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Air Date: June 8, 2006
2341 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Behind enemy lines...
Coming to you once again, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today, who is covering the Bilderberg Conference in Canada.
Hopefully Alex will be calling in today, and he'll get an update on exactly what those guys are up to.
Yes, there is some breaking news.
We're good to go.
He's good even for a cat, and Zakawi might even be surpassing that.
We will cover that breaking news story in the third hour of today's broadcast, 1 o'clock here Central Time.
Michael Cristofaro will be joining us, and he is one of the last holdouts in the Pilo v. New London case of eminent domain.
And they just really lost an important meeting, a city council meeting,
In Connecticut, Michael Cristofaro is one of the people who is going to hold out no matter what he has to do to stay on his land so that the government will not be able to use eminent domain to evict himself and fellow citizens.
We're good to go.
I think?
The Michigan panel has voted to display the Ten Commandments at the Capitol.
Of course, the ACLU is quite upset about that.
Documents show that post-war CIA covered up Nazi war crimes.
I know that's not going to surprise a lot of you.
A DHS board is sued over cameras in locker rooms at a high school in Dearborn, Michigan.
Something, again, doesn't surprise a lot of you.
Double counting gold by central banks may have aided in price suppression.
This is coming right out of the mainstream media.
We're going to talk about that as well.
George W. Bush has said deportation ain't going to work.
It's not going to work.
We're not going to do it.
We'll get into that a little bit as well today.
Just a ton of news to report.
On my program, Deadline Live, we talked a little bit about something, well, everybody in the mainstream news seem to be talking about, this was the prime indicator of what would happen in the 06 midterm elections.
Will we have a trifecta continued under the Bush administration with Republican-controlled Congress, or will we have a
A bit of gridlock with the Democrats taking control of Congress.
The prime indicator came in yesterday with an election in California, and this is also some news we'll try to cover today because it appears now that there was election fraud as the vote itself was tallied up on a hackable ES&S voting machine.
Of course, today, the biggest story that the neocons are hawking to you, Zakaoui, the dreaded Zakaoui, head of all Al-Qaeda, number two in Al-Si'aida, was killed in an Iraq air raid.
Now, of course, this really rings very much of the Uday and Qusay debacle, where we didn't send in special forces, we weren't able to capture Saddam's sons in order to interrogate them or find out what we might need to know or use them in some capacity to help us
Game control over a complete mess in Iraq.
No, we just bombed them and killed them.
Didn't look like them.
There was a little plastic surgery done in order to reinforce the fact that it was Uday and Qusay.
To this day, we're not actually sure what happened.
Same thing here with the Zakawi story, folks.
They had an opportunity.
They supposedly, allegedly, knew where Zakawi was.
They could have sent in special forces, captured this guy, sent him to a torture camp somewhere in Poland.
And maybe gotten some more information.
Well, of course, this is how they put it forward.
But no, did they do that?
They bombed him.
He's gone.
I think one of his boots and his wooden leg might be left.
We're going to cover this extensively on today's program.
A ton of news and your calls.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
You're listening to the GCN Radio Network.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarbley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
You are under attack.
And that's why we're fighting back.
That's why we are here to decode, to declassify, to crash through the propaganda, the psychological operations that come out of the White House and from our globalist controllers.
Are they controlling you?
Not controlling me.
Obviously, if you're listening to this show, you've got the heads up.
You understand.
Of course, this is the Alex Jones Show, GCN Radio Network.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex today, and I'll also be back tomorrow while Alex is up, covering the Bilderberg Conference in Canada.
We've got a couple of calls from Canada.
We're going to try to get to everybody's calls, 1-800-259-9231.
You can stay on the tarmac, and we'll try to get to everybody in a timely manner.
Well, of course, you can't kill Goldstein, can you?
Emmanuel Goldstein died.
Still alive and well.
Now, Bush has put out a statement on Al Zekawi.
But we've been through this before, haven't we?
How many times has Zekawi been killed?
How many times has he run away from Humvees through the desert on his wooden leg?
This is a guy you cannot kill.
And I'll make a little prediction for you.
This is pretty easy.
I don't have to use a crystal ball to figure this one out.
In about six months, we'll be back to hunting Zekawi again.
Or did we finally kill him?
You know, if you look at this, it's very simple to decode.
The Bush administration, the White House, the Karl Rove and Cheney machine is throwing everything at us that they possibly can.
Now, some of it is distraction to keep us distracted from some of the more evil pursuance that the Bush administration is after.
But a lot of this is really supporting this midterm election, I believe.
The approval ratings are rock bottom and continue to fall.
The bottom is completely falling out under the Bush administration.
So what do you do?
You begin to have a number of terror attacks, a number of terrorist arrests, especially including...
The teenagers who were chatting on the internet and turned out to be Goldsteins themselves, bombers plotting to blow up the entire country of Canada.
That's a nice distraction, especially when you are hosting a Bilderberg conference.
What do you do in your own situation?
Well, you had one of the Goldsteins on ice.
He was a fictional character anyway.
Most people say, you know, no one's ever really seen Zakaoui.
Do we remember when Zakaoui was held in Fallujah?
We went into Fallujah and I guess they questioned him and let him go.
Well, that's at least what the mainstream news was reporting.
Oops, we let him go.
Well, now that it's convenient and now that the timing is perfectly stated, we have killed Goldstein.
We have bombed Goldstein.
Again, Al-Zakawi.
Bush's statements on this, says Zakawi was the operational commander for the terrorist movement in Iraq.
I just go right in and out of these impersonations, folks.
You'll just have to get used to it.
He led a campaign of car bombings, assassinations, and suicide attacks that have taken the lives of many American troops and thousands of innocent Iraqis.
Osama bin Laden called this Jordanian terrorist the prince of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
He called on the terrorists around the world to listen to him and obey him.
Can't go on like this, folks.
Zuccawi personally beheaded American hostages, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, bippity, bippity, bip.
We know the score.
In fact, we could have all written Bush's statement for him, couldn't we?
We know exactly what Bush is going to say.
They're going to use this for everything it is absolutely worth.
And one of the great things about the alternative media and having alternative media is that we're able to get these stories out and decode this because this is something that is going to set back into your neighbor's mind, your friend's mind, your family's mind to prove you wrong the entire time when you said there is no Al Qaeda.
That Al Qaeda actually is the CIA.
Al Qaeda actually is the Mossad.
They are MI6.
I love the story that Paul Joseph Watson wrote earlier today, which hints to the fact that the CIA and the Bush administration have jettisoned one of their agents, which is Zakaoui.
Pentagon jettisons U.S.
agent provocateur Al Zakaoui.
Massab dies an umpteenth time, but this time it's for real, says the U.S.
Again, Paul Joseph Watson will join us briefly on the show.
We'll go to your calls here in the first hour.
We're going to play, coming up in the next segment, we're going to play about a nine-minute clip of Alex Jones bullhorning Chicago.
That's going around quite a bit on the Internet today, and if you haven't had a chance to hear that,
We're going to play it for you.
A lot more on the Saqqawi story again in the second hour of today's program.
A poll has just come out from Yahoo News.
disapproves of war in Iraq.
That's another big surprise to you, isn't it?
The death of al-Qaeda leader Abu Massab al-Saqqawi in Iraq came as more Americans than ever thought the war in Iraq was a mistake, according to AP Lapsus Polling.
Again, this is part of the psyops.
We don't support the war in Iraq.
Even the generals are falling off the board.
Guys like Joe Biden are calling for the head and calling for Rummy to step down immediately due to his multitude of failures.
Well again, what do you do?
What's the solution?
There's the problem.
We see the reaction.
Here's the solution.
We need to catch one of the boogeymen.
They're still saving Osama bin Laden.
The poll taken Monday through Wednesday before news broke that U.S.
forces had killed Zakawi found that 59% of adults say the United States made a big mistake going to war in Iraq, the highest level yet in this AP poll.
Approval for President Bush's handling of Iraq dipped to 33%, a new low.
His overall job approval rating was 35%, statistically within range of his low 33%.
33% last month.
The poll of 1,000 adults is a sampling error margin, of course, of God knows what.
But again, I mean, the polls are all bad.
The American people are up in arms.
The leaders, even the corporate chieftains, are getting a little bit upset over this, and you've got to throw some raw meat to the crowd, and this is exactly what happened today.
Immigration was a big aspect, according to the pundits,
On the election, again, we spoke about earlier that took place in California.
This is supposed to be a barometer or indicator, again, of how the 06 elections will move forward.
I mean, this is how the Republicans claim that they won.
They're the lesser of two evils.
Yeah, they want to give blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants.
Yes, they want guest worker programs.
And they're all working very hard to manufacture a giant orange carrot on a stick to wave in front of the border.
Of course, to increase it.
These are the numbers, folks.
I'm not making this up.
We will have roughly 60 to 70 million illegal immigrants in the next five years due to the Bush's policies.
Of course, the Democrats have even worse policies, if you can even believe that.
So, according to the pundits, the real crux of how that election was won by their Republican congressman there is due to immigration.
Again, this is being debated, and now it looks like there was vote fraud involved there as well, but not again a big surprise.
Well, Bush says deportation isn't going to work.
Reacting to an argument being made by some of the conservatives in his own party, President Bush said Thursday that the idea that the United States could force millions of illegal immigrants to return home ain't going to work.
Bush told a gathering of Hispanic leaders that the immigration system is broken and Congress needs to pass a common-sense reform that strengthens the border while allowing more foreigners in to work temporarily and giving those who sneaked in years ago a chance to become citizens.
Quote, There aren't those in Washington who say, Why don't we just find the folks and send them home, Bush said.
That ain't gonna work.
Now again, Bush...
Talks in a way that barely makes sense.
Hopefully it made sense to you.
He said, although it sounds simple, it's impractical to insist that the 12 million illegal immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S.
Again, that number is extremely low.
It's almost double that.
It's impossible to get them impractical to get them to all leave and come back legally.
Some prominent conservatives in his party say that allowing those immigrants to become citizens without returning home would amount to amnesty.
No kidding.
And it's worse than that.
Now what is the reality
Of illegal immigration.
What is the reality of what needs to be done?
I can give you my own personal opinion, and the fact is, no.
You can't round up every illegal immigrant in America and send them back.
I mean, do we even have the money to do that?
That's a good question.
Can we trust our public officials to handle something like that?
Of course we can't.
Do we have some honesty?
Immigrants here in the country, of course we do.
Can we get all the illegal immigrants out?
Well, some of you might say yes, and we'd like to do it.
But why don't we do this?
How about this for a very simple plan, folks?
Why don't we check all of the illegal immigrants, find out who are the killers and the rapists and those who are taking advantage of the dole system, the welfare system here in the United States.
We'll just start with them.
Get a big bus, big planes, and load them up and take them home.
You know, this is the thing that has always bothered me about immigration, is we have so many of our friends who are legal immigrants, not just from this country, or not just from Mexico, or from this hemisphere, but from all over the world.
People who had to go through the system, wait and wait and wait to be approved, who have assimilated into our society, who are Americans first, and not Mexicans or Guatemalans first.
And is it fair, this is just a simple question, is it fair to just let people run over the border and let them jump ahead in line?
I mean, if that's how things work, then obviously, who's going to want to follow the system?
This is such a no-brainer, and obviously, to see where Bush stands, I mean, you've got to remember, he's pandering.
He's talking to a group of Latinos saying deportation ain't going to work.
That's pandering.
But he's not saying anything less.
We know, Bush, you are a neoliberal.
We have absolutely no confusion over the matter.
Your daddy was a neoliberal.
You're a neoliberal.
And though you take the position of being a neoconservative, and maybe some of us will understand there's not a whole lot of difference between a neoliberal and a neoconservative.
We know that this is exactly their agenda.
This is something I'm trying to beat into the heads of those activists really getting out there and trying to solve this situation.
And it's a simple, simple answer.
You just lock the border down, boom, and then you deal with it from there.
Very, very simple.
But what we need to understand and what we have to understand is that the idea, and this even goes into this recent Canadian plot, the idea is to break down the borders.
The idea is to eliminate the borders by 2010.
That's the end game.
And if we don't get real clued in on that right away, then we're going to have a problem.
We're going to be spinning our wheels.
We're going to be running through the mud.
