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Air Date: May 17, 2006
2501 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We had Professor Jim Fetzer, the founder and the head of the 9-11 Scholars for Truth,
Set up a week ago, and he's still coming on with us today in the third hour.
I canceled some other important guests that were already scheduled, because I want to give you a chance, listeners, to this worldwide transmission against tyranny, to respond to the ridiculously shoddy New Pentagon videos.
The two videos they have released, and the two short sections of each video from...
Cameras there in the Pentagon parking lot that show a blur, a small blur, come into the screen.
They claim that this is the irrefutable proof.
Lots of giggling and chortling by Fox and CNN and others having big celebrations.
This will destroy all the conspiracy theorists that say a plane didn't hit the Pentagon or that a missile hit the Pentagon.
Why, this is the coup de grace.
It's over.
We've crushed you.
Ha ha!
We're good to go.
Of course, I was on Coast to Coast AM last night with Judicial Watch.
And Judicial Watch, I've got my own comments coming up after the break about what they said and what they're doing and the statements they've made and the little press release they've got on their website.
Dave Von Kleist was on there.
He did a good job.
And then, of course, I was on for the second half of the first hour.
And I want to be clear about this.
We have a spectrum.
We have a continuum.
We have a body of views here.
A spectrum of views here.
You have Michael Rivero on one end.
Who believes a plane did hit the Pentagon, this whole thing is going to be a shut-up, and that they're going to release video one day, making, of course, in the interim period, the Pentagon be the main focus of the 9-11 truth movement investigation, and then once that's built to the crescendo, making that the central issue, release crisp video of the plane hitting.
And you've got people like myself in the middle.
I think there's a lot of evidence pointing towards some type of global hawk or predator souped up or some other type of fighter aircraft used as a drone.
Now, there's a lot of evidence to that because of the 16-foot hole.
It's going through three layers of the Pentagon.
That's six separate layers of steel-reinforced concrete, several feet thick on each side, armored, ladies and gentlemen.
And conflicting witnesses saying they saw missiles, they saw small planes.
The whole thing is very suspicious.
And then you have people who aren't in the middle of the debate, who are just a little bit on the other side of my views, kind of in the middle of that side of the debate, like Davon Kleist, who is just questioning it and saying he really doesn't think that a plane at the Pentagon, there's no evidence of it.
He comes right out and says it.
And then you have those that go further off, who don't like what I have to say or what Dave has to say,
Now, you've got the crowd over on the other end who believes that it was holograms and Easter bunnies and tubacabras doing it.
I mean, literally, folks, that no plane hit anything.
It's all blue screens.
It's all holograms.
And they've screamed and yelled, and I'm an evil fed, because I think that's ridiculous.
Okay, so that's really the gamut of things.
And wherever you sit in this debate, you are welcome to call in.
But listen to me.
I want to talk about the open borders in Mexico saying they're going to sue the National Guardsmen if they are unarmed and simply report illegal aliens crossing.
Basically, they're going to be like the U.S.
military engaging in what the Minutemen do.
Intelligence, detection, and then calling the Border Patrol.
Well, there's so many illegals pouring across that...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're going to move fast through your calls.
And there's a giant stack of other key news we'll be covering later as well.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got Professor Jim Fetzer.
Professor Jim Fetzer, the founder and chairman of the Scholars for 9-11 Truth, joining us in the third hour.
About 15 minutes or so in the second, we're going to have Chris Farrell on from Judicial Watch, the folks that did the Freedom of Information Act request in 2004 and were refused.
They sued the Department of Defense to get these new shoddy...
Video still framed sequences released.
They are a complete and total fraud.
A complete and total joke.
That is the video released by the Pentagon is.
And we're going to be talking about that.
I hope the listeners will specifically call in on that issue.
The toll free number is 1-800-259-9231.
I know most of you know the key elements of the debate about the Pentagon.
Why it's become so.
I would have to say the central issue in any public debate about 9-11.
It's the main issue that just the layman on the street, Sally Soccer Mom, Joe Sixpack, will bring up to you.
And that's mainly because, since day one of 9-11, the media has given more attention to anyone that writes a book or makes a film about a Pentagon strike not involving a commercial airliner hitting it.
That is the main focus by the mainstream media for some reason.
You have to ask yourself why.
They won't focus on the controlled demolition, the clear evidence of bombs in the buildings, the hundreds of firefighters and police saying that.
They won't focus on the deans of defense language schools and the heads of Air Force bases and the heads of embassies going public and saying the hijackers were U.S.
government agents.
Clearly they were decoys set up that day as part of a larger operation.
That is ironclad
We're good to go.
The public officials being warned not to fly that day.
The CIA insider trading, leading directly back to Buzzy Crongard, number three at Central Intelligence Agency.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of such points.
Official U.S.
government documents like Northwood's that call for hijacking jets by remote control and crashing them, creating fake manifest lists of young people because young people dying gets the public even more mad, having CIA agents under fake names boarding aircraft that land while drones are flown and crashed.
All of that is public.
But really, there are very few films that get into it in any detail.
I wish people did.
Most people out there focus predominantly on the Pentagon.
And I've had them on as guests.
I've covered it.
I've said I think it's important.
It needs to be looked at.
I've been attacked for simply saying it looks like a trap to me.
Whether a plane hit it or a plane didn't hit it.
And I lean towards something being very suspicious.
That really isn't the thing we're looking at here.
It's how the media has handled it and how they've tried to make it
The central focus of debate.
They've given massive continual coverage to it.
And that's because they have chosen, the establishment has chosen this to be their fight.
That for some reason they chose four and a half years ago, really four years, almost nine months ago, more than four and a half years ago, to make this the central fight, to make this the central debate.
And I believe it's because they're going to stage crisp,
We're good to go.
That's exactly what it looks like.
This is meant to turbocharge the debate.
And I heard Judicial Watch on the radio last night on Coast to Coast.
I was, of course, on right after them.
And it only confirmed what I knew already in my guts from all the analysis I've done.
I do the analysis, then I go with my gut after I've done the analysis.
There was one of the Judicial Watch lawyers on saying, oh, we're probably going to be getting a lot more videos soon.
We're disappointed with this one, but this still puts to bed the conspiracy theories, but at the same time, we're going to be getting something new for you here real soon, we think.
Yeah, I bet you are.
I bet you are.
And there's going to be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when this video gets released.
Unless you go to PrisonPlanet.com and get the three articles we've put out, now four articles we've put out on this, unless you get it out there to everybody on the web.
Again, minute one, we hit the ground running with this.
It's what we do best.
Great staff, great team collaborating together up here.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Even with the new high-tech computer systems they have, they're able to 100% fake audio with computer programs they have.
Doing a voice print off of a previous real voice, they can create in real time fake voices that fool the best computers.
They still have trouble faking video because there are so many people in private industry in Hollywood and special effects that can tell you if it's been faked around 9% surety.
None of it's 100%.
So we're going to get into a big propaganda fight with all of this here in the near future.
We're good to go.
Incredibly crisp video of Flight 77, whether it's real or manufactured.
I believe it will be manufactured.
That's why they've had the videos for so long.
They've got to basically build this shoddy fraud.
Now let's go back to other things they've done.
They wanted to paint up an American aircraft like a U.N.
aircraft, fly it low, and try to get Saddam to shoot it down to stage a war in the lead-up to the 2003 March invasion of Iraq.
We know that they created the fake bin Laden tape that wasn't computer generated.
They simply put a guy that looked nothing like him in a room, turned the lights down super low, and we've got computers, we video edit, we know what it looks like.
We went in and looked at the pixels.
They blurred the video artificially with a filter.
This was done on the cheap.
And then the troops miraculously find the new bin Laden tape in the house.
And now voice print's been done on that and many others.
It's totally fake.
It's not even the same nose.
It's not even the same dialect.
So we have the linguist.
We have the computer voice print analysis in multiple major universities in the Western world.
And then you can just look at it with your own eyes and tell it's not the same person.
It's somebody that weighs about 100 pounds more with a completely different nose.
It's with a big smirk on his face.
It's a big fat joke.
That's why it's the big fat bin Laden tape.
So remember, this crowd does this, but they've got something special for you.
Remember the running man where they have the fake newscast and they cut to Mad Dog Ben Richards attacking the food riot in progress?
Remember when, in truth, he wouldn't go along with it?
Well, they have technology that crisp and that clear.
The problem is you can still find evidence of a fakery.
And so by crisp clear, I mean it'll be a clearly discernible Flight 77 still slightly blurred when they release it.
Now, just watch.
Just watch.
Unless we expose this, then they may be forced to back off.
So we've got Jim Fessler coming on third hour.
We're going to spend a few minutes with Judicial Watch coming up in the next.
Right now, let's go ahead and go to John in Texas.
John, you're on the air.
John hung up right as I went to him.
I'm just joking.
Good job, John.
Jim in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
You know, I waited with eager anticipation when I found out that Geraldo and everybody was going to show this exculpatory evidence that our leaders were actually righteous and that our government would be vindicated and exonerated.
I had expectations for that.
Hey, we're finally going to know.
Hey, you know, our government's on our side.
They're going to show the plane.
Well, you know, I didn't see the plane.
I didn't see the plane.
And I watched it over and over.
This Larry Klayman guy from Judicial Watch, he supposedly went after Clinton.
And now look how well Clinton's doing.
They're fixing to install his wife as president.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, Judicial Watch has always been extremely suspicious.
By the way, they've taken all the Bush-Bin Laden stuff off their website.
I was just on their site this weekend doing research, and they've taken a lot of stuff off their site.
Yeah, they're just throwing deception on top of deception at us.
You know, Alex...
Lies on overlapping layers of lies.
Well, I don't know if it's conscious.
They could be being used as well.
But in the final equation, it really doesn't matter.
But, sir, do you see how this piqued your interest?
Do you see how this will make the Pentagon strike an even bigger debate now?
Alex, I wanted to see a plane because I don't want to believe that my government's bad.
Well, don't worry, sir.
They're going to show you one.
Do you understand this is a setup?
Yes, yes.
You understand this is meant to supercharge the debate?
But it's also so brazen and so blatant in our face that, hey, of the ones that do know the truth, not only am I lying to you, but I'm telling you to your face that I'm lying to you.
Now, that irritates me.
It's like...
You know, and I still want to be in denial.
It's like if my kids lied to me, I don't want to believe that.
But even if a plane did hit the Pentagon, it's an inside job.
I hear you.
See, they've made it.
We'll be right back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The last caller is an illustration of exactly what I'm talking about.
An intelligent, informed, concerned person who is insulted by these two little video clips that are made out of a succession of frames every second.
It's simple.
This is meant to outrage you.
It is meant to accelerate the debate.
And then see, now the whole 9-11 truth movement, the whole 9-11 debate, hinges on that artificially, did a plane hit the Pentagon or not?
And that's what the listener said.
I'd love to believe my government.
If they just would have shown it, I would have believed them.
You can't believe them if they do show you video of it.
That's the point.
And the point is, we never knew one way or another.
We cannot discount the plethora of other evidence that the media does not want to have a debate on, that the media does not want to focus on.
Now, rightfully so.
Many people have pointed out the inconsistencies in the fact of a 16-foot hole on the entry wound shooting through three separate rings of the Pentagon, six different layers of steel-reinforced concrete, feet thick on each side, blasting through it like a bunker-busting missile.
I think we're good to go.
The highway cameras, state and federal, from the 88 cameras there in that area of the Pentagon, just on that side, on and on and on, and they give us now three separate shotty videos over the last four years, two of them yesterday.
Now, here is Jamie McIntyre of CNN just about 30 minutes after the Pentagon was hit, standing right in front of the 16-foot hole, saying he sees no wreckage, he sees no damage other than the 16-foot hole, basically.
Let's go ahead and roll this clip.
All he sees is small pieces.
This is from four years, nine months ago.
You know, it might have appeared that way, but from my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon.
Okay, so that is what Jamie McIntyre had to say that day, and he went on to repeat it throughout the day.
And then here are two separate clips of Jamie McIntyre yesterday totally changing his story.
180 degrees.
I had a camera with me.
Here it is.
