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Air Date: May 18, 2006
2406 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We have caught CNN red-handed attempting to discredit Charlie Sheen
Shopping guests trying to get people to come on, trying to put words in their mouth.
We have three different sources on this.
William Rodriguez, one of the heroes of 9-11, one of the last out of the rubble alive, will be joining us.
Two days ago, and I dropped the ball.
He called me two nights ago, and I just missed his call until yesterday.
He contacted our office and told us that CNN had said they wanted him to come on Anderson Cooper's 360 Live.
And talk about the new footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon.
And they wanted him to talk about how Charlie Sheen was wrong.
And they had a car on its way to pick him up.
And they said, you believe this, don't you?
You're going to say this, aren't you?
And he said, no, I support Charlie Sheen 100%.
And they said, well, we're canceling the interview then.
This is how they do their pressure jobs.
So we'll be covering that coming up after this first break.
Then we have the lawyer coming on, Philip Berg.
Of course, he represented Ellen Mariani in a suit against the government for involvement in 9-11.
And he's a former high-level officeholder in state government in his own right.
Very credible source.
He got a similar call, a similar setup.
We're also hearing from both of these men that that's also what was reported.
To Jimmy Walters, the billionaire philanthropist who's been funding a lot of the 9-11 Truth Movement.
And this just illustrates the propaganda.
Also, Bloomberg has attacked us and said that prisonplanet.com believes that a plane didn't hit the Pentagon.
We have never said that.
We believe the whole thing is a setup, whether a plane hit it or not.
And they're attacking us, and I demand a retraction from them.
We've gotten retractions from Knight Ritter News Service, from the San Francisco Chronicle, and others just in the last month.
I'm going to see if we can get a retraction on this.
When they report lies, it needs to be exposed.
So we'll get into that as well.
We have Colonel Craig Roberts joining us.
Talk about 9-11, the New World Order, the police state, and a lot more.
Coming up in the second and third hour today, we'll have open phones for that.
Here's the other headlines we'll be covering today.
Knesset member Strike Iran Now warns if U.S.
and others don't take action, Israel should act alone.
Another incredible story here out of WBAL-TV, Baltimore.
Couple arrested for asking directions.
The police admit it.
You're not allowed to ask directions.
That is not respectful of the police.
Of course, New York police are on record arresting children who get off at a bus stop before their house and get french fries to eat after school, arresting pregnant women who are tired sitting on park benches.
It's all about letting us know we're the slaves, they're the boss.
New NRA campaign asks lawmakers to pledge not to confiscate guns in times of crisis.
ABC News.
That's how far this has gone.
We're having to ask them not to confiscate our guns.
I mean, this is 11th hour right now.
Judge gives go-ahead in wiretapping suit.
Plaintiffs in NSA wiretapping case give an okay to use AT&T documents to build their case against telecom giants.
Asia mirrors falling world stocks.
BBC stocks two days ago started sliding globally on Fed will reserve printing money at record rates and increasing the main...
Interest rate.
Chinese agent pleads guilty to arms plot.
Agent bought F-16 engines and nuclear missiles.
That's the headline from lawyers for China.
But we've got to search your car on the side of the highway, but leave the border wide open.
But we've got ChiCom trying to... It just never ends.
Immigration debate bill.
Amnesty issue.
That's right, it's in there.
Total amnesty is what Bush is proposing.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
You do not want to miss the next three hours.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We've got international and national news of the greatest importance.
Israel openly saying they may go ahead and strike Iran.
We'll be getting into that.
Colonel Craig Roberts joins us on a host of issues in the second and third hour.
We'll have open phones.
We have American citizens being arrested for politely asking police directions.
That's out of the major Baltimore news stations and newspapers.
It's all coming up today.
But let me just say something about Charlie Sheen right out of the gates.
Charlie is a great guy.
He is a caring person, a very informed person.
He has been lied about.
He has been extorted in his own words.
He's being extorted.
I think?
I think?
Saying, we'll bring out more dirt on him if he doesn't do what we want in this custody battle.
Now, that is called blackmail.
That is called extortion.
You are not allowed to do that in any state in the union.
And they're so stupid, they're out in the open admitting that in a legal negotiation that they're threatening to bring out more real or manufactured whatever it is against Charlie Sheen.
And you notice, it's as if somebody flipped a switch, and I wish I could tell you what else was going on behind the scenes.
Weeks after Sheen goes public about 9-11, exposing Building 7 and the Pentagon and other key issues, he is savaged.
He is attacked by the national media, and suddenly all these other allegations come out.
These incredible hit pieces come out.
It's even in the divorce filing that they didn't like him talking about 9-11.
This man is a hero.
He's not a perfect person.
None of us are.
But again, most of it is a total fraud, totally manufactured.
He's a hero for knowing he'd be attacked.
He knew this would happen, and he put it all on the line.
Now we have incontrovertible evidence of premeditated news shopping by CNN.
Now let me explain something.
People were shocked that CNN's... We're about to go to William Rodriguez, survivor of 9-11, hero of 9-11.
Won the big hero medal there in New York and got federal decorations at the White House.
Now exposing 9-11 as an inside job.
But let me digress.
Let me be clear here.
Showbiz Tonight is another division, another group in CNN.
I've talked to their producers.
I've talked to many of their people.
They know about 9-11.
They know what's going on.
Hammer put it all on the line.
I was under a lot of pressure for having myself and others on for four nights in a row, guest after guest, agreeing and supporting Charlie Sheen.
Hammer has a lot of courage.
And then they were told, we don't care if you're getting record ratings.
We don't care if you're getting... You normally get 3,000 votes in a poll.
You've gotten 44,000 votes.
We don't care if this is getting national attention.
Shut up.
The story is dead.
Ed Asner, actor Ed Asner, was award-winning actor Ed Asner, political activist Ed Asner, was in his car.
The car was on the way to take him to CNN to be on the A.J.
Hammer showbiz tonight, and it was canceled.
They were told by high-ups, no, the story's dead.
You're not covering it.
And I talked to CNN.
Others talked to CNN.
They got the same story.
That's part of the record.
Now, that's one division that got hammered for trying to do real news.
You go over to CNN News, their main channel, and Anderson Cooper and the PSYOP boys, and it's a totally different story.
Anderson Cooper's people called me, did their pre-interview with me.
I wouldn't basically say what they wanted, so it didn't happen.
Fox News did the same thing.
It was canceled.
Well, we have William Rodriguez, we have Mr. Berg coming on later, one of the lawyers that sued the government over involvement in 9-11 for some of the widows.
He's coming on.
He got the same phone call.
William Rodriguez got a call, and they said, we want somebody to come on and to attack Charlie Sheen.
We want somebody to come on and say that they believe this is a plane ending the Pentagon, because you look at that ridiculous video, it's more of the same.
And he said no, and they had a car en route to pick him up, and they canceled it.
That's how they pressure you.
They say, oh, we're just going to have you on live.
Oh, now we're not going to do that.
Oh, we're going to have a car come and pick you up, but you're going to say this, aren't you?
Well, no, I support Sheena 100%.
Well, we're canceling.
And the same thing happened to Eileen Proctor, the publicist who I know well, for Jimmy Walter and others.
He's in France right now, but she got a call.
They were ready to put him on live from France.
He said no.
So I'm proud of William Rodriguez for standing up for Charlie Sheen.
I'm proud of Berg.
I'm proud of everybody.
I'm proud of you guys for standing up.
Let's go to William Rodriguez right now, who's at Ground Zero, part of a protest right now.
They're at the site of the government-sponsored attack.
William, thank you for coming on with us.
Thank you so much, Alex.
And again, my second home.
Thank you.
God bless you, my friend.
God bless you.
For those that don't know, just in a nutshell, tell us who you are, and of course, you were one of the most highly decorated heroes of 9-11.
I'm the last survivor pulled from the rubble from the North Tower, the person that had the master key that opened all the doors of the North Tower.
I went up the stairwells, followed by the fire department, floor by floor, opening the doors so people would escape, and by the actions, hundreds of people were able to escape on 9-11.
So when others ran out, you ran in, and it's because you've got courage that you're standing up and exposing the official story.
Tell us, blow by blow, what CNN called, what they said, what happened.
Well, first I received a call that they call Eileen Proctor, the publicist, looking for me and looking for Jimmy Walter.
And for an appearance on the Anderson Cooper Show.
The call came from the producer, Debra, I'll tell you the name right now, Debra Huberman.
And that they wanted me to speak about the videos just released yesterday from the Pentagon.
I mean, the day before yesterday, from the Pentagon.
And I said, no problem.
I'd be able to talk about it.
And they asked me, you know, what was my position, what did I do, and then when I gave them my whole information, I said, oh my God, we have a whole library of B-roll, for those that don't understand what a B-roll is, it's support video of many interviews that I've done in the past for CNN.
He said, oh, we have an archive, a full archive of your information.
We're going to put you on.
And then they called me afterwards and said, will you be able to do it live at 1030?
I said, no problem.
We're going to send a car for you to pick you up.
He said, better.
I'm in New Jersey.
Then I get another call saying that they were still putting up the details.
If I had any trouble having another view on the show from victims,
From a victim that lost somebody on the Pentagon flight.
I said, I have no problem.
They said, what is my position?
I said, well, I still believe that the government is still lying to us that we don't know the truth of what happened on that day, that the videos that were just released did not show everything.
You only see another speck of the nose of what is probably a plane, but we don't even know if that's a flight.
We want to know
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
CNN producer called him a liar.
Not this producer.
They have a researcher that calls you afterwards.
So another person called and said he's telling lies.
We want you to come on and counter it.
Practically, yes.
Okay, and please continue.
And I said, no, we support Charlie Sheen 100%.
And there's no problem with it.
They called me back.
They said that if I had any problem, that they will record the show.
Now the show was moved to 9.30.
I said, no problem.
Then I get a call again from the researcher asking me more information about
Where I was on 9-11, what was my stance again on what happened.
Not quite like that.
It was a subtle way...
To imply that, you know, I was in the area.
I said, well, I was living in the Pentagon.
I was at the World Trade Center.
You see, I represent the victims of the World Trade Center.
I have no problem talking about that, but I wasn't at the Pentagon.
But they specifically asked you, hey, you disagree with Sheen, right?
You disagree with him.
He's a liar.
If I disagree with Sheen, then I will talk about that.
And I said, of course not.
So they said, you disagree with him, you'll talk about that, won't you?
You said no, and what happened?
And then they called me back and they said they're going to have a car picking me up at 815 to take me to the studios.
And all of a sudden, I get another call.
They said, listen, thank you for your time.
We canceled the show.
Well, the piece.
They said, what do you mean you canceled the piece?
I said, well, we are going with video, and we will comment right on top of the video.
And I said, oh, wow.
Then I received a call from Phil Berg, the lawyer, who told me that they wanted him on another show.
Not on the show Cooper, but on another show, the Beckett show.
And David Beckett, I think.
And they asked him to do the same.
They asked him to do the same thing on another show, so trying to line up guests who were supposed 9-11 researchers from the other side.
They tried to get you guys to basically come over and specifically attack Sheen.
I mean, that shows a unified, premeditated agenda that they had.
Now, I didn't see those shows that night, William.
Did you?
What specifically did they do on the shows?
I did not see it, because remember, I was on the way to go over here, and at the last moment I was canceled, so I made other arrangements, so I never saw what they actually presented.
But they didn't have... They expected the crime victim to be in front of the camera, complaining about the video, and saying that, yes, we'll dispel all the theories out there,
Because they were actually talking all day before even the video being released.
They were saying that this will actually destroy all the conspiracy theories.
And it doesn't.
It only supercharges it.
Stay there, William Rodriguez.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
William Rodriguez, head janitor there in one of the towers, helped the firefighters rescue a lot of people.
The building collapsed on him.
The last person pulled alive from the rubble.
And CNN wanted him to come on and attack Charlie Sheen specifically.
Wanted him to agree that the video shows a plane hitting the Pentagon.
And a lot of people are confused.
The video is just like the one they released four years ago from the parking lot, the two new videos.
But no, they're different, they're new, and it's even less conclusive than the last one.
You just see some little grayish spot.
Looks nothing like a plane in the news at all.
This is absolutely conclusive.
There, you see the plane.
There, you see it.
I mean, it's like a parlor trick by a magician or something, but this illustrates their agenda.
I mean, I didn't see those particular reports that night, but that day I did, and the next day I did, and we've got all these clips of Fox and CNN on the site, and links where you can watch clips of them, where they're just going, ha ha, conclusive, total proof, look at it!
And they show it, and it's not proof.
It just heightens the entire debate, which I believe it's designed to do, to make this the central issue.
But, William, did they seem irritated whenever you weren't going to come on and stab Charlie Sheen in the back?
