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Air Date: June 16, 2006
2409 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome.
Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday, the 16th day of June, 2006 edition.
We're going to be here for the next three hours.
We're going to have the director and one of the producers of Loose Change, second edition, joining us coming up in the next hour for an update on what they're working on.
And, of course, we'll be discussing their appearance and the new screening of the new production they've made that has not been seen yet at my huge 9-11 event that you're all invited to coming up next weekend, not this weekend, but next weekend in downtown Los Angeles.
Also, Dr. John Breeding will be joining us to give us his take on reports out of New York and Massachusetts where they are shocking school students for even, quote, nagging teachers.
They have them wear these stun belts and how that ties into electroshock therapy and the tasering and, well, the government's compulsion and obsession with electrocuting the American people.
So, that's coming up as well.
I'm also working on getting the pastor on.
We used an alias when he joined us from Ohio a few weeks ago to break the big news story, almost a month ago now, of how FEMA is covertly in 13,000 plus counties conditioning and training and swearing in pastors for martial law, for gun confiscation, for forced relocation, for quarantines.
We're working on, very soon, either today or Monday, getting him on.
He's now been caught by them for going public.
And he'll be speaking out and giving his full name and giving even more details when he does join us.
I know my producer is working extremely hard on getting that done.
In the meantime, United Nations Army proposed...
Mentioned this yesterday.
We'll be getting into more of the facets and more of the details on that.
Big debate going on in the House of Representatives right now on a resolution to set a timetable for withdrawal of U.S.
troops from Iraq.
We'll get into that.
Supreme Court upholds no-knock police searches.
They've also said that you don't own your property.
And they've also said that you can't report on corruption if you're in the government.
They'll probably start reporting that Adolf Hitler is good and that we must worship Nazis.
Or they'll probably go back to what the Supreme Court's done in the past and say black people aren't human beings.
It doesn't mean we have to follow it.
Democrats call Iraq war, again, a grotesque mistake.
That big debate is going on right now.
We'll be getting into that after the break.
States and cities not ready for catastrophes, federal government says.
Only total federal control can save us.
Some good news here.
Monsanto's bovine growth hormone, or RBGH, once again under fire, and people are seeking out organic milk to such a level that even Walmart and Kroger are about to basically dump
The regular toxic milk and move into the bovine growth hormone free type.
In fact, if you go to the grocery stores now in most cities, I've personally noticed this, there's a very small section of the genetically engineered milk and the majority of the milk is, quote, organic.
The people are demanding it.
Voting with their dollars, it's actually happening.
This is a
Just a small case point example, though it's huge in and of itself, but small in the big picture of victories we're having simply by voting with our dollars.
Also more on the Cheney bid rigging and war profiteering scandal.
Newly released emails suggest Army Corps lied about Cheney's role in Halliburton Contract.
Mega TV invades the sky.
High-tech blimp gives wings to ads.
We'll be getting into that.
Also, Jon Stewart, big TV ad and poster promotion across the country.
We'll tell you about, well, it criticizes even its parent company, CBS Viacom.
We had fake news years before CBS hired Katie Couric.
So he's being criticized, Jon Stewart and others, for that.
Of course, it is fake news.
Ha, ha, ha.
And so much more on the other side of this quick break.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Charmley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I have a report here in front of me out of Newsmax.
United Nations Army Proposed.
Crisis management experts are calling for the creation of a United Nations Army and International Rapid Reaction Force that can be deployed within 48 hours to intervene in emergency situations around the globe.
Composed of up to 15,000 military, police, and civilian staff, including medics, the proposed force would be recruited from professionals hired by the UN from many countries and based and designed by UN sites.
It goes on, its actions would be authorized by the UN Security Council according to the Toronto Star.
It's not a new idea, but it has now come into its own, said Peter Langel of the University of Western Ontario, one of the major contributors to a book, A United Nations Emergency Peace Service to Prevent Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, which will be presented at the UN today.
With countries moving away from UN peacekeeping and troops overstretched in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, the Rapid Reaction Force has new appeal.
The idea of a UN emergency force was first given serious thought in 1994, in the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide, which the UN helped carry out, by the way.
But at the time, the U.S.
was concerned that the force would become an out-of-control UN army, and developing countries felt threatened by what they feared could be an internationalist force directed by the West.
But University of Notre Dame political scientist Robert Johanson, the book's chief writer, says a UN force could help prevent horrendous conflict such as the Rwanda genocide and the current crisis in Darfur.
With an independent force at their disposal and no obligation to send in their own troops, the Security Council's often squabbling members would have less reason to drag out debates about when to intervene in crises, the Star reports.
The new emergency force would cost $2 billion to establish...
We're good to go.
Let's stop right there.
UN troops going into countries is nothing new.
They've been all over the world for 50 plus years.
They've many times, especially in Africa and Asia, overseen mass genocide.
I had a London Guardian from the mid-1990s reporting on what happened in Burma, where, quote, UN troops went in and oversaw the displacement of over 30,000 tribesmen and the murder of over 3,000.
I have National Geographic articles, five, six years old, where it shows, quote, UN peacekeepers guarding biosphere national parks in places like Malaysia and, quote, killing people that come in, shooting them, shooting anyone that comes into the internationally controlled sanctuaries.
It's just the new version of the king's land.
Go on it and, you know, at your peril.
And, of course, we have U.N.
General McKenzie years ago saying, after 9-11, just days after, oh, we need to have U.N.
troops in a U.S.
continental security perimeter around Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.
in patrolling America.
And we have foreign troops, Dutch aircraft, Dutch troops, British troops, Mexican troops, the precedents now set inside the U.S.
during emergencies, forest fire fighting out west a few years ago, what, in 2000?
And then we have them with the Katrina disaster.
We have these precedents being set.
And we've already had the UN go in.
We've already had NATO go in as a peacekeeping, quote, force of the United Nations.
We've already had United Nations controlled attacks on Serbia.
United Nations controlled, quote, invasions for, quote, peacekeeping in places like Macedonia.
We're good to go.
There's even Hollywood productions about the historic things that the UN's been involved in.
The United Nations in 1994 in Rwanda would actually take the Tutsis and put them into camps at night, aim their machine guns at them from the roads in and out, and let the Hutus come in with machetes and kill between 800,000 and a million and a half.
We know it's over 800,000.
Some experts say a million and a half killed in a five-month period.
So what's going to happen?
Well, we have a UN world government already set up, UN laws, UN courts, UN armies, and this is just making it, quote, more of an official body and calling it an army.
So I'd like to get your take on this today, listeners.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231, 800-259-9231.
NATO, of course, has been used in Serbia.
In the Balkans and the surrounding areas around Kosovo.
It has been used right now, a NATO operation in Afghanistan, now going into its fourth year.
We see many examples of United Nations operations.
The UN-controlled no-fly zone over two-thirds of Iraq.
The United Nations goes into countries and says, you will accept all of our...
We're good to go.
I think?
Washington House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi decried the Bush administration's strategic blunders in Iraq today as the House headed towards a GOP-engineered vote on a resolution that forces lawmakers to take a position on withdrawing American forces.
Stay the course?
I don't think so, Mr. President.
It's time to face the facts, Pelosi, a Democrat from California, said, adding that she will vote against a Republican resolution that she called an affirmation of the President's failed policy in Iraq.
It says that the House Speaker countered, quote, when our freedom is challenged, Americans do not run.
When our freedom is challenged.
They told the troops that they would be home in three months.
Then they said they'd be home for Christmas.
Then they said they'd be home for a year.
They've had the stopgap measures, the automatic re-upping, where they have forced now many of the troops to be there for their fourth tour.
Their fourth tour.
Now, people have been starting their fourth tour.
Their fourth tour in country.
Eleven months in, one month off.
And in some cases, they're not even allowed to have a full month.
They get two weeks.
They fly back, spend a week and a half with their family, and fly back.
We have lost over 10,000 troops.
That's the official numbers.
They don't count it as a casualty fatality if they die out of country.
That means even on a plane to Rammstein or other medical military bases in Germany, England, Scotland, the U.S., and other areas.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That have died, and tens and tens and tens of thousands of others, double, triple, and quad amputees.
They have to pay $4.30 a day for their own food in the hospitals.
They, in many cases, as has been in the Associated Press, have to pay for their flights home.
They are discharged at Rammstein.
They are made to pay for their own flights home.
That's how you support the troops.
They are given...
Level 2 body armor.
Even if it was real Level 2, it's not going to stop a bullet from upwards of 100 yards.
It's not going to stop shrapnel.
Level 2 is a joke.
They shouldn't even sell it.
Only Level 3 will give you proper protection, and they're not even given that.
Oh, it's incredible.
And then families try to ship in hundreds of thousands of pieces of their own body armor they paid for.
The lobbyist for the body armor company that's been caught in all this fraud went in and said, oh, they shouldn't be allowed to do that.
So the Army is now fining and feeing and even court-martialing individuals that accept body armor shipped in by their families, like dragon body armor and other premium types of body armor.
This is classic.
This is so sick.
And the Democrats are just calling it a failed policy.
What about a failed war?
What about a lie from the start?
The Pentagon's own policies.
The Pentagon's own war strategy.
Stretching back to 1982, 1983.
The Israeli plan called for balkanization, the breakup of the Middle East between warring tribes to be managed.
The design.
Do the contractors make more money if they're there a decade or if they're there a year?
Do they get more control?
Are they able to build permanent bases and stay there if they foment sectarian and religious warfare and killing?
You know the answer.
The globalists are executing the Iraq operation exactly as planned.
It is a great success.
Not a success for you and I. Not a success for our troops.
Not a success for the Iraqi people.
A major success for the New World Order.
Again, we think of the drug war as a failure.
Triple the heroin, double the cocaine on our streets than we had 12 years ago.
More people in prison than we ever had.
And the average person thinks, my goodness, it's an incredible failure.
No, it's a wonderful success.
You think plunging test scores every year.
And more and more funding for education, public education, the public training camps.
You think it's a failure?
No, that's what they're paying for.
It's a wonderful, wonderful success.
From the smartest, most informed, most educated people in the world 55 years ago to the stupidest.
We're not just behind the 15 industrialized nations.
Last time I checked, we were over 30 places behind third world nations.
We are a joke.
It is all by design.
And so now they're having this big kangaroo debate to create a false view that the American people and our representatives, our servants, support this war, and that's what's going on right now.
Democrats call Iraq war a grotesque mistake.
Well, then why is Hillary and Chuckie Schumer and the rest of the leadership for it?
The people in the Democratic leadership that in many cases are more hawkish than the neocons.
Oh my gosh, like Lieberman.
Democrats call war a grotesque mistake in the House.
Congress launches into new impassioned debate on Iraq war.
Coming up, Supreme Court upholds no-knock police searches.
State cities not ready for catastrophes.
Don't worry, federal martial law can save you.
And a lot more on the other side of this break.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
And then I'll get into...
Well, FEMA.
And how they're saying we need total martial law in America, or the equivalent of that.
They've got to have total power.
The locals just can't handle crises.
Only the feds can.
Jason in New York, you're on the air.
Are you the coordinator of InfoWars?
I would...
I'd like to know, do you have a safe place that you pick up your mail?
I don't know what a safe place means.
Okay, all right.
Now, I mean, you pick up your own mail, right?
Yes, I do.
That's basically what I wanted to know.
Where would I, you know, if something were to be mailed, where would I send that to?
You would send that to 3001 South Lamar,
Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
All right, wait a second.
And that address, sir, is on the contact page of InfoWars.com.
All right.
It's the same one on the contact page, right?
Yes, sir.
All right, you're doing a fabulous job.
Keep up the good work.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Glad I could answer your question.
Let me just mention something.
We had a source inside Hillary Clinton's office confirming that Saturday she was at the Bilderberg Group meeting in Ottawa, just about an hour and 15 minute flight from New York City.
And we confirmed from multiple sources inside the hotel that Hillary Clinton indeed was there.
