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Air Date: July 12, 2006
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got a huge broadcast lined up for you today on this live Wednesday edition, the 12th day of July, 2006.
And I'm Alex Jones, your host, from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, Texas.
Again, thank you so much for joining us, riding shotgun with us today.
We had him on last week for about 45 minutes, but we have him for a full hour today, and we're going to take calls for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts coming up in the second hour.
He was number two, Department of Treasury, the father of Reaganomics, exposing the criminal neocon agenda on so many fronts.
He'll be joining us again today in the second hour.
In the last half of the third hour, we have...
One of the producers, one of the people that made Loose Change 2nd Edition possible, and of course, that is Jason Burmas, he will be joining us to talk about Loose Change Final Edition that's coming out and some of the things they're planning and to give us his take on the 9-11 Neocon Symposium that we had a few weeks ago in Los Angeles.
And he's one of the most well-spoken, intelligent, focused people that we've had the pleasure to meet and know, involved in the whole Loose Change team.
So I wanted to have him on for just 30 minutes today with us because another very, very busy.
We're very close to getting the head lawyer who's successfully gotten the documents and depositions from Bayer concerning the Factor VIII compound that was given to hemophiliacs as a clotting agent.
I've been covering this for 12 years.
I cut my teeth on this, even during the first Clinton administration, right at the end of the first Clinton administration when I got politically involved.
I learned that they were fencing tainted blood illegally out of the prisons in Arkansas, knowing it was filled with hepatitis, AIDS, and a lot more, shipping it to Canada.
Selling it to Bayer and others.
And then it came out in the BBC, came out in the big Australian papers three years ago, that Bayer, the Red Cross, and others knew it had AIDS in it, knew that every dose of it had AIDS, and that if you took it, you were going to get it.
Massive amounts of AIDS virus in it.
And they knowingly changed the labels and sold it.
You understand?
Knowingly sold.
At least seven years into the international scandal, now we're 12 years into it, or longer.
I guess eight years into the scandal, and now it's been about 13 years since it started.
I learned of it 12 years ago.
The point is, is that for years, knowing, an ongoing scandal, knowing it was going to give them age, and it killed tens of thousands in Canada, hundreds of thousands in the U.S., hundreds of thousands in the U.S., thousands, I mean, in Europe, thousands in Australia and other areas, knowingly, selling it, knowingly, and of course, folks,
Bayer was involved with the Nazis.
It's like all the rest of big pharma.
It's like these big tax-free foundations.
We have caught them with AIDS virus in the different vaccines they give Africans and Indians and Latin Americans.
And that's all been mainstream news in Europe.
If you take a vaccine or you take any of these blood drugs, you are completely insane.
How many people go in and are given blood transfusions and then die of AIDS or die of hepatitis?
In fact, you have a very good chance of that happening.
It is unbelievable.
So we'll be playing a clip from all places, Scarborough country, calling it a conspiracy.
The mainstream media is being forced to report the truth 12 years late and hundreds of thousands dead, but now they're reporting on it, and we'll be getting into that.
More Israeli soldiers have been captured.
We'll be getting into that report.
Hit movie director slams Bush administration.
Yesterday on this broadcast brings up Bruce Willis being aware of 9-11 being an inside job.
Huge story.
That's coming up.
The L.A.
police chief, sheriff's chief, the sheriff, coming out and talking about how the illegal aliens are not under the three strikes rule.
They are above the law.
Huge broadcast today.
I mean, my brain is spinning here trying to figure out how we're going to cover all this, but we will attempt it.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is ancient archaeological news to this informed listenership, readership,
Of InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanta.com, that the Red Cross, Bayer, other big pharma companies knowingly took AIDS blood from prisons in the U.S., hepatitis blood, put it into blood products where they pool the blood of tens of thousands and then condense down key compounds, clotting agents for hemophiliacs and others that have diseases.
The blood, there's a whole category of these different drugs.
And that knowingly, hundreds of thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of Canadians, hundreds of thousands of Europeans, the numbers globally are as high as a million people getting AIDS from these drugs, getting HIV, and a cocktail of other nasties.
I mean, there's just all sorts of things in the blood, and you mix thousands and thousands of people's blood together to condense this stuff, you get a big problem.
Finally, it was on Scarborough Country a few nights ago, what, I guess Monday night now.
We got it up on the website yesterday.
For some reason, I didn't cover it.
But it's up on InfoWars.com, PrisonPointed.com.
Right now, we're going to play the audio of that video and come in Scarborough.
But why suddenly is Glenn Beck?
Why suddenly is Scarborough?
Why suddenly are all these people interviewing guests, covering topics that are ancient news?
Because their viewership is falling through the floor.
Big article today out of CNN bemoaning the fact that the mainstream media has been completely crushed.
Bye-bye, no credibility, almost no viewership.
Fox brags about O'Reilly having the best audience ever, 3 million, most nights 2 million.
That's nothing.
Small syndicated radio shows have more than 2 million listeners.
The only old media that's left is talk radio, dominated by neocons.
And that's why you see O'Reilly's and others trying to move into radio and failing.
The obvious king, the biggest audience in North America, is Rush Limbaugh with 22 million plus.
That's conservative.
That's just the stations that buy the ratings.
If you go buy the book, you'll be able to even report on the ratings, and most of these stations that they have, most stations we have, don't buy the books, so you can't even use those numbers.
We have, conservatively off the books, from stations that buy the books, over 2 million listeners a week just from the stations we've got.
My show is tiny compared to Rush Limbaugh.
That is tiny on AM and FM stations.
One of my sites is almost bigger than RushLimbaugh.com.
PrisonPlanet.com, trending in the next year, will eclipse RushLimbaugh.com.
You add in my other websites and our Alexa rating trounces Limbaugh on the web.
Yes, that's why they're panicking.
We are on your tail.
In fact, we've already surpassed you on the web.
And I'm just one person in this fight.
We're coming for you.
We're going to defend the Second Amendment.
We're going to defend the borders.
We're going to expose phony conservatives for what they are.
I love it.
I absolutely love it.
Okay, now I'm digressing.
The point is...
We're forcing them to talk about the American Union.
We're forcing them to talk about CFR and Bilderberg Group.
We're forcing them to talk about global government.
We're forcing them to talk about cancer viruses and the vaccines and AIDS.
We're forcing them to talk about sodium and stannous fluoride in the water and how deadly it is from government's own documents.
We're forcing them to admit that CPS is kidnapping and murdering.
Yes, murdering children.
We're good to go.
To tell more and more of the truth, mixing some truth in and then surrounding it with a buffet of lies to try to still sugarcoat their propaganda so you'll buy it.
And that isn't going to work either.
Because once you've tasted the truth, once you take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole and see the matrix for what it is, there ain't no going back.
All the king's horses and all the king's men cannot put your big, fat, stinking, New World Order murder machine back together again.
We are seeing the dams shatter.
We are seeing the New World Order unmasked, unveiled, exposed.
We're good to go.
That they are in critical condition.
And I know they're statisticians.
I know they're theoreticians.
I know they're experts.
I know they're spin masters.
I know they're propagandists.
I know they're psychiatrists.
I know their minions are sitting there hitting the alarm.
I mean, I can hear the alarms going off in the halls of the think tanks.
We're losing control.
They finally are starting to figure it out.
And it's too late!
Too late!
Too late for you!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I love it!
I've been celebrating a lot on air lately.
I'm sorry.
This has been over the years a very dark and happy, angry show because things are so serious.
But we're actually seeing their facade crumble in many respects.
We're not out of the woods yet.
Things are darker than ever, but there are some big fat rays of beautiful golden sunlight piercing the outer veils.
Now the inner veils are being pierced.
It's burning through their lives.
I just wish they would continue their hubris.
The problem is the statisticians, the experts, they're not as arrogant.
The actual people doing the thinking that implement the plans, the orders of the globalists, they're panicking, running around, pulling their hair out.
And trying to pull out all the stops.
But at the very same time...
The old families, the inbred families, have gotten quite decadent, and you can see them not taking direction.
You can see them not taking the counsel of their dark generals, of their dark minions.
And so it is fantastic.
Go ahead, turn all the roads into toll roads.
Go ahead, try to push your propaganda.
Go ahead, grab more kids.
Just go ahead and do it all and show everybody what you are.
By the way, I'm listening to Top Neocon Talk Radio.
They're trying to soft pedal transponders in cars.
Oh, guess what?
This morning.
I've got a transponder in my car.
I like it, but it's kind of a problem because they're tracking and tracing me with it now, and the police are now using these toll road transponder data, but I guess it's okay.
Then the co-host pops in and says she likes it, and then they go to the next subject, and it's the same thing.
You know, just trying to pacify you, trying to get you to accept it.
They know they can't come out and say transponders in your cars are good, so they go, I don't really like it, but I guess it's kind of good.
See, it's the soft sell.
It's the acclimation, and it isn't going to work.
You just wait until the greedy globalists are charging people $3.85 on average in Texas to start on every major road.
Just wait.
Just wait.
Just wait.
Hope you enjoy it.
Hope you enjoy the sales tax that tracks everything you do.
I hope we all get to enjoy it.
We all get to take a big bite out of the maggot-filled sandwich and all the...
Flavor enhancers, the new order wants to put into it, doesn't change the fact that it's maggots.
It is not going to work.
I have CNN here in front of me, absolutely panicking, freaking out, saying how horrible it is that there's choice.
They actually say, it's just terrible.
Listen, the extinction of mass culture, the advent of 300 channels and the internet has fragmented audiences, and the explosion of choice has left us poorer people.
No, it's left us much, much richer.
And then they go into how horrible it is as a culture that we can't be directed anymore and that we're not all reading from the same sheet of government music.
It's just terrible.
What are we going to do?
I love it.
And the incredible thing is that most of the big alternative websites that are huge cut their teeth and were huge because they were around 10, 12, 13 years ago.
I love it.
My sites have only been around for, what is it, 8, 9 years, and they're actually going upstream like salmon.
Something alternative media sites, understand in the aggregate, the alternative media is taking over, but the old big alternative sites are mainly almost all going down.
Which I wouldn't mind if mine did.
Because it doesn't matter.
The aggregate, it's just all getting bigger.
The alternative media, the anti-New World Order media is getting bigger.
It's just fracturing.
But we're not fracturing.
We're like salmon swimming upstream.
And there are some other alternative sites that are doing that, too.
But it's the most hardcore sites.
It's the sites that really are shifting paradigms, that pierce the veils, that go the deepest and don't get involved in the COINTELPRO distractions.
And so, again, I'm just totally blessed here.
And it's all because of you, the listeners.
It's all because of your work.
You are unbelievable, and I salute you.
I commend you.
But we'll get into the imploding media later.
I want to come back from break and play this little Scarborough Country...
We're good to go.
And they know that it's filled with a cocktail of viruses and toxins and genetic detritus and DNA fragments, HIV.
I mean, imagine, thousands of people's blood, and they concentrate it down, the key agents, and then the hemophiliacs take it, the serum.
Knowingly, but it goes back, they knowingly knew it had AIDS in it to begin with when they took it out of prisons.
For five years after federal law was passed saying you can't take prisoners' blood...
Clinton would sit there and fence the blood to his buddies.
And then meanwhile, Congress and the courts are all defending this and throwing it out and saying, in France and Australia, people are going to prison over this.
Not in America!
Nothing happens.
Nothing happens to the crooks.
When they take a little black boy and feed him pesticide until he dies, nothing happens.
When they kill hundreds of thousands of people per country with these blood agents, nothing happens.
