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Air Date: May 9, 2006
2499 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, President Bush's approval ratings have sunk even further.
I didn't know it could be possible.
Be afraid.
Be very concerned that they may stage something so we learn to love them again.
So we learn to run to their arms so the very people that carry out the terror attacks can save us from those that carried out the terror attacks.
Yesterday I mentioned this big London Independent article, but never really detailed it.
We will do that coming up in this hour.
Electronic smog, the curse of the mobile phone age.
Around your home there are countless gadgets whose electrical fields, scientists now warn, are linked to depression, miscarriage, and cancer.
We'll be getting into that.
The new news today, you've probably heard about this,
They've done the yearly geography study of individuals 18 to 24, and over two-thirds cannot even find Iraq on a map.
Yes, that's right.
But I've seen studies that show the fully adult material population, and they're not much more informed, but they've sure got their opinions about the geopolitical strata of our world.
So we'll be getting into this report after more than three years of combat and nearly 2,400 U.S.
military deaths, and it's a lot more than that, in Iraq.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans age 18 to 24 still cannot find Iraq on a map.
A study released Tuesday showed.
We'll be getting into that.
Also, Rupert Murdoch, this is from Drudge, Murdoch to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.
Last week, and over the last few years, I've been talking about how Murdoch and Hillary are in secret meetings constantly.
Fox News is going to push her for president, and I get emails laughing at me saying I've made it up.
Okay, just watch.
And I predict that you follow your neocon leaders and your neocon talk show hosts so closely, so obediently, dog-like in your behavior, that you will suddenly support Hillary, and I predict...
I'm not joking that I will be attacked for being a liberal because I'm against Hillary Rodham Clinton.
You people will do anything.
I'm talking to neocon worshippers out there, not our general audience.
That's why you're scum.
I'm sorry.
You are scum.
Hillary Clinton is scum, and you're scum too.
I will never worship her, no matter how conservative you claim she is.
Major powers fail to agree on Iran's strategy in a dinner last night with Condoleezza Rice.
Experts fear a bird flu movie could spur panic.
That's AP.
This also is AP.
Flying robot attack unstoppable.
That's right, we've got them in Iran or their flying robots will get us.
It's almost as dangerous as pod people from Planet 12.
That's right.
Later we'll tell you about the pod people from Planet 12.
Flying robot attack unstoppable.
We'll be getting into that.
Also, big story out of London Telegraph, another one out of the Boston Globe today.
Skeleton and the Bush family cupboard.
Now more evidence coming out, and Skull and Bones won't deny it, that they like to grave rob and, of course, fornicate with the skeletons.
But here it is, mainstream news.
That's what your Christian leaders are doing, fornicating with skulls.
I'm not joking, ladies and gentlemen.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
Top U.S.
official blamed for torture, Knight Ritter.
We'll be getting into that.
Police destroy shrine of Falun Gong practitioner who was tortured to death.
More on citizens being used to watch the CCTV cameras and spy on other Americans.
More on Hayden.
Hayden nomination revives eavesdropping controversy.
We covered that yesterday.
Here it is in Knight Ritter today.
And much, much more.
We will have open phones as well.
And we have some guests for you we'll announce later.
The toll-free number to join us.
We'll go to calls early in the shower.
We'll get you up and on the air.
And the websites are jonesreport.com, infowars.net, and prisonplanet.tv.
Be sure and check them out.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, thanks for joining us on this live Tuesday, the 9th day of May, 2006 edition.
This is the second segment.
For many stations that don't carry the first segment, it is the first.
So, again, welcome aboard.
We've got Michael Rivero joining us the next hour.
He normally joins us once a month, but he joined us a few weeks ago because we missed that interview last month, so we're doubling up now to...
Get it all back on track.
Always a great political mind, the webmaster and the editor behind WhatReallyHappened.com.
He'll be joining us coming up.
In the second hour, we'll have open phones then.
Let me get into some news right now, give you an idea of what's coming up, get into a few of these stories in detail, and then we'll open the phones up.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
Two program notes.
Listen, I'm having my first ever 9-11, probably the only one I'll ever have, investigation meeting.
And it's an American Scholar Symposium.
That's what the organization we formed to run this operation is.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
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But we'll obviously have to cut off the ticket sales.
All right.
That said, gold is at $698 an ounce and surging upward right now.
But as of four minutes ago, during the break, I checked it.
It is at $698 and rapidly climbing towards the stratosphere right now.
Oh, I remember all the financial advisors making fun of me and others three, four, five years ago when I was buying a little gold coin each month with any extra money I had.
And now I've got a nice little pile buried several feet under the ground in a secure location.
You can't trust the boxes at the bank.
The supposed bastion of safety is not safe.
The security boxes.
Suddenly I can't think of the name.
What's it called when you have a little box at the bank in their vault?
I can't.
A safety deposit box.
Thank you, John.
Yes, I can't forget what you call that thing above me outside.
Oh, yes, the sky.
Safety deposit box.
You cannot trust safety deposit boxes.
They grab them all the time.
If you've got your gold or your diamonds or your other goodies, perhaps a George Washington letter or perhaps some other piece of history that's very valuable or a painting in a safety deposit box, it is not safe.
Just a side issue.
But I'm not advising you what to do.
I'm just telling you what I've done with my meager savings.
But yes, it was quite nice buying gold at $230, $330, $340.
It was quite nice.
You know what?
I'm still buying a few pieces of gold here and there.
The last purchase I made, it was at around $640.
And now it's at $690.
And if gold drops down to $300 an ounce, I'm not going to sell my gold.
It is an emergency nest egg.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In devaluation in the last four and a half years.
Thank you New World Order for all you do.
And I guess I should have moved more of the money I had in a savings account for my children out of there in the last few years.
I knew I should have.
My wife was saying, yeah, you knew to buy gold.
You were right.
Why didn't you buy more?
And, well, I already spent most of our discretionary income on getting a little bit of gold, and so there's not much cash.
I guess you still need to keep a little bit of cash, folks, but this is definitely out of control, what's happening, and it's not pretty for this nation.
You see, gold is tied to oil, and oil is the world's true reserve currency, and the dollar is connected to that, and so operates as the fiat currency, but again, it's tied to the commodity crude oil, sweet crude, light sweet, and now that is exploding in price, and it is very, very serious.
In America, you can still buy most things for what they cost a few years ago.
So, artificially, the government's been manipulating some of the other key commodities so that there is an illusion that we don't have hyperinflation.
But we do have hyperinflation in all the key indicators that matter.
Gold, oil, other metals, other natural resources, timber, copper...
All of it is exploding in price right now, as well as real estate, education, transportation.
All of those key manufactured durable goods are exploding in price.
But the milk and the box of Wheaties aren't right now, so most Americans aren't aware of that.
You can still buy a DVD player for $40 made by slaves in China, so you think everything's honky-dory.
It is not honky-dory.
It is very, very serious.
And I see these headlines about how wonderful the economy is and how great everything is.
But then you dig into the real numbers.
Personal debt is at the highest level in U.S.
Three months ago it surpassed late 1933, which was the previous record for the highest level of personal debt.
And again, I'm not trying to be negative here.
It's just it's all smoke and mirrors when the mainstream media is there telling you the economy is great.
And certainly a lot of the economy being strong, or at least being vibrant in the spending that's going on,
We're good to go.
I think?
Now we sit here and begin to look at so many of the baseline economic numbers and foundations of a society going into the toilet, going into the cesspool, going off the edge of the cliff, that it actually isn't helping things, all this irrational exuberance that Greenspan talked about.
It's not actually helping it.
It's ensuring that when we do implode, it's going to be that much worse.
So again, sorry to be negative here.
I'm just stating the facts.
It would be even more negative to sit here and lie to you.
It would be even more negative to go along with the mainstream orthodoxy and tell you gold's bad to buy, and tell you that fiat currencies are good, and to tell you that a weakening dollar is good, as they've been telling us for the last four plus years.
We're good to go.
You're happy!
Hey man, I'm nihilistic.
I'm going to live like it's the end of the world next week.
It doesn't matter.
And you just might cause the end of our financial standing, not the end of the world.
Yes, the country is going down the tubes.
And I'm sorry to have to announce that to you.
Man, I'm very upset about it, but I don't like it.
And you see, the main blow, the main pressure of the weakening dollar has not hit the United States yet.
So if you're getting paid $12, $14 an hour, it's only eroded in your purchasing power here domestically, $12 down to about $11, $14 down to about $12.50.
But when this thing finally kicks off, when it finally comes home to roost, which it always does, we've seen this in hundreds of other countries in modern history, thousands throughout history, the Romans, all of them, it happened to them, the Japanese have done this before, you start printing money wildly, and it comes home to roost, and then pretty soon,
Pretty soon, people are going to have to get substantive raises to even keep the same standard of living they had.
And the average raise in this country, I think, was about 50 cents an hour last year.
I saw those numbers.
It was right around 50 cents.
And that's not even keeping in line with the inflation of 3.5% they claim we're under.
Okay, we're going to go to break, come back, and talk to Don and Mike and others, take a few calls.
Then I'm going to get into a big study that just came out.
Two-thirds of Americans can't find India on a map.
Can't find Iraq on a map.
Can't find Germany on a map.
Can't find Japan on a map.
They can't even find countries that are islands, that aren't landlocked, that have easily recognizable shapes.
And this is when they have their names on them.
They just can't do it.
They just don't even know what the planet looks like.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Ford Bush, the chief liberal, his approval ratings have plunged even further.
We'll get into that.
We'll get into Americans' sinking knowledge of geography as well.
First, let's go to your calls.
Don in Ohio, thank you for holding.
You're on the air, my friend.
Yeah, I'd like to... Am I on?
Oh, yes.
Yes, sir.
First, I'd like to bring up two points on the 93, Flight 93, and one about gold.
First, on 93...
Have you ever talked to Tim Hackhart or a guard?
He's seen the plane supposedly flying low over Bolivar, Ohio on 9-11 heading straight east.
If you look up did Bolivar man see flight 93?
You should find it pretty easy on that.
Tim Hackhart
H-A-C, I think it's G-A, G-U-A-R-D.
Okay, did Bolivar Mann see Flight 93?
Go ahead.
Okay, second thing is, people keep on talking about the phones won't work and stuff like that.
Well, I mean, he said it flew low and stuff like that, so it might have worked on that.
But the point is that this plane was over Ohio and flew someplace off,
How is it that people are missing the point that it had no transponder on and stuff like that?
They had to be given directions on how to fly because you can't see nothing.
I don't care how.
Well, we've had, I think, what, four different former airline pilots on the show.
We have had Bob Bowman, Dr. Bob Bowman, fighter pilot, flew over 100 combat fighter bomber missions in Vietnam.
And it's impossible the things these planes supposedly did.
Very skilled pilots.
I have said that on average one out of ten times they could T-bone targets without transponders and without the GPS coordinated into those.
And then you have the types of maneuvers at the Pentagon, the types of maneuvers all over.
The heads of the flight schools have said these people couldn't even take Cessnas off.
They couldn't even get off the ground.
It was a complete joke, sir.
Third question is about liquidity.
You say you've got your gold buried.
Do you have anything that's liquidity that you can actually chip a piece off and use it, or all you have is coins?
I have a lot of small coins.
If I need to get to them, I can.
Thank you much.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead.
I don't have a lot of expenses other than my business and my employees, so I'm not even that worried.
I just...
I just knew that it would be worthless to have my money, or near worthless, in cash.
And now that's being demonstrated right now.
But don't tell the yuppies that.
They've got it all figured out, folks.
They like their stock market.
Yeah, with a 40-plus percent reduction, it's really at around $6,500.
It's at $11,600.
You see, dollars that have been inflated, it's going to inflate the price of the stock.
But again, don't tell them that.
They've got it all figured out.
Mike in California.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I am just an ordinary citizen, but... Well, I am too.
That's good.
No, you're extraordinary.
Several months ago, I became very active, and I've started to work with Congressman John Conyers' office.
As you know, Congressman Conyers has put forth a bill, House Resolution 635, calling for an impeachment inquiry into the Bush administration.
And I've managed to get some celebrities to record the PSA, such as Ed Asner, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn.
