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Air Date: May 25, 2006
2590 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to this 25th of May, 2006 Thursday edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live here for the next three hours, and we've been having guests almost every day for the last few weeks, but we don't have any schedule today.
I want to be able to take a lot of your phone calls in the first, second, and third hour on the developments in Iran, on Israel's Omert,
Their new Prime Minister demanding that we attack Iran for them on all the bribery scandals that are breaking concerning Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, Duke Cunningham, and many, many others.
I think that's blackmail.
And frankly, I think the main culprit we can look at is Israel.
I have studied how Israel operates, and it's one of their specialties.
But it's certainly pressure on the Congress to pass these very unpopular agendas.
We'll be getting into that today.
There's a whole host of issues and you're welcome to call in at 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231 and we will get you up and on the air.
There is so much to discuss here.
In the last few days, Hastert has told President Bush that FBI raid was unconstitutional and violated the separation of powers.
And it is very unconstitutional that we have seen more and more federal executive pressure being brought to bear on the Congress during the anthrax attack.
There were armed troops in there questioning and interrogating members of Congress.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Remember just a few days ago, over the weekend, FBI searches Congressman's office.
Representative William Jefferson is focus of federal bribery probe.
FBI agents were on Capitol Hill Saturday searching the office of Representative William Jefferson as part of a bribery investigation into Louisiana Democrat government officials said.
And this scared Hastert and others...
And they're now reporting that the Abramoff lobbying bribery scandal does lead to Hastert.
Now, this first broke in the alternative patriot media about a year ago before Abramoff had even really gotten into deep, deep hot water.
And then about, what, three months ago it was in the Village Voice, and then it was in Salon, two borderline mainstream liberal publications.
Both listing Hastert.
And now we have an ABC News report that will be playing after the break where they reported that he is a subject of an investigation.
Now there have been denials concerning this.
Continuing, we have an LA Times report here about Vice President Dick Cheney might testify in the Scooter Libby case.
And a lot more coming up concerning spying on the American people.
Leave spy judgments to government officials say that we shouldn't worry about anything.
It's up to their discretion.
There's basically no constitution.
Just leave it all up to them.
So we'll cover that as well after this quick break.
But I'm going to go to your calls in the next segment.
I'm going to take a lot of calls.
We've been getting better and better about this, but I'm going to blow the roof off today.
I want to take 50 calls in the next three hours.
Let's have a free-for-all.
It's going to be interesting.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, the mainstream media finally picked up on a story that we've been covering for the last year-plus.
And that is that almost every committee chairman, almost every senior congressman...
Is on the payroll.
In fact, I've talked to a lot of congressmen and women behind the scenes.
If you're not on the payroll, if you're not dirty, you do not get promoted to committee chairman level, or you get run out, or they go after you like they have Congressman Tom Tancredo.
That's even been in Roll Call and other big congressional publications that President Bush openly has got a fatwa out against him once Tom Tancredo out of office for rallying the American people against the open borders.
So we know that you've got to be dirty, you've got to be on the payroll.
Many of the members of Congress are secret members of the Central Intelligence Agency.
It came out that the outgoing head of the CIA, Porter Goss, who was the head of the House Intelligence Committee for many years and who was clearly involved in 9-11 with Mahmoud Ahmed, the head of Pakistani intelligence, and we get into that in the films, it's another subject.
The point is about these individuals...
Is that he had been a secret CIA officer going back into the early 1960s.
It's like President Bush.
He was CIA before he was ever a congressman from Texas.
And then they claim in the mid-70s that it was supposedly the first time he'd ever been in the CIA that he was just magically made Director of Central Intelligence.
And then now we've gotten a hold of documents and other pieces of evidence that he was even involved in the operation at the Bay of Pigs.
So we have this backdrop, and I started out this whole discussion about bribery and corruption in Congress with the statement that this is par for the course.
This is like saying that a sailboat has to have a sail.
I mean, if you're not corrupt, you're not going to be put in a senior position.
And this is what the mafia, what organized crime has done for thousands of years.
You've got to do really heinous crimes.
You've got to be dirty.
You've got to be in it up to your elbows or even up to your eyeballs or sometimes completely submerged in this soup of cess to be moved into the higher ranks.
We're good to go.
I think?
They may have sold drugs for five years.
They may have robbed ten liquor stores.
They may have already stolen 50 cars.
Before they become a made member of the gang or get into its ruling council, even at the street thug level, they say, okay, one of the most popular things in Dallas when I was growing up, and of course I heard about similar things in L.A.
in the news, was you've got to go kill an old lady.
An innocent old lady on a walker at a bus stop.
You've got to pull up and shotgun her in the face.
You've got to kill her.
And in fact, if the old lady doesn't die from the shotgun wounds, you've got to go out and kill another old lady.
It's been in the mainstream news that the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 and others right now have to kill a black man.
We're good to go.
That's the kind of things that happen, that go on.
And in Congress, that's how it works.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And, you know, boom, there's this beautiful, you know, supermodel that just comes into your room.
And you've basically been told, you know, just get into it.
Go along with it.
You've got a few scotch and waters.
You better.
Okay, this is how it starts.
And then pretty soon, hey, there's a defense contract coming down.
Give us a vote on it.
And, hey, you've got your own plastics plant.
This other defense contractor that's a subsidiary of this one is going to give you a big $10 million order.
How does that sound?
Or, hey, I think you ought to buy this piece of land over here.
It's valued at $100,000, but I bet somebody would buy that for $800,000.
And then suddenly, after five, ten years in there, it's just Swiss bank accounts, in some cases hundreds of millions of dollars.
You're totally selling your country out.
Hookers are as ubiquitous, as Michael Rivero said, as water fountains.
That's the joke.
It's just total insanity.
And then you get flown into the ranch.
Uh-oh, it isn't five-star hookers, ladies and gentlemen.
It's 14-year-old girls.
And you're told, you've got to do this.
This is when you go to the next level.
And this is what they do, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your government.
And it's so evil, it's so out in the open now, that they openly have two lobbyists, one for DynCorp, one for Halliburton, against Chicago Tribune.
It's been in other publications now as well.
Who are there lobbying for the white slaverings and lobbying that the U.S.
Army, because they have been trying to stop it, not enforce against Halliburton and 9 Corps openly running these camps in Eastern Europe and its hundreds of bases in the Middle East.
And some of it isn't sex slavery.
Some of it they just grab old families and ship them off to slave camps where they live at a subsistence level.
They're all over the world in different sweatshops building Nike tennis shoes.
Or, in other cases, they grab the European babies that you can get $250,000 a piece for, and the family back in the U.S., the middle-class family, they give them some baloney story.
This has been in the news.
Oh, your child came from this poor family.
The single mother died of tuberculosis, and here's the healthy baby.
Give us the $250,000.
I'm told it's even more now, and you get the little baby.
You don't know that a woman, you know, a 20-year-old, 18-year-old woman got grabbed.
Her husband had his head blown off.
Or was put in prison, and the woman was sent to Saudi Arabia as a sex slave, and the baby is, or Israel for that matter, or Turkey.
Turkey's real bad.
We haven't been talking enough about them.
And then they fly them out.
They're just out in the open.
This is just out in the open.
And I guess what comes around goes around.
Whites are the most trafficked in the world right now.
There's a premium on whites.
Culturally, whites have been seen as the elite globally.
You know, the empire builders.
And so these Eastern Europeans and Central Europeans, these are beautiful women.
And I just saw a PBS special the other night.
I had to turn it off.
I just couldn't watch it.
This husband trying to get his wife back.
They just kidnapped her.
Took her into Turkey.
Fifteen Turks would rape her a day, at least.
I mean, I just don't even know how to... I mean, believe me, folks, I wouldn't be going around on a cell phone trying to get my wife back.
I mean, I'm sure you've seen The Terminator.
That's what it would look like.
I mean, just guaranteed.
Full body armor suit, machine guns hanging all over my body.
It would just be... I mean, there'd be hell to pay.
Now I'm ranting.
I don't know.
I said I'd go to your calls.
I want to get into this whole bribery scandal, but to do it, you have to get some background here.
Now, the British specialize in blackmail and bribery, but governments do, period.
But really, who's been the most aggressive about it in the last ten years has been the Israelis.
And I see Israeli fingerprints all over...
Duke Cunningham and all over Hastert and all over Cheney and all over Fitzgerald.
And you've got Obert over here saying, you've got to attack them, you've got to attack them now.
And the Congress is saying, 70 plus percent of people don't want it.
It's wildly unpopular.
We're all about to be removed from office in the next election.
Even with the help of our electronic machines and 35 percent of the country, we're still losing money.
There's about to be a revolution in this country.
We can't do it.
And Israel every day, generals, heads of the Knesset, their prime minister are just, you're bad.
You can actually read these headlines in Haratz and Jerusalem Post.
You're bad.
You're not good.
America's bad.
You've got to attack Iran for us, or you've got to support us when we attack.
And there's a lot of different indicators, and I've got evidence of this.
We know they blackmailed Bill Clinton.
And now it's just full-blown.
And they told Bush, you will put Chertoff in, our dual citizen, you will put him in as Homeland Security head, you will put in almost your entire cabinet will-be Israeli double agents, they're admittedly double agents, mainstream news at a special Pentagon office, completely Israeli-run, you know, cooked up all their Iraq intelligence and basically runs things, and high-level CIA analysts, and a bunch of generals, Zini and others are on record saying it, Colin Powell.
I mean, this is what's going on.
And this is blackmail, folks.
And Hastert and others haven't been... I mean, they only did 95% of what Israel wanted, and Israel is just bullying them, and they're probably going to go ahead and attack Iran.
I mean, it's, hey, it's going to come out.
You took hundreds of millions of dollars, Hastert.
Now, either... Again, Duke Cunningham, it's 800 plus mil.
So, you want to be indicted like the rest of these people?
Or you get in there, Hastert.
You've been kind of backing off attacking Iran.
You do what you're told, okay?
And you may get removed from office, but at least you'll keep your Swiss bank accounts.
You understand, old man?
You do exactly what we say.
So, I've got a lot of evidence of this.
We'll take calls and we'll get back into more of the evidence on it.
But I do see Israel's fingerprints all over this.
And, you know, most people see their fingerprints on everything.
I don't.
I do on this.
This fits their M.O.
and the motive and the way Olbert's behaving.
We'll be right back.
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Did you know that one goal of international communism was to get our young people's mind off religion by getting on to sex?
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'll play the ABC News clip and go through the reports that are now being denied.
This is just the threat.
They're showing the threat that they're serious, that they may go ahead and arrest him, indict him, who knows what's going to happen.
The guy's obviously dirty.
We've been getting this on him for years.
That's coming up after I take some calls.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you?
Hey, Alex.
I'm looking forward to the Chicago conference.
I've got three or four coworkers here that we've all kind of become like-minded individuals, and we're all looking forward to meeting you.
Oh, good.
I know it frustrates you when we do this, because we end up preaching to the choir over and over and over again, but shouldn't we stop preaching to the choir and start to mobilize?
We've got 50% of the population screaming for a new investigation on 9-11.
I mean, we've got to break the lazy ignorance.
Nobody wants to read any of these documents.
Nobody wants to do any of this stuff.
How do we break through it?
I know you're doing your best.
You're out there every day banging the street and doing what you can do, and I absolutely admire the heck out of you for doing it, but...
Isn't it time to start doing something?
We've got 50% of the population screaming for a new investigation.
Sir, you just said that we've got 50% wanting a new investigation and saying the government may be involved.
The new poll stated that.
The point that I'm trying to raise here is that shows that this tactic is winning.
We're having an effect.
And then you say people don't read the documents.
No, people are finding out what happened.
It's probably a blanket statement to say it like that, but a vast majority of the people don't want to wake up.