And it's a tragedy, but you know what?
It's going to wake people up.
So you go ahead, you murder and trash.
You're so arrogant, you're so up in the clouds that you're going to do nothing about it and you're going to fall because of it.
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AIDS, HIV, and Bayer.
This clip's from Scarborough Country and highlights how Bayer knowingly dumped medicine that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European market after it killed people in the United States and Canada.
Let's go ahead and roll this incredible news piece.
Mike, welcome to the show.
We appreciate you being on tonight.
Thanks for the invitation, Joe.
Okay, let's talk about the Rad of the Week.
Why is Bayer Corporation the Rad of the Week?
Internal documents show that after this company positively, absolutely knew that they had a medication that was infected with the AIDS virus,
They took the product off the market in the U.S., and then they dumped it in France, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
The medicine's called Factor VIII.
It was an injection medicine that was used for hemophiliacs, mostly children.
Children had been born with an injurable disease.
Hold on, hold on, Mike.
Hold on, hold on.
So you're telling me that Bear knew that this drug was infected with the AIDS virus.
They yanked it from the market in America, and then they dumped it in markets overseas?
They had to figure out a way, Joe, to make a profit on a product that they could not sell in America.
So they made a huge profit.
They dropped the product in Japan, Spain, and France.
By the way, Joe, government officials in France...
That allowed that to happen, actually had to go to prison for it.
In America, not one corporate executive for this company has been indicted or even criminally investigated by our Justice Department.
Why not?
You're telling me that these people that dumped this AIDS-tainted blood in foreign countries, who killed children...
Have not been taken to task in the United States?
It's worse than that.
The U.S.
government allowed it to happen.
The FDA allowed this to happen.
And now the government is completely looking the other way.
Thousands of innocent hemophiliacs have died from the AIDS virus.
And not only they're dying, their family members are dying because they're becoming infected with the disease.
This company knew absolutely that they had a problem with a product.
They knew that it was infected with AIDS.
They dumped it because they wanted to turn this disaster into a profit.
Mike, I want to read to you what Bayer told the New York Times about this scandal.
They said, Bayer behaved responsibly, ethically, and humanely.
Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations
In place.
That sounds like a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo.
Now, you say you have internal documents that show that they knew that this drug they were dumping was tainted with the AIDS drug?
Or the AIDS virus?
The documents show that there was no question that this company absolutely understood the risk.
They knew that it was contaminated.
It wasn't a possibility.
They knew it was contaminated.
Americans were dying from the product before it was pulled off the market.
The only reason it was pulled off the market is because lawyers found the documents and showed it to the government, and finally the government said, you can't sell it here, but then the government allowed them to dump it in Spain, France, and Japan.
That's amazing.
That's just amazing.
I want to read to you what the New York Times said, and this is an investigation that they also did, and they said the federal government was part of the problem.
Well, the Food and Drug Administration told the company not to ship the drugs overseas.
The man responsible for the drug supply, quote, asked that the issue be quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community, and the public.
This is a cover-up, and our Congress is not doing anything.
What should Americans do?
So, folks, there's the clip.
I'm sorry about the hum.
That's what happens with clips on the Internet sometimes, but it's the best we've got for you.
We're good to go.
I think?
AIDS virus, HIV, hepatitis, a bunch of other stuff.
They knowingly took it up to Canada.
There's a bunch of other companies involved in this.
Created the Factor VIII and other similar drugs along the same lines.
Shipped it all over the world.
And let me give you a news flash.
It's still being sold by other companies.
It's still being used.
The Red Cross knew and was involved in, quote, funding and collecting money for hemophiliacs and others that need these drugs.
Out in Australia.
This was in the Australian papers three years ago.
Front page news for weeks.
The Red Cross knew it was tainted, and they were still collecting blood worldwide that had HIV, and then they were making money on both ends, providing the blood to people, the blood products, and collecting the blood, and then selling it to Big Pharma, and their own documents came out where they knew, and tried to shut the thing up and continue it.
Now, you see, it's not an accident.
These companies, these groups are not screwing up.
They're not falling down.
They are actively, from the beginning, wanting to exterminate people.
They're Malthusian Peontians.
Remember the UT professor who got the standing ovation by 95% of the people in a huge auditorium of over, what was it, 800?
Well, at one university and 500 here at St.
Edwards in Austin.
He gets up.
The professors are there.
They watch the entire crowd, except for a few people get up and clap when he says 90% of us need to die.
We're going to break.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Are you starting to get the pattern here?
In the House Armed Services Committee, last year, Cynthia McKinney says DynCorp is kidnapping hundreds of thousands of women and children.
They've been found guilty of it in Europe.
And she says, you guys didn't even penalize them.
You're still letting them have contracts.
No one got in trouble.
Then it came out in the Chicago Tribune.
Chicago Tribune!
You cannot make stuff up this horrible that Dyncor and Halliburton are both running white slave rings in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, in the Middle East, and Central Asia.
For thousands and thousands of miles, there is a belt of this kidnapping and all this stuff going on, shipping them all over the planet.
And it turned out that Dyncor and Halliburton have registered full-time lobbyists just...
On the issue of white slavery, this was Chicago Tribune.
I'm going to repeat that again.
Chicago Tribune.
We're Chicago Tribune.
And that, I didn't even know this, that they have lobbyists lobbying that the law not be enforced and that the Army actually aid and abet all of this.
That the military go along with all this where this is happening in these occupied zones.
Then we have John Yoo, who I talk about every week, who was one of the deputy White House counsels under Alberto Gonzalez, who's now Attorney General, who wrote torture memos saying they could torture small children in front of their parents, crushing body parts, sexually abusing children.
Again, openly killing children with pesticides and drug tests.
Killing them.
Openly in U.S.
newspapers, no one gets in trouble.
Openly, knowingly, for decades, selling AIDS-tainted blood products.
No one gets in trouble.
In the United States, they get in trouble in Australia and France and Germany and places.
No one gets in trouble.
Dyncor and Halliburton, openly running giant white slavery rings, openly being caught, valiant employees go public, blow the whistle, no one gets in trouble, nothing happens.
Imagine if, say, I was Jerry Bruckheimer and I made a two-hour, $150 million extravaganza movie, nightmare thriller, where there's an evil corporation that's kidnapping kids and poisoning kids and selling tainted blood and no one gets in trouble.
You'd go watch that movie and you'd say, that doesn't exist, that's too wild a plot, it's implausible, I couldn't suspend disbelief, it was a bad movie.
This isn't a movie, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, the New World Order wouldn't kill 2,800 and something people on 9-11.
The New World Order wouldn't put poisons in my vaccines.
The New World Order wouldn't create an American Union.
I don't believe Alex, even when he's got video of the Marines training to take my guns.
I think he hired a Hollywood set.
I think he hired the Coronado to come into Central California and offload 3,000 Marines and 2,000 other foreign troops.
I just think it was all fake.
I got email after email.
This video isn't real.
Yeah, I can have Cobra gunships and warrior fighting vehicles and thousands of troops and news articles about it.
It just isn't real.
And then I'm told, Alex, don't get so upset.
You know, you get a little upset on air and you yell and scream sometimes.
Again, I'm going to ask you listeners, what is the normal response to living in an insane asylum?
What am I supposed to do faced with this every day?
And folks, I haven't even covered but one news article today.
I've got sacks of them.
They're all just as horrible.
Stacks of just crime on top of crime on top of crime on top of stuff that just boggles the mind.
The same elite that runs the United States and runs England are the very people that coddled and funded and grew Hitler and grew the Nazis.
They coddled and created Lenin and Stalin and Khrushchev and all of these people.
They love China.
They give them awards.
They give them record UN funding.
They're the apple of the eye.
They're the prototype.
The beta test.
Forced abortions, murder of babies, public executions at sports stadiums, selling political dissidents' organs, all of this going on.
See, that's their model.
That's what they want to do.
Oh, but the government, they'd allow over 100-plus thousand American hemophiliacs and other people to die from this blood, and they're still doing it.
It hasn't stopped, by the way.
But they wouldn't hurt us on 9-11.
They would knowingly, even when they get caught doing it, it was all on purpose.
Again, that goes back to the doctors that worked in the prisons.
There was no testing of the blood.
They knew people were there that were HIV positive.
The guards would sell them the drugs.
This is mainstream news.
This is all over the country, but it broke in Arkansas.
They would give blood every three days.
I mean, people were like zombies.
They were dying in there.
Little skinny anorexic zombies literally giving their blood vampirically to be given some cocaine or heroin, knowing they're HIV positive, taking the bags of blood and then putting it into a big vat and making factor VIII when it was federally illegal!
But the government wouldn't carry out 9-11!
The government loves us.
The elite love us.
Oh, Bill and Melinda Gates, 30-something billion.
Warren Buffett, 31 billion.
To give the black children special injections because they love the little black children so much.
Oh, and the Carnegie and Ford Foundations giving money and Ted Turner giving money to help the little black children.
Of course, Ted Turner's busy giving speeches on C-SPAN about how we're useless feeders using a Hitler quote and how there needs to be an 85% population reduction.
All these big foundations give money to things like the Lucius Trust and other population control groups.
But on the other side, they want to give vaccines to little third world children because they don't want them to die.
But then magically there's these huge plagues killing all of them.
But just keep taking the shots.
Everything will be okay.
I mean, this is crazy.
Let me ask you a question.
Okay, I'm getting upset.
I'm screaming.
I'm yelling.
It's supposedly bad that I do this.
If you walked out your front door and saw some big, muscled, hairy thug beating a small child with a pickaxe, killing them, killing a group of children...
Would you start yelling and screaming and turn red and charge up and attack the person killing the children?
Would you grab the nearest weapon, run in your house, get a gun, come out and blow them away?
Would you be fired up?
Would you be screaming?
After you gunned down the big fat slug, would you be freaking out and crying and pulling your hair out?
Yes, that's what people do.
Unless they're trained like police and military.
That's the normal response.
Okay, I'm sitting here watching them
I mean, this isn't in some blog or just some lawyer we got on.
I mean, it's admitted, okay, that in New York City, every day, they take these poor inner-city kids, and they take them to test every drug and every pesticide and every chemical, dioxin patches on their backs.
I mean, just hell on earth, mad scientists, total insanity.
And let me tell you something, getting up here and getting upset about this is normal.
And if you're not upset about it, there is something wrong with you!
So, we need to get mad.
We need to.
We've been sitting in this so long.
And see, the way this paradigm works, the happy TV, everything's fine.
As long as you worship the government, they'll keep you safe.
Watch your sitcom.
Drink your beer.
Oh, everything's fine.
Oh, that's a conspiracy.
Don't worry about it.
You shouldn't be involved in politics.
Go to sleep.
You shouldn't be involved in anything.
Everything's fine.
Everything's honky-dory.
Go to sleep.
All of us need to stand up and just scream our lungs out.
Get mad.
Get mad.
I'm not saying punch the wall and break your hand like I've done before, but we need to get down and get down to our guts and get down to our roots and act normal.
And let me tell you, it's normal to just go...
God, no!
No, it can't be!
Oh, no!
Because that's what we should be doing about a government that flew planes into buildings.
A government that puts AIDS virus in the blood for your little kids.
That kills children.
That makes little kids drink pesticides.
That kidnaps children.
And then it's in the Chicago Tribune that nothing's going to happen to them.
Let me tell you something.
It'll really get your head screwed on straight when you get threatened by these companies.
And your family gets threatened.
You better shut up, Jones, about DynCorp, based right here in Austin.