And besides asking you to also do it, I was wondering how would you like to have Congressman Conyers on your show?
I'd love to.
I support impeachment 110%.
I'm sure I could arrange that.
And I would also like to know who else in Hollywood do you think would support an impeachment process?
There seems to be a reluctance.
Among many in the entertainment industry... Well, let me just add this.
You don't think all this stuff came out three weeks after Sheen went public on 9-11 by accident, do you?
You don't think all this made-up baloney, just everything they could throw on him... I mean, they threw the kitchen sink at him.
You don't think that just came out of nowhere?
You see, Hollywood was watching what happened to Sheen, and now they've seen him run through a meat grinder, so they're not going to be going public.
You can tell me.
George Clooney's criticized Bush, and he even has Arianna Huffington attacking him because she's an establishment wonk.
I mean, right here in front of me, I have Hillary Clinton meeting with Rupert Murdoch on a weekly basis, and he's going to campaign for her.
The Democratic leadership is totally controlled.
That's why you see him demonizing Conyers.
Did Mr. Sheen in any way indicate that there are others in Hollywood that back him up or would be willing to speak out?
Well, yes, he did indicate that.
I know a bunch of people in Hollywood, sir, that know all about 9-11.
Just to say all their names would take about five minutes.
That's wonderful.
Oh, really?
That's great.
That is encouraging.
Because for the most part... But they're not willing to go public.
They know about 9-11.
They know about everything.
But they're not about to stick their heads up.
And that's why we may lose this country.
But not just them.
It's everybody.
Thanks for the call, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Come on, Bill.
Two weeks ago, you were riding the bicycle.
And today, you're showing up in your new car and telling me you're buying a house.
What did you do?
Rob Bill Gates?
No, John, I didn't rob Bill Gates.
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What was that website again?
It's www.didyourobbillgates.com.
Now write this down, John.
You should go there and learn how this program can help you become financially independent, too.
Thanks, Bill.
I'm going there right now.
Check, please.
Uh, you got this one, right, Bill?
Sure, John.
Don't forget, it's www.DidYouRobBillGates.com.
Next time, you'll be buying me lunch.
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And of course, we're back nine to midnight Central Standard Time, and the Internet at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We just had a call from Sweden.
I was about to go to him, and he hung up.
So any of our foreign callers, just tell us you're calling from a foreign country.
We'll go to you first.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Other presidents, many of them grew up and didn't even have primary education.
Then they would be so well homeschooled, though, that they could go on and get law degrees.
There are many examples of this.
Lincoln was another.
I'm already digressing.
That's coming up.
Really scary article that makes my blood boil.
Rupert Murdoch has agreed to host a political fundraiser for Hillary Clinton this summer.
The Financial Times of London is reporting.
We've been telling you about this.
When I first learned about him positioning himself with Hillary four years ago, you couldn't believe me, some of you, even when we had it from industry documents and different political newsletters that are on the inside in the Beltway and in New York.
Now it is confirmed, and we're going to be getting into that.
You're going to see the whole neocon machine behind Hillary.
I don't know how they're going to sell this, but neocon followers are so stupid they'll probably buy it.
I just can't believe it.
And big news on Iran.
It's all coming up.
Of New Orleans, University of Louisiana at New Orleans, what, two, three years ago when they were doing this test.
Well, they've got it all posted on their website, all the studies, all the tests.
They run the water through the gravity-fed system.
It takes about two minutes to put together.
Then it does, what, ten gallons a day of the average unit.
Some do even more.
Some do less, depending on which unit you buy.
They've got, like, what, five different units.
You run it through, and then they put it under an electron microscope a week later.
To see if bacteria have grown.
And there's no bacteria.
Non-detectable is what they call it.
A new standard.
It's never been done.
It's unbelievable.
And I've been using Big Berkey filters long before they were sponsors.
I was buying these things seven, eight years ago.
And paying $300 at camping supply stores to get them.
Well, you buy directly from the manufacturer.
Believe me, I'm a distributor.
We also sell them out of here.
I know.
You're only paying, what, $20 or something more than what a distributor is paying.
I don't even know if I'm supposed to be getting into this.
The point is, you're getting wholesale prices as if you bought 30 of these.
When you buy just one, and that the best out there in the water is full of poison.
Debbie, I always get you on and then just rant over you, but do you want to comment on anything I've said about the Big Berkeys?
Just that they're wonderful, and I really encourage people to start calling.
With all of the propaganda that's being put in the mainstream news, I think we're going to have a really busy season.
And I think that it'd be a really good idea if you've been sitting on the fence deciding if you were going to get a Berkey or not, it would be a good idea to start calling in now while we're not totally swamped.
Because I'm thinking after the bird flu movie tonight and after all the threats of hurricanes and stuff that they're talking about with them telling everybody that the water and the
Atlantic is already warmer than it's ever been before, and all this stuff, you know, all this fear and motivation is going to get a lot of the people out in the world calling us, too.
And last hurricane season, you guys couldn't even keep pace at the factory because you were selling so many, and you told me last week it heated up again, and you're selling these great units like hotcakes.
Yeah, we really are.
So if you've been sitting on the fence and you've been thinking, you know, I want to get one of those, but I just haven't called in,
This is really a good time to do that.
Get your Berkey and start using it.
Don't just save it for an emergency.
Well, Debbie, since you brought this up, let me read the AP Health and Science correspondent article.
Experts fear bird flu movie may spur panic.
And in the film, it shows tens of millions of dead, huge pyres, dump trucks full of dead bodies, and the producers of it on ABC say they're doing this to get us ready for what's going to happen.
I'm not saying it's going to happen.
They're fear-mongering.
The crisis is what's already in your water, the silent killers you're already drinking.
Give Debbie a call.
If the number's busy, leave her name and number.
She'll call you right back.
She works for New Millennium and just handles the radio interviews and takes those orders.
888-803-4438 888-803-4438 888-803-4438
We're good to go.
The $295 units, the $250-something units, the $199 units, they cut everything out.
Especially if you add on the special fluoride filter.
It even takes a special filter to knock that out.
That's how strong that stuff is and how small it is.
But the sports bottles, and I've bought dozens and dozens of these, I don't know, probably 50 over the years.
No more than that.
I give them as gifts.
My wife, when she goes to the gym, she doesn't buy a bottle of water.
She takes it with her.
It does 630 refills of tap water, 130-something of swamp water.
I think so.
Well, yeah, they're $5 for $99.
So actually that's $20 apiece.
That's right.
And they're great.
They refill 640 refills.
That's if you bought a dollar bottle of water.
You know, that's $640 you would spend on bottled water if you spent a dollar a bottle.
So we really want to encourage you to save money and save your health and, you know, get a Berkey sport bottle, get Berkey water.
Well, Debbie, back when I had time to go camping, I'd go camping and go fishing.
While I did it, I'd go to some remote campground that had a lake, hike out there for a day, and then lavish myself on the side of the bank and then, you know, nothing greater.
Thank you very much.
I really appreciate it.
Folks, it is now so important to get ready.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Ed in Utah.
Ed, thanks for holding her on the air.
Good to talk to you again, Mr. Jones.
Yes, sir.
Okay, there's no doubt that you have become the clearinghouse, the on-air clearinghouse for most of the patriot movement right now, sir.
And to your activist there in California, he may want to contact actor Gary Busey.
I saw him featured in an Anthony J. Hilder 9-11 video.
A couple years back.
So I think, and Gary... Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, Gary's okay.
I've been to his house.
I know him.
But Gary's a little wild.
I don't think... Well, I understand.
Yeah, he's not, you know, in the same articulate mode as Charlie Sheehan or some of them.
No, I mean, I've interviewed him.
He's a nice guy.
He's in American Dictators.
But I think the elevator some days doesn't go all the way to the top.
Well, you know, all I know is that he's willing to speak out.
And I saw him in a few movies.
But at any rate...
I also saw where you did a feature on the Bilderberger Diaries by that American Free Press reporter, James Tucker, and on your website, Alex.
Yes, we carry the book.
It's excellent.
Yeah, and what I want to ask you about, I notice you're getting a lot of calls, people about this Rupert Murdoch, and you've been commenting on Hillary.
I am hoping, for one, Alex, that you would bring on Michael Collins Piper and his new book, Dirty Secrets.
Yeah, you know, I really can't.
He's attacking me for no reason, so I just can't do it.
I appreciate the call.
I mean, all I do is help people.
I've had him on.
I've been nice to him.
So the door's closed, and I don't want to get off into it or cause some controversy, but it's just not going to happen.
All I do is support that paper.
All I do is post their articles and promote their people, and then I get stabbed in the back for it.
And I know I'm bad.
It's my fault.
I deserve it.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Boston.
David, you're on the air.
Actually, it's Daniel Alex, but... I apologize.
I won't fault you for it.
Go ahead.
I wanted to bring to your attention the point of the Iran oil bourse as a major factor for why gold is nearing $700 an ounce.
This is something that had been mentioned by Webster Tarpley, whom I know you are a big fan of.
I'm a big fan of his as well.
He'd been talking about it basically since February or March.
But on Friday, May 5th, the Associated Press ended the Western media blackout on the oil bourse in their article, which was entitled, Iran Wants Oil Market in Euros.
This article warns of a rapid decline in the dollar, and it quotes a Wall Street analyst, a Bill O'Grady from AP... Well, the Times of London and the AP have written similar stories.
You know, they're now... I read an AP article at the end of the broadcast yesterday that sounds like I wrote it.
Well, Alex, I want to point your attention to Phil Corsi, who was the one who wrote Unfit for Command and was part of the Swift Boat ad team, a real GOP Bush apologist.
They were going to have an oil abortion and force people to buy their oil in euros.
And he says, listen to this, he says, quote, If Iran wants to seriously threaten the dollar's position as the dominant foreign reserve currency, a war becomes almost certain.
The Iranian oil bourse may never be mentioned by U.S.
policymakers as the official reason the United States decides to go to war, but it may end up being the straw that broke the camel's back.
Well, I don't think it's a straw.
I think it's a big lead weight.
And AP reported that.
No, the policymakers are hopping mad.
They're hopping mad, and I think that what you're seeing now, what I've done is I'd like to send you an article I've written on the topic of divorce, on the sort of economic crisis that we're in.
I think you've sent us articles before, haven't you?
Yes, I have, Alex.
I sent you the one on Facebook.
I sent you the one on Noam Chomsky.
This is my latest one.
What I did, I hyperlinked all the claims as you and Paul did.
I think on the last article, though, I don't care if you give your article to everyone under the sun.
What happens is you send it to us.
Other contributors get it.
I think that you've given this to us as well.
Well, Alex, I have not sent this to anyone yet.
I have not sent it to Jeff Prince or anybody like that.
I'm talking about others.
I'm not talking about Jeff.
I don't care if you send it to 14 million websites.
I hope you do.
My only point is if you do, other people think it's their exclusive domain, and then they think I'm grabbing their articles.
Yeah, what had happened with the last one was that Jeff had printed it, and then a bunch of people just copied it off of there.
Yeah, well, I'm not talking about Jeff.
Jeff's a good friend of mine.
I'm talking about other sites picked up your article, and then I get emails from them going, he gave that to us.
That's ours.
So I'm just letting you know the kind of stuff I deal with on the back side here.
Yeah, well, anyway, before I go, I do want to point out that one of the major people predicting a decline in the dollar is Warren Buffett, who has personally bet $20 billion.
Yeah, he's been betting against the dollar for three years.
Now, this is a man who, on 9-11, was going to the Old Foot Air Force Base with Shoemaker, who was there, and meeting with General Scowcroft, who partly speculates this may have been a sort of principles committee.
And over 50 top CEOs, you know.
Right, exactly.
So when you see a Rothschild banker, the same Warren Buffett who brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to Lord Jacob Rothschild's estate in Buckinghamshire, and when you see the top globalist financier bankers that are predicting this demise, George Soros...
Bill Gates, all the Bilderberg cretins are saying that the bottom is about to fall out.
I think what you're seeing now is the shadow government, the military-industrial complex, the people at STRATCOM, the desperate Cheney neocons.
