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Air Date: July 11, 2006
2308 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the 11th day of July, 2006.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours.
Coming up at the bottom of the next hour, the second hour, Richard Linkletter, the award-winning movie director.
We'll be joining us to talk about his new film, A Scanner Darkly, that opened in select theaters to incredible reviews by the critics Friday, and will be expanding out in the next month nationwide.
It is showing here in Austin, Texas, New York, Chicago, L.A., places like that.
So, Richard Linkletter will be joining us to talk about his dystopic, near-future, police state film, A Scanner Darkly, that deals with problem, reaction, solution, for 30 minutes of the next hour.
In the third hour, we have Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order.
For the last month, he's been doing his own program, Monday through Friday, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
And Jack McClam's been fighting the New World Order for, what is it, 24, 25 years.
He's an icon, an expert on the globalist crime syndicate, the International Crime Rings, and he'll be joining us to talk about some of the current events that are transpiring here domestically and internationally on this planet.
We are going to have open phones in this first hour.
Any news item, any issue, any question, any comment, you agree with me, you disagree with me, you want to talk about the North Korea situation, what's happening with the economy and the dollar, gas prices, NSA spying how the midterm elections are shaping up for a big Democratic win.
Whatever you'd like to discuss, it's a huge grab bag of issues.
We will get you up and on the air.
Here's just some of the news we have.
Satellite photos detect activity at North Korean missile bases reports.
AFP, the French news agency.
And it looks like they may follow up their last round of missile testing with even more.
NSA says it's too secret to be sued.
The South of the Baltimore Sun will cover that.
Colorado okays toughest U.S.
immigration bill at the state level yet.
Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue administration approved election scheme.
Mexico's Calderon's brother-in-law wrote the vote counting software, and it's already been attacked.
It's already been hacked.
And this, of course, concerns what's happening with the stolen election in Mexico.
Tobacco death toll could reach 1 billion this century.
Major study finds this covered by the CBC.
I've got some comments on that.
Another big report here out of Alternet.
Autism, a hidden epidemic, even exploding in higher numbers than it was just a few years ago.
An article by Paul Craig Roberts.
Whack attack.
Whack North Korea before it can protect itself.
Another report here I want to have a few words on concerning the flag burning legislation they're trying to pass.
What's really behind that?
But when we get back, I first want to focus in a little bit
On the situation with North Korea and then some of the new developments with the American Union that is now one of the hottest issues in the United States.
Finally, after decades of people trying to expose this ongoing public program, it has now broken into the mainstream.
And I would sincerely hope that callers to this broadcast would bring that subject up and give us your take, your view on it.
What's happened is, individuals now, the twin hottest issue of open borders and immigration, people have now figured out that that is inexorably intertwined as part of the same agenda to bring you the American Union and kill the United States of America.
I'm Alex Jones.
The website's prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
When we have a major victory, I think a lot of people in the truth movement, the patriot movement, the libertarian movement, the smaller government movement, the freedom movement, whatever name you want to ascribe to your particular ilk of freedom lover...
We don't really spend enough time on the victories that we've had.
And one of the biggest victories is 9-11.
Half of Americans in scientific polls believe the U.S.
government, elements of it, carried out the attacks.
68%, this is in two separate polls, believe that the government is covering up what happened on 9-11 and, quote, may have consciously failed to act.
50%, or if you want to get technical, 48%.
Believe that the U.S.
government was behind the attacks.
And we have the former Marine Corps historian, the head historian, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense going public and saying it's a cover-up and a lie and a fraud.
We have the head of the largest victims of 9-11, the largest group of victims' families going public saying all the evidence points towards an inside job.
We have stood up in the face of the storm...
Many of you since day one and warned people and made copies of DVDs and VHS tapes and posted on blogs and message boards and called into radio talk shows.
And when you get half the people
And that's in a scientific Zogby poll where they're calling people up at their homes and asking these questions.
I guarantee you it's higher than 50% because a lot of people would be nervous and wouldn't want the NSA that's listening in to know what their true views are or don't want to tell some stranger something that's controversial.
And that's why they've announced the NSA is spying on us.
That's why they've made it so prominent.
It's been verifiable in industry publications and in government documents since 1996 that all this was going on with the NSA.
But see, now they're trying to announce this to kill street corner talk, to kill talk on the bus or talk around the water cooler or talk at church.
It is an attempt to intimidate
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And more importantly, if we do not expose 9-11, the New World Order Crime Syndicate will continue to carry out terror attacks to forward an expansion of their ongoing program of world government and world domination and individual enslavement and micromanagement by the control freak high priest of the New World Order system.
So it is so important that we do this.
They are facing great setbacks at every level.
Worldwide, the neocon current crop of managers that work for the Illuminati are in deep trouble.
It doesn't mean they're out of the fight.
It doesn't mean we've beaten them.
We're good to go.
And we've got to go nine yards to get the first down here, ladies and gentlemen.
And we're on the fourth down right now.
And we can't punt.
We can't kick.
That's not a guarantee.
We've got to run the ball into the end zone.
It's got to happen.
We've got a chance to win this thing.
And the COINTELPRO operatives are coming out of the woodwork trying to distract, trying to divert.
They're pulling their hair out angry.
They're exposing themselves.
They're looking even more ridiculous.
That's blowing up in their faces.
Again, we're having victory after victory after victory after victory right now.
And we've got to first off, as I've always said, believe that we can win.
Believe that we can tell the truth.
Believe that we can stand up and expose the evil and stand against the darkness.
Another piece of wonderful news, and I'm going to your calls.
And that is that Glenn Beck last night on CNN, who is a horrible little neocon, very deceptive, but he knows where the ratings are.
He knows where his listeners are.
He knows where the people are.
He knows where their passion is.
He's being forced to come out and say, gee, I hate conspiracy theories, but I tell you, when one is admitted and documented, you've got to cover it, and America's dying, we're going into an American Union.
He's doing it because he's a sniveling creature for ratings.
Not Lou Dobbs.
You can really tell.
I've watched him for years.
He's getting away with what he can.
He's not an elitist.
His heart is in the right place, and of course he's getting the ratings.
Because we have the majority view.
Who's for America disappearing?
Who's for America merging with Mexico and Canada?
Who is for losing our sovereignty?
Who is for having the roads turn into huge toll roads, paid into international bodies?
No one!
No one!
You want to get precise, technical, specific?
Major polls in this state, 97% against the transponder tolls, and that's with people not even knowing 5% of the full story of what the American Union means.
And so now we have all of these different mainstream publications and TV shows going, well, we can't deny it, it's true, American Union, Congress didn't debate it, no one had a chance to vote on it,
The Bilderberg Group, of course, set up in 1954 in Germany.
They've released, I guess, brag about their crimes, some of their first 54 document minutes, and they say that, oh, we're going to set up an EU, this is how we're going to do it, we're going to call it a trade deal, that's even in the BBC.
Just type Bilderberg Group in, and one of the first links on
On Google Web, not news, Google Web, search the web, one of the first links is a group of BBC articles where, again, it's the Bilderberg group bragging.
These creatures are now bragging about how they killed Europe, they're trying to kill Britain, and how they're going to kill America, how they're going to kill the United States.
They were up in Canada a month, I guess just a month ago now,
Seems like 100 years ago.
So much has happened in the last month.
And we got the same intel out of there again.
They're hopping mad.
They're trying to create their American Union.
Bush hands it over to Homeland Security.
Chertoff is the person that sits at the head of the board over this prosperity partnership.
They've got three members from each country sitting on it.
We've had joint congresses with Mexico now going back five years as they set this up with Canada attending as well.
And they're simply directing the federal agencies to merge the countries right now!
As Lou Dobbs said, this isn't coming.
This is happening right now.
You understand?
The doors are closing on freedom.
The knife is being drawn across the arteries, the carotid arteries, the jugular, in the throat.
The blood is spewing and spurting.
Half the throat is already slit.
If America gets instant...
Emergency care, and we can pull back from this now, this country may survive.
May survive.
Blood is literally spurting in black gouts out of her throat.
The New World Order is snickering and gibbering and giggling right now.
They love it.
They love destroying this country.
It was such a thorn in their side.
I remember reading...
National Banking Association documents from, what, 108 years ago.
I remember reading public editorials in the Times of London that if those Americans are allowed to issue their own credit to not be under the European Central Banking System, it will spread as a revolution and our empire will be destroyed.
They've been hating this country for 230 years.
They've been scared of it, and now they've seized it?
They've seized the high ground in our government, the legislative, the executive, the judicial, and they're busy basically throwing down stumbling blocks off of their parapets against us as we attempt to take the country back.
And they're busy shouting their propaganda to all the peasants.
Oh, don't join the rebels.
They're evil.
They're crazy.
Don't join them.
But the people are starting to go, wait a minute, you're the enemy government.
Wait a minute, you're usurpers.
Wait a minute.
America's been sold out.
You know who owns and controls this country?
You can get these official financial numbers.
British elites, aristocracy, royalty, large German interests, large British interests, large Zionist interests, large European interests, come to this country and they stick coins in it like it's a vending machine and they pull the lever and what they want out of the vending machine pops out.
Pops out at the bottom.
And it's a joke.
They come in and buy your politicians.
They hand them the railways.
Here, private company.
Here, pay no money.
We'll pay you to take over the roads.
Here, they're yours.
Tax them 380-something per equivalent gallon of gas.
Oh, here, you want drug companies, foreign-owned?
You want to have an incentive to drug half the children?
Here, we'll just pass a federal law.
New freedom.
Oh, you want a national ID card to track and trace every purchase and everything we do and all of our movements?
Here, we'll just pass it and implement it and won't even tell the American people.
Over in England, the national ID card has failed eight times now in the last five years.
But over there, they're honest.
They say it's a national ID card.
Here, they don't call it that.
They don't even tell you.
They just pass the legislation and then they implement it at the state level.
But the good news is now the...
The cracks in the facade started years ago.
Now there's huge holes in this iron curtain of lies.
The sunlight is streaming in.
The public are squinting and squeezing their eyes.
They're blinded.
But they're starting to come out of their haze.
They're starting to acclimatize to the light.
They're starting to look around them.
They're starting to go, what in the world is going on here?
And it's blowing up in the New World Order's face.
All over the Western world.
From Australia...
To Canada, the United States, to England, to Germany.
They're throwing out the EU.
They're throwing out American Union and Latin America.
We'll come back, talk to Chris in Australia and others.
Stay with us.
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Chris in Australia.
Thank you for holding and calling.
You're on the air, my friend.
Hi, Alex.
How are you going?
Where are you calling us from in Australia?
Good, sir.
I'm in Melbourne.
Well, welcome.
What's on your mind?
Well, first of all, I'd like to say I'd like to thank you for everything that you do.
I've been following this whole movement probably now for about six months after 9-11 in plain sight was played on major television.
And I've now seen four of your movies several times over.
I actually just finished watching Bohemian Grove about half an hour ago and I must say I'm a big fan of what you do.
In plain sight was played on Australian television?
Yeah, Channel 10 in Australia, probably about five, six months ago.