And then we called Hillary Clinton's office this morning.
I ought to just have Kevin Smith here in office and talk to him.
And at first it was, oh no, she was at the something fest in New York on Sunday.
And Kevin went, no, no, no, I'm talking about Saturday.
And they go, we don't know where she was.
And then they called back here going, where did you get an email?
Who told you she was there?
Give us that email.
I tell you, it's creepy even calling that witch's office.
I'm sorry, that good conservative that Rupert Murdoch meets with every week that he has campaign fundraisers for.
She's so conservative.
She's for attacking Iran.
She's for the war.
She's good.
Jeff in Chicago.
You're on the air, Jeff.
Yeah, Alex.
I just wanted to make a couple of comments.
President Bush is still up in the White House with the CIA, FBI, NSA people.
We're good to go.
Well, let me just add, they have announced all this NSA stuff.
It's been in the news for years.
They decided to promote it to scare everybody.
They know everybody's talking.
They know we're waking up.
This is an attempted intimidation.
It's not working.
Yeah, and it basically ranges from blatant omissions to just outright lies.
And the tactics that are being used by the White House and the mainstream media are classic CIA.
And the American public is so misinformed with all the propaganda, it just amazes me that they're still getting away with it.
But if I could, I'd like to share a website at freewebs.com forward slash reportcrimes.com.
Just remember, F-R-E-E-W-E-B-S, freewebs.com, put a forward slash, and then type in Report Crimes.
If everybody could take a look at that website.
Alex, you are doing such a great job.
I wish you could be on the air much more often.
And, of course, I think everybody knows that people like yourself, myself, who are activists, people like Mike Malloy...
And several other activists, Jack Blood.
You know, we're all targets of the government.
And the FBI has files on all of us.
Not just us.
There's millions of other people, you know, like Jeff Rents and...
Well, so what?
We've got public files on them.
I appreciate the call.
Of course the bad guys are going to do that.
But they can't get everybody.
There's tens of millions of us that have woken up that have gotten involved.
But, sir, you say the people are dumb, the people don't know what's going on.
Most Americans, the vast majority, know we're being lied to, know that we're going into tyranny.
The polls show it.
Bush has, what, a 30% approval rating right now?
So their agenda is they control the courts, they control the executive, the judicial, the legislative.
So that's why they're, quote, getting away with it.
They're not getting away with it in history.
They're not getting away with it on the record.
They're being thoroughly discredited.
The system is being thoroughly discredited.
They're getting away with what they're doing, but only for a season.
We're going to come back and go to more of your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
It'd be nice if callers, every once in a while, you'd comment on some stuff I've raised.
I mean, we don't screen calls.
You're welcome to call in about whatever you want.
But they're announcing an official U.N.
Army and calling it that, not just peacekeepers.
We have this resolution in the House trying to reaffirm this fraudulent four-plus-year war.
Because that's how long they've been in Afghanistan and over three years in Iraq.
You know, let's talk a little bit about that.
1-800-259-9231 I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Check, please.
I got this one, Bill.
Let's tell everyone about www.DidYouRobBillGates.com.
Sure, John.
Let's go right back to your calls.
Robert in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
It's a great pleasure to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
I listened to all your shows.
My best friend Drew has gotten me into your videos.
I've got The Order of Death and Bohemian Grove, and I've got 9-11, Martial Law, Rise of the Police State.
And I love both of them.
And I wish I could attend the conference, but I have to work, unfortunately, and I don't have the money to pay a hotel or pay a plane fare, but if I could, I certainly would.
And I did listen to Dr. Bowman on your show.
I think it was last week sometime, and it was very, very good.
And I also listened to Dr. Jones, a physicist, and that was very good.
And I was thinking about what you were talking about today with the U.N.
and the Army.
It's just another facade like the New World Order.
They want to take over.
Well, for those that just joined us, it is official.
It is in major U.S.
newspapers and Canadian papers that we are going into the American Union without a law even being passed.
They are merging our governments right now.
That's pretty bad.
I am thankful that you come on because I get to listen to the news and get an update on everything.
And your program is really good.
Well, thank you, sir.
Anything else?
Just keep on doing the work, and if there were about a million more of you, we probably wouldn't have these problems.
Well, I appreciate that, but thanks for the call.
Look, guys, everybody keeps saying, Alex, thank you, Alex, thank you, Alex, thank you.
Listen, I'm just doing my job here.
You can get out there.
You have my videos.
Make copies of them.
Give them to people.
Again, everybody expects that we all have to do superhuman deeds, that we all have to move mountains ourselves.
Many hands make light work.
It's all of us informing neighbors, talking to friends, talking to family, running for local political office, picking an issue, the Second Amendment, property rights, the border issue, picking an issue, picking an issue that the globalists are trying to push through.
The globalists are trying to set up an American Union?
It's totally unpopular, criminal, un-American.
Inform people!
Get involved.
We can stop it.
Bush is double the size of the BATF.
He's going after the Second Amendment.
Expose it.
Get the article we wrote about Bob Barr, the audio file we posted of Bob Barr, former congressman, very conservative, NRA board member, telling you Bush is anti-gun, more than Bill Clinton, using regulations to go after the Second Amendment instead of laws.
It's the same thing.
They're using...
Regulations to get rid of the borders.
They're using agency power at every level to do this.
Let's go ahead and talk to, who's up next?
Denise in California, you're on the air.
Hi there, good morning.
Hey, listen, first of all, I'm not going to say thank you, but everyone obviously really appreciates all that you do, Alex, because really there's so few of you.
I mean, how many people are there?
Well, maybe there's few people on the radio every day, but there's probably 100,000 people that are as informed as I am now in Austin.
That voice, that topic, these subjects, this whole subject matter that you bring forth every day is just so neglected.
I mean, it's just we have no place to go.
We see this impending car crash in our future as the whole country seems to be falling down around us,
And there's just so little that we can do.
It's just so frustrating.
Well, ma'am, ma'am, ma'am, let me just, again, almost every caller is repeating this mantra.
I'm sorry.
I feel bad for saying it now.
No, it's okay.
Can I just comment on what you said?
Of course.
I understand that it looks bleak if you're watching Fox News and CNN because they're not going to respond to what we're doing generally, so we think we're alone.
That's an illusion.
There's a lot you can do.
There's a lot of things you can do.
Okay, message boards, letters to the editor.
When your rights are violated, filing suit.
Even if you don't win, it doesn't matter.
It clogs up their system.
Informing people.
It's a person-to-person thing.
Listen, ma'am, let me just give people good news, okay?
I mean, really, there's a lot of good news.
Half of the American people now believe the U.S.
government was involved in 9-11 major scientific polls.
Almost 70%, 68% believe the government is covering up.
So that's good news.
The vast majority of Americans are against the war.
The vast majority of Americans are against transponders in our cars to turn the roads into toll roads.
The vast majority of Americans, 90%, are against the open borders and amnesty.
So, again, we've done our job.
The people actually are awake.
Now, if each and every one of you will stop looking at how big the problem is and just repeating, my gosh, it's a big problem, and just start engaging it at point-blank range, we can take this sucker down.
Through you and the voice that you have, we organized some kind of a movement where we all kind of, I don't know, I hate to say march, but just something where we can all show the, you know, kind of demonstrate the numbers that we have.
Because it just, I mention these topics to people and I try to take that crusade to the streets every day and I'm in a very public forum in the business that I'm in.
And I mention these things to people, and 90% of them look at me like I'm kind of off my head.
I've been talking to people this week about the NAFTA highway.
And people say that they've heard nothing about it.
They believe this Fox News mantra that you mentioned.
And so as a result, it's just hard for us with our facts.
They believe the news.
They believe the media.
They're conditioned to believe that.
What you do is you print off human events...
I have all your videos.
Hey, I appreciate your call, Denise.
Good to hear from you.
Listen, I understand your frustration.
I do, but...
We're good to go.
I think?
Multiple groups are coming up.
We go to the grocery store to buy some chips and stuff for a meeting we're about to have with some people.
And masses of people are coming up.
And they weren't just coming up saying hi to people that they know, celebrities.
But they were coming up saying, hey, good job on 9-11.
Yeah, we agree with you.
So it may be in your circle, your friends.
They say a prophet is never known in his own country.
So your neighbors, your family, people at your work,
They think when you inform them about politics that you're trying to act uppity, that, I mean, we got one that can read, you know, that you're trying to show off, that you're trying to tell them they don't know something.
Again, the 60% of people or so that don't know their head from a hole in the ground, they don't matter.
They've never mattered in history.
It was 5%, 3% that started the war, 5% that won the war against the Redcoats, 1776, okay, over the next seven years.
Next eight years.
Again, instead of, and I understand this, but instead of just the mantra of it's hard, it's big, believe me, just take action.
The rest will follow.
Let's talk to Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, thanks.
Welcome from Skull and Bones country.
I enjoyed your bullhorning of the Bilderbergs.
That was great.
I plugged about potentially 40,000 people into some of your videos.
My local paper did this puff piece on this guy who was involved with the Connecticut government, state government, back in 1990.
They applauded him for basically helping institute a state income tax.
The guy's name is William Sebus, and he was budget director for Lowell Weicker.
And they instituted this income tax against the will of the people, and I figured, geez, what better way to get the news out about the comprehensive annual financial reports.
So I basically scathed this guy and said, shame on you for giving this guy a puff piece.
You should be lampooning him.
And I put the people in the way of a website that's got downloadable videos of yours, including Masters of Terror and
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
So, yes, people, write letters to the editor.
Go on these websites where they talk about the left-right Japanese kabuki theater and put the people in the right paradigm.
Tell them that the left-right paradigm is nothing but a show.
Point them out to links such as the research of Stephen Jones and...
The admission of... That's right.
We don't have time to talk about how big the problem is or talk about how hard it is to wake people up.
We only have time to try to reach those that can be reached.
There's too much at stake, Alex.
We've got to put our shoulders to the wheel, and everybody's got to get involved.
It's like you said, many hands make light work.
Anyway, it was great to talk to you, Alex.
You have a great weekend.
You too, my friend.
Keep it up.
Yes, so many times you can get letters to the editor.
We're good to go.
Just put them on windshields of cars.
Put them on people's doorsteps.
Go down and get an AXS TV show.
It's normally pretty easy.
Then tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands can then see it.
I mean, there's so many effective things you can do.
Here's an example.
Al Gore has recruited a thousand professionals and young people and college students to go out and push the myth of global warming...
Thank you.
Thank you.
Basically, rent-a-mobs or engineered grassroots movements because they know that's where the power is.
They're busy doing that all over the country.
Well, there's millions of listeners to this show every week.
You guys go out and recruit others.
You go recruit ten people.
I don't care if it takes six months.
You go inform ten people.
You teach them how to inform.
You get them the basic facts.
Or you find ten people in your area that are already informed.
You guys and gals go out and inform others.
That is unstoppable.
Listen, I've had victory after victory after victory against state legislation.
We've had victory against federal legislation.
We have had victory at the local level.
We have sued the government.
We've gotten people who've gone to jail.
I mean, I've been sitting there exposing city employees who I know are stealing money, and I go on air and I say I know there's theft going on.
And they get hopping mad about it, but six months later, after fighting them and exposing them and spending over $10,000 investigating them, because I knew it was important, one of them went to prison.
And we're trying to get the others to go to prison.
Listen, we send people to prison, folks.
We're trying to send these globalists to prison.
We know who the crooks are, and we're going to send you to prison.
I mean, I know we can win, we can take this country back.
We've got to get past this self-defeating prophecy, this self-fulfilling prophecy that people put out that we can't do anything and we can't fight evil.
That's a bunch of lies.
But frankly, it wouldn't matter to me if we couldn't win.
It's still better to fight this thing.
It's still going to lessen the blow of the New World Order if we're involved.
I hate to have to sit up here and be a cheerleader, but I believe the cheers I'm putting out here.
Now, as for the left-right paradigm, it's really simple.
