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Air Date: July 10, 2006
2184 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, it is Monday...
Thank you so much for joining us on this 10th day of July 2006.
We're going to be here live for the next three hours.
Clara Halpern, who lives up in Piscataway, New Jersey, who's having their 70-plus million dollar valued land taken, and the way it looks, they'll have to pay the government for the pleasure of them stealing it from them.
No, they didn't pay their back taxes.
The government wants it to build luxury facilities on, and they don't want to pay for it.
That is the private interest that fund and control the Piscataway government don't want to.
She'll be joining us coming up in 30 minutes, and in roughly three hours...
The sheriff's deputies with, quote, armed security will be there to throw them off the land they've had since the early 1920s.
Eighty plus years.
You see, when you hear about eminent domain for private interest, it doesn't just mean that they take your property.
They don't pay you for it, and most often, so you can't defend yourself, they go ahead and slap some type of civil penalties on you to actually put you into the pauper house.
Very sickening, right out in the open, and I see these articles every single week.
It gets crazier and more and more egregious, and that's your government.
See, when the government starts wearing black masks and black uniforms and driving around in black armored vehicles and putting cameras up everywhere, that's not to keep you safe.
That's to make sure when they take everything you've got, you put up with it and learn to say thank you.
All right, so we're all going to be good little third world slaves.
The American Union just thought you might want to know that, unless we stand up and say no to these criminals now in control of state, federal, and local government, international government.
Other huge news today.
This is the Reuters headline, ladies and gentlemen.
I have another AP headline, very similar.
Japan considers strike against North Korea.
Yes, and the report goes on to say that the head of the cabinet,
As well as the Prime Minister and many others are saying they may have to go ahead and strike North Korea.
But then the international media says, but Japan, you don't have any weapons.
If you believe that, if you believe that, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
Japan has hundreds of known secret facilities.
Lord knows how many others.
It's been well known for at least five years.
They have covert thermal nuclear arsenals.
And I'm going to get into North Korea, run by that complete psychopath, Kim Jong-il.
We're going to talk about that in the 10-missile test of last week, now escalating into the stratosphere.
Bush is in trouble, even with some of his lapdogs in the Congress for keeping intelligence programs even secret from intelligence chairmen in the House and Senate.
Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg, but we'll be getting into that report as well.
As soon as we get back into the next segment, I will first plunge into the North Korea slash Japan slash China, Pakistan.
I mean, the whole region is being plunged into war fever, war hysteria, war psychosis.
Very, very dangerous.
See, we're all busy watching the Middle East for a powder keg to go off there, and it may just be Asia.
The Orient.
Here's another AP headline.
Five USGIs charged in Iraq rape slay case.
The neocons have been busy on the radio and TV saying none of this exists.
I guess this headline then isn't true either.
Two Fresno College athletes arrested in rape of 11-year-old girl.
I mean, if people say support the troops in rape, why not
Well, the football players are like our troops.
Support them too.
We're America.
We can't do nothing wrong.
This is the basic attitude that we see.
Alright, there is just so much news.
We're going to get into all of it today.
Greg Pallast, the start of the next hour, joins us from Mexico City.
He's been down there since last week covering the
Ongoing bizarre elections, the disputed elections there.
Suddenly, all over the world, there's disputed elections.
What's behind it?
We'll cover it.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
North Korea is run by a psychopathic demon.
China and Russia have been feeding the creature literally and figuratively supplies, weaponry for over a half century.
Feeding the creature's father, the hereditary dictator Kim Jong-il.
When China every week sends in giant trainloads of grain and fuel oil to North Korea, North Korea routinely robs the trains themselves and simply doesn't send the trains back.
Even socialist doctors, aid workers who go over there believing in the regime
We're good to go.
They eat Colby beef, they have huge shopping malls, they live in luxury, they have servants, private masseuses, they drive around in armored limos.
Meanwhile, the general public is starving to death.
The population of North Korea in the last decade, by their own reckoning, has gone down by 3 million people.
They literally have concentration death camps, slave work camps all over the country.
And our government has been busy arming them.
Donald Rumsfeld in 96 as the chairman of ABB, the Swiss company, transferred the nuclear reactors to them.
They could be directly used to produce atomic bombs and then of course hydrogen weapons as well.
Thermonuclear devices.
Back in 2000, a dummy test missile was fired.
This is confirmed.
It's been in the Japanese and South Korean newspapers.
That actually hit Alaska.
A dummy missile.
That has broken up pieces of it.
It broke up on re-entry.
Did hit Alaska.
Our media kept that quiet.
Because how can you attack Iraq when they've done nothing wrong to you?
Or how can you invade Iran when a real psychopath who lives in a seven-story pleasure palace is attacking you with missiles?
He's fired missiles that have plunged into the coastal areas, coastlines of Japan.
He has fired missiles.
The last missile he fired was aimed at Hawaii.
And of course blew up before it left the atmosphere.
But we can't even believe our media because they've lied in the past.
Now there's reports that nine other missiles were fired and we don't know what happened with those.
And the globalists respect North Korea.
It's run by a psychopath like them.
He's totally degenerate.
He's a total scumbag.
He's of the same ilk, the same spirit.
They don't know what to do with him.
They're not a pushover like Iran or Iraq.
I remember a decade ago reading about Kim Jong-il who will hijack South Korean airliners or hijack other planes.
His agents will be on board planes.
They will hijack them because he has his secret police tracking Asian movie stars that he wants to rape and murder and torture to death.
And then two years ago, I saw him in Newsweek magazine.
He apologized for all the people they'd kidnapped.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
It's this little dwarf demon, the son of his father, the dictator, who lives in a seven-story armored pleasure palace, who literally rapes and tortures people to death.
He admits it.
You understand?
This is what government is.
This is what it turns into.
Throughout history, if you let government go wild, you let it get total controlled...
You may have a mild, soft dictator in charge, but his underlings in a dictatorial system where there isn't a separation of powers... You see, our founding fathers knew government was corrupt and evil and dangerous, so they created separation of powers.
That way, the Congress was always divided, fighting against itself, fighting against the executive and the legislative, and then those two groups were intermittently fighting with the judicial, the courts, then you had the 50 states, you had the senators...
We're good to go.
I think?
And let's say George Bush is a wonderful guy.
Then we get another president down the road and they're a little worse.
And then, of course, Bush is bad.
People he represents are totally ruthless.
But let's just, for the sake of argument, say everything's fine.
Let's just give the government centralized dictatorial power.
It will, it always does, throughout history, inexorably, lead to Nero's, to Caligula's, to Montezuma's, to...
Nebuchadnezzars to these type of individuals who are busy strangling and raping people morning, noon, and night and running around mass slaughtering their neighbors and enslaving their own population because it's their evil nature.
The wicked decisions they had to make, the things they had to do to get into power, the terror they had to use to control their minions and their servants to maintain that control, a normal person couldn't function.
A normal person would break down.
A normal person has morals and a compass and cannot carry out this type of evil.
But the very individuals that can...
Don't just not have a conscience.
They enjoy it.
Why does Kim Jong-il hijack planes and kidnap women so he can rape them and torture them and slit their throats?
Because he can.
Because he's had it all since he was a little kid.
He's a spoiled, rotten punk.
He's an absolute piece of trash.
There's no debating that.
And this is what he does, because he likes to.
He's a psychopath.
He's a hardcore killer.
And that's what government is when the people don't control it.
That's what government becomes when there aren't separations of powers.
Our founding fathers told us.
It's in the debates.
It's in the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers.
Our entire government is set up for gridlock.
Our entire government is designed so you don't get dictators or plutocracies or evil elites in control.
Because even if somebody who wants to be a dictator becomes president, there are so many speed humps.
So many safety valves, so many barriers to that that they cannot affect a dictatorship and then carry these type of things out.
Our founding fathers were historians.
That was the entertainment of the day, was reading history, knowing history.
On average they spoke three languages.
You look at Americans today, we are the complete opposite on average of our founders.
And we are going into very serious tyranny right now.
Worldwide, we have inbred, decadent, corrupt elites that are in control.
And their predecessors were corrupt and wicked.
We've been into this very dark area of the cycle for a long time, but at least they were hard working.
We're now entering a cycle where the global elite is extremely decadent.
And the biggest indicator of that is, in the past, the thieving and consolidation was controlled.
Now it's pell-mell, it's helter-skelter, it's Katie-bar-the-door, wild, land-stealing, child-grabbing, poisons in the vaccines, the food, the water, eviscerating the Constitution, openly saying international courts control the Supreme Court, openly announcing American unions, openly announcing they're going to take all the major roads and turn them into huge international toll roads for international regional taxation.
In the past, if 97% of the people were against something, it didn't happen.
Now the politicians just giggle and snicker as they race to put in their CIA-controlled voting machines.
And the good news is, a lot of Americans have been in decadent...
Inebriated with entertainment and drugs, stupor, but now they're beginning to feel the heat and there is an awakening taking place, the sleeping giant.
Though it's not the sleeping giant it was in the past.
It's an obese, slovenly, cross-eyed creature, but still we can throw the elite off to some extent.
So I don't, I mean, I'm at a loss for words trying to figure out where this is all going or what's going to happen.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The elite is badly coordinated now.
They are completely out of control.
And it's going to be the roughest on the American people, the people of the planet at the grassroots level.
Just the average families out there, the average workers out there, you are in for a really bad road.
And that includes myself.
We're in this together.
We're in this together.
Conservatives are finally starting to wake up that Bush is not a conservative.
Again, there's some silver lining to these giant thunderheads that are above us.
I spent a lot of time this weekend just thinking and researching and analyzing and trying to crack the code of what's going on, and I just come to one overriding factor.
The elite have...
Rationalized away their loss of control as if it's their maxim ordered out of chaos.
But I think they realize in the final equation they truly have lost control of so many sectors of society.
They have been so busy trying to enforce and enslave the average person that their own systems, their own governmental fulcrums are just spinning out of control.
We'll come back and into Japan, consider a strike against North Korea.
And a bunch of other news.
Horrible land grabbing in Piscataway, New Jersey.
The websites are Infowars.com, JonesReport.com, and Infowars.net.
Be sure and check them out today.
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I think?
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
So Japan has had North Korea for years threatening to nuke them for absolutely no reason.
North Korea, run by the psychopathic hereditary dictator, is constantly blackmailing the region.
It's escalated a huge arms race.
Pakistan, India, China, now Japan is saying that they have been quietly arming, secretly starting five years ago that I learned of it, now more publicly.
Japan considered a strike against North Korea.
Japan said Monday it was considering whether a preemptive strike on North Korea's missile bases would violate its constitution, signaling a hardening stance ahead of a possible UN Security Council vote on Tokyo's proposal for sanctions against the regime.
Japan was badly rattled by North Korea's missile test last week, and several government officials openly discussed whether the country ought to take steps to better defend itself, including setting up the legal framework to allow Tokyo to launch a preemptive strike against North Korean missiles.
If we accept that there is no other option to prevent an attack, there is the view that attacking the launch base of the guided missiles is within the constitutional right of self-defense.
We need to deepen discussion.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said, Japan's constitution currently bars use of military force in settling international disputes and prohibits Japan from maintaining a military force for warfare.
Tokyo has interpreted that to mean that it can have armed forces to protect itself, allowing the existence of a 240,000 strong self-defense force.
Now, as you know, Japan is the most technological country in the world.
That is for, quote, peaceful economic development.
But they, again, have been covertly, all the evidence is they're developing nuclear weapons.
And even Jane's Weapons Quarterly has been reporting on that for many years.
And a lot of people out there are ignorant to exactly what North Korea has been doing.
