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Air Date: June 21, 2006
2332 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
From deep behind enemy lines, reporting live from the InfoWars studio...
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex is on assignment and on his way to the Super Bowl of all 9-11 conventions in Los Angeles here this weekend.
Thanks for letting me fill in, folks.
We've got a great program today.
And let's see, well, we're going to talk to Glenn Spencer in the second hour of today's program.
Glenn Spencer from American...
Border Patrol dot com.
Talking about the American Union super state that is being constructed under our very noses.
Actually, they're not even trying to hide that anymore.
This is something of course we've been talking about for years.
Regional government locking into one giant global super state.
They're getting partially there, and we're going to talk to Glenn Spencer about that, about the border, about the absolute absurdity that anybody in Congress, most of them Council on Foreign Relations member, anybody in the media, and certainly not the President, none of them looking out for us.
None of them looking out for the middle class while they turn us into a consumer class.
None of them trying to really secure the borders.
Even amnesty is a joke when they've already constructed the American Union, or the Pan-American Union, as the case may be.
Glenn Spencer joining us in the second hour of today's program.
Selly Castile III of Powderburns.org.
Powderburns, a great book we carry here at Infowars.com.
Cocaine, Contras, and the Drug War.
I've spoken to Selly many, many times on my own show, which, by the way, follows this program every day.
2 o'clock to 4 o'clock Central Time.
First segment, I already got a plug-in for my show, folks.
You see how it works?
Sully Castile will be coming on to talk about this alleged war on drugs, how drugs fund terrorism, how they're really going to and coming from the same place.
Sully Castile is a former DEA agent in the Iran-Contra era.
Who personally witnessed drugs being smuggled under our wonderful heroes like Colonel Oliver North, I say that sarcastically, out of Illaponga Airport, to try to take that evidence to his superiors at the DEA, and of course was shut down and nearly taken out by the very people he was supposedly working for.
Very courageous guy, very interesting guy, won the Bronze Star in Vietnam and ended up...
Getting rid of that metal.
He was so ashamed of his country.
Selly is known to say that he is in his third war.
He initially was fighting against the so-called commies in Vietnam.
He was fighting against the so-called commies in the drug war, being a second war.
Now he is fighting a war for your freedom.
Selly Castile III joining us in the third hour of today's program.
First hour today, folks.
We're going to take a lot of your calls on this broadcast.
There are a number of issues we want to cover.
The recent events in Ramadi, in Iraq, which is total genocide.
It's a repeat performance of Fallujah.
But, of course, if you live in Iraq or Afghanistan, this is just a daily part of your life.
We're also going to talk about an Israeli missile attack trying to get a few terrorists... Terrorists?
Taking out three children, just more collateral damage.
North Korea rhetoric heating up.
This is something you can discuss on the program as well with us today.
Shillery Clinton sticking to her guns.
This is the...
We're good to go.
The editorial around the country is saying that is a wise thing.
We'll touch on that a little bit, and of course that just shows the transparency of the so-called two-party system.
We're going to talk a little bit today about the drones, the aerial surveillance drones that are going to be unleashed in Los Angeles just in time for the 9-11 conference.
I'm sure it's a giant coincidence.
And Afghanistan told only to report good news.
Out of Afghanistan.
Just a lot of news to cover.
A lot of issues to cover.
Your call is 1-800-259-9231.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
Have you noticed?
Sure, there's a lot of distraction.
Sure, there's a lot of news to try to keep up on.
Sure, you have to work three manufacturing jobs at McDonald's.
That's what they call them, folks, now.
They've reclassified manufacturing jobs as a job flipping burgers at McDonald's.
But sure, you have a lot to do to try to keep a roof over your family's head, keep some very expensive petrol in your tanks.
That does not mean that you don't have time to stand up against the New World Order, to stand up against totalitarian tiptoe, actually, totalitarian long strides for the last couple of years.
But we've got to do something, and folks, we could sit and do this entire three-hour show on all of the victories, everything we have accomplished in the last several years, thanks to all of you standing up.
So I'm going to tip my coffee cup to you, because without you, we couldn't have done anything.
Any of this.
There's a couple of stories at InfoWars.com I want you to know about, to something you need to see and get all around.
I know you have a lot of InfoWarriors out there, and what you do is...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Initially, this investigation tipped off by Stephen Jones from BYU, the BYU-accredited physics professor, where he was suspicious about Thermate being used to take down the World Trade Center towers.
Now, an analysis has been done on the World Trade Center steel.
It's about to be released.
Here's the basic synopsis.
This is what we've been waiting for, folks.
Scientific evidence.
No more theory, no more analysis, no more guessing, but scientific analysis on the WTC steel debris undertaken by BYU professor Stephen Jones, proving that the Twin Towers were demolished by means of incendiary devices and the release of a conclusive evidence.
This is imminent.
The material that was first brought into question on the back of photos and video clips, of course this is all we have,
Been nice to have the actual steel girders from the World Trade Center Tower, but the analysis has been done on photos and video clips and video evidence of the Twin Towers showing a dripping molten substance and floating white ash can now be confirmed as being thermite.
Combining thermite, which is used as an incendiary device to bring down structures, and sulfur, which cuts through steel quicker and leaves a yellow residue.
Pools of molten yellow metal were also found underneath both towers and Building 7 subsequent to the collapses.
Quote, the evidence points directly to controlled demolitions, which means an inside job brought these World Trade Center buildings down, Stephen Jones told your radio host, host of this very show, Alex Jones, in a video interview.
Jones says that, quote, using advanced techniques, we're finding out what's in these samples.
We're finding iron, sulfur, potassium, and magnesium.
These are the characteristics of a variation of thermite, which is used to cut through steel very rapidly.
It's called thermate.
In order to have thermite in these buildings in this way, to bring the buildings down, that means the thermite had to be planted in the buildings, which of course implies directly an inside job.
Someone had to have access into the buildings, said Jones.
Stephen Jones conducted over 40 peer-reviewed scientific studies, two of which were published in the Nature and Scientific American magazines.
Again, this is a story at prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
What do you think about that?
Is this finally the smoking gun evidence that we need to prove?
What apparently over 70 million Americans seem to know now?
And that is that the World Trade Center disaster, the disaster of 9-11, which was blamed on Osama Bin Laden and even incidentally Saddam Hussein and any of you homegrown terrorists, maybe potentially Iran in the next month.
Is there any doubt in our minds now left that this was an inside job?
Or is there some kind of plausible deniability left from the government that they don't know how the thermite got in those buildings?
They don't know how a controlled demolition was done on their very nose, just like they don't know how NORAD managed to stand down.
Just like they can't explain how no building has ever fallen from fire before or since that day of 9-11-2001.
Lines are open and we'll put you on the air right away here in the first hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Again, I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex today, tomorrow, and the next day.
So glad you could join us today.
We'll talk about that.
Also, we've got to get to this news story about New Orleans.
If you haven't been following this story, we have a natural progression of how this story has developed.
How this situation has developed in the once great city of New Orleans.
It goes back to, we'll take you back down the memory hole here a little bit.
May 24th, 2006.
Louisiana holds a two-day evacuation drill.
State and federal authorities track the path of a fictitious Hurricane Alicia on Tuesday as part of a two-day drill aimed at avoiding the chaos that followed last year's deadly Hurricane Katrina.
The drill was organized to allow first responders and others, including Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco, to react through a Category 3 hurricane hitting the state's Gulf Coast.
So here we have drills in May 24th.
What's the next step?
New Orleans Chief backs down to gun grab.
June 7, 2006, within two hours of an announcement that the Second Amendment Foundation, SAF, was calling for a Justice Department investigation of New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley's plan to confiscate guns again if a major storm hits this city this year.
SAF learned that Riley is backed off, or had backed off.
Again, June 7, not even a month ago.
Somehow, the SAF founder Alan Gottlieb said, quote, I don't believe this is a coincidence.
Early this year, as our attorneys were about to enter a motion for contempt against Riley and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin in federal court, the city finally admitted that it didn't have hundreds of seized firearms in its possession.
That came after months of denial that the city had taken guns from anybody.
In fact, they did do gun grabbing and were planning to do another round of gun grabbing again in case of a hurricane.
So we're going through the national progression here.
And now we have today's story.
Nine months after they rode to the rescue in a desperate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, National Guardsmen carrying M16s returned to the city Tuesday to reinforce the depleted police department and battle a surge of violence.
There are insurgents now in New Orleans.
That's right, folks.
Now, the fact of the matter is there were a couple of killings and a minor riot over the weekend in New Orleans.
This is something that you can pretty much see happen in any American city in any weekend.
Whether it's reported or not, killings and violence happen in every major city in this country.
Do we break posse comitatus?
Do we send in M-16 toting military men to handle that?
Obviously not, but that's not stopping New Orleans.
The hundred or so soldiers will patrol the streets and ravaged neighborhoods left deserted by Katrina, freeing up police officers to concentrate more on the heavily populated sections.
Quote, we're just trying to give a hand to the city of New Orleans, said Lieutenant Melvin Edwards, 32 years old, a member of the 239th Military Police Company.
Governor Kathleen Blanco sent the National Guard at the mayor's request.
Aren't you glad you re-elected Mayor Nagin, folks?
You know, I think there was one time when we thought this was actually a good guy.
In fact, he might have been a good guy, for all we know, as he called out both FEMA and the Bush administration in response to the desperation that city felt ten months ago during the hurricanes.
And then you noticed he shut up real fast and was thus re-elected over the corporate version of his own mayorship.
Criminals, hear me loud, hear me clearly.
There is law and order in New Orleans, said Governor Blanco.
We will not let the criminals take root as our families return.
Again, any excuse to assemble a police state.
Paul Joseph Watson for PrisonPlanet.com has written a great article on this.
The Zero Tolerance Militarized Police State, Negan's National Guard Mandate Model for Post-9-11 Camelball Enforcement.
He goes on to talk about curfews to be enforced, militarized patrols, flagrant abuse of posse comitatus, frothing overreaction to a handful of murders.
Early this month, Cleveland City Councilman Zach Reed labeled some teenagers as quote-unquote terrorists.
This is just after the internet.
Whatever happened to the story in Canada about all the terrorists that were rounded up in a sting operation by the Royal Mounted Police in Canada?
Have you heard hide or hair about that story since it broke?
Of course, we knew that that was just a preface to the coming Bilderberg conference and nothing was done since then.
But these were so-called terrorists talking about this or that on the internet and then
Rounded up in a sting operation and charged with terrorism.
This is the same thing, really.
It goes right along with this statement by Zach Reed of the Cleveland City Council labeling teenagers as terrorists.
He said the time has come to make his Ward 3 a police state and submit to a true zero-tolerance policy, having been handed federal grants for off-duty police patrols and surveillance camera systems.
What is happening to our country?
Is our country any less safe than it was, say, 10 years ago?
20 years ago?
30, 40 years ago?
Some might make that argument.
In fact, some could make the argument that it's safer that there's less crime because, of course, we have a muted robot groupthink population out there who would be too scared now to commit any crime.
That's a good thing.
That's all right.
Some could argue there's less crime, but there's more of a police state.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I argue the egg.
All right, folks, take a quick break.
Come right back with your calls.
More on the Alex Jones Show right after this.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones, GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band declaring independence They laid their bodies down
Thank God for the renegades.
The founding fathers who I know...
When they founded this country, they envisioned security cameras on every corner, security blimps, unmanned UAVs with cameras, satellite cameras watching everything you do, all of your personal records exposed to the government.
I mean, you know, let's just face it.
They wrote the Fourth and Fifth Amendments in the Bill of Rights.
Not to protect us, but to enable the government to control us.
Of course, I'm being very sarcastic.
The Alex Jones Show, you've got the right program.
I'm just not Alex Jones, and I never will be.
I'm Jack Blood, jackblood.com.
Sitting in for Alex today, tomorrow, and the next day.
Thanks for joining us today, folks.