Wow, that's incredible.
Yeah, and since then, like, there's been absolutely nothing, you know, absolutely nothing since then.
And my first question is, are you aware of any, you know, large, you know, truth movements in Australia?
There are a lot of people awake to what's happening in Australia.
You can just do a web search on it and find a lot of like-minded people.
In a big city like Melbourne, you can probably find quite a few groups.
Or if you don't find one, start your own.
Yeah, well, I'm in the process of doing that myself.
I mean, everyone I know is aware of what I'm doing at the moment, and it's quite concerning.
And there's a few things going on, which I'm not sure if you're aware of.
Oh, they're busy taking your rights.
They're busy trying to stop protests.
They're trying to get rid of your sovereignty, too.
Yeah, not only that, but our involvement in East Timor.
Now, there's a few things I've found out recently.
A leaked document from the Defence Force, which specifically says that a main point of the...
The involvement of the defence was to seek access and to exercise influence over the East Timoree decision making in the government.
Now that sort of leads on to the copious amounts of gold, nickel, other precious metals, oil and natural gas in the country which we're taking a hell of a lot of percentages of.
Yeah, Australia is involved trying to dominate a lot of different areas of your region.
I am aware of that.
Anything else you'd like to add from down under?
Yeah, I'm just curious.
I've been trying to find something else out.
Are you aware of whether John Howard has ever visited or been a part of Bohemian Grove?
Because some of the things he says and does is just very, how would I say, devil-esque almost.
Well, I haven't seen your Prime Minister listed on the membership roster, but there are a lot of visitors and guests.
I know a lot of foreign heads of state do visit the Bohemian Grove.
That, incidentally, kicks off in just four days.
They're going to be having another cremation of care.
Yeah, I guess they're going to be having like a 132nd annual cremation of care there in Northern California and engaging in their rituals.
Good to hear from you from down under, my friend.
Thanks for the call.
Now let's go a little bit closer to home.
Let's go to Moses in Texas.
Moses, you're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alexander of the Battle for God Jones.
I just have a couple quick takes and then I'll jump off the line.
Thanks to you, GCN, and the other station in spite of its owner, you know, it gives out solid info in times like these.
And, you know, some of the colors are kind of irreplaceable.
And just a quick shout out to Ron in New York, Jeff in Mass, fellow Texans Rita, Rodney, Gail, Stu, Kevin, Smith, and Horton.
Congrats to your symposium.
That you had out in L.A.
on 9-11, getting like-minded people together is always a plus, despite the fact that feds are probably all over that place like ants at a summer picnic.
But like I said, getting like-minded people together is always good.
In spite of that fact, I hope that you pulled out some unity strategy and organization because empire has it.
Do the rebels?
Because if they did, I heard about some folks up in South Dakota working on Amendment E.
They would have a lot of support.
I hear you.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
You know, as for your comment about feds crawling all over something, there were probably two or three feds in there writing up reports on the 1,200 people that attended our 9-11 symposium.
So what?
We'll wake them up.
Again, most people I know in and out of government are now waking up.
Most censorship is self-censorship.
Most mind control is passive.
The globalists just convince people to buy into their lie and to think that truth-tellers are bad and that 9-11 truth-seekers are liars.
And when people in government find out we're telling the truth, they join our ranks.
That's happening.
As more and more prominent people go public, the lie begins to crumble faster and faster.
Come back, Dr.
J.R., Jason, Kurt, and many others, toll-free number to join us, wide-open phones, 1-800-259-9231.
The director of Scanner Darkly, Richard Linkletter, my good friend, will be joining us for 30 minutes of the next hour.
We've got Jack McClam, police and military against the New World Order in the third hour.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
That's 12 noon to 3 p.m.
We're here live, 12 noon to 3 p.m.
Eastern, back from 9 to midnight.
We're going to go back to your calls, J.R., Kurt, Steve, Amy.
And many others here in just a few minutes.
I do want to get more into North Korea.
Set for more missile tests.
Lily asking for it, helping the neocons along.
As usual, and why not?
The neocons help give them the missiles and the reactors to enrich the uranium.
The NSA is defending itself in court, saying no one's allowed to sue it or investigate it because of national security, the perfect cover for the criminal activities they're engaging in.
Colorado, okay, toughest U.S.
immigration bill.
That's the headline of the Associated Press.
I don't know if I agree with that.
Really big news, man indicted in phone jamming case will argue administration approval of election scheme.
We'll do that after we take a raft of calls.
But first, Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts.
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But, Debbie, thank you for coming on with us.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you very much for having me.
We have some new specials.
Tell us about those.
Well, you know, over the years I've had people call me and say, do you all have flashlights with LEDs?
And I say, no.
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Well, Debbie, all of that is wonderful, but basically the key here is filtering your water.
The water is filled with hundreds of allowable poisons, toxins, herbicides, oil.
I don't know how anyone could drink tap water, and then bottled water, it's on record, is not safe.
You save a lot of money, and you can spend $10,000 plus and get a big system put in your house that's always breaking down and having problems.
Believe me, years ago before I knew about big Berkeys, I tried all this.
I mean, you spend, what, $199 to get the basic Berkey.
You can spend $259 to get the Berkey light with the LEDs and the chargers built into it.
You've got little solar panels that you can also purchase that go with it to then...
And again, that's not part of the water filtration system.
It's just a lighting system and plug-in system to run cell phones and other things off of a base that comes with the filter.
So it can kind of be a little emergency life support system.
And then you've got the water filters that are sport filters.
They don't cut everything out like the big Berkeys.
They just make the water safe to drink and really reduce the toxicity of the water.
What, 130 refills?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Radioactive isotopes depositing themselves in the thyroid.
The good potassium iodate, medical core grade, fills the thyroid and then you don't die from that.
Your pets, your children can take it.
You only take it when there's an event.
You've got so much people need.
It's made in America.
It is manufacturer's discount, directly wholesale.
Just buying one unit, folks, you get wholesale pricing.
And you support freedom in this broadcast.
So, Debbie, I don't know how people couldn't or wouldn't call you.
I don't either, and especially right now
You know, it's really very imperative that people start taking control of their life and burping their water.
And the season is coming, and we don't want people to wait until the last second and then have us try and get something to them that can't get there.
So our minds are open, and this is a great time for people to give us a call.
And we'll be glad to take their orders and get their orders shipped right away for them.
Well, that happened last year during the hurricane.
You guys actually got behind a week or so just in manufacturing because things got so crazy with the hurricanes.
And it's great to have this for emergencies, but I want people to get it to stop drinking all this poison in the water and start using it right now.
Folks, give Debbie a call.
1-888-803-4438, 1-888-803-4438, or BerkeyWater.com, or InfoWars.com.
Debbie, thank you so much for spending time with us.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
You bet.
Folks, give her a call if you missed that number.
Even if you're listening tonight, call, leave your name and number, she'll call you back.
Don't wait.
All right.
Let's go ahead and go back to your phone calls.
Let's talk to...
Amy in New York first.
Amy, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to let you know I have a quick comment and a question.
I noticed driving through downtown there's a building with some graffiti on it and one day I realized that the word Infowars.com and Prison Planet were spray painted on the building and about a week later they were covered up with paint and all the other graffiti has never been covered so I just thought that was kind of strange.
And my question is
Has anything been on C-SPAN regarding the 9-11 symposium?
I've been checking and haven't been able to find anything.
I'm wondering if you know what's going on with that.
We have received, no exaggeration, hundreds of phone calls at this office, hundreds of emails.
In fact, it's been so long, two plus weeks since they videotaped it, we're even getting letters now.
And people are asking, where is it?
C-SPAN customarily airs it within a week, a panel discussion, sometimes within two to three weeks.
So they've got another week or so until we know something's going on.
But that roundtable discussion, that panel discussion with Professor Fetzer and, of course, Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program, and Professor Jones and Webster Tarpley and myself,
It was so hard-hitting and so cutting-edge and hardcore that, I mean, in my gut, I thought they'd never air it.
But, you know, we didn't hold back either.
We laid out the facts, and it's so devastating, I don't know if they will.
And I haven't given out C-SPAN's number.
Let's be clear.
When I was out of town a few days before the event, Jack Blood and others did get on air and say, you know, you ought to call C-SPAN and get them to cover it.
And that was a good idea.
People did call C-SPAN.
They did cover it.
They had a three-man team there, two cameras.
And the C-SPAN crew, by the way, was convinced.
They love the conference.
But where is it?
Bombarding the poor secretaries that field the phone calls, I guess is okay.
But I really think the calls should be directed to all live C-SPAN programming.
After the Senate has a vote and they open the phones up for 30 minutes for comments, boom, hit them.
When they have Washington Journal, boom, hit them.
And call in.
And just say, hey, where's the 9-11 neocon symposium?
The prisonplanet.com, infowars.com covered.
Give those websites out.
But by the way, if you're a prisonplanet.tv member, for 15 cents a day, you can go to prisonplanet.tv, watch it in high bandwidth, low bandwidth, download it, three different formats, shot by five different cameras.
We have a five-camera shoot.
It's a lot better than C-SPAN's coverage.
You can go watch it there, burn copies of it, give it to people, and listen.
I'd give this out for free.
We wouldn't even have prisonplanet.tv, but the bandwidth is too expensive.
So the 15 cents a day with members just pays for the bandwidth and the webmasters, and the thing is breaking even and really helps our operations.
So get a prisonplanet.tv membership, and all of you can see what it looks like may be too hot for C-SPAN to handle.
Are you still there, Amy?
Isn't it interesting that the Infowars and Prison Planet were spray-painted over?
I wish you'd take a photograph of that.
I wish I did.
I can take a photo of the building with the covered-up paint, but, you know, underneath it says the website.
Well, you know what?
So all the other graffiti has been left alone for years.
How big was it?
Big enough to see it from the road driving by.
Big enough to where people, I'm sure, checked it out.
Give us the address of that.
What's it at the corner of?
It's in Buffalo downtown.
There's a building.
It's not really on a corner.
It's driving through on the expressway.
I can email you better directions and I'll try to get a photo of it for you.
Well, thank you, Amy, and thank you for the call.
It's an interesting call how you see just my websites being censored by the establishment and not the other graffiti.
And let me be clear on my position on graffiti.
I think graffiti on private businesses is bad.
Somebody tagged my office saying,
Here, and I haven't removed it, c'est la vie, fine.
I don't have time to deal with it.
But at the same time, I think government, expressways, vacant buildings, especially if it's political messages, that's what original graffiti, or I should say, well, ancient graffiti was about where good hunting spots were, or the name of the tribe, or some celestial...
We're good to go.
Where I really like it is on billboards, government propaganda billboards, anti-gun billboards, anti-family billboards, police state billboards.
All the time there's graffiti on them in Austin, and I'm not doing it.
No one I know is doing it, but I'm not going to lie to you.
The government uses our money to put these messages out to brainwash us, and I think it's great that people are climbing up those billboards and spray painting on it.
We paid for that to begin with, so it's good to have the actual people go up there and spray paint on it.
I love it.
So good job.
