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Air Date: May 23, 2006
2616 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Tuesday, the 23rd day of May 2006.
We're now 30 days out from the big 9-11 meeting that we're going to have, the big symposium out in Southern California on the 24th and 25th, or to be technical, 31 days out.
I think?
We're good to go.
Rabbis, clerics, religious leaders are being recruited and swearing oaths to FEMA and being trained to pacify populations for gun confiscation, forced drugging, forced relocation.
This is coming up in the next hour.
Then we have Janice Matthews joining us from 911truth.org.
They're putting on the big 9-11 symposium in Chicago that I'll be attending.
Coming up in, what, just 10 days, on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, or I guess 2nd, 3rd, and 4th,
We're good to go.
We'll be getting into that with her in the third hour and more.
I've been having a lot of guests on lately, so I've been having to speed through your calls.
I'm always frustrated because the callers have so many great points and important issues or comments or questions that they want to raise.
So we're going to open the phones up in this first hour.
I'm going to take a lot of your calls.
I'm going to move through you quickly.
I'm going to move on to the next caller so everybody gets a chance to be on air.
So if you're listening on this live Tuesday edition, the toll-free number is 1-800-259-9231.
Even the conservative human events, the big national conservative weekly publication, admits from President Bush's own statements, the CFR's own documents, and official North American legislation, that's right, there is such a thing, that America is being subdivided, shut down, destroyed, right now.
When we get back from break, I want to get into this first.
Now, we talked a lot about this about eight, nine months ago when the Council on Foreign Relations first went public and admitted that, yes, they'd been involved in a secret program to bring down U.S.
borders completely.
Actually, we were talking about this five years ago, but Lou Dobbs picked up on it.
The CFR went public.
We're good to go.
North American Union to replace USA is the human events headline.
This came out yesterday.
We'll be going over it today.
President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union effectively erasing our borders, both with Mexico and Canada.
This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.
Now, this is the ultimate neocon publication, throwing it in your face.
So I don't want to hear it.
I've been listening to even Patriot talk shows, Truth Movement talk shows.
They're still wondering why the gas prices are so high.
We're going to recap why that is when we get back.
There's a bunch of other police state news.
Moves to tax and regulate and shut down the internet news.
It's all coming up, and we're going to open the phones up for any issue you want to talk about.
The website's at prisonplanet.tv and nymphowars.com.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
FEMA, we know, is recruiting police, school children, former military people, firemen, school teachers, doctors, nurses for forced inoculations, roundups, gun confiscations.
That's been in the mainstream news.
We've interviewed many of these FEMA slash Homeland Security minions.
Some of them are head professors.
One of them in Tennessee over an entire department at a university there.
He admitted that they're there to fight terror and crime.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have Janice Matthews, an incredible 9-11 activist, joining us.
911truth.org commissioned a big Zogby poll, the third Zogby poll we've had about 9-11.
We'll give you the details of that in the first 30 minutes of the third hour.
Then the last half hour of the broadcast today, I have a 20-minute clip.
We're not going to air all of it.
Here's the headline.
If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head.
And this is just one more Army Ranger, one more Marine, one more officer.
We've had Master Sergeants on, we've had Marine Captains on, talking about similar things.
They've done this in front of reporters.
Can you imagine blowing children's heads off?
You answer my question or I'm going to kill your child.
And then again, John, you...
When he was one of the top White House counsels under Gonzalez, now Attorney General, of course, even at a CFR meeting earlier this year in Chicago, openly said when he was questioned by another CFR member there about how his dastardly memo he put out saying we can torture children in front of their parents, including sexually, ladies and gentlemen, John, you said absolutely we're allowed to do that.
These people are scum of the earth.
That is not a strong enough term.
They are demon seed.
They are Jeffrey Dahmer's ruling us.
Hell hath been released.
Pure evil is upon us.
The Nazis, the Soviets, the greatest murderers in human history didn't openly brag about it.
On diocese in front of thousands being recorded.
These people do.
They write memos.
They sign their despicable, shameful, wicked names to it.
So we're going to be getting into that coming up today.
Let me get into this first.
I don't watch a lot of television, but I do listen to a lot of talk radio when I'm out doing errands or at the office or out and about.
I listen probably a couple hours a day.
I sample different shows, local shows, national shows.
I can pick up dozens and dozens of talk stations from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco.
I can pick up stations from Colorado.
The point is I can tune into a lot of stations, Oklahoma, even Ohio.
We can listen to them here.
And so I get the gist of what's going on.
And I know there's talking points.
We've caught them before.
But I know there's talking points because they all say the exact same thing in the exact same order.
And it's all the greenie meanies, it's all the tree huggers, they shut down all the refineries, and that's why we don't have any oil, and it's all their fault.
Ladies and gentlemen, the greenie meanies are actually funded by the oil companies.
This is mainstream news.
We know where to look.
The Greeny Meanies are a bunch of useful idiots, Malthusian social Darwinists, Dr. Pianca, 90% of us have to die crowd.
They're there to give a local face, a rent-a-mob face, to the elite's plans to put us all basically on high-tech plantation feudal slave grids.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Blame it on the environmentalists.
There's too much oil.
All we can do is buy up the refineries.
They have bought up the refineries.
And then they'll say, well, well, we've increased our supply, how much our capacity at our plants, but not enough to keep up with demand.
You buy up 200, and then they roughly increase their capacity by 60%, which didn't even cover half of the refining space that we had with the 200, what is it, 214 they bought up.
And that number is about a year old.
There is not a single private refinery in the United States that isn't owned by the oil companies.
They are raping you.
They are scamming you.
They are laughing at you.
It is a big, fat joke to them.
And I personally am sick and tired of it, so let me announce it again.
It is on the record this whole thing is a scam.
Just like it's on the record that Bush hired a PR firm to run all these demonstrations.
Just like it's on the record that the government's putting cancer viruses and mercury in the vaccines.
Just like it's on the record they're publicly getting rid of our borders for an American Union.
Just like it's on the record they're going to forcibly drug 50% of our school children in official drug company documents that they then had passed into law last year as New Freedom Initiative.
It is on the record they've doubled the size of the BATF and are using regulations that go out for gun manufacturers and gun dealers and banning importation of most arms.
It is on the record that Bush is anti-gun.
It is on the record that he meets with Hillary Clinton and George Bush Sr.
does, and Clinton and they all vacation, and Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch every single week, and everything's totally staged.
It is staged.
It is staged.
It is staged.
Just like if you buy a ticket to go to a movie, it isn't real.
Just like if you buy a ticket to go see a reproduction of Shakespeare's Macbeth, it is a theater.
It is a theatrical, thespian event.
We're dealing with tens of trillions of dollars in profit every year in this country by controlling the government.
The elites have bought it up.
They've doubled the lobbyists in the last six years.
The majority of them, over half, are foreign.
They have totally sold out the country.
We are in deep trouble.
The elite is going nuts as if the U.S.
is destined to go into depression.
They are selling everything out, slashing everything.
Literal slash and burn, scorched earth policy for this nation's economy.
We are being totally nailed to the wall.
For lack of a better expression.
And I am very upset about it.
They have destroyed the worth of the dollar.
They are overprinting the dollar.
They are going completely nuts.
And it is all by design.
And I'm not trying to be negative.
It is extremely positive that I'm on air stating it like it is, telling it like it is.
Because when they pull the rug out from under us completely, and they've already done it at many levels, I want you to know who did it to you.
Because I know they're going to be on their very own media they own telling you somebody else did it when they do it.
We're going to go to your calls here in a few minutes, but let's get into this first.
Again, five years ago, we had CFR documents from their own Foreign Affairs bi-monthly book they put out on newsstands.
It's not a magazine, it's a book, but it's on magazine stands.
And that's just their outward propaganda.
Most of it is lies, but they admit in there, world government is here, they're going to take care of rights, they're going to get rid of our borders, there will be total legalization of everyone to come into the country, unlimited.
You think 25 million illegals is bad?
They plan by 2050 to have 500 million people here, over 150 million of them foreigners.
I mean, this is already on its way to happening.
We're already over 300 million now.
They're talking about another 200 million in the next 44 years coming into this country.
And we're talking about tens of millions every single decade.
And finally, Lou Dobbs, only national TV show to talk about it, all he did was read sections of the CFR document, which was within three months of being published last year, word for word, was being implemented by Congress and legislation, passed by Mexico, and passed by Canada.
The only other mainstream outlet in the North American hemisphere to report the truth was several major national Canadian papers.
Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, openly said the end of Canada, merger with U.S., total control.
They signed military agreements for Mexican and Canadian troops to, quote, police America three years ago and fight, quote, American terrorists.
That is in the Associated Press.
But again, the only report about the Pan-American Union was in two Canadian papers in Lou Dobbs.
The report was in the Associated Press three years ago about the military agreement.
Here is Human Events, the big conservative national weekly magazine newspaper.
North American Union to replace USA.
President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with Mexico and Canada.
This was the hidden agenda.
It wasn't hidden.
Behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.
Secretly, the Bush administration is pursuing a policy to expand NAFTA politically, setting the stage for a North American Union designed to encompass the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with the U.S.
administration truly wants as a free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders of Mexico and Canada.
It continues.
President Bush intends to abrogate U.S.
sovereignty to the North American Union, a new economic and political entity which the President is quietly forming, much as the European Union was formed.
Yeah, they told the Europeans it was the European Economic Community, or EC, European Economic Bloc.
That's how it started 50 years ago.
The blueprint President Bush is following was laid out in 2005.
Report entitled, Building a North American Community, published by the Left of Center Council on Foreign Relations.
The CFR report connects the dots between the Bush administration's actual policy on illegal immigration and the drive to create the North American Union.
We'll read excerpts from the report.
Go to your calls and much more on the other side.
The war on terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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The New World Order would cause us to lose our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and also our national sovereignty.
Is this what Americans want?
To be merged into a communist-style one-world government?
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North American Union to replace USA back in the news.
It should be top news every day.
At their meeting in Waco, Texas, this is from the CFR document, at the end of March 2005, U.S.
President George Bush and President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin committed their governments to a path of cooperation and joint action.
We welcome this important development and offer this report to add urgency and specific recommendations to strengthen their efforts.
What is the plan?
Erase the borders.
The plan is contained in a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.
Little notice when President Bush and Vicente Fox created it in March of 2005.
In March of 2005, the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States adopted a security and prosperity partnership of North American, SPP, establishing ministerial-level working groups to address key security and economic issues facing North America.
Well, a year before that, they had a joint session of the Canadian Parliament, the U.S.
Congress, and the Mexican Congress in Mexico, folks.
And I openly talked about it on C-SPAN, and I played clips of it here on the show.
America is setting a short deadline for reporting progress back to their governments.
President Bush described the significance of the SPP as putting forward a common commitment to markets and democracy, freedom and trade, and mutual prosperity and security.
The policy framework accelerated by the three leaders is a significant commitment that will benefit from broad discussions and advice.
The task force is pleased to provide specific advice on how the partnership can be pursued and realized.
And this is all being implemented.
What they recommended in this big report.
We're good to go.
I think?
It will be defined by a common external tariff in all outer security perimeters within the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe.
Its goal will be the guarantee of free, secure, just, and prosperous North American Union.
Now let me just add something here.
Notice that they say security perimeter.
Our security and prosperity are mutually dependent on complementary.
Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within each and the movement of people, products, and capital.
Now, I remember the Wednesday, the week after 9-11, I guess eight days, nine days after 9-11,
I'm watching Nightline.
They have the head U.N.
general, the peacekeeping general McKenzie, on Nightline.
I almost fell out of my chair, and he said, what we're going to have by 2010 is a Pan-American Union border starting from the borders of Mexico to Alaska, patrolled by United Nations forces.
There will be no internal borders.
He was on there with congressmen.
They were agreeing.
Ted Koppel was agreeing.
This will keep us safe.
No borders with Mexico, no borders with Canada.
Then, as they've had with EU expansion, they plan to add Central and South America.
They then plan to add the Caribbean and even Pacific nations merging with the Asian Union.
And trade deals have already been signed through the WTO and the IMF and World Bank to merge the American Union, which is already operating right now.