I took pictures of some of the wreckage, some of the parts of the fuselage, a part of the cockpit, until they told us we had to move back away from the scene.
Part of the cockpit.
Well, show us the cockpit.
Why did the feds put blue tarps over some of the pieces?
I think the biggest was about 10 feet long, a couple feet wide, but no one was allowed to photograph it, and then they came and covered it up with a blue tarp with men with guns guarding it.
I mean, why do you do that?
Why do you haul the wreckage from Tower 1 and 2 away under guard?
Here's another clip from McIntyre yesterday.
Having been there on September 11th, having seen the plane wreckage and photographed it myself personally, I can tell you that that's nonsense, but...
And he went on.
There were actually other longer clips.
Perhaps you can go back and find those.
Because McIntyre went on to say that I can tell you it's ridiculous, people claiming that there wasn't any wreckage.
Well, I was there.
I photographed it.
Well, let's go back to that first clip again from that day.
Roll that first clip again.
It might have appeared that way, but from my close-up inspection, there's no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.
The only sight is the actual side of the building that's crashed in, and as I said, the only pieces left that you can see are small enough that you can pick up in your hand.
There are no large tail sections, wing sections, fuselage, nothing like that anywhere around, which would indicate that the entire plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon.
Now something that people haven't been focusing on is these new little video clips these still compilations they've released
It shows the blast and then pieces, little pieces of concrete land, and you're talking about hundreds of yards away, right there by the camera.
And you don't see plane wreckage spilling out around the sides.
All you see is this big white-hot blast then turning red as the heat dissipates.
So that itself, a white-hot flash of the original Pentagon frames they released over four years ago, that's extremely suspicious as well.
So, the thing is laid out there to be suspicious.
It's laid out there to look ridiculous.
It's laid out there to get us talking.
To make it the central debate.
To keep us off of all the other areas.
Don't get me wrong.
I commend those that have looked at the Pentagon.
I commend those that have researched it.
But notice how the media has made it the only debate and everything stands on that.
Now, this is a thousand-legged stool.
This isn't a one-legged stool.
You look at all the evidence, the inside job is the only answer.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Thank you.
Russell, Will, Rhonda, Caleb and others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
And we have posted several other articles.
We have a video computer simulation of what Flight 77 should look like from the video released yesterday, the two different clips, what it should look like hitting the Pentagon up on prisonplanet.com right now.
Another article about 88 cameras and their locations.
The government admits filming where the plane came in.
And notice how they refuse to release it, but are telling Judicial Watch they may soon release even better video.
As I said yesterday, minute one at 1130, when we learned that they were going to release something, I said, you watch.
It's going to be some grainy thing to heighten the debate again.
And then that was confirmed, and I'm telling you they're going to release crisp video.
Unless we expose their program.
If enough people are aware of the spin, enough people are aware of how psyops operate, we can short-circuit their program.
Now, I'm going to go to your calls here in a few minutes.
I'm going to run through them.
Before I do that, I want to encourage all of you to get my 9-11 videos, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State, The Masters of Terror, my book, 9-11, Descent to Tyranny, Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and The New World Order.
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Look how far we've come.
We've come from almost no one on 9-11 saying it was an inside job other than myself and maybe a few others, and I was attacked by other so-called patriots for months after who now claim to be the leaders of this movement.
To now major polls, what, 83% CNN, 90% another CNN poll, scientific polls as high as 66% in Zogby.
This is important.
We're winning this fight.
If we expose government-sponsored terror as aiding tyranny, the globalists will not be able to use it in their toolbox anymore.
So again, get a prisonplanet.tv membership.
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The title is American...
Scholar Symposium, 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
We've got Professor Stephen Jones, BYU physics professor there.
Professor Jim Fetzer is going to be there.
We're going to have Webster Tarpley there.
Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program there about 9-11, being an inside job, all from different angles.
A bunch of other unannounced guests, and I'm not going to announce until you're there, folks.
There's going to be some very nice surprise guests for you.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
This is such a big deal.
This is going to be so much fun.
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Very, very soon we can push it up even higher, but it's hard to do with the big stage and all the rest of it and two screens to project the films on and the media riser that's going to be there for all the cameras and the rest of it.
Some people have emailed me who are in the 9-11 Tribal Movement and said, why aren't I invited?
Well, because you've attacked me in the past.
And then you whine and scream and roll around squawking when you've attacked me.
And then you wonder why I'm not inviting you to it.
So there's a message to those out there.
Besides, we can't have everybody there.
There's a lot of people I love who I want to have there who we can't have there.
And we're trying to put some speaking slots in for several hours of the conference where different speakers are given about 15 minutes to speak.
But then again, that might not please them, so c'est la vie.
But the keynote speakers speak for an hour and a half.
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I'm glad to be here.
I'm here to answer the phones so that people can order their Berkeys and we can apply it towards your shortwave airtime.
That's right.
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It just gets the word out.
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So are you, Debbie.
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Please go to BerkeyWater.com or go to InfoWars.com You can link through to their banner or order the exact same packages off of our secure online shopping cart at InfoWars.com Debbie, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Thanks for having me.
Y'all have a wonderful day.
You too.
888-803-4438 or berkeywater.com or infowars.com.
I like to have her up every week, once a week.
We didn't have her up last week, so we're having her up this week.
And I appreciate, folks, you supporting them.
It is just so vitally important.
Do not procrastinate.
The water is full of poison.
An Indian knockoff is $250 and are total pieces of junk.
Okay, this is made in America, super high quality, less than Indian knockoffs.
Okay, we're going to go to your calls.
Here, right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Russell in Florida.
Russell, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Also, I want to thank you for doing a fantastic job, as usual, on Coast to Coast last night.
It was great.
I was pretty tired, but I did a decent job.
You always sound wonderful on Coast to Coast, Alex.
I make discs for people of your interviews on that show, as well as your own show, and it really does a great job waking people up.
Yeah, you did really good.
You guys are doing the work.
Nothing would happen if it wasn't for you, the listeners.
We all need to do our part.
I'm sending you an email on my thoughts regarding this whole Pentagon video, and I hope you get a chance to read it.
We're posting most of the emails we get.
I say most.
There's literally hundreds.
I can't even read all of them.
They're so incredible.
They're so insightful.
But anybody that wants to write articles, anybody that wants to give views, email them to tips at InfoWars.com, Ryan at InfoWars.com, Aaron at InfoWars.com.
We'll get them posted.
I hope so.
Thank you.
The reason why I'm calling, Alex, is as this whole thing unfolded yesterday, I was highly suspect of Judicial Watch.
Especially Fitton's statements today kind of solidified what I had believed.
Well, we're going to have Army Intelligence Officer Christopher Farrell on with us.
He'll be coming up.
Right, and I hope you hold his feet to the fire.
He was intimately connected to military intelligence and the military-industrial complex.
And on another GCN radio program earlier this morning, he was very hostile, in my opinion, towards the guest's belief.
He said he had no dog in the hunt for this, yet it sounded to me
Well, he did say that he believed the plane hit the Pentagon based on the evidence.
Well, I have their press release, and they say it shows a plane did hit.
No, it doesn't.
And they say it's conclusive, and they say it puts to bed conspiracy theories.
They know exactly what it does.
This accelerates it to the stratospheric level.
I mean, forget going out of the atmosphere.
We're in deep space on this one now.
Yeah, I know.
This is to the moon without a rocket, and this whole thing's a psyop.
And I'm not playing along.
I don't know if they're useful idiots.
They may be.
But, you know, the point is it stinks to high heaven.
I think they're shills, personally.
And I hope you really hold Farrell to the fire.
Well, don't worry.
I mean, he's coming on.
I'm going to be friendly so I can have him on again in the future.
But, I mean, we probably had him on.
Look, here's a tip.
I mean, here's an indicator.
I probably had him on 50, no, more than that.
I probably had him on 75 times in the years of Bill Clinton and the first two of Bush.
And they've really changed in the last two years.
They haven't been on since then.
So what does that tell you about my opinion of him?
Well, I know, and Alex, I met with Larry Klayman in 2004 when he was here in Florida, and I gave him some of your videos on 9-11.
He had a speech here before his run at election.
Yeah, I had him on supporting his run.
Yeah, and I gave him some, you know, he brought up all the facts about how we're under attack by Al-Qaeda and all this, and I sat here and listened to this garbage, and I said, Larry...
At the end of it, I said, Larry, let me give you some documentaries that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that at best the government knew something was going to happen on 9-11.
And I figured after all the information regarding Robert Reich and the relationship between the Bin Ladens and the Bushes,
That he would be receptive to this.
He looked at me, Alex, like I had three eyes.
Well, Russell, they have names for this, but this is how the Senate works.
They have the intelligence committees and others, and they go, Oh, come talk to us, FBI agents.
Oh, come talk to us, Sybil Edmonds, the individual who was there before.
I think so.
Notice that Robert Wright and all these people were starting to go public.
We had shippers starting to go public.
Judicial Watch comes along.
Robert Wright gets up and cries and says, all I can tell you is the Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
And then suddenly, the whole thing goes away and goes into a black hole.
So it looks to me like Judicial Watch, whether it's wittingly or unwittingly, is a huge vacuum cleaner that goes around sucking up all the dirt, finding out what whistleblowers knows, and then deep-sixing it into a black hole.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, let's go ahead.
I mean, you'll know what I really think.
That's it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Will in Georgia.
Will, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
How are all those beautiful Georgia peaches doing?
Oh, the weather is strangely mild and cool down here.
It's usually stinking hot.
Wasn't talking about those peaches, my friend.
Go ahead.
It's a joke.
Anyway, a quick testimonial about the Berkey.
I've been drinking the water.
This is something to keep in mind for the rest of the listeners.
This whole Pentagon thing, I think it's just nothing but a litmus test for the public.
They released their shoddy video, and they're sitting back.
And just judging how the public reacts to it.
And that's how propaganda works.
For a lot of people, it'll be, well, we saw the video now, Alex.
Shut up.
We saw the video, guys.
I'm even getting emails going, ah, this proves you wrong.
Shut up.
I never got into this.
I left it alone.
I said it was a trap.
And, you know, I'm on record.
I mean, how many times have you heard me say that?
Yeah, plenty of times.
It was just like the whole 9-11 scenario was just, you know, testing people.
Your suspension of disbelief, but especially the Pentagon, it's like, you know, if you put yourself in the mind of a hijacker, say, you know, if a plane did hit the Pentagon and there was a hijacked plane, you know, Flight 77, you know, if you were in that plane, you would dive bomb it from above.
You wouldn't try to fly close to the ground.
You'd just, you know, you'd find your target and then you'd just crash into it.
You can only fly that close to the ground if the wind's right.
At about 200 miles an hour, I've had pilots on.
It's part of the record.
That thing came in at over 500 miles an hour.
One more thing.
This whole Pentagon video has me... Stay there.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We got Christopher J. Farrell, judicial watch, the former Army intelligence officer, to tell us all about how a plane hit the Pentagon and how this is conclusive proof they've released.
And then we'll all debate them and latch on to it.
And then they've admitted there's going to be new video coming out soon.
Much crisper for you.
And we can all be exposed and all be, just like I said we would four-plus years ago.
It's a setup.
But if we get ahead of the setup, we can defeat them.
But we'll talk to some nice fellows and get their view on this.
Finishing up there, Will, and we'll go to Rhonda and others.
Finish up what you were saying.
Oh, what I was saying is this whole scenario is making me very wary, especially with their 666 date coming around the corner.
There was even a big Colorado newspaper with the FBI saying they're worried about 666 and crazies and terrorists.
I'm worried because our elite is obsessed with numerology.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, it's too good of an opportunity for them to pass up.
And I think this is, you know, this is just, they're turning up the, they're going to see more and more, you know, false flag stories, straw men stories come up like this.
I hear you.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, a lot of diversions, a lot of distractions right now away from the NSA spying and the fake intelligence on Iraq and all of it.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rhonda.
Rhonda, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I haven't talked to you for a while.
Thank you.
I have another take on it.
I think there's not going to be any CRISPR video.
I think for most people who are brainwashed sufficiently with what they've seen yesterday, I think they've seen a crisp 757 in what they saw yesterday.
