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Air Date: May 22, 2006
2262 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Jim Tucker of the American Free Press, who's been covering the Bilderberg Group for 27 years, will join us for just one segment coming up in the next segment.
He was able to confirm the location of the Bilderberg Group meeting this year.
We knew the Bilderberg Group had booked a hotel outside of Vienna, Austria.
We knew they'd also booked another one in Scotland, and that they'd already begun booking one up in Ottawa, Canada.
Well, it's supposedly going to be in Canada, up in Ottawa, up there in French Canada, very beautiful, very European American city, on the 9th, 10th, and 11th.
And I do believe this will be the first Bilderberg conference that yours truly is going to be attending.
Wow, I have got my work laid out for me.
Coming up on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, I'll be in Chicago for a big 9-11 conference, speaking.
Then I'm going to be in Canada for the Bilderberg Group meeting.
That should be fun.
And then coming up on the 24th and 25th in Los Angeles, I'm going to be, of course, there with our big 9-11 conference.
And by the way, there are going to be some surprise guests.
There's Professor Stephen Jones, the physics professor, Professor Jim Fetzer.
There's going to be William Rodriguez, the last survivor to get out of the towers.
There are going to be all these great people there, Webster Tarpley and many others.
But there's going to be some surprise guests as well.
And those surprise guests don't want to be announced.
They just want to be there.
You can imagine who that will be.
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Every other event I've ever had has sold out.
I think we're good to go.
Didn't mean to get into that plug out of the gates, but there you go.
Big new developments on the illegal alien front.
Mexico is passing a law that you cannot have a job in Mexico if you are not Mexican.
Can you imagine if they had a job in this country that if you weren't an American, you couldn't have a job here?
Can you imagine the screams of racism and xenophobia?
This is in the Associated Press, but you won't hear it on the nightly news.
Oh no, they've got to cover all of this up.
And the San Francisco Chronicle reports that one in seven Mexican workers now lives in the U.S.
One in seven Mexican workers, one in ten total Mexicans, and that's not counting all the other Latin Americans and folks from around the world.
This is how the globalists are going to kill America, just bringing in a bunch of foreigners and having their own media that caters to them domestically, that's owned by the New World Order, tell them to hate America and to bring down the middle class.
It's working very, very nicely right now.
And remember, all these demonstrations are funded and run by Bush and Fox and their own PR firm, Rob Allen Co., LA Times, Dallas Morning News, reported once in each publication but never picked up anywhere, so the average American has no idea this is even going on.
Bush and his blanket amnesty program fooled conservatives for about a week, but the alternative media woke them up, and now conservatives are hopping mad more than ever.
As they discover it's a Trojan horse, thanks to the Border Patrol Union going public and saying it's, quote, a Trojan horse, thanks to Senator Sessions going public saying it's a Trojan horse, and much more.
Jim Tucker coming up after this quick break, and then we'll plunge into the news and your calls throughout the broadcast.
Webster Griffin Tarpley joins us in the second hour to talk about world financial collapse.
Stay with us.
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Then, of course, back from 9 to midnight, this is the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Jim Tucker joins us.
He is, of course, a veteran news reporter writing for mainstream syndicated publications.
We're good to go.
It's always fun.
Jim, now, you've always gotten it right.
They've tried to fool you many times.
As you said last time you were on with us a few months ago, they're going to more and more links to cover it up.
How are you sure they're not feeding you this info?
I'm quite confident because the same source has helped us so many times over the years.
The most traumatic case came several years ago when they met near Brussels.
Now, we knew it was in the town of Brussels.
I'm standing at the Men's Spartan National Press Club with my other pair of socks all packed, typewriter in hand, to go to Brussels.
And this source called me about an hour before I was to leave for Dulles Airport to name exactly the right place.
And so I was able to call back the spotlight, and they replayed page one and got the precise location there, and he was absolutely right.
He was right again when they met in Chantilly, and at this point they started...
Absolutely lying.
And they started lying more since.
They'd call and they'd say, oh, we're all booked up because of four big wedding parties.
Not for any group called Dillenberg or whatever.
Not for any one group.
And I remember sitting in their hotel on Wednesday before having to check out at high noon when they send out all the unwashed multitudes and surrounded with armed guards and
Only Bilderberg people and selected staff inside the Golden Gates for three days.
And I had calls from the guys in Europe saying, are you sure you're in the right place?
And I'm still at their hotel.
And I explained to them, understand that this phone is probably bugged.
They've always bugged the telephone in my room when I'm here.
But you can trust me.
They are lying through their teeth.
They're a bunch of lying bastards.
A bunch of lying people, I should have said.
And, yes, Bilderberg was there.
And last year in Germany, the Bilderbergs went so far as to plan a phony story in the local newspaper saying that the hotel was closed down for a doctor's convention.
They even had a group photo of people who were supposed to be doctors meeting at the sealed-off and heavily guarded resort then.
We told the local newspaper that they were wrong, that the local newspaper is too cowed to run.
It wouldn't be a question on their part.
They were just quoting the Bilderberg people that run a follow-up story explaining that Bilderberg lied.
The interest is to see how far they go this year.
Well, exactly.
The point that we get from all of this, what we take away, is that it's very, very secretive, and many times you find out right up to just a day or two before Jim Tucker.
Why do you think you've learned so early this year, or somewhat early?
Sometimes it's a matter of luck, hitting one source after another in various guises.
I better not go too far.
You're all blue on my cover.
Also, in recent years, they've started sending invitations much later.
It used to be the invitations go out in January and February, so the big shot could make his plans.
Then they started saying, hold these dates.
More information follows just to keep.
Leaks from secretaries who keep letters on file.
And they innocently think they're talking to a colleague or whatever and disclose the information.
Well, we must have some bad moles because some folks a month ago or two told Estelon that it was going to be outside of Vienna in Austria for sure.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, Danny is a good collaborator.
Taking photographs for us last year.
Oh, he does a great job.
As usual, we pool all of our information, any reporters there.
Anyone else who's interested in Bill Bergen shows up and I attend our evening meetings where we pool all of our information.
And sometimes those who are not actually in the media still observe something that's valuable, such as identifying a certain...
Individuals who seem to enter when we don't yet have the list of participants, they try to keep the list secret each year, but with the help from a lot of people in Europe, we've been able to get the list each year, but we don't really know.
In the early stages, whether we're going to be able to get the list or not.
Jim Tucker, I want to back up for those that just joined us.
Tell the listeners what Bilderberg is and why it's so important, because for 20-plus years that you covered it, the New York Times and the Washington Post wrote stories saying it didn't exist.
In your book that we carry, Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary, which is excellent, available at Infowars.com, you have dozens and dozens of photos at the National Press Club where you go up and confront Dick Cheney, or you confront the leader of the Senate, or you confront governors, vice presidents, others that have been, and they'll tell you openly, you're not supposed to even know about that.
They get angry.
Yes, my favorite.
Some of the photos were at the National Press Club, others were at receptions on Capitol Hill and various places.
Where you can surprise them by turning up in your Bilderberg suit.
And they're thinking they're talking to a friendly face until they take a second look.
My favorite was Kissinger forgetting to affect his German accent.
I remember saying to him, Dr. Kissinger attended the last Bilderberg meeting at maybe the date and precise place.
And when this European said this to you, what was your response?
Something like that.
And his eyes closed.
He said, that was a private meeting.
He said, that was a private meeting.
He remembered to recapture his German accent.
Doesn't he have a sibling that speaks perfect English pronunciation?
That's right.
His brother, about the same age, like Henry Kissinger.
Kissinger's been in this country since he was 14 years old.
Was a corporal in the American Army.
Served honorably in World War II.
His brother has no trace of a
Well, it just shows what phonies they are.
Now, obviously, have you called the hotel yet?
Do they have this time blocked off?
They have the time all blocked off.
It is the same big lie.
Well, it's for all kinds of different things, but I trust the source has been unfailing all these years.
Now, last year, Kissinger said oil prices were going to explode giddily, as you put it.
That indeed has happened.
You've also learned some of the things from your sources that are going to be high on the agenda this year.
Give us a sneak peek, Jim.
South America, Latin America, is now big on their agenda because of the...
Oil prices and the Venezuela president, the major supplier of oil, threatening to cut the United States off.
He actually subsidizes oil in his own country, so people in Venezuela pay 12 cents a gallon for gasoline.
And he offended the United States by providing cheap oil to some poor people in the Northeast over the winter.
But what they're most concerned about is his threat to control the one-fifth of the world's oil supply and keep it away from Bilderberg types.
For example, he's going to charge a higher tax for drilling in his country.
And of course, Bilderberg has always represented the oil industry has always
Yes, you write in this latest article you put out yesterday that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the two main families that control and run the conference.
You also raise Iran, that that's high on the agenda, and there's a never-before-seen split in Bilderberg between the Europeans and the Anglo-American-British-U.S.
power axis against striking Iran, sir?
I don't know if they're opposed to striking Iran or not.
There was on Iraq, though.
The invasion of Iraq.
So much so that they got the Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to promise not to attack that year in the summer of 2001, I think it was, or 2002.
And that's how you were able to go on air and say, no, it's not 02 in March, it's 03 in March.
And then the media, the Washington Post was reporting it would be in March of 02.
When they were attending, they were lying to their readers.
Yes, I'll never understand.
Well, I guess I do understand why.
Jimmy Lee Hoagland, the associate editor and columnist, he takes...
Donald Graham, the publisher by the hand, to all those meetings, probably did not come back and say to his own staff, look, trust me, stop saying the war's going to start by late summer or early fall.
It will not start until next year.
Jim, last question for you, and we're going to let you get back to your important work.
Just trust me.
The security, it gets greater and greater every year.
Do you think you'll be detained this year when you get off the plane like you have before?
I don't know.
I'll find out Monday.
Well, actually, I was detained in Italy for several hours by the cops after I was in their hotel, not off the plane.
Although, Danny Uslan had some of his magazines where he had Henry Dillberg stories in his European magazine confiscated from him as he got off an airplane last year in Germany.
But it was a year before that.
The Italian police held me for several hours.
Well, Jim, you're going to be there earlier than I, and so I'd like to, you know, when you get there the first day after you're done doing your investigations, I'd like to have you pop back in with us for ten minutes, then we'll get live reports there from you when I'm on the ground.
I look forward to seeing you in person, sir.
Very good.
God bless you, Jim.
Thank you.
Folks can read his report right now.
We have links to it on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We're going to come back and get into all the news.
The illegal aliens are really at it again.
Waiting to hear the latest.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
And we'll get into 9-11 as well coming up in the second hour.
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The Mexican Attorney General, remembered about a year and a half ago, came out and said he was going to make 160 plus employees take microchips to get into work.
And now we've had two Latin American presidents in the last month come out and say, yes, we're for Bush's guest worker program and we're happy to work with a company named Verichip to microchip them as we fly them into the U.S.
because U.S.
corporations are lobbying for all of this.
They're going to load them on planes and fly them in and bus them in across the Mexican border as well.
That is Bush's supposed get tough on illegal alien legislation.
It's really just legalize all of them.
And then I guess the troops down there can just suck their thumbs.
That's just for the public's consumption.
They won't have any weapons, of course, and can't arrest anyone.
They can just, I guess, call the Border Patrol.