We're going to go to your calls here.
But, I mean, just regarding the police state, and you're welcome to comment on this.
But you tell me.
Have the roads become safer?
Why are people wearing their seatbelts, having to have insurance, having to have RFID inspection stickers, etc., etc., etc.?
Has there been any less crime since we installed all these security cameras and security systems in a surveillance state?
You know?
I mean, this is the point that we want to make here.
Actually, the answer would be no.
In fact, we can even argue that some of this causes more crime, and certainly loads up the prison industrial complex.
George Wackenhut loves it.
And of course, we know, we read Section 802 of the Patriot Act, and we find out that we're all terrorists, and anybody who jaywalks or downloads something off their computer they're not supposed to is a terrorist.
Just amazing that we've slipped this far.
And those renegades, our founding fathers, would be calling for a revolution again at this point.
They would not stand for it, and neither should we.
I believe we have loaded phone lines, but as people drop, you can get in.
We're going to take calls for the rest of this hour.
And then Glenn Spencer, a great American from AmericanPatrol.com, AmericanBorderPatrol.com, will be joining us to talk about the coming American Union, the loss of sovereignty, the replacing of your rights with privileges, and the end of constitutional law.
Government, the Constitutional Republic, this former, once great country, the United States.
Let's first go to Mike in Texas.
Mike, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, Jack.
How are you, buddy?
Thanks for calling.
I'm very good.
You know what?
You're not Alex Jones, but you know what?
You're very close, so don't be too hard on yourself.
And I got ten years on him.
I should be much better.
Well, no, actually I enjoy listening to you.
I was on the Power Hour one morning, and I heard you on there.
You had an interview about that Russert deal, and I thought that was very interesting how that deal got cut off.
But I guess we shouldn't be surprised about that.
Yeah, I interviewed Tim Russert from Meet the Press, for those who don't know, and the audio is all at my website.
We put him in his place.
I mean, we really show who these people are.
They are gatekeepers, to put it lightly, but they're controlling the flow of information.
They're controlling the debates, and we just called them out on that, Mike.
Good for you.
Hey, two things real quick.
I know people are aware of this.
I think you brought it up.
If you go to the FBI website, it's very amazing.
The wanted pitcher, Bin Laden, doesn't implicate him at all.
He doesn't even mention 9-11.
If anybody didn't watch it last night, PBS had a very interesting deal.
I think it was called Beyond the Dark.
It was about, as I refer to him, Scarface Cheney.
And it was a very enlightening documentary that everybody should watch.
Yeah, I saw some of that and taped that last night.
And funny you should mention the Bin Laden-Wadden poster, because I was on the phone with the FBI both yesterday and today trying to get some straight answers on the effect that Rex Toome, Agent Rex Toome from the FBI, came right out and said to one reporter, to another reporter, and basically to myself, that there is no hard physical evidence that links Bin Laden to 9-11.
So what are we doing here, Mike?
Well, actually, I think it's really disgusting because I live in Austin, and I just find the concept of the Bushy supporters just to be beyond me.
I mean, you know, give us a hardcore reason.
Why do we have kids that are dying in Iraq?
And I didn't serve in the military, but I've never trashed veterans like John Murtha, John McCain.
Carrie, etc.
And I just am appalled what's going on in this country right now.
How people that were willing to spend, what, $48 million to find out if one of our presidents had oral sex, and now it's a damn deal.
Yeah, when that president you speak of, Bill Clinton, we'll be talking with Celica Steele in the third hour about that, was guilty of much larger crimes.
Crimes of murder, assassination, drug smuggling, money laundering.
But we're looking into the blue dress.
Thank you, Mike, for the call.
Come back, go to Jeff.
Stay tuned, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We don't need no education.
Teacher, get your stinking hands off my kid!
It's we don't need any, I believe.
You see what happens when you go to public school, folks?
What can we do?
What can one person do...
This is what we always get asked, what can I do?
I can't do anything, I'm just one person.
Look, George Washington was one person, Thomas Jefferson was one person, Alex Jones was one person, Alex, I found him, we interviewed him, oh well, now about four and a half years ago, woke me up, I've been on a...
Life's mission to help wake others up.
We've eventually helped wake up hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
I'm one person.
Glenn Spencer is going to join us in the next hour.
One person.
Sully Castile, who stood up against this entire government, against the DEA.
He's one person.
And Jeff in Illinois is one person.
Are you ready to rumble?
Jeff in Illinois, thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Let's get it on.
Yeah, Jack, I just wanted to make a couple of comments.
I think you guys are doing a great job.
And I've got to say something to all the listeners.
I mean, wake up, America.
If America doesn't wake up, everybody can just say goodbye, Constitution.
Let me tell you something, Jack.
We have been bushwhacked by President Bush and the slumlords of the Bush administration and the banana Republicans.
Let me tell you something.
The scandal-ridden Republicans
The fraud plague agencies and the Bush administration, the corny capitalists or the old boys network are saying business as usual.
Let me tell you something, Jack.
Several talk radio hosts, the bloggers, federal whistleblowers have been instrumental in exposure of the 9-11 cover-up.
This is completely
Well, this is what they say, Jeff.
If 9-11 was some kind of an inside job or a conspiracy, there would be people out there talking about it.
There would be people blowing the whistle.
Well, aren't you paying attention?
Because people are blowing the whistle all over the place, one after the other, day after day.
We've got the evidence.
Now it's time to take it to them.
But I love that.
Banana Republicans.
Exactly, Jeff.
The evidence is staggering.
These are treasonous acts.
I mean, you have...
Federal whistleblowers, John P. O'Neill, several others.
You have the 9-11 passenger list that showed no terrorists were on any four of these airplane flights.
You have CIA insider trading.
You have the Bush-Rico lawsuit.
And the list goes on and on and on.
And these are, again, treasonous acts.
But just to show, Jeff, that we're not a bunch of raging liberals here.
I mean, when Clinton was in office, we were talking about World Trade Center 1993 being FBI sting.
We were talking about Oklahoma City being a giant setup and also an inside job.
If you think that Bushes, Clintons, Clintons and Bushes, Bushes and Clintons are going to save you, obviously, you have missed the boat.
You have misunderstood the message.
The message is, none of these skull and bones, CFR, Rhodes Scholar, Bilderberg presidents are going to do anything to save you.
You've got to save yourself.
Make the government fear you.
Don't fear the government.
That's right, Jack, and I think that, you know, you made an excellent point earlier when, in fact, the FBI, even on their own website, states that there's no evidence whatsoever.
Well, I'm not supposed to heavily plug my show, but I have to tell you, since this keeps coming up on today's program, that we're doing an entire show on this issue, and I've got a number of key players, including the FBI themselves, who have been invited to come on and try to represent themselves and explain, because they have some explaining to do, so we're going to do that at 2 o'clock today, central time.
Yeah, it's absolutely absurd.
I mean, here's the fact.
All these Red Staters, Stepford Republicans, group thinkers out there still believe that Osama bin Laden did 9-11 when there's no evidence to prove it!
Well, exactly, Jack.
I was flipping 50 channels the other day, and I happened to be passing through CNN, and Anderson Cooper did a little section on 9-11.
Anderson Vanderbilt.
Let's get his name straight.
Yeah, exactly.
Go ahead.
And the first thing I noticed of what he said was,
He said, Ben Rodden, who was behind the 9-11 attacks, and, you know, I listened to the story, and, you know, I called Jim Wathen, who's the president or CEO of CNN, and I left a message on his voicemail, and I told him, I said, you know, exactly what you said, Jack.
I said, you can go to the FBI website, call Robert Mueller himself, and even, there's no evidence Lincoln, Ben Rodden, even though he's a terrorist,
There's no evidence linking him to the 9-11 attack.
As Tim Russert says, there's a nexus, okay?
So we've gone to war.
We're spending trillions of dollars sacrificing tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands of lives for a nexus, all right?
But we knew that since the beginning.
Hey, thanks for the call, Jeff, man.
Keep the faith.
I appreciate it.
Let's go to Quasimodo in Texas.
Quasi, you're on the Alex Jones Show today.
Good afternoon, Jack.
Good afternoon.
Hey, man, you were up late last night and up early this morning.
How are you holding out?
You know what?
There is no, well, I was going to say there's no rest for the wicked, but there's no rest for us truth seekers.
I can't stand to sleep because all I do is lay in bed and think about what more I can do.
So I just get up and do it.
I'm there with you, brother.
Hey, listen, Alex is off to L.A.
You're going to L.A.
Homegrown, that is my wife and I, we're going to L.A.
I'd like to put out a call to everybody listening.
During this convention and right directly after this convention, we need to watch our mainstream media.
If they're not covering the convention, get on the horn, ask them why.
Are you reading my script here, Quasimodo?
Because I was just about to put out a need for major info drive-bys.
Do we know what an info drive-by is?
That means we dump information, we pound the target of the info drive-by,
And our target right now is C-SPAN, Quasi.
Now, in the Chicago convention, C-SPAN took a call on their morning Washington Bureau program, and one of the listeners got through and said, hey, why didn't you cover that Chicago 9-11 conference?
This was great.
This is all hardcore evidence, major speakers quoting history.
You had an obligation to cover that.
Why didn't you cover that?
And what did they say, Quasi?
They said, well, we didn't know about it.
That's right.
We had no idea it was happening.
So, what we've done here at InfoWars, Kevin Smith and others have been faxing them information, sending them all the notices for the LA 9-11 Truth Convention.
They now know about it.
We need to get everybody pounding C-SPAN.
We need to demand that they come down and cover this or just get off the air.
Yeah, don't ask them why they're not.
Demand that they do.
And if they are and they're spinning it, then let them know that we see through your lies.
We see through the spin.
We know who you are and what you're up to, and we demand that you stop it.
Give it fair coverage.
You write C-SPAN.
You tell them all of the esteemed authors, experts, former administration officials, former members of government, former CIA analysts who will be there presenting information showing that 9-11 was an inside job, and this is, again, the best conference of evidence that has ever come together.
They have a responsibility to cover that for the people, or as I say, just move on over and get off the air.
Anything else, Quasi?
Love you, Jack.
See you in L.A., man.
Keep the faith, brother.
We'll see you in L.A.
We'll see everybody in L.A.
Let's go to Wyatt in Maryland.
Wyatt, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, how you doing, Jack?
All right, I'm hanging in there, man.
Good, good.
I'm getting some feedback.
Anyway, listen, I started a new job when I traveled around the country, and I was up in New York above Manhattan, probably about 50 miles.
We did this big...
Event for CEO of Airstream Trailers.
Anyway, I met some very interesting people, and this one guy who's a firefighter at a small company in New York was telling me, I geared the conversation to 9-11 after talking about other things, and I said to him, you know, I was quizzing him, what do you believe?
What do you know?
So he went on and he said, well, you know,
We've got a whole bunch of equipment from the feds and all kind of money.
And he says, we've got stuff we don't even need, but it's like $40,000 per man plus some kind of big vehicle they don't even know how to use.
It was amazing.
Anyway, I got him onto this 9-11, and of course he believed that it was Osama bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan, and he was the guy that did all this.
So I didn't concentrate on the Twin Towers.
I concentrated on the Pentagon and a lack of evidence.
And after I got done presenting my case, it completely changed his mind.
And I said, well, listen, you know that the Pentagon was considered part of the entire terrorist plot.
So he really started to say, you know what?
Started to see the light.
Yeah, he started to see the light.
And he was going, God, he says, you know...
You're right.
Oh, Wyatt, the truth is contagious, isn't it?
It sure is.
I mean, the fact of the matter is, we don't have to convince everybody of every aspect of 9-11.
All we've got to do is, again, I like to put this in the context of a sale.
You've got a prospect.
All you need to do is go to the next step with your process while you're qualifying him, and that is...
Get him to start looking at the information.
So whatever you've got to say to open up that little sleepy mind of his or hers to get them in front of the information so that they can start checking things for themselves is exactly what you want to do for the first step.