But wait a minute, that poll shows that a vast majority has woken up.
I understand that, and I'm stepping over myself.
But I had the argument on the way in this morning on the train, and they were all talking about American Idol.
And I said, did anybody read any of the legislation on immigration?
And I got these blank stares from almost everybody.
And the question was, where do you find that?
And I'm blown away by the fact that they don't even want to listen to it.
I mean, should we not be in the face of the mainstream media and demanding true information, not surface-level arguments that don't have anything to do with the underlying argument?
You've got to know, sir, that the mainstream media is owned by the military-industrial complex, so I wouldn't really expect them to expose themselves.
What we're doing is building our own media, and you guys are helping build it by supporting it,
And we don't need a majority to take back our country.
All we need is a highly motivated minority, and we're already beginning to get a majority that is at least informed and knows that something is wrong.
But, I mean, you want to mobilize?
How do we do that?
Tell me.
I don't have the answer.
I really don't.
I'm just asking because, you know what, I've looked to you for a lot of this stuff.
I've got all your videos.
I've handed them out constantly to people.
I put my job on the line every day having conversations like this every day with people.
Well, Mike, that's the solution.
You're doing it right there.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
The New World Order wasn't set up in a day.
We're not going to tear it down in a day.
They're scared right now.
Look at all these reports trying to counter everything we talk about.
Look at how they look fearful now.
They're not as arrogant as they once were.
Their whole agenda is moving forward, but it's on fire.
You know, this juggernaut is still rolling forward, but smoke's coming out of every orifice.
I mean, inside their system, alarms are going off.
I mean, picture the New World Order as a giant battleship, and it's going... Engine room, engine room, we're overheating.
We've been hit, we've been hit.
More enemy fire is coming in.
I mean, picture... And then we're sitting here going...
We're good to go.
Well, like I said before, every time I've called in, I'll stand next to you the entire time that they try that.
But I hope to God that we still have enough time left, because I'll tell you what, when fear takes hold, all bets are off.
Even people that will stand next to you now will turn on you.
Turn on you?
I mean, listen.
I've got to protect my kids, Alex.
Hey, I know what you're saying, and I agree with it, but I've got to protect my kids will be the response.
And I hope to God we don't run into that.
Well, I appreciate your call.
You know, we're an instant gratification society.
We expect the hamburger within two minutes out of the dropper window, and we're sitting there tapping our foot the whole time.
Hollywood has sold us on this hero image.
There's one thing we do, and we go and we take over one building.
We go to arrest one person, and it's all over.
Again, I said this yesterday.
You could take over the federal government today.
And we're such a corrupt society that the very people that took it over would try to become dictators themselves.
We have to change our hearts first.
We have to get involved in our local communities first.
We have to go out into the churches and schools and educate people and re-educate folks.
This has been a long process.
We are a corrupt, decadent society.
Human societies are like petri dishes.
And when they get all toxic and rotten and pus-filled, the bacteria grow.
Okay, so it's... This stuff couldn't happen in the past to this extent in America because we were more individualistic.
We didn't trust the government.
We knew a big government was bad.
Okay, so it's a process, sir.
It's not...
You know, mobilize.
We are mobilized, sir.
We're manning the guns in the Info War.
The government says 90% of their tactics are Info War.
So are ours.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Everybody wants to take action.
Everybody wants to do something.
The world is a pretty big place.
There's six and a half billion people.
Pick an issue.
Expose the phony environmental groups as oil company shills there to sell the American people on a loss of property rights.
Oh, it's for the earth we're taking your land.
Fight for the Second Amendment.
That is absolutely key.
Expose abortion and let people know about the alternatives.
There are so many issues.
Defend the borders.
Join the Minutemen.
Run for office.
Expose the fact that these illegal aliens get more welfare than American citizens.
Expose the United Nations agenda and Agenda 21 and the toll roads and how they're taking over our entire infrastructure.
There are so many things, and then you pick an issue, you go out, you educate others, you don't constantly tell yourself, oh, it's so big, oh, there's nothing I can do, oh, we've got to get somebody to save us, we've got to get somebody to mobilize in some big frontal assault.
I mean, look at what the feds did.
For three months, they paid and staged the illegal alien protest.
And it blew up in their face.
Rob Allen and co.
thought that it would cause the American people to accept amnesty, accept open borders.
And they've certainly paid off the Congress and blackmailed them, these shadowy New World Order groups.
And they've got the Senate last week passing a law for Social Security for illegal aliens.
Bush is saying he wants illegal aliens to even get our Social Security when they live in Mexico.
And now the Senate has got the law for guest worker, which is total amnesty, going back and forth between the two countries.
And it's going to the House very soon, and that fight is ongoing.
Listen, take your city.
There are 800-plus, 860-something amnesty or sanctuary cities, as they're called.
Make it a big issue in your town.
Run for city council.
Fight the electronic voting machines.
Demand a paper ballot petition recall.
Of the voting machines.
That's how you remove them.
It's been happening in a lot of cities.
Good stuff's happening.
And it happens where people just take action.
You know, I've been to so many political meetings over the years.
I've been to so many events.
You'll have this new person, and I'm not saying that's you, caller.
I'm talking about people I know in Austin.
And they show up at events and they say, Alex, you need to do this, this, and that.
We're in trouble, Alex.
You need to do this now.
And they'll start telling other people, you need to do this, you need to do that.
We need a plan, a big plan.
We need to do it now.
And that isn't how it works, folks.
I mean, we've had them on the verge of passing draconian gun control legislation here.
And we rally thousands of people, and we have big rallies, and we go in and testify in the committee hearings, and then, boom, we catch bribery in the hallway, and that brings down the chairman of the committee.
He loses his chairmanship, people get in trouble, and the legislation is defeated.
You know, God is on our side.
Good little things like that happen.
We catch it on tape.
But again, we need bodies there.
We need people there.
I mean, if you just go out and try to do good, if you just go out and know your facts, if you just go out and pick a few issues, you're going to be able to have an effect.
But it's a big world.
It's a complex world.
You've got to first get informed, really informed.
And then you've got to get confident.
Because I know a lot of people, it's all psychological.
If you're hesitant when you tell somebody about the New World Order, they won't respect you.
A lot of people say, Alex, you've got to be slow with them.
You've got to slowly introduce them.
No, if somebody's house is on fire and they're sucking their thumbs in bed going, no, it's not a fire.
I'm not going to get out of my bed.
You do what the firemen do.
You just grab them and drag them out.
And I'm just like, hey, human history is one tyrant after another, abusing populations.
America's going down the tubes.
Here's all the evidence of it.
Now, you listen to me, and you listen good.
You get up, off your hind end, you get educated, and you join us in this fight.
Do you got it?
And most people go, yes, I've got it.
Now, get in gear right now!
We've got to be confident.
We've got to be focused.
We've got to be serious.
This is a war.
And all of us can pick a target, any target, in this fight and start the information war.
I don't care if it's a neighborhood newsletter.
I don't care if it's your own local website.
I don't care if it's your own local access TV show or if you buy radio time on a local station.
A lot of you are business owners.
You've got money.
Go start a local, buy two hours every Saturday or Sunday night on a local talk station and don't expect big results the first month.
Do it for a year.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You're good to go.
I think?
And what is it, like 15 million Google downloads now?
We personally have sold about 1,000 copies here.
People are making copies of it everywhere.
There have been millions of downloads of Marshall Law online, my 9-11 film.
There have been people making millions of copies out there, getting the originals, and if you do the math, making a dozen or so copies apiece, it turns into...
And there are a lot of you who understand this.
You're going to prosecute the war.
You're going to take action.
You're not going to listen to the propaganda.
You're going to keep moving forward.
And if the New World Order wants to try to put troops in the streets and nuke a city and run around and try to train us how to be slaves, they want to get down to the brass tacks, they've got to know we're going to fight them in every way when that happens.
And you know what?
They'll test the water.
They'll stick their toe in and figure out it's boiling, and they're not going to jump in.
I want the New Order to know there's a lot of us who aren't afraid.
I want the government to know there's a lot of us who don't rationalize and make excuses like you do.
I'm talking to the minions out there.
You know good and well this stuff's going on.
You work for a government that runs giant child kidnapping rings, a government that dumps solid nerve gas by the millions of gallons right in the Atlantic Ocean off our coast.
You work for a government that nerve gases our own troops just to test it on them and kills them.
You work for a government that puts cancer viruses in the vaccines.
You work for a government that sterilized 400 and something thousand women in this country.
You work for a government that gave black men syphilis for 40 years and let them spread it.
You work for a government that funded the Nazis and then protected them after the war.
You work for a government that is engaged in terrorist attacks worldwide to blame it on their enemies.
You work for a government that ships in heroin and cocaine.
You work for a government that runs most of the prostitution.
You work for a government that's a bunch of mobsters.
And they've gotten greedy, and they've gotten out of control, and they're spreading like a cancer, and they're so stupid their host is even sick, so some of the elite's getting scared right now and trying to put the brakes on it.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, there's all sorts of stuff going on right now.
We're in trouble.
These people have gotten so greedy and so decadent that this thing, America's like a giant spaceship, and basically there's no one even piloting it right now, and we're going towards the sun here.
Now, I said I'd take a lot of your calls, but that caller brought that up and just got me off on a jag.
Let me just briefly play this ABC News clip, comment on it about Hashtag, give you some of the corruption news, and then we'll just start taking calls continually.
Everybody stay there.
We're going to get to you.
Carlos and Jason and Tim and Stan and Ron and others.
Right now, let's go ahead and play the ABC clip.
Good evening.
We begin with a major development in a Washington bribery scandal.
Tonight, sources tell ABC News the case involving convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff has led FBI investigators to some of the most powerful members of Congress.
Namely, the man second in line for the presidency after the vice president.
This is a story with potentially major political implications, and our chief investigative correspondent, Brian Ross, joins us with his exclusive report.
Elizabeth, federal officials tell us the congressional bribery investigation now includes the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, based on information from the convicted lobbyists who are cooperating with the government.
Justice Department officials describe the 64-year-old Illinois Republican as very much in the mix of the corruption investigation.
Part of the investigation is said to involve a letter Hassert wrote three years ago, urging the Secretary of the Interior to block a casino on an Indian reservation that would have competed with other tribes.
The other tribes were represented by convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who reportedly has provided details of his dealings with Hassert as part of his plea agreement with the government.
The letter was written shortly after a fundraiser for Hassert at a restaurant owned by Abramoff.
Abramoff and his clients contributed more than $26,000 at the time.
The day Abramoff was indicted, Hazzard denied any unlawful connection and said he would donate to charity any campaign contributions he had received from Abramoff or his clients.
This week, following the FBI raid on the office of another congressman under investigation, Democrat William Jefferson of Louisiana, Hachette was outspoken in his criticism of the FBI.
We are not trying to protect any individual, but we want to protect the privacy of the House as far as the Constitution is concerned.
A spokesman for Hassard said the speaker was unaware he was the subject of any FBI investigation and that there had been no requests or subpoenas for documents.
A spokesman said Hassard had a long history of opposing certain types of Indian casinos.
Elizabeth, this is an investigation clearly at the very beginning.
The allegations could well prove unfounded.
But what's clear from all this is that the FBI intends to take this case wherever it goes.
Oh yes, the FBI, they're going to save us.
And we're made to believe that Abramoff is the biggest, baddest lobbyist out there.
No, they chose Abramoff because it wasn't missile secrets, it wasn't supercomputers, it wasn't chemical waste, it wasn't child kidnapping rings.
No, it was Indians and casinos.
And so they could do that.
And notice, you don't hear much about Duke Cunningham, pled guilty, stole over $800 million.