And we know they've tagged government buildings, they've tagged old facades of old buildings.
I've gotten emails from New Zealand, Canada, just all over the country, and half the time we're so busy we don't post it.
We should have an area on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com where street art political messages are posted.
And so I'm not telling people to go out and start tagging everything.
Though there are Infowars.com bumper stickers all over the place.
I've been walking down the street in New York and seen one.
People, friends and family all the time are in foreign cities or in Canada or in England and see it.
And it's a great way to get the message out at the street level.
In fact, we've thought about putting stencils in free with orders if people specifically request them.
You know, the actual graffiti stencils.
But we just haven't done it.
I mean, this is a war.
We've got an enemy that controls the dominant airwaves that is lying to us about 9-11, lying to us about the open borders, lying to us about a thousand instances.
And graffiti on a major bridge will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in a week.
And if it gets painted over, oh dear me, what happens if you climb back on there and spray paint it again?
But please don't do anything dangerous, folks.
I'm not advocating you do that.
I personally have thought about scaling cameras and doing things.
I personally have restrained urges to get spray paint and go out and tag myself.
Something I've never done in my life.
Something I've never done in my life.
Because it's a great form of physical activism.
I want to get the guy on.
I'm going to tell my producer this.
I never did it.
All the time on the weekend, I'm reading websites and news, and I never get around to telling my producers this.
My wife wore Kevin Smith, who also helps doing it.
I want to get the guy on.
I forget his name.
He has a website who tagged Air Force One.
I mean, they scaled a fence at the dead of night with armed guards walking around in sentries.
There's video of this.
And they scaled, and they spray-painted Air Force One.
I mean, that is daring.
And it's peaceful.
Notice you didn't hear about that on national news, though.
They don't want you to know about that.
All right, let's go.
That is bold, folks.
That is courage.
I mean, I don't have the courage to scale some 15, 18.
I mean, it's some giant barbed wire fence.
They videotape the guy jumping it, running up and attacking Air Force One.
And there's armed sentries, troops with guns walking around.
They run right behind them.
I mean, you talk about really Mission Impossible for real.
All right, I'm out of control.
Let's go back to the calls.
Kurt in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Kurt.
Just wanted to let you know a little bit about a limited freedom of speech that happened to me out here in the world.
Yes, sir.
I hurt my hand about a couple weeks ago and had to go to an emergency clinic here in the town and pulled up in front of it and it had a glass front to the building and
And when they started to usher me into the examination room, the male nurse looked out and saw my vehicle that has several anti-UN stickers as well as the Infowars sticker on it, and he said, whose car is that?
Let me stop you.
We didn't set this up, folks.
Amy called in...
Kurt called in, and notice it's a theme.
We have this with the calls.
This is almost magical.
I want to know the name of the clinic.
Finish your story.
I'm going to shut up.
Go ahead.
And he said, whose car is that out front?
And I said, it's mine.
And he said, well, I don't like the stickers and stuff you've got on the front of it.
And I said, well, that's your right.
It's free country and freedom of speech.
He said, I don't care to hear it.
And he took me back to the examination room as just a nurse.
And he kept pressing the issue.
And I said, listen, it's my right to believe the way I believe and you to believe the way you believe.
And he says, yeah, but I don't have to treat you.
He said, you go find an unpatriotic clinic.
And he put me out.
I want the name of that clinic right now.
It was Minor Emergency Clinic on Barrow in Abilene, Texas.
Minor Emergency Clinic in Abilene.
On Barrow?
On Barrow.
And did you get this guy's name?
No, I tried to, and I called back and tried to get it.
By the way, in the past, that was... And they put me on hold and wouldn't tell me.
By the way, in the past, that was illegal to refuse care, but now they do that more and more.
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear more about this, sir.
Oh, boy, I tell you.
Stay there, Kurt.
Oh, yeah, people pull up at the VA all the time with stickers the cops don't like, and they throw them out.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate medium.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
That's InfoWars.com or 888-253-3139 Or watch the film right now online at PrisonPlanet.tv
Thank you.
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We've gotten confirmed reports of the thing that happened to Kurt all over the country.
It's a minority of people, but they buy into this Stasi thing.
...type mindset of really getting upset at people who have anti-UN stickers, Infowars.com stickers, we have law enforcement manuals, and this has been in the news, and openly say if someone has an anti-UN sticker, go ahead and arrest them, and it tells the police chief, I'm not kidding, we have this posted on the website, mainstream news, police chiefs, support your officers, just go ahead and bring them in and make sure they're not criminals, because that's a sign of criminality.
It's the opposite.
It's this whole UN system that's getting rid of our borders right now.
But see, they're becoming the minority.
Now it's national news.
Kurt, I mean, describe word for word what this guy said to you, and what was your injury?
My injuries, I slipped with a wrench and knocked a big chunk, I mean a very large chunk of hide off of my hand nearly down to the bone on the back.
And I was going there for aid and a tetanus shot.
And the fellow said, well, said, people displaying stuff like that that I consider unpatriotic.
And I said, well, that's your right, and it's my right to express what I want to.
What did he look like?
What did he look like?
He was just a little small...
Fellow with glasses, the male nurse that they had there.
Sir, you need to go complain to the owners.
Most people are against the U.N.
in major polls and are certainly for the First Amendment.
You need to find out the owner of the facility.
The owner of the facility is a foreign doctor that came to this country.
Oh, boy.
But the name of it is Minor Emergency Clinic.
Minor Emergency Clinic, yes.
In Abilene, and it's on what street?
Barrow and Southwest Drive.
At the corner of Barrow and Southwest Drive.
Do you have a computer?
No, sir.
Not hooked to the Internet.
No, I don't.
Can you buy a $5 disposable camera and go take pictures of that place and mail them to me?
Yes, sir, I can.
I've got several cameras.
I can get someone to do it at the present time.
I fell and broke a hip, so I'm not able to do it, but I can get someone to do it.
Did you break the hip after the other accident?
Yes, I fell in my front yard and broke the hip.
You're going to get better, my friend.
You sound like a real patriot.
I try to.
I duplicate your videos that...
Three or four copies a week and try to get them out to people, whoever will take them.
I mean, we've got protesters that protest.
The Bilderberg getting threatened to have their arms cut off by the secret police in Canada.
We've got gun dealers being raided because they have anti-Nazi material and my material.
I mean, this is getting scary, isn't it?
It is getting terribly scary.
I do believe that we're in the early stages of 1984, like Orwell wrote just about 26 years later.
Yeah, this guy would fit in nicely.
I'm going to put you on hold.
I want to get your number, Kurt.
And will you also, do you have this Pipsqueak's name?
No, sir.
As I said, I called the clinic.
I said, I need to find out who your male corpsman is there that conducts people in.
And she said, why?
Let me guess.
Are you a veteran?
I've been in the military.
I'm not a veteran of foreign wars, no.
Well, my point is that you've served this country.
It's the classic M.O.
They refused care because they didn't like your bumper stickers.
That's the new America.
Yes, that is.
And they said, well, you'd have to talk to such and such lady.
She ain't here.
I said, I wouldn't have to talk to them to get his name.
I said, I would just like to...
I have his name, and she said, well, I'm going to have to put you on hold.
All right, listen.
I'm going to have to put you on hold.
We're going to get your number, and we'll be in contact, Kurt.
We'll be right back.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, joining us from New York City, where he's up there promoting the release of A Scanner Darkly, is Richard Linkletter.
One of the most awarded and loved directors in the United States.
He's known for big blockbusters as well as classical avant-garde art films.
And I got to know Rick, I guess going back about seven years ago almost now...
When he was in pre-production of Waking Life, that I was honored to be a part of, and now he's made a scanner darkly, which, no exaggeration, I spent about an hour and a half.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey Alex, how you doing man?
Well, actually, not too busy.
Once the movie opens, I don't have much to do.
They keep me busy right up to that moment, you know, doing interviews and stuff.
But now it's just kind of out of my hands, you know.
The baby's going off to college.
I don't have much to do.
Well, I tell you, it was quite a baby.
Rick, what do you think of the reviews?
All I've seen is positive.
I think the vibe out there is pretty good, which is surprisingly, it's such a non-mainstream kind of...
Crazy movie, you know, that really challenges a lot of, I don't know, assumptions out there.
You know, I'm surprised it's doing so well.
But, I mean, not everybody loves it.
You know, it's not for everybody.
But, yeah, I've got to be pleased that it seems timely, I think, in a lot of ways.
And that's what people, I think, maybe are responding to.
I haven't given away much on air or in articles I've written or people that work with me have written about the film, but you did give a little bit away in a Chronicle interview.
I don't know how far you want to go, but I tell you, this film is extremely timely, and the media has been bringing that up to you, how much this mirrors what we see happening today.
Yeah, I mean, even people, if they don't...
Totally understand the movie.
It's a complex movie, but they get the basic message about in this future world, it's set seven years in the future, where these people are more or less under surveillance all the time.
All your calls are being tapped.
All your actions sort of are monitored in a population that's pretty used to it.
There's not a lot of,
With the exception of your character, Alex, there's not a lot of resistance we see going on anywhere.
People adapt pretty easily to this, and I think that's what, it seems like kind of a nightmarish scenario, but it's presented in a pretty normal fashion, so I think that sort of got people thinking about, oh gosh, we're just sheep being led to this kind of, this conditioning sort of works eventually.
So I think people were responding to that, and you know, current,
You know, just everything going on right now, every couple weeks we find out something new from our, you know, some secret stuff our government's doing, you know, whether it's NSA wiretapping or, you know, just any number of things, just constant.
So I think, yeah, it's a real suspicious time right now.
I think it's a lot like...
Post, you know, Nixon period where we realized the government's not being straight with us at all.
And that's when Philip K. Dick wrote this novel in 1977.
I want to talk about PKD and the critics are saying this is the closest...
True adaptation from the novel.
You tried to be true to that.
I want to speak about it.
I also want to talk about the production and post-production of this film.
Really two films.
And I want to talk about some of the other facets of this film.
We'll be right back with Richard Linklater.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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The Alex Jones Show
All right, welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Eight minutes, 30 seconds into this second hour.
Richard Linkletter, award-winning director.
Again, he's directed blockbusters and critically acclaimed art films as well.
The first big movie he made was Slacker.
And he joins us right now to talk about his new film that released in some of the major cities around the country.
It'll be opening up nationwide in the next month or so.
A Scanner, Darkly with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, and many, many others.
Rick, jumping straight into it, when did you first get attracted to Philip K. Dick and then run through it, kind of in a thumbnail sketch, how this project developed, how you wrote the script, and the production and the post-production?
Wow, I mean, that's a long process.
But I always liked Philip K. Dick.
I didn't read him really as a teenager.
I came to him a little later, you know, in my 20s.
And just, I mean, he's not like a lot of science fiction writers.
I mean, to me, his people are just really normal Joes like everybody else who are trying to get through the world.
And he just had such great imagination and just kind of incredible mind.
And he's very funny, really humorous.
You know, kind of wickedly funny, darkly humorous.
So, in this movie, I really wanted to bring out the humor of his writing through these characters, because that is the story, really, the humor here.