Do you understand how far along we are here with the EU?
Then they just start merging those through agreements.
You understand?
We're an American Union right now.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
This is unbelievable.
And they're going to have regional government capitals.
Ten regions in the U.S., six regions in Canada, eight regions in Mexico.
This is all official.
Go read the plan!
Can you imagine if Rush Limbaugh, if Neil Bortz, if Sean Hannity, if Glenn Beck talked about this instead of making fun of stupid liberals who are just puppets of this same system just like conservatives are?
No, it's just joking, giggling shows, making fun of people, never any real information, never defending the Second Amendment, never defending anything.
It's just all smoke and mirrors to pacify you.
We're going to lose America.
The open borders are part of this official plan.
The open UN world government documents are.
There are no borders.
There are only regional governments.
And it goes on.
So, this is America.
This is what we've become.
Mexican troops in New Orleans, Canadian troops in New Orleans, Dutch troops in New Orleans is part of this.
They have openly signed the agreements.
This is happening.
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
In slow-mo.
Charles, John, Mark, Taylor.
Nancy, your calls are all coming up after this break.
You can talk about whatever you want, but I hope you'll comment on the issue I just raised.
We need to make this a focus.
Agenda 21, the UN takeover of America, happening publicly.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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That toll-free number again, 1-877-928-8822.
We're going to go to your calls momentarily.
We know they're the enemy.
We've got to move forward against them and defend this sovereign nation.
Because with global government comes global tyranny.
A global army, a global tax, global laws, no free speech.
This is happening.
This isn't a drill.
This isn't a joke.
We have to educate the public that all products and everything you buy will have a tracker chip in it.
They meant to have it last year.
They're behind schedule.
To track everything you do.
That phony conservatives are trying to sell a national sales tax.
They're going to keep the income tax on top of it to track and trace everything you do.
It'll be tied to the national ID card in your purchase.
We have to expose the fact that the vaccines are full of poison.
We have to expose the fact that our government's totally corrupt.
We have to expose the fact they're getting rid of our borders.
We have to expose that it's all a big fraud.
We've got the facts, ladies and gentlemen.
Our enemies have millions of employees and servants.
They write policy papers.
They write reports.
They write battle plans that are public.
We've got to get these battle plans.
We've got to read them.
We've got to get educated on it.
Because our freedom, our lives, literally depend on it.
The people running this country are the progeny, are the soldiers, are the children and grandchildren of the same people that killed 200 million people last century.
They hate you.
They hate your freedom.
They hate that you control your destiny.
They are afraid of the middle class.
They are afraid of upward mobility.
Elites have always been afraid.
They're angry at you because you're happy.
You're not inbred and evil like they are.
And they're coming down on us.
War has been declared on us.
Now are you going to fight?
I'm asking you right now, people.
Are you going to fight in the info war?
And are you going to fight physically if need be?
Or are you going to go quietly into the night?
I wish I had that Alexander Solzhenitsyn quote in front of me.
In fact, Kevin, I know you're listening in the next room.
Just type in Solzhenitsyn quote.
They came in the night.
I think he'll pull it up.
To paraphrase, he said, the secret police came and grabbed their families, grabbed their fathers, grabbed their brothers, grabbed their sons.
And it was just a few hundred of them in each city, these sickos.
They would hire criminals and perverts and serial killer types out of the prisons to do this.
And when they came in the night in their black uniforms, what would have happened if we would have met them in the stairwells with our axes and our knives, our daggers, our clubs, our pokers?
Well, what would happen if we met them in the information war before it got to that?
We are meeting them in the info war.
We are crushing them.
We are having incredible victories.
That's why they're moving to tax and regulate and shut down the web right now, destroying net neutrality and other key issues I want to get into later.
Because we are mopping the floor with them.
With our forces, which are scattered, which are fractured, that gives us actually more strength.
Lone Wolf Info War operators, continue.
Intensify your engagement of them.
Smash them.
Use their own words.
Use their own quotes.
Use their own publications.
Warn the people!
We're good to go.
We're going to have their family as soldiers.
Do you understand that?
Or if you don't warn them beforehand, they won't even know why they're brain damaged and they'll go into rationalization and they'll deny it.
Now, I don't want them to brain damage the child.
But I know we've gone from 1 in 24,000 being autistic 20-something years ago to 1 in 168.
So see, we have the power of prediction.
You see?
We can tell them what's going to happen.
They're not going to listen, many of them.
But when it happens, they will, and we will have more soldiers.
We have the power of prediction.
We have the power of warning people.
I've been doing this for almost 12 years.
That's why our numbers have swollen.
That's why our ranks are literally growing exponentially.
I'm very excited right now because we're going to beat these people.
And one day we're going to arrest them.
We're going to try them.
You can be assured of it.
I know that we're going to win with God's help.
Their system will come into global fruition, but it will fail the very minute it's built.
The very minute they try to implement their global extermination plan.
And much flesh will not be saved, my friends, but some will be.
And we're going to win this thing.
A lot of us won't live to see the victory, but I already know the victory, and I'm glad I put my life on the table.
I put all my cards on the table.
I'm in.
I passed the point of no return a long time ago.
Join me in this fight.
Stand up as free humans now.
I am going to go to your calls here in just a moment.
I just wanted to say this.
We've got a huge 9-11 conference coming up in downtown Los Angeles on the 24th and 25th.
I would have had this in Austin, Texas, but a very dear person who's been demonized and attacked and drugged to the mud for their 9-11 stance.
You know who they are.
This was their idea to have this conference.
Remember when we interviewed them?
Something was big coming up.
And, of course, their name's not going to be involved in it, but when the event comes up, there'll be a surprise.
It's going to be really great.
The Sheriff's in downtown.
We're going to...
Of course, we have Professor Stephen Jones, BYU physics professor, about the bombs in the buildings, the detailed analysis of the thermite incendiaries as well.
We're going to have Professor Jim Fetzer there.
We're also going to have the former head of the Star Wars program, Dr. Bob Bowman, Colonel Bowman, about Inside Job 9-11.
We're going to have William Rodriguez, the hero janitor, the head janitor that helped the firefighters that stayed in until the building collapsed.
When others ran out, he ran in.
Jimmy Walker is going to be there as well.
We're going to have Webster Tarpley there.
We're going to have so many others there.
My new film, Terror Storm, will debut on that Saturday morning at 11 a.m.
when it kicks off.
It goes until 9 o'clock at night every night.
It is going to be so great.
20 hours of conference in two days.
Get your tickets now.
This always happens when I have movie showings.
We'll sell eight, nine showings out in a row.
And people always wait until the last two days.
Half the tickets are sold.
Then suddenly everyone rushes.
It gets sold out.
And we've had 200 people line up before at a movie theater being turned away when the theater only seats 300.
Don't wait until the last few days and it only holds 1,000 people and hope that it's not going to sell out.
In fact, I think when it gets up to about 900, if it does, we'll probably hold about 100, perhaps, for people that do want to get tickets at the door.
But I'm not sure if we're going to do that.
The point is, go to InfoWars.com.
There's a big banner at the top that says AmericanScholarSymposium.org.
Link through to there.
We use the big official ticketing site, Tix.com.
Link through.
Tickets are as low as $34 apiece when you get multiple tickets.
Make a trip out of it.
Visit family in California or others in that region, Arizona, Nevada, whatever.
Make a trip out of it.
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Come to this event.
You do not want to miss it.
We're also going to make a documentary out of it.
That is coming up.
The 24th and 25th in Los Angeles at talesandinfowars.com.
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So it's easy to check in.
You're in.
You just go through, check your name, your ticket number, boom, you're in for the two-day conference.
It's going to be amazing.
Again, Infowars.com or 1-888-253-3139.
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This is going to be a historical event.
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Dylan Avery, by the way, is going to be there as well.
The director.
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And flying, you know, I don't know, 14, well, just the speakers.
It's over 10 of them.
And then all the staff having to be flown out there and all the rest of it.
Help support us.
I'm going to Bilderberg with three people.
I'm going to be in Chicago going up there.
Help us with that for their 9-11 conference coming up on the 3rd and 4th.
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I was here until 1 a.m.
again last night.
I will be here at probably 2 a.m.
I am going 110% maximum right now because I know how close we are to big events and things getting really serious.
All right, that's enough.
Just please support us.
Charles in Louisiana.
This is a man who's even been in local papers, and I've talked to police that know him personally.
He's made over 6,000 copies of my films in the last five, six years.
He has woken up entire cities in his area.
Charles, good to have you on with us.
Good to hear from you, friend.
My friend, I tried to call in, but I couldn't get in.
But I have some information on the DVDs.
People said that they can't put the three-hour tape on a DVD.
But here's how you've got to do that.
Go to DVDCopyPlus.com.
And it will compress the three-hour tape on a two-hour DVD.
Say that again.
I mean, I know that it fries here in Austin.
It's only like a $60, $70 unit that will burn any size DVD 9, that's what mine are, the big jumbo films, down to a regular DVD.
Is that what you're talking about?
Yes, it's called DVD Copy Plus.
And you can put a three-hour tape on a two-hour DVD, you know, disc.
How much did the unit cost you?
I got it on a clone.
I told you about it.
Mr. James sent me a clone.
It's only about $35.
You put the clone into the DVD, and then you could make four, five, six tapes at one time.
It takes 35 minutes to make a three-hour tape, though.
You know what I mean?
But that's one way how to get them out.
And I'm asking that people please...
It makes a difference if they would just buy a couple of tapes.
And I'm not saying, I'll do it myself.
Buy a couple of tapes, support the show, and have their neighbors over to look at the tapes.
We could win this way if people just get off their backside and do this.
But they seem like they want other people to do it, Mr. Jones.
This is everybody's country.
For the love of the Lord.
Please wake four or five people up.
If everybody... Charles, I don't think some people realize this is life and death.
The people running things are cold-blooded killers.
Yes, sir.
Look, I was cutting grass the other day, and a policeman stopped with his wife.
Me and my wife was out there on the lawn.
And he said he's sick of the police department.
They're ratting each other off.
They're watching each other.
Even the police are very tired of this.
Everybody's sick of what's going on.
They're making riots out of everybody, even the police against the police.
This was told to me Sunday, Mr. Jones.
This is the time to move.
People, this is the time to move.
Don't just turn off the air.
Sell tapes.
At least tell people where they can buy the tapes.
Please, people.
I mean, this is our country.
This is our future.
I mean, it don't take much to say, order a tape from Alex Jones.
I'm not trying to sell tapes.
I'm trying to save my country.
Why don't you people wake up and do a little bit more?
Just a little bit more.
It'll make a difference.
Well, I don't think people realize, Charles, that on average we get a 90% conversion rate with even mainstream zombies when they see a film like Road to Tyranny or Loose Change 2 or Martial Law.
I mean, give people a testimony.
And again, I was plugging the videos today, and then Charles just happened to call in.
This is very fortuitous.
I mean, what were you able to do in your town?
Well, you know, when I first started, I wasn't with you.
I was with Larry Nichols, and I went down to being a bad guy to a good guy.
Like I said, a policeman stopped with his wife.
I don't hold a note of policemen.
They just see me.
They talk to me about this.
I mean, you know, I can go into the police department and have donuts and coffee with the police.
They see me.
They buy me coffee.
Can you make me a couple of copies?
Here's a few dollars.
Make my mom a dog secret from Bohemian Grove.
Call me.
Give me their phone number.
I'll bring it over to their house.
I'll bring it over to them.
I mean, they're hungry for this information.
They're hungry.
You can make friends with them.
And another thing is, if one person wakes up another person, you understand, Mr. Jones?
It's a change reaction.
But the people have to get out.
It's scary.
I know it's scary for some people to do it, but it gets to be a second nature.
I agree with you.
God bless you, Charles.
You keep it up.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Oh, he thought I hung up on him.
Charles, if you've got something else you want to add, you can call back.
An incredible American.
He went from police threatening him, handing him out six, seven years ago, to that they just love him and the whole town's awake.
He came out like over 6,000 copies.
John in Texas.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, John.
Hi, Alex.
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day.
