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Air Date: June 2, 2006
2540 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have the founder...
We have the head of Project Censored joining us coming up in the next hour to get into 9-11, the electronic voting machines, election fraud, a host of other foundational, pivotal events and actions that are taking on more and more shape in our society.
It's all coming up in the next hour.
We're going to have open phones today on this live Friday edition.
I'm not going to be taking off this weekend.
The New World Order is coming down on us so bad right now that I'm not even going to my sister's graduation.
She's 15 years younger than me.
I'm not going to her high school graduation Sunday.
Her events, I am going to be working Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
I will be here on air, and I will be on KLBJ 590 AM from...
Noon to 2 coming up Sunday.
Why am I doing this?
Why am I intensifying?
I got home at 2.30 last night and yes, I've got bloodshot eyes right now.
I'm not tooting my horn.
I'm doing this because, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to have World War III.
The Senate just voted to kill this country.
I actually started crying on my way home last night.
Even people that think they know what's going on don't realize how close we are right now.
Our beloved country, America, the United States, is going into world government completely right now.
And I am angry.
I am ready to tear somebody's head off, I'll just be honest with you.
And do you ever have something bad happen to you in your life and you'll forget about it for a few minutes and all of a sudden you have that pang of anxiety and anger or fear or you're upset and you think, why do I feel like this?
And you remember, oh yeah, a few weeks ago, a week and a half ago, my best friend from childhood, still a good friend of mine here locally in Austin, died unexpectedly and I was there as he was dying on the respirator.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Over what this Senate vote means has been more painful.
I mean, last night I'm finishing up the new film Terror Storm.
I'm feeling good.
And then all of a sudden I have this pang of anger and being upset.
And I go, why do I feel like this?
I'm normally at ease.
And I went, oh, yeah, the Senate vote.
And I woke up last night at about 4 a.m.
after only about an hour and a half of sleep and went, oh, the Senate vote.
And this morning, oh, the Senate vote.
And I just don't even... It's not just the Senate vote and the voting for total, complete amnesty, and it looks like the House right now is going to pass it.
It's indicative of a whole train of abuses.
And we have traitorous, total scum running our government.
Democrats, Republicans, our media are a bunch of perfumed whores.
To the New World Order, selling out their own birthright and their children and grandchildren's futures?
Just to see the death of America, and make no mistake, folks, this is, if the 25 million are given amnesty, and then immediately another 25 million will rush in the next five years after that, this happened in 86, so they were given a million amnesty, six million got amnesty, and another 10 million over the next five, six years got in after that.
The media tries to play down those numbers, so... I just... They openly announce on CNN it's part of world government, and still there are a lot of fake conservatives on radio telling everybody that Bush has just gotten tough on immigration.
Praise him.
Just the staggering level of lies.
They're so easy to disprove, but so many swallow them.
I'm going to go over when we get back.
Scrap yourselves in.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarpley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
Arm yourself with the truth.
Secure your tickets today at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm so angry right now that I'm calm.
I feel very aggressive.
I want to tear somebody's head off.
Because I love this country.
I defend this nation.
My family lives here.
My family has lived here on both sides since this country was founded.
I know that America is special.
I care about the United States.
I care about the state of Texas that I hail from.
And I know what happened yesterday, and I know that it's only a telltale sign, a bellwether sign,
It is a logo of the New World Order that America will die and will be subdivided.
The Senate overwhelmingly passed total blanket amnesty.
An accompanying bill in the House is passed.
Now it goes into conference to merge the two pieces of legislation.
It could easily pass in the next two weeks to a month.
They are saying that it is going to pass, and why am I so upset about this?
It's multifaceted.
Number one, if you read the plan, it is the biggest blanket amnesty ever.
It completely dwarfs, in terms of scale, the 1986 amnesty of six million illegal aliens that they claimed at the time, I've gone and pulled the news articles, that they claimed at the time was only one million, it was really six million.
They claim this amnesty is $14 million.
If it was six times that number, the true number, in 86, what is it now?
Conservatively, it is double.
$25 to $30 million.
But don't believe Alex Jones about this.
Here's Lou Dobbs, who rarely writes articles.
He wrote one for CNN.
Headline, Bush.
Congress tell working folks to go to hell.
We're good to go.
I'll never forget, about six months ago, I was driving home from work during the day, and I was listening to Sean Hannity of ABC Radio.
And for 15 minutes, he went into a rant about the reconquistas, the destruction of our border, and he said, Bush is down on the border.
He's saving us.
We've got to pass his guest worker program.
And I knew for 15 minutes in that he was going to tell the truth about the problem and then give a false solution.
It's like saying, well, you've got the flu, you're sick, drink a bottle of cyanide and you'll be better.
And it fools people.
People want to be fooled.
Especially mindless liberals who think this is good, this is sweet, oh, the sweet little immigrants.
Yeah, the six plus billion people that live outside this country who all want to come here.
And there's official globalist documents that our Congress is admittedly using to craft legislation.
This is all admitted.
That says it's all about destroying the middle class and setting up a world government and an American Union.
I mean, there's no excuse now.
That is even admitted by Lou Dobbs.
You can go read the official documents.
It is the American Union, and folks, it is bad news.
The end of America.
You understand?
The 110% end of this country.
And why do I get even more angry?
Because I know that 97% in Texas polls are against the toll roads with the transponders that will take over almost every major state and federal highway and city road and put transponders in our inspection stickers.
It's all official.
It's all happening.
No one, I mean 97% are against it.
They do it.
70 plus percent of Americans are against the war.
They continue it.
Most Americans are against gun control.
It marches forward.
Almost all Americans are against forced inoculations.
They've passed federal laws claiming the power they have to enforce it.
There's hundreds of these examples, you can name them, just where they don't care what we want, they don't care what's constitutional.
And this is what concerns me.
Ten years ago, if 70, 80, 90 percent of people wanted something, and people were violently opposed to it, it generally didn't happen.
Or every once in a while they had a victory.
Now, the globalists just have victory after victory after victory after victory after victory.
They just don't care.
And they couldn't get away with it if fake conservative radio talk show hosts.
How many of you know that talk radio is bigger than all the TV news channels combined?
Go look at the ratings numbers.
Rush Limbaugh's got 22 million listeners, and when he says that, that's very conservative.
Limbaugh is only going off the rated stations that buy Arbitron, and that's only about 60-70% from the numbers I've looked at, depending on what month it is that buy it.
It's really about 30 million.
It's probably 22 million every day.
And what does he do?
He gets up there and he goes, yeah, I don't like it, but you know, this will help, and it's not perfect, but we've got to compromise.
And he has Dick Cheney on.
Dick Cheney goes on his show to sit there and try to pacify you.
Now, you're going to have to make a decision.
Do you love Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and George Bush more than you love this country?
And I want to tell the liberals something.
You think Bush is so bad.
Well, then why are you supporting the number one thing he's been pushing?
You love Hillary.
She hangs out with Rupert Murdoch in secret meetings that we know of for four years every week.
And now they're public meetings they're having fundraisers for.
They're going to get behind her.
Roger Ailes, head of Fox News.
Man, these people aren't conservative.
Fox puts out the most family-destroying garbage I've ever seen.
They're managing you.
They're punching your buttons.
It's not funny.
I am in a rage right now, a controlled rage, because they just don't care.
Do you realize they've been training our military to confiscate our guns?
I've got video of it.
They've been doing it for decades, and now it's accelerating.
It is confirmed.
We have the official training manuals.
They're training preachers in every county in the country, 13,000 plus, to tell their parishioners to accept gun confiscation.
That's what they're doing.
That's what's happening.
That's what's going on.
That's what's being said.
They're training them to tell you to go into emergency relocation camps.
They're training you to submit.
I mean, this is right out of some nightmare.
This is right out of The Running Man.
This isn't America.
Cameras and microphones are going up coast to coast.
License plate scanning, reading, cameras have gone up, FEMA command bunkers, huge emergency FEMA camps.
It's in the Houston Chronicle.
All of this just in your face.
Our government for 60 years openly financing Mexico that has tripled the resources we have officially.
To have their government print up literature for all their grade school children that America's bad and they're going to take over the Southwest, it's all about breaking the country up.
We have a country openly saying they're taking over, openly saying they're going to get violent, and our government says we'll put unarmed troops on the border as some image for the American people to think they're doing something.
Those troops won't even matter because under this legislation they'll all be legalized.
It will end most of the border crossing because you won't need to.
That's in the legislation!
You think it's bad how many high-tech jobs we've lost?
We've lost around 80% of them.
The high-paying tech jobs, the computer software engineering, the computer programming.
They're going to be able to bring in unlimited skilled workers.
It'll be the end of just the issuing, what, two to three million visas a year for these guest workers that are skilled.
It's unlimited skilled, unlimited unskilled.
The corporations can now pay to bring these people in.
And the American people, 90% now in major polls, it was 87%, but these big national demonstrations staged by the Bush PR firm with Fox, Rob Allen and co., it backfired on them.
They don't care.
Ah, so what if they didn't buy our propaganda?
We're just going to do it.
We're going to turn America into a third world country.
You know how they live in Mexico City?
I'm not against those poor people.
Even though they've been brainwashed to hate this country.
The point is they are total slaves.
And you're going to be slaves too.
Make no mistake, that's what's being set up.
It's slavery in this country.
They say America always does it bigger and better.
Well, we're going bad, folks.
We're going authoritarian.
We're going into tyranny.
We're going into despotism.
Bigger and better than anybody's ever done it.
So, this is what we face right now.
Total, complete amnesty.
And many Americans are fooled, running around Gidley going, oh boy, we got tough on the illegals.
They're all legal for six years, anybody who can get here or who is here.
And they put some flimsy provision in to fool people.
Oh, if you're a felon, we won't let you.
Aggravated, violent felon.
And then there's a proviso in that saying, well, if you've got a hardship and you can show that you've already got family here, then you can stay.
There's nothing.
It's like putting a Band-Aid on a leg that's chopped off.
It does absolutely nothing.
Except pacify the American people.
And I'm here just looking at this, looking at what has happened here.
And it makes me sick.
And I have Lou Dobbs' headline here, where he tells it like it is.
President Bush and Senate tell American working people go to hell.
And there's really no better way to say it or put it, but it's more than just that.
So we'll open the phones up.
I want you to specifically comment on this, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a lot of other news today we'll be getting into as well.
We have the founder and head of Project Censored coming on to talk about what corporations are profiting from 9-11, the Iraq war, the electronic voting machines, all of it.
That's another reason they're so arrogant.
Three of the big electronic voting machine companies really are run by the NSA and CIA.
They're just government fronts.
I mean, there's guys with high and tight haircuts with machine guns, little submachine guns under their jackets that run these things.
I mean, it's that bad, folks.
Oh, man.
Hello, folks.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic and the worst enemies of this constitutional republic is the White House and the Congressional leadership and the scumbag governors.
At the beginning of the broadcast I talked about how, you know, my sister's graduating from high school.
She's 15 years younger than me.
She's 18.
I'm 32.
She's graduating.
And I'm not going to be there for the graduation this Sunday.
I'm going to be on KLBJ 590 from noon to 2.
They said, do you want to do the show?
I said, sure, I'll come in and do the show.
They're trying to figure out a way to pick up the syndicated show, so I've been doing some weekend shows there.
And I'll be working tonight.
I'll be working tomorrow.
I'll be working Sunday.
I'll be working live here on air Monday.
And why is that?
Why am I going to Bilderberg next month?
Why am I going to L.A.?
Why am I going to Chicago next week for the big 9-11?
Because we've got to intensify our efforts.
Duty is ours, consequence belongs to God.
And I believe if we fight hard enough, God will bless us and save this nation.
But that's how serious things are.
When I learned the Senate had passed this and that the House has already passed an accompanying bill, it now goes into conference so they can try to work the two in together.
There's a very good chance this is going to pass.
They passed Animal ID yesterday through the Congress.
It's all happening, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all happening.
All this avalanche of unpopular, unconstitutional, un-American tyranny.
Iraq didn't attack us.
Iraq isn't a threat to this country.
Iran isn't.
Our own government is.
Do you understand they're going to legalize at least 25 million illegals and then allow for six years?
That's how long the piece of legislation runs for?
And of course, six years, they've got it set up just like with the Patriot Act to expand it.
That'll be the next legalization.
I predict that'll be 25 million more.
