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Air Date: June 7, 2006
2259 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this live Wednesday edition, the 7th day of June, 2006.
We have Professor Stephen E. Jones.
He's a physics professor, has a doctorate in physics, joining us.
Huge new developments.
They were able to get some of the samples of the support columns of the beams from Tower 1 and Tower 2.
They were able to get samples from the point at which they had been mysteriously cut as if by a hot knife through butter.
They have tested the substance and it has the byproducts that you would see precisely with thermite, but not just with thermite.
The exact patented type of thermite that is specifically used for cutting large columns.
Oh, yes.
And then you're going to ask, where did they get these samples?
All over the country.
All over the nation.
They have these little remembrance propaganda 9-11 sites that they use to sell the destruction of our freedoms and the birth of their world government.
There's dozens and dozens of them across the country.
There's some in Canada.
There's some in foreign nations.
And under scientific controls, they have removed samples from several of these.
They have tested them.
It's been peer-reviewed.
Other physicists and engineers have taken part in the testing.
We have not released those names at this time.
And Stephen Jones has released many of his findings.
He's releasing all of it here in the near future.
This is huge.
This is so huge.
Just a few months ago, we saw the video, the photos of the hot molten steel pouring out of the building.
The 9-11 Commission tried to claim it was aluminum, which of course it wasn't.
Well, now they have had a chance to test it.
That is coming up in the next hour with Professor Stephen Jones.
In the meantime...
Connecticut City Leaders OK Riverfront Evictions.
It's happening right now.
And they're not even being given just compensation.
The homes have been condemned.
They're giving them lot value.
And in some cases, they're going to charge them rent for the last five years that they fought the city.
So, in the future, if you fight the city, the county, or any other group taking your private property for a private interest...
You will not be paid fair value.
In fact, you'll be paid almost nothing.
Or you may even have to pay them money for the privilege of them taking your land.
This is land of the slaves, home of the cowards.
I mean, let's just boil down what it is here.
City officials voted Monday night to evict residents who refused to leave their Riverfront homes.
Signaling that the end is near in an imminent domain dispute that reached the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Of course, that's an improper term here from Associated Press writer Stephen Singer.
It's not an imminent domain dispute.
It's something new in U.S.
Private interests want your property for condominiums or for a chemical plant or for a pharmacological device.
Headquarters for Big Pharma, and they just take it.
They just take it.
So we'll be getting into this wonderful freedom, one of the many new freedoms we have, the freedom to have our property taken.
We'll also get into some good news.
New Orleans Chief of Police backs down on gun confiscation, at least for now.
City Councilman compares Cleveland teens to terrorists as they have no rights.
There's a lot of news.
It's all important.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Big developments in the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Tower 1, 2, and 7
We have Professor Stephen E. Jones joining us in the next hour.
They have tested steel from the collapse.
They were able to get a hold of specific steel that had been cut in neat little pieces during the collapse.
And sure enough...
All of the exact derivatives, the byproducts of thermite, but not just thermite cutting charges, the patented specific industry type of thermite that's had some other elements, some other chemicals added to it.
Extremely conclusive.
He'll be joining us for this breaking news coming up in the next hour.
It's so important that he hasn't been doing radio interviews.
I was the first person to interview him on radio, and then shortly after that he ceased doing radio interviews because he was besieged by calls.
Well, he will be coming back out here on the air, coming up in the next hour, so you definitely do not want to miss that.
In the meantime, in the last...
The first segment, I mentioned the New London, Connecticut ruling of last year saying that of private interest, and this is in the Supreme Court ruling, go and lobby a city, a county, or a state to take your private property, that they are allowed to give campaign contributions to your elected servants.
You notice they've been calling themselves officials, authorities, our bosses, oh, your great excellency city council member, oh, your honorable mayor, honorable judge.
All of this is so un-American.
Fits right in in Napoleonic France, or...
Caesar's Rome, or Fidel Castro's Cuba, but not here.
But we're going into slavery, going into bondage, as every other civilization has.
They always do.
The average American's been told by the media that tyranny doesn't exist in America, never could, never will, and that everything's just fine, it can't happen here.
It is happening here.
City officials voted Monday night to evict residents who refused to leave the riverfront homes, signaling the end of
To the dispute that reached the U.S.
Supreme Court.
The city council approved the action 5-2.
The city attorney will now go to court to seek the removal of the remaining two families and obtain the properties in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood, a process that could take three months.
The city has been trying for a decade to redevelop the once vibrant neighborhood at the point where the Thames River joins the sea.
Several homeowners challenged the city's plans to seize the property and build a hotel, convention center, and upscale condominiums, saying eminent domain can't be used to make way for private development.
Now let's be clear here.
You notice how the Associated Press spins this.
The once vibrant neighborhood.
And then they go on to admit that for a decade they've, quote, been trying to take it.
For a decade, they've walked up to, in some cases, three-story beautiful Victorian homes with porches all the way around them, with multiple generations of families living there, doctors, lawyers, software engineers.
These are the type of individuals that we've interviewed on this broadcast.
The houses are valued on average at over $300,000 apiece.
We've seen private interest stealing land for a while, what they call blighted areas.
And I'm against that.
If somebody owns their house, no one should be able to take it unless it's something like a highway.
That's it.
Not a stupid football stadium, not a golf course, not a shopping mall.
I don't care what economic development it brings to the area, or if the real estate council wants to snatch the land so they can then make more profits off the property they own around it.
We're good to go.
They will go by the houses on both sides of your home and then bulldoze those and smash those and run jackhammers at 2 a.m.
to harass you.
Bulldozers have pulled up to homes, threatening people, saying it's condemned.
Come out, we're going to bulldoze it.
I mean, this type of stuff has gone on over and over and over again on a monthly basis there.
Police harassing people, harassing demonstrators.
It's a mess.
But the biggest...
Point to this whole story that the mainstream media has never picked up on.
It has been in local papers.
There in the New London area, in Connecticut.
It has been published.
It's admitted.
That what they do is they come in and say, well, now we're going to give you $60,000 for your home that's $305,000 on the tax rolls because you refused to sell it to us, and so now we're just condemning it, so when we do pay you off, we're just going to give you $60-something thousand dollars, and oh, by the way, we're then going to sue you claiming that for the five years you've been fighting us in one case of Michael Cristofaro, who we've interviewed,
Because you held us up and that was really our property the whole time.
So they're talking about nuisance, harassment, really racketeering type lawsuits.
And there's several other facets that have made it into the national news, but the national media behaves as if it's kosher, as if it's okay, as if it's acceptable.
And that is that multiple members of the city council have their husbands and wives who
I think?
We're good to go.
One of the city councilmen's wife is on the board of the group that then comes and pays campaign contributions directly to the city council, to the county commissioners, and to many of the other elected officials, authorities, i.e.
our masters, our bosses.
CNN had a poll on Lou Dobbs' program last year about this, and 99% of respondents, and it was a scientific poll,
99% are against the new London-Connecticut ruling.
Supreme Court ruling.
Does the government care?
Do they care that in Texas, 97% in the Houston Chronicle polls are against most of the major highways being converted over to toll roads and it's owned by a foreign company?
The majority of the politicians are for it.
They've already taken the money.
They're on the payroll.
And it's the same case.
City councilmen...
People on the state campo board, their husbands, their wives, their sons, their daughters.
It's incredible.
Some of them are pulling down $300,000 a year just to open payoffs in plain view.
And that's even in our papers.
And they just thumb their nose and say, Hey, we put the police chiefs in.
We control the state police.
We control the grand juries.
There's nothing you can do.
We're going to rob you.
I mean, that's the attitude.
Oh, 95% of national polls are against the New Freedom Initiative for forced psychological testing of the entire population ages 4 to 18.
And in some states now, quote, all pregnant women or anyone that goes in the hospital.
And the guidelines were openly written by the drug companies two years ago.
And one of their own executives went public in Ohio today.
Last year, Ann reported and released the documents that they brag about how it's really a plan, no kidding, to put the population on drugs forcibly, and they brag that they've got 15% of the kids on the drugs now, and that within five years they'll have 50% on drugs.
95% of us in major polls are against it.
It's unconstitutional.
It's Soviet style.
It's horrible.
It's Brave New World.
It's Big Brother.
They don't care.
They passed it.
I mean, New Freedom passed by some unbelievable majority, I forget the exact numbers, in the House and the Senate.
Americans, 80 plus percent, are against the open borders.
Republicans and Democrats vote together for total blanket amnesty, and then tell you it's not amnesty, and Bush puts one dozen guardsmen on the border, that's CNN, not 6,000.
It's all a sick joke.
Same thing with Schwarzenegger, same thing with Perry.
It is a sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick joke.
It is grade A, pure, 24 karat gold corruption.
All of it.
In your face, 110%, pulling out all the stops.
The president is announcing he is above the law on torture, NSA spying, open borders, buying fake news.
It's been ruled illegal.
Hillary Clinton's pro-war.
It's just they don't care what the people want.
They're a pack of criminals.
We have been totally hijacked as a nation.
And now they're going to start taking the homes.
Michael Cristofaro, one of two holdout residents, spoke out before the vote yesterday.
Against the property seizures and singled out the five council members who ended up voting to take the property.
You are a disgrace to the city, the state, and the nation, he said.
The other holdout was Suzette Kello, who we also interviewed, the lead plaintiff.
Governor M. Jody Rell had proposed letting the holdouts remain in their homes, but giving the city the right of first refusal if their houses were ever put up for sale.
The eviction process, which includes another court fight, would take a month to three months.
And a lot of people say, oh, that won't affect us.
My state won't do that.
Right here in Texas, these are middle class people.
And the reason I make that point is not that middle class are any better than poor people, but it's when they start going after middle class people, we're in trouble.
It shows the boldness.
Remember Western Seafood?
Freeport, Texas?
A private interest wants the land they've had since 1940, and the state's moving to take it.
They're not even going to pay them.
Just compensation.
See, that's what's really in these rulings.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You asked us to include an emergency light for camping and during power.
We're good to go.
That's toll-free, 888-803-4438.
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Your $100,000 now has a net purchasing power of $68,000.
Here is reality.
The devaluation of currency equals real inflation.
Keep in mind how the value of your paper assets are measured in dollars.
Gold, in the same time frame, increased 35% in value.
I think?
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Huge interview scheduled next hour with Professor Stephen Jones, Doctor of Physics, conclusive evidence of thermite bombs in the towers.
Thermite cutting charges.
You know, this is what happens.
We talk about the new London ruling and then we just kind of move on
And people forget about it.
Oh yeah, I remember that ruling.
And then all over the country, from New York to California to Oregon to Texas, I've even seen an Austin case where they're now trying to use the Supreme Court ruling.
They are moving to go after private property.
And that is so un-American, so anti-freedom.
I mean, even after the Magna Carta of 1215, there at the Battle of Runnymede in England,
The king, if you were a free man, that's what they call people who weren't indentured servants or serfs who still lived as part of the patronage on nobles' property, no one could take your land.
No one could take it for taxes.
They could not get it.
But that has changed.
Even debtors, people who could go to jail, to debtor's prisons for not paying their debts, you still couldn't take somebody's home if they owned it outright.
Unless they had specifically gotten loans on the home itself.
So now we are at the threshold of a whole new level of despotism.