We were talking about 9-1-1, and I mentioned that the Pentagon, some people think it was hit with a missile.
And my friend said, well, if that's the case, where's the airplane?
Where's the crew?
I really didn't know what to tell him.
So I just wondered if
If anybody ever had an opinion of what happened to that airplane.
We don't know, sir.
That's why the media wants us to focus only on the Pentagon, because it's an endless debate, not all the hundreds of things we can prove.
In the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 type attacks, Northwoods, it says they'll have CIA officers under other public names get on a plane, then it lands, and they take a drone off and then blow it up or shoot it down and blame it on foreign countries.
So I don't know what happened.
It is what you were talking about with the New World Order.
You know, the key to all this is gun control.
If the people, if they pass a major gun bill, a confiscation bill, and everybody goes in and turns their guns, you know, it's pretty much all over with.
But if everybody would rise up and fight, and I think they realize this, that's how come they've been held up as long as they have been, they're going to have a major civil war in their hands.
Listen, I don't just say this for effect.
This is true.
We would have mass concentration camps.
50 to 100 million Americans would have already been killed.
Most of your wives and daughters would already have been raped.
Foreign troops would already be in every U.S.
city if we didn't have guns.
The people running this country want to kill a bunch of us and totally enslave us because they're a bunch of greedy control freaks.
Well, like I said, Alex did, as long as everybody hangs on to their guns and as long as we can...
I know.
Hold on to the Second Amendment.
I think, you know, we've got a chance, because this is a long, drawn-out plan.
When I first read None Dare Call Treason back in 1964 when I was in junior high school, I realized what was starting to come down the pipe.
But they've been defeated on this gun issue, and it's held them up.
I agree with you, but Bush has doubled the size of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gun Confiscation, and they confiscated guns all over Louisiana.
And they can't wait to get your guns!
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Mark, Taylor, Nancy, Jesse, others are coming up here in just a moment.
Think about how the Soviets killed 60 million of their own people.
Folks that were submitting to them just to have terror and control and get all the land and get the people off of it.
Think how the communist Chinese killed over 60 million.
They admit it.
That was with a subservient population.
So the globalists, imagine they controlled all that and financed that and ordered all that.
Imagine how much they hate you Americans.
Spoiled with guns and cars and houses and bass boats.
They hate you.
They think of you as nothing.
So I'm not joking when I say they want to physically blow your head off.
And don't worry, there's lots of troops and police and others that through this process, to keep their badges, to keep their guns, to stay in power out of fear, they will carry it out.
Don't you think about it.
I mean, Germans were pretty upright, conservative, straight-laced people.
And under orders, they killed millions, tens of millions.
The Chinese were pretty moral people.
The Russians were just subservient people, but pretty moral folks.
You know, wouldn't steal a dollar, wouldn't steal a ruble, but they'd blow somebody's head off.
They'd take little children to death camps.
They'd work people to death.
They'd kill women because they were ordered to.
And let me tell you something.
They're setting it up here, and it doesn't scare me.
It makes me angry.
It makes me get aggressive.
It makes me get up on my hind legs.
Mark in Las Vegas, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I tell you, some of the biggest news items are some of the most ignored, and you have to search really hard to find them.
They're buried within news stories.
But here's something that's kind of interesting.
The former spokesman for the Taliban, I can't remember the name of it.
It's like Ramatullah or something like that is the last name.
Anyway, this guy was the spokesman for the Taliban.
He has a fourth-grade education.
And he's now mailing to Yale.
To Yale.
And what's interesting is the whole story surrounding how that got set up.
It was some shadowy former CBS cameraman and AIM, Accuracy in Media, which is actually neoconservative-leaning.
They actually did a report on this, and they talked about how there's secrecy surrounding what exactly Hoover was doing.
And here's a short excerpt.
Well, I mean, it's simple.
They sent Jesse Ventura to Yale.
They're being vetted to be put into higher-level power positions.
That guy will probably, for the next five years to ten years, be the president of Afghanistan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, it says, the secrecy surrounding Hoover's precise role here, and then in parentheses, he has been dodging the media since the New York Times Magazine article, has caused some to wonder if perhaps this is all U.S.
intelligence operations, to which Ramatulo is being rewarded as an infirmer.
What's interesting is this guy's job, this guy who's a spokesman for the Taliban, when he came to the U.S.
before 9-11, working on supposedly behalf of the Taliban, and more like El-Syeda, he ran around doing media interviews, Alex, saying, oh yeah, bin Laden is in Afghanistan, he's a guest of ours, he's a really good guy, but yeah, he's in Afghanistan.
And so I think he was part of the intelligence operation... Sir, sir, sir, the CIA was founded by Skull and Bones at Yale.
There's no thinking about it.
I've looked at it.
I've looked at the report.
I've been aware of him for several years.
We're good to go.
I think?
They know the American people don't remember his name, so they can have a so-called Al-Qaeda leader here at Yale right in front of everyone, and no one will even pay attention.
They're busy sucking their thumbs like a bunch of scum.
Yeah, it's pretty breathtaking, Alex.
I know, it is breathtaking.
Sir, it's more than breathtaking.
I appreciate your call, Mark.
I'm glad you raised that tidbit.
I've mentioned that before, but that's, I guess, the most we've gotten into it.
I mean, what do you do?
He's Al-Qaeda.
He's more than Taliban.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Mainstream media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Organized criminals who are totally ruthless and enjoy killing, who are very sadistic.
Killing is their business.
Business is bumper.
Are in control.
They don't have total control.
They're trying to get total control.
That's waking a lot of people up.
We're moving against them.
It's part of survival.
It's a survival mechanism.
We are the organic response to the New Old Order.
We have a pastor coming up in about six minutes who FEMA has been recruiting, he and others, to be basically brainwashing squads for the takeover of America.
This is so important what's coming up.
So please record it.
Tell them to tune in.
Call everyone you know.
Right now, let's go to Taylor in Maryland, and Nancy and others.
Taylor, welcome.
Hi, thanks.
I have a question, and I'm going to set it up with something that Charles was mentioning that sounded hopeful about the police and their attitude in Louisiana.
And about a year ago, I took my chief of police, my local chief, a copy of Martial Law and I think American Dictators.
And hadn't heard anything from him since then.
And last weekend, I spoke with another officer, State Police, who informed me that a lot of them are well-informed and know what's going on.
So that's hopeful.
Which leads to my question.
The war games that Russia and China worked together last year, do you believe that those were for us?
Are they going to be able to, without, you know...
With or without another terror attack, are they going to be able to push the FTA through without the help of a major military?
Well, yeah, it's economic payoffs, incentives, merging the free trade area of the Americas together with what they're doing.
Russia and China are predominantly controlled by the global bankers, but at the same time, they could go rogue at any time, and just the whole world's an insane powder keg.
I appreciate your call and your important questions.
Nancy in Texas, you're on the air.
I'm a first-time caller.
Before I say something, I wanted to ask you, when you were reading from a document earlier, was that Agenda 21?
No, Agenda 21 is just one of the major blueprints to implement this ongoing decades-old plan.
I was reading from the Council on Foreign Relations recommendations for the American Union, and then it's being adopted by the three governments, respectively.
What I wanted to say was, my father, before he died, he was a big shot in the oil industry, and I heard about this from my mother after he died, that he was asked to go to New York to
One time, and it was to join, as I recall, Business Roundtable.
And it totally freaked him out because he was asked to keep all these secrecies and everything.
He, of course, told them no.
He was very much a patriot.
And he asked someone he knew there at the time who was running everything in the U.S.
because it was quite clear and he was told this was a global agenda.
And he was told that at the time it was John J. McCloy.
John J. McClure is one of the most powerful men in modern U.S.
And for those that don't know, they have the business roundtables.
They have the groups for the National Association of Legislators and National Association of Governors.
And they go to these meetings.
They have the public ones and the behind-the-closed-door ones.
And the payoffs flow.
And that's where they basically codify the plan.
That's why whatever's happening in Texas is happening in New York.
It's a unified program.
So, you know, I was brought up with this stuff.
And I also wanted to say that, you know, the power behind what one person can do before she died, my mother and another lady single-handedly got outcomes-based education thrown out of an entire state.
Just two older women.
I know.
When a couple people join together, as the Bible says, it's unstoppable.
But people have to have faith.
And that's it.
Thanks for what you're doing.
Anything else you want to add about your father?
Maybe I'll call back some other time.
Not right now.
Hey, it was great hearing from you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Do we have the pastor now waiting in the wings?
All right.
Again, we're going to be using fake names and things here, but we've seen the documents.
We've confirmed it.
We know pastors that know this pastor personally, and I have other documents in mainstream news confirming this, but he'll give you more details than you've seen in the news or on this show.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Proofs on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Tyranny today.
Call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 1-888-253-3139.
Or order online at infowars.com or infowars.net.
You see big brothers afraid of this documentary.
Order today and spread the word.
America's future depends on the truth getting out.
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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I'm trying to find the famous Alexander Shultz and Nietzsche quote about, oh, how he burned in the camps.
Probably find it.
We've been looking on Google, having some trouble, but I know it's posted on PrisonPlanet.com and Infowars.com.
We posted it years ago, but it's in some archive.
Here's a Solzhenitsyn quote.
A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?
Man has set for himself the goal of conquering the world, but in the process loses his soul.
The name of reform simply covers what is latently a process of theft of the national heritage.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Where he lives, we have the documents.
Pastor Butch Paw has gotten them from him.
Pastor's put articles out on this.
We've got to go get Pastor Butch Paw's article about this and post it.
We're going to write our own article about it.
I know for a fact that FEMA, going back with the Secure Corps program, a division of AmeriCorps, it was in the Philadelphia Daily News, it was in several other publications,
We're good to go.
But it's nationwide.
Have deputies paid by FEMA grant, but it goes through BATF, to have whole semesters in 7th and 8th grade where they have access to the students on the playground and at lunch.
They have them write dossiers on their parents, what's in the medicine cabinet.
You understand, folks?
We have had...
The head officer, the commander on from the Alabama Defense Forces, they cordoned off parts of cities randomly and searched women and children.
We have photos and video of this in Martial Law, my new film.
They search everyone, including three-year-old children, training them to be slaves.
But the border's wide open.
There are sporting events searching people.
The Texas Defense Forces, known as the Texas Guard, are now being trained for this.
We've had Texas Guard on this show.
We have their own documents.
They're shifting away from firefighting and things like that to gun confiscation.
We reported all of this before New Orleans.
In New Orleans, they sabotaged things, cut police lines, wouldn't let the police and firemen in to save people.
Tens of thousands of police and firemen that came in from around the country.
FEMA jammed their communications as the storm hit.
Then after five days, they went in and confiscated guns, even in high and dry wealthy areas.
We played the video of that.
You've seen it online.
You've seen it on national television.
To the point of the NRA is trying to get national laws passed, just saying, please don't confiscate our guns during emergencies.
There are congressmen saying confiscating guns during emergencies are good.
There's a state rep in Oklahoma saying gun confiscation is good and needs to happen during emergencies.
I had a head professor on from the Homeland Security Department of a major university in Tennessee.
They're in Knoxville just a few months ago, remember?
And he admitted that he's the head volunteer of this program recruiting people to fight terror and crime, to report on their neighbors.
All of this is going on.
Now, under FEMA, we know they have a program to, quote, reach out to the churches.
And you see the billboards about, quote, get ready.
Ready.gov and all this, and the surface is just get ready for your house to be prepared and what to do in an emergency, have some food.
But when you actually go to these meetings, we've been to these in Austin, we have video of this.
The Ritter shot video of it, but wouldn't let me have it for a film for some reason.
Maybe I should beg them again and get them to give it to me.
But it's the same stuff in that terror manual from Texas.
The feds wrote about people wearing blue jeans, people that have cell phones, people that are nice to the police, those that make frequent references to the U.S.
That's in the Arizona manual.
The Virginia manual says...
Everything in it.
It says property rights activists.
Manuals in Michigan say all homeschoolers are terrorists.
Federal manuals like Project Megiddo say it.
It's all there.
I appreciate the pastor holding while I set this up.
We're good to go.
I think?
Because people know the preachers are trusted.