It's one thing if you fire a missile out into the Atlantic Ocean, or you fire it out into the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles from land.
North Korea targets countries.
North Korea has fired missiles at Japan that, again, in one case, plunged one mile off their coastline.
What was that, like six years ago?
And then again, what, three years ago?
North Korea again fired a missile back in 2000 that hit Alaska.
It broke up on re-entry into the atmosphere, but pieces of it were picked up in Alaska.
So we've been hit by missile fragments by the psychopath Kim Jong-il.
At the very same time, they just fired a missile at Hawaii.
They admit that that's where the trajectory was going, and it blew up before it left the atmosphere.
I find it very, very interesting to know that some of the chemical laser 747s that can fire from 300 to 400 miles away were deployed for drills when this happened.
There were also large battle cruisers that have chemical lasers on them floating around at the very time.
And I believe from the preliminary evidence, from the evidence we have, it is most likely, we cannot confirm this, that chemical lasers were used to blow up those missiles.
And I say good.
Now this confuses a lot of people.
Well Alex, the neocons say North Korea is bad.
Well, even a blind pig finds an acorn occasionally.
Even broken clocks are right twice a day.
That's the whole point here.
Why did we invade Iraq?
Why did we invade Afghanistan?
Clearly no involvement in 9-11.
No debating Iraq was not involved.
When we have North Korea threatening us.
Meanwhile, our government has helped arm through AQ Khan Laboratories, Pakistan, who conservatively has 40 hydrogen bomb warheads on top of medium-range missiles that can hit parts of the U.S., and their missiles are good.
They just signed a deal, what, two months ago.
Bush was over there to build unlimited nuclear weapons, and they've already got over 100.
Israel's got between 400 and 600 missiles.
Of course, South Africa has them, a bunch of other countries have them, but if you don't think the Swiss have them, again, I've got a bridge I want to sell you.
The former Eastern Bloc's got them.
None of that's a threat, though, see?
None of that's a threat.
The threat is Iran, who won't have an A-bomb if left alone for another nine years.
That's right, it's been a year, so now it's not ten, it's nine.
We'll be right back with land grabbing here in North Korea, America.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We talked to Clara Halper on Friday.
She's in Piscataway, New Jersey.
We talked to her again this morning.
She was scheduled to be joining us right now, but she's in crisis every time we talk to her.
She's not answering any one of her three phones, two cell phones, her home phone, her
But she is scheduled to join us sometime in the next two and a half hours, but we will get her on.
She's there at her home right now about to face armed force by the Armed Sheriff's Department and, quote, private security was what she told us on Friday, to come into their 75 acres that they have had since 1922.
It is an organic farm.
Valued on the tax rolls conservatively.
They could sell it right now for $75 million.
Land in that area is going for about $1 million.
An acre is right in the middle of a major development zone.
The city openly says that they're taking it for environmental reasons to have it be an environmental preserve, but they have the right to allow it for development.
Big developers have been trying to get it for years.
The family doesn't want to sell it.
I know most Americans would have sold years ago, but they like their family property, their organic farm, and their horseback riding club that they have there.
And it's always the same story.
Even before I got her on and just read a few news articles, I could guess and fill in the blanks, and I said, let me guess, and she said, yes, that's exactly what's happening.
Because they have a program.
This is what state, local, federal government does.
We know it's always the same thing.
Not only do they refuse to pay them anything for land openly valued on the tax rolls at 70 plus million dollars.
No, no, no, no.
But they're claiming that it is an environmental dump because of the organic farming and the horse manure.
And so they're going to have to pay $4.5 million after the government takes their property.
And they don't have $4.5 million.
So you're going to pay us for us to steal your land.
You see, that's what happened in New London, Connecticut.
That was in the local papers, but never on the national news.
Remember last year we interviewed...
Homeowner after homeowner after homeowner.
Some people living in the same houses four generations.
These are middle class people.
Doctors, lawyers, software engineers.
And I always make that point because they've been stealing poor people's land and homes forever.
But you take New Orleans.
They sent in the armed military into the high and dry multi-million dollar home area.
I mean, some of these houses are valued over $10 million.
Some of these things look like courthouses or
You know, the big Greek pillars.
They went in there first to take the guns.
You see, the government knows that's at the precedent.
They're going after wealthy, middle-class people now.
Setting the precedent that even if you've got money, you can't fight us.
Western Seafood, Freeport, Texas.
Same story.
And they come in and they say, in New London, they say, again, I keep using that one specific case that we like to talk about.
There's so many others.
Okay, on the tax rolls, your house is valued over $300,000.
You could probably end up selling it for $400,000, $500,000, getting even more than what the tax will say, but we're going to give you $63,000, and that was the offer in 1999, since you've been fighting us for six years.
We say your house is condemned, and you owe us back taxes for six years, and so calculating the back taxes at $40,000 and the on and on and on, you end up owing us this much.
So see,
They come to you and they say, we'll give you pennies on the dollar if you submit and sell right now.
But if you don't, we're going to charge you, we're going to cook something up, and you're going to end up owing us money.
And they do that to teach lessons, but more importantly they do it so you're financially destroyed so you can't defend yourself and sue them and go after them.
Or they can do what's happened in Kentucky and Wisconsin and Texas and California and Oregon where I've confirmed these cases.
That when you fight them and you sue them, they arrest you under terrorism charges calling it, quote, paper terrorism.
And if you're doubting me, I have mainstream news articles where they do that.
They're taking a vet in a wheelchair, 44 acres, in a key development zone that's worth millions.
They refuse to pay it.
He finds out that the city official that's taking the lands' wife is going to be getting the property.
This was in Wisconsin.
This was even in the newspaper, by the way.
But no one got in trouble.
That's the thing.
They just report on it and then no one gets in trouble.
And so he sues them over conflict of interest, and they come and arrest him, and he's given five years in prison, and the state attorney general who prosecutes it for the locals, who it turned out was also involved in the land grabbing, says, I wish we could get life, but at least we got five years.
This man is a terrorist.
That's paraphrasing, but he said, this man is a terrorist.
I wish I could get life.
Suing public officials is not acceptable.
I remember that exact quote.
What do you mean?
It's our total right.
See, first government starts saying you can't sue us.
And people go look at the law, the case history, the precedent.
Yes, you can.
When you step outside the bounds of your office and engage in criminal activity and corrupt activity, you're totally wide open.
But now they control the police.
The cop doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground.
They just follow orders.
And they just march out and they take you to jail.
And they tell the jury it's terrorism to sue them.
And the jury says, put that man in jail!
This is the new America!
And listen, you heard Ron Paul on with us Friday.
Congressman, he agreed.
I gave these examples.
I said it's like it's a wild going to seed.
Everything's exponentially doubling in its severity every year.
It's getting more egregious by the millisecond.
In fact, folks, stuff's getting so ridiculous that when I get up here on air every day, I feel like a liar.
You ever told somebody the truth, told somebody about something that happened, but it sounds so wild, you feel like it can't be true?
I mean, I'm even in denial myself.
I can't believe this is happening.
This is scary.
When I get up here on air and when I post on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and New York Daily News articles and other major papers out of New York that they take little children...
And who are totally healthy.
CPS takes them from their family.
This is just a few cases that have gotten a lot of attention, so I focus on those.
It's happening everywhere.
And they take them, and they feed them pesticide.
And in a two-week period, the little boy, in one case, eight years old, goes from being happy, playing basketball, athletic, in great health, to being bedridden, and then into a coma, and then they deliver the last dose of poison, and they murder the little boy.
We know his name.
We know where it happened.
We know their whole private wards of big pharma and big agriculture companies.
And they hope they don't use guinea pigs or rats.
They actually murder children.
That doesn't sound like it's true to me.
It is.
I couldn't believe it when we got Alberto Gonzalez's own group of three memos where he says we can pull fingernails out and table people into water and drown them.
If they die under pressure, it's not torture.
Didn't matter if the White House released it.
Didn't matter if it was in congressional testimony.
Didn't matter if he got questioned on it.
I still couldn't believe it.
That he would write memos like that.
Then his deputy, John, you I'm always talking about because I can't believe it, puts out a memo saying, hey, we can torture small children in front of their parents sexually.
We can put pliers on their genitalia and crush them.
And then he gets questioned at a CFR meeting.
It's being recorded.
We even had the man that questioned him on it.
Even the CFR members are disgusted by it?
And John Yoo goes, yeah, we're allowed to do that.
See, that doesn't compute.
That Kim Jong-il is firing missiles at Japan and Hawaii and Alaska doesn't compute.
That he has a seven-story pleasure palace and openly kidnaps women from Japan and South Korea and surrounding areas who he rapes and kills, and that he admits it and it's in major newspapers.
He's proud of himself.
He finally apologized.
That they have death camps there where they stomp newborn babies to death and then eat them.
I have trouble believing it.
That the Chinese government openly advertises on government websites that they have, quote, fresh organs is hard to believe from political dissidents they've murdered.
It's true.
But you know what?
I cannot believe it that 12 years ago when I learned of the plan for the American Union and read the documents, I couldn't believe it.
And I still can't believe it.
I mean, you heard Lou Dobbs when I played that CNN clip last week.
He starts hesitating.
He can't talk.
He's going, I can't believe it.
It's unbelievable.
Even neocons like Glenn Beck get on TV and go, I can't believe it, but it's true.
Yeah, that's right.
It really is true.
They really are killing America right now.
It really is true.
All of this is really happening.
I'm sorry it's happening.
Believe me.
Everything I do is to try to stop it.
And I guess we were never able to get her.
They're doing last-minute attempts at injunctions, and there were some reports that the government... This is why my producer wanted to get her on right before they write her at 2 o'clock our time.
It's when they told them they'd do it.
And I know the government, and I tried to advise her that their order says today, and that they're big fat liars, of course they're not going to show up at 3 o'clock Eastern, 2 o'clock Central, and they say they're probably there right now in Piscathaway grabbing her land.
And listen, you know why I get upset about this?
I mean, my instinct is it's a nice family, good people, but I have empathy.
And empathy doesn't mean you're some wimp.
An empathy means, you know, when you see somebody else in trouble, why does a normal person not like that?
Because you realize subconsciously that could be you.
I mean, none of us are safe when they can just steal a family's land, not for back taxes, not even any excuse, not any reason.
They just say, we're just taking it, and we're going to charge you for taking it.
Clara Halper.
I know we have listeners who said they were going out there.
Do we have listeners listening in their cars right now?
Can somebody call in from Piscathaway?
Can somebody in the next two hours before the show ends, two hours and 15 minutes and 40 seconds to be precise, can somebody drive out there and let us know what's going on?
And some of the people I talk to go, well, Alex, they are a seat in the paper.
They're grabbing land like this every day.
You know, why are you even covering him?
There's nothing we can do.
I mean, she's just one family.
This is a microcosm.
It's an example.
Land of the free, home of the brave.
And CPS, Child Protective Services, comes to New York families.
Mainly blacks.
Poor people.
Gosh, it makes me so mad.
And they say, we've got your seven-year-old.
We're taking him, your eight-year-old.
If you sign over these papers and agree to let us have him, we won't take your two-year-old.
That was in this one particular case.
See, Stalin was right, evil person that he was, but he was right when he said that when one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 die, it's a statistic.
So we focus in on that one little black boy or this one little family in Piscataway.
And they take him and they kill him.
And I don't know what to say.
I mean, I don't know what to say anymore.
People go, oh, that couldn't be true.
Hey, listen, go research it.
You'll find out it is.
And I get emails every few weeks.
I'll spend an hour or so just scanning around the web on message boards and stuff to see what people are saying about the show.
And so many people say, well, you know, Alex Jones has had a lot of good info, but he gets upset on air sometimes.