But here is another article by James P. Tucker, American Free Press.
Scott Silverman, chairman of the board of, who we've interviewed by the way, of Verichick Corporation, has alarmed civil libertarians by promoting the company's subcutaneous human tracking device as a way to identify immigrants and guest workers.
He appeared on the Fox News channel earlier this week.
This morning after President Bush called for high-tech measures to clamp down on Mexican immigrants.
And, of course, those very high-tech measures have already been passed by the Real ID Act last year, being implemented at the state level.
So, again, citizens will have this shackling as well.
Nothing to do with illegal aliens.
Privacy advocate Catherine Albrecht told Liz McIntyre, our warning that a government-sanctioned shipping program should, as suggested by Silverman, could quickly be expanded to include U.S.
citizens as well.
So see, the craziness is upon us.
We're actually talking about this.
This is being covered by the mainstream news.
Presidents are calling for it.
Companies are calling for it.
Attorney generals are calling for it.
I had the Bergen County Sheriff on, what, last year from New Jersey.
Accounting with over 2 million people in it, saying yes, he believes people should be made to take the chip, and he supports it, and he'll enforce it.
I mean, these people are like body snatchers.
They're that weird, they're that cultic, they're that bizarre, and they act like we're crazy.
We're the weirdos, because we're against this.
Along with 98% of other Americans in national polls.
We're all crazy, the 2% is sane.
Mexico workers to bar non-natives from jobs.
This is out of the Associated Press.
If Arnold Schwarzenegger had migrated to Mexico instead of the United States, he couldn't be governor.
If Argentine native Sergio Vallejo, firefighter, hero of September 11th attacks, had moved to Tecate, Mexico instead of New York, he couldn't have been allowed on the force.
Even as Mexico presses the United States to grant unrestricted citizenship to millions of undocumented Mexican migrants, well, they say this is Mexico, its officials...
At times, calling U.S.
policy xenophobic, Mexico places daunting limitations on anyone born outside its territory.
In the United States, only two posts, the presidency and the vice presidency, are reserved for the native-born.
In Mexico, non-natives are banned from those and thousands of other jobs, even if they are legally naturalized citizens.
That's right.
You can become a citizen of Mexico, and you still can't have most jobs.
In fact, you don't even really own your property down there.
They've changed a few laws where you can buy some in certain sectors, but I wouldn't buy it because they've been known to take it back.
Foreign-born Mexicans can't hold seats in either the House or Congress.
They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court, and all governorships.
Many states ban foreign-born Mexicans from spots on town councils, and Mexico's Constitution reserves almost all federal posts in any position in the military and merchant marine for native-born Mexicans only.
And frankly, I almost agree with that.
I mean, look at what's happened to America.
I mean, we've got a fifth column, 25 million illegals here, taking over, saying you can't work in meatpacking, you can't work in restaurants, you can't work anywhere unless you're part of RASA, and they even run Mexican-Americans off and call them traitors.
So there you have it.
Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle had a detailed report Sunday
About how one in seven Mexican workers works in the U.S.
One in ten Mexicans now live here, and I've got a correction to make.
I'm using five-year-old data.
I was using 2000 census data, or I guess six-year-old data, saying 90 million.
It's now 107 million, and that's two years old.
I just got the latest numbers.
That's in the Chronicle.
107 million, doubling every 35 years, and they are being taught in every primary school in Mexico, mainstream news, that the Southwest belongs to Mexico.
From Texas to Colorado to California, even now up into Washington, they're starting to claim that that's Mexico's.
It's crazy.
Our government's behind it, funding it.
It's part of globalization.
Meanwhile, Senator Sessions will tell you what he had to say about all this when we get back, and what the Border Patrol had to say about this when we get back.
And then I'll get into some other really important news and some police state news as well.
We have a clip shot by mainstream news cameras on 9-11 that's been dug out of the archive where another firefighter says they found bombs in the buildings on 9-11.
There's dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens.
There's got to be a hundred of these clips I've seen, but here's a new one for you to add to the pile.
The media won't focus on this, though, will they?
They just want you to focus on Hair Pentagon.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
... ...
David, Moses, Robert, Will, others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
I want to get back into immigration, the ongoing disillusionment, the ongoing breakup, and that's what this is, of the United States, right in front of everyone, just throwing it in our face and calling the destruction of the U.S., defending our sovereignty.
It's fooled some, but most people.
I've talked to in the polls, I've seen shows that most Americans are not buying it.
They've been lied to so many times that the federal government and the allied crime syndicate that owns and controls it has lost almost all credibility.
That is certainly good news for those of us that want this to be a free society and do want to defend the republic.
Before I go to your calls and back into immigration and a host of other news, I want to play a couple clips.
In fact, here is a clip.
And this was shot by local New York news cameras.
And you can watch the video at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
And here the reporter's talking to the firefighter.
He walks by and says, we've got to get out.
We found a bomb.
And then the reporter says, excuse me, you say that again?
Because the firefighter's about ten feet away.
The firefighter turns towards the camera and says, there's a bomb.
So let's go ahead and roll this newest clip that has surfaced from four years, nine months ago.
In case people missed that, play it one more time.
Now we're writing a story on this.
We believe it's later in the day and they're talking about Building 7, but it may be one of the towers.
There's so many of these clips.
You see hundreds of firefighters, to be accurate, probably about 50 or so, sitting on the ground lined up.
And more coming out of a building.
And it looks like they're probably talking about Shevin.
Again, we're tracking that down, trying to confirm that.
But just another video clip.
After we take some calls, I'll play another clip where marijuana and brownies, a lot of stoners out there don't smoke marijuana, they like to eat marijuana, and now marijuana and brownies, they have to call them the anti-terror squad because all crime under Section 802 of the Patriot Act is terrorism.
It's the same thing in Canada and England.
Everything is terror, but real terrorism, which is the government terrorizing the people.
Before we go to your calls...
We have a huge 9-11 conference coming up June 24th and June 25th in Los Angeles, California at the Sheraton downtown.
I recommend you get your tickets now.
I recommend you get your rooms now before they all sell out, before the rooms all fill up.
Now, the rooms there fill up.
There's hotels and motels of every price range.
Literally, there's going to be 100 of them just in that area.
I mean, I was looking it up.
There's a highway right there that's got to have like 15 hotels and motels on it, and there's about 10 hotels just around this hotel.
The point is there's hotels and motels everywhere, but it would be nice to be right there in the conference center of the Sheraton's built onto the shopping mall.
Right there, and a lot of the sites are right there in that area.
But, of course, you're not really too concerned with that.
What most people are focused on is who's going to be there.
Professor Stephen Jones, BYU physics professor, doing a presentation there on the collapse of the buildings, the controlled demolition.
There is also, of course, going to be Professor Jim Fetzer, founder of the 9-11 Scholars for Truth, Webster Tarpley.
I'm told Jimmy Walter is going to be there.
We're also going to have the last survivor to be pulled from the rubble who wasn't a firefighter, and that is William Rodriguez.
Of course, I'm going to be giving a speech.
I will premiere my new film, first time it will ever be seen.
It will just be done around that time, Terror Storm, which is my best film yet.
Wait until you see it.
We're also going to show Loose Change 2 and some new clips as well.
Dylan Avery is going to be there.
And yes, there's going to be some surprise guests who don't want to be announced until they speak, until they're there, and that'll be on the first day.
So, 24th and 25th, get your tickets now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
You can link through to the secure online server.
We will email you your ticket with your ticket number, or if you'd like to call, we'll also email it to you that way, or mail you a physical ticket if that is your wish.
We'll print out your e-ticket and mail it to you.
We're good to go.
I think?
That's coming up the 24th and 25th of June.
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I'm going to go cover Bilderberg.
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Bring in a film crew.
To then make a documentary out of all this to show it to you.
So you're on the front line supporting us as our partners in this fight.
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Or write to me.
I'm Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
All right.
Let's go to the calls, and I'll get back into the immigration news.
There's a lot of it.
Finally, the Border Patrol, even U.S.
Senators, calling Bush's plan a total Trojan horse.
That's their term.
That's what it is.
Smoke and mirrors, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll get into that and much more.
And again, Webster Tarpley does join us, will be joining us, to talk a little bit about 9-11, but mainly what he's a real expert on, and that's world financial crises and scams and what's going on right now with the dollar.
Going down to $46 two weeks ago, then going back up to only being $43 against the Euro.
So gyrating wildly.
What's really going on with derivatives?
It's all coming up in the next hour.
Very well-researched information.
This isn't baloney.
This is reality that you're going to be hearing.
Right now, let's talk to David in mass.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
Put David on hold.
I apologize.
I'm told Moses disagrees, so he goes to the head of the line.
Then we'll go to David, Robert, and Will.
Moses, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Mr. Alexander of the Battle for Gaul, Emmerich Jones.
First of all, you had Tucker on your program.
I could spend the whole day talking to him about those Bilderbergs, especially about those Royals of France, Germany, and Scotland.
But let me get to the point, Alex.
Sir, you called last week saying you disagreed with another name.
Sir, you don't need to call and have one name one day and another name the next.
It doesn't matter.
I just have to be careful for Inspire America.
No, sir, we don't screen your phone calls.
I mean, if you volunteer that you disagree, you go to the head of the line.
Last week, Alex, you called me emotional, confused, and crazy.
Well, now let me bring a little deductive analysis to the situation.
What you said last week, you called me a war Churchill, Alex.
Please, those families on September 11th, they lost something.
It's a tragedy.
Sir, put him on hold for just a minute.
Sometimes people get some type of weird emotional thing going on with me and they think there's some type of connection and they get a little strange.
Sir, I did not say last week that you're a Ward Churchill type.
I said maybe that's what you're getting at because three times I asked you what you were specifically saying.
Because you said if it was shaved-head Europeans that you thought I would believe that they could carry out the attacks and hijack the planes, but that I couldn't believe that Middle Easterners could.
So I took from that, and I asked you three times, and it was all weird, kind of incoherent riddles and stuff.
I was trying... I hope you're listening to me, because I'm going to let you come back on.
I'm trying to understand, sir.
This is like a riddle to me.
And then I thought, maybe he's like saying what Ward Churchill's saying, that Al-Qaeda's real and really did attack us.
But I said, maybe not.
So I didn't clearly say that.
I said, maybe.
I'm trying to understand.
Look, you're on the air right now, Moses, or whatever your name is today.
Just explain to me in clear English what you're specifically saying.
Okay, like I said, I don't want to be confused with Ward Churchill because there's a tragedy that would happen on September 11th.
Now, just because I believe Arabs did this tragedy, Alex, it doesn't mean that I'm with the government on this.
Now, number one, Alex, for us to talk about this and to be reasonable about it, Alex, it can't be done in five minutes.
So I just got a quick 30-second statement, and then you can do your calendars, and I'll hang up and take your list, and I'll take my call, and I'll take your answer off the air.
Number one, Alex, are you familiar with British sacred geometry and lat lines?
Now, your counterpoints that you gave me last week, you said that CNPAC assassination, I mean CIA, had put options on that day.
You said that Norwood's been down.
You said that our CIA could not call their friends and tell them not to fly, etc., etc.
Also, you said that AQ could not bring down those buildings demo style.
Well, you should ask Mr. Rodriguez about that.
See, Alex, that's all government complicity.