And they're setting the preachers up as Judas Iscariot, Judas goats.
A Judas goat, for those that raise goats or sheep, is the ram.
And he's a ram that is trusted by the other goats or sheep, depending on what species.
But you've got rams in both varieties.
You've got the billy goats in both varieties.
And they're trained to lead, occasionally for the slaughter or the sale, because people do also slaughter these for meat, lamb chops or goat.
Again, these two different species.
But they have them, again, both in goats and sheep.
And I'm getting too technical on that.
The point is, it leads them in to be sheared.
It leads them in to be killed.
It leads them in to be sold.
And that's what they're trying to do.
It is so devilish.
Pastor, thank you for coming on with us, sir.
It's a definite pleasure to do this.
I appreciate you letting me give folks the background on this.
Tell us as much about yourself, what you first heard from them, the documents, the oath, what you've been witnessing.
I'll try not to make it lengthy, but you know how that is.
No, sir, we've got the whole hour if you've got the time.
Take your time.
Okay, go ahead.
I've got the time.
In March of this year, I was invited to attend a meeting, a local meeting of the Emergency Management Agency.
We call it the local FEMA people.
I was invited to come because I had done disaster relief work with another church denominational group years ago, and I wanted to see what was going on.
They were planning for...
Any kind of bioterrorism, they said, so I wanted to find out what it was, it being FEMA.
And since we know the director, it got me in real good.
Again, I want to add, on the surface it all sounds reasonable, oh, just emergency planning.
That's on the billboards and the literature.
You go to these meetings, tell us what happened.
It was wonderful stuff when they started out, but it immediately turned into, this is for a natural disaster, a tornado flood, or any act of bioterrorism, or a nationally declared emergency.
And so I lit up to that one, and the spokesperson there was from the state FEMA office, who also was the trainer for pastors in their training program for pastors.
He said, your job, pastors, is to get to your congregations and preach to them Romans 13.
And that's the part that says you obey the higher powers.
And he was saying you have to teach them to obey their government.
By the way, Hitler did that.
He had a core of preachers that preached Romans 13 out of context.
Yes, he did.
And this is what he wanted us to do.
And so he's telling us that.
He's telling us... And the thing that really got us started on this when I started contacting people is when he said the problem with...
With local enforcement of a federal or state mandate that is quarantine or relocation.
These are the terms he used.
Or a declaration of martial law based on whatever disaster it might be.
He said martial law.
Let's be clear.
And he said if it goes the distance, the problem is all along the way is this so-called cowboy mentality.
Yes, he did.
And you pastors are going to have to learn to quell that cowboy mentality.
And so I asked him what he meant.
He said, you know, the individualistic effort that stands up and said, this is my property, you'll pry guns from my cold dead hand kind of thing.
And everybody laughed.
There were only about six people there.
He said, we're not talking about law enforcement.
That's a law enforcement issue.
We're talking about you pastors going there
Because you know the people.
You all are trusted.
And you'll be preaching this ahead of time.
You can stand in the neighborhoods and tell people, this is for their own good.
Gotta stop you.
You would have been preaching this ahead of time.
Folks, this means they're going with it.
And this is happening nationwide.
We know there's this FEMA preacher leadership program going on.
We know.
We've talked to other preachers now since Butch Paul broke this a few months ago with you, Pastor.
This is real, folks.
This is so evil.
Please continue.
This is deadly real.
And that was our first meeting.
The second meeting pretty much carried it through with our responsibility as pastors is to have training.
And this man, who is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, he's also on a national organization for disaster relief.
He's also working with DHS and FEMA.
He's on their payroll.
We just found this out last week.
He said that your pastor's job is going to be to deal with the individuals, not just in counseling,
But you're going to have to control some folks who may not be so cooperative.
He said, but that's going to be a law enforcement issue.
You'll be backed by that.
And he said, besides, pastors aren't trained to handle everything.
Imagine preachers leading SWAT teams.
I mean, we're talking... Go ahead.
That's terrible, isn't it?
But that's the picture we get.
We get the picture that we, me and others who are aware of this,
We're going to be standing at some farmer's end of his lane while he's standing there with his double barrel wherever he's got.
Telling him to lay the arms down.
They have to confiscate your cows or chickens.
And he's got to be relocated to a camp.
Now, for those who don't know, right here in Austin, we've confirmed some of the biggest churches are now FEMA officers secretly.
Now, imagine how Soviet this is, how red-gone this is, where you go to church and little do you know, this guy is an actual servant of the Antichrist beast system.
Exactly right.
And this is what's so frightening.
It started out
He made it sound like it was a local thing that we were doing and we're the pioneers.
We're the first one.
They always say that.
They always say that.
And I knew it was coming.
Just last week, there was training for pastors, which we'll get into at some point.
I haven't faxed you the training manual.
The training manual pretty much...
Keeps pastors down by telling us we cannot handle all these mental health issues.
Now, I know Butch has some of that.
If you will, during a break, Pastor, can you... I've got some of those, but can you fax that to me during a break?
I'll give you the number.
I'll sure try to do that, yes.
Yes, go ahead, sir.
That'll be great.
We were told then that we can't handle everything, so there'll be the professionals there helping us out.
But we were told we would have to take mental health training.
And to make it palatable to the other pastors, and these are their words now,
We won't call it mental health.
We'll call it spiritual care.
And so they've renamed everything.
Instead of mental health and disaster relief, it's spiritual care.
When we get back, we'll get into the force of drugging.
Armed squads with breachers there to brainwash the public with pills to make you submit.
It doesn't get any more Soviet than this.
Stay there, Pastor.
I know I'm ranting.
This is just so upsetting.
This is 11th hour.
Nationwide, it's going on right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think.
We're good to go.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Have you ever heard of the Genocide Convention Treaty to the United Nations?
Did you know that it's a direct assault upon your freedom of religion?
Did you know that if you mention perverted sex acts as being wrong according to the Bible, you could be arrested and tried for causing mental harm to others?
It's already law in Canada, Australia, Britain, and Sweden where Christians are being tried and deprived of freedom of speech.
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We're covering a national program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to turn leading pastors, priests, rabbis, you name it, into secret police enforcers.
Gun confiscation martial law.
Remember, in my film Road to Tyranny, I haven't asked the pastor if he's seen this, we have FEMA in Kansas City months before 9-11 saying the Founding Fathers are terrorists, all Christians are terrorists, and basically how we're the enemy and have to die.
So this is bone-chilling.
This is the martial law arm.
That's always been FEMA's job since 1979.
Now they're really beefing up to do it.
Pastor, please continue with how you guys have to be mental health, but that isn't good, so it'll be called spiritual care with another Orwellian term.
Right, and they use all kinds of terms for us.
They told us that in the event of a quarantine, and they're already saying you don't quarantine for the bird flu, but they're making arrangements for that, they being the groups that we're dealing with now.
They aren't using the term quarantine.
This is the term they're going to be using.
It's called social distancing.
Don't you like that one?
Social distancing.
Well, it's like getting rid of the military as a build-down.
Yes, it is right.
A build-down.
Don't you love that?
Well, you mentioned about drugging, forced drugging.
Can I speak to that one?
Because that was brought up in one of our meetings.
Please, Pastor.
They said that the role of the health district, locally and countywide, would be to provide public information, prevent the spread of disease, and in the event of any outbreak, bioterrorists, whatever they have,
That there would be a mass vaccination and prophylaxis.
And they have a term, they have a program called, this is national, this is not just our local, Pills and People's Palms in 48 hours.
PPP in 48 hours.
Walmart has volunteered, going back four years ago, to be the distribution centers for all this.
Exactly right.
We were told that it's the Walmart stores, we were told that it's all these other stores that are getting involved in this because there's such a horrendous fear of the bird flu.
And so immediately we went from the focus on some type of natural disaster to the bird flu, and they're pushing up their timeline to get everything done by August 31st.
And so they're having a flurry of these meetings locally, here and elsewhere.
The gentleman who trained us confirmed that by saying that this is the man who works for FEMA.
He's on their payroll.
He said he was just at a meeting in North Carolina where 26 states were represented.
And he goes, we're very excited that this program, pastor training, mental health, all this, is getting down to the county level in at least 13,250 counties nationwide.
We're good to go.
They're not going to play games with me, at least, but it's interesting to be there and listen to this information that they're spitting out.
Any other key things they're saying?
Because I want to make the point, they can have a small bird for release, create the hysteria, lock down a state, then claim it was successful, to beta test it for the next big event that will be the big one.
Exactly right.
They mentioned that one of the reasons that they're really pushing pastors to get on board is that we can help recruit other people for Citizen Corps.
And Citizen Corps will be the guys who are going around checking doors kind of thing.
And they said the benefits of being in Citizen Corps for pastors and also locals is this, that will put you on a higher list for antivirals or vaccinations.
In other words, if you volunteer, you get vaccinated and get your pills first, and so does your family.
You don't volunteer, you don't get the drugs.
And more than that, you'll get the food shipments during an emergency if you've got the little I'm a Minion badge.
And at the same time... Please continue.
No, sure.
You're exactly right, because they talked about these centers.
They're not calling them relocation.
Three months ago, it was relocation quarantine centers, and now it's community aid centers.
And these are going to be activated at the local schools.
And they said this is where the Citizen Corps volunteers will be.
And that's why they're putting fences up around schools, making them mini prisons with cameras, doors that automatically lock down with wire mesh in the windows.
These are prisons.
And where we are, they have the roads circuited off that in the event of some kind of quarantine, some relocation, they know what roads to use.
Siphon off.
This is bombshell after bombshell.
In the article we write, we'll put all these bullet points.
They already have the choke points and the lockdowns ready.
And this is one of the more frightening things, is that they're passing this off as for the common good.
Yes, they do.
It's the typical garbage that you've heard all these years, but they're so bold about it.
And now, when they're bringing pastors in...
There are so many pastors who are so desperate for church growth at any cost that they're jumping on the bandwagon here.
They want their name out front in this.
They want their church name out front in this.
Well, I want to add that when the economy implodes by design, many people will be forced to take jobs with a paltry payment.
Instead of make works like Roosevelt had building dams, the make work is going to be little armed security guards.
Yes, it is.
Stay there, Pastor.
I want to continue with all the other facets of this.
We're going to get a huge report out on this tonight or tomorrow.
You're faxing us the documents.
We have some of the other documents as well.
And some of the national announcements about this program.
All around you.
How many of your preachers are on the payroll?
How many are being brainwashed to tell you to submit to gun confiscation and martial law?
You wonder why your preacher is telling you all this stuff?
Because they're on the payroll.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to write an article.
I think it should have the title like National Secret FEMA Program Recruiting Preachers to Prepare and Pacify Public for Martial Law.
And then sub-headline, Relocation Camps, Forced Inoculations.
These are the new... This ties into the...
This ties into the Houston Chronicle with the emergency FEMA camps.
All of this, we need to put in the article, all the past FEMA and state emergency manuals.
We need to put in there the clip from Marshall Law where the firefighter and police are in the group.
They're in Kansas City where we're on the air right now.
God bless KCXL.
Folks should support them.
One of our oldest and best affiliates.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
To print off the documents, to print off the news article we're going to write, to print off the mainstream news articles, to put them in folders, to take it to their preacher, and if the preacher doesn't respond in a week, say, are you part of this?
Have you heard of this?
What are you going to do on this?
To stand up in the church, to make up 100 folders, or 50 folders, or 500, however many are in your church, hand them out, stand up and yell and say, argue on the payroll!
What are you doing?
Why are you being a Judas goat?
And I mean, break that church up.
Leave that church.
This is an emergency!
Now, I'm actually giving orders here to my webmasters and writers right now.
That's how much I work, how fast I work, how much I work.
We literally have to combine that into the broadcast.
Paul Watson, I know you're listening.
You do such a fabulous job.
I want a huge, detailed report on this.
I know you're busy writing a book right now that we're doing.
I know you're busy updating the site, doing customer service, everything.
I need more.
I mean, you understand, folks, I love my family.
I realize this is a takeover.
Going back to the pastor from Ohio, we're not giving you his name.
He's been made a leader in this group.
