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Air Date: May 16, 2006
2376 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
I think?
And of course, if you read the fine print, they're just going to put troops down the border for a few months to interdict criminals, quote, drug dealers.
Nothing will be done to stop illegal aliens.
They'll have a couple photo ops.
And he is wetting this proposal, training it with the proposal, connecting it to the proposal, to have blanket total amnesty his, quote, guest worker program.
And so we're going to open the phones up in this first hour and discuss it.
I have two South Texas border sheriffs on.
From Zapata County, Texas, Sheriff Gonzalez.
We'll have him on.
And we've got another sheriff coming on, Sheriff Rick Flores, as well as Congressman Henry Bonilla, all three coming on to talk about how serious this crisis is in the second and third hours today.
So we'll cover some international and other national news, including the hoax.
The second time I've seen a hoax in the last year, claiming that Rove has been indicted.
More wolf crying.
I didn't bite on this over the weekend or on Monday.
People were calling me up going, why won't you, here at the office and at home and emails, why won't you talk about how he's been indicted?
And I said, because it's a couple of blogs that are saying it, and I don't see any documentation.
I said, I've got my fingers crossed it's true, but I'm not going to go on the air and report a bunch of rumors.
Oh, there's a nuke in Houston.
Oh, there's a Planet X going to kill us.
Oh, Karl Rove's been indicted.
It's just not going to happen here.
You've got the wrong show if you think this is the place where we do that.
But I know a lot of you are wondering if my good friend, my childhood friend, my best friend in childhood died or not.
He did die a little bit after I got off air yesterday on my way over there.
He succumbed to total organ failure.
It was not a pretty sight.
I'll talk a little bit about the nature of life and death from my own perspective.
Meager opinion from my little consciousness later in the broadcast.
But right after Bush gave his speech, there were some individuals in a Waffle House, and there was a debate going on about open borders at the counter, and the LaRicca Conquistas didn't like it, so they went outside.
Now it looks like fired multiple shots into the building, and it did injure at least one person.
And the media's spinning it.
Can you imagine if white people fired into a Waffle House full of Hispanics or blacks?
It'd be evil white supremacist strike, attempt to murder loving, sweet individuals.
But when the little reconquistas do this, it's just, oh, they just shot at them.
They were a little upset by the evil they heard inside, and they're standing up for their freedom.
And I do predict, unless we get the word out and stop what's happening...
But the way things currently stand, that if we do not expose the reconquista 25 plus million 5th column army, that every major U.S.
city will see massive looting and whole sections burned to the ground, mass murdering, plan of San Diego implemented, that's the plan to kill all white males 16 and older,
And you will see it in the media.
We'll actually praise it and say that it's civil rights.
So just get ready.
And just like we've seen looting in the past in this country, if you try to defend yourself, paramilitary police and troops will come and they will kill you.
Just like New Orleans and just like the past riots we saw with the Rodney King verdict.
They went after the Koreans that were defending their shops.
This is how the New World odor operates.
So just get ready for it.
Get ready for the cities to burn.
It's coming very soon.
Unless we have a massive revelation in this country about what's really behind all this.
Bush's and Vicente Fox's PR firm is running all of it.
And they have already lit the fuse that will burn this country to the ground.
And then we'll have to appease after this country burns.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We have two South Texas sheriffs coming on who have apprehended individuals with paramilitary weapons.
We're talking about grenades, machine guns.
We have the Brownsville paper reporting that one in ten being captured are Arabic.
Now again, if we're under a massive terrorist attack in this country, and any minute they're going to kill us, why are our borders still wide open?
Well, Bush has seen his approval ratings drop below 30%, so he had this big smoke and mirrors speech last night that he gave.
But before I get to that, I have a report here out of Asheville, North Carolina.
Gunfire at Waffle House after whites Hispanics argue over citizenship.
A parting gunshot from a vehicle leaving the Waffle House in West Asheville, North Carolina shattered a window and caused an injury, police said.
The shooting happened around 3 a.m.
Look at how they spin that.
They just dryly report it.
Can you imagine?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Quiet about this.
And when the illegal aliens burn America down, they're going to be praised for it.
It's going to be called civil rights.
And we're going to have to capitulate, the government's going to say, and legalize all the little reconquistas to prove that we love them and everything's okay.
And the little reconquistas are calling for violent overthrow of the United States.
Let's go ahead and play the first 9-11 call.
There's some mild language here, but this is for documentary purposes.
This is just the facts, so face it, ladies and gentlemen.
Here it is.
9-1-1 fire, please.
Send somebody to Smoky Park Highway Waffle House.
They're out here shooting.
They're out here shooting.
Hurry up.
Okay, ma'am.
Stand in line for the police, okay?
Somebody's been shot.
Somebody has been shot.
Send somebody to Smoky Park Highway.
Waffle House?
Yes, please.
Send them.
Okay, ma'am.
Stand in line for the police, okay?
Just please hurry.
Hold on.
All right.
All right.
Hold on.
You build it?
Hit pause on that one.
We'll play the next two clips in a moment.
The headline should be racial attack, drive-by shooting.
Drive-by shooting, racial attack.
That should be the headline.
But that's not the headline.
Here's the Citizen Times headline.
Verbal sparring over citizenship leads to shooting.
Ah, here's another headline.
Gunfire at Waffle House after whites and Hispanics argue over citizenship.
Notice, now, I thought it was horrible.
I protested the Ku Klux Klan.
We counted it up.
It's ten times over the years.
I don't like the Ku Klux Klan.
I think they're despicable and stir up trouble and create tensions that we don't need.
But then I remember when those two horrible individuals drug that black man to death, remember, in Jasper, Texas, and then on the one-year anniversary, three black men grabbed a white wino, someone who hadn't even been in prison with them,
Again, there have been gang wars in the Huntsville prison between the whites and the black men.
They drugged to death.
I'm not defending that.
It just shows that this was mainly a gang war between a black gang and a white gang.
But imagine a totally innocent white drunkard who didn't even know the three black men.
They drug him to death until his head came off on the same stretch of highway.
It was, hey, look, it's a white drunkard.
Yeah, you know, they're all against us.
You know, this mindless racial psychology that we see from racists.
And so they drug him to death.
It was in the Associated Press.
And I called up the sheriff and Jasper, and I said, will you come on the show?
And he said, no, I won't.
Now, I said, you did hundreds of interviews, didn't you, concerning the black man that was killed?
And he goes, look, I'm not coming on.
And I said, why not?
And he said, I think you know why.
And he hung up on me.
I tried hard.
It took me days to finally get through to the sheriff, through his deputies and his public relations people, because it would be racist to even report on a murdered white man, an old wino who they gave a ride and chained up to the back of the truck and drugged to death.
Now, I frankly am sick of it.
Did you know that black-on-white crime is many, many times statistically what white-on-black crime is?
But it's covered up.
Now, again, I'm not saying all blacks are even a majority or even a small minority.
It's a very tiny group, but still, it is larger.
There is a larger group of racist blacks in this country who are willing to carry out racial attacks against whites than there are whites.
And why?
Because racist blacks are self-righteous and don't feel guilty and think everyone's out to get them and everyone's against them and whitey are all blue-eyed devils.
And somehow that's acceptable.
No, it's not acceptable.
The toothless Ku Klux Klan is not acceptable.
Black racists are not acceptable.
And I'm here to tell you that Mexican racists are not acceptable, and they are the biggest racist group in this country, because it is considered acceptable by the media, it is pushed by the Mexican government, it is coddled and protected as a fifth column to bring this country down anytime the government wants to.
Bush's own PR firm that he used in his gubernatorial runs and his first presidential run and for Fox's presidential run was hired and ran the demonstrations nationwide.
The government is forging a sword, is forging a battle axe, a weapon to excise the republic and bring us into the Pan-American Union.
There is no debating it.
And I'm telling the racist Mexicans, and I'm telling the racist whites, and I'm telling the racist blacks, I'm telling all of you, and I know you're probably not going to listen.
You need to figure out that it's the New World Order bankers that are running it all and playing you like a fiddle, playing you like a marionette, and I'm sick of it.
I am sick and tired of it.
Why do you think wide-owned and establishment-owned magazines, newspapers, TV stations are saying this is Mexico, telling Mexicans to come here, telling them that they shouldn't assimilate, telling them America's bad?
Why do the people that run this country, whether they're Democrats or Republicans, push this agenda for 40 years?
Because it's their plan to break down this country using 400 million people south of the border as a battering ram to do it.
This is one of the number one crises facing this country.
It's a real crisis.
Terrorism is fake and manufactured.
This is real.
Go to the second and third 9-11 calls from the racial drive-by shooting attack from the Waffle House last night.
9-1-1, Fire Police or Medical?
Yeah, we're at the Huddle House on Biltmore Avenue.
Yes, sir.
And some mates can just go up here and shop the damn place up.
Okay, sir, how many people have been shot?
Okay, sir, how many people have been shot?
Sir, sir, can you tell me how many people have been shot?
Sir, can you tell me how many people have been shot?
All right, and we have called the Sheriff's Department.
We have called others.
We've called the paper.
And it looks like someone was shot in the arm.
The media is trying to spin it.
Now it looks like three people were injured.
They first tried to say one.
It looks like one or two of them from glass.
Someone else may have been hit by a bullet or a bullet fragment.
We don't know.
But believe me, believe me, ladies and gentlemen, the media would be making a lot bigger deal of this if it was blacks and whites shooting each other up.
But I'm telling you, they do nothing but cover up what the Mexican illegal aliens are doing.
Now, I'm going to have two Hispanic Americans, two sheriffs on in the next hour.
I'm going to have Congressman Bonilla on.
They're Hispanic, and they'll tell you it is a war zone.
Sela Castillo will tell you it's a war zone.
We had the head of the Minutemen, Al Garzon, he'll tell you it's a war zone.
We've had Colonel Rodriguez on.
He'll tell you it's a war zone.
These are people who've been in wars, they know.
800 plus dead last year, and it's going to be just as bad this year in the first six months, first five months of numbers we're getting.
There have been more machine gunnings, more murders this week.
And for some reason, the illegal aliens in Southern California are mainly killing blacks.
There have been open announcements they're going to kill the blacks, and it is just, it is hellish.
Now we go to George Bush and a few minutes of his disgusting speech last night.
Roll it.
This is President Bush.
Good evening.
I've asked for a few minutes of your time to discuss a matter of national importance.
The reform of America's immigration system.
The issue of immigration stirs intense emotions.
And in recent weeks, Americans have seen those emotions on display.
On the streets of major cities,
Crowds have rallied in support of those in our country illegally.
At our southern border, others have organized to stop illegal immigrants from coming in.
Across the country, Americans are trying to reconcile these contrasting images.
And in Washington, the debate over immigration reform has reached a time of decision.
Tonight I will make it clear where I stand and where I want to lead our country on this vital issue.
We must begin by recognizing the problems with our immigration system.
For decades, the United States has not been in complete control of its borders.
As a result, many who want to work in our economy have been able to sneak across our border, and millions have stayed.
Once here, illegal immigrants live in the shadows of our society.
Many use forged documents to get jobs, and that makes it difficult for employers to verify
All right, pause the piece of filth right there.
And he is.
He's a piece of un-American filth.
Now, again, problem, reaction, solution.
The globalists build up the crisis, run the whole thing.
Bush actually ran the demonstrations.
Dallas Morning News, LA Times, you understand that.
And then he offers his solution, and what is it?
Guessworker, total, unbelievable, blanket, 100% amnesty.
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News moves fast here.
We're going to shift gears out of the open borders, the illegal alien invasion controlled by our government, and get back into it.
During the last break, we got multiple calls here at the office saying CNN just announced they're going to release footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon.
We're good to go.
But it could be fake footage.
You can put nothing past the government.
The point is, this could have been an ultra-massive setup from the beginning.
The hairs on the back of my neck from the start told me, and my gut has never been wrong, to stay away from it.
That it was a trap.
Let's go to Tom in Arizona.
Tom, what did you see?
Good morning, Alex.
Yes, what I saw was a brief news story on CNN, and they said they were going to release
I was just in, and they were going to release the video footage, I believe they said it was from the parking lot of the Pentagon, of the plane hitting the Pentagon.
And one person, one of the news people from the Pentagon, sounded like she was saying she had seen it, and it was
It's going to be a little grainy and hard to make out.
So that'll just continue the debate on forever, which they want us to focus on the Pentagon, and then later they'll even bring out an even better video of it, whether it's real or not.