Now, long story short, Alex,
See, I see AQ as more dangerous than anybody wants to give it credit for, and this government's fighting against... By AQ, you mean AQ Khan?
No, AQ Al-Qaeda.
It's just a short nickname.
Al-Qaeda, Alex.
You know what's happening?
People are saying they disagree, just got over the head of the line.
Do you disagree with anything, sir?
Okay, anyway, the fight against terrorism...
Hold on just a minute.
You're all over the map.
What did you just say?
Who has questions for me?
Yes, and you said somebody may have questions for me.
What are you saying?
Ted Gunderson, Alex, has questions for Mr. Talkley about his book, Synthetic Terrorism.
But let me get to my point, please.
Okay, yeah, just throw weird stuff out.
Listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
If I can't understand much of what you're saying, the listeners probably can't either.
And so you had your time, you had your four minutes, and I just don't even know what to say to you.
Okay, thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to David and Mass.
David, you're on the air.
Thank you for holding.
Alex, how are you today?
Well, I was doing okay until that call.
Yeah, well, it's Monday morning or it's Monday afternoon, I guess.
Listen, I haven't called in in a while.
I've been abroad for some months.
But I'm glad to be back in the good old U.S.
of A. Yes, we're glad to have you.
Oh, thank you.
I wanted to talk about one thing that I've been following for quite some time here.
And it's an issue about...
I got this article specifically a couple days ago off ZNet UK.
This is Government to Force Handover of Encryption Keys.
Now, they've had this thing called the RIP Act.
I don't know if it's called the Regulatory Investigatory Powers Act, the RIP Act.
And that's been kicking around some time.
They referred in this article that it was introduced in 2002, but actually that's a lie.
It's been kicking around ever since the early 90s.
But what they're trying to implement is part three of it, which essentially will criminalize any encryption program, and anybody who refuses to hand over the keys to police will face a nice jail term of two years.
And that ties in quite nicely with UK law will criminalize IT pros
For disposing details of unpatched vulnerabilities of encryption and monitoring tools.
Yeah, it makes everything hacking.
So protecting your own personal information, you can get in a lot of trouble.
And I've been protecting my information for years.
Well, a lot of that is to protect yourself from run-of-the-mill criminals.
And now from CNET News, Congress may consider mandatory ISP snooping.
I believe the Republican Representative Diana Zett, I believe is her name, says they've got something going, a piece of legislation saying that any Internet service that enables users to access content must permanently retain records that would permit police to identify each user.
So it's coming here.
Yeah, it's indentured servitude.
We all have to despise.
Take the Animal ID Act and Premises Identification Act.
Thousand-dollar, multi-thousand-dollar fines, on average, what, $2,000, for every chicken that doesn't have a $10 tag on it when the chicken's worth $2.
Federal regulators at every local level, even your private animals will have to be ID'd with chips.
This is in the regulations they've passed, being implemented by the states,
Alex, why don't we just go ahead and criminalize baseball bats and kitchen knives?
Actually, England is moving to criminalize butcher knives.
You may have a special chef's license like in China to have them.
Yep, that's absolutely correct.
It's amazing.
Look, America is becoming a prison.
Everything that prisoners in a prison live through, identification, tracking, control, disarmed, it's all coming here now.
That's correct, and I'm sad to see these types of things.
I've been in Europe for quite some time here the last few months, and it's amazing to me.
People are so much more well-informed.
In many ways, it's much more authoritarian there in a lot of places.
Well, that's because they've been in it for a while.
They're now living under it.
They're not naive.
They're not naive at all.
Yeah, they've had Hitler, and they've had all these other dictators, and they've had all these other problems, and Franco.
So, I mean, they're not stupid.
Americans have had it so good, we're like lambs to a slaughter.
I appreciate your call.
It's like when the first British explorers got to the Galapagos Islands.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
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We're good to go.
So most jobs are unavailable, whether you're Russian, Guatemalan, a U.S.
citizen, if you live in Mexico.
They're now going to have, quote, thousands of countermen and demonstrators down there aiding the illegal aliens to come across the border.
They even had this last year.
Some were criminally charged.
Meanwhile, Senator Sessions says this.
Colleagues should be ashamed.
Alabama lawmaker says sweeping bill offering illegal citizenship likely to pass.
It is now passed the Senate.
Declaring the Senate should be ashamed of itself.
An opponent of a comprehensive immigration plan that includes a guest worker program, that's amnesty folks, believes the measure will pass next week.
Very close to passing the House.
This is out of the national ledger.
Border Patrol agents warn Bush plan is a Trojan horse.
In a joint statement, members of the U.S.
Border Patrol, Local 2544, called President George W. Bush's border security and illegal immigration plan a Trojan horse.
This is their quote, their press release.
Every day that President Bush and the Senate hold real border security hostage to their misguided amnesty program, thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens continue to flood into our country.
Make no mistake, most of them get by us.
We are losing this war and it's not even close.
Contact your senators and congressmen now.
Tell them to secure our borders and tell them to reject amnesty programs, so-called guest worker program and member agents.
The flooding is so bad, the $3 million a year flooding.
But the government's seeking to just legalize them all now.
They were already legal with a wink and a nod.
They'd arrest a few thousand a year of the millions and have press conferences about it with the attorney general and state attorney generals and act like they're doing something.
And then they'd bust a few dozen companies a year and arrest a few thousand people, not even one or two percent of the total.
But now people know that's a fraud, so they just say, okay, we'll fix it.
We'll put groups and we'll give them IDs and make it all legal.
That's what's happening right now.
The latest info on that for you.
And the Neocons are on talk radio, all together as a group, lying about this.
The only mega-national show that's telling the truth is George Norrie, and he's had Fosse, Wolbridge on and others, and that man's got to be commended.
I mean, he certainly is not part of the other flock of people there with Mega Radio.
I mean, he is the only national show that big that I know that's doing it.
Just giving a plug to those that do a good job.
He is on that front.
Robert in Colorado.
Robert, you're on the air.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.
How are you?
Thanks for taking my call.
Good, sir.
I appreciate it.
Two quick questions for you, if I may.
I don't have it from you, but I did write it down in the list of my email you were talking to.
I called Craig Roberts last week about, I believe it was federal law, section 42, 1983, that comes into play when you have a running with a police officer who oversteps bounds or roughs you up or whatever.
Can you kind of take like 30, 45 seconds, speak to that one more time, please?
Well, you just type it into Google and it will all come up for you.
It's the False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Abuse Clause.
And you go file on them federally, just the process of filing on them causes a massive grief.
Oh, okay.
Okay, yeah, that makes sense.
I did put it in my email, so I've got it.
I do agree with you, or disagree with you on one point.
You and I have heard Dr. Montee talk about it, too, talking about arming pilots.
I think that's a bad idea, because if they were to get into a physical confrontation with someone trying to take a plane or whatever, the gun could misfire or be fired and hit someone in a subversive capacity or whatever.
Of course in a struggle, like when the cops go into a bank robbery, they shoot an innocent person.
That's the way it is.
You've got to respond to crime.
Duty is ours.
Consequences belong to God.
I want you to think that out a little bit clearer, Robert.
Think about it.
We trust these men to fly a gigantic airplane with 200-plus switches and dials.
But then we don't trust them to have a gun.
No, we need to, just like the citizens.
I mean, you could say citizens don't need to have guns because when somebody breaks in your house, you could fire it through the wrong wall and kill your kids.
Look, statistically, over 2 million crimes are stopped a year by citizens with guns, hundreds of times more than the police do it.
That's not true.
12 times more often than police do.
And so, Robert, you still disagree with me?
I think you just turned me around.
Boy, that was easy.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
More calls, and then Webster, Griffin, Tarbley.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into our number two, Webster Griffin Tarpley, expert on global banking and what's happening in the current financial waters that are extremely treacherous.
He'll be joining us coming up after this next break.
Hey Alex, I just want to talk about
The general who's behind all of this.
We know the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and predominantly Jewish banking families are playing a central role.
And then if you look other places, you see Jewish fingerprints along with other things, like the secret societies.
Albert Pike admitted that the Freemasons and all these other secret societies have their basis in the Jewish Kabbalah.
Then you look at communism, Karl Marx was a Jew, descended from rabbis.
Most of the top Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, including Lenin and Trotsky, were Jewish.
And then you look
Well, let me just say this, let me just say this.
There is organized crime syndicates, and one of the biggest in the world, because mafias are hereditary.
Mafias are racial, correct?
There is a giant, powerful Jewish mafia.
I do not believe it is as powerful as the Anglo-American mafia, but it doesn't matter.
The two have combined forces, and these mafias became so powerful, they actually took over the establishment.
But let me just stop you.
Everyone is a crypto Jew.
I've been accused of being a crypto Jew.
I'm not Jewish, but so what if I was?
I have a lot of Jewish friends.
And everyone's a Jew.
Rockefellers are a Jew.
Alex Jones is a Jew.
Everybody's a Jew.
And most of the time I go researching, they're not.
I mean, it's like a religious fervor.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I just think, you know, we've had guests on talking about Kazaria.
We've covered it many times over the years.
Tex Mars, Robert Galen Ross, and others.
But at the same time, people say, well, Alex, you fight the New World Order, but you don't say it's the Jews, so we don't like you.
We're good to go.
I think?
I mean, I can criticize Israel, criticize how they've bought off our preachers, they've now made it a tenet of Christianity to worship Israel.
When all the prophets criticized Israel, they, by the way, were, of course, Israelites, or part of the Twelve Tribes, how are they bad?
No, no, I'm not bad for criticizing Israel.
Look, the ADL attacks me, but then they don't attack all these people, they just spew venom at Jews.
And the average Jew driving along is very offended by this because they're just good people.
And believe me, most of those saying it's a Jewish conspiracy, they believe Jews are inherently evil.
They hate Jews.
I've been around these people.
They'll start shooting their mouths off about blacks as well, about Mexicans, calling them subhuman.
And they'll also say Hitler is good, and Alex, you're giving Hitler a bad rap.
Oh, Hitler wasn't into the occult, Alex.
You're a liar.
I mean, come on.
I'm not saying you're saying that, but do you see where I'm going with this?
Yeah, I do.
I've got one question for you.
Just the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
I've read that.
It's an amazing document.
And regardless of who wrote it, it seems like what's happening now is following the plan.
Who do you think wrote it and what is the importance of it?
Well, somebody could read Machiavelli's The Prince.
And Machiavelli wasn't a Jew.
He was an Italian.
I mean, what do you say to that?
That's a whole huge debate.
I don't know who wrote the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, but it certainly is the tactics used by governments in time immemorial.
But thank you for the call, sir.
You raise important points.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks...
But the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the Earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
1-888-253-3139 Or visit InfoWars.com and the secure shopping cart.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He has been involved in politics for, I don't know, 30, 40 years.
He has got multiple degrees in the subjects that he speaks on and, of course, covers.
He's ready to talk shows in his own right.
He wrote the big first unauthorized biography of George Bush Sr., the crime, the drug running, the corruption, all of it.
He's an author.
I, of course, carry his new book, which I think is one of the preeminent volumes on the government-sponsored
False flag attack, self-inflicted wound, inside job, it is 9-11.
It is 9-11 synthetic terror made in the USA.
Again, we carry it at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
And he is one of the big featured speakers at our big 9-11 conference that is coming up June 24th and 25th in Los Angeles, California.
