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Air Date: June 6, 2006
2255 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is the sixth day of June 2006.
And I've tried to not scare people with this date.
A lot of folks have been bringing this date up for years.
The mainstream media, the U.S.
government, are all acting very suspiciously, saying there's rumors that there could be mass school shootings that...
There could be terror attacks, but don't worry.
Just give up all your rights to the government, and they'll take good care of you.
They'll keep you safe.
Schools Up Security for 6606.
Yes, Schools Up Security for 6606.
We'll be going over this article.
There's another report here.
Evil lurks if you take 666 as gospel.
A date that lives in biblical infamy presages the Antichrist arrival.
Look at world events.
And at the same time, interesting little thing that happened today.
A coincidence, they'll say.
Mortgage demand dips as 30-year rate hits.
Four-year high of 6.66.
And that's the rate the government has set it at today.
Just on this day, they have now set the interest rates for the 30-year at 6.66.
So I'll be going over a little bit of numerology today.
I don't believe in it, but the elite believes in it.
In fact, tomorrow I will be arriving in Ottawa City, Ottawa.
And we had a professor on just last year who has been exposing the fact that there is all this occultic geometry and 666 to the very makeup and structure to some of the main rooms in that building and that it is built exactly along the lines of an Egyptian temple.
So when we get into numerology, the elite really do believe in it.
Of course, the Bilderberg Group meeting is coming up in Ottawa City, Ottawa, starting on Thursday, and we'll be there live covering it.
Jack Blood will be sitting in here Thursday and Friday, and he'll be sitting in a week after that when I go to Los Angeles on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and we're thankful for him agreeing to do that.
There will be live reports from Los Angeles and live reports from the Bilderberg Conference
In Ottawa City, Ottawa.
I am a busy beaver.
From bullhorning downtown Chicago over the weekend and giving several speeches and doing dozens of interviews to coming back to Austin to do my own live radio show to finishing up the new film Terror Storm or finishing up the music score on it right now.
It's my best film yet.
I'm really proud of it.
To now flying off to the Bilderberg Group and then to L.A.
It's crazy.
Plus, they're going to have the L.A.
premiere of the film I'm in, A Scanner Darkly, with Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson, and others.
That's coming up, what, the 29th in Los Angeles, the week after I'm in L.A.
I've been invited to that.
I don't know if I can make it.
I'm not a big traveler.
It seems like the month of June has just been, well, is frantic.
It's off to a frantic start.
It's getting more frantic by the minute.
But when we get back, I'm going to get into 666, then we'll cover another terrorist attack coming.
CBS News, another one here that Paul Watson put together.
Nexus points emerge for potential summer attack.
All indications suggest uncomfortable season of fear ahead.
Paul Watson joins us coming up in the third hour to talk about the staged terror raids in...
Canada and England, now it's being admitted that they were basically staged events.
So we'll get into that as well.
Michael Rivera, with his monthly report, joins us from whatreallyhappened.com in the second hour.
My websites are infowars.com, jonesreport.com, prisonplanet.tv.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The favor.
666 is upon us.
I guess we have 1666 in the year.
666, that was right in the middle of the Dark Ages, I guess when the Byzantine Empire was ruling regions.
And a lot of people have left town here in Austin, all over the country.
Women who are going into labor are asking the doctors to artificially try to hold it back another 14 hours or so.
Yes, we are now into 666.
Of course, if you're out in Australia and Japan, 666 is just about to end for them.
666, where does 666 come from?
I have interviewed religious scholars.
I have interviewed clergy.
We have interviewed historians.
We have interviewed anthropologists.
We have interviewed a lot of different experts on this.
Remember last year I had a big academic specialist on from Canada who discovered that a secretive Masonic group, and this was in the mainstream newspapers in Canada, had gotten together, what, 80-something years ago and built the capital in Ottawa City, Ottawa, where I'll be tomorrow night.
And that it is set up as a temple.
There is actually a huge sacrificial altar in the main foyer.
In plain view, the exact calculation of the sacrificial room is 666.
And they say that's because that is the Egyptian calculation for the sun or the sun god.
And so in the final book of the New Testament, Revelation
God says, reckon the number of the beast.
Reckon the number.
It is 666.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
Let he who hath understanding...
It's the devil's sign.
And so you look at Washington, D.C., you look at the Capitol Building, you look at the Georgia Guidestones, you look at the Guidestones in many areas of England and Europe,
You look at Aztec temples, you look at the Great Pyramid, you look at other Egyptian and Greek temples, 666, 666, 666, 666, over and over and over and over and over again.
It is the sign of the sun, or the light bearer, or Lucifer.
And the Egyptians would call this year 600, 6006.
And the high-level Masons are calling this year 6006.
We're good to go.
This is what we're looking at.
Again, if you're tuning in for the first time, I don't believe in any of this, okay?
I'm not into numbers.
I don't live my life by numbers.
You see, so many atheists, so many secular people, they go, Alex, you shouldn't talk about that.
That stuff isn't real.
That stuff's not documented.
I don't believe in religion.
Well, even if you don't believe in religion, even if you don't believe in a god and the devil, even if you don't believe in anything,
You just think we all came out of mud here.
I mean, if you believe that, it's ridiculous.
But if you believe that, you still have to admit that our whole world is governed by an elite that is totally obsessed by the occult.
And you really can't ignore these numbers.
I've got a report here where now the 30-year mortgage rate that
The major Federal Reserve-issued national interest rate was changed this morning to 6.66.
Now, they decide what to do with the interest rates, and these big banks decide what to set it at with the Federal Reserve and others.
This is not an accident.
And I'm very thankful that the elite did not... We've still got a lot of time.
They still may.
Didn't blow something up and have a big public sacrifice today on 666.
But they always leave their calling card.
The Chicago Mercantile, the Associated Press reported on the one-year anniversary...
Of 9-11.
Not on 9-11, but on the one-year anniversary of 9-11.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange didn't just come up 9-1-1, which it had never done, by the way.
That was in the report.
It came up 9-1-1 with five zeros after the point.
And some actuaries were done on that in the report.
I think they said it was like 1 in 14 billion something.
Chances, 14 billion something million chances.
We've got it posted in the archives.
The article we wrote about it, we had an article that had a bunch of these examples in it.
I thought I'd print that off and re-read it on air.
It was elite language.
I think it was Illuminati language hidden in plain view.
In that article you can find all the links to this.
The Chicago Mercantile comes up 911.000000.
That same day, the New York Lottery, not the Illinois Lottery, not the Texas Lottery, not the Ohio Lottery, not the Florida Lottery, not the Powerball Lottery, not the Canadian Lottery, not the British Lottery, not the German Lottery, not the Japanese Lottery, not the Chinese Lottery, no, ladies and gentlemen, the New York City, New York State Lottery.
The big lottery, not one of the little side lotteries, came up 9-1-1.
Now, come on.
I don't have time to get into it, but the Chicago Mercantile is totally staged.
They set the number every day.
It doesn't even meet with what the factual numbers really are.
The Federal Reserve runs the S&P and the Dow Jones.
They have the plunge protection.
They set all the numbers.
Almost every director of the New York Stock Exchange is a former CIA director or deputy director.
Go look it up.
Or they're skull and bones.
It's all a sick joke.
It's all a complete and total sick joke.
They stage it.
And they've even admitted they've staged it in many cases.
So they love to do it with the numbers.
They love to flaunt it right out in front of everyone.
They loved it that the CIA approached the lone gunman writers, the spinoff of the X-Files, Chris Carter and others.
We've had some of their stars.
We've had Dean Haglund on this show to talk about it.
Dean Haglund.
And, oh, you ought to do a story on a hijacked plane, hijacked by the government by remote control, that they're going to fly into the World Trade Center to blame on the Afghans who invade Afghanistan and have the U.S.
government staging drills at the time so that NORAD stands down just thinking it's a drill.
Now, that's exactly what the piece says.
And then six months later, exactly that happens.
I mean, these people are sick.
These people are sick.
And if you study magic, black magic, if you study the old Egyptian magic that then got picked up by the Jews in captivity, and then that's what Moses got mad at them.
He goes up on the mountain, comes back down.
They're all frolicking.
They've resurrected it.
They're carrying it out.
God kills a bunch of them.
So the Greeks did this.
Every culture.
At the time, Germanic tribes were worshipping the exact same gods by different names.
But, you know, same gods, same manifestations, same rituals, just slightly different names.
I mean, they're doing it in Mesoamerica at the same time.
So everywhere.
They're burning kids, eating kids, sacrificing them at the pyramid.
At the same time, they're doing it in Babylon.
Over and over and over and over again.
It runs through human culture.
The elite that runs things on this planet
Worships an angelic creature that demands blood and everything must be built according to 666.
So you can say what you want about it.
That's what we fix.
And that's who's running things.
And you hear about Skull and Bones.
You hear about Bohemian Grove.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
So, right now, mortgage demand dips as 30-year rate hits four-year high of 6.66%.
Mortgage applications fell last week as mortgage rates were mixed.
An industry trade group said Wednesday.
The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonal adjusted index of mortgage application activity for the week ended May 26, decreased 1.9 to 5.419.
In the previous week, borrowing costs on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, excluding fees, averaged 6.66 up to 0.05 percentage point, and it goes on.
So just a little interesting thing, and this got looked at this morning, and they've made sure to release that and let you know about that.
Here's another one out of the Examiner.
Schools up security for 6-6-0-6.
It's a day some believe represents the symbol of evil, and several local jurisdictions plan to increase police patrols in high schools as rumors of Columbine-style attacks fly across the Internet.
And when did Harrison Kleibold attack?
April 20th, Hitler's birthday, the day after April 19th.
Those two days are both high holy days on the state unit calendar.
Rumors of mass killing planned for today at Liberty High School in Elderburg began three weeks ago, resulting in a police presence in each of Carroll County's seven high schools, said Superintendent Charles Ecker.
We're taking every rumor, every accusation, every alleged
Allegation seriously, he said.
We have our teachers and administrators on the lookout for anything, no matter how trivial.
How about you just put instant access pistol safes in all the classrooms for the teachers?
You know, it's just all hysteria.
School shootings are down in the last 12 years.
But when they have one, they hype it up.
Schools are very safe places to be.
Other than the fact that if you get caught doing any infraction, you'll be shipped off to the gulag and that you get brainwashed in them.
A bunch of other 6-6 news we'll cover.
We'll take your calls on this issue and a lot more.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I don't want to spend all day here just talking about 666, but we will get into more of the news reports that are discussing it and going over all the little minutia.
But I've got serious news here, a big stack of it concerning Iran and their oil boards.
Another big report here.
Of course, Venezuela is saying that they're going to try to start forcing countries to buy their oil in euros.
That is huge.
We now have Russia beginning to trade and setting up an exchange for rubles, where you buy their oil in rubles.
We have Dick Cheney.
This is out of Kiplinger's personal finance report on Yahoo News.
Are Dick Cheney's money managers betting on bad news?
We're good to go.
Pressage is a Antichrist arrival.
There are those worthless souls who ignore the power of 666, who believe Tuesday, June 6, 06, is nothing more than another ordinary mark on an ordinary calendar.
They will go about their lives blind to the blood-curdling evil all around them.
Soon the streets will fill with death and decay.
Soon scalped chickens will fall from the sky.
Soon the Antichrist will rise to render the earth a mosh pit of despair, an empty, rotten, stinking hole of an enemy evil mayhem brought about by all things satanic.
Doom will reign.
Faces will melt.
Alan Thickel will star in a new sitcom.
The world will explode.
Die, die, die.
Or maybe not.
Don't make that my due date.
Yes, the date is June 6, 2006.