He's there spying on all this for us.
God bless him.
He's a modern Paul Revere, calling Pastor Revere.
Pastor, the statements I've just made, do you agree with that idea of getting people, getting their facts together, going to their pastors, assistant pastors, and finding out if this is going on?
In fact, at first, maybe being friendly about it before you give them the document and to see if this is going on.
Pastor, do you agree with that?
I think it works well.
In our county, it would work real well because I have the names of those pastors who signed up and made the pledge.
That would really help us out.
That's my advantage.
I think it would be a great idea to put something together so people can confront their pastors.
They should know already how they feel about it.
You know, sometimes these things sneak in on people, but these guys are signing up.
Pastor, I have friends who attend big Baptist churches in Austin, two big ones, and they, two years ago, three years ago, one of them brought me a document, and it said, during the upcoming election, this was like in early 2004, this was about two years ago,
Do not talk about politics at lunch.
Do not talk about politics with anyone in Sunday school or anywhere in the church.
It is not proper.
And now they're being told that the preachers are getting up and saying, we must submit to the government.
Bad things are coming.
They know best.
New Orleans was good.
I mean, this is really going on.
These people need to get out of those churches.
They aren't going to change anything like that.
They fire a pastor, it's already there.
But those things are just ridiculous.
We have those guys here.
It happens here as well, too.
We're in farm country, basically.
And imagine, the pastors led the Revolutionary War against the Redcoats.
Now they're going to lead the destruction of America.
Well, I think the people have failed to know our history.
Those in power know it all too well.
And they know who to subvert.
They know who to co-opt.
And they go after the pastors.
I mean, what better group of people to get in there and get them to change?
So you're right.
The revolution was led by pastors, and now what do we see here?
Same thing.
Well, under the faith-based initiative, $10 billion a year to start to pay off churches.
Oh, yeah.
Are they promising money down the road during an emergency?
They haven't even mentioned anything like that.
But I'll tell you now, there are several guys who are involved who are already getting money from the faith-based thing.
And I mean as far as getting the outward money.
They've been turned on to grants.
Yeah, exactly right.
Well, they're all going to give us the first line for drugs if we do it right.
Money's not going to be an object to them at all.
But this is how they're doing it.
They're doing it, and right now they're feeding off the prestige of these people, how these pastors want to be stroked by the secular world.
And they tell them, you're a leader.
You're going to be a leader.
Oh, yes.
Well, I'm waiting for them to use the term vanguard.
I'm waiting for that to come up.
It'll come up eventually.
Well, Pastor, I've been ranting and raving here, but I think we all should be upset.
Can we get into the loyalty oath required?
I have an article here out of loyalty oath required of Illinois FEMA volunteers.
Students, politicians, pastors, can you get into the loyalty oath that you were given?
The same loyalty oath, and a lot of us rebelled against that one.
A lot of us being those who just...
Heard about it.
Didn't think it was a good idea.
But what they've said is you don't have to make the pledge.
All you've got to do is make an affirmation.
And everybody was happy.
I'm not kidding.
And the pledge, basically, if you've got a copy of it.
But that's what Hitler did.
They just lined them up and said, raise your right hand.
Sure, just raise your right hand.
You can say affirm.
You can say pledge.
You can say I agree.
Anything you want to say that makes you happy.
Because some Christians know they shouldn't be taking oaths.
Well, they go against the oath and call it something else.
It's a pledge.
It's an honoring of the oath.
It's all lawyer word games.
Again, they call the Patriot Act the Patriot Act.
They call drugging half the kids new freedom.
It's ridiculous.
Well, this loyalty oath basically says that while you're on duty under theme of protection, that we get workers' comp through that.
So if we're injured in disaster relief or someone shoots us because we're trying to get in their farm, that we're covered and that we promise not to overthrow the government or actually participate.
I want to back up just a moment.
Notice at first it's, hey, come on in, it's for hurricanes.
Then, oh, it's for bird flu.
And then by a month into it, oh, it's for people that want to fight us or overthrow us.
What is the government planning that they know there's going to be mass physical revolts?
You know, I talked with Brother Butch about this and just briefly mentioned it.
You know, it's like Y2K.
Everybody was happy when nothing happened, but actually something did happen.
The government got just what they wanted.
Everybody's online.
Everybody's networked.
Everybody's being watched.
Well, they're going to do the same thing with this if they don't take it the next step.
They'll be happy with 70% to 80% of what they want now.
And people are sitting scared.
I mean, I raise chickens, and I have them in my backyard.
We don't live in a subdivision.
We live in a country.
But there are people already panicked because we have chickens in my backyard.
And they're calling the authorities.
I'm serious.
Because they know who to call.
They've watched the news.
They know all this stuff.
And it's about bringing in an atmosphere of fear.
That's what it is.
Burn flu doesn't even need to break out.
It's just always ratcheting it up.
Any smoke screen to create the secret tattletale squads.
And we live in a place where people should come to your door and say, Hey, I live next door down the road.
How you doing?
Blah, blah, blah.
They don't do that anymore.
That's being taken away for this fear, and people are now resting upon the authorities, and they're everywhere.
I mean, these people are everywhere, knocking on doors, telling people, hey, your neighbor had a complaint against this, this, this.
It's just getting out of hand, but this is what people want, a dependency upon the authorities.
Pastor, please get more into this hysteria, this tattletaling that's going on.
I'm sorry to say it again, I got...
Cut off here by a call.
I mean, get more into that.
Who's knocking on doors?
What's going on?
What's happening is the neighbors complain against neighbors, and then they call the local sheriff, or they call the health department, or they call some other agency, and they're knocking on doors already, and people are already of the mindset accepting that kind of authority and that kind of law enforcement.
So what I'm saying is,
When it comes down to a real disaster, that's who they're going to turn to.
They're already being told, don't handle things yourself.
Get rid of the neighborhood quality.
Well, this is all just drilling us for martial law.
Well, you know, I'm sure you're quite aware that they have a policy called, a program called Peer-to-Peer.
And that was under FEMA.
It was under DHS, Department of Homeland Security.
And now it's been turned over to this national volunteer organization in disaster relief.
Where they train neighbors or they train a family or a home in one neighborhood to pretty much oversee the neighborhood.
And that's called peer-to-peer.
And what they're doing is they're training more or less brown shirts to sit in a neighborhood.
If something goes wrong, they're to go and talk to the neighbors.
They're like the neighborhood watch groups.
Well, Pastor, four years ago I didn't believe it.
And then I confirmed it in federal payment orders.
Prima Copp, the former head of the KGB...
Was hired by Homeland Security before it even got funding.
At the same time, Marcus Wolfe, the former head of the Stasi, was hired for consulting.
This isn't a joke.
This is really happening.
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is happening.
And it's not being hidden anymore.
This makes the front page of our paper here.
So the neighbors...
Aren't concerned about open borders.
They don't mind buying chicken at the store.
There's no bird flu here.
They're just running around afraid of chickens hopping around in your backyard.
That and they're afraid of everything.
I mean, we live in rural Ohio.
We're talking about everybody has some kind of weapon.
And now it's creeping up here where we need a little more gun control, a little more of this.
And this isn't a place where we are pretty much independent, fiercely independent, I guess, what we used to be.
What we're seeing in here is happening all over the country, and I believe it's just a mindset being produced by years and years of consciously getting on television, making things look the worst.
People are starting to buy it now, because now it's coming home.
People can stop guns from coming to the front door, but the flu, they have a problem with that.
Pastor, a lot of people call it the sixth sense.
I call it discernment.
Yes, sir.
And the globalists play a trick, and I want to see if you can, you sound like a very intelligent man, probably smarter than I am, so you can probably get what I'm saying if I'm able to put it out there properly.
Let me try to phrase this the best I can.
People deep down know something's wrong.
They know we're in great danger.
The government, psychological warfare experts, know that we know something's wrong, and the problem is them, the globalists,
And so they put out these fake things which deep down we know are fake, these fake crises, but we know something real is scary going on and they misdirect our energies that are really aware of them into something else.
So I think a lot of the fear is people know something's wrong and it's the government, so the government misdirects it onto their neighbors and other people.
Do you see what I'm saying?
Exactly right.
And that puts the government in charge.
They call that a spirit, don't they?
A spirit of fear and enslavement.
Yes, it is.
And this is what you're exactly right.
This is what the government does.
This is the powers that be.
They can't enforce their authority, but they sure can win the hearts and minds of people by putting a fear into them.
And they misdirect it, and it gets put on someone else, and people feel like they've accomplished something.
When they see a sheriff show up at a door for a minor infraction, they know they can do that with a major infraction.
And I'm not saying you shouldn't call the authorities sometimes, but my goodness, these people do this all the time to everybody in this country.
And they think that's the way it should be.
So our government has misdirected it, and they've stolen that power.
And now they're going to have the real Animal ID Act where there are $2,000 a day fines and forges, microchips and everything.
It's really happening.
We have our 4-H department here in our county and our state saying that's the best thing to come along, to chip our animals.
And we have kids, students who've been raised.
We homeschool our kids that we do things very independent-minded.
And no one's going to chip anything we have.
And the rule is, by 2008, your animals aren't chipped and logged.
You don't show them at the fair.
So kids are out of 4-H.
But our authorities just think it's the greatest thing on two feet.
They just love it.
So I don't understand what's going on, but that's what they do.
And they win that authority over.
Well, in simple psychology, they send the feds in to give them a grant, and they say, you're smart.
You're good.
You're going to run this.
And the person goes, I am?
That's right.
I want to take some calls.
Who's up first for the pastor?
Scott and Casey, you're on the air with the pastor.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First-time caller.
I appreciate what you're doing there, Pastor, exposing what's really going on here.
Do you happen to have any kind of idea what timeline?
I know you said they're trying to get this all implemented by August 31st, I believe you said.
I mean, it seems like I've heard people say some kind of attack on Iran in October and maybe some kind of catalyst here that would, you know, start this into the process.
I know with, it seems like there's many drills running the first part of June.
I know they're planning on detonating a large nuke out in Las Vegas.
It's supposed to be seen from Las Vegas and
That's conventional.
That's conventional.
It's still big.
Well, I think that's going to be shown to Iran as a deterrent of what's going to happen to them if they don't stop their nuke program or their oil bourse program that they just started.
Let me add something to what you're saying, and then you can go on and the pastor can comment.
They have deadlines, and then those come and go, and then there's the next goal, the next goal.
So a lot of times it doesn't mean that the deadline of...
August whatever means that's when it's going to happen.
That means that that's the deadline for part one of the program.
Then they'll just keep expanding it.
Exactly right.
And that's what I wanted to comment on.
Our local EMA director said August 31st is when all the counties in the United States are supposed to be online with their disaster relief program.
And that includes the training, the completed training of pastors.
And she goes, we don't expect anything to happen until October or November with the bird flu.
But then that's an interesting date for you to bring up, Scott, to say that we're talking October or something there.
There's so much going around, but they just want things in place, just like Alex has said, so that they take that next step.
And once we're happy with August 31st, hey, we have a disaster plan in effect.
Thank God we don't have to use it.
That's not the right attitude because they're going to go for more.
And this is where it has to be stopped, right here at the beginning.
Because once they accomplish something, they're going to keep pushing for more.
Well, I predict Phase 2 will be identifying terrorists.
And they'll give you, oh, they told you that?
Because they're looking at, we're having a second part of the training in June, and that's where we deal with crowd control kind of issues.
Exactly right.
That's my term.
Their term is unruly people who won't follow directions.
...with crowd control, and that's where they're going to talk about suspected bioterrorism.
Because we're in farm country, they're looking at animals and crops.
Oh, yes, there's just terrorists everywhere to launch bioattacks.
They want to come right here to my little county and do their thing, and we just laugh about it, you know, but I understand why they want to do it.
Well, the British government released Foot and Mouth.
That's admitted, back of the paper, but it's admitted, so... Sure, and that's something that they were really hot on, was hoof and mouth disease, and saying that that breaks out here...
He said you're going to see a quarantine like nobody's seen a quarantine.
Well, they use that to get states to pass martial law provisions.
Then it's SARS, then it's smallpox, then it's bird flu.