Well, certainly propaganda is multilayered.
They show just a few little foggy images of something, like a wisp of smoke, and there's your airplane.
It's kind of like looking at a cloud and seeing a giraffe.
I don't think they can effectively fake a crisp picture of a 757 coming in there, just like you said, because they can't fly 200 feet off the ground.
They'd have blowed the cars off the highway.
They flew lower than 200 feet.
They were flying 15 feet.
But they would have blew the cars off the highway, which we know didn't happen.
Well, there are photos of cars in disarray and telephone poles down.
Yes, but they would have been blowed off the highway.
And there's no wreckage.
With the video evidence that's out there that's already been released, there's no wreckage.
I don't think they can... They can't put a 757 in a 17-foot hole through all that concrete.
But, Rhonda, are you noticing that... See, we're all still debating the Pentagon and debating the flimsy footage they gave us.
We're meant to then raise this to even more of the central debate.
You've got to ask yourself why the media gives us attention and nothing else.
They don't want us looking at all the other areas.
Well, because I think it's...
I think it's the path of least resistance.
I think it's the least damning.
I think it was one of the crime scenes they could control the most.
And I don't think we're going to get a 757 flying into the Pentagon.
I don't think they could even fake it at this point.
I think Judicial Watch is going to be, like you said, their little vacuum, kind of like the 9-11 Commission with their final report.
With Judicial Watch, which I never trusted after Larry Klayman came out and started running as Republican and started talking about Al-Qaeda being involved.
He lost me right there, way back when.
And they're coming out like, we're the ones that asked for this evidence, and so I think if anything else is released, it'll be released specifically to them, because they're already acting like this was sufficient.
You know, that, oh yeah, this proves that a 757 hit the Pentagon, which it did not.
Rhonda, good points.
I appreciate your call.
Good to hear from you.
I liked meeting you up there at that big event in Kansas City four years ago.
Take care.
Time has really flown past us.
All right, we are scheduled to have the folks from Traditional Watch on after this quick break right here on the GCN Radio Network.
We've got massive coverage on this at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Please spread it around.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Christopher J. Farrell is our guest.
We've interviewed him many times in the past.
He joined Judicial Watch in 1999 as an organization director of investigations and research and has been a member of the board of directors since September 2003.
He's a native of Long Island, New York and has a distinguished military graduate from Fordham University with a B.A.
in history, whereupon he accepted a regular Army position.
He's also a graduate of the Military Intelligence Officers Basic and Advanced Courses, the U.S.
Army Advanced Counterterrorism Training Course, the Combined Armed Services Staff School, the U.S.
Army Command and General Staff College of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Military Operations Training Course.
And it goes on for a bunch of pages, so I'm not going to read any more.
We've interviewed him, Larry Klayman, countless others over the years.
We supported Klayman's senatorial run.
And I've got to tell him out of the gates, I'm not impressed with the two newest video clips, compilations of stills from security cameras.
But I think this is going to heighten the debate.
It actually is supercharged people who think a plane didn't hit the Pentagon.
And so that's where I stand on this.
Thanks for coming on with us, sir.
Thank you very much.
It's great to be on your show.
Tell us just in a nutshell, for those who don't know, what Judicial Watch is, how you got this video, why you got the video, and what you think this video is going to do.
Okay, Dan and Dirty, we're a 12-year-old non-profit public interest group.
We do a lot of transparency and accountability work with government.
Our job is to expose government operations to the American public so they can understand what's going on and they can hold folks accountable.
We filed a Freedom of Information Act request in December of 2004 seeking these videos and others
With the Department of Justice, with the Department of Defense, FBI, and other agencies.
DOD finally produced these two video segments that you see up on our website and around the world now in response to this FOIA request.
We had to go to federal court to compel the Department of Defense to produce these videos.
This is a two and a half year battle.
It's not over.
It's not complete.
We know that there are other videos being held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation
We are pursuing those, and we'll sue like we did with the DOD, and we'll compel the FBI to produce them.
I agree with you when it comes to the fact that this seems to have supercharged folks.
There are some folks who are committed that the plane hit the building.
There are other folks who say, no way in hell.
We don't have a dog in our fight.
Our job is to produce the information to the American public.
We don't subscribe to one theory or the other.
Personally speaking, I think the plane hit the building.
I don't
By the cruise missile, whatever, all the other theories.
I have my reasons for doing it.
I've heard arguments on both sides, and that's where I come down personally.
Now, Judicial Watch's press release says it shows a plane hitting a building.
Right, and in our opinion, I mean, this is, I looked at it, or President Tom Fitness looked at it,
I just see a black, grayish blur that almost looks like a genie or something dancing around.
I don't really see anything.
Well, I mean, you know, it's going to be an endless source of...
Of speculation until the government finally turns over the other video that it has.
Almost as if it's designed to create speculation and heighten the debate.
Yeah, it's a pathetic response from the government.
And the fact that when we sued them to force them to produce this, their answer back to us is, we can't get this out because we're trying Zacharias Moussaoui.
And our response was, what does that have to do with your production of the video?
And they couldn't give us a good answer.
They claim an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act for law enforcement purposes, but here's the problem.
The Department of Defense has no jurisdiction over Musawi.
Stay there.
We're talking to Christopher J. Farrell with Judicial Watch.
We'll be right back after this quick break and continue this important discussion.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
One of the biggest destinations on the internet yesterday was Judicial Watch's website.
Judicial Watch that went after Bill Clinton on
Dozens of issues.
Judicial Watch that went after George Bush for his business dealings with the Bin Laden family.
Judicial Watch that had press conferences with FBI agents where Larry Klayman stood up and said, We'll be arrested if we tell you what we know.
All we can say is the Bushes' vacation with the Bin Ladens.
And a clip of that is in my film, The Masters of Terror.
Then they shift gears.
They sue the government.
They had a FOIA request.
They refused.
So they sued the Department of Defense trying to force them.
To release one of the, what, 88 plus cameras that had field of view of what happened, and they don't release the high quality digital video that they admittedly have, and they've seized from private institutions, from the state highway group, from the Pentagon itself.
No, no, they release more of these parking lot still frames, and it is not conclusive
I believe they released this to make it not be conclusive, to then heighten the debate, to later release video of a plane hitting the Pentagon, whether it's real or manufactured, to try to destroy the 9-11 truth movement.
I've been saying this for four-plus years.
I'm on record.
And I heard another one of the Judicial Watch folks last night on Coast to Coast AM before I came on, talking about how more videos on the way.
Talking to former Army intelligence officer, been working with Judicial Watch since 1999, Christopher J. Farrell,
I've been involved in high-level training, of course, also in defense intelligence and many other quarters.
Christopher J. Farrell, you just heard my comments on this.
When do you think we're going to see more video?
Where are your lawsuits right now?
I think the one that's going to be most fruitful is the one that has to do with the FBI.
The FBI claims in frequent sworn statements you can find on the Internet pretty easily that there's 80-some-odd additional tapes that they're in possession of
We've filed a request with them.
We've been through an appeals process.
If they don't disgorge the tapes in the very near term, I'm talking like the next 10 days, they'll have a lawsuit, and we'll pursue that just as we pursued this DOD one, and we'll compel them to produce the tapes.
The American people are owed a straight-up answer.
All the conjecture, all the speculation, all the yeah buts and the back and forth,
You know, it's good that we can debate it, but it would be a hell of a lot better if they would just come out and give us the information they have instead of, you know, sort of baiting people into this never-ending cycle of yeah, but, yeah, but, yeah, but, which doesn't get anybody anywhere.
Well, this whole thing stinks to high heaven as an intelligence honeypot.
You know what a honeypot is, don't you?
You probably know more about it than I do.
Can you tell us what a honeypot is?
Well, let's just call it a baited trap.
It's something that draws somebody into a situation where they're compromised.
And I think that's exactly what this is.
I think they've been releasing weak video all along.
I think they've used you guys and your suit as an opportunity.
And I think we're going to see clearer video in the near future.
What do you think about that?
I think so, too.
I mean, the video that they did provide, these are two clips, two three-minute clips,
Some of the stuff has already been seen before.
Still, I guess, we're leaked out at some point.
But what we thought was important is that, look, this is the Pentagon being forced to produce the information to the American public.
This is not what they elected to dribble out.
This is them being compelled by order of law.
Let me finish.
What they gave us was incredibly disappointing.
And as you mentioned, it actually inflames people because they get
I think so.
Well, I agree with some of the activities of Judicial Watch in the past, but where did it go with FBI agent Robert Wright, who knew specifically about the plans to hijack and the money and the rest of it, and was told to shut up by Bush?
And then now I try to go to the Judicial Watch website, even a few days ago, before you guys got hammered with visitors, and I can't find that stuff.
A lot of that stuff's been moved or been taken off.
I mean, where are you guys on...
All the real questions of 9-11 that at a bare minimum prove government prior knowledge.
Hey, everything about Robert Wright is on our website.
You can go on the search engine and check it.
Robert Wright, thank God, because we fought tooth and nail, has been reinstated.
The FBI is going to try to can him.
What about General Mahmoud Ahmed?
I don't know what your question... Well, I couldn't find that.
They were dead links when I checked it this weekend.
I was doing some research.
The Pakistani head of intelligence that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Adda?
If it was on our website and it's a dead link, you tell me what it is, we'll get it fixed.
Absolutely nothing has been taken off the website, ever.
Okay, great.
Well, I mean, sometimes we have dead links, too, sir.
I'm not saying it's anything.
Look, do you admit, sir, that the government could be using you guys?
I mean, if the government doesn't want to release something, they just don't do it and declare national security.
They can have a federal judge snap his fingers.
The executive branch can issue a national security order or letter.
As you know well, sir, you've been trained in all of this.
If they didn't want to release that, they wouldn't.
They never released the Oklahoma City bombing tapes, and I've interviewed the FBI agents that saw McVeigh with Arabs get out of the truck.
Why wouldn't they use that in the trial to prosecute him?
Because George Bush Sr., L.A.
Times, Washington Post admit, brought in those 3,000-plus Iraqi Republican Guard, and you guys have covered that.
So if they wouldn't release those tapes, those 12 tapes, why won't they release these 88 recordings and tapes?
But because they've withheld previous tapes doesn't mean we have to stop asking for them.
No, I'm not saying you're bad for asking for them.
I'm saying they released this because they wanted to.
I agree.
But the point is, our job, our function is to ask and ask and ask and ask.
And we're going to keep asking.
And we're going to use all the tools available to us.
Now, can they thwart us?
Sure they can.
Notre Truloc, the Department of Energy whistleblower who uncovered the whole Wen Ho Lee thing, tried to sue.
And what the CIA did was they went in and presented a poison pill declaration to kill Notre Truloc's lawsuit.
I mean, they do this kind of stuff all the time.
Look at Sabelle Edmonds.
They introduced poison pill declarations.
That's what I'm saying, sir.
I mean, everybody knows if they don't want to release the time of day, they won't do it.
They could care less.
I'm asking you, who works inside Judicial Watch, who is their intelligence expert, who worked inside the Pentagon in the past, I'm asking you, sir, why you think they decided to release video which a five-year-old can look at this and know that this was going to explode the debate and make the government look even worse.
My crystal ball is broken.
Well, let me tell you why.
Let me tell you why they did this.
Because they're going to release more video to you guys in the future, between the next six months and a year, once your lawsuit's going, once it all looks good.
And then once that happens, Mr. Farrell, they're going to release a lot clearer video.
They're trying to make all the questions of 9-11 be ignored.
And don't forget just the incredible incompetence leading up to it.
I mean, you can't separate the two.
You've got all the contingency planning and all the what-if-thing that existed beforehand, and then you've got this incredible mind-boggling series of errors, miscommunications, drop balls, missed clues.
If folks aren't screaming about it, they should be.
Yeah, we'll scream about it, and they'll just give more funding to the same goon agencies that are destroying our liberties and our freedoms.
Sir, did you hear about the White House memo that the White House admits is authentic, where they said we'll stage a shoot-down on one of our planes, get it shot down, paint it up in U.N.
colors, we'll stage the discovery of WMDs, we've had the fat bin Laden tape, which wasn't bin Laden, voice print and face scan shows that.