Again, the question is, why did they go to the hotel across the street?
Why did they grab the state highway and federal cameras?
Why did they grab...
The tapes from hundreds of cameras, the digital recordings, that is the most surveilled place in the world.
Why, why, why?
And instead of ever focusing on the implosion of the buildings, instead of ever focusing on any of the hard things that will bring the New World Order down, it's always Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon.
And I could have made a video about the Pentagon and sold a million copies, folks.
I didn't.
And I don't know what happened at the Pentagon.
What else did they say?
They had mentioned the fact that the Masali trial...
...was holding up the release of the video, I believe, and that since the... Why would that... You know, that's pure bull.
Why would that hold it up?
I don't know.
I mean, it is a 14 to 16 foot hole.
It is true the whole thing stinks to high heaven.
It is true that it shot through three rings of the Pentagon.
Planes don't do that.
This whole thing just... It's an enigma wrapped in a mystery by design.
I'm telling you, there's something going on here.
I absolutely agree with you, Alex.
I'll be...
Looking forward to everybody's commentary on it as the story unfolds.
How many feet of it?
What is it, 12 feet plus of reinforced steel concrete that the plane supposedly shot through?
That's correct.
Blowing a 14-foot hole on one side, a 16 on the other?
I mean, it is ridiculous, but at the same time, the media has always given attention to this debate and not all the others that are ironclad.
What do you think is going on?
Yeah, I'm pretty in line with your analysis initially here.
But at least it's something.
Some of the video experts out there will maybe be able to go through it and kick through it.
It's something.
I know where you're coming from.
Well, the first frames they released, the five frames from the Pentagon, I mean, what is that?
It's a little white blur.
We don't see anything.
It's like they've released stuff to make us discuss it.
I mean, to make themselves look stupid.
Well, it could be a diversion like everything else is these days.
But I just thought I'd call in and let you know, Alex, keep up the good work, and I'll be listening in.
Yeah, we're going to get Paul Watson and everybody on this right now.
Thank you.
This is the Zeitgeist.
We're going to really be covering it.
We'll get into all the immigration situations as well as the broadcast the next two and a half hours and one minute, to be precise.
We're good to go.
We've also got two border sheriffs coming on, two great Americans coming on, and Congressman Bonilla as well.
And we've got a lot of other news that's breaking and developing here.
We have the latest hoax for the second time in a year.
People claiming that Rove had been indicted with absolutely no evidence of it.
And we shied away from this over the weekend and today.
Because, again, we don't want visitors to our sites out of hype and hoaxes.
We want visitors to Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com with real analysis and real information you can trust that's been vetted.
And even then, we still make mistakes, but we try our best.
But I will now comment on the hoax, now that it's been shown to be a hoax.
I'm not saying he's not going to be indicted, but this whole thing stinks of Roe putting out disinfo to them, discredit, so kind of a reverse playback of a...
Of a crying wolf scenario.
It's a psychological warfare tactic we've seen from this current crop of boobies running things.
Boobies are pirates, folks.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Thank you.
All right, massive war room coverage for you right now.
They are scheduled in 30 minutes nationwide.
This is the report.
This is what they're saying on CNN and elsewhere.
To play new Pentagon video of a supposed passenger jetliner smashing into the Pentagon.
Matt, Sherry, Terry, Bill, Mark, and others, your calls are coming up.
We've also got border sheriffs coming on, but I'm probably going to limit those down to about 10 minutes apiece, even with Congressman Bonilla in the next hour.
We have illegal aliens shooting up.
It looks like illegal aliens or their supporters shooting up this Waffle House, injuring people.
The media is spinning it as if it's nothing.
We have Bush's propaganda speech.
His proposal is total blank and amnesty.
Merged with a few troops on the border for a month or two, just as an emotional salve.
He's merging something very popular with something very unpopular to try to fool people.
We'll be covering all that.
But let me give you analysis right now of the Pentagon strike, of what happened at the Pentagon.
Let me tell you why I've shied away from it.
Let me tell you why I haven't covered it in great detail.
We have had guests on.
We've let you hear their views.
I've said that I'm not angry at anyone that's made films about the Pentagon being hit.
I even carry films that ask important questions.
But I've always said, and Michael Rivero has said on this broadcast, that we believe there is a very strong chance that this is a setup.
We're good to go.
Hiding that footage.
Shades of Oklahoma City, where they had 12 different surveillance tapes, grabbed them when police and FBI even said in the LA Times they'd watched the video.
It showed McVeigh with Arabs getting on the rider truck.
We know those Arabs worked for the U.S.
government, had been brought in by Bush Sr.
and Clinton, former Republican guard.
Why wouldn't they use that in the trial to convict McVeigh?
Why wouldn't they show that video?
So, very, very suspicious.
And then I noticed that the national media, and this is key, this is absolutely seminal, this is paramount, would give unbelievable coverage to Pentagon strike deniers, for people that denied a plane hit.
They would constantly cover it, they would constantly debunk it with shoddy attacks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We had all these witnesses saying there was no debris at the Pentagon, even CNN reporters saying no one saw a plane, then others saying they saw big planes, passenger planes, military planes, small planes, cruise missiles, drones.
We had this whole cornucopia, this plethora, this buffet, this smoke screen.
It looked to me like a classic intelligence operation where they have all these other attacks going on that are government-controlled,
And then in the midst of it, you've got this one event with all of these traps laid out, all these juicy traps laid out, the grabbing of the film footage, the telling people to shut up, the lack of debris, and then focusing on that and making that the big debate about 9-11.
Their psychological warfare crews, their war gamers knew there'd be a 9-11 truth movement.
I don't think they thought it would be this big.
And they were keeping this as an ace in the hole.
They've got several other races in the holes.
So they could then make this be the predominant debate, and then try to crush our movement at a pivotal time, whether it be real footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon, or manufactured computer generations, and I have even predicted that they would bring out one video that was foggy, I understand their operations, then another video that was a little bit clearer, heighten the debate for maybe another six months, another year, and then bring out crystal clear
So, we're being told it's going to be some new, blurry video, but a lot clearer than the five frames from the Pentagon.
And then they will descend on the entire 9-11 Truth Movement with straw men.
And attack those of us that have never even really focused on the Pentagon.
Now, I've had guests on.
Again, I have said I don't know what happened, and I've been attacked viciously and wrongly by some people in this 9-11 truth movement for not fully embracing the Pentagon strike, the alternative hypothesis that a plane did not hit it, that it was a missile or a missile and explosives or a drone or an A-10 Sky Warrior or whatever it is.
I have always said that my instincts, my analysis... See, I pull in thousands of points.
I integrate.
I think about it for hours every night.
I focus on it.
I research it.
I let it permeate my brain.
This is what people in intelligence do.
And I am the organic response to the New World Order's operations.
This is what intelligence analysts do.
And I'm not tooting my horn.
We've had a lot of intelligence analysts on who have said that I've been pretty darn good in the past of engaging in analysis, and history shows that.
I had enough indicators and enough key information to clearly know that they were about to attack the World Trade Centers and that bin Laden, their asset, would take the blame and take the fall.
I never made a prediction before or after...
That precise, and I said specifically call the White House and tell them don't attack the World Trade Center and don't try to blame Bin Laden.
How did I do that?
It was the full spectrum data analysis, deep, deep focus, deep, deep, deep research, deep, deep, deep.
And once you get to this point, once you live this, once you're immersed in this,
It totally takes over your life if you've got the brain to do it, if you've got the background, if you've got the history.
Many of us have this innate discernment, this intelligence.
Again, this is something all of us can do if we learn to identify false information.
And if we learn to filter out information when we cannot confirm that it is factual.
You see, I automatically filter something out if I can't prove it.
So we have researched this.
We have looked at it in as great a depth as you can get.
And I have put forward the statement that I believe that they are going to let this debate get to full scale and then harvest it with fake or real video.
Again, I've said I don't know what happened at the Pentagon.
But it is very suspicious.
I mean, grabbing all the film footage, telling people to shut up, all these different conflicting stories, CNN reporters coming out,
And saying that no one saw a plane, there's no wreckage.
All of this just were the equivalent of like T-bone steaks filled with cyanide for the Patriot Truth 9-11 movement.
All of this just laid out for us.
And I remember four years ago, I was starting Masters of Terror to make that film, my second 9-11 film.
I'd made Road to Tyranny just four months after 9-11.
And still one of the best films out there, many critics have stated.
You can find that all over the net.
And I remember having discussions.
I remember it with my colleagues.
I remember really focusing.
And I just said, man, my gut tells me don't touch it with a 10-foot pole.
That doesn't mean that the people saying a missile hit it are wrong.
That doesn't mean that there wasn't a flash and wasn't a pod.
It just means that I had so much other evidence.
Public officials warned not to fly.
NORAD standing down.
The CIA drills of hijacked jets hitting the exact same targets, exact same times.
Tripod 2 exercise.
We believe the attacks were run on a building 7.
All the evidence shows that.
Where the CIA and others were based.
And we have hundreds of points that integrate towards that being 95%.
In fact, we can pretty much guarantee it, but we cannot finally prove it.
My gut tells me on top of it, that's the coup de grace, that we know it's an inside job run from that.
We even know what floor.
We have CIA controlling bin Laden.
We have the U.S.
troops massing to Zikistan and Uzbekistan.
Bush with launch orders on his desk a few days before.
We have Operation Northwoods and all the official U.S.
government documents planning 9-11-style attacks on America as a pretext for global domination.
We have the PNAC documents saying the same thing about a helpful Pearl Harbor event.
We have FBI informants and agents living with many of the hijackers.
The key!
The key!
The key!
The key!
The key!
The key!
The key!
You understand me?
The key!
Is that we have embassy heads saying they knew they were terrorists on terrorist watch lists and were told, let Ada and others into the U.S.
They're high-level government operatives in anti-terror operations.
And then we see them at Pensacola Naval Air Station training, MSNBC, Pensacola News Journal.
Then we have the head of the Defense Language School, the dean, the colonel, going public in the San Jose Mercury News saying Bush did it.
And then they have the quotes, and I call him up and talk to him at his home, and he's been threatened and shut up, but it's on the record that he was forced to train at least four of the hijackers in high-level spy training!
I mean, we've got these people in triplicate from embassies and Air Force bases and defense language schools as U.S.
government agents!
Do you understand me?
And none of you in the truth movement, in the 9-11 movement, will focus on that because it isn't as sexy as all this other stuff!
We can bring these people down!
The hijackers were government agents!
They were drones.
They were decoys.
They were on those planes thinking they were taking part in drills.
Just like the Delta Force and Navy SEALs practice taking over planes, seeing if they can get through security.
Just like they practice taking over embassies.
It's the exact same thing, and we know what happened, but so many of us don't want to focus in on what we can prove.
We want to focus in on all the fancy-schmancy stuff, the sexy stuff, the mysteries, the things that grab people's attention, and the New World Order doled the bait out for us, just like little breadcrumbs leading us into the mouth of hell.
All right, I'm really preaching right now.
I'm just so angry.
And I'm so sick of seeing their programs.
I'm so sick of seeing their plans.
I'm so sick of seeing them carry them off.
I'm so sick of them manipulating us.
And you watch.
This is only going to intensify the debate now about 9-11.
It's going to make the total focus be the Pentagon, not all the other evidence, Larry Silverstein saying he blew up Building 7, all of it.
That will all be ignored, and we'll have an even bigger debate for the next six months to a year, and within that time frame, six months to a year, you will see crystal clear video brought forward, and it will be devastating to the 9-11 truth movement.
Unless we get ahead of this right now,
Unless the report I put out in the next two hours on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, if you get the report of the analysis you just heard that will be cogently written down and prepared with documents, and if you make it the number one story on the web, if you email it out to everybody in every talk show station and every newspaper and everybody so they can see what's happening, then this will be a major victory for the new world order.
Now it is that simple.
The ball is in your court.
Paul Watson listening.
Make sure when you put the article together, you point out how they were government agents, you point out the key points, the controlled demolition, Silverstein saying you blew it up.
All the stuff that's concrete, incontrovertible, must be in there in the article.
Then we must state how they set this whole thing up from the start, and we're not saying people who say a missile hit the Pentagon are wrong.
We're saying that it was a setup from the start, and Michael Rivero, who's been doing this even longer than I have, has said the exact same thing on his radio show.
Mark in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mark.
Matt, excuse me.
Go ahead, Matt.