No, they didn't seem irritated.
They were, like, taken aback.
They were like, okay, we'll call you right back.
And every time it was, I call you right back, I call you right back, I have, like, probably six calls from them.
Do you think they were stupid?
I mean, they didn't know that you were out there exposing 9-11 as an inside job?
Yeah, I think they were totally unaware of what was my position.
Because probably they look on their... Actually, they were trying to get Jimmy Walter first to attack them because of Reopen 911.
And they insisted, you represent Reopen 911, don't you?
I said, well, I speak for them, yes.
No, the second person, no.
I mean, all Charlie Sheen, and of course I've been through this too, where four or five different people call you.
I mean, all Charlie Sheen said, if there's something wrong with Building 7, there's something wrong with the whole thing, and those five frames.
He's just questioning.
I'll tell you something, Alex.
I want to add something that you said to the audience in the beginning, that he was attacked through the divorce papers about his position on 9-11.
I will go, if I have to, to court to stand right next to Charlie Sheen.
Well, he might have to do that.
I mean, he's been under such an incredible attack, and he's just been taking it stoically.
I mean, to see this happening, this shows behind the scenes.
And I know CNN and Fox and others did attack Sheen, saying, boy, this sure shows he's dumb.
This sure shows him up.
All he said is, the five frames at the Pentagon don't show a plane.
This is suspicious.
All he called for was a real investigation.
And he's right.
The families have been asking for that all along.
It's five years and we still don't know exactly what happened.
So he stands with the families, he stands with so many others.
Oh yes, definitely.
And we need people like Charlie Sheen.
People with VIP status in Hollywood.
Well, a lot of people... I agree.
A lot of people are watching Charlie to see what happened to him.
That's why the government, with their operatives and their whisper campaign, have really tried to hurt him, but they call him the indestructible, the Teflon Sheen, and he has bounced back through all of these latest... I mean, folks, headlines like...
Did he kill a woman?
I mean, just... And then they go talk to the Houston police and they talk to the girl's friend.
They go, she hadn't talked to him in eight, nine years.
She doesn't even know him.
None of this happened.
She died of an overdose.
She was dying of leukemia.
I mean, just wild lies.
Just the wildest stuff you can imagine.
I believe it.
I believe it because I have gone through some kind of...
We're good to go.
And I started accusing them of manipulating the evidence and the story, the official story.
They didn't know what to do with me.
Well, they've got a problem, William Rodriguez, because so many police and firemen are now going on radio talking about the bombs, talking about all the weird men in suits with, you know, earpieces, running around out of the building, telling them to stay in the building.
I mean, everybody's starting to wake up now.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
Yes, definitely.
I agree with you, Alex.
Well, look, I appreciate you standing up for Charlie.
You know, I didn't run away from Charlie when these allegations came out because I knew they were... I'm not running away.
I'm the highest profile survivor speaking around the nation and around the world.
I know.
That's what I'm saying.
You didn't run away.
I didn't run away.
We're not deserting people that have courage.
We see a premeditated hit piece when we know one.
We're on the march.
I mean, we
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We've got William Rodriguez, the last survivor to be pulled from the rubble.
He stayed in the building until it collapsed, helping firefighters with his keys.
He had the master key as the head janitor to unlock all the doors for him.
We're good to go.
And he said he wouldn't do it, and they tried to pressure him.
They had the car coming and then canceled it on him.
And we're now told similar calls were made to Philip J. Berg, Esquire, with the law offices of Philip J. Berg.
And, of course, he's held high-level positions in state government, been involved as an individual rights fighter for many years.
He represented Ellen Mariani and others in these lawsuits against the government for involvement in 9-11.
And Mr. Berg, it's good to have you on.
For those that don't know you, know who you are, just in a nutshell, tell us about your career and some of your history.
Thank you very much.
And it's my pleasure to be representing William or Willie Rodriguez right now in the RICO lawsuit.
But for background, I'm a former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania.
Alex, I've been on your show before, and I commend you for all your good work that you do.
I was also a candidate for Governor in the United States Senate from Pennsylvania and
I've been a fighter for individual rights since I was in high school.
I remember that I went to bat for my high school football team when they were eliminated because of a foley point system.
There was a three-way tie.
Prior to that, my father unfortunately passed away when I was 15, but when I was 12 and 13, he ran for judge and I was out stuffing doors back at that time, so I've had a
A long experience politically, and I'm actually ashamed of what has gone on politically during this administration.
This Bush administration has done more to take away individual rights than any other administration in 225 years.
Currently, I represent Willie, Mr. Rodriguez, in a RICO lawsuit for information for your listeners.
RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act.
Thank you.
And we're very thankful that we have the Internet, because without that, I don't think we would be at the stage we are now.
Mr. Berg, can you, for us please, and of course, Mr. Rodriguez, jump in any time you wish.
Both of you have got the floor right now.
Tell us specifically what CNN said yesterday, the conversation you had with them.
Well, basically, Glenn Beck stated on his show that he wanted someone to come on, I think being facetious, to agree with Charlie Sheen.
So I immediately contacted them.
I said, not only do I agree with Charlie Sheen, but I go further than Charlie Sheen.
I'm actually the attorney having a lawsuit for this.
And it became obvious at that point, you know, they contacted.
Then they did a dance.
They really didn't want that.
And as you saw, they ended up with, I forget who, Dan Van Cleese, I think it was.
They wanted someone, they really didn't want someone to agree with Charlie Sheen.
They don't want that position.
They want to take the position that
They look like they're looking for someone to believe in the position that Charlie Sheen has taken over the years of studying it, as you have and I have, and they just play footsie with you.
They don't want that.
Not only the Glenn Beck Show.
On my own, I've contacted several of these shows on a regular basis.
Riley, I've sent notes to.
I did a pilot for Riley when he first went on, and I've contacted to be on about the 9-11, and they won't do it.
They just...
I think.
The press is owned and operated by very few corporations.
Mr. Berg, let me just make a comment about Glenn Beck.
I've been very aware of him for a long time.
He is one of the most nasty, sinister, manipulative neocons who poses as a non-partisan.
He engages in yellow journalism.
He's very deceptive.
He builds straw men.
And then pulls them down.
And, of course, it was Showbiz Tonight that was punished by having their slot moved to a worse slot.
And Mr. Beck was then even put into that position.
So you originally contacted him because you heard about that.
Then Mainline CNN then contacts Mr. Rodriguez, who was on the line with us.
And then other people were contacted to go on other shows and were specifically told.
We've now confirmed three separate individuals.
Oh, absolutely.
And what I'm also amazed at...
To my chagrin, I'm really offended by what Judicial Watch just did.
Judicial Watch came on and said this new footage they showed proves that we're wrong.
I mean, the new footage didn't show anything.
The new footage just did as much as the Zachariah Mousali trial did.
Well, sir, you were a Deputy Attorney General, so you know the laws in a court.
This would be called witness tampering.
This would be called coaching witnesses.
I mean, it's okay if you're a news outlet and you want a certain view represented.
It's certainly not balanced.
But you need to be open about that.
They're not.
But they're actually shopping around, trying to tell people what they want them to say.
Oh, absolutely.
And when you don't say what you want, I was very fortunate to be in, I went to the Zachariah McSally trial with Jim Fetzer from 9-11 Scholars, and we held a press conference in front of the building.
Not a word of it made the mainstream media, because they filmed us, they do, Fox News has filmed me every press conference I've ever had, never aired one minute, but I'm sure it all goes right to Republican National Headquarters and the White House.
I was contacted by another radio show in Washington.
I don't know how they got my number.
For the same thing, to talk about the clips on that day that was supposed to be on CNN.
They said they would call me at 7.30 and I gave them the number of Jim Fester to be on the show as well.
They never contacted me and I probably assumed that Jim Fester never went on the air either.
By the way, I want to do something right now.
Guys, get me the...
The clips of the CNN anchor Jamie McIntyre, their reporter there that day saying he didn't see any records or plane, only small pieces of something.
And then we cut to two clips from him two days ago saying it's ridiculous, he saw the records, he photographed the fuselage, the conspiracy theories are just totally insane.
Do you have those clips, Scott?
Let's roll the first Jamie McIntyre Club.
This is from four years, nine months ago, just about an hour after whatever hit the Pentagon hit the Pentagon.
This is Jamie McIntyre.
You know, it might have appeared that way, but from my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon.
Okay, here is the next clip.
These are two clips from him two days ago when they first broke this PSYOP, and he totally contradicts himself.
Roll them back to back.
I had a camera with me.
I took pictures of some of the wreckage, some of the parts of the fuselage, part of the cockpit, until they told us we had to move back away from the scene.
And then the next one.
Having been there on September 11th, having seen the plane wreckage and photographed it myself personally, I can tell you that that's nonsense.
And, of course, the full clip that he said on CNN is that it's nonsense that a plane didn't hit it while I saw all the wreckage and photographed it.
Now, listen, I haven't gotten into this whole Pentagon thing, okay?
It's very suspicious, the 16-foot hole, three rings of it.
All of this is very suspicious, little or no debris.
The Fed's grabbing the 88 surveillance cameras across the street and now releasing, in the last four years, three separate shoddy videos, one of them four years ago, two of them on Tuesday.
All of this going on.
Mr. Berg, what do you think is happening here?
Well, what they're trying to do is they're still trying to convince the public that we're all crazy.
But what I have said many times is, U.S.
government, Bush and your cronies, prove me wrong.
Lay out in a big room all the evidence that you haven't shown.
And if you can show me with absolute proof that I'm wrong, I'll walk away.
Where are the cameras?
The Sheraton, I think it was the Sheraton Hotel.
Sheraton and Sicko.
But the Sheraton Hotel, the employees were watching the video when the FBI came in and took it.
Where is that video?
Where is the one from the Sitco, is it?
The gas station?
And where is the Department of Transportation?
There's cameras on that highway.
There were federal and state highway cameras.
Where are all those?
Don't show us something here which shows nothing.
This thing, I think they think we're...
This thing was going to put us to bed.
Well, that's what Judicia White said.
This is conclusive.
They said in their press release, this will put all the conspiracy theories to rest.
We're going to show you a crisp plane, and they show you a gray smudge.
It's nothing.
And we know that they had 88 cameras at the Pentagon aimed at that direction.
High quality, live cameras recording in real time.
Why will they only release these blurred frames?
I don't understand what they're trying to do.
They're really trying to manipulate the evidence.
Remember, just to give you an example, the 9-11 Commission was created two and a half years after 9-11.
All the evidence was already adulterated.
The Philippines were sent to Korea and China to make paper clips.
There was no way they could do investigation of explosives on the remains of those residues.
They couldn't do anything.
Well, they destroyed the crime scenes on purpose.
So now they're coming out with this allegation that they have deceptives from the Pentagon.
We still don't believe it.
Well, I had Judicial Watch on yesterday.
It's a big headline on prisonplanet.com.
And I had Mr. Farrell on.
Former Army intelligence officer.
And he admitted that it, quote, he admitted it looks like a honeypot.
That's an intelligence operation where they give you something that's meant to heighten the debate and that they'll bring out CRISPR video, whether it's real or manufactured, of the passengers yet later.
And this is meant to centralize the debate only around the Pentagon as a one-legged stool they can then cut down.
Again, whether it's real or manufactured, that doesn't matter.
They want to simplify the debate for the American people instead of the controlled demolitions, the public officials warned not to fly...
But, you know, it's very, whatever they come up with, I still can't believe, you know, the grass in front of the Pentagon is crystal clear.
And what I say when I'm speaking around the country and Europe where I've been, I say to people, you have seen many pictures of plane crashes, haven't you, in the newspapers, on TV, and everyone says yes.
I said, and you always see debris from planes, don't you?
And the people say yes.
I said, what debris did you see at the Pentagon or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania?
And people say none.
I said, well, isn't that strange?
But in this case, only in these two instances, they told us that these planes vaporized upon impact.
I mean, how stupid do they think the American public is?
The big problem is, Alex, as you're aware, the American public's afraid to believe, they don't want to believe that their government would have done something like this, which they did.
I agree, but then we have Building 7 way down the street, not hit by a plane, not hit by debris, tiny fire start in it, and then it collapses magically, symmetrically with a controlled demolition with squib blast points out the sides.
And remember, firemen go into buildings to put out fires, not to set explosives,
And in Silverstein's exact days or weeks, Silverstein slips up and says he gave the order to blow it up.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
He said, let's pull it.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, let me just add this point.
What is this show about Fox and CNN, their attacks on Sheen, their attacks on anyone that dare stands up?
I believe it shows how afraid they are.
They know they've got a tiger by the tail.
They know that people who have courage are standing up.
More are standing up every day.