You know what's good for you.
Hey, you know what's good for you, scum!
Oh, boy, I tell you what, you filth.
There is a hell and you're going to it.
But let me just tell you something, you people out there.
You are scum.
You are scum.
You are scum.
Oh, oh, oh.
I mean, that's how I feel about this.
You really want to know where the rage comes from.
It's just... It's just... And if I was a normal American, I wouldn't care about anybody.
I wouldn't care about anybody but myself.
And I'd just, oh, whatever.
Oh, he exaggerates.
Oh, it's not true.
Oh, it can't be true.
If I was a normal American, I'd just, so what?
I've got to go...
Clean my car today.
I've got to go have cocktails, and I've got to go get the newest style of dress, or I've got to go play golf with my buddies, and you know, and everything.
I like George Bush, and I like Bill Clinton, and I... It's like these phony environmentalists who back up the government and the corporations, the banks, busy stealing everybody's land, and then you'll have arguments with them, and that's just not true.
The Nature Conservancy doesn't steal land, Alex, and...
You're just a right-wing extremist.
You're all in denial.
You're in serious denial!
One of these crimes these corporations commit, one of these lies the government's told, you're saying this is premeditated, organized, focused, not even crime.
It's just murdering, dark, abysmal, black hole, Nazi, organized, death camp, killing, going on.
But America and the world is a death camp.
The water is filled with deadly poison.
That is not my opinion.
That is scientific fact.
In triplicate up one side and down the other.
The air is filled with DU.
I looked up the numbers again.
Iraq has seen a 600 plus percent increase in birth defects international certification.
Belgrade and Bosnia and Serbia
They have seen a 300 plus percent increase since they were bombarded.
Detectors in Europe, England, Canada, the U.S.
are picking up between 2 and 8 times elevated DU.
It does cause birth defects.
It does screw up your lungs.
It does kill you.
That's another example.
These crazy elite will bombard entire bases, entire cities, entire countries, and then move our troops into buildings that were bombarded.
The Army's own manuals, all the experts, all the facts say it's deadly.
The neocons don't care.
Bill Clinton didn't care when he was bombing Belgrade.
They just get up and say it's good for it because we say it is.
And then they visit bases.
Presidents visit bases sometimes months after they were bombed.
I mean, they love it too.
I see the Bush daughters on TV drinking Diet Coke.
Nobody can say they don't take part in it.
They're a bunch of death-loving sickos.
And they all pick a phony persona of cowboy hat wearing or philanthropist or whatever little front they put on.
And really, these are a bunch of hyper-competitive, ravenous criminals who are so busy fighting with each other over who can be the most evil to dominate us that it's created some type of superman evil, some super synthesis of uber-mentioned devil.
And it's just unfolding on us.
Leukemias are up hundreds of percent in this country.
Childhood leukemia is up even higher.
One in three have diabetes.
All of this stuff is happening.
Everyone's getting allergies when no one had them 50 years ago.
All this stuff's happening.
I mean, I read articles that are in the Associated Press.
Oh, 3 million plus gallons of solid, pure nerve gas was dumped 45 miles off the coast of North Carolina.
Our government's planning to dump more, but don't worry, they're going to water down several million gallons of nerve gas and dump it in the Delaware River.
And they say everything's fine.
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
I mean, you know, I'm sitting here...
I'm sitting here watching this, and oh no, the government wouldn't kill 3,000 people on 9-11.
No, they wouldn't.
We just have CIA declassified documents where they order third world countries to sterilize all their women.
Oh, we just have official Australian documents about tainting food for shipment to Asia to sterilize and poison people.
Oh, no, we just have all these vaccines, tetanus shots found with hormones to sterilize women and full of AIDS virus and everything else over and over again.
Oh, then the companies get caught, and then next time it's still in there, even though the AIDS virus isn't even part of the manufacturing process.
It's not even being made from tissues that would have that.
It's being made in non-tissue cultures, but it's still there.
It's been added.
It's been caught red-handed.
And now every day they get up on the news.
Oh, there's a new vaccine for your daughter so she won't get cancer.
Oh, there's a new vaccine we want to give you so you won't become addicted to drugs.
The virus attacks the brain and makes it where you can't absorb drugs anymore.
Oh, it's good.
We want to make you take it.
Oh, we're going to create a new national CPS force that forces you all to take it.
Oh, the health department will run your life.
New freedom initiative.
Oh, transponders in your cars to tax and track everything you do.
Oh, we're going to...
This whole thing is a giant straitjacket that I have to sit here in slow motion, now in fast motion, being put on everybody.
I have to sit here and watch him shackling us like Ted Bundy putting a woman in handcuffs once he gets her back to his place so he can have his way with her.
And I'm watching a bunch of bug-eyed, lackadaisical, decadent Americans and Westerners and others sitting there while all of this is happening.
Making excuses.
Oh, it isn't true.
Oh, no, it isn't Ted Bundy.
Oh, it's my government.
I love it.
It's good.
Well, I'm going to be tired after this show today.
I'm really letting it all hang out.
I'm exhausted now.
I don't even know what to do anymore.
The good news is people are waking up, but not fast enough, and the elite just don't care, and they're just...
Oh, Queen Beatrix, David Rockefeller, Lord Rothschild.
I mean, these people are out of the literal crack of hell.
I mean, these people are like from another dimension.
They are just...
But to them, it's like, well, we're just culling.
There's too many of these people.
They have all these little excuses and this whole little culture and this mindset.
Remember all the years I told you how the elite want to kill you, how they plan to kill you?
And Alex is wild.
He talks about that.
He posts a few documents, but why is he so obsessed with it?
And then you hear about it all over the country with Peter Singer and Bianca and all these other scientists coming out and saying we all need to die.
It's because, I mean, I've been in these circles.
I've been to cocktail parties with a bunch of UT professors.
I've been to political functions.
I've been at dinner with editors of major newspapers back when I was in high school.
And what do you think about the people bomb, Alex?
We need to start exterminating.
Can I have another glass of that delicious burgundy?
This roast is excellent.
This is their religion.
This is how they go to church.
This is what they talk about.
Like Bianca said, we quote need a police state like China.
So that we can enforce a one-child policy and forced population reduction.
That's a quote.
You see?
The police state is so they can kill you.
Yes, that's right.
I just can't believe it.
Alex exaggerates.
Okay, fine.
As they tighten the noose, as the compact cities get designed, as we get herded in, as each bio-attack gets worse and worse in the years to come...
As you're there with your family dying, I want you to remember, because then there'll be a resistance to survive, and then we can really start to fight.
Most of us will all be dead, but we'll still win in the end.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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I mean, it's really simple.
If you want to be free, you're going to have to fight for it.
We have a bunch of psychopathic mouthusians who openly say they plan to build a police state so they can orderly kill us, and I'm paying attention to it because they're doing it.
They've already killed 40 million people in Africa with what they claim is AIDS.
It's a cocktail of stuff they're putting in the injections.
I've got BBC articles going back where, well, we found AIDS virus in a bunch of the shots the U.M.
is giving, but it was an accident.
Oh, it's always an accident.
Oh, sorry.
We love you.
And you read UN documents, and they talk about forced population reduction.
And then it just keeps happening and happening.
Think of the cold-blooded nature of knowing that hundreds of thousands per major nation of hemophiliacs are going to come in contact with your factor VIII and other similar drugs, and that it's full of HIV and hepatitis and other stuff, and that you're going to let them have it, and then even after they get it and you're exposed, you keep secretly doing it.
Secretly doing it.
Doing it by design.
On purpose.
Again, on purpose.
And then Congress covers it up, and the EPA, and the FDA, and all of them.
Just go along with all of it.
Now, we've got Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joining us.
He joined us last week.
He's coming up again because we've got a lot more to talk about.
We're all opening the phones up with him next hour.
But before I end this hour...
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Second hour, 70 seconds away.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Your government, foreign governments, Bayer and others, knowingly painted blood for over a decade after they knew it had AIDS in it.
Hundreds of thousands.
Conservative estimates, one million is the liberal estimate.
I went into a huge rant last hour.
It just shows the mentality of these elites who've lost, who've gotten totally decadent.
They make Roman emperors in the decline around 300, 400 A.D.
look like choir boys.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was number two in the Department of Treasury, credited as being the father of Reaganomics, a staunch advocate of free market and liberty in our republic, an enemy of the neocons, joined us last week.
He's with us the full hour today.
Hey, Alex.
Glad to be with you again.
Oh, that's hard to know, Alex.
I think some of the things we could talk about is the hardened opinion of the American government and
They're supporters that no other country has a right to any interest that might conflict with ours.
That every country's interest has to dovetail with that of the United States or they will be attacked or intimidated or somehow forced to fall in line with our interests.
I think this is at the heart of the whole neocon mentality, and it's at the heart of the Bush administration, and of course it's a program for war, endless war, and it makes us the tyrant country.
Everyone looks at the United States and sees that we assume that nobody has any rights but us.
If they dare to disagree or do something we don't like, then we set them up for attack or sanctions or whatever.
And so the end result of this, Alex, I think, is the world more or less unites against us.
And then we find that we're not powerful.
That we're isolated and we have no soft power.
And things quit
Working out for us.
Even in compromise.
But isn't there a lie, Dr. Roberts, that underlies all of that?
The average good old boy driving around with W stickers, who doesn't even know that Bush isn't a conservative, they think they're getting something out of the empire.
They think they're getting power out of it.
They think they're somehow part of it.
In this new empire, we're going to be some of the biggest slaves here in the U.S.
I mean, all the indicators, all the actions are there.
So isn't it a fraud that the neocon interests are the American people's interests?
Aren't their interests really the opposite of our interests?
Oh, yeah, sure.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what I mean.
The citizens of any empire are turned into subjects.
I mean, just look at Rome.
You know, Roman citizens became subjects, and no one was safe.
Not the senators, even.
No one.
So that's exactly true.
There's nothing about the Bush regime...
That's compatible with the traditional American political system where there's a separation of powers, there's respect for civil liberties.
All that has just been pitched out to winter on the grounds that we're under attack by terrorists and we have to have all these powers to deal with terrorists.
So I think the neocon ideology is just extraordinarily dangerous.
I've said many times that
The neocons are a far greater danger to Americans than even Muslim terrorists.
Well, Bob Barr, Ron Paul, others have said that even if we believe the false terror paradigm of supposedly who's behind it, we know the neocons are, that even if we believe their preset notion that it's Muslims, that even in that false reality, the neocons are a bigger threat.
We'll be right back with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, talking about a host of issues, a great political mind.
And we'll also be taking your phone calls later at 800-259-9231.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Before we go back to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who we're honored to have with us live on this Wednesday, the 12th day of July 2006, the big news!
I have the award-winning director of Slacker, Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Waking Life, a bunch of other films...
...on with us before sunset, after sunset.
Richard Linkletter, a good personal friend of mine from Austin, Texas.
I didn't ask him to get into 9-11.
I didn't ask him to get into how he woke up a few months ago, Bruce Willis.
And he just brought it all up yesterday about 9-11 and handing out my inside job videos and how Bruce Willis saw a copy of it on the set of Fast Food Nation that comes out in the autumn and woke up.
And we had the former Marine Corps...
A historian, he was also former Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense, come on, without prompting, and say 9-11's a dog that doesn't hunt, that the official story's a conspiracy theory.
Last week, we also had on the show, and this is very important,
The reason I bring this up now is I'll forget to, and it's so incredible.