He yells on air sometimes.
Maybe once a month I break down and cry on air.
And, you know, he needs to be drier about it.
He doesn't need to be so sensational.
Folks, that's what anger is all about.
You're not supposed to get upset about baseball or football or soccer and yell and scream about that.
I mean, you've got this instinct to get angry and upset about real issues.
And if the government openly grabbing children and testing pesticides and drugs on them until they kill them, innocent children in the open, does it freak you out and does it make you want to yell and scream and does it make you want to punch somebody in the face?
There's something wrong.
You're not ticking right.
You know, could it be that I'm normal?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Listen, I live this stuff.
I research this stuff.
This is all I do.
I've got stacks of it here.
Stacks of evil.
Stacks of open corruption.
Right in front of me and I don't even want to cover it.
And I have empathy to this family in Piscataway right now having their land stolen.
I have a sense of justice.
And again, that's nothing special.
I want justice.
I want justice.
I don't want corrupt thugs.
I'm the type of guy who'd watch the old western, a lot of them based on true stories, where the corrupt mayor's got his 20 thugs, and they ride into the little ranch, and they say, we're taking your land, and the daddy comes out and says, no, you're not, and they gun him down.
If you really read western history, that happened a lot in this country.
Then finally, locals would get sick of it more often than not, and they'd go deal with the sheriff.
They'd go deal with the mayor.
They'd hang them.
Those they didn't gun down in the street.
I mean, I'm the type of guy who rooted for the good guys in the corny westerns.
I mean, we have the exact same type of stuff going on.
You know, we've aired newscasts here, not just video I've shot, but newscasts from North Carolina, California.
And I've seen video of it as well, internal military videos and other videos shot by individuals.
You know the Marines, the Army, and the National Guard have been training for at least a decade to, quote, take your land.
They have role players screaming, I'm an American, don't take my land, with signs.
They'll open up on them with a heavy machine gun with blanks.
Our troops are being trained to mow down groups of Americans.
Now, that doesn't freak you out.
And if that doesn't let you know they've got a plan to take your private property, then I don't know.
And there's all these millionaires listening right now.
There's all these people that own big tracts of land.
I know a lot of them listening right here in Austin, Texas.
And you think they're not going to take your land?
You've got another thing coming.
You're exactly who they're coming for.
You're exactly what all this tyranny is about.
It's so criminals can do whatever they want.
See, that's what tyranny is.
When criminals get control of government and get control of the PR machines, and they propagandize people.
And in a lot of tyrannies, the people love it.
Because they're dumbed down, they're stupid, they're brainwashed.
I know there's still a lot of good Americans out there, but you've been too sappy.
You've been too believing.
You think the government is like you.
You think the world lives inside your own head.
You think that because you wouldn't do something bad, somebody else would.
And I'm telling you, stop being naive.
I get these questions all the time.
Well, how could people in the government be so ruthless and carry out 9-11?
Then I can list a hundred plus examples of where our government's openly done stuff like this in the past.
And they go, well, I just can't believe it.
I just can't believe it.
What, you can't believe that serial killers grab five-year-old kids and cut their heads off?
I mean, I can't believe it either, but it goes on.
We'll come back and get into a bunch of other news.
We've got Greg Pallas scheduled to join us for Mexico City on the Mexican election.
We'll open the phones up today as well.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Every couple of days we hear about some new Marine Corps Army massacre.
And the neocons get on talk radio and spin it, make excuses about it.
They're there to divert and distract you, okay, and make you think there's a left-right fight going on.
It's all WWF theater.
Or they'll talk good talk about immigration or Second Amendment, but then never criticize the Republicans who are really helping it all sail through.
You know, Bush has had control of the legislative, the executive, the judicial for six-plus years now.
Do you see any gun laws reversed?
The only one that was was the assault of his band and Bush lobbied and pushed for that.
Five USGIs charged in Iraq rape-slay case.
AP, four US soldiers have been charged with rape and murder and a fifth was a dereliction of duty and the alleged rape-slaying of a young Iraqi woman and the killings of her relatives.
The military said Sunday.
The five were accused Saturday following an investigation and allegations that American soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division raped a teenager and killed her and three relatives at her home south of Baghdad.
I remember five years ago seeing the Washington Times report that our government is hiring aggravated felons.
And now 14% of the new Army recruits last year were below the minimum standards.
And they are recruiting in the ghettos.
They are recruiting in the worst areas by design.
The tyrant will set criminals upon you.
Support the troops.
Support the filth.
The five were accused Saturday following an investigation.
Ex-soldier Stephen D. Green was arrested last week in North Carolina and has pleaded not guilty to one count of rape and four counts of murder.
statement said the five soldiers still in active duty will face an Article 32 investigation similar to a grand jury hearing in civilian law.
The U.S.
The Article 32 proceeding will determine whether there is enough evidence to place them on trial.
One of the soldiers was charged with failing to report the attack but is not believed to have participated in it directly.
The statement said the names of the four soldiers were not released.
The March 12th attack on the family was among the worst in a series of cases of U.S.
troops accused of killing and abusing Iraqi civilians.
officials are concerned the alleged rape slaying will strain relations with the U.S.-backed government and increase calls for changes in the agreement that exempts American soldiers from prosecution in Iraqi courts.
Folks, three years ago we'd see articles in the British press where in front of American and British reporters they would in one case blow a woman's head off just for fun.
And the reporter from the Independent described how the mother's walking down the dirt road and they're sitting there with a .50 caliber about a quarter mile away and there's a little boy, a little three-year-old holding her hand and she's walking and they say, watch me blow this bleeper's head off
And they hit her, the head blows up, the little child sits there, the mother falls down the road, the little baby starts crying.
This is the type of trash that are going to be cops, SWAT team leaders.
And the government does all of this by design.
They know by bringing these type of people back here, putting them in, just like Stalin took people out of the prisons, the rapists, the murderers, and made them his head henchmen.
That's America, ladies and gentlemen!
They know exactly what they're doing.
So from the best and most loved military to the most evil.
And there's still good people in there, but they're leaving in droves to get away from this.
Before I end this hour, Terror Storm, the emergency release edition, is out right now.
Limited copies available at my new film.
It really is my best work to date.
Get your copy at InfoAwards.com of Terror Storm.
My other books and videos right now are Cold Toll Free 1.
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So many great works there at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Second hour with Greg Palast coming up.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Webster, Griffin, Tarpley's on with us in this hour.
Greg Pallas joins us.
And we've both been having fun trying to connect down in Mexico in the third hour to report on these bizarre Mexican elections.
What's really going on behind the scenes with that?
The big news of the day, the huge news of the day, is that Japan is threatening to attack North Korea, and I think rightly so, attack their launch sites because they continue to fire missiles at their nation.
And they fired them at the U.S.
Fragments of a warhead have hit the U.S.
In the past, North Korea is just completely and totally out of control.
But so are the neocons.
And it just shows, you know, we didn't attack North Korea, who's a real threat.
We went after Iraq.
So we'll be discussing that later on in this hour.
We're also going to open the phones up.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Any issue, any news item, anything you wish to discuss, you're welcome to call in.
I would really prefer, though, that you talk about the troops raping and killing and the cover-up of that or the North Korea missile launch situation or the Mexican elections or the American Union.
There's more articles out on this today in the mainstream news concerning the American Union.
It's openly being discussed that, hey, nobody told the American people, but we're going into the American Union.
But Congress won't debate it.
I mean, there might be one mention a week in the mainstream news where different pundits or different reports come out and say, yeah, we are going into it, but there's not a national debate.
I mean, there is on this broadcast.
There is on the Genesis Network.
But there isn't
There isn't in the rest of the country.
The end of the U.S., our highways being seized, made international zones for international global taxation.
Think about it.
That's what it is.
$3 a gallon, that's the conversion.
$3 a gallon, $3.85, excuse me, is what the major toll roads will charge you off your transponder for the average gallon of gas.
Understand, it's not a tax on the gallon of gas.
I use that as an example.
...per 24 miles traveled, you will pay on average $385.
The average car is 24 miles to the gallon.
This has been in our local news, by the way.
The tax dot doesn't deny this.
The average car, 24 miles to the gallon, their tax on the transponder will be...
You know, normally the globalists, when they start a new tax, they start it real small, like the income tax at 1%, and then 2% a decade later, and then 5%, and then 30%, and then 40%.
No, no, no, not now.
It's just, yeah, $3.85!
Per 24 miles traveled, so it's the equivalent of $3 plus a gallon gas tax.
So we really can't talk enough about the American Union.
Bush bypassed Congress, bypassed the courts.
He just said through Homeland Security, through 22 federal agencies, he's going to sign the interim agreement and start merging our military, our police, our roads, our regulations, our food, inspection, hundreds of things.
Just out in the open.
Out in the open, what's your take on it?
1-800-259-9231 and we'll get you up and on the air.
The American Union is upon us.
It's here.
And I wonder how many bureaucrats, how many people go along with it.
Well, most of them will because it's still not being openly debated like it should be.
You still get emails, we still get emails saying it doesn't exist, we're making it up.
Remember the old days when we were the nuts?
That there was an American Union, that we were going into an American Union?
That we were losing our sovereignty?
I've even heard some neocons on the radio spinning it, saying, well...
We need this to stop terrorism.
The American Union gets rid of the borders.
We'll be right back with your calls and a ton of news.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
The websites are Infowars.com, Infowars.net, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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I think.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live 10th of July, 2006 Monday edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to have open phones in this hour, all over the map on the geopolitical movements that we're seeing.
Webster Griffin Tarpley, author, joins us, government-sponsored terror researcher.
We carry his book, which is amazing, now into its third edition, 9-11 and Synthetic Terror.
Made in the USA.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now.
Webster Tarpley, so much is happening, but I want to get in.
We've got Greg Pallas joining us in the next hour.
We're able to get him on.
It's really bad phone lines, even testing it down there.
He's in Mexico City right now.
I want to get into that.
Japan threatening to strike North Korea.
North Korea psychopathically firing test missiles all over the place.
Meanwhile, the neocons are focused on invading Iran.
We've got Rumsfeld busily going back to 1996 as the chairman of ABB, transferring the reactors to him.
So much is going on.
Try to bring some sense to this whole thing.
Boris Webster.
I think we're seeing the fruits of the neocon fascist madmen running foreign policy, and I think it was clear the neocons are leading the United States into a catastrophe, and it is absolutely imperative to drive these people from public life.
The old solution back in the days of Rome, they would all have to go into exile, and that would be the end of them.
Let's start with North Korea.
My information is that during the month of June, the United States violated North Korean airspace with warplanes on 230 separate occasions.
So that's something like 7 to 8 times.
Now, let's be clear, because I've heard you speak on this.
We're not defending North Korea, totally evil, totally psychopathic.
The point is, it's true.
Huge military drills swarming all over their airspace and their territorial waters.
So they're trying to escalate a provocation.
This crisis, I mean, the tenure in office of the Kim family, and these obviously not nice people, the United States needed this crisis.
The neocons wanted...
To stoke up the North Korean crisis as a way of extorting obedience and loyalty from Japan and South Korea, who otherwise have very strong tendencies to go off on their own and look to themselves.
And essentially to keep the entire Northeast Asia area in a state of crisis.
The neocons have helped to manufacture this.
By constantly insulting all of this idiotic rhetoric about the axis of evil and the pygmy, the dwarf that Bush hates and all the rest of this stuff.
The important thing to see is that North Korea is a very special kind of problem.
It is a place that is undergoing economic collapse, you might say, from within.
The first thing you have to do is have direct negotiations.
And if they want a non-aggression pact, give it to them.