Yeah, Alex.
I think the elite's really panicking with this Pentagon thing because too many people are waking up.
But it's not going to work.
There's too many evidences out there.
It's not going to shoot down the I Live in Truth movement by a long shot because there's too many other issues like the explosion of the towers and all that.
But you see, if they give it massive wall-to-wall coverage, which they're about to do, it will make it the centerpiece.
And five years from now, in a camp, we'll have people walk up to us and say, It never happened.
I saw the video.
We've got to also, Paul Watson, in the article you're doing right now, put in there, I mean, who piloted the plane?
Forrest Gump?
We can show how they have video computer systems that can fake anything.
Go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, I've got a question for you.
Just about 9-11, I know Rivera actually talked about this a lot.
You know, we know about the five dancing Israelis that were there filming the World Trade Center, and then we got 200 Israeli spies talking news reported on in the country around 9-11.
Many of them had explosive traces in their vehicle, plans of nuclear power plants and oil pipeline plants.
That's mainstream news.
They call them all over the country.
And also, here's what I'm really getting to, is that we know that the Israeli spies were actually trailing or living in the same locations as many of the named Arab hijackers.
Yes, I believe Israel was in a... that is, elements of their intelligence agencies were in support roles.
I do not believe Israel ran the entire attacks or was in operational control, but I believe Israel, that is, Shin Bet, Mossad, was in a support role, as was MI6.
Right, because Massawi and Ottawa were...
Yeah, people got confused two weeks ago when I said, I'm sick of hearing that Israel carried the attacks out.
No, they didn't.
And then I stated they are involved in terrorism in Israel.
They've been caught carrying out false flags worldwide.
I believe they were in a support role.
But to say just Israel did it is impossible.
Right, but then we also, yeah, I agree with you to an extent there, but then we also have the
And on the immigration, here in North Carolina, it's really getting bad here.
I just think about this in general.
Multicultural societies, you know, it only creates conflict.
And I agree with you, it's just tearing this country apart, and what we're going to have to do is eventually get back to some type of homogeneous society, if that takes a secessionist movement or something.
Well, I appreciate your call.
Sir, that's what the little reconquistas are saying.
They want a secessionist society.
They want to be in an enclave, and it's called the Southwest and beyond.
They want white South.
They are the racist.
That's what's so incredible.
They want what Hitler wanted.
They want a purely Hispanic homeland.
It's whoever is middle class must be brought down by the New World Order.
That is what's happening.
That is what's going on.
That is the reality of what we face right now.
And we're not playing checkers here.
We're playing chess, as a caller used to say here on the broadcast.
And it's true.
We're playing chess here.
There's no debating it.
It's three-dimensional, full-spectrum dominance warfare.
Psychological, physical, the whole nine yards.
Look at how the media spends a racial attack.
We'll come back, take more calls, more on the Pentagon.
It's all coming up.
Oh, it's unbelievable.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
The behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Judicial Watch.
To obtain September 11th Pentagon video at 1 p.m.
today, Department of Defense responds to Judicial Watch Freedom, Information Act request, and related lawsuit.
Now, they'll normally release absolutely nothing, and this is so staged, this stinks to high heaven.
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that the Department of Defense will release a videotape of Judicial Watch at 1 p.m.
this afternoon that allegedly shows American Airlines Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
The Department of Defense is releasing the videotape in response to the Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request and related lawsuit.
This is a response to your December 14, 2004 Freedom of Information Act request.
I need listeners all right now.
I'm trying to get a hold of my wife so at home she can record it on the TV, record one channel.
Here at the office we're trying to record two channels.
I need everybody to record every news channel there is.
Pick a different one.
Pick CNBC, MSNBC, Fox.
Record it, because different things may be on there.
It may only be aired once.
Sometimes these people screw up.
Now, we've got some big border guests coming on, two Texas sheriffs, but I'm going to limit them to about ten minutes apiece, and then Congressman Bonilla is scheduled as well.
This is another huge issue we're tracking and covering.
It is so important now more than ever.
9-11 is the foundational event of the globalists.
What they're using to bring this tyranny in.
I hope you'll join me coming up in Los Angeles the 24th and 25th of June.
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It's going to be an incredible gift.
Well, there's going to be a lot of people there.
Dr. Bob Bowman, former head of the Star Wars program.
We're going to have Professor Stephen Jones focusing on the controlled demolitions.
The physicists.
We're going to have Professor Jim Fetzer.
We're going to have so many other great people and surprise guests.
That is coming up June 24th, 25th.
Get your tickets now.
Don't delay or you'll be sorry.
At the same time, get my 9-11 film, Martial Law.
I'm sorry we don't cover the Pentagon.
We focus on everything that can be totally proven.
Incontrovertible evidence of government involvement in the attacks and how they did it.
And the hijackers being government agents.
It's all documented.
Martial Law, the film that needs to be seen.
The 9-11 documentary that puts all the pieces together.
That names names.
That calls Cheney out.
Others don't do that.
They namby-pamby.
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We know their operation.
We know how to crack them.
We know how to beat them.
We know their program.
We know their tricks.
We know how to counter them.
Stay with us.
Second hour coming up.
We will record and then play clips of some of the propaganda news pieces.
I hope you're recording them as well.
Coming up later, we're going to get Rivero on in the third hour to comment on all this as well.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, crashing through the lies and disinformation!
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Sheriff Chiquito Gonzalez, Jr.,
Zapata County, Texas is scheduled to join us in eight minutes.
I'm going to limit this interview because we've got CNN and others in the next little while releasing supposed Pentagon plane strike video.
We'll tell you what's behind all that.
Continual up to the minute coverage.
I'll be breaking in even during the guest with the latest info for you.
We have Congressman Bonilla set up as well and another sheriff later as well.
Massive paramilitary attacks.
Foreign troops, you name it, on the border right now.
I don't want to be on the air.
You didn't want to be on the air?
Okay, thank you, ma'am, for the call.
You called in and said you wanted to be on the air.
Terry in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex?
Hi, I've got some information I'd like to fax to you.
And also, there's something I need to read to you real quick.
It's about the World Trade Towers.
And this comes out of Germany, a lost tribe of action Israel.
And it says, World Trade Towers are a curable bruise and grievous wound.
Jeremiah compares the collapse of the World Trade Towers to an incurable bruise and grievous wound from which no healing medicines are available.
For thus saith the Lord, thy bruise is incurable, thy wound is grievous.
There is none to plead thy cause that thou mayest be bound up.
Thou hast no healing medicines.
All thy lovers have forgotten thee.
They seek thee not.
I have wounded thee with the wound of an enemy.
Thank you, Jerry.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Bill in Maine.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Bill.
Hey, Alex.
I'll be real quick.
Last night I watched the speech on TV, and one thing I did notice where Mr. Bush, and I don't have the transcript in front of me, but I like you, Alex.
I believe in the truth, the facts, the words, and all that.
And one thing I'd like to say is that you're an honest man, and I appreciate it.
Honest to God, I do.
I appreciate you, Alex.
But last night what he said was, he said we are a country of laws.
And he was trying to make the importance of we are a country of laws, and we need to go by laws.
Well, if that's the case, how come he didn't mention the laws that were being violated by the big corporations?
Why not fine them thousands of dollars a day?
Just be honorable to them.
Give them 30 days' notice, clean up their act, or face the current laws.
Because Bush is behind the Lurie Conquista.
He's openly called for totally open borders, blank on amnesty.
He's tagging trips on the border for too much with an amnesty plan.
There won't even be a need for trips because it'll be legalized.
Yeah, I believe that 100%, Alex.
Well, that's in the official plan!
What I can't understand is why so many people that consider themselves Christians go along with this.
It's been one lie after one lie after a thousand lies.
And, you know, it used to be where one lie was good enough.
I mean, from Jessica Lynch to the Tillman story to what the generals were saying.
First he said he wasn't spying on us, it would be illegal.
Then he says he is, and he's allowed to.
They say they're allowed to torture people, even if it's illegal.
Right, and I noticed Tony Snow's first day was today, and then they're trying to release all the confusion of everything else.
Yeah, you know, Alex, let me let you go.
And thank you.
Keep up the good work, and I appreciate you, GCN, and all the sponsors behind you.
Thank you.
Thank you, Bill.
Mark in New York, you're on the air.
Yes, you're on the air.
Okay, sir, how are you doing?
Listen, I just wanted to mention a couple things about the 9-1-1 Truth Movement.
Of course, you do realize...
That these, who benefits, like you always say, Kibono, who benefits from this?
And if we look back in history, we see who benefits.
And they're blaming our financial problems on Osama bin Laden when we all know darn right well it's not Osama that's destroying the middle class here in America.
Besides that, I have something to tell you.
Some woman saw your bumper sticker on my car, and she wanted...
You know, she corralled me outside of my workplace explaining with this minister, explaining how Alex Jones isn't the Christian that you think he is.
You should listen to God, and God's got to take care of all these things.
And Alex, I'll tell you something.
These religious zombies are pretty bad.
They're a pretty brutal part of our whole truth movement.
I know.
They think worshiping world government and tyranny is what Jesus wants.
We'll be right back.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends.
Alex Jones here.
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A dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, CNN and others have not released.
It's going to be in the next hour or so.
We're going to cover it in the third hour.
We have Congressman Bonilla coming on later.
We have another border sheriff joining us.
Many of the Lurican Custas believe this is Aslan, believe this is Mexico.
And great Americans like Al Garza, the Minutemen, are against it.
Or, of course, Colonel Ramirez is speaking out, saying, not in our name.
In major polls, 70-plus percent of Hispanics are against the La Reconquista, as all Americans are.
We have had hundreds of deaths on the border.
The State Department has said the South Texas border is as dangerous or more dangerous than the West Bank of Israel and issued three travel advisories.
There are Las Zetas, paramilitary, and folks, they're current Mexican troops, killing and shooting and bombing people.
We've had rocket attacks on U.S.
It is hellish.
Towns like Laredo and the way to Laredo that were huge tourism meccas are dead right now.
And here are the headlines.
Sheriff demands probe of incursions.
Washington Times.
Here's World Net Daily.
Border Sheriff warns we're overwhelmed.
Texas lawman says not if but when terrorists bring dirty bombs in the U.S.
He's seen foreign troops.
He's seen it all.
Not just Mexican troops.
And we've had other sheriffs on who've had the Mexican troops come up, aim guns at them, and take drugs they've seized away from them.
But it's kept on the back burner.
The average American is not aware this is going on.
Sheriff Sigfrido Gonzalez Jr., Zapata County Sheriff Texas, joins us.
The Sheriff of Zapata County, Texas, joins us.
And he's chairman of the Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition.
And Sheriff, it's great to have you on with us.
Appreciate being on.
Well, thanks.
I don't think the average American knows just how bad it is, just how out of control it is.
Sir, can you tell us about your county and what you've been facing?
Well, we've always maintained, Alex, that if you don't live on the border, and what I mean by living on the border, if you don't live within two or three or four miles from the border, you don't know what's going on on the border.
And this is something that we're trying to get the people of this country to realize, the violence along the border, the incursions that we've had from either military groups or people claiming to be military groups.
I know Mexico has denied it, but of course it's denied all the time.
We have seen the extortion, the kidnappings, the murders.
As far as I'm concerned, it's way out of control and something needs to be done.
We formed a coalition May 4th last year to bring attention again to the problems along the border.
We have had a lot of help from Congress, well, actually from the House of Representatives, but there's very minimal help on the side of the Senate.
We're trying to get some funding for us here.
We feel that the border with Texas...
New Mexico, Arizona, and California, we have been neglected for years and years and years.
We are the ones that can do something about trying to protect every person in this country from another terrorist attack, just like what happened on September 11th.
And that's our ultimate goal, to try to protect them.
We want to make sure that nothing happens to anybody in this country.
No terrorist attack happens again, but a lot of times we feel like it's kind of falling on deaf ears.
I agree with you, Sheriff.
I mean, tell us what an average day is like, or an average week, what you face.
Well, we're facing here in Zapata, we get lots of information.
We just got some information yesterday, as a matter of fact, that there may be this paramilitary group or some of these groups planning on doing the same thing that's happening in Nuevo Laredo and everywhere else along the border with Mexico.
The threats and the killings of police officers, that supposedly is going to be spilling over very, very soon into the U.S.
side, trying to scare us away from the border.
We've already had threats before.