And yes, there is a movie remake of The Omen that debuts today.
For hype, of course.
And it focuses on the idea that 606 marks the rise of the Antichrist.
And yes, a couple of people even believe it, according to a report
By Tony Allen Mills of Britain's The Sunday Times, a pregnant English woman recently urged the doctor to do everything within his power to push her June 6th due date.
But I think I can assure you we're safe, says Fred Berardi, and a...
Monsignor, with the Holy Family Church in New Rochelle, nobody needs to hide under their furniture.
Indeed, while the Omen's opening scenes feature members of the Vatican gloomily preparing for June 6th's arrival of the Antichrist, in this case, a googly-eyed kid named Damien, few within the real Vatican appear to be losing much sleep.
I wonder why.
And it goes on.
There have been no public warnings, no cries from the Pope Benedict to load
...up on canned goods, and yet a legitimate biblical tie between 666 and bad stuff seems to exist, as reads Revelation 13, 16, 18, quote, "...he also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast, on the number of his name..."
This calls for wisdom.
If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man's number.
His number is 666.
And this isn't a King James Version here.
I guess it's some new Bible translation.
It says, This calls for wisdom.
It actually says, Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast, if a memory serves.
By the beast...
Is the Bible referring to the three-headed, red-eyed org?
Instead, most scholars interpret 666 to be the numerical code, and it goes on from there.
Now, the Bible tells us there will be a world government unified through these ten horns, or ten sub-kings.
And it describes in full detail
Aircraft dropping hydrogen bombs on cities.
It describes genetic engineering and dead red tide oceans.
It describes meteors striking the earth.
And what the intro to all of this is a one world government rising out of global calamity and a man of peace rising who says if you have a global tax and a global religion and a global government,
And a unifying, identifying number that everyone must have to buy, sell, or trade, or even leave their house, that if you'll just do this, you'll all be safe.
This was written almost 2,000 years ago.
And it's happening now.
There's no way back.
To get around that.
And we'll discuss the different views on this when we return on the other side and we'll take your calls as well.
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Welcome back, my friends.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for riding the shotgun with us today.
Your calls are coming up here momentarily.
Finishing up my comments for now on this infamous date of 6-6-06, looking just at some of the indicators of the elite being obsessed with the occult, with numerology, with numbers.
We've already talked about how the Chicago Mercantile came up 9-11 on the one-year anniversary of 9-11 with a bunch of zeros behind at the New York Lottery coming up 9-11 that same day.
We then had three years after 9-11 in 2004, the Madrid bombing.
911 days after 9-11 on 3-11.
And then it even came out in mainstream Spanish papers that all the evidence points towards that being a government-sponsored attack.
Then on 7-7, we have the London bombings.
You look at that.
I've got a whole new film coming out on it.
That's a section of the film.
Clearly a government op.
And they do so many other things on dates.
At the bare minimum, they will, in their financial sectors, have major benchmarks that
Match the date or something similar along those lines.
They believe that they get power out of flaunting it in our face.
They call that a lesser magic.
But if they do it on a mass scale, they believe they derive great energy from it.
Now, I don't believe in this.
The point is, they do.
It's like saying, well, Alex, you're not a follower of...
Mr. Moon, the Moonies, and so the Moonies believe that he's basically God, and since you as an atheist out there don't believe in God, I'm not supposed to talk about Mr. Moon who thinks he's basically God.
I mean, what does that mean?
Or if some serial killer, and routinely most serial killers are under the occult, and they've got a bunch of dead bodies in their backyard that they've cut up,
In a satanic fashion, I mean, should I not write a book or a criminologist or crime writer, write a book about how they're into that?
It is a threat.
It is more than a threat.
It is an iron cable that runs through the entirety of elites throughout history, psychopaths, sadistic killers alike.
It is their religion.
This is what they're into.
It's what drives them.
It's the engine.
So it's very, very important.
Now, looking at what 666 really is, 666 isn't a date, ladies and gentlemen.
666 is the number of a man.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number, for it is the number of a man.
Now, what is a number of a man that the man needs to buy and sell?
That is really a very simple riddle.
It is stated clearly where anyone that has a thimble of discernment can understand it.
But Christ said many times, he said to his disciples, they said, why do you speak in parables?
Why do you speak in riddles?
And he said, because I don't want many of these people to understand what I'm saying.
The message isn't for them.
That's a paraphrase, but it's almost identical to the quote.
It isn't for everybody.
But looking at it, it's totally clear what it says.
It is the number of a man.
Let he who hath understanding reckon the number of a beast.
Of the beast.
You will need it to buy and sell.
No man may buy or sell or trade without this mark.
The mark of the beast is the microchip.
But it is many other things.
It is also the system of that number of a man.
And just as much as it is the implantable microchip, it is your face.
It is your hand.
It is your retina scan.
It is your thumbprint.
It is biometrics.
It is RFID.
Now, notice for years they have had face scanning technology that is 100% up close.
They could have a camera right there at the shopping centers and the tanning salons and the health clubs and the bars.
From England to the U.S., the libraries to get your school lunch at college and primary school level.
It's going in everywhere.
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Here in Austin, most tanning salons have it.
Many of the gyms have it.
I was in Chicago.
People were walking up going, hey, do you know it's in some of the grocery stores and a lot of the tanning salons and gyms?
And I was like, yes, I do.
It is the number of a man.
Now, why don't they just use the cameras?
Why don't they just face scan you and not give you a choice?
No, they want you to willingly put your thumb down on the scanners.
Now, with a captured audience of young people, they make them do it.
They want to force you when you try to take your children to Disney World or to Disneyland or to many of the other theme parks.
Anheuser-Busch owns SeaWorld.
And when you go there, they don't even tell you about it when you buy your ticket.
You just walk up and they want to hand scan you and put your hand biometrically into it.
And if you say no and refuse, they try to tell you no, you need to.
And as soon as you argue, they say, okay, go on through.
Security walks over and says, go on through.
Because still, a lot of people are refusing.
Still, they're not making you do it.
But Disney World is.
Anheuser-Busch isn't.
If you refuse at Disney World, you don't get in.
And it's not just a thumbprint.
They now make you wear a digital RFID bracelet that tracks you.
And, oh, if you want a cell phone now, they're phasing them out.
The old cell phones now, only six months to a year left, they're saying, my cell phone is barely even working now.
They're shutting down all the old towers, trying to force me onto the type that tracks me down to just a few feet and where they can even tune in and listen to me via audio.
Most of the new cars, even the lower-priced automobiles, are coming out with this stuff standard on it.
And, oh, we gave you six months free.
When you buy a new car, six months free, you have to have them go in and disable it.
So it's all happening.
It is the number of a man.
It is 666.
And then, strangely enough, and I've had the inventor of the barcode on.
This is mainstream news.
Strangely enough, the combination that's used in the Universal Product Code, implemented in 86, it only works, the code key is 666, three groups of six, with numbers on each side of that.
Strangely enough, most of the biometric systems pick 14 to 18 different points on the face or the thumb, and then they have a calculation where the algorithm works off of a 666 calculation.
None of this is by accident.
They could have chosen any three-number number to plug in, I guess, as the root.
I'm not a mathematician.
This is just what they've said and what they've reported.
And already, you show up at Home Depot all the time.
I'll work late.
I've got to get over there to the 24-hour Home Depot.
The one that stays open until midnight.
I get there at 11 o'clock.
There's no one at the cash register's.
You've got the thumb scan if you want to be able to purchase.
And that's some of the Home Depots.
See, this is how it works in three steps.
First, they take out some of the service checkout lanes and put in a few self-serves.
Then they take out almost all of the service lanes and put in predominantly, let's say they'll have 12 self-serves in two service lanes.
Then at 10 o'clock at night, they close the two service lanes and make you use the self-checkout.
Now they're to the point at HEBs, at Safeways, at Kroger's where they're testing this, at other facilities around the country where, oh, now you don't have a choice.
You've got to thumb scan, but it's for your safety.
See, they domesticate us.
They phase this in.
And, of course, I'm there at the Home Depot, and the manager comes over, the people who are there stocking.
They're all fans.
This happened a few months ago.
I told you about it on air.
They all come over and say, yeah, isn't it horrible?
Yeah, we listen to the show.
We know exactly what you're talking about.
We heard you five years ago say that they'd start phasing these in and phase out self-serve and then phase it out altogether.
And guess what?
We're told in about a year they are.
See, it's all beginning to happen.
And then what do they do with that?
That purchase goes into a database.
What you buy, sell, trade, and do is index.
It's put into your history.
Now they're openly talking about the Food and Drug Administration is talking about making restaurants serve smaller portions.
Oh, they're going to track what you buy with your credit card.
Oh, they're going to sell that information to your insurance company.
You're eating too much fettuccine Alfredo and T-bone steaks.
You're buying too much beer.
Oh, we're going to take your driver's license away.
It shows you're drinking too much.
Oh, we're going to put retina scanners in all the new cars that decide if you're too tired or drunk when you drive.
Oh, you're guilty until proven innocent.
All of this is going in.
Oh, the Mexican Attorney General is going to make his employees take the chip.
Other Latin American presidents are talking about making their citizens take chips.
companies are talking about making their employees take chips.
We have sheriffs on who've taken chips and say that everyone should be made to take chips, and they want to enforce us taking chips.
All these big talking heads on the news nightly say we all need chips.
Every time a child gets kidnapped, oh, a chip would fix this.
See, it's just this continual drumbeat.
It's actually happening.
And all it takes is one big terror attack.
I mean a catastrophic terror attack, or a string of smaller attacks.
We're good to go.
Suddenly, different defense forces, different state guards just show up randomly at city events and start searching people, including three-year-olds, on the side of the street as they go to the Bay Fest, say in Alabama, just to eat some street food and see some events.
See, everything's turning into a prison.
Face-scanning cameras going up, RFID tracker chips and inspection stickers, all the major roads that turn into toll roads.
Now the states are talking about with federal grants taking DNA out of your cheek tissue whenever you get pulled over.
Thumb scanners under federal grants are going into many of the police cars from Texas to Tennessee to Ohio to Kansas.
Again, it's happening everywhere.
All of it is going in.
Shotgun microphones listening to you going in everywhere.
Shotgun microphones and telescopic face scanning cameras in tiny places.
You know, one-horse towns with maybe one gas station.
Everywhere you go, total control.
Meanwhile, I have CNN here in front of me reporting that a dozen guardsmen have been put on the Arizona border.
One dozen of the 6,000.
See, it was all just photo ops.
None of it was real.
It was all lies.
And they pass the new Freedom Initiative for forced drugging, forced psychological testing of all of the youth population ages 4 to 18.
Then they add on pregnant women in Illinois, and their own internal documents say we're going to put half the kids on drugs now.
I mean, they're just doing it all.
These scientists are crazily creating all these cross-species creations.
I'm going to go to your calls.
It's just 666 isn't a date.
666 is the number of a man.
It's a biometric number that hooks into the Grand Beast database.
And you know what the acronym in Brussels, Belgium for the big United Nations World Bank IMF computer.
This was in the 80s.
I have the Wall Street Journal.
It is called the Beast.
They revel in it.
So, whether you believe in God or not, the elite does.
And they believe that the Lucifer is going to win.
And they believe, you know, some say it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Regardless, regardless, it's happening.
Regardless, this is the reality here.
Mary in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, Mary.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I'm a subscriber to GCN Live.
I'm a Calvin soap user and a Berkey Light owner.
Well, we appreciate you.
We couldn't operate without you.
And I also have the Police State 3 video, and I have the T-shirt, too.
Well, again, thank you for the support.
I made a discovery that I want to share with you.