The head of the largest victims family group of 9-11 victims, the folks that sued Saudi Arabia and James Baker blocked it, and he said, without a doubt, all the evidence shows 9-11 is an inside job.
Someone talks about the Bruce Willis story and the Richard Linklater story some in the next hour, and in the last half hour we've got the Loose Change Boys coming on again, talking about their final auditions coming up here in a few months and some of the things they're doing.
But I raise that point before we get back into this decline of the U.S.,
For Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who clearly on record has said the official story is a fraud.
Dr. Roberts, is it encouraging to just see a snowball of prominent people questioning 9-11?
Yes, it is.
And I think in the end of May, there was a Zogby poll that showed almost as many Americans disbelieved the official account as believed it.
And I thought that was a very interesting thing.
...thing because they've real no source of information, you know, other than some shows like yours or some internet sites like the 9-11 Scholar site, to find that almost as many people, in fact, more people either disbelieve the official story of 9-11 or are unsure about it than believe it.
So there's not a majority of Americans at the end of May who believe
According to Zaghi Pol, they believe the 9-11 official story.
And I think that's remarkable, given that there's no discussion of it in any of the so-called mainstream media, on the television or in the newspapers.
So somehow they're skeptical, even though the propaganda is entirely to convince them that
This was done by a few terrorists operating out of a cave in Afghanistan.
So I find that even more encouraging than the prominent people coming over.
I think it's, as I've said before on your show, that the official count is not believable.
The real mystery is why the government has been able to get away with it.
And why more physicists have it said, well, this account is not plausible.
It's not conceivable that these buildings fell in the way that the 9-11 Commission report says.
And as I may have said before on your show, the answer probably is that most physicists operate on government grants, and they afford to put their career on the line by taking a stance that would be so...
Different from the government's explanation.
But we do know the buildings fell.
We know somebody did it.
We don't know who did it.
And I don't think the explanation that they fell because they were hit by two airplanes can possibly be correct.
So whether we ever get to the bottom of it, I don't know.
It's a very audacious government because just as there's a lot of
Evidence to discredit the 9-11 Commission report.
There's a tremendous amount of evidence, apparently, that the Republicans stole the 2004 election.
In today's Columbus Free Press, which is a mainstream-type newspaper, Michael Parenti goes through all the evidence that the election was stolen.
I think the most powerful evidence is that the exit polls showed that Kerry won by 53 to 47.
There was tremendous new registration of Democratic voters.
And yet, in all the states that had those electronic touch voting machines, which are made by Republican firms and programmed by Republican operatives and have no paper trail,
In every state that used those, the actual election results were totally different from the exit polls.
But not in other states.
The exit polls have always been highly reliable.
And they're used to judge the fairness of elections around the world.
We send people to watch the elections and judge the fairness.
So for the first time in the United States, or anywhere I suppose,
The exit polls gave false readings, but only in the states that had these Republican electronic voting machines.
And there are so many anomalies having to do with that.
For example, some Republican districts would show an impossibly high turnout of 98%, and then where Democratic
Districts would have a low turnout of 7%.
These aren't believable, are they?
There were some states where Republican candidates, three of them, won by exactly the same vote count.
Exactly the same amount of votes.
That's statistically impossible.
So there are a whole number of these things.
You might want to talk about that on one of your shows.
You pull that article today, Michael Parenti,
And look at this.
So if they can steal an election in front of everybody, they can do just about anything.
They can be behind the 9-11 attack.
They can steal the next election.
See, no one expects the Republicans to do well this fall because of the war, because of Bush's big spending, because he's increasingly...
Regarded as the worst president ever and all of that.
And yet, they can steal the election because there's no check on how they program these machines.
The machines may simply be programmed
Out of five votes, count three Republicans.
Well, we've just had Republican operatives plead guilty under White House authorization to be jamming Democratic phone banks.
I mean, sir, in the past, I've been covering and following elections only 12 years.
I'm a novice compared to people like yourself who've been in government so long and in and out of government.
But, I mean, I remember in the past, if somebody was winning in major respected polls by 15%, they were going to win.
And if they were going to lose, you would see it from the start of the returns coming in.
Now, from Mexico to Ohio to all over the world where these machines go in or where these controllers are in place, somebody will be 15, 10, 12, sometimes 18 points ahead, and then magically, an hour before the polls close or an hour before they stop counting, suddenly 1,000 to 1, 500 to 1.
All these returns will come in.
I mean, it's so obvious.
And we've had Diebold executives, Diebold engineers go public and say it's designed to be hacked, it's a fraud.
Then they say you're not allowed to have recounts or go look inside the box and see how the system works.
I think we agree.
They're stealing the elections.
I don't think there's any doubt about it.
And that shows the boldness.
I mean, is that part and parcel of the boldness?
You know, I've said before that we are faced with a brown shirt party.
These are brown shirts.
And it's power uber alice.
They want power regardless.
They've got no morals.
None at all.
And they're power crazed.
And they're not exactly what you would call intelligent people.
And the positions they favor...
Foreign policy positions are a danger not only to us but to the entire world.
And I do think that we are in a serious situation and that it's all because of 9-11.
9-11 or the belief that 9-11 was due to a Muslim attack on America.
Well, the experts have looked at that.
I mean, the way the government claims the attack took place is impossible.
It's like saying that a swallow in my backyard is going to fly to Mars and back and build a crystal cathedral on top of Santa's funhouse.
I mean, it's like Chinese jet pilots from Mars.
None of this has connection to any reality.
And you brought up Roman emperors.
I brought up Roman emperors in the earlier broadcast.
...earlier segment, and I've studied Roman history to a small extent, and you look at the decline that last 300 years, 400 years after Caesar became emperor, and look at what happened to him, and it got to where you'd have two, three different emperors, different general killing the Caesar every month to then be Caesar.
I mean, it created a hellhole even for the elite, smart elites...
No one was safe, Alex.
That's true.
But before we, you know, what's really before us... Well, I'm saying now that's happening here.
9-11 is the cloak.
And in my opinion, they will continue to get away with whatever they want to do, whatever audacious move they want.
They'll continue to do it, get away with it, until the cloak of 9-11 falls away.
And it's hard to see how it's going to fall away because it would require, like Professor Stephen Jones says, an independent commission of experts who are accustomed to physical laws, to explosives, to assessing evidence.
And we're not going to get that out of them.
So it may be they're just going to get the...
More powerful, because there's no check on their audacity.
And there's a lot of evil people that know that the neocons are wicked, and they've just decided to join them and serve them out of fear and greed.
Dr. Paul Gregg Roberts, when we get back, let's talk about the minions.
Stay with us.
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I think?
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Looking at examples throughout history of societies that have become corrupt and fallen into dictatorship and plutocracy, the economies fall apart, things get worse and worse, but the elite doesn't care in a tyranny because at least they're sitting on top of the palaces and really aren't connected to reality.
And the neocons are openly declaring a dictatorship.
I mean, that's official.
They're openly declaring that they're above the law.
And they're using the terror that they've generated as a pretext for control.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, where is this going in your opinion and how do we stop them?
Well, you know, I don't know how to stop them.
We, you know, people like you and I try to give information out.
Some people are inclined to believe us and some aren't.
And some people are inclined to consider it and try to
Look into it and assess and make up their own minds.
But even if we were to have a large majority of people agreeing with us, institutionally speaking, there doesn't seem to be anything, any way that they could show that decision because the political parties don't represent them.
And the Republicans can steal the elections.
Well, isn't that, Dr. Roberts, really the dichotomy is that the people are waking up like never before, the corruption is more obvious than ever before, but the elites...
Not just the neocons are so decadent now, they don't care.
I mean, let's shift gears.
I know you're probably aware of the whole Bayer thing and Red Cross was involved, Clinton was involved in Arkansas, knowingly knowing that it had HIV and hepatitis in it, packaging it, selling it, hundreds of thousands dying conservatively worldwide, and then they cover it up, know it has it in it, and keep selling it.
I mean, to me, that's an indicator of just the lunacy.
Are you talking about the blood that was taken from prisoners?
And given to the...
To the Canadians?
That was some years ago.
Well, now it's broken nationally that it was even worse than global.
I wrote about it years ago, and I had seen enough evidence to be convinced it was true, so I wrote about it.
And there was a flurry in Canada about it for a while, but it just all dropped out of the news.
Nothing resulted.
Well, see, I mean, I talk about that as a case point example.
These huge evil things can be going on right in front of us, and people went to jail in France and Australia over this, but the people that did it here in the U.S., it was on Scarborough Country two nights ago.
The documents are now released where they knew it and did it on purpose, and they're not even getting in trouble.
Yeah, well, it doesn't surprise me.
There's not a whole lot of accountability.
And it's random.
And some people think it only falls on the little people.
And of course, it's easier for prosecutors to frame up little people.
But they do the same thing to big people.
Martha Stewart, she got it.
Michael Milken got it.
It's not exactly the situation that there's elites and there's people.
Can you speak up, Doctor?
Yeah, I'm saying it's not exactly the case that the elites get scot-free.
Well, have you seen Syriana, which is based on true events, where the oil company head meets with the federal investigator and meets with the lawyer, and they say, listen, we've got to burn somebody.
So we know they occasionally have snacks kind of for public consumption.
I don't know if anyone's written any more than I have about the corruption of the criminal justice system.
I'm convinced it's corrupt.
But I think it's an independent development from the neocon coup.
I mean, I think if there were any neocons, the criminal justice system would still be corrupt.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, this is just a petri dish or atmosphere where the neocons grow.
That's the point I'm making, that in a tyranny, all these petty little Nazis set up shop.
I don't think people understand that, that once you go into a criminal economy, it just keeps growing.
That's exactly right.
Once that transformation is made, it's hard to come back.
And what Americans need to understand is that their strength,
Of their country is not what it used to be.
After World War II, we were the only country that had any manufacturing capability, so we sort of sat supreme, and our currency was supreme as the World Reserve currency.
But that was 50 years ago, and in the years that have passed, we've lost so much manufacturing dominance, and we've created so many dollars.
They're floating all over the world.
We have eroded the acceptability of the dollar as world money.
And when that goes, we won't be able to finance all the activities that the government has in mind, that the neocons have in mind.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and take calls.
We'll let you finish up that thought about the plunge of the dollar, the controlled slide into the pit.
Questions or comments for Dr. Paul Craig Roberts?
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We'll go back to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
I really appreciate spending time with us today.
You can read his writings just by typing Dr. Paul Craig Roberts into Google or going to Infowars.com or LewRockwell.com or so many other sites that pick up and carry his great material at Runs.com.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, what's really behind this slide of the dollar?
Well, I think what's behind it, Alex, is just that we've been creating a tremendous number of them for decades, and other countries have caught up with us in technology and manufacturing capabilities.
And their currencies are not flooding the world, but ours is.
So we are in a relative manufacturing decline following 30, 40 years of just flooding the world with dollars and red ink.
You can't run consistent trade deficits for 20 years and huge budget deficits for most of that period without loading the world up with more dollars than they need.
And it doesn't seem to most other countries that we have any way of bringing our trade into balance.
So, you see right now we couldn't even conduct a war in Iraq except that China lends us the money.
So, you're not a power if you can't go to war without having to borrow from another country or a potential adversary.
I saw a poll the other day and
He said most Americans thought that China was the biggest threat to America.
So they're not very well clued in, I don't think.
But if your biggest threat is your biggest banker, you're not in a very powerful position.
Yeah, that's the schizophrenia.
But, well, we've got to kill the evil Arabs that have done nothing to us.
Backing away from that for a second, sir, and I have studied this.