Where we've had people coming up, like in Hudspeth County, across the border, going to a deputy's home and threatening his wife that if his deputy goes back to the border, they're going to kill him and her and everybody else.
And we just got this new threat yesterday that says that they're going to do the same thing with us here on the U.S.
side, the same thing with us.
Police officers on the U.S.
side that they're doing is officers on the Mexican side trying to scare them and threaten them and killing them and stuff like that.
And for those that don't know, over 20 police officers were killed.
Hundreds of police stations were attacked over the weekend in Brazil.
This is daily life in Latin America.
Literally, South Texas is beginning to succumb to this type of banana boat republic behavior.
That's true.
We're seeing, again, on a daily basis, we're seeing the people coming across.
And, you know, don't get me wrong.
We're not saying we want to be border patrol agents.
We don't want to be border patrol agents.
What I'm saying is that we're very concerned with the people that are coming across, where they're coming from, what their intent is in coming to this nation.
Besides just looking for work, I mean...
We have over 100,000 people coming in per week into the country other than Mexicans.
Some red flags have to go up somewhere.
I don't think all those people are going to find jobs.
Well, exactly, Sheriff.
We always talk about it being Mexicans.
That's just because that's the majority.
Russians, Chinese, Arabs.
I've got a Brownsville article where one in seven that are being captured on the border are Arabic.
That's correct.
I've got the figures from Border Patrol where most of the
Well, most of the immigrants come into the southern border, including people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and a whole bunch of other countries that are of special interest to our country.
And yet they're coming in and they're being released back on the streets of what we were terming as the catch and release, and we were phrasing it as the notice to disappear.
They're getting these notices to disappear, basically, because they don't show up to the court hearings.
And this is happening on a daily basis.
Now, how many
Well, our concern is how many rapists, murderers, robbers, burglars, thieves, child molesters have come into the country now.
Something else we've got to look at also.
During the amnesty program back in, you know, whenever it was 20 years ago,
People had to go through a medical exam and everything else.
Now it's just come into the country, no medical exams, no nothing.
Who knows what these ceases are coming into the country.
Sheriff Gonzalez, we have gone from three leprosy cases in the ten years before 2004 to 7,000 in 2004.
We got those numbers in 2005.
We'll be getting new numbers in the next few months from 2005.
I mean, 7,000 plus leprosy cases.
We now have a leper colony in East Texas.
Yeah, it's something else if you look at it, Alex, and nothing against any particular person of any country, but our information is that the Chinese mafia has moved their operations to the coast in Mexico from, you know, just south of Brownsville, and they're moving their operations again to the
Southern area, Hidalgo, Cameron Counties, McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville.
There have been reports by other sheriffs of witnessing foreign troops other than Mexican troops or paramilitary dressed individuals who are Anglo.
We have seen those in Zapata County.
Well, actually, the dividing line between Zapata and Webb County, which is Laredo, encouraged approximately 25 persons, very clean cut, in what appeared to be very good fiscal condition,
They were coming into the country carrying duffel bags, machine guns, or automatic weapons, you know, and marching in a cadence coming into the country.
Do you ever feel like you're in the Twilight Zone?
I mean, this is really going on.
The Communist Chinese have got the Panama Canal.
They've got some of the deep water ports now in the Bahamas.
They're doing the nuclear scanning of containers.
I mean, this is nuts.
It's pretty bad.
It's pretty bad.
And again, like I say, people don't live in the border, don't know what's going on.
And there's a whole bunch of information that we get also that we, of course, obviously we cannot disclose, but things are happening in the border.
And people that don't live on the border have always felt, my understanding is that the border is very secure.
There's AWAC planes flying all over the place, F-16s all over the place, sensors and everything else.
It's not.
Anybody can come into this country to the southern border and you will, the chances of being caught are very, very minimal, very, very minute.
Where does it go from here?
I mean, Bush has proposed blanket amnesty.
We've got his official plan.
His guest worker program will do nothing to secure the border and will legalize anyone who can get here.
Border sheriffs and the Border Patrol have reported record numbers of illegals of all colors, shapes, and sizes pouring across in the last six months.
And then Bush claims he's going to put troops on the border, but only a few thousand and only for two months.
That's nothing but an emotional smoke and mirrors salve from all the experts we've talked to.
I saw his speech last night where he wants to hire 6,000 new Border Patrol agents.
That's correct.
You remember, Alex, the 9-1-1 Commission recommended 10,000 troops immediately, and every one of President Bush's budgets for the last two years have been cutting and cutting and cutting even Border Patrol agents.
Now, as to military on the border, how is that going to help us?
According to his speech, they're going to be involved in monitoring the new technology, monitoring cameras, satellite images...
Well, this is it.
This is it, Sheriff.
We have hundreds of deaths, we have bombings, we have rocket attacks, we have armed Mexican troops, and Bush is getting rid of Posse Comitatus domestically with troops, which is unconstitutional, but it's totally constitutional to put tanks on the border, but he won't do it.
That's correct.
Something's going to have to give somewhere, Alex, and it's going to be a problem where... I don't know, something's going to have to give somewhere.
We are seeing too many things on the border, too many incursions, too many people coming across...
It's draining our local budgets.
How do we continue to be able to support indigent health care, indigent defense, people in jail?
I don't think people realize that, and they've done the math, the feds and the states have, in California, Texas, and other states on the border, the illegal aliens take a lot more welfare and government funding than they even produce in the economy.
That's true.
Again, I mean, our budgets have been cut locally, local governments, because of indigent health care.
The state, the federals, have cut indigent health care.
They've cut what we call the SCAP program, the State Criminal Aliens Assistance Program, where it reimburses counties for some of the costs.
Of housing illegal immigrants.
That's been cut by Bush to zero.
Sheriff, I have these patches here, paramilitary Arabic patches that you guys have found, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades that other sheriffs have found, machine guns.
Can you talk about that?
Those weapons that you're probably looking at, it's attached to my testimony when I went for a house.
Yes, sir.
Those weapons were used by the CETA organization.
They're, of course, the dissenters of the Mexican military.
That have been hired by the Gulf cartels to do their hits for them.
These weapons are used right across the border in Laredo, Texas, in Nuevo Laredo, as a matter of fact.
We have been told by our informants in our area here in Zapata and all along the border, the weapons that we use are water guns compared to what these people use.
And they will not hesitate, not one minute, they will hesitate to use those weapons against us in law enforcement.
And now they're going to be on law enforcement.
Excuse me, repeat yourself.
They're going to be using those weapons against us in law enforcement at the proper time.
Well, cops have been killed from California to Texas.
Oh, yeah.
You see, Laredo's got, you know, some shots being fired from snipers on the Mexican side and border patrol agents and deputy sheriffs and citizens.
And I'm sorry, Sheriff, when that happens, we need to call in warthog airstrikes.
I agree with you.
We've been asking for some assistance for quite some time.
Stay there, Sheriff.
One more segment with you after this quick break so you can give us some solutions.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Come back in 30 minutes.
A little more than 30 minutes.
Next hour we're scheduled to have Congressman Henry Bonilla on with us.
He's very concerned about all of this.
You've got to live in Texas or Southern California or Arizona to really realize this.
It's not a joke, folks.
We have...
We're good to go.
It is insane.
And there is a large portion of the illegal alien population that was taught from birth by comic books printed up by the Mexican government that this belongs to Mexico and America's bad and blah, blah, blah.
And you're hearing just how serious it is from the sheriff who joins us, Zapata County, Texas Sheriff, Sigfrido Gonzalez Jr.,
Sheriff, I haven't gotten into the whole La Reconquista with you.
I'm sure you're aware that we've talked about the Arabs and the Russians and the Chinese and the Chinese troops.
I mean, this is really happening.
This is mainstream news.
But again, it's back of the paper.
Are you aware that a lot of the people coming across aren't just here to work and have been brainwashed that America somehow is bad and they're taking over in some type of La Reconquista?
Well, we have been saying this for a long time.
We've been saying it to our federal legislators for a long, long time.
I was in Africa out of frustration.
We formed this coalition because we were not being listened to.
And yes, we get that information.
We're aware of that information.
We share it.
We provide it to other agencies.
And again, it goes on just deaf ears.
Nothing's happening.
Were you aware that a lot of the Lowry Conquista groups, Meche and others, admit that they're communist?
And they talk about violent overthrowing?
Oh, definitely.
We hear from a lot of people here that we arrest or that we get information on that they hate the country.
They hate us.
And they're here to try to do something to us.
I mean, America's not perfect, but my goodness, compared to the corruption in Mexico, America's a wonderland.
Well, it is.
But let me give you this.
When we grow up as kids, we're told we do something wrong and we get spanked or we get slapped on the wrist, depending on what we do wrong.
And the more we get slapped in the wrist, the same thing's going to happen, same thing's going to happen, nothing's going to happen.
We keep on doing it.
It's not going to get any worse.
Same thing has happened here, except the only problem here is that instead of us trying to do something about fixing the problem, we're allowing it to happen.
So that's giving a bad example to other people, saying, hey, if I go out there, nothing's going to happen to me anyway.
It's just going to go unpunished.
Bush and the Democrat Sheriff are talking about total capitulation, total legalization.
That'll be a major problem.
And I went through a...
We're good to go.
I think?
From a country that has no computerized system to track down their criminal records.
Sheriff, I have an AP report today where they arrest the illegal aliens, no matter where they're from, and they've been told not to have ID.
They don't even know who they are, and they just release them.
Now, if I get arrested with no ID, I'm staying in jail until they find out who I am.
But here in Austin, an illegal alien can hit and run, get caught.
The famous railway murderer killed all... I mean, they are literally above the law.
Well, definitely.
They'll give wrong information.
The system now, supposedly, is that they're being fingerprinted.
Well, the ones that are being held are being fingerprinted.
The ones that are voluntarily returned are not being fingerprinted.
So that creates a very major problem.
Yeah, you give a wrong name, you can give 20 different names, and then who's going to know?
There's just no way of knowing.
I'm sure you're aware that Wells Fargo issues to anyone with any name a debit card, and with that debit card within an account, then social services is accepting that, and it could be any fake name they want.
It was the head of the Senate two years ago in Colorado went out and in one day got five IDs for himself.
Remember that?
Yes, sir.
I mean, this is insane, but then the police pull me over and want to search my car and say, well, it's a post-9-11.
Yes, sir.
I mean, I've pulled up to checkpoints where they're searching everybody, Sheriff.
As an American, my rights are trampled on, but illegal aliens are like God.
Well, now that you mention trampled on, I get the same impression, and I've made this known too privately to some legislators and some of their aides.
I feel a lot of times, and I am Hispanic.
My last name is Gonzalez, and I don't deny it.
I've never denied it.
The thing is, a lot of times, I feel this country is being trampled on.
I feel this country is being trampled on.
I feel that this country is being, that we as citizens of this country have been beat up, thrown to the ground, and while on the ground, and excuse my expression, we're being urinated on, defecated on.
And then not only that, at the same time, we're also being thrown a ton of salt in our wounds, and people just laugh at us because we're not doing anything about it.
Well, that's it.
I mean, some of these reconquerors, they really do laugh at us.
It's a big joke.
I mean...
I don't know where it's going.
A lot of people, Sheriff, are worried that the illegals are going to burn down the major cities.
They've been talking about it.
It's possible.
It's possible.
One thing that bothers me is seeing our United States flag being flown upside down with the Mexican flag on top.
I mean, this is the United States, and again, I have nothing against other countries, but man, we've got to...
You go to Mexico and try to do that, you're going to go to jail.
You're going to get for a long time.
Sheriff, thank you so much for joining us.
I hope to talk to you again in the future.
Thanks for the great work you're doing.
You're a real patriot.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
God bless you, sir.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, coming up is Henry Bonilla and another sheriff as well, Congressman.
Let me get back into the Pentagon right now, and then we'll go to Dan, Alex, and many others that are patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
I'm not saying a plane hit the Pentagon.
I'm not saying a missile hit the Pentagon.
I have said, and I've had guests on, we've covered some, but I haven't made it my main focus, and I've said I'm very suspicious of the whole way the thing has played out.
The way the government acted suspicious, the way they grabbed all the surveillance footage, the way they grabbed it from hotels and gas stations and from the state highway cameras.
I'm suspicious of the whole thing, how the media would always give this debate attention.
How from the start, from very suspicious quarters out of Europe, books came out on the subject.
How it was constantly covered, but the media won't cover it.
Controlled demolition, bin Laden being CIA, public officials warned not to fly, hijackers being U.S.
government assets, taking part in drills.