We have Condoleezza Rice that's linked to the AIPAC spies.
We have the Israeli ambassador to the UN saying that it's World War III, and AIPAC and JINSA are calling for war.
We have Cheney in the crosshairs of Patrick Fitzgerald, along with Rove and Libby and Elliott Abrams.
Well, you wrote us an excellent article last time.
Send it to Ryan at Infowars.com or Kevin at Infowars.com right now, and we'll post it in the next 20 minutes.
How does that sound?
Alex, I appreciate everything you do.
You're a real hero to me and you've woken up so many of my friends.
I listen to you every day.
I have the deepest respect for you and I just want to tell you that you are having an effect.
I'm in Boston.
I'm a 9-11 organizer.
People come to me all the time and they say, oh, I watch Marshall Law.
I can't believe it.
The facts add up.
How could people not see the controlled demolition?
Your videos are working.
Your radio show is working.
The only problem with Martial Law is it's three hours long, and people need to watch it in three parts, and I think it is one of the best 9-11 films out there.
Well, and I think you, just the work you do is having a great effect, especially on young people here.
I go to parties now, Alex, and people that I would say, you know, 9-11, they would laugh at me.
They come back and they say, I watched martial law.
I watched loose change.
You were right.
I can't believe it.
One girl came to me a couple nights ago.
She said, I'm going down the rabbit hole.
It's so scary.
What can we do?
How can I protect myself?
But people are waking up, and especially young people, even if they act a little hesitantly at first.
The globalists can't stop the wake-up from happening, and that's why they're going to have to engineer another attack, because they know what's happening right now.
I think you saw that clip on C-SPAN where they had the Massawi.
They were asking about Massawi.
Every single caller called in and said 9-11 was an inside job.
I mean, the gates are breaking.
They want us to think that we're isolated, that we're not together, that we're just individual kooks that are running around the country.
But even amongst my crowd of people, which is basically 18 to 25-year-olds, even some of these leftists are waking up.
The so-called clubhouse anarchists and socialists and those types are waking up to 9-11 and understanding this is the issue of our time.
We have to expose false flag terrorism before...
They strike Iran before Shoemaker and the shadow government people and the private military industrial contractors like Raytheon and Northrop Grumman.
Hey, David, why don't you tell folks your full name?
You need a talk show, buddy.
Alex, I would be honored.
You've been such an inspiration.
My name is Daniel Abramson.
And I keep calling you David.
It's Daniel.
It's funny, Alex.
That was the name of my deceased grandfather who was also a great influence.
So I take it as a compliment, really.
I just wrote your name down when you called in wrong.
It's cool, but I think that people need to pay attention, not just to Cheney, but to the private military industrial firms, to the Titan Corporation, to Cubic, to L3, to Raytheon, to Northrop Grumman.
Here's an example.
Lockheed Martin gets a $6.1 billion deal for Bush's new helicopter, and the thing's being made in Italy.
I mean, they're not just paying themselves off.
Cheney's wife is on the board of Lockheed Martin.
Listen, we'll get your article up.
Okay, Daniel?
Send it right now.
Thank you.
God bless you for everything you do.
That's an informed listener.
Alright, thank you.
That's the type of call I like.
We'll be right back.
I'll get into the dumbing down of America.
Very important.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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This is CNN Geography.
Greek to young Americans.
And I guess for those young Americans that don't know what that means, the old saying was, oh, it's Greek to me, because most Americans could speak Latin and read Latin.
That's right, most Americans could just a few hundred years ago, so they would say, it's Greek to me.
But I guess we have to explain to some of those young people, and many of our elderly as well, it doesn't matter, it's across the board that it's Greek, meaning they don't understand it.
And this really horrifies me.
It freaks me out that people are so uninformed about the world, about geography, about countries, about countries' histories.
I mean, I've read several books on Iraq's history.
I've read a bunch of books on Iran's history.
I've read a bunch of books about the Crusades.
I've read books about Muhammad.
And I don't know anything compared to some of the experts out there.
I mean, history's breadth and width and depth is just amazing.
Geography, Greek to young Americans, CNN.
After more than three years of combat and nearly 2,400 U.S.
military deaths in Iraq, and again, they know they have a dumb population so they can say that, it's 2,400 that died on the ground in Iraq.
If they fly you out and you die, your death doesn't count.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans aged 18 to 24 still cannot find Iraq on a map.
A study released Tuesday showed.
The study found that less than six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, 33% could not point out Louisiana on a U.S.
The National Geography Roper Public Affairs 2006 Geographic Literacy Study paints a dismal picture of the geographic knowledge of the most recent graduates of the U.S.
educational system.
And that's high school and college, 18 to 24.
High school seniors to college graduates.
Taken together, these results suggest that young people in the United States are unprepared for an increasingly global future, said the study's final report.
Far too many lack even the most basic skills for navigating the international economy or understanding the relationships among people and places and provide critical context for world events.
The study, which surveyed 510 young Americans from December 17th to January 20th, showed that 88% of those questions could not find Afghanistan on the map of Asia despite widespread coverage of the US-led overthrow of the Taliban in 2001-2002 and the political rebirth of the country.
Yeah, if you can call it that.
In the Middle East, 63%.
In the Middle East, 63% could find Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map.
Could not.
And 75% could not point out Iran or Israel.
75% could not point out Iran or Israel.
44% couldn't find any one of those four countries.
So 44% couldn't find anything.
Inside the United States, half or fewer of the young people and women, 18 to 24, can identify the states of New York or Ohio on a map.
50 to 43% respectively, the study said.
So half or fewer could find New York or Ohio on a map.
On the positive side, oh, it's positive.
The study noted that 7 in 10 young Americans correctly located China on a map, even though they had a number of misconceptions about the country.
45% said China's population is only twice that of the United States.
In actuality, it is four times larger than the U.S.
Well, CNN couldn't even get that straight.
is 300 million, 300 million times 4 is 1,200,000,000.
If the U.S.
And as of a year ago, the worldwide census estimates China at 1.5 billion.
So, it is five times the population.
One in five people on the globe is Chinese.
So get it straight, CNN.
You're using numbers from the old census six years ago.
It's 1,500,000,000 five times the U.S.
So even CNN can't get their facts straight.
We'll be right back.
This broadcast is available on MP3 CD format at GCNlive.com or call toll-free 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, and now into hour number two.
Michael Rivero, who joins us once a month, is scheduled coming up in the next segment on whatreallyhappened.com.
My websites are infowars.com and jonesreport.com.
Be sure and check them out today.
We just got done talking about a major new geography national study where two-thirds, and in some cases even higher, of American college students, college graduates, 18 to 24, people who have begun college or are in college or are out of college, that's who they studied, couldn't find India, couldn't find Iran, couldn't find Iraq, just no connection to reality whatsoever.
I've seen these studies before where they'll ask how many continents are there, and upwards of 90% don't know.
There are seven continents.
I mean, I think I knew that by the fifth grade.
Again, I don't even think I'm that smart.
This is what shocks me.
So no wonder the government can lie to people.
No wonder they don't know which end is up.
No wonder General Hayden can say the Fourth Amendment doesn't need warrants.
People go, okay, we don't need no warrant.
The cops pull you over and go, we don't need warrants anymore.
I remember the old sheriff, Margo Frazier, got up on ABC here locally.
They searched the whole neighborhood for drugs without warrants, and she said, we don't need warrants anymore, contrary to popular belief.
And people, oh, okay, we don't need those no more.
They just know we're stupid.
All right, I'm sorry, I'm ranting.
Oh, it's shameful.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in South Carolina and another Mark Cal and others.
Go ahead, Mark, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Yeah, you're absolutely right on the dumbing down.
I was trying to explain the difference between Arabs and Persians to an MBA the other day, and they didn't get it.
They thought that Iranians and Iraqis were all of the same.
It's just amazing.
Well, Iraq's a quasi-Arab slash Persian.
In the south, it's dominated by Arabs.
But in the north, they are not even really considered Persians.
Most of them are Kurds.
And Turkmens.
And Turkmens, exactly.
But we had an interesting happening.
I was in my VFW post about a month ago discussing Loose Change 2, 9-11 cover-up, New World Order.
And I was physically assaulted for what I was saying.
I got beat up.
Just talking about it.
They physically attacked you?
Physically attacked me.
I was sitting at the bar having a conversation.
It was overheard by some neocon wannabes.
They said, step up, boy!
They said, step up, boy.
It was kind of like being in a Munich beer hall in 1938.
Well, I hope you thumped them.
No, but one of them got arrested.
Oh, that's even better.
So tell me the story.
I'm intrigued.
Well, I'm a veteran of foreign wars, Beirut 82, and I was sitting at the bar and I was telling a guy about Loose Change 2 and how I had to give him a copy of it.
And it took off into, you know, we were discussing Pearl Harbor and how Roosevelt
Oh, so more than one attacked you?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I got jumped by about four.
Oh, I'd absolutely love that.
Just hit me first, because I like pulling people's heads off.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah.
Just hit me first, and I'm going to knock your teeth out.
But that's how ignorant people are right now to what's going on, and it kind of fits in with what you're saying about...
I don't know what it is, but when you've spent years, and I'm not a real cowboy, folks, throwing steers when people attack you, it's just so easy to grab them and start slamming their head in the concrete.
But you probably did the right thing with these guys attacking you, so they went to jail, huh?
Well, one did, yeah.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this when we get back.
We've got Michael Rivero coming up, but I want him to hear about what happened to you.
This is disgusting.
Well, I've had it happen to me before.
Four guys pile on me, and let me tell you something.
I didn't ask for the fright, but I didn't mind it.
Once their fist touched my face, I unhinged.
There is a secret that holds the world's destiny in its grasp.
Hello, my friends, Alex Jones here.
Learn that secret with my new film, Martial Law, 9-11, Rise of the Police State.
Martial Law plumbs the depths of the New World Order's ideology, their philosophy.
Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen.
The Constitution has been shredded, and America is now a police state.
This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks...
But the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
Plumb the depths of the elite's minds, their ideology, their driving philosophy, and uncover the power-mad cult of death that has sworn to turn the earth into a prison planet.
Discover the documented truth for yourself before it's too late.
Call toll-free to get a copy of Martial Law.
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Box 281, Wildwood, PA 15091.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
There is a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Mark from South Carolina.
I've got Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com joining us.
I'm told Michael was on hold there for the last minute and got a chance to hear some of what Mark was saying.
Mark, before we go to Michael Rivera, I want to keep you on for a few minutes with him so he can give us his take.
I'm interested to hear it.
For stations that just joined us and don't carry that first segment, recap what happened to you there in South Carolina at your VFW Hall when you were talking about 9-11 being an inside job at the bar.
Yeah, I was talking about loose change, 9-11 being an inside job, cover-up,
Get out of here and leave the country, boy!
Don't you say stuff like that!
And before I knew it, I was attacked from behind, thrown off the stool, and was being kicked on the floor.
Now, you'd think four guys could face you head-on instead of sneaking up behind you.
No, no, it was definitely a sneak attack.
They took me without looking.
You know, it was just pure cowardice.
And you said the police, of course, cowards, and the police took one of them to jail.
Yeah, I filed to, well, I got out of the bar before I, you know...
For obvious reasons, the person I was talking to, who was enjoying the conversation, helped me get out.
And after that, I filed charges.
You need to file charges on every person that assaulted you.
Well, I filed on one that I knew assaulted me.
The other ones I didn't physically see doing it.
They were just, well, you said four of them attacked you.
Were they busy stomping?
Yeah, kicking.
I rolled up on the floor.
And just protecting myself.
It was all I could do at that point.
They had taken me so fast and so quick.
You don't expect it from fellow veterans, but hey, that's true patriotism.
I don't know, I would have gone completely ape.
But maybe what you did was better.
So, there's something about a bunch of people attacking you that just gives you unlimited, oh, it just feels good.
I'm sorry, it just starts making me think about it.
Well, it's weird, because you're in a place, you think you're safe, where you can... No, I know, you're relaxing, they're talking to somebody, and suddenly these guys jump on you.
Yeah, so they don't like what you're saying.
So they put one in the squad car, though.
No, they picked him up the next day.
So they came and arrested him, huh?