We're good to go.
I think?
There's going to be some surprise guests, hint, hint, you can probably imagine who, who don't want to mention that they're going to be there until about a week before.
Then you'll all hear about it.
But Professor Stephen Jones is going to be there.
We're going to have the founder of the 9-11 Scholars Group, Jim Fetzer.
We're going to have the last survivor pulled from the rubble, the hero, the janitor that stayed inside.
We're good to go.
And he's going to be in Chicago on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for a big 9-11 conference they're going to have up there.
And I'm going to be speaking there as well.
We have details on that conference at infowars.com.
So be sure and go to that, too, if you can't make the California conference.
I want to talk a little bit about 9-11 and the new Pentagon frames today, but I'm going to do that later.
I'm going to keep Webster about halfway into the next hour.
So we have plenty of time.
We already have callers calling in specifically for Webster.
The phone number is 1-800-259-9231.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
That's a very kind introduction, and I think you're very right to want to start with the tempestuous financial situation all around us, which is really now taking on crisis attributes.
Briefly, I wrote a book about the moral kidnapping and assassination in Italy in 1978.
I've written the unauthorized biography of George Bush, the elder.
This was the one that revealed Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current tenant in the White House, financing Hitler's rise to power, along with
Some other things, being the subject of the smoking gun tape in Watergate, being in relation with the Hinckley family before the attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan, a whole bunch of other things of this order, and then most recently in 2005, 2006, we're soon going to have the third edition of 9-11 Synthetic Terror made in USA, and as you say, that's available at your own fine store.
I've always been interested in economics.
One of my other books is called Surviving the Cataclysm,
Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis of Human History, which I put out in 1998, beginning of 1999, just as the bubble in the dot-com universe was building up, which then turned into a bust in the year 2000, leading in some ways to the present situation.
And that was a book I could never find a publisher for.
I never got it on paper.
I only have it on discs through a website if people are
Are interested.
I think it retains a great deal of accuracy.
Let's just set the stage.
We've just had a global stock market panic today.
We're in the midst of a global stock market panic.
Don't look now.
Argentina is down 7%.
Brazil is down 4%.
Singapore down 3%.
Mexico, 3% to 4%.
Paris is down 2%.
And Japan and others went down last week.
We have some really dramatic ones, and this is a pattern of the little countries going.
Vienna, Austria is down almost 8%.
Belgium down 4%.
Denmark, 4%.
Egypt, 5% loss.
Italy, 4%.
Norway, 5%.
Sweden, more than 5%.
Bombay, 4%.
So that is a global stock market panic.
The Dow has been down as much as 100 points this morning, but of course we have the PPT that comes into action, right?
The Plunge Protection Team, the U.S.
version of the Stock Buying Authority, which takes Federal Reserve funds and uses it to try to prop up the bloated, speculative, impossible prices of all of these assets.
The problem is they're printing at record levels.
Helicopter Bernanke, the new Fed chief, says he's going to double the money supply.
Greenspan did it in the last six years.
We're talking about doubling in the next two.
We're going into hyperinflation.
Yes, I think there's a very concrete perspective now for hyperinflation, and of course that's something new.
The Commodity Research Bureau Index, which is the way I guess one would measure these things, hit a low back in 2001, 2002, but it's been going up ever since.
Now, let me just try to set the stage.
This is not just a stock market ripple.
This is the death agony of the U.S.
This is now the end of this obsolete and impossible role
of the dollar as the sole reserve currency of the world and indeed as the obligatory means of payment for oil and other strategic raw materials.
Probably more important, it's going to be the end of the dollar as the main vehicle of international lending.
It is the doom of the International Monetary Fund, which is, of course, the most sinister institution in the world, the World Bank, where Wolfowitz now is, and this complex of international lending institutions.
This is not Bretton Woods anymore.
This is
This is the ruins of Bretton Woods.
This is all of the defects of Bretton Woods carefully saved.
Well, I want to go back and break down what Bretton Woods is, but I heard you over the weekend on your own radio show.
You were going over, and I went and pulled some of those news articles, mainstream financial marquee publications, most highly respected, saying that we're in a lot of trouble.
Yes, and if you give me a chance, maybe after the next break I can go and find, I have a list of those articles.
I just don't have it right here in front of me.
Maybe we just talk about...
The general issue.
The biggest political question in the world is the nature of the world monetary system.
It's the most overarching and all-inclusive thing in the world, and it affects everybody every day in wages, employment, savings, exchange, purchases.
Everything depends on money, currency, the banking system, and so forth.
In 1944, we were fortunate enough, as the U.S.
was putting an end to World War II,
I think we're good to go.
Of the Great Depression in the 1930s.
The Wall Street stock market stuff is important, but it's a ripple compared to the collapse, the disintegration of the world monetary system.
Please continue.
So that was 1931.
That is what essentially wrecked the world economy.
And, of course, when this happens, it puts you straight on a course for World War, as we saw then, because if commodities cannot peacefully transfer across borders, then armies will soon begin to do the job.
So from 1944 to 1971, we had, globally speaking, the highest growth rates ever.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Under Nixon, 1971 to 1973, Nixon essentially pulled the plug.
I want everybody to know it was the British who demanded gold payment, not the French.
The British.
This was covered up at the time, and this is the usual pattern.
So the British pulled the plug.
Nixon went along with that.
John Connolly, Greenspan was even there at the time.
And that was the end of two things.
Gold convertibility...
In other words, the idea that you have to settle the accounts in gold at the end of the year... So they took the inflation cap off?
You could call it that.
I would call it the reality principle.
In other words, you could still have inflation, but the idea is, as long as you had gold settlement, you could not have... They just took the ceiling off.
You could already have a lot of inflation, but they just took it completely off and we entered la-la land.
They entered this world where the U.S.
can run a $1 trillion trade deficit, which is what we have now.
Under Bretton Woods, you couldn't do that.
And the other important thing was fixed parities.
In other words, you knew what a dollar was worth compared to the mark, the franc, the lira, and so forth.
You knew that because it fluctuated within very, very narrow bands, and this facilitated long-term investment and complicated capital-intensive projects over many years.
So this was a much healthier world economy.
The British and the U.S.
banking system destroyed this.
Between 1971 to 1973.
Since then, we have been in the chaotic world of floating rates.
And it should be obvious to everybody, the U.S.
standard of living began to massively decline at precisely that time, around 1970 to 73.
And of course, Webster, we've got a break, but none of this is done by accident.
This is done to create a predatory climate for criminal consolidation.
We'll be right back.
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Webster Griffin Tarpley is our guest.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
I know we have callers specifically for Webster, and many others will get to you as well.
Webster, putting this in layman's terms, because I've studied this quite a bit, but we use all these technical terms.
It's even hard for myself to understand it, so it might be tough for some of the listeners out there.
I know we have a lot of listeners who know more about this than both of us combined.
But we went into this fantasy land where these big central banks could do whatever they wanted to, control the big British oligarchy and its allied crime syndicates.
Now looking at what's happening currently, what are even the mainstream financial experts saying?
Well, I'll give you a couple of examples from the past week.
One is the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the New Zurich newspaper.
This is the voice of the three large Swiss banks and the Geneva investment banks.
And interestingly enough, this Swiss paper interviews Martin Wolf, the editor of the London Financial Times.
So it's the London finance oligarchs talking to the gnomes of Zurich.
And he says, the present situation of the world economy cannot continue.
It's unsustainable, untenable.
We now have a choice between a positive outcome, which he describes as a severe but controlled correction.
What they mean by correction is a massive drop, a massive devaluation.
But when he says controlled, he means that everything stays under control and you pay through austerity.
In other words, the big debate is who will pay for the depression.
And these financiers want to shift the cost of the depression to you.
My program is to shift the cost of the Depression to the financiers.
Let them pay the $5 to $10 trillion that a world Depression costs.
Let them pay through the nose, through various forms of taxation, which regards only them, which only regards people who have money flows in the billions, trillions, or quadrillions.
Anyway, Wolf then says, the other possibility we have is a negative or uncontrolled correction, a disorderly adjustment,
Which will lead to a deep world crisis, a new world economic depression, and that's pretty much what we have.
The main issue, he says, is the U.S.
foreign debt overhang.
In other words, there are three, four, five trillion dollars out there in the world that don't correspond to anything.
They're just paper.
They're things that have come out of helicopter bins, printing press, or Greenspan's printing press.
And then he says the dollar could simply collapse.
There could be inflation, hyperinflation.
And global depression.
And I think that's probably a good estimate.
The Sydney Morning Herald from Australia says we have parallels to 1998 and the long-term capital management situation.
LCTM was a hedge fund in Connecticut.
They were doing derivatives.
They bet on the Russian GKOs, the Russian state bonds.
But the speculative losses there were much smaller than they are now.
Yeah, that's what the article says.
In those days, it was $3, $4, $5 billion.
Now, he says hedge funds are 500 times more larger, so that now you'd be thinking if LCTM went bankrupt today, it would be $25 billion.
At that time, LCTM practically blew out the whole world banking system, and it was only a rush job, a backdoor bailout, a crony bailout by Greenspan that saved LCTM, because some of the people involved were his business associates.
The Federal Reserve, of course, is a private institution that has never been audited and ought to be seized and nationalized immediately.
The only way to do it.
The Süddeutsche Zeitung points to the other thing I would stress, is hedge funds.
You remember George Soros, right?
Hedge funds.
He popularized this idea.
Or Robertson and the Tiger Fund.
And there are now hedge funds.
These are hedge funds that deal only with rich people.
You and I can forget it.
You've got to be in the hundreds of millions before any hedge fund will even look at you.
And the hedge funds have few clients.
They so-called fly below the radar.
There have been proposals to regulate hedge funds.
Helicopter Ben Bernanke says, no, no, no, hedge funds are wonderful.
They perform an important service.
But the Süddeutsche Zeitung, South German newspaper of Munich, Germany, says we need to regulate hedge funds, put them on a leash, because, again, if we get a new long-term capital management disaster, it will be far worse now than it was back in
In this country, we've also got this real estate bubble, which is now coming down.
So you can look at places like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac.
These are sort of quasi-governmental financing agencies, and the goal was to make it possible for people of modest means to get a mortgage.
Webster, at what time can the globalists not continue to bail out these systems?
Well, see, I think when you say globalists, the terminology I would use is
London financiers, Wall Street financiers.
In other words, City of London, Wall Street is the heart of the matter because this is the dollar factor.
Yes, and they're the people pushing for globalism, yes.
This is the new world order.
In other words, these are the imperialists.
These are the people who believe in a single empire.
But I think it's getting out of control because, as we probably should talk about, Russia, Iran, and many, many other countries... Yeah, I want to talk about the different power blocks because there really are a lot of foreign countries moving now faster and faster.
It's accelerating in the last year out of the dollar, and that's what's precipitating a lot of this.
Will Webster Tarbly, and then we'll also be taking your calls coming up in the next segment.
This is so important.
We'll also get into 9-11.
Infowars.com is the website.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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And then my own big conference I'm putting on in late June.
24th and 25th in Los Angeles that Webster Tarpley will be a featured speaker at.
We'll be going back to Webster here in just about four minutes, and I promise we'll get to Alan in Connecticut and others that specifically want to talk to him and take a bunch of your calls.