It costs you absolutely nothing.
There should be no intent to attack this place.
And therefore, if they say we want a non-aggression pact and we want status, that's wonderful.
Webster, we know there's 747s with chemical lasers as part of those drills.
Does it look like to you, because some of their missile tests were successful a few years ago, does it look like to you there's a clear indication that chemical lasers may have been used by these 747s that set off 300 miles away?
I mean, the way these missiles were blowing up before they left the atmosphere?
Well, I don't know about that.
I think that might work with these old scuds, but I think anything beyond that, the U.S.
system is simply not capable of bringing it down.
Not on reentry.
They have a lot of trouble doing it.
We're caught cheating with radio beacons, but when they're hot lifting and boosting, they're slow.
I think, well, that is certainly a possibility, but I think the main thing that people have to hold on to is the 230 violations of airspace during June...
Which would be enough to go to almost any country into doing something, and in this case, because we have this mentally unstable Kim Jong-il, this is what they do.
Notice, however, that the attempt by Bolton and Rice and Cheney
At the United Nations to get economic warfare in the form of sanctions and then actual warfare in the form of... Well, they've been openly writing editorials saying, go ahead and attack.
I've never heard so much Hitlerian rhetoric coming from the neocons as right now.
And we even got it from William Perry, who had been defense secretary under Clinton, and Ashton Carter, who's now on the radio all the time demanding immediate war.
That is, of course, a path to World War III.
But it's interesting that Russia has said no, China has said no, and the Bush people and Bolton especially have hit a brick wall.
In fact, New York Daily News yesterday ran the headline that World War III has started.
Well, that's neocon, classical neocon rhetoric, and I think we have to make sure that this does not happen.
It is important for people to realize, though, we've had more nuclear rocket rattling in the last ten days than we've had since
I would say the early 1980s.
It's easily a quarter of a century in the past that we had anything like this.
It's Cuban Missile Crisis level.
Well, the rhetoric is.
I think the reality is far short of that.
But since you have these neocon madmen running around, they shoot their mouths off a lot.
And I think ultimately what's driving them is nothing to do with North Korea.
Why do you think Time Magazine has come out now saying the Bush Doctrine is over?
Well, because I think there may be some forces in the ruling class who don't want to be dragged into the inferno on the tale of Bush's personal insanity.
The thing that's energizing this is the dollar, the death agony of the U.S.
Let's look for a second at Iran.
We see something similar.
There had been a big push, of course, in March and into April to get the nuclear attack on Iran
They also, we have the threatened vetoes of Russia and China.
They won't get anywhere with that.
As you found out, the Bilderberger Group was pretty much clear that the European side at Bilderberger wouldn't touch this.
There's been a four-year split, and now it has escalated to screaming matches.
So the Europeans say no to the war.
Then the other thing is we have what Seymour Hersh writes about, the revolt of the generals.
The people in the U.S.
Army and the Marine Corps who were supposed to go into this new meat grinder massively said no, and as I tried to point out at the time, the people calling for the resignation of Rumsfeld were talking about Iraq, but what they really were talking about was Iran.
In other words, the subtext was, don't you dare go into Iran, and that seems also to have been effective.
So right now we have the neocons
Who had been hoping that either Iran or North Korea could get them into their third world war.
Yeah, they're looking for one of those to blow.
They are, but you see, with all the normal means, they can't do it.
So what does that mean?
To me it means they need the outside event even more.
Remember, the Cheney Doctrine says the nuclear attack on Iran especially comes in the wake of a new 9-11.
And knowing the Cheney faction...
This is a new 9-11 that they're going to create.
They're going to orchestrate it.
They're going to make it happen.
Because they're in so much political trouble on so many fronts, their program is stalling in the mud up to the axles.
They need some new catalyzing event to jumpstart it to a whole other level.
They need an outside event to beat down the opposition of the generals, beat down the opposition of the Europeans.
Intimidate Russia and China and run rough jobs.
Then why is Kim Jong-il playing into their hands?
Because they've assessed him psychologically and are pushing his buttons.
Well, again, if you do the 230 airspace violations, you get him into a high state of frenzy, I suppose.
And I'm sure they have other means of doing this, too.
Now, let's look at a couple of other things, though, that are happening that also contribute to the desperation of the British and U.S.
One is Ukraine, and this is in some ways the most important factor.
Remember that Orange Revolution, the CIA people power coup in Kiev back in December of 2004?
That regime has now collapsed just in this past week.
This is this character, Yushchenko, the guy with the skin problem, and Timoshenko, who is this blonde woman with her hair up in braids who's one of the biggest thieves.
Timoshenko had been the prime minister.
She's now out.
There's now going to be a new government under Yanukovych, who is the pro-Moscow guy.
And this is right on the verge of the Group of Eight summit in St.
Petersburg, where Cheney had pledged that he would rub Putin's face in the dirt before the St.
Petersburg conference.
And it looks now like the St.
Petersburg conference is going to go on, and that the Ukraine has been wrenched away from the U.S.
and the British.
Now, this is important for us.
Remember that the program of the Yushchenko, Timoshenko, NATO quizlings was that Ukraine should join NATO.
Now this is crazy.
We don't want to have our soldiers dying for the sake of Ukraine.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
The same thing goes for Georgia.
We've just had Shakashvili of Georgia, another NATO puppet.
His program is that Georgia should join NATO.
That would give you
All these common borders with Russia, this is absolutely crazy.
We don't want to be committed to the defense of Georgia, a small state run by provocateurs and gangsters on the other side of the world.
This is absolutely crazy.
The other thing, two other things.
In Italy, all of the U.S.
terrorist and agent networks are getting rolled up.
This is absolutely fascinating.
When they killed Calipari, the U.S.
killed Calipari in Iraq deliberately.
They started a process now.
For those who don't know, that's one of the Italian intelligence agents, and now we've got indictments and arrests of CIA operatives in Italy.
They're moving against them in Spain.
Go ahead.
Yeah, this is essentially the SISMI.
That's the Italian Military Intelligence.
And, of course, that's a sewer.
And I think the number two man is a guy called Marco Mancini, who was a creature of tennis.
At the CIA and of the US in general.
There are also arrest warrants out for 25 CIA agents including the former station chief for kidnapping people off the streets of Italy and taking them out.
Through these extraordinary renditions.
Checking them out to Georgia for the torture.
Well, at the time it might have been Poland or Romania or Morocco or Georgia or wherever it is for these wonderful friends of democracy.
So they've lost Ukraine, for the moment anyway.
They're losing Italy.
Now here's the other one, the big news this morning.
Shamil Basayef.
Shamil Basayef is the biggest butcher and killer of the Chechen rebels.
And he is an official CIA agent.
There's absolutely no doubt.
He was announced killed this morning by the Russians, and it's a very, very interesting story.
So the Western New World Order is having a lot of setbacks.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Webster Griffin Tarbley to give you a different perspective on the geopolitical shaking that's going on right now.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
John, Steve, Jack, Jake, David, your calls are coming up right when we start the next segment.
Let's get down to brass tacks.
I believe government itself has always been inherently centralized, corrupt, very dangerous.
History shows that.
It's really prima facie evidence.
It is a statement of fact, like the law of gravity on this planet.
So we know Russia's corrupt and evil does horrible things.
We know China's corrupt and evil does horrible things.
We know that our government, the elites, the western elite, has bought and paid for a lot of them.
They're kind of a symbiotic relationship where their arteries are all tied into each other.
They share organs.
But we know there are splits, and there are different elites,
I think?
China and Russia say they're starting their own New World Order and so they're going for the very same goal.
No, I don't think the goal is the same.
I think this is a mistake.
What they have is something called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and this is a loose union.
It's Russia, China, four of the five Central Asian republics that is not including Turkmenistan with India, Iran and Pakistan as observers.
Let me go back.
Let me go back.
And it's not propaganda.
I've looked into it.
I've researched it.
They do kill political dissidents.
They admit it.
They do arrest Christians and Falun Gong.
They do sell organs.
And they're totally in bed with the neocons.
Going back to the early 70s, they've made a backroom deal with them to peg their currency to ours, to buy our debt.
And so, I mean, how does China play into this?
The thing that you see now is that whatever these deals were, you could say that for many, many, for the last couple of decades, right, the 1970s, 1980s, there was essentially a condominium, a two-power setup between the U.S.
and the Soviets, but that's long gone.
And now you have the neocons.
And the difference with the neocons, the neocons, of course, represent the prevailing view in Wall Street and the prevailing view in the city of London, because that's all they are.
They're loudmouth spokesmen for the financier faction.
The situation of the dollar is now so extreme that the approach of the Wall Street people is to say, we cannot tolerate any independent government anywhere, even the ones that they've dealt with.
And so the entire old order that the New World Order had built, due to mismanagement and miscalculations, is coming down around them, so they've got to escalate to a world war to go out and, I guess...
As they did post-World War II, reassert global hegemony.
But then I go back to the fact that these very same central bankers are the ones that have decided to devalue the dollar.
The dollar is coming down because of the law of physics.
There is no force in the universe that could save the dollar when you have a $1 trillion... So you're saying the chickens are coming home to roost, they got delusional decades ago for short term, and now it's falling apart.
The entire logic of the U.S.-British banking position is pure insanity.
They have a $1 trillion budget deficit, a $1 trillion trade deficit, a $9 trillion public debt here in the United States...
We have now destroyed, just in the last couple of months, we've destroyed about one-third of the entire auto industry.
In other words, we are down...
We're down to fewer industrial vultures.
No, I understand.
I understand it's a vulture predatory economy that feeds off of rotten carcasses, so they kill the economy to feed.
I understand all of that.
It's just that these Asian and Russian and U.S.
elites are so intertwined.
But not with the neocons.
You see, as long as you... The pre-neocon era, everything, all of that was true.
During the time of the first Gulf War, you could see that there was an attempt to set up a world dictatorship based on the five permanent members of the Security Council all acting together.
But today, that is no longer the case.
No, I understand the neocons are trying to act alone.
Paul Craig Roberts and others have said that.
This always happens with a gang of thieves.
The strongest pirate tries to take over and be the numero uno.
But at the same time, the global Anglo-American establishment put the neocons in as their pit bull to carry out their operation.
Are you saying they fumbled it?
They're insane.
Of course they fumbled it.
They would have been better off doing nothing.
They would have prolonged their empire by doing absolutely nothing.
No, I agree.
Stay there.
I agree.
We're going to come back, finish up talking about this, and take your calls, I promise, at 1-800-259-9231.
Then we're scheduled to have Greg Palast popping in sometime in the next hour from Mexico City to cover that whole debacle down there.
Prison Planet.tv, stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Webster, Griffin, Tarbley, before we go to calls...
As simply as you can, give us a sketch of this in your researched opinion.
What do you see happening in the next six months, the next year, the next year and a half, the next two years?
I want to hear predictions from you.
I want to hear where you think this is going from the current breaks we're seeing globally.
What's going to develop out of this?
What do you think the neocon response is going to be?
We have the estimate from C. Fred Bergsten, who was in the Treasury under Carter, that the dollar has got to be immediately devalued by about 30%.
That's one open point of view.
Behind the scenes, we seem to have James Baker III, the controller of Bush the Elder, his idea man, saying that what we need is a gradual slide of the dollar, a gradual devaluation.
The problem with the gradual devaluation is that once it starts, it may be impossible to stop it.
That's the old nightmare of
Now, by staying crazy, you mean this current elite has gotten away with using violence and staged crises so many times that they don't see that doing that now could totally get out of control?
Look at what William Crystal says in the Weekly Standard.
He says, look, we're defeated on Iran.
We're defeated on North Korea.