Yeah, I filed charges.
You need to throw the book at him.
You need to prosecute the whole thing.
He needs to go to prison and enjoy himself.
And he needs to go to China where you're not allowed to talk like you were talking.
Now, the point I want to make here is, you see, they think spying with General Hayden is good.
They think open borders is good.
Now Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are going to push Hillary for president.
They will attack you in that bar in two years if you don't support Hillary.
They love the destruction of America.
As long as you say it's patriotic, they don't care.
They're into leader worship.
They'll do whatever the media tells them, and it's shameful.
Let's bring Michael Rivero in.
One thing real quick, Ali.
What they don't understand is they think that they're part of this new world order.
But when this new world order takes over, they're going to be thrown in the camps just like everyone else.
I hear you.
Stay there.
Michael Rivera, you've heard the story.
What do you think?
Well, it definitely sounds like a lot of the activities we saw from the brown shirts who were helping Hitler rise to power.
And your guest's warning about being thrown in the camps is certainly true because once the brown shirts were no longer needed...
There was the infamous Night of the Long Knives, where Hitler basically killed off what had, to that point, been his most ardent supporters.
Ernst Röhm and the rest of them.
And it was a betrayal of historic proportions.
And that pathetic guy, they had him in this jail cell, and they go, we're going to shoot you now.
And he said, Heil Hitler!
And they shot him five times in the chest.
What an idiot.
Absolutely, and it does serve as a warning to those people who are continuing to blindly serve Bush and the neocons.
These people demand loyalty from their own, but they pay no loyalty back.
And a good example, of course, are all these forced resignations that we're seeing right now, such as Porter Goss and all these other people, that Bush is simply dumping anybody he can to save himself.
From the growing sense of scandal and... Well, it's like when a sailing ship was being chased by a bigger man of war.
They'd start throwing the cannons overboard to get a little bit faster knotage.
Yeah, they'd throw everything overboard short of having the ship capsized entirely.
And Bush is doing the same thing.
He's hoping that if he starts getting rid of all these people around him that everyone would say, oh, well, they were the problem, not Bush.
And, you know, part of it is driven by the impending November elections.
Let me just go back real quick, Michael Rivero, and I appreciate you joining us and finish up with Mark in South Carolina.
Mark, are you going to go back to that VFW Hall?
I hope you spend more time there.
Well, I'm actually banned from it right now.
Oh, you get assaulted and then they ban you.
They ban me, but... What's the name of the hall?
I want to call them.
VFW 445.
VFW 445.
Hang on.
You want the phone number?
Where are they located?
Charleston, South Carolina on James Island.
South Carolina, James Island.
Give me the number off air.
I'm going to put you on hold.
I want to call them.
We need to write an article about this.
As soon as I confirm, and I know your story is true, I can tell, but as soon as I confirm this really happened, this is outrageous.
You get assaulted and then you're banned.
That's what happened in Germany where they banned people that didn't like Hitler from organizations and groups first.
This is a national scandal.
Thank you and give us your full name off air too, Mark.
Absolutely, we'll do.
Thank you.
John, get his info.
Going back to Michael Rivero, just finishing up with this story, when we confirm that this actually happened, that he is now banned when he was physically assaulted?
Yeah, I think Mark has a wonderful lawsuit against the VFW Hall himself.
And that he should go on the offensive here.
One of the reasons that our country is in the kind of mess that it's in is everybody who's feeling these police state tactics or they're feeling this kind of violence that is being directed at those who question the official story on anything, they need to fight back within the system.
Get a lawyer.
Go sue.
You know, sue, find a lawyer who'll sue on a contingency basis.
Tell him he can have half of the proceeds to get him interested if you need to.
But you need to stand up and you need
To basically fight back against this kind of activity.
If you just say, oh well, that's just the way things are, and you turn the other cheek, it's just going to make them bolder.
It's like dealing with a bully.
Until you hit back, until you stop them, they're going to keep on getting bolder and bolder in their bullying, and that's what's going on now.
He needs to get the witnesses there under oath, get them deposed, get everyone involved, sue them personally, sue that institution, and prosecute that piece of garbage that first attacked him 110%.
We still have rights and we still have laws in this country and the average citizen needs to use them to preserve what is left of our country and reverse the trend
Well, this intimidation is happening at the grassroots cellular level.
And so his fight is very, very important.
And I've seen other reports of this.
I've talked to people who I know well who've been assaulted by police and by other citizens in New York at 9-11 remembrances when they're there with signs and pamphlets exposing the inside job.
I mean, these people are sick.
Yeah, it's absolutely intimidation tactics.
And again, it was the sort of things that we saw with the brown shirts in...
The rise of Nazi Germany.
It is going on here in this country.
And yes, Mark's fight is all of our fight because it's happening all across the country.
And I hope Mark takes a stand.
I hope he sues them.
I hope he winds up owning the VFW Hall.
And turning it back to some place, because there are a lot of veterans who are opposed to what is going on right now.
There was another veteran who just sent his medals back into the White House saying they're tarnished by what the Bush administration is doing, and I think this is a growing phenomenon.
More and more military people are returning their decorations, saying they are no longer signs of honor.
Well, how many top generals who are big Republicans have gone public saying it's all a fraud, it's all a lie?
The former commander, the founding commander of Delta Force has gone public saying the war on terror is fake, there is no threat, America's turning into a police state.
In fact, he's lined up for the show in the next few weeks.
We have all these other prominent people saying the same thing.
I mean, I wonder if they're going to get assaulted at VFW halls.
Could very easily happen at some point if it gets really going.
I think we can expect to see what is politely called wet work as a means to try and silence and intimidate people high up.
But I think this thing about the generals going public is very important, and I think Bush is missing a very significant signal that is being sent, because the tradition in the military is that serving officers never question the civilian leadership.
That very often the general tone of what is being felt by the military establishment is given voice by retired officers.
So these generals are not just speaking for themselves.
Well, we have the major poll with 70% of the troops want to come home.
Absolutely, and I think...
Bush is being told that the military is getting tired of Iraq, they're tired of Afghanistan.
I think he is being sent a warning that if he tries to go into Iran, he will not find the military willing to support him any longer.
But that's the catch-22.
He needs to start a new war to get that limited period of time where his numbers will rebound.
I don't think they're going to rebound all that much.
I agree with you, but he thinks that.
Well, I know he thinks that, but it's not going to work, and it's just going to accelerate things.
You've looked at this, well, I agree, with the elites.
We know there's a few fishers in the elite global structure, but it looks like the mainline money men are behind Bush and the neocons.
Do you think we're going to see these splits in the establishment widen, or what do you think is going to happen in Iran?
I do believe that we're going to continue to see more and more factionalism within the administration.
It's still not entirely clear exactly what led to Porter Goss being removed from office.
There's a bunch of conflicting stories floating around.
But I think all of these resignations are a sign of not only general disillusionment with the administration, but of increasing factionalism where different parties are fighting with different parties, and it's starting to unravel.
We're going to break in a moment.
I want to get into Goss.
But a key point here is that Duke Cunningham admittedly stole $800-plus million.
That's right, $800-plus million for a small $2.4 million payoff.
But the companies that were getting the lion's share of the money he stole are now being indicted.
And one of the groups involved ran the poker parties, admittedly, with the prostitutes,
We're good to go.
I think it's the money.
I think it's the bribes.
I think it goes right to Goss.
Because those around him certainly have been taking it.
Number three at the CIA is on the verge of being indicted right now for taking goodies.
Was it women?
Was it money?
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Michael Rivera.
We don't know.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back.
Michael Rivera is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment.
You just got my take before the break on the whole Porter Goss situation.
Hayden, of course, we have clips saying the Fourth Amendment allows them to warrantless search.
He's completely out of control.
Bush wants to shift the entire CIA structure into the overthrow of governments and domestic operations.
That is Rumsfeld's new doctrine announced a few weeks ago.
Give us your take on it.
Well, first of all, I want to go back and touch on what you were talking about, Porter Goss.
I'm a little suspicious about the hooker story, and I'll tell you why.
I'm certain, of course, that the poker parties and the free hookers were definitely running around.
One sometimes gets the impression that free hookers are as ubiquitous as water fountains in Washington, D.C.
But I also look back at a long history of
I agree.
I agree.
Yeah, a good example, of course, would be back during the Clinton years when Ken Starr used the Monica Lewinsky and the blue dress and all of that.
Yeah, they couldn't go after Clinton for all the Chinese arms and spying and the rest of it because it was Republican companies all doing it.
Go ahead.
So give us a hooker story instead of Billion Stolen.
Now, in the case of the current event, we have Porter Goss seemingly all of a sudden being removed very quickly, and we're seeing these reports about George Bush having an advisory panel which united to basically say that Goss had to be tossed, and one gets a sense that there are probably some other scandals going on behind there,
Because, I mean, look at the guy who's coming in as Goss's replacement.
Hayden himself already has links to the company that was bribing Cunningham and setting up these parties, and yet this guy's the replacement for a guy who's being thrown out for supposedly being connected to these poker... That's right, and again, Cunningham has pled guilty to stealing over $800 million.
Absolutely, of taxpayer money, and it was funneled into these companies run by Brent Wilkes, which appeared to have existed for little more than to take all these suddenly granted government contracts.
It was literally a P.O.
box, and at the same time, we have now two mainstream publications, what, a month ago, reporting that it directly goes to the Speaker of the House, Hastert.
Absolutely, and we're seeing all this money get funneled back to GOP candidates and incumbents,
It's basically a kickback scheme, a gigantic kickback scheme.
All of this taxpayer money was going back to these Republican congressmen along with the other goodies.
And it's interesting that you should mention Hastert because he has just come out being opposed to Hayden's appointment as the new CIA director.
And one has to wonder if he's concerned about Hayden being placed under oath
And asked an impertinent question that must be kept off the floor at all costs.
Hayden does seem like a reckless choice.
I mean, the man just... Usually I don't judge a book by its cover, but this guy is just a rotten little creature.
And then you look at all the things he's done, he's scary.
He's very scary.
He's part of that... I think he's a holdover from some of that Negroponte stuff that was going on in South America.
But I think the most egregious thing, and you've touched on this already...
Is he absolutely does not understand the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
He was on TV the other day saying that the test is reasonableness, whether we can go search or something, that warrants are not required, and that is not what the Fourth Amendment says.
And then he said it does not say probable cause.
And the reporter goes, yes it does.
He goes, no it doesn't.
Yeah, it does.
Right there, the following sentence, no warrants shall be issued but upon probable cause.
So right there it says, no searches without a warrant.
And then it defines probable cause.
It then defines it as saying you've got to have someone sworn in, particularly saying what they've seen that's illegal, and the specific things you're looking for.
It's not a fishing expedition.
That's absolutely right.
Fishing expeditions are illegal, and yet that is what the CIA is doing and what Hayden is perfectly in support of.
So this man is absolutely a threat to our constitutional form of government.
He's a threat to the rights of citizens.
And I understand why Bush is pushing for people like this, because he's terrified.
We're all talking to each other.
We are sharing what we know with each other.
We're asking questions.
So he's tightening his inner circle with death squad founders like Negroponte and little sneaky weasels like Hayden.
Yeah, and he's going to try and make all Americans afraid to talk to each other, like what happened to Mark.
They're going to have goon squads roaming around, and if they hear anything being said that is not the approved story, they'll beat the guy up in the theory that if enough people get sent to the hospital, everybody will shut up and just go along.
This is the same tactics that Hitler was using.
And whether or not it works is going to be up to Americans.
The people listening to this show, reading our website, if they're going to go along with it, then we're going to wind up exactly the same way that Germany did at the end of World War II.
Well, anybody messes with me, I'll just deal with them.
If they get around me and my family, then something else comes out of the box.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Your calls are coming up.
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The guest we have on with us is an amazing researcher.
Does a great job.
And he, of course, is Michael Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com.
Before we go back to him just briefly, I want to remind everyone we've got a huge 9-11 symposium.
And it's titled 9-11 and the Neocon Agenda.
We have Professor Stephen Jones of physics.
We have other engineers and physicists coming.