They know their house of cards are falling.
And this is really a desperation move to shore up their propaganda.
Gentlemen, comments?
They say that they erroneously are protecting the victims' rights, which is not true because we never ask for these kind of attacks.
We never ask for this kind of news coverage.
Oh, that's a key point.
They want to act like victims are mad at Sheen.
When Sheen has been contacted by dozens and dozens, I don't even know how they get his email.
We're good to go.
I think?
Phil Berg here.
You know, the thing is, sure, there are going to be some victims that will agree with their position.
And the other thing is, you have to recall that most of them took money under the Stabilization Act for the first time in history.
Million five.
They were paid money, you know, from a little money to several millions of dollars.
But part of that was, as my former client Ellen Mariani said, it was called hush money.
Because by taking that money, they were precluded from bringing in a suit against the Port Authority, the airlines, the insurance companies, or the government.
Gag law, what they use against the victim.
And it was not $1.2, it was $3.2 million that they received on average.
And it was after we sued twice the Federal Compensation Fund that they raised those funds.
And I was part of that mistake because I believed at that moment that it was the right thing.
I was being part of the whole scheme.
I was telling the victims to go out and get the money because I didn't even know what was happening.
We were giving our rights back to the government.
Have you been offered money when you started going public to shut up?
I've been offered everything.
Positions, even a television show.
I did a television show in English geared to the Spanish population on PBS here locally.
And I did it for a year and a half.
And after that I got offers to do a bunch of other things.
And I just refused because I wanted to concentrate on getting the truth out.
Mr. Berg, I want to get your comments on Charlie Sheen.
I mean, you're a lawyer.
You're a former Deputy Attorney General, so you know dirty tricks.
And I know some behind-the-scenes stuff I can't even talk about.
I'm not at liberty to talk about.
But is it obvious to you that dirty tricks have been used on Sheen, and now this CNN is just more evidence of that?
What happened?
Charlie Sheen goes on.
And the next couple days, CNN did a poll, and I forget the percentage.
Wasn't it about 78%?
Yeah, 83% when it closed.
83% of the people called in or voted for CNN, saying they believe the truth wasn't told.
They believe in Charlie Sheen, the way he's interpreting everything.
Charlie Sheen didn't say he knew all the answers, but Charlie Sheen said what we have been saying all along is it no way happened the way the government told us it happened.
It's no way those Twin Towers came down by the small fires.
And the second building was hit.
56 minutes later, that building came down.
The firemen reported right before that that there were two small fires left, both under control.
Jet fuel burned at 1,000 degrees.
Steel, you have between 1,500 and 2,500 degrees.
I mean, it's so ludicrous, the story they put out,
God bless anyone who died that day.
They're all heroes.
But Flight 93 was shot down.
The field was over 8 miles long.
Yes, gentlemen, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Berg, thank you both for joining us.
We'll talk to you both in the very near future.
And Mr. Rodriguez is going to be coming out to our 9-11 conference June 24th and 25th in L.A.
He'll be one of the speakers on the second day.
Thank you both, gentlemen.
Thank you.
And Phil Berg hopes to join you in L.A.
Fantastic, sir.
You're invited.
We'll be right back.
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They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
We're good to go.
I've got articles where people ask police for directions and they're viciously arrested.
This is mainstream news.
This is the new mentality.
We've seen this many times before.
We're not against the police.
We're against this mindset, this brainwashing, where they're turned into attack dogs.
We'll get into so much more and take your calls in the second and third hour.
You definitely want to come to our big 9-11 meeting that we're going to be having.
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Summer vacation period.
A lot of folks go on vacation.
So make a vacation out of it.
There's going to be some surprise guests there.
Hint, hint.
That I'm not going to get into until you get there and you see it.
The former head of the Star Wars program will be there.
Bob Bowman.
Professor Stephen Jones.
Physics professor exposing Inside Job.
Professor James Fetzer.
William Rodriguez.
Jimmy Walter is going to be there.
He said he's coming.
We're going to have Webster Tarpley.
I'm going to premiere my new film, Terror Storm, at the beginning.
We're going to have a press conference at the start.
It's going to be exciting.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The Pentagon has released these new shoddy videos to heighten the debate, centralize the debate on 9-11 only around the Pentagon.
Did a plane hit it or didn't it?
So you won't look at the thousands of other pieces of evidence, the 500 smoking guns.
There are thousands of pieces of evidence, but over 500 posted on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com that each one of them, a jury would convict the globalists of carrying out 9-11.
Only they could carry it out.
There has been an ultra-massive attack on Charlie Sheen when they released these new shoddy clips claiming it shows a plane and discredits him.
All he said was is the five frames don't look like a plane.
Building 7 is very suspicious.
If something's wrong with Building 7, something's wrong with the whole thing.
CNN's called up William Rodriguez, Philip Berg, and many others and tried to get them to go on TV and attack Sheen.
When they refused, they canceled the interviews.
It's amazing.
And they use psychology.
First, they set you up and say you can say whatever you want.
Then minutes before the limo picks you up, they say, you've got to say you're coming on to disagree and to attack Sheen, and he's a liar.
And they say no, and they cancel it.
So I'm just recapping that.
There's a bunch of news.
We have author, researcher.
Former helicopter pilot, SWAT team man, Army colonel in intelligence, Marine Corps sniper, Colonel Greg Roberts, who I had on for just 20 minutes a few weeks ago.
I wanted to have him on for two full hours.
He'll be with us today.
We'll get into two of his powerful books that we're now carrying at Infowars.com.
Today I'm very proud to announce we're now carrying two of his best books.
And we'll talk about those books as well.
But I want to...
Right out of the gates today, get Colonel Roberts' take on different news items here in front of me.
And after the break, I want to play a clip out of Baltimore where a nice couple asked the police for directions and were arrested.
He, of course, is a retired police officer and can give us his view on just the crazy police state out there.
Also, the Knesset is saying that they may go ahead and attack if we don't, and they're chastising America.
We'll get into that with Colonel Craig Roberts.
Colonel, we've got about two minutes left before the break.
What are some of the issues you want to bring up and you want to talk about today?
Oh, man, I'll tell you, Alex, we've got so many on the plate right now, it's incredible.
It's like Chesty Puller said at the Chosin Reservoir, we can attack in any direction.
They got us surrounded.
We've got the Pentagon video I want to talk about a little bit.
I want to talk about the Oklahoma City videos that still have not been produced, even though supposedly both of the bad guys have been caught.
I want to go into some stuff on CNN.
You mentioned CNN.
I want to tell you a case that I had to deal with a few years ago that was Operation Tailwind.
We want to talk about that a little bit on where that went.
And I want to talk a little bit about some things that I found out yesterday that the BATF had done.
And then let's jump into the Medusa file and talk about some of those cases and see how much time we've got left.
But out of the gates, I want to get into Iran, this looming war.
This looming attack, and I also want to play this clip.
I know you probably haven't seen it or heard it yet.
It's out of Baltimore TV.
And it just goes to the mentality of how they're trying to twist the police into this attack dog mentality.
Colonel, when did you start seeing that shift in policing start?
Well, you know, there isn't any national organized movements in civilian police on the local and state levels.
Yeah, there's a lot of stuff that happens on the federal level, but on the local levels, what we see is sometimes some knee-jerk reactions in the major cities.
Now, there's three divisions of cities.
You've got your major cities, you've got your intermediate cities, and then you've got your small towns.
Where you see a lot of this happen is the major cities, because the major cities have their own chiefs' association, and these chiefs, by and large, a lot of them are very liberal people.
Our own chief that we had here for a while came from the East Coast, and he was anti-Second Amendment, and that doesn't fly in Oklahoma.
So you see, some of these things begin to happen because they come in from outside of the departments.
And where they start to become ingrained is the younger officers, as they go through the police academies, are taught to do things different than we did.
And when we get back from the break, we can go into that more.
It's bad for police.
It's bad for America.
So we'll discuss this first when we get back from this quick break with Colonel Craig Roberts, a great American.
I'll tell you about his website and a lot more.
We're carrying two of his books right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Colonel Craig Roberts has written several best-selling books.
One of them, One Shot, One Killed, a Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam.
Written a best-selling book about the Kennedy assassination being an inside job.
We carry two of his best books, I believe.
We carry his book about the JFK assassination, also the Medusa file.
A whole plethora of criminal activities of our government and other governments.
We're going to be talking about that today.
He'll be with us for the entire rest of the broadcast, the next hour and 51 minutes.
But coming up in a few, I want to get his take on the Iran-Iraq war.
Well, we're in Iraq, about to go into Iran, and what intel he's getting on that and what he thinks may happen if Israel does indeed attack them, because the Knesset is saying today, how dare us not attack them, they may have to attack them to force us to get into the war.
This is unbelievable.
A huge escalation into the New World Order.
But first off, Colonel Craig Roberts, also on the SWAT team, helicopter pilot, did police detective work, worked the Oklahoma City bombing.
We've talked a lot in private just about how they brainwashed the police, how they're trying to make it an us-against-them mentality, which is bad for America, bad for police as well.
This is out of WBAL-TV in Baltimore.
Couple arrested for asking for directions.
Baltimore City Police arrested Virginia couple.
Over the weekend, after they ask an officer for directions, of course, one of the young people's parents are both police officers.
They're very polite and very nice.
We're going to be getting them on the show here this week or next week because this is a total setup.
Colonel, I wanted to go ahead and roll this two-minute clip and then get your take on what happened.
Let's go ahead and roll this clip.
We'll go back and get Colonel Roberts' response.
Joshua Kelly and Lara Brooke, both from Chantilly, Virginia, spent the night in jail Saturday because they asked a Baltimore City police officer for directions.
In jail for eight hours, sleeping on a concrete floor next to a toilet.
It was a nightmare.
I mean, I was in there just thinking that I was dreaming and waiting to wake up.
It was a nightmare ending to a nearly perfect day.
The couple went to a company picnic.
They watched the Orioles beat Kansas City.
It was their first trip to Camden Yards.
Leaving, they asked two people for directions to 95 South.
And somehow, ended up in the Cherry Hill section of South Baltimore, hopelessly lost.
Relief melted away concerns after they spotted a police vehicle.
Thank goodness, I said, can you please get us to 95?
The first thing that she said to us was, you know, you just ran that stop sign, pull over.
It wasn't a big deal.
We said, we'll pay the stop sign violation, but can we have directions?
What she said was, is, you found your own way in here, you can find your own way out.
The couple saw another police vehicle and flagged that officer down for directions.
But Officer Natalie Preston, a six-year veteran of the force, intervened.
That threw us through a loop when she stepped in between our cars and said, my partner is not going to step in front of me and tell you directions if I'm not.
But things got worse.
Joshua pulled 40 feet forward, parking next to a curb, putting his flashers on.
Meanwhile, Lara was on the phone to her father, hoping he could help her with directions.
Both her parents are police officers in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.
And was in the middle of giving us directions when the officer screeched up behind us and got out of the car and asked me to step out.
I obeyed.
I obeyed everything, stepped out of the car, put my hands behind my back, and next thing you know, I was getting arrested.
I mean, by this time I'm completely in tears.
I said, ma'am, you know, we just need your help.
We're not trying to cause you any trouble.
And I said to her, I can't, I'm not leaving him here, you know.
What she does is come over to my side of the car, open my door and say, all right, we'll take you downtown too.
We have mainstream news articles every week or two, mainly in New York, Boston, places like that,
Where a pregnant woman sits on a bench, and they have rules that you can't sit on the bench unless you're going to take a bus.
She's just come out of the subway, she's panting, nine months pregnant, they arrest her.
A child at, you know, four o'clock in the afternoon gets off the school bus at one stop early, which is like a hundred yards from her house.
This was all over the news in D.C.
a few years ago.
I said New York last hour, that was wrong.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And, you know, veteran, no criminal record, no problem.
Cop pulls him over.
The guy's now been made a high-level supervisor.
In fact, he's even above that now.
Excuse me.
He's well-known in the force.
Big guy.
And he's a quadriplegic.
I guess that's what, chest down, paralyzed.
And the officer said, what's this on your steering wheel?
It's the little handles, like broomsticks sticking out.
And he said, sir, I'm paralyzed.
And he said, get out of the car.
And he said, well...
And his wife was in the seat next to him.
She's going to have to get out and get my chair for me, sir.
I can't get out until she helps me.
He said, you get out now.
He grabbed him by the hair, beat him up.
It was all on squad car video.
Nothing happened to the cop.
Now, again, I know most police aren't like this, but it's being encouraged.
The cops that do this are promoted.
Colonel Craig Roberts, you just heard that.
Why on earth are the police starting to act so nuts?