The Republican and Democratic leadership, to a great extent from 1913 on, but it really got bad after 1963, got even worse after Nixon, and now even worse under Clinton and then Bush.
We are at all-time lows of corruption.
That is, we're at an all-time low for this country being riddled with corruption, riddled with evil, riddled with just wanton, out-of-control looting of the economy, stealing at every level, just manifest government frauds and government hoaxes on the public.
Lie on top of fraud, on top of scam, on top of profiteering, on top of you name it.
But to put in a nutshell what the false left-right paradigm is, it's really simple.
It's very simple.
They create this huge false debate, this huge carnival show, where you have the left and right, who are just two different management teams, owned by the same global government, the same global cartels,
And so the media has this big false debate about all this mindless trivia and
They'll burn a few low-level politicians who are involved in minor scams, 100,000 here, a million there, ignoring the true corruption.
And so people get so sucked in by this whole false reality.
It's all a smokescreen, a diversion, a distraction.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cliff in Idaho.
Cliff, you're on the air.
How you doing there, Alex?
You're doing a good job.
I called in there yesterday and was talking about the SPP.
Well, the website is www.spp.gov.
You can find it going through .com.
But I talked to a radio show host here this morning.
You know, let's just stop right there, because I know it's kind of like we're having a private conversation here, but we're really not.
A lot of people aren't going to know what the SPP is, and that is the now-public Pan-American Union merger body in our government.
Go ahead.
...in the United States, but I talked to this radio show host this morning, and there is another division of that, SPP, which I'm hunting for right now.
But he said, you know, we got to talking, and I told him about the National Police Force and all that stuff, and he said, well, nothing can be done without going through government.
I said, they're already doing it.
And then I also told him, you know, about the security part and stuff, and he said, and the sovereignty, and he said, well, it's just semi-sovereignty.
And I kind of blew up, and I said, that's kind of like running head-on into a semi-truck with a Volkswagen.
I mean, and that's what they're telling the people here in Idaho.
And let me guess, I bet it's a so-called conservative host, and it's all over Human Events, it's all over CNN, it's all over mainstream publications now, and it should be top story everywhere.
But the point is, you can go to mainstream articles on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com that have hyperlinks to all the mainstream government documents, government websites.
It's openly happening, and you've got talk show hosts that are still in denial.
That's right.
The lady that was talking earlier there was saying it was so hard to get people to do things.
He started out with something simple.
I had a guy that he didn't believe the government was bad and all this kind of stuff, and he said my head was being brainwashed by listening to these programs and doing research.
So I slipped the one about Ben Livingston and the hurricane.
I was able to stop hurricanes in on him, you know, and then I put it on the computer for him.
He's coming around now.
He's wanting to know everything else.
So it's hard to start with when you start out with something easy and then just gradually go on.
You can convince these people or they'll convince themselves.
Good job, Cliff.
Yeah, the official U.S.
government documents, mainstream news, they could control hurricanes in the mid-1960s, Stanford Research Institute, but they don't.
It's totally admitted.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Turnbull, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my exclusive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
The Big 9-11 Conference with Ray McGovern, Dr. Bob Bowman, Dr. Stephen Jones, William Rodriguez, myself, surprise guests,
Downtown L.A.
next weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from, what, like, really starts at about 10 in the morning, runs until about 10 at night, 9.30 at night.
Both days, it's going to be amazing.
You don't want to miss it.
The tickets are all almost gone.
Still a few available at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-
My 9-11 book, Descent into Tyranny.
It's all available.
Huge discounts at Infowars.com.
In some cases, as low as $5.95 per film.
T-shirts as low as $9.95 a piece.
Pro-gun, what Limbaugh would call liberal shirts.
They're really the liberals, if you want to use their stupid terms, folks.
You need to get these videos.
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And never forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
All 14 of my films online.
Terror Storm will be up there weeks before.
It'll be up there at the end of next week.
It'll be up there weeks before it is available on DVD.
Terror Storm.
It's the best film ever made.
This thing will blow you away.
Wait until you see it.
We've got interviews we did in Chicago with Morgan Reynolds, Stephen Jones, and others that are going up or have already gone up.
Corey Rao about one of the incredible firefights and some of the things that were involved in Iraq.
One of the Loose Change guys is a big-time vet from Iraq and Afghanistan.
He's going to be on with us talking about that a little bit coming up in a few minutes with Dylan Avery.
That's going up there.
They're editing that right now.
As we got back from Chicago, never had a chance to put it up.
We're just now doing it.
All of my special TV report I do here locally, it's available at Infowars.com right now.
There is so much there when you get a PrisonPlanet.tv membership.
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Become a member of PrisonPlanet.tv and your purchase makes this broadcast possible.
Let's jam a call in before this hour ends.
Let's talk to Todd calling us from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, good.
Before I get to my question, I wanted to make two comments.
The first comment, you may remember me calling from a few weeks ago when I stated that I disagreed with you using the Second Amendment as a tool to protect the rights of gun owners.
Rather, I stated that in my humble opinion, using the Ninth and Tenth Amendment would be a stronger argument.
As a response, you suggested that I examine the Federalist Papers.
The reason I'm commenting on that is, while I may not be the smartest person out there, I'm far from being a dummy, if I can be misinformed, so can others.
In all of my schooling, the Second Amendment has almost always been taught in such a way to suggest that the amendment is outdated, we live in a different world, the right to have a militia has nothing to do with individual gun ownership, etc., etc.
Once again, Alex is right.
Read the Federalist Papers.
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and others comment at great length exactly what they meant by the Second Amendment.
Don't take my word nor Alex's for it.
Read the papers yourself.
They're in any library.
They're all over the Internet.
Simple Googling.
Federalist Papers.
Second Amendment.
And by the way, the Federalist Papers were kind of the gun grabbers compared to the Anti-Federalist Papers.
Oh, it's amazing.
You can hold over until our guests.
You can hold over until we take calls with guests, or I can let you go right now.
You make the decision.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into the second hour of this live Friday edition, the 16th day of June 2006.
I travel to L.A.
next Wednesday.
Saturday and Sunday is our huge Super Bowl of 9-11 events, as Jack Blood termed it.
I agree with him.
And I guess it's going to be there, the folks who produced Loose Change.
We're going to have Jason and Dylan Avery there.
A man who can't be there for the full conference is Corey Rowe, because Corey's going for his brother's graduation.
By the way, Corey, who I got a chance to meet in person, a great fellow, all of them are wonderful, very intelligent young men.
He is a combat veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Saw some of the heaviest fighting in the first days after the invasion of Iraq.
And he's not just here to talk about Loose Change 2nd Edition that we have right now, Loose Change 3rd Edition coming out soon, the huge 9-11 rally they're going to have at Ground Zero coming up on September 11th.
Also, we're going to spend a few minutes talking about a video interview that's exclusive that we're putting together that we did an hour-plus interview with him
We're cut down to about 30 minutes about something that mirrors, in many respects, what happened with the Marines a few months ago.
But this wasn't a massacre because it was an accident, and they told the truth, and it was investigated, the difference between the Hadiyah situation.
So we'll be talking about that some as well.
Dylan Avery and Corey Rau, good to have you gentlemen on.
Hey, man.
How's it going?
Hey, Alex.
Good to be on the show.
You bet.
Just out of the gates, gentlemen, how is Loose Change 3rd Edition coming along?
Slowly but surely.
Still kind of getting things together, but working as fast as we can.
You're going to have something very special for us on Sunday, aren't you?
I've got you guys blocked out for an hour and a half.
Yes, you do.
You're going to have us for an hour of video and a half hour of a little question and answer session afterwards.
And what are people, just give us an idea of what we'll be seeing.
Well, I suppose just a sneak preview of just everything that we've gotten.
We're still very early in the
Yeah, well, Loose Change 2 is powerful, and I'm hearing Loose Change 3 is going to be monumental.
Well, that's what we're hoping for.
Wait till you guys see Terror Storm.
It's going to knock your socks off.
Oh, yeah, we can't wait, man.
We're looking forward to it.
Chicago was dynamic, to say the least.
Corey, if Chicago was great, what do you think L.A.
is going to be like?
Oh, man, I'm sure L.A.
is going to be a great show.
I mean, I can't really stress enough how much I really want to be there and be a part of it.
It's too bad I've got to go back.
You know, my brother only graduated from high school once.
It should be an amazing conference.
I'm sure a lot is going to get accomplished.
A lot did in the Chicago one, a lot more at this one.
Like you said, it's the Super Bowl of 9-11 conferences.
I've talked to so many people out in L.A.
who are just like Paramount Pictures and Lion Cinema, these people, and I'm like, oh, yeah, we went out to this 9-11 conference.
They're like, oh, I want to go.
Get me tickets, blah, blah, blah, blah.
There's so many people that are interested about it and so many people, like, the word's spreading out there.
It's buzzing real good.
That's right.
You guys are going to be out there.
You're going to be there the three days before, so we've got to hook up while we're out there.
We're going to break.
When we come back, I want to get into 9-11, what you guys think is the most important foundational pillars of it being an inside job.
And then, Corey, I want to switch gears and get into the incredible video interview that you, for the first time, gave us.
It took a lot of courage to do it.
Just give us an idea of what we'll be discussing when we get into that.
Yeah, we're going to be discussing an operation that went from bad to worse to even beyond that.
Real quick, on a rainy afternoon in Missoula, Iraq, on a routine operation just to resupply some of our oppositions, it went bad, essentially.
That's what we'll be talking about.
But it was handled correctly after it went bad compared to... Oh yeah, definitely.
We'll go into also the aftermath and how an instance like that is properly handled, which my unit did, as opposed to what happened with the Marines.
I also want to talk about how the CNN was staging video with the Rangers, with you and Special Forces.
We'll talk about that as well.
We'll talk to two of the main forces behind Loose Change 2nd Edition and Loose Change 3 coming out when we get back.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at infoawards.com or prisonplanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
The ideology powering the Democrats and Republicans is not liberalism or conservatism, but globalism.
I think.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds into this second hour.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday edition.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Going back to our guest, Dylan Avery, who created Loose Change, first edition and second edition, teamed up with his old high school buddy.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's definitely an honor.
Sorry to cut you off.
No, no, both of you.
First Dylan, then Corey.
Give us your take on the phenomenon of Loose Change 2.
It's absolutely overwhelming, Alex.
I mean, I never expected any of this to happen.
I mean, we weren't even responsible for uploading it to Google Video.
Somebody just emailed us and said, Hey, I put this online for you.
I hope you don't mind.
And we encourage it.
And somebody, for some reason, put my name on that upload.
I don't know why.
You know, more publicity for all of us, I suppose.
So, I don't know, man.
It's been pretty incredible, and things have really taken off in ways that we never could have imagined, and now the hard part is, I guess, coping with it, and not letting it get too overwhelming.
Well, exactly.
Corey, you guys, I mean, you've been in the Army Rangers, so that taught you to not sit there and suck your thumb.
That was a mistake.
I was not in the actual Rangers.
I was in a unit that supported the Rangers all the time.
I worked with them, but I wasn't actually in the Rangers.
Well, I'm just saying I'm sure that the military taught you not to sit there and suck your thumb, as some people do, but just start taking action and success will follow.
You guys have done that.
Give us your take on the phenomenon of loose change, too.
Absolutely, man.
I mean, it's crazy to me that... It's not crazy to me.
The first time I saw Loose Change, I mean, I saw various forms of it.
There's the second edition out there that's actually like the eighth or ninth.
When Dylan was sending me his early cuts of Loose Change, I knew from the moment I saw it that it was going to be huge.
I knew that it was going to take off and that it was actually going to change people's minds out there.
And Jason said the same thing as soon as he saw it.
He's like, you know, this is the one that's going to be in the schools and this is the one that's going to be out there and this is the one that's going to change the hearts and minds of the American people.
And that's exactly what it's doing, man.
I mean, all of us together, Loose Change is out there.
