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Air Date: July 5, 2006
2166 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
230 years and a day since the kickoff that started the war...
That started this country.
And look at us now.
Police state par excellence and growing.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It is July 5th, 2006.
And I haven't taken two or three days off in about a year.
I certainly enjoyed spending time with my family this weekend.
But it also helped me reflect on just how serious a dire straits
And he used the term, grieving.
And that really is it.
I mean, so many times I'm having a great day, I'm enjoying my family, I'm just fighting the New World Order, but I just catch myself with this feeling of pain, grieving that we're going from liberty into slavery.
So that's a good term that my friend used.
Well, we have a very important broadcast for you, obviously.
We've got four days of news.
Normally a Monday is a big show because we have the news of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for you.
Now we have the news of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.
It is Wednesday.
Interesting report here.
Scientists are now, and you can try this at home because you try it on your head anyways, cooking eggs.
You can cook an egg in the shell.
You can cook it in an hour at a hard boil, but within 15 minutes, the first layers are already cooked.
Just the center is liquid.
Need a cooker?
Use your cell phone.
All the scientific studies get ignored.
No, cell phones really aren't bad for you.
Here, let's all use them.
We're in the habit anyways.
Let's just go ahead and do it.
Well, here's just an everyday example of this.
When I get some time, I'm going to do the same thing and videotape.
The entire procedure and posted on the web.
People, of course, will say it's all made up.
It's like our Cheney scientific shooting test we did.
Yes, everything's made up.
The government's good.
Go back to sleep.
Everything's fine.
Mercury's good for you, as they say on the news.
But reality is reality, and we will cover it.
Use your cell phone.
Need a cooker?
We'll get into that.
It's an everyday occurrence in China.
Woman pregnant with twins dies in suspicious hospital fall, and they admit in the article that she was taken to the hospital with the twins, seven months pregnant, for a forced abortion.
They had induced labor.
She fought back, so the evidence is they beat her to death and threw her down the stairs.
And that's China getting all the big awards from the UN and this government.
China who isn't even criticized by our media anymore.
China who sells political dissonance organs.
Our government loves China and they'd love to have the US be just like China.
And they will if they can using the war on terror.
But we're going to enslave you to keep you safe.
Alan Dershowitz, a true monster, said we should fight the war on terror with torture.
And he's said that many times, but he's reiterated that.
This is in the face of Abu Ghraib and Camp X-Ray and the rest of it.
Very proud of it.
Russia puts a number of Korean missile launches at 10 over the weekend.
Bush's army, a few good degenerates.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' headline.
The father of Reaganomics, a real conservative, will be joining us for the full third hour to talk about his article, A Army of Degenerates.
A few good degenerates is the headline.
Up to six pieces of debris fell off of discovering NASA.
The space shuttle launched yesterday when it took off.
That's not good.
Police hold mother of three for reading independent outside Downing Street.
And the newspaper reports they threatened to take her children.
Of course, I've experienced this in London.
They came and put her in the terrorist database.
And she got a copy of a little ticket as she was enrolled.
And it said, reading the independent and wearing a sign that said Blair is a bully.
Not true.
Aloud, ladies and gentlemen.
Freedom spreading everywhere.
And same thing here in the U.S.
Busted for wearing a peace t-shirt.
It's happened again.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th?
And who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, massive broadcast lined up for you today.
He drops by and spends an hour with us once a month.
We always appreciate that.
Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com will be joining us.
And then we have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for a full hour, the father of Reaganomics, number two Department of Treasury under Ronald Reagan.
He is getting more and more bold, shredding the neocons, and he's got...
He's got a new headline out here, An Army of a Few Good Degenerates, Bush's Army, talking about what our military has been turned into, the admissions of torture and rape and killing of innocent people, and the neocons are on the radio defending it.
So Paul Craig Roberts, a real conservative, not a sicko neocon, will be joining us in the third hour.
We'll have open phones later in this hour.
We'll open the phones up at the bottom of the hour.
You're welcome to call in then.
We'd love to hear from you, but not right now because I want to get into the news.
Before I plunge into the news, scientists are now cooking eggs hard-boiled with cell phones.
Yes, it's really happening.
And a lot of other key issues that you don't want to miss.
Ken Lay has died of a heart attack, of course.
You could have predicted that.
I remember on the show I did say I don't think he'll be alive very long.
They don't like to leave loose ends lying about.
I'm sure he really died of a heart attack at his palatial estate, one of his palatial estates.
And CIA directors, after they blow the whistle, you know, drowned in canoeing accidents in two inches of water.
But we'll be getting into that report, the Korean missile launch, the rest of it, China murdering pregnant women who don't want to kill their babies.
It's all coming up.
We've got to chronicle the evil.
We've got to expose it to the yuppie masses out there that are mind-numb drooling robots.
Before we do that, while I was vacationing, Lou Dobbs was not, Monday night,
He came out with the American Union.
Finally just spelled it out.
He's eaten around the edges for a while.
This is the most powerful mainstream report I've seen anywhere.
And no wonder he's one of the few shows that has top ratings on CNN.
Because the people want to hear the truth.
The people understand what's going on.
At least more and more of them do.
And it just shows the establishment could instantly get ratings on every radio and TV show they wanted to if they just simply talk about the truth.
Let's go ahead and roll this Lou Dobbs piece so we can analyze it.
The Bush administration's open borders policy and its decision to ignore the enforcement of this country's immigration laws is part of a broader agenda.
President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it.
And he took the step without approval from either the U.S.
Congress or the people of the United States.
Bill Tucker reports.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America sounds benign.
Hardly like a policy that critics call NAFTA on steroids.
It's a deal that few have even heard of.
It's being done again by very few people at the very top on behalf of the investment class for the people.
Political officials across our country from communities, from cities and so forth, they don't know anything about this.
Yet it was agreed to by Mexico's President Fox, Canada's Prime Minister Martin and President Bush in 2005.
Administration officials counter their critics by saying everything about SPP is on the White House website.
And they say the partnership is not a treaty but more of an outline of priorities between the United States, Mexico and Canada.
Still, some wonder why there haven't been public discussions about the goals being pursued.
This SPP includes for instance a committee that is sitting down to harmonize our meat
In fact, the name of the agreement is not Security and Prosperity of the United States.
When we elect officials, we expect them to act on our behalf.
When we get involved in cooperative frameworks with other countries for joint regulation of fisheries or rail transportation or the skies, we're
Basically sharing our sovereignty with that government and outsourcing some of what we give our elected officials.
As disturbing as some find SPP, there is legislation in the House introduced by Florida's Catherine Harris that closely resembles the goals of the partnership.
Included in that bill is a section which calls for the securing of Mexico's
Southern border by the United States and Canada.
Lou, that's not the border with the United States.
That's the border they share with Belize and Guatemala.
The idea that the White House would respond that this is on their website, this involves intricate workings amongst the Commerce Department of this country and Canada and Mexico's, of course, a regional prosperity and security program,
This is absolute ignorance.
We reported this, we should point out, when it was signed.
But as we watch this thing progress, these working groups are continuing, they're intensifying.
What in the world are these people thinking about?
Well, they say, look, these are a declaration and an outline of our priorities.
And when I called them today, Lou, they said I was the first phone call they had received literally since the deal was first signed.
So people are not paying attention, and they're letting them, in fact, get away with this.
You know, I was asked the other day about whether or not I really thought the American people had the stomach
Bill Tucker, thank you very much.
This is beyond belief.
And of course, they're liars.
We've called them.
We've tried to get these different working groups on.
They've told us it's completely secret.
We're not allowed to see the actual agreements.
We can only see what's on their websites.
Over 20 federal agencies in the U.S.
government, along with many state agencies, are all interlocking, taking direct orders from these working groups.
Now, I talked about the Wednesday after 9-11.
That is, eight days after 9-11.
I was watching Nightline, and they had the head U.N.
General McKenzie.
I forget his first name.
And I wasn't recording it.
I'm sitting there on the couch watching Nightline at 10.30, 11 o'clock at night.
And they talk about, yes, America's been hit by terrorists, but don't worry.
We have a continental security agreement.
All of North America, from Alaska to the Guatemalan-Mexican border, will have a multinational force under U.N.
control made up of Mexican-Canadian people.
We're good to go.
I think?
It's happening.
A lot of people are starting to wake up.
But still, you've got millions of Americans who are part of the Democratic Party, part of the Republican Party.
They listen to mainstream Air America or mainstream Rush Limbaugh where this is not discussed.
And they think everything's just fine.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Almost every major road to be handed over then to have a tax put on it and that tax is used to expand the American Union and pay for the government buildings pay for this new layer of bureaucracy.
And yes, even the Austin America Station was forced to report last year that you will pay over $3 a gallon equivalent.
Right now, you're paying a fraction of that, but if you were to convert it over to a gas tax right off of the fuel, which it won't be, it'll be off your transponder, it is the equivalent of $3.
And we had, of course, David Stahl on a few weeks ago,
I'm talking about this with Jerome Corsi.
He's got the newest numbers, and he said 385 equivalent a gallon.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're not joking.
If you control roads, you control the industry, you control the economy.
The U.S.
is built on roads like no other country in the world.
European cities are compact.
You seize control of the roads here, and you have seized control of the entire economy.
That's basically what's happening right now.
So there is Lou Dobbs for you.
It's up on prisonplanet.com.
It's up on infowars.com.
It's up on jonesreport.com.
Get it.
Get it out to everyone.
Go, look, this isn't Alex Jones.
This isn't Paul Watson.
This isn't Jerome Corsi.
This isn't Bob Jacey.
This isn't any of these people.
This is Lou Dobbs talking about it.
And then challenge them to go read.
I mean, I spent... I said I took the weekend off.
Saturday and Sunday I worked some on finishing up the extras for Terror Storm.
We're good to go.
That I had dinner with, that he's been grieving over this, and I could see the grief in his eyes, and a normal person would grieve over this.
I mean, in the open road, Americana, gone with the wind in a big fat way.
When we get back, we'll shift gears into some even more incredible news.
Need a cooker?
Use your cell phone.
Scientists have tested cell phone waves.
Within one hour, they can cook an egg completely hard-boiled.
Within 15 minutes, the egg begins to cook.
The outer layer is solidifying.
China murdering pregnant women.
Alan Dershowitz saying, should we fight the war with torture?
Russia puts number of North Korean missile launches at 10.
Bush's army, a few good degenerates.
We'll get into that.
And a lot more coming up today.
It's going to be back in the saddle.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
I think?
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We're good to go.
Several newspaper reporters got together with some scientists and they did a
Test of cell phones with a raw egg in its shell.
Headline here.
Need a cooker?
Use your cell phone.
Many organizations, including the cell phone industry, often downplay the risk of cell phone radiation to the brain.
Results from short-term studies were used to convince consumers that the use of cell phones is not associated with brain tumors and cancer.
Though there's a bunch of other long-term studies that inclusively do show a link, I would add, which only developed decades after exposure.
To be fair, no one knows exactly how much harm a cell phone can do to a person.
However, I would add major studies do show that it does heat the brain several degrees.
Recently, new media has reported a study showing the radiation from cell phones is so full of energy that it could be used to cook eggs.
In an experiment, researchers placed one egg in a porcelain cup because it is easy to conduct heat and put one cell phone on the side and another cell phone on the other.