It was just mailed to fake P.O.
boxes connected directly to the number three at the CIA and the last director of the CIA, of course, Porter Goss, and these parties where they were playing poker with all the hookers at the Watergate Hotel again and all the payoffs flowing, and that's why he's resigned.
And notice you don't hear about that.
No, no, you're going to hear about Indians and casinos, and I believe this is Israel because we know the M.O.
We've seen this over and over again.
on this.
We know Israel, whenever the U.S.
won't attack somebody or isn't giving them enough foreign aid, that they will bring out some of these lesser corruption issues and basically menace members of Congress with it that haven't been totally playing ball.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's really sick to read Israeli newspapers where they say we're bad because we haven't attacked Iran for them yet.
And I believe this is all pressure and a large part of this is being allowed to surface in the media is Israel trying to squeeze Congress and letting Congress know you do exactly what we say.
We don't care how unpopular it is with your constituents.
You're going to do this or else.
And this is how things are played.
They bribe you to a certain degree and then they use that against you later.
Let me hit a few other corruption items for you, and then we'll go directly to your calls.
Cheney might testify in the Liberty case.
Times Vice President Dick Cheney may be called as a government witness in the perjury and obstruction case against the former Chief of Staff.
Lewis Scooter Libby, a special prosecutor, indicated yesterday that, again, he may not.
In a court filing, Patrick J. Fitzgerald held open the possibility that during Libby's trial, except for January, he might ask Cheney to authenticate the handwritten notations in the margins of the July 2003 newspaper column critical of the Bush administration's decision to go to war with Iraq.
And so we have the...
Fitzgerald's obviously a globalist tool, folks.
If you don't know that, you need to wake up.
Here is a
Oh, notice as soon as Hassard comes out, too, running scared and says, Hey, the White House isn't allowed to send its executive branch over here to seize documents inside the Congress.
We're a reservation.
This is sanctuary.
We can't come to the White House and grab your documents.
And then suddenly the FBI comes out and says he's a person of interest.
Now they're coming out and trying to back away from that just a little bit.
Ken Lay has been convicted on seven counts.
Ken Lay, the Enron chief, has been convicted on seven counts.
Excuse me, six counts, and one report says seven.
We're not sure.
This is out of the Associated Press two minutes ago, so this is just out.
Enron Corporation founder Kenneth Lay has been convicted of all six counts against him, including conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud.
That's impossible.
There's never been a conspiracy in humankind.
The media tells us there's no government conspiracies or no corporate conspiracies.
I mean, two people never get together and decide to do something illegal or corrupt or disingenuous.
I mean, that just doesn't exist.
Oh no, there's not conspiracies out there where charlatans get together and decide to get on radio and pitch products that they claim will heal any disease you have.
That's a conspiracy right there.
Those people know exactly what they're doing.
And there's conspiracies where the car lot manager and the car lot salesman decide to push women around or people they think are stupid around and rip you off on a car.
That's a conspiracy.
When two guys get together and decide to rob a bank, that's a conspiracy.
But, again, the media says it's impossible, so that can't happen.
We'll take some calls later.
I'll get more into all this corruption.
But, again, what's behind this?
Carlos in California.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
I'm looking forward to seeing you next month here in Los Angeles, in June.
Oh, you're going to come, Carlos.
I can't wait to meet you.
I'll be there, my friend.
Okay, I can't wait to see you, too.
Have you gotten your tickets yet?
I got my ticket.
I'm there.
I can't wait to shake your hand.
You got it.
Listen, you're so right about this CIA influence.
It's so pervasive.
If you look around the world, they instigate just about every destabilization effort in Africa, Latin America, Asia.
They're behind the gun running.
And then they brag about it a decade after they do it.
And then they use banks to finance all their activities, and some of the most prestigious families in the world are involved in some of these banks.
And, you know, they've taken a hold of radio stations.
I'm convinced that here in America there are several radio stations where, opposing different viewpoints, the left and the right, where the journalists there or the commentators are CIA agents.
I mean, these people are all over the place.
You look at Latin America.
You look at President Fox, who came from Coca-Cola, came from Harvard University.
You look at his predecessor, Cedillo, Salinas de Gortari.
You look at President Saca from El Salvador.
You look at Calderón, who's running for office in Mexico.
All these people come from Yale, Harvard, which are grooming grounds for intelligence activities.
Oh, that's it.
Sir, you're absolutely right, Carlos.
This is exactly...
What's going on?
And Fox, his presidential campaign and his gubernatorial before that were run out of Rob Allen & Co., the PR firm that Rogue's involved with, and so was both of Bush's gubernatorial and both presidential.
I mean, these guys are nothing but front men.
Yes, they go out there in these stabilized countries.
In some cases, they'll be leftists like Chavez.
Say what?
Say what?
Stay there, Carlos.
I want to hear more about what you think about Chavez.
I'm curious to hear your view on that.
I respect your view.
Your calls have always been very informative.
We'll come back to you, and we'll go to many others.
Stay there.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
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All right, let's go back to Carlos.
Carlos, continue with your statement.
Well, you question Chavez.
Now, Chavez is a little bit of an ambiguity.
He's being portrayed by the world press as a populist, as a liberator, as a patriot for Venezuela, who there stands up to the oil companies.
Okay, but that may be a facade, a front.
Now, what they don't tell you is that Hugo Chavez...
The president of Brazil, Lula, the president of Colombia, Uribe, about two or three years ago, in consecutive months, visited the offices of the Council of Foreign Relations on Pratt Street in New York City, and apparently they met with the international bankers there and apparently came to some agreements as to getting further international monetary loans and further World Bank loans.
So what does that tell you?
The man has sold out
Well, regardless, that's what's happening now, and that's the movement we see, is towards a massive conflict down there.
Well, you know what?
11 countries, all the leftist countries, 5 or 6 of them, including... And Mexico, of course, is going to join the ranks as soon as Lopez Obrador, the leftist, becomes president.
They apparently have been having meetings with the Arab nations, the Iran and so on, and have formed some kind of a pact.
No, I know the Russians and the Chinese are all moving in.
Notice our government gave them the Panama Canal.
I mean, this is part of a bigger picture.
Carlos, I agree with you.
I mean, it's all very suspicious.
So when we attack Iran, who, by the way, I think Iran's man there is also a CIA asset, provocateur, we attack them, eventually, down the stretch, we're going to have to go into military confrontations with all these leftist countries in Latin America.
I agree with you.
The rest of the dominoes will go through.
I agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
I can't wait to meet you June 24th and 25th in downtown Los Angeles at the Sheraton.
We're going to be having the big 9-11 event.
And I can announce, I am proud and excited to announce, Ray McGovern yesterday confirmed he is coming.
And he's only been to one other 9-11 event.
He's really hard to get.
He doesn't go to the other conferences.
Ray McGovern, a high-level CIA advisor to George Bush.
Senior Ronald Reagan.
He goes all the way back to Kennedy.
He is going to be there with a presentation on 9-11 and the neocon agenda.
Dr. Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program, will be there exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
Professor Stephen Jones, Professor Jim Fetzer.
Dylan Avery of Loose Change 2 fame.
Of course, we're going to have Webster Griffin Tarpley there.
Myself, I'll be giving a speech.
PowerPoint as well.
This is going to be amazing.
Ladies and gentlemen, a bunch of other speakers too.
Two days, 20 hours of conference.
I will, of course, debut my new film, Terror Storm, at the very start of the conference.
A lot of press conference.
It's going to be amazing.
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Big Brother.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live and back from 9 to midnight.
It is Thursday, 25th day of May 2006.
I said I had wide open phones today.
I got off into Hastert and the big bribery scandal.
It's really breaking.
More details on that coming up.
I believe there's foreign blackmail and internal blackmail going on here with several agendas at play, including Israel trying to force the U.S., which they've been openly spanking us for in public.
It's pretty pathetic.
To go ahead and attack Iran.
I mean, Israel manipulating the U.S.
and pushing us around is like a... You know, hummingbirds will run off hawks or eagles if they roost in a tree that's near where the hummingbirds are staying.
Literally, I'm not an ornithologist, but I like to read about birds.
I think they're neat.
And it's just a little bitty hummingbird will run hawks and things off.
Sometimes, you know, crows will run off eagles.
But it's kind of like a Chihuahua bossing a Great Dane around.
I was talking to a friend who has a Great Dane.
He talks about how his wife Chihuahua bosses it around and is in full command.
That's how it is at my house with the Chihuahua and the Boston Terrier.
The Chihuahua is the supreme ruler.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Jason in Texas.
Jason, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Just wanted to
Get your comments on the speech yesterday from the Prime Minister.
Basically, it was word for word what President Bush said at the UN, jargon like, you know, if we don't do anything, then nobody's going to respect us.
And if the world community doesn't go to war, then Israel will go to war.
It's for the safety of the children and blah, blah, blah.
Next point I wanted to add... Yeah, they're openly saying they are going to attack Iran, and every time Iran says we'll defend ourselves, it's taken out of context to Iran threatening to preemptively strike.
Did you hear the speech yesterday?
I didn't physically hear it, but I did read the transcript.
In fact, let me just tell the network this now.
Go get, just type in Israeli Prime Minister Obert's speech.
It'll be up now.
Grab it, and let's play some clips of that later.
Yes, sir.
Basically, I just watched the rebroadcast on C-SPAN, and I watched the whole thing.
Everyone was there.
Chaney was behind them and all that.
Another point, you can talk about this later, but I just wanted to bring this up.
As far as all the immigration stuff and amnesty and all this stuff, here's what's going to happen.
These Mexicans or illegals or whatever you want to call them, they're going to start demanding fairer wages because they've been validated.
And then you're going to have a... Oh, sir, that's already happening.
That's already happening.
And then they'll... Those groups will get bigger wages and they'll bring in more illegals to replace them.
The 25 million will all get amnesty.
In 86, they said it'd be a million people getting amnesty.
Turned out it was like 7 million.
This time they say it's 14 million.
Well, if it was five times last time, what's it going to be?
Or six times last time, what will it be this time?
And then once you get all those anchor people here, they're the anchor.
They're going to bring in their whole families.
And Alex, it's like...
This is just a small cell of the whole New World Order body.
I mean, if you take the microscope and you're out of focus, then you actually see the whole body of the New World Order.
They're overrunning Europe with foreigners.
They're overrunning Asia with whatever countries nearby.
It's all about bringing in foreign groups to destroy the sovereignty of that nation.
Last point, Alex.
Supposedly there's 300 underground cities.
Underground cities.
I mean, if they have underground cities, you know, first of all, if they can't kill us, they're going to control us.
But as we wake up, they're going to just try and kill us.
Are they going to go to these underground cities and survive there or do what they want to do?
Let me comment on that after the break.
That is not a wives' tale.
That is true.
Thank you.
The number you're getting, sir, is there's over 300 underground bunkers.
And some of these could house 50 people.
Some of the smaller ones.
Some of the larger can hold, the reports are, over 20,000 people and supply them for upwards of a decade.
And this is a key point.
This is an absolutely key point that I want to cover briefly when we get back.
You know, I'm a long-winded windbag, but...
Covered briefly.
Then we're going to go to Tim, Steve, Ron, and many others.
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231 Infowars.com PrisonPlanet.com JonesReport.com Check them out!
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All right, we'll go right back to your calls here in a few minutes.
I'd like to get your take on ABC News saying that...
Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, is definitely in the mix in the big bribery scandal.
We have one congressman being caught with a freezer full of money hidden in cans.
First place the police look, folks, is for those fake cans everybody buys.
First place crooks look when they break in your house, I would add.
If you bury your money out in a field somewhere, they can't find it.
Side issue.
We've got all this news swirling around.
Israel has a long history of blackmailing U.S.
You notice all this stuff is breaking right now when Israel is rebuking us daily in their press.
Their leaders are like, we're bad because we haven't attacked Iran yet.