Did you know about the satanic addresses of our major churches?
There was a presentation.
The zip code is 666 at the Sears Tower and the airport is a 666.
It's really weird, but go ahead.
I only know about two towns for sure.
That's the one where I grew up and the one where I live right now.
But where I grew up in a small town in Ohio, we lived across the street from
My church, which was a large parish or congregation.
And my address was 990.
So that made the church 999 East State Street.
But they give it a side street address.
They don't come right out in the open and say it's 999.
But that is the real estate location.
It is right on State Street.
And then...
It's 999.
In the town where I live now, it's the same thing.
The same denomination is on the 999 location of the main street in town.
But they give it a side street address, like Case Avenue or something.
And also just down the street is the other major denomination church, and it's on the 666 location.
I just thought that was weird.
Well, I know this.
I would suddenly lose my plates.
I've seen cars that have 666, and I'm not really superstitious, but I don't want to drive around with that.
And if I saw, I mean, if I got mailed plates that said 666, I'd throw them in the trash and order new ones.
I appreciate your call.
Let me just say something to what you just brought up, Mary.
And I'm not criticizing what you said.
I'm not even disagreeing with you, okay?
But this is what I've found with folks that track numbers.
They take people's names and turn them around backwards and do weird stuff.
Or, oh look, Alex Jones has 3001 as his address and that's a Masonic number.
All of it isn't really numerology or manipulation.
But when...
When they build the Ottawa City, Ottawa Capital, and admit that it's all according to 666 calculations, and have a big altar in the middle, and then they find out a shadowy group of masons put up the money for the architecture, and then there's a plaque on it saying that it's a temple, you know it's serious.
What I don't hear a lot of people, people always talk about 666, it's always weird calculations.
You don't have to do weird calculations.
The 666 system is the biometrics, is the national ID cards.
They passed last year, going into effect next year.
All of this is very serious.
I mean, that's the 666 system.
The tracking, the tracing.
And I've just noticed that most people I talk to never focus on that.
There's no discussion by the Patriot Shows, the Truth Shows, really about those issues.
It's all about weird numerical calculations.
The mark of the beast is a world government system tracking all the purchases you make off of your global ID number.
They already admit that most of the governments in the world are integrating their numbers into a grand database.
We already really have a world ID.
Your driver's license has been federalized, and that's been internationalized.
Okay, so that's what I focus on.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarbley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
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We need to get this image of the devil as some horned creature sneaking around in cemeteries.
Out of our heads, it'll be a good-looking, smart, intelligent, dynamic, handsome leader.
You know, the devil comes in a three-piece suit.
It's DynCorp.
Just hired our police chief, Stan Nee, to go work for DynCorp in international policing.
The State Department wanted our police chief.
He's so good.
You know, the devil acts like a good guy.
The devil doesn't have green warts and pus shooting out of his nose.
He masquerades as an angel of light.
He was the most beautiful creature in heaven.
And isn't that what we see in just everyday life?
Evil, real evil, is slick.
Real evil looks like Fox News and CNN.
It smiles at you.
It's an info bay.
And so evil loves to tell us it looks like Damien the Little Devil Boy or it looks like hounds of hell running around the back streets.
No, no.
Evil enslaves you.
Evil takes your pension funds.
Evil brainwashes your children and turns them against you.
Evil puts poison in your food.
Evil says children need sodium fluoride and mercury's good for their brains.
It's for the children.
Mike in Austin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, buddy?
Good, sir.
Hey, you know, I'm sitting here laughing because...
I live up here in North Austin, and everything you're sitting today, it's like, oh my God, the wackos.
I mean, you know, I saw what the Saturday, one of those guys, somewhere here in Texas, got up and he made a speech about how God is our chairman.
Did you see that?
I was like about throwing up because... No, sir, I don't know what you're talking about.
I saw a report, but anyway, I was going to tell you two things real quick.
An amazing thing people don't talk about is...
Chaney running NORAD on 9-11, which you brought up, and I just find that amazing.
And secondly, I'll tell you what, if you want to see the devil, the 666, watch the deal today with Ann Coulter with Matt Lauer.
Oh, my God.
I mean, if she is a mouthpiece for the right, that's how screwed up this country is.
She has her book out today, and it was disgusting.
She was trashing.
Women that lost their husbands on 9-11.
It was really a sad and disgusting comment.
All right, sir, I appreciate your call.
You know, you talk about the right wing.
It doesn't exist in this country.
Okay, left and right doesn't exist.
Before 100 years ago, we could get things done in this country because it was freedom versus slavery.
Constitution versus unconstitutional.
And then they taught us through the universities, through the big banks, funding the different academic chairs at the colleges to put out this left-right baloney.
Left and right didn't exist.
Left was seen as feminine, right was seen as male.
That was the only difference.
There was left-right.
Left was seen as the devil, right was seen as godly.
That was the only discussion of left-right until 100 years ago.
George Bush's approval ratings are going through the floor because conservatives have found out he's anti-border, anti-gun, pro-world government.
And so he'll come out and say he's going to put 12 people on the border.
Or 6,000, it turns out to be 12.
He'll come out and say, I'm going to ban gay marriage, which is very popular in the U.S.
Okay, and then conservatives go, oh man, he's good.
He's trying to fool you.
It's just as big as smoke and mirrors as Bush...
Coming out and saying he's going to put 6,000 Border Patrol on the border.
Just give me my guest worker program.
He says it's not amnesty when it's the biggest, baddest amnesty we've ever seen.
So they do this over and over again.
They play games.
And I would just encourage listeners to stop using the left-right turn.
It's very dangerous.
It's destroying us.
We've got to not use their terms.
I do it all the time.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm just saying.
I go, we attacked Iraq.
We attacked Afghanistan.
No, we didn't.
We've been hijacked by global criminals, and we're being used as their cannon fodder.
We're not in control of this country.
We're trying to get control of it.
The whole political system is a charade.
It's a facade.
It's theater.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Once a month he joins us, Michael Rivero, coming up to talk about the staged arrest in Canada, the staged arrest in England.
We've got Paul Watson in the next hour to discuss that with us and a bunch of other issues as well.
The evidence is now coming out that it was all completely staged as normal, as usual.
We're also getting to Dick Cheney dumping the dollar himself personally.
Some new big developments with Iran.
A whole host of issues coming up.
First up is Miguel in New York.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to let all the listeners know that about two weeks ago, a friend of mine and I, we've been into this for about 10 years or so.
They kind of woke us up in school down south.
And he's been telling me for a couple years that he has an uncle that used to work in the World Trade Center.
He's a banker, high finance guy.
And he says he knows stuff, but he won't say anything.
So the guy came over for dinner a couple weeks ago, and this is what he said.
He told everyone sitting there at dinner that over in Brussels and overseas, when you go to meetings with these high, big insurance company people and the bankers, that the plans are that they've already laid out where the United States is set up to pretty much be
A playground for the elite where they steal the wealth and buy up our property and redistribute it all over the world.
We're the idiots.
Yeah, yeah.
We're the goofy morons that don't know where Iraq is on a map.
We're like lambs to a slaughter.
And yeah, we're to be looted.
We're the morons.
Yeah, he also said that this plan isn't set.
He said the only way it's going to change is if people in America either... I know you don't want to talk about this, but he said, this is what his quote was,
That it's going to take a civil war or a revolution for it to change because it's so laid out in concrete and the plans are done.
Well, I mean, they're going to give all our major highways to the Spanish to tax.
I mean, it's just, we're totally being sold out.
They bought our debt for a reason.
We went into debt so the foreigners could buy us.
They did it by design.
Yep, the same thing you say.
It's all laid out.
Everything is laid out.
Everything is set.
So if people are at home, you know, they don't really understand what is going on.
Last night, or two days ago, the History Channel had a program on Freemasonry basically saying it's a good Christian organization and that all they're trying to do is help people, but the whole secret stuff gives them a bad name.
I mean, the nonsense they're putting out there is just ridiculous.
It's ridiculous.
Well, I mean, is he happy that they've openly announced?
Because I've read their books.
I mean, they say it.
America will be totally gone.
A huge third world cesspool with the private interests taking whatever they want.
And most of us living in basically ghettos or in physical prisons.
And we're not just going to be a slave state.
We're going to be the worst.
And a lot of cops are going to love it.
It's going to be a wonderful place for the thugs.
And I just hope people enjoy the end of America.
I mean, is he happy about this?
He wasn't happy, but the thing is that, you know, my friend's mom starts to cry because we've been trying to tell her for a while, and it's like she won't believe us, you know.
But now the big banker's at dinner.
She's going, oh, yeah, it's public.
Now her brother's telling her.
All of a sudden she's, like, in tears.
And I said, yo, I wouldn't want to say what I would have done to him, but he's basically sold us out, and he knows this, and he didn't say anything.
And he said, you know what, you guys are the ones, because we're like, you know, late 20s.
He's like, you and your sister are the ones who are going to have to fight this war.
Your Social Security is going to be here for me when I retire in a couple years, but it won't be there for you guys, and it's your problem.
So it's like, a lot of these people who know about this figure, oh, I'm old, I won't be around for it, it's going to be the kids' problem anyway.
Oh, that's the attitude.
Party until you're 30, then try to make money for 30 years, and then it's not my problem.
Hey, let me tell you something.
They're going to be taking everything people got in two years, a year, five years.
I mean, it's a lot closer than that.
Oh, listen, it's sick.
I've been to globalist meetings, you know, the public ones, where they openly say they're going to take all our private property, they're going to take our guns, your kids will basically live in dormitories, we're going to have one-child policies, they'll go around sterilizing whoever they want, half the population will be on forced drugs, cops will be able to raid your house and take you away to a FEMA camp or kill you for no reason.
I mean, this is America, folks.
It's gone.
Listen, let's get down to brass tacks.
Bush's blanket amnesty by itself is the end of America.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Turnbull, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm not trying to be negative when I say America, for all intents and purposes, is already gutted.
We're like a hog, you take for slaughter, take it out by the tree, put the hooks through both of its legs, the tendons, hoist it up, gut it, dump its guts in the gut bowl, slit its throat, and start cutting it up.
This is the New World Order.
Every country's losing its sovereignty.
The elite openly have stated in so many policy papers going back hundreds of years, it makes my head spin that any free market, any free sovereign peoples that have any economic mobility threatens them.
It's not about a free market.
It's not about you being independent.
It's about being a slave.
And our entire Federal Reserve System has been set up as a type of black hole economically where it builds a debt bubble that is impossible
For the general public to escape from.
All the economic systems are set up to just keep you on the edge of bankruptcy, getting in deeper and deeper debt so when they pull the rug out from under us, they can buy up everything for pennies on the dollar.
And this time it won't be the elites of the U.S.
and England buying up the assets as they did during the Great Depression.
It's the globalists.
That's why they devalued the dollar.
That's why the Federal Reserve went $87 trillion into debt.
Three years ago, the Dallas Morning News said we were $44 trillion really in debt.
What was it?
That's what our obligations are, just in 10 years.
And you hear the national news saying the debt's at $9 trillion right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, a year ago, and this is top economists, Reagan's former chief economists,
Reporting that we were $87 trillion in debt.
And that's all over the foreign papers.
It's now well over $90 plus trillion.
Once you get into these numbers, it just starts going up from there.
So when you hear about, oh, the budget deficit, oh, the trade deficit, $180 billion a month, that is nothing.
And it's all zeros and ones.
It's all a Ponzi scheme.
You know, I talked about the Chicago mercantile being fake.
I talked about the stock market being staged.
For those that doubt me,
We're going to go to Mike Rivera, an amazing individual, here in about a minute.
I've just got to state this.
Remember Enron?