So, I think it was after Waking Life, Tommy Pallotta and I were talking about... Philip K. Dick sort of permeated our thinking on that movie, so I was thinking, you know, that maybe if Philip K. Dick...
Novel or story would work for this animation, and I started thinking about Scanner Darkly, that it would work really well.
And, because it puts your, kind of, it's a disorienting story.
The character's having a, the main character, Count of Reeds character's having a split brain phenomenon, and he's addicted to this drug.
There's a drug epidemic in the future, so the animation sort of puts the viewer's mind in that
In a similar state of, you know, surreal, where you don't really know what's real and what's not.
And he's also a member of the secret police.
There's this giant Halliburton-type corporation, Newpath, hanging over the entire atmosphere.
Yeah, it's a future world where the government sort of has just privatized everything.
So they've more or less outsourced this war on drugs to a big corporation, a quasi-governmental corporation that's outside the boundaries of accountability.
So, you know, they've got their own private contracts with the government and everything.
Philip K. Dick kind of saw the future.
Before it was even called the drug war, he saw the extremes of where that was going.
And as I wrote this in late 2001, this whole movie came up.
I think it seemed even more urgent to me in a post-9-11 environment.
I was reading...
This book saying, well, this is really about right now.
It's easy to imagine the future where the endless, unwinnable drug war would sort of meld in with the endless, unwinnable war on terror and how governments and corporations could profiteer and the effects of that on the individual, on the citizens, the numbing effects.
So it's this huge cautionary tale on a lot of levels.
Is that what attracted this huge A-list of top actors?
What did they end up being paid, like $60,000 or something apiece?
And Keanu Reeves has made $100 million on one movie before.
Well, you know, actors are artists who are looking for a good part, always, and something they can chew into.
And I think everyone saw the depth of Philip K. Dick's ideas here.
And they seem very timely in their parts.
These characters actually have interesting relations with everybody around them.
There's a lot going on.
People don't know.
You know, identities are revealed.
And I think they just kind of dug into the material, and thank God they did, because I don't think I would have got this movie made otherwise without this list of
You know, without this wonderful cast, but they're all perfectly cast.
Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, Winona Ryder.
Personally, I think Robert Downey Jr.
is the most powerful.
Well, he's Barris.
He's this one character who's just totally off the hook, you know, and Robert's probably one of the only people who could play that part.
But he's like so many scumbags I've known in real life.
He's like every roommate you had in your 20s who just kind of drifted into your house.
You know, so I knew all these guys, you know, so...
But I think they're all wonderful, and we had a great time making it, but a lot was going on at the time we were making it.
So we would sit around and talk politics, talk the deeper meaning of everything, and we had a great time making it.
We shot the film very inexpensively.
We did it on a low budget.
Everybody worked for scale, that kind of production.
That's the only way you get anything real made.
Well, I think that's a key point here.
We hear the term avant-garde or something totally new before it's time thrown around a lot, but this is avant-garde.
I mean, this is a rebel picture, in my opinion.
It was made against all the odds, some trials and tribulations, which I think in a way makes it even sweeter, but I want to get your take on that.
But secondarily...
It was revolutionary the way you did this rotoscoping, the incredible quality of it.
There have been big reports written by some of the big animation sites saying that this would take Disney $100 million to make.
You guys did it for about $9 million.
And not just the look of it, getting all these big stars, and then it's funny, it's scary, it's nightmarish, it's police state.
Well, you know, I've got to say, it's fun to be making a movie that you know...
We didn't really have a roadmap.
There wasn't any precedent for us.
That's why it took a long time when you're doing something that kind of fundamentally, technically hasn't been done before.
But it definitely felt like we got away with something.
Like I said earlier, I owe it to the cast and everybody who came in and worked for well below, you know, for nothing, just to kind of come aboard this project.
But that's, you know...
It's how anything in this world, once you take away profit motive and everyone wants to do something just to express themselves and make something happen in opposition to what the bigger world even wants to be out there.
So we definitely felt like we got away with something.
Just to even be able to put this out there in the world felt like a triumph of some kind.
But just like within the movie itself, there's this kind of very subtle resistance going on
You know, beneath the surface.
In a way, you feel that way yourself.
You're sort of commenting on the current climate and what's going on in the world.
In your own way, you have to fight against it.
Well, and then there's the atmosphere of the set.
I mean, you've got all these people walking around, all these famous people, and they're reading 1984 and passing along Alex Jones 9-11 videos.
It was quite an atmosphere.
That's right, Alex.
I've been giving out your video to everybody.
It informed everything we were doing.
It was definitely the world we were living in.
When I was writing this, I got this... I was in LA for a couple days with a rented car.
I went through a... This is when I was doing the adaptation.
Not sure... You have your own doubts about, well, how's this movie going to work?
And it was like, you know, one in the morning, not a car on the road.
I kind of go through a yellow light.
A little flash goes off.
I said, huh, is that one of those?
And sure enough, like a week later, I get a picture of myself, my license plate.
They track me down through the rental car agency.
I never talk to another human, but I get a ticket for like $265.
You know, like I never... You know, that was just crazy.
I was like, oh my God.
You know, I heard Philip K. Dick just laughing at me.
You know, like, okay, I never even... And the ticket's so expensive.
You do a little research and you found the company that puts that technology in place and they're
Why not?
Yeah, sure.
You know, there are a lot of campaign contributions there.
But, I mean, what's the next step?
You know, you cross the street at night, you know.
And you get a ticket for jaywalking because biometrically they can read who you are?
Actually, the feds have now paid for all over the country to put face scanning software into the cameras, hooked into them.
And now Texas, in the legislature, they've reintroduced the bill to put a transponder in all inspection stickers to turn all the major roads into toll roads.
Yeah, I mean, this is crazy.
And it's funny how Philip K. Dick could imagine some of this stuff 30 years ago, and he was a crackpot.
He was a paranoid conspiracy person from the margins to be laughed at.
That plus a generation equals reality.
It's the world we're living in.
So, I don't know.
I mean, in many respects, this film is now, as you said, but some of the facets are seven years in the future.
Plus, there's another aspect of problem, reaction, solution.
Who's behind the drug war?
Who's generating this?
Who really stands to gain?
And I don't want to give that away, but this film has quite a few twists, doesn't it?
I mean, it's always who's behind everything.
You know, you look at
I mean, everything in our culture, you know?
Well, shifting gears to what's happening right now, your take on the war on terror, the Iraq, Iran, the NSA surveillance, Bush saying he's above the law, Rick.
Oh, it's the most extreme I've ever seen in my lifetime.
I think, well, ever, obviously, in American history, this kind of executive branch grab of power is so unprecedented.
You know, it's...
I mean, it's frightening to such an extreme that it, I don't know, I mean, I see a certain schizophrenia in our population right now.
It's so extreme that people don't even know what to do.
You know, like, how do you comment?
How do you, you know, we're slowly being boiled, you know, to death like that proverbial crab.
You know, it's like, well, what do you do?
What's the outlet for this?
How do you voice your opposition?
How do you
How do we reel in our government?
I don't know, man.
I think that's what you've done, Rick.
I mean, would you say this film is, at least to some extent, a political statement?
Yeah, of course.
I mean, there's that in it, for sure.
Rick Linklater, stay there.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back with the award-winning director, my good personal friend, and a visionary on the other side.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey, Scanner Darkly in theaters in major cities in the United States, expanding out nationwide in the next few weeks.
Be sure to get out there and support it.
Tell everybody about it because true filmmaking needs to be supported.
But I feel vindicated.
I wrote all these lavish reviews about the film, which I didn't do on Waking Life, which I thought was a great film.
This one really got me impassioned.
And now I see a lot of the big Chicago Tribune reviews, and it's saying basically what I've said.
This is avant-garde.
This is something before its time.
This is something totally new.
And folks, you know I don't hype stuff.
I speak from the heart.
This film is incredible.
It's a challenge, too.
And that's good.
I hate going to action movies where you feel like you just ate a McDonald's cheeseburger when you leave.
It was okay when you were watching it, but afterwards you feel like you've had your soul sucked.
Rick, I'm kind of babbling here, but you get the point I'm making?
Well, that's true.
I mean, I feel that way quite often.
I mean, everybody sort of likes a popcorn movie, but by the time you get to the parking lot, if it's already out of your brain, that should tell you something.
I don't know if it is out of your brain.
No, you're right.
You just crystallized my long statement.
That's exactly what I mean.
So, I mean, Scanner definitely, I mean, it's the kind of movie that makes you want to,
You realize, oh, if I watch it again, I'll understand even more.
There's a lot of layers and things you would only understand fully on a second time, but hopefully you're intrigued enough the first time.
Well, that was the same thing with Waking Life.
The first time I saw it, I liked it.
The second time, I loved it.
The third time, I liked it even more.
And now that's become a cult classic, and it's somewhat evergreen.
I mean, I've always kind of had that experience.
If you're really honest with yourself and you do something...
It's unbelievable.
I don't want to get into my little role in the film and little places where I pop up in the film.
It's important, though.
You know, your one scene that we worked up that's not part of the book, per se, but it's of the material.
It's really important, I think.
Your character is standing on a, you know, in a parking lot, kind of, you know, with a call to arms, sort of.
What happens to you?
You can, I don't know.
It's not really giving anything away, is it?
No, in fact, let's just play a short clip of that audio.
Go ahead and... This is a fun scene to work on, too.
We're just going to roll a few seconds of it.
Go ahead and roll it.
The Substance D clip, guys.
Where did Substance D come from?
Why can't we stop it?
The bigger this war gets, the more freedoms we lose, the more Substance D is on our streets.
Can't you figure this out?
And, of course, I don't end up in too good a shape in the film either, do I, Rick?
No, the little van pulls up and you get carted off.
There are several big twists at the end of the film.
Everybody needs to get out there and see it.
Rick, do you think that the film is going to be seen as a political statement by the media, by the critics?
Yeah, I mean, well, I think on one level it's seen as a story and, you know, people laugh and are entertained, but I think on another level it really can't help but be seen as a social critique.
You know, it's just too much...
Thought has gone into it for people not to kind of see that whole side of it.
I mean, it's so much what the movie's about.
Tommy invited me out to the L.A.
premiere, but I couldn't make it.
The only reason I wanted to go, though, was to find out what the actors thought of it when they finally saw it.
What was their view on it?
Oh, they all really love it, and they've all seen it several times now.
So, yeah, I mean, they keep
Keep finding more stuff in it.
They're all very much behind the film, which is flattering.
Some actors don't really get behind the film.
Well, that's really what I found talking to people all over Austin who've seen it, is that everybody is drawn to something different in the film because it has so many layers.
Yeah, well, that's great.
I mean, no one could be closer to this movie than me, having worked on it for so long, and yet I still see it and still get things out of it.
That I can only attribute to Philip K. Dick's, like, strong, you know, deep metaphorical ideas.
You know, just the notion of identity and, you know, privacy.
Everything about, you know, their deep ideas, you know, that kind of resonate.