And we're going to be carrying biometric ID cards or subdermal microchips.
We're going to go to your calls.
We're going to play this Alex Jones clip.
1-800-259-9231 to call into the show.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
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We don't need no education.
We don't need no education.
Leave those kids alone, please.
Well, you're not getting my kid.
That's for sure.
That's something I can tell you with absolute certainty.
I am not handing my children over to the government information artists in our public schools.
We're going to take a few calls.
I'm sure a lot of you want to talk about the Bilderberg Conference.
We've got a lot of calls from Canada.
We're going to take those calls.
And we are going to play a clip of Alex Jones bullhorning Chicago here very shortly.
A lot of news to talk about.
You want to talk about Sakawi, you want to talk about the Bilderberg Group, you want to talk about the fact that even the New York Times has just reported today that CIA was backing the warlords, and this is right out of the P2OG document.
Critics say that the covert bid to weaken Islamic forces actually has strengthened them in Somalia, and of course there are hundreds of thousands dead there to...
Well, they would have been eyewitnesses to all of this, but they're dead now.
So you want to talk about that?
You want to talk about this big indicator, this big race in California, which Bradblog.com is reporting is all wrapped up in these electronic voting machines?
You know, look, this is a no-brainer.
Again, I'm going to say this a lot of times on the show, because we have a lot of regular listeners here that know all about this stuff.
I think?
They're just starting to get through their heads that they're not going to win any elections as long as these voting machines are around.
And I hope, you know, at some point they completely wake up and join us in eradicating these from the United States.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today.
He was up in Canada covering that Bilderberg conference.
Hopefully he'll check in with us today.
Let's talk to Canada and see what's going on up there.
First, let's go to Corey in Ontario.
Corey, are you with us?
Hi, Jack.
How are you doing?
Very good.
Welcome to the show.
Thanks, thanks.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work that you've been doing, and same thing to Alex.
I've been a listener for about five months now, and I've really learned a lot from all the materials that I've had access to.
So this is really great.
So if anybody's sort of on the fence, just dive right in and learn a lot.
Dive in, check everything out for yourself.
But boy, I mean, when I woke up, I had roughly 30-some years of deprogramming to overcome.
It was a lot of work.
I'm around the same time.
A year ago, I was for the Iraq War, and I'm not today.
So this is good.
But I'm calling to talk about two very interesting points, and they're both Canadian-related.
So for the Canadian listeners, I'm going to bring these up.
The first one is for the listeners that know Canwest owns Global News.
My wife, two nights ago, was at work, and she was watching TV.
And she came home and said, oh, did you hear about the
The Cube Van incident on the Global News, I'm like, okay, what are you talking about?
So she described to me that Global News wanted to test, to see, based on this sort of terrorist, you know, these terrorist arrests, they wanted to see how the key spots that the terrorists supposedly had targeted, how they had, if they were any more secure than they were a few days before.
Well, they rented a Cube Van.
I think so.
Was the second van part of the same test, or was it just wrong place, wrong time for that van?
Wrong place, wrong time.
But this is exactly the hypocrisy that we've got to be able to use to get through to people, Corey, because...
Here we are, five years after 9-11, going on five years here.
Our borders are still wide open.
Our ports are still wide open.
Money is being cut left and right to so-called protect the major targets, New York, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., etc.
And we're not any safer today than we were before.
But, of course, we know, and this is something we really want to get through to you folks, that security is an absolute illusion.
So what you're telling me, Corey, is even after this dreaded near-miss terror attack by these teenagers up in Canada, the place is not any more secure than it was before we heard about that.
Well, that's right.
And you know what?
Nobody is as scared as...
Nobody's really scared of what's going on here.
I think a lot of people are seeing through it, and they're getting a lot of backlash.
Great call, Corey.
Thanks, I appreciate that information.
We're going to look more into that as well.
That's a great story.
Folks, we'll come right back after these messages.
More of your calls, and more of the show.
Alex Jones Show, Jack Blood sitting in GCN Radio Network.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
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And it burns, burns, burns.
Thanks for tuning in, folks.
The Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood again sitting in for Alex Jones today.
We're taking some of your calls.
Going to the Canadians first.
I want to see if you have any...
Do you want to help us with some of the breaking news coming out of Canada?
I mean, it is coming out so fast right now that we're just barely able to stay on top of it.
This is how it works, isn't it?
We get a terrorist plot that's foiled or even a terrorist incident, whether it be the 7-7 bombings, the Madrid bombings, the 9-11, what have you.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Prime Minister Harper's office denies Canadians were captured.
All Canadian soldiers stationed in Afghanistan are accounted for, despite an Al Jazeera report that an unknown number of soldiers had been captured by Taliban forces.
The Prime Minister's office said Wednesday a military headcount was ordered after the television network quoted Taliban sources saying the group had abducted Canadian troops.
He is denying that as we speak.
An anthrax alert also at the Commons, House of Commons, sending Parliament into a lockdown.
It took over 30 minutes before police gave the all clear.
Sky News political correspondent John Craig was on the scene moments after the incident.
He said a man being arrested onside had shouted, you could all be dead, you could all be dead!
Craig added in the central lobby a powder was found and a man...
...was detained and told the police it was anthrax.
Eyewitnesses said the powder spill is about five feet wide on the floor, and police in full chemical masks and uniforms were on site.
Again, boy, it just comes fast and furious at us, folks.
I mean, it'll seem like we're covering a lot of minutiae, not us, but to the mainstream media.
Nothing's really going on, and then all of a sudden, the news cycle starts, almost as if it's all working perfectly together according to the plan.
Again, that's why we're here.
In just a minute, I'm going to play this clip of Alex Jones bullhorning Chicago, which I know you're all going to get a kick out of.
Quickly, let me go to Zach in Ottawa.
Zach, thank you for calling in.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks a lot for taking my call.
I just had a question.
I was at the mosque the other day, because I'm Muslim, just a day after the raid, and I got a little vibe from the imam there, and they knew it was fake.
It feels like it's fake, right?
But they can't say anything, because...
All the time that the Muslims don't fall into line with the media and say we condemn it, they always get blasted.
But if they don't fall in line, they get blasted.
Do you understand what I mean?
Not really.
Can you be a little more clear?
I'm sorry.
If we condemn it, then we're good to go in line with the media.
But if we don't condemn it, then it's like we're supporting terrorism.
Do you understand what I mean?
Kind of.
Are you referring to a precise incident or just in general?
Just in general.
If we come out and say it's fake, because we all know it's fake.
No, I know, and that's certainly, I guess, the infallibility of the Bush administration and of our global controllers.
I mean, this is exactly what Ann Coulter was complaining about, that she couldn't really set the 9-11 widows straight because they had these dead husbands, and obviously that didn't stop her from amping up her obscene and disgusting rhetoric over the last day or two, which again is a giant distraction, but
You know, you turn that right around on them.
This is what we've experienced, is that in the Iraq War, we can't do anything to question the troops.
We can't do anything.
We can't report bad news because, again, we're un-American and we're not supporting the war effort.
Well, look, I don't support illegal, immoral wars.
It's just that simple.
We have principles.
And we might talk to the young officer in Washington State who is now declining to join his unit to go back to Iraq.
But look, I mean, the times are changing, don't you think, Zach?
Yeah, I do, but it feels like we have our, my demographic, like I'm right in the demographic of the terrorist, and I'm 21 years old, but I'm Muslim in Ottawa.
I'm like right in the demographic, and it feels like I have my hands tied.
You're a Muslim in Ottawa?
Yeah, and our mosque had a lot of police around it the last few days.
They're claiming security.
But one of the lawyers, one of the accused was on TV the other day and he said, is the M-16 in my face security?
Is it still security?
And all the media was like, oh, this is security.
They're plotting a bomb.
It's like, no, they're not.
It's not proven.
Nothing's been proven yet.
What type of reaction are the Muslim leaders having and what are they telling fellow Muslims in Canada right now due to this recent batch of arrests?
We're not all like this, again, kind of...
Well, there's...
Well, you know, look, and let me just say this real quick, Zach.
I mean, a lot of the news that we get comes out of Muslim sources.
Sometimes we use coffee from Al Jazeera, okay?
Sometimes we use coffee from Pakistan, especially where it was...
Yeah, I'll make it through, but...
That sounds a little bit like fear-mongering, Zach.
I've got to tell you.
I would give you the exact opposite advice.
Do what your heart tells you.
Follow your intuition and stand up for what you believe in.
You know what?
You might end up getting detained.
You might end up
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I completely agree that you should stand up for what you believe in against the
You know, not just fear-mongering.
It's not as hard as it used to be.
We have a lot of support now.
There are a lot of people that are seeing things our way.
A lot of people that agree with this.
So it's not going to be as hard as it was a few years ago.
Yeah, I actually walk around campus with a no to Islamophobia button.
And anyways, there's groups like Justice for Muhammad Harkat in Ottawa who are right there in solidarity.
But the main reason why I called was actually about the Bilderbergs.
I've been covering the story on my blog and David Rockefeller and Conrad Black were spotted at the airport yesterday afternoon.
Not together, but... You know, Conrad Black got in a lot of trouble recently.
They caught him as he was trying to sell his news agency, which is quite dominant in Europe and in Canada, and caught him with his fingers in a lot of pies.
So he's just running around loose, and it's going to be a star at the Bilderberg Group.
So the two of them are definitely in Ottawa.
They came in yesterday afternoon.
And so it's definitely happening.
I'll hopefully be able to get out there and do some reporting myself.
Try to get some pictures.
If you can get pictures of David Rockefeller or Conrad Black or the Bronfmans or any of these people running to attend this meeting, those can be flashed all over the world on the Internet.
Those would be some great pictures to have.
Well, the only problem is that with all this terrorist hooey, it's probably the best word to describe it,
Perfect timing.
Yeah, and so now the media is completely ignoring the fact that the Bilderbergs are here.
Oh, that would be the headline at Infowars.com today.
That's exactly the analysis we had here, that this was put out perfectly timed for a massive distraction.
Also, of course, it gives the Canadians the ability to really clamp down on anyone who might be trying to go get information from the Bilderberg Conference.
And that leads us to Alex Jones.
I can't tell you exactly what's going on there, but...
He's run into a little bit of trouble.
That's all I can say right now.
If he wants to call in and say more, he will.
Hey, thanks for the call, Jade.
I appreciate it.
We've got to play this clip.
This is a clip now going around the Internet quite a bit.
It is Alex Jones bullhorning in Chicago.
Scott, do you have that ready?
Let's go ahead and play that.
We'll play this out.
This will probably take the rest of the time in this segment, and we'll come back and play any more if we have to, and then we'll go right back to your calls.
This is Alex Jones and his trusty bullhorn in Chicago, folks.
My name is Gary Franchi.
I'm the founder of the Lone Lantern Society of America.
We're announcing the new birth of freedom and the death of the New World Order today.
This is to raise awareness on the streets of Chicago.
It's Friday.
It's a beautiful day.
And people are going to be leaving for work, leaving to go home.
This is an excellent opportunity for Chicago to wake up.
9-11's an inside job.
The government carried it out.
Investigate it.
They're using it to take your freedoms.
Just like Hitler firebombed his own rice bag.
We have the official government U.S.
documents where they plan to carry out 9-11.
Operation Northwoods.
They carried the whole thing out.
... ... ...
Ladies and gentlemen, 9-11 was orchestrated by the Military-Industrial Complex to bring in a worldwide attack on freedom.
The New World Order engineered 9-11.
We have the official U.S.
government battle plan, codenamed Operation Northwood, to hijack jets by remote control and fly them into tall buildings.
Did you know Larry Silverstein, the owner of the complex, admits they blew up Building 7?
And he's now the owner of the Sears Tower.
Everybody needs to understand this.
This is the reality.
Hitler firebombed his own Reichstag as a pretext to blame it on his enemies and take total control on February 27, 1933.
At CIA.gov, our own government brags that it carried out terror attacks to blame it on Mosaddegh and Iran to overthrow that elected government in 1953.
Our own government admits it's carried out terror attack after terror attack after terror attack to blame it on its political enemies.
Your government is run by complete criminals.
They must be resisted.
They must be stood up against.
Do you know who is now going public?
Do you know who I personally have interviewed on my syndicated radio program?