They've already reported since the amnesty was announced about a year ago, record numbers coming across the southern and northern border from all over the world.
We always talk about Latin Americans and Mexicans because we've had two wars with Mexico, and Mexico thinks that this is their country, and our government's been financing the La Reconquista for globalism.
It's publicly announced.
So I want you to understand, a foreign country says this is their country,
They've mobilized through PR firms 25 million of their citizens to demonstrate here and to tell us what to do.
Our government is behind the whole thing and is passing the legislation to do it.
Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, this is the equivalent of an enemy army knocking down the front gates and pouring in and our government is telling the Home Guard to stand down and to aid them and to harass American citizens.
Guest worker program.
Boys keep saying it's not an amnesty, and then you read the plan, and it says that anyone who's here can sign up, get their green card, and get on the fast track for citizenship within two years.
It's instantaneous!
And it's happening right now.
And it fooled people for the last two weeks, some of them just enough,
Oh, yeah, he's going to put troops on the border.
Ooh, and then Mexico protested.
And they have the very illegal aliens hired and controlled by Rob Allen and co., Bush and Fox's PR firm, to openly have demonstrations against the legislation.
But they're crowing about it.
They can't help it.
This is BBC.
What are they actually doing in Mexico?
See, they have staged events here, but meanwhile, what's on Mexican TV, radio, and print?
Headline, BBC News, Mexico hails U.S.
immigration bill.
Oh, really?
I thought they protested it.
See how they do this?
I mean, this is blanket hoaxes.
Just mass media hoaxes.
Everyone in mainstream media but Lou Dobbs
Has been up there telling you that this has got the liberals angry, this has got the immigrants angry.
Vicente Fox is against it.
And I'm like, no, they're not.
They're lobbying for it.
It's all a lie.
They just keep fooling us and fooling us.
But now people really aren't even fooled.
They just don't care.
They just do it.
Mexico hails U.S.
immigration bill.
Mexican President Vicente Fox has praised the U.S.
Senate for passing an immigration bill he called a monumental step forward.
Yes, if the House passes this and they legalize $25 million, it'll suck another $15-25 million up here in the next few years, and these people are crazed.
They have been told America's bad.
They're running around saying, ha-ha, there's nothing you can do.
The bill paves the way for millions of illegal migrants to seek citizenship, although it must be reconciled with tougher measures passed in the House.
Which is, oh, we'll put a few thousand troops on the border who were just there to report to Border Patrol for a few months until the bill passes.
It's nothing!
Mr. Fox, on a four-day trip to the U.S., said it was a moment that millions of families have been hoping for.
He went on to say, this is the decade of migrants.
Opinion polarized.
Mr. Fox sent an address to the California legislature in Sacramento late Thursday.
This is the moment that millions of people have been working for.
Today, a historic vote is a monumental step forward, but we recognize that there is more debate ahead.
Yes, we're... We're not... We're down, but we're not out, folks.
I want you to go to every event where scumbag congressmen are, and I want you to get in their face, and I want you to go listen to me, you piece of trash.
You get in there, and you vote this down now, you scumbag!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
In summation, if a country doesn't have a border, it's not sovereign.
The New World Order openly says this is the crown jewel in the American Union to bring in... They already have a 25 million plus man army.
It's a lot more than that, folks.
That's conservative.
To bully the American people in this submission.
This is what elites have done throughout history.
They bring in foreign groups to diminish the domestic population, divide and conquer.
This is what the elite are doing.
So many Democrats know George Bush is corrupt and bad, but they support his amnesty because it's liberal and nice.
There's nothing about it being liberal and nice.
It's about the end of this country.
It'd be bad enough if we had 25 million illegal aliens, predominantly from Mexico here, if they were just here to work and become Americans.
They're not, folks.
Most of them think it's Mexico.
We're good to go.
I think?
Do you realize this is a primitive third world country?
They haven't been conditioned by the New World Order.
They're tribal.
They're into their raza.
They're into their race.
And that's what their groups are called.
And we're a bunch of domesticated idiots.
And they're just torching this country in front of us.
The Senate has passed total, complete, absolute amnesty.
And for six years, not just the 25 million that are here, for six years, anybody who gets here, anybody who's already here, anybody, unlimited skilled and unskilled visas...
And as soon as you're here, boom.
By the way, they've done all the math.
An illegal alien, on average, takes double the amount of money in services that they pay in taxes.
That's because very few pay taxes.
If they do, it's double the services.
I don't want to hear this anymore that it contributes to our economy.
And we couldn't operate.
Oh, Americans just won't take these jobs.
Yeah, the illegals will live ten to a house.
Don't have insurance.
Go get cars and then don't pay the car payments.
We're good to go.
Husband and wife.
Which is exactly what the social engineers in the 50s wrote policy papers on.
We have the official government documents.
They're in Charlotte Israby's Deliberate Dumbing Down book, the size of a phone book.
She was number two in the Department of Education.
It said, the family's too strong.
Americans are too smart.
They're too informed for our political aims.
We've got to break the family up.
They hired Gloria Steinem.
The Central Intelligence Agency did.
This is admitted.
The CIA ran Miss Magazine.
The neocon publications were set up by the CIA.
That's all public.
But she went in, and they told women, oh, your man's bad.
Get out of the house.
You're going to show him.
You're going to be revolutionary.
That's what Edward Bernays, the father of modern PR and propaganda, said, is that you stage something as rebellious and cool and anti-establishment, they'll buy it.
That's why they had the flappers for suffrage.
And I want to say something else too.
The big Israeli lobby in this country is very powerful and through the ADL and others and is lobbying for open borders and calling anybody a racist who doesn't want to kill this country.
They've attacked me in their border report and put false quotes in there I didn't say.
Meanwhile, look at Israel.
A Jew cannot marry a non-Jew.
There was an article where 8,000 Chinese workers came in last year, and they told them when they got off the plane, here's a letter.
If you even date a Jew, you'll go to jail.
You'll be kicked out of this country.
My point is they don't let foreigners into their country.
They don't let Christians proselytize on the street.
No, but they're our friend.
An Israel lobby is involved in our internal politics, and all we've done is prop that place up, and they're involved breaking down our borders.
Elites of every stripe are all together, whether it's a Mexican elite, or the Israeli elite, or the British elite.
They're all in England.
Blair says he's getting tough on illegal immigration.
He wants a National ID card for it.
Then the BBC comes out with his leaked own document, because there's good people in government, and they admit it's real, try to prosecute whoever released it, signing secret deals with France to bring in unlimited Arabs!
And again, even if you're an Arab listening going, well, why are you attacking us?
The point is you're being used.
The point is that that's what's behind all this.
The Red Cross, another criminal organization at the top, not you the members or the supporters, built, what, eight years ago, a gigantic facility right there at the newly opened channel, as they call it, the tunnel.
And every night, they allow unlimited, they have open boxcars, and this has been on ITN News, they allow the illegals to fill them.
It's all part of an operational police standby, and every night when those trains pull in, unlimited illegal aliens from all over Asia and the Middle East pour off in Eastern Europe.
And he signed a secret deal with France for them to stage that as an entry point.
The British and French government openly bringing in unlimited illegal aliens.
Meanwhile, if you're a British citizen walking down the street, they stop you and randomly search you.
When I was there, I'd be on the side of the street just videotaping pedestrians walking for my new film that's coming out, and police would come over and put me in a terrorist database.
I'm not kidding, folks.
Total police state for a citizen or for a tourist visiting who's got their passport, but illegal aliens, unlimited, secret deal signed three years ago.
We learned of it three years ago.
It had been signed even before Blair got in, and he signed another agreement.
That's all in the new film.
So our governments, by design, everywhere, are breaking down the borders, getting rid of our countries.
There is no debating it.
And they'll say, but be nice to the immigrants.
They're good people.
Hey, a lot of them probably are.
The problem is, we linked it to neocon publications and neocon-funded imams in, what was it, ten different European countries.
We know they staged those riots.
France didn't want to attack Iran.
Belgium, a bunch of others.
Germany didn't.
The Dutch didn't.
The Netherlands.
And then overnight, neocon publications post all the Mohammed pictures, made-up cartoons that actually hadn't been published elsewhere.
They made a big controversy out of it.
Then government-controlled imams said, riot, take over, and the young Muslim youth did it, and they're now saying Europe belongs to them, and what's Europe do?
Pump in even record levels of them, see?
It's the same thing with the Mexicans.
What's wrong with you illegal alien Mexicans?
I know a lot of you listen.
Why do you hate America so much?
Don't you understand you're being controlled by the elite?
You're not going to get anything out of this.
And you know what?
I hate having to talk about this because I have so many Hispanic friends who love this country, who are Americans, great patriotic people, and they're upset about what's happening.
And the media tries to make it look like Hispanic Americans are for this when upwards of 70% in polls of Hispanics are against what's happening.
And they try to make it look like we're all against each other.
No, we're not.
They don't teach our heritage in the Texas schools.
They have Texas history in the public schools.
I took it.
They don't teach you that Juan Navarro and all these other people were the founders of Texas and wrote the Constitution, and a third of those that fought were Hispanic.
They don't teach you how patriotic they were and how when Navarro died in 1875, there was a day of mourning and his picture up all over Texas and people crying.
No, no, no.
He was a big Texas hero until the last 50 years they took him out of the textbooks.
They don't want Mexican-Americans knowing that they are more Texan than anybody.
They don't want you having your heritage.
It's sick!
It's sick!
Santa Ana was a dictator, a piece of filth.
Look at Mexico.
It's never had freedom.
For 3,000 years it's been run, plus, by bloodthirsty Mesoamerican tribes.
I say 3,000 because they were doing some sacrifice before 3,000 years ago.
Going back thousands and thousands of years before that.
But about 3,000 years ago, stuff really went crazy and the most vicious, evil tribes took over.
And it's hellish.
And then there's an underlying culture here from southern Mexico that is the dominant culture now with these illegal aliens.
And man, it's scary, folks.
Satanic is the only thing you can describe it as.
I know I'm ranting.
I just am boiling right now.
In Mexico, this is so key.
Mexico hails U.S.
immigration bill.
Fox, it's all over their newspapers, radio.
They're saying, big victory.
They've taken over the Southwest.
Their leaders are openly saying, Gutierrez is saying, the Chicano Studies head at UT Arlington, that this is the victory.
This is one of the chief Chicano leaders in our country.
I mean, he's the most quoted.
He says, all whites must be killed and will be killed soon.
Can you imagine what the mainstream media could do with that?
They don't touch it.
They don't dare talk about it above their breath.
And most Hispanics don't want to kill all whites, but the point is, our government funds the groups that do have this attitude, because they all want us fighting with each other.
You watch, this $25 million is only the start.
It'll be $25 million more in the next decade, conservatively.
And the globalists can punch a button, and these illegals will burn down every major city.
And then, oh, we better give them even more amnesty.
Don't worry, we're merging with Mexico, the American Union.
That'll make you happy.
They've even designed the new flag, a merger of the U.S., Mexican, and Canadian flag, with the three symbols on it.
They've picked Atlanta as the capital.
This is all official.
Do you understand?
Global government.
I said I'd go to your calls.
Let's just go to them right now.
I said yesterday we can go to war with Mexico.
But the reason we went to war with Iraq, there are real reasons to go to war with Mexico.
A country that borders us, saying they're taking over, with their people invading it, shooting routinely and kidnapping American citizens, their troops are.
And, oh no, they're our friends, and the Border Patrol can't assist the Minutemen and has to spy on the Minutemen to the Mexican government, and the Minutemen are vigilantes, Bush says, but tattle on your neighbors, though, in the heartland.
Spy on everyone, but don't watch the border.
I mean, it's all a joke.
Jason in Maryland, you're on the air.
Well, Alex, I have heard three disparaging shows from you in the last couple of weeks.
Go ahead.
Really, the last week, and I want to put them together and see what you think of them as this whole picture with the bankers, openly speaking, of how to come out.
On top of the violent correction, I think that was a quote from your show the other day.
That was in the Financial Times of London.
They're saying they're about to stage a global depression.
Okay, factor that in with the wide open borders and the FEMA being in 13,000 counties teaching our pastors to be brown shirts.
Man, oh man, that sure does seem like 11th hour is an understatement.
Yeah, it sure is.
That's why...
That's why people want me to go lounge around and go do little social events, and I'm like, no.
Listen, you may not, some people may not know this is basically the Alamo.
They're coming over the walls, literally.