They took California state legislators through their California offices where they were, in some weeks, leasing Californians of upwards of $3 billion.
You hear the national news, you hear they ripped them off for like $12 billion.
No, folks, there were weeks where it was $3 billion.
It was tens and tens and tens of billions.
That was just one scam.
There was no real energy trading market in the U.S.
There still isn't.
It was fake computers.
It was fake spreadsheets.
It was fake numbers.
They just said whatever they wanted.
They just made it up every day, every morning in a boardroom on how to scam people.
And then Arnold Schwarzenegger meets with Malkin and meets with Skilling and meets with
The now convicted Ken Lay on how they were going to blame it on Gray Davis.
I'm no fan of Gray Davis, the gun-grabbing individual.
The point is that he got blamed for it when they actually were involved.
And so it's just all staged.
Folks, it's so fake.
I mean, to call the media propaganda, to call it... That doesn't even go far enough.
All the basic root numbers that we enter into the financial equations, the political equations, the terms we use, it's all false.
I mean, Bush is running around, I'm the conservative.
Meanwhile, he's totally gutting the country along with the Democrats.
It's like the matrix.
Michael Rivero, thank you for joining us.
Out of the gates here, I want to get into...
Iran, the new developments, the staged terror bus, now the evidence is coming out.
It was indeed staged in Canada, in England.
We've got all the evidence there.
But before we do that, the economics, do you have any comments?
Do you agree?
Do you disagree on what I was just saying?
I absolutely do agree.
And going back to the Enron story, they even went so far as to literally set up a fake office for their energy trading company.
... operations so that they could bring the politicians through and show them, this is where we're doing these energy trades and this is why we're having to charge so much money and so forth and so on.
And it was all a stage set that they built to fool the politicians with.
And yes, it does seem like those few companies in the U.S.
that are still showing huge profits are generally being caught doing something a little bit shady with their bookkeeping.
Or some other scam going on under the protection of some political ally or lobbying group that tends to protect them.
Now notice, though, Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, notice that Ken Lay and others didn't go to jail for fake energy trading in the billions.
They go to jail for lying on some documents.
See, the establishment doesn't want them to get in trouble for what the other people are doing.
It is a case of a wrist slap for a very, very great crime.
Overall, though, you are correct about the tremendous debt load that has been run up by the government and by corporate borrowing and certainly the loss of our manufacturing.
It has reached a point where it is an unpayable black hole.
At some point, as you were saying in the previous segment,
The government will simply say, well, we need to confiscate all of your wealth to help pay the bills, and that is not without precedent, because back during FDR's presidency, dealing with World War II, private ownership of gold coins and bullion was outlawed, and all the gold had to be turned in, and in exchange people were given fiat paper money,
Which, of course, as we've seen since then, has rapidly devalued to where if you had the same amount of paper dollars today, you could not even hope to buy the same amount of gold or bullion that was originally turned in.
Now, Michael, let me just add, when we look at the police state, it's not just about grabbing foreign, quote, rogue nations that are sovereign.
It's not just about that.
They need their high-tech police state in place...
Because even in the IMF's own documents, remember that got released in 2002?
BBC reported on it.
They talk about how they blow the bubble, then they bring in a police state and actually use the people rioting as a greater system to have it implode even more.
So when you see a police state, when you see cops in black uniforms and wearing black riot gear helmets and you see checkpoints, that is all a prelude to the open martial law that will come,
And obviously, of course, the same thing applies to the spy scandal, the NSA tracking phone calls, the reading of email all without warrants.
It's all part of psychologically repressing Americans to discourage them from talking to each other or saying anything out of fear that they may be hurt.
Which all comes right out of the way Nazi Germany was operating when Hitler was rising to power.
Hitler had his supporters, and then everybody else was just kept in a constant state of fear.
They were afraid to say anything because they didn't know if the person next to them was an informant for the government, or if the posts were being opened, or any of that, or the telephones were being listened to.
So we're seeing these same tactics being used here in the United States.
To scare the American people into staying silent about what they know is clearly going wrong with the country.
And by the way, it's Ron Paul agreeing with Michael Rivero.
It's Sandra Day O'Connor.
It's even Bob Woodward.
I mean, everybody.
I've got the headlines here.
Every day, some new bigwig is saying, we are going into a dictatorship.
This is the real deal.
Well, I think a good sign of that is how the Bush administration is now quelling all the lawsuits
Over the illegal spying, simply by saying state secrets, national security, and when you have one branch of the government that is absolutely immune to investigation or control by the other branches, that completely destroys the founding principle of this nation, where there was a balance of powers, checks and balances among the three branches of government.
We now have an executive branch that is operating outside of any controls whatsoever, and if that isn't a dictatorship, I don't know what is.
What do you see them doing in the near future?
I have a CBS headline here.
Another terrorist attack coming soon.
And then Paul Watson's written an article.
Nexus points emerge for potential summer attack.
All indications suggest uncomfortable season of fear ahead.
I interviewed Ray McGovern last Monday, a high-level CIA reformer analyst, and he came right out and said, clearly our government's behind the terror and may stage more terror.
And then he thinks they're going into Iran sooner rather than later.
Well, I tend to agree with that.
Now, we're looking at this morning's headlines.
Apparently, Iran has taken a very moderate approach to the latest offer from the European Union, where they're saying there are some ambiguities about their research capacity that need to be cleaned up, but they're willing to look at this.
So, Iran is coming across as working for a solution.
And the U.S.
is left with this rather bellicose approach they've had for the last couple of weeks of Iran must do what we say, then we'll talk about it, although that may be softening as well.
But we may in fact be looking at a government that is recognizing they're mired in Iraq, they're not able to create anything that looks like a victory there, there's no support for a war in Iran.
And we might actually be seeing Bush and the neocons starting to blink.
Now that doesn't get us off the hook, because as you say, the one way that would get a new war in Iran started is if there is a new terror attack that is blamed on Iran.
Now with regards to this article about recent events point to a new major terror attack, we are already seeing indications that the shooting in London
And the arrests of the individuals up in Toronto were both staged events.
They were entrapments, really.
In Canada, it was certainly under American rules that would be considered an entrapment operation and thrown out of the courts.
And in London, they're basically saying, well, they just had bad information when they went in and shot this guy.
But the media is still using these two stories to wave the banner.
Terror is ramping up.
Terror is ramping up.
And I'd like to...
Have everybody just think about early 2001, because... They were hyping, terror's coming, terror's coming, get ready, give up your rights on it.
They do pre-programming, sorry.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
In the weeks leading up to 9-11, we were seeing Osama all over the news to make sure that when the Big Bang happened, we knew who we were supposed to blame.
We're starting to see that same kind of PR run up now to get everybody thinking in terms of terror is coming, terror is coming.
So, you know, I see the U.S.
government right now as very badly factionalized between those who still want to go into Iran and those who think that they've really pushed this just as far as they can and that the entire country is now at risk.
And I'm afraid that those who want the war in Iran are probably still considering a fake terror attack to get us there.
When we get back, we'll discuss more of what Michael Rivero sees in the future.
A great political mind we're honored to have him.
My websites are infowars.com, jonesreport.com, and infowars.net.
His site's whatreallyhappened.com.
We've got a big fat link to it on the main page of infowars.com right now.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
It's not all gloom and doom.
We've seen a lot of whistleblowers go public.
We've seen masses of prominent individuals in and out of government going public.
We see the poll numbers for the people pushing this police state in deep trouble.
And they're gauging all of this right now.
A lot of dictatorships in history that try to get off the ground don't get off the ground or are more of a soft dictatorship.
Dictatorships, plutocracies, whatever, oligarchies, there's different versions, different spectrums of them.
And so it's very important to get the word out now.
It's very important to speak out right now
And to let them know we're not going to buy into it, we're not going to go along with it.
So they're testing the waters right now, getting away with as much as they can.
It's also important to shatter the false left-right paradigm because they'll remove Bush in a few years probably and then just put a Hillary or a Governor Warner in who will then just carry out the same program.
Michael Rivero's speaking to that.
How do we...
How do we stop the dictatorship and then how do we explain to people that it's the whole system that's shot right now?
Well, my personal philosophy is the way you end a dictatorship is you force them to act like one where everybody can see it.
And I think we're starting to actually get into that phase right now where many of the actions the Bush administration are taking are causing people to sit up and really take notice as to what's going on.
Also, I would tend to agree with you that we're talking about the issue of a soft dictatorship, and I think most dictatorships are soft in order to survive, and the image of hard dictatorships that we see in movies and TV shows, I think is there to make it look like, well, you know, as bad as things are, they could be so much worse, therefore, you know, you've got a good life and you shouldn't complain.
But if you go back and you study dictatorships closely, they were all getting by, not by ordering people around, but by tricking them into doing what they needed to do with what is called manufacturing consent, with telling the people the lies that will cause those people to come to the conclusions you want them to think.
Hitler certainly did this to start World War II.
He didn't just dictate to the German people marching to Poland.
He created this whole illusion that Poland was about to attack Germany, and they had no other alternative to save their own lives but to attack Poland first.
So this was a soft dictatorship.
It was war by deception.
And by the way, Poland was as great a threat to Germany as Iraq is.
I mean, they were nothing.
They had horses.
Yeah, absolutely.
Compared to Germany's mechanized military, Poland was never a threat.
But Hitler went so far as to have German soldiers in Polish uniforms blow up a German radio station or attack a German radio station right near the border so that the story would get out.
And it just happens over and over and over again.
Michael Levero, I'm going to ask you the same question I asked of Ray McGovern last week.
And I know you're not predicting, but your best guess, what do you think is going to happen in the next six months?
I think in the next six months it's going to become very obvious that there are deep fissures forming within the U.S.
government itself between those people who want to continue this war policy, this project for the new America century, neocon ideology, and those portions of the government that are beginning to really step back and say, you know, we have really broken something that shouldn't have been broken.
And I think we're going to start to see much more factionalism happening
And that the measures taken by those who are in power to hang on to power and perpetuate themselves are going to become much more obvious and deadly.
I'm afraid that we will see a spate of strange, unexplained deaths among opponents to the war policy.
I think there's a very good chance we're going to see more staged terror attacks blamed on Iran and eventually Saudi Arabia, because anybody who thinks that this is going to stop with Iran is sadly mistaken.
As long as they're able to get away with it, the war hawks are going to continue creating these wars and continue invading the rest of the Middle East.
And at some point, of course, this will bring us into direct conflict with Russia and China, who are not about to sit still and allow the United States to seize control of all of the Mideast soil.
When we get back, I want to take some calls, but first I want to get your take on Hugo Chavez coming out and saying he may force countries to buy his oil in euros.
We have Iran moving, which has 6% of sales.
Russia's saying you've got to buy it in rubles, 16%.
I mean, you add Venezuela, Russia, and Iran, and now some of the Scandinavian countries are talking about it.
I mean, we are in deep trouble.
Yes, we are.
And yeah, this is the beginning of the erosion of the international need for the dollar, which began basically with Bretton Woods at the end of World War II.
The U.S.
dollar was simply declared as the international currency of choice, and it's just sort of stayed that way until now, but the dollar has become so weak and so fragile.
I think any prudent nation looking at their own economy and their own international survival
Have to be looking at moving into another currency for trade.
All right.
We'll be back in just three minutes.
We'll answer some other key questions.
And we'll go right to your calls for those of you that are holding out there.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Joby, Mary, Paul, John, Jack, many others.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Before I go back to Michael Rivera, I've got a bunch of questions for him and some statements I want to make.
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I apologize about that.
We're putting in some new equipment here today, and that was a little blur.
We're back here, ladies and gentlemen.