And then after that, they'll be sharing theories and analysis with you and turning you on to information.
I mean, there's a lot of very... You know how New York is.
I mean, that's where all the money is.
That's where all the wealth, so much wealth is there.
He was telling me that, oh yeah, I did a job with George Soros.
And I said, oh really?
I said, you're the globalist.
I want to know about it a little bit.
He said, oh man, he threw one big shindig.
And he was telling me all the different aspects of George Soros, his grounds and his property.
And we were only about two or three miles away from there.
I could care less about George Soros or even seeing where he lives.
Now, was that one of those Stanley Kubrick shindigs that he threw that was in the Tom Cruise movie where they wear the cloaks and they have all the sex slaves and everything and you have to have a private invitation to where they kill you?
Oh, maybe George Soros, but because where I was, it was just a 40th birthday party, but it was very elaborate and a lot of money spent and so on and so forth.
George Soros, he was saying how they had the pool, he had a huge pool covered with Lexan, supported by aluminum beams underneath, and he had women dressed up in...
As mermaids swimming all around for his party.
Isn't that great?
Well, I'm glad they're having fun as they're destroying our country and locking us into a regional and global government.
Hey, thanks for the call, Wyatt.
One other thing, quick.
I just got finished Webster Carpley's book, 9-1-1, Synthetic Terror.
It's excellent.
One of the best books out there.
You can get that at Infowars.com.
Yeah, that's a great book, and Webster does a fantastic job.
Hey, thanks, Wyatt, for the call.
Always good to hear from you.
Let's go to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Isn't that wonderful that they're throwing shindigs?
Hey, you guys that are going to those shindigs.
Here pretty soon is going to be murder.
Guess what?
They're going to kill at those shindigs, and you'll be the guest to honor.
They're going to kill all of you.
Yeah, folks, look.
You might as well put the apple in your mouth right now.
Start basting yourself for the coming George Soros party as they dance on the heads of freedom.
I wanted to ask you if you could please... Man, that's disgusting.
That's sick.
A minute ago, you were talking about all the money.
I heard last night, listening to another...
Well-versed man.
There's $7 trillion unaccounted for since the beginning of this world.
Trillions a year just vanish and go missing from the Pentagon.
Just to put that in perspective, a trillion dollars is $1,000 a second since Jesus was born.
That's right.
I've heard that analysis before.
Can you repeat that?
Let's make sure people understand what a trillion dollars is.
A trillion dollars is $1,000 a second since Jesus was born.
That's a lot of ones and zeros, if you know what I mean.
It really is.
I was wondering if I could pick your brain a little bit.
I know precious little about the trans-Texas corridor, and I was hoping you could explain it to me.
Well, we're going to be talking about that with Glenn Spencer.
Actually, we've done a lot of investigating into this, and this has a lot to do with eminent domain.
In fact, I'm looking right now at the 2006 Texas Republican Party platform, and I don't want to...
Have you voting for the Texas Republicans, certainly, but they have come out against the trans-Texas corridor and eminent domain because they're pandering for your vote.
Now, once they get in, certainly they will go on business as usual, but basically, this will link Mexico to Canada to bring international commerce through, unchecked, by the way, through these United States.
They are grabbing up your land as they're doing it.
Most of this is funded and owned by banks in Spain.
When we had a whistleblower come to us and say, hmm,
This is the big dig down in Texas, running through America right now, because they're building this thing to literally fall apart so they can keep raping and pillaging your tax money for the next 30, 40 years, maintaining this trans-Texas corridor.
It will also be used as a giant military shuffle so they can move giant tanks and armory through the United States unmolested.
I mean, this is just the tip of the iceberg on this.
Of course, if you live here in Texas where they've begun this monstrosity, you will be gouged in tax times ten just to be able to get on the freeway and go to work.
I mean, there won't be... Talk about disposable income.
They're creating a consumer class.
I've got to wonder here, Jason, where are we supposed to get the money to buy the trinkets at Walmart after they get done with us?
Well, we're all going to be dead, so that's not going to matter.
You know, because in ten years, we'll be happy just to have, you know, some fluoride water and some mushy gruel to eat and a tin roof over our head.
We'll be counting our blessings.
When we look back in history and we see how much the middle class had, how much we had, how little we really had to do for it, and what we have to do now just to try to keep up, we can really get a glimpse into the future, Jason.
I think that if we look down in Georgia at the Georgia Guidestones, we begin to understand that we really don't have to worry about the future.
That's right.
It's all taken care of.
I've been there, and the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones is, of course, getting rid of 95% of the world's population.
Jack, would you allow me to correct myself?
A moment ago, I used the popular version of the name of the Messiah because no one would recognize it.
You got it, buddy.
Thanks for the call.
Keep the faith.
Let's go to David in Texas.
David, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
How are you?
Very good.
Thanks for taking my call.
No, actually, I lie when I say that.
I'm terrible.
I'm losing my country.
I don't know if I'll be able to pass along anything left to my children.
So the answer to the question is, I'm not doing very good at all.
But thanks for asking.
I feel the same way.
I understand.
There's two things that I wanted to mention.
The first is, you had talked earlier about our founding fathers.
And one of the things that I've been passionate about my whole life is history and understanding history.
My understanding of what the founding fathers said is not that we have, that we should, or that we have a right to rise up, but that it's our duty.
It's our duty.
It is our duty as free people to rise up when we sense that we are... Particularly against the central banks, which have their bony, skeletal fingers around our throats.
There's a great series of letters that are in the National Archive between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
In which they say, if we allow the Bank of the United States, the great-grandfather of the Fed, the IMF, to take hold, everything that we fought for in the Revolution is lost.
Well, they also said you'll wake up and you won't have any property or any land or you won't own anything.
But let's remember about Adams.
I mean, this is the problem.
And this proves absolute power corrupts absolutely because Adams was a statesman.
Once he became president, what did we get?
The Sedition Act.
Even Jefferson slipped.
Let's just call a spade a spade, okay?
Even Washington slipped with the Whiskey Rebellion when he became president.
We can't trust any president.
Even the founding fathers, who knew we couldn't trust any president, couldn't be trusted.
I understand.
I agree.
But I like what Alex has to say about the $12 theory.
If enough people in this country rose up, we could take the country back in $12.
I love it.
We'll be right back, folks, after this.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
And it burns, burns, burns.
Twelve hours.
The clock starts now.
We can take back our guns.
I like that.
If we all stood up, it'd take twelve hours.
I wonder if there's a possibility that we'll ever have a revolution that doesn't have the bankers and the New World Order behind it, because every revolution so far has been exactly that.
I guess with one exception, we can debate this, we can argue about it, and that would be the American Revolution.
I want to just take a quick second for... Let me try this again.
I want to take just a second for Glenn Spencer...
Joins us from AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
Glenn's been out patrolling the borders for you.
He's got a lot of information to share with you about regional government, the Pan-American Union.
He'll be joining us here in the second hour.
But I want to take just a second to thank all the sponsors of this program, to thank all you callers, to thank the brave, brave affiliates.
This is how we're getting it done.
And we've got to remember to be examples.
That's the key here, folks.
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It's three films in one.
A blazing spotlight piercing through the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
And it exposes 9-11.
It exposes Oklahoma City.
It exposes the 93 World Trade Center.
It exposes the Bush connections to the Nazis.
It exposes world government, which has now, of course, been confirmed through mainstream media sources.
This is an excellent film.
And I've actually got to tell you, folks, I've seen the previews for the new film, Terror Storm, part of which is going to debut at this L.A.
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And you haven't seen nothing yet.
This is easily Alex's best film.
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We'll be right back with Glenn Spencer.
Right after this, folks, about 70 seconds.
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I'm Jack Blood.
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Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, deep behind enemy lines.
Broadcasting from the InfoWars studio, I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today, tomorrow, and the next day, of course, Alex is getting set for his big Super Bowl of all 9-11 conferences taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, and I sure hope you folks who have got your tickets are going to be there.
You're not going to want to miss this, but I'm really looking forward to meeting everybody out there, and very proud and very honored to sit in for Alex Jones for the next couple of days.
Of course, my show airs right after Alex's every day, right on this very network.
My website, jackblood.com.
We're about to have Glenn Spencer up from AmericanBorderControl.com.
Somebody called in earlier, asked about the NAFTA Superhighway.
And this is some editorial from Jerome Corsi about the NAFTA Highway.
Now he's on board.
Finally, we're starting to get people to listen to us.
Quietly but systematically, the Bush administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA superhighway four football fields wide through the heart of the United States along Interstate 35 from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minnesota.
Once complete, the new road will allow containers from the Far East to enter the United States through the Mexican port of Larrazo Cardenas, bypassing the Longshoremen's Union in the process.
The Mexican trucks, without involvement of the Teamsters Union, will drive on what will be the nation's most modern highway straight into the heart of America.
The Mexican trucks will cross the border in fast lanes, checked only electronically by the new Sentry system.
The first customs stop will be a Mexican customs office in, you guessed it, Kansas City.
Their new SmartPort complex, a facility being built for Mexico, costs at least $3 million to the U.S.
taxpayers in Kansas City.
As incredible as the plan seems, the first trans-Texas corridor segment of the NAFTA superhighway is ready to begin construction.
Actually, under construction.
Various U.S.
government agencies, dozens of state agencies, scores of private NGOs, non-governmental organizations have been working behind the scenes to create the NAFTA superhighway, despite the lack of comment on the plan by your own very presidential Bush.
The American public is largely asleep to this key piece of the coming North American Union that government planners in the new trilateral regions of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are about to drive into reality.
Joining us now to comment on this and other issues as it pertains to the coming American Union are problems at the border is none other than Glenn Spencer of AmericanPatrol.com, AmericanBorderControl.com.
Glenn, good to have you on the show.
Well, thank you very much.
It's an incredible story, isn't it?
It sure is.
Well, what's incredible about it is how many years we've been talking about this, Glenn.
Finally, it seems some people in the mainstream media, or lamestream media as I call it, are starting to take this seriously, the loss of our sovereignty.
Well, we first coined the phrase cocaine corridor about 11 years ago when we first heard about this.
And actually, we've been tracking it for a number of years.
I had thought that they had dropped the idea because I hadn't seen any reports.
Well, you just beat right to the chase, don't you, Glenn?
Cocaine corridor, because you know what?
When we're talking about the war on terror, when we're talking about the security state, when we're talking about breaking down borders, building the NAFTA superhighway, you better believe it's about drugs.
Oh, there's no question about it.
You're hooking up America to the most corrupt, drug-ridden country on the planet, and they want to speed up
The process of La Reconquista, the invasion of the United States from south of the border.
That's what this is all about.
Well, it must be nice.
Information requests are put in to expose Mr. Bush's plan to dissolve the borders of the United States.
This is what this is all about.
It must be nice to destroy your own country with corruption and then just go move into another country when you've completely devastated your original country.
It must be nice to be able to do that.
Here we are trying to defend ourselves and our families and our way of life against this very issue.
Glenn Spencer will be coming back with us, talk about some of the personal experiences he's had on this border, why we need to stand up for a secure border and to stop corruption.
This regional government.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Stay tuned.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have Glenn Spencer sitting in with us today for the next hour.
We're going to go to some of your calls here in just a bit.
Glenn Spencer's website, AmericanBorderPatrol.com, AmericanPatrol.com, and Glenn has been very active in taking matters into his own hands, doing the work that our government won't do, okay?
We hear the Mexicans are supposed to come here, the illegal aliens are coming here to do the work that Americans don't want to do.
Well, Glenn Spencer and those like him are doing the work that our government won't do, our federal or state government won't do.
Glenn, for people who haven't heard you before, I've heard you on the air many times, give people a synopsis of what you've been doing, what you're all about.
Well, almost 15 years ago, I took early retirement to throw myself into this illegal immigration issue.
There were a number of reasons for it.