The German, the former German Defense Minister has gone public and clearly stated that only our government can carry out these attacks.
No kidding!
And he's written the best-selling book showing the evidence.
The former German Defense Minister is saying 9-11 is an inside job.
What about in America?
The father of Reaganomics
The father of Reaganomics, Paul, Dr. Paul Clint Roberts, has gone public that 9-11 is an inside job.
Ray McGovern, senior CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush Sr., has gone public.
Ray McGovern has gone public stating 9-11 is clearly an inside job.
You know who else has gone public?
Physics professors, mining school heads, underwriting laboratories, Kevin Ryan, who underwrote the World Trade Centers.
They did their own laboratory test and deported the official story as a fraud.
The engineers are telling you it's an inside job.
Dr. Morgan Reynolds, chief economist, Department of Labor in the Bush administration,
In the current Bush administration, he quit.
Dr. Morgan Reynolds has gone public that 9-11 is an inside job.
Members of the Bush administration have gone public, but your news will not pick it up.
We're in danger of the neocon football staging war events.
Did you know that there has been...
Two separate Zogby polls.
One of the most respected polling terms in the world.
Zogby, a year and a half ago, almost two years ago had a poll where 60 plus percent believed it was a cover-up.
The new poll, right up in 50 percent, of Americans believe the government votes involved.
Zogby International.
The Zogby poll.
Half of Americans now believe the government votes involved and that they're wrong.
I want to tell the criminals that carry it out something.
All of us aren't afraid of you.
And all of us aren't afraid of standing up to you.
And all of us aren't backing down.
Poor people are waking up every single day.
More people realize what the states are.
They love their families and they understand that the government is carrying out terrorist attacks as a pretext to re-engineer America into a police state.
To capture us to be their political slaves.
To use us as an engine of global empire to invade the planet.
Ladies and gentlemen, 9-11 is an inside job.
It's a self-inflicted war.
It's a government false flag.
They're in operation.
Top members of the Trump administration have gone public.
Members of the Reagan administration have gone public.
Engineers, physicists have gone public.
Research it.
The mainstream media won't report it.
That's why they've lost 60% of their readership in the last 10 years.
That's why, and this is key, that's why now television's lost 40% of its viewers.
The alternative media is exploding in size.
You cannot hide the truth.
You will not hide the truth.
It's coming out.
Your crimes are coming out.
You don't think 19 people in a cave could make Norris stand out, do you?
Well, that cave could do things like call public officials like Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco the night before and tell him not to fly.
But the police here today, the good people of Chicago, Chicago's finest, when they get home tonight, when they get home after a hard day and they put their kids to bed and they tuck their little ones in, they need to go to Google.
And the police need to type in Operation Northwood to meet you from the Library of Congress.
You will go to the National Security Archive and you will read our own government saying they wanted to hide that air supply in the buildings.
These arrogant people thought they could do this and even declassify it.
They do it and they brag about it and they think it's funny.
It's not funny.
Operation Northwards.
Google it.
Operation Northwards.
Google it.
Everybody's going to learn.
Go to the Library of Congress.
Find out.
Our government carried it out.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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How do you like that, folks?
That's a good example to follow.
I wonder if we can get you to take your bullhorns down to your local statehouse or to your mayor's office, to your public officials, your trusted public officials that you know you can't trust, and do something very similar.
Redress your grievances.
I'd have liked to have been there to see the Alex Jones echoing off of all the buildings in Chicago telling all of Chicago that this was an inside job and exactly why and who's on board with us.
Let's just play the final minute of this clip and we'll take us out for this hour.
Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us here in the second hour to talk more about the Sakawi story.
Let's go ahead and roll that last minute.
Criminals that have seized control of our government carried it out.
And nothing on earth is going to stop the truth from coming out.
We know the truth.
We're not afraid to tell the truth.
And we're going to tell the truth.
That 9-11 was an inside job.
A false flag terror operation.
We are exposing it.
Zodby Polo.
Half the public believes the government carried it out.
Does 66 or 68 believe they're covering up?
We've already got half the people in this country.
And in the next few years, we're going to have 90%.
Nothing can stop us from exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
A pretext for tyranny.
A pretext for taking your friends.
A pretext for taking your freedoms.
If you want to learn all of the facts, get all of the information, and be able to pass that along to your loved ones, you need to go to Infowars.com right now and make sure minimally you have martial law 9-11 rise of the police state.
You know, I got into this many years ago, and one of the ways...
I was able to wake up.
I found Alex Jones' films.
I was able to learn a lot in a very short amount of time.
I was able to copy some DVDs, give them to other people.
And it was really, really effective.
You know, there's a lot of great films out there, but Alex has been doing this a really long time.
Does a fantastic job.
Martial Law 9-11, I think, is probably the best 9-11 film out there.
It covers the whole gamut.
It really is about four films in one.
It covers the entire gamut.
of how we led up to 9-11 what's going to happen now you need to get martial law 9-11 rise the police state also dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove has been updated 9-11 road to tyranny is a classic something you always can use always can have and of course Alex authorizes that you make copies of his videos for educational purposes and there are well let's just go ahead and take a stab at this millions and millions and millions of copies of this video arriving in the mail
Getting put in the hands of the very people that are making the decisions for you.
For all of us.
So if you want the best aid you can get out there, go to InfoWars right now.
InfoWars.com right now.
Get these videos.
Ask for the specials that are always running at InfoWars.com.
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And the store is just becoming excellent here at Infowars.com.
A lot of books, a lot of videos, including Loose Change 2.
You can get all of that by calling Infowars.com, 888-253-3139.
That's 1-888-253-3139.
How many of you are going to the Super Bowl of all 9-11 conferences?
That is the 9-11 conference held by Alex Jones and Infowars in Los Angeles on the 24th and the 25th in Los Angeles.
You know, I've got to tell you, folks, I'll be very honest with you.
I don't have a lot of money.
I don't have a lot of time.
I'm going to this.
I will not miss this conference.
You've got to do the same thing.
We want to see everybody there.
I want to meet everybody there.
Let's get you all out to this.
Tickets are available right now while they last.
Again, at Infowars.com, 888-253-3139.
You've got to get out to this conference, folks.
Again, this is the Super Bowl, the mother of all 9-11 conferences, and you're going to really kick yourself if you miss it.
We'll come right back with Paul Joseph Watson.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Stay tuned.
I'm Jack Blood.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Second hour of the Alex Jones coming your way.
We are live today, this Thursday.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Neocons all over talk radio, all over cable news, touting the success of the Bush administration and finally getting Goldstein number two, that is, Abu al-Zakawi.
Again, we have a few problems with this, because Zakawi has been killed several times, and we don't know if at this time it is for real.
I guess we suspect that Zakawi will be back in action soon.
Well, in the next couple of months.
He's taking a little vacation, I guess.
Maybe going down to the Caribbean.
Having a few margaritas and putting his toes in the sand with the real Saddam Hussein.
Okay, I kid.
I kid the president.
Paul Joseph Watson is with us.
Great editorial artist.
And I mean that.
He is an artist.
Writing for InfoWars.com.
Calling us from across the pond.
Paul Joseph Watson, thank you for joining us today.
Give us the breaking news here.
This story is going so fast, it's hard to even keep up with it.
Good to be on the air.
Hello, Jack.
Good to have you.
Well, I read the story this morning that he'd been killed in the airstrike with a degree of relief because, probably like you, I'd lost track of the amount of times that Al Zarkawi had been captured or killed.
We got an archive on Prison Planet which has about 20 different stories with different examples of where he's
Should we run down some of those examples for people?
I haven't got the specific examples in the archive.
Because I've lost track of them.
There are so many.
You're exactly right about that.
Yeah, it's hard to keep... I mean, look, and this is the same thing any time we want to talk about Osama bin Laden.
He's in two, three places at the same time.
I believe that's what Rumi said.
He's here, he's either in Afghanistan, he's Pakistan, or he's somewhere else.
But, yeah, it's hard to keep track of all the times that Qawi has been killed.
Why do you think that this might be the last time he's been killed?
Because we have the official US government seal of approval that he's actually dead, which is the first time that they've backed up those stories that he's been killed, but the others, they just dismissed them.
But the evidence that I've collated is that the Pentagon created and massaged the image of Al Zarqawi all along, and the evidence to suggest that is stone-clad, because our last encounter with Al Zarqawi before his apparent death
Was this videotape released at the end of April.
Now, what preceded that was this Pentagon program, and the leaked documents came out on this, to magnify and embellish the role of al-Zarqawi in Iraq in order to reinforce this al-Qaeda in Iraq brand myth.
You've got to build them up before you take them down.
Yeah, and they wanted to pin the occupation to the wider so-called war on terror.
It was in the Washington Post at the time, quote, "...the U.S.
military is conducting a propaganda campaign to magnify the role of the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, according to internal military documents.
The effort has raised his profile in a way that some military intelligence officials believe may have overstated his importance."
And helped the Bush administration tie the war to the organization responsible for 9-11.
And the Pentagon went so far as to concoct fake letters attributed to al-Zaqawi boasting about bombings in Iraq.
This had to be done because nobody had really seen him.
There were really no witnesses on the ground in Iraq that even knew he was there working.
And they had to, as you say, build him up to reinforce and really build up this evil Goldstein because they knew that they were going to be able to bomb him and take him out, allegedly.
Just a month later.
So they're setting us up to knock us down, and that's exactly what's up.
We've got a lot more news on this.
Paul Joseph Watson will stay with us.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush,
Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Charmley, professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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You are dialed into the GCN Radio Network, your first source for alternative news.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones today.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson with us.
We're covering this...
Crazy story.
Pentagon jettisons U.S.
agent provocateur Al Zakari.
Of course, you want to look for that at Infowars.com.
I want to continue delving into this with Paul Joseph Watson.
We also have Kurt Nimmo on the line.
We're going to bring you up, Kurt, in just a second as well.
Everybody else stay patient.
We're going to get everybody in today.
Paula, the timing of this really is very glaring.
I mean, there couldn't be a better time for Bush to catch Zakari, and there we've done it.
Right, exactly.
They always time these things to perfection.
And the Al Zakawi video, which showed him barely even able to operate his own machine gun, suggested to me that his entire credibility was on the wane, and they were going to jettison him, as I said in the title of the article.
He's outlived his usefulness.
Yeah, and going back to what I was saying, we had the Pentagon...
...concocting fake letters, leaking them to the New York Times, who, in the full knowledge that they were likely to be fraudulent, splashed them all over their front pages.
And, in fact, you also have transcripts of meetings between the Joint Chiefs of Staff which talk about turning Al-Zaqawi into a caricature, basically, and making him appear, the quote, is more important than he really is.
So, I mean, you've got bulletproof admissions where the Pentagon are massaging the public image of Massab al-Zarqawi.
Even the BBC is reporting that Zakaoui was not a global mastermind like Osama bin Laden, both potentially even fictional characters, I have to add here.
They quote him and they say he's a bloodthirsty, violent thug who made many enemies and several mistakes that might have contributed to his downfall.
I guess, again, like we say, he outlived his usefulness.
Maybe the CIA or whatever his controller is, the Pentagon, as you suggest, got tired of having him around.
But it's just such a perfect time, as I say, with elections coming up.
I mean, you had to think they were going to roll something out like this.
In fact, we all expected...
Right, and you'll remember that before 2004,
We were predicting the possibility that they'd roll out Bin Laden.
Basically, they had the same effect in that Bin Laden released a videotape which basically gave Bush the extra few approval points that he needed to beat Kerry.
And in fact, Kerry himself, you know, not that Kerry's the savior of anything, but Kerry himself blamed his election defeat on the Bin Laden tape, which was the October surprise.
Even Bush said that Osama helped me win the election.
Yeah, and then Walter Cronkite came out and said that he thought it was a Karl Rove orchestrated set-up.
Going back to Ozark, these same documents talk about this Pentagon propaganda push being aimed at a, quote, US home audience.
Here you have the military protesting that the propaganda they placed in Iraqi newspapers isn't aimed at Americans, when in their own private documents they're talking about embellishing Zarqui's role and aiming it at a US home audience.
And he was basically the fall guy.
I mean, every major bombing in Iraq was blamed on him.
And that was even something that CIA analyst Ray McGovern said in relation to the Samara Mosque bombing, that they were using him as the fall guy for these stage bombings, which were likely Western intelligence agency orchestrated.