I mean, come on, sir, can we believe anything that comes out of this government?
Very little.
I mean, the best information that normally comes forward comes forward from whistleblowers.
Guys who are on the inside who know better, and like you mentioned before, Robert Wright, Robert Wright is an incredibly brave guy, and they tried to destroy him, and thank God we fought tooth and nail for him and got him reinstated.
Let me ask you a question.
What did you think when Fox and all of them were chortling yesterday?
I don't know if you saw it.
Oh, this will disprove all the conspiracy theorists.
They looked like people who had their balloons popped, because obviously they hadn't seen it yet.
They just rolled it when they got it, when it just showed some little gray smudge.
You know, what happens is, I think for the most part, folks shoot their mouths off without seeing the actual content, and then they get embarrassed because they understand or they have some reason to believe what they think is going to show up on the video, and then when it doesn't meet their expectations, they look goofy.
I know you're really busy.
I've got another five-minute segment coming up after the break.
Will you stay with us so you can talk about any issues you want to get out there?
I'd be happy to.
Okay, great.
We've got about a minute and a half before break.
I want to just go back to when you guys first got the video.
Can you describe how that happened and what you thought when you first saw it?
Yeah, I mean, the process was this.
We were faxed over a memo from the chief of the DOD FOIA office saying that with the wrap-up of the Zacharias Musari trial, that they would now abide by the court's order and present us or, you know,
And they gave us an address and time to go over in Arlington, Virginia, across the river here and go pick it up.
So naturally we went over there ahead of time.
They presented us with a CD-ROM with the two clips on the disc itself.
Our folks raced back here.
We got it on a machine, watched it, and were as disappointed as everybody else is.
I mean, not as anticipating some decent video, stuff that would actually reveal or at least present a different angle or
Well, I mean, they control the cards.
I mean, that's the downside of FOIA.
The plaintiff in these matters is always at a disadvantage.
Because you don't... They control all the goodies.
You get to ask the questions...
Okay, sir.
Three-minute break.
Get a cup of coffee, water, whatever.
We'll be right back in the final segment with Mr. Farrell.
Very, very busy from Judicial Watch.
We appreciate him joining us today.
I've got a few final questions and any comments he's got on the record.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Navigating the psychological warfare operation has all the earmarks, all the telltale signs, the signature, the wavelength.
As we've been reporting to you for four plus years, I saw this coming a mile away, because the media chose to always predominantly focus on the Pentagon debate, to give it endless coverage.
And our guest agrees that we're going to probably see more video coming out, better video coming out,
And I think the government's gone so far with this that people aren't even going to buy that when they see it.
What do you think about that statement, Christopher J. Farrell from Judicial Watch?
Alex, you hit the nail on the head.
I mean, this is one example of something larger that we've done that I know you guys have paid great attention to.
And that is our lawsuit against the Department of Defense concerning something called Empower Peace, which was a website run by a private psyops firm called the Rendon Group.
And it's all part of an information operations warfare strategy laid out by the Pentagon in October 2003 where they hired this firm, the Rendon Group, to start manipulating the news.
It goes back into the Office of Special Plans and Doug Feith and that whole crowd and bringing it forward to the present.
It's how these firms like the Lincoln Group and the Rendon Group deliberately plant news stories, often in foreign media,
Knowing that it's going to bubble back into the American media stream and be consumed by John Q. Citizen out there.
Sir, Bush has also been caught buying $1.6 billion in fake news and buying reporters in the Congressional Budget Office and others and have said that's illegal.
It's a violation of the Smith-Mund Act of 1948, which explicitly prohibits...
The propagandizing of the American people using taxpayer dollars.
What's your take on Bush saying he's above the law on torture, he's above the law on spying, he's above the law on defense contracts, he's above the law this, above the law that?
Well, what I think is going to happen, and this is just a wild prediction, we're nonpartisan.
We never endorse candidates, we never endorse parties.
We stay out of the election business.
But I think, based on the polling I've seen, that if the election was held today, the Democrats take over the House,
Part of it will be great.
Part of it will be very illuminating to the public.
Part of it will be a circus side show.
But there will be hearings.
Some of it will be effective.
A lot of it will be just hot air and chest pounding.
But it will break loose more information as to what the Bush administration is doing and their penchant for secrecy and their manipulation of the news media.
Mr. Farrell, the motto of Judicial Watch is because no one is above the law.
Yes, sir.
Have you guys been horrified to see Bush behaving in this fashion more than even Clinton?
I mean, they're Nixonian in their secrecy.
Oh, yeah, by far.
They're far outstripped Clinton when it comes to that.
The secrecy, the bunker mentality is mind-boggling.
They're as good as can be.
They are dismissive of any attempt to get to the bottom or have any kind of documents
We have to sue them over and over again.
Where is Able Danger going?
Because we know that was actually Defense Intelligence and others specifically knowing about the Al-Qaeda threat and trying to stop it.
And now they're going after colonels and people for $65 in cell phone calls of their wives trying to burn them for that.
The name of the game there is personal destruction.
This guy, Lieutenant Colonel, had the guts to step up and say, no, we did this a year ahead of time.
The name of the game there is to just destroy the guy personally.
Do everything they can to marginalize him and make him look like he's either a crook or a nut.
But that's not going to make friends in the government, in the real bureaucracy that runs things, the fact that they're burning all these patriots.
Well, unfortunately, the contrary is true.
For the most part, people don't give a damn.
They're interested in collecting their retirement, and they're going to fall in line and obey.
That's one of the reasons why I am not a government employee.
When do you think we're going to... I mean, just a guess.
When do you think we'll see more videos released from the Pentagon?
On the Flight 77?
Three months.
Three months is my guess.
They'll let it go into the summer, and then once they're compelled through a lawsuit, suddenly they'll break loose with a couple more.
But you said yourself they don't release something if they get sued by...
The only way to get it out of them is to sue them.
That's the only way to force it out of them is to sue them.
But in most of the cases, they don't care if you sue them.
They just refuse.
So they're not going to release it unless they want to and act like you guys are basically the reason it's happened.
And that's why they will dribble it out.
It will take them three months.
They're going to get through.
What they want to do is they want to be able to present it in time for the elections.
So you have to get through the summer.
And once the summer is over, about three months down the road,
People start getting back into politics mode, and the elections come up, that's when you'll see them.
Final comment.
Some people are saying you guys just vacuum up government dirt evidence, and it kind of disappears into a black hole.
What do you say to that?
We make it available on our website.
Folks can go there at judicialwatch.org and read it for themselves.
It's the individual's responsibility to educate themselves.
All right, Christopher J. Farrell, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Hope to talk to you again in the future as this develops.
You bet.
All right, there you go.
A very revealing interview.
We'll have a text report out for you by the end of the day on this.
We'll come back and take a bunch of your calls.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, that was a very suspicious interview, wasn't it?
But you ought to play good cop, bad cop with these folks.
We'll have a nice report out for you in the next four or five hours on that interview you heard where he was admitting that he's an intelligence officer from Defense Intelligence.
That's what he did previously.
Pretty high level.
And admitting that it clearly is a honeypot, a setup.
And that they gave this to him on purpose, and they didn't have to give it to him, and they don't normally do that, and that more is coming, and that they're going to dribble it out whenever they want.
See, he couldn't counter the facts.
And that this whole thing is basically staged, and they're being used, regardless of what their position is, useful idiots or operatives or whatever, in this whole debate.
This thing stinks to high heaven.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
None of that will ever be discussed.
It'll all be, the truth movement was destroyed.
We had the national debate on a safe subject for them.
They produced the video.
They produced the film.
And they disprove it.
Or we can preemptively counter the New World Order.
They don't have all the cards.
We have the ace in the hole of the truth in being able to counter their psyops and educate people preemptively of it.
See, I'm in this to win.
Not to be a big mouth or a big head and to shoot my mouth off and to say that it's my way or the highway.
It's always been a big tent.
I've tried to support everybody that questions the official story.
We know it's an inside job if you look at the other constellations of evidence.
The plethora, the galaxy of other issues that are incontrovertible.
This was an inside job, false flag, government terror operation.
Now the big tell with Judicial Watch...
Minion Christopher J. Farrell.
The big tell with him was as soon as I brought up Northwoods, he jumped into the government being stupid, the government being inept, the government being buffoons.
He was following classic talking points of...
Lee Hamilton and many, many others, Keene, the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, the government itself, the fallback issue.
First it was we had no prior knowledge and they're caught.
They claim it's a mistake.
Then we find it's premeditated.
They lied.
Then we find out they're involved in it.
And so it's a fallback to we're just idiots.
So a very suspicious interview.
But you get more out of these people giving them the rope.
And boy, do we give them the rope, and you'll see it up on prisonplanet.com.
You'll see the public hanging of Judicial Watch, who I think has done some good work.
I think they've got good people in there.
But whether they're compromised through being brainwashed, propagandized, being ignorant, whatever it is, it doesn't look good.
It doesn't look good.
But I will just leave it at that.
Let's go ahead and take calls here.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We have Professor Jim Fetzer, an incredible mind on 9-11, joining us coming up in the third hour to talk about this issue and a lot more.
Right now, let's go to Caleb in Texas.
Caleb, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm with you, man.
I'm not 100% on Farrell either.
I would have liked you to ask him how many other members of Judicial Watch are former feds.
Quite a few.
Not fed, sir.
High-level intelligence officer.
The Pentagon video's bogus.
The immigration thing is bogus.
You know, Alex, I'm curious to see, now that we're going to have millions of new naturalized citizens here shortly, we're also going to have millions of new draftees when we decide we want to pop it off with Iran.
And I wonder if they're going to protest like they have been in such numbers once they start getting sent over to that meat grinder.
No, no, no, no.
They all wear the white shirts.
They all have the flags they're supposed to have.
The Bush administration with Fox, Rob Allen & Co., PR firm, staged it all.
It is a fifth column to be controlled, and the poor people in this movement can't even realize that they're part of this, that they're being manipulated.
It's amazing.
Yeah, and if they do happen to get sent over to Iran and have anything to say about it, then Halliburton's got some cozy little internment camps waiting for them.
Anyway, we'll see you out there in California.
Does Arnold have an invitation to go out there?
Why, if Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to come, he's welcome.
Well, tell him that there's some gay porn stars out there, and he'll probably hustle right over.
But that's okay.
Conservatives defend the fact that he's in gay porn, and then they make stuff up about Charlie Sheen, and that's all something we have to focus on.
But Arnold, it's very Christian and conservative that he's admittedly not a Christian.
He wrote a book saying he hates Christians.
I read it, and how pathetic we are.
And he is anti-gun and pro-abortion, so he's a good Republican.
Man, he's real sweet on Kurt Waldheim, too.
He's just a dandy little guy.
All right, well, we'll see you out there, Alex.
I appreciate your call.
That's right.
Yes, we're having a big 9-11 truth conference at the Sheraton downtown L.A.,
And you can go to Infowars.com and link through to the AmericanScholarSymposium.org.
There's a toll-free number you can call there to specifically tell them that you're getting the social rate, $109 instead of a night, instead of $180-something, I think it is.
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The sheriff has built onto a shopping mall.
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And we're going to have a whole bunch of top speakers.
Professor Fetzer.
We're going to have Professor Jones, the physics professor.
We're going to have so many other people.
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And all the details are there on the side.
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Don't wait.
1-888-253-3139 is the toll-free number to call and get them.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Joe in California.
Joe, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
I hope to see you all.
How are you?
Actually, I'm going to be there.
I've got 10 other people I'm taking with me.
So we're going to see you in Los Angeles.
Good, thank you.
It's going to be a great show.
I expect nothing but the best, like always, from you.
It's amazing work you're doing.
With regards to this bogus Pentagon video, you know, they're saying that they plastered it all over yesterday on TV and different channels saying that this is the first time they released it.
Well, you know what?
That's an absolute lie.
You know, I have a footage of Wolf Blitzer and Jamie McIntyre talking about this about a year after it happened.
And in that particular footage, which is a little bit longer, it also shows in the bottom left-hand corner
Of the surveillance camera, the date of September 12th.
