock, or even a just accidental check or a balance, is again getting your hopes up.
How many times do you have to learn?
I saw a documentary, Left of the Dial.
On Air America, and watching these guys get their hopes up for Skull and Bones' carry to win that election, and then the aftermath and the depression that set in when they lost, that election was stolen, was really something to, I think, set us into a good perspective.
Wayne Madsen is here.
He'll come up right after this, right after this break.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, it's a very hectic news cycle, as I'm sure most of you can tell.
We're trying to keep up with all breaking news while covering news of the day.
Trying to get a full analysis for you on yesterday's news and even look into the future a little bit.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Infowars.com is the website.
Go there today.
Check out a lot of this new information coming out about Inside Bohemian Grove, about Bohemian Grove.
And get a handle on that, and I think that you'll be richly rewarded.
A lot of great news breaking at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
We're joined by Wayne Madsen.
Madsen was a senior fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.
He was a communications security analyst with the NSA in the 1980s and an intelligence officer in the U.S.
He's testified on numerous occasions before U.S.
Good to be with you.
Well, I guess the biggest thing was the fact that for the first time...
Valerie Plain-Wilson spoke.
We've seen her photograph, but we haven't heard her speak before, and she talked about how damaging this leak was to her and her family and her associates and her friends, and that she holds the Bush administration responsible for this act, and
She and Ambassador Wilson also spoke, and they spoke about the lawsuit they filed at the U.S.
District Court in Washington yesterday, where they will be seeking monetary damages from Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and 10 unnamed people.
...the White House officials, but although we don't know who they are, I think we can reasonably assume they're the members of the White House-Iraq group, or the Whigs...
...who were responsible for the quote-unquote workup on Wilson and his wife.
This probably isn't as much about money as it is keeping this in the courts.
We mentioned earlier, related to your website, the Wayne Mattson Report, that there's a statute of limitations related to this information that's about to expire.
I mean, is this their way of keeping this in the courts so that eventually there can be justice delivered?
Well, yeah, there's a three-year statute of limitations...
That was due to expire on the third anniversary of the Robert Novak column, which is today.
It was July 14, 2003.
So one could argue when the wrongs were committed...
I think we're good to go.
And then people suffered as a result of that.
Her network of informants and colleagues were rolled up within a matter of 24 to 48 hours, and I was told by one good source that one CIA agent in a non-official cover position in Iran was executed as a result of that leak.
Yeah, people die when you leak the name of covert CIA agents because everybody they're connected to goes down with that particular agent.
So, I mean, this again could be looked at as an act of treason, though I want to always remind people when we're talking about the Plain Wilson case involving Rove and Cheney and Novak and some of these players, this is really more about fixing intelligence going to war than it probably is about anything else.
Would you agree with that?
Well, that's right.
It was all retaliation for...
Joe Wilson writing the op-ed in the New York Times questioning Bush's claim in the State of the Union that Iraq had tried to procure yellow cake uranium ore from the West African nation of Niger, a country he had visited at least twice before on similar uranium missions for the CIA.
He was an Africa hand.
He was appointed by the old President Bush as the U.S.
Ambassador to Gabon, another exporter of uranium.
And he had served as the head of the African desk for the National Security Council in the Clinton administration.
He was also the last acting U.S.
ambassador to Iraq before Desert Storm.
Let's go into some real-time information here.
Why did Robert Novak come out yesterday, the day before, and finally admit that Karl Rove was his source?
What was behind that admission?
Well, apparently, from what Novak says, Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, informed him that
He was no longer the subject of any investigation having to do with the leak.
It indicated that his investigation of the entire leak was now concluded.
It almost seems like he was biting the hand that feeds him as well.
We'll stay with you.
Wayne Mattson coming up right after this break.
Folks, this is the Alex Jones Show.
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I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
My show does air directly following Alex Jones' show Monday through Friday at 2 p.m.
Central Time.
I'll be coming up with a version of Deadline Live in about 35 minutes.
Wayne Madsen with us today.
Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author, and syndicated columnist.