We're defeated in Iraq.
We're going to be defeated in Afghanistan.
I would add they're defeated in Ukraine, Italy, Chechnya.
So their answer to all of that is it's time for the outside event.
It's time for the new 9-11 or the new Gulf of Tonkin.
And that's where the 9-11 truth issue comes in because there's no issue that has enough explosive power
Stop this stuff other than 9-11.
That's the only thing that does it.
It's really the only issue now.
It's the only way to stop all of this stuff.
We're very lucky that we've gotten through this European soccer tournament.
That's now thankfully over because that was one of the great opportunities.
But I would say we're now in a period of acute aggravated danger once again of synthetic terrorism between now and the end of the year.
And I hope this can be stopped.
You can see also, Alex, as you've been pointing out on your website,
That this whole mechanism with the patsies is breaking down.
When you look at London and Toronto and the Miami Haitians, and now we've got... They're now being exposed as provocateurs, staged events within days.
Yeah, you can now look at Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and any number of others, and a lot of people are beginning to scratch their heads and say, where do these psychotics come from?
Where do we get these basket cases, mentally retarded individuals, obviously impaired people,
We're good to go.
The cave in Afghanistan or Hezbollah or Iran, that would be the end of terrorism.
Well, that's what I've always said, is that we've got to expose 9-11 because it's the foundational event.
And people begin to understand that when there's a terror attack, giving up your rights and your freedoms...
And that's this.
Are all of these provocateur, fake terror busts because the elite is afraid to carry out another terror attack because they'll think they'll get caught, so it's the next best thing to reassure us of how wonderful their police state is, or are these preludes to a larger attack so they can say, look, we stopped five of the attacks, but we can't stop them all?
It's that one.
We have to assume that it's a build-up to something because they need it so badly.
They're so defeated in so many places.
They're going to have a flight forward, and they're going to say, the only way out of this is a new act of synthetic terrorism.
Also notice that the Bin Laden stable of doubles and patsies and the Zawahiri stable of doubles and patsies are now running 24 hours a day.
We're getting messages.
We're getting tapes.
We're getting threats from all of these characters.
We have to look ahead now.
You basically have to follow the drills.
We've got a big drill today.
Right near here in Maryland, Harford County, Northern Maryland, we've got a weapons of mass destruction drill starting on July 12th.
We've got a huge pandemic drill in Michigan from the 17th to the 28th of July.
We've got drills in South Carolina, in Red Wing, Minnesota.
And for those that don't know, the drills are used as a smoke screen for the real compartmentalized black world operatives to carry out their attacks.
It's used as a smoke screen and plausible deniability if other elements of the government bust them in action.
There's a place you can look at this.
It's called False Flag News on the Internet.
It's kind of a clearinghouse site.
If you want to see if a WMD drill is coming near you, you can find that out.
If there is one, identify it, denounce it, expose it, shut it down.
Not in my backyard.
We don't want it.
Well, and they also serve a dual use, is that they create the perception of real terrorism to also heighten the fear.
I put them in the same category as these fake terror busts.
It allows the locals to come under federal control, all of this fear-mongering.
Let's take some calls.
John in Ohio, thanks for holding her on the air.
Yes, Hart, not to be misunderstood or misrepresented on the short call, but I thank God for Webster Tarpley.
Because I totally support what you're doing, exposing the brutality and especially the lies behind 9-11, the brutality and the lies behind the war-mongering against Iraq and Iran.
But please do not join these mad neocons' plans to use this confrontation against North Korea and China as their way out of their madness, which will, as the web should point out, lead us into a greater catastrophe.
I don't support the governments there, but I don't know exactly what's going on there.
But I do listen to people that you supported, like Andres von Bulow, who has pointed out that within China, the CIA has been operating a subversion of sending in subversive groups and financing as the hostile part of their policy of engagement over there.
And the provocations that Webster talked about in North Korea, the massive...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, John, thank you for the call.
Comments, Webster?
I certainly think the cheapest way out of this, if they want a non-aggression pact, then for God's sake, give it to them.
Cost you nothing.
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, when you have Bush running around with the axis of evil rhetoric, and the neocons, of course, are issuing nuclear ultimatums and threats of nuclear war with Bolton,
And the rest of the world responds to that.
People want to defend themselves.
A lot of countries are not going to lie down for that.
And the answer, therefore, is get the neocons out of public life, and the world will begin to calm down.
And then Hillary will save us.
I'm being sarcastic.
I mean, you talked about it.
The Democrats are controlled by the very same people, and in some cases... But these are also neocons.
Hillary and Lieberman are both neocons themselves.
No, I know, but that's what Democrats can't understand.
Just like conservatives can't understand that the same Anglo-American establishment, as Carol Quigley said at Georgetown, controls both political wings.
If we get a Democratic takeover of one or the other House of Congress, I'm afraid with the Democratic Party the way it is now, you're going to see them try to continue the war in Iraq.
Hi there, Alex.
Yeah, the one party, or the one group that the two parties really belong to is the CFR, basically, as I know you guys know.
Which was openly set up by the British Royal Institute of International Affairs.
I mean, listen, folks, the CFR writes the legislation.
The Congress and the President execute it.
There is no debating that the CFR is the British government in America.
The invisible government ultimately goes back in its present form to when Grover Cleveland capitulated to J.P.
Morgan & Company back in 1895 when the British had organized a big run on the U.S.
gold stocks and the price of stopping that run and preventing U.S.
national bankruptcy was that Cleveland had to grovel to J.P.
Morgan and
That's the moment where it's clear that a private bank with British backing is far more powerful than the government of the United States.
And then 20-something years later, we get the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve institutionalizes that.
We get the blowing up of the Maine to start the empire with the Spanish-American War, and we get the assassination of McKinley, who was not enthusiastic about this, and then we get the certified madman Theodore Roosevelt coming in, and then, of course, the Federal Reserve.
And that's your invisible government.
So it goes back to these things, and then, as you say, the RIIA Chatham House adds on the CFR as a kind of organ of the Versailles Treaty right after World War I. Okay, anything else, Collin?
Yeah, I just want to say, Alex, I don't know how you do it from day to day.
This stuff is such spiritual darkness.
It is just way so heavy on you.
It's amazing to me that you're able to do that day by day.
But, you know, another thing that's amazing to me is that
People look back, and I guess, of course, it's the old hindsight.
It's always 20-20.
But they look back and say how bad Hitler was and everything, and how come the German people didn't recognize this and rise up and everything, and on and on and on.
But the same thing's happening in this country, and people are just taking it.
So it's amazing the irony there that, boy, they can see Hitler,
You know, and they always ask, how come the German people didn't do anything about it?
Yet the same exact things happening in this country right now.
Well, the German people were good, hard-working, moral people, but they were twisted and seduced, and it's the same thing.
They judged Hitler according to their own moral compass.
They thought, well, we're good people.
The Fuhrer must be good.
Webster, you want to talk to that?
I can only say that this kind of thought has occurred to me quite frequently over the last several months.
When you look at the...
The fact that you've got people making absolutely Hitlerian statements.
In other words, William Perry says let's immediately attack North Korea.
Bush says domestically he's above the law.
That's absolutely right.
And that they have the right to tap your phone and to invade your home and search your house when you're not there.
All of this stuff is either Hitler or ultra-Hitlerian.
All right, thank you for the call, Steve.
We'll go to Jack, Jake, David, and others in a minute.
I wanted to bring this up, Webster.
I'm not telling listeners to call C-SPAN, but basically I've talked to C-SPAN almost every day, and they think we are.
They're getting a lot of calls.
Wait until they don't air the panel discussion.
Then they really will get the phone calls.
They keep saying it's going to air, and I actually looked this up.
They have videotaped some panel discussions.
In some cases, it's taken a full month.
We're good to go.
We have not seen the C-SPAN panel discussion.
It was so hardcore, no one held anything back.
And I've watched the video of it.
We posted the video we shot of it at prisonplanet.tv.
Why do you think we haven't seen that from C-SPAN yet?
Do you have any ideas on how we should try to politely get them to air it?
Well, I'm afraid that the dominant personality there is somebody called Brian Lamb.
And he seems to regard himself as a kind of...
Dictator of public opinion or maybe better social engineer of what people are allowed to think.
He seems to think that he draws the line between what is respectable dissent and what is not respectable or scurrilous dissent or something like this.
I guess the only thing to do is to indeed call C-SPAN, make clear that there is a very large popular demand for this,
But do it in a polite way.
You don't need to abuse them or otherwise insult them, because that gives them a pretext not to put it on.
At this point, I don't know about just calling their general number, but every morning when they do the Washington Journal, everyone, you should be waiting to call in on every line and say, where is the 9-11 neocon agenda symposium?
We want to see it.
Alex, let me just say that obviously you have done a tremendous public service with that conference.
That is a pilot project.
It's a case study of how politics should work.
You have people from across a broad political spectrum.
You have leftists, progressives, libertarians, conservatives, people of the right wing, all together, all on these simple plans of we don't want a world war, we don't want a dictatorship, we don't want a totalitarian police state.
And I think that tends to...
Completely destroy the wedge issue strategy, the divisions, the artificial divisions of left and right that have been cultivated by people like Lee Atwater and now Rove, but also Tony Coelho on the other side, and Hillary, and Carville, and the rest of them.
It essentially knocks all of that into a cock-tack, and I think there is a very, very significant issue involved in putting that
That panel discussion on there, but whether it goes on or not, and we're all going to fight to make sure it does, you deserve a lot of credit for essentially bringing that together and making it possible.
Well, the Washington Post did cover it.
Reuters covered it.
Hundreds of foreign newspapers and hundreds of domestic papers did pick up the Reuters article.
Why do you think Reuters, which we know is totally run by the City of London, why do you think they ran it?
Well, you know, that's British intelligence, and they...
They need people to know certain things.
I would say it indicates that there's a faction in the city of London that says the neocon fascist madmen have gone far enough.
It's probably better not to have World War III by way of Iran and not to have World War III by way of North Korea and not to have World War III through a direct strike against Iran.
against Russia and China, which seems to be what Zbigniew Brzezinski wants, right?
Brzezinski's plan was to go from Ukraine to Belarus to Moscow, just like Napoleon, and of course, we know how that ended.
So probably the British, there's probably some cooler heads on the British side who say, let's not have this
Let's put a shot across Bush's bowels by reminding him how blackmailable his entire regime is, because the September criminals, of course, run Bush, and he is one of the leading September criminals.
For those that don't know, Reuters makes the AP look like a backwater small-town paper, and it really is British intelligence.
Not the writers, because I've talked to Reuters writers.
All the time, stuff gets spiked, and it's spiked from London.
It's the largest news agency in the world, and I suppose it's also the oldest agency.
And it's extremely influential, and one of the spin-offs of that was an article in Le Monde Diplomatique, the French paper, but this time in the Norwegian edition, which also seemed to reflect the interest coming from this.
So it's been a big... And the headline was 9-11 Inside Job.
Have you read the new Vanity Fair?
No, I don't have that one yet.
Cover story on Loose Change 2, and it's positive, Webster.
What does that mean when Vanity Fair is being nice to us?
Well, then somebody in this country also says we don't want the war with Iran.
We don't want the war with Iraq.
Stay there.
We've got a break.
More calls coming up.
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I'm going to hold Webster Tarpley over with us a little bit in the next hour.
Greg Pallis is in route to his hotel.
He'll be joining us by the middle of the next hour with a report from Mexico City.
Dealing with a third-world country is never fun.
Trying to speak Spanish to people at the hotel right now.
We've got a lot of other people on hold that we want to talk to, continue with calls with Webster Tarplay.