So I would like to talk about this because hundreds and hundreds of families 10 years ago, it was over 200, refused to move out.
And so when the Associated Press says the once vibrant neighborhood, oh yes, most of it was bulldozed, most of it was torn up.
They bulldozed the restaurants, they bulldozed all of it.
People didn't want to sell.
Some did, some didn't.
And now private interests all over the country are moving in to take land.
I mean, the Western Seafood case, the Gore family, we had the, what, third generation owner on
His grandfather bought the land in the 40s.
His father worked for him.
He then grew up working there.
And it was in the Houston Chronicle, and Mr. Gore talked about it on air.
Do you know what they made in 2004 alone?
Because we interviewed them last year, and they were giving us the year before's numbers.
Guess what Western Seafood made profit-wise that very year?
$44 million.
Now, understand...
Private interests are able to go in and make political contributions there in Freeport, Texas.
And by the way, it's the main heir to the mobile fortune who wants this big yacht club.
And he's already come in and muscled the land in two places.
And they're trying to pay Mr. Gore a fraction of what his huge dock space costs.
And a factory is worth.
Now, do you think any of you are safe if a family that made $44 million in profit in 2004 isn't safe?
None of us are safe.
So many people who make $1 million a year, $100,000 a year, whatever, you think you're members of the elite.
You're not.
You're not members of the elite.
Now, if you're the heir of the mobile fortune, yes, you're a member of the elite.
And this individual has gone in and openly given massive contributions to the city council.
He basically owns the city council.
And we've got to get Mr. Gore back on.
Last time I talked to him, he was on the verge of losing his property.
And, by the way, the city was, again, they're trying to set this precedent.
They're not even taking best price.
I mean, always an eminent domain in the past, they've had to pay what the property is on the tax rules.
And then the cost of moving a factory or moving a home and
So you're normally looking at about 20% over the tax roll.
So we're talking about almost $400,000 for a $300,000 house.
But in New London, no, we're going to give you, what was it, $61,000, $62,000, $65,000?
I forget.
It was $60-something thousand dollars that was in the newspaper that they were offering them for the lot value.
So what happens is,
They've got National Associations of Counties, National Associations of Cities, National Association of Mayors, National Association of Governors.
They've got the National Association of City Managers.
All of this, they've codified it, and we're seeing the same thing in Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, California.
I see these cases every day now.
They're coming in and saying, we're only going to give you lot value.
So that's even bigger than the federal ruling saying,
Stating that of a private interest, once you're land, they can come pay off politicians and take it.
So all that's happening here is highway robbery, extortion, racketeering is being legalized.
Remember the Supreme Court ruling last week?
Police officers, prosecutors, people who refuse to lie, people who blow the whistle on corruption, frame-ups in this one case.
They lose their jobs, you're not allowed to blow the whistle on felonies?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Come on, Bill.
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We're good to go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm not trying to be negative about the state of this country.
But if your house is on fire, you shouldn't just lay in bed and say, oh, I'm going to be positive, I'm going to say it's not on fire, and then let you and your wife and your children burn to death.
You're going to admit to yourself it's on fire and try to get out of the home safely, try to get the family pets out as well if you're able to.
But that's not the case today in this country.
I mean, we have a president who is getting rid of the borders,
The official Council on Foreign Relations policies are being implemented by the Canadian, U.S., and Mexican governments.
Even national television admits we're going to have the Amero note very soon.
We are going into the American Union, and I heard a neocon talk show host on national radio yesterday evening as I was driving in my car, and he had two callers in a row go, Bush's amnesty is a fraud, it's a scam, and the host said, yeah, I think Bush is just confused and has some bad advisors.
And then the callers were both saying, because I only had time to listen to two of them, but there was two in a row, well, it's about the American Union, the Pan-American Union.
It's official.
And the host would hang up on them and say, no, that's a conspiracy.
Bush is just inept.
He's just dumb.
They say that about everything.
I mean, when Dr. Frederick Whitehurst went public six, seven years ago saying that there was total fraud at the FBI crime lab framing people, the news said, that's impossible.
They're too inept.
So the next time somebody gets caught robbing a bank wearing the black mask and has the gun and the guns in somebody's head, just go, oh, I'm too inept to rob a bank.
I just wore this mask by accident.
I guess Enron was too inept to be running fake energy trading scams and have whole false stock markets they were showing members of the state legislatures and Congress.
No, ladies and gentlemen, the government would have you believe they're inept.
There's nothing inept about it.
They've taken the whole country.
They're stealing us blind.
There's nothing inept about raiding your pension funds.
There's nothing inept about ruling that private interests can lobby and take your property.
There's nothing inept about any of it.
There's nothing inept about the NSA having offices in every major phone company listening to everything.
This is systematic.
These people are in command.
They're in control because they're powerful, because they're smart, because they know what they're doing, because they're ruthless.
Now, we're going to open the phones up at 1-800-259-9231.
I've got other news here.
New Orleans chief backs down on gun grab from Newsmax.
This is some good news.
There is some good news.
But, again, we've got to be positive here.
It's positive that we're on the air.
It's positive that we're admitting the country is basically on fire.
The house is on fire.
Councilman compares Cleveland teens to terrorists.
I have some audio clips I want to play coming up of my bullhorning there in Chicago.
I have a clip of that Ohio city councilman saying everybody's a terrorist.
Courts and Congress push back against Bush.
This is propaganda out of USA Today.
They aren't really pushing back.
6,000 murdered in Baghdad alone this year so far.
death squads
The unmentionable factor.
That's just some of the news we'll be going over.
Before I do that, I want to go to Debbie Morrow of New Millennium Concepts.
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Debbie, thank you for joining us.
Hi there, Alex.
Thank you so very much for having me.
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Well, Debbie, I mean, I don't know how we convince people who've been procrastinating to stop drinking the poison that's in the water.
I recommend they go to the EPA's own website where they admit the allowable levels of thousands of substances.
Here's an example.
Houston water is so bad it stinks.
You can smell it.
Dallas water is not much better.
I was in Chicago and didn't have any bottled water, hadn't brought one of my sport murkies with me.
I left in a hurry.
Over the weekend...
And I filled up a glass of tap water there in the bathroom in my hotel room, and it literally, literally tasted five times stronger than pool water.
I mean, it was just horrible.
And then people gave me iced glasses of water.
I'd take drinks out, and it tasted like kerosene.
I don't know how people do this.
I guess their tongues, their palates are just accustomed to it.
I think that's it because to tell you the truth, before I started drinking Berkey water, I didn't drink bottled water and I was so accustomed to the tap water that, you know, it tasted strange to me to be drinking water that didn't taste like chlorine.
So it actually does, your palate does get used to the chlorinated water if you drink it straight out of the tap.
And, you know, we really do want to encourage people
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Debbie, give folks the toll-free number to give you a call.
It's 1-888-803-4438.
It's repeated.
And also you can go to our website, which is BerkeyWater.com, and it's spelled B-E-R-K-E-Y-W-A-T-E-R.com.
It's 1-888-803-4438.
And be sure to put that you heard it on Alex Jones.
And that you want your free Berkey Sport bottle or... Potassium iodate is sheltering in place.
Debbie, thank you so much for talking with us today.
Oh, thank you very much, Alex.
Take care and have a great week.
Feels like the weekend to me.
I almost said have a great weekend because I'm about to leave to go to Bilderberg today.
Jack Blood will be sitting in on Thursday and Friday.
I'll be doing live call-ins from there.
I'm also going to be there at the Capitol, there at Ottawa, there in the city of Ottawa.
Where we have the supposed target of the Muslim terrorists, so we can report on that for you as well.
You can also go to InfoWars.com.
They have the exact same Berkey filters, exact same specials.
You can tell us in the comments section what free gift you want.
We just fax it over to Debbie each day, so you can order them online at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-803-4438.
All right.
I know we've got a bunch of phone calls here.
Let's take a few calls, and then I'll get back into some of the news.
Let's go ahead and speak with Osa in Texas.
Osa, go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Oh, yeah, I just wanted to talk about how I'm extremely disappointed in the fact that now... You don't have a radio up, do you?
No, no, no, I don't.
Does that sound like I have a radio?
Yeah, it sounds like somebody's singing, but go ahead.
I'm sorry.
Okay, no, that's okay.
Anyway, I just wanted to quickly vent my frustration a little bit and just tell you guys how I'm frustrated about the fact that now, since more and more generals and public officials are coming out public with the corruption of the Bush administration, now the Bush administration is continually hiring criminals to run their activities, like Henry Paulson Jr.
from Goldman Sachs, who disconnected with Wall Street, just got tapped for the, what was it?
I believe it was the Secretary of... Yeah, Secretary of the Treasury.
Yeah, I mean, yeah, I just wanted to give you... Well, there were several mainstream news articles in major papers just in the last couple of weeks that pointed out that President Bush is hiring criminals.
He hired convicted felon Admiral Poindexter.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, so now when most of these guys are hired, none of them are going to come out, of course, because they're going to be caught with their program, and then, I mean, it's just going to destroy America.
Well, when you've got the Supreme Court ruling that, in one case, a prosecutor can't report frame-ups or can't report corruption, and then they get demoted and then fired over it, and the government says, yeah, you're not allowed to report corruption.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, that should chill everyone.
I mean, that is chilling.
And every month there's some new incredible ruling out of the Supreme Court.
By the way, I always say that seven of the nine are Republican appointed.
This is supposedly this ultra-socialist, big government promoting big brother court, but seven of the nine, it's now eight of the nine were appointed by Republicans.
Eight of the nine appointed by Republicans.
And you look at what they're doing.
You look at what they're doing.
Let's talk to Jason in Maryland.
Jason, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I couldn't sleep last night.
I was up studying and I was watching TV this morning.
The Discovery Channel, I think, or Learning Channel, I can't remember.
But I was dumbfounded when they showed the Project Paperclip.
They had a whole show about...
Project Paperclip, and I couldn't believe it.
I was wondering... Yeah, there was a big article in Haratz, one in Associated Press yesterday, two separate ones, admitting our government protected Nazis and put them in at the highest levels of our government.
Of course, that's 60-year-old news, but the mainstream media is patting themselves on the back now.
Well, it's not 60-year-old news when we consider that George Bush Sr.
was the head of the CIA while...
A great many of those people were involved in Project Paperclip or in the CIA, and his son is running our country today.
I think that that's, you know, today's news.
So I was just dumbfounded that they would put that on the television.
Nobody's going to care.
The president's announcing himself a dictator because he says he's of the Lord.
It must be good.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate that call.
Yeah, that's in the stack of news yesterday.
I didn't even get to it because...
No, no, I mean, I'm not saying it's old news and that it's not important.
Here's an example.
I saw the cover of the New York Times yesterday, and it said, Oh, the dust may have caused illnesses.
They didn't give them breathing masks.
Oh, a whole bunch of people died.
Statistically, you're hundreds and hundreds of times have a better chance of dying if you worked in the World Trade Center rescue efforts.
But it doesn't mention that they found asbestos in their lungs.
New Scientist magazine did the study.
New York Daily News.
That's four-year-old news.
Here it is in the New York Times.
But they don't mention the really bad elements of the story.
Or that George Bush blocked $97 million in emergency medical care in the first year after 9-11.