And Obert was here yesterday saying, we've got to attack.
They will attack.
If the world won't do it, the U.S.
needs to.
And if they won't, Israel will have to.
And Bush says, if you attack, we're going to attack.
We're good to go.
Just like every other major industrialized country.
And so it's all part and parcel.
The globalists will use it for weapons sales, for a global destabilization as a pretext to invade a whole bunch of different countries, to widen the conflict, and to, at the same time, basically set the precedent for the U.S.
being the enforcer for the new world order.
We're good to go.
I think?
I think?
Different waterways and blow up a bunch of oil tankers, and oil prices go up to $10 a gallon, and yes, they're talking about that if Iran is hit.
I mean, we're talking about just insane prices, folks.
I mean, they're talking about $200 a barrel now.
Mainstream news if that happens, and that translates out to $10.
This is getting crazy.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, but that's what we're talking about.
Then the oil companies will make even bigger profits out of this whole crisis.
Meanwhile, we're bathed in oil.
They've bought up all the oil refineries that are privately owned, shut those down.
We have the oil companies on memos, but everybody still runs around on talk radio going, gee, we wonder why we don't have enough fuel.
Oh, it must be the greenie meanies that did it.
So all that's coming out, but first we'll take your calls.
But a caller in the last segment wanted me to talk about the 300 plus underground bases.
Now, before I get into this, let me just...
Tell you something about Switzerland.
Did you know that in Switzerland, they haven't been invaded in over 200 years?
They have the highest standard of living in the world.
They have the highest average income in the world.
They are incredibly wealthy.
It's a beautiful nation.
And every man at 18, and every woman now, is given automatic weapons, automatic assault rifles.
They're given body armor.
And they are shown in their local neighborhood where the local commander has stored the plastic explosives and rocket-propelled grenades.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not kidding.
For those that don't know, just go research it.
They actually modeled it 200-something years ago off of the U.S.
They said, that's a good idea.
We've been invaded a bunch.
We're going to do that.
And in the side of every major mountain there are giant, for every town, there are giant underground bases that have hot tubs, in some cases swimming pools, that have their own water systems sunk deep into the rock out of aquifers, out of springs.
They have five to ten years of food supplies.
They have armored vehicles, rockets, missile launchers, explosives.
And it's just all there for everyone.
Just weapons everywhere.
And of course they have one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
Excuse me, the lowest.
You can go look at the UN zone numbers.
They are number one.
They are the safest country.
I forgot that part.
And every year, your home is inspected.
Now, they have the equivalent of the Fourth Amendment there.
They're not allowed to come in your house without warrants, except for the yearly home inspection.
There are huge, multi-thousand Swiss franc fines if they can find your machine guns.
You've got to have your weapons hidden.
And they have to be so well hidden, it's the law, in hidden trap doors, that if the inspector can find them, you are fine.
So they are set up
They're invaded.
They are mobilized.
Everyone is scared to death of them.
They're like a porcupine.
A wolf doesn't bite a porcupine.
An eagle doesn't grab a porcupine.
It'll grab a tortoise and take it up in the sky and drop it and kill it and eat it.
But nothing will touch the porcupine.
Nothing will touch it.
Because it's got spines all over it.
And there's that little country, totally rich, absolutely no crime to speak of, just lounging on piles of gold with weapons and explosives everywhere, with huge underground bases for their entire population.
Now, let's look at China.
Huge underground bases in every major city for about a third of their population.
That's been in the official news.
Russia has huge underground bases that are not fancy, but have two-year food supply, water supplies, underground wells for two years.
Every major city.
Germany has them.
England has them to some extent, but not for a few months.
Living in Dallas, growing up in Dallas, and if you're in big old parking garages, you'll still see this.
There'll be a yellow sign or orange sign saying Nuclear Fallout Shelter.
Do you know what the underground bases are for the American people?
Do you know, they're underground parking garages.
You can go there, and you can starve to death, and you can watch everyone urinate and defecate all over the ground, and you can all breathe the uranium and plutonium, and you can all die in a couple days.
How's that sound?
Guess how much the U.S.
has spent on underground bases?
This is the stuff we know that's declassified.
Most of it's secret.
But do you know what the underground excavations are?
Just like in all other military spending, it outstrips all other nations combined.
The Russians have an underground base in the Urals, which they've allowed people to go into, that can hold over a million people.
You think I'm joking?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's that big.
What do we have?
We've spent more than, and I say we, the criminals that run this country, have spent more than all nations combined!
And what do you, what do I, the dumb sap, what do we get?
We get a parking garage.
You get a parking garage if you know where to find it.
You get to go in a hole...
As if the big cities, if there is some type of nuclear attack, won't be hit.
As if that won't be a smoldering slag heap.
Slag heap.
That's what you get, America.
And so, yes.
Why do you think Bush has his ranch at Crawford?
It is well known that within one mile of him, that's not true, it's like two miles away, there is an underground railroad connected in and there is an entry point
And they've probably dug one underneath this ranch for all we know.
We know they've been doing huge excavation out there.
They get really mad about it, but folks, this really makes them mad.
Also, remember the Naval Observatory where Channy lives?
They were doing excavation for three years there.
They were connecting a railway in.
That was well known.
They've got the Greenbrier Hotel with the underground railways to it.
They've got these big underground locomotives that can go, what is it, like 10 feet an hour through solid stone?
We know the government in the 50s purchased hundreds of these.
We know that the spurs are all over Texas for some reason, running out to Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, up to D.C., up to Minnesota, up into Canada, up into Ottawa, down into Mexico City.
And more money spent than everyone else combined.
I mean, Switzerland's got it for their whole population.
You can go look at all these numbers.
So this is what you get, America.
This is what your dirty government has done.
They set up the CIA in 1947 with the National Security Act.
Most of the federal funding went totally secret.
And then they've got their $250, $300 billion now.
That's like a five-year-old number, $250.
I'm told it's grown.
I'm told with inflation it's $300 billion now.
In cocaine and heroin money.
And all of that just doesn't go in these guys' accounts.
A lot of it does go into secret ops.
And all the rich people.
I know.
I mean, people that are worth, you know, $100 million.
And I know a lot of people that are really rich folks.
They've all bought personal islands.
They're keeping bodyguards that live there full-time.
Nicholas Cage has got two private islands.
He just bought another one.
The one he's had for a few years has got armed guards on it that are there full-time.
A landing strip.
They keep jets fueled and ready.
And they're just, you know, low-level minions.
But he's making about, what, $100 million a year or so.
He probably makes five movies a year.
I think he gets about $15 million a movie.
What is that?
I don't know.
$30, $40, $50 million a year.
But the really billionaires and people have moved out of the U.S.
Man, they're living in Africa.
They're living in the Middle East.
They're living in Asia.
They're living in Europe.
They're all getting out in the last four years as if they're rats leaving a sinking ship.
And it's very hard.
I mean, you could buy an island a few years ago for just a few hundred thousand dollars, a nice one.
Now they're $10, $15 million.
Kay just bought a smaller one for $5 million because there's a run on them.
And they put fences up around them.
They put guard shacks on them.
They've got armed men down there.
Well, because they know if stuff breaks down, there's going to be pirates.
And yes, folks, in the Caribbean, there are more pirates today in the western and southern Caribbean and even the eastern Caribbean than there were 300 years ago when Lafitte sailed the Caribbean.
I mean, all the time, you go out there in your own sailboat on a cruise, I'm told, all the time, your sailboat shows up six months later at sail, and you're never seen.
The pirates pull up, blow your head off, and then take your boat.
Point is, is that civilization is unraveling, just like with the Romans.
The Romans had it all, and they started bringing in foreign mercenaries to menace the other Roman lords, the other Roman senators.
They brought in foreigners to leverage and get control.
Caesar was really the first to do that.
Did you know that?
Brought in a foreign senate and everything.
And Rome fell within 300 years.
Well, we're on the fast track for that now.
And these guys, I believe they're going to release a bioweapon and kill everybody.
I've got to tell you.
I mean, that's what everything I see, all the indicators are.
They're going to release it.
They're going to reemerge.
It makes me sick.
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The Alex Jones Show
Alright, I'm sorry.
I haven't been going to your calls.
I haven't been behaving.
There's just so much news.
Tim in Ohio, you're on the air.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
Thank you for joining us.
Good keyword.
Do you remember a man named Phil Schneider?
Talking about the underground bases.
If anybody wants to research on that, I've found a plethora of stuff under Phil Schneider.
Quickly, a question.
Yes or no answer will do.
Is it worth it putting without prejudice UCC 1-207-1-103 on your driver's license?
I mean, some people have had success with that, but usually the courts are so corrupt they just ignore it all.
So you would answer no in that case.
That was my question.
It's not really worth it.
I'm not going to give people a bunch of legal advice on all these U.S.
codes and the rest of it.
Yesterday on C-SPAN there were a couple generals on.
And it was dealing with FEMA stuff.
One was Brigadier General Benjamin Spraggins and another Major General Stanhope Spears.
And it was real interesting the way they were supering underneath them their names and their titles.
One, for example, for General Spears, it said South Carolina Military Department Adjunct General.
States have their own military departments?
They do now, Bubba.
Pentagon generals with domestic operations.
We now have NORTHCOM.
We are now considered a war zone under military rule.
Now, is it true that the Army is actually under the control of the United Nations?
To a great extent, through treaty agreements, it is to a certain extent.
But it's more like the globalists control the U.S.
and the U.N.
and are merging their two assets.
Okay, because I remember when during the hurricane, Michael Brown had a quote on where he said FEMA...
Was the face of the government for the entire nation.
And I'm like, boy, that is very dangerous.
When are people going to wake up to what these people are saying?
It's very scary.
And I remember I talked to you when Dr. Breeding was on a while back, and I told you about this girl I live with who has the implant in her neck.
Yes, to control depression.
It's a system that goes into the sciatic nerve.
It actually goes to the...
What's the one that lays across the vocal cord?
That goes up into the brain?
Did I say sciatic?
Am I wrong?
I forget.
It'll pop in my head in a minute.
Yeah, it's clamped around that.
And something very, very strange has been happening.
And I wanted to ask you about it because every day, you could set your watch to it, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, she just goes into these, she barks like a dog out.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh, and can't stop it.
Well, I know the Food and Drug Administration last year approved for depression these, it's called a nerve stimulator, and it's a nerve in the neck.
Vagus nerve, that's it.
Vagus nerve.
Of course, it's not sciatica, that's the back.
And it runs into the brain, and it's a device manipulating the brain.
Oh, that sounds good.
And they forced millions of Americans on drugs, and we knew they'd start forcing people into these.
I mean, what are we supposed to say here?
Yeah, you wake up people.
How much more?
That's another thing.
The biggest hurdle, which I want to share with all the listeners, to getting people to wake up is this theory of cognitive dissonance.
And I've been printing out papers and using that as my lead-in, having people read that first.
And then when you go into it and they'll say, oh, well, that can't be true, then you can say, hey, theory of cognitive dissonance.
It's a very helpful tool when you're trying to wake people up for the first time.
I wanted to share that with you.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, bye.
You bet.
Let's talk to Steve in Washington.
Steve, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for taking my call.
I've got to tell you that I am a big fan.
And also looking to get into this thing sort of arena that you're doing.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions.
You there?
Yeah, I'm here.
You know, I've been doing a little bit of research just kind of trying to find out a little bit of background.
Like I said, I'm a big supporter of
Any comment on that?
Well, sir, I mean, Tex Mars is a pastor.
What do you think pastors think?
What do you think pastors do?
You're shocked that a pastor thinks that that type of behavior is demonic?
That's what Christians believe is that that type of behavior is spiritual.
Stay there.
We can... I mean, this call is pretty amazing here right now.
So we'll be right back.
Let the caller continue.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Thanks, Bill.