Well, I think you've got a lot of isolated incidents, but the thing about it is there's been a quantum shift in some areas in the way young officers are taught now.
But before we jump into that, let me throw something out there.
It's called Title 42, Section 1983.
Now, that's a civil action for deprivation of rights, and what that basically is...
Is you have your civil rights, and if a public servant or a law enforcement officer of any kind deprives you of your civil rights up to and including an unlawful arrest, you have a recourse of turning around and filing a federal charge on them in U.S.
District Court, which takes it out of the local jurisdiction, which gets it away from the politics of the local district attorney and so on.
And you can go after those officers' pensions, their houses, their jobs,
And all future earnings to a certain percentage because of judgment.
And I know there will be lawyers that call in and say, well, 1942 or Section 1983 things don't work against certain types of deals or in certain types of situations.
Well, that's what they say, but I can tell you what we were taught in service in the academies is that if we had a 1983 lawsuit filed on us as individual police officers because we deprived someone of their civil rights, including the right to travel...
By impeding their right to travel for stopping them for no probable cause or no reasonable belief that they committed a crime.
In other words, I think I'm just going to stop every red Corvette today, and I'm going to arrest three out of ten people so I can get a quota or something like that.
If we do that, then we'd open ourselves up to a 1983 lawsuit.
Now, what that does...
Is that also opens up another area called vicarious liability.
And in vicarious liability, that means you can sue the officer, the officer's supervisor, the officer's supervisor's supervisor, all the way up to the chief of police and the mayor.
And it has been done several times and quite successfully.
So what happens is you end up getting a settlement from the city or the county or whatever jurisdiction.
Well, let me just tell a brief story.
This is why this really hit me.
I remember being a young man riding around with my father, lost in major cities, on trips, and he'd pull over, smile, the police officers would smile at you, happily give you directions.
If they weren't on a call, they were nice.
And a few times in the last few years, I've asked police for directions on foot when I'm in other cities or in my car, and they act put out and mad and sometimes just wave me on and say, go ask somebody else.
I mean, what is the basic shift?
I mean, why be like that?
Well, you know, that actually happened to me last, well, about six or eight months ago.
I had to film a History Channel series up in Chicago.
I flew into O'Hare, and then I was at the airport, and I understood the hotel that they were putting us in
I think it was a local Sheraton or something.
It was right there, real close, or on the airport.
Well, I was coming down one of these massive O'Hare International corridors, and I see a Chicago police officer sitting in a booth, and it says information.
So I walk over there.
Now, he doesn't know that I'm a retired officer.
I walked over there and walked up, and he's on his little cell phone talking to his girlfriend or something like that.
And he stopped, and he looked at me, and he says, What do you want?
And I said, I want to talk to you when you get done.
No hurry.
He says, well, I've got to go.
I've got to talk to somebody.
What do you need?
He says, what do you need?
Like that, you know, the typical kind of, you know, New York, Chicago, hurry up and get out of my way type attitude, which, you know, doesn't fly well in the central part of the country, and, you know, Oklahoma, Texas, and we're more laid back.
And I said, well, I need some directions, but before we go any further, let's start over again.
So I threw my badge on him.
I said, I'm a retired police officer.
I'm here on business.
I just need to ask you about where this hotel's at.
Well, after I settled him down and talked to him, I asked him what the problem was.
How come, you know, you got a chip on your shoulder?
You shouldn't be working PR.
You shouldn't be working in an information booth, you know, treating people like that.
And he said, well, I've been on the job 18 years, and I was working a deal, and I got caught up short in it on something.
And he told me this long story about some kind of deal where his partner got shot, and then he got...
Time off for dealing with this drug dealer by, you know, strong-arming him or something like that, whatever it was.
Bottom line was, he was out there on punishment.
Now, I have seen situations where some of these officers get put into a punishment detail or they're sent out to the, we call it getting sent to Siberia.
In Oklahoma, you get sent to the panhandle if you're a trooper and you, you know, do something wrong.
And the FBI, I think it was like Fargo, South Dakota.
If you ended your career there, it was all over.
And a lot of these people will develop attitudes, and you'll run into that.
I can't explain how every one of them happens.
I can say that a lot of officers who've been on the job for a while are influenced by, A, the last call they just got off of, a pursuit they just got off of,
Or they've had a situation in their career to where they don't even want to be there anymore.
They're waiting to retire.
They want out.
They're just trying to survive, and they don't want to really even deal with people.
But 20, 30 years ago, even if they'd had a bad day, police didn't act like this.
So something's changing the psychology.
I mean, that woman cop in Baltimore must have thought she was God to arrest a young couple because they politely asked her for directions.
Well, I think in that case those people should take the recourse of the 1983 lawsuit plus file through an internal affairs, plus go to the media and just pull out all stops because that individual needs to be fired.
And everybody that acts like that, that wears a uniform, should not be wearing a uniform.
They need to be outside doing something.
Because it makes other police look bad, doesn't it?
No, it makes us all look bad.
And when I run into it, believe me, I'm the worst one in the world.
If I get stopped and somebody treats me in a manner they shouldn't,
I do what's called an on-the-spot correction, and if they want to try to arrest me, fine, but I'm going to let them know right up front.
You take me to jail, I'm going after your pension, your house, your car, your dog, everything.
And that usually will back them off.
When you say a Section 1983 lawsuit on federal court, all of a sudden, they back up and regroup and things usually change.
Okay, the false imprisonment, false arrest.
Stay there, Colonel.
We'll get into the other really serious issues when we get back.
Author Colonel Craig Roberts is our guest.
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Did you know that there is a concentration camp program that was designed during the Ronald Reagan administration called Rex 84?
This program is designed to imprison anyone whom the federal government deems an enemy of the state.
A judge in Houston, Texas declared that the plaintiff had proven that there was such a program that existed, but no one had been harmed or imprisoned by it, so he declared it unconstitutional and dismissed the case.
I think?
We're good to go.
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We don't need no education.
Colonel Craig Roberts is our guest.
We're talking about a whole raft of issues.
I had two border sheriffs on Monday with Congressman Bonilla.
They admitted Chinese troops, Slavic troops, Putin's going to build a big aircraft factory in Mexico.
This is really bizarre.
We'll get Colonel Roberts' take on that.
But first off, here's a report of World Net Daily.
Knesset member Strike Iran Now warns if U.S.
and others don't take action, Israel should act alone.
And then pull us into this war.
We know Iran won't have nukes for 10 years.
That's the CIA's own assessment, even if they were allowed to have the materials to do it.
Colonel, what do you think is really going on here?
Well, you know, it's hard to say, but there's some things that have cropped up in the last six to eight months that start to form a picture that's kind of interesting and frightening at the same time.
Now, let's rewind the tape and go back in time.
Understand the Iranian situation right now.
We're going to have to back up a little bit and look at what's happened in that region since 2001.
We took Afghanistan in, what, about 30 days?
And we took Iraq in less time than that on the initial invasion, take over the country type deal.
The Russians couldn't take Afghanistan in eight years, and we did it in a very short period of time.
We're good to go.
And they want to run pipelines, and some pipelines already exist, but they want to run more pipelines from those oil fields north of Iran to the Persian Gulf so they can load onto oil tankers.
The problem is you've got fundamentalist Muslim Iranians in there who aren't going to let people do anything that they don't want to do and so on.
That country right now is totally surrounded by American-slash-coalition forces that are
Yeah, okay, we're fighting this war on terrorism, but at the same time, when we peel that layer back and we look what's behind it, what's really in that region that really interests us, and it's oil.
So you've got oil in Russia that needs to move to the Persian Gulf.
There's only one thing standing in the way.
That's Iran.
And I think that we need to look at that and watch that very closely because the Iranians don't realize it, but they're giving all the other countries in the world a real good excuse to get mad at them and invade the place.
The downside is...
I think we're good to go.
And now we have this situation on the southwest border that says, okay, now we need to get our guard and send them to the southwest border.
What's going to happen is they're going to have to start a buildup on that.
If they're going to do it with any type of quasi or military forces, they're going to have to start calling guys back from across the pond.
But when that happens, we are spread so thin globally that we really don't have a military left in any one area to go into any kind of an action, such as Iran, without other forces, i.e.
the U.N.
or NATO.
We've got to also remember, we've still got troops in Korea, and we've got the North Koreans itching to invade the South.
We've got China itching to take Taiwan, and has threatened to do so, and has been moving forces to the Straits of Formosa to look at Taiwan right now.
They've been building ships.
They've become the biggest merchant marine in the world.
And they forward-deployed assets off our shores, which is threatening to us when we look at Freeport and Bahamas.
We look at how they've been built in Mexico.
Panama Canal.
We look at how they've got the Long Beach Naval Base.
We look at how they've been caught shipping in rockets and machine guns.
And now one of their top people got caught trying to buy nukes in this country.
That's Reuters.
Meanwhile, Bush isn't worried about that.
He wants to have checkpoints in the heartland of America.
Well, and you've got...
Middle Easterners and Chinese slash Asians crossing our border in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and California of military age.
And I think you even talked to some of the sheriffs the other day that said that they had seen these people, had verified.
Yeah, verified Slavic, they believe Czech, and also Chinese.
I mean, military groups, folks, this isn't a joke.
This is happening.
I think it's a setup by our own government, Colonel.
I mean, every indicator, everything they're doing is a setup for this country.
Well, you've got the Council of 13 at the top telling virtually any modern country what to do and how to do it.
And so you've got people inside of our own government.
We go into this in the Medusa file.
In the book Kill Zone, we go into who these people are.
You have people in those areas that pull the puppet strings of who they need to in these various bureaucracies to have things either happen or not happen.
And it's just important to have things not happen just happen, such as don't guard the border, don't put more money down there, don't increase the number of Border Patrol troops, and the problem will take care of itself as far as allowing these gates to stay open.
We'll come right back, ladies and gentlemen, and get into a host of other issues with Colonel Craig Roberts.
We'll also take some of your calls before this hour ends and into the next hour at 1-800-259-9231.
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We're good to go.
And he goes through all the admitted, documented cases from TWA, Flight 800, World Trade Center, the first attack, Oklahoma City, Devil Unit 731, the Japanese World War II germ weapons, and our own government protecting them after it happened, Operation Paperclip and the smuggling in of Nazi war criminals into the U.S.
to help really run our military.
CIA and military mind control experiments on unsuspecting citizens, including children.
Secret drug and bacteriological weapons experiments on the American population by the CIA and Department of Defense.
Atomic guinea pigs, Agent Orange and the Gulf War Syndrome.
What really happened to over 30,000 POWs and MIAs after World War II in Korea, Vietnam, and why Russia knows.
Where did the CIA come from and who really controls it.
International assassinations, drug smuggling, money laundering, all orchestrated by officials of the U.S.
The True Stories Behind the Bombing of the World Trade Center.
Again, I mention that.
It's so important.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We've seen Fox and CNN attacking him, though, and how he's been shut up.
He was told to shut up or else, and then suddenly they released all this new dirt on him, just totally ridiculous, made-up trash.
I want to get your take on that before we take some calls, but tell the listeners a little bit about Killzone and the Medusa file.
That's only enough.
When I was down in Texas, I had to fly a helicopter down there back in about 1988 to do a program down there, and
And we were down there for three days on a seminar of police pilots.
And one particular afternoon, I really didn't want to go to any lectures and wanted to get out of the hotel, and I had a rental car, so I drove around and ended up in Dealey Plaza.
And I had never been there, and I never really thought much about it.
The government's deal was Oswald shot Kennedy, Ruby shot Oswald, Ruby died, case closed.
And I never had any reason to doubt that or wonder anything.
It seemed pretty open and shut to me.
Until I walked around.
The first thing I noticed for those listeners who haven't been there, Deedee Plaza is not a very big place.
It's really pretty small.
It's like a park with three streets that run through it.
It's in a triangular pattern.
I ended up on the sixth floor, which had just been converted into a museum.
I walked around and looked at all the displays.
I call it the Lee Harvey Oswald did it by himself memorial museum because that's 90% of the displays.
And there's one little corner that says, and by the way, there are some conspiracy theories.
I read those.
And I walked over to the window last.
Now, the actual window that was supposed to have been used is glassed in.
You couldn't stand right there, but I could stand to the one next to it.
See, basically the same thing.
And I looked out the window, and you've got to remember that there was a period of time in Vietnam where I carried a scoped rifle and fought the war with bold action.
So I kind of know what I'm doing when it looks from a sniper position down to a kill zone.
And I looked out that window and immediately knew that Oswald couldn't have done it.
Not with a Mannlicher 6.5, not 6.5 seconds or 5.6 seconds or whatever they want to give to him.
From that position at that time with that equipment on a target that was going downhill around the bend and through the trees at an ever-decreasing range from a high to low angle.