The researchers then called from one cell phone to the other and kept the cell phones on after connecting.
During the first 15 minutes, nothing changed, but for 25 minutes, however, the egg shell started to become hot, and 40 minutes later, the surface of the egg had become hard and bristled.
It began to crack.
Researchers found the protein in the egg had become solid, although the egg yolk was still in liquid form.
After 65 minutes, the whole egg was fully cooked.
That I agree with.
And it's got photos of the test and some of the Russian news services that reported on it as they videotaped.
And after 65 minutes, they broke the egg open, and they have photos of that completely hard-boiled, completely cooked.
Completely cooked.
And I don't think we've gotten this posted yet.
I got it off of Rents.com.
I had it all posted.
We'll get it up on Infowars.com.
And PrisonPlanet.com for you.
Moving now to China.
China, they had the UN World Food Summit there in 97 and the head of the UN Food Program said we will use food as a weapon.
We will not apologize for that.
We know that China is the model.
China gets all the big awards.
China has been given our industry.
China is deep in bed with the globalists with almost a billion and a half people now living there.
This is out of the Epoch Times.
Woman pregnant with twins dies in suspicious hospital fall.
Seven-month pregnant woman appeared to have been beaten before falling.
But before we get into appears to have been beaten to death, they go on to admit that, and again, the big story is hidden in plain view, that she was taken there for a forced abortion.
China admittedly does this.
The Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Hong Kong reported on July 1st that Ms.
Lee Shimmy of Heavy City in Anu Province, who already had a child but was seven months pregnant with twins, was sent to the hospital for an induced labor under China's one-child family policy.
Editors note, under China's one-child policy, families are prohibited from having more than one child.
Generally, women pregnant with a second child are forced to have abortions.
Unless you're a party member.
They can have five, six kids.
High-level party members live a different life.
Fearing for her safety and the lives of her unborn children, she suffered the forced induction.
She argued with the staff and subsequently died after falling from the second story of a hospital building.
And, of course, beaten when she hit the ground.
The information center said that on the afternoon of July 21st, in the Yau Hai district...
Eighteen people from the Talling Road Family Planning Office, which we have here, notice we have the same names here, good old health department, suddenly entered Ms.
Lee Shemai's home and forcibly took her away to the hospital for induction of labor because Ms.
Lee Shemai was already seven months pregnant with twins and because family members were barred from visiting her, she was suspicious that the proposed induced labor was...
...to eliminate her unborn twins.
No kidding.
She therefore refused to comply.
However, the doctors and the family planning office staff still demanded that she undergo the operation.
When the staff attempted to force her, she struggled and somehow fell from the hospital's second floor.
She died of injuries from the fall in the early morning hours of June 22nd.
And that happens every day there.
They have public executions for the machine gun people at sports stadiums.
Just type in Chinese execution, you can see them blowing little kids' heads off.
You can go look at little kids having their heads blown off.
Dead five-year-olds, dead women.
You can look at their heads all shattered all over the ground.
And they have all the same names.
You know, Planned Parenting and the city health departments and CPS.
They take orders from the very same people running our society.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Your calls are coming up.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
800-259-9231 on this July 5th, 2006 edition.
230 years and one day after we started the war that led to the birth of a new nation.
And look at what we've turned into.
You know, I've noticed that the planned society, the social architects that run Australia, that run China, that run Mexico, that run the U.S., that run Canada, that run Germany, that run Switzerland, that run France, that run South Africa, it's the same programs, the same names, are very similar.
The same implementation.
Let me tell you what's taught at University of Texas.
Let me tell you what's taught at Duke.
Let me tell you what's taught at Harvard.
Let me tell you what's taught at big schools and small.
One child policy for sterilization.
What did Dr. Pianca a few months ago at UT when he said 90% of us need to die.
The diet needs to start now.
He said China's got a quote great police state.
He used that term.
We need one here to force all of this.
These social workers and people feel good about themselves.
They think they're saving the earth.
I mean, it's a control freak's dream.
Oh, we've got to take all your rights and be brutal and throw women off of two-story balconies and force abort and do all of this.
They love death.
They have no compass.
And so reading over this article, and there's actually several of them, about women having their babies forcibly aborted,
And I hear the very same name of agencies, the very same programs, the very same operations.
What do you think the New Freedom Initiative is they passed almost two years ago in early 2005?
Written up by the drug companies for forced psychological testing from ages 4 to 18.
Illinois passed a law that started up with all pregnant women.
CPS workers come in from England to the U.S.
If you get arrested for driving too fast or even not wearing a seatbelt now, they're doing that every few days.
I've seen arrests over seatbelts or
Or, oh, you get arrested for an overdue library book, and your children are in the car with you.
They go ahead and take them to CPS, and they go ahead and they interrogate them.
And they try to get your children to say something.
They lead them into leading questions.
So, phishing to take your children.
It's a secret police.
It's all around us.
We live in it.
And if you knew your neighbors, if you knew your neighborhood, if you knew your community, instead of knowing all the fictitious characters on the sitcoms, and people get home, they eat dinner, they watch television, they go to sleep, they let their kids run wild.
People don't even know how bad it is.
But I have the statistics, I have the numbers, and I am talking to the people.
And I know what's going on in America.
Let me tell you something.
It's a nightmare.
I have an article here out of the London Independent.
They had a big front page article about... I'll dig the headline out here.
Let me get the exact headline.
It's something like, Criticize Blair, Go to Jail.
And it talks about how Britain's now a police state.
And let me tell you, it is.
I'd be on the streets of England just videotaping on public streets and police would walk over and enroll me in a database of potential terrorists.
And this mother of three, she's out there with her children.
She's sitting there drinking coffee.
Wearing a sandwich board sign saying that the government are a bunch of bullies.
And she's reading the London Independent that day with the headline.
And the police walk over and enroll her and then threaten to take her children.
There's even photographs of all of it here.
They threaten to take her children on the spot and say we could take them to the social services office.
And who knows, you might not be getting them back, lady.
I think we're good to go.
And all of a sudden, the security guard comes over and says, no protesting allowed in here.
You've got to leave.
And they went ahead and arrested him when he refused.
See, your t-shirts aren't allowed.
Like the guy in the shopping mall with the Peace on Earth shirt.
That happened to be the city lawyer, the head lawyer for the city up in upstate New York.
We had him on, I forget the town.
You remember it a few years ago.
They went ahead and arrested him.
This is the mentality.
Illegal aliens can be driving around drunk without insurance all around us, smashing into anything and everything.
Saw two groups of illegal aliens wrecked out on the hill country highways yesterday in the space of two miles.
Drove by the trucks.
Sure enough, you could tell they were illegal aliens.
Cars just packed full of people.
Because they've never gotten a driver's license, folks.
They just come up here, make a bunch of money, get a big truck, and go around driving around on wet roads.
Side issue.
The point is, all this crime, all these open borders, all these government individuals, officials, authorities, I thought they were servants, stealing from us everywhere.
Meanwhile, though, we've got our police being trained to be political commissariats.
Political police.
Woman pregnant with twins dies in suspicious hospital fall.
Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz is back, wrote a big article for London Independent about how torture is good and how we need torture in this war on terror.
Oh boy.
In fact, let me just get into that police state news right now and then we'll get into the
Situation with North Korea and the missile launches and the rest of it.
Here's the headline.
Police hold mother of three for reading independent outside Downing Street.
And you read down here into the article.
It says that she was enrolled in the database by the officers.
And we've got a copy here of the little form she was given.
The same one I was given twice in London.
Once for videotaping, once for bullhorning.
Three days before the law went into effect banning it.
Bullhorning in that area of the city.
We're protesting in any way, even wearing a shirt that protests it's anti-war.
See, oh, you don't have free speech in these certain areas.
Then they expand it outward.
Police hold mother of three for reading Independent outside Downing Street.
An anti-war protester was questioned by police outside Downing Street because she was reading the Independent.
Charity Suite 40 and a mother of three was holding a copy of Thursday's edition, which carried the headline warning, if you read this newspaper, you may be arrested under the government's anti-terror laws.
Inside was an article reprinted from Vanity Fair magazine, which ran across the first three pages of the day's issue of the newspaper.
The article by the writer Henry Porter accused the Blair government of sustained erosion of civil liberties.
As she sat outside Downing Street, Ms.
Sweet was approached and questioned by a police officer.
When he had finished her inquiry, she was astonished to be handed a form detailing the reason for his interest in her, which included reading today's Independent.
That's what it said in the form.
We have a copy of the form.
And we have another article here.
The Independent didn't even get hardcore.
There's another British article here with the photos and the form, which says they threatened to take her kids.
Her children.
And talking about police state, Kevin Smith that works here, does some of the producer work, walked in this morning wearing his Manchester United soccer shirt, or football shirt, and then he said he got online and was confronted with this little tidbit.
What is this out of?
The Times of London...
Manchester United plan to chip players.
You see, this is our everyday lives, folks.
I have literally about, I don't know, I didn't count them, 75, 100 plus articles here from over the weekend and today.
And they're all just as crazy.
It's just, listen to this.
Manchester United stars can be fitted with tiny microchips to help Sir Alex Ferguson track their movements on the pitch.
We're good to go.
Not United States.
Let me start over.
I was so shocked by that paragraph, I messed it up.
Satellites would track its exact position so that United's training staff could pinpoint players' movements during a match or training.
So see, working it into sports.
Remember the Super Bowl right after 9-11?
Everything was retina scans.
That was worked into every play.
Every time they'd cut away, I put a clip of it in Road to Tyranny.
Every time they introduced a player or cut away or showed their statistics, they would show a retina scan and go, confirmed.
They had the troops marching all over the fields and the army outside searching people.
All of it to train you for a police state.
The military searching people at Indy 500s and at Daytona.
The Kentucky Derby, having troops all over it and searching people, even high school football games in Alabama, troops searching three-year-olds.
We have photos and video of it in Marshall Law.
Training us, basting us, grounding us in this...
In this type of evil.
Now, we've told you these chips are satellite trackable, because Applied Digital has patented it and is trying to sell it.
But the general public goes, well, you can't track a little bitty chip.
Oh, yes you can with the cell towers.
They boost, they read off of it, so they'll have readers in the stadiums, and it'll be part of the game.
Oh, look, we tracked him.
Oh, we tracked his every movement.
It'll be part of the play-by-play, see?
We've had a police chief on, two million people in this county, Bergen County Police Chief.
In New Jersey, remember last year?
And he said, yeah, I think everybody should take the chip, and I'll enforce you taking the chip.
Yes, if they give the order, I'll make you take the chip.
I'm the government.
The government's good.
Mexican Attorney General says to his employees, you've got to take the chip.
companies are trying to make employees take chips.
It's all over the news every week.
Time Magazine for Kids, two different issues I've seen the last couple years, telling them everybody needs a chip.
Oh, don't listen to your parents.
They're just not hip like you are.
Oh, it's so stylish.
See, the popular culture is being laced, being spiked, being filled with this.
United's bosses today confirmed the technology was being considered, although no decision has been taken, but they rubbish reports of a revolt by players who are concerned they could be tracked off the pitch shopping or by neighbor nightclubbing.
It goes on.
It is believed that technology has been used in South America where footballers have been kidnapped.
Well, yeah, that's been in the news.
It has also been considered for the medical profession in the United States that doctors can access information if a patient is unconscious.