Before I go back to Webster, we have his latest edition of his book here.
It is 9-11 synthetic terror made in the USA.
I really think the preeminent work, if you want a wide-spectrum analysis, not just one little area of 9-11, but a wide spectrum, he covers it all, and his analysis is the closest I've seen out there to my own.
And this is from deep research.
So I hope you'll get a copy of 9-11 Synthetic Terror, available at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
You get a great book, and you support Webster Tarpling and what I'm doing here at InfoWars and my entire team.
Also, my new film Terror Storm is out!
It is my greatest film, the best film I've ever made.
I'm very proud of it.
We have limited copies of the Emergency Edition we're putting out without the extras.
I'm behind on getting the official film out with the extras.
That is still now about a month out.
So go ahead and get these copies while they last.
Have you seen Terror Storm?
Yes, I think I've seen most of it by now.
I was called out for a couple of minutes during that.
What did you think of the film?
It's a tremendous contribution.
The thing I want to stress about that conference is your attack on Malthus, the Malthusianism of leftists, which you stressed in your speech in Chicago and also then in Los Angeles.
I believe profoundly that the perspective has to be to bring together the elements that have been chopped up into pieces and sundered by the wedge issues and the crazy ideology.
This past political cycle from 1970 or so until now, which is now ending,
Depends on the predominance of the wedge issues, right?
Making rightists into rightists and leftists into leftists.
If we're going to have a common platform, however, the leftists are going to have to give up something.
And that is this Malthusianism.
The notion of zero growth.
The notion that the world is overpopulated.
And for those that don't know, that's really neo-feudalism packaged by Lord Malthus.
And for those that don't know, that's their excuse for all the evil they do.
And this is exactly what the leftists have to hear.
The Kissinger NSM 200 memo back in the 1970s, I think I put that in just about every book I've ever
Put out some way or other.
That was then, it was institutionalized under Carter in the form of Global 2000 and Global Futures, so that at that point the official policy of the U.S.
government became genocide, the pretext being we want to prevent the populations from the third world using resources that really belong to us, so to speak.
Because of the many defeats that the leftists have suffered since the Kennedy assassination, above all since the Robert Kennedy assassination.
Well, I mean, let's boil it down.
They're a bunch of elitist stooges.
I mean, here's an example.
The environmental movement.
We have real environmental problems.
The real environmental movement has been totally taken control of by the big oil companies.
They just push for land-grabbing policies, and then the banks come in locally and steal people's land.
It has nothing to do with the environment, but you can't explain that to them, because they're a bunch of the Pionkian, Malthusian, just, you cannot, they love death, Webster.
And look, we have Al Gore.
Let's suppose you're an honest Democrat, and you're fleeing from Hillary Clinton, because you can see that with Hillary Clinton and Lieberman, you're going to have endless war.
Stay there.
Let's talk about that when we get back and take more calls.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I want to hold off on Al Gore and his Neo-Malthusian movie.
We're going to talk about that coming up in the next segment with Webster Griffin Tarpley because I want all the stations to be with us and some stations don't carry, a few of them don't carry this segment.
Because we're talking about the disease of the left right now.
Maybe have some time to get into left gatekeepers.
And then from Mexico City, we're scheduled sometime in this hour.
You're stuck in traffic, I'm told.
We're going to have Greg Palast on with us to talk about the new elections down there.
But right now, Webster, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Jack in New York.
Jack, thanks for holding.
Hi, it's Zach.
Okay, Zach, go ahead.
I was recently down in Washington, D.C.
at the Cornell Center, and I was hanging out with all these kids who were studying world economics and globalism.
And not a single one of them has heard anything about the American Union or NAFTA or the CFR.
Yeah, let me tell you what they teach you, because I've gone in and shat in on innumerable high-level graduate-level classes just to see what's going on.
I've covered it over the years.
They teach them nothing real.
You learn in graduate classes now in economics and you name it,
You learn false systems.
You learn fairy tales.
This is what is taught.
Now, please continue.
Well, you know, these kids were simultaneously saying, you know, well, the Masonic thing, you know, when I was trying to talk about how there were probably a few people pulling the strings, well, the Masonic thing has already been, you know, exposed as a fraud.
But then on the other hand, they were admitting that globalism is almost a foregone conclusion and there's really no point in arguing because we're already headed that direction and
You know, it'll probably be better for us all to put our eggs in the same basket.
We'll be on the same team.
I can talk to a poor Mexican immigrant.
They know all about globalization.
They know all about the New World Order.
They know the government brings in the drugs.
You talk to some graduate student and they don't know their head from a hole in the ground.
Webster Tarpley?
The notion of globalization is formulated in something called the Washington Consensus, which is union-busting, wage-gouging...
International looting, hot money, George Soros, all the rest of this stuff.
The Washington consensus is collapsing.
It's been rejected in Venezuela.
It's been rejected in Argentina.
Webster, we know that.
Europe just threw out EU expansion.
American Union expansion just failed.
But I think what he's bringing up is how the young people in these classes don't know anything.
Well, there's a real tradition of economics.
The American tradition of economics would include Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay...
Friedrich List, Henry Carey, the main economic advisor of Lincoln.
You'd have to look at Lincoln's war measures.
You'd have to look at the prairie populists of the 1880s and 1890s, providing the ideas for the progressive era, the ones that were good, and also the New Deal.
And if you put that all together, you get an idea of something called dirigism in the Hamiltonian tradition, which has been the most successful means of economic development.
But I'm still against dirigism because it is centralized, and even if you have somebody good for the season running it, it will always then create the office for then a corrupt elite to displace them.
Well, there's never a guarantee against the corrupt elite except eternal vigilance by everybody.
But the dirigism, say, as practiced by Hamilton...
It means that power is not centralized because it's decentralized in many private centers.
I understand, Zach.
Yeah, but still.
Finish up.
Well, I was just going to wonder if you could maybe perhaps speak a moment about Bill Hicks because he was the first person, whoever, you know, gave me any sort of inkling of this sort of perspective.
You know, he talked about it on stage in his comedy.
And I see a common thread between his perspective and his message and that of David Icke, who, you know, I've heard your opinion of him.
But I was just wondering if you could perhaps speak for a moment about... Well, Bill was a talented person, and he said a lot of things that were true and some things I disagreed with.
But he was definitely a talented individual and exposed a lot of things before his time avant-garde.
So I appreciate your call.
I will come back and talk to Jake and David and others, 1-800-259-9231.
Webster Tarpley riding shotgun with us today.
And we're going to also spend a few minutes on Al Gore, the phony left, the phony left gatekeepers, that entire gaggle.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Webster Tarpley is our guest, taking a few final calls.
We're good to go.
And by left, I mean the intelligentsia, not the well-meaning organic gardening hippies or well-meaning bleeding hearts.
The establishment left is very elitist.
They have an anti-human view.
They have a Malthusian, we've got a coal, the herd view, the earth is dying view.
And I've tracked it back.
The peak oil myth, all of this...
I have been surprised, surprised with Greg Pallaston a few weeks ago, scheduled later in this hour, and he came to the conclusion that the peak oil thing is a fraud, and actually written up by Dutch Royal Shell and Queen Beatrix's CEO of that company to create artificial scarcity.
This is what the British nobles 500, 600 years ago would do.
They would keep people on tiny plots of land and wouldn't let them take a rabbit or a deer or even plant outside of those confines to keep them down at a subsistence level.
We then saw this with the French model of mercantilism, which is very similar to the corporate neo-fascism we see now, where they let certain countries be raw materials, certain other countries be where they were actually value-added or manufactured goods.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Again, I'm not saying that there isn't climate change and climatological change.
What I'm saying is that it's cyclical and the sun is entering a new superheating phase never before recorded in modern time that NASA is saying is the real progenitor of melting ice caps.
Then you do studies.
If the ice caps completely melt, we will actually see a sea level drop
And that's simple mathematical equations, because ice displaces roughly 10%, depending on the crystal structures of how it freezes, right around sometimes more than 10%, being a side issue.
My point is, even if global warming is real, Al Gore's solution of a global tax is a hoax.
How does that tie into the Malthusian system?
Well, Al Gore told Larry King on CNN a couple of weeks ago that he is a fervent believer in the peak oil fraud.
Now, peak oil, as you say, is a fraud.
It's an all-purpose reactionary ideology.
It's good for union busting.
It's good for austerity measures.
It's good to destroy countries in the third world.
And above all, the question here inside the United States is why should there be yet another round of genocidal austerity
Against the people here, when the living standard here has already been cut minus two-thirds compared to what it was around 1960.
We've lost two-thirds of the living standard, and Al Gore is now here saying, you're consuming too much, you've got to have austerity.
Solos was on television the same week saying basically the same thing, that it's time for the levels of consumption to
And living standard in the United States to be cut again.
Now, let's just take two examples.
Puerto Rico, New Jersey.
Puerto Rico, budget crisis a month or two back.
New Jersey, budget crisis a week or two back.
The bankers come in.
What do they demand?
They say, increase the sales tax.
Let's increase regressive taxation that's going to go on the backs of the poor in the service of people.
Well, in New Jersey, it's Corzine, the governor of the state, a left liberal Democrat from Goldman Sachs,
In Wall Street, imposes a new round of austerity with this.
If you look at what Gore's movie is about, that seems to be preparing the ground for some kind of a carbon tax
Or some other form of regressive... And the government says that our governments say they're going to trade energy creds, so it isn't even going to reduce carbon emissions, even if you believe that fraud.
Again, their solution isn't even a solution, even if you believe the fraud.
Well, it's a cover story.
It's a fraud and an imposture designed to cover the fact that the bankers, because of the collapsing dollar, the bankers need a new round of austerity.
It's a fraud rolled in a scam, packaged in a lie.
And they're not going to come out in public and say, you have to be taxed for the greater glory of Wall Street, which is the reality.
Let me expand on that.
It's a geological fact, not a fact of political economy.
Let me expand on that.
We have IMF and World Bank documents where they go into a place like Argentine, and they come in there and they say, okay...
What you've got to do is triple your water and double your oil prices, because we're calling in the loans, and then we get the IMF's own documents.
It says that's caused to create an even bigger economic implosion, so they could then buy up the pieces even cheaper.
Now, expanding on this whole peak oil scam, which anybody who's researched it and looked at it will tell you it's a scam, even Greg Pallas, folks.
Pretty mainstream, okay?
I mean, he studied it and says it's a fraud, and he says liberals get mad at him like it's a religion.
They just will not face the facts.
I think to be a liberal, I often wonder what does this mean, and my conclusion is to be a liberal seems to mean that you think that financiers should run the world, right?
We've had societies run by generals, by bureaucrats, by priests, by aristocrats, by demagogues.
No, say they...
We've got to have liberals running the society, meaning financiers should rule.
And what does that mean?
Corzine, Rubin of Citibank, Soros, Roe Hatten, Kirk Corian, the guy who was trying to destroy General Motors, Warren Buffett, George Shultz.
If you think that should be the ruling class, and Al Gore is their representative,
And Hillary and the neocons, then I guess you're a liberal.
That's right, Al Gore plays it like he's some type of outsider.
This is the consummate establishment pimp.
And he's a close personal friend of Prince Charles, the degenerate prince of the British Empire.
Prince Charles is on record saying, I talk to my plants, which is already worrisome, but then he says, my plants talk back to me.
With that he goes off the deep end.
And by the way, everything he pushes, everything he does, Prince Charles, Prince Philip's father, or even worse, openly writing books about how they want to kill 80% of us, 85% of us, openly funding Malthusian foundations.
Now we've got...
15, 16 billion in the Ford Foundation, wrecking borders, pushing for war, the Carnegie Endowment, posing as liberals the whole time.