We have the former head of the Star Wars program, Dr. Bob Bowman, who of course flew 103 combat fighter bomber missions over Vietnam.
We talk about 9-11 being an inside job.
I wonder if we'll try to beat him up at the VFW Hall.
And just many others.
Webster Tarpley is going to be there.
We're also going to have just a...
The author of Loose Change 2, Dylan Avery, is going to be there.
He's going to show some new clips of the new film he's working on.
I'm going to show my new film that hasn't even been named yet.
And by the way, I can't come up with a name for this thing.
Let me just briefly say this before I plug how you can get tickets to the conference coming up June 24th and 25th in Los Angeles.
Let me just say this for the record.
For months I've been trying to think of a name for this film.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terror like no other film I've seen.
We go into a bunch of in-depth analysis of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Hitler and the Reichstag.
We get into...
The London bombing in great detail.
Then we get into the police state.
We cover General Hayden, of all people.
Yes, and now we're even upbedding that part of the film.
With all the warrantless searching.
We get into the idiocy at Crawford.
And people out there thinking the WMDs were actually found.
And then we get into 9-11.
The film ends on 9-11.
With just a saturated mini-documentary in and of itself.
It gets into Charlie Sheen.
All of it.
It's such an important film.
And I'll come up with names like...
Operation Eyes Closed.
I think that's a good name.
A local band has a song, Operation Eyes Closed.
They give them permission to use it.
I don't know if I'm going to use that name.
I've thought of names like Empire and Terror, Empire of Terror.
I've just got hundreds.
Down the Rabbit Hole, In the Rabbit Hole.
I want to give it some type of interesting name, and I can't describe it.
So, callers, you think of a good name, or...
Email us at newmovieatinfowars.com.
We haven't launched that email address now, but we're going to do that in the next few minutes.
And, of course, when you give me the name, put on the email, too, that I have permission to use your name, or I can't use it.
The music for the film right now.
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I've spent probably $50,000 so far on this.
I'm going to probably spend another $20,000 in the next month or so.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Thanks for watching!
I can't think of any right now.
I think maybe Operation Blinders or something like that, but certainly documenting all the past instances where deception has been used to trigger a war is an important one.
Living here in Hawaii, I've had a chance to go out and actually see
The remains of the radio station that intercepted Yamamoto's message to the Japanese fleet to sail to Hawaiian waters, which was picked up by U.S.
codebreakers a week before the December 7th attack.
And to attack on the morning of December 8th because they were a day off, a day different, and deal with death blow.
Absolutely, and the foundations for the antennas are still visible at Haia State Park, and it's amazing.
The people working at the park don't even know what they are.
They're just these strange concrete rings and everything.
But if you don't mind, I'd like to comment on something I heard in your advertisement.
I'd like to take five minutes, kind of a little off subject.
And it's in reference to that soap that's all natural product.
I forget the brand name.
And I wanted to share an anecdote.
I'm very happily married.
I have a lovely wife.
And for a lot of years, she was starting to suffer from this strange joint pain that made it very hard for her to walk, very hard for her to play music.
She's a composer, and she plays harp and keyboards and guitar.
And it was very painful to watch her just sort of slowly lose all of that.
And we went to doctors and doctors and doctors and they put special shoes on her and medication and all kinds of stuff.
And we finally found out that she is sensitive to formaldehyde, which most people know of it as embalming fluid, but it's actually present in a lot of stuff.
Wood finishes, leather glues, new carpeting.
They're found in most.
That really is important because there's a lot of chemicals in there in the commercial brands where they're not paying attention to health issues that do have adverse effects.
By the way, this is all coming out of the blue, but Michael, since you brought this up,
You know, I don't sell kooky magic machines that heal you or magical creams that heal you.
And some people do in this movement.
I don't like it, but that's their business.
I mean, I'm into real things.
I'm into water filters.
I'm into real soaps.
And about two years ago, the network had Calvin Peirce soap as a sponsor.
And Marty sent me a year's supply free.
I didn't ask for it.
It just showed up.
My wife goes, my gosh!
I love this stuff.
It's made out of citrus.
It's made out of vegetables.
And then I started talking to Marty, and then I read all the documents about how the chemical companies in the 30s took over the soap industry.
And so they had all these chemical products.
They wanted to put it in there.
And there are, in some things, hundreds of toxic chemicals that cause all sorts of allergies and problems.
And when people go in with chronic fatigue or allergies, even medical doctors, because I have family that's had to go through this...
And they went there.
I was about to say the name of the family, but they get mad when I do that.
The point is, they went to the doctor, and the medical doctor, the allergist said...
Stop using anything with royal sulfate and all these things.
It's funny, and this came out of the blue.
We didn't talk about this beforehand, but I've had the same experience.
They said that it's triggering this.
It's causing problems with people's breathing.
It's triggering asthma in children.
No kidding.
You're not supposed to do this.
And look, there's this company, 1947, almost 60 years ago, that the grandfather, then the father, now the son runs it.
And the thing is, it's 85% cheaper than the toxic soap.
So why would people buy this garbage?
Yeah, and I didn't pay much attention to this stuff, but the incident with my wife was the wake-up call, and now we're really careful about what we put on our bodies, what we eat.
We have a motto at the supermarket, if you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your mouth.
And so when I heard you talking about the Calvin soap, and I said I wanted to share this story with you because it really is important that some of the stuff that you put on your skin in soaps, it is absorbed through the skin.
It does get into your body, and it can have some adverse effects if you're sensitive to it.
Well, you know, I talked to my father, and he's a medical man himself, and I said, well, what are all these things on the back of regular shampoo?
And he just said, yeah, those are big, official, toxic chemicals.
And that's what we put on our head in the hot shower.
We breathe it into our lungs.
We absorb it through our skin.
And I'm just glad you brought this up, because I only push things that I really believe in.
And you can't find organic soaps in the regular supermarket.
You've got to go to the fancy Whole Foods store, and then it's twice as much as the toxic chemicals.
And frankly, I like Calvin Pure Soap.
They're the first company to be doing it 60 years ago.
So I'm glad you put that plug in for them.
Well, it is an important issue.
It was so wonderful when my wife got her hands and feet back and could go back to living.
It was like a second birth for her.
I thought that was important to get out there.
Since you brought it up, I'm going to plug the sponsor.
Give them a call.
Get a free catalog.
It's 800-340-7091.
We're good to go.
Where Hillary, Rupert Murdoch is going to campaign for her, they're lining her up as the new war chief, and some experts are saying they may not invade until Bush leaves office, but I don't think that's the case.
I think they're going to go ahead and attack in the next six months.
I'm not saying that's going to happen, but I think that's where it's all leaning.
Give us your take.
Well, I'm seeing indications that the attack on Iran is being delayed again and again and again.
I'm of the opinion that the original plan was to go into Iran last March.
Obviously, that didn't happen.
And with all of this shuffling going around with Bush's administration, I think there's a little bit more disarray there.
I know that there are those who want the Iran war to move forward, but they're just not finding the support for that, given the political climate.
Big shift in your analysis, which I respect.
Two weeks ago, you still thought they were going in in the next six months.
You're saying that they're in so much trouble that that may not happen.
What about the ace in the hole of a false flag?
Well, there is that ace in the hole, and obviously if the more conventional approach to an invasion becomes less likely, the possibility of a false flag certainly increases.
Along with the possibility that Israel may just go ahead and bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, which would trigger an Iranian counterattack through all of the U.S.
troops stationed right between Iran and Israel, and kick off the war that way.
Bush is already on record publicly stating... And they want that escalation.
They want to be able to go in and take that, quote, buffer zone they've already said they'll take there in western Iran that just so happens to have half the oil.
Yes, absolutely.
And, you know, Bush is already on record...
Committing the U.S.
to the defense of Israel if they are attacked.
So if Israel bombs Iran and Iran counterattacks against Israel, the war is off and running.
I thought that was called defense.
I thought if somebody attacks you and you fight back, it's called defense, but now they're saying no, that will be counted as an unprovoked attack.
This is the new La La Land.
Yeah, and the provocation is no longer an issue.
If Israel is attacked for any reason, our young American boys and girls in uniform are going to get stuck
Well, I think they want to kick off World War III.
I think it's a Ponzi scheme.
Their system's falling apart, and they've got to do this to go to the next level.
And I hear neocons on the radio.
They now admit it's about oil.
They now admit it's about empire.
But they sell it to their audience that it's going to be good for American citizens' pocketbooks, and it's not going to be good for your pocketbooks, people.
It's the end of our civilization.
You need to go back and restudy World War II because Hitler was making the same promises to his people when they talked about marching across Europe in the Thousand Year Reich.
And at the very end of World War II, Hitler himself was blowing up the last of the German food supplies as punishment to the German people because they did not give him the rights that he wanted to have.
And we're going to wind up in that exact same mess if the American people make the same mistake as the Germans and just sit there and say it's somebody else's problem to solve.
I agree with you.
Let's take a few calls, and then we'll get into some more issues with Michael Rivera, a great political mind.
I have a man who I count as a friend.
Let's go to Mark in Atlanta.
Mark, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
How's God blessed you lately?
Ah, well, one thing that would be wonderful.
I had a little chat with the over at WGUN, one of the few independent stations that's around, and they carry kilowatts, and I'd love for you to be in the Atlanta market.
I don't know if you can support that right now, but if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Hold on just a minute.
Whose phone is that?
Sir, are you on a cordless?
I'm on a cell phone.
Okay, it's... I want to be able to hear from you, but if it keeps doing that, I'll have to let you go.
But go ahead and finish up.
Oh, well, I'll tell you what.
I was on a hands-free.
Can you hear me better now?
Yes, that fixed it.
Go ahead.
Okay, yes.
Let's see.
I was just reading this article from Newsmax.
Many truth is even admitting that the CIA is bumping up domestic surveillance.
And I'm wondering what can we do because I'm like, you know, I think I may need to find a place to hide to store some proof.
What the heck is that?
Can you hear me better?
Well, and one other thing, if I may make a slight divergence.
Oh, okay.
I'm a seminary student wrapping up things.
Here, and I'm looking for a new church home.
It appears that my mission and calling are not really being welcomed and encouraged.
And I've just been updating my website.
I feel passionately that God is really grieved over the apostate state of institutional Christianity because my heart grieves with him.
And there's no other way to say it that I would give up my own salvation to bring to light the true gospel
With all the trials and tribulations that go with following Christ, being clearly told to people up front, I get the impression that there's a lot of these people out there, whether 501c3 organizations, who are so concerned about basically gaining fame, fortune, and telling people what they want to hear at the expense of telling them what they need to hear.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
They're not real pastors.
The government...
This has been in the mainstream news.
The CIA decades ago infiltrated Evangelist, and then they made the new religion worshipping world government, worshipping Israel, worshipping attacking foreign countries.
They use a lot of these big religious groups as fronts to run drugs, run prostitutes.
I'm not kidding, folks.
These are very hardcore people.
But let me go back to what you just said earlier.
I didn't see the Newsmax article.
It's been in other publications.
Austin has a CIA liaison, and they admit they are targeting vegans, vegetarians.
They are targeting homosexuals.
They are targeting conservatives, anti-abortion activists, anti-war protesters, pretty much mainstream groups that are clearly, quote, no threat and not connected to Al-Qaeda.
And this is the new domestic CIA.
This is the new Rumsfeld Doctrine.
Michael Rivera?
Yeah, absolutely.
And we saw the same thing back during Vietnam in the FBI's COINTELPRO operation where they were infiltrating everybody and just trying to keep an eye on everyone.
And they had informants on every college campus, still do to this day as far as I know.
They infiltrated various groups in order to observe them and, if necessary, to trick them into doing things that could be used to embarrass them.
And certainly we're seeing the same thing now with the CIA and the FBI, and even we're seeing this in city police departments where they're conducting clandestine surveillance and infiltration.
Under CIA directions.
Stay there, Michael.
In fact, we'll give you a few cases when we get back.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Remember the Beirut vet who we interviewed who was assaulted by four thugs at the VFW?
We're talking about 9-11.
And then who was banned from being there?
They arrested one of them, but he's still banned.
Right now, we're getting the arrest warrant.
We're downloading it.
It's on the Charlton Police Department's website.