Well, he's the most adept sci-fi writer into film, and his family on their own website says they haven't liked many of the films.
They are really ecstatic about this.
Well, yeah, I mean, that was our goal, to be very faithful to his story, not just to grab a few of his great ideas and make an action thriller about it, which you can do and has been done.
I really wanted to tell this story from A to Z. You know, it's adapted from the 70s to now, set in the near future, but it is that story, Scanner Darkly.
So we were striving for a...
Authentic, you know, adaptation.
Because he's a great novelist.
I mean, he deserves to have his stories told.
Final segment with Richard Linkletter on the other side.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
And that's what A Scanner Darkly is about.
To a great extent is a war on for the mind.
What's behind Substance D?
In fact, Rick Linkletter, in the Chronicle here locally in Austin,
I had a quote about that.
Kay Dick imagined with this drug war and the blending of that and this war on terror are two twin unwinnable wars that we've got now.
You know, they're just going to go on indefinitely.
And Dick saw pretty clearly how that wasn't going to help any citizens and instead was just another form of control under the guise of helping people.
And he's got another quote in here about how this drug basically turns people into slaves to the state or zombies.
That's really the point that Dick makes in the book is about how his friends were basically just like children having fun playing in the street who got hurt.
The bigger the drug war gets the more people we have in prison the more drugs are on our streets the bigger the police state expands.
And really, these are people who are just addicted to substances.
You talked in another interview about the drugs.
Somebody who you'll know for years, you don't even know is on drugs, and suddenly they die.
Oh yeah, he was on heroin, he was on cocaine.
Can you speak to the sense of loss?
And really, in a way, this is kind of an autobiography of Philip K. Dick and things that happened to his friends.
Yeah, it was very, very personal to him.
Philip K. Dick had a problem with methamphetamines.
Primarily prescription drugs.
And this is kind of an honor of all the people he lost along the way.
The book and the movie end with a memoriam with a list of people, casualties.
He put himself on the list, too.
So I think he saw how he was a casualty himself.
He died at 53.
So we were denied several decades of more Philip K. Dick work because of that.
And his point was these people weren't bad people.
They never really harmed anyone.
They just got in over their head.
And, you know, it's sad.
It's really sad.
And I think everyone working on this film, we all had our own list.
We honored Philip K. Dick's list.
But I think everybody, you get older, you have your own list of people
You know, you've lost friends who, and often the most vibrant, alive, intelligent people you'll ever meet, too.
It's very sad that they're responding in a way that is not healthy for them personally.
I've personally lost several old friends this year, or in the last year, from drugs.
Yeah, and it's not just drugs.
It's alcohol.
It's other behaviors that are, you know, that are risky.
You know, so...
I mean, there's all kinds of things we're all doing all the time that are dangerous.
George Clooney was one of the producers on this.
Is he happy with the film?
You know, he and Stephen, their company, Section 8, within Warner Brothers, they optioned the book for me five years ago or whatever and did me a big solid there.
But, you know, they're very busy with what they're doing, George and Stephen, so I haven't really talked to them too much.
You know, they saw the film, but I think they're laying back.
You know, they don't want to... Because of...
Their profile, I think they didn't want to overshadow or be too up front and center about it all, but they definitely had a crucial time.
Well, it's already so political.
Do you think George Bush will watch this film, and if he does, what will he take away from it?
No, he will never watch this film, and even if he did, I don't think he'd take away much from it.
Hey, maybe he'll invite you to the White House.
You can show it to him there.
No, I'm offended.
I know he does invite some films to the White House, and they watch them, so...
Yeah, I'm surprised this one isn't there.
Would you go to the White House and sit on the couch next to our Fuhrer?
Absolutely not.
You know, I've been... I've actually met George Bush before when he was governor.
You know, sometimes it's a small town there in Austin.
I was at some function.
And, you know, he's like... He's kind of what they say.
He's like a good old boy.
Sort of that Yale-y, you know, frat boy kind of thing.
You know, but... Man...
Is he in over his head as president of the whole United States?
It's sort of the worst combination of someone not prepared with their impulses being almost wrong every time.
It's painful to watch as a Texan, especially.
It is.
I want to play the trailer and then just for a few minutes talk about another big movie you've got coming out this year, and that's Fast Food Nation.
But first, let's go ahead and roll the extended trailer from the Scanner Darkly movie website.
Here it is.
It may just be my imagination.
Whatever it is that's watching, it's not human.
Gentlemen, you are about to witness for approximately 61 cents the perfect homemade silencer.
Just drive over to my place, kick back, get some tequila.
They're in my hair, on my skin.
They're all over the place.
This is a world getting progressively worse.
Can you not agree on that?
Damage has taken place to the normally dominant left hemisphere and the right hemisphere is attempting to compensate.
The two hemispheres of my brain are competing?
I could be murdered.
How did I get here?
I'd give my hat to any entity that could bring so much integrity to evil.
What if they come in through the back door or the bathroom window like that infamous Beatles song?
Just sacrifice someone without them ever knowing it.
What does the scanner see?
Into the head?
Into the heart?
Does it see into me?
Or darkly.
This is awe-inspiring.
A-Scanner Darkly in theaters in select cities around the country.
Rick, I know you're not involved in a lot of the rollout of it.
You're just involved in making, producing, and promoting it.
But this is a platform release, I guess, where they use the select release to then get all the media attention and then expand from there.
But how long until this is in every major city in the U.S.?
You know, I'm not sure.
I think it depends on how it does.
But, yeah, I think over the next three weeks it'll go out.
It's just that's one way you...
Put out a film of this kind.
You know, it's not like Pirates of the Caribbean where you throw it on thousands of screens at one time.
It's not that kind of mass.
Well, most films are a platform release.
Breitbart was a platform release.
Yeah, it really depends on... Especially if it's the kind of film people...
You need word of mouth or people to talk about seriously like that.
Rick, I want to briefly talk about Fast Food Nation and the response that both these films got at the Cannes Film Festival.
But before we do that and close up this interview, I know you're a busy man.
Any other key points you want to make about the film?
Oh, gosh.
I mean...
I think the films, it's both very funny and tragic.
We talk about the tragic elements, but there's a lot going on in it.
To me, the biggest challenge was to make it both a full-blown comedy and a full-blown tragedy.
Those two aspects of life are often very close together, but you don't really see it in films a lot because it just seems too complex.
Most stories that are
Made for consumption can't really encompass those two things.
But it's also got a big whodunit mystery element, too.
Because you've got the scramble suit.
Can you describe that for us?
Oh my gosh, the scramble suit.
Yeah, I mean, that's sort of the central metaphor of the movie, I think.
As an undercover narcotics agent, he's wearing this kind of thin-like membrane shroud that's projecting images of other people, you know, millions of other people at all times.
He's sort of this everyman hidden underneath that.
So it's a lot about identity and role playing.
At that point, he's an undercover narcotics officer in this future drug war where it's gotten so bad that they need to hide their identities.
But it's kind of, I mean, it's absurdist, kind of Philip K. Dick notion.
And it probably would have looked pretty goofy live action.
But within our kind of graphic novel come to life style, it's sort of,
It sort of works as a whole, I think.
You know, it's funny, I think.
Well, in the film, you also have to have it because of all the face scanning and biometric cameras everywhere.
And did you know, Rick, I think during the production we talked about this, but the military is now coming out with chameleon suits for tanks and soldiers, and they really have something similar to the scramble suit now.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
I mean, it's
It's, you know, like so many things Philip K. Dick imagined, it's just kind of right in the future somewhere.
You know, it's not out of nowhere.
He thought very kind of logically, you know, like what would be an item you could use for various reasons.
So it's all pretty close to reality.
And even though I think we're technically called a science fiction movie, our whole take is, well, we're living in science fiction right now.
If you could go back a generation, I mean, right now it's science fiction.
Well, we know the critics like the film.
Again, I found one negative out of about 30, 40 I read just Sunday night, and I read some more this morning that were all positive, some new ones.
But when you were at Cannes Film Festival, you know, there were the foreign crowd, I mean, a lot of them American, but I mean, what was the foreign response to it?
Pretty good.
I found myself, as one of the few American filmmakers over there, defending my country, because I had two films that can be seen as pretty critical in various ways of
Of our government or our culture at this moment.
Fast Food Nation being the other movie.
I mean, Scanner took so long to finish in the animation, I was able to make that movie in the meantime.
But I found myself kind of defending the United States, saying, hey, we didn't, you know, we're not the only country.
They're more under surveillance than we are.
Look at England.
You know, this is just how power acts in relation to its citizens.
And how corporations grab control and how people are treated like data or consumers.
So America, we do not have the sole possession of that.
Well, Rick, I mean, I criticize my government, but it's not my country.
I do what I do because I love the United States.
You're a fellow Texan, and Bush isn't even really a real Texan.
And so I think that's the important point here.
We're exposing the bad things in this country because we love it.
I mean, do you agree with that statement?
I mean, is that where you're coming from, is that we're trying to show the bad so we can get rid of it?
Did we lose his phone?
Yeah, he's probably on a cordless or something and it dropped out.
Call him, we'll finish the interview up.
I heard him try to respond and it dropped out.
Yeah, it's A Scanner Darkly, folks.
It's an amazing, amazing film.
And you really, really and truly need to see it.
And again, it's got so many facets to it, I can't even really begin to describe how many layers it's got to it.
But when you...
When you work on a film, and I did consult a little bit on it too, and then when you actually see it in the theaters, you see people liking it, because I was trying to ask myself, you know, I love this film, but is that just because I'm in it and it's police state and it kind of covers the New World Order?
Am I polluting my own view of it because I like it?
And then to just see nothing but really good reviews out there, that has been extremely, extremely exciting.
Why don't you try his cell phone?
I know he's at a friend's house right now.
So you can do it that way.
Did Kevin give you his cell phone number?
Do you have him?
Well, I can hear him there breathing.
I think it was some kind of phone line problem.
That happens occasionally when we have a really big gift.
It was like the time I had...
I had Moses on.
I had the guy that played Moses, Mr. NRA himself, Charlton Heston.
And we were calling and calling for ten minutes.
He said, oh, my phone wasn't ringing.
He was there waiting for the interview.
And, of course, that happened.
Very mysterious phone things happened.
But I tend to think that's Murphy's Law and not the government.
Rick, are you there?
Sorry about it.
You thought I was getting censored or cut off just when I was talking about my country.
Yeah, well, who knows what happened, but sorry to lose you.
The phone I was at, you know, the place I'm staying, died or something.
No, that's actually what I first guessed on air.
I said it was probably a cordless and died, and then I said, you know, we've had censorship before, but I doubt that that's what this was.
Well, listen, in closing, Rick, tell us a little bit about, well, I mean, finish up with the question I had.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, what we were talking... I was over at Cannes, you know, like I said, defending my country and like, hey, as an American, I can make this social critique, but don't doubt for a second, you know.
You know, I love my country, wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
I think they were hoping I would be a little more anti-American in that sense, a little more polemical.
But I'm like, ah, I love my country.
You know, great people, you know, and, you know, great energy, great optimism, and,
Do you agree with my point that it's because we love this country that we try to expose the bad things that are growing?