Webster can comment really on any issue.
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Going back to Webster Tarpley.
Webster, I want to go to the calls, but summing it up.
Let's say you have five minutes on national television.
You had to sum up who's behind this, why they're doing it.
I believe from the evidence I've looked at, from reading documents from the Depression...
The global depression from the late 80s scam they pulled, from the dot-com bust they pulled in 2000, 2001, that they are steering these, they build these bubbles, and then try to orchestrate it for their real profits to come during a transfer of wealth.
Can you specifically talk about why they're doing this, how they're doing it, and then some of the different factions globally out there before we take calls?
Well, we're in a world economic depression.
It's a world economic and financial breakdown crisis of unprecedented severity.
It is the death agony of the dollar.
It is far worse than a collapse of stock markets.
It is the disintegration of the only world monetary economic system that we have.
The causes for this have to do with the fact that finance oligarchs run it.
Financiers run it.
And they, as a class, are incapable of governing human society because the rapacity and greed of these elements and their hatred of technology, their hatred of industrialization, their hatred of progress, means that any society dominated by them will gravitate towards pure paper profits.
Now, I'd say it goes back to the mid-1890s
When J.P.
Morgan, working for the British, seized control of the U.S.
public debt with the help of Grover Cleveland, and that was codified and solidified about ten years later with the Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Act, which put Morgan, Mellon, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Astor, the rest of them, in control of Wall Street, but above all in control of U.S.
public debt and finance, and that has been going downhill ever since.
After the Second World War, under Roosevelt, there was a change.
Roosevelt fought them, and he changed things, but that was rolled back then by about 1955 or so, when the Federal Reserve reasserted its independence after it had been de facto nationalized by FDR.
They made a comeback, and that is the 57-58 recession till today.
We've had 50 years of increasing stagnation.
We've had 50 years, well, 40 years at least of declining standards of living.
The U.S.
standard of living has been cut in half over a period of about 40 years.
And this is obviously one of the things that people are responding to.
Today we've got Ford bankrupt, General Motors bankrupt, Delphi bankrupt.
This is extremely serious because this is the last pool of machine tool capabilities we have.
These are the tool and die jobs, the union wages jobs that we've got to preserve.
I think it would be imperative to save the industrial capability represented by...
Ford, GM, Delphi, and so forth, not just in Detroit, but this reaches into every community, well, every state at least has communities that completely depend on this.
We've got to make a political decision that that capability will not be destroyed, that those companies are going to have a debt moratorium, we're going to cancel their debt, and if necessary, we're going to provide some kind of a subsidy to get them producing things we need, like railway cars...
Let me break this down from a sociological perspective.
Mercantilism, as you know, developed around 300 years ago in France.
We're good to go.
I think.
Publicly, by design, globalization is about destroying the nation-state, bringing in a world parasitic, predatory government, and they can't have a middle class.
Sixty years ago, forty years ago, one family member had to work, even blue-collar jobs.
You had vacations, you had college money, you had a two-car garage.
Now look at it.
Why are they doing this?
They can't help themselves.
You can go back to ancient Greece.
You can find a writer who's actually called the Old Oligarch who says, I don't like the Athenian Navy because the Athenian Navy is high technology and it means that the people from the lower orders of society are experiencing upward mobility and we oligarchs don't like that.
You can go back even further.
The basic idea is Malthusian thinking.
Thomas Malthus is the demon.
He's represented today by Al Gore, as somebody was just pointing out.
Zero growth, anti-technology, the hatred of progress.
You can go back.
The official explanation in Hesiod of why there had to be the Trojan War was that the world was overpopulated, that there were too many people oppressing the breast of Mother Earth, so they had to be gotten rid of.
And ultimately it gets down to these very basic questions.
I have to say the American system is really not a free market, but it's what you'd have to call dirigism.
In other words, it's the partnership of a government that's interested in economic development with industrialists, not financiers, industrialists who are interested in the same thing.
And you can see that in Alexander Hamilton.
You can see it in the Careys, Henry Carey, Matthew Carey, Friedrich Liszt.
Abraham Lincoln.
You can see it in the populists in the 1890s.
Some of that got into the progressive movement.
You can see it, above all, in the New Deal lately.
A lot of good things that Roosevelt did, these also have to be maintained, and we have to go back to some of them.
And it's a tradition there, which is that you have to have
A regulated market, because if you don't regulate it, the finance oligarchs will run wild and destroy the society, and that's what we have to do.
Well, I have to say this, Webster.
I mean, certainly you have elites that were manipulating and controlling Roosevelt, and I see that as a different phase, where at that time the elite was worried about killing the golden goose, the U.S.
that had been their engine, and so they did infuse some actual growth capital into
Well, I guess we could debate this at length, but ultimately what Kennedy tried to do was to return to some of the features of the roadmap.
Oh, I agree, I agree.
He actually cut taxes by 50% and a lot of stuff.
The investment tax credit, perfect example.
Give people a tax break if they're willing to invest in productive plants and equipment.
But if you say productive plants and equipment, nobody knows what you're talking about.
Oh, no, the federal government pays companies to move offshore.
Right, and we also have, let me just mention derivatives, because people don't see derivatives on television every day.
In the United States alone, there are more than $100 trillion, $100 trillion, not billion, but trillion of derivatives.
And this is paper based on paper based on paper in many cases.
It has no connection whatsoever to any plant, equipment, productive activity, or anything of the sort.
This is all untaxed.
If you and I go to the supermarket, we're going to have to pay, in some states, a sales tax on our groceries, and anything else we buy, we're going to pay a sales tax for sure.
How about having a 1% tax on these finance oligarchs, on their $100 trillion of derivatives?
I guarantee you,
Nobody in your audience owns any derivatives.
That 1% would give you $1 trillion of tax revenue to deal with.
And that would already go quite a ways towards getting the U.S.
back on the track.
If we had $100 trillion, we would not be in deficit.
We wouldn't have problems with Social Security.
We could fund Head Start so kids could get their breakfast in school and so forth.
You could do an amazing amount of things.
And why shouldn't these oligarchs pay?
The other question is, if you look at Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico right now, as part of the United States, is the scene of an attempt of the financiers to crush an entire state.
It's a place that has run out of money two months before the end of the fiscal year, and the schools are shut down, and 100,000 public workers have been sent home, and the bankers are demanding a sales tax.
In other words, regressive taxation that hits the poor harder than anything else.
And I would say, no, let's not tax the poor people of Puerto Rico.
Let's tax the banks.
Let's tax the derivatives.
Let's tax the speculative... I want to go to some calls here in just a moment, but specifically, what do you see happening in the next month to a year?
Well, look, we're in the following phase.
As of about February, Japan has announced that it's not going to have 0% interest rates.
I think so.
I think we're good.
For euros, in other words, for currency.
But that's only 6% of total oil exports.
Are you saying it's going to cause... This is not just... I understand.
I know, but it's going to start in Iran.
Are you saying it's going to start a domino?
The domino is this.
Right now you have about $2.5 trillion of central bank reserves.
Either that, about two-thirds are in dollars.
Let's say it's $2 trillion of dollar central bank reserves held outside in the world.
If you get the Iranian oil bourse, meaning that you can use those euros to buy oil, pretty much in unlimited quantities, and you've also got the Russians making the ruble convertible and opening up a ruble-based oil market, a lot of the $2 trillion of dollar-denominated central bank reserves are going to go out of the dollar.
Now, as of right now, to survive, the U.S.
dollar has to borrow...
Let's call it $3 billion a day, because we've got a trillion-dollar deficit 365 days a year.
You can do the math, but remember, it's rising very fast.
So the U.S.
dollar has to borrow $3 billion a day.
What happens if we see...
A couple of hundred billion leaving on any given day, which is what Stockholm, Sweden has threatened to do.
United Arab Emirates are doing it.
It's known that the Japanese, Chinese, Russians are diversifying out of the dollar.
The idea is the dollar has no visible means of support.
It's a vagrant currency.
Volcker's nightmare, when Volcker was at the Federal Reserve, was as soon as you get a dollar collapse, a dollar decline going,
It turns into an avalanche.
It turns into a panic... We've got 30 seconds.
We've got 30 seconds.
When do you think that's going to take place?
And I think that the military timetable is that if this starts in July, then you're going to start seeing the effects of that already now because it's pre-discounted.
And this is why the plan seems to be...
Nuclear attack on Iran in June.
And by the way, neocons like Jerome Corsi don't even hide it.
They say that's what Iran's really about.
They say that's exactly what it is.
Stay there.
We're going to come right back to your calls after this break and get into that and then get into the Pentagon and the rest of it.
Of course, none of this may happen because Bush may go ahead and attack Iran.
Stay with us.
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I want to save this discussion for the next hour with Webster Tarpley.
I want to get into how I ran factors into this, what he thinks the financial oligarchs, as he calls them, are going to do.
Right now, let's go to Alan in Connecticut, who's been patiently holding to talk to Webster.
You're on the air, Alan.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much, Alex, for taking my call.
Mr. Tarpey, first I just want to say I just finished reading your book and I couldn't put it down.
It was really great.
I loved it.
Thank you very much.
My question for you is in the end of your book, you talked about Iran and you said that from what you have uncovered, there's a lot of generals
And, I mean, personally, I don't even know where we would get the troops from it.
I mean, my question to you is, do you feel that there's starting to be a definite divide between the Pentagon, the military, and the White House with
With regards to going into Iran, where even our top generals are starting to say... Well, there's an admitted divide.
The White House has had to go on TV and decry it.
Yes, I think it's clear that there is some kind of institutional opposition.
In other words, what's going on in Washington right now is very intensive intelligence warfare about...
The question, will there be the attack on Iran?
And more broadly, will there be a new Cold War with Russia?
These are two sort of interlinked questions.
And I think that's going to be decided at the Bilderberg meeting coming up in Ottawa, Canada next month.
It's possible.
I think the Bilderberg meeting, as I read it, is generally the place where the decision is announced.
I think by the time they start the meeting, the inside oligarchy of the oligarchy, if you will, has already made up its mind what it wants to do.
But again, they may not be the only factors, because...
If you have a powerful faction of generals who decide they don't want to do this, and if they're willing to fight, which I admit is something of a stretch, then maybe the Bilderbergers don't get everything they want every time.
I think there are clearly generals who realize that if the attack on Iran takes place, the US forces in Iraq
We'll be in an extraordinarily critical situation.
But see, Webster, that's the Ponzi scheme.
The globalists want to pump this balloon up even bigger, and when it pops, claim that Iran and the conflict somehow caused it.
It's like they coincided 9-11 right in the middle of the dot-com bust and then blamed that on the Arabs.
I mean, they do this over and over again.
Yes, they left a paper over their misdeeds with catastrophes that they visit in the area of state-sponsored
I think we're in great danger.
The greatest danger we've been in in the last four plus years now of a state-sponsored false flag.
I think that's absolutely right.
And you can see that as Bush and Cheney run up against the stone wall in the United Nations, Russia and China are adamant they will not vote for military attacks on Iran, no matter what.
And even economic sanctions wouldn't really mean too much.
So at that point, you can see Condoleezza clashing with Lavrov at the Waldorf Astoria, you know, raging polemics back and forth.
The only outside event that would help Bush Cheney would be a false flag terror event to stampede the opposition.