Now here's a question for you, Paul.
Did anybody get to collect on the $25 million bounty?
Not that I know of, no.
I mean, somebody didn't tip.
Supposedly, folks, he was bombed in a safe house, and I don't know if you have any record of innocents killed or any collateral damage here that will have to be explained away, but did somebody tip this off?
Is somebody going to collect the $25 million?
Well, it remains to be seen.
You can send me the check.
We know that with Saddam Hussein...
They had him holed up in that little underground bunker for three weeks at least the Kurds had captured him before they rolled him out publicly.
So it's entirely plausible that they had him in tow for a month and they've just decided to roll him out now.
Speaking of... Go ahead.
In being the fall guy, I mean, most liberals and left-wingers think that the turmoil and the sectarian violence in Iraq was some kind of
Unintended consequence or an accident of the invasion.
But you look at the neocon and Israeli strategy documents going back three decades which talk about
I mean, for example, Daniel Pipes told the New York Sun that civil war in Iraq would aid the US and Israel, and then you've got other documents by Fife and Pearl saying that a post-war, a post-Saddam Iraq would be ripped apart by sectarianism, but called on the United States to, quote, expedite such a collapse anyway.
You've got Israeli foreign affairs documents from the early 80s saying all manner of inter-Arab conflict help us and accelerate our goal of breaking up Iraq into small diverse pieces.
So they wanted sectarian violence and they wanted Sunnis targeting Shias and vice versa.
And Al-Zarqawi was the fall guy for all this.
Yeah, who benefits?
This is what we always try to ask Cubono here.
Who's going to benefit from sectarian violence in Iraq?
Who's going to benefit from all the things that are happening over there?
It certainly isn't the Iraqis.
That's one thing we're starting to figure out.
What about this angle?
Look, they know where he is, Paul.
They can go in, they can send special forces, they can surround it, they can try at least to attempt to take Zakaoui alive.
And it would be, in my mind anyway, again, if this is all on the up and up, we know it's not, but let's just pretend for a minute that it is.
You know, it would be rather beneficial to have Zakaoui in hand and maybe get a little torture going on him, getting the information.
Maybe we can find Osama bin Laden, etc., etc.
I guess the American people would even accept soldiers being killed for this, collateral damage, innocents being killed.
So that we can actually get our hands on Zakaoui, sit him down in a chair, put some electrodes to his genitals or whatever we have to do to get the information that we need to capture Osama bin Laden and to bring down Al-Qaeda.
But no, they didn't do that.
They bombed it into a big giant hole somewhere.
I don't know if we'll ever even get Zakaoui or if we'll even see Zakaoui's body at this point.
But we've, I think, made a giant mistake.
Again, things are the way they're telling us, folks.
Then I would expect they would want to catch Zakaoui, not just bomb it.
What do you think about that, Paul?
Well, I think there's two different Alza Carways.
There's the real Alza Carway, who probably died, you know, two, three years ago, as reported several times.
And then there's the public image, which the Pentagon created of Alza Carway, and the public image, whether he's dead or not, is what they've killed and what they're announcing today.
Let me rephrase the question, Paul.
How can we justify bombing and not actually trying to get our hands on this guy to question him?
How can we justify that?
I think they've learned from their mistakes with Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein.
Because Saddam Hussein in his court proceedings, which were admitted to have been scripted and staged before they even officially began...
Saddam started to blame things such as the mosque bombing on the US occupation itself, and they had to censor his statements, cut off his microphone, and you hear very little about what Saddam is actually saying in his trial.
Similar with Slobodan Milosevic, who continually blames the New World Order for the orchestration of the bombing of Serbia.
We're good to go.
Keeping these people alive and allowing them to talk doesn't always do much.
I know that.
You know that.
I know that.
You know that.
The listeners know that.
Alex Jones knows that.
How is the State Department or how is the White House going to justify this?
Do you have any idea?
I guess they don't have to justify anything, do they, Paul?
They don't.
They just call it part of the war on terror and say that they're going to prevent future bombings in Iraq, which they won't.
They'll continue because there's no evidence that al-Zaqawi was the ringleader of any major insurgent group, as we were told.
Just a couple other points here before we try to bring up Kurt Nemo.
So I know he's going to add to this as well.
Great blogger, Kurt Nemo.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq, whatever that means, confirmed the death of its leader.
So they're on board with this.
Al-Qaeda is helping us.
Now, again, let's just try to use some common sense here.
Let's try to use a little logic.
Why would Al-Qaeda benefit in confirming that its leader is dead?
Wouldn't it actually further their cause to say that he's still alive and that they missed him?
But no, they're going right along with the White House, as predictable as always.
They're going to continue their war in Iraq, they said.
This will make absolutely no difference.
Your comments, Paul?
Well, I think that the result of it, and why Al-Qaeda in Iraq, whoever that may be, you know, underscores it, that it's happened, is that it adds to a pile of other indicators that I wrote about a couple of days ago, which suggests that
They may be drawing the storyboard for a major summer stage terror attack on a western city by saying that it's revenge for the killing of Al Zarqawi.
You have, on June 19th, the Washington Post reported 4,000 federal government officials going into an underground bunker for a simulation, an exercise based around a major terrorist attack in America.
You have numerous other factors such as the timing of the Iran strike
And now the globalists will need a new mascot for the war on terror, so it's probably going to become the Iranians and the Syrians who we are told enter Iraq as a result of the U.S.
airstrike on Iran, and the whole circus regenerates itself again.
No, it's going to be the Iranians.
I mean, I love how the establishment has already now figured out how to blame the Iranians for the Oklahoma City bombing and for 9-11.
I get to some of these pundits.
It just really riles me up.
What about this angle?
A father of a beheaded man blames Bush, not Sakawi.
That's Michael Berg, whose son Nick was beheaded, allegedly, in Iraq in 2004.
He said on Thursday he felt no sense of relief in the killing of the al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, and he blamed President Bush for his son's death.
In other words, taking the blame off of the mythical Sakawi and putting it right where it belongs on the Bush administration.
Yeah, and he said in the past that he's not even convinced that Al Zoccoli was responsible for his son's death.
And then you have the Nick Berg beheading itself, which maybe we can touch upon a little bit.
Yeah, let's do that, and then we'll bring Kurt Nimmo up to join us as well.
That will be at least a double of two of the best bloggers on the Internet today, Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo.
Stay tuned for that, folks.
The Alex Jones Show will be right back after this.
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We're good to go.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jack Blood.
Filling in for Alex today was up in Canada, attempting to cover the Bilderberg Comp.
We've got some breaking news on that, and hopefully Alex will call in and tell you exactly what's going on.
Michael Cristofaro, who's in the middle of the Kilo vs. City of New London affair, one of the last holdouts standing his ground.
Squatting on his own land, unfortunately, will be joining us in the third hour of today's program.
We have Paul Joseph Watson with us.
I want to bring in Kurt Nimmo.
We're going to go to all your calls in this hour as well.
We left off with a Nick Berg beheading, and Paul, I'm sure you're aware, we broke the story at jackblood.com during that whole debacle, and we found that the videos were uploaded out of a...
A place in London headed by the Arab Press House.
They are the Fox News of the Arab world.
I was immediately sent cease and desist letters from a multi-billion dollar law firm in London.
We were told to remove the information.
I was threatened physically.
We even had a fake hand grenade thrown through our living room window during all of this.
We paid a little bit of a price, but it was important to get the information out.
But, of course, a lot of analysts, and this is the great thing about the Internet today, you put out a fake video, and there are analysts all over the world.
They're going to drop that thing into every machine available and really decode what happened.
But you want to run that down, what happened to Nick Berg?
Al Zarqui basically did his job for the globalists in terms of starting this wave of kidnappings and copycat beheadings in Iraq.
Which ramped up the pre-planned thrust towards the sectarian violence agenda which I talked about earlier.
And the first victim of such a beheading was of course Nick Berg, which we did whole shows about a couple of years ago.
You watch the video of Nick Berg's beheading and compare it to the photographs that came out of Abu Ghraib.
The decor was identical.
The chair views were identical.
Nick Berg had done work at Abu Ghraib.
That was confirmed.
We have his bizarre connection in giving his computer password to U.S.
government-controlled pats.
He's Zacharias Moussoui.
And then some of the weird aspects of the video itself.
There were Muslims wearing golden rings, that's forbidden in Muslim law.
No evidence of Al-Zarqawi's fabled wooden leg.
He showed no difficulty in moving around on that video.
And then afterwards you saw a wave of kidnappings which, strangely enough, seemed to, the victims of which seemed to be people, journalists who were in Iraq researching uncomfortable aspects of the occupation.
Unembedded journalists in Iraq were kidnapped.
Such as, for example, Japanese journalists who were researching the effects of depleted uranium in Iraq were kidnapped.
You had the case of the Italian journalist... Juliana Segrena, yeah.
...who apparently escaped captors and then was shot at by the US military in trying to escape.
Her bodyguard was killed for trying to report what happened in Fallujah with the napalm.
And then you had further copycat beheadings
In the video that was analyzed of the Nick Berg beheading, you saw the back of the head of somebody wearing a U.S.
military hat, a white person.
I don't know if you remember that, Paul, but that was also very telling, I would say.
Come on, folks!
The back of the head of an American military officer involved with these jihadists who were allegedly beheading Nick Berg.
I guess that really tells the whole story, doesn't it?
Right, and then
Two months ago, you have this Al Zarkwi video, whether it's produced, you know, in a CIA backroom studio or out in the Nevada desert.
I mean, Americans, what, 11, 12 years ago saw Forrest Gump shaking hands with President Kennedy.
This stuff is by no means, you know, beyond the ability of them to fake it.
And in that video, Al Dockery's shown unable to fire his gun.
His credibility gets denounced and six weeks later he's dead.
I think that was them creating the storybook, creating the play for this announcement today.
Paul, I know you have a book you're working on.
You're working on several stories.
You are about the busiest guy on the Internet today.
You're doing a fantastic job.
We're going to let you go back to work.
If you have any more developments, feel free to let us know.
We're going to bring Kurt Nimmo up after this.
Paul, thanks for joining us.
Appreciate it.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Folks, we'll be right back with Kurt Nimmo right after this.
We're on the march.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Thanks for joining us, folks.
The Alex Jones Show.
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You're listening to Genesis Communications Radio Network, your first source for alternative news.
I'm Jack Blood, sitting in for Alex Jones.
Of course, my show airs Monday through Friday, 2 to 4 p.m.
Central Time on this very network, following the Alex Joe Monday through Friday.
Alex Jones Show, Monday through Friday.
I have been doing this for quite some time.
If there are any affiliates out there that want to contact us about picking up our program, it is available on satellite.
Kurt Nemo is with us.
Kurt Nemo's great blog, KurtNemo.com, is something that I read every day.
It's bookmarked on my computer, and I happen to believe he's one of the best bloggers on the Internet today.
I know he's got a take on this.
Kurt, thanks for calling in and joining us.
Hey, Jack.
I've got a partial list here.
I noticed when you were talking to Steve earlier,
You guys were wondering how many times Al-Zakari's been killed.
Well, we got the original one that was in northern Iraq that was reported by the Kurds.
That was prior to the invasion of Iraq.
Then he was killed in Mosul.
And then he was killed during Operation Matador near the town of Kayyam on the Syrian border.
And then, I love this one, Jack, he was finally killed with his mentor, Osama bin Laden, in the besieged city of Fallujah.
That one really got me.
So they killed him in Fallujah, and then they caught him, they had him in their possession, and then they accidentally let him go after they killed him.
Yeah, yeah.
It's very, very difficult to try to interpret a lot of this, isn't it, Kurt?
Well, the guy, like you said, he's a cat that's got nine lives, you know, he's a
And, you know, obviously they're putting him to rest now because he's no longer of use.
You know, the Iran operations coming up, the so-called civil war in Iraq has created the political situation for them to totally destroy the country.
So, you know, he's no longer... Al-Qaeda in Iraq is no longer needed.
What happened to the body now?
There has been a lot of...
Oh, boy.
We're all trying to figure this out.
There's been a few reports that even though the house was decimated, that Al Zekawi's body survived the ordeal in a remarkable condition so they can parade him around like Uday and Kuse.