It's always some new crises until they really do it.
Right, and the trainer has referred to the fact that laws are already in effect now.
Serving evil is always very destructive, especially to those that are active in it.
You think you're going to be safe?
See, people have this subconscious fear.
They know the government's evil, and the government goes, yes, you've got a fear because of terrorism.
We're going to save you.
Thank you, caller.
We'll be right back with the pastor's final segment.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
The next five hours or so, I'll have news articles and the training manual documents up on Infowars.com.
Within the next 12 to 14 hours, we'll have a detailed report about this, with hyperlinks proving all of our claims and the quotes by the pastor.
Before I take a call from Keith, Indiana, for the pastor that joins us, blowing the whistle on this Soviet-style secret police operation, recruiting our pastors to pacify the public for martial law and gun confiscation, forced inoculation, forced drugging,
I want to encourage everyone to come to our big 9-11 Truth Symposium as we expose 9-11 as an inside job.
June 24th and 25th in Los Angeles.
So many great guests.
So much great information.
Go to InfoWars.com to find out more details.
You also need to call toll free if you'd like to buy tickets there.
You can also get them online.
This is going to be historic.
It's going to be powerful.
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But more importantly, these are powerful tools to wake people up.
Pastor, I want to keep you five minutes to the next hour and then let you go.
But I want to take a call here in just a second.
But any other key points that we haven't covered that you want to add about the training?
And then my last question I will give you after the break.
I want you to answer it after the break.
And that is, what some of the other pastors you talk to, are some of them waking up or are they all just...
Yes, we're good.
If you're going to use the Bible, just set it down next to you.
Don't really quote from it.
This is not a time to bring Jesus into the situation.
Because they're getting you ready.
They're getting you ready to be total federal employees.
At the top, these are demonic individuals, and they know that that name would probably screw up what they're doing.
Absolutely right.
Yes, Pastor, go ahead.
And what frightens me is to see these people, these pastors, sit there and take this and take the training and nod their heads.
So they're telling you, don't bring the Bible into it.
Yeah, and they're just having a good time with it.
So that's one of the points I wanted to bring up.
There's several things you'll get on the facts, which you're handling in the next five minutes.
It'll get there.
Several comments I've written down from the instructors, several things they say on the training, that pretty much speaks to that same issue.
Let me just get the question out now, and then we'll go to the call.
What are other pastors you're around saying?
Are any of them seeing this for what it is, or are they just sucking it up?
Well, the ones who are coming to training, they all love it.
I'm not taking the opportunity to go out and question pastors yet, because I'm still getting information.
I want to go to the meetings as long as I can before I tip my hand.
It still is only May, but we're looking at June.
They're having a disaster drill in June.
Yes, it is.
This is what we're looking for.
Holding off talking to the other pastors.
I'm holding off going public here because I don't want too much to go out.
But I'm sure being here on this one and off the Butch Paws program, people are picking it up locally as well.
So it'll be in time.
Pastors, I've not talked to them.
Just the ones who've come to the training, and they're pretty much typical.
How many have been through the training?
And for your town, what percentage of the pastors do they represent?
It started off with, we have about 78 pastors here in the area.
44 responded favorably.
23 went through the training.
And 19 raised their right hand.
So that's where it is.
So we're looking at about 25%.
And that's a large amount because these people represent churches that are family-based, home-based churches.
So it's there.
They're even going after the little preachers.
Yes, they are.
They love little preachers.
Those are the flocks they fear the most.
Judas goats.
Do you agree these people are Judas goats?
Without a doubt.
We'll be back with the final segment.
Take a few calls for the pastor.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
If you missed the last hour, you better tune in tonight for the rebroadcast.
We have a pastor on from Ohio who confirmed Butch Paw has the documents.
We have the news articles.
We've got a big article coming up tonight and tomorrow on it.
Tonight or tomorrow.
With all the documents on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanta.com, preachers nationwide, 13,000 plus counties, that's the key, being recruited to support the military, the police, FEMA, and gun confiscations, forced inoculations, forced relocation centers, mass quarantines, you name it, total martial law.
And coming up, we're going to play an excerpt of a 20-minute clip we have of a soldier admitting they would blow children's heads off or threaten to blow children's heads off of parents if they didn't answer their questions.
This is the type of evil we have become.
Pastor, let's take a call from Keith in Indiana.
Keith, you're on the air.
Yes, hello, and thanks, Pastor, for standing up.
I just wanted to, when I was studying the protocols in the Russian Revolution, which was Wall Street-financed, of course, they talked about a terrible killing and torturing of the clergy in Russia.
A lot of British journalists brought back reports that just were bone-chilling.
And this is what happens.
This is what they have to be reminded of.
The same thing goes for the intelligentsia, the police, the sheriffs.
As soon as they do their dirty work for them, they're going to turn around and line them up against the wall.
And it's not just the Romans.
Whatever local Germans or French Gauls at the time, or Visigoths, Austriagoths, Austrians, whoever aided them was later killed because you can't trust somebody who's a traitor.
That's right.
Exactly right.
But I think the fundamental problem that's almost never talked about, because I'm studying the theology that's all over the Internet,
On these Supposedly Truth on 911 sites, and it's just terrible.
I mean, the Bible's really simple.
God identifies himself as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.
That God's not being taught in the Christian church anymore.
Let me just ask this question.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
That's exactly right, and that's the argument that you have to use against them.
Look, if that be the case, then all our history is dead wrong.
Church history is dead wrong.
But that's not what the passage is talking about.
Butch Paul's got some great stuff on it.
I'm sure you have stuff also.
But when I taught through this, I just showed our people just what the Word says.
To be subject to the higher authorities, but you can't take it out of context.
The proper rules of biblical interpretation, it's three simple rules.
Context, context, context.
Never forget that.
And these people just rip it right out as if they have no place in Scripture.
But you surrender under Caesar.
What is Caesar's?
Nothing more.
And that's why we homeschool our kids.
They don't belong to Caesar.
So they don't have the authority.
Well, they were trying to set...
They were trying to set Christ up there.
They were trying to set Paul up in those circumstances.
Yes, they were.
And the point is, he's saying, give them their junk, let them have their garbage, but give unto God what belongs to God, and that's the whole world, that's your children, that's your soul.
Exactly right.
Exactly right.
And this is what people are being asked to do today, is give them their very essence, their very soul, and who they are.
And they've already given it so many times, it just doesn't matter to some folks.
It just looks like they want protection.
Keith, anything else?
Yeah, well, I mean, Peter said it perfectly.
We ought to be God rather than man.
And it's ironic.
Paul's in prison for disobeying civil government.
The problem in Rome is what you're saying is Christ is the only true God.
You could say Christ is God and not disparage the other gods, and you'd be fine.
Well, once a year you had to bow down to Mithra.
We've got the Saturnalia.
We've got all the same pagan customs done in Christ's name.
He thinks we're doing well.
Caller, I appreciate you.
We're out of time.
Pastor, I know in the near future you'll be going public with your name and the rest of it.
You're a great leader for this country, and my heart goes out to you.
I thank you for what you're doing for my country and my family that lives here.
This is very dark times, and God bless you, my friend.
Well, thank you for what you're doing.
You bet.
And we're getting that fax from you.
We're going to get that up.
We're going to write a big report on this.
You bet.
We're going to expose this, ladies and gentlemen.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Janice Matthews is the executive director of 911truth.org.
They have been one of the preeminent groups exposing 9-11 as a self-inflicted wound, an inside job, a false flag, government operation.
You even see Janice talking about the Zogby poll that they had put out in commissions for Jimmy Walter, I believe, at the time.
They put out another one themselves that's out today and yesterday.
We're good to go.
There in Southern California on June 24th and 25th.
Before we get into the new Zogby poll, Janice Matthews, tell us about the 9-11 Truth Conference that you guys are putting on up in Chicago.
Hi, Alex.
We are putting on a conference in Chicago June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, as Alex said.
And yes, he'll be the first keynote speaker on that Friday night.
And it follows with about 30 other speakers and two days of six consecutive sessions running from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening and more keynote speakers and even some entertainment on Saturday night.
It's an education and strategy conference.
There's been a lot of opportunities for us to get information out.
What we really want to do is take that and see what kind of strategies we can come out of this with to really implement change, you know, action plans for change.
So hopefully what we'll come out with is a variety of things that people can hook into that people come up with, you know, everybody.
Through networking and discussing and strategizing so that people will all be able to hook into whatever their passion is.
Tell folks about some of the other speakers and then tell people where it's located, when it is, and how they can get tickets.
Well, I would say, first of all, the website is 911revealingthetruth.org.
I tell people that because inevitably I will miss someone here as we're speaking and there's too many people to
To even go through entirely.
Let's see, Stephen Jones, as you mentioned, Maria Heller, David Shaler, and Annie Macon are coming from the UK to talk with Ian Crane, who's a 9-11 activist leader there.
Saturday night, William Pepper will also be giving a keynote presentation.
And then World Can't Wait is actually going to come and talk with us.
We're going to have presentations on working together with them and doing some various
Different kinds of actions.
Pat Shannon and Chris Emery, your listeners are aware of.
They'll both be speaking.
Looking through the list here, Ralph Shoneman, Carol Breer, Foz Khan, and Kevin Barrett, Byron Balitzos, Joyce Lynn, Ken Jenkins, James Fetzer, Aaron Rousseau is coming to give a presentation on his film, and We the People.
There will be a premiere of the new Eyewitness Hoboken film, as well as the movie Improbable Collapse.
A number of people who really stood up and become the media, Jesse Richard, Gary Franchi, Maria Heller...
And others.
This is insane.
This is unbelievably awesome.
I am so honored to be part of this.
This is the first big 9-11 meeting I've gone to.
I stay here basically in my bunker, or I kind of sneak out like a little rattlesnake against the New World Order and bite them across the countryside.
But I'm coming to this event, and it's kind of a warm-up for the event I'm going to be having.
This is so exciting, and I hope people will come.
Now, if they missed that long website you gave, people can go to 911truth.org.
On the left-hand side, it says Chicago Conference.
They can link through there as well.
But give that main website out one more time.
9-1-1, revealingthetruth.org.
And he's right.
You can go to 9-1-1, truth.org, and just click on the blue banner, and it takes you right to the next slide.
You're right.
I just know how radio is.
A lot of folks are driving down the road.
They can't write it down.
A quicker site they can remember.
We also have links.
We're keeping links up on the main page.
Almost every day I'm having a guest on about this.
I'm not just doing four.
I'm doing more like ten.
But at the same time, so almost every day we've got main links up under guest on where to get tickets.
And again, folks, go to this event and come to Los Angeles 24th and 25th.
Get your tickets to both of these events now.
They're going to be incredible.
At my event, there's going to be some surprise guests.
One particular surprise guest people can probably guess.
But he's got some stuff going on right now.
He wants to be on the low down until about a week before he's going to announce it.
So my event has that special little thing as well.
But this one sounds so fantastic there in Chicago.
Tell them about the name of the hotel.
It's at the Embassy Suites Chicago O'Hare Rosemont.
And actually that's also difficult to remember probably if you just go to the site and click lodging.
If you can either register for the hotel right online, it gives you their phone number.
It's two-room suite hotels with a kitchenette, so four people can pile in a room, share the cost, includes breakfast.
And then, of course, the conference facilities, all these rooms in the main ballroom are all just right downstairs from your room.
So that's convenient, too.
It's going to be fantastic.
Janice, I've been so busy, I haven't invited you yet, and I feel bad for doing it.
Will you come to our 9-11 conference and speak?
You know, I would really love to do that, and I have six kids, and we'll have to see if I can get care.
You bet.
I'd love to do that.
Thank you for the invitation.
I'm envious of you.
I wish my wife would give me six.
I could let you borrow a couple.
I'll tell you, I love them.
They're great, aren't they?
Yeah, they are.
I'm really blessed.
I really am.
Well, you know what?
Before I get into some of the new things that are happening in 9-11 with you in the Zogby Poll, how did Janice Matthews, because you've been a force in exposing the globalists, how did you wake up?
What was the process like?
Tell us about you.
I like listeners to know about people personally.