That's our role.
That's our duty.
That's what the Founding Fathers certainly wanted.
A very robust dialogue where everyone is a little unsatisfied.
What we have now is a small group who are very satisfied.
I mean, they've got way too much, you know, that they've taken total control.
Do you think their hubris will bring them down?
Yeah, I mean, we're in the process of that happening, but, I mean, my darker thinking would say, well, but if you own all the means of control, once you own the media and the outlets and you can kind of control the debate to such a large degree, I wonder if the dissenting voices can even be heard.
You know, when you fit it with the machinery of elections technology,
I think so.
It really is.
It's the end of something.
Well, you're very well politically informed.
I mean, Rick is really up to speed on so many issues.
One of the few people I've talked to in Hollywood who really knows what he's talking about, and I'm sure you're aware of, they're now indicting people who were hired by the Republicans to jam phone lines during elections so Democrats couldn't get the vote out.
I mean, it's getting wild.
Yeah, well, if you treat government and power like any...
Like a sport, which is kind of what they are.
Once you have no moral base and no faith in the Constitution or anything like that, once you throw that out the window, then yeah, you can win by any means necessary.
But it's scary because both sides aren't playing that way.
I mean, it's a new paradigm, that's for sure.
I agree, a new paradigm.
I mean, I've looked at it.
A lot of people have looked at it.
It seems like Bush has dwarfed the crimes of Nixon.
Oh, much worse, yeah.
Nixon's a liberal compared to Bush.
At least he cared about air quality and drinking water and things like that.
Well, Rick, in closing, I want to thank you for making this film.
I want to thank you for including me in it.
I want to thank you for making a true work of art.
And I want to thank you for your friendship.
It is just wonderful knowing you and knowing that there are great people like you out there that are fighting for this country, Rick.
Well, thanks, Alex, and thanks for being in my movie.
It's a great scene you're in, and your spirit was with us always, and I enjoy giving out your work to people.
I told you, Bruce Willis, I gave him your latest DVD, and he said it put him in such a headspace.
He will be quiet on issues of...
National politics.
In fact, didn't you say that it, quote, he emailed you back and said it changed his kind of political paradigm?
Yeah, you know, I don't know.
I mean, Bruce, he's a free-thinking, radical kind of guy.
You know, he really is.
Well, Rick, I'm going to let you go.
I really appreciate you spending time with us, and I hope to see you around Austin in the near future, my friend.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
Always good talking to you.
Always good talking to you.
Thanks for the time.
God bless.
There goes Rick Linkletter, and I know so much behind-the-scenes stuff, I wasn't going to bring that up.
There's a lot of other stuff, too, but did you hear that?
There was more to it, too, but oh, man, that is just incredible.
Well, we'll put a story out on this, you can believe it.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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And much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the Masters of Terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, man, we're going to have a great headline with that one.
John gets to hear behind-the-scenes stuff, like when I was talking to Rick off-air.
And I just said, Rick, you want me to get into current politics?
Want me to get into 9-11?
Sure, go ahead, I'll talk about it.
I probably could have gotten to even say more about 9-11, but I didn't want to get him in too much trouble.
I think what is it?
He's given out like... He brought it all up.
I wasn't going to bring it up.
I did not ask him to say any of that.
In fact, I never push these guys.
He's given out like 300 copies, something like that, of martial law.
I mean, everybody in Hollywood that he knows, he has given copies of martial law to them.
But just the point about he gave it to Bruce Willis, hand-delivered it to him, and Bruce Willis, they emailed back and forth, emailed him back in Austin, because Willis is in Fast Food Nation, and said, man, this totally changes my paradigm.
This film, I'm going to watch who I stand up for now, and Willis has been supporting the neocons.
And I would never have thought Rick would have brought that up, but Rick did, so we're going to put it in an article.
And Bush is worse than Nixon and the police state and the phony drug war.
That was another Hollywood person going public, speaking out.
Rick's made a lot of big movies.
He's also critically acclaimed for the big arthouse productions he's made with so many top actors.
And again, we don't just get Hollywood people on here to talk about Hollywood.
We're getting them on to talk about the New World Order, to talk about what we're doing to fight it.
You heard Rick.
This is how he politically speaks out.
This is the work he does.
This is where he makes his statements.
And he certainly did make those statements.
Now, I've done an hour and 56 minutes of radio today.
Got a whole other hour coming up with Jack McClam and a lot more.
Now it's time to pay the bills, plus it gets the word out and defeats the New World Order.
That's the number one thing.
But I have spent a lot of money on the new film, Terror Storm.
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So really, four ways to get it.
You can call toll-free, 888-253-3139, or go order a hard copy from InfoWars.com, the secure online shopping cart, or watch them all online, all 15 of my films, most of the symposiums now up there on PrisonPlanet.tv, the keynote speeches, even more going up.
We're going to put it all up there, all 20 hours by the end of it.
I think about 12 hours is up now from four and five camera shoots.
We're busting our hind ends to bring you this.
My weekly TV reports...
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All of it.
The Bob Dacey, Greg Palast interviews are being edited and being put up.
What a deal.
Fifteen cents a day, and that just pays for our bandwidth and the webmasters and the people that put the video together.
The great folks that work so hard in this office that deserve all the credit.
All right.
We'll be right back, but Terror Storm is now available.
Get your collector's editions now.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to try to get Clara Halper on near the end of the show for an update.
The police all arrived on our property in Piscataway, New Jersey.
The 75 acres they're stealing, not even paying her for, just taking.
Local officials involved in the development of the land and the stealing.
And riding shotgun with us for the entire hour will be Jack McClam, who knows well about government land grabs and how people are under attack nationwide.
Jack McClam, for 24, 25 years, has been fighting the New World Order.
He is a vet from the Vietnam era, also the most highly decorated police officer in Phoenix, Arizona, History Cop of the Year, I believe twice.
Well, I'm excited about it too, Brother Alex.
Very excited.
You guys do good work over there and
We're just putting in about 14, 16 hours a day here, and I know you put in long, long hours, because we're pulling out all stops to educate as many people as fast as we can.
And, of course, GCN does an excellent job, and we're so pleased.
Our two police and military associations here are very pleased that I'm on there.
So thank you.
In fact, tell everybody about the Showtime and your website.
Okay, the website is Police and Military Against the New World Order, but rather than put all that down in your search engine there, just put down jackmclam.com, and you'll come up with our organization, Police and Military Against the New World Order.
And my program on GCN is from 5 to 6 Pacific time, at 7 to 8 your time there, Alex, each day, five days a week,
And it's called the Officer Jack McClellan Program, and we're just pleased and proud to be on GCN.
Well, we're proud to have you, sir.
You're one of the people that woke me up over 12 years ago.
In fact, we have a lot of AM and FM affiliates out there, and I wanted to let them know that you're now here and you're now available.
It's a great show.
For that time slot on our program where you cover police and military affairs from position of support of the troops and of the police, but truly supporting them, exposing how they're being manipulated and controlled, I think it's a great show for stations to pick up.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Yes, we've been, we're all volunteers here, and we've been volunteering now to try to educate our police and soldiers for almost 25 years now, and
God has blessed us by being able to reach a lot of police officers and soldiers, our peers, in uniform and tell them about what's really going on in the nation.
And so GCN certainly allowed us to do that job much more rapidly, and that's our goal is to reach the hearts and minds of
Our police and soldiers and get them back under the sovereign people, serving and protecting the sovereign people, Alex, instead of how we're trained today to serve and protect the system from the people.
Well, that's what's happened, and police think that by taking our rights they protect us.
They've been lied to, haven't they?
They've been lied to.
Absolutely right.
Yes, and more are waking up.
I just received a letter from a sergeant in California saying,
A week ago, and I put it in my pocket, a letter, and didn't open it until yesterday, and I was quite surprised at the one-page letter here from him.
Just shows you, Alex, what our police and soldiers are doing.
I don't know if we have time to share this.
Yeah, let's read the letter when we get back from this quick break, Jack.
Okay, yeah, I think it's exciting for the people to hear what our police and soldiers are capable of to serve and protect the American people.
And at the same time, I want to get into the American Union.
I mean, has it pleased you like it's pleased me, buoyed your heart to see the American Union now being mainstream news?
Oh, my goodness gracious.
That is exciting.
It's exciting because I know that the Bush crime family wanted to keep it a secret and did everything he could to keep it a secret, but it's beginning to get out, praise God.
Well, that's made our credibility shoot higher.
To the moon, basically.
Because we've been talking about this forever.
Alright, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're working with people.
We're networking.
We're supporting good Americans and good people on this planet that know about the Global Crime Syndicate, that are aware of its activities, and that want to fight it and defend their families.
I mean, last hour we had a major Hollywood director...
Well, I'm talking about giving out 9-11 inside job videos and trying to wake up the neocon, Bruce Willis, who's starting to wake up.
I didn't even ask the director to talk about that.
There's so many other prominent people.
The former Marine Corps historian comes on a week ago and says the 9-11 story's a fraud and the dog doesn't hunt.
And Offair says even more.
The head of the 9-11 victims' families, the biggest group, goes public and says that it's got to be an inside job.
I mean, every day more people are stepping up and stepping out.
Jack McClam has a new show here on Genesis.
He's been on the radio for over a decade now, and he's now on the GCN Radio Network.
We are so honored to have him.
7 o'clock p.m.
Central, every night, 5 p.m.
Pacific, 6 o'clock Mountain, 8 o'clock Eastern.
Let's get into...
Oh yes, Alex.
Likewise here at our two police and military associations.
Our contact is picking up, and on our email, my goodness gracious, so much email is coming in.
I've got 38,000 emails I haven't answered right now.
So people are waking up, brother, and wonderful police and soldiers are waking up and helping us now.
They've become our agents inside for God and country to help educate more police and soldiers.
And by the way, that's not your opinion.
All over the place they're having leaks, whistleblowers.
It's bringing the New World Order to a grinding halt right now.
It truly is, brother.
We've got a great chance of winning this.
And as long as we still have the First Amendment, you don't have to go to that third box the founders gave us, the cartridge box.
So we're just praying every day that we can win this non-violently as more and more people, both inside government and outside government, are waking up.
And this sergeant is basically telling us that, Alex, I'd like to share this very small letter.
Yeah, read it, please, please.
Here's what it says, and you know how, Alex, when you walk around town, people will give you an envelope and say, read this when you can, and
Or a packet of papers and say, Alex, read this.
Well, that happens to me here, too.
And so about a week and a half ago, a guy stuck this in my hand down in Kooski, Idaho, and said, hey, read this.
It's very important.
So I folded it up, stuck it in my pocket, and kept on going about my task.
And just last night, I got to it, opened it up, and it says here, Dear Brother Jack, June 30th is the date on it.
Just thought I'd let you know that myself and several other law enforcement officers are members of a new militia which we formed here in blank California.
I won't give you out the area in California because he's trying to protect his identity.
Just like you did some years ago, we've been using our police and military training to train our fellow Californians in essential tactics and techniques to secure our homes,
Our neighborhoods and state from those who would attack from without or enslave our families under a totalitarian system from within.