We're contacting these people.
We've basically confirmed the story.
I'm going to make an issue out of this.
I hope Michael Rivera will help us.
Because it's just one more example of how crazy these people are.
Michael Rivero, I want to go back to the calls, but the Charlie Sheen thing, you know, I can't say a lot about it on air.
Privately, he's asked me not to, but it's in the divorce filings that she didn't like 9-11.
Well, that was actually her lawyer.
He was told two weeks after he went public, shut up or else and shut up about 9-11.
And if you knew the stuff I knew behind the scenes, he was told by other people...
To shut up.
And everything you're hearing about him is a total fabrication.
And it's perfect for them because, you know, somebody 10 years ago had stuff in his past.
But, I mean, what did you think when you saw the hit pieces start on Sheen?
Well, it had a very familiar ring to it because Hollywood has always been a target for U.S.
intelligence agencies because of the influence films have on the American public and what they think and how they feel.
And this goes back, believe it or not, all the way to Charlie Chaplin, who became the target of a very young J. Edgar Hoover when Hoover was working in Los Angeles and asked Charlie Chaplin to stop making movies that poked fun at authority figures because Hoover felt the movies should reinforce adherence to authority and respect for authority.
And Chaplin knew that his audience loved movies where authority figures were made to look buffoonish.
And by the way, this was all admitted at the time he was making the classics like Dictator.
Go ahead.
Yeah, but basically what it is is Hoover knew how to carry a grudge and was ultimately behind the political movement that cost Chaplin his U.S.
citizenship and got him deported again.
He was not allowed back into the United States until he received a special award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
But if you go back and you look at the FBI has really totally controlled Hollywood as much as possible.
Movies that were unflattering of the FBI were never made or they were changed.
There's a whole page on this at my website.
Actress Jean Seberg in the 60s, her career was sabotaged and destroyed and she was driven to suicide.
By the FBI carrying out a smear campaign against her for saying things that they didn't want her to say.
Well, now Denise Richards isn't even letting Martin Sheen and Mrs. Sheen see the children.
Yeah, it's gotten really, really out of control, and of course, for those people who remember the start of my own website 13 years ago, I got kicked out of Hollywood for trying to call attention to the oddities in the Vincent Foster case.
So I know what Charlie is going through, and I know what kind of power can be brought to bear on him, and I'd
I admire his courage for standing up for the truth, and I hope he just has the strength to weather what's happening to him and continues to happen to him.
Well, you've seen the movie Network, right, where they call him into the office?
Mr. Beale?
Well, I tell you, this stuff, it's just, I mean, when you see it from the inside, you know how real it is.
Yeah, and it is a bit of a shock because, you know, we're taught in school that this sort of thing happens in other countries, but it never happens in the United States.
And then when it does happen to you, and you start getting the threats and all the rest of it, it's a real slap in the face, and you grow up real quick in terms of how the nation really works.
Michael Rivero is going to stay with us 30 minutes in the next hour.
I promise we'll go right to Cal, Dave.
And Paula and Tim and many others, right when we start the next hour, what are some of the other issues after we take these calls that you want to get into, Mr. Rivera?
Well, obviously, behind all of the sturm und drang of Hayden and Goss and yet another sex scandal in Washington, D.C., of course, is the continuing push into Iran.
And even though it's delayed, as you say, there are people who still want this to go forward, and they may be ready to take some desperate chances.
And just a side issue, I want to get your take on a $6.1 billion helicopter made in Italy for Bush.
I mean, if the corruption isn't getting obvious, Lockheed's making the money off this with Dick Cheney's wife on the board of directors.
I mean, how much will that be directly to her?
$6.1 billion for one helicopter.
That's for the design of the stupid thing.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
Order a copy of this show for your friends and family at GCNlive.com or call 877-300-7645.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're discussing the geopolitical landscape, the minefield, Iran, the plunging dollar, gold exploding, major geography studies where two-thirds of college students and graduates can't find Iran, Iraq, India on a map.
We're talking to Michael Rivera of WhatReallyHappened.com.
I'm Alex Jones of InfoWars.com.
Let's go back to your calls.
Cal in San Francisco.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're a trooper.
Hey there, Alex.
Hey there, Michael.
Listen, I'm a member of your site, and I have a bookmark on WhatReallyHappened.com.
You guys both do good work.
Thank you.
You know, I've talked to a lot of people about this, and it's hard to talk about, you know,
Say, like Bohemian Grove and the Satanist connection or the corruption.
But I think one of the easier ways to get people to understand is just pointing out the absolute failure of mass media in this country.
With the really tenacious media, we would not be in this situation.
And getting that point across is really good.
And, of course, the documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave is definitely worth watching.
I think it's available on Yahoo as a free download.
I think once...
You challenge someone with their core beliefs like 9-11 was an inside job.
They're going to say, no, no, no.
They're going to reflexively deny what they believe because it's kind of a bashing to the ego.
But if you take...
Just the smaller step and say, look at the media and look at the job they're doing and how they're controlled.
It's an easier end to have people believe what's not in the mass media.
Well, I agree.
You know, most people who cover 9-11 just pick one issue, control, demolition, or they Bush-Bin Laden connection.
I try to hit all the issues together and give people a wide view.
And I'm not just saying this.
One of the only other people that does that is Michael Rivero.
Day one...
He went through Rome and how the quote fire department would actually be the group that would burn down your house if you didn't pay them a kickback.
That's how modern Italian mobsters didn't invent we'll burn down your grocery store if you don't pay us protection money.
Then he went to the Reichstag and Tonkin and all these.
And I found if you take all the admitted cases...
The fastest way to deal with what's going on today is to go back to history because people are less emotionally involved with what happened in history.
Yeah, absolutely.
They don't feel a personal need to defend it.
But one of the problems we have is, in the United States, we're all raised to think that we are good, moral people, and we'd like to imagine that we would have the strength and courage to take a stand against political corruption were it to appear in front of us.
But the reality is to take such a stand carries with it risks and dangers which people like Alex Jones and Ray McGovern and others like that are all too aware, and most people don't really have that kind of courage, and worse, they don't want to admit it to themselves.
We're good to go.
And you still get loud arguments between people who are defending the Warren Report and those who've seen the other facts.
But that's only 10% now.
Yeah, admittedly.
And it's also part of the reasons why Mark got beat up in that bar, is because you've got people who backed Bush, who went into Iraq, who said it was a good thing.
They don't want to admit that they were wrong.
They would rather get into a fight than admit that maybe they had made a mistake earlier on.
But it shows that they know it's true deep down that they got so upset.
Go ahead and finish up, Cal, and we'll let you finish up when we get back.
Well, I think that's just my main point.
I think, like, when you're talking with people that are apprehensive to accept this new information is just to, like, talk about the source of where they got their information and the corruption therewith.
And I also have a title for your movie really quickly.
Tell us.
What is it?
Lucid Terror, The Lies That Control.
I like it.
Lucid Terror, colon, the lies that control.
Hey, I like it.
All right, send me a copy when it's done, would you?
I have permission to use that?
Hell yeah, man.
It's all yours.
All right, Lucid Terror.
The lies that control.
The lies that blind.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.
Martial Law is a blazing spotlight piercing the electronic Berlin Wall of controlled corporate media.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Now a black man got beat up in a VFW hall for saying that he believed the government killed Martin Luther King.
Would it be national news if four people assaulted him?
I think it would be.
But we talked to a gentleman earlier.
We called.
We made phone calls to the police.
We have actually downloaded the rap sheets.
The guy that first initiated the assault.
And, of course, four guys, according to our witness, the victim, did pile onto him in an attack from behind as he sat at the barstool having a nice discussion about 9-11 being an inside job.
He was then assaulted.
But the big story here...
We're about to get Michael Rivero's take on this and take more calls.
The big news here is this guy's got a rap sheet.
The guy that assaulted him.
And Kevin Smith, you're on the air right now.
I want to turn your mic on.
Tell us about the individual.
We've got his rap sheet here.
I see one, two, three, four, five pieces of paper there.
Five different raps.
Tell us about it.
Did you want me to release his name at this point, or are we going to keep that on the downline for now?
No, we're going to post this in about an hour, and we're going to write an article about it.
Go ahead.
The gentleman's name is Richard Schramm, S-C-H-R-A-M-M, and I went to the Charleston County, South Carolina, online database and was able to pull up some of his records.
What he's being charged with now with his assault on that veteran is a simple assault and battery.
It is still pending.
You know, we have statute, common law, arresting officer sharp, and the bond amount was $1,087.
It's all still pending.
We also have him, he was reckless driving, 8-29-2005, not so long ago.
Is that a conviction or just a...
I'm looking at the, trying to decode this.
It doesn't matter.
Is that pending?
Go ahead and go to the next one.
Then we also have a, that was the reckless driving.
We also have a DUI on this young man, this gentleman.
He's a Vietnam vet.
Yeah, he's probably around 60.
He is a very spelt 5'6 and 230 pounds.
And I don't have any driver's license information on the gentleman or hair color.
But he's been in some trouble there.
I think they probably know him fairly well in the local area.
What are those other ones?
Just some different codings.
I don't... Subpoena manual.
I wasn't able to get a hyperlink on those.
So there's more on there we could... Yeah, there's some other things.
I think maybe there might have been an agreement reached in non-disclosure or something along those lines.
Yeah, he sounds like a real tough guy.
Let's go to Michael Rivero.
Michael, so we've got the goods, and the gentleman earlier that we talked to, we've got his full name.
This looks like it's confirmed, but the big news is he's been banned from the VFW Hall.
Yeah, absolutely outrageous, and I hope Mark, I believe Mark was his name?
Yeah, I hope Mark definitely takes legal action.
I'm running some Google on the name Richard Schramm in Charleston.
There are some interesting hits.
And as your other gentleman was saying, he is known in the area.
So I'll leave it at that and let other people go ahead and do their own Googling.
But he does show up.
Kevin, in closing, anything you want to say?
Apparently, I'm looking here.
Basically, there's no attorney filed on any of these.
And I believe no surety bonds.
I think?
We're good to go.
I might just add that Mr. Schramm is the VFW post commander there, so he was the man in charge.
Oh, so now it looks like we have the person who assaulted, according to the police report, and what he's now been arrested and charged with, banning someone.
So isn't that just special?
Kevin, thank you for pointing out that key point.
Anything else?
Thank you, Kevin Smith.
No, that's it.
All right.
Sorry about interrupting things there, Michael Rivera, but I think that was important.
That was important.
No, absolutely.
And I'm sitting here with my web search engine because I just remembered we have the VFW's national convention was right here in Hawaii.
And if I recall correctly, their national chairman or whatever the top officer is called actually stood up in his speech and exhorted the members of the VFW to basically oppose anti-war sentiment and anti-Bush sentiment.
And I'd like to find his actual speech, if it's available online, because if, in point of fact, the speech does contain that exhortation, then he should be included in a lawsuit arising from this head of a VFW post.
Yeah, that's racketeering.
If you call for bullying and then it's carried out, you're just as guilty as the bully that physically did it.
Absolutely, and I think we need to chase this one down, and like I said, I know the hotel where that all took place, so I can go talk to some of the people over there.
Thank you so much.
Let's take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Michigan.
Dave, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, your little geography quiz there for the college students.
Yes, sir.
How many of them can find DeFore on a map?
Because I'm sure our Bubba and Chief there doesn't know where it is, even though this morning he announced that we're sending $232 million in aid and five shiploads of grain to him.
And it's landlocked in the middle of Africa.
Well, you're right.
There's the big scandal there with the whole war and the refugees and the rest of it.
But the only way we could ever help those people is to invade them and build an air base there?
I mean, the only thing they export in that country of any use to anybody is slaves.
And that's where the Mahdi was born.
It is true that there's a lot of slavery in that sector, Michael.
Yeah, there are some major problems in Africa, and a lot of it comes out of poverty and corruption.
But, you know, I think the U.S.
has lost the mantle of the world's savior and it's not our job to go into other countries and save people because, first of all, a lot of the times we think we're doing that and it actually turns out something else is going on.
Well, I mean, in almost every case we're told we're there helping and really we're there for some corporate interest and it doesn't even help our economy.