I mean, your movies are out there.
Everybody's out there, and we're doing our part, and we're really starting to make a dent.
I mean, you can't even, the news coverage can't even bring up 9-11 anymore without bringing up the conspiracy theorists and the people out there that just won't believe anything.
I mean, they have to discredit us within their news reports now because there's such an overwhelming population of 9-11 truth seekers within the American public as well as the international community.
Well, you know when something's going to be big.
With Terror Storm, we've spent three times the money on it.
I spent on past films.
We hired all these professional graphics people.
I've got Graham Reynolds, who does the music for major Hollywood productions, like a Scanner Darkly that's coming out.
So wait until you see Terror Storm.
I've got that same feeling that Terror Storm is going to go thermonuclear.
Where does it go from here?
Tell us about what's coming up on September 11th, that huge rally you're going to have at Ground Zero.
Right now, I mean, every DVD, every original DVD that gets sold through us and soon through our affiliates such as you, Alex, we'll be handing out invitations that go out with every DVD.
They'll start to come inside the DVD case, inviting people down the grounds here this year, letting them know the date to take it off, to come down, to bring a sign, to wear a t-shirt, to make our presence known.
I mean, it's, like I said, such a huge, overwhelming population of people out there
And you guys are also trying to maneuver, and you're having a lot of success, on getting Loose Change's third and final edition in theaters.
Oh yeah, that's what we're working on.
We're going to be meeting with people concerning that out in Los Angeles the days beforehand, hopefully.
So we'll see how that goes.
It's exciting.
I want to shift gears here again, because this is important, and focus with Corey Rowe here for a second.
Corey, tell us about...
I think so.
The short version, summer day, just hanging out on the lawn.
The recruiter drove up to me, and I was joshing with him.
I was like, ah, I was thinking about joining the military.
The guy stops his car, puts it in park, gets out, walks over, starts handing out business cards, gives me a spiel, calls my parents, calls my family, starts sending me letters.
I mean, at this point, he got me all hyped up.
So I'm like, yeah, I'll go join the military.
I send off on August 20th.
I'm in holding for a few weeks.
I'm in holding on September 11th.
They march us out into a formation.
They don't say anything.
They just march us into a room, turn the TV on.
Watch the planes impact the towers.
And then we watched the thing about the Pentagon being blown up.
And from there, they took us back outside, put us back in formation, told us to pack our bags.
And then from that moment, they shipped us to basic training.
The next time I actually got to actively look at the information about September 11th was almost a year later when I got back from Afghanistan.
Because when you're in the military, you are only allowed to watch AFN, the Armed Forces Network, or read the Army Times.
I think so.
In fact, you were there supporting the Special Forces.
You talked about how people that you know, and this was hard for you to talk about on record, on video, but independently it's actually been in the news, that bin Laden was targeted many times, and you talked to Special Forces people that were not allowed to pull the trigger.
I mean, there was operations, and like you said, I went in there and checked this out after I talked to you about it.
There have been so many people that have come out and said, you know, they were on an operation and they had, you know, Osama Bin Laden, you know, in the crosshairs.
The units that I talked to were in a position that they were able to assault his area and capture him, but they were told to stand down before the operation actually went green light.
Now, to be specific, you'd never read that in the news.
You heard that in country.
You start telling us on camera, and I can see you get scared and go, that's actually classified.
But now I guess you've learned that a Special Forces colonel went public for the San Francisco Chronicle, so it's not a secret.
Tell people briefly, and then I want to get into Iraq.
And I also want to get Dylan's take on this, because this gives you an idea of the type of young men that have made Second Edition.
Tell people about what happened in Afghanistan, that one story with CNN and staging that event.
Sure, sure.
Right before we were about to go home, Alex, right before we were about to go home, we were all picked up.
We were like, hey guys, we've got one more mission to do.
There's one last thing we've got to knock out, and then we're out of here.
So we started this about three-week train up for this huge mission.
To go clear a terrorist training camp on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
I mean, we had satellite overlays, and we had, you know, a 20x20 terrain model mapping out the terrain in the area.
We had everything planned.
I mean, we had so much ammo, it was duct-taped to our legs, like 200-round drums of saw ammo.
That was duct tape to our legs.
I mean, they put us in this mission.
We fly out there.
I'm on one of the last birds to fly in.
We get the report back to the ground because it's ice cold.
I mean, we land.
There's nothing there.
I mean, the buildings that were supposedly there were bubbled.
I mean, I looked up the road, and I could see special forces pulling security for us left and right.
And this whole time, CNN was with us, and they were doing this exclusive report on, you know, the Rakasans and, you know,
I think it was a battle on the border or something like that.
And to make a long story short, it turns out they knew the place was cold, it was all staged, but they still then had you all open fire and blow everything up like you were having a fight.
Yeah, they do what's called a Spendex, and they're like, you know, guys, we just did this mission, let's go ahead and burn this ammo.
I mean, we brought 800 pounds of C4, so there were some caves.
They're like, hey, let's blow up some caves.
So, of course, the whole time CNN's recording this, they're like, hey, you know, burn some ammo.
So we start blasting.
I didn't even ever think about it, because then we went home.
They're like, you know, okay, now let's go home.
So we went home, never thought about it.
A few months later, I saw the tape, and it was completely distorted from what actually happened.
And from there, they've used the same footage numerous times to cover stories in Iraq when they actually don't have footage of it.
They're just giving you faith-based testimony that the government's handing them off a piece of paper and putting some fancy images on the screen and making it believable.
Turns out there were nobody in the caves.
They knew it was cold.
Nobody was there.
The Special Forces had been there for days.
But, oh my gosh, we're going to defeat Al-Qaeda.
We're killing them in their caves right now.
Corey, fast-forwarding.
I may have to hold you guys over a little bit past the 30-minute mark because we've got to tell the story and then spend some more time and tell folks about your website.
But then they ship you into Iraq.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, sure thing.
I got back to the United States.
Seven months later, I find myself redeploying again, this time to Iraq.
I mean, this is when I started to wake up to things.
I was like, okay, wait a minute.
Seven months ago, I was fighting these guys in Afghanistan.
Now I'm going to Iraq to fight someone completely different.
What's the real purpose behind this?
They sent me over there, and we start clearing the country.
I mean, to fast forward to what you want to talk about,
Which is reflective of the Marines.
One night, we're on an OP.
We're going out to resupply our observation posts that are pulling observation over the highways.
So people don't place IEDs, improvised explosive devices, onto the highways.
From there, we were just out resupplying them.
I was fixing a radio because I was an RTO, a radio telephone operator, for my commander.
And I was fixing one of my RTOs' radio, who's actually died now in Iraq.
And all of a sudden, I'm bending down, fixing the radio.
And all of a sudden I hear, you know, da-da-da-da-da-da-da, which is what my commander described as and what sounded to me like an RPK opening up from the wood line.
We had a platoon of security that was out there in that exact location that returned fire.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
Wait until you hear this story, folks.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back after this quick break with Dylan Avery and Corey Rowe.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Bill and Avery, Corey Rowe, riding the shotgun with us.
Coming up in the next segment, we'll spend more time on Loose Change 2nd Edition and the new one, the final edition, coming out.
It's going to be huge.
I can't wait to see it.
A sneak preview of a lot of the footage that's going to be in it coming up next Sunday on the second day of the conference in L.A.
Corey, please continue.
So you're there in this building.
You're there watching the road.
You hear some shots fired.
Please continue.
Yeah, from that point, we had heard shots fired.
The platoon that was on security started to return fire into the wood line where the fire we believed to have originated from.
From that point, a guy ran out of the backwoods and where the fire was coming from, in the direction of a tent,
At the same time, coming down the highway in the direction that we were firing was a wedding party on their way or coming from the service of having a wedding.
They were shooting celebratory fire out the windows, up into the air.
During the firefight and all the chaos, what happened was some of the guys down on the line on security thought that was more incoming fire coming from the highway.
So they returned fire onto the highway, killing people inside the wedding party who actually turned out to be the bride and the groom.
And from there, even more, another car came down the road.
We heard more fire coming from the road.
Lit up a second car on the highway.
Some more guys down there on security.
It turned out to be a Catholic family on their way to church, killing everyone.
But I believe the small girl and the father was in a coma the last time that we had ever heard anything about it.
How old was the child that was killed?
No more than eight, six or seven.
Can you turn, if possible?
Make a U-turn.
Hold on, we've got a little problem here.
And I'm sorry, from there, we just went out.
I mean, there was a lot of problems, you know, a lot of things happened that shouldn't have.
But after the fact, we had... Sorry, Alex, I apologize about that.
That's your GPS, isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
It's telling me I'm going the wrong way, so I'm just going to go ahead and park right here.
But from that point, a lot of things went wrong, and they all pulled us into an operation room after the fact, and we stayed there over and over and over, like six or seven hours, explaining what had happened, where the fire had come.
We had to draw diagram after diagram, which you'll see in the interview that I gave out.
And on top of that, we actually had to go out the next day with metal detectors and try to come up with the RPK ammo.
And in summation, you guys don't even know, there was no casings, that that guy running around there by his tent that turned out with children may not have even been shooting.
It was probably celebratory fire coming down the road.
But in the final equation, the military did admit that it was a mistake instead of trying to cover it up.
Now, can you contrast that compared to the Marines knowingly, and this is admitted now, going in and killing everybody in a house but one small girl?
I mean, for that to happen, for that kind of psyche, I mean, what's going on in Iraq right now?
I mean, I'm not justifying it.
I'm just saying that I can understand the psyche and the frustration that those guys go through every day after putting in blood, sweat, and tears to make sure that they try to get home alive.
And I can sympathize with them as well for doing it.
They're defending their homeland.
But in the end, I mean, for a Marine to react to that kind of situation by having watched one of his soldiers die and then going into a house and retaliating on innocent people is criminal.
I mean, they should be held accountable.
And then not only that, but then the military tries to cover it up.
I mean, there's so many instances of military cover-ups of homicide from military soldiers onto Iraqis and all around.
Part of your tour was in the Green Zone guarding a hospital.
What did you see in there every day?
I mean, every day it was nothing but small children, family members come in missing, arms, legs, half their body, half their head.
I mean, I was sitting in the ER door for about two weeks just watching the casualties of innocent Iraqis stream through the door and the pain and everything that those family members had to go through to see that.
It was really tough.
Describe for people what the women were screaming, because I've seen video of similar things.
It tears your heart out.
I mean, a lot of it I didn't understand.
I mean, I understand some of it, but they're all screaming, you know, to Allah and asking why and asking to get the Americans out of their country and stop killing their family members because to them that's all they see.
I mean, because that's what's happening on the ground level.
Corey, in our interview you said you understand that if people invaded your country that you would fight.
Is it true that all the insurgents are Al-Qaeda?
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
The insurgency in Iraq is nothing more than a civil war.
I mean, these people, they've had the dictator that was in charge of them taken out, and now their country is being run by, to them, infidels.
So to them, they're fighting for rights of getting their country back to them, and they're fighting a sovereign or a foreign nation that's invaded their nation.
I can completely understand.
I mean...
If someone perished in my backyard, you can guarantee that not only me, but every American out there with a shotgun would be sitting on his front porch just waiting for someone to try to take his piece of land.
I mean, I see it.
We'll be right back.
We'll talk more about Loose Change 2nd Edition and the final edition that's coming out with Dylan Avery and, of course, Corey Rowe.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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Other than that, that's who's there.
It's weird.
I'm getting all these emails and stuff, other people claiming they're speaking or they're at the event, and they're going to have a rude awakening when they get there because we barely have time for everybody who's on the agenda.
And I'm not going to cram too many people into the agenda and then shortchange those that are there to officially speak.
Dylan Avery and Jason Birmes that are going to be there are both going to have their chance to show their new material and to speak.
So who you see on the list is who you're going to get.
It's going to be great.
I want to thank all of you that have gotten tickets.
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I want to go back to Dylan Avery who's been holding patiently here.