We're talking about the new revelations, a new press conference coming out by former Ambassador Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, where we've heard Valerie Plame speak for the first time now, announcing a civil suit.
Reminds me a little bit of O.J.
Simpson, Wayne, I have to tell you.
We didn't get any real justice here, but now there's going to be some kind of a symbolic civil suit judgment at this point.
Well, there very well could be.
Now, the administration is going to argue that the vice president and the president cannot be deposed, nor they'll probably say other senior White House officials, because we'll try to get a stay from the judge, and they'll claim that the vice president and the president are too busy to be deposed in a civil lawsuit.
This sounds a lot like politics to me, though.
Well, the problem with that is the...
When the right wing decided they were going to go after Bill Clinton on a civil suit by putting Paula Jones up to her antics, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that the president could not argue that his job was so busy where he could not be deposed in that civil trial.
And, of course, that led to a whole series of events that ultimately led to his impeachment.
Now, when the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 against...
Clinton, in that case, Judge Scalia, in his oral arguments, said, well, look, I don't think the president's that busy because every time I see him on TV, he's golfing.
Now, that can be turned around to say, well, Judge Scalia, every time I see Dick Cheney on television, he seems to be hunting with you, Judge.
Good point.
Killing pheasants by the hundreds is from what I hear.
Those guys are slaughter birds.
And their friends as well, in the case of Dick Cheney.
And poor Harry, right.
That's kind of apples and oranges in a way, because obviously we know that George W. Bush is a war president.
I'm not sure.
There's multiple wars going on, so they are very busy, at least in the minds of the American people.
I want to finish up with this, because I'm sure we're boring some of our listeners who are so sick to death of hearing of this story.
Unfortunately, you know how it is, Wayne.
We've been trying to report this for years now, and I think a lot of people are finally just at it.
But you did put some information out about Libby being pardoned in December.
I'd like you to kind of back that up if you can.
Well, this is what I think has happened with the special prosecutor.
I think he had the intention of indicting Karl Rove.
He had a sealed indictment in May.
I reported that.
A few others reported that.
And I think with the White House, especially Cheney's very tough
Chief of Staff and former Counsel David Addington said to Mr. Fitzgerald is, look, you can indict ten people in this administration, but if the President is going to pardon them at the end of the year, why are you wasting the time of the government and the government's money?
And I think Fitzgerald, who was
I kind of think you're giving Fitzgerald too much credit here.
I want to make sure our listeners are straight on what we're saying, because I don't believe Fitzgerald had any intention of indicting any of these people ever.
In fact, I think we were all played as suckers, Wayne.
Look, I went with the flow.
I listened to people in the media.
Friends of mine are very close to the case, and look,
This guy Fitzgerald can be trusted.
You know, and my gut feeling was not to, especially with his very political indictment of Governor Ryan of Illinois after the commutation of the death sentences on death row.
And the governor cited the reason he did it.
He said prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct in the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois.
Well, what he was talking about are Fitzgerald's colleagues.
And no prosecutor likes to be...
I mean, there are people that can be thrown under the bus.
You know, as they outlive their usefulness.
We know that, Wayne.
I mean, you've been in intelligence a long time, and people do become expendable, and certain people get credit for taking those individuals down.
Maybe Fitzgerald, in this case, was doing that.
Let's do a little bit of a segue here, because the anniversary for TWA 800 was recently celebrated, or not celebrated, I guess.
Well, Fitzgerald worked in the U.S.
Attorney's Office in New York, so he was there.
When the 800 went down.
But it's not surprising that the neocons would be trying to pin this on Iran, taking advantage of the 10th anniversary.
But I've recently reported on my website, wematchreport.com, is the fact that recent information I've received from FBI informants say that it was...
They were Aryan Nation people who took it out with the stingers that were stolen from the Navy.
Why not?
Domestic terrorists.
Sure, absolutely.
Right, right.
That fits in with the program for the Summer of Fear.
We've been seeing all these thwarted terrorist events all over the country from Miami to New York to Canada.
I remember 800 was literally 10 days away from the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta that was carried out by Eric Rudolph.