The head of the EPA did the testing.
They said, yes, the people are dead and dying.
Most of the dogs have now died that...
We're there, you know, sniffing out things.
They've got all these weird nasal cancers.
And the police and firemen aren't being given medical care.
They're not being taken care of.
So good.
Enjoy your government.
Go serve them.
They're the deciders.
They're the bosses.
They're the authorities.
They're the officials.
Oh, they'll take good care of you.
There was a big London Telegraph article, what, two days ago,
With all these major universities and scientific firms that have done the long-term studies, and oh, breaking news, almost all the children that have autism have a type of genetically engineered virus embedded in their intestinal wall, and when you have that virus, you then have autism directly linked to the MMR shots, the measles, mumps, rubella.
And then folks say, well, what's causing that?
I've had different epidemiologists, different engineers on, genetic engineers.
It's several things.
The high dosages, 200 times by your third round of shots, safe level of mercury directly in the bloodstream causes massive brain damage, predominantly in the cerebral cortex.
And literally, there are hundreds of major medical reports.
I mean, academic, scholarly reviewed papers.
But also, they found this virus isn't just embedding in the intestinal wall.
It's embedding in the brain.
And of course, they have the article a couple years ago out of the London Telegraph again about how the British government is trying to force the adoption of forced inoculation at age two of a vaccine that contains a virus that attacks the...
Respoto receptors, not photo, that's a plant, that attacks the neuro-electrochemical receptors in the brain that pick up endorphin-type molecules.
The opiates, the cocaines, the nicotines.
And it said, you will not use cocaine, you will not use heroin, you will not use cigarettes.
And then I had several top scientists on about that, and we read several scholarly review papers that said, yeah, but they'll have trouble being happy because your own endorphins won't plug in, but we can give kids drugs that'll make them feel good on top of that.
Folks, I'm not making this up.
A virus, and they're already doing it.
Most people already have this.
That's why the general public doesn't have that spark, isn't intelligent, why you can't reach out to so many people.
They're incapable.
When you get an overcooking or an over-viral bloom, you get the poor autistic children.
They have a heyday almost.
So it's a mercury brain-attacking virus.
Be sure to go out and vaccinate your children.
Let Satan literally eat their brains.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarman, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Listeners, you need to understand I'm not making it up.
The British government, for two years, has been attempting to bring in new national standards that attempt to force the population to give every child in the United Kingdom an injection that actually uses a live virus to attack the brain.
We're good to go.
I think?
And I know it's hard to believe the government carried out 9-11.
I know it's hard to believe they're going to turn almost every major road into a toll road.
I know it's hard to believe that they actually are putting things in the vaccines to brain damage our children on purpose.
You see, they've just overdone it.
They don't mean for the 1 in 168 to have autism up from 1 in 124,000 25 years ago.
With it trending to be 1 in 50 they're now talking about with the new numbers starting to come out.
Now I guess 26 years ago.
No, no, no.
It's just that some children, especially if they're underweight or already had a lot of mercury in them from what they were eating or their mother already had a lot of mercury in them.
But on top of it, there's all these viruses.
And this is conclusive.
And it's conclusive that the virus, this is mainstream news, is doing something to the brain.
So I guess I'm the radical because I'm here on air right now telling you that if you vaccinate your children, you're totally insane.
You know what they grow these vaccines on?
You know what they produce them from?
Dead babies, embryonic tissue.
When you see on a vaccine that it says no animal genetics, not grown in animals, that means it wasn't grown in monkey kidneys.
It means it wasn't grown in eggs.
It wasn't grown in poultry.
It wasn't grown in pork.
That's where they grow this stuff, up in these big tanks.
No, no, no.
It was grown in dead babies.
So even better, even more dangerous, because every virus that that mother had, every virus that could have gotten contaminated into those fetal tissues, it's just asking for it.
I mean, I hope all this is accidentally happening, but the government, we know, isn't accidentally doing it.
We've seen documents where they planned all of this by design.
By design, my friends, we're going to end this hour and come back with Professor Stephen Jones.
I know we have Joe and Mike and Eric and Charles and everybody.
We will get to you in the next hour.
Before I end this hour, time is running out.
It's already the 7th.
So how many days is that?
16 days?
Are so until the conference starts on the 24th and 25th in downtown Los Angeles at the Sheraton.
You can stay there or stay at any of the hotels or motels around it.
Get your tickets now.
It's going to be great.
We're probably going to have over 1,000 people there.
It's trending to be a sellout.
And Professor Stephen Jones will be there.
The former head of the Star Wars program, Dr. Bob Bowman, will be there.
Ray McGovern, Chief CI Analyst, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush Sr.,
We're going to have 9-11 survivor and hero William Rodriguez.
I'm going to premiere my new film, Terror Storm, that is my best work yet.
It's going to be unbelievable.
You need to be there.
We're going to show 9-11 eyewitness, the new cut, Dylan Avery and Loose Change.
Crowd will be there with some new footage from Loose Change Final Edition that no one's seen yet.
Somebody see my film?
9-11 Eyewitness, Dylan Avery's new film, and yes, we're going to premiere part of Scanner Darkly, but Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, Alex Jones movie.
So, it's going to be unlike any 9-11 conference you've ever seen.
Get your tickets now.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're now into the second hour of this live Wednesday edition of
The seventh day of June 2006.
Thank God nothing happened on 666 like so many thought it would.
And no crazies went out there and went nuts, and the globalists didn't pull anything off because of their obsession with numerology.
I am extremely honored to be joined for this full hour by...
Professor Stephen Jones, he has a doctorate in physics.
He has published scores and scores of peer-reviewed papers that have been in some of the most prestigious scientific magazines and periodicals out there.
And he has now gotten samples from pieces of the World Trade Center steel.
We're good to go.
In cutting steel columns, when we look at the steel columns, you don't cut with thermite straight across.
You cut at an angle so that the pillar doesn't settle on the area that wasn't melted through.
So the pillars slide off.
Now we see this.
We see so many facets that, again, every time you keep researching, it just proves the next finding.
And when that happens four or five times in a row, it gets scary.
So joining us is Professor Stephen Jones.
We're honored to have you, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
It's good to see you last weekend.
You gave a great presentation.
I was honored to introduce you.
Well, thank you very much, Alex.
Your talk was absolutely fantastic.
You bet.
In fact, I was worried, how am I going to follow this guy?
I hadn't heard you speak before.
You know, my talk is quite a different nature.
I mean, in terms of, well...
How can I compare myself to Alex Jones?
Well, I think you blew me away with the new information that you broke at that conference.
We did have some new information.
That's true.
Well, this is a short segment.
We're going to break in a moment and come back in a long segment.
And I'd like to just walk through how you woke up to 9-11, the research you've done, and the evidence of the thermite.
But first off, will you, just for the listeners that don't know who you are, give us your background, some of the publications you've written for, some of the research you've done.
Well, let's go back to graduate school.
I was a graduate student in physics.
Got my PhD from Vanderbilt.
Did most of my research, though, at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and finished up my coursework at Stanford since I was out there doing the research.
And then I did postdoctoral work at Cornell and
Let's see, Los Alamos National Lab.
Oh, you know, I've been around the block a few times.
I have a publication in Scientific American with a dear friend of mine, Johan Rafelski.
That was back in 1987, July.
I'm going to look that up.
The title of our article is Cold Nuclear Fusion.
Yes, that's correct.
We're talking there about...
Muon Catalyzed Fusion.
Just a lot of fun.
For a number of years, I was the principal investigator for the Department of Energy on this study of Muon Catalyzed Fusion.
So you've headed up investigations for the government before?
And now you're... You know, the Department of Energy funded our research.
Yeah, yeah.
That's right.
I proposed it.
They funded it.
And now I think it's safe to say that you are heading up research for the 9-11 Truth Movement on the bizarre collapse of Tower 1, 2, and 7.
That's a fair statement.
Working with others, of course, but yeah.
Professor, we're going to be right back after this quick three-minute break.
You can get yourself a glass of water.
We'll plunge right into the earth-shattering, earth-quaking research he's done that continues to be verified at every step.
It is the hair on the back of my neck standing up.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at infoawards.com or prisonplanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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Box 281, Wildwood, PA 15091.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Professor Stephen Jones.
He holds several degrees from prestigious universities.
He's a doctor of physics.
He's led investigations for the U.S.
government for different bodies into different scientific developments and phenomenon.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By the rules of science, you would expect that somewhere you would start disproving the hypothesis, but it only strengthens it and opens out into whole other areas.
And the official story is completely unscientific and a fraud and a lie.
Professor Jones, let's just start off with the scientific method and some of the things we discussed in that interview, because you said as you investigated this, you expected to...
Well, in a nutshell, using the scientific method, we...
Assemble all the facts that we can get our hands on, all the observations, photos, materials for analyses, everything we can find that would relate to the subject that we can possibly acquire.
And then we try to find an explanation coming out of the facts and based on and consistent with all the facts, not just some small subset of the facts.
That's the crucial difference between the scientific method, where we assemble facts and then develop an explanation.
And frankly, what we saw, as I look back to 9-11, I mean, as those buildings came down, people were already speculating and then very quickly stating, this is Al-Qaeda solely responsible.
And what facts can we find to support that?
Foregone conclusion.
That's not science at all.
So there's a big distinction there, incorporating all the facts as opposed to starting out with a conclusion and then just finding what facts you have to support your conclusion, which is called pathological science, by the way.
Yes, pathological science.
You did the opposite.
Go into, once you started questioning, why did you first question the collapse, and then once you began to do research, what did you notice?
And then let's go right into the thermite.
Well, you know, I had several nudges along the way from friends, not scientists in this case, but friends who said, you know, you really ought to look into the
9-11 events and see what you think.
There's a friend of mine, Steve, says his name too, but he kept kicking me in the pants to look at it.
I will say he finally showed me a certain DVD, but I found it unconvincing.
I mean, that's too bad because it kind of turned me off to the study because it had so many speculations without evidence, you know,
That's what we're talking about.
Scientists like to start with the facts and then go from there.
And this one was just filled with what I would call speculations without much supporting evidence.
But I just kept receiving these nudges.
Finally, I got on the web.
Fortunately, I got to, I'll mention WTC7.net because that's where I
Finally, you know, sat down and started looking hard.
And the nice thing about Hoffman's site here and his coworkers is that they show evidence and then they provide references.
So now I'm going and checking these references to make sure these guys are telling the story straight and looking at the evidence myself.
And when I saw Building 7 collapse, this is the first time I saw it.
You know, that was...
The first part of 2005.
I mean, that's how long it took me to finally get into the serious research here.
When I saw the collapse of Building 7, man, I said to myself, that is strange.
I'd never seen it before.
Between 2001, the collapse that afternoon, late afternoon, it was never hit by a jet, but here it comes straight down.
I don't see any raging inferno in this building, but I do see it fall straight down.
And pretty quick with students, we measured the rate of fall.
I teach Newtonian mechanics and was teaching it at that time.
Anyway, we looked at the free fall compared to the fall of Building 7, and they're almost the same, 6.5 seconds.
The time for the collapse of Building 7 compared with 6.0 seconds for an apple falling in a vacuum.
Now we're talking about the corner of the Building 7.
When that starts to move, we start our clock.
We did a fairly detailed analysis of it.