I have read Bilderberg Group documents, CFR statements.
So I'm not just flying blind on this.
This is the reality, and I want to get your take on it.
The globalists, the Carol Quigleys of the world that wrote about how there's this elite that controls the left and the right, they helped set up the Soviets.
They helped empower it.
They let them run amok.
They let them grab things.
Meanwhile, the Rockefellers, the Arm and Hammers, own many of the factories.
They made deals with those client states.
And it seems now the U.S.
is being used by this same global elite to use up its energy to be the bad cop, to grab the land, to be the bully, while we're being debased and basically paying for it and being destroyed in the whole process.
Meanwhile, all of our sustenance, all of our innards...
The New World Order has said that straight out.
They have also said it between the lines.
Your comment on my statement?
Well, Alex, I don't agree with that because, first of all, the elites have too big a stake in America to see it lost by their own doing.
Second, there's no way the New World Order is going to be able to impose anything on China or India or, for that matter, Russia.
And they're not.
They're not going to go along.
China's not going to go along with anything like that.
Well, by implode, doctor, by implode, I mean economically debase us so they can then consolidate even further.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, most of the wealth in central bank portfolios is U.S.
So they don't gain from that.
I don't go along.
I think the only truth... See, what Carol Quigley was saying was that the United States in the post-war period was trying to establish systems of rules that would work to our advantage and that would prevent future Hitlers and Stalins.
I think people...
Jump to too many conclusions from that.
And don't believe... I think our problem is different.
I think our problem is inattention, hubris.
We think we're supreme.
The Soviet Union's gone.
It's a unipolar world.
We can do what we want.
They'll check on us.
You think the controllers of the empire have just gotten delusional and totally out of control?
It's not even controllers of the empire.
We've had a coup...
A takeover by a bunch of policy wonks known as neoconservatives.
They worked at it for several decades.
They first infiltrated the conservative movement.
Then they annihilated the conservative movement.
They're well connected to both political parties.
They had some influence in Reagan.
They had more influence in Clinton.
And they totally dominate Bush.
And they're dangerous because they are delusional.
And they're fully hubris, and they don't need any help from some Bilderbergs to wreck the country.
And I don't think the Bilderbergs...
Well, the internal data does show that there is a huge split and 70 plus percent of the Bilderbergs for the first time ever in the last four years there's been a split and there's now cussing matches that went on up there in Ottawa at the hotel where they met a month ago.
And so that does lend some credence to what you're saying, that the old-line European elite and even some British elites are starting to panic, and we're now seeing that in the Financial Times of London and other bellwethers, that they are starting to panic.
So do you think that panic's real?
I do think it is real, and the polls show it, Alex.
All the international polls show that the United States is regarded in every European country as the greatest threat to world stability.
They don't think Iran is, or China, or Iraq, or Bin Laden.
They think that Bush and the United States are the greatest threat to world stability.
All the polls show they've polled them in Europe continually, and that's what the polls show.
And you find huge majorities who think Bush has made the world less safe.
I don't think that the Bilderbergs or the Council of Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission has any influence on Bush.
It's a neocon thing.
The neocons are different.
Why do we see prominent CFR trilateral members out cheerleading and promoting it?
Well, because some of them are neocons.
And because you have the liberal internationalists who are in favor also of interventions.
Like in Serbia.
That was the liberal internationalists.
And they believe in these interventions.
But it's not got the same basis as the neocons.
And so it's...
It's more likely to be amenable to some facts or to some restraint.
Is some of the neocon humorists starting to falter, though, that they're getting setbacks domestically and internationally at every turn?
What setbacks?
Oh, they're getting backed off and attacking Iran, at least for now.
They're having major trouble in Eastern Europe.
Domestically, they're having a lot of problems.
Bush is now...
You know, the end of the Bush doctrine cover of Time Magazine.
He's having to cool a lot of his rhetoric.
Well, I don't know.
If they can steal elections, they can control the government.
If they stole the last one, there's nothing to stop them from stealing the November election.
We'll find out in November, Alex.
We'll find out.
If the Republicans lose one or both houses, as you would expect...
Then we can say the system is still working and its constraints have moved in and they can't be as audacious as they were.
But if the outcome of the elections is, again, vote reports that are totally inconsistent with exit polls, and the Republicans come out again in charge of the House and the Senate,
Then we'll know that it's basically over with.
Let's take some calls, sir.
I've got to jam a few calls in here.
Let's talk to David in California.
You're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Dr. Roberts.
This is slightly off topic, but close.
I was interested in getting your take on the recent Supreme Court decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, which appears to completely rebuke all of George Bush's war on terror scenario, the
Enemy, combatant, and all that.
It appears that it's reestablished the supremacy of Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.
Yes, I think that's very important, but the question is whether Bush will pay any attention to it.
If he doesn't have to pay attention to statutory law, which he has said he doesn't have to pay any attention to, for example, the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act, and the requirement that warrants to go before his secret court, if he can ignore...
The federal court that he's required to go to for warrants to do all the spying that he admits he's doing, he can ignore Supreme Court ruling.
And the Supreme Court is like the Pope.
It doesn't have any divisions.
How does it enforce?
And if Congress is not willing to enforce its own authority on Bush and is willing for Bush to ignore laws passed by Congress,
And to ignore public opinion.
Then, who's going to make him obey a Supreme Court decision?
That's, I think, up in the air.
You have to keep in mind, too, that decision was written by an 86-year-old man.
How much longer is he going to be there to protect our civil liberties?
All Bush has to do is put one more Federalist Society member on the court, and he'll rule the other way.
It was a very hopeful thing, but it may be a voice from the past.
Anything else, Dave?
Well, I was just going to say, Alex, I love it when you rant, man.
Keep it up, because you're ranting for all of us.
I appreciate it.
Let's talk to Rick in Ithaca.
Rick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I was wondering, from your own description, I have an echo here, of up in Northern California, I'm sorry, Bohemian Grove.
You know, it seems like this is more than about just power and control and moving agenda forward.
It seems like there's some sort of, I hesitate to call it a religious aspect to the situation.
So could perhaps some of the motivation be, you know, along the lines of wanting to bring about prophecy that they perceive in the Old or the New Testament or move things forward to...
Supposedly, I guess they... Well, I mean, a lot of elites are into astrology, into the occult.
Throughout history, they're into weird things.
And this is a decadent, nutty elite.
And I researched it from Skull and Bones to Bohemian Grove.
Many of your so-called Republican and Democratic leaders are a bunch of devil worshippers.
Dr. Roberts?
Alex, he's talking about the... The Christians.
Evangelicals who believe in the rapture.
And they have supported the...
The war in Iraq because they believe that the war in the Middle East is the beginning of predicted events that lead to the rapture and that they're going to be wiped up to heaven.
It's true that that has been a very important reason that the Christian evangelicals have
I know.
My point is that I've studied the Republican leadership, and they're running around in red and black robes with male hookers, male porn stars, worshipping Moloch.
I've been there, sir.
I mean, my point is that Bush is not a real Christian.
They love, I mean, I love the Hollywood left will tell, oh, you evil Christians.
My point is Bush and these guys aren't real Christians.
They're manipulating Christians.
Do you agree with that?
I'm sure they're manipulating them.
That's what politicians do.
Yes, I'm sure.
If you're for a balanced budget, they manipulate that.
If you're for Social Security, they manipulate that.
That's what they're experts at, is manipulation.
And I'm sure they'll use anything that offers them support.
And certainly the Christian evangelicals have been fighting their way into the Republican camp for a number of years.
Largely due to the aggressiveness of the left with issues that send Christians up the wall, like homosexual marriage and abortion.
That's right.
Wedge issues that at the end of the day the elite could care less about, so they'll throw Christians a bone on several issues and never really implement anything, and meanwhile the whole country goes to hell in a handbasket.
That's the way it works.
That's it.
Anything else, Scholar?
Yeah, I ended up meeting Erin Brockovich when she came here to Ithaca, and I asked her about her opinion about September 11th, and she didn't produce one, but she cannot be claimed to be ignorant of the argument about the topic.
So hopefully she'll think about it.
Okay, thank you for the call.
We're going to go ahead and try to jam another one in.
Cliff in Idaho, quickly.
Go ahead, Cliff.
Good morning there.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'm Dr. Roberts.
I want to say one thing about your ranting and raving.
First, Alex...
It's good, because I'll tell you what, most American men have lost their labels in this country, or they're turning into criminals themselves.
Now, I want to ask Mr. Roberts a question, and then I'll listen off the air.
Just like we've been talking, you know, about the Bilderbergers kind of splitting in divisions and stuff like that, and the CFR, and Mr. Roberts was just talking about Bush does just about what he wants to do and bypasses Congress, and the rest of the world is learning the truth about 9-11,
And they're starting to hate our guts.
Now, if Bush can't accomplish what he set out to do, you know, for the neocons, and he gets to a situation where these countries hate us so bad...
If two or three of them go in together and attack us, I mean, you know, we get a problem.
I'll listen off here.
I'd like to have your opinion.
Okay, thank you.
We'll let Dr. Roberts comment on that and take a few final calls in the final segment with our guests, who I really appreciate joining us.
Final segment, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Before this segment ends, I want to thank Dr. Roberts for joining us.
Dr. Roberts, you heard the question or the comment that the listener wanted you to talk about.
Give us your take on it.
Okay, I don't think that we're in danger of being attacked militarily by anyone.
I think what will happen is that countries will gradually reduce the cooperation they give us.
They'll just cooperate with us less, and it will become difficult for politicians in America, President Bush, for example, Cheney, Rumsfeld, to travel abroad because countries will try to use international law to hem us in
And they will be at risk of being picked up and put on trial as war criminals.
So these are the more likely things to happen, the ability of a sitting government in America to travel after it's out of power.
You know, that's part of it, Dr. Roberts, is that something like 35% of Americans ever leave the country in their life, but then most Europeans and others, 90-plus percent, leave their countries forever.
Americans think the U.S.
is the whole planet.
We're only 300 million people.
4% of the world population had half the wealth.
Now we're losing that.
Mexico has triple the resources we have, but they're not doing well because they've been corrupt.
I don't think Americans realize that when you become corrupt, you lose your economic freedom.
Yes, we're losing a lot here.
And keep in mind, too, Alex, that I think we...
We're in danger of having too many bogeymen.
If you throw too many bogeymen at people, they can't tell who the real enemy is.
And the real enemy is our government.
It's always your own government.
It's the Founding Fathers told us.
Your own government is the one that actually has the power over you.
And if you let that power get out of hand, then
You're dead meat.
And that's why they wrote the Constitution.
That's why they wrote the Bill of Rights.
And if you look at all the trouble they went to restrain a central government that had no power.
They couldn't do anything.
They had no income tax.
And they were still terrified of it and tied it down and tied it down.
And all the power was in the states.
And now we have the opposite.
So keep in mind, you don't want too many bogeymen.
If it's the Bilderbergs and the Council of Foreign Relations and the Bohemian Grove and
Nobody knows where to focus.
They give up.
They say, good God, there's 10,000 Hunnish armies at every gate.
Who do we focus on?
Oh, no, I agree with you.
When I talk about all these different groups, it's really the same crowd to begin with.
The neocons are king daddy of all those groups we just mentioned.
The neocons are a different group.
They're like French Jacobins.
And they believe they have monopoly on virtue and the right to impose it on everyone, including us.
Not just on the Iraqis and the Afghans and the North Koreans, but they have the right to impose their view of the world on American citizens, too.
They're our enemy.
They are our most deadly enemy because they've got control of our government.