As you know, this training is legal now, but it will not be in the future.
And he's right about that.
You can go out and shoot your guns and crawl through the woods and train in military tactics all you want to, but one day it'll be illegal.
He goes on to say here, there are some very good books available now on winning against superior forces
Which will not be available in the future either.
You know which books I mean.
I can't tell you how important your issue was.
We put out an issue ten years ago on militias, how legal they were here at our Police and Military Association.
That's what he's referring to.
He says, I can't tell you how important the issue was on the legality of militias.
That helped make our decision for us.
We're good to go.
I think?
As your website says, treason and tyranny cannot be enforced on the American people unless our soldiers and law officers enforce it.
We're good to go.
I think?
Not my real name.
You understand.
That's how he signed it.
But isn't that amazing, Alex, that he's in California, and I have a guy hand me an envelope down in Kooski, Idaho, and it's from Sergeant Morris over there.
So this is what's going on.
The soldiers and police officers are smart enough to know that if they put their heads up, they're going to have their heads chopped off.
Like I did.
I was the most highly trained or highly decorated officer in the history of Phoenix, Arizona, Alex.
But after I started writing about the Constitution to my peers, I became the most fired officer in the history of Phoenix, Arizona.
So Sergeant Morris is being very wise.
Let's shift gears to the bad guys.
The BATF and the FBI and Foreign Canadian Royal Mounted Police raided Richard Salata a few weeks ago.
He's now gone public about it.
Aaron Zellman was even on the phone with him when it all happened.
He talked to the FBI.
They came in, pointed at anti-Nazi material from JPFO.
They pointed at my police state, three total enslavement, at a book of the speeches of George Washington.
We have a photo of the materials.
We're good to go.
So contrast good officers to people that could go into a gun manufacturer's home and not arrest him and just very upset about constitutional material.
Well, brother, sadly, you know, we're not aware.
We think that... I'll take you back to East Germany just a minute.
When the East German police and military were shooting...
You know, children, men and women, as they were trying to climb over the wall, we were told that these were the dregs of society, these were the most evil people that were doing these, manning these machine guns, but in essence, it was not.
It was the most patriotic police and soldiers they had that had been brainwashed that it was for the good of society that these people be killed that were domestic terrorists or whatever they named them back then.
And, of course...
The sad thing is, when I was an academy instructor in the sixth largest city in the United States, I saw the brainwashing going on of our police officers to tell them that they would be asked to do things one day they wouldn't want to do.
They would be asked to
To do things to save the country that they all love.
And the patriotism is always pushed on these soldiers and police officers.
If you're patriotic, you'll do what you're told.
No questions.
Just do it.
And then they list people
Certain groups of people as the enemy of America, enemy of liberty and freedom, and the military believe it.
And by the way, we have the federally written documents from Virginia, Texas, Arizona.
We have them from all over the country, and we have the federal training.
It lists homeschoolers.
Wow, I hadn't heard about that one.
But I'll tell you, brother, the line is being drawn in the sand.
The enemies of God and liberty that run this country...
Jack, that's it.
Well, that's it, Jack.
I mean, how does it feel to you?
I've got to interrupt here.
How does it feel?
I mean, we were there when the days were really dark, and I'm sure it can get dark again, but we're not hyping this.
People are really waking up.
Does it feel good?
It's fantastic, but it's scaring the enemy to death because they know there's many more of us than there are of them.
Please continue.
Well, yes, I saw the training in the police academies, the giant police academy there in Phoenix, Arizona, which was the regional police academy.
As these police officers were told, they're no longer citizens.
They're an entity of government.
They're raised above the citizens to better supervise the citizens for their own good, and the brainwashing is just incredible as they prepare these officers, and of course it's going on with soldiers too, to do what they're told for the good of the country.
If they love this nation, they will do what they're told without any question.
But the Founding Fathers said the exact opposite.
They did.
Indeed they did.
Jack McClam, stay there.
I want to talk about the American Union and how long you've been researching that and working on that and what this new national news, you know, admitting it, what effect that's had on police and military and your correspondence.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My new film, Terror Storm, is out.
It needs to get out to everyone.
It's up to you to get the original DVD copy and burn copies of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in an information war.
We're going to open the phones up in the next segment if you want to talk to Jack McClan, police and military against the New World Order.
A wonderful American we're honored to have now on the Genesis Network.
Weeknights at 7 p.m.
Central Standard Time, 8 p.m.
Eastern, 5 p.m.
Pacific, 6 p.m.
We are honored to have him with us now.
Jack, I mean, what was it like when suddenly Lou Dobbs and now even Glenn Beck and now all these national publications are admitting, they're reading the documents that unelected boards are already merging us into an American Union, and then to see the EU failing in Europe and its expansion, to see the American Union south of Mexico failing, but here they just move forward, but at least they tried to keep it secret.
As you said, it is now breaking, and they are crumbling.
Well, Alex, what's going on, we see here at our two police military associations, is that there are people on the hard left, the Marxists, Trotskyites, and communists here in this country, who have been listening to this diatribe that there's going to be a chicken in every pot when we have this Marxist world government, and there'll be freedom and everything for everybody.
And all of a sudden, their own oxen are beginning to get gored in this country here,
I think we're good to go.
But to see all the people beginning to look at this in reality and say, wait a minute, national sovereignty gone for America?
We're going to be like a European Union here in this American Union?
And they're beginning to say, wait a minute, I've got kids and grandkids here that I'm not sure that I want to see them grow up in this kind of a system.
So it's breaking loose, Alex.
It's beginning to break loose on television.
It's beginning to break loose in Hollywood and
Thanks to a lot of your help and Genesis Communication Network.
And it's exciting because the International Crime Syndicate used to have control of the left.
You know, they'd have total control.
And then they came in with the neocons and took control of the Republican fascist system.
But now it seems to be coming apart for them.
All I can say is hallelujah.
I agree, and I've analyzed this.
I've looked at this.
I've spent many hours sitting in a chair in my living room just focusing and thinking.
I was a layman investigator really trying to get the answers with the data I have.
And even if the globalists carry out an even bigger terror attack, which they'll probably be forced to do, I think that's going to blow up in their face, pun intended.
I mean, every angle I look at, every line of reasoning I study, I see that the globalists are losing power, the people are gaining power.
The problem is they've got the high ground still in the media, in the government, in the military, and so they may be able to go ahead and try to maintain control, but I think as they are forced to flex their muscles and exert force,
In the end, that ensures they lose.
Do you see the point I'm making?
I certainly do, and it's right on target.
And you notice that we here at our police and military association believe that the Bush crime family and his overlords would do another terrorist attack here in the United States before now, but what we notice is
All over the world, they're kind of scared, I think, to blow up something again here because the 9-11 truth is getting out there to so many people.
But they're blowing up things around the world to keep us reminded of this Al-Qaeda out there.
Notice that the poor people in India just got blown up again this morning, I guess.
And so they keep setting off these bombs all over the world to keep the fear factor going.
Well, speaking of L.A.
In the nations that were not supporting them, really supporting them to gain more support for their wars of taking over all these nations in the Middle East and putting in these puppet governments.
Well, speaking of L.A., when I was out there, there was some LAPD there at the hotel, some plainclothes guys, also some of Sheen and some other people's bodyguards were there who were off to the LAPD.
And they were all nodding their heads, shaking my hand.
They were already fans.
They already knew about the New World Order.
And I said, how many LAPD know about this?
And he goes, ha, we all know.
That's exciting, brother, really exciting, because I'll tell you what, police and military are the enforcers.
And if the police and military will not enforce tyranny on the American people, and if they see things happening under the table like these bombings and all and come forward, the New World Order has a big problem, and they know that.
Oh boy, it's incredible.
We'll get into the open borders and Bush and the Democrats pushing that.
Talk about some of these fake neocon talk show hosts that are losing all credibility.
And take your calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's the Nationalist Times PO Box 426, Allison Park, PA 15101.
Or subscribe online at our website, www.anu.org.
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Your calls are coming up for Jack McClam, a great American patriot.
Before we go back to Jack...
I want everybody to know that my new film, Terror Storm, is out.
I put more work into this film than I put into any other documentary we've made.
It's got Ray McGovern, former high-level CIA analyst, getting into the 9-11 and the phony war.
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It's got Morgan Reynolds, the head economist for Bush in his last administration.
At the Department of Labor, it's got interviews with Michael Meacher, Blair cabinet member, former cabinet member, member of parliament currently, exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
MI5 agents David Shaler and Andy Michon talking about 7-7 being an inside job and 9-11.
We go to London, we go to Crawford, Texas and show you the neocons.
The film starts with a history of government-sponsored terror, Operation Gladio, the USS Liberty, Hitler and the Reichstag and how he attacked his own operation there outside Glywitz to attack Poland.
We get into the whole war.
We get into 9-11 in the last 20 minutes with all the latest information.
It's got my bullhorning in Chicago.
It is such an amazing film.
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It is made to wake people up.
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And then what do we do?
We have all these other activists, all these other truth-tellers, all these other patriots on this show, day in, day out, and support their operations.
I see myself as this operation is like an aircraft carrier.
And we're out here trying to get the best and brightest on board on this broadcast, on the websites, to continually launch sorties at the enemy.
To empower our fleets that are out there.
And we're like huge clusters of armadas out there attacking the New World Order mainland.
We are crushing them.
We are burning them.
We are smashing them.
And I'm only one small part of that.
And I just thank God every day that I'm in this position.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We need you to spread the word and expose these killers.
Jack McClam, I mean, we can talk all day.
How important is it for the actual listeners to take action and become activists, truth tellers, fighters in their area?
Well, brother, you know, it just isn't going to happen without people doing that.
We've been telling people to get a piece of paper and put GCN and how people can get on GCN
And if people listening would do that, make it a point every day.
To reach somebody, then the enemy can't win, brother, as thousands and thousands a minute wake up around this country, and there's millions a month waking up.
It's just got the enemy on the run.
Well, that's something we get so busy in my small office we haven't done.
We get sent great flyers people design.
We post them, and they get put in the archives.
We need to put a link on GCNlive.com with printable flyers for people, make it easy.
Yes, yes.
That would be wonderful.
Infowars.com needs to put all that in one spot.
We need to do that.
That's something I've been meaning to do.
We haven't done it properly, but we will execute that, Jack.
Yeah, we've got a buddy in Phoenix that every Sunday he does something for God.
One Sunday, Alex, he goes to church.
The next Sunday, he's out in the parking lot of other churches in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, putting...
We're good to go.
That people could just take out and hand out if they're standing in a grocery line at a store, turn around and hand them out to people in front of you and back of you.
Well, we're not going to wait.
We've made quite a few others and made them over the years.
We never put them in a section, but we'll put it in an activist or flyer section.
And listeners, if you want to design flyers for GCN or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com, email those to ryan at infowars.com, and we will post those in the flyer section.
Okay, wonderful.
Wonderful, because everybody can do something every day to touch people.