Absolutely, and if you look at Iraq, the people of Iraq are living much worse lives now than they were under Saddam.
And I think until we clean up our own mess here in the United States, that we don't have the moral authority to go into anybody else's country and tell them how they should be doing things.
By the way, you're right.
By every indicator, by every indices, by every yardstick, Iraq is many times worse than it was.
It is a hellhole.
Baghdad itself, what, has power about two hours a day?
I mean, they were a first world country.
They had achieved first world status by 1990.
And as a result of the invasion, which was based on all these lies and deceptions...
You know, hundreds of thousands of people are dead.
The infrastructure is smashed.
People are having to try and get by.
You know, the water is unclean, to put it politely.
And by the way, on the record, the Pentagon's own battle plan was to break it into three to four parts and to have endless sectarian violence and warfare and then build basically extermination towers, these armored bases that just run the extermination.
And over three million Iraqis, people say a million, two million, no.
And, you know, again, this is... Yes.
So, no, yeah, this is a genocide taking place, along with all the torture scandal and everything.
Americans need to take a good hard look at what their government has become, and they need to make that decision.
Are we going to support this and be part of it, or are we going to stand up and say, enough is enough, we need to stop it?
And, unfortunately, too many people are saying, yes, it's wrong, but I can't do anything about it.
They're sitting and waiting for somebody else to fix the problem.
And part of it is culturally, we're raised with all these movies and TV shows where at the last minute the hero rides in and saves everything.
And we've got a nation of people who are expecting somewhere down the road Superman or Batman or the Lone Ranger or the Cavalry are going to ride in.
And save and make everything better, or the Savior's going to show up and everything will be wonderful.
And because of that, they sit and they do nothing while the government continues to take our nation down the road to absolute victory.
Well, exactly.
The Lone Ranger has arrived for Bush and the neocons and their banker masters.
They're making hundreds of billions of dollars a year off this.
But the Lone Ranger isn't arriving for America, folks.
We've been set up.
This is all designed to get worse and worse and worse and suck us into Iran.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paula in Florida.
Paula, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just thought... I need you to turn your radio off, Paula.
I don't have a radio on.
Well, something's... Okay, go ahead.
Something's in the background.
Background's another room.
Go ahead.
Rumsfeld was just on talking about us.
Yeah, he had some general with him.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and anyway, I just called the party in Washington.
I said, we need to go ahead and bring charges.
I said, the impeachment's in judiciary, but the Republicans are holding it up.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air with Michael Rivera.
Good afternoon, Alex.
And once I say one thing to a wild thing, Charlie, we are, like, behind you all the way.
Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry I got caught with my...
Can you put me on hold and come back?
Sure, we'll do that.
Only on my talk show.
I guess somebody came to the door or something.
Or Tim's on the potty.
Who knows?
Final segment coming up with Michael Rivera.
We'll try to take one or two more calls.
But Michael...
Hillary Clinton, we haven't talked enough about this.
You know, you started your website exposing this disgusting pig, and I say that because she's such a crook, and now, I mean, I knew this four years ago, that she's really, the Republicans control her, she has meetings every week with Rupert Murdoch, Ailes, the head of Fox, and now here it is, Financial Times of London, Rupert Murdoch's going to have fundraisers and push her for president.
Well, I think it would be an absolute disaster.
I mean, if you go back and you look at the Clinton years, Hillary was neck deep in all the corruption that was going on.
Ron Brown, Cattle Futures.
Flowerwood, Castle Grande, Whitewater itself, all of that stuff.
And she's going to be a disaster for this country as president.
But you watch.
We're going to be decried as liberal scum because we're against her.
You liberal trash.
Hillary's great.
She saved this country.
I'm turning my guns in.
I like her.
We'll be right back with Michael Rivero.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know executive orders and other laws have already been passed that can create a legal dictatorship in America?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Hillary Clinton is attending every Fox event she can get into, according to the Financial Times of London, as well as Drudge.
She has private dinner parties for upwards of four hours each week with Murdoch.
They even visit with each other in foreign countries.
And George Bush Sr.
met 11 times with Bill Clinton before the 1992 election.
They were clearly involved in narcotics trafficking together out of MENA.
Michael Rivera, I remember telling people this four years ago, ten years ago.
They would laugh at me.
They just don't understand.
It's staged.
Even when Barbara Bush calls Bill Clinton her surrogate son and he vacations with them.
Yeah, the Bush and Clintons go back a long, long way.
In fact, they go back all the way to the Iran-Contra scandal.
And for the listeners who are maybe a little bit younger, what that involved is the CIA decided to bypass Congress and support the Contras against the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.
This was a violation of the Boland Amendment, which forbade anyone in the U.S.
from supporting
Or basically engaging in foreign policy activities.
So what happened is the CIA set up this little operation where they were flying guns down to Nicaragua, and in order to pay for it all, they were flying back drugs, which were brought into the United States and sold, and the money from that operation was laundered through a very loose network of land flips, savings and loans, and a state agency called the Arkansas Development Finance Authority
In order to pay for all the guns and stuff.
And, of course, everybody was making tremendous amounts of money off the deal.
They've always got their political excuse.
And it's clear that Clinton was recruited by CIA when he got into college in 1968.
Yeah, and absolutely.
And, of course, Clinton was basically keeping an eye on the U.S.
end of the pipeline, which was operating out of the MENA Arkansas Airport.
And that was why when the Eugene Hassan Fuss plane crashed,
So they put their agent, Bill Clinton, in?
That's exactly right, and Bill Clinton was the placeholder long enough to get George Jr.
a shot at the Oval Office.
And he was literally busy eating his boogers at that time.
We have video of him at the Rangers.
And I don't get into infantile stuff, folks, junior high stuff, but it means something when an adult eats their boogers, number one.
A psychiatrist will tell you that's mental illness.
Number two, to do it in public.
And I'm sorry, the booger eating is important, Michael.
Yeah, and so is the frog bombing issue.
I think that was telling a lot about what the guy was like inside his head when he was much younger.
Yeah, I mean, how does a 40-something-year-old man eat boogers in public?
Well, I get ill even thinking about it, so, you know, it is.
It's disgusting behavior, but he's a very disgusting man.
He's lied us into a war, which he's not allowed to do under the Constitution.
But anyway, yes, when George Sr.
had to leave, they put Bill Clinton in because they knew he was the one Democratic candidate who would protect the secret of the Iran-Contra drug connection and all the drug money that was flowing in to reshape American politics.
I agree with your analysis, and Michael Rivero does his homework, boys and girls, so you can certify that.
Let's let Tim talk, and we'll come back.
I'm going to let Michael Rivero go here in a moment, and we'll take a few more calls and cover some other news.
Mike, it's always great having you on.
Stay there for this one call.
Tim, are you ready now?
Yes, sir.
Okay, go ahead.
Thank you.
Michael, during Clinton's governorship, how many people that were surrounded in his administration or with him in other clandestine ways ended up dead?
About 150 last time I looked, Michael.
Yeah, something like that, although some of them didn't wind up dead until after he had left the governorship and become president.
Oh yeah, I'm in during president too, yeah.
Yeah, that includes the presidency and a lot of them.
We're connected to his fundraising, which appears to have been contaminated by some of the money coming in from the Iran-Contra operation.
A lot of them were connected to the Resolution Trust Corporation, which was trying to clean up the SNL mess, which was actually part of the CIA's money laundering, money growing machine.
And that's why the Resolution Trust Corporation was just writing checks
To the SNLs without really examining how they got into those messes because that was the real core of the scandal.
And all that same stuff's going on today.
None of this ever went away.
No, it's still going on today.
And as I mentioned earlier in the show, Ken Starr took the focus off of all of that with the blue dress and Monica Lewinsky.
And we get distracted with these sex scandals.
And another one that happened was back in early 2001 when the U.S.
government was already telling other governments that we were going to invade Afghanistan in October.
What we were getting here in the American media was all Gary Condit, Chandra Levy, what happened, blah, blah, blah.
And I noticed once 9-11 happened, boom, it all disappeared.
Absolutely, and it was just another distraction.
So I'm very leery about this latest hooker gate, or what they're calling Watergate gate.
I think it's another distraction to get away from other issues like the AIPAC spy scandal, which is still continuing.
Yeah, I mean, we may even get a dead whore out of this.
They may throw us a bone that nobody can get off of.
Michael Rivero, thanks for coming on.
Tim, take care.
Michael, we'll talk to you coming up this time next month again.
You got it.
Talk to you then.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to come back, get into the other news.
There's quite a stack.
I keep trying to get to this frequency pollution news.
I haven't yet.
We will cover that and take a few more calls.
Everybody stay there.
Infowars.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're on the march.
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We've just got time for three more calls.
Ian in New York, Michael and Matt, maybe one or two others if we have time.
I want to get into frequency pollution.
It's a very serious issue.
What appliances, mainly transmitters, cell phones are putting off.
There's just so many studies on this.
The evidence is really piling up.
It's coming up in a few minutes.
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You can just burn copies all day onto CDs and give them to people right there off the site.
Going now to Ted Anderson, and then in five minutes we're going to your calls, and then into frequency pollution.
Haven't had Ted on in months and months and months.
Last time I had Ted on, I think gold was, what, like $500 and something an ounce.
And earlier today, gold hit $698.
I don't know what it is right now.
The dollar's been devalued, boys and girls.
Your dollar has lost now 46%.
Wait a minute, you said 44%.
Well, it's 46% lost today.
It gyrates, but it's going upwards in the graph.
And I asked Ted what he's paying for these coins, and he is making almost nothing on these.
Okay, that's how much gold's gone up.
Literally, there is a small markup because I know I get gold from Ted.
I've shopped it, and that's where I get it.
So this is one of the lowest markups ever.
You're going to see the markup much higher everywhere else I've looked because I've shopped.
By the way, Ted, I'm going to be calling you later today.
I'm going to buy again just a couple coins.
Every time I get a little bit of money, I do.
Got to transfer the fake money, the Federal Reserve notes, into something real.
You've got $10 Olympics for just an amazingly low price, Ted.
The $10 Olympic coin, they're at $504 per coin.
And you're talking about gold being at $699.
Well, gold hit $700 an ounce.
On the close, gold closed at $770 cents.
And the thing about it is, Alex, that this is not over.
Gold is in a bull market.
We are seeing countries from all over the globe getting away from the United States dollar.
The price of gasoline and oil is going through the ceiling.
I've been on your network for eight years telling people this.
Ted, I remember buying gold from you at like $2.30.
Well, you know, that's the thing about it, Alex.
There are so many people right now that are just laughing their way to the bank because they were able to take your advice and pick up gold online
And put it away.
And here's the truth of the matter.
Now, Ted, have I ever called you to dump gold I bought from you?
No, actually, at this point in time, you haven't.
Let me ask you a question about your trades and then in the industry.
What ratio are buying versus selling?
How many people are cashing in?
Well, there's very few people that are selling at this time, and most people are buying, and that's why the price is rising.
You know, that's obviously what's going on, but the thing about it is, Alex, it's institutional buying still.
It's almost like the public hasn't woken up yet to the fact that their stock market...
I mean, stocks in the last two or three years, it's down about 30%.
Gold is up nicely.
Let me stop you.
People aren't going to understand this.
Let me give them the real numbers.
The blue chips, the Dow Industrial 30, the S&P, the NASDAQ, they take losers out and put winners in.
Then if you even look at those three false indexes, those indices, which are total frauds, the dollar's been devalued by 40%.
Well, for some reason, Alex, the United States government has thought that it's been a good idea that we deficit our way into prosperity.
And now the Reapers come to our door.
The interest on debt is astronomical.
The amount of money that we have to pay in taxes that goes to service interest on the debt is just...
Ted, I remember two years ago, gold had run up some, then there was a pullback.
And people who bought gold got mad because they lost maybe $50 an ounce.
And I said, what's wrong with you?
It's only going to go up later, so what?
At least the gold you have has real intrinsic value for over 6,000 years.
And you don't see Alex Jones dumping my modest gold portfolio now that it's run up to $700.
I'm not dumping any of it.