Who was associated with these same people.
That was friendly fire, though, wasn't it?
Wasn't it friendly fire?
Friendly fire.
You don't believe that?
What's that?
That TWA was shot down by one of our own missiles.
Potentially, maybe to be blamed on domestic terrorists, to be blamed on Iran down the road, but wasn't that what really happened?
Well, Pierre Salinger, who I knew, got it only partly wrong.
He said it was shot down by a Navy missile fired from a Navy ship.
They were stingers stolen from Navy, where they pre-positioned supplies for merchant ships or supply ships to go to the Middle East and other hotspots.
Part of that's correct.
These ships were anchored off of Panama City, Florida, the Navy base there.
They lost 214 were stolen.
These stingers and a lot of AR-15 assault rifles were stolen at the same time from Florida National Guard armories.
Two of these stingers
You believe this actually was a terrorist incident?
I do not believe, and we're going to hear this on the news specials about a center spontaneous fuel tank explosion, which I think is, again, the...
The government explanation is the real conspiracy theory here.
Are you familiar with Kathleen Bjorgesson, I believe her name is, who used to work for 60 Minutes, actually found some type of missile residue in the plane.
They fired her for trying to report it.
Not only that, but even people with the NTSB who complained about the cover-up were dismissed.
There were, of course, all kinds of witnesses who were cowed by the FBI not to talk.
Jim Kallstrom, who was the head of the FBI office in New York at the time, was very, very aggressive with people who claimed they saw vapor trails of missiles.
We even saw radar images out of Kennedy Airport showing a definite blip that...
Any possibility here that this was a potential false flag operation that went wrong with too many witnesses and had to be swept under the rug?
Well, it's hard to say.
I mean, if it were the extreme right wing, it looks like they were the ones responsible.
Who was directing them?
By the way, the same elements in Florida that planned this, two individuals were in their midst a couple years prior, and that was Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.
So we know what happened.
Well, I'm glad you brought that up, because it's evident to me, I absolutely have no doubt at this point, that both the Oklahoma City bombing and the World Trade Center 93 were false flag operations.
Obviously, as I'm sure you know, the 93 World Trade Center bombing, FBI sting, which was reported all over the New York Times.
There were tapes to that effect.
I mean, again, I'm wondering if this fit in with that whole series of false flag operations leading up to 9-11.
Well, it certainly, you know, I did a lot of investigation on the ground in places like Jersey City and Union City where these guys in 93 were based out of.
They were based out of a mosque.
On Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City, and this was the same moth that was used by the same people for the 9-11.
I mean, you know, lightning does strike twice in the same place in these cases, but you would have thought that the FBI would have been all over that particular area very closely, and they weren't.
And that, I think, is very glaring when we note some of these discrepancies or coincidences, as we call them.
Let's move into the U.S.
coal bombing, because you've reported, or it has been reported, at least you citing unnamed intelligence agency insiders, talking about the USS coal bombing being carried out by Israeli submarines firing a cruise missile.
I've got to tell you, Wayne, I've never heard that before.
Can you give us more information?
I never heard it before either, and I was approached by a
Former member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York who worked for the CIA.
He worked with John O'Neill, who of course died in the Trade Center after he had been harassed by the Bureau because of where his investigation of the call was taking him into embarrassing areas.
And he worked with the individual out of the New York field office of the FBI that was chasing around East
It is really quote-unquote movers who were seen photographing the impact of the planes at the Trade Center and were there before the first plane had cameras set up, indicating they knew about it.
But this individual told me that what John O'Neill really wanted was to get
DNA samples from the hats worn by the guys in the boat, the two Arabs that were accused of this.
He wanted to do analysis of the mud on the floor of the harbor to look for clues.
He was not convinced that the guys in the boat were the ones who did it.
This guy said, well, who did it?
And this
Former CIA agent who was a non... By the way, he was also a non-official cover person like Valerie Plain.
He had a cover in New York because, you know, the CIA is not officially supposed to be working on domestic issues.
He was an asset.
He worked undercover under a diplomatic cover in New York and he showed me his diplomatic passport and his
And all of these, he said, look, I've got to show you my bona fides here first.