They have the power.
They have the power.
The Bilderbergs don't have the power.
The neocons have the power.
Well, they're followers of the Strauss who was... He's not a Bilderberg.
...who was a big fan.
Well, I look at who gives them the contributions and who put them in and the elite that's trying to set up the world government and the American Union.
The American Union was being set up a long time before the neocons came along.
There's not going to be a world government.
China's not going to go into it.
India's not going to go into it.
They have half the people on Earth, those two countries.
They're rising powers.
China's our banker.
The point is, there is a European Union.
They are trying to set up an American Union.
And China is basically like a Siamese twin tied into the globalists.
We'll have to debate this further in the future, though.
I mean, clearly we have a corrupt elite in place now, correct?
We have a corrupt elite.
Most countries have a corrupt elite.
But what we also have is a neocon coup.
A coup against the Constitution.
I totally agree with you.
They've got their afterburners on.
Dr. Roberts, thanks for spending time with us.
Focus on them, Alex.
They are the enemies.
Stay on them.
I do.
I talk about them every day.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Big Brother.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts can only spend an hour with us.
I'll have him back up sometime and debate him about who controls the New World Order.
Notice he said it's the neocons, it's all the neocons.
The entire police state we see being built...
Bill Clinton was building the exact same programs, exact same names, exact same operations.
It goes way back, and we do have the minutes of the Bilderberg Group.
They did set up the EU.
They're the ones setting up the American Union.
They're the ones that give the orders to Bush.
When you go look at who they are, they're Lloyd Rothschild.
It's the Queen of England.
It's the Queen of the Netherlands.
They own the oil companies.
They're the oil companies making the profits off these wars.
And I've always said, don't get too focused on the management team, which we do focus on them, but they can remove Bush and the neocons next month.
They can burn them in a year.
And then it'll be Democrats in, Hillary Clinton and Lieberman and all these other people who are Democrat name only, they're neocons too.
I mean, what is a neocon?
It's predominantly...
The main heart of the neocons goes back to a bunch of Soviets slash Zionists who were the head of the Trotskyite movement.
This is mainstream news, by the way.
You can find this in British, U.S., and Canadian papers.
I mean, this is a fact.
Crystal and others have written about it.
And they believe in a police state.
They believe in an American empire.
They believe in all of this.
And they're just one little management team with the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds who really own this planet.
Pushing them.
And I just don't think Roberts gets that or understands that.
We come to this from deep, deep research.
And anybody who says the Bilderberg Group is not one of the premier organizations, and you go, well, is it this group or is it that group?
The heads of the CFR are the heads of the Bilderberg.
The heads of the Trilateral Commission are the heads of the Bilderberg and CFR.
It's all the same people.
There's only a couple hundred globalists.
I mean, you notice James Baker and Bush Sr., they're all for this.
They put Bush in.
He's a puppet.
I guess the Democrats are going to get in.
We're all going to think we're saved now.
But Roberts is right on 9-11 and the economy and the dollar and all of it.
He comes from that school of, no, no, it's these policy makers.
They run it all.
Yes, they're the ones that take the policy of the globalists and then they implement it.
They are hubris.
They are violent.
They are aggressive.
But they're just... I mean, I've been watching this thing get constructed for decades.
And as they build it, it's just one more floor gets added onto it.
And they're all in lockstep.
And I know you as an audience understand that and see that.
But, I mean, you get the heads of every super corporation, the top 50 corporation, the heads of the top 15 or so central banks...
Representatives or the actual royalty of Europe together, these people represent hundreds of trillions together, what they call for, what they push is implemented.
I mean, Jim Tucker has proven that.
He gets a document, okay, the Berlin Wall will fall next year, it'll be staged.
Boom, it happens.
Okay, we're not attacking Iraq in March of 2002, it'll be March of 2003.
A year later, exactly that happens.
Because he's got moles in there.
He gets their documents.
He steals their minutes.
He basically goes in and pays off the help at the hotels.
And they are the globalists, and they're calling the shots.
But it can get confusing to say Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, but we have a three-hour show every day.
We talk about the different organs, the different groups.
We talk about Bohemian Grove mainly because that's what the elite does in their off time.
I mean, that's what our Christian conservative so-called leaders are doing in the woods.
I mean, that's newsworthy, that's interesting.
Skull and Bones is newsworthy and interesting.
I've never said Skull and Bones runs everything, though there's 12 members of Skull and Bones in Bush's administration, and a whole bunch in Bill Clinton's, and a bunch in Reagan's.
That's just one more.
They have little sub-clubs.
You have this elite group, and then they've got all their different little fixtures and clubs and organizations.
And so we do delve into those.
But certainly the neocons are the most virulent elite in control of the U.S.
we've ever seen.
But they're the most virulent because they've been chosen to do that because we're far along in the program.
The next group will be even worse.
And I'm not going to get caught up just focusing on the next group either.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documentary for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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That toll-free number again?
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm only going to take five calls that are up in the queue.
The phone system takes like 20, but we'll... Five of them can be up on the board.
I'm going to take five calls quickly.
So I want to spend a few minutes getting into some of the other news here before we have guests coming on.
And it is important and momentous news.
So let's go to Andrew in American Living in Japan.
Andrew, welcome to the Airwaves.
Hi, Alex.
Actually, Canadian.
Okay, well, they told me you're in Japan.
Is that correct?
Yeah, I'm in Japan, but I'm a native of Ottawa.
Okay, great.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, I just wanted to mention the main headline right now in Canada is Prime Minister warns Bush about border plans.
So I clicked on that link and looked it up.
This is mainstream press, and it says the spin on it is that
They're telling Canadians now that Bush is trying to lock down the border and restrict trade.
And Harper's real argument was, oh, if you lock down the border, then the terrorists have won.
Well, see, that's reverse psychology.
They're actually creating an American Union, so they act like the American Union is anti-Bush.
And then Bush is going to come along with this Pan-American Union, and they're going to try and turn it into some sort of saving grace, like, oh, this will be freedom, and this will allow for better trade between the countries and stuff like that.
And they're going to try to put on it to make it seem positive.
And in truth, the American Union means transponders in all our cars tracking what we do, and the third world population is pouring in and doing what they want.
I mean, I have a clip, we won't have time to play today, of the L.A.
Sheriff saying that, yes, illegal aliens are not under three strikes, you're out.
They are actually above the law.
Just one more quick suggestion, Alex.
I just wanted to say, I was wondering if
You were thinking of ever putting a running total on InfoWorldWars or PrisonPlanet.com just so we can see actually how many people are finally finding out about the New World Order and waking up to all this stuff.
That's a good idea.
Thanks for the call.
Your IP phone's breaking down on us.
You can go to Alexa.com.
You can go to the other big web rating services, and you can see the actual millions of visitors we get right there.
So, counters can work on a page, but they're not really accurate, and they screw up, and we've placed counters before, and we just go off the big official system strategy.
By the way, we have the big professor coming on.
It was on Hannity & Combs a few nights ago, exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
He's coming on tomorrow, and we have some other good guests coming up as well.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sasha in Missouri.
Sasha, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
A quick statement.
My cousin in Germany, who works in the equivalent of their state department, has said that 9-11 stuff over there has been known about over there for years.
Their former defense minister, he also was minister of technology, one of the top cabinet posts, has gone public four years ago saying it's an inside job.
Man, our press has got a horrible blackout on this.
And if I could, this is a bit of a flash from the past, and sort of a reflection on the arrogant, absurdist brinkmanship that's going on right now.
There's a Robert Scheer interview with George H.W.
Bush in 1980, where Bush talks about a winnable nuclear war.
I've always heard of that interview, but I haven't seen it.
I can read you a clip of it right here.
I remember that.
All right, anything else?
No, I just wanted to get your take on that, and possibly Robert's, knowing that he might have had direct connection with him.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, go ahead.
Okay, he hung up.
Never get that.
They get on air and they hang up.
Let's talk to Russell in Florida.
Russell, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Great meeting you in L.A.
Thanks for coming out.
last month.
Yeah, I really enjoyed it.
You know, I love Paul Craig Roberts, but he has to be living in denial that we're not now in a new world order.
And if you'd allow me briefly to present my case, I'd like to do so.
First of all, the way the financial mechanisms are set up in this world with the WTO, IMF, World Bank, and the Federal Reserve System,
The U.N.
said eight years ago they're going to give us a false choice of a U.N.
New World Order or an American New World Order, but truly, while we have the illusion of a bipolar competition in world government, it works for the same master.
So it's like we have a phony left-right paradigm here in the U.S.
It's a phony left-right paradigm globally.
And China is also part of the New World Order because their whole industrialization was built up by the same elite that Paul Craig Roberts claims to be American imperialists.
We're good to go.
So, if it was simply, once again, if it was simply American Empire, why are they pushing for a European-style union here in this country?
And it's the Bilderbergs from their own documents that are pushing that.
So, you know, I can't wait to see you debate him next time, because I think his argument is full of holes.
I mean, I love him to death, but on this thing, you're right on the money, and I think he...
He's got some educating.
Well, he's right to say there's a limited split between the European elite and the Anglo-American elite.
Just because that, I mean, he admitted there's the quote, you know, European leftist internationalist, but that they're mad at the neocons right now.
No, they just think the neocons are going too quick.
So that's the only split.
They agree on the game plan and the end game scenario, just they're debating the details.
Thanks for the call.
Great points.
Who's up next?
Final call.
I have time to take.
Yeah, Kathy in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, Kathy.
Thank you for your show.
You have really awakened me.
I was reading a book, The World Without Cancer, and in the second half, they have a thing, you know, about, like, the politics of cancer, and Bayer is included in there, and it's run by a communist...
Well, it was formerly Nazi, and it has tentacles everywhere.
But, of course, for those who just joined us, they've been caught red-handed knowingly for decades, letting AIDS virus and other things be in the blood supply.
Well, yet they won't let Laetrile vitamin B for cancer be a cure.
They've been suppressing that for almost 30 years.
There are hundreds of highly effective treatments for cancer and dozens and dozens of cures for cancer.
And their actual pesticide cures are what are killing people.
Yes, I believe that.
And like I said, Rockefeller is in on this.
Oh, back in the 30s, they funded studies to put cancer viruses in the vaccines.
They actually spread cancer by design.
That's horrible.
That's horrible.
But I'm glad that you said that about the Bayer, because my doctor had asked me to have a blood transfusion.
I have anemia, but I'm not going to have it now.
I mean, that's horrible.
Well, listen, I'm not saying blood transfusions couldn't be good and couldn't work and that these factorate where they take a particular compound out of thousands of pints of blood, in some cases per dose.
It's very expensive.
I'm not saying that couldn't or wouldn't work.
It's just that anything where you mix thousands of groups of blood together, that's going to be dangerous.
From, say, family members or a cousin who's got the same blood type.
That type of stuff is just fine.
It's still a little dangerous.
But when you start mixing stuff together, you're asking for trouble, and then they knowingly do it is the point.
Right, right.
And that's why I said this blood would be coming from the Red Cross.
And so, no.
Oh, no, no, no.
They, on purpose, make sure you get AIDS blood.
By the way, that's mainstream global news.
That's been all over Europe and all over Australia that they knowingly knew and continue to do it.
I just heard that today from you, and I'm so thankful because I'm supposed to go next week for the blood transfusion.
Because the Red Cross loves you.
I know.
And I don't love them.
But I hope you're... So they're wanting to give you somebody else's blood that's got the factors you need.
Are you going to be okay without it?
Well, definitely.