One of these new videos has its time stamped September 12th, too.
Yeah, and my, you know, not that, you know what... Sure, they do that on purpose.
They want to look bad.
They want to make the debate as a distraction off the other issues.
Absolutely, and quite frankly, you know, let's assume, not that I think it was an airplane that hit it, but let's assume, let's concede that it was.
Who cares?
The bottom line is, why don't you talk about, you know, Giuliani talking to Jennings on ABC the day of 9-11, where he admits that he had received a phone call 15 minutes before the towers were coming down, warning him that the towers were coming down.
And as mayor, what did he do?
Jennings doesn't follow up with questions like, wait a minute, who called you?
How were you told?
And what did you do about it?
You were mayor.
You knew that there were officers going up and down those towers as well as firemen.
And what did you do to evacuate those buildings or get the word out to those people?
Not to mention, that was the first 15 minutes before the first tower.
What about the 30 minutes afterwards, substantial time when the second tower goes down?
How come they don't talk about any of that?
Plus, you know, building number seven, the whole slew of issues that we're all
You know, far more knowledgeable about that they don't want to talk about.
They cannot have a debate with us on those issues.
They've chosen, which is why I've been suspicious from the start, to stay locked.
Their focus totally riveted to the Pentagon.
They've tried to make this the central debate.
It's incredible.
The other issue on immigration, you know, I'm a Mexican-American.
I myself was, you know, my parents immigrated here when I was five years old.
And I had to work.
I educated myself here.
And I'm not going to say the National Anthem in Spanish or in any other language other than English.
And also with regards to these poor people, I feel bad for them because they're being used.
They're being walked right into the slaughterhouse.
I know.
I've had some of the Mecha and other websites freak out when I post the documents that they're funded by Bush.
And, I mean, I'm sorry.
They want to set each other's throats.
They want us fighting with each other instead of living together in peace.
And Latin America has 400 million people doubling every 30-something years.
We just can't have unlimited third world populations.
We're going to be totally poor.
But the government wants this.
I mean, look, if George Bush is for it, it's got to be bad.
And, you know, I just heard this morning on the radio that there's going to be a group of, I can't remember what the group of, but it's representing the immigrants, you know, meeting with committee senators.
I mean, you know, Alex, how many people can mobilize that quickly, have that kind of clout, and be that organized to be able to go meet with, you know, a Senate committee?
I mean, give me a break.
These poor people can't.
You know, some of them, I'm sure, can read and write.
Don't get me wrong.
I mean, this is all staged.
No, no, no.
I mean, you can have the 9-11 widows wanting to have a committee begging for it for three years, and they won't have it.
Sir, it's all staged.
It's all completely staged, and we need to realize that, and you've realized that, so I commend you, my friend, and I appreciate your call.
Let me just add this addendum to what he just brought up.
The Mexican government, it's right here in the Associated Press, came out last night,
He's saying they're going to personally sue the National Guardsmen for being on the border and simply reporting illegal aliens and coyotes.
Now, I told you Bush was just going to, for two months, and he now has announced it, put 6,000 troops down there in rotation, only about 2,000 at a time, and they're going to be unarmed and they're not going to engage in arrests or apprehensions.
Compare that to Mexican troops with machine guns shooting at our citizens, driving around in tanks and armored vehicles, running down fences, coming across the border.
They've got the nerve to tell our government, who's more than happy to go along with it, that they're going to sue our troops who, oh, don't worry, we'll be unarmed.
I mean, it's pathetic.
The CFR.
Council on Foreign Relations that runs this country for the globalists, last year released their report saying we've got to beat this legislation.
It'll criminalize, make it felonies of these illegal aliens.
We've got to get the Pan-American Union.
We've got to get a guest worker program.
We've got to get this guest worker program.
We'll call amnesty guest worker.
It is total amnesty.
And so Bush has got this sugarcoating...
Of troops that he's not even going to let engage in arrest or apprehension.
Bush let us know where he stood in the last two years when he called the Minutemen vigilantes.
Bottom line, that's what happened.
And now so many conservatives are saying, I'm pleased, I'm happy, Bush is finally getting tough.
It's baloney!
It's the exact same thing Rick Perry did earlier this year when he sent 100 state guard in rotations, that's eight a month, down to the border.
He had a photo op with a bunch of troops and police behind him, which further conditions us to get rid of Posse Comitatus.
It's not a violation to have him on the border, but still, it's just the overall image it gives the American people.
But I always look at the overwhelming image, what it pushes.
It does nothing.
Are eight people on a 1,000-mile, or what is it, 800-mile Texas border?
Is that anything?
Does that do anything?
No, it does absolutely nothing.
Oh, Bush got tough.
He arrested 1,000 illegals and 200 employers.
That's less than 1% in a year.
If they arrested 1,000 a day for a year, it's less than 1% of 25 million.
And that's a conservative number.
25 million is conservative.
And it's just such an insult to our country.
And it makes everybody get at each other's throats.
And I'm tired of it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Mass.
Bob, thanks for holding.
Hi there.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to say I completely agree with everything you're saying about you seem to be adding fuel to the fire for this Pentagon thing.
Getting people to pay attention to that.
There's a lot of people who don't care.
They don't care if they've been set up.
They want their ten minutes in the sunshine.
Exactly, yeah.
And so they're just going to squeal and squawk and never make the point that it's all a set up.
And the other thing I'm thinking is like this... It seems kind of far out there, but I'm a little bit concerned that there's going to be something going on with the... They're going to push this weaponization to space thing.
I mean, it seems...
It should be pretty far out there, but I'd like to see exactly what hit the Pentagon there.
Well, sir, there's nothing far out about saying they weaponized space.
Particle beams, nuclear weapons, space planes, it's all there.
Oh, you're saying it might have been... One of their things that they have there, whatever you call it.
They have so many interesting ways of flying.
What, an energy directed weapon?
An energy directed weapon couldn't shoot down and then shoot at an angle through the building.
An energy directed weapon can only...
We're good to go.
I think?
So energy-directed weapons can only fire straight down.
That's not what I meant.
I meant as far as I'd be interested.
I feel like there's a really big hoax coming out.
I don't know.
It's just my gut level is that there's something really tweaked that's going to happen.
And I'd like to see a clearer video because, I don't know, it's just interesting.
But see, they've set the debate now.
We had earlier callers that said if they could show me a plan, I'll believe them.
Well, we know it's an inside job, planes or not.
You see, so they've made an artificial litmus test and debate here.
I'm more sure of it than ever.
Good to hear from you, sir.
Sorry, go ahead.
Thank you so much.
No, thank you.
We'll come back and go to Paul and David and others.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
If you disagree with anything I've said about the Pentagon, you're welcome to call in, doesn't matter who you are.
We'll continue with 9-11 and a bunch of other issues in the next hour with Professor James Fetzer.
If you want to stay with us for that, don't forget the best, continual, most multifaceted coverage of the Pentagon strike at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Alex Jones here.
Hello, my friends.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy, out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy.
A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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You know, we talk a lot about 9-11, at least once or twice a week on this broadcast, because it's so central.
Look at how the media constantly covers it.
Look how Bush and the neocons and the Democrats keep invoking it.
When a cop pulls you over and wants to search your car without a warrant, it's a post-9-11 environment, but we're going to rat out the Minutemen for watching the border.
But we're going to search you.
We don't need probable cause anymore.
This is the new America.
We're above the law.
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It's all there.
A wonderful activist tool to download it all and burn it on the CDs and give it to people.
Let's blast through your calls.
And I said I was going to go to Paula, but Paula, you've been calling almost every day.
I've got a rule that I can only call a few times a week, so we're going to skip Paula, and we're going to go to David in Montana.
David, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Greetings, my fellow North American Unionists, and I say that with tremendous satire.
In the past two years, three times, Bush, Fox, and the Prime Minister of Canada got together in Waco, Cancun, and Montreal and announced the North American Union.
We're living like in denial.
We're thinking we could prevent it.
There was a scene in the Gladiator.
The under-general said to the one general, he says, one of these people are going to know they're conquered.
We ain't going to stop it by fighting it.
What we do, you got to learn from the mafia.
We got to get involved.
We bring America right into the veins of this monster.
And we be free people that run it then.
We have to bring the American spirit within the monster.
We're in the mouth of the monster.
And when you're looking out of the mouth, you don't know you're in the mouth because you can't see around you.
We have to get within it.
The fight is over.
It's happening.
They announced it.
Our politicians are numb to the fact.
They don't even want to admit it.
What President Bush said on Monday was he should have said that this is the North American Union.
Because he didn't say it, we know that they're up to no good.
They want us at each other's throats.
And we don't do it, man.
We answer it with love.
It will freak them out.
And open up our arms to one another and help one another and get within the monster and bring American spirit right to our hearts.
Sir, the only thing that's been holding up their program is they try to implement and so many people refuse to go along.
I agree that people need to passively sabotage this system, but they're going to have trouble fully implementing the American Union.
You're right.
Listen, I'll let you talk.
Can I just say something?
Just briefly.
It is true they've announced the American Union.
It's true the general public isn't even aware of that.
We need to inform them.
It's part of the education process.
Just as I wasn't awake at one point in my life, you probably weren't awake at one point in your life.
We have to remember that our job of waking others up isn't done yet.
We can't let them get afraid.
We can't let them get caught by fear.
We have to empower them.
Tell them this is the change.
This is what's coming.
This is the path of America's future.
This is where we come and do it.
We got now.
This is where American spirit comes alive.
I appreciate your call.
I hear you.
I hear you.
That's what we're trying to do here.
We're trying to warn people.
We're trying to let folks know just how 11th hour it is.
I mean, it's happening.
They're getting rid of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
They're turning all the major highways into transponder toll roads.
They're going after our guns, our families.
It's horrible.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm really proud of the Pentagon video coverage that we've given the listeners of this radio show in the country and the world at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
The most up-to-date...
Information, cracking the code, exposing the entire psyop for what it is.
You will learn the details at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We'll recap it and get Professor Jim Fetzer's take on it coming up in the next segment.
We'll continue with open phones throughout the show.
We'll have some other news I'll be getting into as well.
Right now, let's go back to your calls.
Let's talk to Tony.
Tony, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from Arkansas, Alex, and honored to speak with you.
Well, I'm honored to speak with you.
Go ahead.
Okay, sorry.
After the President's speech going back to Mexico that he made the other night, we have a local radio station out of Little Rock that reaches a lot of people throughout all of central Arkansas, and they followed up.
And it's a conservative, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly all run on their network.
But they do also a local talk show host there.
So they did a follow-up segment with a call-in portion for about two hours after the President's speech.
And about 90% of the calls, and remember, this is a conservative, you know, Clear Channel type of station.
They didn't buy it.
They didn't buy it, and neither did the host.
What was funny was the host was saying it's like putting lipstick on a pig.
They were all furious.
He's just going to put a few thousand troops down there, 6,000 rotating around, no law enforcement power to do nothing, and the Mexican government's going to sue him on top of it for having troops on our own border, and then Bush is merging that with his total blanket amnesty plan that he deceptively calls the guest worker program.
Amen, and what was amazing was to get to see these other radio hosts getting that finally, and the callers were furious.
I was able to get through, and at the tail end, I mean, he let me go for a while, and I was able to get through, and I mentioned InfoWars right at the tail end, and because it was live, I guess I know you're always on a feed or something, but they didn't edit it, so I was able to plug InfoWars there, but two callers that called behind me were agreeing, and I guess what my main point was, and nobody out of all the 90% that were against it mentioned this,
Bush had put in the 17-minute speech that he wants to use the biometric chips to start chipping these individuals with the retina scans and other things.
That's right, and that's really part of the national ID card.
The exact same system he wants for some of the illegals that choose to get registered is already being put in through the Real ID Act passed last year.
The thing he claims for illegals is what they're already doing to citizens.
And so these people were calling in saying, and these are a vast majority of them conservative, a lot of them probably even Christian, and they're so dumbed down, they were saying, yeah, I think this is a good idea.
And the host at least contradicted him.
Well, that's how Lamar Smith got legislation passed for biometrics and for state funding.