That will not be touched on.
A few pieces here, a few there, but never the big national news cycle.
They've wanted us to focus on the Pentagon.
It's been the sexy thing to do.
It's been the thing that gets the attention.
Whether it did get hit by a plane or not, we have all these other things that we can prove.
Why not cover those?
Why not focus on those?
And I've been criticized for just simply saying this could be a trap.
I believe it's going to be a trap.
Look out, trap!
It's a trap.
It's a trap.
You ever heard that saying?
We just came into a trap.
And knowing of a trap, you can set a trap for the enemy.
So in the next 30 minutes, a huge detailed report on the vanguard of what we're facing will be on PrisonPlanet.com.
News alert!
Stand by.
Stand by for InfoWar.
Stand by for InfoWar.
Stand by to launch.
Launch a major counter-strike on the New World Order salvo.
We can obliterate it.
We shot down the London bombing spin.
We exposed it.
We proved it was an inside job within weeks.
You still type in London bombing into Google, prison planet stories are at the top.
Tens and tens and tens and tens and tens of millions of people have read our analysis.
The truth is now mainstream.
The majority of Englanders know it was an inside job now.
That's why they had to shut it down and stop using London bombings as propaganda for the police state.
They were going to be using that with the globalists that used 9-11.
Now the globalists are having to back off 9-11 as propaganda because we've shot them down.
We shoot down their propaganda.
The power of you, the listeners, getting this PrisonPlanet.com report that's coming out.
The power of you posting it on your sites, your message boards, emailing it out to your whole email list and telling them to forward it.
The power of you taking action is unbelievable.
Get ready.
I'll add more of my comments to the articles that are being put together when the transmission ends today in one hour and 24 minutes.
We're good to go.
It is the point where it will be released most likely, and then the next six months after that, unless we expose that this is a giant honeypot operation.
A honeypot is where you put bad intelligence out, you put out bad trails that then lead to things that blow up in your face, to discredit movements.
An example of this is General Janice Karpinski, head of the 14 camps, now over 30, in Iraq.
She wasn't even allowed...
To go into the wings of Abu Ghraib and other torture centers.
The CIA and private contractors fully controlled it.
That was verified and admitted.
So when she refused to go along with it, they decided to burn her and go after an innocent person.
This does multiple things.
It punishes someone who wouldn't play ball, but most importantly, the press then sees her as the bad guy, and then when she's investigated, it's found that she's completely innocent because she didn't do anything wrong.
Then in the minds of people, it wasn't high-level brass running it when we have the memos from Alberto Gonzalez, the memos from the brass above General Janusz Karpinski, and others.
This is how they work.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Dan in Texas.
You're on the air, Dan.
God bless you, Alex.
You should have been a preacher.
I'd like to say first off hand, thank you to the sheriff that you just had on for being down there and putting his life on the line.
Did you hear him?
Foreign troops, Chinese troops, Chinese bases, Czechoslovakian Republic troops, rocket attacks, mass murder, total war zone, drug dealing, killing, the Mexicans saying this is Mexico, they hate us.
This is what's really going on.
We're not making this stuff up, people!
And also thank you to the Minuteman down there for doing their job as well.
Alex, this weekend on the History Channel they were showing all sorts of disasters on there which included Oklahoma City as well as the so-called planes hitting the buildings and hitting the Pentagon.
However, one independent witness that they interviewed on there about the so-called plane hitting the Pentagon
Clearly stated the following that he saw something that looked like something they used in Germany.
One of those cruise missiles with wings on it go into the Pentagon.
A lot of other people said they saw small passenger planes, commuter planes, medium passenger carriers, large passenger carriers, and then the feds grab all the videotapes.
It makes it very, very suspicious.
Why in the Zacharias Moussaoui trial?
That's a red herring.
That has nothing to do with them releasing it or not releasing it.
They've covered something up, whether they wanted to make everybody focus on this, to then disprove it, or whether there is a cover-up of what really happened.
The point is, it's an endless debate that's so sexy, it's a whodunit mystery, that everyone will obsess on this instead of all the jewels that are 110% red-handed, proving the New World Order did it.
I mean, listen, listen.
If I just wanted to make money,
I could easily have made a big film about the Pentagon.
But I didn't.
Because I know it's a trap.
And I'm not criticizing those that made films about it.
I think it needs to be looked at.
It needs to be discussed.
But I think if I made a film about it, I would point out that it will probably end up being some type of trap.
And that's something people didn't do.
And then they attack me, some of them, because I don't roll the red carpet out to them.
A lot of them I don't roll the red carpet out to because they're obnoxious egomaniacs.
Also, Alex, I'd like to say that thanks to the Minutemen and the fine job that they're doing down there on our border, the President finally had to do something with the National Guard.
But however, the Guard is only going to be put down there in a support measure.
And I'm just wondering, does this mean if the Guard members are fired upon, will they have permission to shoot?
No, they're not even going to have ammo, sir.
They're not?
The troops have already run out of ammo in most camps in Iraq.
That's Associated Press.
They've got defective level 2 body armor that won't stop a .22 at close range.
And lastly, Alex, I'd like to make a plea.
If anybody has any of your tapes and stuff that they'd like to share with other people that can't afford it,
Please call 903-691-
5341 and help those that can't afford the tapes.
And let's get the word out, please.
All right.
I appreciate your call.
I'm trying to get on people's personal numbers because somebody can call in, not you, and give out somebody else's number just to be mean.
That happened to me once about eight years ago, and I learned my lesson.
So let's please.
That's why websites are good because a website is where people choose to go to it.
And then if we send people to a website where the folks didn't ask for it, a website's public so it doesn't hurt them.
People ask, well, why can't I give numbers out?
Because if I don't know who you are, I mean, obviously you sound like a genuine person.
I'm sure it's a real number.
I'm sure it's good, but just folks, don't do it.
I'm really fired up right now because I knew this was going to happen in my mind's eye.
I've seen it happening from all the analysis I've done.
What I do is I study stuff.
I look at it.
I research past activities, past things the Global Crime Syndicate does, their propaganda, how they work.
I've read books written by their top propagandists, Bernays and others.
And so I know how they operate, and so I sit back and study it for years and then come to my conclusion.
And come on, folks, you know I give you good info.
Many of you have been listening over 10 years.
You know it's good.
That's why you listen.
Because this is real, folks.
What we do here, we got our heads screwed on straight, okay?
We know what we're doing.
Because we've been through a lot of fights.
We've been put through our paces.
We've paid our dues.
And I am just blown away right now by what's happening, all the things that are happening.
But the good news is with these illegal aliens is Bush's perfume on this propaganda isn't going to work.
I mean, I told you before a speech what you'd hear.
You'd hear, we're going to put troops on the border, support role, to just report crimes to the Border Patrol.
Same thing.
Exactly what Bush said, and he's pairing that with his amnesty plan that he calls a guest worker program, which is total legalization of whoever's here for six years, whoever can get here for six years.
Let me repeat this.
And it allows them to pay to bring in unlimited unskilled and skilled.
Now, we've only got, what, 19, 20% of our computer programming and software jobs left that we had 10 years ago.
Those will all be gone, too.
I mean, this is sick.
This is totally and completely sick.
And you just heard the last sheriff who we had on from Zapata County, Sheriff Sigfrido Gonzalez Jr., about the foreign troops.
I don't mean Mexican.
I'm talking about Chinese.
They've been videotaped, photographed.
I'm talking about Eastern Bloc.
I'm talking about rocket attacks.
I'm talking about insanity.
We're going to go to more of your calls here in just a few minutes.
Congressman Bonilla is scheduled coming up in the next hour.
We will track and cover this Pentagon supposed video being released to Judicial Watch.
It was released 44 minutes ago by the Department of Defense, and Judicial Watch is reviewing it and about to release it in the next 30 minutes to an hour.
We will be covering it.
We will play the audio here when that happens.
We will post the video on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com immediately upon getting it.
Paul Watson is doing a huge report on it as we speak, so watch immediately.
Watch that space for that to come out very, very soon.
All right.
Sheriff Rick Flores, Webb County, Texas, as Daniel Moreto joins us in the eye of the storm.
And I've got mainstream media reports here, ABC News.
I put a report out with almost the same title six months before.
Drug war zone rattles U.S.
Border Patrol.
Drug groups are said to be fighting for primacy at Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.
I used to go down there as a college student.
I'd gone down there with my parents as a kid.
Oh, let's go to Mexico, go to the bazaars, buy some goodies, buy some sombreros, buy some beef jerky, whatever, go eat some enchiladas.
Not anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, it is a ghost town down there because it is hellish, and the State Department has said it's more dangerous in many areas than the West Bank of Israel.
Sheriff Rick Flores, thank you for joining us, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you for the invitation.
We had one of your colleagues on, part of the Texas Border Sheriff Coalition, with us the last 30 minutes.
In a nutshell, if you don't live on the border, you don't know what it's like, even those in central Texas don't know.
Those in San Antonio and north-south Texas don't know.
What are you facing, Sheriff?
Well, right now we're facing a drug war between two cartels fighting for the territory just across the border, probably 300 yards from my office.
The violence is intensifying between those two cartels.
We've got one cartel who's fighting for the whole territory from Brownsville all the way to California.
And then you've got other cartels that are standing their ground and are not willing to give up their area.
So we've got massive drug wars going on in Nuevo Laredo.
We had a battle that went on three weeks ago for two hours in Nuevo Laredo.
Which was not reported because the media has been told not to report any of this.
They've been completely muzzled and apparently this gun battle lasted two hours and there was more than 25 bodies that were actually murdered.
And by the way, even American media is now intimidated, and there's almost a total news blackout here.
Multiple newspapers have been bombed with hand grenades.
That is correct.
And now cartels picked up their own bodies and took them after the gun battle because these are bodies that they didn't want to be recorded.
So we've had people on the other side, through intelligence, tell us that the police did not show up, the military didn't show up,
Until the gun battle was completely over.
So, that in essence is telling you that
They don't have control over the border.
Why is this?
I mean, we know they've paid off a lot of the police commanders on that side.
We know a lot of other ones are scared.
I mean, I'm sure you saw, and this is all over Latin America, over 20 officers killed in two cities in Brazil over the weekend, hundreds of attacks, and the criminal gangs may actually take over the government.
I don't think people realize this is coming to Texas.
Oh, this is serious, you know, and the thing is that we already have sleeper cells on this side.
You know, they commit the crimes on the other side and then, of course, we are seeing some spillover on this side.
And we're trying to keep a handle on it and, of course, collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies, we're able to share intelligence and try to stay on top of it.
However, it's still very difficult.
And I know that the President is going to send 6,000 troops to the border.
You know, it's something that is very difficult.
It's still ambiguous as to what they're going to do.
They're not going to have any enforcement powers.
So ultimately, we're still back at square one where we're going to have to be taking control of some of the incidents that occur along the border.
And what we want is for them to understand that there was a bill initiated by Congressman John Culberson from Houston.
And all we're asking for is...
For that bill to be passed by the Senate as filed by the Congressman.
But Bush, I don't know if you saw the Dallas Morning News, Sheriff, Bush and Fox secretly hired Rob Allen and co.
that ran Bush's election and Fox's election.
They staged the illegal alien demonstrations.
That is mainstream news.
But again, it got reported and no one even picked up on it, so it's almost a public secret.
Bush wants blanket amnesty.
His guest worker program is total amnesty.
And all of this is going on.
I mean, I don't see an end to this.
Sheriff, where do you see all this going?
Well, you're absolutely correct.
And the only way that we're going to have to put a stop to this is for the Mexican government to take responsibility of what's going on in their country.
They love it.
They love it.
I mean, we know their government's on the narco payroll.
Yes, we do.
And again, that's something that
Our president needs to be very firm in speaking to the Mexican president.
And again, I don't think it's going to make too much of a difference because he's already outgoing.
In the next few weeks, we're going to have a new president in Mexico.
So it's going to be interesting to see what's going to unfold when this new president is elected.
Do you think the PRI will win, or do you think it's going to be Fox's coalition?
No, I think it's going to be the PRI.
Will that be better or worse for the border?
Well, it depends.
If these people are interested in stopping the violence and...
Trying to control the drug cartels is going to be interesting.
Well, they better be concerned.
I mean, look at Shining Path and areas of South America with what happened in Peru.
I mean, literally, folks, major cities are on the verge of total anarchy with the drug cartels on the verge.