None of that stuff played out, so I immediately knew the government lied.
Well, that kind of hacked me off because I've got 53,000 of my cohorts whose names are on a wall in Washington, D.C.
because of a certain president named Lyndon Bain Johnson, who is the one that ceded the Warren Commission to investigate the Kennedy assassination and came up with the Oswald did it by himself theory.
This launched me off into not only looking at the Kennedy assassination, but discovering how many different power players were involved in
Following the power, following the money, and finding out about this evil underworld that exists all around us that is absolutely satanic in its makeup and purpose that are the power brokers who really control the world.
And that led me into saying, okay, if I'm going to make this case to the reader, how am I going to do it?
Well, you have to do it one brick at a time.
So I started dissecting various cases that I came across to
And over a period of about four years, I discovered
Dozens of cases of government corruption and cover-up that were spoon-fed to us by the media of being something totally different, and then when you peel that back, that layer of the onion back and look underneath, you find out that that's not what happened at all, and here are the people who benefited from it, and this is where the money came from, this is where the profits went to, and so on.
And that ended up being a giant book.
I got into all the stuff you discussed earlier, from POWs and MIAs to experiments on American servicemen to...
Crimes and cover-ups and money laundering and drug running and the whole bit.
Well, it was all tied into the Kennedy assassination in the sense that a lot of the same players were involved, a lot of the same power structures were involved, a lot of the same banking organizations were involved.
The problem was, by the time I got done with the manuscript, it was 650 pages.
And that included endless footnotes, endnotes, resources, and so on.
And I sent it to my agent in New York City.
Who had published, you know, had sold several of my books to the mainstream publishers.
You know, The One Shot, One Kill, and The Walking Dead, and Hellhound, and all the rest of the books that I did on military stuff, Police Sniper, and so on, Combat Medic Vietnam.
All those books were out there through Simon & Schuster, and Avon, and so on.
And he took this manuscript around, and he took it to ten different publishing houses, and none of them would touch it because of what was in it.
And he said, I don't know what we're going to do.
And one night, the senior editor at Pocket Books called me, who was a friend of mine, and he said, you've got to get this information out to the American public.
You've got to get this information out where people can see it.
And I said, well, if you like the book so well, why don't you publish it, Paul?
And he said, I can't.
I'd lose my job.
And I said, what do you mean you'd lose your job?
He says, have you ever heard of Operation or Project Mockingbird?
And I had.
But I said, no, why?
I want to know what he had to say.
And he said, that's where the government controls everything that's published or goes out over the major media.
He said, it's got to go through censors before it ever goes out.
He said, there's no way with the names and the events and the documentation you've got in these books, or this particular book.
He said, I can never put this out.
He said, it would never make it, number one.
And number two, I'd probably lose my job if I tried.
He said, but you've got to get it out.
Well, I decided it was getting toward the end of my police career.
I had a little bit of money saved up.
And I decided to try to get into publishing.
But I couldn't publish a 650-page book right off the bat.
So I pulled out the first section, which was the section on Kennedy and some other things that followed that, and that became Kill Zone.
Well, what was left over?
I think God was trying to tell me, I don't want you to do the whole book yet because I've got more cases for you.
What was left over became the Medusa file three years later.
But the thing about the Medusa file was, I was just finishing up the Oklahoma City investigation, and TW800 happened.
And a few other cases happened that ended up, because I delayed bringing that book out at that time, they made it into the book.
So I take the reader all the way in a Medusa file from World War II all the way up to TWA 800.
And we cover Pan Am 103.
We cover the Arrow Air crash at Gander, Newfoundland.
We cover everything from the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s.
The Amtrak derailment in Hyder, Arizona.
That's a great case.
And so many others in there.
Bay of Pigs, the whole bit.
We managed to get that and put it together and put it out, and it is now in fifth printing.
Killzone's now in like ninth or tenth printing.
And Killzone made enough money to allow me to put out the Medusa file, and then loyal readers kept the Medusa file in print all this time.
Well, it's exciting, and we're carrying it right now.
And of course, they've been updated, and they're just full of information.
People, you really need to have these books.
Just briefly, the Kennedy assassination.
Obviously, we've won the fight on that.
90% of Americans in major polls say the government killed him.
But on the back, it says, not the CIA, not the mafia, not the Cubans.
Break down what that means, and then break down... There were trees in front of Oswald.
We've got the photographs of how big they were.
You've been there.
There's no way he could even get a shot at Kennedy, but tell us why the back says, not the CIA, not the Cubans, not the mafia.
Well, all of the usual suspects that are trotted out by the various so-called researchers of the Kennedy assassination, and I've met most of these guys, and there are a lot of good people who've worked this case, but the problem is, none of them are investigators, all of them are researchers, which means they read stuff, they put it together, and then they write a book about it.
And I found out in
In 1993, when I went to one of the Kennedy Symposiums down there and met all these guys, we were all in the same big giant room doing book signings, that a lot of them had a lot of good information.
The problem was they were compartmentalized.
They focused on one thing, and they wrote a book that what it did basically was reinforce their theory of what happened.
Yeah, they didn't write full spectrum.
No, they wrote who done it, this is who I think it is, and this is who I think it was, and everybody else is wrong.
So you had the clique that was the mafia did it,
You had the anti-Castro Cubans did it.
You had the Castro Cubans did it.
That's how black ops work.
They use different groups together to create the layers of deniability.
The Bay of Pigs veterans did it.
The CIA did it.
Jay Edgar Hoover did it.
I mean, all these guys do this stuff.
I'm going, you know what?
You guys are all partially right, but you're all absolutely wrong.
Yeah, nothing big like this happens unless a bunch of big, powerful groups get together and agree that it's good for all their interests.
Then it moves forward.
Well, and then they handpicked who they want out of each one of those groups because that way they could compartmentalize everything, and they had it done in layered teams.
It was very simple.
It was standard operational procedure that the OSS used in World War II, and the CIA carried over from 1947 on.
It was an off-the-shelf operation.
And the thing about it was, I wasn't so concerned with who the actual trigger man was, even though I offer some names in the book of who I'm pretty sure it was.
I wasn't too concerned about stopping at the mafia level or the Bay of Pigs level or the FBI level or the CIA level or the Alan Dulles level.
I wasn't worried about that.
I wanted to know who had the capability.
And this is the one question none of those guys could answer.
When I did my lecture, I said, I just have one question to ask you guys.
After all this research and all these books you've written and all these theories you've come up with, I have one question that you haven't answered to me.
As a cop, I'm an investigator.
I'm working it as a homicide.
And I want to know who benefits, okay?
But I'm going to ask you one question.
Who has the capability of covering up
All of the, or sealing up the Oswald and Kennedy assassination records in the archives until the year 2029, no matter who's in the White House.
Who has the ability to control Congress, the FBI, the CIA, the President, the presidential staff, and everybody else to make sure that those records don't see the light of day until 2029 when all the players are dead?
And why do they do it?
And how come Oswald has over a million records in there, a million documents on him, if he's a nobody?
But just tell me, who has the power to do that?
Who has the power to control this?
Who has the power to order it, organize it, logistically handle it, control the investigation afterwards, control the FBI, control the CIA, control the Dallas Police Department, control the Secret Service, and do it through one administration after another, after another, after another, up to today?
Is there an organization higher than the White House?
Is there an organization higher than Congress?
Is there an organization higher than the FBI that could control all these guys like puppets?
And if so, who is it?
And that was my question.
Well, now we've interviewed the admitted mistress who even had a son of LBJ.
I've had LBJ's personal lawyer on.
They were all witnesses to him bragging about, quote, killing him.
Obviously, he was just involved and then made president.
Wasn't the full orchestrator, but certainly was involved in it.
I mean, now we have eyewitnesses going public who were at the meeting days before in Dallas, and they had the representatives, they said, of the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the big Texas oil men, the mafia.
They were all there.
They all agreed.
Does that fit in with your timeline?
Absolutely, but it even goes higher than that because those people are all doing one thing.
They're making money for people higher than they are.
Well, no, they were all admittedly representatives there.
Oh, absolutely.
That's true.
And there was two things, there was two major things that were happening at the time that no one seemed to realize that Kennedy was involved in.
One, he wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve System, and he had $3 billion printed in what we call Red Seal notes, which are U.S.
Treasury notes.
$5 bills that say U.S.
note, not Federal Reserve.
That's right, and $2 bills.
He was getting ready to do tens and ones when he got killed.
He had $2 and $5.
The other thing was, a lot of people don't realize it, and I've got these documents in the back of Killzone.
You can look them up.
National Security Action Memorandum 263, dated October, I think, 21st of 1963, which was just a month before he got killed, was basically taking us out of Vietnam at 1,000 troops a month.
But he was taking us out of more than Vietnam, and that's what these guys didn't realize.
I said, folks, read this again.
He's taking us out of Southeast Asia.
That's the keynote.
It's not Vietnam.
Vietnam is the Pentagon's playground.
But he's taken us out of Laos and Cambodia, specifically Laos.
And what is Laos?
Laos is part of the Golden Triangle.
And you had the OSS in World War II running all opium operations out of the Golden Triangle.
Well, it's the same thing in Afghanistan.
They cut off the opium and there's an invasion.
The truth has come out about how they killed Kennedy, but people should get the book to learn the details from a sniper's view.
A sniper looks at the elite plaza.
We're going to call it for the break, folks.
Looking at this now, it's the same crew over and over and over again.
Now they've gotten arrogant.
They've been emboldened by always getting away with this.
What do you see happening in the future?
They're getting wilder and wilder.
They're following the same plan they always have, but they're getting emboldened because it's working.
And everybody's sitting around blind, you know, just not looking at it.
I mean, yeah, we talk about it.
Some listeners out there listen to it.
Some people read it.
Some people discuss it.
But 90% of the population out there is clueless.
They don't know this stuff's going on, and they think it's just normal, everyday procedure.
Oh, we've got to fight terrorism.
Oh, yes, we've got a problem on the border.
Oh, yes, we've got a problem with drugs.
And we've got to spend more money.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
I want to get your take on Kennedy himself when we get back, why he was doing what he did.
And we'll take your calls.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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KLBJ 590 from noon to 2.
We're trying to figure out a way to pick up the syndicated show, so we're just getting to know each other.
Just a program note for folks.
Colonel, I want to go to calls and take calls for the next half hour or something and get into a bunch of other news and issues and get your take on
This new Pentagon footage.
Before we go to Chris and Eric and John and Rita and Scott and others, Kennedy, I mean, he was moving to abolish the CFR, the Federal Reserve, get us out of Vietnam.
He gave speeches at American University and others saying an evil group's taking over America.
I'm going to stop them.
His daddy, Joe Kennedy, of course, was a rum runner and mafia, basically.
But at the same time, why did Kennedy and Bobby shift gears and it looked on the surface like really try to fight the New World Order?
What's your view on that?
Well, from what I was able to find out, I think that there was two cliques going on in what is called the establishment, and at that time the establishment was the East Coast establishment.
And when we go back in time, we find that these, you know, we're not talking the Ivy League here.
We're talking immigrant groups that have banded together and done different things, like the Italians stuck together, and then later we see the Mafia, the Black Hand, and all of that, the Cosa Nostra and everything.
But you had the Irish Catholic group
And then you had what was known as the New England Presbyterian Group, so to speak.
And it wasn't just Presbyterians, but a lot of them were.
That they were the non-Catholic Protestant types or not even religious types that were in that group.
And guys like John J. McCloy.
I mean, if you look in the book Kill Zone, and you just read the chapter called The Chairman about John J. McCloy, this is the most powerful American that's ever existed who no one's ever heard of.
But he was on the Warren Commission.
He was the head of the State War and Navy Coordinating Committee in World War II who was in charge of deciding who to bomb and who not to bomb in Europe.
He was hooked into the Rothschilds.
He's the guy that came up with the idea of segregating the Japanese Americans in California in prison camps.
He came up with a team that broke the Japanese code.
There were so many things that he was involved in.
Colonel, I want to glaze over what you just said.
Ford and GM plants and other plants, we were not allowed to bomb those in the middle of the war.
So when you mention picking targets, that's key.
Go ahead.
He did not bomb Rothenburg, which is the ancestral town of the Rothschilds.
But they did bomb several other places.
And at the end of the war, he became High Commissioner of Germany, or HICOG.
And he was in charge of deciding where the money was spent to rebuild the place.
And then when it came to spending the money to do it, he was in charge of doing that.
And what he did is he moved gold out of the Chase Bank, which he later became president of, to Germany.
And then when we were paid back, we were paid back in paper Deutschmarks.
So, you know, here's a big problem.
You know, the gold went out, the paper came back, and if you look at Fort Knox, it all came out of Fort Knox, and it ended up in Lucerne, Switzerland.