Yeah, well, that would be rather gruesome.
I would imagine if that's true, then his body would be in pretty gruesome shape, and I don't think they're going to be parading that on Fox News any time soon.
Well, I mean, that's what the plastic surgery is for.
As we know, they did that with Uday and Kuse.
You know, we remember that when they originally bombed Uday Kuse, again, they could have captured them.
They had him in a house.
He was contained.
They could have just sat and waited until, you know, he ran out of food or something.
And they could have gotten Uday and Kuse.
But they did bomb them, and they were so horribly ruined by the bombing that they had to do a lot of plastic surgery.
So people would believe that it was Uday and Kuse.
Well, they don't really need to parade his body.
It's enough in the corporate media to simply say they killed him and then stick to that story.
You know, a lot of people are going to believe that.
Especially when you have Al-Qaeda in Iraq confirming it.
It was confirmed by Abu Abel Rahman Al Iraqi.
Is he going to be the new boogeyman over there?
Possibly, but we understand, of course, that...
This al-Qaeda in Iraq, of course, is a Pentagon cut-out intel op, so they're going to say whatever needs to be said about that.
I'll repeat this.
I think we mentioned this earlier, but I love the story about how they had tracked Zakawi down.
They were running him down with one of the Humvees, and he jumped out of his car and ran through the desert on his wooden leg.
Can you believe the gall of reporting something like that?
And they subsequently ended up with his laptop computer with a treasure trove of data.
Which did absolutely nothing to help the situation in Iraq or against Al-Syeda.
What about the $25 million?
You got any clue about that?
Yeah, good one.
Obviously, nobody turned him in, so nobody gets the money.
But I'd like to see a video of Al-Syeda limping along on his wooden leg with a Humvee in hot pursuit.
That would be a good one.
The only problem with that, Kurt, as you know...
We found a lot of the mosque bombings and a lot of sectarian violence, including the pipeline bombings, have been done by so-called contractors.
And, of course, we have a myriad of stories with British SAS and CIA agents being caught dressed up as Iraqis with their cars full of bombs and guns.
Yeah, right.
Arrested by the local police in Iraq and then busted out by the American and the British forces.
And subsequently lost in the news cycle.
You don't hear about it anymore.
This is all mainstream news.
Kurt, why do I think that some of the listeners out there listening to this program around the world are going to have a hard time believing what we're saying?
This is all mainstream news.
They constantly refute themselves and contradict themselves.
I mean, that has got to be very telling for people just starting to hear information like this.
Oh, definitely.
But you don't hear, you know, it's a momentary blip on the news radar screen and then it disappears.
You know, I mean, you don't hear about it again.
They should be
They should be talking about this on a regular basis.
What about these SAS soldiers that were caught red-handed with a car full of explosives dressed up as Arabs?
You know, what about all these situations?
It doesn't make the American newspapers.
It doesn't make the American newspapers.
It doesn't make Fox News.
It's not reported in this country at all.
I mean, it's reported in Britain and in Europe, but you don't see it here at all.
And nobody knows about it, really.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Makesinfowars.com, jackblood.com, and curtnemo.com.
That's for sure, folks.
Oh, definitely.
That's what we're here to do.
Because we understand the truth.
We know what's going on over there.
It's so easy to decode.
Once you've done enough of this and you get in the action of constantly decoding some of these stories, it takes you about five seconds to figure this stuff out.
Well, you have to have the correct frame of reference.
The information's all out there.
It's all out there.
We need to do what Alex did in Ottawa, is get out there with bullhorns and start blasting out the information.
How'd you like that Chicago bullhorn?
It was good.
You know, I lived in Chicago for a while, so I'm sure if he was down the loop, that bounced off the bill pretty good.
Yeah, I lived there as well.
I know the city quite well.
Hey, will you stay with me for a few minutes here and take a few calls with me, Kurt?
Kurt will ride shotgun with us here at least until the top of the next hour, and we'll be bringing up our guest talking about Kilo and the city versus New London.
A great hero, a great holdout over there against Eminent Domain.
Let's go first to George in Canada.
Let's see.
George, thank you for holding all this time.
You're on the air with Curt Nimmo.
Thank you for taking my call, Jack.
I just have a few comments to say about Stephen Harper and how I feel, in my humble opinion, it's a very sad day for Canada that he's in charge.
He's behind a lot of this, you know, this terrorist plot, all these ridiculous headlines in the news that they were going to rush into the Parliament buildings and kidnap Stephen Harper and behead him.
It's just...
Totally ridiculous.
It's unbelievable how much hype and hysteria it has caused.
It doesn't even make good fiction.
It's beyond crazy.
You couldn't write a Hollywood script like this.
It's so stupid.
Reality is stranger than fiction.
Sometimes fiction is reality.
Anything else, George, real quick?
Okay, thanks.
No, no, and that's all, Jack.
Hey, thanks for that contribution.
We talked about this yesterday when you called into my show, Kurt, and there had been some new developments in this Canadian bombing plot, which is ridiculous on just about every level.
You want to touch on that a bit?
Yeah, did you happen to read Thomas Walcombe's column in the Toronto Star yesterday?
I think I might have read a few lines of it.
Yeah, he talks about how absurd this whole thing is, and he talks about the neighbors in that area where they supposedly were having their terrorist training and how
You know, people were looking at him and thinking they were totally ridiculous.
He was just masquerading around with a bunch of kids.
And this guy, what's his name, the supposed ringleader, even he was disgusted with his charges, saying that they were incompetent children.
The whole thing is just a sham, and it's really transparent what's going on.
We had a caller call in from Ontario in the last hour, and he made a very good point.
There was somebody who went out to go test how rigid security would be after these terrorists almost blew up the entire country of Canada.
And they had some people come down and park vans in suspicious places and nothing happened.
There was no security.
And apparently the Royal Mounted Police, the Dudley Do-rights up there, weren't that worried that there was going to be any more terrorism.
Because of course there wasn't in the first place.
You're talking about on Parliament Hill in Ottawa?
Well yeah, I mean there's no threat there.
Absolutely no threat.
But nonetheless, I mean, how absurd is it to think that, you know, three tons of fertilizer would be driven up to Parliament Hill and blown up, or that these teenagers would storm the Parliament building and grab Stephen Harper, who's essentially a neocon, and behead him?
I mean, this is...
Totally absurd.
I mean, who believes this stuff?
Who believes that teenagers chatting on the Internet are going to just bring into their bosom a ringleader that they would not know, that they never knew before, and of course, again, just like the 93 World Trade Center bombing, the feds, the Royal Mountie County, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, give them all of the components to make their so-called bomb and wrap it all up in a giant sting-op.
And not only that, this supposed ringleader...
Was part of the Canadian military.
That's a new story that actually just came out today.
Yeah, he was a reserve for the Canadian military.
Yeah, but we already knew that they were part of the establishment, they were part of the controllers, and that they had infiltrated, again, magically infiltrated this group of teenagers and brought them down.
Great, great work by the Dudley Do-rights up in Canada.
Yeah, the whole story is so transparent and discussed.
But the moral of the story, Kurt, is that this is going to be used to evoke fear from the people of Canada.
Obviously, it's been used here on this side of the border to evoke fear from people, and we just have to know that this is entirely fictional.
It really is.
Let's go to Leslie in Virginia.
Leslie, thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Thank you for taking my call.
I want to just say a couple things.
First of all, Kurt, the reason why Fox News isn't reporting, he's a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, Robert Murdoch.
That owns Fox News.
And secondly, about the Canadian old situation.
If things were such a crisis, why in heavens are they having the Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Canada, but there were 120 international bankers, politicians, and...
And media people.
Leslie, that's a fantastic point.
I mean, here are some of the most important people in the world going up to the Bilderberg meeting.
And Mr. Harper himself.
And could they have called it off because the situation wasn't secure?
No, of course they know there's nothing to worry about.
Kurt, you want to talk on that?
That's a good point.
Yeah, it's a good point.
You know, what's interesting as well is last year in July during the London bombings, you notice how all the neolibs were up at, was it Glen Eagle or whatever it is, the G8 meeting.
Kind of a repeat of the same thing going on.
You've got all these globalists up there, and then they have a fake terror thing.
In London, it was an actual terror event, but here it was a... You're not going to take any chances, right, Leslie?
Well, they don't want anybody snooping around, and this is outrageous, because they're discussing foreign policy, monetary policy that affects the entire world.
And I resent any congressperson going as a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and voting on anything in this country.
They're a globalist, and this is the issue.
But let me tell you why I called, and I want to alert both of you to this.
Both of you, do you know Dr. Corsi?
Jerome Corsi, I've interviewed him on my show, yeah.
Wonderful, because...
He was on Coast to Coast Monday.
I heard it.
Okay, and Wednesday he was on Rick Adams.
You know Rick Adams?
I helped start Rick Adams out on radio, I have to admit.
Oh, wonderful, because you can download it.
The reason why this is so important, this is the real news and what is transpiring.
As you know, he wrote the Bush border policy link to Carlisle Deal, and it's so important that your listeners listen very carefully and do what I ask.
The White House is very upset right now
Corsi was on his way from Congress last night, and he was going back home.
He didn't leave until late, but however, he kept his interview with Rick Adams.
When he went to Congress, and Congress could not believe what they were, he bought his articles, the Carlisle deals and all these transactions, and you can get them on World Net Daily and Human Events.
Which is what we've been saying all along.
I'm glad to see Corsi jumping on the bandwagon.
Go ahead.
Yeah, but no, no, no.
This is what he felt.
First of all, you have to have it all in writing, asking for an investigation, but your listeners don't do this.
All they have to do is put an email, just download one of the articles linked to Carlisle, and just say, all they have to do is close the border, and we want an investigation.
Because as you know, Bush is in there for the, quote, potential conflicts.
And we want an investigation to see all these people and his father with Mexico and the rest of them.
Because they've got all the details are laid out.
But it's very important they email this now because this is what they're furious about.
Congress is being put on alert.
They can't say they don't know about it because it's being emailed to every single congressperson.
And that's why it's so important at this show.
And coast to coast, people did it.
And Rick Adams, I know there are people going to do it too, but it is very, very important because you are demanding accountability, all these conflicts of interest, and you can't be lobbying for your own... Right.
I understand, Leslie, quickly, because we have a lot of calls here.
I want to make a few points as well.
Go ahead, finish up.
The question is, where did Bush get the authority to sign off on this partnership agreement with Vincente Foxx
And the Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, at the time, because he did it in March 2004, over a year ago, and what makes this such an explosive story, and what was revealed last night, and why Congress is upset, because they had no idea this was, they went ahead with it.
They put the website on the Commerce Department,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, is it news to them?
Let me just talk for a second, if I could, Leslie.
Is it news to them?
Because Lou Dobbs reported this eight months ago.
I don't think this is breaking news.
What is breaking news is that Corsi, who, again, I've interviewed and was behind the Swift Boat book and was pretty much a company man, I think has finally had it and fed up and want American people to know about the Amero Euro, about the Pan American Union that we've been talking about for five years.
Listen to me, both of you.
Why is this different than eight months ago?
Because it was officially written.
I won't get into this.
Demanding an investigation from each.
It was a letter detailing an investigation, detailing the corporation.
This is why this is different.
Totally different.
Because this was formally done.
Just to say on the air, well, I want this.
That's different.
But when it was done formally, and Corsi has proceeded with it, they have to do it by law.
Well, we'll see.
I don't know what they have to do or what they don't have to do.
The point is, people have got to know the internet.
There's a lot of things they have to do that they never do.
I know, but it's important your listeners email.
Just email the thing.
We want the borders closed and we want an investigation.
That's all they've got to do.
We're making an impact.
I mean, look, if we don't want to become the European Union, we better get going on this right away.
No, we need to do that.
But, of course, we have been yelling this from the rooftops for years now.
I can't thank you enough, but the point is...
I hear you.
Well, that's what's going to fix this, is disclosure.
And actually, we have Congressman Ron Paul on my program following the show today.
We're going to ask him just about all of this.
Kurt, first of all, I want to reverse a statement I made or clarify.
I work with Rick Adams on several radio stations.
Before we both went national, I helped him to go national, and I produced a number of shows for him.
So Rick has been around for many, many years doing this, and I've got to tell you, he does a pretty good job.