He's a federal congressman, was claiming it would be to thumb scan the illegals, and then it was in the front page of the Statesman like five years ago that illegals are exempt from that.
Well, the host was at least good to conjure, and he said, what are we going to do?
We can't even get them at the border?
He said, you're going to start handing these out?
And so people have to just wake up and realize... No, the illegals are above the law.
It's admitted.
The cops don't even hold them.
But thank you, Alex, for what you do and keeping that at the forefront and about the chipping.
Because really what they're talking, when they say it's for the illegals, they really mean it's for us.
Fox News yesterday said we should chip the illegals.
Two Latin American presidents are saying they want to chip their populations.
The Mexican Attorney General made his employees take chips.
This is happening, people.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to another caller.
Chris in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
Thank you very much for the call.
I went to a demonstration.
We had a primary, and they were protesting in front of a congresswoman's... Let's see, what's her name?
Ann Northrup's her name.
And they were protesting a lot of things, and they were talking about New World Order, Larry Silverstein, about Building 7.
And I approached some of these protesters and said, you must listen to Alex Jones.
And they said, no, we don't.
But they were talking about and explaining who you are.
But there are people out there that don't even listen to this show.
That's even more encouraging.
No, it's what's wonderful.
So I'm going to keep going with this.
And I also told a reporter who was just leaving there, InfoWars.com and information to get real with your reporting.
And I wasn't mean to her, but I'm just angry at what's happening in this country.
Infowars.com, and I told the cameraman, too.
What protests were you at?
I was at a congresswoman's... This is a third district primary election coming up in November, and they were protesting in front of her house about this Iraq war and a lot of other things, too.
Anything else?
I just want to say... Stay there.
Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance...
This disaster is a new world order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I don't even have words to describe this out of the Associated Press.
Mexico threatens suit over guard patrols.
Now, they've got heavily armed paramilitary troops all over both their northern and southern border, searching everyone, pointing machine guns at people, shooting at our troops, our police, kidnapping people, coming up and putting guns to sheriffs' heads, stealing drugs back that sheriffs have seized.
I mean, this is all on record.
This is all part of the record.
This is all happening.
This is all going on.
And they've got the nerve to say that our Namby Pamby president and his smoke and mirrors, 6,000 troops and 2,000 troop rotations, so it's really 2,000 at any one time, on the border, to just be there to, when they see illegal aliens, call the Border Patrol.
The Border Patrol already can't respond to about 10% of the calls they get.
The illegal aliens are on the streets of America.
You want to go bust illegal aliens?
Send the police out to do it.
But we have 800 plus sanctuary cities that refuse to arrest them.
And we have Vicente Fox come to Austin, Texas and give awards to the police chief, Stan Nee, for not following the law.
He actually has press conferences with our police chief thanking him for being a crook.
And yes, he's a crook.
In fact, I'm about to go back to your calls.
And we've got Professor Fetzer coming up here in a few minutes.
But before I do that, I want to explain something.
I was talking to some of my friends last night, and one of them talked about how he had the light out on, one of the two lights out on his license plate.
And we were talking about this because suddenly last night driving around in my car, one of the headlights quit working.
And I thought, boy, you know, they pulled me over.
I've got to get home, you know.
I turned my floodlights on.
There was plenty of light.
And so they started telling these stories.
They told the story of this.
Both people in my car told similar stories.
State police pull you over, and they come over, and they say, we want to search the car.
And you say, no, it's a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
And then a supervisor comes with the state police and says, presumption of innocence, that's the Fourth Amendment, and you don't have that until you're in a criminal trial.
Well, that's not even what the Fourth Amendment is.
The Fourth Amendment is against unreasonable search and seizure, and it specifically says they have to have a thing that they're supposedly after, and that would be an eyewitness to something they believe to be illegal.
But the state police officer said, no, we don't need warrants.
The Fourth Amendment doesn't say that we even need probable cause.
We're going to search.
Do police realize that when they do that, they're committing a crime much bigger than even mugging somebody, in my opinion?
The Founding Fathers said that.
I mean, it is a serious, serious crime against America.
A crime against all our freedoms.
A crime against the troops that have supposedly fought and died for our liberties.
I know the Bill of Rights.
I've interviewed dozens and dozens of constitutional scholars.
I've read the Federalist Papers.
I've read the debates.
I know what the Fourth Amendment is.
I know what the court proceedings and the precedents are.
And I am sick and tired.
Two of my friends told me the exact same type of stories where they say we don't need warrants.
Fourth Amendment doesn't mean that we have to have probable cause.
I mean, it's crazy.
Just because the state police manuals
Or just because your, quote, policies, and I've had state police officers give me their policy papers, tell you you're allowed to search without warrants for no reason, I mean, they'll pull cars over at a random checkpoint and search them.
The state police said a few years ago, as long as it's random, it's okay.
No, that's even worse.
Just because you say it's not against the law, just because you say you're above the law, just because you say your bosses told you it's okay, doesn't make it okay.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand the federal courts and Congress have stated George Bush's warrantless spying is illegal?
And George Bush says he doesn't need a warrant anymore.
And then there's this whole argument about how this is being done for our safety.
There's this whole argument about how this is good for us, and you're doing this to keep us safe.
Well, gee, 50-something years ago, when we had about one-tenth the police per capita we do now, all of our statistics were we were a lot safer society.
The government ships the drugs in and then you'll raid somebody's house looking for drugs your boss has shipped in.
And I don't want to hear you roll your eyes.
I don't want to see you roll your eyes.
You know it's true police.
It's well known.
I don't want you to pull me over and say, I need to search your car, as one said.
And I say, it's a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Why are you doing this?
Oh, well, we're in a post-9-11 world.
Yeah, our border is totally wide open.
And you won't even search the illegal aliens and Bush calls the Minutemen vigilantes, but they have state manuals federally written where gun owners, people wearing Levi's, homeschoolers, those that make frequent references to the U.S.
Constitution, land rights activists are listed as terrorists.
When you act like that, when you violate my rights on the side of the highway like a Nazi stormtrooper in Nazi Germany, you're killing America and you're a crook.
You're a dirty, filthy, stinking crook.
And I want you to know I'm mad at you.
And I want you to know I'm sick of you.
And I want you to know I'm tired of what you've become and what you've done taking a once proud profession and making it despicable.
Police were loved in this country just 30 years ago.
Now people fear you.
Now they get a frog in their throat when they see you.
They get an adrenaline rush.
We're not supposed to live in fear of the government.
You're supposed to be afraid of us and a free society!
You've got a bunch of drug-dealing, white-slave-running, bid-rigging, war-profiteering crooks running this country.
And so they've trained you to be a bunch of attack dogs who defend the state and the system.
That's not America.
You're defending the parasitic system, and you're flushing your children's future down the toilet.
I mean, cops get off.
I have a lot of police that are my friends.
A lot of them aren't like this.
But a lot of you, I know you have quotas.
You get promoted if you give a bunch of tickets.
And there are real people out there you need to stop and reckless drivers and the rest of it.
But you guys get off on swaggering over.
You act like we're bad because we don't want you searching our cars.
You act like we're bad because we don't want to go along with your tyranny.
You are literally raping America right in front of us when you do that.
You make us sick.
You're crooks.
Let me tell you something.
It was normal in 1933 Germany to have the troops and the police on the train searching everybody, checking, searching bags.
Doing that here today.
I go through LAX, leaving LA.
They make me take my shoes off.
They make fun of me, say my feet stink, laugh at me.
I mean, that isn't freedom.
That isn't freedom.
Alright, I'm going to go to your calls very early in this interview.
He's here now.
Got him a little bit late on with us.
We're going to go back to you, Chris and Jamie and
James and Adele and Wes and everybody.
I'm going to get to you.
Professor Fetcher is going to be at my big 9-11 conference the 24th and 25th of June.
He's also going to be speaking at another conference.
I'm going to be at a huge 9-11 conference they're going to have in Chicago, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, right there by the nice hotel by the airport.
He'll tell you how to get tickets to that as well.
He's the chairman of these, the head, the founder of the 9-11 Scholars for Truth, a very effective group.
Professor, good to have you on with us.
Oh, Alex, it's a great pleasure.
And I'd be very proud if you were to identify that LA outfit as in collaboration with Scholars for 9-11 Truth, Alex.
Glad to be back.
We're 100% behind you, and so many of our members are going to be speaking.
It would help to access the scholarly aspect of your conference, and I'd be very glad... Well, we call it an American Scholar Symposium.
I know, I know.
I've just been so busy with finishing this film that I haven't been coordinating a lot with you guys.
I plan to, but the tickets are going like hotcakes, so it doesn't look like it's going to take much promotion.
Alex, you're doing a great job, I just want to say, and I'm very proud of working with you.
Well, thank you, sir.
Professor Fetzer, I want to get into 9-11, the new Pentagon footage, the rest of it, and take some calls.
But before we do that, you heard my rant about state police and cops.
They freak out when you say, I want you to follow the Constitution.
We're trying to get them to not commit a crime.
Just because the state police say they don't need warrants anymore isn't true.
That's absolutely right.
It isn't true.
And I thought they were supposed to be upholding the Constitution and enforcing the law, not violating it.
Well, it shows this long drift towards what we're facing.
You're not just an expert on 9-11.
You're an expert on JFK, the murder of Senator Wellstone.
But getting into the new Pentagon footage, my take is whether something hit it or not, I don't get into that.
I've seen it as a honeypot.
I never have.
Because I've noticed the media always wants to focus on the Pentagon, nothing else.
Not all the ironclad smoking guns that prove it's an inside job.
And then I had Judicial Watch on last hour.
They agreed that this is a honeypot and that new footage is going to be released, that it's going to be crisp and clear whether it's real or not.
What do you think of that, Professor Fetzer?
Well, the whole thing is a charade, Alex.
I mean, this appears to be a recycling in a dynamic version of the five frames that have been released before.
Which had the wrong dates and times stamped on them.
I think the Pentagon let them out in a fashion that it could disavow if anyone found significant evidence contradicting the official account.
Well, it's meant to supercharge the debate and make the Pentagon be the only focus, Professor.
Then when they bring out even better video, they'll claim they've defeated our movement.
Well, I think that's right, that they're trying to set up a straw man, but if you actually look at what they have, the image is too blurry to be clearly identified, but it's obviously too small to be a Boeing 757.
It looks much more the size of fighter aircraft, possibly an A3 Sky Warrior.
In fact, if you study the silhouette, it's very similar to an A3 Sky Warrior, and there appears to be a plume of smoke emerging beneath it, indicative of a missile being fired into the building.
So I think that what we have here is an attempt for propagandistic purposes.
Being released now because Bush is so far down in the polls, they want to take a hit of the 9-11 truth movement, as you suggest, and also to justify, even on fabricated grounds, this surveillance of every phone call in the United States.
It's a clear shy-off, and we have a video replication of what it would really look like if we had a large commercial jet airliner on prisonplanet.com hitting right now.
When we get back...
I want to talk about some other facets of 9-11 and where you think this is all going.
We'll also talk about the Chicago conference that's coming up.
And we'll give out some websites where folks can get tickets to that.
I will be speaking at that Chicago event as well if you can't make it out to the Los Angeles event.
Professor Jim Fetzer on the other side.
They're coming up in about 15 minutes.
Start taking your calls.
Be patient.
We'll get to your callers.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is Genesis Communications.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, we do take calls in the next segment.
If he holds, I'll go to Frankie in Texas first.
I'm told he disagrees with us about Al-Qaeda, I guess, being Al-Qaeda.
Professor Fetzer, getting back to the new Pentagon frames, more of the same, very similar to the two, the two new little video clips that have been released, very similar to the one released four years ago, I really have always seen the Pentagon as a distraction, as a diversion.
I was very concerned to see the media mainly only focused on that instead of all the other things that when you look at it in total, I'm not criticizing those that cover the Pentagon.
I've had them all on air.
What I'm saying is, I think you should look at the full spectrum of the data and the history, and when you do that, there's not a question of who did this, is there?
Well, that's completely correct, Alex, but I think the Pentagon is a very powerful case, because if a Boeing 757 had actually hit the building, there would have been massive debris in extensive quantities.