I mean, I always use that analogy, but I mean, this is it, folks.
Well, my main question, Alex, is I've seen so many different numbers on the web.
I wondered, do you know what the real number of FEMA camps is in this country?
I mean, you know, concentration.
And by that, sir, every school with an automatic locking door system with bars on the windows with a 10-foot fence around it with barbed wire is a camp.
They say this.
Every sports stadium is a camp.
The government says this.
All the big federal and state prisons that lie almost empty and some empty.
All the old World War II camps from Manazar out in California to a camp in Bastrop have been reopened, refurbished.
They're everywhere, sir, and there's a few dozen official ones that the Houston Chronicles reported on, emergency centers.
And they show them on the news and say, this is for the illegals.
No, they're legalizing them.
Right under our noses as we sleep.
It's ridiculous.
It's really, it's like the Twilight Zone.
I live in the Twilight Zone.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, yeah, it's the Twilight Zone.
If the globalists A-bomb a city or release a biological, they'll sit there for a couple weeks, let you start starving to death, let the city start burning with looting, and the troops are going to come in.
They're not going to bring you water and food, boys and girls, unless you turn your guns in.
Absolute guarantee.
You think I'm joking around, folks?
The globalists don't care if you've got Wally World to go to or if you've got Disney World to go to or if you're happy or you've got money.
The globalists don't want to hurt the economy.
They make too much money.
Yeah, they physically print it.
You're right.
No, no, it's about consolidation.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tom in Florida.
Tom, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, thanks for having me on your show.
I called in last week as well and do appreciate the forum.
It's really wonderful.
Thank you.
What's on your mind?
Okay, I've got two quick comments and a serious question.
The first one relates to the Bilderberg meeting next week.
I just kind of wanted to let you know that Jackie Kucinich, who's Dennis Kucinich's daughter, she frequently writes for The Hill.
She's been commenting on the Bilderbergs for some time and did some stories on the last meeting.
So I was wondering if maybe you would consider coordinating with her on this project.
Yeah, I won't be coordinating too much when I'm there.
I'll interview some of the people that have been covering it, and I'll be getting the news stories.
It's coming up the 8th, 9th, and 10th, and I'll be there with live reports from Ottawa City, Ottawa.
Right, right.
Sounds cool.
The second one was that I kind of agree with you.
I'm not an expert on the immigration topic.
But I think it stinks to high heaven.
Well, sir, I just read the bill.
I mean, Lou Dobbs is reporting it.
The Mexican president's celebrating it, calling it total amnesty.
It is.
Oh, yeah.
I tell you, I take my hat off to Dobbs for even speaking out about this, because, I mean, you would think that the CNN, you know, kind of conglomerate would kind of come down on Dobbs for that.
I don't understand.
Well, he left CNN, and he came back, and I know he has an agreement to do whatever he wants, basically.
Yeah, that's pretty far out.
Well, I guess the point that I wanted to make when I first called into the show was I think we have a chance to stop globalism.
I mean, are you familiar with Aaron Russo and Freedom to Fascism?
Yeah, far out.
He did a Coast to Coast show, I think, the night before you aired on it last week.
You know, this is for your listeners.
He produced Trading Places and Wise Guys.
And he was a libertarian presidential candidate.
Oh, yeah.
And, well, in this film, he interviews IRS agents, writers, politicians, et cetera.
And he discusses the fiat monetary system and, you know, the Federal Reserve and the tax laws and how they're a sham and RFID technology and all kinds of stuff.
Well, here's the thing, Alex.
I think, from what I understand, you know, Aaron kind of needs some help on this.
He spent the last two years of his life doing this film.
He's plugged a lot of... Yeah, we had him on.
I appreciate your call, sir.
I'm kind of getting the idea that I haven't done enough with that call.
So, I'm sorry I haven't done enough for you, okay?
We're going to go to break, and we're going to come back and take more calls.
Yeah, when his film comes out, I'm going to carry it and sell it.
And then it's up to you guys to get it and get it out to people.
And it's just one more salvo in the fight against the New World Order.
I always get this idea that people think there's one magic bullet.
You know, we've got a chance to defeat the globalists.
This movie.
You know, I don't think one of my films is going to defeat the New World Order.
It's everything together.
It's everyone together moving forward, affecting change.
But if you want to know what my hot button is, it's that I need to do this, I need to do that.
I mean, I know what I need to do, and I'm doing what I need to do, okay?
Appreciate your call.
Look, I'm in a bad mood today, so watch out.
J.R., Ken, John, and others, 1-800-259-9231 is the number to join us.
We'll come back and take more of your calls.
And we will get into more of the news as well.
We've got two big guests coming up.
In the middle of the third hour, I've got Glenn Spencer coming on, an expert on the open borders, to analyze this Senate bill for you as well.
It's now passed.
We'll be right back.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush,
Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Charmley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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All right, we'll go back to your calls here in just a minute or two.
I want to remind you we have a huge 9-11 conference, one of the biggest and best ever.
Ray McGovern, Senior CIA Advisor to Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sr.
We'll be there.
One of the keynote speakers, Bob Bowman, Dr. Bob Bowman, the former head of the Star Wars program, Professor Stephen Jones.
Find out about all the attendees.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I'm just basically calling to try and get the word out about a very interesting documentary and a book that I came across last year through the Internet.
And seeing as... Sure, tell us about it, sir.
Yes, sir.
You know how all roads basically lead to London and how the British Empire seems to have a very big part of this whole new world order in the United States?
Yes, I'd say the biggest, yes.
Yeah, I agree.
Well, there's this author named Tim Cohen
And he has this documentary and book called The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea.
And it's on Google Video, so you can look it up on Google Video.
I've interviewed him before.
Oh, man, I'd love to hear that interview.
I don't know if Prince Charles is the Antichrist, but I know certainly the book's got a lot of good info about the British royalty.
Wow, that's awesome.
Well, I just wanted to get the word out on that, Alex.
Hey, sir, what do you think about the total blanket amnesty?
Passing the Senate, set to pass the House.
I'm going to go read up on that right now, but it's awful.
It's terrible.
And you're right on about the illegal aliens and the corrupt Mexican government.
It's a hellhole.
Well, I mean, this fight goes on and on and on, and now we're at the point with the total amnesty.
The end of America, folks.
That's why I'm so angry today.
We need to get focused on this.
I appreciate your call there, J.R.
Good to hear from you.
Ken in New York.
Ken, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's another dark day for our country.
It's no surprise for us that have been following the immigration issue.
I've been following it for about 20 plus years.
What did kind of surprise me yesterday was that 62 of these senators voted for that amnesty bill.
And Republicans and Democrats together did it.
Pretty much.
62-36 vote.
Yeah, notice, together.
And Frist, I corresponded with his office a couple of times over the past...
Four or five weeks.
And he sent out... I hear the music.
Can you hold me over?
Just keep going.
Okay, sorry.
I sent him a couple of emails.
I faxed his office.
And he then sent out an email, dear friend, which went out to everybody who responded to him.
He said, I adamantly oppose amnesty.
And yet he voted for it yesterday.
Well, that's it.
They go, because it's not amnesty.
It's like saying murder isn't murder.
It's the biggest amnesty ever, but we're not calling it that, so it's not amnesty.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Here's a CNN.com politics story.
Mexico's Fox praises U.S.
Senate vote on immigration, but they staged demonstrations against it two weeks ago to fool conservatives into thinking that it was anti-immigration when it was total, complete amnesty.
Now it goes to the House, very close to passing it.
This is the end of America, and I'm not kidding when I say that.
I mean, even if they pass this, we'll then have to fight it at the state level and expose it and file lawsuits and everything else.
But this is total legalization.
The American people woke up, don't want open borders.
This is the globalist counter-strike to legalize all of it in our face.
Then employers can't get in trouble.
Everybody's green-lined and everybody becomes a citizen.
Unlimited is the operative word.
Let's go ahead and go back to Ken in New York.
Go ahead, Ken, finish up.
Thank you, Alex.
You know, isn't it interesting also, they took that vote the day before the Memorial Day weekend, when everybody's going away for their three, four days, and people maybe will forget about it.
They'll have a good time over three days.
They've done this before on other important bills.
So it's another backdoor way just to shove something down our throats that the American people don't want overwhelmingly.
Lastly, I just want to say that I haven't given up the fight personally.
I'm always emailing the Senators and the Congressional leaders, the House leaders.
I admit I'm mostly pessimistic like you.
This is a form of treason being committed against us.
What I recommend are a couple of things.
We need a mass demonstration on Washington.
That's what we really need.
McCain said, oh, well, all those illegal aliens demonstrated all over the place.
We took notice.
And they side with people who are here in the country illegally.
But meanwhile, a Bush-slash-Fox PR firm staged it all, and it took the mainstream media three months of promoting it to get those numbers out there.
I appreciate your call, but I agree.
Demonstrations against this is important, but the key is lobbying the House.
Going to them when they're in their districts, going to your House member and going, Look, I know you're paid off.
I know it's globalism.
We've got the CFR document.
Don't do it.
Just don't do it.
But 90% of Americans in a Gallup poll are against it.
The globalists don't care.
They go forward with it.
The good news is the people are awake.
The people are upset.
The bad news is the government is so corrupt they're ignoring the Constitution and our will.
Thank you.
Let's talk to John in Mass.
John, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
How are you doing?
I just wanted to fill you in on something.
It happened up here just north of me up in New Hampshire.
They just arrested a couple of militia leaders
For not filing their taxes, which I know you've said, you always file your taxes.
But the illegal aliens, they don't have to file theirs.
And then they went on to demonize them, showing them burning a U.N.
No, they don't.
flag, saying that they spoke out against the federal government.
And they charged them with tax evasion.
And while they were in court, the judge said that they can speak out.
That's covered by the First Amendment.
They can own guns because that's covered by the Second Amendment.
But in the next paragraph, they said they removed all guns from their house.
Because they wouldn't release them from jail until they took their guns.
I didn't see that, but send it to me.
Oh, we've got to take your guns?
Yeah, it's freedom.
Yeah, and which is really a travesty because you have to remember up in Vermont, New Hampshire, that's where there's some real true patriots living that aren't going to lay down.
And if they try to get this out in the open, they're going to try to scare people to see how dangerous it is to stand up.
And it's going to be terrible up there.
I know.
And meanwhile, they're brainwashing preachers coast to coast to train their practitioners or their members to turn their guns in.
I mean, my wife and I are trying to move up to New Hampshire or Vermont because the gun laws are so much better here, and I don't want to go get my gun license here and be fingerprinted and be put on a big database so they know exactly where I am when they come to get my guns.
But now they're really cracking down up there.
Well, don't worry.
The illegal aliens, as our new majority, are going to vote for gun control.
Thanks for the call.
They vote with the Democrats.
Bush is double the size of the BATF.
They put the muscle in now to do it.
And it'll be held as conservative.
Turning your guns in is conservative.
We'll be right back with a very special guest.
We'll continue with your calls throughout the broadcast.
In the last half of the third hour, in an hour and 25 minutes from now, we've got Glenn Spencer joining us.
To give you all the details of this treachery.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around 1,000 people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarbley, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We'll continue with your calls throughout the broadcast today at 1-800-259-9231.
Our guest is a sociologist.
He can give you his take on any of those issues.
He's a professor at Sonoma State University up by Bohemian Grove.
Bohemian Grove.
And at the same time, he is also the director of Project Censor.
I was honored back in 2004.
I got second place on 25 places and spoke there and was on national television on free speech TV, gave my own little acceptance speech for our report on the Patriot Act II, destroys remaining U.S.
And they basically have passed Patriot Act 2 as the Patriot Act reauthorization.
Of course, Bush said that even if they didn't pass it earlier this year, that he was still going to enforce it even if it wasn't a law.
And he said he doesn't care if Congress has pulled out of Iraq.
He doesn't have to.
And he doesn't care if they're not allowed to torture because they just renamed it.
And now it's not amnesty for 25 million people.
It's a guest worker program.
It's the biggest amnesty ever.
The Senate just passed.
Now going to the House, a very good chance it's going to pass.
But if they don't call it an amnesty, it's not.
And liberals think it must be good because Bush is for it because, you know, he's so good.
End of this country is what it is.
The CFR's own documents say it's globalism.
The American Union, the end of this country.
And I'm hopping mad about it.
But let's go ahead and go to Peter...
Phillips, who again is with the Sociology Department.