One, it crept up on me.
I saw it going on in California.
I began doing research.
I began putting out a newsletter.
The more I learned about it, the
Uglier the picture became, and I was just compelled to stay with it.
I worked in California for about 11 years fighting this problem.
It only got worse.
Four years ago, I decided to come right down here to the front lines, saying that a good general picks his battlefield, and I believe this is the best battlefield we have right now.
It's right on the border.
I started American Border Patrol.
It was dedicated to bringing...
The story of the border to the American people.
And I got my lead from a gal by the name of Muriel Watson, who in 1989 started her Light Up the Border project down in San Diego, where one night she and 24 friends took their cars down to the border and turned on their lights, and you could see people scurrying.
And a year later, they had 1,500 cars lined up, lighting up the border.
Now, that's what led to the fence in San Diego.
And I went down and talked to Muriel,
And I said, you lit up the border.
You brought the focus on the border right here, and now you have this very successful barrier.
I said, maybe we could use the Internet to light up the border all along the border.
That was almost seven years ago.
And she said, that's a good idea.
And that's why I came down to Arizona.
We began using technology, UAVs, ground sensors, et cetera, to bring the story forward.
To the American people via the Internet and via AmericanBorderPatrol.com, and we continue that today.
And the fact of the matter is, this works.
I mean, the fences don't really work.
You can climb over them.
You can dig under them.
You can cut through them.
I mean, you've got to have a force, a presence there that generally makes them go around it.
Well, you have to have both.
That fence in San Diego, with the Border Patrol people there, with the technology there,
Has cut illegal immigration for that 14-mile segment by 95%.
My point is the fence alone doesn't work.
Not alone.
No, you cannot have it because they'll just blow it up.
But it does stop them.
It slows them down to the point where you can get in and make your apprehensions.
But you've got to have that barrier, that physical barrier, because it's proven to work.
You've also done a lot of work, to my knowledge, about testing the security of the border.
I mean, here we are, living in this police state, this security industrial complex here, and it's always, well, you know, it's 9-11, everything's changed since 9-11.
Well, nothing's changed on the border since 9-11, has it?
Well, a couple of years ago, after listening to Representative Culberson on the radio, he's a representative from Texas,
I say that the Al-Qaeda had already come across the border and established a presence along the border.
I used that as an opening to do what we'd wanted to do for a long time.
I had my two guys, who are just terrific.
I asked them, I said, can you build a simulated weapon of mass destruction, like a nuclear suitcase bomb?
They said, sure.
And I said, can you sneak it into Mexico and then bring it back up, sneak it past the Border Patrol...
And then videotaped the whole thing, and they said, sure.
So they built a simulated suitcase nuclear weapon with the nuclear symbols and chemical and biological symbols on it, very large.
They then put it in a large backpack, went into Mexico, then turned around and with a night vision camera taped and narrated their whole trip up past the Border Patrol, up the San Pedro River,
Up and into Tucson, Arizona, and right up to the front door of the federal building in Tucson.
And we taped it.
I put it online, streaming video.
And Ignacio Ibarra, a reporter in Tucson, called me.
He said, Spencer, did you really do that?
He saw that.
And he knows me.
I'm a man of my word.
And I said, Nacho, you better believe we did it exactly that way.
So he wrote the story that hit the AP wire service.
And so the next day, I had TV crews down here.
Now, the funny thing is, they said, hey, this is broad daylight.
They said, show us what you did.
So we went down during broad daylight with a backpack, stepped over the fence in New Mexico, then we took it all the way up to the highway with them following us.
And they said, well, thank you very much.
We'll go do this story about what you did.
And I said, by the way, we just did it again, didn't we?
Yeah, even after it had been covered, and supposedly at this point, if they were unaware that the border was wide open, you could sneak anything you want over it.
Even after that, you were able to do it yet again.
We did it again the next week.
I went on television.
I said, we're going to do it again.
We went to the same place.
Now, this isn't some remote area.
This is the main human area.
A smuggling corridor.
The Border Patrol knows it.
The San Pedro River is Highway 101 into the United States.
Everybody knows it.
We went back a week later.
Then when the Minutemen were finished here about a year ago, they said, oh, we've got these new cameras and sensors.
We did it again.
Man, we're in good shape.
We did it again.
Right underneath their noses.
Well, no, because they're spending too much time watching the citizens of Ohio trying to stop crime or sending in National Guard to keep the peace in New Orleans to actually watch the borders.
I mean, this is the essence of hypocrisy.
Well, they were so upset that we would use the San Pedro River at night to smuggle this thing in.
But you know how they stopped it?
They posted it that citizens can't go in there at night anymore.
I'm a terrorist.
I saw a sign.
I turned around.
Is that what you're telling me?
And let's be real here.
Obviously, if there were any Al-Qaeda terrorists who aren't actually employed by the Global Intelligence Services trying to sneak something over the border, they wouldn't have been so obvious as you guys were.
So they would have been even more sneaky and have even a better chance to sneak something.
They can bring it in.
Anything they want can come across that border at any time.
You have to understand.
You know, this begs the question.
We're getting a little off topic.
We're going to go back to the Pan-American Union, which we brought you on to talk about.
But that begs the question, if this is true, if our ports are insecure, if our borders are insecure, why the heck haven't we been hit by any terrorist soft or hard targets in the last five years?
Well, you know, the terrorist...
Conduct warfare in a very unconventional way.
Normally, when you have a war, you have all of your resources out there.
You have your people.
You have to fight because you can't just let them sit there.
That's because when we deployed our troops over into the Middle East four years ago, we had to start the war.
These guys can set their own timetable, right?
And just at the moment when we're least concerned about it, that's when they're going to hit us.
They are going to hit us.
Well, I guess we have to define who they are, and certainly if you've listened to this show enough, you pretty much know where we're coming from on that one.
It's amazing to think, with these open borders and open ports, before 9-11, our intelligence services, our police services, were completely incompetent, and 9-11 happened, and by 9-12, they were so competent that nothing has ever happened.
Not one rogue or stray terrorist has been able to hit...
I have an idea also that the other side is just... We see this.
I live on the border.
I can see how open it is.
That they're not serious about it.
You know, they were supposed to send a National Guard down here.
Remember that?
There's no National Guard down here.
Yeah, that was a big story.
What was that, about two months ago?
Yeah, June 1st.
6,000 National Guard men?
June 1st.
And what happened?
June 1st, we're going to send 6,000 National Guard to the border June 1st.
And what happened?
They're not here.
We have an airplane.
It's a TU-206.
It's equipped to monitor.
We fly the border.
We're flying the border this morning all the way over to New Mexico line.
We inspected the whole thing.
There's no National Guard there.
We went over to California.
We inspected the entire Arizona-Mexico border from the air.
We're just not amateurs.
We know what to look for.
We know what's out of place.
We know when the military is there.
We know what's there usually and what isn't.
They're not there.
Speaking of amateurs, our governor here in Texas has put together a plan to put Internet surveillance cameras on the border.
What would be wrong with that plan in your eyes?
Hey, listen.
If you read the El Paso Times when that story first broke, they gave us credit for coming up with the idea last year.
Why is it that I trust you and myself and my listeners to watch those cameras and not my government?
Well, you know, I think the governor was a little sloppy in his introduction of that concept.
I would not turn this over to the general public.
I would have people screened to look at these things.
And one of the reasons you have them screened
Is it that if they see, if anybody can see where these people are, there are banditos who will come down and rob and rape and murder these people.
So you just can't have that on the, you know, these people, they should call us.
We know what we're doing.
You know what I mean?
Well, I mean, you guys are the professionals.
You guys are the professionals.
You have all the experience.
That's correct.
You know, yeah, we're... And here's the problem.
I mean, when we look at the first defense of our border, it's the Border Patrol agents.
We can give them technology.
We can give them anything we want.
But they are allegedly the first defense.
And the corruption involved, the payoffs and bribes and extortion and corruption of these border security guards just is boggling to my mind.
We're saying that.
You know, the Border Patrol supervisors that I've talked to, they do have what they call dirty agents.
And the good ones, no one listens to them.
Glenn, I mean, we know that.
More with Glenn Spencer right after this, folks.
We'll come right back.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be right back after this.
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Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Alex is setting up his giant 9-11 conference in Los Angeles.
Hope to see everybody there.
Glenn Spencer is with us from AmericanBorderPatrol.com AmericanPatrol.com where you can take a look at what's going on on the border for yourself.
Glenn, you're a great American, and we just wish we had more people like you.
One of the things you saw from the very beginning, something the Patriots have been talking about now for lo the last five, ten years, is regional government as it pertains to this continent, the Pan-American Union,
The American Union, the endgame, the fact that this isn't about the illegal aliens or even the illegal immigrants, any term you like, migrant phenomenon, whatever it's going to be.
This isn't about people doing the jobs that we don't want to do, cleaning our houses or picking our cotton.
This is about something much bigger, the consolidation of power.
If you could speak to that for us.
Well, that is correct.
It's called regionalism.
It's called globalism.
I have said for years the United States is being sacrificed on the altar of globalism.
Recently, Congressman Tancredo has demanded that the Bush administration fully disclose this new trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that could lead to a North American Union.
With no authorization from Congress, no discussion, they are planning to dissolve the United States of America.
In fact, right now, Jerry Corsi, who I'm sure you're aware of, is putting together FOIA requests to expose the plans for the North American Union.
Bush super state documents are sought.
You can get that story at prisonplanet.com.
What do you think's in these super state documents?
Well, basically it is the development of a common security perimeter beginning at the Mexico southern border and
Canada's northern border, which is the North Pole, and to meld the three nations into a common market, working through the North American Free Trade Agreement mechanism, which, of course, was a disaster, which, of course, was designed, and they promised that it would end illegal immigration.
They now tout that what Mexico is our second or third largest trading partner.
What a crock!
We don't trade with Mexico.
We trade with ourselves.
We send parts down to Mexico where they are put together into complete units and shipped back here.
Mexico provides less than 2% other than labor of the products that go into NAFTA into this trade.
It is called an entrepot.
It is a joke.
It is a lie.
I have proposed
But far from being, building a highway, what we should demand is that all of those plants along the border, those Maquiladoras plants, be picked up and moved to the southern part of Mexico where the people and natural resources are.
That no product should come into the United States by truck.
It should all come in by ship.
Is it fair to say that if President Bush would have told the American people that he was going to consolidate power, create a North American Union, he would not have carried a single red state?
Do you believe that?
Oh, absolutely.
How are they going to get away with this?
Because the backlash is building against this move by the Senate, which was essentially paving the way for this effort.
This was an effort by the Senate of the United States to underwrite the dissolution of the United States.
That's what they tried to do.
Yeah, do you believe that then this is just a beta test to see how we're going to react to this, that in a sense they want us to know about this to see how we're going to react so that they can start putting their spin cycle together in order to get us on board here?
Well, you know, they have been so successful for the past 20 years in pulling this off.
I think they were guilty of a little overconfidence.
And I believe they, especially Senator Specter, thought they could pull this off.
And they didn't.
And now the backlash is building.
And now the political consequences in the People's House of Representatives are building.
And we saw it in California.
We're going to see it in Idaho.
Then here's the next question.
If you don't think this is going to go through, and I'd like to believe you, though, I didn't think CAFTA would go through until I saw them rig that vote, and that's exactly what they needed to set this American Union up.
Of course, they needed the FTAA to set up the Pan-American Union, which is certainly going to be the next step encompassing the entire hemisphere here.
But if you don't think they can get away with it, what do you think?
Let's just go ahead and use some hypotheticals here, Glenn.
What do you think that they're going to need in order to sell this to the people?
I mean, now do we need a terrorist event?
What are we going to need?
I'm going to ask you that when we come back.
Glenn Spencer with us, AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
We're also going to go to your calls right after we come back from this commercial break.
This is the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
Stay tuned.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, some of what we want to know about these super-state quote-unquote documents...