Finishing up what I'm saying, the producers of Scanner, and we're going back to Michael in a second.
I apologize for making him hold.
Go ahead and close your mic, John.
Thank you.
Excuse me, folks.
I'm down here in Austin, Texas.
They're in Minnesota.
Stuff happens sometimes.
And when it comes, it seems to come in flurries.
People say, well, a Warner Brothers movie?
You're New World Order.
No, the producers went out, made the film, and then you've got to have a distributor, and Warner Independent picked it up.
And we're going to have the producer there, and we're going to be showing a large portion of Scanner Darkly.
They called me up and wanted to do it.
And the film is anti-New World Order.
Keanu Reeves was just in the media booth.
We're good to go.
Michael, I'm not tooting my horn here.
This is exciting.
Even the New York Times wrote a pretty fair 9-11 piece Sunday about how you can't ignore us.
We've got all these scientists, all these experts.
We're marching forward.
The fact that they're having to do that shows they know they've lost all credibility and are desperately trying to keep some of it now.
But I'll be honest, Mike.
And I know you worked and lived in Hollywood, and you still work in all of that today from Hawaii.
I talked to CNN executives and producers.
I talked to congressmen off air.
I talked to generals.
I talked to police.
I talked to airline pilots.
I talked to people.
They're all pretty much coming on board with us now, but they work in these systems, and they want to get the truth out.
I think we're on the edge of a tipping point, Michael Rivero.
I absolutely agree, and as you mentioned, I work in the film industry myself.
And back, of course, during the 90s, I was effectively blacklisted.
That's why I'm not in Hollywood anymore.
But I've noticed just in the last year, my own business is definitely starting to pick up.
And I think what it is, is the ability of those power brokers in the industry to say, don't work with that person.
I think that's beginning to fade and be on the wane.
And I think a lot of people are beginning to realize that
What we've been saying all along, definitely there's merit to it.
It certainly warrants further investigation.
And I'm sure a lot of people within Hollywood itself, they remember back to the McCarthy smear jobs that ended careers without good reason.
And back in the 60s, of course, a lot of them remember how the FBI destroyed actress Jean Seberg's career and a few others for daring to speak truth to power.
So I think they're beginning to realize that more of that same thing has been going on all along.
I think the important thing is that we all agree on certain aspects.
Yeah, well, that goes back to the statement I made in the earlier segment about the fastest way to end a dictatorship is to make them act like one where the public can see it.
And that Supreme Court ruling...
Makes it obvious that the government is terrified of the American people.
The government isn't worried about terrorists.
They're not worried about Al-Qaeda or anything like that.
They're worried about Joe and Jane, voter, taxpayer, just waking up and saying, look, this is just not working anymore.
And I'm sure a lot of people in the government, the reason for this push to listen to our phone calls and read our email goes back to what happened in Romania when Ceaușescu fell, because when it happened there, it was terrible.
You know, it was over in just two weeks' time.
The people just reached that flashpoint, and two weeks later, Ceausescu was machine-gunned on national television.
And it could happen here.
Personally, I would prefer that we had the U.S.
government collapse the way the USSR did, and pass away in a bloodless, more or less peaceful manner.
But I think it's clear that we're heading to some kind of a crisis here.
In the immediate future of some form, and it's just a question of exactly how that's going to take.
Michael, during the break I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about when we got back, and that was the point I wanted to cover.
Is that everything the old-timers talked about, all the police state martial law preparations, all the discussions of World War III, all the discussions of the plunging dollar, all the discussions of this happening, we are now, I believe, in the most dangerous, most interesting, most amazing times that we've ever seen in history, period, with so many things lining up, as they did before the First and Second World War.
Do you agree with that statement?
I would agree with that statement, and it is very obvious that if the U.S.
continues to invade more Mideast nations, as I said before, we're going to eventually come face-to-face with Russia or China or both, and it will be a much wider conflict.
It could be World War III quite easily.
Whether there are individuals who actually want this to happen or not, I think is open for investigation.
Did you see the New York Times piece about 500 conspiracy buffs meet for 9-11?
I mean, obviously it had a few little snide comments, but overall it had links to Professor Stephen Jones, conclusive evidence of thermite cutting charges and bombs, and it called me the William Jennings Bryan, and it said that we've got credible people.
What do you think of that?
Well, I agree that the snide comments definitely indicated a bias there, but yes, it was coverage in the New York Times, and even bad coverage is better than no coverage at all, because every time one of these articles comes out, the readers, the dwindling number of them, of the New York Times,
are going to say, well, this is something I should be paying attention to, and we start seeing more visitors to our websites.
We see more people tuning into your radio shows.
But in the past, they would disagree with us totally or ignore us.
Now they're having to respond.
Why is that?
Well, simply because the poll numbers are showing we have won a huge share of the audience.
We've got enough people paying attention to us where if the New York Times
comes out and makes a misstatement about us as they did about me again back in the 90s, there are now people standing around saying, no, that's wrong, that's not accurate.
The New York Times is not telling you what's going on with Alex Jones or with Michael Rivero.
And because of that, they're having to tread a little bit more carefully.
You know, 10 years ago, they could come out and say anything they wanted about you or I, and absent a court action, the reading public would never know that they were wrong.
I think we're good to go.
We're beating the living daylights out of them.
I want listeners to know, the times are dark, the times are bad.
I think a lot of this move towards dictatorship, as you said earlier, is an attempt to try to suppress a counter-revolution.
I think they're getting scared, Mike.
I absolutely agree with you on that one.
The mainstream media has definitely lost the battle for the minds of America.
Radio shows like yours, blogs like ours, are now the high ground.
In the flow of information.
And without that ironclad control, you know, the government is having a hard time selling what it's trying to do.
But that brings us into the next issue, and then we'll go to calls.
Folks, it is an Internet rumor, just like the plans for a draft isn't a rumor.
The bills are introduced.
They are openly saying, and I'm not telling Mike something he doesn't know, but for those that don't, they are openly saying they're going to shut down the old web, the old corridors, the old peer-to-peer, force you on the Internet to, and not let you get to whatreallyhappened.com or infowars.com.
They are now beginning to turn the switches off.
They are right now doing it.
I think that's going to blow up in their face, but they don't have a choice.
They're losing.
So, Mike, what do you see them doing?
Well, yeah, they're trying to go on and they can't be so obvious as to simply say you may not go here because, of course, you'll have the banned in Boston effect where people will be working very hard to get to the forbidden sites.
But they're trying to set it up so that large corporate websites will have privileged access because they can pay for the additional bandwidth and small websites like mine, which basically operate without any funding at all, will be much, much harder to reach because of bandwidth loading.
And it's a way, it's an attempt basically to turn the internet, which is interactive, into more of a non-interactive broadcast media for the benefit of the large... Yeah, toll road.
Exactly, toll road.
Shutting down message boards, taxing email.
And, yeah, absolutely.
I don't know that they're going to tax email.
They certainly will put controls on broadcast email to keep people from sending out newsletters and stuff.
But there is so much commerce that now depends on the Internet.
They do have to tread carefully that they don't actually break this vast revenue stream that is now propping up part of the American economy.
But absolutely, they're trying to find any ways that they can shut down these websites.
In the end, I don't think it's going to work.
Well, I'll tell you what the bad news is from my point of view.
And it's that they've had hubris, they've been extremely arrogant in their body language, in their actions, in their statements.
I'm seeing the hubris evaporate.
Now they're getting a little more sober.
I like it when they're nuts, folks, and totally on a power trip.
I think they're spending a little less time with their mistresses now and a little more time analyzing what we're doing.
Now, isn't that kind of a catch-22?
We're now rising.
Now they're having to face the threat, and so that makes them more dangerous?
Well, I don't think so, and I'll tell you why.
The critical flaw that we have seen all along, going back ten years, is that the people within the government who are trying to deal with this crisis are still trying to play the game by the rules that worked during the height of the Cold War.
I don't think they've ever really quite understood the social phenomenon of the Internet.
They're still trying to play the game by the rules that worked in the 1950s and 1960s.
They clearly aren't.
I think they're going to keep on making some really bad mistakes
But I think we've already reached the thrashing about point.
And again, this gets back to my observation.
We're going to start seeing the government itself fracture into pro-war, anti-war components.
But here's the problem.
We know there are bigger global interests that hired the neocons to do all of this, and as I said earlier, they can remove them like birdcage liner, put in the new birdcage liner, and it'll take the general public a few years to notice that.
Or do you think we've hyper-sped up the continuum now, just with technology and information, to where someone will automatically... that the public has been fooled so many times that now they're not going to be fooled?
Oh, absolutely.
That is the value of your radio show and of our mutual blogs.
And I like to point out when I talk to people about this,
Wars are always started with lies.
If you go back and you study the history of warfare, the initiating nation, the rulers had to lie to their people to get them to march off into this other country and steal all the goodies there.
What makes Iraq different is, for the first time in history, the lies that started the war were exposed while the war is still going on.
And we're starting to see the effect of that in this complete erosion of public support for the war, certainly for any new wars in Iran.
This is an historic first, and I think it will always be this way from now on.
I don't think we're going to be able to see governments and corporations lie to the population to the same extent that we have seen in the past.
Let's take a call.
I agree.
Thanks for holding, Toby, then Mary, Paul, Don, Jack, and others.
Toby, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
Well, just commenting on your guys'...
Hey, listen, if the police and the librarians and the FBI agents and the troops refuse to follow orders, this happens all the time, Mike.
Yeah, absolutely.
The U.S.
government is dealing with massive desertions in Iraq.
They're dealing with a terrible AWOL problem.
It's not being publicized because they're afraid that this may spread to other people who are called up for duty in Iraq.
But there are a lot of people who are just not going and just not showing up.
And some of them are willing to go public and declare they're not going, and they're willing to risk the military court of action.
And they're not even prosecuting them because it backfires.
Yeah, absolutely.
Every time they prosecute another one, the public is given one more reason to say, we need to rethink whether we should be in this war or not.
And, you know, of course, all of these random killings and war crimes that are taking place in Iraq, they're a symptom of these soldiers recognizing that they are fighting a war that has no moral basis whatsoever.
Anything else, Toby?
Well, I mean, it just, you know, that's the American troops, but what about other troops that could be, you know, the UN troops that could possibly invade, you know, the United States or, you know, who won't care about... Stay there.
Stay there, Toby.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my exclusive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in about 15 minutes, Paul Watson joins us from England to document the now-admitted staged raid.
You arrest a bunch of people, you kill some innocent person, and it's heralded as a big anti-terror bust.
Same thing in Canada.
They just go find a few fools who will agree with them that, okay, let's do something.
Then the government supplies them, delivers the ammonium nitrate, and that is the proof.
It's the same MO every single time.
I want to keep Michael Rivera, though, five minutes over into the next hour so we can take more of your calls.
Toby in Indiana, finish up real fast.
Well, I just feel that our troops are getting spread kind of thin, and...
Again, just want to know if you feel that things will get a lot worse before they can get better.
Well, I think any time of change is going to be accompanied by a certain amount of upset, and obviously we hope and plan for the coming changes to our country to be as peaceful as possible, but ultimately the degree of violence involved is really not left up to us.
And if you go back and look at how Gandhi persuaded the British to leave India to her independence...
The amount of violence was controlled by the British occupiers and not by the non-violence movement.
Okay, thank you.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, at a certain point, they're coming around with army trucks taking you to a camp you have to fight, but let's say cops are beating people who are innocent protesters on national TV.
Not fighting back backfires on them.
That's why the globalists are slick now.
What the British would have done to Gandhi if they weren't that sophisticated then is what they did in Seattle.
The government publicly.
I have all the video.