And we are honored to having Peter Phillips join the Sociology Department in 1994 after completing his Ph.D.
at UC Davis.
He teaches courses in political sociology, power sociology, and media and media censorship.
Dr. Phillips is the director of the Project Censored, an internationally known media research group.
Now, that's been a bestseller that annually identifies the most censored news reports in the United States.
The annual research book produced by Project Censored is entitled Censored, the news that didn't make the news and is available from Seven Stories Press.
I remember reading this back in 1999.
I discovered it was around before that.
Year after year it comes out and it just gets better and better and better and better and better.
From the University of Santa Clara, B.A.
Social Science, 1970.
And then, of course, he got University of California, MA in Sociology and PhD in Sociology, dissertation on the relative advantage sociology of the San Francisco Bohemian Club.
So he's an expert on that.
He has a master's thesis in the maximization of low-income citizen participation in anti-poverty dissertation.
I'm not going to read it all.
It goes on for many pages.
Professor Phillips, good to have you on with us today.
Alex, it's great to be on with you.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
I think?
And you, of course, also are an expert, been researching the electronic voting machine scams, the no-ballot record systems that are going in.
So tell the listeners in a nutshell a little bit about yourself, your awakening, and then what we face as a society, and let's launch into 9-11 and the people that profit from that and the war.
Well, Project Censored here at Sonoma State University, it's our 30th year of making lists of the most important news stories corporate media doesn't cover.
And this is my 10th year, so we're just right now writing a book about all the stories that haven't been covered in the big corporate media in the U.S., and there's certainly a lot of them.
A big part of that is issues on 9-11.
Our book out right now, Censored 2006, which is in bookstores all over the country, has a full chapter, the unanswered questions of 9-11.
We look at the pre-warnings, the Building 7, Flight 77, the Pentagon,
United Airlines put options, all of that.
It's in that book.
And it's kind of a statement that says, hey, we've got some big questions that remain unanswered.
We know from the Zogby poll this week that 48% of the people in the country don't believe that the 9-11 Commission report was the full truth.
Well, I would add, and it specifically said, Professor, and the government may be involved.
That's true.
I mean, yeah, there's a lot of doubt.
And we don't know who the culprits are.
But we can, you know, any investigative person going and looking at a crime, you look for means, opportunity, and motive.
And last year, when I was involved with the 9-11, when Barry Zwicker's movie came out, The Great Conspiracy, and I was with him and a whole crew of people here in the Bay Area premiering that film for a week,
Everybody was saying that they did this or they did that.
And we hadn't been able to put some parameters on who they could be, who had means, opportunity, and motive.
And so researchers here at the university had a great group of students.
We looked at and put together research that identified
The 240 people in the country, what we call are part of the global dominance group.
That's right.
Right now, up on jonesreport.com, we're posting this detailed report up there for everybody to link through to.
It'll be on jonesreport.com in the next 10 minutes.
Please continue.
And so what we've done is we've simply said, here's the parameters of the people that were advocating for a war against Iraq.
Here's the parameters of who the people were that have been pushing for the U.S.
military global domination of the world.
And this has been a core group that's been around for 20 years.
We call them neoconservatives, but in addition, they're partnered with major defense contractors and 15 global advocacy groups, the Project for a New American Century, the Hoover Institute, the American Enterprise Institute.
And Heritage and a half dozen others, that you put the board of directors of those people together and the board of directors of the top big defense contractors, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Carlisle, Northrop Grumman, and you've got this group of people that benefited from 9-11, that benefited from the war against Iraq, and had advocated for the new Pearl Harbor,
And had advocated for the continued expansion of the U.S.
military so that we spend more military than the rest of the world combined, and the forward deployment of U.S.
troops in 700 bases around the world.
So we're the new global police state run by the United States military.
So these guys had the means, the motive, they had control, and then you look at each group, and surprise, surprise, they're involved in 9-11.
Well, there's certainly a lot who had pre-knowledge that 9-11 was going to happen, but we can't, I mean, without government subpoena power and in-depth investigation identifying who the perpetrators were, it may just have been a small number of people.
We're not saying all these people were involved, but they certainly benefited and used 9-11 to continue their goals of military control of the world.
Well, Professor, that's well said, but this is how I put it.
The official story and all its incarnations that we've been given is impossible, is a verified lie, is a fraud by design.
Then you look at every key indicator of the drills, the stand-down, the public officials warned not to fly, the U.S.
troops already masked to invade Afghanistan, bin Laden being known, CIA.
You've got hundreds and hundreds of these smoking guns, and then you add them together...
You look at this whole spectrum, and voila, there they are.
You've got motivation, you've got means, and you have opportunity.
They're the only ones with the means.
Well, that's it.
They're the only ones that could do it.
That's the incredible thing here.
But we've got a large group here.
And inside that group, there's subgroups, there's private military corporations, there's defense contractors, there's the CIA, there's NSA, there's a variety of potential operatives that could have been involved.
And at this point, we really can't put our finger on who that could have been that was helping those 19 hijackers.
But we certainly know that that probably didn't happen just from Ben Laden saying, you guys go capture those airplanes.
They had a lot of help.
Well, Professor...
We have the Dean of the Defense Language School in Monterey saying he was forced to train at least three of the hijackers.
We have Pensacola News Journal hijackers in secret military training there.
We have the embassy heads saying they were ordered to let them back into the country that they were part of a secret government operation.
We know those guys were decoys.
We know they were in the employ of this whole private intelligence network.
And that's what we're going to meet about in Chicago a week from this weekend, is to really look at building a strategy of expanding information for the American people to be aware of this.
And trying to push for further investigations under these charges.
What about a new event?
Everyone I talk to, all the experts I respect, Ray McGovern, many others, they say we're in the greatest level of danger since 9-11, post-9-11, of the criminal elements, the black op, black world groups within the private and governmental networks carrying out a huge false flag in the Western Hemisphere.
That's speculative.
I mean, I think that they may be correct.
But as a sociologist, as a professor, I say, well, the parameters are there.
They're certainly saying that that could happen.
We worry about that.
I think we should be issuing warnings about that.
But if you look at what Cheney is saying, he gave a speech on March 7th to AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Association Group.
And in it he says, the terrorists want to end all American influence in the Middle East.
Their goal in that region is to seize control of a country so they have a base from which to launch attacks and wage war against governments that do not meet their demands.
And that's exactly what we're doing.
Well, let me finish.
They're going to establish a totalitarian empire that encompasses a region from Spain across North Africa through the Middle East and East Asia all the way to Indonesia.
This is what the terrorists are going to do.
This is what Cheney's saying they're going to do.
But our military bases fit that parallel.
I mean, it's sort of like we're there, we're going to occupy the world to prevent terrorism from taking over, yet we're the ones that are creating this sort of terrorists that we label them to proceed in resisting military occupation by the U.S.
You're right, Professor, and all the analysts across the world, even our own government, admits that the occupation of Iraq has become a factory for terrorism, but we look at P2OG that I believe Project Censored has covered, the Pentagon says they want to create terrorists.
Yes, that's true.
We did cover that.
I mean, so if there weren't real terrorists before, folks, they've created a giant factory, and the Pentagon says this will widen it, will stimulate terrorism, so we then get to attack more countries.
Now, I didn't say that, folks.
The Secretary of Defense has an operation doing that.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Only criminal elements of our government could have the supposed hijackers in their employ in high-level spy training.
Only the U.S.
government and criminal elements of it, compartmentalized groups, could have NORAD stand down, have bombs in the buildings, which is on the record now.
All of this
There's hundreds and hundreds of these points.
The CIA-connected insider trading, dozens of companies involved, on and on.
The public officials warn not to fly.
I mean, I come right out and say it.
Then you have the motive.
And so have many other people.
So has Dr. Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program.
He says, clearly, Dick Cheney's the main suspect in operational command.
Even Michael Rupert has said, Dick Cheney, he fingers him.
I mean, anybody who's looked at this is saying that.
I don't expect Professor Phillips to go that far, but if it's impossible for others to do it, then it has to be the group that can do it.
And then surprise, surprise, they have the motive, they snicker and giggle about it.
Three days after 9-11, Gary Hart with the Hart-Rubin Commission, they go up on C-SPAN and say, use this for a new world order.
It's happening.
I want to shift gears into the Iraq war now and some of the companies that did stand to gain from all of this.
And then I want to get into something you've really covered and you're an expert on.
These institutional elites and what their goals are and how they're trying to subvert our voting because they know what they're doing is unpopular.
I mean, folks, it's simple.
90% of Americans are against a whole bunch of issues, but the Congress, the Republicans, and Democrats vote together against us.
So, you think you're going to vote them out?
Why are they getting so arrogant now?
30-something percent of the country, what, 36% now?
And growing, I keep saying 35, I think it's 36% of the country now has these scam systems in.
They've been caught stealing elections coast to coast.
Professor, I know I'm throwing a lot out there.
There's a lot to cover.
Please give us your take on all of it.
All of it.
Well, my take on the military contractors who have benefited from the war is significant.
You take a look at the top one, which is Lockheed Martin.
They give to two-thirds of the people in Congress.
So they're paying, literally putting money into everybody's coffers over there and expect to be continued to have support for a war against terrorism, which they are part of.
So Lockheed Martin's stock sales rode over 30% after 2001, from $61 billion to $80 billion in 2004.
And they've had a massive increase in their stock value.
So has Halliburton.
So has Carlyle.
So you're seeing people make a lot of money off of this war.
And increase and want to continue to see the U.S.
military expansion throughout the world.
And of course, you change.
This whole saber-rattling against Iran is exactly that kind of thing.
We say the terrorists are bad.
We have to go out and defeat the terrorists, meaning we've got to have a military empire bigger than anybody in the world.
And it's a 100-year war.
Meanwhile, Dick Cheney's wife is on Lockheed Martin's board.
Meanwhile, the Queen of England, the Bushes, and the Bin Ladens are big owners.
Ian, the Carlyle Group, I mean, you couldn't write a fiction book this ridiculous.
Yeah, I mean, Carlyle's profits have gone up.
You know, they made a lot of money off of selling United Defense, which they bought in 97, then sold after 9-11.
They made a billion-dollar profit alone just on that deal.
And Halliburton, their stock went up like 3,000%.
So we're seeing this massive profit-taking from these corporations.
So they're the beneficiaries.
So they're part of our list of people who have benefited and advocated for continued military global dominance of the world, and they're using terrorism and post-9-11 terrorism as the motivating factor.
Three years ago, I was in Cairo at the...
Campaign Against U.S.
Aggression in Iraq.
And I met a journalist named Wilhelm Holtmann.
And he described his teen years during World War II as a Dutch resistance fighter.
And he said, the Nazis, they called us terrorists, he explained.
Now, if the U.S.
invades and occupies countries, you do the same thing.
You know, it's funny.
I was watching a PBS documentary about Goebbels that aired two nights ago.
And the whole... It was like an hour of his speeches.
It was like half of it.
And it was all the terrorists, the terrorists, the terrorists.
We're going to fight the terrorists.
I have him on tape in German with subtitles.
Every other sentence is the terrorist.
The terrorist.
Well, the similarities are immediate when we start looking at that.
But, you know, even our corporate media in the U.S., you take...
The funders for the Project for a New American Century, which was primarily AEI, the American Enterprise Institute.
Since 2000, the New York Times has increased their coverage of AEI by 80%.
So has the Washington Post.
So we're seeing, you know, they're getting their message out, and the rest of us are kind of just hung in limbo and dealing with these massive...
Statements about terrorists in the world, and we have to fight them.
Let's continue along those lines of discussion, get into the elite's goals, get into these electronic voting machines, which were drowning in evidence.
It's a plethora, an orgy of evidence of election fraud staged from the highest levels.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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9-11 conference, 9-11 Truth conference.
We have links to Sociology Professor Peter Phillips, Ph.D., as well up on Infowars.com.
We've just posted the Global Dominance Group 911 Pre-Warnings and Election Irregularities in Context by Peter Phillips, Bridget Thornton, and Celeste Vogler.
It's a detailed report.
I suggest you go read it, meticulously footnoted, and that's on jonesreport.com exclusively, because my other webmaster has just flown out of town about an hour ago, so we didn't get that posted on infowars.com.
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Ray McGovern, CIA analyst, Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program, Professor Stephen Jones, BYU physics professor about bombs in the buildings and all of that evidence, the controlled demolitions, will be surprise guests.