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Check, please.
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Sure, John.
Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
We've got a clip of Israeli President...
Obert's speech yesterday.
We'll play some of that later.
A lot of other news as well.
And I want to hurry through your phone calls, but right now we're finishing up with Steve from Washington.
Steve, what shocks you by the fact that a Baptist preacher, basically is what text is, but he's not denominational now, but you know, Baptist background,
Would not like homosexuality.
I mean, I'm just confused by your whole statement.
It's not that I found that he didn't like it to be shocking.
I found that he thought they were possessed by demons to be shocking.
I was born and raised in a Christian church in a number of different denominations and I have never come across anybody that
Thought that they were possessed by demons.
Well, I haven't read his particular quote on that.
I believe his idea is that they're influenced by that.
I actually heard him talking about it on... Well, sure, that's fine.
So now I'm a bad guy, and you've got the inner scoop on Alex Jones.
No, absolutely not.
I just wanted to ask you what you thought about it.
Well, I mean, I think that Tex Marr is a great guy, and he's a good friend of mine, and he married my wife and I without a marriage license, and I thank him for it.
Okay, well, I've got two other quick things, if you don't mind.
One is that I had heard that the GCN network had been bought out by ABC News.
Is there any truth to that?
No, that's totally ridiculous and an absolute fraud.
Bring up the next thing.
Okay, the next thing is that as a member of the Remnant Saints...
It's some mainstream Christian group that supports Jesus' second coming, and they made me an honorary member.
It would be like if they made me an honorary member of the New York Golf Club, and then somebody said, you're a member of the New York Golf Club, and I'm not a member of the New York Golf Club.
I don't even know if that's a real group.
My point is, thanks for the call, sir.
I really appreciate it.
You know, I got a call yesterday.
Hey, Alex, why are you still alive?
Why has the New World Order killed you?
I get that call almost every day.
And I get the call every week, you're owned by ABC.
Or I get the call by, sir, you should look at the people that make those types of claims and ask why people spend all their time attacking other truth-tellers and trying to do all this.
I guess I am owned by AKG, the German, and this will get picked up now, even though it's satire and it's not true.
Let's be sarcastic here.
I am owned and controlled by General Electric.
I am owned and controlled by AKG.
I am owned and controlled by Microsoft.
I am owned and controlled... The microphone says this is an AKG, too.
I am owned and controlled by Mackie, because there's a Mackie board right here.
I'm owned and controlled by Skyscan Atomic Clock.
I don't know the name of those lights I've got right there, but I think those are GE bulbs.
And I'm owned by Universal Audio, because that's the mic pre I've got.
And I'm eating Austin's pizza right now, so I'm controlled by them.
Let me explain that.
We're on something called satellites, and when you call your grandma in, say, Cincinnati, Ohio, and you live in Los Angeles, California, your cell phone call goes through the cell tower into the phone company and up a satellite, in most cases, and back down.
And I don't think we ever really think about who owns that satellite or what's going on with that.
So that would be like if you were driving a Ford pickup truck, and I walked out and I said to you in the street, you're under Henry Ford's control, you support the Nazis.
You'd go, that's ridiculous, I bought a Ford truck.
There are three radio satellites.
They're Clear Channel, ABC, and Jones.
And those are the digital satellites.
The network cannot afford the Clear Channel satellite.
We did have it for a while, but most stations have the ABC feed,
And so what you do is, is you go to them, and it was actually a suit years ago about this, forcing satellite companies to give other networks and third parties feeds.
They don't like doing this either.
You go to them and you say, uh-uh, we're going to buy a satellite feed from you so we can go out over the radio, because that's what radio affiliates have.
They have a Clear Channel receiver, they have an ABC receiver, or they have a Jones receiver.
And again, I guess because there's a company called Jones, maybe they're controlling me too.
But all we have is an ABC Star Guide feed.
Now, we have another feed, and I had this satellite guy on last week.
It's Communication Sat Something, and they actually own some channels on that.
You go and you lease channels.
There's thousands of channels on these.
That would be like if XN ever picked up my radio show, which we tried to get them to.
They haven't because of the content.
Then saying, because we're on XM, we're owned by XM.
That'd be like if I was the Rolling Stones rock and roll band, and a Clear Channel rock station played I Can't Get No Satisfaction, and then we said, well, the Rolling Stones are owned by Clear Channel.
It is on its face such a fabrication.
On its face, so ridiculous.
Yes, I have Microsoft...
Windows on some of our computers.
Yes, I have Final Cut Pro on our Mac G5s.
I am not owned by Steve Jobs and Apple.
I'm not getting transmissions from them.
But see, this is how these operatives do.
Oh, he's an ABC affiliate.
I wish we were.
I wish ABC stations, ABC-owned stations, there are some would pick us up.
So they pick up Sean Hannity, who's their show.
We're not on any ABC stations.
I wish we were.
Oh my gosh.
In fact, we've tried to get on them.
We're on Mom and Pops and Privately Owned.
So, I've got Ray-Ban Sunglasses, an Italian company.
I'm controlled by, in fact, I'm putting them on right now.
I'm controlled by the Italians.
I mean, that's how sophomoric this is.
And then there was another one that was Tex Mars Married Me.
Oh, Remnant Saints.
A couple years ago, I started getting emails about this.
People would claim it was a Zionist group.
So I went and I looked at it, and I looked at all the memberships, and it said honorary member Alex Jones, and it was a mainline Christian conservative, pro-gun, anti-UN, not even a pro-Israel website, nothing about Israel on there, and they said, we believe in the kingdom of Zion and Christ's return, which is what any Christian believes in.
You know, I mean, that's what's going to set down the new Jerusalem, and then a thousand years and all that stuff, it's revelations.
The island of Patmos and all of that.
And so again, we have people that literally go out and they go, what can we look for?
What can we misrepresent?
There's a mainline conservative Christian anti-New World Order site.
They've given Alex an honorary membership.
And I never emailed them and said, take my membership away.
So what if somebody says you have an honorary membership?
I don't care.
What does that mean?
We honor you.
I think there's been hundreds of web awards we've received.
I want to give my enemies an idea.
Go find out one of those web groups that gave me an award.
This will probably happen now, too.
Say I'm with them.
That will be good.
But see, the key is, we've just burnt six minutes on this, seven minutes.
The key here is they don't want the information covered.
And most people through ego revel in being attacked or get mad about it and their whole shows are about it.
Can you imagine people driving along the road in Southern California listening to us on a fine affiliate we have there that picks us up that goes into San Diego and Southern LA listening to this?
They're going, what?
I'm here for news.
I'm here to hear about Hastert.
Is he going to be indicted?
Is he involved in bribery?
I'm here to hear about underground bases.
I'm here to learn what's happening with Iran.
No, you're not going to hear about that.
You're going to hear about a preacher that married me.
You're going to hear about some website.
You're going to hear about the Believes in Jesus.
And you're going to hear about, am I an ABC affiliate?
ABC called up today.
Let me tell you something.
Which they won't.
And said, Alex, we want to give you a syndicated show on 200 stations.
Zero control over what you say.
We want to put you on.
I'd say, sure.
Of course I would.
But no, that isn't the case.
So, this is how you do radio.
You go over satellites.
And that's why we need your money.
See, I don't beg for money.
I ask you to buy the videos, buy the books, and support us.
A lot of the talk show hosts have put into a kiddie.
We're good to go.
And so today I will be on the highway.
I will be on a federal highway.
I will be driving down I-35.
Does that mean I'm for the toll roads?
Does that mean I work for the federal government?
I'm on a highway?
I mean, my goodness.
But again, it's very frustrating because you want to answer this every time it comes up every week.
I'm sorry to you, the listeners, but I don't screen calls, and I will respond to this stuff when it's brought up.
And I would advise that listener to call in with those questions.
But get more discernment.
I can tell you're probably a nice guy, and you're probably irritated now that I'm irritated with you.
But, sir, let's just say hypothetically, and by the way, when I make this statement, this has been turned into, I admit I'm evil.
The statement I'm about to make has been turned into, I'm evil.
I admit I'm evil.
I hate talking about myself.
I have to do this.
Let's say I was evil.
I'm not...
I do do evil things, though.
I'm not perfect.
None of us are.
We're a fallen creature.
But let's say I was this bad guy.
It doesn't matter.
I'm here saying the evidence looks like Israel's blackmailing the Congress right now.
They've done it before.
They're doing it again.
All the evidence shows that, coinciding with a constellation of other issues, I'm sure of it.
People need to tune in to hear that.
It doesn't matter.
I'm covering information.
It's about the information.
And a lot of it isn't just hit pieces or people innately being wicked.
It's that people want to divert off into something else.
It's frustrating every day to hear all this bad stuff's happening and to have to deal with it.
It'd be easier just to concoct some way to not listen to Alex Jones.
I mean, I've had people walk up to me on the street and go, I used to like you, but I...
I can't believe you did a horrible thing to a Christian family for ABC.
Totally made up, total theater.
It's like saying I'm Ronald McDonald.
It's just not true.
100% lying.
And I'll just go, get out of my way.
Fine, believe that.
I mean, one time I got mad at somebody.
I had somebody walk up to me and go, I can't believe you're secretly run by ABC.
And they go, I want you to respond to that.
No, just get out of my way.
At a certain point, I just, fine, idiot.
Fall down the road.
Let the dead bury the dead.
You're going to be a slave.
Your parents were slaves.
They were slaves before you because you don't have discernment.
It may not even run in your family.
You're tailor-made to be lied to.
You're tailor-made not to hear the truth when you hear it.
You're tailor-made to not have discernment and to not know it when it's looking you in the face.
All right, I said I'd go to calls.
It's almost impossible.
Let's go ahead and... We spent eight minutes, nine minutes on... No, no, wait!
Came out at 33.
33, that's 12 minutes blown.
Let's go ahead and... I'm going to cover ten stories in that time.
We're taking five calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in Rhode Island.
Thanks, Ron, for holding.
Ron, Newport Beach, California.
You know, I can't seem to get anything straight here, so I need you to tell the people where you're calling three times where you're calling from and what your name is.
Go ahead.
No worries.
One idea I wanted your opinion on.
Right now it's my understanding that $10,000 is the fine for hiring illegal aliens knowingly by corporations.
What would be your idea or your opinion if you were to take that $10,000, have the sheriffs locally hire bounty hunters,
And split the $10,000 between the Sheriff's Department of Oro County with the headhunters.
You'd have tens of thousands of headhunters pop up overnight.
Then you'd have a few accidents and the media would demonize it, but it's a war.
We've got to defend the border.
Yeah, they take asset forfeiture seizure.
What they've taken from you, even when drugs aren't found and no charges are levied, they still take your house, your car.
What about taking stuff for real crimes?
Let's boost it to $50,000 and let's take that and take half of it and give it to the state with stipulations at the state level that it's got to be for a fence and armored vehicles and weapons.
I agree.
And the other half, the $25,000 for counties to hire more sheriff's deputies expressly for defending the border.
And with those millions of dollars, the counties could hire dozens and dozens and dozens of new deputies.
And it's a great idea.
How can we put it forward?
Well, sir, I mean, the government, listen, they arrested what in that one raid?
1,000 illegals, 200 employers.
If they arrested 1,000 a day for 365 days, 365,000 is less than 1% of the total number of illegal aliens.
That is less than 1%.
We need 10,000 arrests a day for a year.
That's why you need a free market system like this.
I think it's wonderful.
I think it's a great idea.
And I'm worried about bounty hunters just because it would cause big problems and you wouldn't have a pool big enough.
I think the pool would spring up by itself.
I think it's a good idea.
I support it.
But see, again, it's a globalist agenda to break down the borders.
They're not going to do that.
Instead, Bush is going to have a total blanket, legalize all of them, and then having troops on the border will be a moot point.