The FOIA requests are being put forward right now is the partnership, the membership list.
Constitutional... Sorry.
Forget it.
Documents, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, meeting schedules, as well as findings, reports, presentations, or memorandums.
In other words, who are the working groups, the task force associated with this partnership with internal, external, interagency, intra-agency memorandums to put this together, this Pan-American Union, this American Union, this regional government?
All of this, again, being done at the executive branch below the radar, like so much is being done by Bush today, which is exactly why, don't impeach him, censor him.
Probably censor all presidents if they can't write these executive orders and do all of this right under our noses without the authorization of the people of Congress.
Glenn Spencer is with us today, AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
Glenn, before I went to break, and I want to get to some of these calls here, before I went to break, I asked you, hypothetically, what's it going to take?
Does the economy have to crash?
Do we have to have another terrorist incident?
What's it going to take for Bush to get this through to the red states and to the rest of us?
Well, what they'll do is what they have been doing in the past.
They will throw in the towel on the amnesty thing.
They will continue this border sham.
They will continue to allow people to flood north.
To the point where it just is irreversible.
They will wait another three to four years, and then they will try it again, and this time they will say, there's nothing we can do if it's a fait accompli.
That's what they're going to do.
I can go into great detail on how this has been done in the past years, and the fact that Bush had been in office only one week, six years ago, when I pointed out that he was an open borders advocate.
He was pushing the same agenda that the Clinton administration was.
Who were pushing the same agenda that Bush Sr.
was pushing, yeah.
And Bush Sr., not so much Bush Sr., but certainly Clinton.
Under Clinton, the Border Patrol and INS was turned over to the Ford Foundation.
And Bush allowed that to continue.
Did I hear you correctly?
The Border Security was turned over to the Ford Foundation?
Oh, absolutely.
The man in charge of policy and planning for the INS...
Robert Bach got his job after spending seven years working for the Ford Foundation.
And, of course, his boss, Doris Meisner, who headed up the INS, is now linked with the Migration Policy Institute and the CFR.
She was on the task force of the CFR that recommended this union and the dissolution of our borders by the year 2010.
She was on that task force.
She ran the Border Patrol and INS under Bill Clinton.
And she was doing that then, and I tried to point out to people that she was a traitor.
I did this 11 years ago, and you can go to my website, you can see, just type in traitor in Meisner, and you'll see that I did this 11 years ago.
I knew what she was up to.
But I thought Brother George Bush would be different.
He's worse.
Well, I mean, this is what they sold.
It's not what we got.
Unfortunately, it's a giant Ponzi scheme that people like you and myself and others saw through immediately.
But again, it's good that the mainstream media is finally starting to recognize this and bringing this to the attention of Americans who want nothing to do with this.
And, well, I guess it's just not the liberals and the Democrats that are against Bush now.
Final question.
I'm going to go right to these calls.
Speaking of the Democrats or the Demopublicans, would they have a better chance pushing this through than the
Well, absolutely, because the Democrats have clearly been open borders advocates and don't mind dissolving the nation.
That has been their agenda.
They are globalists even more so than Republicans.
But yes, it would be easier for a democratically headed government and Congress to push this through.
And their base would sit and watch it all happen.
All right, let's go to the phones.
Try to stay on topic if you can, again, about the coming Orwellian super state, NAFTA highway, border issues.
Paula in Florida, thank you for calling in and holding so long.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Paula, do we have you?
She's sleeping.
Can you hear her?
Turn that up a little bit.
Paula, no soup for you.
Let's go to Tim in Texas.
Tim, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, Jack.
Long time no see.
I want you to put a face with this voice.
I met you at the last place you were working at about a year and a half ago.
I came out and did some recording of some songs.
Do you remember?
Okay, I do.
I was the one that came out there, and I'm always the one screaming about Agenda 21.
At least you're not snoring.
No, I'm not snoring.
That's what I was laughing about.
Well, hey, Agenda 21 fits nicely into this conversation.
But, Tim, what did you want to talk to Glenn about?
I would really like to make a couple of statements, and then I would like to get Glenn's... Since he's the border guy, that's what I call him.
I call him the border guy.
I'd like to get his take on this, and...
Chapter 26 of Agenda 21, the name of the chapter is Recognizing and Strengthening the Role of Indigenous People and Their Communities.
We all know that the Mexicans consider the southern United States their indigenous land.
They know that already.
In part of this chapter it says, Indigenous people and their communities shall enjoy the full measure of human rights and fundamental freedoms without hindrance or discrimination.
That's in chapter 26.1.
Chapter 26.3, subsection 7b.
Establishment of arrangements to strengthen the active participation of indigenous people and their communities in the national formation of policies, laws, and programs relating to resource management and other development processes that may affect them.
In other words, we are bound by this and the Human Rights Treaty that Bill Clinton signed on December 10, 1998 to we are bound by these treaties
Is that true, Glenn, to the best of your knowledge?
You know, it went a little fast.
I was listening.
As far as a treaty is concerned, of course we're bound by a treaty.
What treaty are we talking about?
We're talking about the human rights treaties.
That the United Nations Human Rights Treaties, which Executive Order 13107... Basically what Tim is saying, through the United Nations, through these human rights treaties, that the Mexicans or anybody that comes over the border, indigenous people is the key phrase here, have full rights to just go anywhere they want.
This is their homeland.
Is that basically what you're getting at?
We still have a court of law in the United States, and I don't think that's ever been tested.
Clearly we are enforcing our borders.
Clearly we...
If that were the case, you'd have people with the Southern Poverty Law Center, MALDEF, and the National Council of La Raza challenging these apprehensions, and they're not doing it.
Yeah, I think that's actually a good point.
But, Tim, we'll look into that.
Hey, man, thanks for the call.
You keep the faith.
Let's go to Chad in Iowa.
Chad, wake up.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
I didn't really have anything on topic.
You got your radio on, Chad?
No, I do have an FM radio antenna in my backyard, though.
I was just kind of curious if you've heard anything about the Bill Gates money giveaway, because that kind of really concerned me, and it just kind of made me raise an eyebrow.
Well, we spoke about the Ford Foundation, these tax-free foundations like the Carnegie, the Rockefeller Foundations.
Go ahead and pipe him down for a second.
We'll try to get this out here.
The Gates, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation holds roughly $50 billion.
Their primary goal is to vaccinate the world.
What do you know about this, Glenn?
Well, you know, just as much as anybody else.
I've never seen anything, as far as Bill Gates is concerned, that smacks of a political agenda.
And thank goodness, I was afraid which way he would go.
You know, if he got back this far behind his North American Union, we might as well bend over and kiss it goodbye.
Well, I mean, it depends on how you classify something political.
I mean, he is working with the communist Chinese to censor people's Internet and write programs to do the very same thing here in this country, as if he has the monopoly on our home computers.
Call that political.
Don't call it political.
Actually, I think the vaccination thing is probably much worse than some of the technological... Well, he doesn't have a monopoly on me because I'm a Macintosh man.
Just wait.
That'll be next week, okay?
Hey, Chad, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Mike in Texas.
Mike, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, man.
Y'all's show is unbelievable, and I've been listening constantly, but I had a quick question.
It is a little off the topic, but I'm going to make it quick.
The net neutrality issue, it's coming up for vote.
And I want to know how you guys felt about it and how it relates to the whole master plan because clearly it's going to limit traffic and censor certain elements.
Yeah, I don't mind warning...
Byron Dorgan, we're going to take this to him.
He's talking about S-2917, that is the Net Neutrality Act, also known as the COPE Act.
And Glenn, if you're not aware of this, this could really affect you, because it's going to price out anybody that wants to use broadband to do real-time streaming or real-time audio or video on the computer.
That means you might have a problem doing your job.
They're trying to bid it up to the highest bidder to restrict the free flow of information so they can put a price on it and make money off of it.
And if they can't put a price on it, how can they make money?
So that's the whole issue right there.
If they price people out of this, obviously it's going to have dire consequences to the information war.
Look, people, if you're interested in this, and you better be, go to SaveTheInternet.com.
They make it really easy for you.
They've got a form that's already filled out.
They'll tell you who your senators are.
At least do that.
At least sign their petition.
They've got at least a million or more people now joining the crusade to, God forbid, try to stop the Senate from passing this bill.
You can take it one step farther and go right at your local senators, especially the ones, we won't mention their names today, but running for president.
I think they need to help us with this as well.
But this is a dire circumstance, and I'm glad you brought it up.
Again, SaveTheInternet.com to get more information about that.
The bill is S-2917.
We must, we must stop this so that we can all do our jobs here and keep the information rolling.
Let's go to James in Maryland.
James, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
I was calling to say that I believe that everybody who's looking at this situation, I mean the big picture, like we can beat it.
I don't believe that we can.
I believe that we've turned away from the Father and that we're going to reap what we've sowed.
I think it's already over.
Okay, well, let's just give up and go have some fun.
What am I even bothering to do this for?
I'm not saying to give up.
I'm saying all of this information that I've gotten from Alex Jones and yourself is telling me to repent.
If we were to repent, it would be a great...
A lot stronger thing than anything that we could do politically.
Well, I know I can speak for Alex.
He has repented, yet we're still seeing more police state actions and more regional government coming into play.
And I appreciate the call, and we like everybody's opinions here.
That's what's great about this show.
No screening of the calls.
We put everybody on the air.
We get everybody's two cents worth.
Glenn, I mean, is repenting going to help us?
Well, I don't know about repenting, but we do know
That if you go out and vote, as the people did in the campaign that elected Brian Bilbray to the Congress, that's one thing that these people in Washington understand.
And if we can unseat Cannon in Utah next week, I think that we'll make the case that we're not, and I think the Bilbray thing already turned it around, we are not going to have amnesty.
We're good to go.
I think?
We can report to you what's going on.
How do you support yourself doing all of this, Glenn?
Well, we had a fundraising campaign going with a conservative group in Washington, D.C.
for almost four years, and it's beginning to pay off.
So we're beginning to build up a base of people who are supporting us.
Now, I put a little money into it, and I had some other resources that I put in.
I actually had to buy the airplane and lease it to American Border Patrol, but I did that.
It would be nice if the protection money we're paying to the government in the form of our IRS checks would actually go to funding a real-time operation like yours that actually works.
We're the only organization that went and flew the entire Arizona-Mexico border and reported after the AP reported that the National Guard was there.
We kept them honest.
We came back and said, that's nonsense.
So they came out and said, yes, you're right.
They're not there.
So we're going to report to you what's going on.
And it's very important.
When you bring up Bilbrey, who won that precedent-setting election in California just a few weeks ago, I mean, this is the thing.
I mean, here's what Bush tells us.
He cares about the country.
He wants to protect us.
He wants to lock down the border.
Six years later, it's gotten worse, not better.
I mean, is Bilbrey using a buzzword here to try to steal votes from the Democrats, or does he authentically, because I've heard the guy's pretty corrupt, to be honest with you,
Is he authentically going to stand up to this amnesty program and to this super state?
I don't think he has any choice now.
Oh, I like that.
He was elected to Congress on that basis.
I like that.
When they run on immigration, when they run on border security, you have a better chance to hold their feet to the fire.
That's correct.
But this is playing right into the hands of a sweep here in the midterm elections, I've got to tell you.
Hey, let's face it.
Roe ain't stupid, okay?
He might be a lot of things, but Turd Blossom is not stupid.
Let's go to Richard in Texas.
Richard, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show with Glenn Spencer.
Hey, how's it going?
Jack Glenn.
Hey, about the North American Union and the United Nations and the European Union.
I watched this Christian movie the other day.
It mentioned how the CFR and the UN are like drafting plans to divide the world up into like ten sections.
North American Union being the one, South American Union... Yeah, I've heard it's four, actually, and this is the fourth one we're talking about today.
Go ahead.
But he's saying that...
Yeah, that's supposedly in the Bible, too, and then with the European Union being the revival of the Roman Empire.