See how they just constantly promote it.
And I told you, back six years ago, they would sell it three different ways.
For security, for prisoners...
Of course, then they would sell it as elitist, as Hollywood, as stylish, as a status symbol.
It's like, I was at IHOP a few months ago, taking my family to breakfast one morning, and I saw this lady get out in like a $100,000 Mercedes, or she was getting into her car, and to get into it, she thumb scanned to get into it.
You see?
So, this is going on everywhere.
I said I'd take calls.
Let's talk to Scott in New York.
Scott, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
It's a pleasure to speak with you again.
Nice to talk to you.
What's on your mind?
A number of things.
One thing I'd like to say is during the weekend I was watching Twilight Zones.
In this one Twilight Zone, they had a fellow that could go back in time, so he decided to go back in time and kill Adolf Hitler.
While he was trying to do it, the chambermaid came in
...interrupted him, and then she got a funny feeling that he wasn't in support of Hitler, so she got the SS, they came in, and they were going to arrest him.
And it sounds just like that fella who was in the VA hospital.
And he was arrested for just having a t-shirt on.
And by the way, the shirt didn't say, you know, Bush is a turkey or Bush is a demon.
The shirt was just a Veterans for Peace with a dove on it.
And the guy was there at the VA.
And again, that's the mindset that now your words, what you're wearing, everything is a protest and why that isn't allowed in America.
It's unbelievable.
And he told the security guard, he said, he said, you know, I'm a veteran.
The guy's like, I'm a Navy veteran, too.
And they talk about it.
He goes, I still am going to arrest you.
These police, the people who are running our government, they have to understand, we own those buildings.
What do they think the Fourth of July is about?
It's not about hot dogs and slitz malt liquor and fireworks.
We own those buildings.
It's the people's house.
The White House is owned by the people.
The Congress is owned by the people.
These are our servants.
Our servants have turned into our masters.
Well, it's worse than that.
You know, when Cindy Sheehan had the number of dead on her shirt, they grabbed her, they dragged her up the stairs...
We're good to go.
In one of my videos, and talk about how it may be illegal.
Those state police in Virginia and Rockport, or Rockmount, actually think the Constitution's illegal.
And then we have video in the same film of FEMA saying it's bad.
You see, they're actually teaching them this.
Cops, don't you know that means you're the terrorist when you think the Constitution's bad, you idiots?
You know, you're so right about it.
And I want to just make comment on the conference that you gave in L.A.
because I was there.
It was done so professionally.
You were such a gentleman.
You even invited me to a dinner that you barely knew who I was.
You saw me outside and you asked me to come in for a dinner.
You're a professional.
You do your research.
And the people of this country are well advised to listen to you and to help in fighting this tyranny.
Because let me tell you something.
The God-given rights that we have are being taken away by a government that works for us.
And if people can please keep in their mind, this government is ours for the first time in the history of the world.
It's a man-created government for the express purpose of preserving our liberties, not for taking our liberties away.
And Alex, you're to be commended.
For the great job you're doing.
And also, Lou Dobbs, you had mentioned Lou Dobbs' story.
I saw it on your site.
Lou's doing a fine job, and I hope he comes out with more, because without the mass media, I don't know if we could defeat this thing.
But it can be defeated if the people were informed, because the people would never tolerate that.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, folks...
CNN is reporting that Bush has signed a deal to create the American Union.
He's given executive power, which he doesn't really have, to these agencies.
What is it, 22 of them right now operating under this cooperative agreement, prosperity agreement.
It's like the Patriot Act, the New Freedom Initiative.
All of these things have these freedom names.
It's a lie.
It's like a prosperity like a hole in the head.
Well, it must be good.
It's for prosperity.
We'll come back, talk to Cliff in Idaho and others.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231 on this July 5, 2006 edition.
But last night I was at my wife's parents' house, and they got a view of downtown.
I was watching the fireworks, and it just... I mean, what is the point?
People think that the Fourth of July is about getting drunk and
Waving some sparklers.
Everything the Fourth of July stands for is being flushed down the toilet by the government.
I was listening to the news talk about, well, this is when we celebrate our freedom, and that's why we support the troops, and that's why George Bush is a great man.
It's like the type of patriotism with the British supporting their troops.
Imperial, criminal, unconstitutional, illegal wars.
I got a bunch of other news here.
We got two big guests for you.
More of your calls straight ahead.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
The propaganda to get chipped is in football, it's in soccer, it's on the news, it's in government.
They signed a deal to chip prisoners four years ago, but it got thrown out.
Out in California, it was in Reuters, and then suddenly they canceled the purchase plan.
They already signed up and paid for it.
Start chipping prisoners in parolees.
But a lot of the video games, I'm not a big gamer.
In fact, I might play a video game one hour a year.
But I do, when I'm at friends' houses or around, read about the games, look them up online, watch the trailers for them.
We were just talking about the game Ghost Recon.
Ryan Slickhausen was at a friend's house this weekend.
He has a big plasma TV and plays games all the time.
He had Ghost Recon.
This particular version of Ghost Recon is they're signing the American Union plan with a Canadian, U.S., and Mexican president in Mexico City.
And the Mexicans revolt, and they're all terrorists, of course, in the game.
They don't want to lose Mexico's sovereignty, so they have to all be killed.
I mean, game after game that I look at.
In fact, I don't think I've seen many of the military games where you don't serve the New World Order.
There's got to be 50 or so that I've seen over the last few years that I think most of the military games, you fight for a one world government.
We've played a lot of the clips here for the TV ads for these games.
See, I mean, that's how bad the propaganda is.
Just acclimating you.
So if you love America and you've got an American flag on your car, you better start speaking up and out about this.
And the key to what they're doing is the toll roads, because that's going to be the funding mechanism for the American Union.
$3 plus a gallon, on average, that's the equivalent tax via the transponder.
I just want to warn you again.
Let's talk to Cliff in Idaho.
Cliff, go ahead.
How you doing there, Preacher Jonesy?
You're on the air.
Now, don't get mad at me.
I heard Rodriguez and the governor call you Jonesy.
You made my day, Alex.
The first thing you come on this morning was a deal with Lou Dobbs.
You played that recording.
I had previously been talking to this attorney on Probing America on 1260 AM.
Anyhow, he said, no, it's not signed and all this kind of stuff.
I get an information and look the SPP up, you know.
And I said, well, you're wrong.
You're completely wrong.
And he brought that on, so I called him back and I said, get a hold of the Lou Dobbs program and get a recording of it.
And he about fainted.
But anyhow...
The main thing I wanted to talk to you about was this.
I tried to talk to Savage, but he was on vacation.
And guess who replaced him for the show?
It came over the time of 8 o'clock, and I got put on the Rusty Humphrey Show, but guess who was on there?
Bob Dorning.
And I had three points.
I expressed to one about Solomon Lodden had no charges against him by the FBI to get a hold of Rex Toomey, the PR man for the FBI.
Yeah, that was Friday at about 10 minutes after 8 on the Rusty Humphrey Show.
And they just went to dead air?
They went to dead air.
There was nothing, boy.
Just cut the whole thing down.
They shut everything down.
And later on, I called back in, and I gave him some more information.
I said, you better check it out because he don't know what the heck he's talking about.
I hear you, and I appreciate the call.
Good to hear from you, Cliff.
Before we end this hour...
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into hour number two, July 5th, 2006, 230 years and one day since the kickoff of the war...
We're good to go.
Right now, by the New World Order, and we're here standing against that and resisting it.
Michael Rivero joins us in about six minutes.
On the other side of this quick break, we have Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joining us for a full hour.
In the third hour, we'll talk about a host of issues.
I've got a lot of other news on North Korea, the economy.
Of course, the head of Enron mysteriously dying.
Give me a break.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
Jim in Texas.
Oh, Jim's up next.
Excuse me.
Eric in Georgia.
Eric in Georgia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I have a question about the NAFTA Superhighway.
Here in Georgia, they're talking about adding a 20-mile section and then also a 15-mile section on 285 here in the metro area.
Well, I'll just say this.
Most new major interstate highway building is for the NAFTA superhighways.
And then again, your toll roads will pay for that, and that will be international under international edict and law.
That's official.
Go ahead.
Well, since they've already passed federal legislation, what's going to be the best way about it, I guess?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then, yes, he has signed an agreement through the agencies, not through Congress, so it's unconstitutional and illegal.
Scholars have looked at it, plus Common Sense shows it, with Canada and Mexico to do this.
But he didn't even do it through treaty because Congress would have to ratify that.
It's just a presidential order.
He doesn't just have executive orders or PDDs, presidential decision directives.
He's got other little orders, and this is basically a Homeland Security order.
Of course, it has nothing to do with, quote, Homeland Security.
It's the opposite.
And so it's all a fraud.
Again, it's like if the president declares himself emperor tomorrow and we've all got to kiss his little toe, we don't have to do it.
So we're going to have to fight it, and we're going to do that through education.
It's wildly unpopular, wildly unconstitutional, very bad for this country, so it's up to you and I and others to expose it.
Yeah, I definitely, I'm reading up on the legislation.
I see.
I'm totally opposed to it because I know it's going to be more than just a local issue.
This is going to be across the nation.
But it's not legislation.
It is an imperial, and I don't say that for effect, it is an imperial decree.
So how do we go about doing that then?
I mean, the best way would be to, I guess, try to take seats in local office?
Here in Texas, the majority of counties have signed on to the Corridor Watch.
They have signed declarations and passed some local laws in some areas saying they will not let the county or the state or the feds grab the land for it.
And yes, we're going to have to fight them in the trenches at point-blank range.
I see.
Yeah, it's totally unconstitutional.
I think...
This will finally start to wake some people up because my experience has been with people, especially with 9-11, Oklahoma City, on and on, they don't want to believe it.
It's too painful to admit some of the truth behind those things.
With this wireless taxation, this is going to actually hurt people personally.
And I'll finally have to wake up because this
To see the light, they've got to feel the heat.
I love that saying.
I heard it this morning on Derry Brownfield.
To see the light, they've got to feel the heat.
And believe me, folks, if you think all the stuff happening now is bad, it's going to get a lot worse.
People can't believe the government carried out a terror attack.
People can't believe we're going into an American Union.
I mean, how big is that?
It's happening.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
Great points, Jim.
Or great points, Eric.
I'm kind of getting back into the feel of things here, folks.
We'll be right back with Michael Rivera.
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until 2 p.m., back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Michael Rivero is one of the first big alternative news websites on the Internet.
Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, good to have you on with us.
Thank you for having me on the show again today, Alex.
You bet.
So much is happening, and I don't do pre-interviews.
What's on your mind today?
What do you think is most important?
And then I want to throw out the timely, very helpful timing for the administration, the death of Kenneth Lay.
Yes, that was a very interesting one to wake up to this morning.
And, of course, this also reminds people of the strange death of the other Enron executive, Baxter, who was gunned down in the middle of an intersection the day before he was to testify on the trial.
So whether or not Ken Lay was really just a coincidental passing away, or if some other force is at work, I think remains to be seen here.
But it is definitely very interesting timing that Ken Lay has passed away just before his sentencing and the opportunity for him to trade additional testimony in exchange for a reduced sentence.
Where do you think the Iran war is right now?
Is it still on the front burner or are the neocons starting to back off a bit?