Now the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with over 60 billion, with Buffett's 31 billion.
Then you go research it, Webster.
It's for special injections for the black children.
But then they're also both men.
Are funding other groups that openly call for population reduction.
Can we put two and two together and go back to the 73 Kissinger document?
What is really behind the foundations?
It's elites putting their money in tax-free vehicles of their power.
Yeah, I guess you can compare the U.S.
Empire today to the Nazi looting machine.
Once the Nazi looting machine reached the exterior borders posed by Stalingrad and a few other defeats, it went from extensive looting to intensive looting.
And pretty much the Anglo-American looting machine is now in the transition from extensive looting to intensive, and intensive means essentially concentration camps, the SS economy that we saw, and Al Gore is the cutting edge of that, because these doctrines are
They are genocidal in the sense that they imply the elimination of three, four, five... Now we're going into a hyper-cannibal, looting, predatory, super-predator mode internally in the Anglo-American hegemon.
And that is because that's a fact of the dollar.
It has nothing to do with the geological phenomenon of oil.
Right now there's a glut of oil.
$20 to $30 of every barrel of oil is pure hedge fund speculation.
Everybody knows this.
You could bring it down by half if you simply outlawed hedge funds as they deserve to be.
There is no shortage of oil.
There's more oil than there's ever been.
And look at the fact that General Motors... And by the way, I've got to stop you.
That's not your opinion.
We have oil company official documents in lawsuits where they talk about how there's too much oil, so they artificially bought up all the refineries and shut them down.
We have the smoking gun documents.
Then they have people like needle boards get up on the radio and call for a national sales tax.
They're going to keep the income tax to people.
It was a federally written scam a decade ago.
Can you expose the national sales tax for us?
Well, that's a regressive tax.
Look, you can pick regressive, you can pick proportional, or you can pick progressive.
And if it's regressive, that means that it's cutting into the poor guy's necessities, and it's not even touching the rich man's luxuries.
This is why Steve Forbes wants to change the tax system to a flat tax.
There are others.
Grover Norquist.
Grover Norquist is one of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C.
He's basically the whole economic and taxation side
We're good to go.
Off Wall Street and the rich and put it on to middle class and poor.
And they've already escaped most of the taxation.
They've moved offshore.
And then they're the very ones that come back here and lobby for taxes against the middle class.
Right now, the big thing, the big cash flow that is not taxed is about $500 trillion of derivatives, which are held by the banks.
JPMorgan Chase has about $50 trillion of derivatives.
Citibank has about $25 trillion of derivatives.
And Bank of America, $25 trillion.
That's about $100 trillion among the big U.S.
How about a 1% tax on that?
We'd get a trillion dollars of revenue.
That would solve just about every budget and Social Security problem in sight.
So if we can pay a sales tax of 5 or 7 or 8%, how about the finance oligarchs paying a 1 or 2% tax on their derivatives, at which point the budget crisis of the United States would come to an end?
I think people have trouble realizing the huge numbers we're talking about.
Five years ago, the Dallas Morning News reported that our real obligations are $44 trillion, and now that number's been expanded in just five short years to almost $90 trillion, Webster.
And the banks have $500 trillion of derivatives worldwide, and nobody in our listening audience has any derivatives at home, I would think.
Or even knows what they are, Webster.
Paper based on paper.
Yeah, just leverage Ponzi scheme upon Ponzi scheme all the way to Pluto.
We'll be right back with your calls.
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Alright, Alex Jones here, back live, Genesis Communications.
We have the poor lady who's having her land stolen in Piscataway joining us.
It was just as I thought.
Police were storming around the property.
We're good to go.
Florida con salsa, Alex.
We've been here before.
In fact, for those who've now read our manhouse, in fact, you'll see a very interesting document that relates quite a bit to this election.
If you remember back in 2000, a company, Choice Point, was collecting names, which became the scrub list to get rid of black voters in Florida, and that
And that locked up the election by Jeb Bush for his brother George.
Well, then ChoicePoint became the company that got all those no-bid contracts to build 16 billion files on you, and now they got another contract
To filch the voter files of Mexico.
And for those that don't know, Rob Allen and co.
that ran Bush's gubernatorial and presidential elections ran Fox's elections, and we know that they've been involved in the elections down there this time around.
Yeah, so what's happening is it's the same, you see the same stuff, you see.
Okay, so the choice, I just met with someone, the choice point list,
Which were obtained illegally.
And by the way, the government here has put out a warrant for the arrest of these agents, even though this was under a supposed war on terror contract with the U.S.
So, I mean, I'm not even blaming the company.
It's just the Bush's guys.
Remember, they're spending our money on war on terror.
They're supposed to be looking for terrorists.
Instead, they're using the money to pick up the voting lists of Mexico.
And maybe it's about the oil, but this is the biggest...
We think of Saudi Arabia as our source of oil.
In fact, Mexico provides a lot more oil to us than Saudi Arabia.
They have three times the oil as the USS.
That's right.
Mexico is a huge oil pile, and that's what it's all about, because the guys in power and the ruling that have just shoplifted this election.
Who owns the new guy?
Tell us about him.
Yeah, well, the new guy, then, Calderon, he is the protege of Vincente Fox, who was, you know, the Coca-Cola and oil company executive.
And this guy Calderon is, you know, he wants to play, be a nice boy with the U.S.
oil companies.
Now, the truth is that the challenger is happy to sell oil to the U.S., but he's not happy to sell the oil field to the U.S.
oil companies.
That's a different matter.
So we're talking about a breakup of Pemex.
Yes, Pemex was the big national company, and so it's greatly a war about that.
So what we've got here is old-fashioned...
I just have, some of it's old-fashioned stuff.
I have film of guys stuffing ballot boxes, because they use paper ballots where every office has a different sheet of paper.
So you've been down there three days, you've already got video of stuffing ballot boxes?
Yeah, I mean, it's pretty raw stuff.
And then they've got a million votes uncounted.
And the ruling party is refusing to count the million votes.
I mean, always the telltale sign of cheating is he's way behind, but then suddenly at the end comes back.
Yeah, now there's supposed to be random reporting from all the 113,000 voting stations here.
Supposed to be random reporting.
And as the official, the national vote counting operation, they actually have to publicly post each polling station as it comes in.
And, of course, it's random.
The numbers are dead flat all night with the challenger, a guy named Obrador, winning.
And then in the last half hour, Alex, the last half hour, suddenly all these precincts come in 10 to 1, 50 to 1, 100 to 1 for the ruling party.
So at the very end, suddenly, whoosh, the numbers reverse in the last half hour.
And just the last polling stations.
And it was all these stations that came in, like I say, from 10 to 100 to 1.
And it's also to be randomly reported, right?
For the ruling party.
So it's like... So I went to some statistician and said, you know, like, this is a miracle.
It's like winning the lottery three times in a row.
You can't do that.
And sure enough, you see that the brother-in-law, the candidate, is provided the vote-counting computers, computer software.
It's like Florida.
Yeah, and so technically this guy...
The ruling party claims a victory of less than a quarter million votes.
So what's going to happen down there?
And I want Webster Tarver to be able to pop in, but when we get back from break, I want to talk about where is this all going, Greg Palast?
I mean, everywhere now, the neocons are stealing elections, even in foreign nations?
Well, it's the same stuff, and even the same crew.
Like you said, you've got guys who came down from Washington.
You've got Choice Point that has its little games in there with the voter lists.
This guy is refusing to concede the election.
But there's a difference here.
The challenger until all the votes are counted.
Count the votes, I'm not conceding.
I don't care if it takes three months.
I don't care.
Let's talk about the ramifications of this.
Another coup d'etat down there against people being able to elect their leaders.
We'll be right back with Greg Palast and Webster Tarpley.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Greg Pallas, best-selling author, BBC Newsnight reporter, long-time investigative journalist, running shotgun as Webster Griffin Tarpley.
I know we haven't taken a lot of calls today because there's been so much news in between North Korea and now what's happening here, what's going on with the dollar, what's happening in Mexico.
You see, Hugo Chavez said no to the American Union, no to the free trade area of the Americas.
Europe said no to EU expansion.
Everywhere these globalists are having setbacks, but not in Mexico, because they've been stealing elections down there for a long time.
Now they're doing it neocon style.
Choice Point, of course, has bought voter lists, not just in Mexico, but other Latin American countries as well.
And the two elections of Fox were engineered by Rob Allen & Co., Bush's PR firm, even the big illegal immigration demonstrations the Dallas Morning News had to admit was organized by Rob Allen & Co.
This whole thing is run by these people.
Greg Palast, where do you see this going from the evidence you've got in front of us?
I know you say you don't like to make predictions, you just cover the news, but what are you seeing happening if this...
If this challenger, who clearly won, keeps saying no, will he fall down and break his crown?
Well, what I see is, I think it's on page 42 of our Mad House, where I have the listing of the Latin nations where they've shoplifted the voter list.
Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, these are all nations that are saying no to the free trade area of the Americas, etc.
Bush doesn't like their leaders.
He wants to figure out how to unelect them.
Taking these voter lists, by the way, is a crime in every one of these nations, by the way.
And so we know where they're heading.
And, you know, it affects us as citizens in America.
You know, I mean, besides, you know, the idea that we should be the beacon of democracy.
That's no joke.
It really does make us safer to have democracies and not berserkers.
The point is, this globalism destroys these countries and then has a huge influx of immigrants, crime, everything.
In fact, it's very direct for the United States when you think of what happened with NAFTA in Mexico.
And Obrador would like to change the agricultural terms.
This is valuable for the average American for good reason, which is that, if you can imagine, in Mexico they no longer are growing corn for their own tortillas, which is just completely nuts.
It's a Mexican staple, right?
So they're not growing their corn for their tortillas and you have all these teeny farmers who have just been wiped out.
And where are they going?
I mean, there's only one place left for opportunity of any type.
That's what globalization is.
They lay waste to these countries and then drive them all up here.
You're absolutely right, Greg Palast.
Let me get a question for you from Webster Tarpley riding shotgun.
Well, I would just say it looks to me like Lopez Obrador declared war on the International Monetary Fund in early June when he said that he would treat the bankers and the IMF in the way that President Kirchner treated
Of Argentina had done it, which means very, very rough.
It basically means the threat to cut off all payment and make the bankers grovel.
The question that I would have is, we've seen, for example, in Spain, March 04, Aznar tried to create a dictatorship, and he was stopped by a general strike or mass strike.
It looks like we've had at least a million people in the Zocalo last Saturday.
I was there.
I filmed it, yeah.
And now on Sunday, he says, bring back even more people.
What I'm wondering is,
Suppose it comes to a general strike, a mass strike.
If we get an actual test of power in the streets, isn't it likely that Lopez Obrador with the trade unions and other groups, land groups and so forth, that he would prevail over this coup artist Calderon?
Well, there's a very good chance.
In fact, some members of the ruling class are getting very nervous about such a bald theft of the election.
You know, sometimes they grab one thing too many.
And there's one member of the Election Tribunal, which is going to review this election, which has already said, you know, there is a strong chance that this election will be overturned.
So, now, I spoke with Obrador, the challenger, the day before yesterday, just before the big demonstration in the center of the Capitol.
And his big concern, he wants to make sure, though,
I think?
We're good to go.
Then open the ballot boxes.
It's very simple.
All the ballot boxes are gathered here in the Capitol.
You could open them up and within a week you just count the ballots.
Now let's be clear.
Fox is still in the government, so he's still able to use his political power over the federal and state systems to make sure a proper recount doesn't happen.
Plus, if there even is a recount, the criminals are going to be the ones...