And I said, I'm satisfied.
He said, look, he said it was taken.
The call was hit by a submarine-launched cruise missile.
I've got to tell you, Wayne, that's a lot more believable than a couple of Al-Qaeda guys going up to a warship in a boat.
It just seems more credible.
Let me tell you what I got from French intelligence, and they provided me the documents, classified documents,
Al-Qaeda had intended to hit a U.S.
Navy ship in Yemen, but it wasn't the call.
They first planned to attack the Sullivans.
It's a ship named after the Sullivan brothers who died in World War II.
So they first attempted to hit the Sullivans.
And they called it off because they knew they couldn't pull it off.
So I have documented intelligence proof saying that al-Qaeda decided early on that they weren't going to hit a ship in Aden, although they did hit a French tanker off the coast of Yemen, but not in the same area further up near Oman.
Have you had an opportunity to look into the backgrounds of those who were actually jailed, who, by the way, have all escaped now, according to the mainstream news, out of Yemen?
Have you had an opportunity to look into those people who were blamed?
I mean, do they have any MI6 or CIA intelligence backgrounds?
Well, you know, it's hard to say.
This is the part of the world where one day you're working for one group, and the next day you could be working for another.
I mean, Yemen is a very tribal country.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you have any sense of irony, Wayne Madsen, that we have chicken farmers and goat herders locked up at Gitmo, but these alleged Yemeni, or these alleged Al-Qaeda bombers in Yemen are allowed to escape?
Well, you know, you see that, and you see the fact that we flew all the Bin Ladens out of the country, you know, two days after 9-11.
And then they shut down the Bin Laden office at the CIA the other day, and Bush says, his quote is saying, you know, he's not worried about Bin Laden.
So, you know.
You have to draw your own conclusions from all that.
My conclusions are that these guys aren't serious and that, you know, Bin Laden's obviously making these videotapes from a U.S.
studio somewhere.
Is Bin Laden still alive, in your opinion?
Well, you know, who knows?
Who knows?
Is Ken Ray still alive?
That's a good question.
I thought he might rise on the third day.
I mean, the guy giving the sermon the other day did compare him to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King.
I thought he might rise on the third day and then join Bin Laden's sons and Osama Bin Laden for some martinis on an island somewhere.
With the Bush family, you've got to look at everything as though it's The Matrix, the movie The Matrix, but believe very little what you see and almost nothing what you hear.
Let me ask you this.
A lot of people look at your work, Wayne, and I've got to, you know, as a...
Objective reporter, I've got to ask this question.
People look at your work, and it's constantly bringing up unnamed sources, unnamed sources, and do you find you have a hard time trying to defend your intelligence, not being able to actually have sources that can be named and information that can be documented?
No, as a matter of fact, I do not name sources, and that means I get many more, because the minute they're named, of course...
The neocon machine will attack them, attack their families.
These are vicious, vicious people.
And, you know, they attack me because I don't name the sources, so I can understand why.
These people are hungry to get their names.
They want to know who they are so they can do to them what they did to the Wilsons.
Well, I work, I mean, I guess they could tap your phones.
You work with the NSA.
You know what the capabilities are here.
I mean, I guess if they really wanted to find these sources, couldn't you eventually lead the right to the source?
I mean, here's what I'm really thinking is I work with a lot of whistleblowers, people that take this chance every day.
They could be picked off or knocked off every time they open their mouths.
I mean, isn't it important that somebody could actually speak out, say, for instance, on behalf of the USS Cole bombing, if they can actually give us real intelligence and information that an Israeli submarine took down the Cole?
I mean, wouldn't that be worth getting some type of protection for and standing out?
I mean, once you go public, aren't you safe, to some extent?
Well, you know, in one way you may be, but in the other way, you know...
You know, the minute you go public, who's going to be on you?
Fox News will be going after you, you know, Hannity and O'Reilly and... Well, you're a whistleblower yourself.
I mean, you've taken the chance.
Don't you... I mean, do you ever try to convince some of these unnamed sources to come out and take the chance?