I think you can imagine who the surprise guests will be in L.A., but they don't want to be named until about a week before.
It's their idea to have this whole conference.
I think?
I think?
Why don't you tell us about any other websites or any other information or anything else you want to plug?
Well, that event's coming up, and I'm a member of Scholars for 9-11 Truth, so that's scholarsfor911truth.org is on the website, which are university professors around the country who have taken a look at 9-11 and...
Are questioning and speaking out about it.
Well, most of them are saying it's an inside job, actually.
That's pretty true, but we don't know who the insiders are.
We don't know the specifics.
We know that it probably had help and it was an inside operation going on.
Sorry, go ahead.
And then I'm actively engaged in a new book.
There's 22 scholars and journalists that are bringing a book out this summer called Impeach the President.
The Case Against Bush and Cheney.
And Dennis Liu from Cal Poly and myself, we coordinated 22 writers.
Howard Zinn's doing the intro.
That book will be out late July from Seven Stories Press.
And it really lays out the 12 reasons that we need to impeach Bush and Cheney.
All their law violations, invading Iraq, lying to the American people, torture, creating free fire zones in dense urban settings, leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians.
Spying on us, violating principles of separation of church and state, all the signing statements, deliberately allowing the destruction of the city of New Orleans and the hundreds of deaths there, denying the veracity of global warming, allowing for the corruption of the U.S.
electoral system, stealing two presidential races.
Promoting the U.S.
military domination of the world, building weapons of illegal, weapons of mass destruction, usurping the American people's right to know the truth through propaganda, and overthrowing the elected president of Haiti.
I mean, all this has happened just in the last six years.
You know, that's the key point you just made, what will happen in the next two, and the Democrats are all on board, too.
We need to impeach this president.
What do you think about Hillary?
I mean, she's having weekly meetings with Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes of Fox News.
There needs to be a populist movement among the American people to say it's time to impeach.
And we've got to get the Democrats and the Republicans because this isn't Republican values.
It's not a Republican value to invade other countries.
I grew up in a Republican farm family and that wasn't the values we had that I grew up with.
And so this is a populist
Well, Ron Paul... Well, Ron Paul has said that it would be a good thing if Bush got impeached on this show, because, number one, he said he's above the law.
He is enacting the Fuhrer, the leader principle.
They're actually even using Nazi case law.
It's right out of the...
I mean, that should scare everyone.
I mean, Bush is clearly, when he said things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship.
In fact, I'm that quote, folks.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
I'm going to play that in a few minutes.
I mean, they're not kidding.
They're really trying to do this.
The problem is, the Democrats have been bought off by the very same global interests that control Bush.
That's why it's not going to happen unless there really are.
You know, we now know that literally half the people in the country want impeachment.
And the whole impeachment movement has emerged.
We've got cities all over.
We just had our Sebastopol, California, city council pass a resolution against impeachment.
The Democratic Party of New Mexico did.
Cities all over the country, people standing up and saying, there was over 1,000 letters to the editor in the main newspapers asking for impeachment in the six months leading up to March when I did that check.
So there's a huge movement in the country.
Of course, the corporate media isn't covering it.
They're, in fact, denying it.
But, you know, people want to say that it's time to get these guys out, that they are criminals, they belong in jail, they need to be arrested, they need to be charged with war crimes.
And that is only going to happen if people stand up and say it.
And you put an impeachment sticker on your car and you join impeachment groups and you say...
We've got to give a message to everybody in Congress that we're not going to tolerate violation of American principles of due process and our rights of privacy and fair play in the world.
This is wrong.
And we need to stand up in a big way to say no to this.
And if we impeach those guys and get rid of them, then the rest of the politicians will line up and say, okay, okay, we'll behave.
Well, I agree with you, and we don't have a choice.
If we do not fight this, if we don't get really aggressive in the information war, I think we're going to have an official dictatorship.
Houston Chronicle admits they're building camps.
We know 13,000 plus counties, we have the documents, are secretly hiring preachers to tell their practitioners that martial law is coming.
The word they use is martial law.
Gun confiscation.
Of course, the Democrats will love that.
All of this is going on.
All of this is happening.
Were you aware that they are creating citizen corps, squads with preachers and others to actually go out and tell people, go into relocation centers?
I mean, Professor, I'm not kidding.
They really are making preparations.
And Ron Paul, again, on this show, agrees.
Most conservative member of Congress.
I mean, we really are in danger, I believe, of going into a full-bore Nazi Germany type of country.
Well, we can stand up and say no to that.
And we're going to be able to.
I mean, we just have to say no.
Or we will lose it.
And, you know, this whole idea that, you know, this violation of the principle of separation of church and state through interlinking of theocratic ideologies and the decision-making process in the U.S.
government is wrong.
You know, we're a country, a secular country.
Sir, do you think we're in danger of, I mean, the things I just stated, because the experts we talked to almost unanimously agree, I mean, all the telltale signs are there.
They're openly announcing a hundred-year endless war against terror.
I mean, I see us slipping into a real 1984.
Well, Halliburton got that $375 million contract to build detention centers around the country to detain people in case of national emergencies or big influxes of what they said were, you know, illegal immigrants.
You don't know who they could round up.
I mean, we may see each other in a tension camp someday, Alex.
This is, yeah.
Well, I'm not going.
Let me have this caveat.
You bring up separation of church and state, and I agree with most of what you're talking about, but a letter from Thomas Jefferson, I've read it,
I believe in the First Amendment, not separation of church and state.
But in the First Amendment, you have separation of church and state.
But instead of a line out of a letter, why not read the first part of the First Amendment?
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
So the government isn't supposed to be involved in 501c3.
They're not supposed to be involved in religion, period, at any level in any way.
Instead, we have Bush, and the Democrats love it,
Trying to get the leadership, the faith-based initiative, what I just mentioned with the preachers, $10 billion a year to literally pay them off, sir.
I mean, that's not even the quote, you know, don't have a national religion.
What we're talking about here, and this was a Christian nation, is a Christian nation, but by that you don't have government out there with an official religion or paying money to churches.
Well, they're paying a lot of money to churches, and there's, you know, billions of dollars going into churches for supposedly relief funds and a variety of other things.
But those aren't real fundamentalist groups that get the money.
They have to agree to vaccinate.
They have to agree to brainwash their members.
Well, I think that's something that most people in this country will not tolerate.
And to be made aware of, and we don't need to have the whole country behind us.
I mean, 10% of the country active, engaged, millions of people saying no in a major way, pushing for impeachment is all we really need, because most people just stand around to see which way it's going to go.
I mean, that's what happened during the American Revolution.
Only 10% of the people were actively supporting Washington.
80% sort of waited to see what would happen.
I think it was really five, but, you know.
Exactly, and that's all it takes.
It takes a few million people really engaged in your local community saying no to this stuff.
And when our impeachment book comes out, people will be loaded with, and you're doing the same thing, the facts of what's going on and be able to speak to that.
During the progressive movement 100 years ago, our grandparents...
I think so.
And, you know, we've got to be able to do the same thing.
No, no, I agree.
It's about buying a bullhorn and going down and bullhorning on the street corner by the capitol or the city hall.
And it's people being involved and standing up for it and not being afraid and finding people who are friends of yours that will say no to this.
Well, I agree.
And saying no, and it can't be leaders.
It can't be you or me, you know, leading this mass.
We have to have the mass happen.
I totally agree.
Some people say, Alex, do this, do that for us.
No, the answer is you, folks.
You're not going to save the world by yourself, but together we are.
You just aggressively go out there and start doing something, and the power of that in the aggregate is unstoppable.
I want to take some calls, sir.
It's simple.
Can we keep you a little bit in the next hour so I have time to get into electronic voting?
I've got office hours with students here pretty quick, but sure.
How long?
How long can you stay with us?
How about 15 minutes after the hour.
Okay, that's perfect.
So we can get back into electronic voting machines.
I want to go to calls right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Curtis in Toronto, Canada.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Oh, hi, Alex.
I was just wondering if while you're in Ottawa, there's going to be any attendable events, like if you were going to bullhorn Canadian Parliament or anything like that.
Well, that's a good idea.
They may arrest me because of hate speech or something.
I'm joking.
No, no, no.
I'm joking.
I'm going up there, yes, to cover the Bilderberg Group.
Because I'd really enjoy seeing that.
I think that would be a lot of fun.
Well, I'm thinking about it.
It's kind of hard to fly with a bullhorn, but... Oh, yeah, yeah.
Well, maybe we could provide you with one.
I mean, I've got a cottage, like, right outside the city.
You're welcome to go fishing or anything while you're there.
But, uh, yeah.
Oh, really?
Are you on that river that goes by the big palatial hotel the Bilderbergs will be in?
Oh, unfortunately not.
It's a little outside the city in Quebec.
It's about an hour drive.
I'm not really sure where the Bilderberg conference is, but if you need anyone to show you around, I grew up there, so I can help you out.
Yeah, that's great.
Will you leave your name and number with the folks answering the phones?
Anything else you want to add?
I mean, I agree with a lot of the stuff you said about immigration in the U.S., but obviously I'm not an American, so I'm not really in my place to comment.
But, yeah, keep fighting the good fight, Alex.
All right.
I mean, thank you.
A lot of liberals are like, oh, no, we have to have open borders.
It's a globalist policy.
American Union, it's in the documents.
Professor, getting into the elites, the Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, these elites, your take on the Bilderberg Group?
Well, probably the same as yours.
You've got elite policy planning groups worldwide.
They meet in men's clubs.
They meet in private places.
They're all corporate-affiliated or government-affiliated.
They believe that they are the people that need to rule the world, and they'll proceed to make plans to do that.
So there's an attitude among elites.
I mean, I saw it at the Bohemian Grove, and I read about it in the Trilateral Commission or the Biltaburda Group as well.
You actually got into the Bohemian Grove.
That's right.
I wrote my dissertation on the Bohemian Grove.
I was there four days and, you know, witnessed this kind of superiority that we're better than kind of the rest of the people.
We have to lead.
We have to be the ones taking charge.
We have to set the rules.
We have to set the parameters, and we've got the power.
And so those kinds of perspectives, you know,
Build and link between institutions, between corporations and government at the highest levels.
And that's always happened.
It's just the sociology of the power elite.
Mega good old boy networks.
Mega good old boy networks.
And certainly the Biltzeburgers are winning.
We have to keep pulling their covers off.
And we're going to have a demonstration on July 22nd outside of Bohemian Grove here in California again.
And the themes are impeachment against the war in Iraq and immigrant rights.
I want to break.
When we get back, we'll take some more calls.
But for 20-something years, the Washington Post and New York Times said Bilderberg didn't exist.
Meanwhile, their editors were attending each year.
And then now they say you're evil if you talk about it.
I mean, does that not show media control that in the past they denied it even existed?
Well, you know, if you look at, like, the five big TV programs, news programs, they only have 71 board members.
And, you know, a third of, almost half of them went to Harvard or Yale.
I mean, this is a club.
Oh, my gosh.
We'll take more calls on the other side for our guest, Peter Phillips, professor of sociology at Sonoma State University.
Wrote his dissertation, one of his dissertations, on the Bohemian Grove.
He's been inside.
We'll be right back.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here, and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
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The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Tarman, Professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
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I'll send an S.O.S.
to the world.
I'll send an S.O.S.
to the world.
I hope that someone gets mine.
I hope that someone gets mine.
I hope that someone gets mine.
Message in a bottle, ladies and gentlemen.
That's hard to turn off Sting, isn't it?
Message in a bottle.
Hmm, Sting.
I wonder if he knows about 9-11.
All right, going back to sociology department professor Peter Phillips.
First time interviewing him.
I've got to get this guy back up.
Just about Bohemian Grove sometime.
Just amazing.
We'll have him 15 minutes into the next hour, and he's got to go spend time with his students.
We're going to continue with your calls.
I know everybody's been holding.
We're going to them right now.
But, Professor, I've got one more little question.
I remember being in college, locally in Austin, they were teaching us there's no world government, but if you think it's bad, it doesn't exist.
If you think it exists, but it's good, then it does exist.
And there's no conspiracies, and everything's wonderful.
And then, I mean, in the last 50 years, our media has taught us there's no elites, there's no conspiracies, there's no power elite.
When in all of human history, the people have known that the power elite becomes greedy and abusive in most cases, in almost all cases.
We're good to go.