Look at what's happening.
In Brazil, the most populous nation in South America, they're on the verge of taking over.
That's absolutely correct.
You know, our biggest concern is that
We as first responders, and we've been going to Washington already many times to explain to Washington as to why we need what we need.
And it seems like it's been falling on deaf ears.
You need... Sheriff, stay there.
You need A-10 warthogs.
We've got a break.
I'm serious, folks.
And when somebody opens fire on the police, those gunships unload on those Mexican armored vehicles.
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We're good to go.
In major polls, 70 plus percent of Hispanics, well 67, now it's 70 plus percent, are against the open borders.
You average whites, blacks, Hispanics in together, all Americans, Asians.
It's a whopping 91% in a Gallup poll from just two weeks ago.
Americans want to be American.
But a large portion of these illegal aliens have been brainwashed that this is Mexico, that America's bad.
And last night up in the Carolinas, we had a Waffle House shot up because people had an argument inside about the open borders.
And the media is spinning that and trying to keep that quiet.
And again, folks, I protested the Klan.
I protested everybody.
I'm really getting sick of Mecha and the rest of them.
This is a powder keg.
And right here in Austin, they have big placards downtown saying, violent revolution is needed.
And they're talking about burning America down, and I just can't believe that it's come to this.
And we're talking to Sheriff Rick Flores down in Laredo, Texas, a war zone, which people can't even visit now, it's so bad in many cases.
And, you know, the SWAT team here in Austin has an armored vehicle, you know, to go after old vets that drink too much whiskey.
Why don't we have armored vehicles with heavy machine guns?
What's the Mexicans have?
Why are the 6,000 troops not going to have guns?
I mean, it's constitutional to have tanks on the border.
I want foreign armies, when they attack, to be killed.
Now, that's not a radical statement.
Sheriff, do you have comments on what I've just said?
No, I don't.
You know, actually, we've had our fair share of incidents where our deputies have been shot at from the other side of the border.
And Border Patrol, likewise.
You know, we don't want to put up with none of this, you know, where there's people on the other side shooting at us.
You know, I feel the same way about
Protecting our borders.
We need to be given the resources to be able to protect our borders.
How about a heavy .50 caliber and 15 armored vehicles and a state grant to arm those with six-man crews, and every time they pop off, open fire on them with .50 cals?
Well, that would be ideal, you know.
But I'll tell you one thing, that's what they're using on the other side.
No, I know, I know, yeah.
Financed and...
They've got the resources and the weaponry.
Heckler and Koch HK91s.
That's right.
You know that we communicate, and my cell phones, our provider is singular.
They're walking around with satellite cell phones with GPS.
They can keep track of each other.
They know where they're at, where they're situated.
And let me tell you also that they're also using in their gunfights RPGs.
I've seen the local footage, but it never gets on national news.
I know.
I mean, isn't that newsworthy that you and others are under a rocket attack?
Oh, yeah, but the only thing is that I guess now it seems like we're getting the attention that we deserve, but this has been going on for quite some time.
Well, when somebody in the West Bank shoots an RPG in Israel, it's national news, but it's not news here.
That's right.
We've got our own war going on on the border.
What about the kidnappings?
I know you and other sheriffs have gotten on TV and said you feel sorry for the girl in Aruba, but, I mean, what was it, last year they kidnapped 54 people, a bunch of them Americans, and it was hardly even news?
That's correct.
That is correct.
And my heart goes out for the girl in Aruba.
But we've got our fair share of women that have been kidnapped on this side, you know, that are Americans.
And they haven't gotten the national attention that, you know, the girl from Aruba has gotten.
So, yeah, we've got our own problems.
And you're right.
You're absolutely correct.
The media has not.
You know, giving the attention on those issues.
Well, further away from you, Sheriff, in Boquillas and there, I mean, they found hundreds of dead bodies of people over the years.
And it's not a joke.
They were satanically murdered.
Sheriff, can you confirm that?
I don't know about that.
Do you remember the famous cases of the Satan cult and all the dead bodies?
I remember that was in Matamoros.
Yeah, but see how that's not... That's so little known that you're like, yeah, I remember it.
Yeah, that was actually...
A young man that had gone over across the border who was a spring breaker and was out there celebrating and it happened to use him as a, you know, a sacrifice and a cult.
Yeah, I remember that.
But then they found all the dead bodies.
They dug up all those dead bodies.
Sheriff, stay with us.
If you would like a copy of this show, come to GCNlive.com and reserve it today.
Or call toll free 877-376-45.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
After four years and nine months of refusing to release any video from the hundreds of cameras and tapes and digital recordings of 2004, it's now been released to them one hour ago, and is scheduled to be appearing on national TV in the next few hours.
We'll be covering that.
We have detailed reports up on the websites.
In the last hour, I interviewed...
Sheriff Sigfrido Gonzalez, Jr.
of Zapata County, confirming foreign Eastern Bloc Anglo troops, foreign Chinese troops.
They've even gotten video of this.
RPGs they've captured.
They've been firing on RPGs.
We have Sheriff Rick Flores from Webb County, Texas, Laredo.
They're on the border where you can't even go shopping now, as I did many years ago in a little...
A tourist visits.
He's riding shotgun with us.
And we're joined for the first time, we're honored to have him, by Congressman Henry Bonilla, Texas 23rd District.
Great stance on the border, demanding real controls.
I've got to say, no one that I know is buying Bush and the 6,000 troops unarmed down there to be sitting ducks.
We need state funding to put State Guard and to beef up the Sheriff's Department.
But we'll get the Congressman's take on that and then get the response from the Sheriff who's with us.
We're going to break here in about three minutes and come back and continue with the Congressman.
But right now, Congressman, thank you for joining us.
You represent the district where we have these sheriffs, and we're honored to have you, sir.
What do you think?
I know he's in your party, but can you give us your take on Bush's little speech last night?
Well, before the speech, there were a lot of us that have been very frustrated with the administration's lack of action on border security.
And the sheriff you're about to have on has part of my district, and I've met with many of the sheriffs along the border who have been crying out for
Help, because there's been an invasion going on down there, and the primary threat, of course, as I'm sure you all have discussed, is with the OTMs, the other Mexicans that come in from the Mideast and from Central America where the gang problems are rooted and drug cartels engaging law enforcement.
So before last night's speech, a lot of us were very discouraged.
I'm more encouraged now than ever because if this plan is actually implemented, and we'll see in the next few weeks,
Whether we actually get boots on the ground or not to help the Border Patrol during this time when they're low on manpower and resources,
Then I'm much more optimistic than I was yesterday.
Congressman, I'll say this.
The only thing I'm encouraged is that Bush is being forced.
The Democratic and Republican leadership, as you know, wants the open borders.
It's part of the CFR.
Even Lou Dobbs has said it's about an American union.
I'm encouraged, though, that they're being forced to at least pay lip service.
But I've looked at Bush's 6,000-man plan just to report to the overwhelmed Border Patrol.
And then Bush, meanwhile, wants the guest worker program, Congressman, which is just going to legalize these tens of millions of people that are here illegally.
So, I mean, why are you encouraged?
Well, because it's the first decisive announcement plan of action that I've heard him talk about since we've been discussing this issue with the highest level at the White House for going on a year now.
So I want to give him a chance to show us that he means business.
If there is no action in a few weeks down the road...
And conservatives like myself who are very concerned about border security are going to be once again disheartened and not going to be buying any of the message.
But I've known him for a long time, and even before he thought about running for governor of Texas.
And he's always been a person who, if he says it, he means it.
And so if he means this, then again, I am encouraged that we're going to see some progress along the border.
Congressman Henry Bonilla, we've got a break.
We're going to have a quick three-minute break.
I want to come back with you and get some more comments in the final segment, and also a final segment with one of our fine border sheriffs.
It's just that, I mean, I demand armed military on the border, and I demand they engage Mexico when Mexican troops shoot at our people.
And as you said, it's an invasion.
There's no debate.
And I think laying down to Mexico has only encouraged this.
I also want to get your take on what you think is going to happen after
The election, when Fox leaves, if the pre comes in, what policies, because you're on the inside, you've been down there with some of the joint congresses we've held, so you're on the inside loop.
You can give us your analysis.
We're honored to have you.
Sheriff, stay right there.
We'll be right back with the sheriff and the congressman right here on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, defending liberty, resisting tyranny.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to go back to Sheriff in just a few minutes here.
Sheriff Rick Flores.
But we've just got a few minutes left with Congressman Henry Bonilla, who we're going to have back in the near future for a longer period of time.
Congressman, isn't President Bush doing this, being forced to do this by you and others, because the conservative base, 18% in the last two weeks, a floor he thought couldn't drop, is leaving him, and the Republicans are in danger of the Democrats sweeping to power in Congress?
Well, certainly a lot of us have been pushing the White House on this issue for some time now, and a lot of us have also been watching key Democrats
Congressman, do you support the guest worker program?
I have in the past, but it's got to be one that doesn't have amnesty in it, and it's got to be one that
If people are going to be allowed to work legally in the country, they're going to have to pay a penance just like any American would if they had broken the law and then they had to do something, whether it's paying a fine or serve some time or
Anything like that.
And certainly, we're not going to allow these folks to move ahead in the line for citizenship.
Congressman, just two final questions.
I want you to be able to talk briefly to the sheriff.
You called it an invasion.
Why do you call it an invasion?
All the sheriffs we talked to, all the police, all the Border Patrol, they call it an invasion.
Some of the Mexicans are calling it an invasion.
Why do you call it an invasion?
Well, because last year alone, over 150,000 of the OTMs that I referred to earlier, the other than Mexicans that come in from
We're good to go.
If that's not an invasion, when you have 150,000 people in a year period alone, I don't know what you call it.
Well, Congressman, we saw over 20 police killed this weekend in major cities in Brazil.
The government's in danger of falling to criminal gangs.
We don't want to live like that here in America, do we?
Well, of course not.
And again, these gang members that originate there, like you're going to hear from the sheriff in a moment, in some cases, sheriffs along the border have to put these guys in jail.
And then there's the fear that some of these ruthless members that are going to come along behind him are going to try to break him out using violence.
Well, that's what just happened in Brazil.
You're absolutely right, Congressman.
The sheriff's here with us, Rick Flores.
Do you have any comments for him about trying to get him some military aid?
I mean, do you believe that the troops going to the border should be armed?
I don't think that they should be armed at this point.
Let's give the President a chance to implement his plan the way he sees fit.
But the Mexican troops are armed, Congressman.
Well, the Mexican troops, I know you're kind of throwing that out there, but I'm not aware that they are coming across the border in great numbers.
I know that there have been some
And actually, Alex, I will comment that Congressman Bonilla has been excellent.
He's been one of the key players in sending a message to some of his colleagues regarding the border security issues.
And I congratulate Congressman Bonilla for taking that bold step and some of his colleagues and actually even walking to the Capitol or to the White House to speak to the President regarding this issue.
Good, good.
Congressman, thank you for joining us.
Thank you.
Take care.
Shifting gears back into the bedlam, look, I mean, Henry Bonilla is a lot better than a lot of Republicans we've got.
He's not as strong on the stance as Tom Tancredo.
I mean, we are under attack.
The Mexican troops are corrupt.
I've talked to sheriffs that have had Mexican troops in Mexican vehicles come up and point guns at their heads.
We all know this.
Why do you think the Congressman, I know you don't want to bash him, but why are Republicans reticent, Sheriff, to not go all the way and really lay it out there?
Well, I think, in my opinion and the trips that I've made to Washington, there's been a lot of congressmen and senators who have been very receptive to our message
And we've been able to go over there with tangible evidence that our borders are out of control.
And these people have been receptive.
They've listened to our message.
And they've got concerns just like we do.
So I can't say that the people that I've met with did listen.
But there's still a lot of other people that we need to convince.
Just like Congressman Bonilla has been one of the leaders who has steadfast in this issue, we've got to also give thanks to Congressman John Culberson from Houston who initiated in putting the bill together and who has taken this to a higher level and who has...
Tirelessly worked on this issue and made it a point to... The problem is, Sheriff, is that Bush and Fox openly hired a PR firm to derail that, so we can't believe Bush is going to do anything real to control the borders when it's part of his plan to merge the two with an after-corridor highway.
And I agree with you.
And the thing is, just like...
Congressman Bonilla stated, I'm just going to wait.
I want to see what's going to happen, what's going to unfold within the next two weeks.
What are your guts?