I don't know.
I mean, I don't know how we can defeat this.
I mean, it comes down to defending our country and defending our land and our freedoms.
I think they're going to screw us over.
It doesn't matter if we can or if we can't.
We have to.
We have to try.
In fact, if people now are feeling negative about our chances in defeating this, then I can only say, redouble and triple your efforts.
I mean, the bottom line is here, if we had about another million guys like Glenn Spencer, this wouldn't be a problem.
I'm sorry to say, I'm sorry to throw the responsibility on you, the listeners, and the friends and the people you talk to, but that's just a fact, Glenn.
We've had people like Jim Gilchrist and his Minutemen project.
We've had D.A.
We've had a lot of great Americans join the battle in the last year or two.
And they're really making a difference all across America.
Richard, go out, have a neighborhood meeting in your community, print up some of the information from Glenn's site or from Infowars.com or my website, get yourself well-versed on it, get a video if you need to show and make a presentation, and stand with your neighbors against this.
And I tell you, if we all did that right now, we would see this never having a chance for here to come.
I mean, the people in the European Union right now have recently become nationalists,
It might be too late for them, but even they are holding back the New World Order.
Even they are holding back regional government, a new constitution, and in the sense of England anyway, one currency and one army.
So even they, after it's almost too late, are starting to roll this back.
We've got to keep that in mind.
Glenn, stay with me.
We'll be right back after this.
This is the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, filling in for Alex Jones.
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Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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I think so.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Glenn Spencer with us.
Again, you're going to want to go to his website, AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
He's a great guest on this program or any program.
And Glenn, I've got to say, I was up at the Rumble at the Ranch up in Crawford, Texas.
You came in and out so fast that I didn't get a chance to shake your hand, but I do want to compliment you for being the only one
And I think the people responded.
No, no, I didn't.
They understood what I was saying, as you saw.
All those guys, I talked to them behind the scenes, Gilchrist, they all know about this, but I think that what they're afraid of is, and I hate to use the word afraid, what they're being very careful of is offending Republicans who they consider their biggest supporters.
And that's why we heard a lot of Ann Coulter rah-rah and Michelle Malkin rah-rah at that event.
But you were great, and you really told it like it is, and I think that if there are any more Minutemen rallies, we're going to hear these issues brought up.
And again, that's thanks for you kind of leading the way.
We're just about out of here, and I can maybe get another call in, but I want to make sure you've got everything on the record today, Glenn, that you want to say.
So is there anything we've missed here, anything you think is important?
I think you were saying it right there.
We're talking to some people out there who can make a difference.
And the one thing that I try to tell people is if you were waiting for the real thing, you don't have to wait any longer.
This is not a rehearsal.
This is not a drill.
This is the real thing.
If you were holding back all of your talents and your efforts
For the right time.
This is it.
What do you make of some of the, I guess, all hope is lost attitude by some of the listeners today?
I mean, I'm not trying to pound on the great listeners, but look, I mean, I can't sit back and do nothing, Glenn.
You know, it's hard just to maintain a position of resistance to this thing.
Well, it's tough.
You know, I oftentimes would like to just pack it up and go off and smell the flowers, but
There's something in me that tells me I can't, and that's up to the individual, I guess.
It certainly is, but don't sit around and cry about it once it happens if you didn't do anything to prevent it.
And again, I don't want to be hard on people, or let's just call it what it is.
I do want to be hard on people, Glenn.
I want to slap people around a little bit here and make sure they wake up and know that they can do something.
Like I said, we're looking at the European Union now.
Those people have stood up against the new EU Constitution.
They're fighting like rabid dogs over there to try to fend this thing off.
Too bad they didn't see it coming as we saw it coming again.
I don't know why we have a crystal ball here, Glenn, but we see all this stuff coming.
Unfortunately, it's almost too late for the people of Europe.
We don't want to stand by and wait until they've already put this all together and then have to start rolling it back.
We can still turn this thing around and put our country back together again.
We're at a choice point and I hope that people make the right choice.
Christina, you'll have the final word with Glenn Spencer today.
Thank you for calling and you're on the Alex Jones Show.
I think I do have a good word to tell you.
I'm calling you from the
That's right.
That's where the new customs department is going to be in Kansas City.
It's like the Patriot Act.
Double speak.
And Mr. Gutierrez of KCSmartport.com and the United Missouri Bank, I don't mind saying it, are the ones, okay, that are directly involved in this.
Well, Glenn, can the people... So Kansas City can wake up... Let me ask Glenn real quick before we got to go.
Glenn, what can the people of Kansas City do to stop that action from going in there?
Well, of course, they have zoning capability.
What are they going to do?
They have police power with their...
With the city councils, whatever local government is there, they can intervene, take it to court.
Write me, write Alex, write Glenn Spencer, and we'll try to help you with that.
Glenn, you've been a great guest.
We'll talk to you real soon.
Keep up the good work, buddy.
We'll be right back after this, folks.
Stay tuned.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us today, folks.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show coming your way.
It is the 21st day of June 2006.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today, tomorrow, and the next day as Alex is preparing to run the Super Bowl of all 9-11 conferences.
Not to say that all the other great 9-11 conferences weren't great, didn't have great speakers, didn't really pull in a good audience, didn't really make some headway.
But this is the one, folks.
I've heard there are upwards to 80 news agencies waiting to report on this.
We want to make sure they all get to it.
That's why, again, we have to do those quote-unquote info drive-bys on C-SPAN, NBC, ABC, all of the cable news outlets, and make sure they understand that this is happening, that they have to cover it.
If they don't, we will see that there is a cover-up taking place.
What's wrong with putting together another side of the debate?
Why do we always have to debate about whether the governor wears brown shoes or black shoes?
Or whether Ann Coulter is good for America or bad for America?
Why do we have to always debate whether we need more draconian laws because another child has gone missing?
We know where those children go.
No, let's have some real debates.
Let's have some real debates about 9-11.
We're taking it to them.
You're helping us do that.
That's why we call you Info Warriors, and we're going to need a number of info drive-bys on C-SPAN, particularly C-SPAN, because they have obfuscated on the last 9-11 conference in Chicago.
We want to make sure they're very well aware of this conference and well aware they're going to lose viewers and lose support from an audience that is vastly disappearing if they don't cover this event.
Put Alex Jones on the air.
Put some of the speakers on.
I think we're good to go.
Who was really, I think, educated by 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, or the various police state videos, or by Dark Secrets Inside, Bohemian Grove, The Order of Death, the new film about that, which is just amazing.
There's new footage that maybe some of you haven't seen.
We're good to go.
Full briefing, really.
This is a briefing.
That's really what it is, folks.
This is an intelligence briefing.
It gives you a full briefing on the history of state-sponsored terrorism.
It goes back into 9-11.
It shows that our so-called trusted government officials and their controllers have an endgame plan for you.
We talked about that in the last hour with Glenn Spencer.
That plan is regional, centralized, command-and-control, consolidated government.
Locked into the hands of a few elites who are quote-unquote unrestrained by morals.
That is a direct quote from Between Two Ages by Zbigniew Brzezinski.
The future will be a scientific dictatorship controlled by a few over the many and the elite who have no morals.
Of course, they're selling us gay marriage.
They're selling us all these moral issues.
They have no morals, and we know that.
If they did, they would live by the oath of their country.
That is, to defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic.
Not to be the enemies foreign and domestic.
To get Alex Jones' films, there are multiple specials running, not to mention a huge store and library of books and videos that will really help to get you up to speed if you're a new listener or help keep you in the game if you're a long-time listener.
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We're going to come right back with Celerino Castile III, former DEA agent that exposed the narco-trafficking within our own government in Iran-Contra.
He'll join us right after this.
Stay tuned.
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I don't know.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are live, though I am not Alex Jones.
Never will be.
Jack Blood sitting in with you today.
Thank you so much for tuning in, spreading the word about this program, about Alex's work.
I'll tell you, Alex was very instrumental in waking me up and getting me off my butt so that I could get out and join this fight, and I'm glad I do.
I sleep better at night when I have time to sleep.
And I just feel much better about myself.
Honestly, folks, get in the fight.
But we're going to go to Celica Steele here in just one second.
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Clean, naturally safe for you, safe for the environment, healthy, good soap, helps clean up some of that dirt that we collect from the...
New World Order and having to get down deep into the rabbit hole.
Celerina Castile III is with us.
His book, a great, great book, by the way.
This is on my bookshelf and I refer to this all the time.
In fact, I just recently wrote an article in which I've quoted Celerina Castile talking about the so-called war on drugs, the Afghan heroin and Taliban and what that is involving.
Well, thank you for the invitation.
Where do you want to start?
You know, this is a good segue, because we were just talking about the NAFTA corridor, and Glenn Spencer basically made the point right away that this is going to be a huge drug smuggling device that we can now bring in drugs.
Of course, in Kansas City, it's going to be the first border check at the NAFTA highway.
Certainly, they haven't had any trouble bringing in the cocaine, the heroin, the marijuana, and whatnot from the third world in the past.
This seems to just make it easier for them.
We have more drugs today than we did 5, 10 years, 15, 20 years ago.
So that's got to tell you that something's definitely wrong with the so-called war on drugs.
Not only do we have more cocaine and heroin coming in from Afghanistan, but the main drugs are coming in, the methamphetamine, the ecstasy, and so forth.
So law enforcement has never worked.
And the so-called war on drugs.
And just say no didn't work too well either.
Well, absolutely.
When Nancy Reagan came in, just say no to drugs, man.
We were building what was known as cocaine democracies down in Central America and those third world countries.
So, you know, it never worked.
Give people kind of a rundown, a synopsis, if you would, on what you did, what you saw down there, just in the light that maybe people haven't heard you before, don't know your story.
Give them the rundown on Sully Castile III.
Well, basically, I come from a very patriotic family from South Texas, and we all served the country proudly.
My dad was a World War II veteran who was shot six times in the Philippines.
Myself, the only son in the family.
...was advised by my dad to pay my dues to my country, and I went and I proudly served in Vietnam.
But it was in Vietnam where I first saw my fellow soldiers dying on overdoses of heroin.
And I promised myself that if I did survive that war, that I would have my own personal war on drugs, you know...
I actually believe that if I put my life on the line, that I would make a difference in preserving my country.
I heard you tell the story of one of your buddies who died with a needle in his arm, a victim of the cheap heroin in Vietnam, one of the reasons I believe we were there, certainly, and that you dedicated your life afterwards, at least maybe a little naive, you found out later, but at least a valiant effort to try to stop the rampant drug use here in this country and around the world.
And it was then that I decided that I would do my own fight, struggle, and, you know, once again, believing that if I put my life on the line, that I would make a difference.
And I was sent, you know, so I promised myself that I would, and I went on, got my degree in criminal justice, and was one of the very few hired in 1979, and very few Latinos hired...
And was hired and went to New York City for four years and then went down to Central and South America because of my Vietnam experience.
And it was there that I realized that we were the bad guys.
We were sleeping with the cartels.
We were building what was known as cocaine democracies.
We were allowing those third world countries to sleep with the cartels and in the process they would call themselves democracies.
He came back and bit us in the butt.
It was a crack epidemic at the time.
We made it happen in the U.S.
We saturated the whole country with crack.
And even today, we're still suffering from crack babies that were born at that time period and destroyed a lot, a lot of families.
Our jails are full of people with a dime or 20 bucks worth of crack while...
Guys like Oliver North, who you personally called out, and I guess George Herbert Walker Bush and certainly a number of their minions and elites, including high-level people at the CIA, high-level people in these multinational companies, a few of which we have named on my program.
And that's absolutely right.
And basically what a lot of people don't realize is that we, the United States government, have invented or have established every major terrorist in this world
One way, shape, or form, work for the United States government.
And after we're finished with them, they go ahead and turn around and start their own struggle against the imperialism.
And that's the problem that we're having.