Well, I think the neocons are trying to, instead of make a right turn, they're making three lefts and I think they're going to go through Syria
Because obviously there is no public support in the United States for more wars anywhere, Iran or North Korea.
So Israel's going to heat stuff up, normal provocations that are always there, they're now making a big deal out of it, and then claim Syria's funding that?
Yeah, absolutely.
Even Haaretz was reporting that
That this invasion to basically kidnap the elected government of Palestine was planned weeks before the capture of this soldier.
And by the way, when soldiers are coming into your territory to kidnap your government, that's called an invasion, and capturing them to keep them from doing so is generally considered the normal course of events.
But Israel has basically seized upon this one individual to wave his bloody shirt around, as it were, to justify a huge military incursion into Gaza,
Which effectively amounts to collective punishment against the Palestinians.
They're shutting off their water.
They're shutting off the power.
They've bombed the local power stations.
So the Palestinians are totally dependent on whatever Israel deigns to allow them to have to live on.
That's right.
One town has 1.3 million people in it, and they've been without water now for days, and they're saying they're going to kill the...
And again, the fact that they had planned this invasion before this soldier was captured basically proves that the soldier is just a convenient excuse to continue pushing this forward.
Now, of course, they're talking about blaming Damascus.
For this capture, which is an incredible reach, but as of this morning, Israel has increased its state of readiness and alert along the border with Syria out of concerns that Syria might try and attack against Israel for the military incursion that Israel staged last week in which they invaded Syria's airspace and buzzed the palace of the ruler there.
In fact, here's Reuters today.
Israel warns of long war over soldier...
Gaza, Israel warn the governing Palestinian faction Hamas that the sky will fall on them, that's a quote, if they harm a captured soldier after a deadline passed on Tuesday for the Jewish state to accept a prisoner in exchange.
While Israeli tanks and infantry massed along the Gaza Strip's northern border for the threatened ground incursion, Prime Minister Olbert said the campaign to free Corporal Gilead Chalet could turn into a, quote, long war.
Three Palestinian factions, among them the Hamas armed wing,
We're good to go.
And the newspaper reported the government had given the army a green light to launch a deeper incursion into northern Gaza, through which there may be no indication when it might begin.
This is a long war, the Prime Minister of Israel said.
It requires lots of patience, sometimes endless restraint.
We have to know when to clench our teeth and to deal a decisive blow.
Michael Rivera?
Well, again, going back to the report in Haaretz, this is something that was planned a long time ago, and the soldier is clearly just a convenient excuse.
We're not even sure where the soldier is, who really kidnapped him, or for that matter, he could be having a vacation somewhere, just laughing at all this silliness as this goes on, because Israel is making demands of the Palestinian leadership
To release this soldier, and yet even Israel admits the Palestinian leadership had nothing to do with this alleged capture or kidnapping.
Well, it also came out in Haratz and UPI, what, now four years ago, Israel admits that they have, quote, fake al-Qaeda groups of hundreds of young Palestinians they captured over a decade ago.
They torture them, they train them, they recruit them different ways, and then they have them out actually carrying out terror attacks, acting like the Palestinians did it.
I mean, that's Israeli papers admitting it.
That's not Michael Rivera.
Yeah, but this has been on my site for a while, the page about the fake al-Qaeda groups.
And another issue that people need to remember is that Hamas originally was a creation of Israeli intelligence.
And that's major news as well.
Yeah, and basically Shin Bet put together Hamas originally as an opposition group to Yasser Arafat to prevent the unification of Palestine.
Well, once Arafat passed away, Hamas did unify Palestine underneath their own rulership, and at that point, of course, obviously Israel has turned on them.
And for those who don't know, Shin Bet is the internal Israeli security agency like the FBI versus the CIA being Mossad.
Yes, absolutely.
And so there's a lot of deception going on, and certainly in that part of the world, very few things are what they appear to be on the surface.
But definitely, you know, Israel has a long history of using undercover operatives to pretend to be terrorists to stage the very acts that Israel needs in order to justify its actions.
Another issue to keep in mind about these so-called Qassam rockets, these are rockets that are home-built.
They follow a similar blueprint, but there's no single point of manufacture.
So if a home-built rocket flies over the border and lands in a schoolyard, and they say, oh, those Palestinians, there really is no provenance of that.
And Israel has said, one more of these hits a major city, they're going to go all out with a huge military invasion.
Yeah, absolutely.
So in whose interest is it to be flinging rockets into empty schoolyards right now?
It's certainly not in the Palestinians' or Hamas' interest,
But Israel is looking for a reason to escalate the matter.
And so, again, taking some of these undercover operatives who are playing al-Qaeda, give them a homemade rocket, let them set it off, and Israel has the perfect excuse to continue its incursion back into Gaza.
And it's not like we're just saying this is our opinion.
This has been all over the major Israeli papers, all over even Western papers.
It is admitted that a large part...
The military attacks on Israel are actually Israel attacking itself.
Michael Rivero, for laymen out there that don't understand problem, reaction, solution, or government-sponsored terror, will you explain why Israel likes to do this to itself?
Well, Israel basically... Well, and it's not just Israel.
Even the United States has played this game before with Operation Northwoods, and a lot of people think even with 9-11, and certainly provably with Pearl Harbor, where in order to create the political climate for a war, to support a war...
A nation will very often covertly stage a phony attack against itself so that they can tell the people of the country, we are being attacked, we must defend ourselves.
Perhaps one of the best examples, of course, is back to Hitler, who staged a fake attack against a German radio station near the Polish border.
Yes, even going so far as to take prisoners, dress them in Polish uniforms, and leave them dead at the site.
For the newspapers to take pictures of.
So these kind of deceptions go on throughout history.
In fact, if you really think about it, any war on the initiating side has involved a government having to lie to its people because it's very hard to get people who are very happy with their lives and just taking care of business and sending their kids to school.
To simply give that all up and say, we're going to march off and invade somebody else's country, unless they have been told that other country is this tremendous threat and they must strike first to preserve their standard of living.
You were going to add something earlier when I interrupted you.
Actually, that slipped my mind at this particular point.
But getting back to this issue that Israel does this to itself, it is a very old trick.
It is not unique to Israel.
Throughout history, even from Roman times, we have seen rulers will play these tricks on their own people to trick them into going into war.
In fact, the first fire departments were really mafia groups that threatened to burn down your neighborhood if you didn't pay them protection money.
Well, actually, that goes back to Rome and to Marcus Licinius Crassus, and actually the way the deal worked is he built his fire department, and when a building would catch on fire, he would race to the scene and say, I'll buy the building from you for half its price.
And if the owner sold the building, he would have his people put out the fire, and if not, he would just let it burn down.
And by this simple device, he became the richest man in the world.
It's unbelievable.
And actually, he was the gentleman who also used the threat of Spartacus' slave revolt to get himself voted extraordinary powers in the Roman government and became, if not the first Roman dictator, certainly the progenitor of them.
You're absolutely right.
The beginning of the slide...
We'll be right back with Michael Rivero, an incredible individual, getting into a whole host of vital issues to you and your family.
And we'll open the phones up for our guests later in the hour as well.
His website's whatreallyhappened.com, minorjonesreport.com, prisonplanet.tv, and infowars.net.
Check them out today.
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We're good to go.
Michael Rivero, I know you want to get into some of the new 9-11 information that's come out and also what's happening with the economy domestically, where you think the election's going in November, but...
I wanted to get your take on people getting kicked out of VA hospitals who are wearing Veterans for Peace t-shirts because, quote, it's a protest.
London Independent, people reading London Independent news articles and the police come over and enroll them in a database and threaten to take their children from them.
I mean, we really are becoming like the old Soviet Union.
How bad do you think this is going to get before the people really start waking up?
And what do you think the establishment's time frame is?
What do you think they're pushing for?
Well, I think it's pretty obvious that what they're pushing to do is to make the average American or British subject simply too scared to ask questions or to even talk with each other.
And all of these revelations about government surveillance on our phone calls and our banking records, there really is too much going on for even the government with all of their computers to really keep track of.
In terms of phone and Internet traffic.
They can grab the data, but they can't do anything with it.
And there's a new big announcement.
The government tracks your social networks.
They want to scare us.
I agree.
Yeah, that's absolutely it.
They want to discourage people from going on the Internet to share what they are concerned about.
They want to keep everybody so scared of being overheard by government officials
Well, I don't think so either, because I think most people who are using the Internet are smart enough to realize that the volume of data is simply too great to really be effective.
Plus, so what?
What have we done?
We're the good guys.
This proves how bad they are.
That is absolutely correct.
None of us are committing any crimes.
We're not discussing committing any crimes.
We're certainly cheering on the hope that this corrupt bunch of criminals will fall of their own rot and corruption, but that is itself not a crime.
Shifting gears again, the provocateur stuff in Florida, the provocateur stuff in Canada, England.
Weeks after each of these events, they have to admit that it was all staged.
That's kind of blowing up in their face.
In fact, it was blowing up in their face two days after the Florida announcement of last week that it was all staged.
Yeah, this one was a pretty badly botched operation.
We used to see this stuff back in the 60s when COINTELPRO was trying to shut down dissent against the Vietnam War.
And what it is, is you would have FBI informants would get together with a group of people and cheer them on to try and do something, to blow up a building or set fire to a bank or something.
And it would turn out that it was the informant's idea and the informant provided the materials.
And just sort of talked these other people into going along with them.
And the instant they agreed, they slapped the handcuffs on them.
And in the case of the Miami group, the informant provided some boots and some cash and said, yeah, wouldn't this be a great idea?
And these losers basically said, yeah, I guess it would.
And the instant that happened, they were arrested for the headline value.
And I think we're going to continue to see more of this.
And of course at some point you have to say, as we get closer to that line of actual violence, how much of the violence that we have been seeing is really homegrown terrorists or how much of it is simply being set up by the government to justify more and more draconian controls on our lives.
Certainly some new information has been surfacing regarding the Oklahoma federal building bombing, which again suggests that there were additional people involved in that bombing that the government went out of their way to keep concealed.
Well, I mean, look at England.
Hundreds of police raid, 40-something in one house.
They shoot an innocent person, nothing illegal found.
And a few days later, they admit it was, quote, botched, but in the average Brit's mind, they foiled a terror attack.
Same thing, they go find a bunch of idiots.
I think it's doing the opposite.
I mean, how dumb is this government?
Well, this government is still trying to play the propaganda war by the rules that worked back in the 50s and 60s, and they've never really quite gotten their minds around how much the Internet has changed the flow of information in our society.
Now, of course, with this two-tiered system, they're trying to find a way to turn the internet into another TV network where there are favored high-volume providers and everybody else is shoved over to the side like community access.
But I think it's certainly a case of too late because now we have a very skeptical population that knows they need to go look at other sources
For the real story.
For example, certainly looking at the mainstream media, every time there's one of these hoaxes, the hoax will get the front page headlines.
Terrorists arrested in Miami.
Then as you say, two or three days later when they have to admit that this was all a setup by the informant, that's always buried in page 12 below the fold.
But remake it page one.
Let's talk about the new media when we get back.
And let's get into Internet 2 and the two-tiered system with Mike Rivero and take your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've got a report here...
Where they use the Alexa traffic ratings and several other trusted mainstream indices, indicators, that every major neocon TV and radio show has seen a plunge in the last year.