Kurt, you want to comment on the Corsi and the Pan American Union?
I mean, are we starting to figure out now what immigration is all about?
Yeah, I think we are to a certain extent.
I think the activism is great, but you have to remember, Bush is a decider.
No, he's violating laws right and left, and he's circumventing Congress.
So until we can get to him, not much is going to happen.
Kurt, thanks for calling in today, man.
It was great having you with me, okay?
Keep the faith.
Okay, Jack.
That's a link to JackBlood.com.
Go check him out.
We'll be right back after this, folks.
Don't go anywhere.
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All right, folks.
I want to really thank everybody for holding.
We have a lot of calls.
I'm going to try to get everybody in, but we have a lot of news to cover.
Such is life.
Just very quickly, again...
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Global political system.
And we can simply look.
Leslie did a great job bringing up a number of points, talking about the North American Union or the Pan American Union, which will consolidate all power in the Western Hemisphere.
That is happening.
It has been reported on Lou Dobbs.
That's going on.
It's been reported now for years.
We know that that's happening.
How do we stop it?
We've got the African Union.
We've got the Asian Union.
We've got the European Union.
We're the only holdouts right now.
And just because the boat is getting rocked in South America, we have managed to hold off the free trade area of the Americas, which is the final nail in our coffin, which was scheduled to go through about a year and a half ago.
So they're behind schedule.
We're taking it to them, folks.
We've got to really turn up the heat on this, or again, we're going to end up in a centralized government.
But Alex Jones' videos are fantastic.
They go over all of this information.
They cover 9-11.
They cover Oklahoma City.
They cover the elite's immoral activities at Bohemian Grove involving Skull and Bones, their connections to the Nazis.
You've got to get these videos, folks, to help get the word out.
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Like I said, I'm really spending the last of my money to go to this.
I don't want to miss it.
I feel bad enough I missed that Chicago conference.
A lot of my friends were speaking up there, and I heard it just went over really well.
Widely attended, covered by the mainstream media.
Well, that was nothing compared to what will happen with this 9-11 conference, which will take place on June 24th and 25th in Los Angeles.
You can get your tickets now while they last, because there's always going to be a big rush here right as we lead into the event.
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You can find a way to do it.
This is much like going to a championship playoff game or a Super Bowl for some of you sports fanatics.
You'll pay top dollar to be part of history.
This is history.
Some of the attendees are Robert Bowman, who was former director of the Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S.
Air Force, being very outspoken against the Bush administration.
Professor James Fetzer of the 9-11 Scholars for Truth.
Webster Griffin Tarpley, who's just done fantastic work and whose book is carried here at InfoWars.
Long list.
Stephen E. Jones, the physics professor from BYU.
Dylan Avery, maker of Loose Change.
A lot of surprise guests.
Again, I'll be there.
Get your tickets now, folks.
I know it's hard to make time to do these things, but you're going to really kick yourself if you miss it.
We're going to come right back with our guests talking about Kilo and the city of New London.
We're going to try to get Mike Cristofaro on with us, who's one of the last standouts.
Stay tuned, folks.
Third hour coming up right after this at DimbleWars.com.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas Alex Jones
This is where I try to do my best Alex Jones impersonation, but that would be a brilliant failure, so I will not attempt to do that.
I'm Jack Blood sitting in for Alex Jones today here in the InfoWars studio, Austin, Texas.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Genesis Communications Radio Network.
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I've been broadcasting for many years.
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We're about to go to Michael Cristofaro, who is one of the holdouts in the Kelo vs. City of New London case.
And before we do that, I want to play a clip that was broadcast on the news up in New London so you can get an idea of who we're talking to here.
Scott, if you can go ahead and roll that clip as an intro for us.
Well, it seems as though two remaining Fort Trumbull homeowners have lost their land battle.
City councillors in New London have voted to begin eviction proceedings against residents who refuse to leave their homes.
Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter John Camp is live at the Mobile Newsroom in New London now with the new details.
I think it's a terribly emotional night here, and not just for those two people losing their homes, but for their dozens of supporters as well.
And while technically this may be the beginning of the end of the road for them, they're vowing this is not the end of the fight.
You, you, you, you, and you.
You are a disgrace to the city, the state, and the nation.
Strong rhetoric and a strong message for New London City Council members.
Return to peace and leave us alone.
The city has been trying to take Michael Cristofaro's home through eminent domain for the last eight years.
With others, he's fought it through protests and through the courts.
But last June, the U.S.
Supreme Court sided with the city, and finally, at this meeting, despite Governor Jody Rell's attempts to stop it, the city council voted to remove the last two long-time property owners from their homes, upsetting most everyone in the crowd.
Motion passes 5-2.
I don't want to listen anymore.
So why did the City Council pass it?
Mayor Beth Sebelius.
The citizens of New London, the 25,000 citizens, need to have an economic driver to alleviate the tax burden to improve our schools.
Do whatever it takes to stay in that property.
Including chaining yourself?
Chaining ourselves to the house, barricading ourselves into the house, a human chain, whatever it takes to send the message that we are not going anywhere.
But don't look for those chains or those bulldozers anytime soon.
The mayor says this whole process could take months.
Live from the newsroom in New London, John Camp, Channel 3 Eyewitness News.
Michael Cristofaro, mentioned in that clip, joins us now from New London.
Michael, welcome to the program.
We've got a minute or two here in this segment, but get us started here and recap this.
Is this the final nail in your coffin, or where do you guys stand over there now?
Well, thank you for having me on your show.
I mean, it's definitely close to the final nail.
I thought it was going to be the final nail that night.
But luckily, Governor Rell has stepped in and keeps on putting more pressure on our city council to tell them to basically, you know, move the houses, give us our deeds, and leave us alone in Fort Trumbull.
It's a continuous saga.
It's like a soap opera here.
And we're hoping that these five city councilors will finally wake up and do the right thing and protect our property rights.
How has the media treated you up there?
Well, let's ask you that when you come back.
I want to see what kind of support you have.
This is a huge story that has been circulating around the country, around eminent domain, and it's really...
The Cataclysm is getting a lot of people off their butts and getting active against the tyranny that we face from the judicial activists in the Supreme Court.
We'll come right back.
More with Michael Cristofaro.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarman, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
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He's Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Again, I'm Jack Lutz, sitting in for Alex today, who's up in Canada, attempting to cover the Bilderberg Conference.
Michael Cristofaro is with us.
He is one of two remaining holdouts left in the Kelo v. City of New London case.
Mike Cristofaro and Suzette Kelo are the only two holdouts.
Everybody else has settled and unfortunately, in one way or another, endorsed this crazy ruling by the Supreme Court to take people's land.
Michael, how does it feel to be one of the last hanging on holdouts there?
It's almost like you're squatting on your own land, isn't it?
Absolutely, and actually they even said that because they're basically getting ready to charge us a euthanography fee going all the way back to the original take-in back in November of 2000, and they're talking about charging us like $97,000 just for being there and fighting this.
You know, and we saw this happen in Rhode Island.
You know, I'm not sure if you're aware, I lived in Rhode Island for several years, so I'm extremely familiar with New London, which is actually a beautiful town, but also, I know they had a big submarine base there.
It's a big military contracting town.
What did they tell you?
Tell the listeners, what was the excuse to take your land?
What did they want to use it for?
Well, they wanted to use it for a hotel, conference center, biotech building, fitness club, you know, that type of thing.
Office Park Complex.
And they're basically saying they need this for their tax base to increase their tax base so that the school system could have a better education and it'll help the taxpayers of New London by lowering their property taxes.
We know it's a lie.
Our property taxes will never go down.
And the only people that are going to benefit are these corrupt private developers and corrupt politicians.
Well, according to the U.S.
Supreme Court, it does now.
How do you feel about the homeowners that settled?
Do you feel betrayed by them?
Absolutely not.
You have to understand, this has been a long battle for each and every one of us, and every one, except for one, has gone through a tragedy.
Mr. Von Winkle lost, you know, his son was shot and killed about a week and a half ago due to a robbery.
You know, Mr. Byer lost, you know, his lovely daughter to asthma attack last November.
I lost my mom.
The Derrys lost their mom.
I mean, how much, you know, kindness can a person take in his life?
Well, you know, I don't think...
Anything that's suspicious.
I mean, they're natural and everything else, but I mean, just the stress.
I'll delete.
I'm sure it didn't help.
What kind of settlement did they get?
Are you allowed to disclose that?
I mean, did they get the price for their property?
Because I know in other eminent domain cases, they weren't allowed to get the, let's call it a blue book bid for their property.
They really had to kind of take what they were given and get out of there.
I don't know what the settlements are.
They're all under a disclosure act where they're not able to disclose what the settlement was, which we kind of made a little of a stink about that because they're using state tax dollars on that, and it's under the FOI, and they basically are forcing the issue right now.
But, you know, whatever they got, they deserve to get every single penny that they got.
Before the Supreme Court ruling, were you offered fair value?
Did they actually try to purchase the property in a fair and just way for this corporate use, or did they just go right over your head right to the Supreme Court?
No, it was not even close.
I mean, in the very, very beginning, they offered us $60,000 for our property, and then they threatened us with eminent domain, and then the price went, you know, $10,000 here, $20,000 there, up to $150,000, which was 70% of what the city said it was actually worth.
But with our family, it wasn't about the money anyway.
It was principled strictly because we lost another home in New London in 1971 due to eminent domain, and we weren't going to lose a second one because, you know, to have an office park be put on there because they're stripping our property rights left and right.
And this is, of course, being sold to the people of New London as something that's going to be good for the economy, something that's going to be good for taxes.
We know that, you know, when you're building hotels and convention centers and upscale condominiums, you're bringing in this business.
You generally get tax deferments, so I don't know how this all adds up, but tell me how the people of New London are taking this.
Are you getting the support you feel you deserve, or are they buying into this whole scheme?
I think the majority of new lenders are definitely on our side and they don't believe what's going to happen because they realize that we're not going to see any tax benefits.
We're not going to see anything on the tax rolls that are going to benefit our property taxes until at least 2015, 2020 because of all the tax payments they're going to get.
Let's face it, Michael Cristofaro with us, who is, again, one of the last two holdouts, along with Suzette Kilo in this Kilo versus City of New London.
A recent judgment just about put the last nail in their coffin.
If that's the case, Michael, if the majority of New Londoners support you, obviously they have to see that if it can happen to you, it can happen to them.
So it seems realistic that they would support your efforts.
How do they then endorse a city councilman like Robert Pirro, who is with the government on this?
To be honest with you, even Robert Caro says he knows that his decision was wrong, but he's got to vote for the better of the community.
I mean, he even knows what's going on is wrong.
And I just don't understand... We've gone up... I mean, I've gone up against city councilmen for a number of issues, from the Patriot Act to the NAFTA highway down here in Texas, which, if you didn't know, Michael, is a giant superhighway that's going to connect Mexico to Canada.
There's a lot of eminent domain issues in that as well.
So we have gone at a number of city council members, and I've got to tell you, we're not very moved by even the slightest...
Endorsement of projects like this.
And I got to tell you, why don't these city councilmen who don't stand up for the people in their community be booted out immediately?
Impeached if necessary.
Ridden out on a rail.
Because our charter prevents that from happening, and we can't do that until the next election.
I think in the next election we'll see another four, at least, off of that city council.
In our last election, we did a startup new party called One New London, which I also ran under, and we had two of our party candidates elected to city council, and those were the two votes that were for us.
So, I think in the next election, we're going to get a majority of those idiots out of there.
Because they keep, I go to the council meetings every other week, and I keep telling them the same thing, to give us back our deeds and leave us alone.
And they keep coming back saying, they get majority of phone calls telling them that we need to go.
And I keep telling them, who are the silent majority?
I don't have anyone telling me I need to get out of my property.
And even at the last city council meeting, the room was packed with 100 people.
19 people spoke in favor of giving us our land, our house, and our deeds back.
And it was three people that spoke against us, and one was a former New London Development Corps member, and two were their friends.
Well, you didn't mince any words.
Again, to quote you, you are a disgrace to the city, the state, and the nation.
I assume you were addressing that to the city council members.
Actually, those five individuals, Mr. Perot, Mr. Kavanaugh, Deputy Mayor Glover, Mayor Sebelia, and Councilwoman Peg Curran, because not one of them is standing up for the private property rights of any individual in the state of Connecticut.