Local news admitted it.
Hired 50 thugs, paid them handsomely, housed them in a government housing.
They came out.
They were from Oregon.
They burned trash cans, hit cops.
The cops were told to sit there and take it for one day.
National News shot the video.
Then they retreated to a building.
And the police then attacked savagely the 50,000 peaceful demonstrators.
Actually, 60,000.
So now they rent mobs to come actually cause crises.
It's the old provocateur, Mike.
Yeah, absolutely, and anybody who's engaged in peace protests or demonstrations, you need to watch out for people who are acting like troublemakers because usually they are paid agents that are there to cause trouble to justify police repression.
By the way, this has all been declassified before.
This is not our opinion.
No, this goes back to what was called Operation COINTELPRO in the 60s during the height of the Vietnam War where the FBI would have campus informants
...cause trouble, start fires, criminal acts, which the media would then use to discredit the anti-war movement so that the war could be perpetuated onward.
And of course, as we all recall, that did not end happily for anybody.
And we're seeing the same thing now.
And the interesting difference is, back in the 60s, it was actually illegal for the FBI to be doing these things.
But starting in the Clinton administration, the rules were changed to where these kind of actions are now perfectly legal for the FBI to do.
Let's real fast jam Mary in Atlanta, who's been holding wonderfully.
Go ahead, Mary.
Okay, well, that's... The last letter is K, not Y. Well, you know, it doesn't matter.
That's what the network told me, so I'm just going to call you Bob.
That's what happens.
Go ahead.
My name is Mark.
Thank you.
Yes, I hope it's not too much of a divergence.
I've been updating my website because my chief concern is the...
Please continue.
Now, I have a gospel presentation that I've been working on.
My website is
It's doyoulovejesus.org, the letter U. And basically, I believe, you know, it's free to download, but, you know, you might want to, like I say, I've got a new revision of my message because I believe that it's essential to love the Lord back.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
We'll be right back with the next hour.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at gcnlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's 666 today.
Thank God nothing bad has happened yet.
Crazy's out there.
Government, who knows what they'll pull.
We're here watching it.
A lot of folks predicted absolute destruction.
I said I didn't think that would happen, and I hope I'm right.
Talking to Michael Rivera, final segment with him.
An hour always just goes by way too quick with this gentleman.
His website's whatreallyhappened.com.
Michael, before we take a few calls here in the final segment with you, did you see the Kiplinger personal finance report about Dick Cheney dumping his dollars and betting against the dollar?
I mean, that is not a good sign.
No, that's not a good sign at all.
We've seen a lot of very wealthy people in this country very quietly start to move out of their dollar positions.
And I think anybody who's watching what's going on realizes that the dollar is headed down and there's no chance of it coming back up.
So prudence demands moving into some alternative form of wealth preservation.
And so what does Ben Bernanke do, the new Fed chief?
He says he's going to print money even faster.
Yeah, and unfortunately, we're into the hyperinflationary spiral, and if people want to understand what that means, all they need to do is go back and look at Germany in the, I think it was the 1930s, when their inflationary spiral got completely out of control.
Literally, where you'd go in to buy a five-mark hamburger, and by the time you left, it was 50 marks.
Yeah, it was really crazy, and people actually started burning the mark notes because they were cheaper to burn than the firewood that you could buy with them.
And it...
It really is a very dangerous situation, and I do think we're going to see a lot more people getting out of their dollar positions and moving into precious metals.
Or as the joke we like to say around here is, we're advising everybody to put everything they have into canned foods and shotguns.
But yeah, it's a clear warning sign that if the Vice President is saying it's time to bail on the dollar, then it's definitely time to bail on the dollar.
What all this printing of money is attempting to do is to try and flood the economy with really cheap money between now and November to make it look like things are going very good.
But the downside of that is, and it's nothing new with it, other elections we have seen the incumbents do the same trick.
They'll just crank up the presses, throw a lot of money out there so it looks like things are really good for a while.
But once the election is over, you have too much money chasing around too few goods and services, and that's what shoots the prices sky high on everything.
I know, I know.
And at the very same time, they will have the media spinning it that someone else caused it.
Or they'll stage a little terror attack and say, that caused Black Friday with the stock market.
You know, the stock market's really at about 6,400 points right now.
Well, they're looking at different parts of the economy, external versus internal.
We're good to go.
Even just to maintain our lifestyle is now imported.
And by the way, that was all done by design.
You can read the IMF World Bank documents.
They get us to get rid of all of our industry, then blow out our dollar.
The foreigners buy the cheap dollars, and they use that to come back and buy up our infrastructure.
And it's all just fiat.
We get left holding the bag.
And I know most of you neocon listeners out there, you're going to thank George Bush, the New World Order, for it when they do it.
You people, don't they make you sick?
Just the fawning at their enslavers.
Loving, licking their boots?
Yeah, I think personality culture is a very bad form of government for anybody to be getting into.
And, yeah, these are people who are thinking, you know, with their fan club mentality, and they're not really being rational.
There's another aspect to the coming financial problem.
I'm going to get Watson on.
Stay there, Michael.
But you guys can be on together maybe for a segment.
Will that work?
Or do you have to go?
I'm going to have to leave fairly soon here.
Okay, well, do you want to finish on the other side?
Uh, yeah.
Okay, stay there, stay there.
We'll be right back.
I want to hear that.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
We got 51 and a half minutes left now in this third hour.
Paul Watson is in the wings right now with reports from London on what's happening with this latest staged terror raid, now admitted to be an absolute fraud.
Same thing coming out on Canada and Toronto, another staged event.
A host of other issues.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
I'll get to you as well.
But Michael Rivero...
Just brought up the key point.
People choose the Democrats like their Pepsi and the Republicans like their Coca-Cola, and the same people own both brands.
And, I mean, you've got to totally shift out of this.
The Ann Coulter's making jokes about the dumb liberals and the liberals making jokes about dumb Bush.
They're all just bought and paid for.
I mean, you're dealing at a third-grade level here.
It's just the whole thing is a facade.
And it means nothing.
What George Bush says is the complete opposite.
He put a dozen troops on the border, not 6,000.
I didn't even think it would be that ridiculous.
I mean, they think you're dumb, folks.
Michael Rivero finished up what you were saying.
Well, as you're right, it's all about branding and advertising and packaging, and there's little real meat in political advertising these days.
But I wanted to remind everybody that along with the other problems with our dwindling economy,
is a reminder that large amounts of United States land, so-called public land, has already been pledged as collateral for a lot of the government loans that were being taken out starting in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
And that's mainstream news, folks.
I mean, America is going down.
I hope you hear it.
And when the dollar finally collapses, we're going to see a lot of foreign interests coming in and saying, well, we own the Grand Canyon, and we own Yosemite, and we own...
I know, and the deals have been struck.
It's so sad...
That they did this to our country, and Bush can take people's guns and double the size of the BATF, and these... What's wrong with these Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity listeners?
I mean, I'm sure you hear it sometimes.
It's just they willfully want to be slaves.
They willfully want to be idiots.
Well, it's the true believer syndrome, that belief that we stand for a higher principle or a higher good, and it's fanaticism, and mostly it's just a way to not look at the crimes they've already done.
And dictators throughout history, they don't just overnight turn into monsters.
They start out with little things, and they lure people across certain moral lines.
Until they get to a point where the people can't look at all the moral lines they've already crossed.
Last question.
I'm going to Paul Watson.
I appreciate your time.
John Yoo.
I keep talking about this.
I talk about it in my speech.
I mean, he should be arrested by all yardsticks.
He's a White House counsel.
He writes up a report saying we can and should torture small children in front of their parents.
People die in very camps that use those memos.
The military followed those directions.
And then he admits it in Chicago in front of a bunch of CFR people.
I mean, talk about luring us across lines.
Do you think they're doing this on purpose, openly, throwing down the gauntlet, going to the maximum extreme of evil?
Yeah, I do think that that's deliberate because it's part of the brainwashing because if you sit still for the minor crimes and then they can lure you across the big crimes,
You can't even look at yourself in the mirror anymore for having gone along, and that's where the true fanatic supporters come from.
The leader must be right, because if the leader's wrong, then you personally are wrong, and most people just can't look at that.
I've heard neocons get on the radio and defend torturing children.
I mean, these are scary.
They can't admit that they're wrong.
Man, I just can't believe it.
I mean, even the Nazis hid that kind of stuff.
We just talk about it on TV.
Yeah, it's very, very sad, but it's just part of the way of psychologically trapping the supporters so they can never go back.
You think that came out of like an army war college or some big PR firm psychologist?
I mean, do you think they actually had a board meeting and said, well, let's put really radical stuff in here and then we'll announce it?
I mean...
Yeah, I think probably what they did is they went back and they looked at how Hitler got the German people to go along with what he was doing and said, let's just copy those methods.
We start out with a few small things.
We pick on a subgroup that everybody wants to be picked on anyway.
Then we enlarge and enlarge and enlarge until finally...
You know, they're so complicit in all of these horrors, they can't go back psychologically.
Well, it's like saying all these new FEMA camps run by Halliburton are for the illegal aliens.
Rex 84 and 8060 classified said they would claim it was for illegal aliens and then use it on the American people.
Now they're actually implementing.
Yeah, the political dissenters will go in there and yeah, it's a very, very scary time.
And again, go back and study what happened to Germany in
The late 30s and early 40s, and you will see exactly where the template is coming from.
Is that why they're calling it, like, Homeland and stuff?
Because people pointed out, sociologists, historians, they really are exactly following it in so many ways.
Yeah, they absolutely are.
All I can suspect is that our president's grandfather said some very nice things about his German business partner.
Boy, we're in a lot of trouble, ladies and gentlemen.
Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com, thank you for spending time with us.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
I know I've had the callers holding forever.
All this news is too important.
We're going to get to you.
Paul Watson, hearing that, being in the UK, experiencing personally the slide of the dollar, all the things that are going on, what right now is most important to you?
Well, obviously I've been focusing over the past few days since the weekend on
On these terror arrests, if you want to call them that, I think it's better to characterize them as urban warfare drills, when you have 300 armed police, when you shut off all the surrounding streets, when you've got an air exclusion zone above the site, to raid a property with two men for apparent chemical weapons possession, which turns out to be totally non-existent,
Then that's of concern, and it shouldn't be categorized as a terrorist.
It should be categorized as what it is, which is an urban warfare drill.
Let's break down the England fraud and the Canadian fraud.
Let's go over them.
Well, yeah, put it in perspective.
Every major terrorist sweep or supposed averted terrorist atrocity, in every major case, not one or two, in every case,
The supposed plot melts away and turns out to be manufactured fiction in a matter of days.
And in Britain especially, we've seen it over and over again.
Just earlier this year it came out that they tried to arrest a supposed cell plotting to bomb Manchester United's football ground and it was splashed all over the tabloids for days.
And the evidence was that these two Middle Easterners
Whose house they raided had bought tickets to a game but were going to sit in different areas of the ground.
That was the sum of the evidence and it was all over the newspapers and the tabloids for days.
Later totally collapsed in court with no charges.
There was an alleged plot to fly planes into London landmarks like Canary Wharf and Heathrow Airport.
Again, all over the TV news for days.
Remember the fake Sharon?
That wasn't even true either.
The Ryacin, yeah.
No, the Ryacin, excuse me.
Plot to poison the underground with Ryacin.
And the biggest charge the so-called terrorists got after that all melted away were public nuisance orders.
But the British government used it to rally up the population because it was right before the Iraq War and they actually intimidated British newspapers
For those that don't know, it's like Israel and England.
They can just tell reporters, don't report on this.
Even if it's not classified, just don't do it anymore.