Well, you know, when 9-11 happened, I was sort of holed up out in central Kansas in a little community trying to just...
Not be an activist, frankly.
I was sort of trying to not know some things, to be honest.
I think we all go through periods.
I've been quite an activist in college and afterwards.
I thought I'd go bake some bread and have some babies.
So at the time, that's really where I was.
There were some questions about it, but nothing really hit me.
I have to acknowledge that.
Right immediately.
Now, of course, I look at it and I think, oh my gosh, how did I not immediately know?
But it depends on what media you're exposed to.
And anyway, that was my mindset and that's where I was.
And then a few years ago, I heard a speech in Kansas City by Bill Douglas.
And one of the things he mentioned was the put options.
And I just thought, you know, that's it.
That's it.
I knew there were problems.
Gradually, I came to understand that there were problems with this whole story and
I heard that, and there's different details of it that really affect everyone.
That was the one for me I just thought, there is no way, no way that people could bet that much on these specific companies that their stock would go down unless they knew.
So for me, that was the one.
And at the time, I thought it was only put options against United and American Airlines.
And since then, I've learned there were, what, I think 27 companies specific to the trade centers and those two airlines that that happened to.
So then, shortly after that, we came up with this thought of having these visibility actions in Seattle and Kansas City on Thanksgiving weekend.
And since that's the busiest shopping day of the year, we thought, you know, people have got to quit shopping.
You remember, Bush told us to go shopping, not worry about it on 9-11.
We just thought, you know, we've got to show people you can't just go shopping.
You've got to pay attention.
Our nation is in peril.
There's questions we've been lied to.
And that's what kicked off the 9-11 Visibility Project and grew into the 50 or 60 groups and actions being held every week all over the United States and the world.
And then I became involved in 911truth.org shortly after that came into being.
Isn't it exciting?
I mean, I remember day one saying it was an inside job, saying it two months before.
I got a lot of heat for that, and now they let me go on national talk shows, I go on other people's shows, people on the street disagree, almost...
100% agree with me and the people I talk to.
I mean, we have seen a massive turnaround.
Now, I would say we're the majority.
Now, we have three separate Zogby polls, a new one that came out yesterday.
Then we have the other unscientific polls on CNN, 90%, 80-plus percent, saying the government may be involved or there's a cover-up.
Tell us about the Zogby polls and the new Zogby poll.
Well, the first one that I...
And most familiar with was the one that 911truth.org and Jimmy commissioned in New York City, where 66% of New Yorkers, it was the whole state, 66% wanted a new investigation and believed that what we'd been told wasn't the full story, basically.
And that was very significant, but of course those were New Yorkers.
And we've heard from people, I've personally heard, you probably have, well, you know, that was in New York.
Why should I, you know, stop my life and worry about it in Arizona or wherever I am?
That was New Yorkers, and yeah, it's very sad, but it, you know.
Well, now, you know, this national poll was obviously they interviewed people across the nation, and it really proved what you and I have known, because when we hear callers or emailers, we've known for a while we were the majority.
And if you stand outside holding signs or distributing literature, you know that the majority of people say, yeah, you're right, we believe you.
But there hasn't been a poll that showed that.
And, you know, there's a number of significant findings in the new Zogby poll.
And I think a lot of people look at Question 7 and the fact that, you know, half the nation almost has never even heard of Building 7 falling and et cetera.
I just think the...
You know, when you look at the numbers that 70 million people, and actually, we put a note at the end of that, if you look at 2005 census data, this is actually 80 million people.
80 million people distrust the official 9-11 story, which is very significant.
You know, 66% in New York want a new investigation.
Half, you know, over half aren't sure that what they were told was the truth in this.
It's very significant.
And we know there's a fear factor.
Most people, you cold call on the phone, even if they have questions, I would say 20-30% are going to lie out of fear in this chilling effect we've seen.
So I would say it's probably a lot higher.
What people will say in private versus a poll is totally different.
And we see that with the anonymity of the Internet.
We see the CNN poll where you can only vote once at Anderson Cooper and then the other one with the showbiz tonight.
And normally they get a few thousand people in a poll.
They have 40-something, what, 44,000 cast votes and 80-plus percent, you know, said they believe Charlie Sheen.
That means the establishment's got a big, fat problem.
Janice, I want to get your take on whether you think the globalists will carry out more terror attacks.
What do you think of Bush being at 28% right now in the new poll?
Now it's 28%.
Well, it's 29%.
And kind of where you think the 9-11 Truth Movement's going from here.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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That's 1-800-845-3841.
She's the executive director of 911truth.org.
She's Janice Matthews.
She's a great lady.
I've met her and talked to her in person.
She's in my film, Marshall Law.
Out there with that big banner exposing 9-11.
This is the type of point-blank activism that's going to save this country.
Make no mistake, 9-11 is the foundational event.
And if we don't expose the fact that it's an inside job, they're going to keep doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it, as the rock and roll song says, Inside Job by Don Henley.
And it's an inside job just like it always was.
Where do you see this movement going in the future?
We obviously have exponential growth.
They tried to release the new Pentagon blurred footage and then conclusively heralded this is the total proof.
We're all discredited.
Ha ha ha.
I know behind the scenes that Charlie Sheen was told shut up two weeks before the smear campaign started.
That thing comes right out of the White House, boys and girls.
If I could only tell you what he's told me but doesn't want me to tell you.
For some reason, he doesn't want to be defended.
He thinks the best thing to do is ignore it.
Do you want to comment on those two issues, the Pentagon and Charlie Sheen?
Yeah, I'm really grateful to Charlie Sheen for standing up, knowing full well that he was going to be smeared because, you know, people don't address the issues here.
They turn around and they attack us as people, anybody who stands up on it.
Even the facts, you know, we get attacked all the time as, oh, you're just bush bashers.
Well, look at the facts.
It doesn't say anything about that.
And the same with Charlie.
Being able to stand up and speak out like that, the thing is, if individuals do that, they attack us.
When we're all doing that, then the...
You know, we've got to understand we really are the majority, and we've got to stand up and do it anyway, because when we're all standing up and doing it, then it dilutes the attacks against us.
Yeah, if Tony Hollywood stars would have gone public, they couldn't have done anything to him.
But they all sat there like, I talk to Hollywood people bigger than Sheen, they were sitting there watching to see what happened to him, and the government knew that, so they burned him.
Yes, exactly.
And it happens to individuals the same way, and we've just got to reach out and talk to each other and say, hey, we're one of a huge, huge group.
We are the majority.
This is our country.
We do want to be represented.
We demand to be represented.
And if our officials aren't doing it, we're going to have to represent ourselves.
This poll showed that 45% were asking for a congressional or international tribunal to reinvestigate the attacks
Including whether the government was allowed or helped facilitate them.
But another 8% weren't sure.
So less than half of the people polled here actually thought that this had been thoroughly investigated.
The majority wants an investigation here.
At least doesn't necessarily believe what we were told.
And we've just got to remember that.
And by the way, Janice, you put out the hardcore question in this.
You said aided the attack and still got 48%.
It asked whether the U.S.
government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate the success of these attacks.
And, you know, 45% say, well, it wasn't investigated thoroughly.
So I think, you know, when we remember that I am one of 80 million people who believe this right now in the U.S., and then, you know, I have the wonderful vantage point of being able to get emails from all across the world.
And there's people, you probably do too, saying, hey, we're with you from countries... I was interviewed last week on radio in South Africa and they said, well, the questions weren't answered, were they?
And I said, exactly.
And they said, the media in the U.S.
isn't telling you that, are they?
And I said, exactly.
You're right.
The absolute fulcrum of all of this is we may never get the globalists to be convicted or go to prison.
I believe we will for their crimes, their myriad crimes.
They've done things in the aggregate much better than 9-11, just horrific things that are hard to even describe.
But if they know that we know and they know that we won't buy into their next attack, we're going to save a lot of lives.
And you look at how each attack gets bigger each time.
This is a race to save lives.
It is that serious.
So I think it's really significant that given the media whitewash and cover-up and then last week's smear campaign, which as you were talking about, all the hype about this tape of the Pentagon was going to finally put us all to rest and all the names that they called us.
You know, my email box is full of people saying, that was it?
No one bought it.
No one.
In fact, even people that bought the government line saw that blurred brown spot, gray spot, and said, now I think the government did it.
Well, Ann, I want to point out that Flight77.info, this guy has been filing Freedom of Information Act requests for years on these Pentagon tapes, and the FBI has acknowledged that they have 85 confiscated surveillance tapes.
So the fact that Judicial Watch jumped in and the Pentagon suddenly responded with one, the point is there's still 84 surveillance tapes.
Did you know they're funded?
That's the question.
Well, you're right.
Did you know Judicial Watch was openly founded by a top neocon who admittedly ran CIA propaganda publications during the Cold War?
Yep, it's very clear.
Link through there or go to the symposium site and you can get your tickets.
Janice, thank you so much for joining us.
I'll see you in Chicago on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
I'll look forward to it, Alex.
See you there.
We'll be right back with more news and information.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Come on, Bill.
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We're good to go.
That's 866-885-6625.
Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
Yes, see, I know you've been holding forever.
We'll get to you here in about five minutes.
Chad, Regina, Joe, that'll be all the calls we can take.
Those four, I'm sorry to all the others.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And to break even, I need to sell 800.
Because I've got the nicest projectors and movie screens, and it's in L.A., and it's in the second biggest ballroom in a hotel, and the other one was just too expensive.
Also, I'll lose my hind end on this.
I'm joking.
If you guys don't sign up for it.
But 400 is pretty darn good.
We've got a month until the conference, and I think it's going to sell out.
And we've got so many great speakers.
Go to Infowars.com to find out all the details.
Professor Stephen Jones, Professor Jim Fetzer, William Rodriguez, one of the last survivors who wasn't a firefighter to be pulled from the rubble, who witnessed the bombs going off.
Webster Griffin Tarpley, myself speaking.
My new film, Terror Storm, will debut there.
Dylan Avery, producer of Loose Change 1 and 2.
He's got three coming out in the next four months, and he's going to be having some little sneak peek previews, some special stuff for you there.
We're good to go.
And so it is so important that you go to Infowars.com and link through to AmericanScholarsSymposium.org to read about the speakers and the films that will be screened.
Twenty hours of presentation, two days.
Again, Infowars.com.
We send you out an e-ticket with your name and your personal ticket number.
You get a wristband the first day, and then that's it.
You're in.
No checking in and out.
And you can stay at that hotel.
There's a whole bunch of hotels the Stones throw away.
You can walk across the street to it.
The Sheraton downtown is built onto a shopping mall with a whole bunch of eateries in it.
There's restaurants there as well inside the hotel.
Three or four inside the hotel.
Five in the mall.
Regular restaurants and then a food court on top of that.
And a lot of sites around there.
Make a whole vacation out of it.
We want to see you there.
There'll be some surprise guests.
That's all I'm going to say.
The Hollywood folks, because they want their names off of it until about a week before for reasons that go unannounced here.
Until then, you definitely want to get your tickets now at InfoWars.com, or if you don't have a computer and you want to call, you can also call, and we can email you the ticket when you order by phone, or if you want a physical one mailed out to you, we can do that as well.
The number is 1-888-253-3139.
Please take action.
Please don't wait.
This is going to be really exciting and historical.
We're going to make a film out of the footage.
We shoot there as well, that and the Chicago footage.
And it's going to be fantastic, so I'm personally inviting you.
All right, your calls will come up in about three minutes.
I wanted to bring her back because she hasn't been on in a while.
Last week, and then we had her on yesterday in the first hour.
Debbie Morrow, the Made in America, New Millennium Concepts, highest quality, gravity-fed water filtration systems.
The government's saying we're going to have a huge hurricane year, 8 to 10, to hit the U.S.
Only three hit us last year.
This is...
This is unbelievable.
And the sun is heating up all the ocean, the South Atlantic, the Central Atlantic, the Caribbean, the Gulf.
We're at record temperatures right now already.
We're starting to reach hurricane temperatures.
This isn't fun if you live in the area of this.
Last year they sold out and the factory had to produce and they got a few weeks behind.