But that's really how I got into it.
And, you know, it took several nudges, and I assume that's true of other people too, so...
As we give them these nudges.
We're doing that right now on the radio.
Well, you don't want to believe it, but we have to because we've got an out-of-control, dangerous group.
I think so.
Yeah, so the...
The metal pouring out of the South Tower from about the 80th floor, and this is just minutes before it's collapsed, enormous quantities of yellow hot metal pouring out of the building.
That was quite shocking to me to see those data.
And that came out of this Scholars for 9-11 Truth group, as we're trying to pull together whatever data we can.
We would like to get all the videos from NIST.
They brag about having 300 hours of videos and thousands of photographs.
Well, we would appreciate it if they would release those data.
If there's nothing to hide, they shouldn't hide it.
But anyway, we did come across this, and as I looked at that, I said, that is extremely interesting.
I mean, I'd heard about it, but it took a while for the group to...
Trace down this video evidence.
This is an amateur videographer, a couple of them actually, showing and capturing this event, this very anomalous activity, this molten metal flowing out of the building.
As soon as I saw it, I knew it was not aluminum because I had worked with molten aluminum before.
And molten liquid aluminum has the property that it's silvery, but rather like aluminum foil.
You know, at all temperatures in daylight conditions.
And so here's this yellow hot metal.
I knew that couldn't be aluminum.
Look, we did some checking, the scholars group, in the NIST report.
It is in Appendix H. There's some discussion of this, and they say just simply it's probably aluminum, you know.
Well, I knew that wasn't right.
Well, I would just also add, of course, aluminum melts at a lower temperature.
That's another point.
But still not at the 1,200 degrees.
And when you look at the buildings, the fires are very low, almost burn out.
Right before collapse, suddenly, this yellow-orangeous lava, basically, starts pouring out of the sides.
But you went further.
You were able to actually get a hold of some of that.
Also, aluminum...
Wouldn't stay at 2,500 degrees for several months.
We have giant pools of molten metal down in the basement.
So that's what first got you looking at this, right?
That's true.
It's the pools of molten metal and photographed by Frank Seleccia out in New York.
Just a fantastic photo that he had in his possession that shows this cloth
Pulling this yellow hot metal out of the rubble pile.
I mean, to have it that hot...
Days after the event.
Weeks, actually, in this case.
Yeah, weeks and weeks after you've got the big shovel in there, and it just picks up a huge mass of white hot, ladies and gentlemen.
Folks, for those that don't know, it is hard, even with a conventional furnace, to get steel white hot.
And this stuff is white hot.
At this stage, I would say it looks yellow.
But earlier on, you know, thermite produces molten iron at white hot.
So it's... Well, look at the photo around the edges, Doctor.
It's yellow, but I do see some white in that photo.
I'm looking at it, and I grant there's a little white there on the bottom.
You know, this is the thing.
There's so much evidence that... I mean, I've worked in other fields where the evidence is...
Hard to come by.
It's a little hard to come by here for some reason.
But at the same time, when we do get the evidence, it just starts spitting together, pointing to the use of thermite.
Thermite is what is capable of producing these white-hot temperatures.
When we get back from this break, you have done the groundbreaking test.
They were able to get samples.
I don't know if we can tell the public this.
I guarantee you the feds are listening to Jones to begin with.
They know where they got it.
But we'll see if he wants to talk about it.
And they've done the test.
They've had other scientists oversee the test.
It is so conclusive, it's going to blow you away.
Stay with us, Dr. Jones.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Welcome back.
Professor Stephen E. Jones, Doctor of Physics, joins us.
If you go to Infowars.com, right underneath his picture in today's guest section, you can link through to the detailed paper he has written.
It's filled with video clips and...
Photos and documents there for you to peruse his research.
Professor Jones, please continue.
Let's run through the samples.
And by the way, I'm here in my studio right now in the other room editing the video interview we did with you, cutting out the questions.
And we've gotten to the point during this very segment, and my editor said, do we leave this in or out where they got the samples?
So let me just ask you now, because I never had a chance to do Sunday at the conference, do you want that left in or out?
Did I specify at which particular memorial park this was?
No, you didn't.
No, you didn't.
Let's leave it in.
Okay, guys, you heard it.
Because I don't want to put anybody in jeopardy.
Because, look, there's hundreds of these memorial parks.
This is an interesting story, I think, Alex, and I'm glad you brought that up.
See, when my paper came out last fall, October, November there,
I made comments that, you know, we're asking for people's help in gathering data.
We're not getting much help out of NIST, frankly, and others.
So we are asking people to help gather up data.
And pretty quick, here's the story without revealing the precise location.
It turns out that there are a number of places
In this country, and I've learned other countries as well, where there are samples of the World Trade Center steel erected in a type of memorial, like a peace park or a memorial park for 9-11.
Now, what's interesting is that then that means there's steel that can be looked at and observed.
In this one case, the steel was sent to a
And the welder who's putting it together, so he's making a monument out of this, trying to make it stand up with these pieces of steel.
And it was a volunteer, first of all, that went to Ground Zero, helped out there, and then was able to arrange for these steel members to be erected in his city as a memorial.
And I thought that was great of him to do that.
The welder's wife looked at the steel, and she noticed that clinging to the steel was a bunch of dirt and I don't know if she noticed the molten metal, but she noticed this dirt and stuff clinging to the steel.
Now it's going to be put outside, and she just had this thought, I'm going to take this material off the steel because it's going to be in the weather and it could easily be washed away and so on.
She gathered it up and put it in a plastic container.
When my paper came out, she sent me not all, but some of this material.
It's quite a large quantity.
In this material, there are samples of molten metal.
Now that's one, and then I have another avenue too, but...
I don't know quite.
This was a fellow working for 9-11 Truth that talked to people in New York and was able to get another sample.
Now, to be specific, the feds took some of it away to warehouses.
The lion's share was sent to China and South Korea.
Under guard, no one was allowed to take photos or get near it.
They acted very suspicious.
But then, for propaganda uses, about a year later, they allowed...
Some of the steel to be released, to be erected, never thinking that we would go test it.
And so you see the video of this molten steel pouring out the exact signature you've seen before.
And so you think, well, I need to get some to test it.
And you said it looked like thermite.
Thermite could create the heat we'd see to keep it hot for four or five weeks down on the ground after it collapsed.
And sure enough, when you did the test, it wasn't just thermite.
It was the exact signature.
Derivatives, byproducts of the ignition that you would see with the specific type used for cutting.
Why don't you tell us about it?
Yeah, so I was rather surprised when we did the analysis.
Now, as I emphasized to you when we talked, was that Monday, Alex, or Sunday?
But anyway, this is still...
The quantitative result is preliminary.
I mean, we've determined that this is primarily iron, which is what you expect from the thermite reaction.
It produces molten iron.
What really surprised me, and I should have thought of this, was the amount of sulfur.
I mean, there's a clear signature for sulfur in the sample that we've been analyzing.
We'll have plenty of time to get into this when we get back.
Stay there.
This is so important, ladies and gentlemen.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Professor Stephen A. Jones is our guest, doctor of physics.
And clearly the buildings are brought down by controlled demolition.
The firefighters, the police, the evidence, the underwriting laboratories.
We're good to go.
I think?
Professor Jones just doesn't find evidence of thermite, the byproducts of thermite, that you wouldn't find unless it was thermite.
They find the byproducts of thermate, which is the specific thermite mix with other compounds that accelerate it and cause it to burn even hotter, mainly sulfur.
Break that down for us, sir.
You see, with thermite added to, I'm sorry, sulfur added to thermite,
What happens is that the heat of the thermite already heats up the steel, and then with the sulfur present, the sulfur is able to get into the steel, actually into cracks and intergranular spaces in the steel.
And it lowers the melting temperature of the steel.
Let me give you the numbers in Fahrenheit.
Structural steel melts at about 2750 Fahrenheit.
By the way, that's way above what the
What the fires could heat the steel to in this WTC situation.
That's white hot.
It's beyond white hot.
And I don't know if you've ever had a... I'm pausing there.
If you've ever had a...
Wood-burning stove, but you've never had that puppy melt on you, I dare say.
So anyway, even if you put jet fuel in there, it's not going to melt.
So anyway, let's come from melting at about 2750 Fahrenheit, and you bring that right down to, with sulfur added, now you can get the steel to melt at a lower temperature, around 1600 Fahrenheit.
So, it's like putting salt on ice.
Now the ice will melt.
I mean, say it's 20 degrees outside, and you have this frozen ice on your sidewalk.
Well, if you sprinkle salt on that, it'll melt it.
And the same thing happens with steel.
When you add sulfur to it, it brings that melting temperature right down.
And therefore it allows you to, with the hot molten iron from thermite, it just slices through the steel very rapidly in seconds.
It's well known.
I mean, I'm not revealing any secrets here.
I just did a Google search during the break.
Thermate, which is sulfur, primarily is the main ingredient.
Sulfur and potassium permanganate added to thermite, 893 hits.
I got 376,000 hits, of which Prison Planet was right up there on the top.
So, yeah, I mean, this is not a state secret.
In fact, you can buy this stuff, Thermite, you can buy on eBay.
I mean, I had recently a fellow say, oh, don't talk about this stuff.
A mechanical engineer has given me some guff.
He's saying, oh, don't you dare talk about thermites.
You're telling the terrorists how to... I'm saying, you know, excuse me.
Thermite is extremely well known.
I'm not trying to reveal any secrets here, but we're trying to find out what really happened and who the terrorists are, for heaven's sake.
Well, I would just ignore that idiot.
Now, Professor, specifically, I want to go over what you found in the molten globulins that were adhering to the side of these beams.
Specifically, what were the byproducts, and what does that... Because, again, it wasn't just the byproduct.
In your paper, you report the new adenomy that was new evidence.
It wasn't just thermite.
You had to then go, what is this?
And you discovered it was specifically what you'd find with thermate.
Yeah, and sulfur in abundance.
And, again, I emphasize we'll have this quantitative analysis soon, but this takes time to be...
...quantitative on these analyses.
In fact, without giving out names, probably you told us more for our report, but without giving out too many names until later, you worked with several other physicists, professors, and you specifically, one of your areas of study is going back and reconstructing things in archaeological ways.
So you are the specific discipline of the whole field of physicists to look at this.
This field is called archaeometry, in which I've taught courses in archaeometry at the graduate level.
And that's, in essence, physics methods, advanced scientific methods applied to the study of archaeology.
And so basically, that's what we're doing here.
We're trying to figure out what happened, just like archaeologists do, at a very interesting site.
In this case, we're studying something that happened just a
Four or five years ago.
Well, that's what crime labs a lot of times in big murder cases hire, is archaeologists or physicists, in your persuasion, because the crime labs aren't advanced enough in this study to be able to specifically get answers, but you guys are.
Listen, I need to interject one thing, Kurt, to me.
In archaeology in general...
In archaeometry in particular, we are very careful about what's called the provenience of materials that we analyze.
In this case, a lot of the evidence has been destroyed.
As you mentioned, it's shipped off, literally melted in Asia for recycling.
But I mentioned the importance of these peace parks and memorial parks around the world that have steel samples now.
I don't want people to run out and start scraping these, because we have to exercise some care.
If people find a Peace Park, I'm very interested in more samples, but first please take photos.