But finishing up, Corey,
Specifically, you were in Iraq.
The Iraqis on record say it's much worse than it was before we got there.
You were there.
You witnessed what is happening.
Are we helping the Iraqis?
As a soldier who was in both theaters, is this a good thing that's happening in Iraq?
No, absolutely not.
This is the worst decision Americans ever let our government get us into.
I mean, I'm not going to blame it on the Americans here.
This is the worst thing that we've decided to do in a very long time.
What was it like seeing dead and dying children?
Because I hear all these neocons on radio going, Turn them into a parking lot!
Kill them all!
Talking to you, you said the Iraqis are pretty nice people, and that after 12 years of sanctions, 13 years of sanctions, that they're living almost at a caveman level.
Can you describe that?
These people live in a very small world.
They have nothing for them.
They seriously have no plumbing.
They have absolutely nothing for them that's going to make their life livable.
I mean, they have whatever electricity that doesn't get shut off that day.
Oh, my God.
I apologize for this, Alex.
There's so much going on.
But yeah, over there, man, their lives are not getting any better.
The cities are being rubbled one by one.
I mean, their houses are being destroyed.
It's not ending for them, and there's no end in sight.
Last question for you, Corey, and then I'm going to let you go and finish up with Dylan here briefly, who I appreciate holding.
Witnessing what happened in Iraq, we see polls where 70% of the troops want to come home and say it's bad.
What number being on the ground and now talking to your comrades that come home, what percentage of them are against the war?
I know at Chicago event, some of your war buddies who live in Chicago showed up.
What's their view on it now?
I mean, anybody who goes over there, and this is for the people in my unit who, just when I got out, were getting ready to read a play over there, and they were all excited, looking forward to it.
These people have no idea what they're getting themselves into, and when they get over there and they realize what they're a part of and what's going on,
It's no longer a doubt in their mind that what other Americans were saying before they left, that the war is unjust, is true.
I mean, when they come home, they know the atrocities that their government's capable of.
They're aware.
I mean, and if they're not, then they're so deep in that there's no saving them anyway.
What percentage is awake?
Honestly, Alex, I couldn't give you an accurate portrayal of that because I haven't been out of service for about a year now.
Actually, it was just a year yesterday.
It was my one-year anniversary from being out.
You know, I'd say over 50% know when they get back.
When they get back, over 50% are well aware of what's going on.
I appreciate you joining us.
All right.
Corey, take care.
I hope to see you out in L.A.
All right, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
I apologize if I have a sound problem.
Oh, no, no.
And I appreciate Dylan for holding the last 15 minutes.
Dylan, shifting gears back to your new film, give us a little bit of a sneak preview.
Loose Change Final Edition.
How is it going to differ from the second edition?
That's the most I can say to wrap it up really quickly.
I mean, we get e-mails.
You know, there's
No, I've read a lot of that.
98% of it's manufactured.
Yeah, and I mean, apart from that, it's just simple, you know, simple mistakes that could have been avoided if, you know, I had more time and
More resources at my disposal.
No, I know it's easy for somebody that's never made a film.
I do it while I do radio shows, while I have a family.
I mean, it's easy to go to see an hour and a half film and then look at it and find one or two things.
Oh, they said the wrong type of airplane crashed into in 1945 into the Empire State's building.
Big deal.
A big airplane crashed into it.
You know, they can nitpick one or two things.
Yeah, exactly.
But moving on, you know, it doesn't bother me.
It actually more amuses me if anything else.
But, um,
Essentially, we got interviews with people, which is one thing that the second edition obviously lacked, was that a lot of times we had to put text up onto the screen as opposed to actually going and interviewing people.
And again, we would love to interview these people, but it's kind of hard to track people down.
But thanks to the success of the second edition, a lot of these people have actually come to us and have actually volunteered to be interviewed as opposed to us going and finding them.
So basically what we've done is we interviewed people like Kevin Ryan, Jim Fetzer.
We're going to interview Professor Jones out in Los Angeles.
And essentially just lay all the doubt to rest.
It's going to be 100% solid.
It's going to be 100% legal, so we're not going to have any legal threats from any law firms out there.
It's going to be really good, Alex.
It's why we're calling it the final cut, because we want this to be definitive.
And do you guys think you're going to stick my Michael Moore confrontation in there?
We're still having some problems with the footage, but I think that's more of a problem on our end.
I think that we just don't have the capabilities you guys have.
So we never... No, yeah, we sent you one without the audio, like it is.
But we'll sort it out.
You're saying you haven't gotten another one in the mail yet?
No, no, I did.
And then our program, the audio skipping buddy, you know, whatever.
Like I said, I'm pretty sure that's a problem on our end.
Moving on from that stuff.
Yeah, we're definitely looking forward to the Los Angeles conference.
It's going to be a huge event, and we're stoked, to say the least.
And then you're going to try to get home after that and try to finish the third edition while you're busy doing interviews and busy promoting what you're doing and responding to it and responding to attacks.
You're also trying to finish the third edition.
Hey, welcome to the club, bro.
Yeah, I know.
It's great to be a member.
I wouldn't quit if I had the choice.
It's exciting, but what you guys have done is a testament to what taking action can do.
Simply, you know, not talking about how big the problem is or how it's hard to wake people up.
If you simply put one foot in front of the other, if you simply get in the lion's den, if you simply put yourself in the way of the tyranny, many times we're going to have victories.
And so all of you out there, there's many young people listening right now who can make films better than Loose Change, who can make films better than Martial Law, who can make films better than Terror Storm.
It's up to you as talented, intelligent artists.
Yeah, I'd love to see it.
Yeah, and you know, that's all we can hope for is that, you know,
One person, or hopefully every person out there, takes every possible step that they can to get the truth out there.
Make a movie, publish a book, or just hand out DVDs.
Be the crazy person on the corner.
It doesn't matter.
Just get the word out there.
I agree with you.
It was great talking to you, Del, and I'll see you in Los Angeles.
When are you guys getting in?
We're going to get in on the 20th.
Okay, so you're coming in on Tuesday.
Yes, we are.
I'm coming in on the 21st on Wednesday, and you've got my cell phone number.
I'll try to remember to take yours with me, and hopefully we can hook up.
I'm going to be doing some meetings there as well in those days before.
But Godspeed, and I'm praying for you.
You keep it up, champ.
Yeah, definitely.
I was looking forward to seeing you out there, bud.
All right, I'll let you get back to work.
Take care.
There goes Dylan Avery, the guy that first made the first edition and now made the second edition with his buddies, Jason...
Burmese and Corey Rowe.
All right.
I know we've got a bunch of callers online.
1-800-259-9231 is the number to join us.
By the way, I don't want to hear that that's just one of the troops.
That's just that Corey Rowe guy.
Other troops love what happened.
Oh, yeah, I talk to troops all the time that come home.
I don't think I've found any of them that like it unless I was out at Crawford.
And then they were normally troops who were in 10, 15 years ago who now work for Lockheed Martin or Halliburton.
Of course, they love the war.
They say it's no big deal killing all these civilians.
They say the Arabs all want to drink our blood.
They want to kill us.
No, no.
Iraqis loved us 15 years ago.
They loved us 14 years ago.
That's a historical fact.
They loved us.
They had Playboy magazine.
I'm not saying that's good.
Playboy magazine selling in the shops and rock and roll music.
And women were 60% of the college graduates.
They were becoming first world.
Not anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
Corey described to me how these families live now.
A power about one hour a day if they get it.
No running water.
Liver flukes in the water.
Most of the children malnourished, walking around with their rib cages sticking out.
Three million people!
Three million!
When the rest of the Middle East is exploding in population, you can look at the population graphs of Iraq prior to 1991 and the invasion.
You look at it, it's going straight up.
Iraq was something like 10 million people 50 years ago.
They were 25 million.
They're now 22 million.
Doing a good job of killing them.
You want to kill them all?
Well, we are!
Little babies are starving to death.
Oh, I know, before it was all Saddam's fault.
He wouldn't let them have the food.
Oh, it got blocked by Saddam.
That was all lies.
Saddam was a secular leader.
Saddam was put in by our government.
Saddam was CIA, and they set him up.
Saddam's evil.
He has rape rooms.
Turns out that's all lies, but our government really does have rape rooms, and that's okay, our media says.
I guess Bush and them were talking about their dreams for Iraq.
Making up what they were planning to do.
I know I got all these callers.
We were talking to Todd in Minnesota.
Is he still there?
I told him he could hold and finish up what he was saying.
Todd, earlier you were talking about the Second Amendment and how you researched the Federalist Papers and the Second Amendment really is about the individual right to keep and bear arms.
What else was it you wanted to add?
Well, I had one more comment and a question, but there was something that I wanted to ask first.
Did you get that information from the JFK Library?
You were very excited about a caller yesterday.
Yeah, we got it and posted it on Infowars.com.
To my next comment, I wanted to say something that is kind of interesting.
My 13-year-old daughter had to write a small research paper on global warming.
You can imagine how painful that would be, having to read those papers.
Anyway, I ended up having to have a conference with two of my daughter's teachers over her paper.
Did they say it was, like, kind of a crime, that she said it was a fraud?
Oh, yeah, yeah, you know, I mean, they're clearly upset at the stance she took, but yet they didn't know how to react, and, you know, I guess... So in America, you've got to have a conference because of a stance on a paper?
Yeah, yeah.
That sounds like freedom.
Sounds like freedom.
She actually used facts to support her argument, you know.
As a last resort, they ended up accusing her of having someone with several degrees write her paper.
Oh, so they tried to accuse her with a plagiarism.
Yeah, I mean, her paper was flawless.
She ended up getting an A-.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
Is it in a PDF format?
Email it, I'll post it.
Okay, well, keep in mind, a 7th grader wrote it.
I don't care.
No, I'll say it.
A 7th grader wrote it, and I want you to write a header on it describing what she went through.
You can remove her name, just say the school district.
Send it to tips at InfoWars.com, Kevin at InfoWars.com, Ryan at InfoWars.com, and then we'll get it if you send it to all three.
Yes, sir.
I think she's probably got it on a disc somewhere, and I'll get that to you within 48 hours.
So tell us the story.
How did this begin?
Well, she had to write...
She had to write a paper on global warming, and she ended up doing a little bit of research.
I think one of her, she started at Infowars.com, put some keywords in, and started, she quickly learned about how, and keep in mind, this is a layman's perspective, but she learned about how the people, that the arguments that these people use against global warming are actually by people that disagree with the people using their arguments.
The scientists are like, wait a minute, we're not saying what you say we're saying.
They had a global survey, over 70% of top climatologists say that we're in danger of global cooling.
Right before global cooling, you have a global warming that then starts a phenomenon that then starts the rapid cooling.
We're in a 12,000 year ice age cycle, absolutely documented, going back over 10 cycles.
Please continue.
I don't have a lot to... I should have been a little bit more prepared to discuss this more intelligibly.
Here's another thing.
Put ice in a glass and overfill it with the ice.
When it melts, the glass will go down about an inch.
So if the ice caps totally melt, that's what ends up causing the global cooling afterwards.
If they melt, the ice was displacing a greater ratio, and so you will actually see, on average, a three-foot drop in world sea levels if the caps actually melted.
Let me explain that again.
Top scientific computer models have been done by major universities.
If the ice caps at Antarctica and the North Pole completely melted, you would see upwards of a three-foot drop in ocean levels because ice displaces upwards of 10.1%.
That's a scientific number.
I think I was watching a documentary about it last night.
I have all places with my children.
There's a lot of TV once a week, and it was a scientific documentary.
And it wasn't even one poo-pooing global warming.
It wasn't even about global warming.
It was about the wonders of water.
And it showed how every other gas or liquid, when you freeze it, contracts.
Water actually expands, and a 10.1% greater area is expelled.
So, you have 10% of the volume that the ice caps displace is suddenly gone when it liquefies a three-foot drop.
Can we all say that together?