Give us a sense, if you could, Michael Cristofaro with us again here on the Alex Jones Show.
Jack Blood sitting in for Alex.
Michael, give us a sense of what it's like to live on your property with all of this pressure.
Have they cut off your utilities?
I mean, what is it like for you to live on your land at this point?
Well, you know, they don't harass us in that sense, you know, cutting off utilities.
You know, I mean, at one point during last year, they blocked off the roads while, you know, we couldn't access it.
We had to contact our attorney.
They had to, you know, open up the roads to let us back in.
Our house is actually a two-family home.
You don't see this as some form of intimidation or pressure?
Absolutely, because you know what their response was to me?
Well, we'll get this sex offender out for you, but would you settle?
I said, are you nuts?
I said, what do you think, I just came off the boat?
I'm not that stupid.
What about the recourse here, Michael, if you can cover that with us, and we'll have to probably continue some of that into the next segment, but Scott Bullock, who is the lawyer for the residence, said that they will consider asking the state to pull funding for the development.
That seems a little bit light, if you ask me.
Well, I mean, whatever it takes.
I mean, the governor is the one that supplied $78 million to New London to do this development.
I'm sorry?
Go ahead, Michael.
That was our previous Governor Rowland, who was a Republican.
The new Governor, Governor Ralph, you know, she's still going to be funneling a lot more money into running to make sure this project goes forward.
So if we run and want this whole project, all she's got to say is, you know what, I'm not going to give you another penny.
Either you let these people stay and live in peace, or, you know what, I'm going to pull the mortgage and I want my $78 million back.
How do you feel a number of activists, I know this initially went down, a lot of activists were talking about pulling an eminent domain on David Souter's house.
How did you feel about that when you heard it?
Well, unfortunately, you know, like I said, I'm against eminent domains, period.
I hear you.
I couldn't condone that.
But, you know, I think he's going to get what he deserves one day for his decision.
Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, Breyer.
What about them on the Supreme Court?
What should be done with these un-American judicial activists?
Bush likes to talk about judicial activists.
Where is he on eminent domain?
Oh, that's right.
He took everybody's property under the Texas Rangers deal.
We'll come right back with Michael Cristofaro right after this.
Stay tuned.
We're good to go.
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That's right, folks.
Be bold.
Don't back down.
Homeowners that settled, the seven homeowners that hadn't settled or are currently in this situation, standing up against the Supreme Court, standing up against their city, their town, their state, and their federal government.
Unfortunately, all we're told, all we're fed, is that the government cares all about us, they do everything for us, and it's all for our own safety and protection and to preserve liberty.
So this is really the definition of not only the Communist Manifesto or the UN Charter,
But of absolute tyranny.
Michael, stand by.
I want to go back to you.
I want to keep covering this story.
But we do have Alex Jones on the line.
Everybody was waiting to hear from Alex and see how it's going up there in Canada.
He's covering the Bilderberg Conference.
The host of this show, Alex Jones, with us now.
Alex, good to hear from you.
What's going on up there?
Jack, it's been horrible.
As you've noticed earlier this morning, we just kept it quiet until the outcome developed.
I have been in custody for 15 and a half hours.
I'm now driving out the door.
They openly said to me, customs, that the Bilderberg Group was aware that I was here and that it was basically all about the Bilderberg Group.
I was screamed at.
I was cussed at.
I was interrogated.
I was told, you know, why are you here to cover this?
They took my equipment for 15 hours, and were talking about putting me in jail, talking about how I was a criminal.
They hooked our laptop computers up, and said that if they found any porn, even mainstream porn, that it's illegal to take it across lines, and that we'd be going to jail.
Thank God, of course, two of my war computers didn't have any porn, even a big, big henna girl.
Nothing was there.
I mean, I was just, people cussing at me.
We're good to go.
Yeah, let's be very clear.
This happened to you.
It was an immigration issue.
This happened to you as soon as you crossed the border, and they just seized you, seized all the equipment.
Yeah, there were foreigners, people with turbans on their heads, people with Chinese passports, because I was watching in this big line of people.
All three of us got flagged, even though we went to different boxes, because they split you up.
And they just took us in there, and the interrogation begun.
I mean, it was actually scary.
This morning...
They were just gleefully going, you Americans, you think you can S all over us?
And last night they keep saying, you're not a member of the media, you're not a member of the media, you're making all this up, you're here for something else, you're here for giving drugs, weapons.
And then later the guy goes, oh yeah, I know you are, you're Alex Jones, I saw all your documentaries.
I mean, it was sick.
And they go, you're a liar, you're lying, you lied to us about why you're here.
And I said, I told you, I'm here to interview the press, here to cover a big conference here.
I mean, it was right out of the movies, man.
This was...
This was... But you know what?
The good news is the press somehow heard that we were caught up here.
And CBC showed up.
Ottawa Citizen showed up.
Ottawa Citizen's got a great front page article.
Big daily paper here saying how they run the planet.
It's the 100 elite.
And so that's the good news, Jack.
So despite all this terrorist news coming out of Canada, there is some reporting to the Bilderberg Conference, and this is starting to get fired up over there.
They were getting ready to put us back on a plane.
They said they were setting it up.
The media started up.
And by the end of it, they were groveling and begging, saying they have families at home and don't want to lose their jobs.
They're probably in a lot of trouble.
Yeah, I mean, this is what happens when you stand up to these people.
Eventually, everything's going to work out.
But it was very tenuous there.
You didn't think you were going to get your equipment back.
We still got to get out of here in three days.
If they would have found one thing wrong, man, jail.
This is the amazing thing, because look, we all know, we've all gotten those spam emails that contain pornography.
We open them up, and oh no, I've just accidentally downloaded some pornography.
And that's very interesting that you tell me that if you have one iota of something like that on your laptop computer, that they can deny you interest and start confiscating your stuff.
Guys, did I miss the turn?
I'm sort of driving, multitasking in the rain.
Yeah, no, and thank God there's nothing on the computers.
I guess at this point we can be happy that you weren't flown off to Jordan or Egypt or Poland for further interrogation.
Well, that's right.
A person of interest.
And that's why Blank said it was because of the Bilderberg Group and they'd been told I was coming.
They were like, how are you doing, Mr. Alex Jones?
I mean, right off the bat.
They were laying for you.
Hey, do you want to stay on for a few more minutes or anything else you want to tell us here?
There's big reports coming up.
I got Michael Cristofaro with us.
If you can stay for a minute and you want to talk to Michael, we can do that too, Alex.
So it's your show.
What I'm going to do is I'm just going to call you back tomorrow and I'll call into other Genesis shows.
I'm going to let Michael finish up.
There's so much more that's got to be told, but I haven't had any sleep, so I'm a little bit out of it.
We'll see you tomorrow, Jack.
All right, thanks, Alex.
All those reports coming out of Infowars.com.
Stay tuned, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, you heard it folks.
Report live from the other side of enemy lines in Canada.
Alex Jones, your host of covering the Bilderberg Conference.
They were laying for him.
Let that be a lesson to you.
I'm not going to tell you how to live your life.
You do what you like to do, okay?
That's the essence of freedom.
But if you're downloading pornography, even if you use your computer at all, as we mentioned earlier, it's very likely that at some point or another you accidentally opened up an email, and that could be used as a way to throw you in jail and prosecute you if you try to bring that over the Canadian border.
So I hope we all learned something from that, and you take the proper precautions.
But thank God Alex didn't do that, and they were safe, and they're back on their way to the Bilderberg Conference.
There's going to be some dynamite reports coming up from Alex Jones regarding the Bilderberg Conference, and you'll hear that on this show first.
Michael Cristofaro is with us.
Michael, thank you for standing by.
We can get that report.
What do you think about all that?
I thought I was having a bad time.
I couldn't imagine going through all that.
Well, that kind of goes with the territory, but Michael, we've got to stand up to these people, don't we?
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, let me put it this way.
After Monday night,
I woke up Tuesday.
I didn't even feel like an American citizen anymore.
I'm like, where am I?
I said, the people in Russia probably have better rights than we do right now.
Well, that's debatable, but you might actually have a good point there, and that's pretty scary.
I mean, we were supposedly, you know, we had brought down communism thanks to Ronald Reagan.
I don't buy into any of that, but, yeah, we see that things are pretty bad in Russia, and you make a good point.
It could be better there than it is here.
I want to take a few calls.
Michael has been kind enough to stay with us here to the end of the hour.
I want to take a few calls, and we're with Michael Cristofaro again, who's one of the last two holdouts in the Kelo vs. City of New London case, along with Suzette Kelo as well.
Before I take the calls, if you could, Michael, tell me how the media has treated you.
Have they been helpful to you?
Have they been adding to the pressure?
Has the local media been good, the national media?
Give us a sense on what kind of help you're getting from the so-called media.
Oh, no, the national media...
Most of the media has been fantastic.
You know, the newspapers, the radio stations, you guys, everyone's been fantastic.
Now, our local newspaper, the New England Day, they have been atrocious.
They've been basically telling us that we're the bad guys, we need to go, we're holding up progress, etc., etc.
They don't cover stories correctly, and if they do get a reporter that actually covers the facts, and they print their news report...
Before you know it, they're either moved to another territory or they're no longer working for them.
I mean... This is the... Yeah, we've got to find... I don't know all the specifics here, but a lot of times local newspapers are owned by big national chains.
They've been centralized and they go right along with the general agenda.
But, you know, this has been a tipping point.
Real line in the sand for a lot of people, including even some neoconservative talk show hosts who use the example of this to really show what direction we're going to in the country.
So I think that your case, God love you, Michael, for going through all of this because it's really showing people around the world exactly what we have to deal with.
But, you know, I don't think I could ever do this again.
I mean, once this is over, one way or another, I don't think I could do it.
I mean, I'll be out there defending anybody's property rights.
I'll be right behind them in whatever I can do to help them.
But I'll tell you, this is taking a major toll on myself and my family.
Quickly, if you could share with us, Michael, what was your life like before all of this happened?
Were you blissfully asleep?
Where were you at before all of this?
You're basically right.
I was just this person that kind of kept a low profile in the community.
I mean, everybody knew who I was.
I wasn't an outspoken individual.
I was just enjoying life.
And then this came.
And it was basically like you woke up a sleeping giant.
The point is here is that do we even own property, Michael?
That's just it.
We no longer own property.
And that's why we took this fight on.
Because, like I said, all I want to do is live as a free American.
I want to live so that I don't have to have any fear that Big Brother or government or anyone else is going to come and throw me out of my house.
Are you familiar with Agenda 21 of the United Nations?
Have you read up on that at all?
No, I haven't.
I'm sorry.
If you get a minute or two, Google that.
Well, I'll tell you.
This has to do with massive land grabs out of the United Nations under Agenda 21.
And this, of course, concentrates itself on these wildlife protection areas, formerly our national parks here in this country.
Believe it or not, folks, the United Nations owns a good chunk of America.
In fact...
Michael, at JackBlood.com, I happen to have a map on my headline news page which shows people all of the land that's been grabbed up by the United Nations and the globalists.
Pretty scary stuff.
Yeah, actually it is.
And we have to take that all back.
We have to get it back somehow.
We're Americans.
We own it.
Not them.
Well, and that, of course, gets into what we were talking about earlier with the Council on Foreign Relations plan to rebuilding North America.
And they plan to eliminate the borders.
They plan to centralize our government here.
They plan to eliminate our Constitution and put us under regional government.
I can't imagine what would happen to property owners when that all goes through.
It boggles your mind.
It absolutely boggles your mind.
If you don't think we are in a total war against almost our own government, you have been sound asleep for way too long.
Let's go to the phones, 800-259-9231.
We're actually wide open, so you can get right in if you call in today.
I'll put you right on the air.
Jason in Maryland has been so patient to hold through several topics.
So, Jason, I'm going to give you a chance to bring up anything you want here.
First, I would like to say that...
When Ronald Reagan said, told, because you touched on this earlier, when Reagan told Gorbachev to tear down that wall, there were no papers signed except for a book, a hundred-year-old book called Toward Soviet America, which stated that they were going to divide Germany and reunify Germany when they had reached near the completion of their plan for global domination.