And overall, I've looked at the trends myself, spot-checked, looking at different individuals.
They're all going down.
The alternative media is shooting upwards like a rocket.
Like a rocket.
Even though there's hundreds of new sites every month, even though, quote, alternative media is competing with itself, we continue to rise, they continue to fall.
And if you add the thousands of alternative media websites together, they dwarf mainstream media, though mainstream media still has the big guns, can put out the big story, can put out the big spin, and have us all responding to it.
We don't realize how big we are, how big we've gotten, the effect we're having.
There's a lot of disinfo out there, too.
We know a lot of money's being spent on that.
The government and corporations have been caught spending billions with a B every year on not just fake newscasts and media and mainstream news, but fake blogs, fake alternative grassroots rent-a-mob actions.
Internet readers have gotten a very astute palate for this.
They've gotten very, very aware of
We're good to go.
Moving in to let the old net quote die.
I've even got a CNN piece admitting it, an MSNBC piece saying the same thing.
Letting the old switches go down, letting the peer-to-peer network shut down, not having it be a free flow on the web, making you subscribe to certain things, making you go over to Internet 2, signing on to have a subdomain with one of the big 50 they're going to have, and then you sign a contract with them restricting your speech.
It's all done by contract, having you waive your rights.
This is where it's all going.
Michael Rivero, can you talk some about this phenomenon that you've really been covering and watching, and then how you think this is going to shake out and whether they'll be successful or not?
Well, basically, the Internet, you need to go back and look at the early days of it.
This was not a facility that was ever intended to be available to the general public.
What is now the Internet began as something called the ARPANET and was really intended to be used only by defense contractors and universities that were doing military work.
But as individuals left the universities and the military for the private sector, they were taking along net connections because, as everyone knows now, it's an incredibly useful device to have.
And this was even before there was a World Wide Web when the ARPANET just did e-mail and what were called the Usenet readers groups.
And it was still very popular.
And in the 70s, the government started being very concerned about how this unrestricted mass communication media was beginning to take root in the United States.
So they tried to impose some rules by saying that when you get next year's funding check, you have to have these rules to go with it.
And the companies that were running the internet backbone at the time collectively said, well, you can keep your funding.
We'll cover it ourselves from now on.
Thank you very much.
And at that point, the ARPANET became the internet.
And it went public, and of course it's been exploding ever since to the point where virtually everybody is plugged into it to one degree or another, and more and more Americans, as you pointed out in your speech, are beginning to get their political news from it.
So now we're seeing the vested interests who formerly had control of information flow in the United States
Are beginning to realize that the rules that worked back at the height of the Cold War of propaganda and deception aren't cutting it anymore.
The public does not trust the government anymore.
The public does not trust the mainstream media anymore.
And because the government and media cannot win a war of credibility by continuing to lie, what they're trying to do is figure out some way to get rid of the alternative.
The alternate sources of information.
Well, Alexander Sheldon Eaton said that a lie can only be enforced and backed up by force.
Absolutely, by removing the alternatives to the truth.
Because people are going to go for the truth if they can get it.
So the only way you can enforce the lie is to block the truth.
And that's what this restructuring of the Internet is really all about.
Because for the first time, the government has dropped what is called the Common Carrier Rule.
Which was established in the early days of the telephone companies so that each telephone company was committed to carrying the traffic of all the other telephone companies so that anybody could call anybody.
Otherwise, you would have to subscribe to several phone companies to cover the entire United States.
Well, that principle has been abandoned on the internet with this rush toward internet, too.
And what that means is the main communication service providers, the backbone providers,
Now have a two-lane system.
Getting rid of it.
And a big part of that is net neutrality.
For those that don't know, they're openly saying they're going to shut down the web.
You already pay for it by your subscription.
They already have made wild profits.
It is free market now.
But now they're going to start saying, well, I'm not, you know, say Cogent 3 or
We're good to go.
I think people are addicted to the web now.
I don't think they're going to put up with it.
They're going to knock down these barriers.
I think the establishment's been a little too arrogant, Michael Rivero, and I think it's a little too late for them.
Yeah, I would agree with that because the attempt to impose that censorship in China was done with the cooperation of Cisco, which developed these routers with built-in filtering systems.
Excuse me.
But Chinese students very quickly found ways to get around those filters on the routers.
So it has not been a tremendous success in China.
I certainly don't believe it will be a tremendous success here in the United States.
And once you have a population...
We're good to go.
Send these written articles to each other, from one machine to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next.
It wasn't as fast as the Internet, but it got the word out.
Exactly, and if they try to shut down the web, which they are trying to do, it's just going to make our information that much more valuable.
People always want what they can't get or what's forbidden.
Yeah, you're going to see the Band in Boston effect definitely take hold, and people are going to start trying to hunt the stuff down.
You won't have to go out and put it out on the web.
People are going to be coming to you and say, can you share this with me?
And you'll see it go back more to private newsletters rather than open websites.
So you think they're going to be able to, I mean, how much of it do you think they'll be able to shut down?
I don't think they're going to be able to shut it down as much as they would like to imagine that they can.
Because first of all, there's a lot of commerce that is flowing on these smaller websites now.
And if there's one thing the government never does, it's harm that flow of revenue that they can tax.
So I think what we're going to see is there's going to be the favorite clients are going to be delivering movies on demand and so forth.
But I think when your average internet user decides it's time to put the movie down and go back to finding out what the government is really doing, they're still going to be able to reach websites like yours and mine.
Well, it's important now that this battle is developing to educate people to get the news articles that are even mainstream now about this happening, get it out to everyone, alert people that this is going on, and then remind them how much value there is in whatreallyhappened.com or prisonplanet.com.
Or infowars.com.
Yes, we definitely need to get that out there, but I'm sure that your numbers are showing that your readership is increasing rapidly and
And so are mine.
And we measure by total bandwidth being used because even some of the rating services, I think, are subject to political pressures.
But certainly to judge from our total bandwidth, our readership continues to grow every day.
Well, it's exponential.
That's what I do, Mike, is I look at the graph, and if our graph just keeps going straight up in the aggregate overall at 100% plus growth rates, more than that now every year, and I see that with many of the other alternative sites, I mean, that's exponential.
What are they going to do?
How do they counter something like that?
Well, I think they're going to counter it by trying to make other parts of the net more attractive.
They're going to offer more entertainments and more distractions.
The way that the TV networks have done.
If you go back and look at regular TV now, very little hard news, but lots of distractions.
I made a comment today about yesterday there was news coverage of a hot dog eating contest.
This was apparently the hot news item for this particular cycle, and I think you're going to see an attempt to do that.
And the Japanese guy ate 44 of them.
Somebody was telling me this yesterday, and I said, I don't want to hear about that.
You know, don't bring that propaganda here.
I mean, you're right.
It's just you can really see them.
But you know what?
They've gone to pure sex, drugs, and partying on TV.
Their numbers are still falling through the roof, Mike.
That's absolutely correct, because as Thomas Jefferson said, it is the duty of all citizens to keep themselves fully informed so that they may make good decisions.
And I think more and more Americans are beginning to realize just how important that is.
Let's take a caller to who's up first here.
Tony in North Carolina.
You're on the air, Tony.
Go ahead.
I sure do appreciate your show and the information you put out.
Hey, Alex.
I got a whole... Kevin from North Carolina, and he turned me on to a couple of your movies and your website, and down here we're trying to prepare and get the information out.
I'd just like to say that it's kind of frustrating...
Most people I give these movies to don't watch them, don't want to see them and uh
I found that giving information out to strangers is a lot better than your kin, folk, and your friends.
Well, a salesman will tell you, and Mike said this before, it's true, it's harder to sell family than it is to simply sell total strangers.
Family thinks you're putting them down or being uppity.
And pearls before swine is what Christ said.
When somebody doesn't appreciate you trying to warn them, move on, move on.
Michael Rivero?
Don't waste your time with people who aren't ready to hear the message because there's plenty of people out there who are ready, willing, and very eager to find out what's going on.
And when you're dealing with people who are rejecting what you have to offer, what they're really doing is...
They don't want to know what's going on because then they'd have to admit to themselves that they don't have the courage to do anything about it.
Sure, think about this.
Hey, I got a video that shows the government carried out 9-11.
Even if you don't believe that, still, that's pretty interesting.
I mean, let's say I didn't believe in this stuff and I was just learning about it and somebody said...
Yeah, that's exactly it.
Everybody wants to believe that they're good human beings and that they would take a stand against truth and justice.
Or take a stand for truth, justice, and what we used to call the American way.
But once they are confronted with proof that the government is carrying out assassinations or committing torture or war crimes, then they've got to make the choice what to do about it.
And most people don't have the courage to do anything about it, and they don't want to have to admit that to themselves.
So they'll treat DVDs like yours and websites like mine
Thanks for the call, Tony.
I appreciate it.
Michael Rivero, the Iraq War.
I mean, we know their plan was to have a civil war, was to break the country up.
People think the government's failing.
It's actually succeeding.
But it seems like things are going even worse than they wanted in Iraq.
Like they overdid things, and now contractors are pulling out, contracts are getting canceled, the troops are getting in these siege mentalities.
It seems like it's gone even worse than they wanted.
Do you agree with that?
I don't think it's gone at all the way they were expecting it to.
And we're now starting to see where the Iraqi government is now planning on arming the insurgents.
Supposedly, because the insurgents are now going to turn on the foreign fighters, but we already know that there aren't really that many foreign fighters, so I think what it is is the Iraqi government and the insurgency may in fact be turning on their American occupiers.
And I think it's going to get really ugly there.
The puppet government's getting killed wholesale, so they've got to.
They're now, you can't beat them, join them.
This is the end, then.
What do you think's going to happen?
Well, I think, and we're already starting to see it happen, I think Bush and the neocons are going to try and create a war someplace else, anywhere else, to distract the media from what's going on in Iraq, just as Iraq was used to distract from how bad things were going in Afghanistan.
Escalate it to such a level that it will smokescreen the last crisis.
That's called a Ponzi scheme.
Yeah, absolutely.
And unfortunately, all Ponzi schemes collapsed.
But I think this is one of the reasons we were seeing a push into Iran,
But with that not getting any support, now all of a sudden the news cycles are focused totally on the threat from North Korea, which isn't much of a threat because that long-range missile we're all supposed to be trembling in fear of exploded 35 seconds after launch yesterday.
So, you know, it's not really a credible threat anymore.
Well, I mean, I'll put it to you this way.
It's a bigger threat than Iran, so that even then works against the psychology to begin with.
No, please continue.
Well, I mean, they're trying to say that Iran's so deadly and evil, so now we're supposed to buy the new threat that North Korea's so deadly.
Well, in reality, they are more dangerous than Iran, so why should we invade Iran?
Absolutely, but I think the new U.S.
position isn't that we're going to invade Iran, but that somehow or other Iran will be seen to attack Israel.
And if you remember from a few months ago,
President Bush has already committed the United States to the defense of Israel, even if Israel attacks first in a regional conflict.
I saw that.
Yeah, basically, Bush has a wide open door for a new Middle East war.
All Iran has to do, or all Israel has to do, rather, is get somebody shooting at them.
And it looks like it's going to be Syria, because if Israel and Syria get into a war, Iran will come to Syria's aid.
And then the U.S.
will come to Israel's aid, and then Russia will come to Iran's aid.