I will try other alternative methods.
Well, I'm out here giving you medical advice.
All right.
I just know you don't want to take blood from the Red Cross.
Thanks for the call.
God bless you.
Boy, what a tough decision.
No, no, no, no.
They are on purpose...
For those who don't know, we covered the mainstream news articles and played a MSNBC clip in the first hour.
Knowingly, again, they knowingly take it from people who they know have AIDS at prisons and knowingly then combine it and then knowingly give it to you.
Basically, they mix just huge vats of blood together, different types, and then they condense it down and then get a bunch of doses of Factor VIII and then there's a bunch of other similar drugs and then give you that.
And that's what they do.
All right, we'll come back, and I'm going to get into Richard Linkletter yesterday on this show without me prompting him.
Came out and talked about 9-11, how he handed out my videos that 9-11's an inside job, and how he gave it to Bruce Willis, and Bruce Willis said it shifted his paradigm.
And I didn't ask Rick to tell that story.
I didn't even know he was.
So now we've written articles about it and put them up on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
I hope you'll immediately get those and get them out to everyone, because people love celebrity folks, and they may not listen to some scientist or some doctor or some physicist or...
We're good to go.
Then you won't be able to get the second edition anymore.
And by the way, we carry that on DVD, available at Infowars.com, the online video and bookstore right now.
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Headline here, prisonplundered.com and infowars.com, hit movie director slams Bush administration, link letters to Hollywood stars including Bruce Willis, having political paradigms changed by 9-11 conspiracy documentaries.
Of course, we wrote these headlines tailor-made for the mainstream media to get the word out.
Acclaimed writer and director Richard Linklater, currently riding high on his favorable reception of a scanner darkly, and best known for a 2003 production of School of Rock, I Disagree is better known for Dazed and Confused and Slacker, has publicly slammed George W. Bush as a Yale frat boy he was in over his head, and more corrupt than Richard Nixon.
Linklater also says his efforts to disseminate documentaries which point the finger at the U.S.
government for involvement in 9-11 have changed paradigms for several A-list Hollywood stars, including Bruce Willis.
During an actually syndicated radio interview, Linklater told Alex Jones that the actions of the Bush administration were the most extreme I've seen in my lifetime in American history.
This kind of executive branch power grab is so unprecedented, it's frightening.
Saying his film was a political statement.
Linklater said that the abuses of the Bush administration were so extreme that people don't even know how to comment on it.
How do you voice your opposition?
Asked if he would accept an invitation to view the film at the White House with the president.
Linklater was adamant.
I've met George Bush before when he was governor.
Absolutely not.
Said Linklater describing him as a, quote, Yale frat boy.
He is a real smart aleck, real greasy.
Just a little greasy pimp.
Man, is he in over his head as the President of the United States.
That's your worst combination of someone not prepared with their impulses being almost wrong every time.
It's painful to watch as a Texan.
Linklater outlined the kind of watchdog role Americans should assume and the necessity that his film warrants against the consequences of abandoning.
And it goes on.
That's our role.
That's our duty.
That's what the Founding Fathers certainly wanted, a kind of robust dialogue where everyone's a little unsatisfied.
What we have now is a small group who are satisfied.
They've taken control, said Linkletter.
And he went on from there, Linkletter agreed that Bush has dwarfed the crimes of the Nixon, commenting Nixon is a liberal compared to Bush.
Well, Bush is a liberal compared to this, actually, and it just goes on and on.
And then the big Michelle Malkin website.
Michelle Malkin's neocon blog fears Bruce Willis, now 9-11 truther, laments truly, truly depressing news.
Following our exclusive yesterday about a scanner darkly director Richard Linkletter's efforts to spread 9-11 truth,
We're in the film-making community, including formerly die-hard neocon Bruce Willis.
A Bush's blog has voiced its fears that Willis has left the fold of the government apologist crowd.
He hasn't been around a lot lately spouting New World Order stuff the last six months, has he?
Hot Air is a popular video blog founded by neocon poster child Michelle Malkin, created to challenge the supposed liberal domination of the internet streaming video market.
Calling Willis an apparent rethink of his political stance, like Schwarzenegger converting to Islam,
Oh yeah, he's so conservative, Schwarzenegger.
Hot air quotes from the story.
Linkletter said he had handed out DVDs on the set, which Kerry claims that 9-11 was portrayed by the U.S.
government to erect a police state to Bruce Willis, one of the stars of Linkletter's upcoming Fast Food Nation.
He said it put him in such a headspace that he will be quiet on issues of national policy.
Linkletter said Willis had told him in an email that the videos had changed his entire political paradigm.
Complaining that Willis is now believing the plots of his own movies, Hot Air calls the development truly, truly depressing.
Yes, people might think for themselves.
Noting that Willis is producing a pro-war film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy, according to the Times, Hot Air laments that Willis could have his brain turned so easily to oatmeal.
The blog says that it contacted Michael Yon, of whose book Willis Film is based, to gauge exactly what Willis' opinion of Alex Jones DVDs are.
He received from Linkletter is.
And we'll hopefully find out something.
You know, it might just be Willis talking to his friend Rick Linkletter in person and then over email.
Oh yeah, this really woke me up.
You know, this shifted my paradigm.
Boy, I've got to watch who I support now.
That's basically what Linkletter told me he said.
And, you know, just maybe Bruce being friendly.
Bruce is a pretty smart guy, and he knows there's a lot of cashola.
Very talented actor.
I like him.
I don't like a lot of these actors.
I mean, I think he's got a presence.
I've liked him going back years.
Good actor.
I don't really like his Die Hard movies.
I like some of the others.
Twelve Monkeys and all of that.
But it's just a tragedy that more... I know a bunch of people bigger than Bruce Willis in Hollywood...
One of the biggest, if not the biggest person in Hollywood.
I happen to know, knows all about 9-11.
Okay, I'm just going to leave it there.
And they haven't gone public on it.
And I don't know why they haven't.
They've got a lot of courage.
They've shown that in the past.
And I don't know how they haven't.
Because we've got to save this country.
And 9-11 is the linchpin for this whole police state that's unfolding.
So if we don't expose that, I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't know.
I mean, we've got to do it.
We've got to do it now.
It is so important.
Because as Paul Herbert said, it is the cloak that is cloaking the globalist neocon agenda 110%.
We're going to be back with Jason Burmiss, one of the great guys at Loose Change 2 after this quick break.
And we will talk to him about a bunch of other issues as well.
I've got a few little news items all boomeranging in there, so stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
So Janice, where are you and Jim going on vacation this summer?
Definitely somewhere with a beach, though who knows if our feet will even touch the sand.
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I mean, these guys didn't just make a great film.
I think we're good to go.
And the very people that are out there kind of on the sidelines of the 9-11 Truth Movement will then garner interviews and contacts and reports off of your work while still savagely hatcheting at your head with hatred.
When all I have to you is thankfulness for really helping to energize the 9-11 Truth Movement.
You know, we're all in this together.
We're on a team, brother.
And you guys have great attitudes.
You're intelligent.
You're team players.
And you're the type of people I like to work with.
So, I'm kind of... Well, not kind of.
I admire you guys.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
And coming from you, that's a huge compliment.
Obviously, without you, most of this wouldn't be possible.
I mean, you really are a pioneer, not only in the 9-11 truth movement, but the patriot movement in general.
I'm just trying to survive here.
I'm trying to fight the globalists.
Tell us, give us just a few minutes, your view on the 9-11 conference we had in L.A., and then let's jump into the final months of production on your, I can't wait to see it, loose change final edition.
Well, the professionalism at the conference was just stellar.
I mean, the size of the ballroom alone was just grand.
You had number one presenters there.
Great evidence presented and the atmosphere was great there.
I mean, you could go up and talk to people.
Me and Dylan got a bunch of interviews for the final cut out there.
It was just really great, Alex.
And, you know, Dylan, I, and Corey are just really hard at work right now going through a bunch of footage and going through the interviews and trying to make a loose change final cut as airtight as possible.
Describe, I mean, try to give us just some little sneak peeks.
How is the final edition going to be different from the second edition?
Oh, massively.
I mean, if you saw the jump between the first edition and the second, basically we used about 30 minutes from the first edition and added about 50 minutes.
Made it more comprehensive for people to jump in.
Started off with a timeline.
You know, just a lot of factual events that you could look up in the mainstream media and say, wow, they did report this.
Well, I can't wait to see it.
Looking at the 9-11 Truth Movement itself, it is exploding.
It is growing by leaps and bounds.
Give me your thoughts on that, and then run down where you think this is going in the future.
Well, I just want to first comment on CNN.com's front page right now.
You can see Kevin Barrett in a favorable media piece, not the Hannity and Combs attack piece that just happened.
I understand you're having him on tomorrow.
And this is just the beginning.
The mainstream media is really starting to have to not ignore us, basically because their kids, their brothers and sisters have seen movies like ours and are now asking questions.
The population is becoming more and more aware.
And where I see this going is down to ground zero this year.
We're going to be giving out tens of thousands of our DVDs.
We're going to have Investigate 9-11 shirts.
We're asking people to bring camcorders so that provocateurs and legitimate crazies that are out there to disrupt this memorial are exposed.
And they're going to let us have our freedom of speech this year.
Who knows?
I might drop by.
We really hope you come down, Alex.
We really have...
Well, a lot of them are egomaniacs that attack you, but some of them are government agents, brother.
You've got to know that.
I mean, the stuff they do is right out of COINTELPRO documents.
The good news is, though, it isn't working.
I mean, it's a joke what they're trying to do.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, just look at this Vanity Fair piece.
People probably wouldn't have thought this was possible even a year ago.
That's what I was going to do next.
Two years ago, Vanity Fair eviscerated myself and Paul Joseph Watson.
Now they do a new piece.
By the way, it's up on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Actual screenshots of it.
You can read it in detail.
And then I read your piece, and it was, I'd have to say, leaning towards you, not just neutral.
Oh, absolutely leaning towards us.
And again, you're going to see more and more of this.
And again, it's because the husbands and wives, I mean, these people, they can't ignore us anymore.
I read that Vanity Fair piece about you and Paul Joseph Watson a couple years ago, and it was terrible.
It just shows the shift now.
Are concerned with this, that they're willing to do something now.
Now they're willing to at least start reporting it.
Well, I mean, here's another example that I want to talk more about Vanity Fair, and that's the main reason I got you on.
I'm glad you reminded me of that.
That's why I told my producer to get you on yesterday.
And I appreciate you spending time with us.
Is that take Bayer.
Now, we knew that Bayer, for over a decade, whenever they knew that they were putting tainted HIV blood products into Factor VIII, knowingly shipped it all over the world, hundreds of thousands conservatively died.
But that was never on the national television.
Now they're calling it a conspiracy, saying Congress is involved, the Food and Drug Administration.
Now that's breaking.
Now they're having to talk about the American Union.
It's because the mainstream media lost all credibility.
They're in a desperate freefall.
I have a CNN article today headlined, The Extinction of Mass Culture.
And it says that the Internet has destroyed mainstream media.
Oh, I completely agree.
I mean, that's how I got turned on to you.
I was just doing some investigating.
I had first, you know, started getting interested in what had really happened on 9-11 and the lead-up to the Iraq War, and I came across Road to Tyranny.
And after that, I mean, I just went through every piece of information I could find trying to prove you wrong, Alex, and I just couldn't do it.
You know, the documents, the history, they're on our side.
And we're in this because it is about survival.
And, you know, if these media organizations, they want to survive, they're going to have to come to the people.