Well, there's always been elites in societies, but understanding who they are and how they work is part of what sociology of power and political sociology takes a look at.
And so we build understandings or theories, we call them, of centralized power and whether it works mostly through the state or it works through corporations or combinations thereof.
And we look at different countries and we look at the world.
So we can study the builder group and then we can look at clubs like the Bohemian and see who's there and what they're talking about and who's friends with who.
And you can build maps of understandings of power and see the advantages that these people have
In terms of profit-taking in the world, corporate power, setting rules and regulations, and cheating.
I mean, there are conspiracies.
I mean, every corporate board of directors in the country...
As quarterly meetings, at least, where they conspire to maximize their profit returns, and we know in many cases, like Enron, they do that illegally.
So these are conspiracies, and we need to pull their covers off.
We need to have exposure.
We need to have a media that reports on the powerful.
That's what journalism is about, is saying who's in charge and what they're doing and how they're benefiting from that, who wins and who loses.
That's what good journalism is about.
But instead, the corporate interest had a concerted effort 100 years ago, back when they were trying to fight the populist explosion.
They openly read their documents, said, we've got to buy this up to control these people.
Well, they clearly took advantage of media expansion to corporatize it and to make it private.
We lost that fight back in 1934.
I mean, there was a huge movement that did not want private ownership of the airways in the United States.
Now, we lost that, but we still have access and we still have capabilities of speaking out.
And we're really going to have to put pressure on the corporate media to quit lying to us.
I mean, they're a propaganda model.
I agree, Professor, but I want to make a statement about government media.
The corporations will just go pay lobbyists and buy that off, and then you won't even have the few private medias that are able to counter this.
So, again, that's not a perfect solution either.
They're going to spend $2.5 billion on PR firms to spin the way they want the news to be.
Billions in the Congress said it was illegal, and Bush said, I'll do whatever I want.
You're right.
Shut up!
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Your call is in 70 seconds.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Hello friends, Alex Jones here and I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
We're expecting around a thousand people in attendance.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush, Ray McGovern.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now... Professor Peter Phillips is our guest.
We've got him for another 15 minutes.
We're going to take your calls right now.
We're talking about the elites.
We're talking about the electronic voting machines.
We're going to get into that in a few minutes.
We're talking about...
The Iraq War.
We're talking about censored news.
Right now, let's go to Donna in Mass.
Donna, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you so much for everything you're doing.
And Professor Phillips, good afternoon.
I am so offended by what's been happening on Capitol Hill.
I retired from the Air National Guard a couple of years ago.
They finally allowed me to.
I was involved in Desert Storm Kosovo, Bosnia.
I didn't realize what was truly taking place until the radio and it all made too much sense.
But I also wanted to respond to John who called earlier from Massachusetts regarding our right to own guns in this state in the middle of the night.
Our licenses were not renewed.
The police determined that my husband and I were a threat to polite society because
And we are no longer allowed to have any guns.
They even took my husband's diving knife.
That's how they see us.
That's what happens after they register the guns.
You go serve this country overseas.
Saddam let his people have guns, but we can't hear.
And Bush is double the size of the BATF.
Do you have any questions or comments for our guests?
What people really need to look at doing is hiding guns.
With people they can trust or in places where they cannot be perceived or located by the police.
I think it's not legal.
Donna, I hear you.
Call me back sometime when I've got more time.
I want to hear more about it.
It's an interesting story.
How do the liberals, the mainline liberals, deal with that?
What about that?
They love Che Guevara with his AK-47, but Americans having guns is bad.
Well, if Bush is becoming a dictator...
We're getting to the point of camps, and you're talking to former Nazi resistance people.
I mean, what about Americans if things really get bad?
I mean, having to defend themselves, Professor.
I support the Bill of Rights.
Well, that's good.
And I think we have to stand for that.
I would hope that... Part of a violent response is they've militarized the police forces in the last 30 years.
There's SWAT teams everywhere.
And the minute we get, if there's a violent resistance, we're going to get massacred.
I really feel that we have to stand up in a non-violent manner.
Well, listen, I'm not for violence, sir.
I'm talking about if troops are coming to take you to a camp.
They can't put that millions of us, I mean, we're not alone on this, that millions of us stand together and say no to this corruption, this power, these war criminals, and you stand up everywhere
They can't, you know, and you demonstrate, and you can do non-violent civil disobedience.
Professor, I agree that if it gets violent, it'll escalate it somewhere we don't want to go, but if it really goes to that little 30-man SWAT teams in cities, I mean, you ought to know how many veterans I know of serious combat.
Believe me, those SWAT teams are in deep trouble.
Those SWAT teams won't show up to work, my friend.
Most of them are on our side.
I think it would be tragic if we went there.
We need a non-violent social movement.
I agree.
No, no, the globalists want to escalate it.
They go out and try to provocateur stuff, Professor, as you know.
Yeah, declare martial law.
And then we have to refuse to follow it.
Yes, sir.
Stay there.
We'll come right back and get into electronic voting machines.
Take some more calls.
We're all over the map.
It's great.
With Professor Peter Phillips of Project Censored.
Confined in the 2006 Project Censored.
Hello, friends.
Alex Jones here.
And I'm excited to announce we're going to have a huge 9-11 conference in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th of June.
At this historic event, we will irrefutably document that 9-11 was an inside job, a self-inflicted wound, a false flag terror operation.
The conference is titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
I'm happy to announce the conference will feature presentations by incredible speakers like BYU physics professor Stephen Jones, the father of the Star Wars program, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bowman, former top-level CIA analyst for Reagan and Bush,
Ray McGovern, 9-11 hero William Rodriguez, author Webster Turnbull, professor Jim Fetzer, and many, many others, including special guests.
I'll also be debuting my explosive new film, Terror Storm, at the conference.
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Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight.
We're here live.
I'm going to try to keep our guest.
He's got to go back to his classes and his students, though, here in the next ten minutes or so.
So we'll let him go here pretty quick.
I want to take a few final calls for you, Professor.
Sociology professor, expert on these elites, on what's happening.
Give us your take, Mr. Phillips, on the electronic voting machines.
I mean, there's been so many thousands of articles and investigations and
Employees going public saying it's all a big scam.
Senator Hagel owning his own voting machine company.
He's behind 15 points in the polls but magically wins.
Now we're seeing stuff we've never seen in modern elections where people that clearly should be losing are winning.
And it's always where these machines are in play.
Where do you see this going?
Well, our Censor 2006 book, available now, has a full chapter on voter fraud and the theft of the 2004 election.
We now know that 8 million votes were changed in the voting machines across the country.
But it only happened where there was no paper trail.
So, in California, the exit polls matched the results of the election.
But in 13 states, and it was only in these 13 states, literally, 8 million votes were changed.
So, the
The exit polls showed Kerry winning by 5 million votes, and Bush won by 3 million.
So that's the 8 million vote gap, and they only occurred in states where there was voting machines without a paper trail.
So we know there was fraud in the last election.
The election was stolen, and we would very much like to have an investigation into that and find who the perpetrators were.
But that seems to be, actually both parties seem very reluctant to do that.
They do not want a populist movement rising up and saying, we want fair elections in this country.
They want to continue to pretend that it's all okay, there wasn't fraud in the last election, and maybe the Democrats will inside try to control it, but maybe not.
And it doesn't look like any major protection for us has happened.
So we've got fraudulent elections in the U.S., there's no doubt about it.
And that's a hard pill to swallow, but I've studied this in depth.
It is.
It's hard for people to understand.
I mean, it's sort of like 9-11 conspiracy.
I mean, these are what we call threshold concepts.
You know, you've got to open that closet, and it's scary.
And you've got to cross the threshold and go into that dark place and find the answers to voter fraud, 9-11.
And, you know, the power base of this country, what they're doing and how they're lying to it.
But of course, Professor, for them to steal the election, Kerry had to be a ringer, which he was.
He didn't complain.
He didn't speak out.
He was pro-war, pro-attack Iran.
So they can't just steal elections.
Let me just finish.
They can't just steal elections.
They've also got to have stage candidates.
Well, if you look at the difference between 80 million voters didn't, I mean, 80 million people eligible to vote didn't vote in the last election.
And they look at the two candidates and they go, what's the difference?
You know, abortion?
Maybe that's not a big issue for them.
They didn't really understand that.
Social Security?
So it boiled down to who did what in Vietnam.
I mean, there was really no difference.
Kerry wanted to send more troops into Iraq.
He wanted to continue the policies in Colombia.
He wanted to continue $3 billion a year to Israel.
Those policies aren't any different.
So most people, they go, why bother?
And, you know...
Whether Kerry knew or not that there was fraud in the election, he conceded and it was over.
I mean, it was a done deal.
And the media didn't want to cover it.
And they still don't want to cover election fraud.
There's a good book coming out from Seven Stories Press by Steve Freeman at the University of Pennsylvania, a statistician who's showing all the numbers on election fraud.
It's in our book, too, and it'll be in our impeachment book as well.
You can't keep denying this.
I mean, there was fraudulent election in 2004 and in 2000.
Sir, there are thousands of cases of this.
I mean, we have Republican operatives jamming phone lines during elections out of the White House.
I mean, we've caught them.
I mean, these guys... But the parties have always done that.
Johnson's being stuff balanced in his first election in Texas.
But now it's mechanized and you have the Help America Vote Act where they're federally paying to put in the scam machines.
But it could have been... It doesn't have to be a big conspiracy.
You've got ten guys in a room on the Internet could have hacked these machines and changed them.
They were all on the Internet.
They were designed with...
SAIC had the security codes in San Diego, and Dybul wanted to see Bush re-elected.
They've had experts, computer experts, look at this, and they say these companies are designed with back doors that are designed to then cover up their entry.
They're designed for fraud.
Yeah, BlackRock has proven the machines are hackable.
And we can verify that votes were changed by the exit polls, which can't be that wrong.
I mean, it's millions to one that the exit polls were that wrong.
I mean, so the math is on our side.
So we've got a major problem in the country, and we've got to have people wake up and say, we're not going to allow this fraud to continue.
Play that dictator clip.
Play that clip of Bush, because when you have this going on, I mean, this is dictatorship.
When you have someone who's not been elected twice...
I just heard that played the other day, too, on a different station.
Yeah, let's go ahead and roll that clip.
Do you have it, guys?
Here it is.
But that's okay.
If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.
Just so long as I'm the dictator.
I mean, this isn't a joke.
Well, he was playing it as a joke, but the reality of it is even scarier.
You know, you can play that and say, and he can just simply deny it.
I was just kidding.
Oh, it was just a joke.
Well, by this isn't a joke, I mean the election fraud, the declaring he's above the law.
Not at all.
And it's not just Bush and Cheney.
I mean, that's what part of our global dominant research group is about.
I mean, you've got hundreds of people that are in very powerful positions all over this country that want to see these policies continued, want to see continued military spending, want to see continued expansion and a continued war against terrorism.
They make money on it.
So we've got to stand up to that and absolutely say no.
Well, you're a professor, and I'm going to let you go here in just a moment.
I'm going to go to your calls, folks.
He's got to go.
But there's the funding mechanism.
Big universities, UT, A&M, right where I live here in Texas, now the biggest new funding, whole new wings, whole new departments are Homeland Security, and so they're paying for people to go to college.
On full scholarships to then go man databases that watch the citizens.
So they're insuring a police state by making that be the new economy.
Yeah, I saw where there was a master's degree in Homeland Security given by one of the CSUs.
I've got to look into that.
I just saw that yesterday and I keep thinking about it.
Oh no, it's massive, sir.
I mean, A&M in Texas are giving thousands of these.
Not master's degrees, but just general four-year degrees right now.
And it's scary, sir.
This is huge.
And they've got former CIA directors running these universities like A&M.
I mean, this is spooky stuff.
Well, I look forward to seeing you up in Chicago at the 9-11 conference, and take care, Professor.
Thanks, Alex.
Good having you on.
Okay, we'll go to your calls now.
I appreciate you holding.
Let's talk to Charles in Louisiana, then Frank, Link, and others.
Go ahead, Charles.
Mr. Jones, I'm like you.
I'm really upset and I'm tired.
But I have three quick questions.
Is it any sense for the Minutemen to be on the border anymore?
Well, they haven't passed the legislation out of the House yet, but they're saying they're going to.
We've got to fight this hard.
And forget calling them or emailing them.