So Israel's going to get out of control.
So you think they're probably going to kick the whole thing off, and you're right, it looks like they're in the process of doing that now, God help us.
Do you think the 9-11 Truth Movement and the millions of people worldwide exposing 9-11 as an inside job, do you think that that has stopped the globalists, the neocons, from carrying out more attacks?
I do think so, because I think the fact that these cover-ups have become unraveled so quickly...
In the global community, certainly has to be a deterrent to anybody planning to do additional staged terror attacks, because certainly one would think that there would have been more of them by now, but I'm pretty sure that as they sit around those planning meetings, they keep saying, you know, the last time we tried this, we thought it was going to be so perfect, and look at how quickly it all unraveled and all came apart.
Because of all the commentary, the uncontrolled flow of information on the Internet.
Yeah, I don't think they expected it to unravel this fast, and I don't think they expected us to be as bold as we've been.
And they were telling us, there'll be more terror, give up your rights, but now they're having to kind of back off of that because they know that at least half the population smells a big fat rat.
Absolutely, and I do think it is a deterrent to future such acts, although unfortunately when you're dealing with stage terror and these kind of actions,
You're always more or less at the mercy of whichever world leader is the least mentally stable.
So there's a great deal of unpredictability going into these situations.
And there may yet be more of these.
But certainly the fact that we tore 9-11 apart as thoroughly as we have, I think, is...
Instituting some caution among the planners of these sorts of things.
Well, that's good.
I agree with you.
We also have got a lot of internal info in the last four years out of Bilderberg Group.
For the first time, we've seen a split, and some of the old-line Europeans are now actually scared of Bush and think he's a complete psychopath, which Bush and his controllers aren't.
So even the elite's getting a little bit shaky right now.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I don't like Lennon, but he said one thing that was true to paraphrase.
He said there are times in history when more things happen in a week than happens in 100 years.
And we're at that crossroads right now, and the elite knows that.
They're out of control.
But when we've got people like Lou Dobbs on CNN saying that we're going into an American Union and that it's a traitorous and that he can't believe it and that we're losing our country, I mean, that shows how serious this is.
This is mainstream.
This whole new world order is really starting to come out right now, and we're at that crossroads.
In closing, Michael Rivero, where do you think things are going in the next six months?
What do you think is going to happen with the election?
Well, I'm very concerned about the election due to the, we're seeing epidemics of vote fraud and it's being reported more, but we're not seeing any willingness within the government itself to really seriously address the issue.
The thing to keep in mind, though, is that one of the most egregious examples is where the voting machines are found to have an onboard
Code interpreter.
Now, for those people who are less than familiar with computers, what this means is these voting machine software have the ability to accept new instructions on the fly after they've been certified for the elections.
And I believe the mechanism involved is when the memory card that stores the vote results is inserted into the voting machine,
If there is a file already on there with special instructions, the voting machine will look at it and follow those instructions which can be as simple as take so many votes away from this candidate and give them to this candidate over here.
But certainly one needs to keep in mind that, as in the case of Diebold, this is a company that makes teller machines that never lose a penny from one end of the country to the other, and yet their voting machines are incredibly open to fraud and deception and hacking.
Designed for it.
In fact, when we have you on again in a month, I want to do a whole hour.
Michael Rivero on electronic voting scams and the plethora, the constellation, the galaxy of bad things that are happening.
And we're going to be getting more guests on in the future talking about this because it's an orgy of evidence that the vote is being stolen and manipulated.
Another sign of how serious times have gotten in this country.
Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com.
Thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you for having me on the show.
We're going ahead and getting our guest on now.
We'll keep him into the next hour.
And he's Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the senior individuals, Department of the Treasury, under Ronald Reagan, and one of the big granddaddy conservatives in the U.S.
And I saw this article.
I'm really glad we already had him set up for the show, Bush's Army, A Few Good Degenerates.
We'll be talking about this report he's put out that's on prisonplanet.com.
But Paul Craig Roberts, we're about to break, Doctor, but what are a few of the other issues you want to talk about when we get back?
Well, we can talk about this Canadian-Mexican-American pact, and we can talk about the voting fraud.
Okay, so we'll talk about the American Union deal, we'll talk about the voting fraud, but I do first want to get into Bush's army a few good degenerates in an article that you just put out yesterday, sir.
Before we break in one minute, just give us the opening salvo about this particular article you've written.
Alex, my title was The Reality Beneath the Flag Waving.
And what I point out in this article is that so many of the Bush supporters are in such total denial that they just don't believe the news.
If you tell them that the troops have misbehaved in some atrocious way, they simply say it's all made up by the liberal media in order to demoralize them.
Let's get into that mass delusion that the neocons have.
On the other side of this quick break, we'll be back in 70 seconds with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
A fight for our heart and souls!
The revolution, the war that led to our freedom, led to our republic, began 230 years and one day ago.
And every cannon, every bedrock foundation of freedom is being dismantled by international criminals that are not free market.
Joining us is Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
He was number two at the Department of Treasury.
Under Ronald Reagan, one of the main fathers of Reaganomics, a real conservative, and he's become more and more disillusioned with criminal activities, the neocons, the last few years.
He joins us to talk about the electronic voting scams, to talk about just a whole host of issues today.
But first off, the headline that we have is Bush's Army, a few good degenerates.
And he gets into how there's this denial.
And I talk to neocons.
They go, the WMDs have been found.
They go, you know, George Bush didn't lie.
They're living in another world, and now they're saying, even when the Marines are charging people, even when the Army is charging people, and rightfully so, for war crimes, picking women out, raping them, killing them, pushing people off bridges, blowing kids' heads off, they just say that's all made up.
Dr. Roberts, you've written an excellent article.
Thank you for joining us.
Sure, Alex.
I'm glad to be with you.
You bet.
Get into this article for us.
Well, Alex...
One of the points is that we shouldn't be surprised at some of the atrocities because the Army, for recruitment purposes, according to numerous news reports and Pentagon concerns and so forth and so on, has been having to give waivers so that they can accept felons, drug users, and...
And the bottom categories of IQ high school dropouts.
And so we shouldn't be surprised that some of the same people who make America's streets unsafe for Americans make Iraqi streets unsafe for Iraqis.
Especially since in Iraq they're even less accountable than they are here.
Because they're part of a military and they're protected by the support the troops propaganda.
So it makes them even easier to behave in criminal ways over there than they can here.
So no one should be surprised at these atrocities and people should stop denying them because it just makes them look
It makes Bush supporters look even more stupid than they really are.
Well, that's a good point.
If we criticize these and punish people when they did things that were wrong, then the country itself wouldn't be entirely culpable.
But by covering it up, we become accessories after the fact.
We become complicit in the crimes, exactly.
People deny these crimes because they think that if you accept unpalpable truths, it means you're disloyal.
So they have to deny, just like so many Germans denied that Hitler was losing the war when it was obviously plain they were being driven out of Russia.
So people can't accept reality because it makes them feel like they're being unpatriotic.
If they acknowledge that the war is not justified, that we were deceived, and that many of the troops, of course not all of them by any means, but a number of them are behaving in...
In criminal ways.
So this is just part of the denial.
Now, the neocons aren't fooled.
They know what's going on.
It's just the people they propagandize.
It's the unthinking Bush supporters who wear their patriotism on the sleeve and feel that they have to show patriotism in the face of all facts.
Quick break, long segment, plenty of time to get into this.
We'll get more into the mass murdering that's going on over there, the hiring of criminals, the ongoing cover-up, the math delusion.
Then we'll get into the American Union, the electronic voting machine fraud systems, and a lot more with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
You can read some of his great articles at Infowars.com right now.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be right back.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts here in just a moment to talk about the North American Union, a stepping stone to the American Union.
Now mainstream news, the electronic voting machines and all the scams and frauds that have been exposed there.
First, we'll finish up discussing...
I think?
I think?
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You can link over to it.
We were talking during the break.
Some stations don't carry that segment.
Let me just recap it.
I remember an article five years ago in the Washington Times, almost five years ago, and I couldn't believe it.
It actually said that the U.S.
Army was signing waivers, not just for criminals, convicted criminals to be able to join the Army.
That was the first group I saw doing it in the Armed Forces, Armed Services.
But that it was felons, and not just felons, but aggravated felons.
Yes, it said aggravated, including arson, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon.
This was in the article, then I had guessed on about it.
I had the writer on about it.
I couldn't believe it.
Then I saw another article saying they're hiring aggravated felons who are illegal aliens who are instantly made legalized when they sign up instead of being deported.
And then after they've served their tour, they get instant citizenship when they get back.
Now, 20 plus percent of the troops on the ground in Iraq are foreigners.
That's mainstream news.
And they go over there, and we have videos of this.
We have photos of this.
They'll blow a woman's head off while she's walking a three-year-old down the street and laugh about it in front of London Times reporters.
Okay, reporters will say, what's your problem?
The Marines will chant, we're going to kill more kids.
I mean, this has all been mainstream news.
They do it in front of people.
They catch a family stealing three sticks of wood out of a field.
They run over the car after machine gunning it, laughing at them, and then run over it with a tank as their, quote, punishment.
I have those audio clips.
We can play them.
We have video.
I mean, this stuff's on Frontline.
And I hear the neocons on talk radio.
With Abu Ghraib, we have the clip.
Limbaugh said, they're just blowing off steam having fun.
Folks, General Tagumbo's own Army report admits that children were raped.
Women were raped.
Jeffrey Dahmer's stuff was done.
They put acid on objects and then do things I can't mention on air.
Then John Yoo...
He gets up at the CFR earlier this year and is confronted by another CFR member.
This is another elitist.
And he says, how dare you write a memo you can torture children sexually in front of their parents?
And John Yoo says, yeah, we're allowed to do that.
So it's time for the neocons to get out of denial.
And when you deny this, when you cover it up, you become accessories after the fact.
You become complicit.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, can you continue to speak to this and what it's like for you
Yeah, I think they're completely brainwashed, Alex.
People like John Yoo and Gonzales, the Attorney General, I think what we're seeing there is when you get people from foreign cultures where they're accustomed to the government having all kinds of absolute authority that we're not accustomed for them to have, but they don't know that because they come from foreign authoritarian type
So when you get the Department of Justice full of these people from these authoritarian third world countries, then they start thinking that that's the way of behaving is normal.
And so they justify for Bush.
So it's a very grave situation where we become so multicultural that we lose sight of our own values and our own standards.
And that's what's happening.
In the Bush administration, American values have been
Totally trashed.
Now, many Americans, especially my generation, they think that we still have a John Wayne army or a John Wayne military because they saw all those movies.
But I don't think we ever had a John Wayne military.
But I think we did have at one time values and aspirations that pushed us in that direction.
Isn't it turning into a gang member, gang banger, gangster military?
Well, the recruitment problems have increased.
been going on apparently prior to the Iraqi war and as a result the military has been forced to waive its standards and it accepts now felons, drug users
And people whose intelligence is not commensurate with the responsibility of being armed with deadly weapons.
And so now, instead of those people being relegated to street corners and going to prison, now they've got a uniform and an M16.
That's right.
And the effect on good troops is to drive them out.
I have a lot of, I get not a lot, but I have had some email from people
From soldiers and people whose families have a lifetime of military service.
And they say that they're quitting, they're not rejoining, they're not going to let their sons go, that they're breaking the family tradition because the Army has left them.