You know, we created these monsters, and now we have to live with them.
And people like Oliver North and Negro Ponte, all those people were instrumental in building those death squads in Central America that eliminated or genocide a lot of the...
My own culture is down in Central and South America.
You actually met, of course, you kept a diary, you reported all of this to your superiors at the DEA, they tried to shut you down, they wouldn't listen to you.
You actually had a chance to meet George Herbert Walker Bush face-to-face and try to tell him personally what you saw and what went on down there.
Of course, meanwhile, he's got Felix Rodriguez with a desk in his office at the Vice President as he's Vice President under Reagan.
Can you just briefly recap that incident with George Herbert Walker Bush?
It was January 16th of 1986.
He was then vice president, and he was down there to celebrate the so-called new democracy to Guatemala.
And basically, you know, it was a cocktail party at the resident, the ambassador's residence.
And he came up to me and shook my hand and asked me what my job description was.
I told him I was a DEA agent conducting international drug trafficking investigations, and I also said to him that I was the agent that covered El Salvador, and we had received intelligence that the countries in El Salvador were heavily involved in drug trafficking.
And he just shook my hand and smiled and walked away.
So I knew then and there that the highest level of my government
And of course, the drug money, a lot of the drug money was laundered through the BCCI Bank.
All of this was investigated by the Cary Commission, which were supposed to look into this particular aspect of Iran-Contra.
Of course, nothing ever came of the investigations.
Lawrence Walz also had a special prosecutor on Iran-Contra, but his agenda was strictly the missiles,
They were sold to Iran by Oliver North, and he was able to keep those funds, and instead of going to the Contra to support the Contra operation, it went straight into Swiss bank accounts, and they made a profit on the missiles to Iran.
And Iran turned around and used those missiles against American troops, Beirut and other countries.
Because that's how it always ends up, isn't it, Sally?
I mean, this very money... I guess, in a way, the commercials are right, that when we buy drugs and street drugs, we fund terrorism.
The only thing that that commercial leaves out is that first the money goes through our very heads of state and government and policy makers, then it goes to the terrorists and begins killing people around the world.
Absolutely, and the problem is that the Americans have become more addicted to drug money than they are to drugs.
We're good to go.
We're going to come back.
I'm going to get some comments from Selle Castillo III on immigration.
We're going to bring you up to speed.
Talk about how these Iran-Contra villains were all rewarded and how they hold the post now.
How we're getting more of the same.
Same people.
Same problems.
Same show.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, Infowars.com.
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We will be going to your calls here in just a few, so everybody hang on.
DJ TJ, Rob, Mike, thank you for patiently holding.
Of course, this is the Alex Jones Show, the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Sully Castile, our guest, again, his website is powderburns.org.
You can read about all of Sully's adventures, and they were adventures.
And make sure to get his book, support his work.
Cocaine Contras and the Drug War Powder Burns by Celica Steele and Dave Harmon.
Selly has been interviewed on shows like 2020.
His story has been completely validated.
It has been certified by even the establishment.
So there's no doubt that what Selly tells us is the truth.
And I know Selly personally, and he is nothing but a truthful man.
Selly, there's been a breaking story here, and we want to bring people up to date.
We talk about Iran-Contra, and people, you know how people are.
A week ago seems like a hundred years ago.
They can't remember what happened a week ago.
We're trying to tell them what happened, you know, 20, 25 years ago.
But let's bring people up into the present.
We look around us.
We see the entire cabinet.
We see the entire...
All these monsters that were involved in Iran-Contra, all in charge today.
John Negroponte, as you say, who was in charge of the death squads then, in charge of the death squads, also organizing the death squads in Iraq, which we've touched on discussing this event in Fallujah and Ramadi, the sectarian violence.
But he is our intelligence czar, head of all intelligence now, even above guys like Donald Rumsfeld, I dare say, and even ahead of guys like George W. Bush.
So we look around us, Sally, and we see all the same players, all of these criminals, Carlucci, you name them, all rewarded now and still running our government.
Colin Powell.
I mean, the list just goes on and on.
Now today, there's a breaking news story.
Aircraft owners in 5.5 ton coke bust includes a delay appointee.
One of the two owners of a DC-9 busted in the airport in Ciudad de Carmen,
The state of Campanche, Mexico, last week freighted 5.5 tons of cocaine and had been appointed in 1993 to the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee by then Congressional Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
Have you seen this story yet?
I think we faxed you a copy of this.
Have you had a chance to look at this, Sally?
No, I haven't done that, but that doesn't surprise me.
You've got to remember that going back, using those CC3s that...
Informants for the DEA used all belong to a lot of the Air America, Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez, and now Luis Posada, who is the one that knows for all the skeletons of the bird in Central America, who is now in the correction center in El Paso, Texas.
Well, and we've talked about this with you before, Sally.
Luis Posada, a known terrorist who bombed an airplane in Venezuela, was it?
That's in Venezuela.
And this is a guy that we're protecting.
So, Selly, he's just on a long list of terrorists that we protect here in the United States.
So here we have Bush saying, if you're not with us, you're with the terrorists, we have to run these terrorists down, find them wherever they are, burn them out, kill them, bring them to justice, yet our very president and his employers are protecting guys like Luis Posada.
And you know the sad thing about it?
Luis Posada will more than likely be pardoned at the end of the day when Bush leaves the office.
And he's one of the major terrorists in Latin America.
He's what's known as the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America.
And we created him.
He worked for us.
And, you know, there's no doubt about being convicted for blowing up that airline in Venezuela and also those hotels in Cuba.
So, you know, we have our own American terrorists that we have created.
I want to go back to this story.
The plane in question that is connected to Tom DeLay.
No, he wasn't driving the plane, folks, but people that he had worked with, employed, that were in his association.
We can get to Abramoff as well involved in this.
The plane's registered owner is Royal Sons LLC, a Florida Air charter company that one time was housed in a hangar at the Venice, Florida airport owned by the infamous flight school Huffman Aviation that trained Muhammad Atta, allegedly, who flew the planes into the World Trade Center tower.
Huffman Aviation.
You know, we have Barry Seals' plane that took a lot of cocaine into the United States.
I've spoken to people who have followed the paper trail, the money trail.
They've named a number of corporations.
I'm happy to announce who they are.
They also allege that Muhammad Atta was the new Barry Seal.
I might get your comments on that when we come back.
And we'll go to your calls, folks.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Not going to back down.
I take as an example someone like Selly Castile.
I mean, if Selly could go through what he went through, I can certainly get on the radio and run some investigations and publish some news reports and cover this information.
That's the least we can do.
I like to think we're keeping Selly alive every time we put him on the air.
Selly, we were talking... I'm going to go right to your caller, so please, again, be patient.
We're going to go to you right in just a minute or so.
But I want to finish making the connection between terrorism and this global drug trade, global drug smuggling, because, again, we have another plane busted.
Delay is somehow linked to this.
Abramoff is somehow linked to this.
I'm going to give out... The full story is at madcowmorningnews.com.
It's an exclusive report, and you can read the whole thing there.
I'm going to post this at jackblood.com as well, but...
And then we have Huffman Aviation, where ATA trained.
Then we have ATA training in Norman, Oklahoma, with Zacharias Massawi and Nick Berg included in the picture.
And then we have George Soros up and off at Air Force Base.
I mean, a lot of this stuff really starts coming together, Sully.
And the fact is, Huffman Aviation is a CIA-run place where, you know, New Air America, let's call it,
And yet we merge these so-called terrorists who just accidentally, coincidentally, were trained at what is basically a CIA drug smuggling airport.
Sally, this has got to really get through to people.
And people will start to read, and they will realize that they're putting the pieces together.
And it's the same goon squad, as I call them, the same terrorist cell,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have Oliver North, Elliot Abrams, all these people, you know, that were heavily involved in the drug trade.
Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, I mean, the list just goes on and on.
It goes on, it goes on.
Do you think that, let me get your comment on this, and then we'll go to the calls.
Do you think that, I mean, MENA was discovered, even Bill Clinton began kind of referencing it.
Obviously, it was under heavy investigation, the MENA Arkansas hub of the,
Bush-Clinton drug smuggling operations.
They're working for other people, folks.
Don't worry about it.
Do you think there's something to this, that the Amina was discovered, they moved this to Venice or moved this to Florida, they employed a new batch of drug smugglers, that being guys like Muhammad Atta and others, and that essentially Osama bin Laden wasn't training terrorists, he was training drug smugglers.
I mean, do you think there's something to this?
Oh, absolutely.
That's always been there.
You know, there's an old saying, people are leaving glass houses not to rock.
And that's why Bill Clinton, at the time, was governor of Arkansas, and did not do anything to stop the smuggling into MENA, Arkansas.
Well, in fact, Larry Nichols, one of his top advisors who ran one of his money laundering operations, actually came out and spilled all the beans on MENA, Arkansas.
But again, let's talk about the blue dress.
Sally, why not?
But look, that's good that this information is getting out.
More importantly, people are standing up and pointing this out, and now we're finding more and more and more and more connections to Abramoff, to Delay, to Bush.
Not to Poppy Bush, but Baby Bush.
So life goes on.
Nothing really changes in this sense, though.
The fact that we're able to talk about it, the fact that we're able to get the information out, certainly changes things from back in the days of MENA.
Let me just say one thing real fast, and that's that George W. Bush, or senior, or George W. Hubbard Bush, right before he left office, he pardoned a Saudi Arabian who had been arrested with 75 kilos of cocaine in the U.S.
So, what does that tell you?
And Clinton was there to make sure that the Iran-Contra investigation would go no further, and he got help by his buddy,
John Kerry, also skull and bones.
Sully Castile with us today.
Let's go to DJ in Florida.
DJ, thank you for holding.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, hey, I was studying for your last hour.
Are you familiar with Article 6 of the Constitution?
Well, you tell me.
I would do a terrible job quoting it, that's for sure.
Okay, what it says, the Constitution and the laws of the United States which shall be made pursuant thereof and all treaties made which shall be made under the authority of the United States shall be the supreme law of the land.
Isn't this how these people are working now?
They're using our Constitution to destroy us because they've signed up with all these treaties.
United Nations Treaty, CAPTA, NAFTA,
The World Trade Organization and so forth, they're using this to...
To go around our Constitution.
Sure, I mean, look, there are some holes in the Constitution that are supposed to be used for things like emergency or things like war powers, okay?
They're not supposed to be used irresponsibly to destroy the government.
That's what we're here to do.
We're the check and balance.
Actually, I actually have an expert on the line about all of this right now.
You might know him.
His name is Alex Jones.
Alex, welcome to your program.
Alex Jones, welcome to your program.
Hey, Jack and Sally.
I've been enjoying listening to you the last few minutes.
Here on hold, I called in about something else and I don't want to take too much time.
How's my cell phone coming in from downtown L.A.?
Sounds good.
Okay, fantastic.
So it sounds good?
Yeah, we can hear you.
I can hear you.
It was just cut out a bit on my end.
We'll just answer that fellow's question.
All laws, all treaties that are violations of the Bill of Rights, null and void.
That's why Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson and others got together and forced the adoption before ratification, what was it, in 1798, of the Bill of Rights.
And so the Bill of Rights trumps all of that, but forget the Constitution, forget the Bill of Rights.
Article 9 states, even stronger than Article 10, that all powers are reserved to the people.
And the founding fathers clearly stated the Constitution, Bill of Rights, just points out your rights and points out the powers of the government, mainly in the Constitution.
And, you know, again, the government tomorrow can pass a law saying black people aren't humans and that they're slaves and have to go back to plantations.
I would expect black Americans to fight back and to the death of need be.
You know, we're all in this thing together.
So people look at the 6th over and over again and say, oh, it shows treaties.
That was specific treaties in the office of the executive for specific maritime instruments, and the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, hashed all that out.
It was debated at the time, and the precedent, up until about 100 years ago, and the doctrine that we had, of course,
With the Monroe Doctrine, was that we were supposed to stay in our hemisphere.