Yeah, and it's admitted that MI5 has at least two agents in every major newsroom.
Folks... Just like Mockingbird.
I mean, in Russia in the past, they didn't come to you when you had a video camera taping something and hit your name.
They put you in a terror database.
This happened to us in London.
They put everyone in it now who takes pictures.
I mean, or who is a reporter.
I mean, you are... Our whole free society is being swallowed up.
And it's not the Germans this time, folks.
It's the Americans and the British...
And we don't lose a lot of wars.
This is what's scary.
I mean, imagine America going Hitler.
Paul, is this freaking you out like it's freaking me out?
Yeah, and I mean, it's not necessarily going to look like Nazi Germany, although it is fascism.
The definition of totalitarianism is absolute power.
So when you've got Bush doing something like signing away 750...
Executive orders against legislation that's already passed.
That's absolute power.
That's fascism.
It's the very definition of it.
So just because they don't walk around, you know, doing funny hand salutes saying, see Kyle, doesn't mean that it's not fascism, because that's exactly... Yeah, all they're missing now is the military uniforms.
And he wears those sometimes, Paul.
Yeah, for the stage photo ops.
Going back to what happened in London, first they raided the neighbor's house.
As you do, obviously.
A family with an eight-month-old baby, and they beat the father with the butt of a machine gun.
Again, no connection with the alleged suspects that would consider them to be dangerous.
They just beat up the father, smash the house in.
Then they raid the suspect's house, shoot one of the men in the shoulder, and then over the weekend they tried to claim that his own brother shot him.
So you've got 250 to 300 armed police
Versus his own brother.
So I wonder who is more likely to have fired the shot.
Again, you look back to the demands they're shooting and the explanations for what happened change from day to day.
And they admit no weapons in there.
They're claiming there's some type of chemical weapon.
And where is it?
Well, now the police have admitted that it never existed.
What the intelligence was, I don't know.
The same intelligence behind the Iraq War, probably.
And what gets me is how some British newspapers all weekend harped on about how easy it was for terrorists to set up chemical weapons to attack major cities because they cited the Tokyo subway attack.
And that was an effort that had a $30 million budget and a team of top scientists behind it.
It's not easy...
Well, they're trying to make people believe that.
They might even believe that it's inevitable.
We all need to give our rights to Tony Blair.
He's saving us.
He's so good.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I want to get into the staged terror raids in Canada over the weekend that coincided with the Commonwealth events.
So obvious.
So ridiculous.
Because they're in free fall right now.
The establishment's credibility's gone down the toilet.
They're up in flames.
I'm going to move through your calls.
Pick your analogy.
I'm going to go really fast so everybody can get on.
Let's go to Paul in Ontario, Canada.
Paul, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
My question is in reference to the newly discovered pyramids in Bosnia and how it relates to masonry.
As you know, that masonry revolves around the knowledge from that era and that these pyramids were built in.
Now, UNESCO has taken over the excavation of the Bosnian pyramids.
They're not a nation's education and cultural organization?
Yeah, they've taken over the whole excavation project.
And do you think there's a link here?
Do you think that the major... Any clues that would expose a greater truth?
You know, I don't know.
We don't know a lot about ancient history.
There's a lot of cover-ups going on.
We don't know that much.
Ancient history has been taking place for thousands of years all the way back to Samaria.
And a lot of clues rest in ancient archaeology.
And I think they're protecting it.
Well, we know they're doing that.
All right, just wanted to spread the word.
Great show, Alex.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Don in Ohio.
Good afternoon.
First a supposition and then a caveat on 666.
First, I think that if the House or the Senate is taken over by the Democrats, the bill will come up again that they...
We'll make an amendment to the Constitution to say that a president can run again, but they'll make it... Oh, the bill's been introduced to allow Bush to stay in office.
I'm saying that to get it passed through the Democrats, though, if they're in power...
They'll make it so Bush is not able to run again, that it be in the bill.
Oh, actually, sir, that's in the bill, introduced by Republicans, that it start after 012.
And when Hillary's poll numbers fall down, the black horse globalist Bill Clinton will step in and fool the rest of the world that he's going to be there to save them again.
Well, to me, it doesn't matter what puppet they stick in there.
I mean, it's like going and looking in a latrine and
It doesn't matter one from the other.
It's all the same thing.
And I also find it strange that if you look at some of the statues of the Caesars, there's one in particular that looks a whole heck of a lot like Bill Clinton.
All right, I appreciate it.
Yeah, I thought that.
I've seen that.
I know what you're talking about.
Paul Watson comments?
Yeah, well, there's also kind of weird military ceremonies where Bush is presented with
And gravings of his own head, which say 2001, 2, and then the end date of 2008 is not put in there.
And in the past, we know that they did put the end date in there.
Yeah, I mean, it just mirrors what's going on in Russia with basically the return of command and control communism, where Putin's trying to do exactly the same thing, stay in power.
And notice, our media doesn't even criticize him now.
In the past, they would.
Nobody criticizes China.
They don't criticize Russia.
It's just those evil Iranians.
We've got to go.
Right, and I mean, that's proven by the media reaction to the Falun Gong protester that heckled Hu Jintao.
They totally castigated her as somebody who shouldn't speak out against the fact that the Chinese government harvests organs in live vivisections.
Well, that makes some pressure, Paul.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jack in Arkansas.
Jack, welcome.
Hey, you studs.
Good to talk to you.
Great show today, Alex.
I'm a long-time listener and just calling now, and I've got just something to... I ask myself this every day.
Thank you.
I wish I'd gotten this on with Mr. Rivero, but...
Mr. Watson, good to talk to you, and I'll just get to it.
I'll ask two questions, I'll get off the air, and I'd love to hear your answer on them, okay?
First one is, you talked to, closing with Mr. Rivera, about the, you know, the Hannity's and the Limbaugh's, the Coulter's, the Laura Ingram's, Michael Medved, Gallagher, all them guys, the neocon cheerleaders.
I just wonder, in your opinion, what
What makes them people tick?
And, you know, I know they get lots of money and all that, but they got to be sitting there thinking, you know, how do they live with themselves?
How do they go on?
That's one question.
What's the other one?
And I'll answer them.
The other one is you got this great patriot, Galloway, over in the U.K.
All right.
He came out, slammed Norm Coleman, and was saying all this,
Great stuff.
And then a month later, they had him acting like a fool on mainstream TV.
How'd they do that?
Galloway's a weird bird.
Let me comment on both.
Those are great questions.
Let me try to give you my take on it.
When we get back, we'll get Paul's take on it.
Thank you, sir.
Good to hear from you.
Call back again.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
The tickets are going fast.
Very, very fast.
For the June 24th, 25th, 9-11 Neocon Agenda Symposium in downtown Los Angeles.
Downtown Los Angeles at the Sheraton downtown.
We're going to have Ray McGovern, CIA analyst there, retired 27 years, high level.
We're going to have the former head of the Star Wars program, Dr. Bob Bowman, Lieutenant Colonel Bob Bowman there, exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
We'll have special guests.
You can imagine who will be popping up.
We're going to premiere part of the big anti-New World Order film, Scanner Darkly, there.
We're going to show a 9-11 eyewitness, the new cut that just came out there.
The guys from Loose Change are going to be there.
They're going to be premiering some new things they've done with Loose Change, the final edition that will be coming out in September.
It's just so much, and I'll give a keynote speech.
It's going to be really, really exciting.
A lot of time for question and answer.
Two days.
Get your tickets now at InfoWars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
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And again, you can order hard copies of all the films at Infowars.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
And don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
We've got a whole bunch of the speeches from the conference and interviews we did and my speech and demonstrating downtown in Chicago, bullhorning, exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
That's all going up on the website in the next two weeks.
We're going to put dozens of hours of it up there raw for you.
We're also putting up my weekly TV reports there.
It's such a great deal.
And it's a wonderful activist tool to go up on PrisonPlanet.tv and burn copies of all this great stuff on disc and give it to people in your area.
Now, going back to Paul Watson to try to answer the question that came in from Jack in Arkansas, the neocons really did hate liberals 10, 15, 20 years ago when they first got on talk radio.
And they were never sophisticated enough, I think, to really see that it was a globalist operation.
And then Bush came in and did all these horrible things.
They've got to stick with it.
Some of them are like that.
Most of them, the Ann Coulters, the Limbaughs, they know exactly what they're doing.
Limbaugh's a big globalist, and it's a big power trip.
They like being powerful.
They think the people need to be managed.
Deep down, they're afraid.
They know America's going down.
We're going to have a huge basic slave state, and they want even more money because of that.
They want to be on top.
They're scared deep down, or they're sadistic and like the power, and they want to try to stay inside that structure.
So they're just cowardly people.
Most of them want to keep their jobs, and they're egomaniacs who get off on it, so this is why they do it.
They're on the wrong side of history.
Paul Watson, you want to comment on that?
It's partly because they are egomaniacs.
I mean, the more outlandish things they say, the more attention they get.
You know, the more books they sell, the more people watch their...
Evening news shows.
And then it's like a gambler who doesn't know when to quit a losing game.
They've invested so much of their reputation since 2001 in Bush that to cut and run now would flush their entire career down the toilet.
As you say, a lot of them would lose their jobs.
And then Galloway, he's come on air and talked about government-sponsored terror.
Now he's backing off of that.
He won a reality TV show.
He's trying to win it.
And they were trying to act like a cat.
He's a good actor.
I mean, he's talented.
So he acts all crazy, gets his eyes all open like a cat, and licks the milk out of the bowl.
They set him up.
A big mistake.
He screwed up.
And now he's trying to back off.
So, I mean, it's really pretty simple.
Paul, I want to get into the Canadian situation.
You've written some great articles detailing how that's a staged event.
Another sting operation in Ohio a few months ago.
They admitted in the news, when they arrested a bunch of people, that, oh, the leader of the group was basically a government agent, and he's an unnamed co-conspirator who hasn't been indicted, and this Arab who's a special forces U.S.
government officer, they go out and recruit people, go find idiots who'll shoot their mouths off, then they bust them, months or years later, in every case it gets thrown out, because it was always staged.
I've experienced this over the last 12 years.
I mean, I've had cops come up many times,
Well, yeah, it's like,
If you start from a position of assuming the government's lying and having them try to prove they're not, then that normally pans out.
You mentioned the Toledo, Ohio case, and they do use government entrapment over and over again.
They used it with Ayman Faris, the supposed Brooklyn Bridge bomber.
He turned out to be an FBI agent.
The evidence comprised of the fact that he had 26 men living in one house and that they often burned meals.
That was one piece of evidence.
And the other was that one of them had a poster of airplane schematics on his wall.
So that was another smoking gun piece of evidence that they were going to carry out an attack.
All the allegations were dropped.
They were all released.
But the media juggernaut of fear-mongering about how Canadians in major cities were not safe
It wasn't easy to wash away.
And then with this latest terror sweep, you look back a few days to what was being discussed in the Canadian Parliament at the end of May, and it ceases the Canadian Security Service in the Senate demanding more resources, more funding to fight terrorism.
A few days later, this big raid happens.
They supposedly avert this massive terrorist atrocity, and the whole country is cowering in fear.
Thesis gets their funding.
And it's based, as you said, on basically a setup where the Mounties delivered this ammonium nitrate to the alleged terrorist cell themselves.
So literally the feds could pull up here at my office, drop off some nitrate.
I walk out and go, what's this?
And they go, hands up.
Yeah, it's like a teenager could prank call an order and get it delivered to a mosque and the same thing had happened.
But don't worry, because the Canadian government said they were reading the terror cell's emails and monitoring their conversations in internet chat rooms, and that's how they cracked the plot.