I mean, if you had to wager, this Bush thing is a smoke and mirrors op, in your opinion, or you're just going to wait?
I'm just, we're going to wait, and we hope that he does come through like he says he's going to come through.
The only thing is that we're in limbo.
We don't know what exactly he means, how he's going to assist local law.
Well, sir, what's to stop your county or the governor?
Perry's engaged in his own whitewash, putting 100 troops on the border.
That's nothing.
And they're in shifts, so it's like eight at a time.
What's to stop your county from... I'm sure your citizens will pay the tax.
If you don't bring order back, I mean, as we talked privately, I mean, your tourism is, what, 95% down.
I mean, right there, people will pay the tax.
You need to engage these people.
You need to start, when they shoot at you, start killing these drug gangs, these foreign troops, and then they'll back off real quick, sir.
I mean, you need to get in there and trounce them, or it's going to be over.
I mean, what's to stop the county and the city and the state from taking action?
I agree, and I'll tell you one thing, Alex, that we have been standing our ground.
That's why it hadn't poured across as bad.
I know.
Yeah, that's why we haven't had so many spillover violence incidents in Laredo, but because of the fact that we've been working together.
However, we've got some Operation Linebacker funding, which allows our deputies to work overtime, but we're overworking our deputies.
Yeah, how much money did you get from Perry?
We've got $6 million split evenly to the 16 border sheriffs, which we've got $367,000.
That's nothing!
You need $100 million!
There's a drop in the bucket.
We need $100 million, and that's why I'm disappointed with the Senate watering down the $100 million to $50 million and also extending the border...
Well, we can try to secure Iraq and Afghanistan's borders.
You know they built a 4,000-mile fence around all the accessible areas of Afghanistan, but we can't.
They built it in eight months, but we can't have one.
Well, that's interesting.
Well, Sheriff, I really appreciate you taking time out and joining us.
And can I get you back up in the next few months to give us an update?
Anytime, Alex.
All right.
God bless you, Sheriff Rick Flores.
Are there any county websites or anything we can visit to learn more details?
Well, I'll tell you, you can log into our website at the Sheriff's Department.
And our website is www.webcountytexas.gov, px.gov, sheriffs.gov.
Sheriff HDL.
Or you can just type into Google, Webb County, Texas, Sheriff Department website.
That's right.
And you'll get it there.
Sheriff, you be careful.
We're supporting you.
Final question, give us your numbers.
I mean, I know it's been on local newscasts down there where they say no one's coming in to be terrorists now.
How bad is it really?
It's very porous, and they are coming across.
And the people that we are worried about is absolutely correct what Congressman Bonilla said.
But, I mean, what's happened to your terrorism?
It's affecting our economic...
It is.
Way of life here in Laredo and in Nuevo Laredo, it's affecting us all the way around.
But we're more concerned with the OTMs because these are the people that we're concerned about.
It's not too much the Mexicans.
It's the people who are making their way to Mexico to exploit Mexico and use Mexico as a jumping board in the United States.
And we're talking about people from the Middle East who are coming to Mexico to learn the language, learn the culture, and then camouflage themselves as Mexicans to cross into the United States and
And hopefully not do us harm, because that's what their intent is.
Thank you so much, Sheriff, for joining us.
Take care.
Take care.
We'll detail all this.
I'm told the report's gone up on prisonplanet.com, detailing everything.
As soon as we have the video of the new supposed plane hitting the Pentagon, we'll post that on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
You're going to see massive, continual coverage.
Tell everyone the latest information.
Call everyone you know right now at prisonplanet.com.
When we get back from break, we will explode into this subject and detail it.
I know we have...
Loaded phone lines with Alex and Dan and Ed and many others will take your calls as well.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
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We'll be right back after this quick break with the CNN clip to analyze the propaganda and a lot more.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to go to Alex, Will, Chad, Michael, James, everybody coming up in the next segment.
An MSNBC anchor is reporting he's seen the footage from the Pentagon.
It's a nose cone.
It's frames again.
They can't show you real video or they want to continue to make the debate as if they can't show you real video.
They may already have canned fake video or it may be real.
Who knows?
They're going to intensify the big national debate about the plane hitting the Pentagon and then I predict within six months to a year bring out crystal clear footage of it, whether it's real or not.
Let's go ahead and roll this CNN piece as we analyze the propaganda.
This is a warm-up for them releasing at any time now.
Here it is.
As we move on, I want to move on now to more on that release of that 9-11 video.
It shows the plane going into the Pentagon on 9-11.
Our Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr, has more on that.
Well, Darren, just about 45 minutes from now, the public interest group here in Washington called Judicial Watch is expected to post this video on their website.
This is the video from, we believe, security cameras
Here in the Pentagon parking lot that showed American Airlines Flight 77 striking the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.
Now, to be clear, it's our understanding that some of this video has been seen in the past, but Judicial Watch
First filed the Freedom of Information Act request, as did CNN, and then when they were denied, they took it a step further and they went to court.
Now, resolution of that today, and it's very interesting why the video is now being released by the U.S.
government, and largely that is because the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui is now over.
They didn't want to release it during those trial proceedings, believing it would prejudice the case.
Now that that's all over with, they are going ahead
And the federal government within the hour will make this video now available.
It is expected that the video will show for the first time a more discernible image, if you will, of Flight 77 hitting the building.
Yeah, Barbara, let me just jump in here for a second.
Just to be clear, this is not the video we're talking about.
It's a video of our own coverage from 9-11.
Right, Darren.
To be clear, this is what we of course call file video.
This is the aftermath within moments and hours on that day of what happened here in the Pentagon.
That is the attack site.
But what we are going to see from this release of video
is surveillance cameras that were in the Pentagon parking lot that were rolling at the time.
It will be a somewhat grainy image, but it will show Flight 77 and the impact into the side of the building.
We have seen some of this before, but we've never really seen the discernible image of the actual aircraft hitting the building.
And what we may see within the hour
are the first images of the aircraft that we will actually see hitting the Pentagon, Darren.
That makes you wonder for a minute, stop and think about the family.
Let us remember, 184 victims of that terrible attack.
People who follow this issue have certainly known that this surveillance video was out there.
One of the interesting mysteries, however, is whether or not there is additional video out there
From surveillance cameras that were in other buildings, other areas surrounding the Pentagon.
There's been an awful lot of talk about it.
We are not sure what we will see within the hour from this release of video.
We believe it will only be very similar to what we've seen before.
But of course, this also is expected to put to rest
Some of the internet chatter, some of the sort of fringe comments that have been out on the internet for years now about whether or not a plane really hit this building.
And of course, a plane did hit this building, Darren.
We should see the pictures for ourselves very soon.
Okay, there's the propaganda.
There's the brainwashing, you see.
Let it build up.
The media on purpose gives attention, focuses wall-to-wall coverage on those denying a plane hit the Pentagon.
And this claim that Zacharias Musawi trial kept it from happening
They've never even claimed that until now.
It's just they're ready to do this now.
Prejudice the jury.
They were saying he did it all along.
Of course they would release and show that video.
This is just their excuse of, oh, we didn't release it because of this, but now we are.
Now it'll heighten the debate even more.
The people that made films about the Pentagon getting hit by a plane will be even bigger rock stars.
And then they'll release the beautiful, crisp video.
This is only phase two, though.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Are you sick of
We're good to go.
That's M-A-N-G-O-S-T-E-E-N market.com.
Call 888-203-6633 today.
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That toll-free number again, 1-877-928-8822.
I know we have loaded phone lines.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
We have now seen the one frame the government has released.
We set this in the first hour.
I don't know how I figured these people out.
They're so sick.
It's like once you've been watching a football team for 20 years, or you've been watching a particular coach for 20 years, you know what play they're going to call it.
We said it's probably going to be some horrible, last hour, it's on record, some horrible, grainy junk again, but a little bit more of an image than the white plume.
Just a white mirage, one little spot.
It's what they released a few years ago.
Now this new thing is one frame.
We're posting it on prisonplanet.com.
We've got a detailed analysis up there.
One little piece of junk frame that looks like something more like a plane.
But don't worry, this will heighten the debate, and then they'll release the hotel footage or some other Pentagon footage.
We didn't want to hurt the families, despite what they'll say, but here it is, and it'll be that plane crashing right into there, whether it's real or not.
Okay, and get me Paul Watson.
Have you gotten Watson yet?
Get him, too.
Okay, callers, I'm going to get to you.
But Michael Rivera, who called this years ago, and I agreed with him, but I would also have others on who focus on the Pentagon.
I said, I don't know what happened, but I said the whole thing stinks like a honeypot, like a setup, and I have been skewered.
I have been attacked everywhere.
Rivera, even more than I, you've got to give him credit.
Paul Watson has said this.
Paul Watson is on it right now.
Michael Rivera, I tell you, we saw this coming a mile away.
Well, we definitely did, and I think the idea was that it just didn't make sense that if you're going to the trouble to crash a plane into the Pentagon, why would you go to the additional trouble of trying to fake that since you had to get rid of the plane and the people anyway?
And, of course, the people who are behind these kinds of events would love nothing better than for people like you and I to just go on arguing endlessly over just exactly what hit the Pentagon.
And I think at this point, you know, we may agree to disagree on the fine points, but we know where we agree in common.
We've been lied to by the government on a variety of issues.
And really, the more we argue about the details, the more we're avoiding
The real issue, which is what do the people of the United States do when they have a government that is lying to them, that is rigging elections, that is creating wars with false pretenses.
And I think a lot of the people who like to argue over the fine points are really just kind of avoiding taking that next step to deciding what we're going to do.
Well, that's right.
You've named names.
You've said clearly the government did it.
A lot of those that only want to focus on the Pentagon, they won't even come out and name the government.
But look, the reason I got suspicious of this, four years ago, I was on the verge of making a Pentagon film, but all these indicators showed me, the way the media was giving it all this attention, but ignoring everything else, I said, I smell a setup later.
I see this as a long-term setup, and even though it's real Hollywood and real sexy to cover this,
I'm going to be somewhat neutral and tell people I don't trust it and I just don't know what happened because, again, the media gave this massive coverage, Michael, to make this the centerpiece of the debate, ignoring all the stuff that's 110%, like Operation Northwoods, public officials warned not to fly, NORAD stand down, drills that day, insider CIA trading,
Hijackers trained at spy schools all over the U.S., FBI funding them, informants living with them.
All of that is 110%, so the media would never debate that.
Did you notice how they always wanted to debate the Pentagon?
And every time there was an article in a magazine or a newspaper or a show on TV that was an attempt to bolster the official story, the first thing they would go to is, look at all those people who don't think a plane really crashed into the Pentagon.
And they would straw dog us.
They would straw man us and claim we said it.
Yes, absolutely.
There was a lot of false claims put out there about what we were saying.
And I noticed just in the last few weeks that the amount of emails I've been receiving attempting to convince me that I simply must expose the Pentagon hoax were beginning to escalate.
So I had a sense that something like this was in the wind.
I remember, didn't you about a month ago put an article out again about the Pentagon, just get ready?
I mean, you said specifically they're going to start releasing more.
Now, listen to my prediction, Michael Rivera.
I predict that within six months to a year, in between that six-month time frame, that they're going to release crystal-clear video.
This is being released just as fish bait to even heighten the debate even more.
Right now, Bush needs all the distractions he can get from the NSA spying scandal, from the potential indictment of more of his inner circle, and certainly from the run-up to war with Iran.
And, you know, he tried last night with his speech to make immigration a controversy that was going to distract.
That didn't get any traction.
Now they tried this thing with Fox News today, and frankly, after listening to Fox News gloat about how this was going to silence the conspiracy theorists, when they finally showed the actual videos, I thought they were a little bit of a letdown, and that Fox really had been just sort of hyping this thing and wasting everybody's time.
All it is is the first one frame.
Now I'm told a few more frames.
Well, you've seen the images then.
What do you think of them?
I'm not impressed.
I don't think they're going to convince anybody.
But the thing that is most notable about this is they're making the excuse that all of this material was withheld from the public because of the Massawi trial.
Well, if that is the real reason, then this also has to apply to every other still and video photo around the Pentagon area.
And this gets us back to the security videotape
Of the Sitco, from the Sitco station, from their security camera that was pointed right at us.
But again, the reason they would do this is to have a debate about it, and then later release a video, whether real or manufactured.
Well, absolutely, and definitely right now Bush wants to embarrass the blogs, and wants to embarrass radio stations, radio shows like yours.