You would have had the wings, you would have had the seats, the luggage, the bodies all over the place, the tail structurally one of the strongest parts of an aircraft.
I've had, and none of that is there, Alex.
In fact, if you go to st911.org and go on our resources page and scroll down about three quarters, you'll see the original hit point.
You're going to be startled if you haven't seen this before because it's on the ground floor.
This is 16 for whole.
Yes, only about 10 feet high and 15, 16 feet wide.
There are unbroken windows.
There's fence there.
There are a couple automobiles.
What there is not is any massive debris from the aircraft.
No wings, no seats, no bodies, no luggage, no tail, not even the engines, Alex.
And in fact, you see, I've had pilots tell me that that plane, which is supposed to come in almost horizontally, to hit that ground floor building, you see, the engines would have had to be plowing up furrows in the lawn, plus they tell me that it's not even aerodynamically possible for a jetliner to fly 350 or 400 miles an hour at that altitude.
There's a necessity to have all this cushion of air beneath the aircraft, and it wouldn't even have been physically possible
But when you look at this as a potential cause of the effect, they don't add up.
The cause being a Boeing 757 flying horizontally in relation to the lack of debris and all that is incompatible, doesn't compute.
If you assume instead the plane came down at an angle and hit that first floor place and you're looking for a massive crater such as we typically find
Well, they also hauled away some bigger pieces of debris, but they put it under blue tarps and wouldn't let anybody see it.
You're right, Alex, and I think that's because it would have revealed the deceit and deception involved here.
The lawn, which is green and smooth, it looks like a putting surface.
You expect Tiger Woods to show up and start cracking.
Then they came in and put sand over it within hours.
It's bizarre, Alex, that they started to dig it up, because now if you went by there and you saw where it had been all dug up and redone, you'd say, oh, that must be where the plane plowed into the ground.
But in fact, the perfectly smooth green lawn, which is unblemished, is the smoking gun at the Pentagon.
I think
It's become so controversial because it's such a blatant example of falsehood in the government account.
That the propagandists have been trying to do their best.
Was this the propagandists living in a 1963 era where no one could really question them, they had control of the media?
Is that why they slipped up and did this so blatantly?
Well, I do think they've been emboldened.
I mean, if you can take out the President of the United States in broad daylight in a major American city in front of hundreds of witnesses, steal the body, remove bullets from the body, alter the x-ray, substitute another person's brain, recreate...
I think this administration has taken it to new heights of absurdity where anyone, for example, today...
Who listens to propaganda spin that you're getting get from the Fox Channel, for example, and the government about this laying conspiracy theories to rest, and then looks at the actual footage and sees it's all a blur, that it's too small to be a 757, that it looks like it could be a small fighter aircraft, realizes this is all spin, all propaganda, all lies coming from the usual sources.
No, I agree with you.
I mean, you ask me if I've seen photos from the Pentagon.
Of course I have.
I mean, day one I was covering 9-11, and I'm fully aware of how suspicious the Pentagon is.
I mean, the big thing is shooting through three rings completely of the Pentagon.
And leaving a perfect blast hole on the other end.
I mean, only a bunker-busting missile has that type of penetration.
I mean, we're talking about, what, over 10 feet of steel-reinforced concrete, plus all the other things, all the other walls, you know, hundreds of walls in between those three rings, hundreds of conventional walls, six layers of concrete and steel, and then, I mean, it's just absolutely ridiculous.
Well, it is ridiculous, and, you know, somebody apparently didn't get the word, because that's
That's perfectly symmetrical.
The plane's supposed to come in at an angle, and whatever made that hole, if it had been any remnant of the plane, even an engine, it wouldn't have been symmetrical.
It would have had to be irregularly shaped.
But here's what's also important, Alex.
There are photographs of that blowout there that say, punch out.
The words are spray-painted.
Somebody didn't get the word.
They were supposed to erase that, Alex.
That was taken out by explosives.
Stay there, Professor Fessler.
We're going to come back, talk some more about 9-11, take some calls.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You got it.
The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanta.com.
If you go up to Infowars.com, we don't just have links to the late June conference in L.A.
We have links over to the conference being put on about these great folks in Chicago.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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We're here live back from 9 to midnight.
It's the GCN Radio Network.
Professor Jim Fetzer is our guest.
Jim is going to be one of the key speakers.
In fact, he is going to be the first speaker on Saturday morning on the 24th of June, 2006, coming up next month in Los Angeles.
We're going to have a press conference at about 10.30 in the morning while we're letting everybody in at 11.
We're going to start my new film, Terror Storm.
It's about an hour and a half long.
My best work yet.
It's incredible.
Wait until you see it.
We cover 9-11 a little, but we just get into the whole history of terror, the London bombing, the USS Liberty, all of it.
It's such an incredible film.
And then on top of it, after we show that, we'll have a question and answer.
Then we'll go to Professor Fetzer.
He'll have a question and answer.
And we have Stephen Jones speaking that first day and many others.
There's going to be some surprise guests that I'm not going to tell you about until it happens.
So you'll definitely want to be there.
Get your tickets at InfoWars.com.
You can link through to the AmericanScholarSymposium.org and get them from Tix.com, a big mainstream official ticketing service.
Or if you want a ticket mailed to you instead of your e-ticket emailed to you when you purchase it there, you can simply call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
But Professor Fetzer, I'm going to be at the Chicago conference, and that's going to have a lot of other great, exciting speakers, yourself, Stephen Jones, many others.
Jim Mars.
I mean, it's a huge conference.
So many speakers.
I'm going to be a keynote speaker.
I'm really looking forward to being there, meeting you in person.
I feel like I know you all these years interviewing you.
How do folks get tickets to the event coming up on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th?
Well, if they want to go to Scholars for 9-11 Truth, just go to st911.org, and there's a link there.
It's boxed.
It identifies the conference, 9-11 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future.
It'll be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Chicago O'Hare, Rosemont, Illinois.
And they have a link right there, Alex.
Very easy.
Gives them all the information.
Tells them how to register, how to obtain other data on it.
It's great.
And what is the conference?
I think that's right.
And again, if we were holding it in Chicago, they're a little bit less in Chicago.
We're having to charge $74, but if you get multiple tickets, they drop down to $34 because the cost of L.A.
for us to get the second biggest ballroom there in the city is just astronomical.
So this is all going to be done very nicely.
So we hope to see you at both events.
I've never been to one of these big 9-11 events.
I've been to New York.
I've been at demonstrations.
But I've never gone to these.
I'm so busy here in the command base fighting the New World Order.
So this is going to be great.
I'll be at that event and I'll be at my own event.
And Professor Fetzer will be at both.
So be sure to get your tickets to both right now.
We have a link to it on InfoWars.com.
But give us the Scholars for Truth website one more time.
S for Scholars, T for Truth, 911.org.
Has the main group, I know you guys are putting on part of it and are sponsors of it, has the other group, 911truth.org itself, do they have a toll-free number on their site to call and get tickets?
Let me look right here.
I'm on the site, and I will find that.
Speakers, events, lodging, contact, register.
There's a form here for registration.
Well, I think they're going to have room at the Chicago.
A lot of people have already signed up, but I don't think it will sell out.
So people might be able to just show up there and get tickets at the door, but I recommend they get them now.
Professor, let's take a call from Frankie in Texas, and I'm told this agrees with something I've said, and I always let them go to the head of the line, and we'll go to all the other callers.
Frankie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex Jones.
Good afternoon, Mr. Fetzer.
Before I get to my point about Al-Qaeda or what you deem as Al-Qaeda,
I look at the circumstances that this country finds itself under at this point in time, and if I look at it in its scope of history instead of its modern entity, it leads me to a quote.
The quote is, people want only special revolutions and externals and politics and so on, but that's just tinkering.
What's really called for is a revolution of the human mind.
Oh, I think you're right on there.
I mean, it actually goes back to the role of corporations.
Corporations now have an extraordinary status under the law.
They're even treated as persons, which is bizarre.
Corporations often envision their efforts as purely to make money, profits for their stockholders and as having no obligation to the rest of the community.
And then they get the laws written where they have special rights and are able to break the law.
But, sir, you said you disagree.
That's why you're here at the head of the line.
Let me hear it.
Well, actually, Alex, I had just woken up for a nap.
And I didn't have, because when I come to you, Alex, I got to come prepared.
I got to come with my game plan fully intact.
Okay, come on, come on.
Okay, well, it's like this.
I want to open up, I want to throw it out there to your audience, because I want to come back at a later date.
Well, my real name is Moses.
I'm not trying to be mean, but listen, we've got to move on.
Make your point.
Okay, my point is, Alex, I want to call you back so I can have the floor and I can debate you fully on Al-Qaeda or what you call it, like, the AIDA.
I'll leave you on this question, Alex.
It's like this.
Say they weren't, like, these supposed terrorists that you deem outside the AIDA.
Say that they weren't from an Arab community.
Middle Eastern descent, but if they were from Germany and had shaved heads and live in mansions, I get the feeling that I wouldn't have to debate you, Alex.
I don't know what that... I mean, this is crazy, sir.
And normally when people call in and disagree, it's incoherent babble and dribble.
Will you please explain?
Just spell it out, sir.
Not at a later date.
Spell it out now.
I'll be honest.
I cannot do that this time.
What are you saying about shaved heads and mansions?
I know, because...
Like I said, Alex, you have a conference coming up on June 24th, 25th.
I'm a blue collar kind of guy.
Let me get some money together.
I'm going to try to get out there to your conference.
Okay, great.
Sir, please spell it out.
I mean, I'm here to answer your questions.
I'm here to be told I'm wrong.
What on earth are you talking about?
Okay, Alex, my number one question is, I mean, my question is, you can run around if you want to.
If they were not Arabs of Middle Eastern descent, if they were...
If they were shaved heads, well, Arabs, excuse me, Arabs of Middle Eastern descent, that, as you say, live in caves in Afghanistan, they could not carry out 9-11, but if, as if you flip it over outside the coin, and if they had shaved heads, and lived in mansions, and lived in Germany, number one, we wouldn't have this argument.
No, okay, here's the point, here's the point, Alex, I got one for you.
No, now I understand what you're saying, go ahead.
Okay, okay, well, my next point is, okay, what about the two terrorists, okay, that were caught from Dallas going to San Antonio, they're on their way from Dallas going to San Antonio,
But got arrested.
What about those, Alex?
Who are you... What does that mean?
What does that mean, Alex?
There's two terrorists that were supposed to... Two Arab terrorists that were supposed to... You're talking about four years ago.
Oh, I'm talking about four years ago.
That was... And they grabbed them... Okay, Alex, okay.
Let's stop talking about Al Qaeda.
Let's talk about... Let's talk about the pit the machine gun bloody dollars right now.
The Pentagon.
I like to call it the Pentagon Machine Gun Bloody Dollars because that's what they do.
So let's talk about that.
You say yourself, Oz, right now that you know that what they're doing is just kind of, as you say, smoke and mirrors.
We released this video yesterday.
So why are you feeding into it?
Why don't you just stick to facts that will come proven?
Sir, sir, sir, listen.
I've got your points now.
Let me counter them.
I appreciate your call.
Number one, I guess you're implying that I'm racist because
Because I don't believe that Arabs are smart enough or that Central Asians are smart enough to carry out attacks.
Sir, I'm not saying that Arabs aren't smart enough.
They're very smart.
They invented modern mathematics.
They invented astronomy.
The birthplace of much of our civilization is in the Tigris-Euphrates region.
So that's a straw man.
What I'm saying is Arabs running operations from a cave, because that's where they claim Bin Laden runs the operations.
They say that.
They're fabled.
I'm going to let Fetzer comment on this in a minute.
I'm sure he's got plenty of comments.
What I'm saying is they couldn't make NORAD stand down.
They couldn't engage in CIA insider trading.
They couldn't run war game drills to have NORAD stand down that day.
They couldn't call public officials from the White House and tell them not to fly that day.
They couldn't have Dick Cheney in control of the operation.
That's my point.
They couldn't put all the bombs in the buildings, okay?
That's my point about it.