And I don't care if it goes down to $400 next week, which of course it won't, because at least it's real, ladies and gentlemen.
They can't devalue it down to nothing.
We know the big central banks have been sued.
Their own documents have been released.
That they go in when gold starts running up and they buy it at reduced prices for each other.
Well past a thousand, Alex.
Even if we just had a comfortably hit...
We've got Warren Buffett betting against the dollar.
Alex, we're going to see a market that has never been seen before in precious metals, and it's just starting out.
If you stick your toe in the water right now, it's just gone from cold to lukewarm, and it's going to be boiling.
Now is the time of getting involved in the gold.
We talked about the $10 gold pieces.
They're available right now at $504 per coin.
I really strongly recommend that people pick up at least 10 of these at $5,040.
And call the people here at Minus Resources.
We've been in the business.
We've been supporting the Alex Jones Show and the Patriot community for a long time.
And there's a lot of people that have been able to capitalize on this because they took your advice and got into the gold.
And now is one of those times to do it.
And here's how you do it, Alex.
Just call 1-800-686-
Mention that you heard the Alex Jones special for $10 gold pieces for $5.04 a coin.
Take advantage of this, folks.
Here's the thing.
There's about 70,000 of these coins out there in circulation total.
There are actually twice as many people in Austin, Texas.
If each person wanted to have one, there wouldn't be enough to go around.
And we're talking about demand across the entire United States picking up right now.
So you're getting a numismatic collector coin very close to what regular bullion is selling at.
That's the whole point.
You get mostly what you get tied up in bullion gold.
But I got news for you, Alex.
These coins are trading for $1,200, $1,300 apiece before when the market got hot.
And we've only been sitting in this market for, what, six, eight months?
Yeah, how much were these trading for in the 1980s?
Back in the 1980s, of course, these were made in 1984, but they ran up to $700 an ounce with the cold market going on at that particular time.
Right now we've got gold over $700 an ounce.
So obviously a coin like this, I mean, once you get a good strong demand, they're just not going to be available.
The people that have them?
Well, I think folks should give you a call, Ted.
Give them the number.
It's 1-800-686-2237, and I suggest that you get on your haunches, get off your haunches, and grab the phone now, because the price of gold is definitely hot.
Now, Ted, I was talking to you earlier.
I guess this is yesterday's price.
How long can you offer this?
Well, this particular deal is only available for me today.
So if you want to have this particular deal, you better call now.
How long do they have until this window closes?
Well, they better call.
I would say that we close our hours down.
We usually get done by about 6 o'clock Central Time, so whatever time zone you're in, you can do your own math.
But I'd suggest that you call today and take some action.
Get involved in the marketplace and get involved right away.
Give the listeners that number.
It's 1-800-686-2237.
You know, I bought gold last week, and I've got the tracking number.
I should be taking delivery today.
And, of course, I bought it before it ran up another $50-plus an ounce.
So it went over $700 today, Ted.
Over $700.
Right now we have $770.
That's testimonial that the foreigners right now are getting out of the U.S.
That's scary, Ted.
I'm glad I invested in gold, but that's still scary to see my country's currency starting to go belly up.
Alex, we're going to be a second world nation with the way that this has gone.
I would hate to see it like Argentina and Brazil, where you have your money deposited at the banks and they close it down and re-evaluate the currency and set up a whole new currency.
But I know that Jack Brownrigg's widow is probably doing pretty good right now.
Oh, you bet.
You bet, because they had a nice supply of gold.
And there's a lot of people out there.
I mean, we've been servicing people in the gold industry for 20-plus years.
I think so.
In the form of gold that they can cash in any time they want and actually buy twice as much house, twice as much car, have twice as much life financially as they used to.
And Ted, you're only making, what, $20-something a piece on these coins?
It's really a great fire.
I've always asked you, how do you operate with such small margins?
Well, we've got to do business volume.
And I've got to say, I've got to thank the listeners because they're so darn supportive.
And I really appreciate having them on.
But nothing but good.
And I got to say, my hat's off to you, Alex.
Your show is exploding, and you're making a big difference out there.
There's no question about it.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, you know, Kel B.J.
locally is looking and trying to pick it up.
Well, I hope they finally do.
It's been a long time since they've been looking at it.
They really ought to.
It's about time.
Well, they point blank and want me to do a show.
I just can't do another show.
Well, Ted, I appreciate you.
I'll get that number out again.
Thanks for joining us.
Yeah, 1-800-686-2237.
Thank you again.
You bet.
And, folks, I don't have Ted up very often.
You know, today he called me and said, I need to come on.
It was at $6.98.
Now $770 is what it closed at.
I mean, that's unbelievable.
I mean, the stock, well, I've already said it all.
I just, you're crazy if you don't buy this gold.
You're totally nuts.
I mean, if you want to keep your money in the bank, paper, c'est la vie.
I should have just put more in.
Oh, man.
I'm just so busy fighting the New World Order, I don't even have time to hardly pay my bills.
I hurriedly brush my teeth at night and in the morning.
They tell the brokers there that there's specific specials.
It's an Alex Jones special.
Boy, there have been a lot of people who tried to shut this network down.
A lot of people tried to torpedo Ted and just your failures.
It didn't work, did it?
And Ted has just done a fabulous job.
And those that did stick with us and got the gold, I mean, you have made unbelievable profits.
And I believe you're going to make even bigger profits if you buy gold now.
I mean, I'm buying it when it's at $700.
Watch me.
Let's go ahead and take a few calls.
I'm going to come back and talk about frequency pollution in the final segment.
I have five minutes to do that.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ian in New York.
Ian, you're on the air.
I want to congratulate you on your Skinner Darkly movie that you're in.
Hi, Alex.
Oh, have you seen it?
No, I haven't seen it yet.
They've had a few sneak previews.
Oh, I saw the trailer to it.
I remember talking to you last summer and I mentioned that
I kind of heard that you're working on some project that was going to be good, and you kind of left.
And you're like, yeah, it's going to be big, and this is definitely huge.
Well, I consulted on the film, a lot of the technology and things you see in it, and the futuristic police state, my idea is most of it's there, but I contributed in a small way.
And then, of course, I'm in it.
In the DVD, I'll be in like three scenes.
In the actual film, I'm in one.
I get basically whacked in it.
And I'm talking about the New World Order.
If you go to ScannerDarklyMovie.com and click on Substance D, my picture comes up and I'm ranting.
So that's there right now.
All right.
And I was wondering if I could just mention my buddy has a big forum and a lot of information and free expression, and you could go there and talk and post and discuss.
Well, pluggy-wuggy your buddy's forum.
Okay, it's called irevolution.info.
I think I've been to that.
Oh, you have?
Yeah, irevolution.info.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Illinois.
You're on the air, Mike.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
Listen, I got a bunch of friends in California.
My friend told me that he heard in the local news out there that the Minutemen are real upset.
Because the United States government was told by Mexico that they have to report on locations where the Minutemen are located.
Yeah, I've heard that, too.
I mean, our government's called them vigilantes and evil, but tattle on your neighbor for smoking pot, but if you stand on the border and call the police when you see illegals, why, that's bad.
But tattle on everyone else!
Report on everyone!
But don't report on illegals!
It's evil!
Now, Alex, let me just ask you a quick question.
What do you think, what do you propose is going to happen, in a nutshell, real quickly, because I've got people at the office listening to you right now.
You're about 15 people in an office listening to you.
What would you say, in a nutshell, is the reason why the United States government is bringing all these people in here?
To bring us down to the elimination... Well, it's always... The globalists do a multifaceted cost-benefit analysis.
Number one, it balkanizes the country.
It's a pit bull group they can use to threaten our sovereignty and divide us.
It also drives down wages.
And the CFR last year released a report, Lou Dobbs even said this, that it's about an American union, a one-world government.
Lou Dobbs!
I've been saying it for a decade.
He said it last year, twice.
And those clips are online.
And so that's why.
It's about getting rid of America, merging the U.S.
with Canada and Mexico and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.
It's the Pan-American Union.
And they're also going to use the illegals as a voting block to vote for gun control, to vote for everything the American people won't go along with.
It's a swing group.
It's a new swing vote.
They're very mad that blacks have woken up.
Blacks are now conservative.
And I don't mean conservative like Bush.
I mean, they know what's going on.
Great people.
Most Hispanics in America are wonderful folks.
It's these illegal aliens that are going to be used to do this.
And then you've got massive gang and drug problems, and they're all bringing the drugs in.
And if the globalists can give one order, and they're minions in these communities, they'll burn down every U.S.
They can snap their fingers, and America will burn.
Absolutely, Alex.
I mean, the only thing we could... What can we possibly do other than inform people to stand up against these illegals?
The polls were 87% before the stage demonstrations that backfired.
Now they're at over 90%, 91%.
We are the people.
We have the Constitution.
We have the Hispanic Americans on our side.
It's the media trying to intimidate us.
We're winning, sir.
Just keep pushing to support the Minutemen.
Thanks for the call.
I am sorry to Matt in New York.
We can't go to you.
I promise I cover frequency pollution in the final segment.
I'm going to do this.
Sorry to all the other callers.
Call me back tomorrow.
We'll also be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
But the final segment, I'll cover frequency pollution as promised.
Stay with us.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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Crank it up.
They laid their bodies down.
On a flooding wall.
For liberty.
For you and I. Thank you for what you did.
I can feel my ancestors.
What about you?
I'm with them.
I haven't turned my back on my fathers.
I never will.
I'm free forever.
And the lives they leave, far ahead of their time.
Without the renegades, where would we be?
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
Oh, my goodness.
I just get so fired up.
We're going to defeat the New World Order with God's help, ladies and gentlemen.
Just the way I've been blessed by God my whole life.
Oh, just thank you.
Electronic smog.
London Independent.
I ended the show with this yesterday.
I just can't ever get to this.
We've got a bunch of guests coming up later in the week and next week on this.
The curse of the mobile phone age.
Around your home, there are countless gadgets whose electrical fields, scientists now warn, are linked to depression, miscarriage, and cancer.
Invisible smog created by the electricity that powers our civilization is giving children cancer, causing miscarriages and suicides, and making some people allergic to modern life.
New scientific evidence reveals there is nothing worse than an electric blanket.
The evidence, which is being taken seriously by national and international bodies and authorities, suggests that almost everyone is being exposed to a new form of pollution with countless sources in daily use in every home.
And we know what's the worst, folks.
It's a cell phone.
There are microwave transmitters and there's hundreds of big studies.
It is frying our brains.
I don't know why.
When we get in the habit of using them, we just can't stop.
Two official Department of Health reports on the smog
Are to be presented to ministers next month, and the Health Protection Agency has recently held the first meeting of an expert group charged with developing advice to the public on the treatment.
And the threat.
So they're getting ready to announce all these record levels of brain tumors.
The UN's World Health Organization calls the electronic smog one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences.
They'll do nothing to shield the devices.
They'll do nothing to fix them, which could be done.
No, they'll just have a global tax.
They'll take any crisis and get control out of it.
You watch.
And stresses that it takes seriously concerns about the health effects.
It adds that everyone in the world is exposed to it and that levels will continue to increase as technology advances.
There's ways to shield this.
Wiring creates electrical fields, one component of smog, even when nothing is turned on.
And all electrical equipment, from TVs to toasters, gives off another one, magnetic fields.
The fields rapidly decrease.
Yes, as you know that.
Ooh, they're real bad.
TV and radio transmitters, big time.
I mean, anybody who, I know so many engineers, they'll tell you, you get near an AM or FM transmitter, I mean, just as long as you're 10, 15 feet from a small one, or 100 feet, or you have the transmitter out in a building shielded, you're okay.
It's just, I mean, you don't see birds landing on them, boys and girls.
And it goes on and on, but we covered some of it.
We'll get more into it this week.
I'm out of time.
Great broadcast today.
Great guests.
Thank them for joining us.
We have confirmed that
The head of the VFW there in South Carolina did indeed, according to the police report, was arrested for assaulting one of the other people there.
And now the person that assaulted has now banned the person he assaulted from coming to the VFW.
In the next few hours, we'll have a report up with the police reports and the arrest filings all up there for you at Infowars.com.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight, back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
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