In fact, do that just as soon as you can.
Document it like a crime scene.
Take photos, get permission, evidence it out, document in front of witnesses that you removed it properly, didn't contaminate it with other... I wouldn't even remove it at this stage.
In other words, just photograph it as quick as you can so that we, if somebody else, whoever that might be, comes along and scrapes off the globs of molten metal, at least you've got pictures that it was there.
But hopefully that wouldn't happen.
So anyway, start with photographs.
Maybe if you could send those to me or, well, it's the Scholars for 9-11 Truth group.
But anyway, if you send those to me, we can then think about and get the permissions to get that molten metal analyzed.
We can analyze it decently in situ.
It's a non-destructive analysis using a portable X-ray fluorescence device.
We can actually, you know, travel to, I don't know, Canada, say, and Peace Park, and you've got these photos of this gray-black molten metal adhering to the steel beam.
I want to take a look at it.
We could just go and analyze it right there.
And then after that, we'd already have data, you see.
But you did prove conclusively it's not aluminum, folks.
It's iron, the byproduct of melted steel, mixed with the byproducts of thermite.
Not just thermite, the specific type used and patented.
We're good to go.
That's exactly right.
Because if you cut it straight across, you know, horizontally, then, of course, the upper beam would just rest still on the lower beam.
But by cutting it at about a 45-degree angle, then the support for the upper portion is gone.
You've weakened the building every time you cut a column that way.
I mean, this is...
In fact, the routine in demolitions is to pre-weaken the building before you set off explosives.
And you go in, and down low, you cut the columns in this fashion.
But they didn't have time on this, so along with the clear chemical explosives, and those were clearly in there, folks, they went ahead and jacketed columns with a thermate.
That's sure what it appears.
I mean, you know, the evidence is just building and building.
And, you know, let me give credit to one of the guys...
Robert in the Scholars Group, he found a patent that goes back to the 1990s, which shows a cylinder, and in this cylinder, if you can imagine, it's got a groove along one edge the long way.
And you pack the cylinder with thermate or thermite, and then it's specifically stated to be used as a cutting device based on thermite.
So you put your thermite in there, and then as you ignite that thermite, which can be done with a radio signal, then the molten iron shoots out through this groove in a line.
I mean, that is an enormously effective way to cut through thick materials.
The patent specifically says this is designed to cut through thick materials.
And, of course, an example of that would be structural steel.
So, right before the towers collapse, it's also key that this didn't happen right when the planes crashed.
The fires have almost burned out.
The people are standing in the wounds of the building.
It's not even melting their flesh.
But then just a few feet away from them, you will have basically white lava or yellow lava metal, molten steel,
Pouring out, and then you have the exact thermite reaction.
We forgot that part, and you guys have done the laboratory test right there with other scientists overseeing.
It usually can be peer-reviewed.
You see that exact same type of thermite smoke coming off of it.
Can you talk about that?
I have to wait a minute.
I've just had some students come by and tell them to wait.
That's okay.
We appreciate you giving us your lunch.
So we're talking about the ash here.
Yeah, in fact, let me back up just a moment, Alex.
We've done experiments now, I and some other professors here, with termite.
It's kind of fun to play with, to tell you the truth.
But it's hazardous, and again, I have to emphasize, you know, be careful with this stuff.
Heck, you can buy it on eBay, so I'm afraid that the truth is out, you know.
About how fun this stuff is.
And it's shown in chemistry classes all over the place.
Professor Jones, stop worrying.
I think they've got like four or five shows on Discovery where the whole show is about thermite.
Yeah, I mean... I mean, okay.
You know, all right.
So when you touch the stuff off, which isn't easy, by the way.
It doesn't ignite easily.
But when you do ignite it,
Then you get this white-hot molten metal.
I mean, the reaction zone is just this brilliant white.
We use dark glasses, sunglasses to protect our eyes.
And you have this white ash floating away as dust, a very fine powder of aluminum oxide floating away.
That's one of the end products.
And then, of course, the other end product that's so dramatic is this yellow to white-hot molten iron.
It flows out of the reaction zone.
What we did, we actually added sulfur to some thermite, mixed it up here myself, and my daughter was helping me.
She did it as a science fair project.
I said, sure, we'll do that.
We put some sulfur in, put it in a steel cup,
And touched that off, and I'll tell you, she was going to time.
How long does it take to eat through the steel?
One second.
It was a fraction of a second.
I mean, it was so fast we couldn't time it.
Have you seen the Discovery Channel videos where they put it on a huge truck engine block, a little bitty cup of it, and it eats the entire block in like two seconds?
I've seen one just like that.
In fact, I showed one in Chicago.
Remember that?
People like to see how that goes through.
That's fun.
I don't think those guys added sulfur, though.
But see, if you add sulfur, it makes it go through steel considerably faster.
It basically explodes.
Well, yeah, let me talk about explosion.
We call this an incendiary because there's no explosion sound.
I mean, it's just a dramatic reaction, but it's over quickly, but there's no explosion sound.
But I would call the reaction explosive.
I mean, it's so fast.
It's very fast.
But let me say, there is a form of thermite that is actually explosive, just like TNT.
I mean, it will explode.
And that form is called superthermite.
You can Google on that.
Again, no secret.
And this is ultra-fine aluminum powder mixed with ultra-fine iron oxide powder.
I'm talking around 100 nanometers and down, a particular size.
So when you do that,
You touch that off, and it will explode.
And frankly, the aluminum powder I got out of our chemical stores here was quite fine powder.
So the first time we ran it, we stood well back because I wasn't sure whether it was actually going to explode or not.
What do the other scientists that have been overseeing your research there at the university think?
Well, you know, they're... Okay, let me say that those who have read my paper...
By and large, support what I'm doing.
Certainly support the research.
There are others who just shrug their shoulders and I don't know.
But you said they're in denial.
It's like anybody else.
It's such an implication to stop many people from going past square one.
They say, well, wait a minute.
Are we talking about an inside job here?
And I'm saying, well, I'm talking about physics.
And they say, but that would imply an inside job.
I say, I'm afraid so.
You know, explosives in a building, it takes time to plan and plant those explosives and incendiaries.
Oh, by the way, have you heard the newest?
The neocons are now getting on talk radio and writing articles saying the Arabs put bombs and thermite in.
Oh, no, you're kidding.
Oh, no, sir.
Yes, sir.
They're now saying that the Arabs did it.
In Building 7, too, huh?
Now, it's no official announcement.
I see.
The neocons are just out saying it.
That is interesting.
Well, at least, you know, they're finding these arguments of thermite hard to refute, so an explosive.
So I guess that's some degree of progress.
But, of course, to suggest that Arabs had access in these buildings, particularly Building 7, which...
Which housed a secret CIA office is ridiculous in the extreme.
Well, it was Defense Intelligence, the Port Authority, the city police.
I mean, everybody was there.
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, I mean, I know.
This is a very secure building.
I'm sure there's security.
Who was in charge of security at the towers?
I mean, he would be offended to have the suggestion.
Wasn't that Marvin?
Marvin Bush, yes.
Oh, yes, Marvin Bush.
I mean, he would be offended to hear that somehow these guys have slipped by them.
Well, there's other facets to this.
I mean, in our talk, you talked about how
We've had all these other skyscrapers burn for multiple days in some cases.
These are laboratory experiments in the real world.
That right there shows that the fires didn't bring these buildings down.
Now you've got the thermite evidence, and we've got video of it pouring out.
You've tested it.
When you test it, it isn't just thermite.
It's thermate.
I mean, wow, this is amazing.
Yeah, it's one of those cases where the evidence, as it comes out, and it takes some work to dig at it,
Literally dig at it in the case of the molten metal samples.
It just fits this picture of controlled demolition.
And the case is getting overwhelming now.
Well, I salute you, Professor Stephen Jones.
A final little five-minute segment here on the other side.
You can get back to your students and maybe have time to eat that bologna sandwich you got.
I'm guessing what you're eating for lunch.
It was tuna, but yeah, you're right.
I was eating it.
I'm the same way.
We'll be right back.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at infoawards.com or prisonplanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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Professor Jones did a great job at the Chicago 9-11 Conference.
He'll be doing his big PowerPoint, complete with video clips, documents, photos.
Going over the collapse of World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7 coming up on the 24th and 25th.
He's one of our keynote speakers.
We really look forward to him being there and thank him for being there.
Get your tickets now at InfoWars.com.
They're going quick.
It's going to sell out.
You're going to wish.
It happens.
Every event I ever have will turn away hundreds.
In fact, they had standing room only in Chicago and this wasn't my event.
It was supposed to hold 500.
It was really over 600.
They overfilled it.
People were standing.
I don't want to do this with my event, so we're going to cut it off.
And it's going to sell out, so call toll free to get tickets, 1-888-253-3139, or go to InfoWars.com and find out all the details.
Professor Jones, in the last three minutes we've got left here, I want to thank you for joining us, but any other facets, any other areas, any other key points you'd like to make here today?
Well, we've covered that which is most interesting to me.
I guess I will...
Well, first of all, I'm looking forward to the LA conference.
That was great fun in Chicago, and I think what you're doing in LA will be, as you say, bigger, and I'm really looking forward to that.
Oh, gosh.
I mean, now we're out of physics into pathological psychology, Alex.
I mean, these guys.
But, you know, they made mistakes, I think, is the explanation.
And, I mean, look, they shipped this steel out.
They figured they, in my opinion, this was terrible.
I mean, and many others, too.
They shipped that evidence out of there and melted it.
But they made mistakes.
I mean, there's enough evidence around that we can piece together as archaeology or archaeometry.
We can actually piece together clearly now what's happened.
You specifically spoke... You said two colleagues work with you on these projects there.
What are they now saying after these other scientists worked with you?
Well, I mean, in particular, one of them working with me, his approach is...
It has been for months.
He says, I am determined to find out what's in these previously molten metal samples and publish it and let the chips fall where they may.
That's his approach.
He said, I don't really like to get into who is involved.
Personally, I find I have to try to figure that out too, but it's hard.
You've done a lot of research on that.
I like Webster Tarpley's research and others.
You know, people have gotten into it, but... You were trying to say something before I interrupted you.
What was that?
Oh, gosh.
I guess that the people I'm working with here are becoming convinced.
I talked to Jeff yesterday, and, you know, another physicist, and he is... He started... He said he's been reading about...
The neoconservatives and the bankers.
It doesn't take long.
You get into this, and again, the evidence starts falling into place.
Well, the big thing is these globalists brag about it.
They write policy papers, and then you've got their own words.
Yeah, you've got that PNAC document, which I read through.
I mean, it's couched in language.
It doesn't sound too bad.
But then you read about this...
Catastrophic and catalyzing event.
And you're sitting there, boy, I hope they don't have another one of these up their sleeve.
And so, well, that possibility does raise some urgency and means that this scientific research is more than just
An academic exercise.
It's about saving this country.
Professor Jones, thank you for what you're doing.
I can't wait to shake your hand again and buy you dinner in Los Angeles.
I look forward to it.
You bet.
Get back to your class.
God bless you.
Thanks, Alex.
Talk to you later.
Take care.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we've got a special interview coming up for you, and I'm off to Bilderberg.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Remember Nick Berg?