Well, earlier I played CNN saying just that, oh, this is going to silence them, ha ha ha!
Yeah, there was a lot of gloating.
I really thought they had something on the tapes, but I think they were a little bit of a letdown to everybody.
Well, Michael Levero, do you agree that there's a very good chance we're going to see a lot better video soon?
I think this was just a trial balloon to kick up the debate a little bit longer, and then when it gets really going, then we'll see a clear tape appear.
They will not talk about Silverstein and Seven.
They will not talk about the supposed hijackers trained at multiple bases and embassies ordered to let them in because they're government agents.
They won't debate that.
Because that will nail them, just like the White House memo about flying planes painted up like UN to get shot down, staging WMDs.
That is confirmed.
But notice the media won't talk about that.
Oh, absolutely.
And the one story the media won't talk about, of course, that's my favorite is, you know, where was the Secret Service while Bush was sitting there reading about goats and airplanes were falling out of the sky on buildings all over the country?
And they thought 18 of them could be hijacked.
So how did the Secret Service know that Bush was perfectly safe sitting where he was sitting?
Reading about goats.
And the media won't touch the thing about Israel, perhaps in a support role, dancing around on top buildings all over the country, multiple states catching Israeli with diagrams of nuke plants and power plants with explosive residue.
It's just one long cover-up pointing us at the intended target in the Middle East.
And I think the reason that we're seeing both the immigration issue and now today the Pentagon being fanned up to be controversies
is to distract from the run-up to the war with Iran.
I think the war with Iran will take most Americans by surprise, but the writing is definitely on the wall.
We could see him go into high gear when Bush lost 18% of his base in two weeks, the conservative floor.
He thought he couldn't fall beneath, and we're going to see more Rovian spin machines going into high gear.
Yes, and one more thing that we're going to see, and I think this may have happened in
Over the weekend to another website, we're going to see an attempt to plant a lot of false stories.
I mean, twice we've seen the disinfo of rove indictments.
Yes, absolutely.
We've got to be careful about that one, because the other side does play dirty, and right now we are in their gun sight.
Michael Rivero, we're about to go to Paul Watson, but in closing, any other tidbits you'd like to impart?
Just, we live in very interesting times and people just have to be skeptical and just really look very carefully at what they're being told and decide for themselves where the truth is.
Anything the globalists do is multi-layered.
This propaganda is also meant to bring the freshness of 9-11 back to our nostrils, back to our synapses, back to our eyes, back to our minds as a kind of primordial fear of Iran.
Exactly, in order to build the case for war in Iran.
Do you believe this may foreshadow another false flag domestically?
It could, but we'll just have to wait and see.
But definitely we're seeing the propaganda run up to the invasion.
Thank you, Michael Rivera.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
He joins us once a month at WhatReallyHappened.com.
Before we go to Paul Watson, and then I promise a few of your calls.
Just a few minutes.
I want to explain something.
I did nothing but interview the people that have focused on the Pentagon.
I have said I think it's suspicious.
It's very weird.
It could have been a missile.
We have different reports.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
Okay, I was on the air on other shows when it happened.
I was on the air on Derry Brownfield.
I was on my own show.
I talked about it before it happened.
I've taken the heat.
I was attacked first by the Washington Post five days after 9-11.
Huge front story.
I don't want to hear it.
And for any of you that don't like me standing up to you, don't start fights you can't finish.
You try to come up here and mess with the big dog, you're going to get bit.
All right, let's go to Paul Watson.
Paul Watson, good to have you with us.
Give us your analysis.
Hello, Alex.
I was sitting here listening to the Fox News anchors saying how it was going to put 9-11 conspiracy theories to bed.
I was expecting it to be this crystal clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon.
And then I actually saw the
Looks like a major Photoshop.
They've got to blur it really bad if it's fake video.
Show that video experts can't determine if it's a fake.
If something's clear, you can't cover a fake up.
Yeah, which tells you two things.
Either they still are covering up what hit the Pentagon, or they're, as you said, trying to hype it until a later date where they release crystal clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon.
Well, regardless they're hyping it to release the crystal clear footage.
That's a given.
Which they're very capable of manufacturing because Forrest Gump was shaking hands with JFK in 1994.
But just the way it was hyped, Fox News commentators, you know, having pensive looks and pursing their lips saying that it answers the furore over
Secret NSA wiretaps and surveillance by... By the way, Paul, that shows how bad people have been hurting them with 9-11, that they're so gleeful.
This is not a victory for you people.
And by the way, add to the article you wrote, or write another one about the Bin Laden fake Fat Man video.
This is not a victory.
They've done the voice print.
You can look at it and tell it's fake.
It's totally fake.
The same crowd that comes up with White House memos about staging shoot-downs and Fat Bin Ladens and Zarqawi's, you know, chopping heads off.
All of the...
Again, this comes from the same Hollywood crowd.
Yeah, and they were reading off the same script.
You call it gleeful, that's exactly what it was.
And when the footage was finally shown, all the Fox News anchors and Homeland Security and terrorism experts, they all looked disappointed because the footage was so shoddy.
And it backfired to me.
I think it backfired because they'd hyped it so much and it was absolutely pathetic.
But they took the opportunity to attack Charlie Sheen before playing it because obviously Sheen asked questions about the Pentagon.
Oh my gosh, have we gotten that on tape?
Well, it was on Fox News a couple of hours ago.
We've got it, listeners.
If you've got that, you've got to upload it to the web immediately.
Paul, how long until we get the video ourselves up on the site?
How long until we're able to get those still images up on prisonplanet.com?
Well, I presume it'll be on Fox News.
I mean, they played the video an hour and a half ago.
So, I expect that still... And we're recording all of that right now.
I don't even know what my staff's doing.
I know they're all out there all like bees working on it.
So, the best continual coverage will be at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
Paul, we need multiple articles hourly on this.
I'm going to write one as soon as we get off.
I'm going to help you add some material.
But we've got to spell out that this thing is a major psyop.
What did they say about Sheen?
I didn't see it.
They said that
Charlie Sheen came out with some outlandish theories about 9-11, one of which was what happened at the Pentagon.
That answers him.
Foxnews.com is on their website right now.
I don't know if they've got the stills, but it says they've got the video, so...
We'll try and grab it off there.
Well, I need that Sheen attack.
Whoever's got it, throw it in the mail now in case we don't get it.
I know at my home office I'm recording Fox, and I know that here we're reporting CNN and one other channel.
Paul, I want to take a few calls, but any other caveats you want to add?
Yeah, they've got the gas station video, they've got hotel videos, which are going to show everything that happened, and yet this is exactly the same position, just slightly in front of the stills that we saw four years ago, so it still stings to high heaven.
Paul, I need you to jump on this full court press.
This is a massive psy-op.
This is totally and completely staged.
This is meant to heighten the debate, centralize the focus completely on the Pentagon, away from everything else.
Get barbs out on that immediately.
How long?
I want the best, and it's already there, the best continual coverage on PrisonPlanet.com.
Tell us what to look for in the next few hours.
Well, there's an article up there right now, which has gone around the Internet.
And we'll obviously have the video up in the stills.
But they hyped it so much, within five minutes after showing the stills, they were talking about American Idol.
So I think they were disappointed as to its impact, because it really was... Well, that's because they're not high-level insiders at Fox and other places.
They're just gleeful pawns.
They haven't got the big picture yet that I believed.
Paul, what does your gut tell you from all the indicators?
I think this is to heighten the debate, centralize it more around the Pentagon, to later release even better video.
I've got no doubt that there's video of it.
In fact, there was video of Flight 77 played on BBC News on the morning of 9-11.
So I've got no doubt that they've got that video.
They're just waiting for the most politically expedient time to release it.
What do you mean that it was on BBC?
There are screenshots of Flight 77 in the air over Washington.
That was taken from BBC News, and it was played once and never played again.
Boy, I wish we could get a hold of that, Paul.
Yeah, it's pretty difficult.
This is unbelievable.
So we've got a big report up there right now.
Get it out to everybody.
And we've got more big reports coming out as we continue to analyze this.
Paul, I tell you, this just stinks to high heaven.
Well, definitely.
It's a honeypot, and it's a straw man that,
As you said, all the hit pieces obsess about what happened at the Pentagon, even though the focus of 9-11 research has gone towards what happened to Building 7, but these attack pieces still focus on the Pentagon, and yeah, it's for a reason they're hacking it.
All right, good job, Watson.
Continual coverage at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And you can better believe upcoming shows here on Genesis After Mine.
We'll be detailing it in great detail as well.
Stay with us.
We'll jam in all your calls, Alex, Will, Chad, and others, on the other side.
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All right, jumping right back in live here.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Final segment.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
It is so important that we unspin what the New World Order is doing with this Pentagon situation that you go to prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and get the report that's up there, all the other reports that are going up, the stills are going up right now, the video.
But that isn't what matters.
It's how this thing is set up.
Get it out to everybody right now.
Alex in Connecticut, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hey, Alex.
I'll make it quick.
I got lucky on my local Fox 61 News.
They were talking about Skull and Bones, and I have the clip right here.
It's about 30 seconds.
Okay, roll it.
What is it?
All right, it's, I don't know, it's talking about Geronimo.
Here it is.
Well, when it comes to digging up old bones, Yale University's Department of Anthropology is among the world's best.
This next story has one of the school's institutions in the middle of a controversy of legendary proportions.
The institution?
The Yale Skull and Bones Society.
The legend, Geronimo.
When I was young, there was a game that wanted to make money.
Caller, I really appreciate you holding, but call me back tomorrow, Alex.
I can't play a bunch of clips here at the end.
Yes, we know about the admittedly stolen skull of Geronimo.
Call me back tomorrow, Alex.
Will in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, you know what, Alex, man?
I pray to God.
I'm hoping that this MTV generation that we're living in in America, I hope that their common sense kicks in and just understand that, you know, you see a plane flying through there.
You know when there's a Boeing 757 jet coming at you.
How can there be hundreds of people that was in the Pentagon area and not have matching stories of a massive airplane flying in a few feet overhead?
I know, I know.
And this new video is even more foggy and ridiculous than the last.
I was just watching it out there during the break.
But again, it's meant to be shoddy.
It's meant to make us debate it and focus on it instead of all the other evidence that is ironclad.
They just don't understand that none of the destruction from 9-11, none of the destruction from buildings collapsing in demolition style, they don't have any consistency with past destruction.
Of buildings being on fire.
I agree.
All I'm telling listeners is, don't you see how the media wants us to talk about nothing but the Pentagon?
I'm not against talking about it, but we need to get people focused on controlled demolition and all the other evidence.
Thanks for the call, Will.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, go ahead.
Alex, real quickly, where do you think...
Where the people that are saying there was no plane, where do they say it went?
Where do the people go that were on the plane that they dumped it over the ocean?
But see, that's why it's beautiful.
It's an endless debate that can never be proven one way or the other.
So, I mean, basically, they're saying they don't know where the people... I'm not disagreeing with it.
I believe that there was no plane myself.
I understand, sir.
I mean, I'm suspicious of it, too.
I'm not saying it's bad to talk about it.
I'm saying notice how the media only wants to talk about this.
And you know what, Alex?
The speech yesterday with Bush, a little too little too late.
He should have did that right after 9-11 if he had any goals.
But obviously, you know, he says we've got to secure our borders.
What was he saying four years ago?
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Last caller, James in Virginia.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hey, what's up?
This new nose cone picture could obviously be a cruise missile.
I don't think the media is going to stay on this story very long because it's an embarrassment to them.
It'll probably go away.
But notice the government releases it.
And they release what they want or don't release what they want, and then it hypes the debate, and then... Well, they can't release clear videos because there's no plane there.
I mean, it would have to be a very elaborate cartoon, and I don't think they can pull it off at this point.
There just isn't physical evidence for a plane.
Well, the debate's going to accelerate.
Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon, Pentagon, but no controlled demolition, no terrorist hijackers trained at U.S.
None of that will ever be discussed.
Thanks for the call.
And that's how they like it.
Not looking at all the smoking gun evidence.
Be sure and visit infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Get my 9-11 videos.
Get them off the web.
Make copies.
Get them out to everybody.
Spread the word.
Look at the evidence that is incontrovertible.
Go to prisonplanet.tv to download it all.
And go to the websites to get the latest coverage on this Pentagon situation.
It is huge.
All right, we'll give you the tools you need to fight these people.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Copies of the preceding broadcast are available at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-376-45.