So there's so much that went on at that time, and Kennedy was at the other end of the spectrum from these guys, and he was power-hungry, his family was power-hungry, but they knew that unless they could displace these guys out of being in the catbird seat, that the Kennedy family and their different various connections and clans in Boston and the Massachusetts area weren't going to go anywhere.
So you had a culture war, or a family feud type war going on between these two groups.
What about people who think Israel killed Kennedy?
Well, I found no evidence there whatsoever, is all I can say.
Now, there were some things, and I know what Piper's written, and I respect a lot of the stuff he's written.
He's even mentioned me in one of his books.
But I think there's a possibility that there was some Mossad interest in this.
But at the same time, if you go to Victor Ostrowski and you read his book, he talks about how the Mossad tried to recreate the assassination and couldn't do it with modern equipment and lasers.
So, you know...
I can't go too far in that direction because I just don't have any more information than that.
Well, I mean, I agree with you.
I think at a certain point, I mean, obviously Israel has a lot of corrupt bad things, but at a certain point it's almost religious just to say, you know, there's an eclipse of the sun, Israel did it.
We're going to go right to your calls when we get back.
Stay with us.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, time has just exploded past us, as it always does, and we've got great guests on, like Colonel Craig Roberts.
We're going right to your calls.
Later, we'll get more into this new Pentagon video, complete honeypot they've released, and a lot of other key issues with Colonel Craig Roberts.
Right now, let's talk to Chris in Florida.
Chris, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Alex, I'm glad to hear you talking about Title 42, Section 1983 and 84.
And since you mentioned that a lot of these...
Well, just to recap for those that joined us an hour later, we talked about
You know, police arresting people for asking directions, and Colonel Roberts talked about if somebody really abuses you, you can use that specific Title 18 and that it is effective.
So if they think that they've gotten away with something by this time, well, if they were to be sued in their higher office, then maybe it would bring more attention to their crimes in the past.
I'd like to get more resources.
I'd like to find out how to sue somebody more easily or how to find an attorney.
Do I have to find an attorney in another county maybe or in another area?
Years ago, I remember there was a man by the name of Rich Fram who was going around giving seminars.
And he seemed quite impressive, but he seemed to have disappeared.
I just want to find out how to sue these officials and these police officers.
Colonel Roberts, do you want to comment on that?
This would be handled through the United States Attorney's Office.
You don't have to get your own attorney.
If you've been abused, you go in there and you can file through their office.
And let me read that so that everybody knows what a Title 42, Section 1983...
The lawsuit is actually under Title 42, Chapter 21, Subchapter 1, Section 1983, Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights, and this is what it says.
It's in one paragraph.
It says, "...every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any state or territory or the District of Columbia, subjects or causes to be subjected any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights..."
Privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit inequity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act of omission taken on such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless declaratory decree is violated or declaratory relief is unavailable.
That has to do with the courts.
I'm talking about if you have to sue a police officer or a federal agent or somebody who is in a power of authority and abuses their authority and abuses
It doesn't arrest, which takes you away from your lawful pursuit.
False arrest.
Well, Colonel, the establishment likes to act like this stuff doesn't exist.
Of course there's got to be a redress for the abuse of power.
That's always been part of our system.
If you don't have that, you live in a tyranny.
Well, you know, most of your U.S.
Attorney's offices don't like to hear about the 1983 suits because there's so many times that it could jam up the court system with people going after those who have... And as you said, you can beat the rat, but you can't beat the ride.
If somebody's abused you, just filing one of these on somebody really screws them up and takes up a lot of their time and energy.
So if somebody's in the act of violating you, you need to just let them know, as you said you do on the side of the highway, hey, I'm going to defend myself with this title 1983.
Yeah, what I do when I travel, I have this typed up in a gum label stuck on a 3x5 card.
I've got about 10 or 15 of these cards.
And if somebody stops me and starts to act in a manner that's unprofessional, I say, stop, just a second, read this card.
And I just hand it to them.
And then all of a sudden, everything seems to change.
And so that's, you know, it's a real easy tactic.
They look at that and say, well, you know, everything changes, and they tell you to go on your way.
I know, and, you know, I've done that.
I just quote it to them.
It works.
And all this other patriot mythology, it's a bunch of quackery.
People won't use things that work.
Thanks for the call, Chris.
Eric, John, Rita, Scott, and others, be with us straight ahead.
We'll get into a bunch of other issues with Colonel Craig Roberts in the rest of this hour.
So much more we'll be discussing.
And I've got a question for the Colonel when we get back, so you'll want to stay with us for this.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've got one question for Colonel Craig Roberts, then we'll go right back to your calls and get through all the people who have been patiently holding.
Now, eight minutes into this third hour...
A host of issues we'll be discussing.
You'll want to stay with us.
President Bush says he's above the law on spying, doesn't need the FISA courts.
He says he's above the law on torture, above the law on bid rigging, above the law on war profiteering, above the law on buying fake news, which has been ruled by the courts and Congress to be totally illegal.
There are federal laws against it.
But still, all of this is going on.
All of this is happening right in front of everyone.
And you have to ask yourself, why is that?
Why is this allowed to go on?
Colonel, let me just finish my question and lead it in to where I'm going with this.
Because this comes downhill.
Bill Clinton did this.
Reagan did this.
Carter did this.
Nixon did this.
I get pulled over.
Let's say I'm doing 75 in a 65.
Okay, I don't argue with a police officer.
I'm polite.
I roll the window down.
They ask me to get out.
I do.
I'm not looking for trouble.
And I give them...
The driver's license.
I give them the insurance.
And almost always, after that, they come over and they say, I want to search your car.
And I say no.
And they get mad.
And they say, what do you have to hide?
And I say, listen, this is a free country.
I believe in the Fourth Amendment.
And I believe in my children growing up in a free country.
And this isn't how Americans live.
This isn't Russia or Germany.
I don't appreciate you saying that.
Well, sir, I know you've got a microphone in your tie.
I know you're trying to get me to argue with you.
It really freaks them out.
I'm very calm.
I go, listen.
And I start going through the Title 18.
I start explaining it to them.
I just say, you can go get a dog.
You can try to get probable cause.
I know you give the dog dog biscuits when it alerts.
I know it always alerts.
But at least you're going to have to do that.
You're not going to find it when you get in here either.
The point is, is that you're not allowed to do that.
And I've had police, my friends have had police, state police, others say,
Well, we don't need probable cause.
And the Fourth Amendment is once you're in a criminal matter.
And we don't need that.
And I've read the state DPS handbooks going back ten years ago where they say it's our policy we can randomly pull you over and search you.
We don't need warrants for searches.
That's a misnomer.
So it's just like Bush saying he's above the law on torture.
Now, more and more police just don't care what you say.
They're going to search, and we should be offended because they're committing a crime, a serious crime against America and against this nation and our veterans that have fought and died for the Bill of Rights.
I wanted to get your take on that abuse of power and how this has happened, Colonel.
Well, it's happened because of a lot of liberal activists, communist judges that we've got in the federal court system have come up with all kinds of courtroom decrees and rulings and precedents
That finds itself becoming law in the sense that these are judicial activists who have created law from the bench.
They have legislated law with a gavel, and that's not the way this country works.
Well, Carl Bush does that now with these signing statements where he even signs bills that haven't passed now.
Well, the worst abuse is the executive orders, like Clinton's deal was.
You know, stroke of the pen, law of the land, pretty cool.
You know, and the executive orders, if you go back, and these courts and these lawyers always want to argue precedent.
Well, okay, let's argue precedent.
Let's go back to where executive orders came from.
Executive orders were the power that was given Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.
We're good to go.
Also, you've got these activist judges all the way up to and including the Supreme Court that say, well, since there's a war on terror, in certain circumstances, due to this or that and the other, you can do warrantless searches.
Well, that's their opinion.
The problem is that's not what the law says.
And you do have the Fourth Amendment.
You do have the Fifth Amendment.
And we were taught in the academy that you cannot stop a car without probable cause.
Now, probable cause is easy to have.
If a guy's got a taillight out, if he speeds, whatever it is, you can stop him.
But once you get up there, you can't search anything that is not in plain sight.
Now, plain sight, at nighttime, you can use a flashlight, look in the seats, look through the windows.
But to enter that car, unless you're going to make an arrest, you can search for the fruits of a crime.
This car, they got the license number, they got the guy's description from a robbery that just occurred.
He's in the right area at the right time.
But that's probable cause.
It's a black Camaro, 1984, white male driving it with scar on left arm.
You pull him over, it's them.
That's probable cause.
Now you have an arrest and you can go ahead and search because you're looking for the fruits of the crime.
Now, if the guy stole an elephant and he's driving a Volkswagen, obviously you can't look in the glove compartment.
Well, my question is this.
What's wrong with the police when they're just out of hand, hey, I'm going to search, or I want to search?
Well, that's a typical browbeater ploy, but the thing on that is, if you're not a citizen, the first thing you say is, no, I didn't do anything wrong, and I don't want you searching my stuff.
Now, if you want to go get a warrant, I'll wait here while you do it.
It's as simple as that.
But no, I want to train you that you have to have a warrant to do a search unless you have...
You're looking for the fruits of a crime, which I know there are none.
Have you ever had the police want to search you?
One time up in Colorado, but I was driving a Dodge Ram Charger where there's no place to hide anything anyway.
And I said, go ahead, search away.
And meanwhile, can I search your car?
He says, what do you mean?
I says, well, you look to me like somebody that's really not a police officer and I want to go back and make sure you've got all the stuff in your car that says you're a cop.
And he hadn't seen my badge at that point.
And he said, well, you can't do that.
I said, well, you want to search my car?
I'll let you search mine if you let me search yours.
Yeah, I mean, you can have fun with these guys.
Some of them have a sense of humor.
So what ended up happening?
Well, he looked at me kind of funny.
He says, are you a cop?
And I said, here's my badge.
And he just kind of blew it off then.
But he did write me a ticket.
I did have to drive 28 miles back the way I came at 2 o'clock in the morning in the wintertime to mail the ticket in at a post box that stuck out in the middle of the desert.
So he did write me a ticket.
I didn't get off.
Absolutely amazing.
Let's take a call.
Eric in West Virginia.
Go ahead, Eric.
Good afternoon, Mr. Jones.
Thank you for taking my call.
I was a Baltimore City police officer for seven years, and I came from a generational police family.
And what happened, as reported by WBAL, was nothing new.
This was going on 20 years ago.
And the typical response for people asking for directions was, you can't get there from here.
And then the police would laugh, and if the person said anything about it, then one thing would lead to another, and they would usually be arrested.
I mean, so you... It's the mindset, Mr. Jones.
My academy class was the last academy class taught constitutional law.
After that, the Department of Justice brought in a curriculum, which regated the Constitution to about a three- or four-hour block.
The mindset is reinforced at the district level, through the supervisors, through in-service training.
Craig Roberts knows this.
For those that don't know, let me just recap.
We aired the tape last hour from Baltimore TV with a nice little couple.
Hi, do you know where we are?
No, I'm not giving you directions.
And then they go to another cop.
Hey, you don't ask them either.
So they pull over, they start calling for directions, and they arrest them.
I mean, it's insane.
I have watched people be abused, decent people.
You were just there for a sports game or for the aquarium.
Be laughed at, be ridiculed, be mocked, be arrested, have their cars impounded.
Oh, by the way, Colonel, and I'm going to hold you on there, Eric.
I want to ask the Colonel about this.
Don't leave.
When I was flying out of LAX a month ago...
They had me take my shoes off, and I just had a shower, new shoes, I'd bought like a week before, they were clean, they didn't smell, new socks, and these big guys up there, they said, take your shoes off, I took them off, and they made fun of me, and they said, man, you've got stinky feet, and were all laughing at me, and I just said, man, that's rude.
They said, huh, huh, you got a problem?
I mean, both of you gentlemen, what is going on in this country?
Well, like I said, when you're talking TSA, it really puts me on my soapbox, and we don't have enough time left this week to go into how much I think of those guys.
Those TSA people, a lot of them came by waving a magic pencil after 9-11 and making a bunch of baggage screeners into federal agents, and they're
The power's gone to their head.
There's a few good ones, but I've run into... So it shows what happens to cops.
Cops get bad, but you take even the general public and make them cops, it gets even worse.
Well, you can't just go out and take anybody and wave a magic pencil and give them a badge and a gun and say, go enforce the law, because they get what we call, and the caller knows what I'm talking about here, they probably had a different name for it, but we call it rookie-itis or the Wyatt Earp syndrome.
And that's, I've got a badge and a gun and a car, and I'm going to go out and fight crime and evil and enforce the law, and if anybody gives me any garbage, I'm going to put them in jail.