And so, the globalists do claim that the Sixth Amendment gives them this power, but it does not give them this power, just on the basis that our rights come from God, and there's organic common sense law, but then also in the Constitution Bill of Rights itself, that is clearly not in there, and that's misconstrued.
Just because the enemy claims they have this power, doesn't mean they do.
But the reason I called in,
I worked until about midnight last night on finishing a terror storm that will be premiering here, Jack.
And then I got on a plane flyer early this morning.
I just got in the hotel room and I turned it on and it was talking about, I believe it was set up in Oklahoma, where there's a shootout with six jail guards and federal officers and they're killing each other.
This is what we see down in Brazil.
This is what we see in Mexico.
This is the new America.
And this shows how criminal the jail guards and police of this country, not all of them, have gotten.
And I heard Sally on.
I thought, well, you know, if Sally's on, this is a great thing to bring up.
This is one more telltale example.
And I want Paul Watson to write an article on this.
One more tell-tale example of how the veneer is just peeling away.
Folks, criminality doesn't stop at one point.
You know, they're saying that these police or these jail guards were basically raping the women for food and stuff.
We all know that's how the prisons are.
There was a prison right outside Austin in Bastrop where they were raping all the women.
It was a hellhole out of some movie.
But I just wanted to get your comments on that.
I mean, this is a big deal that we have jail guards and police killing each other in huge...
Shootouts, because they are.
They're a bunch of bandits.
They work for bandits, and this stuff rolls downhill.
As our government gets more and more criminal, we're going to see more and more of this.
It's one of the things that I've seen that I've never seen before.
The 30 years I've been in law enforcement, or that I was with the DEA, I saw something that really threw the Constitution out.
A few months ago, I saw where the possibility of a federal judge here in South Texas
Change the transcript of one of the hearings.
It is alleged that he was trying to protect the United States Attorney, who is a Republican, an assistant United States Attorney, and I could not believe
The goal that those people have now, that they can do away with the Constitution, change transcripts in the middle of a trial, threaten defendants if they don't plead guilty that they will be sentenced to life.
There's another thing.
Two weeks ago, the Supreme... You're right, Sally.
Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled...
Yeah, the no-knock... Well, I mean, not just the no-knock of last week.
Two weeks ago they ruled in a L.A.
case where the prosecutor caught police framing people.
He said, I'm not going to be part of this.
They fired him.
And the Supreme Court said, you're not allowed to whistleblow criminal activity.
You can lose your job.
Folks, the Supreme Court's ruling we don't own our private property.
All of this is happening.
We have police and shootouts killing each other at prisons now.
I mean, this is what it's come down to.
But listen, I'm going to get out of here.
It's just to know that it's getting crazier and crazier and crazier and crazier, guys.
I'm just glad you guys are on the air fighting this thing.
Thank you, Alex, for calling in.
Hey, Alex, keep us informed what's going on in L.A.
And, of course, I'm going to see you there Friday night or Saturday morning, man.
Thanks for letting me sit in.
Go ahead.
Just as sure as you walk out during the next break, will you relay this message to Watson?
I want him to do something on this because it shows just the lawlessness is just spilling out now.
Yeah, we'll do that.
And, folks, you can look for the full exclusive story at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
Alex, be safe out there.
Watch out for those UAV drones out there.
Oh, it's all part of the freedom.
Just in time for your conference, the L.A.
is going to be testing these unmanned aerial drones.
They must think a lot of you.
That's freedom, Jack.
You guys take care.
Thanks, buddy.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, that's the point, isn't it, Sally?
Here we are supposed to be raising up these third world, second world nations, improving them, being the shining example, the light on the hill, as Reagan used to say, that all men would come on to, and the fact is the reverse is happening.
We've sunk to their level.
The Constitution is out the window.
The Bill of Rights is out the window.
I mean, the whole thing.
They're making their own amendments now to the Constitution.
I think so.
magistrates are signing off on those warrants.
And the U.S.
The fact is, the same foreign agents, we'll call them international bankers or the global oligarchy, call it whatever you want, these are the same people that destroyed countries like Mexico, kept them down, countries like Guatemala, other countries, certainly Argentina, Bolivia, who have now risen up and taken matters into their own hands, the entire continent of Africa, most of the Middle East.
The fact is, it just took them a while to get over here.
That's really what it is.
And we have agents that have no respect.
We have a female agent, Amanda Davis, with the DEA, who perjured herself before the grand jury to indict somebody.
Now, those are facts.
Now, will OPR, the Office of Professional Responsibility, do anything about it?
Absolutely not.
There's a massive cover-up, and it's a federal indictment for people to be doing stuff like that and getting away with it.
Yeah, and going back to DJ, and I'm going to go to TJ here in a second, I mean, the fact is, Alex is exactly right.
The Bill of Rights does supersede many points of the Constitution, and part of the Bill of Rights is that you cannot make any law that takes away anyone's inalienable rights.
So, again, we have to remember that they can make all the laws they want.
That doesn't make it constitutional.
That does not make it legal.
But, of course, Selly, they don't care if it's legal or not.
They're just going to do it.
TJ in Minnesota on the line with Sully Castile III.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Sully and Jack.
I wanted to talk about some serious NAFTA corridor issues, but as long as Sully's on now, I want to mention the fact that I'm sure he's aware, as I am firsthand, that long before the land borders were opened up, there was no air control system.
There still isn't.
You know, in South Texas, you can get on a plane in Reno, sir.
Mexico and fly at a low latitude and come right into the United States without anybody bothering you.
And pointing out the hypocrisy of the war on terror.
We can't even secure our own country.
What are we doing trying to secure Iraq?
And so this is not going to work.
I've always said there's two things that our government will not stop, and that's going to be immigration and drugs.
Both of those things will come in.
We need their economy.
We need.
We depend on, as I said before, America's now more addicted to drug money than they are to drugs.
Can I go back to NAFTA for a second?
I specifically want to speak to Iowans and Minnesotans, as that lady from Kansas City did.
Now is the time to organize.
If you own land along Interstate 35, you better... You better!
And you better get some billboards along your property that says, no corridor here, my land is mine.
And I'm working on it.
I talked to the Iowa DOT Engineering Highway Department at the state offices yesterday, and they said, oh, no, that's just a name they're going to rename our highway.
Well, look, and that's not true, and you know that, T.J.
I know that.
Your call to action is exactly right.
And I want to tell people this, that the people of Gonzales, Texas, stood up to this, and they chased away these bloodsuckers, and they had to go around Gonzales County in order to put up the trans-Texas corridor here.
So it can be done, T.J.
Yeah, we just did it here in San Juan, Texas.
Which is down by the border here.
They were trying to run that expressway toll expressway to the city and the citizens of San Juan, which is a small city.
That's right.
And another victory.
And you're going to hear them tell you about how great this is going to be for the local economy.
They're going to give you all kinds of the usual excuses.
Look how all of that has worked out in the past.
When have they ever given a free ride to a corporation and you've gotten your money back and everything has been wonderful, flowers?
And frisbees, okay?
It just hasn't happened.
TJ, thanks for your call, man.
Yeah, you're right.
You people on the I-35 going here from Mexico to Minnesota, you better get busy because Eminent Domain, Agenda 21, is coming to a town near you.
If you don't protect yourself, they're going to take everything you have.
Bob in New York.
Rob in New York.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for calling in.
Hey, Jack.
And it's an honor, Sally.
Thank you, sir.
I got your book a couple months ago, and I was actually too busy to read it until maybe last week.
And I can't remember the last time I couldn't put a book down.
I mean, it just really blew me away, the whole story.
It reads like a spy thriller, but it's all true.
And, you know, I know a lot of people listening, and a lot of people, you know, the evidence of government involvement in the drug trade is pretty abound, and, you know, it even goes back to the British government and the opium wars back in China, you know, hundreds of years ago.
Gold triangle, yeah.
But to read it from the perspective of somebody who's in the DEA was just unbelievable, and the way that they tried to burn you, I mean, that just made my blood boil.
Well, you know, I'm what you call a true patriot American who really believed in the American way, and it was at one time or another where I realized that I was ashamed to be an American because of the atrocities that we committed down in Central America.
Well, again, Sully, a great testimony for this book.
I hope everybody gets it.
Extremely interesting and factual.
It's powder burns.
Sully, stay with us for this break.
Come right back.
More after this, folks, on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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We're going to go right to these two calls.
Real quick, folks, put something on the record and final comments from Celerino Castile III.
Again, the book is Powder Burns.
Powderburns.org is where you can get a copy.
Celi generally will autograph these for you if you need them to.
And I really hope that you all do and support this great American and his endeavor to bring us the truth.
Real quick, Mike in New York.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, I was watching a DVD the other day called JFK 2 is in Roman numer pu.
It talked about basically the anti-Castro
Cuban movement.
JFK assassination and moved right up through Nixon's administration.
They mentioned Felix Rodriguez.
I believe he was associated with Operation 40 or Operation Mongoose.
Mr. Gomez, yeah.
Oh, interesting.
Is that the individual that we're speaking about?
Well, Mr. Gomez was his CIA name, I guess.
Do you have a question for Sally directly?
Well, regarding that, I mean, isn't it interesting that... If you could shed a little bit more light about Felix Rodriguez...
And also, isn't it interesting how Porter Goss, I believe he was involved with Operation 40 when he was stationed in Miami in the 60s.
He was involved in part of this as well.
Of course, he gets the big CIA job.
But quickly, Felix Rodriguez, Sully.
Sully Castile?
Who was trained to assassinate people back in the 60s was in Vietnam with Tat Jack Lee, another CIA terrorist.
Since then, he's been involved in drug trafficking from the early 70s with the Cuban community in South Florida.
And went on to Vietnam and to Central America and Bolivia where he...
You talk extensively about Mr. Gomez, a.k.a.
Felix Rodriguez in your book, Powder Burns, and I would suggest Mike get that, and he can get the full depth of how Bush was involved in this and who this guy was.
If there's any questions, get a hold of me through powderburnsatprodigy.net.
That's my email address.
Powderburns at prodigy.net And you can also go to powderburns.org and there's a contact list over there.
Tom in Massachusetts.
Final comment.
Got about a minute for you, Tom.
Put something on the record.
Hey, Jack, man.
Hearing you guys go back and forth on all these connections, I'm just wondering where Kevin Bacon fits into the whole thing.
But hey, for Sally, I was wondering if it's true that I've heard rumors that Gary Webb had been working on another book about CIA drug dealing or South American connections and
I was wondering if you could make any final comments on Gary Webb.
Gary was working on something on the second series right before he wrote his book that was supposed to be released, but of course he made an agreement with the newspaper and didn't do it, but he has plenty of information.
The big secret on the Gary Webb story is Carl Baca.
Carl Baca was the individual that gave Gary Webb all the information
And listen, Carlos Lader's wife, by the way, got these key jobs with these key companies like Kroll and AIG.
A lot of the companies I'm starting to find are connected to 9-11.
Carlos Lader's wife, a known drug smuggler, working for these giant companies, working for the government.
Hey, just more of the same, right, Ray Selle?
AIG, that's the one she was working with out of San Francisco.
They finally went after her, and they indicted her on some charges and so forth.
Look, I've got to get you some new information I have about AIG and Marshall McLellan and some of these companies connecting right to 9-11, also connecting with the drug cartels as well.
Sully Castillo III, PowderBurns.org.
We'll see all of you in about six minutes on Deadline Live with Jack Blood, my show coming up right after this on this very network.
Stay tuned, folks.
Thank you, everybody, for joining us.
Thanks to the affiliates.
Thanks to the sponsors.
Thanks to all you listeners and all you great callers.
And thanks to you, Sully.
Yes, sir.
Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back tomorrow.
Same time, same channel.
11 o'clock Central Time on the one and only GCN Radio Network.
Stay tuned, folks.
We'll be back in about six minutes.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.