I'm sorry, go ahead.
That's all I have on that comment.
Oh, did she put that in there?
Because I hope she did.
That's one of the 101s here.
She did put some very similar things like that.
Like I said, I should have been more prepared.
Maybe I could discuss this.
No, no, you're doing a great job.
Let's be clear.
Let's be clear about this.
There is global climate change going on.
The sun is going to increase its brightness, NASA has said, by 50% in the next 11 and a half year cycle.
We're in crisis mode.
It has nothing to do with our cars.
Now, even if global warming was real, as they say it is, even if there was this massive shift, which is happening, but not for the reasons they say, what does a global tax on the industrialized world have to do with it?
Absolutely nothing.
So seed to them that global warming is real, which isn't true.
Change is real.
Massive climate change is happening.
It's been happening and always happens.
Then you go to the major scientific studies that a major gas volcano explosion of the type of Mount St.
Helens puts out more particulates into the atmosphere and more greenhouse gases than all human activity in the last 100 years.
You hit them with that.
You keep hitting them.
Boom, boom, boom.
Then they talk about how carbon dioxide is so deadly and raises the Earth's temperature.
Actually, plants can metabolize over 50% more carbon dioxide and actually grow faster and act as a sponge and you see more green life worldwide in belts where it was previously not there and the desertification appearing in areas that it previously wasn't.
It's part of the climatological shift.
Thank you for the call.
We'll be right back.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Turnbull, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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We're good to go.
I know I'm ranting and raving.
It's just global warming, the way they propose it, the solutions they push for it, has no connection to reality.
It's about a global government body and a global tax to deal with the crisis.
And oh, we've got to take your resources to save the earth.
What's endangering the earth is genetic engineering.
What's endangering the earth is all the toxic chemicals they're dumping in the ocean.
The environmental groups are all funded by the big oil companies, I mean all of them.
We're good to go.
Threaten seventh graders and say you didn't write this.
They will say, what's wrong with you?
You're not saying it's real.
Climate change is real.
It's always happened.
By the way, the argument is, well, ice does displace 10.1% more radius than liquid water, frozen water.
Ice does, but Alex, most of that ice is above water, so it's not displacing.
Normally, depending on the structure or how it's been piled up on itself, then it goes into precipitation.
But normally, these ice masses only have 3-5% above.
The average is different in different parts of the world.
So, you've got between 7-5% below water.
That's where the scientific calculations come from of a 3-foot drop.
3-foot drop of sea level if the ice caps completely melted.
Let me say it again.
Then they say that carbon dioxide will kill the atmosphere.
When there's more carbon dioxide, it is then equalized because the plants simply will increase their uptake of it.
They like a higher mixture of carbon dioxide.
And then they put out more oxygen that we breathe.
The insects and the mammals and the different species that are out there on this planet.
I don't want to rant and rave about it all day.
It is such a fraud, like everything else.
Like 9-11 is a hoax.
Zarcali is a hoax.
WMDs are a hoax.
Everything is a hoax, okay?
Most of what the government does is a hoax.
And Al Gore, oh, he's so good, he's saving us.
And the media giving him all this coverage when the media is owned by the oil companies.
Let's go ahead and talk to Clyde, and we'll talk to...
Paul and many others.
Go ahead, Clyde.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
I just want to first start off by saying that I'm looking forward to your new video coming out.
And the reason why I called, I wanted to ask you a question about the UN soldiers.
And I'll ask this question and listen off the air.
Under what circumstances do you think that we would see UN soldiers patrolling the streets here in America?
We've already seen Mexican and other foreign troops for wildfires in 2000, for Katrina in 2005.
You will see them as part of the continental security perimeter.
International forces, they'll be Mexican, American, and Canadian, but they will be in international uniforms.
That's in the official plan.
And then they have said that if there's a catastrophic attack and we're, quote, tied down in the war on terror, foreign assets will be used to secure the homeland.
That is on record over ten times.
So the government has announced they will use foreign assets in America if a nuke goes off or if there's some biological release.
Okay, do you think that we'll see that soon?
How soon?
What is the time taken for estimation?
The minute they think we'll buy it.
They're running war games, psychological focus group tests.
The minute they think we'll accept it, you'll see it that very second.
And we won't buy it right now, so they can't do it.
We would have already seen noose.
We would have already seen smallpox.
We would have already seen souped-up bird flu.
But because they know that we're not buying it, they're in a holding pattern right now.
The minute you turn your back, the tiger is going to jump on your back.
Right now, you're face towards the woods where the tiger is lying.
He's not going to jump until you turn your back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Hello, folks!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It was in the Boston Globe that some of these government schools take the disabled children and or the unruly ones and they mount them with shock belts.
Hi, Alex.
As always, thanks for everything you do and all that good stuff.
I wanted you to elaborate on this October stuff that's supposed to be happening, the continuity of government stuff, the FEMA stuff, and just elaborate on that, if you would, for me.
You want me to keep you on hold or let you go?
Either one is fine.
Well, coming up June 14th, I guess they're having it right now.
For the next week, they're going to have people in bunkers, and they have another one next month.
They call them the biggest continuity of government drills ever.
They've told pastors, and we've gotten the documents, they have to be ready for martial law by October.
That doesn't mean they're going to do it in October.
That just means that they need to have it all ready by then, and it's pretty scary.
It's really freaking me out.
Yeah, everybody, guns and water.
Get a gun and a good water filter.
Godspeed, Alex.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
Again, I'm not predicting that that's going to happen.
I don't get on air and say that Texas City is going to be nuked or the Easter Bunny is going to come out of the pit of hell and grow to the size of Godzilla and destroy Tokyo.
Oh, no, he's got to go.
No, I'm not saying that.
They're getting ready.
They're saying terrorists are going to hit us.
They're saying only martial law will keep us safe.
In fact, I'll cover that later in the hour.
Let me find that article.
Where is it here?
Here it is.
State cities not ready for catastrophes, government says.
And the federal government says, we're not ready.
We've got to have total control over you.
The locals can't keep you safe.
The truth is no one can.
A government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take it away.
In fact, there is no government big enough to give you what you want.
There's only governments big enough to take it away.
Historically, it's a law of averages, a law of governments, a law of humanity.
It's what we do.
They want total control.
Paul, I was about to go to you from London, and Paul just hung up.
Okay, let's go to Sean in Maryland.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
How's it going?
I was just curious if you had seen the episode that was on FX six months before Katrina.
Good, sir.
Oil Storm?
Yeah, I've seen it.
It even has Mayor Nagin playing himself, and it's very suspicious.
Yeah, I played it for guys at work, because I work in an office, and put it on the server and let them watch it, and it just kind of blew them away.
This was just the day after Katrina, and I just happened to record it, you know, and was like, wow.
Yeah, let's be clear.
The X-Files produces a show a few months before 9-11 where the government hijacks a jet by remote control to fly to the World Trade Center to blame it on Afghanistan and Iraq to invade them.
They say all that.
And the government uses a drill to make NORAD stand down to confuse everyone.
Now, then I have one of the X-Files stars on, Lone Gum and Stars,
To admit that the CIA was planting those stories on them.
Oh, it gets worse.
Then you have Oil Storm with exactly what happened on air three months before Katrina hits with the real mayor on the show.
Now, this is what they do.
And you go, well, did they create that hurricane?
I don't know.
But I know this.
They can kill hurricanes.
Since 1965, it's been certified.
Totally easy.
Certified, official, declassified, and they didn't.
So what does that say?
There's definitely some s*** going on.
Well, I appreciate your call.
You take care, buddy.
It's a very, very serious world that we face.
And knowing is half the battle.
Getting out of our denial.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarnley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Joining us for the next 25 minutes or so is Dr. John Breeding.
Then we'll continue with your calls and a bunch of other news items in the last half hour of this broadcast.
There was a story yesterday in the Boston Globe about these government-run schools where they take children, and the government even admits they live in a total climate of fear.
If they ask too many questions or nag for another hot dog, they are shot with high-voltage stun belts that bring them to the ground.
They also wear stun necklaces.
They're forced to wear them in the showers when even the companies that sell these stun belts for hardened criminals say you cannot have it around a water source.
And the government of New York and Massachusetts are both doing it.
It says, we don't care.
We're not going to stop.
You see, people die every week from being stunned with stun guns for just arguing or not getting out of a car quick enough.
We're good to go.
This particular guy that came up with the lobotomy, he would actually stick an ice pick through the head and laugh.
There's photos and even some old film footage of this.
And he would just groogle it around in the frontal lobe.
Sometimes people died on the spot.
It wasn't scientific.
It was look, and then they suddenly drool.
Sometimes they can't walk anymore.
Isn't it great?
We poke holes in their cerebral cortex.
And they also run high voltage, blue lightning, right across the frontal lobes.
It's a
Electronic, electrical lobotomy.
And, of course, people then become vegetables in many cases.
Serious brain damage ensues.
And it's on the upswing again.
Electroshock had backed off in the 70s and 80s, but it's back.
And it's incredible.
The average foster child in Texas is on seven drugs.
It's the same as the national average.
Some are on as many as 18 drugs.
That's been on local news here.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thanks, Alex.
Good to be on your show again.
Well, electricity is used
You know, there's a couple of good uses of electricity with human beings.
It's used on cattle.
We have cattle prods.
Or something, but why does the government like to use electricity on people?
Well, it's about fear and control.
You know, you've said it many, many times.
You know, it's about fear and control.
It's about...
Control over people's lives.
It's used to torture people when it's justified that you need information.
It's used to treat psychiatric patients where the hospital and drugs have, quote, unquote, failed.
In effect, it's to basically obliterate anybody from the possibility of pursuing malpractice litigation and that kind of thing, and also just to assert control.
Oh, yeah, doctor, doctor, I saw a study that's right.
If somebody's been abused, beat up, tortured in the mental institution, it's just part of default procedure to hit them with three or four treatments because that creates the amnesia for anything that happened in the last few months, correct?
It creates amnesia for anything that's happened in the last few months, and sometimes more.
You know, there's always memory loss.
It's just a matter of how much, and usually it's pretty severe.
And so one of the effects is that, you know, you mess somebody up with drugs and, you know, you put yourself in a liability situation and you electroshock them and call that a treatment and then they're pretty much incapacitated from pursuing anything.
But before we go further, I want to go back, and we'll hold you over if we need to.
We appreciate your time, Dr. Brady.
Could you tell us about the particular psychiatrist that started the jabbing people in the head with ice picks?
Well, the most famous person that you were referring to
I mean, the guy that started it was Portuguese, Igas Moniz, right?
And he eventually got the Nobel Prize.
The guy that made it famous in the United States was Walter Freeman, and he had the so-called lobotomobile.
You know, he took it around sort of like a circus touring show and personally lobotomized thousands of people, and many of those did die.
And you described it.
It's literally true that you take an ice pick, you stick it through the front of the eye, through the orbital lobe, and they twist it around and it severs the connection with the higher functions of the brain.
And it's just brutal.
And I kept doing it really up until the 1970 or so when it was finally outlawed.
It was happening at the same time that electroshock and insulin coma happened.
We're good to go.
Press that had been taken on.
Well, look at the names.
New Freedom, Patriot Act, Electroshock Therapy.
What do they call those aversion devices that you were just describing in the children's home in Massachusetts where they were shocking these kids?
They call them graduated electronic decelerators for just basically a cattle prod shotgun.
Stun belt kind of thing that you're describing.
You know, there's always a language thing.
Graduated electronic decelerator.
For basically just an electroshock device on a child that you inflict pain on them to control them.
But even the Boston Globe admitted that state regulators were horrified.
They said it was an atmosphere, and we're talking to one of the lawyers, of fear, just children cowering.
And then we noticed that then mental illness starts after the torture.
Then they start drugging them.
I mean, this is psychopathic.
It's totally psychopathic.
You know, they justify it the same way they justify electroshock drugs.