And we know that the supposed hijackers were government agents trained at U.S.
bases and were decoys who thought they were taking part in drills.
Then you just mentioned some arrest of some people.
They've never charged but one of these people and then got their fake conviction of Mousali.
That whole thing was staged.
So it sounds to me, sir, like you're just very, very emotional and very, very confused.
Mr. Fetzer?
Well, of course, to add on, we have experts in the society who conclude these guys couldn't possibly have piloted the planes.
With their meager background.
Yeah, nobody could.
A white guy, a black guy, a purple man.
I mean, they couldn't even get a Cessna off the ground when they were creating their history, their ledger.
They thought they were part of drills to test local airfields to see if they acted like terrorists.
It would red light people.
But this didn't happen.
They couldn't get a Cessna off the ground.
We've had experts flying around the country and find you can't have made cell phones from those altitudes and those speeds, so all those cell phone calls appear to have been faked.
We have footage, you know, that tape footage that was introduced at the trial of Zacharias Massawi appears to be phony, too.
One astute observer wrote me to point out that it includes discussion among the passengers about how to break down the cabin door, but it was from a cockpit voice recorder which doesn't record what goes on in the passenger compartment.
Another member who's Islamic pointed out that while the terrorists are
Said to say, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, meaning God is great, God is great, is their last words, that that's inconsistent with the religion, where the last words that a Muslim who's about to die should say, in Arabic, of course, there is but one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.
The whole thing appears to have been staged.
It was special effects, Alex.
Well, we know that over 2,000 feet, the cell phones didn't work then.
They don't work now.
That's admitted scientific fact.
We also have people calling their parents and going, this is John Smith, your son.
I mean, I don't call my mother and go, this is Alex Jones, Carol.
This is your son.
I mean, you don't call your wife and go, this is Jim Fetcher, your husband.
That's right.
You're right on, Alex.
It was Mark Bingham.
And the call that attributed to him was he called and said, hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham.
She said it was his voice, but it was a very odd conversation.
He said several times, for example, you believe me, don't you, Mom?
You believe me, don't you, Mom?
She said it wasn't conversational.
She wasn't actually having an exchange of information.
It appears to have been staged.
I had a woman who's blind call in on a show where I was discussing this to say, but she identified it as his voice.
Could I explain that?
I said, well, let me think about it.
We went to a station break, and when we came back, I said, I think I've got it.
They used a voice synthesizer to create the voice.
We have all this sophisticated technology.
Let me just stop you.
Ten years ago, you could buy it for like $50,000.
And then last year, it went on the open market.
I think it was like $8,000.
It's an IBM product or several others.
And Jim, if I can record several minutes of you talking,
I didn't get your voice print.
I can then put it in the computer program and talk into a mic real time through a phone.
I could call your wife and it would fool a voice print and it would fool your wife.
So that is old technology that all of us can buy now over the counter.
Yeah, it's absolutely unbelievable.
And anyone who paid attention to that trial had to realize the whole thing seemed very, very odd.
I mean, they were punishing him for a crime he didn't confess to.
He confessed to attack on the White House to release this sheik up in New York City and denied he had anything to do with 9-11.
Yet they were claiming that he was being punished because he hadn't come forward to confess.
Well, he said he was a patsy who they'd set up and he wanted to call people.
They wouldn't let him call witnesses.
The judge even said they were staging evidence and coaching witnesses.
Webster pointed out that they were punishing him for exercising his Fifth Amendment right.
He didn't have any obligation to come forward and say he was a
Participating in a crime, even though it was one where he wasn't participating.
Let me break something down about the last caller.
I may be wrong about him.
You can call back tomorrow if that's the case.
But some people I've talked to, kind of the Ward Churchills of the world, they think Al-Qaeda's great.
They think the attack was great.
They call those that died in the towers Nazis.
They're getting off on all this.
They like the attacks, and they think America deserved it, and they're helping the government by thinking it really was carried out by Arabs, and they support it.
Well, my take on this guy was he was suggesting that if the country were as bad off as you were suggesting, then you and I wouldn't be able to go on talk shows and discuss it.
That was what I got from him.
But Alex, I need to correct one impression.
The 9-11 Truth meeting in Chicago is sponsored by 911truth.org and the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.
We support it, and we advertise it, and we promote it, but Scholars for 9-11 Truth are not formally sponsored.
I've just seen your name all over.
I don't know.
What does it really matter, Professor?
I mean, you are sponsoring it.
You've got a big link to it on the top of your page.
Yeah, we do encourage it.
I mean, I actually talked to some of their people, and I kind of got the impression you guys were involved.
It's most of your speakers.
Well, Steve Jones and I, of course, who are the founders, chair, and co-chair, are both going to be there.
And Kevin Ryan, who's a prominent member of our organization, is going to be there, too.
He was the one for Underwriters Laboratory who wrote a letter to NIST explaining how the Underwriters Laboratory had certified the steel used in the World Trade Center up to 2,000 degrees for up to six hours before it would even significantly weaken.
Which completely undermines the claims that that steel either weakened or melted because the temperatures never got high enough or endured long enough to bring about either of those effects.
But the media won't focus on the controlled demolition or blowing the buildings up.
They only want to focus on the Pentagon.
I don't know quite what it is exactly, Alex.
It's because they believe they can stage it and manipulate the evidence to burn us.
Well, I think it's very clear they're releasing this pseudo tape, which doesn't add anything to the record, and then trying to spin it with their classic...
Propagandistic technique.
Well, yeah, you talk about psyops.
They say this is going to totally prove it.
They show a blur and say conclusive proof.
Case over, case closed.
Let's go ahead and take a call here.
Chris in Kentucky, if you're still there, finish up what you wanted to say.
I'm still on.
Yeah, I was just mentioning before I go, let your other callers on.
You were talking about how the police are behaving.
You know, since 9-11, we've had nothing but secret police pullovers over here.
They've been in our public parks.
And you're right.
It's just getting... We've got to do something now.
Yeah, we can't have secret police on the border, but we can have them all over America.
They can enter tenant windows and watch you, but they don't want to watch the border.
Because it's part of the Pan-American Union.
And it's incredible.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to... Thank you.
Chris, thank you.
Let's talk to James in Maryland.
James, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It absolutely was when I watched it last night being shoved down your throat as conclusive evidence.
To be honest with you, I looked at it the first time I've seen it.
I said, I've had this footage in my hands for over a year.
It's the exact same footage from the Power Hour video, 9-11 in plain sight, isn't it?
Four years ago, they released another video of another parking lot camera.
No, sir.
This is two more parking lot cameras, sir.
Oh, that looks like the exact same vantage point.
Yes, sir.
Okay, well, thank you.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Adele in California.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
My name is Adele, and I am a naturalized American citizen.
I was born in Morocco.
I'm not calling about 9-11, because if anybody wants to know the truth, they can go to your website.
There is a lot of material there that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was an inside job.
I'm just calling to tell you that after September 11th,
Two or three days after that, the FBI, they paid me a visit, because I'm a Muslim American.
And they came to my job, right in front of everybody, my co-workers, and I was stunned.
I didn't know what they were there for.
But the first question they asked me, they said, do you know Mohammed?
And I just said, that's a very common name.
It's like John Smith.
I have two cousins.
Their name is Mohammed.
I know at least hundreds of Mohammeds around.
It's a very, very common name.
But the point that I'm trying to make is that I was born in Morocco.
It's pure dictatorship.
And Americans, they should pay attention because America is turning to dictatorship.
I lived in dictatorship.
And I'll tell you, all the signs are there.
You're absolutely right on.
I mean, Bush has written his own interpretation of some 750 laws now, which is preempting unto himself the right to
He is announcing that he's a dictator publicly.
It's outrageous, Alex.
Completely outrageous.
He's following Hitler's path, and I don't just say that for effect.
That's what Hitler did.
No, you're absolutely right.
You're right on.
And where are the principled Republicans who should be opposing him?
Adele, Adele, stay there.
I just want to say one more thing.
Yeah, no, stay there.
I know.
I'm going to hold you over, and then we'll talk to Wes and George and a few others.
Final second with Professor Jim Fetzer.
He'll be at both events, the one in Chicago and the one in L.A.
Stay with us.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
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Learn more.
Scholars for Truth website.
Link through and get tickets through their site.
They have a big banner.
They have links on InfoWars.com or come to the big conference I'm putting on.
And that's coming up the 24th and 25th in L.A.
And Professor Fetzer will be there.
Let's jam in some final calls.
Adele, finishing up what you wanted to say from California.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I just want to say that I agree with the professor.
As a Muslim, the last right that you're supposed to say before you die, you're supposed to bear witness there is only one God.
All over the world, you can ask them.
Anybody will tell you the same thing.
Look, the recordings are a fake because phones don't work at that altitude.
You don't call your mom and say, this is John Smith.
Don't you believe me, Mommy?
Thanks for the call.
Cockpit voice recorders don't reach into the passenger compartment, and they attributed the wrong last words to the terrorists, so all those caps disregarded.
They falsified.
There's literally thousands of points, over 500 smoking guns.
I would just add that they did thousands of investigations harassing everyone after 9-11 to make the American people think they were doing something.
It was just a huge dragnet by the very people who carried out the attacks.
Wes in Georgia, then Mike in New York.
Wes, go ahead.
Alex Jones.
I really enjoy your video, Ride to the Police State.
Thank you.
I think it's my best.
It was terrific.
I really enjoyed what you had to say, Professor.
I was curious if either of you have ever seen a video on the Internet called Loose Change Part 2.
Oh, yeah.
Sir, I carry it on DVD.
You can buy it from me.
That'd be great.
Yeah, it's a lot better to not just watch stuff on the web.
It's good, but it's better to have a high-quality DVD copy.
I agree.
Night and day.
Anyways, well done.
Thank you for all your voices, and it's great to hear.
Thank you.
Thanks for calling.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, Loose Change 2nd Edition has gone supernova.
Makes a lot of other people real jealous in this movement.
I love it.
I believe a rising tide raises all ships.
I'm in this to win and defeat the globalists, not to be a ninnying egomaniac like some people.
And Dylan Avery's a great guy, unlike some others.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in New York.
You're our tail gunner, Mike.
Go ahead.
Hi, guys.
Listen, I heard that the Pentagon, the wing that was destroyed, housed the Department of Navy Naval Intelligence.
This is a question I have for Mr. Fetzner.
As far as the destruction of that wing, do you feel it's possible, because I understand Naval Intelligence was involved...
I actually spoke to a woman whose sister was in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and you're absolutely correct.
It was the West Ring.
It was just under construction.
It was under renovation.
Perfect to have workers in there doing things.
Yeah, but they didn't have all the files and the normal personnel, so it was as if the terrorists wanted to minimize damage to the Pentagon by hitting that particular location.
It did include the Office of Naval Intelligence, and I have heard...
reports that they were zeroing in on major problems in the Pentagon.
You know, the day before 9-11, Donald Rumsfeld had told Congress that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion.
Now, his timing was exquisite if he wanted it to be followed by an event that would be likely to obliterate from the memory banks his report of the misallocation of $2.3 trillion.
That is a key point.
Now it's over $3.5 trillion missing.
Unreal, Alex.
Absolutely unreal.
The incompetence of this administration staggers you.
Well, it's stealing the money.
If I rob a bank, it's not incompetent.
You're right.
I agree.
Listen, I appreciate your call, Mike.
Thank you.
Great callers, great minds out there.
We've got the best audience anywhere.
God bless you.
Professor Fetzer, I'm going to be seeing you up in Chicago for that event.
I'm also going to be seeing you out at my event, 24th and 25th.
Thank you so much for spending time with us.
Anytime, Alex.
I look forward to it always.
You're doing a great job.
Keep it up.
You are, too.
Take care, my friend.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2, Central Standard Time.
Huge reports.
We're going to be breaking about the Judicial Watch interview.
The things they said were bombshell.
If you missed it in the last hour, we'll have a report up on it tonight at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Please spread our links and information around to everybody.
And go get Marshall Law off the shopping cart.
Make copies of it.
Get it out to everybody.
All right.
God bless you all.
Another great transmission.
We're good to go.