But this concept can be instigated by the county government.
It doesn't require federal or state.
I think it's a great idea, sir, but I mean, why not have the county take that money and just hire more deputies?
Oh, I agree 100%, but you have to turn the key somehow.
Anyway, I'll let you go.
Well, you can have the sheriffs go out with people that have former military training, and you can't have them as indentured servants, the posse's only for a limited time.
You can have a regular posse and have the people serve 20 hours a week, and they can go out and hire 100 former military men in each small town, and you'll have your force right there and pay them.
Right, that's correct.
I'm ready to pay taxes right now.
I mean, I'll pay a high tax if it's directly to the border.
I agree.
Because, I mean, this is in the Constitution.
Troops on the border is in the Constitution.
When these Mexican troops shoot at our people, we need to light them up.
I mean, I want warthogs.
I want Abrams.
I want to smash them.
I want to go to Mexico City.
I mean, when you've got a country attacking you and saying they own this country, that's war.
In fact, I called to invade Mexico.
You know, I thought about
We've already bailed them out twice.
Just like we did Japan.
And folks, I'm not kidding when I say this.
They've announced La Reconquista.
They've announced this is Mexico.
They call it an invasion.
Their government does.
A country says that, sends 25 million of its people to do it, shoots at our police on a routine basis, killing people.
Is that not a war, sir?
If Iraq, if Saddam before the war would have sent 100 troops to southern border and had them shoot at us, would we have invaded Iraq that day?
Is that a question?
Yes, it's a question.
So why aren't we invading Mexico?
I think we should take 50 miles over the border, take 50 miles, take 50 miles, build a fence right there.
They deserve to lose more territory.
That'd be putting your thumb in their eye.
Listen, I would go join the military right now if we invaded Mexico.
If they said we're invading in three months, I would go join right now, and I would put a pack on my back, and I would go down there, and I would fight those people.
It's a country on our border, threatening us, shooting at us, saying they're taking over America.
That's who you're supposed to fight, folks.
You're supposed to fight people that are attacking you.
You want to war, people?
You like wars?
Let's have a war with Mexico.
Thank you, caller.
I've said it.
I think we should attack Mexico.
They're attacking us.
See how they like it.
But no, our government's evil and is using Mexico to attack America for the globalists to break us down.
Come right back and take your calls.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Jeff, Debbie, Chris, Nick, Rita, everybody, your calls are coming up.
Got a whole other hour here in just a few minutes.
That is not a radical statement.
My point is, to boil it down, is we're invading Iraq.
We're talking about attacking Iran.
They've done nothing to us.
Meanwhile, we have Mexico, with their troops, I mean, I've had a bunch of Border Patrol on, Sheriff's on, they shoot at cops, they've killed cops, they've killed police, they've shot military in the past, they've kidnapped people, they're dealing drugs, they're saying this is Mexico, their presidents, and of course they're run by our own government, put in there, are saying this is Mexico, this is globalism.
My point is, if we're going to evade Iraq, for absolutely no reason, we've got reasons to
Militarize the border, but no, Bush sends the Border Patrol down there and then cuts back their numbers after 9-11, and then has the nerve to say, don't worry, the Border Patrol won't have weapons when they're down there on the border.
Meanwhile, the Mexican troops are armed.
I mean, we're so pathetic.
Oh, they'll have armed troops in America, in New Orleans and other places, but not on our border.
And even Lou Dobbs will tell you, it's part of the plan of Oslon, and the big banks are behind it.
The CFR wants the end of our border.
So I'm not literally saying invade Mexico.
My point is that we have reasons to.
And that's the only country in the world we have a reason to actually have a war with.
It's incredible.
I mean, I challenge you to debate that with me.
We can talk about it in the next hour.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeff in New York.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Alex, how are you doing?
The resistance over putting up a border fence is just ridiculous.
That would solve almost all of the problems immediately.
They have a border, an almost continuous fence, except for some canyons in places, down in Costa Maya, right there on the border with, well, they're on the border with Belize, and they're also on the border with Guatemala.
You can see the Great Wall of China from the moon.
There's no excuse for not fixing that border immediately.
Alex, I'm the one who sent you the 522 Mason footage.
Yes, it was excellent.
What you did with it is great, too.
History Channel this weekend talking about we're pushing them, we're pushing the media into doing things.
History Channel and National Geographic Channel had Mason specials on over the weekend.
And they're going a lot farther than they used to with these things.
They actually addressed Albert Pike's quotes in Morals and Dogma about Lucifer running the organization.
They showed the pentagram layouts of Washington, D.C.
It really is a lot to impart to you, I think, because you're pushing this so much.
Well, it's mainstream.
I mean, most Masons aren't high level enough to know what they're a part of.
Most Masons are good people.
It's like most FBI agents are good.
But at the top, they are Lucifer-worshipping devils.
And that's just the facts, folks.
The pyramid on the back of the dollar bill is the perfect example.
You give it all the time.
The separation of the top part of the pyramid from the bottom showing the compartmentalization.
Their religion is about compartmentalization.
I have a...
Another thing about Hillary Clinton, she gave a speech at the National Press Club the other day, and I haven't heard the media talk about this part of it.
They have been saying that she has an energy policy, but here's a quote from it, and she says, I propose that over the next five years, we devote from the Strategic Energy Fund $9 billion into the Defense Advanced Research Project Administration for Energy Research.
Yeah, DARPA.
Yeah, that's not what they're going to do with that money.
Look, look, look.
We're now being called liberals.
I knew it would happen.
Because we don't like Hillary for president.
And now Roger Ailes, Limbaugh's boss, and all of them are out promoting Hillary.
She's having weekly meetings with Rupert Murdoch.
The Clintons are vacationing with the Bushes.
It's just sick.
Hillary's the neocon neocons.
And everybody in New York, we've got to get her out of office so she can't run for president.
Be quiet, liberal.
You'll turn your guns in, then you'll be conservative.
Turning your guns in is conservative.
Big government is conservative.
Third hour coming up.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
A just war is never preemptive.
It's always when you've been attacked, normally through history, by some bordering nation trying to take your resources or trying to invade.
Mexico is doing exactly that.
And I said last hour, we had no reason to invade Iraq.
We have a lot of reasons to invade Iraq.
But the elitists are doing the opposite.
They're using Mexico, a hostile, criminal, elite state, triple the resources the U.S.
has, with a tiny elite running a bunch of slaves down there, using them to break down the U.S.
Because Mexico, we've had three wars.
One taxi and two U.S.
wars with the Mexicans.
It's not a radical statement.
I mean, we have them attacking us with rockets, machine guns.
It's more dangerous than the West Bank, the State Department's own travel advisory.
But you're not going to see that happen.
No, they're going to be used because they're hostile America haters to take over by that piece of trash, George Bush and the Democrats.
And you're going to sit there and listen to your fake conservative talk radio, a lot of you, and just love it.
You just love it.
You love it.
You love it.
You just love it.
I'm not talking to our general listeners.
I'm talking about the scumbags out there.
And you are your scumbags.
I'm serious.
We have a reason to go to war with Mexico.
And don't think in a hundred years it's got a snowball's chance in Hades of happening.
No, we're going to go invade a bunch of countries that have done nothing to us.
8,000 miles away.
Let's go ahead and go to Debbie in New York.
Debbie, thanks for holding.
Oh, thank you for taking my call.
I'm a first-time caller.
Welcome to the airwaves.
Thank you.
First, I want to say I worked in radio for 15 years.
You did a really good job explaining that.
Because people that haven't been on radio wouldn't maybe understand all those details.
I think you did a great job.
You wouldn't understand that big companies own satellites, and if you want to be on the radio, you've got to go least time on a satellite?
A lot of people don't understand that, and I'm glad that you explained it to them.
Well, you work in radio.
What receivers do you have at the station you worked at?
Well, we used to stream in from Texas, ABC.
We were doing like, we weren't even live in our area.
Yeah, yeah, ABC, stations have the most receivers for that.
Yeah, oh yeah, and we were live in the morning, and then we switched over to satellite.
Everyone in the area thought we were live, but we weren't.
It was pretty funny.
But my point is, if you want to be syndicated on a, you know, there's other tinker toy networks that don't have real satellites.
And I wish they did.
I wish them well.
I wish ABC would call you.
I'd be jumping up and down for joy.
That's exactly what we need.
And I'm thankful to God I stumbled on your show, and that's one of the reasons I want to call and just say, you know, there's a lot of information to be had on your show and shows like yours.
If we just open our eyes and look at what's going on in the world, two plus two makes four.
It's a shame that a lot of people aren't seeing that today, and I'm just thankful that you're getting the message out.
One of the reasons I did call today, though, was on Monday night after...
24 was off.
Here in New York, we get Fox 5 News.
It's the news from New York City.
It's not the cable news.
And before the show actually ended, before 24 ended, they were talking about the upcoming news reports.
Of course, they had Kiefer Sutherland.
He was going to be on.
And then they talked about the new terrorist threat in New York.
And they hyped it up pretty big.
And when I watched it, they talked about the Iranian terrorists.
Yeah, they're connecting...
Reality with fiction, it's all part of the brainwashing.
Yeah, and so really, you know, I was like, um... In fact, before they said who the terrorists were, I kind of thought, hmm, they got me from Iran.
Go ahead.
That would only make sense, and so of course they were.
And what I found really unusual is the rest of the week, if they watch, you know, mainstream media, they haven't said a word.
So just on that special report after 24, there was going to be a New York newscast about Iran.
Yeah, it's Fox, Fox, Fox, Fox.
And so they were reporting Iranian terrorists.
In New York!
It's here!
And they made a big thing.
I mean, they promoted it at least four times at the end of 24.
And of course, you know what will really happen?
The globalists will hit Iran.
Then the government will blow up a few things in New York.
Oh, Iran hit us.
Oh, it's sick.
Thank you for calling in.
More great calls like hers straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Wide open phones today into this third hour, 1-800-259-9231.
Chris and Nick and Rita and Josh and Johnny, all of you, we're going to your calls right now.
And then I'm going to play a clip of the Israeli President Obert yesterday.
Get more into the Hastert news that he may be under investigation for bribery.
That was in the Village Voice in Ceylon a few months ago.
We knew about it a year ago.
Alex, thanks for being there.
I want to encourage you to share your dreams with us, since you seem reluctant to express how you've had this recurring dream.
If you want to recap, you and your family, who you had not been with at the time, went up with the HK-47 at a forced roadblock, you said, and you were forced to draw fire on the roadblock.
I just want to encourage you, because there are things that might happen in the future that we can't avoid.
Not to say that it wouldn't be a dignified death, but since you're so in tune and you're so concerned, you're more likely to tune into these things than the average person.
I don't think that these people who are jealous or envious really matter.
I mean, if you're going to draw out their jealousy and their envy just for expressing your experiences, then let them be envious of your success.
And when you're really concerned, that's when you start learning things.
I found myself.
And I know you've
Said that in the past that you've questioned the human potential.
I wanted to point out what Jesus' words were.
He said that these things I have done, greater things you will do.
And he said, I do these things because I go unto my Father with whom there is no variableness.
What he means by that, I believe, is that there is a state of stillness from where we draw our power.
And that's hard for an evil to understand.
They're so into dramatics.
And like you said, their religion, they worship compartmentalization rather than understanding that we're really part of the God force.
So I just wanted to encourage you to pass on your experiences, your success stories, and maybe you can invite other people to call in and share those success stories too.
Well, I appreciate your call.
Thanks for that.
No, I just had a reoccurring dream 12, 14 years ago.
It had to be, you know, for that period starting about 14 years ago, being married, having children, Mexican troops in central Texas at roadblocks.
And, folks, I wasn't thinking about this at the time.
I'd never heard of this.
And it was so real.