With adults, you know, that when the hospitalization and the drugs have, quote, failed, and they're going to fail because they're not really a healing mode, they're just a toxic brain-damaging mechanism, so it's going to fail, but that justifies the treatment, which then makes it worse.
The same thing with these kids.
The average cost I saw was over $200,000 a year that's spent and that's given to this facility.
That's over $200,000 a year per child, and the best they can do...
Is put a shock device on them and systematically inflict punishment to cower and intimidate them and control them.
It's a horror story.
It's just unbelievable.
And these are the best psychologists, the best psychiatrists in the state.
And you know the human psyche.
You're a very scholarly psychologist.
I really respect your views on this.
What type of individual can sit there and shock little children?
It's said hundreds of times a day per capita.
I mean, not each child, but total.
I mean, what type of sickos can do that?
Well, it's someone for sure who's been totally disconnected from reverence for life and respect for life and from, you know, just the wonderful nature of
People, and young people in this case, for sure that, you know, someone who's so disconnected that they're just living in their head with some idea that they can justify, you know, systematically shocking kids to control them and call that
Somehow that that's for their own good.
And the very same government, if a parent has dirty dishes in the sink, and this is true, will take children, and there have been doctors on record here in Texas, take happy, healthy eight-year-olds, and five years later they're in a coma on 17 drugs.
They will take them and then shock them and restrain them and torture them.
But that's okay.
But if parents are poor and aren't doing everything perfect, we take their kids.
The state intervenes with families.
It used to be that child protective services was all about severe sexual or physical abuse.
Now 90% of the kids who go into that system, it's so-called neglect, which is, like you said, it's pretty much in the eye of the controller and the judger, what you want to call neglect.
And then the kids go into state care to protect them, and they end up worse off.
And it's like you say, that the belief system is that
You know, they come from, like that psychiatrist said that you mentioned, Dr. Joe Burkett from Fort Worth, you know, they come from a bad gene pool.
So that's why we can justify giving them all these drugs, and it's unbelievable.
So you get two-thirds or more of the kids that go into state care are on several of these drugs, which cause permanent brain damage, and they're disabling and just make things worse, you know.
What's the current fight with shock, electroshock torture?
The current fight here in Austin, Texas, is with the hospitals, Seton Show Creek and St.
David's, that are continuing to shock a couple hundred people a year here in Austin, a couple thousand people in the state.
150 volts or more of electricity directly into the brain.
On June 28th in the morning, we're going to have another protest rally at Seton Show Creek.
We've got their attention.
Our website is endofshock.com, endofshock.com.
So we definitely want support on that.
That's the current fight here around the country.
In New York, the same place that they're exposing this shocking of kids, they're doing a lot of forced electroshock on adults.
They give them 200 of shocks or whatever.
They're still messed up.
They're more messed up, so they're going to get court orders to forcibly electroshock more
We managed to stop the forced electroshock in Texas, but it's still going on.
That's the deal.
This supposedly healing institute, Seton Show Creek is a great irony because it's named after Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born Catholic saint known as Mother Seton because of her deep caring and compassion for the poor and those who are having a hard time.
In her name, they're laying people out on gurneys
Sedating them, strapping them down, sending 150 volts or more of electricity into their brain, mostly women by the way, and systematically brain damaging them.
We'll talk more about the protest and how folks can get involved and a few other questions I've got for Dr. Breeding on the other side.
We'll also give you both those websites, so get a pen and paper ready.
We have links to them up on Infowars.com right now.
Just another one of the many horrors in this cornucopia of evil.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Dr. John Breeding is our guest.
John, give us that website again for the move to try to ban electroshock torture.
Endofshock.com, and you can reach us through that website.
You can also call, actually, 1-800-572-2905.
We're really going to abolish shock in our own community as a way of then rippling out with this.
But we're already having an effect.
In fact, one of your listeners called me this week, and his neighbor is a woman around late 60s, early 70s, who was a classic thing, drugs, failing, et cetera, et cetera, husband concerned.
The psychiatrist recommending electroshock.
The neighbor called because he'd heard me on your show, and he wanted to try to interrupt this.
And as a result of his actions, you know, he was able to interrupt and forestall, at least for now, her getting brain damaged.
And I've got a couple of calls like that this week, you know,
We need to get the word out to people who've already been hurt so that they can join us and we can raise attention and get the press involved and stop this thing.
But we're already having an effect of backing some people off.
Because most people, when they first hear about this, their first response is, I thought that went out with one flu over the cuckoo nest.
You mean they're still doing that?
Well, statistically, and we have all these big studies, it makes people get a lot worse.
I mean, it really is horrible.
And if they do this...
Sometimes, hundreds of times, people basically have lobotomies, don't they?
The research is very clear that it does not work.
It causes brain damage.
It causes memory loss.
And the more you do it, the more brain damage is cumulative.
I mean, just imagine, you know, all of medicine and electrical engineering and electricians, they're all geared towards protecting people from being electroshocked because it causes grand malconvulsions, it causes cellular death.
Here we're sending 150 volts or more of electricity directly through the temporal loads of the brain.
You have immediate cell death from the mechanical and electrical heat.
You have the erosion of the blood-brain barrier, which sends all kinds of toxins in there.
You have the excitement of the intense corticosteroids and that kind of thing, which cause more cellular death.
And so, yeah, you create... What happens is people end up on permanent disability, and then they're in the disability system.
Plus, they're maintained either on psychiatric drugs and or electroshock for the rest of their lives, which means they're a permanent...
...profit point for the industries that drive this thing.
Electroshock torture.
I mean, I don't know why we let them call it therapy.
EST, electroshock torture.
Why is the whole psychiatric drug industry so evil?
I mean, they're just so out of control.
Well, I think it's... I mean, my best understanding is very similar to yours, Alex, as far as understanding the elite that...
Drives this dynamic with the world, you know, and, you know, it's these, call them the corporate elite, the money elite, the Illuminati, whatever you call them, but, you know, they control these mega industries, you know, and the primary value has nothing to do with life and respect for life.
It's all maximum profit and minimum liability and controlling everything to make sure that happens.
So in this case, the pharmaceutical industry is one that is...
Massively profitable, but it's never enough.
And they really drive it.
That's really the truth.
And so this particular market of psychiatry has been a huge growth industry for them.
That's one part.
Now the other part is that it also has the effect in terms of the whole mind control dynamic and the dumbing people down and the obliteration of consciousness so that people are not able to think, able to respond to your rallying cries.
Once someone's down that road...
Where they're permanently addicted and altered from drugs into electroshock, that's one more person who is completely disabled from the ability to take a stand and declare the truth and have a free and powerful life.
Well, they're setting a lot of draconian, horrible precedents right now, and we see a reemergence of some of these dark things that are happening.
And Dr. Breeding, I really want to commend you for your work
Against this.
Tell folks about the time and place one more time of the demonstration.
Yeah, June 28th, that's a week from Wednesday in the morning, Beaton Show Creek, website endofshock.com, 800-572-2905.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
We'll talk to you soon in the future.
Keep up the good work.
God bless.
We'll be right back after this quick segment.
We'll take a blitz of phone calls.
Wide open phones at 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, loaded phones here.
Who's first in line, John?
Paul in London, you're on the air.
Paul in London, England.
You're on the air.
Yes, good morning.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, whatever.
I'm just following up on comments that were made by yourself and others earlier.
I'm guessing that people are getting rejected and sometimes giving up.
Getting information out to people is a process, not an event.
It's not a one-hit deal.
Now, the ad industry knows that people need to be exposed to their message as many as eight times before they'll recognize it.
And in sales, 80% of sales, new business, can take up to five calls to the prospect.
In order to get the information out to people, you've already said it and others have as well, but they need to drip feed it and then change the approach, give them a DVD, then some other information, then a personal phone call, whatever, but just keep the information flowing, and eventually they'll be able to see a lot more of what people are trying to do.
Well, that's important what you've said, but more than that, a lot of times you plant seeds in the garden one year, they don't even sprout that year, they sprout the next year.
And so we're planting seeds as well.
Yeah, and the other thing is that there's a season to sow and a season to reap.
You don't do the two in the same season.
So you've got to sow the seed and wait and give it some time.
And another thing is that the Reader's Digest discovered some time ago that everyone knows between 200 and 400 people in their lifetime.
And people need to make a list of those people they know.
And then go through that list, much like network marketing.
I mean, this sort of thing can get out there if people have a more methodical approach.
And I myself, I've got a few American friends, and I've been working on them, and people in the UK as well, and I try and tell them.
And slowly but surely, I now get the message across because I'm determined to do it.
Well, you are determined.
You sat on hold for an hour, and we appreciate you doing that.
I'm sorry I lost you earlier.
I'm on VoIP as well, so that's why I cut off after that.
No, no, no.
I mean, I appreciate your stalwartness staying with us.
But seriously, you do not...
You'll build a house overnight.
You do not go out and find your wife and get married overnight, or at least you shouldn't.
Those don't end up too well.
I mean, you know, things take time, and I've been doing this for 12 years, and believe me, we've had a huge effect.
We've had nothing but success, and so much in life is the woodpecker effect.
You've just got to keep, look at the New World Order.
They just keep pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing, pushing.
They understand that.
This will have a geometric effect.
If people just remember that, they may not hit the first bite, but they may need to do it three or four times.
And eventually, you'll have a crossover of other people trying the same thing, and then they'll realize, I heard that from so-and-so as well.
There must be something in it.
And then the light bulb will go on.
Anything else you'd like to add, Paul?
Just God bless you and your family.
I think you're doing a wonderful job.
And keep at it, Alex.
Take care.
I enjoyed being in your beautiful city of London, England a few, I guess, nine months ago now.
That's all in the new film Terror Storm.
Who was up after him?
Harlan in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Harlan.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Monday I was at a post office getting petitions signed to secure our borders.
A police officer drove up and told me I had to leave.
My question is, did my chief of police and the police officer commit treason?
Well, I think that they can claim that you're not supposed to petition on federal property, but if you were on the sidewalk, yes, they did commit a grievous attack on the First Amendment.
That's the way I see it, because the First Amendment says I have a right to petition my government for redress of grievance, and the border sure is grievancy.
But, I mean, physically, where were you?
I was outside.
Well, did they tell you to move to the sidewalk, or did they say... I was on the sidewalk.
No, they're not allowed to do that.
So what you do is you let them... I'm not advising you to do this, but it's up to you.
I would let them arrest me, and then I'd sue them.
And they won't be laughing after that.
Because that's a very serious violation.
I had police in Canada tell me I couldn't park in a clear parking zone on the road in front of the Bilderberg Hotel, and they said, we're going to arrest you.
I said, go ahead.
You see those cameras over there?
You see that sign?
Go ahead.
And they backed off.
If our courts would be constitutional, it would be much easier.
Well, you know what?
You don't always win, and you will be in risk, sir.
But, I mean, just demand a jury trial.
I mean, okay, I was standing on the sidewalk trying to get a petition to secure our borders.
Ninety percent of people are for that.
That jury's going to find you not guilty, whatever kangaroo stuff.
Now, if the cop comes over to arrest you, you've got a jellyfish on the ground, because they'll have video going.
If you even touch them, you'll get five years in prison as an assault.
You've got a jellyfish, and make them carry you to the car.
A lot of people were thanking me for doing it.
Well, they didn't like it, sir.
They don't like you getting uppity.
This is a police state.
America's supposed to die.
You're not supposed to be involved.
It's bad to be involved.
That's un-American.
It's un-American to be involved and care about your country.
You're supposed to be a good globalist.
You're supposed to turn your guns in.
You're supposed to let them take your private property without just compensation.
It's a new America.
Well, I sure thank you for what you're doing, Alex, and may God bless you.
Thank you, Hartwell.
Let's talk to the caller in Toronto.
Caller, what's your name?
Rico, go ahead.
First, I just want to thank you for all the stuff that you're doing, and thank you for coming to Ottawa and raising hell or whatever that you do.
That's the first thing.