And I think what they're referring to is this reduction in standards because when you get bad apples in there, it tends to corrupt everything.
And of course, the commanders and the officers
They don't want bad news.
They don't want to report these types of failures up the chain of command because the chain of command just then looks at that commander and says, oh, that's a problem with the commander.
We're not going to promote him.
So the whole thing gets corrupted once you lower
Your standards.
Doctor, could it be more than that, though?
We know Stalin opened up the jails and made the criminals mid-level commanders because good moral Russians wouldn't follow orders to shoot other Russians in the back.
We know a lot of Hitler's SA were made up of street thugs and criminals, and a lot of his SS later were.
I mean, I think our government knows that only thugs are going to do these immoral things.
Well, maybe, Alec, but I don't think it's necessary to...
Go that far to explain it.
I wouldn't put anything past the Bush regime.
I would put nothing past them.
But I can explain it without having to say that it's anything other than recruitment problems.
No, you're right.
It's prima facie.
If you hire a bunch of felons, aggravated felons, they're going to do that when they get police power.
That's right.
Look how badly...
Police behave and airport security and the way they bully old people and mothers with children and just about anybody.
I mean, anybody that gets authority can be expected to misbehave.
And so you scrape the bottom of the barrel with the worst, it's going to be explosive.
Well, I think that we now have a whole long line of
Explosive events from the prison tortures and scandals through the murder of the families in the various villages and now to the rape of this 15-year-old Iraqi young woman and the murder of her family.
The military inspectors themselves call it a totally premeditated crime.
But the neocons get on the radio and say it isn't true.
Support the troops when the commanders are having to admit it's true.
That's right.
What keeps this war going is denial.
And I talked about that earlier before your break.
And a lot of Americans who are patriotic feel that it's unpatriotic to admit unpowerful facts.
So they just close their mind and say, well, this is enemy propaganda.
And even if it is true, we mustn't say it.
Or we'll somehow lose the war.
And this notion that we can't... The notion, Alex, what the notion is, is that this war is so shameful we can't possibly report it or we'll discredit ourselves.
And that's the position of Bush supporters.
Now, I'd be careful about calling them neocons because most Bush supporters have the foggiest idea of what a neocon is.
They don't know there's been a coup
An overthrow of American constitutional rule and ruled by a handful of policymakers who have Bush as a puppet.
The neocons, in my opinion, are essentially traitors, the people who subverted the country.
They've got us in one illegal war.
They're trying to put us in another one with Iran.
They're very dangerous people.
There's been a coup.
And they're meeting opposition now from the military high command.
Who realizes that they're crazy and wants to give the military impossible missions.
But I don't know what the outcome is going to be, but it's amazing to watch how basically a dozen people control the United States government
And the president and the foreign policy and everything else has collapsed.
And they're taking 230 years of goodwill when we were loved, folks.
I mean, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, people fell down over themselves, opened doors everywhere because we weren't the imperialists.
We've gone from the most loved to the most hated.
And on the 4th of July, Dr. Roberts, I got a little tear in my eye last night watching the fireworks go off because the soul of America is being sucked out by these people.
Well, all the polls show, for example, a recent Harris poll conducted for the Financial Times found that the populations of our European allies view the United States as the greatest threat to global stability.
We see that the huge majorities, for example, in Britain and in Spain, believe that Bush has created all this terrorism by attacking
Let's talk about the American Union and how conservative followers of the neocon coup are living in la-la land and
We'll also get into the electronic voting machines.
But to talk about the delusion, I mean, the delusional nature.
I mean, I've been in the gun shop, folks.
People walk over and go, How dare you say George Bush is for the assault weapons ban?
You're a liar!
No, I'm not a liar.
You're an ignorant fool.
We'll be right back.
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We appreciate Dr. Roberts spending time with us today.
He'll only be with us until about 40 after.
Then I'm going to get into some other news and take a few calls as we wrap up this transmission against tyranny.
When you really study the neocons, you study who controls this country, you study how the Democrats are complicit with them, it's scary.
And now we have the American Union signed by Bush last year with a Mexican and Canadian president.
People are finally looking at the agreement, and they're in denial again.
I hear conservative talk radio, many of them making jokes about this.
I know Liddy finally admitted it was a crisis.
People like Lou Dobbs are telling the truth, at least to some extent.
And this is the type of executive power we see where Dr. Roberts has called it the Fuhrer Principle.
That's what Bush is using, saying he's allowed to instruct agencies to basically erase our borders and our country.
Dr. Roberts shifting gears into the border situation and into the American Union agreements.
Give us your view on that, sir.
Alright Alex, my view is different from what people are saying.
A lot of people see this as a loss of our sovereignty and as you do, some new world order development.
I see it differently.
I see it as the neocon regime
They're using this to essentially make Canada and Mexico part of the American Empire.
Oh, I agree with that.
This is not something where we are losing our sovereignty to Mexico and Canada or the New World Order or whatever.
This is just another step in the neocons' world empire building.
And we will use the power we gain over Canada and Mexico in this to
Force them to our will.
Well, I agree with that, sir, but at the same time, that will hurt Americans and American jobs and we will basically be quasi-third world.
We're well on the way to being third world and we'll probably end up that way regardless of this agreement.
But I certainly am not defending the agreement.
But I am saying that I really think it's more...
It's worse, even, because it fuels the hubris of the neocon movement.
And it makes them more powerful because it gives them an empire right here.
They don't have to send the troops to enforce.
And it will further subvert the whole notion of our way of governance.
So it is really a dangerous, deadly thing for reasons that go beyond those that are... Well, exactly.
He's telling 22 federal agencies they've got more authority than Congress and that they can make agreements with these foreign governments and they pay off the foreign governments and now they're going to hand over the roads to, quote, private interests to then tax us to pay for the new American government.
I mean, this is scary.
It is scary, and I don't know what can be done about it, because if you come back to the discussion with your guest before I came on, the voting machines, the Bush regime, the neocon regime, they can control electoral outcomes regardless of how people vote, just by how they program these machines.
So the notion that we people have a say anymore...
It's probably a fiction.
Do you think that's where we see the indicators of hubris, imperial hubris?
That's my first question.
Second question.
Yes, because the neocons were taught by Leo Strauss that they had the perfect right to deceive the American people in order to achieve their ends.
And so they just think the American people are a bunch of dumb sheep.
Who can't be trusted and have to be manipulated and got around.
So yes, I do think that they don't think voting is important.
It's just something that could get in the way of their goals, so they figured a way around it.
And again, we get into denial.
All the evidence of systematic, top-down election fraud is there, but the average American just can't believe the horror.
That's right, because first of all, the average American...
is used to associating voting fraud with the Democrats and the daily regime in Chicago.
And they can't believe that the Republicans who suffered so much at the hands of fraudulent vote scams would be doing the same thing.
But of course the Republicans have now mastered the art of it.
And the Republican Party doesn't care because it means power for Republicans.
And they are...
Certainly you're enjoying that, just like a winning football team enjoys its no-lose record.
I've even heard low-level Republicans on the ground, doctor, joke to me and go, yeah, the Democrats steal, so we've got to cheat to win.
I mean, this is crazy.
Well, I think with the voting machines, they've kind of got that tied up.
I don't see how to break that.
Final segment with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts after this quick break.
Stay with us and we'll shift gears into a bunch of other news and key information that needs to be covered.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
A lot of people miss that little blue dot piece I played about the American Union, so we're going to play that again as soon as Dr. Roberts leaves us here in about seven minutes.
We'll have time to talk to a few callers like Clayton in Texas and others that have been patiently holding, and I have a few other little, not little, important news items we'll spend a little bit of time on.
That's the little in the comment is that we don't have a lot of time.
You know, you talk about delusion.
I think some of it isn't delusion.
And Dr. Roberts, in the last segment, you heard him.
He said it's like it's a ball game.
We're on different teams.
We're rooting for the Cowboys versus the Titans or whatever.
And I know some conservative people here in Austin who are involved in mid-level Republican politics at the city, county, state level, and they go, okay, there's fraud, Alex.
Yeah, we're stealing elections.
We've got to.
The Democrats were trying to steal them, and we're just better at it.
So it's more than just illusion, Dr. Roberts, and I want your comment on that.
Some of them actually like it.
And think it's fun and think they're doing it for a better cause, kind of like the Straussian view of the neocons.
They've adopted their master's view.
That's my first question for you, your comment on that.
And secondarily, why are so many of these so-called conservatives not worried about the loss of civil liberties?
What's your take on both those questions?
Okay, Alex.
I think the answer to the first one is that power destroys character.
And the American...
The answer to the second question, I think, is the fault of the left wing and the ACLU because over the years what they have done with their own agendas is to cause conservatives to equate civil liberties not with habeas corpus and protections against
Being picked up and held indefinitely without charges.
They don't think of civil liberties as the requirement to go before a judge for a warrant before they can invade someone's privacy.
Instead, because of the left wing's own agenda, conservatives think of civil liberties as homosexual marriage, abortion, racial quotas, flag burning,
The banning of school prayer.
Gun control.
They think of it as giving condoms to little kids.
And crime resulting from lax punishment of criminals.
The removal of Christian symbols from public places at Christmas time.
And so the conservatives don't any longer know what civil liberty is.
And they have all these resentments against the left who has defined in the conservative mind
Civil liberties as left-wing agenda items.
And so most Americans are just totally indifferent to civil liberty because they don't know that it has to do with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
They think it's just some sort of liberal crap that's being forced down their throats.
And so they really, when you talk to conservatives about, well, aren't you concerned about your civil liberties?
They say, no, I'm not for homosexual marriage.
I don't believe in abortion.
So they don't really understand that
They're losing the Bill of Rights.
They think that civil liberties are just the left wing's kooky agenda.
And so that is a very serious problem because the very people who traditionally defended civil liberties very strongly were the conservatives.
And you see this too, Alec.
When you listen to a conservative tell you, I don't care if Bush spies on me, I'm not doing anything wrong.
I have nothing to fear.
You have to ask that person, well, why did the Founding Fathers write the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
You don't need the Constitution, do you?
They have to ask themselves, do we stand with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, with our forefathers and what our veterans supposedly fought for, or do we stand with George Bush, who even if you use a conservative yardstick, Bush is no conservative.
No, of course he's not.
No, he's not a conservative.
Of course not.
None of this is conservative.
But the Americans who think that they are conservative, they think it is conservative because it's not homosexual marriage, abortion, flag burning.
That's where they're confused, and that's why they can't catch on.
Well, they're so used to fighting with Bill Clinton, who's big buddies with the Bushes now, they're so accustomed to that, they can't get their mind out of the old paradigm into the new one.
I mean, look at the Democratic leadership.
It's lock, stock, and barrel in lockstep with Bush.
And I try to bring this up to them, and it just doesn't compute.
You're right, Alex, but I think the main reason for the Democrats being impotent is 9-11.
As long as people believe that they were attacked by outside terrorists and that our government is telling them the truth about who those terrorists are, it keeps the Democrats from being an effective force because if they try to oppose them, they're said to be anti-American traitors in favor of terrorism and blah, blah, blah.
So they've just shut up.
There's no way they can
They can oppose, and they haven't got a power base from which they could hold hearings and try to start creating some alternative explanation of the war.
Dr. Roberts, we're almost out of time here.