It was like other dreams I've had that have come true.
It had that same feeling.
It was terrifying.
That's the story.
I brought that up because we were discussing, is remote viewing real?
And I was saying, I don't know if it's real or not.
This isn't really the type of format show I have.
I cover the facts that I can prove.
But as for my successes, I'm in a war, folks.
I mean, I'm real serious.
This isn't some ego trip.
This isn't, oh man, millions of people listen to me and millions have seen my films and oh boy, it's about Alex Jones.
Believe me, I love it.
When other people have bigger success than I have against the New World Order, because this is about survival.
This is about winning.
This is about defending my family.
And frankly, it's a great burden.
A lot of times I wish I didn't care so much.
I wish I didn't understand so much.
I wish that...
I wish that it wasn't left to me to do so much.
I get very frustrated that there's so much other work I need to do, that I don't do the best radio talk show sometimes, that I am obnoxious or irritable or whatever.
And I get encouraged when the New York Times or the Washington Post or Vanity Fair or American Legion or Popular Mechanics or the Houston Chronicle or the Austin Chronicle or the San Francisco Chronicle
Attacks me.
Because I know the enemy is having to respond because we're effective.
And it's not going to work.
It's a joke.
But I do get frustrated sometimes by the COINTELPRO operatives because I can't give them attention and attack them and call them out as agents, which I know some of them are.
Because that just gives them more attention and people don't have enough discernment in many cases to know what's real and what isn't.
So giving attention to it just goes nowhere.
And then a lot of it isn't just operatives.
There are people who are egomaniacs who then say that I'm an egomaniac.
You can listen to them and tell they are.
It's all about them, and they want to talk about themselves.
And really, I can't stand it.
So I really don't want to talk about myself anymore, folks.
I put the info out there.
It's up to you to check it out and find out if it's true.
It is true, but I don't want you to believe that statement.
Just go look it up.
Like Ronald Reagan said, prospect verify.
And then we've got serious business to attend to here.
Serious business.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Nick in New York.
Nick, thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Well, the government's national ID card propaganda machine is in full swing.
I'm holding a copy of the Daily News on the front page.
Guess what?
Gigantic article on Mike Bloomberg.
He wants to give DNA cards to aid immigration battle.
If I can read the subtitle right now, let me read this.
Launching himself into the immigration debate, Mayor Bloomberg offered a radical Big Brother-style plan.
Give every legal worker a fraud-proof identification card, sealed with a person's DNA or fingerprints.
Let me just add a background to this.
The face scans, the thumb scans for the illegal aliens, if they decide to sign up for it, they still won't be enforced if they're totally illegal.
They're just going to leave them alone.
Everything they're having to do, citizens in most states have already been, since Texas in 1993, under the Real ID Act, it all becomes law at the state level federally with a unified system and database in 2008, a year and a half away.
And state governments and others have been moving to make citizens give DNA at the driver's license facility.
In my first film, which we still offer, it's one of my best, America Destroyed by Design,
You can go see the film, and a large section of it is where I get arrested protesting the thumb scanning.
It's a riveting video with a big protest we had inside the DPS office up in North Austin.
And we're in there, and they're handing out hundreds of copies of the executive order for face scans, thumb prints, biometrics, and tissue swabs.
That's already law under an executive order.
They just never implemented it, so the plan is to do that, sir.
Yeah, absolutely.
It even says in the article, in the very first paragraph, Bloomberg calls for the creation of a federal database that would allow employers to verify the immigration status of all job applicants.
So this obviously doesn't just apply to immigrants.
They're just using it as an excuse to roll out the national ID card.
And a lot of people say... Well, we have executive order.
A lot of people say, well, I won't give them my blood.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
England already, at many checkpoints, has stopped for speeding texture tissue.
We're good to go.
Or at the DPS office.
They're already around the country starting to build the clinics in, these little holding cells of the clinic.
I know, you'll laugh.
State police, if you don't read in a couple years, you'll be doing it and going, he was right, but it's good.
And they stick it in your mouth, get it, scrape it with a plastic scraper, put it in a little case, seal it, put it in a bag with your name, and it goes to the DNA database.
I've also heard rumors of maybe a nationwide HIV testing for everyone, which would obviously be an excuse to get everyone... So there's no rumor that's in Homeland Security?
My question is this, Alex.
What do we do between now and 2008 in May, where we're probably going to have to give up our driver's licenses and take or not take the federal national ID card?
Are you in New York City or are you in New York State?
I'm in New York City.
I'm from Brooklyn.
I called you the other day.
I called you yesterday concerning...
Doing a truth symposium in New York.
Yeah, well, let me just bring this up.
Two months ago they announced New York to be a fortress, quote, ring of steel.
Right, on the west side, yeah.
And so what that means is, well, it's going to go nationwide.
The borders stay wide open, but they're going to stop you, check your ID, search you, do whatever they want, take your DNA at those spots.
It's a beta test.
Because that was the answer to it, but I forgot the question.
What was your question?
What are we going to do?
Oh, okay, sure, sure.
Well, to know what we're going to do, we need to know what they're going to do.
Nationwide, as Ron Paul has said on this show, and has been in his reports he's written, libertycommittee.org, Ron Paul has laid out the plan, it's in the bills, in the legislation that's passed, everywhere, there will be hardened checkpoints built into state, federal, and local roads,
Life will be like it is with the TSA at the airports.
Everyone will be searched.
You will randomly be lined up against walls and searched.
The schools are already this way.
And if you don't have your driver's license, they passed this law in Ohio.
It was the State Patriot Act.
You will be taken in as a terrorist because they consider that not having your ID, and you will be arrested and taken to a camp.
So we're about two years away, maybe even sooner if there's another terror attack to accelerate it.
And I even heard...
I think we're good to go.
I'm kind of babbling here.
They're going to randomly go to shopping malls, the side of the road, randomly searching people.
Randomly looking for terrorists.
So life will be like at the airport when they laugh at you and make you take your shoes off and say aggressive things to you.
They've all been told to do this.
This was the training.
Now it's going to go nationwide.
So what do you do?
You expose this is happening in slow motion to condition us.
What do you do?
You sue these people.
It's going to be a line in the sand.
You say no.
I'm telling you.
We won't go down for this.
It's going to be hell on earth.
But the border is going to be wide open.
We will be absolute slaves.
The illegal aliens will be first class citizens.
We will be slaves.
We'll be right back.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Later, I'm going to play this well-meaning propaganda song, thanks to you.
We're also going to play Olbert, the Israeli Prime Minister here, getting into some of the blackmail we know is going on against our government.
Right now, let's continue with your calls.
Let us now go to Rita in Illinois, then Josh, Johnny, and others.
Go ahead, Rita.
Greetings from Global Region 5, Alex.
I would like to specifically address Steve, who called, and then give anybody else who's listening who comes across that point a talking point, because I see the bubble pop right in front of people when I tell them this, and when they ask stupid questions like that.
Go rent the Kinsey movie and see what a nice man he was.
Then you have to ask yourself,
Why would the Rockefellers, because the Rockefellers are in the movie, they have to go before the Anti-American Commission, you know, why would the Rockefellers, you know, give all that sweet, sweet money and go kill for so we can have happy sex?
You know, and then, you know, a nation that lowers its morals conquers itself.
But maybe not.
You know, maybe they just wanted, maybe it's just that they were nice men.
And look up Kinsey's Table 34.
And then why...
And they are the people that says... That's right.
They make movies about the... Horrifying.
The psychologist...
And then they don't even talk about how he admittedly tortured children, and then he'd make them live in little boxes, his own children, and then he'd write books about how he tortured his children, and then they act like he's some hero.
Thank you.
Alex, in the movie, it's sugar-coated and it's still disgusting.
Go have a look.
No, you know what?
See, I don't promote that.
Well, it's disgusting.
I rented it, okay?
And it's disgusting and it's supposed to be sugar-coated.
And it ends up in the air like, who's that, John Nash, the schizophrenic with his endgame theory?
He's wonderful.
He's going to go find some more butterflies.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
You know, I didn't go see that film, and I'm not going to go see it.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Josh in Ontario, Canada.
Welcome, Josh.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks for having me on the show.
Thank you.
Okay, well, I hope to see you in Ottawa, ten minutes from where I grew up.
That's pretty amazing.
But anyways, I've got two things for you.
I went to my MP's office the other day and got a copy of Bill 56, amending the Emergency Management Act.
Now, it talks about rounding up Ontario citizens and putting them in emergency shelters, albeit sort of loose words and very inattentive.
Well, of course it's for your safety!
Well, I don't know, I...
I'm pretty sure our Prime Minister is salivating over this.
But anyways, I do have another thing for you, too.
Regarding the blanket put over at the illegals in America, I have a truncated quote here from the Chief of Defense Staff of Canada, General Hillier, that he said in 2003.
We're not the public service of Canada.
We're not just another department.
We are the Canadian forces, and our job is to be able to kill people.
These are detestable murderers and scumbags, disregarding the dissidents in Afghanistan.
Now, I'll tell you that right up front.
Now, maybe if we want to go and seek with them an agreement that if landed immigrants join the Canadian forces, they have an accelerated route to citizenship in our great country.
Now, do you think a reason why Bush says to give illegal jobs in America that Americans don't want to do, this would include joining a volunteer army to invade Iran, you know, to swell the numbers?
Oh, 20 plus percent of the troops on the ground in Iraq are not Hispanic folks.
They're illegal aliens who became instantly legalized when they joined the forces.
Thanks for the call.
We have our Hessian military.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, I will be up in Ottawa City, Ottawa for the Bilderberg Group meeting coming up in about two weeks.
I'm really looking forward to covering that.
I'm mainly going to be there just to cover the media that's covering it to kind of show how this whole process works.
I'm sure there'll be some interesting news that we break for you.
I'll be calling into the show live.
I'm going to have Jack Blood sitting in for me.
We appreciate him doing that.
Right now, let's jam another call in.
Johnny in Texas, welcome.
Hope you're having a great day.
Thank you, Alex.
Hey, I wanted to point out, this is some of the problems that we face.
A guy talked earlier about mobilizing.
Well, you have to mobilize on a local level, and you have to do everything you can within your power to
To initiate that change, you can't just rely on Alex Jones and his information.
People have to get out there in your own neighborhood.
People always want to launch a huge mobilization now, but they don't want to start a small mobilization.
Big mobilization starts with a small mobilization.
That's how it's got to be done.
It's got to be done on a local level.
Another thing I wanted to point out, it was kind of ironic, I wanted to talk a little bit about the illegal alien problem.
Out here in Apache Shores, we have an illegal alien that comes around and mows all the yards.
And he mows all of my neighbor's yards, and they pay him, and oh, they're real happy to have their yard mowed.
I think I'm the only one on this block that doesn't hire this guy to do this work.
Stay there.
Stay there.
I want to hear about it on the other side.
Stay there, John, and we've got a break.
And I'm going to play this over clip, this music clip, and I'm going to go back over a report we put out yesterday that you need to help us get out to everybody.
And that's the report concerning the churches.
That's the report concerning how they're being brainwashed to serve FEMA during martial law.
You'll want to stay with us.
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We'll go back to your call in just one moment and blitz through the final 26 and a half minutes we've got left here today on this live Thursday edition.
I'm very excited and proud and honored and thankful to announce that Ray McGovern, senior CIA analyst, 27 years, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sr., will be at our big 9-11 conference coming up June 24th and 25th.
He's only been to one other.
This is going to be amazing.
He's going to be there speaking as one of the key speakers on the second day.
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We need support.
All right.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go back to Johnny in Texas.
He was talking about hiring the illegal aliens.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it's really bizarre here in my neighborhood.
Most of the neighbors, like I said, they've hired...
And I bet your neighbors have all got George W. stickers.