And that's why I'm encouraging people that have seen this article to, you know, email these guys, say, great job, we want more, maybe get a subscription to Vanity Fair, tell them why.
You know, we need more of this reporting.
Well, I told the story during one of my speeches in L.A., but I go into the bar to eat a hamburger.
And the bartender's a fan.
Then both bartenders and servers at night are fans.
They're in the restaurant slash bar.
Then LAPDs, they're their fans.
Bodyguards of Sheen are fans who are just LAPD off-duty.
They say all the cops know the truth.
I'd probably say 30% of people just walking around the hotel who worked there were already, quote, fans of our work.
I'm in Chicago on trains with you guys.
Most Americans have seen Jerry Bruckheimer movies, but they don't know what he looks like.
You guys are being recognized, as well as I, by old men, young women.
And again, it's not ooh, we're being recognized.
It's ooh, this is an indicator of this is explosive.
I mean, we are kicking their hind end.
Oh, absolutely.
And like you said, it's not about us.
We're good to go.
They jump on them.
The Haitians are actually Christians.
Are you on a cordless, Jason?
Yeah, I am on a cordless.
Can you get closer to the jack for me?
I don't have one in the jack.
I'm sorry, I'm going to get closer to the jack.
The air conditioners just went on.
I'm sorry about that, Alex.
It's okay.
You see this all exploding in the mainstream media and even being exposed now.
I mean, CNN ran a huge piece where they went into one of the Haitian guys' homes and they showed his Christian Bible.
So, you know, their false flag terror seems to be falling apart.
Well, it is, and the reason I told the story about everybody, a lot of people, 30% or so, knowing us when we got to the hotel, they didn't become fans of the truth once we got there.
It was on the streets of L.A., huge numbers of people, the streets of Chicago, the streets of Canada.
I've got all this video in Ottawa where we'd just go turn a camera on in front of the parliament, and all these people were walking up to us there.
I mean, large portions of those that walked by, old people, young people, people from...
I mean, to realize the numbers of people that are already awake, it's crazy!
You know, it's not really crazy because it's the truth.
And once people are turned on to the truth, it's hard to go back.
You know, there are a few people out there that live very comfortably, and this would just completely crush their world.
Well, you know, as things get worse, people lose their pensions, their homes, are working two to three jobs to support their family, when only, you know, 10 to 15 years ago they had a union job.
It's easier for them to make that transition because they see the oppression all around.
Well, I totally agree with you in your statement, Jason.
Where do you think it's going to go from here?
Like I said, we're going to be down at Ground Zero, and this is the fifth anniversary.
Every mainstream media outlet in the world is going to be there.
And we're going to send a message to them.
And if there's not a new investigation by 2007 of September 11th, we're going out to the White House and we're staying there until something is done.
And we hope thousands join us.
Because we've got to realize that, you know, we might have to give up more than one day, possibly a week, a month.
God knows how long we're going to have to give up to sacrifice, you know, to keep this country intact.
I mean, just look at this Pan-American Union that's now being exposed on Lou Dobson.
I think you mentioned it yesterday.
Glenn Beck even mentioned it.
I mean, it is all over the place that they're basically crushing our sovereignty.
Well, they are.
I wonder if you'll be allowed to protest by the White House the new free speech zone.
You're not allowed to because we're so free.
Oh, absolutely.
And, you know, I've come across some of those free speech zones.
As you know, Dylan and I and Corey have been around the country, and, you know, they've tried to put us in some in New York, and it's just disgusting.
And now down in New York because of that subway tunnel plot and the train bombings that just happened,
They're searching bags again randomly.
Yeah, they're now saying that's permanent and it may expand out to the streets.
Oh, it should.
Let's just search everybody.
No one needs a Fourth Amendment anymore, Alex.
But the border will stay wide open and we'll just have cops in black uniforms that say, Everybody line up.
Random search.
It's freedom.
Oh, absolutely.
And cameras everywhere with face scanning technology.
I want to get a little bit more into the final edition, Rod.
Give us kind of a bird's eye view into the layout of the film.
Well, alright, for instance, you know, me and Dylan have been going through the Able Danger hearings because we really want to lay on the factual evidence that they more than knew.
And anybody who's watched these hearings, I mean, first of all, the five people that were going to come forward to say that they knew about Muhammad Adda and many of the terrorists and were ordered to destroy 2.4 terabytes of information on him for no good reason were all gagged.
They only could speak through their lawyers.
And, you know, I'm no huge fan of Kurt Weldon, but at least he brought the issue there
And it's very interesting to me that during the hearings, he actually admitted that James Woolsey, former head of the CEI, sat in on the meetings with Weldon and the officers.
So you know he was being handled from the start.
I mean, why would they destroy 2.4 terabytes of information on Muhammad Atta prior to 9-11, after 9-11?
They had gathered that...
Much prior to 9-11, I believe, 99 and before.
Well, they did it because he was their operative.
We know he was trained at U.S.
military bases.
Embassy heads were ordered to let him back into the country.
We know they were really decoys.
Absolutely, and you're going to see that in the movie.
People need to understand that there are multi-facets to this, and that's where we're really going to go.
In the past, we have focused mainly on the video evidence and the science, but we're going to go even deeper with the science.
I know Terror Storm, which was absolutely amazing, by the way, Alex,
The graphics in it look very good.
The pace is tremendous.
It's really going to grab a lot of attention for you.
Congratulations on that work.
But, you know, we're going to have Stephen Jones.
You had him in Terrorstone.
We're going to go into the Thermite.
We have a new clip of that that we actually previewed at your L.A.
We have the clip of Robert Mueller actually admitting that they have really no evidence that these hijackers did it.
You know, the FBI recently has come out and said that they don't want Osama bin Laden because
I don't know.
You know, when is it going to end?
I mean, these guys are still in office, and we know it doesn't matter.
I mean, Bush, again, vacations with Clinton and all these guys.
They're all best buddies.
You know, when are we going to change the system, bring it back to a restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you know, and throw these political monsters out?
Well, I agree with you, and they can't ignore us any longer.
All of us working together, all of us focused.
You know, the great thing about the way the world works is that in the truth moment,
The people that really care and are in it for the right reasons garner the attention, have the success, and are able to change things and get things done.
And people who are in it for the wrong reasons are so envious, so grasping, so hateful that they spend all their time attacking other truth-tellers
You know, without you, again, none of this stuff would be possible.
And Godspeed to you, Alex.
Those of you who haven't had a
Alex Jones' videos, you need to check them out, especially the police state movies.
Watch America Destroyed by Design.
He basically predicts what has happened in the last five or ten years, you know, five years before the fact.
It's quite amazing.
Well, it's not that hard to do when you have the globalist plan.
But, yeah, we talk about government-sponsored terror.
We say more of it's coming for a total police state they're going to use, and we're going to have an American Union, and foreign countries are going to take over all our ports and our highways, and biometrics and face scanners are going to go in.
All I did was read federal documents, so it wasn't that hard.
I mean, yeah, that's why people who think it's, quote, just the neocons doing this, the neocons are the current group of managers of all of this.
That's what's kind of sad about Paul Craig Roberts, that he can't get around that.
But he worked within that organization for so long, he probably had an up-close and personal view of what demons these neocons really are.
Oh, you were listening earlier then.
Oh, absolutely, Alex.
I listen all the time.
Well, I tell you, frankly, I want to go to ground zero.
I just don't want to be around the provocateur scum.
Listen, we all know the provocateur scum is going to be there, but I'm telling you,
Thousands of us are going to have cameras this year.
We're going to be able to do something very positive, and I really feel like we're going to be a part of history this year and really blow this story wide open on the forefront.
Oh, yeah.
Tens of thousands of DVDs to give out to regular citizens, firemen, police officers, family members.
It's going to be dynamic.
You know what?
I think I'll be there with you.
I hope so, Alex.
I really do.
Maybe we'll try to get a big crowd down there to support you.
I know there will already be a lot of people there, and we can outnumber the provocateurs 1,000 to 1.
That's right.
And we already are.
Now, how is Dylan dealing with all of this attention and the firestorm?
You know, Dylan is keeping busy.
Obviously, this is very, very tough for him.
Dylan's the super genius behind his computer.
I mean, Dylan does so much work.
And being attacked like this and being praised like this, we're all just trying to keep our heads on.
He's a very level-headed guy, as you know.
You met him.
And we're trying to do what's right for the movement, Alex.
Tons of people have tried to throw all sorts of money at us.
But, you know, we don't necessarily know whether they're in it for the right reasons.
And we want this movie to be seen by as many people as possible.
Well, it's exciting.
When we get back, let's talk about theatrical release.
Is that going to happen?
How is that going to happen?
When will we see that?
And the final segment with Jason Bermas, who, again, getting to know this guy personally, he's such an expert on 9-11.
And we're just so blessed to have people like him.
And, yes, I'm fawning all over him because...
I love winners, people that are defending this country.
We'll be right back.
Hey, folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right, folks, DVD.
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I think?
We're good to go.
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So become a PrisonPlanet.tv member today.
Jason, in closing here in the few minutes we've got left, loosechange911.com is the website.
Theatrical release.
Are we going to see it?
Absolutely, Alex.
It's going to happen.
Basically, we've had several offers while we were out in L.A.
We met with several people.
We're still in contact with them.
We're just worried about the content being changed.
We're going to make the movie because we've been told a million times, you can't do this, you can't do this.
If we listened to that, we wouldn't be where we are today.
These people are really behind us.
We have to get the right print and advertising.
It may be a little later than September 11th release date.
In fact, you might see a press release within the week.
Of course, we'll let you know what's going on.
But you're going to see this movie in theaters.
With God's help, this is going to be the biggest documentary of all time.
Well, I can't wait.
And when you premiere it in a theater, I want to fly out there and be with you, my friend.
Oh, of course, Alex.
Well, this is just exciting, and again, it's a testament to what we can do.
I mean, I don't imagine that when you guys first got together and decided to do this, that you could have even begun to imagine how successful it would be.
And so many people just don't take those first steps because they don't have confidence, but you guys did it for the right reason, and it's a big part of saving this country.
Well, thank you, Alex.
You're really flattering me right there.
Everybody just needs to do their part.
I mean...
Look at Corey.
He literally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and began to come to terms with this while he was overseas.
Dylan made this movie at times sleeping on a couch, working at a Red Lobster.
I used to be the guy on his way to work on the bus, his two jobs, handing out DVDs of your stuff to just random people.
So you can do a lot.
Oh, I know you can.
Again, you guys are a prototype, a testament to what all these other young people, old people, black people, white people, I don't care, all over the world listening right now.
Quit talking about it and take action.
And that's where we are today.
Educate yourself.
Get out there.
Be vocal.
Don't go to the mall this weekend.
Stand outside the mall and hand out flyers.
Well, you guys have all done that, and that's what you did to help get your film off the ground to begin with.
Just, it's so wonderful.
Well, we'll talk to you soon, Jason.
And Godspeed with your work.
I hope people visit LooseChange911.com.
And we're about to end the show.
I'd like to talk to you about one minute off air.
So we're going to put you on hold.
Stay right there, my friend.
You got it.
All right.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Again, I gave that speech in L.A., and I described how wonderful it was to be around all those heroes, all those people that stood up in the face of adversity, that took it on the chin, that got in the arena.
And none of you that stand up and fight the globalists are going to be perfect.
We're all going to make mistakes.
We're not going to do the best jobs that we could do.
That's how we learn.
The key is we're in the arena.
With God's help, we're going to win.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.