I mean, we need... Many have.
Some have.
Actually, quite a few have.
Russ Tice from the NSA came forward, and of course, he was accused of being crazy.
And, you know, Sybil Edmonds came forward with her story about the FBI and she was accused of all kinds of things.
But not everybody's willing to go through that because a lot of people value their privacy.
A lot of people have children.
A lot of people, for one reason or another, do not want their names plastered all over them.
Wayne, we're going to go to break here.
I have a few minutes on the other side.
I'd sure like you to stay aboard and give us your analysis on what's going on in Israel right now in the Middle East.
Can you do that for us?
Wayne Madsen, waynemadsenreport.com.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
Stay tuned.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
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You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood filling in for Alex Jones.
Wayne Madsen, our guest.
His website, waynemadsenreport.com.
Just recently attended a press conference by Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.
We talked about that extensively.
We also talked about the coal bombing, TWA 800.
Which, as we said, might be blamed on Iran.
Give me your analysis, if you could, Wayne.
I'm interested in your opinion.
What is going on in the Middle East right now?
How is this going to work out?
What do we need to know?
Well, it's obvious to me that Israel and the neocons are really upping the ante in the Middle East.
We heard time and time again that Hamas and Hezbollah should refrain from attacking civilian targets.
But see, the goal posts have been moved.
They had refrained from attacking civilian targets.
Not only had they...
...crossed the border and gone after Israeli military targets.
They didn't even choose to kill anyone.
They were kidnapping them, holding them because they said they wanted Palestinian women and children released from custody.
Now, the mere fact that Israel is holding children as prisoners is a grotesque violation of international law and any kind of semblance of human decency.
So how does Israel respond to these kidnappings?
They launch...
Major attacks against civilian targets in Gaza and now in Lebanon.
And as far as I'm concerned, and I think as far as people I know who work in international security...
Attacking an international airport while planes are landing, taking off, and taxing is an act of international terrorism in Israel.
I mean, I think right now that if any... And also, I said, you know, yesterday I wrote, I said, God help if one of the missiles goes astray and hits one of the aviation fuel storage tanks there because there's small hotels and residences very close to those tanks.
Well, last night Israel actually purposefully hit those fuel tanks
Now, there's U.S.
citizens on board those planes.
Well, they also hit a residential building as well.
You've got Lufthansa, you've got Air France, you've got Turkish Airways, Greek Olympic Airways, all these planes.
People are stranded at the airport.
They do seem to be backpedaling a little bit, at least today, hearing Condoleezza Rice come out of the State Department saying that it's not okay now to hit civilian targets, but I think they're just covering their butts.
It's a little late, and of course John Bolton vetoed the U.N.
Security Council resolution condemning those attacks.
So, again, it looks like this administration doesn't speak with one voice.
And so when Ben-Gurion Airport is hit in retaliation, I don't really think we need to hear Israel complain because, you know,
You know, they're the ones that say they have the right to do this.
Well, if a Syrian plane is hit or an Iranian plane is hit and Ben Gurion at the airport is attacked, you know, hey, sorry, you guys.
Well, this is war.
I mean, can we backpedal from war?
And just we only have about a minute left here with you, Wayne Madsen.
What's going to happen this week?
I mean, can you look into your crystal ball or use your intelligence and analysis to tell us, will they go into Syria?
Is this a backdoor to Iran?
Well, we got two camps in this administration, but I still think the neocons are very strong.
They would like to see... Now they're saying that the Israeli hostages, the military hostages, may have been transported to Iran.
I can see this spinning out.
You know, attacks on Syria, attacks on Iran, and then the whole place blows up.
One way to get around the military opposition here in this country, the congressional opposition, is to have a backdoor to war or get suckered into a war.
Wayne Madsen, thanks for joining us.
We'll be right back with Deadline Live.
Daniel Ellsberg from the Pentagon Papers will be my guest.
Stay tuned, folks.
This is the Genesis Communications Radio Network, the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com.
I'll see you right here at this time next Monday.
Now get out there and fight the New World Order!
We're good to go.