He got his head supposedly sawed off in Iraq.
Why did he give one of the hijackers his laptop and passcode?
Why did he and so many others, including Oklahoma City bombers, train at the same military base, same flight school?
How does it all interconnect?
Very, very important, detailed report coming up.
We have posted on presentplanet.com and infowars.com with a guest in the next segment.
Right now, R.B.
R.B., you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Go ahead.
I'm listening on the Internet.
Big fan.
I've watched a lot of your videos.
They're conditioning us up here in Canada right now.
Ever since the Conservative minority government got elected...
He's Mr. Harper.
Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister up here, has been instituting rules that are like Bush-like.
He wants the media to back off.
He's eliminated certain things.
He's brought down a top-down approach, the same way Bush did.
He's a complete... He's only got a minority government, but he's acting completely like a...
Well, he's also a member of the Bilderberg Group, and it's reported that he's going to be attending the meeting on the 8th, 9th, and 10th in Ottawa.
Exactly, and this is the other thing.
He's trying to institute a Bush-like approach to everything, and he's only got a minority government.
And so, in reality, if there wasn't something up his sleeve, he'd be...
He's endangering his position, his government, his minority government, the way he's acting towards the media and the people, ignoring democratic procedures and stuff like that, almost like he's got something up his sleeve.
But he's supposedly conservative, but he's not retracting some of the gun control laws brought in by the, quote, liberals.
Oh, no.
In fact, he says he ran on eliminating it, but as soon as he got elected, of course, he said, oh, we can't eliminate it because the rest of the country would be upset, blah, blah, blah.
And now they're just going to phase it in more efficiently.
Oh, yes.
And lately we've had two parliamentary sessions where
Experts have gotten up and said, well, the conditions are set in Canada now for a terrorist attack here in Canada, just like in England in the subway system, from homegrown Al-Qaeda sympathizers.
And he says there's many of them.
We know where they are.
And I'm thinking, oh, jeez, I've heard this before.
We know who they are.
But they can't bust them, though.
No, of course not.
But they can take all your freedoms, though.
Well, it's just funny, especially with that Cotter thing.
This Khadar kid, who was used by the CIA when he got round up in Afghanistan, along with his little brothers, little brothers, 15-year-old brothers, still in the, was sent down to Guantanamo.
But this guy was 18 or 19 at the time, and he was used by the CIA to infiltrate into Iraq and stuff.
They said, well, we're going to, if you play ball with us, you know, they rounded him up in one of those generic sweeps over in Afghanistan.
He was over there with his dad.
And they said, if you play ball with us and pretend to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist and go out and make all these statements and tell your mom and dad and your family members that you're a member of Al-Qaeda, and then that gets broadcast all over at home here.
And so it's a psy-op.
And they're doing it to us up here in Canada now.
I know.
They had a bunch of events where they bus-supposed Al-Qaeda leaders, and then a month later you'll see it in the BBC.
Oh, that was a staged arrest to protect the agents' anonymity.
That wasn't a real Al-Qaeda.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate your call.
We'll get to Paul and other call in Canada here later, and Charles and others.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll have open phones throughout this hour, but we've got a special guest coming up.
He's put out a
Detailed report here.
Getting into some of the bizarre goings-on in Oklahoma.
Terrorist training camps, bizarre CIA operations.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
Don't forget, we've got our big 9-11 symposium coming up June 24th and 25th.
Get your tickets now before they're all gone.
They're starting to go really quick.
Ray McGovern's going to be there.
Professor Stephen Jones.
Jim Fetzer.
And so many others.
Coming up late next month.
We're only, what, 24 days away from this conference kicking off.
So get your tickets now.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Colin Bandon Neuenhoff is our guest.
He lives up in Oklahoma.
He's friends with one of my employees, Kevin Smith.
He put out a really detailed report
We're good to go.
Why were supposed Oklahoma City bombers trained in Oklahoma with government connections, brought in by Bush Sr., former Iraqi Republican guard, this is even in the Washington Times and Washington Post, folks, at the end of the Gulf War.
Why were they involved in the bombing?
Why did Nick Berg, who supposedly got his head sawed off,
In Iraq, just a few days after the Associated Press reported the FBI had him in custody and, quote, handed him over to a group that then gave him to Al Qaeda.
You see, this is all hidden in plain view.
Why do we have Mr. Berg giving his laptop and laptop codes to one of the supposed hijackers of 9-11?
Why were they trained at U.S.
bases and flight schools?
Well, these are spy training bases, ladies and gentlemen.
And you have all these same individuals connected to each other over and over and over again.
And Mr. Vanden Neuwenhoff has put together a detailed report, and I've read over it.
It's all very factual.
And we're going to try to break this down for you today.
Holland, thanks for coming on with us.
You're welcome, Alex.
Thank you very much.
A thumbnail sketch, run through the whole story for us, the highlights, and then we'll go into more detail in each area.
But, I mean, you started noticing all these connections, so you researched it.
Break it down for us.
Well, I'm a research assistant for OTR Productions.
We're making a documentary on Oklahoma City bombing.
In the course of this, we saw some pretty interesting connections between 9-11 and the Oakland City Bond.
Same characters involved, same ARAP people who enjoy apparent immunity from prosecution took part in both events.
And not only that, in examining the records and the documents of hijackers going in and out of Oklahoma, 9-11 hijackers,
We're good to go.
Oklahoma, for some reason, well, I can guess at the reason, is being used as some sort of support base for the state-sponsored terror.
Now, we also have a SWAT, and we have Jim Loftus, chief anti-terror expert, retired now with the Justice Department, even going on Fox News.
In fact, guys, dig that clip back out for me.
I want to play that later.
Coming out and talking about a SWAT being MI6 being protected.
He's the supposed mastermind of the London bombings, but he's no MI6 being protected.
He's in the U.S.
in Washington State.
The Justice Department and FBI want to bust him there.
They're told, back off, leave him alone.
So over and over again, every time we find one of these terror nests, it turns out to be handled and controlled by Western intelligence.
That's correct, Alex.
You're talking about Harlan Oswald.
He was...
His accomplices were tried for running an al-Qaeda camp in Washington State.
Somehow he managed to escape from that and came to Britain, supposedly masterminded the London bombings.
That same modus operandi...
Was used in 9-11, I mean, in the Oklahoma City bombing.
You see the same standard operating procedure.
You see these people with apparent immunity getting away, doing the same thing over and over.
And we've got living together and driving around on buses together.
Nick Berg, the young man who wanted to go help people with communications goodies.
Classic CIA, folks.
Traveling around in Iraq, and then clearly gets his head cut off inside Abu Ghraib.
Same yellow walls, same white chairs.
Clearly Westerners dressed up like Arabs sawing his head off.
Forensics experts look at it and say the body was clearly already dead.
He'd probably been killed by a sniper or something in combat, and they probably just shot his head off.
Well, this will make him look like a patriot.
I mean, Lord knows what really went on.
But we've got Nick Berg, admittedly, with these guys, too.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Nicholas Berg, like you said, his laptop was used to email Zachary Masali in Minnesota, from Oklahoma to Minnesota, where Masali had recently moved.
According to CNN and Nick Berg's father, the story is that Nick Berg lent his laptop to a complete stranger on a transit bus...
And gave him his password so this unknown party could email Masali.
Nick Burke was, of course, investigated by the FBI for this.
And, of course, he was cleared.
But, I mean, for one thing, this was in 2001.
Nick Burke wasn't even a student at OU then.
The buses in Oklahoma, they did not have wireless technology in 2001.
They did not.
It's just a complete fabrication of a story, and this story is accepted by the media with no further examination.
That's right.
In 2001, wireless might be in your house or in your business, but there were no wireless networks on the roads.
No one that I know five, six years ago was driving around with wireless laptops.
I mean, the technology was rare, if available at all.
No, no.
I mean, there weren't wireless networks on the roads is the point.
Yes, you're correct.
But it's the same people, look, I mean, it's in my film Road to Tyranny.
We have the LA Times, the Washington Post, all admitting 5,000 Iraqi Republican Guard, 3,000 by Bush, 2,000 plus by Clinton, brought in, they're in terror cells all over the U.S., they were trained in the 80s, brought back in, sheep dip, they're on U.S.
government payroll, they're in every major city, they are ready to burn and blow up every major U.S.
city if the government gives one order.
And then there's plausible deniability, because if any of them get caught, oh, it's Arabs.
I mean, we can really see this setup coming from a mile away.
And Norman, Oklahoma, and a couple different flight schools and government bases, this seems to be the main nexus point for these operatives.
So break down what's in your detailed report.
Well, first of all, I break down all the terrorist activity in Norman, Oklahoma itself, because that has been the focus.
That's my hometown.
We had Mohammed Atta and Mohamed El Shehi training there as a pilot.
We had Osama Bin Laden's personal pilot actually came there in Norman in 1993 to train at Airman Flight School.
The FBI issued a memo about all these ARADs training in Oklahoma called Weapons of Mass Destruction, but nothing was done.
Then, of course, Jackson Massawi came here in 2001 to train.
And on OU campus, if you consult my report, the
Most insidious thing about this is the presence of CIA agent David Edger.
He was in charge of the Hamburg cell that monitored Atah and while Massali was talking to this apartment, while he was calling them, Edger was listening in.
And what is strange about it was Edger was not just a regular case officer.
Prior to that, he had been the Deputy Director of Intelligence for Operations.
...of the CIA, which is the covert operations branch of the CIA.
It's one of the highest positions in the agency.
He took an apparent demotion to watch this little rinky-dink cell in Hamburg, which in his own words, he said he heard nothing about it.
He heard nothing of interest in that apartment while he was watching it for two years.
And then he gets appointed to OU as a CIA officer in residence, not retired.
He is the CIA man on campus at OU, University of Oklahoma.
He is present while Atta and Masali had their meeting here in Oklahoma.
He shepherded Atta from Germany to Oklahoma.
We can only assume that he was running the Oklahoma end of things, or he was Atta's handler.
I mean, that's just speculation, but that's the only thing that makes sense.
Yeah, he's following these people around.
Let's add some more background.
We have the dean of the Defense Language School going public saying Bush carried out 9-11.
San Jose Mercury News, and he's threatened with arrest.
He shuts up.
He says, we trained these guys in high-level spy training at the Defense Language School.
Then we have them trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal.
Then we have two different embassy heads saying they were on terrorist watch lists, but they were ordered to let them, that is Al-Qaeda, Ada, and others, back into the U.S.
We've interviewed them right here, folks.
Let them back into the U.S.
because, quote, they're part of an anti-terror training op.
We know these guys were on the government payroll.
I mean, we have it from every angle you can imagine.
Please continue.
Well, I mean, when Edgar was watching a car in Hamburg, he was watching them in Oklahoma most probably, but the surveillance did nothing to stop the attacks.
We can only assume that Edgar's mission, whatever it was, was successful.
And going into Nicholasburg, I mean...
I mean, that's not the only terrorist activity that occurred in Oklahoma.
One of the plane tickets was purchased at an OU computer terminal for Ziad Jarrah.
This despite the fact that Jarrah had been detained in Dubai not too long before this and questioned at the request of the CIA because they knew he was an al-Qaeda terrorist.
He was released.
He came to Oklahoma and purchased a ticket, but this raised no red flags.