I'm going to let you go here in just a minute.
We're going to have you on for a full hour next Wednesday because I want to plumb your knowledge and get your take on some other things that are happening and also give the callers a chance to talk to you.
But in closing, I had Colonel Ronald D. Ray, U.S.
Marine Corps, retired.
He was the deputy
Secretary of Defense, of course, during one Reagan administration.
He was the head Marine Corps historian.
He represented Michael New and Admiral Moore and many others.
This is a pretty highly respected fellow, and I had Major General Black on a few weeks before that, and both of them said the 9-11 official story is a fraud.
It's a quote in the words of a Kentuckian.
He said, it's a dog that doesn't hunt.
It's a conspiracy theory.
I mean, I didn't even get him on about 9-11 and just brought it up, and he started saying this, so...
I mean, when we've got authoritative people like this starting to question it, I mean, I know you've questioned it, is that not good news?
Well, I suppose it's good news, but it's going to be very difficult to get that re-examined.
As you know, there are experts that are trying to get it re-examined by a panel of experts, and
But I doubt that there will be much public support for that because that's just too threatening to most Americans.
Is 9-11 a dog that doesn't hunt, doctor?
Well, we know 9-11 happened.
We just don't know how or why or who.
And when we have distinguished people like Stephen Jones, David Ray Griffin, Morgan Reynolds, people who don't know one another, who don't come from the same place, and when they bring powerful
evidence against the interpretations that people have been given, then that's a sign that we really should wonder about what the government has told us.
We have to keep in mind, Alex, it's the same government who told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, that he was supporting al-Qaeda, and that are telling us now that Iran is building nuclear weapons.
It's the same people who told us those lies that are telling us about
And they lie to us on a hundred other issues.
How do we believe anything they're saying today?
Dr. Roberts, thank you for all the time you've spent with us today.
We'll talk to you again next Wednesday.
Okay, Alex.
Thank you for the time.
All right.
He's going out of town today, so we cut the interview a little bit short.
He'll spend a full hour with us next Wednesday on the second hour of the broadcast.
I know we have some callers, but...
We've had a bunch of other calls saying, please, I didn't hear the whole Lou Dobbs.
I only heard the last minute of it.
So we'll air this so we can analyze it and comment on it.
Here it is, Lou Dobbs, Monday, talking about the American Union.
Here it is.
The Bush administration's open borders policy and its decision to ignore the enforcement of this country's immigration laws is part of a broader agenda.
President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it.
And he took the step without approval from either the U.S.
Congress or the people of the United States.
Bill Tucker reports.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America sounds benign.
Hardly like a policy that critics call NAFTA on steroids.
It's a deal that few have even heard of.
It's being done again by very few people at the very top on behalf of the investment class.
But the working class of people
Political officials across our country, from communities, from cities and so forth, they don't know anything about this.
Yet it was agreed to by Mexico's President Fox, Canada's Prime Minister Martin, and President Bush in 2005.
Administration officials countered their critics by saying everything about SPP is on the White House website.
And they say the partnership is not a treaty, but more of an outline of priorities between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
Still, some wonder why there haven't been public discussions about the goals being pursued.
This SPP includes, for instance, a committee that is sitting down to harmonize our meet...
In fact, the name of the agreement is not Security and Prosperity of the United States.
When we elect officials, we expect them to act on our behalf.
When we get involved in cooperative frameworks with other countries for joint regulation of fisheries or rail transportation or the skies, we're...
Basically sharing our sovereignty with that government and outsourcing some of what we give our elected officials.
As disturbing as some find SPP, there is legislation in the House introduced by Florida's Katherine Harris that closely resembles the goals of the partnership.
Included in that bill is a section which calls for the securing of Mexico's southern border by the United States and Canada.
Lou, that's not the border with the United States.
That's the border they share with Belize and Guatemala.
The idea that the White House would respond that this is on their website, this involves intricate workings amongst the Commerce Department of this country and Canada and Mexico's, of course,
A regional prosperity and security program.
This is absolute ignorance.
We reported this, we should point out, when it was signed.
But as we watch this thing progress, these working groups are continuing, they're intensifying.
What in the world are these people thinking about?
Well, they say, look, these are a declaration and an outline of our priorities.
And when I called them today, Lou, they said I was the first phone call they had received literally since the deal was first signed.
So people are not paying attention, and they're letting them, in fact, get away with this.
Yeah, I was asked the other day about whether or not I really thought the American people had the stomach,
To stand up and stop this nonsense, this direction from a group of elites, in absolute contravention of our law, of our Constitution, every national value.
And I hope, I pray, that I'm right when I said yes.
But this is beyond belief.
Bill Tucker, thank you very much.
This is beyond belief.
It's far worse than what Lou Dobbs was even telling you.
And he opened it by saying, it will end America as we know it.
They went on to say that the White House states the SPP is not secret.
I think so.
It's huge.
It's over the military.
It's over the police.
It's over agriculture.
It's over water.
It's over power.
It's over our laws.
I mean, it's everything.
22 federal agencies.
And Bush is claiming he has all this power under Homeland Security.
And then it goes on.
They talk about, quote, outsourcing some of the authority of, quote, elected governments, elected officials.
I hate that term.
Our public servants, our representatives.
It doesn't outsource some of it.
It outsources all of it.
Regional governments.
We already have a regional government that's unelected over our toll roads, you see.
And then they just give it to private institutions.
And the state of Texas says it's secret.
We don't care of the legislature.
You understand, state agencies are saying, TxDOT, we don't care if the legislature asks for this.
We don't have to give the legislature our agreement with Centra, the Spanish-slash-Australian company.
So, I mean, our own legislature isn't allowed to know.
And then they just, obviously they have the power, because we elected them, they work for us, to go demand that, to send the state police over there to grab it.
But they're not going to do that from their sister agency.
I mean, you're a bunch of lawless crooks.
This government is not real.
It is a fraud.
And of course, Catherine Harris has got accompanying legislation in the House.
She's a crook.
Catherine Harris.
It makes me sick.
All right, let's talk to Clayton in Texas.
Been holding her a while.
Clayton, thanks for holding her on the air.
Thanks, Alex.
I just wanted to say that the propaganda war that the establishment has been conducting on the American public is so blatant and done poorly that it's just insulting to our intelligence.
Yeah, but you've got a population that can't find Iraq on a map over two-thirds, so the dumbbells that don't regularly listen need to start investigating what we're saying.
I mean, it's unbelievable to me, too.
I mean, it seems like there's enough evidence out there currently that any intellectually honest, unbiased jury would convict members of the elite for treason with what we have already.
It is treason.
It is treason by every definition of it.
I mean, every form.
This is absolute, total treason.
The sellout of our country.
Are there any patriots in our government, Alex, who recognize this fraud?
Yeah, there are a lot of them.
And the Democrats run people against them.
The Republicans run individuals against them.
They're after Tom Tancredo.
They're after Ron Paul.
They kicked a bunch of other people out whenever they don't play ball.
And they kicked Senator Bob Smith out, a great American.
And it's just a pack of crooks raping us.
Thanks for the call.
Davey in Texas.
Davey, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Man, I saw that picture with you and Charlie Sheen there.
What's on your mind?
Well, Elijah and Moses and freeing the Jews, man.
One day, Alex, I'd like for us to have a real meaningful conversation about proper mental hygiene, because you really try to get things real concise and clear for people to understand, and that's just vitally important for all Americans and all people on earth.
Well, I'm not perfect, but I try to do the best I can.
You do a great job, man.
I'm so proud of you.
Did you happen to see B.B.
Netanyahu on Sean Scannady's show the other night?
No, I didn't.
They ran it late, I guess, but he was over here to sell their next operational phase, you know, the preemptive strike phenomenon.
His body language looked kind of down, Alex.
You know, you had Craig Roberts on there talking about...
Just the unbelievable nature of all this denial business.
It's so plain and clear once people start getting the facts and start getting the true information into their minds.
And Alex, the word economy refers back to Deuteronomy 28 and whose God is being served.
And over here in this country, our economy is in bad shape.
Well, economy means the home, the people.
And we're being robbed of our home.
And the culprits are the same people that Jesus was talking to, but they were not Ashkenazim.
And that's the crime against humanity that is the state of Israel because they are not Israel.
I mean, if people would just get the facts straight, we could solve this whole problem virtually overnight.
If people would act in good faith.
Thank you, Alex.
Davey, take care.
We'll come back and take a few final calls and a few final news items.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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I have a whole stack of police state news here in front of me that I didn't even really get to.
I guess I got to how they want to chip Manchester United and England, the football team.
Man charged after videotaping police.
This is the telegraph.
This is here in the U.S.
And the police came by.
He had a video camera on his house.
Told the police when they came by, one of his teenagers being in trouble, they were being videotaped.
So, when he went in to complain about the police being rude and cussing at him, they went ahead and arrested him for videotaping them.
See, they're going to videotape us, but we're not going to videotape them.
That's totally criminal.
You're allowed to videotape the police.
But they'll create bad precedent by people that don't know how to defend themselves.
And I've just got a stack of this here.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Andrew in California.
Andrew, welcome.
Or not California, Canada.
Go ahead, caller.
Hi Alex, I'm Love Terrorist Forum.
It's your best one yet.
Thank you.
What I want to talk about is the rape and murder of the Iraqis and also the vote-rigging software you were talking about.
Yes, go ahead.
I think they like to release this type of information to enrage Muslims, to try and get them to be their patsies, to commit their terrorism.
Yeah, that's part of it.
It's part of P2OG, an official Pentagon plan, yes.
It's obvious, like the arrests in Canada and the U.S.
the past months there,
Like, they don't have any good ones.
They just find any ones to arrest them, and I think they did that just before both conferences to distract from your conferences, because it was right on the eve of both of them.
And, like, that might just be a coincidence or whatever, but... Oh, it's not a coincidence.
You're absolutely right.
With the vote-rigging software, like, do you remember the testimony from back in, I believe it was 2004...
I forget his name.
I'm sorry about this.
Some of their own engineers have gone public and said it's designed to be a fraud.
Yeah, exactly.
Someone was hired to make vote-rigging software, and I saw it on a website.
It's been all over mainstream newspapers, but it never gets big national attention.
I believe it was libertyvideos.org or something.
There's a link to it.
Sir, look.
Exactly, like...
But there's testimony of this guy saying he was hired by the congressman to make the software.
And it would rig it so it would be like 51 to 49 percent.
Yes, I remember.
Listen, I'm out of time.
I appreciate your call.
One last call.
Levi in Colorado.
Sorry to William and others.
Go ahead, Levi.
Hey, Alex.
I was curious about what your opinion on... You remember that missile that hit Alaska?
Yes, North Korea.
Yeah, well, another one got launched today, but it failed.
And then they're splattering it all over the news.
But last time, it actually hit us, but because of the run-up to the war in Iraq, they didn't say anything about it.
You're right.
I was just... I guess you probably don't have enough time to really tell me what you think about that one, but... We don't even know what happened with that missile.
They could have used a particle beam to zap it.
Yeah, who knows?
And they're just splattering it all over the news now, so it's just weird.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
I'll try to have a show later this week where we take calls for like two hours so we have plenty of time, but we have two great guests on today, Michael Rivero and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Be sure and get your copy of Terror Storm while supplies last.
God bless you all.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.