They don't get over this attitude that they've been on about seven or eight years.
And then sometimes they get back into it just before retirement because now they're hardened and they just want to get out of here and they're tired of the system and so on.
So you get two different areas in there where you see what we call the Wyatt Earp Syndrome.
Well, going back to Baltimore, so, sir, you were an officer seven years there.
You saw this.
Oh, absolutely.
The Cherry Hill section of Baltimore is an all-black area.
And any time that you see white people...
In an all-black area, they're automatically tagged as being there to buy drugs.
Well, yeah, that's what happened in this case.
So it's some type of racism?
Oh, absolutely.
And they take and they reinforce this attitude, and this is the important point at the district level, and if you dare say anything about it, then you become the enemy and you're ridiculed and mocked.
I sued Baltimore City in federal court.
My case went all the way to the Supreme Court, became a landmark decision on constitutional law.
Oh, what case was that?
Well, if you type my name into the search engine, it'll come up.
I was a captain in the Marine Corps Reserve.
And they ordered me out of the reserves.
And that was payback, punishment, for my investigations into drug running, which involved high members of the police department and businessmen.
And some politicians.
So you've seen the corruption from the inside.
What do you think of what we talk about on this broadcast?
Is it accurate from your inside view?
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, it's worse.
And when you go against the system, if you stand up like Serpico in New York City, then they come after you with everything they've got.
And it's only by the grace of God that I'm still alive.
Eric, you've been an interesting guest.
You ought to send me your full name and info.
I might want to have you on sometime.
Anything else you want to add?
No, it's just that it's gotten worse since I was on, but it's nothing new.
It's just a matter of degree, that's all.
All right, thank you for holding to tell us that.
I really appreciate it.
John, Rita, Scott, and others, you'll be talking to Colonel Roberts after the break.
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Before the Colonel leaves us, we're going to get his take on 9-11, the new Pentagon frames that have been released.
Got another 35 minutes of broadcast time left, though, right now.
Well, before we go to John in Ohio and Rita, that was an interesting phone call, wasn't it, Colonel?
No matter what subject we talk about, we get insiders calling in from all over the nation about it.
Well, you know, I was going to suggest that you grab his name and get a hold of him later.
It sounded like he'd be an interesting guest.
Yeah, there's so many good police I've talked to who go through hell just because they won't engage in criminal activities.
Well, you know, we didn't have any corruption in our department that I ever saw in 27 years, but we did have a heck of a lot of politics.
And I managed to go through the police academy with one guy who later became the chief of police when I was a master officer.
Of course, I was flying helicopters, and I really didn't want to change and get promoted at that point, but I had gone through 12 years of trying to get promoted.
And could not get promoted because I was a loose cannon and I couldn't keep my mouth shut when I saw something that wasn't done correctly or was done that would either injure the department or our citizens.
And I wouldn't stand for any abusive citizens, and I would speak up right there on the spot.
It's the same that, hey, that person didn't do anything.
Leave him alone.
But if it was bad guys, you'd crack their heads.
Well, if it was bad guys, he went to jail, and I would never...
No, I meant if they assaulted you.
Well, if they came after me, then I took them to the hospital first because I was going to go home at the end of the day.
I had 20 years to do, or more, and I wasn't going to let anybody shorten that because they're up on drugs or crazy or just a criminal.
But if they, you know, I treated everybody, my rule was I treat everybody the way I would want my parents to be treated if they were driving across country.
I talk to cops all the time whose daughters get abused by cops in another state.
I mean, none of us are immune from this.
Let's take a call.
John in Ohio.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, I agree with Mr. Roberts about the reasons for the Kennedy assassination.
I want to get into another subject, but
It was Mr. X in the JFK movie, Colonel Fletcher Prouty, the liaison officer between the CIA and the military, who said that the reasons for Kennedy's killing was that he was going to get out of Indochina, as you say, he was going to normalize relations with Cuba, and he was going to destroy the CIA, some of the three big reasons.
And moving away from the military-industrial complexes,
A use of anti-communism as a pretext for their dragging us into imperialist wars like Vietnam as a cover for the interest of the American corporations to plunder these countries.
But I heard Mr. Roberts, who is a very conservative cabinet minister in the Reagan administration on a Pittsburgh station, point out that the reason that the United States corporations are now over there and outsourcing jobs in China is
It's not communism, but their abandonment of communism, and I would call it deformed communism, not real communism, but whatever variety it is.
I heard Mr. Roberts say on this Pittsburgh station that it's the very fact that former socialist policies of communist or deformed communist societies have prevented these corporations from plundering their labor and resources.
And at this point now, they are not really a communist country.
Hey, hey, John, thanks for the call.
We've heard it before.
There's never been a real communist country.
They're all deformed, as you say.
They're all command and control, and that's why the bankers have funded communism from the beginning.
Let's talk to Rita in Illinois.
Rita, you're on the air.
Hello, you guys.
I got a question for you, Alex, too, I was thinking.
But also...
If the president meant being anything but a puppet mouthpiece, I would like to vote for Colonel Roberts.
And, you know, it was interesting.
He said also, I mean, when you sit on hold and you hear all these other things, it enlargens your question.
But, you know, it was interesting that President Lincoln was killed by...
A lone nut.
The lone nut conspiracy theory.
And I like that song, William Tell Overture.
If you could ever make a movie, Alex, and if Colonel Robert W. All the lone nuts in history that have changed history for university-grade fairy tales, such as the Cold War and all this.
Are you guys familiar with Gertrude Bell?
Colonel, you want to comment on her lone nut theory?
I mean, they always say it's a lone nut.
Well, you know, if you look at the Crown Prince of Austria being assassinated in World War I, coming out of that... He was Renato'd.
Yeah, and we didn't have a lone nut on Kennedy.
They hung five different people on that one.
But you had one lone individual that pulled the trigger and was on the scene of the crime.
And she's absolutely correct.
I don't know who Gertrude is, but she's absolutely correct.
You can go back through history, and you can find where you had one individual who was an assassin, and then later on we find out that he wasn't alone.
He was connected to other people, but for some reason the investigation stopped before it went that far.
Well, it's the same thing with Martin Luther King.
Yes, that always shows you that the power structure doesn't want it to go beyond that their mission was accomplished when the guy got killed.
All right, Rita, anything else?
Oh, actually, I did have one couple of something, but I hear the music.
Can I hold?
Sure, you can.
Stay there.
We'll come back to you and let you finish up.
I've got a little mini guest joining us after this break.
So, Colonel Roberts, you can take about a 10-minute break.
We'll come right back to you.
We're so honored to have you, sir.
A lot of other key issues coming up, so keep it locked in.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to go back to Colonel Greg Roberts here in a few minutes and we'll talk to Scott and Jeffrey and that'll be it for calls after we let Rita finish up because I want to get Colonel Roberts' take.
We're good to go.
I think?
There's another type of dish, and it's an inexpensive small dish.
And once you have it, you can just pick up all this programming.
And they sell these units, and the network's not selling this.
We're not paid to do this.
We're promoting it because they put us on it.
And a lot of the shows have been on it even longer than I have.
Some of them, I think, about a year.
And it's great for the micro-FMs out there, known as the pirates, not the commercial stations, to not have to pick us up off the Internet.
You can pick us up off of these.
We're good to go.
Rick Kaler of Rick's Satellite to tell you about this great deal.
By the way, they've got a unit for $169.
It's great.
We bought just yesterday.
We bought it like two days ago, and it's already here.
It just got delivered today.
UPS just came in with it.
We've got like a $300-something fancy unit, so we can pick stuff up, satellite ourselves, and then stream it over the Internet as some backup streams for you.
So we really believe in this, and it's exciting.
Rick, good to have you on with us.
Alex, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be on your show, to talk to your listeners, and I'd personally like to say thank you for what you're doing for all of us.
Well, no, thank you for picking up the show.
A lot of people are tuning into it.
Explain what type of dish this is, what type of satellite it is.
You get the KU band system, you get the dish, and you get the receiver and the remote control for an insanely low price, and then you can have that crisp feed right there in your house.
I mean, tell us about this particular type of satellite system and what they get with it, what type of programming is on it.
We've teamed up with InfoWars, the Alex Jones Show, and Todd Waite of Global Star Radio, which is the gentleman in charge of getting these feeds up to the satellite.
The satellite is actually named Telstar 5, or it's actually been renamed now to Intellisat Americas 5.
It's located over the equator at 97 degrees west.
And with this system that consists of a satellite dish approximately 30 inches in diameter, and what we refer to as a free-to-air digital satellite receiver, you'll be able to listen to the Alex Jones Show in, like you mentioned, crystal clear digital audio directly off of the satellite.
The amazing thing about this is the size of the dish.
So basically, anywhere from coast to coast here in the States, with this size of dish, as long as you have a clear view to the southern sky, you can aim it at that satellite, hook it up to the satellite receiver, actually hook up this receiver to your television set, and you can pick up the show in excellent quality sound.
And this is very easy to do.
And of course, you could probably also wire this with an adapter into a radio.
Besides a coax cable out to the TV set, you can also just run right and left audio jacks into a stereo receiver.
So once you have it hooked up and you know the station that you want to go to, you could just listen to it on your stereo.
Or the micro-broadcasters, what they're doing with them.
And you just have a controller, and it's a really nice system.
Yes, I'm sorry.
And also, if folks call and get one of these from you, and they need help aiming it, you guys can help them.
But we've done this before.
This is very, very easy.
I work with them personally on the phone.
They can call here, and I'll talk to them directly.
And I've put together an installation sheet that I send out with them, giving them the instructions.
The elevation angle for the dish, I'm happy to discuss it with them over the phone.
I actually hook the receivers up before I ship them.
I pre-program them for all the channels on this particular satellite, which actually includes over 100 free TV stations, and there's over 100 different radio channels as well.
So for those that don't know, you can pay $40, $50 a month for Sirius or XM and get nothing but establishment dribble.
With this, you get over 100 TV channels free.
All you do is buy the receiver.
And you get my show, a bunch of other Patriot and Truth shows.
As you said, over 100 radio channels.
This is an insane deal.
And we really appreciate you putting us up there for free, sir.
We're reaching a huge new audience.
We're getting all sorts of calls from all over North America, people tuning in and picking this up.
You can also get on the web, folks, and promote the channels we're on.
A lot of people have these satellite dishes.
Again, it's only 30 inches.
It's a small dish.
You don't even know that we're on there.
So we definitely need to post on InfoWars.com.
I don't think I've done this yet, the particular channel.
What channel right now is my show on, sir?
Okay, it's actually at a frequency of 11836 MHz on vertical polarity, using what we call a symbol rate of 20765.
If you were going to scan it in yourself, it would scan in a channel name called star 5 and star 6.
So it's really simple there with your controller, and if you have any problems, folks can call.
Give them your number, give them your website, sir.
Okay, my telephone number is area code 816-228-
1801, and I'll repeat that shortly.
My website, we put together a special page just for you, Alex.
The website is gofastmotorsports.com forward slash alex.htm.
I believe Ryan is going to put a link of that on InfoWars.
Right up on InfoWars.com.
It's there right now.
You can link through at InfoWars.com right now and go there and order this system online.
Now, what's the more expensive system that I bought two days ago that was already in the mail today?
Okay, what we did there, they're going to utilize one of your large dishes that you already had in place there.
But they got a little bit better receiver, a PANSAT receiver, a 2700A, which is actually a more friendly receiver if you were ever going to
Folks, this is just unbelievable, and the stuff you're going to be getting, foreign news feeds, you name it.
What type of stuff are on the feeds with the $169 package?
On the TV channels, we're talking over 100 TV channels.
Half a dozen of them are actually in English that are the religious, Daystar, Trinity, Word Network, Miracle Channel, Smile of God.
As far as foreign channels, there's over 20 Persian channels.
We have the Russian news channels, South Korea, VTV4 out of Vietnam, the Sudan, Kurdistan, the Persian News Network, Poland, and there's even more.
On the radio side, about 65% of those 100 channels are foreign channels.
Another 30% are just CD music channels, commercial free.
And then the most important channels, there's six
The talk radio show is featuring the Alex Jones Show and Crystal Clear Audio and other GCN favorites, the Dave and Joyce of the Power Hour, Pastor Butch Paul, Dr. Stan Monteith, and others.
Wow, this is exciting.
Again, folks, you need to go to infowars.com in the guest section, link through to gofastmotorsports.com forward slash alex.htm.
What about a phone number if folks want to call and order the system that way?
Area code 816-2288.
We're talking $169 for the receiver and the satellite dish, and that includes the shipping cost here within the United States.
A motorized system, you'd be talking more in the neighborhood of $360.