Well, you know, I run into so many people over the years who say, you can't fight City Hall, you can't get involved, you can't affect change, and, you know, I'm just going to sit here in the dirt and die.
They don't understand that those of us that have fought know the experience of failure, of success, of drawing a blank.
Different things happen every time, but if you just keep taking action, you're going to gain ground.
What was the old Texas Ranger saying?
I've got it hanging here on the wall.
Let me get it.
It's no man in the wrong can stand up against a fella that's in the right and that keeps on a-coming, Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald.
I like that.
That's wonderful.
Well, you know, the Holy Scriptures, too, tells us that we're supposed to put feet to our prayers.
I know people are praying every day, and that's wonderful that we win this thing, but God...
Tells us in Psalms 94.16 that we have to rise up against the evildoers.
We have to stand up against the workers of iniquity, Alex.
So even the Bible, God is telling us to get out off our derrieres
And do something against this evil.
Well, over and over again in the Bible, I just randomly open it up every day, and constantly I see things like, who will stand up against the wicked men for me?
That's right.
That's right.
That's right.
And that's what more and more people are doing, and it's having a tremendous effect.
I want to go to calls, but first, I get these type of emails every day.
I mean, we get orders for videos directly to the NSA, folks.
And then there's an added comment about, oh, we support you.
Really weird.
Not emails every day from the NSA, but emails from government every day.
But here's one.
I'm not going to give too much out.
But it says, I know that this email is supposed to be media only, but I couldn't find any other email address on the site.
I'm a U.S.
Army captain.
Now, I get these every day.
Serving a long...
A year-long tour in Iraq for the second time in four years.
The first time I was here, I found the website and read it every day that I could get an internet connection.
I spent a better part of that year spreading the word and soon my entire platoon and half the company was buzzing about the site.
We ordered your movies and then we had discussions for hours, breaking them out of the mold the Army created and teaching them to think for themselves.
I think?
We're good to go.
We thought of as a freeloader, but we don't have all that much money, but I still want to broaden the horizon of this new band of soldiers that I am deployed with this time.
My soldiers, many soldiers ask of me, but I cannot find a better way of sitting them down in front of your videos and then discussing them.
Thanks either way.
Quote, please don't share my name with anyone.
The higher-ups would probably burn me at the stroke.
Sincerely, Captain U.S.
Army with his name.
He's a West Pointer.
Well, you know, the military and law enforcement is run by the New World Order right now, and
I'm talking from experience.
We had a major come into the boot camp.
Marine boot camp and hold up an Operation Vampire Killer 2000 waving around and says, have any of you guys ever read this?
And two guys jumped up and said, yes sir.
And they were led out and the third guy that kept his head down wrote to us and told us those two guys never came back to boot camp.
So they're scared to death of their forces, their enforcers of this new world order learning the truth
That the American people are going to be enslaved, and that really ticks off soldiers and police officers once they learn the truth, because they are highly patriotic.
Yeah, this is such a free country.
Why are they kicking people out of the military who've just read something when all it is is the Constitution?
Let's take calls.
First up, who's up first here?
Steve in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hello there, Alex and Jack.
It's nice...
Nice to be able to talk to two true patriots.
And thank you, Jack, for that scripture.
That was quite apropos.
My question for you, Jack, is down there in Phoenix, do you remember that flyer that Sheriff Arpaio out of Maricopa County put out a few years ago?
Yes, showing the domestic terrorists.
The FBI put it out, actually.
The FBI put it out, but it had Sheriff Arpaio's, the sheriff's logo on it, and he got ticked off about that because he didn't have anything to do with it.
He's a personal buddy of mine.
Yeah, and that flyer lists Christians.
They call them doomsday cult groups, which Butch Reno, under Clinton, remember, that's exactly what she called Christians, doomsday cult members.
And that's what they list in that flyer, FBI flyer for police officer eyes only, that the police officers got out to the public, praise God, some patriotic police officers got it out.
By the way, Jack.
Constitutionalists in there.
Domestic terrorists.
By the way, it didn't end with Clinton.
Bush is putting them out nationwide that are even worse, that list land rights activists.
Ah, okay.
Yeah, homeschoolers, right?
Well, it mentioned, right on that flyer, it mentioned supporters of the Constitution also was terrorists.
That's right.
And so you're saying that was actually an FBI product.
That's right.
It was put out by the FBI, and Joe Arpaio did not give them permission to use his sheriff's logo on that.
Yeah, if you read carefully, it's an FBI task force phone number on there.
Arpaio got stuck with it as the fall guy, huh?
Yes, he did, and he really got ticked.
He's an old government agent, 33 years with DEA, and sadly, I've warned him about this.
He keeps opening the doors and giving the keys to the city to the feds when they come in.
And I told him, Joe, I said, you're a sheriff for the county now.
You serve the people.
You can't be a federal agent letting the feds run wild in this county here.
But he keeps doing it, but he does have pink underwear and green baloney for the prisoners in his jail down there.
Okay, well, I'm glad to hear he's not really what that flyer portrays him as.
You read carefully, it's a federal flyer.
Yeah, okay.
All right, and then the next thing is, Alex, you probably already know about these two websites, or can I go ahead and mention two websites?
Go ahead.
No National ID, talking about the Real ID Act that was passed back in May of last year.
And then also, which is against it, it explains... Great.
What's the other website?
SPP, as in Sierra, Papa, Papa, SPP.gov.
It is, I believe, a commerce...
We've been talking about the SPP for a long, long time, months and months, and that's just since they put it up, but it's the American Union, so yes, sir, thank you.
Let's talk to Kathy in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Kathy.
Hello, Alex.
I'm on Jackson.
I'm waiting for my tape.
I can't wait to get it, the Terror Storm.
I'm waiting very patiently here.
Well, we're shipping them out.
And thank you.
I went through something with the police here not too long ago, and I guess they think that I'm a terrorist because I took my children out of state, and they said that I kidnapped them.
And I was put in jail, and they...
They have like a, I don't know, I think it was a $100,000 bill.
Well, this happens all the time where people take their kids out for a week to go on vacation.
They come back truancy officers that have been called.
Or are you divorced and just took them out of state to visit somebody and they called?
That's right.
What happened?
Which of the two?
Which of the two?
It was a divorce.
A divorce party.
Okay, did you move out of state without talking to your ex-husband?
No, we went on vacation.
Yeah, well, a lot of sneaky lawyers use that, and they set people up.
You need to go file a complaint on him criminally for filing a false report, and you need to also civilly go after him.
I mean, how long did you take your family out of town?
I think it was about two weeks.
Did you tell him?
Well, does he have any custody?
He got some kind of custody while I was gone.
They ordered a show cause or something like that.
Okay, well it sounds like you're being set up.
Jack, you got any comments?
Yes, it's a hard situation, but it's going on all across the nation, my dear.
It is hard to find an attorney you trust, I know, but try to and get something going on that to come against him for doing this to you because
It's a true crime to accuse you of kidnapping the children, very serious crime, when, of course, you were just on vacation.
So I would follow Alex's advice and get started on that immediately.
Had you gotten back to town when they arrested you?
Yes, they arrested me.
Well, I mean, I would just go before the court and say, no cause, drop it all, this is a complete joke, and demand a jury trial if not, and get up there and tell your story.
I took my children out for vacation, came back and got arrested.
Well, thank you very much.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to hear that happen to you.
Yeah, you've got to watch that.
Sometimes people who are mad at a divorce will wait until you go out of town and then set you up and file false charges.
We'll come back, final segment, with Jack McClan.
Take a few more calls.
He's got a new show here on Genesis, 7 o'clock at night central, 7 p.m.
Jack McClan.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Jack McClam, I know you've covered this.
I've heard your show.
Read your writings on it.
The land grabbing now, a lot of times they don't even, county, city, federal, state, they don't even say it's for environmental reasons.
They just say, we're taking it, we're not paying you for it, and if you fight us in court, we'll make up something and charge you for cleaning your property, you know, a million dollars.
I mean, it's getting, the cases I see on a daily basis now are just out in the open corruption.
So at the same time, people are waking up, Jack, but...
At the very same instance, the government's just going wildly corrupt.
Why is that?
Isn't that amazing, Alex, that the Supreme Court just came out with their decision a few months ago, just at the time when this NAFTA superhighway has to put through and take away hundreds of thousands of people's property to put in that superhighway.
Isn't that amazing how that all came together?
It is, and I see cases where they grab multi-million dollar pieces of property and just say, we're not paying you anything.
Well, a lot of people are sure going to lose their property under this superhighway going in, brother.
By the way, there are 80 of them.
80 what?
80 superhighways.
It's now on the official government website.
Wow, I haven't seen that.
I knew of the big one going up to Kansas City and then up to Canada.
Now they've announced 80 of them.
My goodness gracious, hadn't heard that yet.
Yeah, it's a minor footnote in some of the mainstream news articles and one that Dacey did.
We need to have a headline with that, yeah.
Gee, my goodness gracious.
Well, it's coming, folks, and the only thing that's going to stop it is people waking up.
So we're on the right course.
We're on the field of battle against God's enemies and our enemies.
We're winning, brother.
We just have to get the people listening today to every day contact somebody, get one of your tapes into their hands, and tell them to get it in the hands or show it to their families.
And we're winning.
We are.
Let's try to jam a call in here.
Let's go to Bill in Colorado.
Bill in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
He's there, but he's not listening.
Let's go to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Alex, how are you doing?
I wanted to bring some information to the attention of your listeners that might help out in situations what you were talking about today, and that is the Civil Rights Act of 1871.
People can find it if they research Title 42, Section 1983 of the United States Code, commonly referred to as just Section 1983.
And in there, it provides that anyone who, under the color of state or local law,
...causes a person to be deprived of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution or federal law is liable to that person civilly.
So you can take them to court.
You can take their house.
You can take their car.
You can take your pension.
So all these bad cops out there that are doing the wrong things, this is where you go after them.
That's the Civil Rights Act of 1871...
Title 42.
I know that's been effective in the past.
It still is to some extent.
The courts are getting worse and worse.
But instead of just going after the cops that come to grab your land, what about going after the mayor?
What about going after the people that actually gave the orders?
Jack McClam?
Yes, very true.
And I know cops that have lost their property under that law over the years.
And so we need to hit the top guys and the city managers, the city, you know, the guys that gave the orders to take this property.
And hit them hard with these suits, and they'll think twice about doing that.
Take their stuff away.
And hit the cops while you're at it.
It's just, it's better to go after the kingpins.
It's better to go after the dons.
Yeah, the police chief, the mayors, and the city council.
Yeah, thank you, Tim.
We're flat out of time.
Jack McClam, I want to thank you for joining us, and I'm excited that in the last month you've joined the GCN Radio Network weeknights at 7 p.m.
Central, and I'll be tuned in.
God bless you, my friend.
Okay, brother, and thanks for all you do for so many.
We love you, Alex, and many cops and soldiers listening and watching your tape, so thank you, brother.
Well, thank you, Jack.
God bless.
All right, we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
More huge guests coming up this week.
That's all I'm going to tell you.
Huge guests coming up this week.
All right, now get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.