You need to physically go to their offices when they're in your area, in their local office, and tell them.
Get them by the hand and say, listen to me.
You know this is killing America.
We have to call into all the talk radio shows and point out this is blanket total amnesty.
It's admitted in the bill.
And the Border Patrol, down there with the National Guard, the National Guard will be down there for three months, and they're not even there to stop illegals.
So the whole thing is a scam.
We've got to ring the alarm bells now.
What I've seen the military do in New Orleans, I don't have no...
No faith in the National Guard or any military when I've seen what they did to these people in New Orleans.
It was a sin before God.
You need to support the troops and turn your guns in, Charles.
Well, I want to ask you, it's only a matter of time before the immigrants start pushing the American people around.
That's freedom.
And they're going to burn a couple of cities down and we're going to get Marshall off.
They already are, sir.
They have Day Without Gringo and everything.
And I respect what you're doing.
Yes, sir.
But I'm going to tell you something.
I'm really disgusted with this.
And it's time for every one of these people to do something and a little bit more because you're trying to do it all and a few other people are trying to do it all.
We could do this if everybody get off their backside and start getting out there, pushing their neighbors, getting the tapes, getting news articles, wake your neighbors up, go next door and knock on the door.
We could do it.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, the Chinese proverb tells us, and that is a monumental movement.
It shows how enslaved we are.
In the past, when we were a free country, that's all people did on Saturday night was go to the stump or go to the bar and argue.
You need to go knock on your neighbor's door and say, Hey, I've got some documents and some videos here for you.
You know they're about to get rid of the border.
It's the American Union.
Here's Lou Dobbs' own article where he says it's a world government.
Here, you know who he is.
And then here's a video called Martial Law Explaining What We're Facing.
Well, if it wasn't for a few people like you, some people think you're not doing enough or promoting other tapes, maybe they need to start researching your tapes and start passing them out instead of telling you what to do and do what you're telling them to do.
It gets me mad when these people call in like, you're not doing enough.
You're doing everything human possibly.
After I go three or four days without enough sleep, my eyes get bloodshot.
Normally I don't have any vessels in my eyes, you can see.
When my eyes start getting bloody, I know I've been working too much.
I'm sitting here with bloody eyes right now.
Literally, bloody eyes, because I'm not bragging, folks.
That's how serious this is.
I am physically sick over this.
I can hardly sleep.
I'm so mad.
I actually love this country.
They're actually getting rid of it.
You understand what George Washington and the founders began is almost over.
So go play your stupid, fake, patriotic songs about the troops in Iraq.
That isn't patriotic.
That's empire.
Our country is dying right now.
Anything else, Charles?
Well, thank you.
I keep saying that, but without you people doing it, I don't know what's wrong with American people.
I'm disgusted with them, Mr. Jones.
I'm disgusted with American people.
I am really disgusted.
Well, I mean, I look like a raccoon with purple circles and bloodshot eyes.
So I'm trying to finish this film, run all these conferences, do all this.
Alex, you need to do more.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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We don't need no education.
That's not an exaggeration and overstatement.
If the House passes this bill and legalizes 25 million illegals and allows the importation of unlimited skilled and unskilled, they're going to use that group to leverage the next amnesty that will be even bigger, and this country is gone.
Do you understand that, ladies and gentlemen?
And the average American is still trying to figure out, well, is Bush telling the truth?
Is this an amnesty?
Or is this getting tough?
Because my conservative talk show hosts are getting tough.
You've been conned again.
Go read it.
Go read it.
Go find out the truth for yourself.
And it's all coming down.
The attack on Iran, World War III, terrorist attacks, all of it.
It's all coming down.
This next year is so important.
We've all got to work hard right now.
I have a responsibility to do what I'm doing.
And believe me, you've got one too.
It's going to be real bad on you folks if you don't take action.
Let's go to Frank in Texas.
Frank, go ahead.
How are you doing, sir?
Pretty good, I guess.
I've got an article over here.
We've gone through this Social Security stuff where we're so busted we can't afford to pay our own people.
But now we're going to pay Mexicans in Mexico.
Yes, yes.
Social Security may head south.
It's an article by Jonathan Wiseman.
The Washington Post, and it's pushed by the Mexican government, and the Bush administration is working on a social security accord that would put tens of thousands of Mexicans into social security rosters.
Yeah, they tell you tens of thousands.
How about tens of millions?
And that passed the Senate last week.
That's right.
And you know how long ago this article is from?
I just ran across it.
It's from... Six months ago.
December 19, 2002.
And Arturo Sacrahan, a top official in Mexico's foreign ministry, said...
That how do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time, he said.
Oh, their government openly gives speeches and says it is our country.
It extends beyond our borders.
America is ours.
It is your Raza's responsibility.
Take it.
Your race's responsibility.
Well, that's why the elite want to get that big tax break.
They could pay all the illegal aliens to do their gardens and watch their kids and everything else.
I agree.
Somebody has to put out that bumper sticker.
For those who still stand behind Bush, somebody ought to give him a kick in the pants.
I don't know what's wrong with these idiots.
I was just talking with somebody in a hardware store this morning, and they whisper to you when they talk back about it.
You know, I mean, people better wake up.
Yeah, that's freedom.
Oh, it's so free.
People deep down are like, well, I'm afraid.
I don't know.
This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
Yeah, America.
I know people will whisper in stores to me, Hey, there's cameras.
Listen, I used to be in the military and intelligence.
I agree, but I can't get involved.
I'm afraid.
You better be afraid of doing nothing in this agenda going through.
Yeah, it's scary.
Well, I'm from Chicago.
I go to Italy when you get over there for some good pizza.
Oh, go ahead.
Well, when I'm in Chicago, I'll be too busy 14 hours a day doing interviews.
Well, order a pizza from Gennaro's.
They're one of the people.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.
Link in Florida.
Link, go ahead.
Am I on there?
Yes, sir.
Yes, you are.
How are you doing, Alex?
I'm all right, I guess.
The country's dying, and I'm not doing too well.
Okay, I know how the world is.
I love everything you do, by the way.
Anyways, I'll put a kiss on your ass.
But are you familiar with HR 4752?
Fill me in.
That is the draft that they're putting in right now.
Yeah, they got a bunch of bills for that.
Yeah, and I'm really worried about that because it seems like it's going through and they're getting no mainstream media about it.
Don't worry.
Bush won't sign campaign finance reform.
Don't worry.
They won't pass the amnesty.
Don't worry.
Those three different bills for total draft 18 to 49 aren't really real.
It's a conspiracy.
The bills are there, but only kooks talk about it.
I know.
Why is this?
Why are we not informed on these kind of things?
We're supposed to be able to know these things.
Sir, three years ago, they set the draft boards back up, and the Army has put out reports saying they're going to have a draft.
But you tell the general public, they go, that ain't true!
Everybody should look that up.
I'm going to repeat the House of Resolutions so they can look it up on their own on Vogue.gov, you know?
It's 4752, okay?
And another thing, you guys were talking about vote rigging, right?
The computer programmer testified, this is on C-SPAN, he testified in Congress that Tom Feeney hired him to pair voting software.
Have you seen that video?
Yeah, we have multiple head engineers at major companies going public saying it's all CIA run, and it's in maybe an Ohio or Texas paper once or twice.
Oh, it's all run by the government.
He was in Florida.
I was mentioning a few other cases.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, I'm sorry.
And another thing, I'm trying to...
Organize a little wake-up session here, a film festival kind of thing.
And I want to show your videos.
Is that fine with you?
Yeah, knock yourself out.
I appreciate it, sir.
Thank you.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll continue to cover the New World Order's incineration of this country.
The wool's ripping the guts out right now, and you're a little sheep thanking him.
Oh, thank you, government.
Thank you.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
By the way, folks, there's quite a few other websites and servers that stream the Genesis Programming.
And that way, every once in a while when the network streams go down because of Internet problems or too many visitors, people can still find the streams.
On InfoWars.com, we have a limited number of streams, not that many, but a couple hundred to where if the network ever goes down, we've added some that basically back it up.
It comes off the satellite and we restream it.
And so we're doing that.
We're also going to have some limited higher bit streams for some of the micro-FMs out there, non-commercial stations that pick us up.
So that's exciting.
That's at InfoWars.com.
We've done that so that we always have alternate backups.
And if we need to, the network ever has a problem where the web's down for two or three days again,
We can, in a few hours, pump those streams up to thousands, since that's why we've set this up.
So it's a limited streams, but it's there as a backup.
So in the future, if there's ever a problem, that's there.
I vowed a month ago to not put up with this anymore, so we've set that up for you.
It's always good to have redundancy.
That way, if we go down, we've still got the network.
See, it goes back and forth.
But we've got Glenn Spencer with us right now.
For the listeners out there on the AM and FM dial, Internet and shortwave, he has been for over a decade, longer than that, in Southern California, now in Arizona, standing up, resisting what's happening.
He's one of the few people that understands this is about globalism.
Finally, Lou Dobbs is covering it.
But we sent cameras out to...
One of the big Minutemen deals they had, the reckoning up at Crawford that I couldn't go to a few weeks ago, and Glenn was the only one that said it's about a world government.
Here's the documents.
He and Lou Dobbs.
Even our so-called anti-immigration leaders are like, we don't want to touch that, touch that.
Well, that's the whole plan.
You've got to talk about that.
The CFR's open plan being implemented is the end of our borders.
The end of America.
And Lou Dobbs wrote another article about this today.
Glenn Spencer, thank you for joining us.
Make no mistake, this is the end of America if this total amnesty passes the House.
It has passed the Senate.
Many traitorous Democrats and Republicans voted to do this.
It is total amnesty.
Glenn, first off, break down what this legislation really does, and then your strategies to defeat this.
Well, the legislation legalizes just about all the illegal aliens in the United States.
They have some sham about, oh, you have to have been here five years, and from two to five years, you have to go back and reenter the United States with our permission, and for less than two years, you go back and stay home.
Well, come on.
Bill King ran the last amnesty program.
He's on my board of directors.
He was also a chief U.S.
Border Patrol agent.
He tells me that the fraud will be so overwhelming
The government will be totally incapable, incapable of screening these applicants.
The leader of the Republican Senate two years ago in five hours went out and got four fake IDs with a matricula.
I mean, the leader of the Senate did that to demonstrate this.
They have the immigrant anti-American groups, the advocacy groups.
They're the ones that run the amnesties.
I wrote years ago
You know, based on research, that Mexico is one of the most corrupt nations on Earth, and their population, for defensive mechanisms, they don't think twice about cheating the government.
So when they came up here, it was nothing for them to go out and forge IDs.
And if the Senate knows this, they're going to forge everything.
Everyone will have been here five years in one day.
Well, it's all accepted.
I mean, we know those provisions are all being stripped out.
We know that the, oh, we'll stop felons unless they have a hardship.
We know the troops on the border to, quote, advise Border Patrol for a few months.
We know that's all just service stuff.
We know the former head of the Ford Foundation has run the board.
And making them wait six years and then get in line.
You know what's going to happen.
They will be here one year.
They will then march through downtown Los Angeles, not 700,000 but probably 2 million, and once again intimidate the government, and they will give them instant amnesty.
That's what's going to happen.
I mean, you're talking about bringing in, let's say, 15 million people, making them stay here for 11 years before they can get citizenship.
Well, you know, the president is spending American lives over in Iraq to give 20 million people the right to vote.
And he wants to create a group of 20 million people who do not have the right to vote.
Well, we know that's... In the midst of our country.
We know that's a smokescreen.
Of course it is.
And, Glenn, we know that they selectively enforce everything.
And so we know what is in this legislation.
In fact, notice two weeks ago, Fox and others protested this legislation saying,
Of course!
I mean, he went into California and killed Proposition 187 12 years ago, right?
And now he's come into the United States and is killing the Sensenbrenner Bill and declaring victory.
This is the conquest of Aslan.
The Senate of the United States just voted to dissolve its own body!
Meanwhile, the CFR is openly announcing this is the Pan-American Union.
This is the American Union.
Comments on that?
Of course.
And that's what it's all about.
I mean, they had the Migration Policy Institute.
Andreas Papandreas was on television a week and a half ago.
He was on C-SPAN.
And they had all the foreign ministers of all the Latin American countries sitting there, and right next to him was Doris Meissner, former head of the INS.
She's the one who created this mess.
And he sat there and he said, this is all about globalism.
This is about regionalism.