How come he purchased a ticket in Dubai and be questioned, but he purchased a ticket...
In the United States, in Oklahoma, and nothing is done about it.
And according to the librarian who witnessed the transaction and told the FBI about it, the man who bought this ticket was not an ARAB.
He was a white American male.
We have affidavits to support that.
I mean, he was described as a skinhead.
I mean, something...
Really spooky is going on in Oklahoma, and in Norman specifically.
And that motel that Musawi and Atal had their meeting in, in Oklahoma City, was the same motel that, you know, six years previously, Tim McVeigh was seen in with Hussein Al-Husseini.
A probable agent provocateur.
Let's go back.
Then we have all these surveillance camera tapes and three separate trials that the government refuses to release, which FBI agents have told the LA Times shows the Hussein individual with McVeigh.
Why don't the feds want us to know that there are these Arabs involved?
Because these are Arabs we know brought in by the U.S.
government in their employ.
That's part of the public record.
So you start putting this together.
I mean, this is incredible.
If Hussein al-Husseini was a former supposedly Iraqi Republican Guard member, but there was also a story that he was jailed by Saddam Hussein, if that's true, we probably can guess who he was working for.
And he was identified as John Doe No.
People saw him stepping out of the Ryder truck in front of the murder building after McVeigh left it.
But they won't allow those tapes to be released, but we have FBI agents on record.
So we'll continue with more details, more facets of this story.
Fascinating story.
On the other side.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We'll take some of your calls coming up in the next segment on this whole story.
We'll play that little clip, too, of John Loftus on Fox talking about a SWAT being protected and working for MI6.
Haroon, a SWAT.
It's the same story, same people, same handlers.
Holland, tell us about the head of the university there in Oklahoma.
It's not just this David Edger.
And then you guys also had folks that sat in on some of his classes where Edgar brags about wet work he did.
Tell us all about it.
Well, first of all, the OU president is David Boren, who you probably know on the national scene.
He was a senator from Oklahoma.
He was former governor, and he served on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
As chairman, he had the longest tenure in Senate history as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
He's also skull and bones.
That is correct.
He's skull and bones.
And he was also, he is the one who personally appointed David Edger to OU in the weeks prior to 9-11 in the summer of 2001.
And David Edger is, I mean, I'm sorry, David Boren is a deceptive person.
First of all, he is gay.
And that's a rumor in Oklahoma, and people know it.
Some people don't.
But a book came out in 1994 by his former Oxford roommate detailing his homosexuality, which is fine.
I don't care about anyone's sexual orientation, but the deceptiveness about it is what irks me.
And that's probably why David Boren chose not to run for re-election in 1994.
That was kind of a surprise move for a very powerful man in the Senate.
And David Bourne runs a pretty tight ship at OU.
There's pretty much a culture of fear among the campus paper and the faculty and so forth.
And there's a lot of research by Michael P. Wright and his shenanigans on campus and favoring certain young men.
I mean, it's really just a sad story.
I don't want to sound like I'm trying to spread gossip about the man, but this is indicative.
Frankly, I want to stick to the terrorism stuff.
We've got all this weird stuff going on, is your point.
Yeah, and let me just add one more thing.
According to Al Martin's conspirators, a book, David Warren was compromised in 1984 by the intelligence community because of his proclivity.
Well, that sounds like it's par for the course.
So that's why you brought it up.
CIA blackmail schemes against Congressmen and so forth, they've been in the paper, I mean, the Washington Post, all that, in the 80s.
Sure, I understand.
Getting back into just this whole plethora of buzzards circling the area there in Norman, Oklahoma, why do you think they've chosen this as a base of operations for these patsies and decoys?
Well, obviously, it's safe ground to conduct covert operations.
The Oklahoma City bombing happened here, and we all know
The reams of evidence that proved the government was lying about that.
They got away with it.
And you know what?
The local media in Oklahoma is very tightly controlled.
They dropped all their stories investigating Hussein al-Husseini, talking about second and third bombs found in the building.
All of those stories were dropped.
It's like those reporters on TV never said those things, like those words never came out of their mouths.
And so the media is in the establishment's pocket.
The law enforcement community in Oklahoma...
Is compromised.
They cooperated with the cover-up of the Oklahoma City bombing, and those individual officers who chose to tell the truth were punished, sent before punishment boards, forced retirements, harassment.
Or murdered.
And Terrence Yakey was murdered in a very bloody manner, and his death served as an example.
And I've talked to police officers who are scared because of what happened to Yakey.
Very scared.
I've had a police officer cry in front of me.
So you talk to officers and they know what's going on, but they're scared?
They're scared.
They know beyond a doubt what happened.
They know.
Not all of them.
But the ones who knew Yankee and knew what he was trying to reveal, what he was trying to talk about, he was the first officer to respond to the bombing.
Yeah, he was cop of the year.
Yeah, but he was an outstanding officer in every way.
I've talked to his family members.
He was an outstanding man in every way.
And because of that, he chose to uphold his oath to protect the public.
He would not lie.
He would not...
Forget what he had seen in that building.
And he paid the price for it, unfortunately.
We're going to go to break here in just a moment, Holland.
What are some of the other key points that you make in this essay you've written, which is excellent, that you'd like to relay to the listeners when we get back?
Well, I'd just like to talk about the fact that this Al-Qaeda cell in Oklahoma, or in Norman, is operating under protection and is probably going to be used again in the future, a la the Heinrich's suicide bombing, which I believe was a foul-up.
That's right.
We've got the young man blowing himself up at a football game.
That was kept very quiet.
Now, folks, they'll take a jackhammer and make it national news, or a WMD attack.
Why do they clamp down on that so fast?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Nick Berg, 9-11 hijackers, Oklahoma City bombers, all in Norman, Oklahoma.
CIA high-level agents fluttering around.
Former heads of Senate Intelligence Committees, the heads of the university.
All of this happening, the same M.O.
over and over again.
Here's Mr. Loftus, who we interviewed, and of course he said even more on this show, but here's the Fox News clip where the former Justice Department anti-terrorism chief expert talked about how Harun Aswat was being protected by key elements of the CIA and MI6 agents.
From the FBI and others.
Because again, these entire agencies aren't doing this.
It's certain key compartments that are doing it.
Compartments at the top.
Let's roll this little Fox News clip.
A SWAT is believed to be the mastermind.
Of all the bombings in London on the 7-7 and 7-21, this is the guy, we think.
This is the guy, and what's really embarrassing is that the entire British police are out chasing him, and one wing of the British government, MI6, or the British Secret Service, has been hiding him.
And this has been a real source of contention between CIA, the Justice Department, and Britain.
MI6 has been hiding him.
Are you saying that he has been working for them?
Oh, I'm not saying it.
This is what the Muslim sheikh said in an interview in a British newspaper back in 2001.
So he's a double agent, or what?
He's a double agent.
So he's working for the Brits to try to give them information about Al-Qaeda, but in reality, he's still an Al-Qaeda operative.
The CIA and the Israelis all accused MI6 of letting all these terrorists live in London, not because they were getting Al-Qaeda information, but for appeasement.
It was one of those, you leave us alone, we leave you alone kind of things.
Well, we left him alone too long then.
Now, we knew about this guy Oswalt.
Back in 1999, he came to America.
The Justice Department wanted to indict him in Seattle because him and his buddy were trying to set up a terrorist training school in Oregon.
So they indicted his buddy, right?
But why didn't they indict him?
Well, it comes out, we've just learned...
That the headquarters of the U.S.
Justice Department ordered the Seattle prosecutors not to touch Aswat.
Now, hold on.
Well, apparently, Aswat was working for British Intelligence.
Now, Aswat's boss, the one-armed Captain Hook, he gets indicted two years later.
So the guy above him and below him get indicted, but not Aswat.
Now, there's a split of opinion within U.S.
Some people say that the British intelligence said to us, they told us that Aswat was dead.
And that's why the New York group dropped the case.
That's not what most of the Justice Department thinks.
They think that it was just, again, covering up for this very publicly affiliated guy with Al-Mujarroub.
He was a British intelligence plant.
So all of a sudden,
He disappears.
He's in South Africa.
We think he's dead.
We don't know he's down there.
Last month, the South African Secret Service come across the guy.
Yeah, and our CIA says, oh, he's alive.
Our CIA says, okay, let's arrest him.
But the Brits say no again?
The Brits say no.
Now, at this point...
Two weeks ago, the Brits know that the CIA wants to get a hold of Haroon.
So what happens?
He takes off again.
Goes right to London.
He isn't arrested when he lands.
He isn't arrested when he leaves.
Even though he's on a watch list.
He's on the watch list.
The only reason he could get away with that was if he was working for British Intelligence.
He was a wanted man.
All right.
So there's the clip from Fox with Mr. Loftus.
We're talking to Holland Vanden Newhoff, and he's our guest.
He's, of course, a former Marine.
Okay, then I'll add a sub-headline.
That sounds very appropriate.
We're about to go to some calls, but bottom line, you've been studying this.
Everything in your article is checked out from my research.
In fact, it's even worse.
We've got this whole history of this.
We know they're being protected.
I've had other police detectives and many others on this show, FBI, lawyers, who've covered this.
We know there's 5,000 Iraqis trained in the 80s here, brought back.
They were double agents against Saddam, even when he was our ally.
Brought back in.
They're now being used to deal narcotics, weapons, to finance their operations.
Every time cops bust them, the feds tell them, let them go.
We know they're in every major city.
We know they're in Austin, they're in Dallas, they're in Houston, they're in Oklahoma, they're in LA, they're in Detroit, they're in New York.
The globalists give the order, and these people start blowing stuff up.
Do you agree with that statement our government's using in controlling these guys, or do you want to add anything to that?
Give us the big picture.
I totally agree, and you know, the fact is, these guys that are being used, they may not even know who they're working for.
They may actually believe that they're working for Osama bin Laden or Muslim jihadists, or whatever.
I mean, that's the principle of intelligence operations, is that the operators, the limited hangout guys that you...
That you offer out there a sacrifice, really have no clue as to who their true master is.
And because that offers plausible deniability.
And it also offers a limited hangout if they should get caught.
Well, David Edger is a super high-level CIA agent involved in covert operations worldwide, very senior in the CIA.
Right before 9-11, he shows up clearly as a handler.
He's involved there, and then boom, all this happens.
I mean, this stinks to high heaven.
And again, we have Nick Berg as a satellite of all of this.
It just never ends.
Yes, I mean, like David Ezra.
A colleague of mine went to David Ezra's class with OU.
He admitted to watching Netata in Hamburg, Germany.
He admitted to it, but he quickly undercut any questions as to, you know, hear anything interesting.
He said he heard nothing of interest.
You're on a cell phone, aren't you?
I'm sorry.
Yes, I am.
It's cutting out real bad.
I'm sorry.
Repeat what you said.
No, you're back now.
A colleague of mine went to David Ezra's class.
Get it again.
Stop right there.
We may not be able to continue.
Are you in the same spot you were earlier?
No, we'll go back.
No, no, I mean, are you in the same spot physically with your cell phone?
No, I'm not.
We're head and back right now.
All right.
Let me do this.
Let me try to take a few calls, and we'll see if it gets better in just a moment.
Stay right there, Holland.
Let's go ahead.