So the spying on us keeps us safe.
Yeah, therefore chilling Canadians into fearing the government's reading their every communication, and at the same time, dragging the name of the internet through the mortars, so they're saying it with... But I want to ask Americans a question.
I mean, we have a jackhammer going on at the Capitol, so every school's locked down, hysteria, martial law, screaming, yelling, it's all over.
Canadians are running around in fear.
I mean, what have we turned into where someone might bomb me, I'm going to run around in fear?
I mean, this is pathetic.
Well, that's the paranoia that the government have created by starting the kind of tips programs like the...
FEMA pastors going around saying that there's going to be martial law, we should get used to it, don't resist it.
And in England, Scotland Yard came out with a program that said anyone who owns a house or a vehicle is a potential terrorist and should be watched and reported.
It says property rights activists, people who wear blue jeans, people who have cell phones, people who have children, people who are nice to police.
These are quotes, folks.
Those that make frequent references to the U.S.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
It's too unbelievable.
Yeah, so they've broken down the communities with mass immigration.
They pump out the paranoia.
They create the informant society.
And the Muslims always run out and apologize immediately and start groveling, which makes it look like on the news they've done it.
Or, you know, Muslims are really bad.
It's just crazy.
I think the benchmark as to how people will react is when one of these terror arrests focuses on domestic insurgents, where it's white people, basically, how people will react when it's not Muslims.
But in the Canada case, they had this photo op where CSIS, as a news conference, displays a sample bag, sample bag of ammonium nitrate, not anything that they...
Delivered to the terrorists and all this other terrorist paraphernalia and presents it as if it's proof of the whole plot to back up their version of events.
Look, here's a bag of ammonium nitrate, that proves it.
Which is exactly what the Russian FSB did when they got caught planting explosives to bring down apartment buildings in the late 90s.
They centered everything around this photo op press conference where they had this bag of hexagenic explosives and said that
It was purchased by their terrorist patsy.
So the Canadians are going from the same playbook as Putin's Russian... Well, literally, if you put an order into a mosque for a couple bags of ammonium nitrate, I guarantee you as the driver pulls up to dump it off and it is in a plant store or something, he will call the cops right then.
And it'll be international.
I mean, everybody will get arrested.
I mean, this is what it's turned into.
And of the
In the case of Britain, of the thousand-plus arrests based on terrorist intelligence that they were going to carry out attacks, only 17 people have been charged, and not even with terrorist offences.
It's always immigration violations.
Yeah, or public nuisance has happened.
So, everything washes away.
It's in the back of the newspaper, but what remains is this fear-mongering that's plastered all over the front pages for days, as happened in Canada, even though the credibility of the story is collapsing.
I want to bring in Kevin Smith.
I'm going to take a few calls here and wrap up this great 666 broadcast.
And I hope nothing bad happens today.
I predicted it probably wouldn't, but we'll see what happens.
Kevin Smith, you this weekend...
I had a chance to be with some family that's an airline pilot and a bunch of other airline pilots.
What were they saying about 9-11 and a whole host of other issues?
Because you meet with these guys a few times a year, and you've really seen a big change in this crowd without even you trying to sell it to them.
You've taken the attitude, okay, guys, believe whatever you want, and now we've seen a total shift, which I'm seeing in every other sector.
Kevin Smith?
Yeah, I really rarely try to convince anybody of 9-11 any longer.
I haven't in basically a couple years.
But, you know, I grew up as an airport rat.
I was an airplane kid.
My first job was being a line boy.
And I've known these guys my whole life.
And, you know, after 9-11, yeah, I hit them hard.
And they didn't want to hear it.
They didn't want to believe it.
And, you know, it's like you say about third world people.
They know what a worthless currency is about.
These guys...
Are those kind of yuppie people you described that have an SUV and a boat and they associate their status and their power with their job?
And so they weren't willing to go there.
And I really was planning on taking last weekend off.
I wasn't going to talk about this stuff to anybody.
And the first one that came up to me, you know, he is actually one of those air marshals.
He's gone through the federal training.
He is one of the few airline pilots that actually carries a gun on the plane.
He comes up to me with a beer in his hand and says, oh, listen, Kevin,
Everybody knows no airliner hit the Pentagon.
I was like, really?
And he goes, yeah.
And I said, well, what was it?
And he said, well, it looked like a missile, didn't it?
I said, well, to me, but who shot that?
Was it the Al-Qaeda Air Force?
Where did that missile come from?
And he said, well, I couldn't tell you that.
And I said, that's a question we need to ask and be answered.
But then I go to a group of, I mean, this is American Airlines, Continental, Southwest, Northwest, FedEx.
So these guys have
Little to lose anymore.
They've had about enough of their dealings.
I think they're getting ready to go forward.
But it's more than that.
They've had time to look at the evidence.
Look at the evidence, and I think they see they don't have that much vested in this anymore, that their job could be gone tomorrow.
I mean, whether they're flying, you know, scab mechanics into their home base to replace the mechanics that work for the airline, they're seeing their companies being, you know, undone right in front of them.
Yeah, and it's like, you know, like Charlie Sheen in Blue Sky on Wall Street.
You know, they're going to go in there and loot this thing.
So these guys are not that loyal anymore, and they're willing to say things.
They just don't care anymore.
So, I mean, they were sitting around going, oh, we all know it's an inside job.
Exactly, and I didn't even have to initiate any of this, and I just sat back and listened.
What does your brother think hearing all this?
Well, I bought my brother the Firefly series, you know, and when he wasn't just glued to that, you know, he was agreeing, and it's funny that, you know, I always had a little animosity with me and my brother.
He didn't want to believe anything I tell him, but he's come around, too.
It's incredible, and I just think they see how temporary their jobs could be, and they don't have to vest so much.
I mean, I think they've just woken up to it from the evidence, but you really think it's because...
Well, you keep going back to that.
I think, you know, that latest exposing the truth with that Pentagon footage, I think that's probably what pushed him over the edge and probably had him talking in the cockpits outright, you know, and...
And these guys are pretty dedicated.
I mean, and, you know, this is their career.
But if it's going away, they're going to talk.
And I really think that phony Pentagon footage that was supposed to put it all to rest stimulated more than it did.
Well, that's a setup.
So you need to tell them that.
And they'll go, wow, how did you know that one happened?
Watson, comments on this?
I mean, what are you seeing in your country?
I'm seeing it mirror that latest Zogby poll in your country, which said, what, nearly half,
Didn't believe the 9-11 Commission, about 40% said government complicity.
That's not just New York, that's the entire country.
So does it make it more possible that the criminals will be uncovered if more eyes are watching them?
That's debatable, but it certainly means that they are less inclined to carry out attacks on a similar scale for fear of being caught because they're being watched by more and more people.
Well, I want people to realize this isn't a joke, okay?
We've got a government that kills us, flies planes into buildings.
We've got a government that's taken all of our freedoms.
I mean, it's really happening, ladies and gentlemen.
They're signing laws that didn't pass Congress, okay?
I mean, folks...
Top people in government are openly saying we're going into a dictatorship.
And the prize is your economy.
Yeah, and I mean, the left wing's totally befuddled.
They think that as soon as a Democrat gets in office, the economy's going to be a land of milk and honey.
On the flip side, Fox News tells neoconservatives that the economy's going great.
So they'll keep changing the pawns, but the same agenda will continue because it's a war economy.
It's never going to recover until the criminals are thrown out of office.
In terms of what we're going to see in the future, I wrote an article today.
Suggesting that there are a number of nexus points which should make us very concerned about events this summer.
The Washington Post reporting that 4,000 federal government officials will enter shadow government bunkers on June 19th.
When we get back, mention some of the other issues you put in that great article, then we'll take a few final calls.
From Moses, Ron, and Gus.
I don't know if we can get to Robert.
We're going to try.
Stay with us.
It's Genesis.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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Look, if you study what the government's doing, from a military perspective, it's battle lines.
They're turning the whole country into a cage and an enforcement arm against the people to extract your wealth and shove you around and treat you like slaves.
It's real simple, and it happens in history almost all the time.
It's the norm, and it's going to happen here real, real bad, and we're trying to stop it.
We're trying to lessen the blow.
Paul, I want to take a few calls.
I forgot one person disagrees.
I want to go to them first.
But yeah, this big article that you've got out about these nexus points is really important.
Tell us more about it.
Yeah, well, I just put together what I've been tracking over the past couple of months.
I mean, just to throw in a few points.
The November GOP memo said a devastating attack.
It touts it on U.S.
soil as a way of keeping control of Congress in the 2006 midterms would help restore Bush's image as a war leader, just as his approval ratings plummet into the 20s.
We're good to go.
I think?
He makes the decision to travel to Germany for the World Cup.
Is that because of his love of soccer or is it because he wants to offset the potential of that staged attack from taking place by saying, you know, why would I attack a place where I'm in harm's way?
And you've got Israel basically sending out the veiled threat that the World Cup is going to be attacked.
They're also trying to get Germany to not let him in.
Let's talk real fast.
There's a bunch of other points, folks.
Go read the article.
Ron in Toronto.
Go ahead, Ron.
Yes, how are you doing today, Alex?
Fine, go ahead.
Yes, I called to disagree with you on something.
Okay, go ahead.
When you're up here in Canada, don't go around saying Ottawa City, Ottawa.
Because if you do, people in Canada will look at you as if you've got the alien plague.
I understand, sir.
Well, I don't know what I'm talking about, so it doesn't matter.
Well, no, you said it five times on the show, and I thought, oh, man, this is terrible.
If he does that when he's up here, you know... Well, they call the region there Ottawa, and it's the city's Ottawa, so what am I supposed to call it?
Just call it Ottawa.
It's like New York, New York.
Okay, sir.
But there's no Ottawa, Ottawa in Canada.
There's just Ottawa.
You can say Ottawa, Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
But don't call it Ottawa.
Okay, well, I was looking at the maps in Canada, and it was calling it the Greater Ottawa Region and the City of Ottawa.
Oh, I see.
Well, okay, it didn't sound like it.
It just sounded really, really ridiculous.
Well, I understand, sir.
I appreciate your call.
I don't know a lot about geography and things.
I know more than most of the average person, but that doesn't mean very much.
Thank you so much for filling me in on that.
I appreciate it.
I'm glad he disagreed on something like that.
That's not very...
Let's talk to Gus in Kansas City.
Gus, go ahead.
Last caller.
Hey, Alex.
I just want to tell a story about a friend of mine with twin boys who've got autism.
They received three mercury-containing vaccines in one day.
That amount of mercury in one day at their birth weight exceeded the EPA's.
And then they both get it.
Yeah, well, we've got a lot.
By 200 times.
Not just by a little bit, but by 200 times.
But, sir, the news says it's nutritious.
These kids can't talk, okay?
They're severely brain damaged.
And by the way, they haven't taken the mercury out.
It's still... Well, we've gone from 1 in 24,000 to 1 in 160 yet.
They're killing our kids.
That's it, thanks.
I'm sorry that we didn't get to a lot of your calls today.
I apologize.
You had to hold.
Paul Watson, thanks for coming on with us.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Kevin Smith, thank you.
See you later, Paul.
All right.
I am out of time here.
I'll be back tomorrow live.
We've got Professor Stephen Jones joining us.
That will be exciting and informative.
Some big new developments.
They tested the steel.
Got the evidence of the cutter charges.
It's conclusive.
He's had it checked by other engineers and physicists and people doing radio spectrography or whatever that stuff's called.
I'm sure I got that name wrong, too.
I'll be radio spectrograph, whatever it is.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Then I'm jumping on an airplane to go to Bilderberg, and I'll be covering it here.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.