And second, I don't know if you caught this, in Toronto Star, there was an article about how it's confirmed that the UN will now be the global police.
Yes, well, they've always been the global army, but now they're just officially calling it that.
Yes, sir.
Okay, so you did catch that?
We did cover it in the first hour.
Okay, okay.
What's your take on that?
Well, I was speaking to my friend today, and he was like, did you happen to read the Toronto Star?
I was like, no, I didn't happen to read it.
And he's just like, well, it's been confirmed, just like that video game Street Fighter, because in Street Fighter, it's supposed to be the future or alternative future, whatever you want to call it.
The UN is the global, basically, army.
Yeah, there are hundreds of video games where the UN takes over America, and they're the good guys.
In fact, John, can you find that Shattered Union video game ad?
Yeah, I'm going to play that in a second.
See, the conditioning is everywhere.
It's like Spider-Man.
Marvel Comics put out a press release yesterday.
Spider-Man will no longer wear a mask because Homeland Security ordered all superheroes to show us who they really are.
He's being tracked and traced.
He's forced surveillance.
He says we must let the government control us because the government's good.
See, the propaganda is everywhere.
Peter Parker says this?
I know, but, I mean, see, the brainwashing is at every level.
Thanks for the call.
It was great visiting with you there on air.
Let's talk to Robert in South Dakota.
Hi, Alex.
Robert, go ahead.
I just wanted to add testimony to what the doctor had said earlier.
These, you know, the Amlekites and the bad guys in the Bible in the old days, how they'd come up and they'd get a hold of the women and children at the back of the camp because they're easy prey.
I myself was in the system early as a foster kid, and the first thing they do to you at the age of seven is give you a whole bunch of series of vaccinations
And filled my head with like eight fillings full of mercury, which also leads to degenerative disc disease.
And these guys are wicked, evil scum.
These doctors who take an oath to do no harm and destroy these little children's minds with this electroshock torture.
Well, I have CBS News saying mercury is good for your brain.
I mean, that's how far they've gone.
That's how dumb they think we are.
Any parent who doesn't know any better by now, it's just criminal.
These pediatricians, these doctors,
Still get away with doing this after all the evidence is out there?
It's criminal.
Well, the doctors are highly regulated.
They've got to pump the poison.
They've got to push the evil.
But they need to rebel against this.
It should outrage the country.
I mean, on so many levels, we get so exhausted from so many different outrages.
But just hearing him just describe that so simply is just traumatizing.
And thanks for all you do.
Thank you.
I appreciate the call.
We're going to take more calls from Peter in Texas and others, but here's a little piece from Shattered Union.
Following a disputed election and a tie vote, the US Congress installs the most unpopular president in US history as David Jefferson Adams becomes the 44th president of the United States.
Shortly after the election, increased unrest, rioting and a growing number of militias have given rise to ever increasing domestic terrorism.
In response, the President invokes the Homeland Security Act and declares martial law on the West Coast and other areas of the country.
Though highly contested, a Supreme Court ruling sidesteps the electoral process, disqualifying popular presidential candidates from several states.
Public outrage explodes when a sham election leads to incumbent David Adams accepting a second term in office.
During the 57th Inauguration Day ceremonies, Washington D.C.
is struck by a low-yield nuclear weapon, killing David Adams and most of the U.S.
The destruction of Washington D.C.
effectively breaks the chain of succession, sending the nation into chaos.
In an emergency vote, the European Union deploys peacekeepers in the greater D.C.
area to secure international interests.
With separatist sentiment rising, California's governor declares home rule and secedes from the Union.
Texas follows quickly and declares sovereignty, taking neighboring states with them and forming the Republic of Texas.
Now, the once United States of America lie in ruin.
The time for words has passed.
And the Second American Civil War now erupts as seven factions wage war across the land.
They battle one another to reclaim a nation, to restore peace, to rebuild this shattered union.
And of course, one of the factions is the EU-UN faction, or the most heavily armed, saving us, save us!
Oh, my goodness.
Let's go ahead and talk to Peter in Texas.
Peter, you're on the air.
Yeah, hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I just wanted to comment on the guest you had earlier talking about the electroshock therapy.
And, yeah, it is really, I have to agree with the sentiment that he said he gets from most people.
I thought that went out with one fool over the cuckoo's nest.
And I think that it's really important for them to be taking action if they are.
I have a friend who works as a school teacher specifically with autistic kids and learning disabilities, and she's told me all kinds of horror stories about the kinds of situations that they have to deal with.
It's that kind of thing.
And one of the points I wanted to make is that it seems to me the first argument people are going to come back with, the people who are, you know, as the doctor said, who compartmentalize themselves where they're completely separated from, you know,
The idea of, you know, humanity and trying to actually help these people to get to the point where they can, you know, engage in these kinds of, quote, therapies.
The personal argument I think that those people are going to come with is, well, this is what we have to do.
You know, we're in the trenches.
We deal with these people.
These are people that other people don't want to deal with.
And so we're the ones who have to, you know, do what we have to do.
And this is, you know, quote, what works.
And so I think it's important that as people, you know, raise awareness about the, you
You know, as you said that these
Well, you're right.
But it's always been about control, sir.
I just mean, you know, on the PR level, on the public awareness level, that is what I anticipate is their comeback for that kind of thing.
I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
Good points.
Mike in Kansas City, you're on the air.
Yeah, you're on the air, Mike.
What is the name of those burrowing mites that come up from Mexico, the burrowing things?
Well, there's a couple different type of mites that are in the south of the border.
Oh, really?
And there's even some that are here.
Are you talking about chiggers?
No, no.
I guess they're... I've heard you talk about them before, but I really... I missed it, and I didn't get to write about it.
It might have been another show.
Okay, well... In particular, I mean, there are different... Well, that's a side issue.
Saturday, I'm walking down... I live in Kansas City, Kansas.
I'm walking down Central Avenue, and I'm letting everybody know that I'm American and I speak English.
Two Hispanic gentlemen pulled over and said something in Spanish.
They said, I don't speak Spanish.
And the fight ensued.
And when the police came, one of them took off running.
And they busted my arm.
So the police just watched this guy running away going, oh, I guess we won't catch him.
And they take me to jail because, I don't know, apparently I pulled this car over, you know, because I'm so strong or something.
And I mean, it's just disgusting.
The police, I told them, I said, you know, I didn't do anything wrong.
Sir, the police have been told.
You don't take them to jail when they don't have insurance.
You don't take them to jail when they run into a group of kids.
The banks give them bank accounts.
They get more welfare than citizens.
They go to the front of the line at the hospital.
It's designed to bring the third world here.
These are incentives.
The police are there to destroy America when they're acting like this.
So, I mean, you were walking down the street, what, just going, I'm an American, I speak English, in a Hispanic area, and you got assaulted?
It was just a regular area.
There's no, you know, predominance of any race anywhere.
But, I mean, I told the cops.
I said, hey, this is illegal.
You can't take me to jail.
You know, I have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights.
And they said that was the biggest joke they'd ever heard.
Their reply was, that is dead.
You don't have that to protect you.
You can't hide behind that anymore.
And they threw me in jail for a 48-hour felony investigation when I finally got to talk to the detective.
I just, you know, had to talk to him, you know, in very plain English and crayons in the works, you know, to say, you ain't got a case for nothing here.
Why am I in jail?
Mysteriously, I was released, and there is no paper trail that I was ever in jail.
Let me ask you a question.
I mean, to be specific, because some of this doesn't make sense.
You're just walking down the street going, I speak English!
This is America!
Okay, and then... Precisely.
And then a car... And why were you doing that?
I mean, that's your First Amendment.
I'm just trying to figure it out.
All the American men in America are more worried about if their panties match their eyes than what's going on.
No, I hear you.
I do that in grocery stores.
I start, the new world order is taking over.
I'll just randomly say that.
Spontaneously doing this is good, but I'm trying to understand from you.
And so these two guys pull over, they pile out, they attack you.
One of them has the club that you put on your steering wheel.
He kept whacking me.
That's how my arm got busted.
So you use that to block?
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I won the fight, actually.
Good, good.
But, you know, I just, it's very disheartening.
And I hear you, you know, you get bummed out on the air.
And I feel that way, too, you know.
And sometimes you've got to keep that fire lit.
So what did the cops say?
You messed with a god and you were in trouble?
Not in so many words, but yes.
All right, thanks for the call.
No, seriously, I really looked at it.
You know, I told the story of a good family friend I have.
It goes back to childhood.
He's the mother of one of my...
One of my friends, the friend that died a few weeks ago, by the way, and she manages these big apartment complexes, and they went to a big corporate meeting.
This is about two years ago now, three years ago, actually.
I'll tell you about what they told her on the other side.
It had to do with housing.
I mean, I have it directly, and it's the same everywhere.
And it ties into the Bilderberg Group.
We'll be right back.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Turnbull, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
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So she manages, this friend of mine, the biggest apartment complex in Austin and partly manages a few others for the biggest apartment managing company in the country.
They go to this big Christmas time, week-long meetings around that time of year.
I think it was about three years ago.
And they said, listen, we're keeping this quiet.
This isn't for public consumption.
We are going to be government housing within our units.
One-third of it is, and then we get a big tax incentive.
And part of our agreement, the federal government has asked us to allow immigrants, even those that aren't legal, to get places with us.
They want to make it easier on them.
And if the immigrants have ten to a one-room apartment, leave them alone.
Don't bother them.
This is part of our agreement.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
This actually happened.
But if people who are citizens have even a grandparent visiting for a week or two long, kick them out.
So, this is America.
Do you understand that that's why you can go to the bank.
I've seen illegal aliens with no ID getting bank accounts.
They get more tuition.
They get more welfare.
They get housing loans.
The government, through the Bilderberg Group, has hundreds of these CEOs come every year.
They set these policies.
It's the same thing in Europe, to incentivize the illegals coming here.
It's the red carpet to break up America.
It's basically like they've baited them in here.
Bush wants Blinken amnesty.
He's announced it.
They're creating the American Union.
It's happening.
They're killing America.
They get preferential treatment at the bank.
You don't just think that bank teller just lets them use a consular matricular card or nothing at all to get an account because they were told that, do you?
Or because they felt like it.
No, they were told.
They were told citizens got to show three forms.
Citizens get treated like trash.
Citizens get bossed around.
But an illegal alien from Mexico is godlike.
This is how it works.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Brooklyn.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Listen, I was just scanning the news earlier.
I found something that I was wondering if you'd heard about.
Aniston Star, this Kiger Enterprises, have you heard about them?
No, I know about Aniston Alabama, though.
Okay, they're a disaster relief group that was cleaning up after 9-11.
And apparently...
They dispatched trucks to Long Island warehouses where they were keeping a bunch of donated water, clothes, and tools.
And they stole a bunch of this stuff, took it to Minnesota, and sold it for profit.
This was donated stuff that they actually sold.
And they were prosecuted on fraud and a bunch of other stuff, but September 11th deaths were actually left out of that.
And it goes on to say that investigators found 16 government employees, including top FBI executives and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, had such artifacts from New York and the Pentagon.
What paper is this shot of?
This is from the Aniston Star.
I found it on a...
Searching the AP website?
Email it to me right now to TimpsonInfoWars.com, RyanInfoWars.com.
Yeah, I'll just send you the link.
Thanks a lot, man.
I'm out of time here.
Another Mike in North Dakota.
Go ahead, Mike.
Yeah, I just want to say, you know, MySpace.com, there's a real storm brewing over there right now with kind of a battle going on with the naive Americans versus the 9-11 truth seekers.
If I could tell you real quickly about what's going on.
You won't be able to if you don't talk fast.
Okay, let's see.
Anyways, there's hundreds more being woken up because this girl's MySpace.com website, it's Aaron911truth.
Apparently, a bunch of people tried to get a petition
Okay, great.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I'm out of time.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2, Central Standard Time.
We'll actually be back on Monday.
God bless you all.
Or call 877-300-7645