Well, here in the Capitol, it's overwhelming because Obrador was the mayor until recently, and it's very hard to find supporters of the ruling class anywhere in the Capitol.
Except hiding in the presidential palace, of course.
But, Greg, palace, isn't that going to be a problem long-term as neocons still elections all over the world, that the polls will all say one thing, the people will all say one thing, but then magically their people always win?
Once again, you have the same as Florida and Ohio, which is that the exit polls showed the challenger winning.
Again, for the average American, not the oil companies or like Cargill and the big grain combines,
You know, the average American is better off with the progressive candidate simply because he's a guy who has a sympathy not only for the Mexican worker, but for the American worker.
And he does not see the solution to his country's problems as basically forcing his population into exile in America.
Whereas Calderon's first statement, you know, when he claimed victory is, you know, no walls, you know, open, you know, he's fighting for open immigration into the United States.
Well, he's the president of Mexico, man.
You should be fighting to keep your people in your country.
Obrador doesn't want to build a wall, but he wants to build his opportunity within Mexico.
Which is the exact thing the neocons don't want.
They want that cheap labor here.
I tell you, and there's neocons all over talk radio saying how great the Mexican president is.
He's just like Bush, wants open borders.
Any other key points, Greg Palos, we should know while you're there on the ground?
So you're saying it's leaning towards the... It's completely open.
I mean, it's tough because they're refusing to count the ballots.
If they count the ballots, we all know that the challenger wins.
So they're screaming that the system doesn't allow for us to review the ballots, etc., which is completely crazy.
The Constitution says that the election should be fair and transparent.
And then, you know, look, it's just like other things.
One other thing, by the way, I want to note, with Korea shooting off its missiles, let's not forget that they got the missile technology from A.Q.
Khan of Pakistan.
And if you read the same stories in our madhouses about Obrador... Who Bush protected under W1999.
That's right.
Bush was protecting this guy from investigation...
And Korea would have never had the technology.
So what is George Bush screaming about?
He let the guy have the technology.
This is very important.
That's why people really have to read his history.
Well, it's like in the old westerns where the bad guy throws the gun down at the kid's feet and says, pick it up.
I mean, they're basically giving them the tools so they can then bushwhack them.
Any other questions you've got for Greg Pallast, Webster Tarpley?
Well, there's this thing called the Federal Electoral Institute, and that seems to be a very partisan institution with a lot of people from Banamex, one of the large financial institutions.
Any commentary on how the IFE was stacked in favor of the financier candidate?
And so they picked the, you know, they had a lot to do with stacking the electoral commission.
And so now we've got this very unusual case in which an electoral commission is saying don't count the votes.
I mean, you would expect an electoral commission to say, well, we're going to open the vote that everyone can see.
Because their paper ballots, it's very, very easy to, you put an X through the party, a big giant box, not like our little box.
I mean, it's like so difficult not to get, not to see who people voted for.
And all they're asking for is saying, open those ballots, let's look at them, and let's count them.
Let's look at the boxes you claim went 90% for the establishment candidate.
Let's see if they really say that.
I mean, and you should see this stuff.
I mean, some of these cases, you know, like...
You know, 1,000 votes to one.
That type of stuff is coming in.
And the ballots, by the way, you can't have more than 750 ballots in a box, and they had 1,000 to one anyway.
So, you know, you have to ask.
It's so raw here.
Why do they do it so ham-fisted?
I mean, they did it pretty ham-fisted here, too.
Well, remember that they got a lot of guns.
In 1988, when people protested, they shot about 400 people.
Now, I think they're going to be, you know, I think that these old ways die hard.
And once you get out of Mexico City, it gets very violent.
It gets very violent, and it's very hard for people to stand up.
That's why the ballots have to be counted in the Capitol under the eyes of TV cameras and watchers, because literally in the jungles and the Yucatan and up in the hills and deserts,
It's Wild West.
No one dares challenge the... Oh, I know.
I've been to many rural areas.
It's troops with machine guns on every street corner.
Yeah, it's really the Wild West, and no one would... I mean, you'd get shot.
What do you think of the press coverage here?
It's been pretty much a milquetoast whitewash, in my opinion.
Yeah, I mean, they say, oh, foreign observers.
The foreign observers sit in the Intercontinental Hotel...
And they look out the window and it all looks fine to them.
I'd like one of them to go out to Guerrero State and ask to recount the ballots and see if they come back with all their limbs.
Greg, do you have bodyguards with you while you're there?
We're very cautious.
I really do.
Let's put it that way.
That's all I can tell you.
For those who don't know, Mexico City is rated one of the most dangerous cities in the top three in the world, especially if you're a politically incorrect reporter.
Yeah, I mean, the reporters who've gotten...
You know, I've been knocked off here.
There's a whole roster of them.
But I'm watching, you know, obviously I try to take care of myself and not being too much of a public nuisance.
Greg, how long are you going to be in Mexico?
Actually, I'm going to fly back out tomorrow with my tapes.
Okay, when you file your big report, can we get you back on for a full hour?
You gotcha.
All right.
The author of Armed Madhouse, already a New York Times bestseller, Greg Pallas.
Hey, thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
You're the best.
Be safe.
I can do this.
All right.
Webster Tarpley, thank you so much for spending... Always a pleasure, Alex.
Thank you.
We've got your book that we carry there at Infowars.com, 9-11 Synthetic Terror, made in the USA.
You bet.
We have your newest book available.
We want to thank you for all you do, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you again.
Take care.
All right.
Well, do we now have our guest who's having her family property of 80 years stolen?
Her lines are all busy.
She called us.
For those who don't know, she was scheduled in the first hour.
That's Clara Halpern.
And they are stealing the $70-plus million, 75-acre parcel right in the middle of the city.
An organic farm held by the family since, what, 1922?
And they're refusing to even pay them anything.
They're going to charge them $4.5 million to, quote, clean what they call the toxic waste that is the organic farm out of there and the horseback riding school.
And when she didn't come on, I said, they never go on the property when they say they will.
They've got their little seizure notice today to expel her.
They'll go on early.
And sure enough, a bunch of police on horseback, at about 11.05 Central, right after we last talked to her, rode on and again, riding all over the property in front of the protesters and everybody else.
They said, why are you here?
And they said, oh, someone with Alzheimer's has been seen nearby.
And then later more police showed up, and now more armed police have showed up.
They're supposed to grab the property in 14 minutes.
Normally, either they'll attack early when they grab it, or they'll wait a few days until the crowds that have shown up there to support it leave.
We've seen this with the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
We've seen this with a hundred times a hundred other cases.
It's the same M.O.
over and over and over again here in this new free country.
They not only take your property, they then charge you for the price of fighting them.
Let's talk to Jake in South Dakota, been holding for eons.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Actually, I guess it's good I've been on the phone here so long because we're talking about the land grabbers and the eminent domain, and I want to touch a little bit about what we're doing up here in South Dakota.
Maybe give some hope to the people out there, your listeners, because I know a lot of them probably have this question, what can I do?
Well, what we did here in South Dakota was we are an initiative state.
We went around.
The problem we saw was that the government was not transparent.
Judges have immunity.
You get charged with paper terrorism.
Juries are stacked.
Judges give back jury instructions.
So we have Amendment E on the ballot, and what that will essentially do is create a grand jury of regular citizens.
You can't be a lawyer or a judge or a cop to be on it.
And they'll hear complaints of judicial misconduct, and they'll strip them of their immunity.
People won't get charged with paper terrorism for trying to file a suit.
And this ties right into eminent domain, because I believe that where the New World Order has contact with Joe Citizen is right there in the courts.
And you can find out more.
We'll get that out in a minute.
But, you know, it's not even... We shouldn't even call it eminent domain.
Eminent domain was where they're building a hospital or a highway or a school, and they have to pay you at least tax world value.
In every case I'm seeing, it's terrifying.
From New Jersey to Connecticut to South Texas, they're just taking it outright and saying, we don't care, we have men with guns.
Well, yeah, and the media is not touching any of this, especially with what we're doing out here.
We've had several major victories, and the public consensus is, with the people that I talk to on the street, and I travel the state and talk to folks, and they're all for Amendment E, but the newspaper misquotes it, they hide it, they miss the point.
Give us the website of your group.
It's www.amendmente.com, and you can donate at www.sdja.net.
Net stands for South Dakota Judicial Accountability, and we need all the help we can get.
Well, the incredible thing is, it's not in most of the cases, it's in almost all the cases.
I mean, it's just getting crazy.
Well, even if they give it to another judge, chances are it's his golfing buddy and whatnot.
Yeah, that's how they work.
The other judge gets it, and the next time that judge gives it to this judge.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, I've actually seen how it works, and I think you've checked it out through your comprehensive annual financial report.
I found that some of the legislators out here are deeply involved in the prison industry.
We pay these guys 25 cents an hour, and then we have to put out products at a fair market value, so competitively beating out the small businesses for the prison industry that's going on.
Our own governor came out against the M&E, and insurance companies and bankers came out against it.
I did a little research and found out our own Governor Rounds is part owner of an insurance company, and no wonder he's come out against it.
It's ridiculous.
They put it right in our faces.
They don't attempt to hide it at all.
But I mean, they've gotten so arrogant and so much hubris.
I mean, they've gotten so drunk on power that they steal $75 million pieces of property and then don't just not give them any money, then charge them to take it.
Yeah, that's ridiculous.
Just like your website, Prison Planet.
Welcome to it, people.
People don't get up and stop being apathetic and stop worrying about your toys.
The people who founded this country were smart men.
They were responsible to know their own rights.
They were not afraid.
We didn't think the terrorists were going to get us.
And our ideas back then were unpopular, and it would free an entire nation for 200 years.
I agree with you.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, we just had...
Last week, the 230th anniversary of this country, and look at us.
There have only been a handful of mainstream news articles and national TV shows that have admitted that we're going into an American Union without a single law.
They're just doing it.
There are a handful of news articles.
Every time I read a news article, it just says, oh, they're taking the property, never any details.
Then you actually talk to the people, and they're stealing it.
I mean, 99% of Americans in a CNN poll were against the New London Kelo decision.
What would it be if they knew the full details?
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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So I want to thank all of you that have supported us.
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I've been waiting for Clara Halper all day, and we get her on the phone that she's got to leave.
There's just different police, different jurisdictions, riding all over their property in horseback, police running around everywhere.
Every time she asks, what are you doing on my property?
They go, oh, an Alzheimer's patient.
We don't need warrants.
And so they're just simply scouting everywhere to stop anybody who might be protesting, and of course lying about it as liars do.
And it's in the newspaper.
They're going to seize the house in three minutes.
The houses, the barns, the 75 premium acres valued at over $75 million conservatively.
And they get nothing except for a $4.5 million bill for, quote, the environmental cleanup of having to, quote, clean up the organic farm.
So toxic waste is good.
The government can dump nerve gas in the ocean.
But when we steal your property, we're going to charge you for having horses and having an organic farm.
And we'll try to get her on tomorrow.
From a hotel room or friends or family or wherever they're staying or the locals may back off a few days until the crowds leave and then seize the property.
But it's important that we at least focus on some of these cases as they develop because this just illustrates how evil our governments have gotten, how mafioso, how arrogant they've gotten.
Well, great broadcast today.
We had Webster Tarpling on with us.
In the second into the third hour, we had Greg Palast reporting live from Mexico City on the election stealing down there.
And we also covered Japan saying they may preemptively attack North Korea, moving out of their defensive into an offensive posture as the world gets progressively more and more out of control, as chaos begins to reign, as the New World Order pours out its black cup,
We'll be here chronicling it.
If we stand up, if we face the facts, we can reverse things or at least make the blow a lot lighter.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
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