And that's why we've got to inoculate the population.
If something happens, don't look for somebody in a cave in Afghanistan.
Look in Dick Cheney's office, because that's where it came from.
That's where the motive is.
Thank you so much for the call, Alan.
Did that answer your questions?
We're going to come back and take more calls for Webster Tarpley as we start the third hour as he rides shotgun with us.
We're honored to have him.
He's going to be at my big 9-11 conference June 24th and 25th in downtown Los Angeles.
Be sure and get your tickets at Infowars.com.
He's also going to be in Chicago on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th, or 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
I'll be there as well.
Just go to 911truths.org to get your tickets there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We are now into hour number three on this live Monday edition, the 42nd day of May, 2006.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We are so honored to have you here with us.
Webster Tarpley is our guest, author, lecturer, researcher, expert on the Global Economic Crime Syndicate.
We're taking your calls right now.
We're going to get more into the Iranian oil borscht and what that war may look like or government false flag, how that ties into these new Pentagon ridiculous tapes they released.
Right now, let's go to James in Maryland and Kenny, Tom, and others.
You're on the air, James.
Hi, thanks.
I was wondering if your guest knows of Andre Eglison and what he thinks of him and also if he could give out his website and I'll take the answer off there.
I'm afraid I don't know anything about the person that you've mentioned.
He's an author with a book about the private nature of the Federal Reserve.
Well, yes, of course, the Federal Reserve is private.
I see.
Private means Morgan.
It has always meant Morgan.
Morgan being the long arm of the City of London, and that's just how it works.
My website is www.tarpley.net, and there you can find the Bush biography for free.
It's not a very up-to-date website because of financial constraints, but you can certainly get that Bush bio of Bush the Elder.
We have a link to it up on Infowars.com.
Right, wonderful.
So if people want to visit it, they can go right there.
It's very easy.
But give that out again for folks.
www.tarpley.net, and there you can also get various links to buy the current book, 9-11 Synthetic Terror.
Which we carry at InfoWars.
Which is better to buy, obviously, at Alex Jones' store.
I don't care.
I'm just letting people know.
It's working well, sir.
I'm sure.
Just on the Federal Reserve, remember that from 1933 to 1952, approximately, the Federal Reserve was de facto nationalized.
Roosevelt would call them and say, listen, you guys, you're going to buy the Treasury bonds at the price I tell you.
And they'd say, yes, sir, yes, sir, because they were afraid of Roosevelt.
Then the contemptible puppet Truman came in, the tool of
Thank you.
And the very same crowd of bankers were funding Hitler the whole time.
And it's too bad, when Roosevelt first came in in the 100 days, he could have abolished the Federal Reserve, which would have been the thing to do.
They were.
But this is one of his failings.
This is where he didn't go nearly far enough in reducing the Federal Reserve back to a Bureau of the Treasury, so it would at least be theoretically accessible to the control of elected officials.
Because nobody but nobody knows what goes on inside the Federal Reserve.
They should have an audit.
If you had an audit, you could put probably all of them in jail.
Well, I'm going to make another point.
You know, I've really researched this, and it's in mainstream history books.
It's admitted that when J.P.
Morgan died, they thought he was worth billions.
He was only worth a few million.
He was actually just a secret officer of the Bank of London, the Rothschilds, the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.
We're good to go.
I think?
Certainly, there are other groups and other racial groups that are involved in that makeup and that own that, but there's this endless debate, and I know you've been in the crosshairs before too, Webster, that we won't come out and say it's one group or another group.
We know who the group is.
It's the Anglo-American establishment, and it's got a bunch of other allied crime syndicates orbiting it.
Alex, I heard what you were discussing when I first came on, the guy with the Protocols of Zion.
My God, the Protocols of Zion are a forgery by the Russian Tsarist secret police.
And everybody has known this for a hundred years.
In terms of the British, you just have to ask yourself, look at the map.
Who ran the world for 250 years?
Who painted the globe red from India to Canada to Australia?
The British.
Need we say more?
You can't explain it to people.
They just don't care.
The fact that you go read the actual financial numbers, almost every bank in this country is controlled by British money.
I don't know how you get this across to people.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to go to Kenny and Tom and Alex and Linda and many others that are patiently holding here in just a moment for Webster Tarpley.
I want to get more into what's coming up with Iran.
And how that ties into this whole world financial system tottering right now.
And the globalists openly in major financial papers are saying they want to manipulate it so they come out on top and profit from it and get Webster's take on how much danger they're in of actually having problems themselves.
They're very diversified globally, hence they're globalists.
They just bring down nation states, nation by nation, and then consolidate.
But could that get away from them?
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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Downtown Los Angeles, 24th and 25th of June.
A lot of great guests and some surprise guests.
Some Hollywood folks will be popping up as well, but you'll just see once you get there.
That's going to be really exciting.
And Webster's also speaking at a conference I'm speaking at that I'm not putting on, but I'll be there.
And that's coming up.
And that's June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in Chicago.
Very, very busy month of June.
And then on the 9th and 10th and 11th, I'm going to be up in Ottawa, Canada, covering Bilderberg.
Next month is going to be a dizzyingly busy month.
But you can go to Infowars.com and get tickets to the event that Webster's going to be at that I'm putting on in June, late June.
And you can also go to 911truth.org and link through and get tickets to the Chicago deal that's coming up.
And I recommend you get those now.
Webster, I want to go to these calls here, but I want to get into what you were finishing up at the end of the last hour about what we're facing with Iran.
Now, the neocons, a whole bunch of them, Horowitz and others have been in the news.
Jerome Corsi has been writing editorials saying...
Iran, if you only accept euros or other currencies and you don't accept the dollar, that is your death warrant, I believe the headline was.
They're not even hiding the fact that it's all because Iran wants to be sovereign, that they don't have nukes, they won't have nukes for 10 years, that's the admitted CIA assessment.
Oh, it turns out, just like the PR firm, the New York PR firm, the daughter of the head of the firm,
She said she saw babies thrown out of incubators.
She'd never been to Kuwait in her life.
It was admitted.
That was all lies.
The rape rooms were 98% lies.
Certainly in a corrupt system you're going to have some of that happen.
Sir, I'm not defending Saddam, but he was our boy.
That was all PR.
This latest thing about Jews and Christians were going to have to wear yellow tags and blue tags and Zoroastrians green tags.
It was all lies.
They were having a dress code where the government's going to try to fund and encourage Islamic dress among the young people.
I actually read the bill.
It was a total whole cloth lie picked up by Reuters, AP, and others.
They've now all had to retract.
So Webster, it's just getting crazier and crazier.
Well, I think the president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, has made obviously reckless and irresponsible statements, but these statements are pretty much par for the course.
They're the sort of normal rejection front.
Rhetoric that we've had ever since Camp David.
Well, Israel says we're going to nuke you.
They say we'll nuke you or we'll attack you back.
Or Cheney says we're going to cause you great pain and suffering.
And Bolton does.
They say we'll cause you great pain and suffering.
And the headline is, out of the blue, the president says we'll cause you great pain and suffering.
When he's repeating it back, you read the whole quote.
He says, listen, we want to be friends.
Please don't do this.
But if you attack us and cause us suffering, we'll cause you suffering back.
And they're like, could you believe it?
The other question is, if the United States threatens a nuclear attack on Iran, this is very serious because this violates and essentially undermines and cancels out
The non-proliferation treaty they talk so much about.
They have been threatening to do it.
The non-proliferation treaty... And now China... Let me just add, Webster.
You brought up a key point.
Now China, now North Korea, now Russia, and others are saying they're allowed to preemptively nuke people.
They're talking about using nukes there in some of the stands.
They're talking about using it against Chechen.
So you're right.
This has accelerated us into an insane new doctrine when MAD kept us in good stead.
Please comment.
You can...
See that if a nuclear state like the United States repeatedly issues nuclear threats to Iran, that violates the treaty because the basis of the treaty is that nuclear states will not attack states which have given up their right to nuclear weapons under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Having said that, Ahmadinejad should keep his mouth shut.
A lot of what he says is for local consumption.
On the other hand, you can go into Israel and find the representatives of the extremist splinter parties
In the Knesset, saying pretty much the same thing about Iran and a whole bunch of other countries.
You can find members of the Knesset in major newspapers saying that they can nuclear blackmail Europe.
Yes, exactly.
It doesn't mean we have the headline, Israel threatens to nuke Europe.
Now, concerning the question of the dollar now, which I think is one of the main driving forces, there is a question of will Iran have a nuclear device.
I think it will be a device, not a weapon.
It will be something so heavy that you'd need a large truck.
Something you could hardly deliver in an airplane or a missile, but this is also months or years away.
This cannot be the main issue.
The really strategic thing is the Iranian oil bourse.
This does change the world.
The Russian Foreign Minister Kudrow said a couple of weeks ago that the dollar is now so mismanaged, so bankrupt in effect, that it is no longer acceptable as a reserve currency.
The problem is, with the best will in the world, if you want to hold dollars...
They're dwindling.
If you had dollars at the end of last year, you now have 7% less compared to the euro.
So a lot of countries are trying to diversify away from the dollar.
The dollar was trading at $1.10 to $89 five years ago with the euro, $88.
Now, if you really look at it, you're talking a 40-plus percent drop in dollar value.
Over the longer period, you're absolutely right.
You've lost almost half of your money.
So naturally, you know, people like Saddam and North Korea decide to do this.
But now Norway says they would like to have a Euro-denominated oil market.
What are you going to do?
Nuke Norway.
Venezuela is attempting to diversify, and now they've discovered that Chavez is a terrorist.
He says, I'm sick and tired of losing money on the dollar.
And they turn around and say, you're a clone of Castro.
You're a terrorist.
So the question of the Iranian oil bourse, now linked again to the ruble-based energy exchange of Russia...
We're good to go.
When Europe has to buy oil from Russia, or natural gas, they've got to come up with dollars.
This creates a false, fictitious, artificial demand for the dollar.
Well, that's what adds value to the fiat dollar, is that it's the only currency that you're allowed to buy oil with.
Yes, and that exactly.
If you end this, then you're going to have the central bank shifting hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions, or indeed trillions of dollars out of the dollar.
I would also point out to people, don't feel that your prosperity is linked to the dollar.
Your misery and poverty is linked to the current dollar.
The globalists have debased it by design.
Yeah, what they've done is, as long as you... I mean, let me just add, because you said that, and you're absolutely right, Webster.
What they've done psychologically, and the neocons are saying this on talk radio, is we've got to attack Iran and keep the dollar strong.
Bush, for four years, has had an open, weak dollar policy, lobbying through Snow and O'Neill, who didn't like it, by the way, that's why he left, over this.
So they're the ones doing it.
Iran and others aren't doing it.
But they expect the world to accept this scam, where dollars that they have bought are now going to be devalued.
I would just also put it from the point of view of the average person.
The dollar is now the buyer of last resort, right?
It's the dumping ground for everything in the world.
The country has been deindustrialized.
Everything is imported.
That's why they have the trillion dollar budget deficit.
If this crazy dollar system were to come to an end, the United States would have to manufacture products that people wanted to buy.
Sell them out in the world and earn foreign exchange to buy imports.
And it would take us 20 years to build back up.