These will be all over the map, but that's okay.
Paul in Vancouver, Canada.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Paul.
Hi, Alex.
Excellent, excellent show.
I just had a few points to make.
The previous call from Canada is right.
We are being pretty much conditioned.
The media here, they wouldn't, you know, they would never report anything that you report on.
You know, Global or Canwest is the biggest media company here.
They reach 94% of Canada.
Half of the board is Jewish.
And they always seem to show that, you know,
That extra ten minutes of what's going on in Israel and Palestine, when most people here don't even really care, and they refuse to report on anything big.
I just had a few other points.
In Vancouver, I'm telling you, the New World Order is coming.
The North American Union is coming.
You know, a few months ago, I saw a military ban with a United States military plate on it.
Well, sir, they've signed agreements.
State Police...
You have U.S.
From even Texas up in Canada running, quote, checkpoints to, quote, teach your police how to operate.
Now American cops are sent around our hemisphere to train people on how to set up a police state.
That's how pathetic we are.
It's been in your papers that the American Union is forming the CFR documents being implemented.
That's what this legalization of all these illegals Bush is pushing is all about.
Anything else?
Well, yeah, also, last year, I was disgusted.
The Drug Enforcement Agency came up here into Vancouver and basically shoved their way in and busted somebody for a, you know, a questionable crime.
I wouldn't even call it a crime.
Selling seeds of marijuana.
You know, there's a debate in itself.
And also, I just had a question for you.
How long before they start to try and chip us?
Because I figure there's between five and ten years left before... All right, I appreciate your call, sir.
Everybody's always freaking out over the chips, and I've been talking about it long before most people were.
They're going to make prisoners do it, old people, when you go in the hospital.
They're going to start phasing it in, and really, that comes after the big terror attack.
Three or four more big terror attacks.
Because after every terror attack, they take more freedom, and the next attack's bigger, and they take more freedom, and the next attack's bigger, they take even more freedom, and they've got to condition you to, that's always the answer, give up your freedom.
But no, there really is a governmental, institutional move.
To push implantable, trackable RFID chips.
Your cell phone already tracks you.
But it doesn't matter.
RFID and products already tracks you.
We're on the verge in Texas of having RFID tracker chips in all of our inspection stickers to tax us and track us and trace us.
So all of that's going in.
It's already here, sir.
That's when it's going to start.
It's already here.
And the media kind of uses the microchipping us physically in our flesh
As the extreme to make all the other bad stuff they do not look as bad.
Going back to our guest, Holland Vanden Neuenhoff.
Sir, are you in a better sell position now?
Can you hear me now?
Yes, I can.
What do you think about all, you know, just the general police state that's going into the U.S.
right now, but nothing being done with our borders except more smoke and mirrors?
Well, I mean...
Just watching the 9-11 hijackers, their movement through Oklahoma into the United States, while they were known Al-Qaeda terrorists, most of these hijackers, I mean, at least Mohammed Atta had been identified by Able Danger as an Al-Qaeda cell leader.
The other hijackers, one hijacker, Nawaf Al-Hamzi, got a speeding ticket in Oklahoma, despite the fact that he had been known as an Al-Qaeda terrorist since January of 2000.
Allowed into this country.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
They want to restrict our civil liberties and punish the citizenry for their apparent solace.
Well, we have Al-Qaeda terrorists.
Flitting in and out of the country, I will, getting issued visas despite terrorist connections.
It's just, the dichotomy is madness.
But they call the embassy head up and say, we don't care if he's red flagged, he works for us.
You see, we've got it from every angle that they work for the U.S.
government, and knowingly, folks.
Let's talk to Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir, Mr. Jones.
I want to report that ABC lost, the broadcasters got hit.
And they're dead.
Two died.
Yeah, two of them died.
Others got wounded, yes.
That was yesterday.
How do you think they feel about that?
Do they feel affected by that, or does it matter to them?
You know, CBS, I mean, they lied to us anyway.
Should we care about it?
Well, I'll say this.
The official U.S.-Israeli plan was to go into Iraq, break it down into three to four sections, have civil war.
So when you hear we're failing, no.
They mean our troops to die.
They mean it to be a quagmire while they build the bases to then ratchet up the next level into Iran.
And so that's why generals were always getting replaced every three or four months because they'd try to actually fix things and they'd say, no, you're fired.
And it's just a sad situation.
I mean, I feel for my comrades-in-arms, you know, and it's really...
You know, it was just Memorial Day yesterday.
When you're in the military, you really do not have a mind of your own.
You're conditioned to kill and to survive in a hostile environment, and feelings of, you know, distrust of authority and reason and sympathy, empathy with your fellow human being, and actually with the enemy, are just not allowed in that survival mechanism, especially in a war zone.
These troops coming back, I've talked to some of them, and they're confused about what's going on over there, but they're still done helping.
They cannot admit that their sacrifice was in vain, that they were tools, that their buddies died, you know, for a bunch of rich white guys who got out of Vietnam when they had their chance.
You know, they just will not, psychologically, they cannot admit that...
Our soldiers are dying in vain over there.
But the official U.S.
government battle plan said, Balkanization strategy, break the place up, we want civil war.
Again, people think Bush is failing and has done a miserable job.
He has executed the entire operation.
He's getting rid of our borders.
He's got us in a quagmire.
He's doing everything he was supposed to do.
I agree.
I mean, it's just...
You know, the only logical reason for the tremendous incompetence on the part of the military in Iraq is the fact that they are allowing this to happen.
There is no reason in the world these stupendous mistakes that Rumsfeld has supposedly made, that generals are criticizing him for.
Rumsfeld's not a dumb man.
He didn't get to where he is by being dumb.
I mean, the things that have ratcheted up the civil war in Iraq have been classical...
And by the way, by the way...
They know in the handbook 101 that you don't just go into the farming belts and bulldoze every date palm, every tangerine orchard to, quote, teach the people a lesson.
Everything they did was textbook to make people revolt.
I mean, it's really a sad situation.
I didn't realize that until recently.
I was actually kind of enlightened by the fact that
That our plans were not working in Iraq, but then I realized this is the plan.
This is what they want.
Well, sir, we have an 83 Israeli document.
We have a 99 Pentagon document.
And we have a British document from 2002.
The plan is three to four parts.
Now, if you listen to NPR or watch PBS, they'll go, we've got a new plan.
We'll break it in three to four parts.
We're going to do the same thing.
Oh, this guy wrote a document about it.
Hey, this will work.
And so it was the plan all along.
Charles, anything else?
Yes, sir.
When do you think they'll get these churches?
I've been calling the churches, asking them if Homeland Defense has gotten in touch with them.
In a way, they're telling me no, but I don't believe them.
But when do you think they're going to confiscate these guns?
Well, it's FEMA.
It's FEMA, 13,000-plus counties confirmed.
That's official.
Brainwashing the pastors to tell their practitioners that when the emergency comes, obey the government, turn in your guns, go to the emergency center, quarantine yourself.
It'll come...
Probably not after the next attack.
They'll have another beta test, only take guns in a certain area.
Then, down the road, you see each event gets bigger, each event is a laboratory in and of itself.
And so that's when that'll happen, Charles.
Mr. Jones, do you think that the American people, do you think they'll try to...
They'll turn them in or they're going to give them up.
Yeah, I think most people will turn their guns in.
I think about 10% will refuse to the point of troops coming to their door, and I think about half of those will shoot back.
And 5% of 100-plus million gun owners is over 5 million, and these armies will be completely wiped out.
What do you think, Holland?
Actually, I totally agree.
We can see in fourth-generation warfare, which is what guerrilla warfare is evolving into, that stateless forces have been a tremendous advantage over the slow-moving forces of an oppressive state.
And if that would happen, I kind of feel sorry for the people who would take the guns.
I think it's going to be a slaughter.
And hopefully it never comes to that, though.
Well, that's why they've got to do it in slow motion.
I mean, everybody always goes, look at the military.
They're so big, they'll trump us.
If 5 million of you have the will, nothing could stop us.
You understand?
We could take this country in 12 hours.
We'll be right back.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Charmley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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If the government tried a mass takeover, total gun confiscation, and called it that, it won't work.
They'll call it new security parameters.
ID cards will have five different levels of identification for citizens.
You'll have the trusted citizens and the untrusted citizens in that gamut.
And I keep calling it practitioners, it's parishioners.
I know that.
I think we're good to go.
To take our guns.
That's part of the record now.
You saw New Orleans.
This is what the military does.
They beta test.
They take real life operations and they call that a warfare laboratory.
And that's what happened in New Orleans.
And they will do that nationwide.
They want your guns.
Believe me, guns are the only thing holding back total tyranny in this country.
They take all your pension funds right now, folks, but they can't because they know there will be war on the streets.
Very, very serious.
Ron in Oklahoma, you're on the air with our guest Holland.
Go ahead, Ron.
Alex, it's becoming fairly common knowledge here in Oklahoma City that the FBI and the ATF blew up the Murrow building because of the mess they made at Waco.
ATF was in the process of being disbanded.
They had already started to draw down the office here in the city.
Approximately a year before the bombing... Well, you say FBI, BATF.
They were certainly involved, but no, they had Arabs that were CIA that did it.
Well, I'm not saying that they personally did it hands-on, but I know the bombing survivors, a group of the bombing survivors... Oh, believe me, sir, I've made two films about it.
...hired attorneys to try to sue the government, but at the last minute, the attorneys always back out.
So the information is circulating here.
Apparently someone is harassing their attorneys.
So how many Oklahomans... Let me ask Holland that, and let me ask you that respectively, Ron.
What percentage of Oklahomans that you talk to know Oklahoma's a cover-up, Holland?
What percentage?
Well, it depends on how old they are.
I mean, the young kids, the 18-year-old college kids, I mean, they're eight years old.
But people who are in Oklahoma City...
Who were adults, I would say 80% know at least something was fishy about it.
They may not go all the way, most of them won't, because they cannot deal with that fact psychologically.
But I would say 80% of the people in Oklahoma City...
Ron, give us your take.
Alex, the attitude is shifting dramatically.
At first, everybody said I was a lunatic because I said there was something wrong with the bombing.
I called it the Reichstag bombing.
We were constantly bombarded by propaganda 24 hours a day.
They never shut up.
It reminded me of Joseph Goebbels.
I knew there was something wrong, along with the other things that I saw.
Everybody said I was crazy.
Oh, no, no.
The FBI did a thorough investigation.
But now the mood is shifting, and people are becoming more aware, even though our media here is so controlled, Alex.
We don't hear anything.
I know.
Oklahoma's bad.
It's terrible.
I mean, it is a black hole.
And anyone who speaks out is harassed.
You know, I've told you that.
Well, it's like Arkansas.
You've got these old backwater states.
Beautiful states.
I love Oklahoma.
Great people.
I love Arkansas.
But you've got good old boy Boss Hogs.
That fit into the network quite nicely.
Holland, I want to thank you for joining us.
Folks can read your detailed article at Infowars.com.
And Ron, I want to thank you for the call.
Holland, we'll be talking to you again in the future.
Anything else you put together, please send it to us.
I look forward to it, Alex.
Thank you.
You've done a really good job here.
You've knocked a long home run here out of the park.
All right.
We'll come right back and take more calls and then have another guest coming up.
Hello, folks.