All right, but even having the dish in one spot, 100 TV stations, 100 radio stations.
And then, I mean, how many do you get when you have a motorized that we just got?
You can easily pick up over 400 to 500 channels.
Now, what's interesting about the motorized system, when any time there's a breaking news event, if you'll move over to some of these other satellites where the news channels are putting up their feed... You'll see stuff that you've never seen on American TV.
It'll never make it to the air, half the stuff that they transmit.
Now, I've been at friends' houses and others that just have dozens of these type dishes, and it's incredible.
Who would ever watch regular TV again?
You can just see all of this.
The number is...
Sir, I want to get you back up soon.
This is really exciting.
We're going to get our system set up over the weekend.
And I hope people will go to the website right now and get a unit.
And thank you for carrying the show.
You've been doing it a few months now.
You've been carrying some of the other Genesis shows for, what, six, eight months.
And this is just wonderful what you're doing.
And the amount of satellite time you're giving us is thousands of dollars a month free.
So I'm glad that we can try to repay you in some small way.
And God bless you.
Thank you so much, and we really need to thank Todd Wade of Global Star Radio Network, because he's a big link in making all this happen for us as well.
Thank you for what you're doing for us, for getting the word out, and please keep up the work.
Thank you.
Folks, this is a great unit.
Again, the best stuff out there you'll ever hear about.
I mean, you don't have to pay a monthly fee for this.
You get the motorized unit, you'll get hundreds and hundreds of channels, but most of the American channels, they never let you know about it.
This is what the foreigners use.
They don't pay for anything.
You just get the unit.
I mean, it's like we sell Calvin Pure soap.
It's really organic, and it's 85% less than regular toxic soap.
It's just you pay for garbage when the good stuff is free.
So get it.
I'm excited.
Colonel Roberts, I know you've been listening.
I appreciate you holding during that.
We had to reschedule him from yesterday because of emergency stuff going on.
So thanks for holding through that.
That's pretty exciting, isn't it?
Well, I'll tell you what.
We're getting ready to do away with the satellite system.
We've got to get hit by lightning, and this may be a good way to go.
Yeah, I'm glad we got the motorized unit.
I mean, not that I need 500 channels, but if I need to check something or look up something else, it's going to be great.
But we're going to use it for backup internet streams as another source, so we're more redundant.
We've got up against the wall here.
I've got to let the callers just have a few minutes apiece, and we'll go to you later.
Here in just a few minutes, we've only got about 15 minutes left.
Colonel Roberts...
The Pentagon video, more of the same.
What's your take on it?
Well, I think that the mainstream media that jumped up and down saying, see, there was an airplane there all the time, there's the video, you know, they're blowing smoke and mirrors.
You know, I watched that thing over, I don't know, a dozen times, and the only thing you can see is a small white object enter the screen from the right side, and then you see an explosion.
And if I was sitting there doing intelligence analyst, like I used to, I would look at this, and we'd try to clean up the imagery, of course, but it looked more like the size of a Tomahawk or a cruise missile than it did a Boeing, and it certainly wasn't any bigger than a Learjet or an RB-66.
So, you know, I'd like to go back to the same thing that we talked about before.
Show us all of the videos.
Show us the one from the gas station.
Same thing in Oklahoma City.
If McVeigh and Nichols are the only ones involved, show us the videos.
You know, you got your two bad guys, so show us the videos.
These are the Zapruder films of these cases.
By the way, the FBI and others are on record saying they saw McVeigh with Arabs on those tapes.
Why didn't the prosecution use it?
Well, exactly.
And why don't they show us now?
We filed lawsuits trying to get this stuff and can't get it.
We followed the Freedom of Information Act.
Yeah, notice three lawsuits have been filed to get the Oklahoma tapes, but notice they were happy to give this to Judicial Watch.
Yeah, but it doesn't show anything.
You know, all of the smoke and mirrors about, see, there's an airplane.
No, there's no airplane there.
I don't see an airplane there.
It's not big enough.
There's a little flash there that might be, you know, a smaller aircraft or a missile or something, but I don't see an airplane.
Well, they tell us it's a nose cone as if we're supposed to look at this little grayish white blur and then imagine what it is, and we know they have crystal clear video of everything that happened.
Yeah, they've got video all over that place.
Show us all of them.
So I'm not buying off on it, and I've got a challenge for the people who make the decision to pass this video out.
What have you got to hide?
If you don't have anything to hide, show us the rest of the videos that we know are out there.
But why do you think?
I mean, we know they didn't want to release it.
They wouldn't have.
Why do you think they've released three separate times now, once four years ago and twice on Monday, three different clips from different...
Cameras that take a frame every second, why are they releasing?
This is the question, knowing it would heighten the debate.
Well, you know, that's a good question, and I got several emails this morning asking the same one, and it makes me kind of wonder if there's somebody up there on our side who wants this debate to come out, who wants to expose some things, or simply put, they're only releasing what they're absolutely forced to release.
But still, the bottom line on the whole thing is,
There's nothing on this video.
It's not convincing me of anything or anybody else that looks at it as far as being a 757 there.
And, of course, the next question I always get, and I'm sure you do too, is, okay, if that's not it, let's say it's a missile, where is the real 757?
Where are all the people that were on it?
I can't answer that.
I don't know.
We just know the official stories thanks to high heaven.
All we can take is, here's the evidence, and the evidence doesn't fly.
Well, I agree with you, but I was talking to Christopher Farrell, who's a former Army intelligence officer with Defense Intelligence who works for Judicial Watch yesterday, and they're coming out with press releases saying, this puts it all to bed, it clearly shows the plane, and he had to back off of that once he was on air and just say, well, he believes the plane did hit it, but this isn't conclusive.
Isn't that suspicious?
Well, I think so.
If you can keep everybody diverted to running around in circles on the Pentagon, it takes the time away from those that are interested to look at the buildings and why they fell in New York City.
We all know that steel buildings don't just fall down the way that they did unless something else has happened.
And especially a building that wasn't even hit just decides to come down.
But, you know, where's the mainstream media on this?
Well, they're part of the globalist club.
It's the same thing on Operation Mockingbird that I couldn't get my original book, Legacy of Dishonor, published, and I had to break it down into Killzone and Medusa files.
But back to that real quickly, I forgot to say this to your listeners.
If they order both books, they get the book the government didn't want you to see.
They get Legacy of Dishonor, the original book, with three extra chapters in it.
That's what the two books are combined, and we carry that now, I'm proud to announce, at Infowars.com or by calling 888-253-3139, or you can go to Colonel Roberts' website itself.
A lot of news reports he writes weekly, a lot of key information, and that's RifleWarrior.com.
Rita, I'm going to let you finish up in the last minute, and we'll come back and take a few final calls with Colonel Craig Roberts.
Rita in Illinois, finish up your point.
I wanted to ask Colonel Roberts this, because he is a great cop.
But the thing is, he said about Gertrude Bell, he wasn't sure, that she drew the boundaries of Iraq.
And then I noticed that Britain also drew the boundaries of Afghanistan.
And Britain also invented Israel.
And Joan Vian came up with this
Power of the British Commonwealth, where all these little nations are voting with Britain, and Britain is right.
The New World Order is the British Empire all over again.
Colonel Roberts?
Yeah, you know, you've got the Anglo-American Empire is basically what you're talking about, but you can take it back to Cecil Rhodes.
You can take it to the British when they created Iraq out of whole cloth for the British Petroleum.
You can go back to Saudi Arabia, which is South Arabia or Saudi Arabia.
Yeah, all of that stuff's in there, but what they're doing, it's like an amoeba that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, but the end result is going to be this one massive planet that becomes second world status.
There won't be a first and third world anymore, and it'll all be the new world order.
So, I mean, isn't the problem like sort of...
Trace back to Britain?
Well, that's the heart of the empire, yes, but it's got a lot of other allied crime syndicates orbiting it.
Thanks for the call.
And what does it mean?
A global one-child policy.
Everyone forced on psychotropic drugs, which they're now telling, FEMA's telling pastors that they've got to tell their practitioners to get on the psychotropics.
We've got a guest coming up later next week on that.
It means no Second Amendment.
It means no property rights unless you're an elitist.
It's hell on earth.
Listen, we're carrying Medusa vial.
And we're carrying Killzone.
You need to get both these books.
They were originally going to be one book.
The publishers wouldn't publish it.
It's too hot to handle.
We're carrying it right now.
Get it.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
Use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
Visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
Or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Order today and spread the word.
We're good to go.
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Scott in Vermont, thanks for holding it on the air with Craig Roberts.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, hi.
I have a book I've written myself about numerology and symbolism, obsessions of the Illuminati and Freemasons, and speaking of the Kennedy assassination, I cover that.
That's a blatant Masonic ritual killing.
The date, the place, everybody involved, Freemasons and the nice Templars were... They always place a torch wherever they've killed one of their people.
Craig, you want to comment on that?
Well, yeah, there's a lot of information that has cropped up around that when you get into some of the secret societies.
And indeed, some of the people involved that I talk about in Killzone were definitely involved in some of the secret societies.
Okay, caller, go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, I'd like to send you a copy of my book, and here's your advice on how to get it published for real.
I get your tapes out, put on the local cable access channel, and now they're telling me they want something in writing.
It's not just good enough for me to tell them that you get kind of blanket permission.
Yeah, as I've said a hundred times, sir, just write a letter up and sign my name.
Yeah, and Flight 77, have you seen Craig Hill's tape where he shows a scene from, I don't know if it's Discovery Channel or what, but the general...
Montague Winfield, he says that we had reports of a plane down at the Ohio-Kentucky border that morning, September 11th.
Wouldn't that explain what happened to, because they didn't see Flight 77 on the radar going back to Washington.
I know, sir.
The point is they want us to endlessly debate it.
Because it can't be proven one way or the other.
They want us to just constantly focus on that and not the hundreds of other points.
Thanks for all you do.
I appreciate the call.
Jeffrey in New Orleans.
Go ahead, Jeffrey.
Okay, I'm going to go quickly.
First of all, if we had left Vietnam and the Kennedy administration, Vietnam would have gone to the Communists because Kennedy murdered the goddamn ZM because the ZM wouldn't form a coalition government with the Communists.
And if that had happened, Barry Goldwater would have won the presidency.
And in order to stop Goldwater and at the same time gain revenge for Fidel Castro in Cuba, Kennedy was murdered by the combination of Castro, the Mafia, and the Communists.
In order to put us in a war we would not win to break the back of the anti-communist movement.
How could the communists make our government cover it up for them?
Because our government is in league with them.
That's the whole point.
That the conspiracy is a communist conspiracy working for a world order under communist control.
Sir, the New World Order predates the communists.
The communists are just one of their tools, a criminal gang they use.
Colonel Roberts?
Yeah, and there's a lot more to it than that because, you know,
We didn't get to go into it, but one of the major issues is the billions of dollars in drug money that was coming out of Laos that Kennedy was going to have shut off because he was pulling us out of Southeast Asia.
And when you talk about the CIA and Allen Dulles, you have to go back to the OSS and Wild Bill Donovan.
You've got to go back to the French when they were there and it was French Indochina.
And the whole thing, all the way back to the British and the heroin wars.
The opium wars, the whole thing had to do with drugs coming out of Asia, and Kennedy was going to shut that off and cut off billions of dollars worth of black funding for the CIA, and they weren't going to go along with that.
At the same time, he was involved in cutting off the money laundering.
He was cutting off black operation, black world umbilical cords.
Yeah, exactly.
And he was getting into areas that I don't even think he understood what he was in.
Yes, my conclusion is this, that that would have also helped Red China funnel their drugs into the U.S.
via Castro's Cuba, and therefore all of these things put together result in a communist, as I said, a communist assassination of Kennedy along with Lyndon Johnson and the Mafia, etc., who are all allies of the communists.
Ask Bob Rogan or the Teamsters Union to reveal that communist-mafia alliance.
Okay, thanks for the call.
I really appreciate it.
Folks, I'm not saying that communists aren't out doing these things, but they're controlled by the globalists.
You got it backwards.
Colonel Roberts, always great to have you.
Final comments?
Just keep the faith, brother.
We win in the end.
Well, I really appreciate you spending two hours with us today, and I'm really proud that we're carrying your great books, and I appreciate your work, my friend.
I hope to see you in the near future.
Will do it.
Take care.
We're out of time.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
You better get your tickets to our big 9-11 conference coming up the 24th and 25th of June.
Get them today.
Don't delay.
And you can also go to Infowars.com and get hard copies of all these books and videos that I carry, the books and videos I've written or produced, and that support is vital to this network and what we do here at the GCN Radio Network.
I'm out of time.
Another powerful broadcast.
I want to thank you all for your support.
God bless you all.
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