I think if you look at Harry Hopkins and the people in the Roosevelt administration, you could put 2 or 3 million people to work within 24 to 48 hours.
Harry Hopkins did that in 1933-34.
But I'm talking about those deep technological bases, everything laid in.
Of course.
You've already built industrial bases in areas with slave wages where even if we were built back to full capacity, it would be very hard to compete.
Yes, but I think the United States still can compete, and I think with the right education and the right credit policies, you could do it.
Meanwhile, they have the bankers running around hiring all the phony environmental groups, the Malthusians, as you call them, the Dr. Piancas, the Dr. Peter Singers, to run around saying, kill everyone.
I mean, for anybody that doubts that the elite is into this, the big foundations openly fund thousands of professors who go around doing nothing but figuring out ways to put us on human reservations.
The New World Order have always been control freak, social Darwinistic feudal lords, and the New World Order is a global plantation.
Webster, do you agree with that?
I think it's clear we have to get back to an industrial economy where people have jobs.
But what is wrong with these people?
Why are they so controlling and so wicked, Webster?
You've studied them.
I want to get into their mindset.
Again, this is the eternal oligarch, the eternal aristocrat oligarch parasite who doesn't like technology and progress because it leads to upward social mobility of social classes that they fear.
The problem you have, if you're an oligarch, you've got to justify why are you in control and not somebody else.
We're good to go.
The Athenian Navy at the time of Thucydides, say 400 B.C., a little bit before Socrates and companies.
Whenever you have oligarchs, like the British, again, Malthus.
Sir Thomas Malthus is the classic example of an oligarch who wants to crush technology and keep a parasitical ruling class at the expense of everybody else.
And it just doesn't change.
Well, it's simple.
I mean, it's like a tiger...
We'll go in and eat one of the new cubs, or both if you can.
A grizzly bear will do it, too.
They are threatened by up-and-comers.
Do you agree with that, Webster?
Yes, I guess that's one way to put it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Webster Gardner is our guest.
He's going to ride shotgun with us until about 45 after.
Then I'm going to end the calls and our interview and cover some news we haven't even gotten to yet.
So a little 15-minute news blitz there at the end.
Hope you stay with us.
Let's go to some calls, Webster.
Let's talk to Kenny in Florida.
Kenny, thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
Very interesting guest, as usual.
Thank you.
I've got two items that I'd like to discuss and interest in your comments.
One of them...
Is Clinton put in all these executive orders, which basically covers every base of the United States as far as getting control of workforce, banking, rail lines, airlines, waterways.
I mean, they've got complete control of the Emergency Act.
Well, sir, those executive orders have been reissued since Kennedy was killed over and over again.
You see the mass slave camps, the mass arrests, the gun confiscations, the food confiscations, what you saw in New Orleans repeated by every successive administration.
So that's one question.
What's your next one?
That wasn't the question.
I'm just kind of leading up to this whole thing.
Okay, go ahead.
Okay, along with the fact that the current...
Well, it could be the illegal aliens, too.
The globalist PR firms publicly control them.
They hit one button, every U.S.
city will burn down.
A bunch of diversions.
Well, the economy, they tell you how wonderful it's doing.
It's tanking from underneath us.
Oh, I agree that the number one real threat, bird flu, terror, that's all manufactured.
Even if they kill 10,000 people, that's horrible for those that die.
But globally, it'll be the fear they generate out of it and what happens after.
That's the real crisis.
But I agree the financial system is the real crisis.
Let me get a comment from our guest on that.
I would say that the uncontrollable feature, because it is not controlled, it is uncontrollable from the point of view of any government or any system or the IMF or the World Bank,
The Bank for International Settlements is the death agony of the dollar and that they can't seem to do anything about this because they have a political paralysis.
They would need dictatorial regimes.
They would need fascist rule already to impose the kind of austerity that they would need to slow the pace of the collapse.
But they don't have that yet.
And we have the IMF World Bank documents of 2002 released by the BBC Greg Palast.
These are official admitted documents where the IMF and World Bank say that in the third world that they engineer collapses, even in the first world like Argentina, to then create a crisis to bring in a bigger police state.
That's what's going on in Puerto Rico right now.
Puerto Rico is now a laboratory to try to crush what amounts to one American state and use that as a pilot project to bring that kind of austerity every place else.
And therefore I say, when the bottom falls out, when the panic crash of the dollar begins and the stampede for the exits is on, the cost of the depression has to be shifted to financiers and bankers, to Wall Street.
And let me predict what they will do instead.
They'll blame it on a third world country and some politician.
They'll blame it on one young banker.
They'll claim it was a domino.
They'll show a $5 billion hedge fund or something.
And they'll have 100 TV shows explaining how he did it.
And the very people that did it will be on TV explaining it to you.
It will be a young MBA in Kuala Lumpur who sold $3 billion in the morning and started an avalanche that went around the world.
And by the end of the day, the dollar is down 50%.
I think we're good to go.
Of a currency.
Listen, Webster, I've tracked peak oil.
No doubt about it, that is a neocon, staged oil company propaganda.
Anyone pushing that, who's high level and academic, is an absolute agent.
I agree totally, Alex, and congratulations, because that's a courageous position and more power to you.
Well, I mean, I actually tracked it and researched it and looked at it, and we can track the main progenitors of that movement as being on banker payrolls.
Well, it's actually, we mentioned Rothschild before.
Lord Victor Rothschild was the head of the Shell Oil, Royal Dutch Shell Research Bureau in the 1960s, and for him worked this guy, King Hubbard.
Who came up with the idea that the U.S.
production would decline after 1970 and be a worldwide decline after that.
And then they go back and say, yeah, look, U.S.
oil production started to decline in 1970.
Yes, so did everything else.
So did your living standard, steel production, auto production, and everything else up and down the line started to decline because of the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, which was the main thing happening.
These are all great callers.
We've got to go through you quick, though, folks.
That last caller brought up such a central point, though.
Thank you, Kenny.
Tom, Alex, and Linda will be the last three we've got because I want to get into some of the Pentagon footage, the new stuff they've released with Webster, get his take on that, and a lot more.
Final 30 minutes.
Strap yourselves in.
Be sure and visit prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Once again, that's 866-885-6625.
All right, some final calls getting into the Pentagon video.
We'll get into some of the news we haven't covered yet today.
I want to personally invite all of you listening, whether you live in New York, California, Texas, Ohio, it doesn't matter, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, got a lot of listeners I know up in Utah, to jump on a plane, to take a week off of a vacation if you can, take two days off, whatever, come to Southern California, Los Angeles, for a 9-11 truth symposium unlike anything you've seen.
American Scholar Symposium.
We're going to have Professor Stephen Jones.
We're going to have Professor Jim Fetzer.
Webster Tarpley, who we have on with us, will be giving a lecture.
My new film, Terror Storm, will debut there at the start of a press conference.
It's going to be exciting.
Two days.
The Sheraton Hotel downtown is built onto a shopping mall.
There's a whole bunch of restaurants inside of the facility.
It's really nice.
I'm going to be giving a speech, of course.
It's really going to be great.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
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It's general admission.
The front row will be reserved for some of the folks that are going to be there, some of the speakers.
There'll be some surprise guests.
I wasn't the person that had the idea for this film festival symposium.
Someone who you know very well, who made international headlines a few months ago on this show, had the idea, we were setting it up, then the attack dogs, the smear campaign started, and it is completely staged.
I think they should come.
I think the dams are breaking on 9-11.
It's much better if they break now.
We can head off the attack on Iran.
We can head off the new Cold War with Russia.
We can begin to get these finance oligarchs on a leash.
I just wanted to point out, this guy Anderson Cooper, who's been trying to counter-organize everybody, is a Vanderbilt.
He's a finance oligarch.
He's the son of poor little rich girl Gloria Vanderbilt.
So if he were Rockefeller Mellon Morgan Astor, he couldn't be more...
And for those who don't know, I don't want to glaze over this.
Some may not know what you're talking about.
Anderson Cooper, we've confirmed with their producers and others, they've been calling around everyone trying to get them to come on and attack and savage and call Charlie Sheen a liar.
They've been unable to find anybody to do it.
And we know that the other arm of CNN, their entertainment arm, knew what was going on.
I talked to their producers.
They let you on, myself on, and others on.
Then they canceled Ed Asner when he was on his way there.
The higher-ups from CNN News called and said, you kill it, and you kill it now.
The controlled media.
There we go.
The other thing is, I was supposed to have Thierry Maison as a guest on my program on RBN Live at 3 to 5 Central Time on Saturday afternoons.
So Thierry Maison, you know, M-E-Y-S-S-A-N for those who don't, is one of the first people in the world to say no commercial airliner hit the Pentagon.
And if you saw the news reports that came out this week with this pitiful Pentagon tape, which shows you absolutely nothing.
Nothing new, anyway.
They were very, very scared that Maison was getting a chance to give his opinions on this to a U.S.
So, strange thing happened in Paris about 10 o'clock.
His phone went dead.
And the phone went dead and stayed dead until about midnight, which corresponds exactly to the time that I was on the air.
So it looks like somebody with capabilities similar to those of the National Security Agency...
Or some other of these cockroaches of the invisible government decided to shut down this phone call.
Well, listen, we've had cases of that that cannot be debated.
Instead of going to calls now, I want to go to them in a minute.
I want to get your take on the Pentagon, the new little clips that show absolutely nothing, being released in the media crowing that this shows absolute incontrovertible proof that the entire 9-11 truth movement is discredited.
So, number one, why are they released?
I think they're desperate because the myth is collapsing.
There's a lot of erosion and attrition of the myth.
When you think back that when Charlie Sheen went on the air, he was getting, what was it, 85%, 87% support?
He hit 86% and they pulled the poll and magically brought it back down to 82%.
Well, it was overwhelming.
I mean, there was no opposition, really.
Just the lunatic cringe in favor of the official version.
We also have the Moussaoui trial.
The government wanted to have a show trial with Moussaoui.
Have him executed as a means of refreshing and revivifying this lunatic official story, and it failed.
And it failed with one of the most controlled jury pools.
Down here in Alexandria, Virginia, the average jury is half CIA and the rest of it is Pentagon, and they're never going to vote against the government.
And in this case, they couldn't fry Moussaoui.
Moussaoui, of course, is a psychotic patsy, plenty of criminal intent, comes out of the MI6 school for patsies at Brixton Mosque, Finsbury Mosque,
Along with his friend Richard Reed.
The notion of Moussaoui and Richard Reed trying to hijack a 747 is just laughable.
These are people who couldn't hijack a skateboard or a pushcart.
And the government was wise not to bring in Richard Reed because he would have made that all the more obvious.
So this is an Oswald.
This is a James O. Ray.
This is a Patsy.
He's been brought in.
And let me explain how this works.
The government openly goes...
I think so.
This is synthetic terrorism because it's an overlay, it's an intersecting overlay of three or four different levels of
Here's an example.
I could go rent a space downtown, call it a church, go out and find crazy street people, get them in, get them to shoot their mouths off about hypothetically wanting to attack, say, some landmark in Austin.
This is all hypothetical, folks.
This is an analogy.
Okay, I'm not saying this.
You could go do it, and then in a month, you could have a nut ready to say on tape they're going to carry out a terror attack.
Of course, no capacity to do it.