So that the West would believe that the Russian bear had disarmed, so... Well, sure, and we've read Gorbachev's statements, and I think we're very clear on exactly what happened there.
That's easy for people to research.
What else is on your mind today, Jason?
I would like to know what you know about the FEMA camps, how many of them in this country there are...
And I just would like to hear you guys talk about that a little bit.
I would take a lot of time to spell out, but I can break it down for you and make it pretty simple.
We've seen a number of camps.
We've actually talked to some people that have been in the camps.
A lot of them are used for multiple purposes, such as detaining immigrants.
Obviously, they haven't detained enough immigrants.
This is, of course, why ICE is working with Halliburton to build more camps
But again, they're building more camps.
They're not even really using the camps they have for the illegal immigrants that are moving across the border at record speed.
So what are the camps for?
Now let's get away from the camps, because we saw in New Orleans, this is one of the most fantastic aspects about New Orleans, because it really opened our eyes to the effect that the Superdome is a concentration camp.
The convention hall, your local convention hall, your local baseball stadium where you mindlessly go drink beer and watch sports could be your own prison.
And we watched as those people in New Orleans were held with no water, no food, held by gunpoint, threatened to be shot if they tried to get out and help themselves, kept under deplorable conditions.
So the fact of the matter is, we don't have to show you trains with bars on them, double-decker trains, which we have pictures of,
Going to camps where the barbed wire is turned the wrong way.
We don't have to show you that anymore.
The government has proven to us that any guarded facility can be used to round up dissenters and to hold them.
And of course we saw that in New York.
Gitmo on the Hudson they called it.
It was just an old greasy old bus warehouse where they...
Managed to corral 2,000 people, and believe me, Jason, I was in New York, and I nearly got caught in a net just walking across the street, nowhere near a protest with congressional bar-coded press passes around my neck and a Fox News all-access pass.
They just about netted me up and threw me a Gitmo in the Hudson just for walking across the street.
So we really have to keep our eyes open here to know that anything could be a detention camp or a re-education camp in this case, and we know that they'll do it.
Appreciate the call, Jason.
Thank you so much.
Michael, what do you think about that?
You believe our government would round us up and hold us and re-educate us much like they did in World War II to the Japanese Americans?
Why not?
They want to brainwash us.
Is that what they're doing with the land grabs, even?
Telling you that this is the best thing for you to do?
Well, I don't know if this segues into eminent domain, Michael, but it certainly could if they start doing big enough land grabs on public property or residential property and you really stand up for yourself enough.
I mean, you could go somewhere.
You know, here's the other thing about these camps.
Is that we see, well, we have a camp in Cuba.
Cuba's supposed to be our sworn enemy, yet we have a detention camp in Cuba.
They can put you on a plane and fly you right there.
Now, if they really want to torture you and interrogate you and do so without having to deal with the Geneva Convention or any of the international laws that guide these types of behaviors...
Then they just send you off to Poland, and we mentioned this a couple times today, to Egypt, to Jordan, where they can do what they will with you.
You will literally just disappear.
I've got a number of stories right now, including this one.
Cleric abducted in Italy by CIA was tortured from the moment of his seizure.
This was printed in the London Independent today.
Can you believe things have gotten this bad, Michael, can you?
Well, yeah.
Like I said, we're turning into a communist country.
What rights do we have?
We're losing all of our rights.
Slowly but surely, our Constitution is meaning nothing.
Well, reportedly, George W. Bush said that the Constitution is just a G.D.
piece of paper.
You see where these people stand?
But this is the goal all along.
I mean, we look at what happened with the European Union.
They lost their rights.
They were replaced with privileges.
This is the agenda, and we have to be very aware of that.
Let's go to Jack in New Jersey.
Jack just hung up.
Charles in Rhode Island.
Charles, thank you for joining us.
My old friend Charles from Rhode Island.
We remember that big eminent domain case in Rhode Island a while back.
They chased off a guy who had been on his land for three generations.
And they're still working on it.
What were the companies that he... Two companies.
What were the two companies again?
They were big companies.
Big insurance companies.
They hate each other.
And this guy's in between with a little greenhouse situation going on.
His grandmother's buried on the property...
It skips my mind right off the top of my head, but they've got it pretty much bought off, too.
You know, and I see the same thing happening here in New London.
You know, you're fighting a valiant fight, but it's a downhill struggle.
But you have to fight.
I mean, as you say, it's a valiant fight, so you have to fight.
You could fight.
You know, I just won a big case against the state of Rhode Island and the town of Johnston over here, Jack, and I'd like to tell you about it off there sometime.
You really get a big kick out of it, what I did to them.
But basically, what's happening to us is the old song about nine little eight little seven little Indians.
And basically, that's what's really going on in life with us.
But I wanted to amend what you were just talking about, about the FEMA camps and all that, is do a search engine on Rex, R-E-X, 84.
Rex 84.
Relocation Evacuation Order Number 84, FEMA.
And if that doesn't make you feel your britches, nothing will.
Because that explains it to you, exactly what's going to happen to us.
And it's got the handcuffed cars, it's got the camps, it's got the whole nine yards there.
And that's the scary part, that our government will do this.
Either you're on the red list, or you're on the blue list.
National emergency, national security, whenever they dictate that we're under threat, which of course they can manufacture as a problem, the solution will be Brexit.
No, I haven't.
It's the first time I heard it.
I'm going to have to Google it.
It's the first thing I get.
I mean, that's sick.
That means they could basically strip you right there on the street and say, how are you?
That's it.
If you're on the red list, you're going to get executed immediately.
And if you're on the blue list, you go to the camp.
If they can't retrain you, you go on the red list again.
You think again we were talking about Stalin's Russia or Nazi Germany.
And folks, we're not exaggerating here.
In fact, I've got to say, Charles and Michael, I think we're actually not giving this enough attention.
I think we're even downplaying it.
It's just so horrible.
It is beyond conception.
Agenda 21, Rex 84.
We need to all Google that and be very aware of that.
Anything else, Charles, before I let you go?
I just wanted to say hello to Tony and your boy there and all.
Do you have the same number, Charles?
I'll give you a call later.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Call me up.
I'll do that.
I've got something really interesting to tell you.
Good to hear your voice.
Charles is a great patriot and a great hero in Rhode Island.
Everybody knows Charles.
He's stood up to the system for many, many years.
Jack in New Jersey.
You're on the air with Michael Cristofaro.
Yes, you're on the air, sir.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, I was wondering if you guys have heard about the raid at KT Ordnance.
Yes, in fact, thanks for bringing that up.
I wanted to talk about that on my show.
I am trying to get a hold of Richard.
He sent me a very alarming email yesterday.
For those of you who don't know, KT Ordnance makes guns that are about 80% done.
You've got to finish them off yourself.
I have one.
I know they were making a number and variety of weapons, but supposedly he was trying to hold them off yesterday, and they were raided, and to the best of my knowledge, they're
Machinery and the parts that they have been producing have been confiscated.
But again, I don't have a confirmation on that.
Just a letter here and there from Richard.
Oh, okay.
He is incommunicado.
I am not able to get a hold of him.
Their phone doesn't ring through.
Yesterday I tried to leave a message for him.
We're looking for an update on that as soon as we can get it, Jack.
And their site is also down.
Yeah, I think they've been taken down.
Again, this is a way, folks, to get around the gun grabbing, to get around the fact that you have a firearm to, again...
Hopefully, live your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, to protect yourself and your family.
Something that's very important more today than ever before.
You listen to this show, boy, I'll tell you, if that doesn't make you want to buy a gun, I don't know what will.
Richard and KT Ordinance had found a way around that.
Guns without serial numbers, guns that you wouldn't have to register, that wouldn't have to be on a database, which would, of course, be immediately taken from you as they begin to do in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
We're wishing the best to Richard's family and KT Ordnance, but this does not look good, Jack.
Yeah, it sounds to me like it's like a terrorist operation, a government terrorist operation, just trying to get us to be afraid, too afraid to own anything.
Well, they want to control all the guns.
They want to know where they all are, Jack, as you know, so when the day comes, they'll know right where to go to get the guns.
Anything else, man?
No, that's it.
Appreciate the call.
Who is next, Scott?
Actually, I wanted to touch on infant domain.
Think about the property seizures.
In the 14th Amendment, we're basically all property of the United States government.
So what's to keep them from using it in that domain and seizing us?
And saying, well, you owe us this money.
We're not going to let you go until you pay what you owe.
Well, the fact of the matter is, if you start doing a lot of hardcore research into this, you find that we are numbers and we are a corporation.
This has to do with...
Some of the paperwork and signing away your individuality with social security numbers, etc., etc.
And you're exactly right.
I mean, they actually sit and estimate how much each of us mewing cattle are worth, what our life is worth.
They put a price on it, and I believe the last time I checked it was around a million dollars is what we're good for, for our entire lives to the federal government.
They don't see us as people and individuals.
They see us as cattle, and they've said so much.
Useless eaters.
We'll come back, finish up with Michael Cristofaro right after this.
The Alex Jones Show.
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All right, folks, just a few minutes left.
Michael Cristofaro has been a great interviewer, a great American hero.
I'm sure you'd be embarrassed, Michael, for me saying that, but we really need somebody to look up to, someone who will stand up to these critters, to these vampires.
I've got to tell you, here's the idea I would have.
I'm sure this has been discussed in your community.
But, you know, they say that the development of the peninsula is going to move forward, and I'm sure you feel that.
We need to boycott these developments.
We need to make these developments ghost towns so that they do absolutely no business and they see what they get, what they reap for what they sow.
Well, you know what?
I don't, like in this new project, I don't see anything being built in the next five years anyway.
This has been going on for eight years.
They've never broken ground.
They have 80 acres sitting there.
It's empty.
Where do you go from here, Michael?
You seem like you're going to keep going with this.
What's the next plan if you can break that down for us in about a minute or two?
I mean, I don't have any other choice but to keep on fighting.
I mean, it's our home.
We should have the rights to the property, not them.
It should be our choice.
And all I can say is that every American out there needs to stand up and start fighting for their rights or we're going to lose all of our rights.
Charles Frink has been one of the supporters who has really gone after some of the council members who voted for the plan and that they should admit their mistake.
I want to thank Charles Frink up there for doing the right thing.
He says, this is morally abhorrent to me.
I refuse to profit from my neighbor's pain.
Mr. Charles Frank and also William Cornish, they both put a lot on the line.
They're the two newest counselors, and they know what's wrong, and they're saying, we should just admit that you guys did a mistake, and let's give these people their homes back.
Quickly, Michael, because we have a lot of listeners up in Connecticut.
What can they do to jump in and help you?
Do you have an email or a website or something they can go to, a way that they can get involved and help you guys there?
I mean, with every voter in Connecticut, I would say bombard the councillors of New London with messages and tell them, you know, you guys need to wake up and see the real thing.
You need to bombard the governor's office with emails and phone calls and tell them that you're totally against Amnesty Lane and that you need to do a lot more for the residents of this state.
Because our legislation fails to do that.
Our legislation refuses to protect the property owners of Connecticut.
Do you have a website or a way that people can contact you to find out how to help?
I'm sure they could contact me at nichri1, M-I-C-H-D-R-I-1 at yahoo.com.
Michael, I appreciate you so much for doing what you do, and I hope you keep me posted here.
You let us know.
I'm at jackblood at hotmail.com.
That's simple to remember, jackblood.com, and
I really hope that if there's anything we can do that you'll not be afraid to ask us.
We'll really try to rally the troops for you there.
I'd like to see you win this in the end.
Well, just keep on doing this work.
Help out the citizens of America, because if it's not by people like yourself, myself, and the listeners, it's going to be a lost cause.
Michael, thanks again for joining us today.
We appreciate all your time, and best of luck to you.
Thank you so much for all your help and your listeners.
Thank you very much.
Folks, thank you for joining us.
I'll be back tomorrow sitting in for Alex Jones again.
A lot of the new breaking news is at InfoWars and PrisonPlanet.com.
You want to find out what Alex is up to, what he's going through, that's how you're going to do it, all this breaking news.
I'm going to be back here in about seven minutes with Deadline Live, my own program.
We'll hold over any callers and Congressman Ron Paul, another great American, will be joining us.
I hope to see you all there.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Until then, remember to be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.
We're good to go.