And he looked and he pointed at Doris Meissner, and he said, when she was commissioner of the immigration department, she did a great job.
And if we had her there now, we would do a better job.
What he's talking about, what you've been talking about, what I have been talking about, he says right in the open, globalism.
In other words, the destruction of the United States of America.
And these idiots just voted to do it.
I'm trying to find the quote here.
I've got like five articles on Fox.
Mexico's Fox praises U.S.
Senate vote on immigration as he met with scumbag Schwarzenegger.
But I'm here reading this, and I'm trying to find the quote.
He said something like, this is the decade of migrants.
Did you hear that quote?
This is it.
We're going to migrate.
We're going to run you over.
And this is what they've all promised.
You know, what I heard today, Rush Limbaugh says, it sounds like this bill was written by lawyers for the National Council of La Raza.
And you'd better believe it was.
Yeah, but then he had Cheney on there last week pushing all this.
I mean, I've heard Limbaugh and others, they'll say it's bad.
Limbaugh was going crazy today, I will tell you that.
Every talk show that I've heard of, except the extreme left wing up in New York, is now saying this is the craziest thing they've ever heard of.
But they don't know why.
They don't know what's really going on.
Well, that's because they've done it as confusing as possible.
I mean, we know that the 6,000 troops on the border are rotated in there in 2,000 troop groups and that all they can do is call the Border Patrol when they see an illegal.
Meanwhile, Bush is calling Minutemen vigilantes.
It's just all smoke and mirrors.
Well, there's no question about it.
I mean, I was up flying this morning.
We spotted a group, turned them over to the Border Patrol helicopter.
I mean, this place is wide open.
They're chasing a group right now, a mile from my house.
They're all over the place.
And I will tell you, short of a triple wall, you'll never stop this.
Well, we can build a wall at, what, over 70-plus percent of Afghanistan in a year, and it's double barbed wire, 15 feet high, nobody gets across it.
They can build a wall over large areas of Iraq.
It would be so inexpensive to go in, give it to state contractors at the local level, have the specs, and have a 20-foot walled,
We could even electrify that sucker with a no-man's land in between it and put the military every mile with a four-man squad in a tower very inexpensively with .50 calibers, and the minute a Mexican trooper opens fire, kill every one of them.
Well, I'll tell you something.
When I started on this here three and a half years ago, almost four years ago, I thought we might be able to use technology.
We developed unmanned aerial vehicles.
And then we went to a full-size aircraft, and we've gotten more powerful cameras.
But it's taken me some time to learn that, oh, sure, we could do it with technology.
It would cost you around $10 billion.
You'd have to have a few hundred UAVs.
Okay, four or five B-2 bombers.
Listen, $10 billion is absolute chicken feed.
Well, they could build a fence for $2 billion.
They know that.
It could be done in six months and the problem is over with.
Or we could spend $5 to $10 billion a year trying to hold everything back using the soft, feel-good, welcome wagon approach.
And in California alone, how many tens of billions a year do the illegals get in welfare?
Well, it's $4 billion just to educate their kids.
And most of them drop out.
So, this thing is, no, but this, what you're right, this is, this, when Bush went down to Waco, Texas, and met with Fox, Last year.
This was the plan when he went to Baylor University, just in, last month, earlier this month, it's not June yet, earlier this month,
A couple weeks ago, about a week ago, they had a meeting.
And at that meeting, there was the plan to have the North American Union.
That's what this is all about.
Yeah, and how amazing is it that Lou Dobbs is actually talking about global government right now?
You and I have been talking about it for years.
He talked about conquest of Aslan on Tuesday.
Well, that's what it's all about.
I'm getting lots of orders for our five-year-old DVD, Conquest of Aslan.
Now they're calling up, what's this all about?
Five years ago!
Boy, I tell you, when you've got people around you that speak Spanish and can hear it, that's all that's being said.
That's right.
It's perfect for an invading army, because it's like they've got a code.
No one can hear it.
No one knows that it's going on right next to you.
That's right!
They've got big billboards up, signs.
It's all over the Mexican radio and TV.
Come on!
We're taking you over.
You'll be dead soon.
That's right.
What do you think of Gutierrez, the UT Chicano Studies guy, now saying not only must all white males 16 and older die, I have that on tape, we must all be killed, now he's saying all whites must be killed as soon as possible.
Well, absolutely.
This is national suicide.
It is going to end up in some kind of major civil unrest.
Thousands of people are going to die before this is all over.
And the media is going to spin it, Glenn, that it's our fault.
That's correct.
You know, on the 17th of May, there was a story in USA Today.
And wasn't it interesting?
The story says, tension over illegal immigration is contributing to a rise in hate groups and hate crimes across the nation, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.
It says that racist groups are using the immigration debate as a rallying cry.
Now, this is in USA Today.
And it says one of those groups is American Border Patrol.
Its efforts have included rounding up illegal immigrants and turning them over to law enforcement.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused ABP of abusing and illegally detaining immigrants.
And the center lists ABP as a hate group.
All lies.
Lies to discredit us because we turned in a report on the Border Patrol...
Congress and Senators, and they began to look at it.
To the U.S.
Yeah, you've spoken in close session to Congress.
Now, I want to stop right there, because you came up in life in affairs, helping Native Americans.
I mean, you guys have got Jewish, black, Hispanic members.
It's ridiculous.
The head of the Minutemen, of course, is Al Garza.
I mean, this type of stuff is insane, but I want to add an important point to everything you just stated here.
The AP was the only mainstream news outlet, to be honest.
It was on Spanish TV, and my wife, again, speaks fluent Spanish.
We were watching it.
She lived in Spain, I don't know, five, six years.
But the point is, is that on Mexican TV, it was the day without gringos.
Go home, gringos.
AP had the headline, a day without gringos on May Day.
Now, in the national news, it was a day without immigrants.
That'd be like if I had a group called the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, I had a rally with guys in white hoods, and the media called it a day of love and caring.
I mean, they lie even about the official names, Glenn.
Well, this was absolutely libelous.
There is not an ounce of truth in this, but what they did, because the Senate was debating this, and I had a DVD.
People told me senators were looking at it.
And in there, I exposed a guy by the name of Robert Bach, who ran the INS essentially under Meister.
He was a former Ford Foundation guy.
Well, I nailed him in this video.
Somebody called me.
They dropped the dime, and they said, did you know that Robert Bach is now working with the Southern Poverty Law Center?
So what happened was, they had to discredit me and our work, so they go in USA Today!
Hey, you know what, Glenn?
I mean, obviously, they can beat the rap, they can't beat the ride.
The ADL's lost a couple suits for this.
Why don't you sue Southern Poverty?
Well, I've got some leads.
You know what, just file on them.
File on them in Arizona.
Make them come there.
Sue them back.
Sue those pieces of filth.
I've had lawyers tell me, this is clear libel.
You have never done any of these things.
We've never detained anybody.
Sue them.
We've never abused anybody.
I'll raise money for you, brother.
Sue them.
Well, I've sent a letter demanding a retraction.
I've sent a letter to the head of the USA Today.
Yeah, but they'll retract it on their website, not USA Today.
Well, no, it's got to be in the paper.
I forced a bunch of big retractions in major papers on myself, because I just said, this is a lie, I'm going to sue you, and they retracted.
But Scripps, Howard News Service, and others... But this is their technique.
They slander people.
These people are ruthless.
People have to understand that.
They will stop at nothing.
Now, I know a lot of people probably tuned in to me just now and think,
You know what, Dine Corrin running child kidnapping rings.
I have Chicago Tribune, folks, where they say, oh, Gutierrez at UT didn't say kill all whites.
He gave it in a speech three weeks ago, folks.
You think I just say all this over and over again?
This is true.
This is going on.
I know you can't believe it.
I can't believe it.
Glenn, I mean, it's nuts.
We're racist because we don't like people saying that we all must die.
They're saying my whole family has to die, and I'm bad because I'm against it.
That's correct.
I had a reporter from the Long Beach Press-Telegram call me up.
Wanted to interview me.
And she said, why are you saying all those hateful things about Armando Navarro?
And I said, that's a good way to start an interview.
Accuse me of being a hate monger.
I said, this interview is over.
I mean, when did you stop beating your wife?
This is crazy.
The LA Times called me and I said, I won't even give you... I said, I won't talk to you.
They'll take everything I say and use it against me.
It's unbelievable.
It's unbelievable.
How long do you think until the illegals burn every city?
Well, I think that, no, the way it's going, you know, the way it's going, they're going to own every city.
They don't want to burn it down.
It's theirs.
If the House of Representatives caves on this,
The United States is, unless the people rise up, unless the citizenry of themselves take it upon themselves to take their country back and have the courage to do it, and this is Memorial Day, and be willing to put their lives on the line, then we'll lose.
You're doing that right now on the Texas border.
I mean, the Arizona border.
I want to come right back, take a few calls from Jay...
Michael, Chuck, Garrett, we'll see who we can get in real quick.
Glenn Spencer, AmericanBorderPatrol.com.
We'll be right back.
Hello, friends.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
No amnesty for any of these people.
How do we defeat this?
You know, I believe we have to let the Republican Party know that if the House of Representatives passes this amnesty, then we will work, every one of us will work, to defeat every Republican.
Because if the amnesty passes, we've lost it.
Every one.
And we have to throw every Republican out, and then we have to start a third party, and then we have to elect our own people, and then go back and change this law.
I cannot believe that the Republican Party, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, would agree to this.
Now, tremendous pressure is going to be put on them by the White House.
They are going to be threatened.
They are going to be promised billions of dollars for their districts.
Every trick in the book will be used.
What we have to do is mobilize the American people.
And with your help, we can do it.
But the good news is you did hear Limbaugh going crazy.
Oh, absolutely.
He didn't hold anything back.
He was going crazy.
Did he attack Bush?
He didn't go after Bush.
Oh, come on.
He called them the blue blood country club Republicans.
And that's who he was going after.
He wouldn't mention Bush, but it's his fault.
Let's go.
If Rush Limbaugh did the right thing, we'd defeat this.
He won't.
Jay in Denver, you're on the air.
Quickly, go ahead, Jay.
How you doing?
I usually don't call in anymore, but I was calling to thank Charles in Louisiana.
Every time he calls, I get goosebumps on my neck, hoping he's waking up some more people.
He's a good man.
Yes, he sure is.
I work in a restaurant business.
I'm an assistant chef, and I work with a bunch of Mexican guys and Guatemalans and
Some have papers and some have papers from people they've never met.
And that's how they work their way in here.
It's just papers and no one wants to check.
The owners pay them $7 an hour.
They pay me $15 at least.
They pay them $7 an hour and work the heck out of them.
And they brag about it.
I have contemplated calling INS on my restaurant in Denver, Lansdowne Arms, and every other restaurant in Denver because they're all doing it.
Because the dishwashers in every restaurant...
In every place out southwest, I can guarantee you are illegal immigrants.
From wherever they're from.
I don't care if they're Mexicans or Hispanics or not.
And these people that are... I appreciate your call.
I'm sorry we're out of time.
The people that are doing this are killing this country.
Nothing even against these foreigners.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Illinois.
Last caller.
Sorry to Chuck and others.
Go ahead, Mike.
Alex, I'm madder than heck.
And I wanted to say to your guest, kudos to you.
Alex, we need to be like the Hispanic people.
You got the power on the radio, Alex.
We need to organize...
Millions of people across this country to stand up like they did on May Day and in March and march millions of American people who want to stand up against our government.
Alex, this is what we need to do to make a statement.
I mean, you could mail out all the films you want and I have all your films and they're great.
But we need to now take action.
We need to stand up and march.
I want to know what you say about that.
Well, I agree.
It needs to be black Americans, Hispanic, white Americans together.
I mean, we have 90% in major polls.
We are the majority.
It is the Constitution.
It's these elites.
Glenn Spencer, I salute you.
Thank you so much for joining us.
God bless.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
It's just... Oh, what a wild week.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Central Standard Time.
The websites are Infowars.com, JonesReport.com, and...
prisonplanet.tv Be sure and get all my videos.
That is having a big effect.
We are having an effect.
People are very open now to the truth.
Push harder than you've ever had before.
And please, come to our big 9-11 conference we're having in L.A.
24th and 25th.
Get your tickets now before they're all gone.
Ray McGovern and many others will be there.
And surprise guest.
Alright, get out there and take on the New World Order.
The people are mad.
They're ready to listen.