Have the cops bust them, put them up on national TV, and have the person in court admitting they were
Right, and the failing is always, do they have the physical, technical ability?
Can Oswald fire the shots?
Was James O. Ray the shooter?
Could Sirhan Sirhan fire 12 bullets out of a gun that only held 8 or whatever it is?
This is where it always breaks down.
And, of course, Moussaoui is a very low-grade, as you say, mentally retarded person.
His defense lawyers argued that he was a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic.
This is accurate.
This is what he is.
So anyway, they couldn't get him fried.
And then we've got this ferment around Charlie Sheen, and we've got any number of other things.
So they have to come forward with this Pentagon tape and try to do a kind of a strong-arm operation, saying this is the truth.
Now, if you look at it, obviously the thing is flying at cruise missile level.
It's not flying at the level of an airplane.
You don't see anything.
When it does hit the Pentagon, the flash is so enormous that it's obviously a military weapon.
It's white-hot.
There's also the question, as my publisher John Leonard has pointed out, if it's flying along, there are not enough frames.
There should be a couple of intervening frames that show us the whole object.
They have never shown us the whole object.
Plus, we know there are at least two gas station tapes and a hotel tape, where the FBI was there within minutes to confiscate the tapes.
And beyond those, there were probably 60, 70, or 80 other tapes
In that Pentagon City, Alexandria, Arlington area where this object, whatever it was, flew by, all of these have been withheld.
So I'm afraid... I hear you.
We've got to take a few final calls and let you go.
We've got to move here, Webster.
Real quick, let's go ahead and talk to Tom in California.
Tom, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
My name is Tom.
I live in Leisure World in California.
That's a retirement community, and you have to be 55 just to get in.
We've just formed a new group called Seniors Against the War in Iraq.
Oh, good!
Yeah, and the age is between 60 and 95 years old.
We've been in a few papers.
When the war is so unpopular, the seniors, many of them who are in walkers and wheelchairs, have to actually get up and stand in front of our globe here, waving signs and American flags,
We call ourselves patriotic seniors actually against the war in Iraq because we don't want anybody to think that we're not patriotic.
We consider this... I understand, sir.
You're patriotic.
What's going on?
Well, we have a demonstration every month.
We're contacting our senators and our congresspeople to ask them to end the war, bring the troops back home, and treat them with respect when they come home.
We have no other agenda.
There's lots of things to be mad about.
But we just want the world to know, and the United States and the government to know, that seniors who are very conservative by nature, who were born in the Depression... Well, sir, we have a whole bunch of top generals who are conservative going public, and we have a 28% approval rating, so believe me, folks know.
Okay, that's good.
I would also just suggest, if you can, add 9-11 truth, and you will increase your striking power by 1,000%.
Let me ask you a question, Tom.
Are you going to come to our 9-11 symposium?
I'm looking forward to it.
Anything else you'd like to add?
No, I just want people to ask themselves, is anybody better off since this war began?
Is the world better off?
And were there any truths told?
Forget how many lies there were.
Was anything real about this?
And the answer is no.
What we could do with this money is...
Half a trillion dollars so far that they admit to spending.
Thank you for the call, sir.
Hate to move past you.
We've just got to get going here.
Alex in North Carolina.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call.
I want to ask Mr. Tarpley what he thinks about the yen carry trade and whether or not the banksters will be able to keep that from unraveling.
Well, the yen carry trade simply means that the Bank of Japan for the last three or four years was lending money at 0% interest if you were a bank.
We're good to go.
As soon as the yen goes to 1% or 2% or 3% internal interest rates, it becomes very attractive.
More money will flow out of the dollar.
We can be sure that strong arming and threats are being applied to Japan right now, not to actually implement what they've said they're going to do.
And they've been in recession for 15 years.
Thank you, caller.
They have been in the tank ever since the Plaza Accords of the mid-1980s, which ruined their economic development after World War II.
Linda in Texas, last caller.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Lee.
I'm Devin, the president with Suns.
I'm sorry, your phone's cutting out.
It's inaudible.
Start over.
Is this better?
Okay, sorry.
Thank you.
I'm in Austin, Texas, where we're in bed with coal, oil, gas, and atomic energy, the dirty fuels.
And I am 57 years old with two boys.
When I was 25 their age, there was a wonderful book written by British economists called Small is Beautiful.
Economics as a people mattered.
And it's all about appropriate technology.
Wind, solar, geothermal, hemp for food, fuel, fiber, and I'm wondering...
I'm wondering if you've ever read that book, Small is Beautiful, and if you think there's a chance that we can get back on track by just yelling at our representatives.
I'm afraid that the book that you mention and this slogan is the essence of Malthusianism, and it is this kind of doctrine which has destroyed the world.
They sell it as if it's for the people.
It's really a control grid.
These groups are typically funded by oil companies themselves.
It's kind of a controlled opposition.
But I think the main thing is you have seen the massive deindustrialization of the United States and the transfer to a service economy.
The service economy cannot work.
It cannot sustain the population we have.
We're going to have to have industrialization of the most modern kind, and we're going to have to have modern energy sources.
The sources that you mentioned, the so-called renewables, can be good for local applications like solar cells to power a telephone out in the middle of nowhere, but they can never give the energy density needed for a modern economy.
If we had economic growth, the energy requirements would be growing.
We've got to find the best ways to do that.
Obviously, beyond what we know today to work, we've got to think about fusion.
We've got to think about antimatter.
We've got to think about capturing more of the sun out in the orbital areas on a very, very large scale and similar things.
But if you have the world today, you've got 2 billion people living on less than $2 a day.
And you've got to do something to increase their standard of living.
That will take energy.
If you don't embrace modern forms of energy, you are, in effect, choosing genocide.
And let me add this.
It's actually the sustainable people that live at a mud hut level who are destroying the environment.
Thank you for the call, Linda.
I appreciate it.
I'm sure it's a fine book.
Webster, were you familiar with that book itself or with what she was saying?
I think I read it at the time.
Again, small is beautiful.
It sounds very nice, but when you think... What they mean is no competition to the globalists will make you think you're fighting us.
Webster Tarpley, I want to thank you so much for joining us.
I look forward to seeing you in Chicago on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and I really look forward to seeing you at the big conference I'm putting on the 24th and 25th of June.
We'll see you there.
I'm going to have Thierry Maison on Saturday afternoon.
Please tune in, see if the NSA shuts him down, and we'll have you on soon, Alex, I hope.
Thank you so much.
Webster, that's great.
I appreciate it.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
I don't have time to get to you right now.
I am going to, of course, take more of your calls tomorrow.
I got a bunch of other news I wanted to hit on, but I tried to hurry through your calls.
When we come back, I've got this audio clip I promised to play of where having brownies with marijuana in them is now terrorism and the anti-terror forces have to be called out.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes, this is exactly what we're dealing with.
This is exactly what we're facing now as a society where everything is an act of terrorism.
So we'll cover that on the other side.
If I have time, jam in one or two other little tidbits of news.
In the last 30 seconds of this segment, I just want to thank all of our AM and FM affiliates.
I want to thank the Global Shortwave Affiliate.
I want to thank the folks that make the Internet possible.
I want to thank the network and all of you, the listeners.
Our sponsors, everyone.
It's really great to be able to talk about real issues and try to awaken and enlighten and inform people.
I love my job, and I do this because I love my family, and I want them to live in a free country and a free society.
The globalists need to be exposed.
If we do expose them, their program can be defeated.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
Thank you.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
What we've got in this society is the government training us to be a bunch of ninnying cowards, afraid of everything.
Oh, but don't worry, the men in nice black uniforms will keep you safe.
There was a case a few weeks ago where, as a prank, a mother put some Exlax in some brownies.
A few people got sick, and they're charging her with a bunch of crimes.
Fine and dandy, but that stuff went on when I was in school, and you just got in trouble.
The mother helped her daughter do it.
But routinely people shell marijuana at school in muffins and brownies.
And it looks like that's what happened and somebody got into them.
But don't worry, the FBI will keep you safe.
We've got Mexican troops killing people, rocket attacks going on in Texas, but that doesn't matter.
Let's worry about some muffins in Dallas.
Don't worry, the anti-terror forces have been sent in.
Go ahead and roll the tape.
We have new information just in on those tainted muffins delivered to Lake Highlands High School Tuesday.
19 faculty and staff members got sick from them, and the Dallas Health Department just confirmed to News 8 that marijuana was in those muffins.
Also today, the FBI released surveillance photos of the man who delivered the muffins.
Channel 8's Rebecca Lopez joins us now, live from the Health Department, with the latest on this story.
Well, Jeff, as you just mentioned, they held a news conference just a little while ago, and the Dallas County Health Department does confirm that there was marijuana in the muffins.
They have ruled out that there is any kind of natural food poisoning here, so obviously they think that this is intentional.
So the FBI has released pictures, these pictures of a man believed to be in his teens to early 20s.
He is carrying a bag in one hand and wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants.
The FBI said today he is a person of interest, but believed that he carried the muffins in that bag, which sickened 18 school employees.
Authorities say they take this very seriously, even deploying the Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate this case.
Because we weren't sure whether or not it was a weapon of mass destruction, possibly, or whether or not it was a food tampering incident.
The health department says that they did not find the actual marijuana plant in the muffins.
They found THC, which is a substance in the marijuana plant.
They say somehow it was extracted and baked into the muffins and that there were obviously dangerous levels and that is what sickened the people.
Now, we've also heard that there may have been Benadryl in those muffins.
At this time, that has not been confirmed.
They are still doing further testing with the FDA to confirm if there were any other kind of substances.
But if you're an aggravated felon from Mexico, you're A-OK.
They're going to release you in, what, 98% of the cases?
Excuse me, 95% of the cases.
Rocket attacks, killing, murder, it's fine.
No big deal.
Don't even put it in the newspaper half the time.
Just, my gosh, national emergency.
We've got marijuana and muffins, ladies and gentlemen.
Deploy the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
We've got to keep everybody safe here.
We've got to arrest people on airplanes reading best-selling books that say terror in the title.
We've got to run around screaming in fear.
But let's take our Prozac and Ritalin that cause children to have all these health problems and deaths and let's drink poison in the water and let's take deadly vaccines full of mercury and our kids go into convulsions and are brain damaged from it.
But let's just keep giving our other kids shots and everything's fine.
The government loves us.
Oh yes, the deadly muffins.
Al Gore's running around fear-mongering.
He was at Cannes.
Global warming's here.
It's going to kill everyone.
Give up your rights.
And then their solution is a global tax on fuel, which has nothing to do with global warming, even if it's real.
NASA reports the sun's going into a new cycle to be 50% brighter.
That's what's going to heat this planet up, not the marijuana muffins or your car.
And a volcano, a major volcanic eruption, puts out more dust particles
Ozone-depleting, atmosphere-heating dust than all your cars have in the last 90 years, and that's mainstream statistics.
We're out of time.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2, right here on the GCN Radio Network.
Be sure to visit PrisonPlanet.tv, Weekly TV Reports, All My Films, my book, Paul Watson's book, everything for 15 cents a day.
Get a monthly trial subscription.
Use it as a download tool to burn my films to disk.
Keep making copies.
Keep getting them out to folks.
It's having a huge effect.
We're having a lot of victories, so we ought to be happy.
All right, get out there and take on the New World Order.
God bless you all.
We're good to go.