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Debbie, thank you for joining us.
Thank you very much for having me, Alex.
Let me just ask you on air, did people respond yesterday?
Are they listening?
We had a really good day yesterday.
It was busy.
It's amazing just having me on and talking to you and you explaining to people how important it is
I think.
I think.
I think.
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We fax them the orders.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, let's go to the calls.
Then I've got a clip I want to play of a member of the military admitting how they would threaten to kill people's children if they didn't answer their questions, which is in John Yoo's own documents and Alberto Gonzalez's own documents.
These are seedy killers.
These are seedy filthbags.
And yes, they are killers.
When they write memos saying they can do this, they are worse than the people that do it.
It's like when a mobster orders a hit, he is just as guilty as his capo or the soldier that took the order from the capo.
Let's go ahead and go to Jesse.
Jesse, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from Las Vegas.
How are you doing, Alex?
Thank you for holding.
I missed your call earlier.
I didn't see it there on the board.
No problem.
I wanted to let you know I'm only two months into this information war, but I'm going nuts with it.
I started just kind of researching for fun on Google Video, and then I kept seeing your documentaries, and I was blown away, and I've been fortunate enough to hear you broadcast on the GCN Network.
I wanted to mention you have a hardcore following from a bunch of church goers where I used to live in Illinois.
I was speaking with them the other day and they were really frustrated because the people in the ward there are not paying any attention.
But I want those guys to know that it was because of them speaking to my family that ten years later when I'm old enough to actually realize and listen...
You know, that I have an open mind.
Oh, that's the key.
You know, a lot of times I plant a garden and some of the seeds don't come up that year, but they come up the next year.
And so a lot of people don't wake up immediately, folks.
Have you ever seen Force 10 from Navarone?
It happens over time.
Well, it's based on a quasi-true story, just like The Guns of Navarone.
It's a sequel to that.
It's got Harrison Ford in it.
And they blow the dam up, and they're all panicking because it doesn't fall right at first.
And the demolition expert says, give it time.
Be patient.
Go ahead, sir.
Yeah, and, you know, it's been nice.
I became vegetarian a little while ago, and I tried mentioning that to my neocon brother, and he almost threw me out of the car when I did it.
And so same goes for some of the 9-11 truth, but I planted a seed years ago.
He knows I'm right about being vegetarian, and so I planted a seed now, and church members and others are really receptive to this, and so I'm really grateful for the opportunity to provide the DVDs to those people.
You know, listening to your interviews, you're so hardcore against the guys who you spank, and for a first-time listener, that might be kind of
You know, hard to accept, but the truth is you don't have time to wait around for these guys to, you know, to get to the bottom of their lives.
You just know that, and you're right.
Well, you heard the interview last hour.
I mean, that's right out of the Soviet Union or East Germany, brainwashing pastors to make the people lay down and turn their guns in.
I mean, it's happening, people!
It's so surreal, and I can't wait to go and talk to, you know, in our church, we have all volunteer people.
No one gets paid for it, so...
I'm going to go ask my bishop point blank, and probably every bishop I run into.
Well, good job.
We're going to work hard for you, my friend.
We're going to get the report out for you with the documents here in the next few hours, and we will get it out for you, and please help spread it.
God bless you.
I can't wait for L.A.
Thank you very much.
Oh, you're going to be there.
Well, I'm going to sleep in my car if I have to.
Well, people don't want to pay for the Sheraton.
There's a lot of other motels in the area, sir.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chad in Iowa.
Chad, you're on the air.
Right to the point.
I've got two things real quick for you.
I haven't really been waking anybody up.
I've mostly been perturbing people and stuff, except last Wednesday, unfortunately, I wasn't in town and I didn't have a camera.
One of my friends woke up because I'm out of town, and I called him, and he's in town, and it's Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Wednesday, there was a pentagram that the Jets were spraying above the town.
And he wouldn't believe me, and he wouldn't believe me, and he went outside and looked, and then he called me back, and that's not even the first thing he came up with.
The first thing he came up with is, you're right about the national ID card and everything, and Bush was talking about it, and the thumbprint and this and this.
And the other thing is, I...
It'll blow you away.
It's everything I've been talking about for a long time.
Everything you've been talking about for a long time.
Well, I know 10 years ago, 12 years ago, Ministry had a song called The New World Order with Bush Sr.
in it.
What's the name of the new album?
It's Real Grand Blood.
The whole thing is absolutely just totally phenomenal.
Well, I'll try to get it, but if you really want me to, just burn me a copy.
There's even a Sr.
They're talking in that song about the Mexicans coming, taking over, taking all their jobs, taking all their money and everything, and
It's really, really, I think if I mail it to you, a lot of it will end up on there.
All right.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I had to call in because I did talk to Ron Paul's office and they said the animal... Do you want a cordless phone?
I'm on a phone that I thought might be louder.
I'll switch.
Is this better?
Yeah, we can understand you.
Oh, my gosh.
I didn't know, Alex.
I just wanted to be heard.
Okay, animal ID is coming up for a vote today.
It's H.R.
This came out of Ron Paul's office, so we need a big vote no on this.
202-224-3121 to get into your capital switchboard.
Get your congressman.
Tell him we don't need any animal ID.
We don't need a centralized plan that tells us
The same failed policies that came through these bureaucracies that have been making us sick, making sure that we get sicker with the big farms being put into place.
Yeah, the Big Agra, Conagra, and the Archer Daniels and the Tysons, they're the ones lobbying to basically shut down all the small farms and ranches, and that's what this will do.
Disarmed public is easy to manipulate, and that's all I heard, and I haven't heard you for a little while, but I heard it today, so I just want to back this up.
It's HR 5384.
Get your calls in.
No animal ID.
No more sellouts.
No more centralized plans.
You know, Ron Paul has his 888-322-1414.
If people, you know, your new listeners maybe want to listen to that, that kind of helps.
Yeah, that's his little information line each week with a message on it.
Thank you, Regina.
Let's talk to Joe in Virginia.
Joe, you're on the air.
Is this Captain Alex?
This is Alex Jones.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, sir.
Captain Alex, I've been listening to you for a long time.
And I just want to say thank you for everything that you are bringing forth.
You're doing a service not only to this nation, but to God.
You're bringing forth the truth.
You're bringing forth the integrity that you'll never hear anywhere else.
You can't even hear it on the corner streets anymore.
Our people are so mesmerized by what's going on.
And I know that sometimes people call in, and like back during the Carl E. Skrimsky years, you ask for president, people want you to run for president.
You can't do that.
You've got a ship or army to run, and that's why I called you Alex.
And I've never heard anybody else say that before.
I think we need to stand behind Ted Anderson, because he's the man behind the scenes.
And he's the man bringing forth Alex Jones Show and bringing the listeners to the truth.
And let's get behind Ted Anderson and support the broadcast in any way we can.
Because we've got to go forward, not backwards.
Go forward, not backward.
Well, I hear you, Joe, and we are going forward thanks to people like you.
I mean, so many people are waking up.
I mean, this is like when you go fishing ten times and don't catch any fish, and you go that one time and you catch a fish every time, you throw your line in.
People are waking up.
We've got to strike while the iron is hot.
That's exactly what I used to be.
I used to be a commercial fisherman until our company went out of business, and I went into the waterworks, and they destroyed me up there.
We're good to go.
Well, you're not the only one, my friend.
No, sir, that I'm not the only one.
The entire economy is imploding.
No, sir, I'm not the only one, but I'm the only one that calls you Captain, and I've been listening to you for a long time.
Oh, no, sir, I wasn't saying that what's happening to you isn't bad.
I'm saying you're not alone.
This is horrible.
No, I think what's happened to me is great because it's brought me closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Well, I appreciate your kind words, and I appreciate the spirit of what you've said.
Thank you so much for the call, Joe.
Great to hear from you.
Call back again.
Before I break, let me read this Alexander Schultz and Itza quote.
We'll come back and play this clip of the troop talking about threatening to blow kids' heads off.
And how we burned in the camps later thinking what things would have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family.
Or if during periods of mass arrest, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, palling in terror.
At every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, Bud had understood that they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in their stairwells, halls, an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, and pokers, or whatever else was at hand.
The organs would have quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport, and notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.
The Gulag Archipelago, Alexander Shultz and Itza, and he left the U.S.
in the, what, 1990s, saying we were falling to the same thing.
And it's that simple.
I salute Alexander Shultz and Itza.
Another quote from him, a state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.
If one is forever cautious, one can remain.
Can one remain a human being?
We'll come back with a final segment.
Infowars.com is the website.
Stay with us.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks...
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We're good to go.
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It's up on prisonplanet.com and jonesreport.com right now.
If he didn't answer the way we like, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head.
Jesse McBeth, a former Army Ranger and Iraq War veteran, tells all.
It's a 20-minute interview.
We're going to play just two and a half minutes right now.
But it's up on the website if you want to hear the whole thing, see the whole thing.
Go ahead and roll it.
Operation Iraqi Freedom is more like Operation Iraqi Slaughter, you know.
So after the debriefing, they had us go out and cut out the bunkers after the Air Force and bombed the crap out of them.
So we had to go in there and make sure everything in there was dead still.
So whether it was women, children, whatever, if they weren't dead, we'd be ready to finish them off and drag their bodies out.
And a lot of times, you know, like, did they tell us on it?
A lot of times, I don't even think, you know, that they... I think they knew there weren't any surgeons in there.
I think, you know, they just said that we're doing the night raids in houses and we'll pull people out and we'll have them all on their knees and zip tied and we'll ask the guy questions, the whole family, the man of the house questions.
And if he didn't answer the way we would like to, you know, we'll shoot his youngest kid in the head.
And we'll keep going.
This is our interrogation.
He can be innocent, you know.
He can just be an average Joe who's trying to support his family.
And if he didn't give us a satisfactory answer, we'd start killing off his family until we told him something.
If he didn't know anything, guess he was SOL.
You know, and it would suck, you know.
I didn't... But I didn't feel anything.
I just wanted to do my job.
I wanted to be a good ranger, you know.
I wanted to lead the way.
We just had to scare them first, you know.
We'd beat them up or kick them or... If you hit the wife or like a couple of guys were fond on their wives, you know, just to piss them off, try getting them to say something when they didn't do it.
We'd do that to like...
Maybe several houses.
Multiple houses slaughtering 30-40 people a night sometimes.
They're doing the houses.
Women and children.
I didn't sign up to kill women and children.
I was trained in all the ranger school and 18 months of that crap.
I didn't want to.
I wanted a challenge.
I wanted to fight other elite soldiers.
But I had to go fight kids and women.
Innocent people that don't know how to fight.
I really got disappointed in my country.
I got disappointed in my government.
And I've interviewed Marine Captains.
This is Army, but this is in the news.
In fact, it's been in the London Independent where the reporter's there, and they're shooting Iraqi women, and the child's still holding on to their mother when her head blows off, the whole back of it, and she just falls slumps, and they laugh and go, Look, I just killed that bleeper.
We got clips of them.
They find Iraqis taking a few sticks of wood out of a field.
They run the car over and laugh and machine gun it with the Abrams tank.
I mean, this is the... And you hear the neocons on radio, nuke them all, kill them all, just kill them!
And believe me, that's what's going on.
That's what's going on.
You ought to go online, look at all the videos and photos.
In some cases, they'll have hundreds of dead toddlers lined up, flies all over them.
They're all swole up, purple, gunshot wounds in them.
Meanwhile, John Yoo, White House counsel, says they raped those children.
They crushed their body parts right in front of their parents.
And he was at a big CFR meeting, and they said, is it true you wrote that?
And he said, yes, I did.
And you watch 24 and all these shows, and they promote that.
We are the demon pigs.
That's who we are.
We are a demonic scum ball.
Not all of us, but that's what our government is.
And Saddam's bad.
He's allegedly got rape rooms, so we're putting official memos.
We've got rape rooms, and then it's good.
It's bad when they do it.
Most of that's made up.
It's good when we do.
We're losing our souls, ladies and gentlemen.
We're losing our souls.
All right, I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Don't forget our big 9-11 conference coming up in June.
Get your tickets now.
God bless you all.
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