That's the strange part.
That is the really strange part.
My neighbors are what you would call, oh, I don't know, old liberal hippies.
So it's a total contradiction.
You'd think these people would know better.
And I do.
I feel like a guy on an island, you know, where nobody cares.
The police know.
They've been informed.
He's been here over a year.
Hey, how about you try not having an insurance or a license, and when the cop's taking you to jail, go, hey, well, what about him?
And the cop will say, they live by different rules.
The police will tell you.
The illegals are just left alone.
He's got his national Mexican ID card, so he can, he's got carte blanche.
That's some of the problems that we face, that we the people have to change, and you've got to do that on a local level.
I have nothing against this individual himself, but he's part of a government, our government, the Mexican government, that openly want to destroy this country, official government documents, even Lou Dobbs, folks.
This is the plan, so you need to call the INS on him.
It's already been done.
And the problem is, nobody does anything.
The guy's been here for a year and a half now with his family.
And he says, I'm going to pay $2,500 to get my brother brought in.
And I'm just like, oh, my God.
Why would anybody do that?
The police won't do anything.
So he's going to pay a coyote, a criminal.
He's going to pay a coyote to bring him.
And it's funny.
I'm sitting here holding to talk to you, and here comes the guy around the corner.
And he's got three guys that I've never seen.
Are you on a short phone?
Yes, I am.
Walk up to him.
Well, actually, they've already left.
Okay, well, he's driving around the corner.
Too bad.
I'd like to talk to him.
Yeah, well, I know right where he lives.
I know his name.
Well, what you ought to do, let's not give his name out, what you ought to do, you need to call the police and say, look, there's a crime being committed right there.
I demand you do something.
It's already been done.
They refuse to respond.
And what can you do when the state, local, and federal refuse to uphold the law?
But see how it's all selectively enforced?
We're the fat, dumb Americans.
We're the easy mark.
We're here to be fed on.
Thanks for the call.
I know, it's frustrating.
Before I run out of time, let's play the Olbert clip.
This is the Israeli Prime Minister yesterday giving a speech being praised by Congress for the need to attack Iran.
We're going to roll about a minute 20 of this.
It is three years since the roadmap for peace was presented.
The roadmap was, and remains, the right plan.
A Palestinian leadership that fulfills its commitments and obligations will find us a willing partner in peace.
But if they refuse, we will not give a terrorist regime
A veto over progress or allow it to take hope hostage.
We cannot wait for the Palestinians forever.
Our deepest wish is to build a better future for our region.
Hand in hand with a Palestinian partner.
But if not,
We will move forward, but not alone.
We could never have implemented the disengagement plan without your firm support.
And then I've got the transcript of more of what he had to say about how we've got to attack Iran, if Europe won't help us, we've got to do it, or Israel will do it alone.
Very, very serious.
And before we take more calls, I'm going to play this little propaganda piece.
This is a piece that came out, I guess, a few years ago before the troops.
And again, I support the troops.
That means I don't want them breathing depleted uranium, which admittedly is killing them.
I don't like the fact that the troops get charged for their own body armor when it gets blown off their body.
I don't like the fact they were lied to and told they'd be home in time for Christmas, and many of them have served three, four tours over there.
I don't like the fact that when their arms and legs are blown off, they've got to pay $4 a day in the hospital for their meals.
I don't like the fact that they have to pay for their own flights back to the U.S.
I don't like the fact that they've served two, three, four tours, and they've been automatically brought in with stop loss and basically drafted.
They've already served, and it's a draft on those that volunteered for two, three years, and they say, no, no, no, you can't leave, you've got to stay.
That is a draft of those that have already served.
So I support the troops.
And I don't support this phony, fraudulent war in Iraq premeditatedly based on a fraud.
Now listen to this country song.
I forget the name of the artist, but it's Thanks to You.
I heard this the other day on XM Radio.
And you can tell this singer, even like Charlie Daniels, another guy, you can tell they mean well.
They think they're good guys.
Oh, you're fighting for freedom.
Oh, without you, what would we do?
The very government waging war on Iraq is destroying our freedoms here.
You can't debate that.
So go ahead and roll that song.
You have it, don't you, Scott?
Now go ahead and we're going to roll just part of this.
Go ahead.
We don't think about that much
Till we send them off to war That's when we get behind them To show them our support But we sometimes take for granted That they'll always be around Each one of them a hero For defending this sacred ground
Thank you for the job you do so well.
You risk it all in freedom's name And sometimes go through hell Thank you For the sacrifices made For the ones who never came back home The highest price was paid It's about time we show some gratitude
We're good to go.
Home, land, and sea, and up in the air, we took jobs day in and day out.
That's what being an American soldier is all about.
Thank you for the job you do so well You risk it all in freedom's name And sometimes go through hell Thank you for the sacrifices made For the ones who never came back home The highest price was paid
All right.
Hey, how about you just not give the troops words?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Different channels.
I was flipping around.
It was just all, Our lady's so good!
Fighting them Elkatters!
Oh, we love you!
I mean, it's just a lie.
What would Johnny Cash be saying about all this if he was still alive?
He'd know it was a fraud.
It's a fraud!
And there's people who want to be sappy.
They want to be kind.
I know you guys aren't bad out there.
You want to just feel good and have American flags all over your car.
That artist talks about sacred ground.
Our sacred ground, it is public that our government has implemented legislation for the American Union.
Again, even Lou Dobbs has read the document.
It's happening.
The end of America, you twits!
I love this country.
I'm upset.
If our military was down there fighting the Mexican troops that are attacking us, I would be saying thanks to you.
And I'd do more than pay them lip service.
I'd make sure they had real body armor.
But over in some innocent country, who was our ally, who we set up to attack Iran, who we set up to attack Kuwait, and don't give me that!
What I just said's the truth, okay?
What I just said's the facts.
Patriotism isn't being an idiot.
Patriotism isn't being sappy and tearing up.
Patriotism is defending our borders when a bunch of foreigners are taking American flags down and burning them.
Yes, I got video off Spanish TV of them burning American flags coast to coast.
It was never on CNN.
And George Bush is behind all of it.
The people that control Bush are behind all of it.
He's double the size of the BATF.
Do you love your Second Amendment that our veterans did fight and die for over 230 years ago?
Or do you love being a sap and sticking yellow ribbons all over your car that means you support the killing of our troops?
That means you support the lie and the fraud and the scam?
Now listen, this story didn't get enough traction.
It's already on Yesterday's News.
You've got to click on the archive.
We're going to make sure it stays on the main page.
It's a top story.
We're putting it back up there.
Paul Watson spent hours and hours writing this.
It's full of documents.
All the claims are proven.
Our military is being trained to take our guns and put us in camps.
Secret FEMA plan to use pastors as pacifiers in preparation for martial law.
Nationwide initiative trains volunteers to teach congregations to obey the government during seizure of guns, property, forced inoculations, and forced relocation.
And we have the training manual.
We have them all posted.
All the claims are proven.
Gun rights activists, property rights activists, Christians, homeschoolers, you're all listed.
Thanks to you, America's dead.
Thanks to you, it's all over.
Come on!
And most of these phony country people have never been on a horse, never worked on a ranch.
All that Nashville fake cell make me sick with their fake music.
It's like everything else.
It's as fake as a $3 bill.
Your patriotism is fake.
Your cowboy boots are fake.
Your cowboy hats are fake.
Your belt buckles are a joke.
You're a bunch of idiots.
I am sick of the scams.
And I'm sick of a bunch of rich people sitting around selling patriotic songs, making millions of dollars, selling a fraud.
And I'm sure a lot of these idiots mean well.
It's unbelievable.
I got the report right here of what they're doing to our churches.
We need to get this out to everybody.
This isn't America when they do this stuff!
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks,
But the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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Ray McGovern, coming to our big 9-11 conference in Los Angeles, 24th and 25th of June.
Get your tickets now.
It's going to be once in a lifetime.
Let's ram through four calls quickly.
I'm going to move fast.
Osa in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex Jones.
Basically, I want to talk about this program from Prison Planet that I saw on May 10th.
It was probably one of the most amusing and the funniest broadcasts I've seen, but at the same time, it wasn't that funny.
And basically, to make a long story short, you're talking about the dumbing down of our society.
What did you see?
I don't remember it.
Basically, you mentioned that people don't care.
About what's going on, about the facts, that people can't name Iraq or Iran on a map.
Oh, yeah, that was the big national study, yeah.
Yeah, and it's a shame.
You try to tell people that, hey, our media is being run by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds.
You tell them all these things, that the war on terror is fraud.
You try to tell them it's like talking to a brick wall, Alex.
Some people, Olson, I appreciate your call.
I understand your frustration.
A lot are waking up.
Remember, the idiots don't count.
They're going to drool in a corner no matter what we do.
Who hung up?
I was calling to you, Dave.
Dave in Canada.
Jack in Arizona.
Go ahead, Jack.
Alex, good to talk to you.
I'll make it quick.
Yesterday you had a really great guest on, on the whole Nazi thing and the connection with American big business.
Yeah, the Nazi hydra.
And my shortwave reception here in Arizona kept going in and out, and I really missed the, I think his name was Glenn Yadin?
But I missed the title of the book.
Nazi Hydra in America.
If you can get to a computer, it was in yesterday's news.
Nazi Hydra in America?
And how do you spell his last name?
Y-E-A-D... I can't spell it out live on air.
I have to write it down.
There you go.
Will you be carrying the book?
I may be, yes, sir.
Because his information was extremely revealing, especially the Bush connection.
Well, I've got all the original news articles.
It's all admitted.
He just put it together nicely.
It's unbelievable that this truth is out there, and people seem to be letting it go in one ear and out the other.
That's the thing.
The truth is so weird.
George Bush has hired the Mexicans through a PR firm to bully Americans into accepting total amnesty, and the media is saying it's getting tough when it's amnesty.
Everything's insane.
Thanks for the call.
The Bushes are Nazis?
I mean, they got Nazi money still?
I mean, it's all just Twilight Zone.
Dave hung up, so we'll go to Mike in Illinois, I believe.
Mike, go ahead.
Yeah, Mike in Louisiana.
Okay, go ahead, sir.
I've been emailing back and forth with a friend of mine trying to wake him up over the last few days.
No problem.
I mean, talking hundreds of emails, you know, just trying to wake him up to the whole idea of this conspiracy.
And then, of course, the culmination is 9-1-1 and the event with World Trade Center 1-2.
And, of course, I was hanging my hat on World Trade Center 7.
He's been bringing up the debunking sites, you know, and
And I'm looking at the layout, and you've got World Trade Center 3, 4, 5, and 6.
The debris had to jump over 6 to get to 7.
We have the official debris fields.
It only got hit by dust.
The building was not damaged.
FEMA says they don't know why it fell.
They've given five different fraud reasons and had to retract them.
The underwriters have said it's a fraud.
There had to be bombs.
And then what the debunking sites that I've looked at do, they just lie, sir.
Yeah, and that's what, you know, he's going to then say, well, you know, they're lying.
You say, you know, I say your guys are lying.
And then where does it go from there?
You know, I mean, this site... Sir, they have the Urban Legends site saying China doesn't sell organs.
I mean, there are debunking sites that say Rumsfeld never said there were WMDs.
I mean, these people are just jokes.
All right, well, yeah, they addressed Larry Silverstein saying pull, meaning it meant to take the firemen out of the thing and not pull the building.
Yeah, but they admit the firemen were already out of that when he gave that order.
They were told to get out of the building.
Pull is the industry term for demolition.
Oh, yeah, I guess people are going to believe what they want to believe, you know?
Yeah, that's right.
When they take their pension funds and devalue the dollar more, they can just jump around saying it's wonderful.
I mean, you know, you can believe whatever you want.
You can believe in the tooth fairy.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.